363: FaceIDSensorThatSupportsPartiallyOccludedFaces


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00:00:08   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 363.

00:00:12   This time it's made possible from our sponsors, Squarespace, FitBod, Pingdom, and ExpressVPN.

00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hackett and I am joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:22   His Royal Highness the Consolidated Champion welcomes you to the Rickeys.

00:00:28   Wow.

00:00:29   Federico, can you beat that?

00:00:30   - Ciao.

00:00:33   (laughing)

00:00:35   I'm here.

00:00:38   I'm also here.

00:00:39   So that's all you need.

00:00:40   - We're recording this the day after Apple's big

00:00:43   California streaming event.

00:00:44   We'll be judging our picks last week

00:00:47   and talking about the news as we go through.

00:00:50   But we've got a couple of pieces of follow-up first.

00:00:52   Federico, do you want to tell us

00:00:53   about this CloudKit shortcut story?

00:00:56   Because it is amazing.

00:00:58   I got hacked. That's what happened. The whole world got hacked. Yes. Well, not me specifically,

00:01:04   but also me specifically. So there's this story by Franz Rosen. I'm sorry if I'm mispronouncing

00:01:12   your name on the detectify blog where Franz explains how a security vulnerability in CloudKit

00:01:22   them to "accidentally" (I mean, France was looking for it, sure enough)

00:01:28   allowed France to accidentally delete records on CloudKit, so on Apple's CloudKit servers,

00:01:35   for Apple news articles, channels, and most importantly, every shortcut ever shared publicly

00:01:44   on iCloud.com. So this story goes very much into the details of the whole ordeal here.

00:01:52   Essentially, France figured out how to interact with the CloudKit API to delete records,

00:02:01   which obviously shouldn't be possible. And it's very technical. France was awarded a reward,

00:02:10   multiple rewards, actually, through the Apple security, what's it called, the bug bounty

00:02:14   program? The bug bounty program, yeah. So that's awesome. This happened back in March.

00:02:19   You may remember, we talked about this on the show, how all of a sudden, all...

00:02:25   Well, I noticed because of my shortcuts, and then it became clear that it was a problem with

00:02:30   every shortcut by anyone, every icode.com link to a public shortcut was no longer working.

00:02:39   And initially we suspected, oh, Apple is shutting down sharing for shortcuts.

00:02:44   And we got very concerned, because just a week before, we had talked about the possibility of

00:02:51   Apple closing down the ability to share shortcuts. Then Apple sort of sent us a statement saying,

00:02:57   "We are aware of this problem, we are working to fix it." And slowly but surely, every shortcut

00:03:02   came back. This happened back in March. So it's been six months, and France now published the

00:03:08   details. It's my understanding that this is sort of the best practice in these cases,

00:03:14   like wait a while until the bug is fixed and then you can publish your post-mortem of the

00:03:20   whole story. Fascinating, right?

00:03:23   Make sure it's fixed, right?

00:03:25   Yeah, exactly.

00:03:26   Maybe it's your responsibility to, even if Apple say it's fixed, see if you can do it

00:03:32   again I guess might be part of it? I don't know.

00:03:35   Yeah, and in this story, again, there's all kinds of technical details and France documents,

00:03:41   how they were able to interact with CloudKit zones and delete records and all of that,

00:03:48   but there's also a public response section where you can see all my tweets about my shortcut

00:03:55   links no longer working. That was March 24, so about six months ago, and then of course

00:04:03   we know that the shortcuts came back, but now we know how the story went. It wasn't

00:04:08   a bug, it was someone who was able to, again, accidentally delete all of the shortcuts from

00:04:15   Apple servers. So, fun story, for sure.

00:04:21   But we've got to get to the biggest news of the week. Biggest news, can't get any bigger.

00:04:26   Nintendo Switch has been updated with the ability to pair Bluetooth headphones.

00:04:31   - Four years. - This is kind of unbelievable.

00:04:34   So four years the Nintendo Switch has been available.

00:04:37   In case you didn't know,

00:04:37   you could not pair Bluetooth headphones to it.

00:04:40   It just was not a thing that was possible.

00:04:42   And we'd all just naturally assumed

00:04:45   that because you could not do this,

00:04:47   that Nintendo just didn't have the right hardware.

00:04:50   And then when the Switch OLED was shown off,

00:04:53   we were like, "Oh great, finally, oh no,

00:04:55   "still no Bluetooth headphones."

00:04:57   But now all of a sudden, just out of nowhere,

00:05:00   There is a new version of the Nintendo Switch operating system,

00:05:04   which enables the support with some caveats,

00:05:07   but they're mostly fine,

00:05:09   for you to be able to pair Bluetooth headphones

00:05:11   like your AirPods to your Nintendo Switch,

00:05:13   and you can finally play without a wire.

00:05:15   Incredible.

00:05:16   Biggest news, nothing's gonna top it this week.

00:05:19   - It was here the whole time.

00:05:21   It was software, and they just waited four years.

00:05:24   - Four years.

00:05:26   - To make it happen. - Why?

00:05:28   - Because it's Nintendo. - I think it's Nintendo.

00:05:30   This is what they do! This is a #WeirdNintendoDecision, which is like, this is a thing, it's a meme,

00:05:36   it is a WND, a weird Nintendo decision. This is what they do.

00:05:42   And you know what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna be a real fancy boy, and I'm gonna use my

00:05:46   nothing ear earbuds. Oh! With my Nintendo Switch. These are gonna be my Nintendo Switch

00:05:53   earbuds, yes. You have to get one of those like, Joy-Con case replacements, so you make

00:05:58   it clear you know and then you've got like all the clear tech I'm gonna be so

00:06:02   hype man you have no idea I'm gonna have my clear joy cons and my nothing earbuds

00:06:07   and I'm gonna play on the switch OLED and I'm gonna play Metroid so you can't

00:06:12   switch you can switch yeah that was the quietest yes I've ever heard well

00:06:21   because you're not no I'm not no you're not why no it's

00:06:27   It's because I don't play it handheld.

00:06:29   Ah, yes, yes, yes.

00:06:31   So it's kind of pointless for me.

00:06:33   We talked about this, yes.

00:06:35   We talked about this.

00:06:37   I have it reserved at my friend's video game shop.

00:06:41   In fact, I hope I'll be able to get it a little sooner. We'll see.

00:06:45   Mmm.

00:06:47   You know, grease the palm and all that.

00:06:49   Mm-hmm.

00:06:51   So.

00:06:53   Okay, we can get back to some other stuff now.

00:06:55   Let's go from that to talk about st. Jude. Okay. How does that sound? That sounds great during the month of September?

00:07:02   We are raising money for st. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We do this every year because

00:07:07   My son like so many other children has been affected by pediatric cancer

00:07:12   He was diagnosed with the brain tumor as an infant. He's getting ready to be 13 and he's doing very very well

00:07:18   And that's thanks to the hard work of the women and men at st. Jude Children's Research Hospital

00:07:24   They've treated my son like every other son and that means that they have never charged me a dime for care if we have to

00:07:30   Travel if we need meals

00:07:32   It's all paid for and it's made possible because people out there in the world like you right now listening to my voice

00:07:38   You go to web pages like st

00:07:41   Jude org slash relay and you donate and a bunch of you have already done this has been an amazing campaign

00:07:46   We have blown past our original goal and we are well on the way to

00:07:51   $2,000 this year for the kids of st. Jude and we're gonna keep going all month. We're gonna keep talking about this

00:07:57   But Friday is something very special Myke. Why don't you tell people what we're doing in a couple of days?

00:08:03   Friday the 17th of September from 12 to 8 p.m

00:08:07   Eastern time a full 8 hours of live streamed content at twitch.tv slash relay FM

00:08:14   It is the third annual podcast. A thon for st. Jude. I'm here in London. I have a gazebo set up

00:08:21   It's full of balloons already!

00:08:23   Steven's gonna be in Memphis, he's got a studio, he has a baseball bat.

00:08:28   What could it mean? We've been posting some stuff, we've got some bananas things going on,

00:08:33   tons of Relay FM hosts are going to be joining us. We've got games, we have interviews, we have

00:08:40   more content than I think we can even fit into the eight hours we have scheduled.

00:08:45   Bigger, better, badder in the cool way than ever. That is the third annual Podcast of Time for

00:08:50   St. Jude happening this Friday September 17th from 12 to 8 p.m. US Eastern Time

00:08:56   at twitch.tv/relayfm. Do not miss it. I have a question about batter in the

00:09:03   good way. Yeah. I mean do you think we're old now? Well give me another word bigger

00:09:09   better what? I don't know. Bolder? More lit. No because it's gonna be a B. Do you not

00:09:15   understand? Illiteration. Bigger, better, brighter. No. Bigger, better, bigger. Biggest. Bigger, biggest,

00:09:29   bigger-est. I don't know. Bigger, better, Breton. Okay. No. See? Batter. Batter was fine.

00:09:42   yeah this is hard words are hard but please join us on Friday it's eight

00:09:49   hours if you need to come and go we totally understand if you can't make it

00:09:52   on Friday it will be on video on demand on the relay twitch page for a while and

00:09:56   then it will also be on the relay YouTube channel for all time so if you

00:10:01   can't make it you should especially donate yes yeah you can apologize to us

00:10:06   for not making the live stream by donating yes we will take your apology

00:10:11   in cash for St. Jude. And if you're buying a new phone or a new iPad or both if you're like Federico,

00:10:17   you can also cleanse your your palette of that by donating. Just basically find whatever excuse

00:10:23   you can and go to stjude.org/relay and donate some money. Yes please and thank you. All right,

00:10:29   we got a big we got a big show y'all. There's just so much stuff. We got phones and iPads and we have

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00:12:40   Please stand no, I

00:12:46   Don't have I don't have the energy to stand. I'm sorry

00:12:50   I don't think I can stand with my current of configuration.

00:12:54   Okay.

00:12:55   I, if I stand, this desk is going over.

00:12:58   I'm like pinned in here, man.

00:13:00   Well, we will all just, um...

00:13:02   Pretend to stand?

00:13:03   We'll stand in spirit.

00:13:04   We'll stand in spirit.

00:13:06   The Bill of Rickies.

00:13:10   Last amended September 8th, 2021.

00:13:14   Past results can be seen at Rickies.co and Rickies.net.

00:13:18   There are two types of rookies, annual rookies and keynote rookies.

00:13:25   The winner of the annual rookies is named the annual chairman and retains the rights

00:13:29   to the corresponding Twitter account for the full year.

00:13:32   This position is awarded every January.

00:13:35   The keynote rookies winner is named the keynote chairman and retains the rights to the corresponding

00:13:40   Twitter account until the next keynote is held.

00:13:43   Order for the annual rookies is based on the winner of the previous year, while order for

00:13:47   the keynote rickies is based on the previous Apple event. The loser goes last.

00:13:53   To earn any points everything written down in the prediction document must

00:13:57   come true, no half points may be awarded in any round, and picks cannot be reused.

00:14:03   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds, two

00:14:08   points will be awarded for the correct picks in the risky pick round. If your

00:14:13   risky pick is wrong you will lose a point. The two other hosts must agree

00:14:18   that your pick is "risky". For keynote rookies the scoring window starts when

00:14:23   the event begins and closes when the picks are scored which is basically now.

00:14:29   The winner of the regular and risky picks must be granted access to the

00:14:34   annual or event chairman Twitter account and will retain access until another

00:14:38   winner is named.

00:14:40   [Music]

00:14:45   I'm going to read the flexies later. I think we need to divide it up this time.

00:14:47   Yeah, that's a good idea to read those later on.

00:14:49   So those are the rules. Are there any...

00:14:51   Mm-hmm.

00:14:52   Well, we can't make changes. We have to make changes next time we make picks.

00:14:54   Yeah, you have some proposed changes, right?

00:14:57   Yes, but they'll wait until the Mac event, assumedly.

00:14:59   Yeah, all right. That's fine.

00:15:01   Okay, you can follow along. There are scorecards at rickys.co.

00:15:05   There are some links in the show notes if you want to go see those.

00:15:09   I've noticed yet another incredible detail about rikis.co. Currently the

00:15:14   scorecard is set to live because we are recording live. Wow, really? Yeah so there's a

00:15:21   little red button. Should we acquire rikis.co? Can ReadAFM acquire websites?

00:15:28   Yeah but that seems like a lot of things to do. Because then we have to

00:15:34   direct it and I don't want to do that because I don't think I'm this like creative.

00:15:39   Well, we also we need oversight in our elections and this website provides outside an outside

00:15:52   view into the process so I think it's good that it's an independent agency.

00:15:57   We should not own the means of production is what you're saying.

00:16:01   Yeah, I mean you could say that if you wanted to use that exact language.

00:16:05   I'm sure that's fine.

00:16:08   It's never caused problems anywhere in the world.

00:16:11   Shall we go to round one?

00:16:14   Yes.

00:16:15   Michael Hurley, you went first because you are the keynote chairman.

00:16:20   Okay, before we do this...

00:16:22   His Royal Highness to consolidate a keynote chairman.

00:16:24   Whatever.

00:16:25   Before we do that, some people were a little confused around some of the language, and

00:16:28   I'm not suggesting a rule change.

00:16:29   I'm just gonna explain what some of the words mean and if we feel like it needs to be real change in the future we

00:16:33   can do that so

00:16:34   The game is called the Ricky's that's the overarching name of this game where we make picks and then we judge them

00:16:41   And there's a winner. Mm-hmm two chairman that's in the rules you win depending on the types of pick

00:16:47   They are the risky picks is the third round me

00:16:52   Mispronouncing risky picks is how the Ricky's got its name. Yes, and so

00:16:59   The Ricky's are the game risky picks are just the specific round. So hopefully that is

00:17:05   Round one around two or regular picks round three is the risky pick right or the risky's

00:17:10   Or the Ricky's okay. Unfortunately, we are pretty bad and sometimes called a risky pick a Ricky pick and that's just yeah

00:17:18   It's a it's a it's a slip of the tongue, you know

00:17:20   Ricky's in my heart. So Myke round one you're up first at least one iPhone gets a

00:17:28   - 120 hertz refresh rate display.

00:17:30   (bell dings)

00:17:32   I realize now that it was silly of me

00:17:34   to put the actual thing.

00:17:37   - I think we talked about it.

00:17:38   - As soon as I read that, I don't remember talking about it,

00:17:41   but there you go, passion.

00:17:42   But it's happened in ProMotion, I think.

00:17:45   What does it go all the way down to something like 24?

00:17:47   - 10. - 10.

00:17:48   - 10.

00:17:49   10 to 120, that's what we're dealing with.

00:17:52   I'm super excited about this, I've wanted it for years.

00:17:56   This is gonna be one of those things,

00:17:57   I guess we just have to wait and see, right?

00:17:59   Like, it can't be demoed.

00:18:00   And I'm just really intrigued to see

00:18:03   what an iPhone is gonna look like

00:18:05   with this kind of display.

00:18:06   - We're gonna have a problem here.

00:18:09   - We sure are.

00:18:10   - We are starting with one major problem.

00:18:11   So my first pick was,

00:18:13   there will be a setting to disable higher refresh rate

00:18:16   on at least one of the new iPhones.

00:18:18   Now you may hear Steven not ringing the bell,

00:18:21   and this is where we have a problem.

00:18:24   - We do have a problem, don't we?

00:18:25   - We have a problem here,

00:18:26   because we have no public evidence

00:18:30   of this setting existing.

00:18:32   - Hindsight says this was not a clever pick for us to have

00:18:37   because it was always, like now I think of it,

00:18:40   it was always impossible for this to be proven.

00:18:43   - I mean, even if we had,

00:18:45   so I thought about that this morning,

00:18:46   even if there had been like a regular event with hands-on,

00:18:49   you know, usually like in the before times,

00:18:50   The Verge would have a video or whatever,

00:18:53   Even then, this may not have been possible to prove

00:18:57   unless it showed up in someone's hands-on reporting.

00:19:00   But as of our scoring, there has been no hands-on.

00:19:04   And so, somebody knows this information, but we don't.

00:19:09   Apple hasn't said, I looked through the support documents,

00:19:12   nothing has been updated about promotion in the phone.

00:19:14   - Here's my problem here.

00:19:16   I do know that this setting exists.

00:19:19   it's there in accessibility motion limit frame rate.

00:19:23   I have it on excellent authority that this setting exists.

00:19:27   So if I don't get the point, I feel like I'm being robbed

00:19:31   because this is the truth.

00:19:33   And we are just denying the truth

00:19:35   for the game that we are playing.

00:19:37   - Well, so, but the thing is though,

00:19:41   you gotta be able to prove it, right?

00:19:42   And you can't.

00:19:43   - I am telling you that it exists.

00:19:46   - I believe you.

00:19:48   I know where you have this information.

00:19:50   I believe you, but you can't prove it.

00:19:52   This is the problem.

00:19:53   - This is stupid.

00:19:54   - I don't know what we do here, honestly.

00:19:56   Like I believe you, but I haven't seen it.

00:20:00   None of us have seen it.

00:20:01   It's difficult.

00:20:02   I don't know.

00:20:03   I'm not trying to argue you down here.

00:20:07   I am merely adding to the uncertainty around this.

00:20:11   We're at a constitutional crisis here, a bill crisis, right?

00:20:16   We don't, I mean, again,

00:20:18   we can update the rules again? Maybe! But I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do.

00:20:23   So really the question comes down to do we believe Federico or not?

00:20:29   I believe Federico, yeah. I do too. But is that how we grade things? But by the letter of the law...

00:20:36   Well there isn't. There isn't a law. There is a law. That's the problem. It just says to earn

00:20:43   any points everything written down in the prediction document must come true. Now the way

00:20:47   that we have taken this in the past is by the episode beginning it will be a provable

00:20:52   thing. Unfortunately this is not a provable thing.

00:20:55   Hold on. That's not written down, that's just how we have taken that.

00:20:59   The rule says to earn any points, everything written down in the prediction document must

00:21:05   come true. It doesn't say that it needs to be verifiable. It says it must come true.

00:21:11   Yeah but it doesn't say that it doesn't need to be verifiable. It's not true to the world.

00:21:15   What is the meaning of true then?

00:21:17   Well truth needs to be provable, right?

00:21:21   And we can't prove it.

00:21:24   You know that I...

00:21:25   We can't prove it though!

00:21:27   Like I know what you're saying, but it cannot be proven.

00:21:31   None of us have even seen it.

00:21:33   You've been maybe told it, you haven't seen it.

00:21:36   You know?

00:21:37   I assume.

00:21:38   This is very complicated.

00:21:40   We're in a real issue here.

00:21:41   I don't know what to do.

00:21:43   is this is what happens in a democracy, you know? People try to break the system.

00:21:49   I genuinely feel like whatever we do here, we have to change the rules after

00:21:55   this because of it. Because we have hit on another snag. So, because I think it

00:22:01   should be that like it needs to be publicly available knowledge, right?

00:22:05   That's what we, I think that's what it needs to be post today. I don't know how

00:22:10   we settle today? Here is my recommendation, my suggestion for today.

00:22:15   Okay, Federico gets this point because the rules were not clear enough, but we

00:22:22   need... but I grant my backing for this point only with the understanding that

00:22:27   the rules will be clarified that has to be publicly known by the time we score.

00:22:32   I agree that the rules must be amended to add the publicly verifiable note.

00:22:43   I also agree with the rule amendment, however I have a bias to consider.

00:22:50   It doesn't think I should get the point.

00:22:51   Well, look, here's the thing. I have a feeling about how this could go.

00:22:55   And my chairmanship is what's on the line here, right?

00:22:59   It's not about spoilers, that's the point of what we're doing.

00:23:02   So anybody getting a point other than me is bad for me. I want nobody to get any point

00:23:09   I'm not saying that I'm come I'm suggesting anything here. I am just merely stating

00:23:14   This is where we are

00:23:16   Well, maybe in the spirit of friendship even holy to all that Federico said we weren't friends while we played this game

00:23:22   So I guess I know the window. Here's what I will say

00:23:25   Federico

00:23:27   Mm-hmm. If this was my pick. Hmm. What would you do?

00:23:32   I think it's very challenging because you know the context of how I sent you what I know

00:23:39   Privately, right? Yeah, I know no, but what I'm saying if if this was my pick and I gave you this proof

00:23:48   Hmm, what would you do?

00:23:51   What would your choice be? Would you let me have it?

00:23:55   UWFD.

00:23:57   Puerto Rican.

00:23:58   Well...

00:24:00   Because I feel like I know how you play this game.

00:24:02   I don't know. I feel like I would give you the point because like if you came to me with certain information

00:24:08   Mm-hmm. It's kind of ridiculous. I feel like even if it was you making this kind of argument

00:24:16   Yeah. For a feature that I know exists. Mm-hmm.

00:24:21   I feel like it would kind of suck not to give you the point.

00:24:25   This is why I'm not saying like my feeling on this is you shouldn't get it because if I felt that way I would have

00:24:31   Said that already and we would have moved on right or try I would have tried to move us on

00:24:34   And this is why I'm I'm come I find I'm conflicted here. I'm very conflicted

00:24:41   I'm gonna put in the world the kind of energy I want. I think he gets the point

00:24:45   Agreed. Thank you both, but we need to change the rules. We all agree on this, right?

00:24:52   the rules will change because of this. And I think we need to change them immediately.

00:24:56   This needs to be, like, basically the new rule has to be that it must be publicly verifiable

00:25:02   information. Are we changing that rule right now? I think you need to at least note it for the next

00:25:08   rule change. It is noted with my other comments of things that I want to change, so. Okay. So next

00:25:14   time we do the rule reading we'll address, I think now three amendments. There's four. There's four

00:25:19   amendments now? Okay. Wowzers. October will be fun. I tell you why as well I lean on

00:25:26   this one. Mm-hmm. Because there's precedent for it. If Federico's pick here

00:25:31   was like a brand new thing I would struggle a bit more but because

00:25:36   this setting already exists on the iPad along with what he sent it seems

00:25:41   obvious to me that it's gonna happen so I'm cool with it. But if you would have been

00:25:45   like, oh, the new iPhone has a setting that you can manually adjust the refresh rate yourself

00:25:53   and then you had this proof. I don't know how I would, I feel like I'd want to see it,

00:25:59   you know?

00:26:00   No, it's literally the same setting from the iPad.

00:26:03   And so that's why it's like easier for me to say like, yeah, I believe just with the

00:26:09   little information you have that it exists in the way that you mean it. You know what

00:26:13   I mean?

00:26:14   Yeah, I wish that we could get someone like Steve Moser from MacRumors, someone who has

00:26:21   the firmware file and can look into that setting string, because that should exist, right?

00:26:27   That should exist.

00:26:28   Yeah, but it's fine. I don't think we need it for this. I think this was an obvious pick

00:26:32   to us all in any way, right? Because it's something that exists anyway. And just having

00:26:36   what you have, I think, is more than enough to say that you get it.

00:26:39   All right. Thank you both.

00:26:41   Controversy completed.

00:26:42   Why round one pick?

00:26:44   The Pro iPhone gets a new camera feature the regular iPhone does not get.

00:26:50   Prove it!

00:26:51   You gotta prove it!

00:26:54   What is it?

00:26:55   Macro photography.

00:26:56   Yeah, I know.

00:26:57   You just get loads of things.

00:26:58   Macro photography, the Pro RAW stuff.

00:27:01   ProRes, ProRes, excuse me.

00:27:02   I am super excited about the macro photography.

00:27:07   As someone who has nice cameras and nice lenses, macro photography is not easy.

00:27:11   especially if you and you know like Myke I was thinking about you with your keyboard

00:27:15   stuff you know Federico wanting to show off his dax like you know getting in

00:27:20   there real tight it's gonna be nice I try and I've tried to fake micro

00:27:24   photography with my iPhone a bunch of times like I try and do my best to get

00:27:28   as close as I can and I've wanted it so like I'm into it I'm very excited about

00:27:32   this feature I don't think a lot of people are really gonna use it that much

00:27:35   but I'm really into it also I mistyped it in my notes during the event as

00:27:40   Marco. Marco photography. Marco photography and so that's that's what I'm gonna call it from now on.

00:27:46   What about the cinema mode? Is that what it's called? Cinematic mode? Cinematic mode?

00:27:53   Yeah I think that it's gonna be kind of like portrait mode like it's cool when it works but

00:27:59   when it doesn't it's gonna be real bad. What they showed us even in the example video there's a

00:28:04   couple of times where I felt I think Jason said this too I felt like it didn't do what I would

00:28:09   have done like either it racked too quickly or change focus like it on the

00:28:14   wrong beat and so I think it'll be cool when it works but I'm just not convinced

00:28:19   it's gonna be like the miracle that they say that it is I mean yeah the guy was

00:28:23   like this changes cinematography forever is like no it doesn't like it's a

00:28:26   feature on a phone but it will mean I think that we will see more of that sort

00:28:32   of shot I mean how much stuff on YouTube is just shot on iPhones like a ton of

00:28:35   of stuff. Even our friend Austin uses an iPhone to shoot some of his stuff. And I

00:28:39   think for those applications it'll be a new tool, but I don't think it's as

00:28:44   game-changing as Apple sold it out to be. Is it portrait mode or is it actually

00:28:50   doing something? It's like, is it? Kind of looks like it, right? Because it's like

00:28:55   putting the focus on a subject and the rest as this bokeh effect, sort of. Like,

00:29:00   Like kind of like it's kind of like portrait, but it's obviously been advertised as something

00:29:06   else like, oh, you have the same controls of pro, you know, movie makers in your phone.

00:29:14   I don't know.

00:29:15   It looks cool.

00:29:16   I have a, my concern is that we are, we're going to be, we're going to look stupid using

00:29:23   it.

00:29:24   Like, oh yeah, here's a, I'm making a video and now my dog is in focus and now the tree

00:29:29   is in focus. Like, how am I going to use it? I don't know. I think in the right hands,

00:29:34   it could be this little incredible tool to make like professional looking videos on an

00:29:39   iPhone. I don't think I'm, I'm the right hands for the job, you know?

00:29:44   Yeah. I do like that it's, it's like you can change the focus of the video afterwards.

00:29:50   That's a cool feature. Yeah, that's incredible. Yeah.

00:29:52   I'm excited to see what that looks like. My only hold up on that is they did not demo

00:29:57   that part at all. So I don't know what that's gonna be like. But they just showed it, like

00:30:04   everything they showed was either this is what it's like afterwards or this is what

00:30:07   it's like to shoot it I guess. Yeah. But I do think that's kind of cool. Yeah it'll be

00:30:10   interesting to see and I would imagine too that it could get better with time like portrait

00:30:15   mode has as hardware gets better but also they're doing, again it's not super clear,

00:30:21   but the way they spoke about it is basically they've put in machine learning so like it's

00:30:25   following your eyes and then when you turn it's gonna shift focus to you know

00:30:29   the person behind you whatever and all of that can be better over time and so I

00:30:35   would say even if it's not fantastic now and I don't know if it is or not it

00:30:39   could be a thing where it's a little gimmicky now but you know three four

00:30:43   years from now we like don't even like we just this is how you shoot videos on

00:30:47   the phone because it does such a good job at it so I'm definitely gonna play

00:30:51   with it and try it out when my phone gets in but I don't think it's gonna

00:30:55   change movie making forever. That's what I'm saying. I look forward to all of the

00:30:59   videos of like people using it and then all of a sudden it focuses on an

00:31:04   advertisement of somebody else you know. Oh yeah. They're shooting a video themselves

00:31:08   and then like oh we're just gonna focus on Daniel Craig's face instead. Yeah like

00:31:12   you're walking past a bus stop and it racks focus to the billboard on the bus stop.

00:31:16   Very dramatic. So yeah that and macro mode I think are both I think it's both really

00:31:24   exciting. The macro thing I really, I think out of everything on the new phones, that's

00:31:29   what has me the most excited to play with because that's such a fun, I really enjoy

00:31:33   that sort of method of photography and before now I had to bust out a big lens and big camera

00:31:38   and now if I can just do it, you know, for casual stuff with my phone, like that's gonna

00:31:42   be really cool.

00:31:44   And overall with the, all of the lenses are better, right? On the pro phones especially?

00:31:48   Yeah, the ultra wide seems like it's noticeably better, which is good because it was garbage

00:31:55   town before.

00:31:56   I mean, it does the job, but it's not good enough sometimes in low lighting especially.

00:32:01   Oh yeah, low light it's real like smeary and kind of gross.

00:32:06   But so yeah, that's that's iPhone photography.

00:32:10   The biggest year for iPhone photography ever, something they say every year, but I guess

00:32:14   it's still true.

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00:34:28   Round two.

00:34:30   So my first pick is that the new Apple Silicon MacBook Pro will not be announced at this

00:34:35   event.

00:34:37   I got something to say.

00:34:39   Uh oh.

00:34:41   Is there enough for another event?

00:34:45   Because at the very last minute there were rumors that this would be iPhone and watch

00:34:48   and maybe AirPods and then iPads and Macs would be together later, which is how they've

00:34:53   done it before.

00:34:54   Like in October 18 where we got the new iPad design, the flat edge design, that was Macs

00:34:59   an iPad. Well now they've done iPads. The iPad Air is new, the iPad Pro is new. Like

00:35:04   is there enough, like we're gonna be doing this again in a month? Like I just, we got

00:35:09   done with this event. Macs, Mac OS, Monterey, AirPods, and some services stuff? Yeah maybe

00:35:16   services. I don't know, I'm just, I'm very curious to see how that plays out. You could

00:35:20   do a 45 minute event. I hope so. Show off a couple of Macintosh's. Yeah, I mean I guess

00:35:27   if they've got a MacBook Pro and a higher-end Mac Mini? Maybe a display? If they have a

00:35:32   display there's enough for an event. Maybe a DAC as Matt just said, maybe it's finally

00:35:36   time to release the DAC, you know? Yeah. I think they've got enough to just to do some

00:35:41   Mac stuff. I really do. Like, you know, they made a whole event out of iPads and Apple

00:35:46   Watches. Yeah, like Matt's saying, like, the announcement of the completion of the ARM

00:35:50   transition, they're not even close. Like, there's a big iMac left and there's whatever

00:35:54   the pro thing is and there's no way that stuff's ready they could also they could tease one of them

00:35:59   they could tease a pro machine they could i mean come in next year they teased the iMac pro uh

00:36:05   and the Mac pro both of uh both of them so i think it's that's definitely possible so uh we'll see i

00:36:11   just you know mac only event like i'm for it like sign me up i mean you sound pretty against it to

00:36:16   me i just don't to be honest you say you're for it and you're like how could you fill in an event

00:36:21   for Mac. Boring. That's what I heard you say. I'm pretty sure that's what he said.

00:36:28   Wow. It's like more like Mac No Pal users or something like that. I think

00:36:37   they're gonna do it. I hope so. If they have them, right, which I'm sure they do, like if they have them,

00:36:43   why would you release a new product with a new design any other

00:36:48   way right now. You can just make a video. You haven't got to go to Joshua Tree and stand

00:36:55   on a cliff to show off a MacBook Pro if you don't want to.

00:36:58   And what if Josh isn't home? You can't just like come in his yard.

00:37:01   Exactly. Just sit underneath Joshua's Tree, show your Macintosh.

00:37:07   All right. Federico, you're up next.

00:37:09   This is a boring one, but still. The new iPhones keep the same screen sizes as last year. And

00:37:17   yeah it's you know the same iPhones same screen size what's different the notch

00:37:24   is slightly you know narrower but a bit thicker maybe it's ever so slightly

00:37:32   thicker than before yeah people say taller which I guess is a way to

00:37:38   describe it but it's coming down more right yeah but like the the way in which

00:37:43   it is taller it's like it's very very small but there's been quite a significant reduction

00:37:49   on either side of it so they keep doing it until they get rid of it it's taken a few

00:37:55   years though before them to actually make a significant reduction you know like man

00:38:01   it got to suck to be an iPhone mini fan right now I feel like why is it like it got a camera

00:38:06   update it's got more battery life yeah so the phone that you love got better and then

00:38:11   next year it might not exist anymore.

00:38:13   - I was talking to my wife about that.

00:38:15   She has a mini, I was like, hey, the camera's better

00:38:17   and you get extra hour and a half of battery life.

00:38:19   She was like, sold.

00:38:20   It's the only year for your iPhone upgrade

00:38:23   she's ever wanted.

00:38:24   And then I told her, well, it could be the last mini.

00:38:26   And then she stared at me

00:38:27   as if I had made the decision personally.

00:38:29   - How dare you.

00:38:30   - How dare you, Steven.

00:38:32   But the, yeah, the same screen size thing

00:38:37   with a smaller notch, like I think it'll be a nice little

00:38:39   quality of life improvement.

00:38:41   But the battery life, I think, is the thing you'll feel,

00:38:44   especially on the mini.

00:38:46   - If I would have come last episode and said,

00:38:48   the iPhone 13 Pro Max will have two and a half hours

00:38:52   extra battery life, would you two have accepted that

00:38:54   as a risky pick?

00:38:55   (laughing)

00:38:57   - Maybe. - Maybe.

00:38:58   - It's a big jump to an already very big battery.

00:39:02   - Yeah, I can't wait.

00:39:03   I'm so happy to see that.

00:39:04   - I'm surprised that they did,

00:39:05   they seem to have done two things

00:39:07   and actually called it out.

00:39:08   One of them is they've basically said

00:39:09   they made the batteries bigger.

00:39:11   Like Apple never really talk about that kind of stuff.

00:39:13   Yeah, they said that with both lines, I think like in the presentation,

00:39:17   like it's a combination of efficiency and bigger battery.

00:39:20   And they like showed the like exploded view kind of thing.

00:39:24   I think like an X-ray view is like bigger batteries and potentially more

00:39:28   efficiency. Uh, I think that's great.

00:39:31   I'm super excited about more battery life because this happened a few years ago,

00:39:35   right? We've got a jump like this and everyone was freaking out.

00:39:38   They've done it a couple times and they always talk about it in like one more battery, you know, one more hour of battery life or whatever.

00:39:45   It's interesting, they just keep building it up and up. I mean, we're gonna be at a point where this Pro Max phone just never dies.

00:39:52   I mean, the 12 Pro Max already now is so good on battery life. An extra two and a half hours? Like, it's gonna be a two-day phone for a lot of people.

00:39:59   Battery life, of course, can be achieved with efficiencies in the chip, right? Which makes me think, they didn't really talk about the A15 very much, did they?

00:40:07   No, they didn't. They compared it to things that weren't the A14.

00:40:12   The competition.

00:40:13   The competition.

00:40:14   Do you know the competition?

00:40:15   The competition.

00:40:17   You know, this year I think I'm buying a the competition phone.

00:40:20   Guys.

00:40:21   My favorite was when they were comparing, I think it was the iPad

00:40:27   to the leading Android tablet. What is that?

00:40:30   Yeah.

00:40:31   What is that?

00:40:31   Which one is it?

00:40:32   Tell me. I'd love to know.

00:40:34   It's the competition tablet.

00:40:36   The competition.

00:40:37   The competition is up to no good lately.

00:40:39   The competition.

00:40:40   Because the thing is, the competition isn't helpful because the competition will use the

00:40:44   Snapdragon 888.

00:40:46   And it's different on every single phone, right?

00:40:49   Because manufacturers just prioritize things differently.

00:40:53   So I don't know if they want to say it, just say it.

00:40:56   Like why not just say it?

00:40:58   Oh it's better than the Samsung S21.

00:41:00   Great.

00:41:01   That's what people probably want to know.

00:41:02   Is it better than the A14?

00:41:04   Maybe.

00:41:05   Maybe! Don't worry about that. We don't compete with ourselves. That's right. That chip is

00:41:10   dead to us. We're moving forward. Never mind us and all the Macs. Yeah. Not that like any

00:41:15   of us really feel like, "Oh, you've got to have massive performance." No. Because like,

00:41:20   my iPhone is not like hungry for performance, you know? No. But it's just funny. It's funny

00:41:27   when they do something constantly and then they take like a sharp left turn on that thing

00:41:31   And so like, to people like us,

00:41:33   just like really highlights it, right?

00:41:35   - It was, we'll talk about the iPad,

00:41:37   but it was funny too that they announced the iPad mini

00:41:39   and just like, they didn't mention what chip was in it.

00:41:42   We're all like, "Uh, you forgot something."

00:41:44   And then it came out later, "Oh, it's got the A15."

00:41:46   Like the phone does, but they weren't ready

00:41:48   to spoil the A15 surprise that was happening

00:41:51   18 minutes later.

00:41:53   I guess you don't want to repeat last year.

00:41:54   - Yeah, do you remember when they did that

00:41:55   with the iPad Air?

00:41:57   Like when they actually had to--

00:41:58   - Exactly.

00:41:59   - Like it was like, it had the chip first.

00:42:00   - Yeah.

00:42:01   like it's maybe for the mini is not important also it's like a little bit odd with the mini because now

00:42:05   the ipad mini has potentially better specs than the ipad air it does which is not the first time

00:42:14   that's happened for the ipad mini right like that it's been more powerful than the larger ipad or

00:42:19   has been the same power yeah they bump it up and then then they walk away for four years so that's

00:42:25   True. Yeah. So good job, Federico. I don't know how we ended up where we are, but iPhone screen size.

00:42:30   Same. My pick. The Apple Watch. This one feels good. This one feels good. Look, we told you.

00:42:38   The Apple Watch SE gets a price cut. They didn't cut it at all! I was convinced that you had graded

00:42:47   this wrong in the document. And so I went to look. They didn't change the price at all.

00:42:54   And the S3 is still on sale!

00:42:56   Still around!

00:42:57   What are you doing?

00:42:58   I can't believe they'd not even ten dollars, right?

00:43:03   Like nothing.

00:43:04   I think it was James Thompson or maybe STS.

00:43:06   Someone tweeted like there are now six Apple Watch screen sizes to contend with.

00:43:12   I was like oh no!

00:43:13   Oh, oh that's bad.

00:43:15   Because there's the three, there's the SE which is the four, five, six size,

00:43:19   and then there's the two sizes of seven.

00:43:21   It's like you've made it worse Apple.

00:43:23   I just hope SwiftUI is doing its job then.

00:43:26   Seriously.

00:43:27   I don't think it's that simple, even if it is.

00:43:32   Like, you still got to mess around with stuff.

00:43:34   No.

00:43:35   I can't believe it didn't change the price at all.

00:43:36   Like, at all.

00:43:37   I know.

00:43:38   And it was kind of funny because we spent a lot of time on the last episode talking

00:43:43   about...

00:43:44   Because you made your pick, right?

00:43:45   Yes.

00:43:46   The Apple SSC gets a price cut.

00:43:47   And then we basically just had an entire conversation about whether the SC would replace the Series

00:43:51   3.

00:43:52   had some people write into us, it's like,

00:43:54   "No, you haven't graded it wrong.

00:43:56   "You weren't thinking clearly."

00:43:57   Like, thinking that if the Apple Watch Series 3

00:44:00   is still around, Steven doesn't get the point.

00:44:02   Turns out, nobody needed to worry about that

00:44:04   'cause they didn't change anything.

00:44:06   - It's really disappointing, and I really thought,

00:44:10   it's like, you're going, I mean,

00:44:11   they always release these in the fall,

00:44:12   but it's like, do the holiday season thing.

00:44:15   You're already so far ahead of the competition,

00:44:18   quote unquote, but yeah, no price cut

00:44:21   on the Apple Watch SE, it still remains a bad deal

00:44:24   in the lineup.

00:44:25   - It remains a product in our lineup.

00:44:27   - It does, unchanged.

00:44:29   - I wanna ask you too, 'cause I don't think we have

00:44:31   any design focused picks for the Apple Watch, right?

00:44:35   I don't think anyone picked that one.

00:44:37   - Thank goodness.

00:44:38   - Are either of you as disappointed as me?

00:44:40   I'm really disappointed.

00:44:42   - In the Apple Watch?

00:44:43   Yeah. - In the design.

00:44:45   - Kind of boring, right?

00:44:47   - Yeah.

00:44:48   - I don't know.

00:44:49   what happens when you trust leaks too much, right? We were all certain that we were getting

00:44:56   a specific kind of Apple Watch soon, and that was our imagination and our misplaced belief

00:45:03   in certain individuals. And also, it did make sense though, right? As well, like I think

00:45:09   that was why this one was so easy to believe, because that design language, they're basically

00:45:14   bringing it to everything, and considering that the Apple Watch is a top tier product,

00:45:19   like I don't think anyone was expecting they were going to update the Apple Watch SE with

00:45:22   flat sides, right?

00:45:23   No.

00:45:24   But the Series 7, brand new product, expensive, we're going to do it, right?

00:45:29   But no.

00:45:30   I did notice when they were talking about the strength of the glass and how that has

00:45:34   come from the reshaping of the glass, the very bottom part of the glass that like goes

00:45:40   inside the case is flat.

00:45:42   I was like, is that what you saw or heard about and then you did renders and made a YouTube video? Like

00:45:47   No, I I think they changed course

00:45:51   I think that they were trying to make the flat side one and then changed that's that's what I thinks happened if I was gonna

00:45:57   guess like that that design was being made at some point maybe and

00:46:02   They ended up being like mmm. We can't do this or we're gonna have to wait another year or whatever

00:46:08   Yeah, now the problem, you know what the problem is for me that, you know, my friends, they

00:46:14   ask me questions about what's coming with the iPhone, what's coming with the Apple Watch,

00:46:19   and I sold them, and it was my bed, I guess I should follow the rumors more closely, as

00:46:24   of a few weeks ago I told them, "Oh, it's gonna have a new design, it's gonna have flat

00:46:28   sides, it's gonna get your body temperature," and that was silly of me, because now I have

00:46:33   to explain to my friends that none of that is happening this year.

00:46:35   Oh, you misread it, you misread some stuff.

00:46:37   The body temperature thing was in the reports,

00:46:39   but it's next year.

00:46:40   - Yeah, yeah.

00:46:42   - But everyone was saying flat size this year,

00:46:44   so we're all sold a bill of goods there.

00:46:48   - I guess if we see a flat sided Apple Watch next year,

00:46:52   we can revisit this.

00:46:54   I do think the bigger screen,

00:46:56   like in Apple's product imagery, it looks nice.

00:47:00   Like the bezels look good,

00:47:01   especially if you use a watch face,

00:47:05   like a photo or has a color background, I think you'll really notice it. I was talking

00:47:09   to Mary about this last night. She's on a series five, I think. I was like, yeah, you

00:47:15   know, the case is a little bit bigger, but the screen is a lot bigger. And she's like,

00:47:19   well, it doesn't already go to the edge. And so we kind of looked at like, well, most of

00:47:23   the watch UI uses a black background that's so they can save power on the OLED, but it

00:47:27   also really hides where the actual edges are. And so I think for this, most people will

00:47:34   notice oh the screens a little bit bigger maybe I can see a little bit more

00:47:36   at once but the bezels I think are really only gonna that difference is

00:47:41   gonna show up on certain watch faces you know for me the watch face I use is a

00:47:46   black background but I think if you are looking for that or if you're coming

00:47:50   from a series 3 or 4 it's a fantastic update a series 6 I don't think you got

00:47:57   to run out and get a new watch this year yeah I don't know I don't know about the

00:48:01   The size yeah, I don't know if it's gonna look strange because now it's like even more rectangular than it was before right?

00:48:08   Cuz it's just like tall looks a little tall. I don't know. I'm intrigued to see it at the end of the regular picks. I

00:48:14   have one point

00:48:16   Federico has

00:48:19   two points

00:48:21   Michael has two points

00:48:23   So maybe I can come over behind and catch up maybe

00:48:31   Probably.

00:48:32   With your amazing risky pic.

00:48:34   Uh-huh, can't wait for it.

00:48:35   Let's see what happens.

00:48:36   Should we do the risky pics?

00:48:38   Let's do the risky pics.

00:48:40   Myke, you are up.

00:48:42   An iPhone gets an Always On Display with a UI element that is reminiscent of Apple Watch

00:48:46   complications.

00:48:47   A beautiful thing.

00:48:48   Wrong on every part of that.

00:48:52   Beautiful idea.

00:48:53   Wrong year, maybe.

00:48:55   I think Always On Display will be a part of iOS 16.

00:49:00   Yes.

00:49:01   - I think so.

00:49:01   - There's, I wish I had,

00:49:05   well, maybe you wish you had thought of this.

00:49:07   Someone had mentioned it.

00:49:09   I thought about it after we made the picks.

00:49:10   I was like, well, if this were coming,

00:49:12   maybe it'd be one of those things

00:49:13   that we would have seen hints at WWDC, right?

00:49:16   Remember the year they were like,

00:49:17   it's really important that your apps don't care

00:49:20   what size the screen is, wink, wink.

00:49:22   And then we get the six and six plus.

00:49:24   - Yeah.

00:49:25   - And there wasn't any of that pointing to this.

00:49:27   And so maybe now with this in mind,

00:49:29   we can look for to dub-dub.

00:49:31   - They were gonna do what I thought they were gonna do,

00:49:32   though, I thought it was gonna be like a reworking

00:49:35   of watch complications, mostly.

00:49:37   And if you already make a watch app,

00:49:39   you know how to do that.

00:49:40   So it's just one of those things of like,

00:49:43   hey, get it ready.

00:49:45   'Cause it's not abnormal that like a feature

00:49:47   comes to the iPhone that developers might want

00:49:50   and then they have to scramble for a week

00:49:53   to try and get it ready.

00:49:54   - Yeah, yeah.

00:49:55   - But it could be more.

00:49:57   now I kind of feel like maybe it's like gonna be part of widgets, you know, might

00:50:01   be part of the widget framework. Under the hood, complications and widgets are

00:50:06   sort of similar, I think, in the way that they actually work and so yeah maybe

00:50:11   you're right maybe it's not as big of a deal and it's more of a "hey you can

00:50:15   bring your your logic over but you know you need this sort of iconography to

00:50:20   show up" you know we'll see I'm definitely gonna be having this in my

00:50:25   mind though next summer when it's wbdc time because i think we'll get some sort of rumblings then

00:50:31   all right um my pick was an iphone okay don't laugh an iphone

00:50:40   okay and one of them one iphone uh-huh just one just one gets an updated so far so good

00:50:54   I'm gonna say it quickly. Face ID sensor that supports partially occluded faces.

00:50:57   Okay? That's wrong.

00:50:59   You got like 50%?

00:51:00   Gets an updated face ID sensor that supports partially occluded faces.

00:51:07   Yeah, that didn't happen.

00:51:11   Do you see now? Now do you see?

00:51:14   No, now I do.

00:51:16   Okay.

00:51:17   I see. That was silly.

00:51:21   But look, I mean, you said Apple Watch complications were coming to the lock screen on the iPhone, okay?

00:51:26   Yeah, but when I said that, the two of you didn't go, "No way!"

00:51:30   Well, I mean, we're playing the game.

00:51:34   Right, but when Federico said his, we both said, "No way," and when you said yours,

00:51:39   me and Federico both said, "No way."

00:51:42   Yeah, but look at this pic, right? I mean, there's current world events in it,

00:51:46   There's politics in it. There's a, you know, it's a peak of the times.

00:51:52   Yeah, but it didn't happen.

00:51:53   But the wrong times.

00:51:54   It's a time.

00:51:58   It's a peak, but no. But let's look at Steven though, because you're making fun of me.

00:52:05   You know, just real quick, real quick, real quick. If they would have announced like the

00:52:09   watch thing, maybe that could have counted, you know, like that didn't exist until now.

00:52:14   Maybe. That could have been like some weird way of making that account for you.

00:52:17   We could have argued that. I feel like you could have won that argument.

00:52:21   But no, that's not the case. So this is not a point.

00:52:24   Steven, please. I thought I had this for a minute,

00:52:29   because the MagSafe on the Apple Watch, now you can get a USB-C version that's faster.

00:52:34   And I thought, oh, they're laying the groundwork for faster MagSafe everywhere.

00:52:37   That's not MagSafe on the Apple Watch. That's what they call it.

00:52:40   Do they? Yeah, isn't it?

00:52:43   I don't think they call it that.

00:52:45   It's not MagSafe.

00:52:46   It's just the charger.

00:52:47   Anyways, I thought, "Oh, magnetized charging is getting better."

00:52:50   Magnetic fast charger is what they call it.

00:52:52   MagSafe is updated to support 20 watt charging or higher, but a new puck is required.

00:52:59   It's funny because they kind of did this exact thing for the Apple Watch, right?

00:53:04   As you say, they have a faster charger, the magnetic charger.

00:53:10   So if all I had said is magnetic charging is updated,

00:53:13   maybe it would have been closer.

00:53:16   - Yeah, but why would you have said that?

00:53:18   - Very specific.

00:53:19   Yeah, it's a bummer, but should we do our tally?

00:53:25   Because we have a problem.

00:53:27   - Yes, we do.

00:53:28   - Myke, you had two points in the regular round.

00:53:32   You lost a point in the risky picks,

00:53:37   Rickle pickles. So you have one point.

00:53:40   Federico, you were the same two regular points. You lost one here.

00:53:45   One point. I had one point. I lost that point. I am at zero.

00:53:50   So I am the loser. Yes, but y'all are tied.

00:53:55   And so I have prepared the relay FM mode and dice by peak out.

00:54:00   Do you have the most recent build? Yes. Okay. In test flight.

00:54:05   Yeah, I have it all automatically installed, but I will double check.

00:54:08   All right, and you have to turn your mute switch on.

00:54:14   Yes.

00:54:14   Myke never loses the coin flip.

00:54:16   I know.

00:54:16   It's not fair.

00:54:17   Well, maybe this is the time.

00:54:19   How do you feel?

00:54:20   How do you feel?

00:54:20   I need to do some sort of write to make the twin.

00:54:24   I got to do something, like a secret dance or something.

00:54:29   I would like you to pick, heads or tails.

00:54:32   I'm looking for a sign in my bedroom.

00:54:34   What should it be?

00:54:36   Look for either a head or a tail.

00:54:38   I'm going to I'm going to pick my favorite video game.

00:54:41   Final Fantasy Tactics.

00:54:44   And somehow I'm going to look for my answer in here.

00:54:47   How is it going to help?

00:54:49   Is it profitable?

00:54:49   You should have looked for Sonic.

00:54:52   I'm going to open the instructional manual without looking on a random page.

00:54:55   Was that a Tails joke?

00:54:57   Yes. Good.

00:54:59   Nice, nice pickup. Proud of you.

00:55:00   So this is the instruction manual of Final Fantasy Tactics for PSP.

00:55:05   Well, you think you're going to turn to a random page and find either the word "head"

00:55:09   or "tails" in that instruction manual?

00:55:10   I'm going to put my finger on a word, and if it contains the letter "H" or "T", that's

00:55:15   going to be my pick.

00:55:16   But what if it's got both?

00:55:19   Well then we have a problem.

00:55:20   Don't worry about it.

00:55:21   Hebrew is mine!

00:55:22   Maybe then whichever comes first out of those two could...

00:55:25   Whichever comes first.

00:55:27   Yeah.

00:55:28   Okay.

00:55:29   Okay

00:55:31   Okay tails. Wait. What was the word?

00:55:33   Abilita ability. Okay. All right. So you were tails tails. Are we ready? Mm-hmm

00:55:40   How

00:55:52   Undefeated again, how does he keep winning them his Royal Highness Oh gosh

00:55:59   The consolidated chairman strikes back from these rule changes, from these questionable

00:56:08   decisions and takes it on forward.

00:56:13   Thank you.

00:56:15   My subjects, thank you.

00:56:17   That's annoying.

00:56:18   I am the winner.

00:56:19   I'm leaving the show.

00:56:20   I'm leaving.

00:56:21   I'm tired.

00:56:22   He's gone.

00:56:23   See you.

00:56:24   Goodbye.

00:56:25   Bye.

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00:58:08   the show and relay FM he back Federico no I don't know if he's like legit left

00:58:15   we texted us they had a path of the nadgo do so yeah but I don't know if like

00:58:21   Like he instead has actually just left.

00:58:25   So if he took that phone call or if he quit the show.

00:58:28   We'll find out.

00:58:29   I've received multiple text messages that I need to flip a coin.

00:58:33   But I think, let's leave that until later on.

00:58:36   That you need to flip a coin.

00:58:38   Yeah, I think so.

00:58:39   About what?

00:58:40   I don't know.

00:58:41   Well, James wants me to do it.

00:58:43   But there is a possibility that we might need to do another one.

00:58:46   So let's see what happens.

00:58:47   Okay, fine.

00:58:49   I'm back.

00:58:50   Oh good, he's returned.

00:58:51   That's good.

00:58:52   It's cash time anyway.

00:58:54   You've got another chance to win.

00:58:56   Yeah, you're right.

00:58:58   And honestly, I mean, we all know the flexes are where the real game is played.

00:59:01   Oh, come on!

00:59:04   Come on!

00:59:05   Look, you can't be bitter after everything we've been through on today's episode.

00:59:10   I am the prince of the flexes.

00:59:13   So that's my new...

00:59:14   Not last time you weren't!

00:59:16   How much money did you...

00:59:18   This is my new title.

00:59:19   I am Prince Flexi.

00:59:22   Prince Flexi?

00:59:25   Wait, wait, there's, uh, we had, there are, there are statistics, right, about that.

00:59:31   Okay, so you have donated $350 to charities.

00:59:36   Steven has donated $225.

00:59:38   I have never.

00:59:39   Guess why?

00:59:40   Because I'm Prince Flexi.

00:59:41   I got the money.

00:59:42   Is that what it means?

00:59:43   I guess yes.

00:59:44   In theory, actually, that actually makes sense.

00:59:48   Being the worst at the flexies makes you the best at the flexies.

00:59:54   Prince cannot be the worst.

00:59:55   I'm a prince.

00:59:56   Or being the worst at the flexies makes you the best person.

00:59:59   Because you're helping the world.

01:00:02   Yeah.

01:00:03   All right, let me read the rules of the flexies, okay?

01:00:09   The flexies.

01:00:11   Loser of the flexies must compensate the winner of the flexies by donating to the charity

01:00:16   of the winner's choice.

01:00:17   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexi made by the loser.

01:00:23   Each host must make a minimum of 5 flexi picks.

01:00:28   Flexis may be reused as future flexis or regular picks.

01:00:32   The winner is determined by the ratio of correct to incorrect flexis.

01:00:36   And the money must be donated on air.

01:00:40   And then the rest of the document talks about the coin toss.

01:00:43   We already did that.

01:00:44   No, it's fine.

01:00:45   No, it's cool.

01:00:46   Myke, you're first. So we're gonna go for all of them, right? Yes. I really want to take your time on the first one though

01:00:52   Can you imagine my horror with this right? Because this remember this was originally going to be my

01:00:57   Risky pic. Mm-hmm

01:01:00   New iPad mini is introduced. Okay with a refresh design. Yes

01:01:06   New colors previously not a part of this product. Mm-hmm

01:01:11   USB-C. Yes. I'm gonna read this like out of order. 5G support. Yes.

01:01:16   Smart connector. No!

01:01:19   I was so

01:01:21   pleased.

01:01:23   Right? Because if they would have put a smart connector on that, I would be so sad.

01:01:30   But... Or if it had been your risky pick and you lost it because there was no smart connector. Like either way,

01:01:37   it would have been brutal. True, true, true.

01:01:40   But I will say that that whole thing has made me think that this style of risky might be what I do in the future

01:01:47   I actually kind of really enjoyed that so who knows maybe it will happen. Maybe it won't I'm so freaking excited about this

01:01:54   I've had many though me too, right?

01:01:57   Great

01:01:59   Yes, give me

01:02:01   Don't mind if I do

01:02:03   Mm-hmm. It looks fantastic, man

01:02:05   What do you think about how like?

01:02:09   grabbable do you think it's gonna be?

01:02:12   'Cause all of the images is someone holding it in a hand,

01:02:14   right?

01:02:15   - I think it's gonna be perfect for that.

01:02:17   Like if the iPad Air is of any indication,

01:02:20   I think it's gonna be super comfortable

01:02:21   with the thicker bezels.

01:02:22   And because it's actually,

01:02:24   I believe it's actually shorter than the older iPad Mini,

01:02:29   I think this thing is gonna be sweet.

01:02:31   I think it's gonna be perfect for reading.

01:02:33   I am so excited.

01:02:35   Like I have a feeling for how this thing is gonna feel.

01:02:39   and I am very optimistic about it.

01:02:42   Slightly bummed that they didn't make

01:02:45   like a mini Magic Keyboard for it,

01:02:48   but I also understand why, right?

01:02:50   I mean. - Bridge?

01:02:51   Bridge?

01:02:52   (laughing)

01:02:53   - Yeah, they'll do it. - Come on.

01:02:54   - They'll do it. - They did it before.

01:02:55   They don't have one for sale now,

01:02:56   but they did once make an iPad mini sized keyboard.

01:03:00   - With a teeny tiny track pad.

01:03:02   All right, what's next?

01:03:04   - All right, so next up, there is a ceramic Apple Watch.

01:03:08   Wha?

01:03:10   There's no addition at all right that I think they've gotten rid of that this is like titanium yeah, yeah the

01:03:16   For a while the titanium was labeled any addition, but I think they've gotten rid of that branding so it's

01:03:23   Aluminum and some new finishes five colors none of which I think are fantastic

01:03:28   No, I don't like any of them, and there's three finishes of stainless steel. There's stainless steel

01:03:34   There's the black and there's the gold and then there's a light and dark titanium, which I love the light titanium

01:03:40   But no ceramic, you know, I was thinking okay, they showed it off

01:03:45   It's more or less the same design and I thought at that point you were gonna get it because I thought well

01:03:50   it's the same case design, but one way to refresh the look of it is to have a ceramic option and

01:03:56   Just not there and I was I was sad for you because I know you really wanted it

01:04:02   But I also thought it would maybe help like buoy this product that maybe isn't as exciting as it could have been

01:04:08   So the aluminium colors are green

01:04:10   blue

01:04:13   product red starlight and

01:04:15   Midnight which those colors I mean come on starlight is like beige silver. Yeah

01:04:22   It's like silver with a little gold dust thrown in that's the color mini. My wife is gonna get a midnight is

01:04:30   is like gray blue.

01:04:33   So they don't have, I feel like, a neutral aluminium color.

01:04:38   And I think that's a bad idea.

01:04:41   I don't think that's a good call.

01:04:43   I think they should have either black or just

01:04:47   pure silver aluminium.

01:04:49   I mean, again, I haven't seen Starlight at midnight, right?

01:04:53   Product imagery and products in real life

01:04:55   can make a difference.

01:04:57   But I'm perplexed, I'll say, about what I've gone through.

01:05:00   - I would assume that they know all this,

01:05:02   but maybe the red and blue aluminum sold way better

01:05:06   than we think it did last time.

01:05:09   So they're leaning into it.

01:05:10   But I agree with you, like none of these are neutral.

01:05:12   Like all of these, maybe the Starlight the least amount,

01:05:15   but all of them have enough of a tint to them

01:05:18   that you gotta think about it.

01:05:20   And the beauty about the space gray and the silver is

01:05:23   it works great with any band,

01:05:25   works great with any outfit.

01:05:26   but all of these have like too much opinion in them for me.

01:05:29   - Like, and of course you can go up to stainless steel

01:05:32   or titanium. - Yeah, of course.

01:05:34   - But that's much more expensive,

01:05:36   but that's the place now where if you don't want a color

01:05:39   to your Apple Watch, you've got to go that route.

01:05:42   - And they're both nice.

01:05:43   I've owned both in the past.

01:05:45   They're heavier.

01:05:46   The titanium is not as heavy as the steel.

01:05:48   The steel is a beast, but it's a lot more.

01:05:52   And most people, you know,

01:05:53   I would imagine they sell the aluminum, like, you know,

01:05:55   factor of like 10 to one or something to the others at least. Yeah it's strange

01:06:00   and I'm sorry because I know you wanted a ceramic Apple watch with flat sides

01:06:03   and you get neither so. I didn't get any of it did I? Nothing. The new iPhone color will be a new version of a

01:06:11   color they've already used. So I realized in judging this that you were not very

01:06:16   specific in this. It's like any new iPhone color 13, 13 Pro, the pick doesn't matter

01:06:23   but they really have reused... Oh interesting, in my mind I meant to say the Pro

01:06:29   phone. Yeah. That's what I was thinking about. Yeah. But you get it anyways

01:06:33   because... That's a Flexi, so what does it matter? And I was still correct. What are

01:06:37   you thinking about? Blue. Federico, what do you think of the the Sierra Blue iPhone?

01:06:41   Yeah, I don't like it, not for me. It looks like a phone for the Smurfs, you know?

01:06:45   Oh my god. Yeah. Why would you get a blue phone? I don't know. Well, I can't buy that

01:06:51   that one now. It's Smurf blue. Yeah that's what it is. Oh my word. Yeah I'm not into it.

01:06:58   Like but this I feel bad because I've asked for color right? I want color I

01:07:02   want more color but this doesn't this isn't the color I want. Yeah here's here's

01:07:10   my well we'll talk about what we're ordering I want to talk to you guys I

01:07:13   need some some help with the color selection but yeah I agree. Because I'll

01:07:17   I'll also just say while we're on it,

01:07:19   the iPhone 13 colors I don't like either.

01:07:22   - No, I mean, I showed Mary and she was like Starlight

01:07:25   and she has the pinkish, or not the pinkish,

01:07:28   but like the green, she's the green one now

01:07:31   with the pink case, like an inverse watermelon phone.

01:07:34   And she's doing the Starlight.

01:07:37   I was like, you know, it seems like kind of like

01:07:38   silvery gold, but yeah, none of the other colors

01:07:41   really jumped out at her.

01:07:42   You know, Apple has whole teams of people who work on this.

01:07:44   I'm sure these colors are very fashionable right now,

01:07:47   but they're not to my taste as much as something

01:07:50   like maybe the 10R was.

01:07:52   Like those 10R colors have been my favorite colors

01:07:54   they've done in a long time.

01:07:57   - Or even the iPhone 12.

01:07:59   The iPhone 12's colors, I really like them.

01:08:01   I like the green, I like that the white is just white,

01:08:04   you know, and that little black is just black, you know?

01:08:07   Like, so you've got those,

01:08:08   but the green, the purple is fantastic,

01:08:10   and I prefer the shade of blue way more to the blue

01:08:12   that they've got this time.

01:08:13   - I like how we thought that maybe you were having

01:08:16   contending Apple Watch flexes, but you missed both of them.

01:08:19   What's your next Apple Watch flexing?

01:08:21   - New Apple Watch is not a part of the presentation.

01:08:23   (laughing)

01:08:24   Man, me and the Apple Watch,

01:08:27   we're not getting on this time, are we?

01:08:29   - You got burned. - Not big time.

01:08:31   In every possible way, from my pics to also just

01:08:34   what I want as a person.

01:08:35   And then my last one, release date for iOS 15 is announced

01:08:41   and it's later than 24 hours away.

01:08:43   It's true, it's coming on Monday.

01:08:45   Much to the jubilation of many.

01:08:48   - Yay.

01:08:49   - Federico, how much jubilation did that bring you?

01:08:52   - I'm very happy about that because like,

01:08:55   I mean, I had a feeling that we were not gonna see

01:08:58   the 24 hour notice again, but I was kinda hoping

01:09:03   for maybe Wednesday, but Monday is also fine.

01:09:08   And I'm very happy about it.

01:09:11   I don't have to stress as much as last year

01:09:15   And I still have not decided when I'm going to publish my review,

01:09:20   but I think it's a pretty safe bet to say that it's going to be next week.

01:09:26   So not a month, you know, after the release of iOS, like last year,

01:09:30   maybe I will be done by lunch day. Maybe not. We'll see.

01:09:34   But I feel very good about Monday.

01:09:36   It feels good. I'm very pleased about that for you.

01:09:39   So Myke, you have a total of two flexis, right?

01:09:45   - Okay, two out of five.

01:09:46   - Yep, is that good, is that bad?

01:09:48   We'll have to see.

01:09:48   I'm up next.

01:09:49   The iPhone Pro comes in five colors/finishes,

01:09:53   not the traditional four.

01:09:54   I think at that.

01:09:56   Again, I won't talk about colors later on.

01:10:00   The Apple Watch moves to 5G networking.

01:10:03   - That was bold.

01:10:04   - This one, I felt pretty good about,

01:10:07   but noticeably absent.

01:10:10   A new AirPods product is announced.

01:10:13   Apple TV+ content is featured in the keynote.

01:10:16   You got that?

01:10:17   Yes.

01:10:17   First.

01:10:18   First off.

01:10:20   Well, after our celebration of California, of course.

01:10:22   Yes, oh my gosh.

01:10:24   Okay, Apple, we get it.

01:10:25   Someone bought a drone who works for you.

01:10:27   Woo!

01:10:30   They got one of those new DJI ones,

01:10:32   like the Championship Racing drones.

01:10:35   Yeah, some of those movies was like,

01:10:36   I'm glad I don't have a bigger TV.

01:10:39   no specific pre-order date is set for the Apple Watch.

01:10:43   (bell dings)

01:10:44   - Good point.

01:10:44   - I was so worried because at the end of last week,

01:10:48   there was a rumor saying, "Oh, they got it fixed.

01:10:50   The Apple Watch is coming out in September."

01:10:52   And I was like, "Oh man, I'm gonna lose that Flexi."

01:10:55   But the supply chain let Apple down,

01:10:58   but it didn't let me down.

01:10:59   - It could still come in September.

01:11:01   - It could, but there's only two weeks left

01:11:04   in September, so.

01:11:05   - Yeah, but they could next week announce.

01:11:07   - Maybe.

01:11:08   - You know what I'm saying.

01:11:09   But they're saying later this fall, later this fall.

01:11:12   So my assumption is that's October, you know,

01:11:14   but that means I am tied with Michael

01:11:19   for the number of Flexys.

01:11:20   We each have two.

01:11:22   - Prince Flexy coming in.

01:11:23   - There he is. - Okay.

01:11:25   iOS 15 releases the following week to the public.

01:11:29   Ninth generation iPad is introduced, so far so good,

01:11:32   with a USB-C connector.

01:11:35   And that I did not get the--

01:11:38   That image of the iPad line, man, the iPad 9 really stands out.

01:11:42   It really stands out.

01:11:43   It's got the thick bezels, it's using lightning.

01:11:47   So it's the only one with the home button,

01:11:52   with the huge bezels and with the lightning connector.

01:11:56   So, I mean, $329, right?

01:11:59   That's the price.

01:12:01   And it's even cheaper for schools and stuff.

01:12:04   So, yeah, pretty awesome deal.

01:12:06   and it's got the, does it have the A13?

01:12:10   - 13. - I think it's A13, yeah.

01:12:11   - Yes, the 13. - And center stage.

01:12:13   - And center stage. - Which is cool.

01:12:14   - But no USB-C.

01:12:15   - No USB-C. - It's interesting, isn't it?

01:12:17   Like the things they add and the things they don't.

01:12:19   - I thought about that.

01:12:21   These things probably get charged in carts and stuff,

01:12:24   and there's a lot of like lightning infrastructure

01:12:26   probably already in place for schools.

01:12:28   And so for this iPad,

01:12:30   I think staying on Lightning is not a big deal,

01:12:32   especially if they're being bought

01:12:34   by the hundreds of thousands by schools, then moving to USB-C is probably a detriment to

01:12:38   this product actually.

01:12:40   Okay, no date is provided for macOS Monterey.

01:12:46   No mention whatsoever of macOS Monterey.

01:12:49   Mac?

01:12:50   Never heard of it.

01:12:51   What's that?

01:12:52   What's macOS Monterey?

01:12:53   What's that?

01:12:54   It's in California?

01:12:55   We don't know.

01:12:56   California?

01:12:57   Don't know nothing about it.

01:12:58   California?

01:12:59   Haven't ever been there.

01:13:00   Okay, moving on.

01:13:02   AirPods announced with the MagSafe compatible case.

01:13:06   Nope. Nope. And lastly, Apple announces at least one new

01:13:12   feature coming later in the iOS 15 cycle.

01:13:17   What is it? Sure enough ProRes. ProRes coming later.

01:13:20   Oh yeah yeah yeah. Did y'all see the note that you can't use ProRes on the

01:13:27   base model storage for the 13 Pro? Yeah. Someone tweeted

01:13:32   uh, like how much space a single minute of like pro res 4k is it's a lot and so

01:13:38   I can see why they have that limitation in place, I guess so at the end of the flexis

01:13:43   Federico has

01:13:46   Three so he is the winner

01:13:48   Of the flexis prince flexi strikes again. Wait. No, we already established that you were prince flexi because you gave the most money

01:13:57   He's trying to have it both ways.

01:13:59   That's a theory that some people circulate, but no, that's not what it means.

01:14:03   So what does it mean then?

01:14:05   That I'm a prince.

01:14:06   That's it? It just means that?

01:14:08   I'm prince flexi, yes.

01:14:09   Myke and I are now tied with two each, so we need another coin toss.

01:14:17   Federico, I think it should be you.

01:14:18   Oh.

01:14:19   Does Federico have everything set up?

01:14:22   Can I do the coin toss?

01:14:25   No, because you're biased.

01:14:27   But you hear it.

01:14:29   That's true, yeah.

01:14:30   If we hear it, then I feel like it's...

01:14:32   Okay.

01:14:33   Okay, fine.

01:14:34   Alright.

01:14:35   So...

01:14:36   I choose...

01:14:37   I need something to speak to me.

01:14:38   Hang on.

01:14:39   What are you gonna find?

01:14:40   What manual are you gonna find?

01:14:41   Let me get a book.

01:14:42   Hang on.

01:14:43   I'm getting up from my desk.

01:14:44   Okay.

01:14:45   We can definitely hear that.

01:14:47   He's looking around.

01:14:48   He's probably gonna find some boring old manual of some description.

01:14:52   I have my Apple Pro Training Series textbook.

01:14:55   macOS support essentials 11. I was right. So this is the big sir book sounds great

01:15:00   So I'm gonna what'd you do if you found a word and if it had an H or a T or whatever was first in

01:15:04   The world right? Okay. Yes, it was the word head or tails even better. Yeah, I say this it didn't work out for Federico

01:15:10   So I'm gonna give this another shot

01:15:12   tails

01:15:13   All right, you ready? Okay. Yeah. Yes, you're not gonna ask what the word was. Oh, yeah

01:15:18   Turned turned turned turned. Okay

01:15:24   It sounds pretty strange when you say it.

01:15:25   Turn.

01:15:25   Turn.

01:15:27   Joe, turn the bus around!

01:15:29   Turn.

01:15:30   Turn.

01:15:31   Turn.

01:15:32   Turn.

01:15:32   Turn.

01:15:33   Turn.

01:15:33   Turn.

01:15:34   Are you ready?

01:15:34   Ready?

01:15:35   Dude, this book is like 800 pages long.

01:15:37   Okay, yes, I'm ready.

01:15:37   Yes!

01:15:41   Yes!

01:15:41   Go, Stephen.

01:15:43   I don't know whose voice that was.

01:15:45   Yeah, whose voice was that?

01:15:46   That was me.

01:15:47   Was it?

01:15:48   No.

01:15:49   Oh, you mean in peacock?

01:15:50   Yeah.

01:15:51   No, I don't know.

01:15:51   No, was that Jason?

01:15:53   No, did he put Jason's voice in the game?

01:15:55   No, that's against the rules!

01:15:57   Yeah, Jason can't do a coin toss.

01:15:59   A coin?

01:16:00   Ah, you did it as well.

01:16:02   We clearly need to rename this round.

01:16:04   Oh, wait!

01:16:06   Have we been using an invalid tool for the coin flip?

01:16:09   Jason's banned!

01:16:10   Jason's banned!

01:16:12   Well, my loss doesn't count then.

01:16:15   We are using an illegal tool for the coin toss.

01:16:19   That wasn't Jason's voice, was it?

01:16:21   tool has been tampered with. This is the whole thing.

01:16:23   Stephen wasn't using the correct build.

01:16:25   This is why James and Jason were so excited. No, I was on the latest build in Test Fight.

01:16:27   Yeah, well, it was one of our voices that wasn't like we got.

01:16:32   Yeah, it was. Yeah.

01:16:33   Maybe we need to roll it back.

01:16:34   Maybe it was Jason.

01:16:36   Heads.

01:16:42   OK, so we got to change the rule that James Thompson is also banned.

01:16:49   Everyone's banned. Everyone's banned. But I think that we have to honor this because Myke finally lost a coin toss

01:16:55   Fine I don't know what's happened here

01:17:00   I said something some people have been conspiring against us and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I don't like this

01:17:06   What is this some sort of like rogue Snell nation rising up?

01:17:09   We can't have that I said snuck his way in because he he can't stand that he's been told he can't ever flip a coin

01:17:15   So now hmm, but technically I flipped the coin though. That's the rule says Jason can't flip the coin

01:17:20   So it is legal but it is it is in poor taste James. Yes

01:17:26   Jason has found a loophole in our system which to be honest consider. I'm gonna oh I can get out I can play it again

01:17:34   Wait, how did I do that?

01:17:37   Follow radar. Oh

01:17:40   Gosh, I'm tapping it

01:17:43   It's all Jason now!

01:17:45   Wow.

01:17:46   *sigh*

01:17:47   I don't know how I feel about this. I spent a lot of time recording my heads and tails.

01:17:50   Yeah, interesting. Okay. Well, we technically flipped it.

01:17:55   Mm-hmm.

01:17:56   This is... but anyway, so how much money do I owe?

01:17:58   Let's see. It's $25 per wrong flexi. You have three wrong flexi.

01:18:03   So $75 to the the charity of Federico's...

01:18:07   Charity of my choice, which will be once again the dogs.

01:18:11   *laughter*

01:18:13   (laughing)

01:18:15   No, go give some money to St. Jude, come on.

01:18:18   - All right.

01:18:19   And in the description at stjude.org/relay,

01:18:24   you need to put your name

01:18:25   and that you are the loser of the flexies.

01:18:29   - Wait, are you guys seeing this?

01:18:31   Are they trolling us in the Discord?

01:18:33   James and Jason are saying that Jason's voice

01:18:35   is only being used during the show.

01:18:38   - What?

01:18:40   What?

01:18:41   - What?

01:18:42   No, come on.

01:18:43   This must be a joke. No, I don't believe it.

01:18:45   No.

01:18:46   But they're saying it. Then he goes back to random.

01:18:49   What?

01:18:50   He said...

01:18:51   What?

01:18:52   Oh, but Jason is included in the random voices.

01:18:56   Oh my gosh.

01:18:57   What?

01:18:58   Oh my.

01:18:59   What's happening?

01:19:01   During the show, it's true.

01:19:03   James put in code to compare the time

01:19:06   against the expected recording time of the show.

01:19:09   Well done, sir.

01:19:10   Well done.

01:19:11   Incredible.

01:19:13   I'm not even mad at being trolled anymore.

01:19:15   I feel like you should donate to James Thompson

01:19:18   instead of the church.

01:19:19   Well done, James.

01:19:22   What is that I've got to say?

01:19:23   I am the loser of the flexies.

01:19:26   Is that it?

01:19:27   Yes.

01:19:28   And as punishment,

01:19:29   James and Jason need to match that donation.

01:19:32   (laughs)

01:19:34   I love it, yes.

01:19:35   Jason, James, 75 bucks each.

01:19:36   Let's go.

01:19:37   Yes.

01:19:38   Come on.

01:19:39   75 is it?

01:19:40   Is that the amount?

01:19:41   Yes, 75.

01:19:41   All right.

01:19:42   Guilt donations, let's go boys.

01:19:44   You need to send a message, you need to say,

01:19:46   I, as a conspirator in dice by peacock,

01:19:51   you are both conspirators in this thing that just happened.

01:19:57   All right, James is doing the guilt donation.

01:20:00   No word from Jason who's suddenly quiet in the chat room.

01:20:03   He's probably sipping his tea,

01:20:05   recording some voices for dice.

01:20:07   That's what he's doing.

01:20:08   That's the best thing that's happened today.

01:20:10   I want to see the receipts. Come on, Myke.

01:20:13   Come on, Myke.

01:20:14   No, Jason.

01:20:15   - Because I'm currently sitting on the opposite side

01:20:17   of my desk because I'm in set up for podcastathon mode.

01:20:21   So I've moved around on my desk.

01:20:22   I had to get up and walk around to do touch ID

01:20:25   'cause the keyboard's on the other side.

01:20:27   - Oh, 'cause it's taped under the-

01:20:28   - 'Cause it's stuck to the desk.

01:20:29   So I had to get up and go around.

01:20:31   That's why it took me so long.

01:20:32   Donation has been completed.

01:20:33   - Good.

01:20:34   - I didn't do exactly what I was told.

01:20:36   - What? Oh, no.

01:20:40   everything I was told and just a little extra.

01:20:43   - Let's see what you did.

01:20:44   - But you don't see it, I don't think.

01:20:46   It says Myke Hurley consolidated chairman,

01:20:48   but then I am a little sort of flexes.

01:20:50   I can't believe that.

01:20:51   Wow, James, Jason, Bravo.

01:20:53   - Well done.

01:20:54   - That is, that is supreme trolling.

01:20:56   That is just very good trolling.

01:21:00   I really am happy that we didn't know what, who it was.

01:21:04   That's good, right?

01:21:05   That like, it was like, it took a minute to really sink in.

01:21:09   I can't believe that. I'm gonna do a few more.

01:21:12   Just hear some of Jason's superb voice acting here.

01:21:15   Tails!

01:21:18   Wow.

01:21:18   Why, Jason? Why don't you just use your regular voice?

01:21:21   Like, I don't understand.

01:21:23   He's gotta do the theater voice.

01:21:25   Heads!

01:21:26   If you wouldn't just use your regular voice, that's the reason.

01:21:29   'Cause he's going, "heads!"

01:21:31   You know, it can be me.

01:21:32   Heads!

01:21:34   Real voice, Jason!

01:21:36   Ugh.

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01:21:54   accident and you'll wish that you had protected yourself.

01:21:56   Every time you connect this ad copy feels very targeted to me as someone

01:22:01   who's broken many phones.

01:22:01   I just want to put that on the record.

01:22:02   I'm not going to confirm or deny that.

01:22:06   Who's gonna read this?

01:22:07   Oh, Steven is.

01:22:08   Let me just guilt him about breaking his phones.

01:22:10   Every time you connect to an unencrypted network

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01:23:32   Have a $75 matching donation here from voice of the Ricky's Wow

01:23:38   It's a co-conspirator matching donation

01:23:41   James is lost on the website, but he's making his donation - okay good

01:23:47   So let's talk about ordering stuff the iPad 9 and the iPad mini went up for pre-order yesterday

01:23:55   My I got a shipping notification that my smart folio will be here tomorrow

01:23:59   So I got that looking look forward to very nice the phones go for pre-order on Friday at 5 a.m

01:24:07   Pacific that's 8 a.m. Eastern and 1 p.m

01:24:11   Myke standard time such a good time for me. I'm so pleased about that time

01:24:16   Mine is right as I'm getting out the door with kids to school. So that'll be fun

01:24:21   There's this cool thing in the Apple strap. I think you guys saw this but you can

01:24:27   Basically go through the entire order process including

01:24:31   Telling it what payment payment system you want to use?

01:24:36   Yeah, it saves it and so on on Friday morning

01:24:40   And I've got two phones one for me and one for my wife and I can go in there

01:24:45   And I think it's gonna be really quick to order them. Yeah, so

01:24:49   Me and Adina both did it yesterday. She put her card information in which I think is kind of cool

01:24:54   I just went Apple pay like I'll just do Apple pay

01:24:57   Probably it will be faster to do it the other way because it's already ready

01:25:01   But I think this is a very clever feature. You just you can even add all the accessories you want and everything

01:25:06   Yeah, just go in and and you check out so I'll be trying that out

01:25:11   On Friday. I did order an iPad mini

01:25:14   Pick up. I'm gonna be picking it up next Friday

01:25:18   I went with a purple one with a cherry case.

01:25:23   - Nice.

01:25:25   - A bit of contrasting colors there.

01:25:27   Very excited about that little thing.

01:25:29   - I'm sad that my Apple store is small

01:25:33   and they did not have the mini available for pickup.

01:25:36   Sometimes they have the phone, sometimes they don't.

01:25:40   I'm gonna try to do a phone pickup in person

01:25:42   'cause I have two of them,

01:25:43   but the iPad mini, I'm just gonna be hanging around

01:25:46   waiting for FedEx.

01:25:47   - You know, my plan is to try and stack

01:25:50   these collections together.

01:25:52   Because that would really suck if I can't do that,

01:25:55   you know, like if I get it and then like just

01:25:58   half in, half out.

01:25:59   So I'm gonna try and do an iPhone collection.

01:26:02   Hopefully I'll be able to get it.

01:26:03   I'm going gold again.

01:26:05   - Okay.

01:26:06   - On the Pro Max.

01:26:07   Because I absolutely love the gold phone

01:26:10   and it's held up really great without a case

01:26:13   for the last year.

01:26:14   So I'm gonna do that again.

01:26:16   I ordered a space grey whatever the dark iPad mini is.

01:26:24   I think it's midnight.

01:26:26   And the one true John talked me into a orange Smart Folio cover.

01:26:32   Oh no, it is space grey.

01:26:34   It is space grey, that's what I thought.

01:26:36   Space grey, pink, purple, starlight. Federico, what is your favorite of those four colors?

01:26:41   Ah, Starlight looks pretty nice I think. I could go for Starlight I think.

01:26:46   What about the phones? What colors are you leaning to with the phones?

01:26:50   Um, just the basic. So I think it's either gonna be the dark one or gold again. I like my gold phone.

01:26:59   I forgot that you got a gold phone. Like yeah I'm a gold phone person. Gold phone's so good.

01:27:05   - Yeah. - Golf phone, best phone.

01:27:07   By the way, in case you were wondering,

01:27:09   I am going to be getting an Apple Watch.

01:27:12   - Okay.

01:27:15   - 'Cause I feel like it's time for an upgrade

01:27:18   because I'm using my Series 5,

01:27:20   and at the moment, the battery isn't lost

01:27:22   in the full day anymore.

01:27:24   Kind of knocks out about 11 o'clock,

01:27:26   which is not what I want.

01:27:29   I've already been struggling

01:27:30   'cause I know I don't want aluminum.

01:27:32   I wouldn't have wanted aluminum, I don't think, anyway,

01:27:35   and I especially don't want aluminum

01:27:36   because I don't want any of the colors.

01:27:38   - Mm-hmm, dude, the titanium is really nice.

01:27:41   I really liked mine last year.

01:27:44   - I'm thinking gold stainless steel.

01:27:46   - Yeah, I'm not baller enough for that.

01:27:48   - I'm thinking Federico, what do you think?

01:27:51   Gold stainless steel?

01:27:52   I mean, it's the same as what's on the iPhone.

01:27:55   - Look, I got, on the watch I got,

01:27:57   I also have the gold stainless steel.

01:27:59   It's very nice.

01:28:01   I can tell you that.

01:28:02   - I'm thinking gold stainless steel.

01:28:05   It's a good looking watch.

01:28:07   Since the beginning of the Apple Watch,

01:28:09   I have had my eye on a Milanese loop.

01:28:14   You've done that one? I've always wanted one.

01:28:17   Oh, it's nice.

01:28:18   And they do a gold one.

01:28:20   Wow. Yeah.

01:28:21   So I might do it.

01:28:23   That's so 80s.

01:28:24   I love it. Big boy watch.

01:28:26   You gotta got a gold necklace as well to go with that.

01:28:30   Big chain.

01:28:31   Yeah. Big chains.

01:28:32   Some earrings.

01:28:33   I wouldn't wear the gold Milanese loop all the time.

01:28:36   I think I would probably do like the, the navy-ish blue,

01:28:40   like sport band most of the time.

01:28:44   I really like, like blue and gold together.

01:28:47   I have a whole aesthetic planned out for you, Myke.

01:28:50   Please.

01:28:51   Gold watch with gold Milanese loop,

01:28:54   gold chain, white jeans, and a flower shirt,

01:28:59   slightly open on the chest, you know?

01:29:01   So you can see the chain.

01:29:02   sort of like Miami Vice vibe, you know?

01:29:06   I can see you in that.

01:29:06   - I think I could pull that off.

01:29:08   - I think you should try it for the podcast-athon.

01:29:10   - I think I could pull that off.

01:29:11   I'm gonna try it.

01:29:12   I'm gonna try it.

01:29:13   I'll see what I can do.

01:29:16   I have flowery shirts,

01:29:18   so all I need to do is get a gold chain and white,

01:29:22   you say white jeans?

01:29:23   - White jeans?

01:29:25   You gotta have that contrast, you know?

01:29:26   - Back in my younger days,

01:29:30   and I used to go to the nightclubs and such,

01:29:32   I did have a look that would only ever last one night,

01:29:36   which was white jeans, white t-shirt,

01:29:39   and white kind of like cardigan type thing.

01:29:42   That was a big thing back in the day.

01:29:44   I'd only get one night out of those clothes.

01:29:47   - Sure, I can imagine.

01:29:49   - They would be destroyed, but you know, it worked.

01:29:53   It looked good.

01:29:54   - Wow.

01:29:55   - Do you remember the Razorlight song, "America"?

01:29:59   - Oh, I mean, you're talking about Razorlight with me,

01:30:02   - Of course I remember.

01:30:03   - So Johnny Burrell in that video, he is wearing all white.

01:30:06   That's that was my, he was my inspiration for that look.

01:30:10   - He was for a lot of us.

01:30:13   Yes.

01:30:13   2007, man.

01:30:16   - Big times.

01:30:17   - Good times, good times.

01:30:19   - So for me, yeah, I got a iPad mini.

01:30:23   Phone wise, I wanna do a 13 Pro Max.

01:30:25   I've had the silver now a couple of times in a row

01:30:29   and I really like it, but I was kind of thinking

01:30:30   maybe I mix it up. I don't think I like the blue. And I know I

01:30:35   don't like the gold. I'm afraid the graphite is too like brown

01:30:39   or gray. I think it was the 10 s I had in black or like the dark

01:30:44   color. It was like chocolatey kind of. And I just don't know

01:30:47   about the graphite. So you can get a 12 and graphite right that

01:30:51   that's a thing the 12 had 12 Pro. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it's

01:30:55   kind of like a brownie greenie call this so I would like people

01:30:59   to send me pictures of their Graphite 12 Pro

01:31:01   so I can see it in the real world.

01:31:03   - But how do you know it's gonna be the same?

01:31:05   You know what Apple's like.

01:31:07   They sell multiple products right now called Space Gray

01:31:09   and it's different every single time.

01:31:10   - That's true, but it's the closest I have

01:31:13   'cause I don't wanna go into a store, so hook me up.

01:31:16   Listeners. - You want pictures

01:31:17   of Graphite iPhone 12s.

01:31:20   - Yeah, 12 Pro, yeah.

01:31:22   Ian in the Discord says it's 100% gray.

01:31:26   Send me photos.

01:31:27   If it's gray, that's what I'll do.

01:31:28   And the watch, time will tell, you know,

01:31:31   there's Macs coming too, you only do so much.

01:31:34   - Will you get a case to put on your boring phone or no?

01:31:37   - Yeah, black leather case.

01:31:38   - Oh my gosh.

01:31:39   - You don't like the black leather case?

01:31:40   - Yeah, it's just black on gray, you know?

01:31:43   - I mean, what would you recommend if I do the gray phone?

01:31:46   - Let me take a look, I'll see what colors there are.

01:31:48   - I want leather, I don't like the silicon cases, so.

01:31:51   - Red leather and gray.

01:31:54   - That does sound pretty good actually.

01:31:56   - That's a pretty good combo.

01:31:58   They do a really nice color called wisteria,

01:32:03   which is like a purple.

01:32:04   That looks nice.

01:32:06   Sequoia green would probably look pretty nice.

01:32:08   The dark cherry looks pretty nice.

01:32:09   They don't do a red leather case.

01:32:11   They have golden brown, dark cherry,

01:32:13   sequoia green, midnight of course, and wisteria.

01:32:17   - Why are the colors all bad this year?

01:32:19   That's silly.

01:32:20   - They're just doing their thing.

01:32:21   Federica, what do you think about the new wallet

01:32:23   that can tell you where you dropped it?

01:32:25   - I love it.

01:32:26   I'm gonna get it as quickly as possible.

01:32:28   In fact--

01:32:29   - They also have it in golden brown, dark cherry,

01:32:32   sequoia green, midnight, and wisteria purple.

01:32:34   - Yeah, yeah, we'll see about the color.

01:32:36   - I added the purple, okay.

01:32:38   - But yeah, I'm excited about the wallet.

01:32:41   I'm gonna go back to the Apple one,

01:32:42   now that it comes with Find My.

01:32:45   Been using the PopSocket one lately, which has MagSafe.

01:32:48   It's fine, but having MagSafe and Find My

01:32:53   in the same device, that's gonna be super nice.

01:32:56   So yeah, I'm getting that wallet.

01:32:58   - Why do you need a new one for it to do that?

01:33:02   - I don't know.

01:33:03   - It doesn't-- - Chips.

01:33:05   - Does it have a chip in it or is the phone--

01:33:07   - It doesn't have a chip in it.

01:33:08   - Do we know that?

01:33:10   - I mean, what would it have in it?

01:33:11   - Like, I don't know, the guts of an AirTag?

01:33:13   - No, it's not like that.

01:33:15   It's just like when you leave your,

01:33:17   like it's like how AirPods work, right?

01:33:20   Like AirPods have that, but it's not finding,

01:33:24   I don't know, it can't be,

01:33:26   'cause we would have to have a battery in it, right?

01:33:28   - Yeah, it also doesn't work with the clear case.

01:33:32   - Isn't that weird?

01:33:33   - Which makes no sense to me.

01:33:35   And the clear case is still ugly.

01:33:36   Can we just say that?

01:33:37   Like, why does it, ugh.

01:33:39   - I think they're trying to like make it iconic, you know?

01:33:42   - Yeah, but it's just bad.

01:33:44   - I don't think it's working,

01:33:45   but I think they're gonna keep trying.

01:33:48   - Okay, so that's what we're gonna do.

01:33:51   Myke, what do you think about the overall vibe of the event?

01:33:54   I loved the different locations, even though some of the drone shots were a bit much.

01:33:59   I liked them getting out into the world, I thought that was fun.

01:34:02   I didn't like the whole California thing.

01:34:04   It didn't work for me.

01:34:07   I didn't particularly appreciate it.

01:34:09   I had no affinity for it.

01:34:10   I really like when they just show stuff at Apple Park, I kind of care more about that

01:34:14   personally.

01:34:15   It didn't really make any sense to me why all of the stuff had to be shown.

01:34:22   being shown outside is fine but the fact that it needed to be like California

01:34:28   like was a bit it just didn't work for me however I've seen a lot of people say

01:34:33   like this is really boring or disappointing Apple event and I do not

01:34:36   feel that way at all like I feel like this was more than I would have expected

01:34:41   from the event kind of overall like I the phone was kind of exactly what I

01:34:46   thought and it has some cool extra little bits we got the iPad mini which I

01:34:50   wasn't expecting now. The watch was a disappointment for me but other than the

01:34:53   design everything else is fine about it and it's kind of on par with what I would

01:34:58   have expected. I thought it was a perfectly fine Apple event. It always

01:35:03   surprises me when people get disappointed they don't redesign the

01:35:06   phones every year when that only ever happened for four years of the iPhone's

01:35:11   13 year life. Yeah it feels... I said this on the the Mac Stories thing yesterday.

01:35:18   If this, and I'm excited about all this,

01:35:21   I think it's, I mean, the watch is maybe

01:35:23   the only slightly disappointing thing

01:35:25   if you really leaned into those rumors.

01:35:27   But like, it's an S here, right?

01:35:29   Even though the number's up by one,

01:35:30   these are S phones, I think, in a lot of ways.

01:35:34   And I think that's totally fine.

01:35:35   Like, I was not disappointed in the event.

01:35:38   I thought they'd had a fun twist on it.

01:35:40   I liked the California stuff.

01:35:41   I know, you know, different people like different things.

01:35:44   I liked the changing it up there.

01:35:46   That shot where Tim Cook stepped out of the desert onto the stage.

01:35:49   It was really cool.

01:35:50   That's nice.

01:35:51   And so, yeah, I don't really have any complaints about it either.

01:35:54   Uh, I think it's going to be a great phone.

01:35:56   I think it's going to be a fantastic iPad mini.

01:35:59   And I think the watch is great if you're coming from an older watch.

01:36:03   And like I said earlier, if you're coming from a five or six, you probably

01:36:06   weren't going to upgrade anyways.

01:36:07   And so I think if you're on the, you know, two, three year cycle on the

01:36:11   watch, it's like a great time to get in.

01:36:12   Yeah.

01:36:13   Fine event.

01:36:14   Can't wait for the iPad mini.

01:36:15   That would be my conclusion.

01:36:17   But the best thing that happened was I retained both chairmanships.

01:36:22   Both. I still have both of them. Both still mine for some more time.

01:36:27   Very good stuff.

01:36:28   Yeah. We'll be back maybe in a month, uh, competing again.

01:36:32   We'll be back next week.

01:36:33   Well, the show will be back next week,

01:36:35   but maybe the Ricky's will be back in like a month.

01:36:37   In like a month.

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