358: Roast my Dock


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 358.

00:00:11   It's made possible this week by our sponsors,

00:00:14   Pingdom, Indeed, and Mack Weldon.

00:00:17   My name is Steven Hackett and I'm joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:20   - Hello.

00:00:21   - Hello.

00:00:22   - I have returned.

00:00:24   - And we have traded you for Federico.

00:00:26   - It's Federico's birthday this week.

00:00:28   - Yes.

00:00:29   And so if you remember, you know, back to olden times,

00:00:33   we would do this in the summer,

00:00:35   it becomes silly season on connected

00:00:37   and we all start taking weeks off.

00:00:39   And last summer that didn't really happen,

00:00:42   I think at all.

00:00:44   And this year it's happening a little bit more.

00:00:47   So you were off, then I was off,

00:00:50   now Federico's off and then next week.

00:00:52   - Next week we're all off.

00:00:54   No, I'm just kidding.

00:00:55   - Next week we're all off.

00:00:56   Next week the show ends.

00:00:57   - Next week you get ATP in this feed.

00:00:59   Next week we're all back together and we'll be celebrating

00:01:03   Real AFM's seventh? Seventh. Birthday.

00:01:07   And we have some very exciting stuff to announce next week on

00:01:10   Connected so look out for that. So if you want to be involved and wish Federico a

00:01:14   happy birthday

00:01:16   I would say send him a tweet with the weird fish emoji in it. You know what might be

00:01:19   better?

00:01:20   What would be better? Just any of the other fish.

00:01:23   Oh! Send non weird fish emoji

00:01:27   to Federico. Normal fish. Standard fish shaped fish. There's lots of fish. There's lots of

00:01:35   them. Just send them one of those. How many fish emoji are there? Lots actually. There's

00:01:39   like regular fish and then there's other types of fish and there's fish on a line. There's

00:01:43   a lot of fish. Emojipedia fish. Searching now. Oh yeah. Fish, tropical fish, blowfish

00:01:50   and fishing pole. Yep. Or fish cake. But that one. Less of a fish and more of an after fish.

00:01:59   Post fish experience. And then depending on how you define it, you've got like shark.

00:02:04   It's not a fish. There's a blowfish. Yeah, it's a fish. And there are flags that look

00:02:11   like fish. Thank you to Kobothor and the Discord for providing all the points. And then there's

00:02:15   the band. That's a different thing. There's no emoji for that. Well it is, it's an old

00:02:20   man emoji. Moving on, last week Federico and I spoke about YouTube premium light coming

00:02:30   to some countries in the European area of the world.

00:02:37   [Laughter]

00:02:38   And we had this...

00:02:41   I think it was in the Benelux countries mostly.

00:02:44   Sure.

00:02:45   And you are now wondering, is Myke making something up? If you ever heard that phrase

00:02:50   before Ben and Lux?

00:02:51   - It's like Belgium, Luxembourg, that little stretch.

00:02:55   - And a nuh, and a nuh country.

00:02:57   - Nuh, country of nuh.

00:02:59   - With a nuh in the middle, you know?

00:03:01   (laughing)

00:03:03   - It's the country of salt, 'cause salt's,

00:03:05   salt's abbreviation on the periodic table is N-A.

00:03:09   - Thanks, nerd.

00:03:10   - We're not salt, no.

00:03:11   What is salt?

00:03:12   Oh gosh, I have really messed this up.

00:03:13   Salt.

00:03:14   - Yeah, you've messed this up so bad,

00:03:15   because like one, it's spelled B-E-N-E,

00:03:19   It's not even B-E-N-A.

00:03:20   It's Benelux, not Benelux.

00:03:22   - Salt is sodium chloride, N-A-C-L.

00:03:24   I was close. - Nackel.

00:03:25   So it's Benecalux.

00:03:27   - That'd also be in the show notes.

00:03:29   So we're talking about YouTube Premium Lite,

00:03:31   and we went down this big rabbit hole of,

00:03:32   I wonder if this will include picture in picture.

00:03:34   Federico and I both totally forgot

00:03:36   that basically everyone is gonna get picture in picture.

00:03:38   It's starting out.

00:03:39   - This was one of those things.

00:03:41   I got to be a listener right to the last episode,

00:03:43   which I do actually always enjoy

00:03:44   being a listener to the episode.

00:03:47   And I got to have one of those moments

00:03:48   where I'm like, I'm talking back at you, you know?

00:03:53   That's kind of where I were.

00:03:55   Where I were?

00:03:56   Where I was.

00:03:57   Oh my God, what's happened to us today?

00:03:57   We need Federico.

00:03:59   He saves us from this.

00:04:02   You had, I had YouTube picture in picture on my iPad

00:04:05   for like three days and then it went away again.

00:04:07   - Yeah, I have it everywhere on both my phone

00:04:10   and iPad and it's fantastic.

00:04:12   - I hate you for that.

00:04:13   - Speaking of Luxembourg, Federico and I sent a call out

00:04:17   to see if we had any listeners in Luxembourg.

00:04:20   And the answer is no.

00:04:21   We had some responses of people who think

00:04:23   they're in Luxembourg or sometimes visit it.

00:04:25   So listener Cedric VD on Twitter lives in Belgium,

00:04:30   but sometimes visits Luxembourg,

00:04:32   but they do say they listen to Connected

00:04:33   while they're there.

00:04:34   So that's pretty good, it's pretty close.

00:04:36   - That's weird, like is that like a thing?

00:04:37   Like I keep Connected when I'm in Luxembourg only?

00:04:41   - Maybe.

00:04:42   - It's my Luxembourg podcast.

00:04:44   - And this sounds like an episode of "Ungenious,"

00:04:46   but it's not.

00:04:47   Listen, Tyler lives in Luxembourg, Minnesota,

00:04:51   but it's spelled differently.

00:04:52   - Interesting, I like that.

00:04:54   - It has a population of about 600.

00:04:57   Get this, his great grandfather's family

00:05:00   moved there from the country of Luxembourg

00:05:02   in the early 1900s.

00:05:04   Maybe they got confused, like,

00:05:05   "Oh, there's another Luxembourg.

00:05:07   "Oh, it's in Minnesota," but it was too late to go back.

00:05:09   - Or it's like, if we're gonna move,

00:05:10   we may as well move to Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

00:05:13   - Or like New England, New York, New Jersey.

00:05:15   - Yeah, it's like, well, we know we like Luxembourg,

00:05:18   but we have to leave, so let's just go to the other one.

00:05:20   - Mm-hmm.

00:05:22   - I'm currently scrolling through our hosting provider

00:05:25   to ascertain if we do actually have any listeners

00:05:28   from Luxembourg.

00:05:29   - Yeah, I mean, I could have done that,

00:05:30   but that was a lot of work.

00:05:32   - The answer is 21, no, 142 people apparently

00:05:37   listened to an episode.

00:05:42   Let me see about, maybe I should check

00:05:44   last week's episode specifically.

00:05:46   - Check last week's episode, yeah.

00:05:48   - Because they may not have gotten to it yet, right?

00:05:50   It would be, honestly, I would be quite disappointed

00:05:53   if that number's correct and not one of them reached out.

00:05:57   I feel like I would be excited about that.

00:05:59   Okay, nine.

00:06:00   There are nine people who listened

00:06:02   to last week's episode from Luxembourg.

00:06:04   - Look, the nine of you,

00:06:05   assuming you were using a VPN to get into Luxembourg,

00:06:08   you need to let us know who you are.

00:06:09   - Can you imagine?

00:06:10   Maybe that's like a long con, right?

00:06:12   There's just like four people from like, I don't know, Australia and they're doing the

00:06:17   Luxembourg thing because we spoke about it.

00:06:20   Maybe.

00:06:21   I'm disappointed in those nine people from Luxembourg, honestly.

00:06:24   Come on, y'all.

00:06:25   This was your time to shine.

00:06:27   Represent your tiny country.

00:06:28   Yeah.

00:06:29   I know nothing about Luxembourg except the size.

00:06:31   It's really nice, isn't it?

00:06:32   Is it nice?

00:06:33   Luxembourg?

00:06:34   Yeah.

00:06:35   I mean, I don't know.

00:06:36   I've never been there.

00:06:37   I mean luxury's right in the name.

00:06:38   Oh boy.

00:06:39   It's also full of robots, hence the Borg that also exists in the name.

00:06:42   OtterBox is making a MagSafe game controller clip.

00:06:47   This is more really information for Federico.

00:06:50   I think people probably sent this to him too.

00:06:52   I did want to state, I'm meaning to tell Federico this privately but forgot.

00:06:58   Speak to him right now, directly.

00:06:59   I know, I'm doing it now.

00:07:02   He was talking about issues or pains in his hands when playing games for a long time with

00:07:06   his iPhone, right?

00:07:07   I'm not sure that mounting a phone to a game controller is going to make that better.

00:07:12   Because I think the main issue with this stuff is the weight.

00:07:15   I've always found it's like one of my main issues with this stuff is like heavy devices.

00:07:21   So like put just like mounting the game control like underneath the phone.

00:07:26   I think it's going to add a lot of weight and would would actually put pressure on his

00:07:29   wrists.

00:07:30   So I'd be keen to know if it ends up because he was saying it was his wrists more than

00:07:34   his fingers that were hurting him, which would suggest to me that it wasn't the fact that

00:07:38   the button placement was on screen, but that he was holding the phone for so long and playing

00:07:44   it. So I'll be keen to see if it works for him, this thing, but I wonder, I do wonder

00:07:48   if he's already got the MagSafe OtterBox thing on order, probably, because, you know, he

00:07:54   loves MagSafe.

00:07:55   Yeah, I mean, it'd be easier to like get in and out of this mode if you just like pop

00:08:00   it on there with the magnet. The thing he had had like clamps and stuff on it. I mean,

00:08:03   it clamps. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, the MagSafe, that's a really good idea. Way to go Otterbox.

00:08:08   box. They're smart people over there. They make a lot of cool things.

00:08:11   Well they own...

00:08:13   PopSocket?

00:08:14   Well they have the strategic partnership of PopSuckers. Is it PopSocket? Yeah I think it is.

00:08:18   I think they do.

00:08:19   Federico asked why no space gray for the new Magic Keyboard? And I was kind of

00:08:24   surprised that you didn't mention this specifically. Again I'm being like a

00:08:28   really annoying listener this week.

00:08:29   No I love feedback remember? You can email me on the...

00:08:31   I can't believe nobody mentioned...

00:08:33   Why is no one talking about this?!

00:08:35   There's nobody talking about this.

00:08:36   There probably is no space gray for the new Magic keyboards

00:08:40   because they're gonna wait to do those for Pro machines,

00:08:43   I would expect.

00:08:44   - Maybe.

00:08:45   - So the new Magic keyboards with Touch ID,

00:08:46   they'll be like a black one if they have a black iMac Pro

00:08:50   or something in the future.

00:08:51   - I had the thought the other day,

00:08:53   I was, I had my next cube out doing something with it

00:08:57   and which you'll find out about sooner or later.

00:09:00   - What could it be?

00:09:01   - And I thought,

00:09:04   This is what the new Mac Pro should be.

00:09:06   Like just...

00:09:07   Ahh.

00:09:08   It's too big. It's huge.

00:09:10   The... the... the... like... it...

00:09:11   From the image that you sent me, like I could see the texture of it seems a bit gross looking to me.

00:09:17   Oh yeah it is. But I mean like just like a black box.

00:09:20   Right right right right right right right right right.

00:09:22   You wouldn't want it to keep that style of your one?

00:09:25   I don't know. I mean I love mine.

00:09:26   I think I would like it to, personally.

00:09:29   Keep that... keep that kind of...

00:09:30   Even though I don't like all of the holes.

00:09:33   I think I would like it to keep that aesthetic because it does look cool even though it also

00:09:38   freaks me out.

00:09:39   You can just like reach down there and feel them.

00:09:41   They're very smooth inside.

00:09:42   I got them on the back of my display too.

00:09:45   You don't cut yourself in one of those?

00:09:47   No.

00:09:48   No?

00:09:49   Who do you think made this?

00:09:50   It's very smooth.

00:09:51   Did we actually answer what you said about keyboards?

00:09:53   Oh, wait for a pro machine.

00:09:54   Yeah.

00:09:55   Pro machines.

00:09:56   Yeah, I think it's going to be pro machines is when you get the gray ones.

00:09:58   I bought my wife one of those keyboards that showed up the other day.

00:10:01   Set up really easily.

00:10:02   So now she has Touch ID when her computer's in clamshell mode.

00:10:05   She's excited about it.

00:10:06   Sometimes I upgrade things in her setup

00:10:09   and there's not a lot of feedback about it.

00:10:12   But this time she was pretty psyched about it.

00:10:16   - Well, a lot of the time it is just a minor annoyance.

00:10:18   - Yeah, it's like, oh, I need your computer for two hours

00:10:20   so I can migrate your stuff to it.

00:10:22   (laughing)

00:10:23   - It's like, I don't want this.

00:10:24   I don't want what you're doing for me.

00:10:26   Also again, more feedback for you.

00:10:28   So my keyboard under the desk,

00:10:32   It is velcro attached. That's how I do that. It's like sticky velcro tape.

00:10:36   I do like the feeling that it makes me feel like a Bond villain when I turn my computer on.

00:10:41   And I needed to charge it for the first time a couple of days ago.

00:10:44   But it was totally fine because the yellow braided cable reaches perfectly

00:10:48   from the power outlet that I've got on my desk with a USB, like a plug adapter,

00:10:55   just to charge it because I have the lightning port is facing towards me.

00:10:59   So I could just plug it in. Perfect.

00:11:01   I'm happy that it's worked out for you.

00:11:03   - I'm very happy with this solution.

00:11:04   I would still though like them to just make

00:11:07   a wireless touch ID button, just a button, and that's it.

00:11:10   Be a really great fidget toy.

00:11:13   - It could be really cool too.

00:11:14   Like it'd have like a top you have to flip up,

00:11:17   like in a jet fighter to launch a missile.

00:11:21   - Surely one of these like super smart hacker people

00:11:23   could like make one of those.

00:11:25   - It's in the secure enclave, baby.

00:11:27   - Nah, but you know like the people that like

00:11:28   they take apart a PlayStation and put it inside

00:11:31   like a matchbox or whatever, right?

00:11:33   Like--

00:11:34   - I haven't seen that YouTube video.

00:11:35   (laughing)

00:11:36   - I feel like someone should be able to do this.

00:11:40   - I want to point people to upgrade episode 365.

00:11:45   You really could have done something clever

00:11:46   with the Summer of Fun in 365, I thought, but--

00:11:49   - Do you really think, was it the week for fun?

00:11:51   - No, because you talked about Apple

00:11:53   and the child safety stuff.

00:11:56   - Mm-hmm, yep.

00:11:58   - You guys did a really good job with it.

00:11:59   I listened to the segment, part of it live

00:12:01   and the part of it later, and you and Jason

00:12:05   basically said anything that I would want to say,

00:12:07   so it's actually not gonna be in this episode of Connected.

00:12:10   I just wanna point people there.

00:12:11   I think, I mean, if I had been on that episode,

00:12:14   I would've been in agreement with how you'll handle it,

00:12:15   how you spoke about it.

00:12:16   It's very complicated.

00:12:17   It's okay that there's nuance in it.

00:12:19   And if you haven't kept up with this,

00:12:23   it's a very, it's just very complicated.

00:12:25   And I think y'all did a good job

00:12:27   sort of untangling it for people.

00:12:29   I didn't want to talk about it again today.

00:12:31   - Yeah, it's just, it's heavy and complicated and--

00:12:35   - Well I know as well, like if we did it,

00:12:37   I'm just gonna do another 45 hours where I'm screaming

00:12:39   and then I'm gonna be tired again.

00:12:41   And I've already done that, so people can go check it out.

00:12:44   And as you say, like, it's incredibly complicated.

00:12:48   There's so many points of view.

00:12:50   I don't really think there's anything else

00:12:51   we could add to it today, particularly.

00:12:54   You know, I was thinking about this,

00:12:55   like I don't really feel like it's a thing

00:12:57   that's going to change.

00:12:58   Like it just is what it is and you can now have your opinion on it.

00:13:01   And that's, I think that's kind of going to be the end of it for now.

00:13:05   I think that's fair. One last thing. It's not really follow up.

00:13:09   It's not really follow out. It's kind of just in between. Uh,

00:13:13   we have a sale on our relay FM challenge coins. Go get one.

00:13:17   If you want to celebrate a birthday, company birthday,

00:13:21   go buy a relay FM challenge coin and put a link in the show notes.

00:13:24   That's a good segue. I didn't know how to get from CCAM to this.

00:13:27   So good job.

00:13:28   - Yeah, there isn't, you just got to embrace it.

00:13:31   Just be like, all right, the next thing is this.

00:13:34   - They're really good.

00:13:35   You want to hear mine on the desk?

00:13:36   - Yep.

00:13:37   - Very good.

00:13:38   - That sounded like it really went for it.

00:13:41   You're gonna need a new desk on top of this.

00:13:44   - I'm very strong.

00:13:45   - I could probably do a couple more actually.

00:13:46   Maybe I'll buy some.

00:13:48   They're on sale.

00:13:49   Now's the time.

00:13:52   I have a thing I would like to bring

00:13:57   to the former Mac genius, Stephen Hackett.

00:14:00   I'm running into some problems with my MacBook Pro,

00:14:02   my M1 MacBook Pro, where multiple times a day

00:14:06   I get a box that pops up that says,

00:14:08   "Your system has run out of application memory."

00:14:11   - Just open it up and put more RAM in it.

00:14:12   - Yeah, exactly, and then it suggests

00:14:14   that I start force quitting applications,

00:14:16   and I'm finding this to be very frustrating.

00:14:18   It was doing it to me constantly today.

00:14:20   I had them restart my computer,

00:14:21   and it's like, "Maybe this will help."

00:14:23   I don't really know what to do about this.

00:14:25   I feel like there's nothing I can do about it.

00:14:27   It's not like I have applications open that I don't use.

00:14:31   The apps that I have open,

00:14:32   they're things that I use multiple times a day, every day,

00:14:36   and I don't wanna just be quitting apps.

00:14:38   So I think for me personally, I have answered the question.

00:14:42   Remember we had that question,

00:14:43   is 16 gigabytes of RAM enough on an M1 MacBook Pro?

00:14:46   I'll tell you, the answer's no,

00:14:47   because that's what I have in it,

00:14:49   and constantly I'm getting this.

00:14:51   But it's weird to me because I never get out my iMac.

00:14:55   - So I did some homework on this

00:14:57   because it's also come up a good bit in the MPU forms.

00:15:01   - Right.

00:15:02   - It definitely seems more likely to happen

00:15:04   to people with eight gigabytes of memory

00:15:05   as you would imagine.

00:15:07   And it seems like some people don't have this problem at all

00:15:11   or you have it all the time.

00:15:13   And there's nothing in between for whatever reason.

00:15:16   - Interesting.

00:15:16   I've been having it very frequently recently.

00:15:19   - But only on one of your systems, right?

00:15:21   And I've never had it on my M1.

00:15:24   I don't think Mary's ever had it on hers.

00:15:26   And if you do some Googling around,

00:15:29   this has actually been a problem

00:15:31   that some people have reported since like 2017.

00:15:34   So while it may be worse on the M1 Max, it's not--

00:15:39   - It's not exclusive to--

00:15:41   - Yes, that's what we're looking for,

00:15:42   not exclusive to them.

00:15:43   So I was like, well, did they change something

00:15:45   about the way paging works and not that I can find?

00:15:48   So I really don't have a good answer for you.

00:15:50   At least that I've seen,

00:15:51   Apple doesn't seem to have an answer for this either.

00:15:53   Are you good on free space storage wise?

00:15:57   - I don't know off the top of my head.

00:15:59   - Like maybe it's trying to page out

00:16:01   and you don't have any free SSD space?

00:16:03   - I'll go check that during the next outbreak

00:16:06   and I'll tell you how much space I have on the SSD.

00:16:08   Like that, I guess that could maybe make sense, right?

00:16:10   That it hasn't got enough to do.

00:16:11   Is it swaps?

00:16:12   Is that what it's called?

00:16:13   Yeah, maybe that's it.

00:16:14   I mean, I can't imagine.

00:16:16   And again, you know, like sometimes your storage

00:16:19   can just get away from you, right?

00:16:20   like you don't really realize what you've got going on.

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00:17:41   - I have 600 gigabytes of free space available,

00:17:46   so I don't think that's the issue.

00:17:47   And currently right now I have 16 gigabytes of memory, 12 gigabytes being used, 3.8 gigabytes

00:17:53   of cache files, and 130 megabytes of swap.

00:17:56   None of that sounds bananas to me, I don't think.

00:17:59   Who knows, maybe like a restart helps every now and then.

00:18:02   Maybe.

00:18:03   I don't know.

00:18:04   Because I was noticing some things were like, you know like Dropbox was like a gigabyte.

00:18:07   It's like that seems like too much.

00:18:10   And right now it's a 420, so blaze it.

00:18:14   Safari is a big culprit for me, I think.

00:18:17   not as bad as, not as bad as Chrome. Well, because the thing I, the main, the main, like

00:18:23   if I look at an activity monitor, for Safari it's Google Docs and Google Drive seem to

00:18:28   be the bigger culprits. I bet that would actually be better in Chrome. So, up next let's talk

00:18:33   about iOS 15 Beta 5. No Safari changes. There are a couple like super minor things. I will

00:18:42   give a little pro tip here if use your phone in dark mode and you don't like

00:18:48   the tab bar bouncing between dark and light you can turn off the setting to

00:18:53   use the blur on the bottom tab it's in the Safari settings and that helps it

00:18:59   stay matching to the dark mode you set your phone in but yeah no it's still

00:19:04   Safari 15 it's still bad it's still mostly terribly unusable I mean they

00:19:11   I made some tweaks to the iPad, mostly visual ones.

00:19:14   It cleaned that up a little bit, the tabs in my opinion.

00:19:17   I mean, I'm getting used to it,

00:19:19   but they put a new little outline around the address bar.

00:19:22   I don't really know why. - Fixed.

00:19:24   - I think they're gonna ship it.

00:19:28   - Yeah, my thought is if we get to beta six

00:19:30   and this is still how it is, then this is what it is.

00:19:33   - I don't think it's gonna,

00:19:34   I think they'll make some tweaks,

00:19:37   continue to make tweaks like they have been

00:19:38   to what we've got.

00:19:40   but I don't think they're going to revert it.

00:19:44   I just asked just where I will put my money on this

00:19:47   right now, I think that's what they're gonna,

00:19:50   I think that's what they're gonna go with.

00:19:52   - I can't wait for like the public to discover this design.

00:19:55   It's gonna be great.

00:19:57   It's not gonna be great.

00:19:59   There's some new weather stuff too, new weather icon.

00:20:02   And something that I've noticed basically immediately

00:20:05   is that a lot of apps now have those splash screens,

00:20:09   lot of Apple apps where they tell you this is what this app does in terms of

00:20:13   privacy or this is new features in this app. The biggest one I think is reminders

00:20:18   that has like you have to like scroll not that you can tell because it's not a

00:20:23   scroll bar but directions on how smart lists work. Yeah there's a lot of it.

00:20:28   There's a lot of text on that one like really going into detail it's like a

00:20:32   manual but I'm not complaining like it I like the way that this page is designed

00:20:38   We'll put a link in the show notes to a tweet that has it from @talkaboutdesign.

00:20:45   And I think it's good.

00:20:47   If it's a complicated feature, people might want to know about it, and this seems to go

00:20:52   into detail about how it works.

00:20:54   So go for it, I guess.

00:20:56   They've also tweaked the shortcuts "allow," "always allow" in that business.

00:21:04   It seems to be a little bit better for me, but I haven't spent a ton of time on my phone

00:21:09   since yesterday.

00:21:10   So it seems like so this is Alan Miller on Twitter was posting about this that one they

00:21:16   were showing a bunch of like sample data in the privacy alert, but then also allow once

00:21:23   allow always allow don't allow things what we have before I was just wondering like if

00:21:28   they're tweaking that kind of stuff.

00:21:29   Maybe they will have fixed what was very clearly a bug that you two were talking about last

00:21:34   week, you know, in that it seems to just randomly continue to give you the alert.

00:21:40   This is actually not a bug I have. Oh man. With the shortcuts that I use on my

00:21:46   iPad, I never get like re-asked to do the always allowing thing and I am

00:21:52   doing some stuff like I'm, you know, I'm like uploading one to Dropbox or

00:21:55   whatever so like I have like a receipt thing so I would see that like, you know,

00:22:01   because it's one of the things where I have to do the allow, but no it doesn't happen.

00:22:05   I'd rather have to hit always allow more than one time than have my computer being out of application memory.

00:22:11   [laughs]

00:22:13   Which isn't even really a thing.

00:22:14   Yeah, well I guess that's the great thing about the iPad compared to the Mac.

00:22:18   Didn't you switch back to the Mac?

00:22:20   Yeah, well now maybe I'll go back again.

00:22:22   I was getting very frustrated when that thing was happening to me,

00:22:25   because it was kind of like, "iOS deals with this, just deal with it.

00:22:29   Why are you telling me to force quit things?

00:22:31   Just deal with it.

00:22:32   I was that's how I was getting frustrated about it today.

00:22:35   It was annoying me.

00:22:36   It's like I don't feel like the computer should be asking me

00:22:39   to force quit applications like the computer can just handle it.

00:22:42   Suspend an app like, you know what I'm doing.

00:22:45   Just suspend the application like it's fine.

00:22:48   No, make me force quit instead.

00:22:51   And there are new icons in shortcuts like for you to add to a shortcut.

00:22:57   and it seems like there's a selection of new ones.

00:22:59   I still just want to be able to have like

00:23:01   either all of SF symbols or just emoji, you know?

00:23:04   Same thing I wanted forever.

00:23:05   - Yeah, and you can do that in reminders.

00:23:07   You can have a list and just put an emoji in front of it,

00:23:11   but oh no, if it's on, if it's in shortcuts,

00:23:15   you can't do it.

00:23:15   That's the sort of thing that just would be standardized

00:23:17   across Apple apps.

00:23:18   Mark Gurman's back.

00:23:20   - I feel like you always say that, like he goes away.

00:23:22   - He does, he goes out into the wilderness

00:23:25   and he gathers up Apple rumors in his little basket

00:23:28   and then he comes back and dumps them out on the table.

00:23:30   And he's come back with a bunch of stuff

00:23:32   about the iPhone 13, which is pretty interesting.

00:23:36   Do we wanna start with the camera rumors?

00:23:38   - Yeah, tell me all about it.

00:23:39   - So, Germin reports that a video version

00:23:44   of portrait mode will be coming.

00:23:47   My guess is probably just to the Pro phones.

00:23:51   I think he sort of talks about that a little bit later on

00:23:54   that, hey, a lot of this camera stuff

00:23:55   may just be for the pro phones.

00:23:57   But basically it would be portrait mode for video.

00:24:00   Internally it's dubbed cinematic video,

00:24:02   which I could totally see Apple just calling it that.

00:24:05   'Cause everything has to have a proper name

00:24:08   if you're a feature written by an Apple engineer.

00:24:10   This will be paired with the ability to record video

00:24:13   in a higher quality format called ProRes.

00:24:17   This is Apple's lossy video compression format.

00:24:20   It supports up to 8K.

00:24:21   It's been around a long time.

00:24:23   A lot of cameras shoot natively in ProRes,

00:24:26   and Final Cut you can render into ProRes

00:24:29   and then use the afterburner card if you have a Mac Pro.

00:24:32   And it is sort of thought that this would be

00:24:34   the higher end video codec option

00:24:39   as like a sibling to ProRAW for photos

00:24:41   that they introduced last year.

00:24:43   - Does anybody use the ProRAW?

00:24:45   I mean, I'm sure some people do.

00:24:46   - I don't.

00:24:47   - I never feel like I ever hear anything about that.

00:24:50   - Yeah, I don't.

00:24:53   I don't.

00:24:54   Is that bad?

00:24:55   - No, why would it be?

00:24:56   Like I felt like do you consider yourself

00:24:58   a professional photographer?

00:24:59   - I mean, not really.

00:25:01   - Although you did make a calendar.

00:25:02   You know, I make an account.

00:25:03   - I did make a calendar.

00:25:05   I'm pro as heck.

00:25:06   That's what we're saying.

00:25:08   - I just feel like I tried like playing around with halide.

00:25:12   I think I just like raw is just, it's more than I need.

00:25:16   Like it's, I don't really know what I'm doing with it.

00:25:18   And to be honest, it feels like it would add a layer

00:25:21   of complexity that I'm not really looking for?

00:25:25   - Yeah, I feel like if I'm gonna shoot a picture

00:25:28   that I want those options for,

00:25:31   that I would like to think that I may have,

00:25:34   may already have my big camera with me.

00:25:36   It is not something I think like,

00:25:37   oh, I should have, you know, I should shoot raw.

00:25:40   - Do you shoot in raw?

00:25:42   - I do on my Sony, yeah.

00:25:44   - Why?

00:25:44   - So I can do lots of additional editing.

00:25:46   - 'Cause I guess for you,

00:25:49   in the times that you would even consider using RAW on the phone,

00:25:55   you would already have your actual camera.

00:25:57   I think so.

00:25:58   It feels like to do the RAW thing, you are like making the decision in advance,

00:26:04   like I'm going to shoot in RAW now, you know, like that's what I'm going to do.

00:26:08   So I'm sure some people leave it on all the time,

00:26:10   but I would expect most people wouldn't because the file sizes are much larger.

00:26:14   Yeah, I just feel like the pro RAW thing is something that I maybe

00:26:18   was expecting to hear more about. I don't know why. Maybe I kind of conflated it wrong

00:26:24   in my brain where it's like every year when Apple has their like, we're bringing out Phil

00:26:29   Schiller now Greg to Jaws React to talk about the new thing in the camera, right? That it

00:26:34   becomes a big thing, you know, like portrait mode and what was the, what is the one with

00:26:41   the, where it does the sweater thing? You know what I'm talking about?

00:26:44   Uh, deep fusion.

00:26:45   Yeah, and it's like that becomes just like a big part of the camera.

00:26:49   So like maybe I kind of gotten used to like, oh this segment means like this is the thing

00:26:53   that's going to be important to everyone.

00:26:55   But I guess ProRAW is very like, no, it's not for you.

00:27:00   Like it's really like for people that take images professionally on an iPhone.

00:27:09   I guess it's more for that.

00:27:10   I mean it's a fringy thing I think.

00:27:13   So in addition to all that video stuff, there's also going to be a new filter-like system

00:27:18   that improves the look of colors and photos.

00:27:22   And so Germin goes on into more detail saying that instead of just laying one filter across

00:27:28   the entire picture, that Apple is going to use the recognition it already has in the

00:27:33   camera to recognize faces and objects and pets and precisely apply changes to just the

00:27:43   the part of the photos that you would want.

00:27:44   And so instead of having to maybe brighten the whole photo

00:27:47   if someone's in a little bit of shadow,

00:27:48   you could just bring up the skin tones

00:27:50   or just bring up the shadow on their face

00:27:52   and not necessarily the surrounding background

00:27:55   is sort of how I read this.

00:27:56   - I mean, I would really like this for photos.

00:27:58   - Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

00:28:00   - Right, like I would really like this.

00:28:02   Like, you know, when I edit pictures,

00:28:04   like sometimes I want to make adjustments to the color

00:28:08   but without changing the skin tones.

00:28:11   And so like, you know, like I want to change like the color of the sky or the color of like,

00:28:16   you know, the background behind or even the color of the clothing, but I don't want to make like my

00:28:22   wife's face like be red, you know. So then I have to like pull back on what I'm looking for. But so

00:28:30   that would be super interesting if I could do that. One thing I was thinking about too is like

00:28:34   if they could create some stuff that could be used like you've probably seen, I know that neither

00:28:39   than me or you do the TikTok.

00:28:42   But I'm sure you've seen like TikTok videos that are made

00:28:45   where like you basically have a green screen effect

00:28:47   kind of behind you and people put like things behind them.

00:28:50   I was thinking Apple could try and do something like that

00:28:52   if they wanted to maybe, could be interesting.

00:28:54   Like bake that into the iPhone

00:28:56   and make that like a part of it.

00:28:57   Like you could say like, well, just this is the person,

00:29:01   everything that's behind the person replace of this.

00:29:04   - Sounds like a clips feature, honestly.

00:29:06   Like put it in there.

00:29:07   - I mean, for all I know,

00:29:09   Steven Clips already does this, but I--

00:29:11   - Yeah, I don't have it installed.

00:29:13   Yeah, and I think he's not clear on this,

00:29:17   but my assumption would be this filtering

00:29:19   would be in the photos app, not the camera app.

00:29:22   But you know, for a while they had filters

00:29:25   in the camera app.

00:29:25   Do you remember that?

00:29:26   And then they ditched them.

00:29:28   But for a while you could like, yeah, in like iOS--

00:29:32   - No, they ditched them.

00:29:33   - Yeah, they're gone, I think.

00:29:35   - No, they're there.

00:29:36   - Are they camera?

00:29:37   yeah, you got to do that swipe up thing where you get the additional settings

00:29:41   and there's a like a little three ring in the world of laying each other and

00:29:47   then you can go in and you can get filters. I honestly, I would expect if

00:29:51   they're going to do this, they would do it live to live because that's apples

00:29:57   whole thing right like you go swipe up, so you get like the additional settings

00:30:01   and then you can go to vivid one looks like I would imagine like so for me

00:30:06   like for me, the idea of having a filter that is applied afterwards, that feels like a Samsung

00:30:12   thing, right? It's just like, we'll just do this, it's gonna work, it's gonna be great.

00:30:16   Apple's whole bag is like, look how good our technology and chips are and stuff, like they

00:30:21   go the extra mile sometimes unnecessarily. But then if you take it in the camera, then

00:30:25   it's in the image and in photos you can undo things. Maybe it's both places. I mean, those

00:30:30   same, vivid, cool, whatever are also in the photos editing screen, so maybe it just lives

00:30:35   where those things live. If that was the case though I feel like that they would

00:30:38   they should change that like the idea like if you take it with the filter on

00:30:41   then it's gonna be like I feel like they should save the image and in the

00:30:44   metadata right that will let's see you're gonna try it now I'm gonna take a

00:30:48   dramatic warm photo so it looks like it's Instagram in 2012 they are so like

00:30:54   all of Apple's filters like I hope that they get that the plan is to redo all of

00:30:58   these because it is very like hipstamatic you know like they're not

00:31:03   very good because plus anyway like color filters they're just not a thing that

00:31:07   people do anymore so I would be intrigued what this would look like.

00:31:10   I went to go edit it and it had the dramatic warm filter applied to it in

00:31:14   the photos edit screen so I can just change it back to original and it's

00:31:18   there. So yeah that's very good then and they don't they don't bake that in.

00:31:21   Mark Gurman also he also just confirmed a bunch of stuff from previous reports

00:31:27   that they're gonna have the 5.4 and 6.1 inch phones and the 6.7 inch

00:31:33   phone so mini, two regular sizes and a max, smaller notch, new screen technology, faster

00:31:39   refresh rate and faster A15 system on a chip. So all the kind of stuff that we're going

00:31:46   through. I mentioned this to Jason the other day, I see if it makes you feel the same as

00:31:51   it made him feel. So I got a little chip in the rail of my phone, just like a very tiny

00:32:00   It's just enough that I feel it every now and then but say hey, but I think I've done pretty well to be honest

00:32:05   I've had no case in this phone the entire time. So honestly, I've never damaged a phone. So I don't really I can't relate to this

00:32:10   Yeah, you couldn't you couldn't sympathize at all

00:32:13   You couldn't sympathize at all with a very lightly damaged phone that doesn't all impact the usage of it

00:32:20   If I break a phone I go all the way baby. And when I did it I kind of was like, oh, that's fine

00:32:25   I'll probably have a new one in like six weeks

00:32:29   That's very soon, isn't it?

00:32:31   Yeah, how is that possible?

00:32:33   Isn't it?

00:32:34   I don't, I don't like it.

00:32:35   Isn't that wild? It's not far at all.

00:32:39   No, there's a lot of things coming up at us on our calendar very quickly.

00:32:42   I mean, the end of the year is like here, man.

00:32:44   Yeah, yeah, it hit me harder in also understanding what's happening in about that length of time from now.

00:32:51   We'll hear about it next time.

00:32:52   Yep, of course they could delay the phones or whatever, but I mean,

00:32:57   I mean, but my personal thought is it's gonna be a September announcement and who knows

00:33:03   and they, you know, like from the owners report they were saying they'll be constrained.

00:33:06   I imagine that it's, you know, it's gonna be hard to get them for a bit, I guess.

00:33:10   I just have no gauge of like, will they come out in September? Will they come out in October?

00:33:15   Like maybe the, I mean, they've been all over the place the last few years. I mean, even

00:33:19   going back to like the 8 and 10, remember the 8 came out and the 10 was later and they

00:33:23   will be out this fall. That's all I can, that's all I'm willing to say.

00:33:26   - I think it's gonna be September

00:33:27   because they didn't give--

00:33:28   - Think they're just gonna nail it?

00:33:30   - Well, they didn't give an indication

00:33:32   on the last earnings call that they wouldn't start

00:33:35   having sales in September.

00:33:36   - Oh yeah.

00:33:37   - It would be in their best interest to say that.

00:33:39   I think if they thought that wasn't going to happen,

00:33:42   they just said they're going to be supply constrained.

00:33:45   They didn't say it's coming later.

00:33:48   So some will be on sale in September would be my guess.

00:33:51   I don't know when in September.

00:33:53   and then the rest will mostly be on sale through October.

00:33:57   - I'm excited.

00:33:57   You know, in his tweet, he was like,

00:33:59   "This is a minor update."

00:34:00   It's like, this all sounds pretty good to me.

00:34:03   - I think people are, I feel, undervaluing the screen.

00:34:07   - The high refresh rate?

00:34:11   - High refresh rate potentially always on display.

00:34:13   I think that's gonna be a big,

00:34:15   I think that's gonna be a pretty big feature,

00:34:17   but at the moment, because we can't see it or experience it,

00:34:20   and nobody knows what an iPhone would be like

00:34:22   with a 120 hertz refresh rate display.

00:34:26   It's kinda just feels like it's not gonna be a lot,

00:34:28   but I think it's gonna be pretty mega.

00:34:31   I'm super excited about it.

00:34:33   - I'll be too, as long as you can turn it off.

00:34:35   - Yeah, it's gonna suck for you.

00:34:36   - I'll just have to use it.

00:34:37   Oh no, all the Android phones already have it.

00:34:40   Oh no. (laughs)

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00:36:21   Roast my doc, Steven.

00:36:23   Roasted, baby.

00:36:24   I'm gonna roast it.

00:36:25   I'm gonna do yours or mine first.

00:36:29   Let's do yours first.

00:36:30   This is just in the document first.

00:36:31   So people may remember we did Roast My Man Ubar a while ago.

00:36:35   The three of us enjoyed that segment so much that we thought we would actually just make

00:36:38   it like a thing that we'll do every now and again.

00:36:41   And doc was an obvious one.

00:36:44   because Stevens no Stevens here oh my how old am I I'm getting the two of you

00:36:49   mixed up now because Federico's away this week we figured we may as well just

00:36:53   do a Mac one now because you know they've got to give them just the stock

00:36:58   doc with like the books admitted still oh thank goodness I get to I movie so

00:37:02   quickly all right let's talk about doc settings first and then we talk about

00:37:07   what's in the doc how about that yeah you you took it and turned it by adding

00:37:10   this one in there. This is the worst, so this is the second worst system preference pane

00:37:15   at for keyboard, they're both terrible, but my dock is on the right hand side. It is pretty

00:37:23   big it basically takes the whole screen top to bottom and it moves. I was really surprised

00:37:28   about the size indicator of yours because that makes it seem like it would be the biggest

00:37:35   - No, it's not huge.

00:37:37   - The icon's not large?

00:37:38   - The dock isn't even as wide as the clock.

00:37:41   Right now my clock says 1255 p.m.,

00:37:43   the dock isn't even as wide as that.

00:37:45   - I guess for you, maybe what Apple considers small and large

00:37:50   is different to magnification, right?

00:37:53   Magnification is size of icons,

00:37:54   small and large is like height or length of the dock,

00:37:59   which is weird.

00:38:00   - And it's variable dependent on the number of things

00:38:02   you have in the dock,

00:38:03   and I tend to have a lot of things in my dock, so.

00:38:05   - Yeah, and you have a massive display, so.

00:38:09   - Magnification is turned off because I'm not an animal.

00:38:12   I noticed on yours, we'll get to this,

00:38:14   but your magnification is set to max,

00:38:16   but then you unchecked it.

00:38:17   It was like, at one point he had it all the way up.

00:38:19   Position on the screen, like I said, is right.

00:38:21   I use the Genie effect to minimize windows.

00:38:24   Double-clicking the windows title bar, minimize,

00:38:25   I think all that stuff is stock.

00:38:27   I animate opening applications.

00:38:31   The dock is always visible.

00:38:33   You show recent applications in the dock.

00:38:37   That is interesting to me.

00:38:39   - Because there's some things like transmit

00:38:42   or forecast or something I may need pretty often,

00:38:45   but not often enough to want them in the dock.

00:38:47   So most of the time they're just hanging out down there.

00:38:50   It's also great if you accidentally quit an application,

00:38:52   you can very quickly get back to it.

00:38:54   - But I do feel like I mostly launch my applications

00:38:58   from Alfred.

00:38:59   - So here's the thing, so do I.

00:39:01   In a way, the dock for me is legacy.

00:39:04   It's a way to see what's running

00:39:06   and I can drag things from Finder

00:39:07   into different applications,

00:39:09   but I very rarely launch things from it, I feel like.

00:39:13   I really tried to pay attention to that this past week

00:39:15   'cause I knew this was coming.

00:39:16   And...

00:39:17   - Yeah, I feel like I'm pretty mixed.

00:39:19   I know I do it, but it's nowhere near as often.

00:39:21   - Yeah.

00:39:22   And I keep my dock fully visible.

00:39:23   I think I said that, but I don't have it hide

00:39:25   and then reappear.

00:39:26   That doesn't make any sense to me.

00:39:28   Top to bottom, I guess, 'cause I have it on the side

00:39:31   where it belongs.

00:39:32   Here's the thing about that.

00:39:33   I'm just gonna wander straight into the hottest fire

00:39:37   in the pit of Mac OS fandom hell.

00:39:40   The dock doesn't belong in the bottom

00:39:42   because you have less real estate top to bottom

00:39:45   on your screen.

00:39:46   Put it on the side so you can have more

00:39:49   vertical real estate.

00:39:50   Why would you have it on the bottom?

00:39:52   Why would you do that?

00:39:53   Don't do that.

00:39:54   - Lots of people do.

00:39:55   - Yeah, and it's wrong.

00:39:56   - But I don't know why they do.

00:39:57   - Lots of people smoke.

00:39:58   They shouldn't smoke, you know?

00:40:01   That's what I'm comparing this to.

00:40:02   Okay, top to bottom.

00:40:03   - That's odd.

00:40:05   That's an odd, like a really odd comparison.

00:40:08   - I was gonna say a lot of people think

00:40:10   you shouldn't get the vaccine,

00:40:11   but I didn't wanna go into that,

00:40:12   so I said smoking is terrible.

00:40:13   (laughing)

00:40:15   - Well, those people are straight wrong, so.

00:40:17   - Finder, obviously, it's always the first one.

00:40:20   And then messages, mail.

00:40:23   And then the first third party app is Todoist.

00:40:27   - Okay, so I already have a question for you, right?

00:40:30   - Why do you put messages and mail together?

00:40:33   - I tend to try to group my things kind of loosely.

00:40:37   So like mail and messages is kind of communication.

00:40:41   - This is the path I was trying to walk you down because--

00:40:45   - But it's different than Slack and Discord

00:40:47   and that's a different type of communication.

00:40:49   (laughing)

00:40:51   - In what way?

00:40:52   - I'm not saying there's-- - In what way are they different?

00:40:52   - This is where things have landed over the years

00:40:55   and where now I just am used to things being, right?

00:40:58   - If I arranged it in a way that would make sense

00:41:00   based on category, I would never find anything in my doc.

00:41:03   - Yep, yep.

00:41:05   - Next I have Safari and Slack, Discord and Twitter.

00:41:10   Discord and Twitter, by the way,

00:41:11   no, we're not talking about this today,

00:41:12   they live in their own space, just them.

00:41:16   It's kind of like my social space.

00:41:18   And then I have Calendar,

00:41:20   Craft, which is my note-taking application.

00:41:24   Everything's in Craft now, I've just given up on Apple Notes

00:41:27   except one shared folder with my spouse.

00:41:30   Reader for RSS reading.

00:41:33   - Wait, let's stop on that.

00:41:35   So you have everything in craft.

00:41:39   What does that mean?

00:41:41   Like what is everything?

00:41:42   Tell me the type of stuff that goes in craft.

00:41:43   - Let me just read you my folder names, how about that?

00:41:45   - Then tell me all the names of all of your books.

00:41:48   - Five 12 pixels.

00:41:50   Book highlights is where I export highlights out of Kindle

00:41:54   and save them.

00:41:56   Checklists, events and travel,

00:41:58   that one, the only thing in there is my TSA pre-check number

00:42:01   the rest of that folder is empty.

00:42:02   - Nice, nice, nice, nice.

00:42:04   - Freelance, home, which is like house and car stuff,

00:42:08   HTM, so Hack and Technical Media,

00:42:12   my company apart from Relay, manuals.

00:42:16   So if I need to look up,

00:42:17   how do I do this on my MixPre-6?

00:42:20   I have a PDF just right there.

00:42:24   OBS, which is My Brother's Nonprofit.

00:42:26   I'm on the board, so I have some things there.

00:42:28   Podcastathon, podcastathon things go in there.

00:42:33   Podcasts, so links that I'm saving for future ones.

00:42:39   I have a list of all the dating questions

00:42:41   I've ever asked Federico, my--

00:42:44   - So tell me the notes that are in there.

00:42:47   What's in the podcast, do you have,

00:42:52   for example, I have a note for Connected

00:42:54   where I save links and stuff like that.

00:42:55   - Yes, so I have one called connected links,

00:42:57   lift off links, MPU feedback.

00:42:59   - And how do you save stuff to those?

00:43:01   - Through the extension, if it's a URL

00:43:05   or a tweet or something, and if it's just text

00:43:07   in an email, I'll just copy and paste it into its own block.

00:43:10   And there's also some random things,

00:43:12   like sometimes Audition just resets all of its settings,

00:43:15   and I can't remember how I set my loudness settings,

00:43:17   and so I have a screenshot of that now.

00:43:20   You know, sort of like podcasty things.

00:43:24   Relay FM, which is just things that I keep

00:43:26   not in Google Docs that we don't necessarily need together,

00:43:29   but some things that I just need access to.

00:43:31   And then I have one for yearly themes,

00:43:32   which has my notes for 19, 20, and 21,

00:43:35   related to that. - That's my idea.

00:43:37   - So it's work and personal kind of mixed in together

00:43:39   in those broad folders.

00:43:41   - And you are like, I think you take notes like me, right?

00:43:46   Like you have a note which is like a topic

00:43:49   and then a bunch of stuff goes in each individual note.

00:43:51   - Yes, yeah. - You know, one of these

00:43:53   weird obsidian people, where it's like every possible thought gets its own note and then

00:43:58   it all interconnects with a mesh network.

00:44:01   No, I don't need that in any way.

00:44:03   I fail to still understand how any people think that way, but you know, we're all different.

00:44:08   It's the Zettelkasten method.

00:44:10   Yeah, I also have, not in craft, I need to put it in here, I have scanned PDFs because

00:44:14   I carry a paper notebook, a Field Notes notebook with me everywhere, and then I scan those

00:44:18   when I fill them up and I have all those as PDFs and I want to put them in craft, I just

00:44:22   haven't yet. I feel like Notes would be better for those though because it can do the scanning

00:44:27   in the OCR, right? Oh yeah, I need to see if it works with my handwriting. I should

00:44:32   look at that. Because right now they're just in a PDF on Dropbox. I mean I've been pretty

00:44:35   surprised with live text, like it does a pretty good job, so I wouldn't be surprised. So I

00:44:42   mentioned Reader, I got Good Links which is kind of like Instapaper but it's a native

00:44:47   app like I said there's a website John Voorhees turned me on to that I really

00:44:51   like it Devin think which is where I keep all of my Apple history and then

00:44:57   really tech history library is like 20 almost 25,000 items in their individual

00:45:03   items that is a fun place to go after that I've got day one I got several

00:45:11   journals in day one so you need the name those teams I keep a dream journal

00:45:16   Can you give a dramatic reading of today's dream, please?

00:45:20   Yes.

00:45:20   Connect with the audience?

00:45:21   Yeah, let me open day one. Let's see.

00:45:23   Dreams.

00:45:25   Title is "Head and Shoulders." I wrote this at 6.35 a.m.

00:45:29   I had a dream that I was watching/making/in a movie.

00:45:35   I seemed throughout the--

00:45:37   Wait, wait, wait.

00:45:38   Watching/making?

00:45:41   I think within the dream, my role in the movie changed.

00:45:44   - Oh, wow, that's nasty.

00:45:45   That is quite a view of yourself.

00:45:50   You go from having watched something to now I make it.

00:45:53   - I saw a calendar and I said, "I can make a calendar."

00:45:57   - You're like that, the meme of like,

00:46:00   "I made this, take it, take it."

00:46:03   I made this.

00:46:04   - I made this.

00:46:05   The movie was about a high school football team.

00:46:09   It was graded in sepia tones,

00:46:11   kind of like, "Oh brother, where art thou?"

00:46:13   Remember that had like very particular coloring in that film?

00:46:17   That's what this movie looked like.

00:46:19   The movie was sponsored by Head & Shoulders shampoo and the product integration was the

00:46:27   coach would hand out little sample packets of the shampoo as encouragement to the players

00:46:32   and they would have notes on them.

00:46:33   For example, "Your head and shoulders above their defensive line."

00:46:37   I want to know more about the way that this happens in your life.

00:46:42   I mean, one, I have already read this today, so like, my initial reaction would have been

00:46:46   greater if that was the first time that had come to me, right?

00:46:49   What if I read you one that you haven't heard before?

00:46:51   Yes!

00:46:52   Okay, let me see.

00:46:54   I gotta find one that's like relevant, like where you know...

00:46:57   Nah, maybe it's better if I don't.

00:46:59   Oh no, I have one about WWDC.

00:47:01   Okay, hold on a minute.

00:47:03   When do you like write these down?

00:47:05   First thing in the morning.

00:47:06   So like, you wake up and just immediately write down?

00:47:09   Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and do it?

00:47:11   Or do you just like, you wake up--

00:47:12   - I've tried that, but they make even less sense.

00:47:16   - See, I don't, I just don't remember.

00:47:18   I don't dream a lot and I def, I would never know.

00:47:22   So you just went every day?

00:47:24   - No, it's like a handful of months.

00:47:26   - Still a while to remember. - That I remember.

00:47:28   I got one about high school.

00:47:30   But I got one about WWDC.

00:47:33   And just, give me real quick.

00:47:34   - Have I heard this one before though?

00:47:35   - I don't think so.

00:47:36   - Okay.

00:47:37   - Okay, so this was May 14th, so you know,

00:47:39   a month before at WBC. Everyone was back at WBC. Myke and I did not have press access,

00:47:45   but several of our friends were able to talk to Eddie Q into it.

00:47:49   - You have told me this one. You have told me this one, but keep going.

00:47:52   - That conversation took place near the theater across the street from the middle school I attended.

00:47:57   We then went inside and ran into Craig Federighi. He was tense and seemed a little on edge. I asked

00:48:05   him if he still got nervous before keynotes and he said that he did. We then talked a

00:48:09   little bit about sports and he brought out a soccer ball from behind the check-in desk.

00:48:14   He kicked it past me and some other people started playing with it, so Myke, Federico,

00:48:18   John, Marco and I started to go into the venue. I turned around just in time to see someone

00:48:24   drill the ball right into Craig's face with a powerful kick. As he fell to the ground,

00:48:30   someone else returned the kick for him with one that sailed into a large glass panel smashing

00:48:35   it into pieces. At this point, we decided to find seats in the back of the theater and

00:48:39   pretend we had no idea what was going on in the lobby. That didn't last long, as a bloodied

00:48:44   Craig and angry Eddie found us pretty quickly. They took our credentials and told us they'd

00:48:53   make an example out of relay FM on stage in front of the world.

00:48:57   (laughing)

00:48:58   They just delete us from Apple Podcasts.

00:49:01   I remember I had a pre-WWDC dream

00:49:05   where I had to do a dramatic reading from a book on stage.

00:49:09   I didn't want to do it and Tim Cook was mad at me.

00:49:12   That's the as much, mine are nowhere near as good

00:49:15   or detailed as yours,

00:49:16   but I just remember having had that dream.

00:49:19   We are having some real anxiety dreams

00:49:20   with WWDC this year, huh?

00:49:22   - Yeah, I didn't even finish it.

00:49:24   - Oh, is it not done?

00:49:25   There's more? - Yeah.

00:49:25   There's one more paragraph.

00:49:26   - Oh, my apologies.

00:49:28   - As we left, my friends were all mad at me,

00:49:30   thinking the soccer ball thing had been my fault.

00:49:33   I insisted that Craig had produced the ball,

00:49:36   but no one believed me.

00:49:38   We were taunted on the street as we walked out of the venue.

00:49:42   I flew home the next day in shame.

00:49:44   (laughing)

00:49:46   - Didn't even stay around for the live show that year.

00:49:48   - No.

00:49:49   - Guess we've been made an example of at this point.

00:49:51   - I guess so.

00:49:53   So day one, and then Notion.

00:49:56   Notion is here as a reminder, as like a task,

00:50:00   'cause I have been slowly cataloging my collection in Notion

00:50:03   and I just haven't finished it.

00:50:06   - Why do you wanna do that in Notion?

00:50:08   - So people can like peruse it on the web.

00:50:10   - But Kraft does that.

00:50:11   - Yeah, oh yeah, it does, doesn't it?

00:50:14   I don't think Kraft did it when I started it in Notion.

00:50:16   I should just do it in Kraft.

00:50:18   - Yeah.

00:50:19   - I'm taking Notion out of the dock.

00:50:19   - Well, don't do it until you've taken it out of Notion.

00:50:22   - Well, I didn't get very far.

00:50:24   - Okay.

00:50:25   than photos and music. Mm-hmm. One password. Find my... Find my... Find my... In the dock.

00:50:34   Well sometimes I want to know where like family members are, you know, or what you're

00:50:39   doing. Where are you right now? You're in your office. Can I read the

00:50:43   things right around your office? Absolutely not, no. 100,000% no. Shall I read the

00:50:49   things around your home? No, please don't do that. No, how about that. I do some questions about some of these

00:50:54   places that we can talk about offline though. Yeah you can talk to me about

00:50:57   those in your own time. Yeah. Not on our shared time, thanks. Okay. Yeah I mean I

00:51:04   use Find My too but I don't think I'd ever consider putting it in the in the

00:51:09   dock. So here's the thing, 1Password used to be the bottom of the dock and

00:51:13   everything after that has been added in recent years and so Find My showed up in

00:51:20   there I guess at one point when it showed up on the Mac and then Parcel the

00:51:24   delivery tracking app which I really like and then the three podcast apps

00:51:28   audio hijack zoom and forecast where is your editing app well I always open

00:51:35   logic from finder so I have a bunch of templates I copy the template into a new

00:51:39   folder yeah rename it and then open the template and that opens logic for me so

00:51:43   I don't need it in the doc do you just open logic like just from this icon yeah

00:51:47   sometimes? I mean I do what you do but I also open it sometimes. Yeah I do it

00:51:55   rarely enough that Alfred would be good enough. Like I said there's not a lot of

00:51:58   logic in this unfortunately. Hey-o! Was that a pun? So I think maybe one of the

00:52:04   things that we do differently is I quite frequently have edits that I come back

00:52:09   to like the next day or whatever you know so then if you just open logic it

00:52:14   immediately opens to your last project.

00:52:16   So sometimes that's just the easiest way

00:52:19   for me to get back to what I was doing.

00:52:20   - Now in the recents in my screenshot,

00:52:23   it's logic, transmit the FTP app,

00:52:27   and then Mars Edit, an app that I use

00:52:29   to send blog posts to 512 pixels.

00:52:31   - I'm surprised Mars Edit isn't in the doc as well actually.

00:52:34   - It used to be, I don't know what happened.

00:52:36   I don't know why it got out.

00:52:37   - It's really weird to me that like professionally

00:52:39   you consider yourself, because you are,

00:52:41   I don't mean, consider yourself, professionally,

00:52:45   you think of yourself as a podcaster and a blogger,

00:52:49   but the two tools that you use to produce that work,

00:52:51   you do not keep in the dark.

00:52:53   And I find that fascinating. - All right, I put Mars Edit,

00:52:54   I'm putting Mars Edit.

00:52:56   - I think you should put Logic in it too.

00:52:59   - I'm gonna put Mars Edit between,

00:53:02   between Reader, no, between Good Links and Dev and Think.

00:53:07   And I'm gonna put Logic.

00:53:10   - Logic should be above forecast.

00:53:12   - Logic's the first podcasting app, yeah.

00:53:14   - Oh, wait, so--

00:53:15   - And I'm gonna move Parcel, find my one password

00:53:19   down towards the bottom.

00:53:20   So one password is the bottom again.

00:53:22   - So if you're looking at Steven's image,

00:53:24   ignore that, it's all changed.

00:53:27   - Yeah, well, it's roasted my dock.

00:53:28   We're here to improve ourselves.

00:53:30   - That's true.

00:53:31   - I do use two stacks.

00:53:34   I use Dropbox and I have my downloads folder,

00:53:37   both in the grid, so I don't have like the weird fly out

00:53:42   bendy arm thing.

00:53:43   - That was fun when it was announced.

00:53:46   - Yeah, and then it was super annoying.

00:53:48   And I have a folder in each of them named asterisk.

00:53:52   So it sorts at the top.

00:53:56   And in Dropbox, it's a folder with a little Dropbox icon

00:54:00   on it and it downloads.

00:54:02   - Yeah, Steven does this.

00:54:03   So I share a lot of folders with Steven

00:54:05   and sometimes he just puts an asterisk next to a particular

00:54:08   folder that he wants to talk because alphabetical order

00:54:11   be damned.

00:54:12   - And I have the same thing in downloads.

00:54:15   And so what that does is it means the stack,

00:54:17   it's like a little Dropbox folder and all the folders

00:54:19   file in behind it.

00:54:20   And in downloads, it's the download folder image

00:54:23   with all of these little things poking out behind it.

00:54:25   I like the look.

00:54:26   And it means the stacks don't change.

00:54:28   If I download something new,

00:54:29   the icon doesn't change out of the corner of my eye.

00:54:32   - Okay.

00:54:33   - So that's my doc.

00:54:34   And then of course I have the trashcan

00:54:35   because that's there.

00:54:37   - All right, I feel like we made some definite improvements.

00:54:39   - I think so.

00:54:40   It's hectic and I know a lot of people say

00:54:43   you should hide it and I don't really use it as a launcher,

00:54:46   but it's just kind of part of the Mac now for me,

00:54:48   just over there on the side.

00:54:49   I do use it to glance at notifications,

00:54:51   so like I have six things doing todoists left today.

00:54:54   - Yeah, okay. - So I do use those icons.

00:54:56   - I do that too, yeah.

00:54:59   I probably allow for about as many of those

00:55:01   as I do on my iPhone, you know?

00:55:04   - Yeah, not many.

00:55:05   Not many, mostly messaging applications.

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00:56:34   "Our thanks to Mac Weldon for their support of the show

00:56:37   "and Relay FM."

00:56:38   - So I have been historically bad at keeping my docs

00:56:47   in sync between my desktop and laptop.

00:56:50   - Same, it's so hard.

00:56:52   - Yeah, and I know it's a terrible request, right?

00:56:55   But I would love if there was a way

00:56:58   to just keep this stuff in sync across devices.

00:57:01   But I understand why also,

00:57:04   like, it's not a priority at this feature,

00:57:11   but I would love it.

00:57:13   So today I actually sat down and mirrored the two docs.

00:57:17   So like added and removed some stuff on each device

00:57:21   and then just put them in the right order.

00:57:23   Because it is a thing that annoys me

00:57:25   where like I feel like I go to the doc

00:57:26   and I don't know where anything is.

00:57:27   So now I don't know where anything is on either of them,

00:57:30   but eventually I'll learn this new layout

00:57:32   because they both changed.

00:57:34   But hey, here we are.

00:57:36   - I need to do that because now I've made all these changes.

00:57:39   - Do you wanna, would you like to look at my settings?

00:57:42   - I would, let me open this here.

00:57:44   - I don't feel like mine are that wild.

00:57:46   - Use dark mode on the Mac, which I cannot abide.

00:57:49   - I do use dark mode on the Mac, that's true.

00:57:52   - Magnification was set to max, but then you unchecked it.

00:57:55   Did you, you used to be a magnifier, didn't you?

00:57:58   - No, I don't think so.

00:57:59   Not, not, I mean, there's no way I would have been

00:58:02   a magnifier on any of these devices

00:58:05   that would be carrying these settings forward.

00:58:09   Does that make sense?

00:58:10   - Sure.

00:58:11   - So I don't know why that's on max,

00:58:13   but magnification's off.

00:58:14   You know what, I might have just at some point--

00:58:15   - You should just check that box

00:58:16   and give us your reaction. - Just see what happens.

00:58:18   - Yeah.

00:58:19   - I feel like maybe at some point,

00:58:20   I might have just wanted to see what it was like

00:58:23   and then just left it at that.

00:58:24   Oh my god, this is ridiculous.

00:58:27   Yeah, I feel like I know what's happened here.

00:58:29   One day I was like, what would this look like?

00:58:32   And then hated it.

00:58:33   - Yeah, I just made the size as small as it can be

00:58:35   and turn magnification all the way up

00:58:37   and it's a roller coaster.

00:58:39   - I can imagine that yours again,

00:58:40   with your Pro Display XDR is probably wild.

00:58:43   I bet you can see the pores of your icons.

00:58:44   - You don't have to say the name of the display.

00:58:45   It's just a big display.

00:58:47   - Pro Display XDR, withstand.

00:58:50   - Come on.

00:58:52   At least you don't have the nano texture, do you?

00:58:54   - No.

00:58:55   - No, so you know, you get one point, I suppose.

00:58:57   - I guess so.

00:58:58   You keep your dog visible all the time.

00:59:00   - Yep.

00:59:01   - I think we basically have the same settings.

00:59:03   Oh, you double click, oh, what have you done?

00:59:06   Double click a Windows title bar to zoom.

00:59:08   - I don't ever do this, I don't even know what that does.

00:59:10   What is this?

00:59:11   - Double click the title bar.

00:59:12   That barely exists anymore on Windows.

00:59:14   - It doesn't do anything.

00:59:15   I'm double clicking it and nothing's happening.

00:59:17   - Oh, it's a, yeah, you just set that to minimize.

00:59:20   I miss Windows shade.

00:59:21   You didn't really ever use Mac OS 8 or 9 or whatever,

00:59:24   but window shade was awesome.

00:59:26   Oh, look at your dock.

00:59:27   - All right, hold on, hold on.

00:59:29   We're not done yet.

00:59:30   I don't do the recent applications thing.

00:59:32   - I'm gonna try to live without that.

00:59:35   - I don't, that's not really my thing.

00:59:38   And what was the last part that I was gonna mention?

00:59:42   Oh, I'm a right dock person now.

00:59:44   I've always been a left dock person,

00:59:46   but then when I put my monitor on the left

00:59:48   and my second monitor,

00:59:49   then it put the dock all the way on the left

00:59:50   and I didn't want that, so I changed to become a right dock person.

00:59:54   That's a real limitation in how the dock works.

00:59:56   I don't know why I can't say where I want it to be.

00:59:59   Right.

01:00:00   Yeah, if it's on the bottom, it'll show up on the bottom of any one.

01:00:04   You can do it where it's like in the center, but what you have to do is like tell, okay,

01:00:08   the display on the left is actually way higher, and so like the dock has like a hard thing

01:00:12   to hit against.

01:00:13   It's really bad.

01:00:14   Like they should make it much more...

01:00:16   They have a thing where you can say like this is the primary display and then but that doesn't

01:00:22   actually change anything I don't think.

01:00:25   I don't know what that does.

01:00:27   It used to say that's where the menu bar was but that shows up every way now.

01:00:32   Yeah it's the dock you should be able to pin to the left or right of any display attached.

01:00:38   And I would just like to say because when I mentioned this last time I got some feedback

01:00:41   I don't want to do any of the hacks.

01:00:44   I live with it now.

01:00:45   people tell me like oh you could do this and this and this and this and go into

01:00:48   the terminal and do it I don't want to do any of that for this so I just live

01:00:51   with the dock on the right now I'm used to it it's fine all right so my you want

01:00:57   my list right yes hit me with your best shot finder oh what you don't have find

01:01:06   it on the dock no I do it was more like a finder I feel like finder and then I

01:01:11   - Can I have App Store?

01:01:12   - Why?

01:01:13   - All right, so, I knew you were gonna,

01:01:17   I knew you were gonna do this.

01:01:19   - You're not John Voorhees,

01:01:20   who has like the App Store on like his dock of his phone.

01:01:23   Like what are you doing?

01:01:23   - As soon as I took the screenshot today,

01:01:28   I was like, "God damn it, I know it."

01:01:30   This is one of the standard settings

01:01:34   and I think I kind of just left it.

01:01:37   Like it was just there and I was like,

01:01:40   "Yeah, it's fine, whatever.

01:01:41   Sometimes I need the App Store and I just leave it there."

01:01:43   I appreciate that it is a weird decision.

01:01:48   And I may, and I actually reserved the right--

01:01:50   - It's a few programs today.

01:01:52   - I reserved the right to get rid of it,

01:01:54   but I didn't want to get rid of it

01:01:56   just because I knew you would make fun of me for it.

01:01:58   But it is like, it's a weird one, I think, to have the...

01:02:02   I do like to know when I have updates for apps.

01:02:07   - That is nice. - 'Cause I don't like

01:02:08   to do things automatically.

01:02:10   I don't like automatic app updates.

01:02:12   I hate the thought of opening an app and it's changed,

01:02:15   and I didn't know.

01:02:16   Like, even on iOS, like, I don't have automatic app updates,

01:02:19   and I always, like-- well, most of the time,

01:02:21   I skim the update list, because I kind of just want to know.

01:02:25   There are some apps that I like to kind of keep track of,

01:02:27   like--

01:02:28   like, Kraft, for example.

01:02:30   Like, I always want to know what they're up to,

01:02:31   and I want to know when there's an update,

01:02:32   and I want to read the release notes before I do the update.

01:02:36   - I have automatic app updates turned on on my phone,

01:02:38   but they never work,

01:02:39   so I still have to do them manually all the time.

01:02:41   - Yeah, I have it turned on on my iPad,

01:02:43   like not on my phone,

01:02:44   and it just doesn't work.

01:02:46   It's just sometimes I put my ad in this 71 app updates.

01:02:49   It's like, all right, so you didn't do anything, did you?

01:02:51   - That information is also present under the Apple menu.

01:02:55   If you go to App Store, it'll say three updates

01:02:57   in a little bubble. - Yeah, but I don't spend

01:02:59   a lot of time in the Apple menu.

01:03:01   Although, however-- - Because system preferences

01:03:03   is also in your talk.

01:03:04   - Right now, shush,

01:03:06   Right now, I have in the Apple menu six app updates,

01:03:11   and the App Store icon has nothing on it, so.

01:03:14   - What does the App Store say if you go to the Update tab?

01:03:17   - Six.

01:03:18   (laughing)

01:03:21   But it's not badging.

01:03:22   Did I turn that off?

01:03:24   - Maybe you had the badge off,

01:03:25   which is the whole reason you said

01:03:26   you had it in the dock in the first place.

01:03:27   - On my MacBook Pro, I know the badge is on.

01:03:30   I don't know why I've done that, who knows.

01:03:32   System preferences.

01:03:33   - Yeah.

01:03:35   - To be honest, this is one that I know I click

01:03:37   quite a lot rather than--

01:03:38   - I mean, look, I can't really judge

01:03:40   'cause I used to have settings on my home screen

01:03:41   on my phone and it's still on the second home screen,

01:03:45   I think.

01:03:46   - Yeah, I have it on the second,

01:03:47   I don't have a second home screen anymore, so.

01:03:49   I do what needs to be there.

01:03:51   Safari.

01:03:52   - Yes.

01:03:53   - Music.

01:03:54   - Good.

01:03:55   - Messages.

01:03:56   - Yeah, text me back.

01:03:57   700 messages there.

01:04:00   - Yeah, at that point, I think I did have

01:04:01   a number of messages from you.

01:04:03   Slack, Discord, because they go together.

01:04:06   - Yes.

01:04:08   - Notes, Craft.

01:04:09   - So what goes where?

01:04:11   Why do you have Notes and Craft?

01:04:12   I mean, I have Notes

01:04:13   'cause I have one shared folder with Mary.

01:04:15   - Yeah.

01:04:16   At the moment, all of my notes go in Notes

01:04:18   and I use Craft for everything to do with Cortex brand.

01:04:23   - Okay.

01:04:24   - So all Notes and all like projects

01:04:26   and everything goes in there.

01:04:28   And I think at some point I would move everything to Craft

01:04:32   because what I like about craft is I can have multiple

01:04:34   like accounts, but I just haven't done that.

01:04:38   'Cause I don't, you know, I--

01:04:41   - It's very manual.

01:04:43   You're just like copying and pasting stuff over to craft.

01:04:45   - Yeah, and also like I still do, I think,

01:04:48   prefer how the share extension for notes works.

01:04:51   - Interesting. - The share extension

01:04:53   for craft.

01:04:54   Yeah, maybe, maybe one day.

01:04:57   I love craft for what I use it for,

01:05:00   but I use it for something that's like,

01:05:01   It's like a little bit more complex

01:05:03   than what I use notes for.

01:05:05   - Sure, it's fantastic. - I do think I need

01:05:07   to clear out some of my old notes.

01:05:08   I don't delete them ever, so I just have

01:05:12   just a big history of stuff going on.

01:05:14   - When I migrated into crafts, I probably ended up

01:05:17   with like probably 50 fewer notes.

01:05:20   Like there was like all sorts of stuff in there.

01:05:21   I don't need this from this thing,

01:05:24   this live event note from three years ago, right?

01:05:26   Like, I just don't need it anymore.

01:05:29   Yeah, like I was, I don't remember what it was that, why I saw this today.

01:05:34   I think I was just like, because I noticed this and started scrolling through and like,

01:05:37   I had a note for it like, "Plan for Cortex in 2017."

01:05:42   It's like, I don't need that anymore.

01:05:47   That time has come and gone, right?

01:05:49   Like it was just like, I don't know.

01:05:50   It was just like coming up with things that we've ended up doing, but it was like, I don't

01:05:55   know why I still have that.

01:05:56   I don't think I need that anymore, so.

01:05:58   And then after craft is Reader.

01:06:02   - What RSS service are you using?

01:06:05   - What is the one that you use?

01:06:06   - Feedbin.

01:06:07   - I use that one.

01:06:08   I was using InnoReader for a while.

01:06:12   I don't remember why, but I was like, I don't need this.

01:06:15   - Sure.

01:06:15   - And then I just changed to Feedbin.

01:06:17   I think like I was using InnoReader

01:06:19   and then I stopped using RSS for a while.

01:06:21   And then when I decided to come back, I like opened it up.

01:06:24   So there's so much stuff in here.

01:06:25   I'm just gonna start off with a brand new service.

01:06:27   And it just went in.

01:06:28   I think it was one of those things where like,

01:06:29   I just opened our text group chat and was like,

01:06:32   "What is everyone using?"

01:06:33   And everyone told me Feedbin and I was like,

01:06:34   "Great, I'm gonna get Feedbin."

01:06:36   And then I just got Feedbin.

01:06:38   - Maybe like a month ago, went through and I read,

01:06:41   adjusted, I don't know what the word is.

01:06:45   I changed all my newsletters to go into Feedbin

01:06:48   instead of my actual email account.

01:06:50   - Interesting.

01:06:51   - You get like a secret email address with Feedbin.

01:06:53   And so you go tell Ben Thompson,

01:06:55   "Hey, send me all my emails here."

01:06:58   And then I made just a newsletters folder.

01:07:00   - You tell him personally, "Hey Ben, hey Ben."

01:07:03   - I texted him, I said, "Can you just change this

01:07:05   to my account please?"

01:07:06   And he said, "Who is this?"

01:07:07   And I said, "It's Steven."

01:07:08   He says, "Steven who?"

01:07:09   - It's Steven and he's like, "Which Steven?"

01:07:11   And then, you know, 20 minutes later,

01:07:13   he just told me to go log into the admin panel.

01:07:15   - And so you even get notices there.

01:07:18   I think you have to look out for it.

01:07:18   You get your notices there about like

01:07:20   if your credit card expired or something.

01:07:21   - Interesting, I've been thinking about doing this.

01:07:23   I have a newsletters folder.

01:07:25   I just check that, like I check regular RSS

01:07:28   and I've really come to like that

01:07:29   because the problem with newsletters in my inbox

01:07:31   is I wouldn't get to them and then they're like,

01:07:33   "Oh, they're old."

01:07:33   But like, if I'm reading RSS,

01:07:35   I'm already kind of in that mode

01:07:37   and I've really come to enjoy it

01:07:39   over the last however long it's been.

01:07:41   - So tell me how this works then.

01:07:43   Like, how does this happen?

01:07:45   Do they give me like, do Phoebe can give me an email address?

01:07:48   - Yes, they give you an email address

01:07:50   and then you go around to all of your newsletters

01:07:54   and you change your email address with them from, you know,

01:07:57   Myke at whatever to secret feed bin email address.

01:08:01   - Okay.

01:08:02   - And then they just show up in feed bin.

01:08:03   - Well, answer this then smart guy.

01:08:05   - Okay.

01:08:06   - I don't know why I've decided to address this

01:08:07   in such attitude, but this is the space

01:08:10   I've decided to occupy.

01:08:11   - So spicy.

01:08:12   - Tell me this brain box.

01:08:15   Like, what do you do if you like,

01:08:18   What do you do if you like, if like something happens

01:08:20   and you lose a password?

01:08:22   How would you reset the password?

01:08:24   - It would show up as an unread article in Feedbin

01:08:27   with all the links and stuff in it.

01:08:29   - Interesting.

01:08:30   - It just turns the body of the message into an article.

01:08:32   - That's interesting.

01:08:34   - Yeah.

01:08:35   - Well, smart guy, you told me, didn't you?

01:08:36   - Yeah, Feedbin, I told you.

01:08:38   What'd you call me, Brain Box?

01:08:40   - I think so, that was one of the things,

01:08:42   smart guy and Brain Box.

01:08:44   You never heard that one before, Brain Box?

01:08:46   - No.

01:08:46   can work out what it means though right it's like smarty pants or something yeah

01:08:50   you know well thanks brain box yeah I might do that I might do that I don't

01:08:56   subscribe to a lot of newsletters that I read in email so like six colors I

01:09:05   really love when Jason put the RSS thing in so I read way more of the six colors

01:09:11   members articles now that they show up in my RSS feed so you read what I write

01:09:16   for Jason now. Yeah, I read, I just, I'm not very good at reading email newsletters.

01:09:22   And I have Club Max Stories, I have Platformer, which is Casey Newton's thing,

01:09:29   and I have Hot Pod. Yeah, mine are very similar to that. They're the ones that I

01:09:32   mostly read, and then one of the things that I love about Ben Thompson is he

01:09:36   records podcasts and that's how I've reached to Techery. This is vastly

01:09:40   superior. I wished that, I wish Casey Newton would do it, honestly, like I

01:09:44   I really do. I love his writing.

01:09:46   And he writes about stuff which I otherwise don't really get a lot of content about,

01:09:53   you know, just like the platform changes and stuff.

01:09:56   And it's a great newsletter.

01:09:57   It's one that I actually do read all the time,

01:09:58   but I wish there was a podcast version because I just like that.

01:10:01   But hey, I might send them to a reader.

01:10:05   I think I'd have a better hit rate of reading the articles.

01:10:09   Because again, I know that that's changed for me.

01:10:11   Oh, and Brad's refill.

01:10:14   Brad Dowdy has a very good pen related newsletter called Refit which I do always read too.

01:10:20   But I think I would prefer them if they were in Reader.

01:10:22   I'm not filling up my email inbox.

01:10:24   That's a good idea.

01:10:26   Where was I?

01:10:27   Todoist?

01:10:28   I'm not talking about it today but yes I'm using Todoist.

01:10:31   I'm not talking about it.

01:10:32   I won't answer questions about it.

01:10:34   At this time please direct all questions to my publicist.

01:10:39   I'm not using OmniFocus.

01:10:40   I haven't been using OmniFocus for like best part of six months.

01:10:44   I'm using Todoist.

01:10:45   I'll talk about it another time.

01:10:46   Okay.

01:10:47   Then Spark, MimeStream, MimeStream.

01:10:52   Yes.

01:10:53   I really love it.

01:10:55   It's an absolutely superb email application.

01:10:58   I wished that they would make it so I could have all of my email in it and then I would

01:11:03   maybe use that more, but I'd love it.

01:11:06   It's what I was looking for, right?

01:11:07   Like I needed a Gmail focused email app that I could keep on its own and have all the features

01:11:13   that I want and tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.

01:11:16   I look forward to there being an iOS version because then I wouldn't have to use the Gmail

01:11:20   app on iOS.

01:11:22   I just opened it and he has added print and print to PDF support so I can switch that

01:11:26   now.

01:11:27   That's very good news for me.

01:11:28   I love how many updates there are and the app is just super good.

01:11:32   It's excellent.

01:11:33   It's very good.

01:11:34   Still not hot on the name?

01:11:36   No.

01:11:37   - No. - It's not hot in the name.

01:11:39   But application quality, very high.

01:11:41   - So you have Relay email and Spark,

01:11:43   and you've spoken a lot about that,

01:11:44   so you and Kerry can talk about sponsors too.

01:11:46   - Relay email and personal email and Spark.

01:11:49   - Interesting, why personal email in there?

01:11:52   - Where else would I put it?

01:11:54   - Oh, 'cause you use iCloud for your personal email, not--

01:11:57   - Yeah, because iCloud for my personal email.

01:11:58   I also have another Gmail account for a business thing.

01:12:02   But again, so here's the thing.

01:12:04   It's all of my email is in Spark,

01:12:07   except for Cortex stuff that's in MimeStream.

01:12:10   And this is similar to Notes and Craft, right?

01:12:14   So like Notes has all of my notes for everything,

01:12:17   like all personal stuff or relay stuff,

01:12:20   all personal projects, it's all in Notes,

01:12:22   and I just keep the Cortex stuff separate.

01:12:24   And this is just because like it was like a different thing

01:12:27   to all of the other stuff that I do in so many ways.

01:12:30   Like if I would have, I mean, if I would have been smarter,

01:12:33   I would have started to sequester things earlier.

01:12:35   Like this is like the craft thing and the mainstream thing.

01:12:39   They offer me like tests of breaking out the various parts

01:12:44   of my personal and professional life

01:12:46   and keeping them in separate places.

01:12:48   And I'm starting to think it's actually

01:12:49   like a pretty good idea for me to have them all broken up.

01:12:53   If you remember, when I was talking about email

01:12:55   a few weeks ago, I was floating the idea

01:12:56   of having three email apps in use.

01:12:58   I'm still thinking about what that would look like.

01:13:00   Yeah, so that, I like that.

01:13:02   but maybe I'll do more of that in the future.

01:13:05   So yeah, all of my email is in Spark,

01:13:07   except Cortex email, which is in my Mime stream.

01:13:11   - Mime stream, yep, I just replaced mail on my doc with it.

01:13:14   I'll be using it.

01:13:15   Okay, so--

01:13:18   - Timery.

01:13:19   - Timery, 'cause you track your time.

01:13:21   Big time tracking boy.

01:13:23   - Yep, I've been podcast recording connected

01:13:26   for one hour, 38 minutes and 33 seconds,

01:13:29   34, 35 because of the menu bar thing which is great. I love diving in the menu bar now too. It's great.

01:13:34   And then we go into media apps is what I would call this next section.

01:13:39   Yeah, so we were kind of in communication then we were in like

01:13:42   information, right, collecting and productivity and email.

01:13:47   Now we're into zoom.

01:13:50   Zoom and then logic pro.

01:13:53   Mm-hmm, then Adobe Audition. Okay.

01:13:58   QuickTime

01:13:59   Why QuickTime? I knew you were gonna say that I gave you a pause because I knew you were gonna say why QuickTime

01:14:04   Also, can we talk about how bad that icon is the QuickTime icon? Yeah, it's one of the worst ones

01:14:10   It's so bad

01:14:11   But I think that that is because it shows how much Apple care about QuickTime

01:14:15   Which is not do you know they used to have a conference called a QuickTime live? Yes

01:14:19   We've spoken about this at some point. I think you have a sweatshirt. I've tried writing about it. Yes. I have a sweatshirt

01:14:25   I've tried writing about it and it's hard to nail down exactly what happened there,

01:14:30   but they used to have a comment that's called QuickTime Live.

01:14:32   Zach is asking in the Discord if we're officially done with Skype for all recording.

01:14:36   I have, I think, two of my shows that I still do in Skype, but they are going to move to Zoom.

01:14:42   I haven't opened Skype in months.

01:14:46   I haven't opened, so thoroughly considered in remaster.

01:14:49   I just haven't swapped those over, but we will do that.

01:14:53   Actually no remaster we are doing on zoom now so it's just thoroughly considered as the only show

01:14:57   that I do on skype. Come on studio neat boys. This is purely a me thing like I just haven't

01:15:04   haven't moved them. Yeah so with quick time when I upload a show to our audio host we get a url

01:15:14   and I just open up quick time and throw the url in and just make sure that it uploaded okay.

01:15:20   I just, that's where I do my final check of the audio.

01:15:23   Interesting. I do that in Safari.

01:15:25   I used to do it in Safari, but QuickTime is vastly better.

01:15:29   Okay.

01:15:30   For being able to scrub and stuff. I like it for that.

01:15:34   And so I just like open QuickTime, command L.

01:15:38   It's like open location. You just drop link in.

01:15:40   Audio Hijack.

01:15:42   Yes. Very.

01:15:43   Piezo.

01:15:43   Wait, why Piezo then? Because it does everything Audio Hijack can do.

01:15:48   Yep, but what did I use to have with CoreRecorder?

01:15:52   Backup.

01:15:53   Yeah.

01:15:54   But you have Zoom.

01:15:55   But I don't use Zoom for everything.

01:15:57   Right, so you have Piezo in there because you're still using Skype.

01:16:01   Yes.

01:16:01   So that would go away when Skype goes away.

01:16:04   Right, so it's like I always want to have two audio recordings.

01:16:09   And also as well, for stuff which is higher risk, even if I'm using Zoom,

01:16:17   I will also use piezo as well as audio hijack. So I mean like if I was doing something where

01:16:24   if something terrible happened it's going to be a problem for me or it's going to be difficult to

01:16:31   reschedule or whatever if something got messed up I might want to just get a second recording

01:16:36   because the zoom audio quality is not good enough really. It's fine in a pinch but I would prefer

01:16:44   You know not use it. So I will use piezo as well then forecast well fishing first

01:16:50   No, I skipped one fishing. Yes

01:16:52   Fishing is also made by rogue amoeba these three apps audio hijack piezo and fishing or rogue amoeba apps

01:16:58   fishing what I like about it is a

01:17:02   It is a I can't think of the right word. Let me go to their website because obviously it's a very simple audio editor

01:17:10   Yeah, lossless mp3 editing. Yes. So what I like about it is if I had to say like

01:17:16   cut something out of an edited file or whatever, I could do that very easily and

01:17:21   just save it. It doesn't need re-exporting or anything. I also do this for like if I

01:17:27   need just a chapter of a show you could just go in you can open a chapter at

01:17:32   mp3 efficient and just delete all the other chapters and you're just left with

01:17:35   it's very easy to do all of that. It's good for me because I can just

01:17:41   like handle and edit MP3 with Fission and it does a really good job of it.

01:17:46   I use it on occasion for similar things but not super often.

01:17:51   Forecast, this is for encoding into chaptered MP3s. Overcast, because M1

01:18:01   life baby yeah can't run that on my desktop nope you cannot your old old old

01:18:06   Mac Pro so I can check like so this is a thing where like before publishing a

01:18:13   show I upload it to overcast back end and just like check that it's all good

01:18:18   check that the I think maybe you or most people would be thoroughly surprised of

01:18:23   how many checks I do of shows I basis make sure the mp3 loads yeah I do a lot

01:18:30   of checks like when I'm in logic I check that it's lined up with the audio

01:18:35   hijack track of all of the calls bounced down I know you don't do that which is

01:18:41   which I hate I hate so much then I check you know before I put it into forecast

01:18:47   I do a quick check of a few points in the file to make sure I explore it okay

01:18:51   then I'm that's done I do I do that I'll skim it like I skim it in quick look and

01:18:56   And then when I upload it to Libsyn,

01:18:58   I do that same thing again

01:19:00   to make sure that the MP3 encoded okay.

01:19:03   And then once I've uploaded to Libsyn,

01:19:04   which is our audio host,

01:19:06   I will put it in QuickTime and check that.

01:19:08   Then I put that same URL into the Overcast backend thing

01:19:13   for the uploads.

01:19:14   This is something that any paying subscriber gets.

01:19:17   And then it just drops it in Overcast

01:19:19   and then I can check that all the chapters are in properly

01:19:21   and stuff like that.

01:19:22   - Makes sense.

01:19:24   This is why, again, I hate saying this,

01:19:26   but I can't remember the last time

01:19:28   I had an error in my audio.

01:19:30   And like all of these checks have just grown over time

01:19:33   to a-- - You know what you've done.

01:19:35   Like what are you doing?

01:19:36   - I said this on an episode of Cortex recently

01:19:39   and got away with it, so.

01:19:41   I've said it loads of times.

01:19:41   Here's the thing, I'm not editing this episode,

01:19:43   so I haven't jinxed myself for this episode.

01:19:46   - Hmm.

01:19:47   - I'm a careful editor.

01:19:48   - I mean, so am I.

01:19:50   I have had mistakes though.

01:19:52   Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

01:19:54   - Mm-hmm.

01:19:55   - Everybody poops.

01:19:56   What's next?

01:19:57   - I don't know why you gotta do that.

01:19:58   - It's a book.

01:19:59   Have you ever read that book?

01:20:00   - No, and I don't want to.

01:20:01   I don't have children, so why would I?

01:20:03   Why would I read that? - Well, if you ever do,

01:20:05   you will learn that everybody poops.

01:20:06   - No, I already know this.

01:20:08   This book isn't gonna teach me that.

01:20:09   I know that already. - Everyone poops, excuse me.

01:20:11   - Please stop.

01:20:12   This is not the kind of thing I wanna talk about.

01:20:14   Thank you.

01:20:15   Photos!

01:20:16   - No, you skipped one.

01:20:17   The Blender Boy.

01:20:18   - Oh, Fusion Cast.

01:20:19   - Yes, this is an app I think I told you about.

01:20:21   - Yeah, I think you did.

01:20:23   You can throw in an audio file, so like a podcast,

01:20:28   and a thumbnail, and it will spit out a YouTube video.

01:20:32   - As opposed to having to use Final Cut

01:20:34   or something way heavier than what you actually need.

01:20:37   - Yep.

01:20:38   - Yep, it's very good.

01:20:40   It's by our friend--

01:20:41   - Gee Rainbow.

01:20:42   - Gee Rainbow, yep.

01:20:43   - Photos.

01:20:45   - Photos, good choice.

01:20:46   - Pixelmator Pro.

01:20:47   - Okay.

01:20:49   - I've recently moved from,

01:20:50   I was like a real, like did not want to let go of pixelmator person.

01:20:54   Like the normal, like non pro pixelmator.

01:20:58   Because when pixelmator pro originally launched, if I'm remembering it rightly,

01:21:02   it didn't have all of the features of pixelmator. Yes.

01:21:06   But I feel like the writing was on the wall for pixelmator classic.

01:21:10   And so I thought to myself, I'm just going to give it a go.

01:21:14   I don't know how they do this, but they have a trial,

01:21:16   even though they're a Mac app store version,

01:21:18   you can get a trial from their website.

01:21:20   - Hmm.

01:21:21   - That just expires.

01:21:23   But if you wanna buy the app,

01:21:24   you have to go to the app store to buy it.

01:21:28   - Okay.

01:21:29   Yeah, I've got it.

01:21:30   I use it really only for making small images bigger

01:21:33   with the machine learning stuff.

01:21:35   - I don't really understand how to use Photoshop.

01:21:38   Photoshop's too complicated for me for most things.

01:21:41   - Yeah, it's next in your dock.

01:21:42   - Wait, I'm not, but there's a reason.

01:21:44   Just chill, all right?

01:21:46   A lot of stuff I'm not very good at in Photoshop, but I understand how to do them in Pixelmator.

01:21:54   And asterisk, I'm getting better at trying to teach myself some of these things in Photoshop

01:21:57   as well, but for a lot of stuff I really do like using Pixelmator instead.

01:22:03   For me, if I'm creating something from scratch, like if I'm going to make chapter artwork

01:22:10   or promo artwork for merchandise or whatever, I'll go to Pixelmator.

01:22:15   where I will go. And then I have Photoshop for when, like, if there's something that

01:22:21   only opens that way or will perform better in Photoshop, I'll use it there. And I'm trying

01:22:26   to learn Photoshop, but like some of the tools, I just understand how to use them just vastly

01:22:31   better with Pixelmator. So I have both of them and I use them interchangeably a little

01:22:37   bit, but I do use them sometimes for kind of specific things. So yeah, Photoshop was

01:22:42   next in the doc. Then numbers. Because you're a businessman. So I have a couple

01:22:50   of numbers number what are they called in numbers? Sheets? Sheets. That I had

01:22:57   open enough like maybe you know like I might have them open for a couple of

01:23:02   days or whatever as I'm just dealing with some stuff that I found numbers to

01:23:07   be at the end of my doc all the time so I just added it it's like okay you have

01:23:12   been promoted now numbers yes to being you have come out of the recent apps

01:23:16   which you don't use at all anymore exactly I never used it okay and this

01:23:22   was the same for the final one which is parcel we've all moved to parcel I think

01:23:26   from deliveries and this was not at all related to deliveries becoming a

01:23:31   subscription app I happily paid the subscription I just for the when we

01:23:36   spoke about it some time ago, Parcel has a set of functions that I think are just better

01:23:45   than Deliverys. Part of them is that Parcel recognizes more of the carrier services that

01:23:52   I use than Deliverys does and I think at that point, I think it's pretty obvious why I use

01:23:58   it right it's like yeah I it just doesn't have everything that I need so

01:24:04   but the parcel does I like the Amazon integration so you don't have to like

01:24:10   put a weird Amazon tracking number in and copy and paste or whatever you

01:24:13   decide I know that's like a thing that people really love for it and I think

01:24:16   it's that's fine okay does that's not really something that I need Amazon does

01:24:20   a pretty good job for me of telling me where things are you know what I mean it

01:24:24   really is for me like there are just some services that I use here in the UK

01:24:27   I get stuff coming from Europe and deliveries can't can't do anything with them

01:24:31   It's like login here to view the update like I have to tap it is basically just a link

01:24:37   but parcel does it it's like Royal Mail and DPD their two services I use here in the UK a lot and and

01:24:44   Deliveries can't do anything with them

01:24:46   But parcel can the only thing I wish parcel would do and I think I'm gonna submit this as a request is

01:24:51   Just let me put a URL in that I can just open whenever I want

01:24:55   I said this post like freight deliveries and stuff of wherever what stuff like that

01:24:59   I sent a request in today because in the little panel where you put in the name

01:25:04   of what you're tracking it doesn't use quick type or autocorrect and so mine are

01:25:09   all horrendously misspelled and it capitalizes every word yeah so I sent

01:25:14   them an email this morning actually said hey please consider this for update and

01:25:19   then I have a folder which is downloads did you know it's called bin yes they

01:25:24   changed it in Big Sur I think? At some point. I don't remember where it was. At some point recently they changed it to

01:25:33   Ben for some some language sets and what is minimum you have like a oh that's

01:25:39   your downloads folder oh right see that was like a minimized document because

01:25:42   you don't have a folder representing your stack do you mean to make you a

01:25:47   little Dropbox folder you could put there? No I don't want that I don't want it I like

01:25:51   the preview I like the preview I'm gonna copy it into the connected God box

01:25:57   folder there you go that's our docks I feel like we have a pretty good handle

01:26:05   on things I feel like I was able to roast yours morning you roasted mine I

01:26:09   mean all of my roasting was at the beginning right and then and then we

01:26:13   moved through yes the app store is very a very weighty subject yes but I feel

01:26:19   like we needed to bring some order to your doc,

01:26:22   which we did.

01:26:23   - Do we wanna wrap up?

01:26:24   I think that's it.

01:26:25   - I think that is it.

01:26:26   - I think that's it.

01:26:27   If you want to find links to the stories we spoke about

01:26:30   or just a whole bunch of Mac apps we mentioned,

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01:26:37   While you're there, you can send feedback or follow up,

01:26:40   especially if you're in Luxembourg, let us know.

01:26:43   If you have a hot take on doc placement,

01:26:46   send it to Casey Liss.

01:26:48   - Yeah, yeah, don't tweet.

01:26:49   Definitely email it to him.

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01:26:54   You get a longer ad-free version of the show each

01:26:57   and every week.

01:26:58   It's a lot of fun.

01:26:59   This week we spoke about warehouses and gutters.

01:27:02   (laughing)

01:27:03   - Yeah.

01:27:04   - And all sorts of stuff.

01:27:05   It was good.

01:27:07   And we're gonna put titles.

01:27:08   That's usually in there too.

01:27:09   Always fun to debate those.

01:27:11   While you're on the Relay website,

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01:27:35   I love the format, relay.fm/clockwise,

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01:27:42   Keep watching the clock.

01:27:44   - Where do you get your podcasts?

01:27:46   - I get mine from cassette tape.

01:27:49   - Oh, I like the warm sound.

01:27:51   You can find us online, Federico,

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01:28:08   They have some big stuff coming,

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01:28:14   Myke hosts a bunch of other things here on Relay

01:28:17   and other parts of the internet.

01:28:18   Myke, what's something cool you're doing this week?

01:28:21   (laughing)

01:28:22   - I don't know what to say

01:28:23   when you ask me this question sometimes.

01:28:25   I think people, we already spoke about it,

01:28:27   but people should check out Monday's episode of Upgrade.

01:28:30   - You can find me on Twitter as ismh

01:28:33   and I also host a bunch of other shows here on Relay FM.

01:28:36   We just published episode 600 of Mac Power Users.

01:28:39   Now that I can take credit for most of those,

01:28:40   but still a fun--

01:28:41   - Now you're on all of them.

01:28:43   - All right, you're on a little bit?

01:28:44   - Just in the last two years, or three years.

01:28:47   How long have I been on an MPU?

01:28:50   - Two years and six days.

01:28:51   - That doesn't seem right.

01:28:52   - Can you imagine if I was right though?

01:28:55   - That would be an amazing skill.

01:28:57   - Wouldn't that be great?

01:28:58   It's like the kind of people where like, you know,

01:29:00   you can like drop like a bunch, like a ball,

01:29:05   like a bunch of balls on the ground, slap him in the face,

01:29:07   thinking to him, I know there are immediately.

01:29:09   You ever seen this kind of trick?

01:29:11   - That's a very specific situation

01:29:12   don't think I've ever been in. Well next time we're together I'll try it and see if we can do it.

01:29:18   No! I won't tell you what's going to happen either.

01:29:20   Hit you in the face. Bunch of bouncy balls smack in the face how many are there?

01:29:25   Did you work it out yet? No. I wasn't. I was vamping to give you time. Oh I can do it.

01:29:31   I can go to relay.fm/people. That's why I was talking about all that

01:29:34   nonsense was to give you time. I'm a professional. So Zach has already told us

01:29:38   It was January 6th, 2019.

01:29:40   So it's been two and a half years.

01:29:44   - I have been on 138 episodes of Mac Power Users.

01:29:49   - You got a long way to go before you can be on more.

01:29:53   - 358 Connecteds, 21 flashbacks.

01:29:57   - You haven't been on 358 episodes of Connected.

01:29:59   - But I'm credited.

01:30:01   - Well, you should fix that.

01:30:02   - I'd like to thank our sponsors this week,

01:30:04   Pingdom, Indeed, and Mac Weldon.

01:30:06   Until next time, Myke, say goodbye.

01:30:08   See ya.

01:30:09   Bye y'all.