362: The Rickies (September 2021)


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 362.

00:00:12   We're playing the Ricky's today, boys.

00:00:16   Yeah, boy.

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00:00:24   My name is Stephen Hackett,

00:00:25   and for the first time in a long time,

00:00:27   I'm pleased to announce Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:30   - Has it really been that long?

00:00:32   Hi.

00:00:33   - The problem is the two of you haven't been

00:00:35   on the same episode for a while.

00:00:36   It's not that you haven't been on or he hasn't been on.

00:00:39   It's just been, I think, very rare for the two of you

00:00:42   to be on together.

00:00:43   - Yes.

00:00:44   - Do we need to shake hands?

00:00:46   - Yes.

00:00:47   - Hi, pleased to meet you.

00:00:49   - That's good.

00:00:49   Why is your hand moist?

00:00:50   - It's...

00:00:52   (laughing)

00:00:53   - Unexpected.

00:00:54   We're also joined by Myke Hurley.

00:00:56   Hello, I am the Constant.

00:00:58   You are everything.

00:01:00   I am also the Royal Highness Consolidated Chairman.

00:01:04   No, I was already starting this thing.

00:01:06   Well, that's what I am.

00:01:07   I have two little medals on my Ricky soft toy right here

00:01:13   because I am the Consolidated Champion.

00:01:16   I have a decree for the Consolidated Champion,

00:01:18   which will come later on in the show.

00:01:20   A decree?

00:01:21   I feel like this whole monarchy thing has slightly gotten

00:01:25   to your head.

00:01:26   Hey Federico.

00:01:27   Yeah.

00:01:28   Do you think we just kick Myke off the show?

00:01:30   What is it called when you like-

00:01:32   A coup?

00:01:33   A coup, yes.

00:01:34   Mm-hmm.

00:01:35   Because if he's the king-

00:01:36   Yeah, we gotta rise up.

00:01:38   What's the title of the emperor of the Riki's?

00:01:41   What's the-

00:01:42   His Royal Highness to Consolidate Champion.

00:01:44   Yeah, but that's not like a title champion.

00:01:48   That's my title.

00:01:50   Maybe we need a rule amendment to name that position, but we have some follow-up first.

00:01:54   We're getting ahead of ourselves.

00:01:56   Getting ahead of ourselves.

00:01:58   Myke, last time you talked about the Apple Watch a lot,

00:02:02   and all of the follow-up is about what you said

00:02:05   about the Apple Watch.

00:02:06   So do you just want to take this?

00:02:08   - One thing is not that I was wrong.

00:02:10   One thing is to help me a little bit more.

00:02:13   The second thing I was wrong about.

00:02:15   So Jason wrote in, different Jason,

00:02:18   about the time to walk thing.

00:02:20   So you remember we found out during the episode

00:02:22   that I could turn off the time to walk.

00:02:24   Well, there's also a setting in the workouts app,

00:02:27   I think, which is to turn off a setting

00:02:31   which is add newest workouts to watch.

00:02:34   And this should not only disable time to walk,

00:02:37   but also stop it from ever coming back again.

00:02:40   Currently, this setting explicitly mentions time to walk

00:02:44   as what's being downloaded, which is weird

00:02:45   because the setting is called add newest workouts.

00:02:49   So maybe at some point this will stop something else

00:02:52   from being immediately added.

00:02:53   - Oh, I see.

00:02:54   So if they do like--

00:02:56   - Time to run.

00:02:57   - Time to run, and it's just John Ternus, you know,

00:03:00   time to get ripped, and it's Tim Cook.

00:03:02   - Time to get ripped with Tim.

00:03:04   - Maybe those don't show up, but time to walk comes back.

00:03:07   - Who knows, but I don't want any of those things,

00:03:09   because what I want is just the things that I do,

00:03:11   and I've been very happy since last week,

00:03:13   because now all of the things that I wanna access

00:03:16   are just right there, so I'm very pleased to have that.

00:03:18   - Do you think Tim has a personal trainer?

00:03:20   - 100%.

00:03:21   - Definitely does, right.

00:03:22   I mean, you don't get to look like that at his age

00:03:24   without someone helping you.

00:03:25   - Well, also, he has a lot of money,

00:03:28   so why would he not have a personal trainer?

00:03:30   - That's true.

00:03:31   My personal trainer is a friend of mine called YouTube.

00:03:33   No, I'm just kidding.

00:03:35   I don't have a-- - That's a strange name.

00:03:36   - I don't have a personal trainer.

00:03:37   Well, it's a family name.

00:03:38   (laughing)

00:03:40   Do we really wanna get back into

00:03:41   what you think about countries?

00:03:43   - What's the name?

00:03:43   What's the name, YouTube-o?

00:03:45   - Watch face sizes.

00:03:47   I bungled this one big time.

00:03:49   So I severely misspoke and got wrong

00:03:53   about how watches are measured.

00:03:55   Watches, they are measured not by face size, but case size.

00:04:00   So a 44 millimeter watch is 44 millimeters

00:04:05   of the entire case, not the watch face.

00:04:07   Jake wrote in to give me good terminology, lug to lug.

00:04:10   So this is like from where the watch band attaches

00:04:14   to the watch.

00:04:15   And this can differ on certain watches.

00:04:16   Like with the Apple watch,

00:04:18   It doesn't have typical lugs which extend out from the watch body, so it's more compact that way.

00:04:25   A millimetre difference on the next Apple Watch would mean a millimetre difference for the overall

00:04:31   physical size of the watch, not the watch face, so I was wrong on that. If they do go to flat edges,

00:04:37   it would mean that the screens will be bigger and also the watch will be a little bit bigger.

00:04:41   I still stand by the fact that I don't think that this is going to have any change to Apple Watch

00:04:46   bands like all your old bands will work on the new watches would be my

00:04:49   expectation so that's clearing up all of that Mark Goleman had a report about the

00:04:54   new Apple watches that are upcoming he spoke about new watch faces to be

00:05:00   introduced to take advantage of the larger display you can read about those

00:05:04   on Bloomberg honestly I read about them and all of them just seemed bad to me in

00:05:09   some some way like which I'm sure I'll look forward to because there are just

00:05:13   no, like watch faces are like email apps. There are no good ones. It's just what can

00:05:19   you handle. The, Germin also said that the Apple Watch screen will go from 1.78 inches

00:05:27   diagonally to 1.9 inches, so quite a bit bigger. And the larger model will have a resolution

00:05:34   of 396 by 484, which is up from 368 by 448. He said, quote, similar for smaller model.

00:05:42   I don't know why he has the size of the larger model's resolution, but not the smaller one.

00:05:46   That was weird to me.

00:05:47   And if it's similar, just do the math and figure out what it should be.

00:05:51   I found that very strange as well.

00:05:52   I don't understand what that part meant.

00:05:55   I'm assuming that apps are going to need to support this new stuff, kind of like when

00:06:00   we went from series 3 to series 4.

00:06:03   The apps will work, but you won't take up the full screen space until you do it.

00:06:08   So there you go.

00:06:10   That's that.

00:06:11   That's Apple Watches.

00:06:12   September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

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00:08:09   Yeah.

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00:09:57   Okay, well then, what's the big end of the thing, Steven?

00:10:00   We have raised more than a million dollars since 2019.

00:10:04   Whoa!

00:10:05   Whoa!

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00:10:30   So lots going on.

00:10:32   Stgeo.org/relay.

00:10:33   So we've got a big, big show this week.

00:10:37   It is the Ricky's for Apple's September event that's taking place on Tuesday, September

00:10:43   14th.

00:10:45   Before we get to that, let's take a break and then we'll come back with the Bill of

00:10:48   Rickies.

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00:12:28   The Bill of Rickies. There are two types of Rickies, annual Rickies and keynote

00:12:36   Rickies. You didn't read the last amended part. Wait, do we, do we, do we need to stand?

00:12:41   Am I standing right now? Yeah. Don't we need to stand? Okay. Let's try that again. Okay.

00:12:46   I'm standing. I'm standing now. Guys just can't even get it right. Joe hit play again.

00:12:58   The Bill of Rickies, last amended on June 9, 2021.

00:13:03   Past results can be seen at Rickies.co and Rickies.net.

00:13:08   There are two types of Rickies,

00:13:10   Annual Rickies and Keynote Rickies.

00:13:13   The winner of the Annual Rickies is named Annual Chairman

00:13:17   and retains the rights to the corresponding Twitter account

00:13:20   for the full year.

00:13:21   This position is awarded every January.

00:13:25   The Keynote Riki's winner is named the Keynote Chairman

00:13:28   and retains the rights to the corresponding Twitter account

00:13:31   until the next keynote is held.

00:13:34   Annual winners roll over to preserve the order of picks.

00:13:38   For example, the 2019 annual winner gets to go first

00:13:41   for the 2020 annual picks.

00:13:44   I wanna clarify that language when we get further down.

00:13:47   Order for Keynote Riki's is based

00:13:49   on the previous Apple event.

00:13:51   The loser goes last.

00:13:53   To earn any points, everything written down in the prediction document must come true.

00:14:01   No half points may be awarded in any round and picks cannot be reused.

00:14:06   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds.

00:14:10   Two points will be awarded for correct picks in the risky pick round.

00:14:15   If your risky pick is wrong, you lose a point.

00:14:18   The two other hosts must agree that your pick is risky.

00:14:23   For Keynote Rickies, the scoring window starts when the event begins and closes when the

00:14:28   picks are scored.

00:14:30   The winner of the regular and risky picks must be granted access to the annual or event

00:14:35   chairman twitter account and will retain access until another winner is named.

00:14:41   The Flexis Loser of the flexis must compensate the winner

00:14:45   of the flexis by donating to the charity of the winner's choice.

00:14:50   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexi made by the loser.

00:14:55   Each host must make a minimum of 5 flexi picks.

00:15:01   Flexis may be reused as future flexis or regular picks.

00:15:06   The winner is determined by the ratio of correct to incorrect flexis.

00:15:10   The money of course must be donated on air.

00:15:12   A tie in either the regular picks or the flexies

00:15:17   is to be broken by coin toss.

00:15:20   Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping the coin,

00:15:24   but digital voice assistants may be used even by Jason.

00:15:28   As a reminder, Myke is the current annual chairman

00:15:33   and he is also the current keynote chairman.

00:15:36   Thankfully, one of those Twitter handles is on the line.

00:15:41   - All right, we have an amendment where we have two.

00:15:43   Do you wanna go over your annual amendment,

00:15:45   annual winners amendment?

00:15:47   - Okay, so the language, annual winners roll over

00:15:50   to preserve the order of picks.

00:15:52   - Wait, where are we, where are we?

00:15:55   - Kind of point two.

00:15:56   - Point two.

00:15:57   - Annual winners roll over to preserve the order.

00:15:59   Okay, so what's the issue here?

00:16:00   - I think I wanna get rid of the for example line.

00:16:03   That's not useful.

00:16:04   - Yep, get rid of that.

00:16:05   - I also think, so the next line says,

00:16:07   order for keynote rookies is based

00:16:08   on the previous Apple event.

00:16:10   So I was thinking that order for annual Ricky's.

00:16:15   - Rolls over from the previous year.

00:16:16   - From the previous year.

00:16:17   - Ah, okay.

00:16:18   - Yeah.

00:16:19   - Is based on the winner.

00:16:23   - Previous year.

00:16:24   - Of the previous year.

00:16:27   - I think that's the keynote Ricky's

00:16:28   is based on the previous Apple event.

00:16:30   Yeah, that's fine.

00:16:31   That makes much more sense.

00:16:32   - Someone has to read this like four times a year.

00:16:34   That one's been bugging me.

00:16:35   So I'm glad we could fix that.

00:16:37   - All right, we have another amendment.

00:16:38   - Yes.

00:16:39   So we have made a change to the coin flipping, right?

00:16:44   - Yes.

00:16:45   - That now the official coin flipping is done

00:16:49   in Dice by Peacock in the Relay FM mode.

00:16:52   Because that includes both the Relay FM challenge coin

00:16:56   and recordings of our audio for Heads and Tails

00:17:01   that we all provided.

00:17:02   - My thought is that Jason's snail part should stay

00:17:04   'cause it's hilarious.

00:17:06   - Of course, and it also must stay

00:17:08   I'll never let Jason flip a coin ever again. As Jason Sonnell has a lifetime

00:17:11   ban on flipping the coin, dice by peacock and relay FM mode is the official

00:17:17   way to flip a coin. Yes. So I'm just gonna paste that in here. Oh gosh stop moving.

00:17:21   And as the Royal Highness Consolidated Champion, I would like to suggest two

00:17:27   potential amendments I've been thinking about. Okay. The second amendment... Easy!

00:17:35   I want to I want to suggest my second amendment first. No, no I'm not saying that we do either

00:17:45   of these this time. Okay. But it can I think it needs to happen for next time. The second

00:17:50   amendment that I want to make I call the rule of champion that whoever the champion going

00:17:56   into the Bill of Rickeys is gets to suggest an amendment to be made to the document.

00:18:04   No, I think amendments can come from anywhere.

00:18:08   Okay, well actually not suggest.

00:18:10   No, you are going after democracy here.

00:18:13   The champion gets to just add an amendment.

00:18:16   No.

00:18:17   No.

00:18:18   Okay, that was just merely a suggestion, right?

00:18:20   Hey, just power grab.

00:18:21   The first one that I want to make is that one.

00:18:23   This is not the commonwealth.

00:18:25   What are you doing?

00:18:26   I literally said, "Not this time."

00:18:28   Not any time.

00:18:29   I'm putting it up for vote.

00:18:30   Not any time.

00:18:31   Alright, now the first one is my more serious one.

00:18:34   So when we were, we have a little bit of a powwow before,

00:18:38   just to make sure that we've got all our picks correct,

00:18:40   everyone agrees on what's risky, right?

00:18:43   As the rules state.

00:18:44   Federico mentioned that he felt that this time

00:18:47   the picks were maybe a little iPhone focused.

00:18:51   So what I wanted to suggest is round theming.

00:18:55   - I think it's too close to the upgrades draft then.

00:18:59   - Yeah, but these things are fluid.

00:19:01   I think if you want to shoot yourself in the foot with a bunch of iPhone picks and there's

00:19:04   not any iPhones, I think that the bill of Ricky should let you do it.

00:19:08   That's cool.

00:19:09   It's merely a suggestion.

00:19:10   Uh, I like that we do that on upgrade because it does make it a little bit harder and it

00:19:15   was, it would definitely add a degree of difficulty to rounds one and two.

00:19:19   But maybe the whole point is that the difficulty should just remain on the risky and that rounds

00:19:24   one and two are bankable.

00:19:26   There is some intrigue to that idea though.

00:19:29   Like I like the idea of adding something that like, see it's tricky because I think we should

00:19:38   keep the freedom to let you choose like to put all your eggs in one basket if you want

00:19:44   to do that.

00:19:46   But I don't know maybe...

00:19:47   So I'll tell you why I thought this.

00:19:49   Maybe some kind of public shaming if you get them all wrong.

00:19:52   I don't know.

00:19:53   Interesting.

00:19:54   The thing that I'm trying to counteract is it is somewhat easy for the current winner

00:20:04   to score one and two, round one and two if they want to.

00:20:09   I think that we tend to be pretty fair on this, but you know, I could very easily just

00:20:14   roll in and pick like there's a new iPhone, there's four of them, that's round one and

00:20:18   two, right?

00:20:19   I'm not picking those, but...

00:20:22   I mean to degree there's a sense of self-honor there, right?

00:20:26   Yeah, because if you don't, if you do pick that way, Federico will just try and make

00:20:31   you feel bad.

00:20:32   Yes.

00:20:33   Because he'll say you have no passion, you have no passion, you have no passion.

00:20:36   Right.

00:20:37   But if you can look, you know, like say for example we're six years into this and Steven's

00:20:41   never won, you know, he might think...

00:20:44   Never?

00:20:45   He might, no, Steven's won a bunch of times but I just wanted to pick on him.

00:20:50   he may think, "I don't care about Federico shaming.

00:20:53   You know, I'm just going easy."

00:20:55   - Well then that's like, I think that's a personal decision.

00:20:57   - Yeah, that's true, 'cause then like,

00:20:59   you will be the champion, but at what cost, you know?

00:21:01   - Yeah, yeah, you're the champion of shame,

00:21:04   is what you are. - Yeah.

00:21:05   Okay, cool, they were the two things I wanted to suggest.

00:21:07   I like that we have had this open and honest dialogue

00:21:10   about the rules.

00:21:11   I still like the idea of adding in some kind of

00:21:15   tantalizing benefit as being champion,

00:21:18   maybe I can think of something else for a future amendment discussion.

00:21:23   If you want to keep up, we mentioned the two websites, rookies.co and rookies.net.

00:21:30   You can keep up with that.

00:21:32   There is a scorecard, there will be a link in the show notes over at rookies.co.

00:21:37   Keep up with what we did and judge us accordingly.

00:21:40   We're going to do round one after this break.

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00:23:16   All right, Myke.

00:23:18   Round one.

00:23:19   As the ruling Keynote Chairman, you get to go first.

00:23:23   My first pick is that at least one iPhone will get a high refresh rate display.

00:23:28   Okay.

00:23:29   So...

00:23:30   That's the pick?

00:23:31   I'm sure they will call this promotion.

00:23:32   This is...

00:23:33   We're out of pick time now.

00:23:34   So...

00:23:35   I expect that's the name.

00:23:36   Okay.

00:23:37   issue here, we need to clarify this. High refresh rate doesn't explain what

00:23:45   the difference from the previous one should be. Because what if higher

00:23:50   I think should be accurate, like gets a higher... I mean what, you think they're gonna do

00:23:53   one at 40 Hertz or something and then bring out a 60 and say "see this is high"

00:23:58   Well Apple could just say you know "oh the 60 Hertz we believe is a high

00:24:02   refresh rate display" They wouldn't say that, why would they say that? That would be so

00:24:05   - I think it's a little bit honest to say that.

00:24:07   - But it's possible.

00:24:08   So I think you need to clarify--

00:24:10   - I mean, anything's possible Federico.

00:24:12   - Yeah, but the pick has to pick one of those things

00:24:14   that's possible.

00:24:15   - Yeah. - All right, higher.

00:24:17   - So you want a higher refresh rate display, okay?

00:24:19   - Yeah.

00:24:20   - You see?

00:24:21   That's easy.

00:24:22   - Well, but like what?

00:24:23   The pick otherwise is at least one iPhone

00:24:24   has a refresh rate display.

00:24:26   Like, it's not what I'm picking, right?

00:24:28   - Have you played this game at all?

00:24:30   You know how things can go bad.

00:24:32   - Maybe I am playing the game.

00:24:35   Sure. Yeah, sure. Promotion display. Is promotion the part of the peak, like the promotion name?

00:24:41   Okay. No, but that's, that's just, we're just chatting between friends now. But we're not

00:24:46   friends now. I assume they'll call it that because that's the name that they've, what

00:24:49   did you say? We're not friends right now. Okay. Fair enough. Fair enough. That makes

00:24:55   sense. Competitors of the death. We're just chatting between competitors right now. Okay.

00:25:00   Yeah. I, I, I'm assuming they're going to go with promotion because it's a brand name

00:25:04   that they already have. I think they would have expanded it out like they did

00:25:08   retina faster but they just haven't been able to do it. Okay. Is the iPad the only

00:25:12   device for a promotion display? The iPad Pro? That is called promotion? I think so.

00:25:18   I mean it better happen this year. I mean geez we've been saying this for years.

00:25:23   Yes. It's got to be the year. And lots of other companies have OLEDs doing this

00:25:28   and so yeah it seems like it's time. Yeah and Myke and I we mentioned this

00:25:34   before, like if you've never seen like a high refresh rate display in a small form factor,

00:25:40   like on a phone, I can tell you that on the latest Samsung devices, for example, it's

00:25:44   super nice. Even at a small size, it just makes like an older display feel sluggish.

00:25:52   Just like, because I saw some people argue, oh, promotion is the kind of thing that you

00:25:56   can appreciate on a larger display on a phone. It doesn't really make sense. I disagree strongly

00:26:02   I disagree. I forget about it on the iPad. I think it's missable on the iPad. It's much

00:26:07   more noticeable on a phone.

00:26:09   Yeah. Well, when you're scrolling, it's got all the benefits of... If you can tell the

00:26:14   difference between promotion and non-promotion on an iPad, you will also absolutely be able

00:26:19   to tell the difference on an iPhone, for sure. So it's going to look super nice.

00:26:22   I can't wait to turn it off.

00:26:24   Yeah, you think you would turn it off, right?

00:26:26   Yeah. Yeah, I don't like how you frustrate on anything.

00:26:28   Okay, the Discord's really upset right now.

00:26:30   Why? What did we do?

00:26:32   Because this is technically a reused pick.

00:26:36   Oh!

00:26:36   From when?

00:26:37   Uh, 2020 annual Ricky's.

00:26:40   Oh, Myke!

00:26:41   At least one of the 2020 iPhones will have a higher refresh rate display.

00:26:47   Oh, Myke!

00:26:48   Now let me think, is there a way for me to re-word this differently?

00:26:54   Well, you worded it exactly the same almost, except a year later.

00:26:59   Federico was early on this.

00:27:00   Yeah, Jason's made a good suggestion, which I could do.

00:27:05   Yes, I agree.

00:27:07   Alright, so at least one iPhone gets a 120Hz refresh rate display.

00:27:11   You gotta pin down the hertz, man.

00:27:13   Yeah, I'm fine with that, because I think that's what it will be.

00:27:15   Pin down the hertz.

00:27:17   Usually when you get pinned down, never mind.

00:27:21   At least one iPhone gets a 120Hz refresh rate display.

00:27:25   That's the new pick.

00:27:26   I think that's different enough, yeah.

00:27:28   Yeah, and I'm honestly like I'm as comfortable with this one as I was what it was previously.

00:27:32   I don't think they're gonna go to 90. Like they could, but I would be really surprised if they went to 90.

00:27:37   Imagine if they go to 90.

00:27:39   Or like they make up their own. I think technically this is a 118.

00:27:44   144, why not?

00:27:47   Oh my god, they could go to 144, but I don't think they will.

00:27:50   They could do that.

00:27:51   120.

00:27:51   120 hertz refresh rate display.

00:27:54   All right, let's double what it is now because it's 60 now.

00:27:58   - It's 16, yes. - Cool, okay.

00:28:00   Alright, I'm up next and hopefully, like, at this point, I guess we have people listening,

00:28:05   we have websites, so go check if this is a legal pick, I suppose.

00:28:10   I'm gonna say we see at least one new iOS 15 feature we haven't seen before on these new iPhones.

00:28:19   I mean, I think you've made a pick like this every single year, but it says iOS 15, so that will count.

00:28:24   If we think that...

00:28:25   I feel like you make some version of this pick quite frequently.

00:28:29   You do.

00:28:29   At least I know you've made it in the past.

00:28:30   But this is not me contesting you here.

00:28:32   It's just complaining of your lack of passion.

00:28:35   Yeah, just no passion.

00:28:36   No passion.

00:28:37   So, OK, I want to drill down to this pick a little bit.

00:28:40   OK, OK.

00:28:41   What do you mean by "we haven't seen before"?

00:28:44   Like, we literally haven't seen this feature in any of the betas

00:28:49   or the--

00:28:51   It's not here in the iOS 15 version that we have right now.

00:28:56   As of recording this iOS 15 Beta 8, I think is the latest version, it's not here.

00:29:03   But this feature will be...

00:29:05   So when you get the phone, the version of iOS 15 that's pre-installed on the phone,

00:29:12   or if it's an iOS 15 update that is already available,

00:29:18   it's got a feature that we haven't seen so far.

00:29:21   So basically I'm trying to work around the potential scenario, which is actually like a different pick.

00:29:27   Oh, there's this feature, but it's coming out in October.

00:29:30   Alright, the Discord's freaking out again.

00:29:32   Uh, to say, like, my pick said 2020 iPhone.

00:29:38   Mm-hmm.

00:29:39   Right? Well, this isn't 2020.

00:29:42   2021.

00:29:43   Mm-hmm.

00:29:45   And so, like, if you'd—

00:29:47   Okay, so there's a bigger problem here.

00:29:50   How do you define a reused pick is the problem.

00:29:54   Exactly.

00:29:55   Oh my god, we need to change everything.

00:29:57   I think, okay, so I think here just changing the year or just changing the like, like from

00:30:04   iOS 14 to iOS 15, that's not enough anymore.

00:30:08   Yeah, which means Federico's pick here is probably also in value.

00:30:11   No.

00:30:12   Oh, this is so much fun.

00:30:13   Because I went specific, right, with 120 hertz.

00:30:16   Yeah.

00:30:17   What I've actually done is make this pick harder for myself.

00:30:21   And I was actually anyway, Federico,

00:30:23   going to encourage you to make this pick harder for yourself

00:30:26   because there's always stuff like, oh, you know,

00:30:29   like you could say like,

00:30:30   well, they added the refresh rate display

00:30:33   and there was a setting to change the refresh rate

00:30:35   and it technically isn't in iOS, you know, so like.

00:30:38   - Yeah, I'm gonna say that in fact,

00:30:40   that's gonna be my pick.

00:30:41   - Wait, what?

00:30:42   - That's gonna be, I can replace this pick with that.

00:30:44   I can be more specific and say,

00:30:46   My pick is there will be a setting to disable the higher refresh rate display.

00:30:52   I mean, that's a real... that's a boring pick.

00:30:56   What I was going to say...

00:30:58   You won a bunch of games with boring picks.

00:31:02   Those picks are hand in hand walking down the street.

00:31:04   Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

00:31:07   What I mean is like taking someone's pick and then just like putting an addendum and making it your pick is like...

00:31:13   No, you're talking...

00:31:14   What I was gonna say to you, what I was gonna say to you was take your current pick,

00:31:19   but say something it's not gonna be. You know, not in the camera, for example.

00:31:24   I'm just taking Steven's pick.

00:31:27   Oh yeah, I didn't see that. I hadn't read that far yet.

00:31:29   Yeah, I mean, look, you do what you want, you know, if you're happy with that as a witness on you.

00:31:33   It's just trying to make me feel bad for picking.

00:31:37   Some people would call this "tables turning". Some would call this...

00:31:42   No, I am going to say...

00:31:44   How are the turntables?

00:31:46   What's happening now? Why do you need to write that?

00:31:48   I wanted to check where the setting for turning off the high reference...

00:31:52   Accessibility.

00:31:54   Okay, so my pick is going to... my second pick is...

00:31:58   Wait, your second pick?

00:32:00   My first pick, I'm sorry.

00:32:02   He's like, "I'm moving on."

00:32:03   His second attempt at his first pick.

00:32:05   You know the problem we created for ourselves here, right,

00:32:08   is we gave too much power to the listeners,

00:32:10   because now they have every pick we've ever made.

00:32:13   This is going to get increasingly more complicated

00:32:16   over the years now, as we try and work out

00:32:19   what these picks are.

00:32:20   I will say, I was trying to pay attention

00:32:22   to some, like the annual picks when I was doing this,

00:32:25   but I only looked at this year's.

00:32:27   - Yeah, I did the same thing.

00:32:29   'Cause it's easy to reuse an annual pick, right?

00:32:32   'Cause you thought it was good to go.

00:32:33   - We trusted the people too much.

00:32:36   - Yeah, we're getting too much power.

00:32:37   - Always an issue.

00:32:39   Anyway, there will be a setting to disable the higher refresh rate on at least one of the new iPhones.

00:32:47   Man, if they don't put that high refresh rate display now, Steven could win this whole thing.

00:32:52   Mm-hmm.

00:32:52   So, there will be a setting...

00:32:57   I love doing this episode.

00:32:59   I don't know why this so specifically speaks to something that the three of us enjoy,

00:33:04   but there's just something in it for some reason that we all really seem to enjoy,

00:33:08   and I'm not actually sure what it is.

00:33:10   But like, why am I so excited about the fact that Federico's writing something live in

00:33:13   the document right now?

00:33:14   I don't know, but I am.

00:33:16   There will be a setting to disable the higher refresh rate of at least on, on at least one

00:33:23   of the new iPhones.

00:33:25   Alright, my round one pick.

00:33:28   The iPhone Pro gets a new camera feature the regular iPhone does not get.

00:33:33   Yeah, there's a bunch of semantic problems here, Steven.

00:33:38   Yeah, what's the iPhone Pro?

00:33:39   Yeah, I'm saying it's an accessory.

00:33:42   The Pro...

00:33:44   La...

00:33:45   The Pro iPhone.

00:33:48   We should have just let him keep that one

00:33:49   and just drew in him later on.

00:33:51   Man, can you imagine if they did that,

00:33:54   but then they dropped the numbers

00:33:55   and like I get it on technicality?

00:33:58   That'd be awesome.

00:33:59   The Pro iPhone gets a new camera feature

00:34:00   the regular iPhone does not get.

00:34:03   This must have been used before, actually. Someone's definitely picked this one before.

00:34:07   Discord mobilized! There's no way, actually, that someone hasn't picked this one.

00:34:12   Can I share a bit of a conspiracy theory while Discord is checking on this thing?

00:34:18   So yesterday I saw John Gruber on Twitter have a little poll asking for, like, what do you think

00:34:27   the new iPhone is going to be called 1312s or they're dropping the number. And I thought,

00:34:34   well, it's an interesting option to have dropping the number as one of the entries in the poll.

00:34:40   I was like, why? I thought, why would you add that now if you didn't think that they were doing it,

00:34:51   Right? And so I went back and I checked, I believe it was the Power On newsletter by Mark Gurman from a few issues back,

00:35:02   where just at the end of a paragraph, Mark also theorized, or maybe they could drop the number from the next iPhone.

00:35:10   And he said something like, I mean, iPhone 15 and iOS 19, they sound kind of ridiculous, don't they?

00:35:17   And I thought, you know, the conspiracy theory here is, "So Gurman mentioned this a few weeks ago,

00:35:23   now Gruber does a poll on Twitter and that's an option. I wonder if maybe they heard something."

00:35:29   That would be my conspiracy theory.

00:35:32   Well, I think it's just because, I mean, every year people say it, right? I feel like every year

00:35:37   people talk about like, "And I've been one of these people, you can't just keep bumping those

00:35:40   numbers up forever." The 13 one specifically people think they might remove because 13 is unlucky,

00:35:46   right? By the way I think Steven's good I don't think unbelievably I don't think

00:35:51   we've ever picked that specific pick about there. We've made specific picks

00:35:55   about cameras but not about the iPhone gets a new camera feature the regular

00:35:59   iPhone does not get. So this pick is safe? It is. Just boring. But what

00:36:07   do you think? What are you thinking? Software? Hardware? What are you thinking?

00:36:10   A new camera feature. I mean... I'm not asking you to change the wording of your pitch. I'm just asking you, Stephen Hackett, to tell me what you're thinking of.

00:36:20   These features are normally hardware and software together in some way. I find it very hard to draw the line between them.

00:36:26   Most of the rumors are suggesting that the larger iPhone is going to get a better ultrawide.

00:36:34   Yeah, there's that... Is that a feature? Just a better camera?

00:36:38   That's for future us to decide I guess.

00:36:41   - I guess so.

00:36:42   - But you know, there was this rumor a while back

00:36:45   about like, portrait video, and there's been some stuff

00:36:50   recently with like better night mode features,

00:36:53   like maybe face detection in night mode and some stuff, so.

00:36:56   - Hmm, okay.

00:36:57   - We'll see where this goes.

00:36:58   - Yeah, we'll see.

00:36:59   Wikipedia by the way, is very good

00:37:01   for the searching of everything, so.

00:37:04   - Yes.

00:37:04   - That's what rickys.net, the Wikipedia.

00:37:06   Yes, Rickies.co does not seem to have a search.

00:37:10   But Rickies.co has literally everything else, so it's fine,

00:37:14   including combat.

00:37:15   I mean, just imagine their power

00:37:16   if they combined these things.

00:37:17   Oh my God, I didn't even wanna think about it.

00:37:19   At that point, I think they take over the show.

00:37:21   We're on, so are we done with round one?

00:37:24   I think so.

00:37:24   That was more eventful than a typical round one.

00:37:27   Yeah, I'm tired already.

00:37:29   Oh, well now my round two is just like, I now gotta look.

00:37:34   My round two pick is no Macs.

00:37:39   Yeah, this has already been picked before.

00:37:41   Jeez, this was a disaster.

00:37:44   - Where are you checking these picks?

00:37:45   What are you checking them?

00:37:46   - Rickies.net.

00:37:48   There's a good search function on that.

00:37:49   So that's helping a lot for finding this.

00:37:52   - Oh, we use no new Macs several times.

00:37:55   - Yeah. - Oh no.

00:37:56   - So you gotta be more specific.

00:37:57   - All right, okay.

00:37:58   The MacBook Pro will not appear at this event.

00:38:03   The Apple Silicon, there we go, the Apple Silicon MacBook Pro will not be announced at this event.

00:38:12   I hadn't realized that. We're just going to have to start getting real specific with all of the picks now, I guess,

00:38:17   is the only way around this new wrinkle that we've created for ourselves.

00:38:21   Huh, okay.

00:38:22   I'm checking. So what's your pick now?

00:38:24   The Apple Silicon MacBook Pro will not be announced at this event.

00:38:28   the next, the new, the new, the new Apple Silicon MacBook Pro

00:38:34   will not be announced at this event.

00:38:36   Okay.

00:38:38   I'm checking mine on rikis.net.

00:38:43   So are we good with this?

00:38:45   Yeah, I think so.

00:38:47   Okay.

00:38:48   I think mine is safe to use.

00:38:51   Apparently it's never been used before.

00:38:53   I mean, we'll find out, right?

00:38:55   We'll find out.

00:38:56   That'll tell us.

00:38:57   My second pick is, or in theory should be, the new iPhones keep the same screen sizes

00:39:05   as last year.

00:39:07   Let's run it through the checking engine.

00:39:10   I mean, like, it seems fine, right?

00:39:13   I mean, this is the thing, the expectation is this is probably the last mini-year, right?

00:39:20   So I reckon you're probably good for that one.

00:39:22   Like just for that one actually coming through.

00:39:25   We didn't actually world search in too furiously.

00:39:27   Do you both agree with my pick just like as it sounds?

00:39:32   Oh yeah, I don't know.

00:39:33   It's not gonna happen?

00:39:34   I personally don't think we're gonna get any, like my personal theory, we're not gonna get

00:39:38   anything Mac related at this event.

00:39:40   Yeah.

00:39:41   Yeah, it seems unnecessary, right?

00:39:42   Like you could just do another one in October.

00:39:44   Like why wouldn't you do that?

00:39:46   Or even if you want to do it like, I don't know, in two weeks, like at the end of September,

00:39:51   like I don't know.

00:39:52   But I mean, they did three events last year.

00:39:54   all through November.

00:39:56   By the way, I'm really worried they're going to do that again.

00:39:59   I think they will.

00:40:01   I'm pretty worried they're going to do three events again

00:40:03   and I don't know if I can take it, but...

00:40:05   I mean, why not, right?

00:40:07   If this is the current situation and it's the same as last year,

00:40:10   there's no need to plan for an in-person event.

00:40:14   - And so spread it out. - It's not going to happen.

00:40:16   It's not going to happen.

00:40:18   Who knows if it's going to happen next year.

00:40:20   So, yeah.

00:40:23   I think we'll have to do that again.

00:40:26   - All right, so that's mine and Federico's

00:40:29   second round pick, Stephen Mozzuels.

00:40:31   - No, this is interesting.

00:40:32   Okay.

00:40:33   - This is where the passion gets dialed up.

00:40:36   - Yeah, this is a passionate pick.

00:40:38   - The Apple Watch SE gets a price cut.

00:40:41   - This is a bold pick, my friend.

00:40:45   - So I feel like it's a follow on

00:40:49   from our conversation last year.

00:40:50   The Apple Watch SE came out and it wasn't,

00:40:53   it didn't take the cheap spot in the lineup.

00:40:56   It was just sort of a slightly reduced series,

00:41:01   you know, four or five, six, somewhere in there.

00:41:03   - It's like a series 3.5 is like feature wise

00:41:07   what it feels like.

00:41:08   - My thought process here,

00:41:10   this is beyond the scope of the pick obviously,

00:41:12   but is that the series three will go away

00:41:15   and the SE falls to that bottom price point.

00:41:20   And then, you know, the series, I guess five,

00:41:23   What are we on now? Six?

00:41:25   - It will be seven.

00:41:26   - Okay, so we have the Series 7,

00:41:28   maybe the 6 stays around a little bit cheaper

00:41:30   and the SE falls to that bottom slot,

00:41:32   sort of the entry-level Apple Watch.

00:41:34   - Okay, so you'll be looking at them taking the current SE

00:41:38   from 279 to 199.

00:41:41   - Yeah.

00:41:42   - That's a big price drop.

00:41:44   - But they've had a whole 'nother year building the thing.

00:41:46   - I mean, I think, I said at the time,

00:41:47   it was unbelievable they charged 279 for this thing.

00:41:50   It's way too expensive.

00:41:51   So they do need to bring it down

00:41:53   and I hope you're right.

00:41:55   - Yeah, so we'll see.

00:41:56   - You think they'll keep the 6 around?

00:41:58   - I think so.

00:41:59   I think there needs to be a middle one.

00:42:00   And I mean, really, like the driving need

00:42:02   is getting rid of the 3, right?

00:42:04   The 3 is pathetic in terms of like living with today

00:42:08   when you're trying to run updates on it.

00:42:10   And it's holding developers sort of hostage

00:42:13   to smaller screen sizes the longer it is around.

00:42:16   - My feeling honestly, like,

00:42:17   would be that they get rid of the 6.

00:42:19   Like the 6 will go.

00:42:20   If they're gonna bring the SE down to that,

00:42:22   don't there doesn't need to be three price points. No there doesn't. I think for the watch

00:42:25   there should just be two price points there's the current one and there's the

00:42:27   cheaper one. The SE. They have done that in the past right they've gotten rid of

00:42:31   it like you couldn't still get the series 5 when the series 6 came out. Yeah

00:42:37   I think the 5 disappeared so so we'll see where that goes it just feels like

00:42:41   it's time to to realign things and I think the watch SE getting a price cut

00:42:46   is a big part of that. I would love that to happen I think yes I mean honestly as

00:42:51   I think they should update the SE with some more features, but they probably won't do that if they're gonna price cut it

00:42:57   probably not the fact that doesn't have an always-on display is just

00:43:01   Bananas to me

00:43:04   Like so many things it doesn't have that that watch for the price that they charge it for

00:43:08   If they don't put it to $1.99. I agree. I think it should happen

00:43:13   I think I would just be surprised still though just because of that they got to go down what like $80 or whatever

00:43:20   like, that's a lot of money. All right, so that's round one and two. I feel like we've

00:43:25   done a pretty good job now that we rewrote a quarter of the picks. Flexis can be reused,

00:43:33   right? Like, I can't. Yes. Okay, good, because I have not got the energy to check 15 picks

00:43:38   for previous use. We'll get to the flexis, but first we have the risky picks, but first

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00:45:18   Alright, it's time for our risky pick round.

00:45:22   I mentioned this earlier, but one of the things that we do is we confirm with each other that

00:45:29   picks are risky because we had lots of problems in the past of fighting about

00:45:35   what's risky enough and I think over time the three of us have gone pretty

00:45:39   good at understanding like this there's some like non codified rules you know

00:45:44   like if something is too heavily rumored it won't be classed as risky and this is

00:45:50   the thing that we work out so it's tricky it can be pretty tricky

00:45:53   especially when like people make up rumors now.

00:45:58   They just say things.

00:46:00   I think they're called leakers.

00:46:02   Leakers, yeah.

00:46:03   That's how they like to go by.

00:46:05   Harder and harder as the years go on to come up with things.

00:46:08   So something that I'm trying for myself this year is to layer things on top of each other

00:46:15   to make it less likely that it's going to occur.

00:46:18   That's my own personal strategy.

00:46:21   YouTube may have done this before, but this is my personal strategy for this video.

00:46:24   I have a Flexi, which is the real kind of like,

00:46:29   and this is this idea, which I ended up not picking

00:46:32   because I had an idea that I thought was better.

00:46:34   But I, so later on, you will hear what was my first actual risky pick,

00:46:39   which was super risky, I think.

00:46:42   But I was just trying something new out and I ended up landing on this one instead.

00:46:45   Oh boy, there's a lot riding on this feature for me, but here we go.

00:46:49   an iPhone gets an always-on display with a UI element that is reminiscent of Apple Watch complications.

00:46:55   Oof.

00:46:57   I like your layering because always-on display I feel like has been rumored too much to be risky.

00:47:03   Oh, of course.

00:47:04   But bringing in a UI element that's reminiscent, which like we can just argue about what that word means next week.

00:47:09   I've picked that very specifically because what it's not gonna be is a complication is my expectation.

00:47:15   I would love to see them say like, "Hey, you know those Apple Watch apps that you make?

00:47:18   Now the complications of those watch apps can just go on your phone."

00:47:22   That's what I want them to do, but I don't know if they'll do it.

00:47:24   I could imagine at least for the first instance, it's just Apple stuff.

00:47:28   So like they will put things on the display that look like complications or act like complications.

00:47:35   But we will next week decide if reminiscent is a word that we need to debate.

00:47:39   But that's my pick. I'm not changing it from reminiscent.

00:47:42   That's my intention is not to change it.

00:47:43   A UI element.

00:47:45   I couldn't think of how to phrase it.

00:47:49   Like, maybe like an iPhone gets an always-on display.

00:47:53   It's like with some stuff that looks like Apple Watch complications.

00:47:56   Like, I couldn't think of a word, right?

00:47:58   Keep a UI element is better than some stuff.

00:48:01   Exactly. Like, I couldn't work it out, like, how to say it.

00:48:05   Okay. Well, good luck.

00:48:10   It is risky, for sure.

00:48:13   I want to know though, just from the two of you,

00:48:16   do you think that this is a possibility?

00:48:18   I think so. I think it's especially clever to imagine a scenario

00:48:22   in which developers could reuse existing work on watchwise complications.

00:48:29   It's all SwiftUI, right?

00:48:30   It's all SwiftUI and the way that it works,

00:48:33   I could imagine how an Always On display,

00:48:35   they could make it work similarly to the watch

00:48:37   by having a variable refresh rate,

00:48:40   bringing down the refresh rate when the display is always on,

00:48:43   using SwiftUI and the timeline approach to draw images on the lock screen, which would be the

00:48:49   complications that you're thinking of, and that would be sort of like data that is refreshed, say,

00:48:54   once a minute, for example, or every two minutes, right? And developers may be able to tell,

00:48:59   "Actually, this is important data. I want to make sure that I can push updates to the lock screen

00:49:05   as quickly as possible." So that's all stuff that can be done on WatchOS, and I think it would be

00:49:11   super clever for Apple to say "now it just works on the iPhone 2". That is totally like

00:49:17   Apple Playbook, you know? So I like it. And also, like, similarly, I didn't want to say

00:49:21   it's going to be Apple Watch Complications because it might not be, like, they might

00:49:24   do a different design type thing, but we can clearly see, right, like this is very similar

00:49:29   in its design, you know, because it's not going to be, like, on the corners only. It

00:49:34   would just be really weird. Like, I imagine it would be in the middle, but I could imagine

00:49:39   maybe some of them are circular,

00:49:42   always, you know, that kind of stuff, so.

00:49:44   - I want this.

00:49:45   I want my phone to be sort of more useful

00:49:48   when it's just laying there on the charger.

00:49:50   And this has been a thing in Android world for a long time,

00:49:54   and I think the iPhone should totally do it.

00:49:56   - The screen is just black right now.

00:49:58   Like I could at least have a clock there, you know?

00:50:00   - Yeah, at least that.

00:50:01   - And if it was in that leather, you know, pouch thing,

00:50:04   you would have a clock.

00:50:05   - Oh my God, I forgot about that.

00:50:07   - Yeah.

00:50:08   Was it just a pouch? It wasn't even like a flip case, right?

00:50:12   I think it's a pouch.

00:50:14   Apple.

00:50:15   Apple leather.

00:50:17   Apple pouch.

00:50:19   Search for iPhone pouch.

00:50:20   iPhone pouch.

00:50:21   Here you go. iPhone 11 Pro leather case.

00:50:25   Oh, case.

00:50:26   No, that's not it.

00:50:27   No, that's just the regular case.

00:50:29   iPhone 12 Pro leather sleeve.

00:50:32   Leather sleeve.

00:50:34   Okay.

00:50:35   Leather sleeve with MagSafe saddle brand.

00:50:38   It's $130.

00:50:39   (laughs)

00:50:41   Forgot.

00:50:41   Does anybody own this?

00:50:42   Did anybody ever buy this?

00:50:45   No, we asked this question on the show before.

00:50:49   I am certain that we did.

00:50:51   I want to say that we got an answer

00:50:54   from someone who worked in construction.

00:50:58   Yes, they didn't want their phone destroyed.

00:51:01   Oh my God, yeah, we've been down this road before, yeah.

00:51:03   Okay, rescind follow up, we don't require it, thank you.

00:51:07   - Yeah, that's a previously used follow-up item.

00:51:09   I can't use it again.

00:51:10   - Nope, that's against the rules.

00:51:12   So my risky pick, an iPhone,

00:51:15   sorry, at least one of the new iPhones,

00:51:18   better way to say that.

00:51:20   - An iPhone is fine.

00:51:21   - An iPhone is fine, okay.

00:51:22   An iPhone gets an updated Face ID sensor

00:51:25   that supports partially occluded faces, okay?

00:51:30   So I'm arguing in favor of an updated Face ID

00:51:36   that works even if your face is partially covered.

00:51:41   - Here's a question right off the bat.

00:51:45   - Yeah.

00:51:46   - You said a Face ID sensor,

00:51:48   which indicates to me that you mean it's a hardware change.

00:51:51   What if it's just something they announced

00:51:56   for all iPhones in iOS 15, then you don't get this.

00:52:00   - Well, it seems unlikely though, right?

00:52:01   - It does, it does, but the unlikely

00:52:04   is what we talk about here at the rookies sometimes.

00:52:07   - Yeah, so that's what makes it risky, I think, is saying--

00:52:10   - Yeah, I think the way that we can judge this is

00:52:12   if they, you know, they could say,

00:52:14   we have this new sensor that does this,

00:52:16   or they could just say, hey, we do this,

00:52:18   and it's on this phone, or it's on these models,

00:52:20   then we could just be like, okay, this counts.

00:52:22   So I think this is risky,

00:52:24   because I don't think there's any way this is gonna happen.

00:52:27   - Okay, well-- - Interesting.

00:52:28   - Let me tell you why.

00:52:29   - The Discord is very unhappy.

00:52:31   - Right, so I will tell you why I felt like

00:52:33   this was not risky, but this was risky.

00:52:35   Because to do this, what they are saying is,

00:52:41   we are making Face ID less secure.

00:52:43   - Yeah.

00:52:44   - And I cannot fathom that they would do that,

00:52:47   which is why they added the watch unlock.

00:52:49   Like what Federico has here, that's watch unlock.

00:52:53   That's them saying that they will take

00:52:55   the security of watch unlock and just put it in

00:52:58   from a two factor device system

00:53:01   to one factor device system.

00:53:03   Like, if they are only looking at half the face,

00:53:07   that's saying it's like half secure.

00:53:10   And I just, I don't think it's gonna happen.

00:53:12   I applaud your thinking,

00:53:13   but I don't know how they could possibly do this.

00:53:15   - Here's how I'm thinking about it.

00:53:17   The Apple Watch Unlock is a compromise, obviously.

00:53:20   I see it as a workaround to get to the point where,

00:53:24   think about it this way.

00:53:25   If I see you, you know, I'm your friend,

00:53:28   and I see you with a mask on,

00:53:30   I, as a human who knows you, I can recognize you.

00:53:33   I can tell you are Myke with a mask on, right?

00:53:36   Just because I see you with a mask on

00:53:39   does not mean I do not recognize you, right?

00:53:42   So to me, the problem feels like

00:53:44   we need to make the Face ID sensor more capable

00:53:48   in terms of capturing more data points,

00:53:51   even from half the face.

00:53:54   So a way that I could see Apple explain this is

00:53:57   now even if you have a mask on,

00:53:59   we can get more detail out of the part of the face that is uncovered, right?

00:54:04   That's how I would...

00:54:06   I could imagine Apple saying, "This is just as secure,"

00:54:09   because we doubled the data that the Face ID sensor can capture

00:54:13   from everything else on your face, basically.

00:54:16   I'm going to massively oversimplify this.

00:54:18   Like, you have a six-character password,

00:54:20   and it's like you underneath it enter four characters.

00:54:22   We can just guess the last two.

00:54:24   You know, like, I understand what you're saying.

00:54:27   I think it would be really cool if they could somehow do that.

00:54:31   I'm just not convinced that they would be able to...

00:54:35   It doesn't make sense to me that like if your face, you know, your entire face has like

00:54:41   a map that they can draw of it, then that gives you like a score, right?

00:54:48   That by just scanning one half of it twice would get you the same security score.

00:54:53   Does that make sense?

00:54:54   Yeah, I see what you mean, but I also feel like there's a bunch of ways in which they could do

00:55:02   like more detail out of retina scanning for example, you know? That's something that they could do.

00:55:09   I think people have misunderstood what I was saying with the passcode thing. What I was saying

00:55:14   with the passcode thing is imagine you have a six character passcode and Apple's like "oh you only

00:55:20   need to enter half of that passcode now because we'll just understand the rest of it for you.

00:55:25   That's kind of what it feels like to me. It's like you have a password which is your entire face

00:55:30   but we now only need to scan half of that face to understand if it's you. It's like half of what

00:55:36   currently exists. So that's why I felt like it was risky because to me it felt like

00:55:45   it wasn't gonna happen. Yeah, it's a uniquely, I think, challenging problem for any computer to solve, really,

00:55:53   that we as people have a bunch of different ways to identify someone else, even with the mask on,

00:55:59   but how do you explain that to a sensor in a phone, right? Because if the sensor is all about

00:56:06   capturing data, and if half of the data is missing, then the phone is just gonna say "No, I'm not gonna

00:56:13   unlock. So I wonder, obviously, like, ideally, right, let's talk about the ideal feature here.

00:56:20   Ideally, the phone, just like, say, my mom or, you know, a friend of mine, should be able to recognize

00:56:28   me even if I'm wearing a mask. How do you make that possible? Do you scan more of the body? Like,

00:56:36   Do you want to scan my neck or my shoulders?

00:56:39   Like, okay.

00:56:40   Neck scan.

00:56:41   Can you scan through...

00:56:44   Can your technology scan through the mask?

00:56:47   I don't even know if that's physically possible.

00:56:50   Do you want to scan additional data from my eyes?

00:56:54   Like again, retina scanning, for example.

00:56:57   Maybe.

00:56:58   I feel like there should be a way for Face ID to figure this out.

00:57:04   And if there's a company who can figure this out, I think it's Apple.

00:57:08   So that's what I think makes it...

00:57:10   It's risky because of exactly what Myke said.

00:57:14   Like how can you argue that Face ID is secure because it scans the full face, but then it

00:57:22   also works if you have a mask on.

00:57:24   And that's exactly what makes it risky, I think.

00:57:26   Yeah, I mean, I guess...

00:57:27   Well, it's not exactly half.

00:57:29   Like Vidit is right in the Discord.

00:57:30   It's not exactly half.

00:57:31   No, I know.

00:57:32   But you've got to generalize, right?

00:57:34   I don't know the exact mathematical equation of the mapping of your face.

00:57:39   Yeah, face math is tricky.

00:57:41   Face math is really complicated.

00:57:42   I guess one thing that works in your favor is they did decrease the security with the Apple Watch Unlock.

00:57:48   That is a decrease in security of face ID.

00:57:51   Yeah, and it's something you accept and you have to enable if you want it.

00:57:54   Yeah, and so it could be a thing.

00:57:56   I don't see this happening, but I do understand how you've gotten there.

00:58:01   So good! So many feisty things happening.

00:58:05   Mine is about MagSafe.

00:58:06   MagSafe is updated with faster charging for new iPhones.

00:58:10   Okay.

00:58:11   Similarly to Federico.

00:58:13   [laughs]

00:58:14   I don't understand. I don't think this would happen either.

00:58:17   I feel like...

00:58:18   You tell me what you're thinking here, Steven.

00:58:21   I'm thinking that Apple wants to push MagSafe further along,

00:58:27   And one way to do that is to enable faster wireless charging speeds, something we see

00:58:32   elsewhere in the industry.

00:58:35   And I think maybe what I would like to see is in these new phones, the, I guess the internals

00:58:43   of the phone, or maybe you need a new puck, hopefully you don't need a new puck, but...

00:58:47   I'm pretty sure you would need a new puck.

00:58:50   Probably.

00:58:51   The charging speeds are dictated by both parts, is my expectation.

00:58:56   Yeah.

00:58:57   know the chargers were always capable of more we just didn't know because we

00:59:00   didn't know and believe in their potential faster magsafe on the new

00:59:04   phones I would love it I using magsafe everywhere but it is it could be a lot

00:59:10   faster hmm so we have some follow-up from this cord there is an FCC filing for

00:59:19   a new type of magsafe connector that was published on 9 to 5 Mac oh is this a

00:59:25   lucky coincidence Steven I didn't see the story oh how convenient no sorry was

00:59:32   seen I feel like a FCC filing hurts my pick hey Steven hey Steven pick a

00:59:39   wattage ooh I'm making sure that there's nothing about wattage in this article

00:59:45   quick pick pick your wattage what's max safe now 15 15 the standard

00:59:54   MaxSafe charger charges up to 15 watts. If you use a 20 watt USB-C adapter. Oh yeah,

01:00:01   I mean go for 20. Yeah, I think 20. Really? I would have thought 30. No, you can just go

01:00:09   from 15 to 30. Come on. I think safe, I think if the 20 watt charger is a

01:00:16   requirement. Right now, I mean Apple says you need, yeah the 20 watt is the, is

01:00:21   is what's recommended, so.

01:00:23   MagSafe is updated to support 20 watt charging.

01:00:26   - But a new puck is required?

01:00:28   Would you add that?

01:00:29   Do you think that?

01:00:30   - I don't think I know enough about MagSafe to--

01:00:34   - Which is existing.

01:00:36   Puck will support this or not?

01:00:38   - Hi, is that even possible?

01:00:40   - Apple really likes selling accessories.

01:00:42   - So your pick is now,

01:00:44   MagSafe is updated to support 20 watt charging

01:00:47   but a new puck is required.

01:00:49   I like that.

01:00:50   - That feels pretty risky.

01:00:52   - It is very risky, I think.

01:00:54   - Well, I will ask you another question.

01:00:56   - Are you sure about this?

01:00:57   - I just wanna see.

01:00:59   I just wanna see if you're willing to change.

01:01:00   Like, would you specify the minimum wattage

01:01:04   of the wallet data?

01:01:07   Okay.

01:01:08   (laughing)

01:01:08   No, no, I will not.

01:01:11   I don't, I mean, I know that they've,

01:01:13   there's this FCC thing, whatever.

01:01:15   Like, I don't, I would be surprised if they--

01:01:19   to support at least 20 watt charging,

01:01:21   20 watt charging or higher.

01:01:23   - Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's fine.

01:01:25   I would be surprised if they did this this soon too.

01:01:27   Like MagSafe just came out.

01:01:30   - Yeah, but I don't think it offers enough benefit

01:01:32   over regular wireless charging for people.

01:01:35   And so why not make MagSafe more alluring?

01:01:40   And one way to do that is to make it faster.

01:01:42   - I think to go like, say like, hey, here's this thing,

01:01:45   we would like you to buy them.

01:01:46   And then the next year saying,

01:01:47   you need to buy another one now to get the,

01:01:49   like, I think that's a bit,

01:01:51   that's bad even for Apple to be like year over year.

01:01:55   - They could say,

01:01:56   they could say the existing MagSafe is compatible.

01:01:58   - Of course.

01:01:59   - But if you wanna charge it faster,

01:02:01   you gotta get the new one.

01:02:02   - Plus, most people don't buy phones year over year.

01:02:05   - Right.

01:02:06   - Just the hardcore people.

01:02:06   - I think a lot of people that will buy an iPhone

01:02:09   and then buy a bunch of MagSafe charges

01:02:11   are the exact same people who buy an iPhone every year.

01:02:13   - Maybe, but maybe Apple's willing to sacrifice.

01:02:15   - Goodwill.

01:02:16   little bit for those people. Can we go over those again? Because they changed a lot. Yes.

01:02:20   So let's all read ours in order. An iPhone gets an always-on display with a UI element that is

01:02:26   reminiscent of Apple Watch complications. An iPhone gets an updated Face ID sensor

01:02:32   that supports partially occluded faces. MagSafe is updated to support 20 watt

01:02:37   charging or higher, but a new puck is required. And it rhymes too, that's nice.

01:02:43   yeah yeah I'm a Renaissance man Renaissance man of the people hmm I'll

01:02:51   be honest I don't think any of us again these honest I don't think any of us are

01:02:56   gonna get these maybe me but not you too no I think I'm gonna win I think I'm

01:03:01   gonna win this thing you think you're gonna win with oh yeah big time yes I

01:03:04   think I think Federico is a lock for round one and two I think that Myke is a

01:03:10   is a lock for round one and two.

01:03:13   I feel like I'm a lock for round one and maybe round two.

01:03:16   I feel like your round two pick is the least likely pick of all of the round one and two picks.

01:03:23   Steven's round two is a semi-risky.

01:03:27   Yeah, it's near risky.

01:03:28   Yeah.

01:03:29   It's a risky adjacent.

01:03:30   Risky adjacent!

01:03:33   I think Jason usually says this, which is, and I subscribe to it,

01:03:39   It's like something along the lines of like if you're betting on Apple to reduce prices. You're always like making a bad bet

01:03:46   What is this thing? Like the pricing is always like

01:03:48   Often and double or something of what you yeah, right? Yeah, but it's this nail equation

01:03:54   But this product is awesome, but he talks about that with new products

01:03:58   That's what his thing is if they're gonna announce a new

01:04:00   $80 price drop year over year is a lot

01:04:04   Yeah, but they want to sell Apple watches and they can't keep selling the series 3 we just talked about this

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01:05:37   Our thanks to Amazon Music for their support of the show

01:05:39   and Relay FM.

01:05:41   - I would like to give some real-time follow-up

01:05:43   on the SNL equation, the pricing thing.

01:05:44   - Okay. - Okay.

01:05:45   - Take what you wish the price was,

01:05:47   then round it up and add $50.

01:05:50   So if Steven wants the Apple Watch to go down to,

01:05:55   what was the price that I said?

01:05:56   Was it $199?

01:05:59   So 250.

01:06:02   So it's going to go down by $29, the SE, to $250 based on the snail equation.

01:06:08   You can calculate a bunch of things with the snail equation.

01:06:10   I thought, I mean, we can maybe let him clarify, but I'm almost positive he's only talked about

01:06:14   this in terms of new products.

01:06:16   I don't think it's about price cuts.

01:06:18   But Jason put it in the Discord, so...

01:06:20   Yeah, but I mean, how do we even know it's him?

01:06:22   That's true.

01:06:23   He does say "draft monster," and he is a draft monster.

01:06:25   It's true.

01:06:26   Get used to disappointment.

01:06:27   Yep, that's Jason.

01:06:29   Jason says it is true that it's only for new products,

01:06:32   but he thinks disappointment should be a constant.

01:06:34   - Wait a second, hold on a second.

01:06:36   Can we get the Snell equation in Peacock?

01:06:38   - Maybe, you put it out there.

01:06:40   Typically that's all it takes.

01:06:42   (laughing)

01:06:43   - I said it, I said it.

01:06:45   - Put it out into the world.

01:06:46   - It'll come back to you.

01:06:48   - All right, Flexi time.

01:06:49   - Flexi time.

01:06:51   - So this was my original risky pick.

01:06:54   A new iPad Mini is introduced to a refreshed design,

01:06:57   new colors, previously not a part of the product,

01:07:00   USB-C, smart connector, and 5G support.

01:07:03   - The whole package.

01:07:05   - Give it to me.

01:07:06   - I figured I would just, this is what I want,

01:07:08   and so sometimes you just gotta put out

01:07:10   what you want in the world.

01:07:11   I think that's the secret, I think that's what that is.

01:07:14   So a new iPad Mini is introduced with a refreshed design,

01:07:17   new colors that are previously not a part of the product,

01:07:19   USB-C, smart connector, and 5G support.

01:07:23   - The smart connector's the only one I sort of wonder about,

01:07:25   And I've thought about it on and off as like,

01:07:29   the smart connector's only used for keyboards.

01:07:31   - Yeah, but I think they wanna put keyboards

01:07:32   on all their iPads.

01:07:33   - A teeny tiny keyboard?

01:07:36   - Bridge make one and it's great.

01:07:38   No, I don't think they're gonna put,

01:07:39   they're gonna make like a magic keyboard for iPad mini,

01:07:42   although how good would that be?

01:07:44   - A tiny trackpad. - Can you imagine?

01:07:46   But like, it would be this tiny computer.

01:07:48   I would love it.

01:07:49   - What's a computer? - I don't think

01:07:50   they would do, exactly, I don't think they would,

01:07:52   but they could do a smart keyboard for it,

01:07:55   I don't know. I would love it.

01:07:56   Like, I would love it, but I don't know.

01:07:59   But again, this is the part of it, right?

01:08:01   This is why I'm not convinced about any of this, really.

01:08:04   Like, I don't know if it's gonna happen now.

01:08:06   I could imagine them actually not having the iPad Mini

01:08:08   at this event.

01:08:09   USB-C, I would think they would do, but I don't know.

01:08:12   New colors.

01:08:15   What I was thinking here, by the way,

01:08:18   is like, would the iPad Mini start to pick up colors

01:08:21   from the iMac?

01:08:23   - Yeah. - You know?

01:08:24   Like that's all kind of the same motif.

01:08:28   - Yep.

01:08:29   So yeah, that's the product that I really want in the world,

01:08:31   but I don't know.

01:08:32   Similarly, I'm doing the same thing for my second Flexi.

01:08:35   There is a ceramic Apple Watch.

01:08:37   Most of my Flexi's is just me talking about things

01:08:41   that I want Apple to do,

01:08:42   and then hoping that I will be double pleased.

01:08:46   - Are you sure all of them are things you do not want?

01:08:48   - Not all, not all, not all, not all.

01:08:51   Don't worry.

01:08:53   I'm not here to upset you.

01:08:55   The new iPhone color will be a new version of a color

01:08:58   they've already used.

01:09:00   So blue or green or gold.

01:09:03   - Okay.

01:09:04   - So instead of being called like midnight blue,

01:09:06   it's called, I don't know, something else, night sky blue.

01:09:10   - It's like I don't think it's gonna be red

01:09:12   or I don't think it's gonna be like copper

01:09:14   or like, which is one that's been rumored.

01:09:16   Like I think it's gonna be like,

01:09:18   'cause apparently as well,

01:09:19   one of the things was like matte black.

01:09:21   I mean, and that's a new version of a color

01:09:23   they've already used.

01:09:24   - Okay, okay, got it.

01:09:25   - You know, but like, I think they would do like,

01:09:27   see if it's gonna be blue, black, gray, silver, gold,

01:09:31   you know, rose gold, one of the existing colors

01:09:33   that's already existed before.

01:09:35   'Cause I was thinking about this, like,

01:09:37   I don't think there are many more colors left

01:09:40   for like keeping that pro aesthetic.

01:09:43   Right, of this like dark professional, you know,

01:09:47   like what color would you do?

01:09:49   Which is also like a thing I don't understand.

01:09:52   Who said that professionals have to be dark

01:09:54   and you know, this, oh, dark blue.

01:09:56   - Oh no, I mean, they should do

01:09:58   like the big bright colors too.

01:09:59   I mean, that's what I want, but it's, you know.

01:10:01   - I wanna have a pro phone that's, you know,

01:10:05   purple or pink or whatever.

01:10:07   Like give me colors and can still be a pro.

01:10:11   Like it's, I honestly think it's somewhat condescending

01:10:14   to say, oh, it can only be a pro

01:10:16   if you use this black and dark blue color.

01:10:19   Yeah, it's like when they're just the space gray Mac Mini like it's gray. We know pros are gonna love that

01:10:23   It's like yes quiet like no one cares come down

01:10:26   We only had that things were dark colors when it was finally just not silver

01:10:33   Yeah, but the Mac Pro is silver and shiny you know there's no there's no rhyme reason to this I

01:10:38   do I

01:10:41   Just I just don't know what to think Jason said nighttime lemon

01:10:46   It's just very funny to me.

01:10:48   It's a very good color.

01:10:50   It's just a lemon when you turn the lights off.

01:10:52   It's interesting because one of my flexis sort of conflicts with yours,

01:10:56   but now I'm very concerned that I don't know what color it would be,

01:11:00   unless it's that bronzy, coppery color that's been rumored.

01:11:03   Yeah, but I don't know about that one.

01:11:05   What else do you have?

01:11:07   So I had ceramic Apple Watch. I said that one already.

01:11:10   Yeah, new Apple Watch is not a part of the presentation.

01:11:13   I'm like flexing against myself.

01:11:17   - So what you've done is you've guaranteed

01:11:19   you can't get all of your flexies.

01:11:21   - I'm fine with that.

01:11:22   - Okay, money's on the line.

01:11:24   - Release date for iOS 15 is announced

01:11:26   and it's later than 24 hours away.

01:11:29   I don't think they're gonna do that again.

01:11:30   I think that was something that they did

01:11:33   purely because the iPhone event was in October.

01:11:36   Like I don't think that this is like a new thing.

01:11:39   I think like it had been left for too long

01:11:41   and they had to get it out so they put it out.

01:11:43   I think it's going to be like,

01:11:45   "Oh, it's going to come out in 10 days or whatever,"

01:11:48   you know, like it used to, right?

01:11:50   It's like the beginning of the week that the iPhones come out.

01:11:53   Like I don't--

01:11:54   They just needed to have it out and on phones

01:11:57   before the new phones started chipping.

01:11:58   And they, you know, it was just like,

01:12:00   it was a whole big mess that year.

01:12:01   I don't think that it is an indication of anything.

01:12:04   That is my own, like, if I, you know,

01:12:07   if I was in Federico shoes, I would, you know,

01:12:09   I would not feel like this, right?

01:12:11   I would be like, well, I must prepare just in case.

01:12:14   Or if I'm in a developer's shoes,

01:12:15   like I must prepare just in case.

01:12:17   But for me personally, I don't think it's happening

01:12:19   for like, you know, 10 days or whatever.

01:12:22   - No, I'm not thinking about it that way this year.

01:12:25   Like, I am not going to be, like I can tell you

01:12:29   that I'm not gonna be one month late for sure.

01:12:33   Like I'm not gonna be ready on the 15th.

01:12:36   If they say it's coming out tomorrow, I will not be ready.

01:12:39   what is it, next Wednesday, I will not be ready in a week.

01:12:42   But I am also not going to be one month late either.

01:12:48   So I'm in pretty good shape.

01:12:49   I think I'm in very good shape for the following week,

01:12:54   which would be sort of the regular schedule,

01:12:58   sort of pre-2020, how Apple used to do things with iOS.

01:13:03   If they go back to that sort of schedule,

01:13:06   Usually iOS comes out on the Wednesday and new iPhones come out on the Friday.

01:13:11   I should be good with that.

01:13:13   So you are both hoping for that and preparing for that, right?

01:13:19   Like the more how it used to be.

01:13:21   Yes.

01:13:21   Cool.

01:13:22   I'm not stressing for, oh, I have to be ready for next Wednesday.

01:13:26   No, because last year showed me that even a month later, it still went amazingly well.

01:13:33   Was it a month?

01:13:34   It was a month later.

01:13:36   Man, I didn't know it was that long.

01:13:38   Yeah. Yeah.

01:13:39   Yeah.

01:13:39   It was a challenging year.

01:13:41   Yeah.

01:13:42   Steven, you're up next.

01:13:44   I am.

01:13:45   For the flexes? Okay.

01:13:46   Yeah, 'cause Steven came second.

01:13:49   In the flexes.

01:13:49   Ah, right, right.

01:13:50   Yeah, the flexes.

01:13:51   Oh yeah, because I picked like 10 flexes.

01:13:53   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:13:54   You got over excited.

01:13:56   Yeah, yeah.

01:13:58   Bad idea.

01:13:59   The iPhone Pro comes in five colors/finishes,

01:14:02   not the traditional four.

01:14:04   So you've taken mine,

01:14:05   and you've just gone in the complete opposite direction.

01:14:08   - Well, they could just have graphite, silver, gold,

01:14:13   and then just bring back the blue and green.

01:14:16   I just, instead of four options, there'll be five.

01:14:18   I don't know what they'll be.

01:14:19   - So you think they're gonna do five colors of four phones?

01:14:22   - Five colors of four phones, yeah, why not?

01:14:25   They do like six colors of two phones in the regular line.

01:14:29   - Not at the beginning.

01:14:31   - They added purple, they added one color.

01:14:33   - Yeah, but they do it later.

01:14:34   But it's just one. I think it'll be fine.

01:14:37   - All right. That's a lot of colors, man.

01:14:39   - Yeah. Just going wild with it.

01:14:43   The Apple Watch moves to 5G networking.

01:14:45   - Huh.

01:14:46   - It's bigger, maybe, as we have discussed.

01:14:49   - 5G in the Apple Watch.

01:14:52   I don't know about that.

01:14:54   I feel like it's gonna kill the battery,

01:14:55   like murder the battery.

01:14:57   - Out of all of mine,

01:14:59   this is the one that I was most conflicted about, so.

01:15:02   - Yeah.

01:15:04   Maybe it should have been a risky.

01:15:05   This is good as a flexi.

01:15:06   This would be a like,

01:15:08   it's like you might as well give up kind of a regular pick, I think.

01:15:12   Like I could imagine them, I could see how you get there

01:15:14   because it's like this big thing that they talk about all the time, right?

01:15:16   So like they would love to just say 5G more often.

01:15:20   But I think it might be, it feels like it might be too soon,

01:15:23   but I don't know.

01:15:24   Like it took them quite a few,

01:15:25   like three revisions of the Apple Watch

01:15:26   before they put any cell connectivity in.

01:15:29   Yeah.

01:15:29   Yeah, we'll see.

01:15:31   We'll see.

01:15:33   A new AirPods product is announced.

01:15:35   Mm-hmm.

01:15:36   Pro, regular something.

01:15:38   Max.

01:15:39   Max.

01:15:40   Not the Max.

01:15:41   AirPods Max 2.

01:15:42   It's probably going to be the regular AirPods, right?

01:15:43   Like all the rumors suggest, redesigned to look like the Pro.

01:15:48   Yep.

01:15:49   Yep.

01:15:50   I was on a call with Steven yesterday and he was wearing the original ones and it looked

01:15:52   so weird to me.

01:15:54   Yeah, I don't have the AirPods Pro.

01:15:57   But the long, like the really long.

01:15:58   Yeah, Sylvia still uses the AirPods 2.

01:16:00   Yeah.

01:16:01   Yeah, it's kind of weird. I know. They look strange.

01:16:04   But honestly, like, also, I'm kind of intrigued by the AirPods 3.

01:16:10   Because... I don't know, I really don't like...

01:16:14   Like, I've been trying to make the in-ear tips work for me.

01:16:20   Now I'm actually waiting for this new sort of hybrid silicon and foam tips that

01:16:25   I think Chris Lawley recommended to me in our Discord.

01:16:29   It was much easier when I was using the regular AirPods without having to care about the tape material, you know, or size.

01:16:38   And I kind of miss those days, but also I really like noise cancellation.

01:16:42   One of mine always falls out. The left one always falls out.

01:16:44   It doesn't matter what I do, like it will always fall out.

01:16:46   And I've just decided to just live with it because I really like the AirPods Pro.

01:16:50   Me too. That's my problem. So yeah. Anyway, Steven, go on.

01:16:54   - All right, up next I have Apple TV+ content

01:16:59   is featured in keynote, in the keynote.

01:17:02   - Feels very likely.

01:17:03   - California streaming, baby.

01:17:05   - That would have been a good pick for you, I think.

01:17:07   'Cause they've got like two shows,

01:17:09   two big shows coming up, one new,

01:17:11   and so they have the morning show,

01:17:12   it's just around the corner, and then they have--

01:17:14   - Yep.

01:17:15   - What is that?

01:17:16   - Foundations. - The Isaac Hasimov show.

01:17:17   Foundation is starting--

01:17:19   - Look, there's always Ted Lasso, okay?

01:17:21   There's always that. - There's always Ted Lasso.

01:17:24   Man, what if Ted Lasso comes out on stage?

01:17:26   They're gonna do it at some point.

01:17:28   Ooh, yes.

01:17:29   I think their first, like, in-person event again, so they just walk out to introduce it.

01:17:35   They're gonna bring out Ted Lasso?

01:17:37   Yeah.

01:17:37   They come out and do some football tricks or something.

01:17:39   And lastly, no specific pre-order date is set for the Apple Watch.

01:17:46   Huh, well they'll just say, like, later this month or something?

01:17:50   Next month, yes.

01:17:51   - Oh, smart, that's a good way of doing it.

01:17:55   - They've done that.

01:17:56   - They've done that, they did it with the iPad Air,

01:17:57   and then it came out like a month later,

01:17:59   and there's rumors of supply issues with the Apple Watch.

01:18:04   And so they say, hey, for example,

01:18:07   you can pre-order the phone on the day of the podcast-a-thon

01:18:12   Friday, September 17th, and the Apple Watch will be up

01:18:16   for pre-order a few weeks after that, something like that.

01:18:20   I was thinking I really hope that they do the pre-orders early in the day for me because

01:18:24   Pre-ordering an iPhone during the podcast of thons gonna be an awkward time. It's gonna be awesome

01:18:29   So I feel I feel pretty good about most of mine except for the 5g networking on the Apple watch

01:18:34   I'm just throwing that in because you just never know

01:18:37   It's a flex

01:18:41   Okay, are they going to say the day of the podcast is on on stage clearly?

01:18:45   Hope so

01:18:47   All right teachy take us home. I

01:18:50   I came up with just five flexes. I'm not doing the 10 flexy thing anymore.

01:18:54   I was actually more surprised to open a document and see just five.

01:18:58   They're still passionate picks. I want to just reassure our listeners.

01:19:03   They have my passion in them. So, you know, it's guaranteed passion. That's what I'm gonna say.

01:19:10   iOS 15 releases the following week

01:19:14   To the public so it comes out the the week after the Apple event so starting from what is it?

01:19:21   Monday the 20th yeah, so that's that's like being more

01:19:26   That's being more specific than Myke's flexi. It's a risky flexi

01:19:31   Yeah, the week after basically iOS comes out the week after

01:19:35   The ninth generation iPad is introduced so the base model iPad

01:19:43   With a USB C connector, so I think they're gonna announce the new base model iPad and it's gonna have USB C

01:19:50   In fact, I think all of the iPads that we're gonna see now going forward will move to USB C

01:19:55   Base model the iPad air already has it

01:19:58   What's missing is the base model iPad and the iPad mini and I think Apple really wants to unify

01:20:04   The story there and so I think we're gonna see the base model iPad with the USB C

01:20:11   Third, Flexi. No date is provided for macOS Monterey.

01:20:16   I don't even think they'll talk about Monterey.

01:20:18   I don't even think they'll talk about it either, but if they mention it, it seems possible that they're gonna mention it.

01:20:26   But I don't think they will go further than a mention of macOS Monterey. They will not give us a release date for that.

01:20:33   that new AirPods announced with the MagSafe compatible case.

01:20:38   I think it could be kind of interesting to see MagSafe

01:20:42   in the AirPods case.

01:20:43   - I actually think this was part of the FTC thing.

01:20:46   This doesn't make a difference for a Flexi,

01:20:48   but I think I saw something about that too.

01:20:51   I didn't remember seeing anything about a new MagSafe,

01:20:54   but I do remember seeing something in the past few days

01:20:56   about a MagSafe and AirPod thing.

01:21:00   - So I'm happy to know that.

01:21:02   Nice. I mean, I can use the Flexi though, right?

01:21:06   - Oh yeah. - Yeah, yeah, Flexis.

01:21:07   Flexis. - Flexis, fine.

01:21:08   So AirPods with the MagSafe case could be nice.

01:21:11   And lastly, I think Apple will announce

01:21:15   at least one feature that will be coming later

01:21:19   in the iOS 15 cycle.

01:21:21   - What does this mean?

01:21:22   - Yeah, are they announcing a feature

01:21:24   or are they announcing a feature

01:21:26   that's already been announced but it's late?

01:21:28   See the difference?

01:21:30   No, at least one new feature.

01:21:32   There you go.

01:21:33   So it's new, coming to iOS.

01:21:36   So you know how, what was it called?

01:21:38   You had a win in your hands and you just dropped it.

01:21:41   No, no, no, it's fine.

01:21:43   I think they've already said all the things

01:21:45   they're gonna say about what is not coming.

01:21:48   Hold on, yes.

01:21:50   You remember when they did, what was the name?

01:21:53   The guy with a sweater feature.

01:21:55   You were all, no.

01:21:57   No.

01:21:58   Knipes, magic fusion.

01:21:59   - Magic fusion. - No.

01:22:01   - It's... - Flak...

01:22:03   Fluid fusion?

01:22:05   Cold fusion?

01:22:07   - Deep fusion. - Deep fusion.

01:22:09   Which, by the way, I just want to go on record

01:22:11   and say I think that makes my images

01:22:13   worse sometimes. It over-sharpenes

01:22:15   them and makes them look darker.

01:22:17   And I do not... I don't think I like that feature.

01:22:19   Yeah. Me neither.

01:22:21   I'm putting that on record.

01:22:22   They announced it. It was a new feature, and they said

01:22:24   it's coming later. And I think

01:22:26   they will likely do the same

01:22:28   with another new feature.

01:22:29   Portrait mode was the same too, right?

01:22:32   Portrait mode was the same, exactly.

01:22:35   There's a bunch of rumors floating around, portrait video, cinematic mode, ProRes coming

01:22:41   to the iPhone's camera, that, like especially the ProRes one, feels like easily could be

01:22:48   a feature that they announce on stage, and they said, "And this will be coming later."

01:22:53   Or maybe even say, "It will be coming in 15.1," for example.

01:22:56   Pro-roll was last year, it was one of these. Pro-roll did not ship.

01:23:01   It was coming later, and we all use it every day and love it.

01:23:05   At least one new feature coming later in the iOS 15 cycle.

01:23:10   That's it. That's the Ricky's.

01:23:12   We're done.

01:23:14   We're done. Come back next week to see who wins, who is the loser,

01:23:19   who is donating money to a worthy cause. I'm excited.

01:23:24   I mean, it's going to be St. Jude, right?

01:23:26   If it's, yeah, I mean, if it's your choice and you don't pick St. Jude in the month of

01:23:29   September National

01:23:56   I'm excited though. I'm genuinely very excited though.

01:24:01   Do it for the kids and do it for the kids at St. Jude.

01:24:05   You know, the children listening to the show. I don't know.

01:24:08   I hope children don't listen to the show.

01:24:10   Why not? It's family friendly.

01:24:12   Yeah, I know. I don't feel like we're setting a good example.

01:24:16   Yeah, I mean we did follow the rules, so that's a good example.

01:24:19   We also make the rules.

01:24:21   That's true.

01:24:22   Kids don't get to do that.

01:24:24   That's true.

01:24:25   If you want to check out the stuff in the show notes,

01:24:29   head on over to relay.fm/connected/362.

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01:24:35   You get a longer ad-free version of the show

01:24:38   each and every single week.

01:24:41   This week on the pro version of the show,

01:24:44   we talked about soundbars, we talked about microphones,

01:24:48   we talked about emails that Federico gets.

01:24:53   It was good. It was really good.

01:24:54   - It was really good.

01:24:55   - You can find us all on Twitter.

01:24:57   You can find Myke there as I-M-Y-K-E.

01:24:59   Myke, what do you have going on the rest of the week?

01:25:02   - On Saturday at 11.30 a.m. Eastern Time,

01:25:07   I'm gonna start a stream where I'm building a keyboard.

01:25:12   It was one of our fundraising goals.

01:25:14   And it's gonna take a really long time to build it.

01:25:17   Also, we're doing a draft.

01:25:19   We're doing an upgrade draft on Friday.

01:25:21   So that will be coming out on Friday and over the weekend because you know

01:25:24   We have to do these extra episodes now because we record on Mondays and Apple puts their event invites out on Tuesdays

01:25:30   So we have to squeeze in another episode. So that's coming on Friday

01:25:34   All right

01:25:36   That's gonna be fun. I'm looking forward to upgrade

01:25:38   Thank you and the stream. I don't want to pick a favorite amongst your projects. You can know the upgrade

01:25:46   You can find Federico on Twitter v. I T I CCI Federico. Give us a very quick review update if you don't mind I

01:25:53   Think I'm gonna be wrapping up the writing

01:25:58   like of the whole thing

01:26:01   tomorrow I am

01:26:03   Almost done with the everything else chapter

01:26:07   That's gonna be done tomorrow for sure and then after that it's just a conclusion

01:26:13   That's awesome. But then editing and stuff like that. Screenshots.

01:26:16   Yeah, I've been doing like writing during the day and editing at night.

01:26:22   So I'm sort of doing on parallel tracks. Day words, night words.

01:26:26   Yes, day words and night words. But once I'm done with writing, it's all gonna be editing

01:26:31   until I'm done. And I've also been preparing some really fun perks for club members this year.

01:26:39   and I'm gonna split them across the, you know, the different kinds of members that we have.

01:26:44   So it's gonna be extra fun. We're doing a lot of things this time and

01:26:48   it's gonna be a lot of editing ahead of me and I can tell you that I didn't write 75,000 words,

01:26:56   thankfully, but I still wrote 50 of them. - Just 50 words. It's a very short review.

01:27:05   Very short review, no 50,000. So it's still 25,000 fewer words than last year, so yay me.

01:27:13   But yeah, still quite a review. Yeah. You can find me on Twitter as ismh and my writing over

01:27:22   at 512pixels.net. Please go donate to St. Jude, that is stjude.org/relay. I'd like to thank our

01:27:30   sponsors this week Pingdom, Indeed, Mack Weldon, and Amazon Music. Until next week

01:27:35   gentlemen, say goodbye. Adios, bye-bye. Bye y'all.