355: Roast my Menu Bar


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 355.

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00:00:12   My name is Stephen Hackett,

00:00:13   I'm joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:16   - Hello.

00:00:17   - What's up?

00:00:18   - Nothing, how are you?

00:00:19   - I'm good.

00:00:20   We're also joined by Federico Vittucci.

00:00:22   - Hello, hi, how are you?

00:00:24   - Hello, we're all here.

00:00:25   - Yes, we are.

00:00:28   - Let's just get into it.

00:00:29   - Okay, let's just get into it.

00:00:31   So last week we were talking about the possibility

00:00:35   of an iPhone getting an Apple Watch-like LTPO display,

00:00:40   and we wondered if that could mean an always-on display.

00:00:42   I think something that we all want.

00:00:44   Well, Mark Gurman heard that and went out and reported

00:00:48   that yes, it is looking like the iPhone 13,

00:00:53   or at least the 13 Pro probably,

00:00:57   will include an always on display.

00:01:00   - Tip tech meme.

00:01:01   - I mean, this article is like three days old,

00:01:03   so I think they probably--

00:01:04   - We should have tip tech meme last week.

00:01:06   - Three days ago.

00:01:07   - When we were talking about this.

00:01:08   - In my mind, this is very similar to how Android does it,

00:01:10   where you get the time and maybe some notification stuff.

00:01:13   Like this isn't gonna be your wallpaper all the time, right?

00:01:15   It's gonna be some sort of--

00:01:16   - You could put complications, Apple Watch complications.

00:01:20   - That'd be awesome.

00:01:21   - Why not?

00:01:22   - Why not?

00:01:23   - Little bits of info.

00:01:23   I get like a little carrot with the thing.

00:01:25   - Sometimes they update, sometimes they don't.

00:01:27   Sometimes maybe not sometimes maybe you know, I would love complications get a little fantastic how going on, you know

00:01:34   Here's your next meeting be nice. I

00:01:36   Would like that you too on the subject of always on displays

00:01:39   I am becoming frustrated with the brightness level of my series 5 always on apple. Okay, it's not bright enough

00:01:46   And I wanted to know from two series 6 owners how much brighter is it?

00:01:52   Really like in Federica you might be better for this because you've been spending a bunch of time at the beach

00:01:56   In like bright sunlight, can you actually clearly read the Apple Watch display?

00:02:01   Steven, you stay inside all the time. You're not helped to any.

00:02:03   But I've worn three watches in three weeks, so I went from a six to a five back to a six.

00:02:08   Okay, that's also a good point.

00:02:10   So Federico, yours first and Steven, I want to know what you think.

00:02:14   I feel like I have no idea.

00:02:16   Like it's not something I've particularly paid attention to.

00:02:19   No, but what I'm saying is, with your watch, when you're at the beach, you can see the screen clearly.

00:02:24   I mean I see the time. Yeah? Yes.

00:02:28   Because like today I was walking to the studio and I could barely see the time on my Apple watch because the sun was so bright.

00:02:35   We are going through a bit of a heat wave here in London so it's like particularly the sun is very strong.

00:02:41   Oh yeah this is how you know you're talking to a British person in the summer they complain about the heat.

00:02:46   I mean it's like 31 degrees Celsius here today.

00:02:48   31? Yeah. Alright 31 is pretty hot. Like 88 degrees or something.

00:02:53   Okay, that's as hot as it is here.

00:02:55   Yeah, so don't even come at me with this.

00:02:57   Well, I'm not complaining about it.

00:02:58   Doesn't it just rain in your country all the time?

00:03:00   No, it actually doesn't rain that much.

00:03:03   Have some crumpets.

00:03:04   It actually doesn't rain that much.

00:03:06   The only, I think, Stephen,

00:03:07   the only time you've ever been here it was hot like that.

00:03:09   So your entire perception of this country

00:03:12   is it's always this hot, so don't even.

00:03:14   That's true, and we had an apartment

00:03:16   with no air conditioning.

00:03:17   Yeah, exactly, and that was your own mistake.

00:03:20   Well, look, well, here's the thing.

00:03:22   Okay, I agree with Grey, you and Grey have talked about this.

00:03:25   Y'all should just build buildings with air conditioning.

00:03:26   It's not like the climate is cooling, it's doing the opposite.

00:03:29   Oh no, it's happening now.

00:03:30   New places are getting air conditioning put into them.

00:03:33   We are talking about the weather.

00:03:35   All I wanted to know was the question about sunlight and then everyone's coming at me.

00:03:39   No, no.

00:03:40   I haven't gone anywhere.

00:03:42   I'm not coming at you.

00:03:43   Okay.

00:03:44   I haven't gone anywhere.

00:03:45   I'm still here.

00:03:46   I didn't come at you.

00:03:47   Alright, so Federico, you don't have an opinion.

00:03:49   Steven, do you have an opinion?

00:03:51   It is noticeably brighter. In fact, I really noticed...

00:03:55   Is it though?

00:03:56   It is.

00:03:57   Okay.

00:03:58   I really noticed when I was wearing my Series 5, like, I could even, like, out of the corner

00:04:01   of my eye, notice it was much darker. And the 6, like, the delta between the sort of

00:04:09   wrist down and wrist up isn't very big. It's way brighter.

00:04:14   Okay.

00:04:15   Go get a Series 6.

00:04:17   No, this isn't that, is it, right? Because we're approaching August. We're like six weeks away from

00:04:22   the next Apple one. It's the worst time. I'm kind of only thinking, wouldn't it be great though if

00:04:28   I did buy it now? Because it's after that time when Federico said I definitely would have gotten one

00:04:33   and now I get one. No, I'm waiting because as well like I want them to do, I'm hoping that they'll do

00:04:39   a ceramic one, which I don't think they will, but I'm gonna wait. Yeah, in fact now that you mention

00:04:45   I feel like there's a gap in my memory.

00:04:48   Like why are you wearing?

00:04:51   Because you've been mentioning the Apple Watch frequently as of late.

00:04:56   Like on upgrade as well.

00:04:59   Yeah, I'm on a bit of a fitness focus right now.

00:05:03   Ah, okay.

00:05:04   I want accurate step day and all that kind of stuff.

00:05:07   The difference of like when I wear my Apple Watch to when I don't

00:05:12   is like multiple thousands of steps a day.

00:05:15   Like if I just have my iPhone tracking it,

00:05:19   and I know why, because I just leave my iPhone

00:05:21   and I walk around, right?

00:05:22   Like, you know, just like in the studio,

00:05:24   walking around the home or whatever.

00:05:26   And also I just don't think the iPhone is as good as it.

00:05:28   But like, you know, it could be the difference

00:05:30   between eight and 10,000 steps a day

00:05:33   as to whether I wear my Apple Watch or not.

00:05:35   So I want that.

00:05:37   And then just, also when I'm wearing my Apple Watch,

00:05:41   I do feel like I am focusing more on my health, because in my mind that's what it is for.

00:05:47   So I'm back on that train again.

00:05:51   So I was right after all.

00:05:54   About what?

00:05:55   About you using the Apple Watch.

00:05:57   You know, your thing was "I will buy a Series 6".

00:06:00   And also I'm like begrudgingly using it.

00:06:03   I mean you wanna buy it, you just don't wanna buy it because otherwise I'm gonna be right.

00:06:09   But there was a time frame for you. You said you will buy it by this point and it didn't

00:06:14   happen. Anyway, put this aside, I'm disappointed in our listeners.

00:06:18   Okay. That's harsh.

00:06:19   I had to share my diss... Oh, I'm not angry at them.

00:06:22   I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.

00:06:24   The weird fish emoji went to the final round of the emoji awards for like the most 2021

00:06:31   emoji and it got beaten by the syringe emoji.

00:06:34   I have complaints, not about our listeners, but this so-called Emoji Awards account, whoever's

00:06:41   running this, their finger was on the scale.

00:06:45   100%.

00:06:46   They didn't want this to win.

00:06:47   I wanted to mention this as well.

00:06:50   The phrasing, they did not want the Minecraft to win.

00:06:54   The phrasing of the tweets.

00:06:56   So for example, okay, here we go, the final vote, your two options for the emoji, the

00:07:01   best sum up the years so far are syringe, a symbol of vaccine optimism, microbe, often

00:07:07   used to represent coronavirus. I mean, what do you think people are gonna vote for? It's

00:07:13   not fair. Not fair. But to be fair, we were putting our fingers on the scales on the other

00:07:19   side, but nevertheless. Yeah, but we're not running it, right? That's true. That's true.

00:07:23   We're just citizens of the world. Yeah. And also, like, isn't it a bit suspicious that

00:07:31   the weird fish was winning and then in the last day it was not winning anymore.

00:07:36   Yeah.

00:07:37   So, I don't know.

00:07:38   I don't feel bad for trying to rig the election in our favor.

00:07:42   No, this is purely marketing, right?

00:07:45   There's always marketing in elections.

00:07:47   We're just campaigning.

00:07:48   We are campaigning for the weird fish emoji.

00:07:50   Our platform was "It's a weird fish".

00:07:53   Yeah, that is our entire...

00:07:56   That's our platform.

00:07:57   That's our campaign slogan.

00:07:58   It's a weird fish.

00:07:59   Yes.

00:08:00   I feel like that the election committee, i.e. the people running that Twitter account,

00:08:05   they were putting their finger on the scales. The election was stolen is what we're saying.

00:08:10   Yeah, that is what we're saying. And I'm also disappointed in our listeners. Just because I

00:08:14   know how many people listen to this show, right, and I saw how many people voted, and that's a

00:08:20   massive difference. That's why I'm disappointed in our listeners, because they didn't put the votes

00:08:24   in. I would like to call up for a recount. Well, we can only call for a recount if

00:08:30   our listeners will actually put the votes in, otherwise we're just gonna be

00:08:33   back in the same point again. Unless we really put our finger on the

00:08:39   scale. Really go for it. It's a bummer. It's really a dark day for democracy. I agree. As of this

00:08:47   recording, there are just 10 days left for my Apple hardware calendar

00:08:52   Kickstarter. Wow, this has gone by fast. I know. Right, what did you do, 30 days? Yeah. Man, that's gone by quick.

00:08:59   Yes, yes it has. So, you should get on this, you should get a calendar,

00:09:06   and some stickers, and some postcards, and prints, you know, digital files. There's

00:09:12   lots of good stuff. Mm-hmm. Go check it out. Please. Do you have a plan for

00:09:18   for shipping all of these? I need you all to come to Memphis. The plan is it's currently July and

00:09:30   they need to be with people by December that's the plan right? Lots of time is the plan. Yeah so I'm

00:09:36   going to set up shipping central over in the new side of my office and ship them out. Okay. Yeah

00:09:45   Yeah, I'm worried that like, for you,

00:09:48   and like, I don't know if any of us can accurately estimate

00:09:52   the sheer scale of what will probably be

00:09:55   over a thousand calendars.

00:09:58   It's gonna be rough, man.

00:09:59   Yeah, I was talking to the Studio Neat Boys

00:10:02   and they were like, yeah, it's like, you know,

00:10:04   there's a certain number where it makes sense

00:10:06   to like talk to a fulfillment company.

00:10:08   And I think I'm gonna end up like basically

00:10:10   right at that cutoff, but I didn't budget for that.

00:10:14   So...

00:10:16   I feel like a thousand, though, you could do it.

00:10:18   I think so.

00:10:19   It would take a long time, but you could do it.

00:10:20   If it were closer to 1,500, I would more seriously look at an outside group.

00:10:26   But the plan is right now just to buckle down and probably have a couple of weekends with

00:10:31   a couple of friends over.

00:10:34   And even if you budget for shipping 30 of those each day for a month, that seems more

00:10:42   manageable.

00:10:43   - That actually seems really doable

00:10:45   when you put it that way.

00:10:46   - Or spend two hours a day on it, right?

00:10:48   Like I could get through it.

00:10:49   The other thing I think I'm gonna do,

00:10:51   I need to talk to some people,

00:10:53   but I'm thinking about having basically two stages

00:10:56   where I package them and there's a stack

00:10:59   of the thousand calendars.

00:11:01   - Well, no, because--

00:11:02   - And 500 of them have prints and 500 of them don't.

00:11:05   And so I can pack them all and then just do labels.

00:11:08   And I don't know, we'll see how the flow's gonna work.

00:11:10   - But what about the people

00:11:11   that have ordered more than one calendar?

00:11:13   - I will be contacting them.

00:11:14   So I've gotten this question a lot.

00:11:16   If you want more than one calendar,

00:11:17   Kickstarter lets you manually adjust your pledge

00:11:21   and just have it for the full amount of whatever you want.

00:11:25   Anything, a unique amount, I'm gonna filter out

00:11:27   and I'll double check with those people

00:11:29   that they get what they want.

00:11:31   - Also-- - Have you bought

00:11:32   a label printer yet?

00:11:33   - Yes, it's right here in the box next to my desk.

00:11:36   - Good.

00:11:37   - I'm just saying, Steven, but you have three children.

00:11:40   That's a very good point.

00:11:43   But I want them to go to the right place.

00:11:45   Yeah, but, you know.

00:11:47   At least putting them in the envelopes, you know, without the labels.

00:11:50   I'm just saying.

00:11:53   Right now, I've come against a little problem with the prints.

00:11:57   So I'm talking to the company that's doing the printing, it's all here local.

00:12:02   And just on a whim, I was like, "Hey, when I get these 500, 600, 700 sets of prints,

00:12:09   they're gonna be collated, right?

00:12:10   And he was like, "Let me get back in touch with you

00:12:15   about that."

00:12:15   And I haven't heard back, so that--

00:12:17   - What do you mean by collate?

00:12:18   Like, what do you mean?

00:12:19   - So there's, how many prints is it?

00:12:23   14 prints.

00:12:25   And so in my mind, they were just gonna come

00:12:29   in sets of 14, but what I'm afraid is they're gonna come

00:12:31   in sets of 500 or 600 or whatever,

00:12:33   and then I've gotta put the sets of 14 together myself.

00:12:36   - Oh, you 100% are going to be doing that.

00:12:38   Yeah, so I've asked could they be could they be collated and that was like a week ago

00:12:42   And I haven't heard anything. That's gonna cost a lot of money because that's gonna be like done by hand

00:12:47   So you're gonna have to choose and I'm telling you you're gonna be sitting there with five stacks of 500 and you're gonna be

00:12:54   Taking one of each. Probably. Put them in an envelope

00:12:56   And you get to the end and you'll have one left of one extra of each one. Then you have to start all over again

00:13:03   Oh, no

00:13:07   See this is you know what it says is all really a good idea of the timing because this is the only kind of kickstart

00:13:13   Campaign where people don't care when they get it so you can ship it slowly

00:13:17   People aren't gonna care when they get it as long as they get it before the year starts. Mm-hmm, you know, yeah

00:13:22   you're probably fine. I think so and

00:13:24   You know, I have already learned the lesson

00:13:28   I'm sure I will learn it even more that man making mp3s and markdown is a lot easier than making physical goods

00:13:33   Stephen let me tell you right now you have yet to learn this lesson because

00:13:37   do where you are right now everything's purely theoretical you learn this lesson

00:13:42   when things are printed that's when you learn you have a tractor trailer full of

00:13:47   calendars backing up to my house exactly when there's a truck and there's boxes

00:13:51   and that's when you've learned this lesson you haven't learned it yet or

00:13:55   you also because nothing's gone wrong yet yeah there could be misprints yes

00:14:01   - Yes. Well, no, I guarantee you there will be, and you'll just have to deal with them.

00:14:04   Because that's the way this stuff goes.

00:14:06   - We are saying, Steven, good luck.

00:14:10   - Yeah, good luck.

00:14:11   - We love you.

00:14:12   - Yeah.

00:14:13   - And I mean, if it's in the family, it's not really child labor, is what I'm saying.

00:14:17   - Just helping out dad.

00:14:19   - Yeah, exactly. It's like, you know, learning how to work as an adult, but you're a child.

00:14:28   - So there we go.

00:14:30   I may just call everybody I know, but please come over.

00:14:34   Yes, yes.

00:14:37   Including Joe from the neighborhood.

00:14:39   Joe, I need a label!

00:14:42   And your electrician.

00:14:43   Yeah.

00:14:44   Doesn't have a name.

00:14:45   Just The Electrician.

00:14:46   Well, you know, I don't want to dox him.

00:14:49   The electrician.

00:14:50   The new breakout character of Connected Pro.

00:14:53   Go to getconnectedpro.co if you want to learn more about The Electrician.

00:14:57   The electrician.

00:14:58   Yes.

00:14:59   (laughing)

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00:17:18   So people have started receiving the smart battery packs, I believe including my two co-hosts

00:17:25   Oh, yeah, do you mean to open it?

00:17:27   If you would like to yeah, okay, let me let me do a little

00:17:30   Unboxing ASMR for everybody. Okay, this better be good

00:17:34   Oh I missed the tape

00:17:53   Okay, I'm opening the box.

00:17:55   Here it is. Here it is on the desk.

00:17:59   That's good. That's good. Now that's my stuff. Okay. I'm sliding it out of the box. Yeah.

00:18:05   Oh boy.

00:18:07   I have to undo the tape.

00:18:09   Get it. All right. I'm now going to unwrap it.

00:18:18   I've gone red. It is unwrapped. I'm a little embarrassed. I've gone red. I can feel my

00:18:31   face has gotten warm. I'm feeling it. This thing is not good looking. Oh now you're talking

00:18:36   to me. There it is. There it is. There you go. It doesn't look very good. This might

00:18:41   be a functional product but like every picture I've seen of it, it looks kind of weird. But

00:18:46   But to be honest, I felt that way about the smart battery case as well.

00:18:49   The case always looked kind of weird and ugly, and this thing looks strange.

00:18:56   But I'm sure it does the job.

00:18:59   Although probably not very efficiently.

00:19:01   It's fine, it charges a bit slow.

00:19:03   I mean it's 5 watts, so what are you expecting?

00:19:08   As I thought, it looks...

00:19:11   It's fine on a Pro Max.

00:19:14   I think it looks a bit ridiculous.

00:19:15   I've seen the photos attached to an iPhone 12 mini.

00:19:18   - Can I not charge it on a MagSafe puck?

00:19:22   - No.

00:19:23   - What?

00:19:24   - Yeah, you have to charge it.

00:19:25   Okay, well I saw Jeremy Burge tweeting about this today

00:19:28   because of like, he lives on a boat,

00:19:30   our good friend Jeremy, who I don't think was involved

00:19:33   in the rigging of the emoji election.

00:19:35   - Oh, until we know he's the one to blame.

00:19:39   I mean, when you run an operation,

00:19:41   look, Myke, you now know this.

00:19:42   Federica, you know this, we're all business owners.

00:19:44   - Yep.

00:19:45   stops with us and if not us the one true John so we need to know who the one true

00:19:50   John is inside Emojipedia and we'll blame them. Okay that's cool so whoever the one

00:19:54   true John is inside of Emojipedia they're probably to blame but he was

00:19:59   tweaked because he's got MagSafe everywhere on his boat and has now

00:20:02   needed to add a cable to the boat because it's just easier because he has very

00:20:07   limited space like so MagSafe is good for him because there aren't a lot of

00:20:10   surface spaces when you live on a boat and now he needs a case for his for his

00:20:15   new chargey thing. This looks so stupid I have the battery plugged in and the

00:20:19   phone on top of the battery. Okay so I mean obviously I just opened it.

00:20:24   Federico what are your thoughts on this? You've had more time than me. It's one of

00:20:31   those things where I got pretty much exactly what I expected. It's a small

00:20:37   white brick that attaches magnetically to the back of the phone. I was also

00:20:42   confused by the lack of MagSafe. Like I thought that I could just put it on top of a MagSafe

00:20:50   charger and that it would charge, and I think it's kind of silly that it doesn't. Like,

00:20:55   why it charges via the iPhone, right? Or no. Am I confused? This is all very confusing,

00:21:04   the reverse charging deal. No, it doesn't charge via the iPhone unless the iPhone...

00:21:10   If you plug the iPhone in and the battery is attached, it will charge the battery as

00:21:14   well as the phone.

00:21:16   And that's reverse charging, right?

00:21:18   Yeah.

00:21:19   So if that's possible, then why can I not put it on top of a MagSafe charger?

00:21:24   I don't know.

00:21:25   That's silly, right?

00:21:26   It's silly, right?

00:21:27   Because it can charge from a MagSafe device, so why not from an actual MagSafe pad?

00:21:33   I even tried it upside down to touch the rings together and it just didn't do anything.

00:21:38   Because it feels like this product is primarily aimed at people like Federico and Jeremy of

00:21:47   like "you're all in on MagSafe, right?"

00:21:51   But now add a lightning cable to the mix, right?

00:21:54   That thing you've been trying to get rid of?

00:21:56   Add that back in.

00:21:57   Exactly.

00:21:58   So I don't want to have that, which is silly and I hope that maybe this is the kind of

00:22:02   thing that can be fixed with the software update.

00:22:04   I don't know.

00:22:05   Otherwise, it's pretty much what I expected.

00:22:09   It's the right size.

00:22:12   I would have preferred to have more color options.

00:22:15   And I would have preferred to have MagSafe on the outer side as well.

00:22:22   So that I could do iPhone, MagSafe battery, and wallet attached to the battery.

00:22:28   Oh, I bet you know why it doesn't work?

00:22:31   Because the magnets are the same magnet as in the puck,

00:22:36   because it has to stick to the phone, right?

00:22:39   So, like, it can't magnetically attach to the puck.

00:22:45   You see what I mean?

00:22:46   I got it lined up for a second,

00:22:47   and the amber light on the battery flickered.

00:22:50   But I don't -- I can't tell if it's --

00:22:51   Yeah, it flickers, but it does not --

00:22:53   No, it doesn't charge.

00:22:55   Did I tell y'all I bought a MagSafe Duo charger?

00:22:58   Oh, no. Nice.

00:23:00   for travel and Mary is using it.

00:23:02   She's at the beach this week and she gives it a thumbs up.

00:23:04   So I mean, this is fine.

00:23:06   Like it's not very pretty,

00:23:09   but I do like that you can separate it

00:23:14   and your phone doesn't have to be enormous all the time.

00:23:18   Like with the smart battery case,

00:23:20   you were just committed to having megaphone

00:23:22   all the time, right?

00:23:23   - Yes, it doesn't completely wreck your phone

00:23:29   for the whole time you maybe potentially want to charge.

00:23:32   And that's what I like about it, how I can bring this along

00:23:37   and it doesn't take that much space in a bag when we're going to the beach

00:23:41   or if I'm going somewhere and I have a backpack, for example.

00:23:45   It doesn't take a lot of space, it doesn't ruin my phone

00:23:48   and I can snap it on just when needed.

00:23:51   And that's, for me, that's the appeal of MagSafe.

00:23:54   Like, the fact that you can mix and match different kinds of accessories,

00:24:00   and they always attach the same way.

00:24:02   And what's also nice is that you can see the battery status in the widget on the iPhone.

00:24:10   Right now it shows you the wrong icon for it in iOS 15 beta, but it's correct in 14.7.

00:24:16   So I assume that in beta 4 it'll show you the proper icon for the MaxApe battery pack.

00:24:21   Yeah, it's like that UPS thing again, right?

00:24:24   Yes.

00:24:25   I've seen someone post a picture of that.

00:24:26   It just shows you a lightning cable right now.

00:24:29   In 15 it shows you a lightning connector.

00:24:35   But it's right in 14.7.

00:24:37   Yeah, it's always kind of funny running a beta when there's new hardware out because

00:24:41   the beta often doesn't know about the hardware.

00:24:43   It's like, "Oh, we've got to do it over there too."

00:24:47   Yeah.

00:24:48   I mean, I think for travel this is going to be a nice option.

00:24:51   If you need more power than this or faster power for this, then you get a battery with

00:24:57   a cable, right?

00:24:58   But if you don't need that, you just kind of need something to keep your phone on like

00:25:01   a low simmer on a flight, I think it's going to be great.

00:25:05   Yeah, I think that honestly my biggest issue with it is just that the battery isn't big

00:25:13   enough.

00:25:14   Like if I'm getting a product like this, I want at least one full charge out of it and

00:25:20   it seems like with the max this won't do that and so like that would be you know

00:25:25   for me the main reason I wouldn't want a product like this I go get if I'm gonna

00:25:30   get a battery pack I want to be able to get at least one full charge mm-hmm but

00:25:35   you know because if you really want it that bad just buy multiples of them get

00:25:39   like utility belt like Batman and just like or like Chewbacca's like crossbody

00:25:45   thing you know have a bunch of money I have no idea what that means I know

00:25:49   It's a Star War.

00:25:51   I know, Chewbacca's like the bear, right?

00:25:54   Yeah.

00:25:55   Sure.

00:25:56   Like Bigfoot guy.

00:25:58   Yeah, he's furry.

00:25:59   Yeah.

00:26:00   Very Bigfoot-like.

00:26:01   I like that it's here since I'm now running iOS 15 on my phone, I could use the extra battery life, so that's good.

00:26:08   The design, I saw some people on Twitter talking, it kind of looks like an iPod, you know, it's just like rounded corners and smooth.

00:26:14   I was texting with Quinn Nelson last night and I was like, "It looks like if Apple made

00:26:21   a cigarette pack, this is what it would look like."

00:26:23   Oh my god.

00:26:26   I wonder if that's like a reference, it's like a little up to wall for Quinn.

00:26:31   What iPods or cigarettes?

00:26:33   Cigarettes.

00:26:34   Or both.

00:26:35   Probably both.

00:26:36   He's very young.

00:26:37   He's very tall.

00:26:38   Quinn's been quite critical of it on Twitter.

00:26:41   Yeah, he's cranky about stuff, I don't know.

00:26:43   Yeah. What's up with that guy?

00:26:44   YouTubers, am I right?

00:26:45   Oh gosh, yeah. Oh, I got a vlog!

00:26:48   [laughter]

00:26:49   When you put this thing on, how would you hold your phone?

00:26:53   Do you hold the battery, or do you hold the phone?

00:26:56   No, I hold the phone. I got big ads, man.

00:26:58   So you can, like, grip all the way around.

00:27:00   Here's how I'm doing it.

00:27:02   It is now... I now have a pinky-sized slot under the battery.

00:27:07   And my pinky goes there.

00:27:10   So I guess I'm mostly holding the battery.

00:27:12   Because that was what was good about the first ugliest one of those cases.

00:27:17   Because the second one, the battery went all the way to the bottom, right?

00:27:21   But the first one, the battery was just in the middle, like a little backpack.

00:27:24   And that made it really comfortable to hold, actually.

00:27:27   So I guess it's kind of going back to that.

00:27:29   According to a report from Nikkei of Asia, the next generation of AirPods

00:27:34   are going into mass production in August, so we'll likely see them in September.

00:27:38   Not really a lot, but also in that report is something a bit more interesting I think

00:27:43   is that in the iPhone is regarding the iPhone SE.

00:27:46   So they state that an updated version of the iPhone SE is due in 2022.

00:27:51   And it will be intended to replace the iPhone mini after the poor sales of the iPhone mini,

00:27:56   the 12 mini, which we've heard about before.

00:27:58   So like Apple kind of committed to making a mini this year, because they committed to

00:28:02   that before they put the 12 mini on sale.

00:28:05   And it seems like the 12 mini has had poor sales.

00:28:07   I think it had been end of life earlier.

00:28:10   So like they had enough in inventory that they thought would sell throughout

00:28:13   the life of the phone. So they stopped making them.

00:28:15   They're going to be doing a 13 mini,

00:28:17   but then after that there will be no more mini phone. The SE,

00:28:22   the 2022 SE will be a 5G capable phone,

00:28:25   but it is expected to keep the old design. So it will gain an A15 chip,

00:28:30   but we'll still have a touch ID, home button, LCD display,

00:28:35   you know, like basically the SE of now.

00:28:37   But then for 2022, Apple is still planning on four phones,

00:28:43   but there will be two versions of the larger size.

00:28:46   So we would get iPhone 14 and 14 Max,

00:28:48   and then iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

00:28:52   - I mean, I think it makes sense

00:28:55   to take the mini form factor

00:28:57   and just use it for an SE phone.

00:29:01   - No, but they're not doing that.

00:29:02   That's what I'm saying.

00:29:04   - Yeah, but I'm saying that makes sense.

00:29:05   Do that instead.

00:29:07   Because--

00:29:08   - Oh, but that's expensive.

00:29:09   - It is now, but would it be in two or three years?

00:29:12   The SE has always used the old design, right?

00:29:15   So it used the 5S design when everything got bigger,

00:29:19   and now it uses the design of the 8

00:29:20   when everything has face ID.

00:29:22   It's like, where does that go

00:29:25   unless there's some another redesign coming?

00:29:28   - I still feel like the face ID stuff and the screens

00:29:32   are still just so much more expensive than touch ID and an LCD screen.

00:29:37   I think that's what's happening.

00:29:40   So, sorry everybody that loves the Mini.

00:29:43   - Yeah, this is gonna be a year

00:29:45   where my wife gets a back-to-back update,

00:29:47   'cause if it goes away,

00:29:48   it's like, gets you the newest, tiniest phone I can,

00:29:52   and you'll be set for a while.

00:29:53   - You know, maybe like in 2024,

00:29:56   they'll make an SE that looks like the 12 Mini.

00:29:59   - Yeah, yeah, I think,

00:30:00   unless something really wild is coming,

00:30:03   like, I don't know, like in-screen touch ID or something,

00:30:08   like from what they have now,

00:30:11   the 12 mini chassis is the obvious successor to the SE.

00:30:16   It's just a matter of when or if they can do it,

00:30:18   'cause to your point, the way they've done it in the past,

00:30:21   they've been able to like,

00:30:22   "Oh yeah, we're just like still making the 5S,"

00:30:24   and just like change out the processor and the cameras

00:30:27   and you have an SE, right?

00:30:28   Like they've done it in a way that can be really cheap

00:30:30   and maybe that's not possible now, but...

00:30:33   I hope they don't cancel. Like, this isn't, um...

00:30:37   This isn't a phone for me, but it's a phone for a lot of people.

00:30:42   The SE I understand.

00:30:44   I still struggle...

00:30:46   to understand the mini. It's like, there's people that use the mini,

00:30:51   like, non-ironically, and then I get--

00:30:53   I know. I have two people in my life that love it and swear by it.

00:30:57   One of them is underscore.

00:31:00   This is fascinating. Is it like the novelty effect of going back to a small phone where

00:31:08   like you don't really like the small phone, you like that they made it again? Because

00:31:13   like, I don't know, would you go back to a small television in your house? Like, oh,

00:31:18   look how beautiful this small television is.

00:31:21   I think the thing is, for a lot of people, it is that like, it is a device just to be

00:31:26   held in the hand. Like, your phone is always to be held in your hand, and if the big phones

00:31:30   are uncomfortable for you, then fine. The big funny I understand, but like even like

00:31:35   the regular size, like the SE and the Pro, like that feels like just big enough, like

00:31:42   the mini is so small and the trade-offs for it. Like, I think ultimately Federico, what

00:31:48   you are saying is the way that things are played out. Most people, vastly most people

00:31:54   believe that it is worth going bigger and staying that way, not going back. Otherwise

00:31:59   Apple would make this mini phone forever.

00:32:02   Believe it or not, Apple's a company that loves money.

00:32:05   They're motivated by money.

00:32:06   Interesting.

00:32:07   And so if products sell, they keep making them.

00:32:11   I think a lot of people are going to take this as a personal affront or a spike that

00:32:15   Apple is putting on them, right?

00:32:18   Like they did in the mini year gap where the SE was older and older before they made the

00:32:23   SE2, right?

00:32:24   People begrudgingly went up to the iPhone X or something because they thought the SE

00:32:29   was never coming back.

00:32:30   - But I know people, and I think we all know people,

00:32:33   who begrudgingly got a bigger phone

00:32:34   and now would never go back.

00:32:36   And Adina is one of those.

00:32:37   She resisted getting a new iPhone for so long.

00:32:41   She had like a 4S and a 5, and she did not want to do it.

00:32:46   And then she was really excited about the iPhone 10.

00:32:49   She loved the camera and stuff, so we got her an iPhone 10.

00:32:52   And now, like when the Mini came out,

00:32:54   I was like, "What do you want?"

00:32:55   She's like, "No way, I like a big screen now."

00:32:57   and people who know my wife, she is a very small person.

00:33:01   And so you would expect that she would maybe

00:33:03   want the small phone, but no,

00:33:04   I like the big screen on my phone

00:33:06   because I do everything on my phone, right?

00:33:08   This is what ends up happening for people.

00:33:11   They just move to a big phone and they stay.

00:33:14   And it's not necessarily the Max, right?

00:33:16   The Max is humongous.

00:33:17   It's a massive phone.

00:33:19   - Too much.

00:33:20   - The regular ones, either the 12 or the 12 Pro,

00:33:23   they're great, right?

00:33:26   Like, it's a great size for most people.

00:33:28   And I know if you like the Mini, like, that's awesome.

00:33:30   And I'm sure that you love it, right?

00:33:33   But unfortunately, you don't have enough comrades.

00:33:37   -Yeah, I feel like I struggle to --

00:33:39   I've always struggled to understand the Mini,

00:33:42   because with age, I've realized that holding small gadgets

00:33:46   is really, really, really bad for my hands.

00:33:49   This is also why, like, I wanted to start playing Metroid,

00:33:54   like an old GBA game on an actual Nintendo DS that I still have and nope, cannot do it

00:34:02   anymore. Too small, right? Too small, too small. You know, I actually think the pandemic

00:34:07   has been pretty kind to the 12 mini because a lot of people have not realized how bad

00:34:12   their battery life will be. Yeah, very good point. I think that is a thing that a lot

00:34:17   of people that maybe even own that phone will have not yet realized is that the battery

00:34:21   life is really bad on it compared to what you would have come from before.

00:34:27   Like, can you imagine, nobody's ever happy with the battery life of their phone.

00:34:30   Can you imagine losing multiple hours of battery life?

00:34:35   Like that's gonna be pretty rough.

00:34:38   Still though, if you like your mini, I mean this is like every time we talk about it we

00:34:43   got a bunch of really upset people.

00:34:46   And we joke about it, you know, we understand that different people have different needs

00:34:51   and preferences so that's fine but also like Apple as a company obviously they're looking

00:34:55   at this as a product not as a I guess mission you know like if it's not selling enough it's

00:35:03   not selling enough yeah well let's talk about how I bought a Windows PC.

00:35:09   Oh!

00:35:10   Oh!

00:35:11   Wait I...

00:35:12   This is like a fake out right?

00:35:15   I surprised you finally.

00:35:17   No, I think this is like a fake out. I think I know what's going on here.

00:35:20   Oh, you think?

00:35:22   I think.

00:35:23   You think?

00:35:24   Oh, am I wrong?

00:35:26   Why do you think this is a fake out?

00:35:30   Well, because I think you're talking about the Steam Deck.

00:35:33   Oh, okay.

00:35:35   Well, I did pre-order that. I did pre-order that.

00:35:37   Okay, then. Okay, then.

00:35:39   No, no, but I was just setting up Windows 10 a few minutes ago before the show.

00:35:46   OK, what's going on?

00:35:48   I have photographic evidence that if you allow me, I will post in the Discord.

00:35:55   So if you're not a member of Relay FM and Connected Pro, this is what you're missing out on.

00:36:01   Me posting photos of the Windows 10 setup process.

00:36:04   Let's see. For example...

00:36:06   Why have you bought a PC?

00:36:09   For example, you see this? Just a moment. Beautiful setup message.

00:36:15   So, okay, so I feel like you need some context here.

00:36:21   I would love it, we've been constantly asking for it since the moment you said it.

00:36:27   I have this new desktop headphone amplifier and DAC, it's called the Matrix Mini iPro 3.

00:36:38   It's this beautiful piece of hardware that is now sitting below my Mac Mini.

00:36:45   And it's just a headphone amp for my wired headphones that is also Roon-ready.

00:36:52   So for those not aware of Roon, it's R-O-O-N.

00:36:56   So Roon is this incredibly powerful music app for Mac, Windows, and Linux

00:37:04   that is usually used by audio files and people who have their own sort of offline music library.

00:37:13   you know, like a folder full of albums and songs. And what... and I'm trying to sum up here, but

00:37:22   basically Rune is incredible because it connects to a lot of third-party equipment. So there's a

00:37:31   lot of companies that make desktop DACs or headphone amplifiers that are certified for

00:37:39   working with Roon. So this happens over the local network in your house. You run Roon Server on a

00:37:46   computer and it finds these Roon Ready accessories on your network, and you can stream music from

00:37:55   that server to the Roon Ready headphone amplifier, and it streams lossless. So even if you are

00:38:03   streaming wirelessly over your local network. There's no compression, there's no quality

00:38:09   loss. It's bit perfect streaming from the server to the Rune Ready Adfoul amplifier.

00:38:14   Once again, mine is called the Mini iPro 3. You can look it up, it looks really nice.

00:38:20   It looks really nice. So my original thought was, I'm just gonna run Rune on my Mac Mini,

00:38:31   obviously my music library is stored on a Samsung T5 external SSD, and so as long

00:38:40   as my Mac Mini is on, I can listen to music, you know, I can plug in my wired

00:38:44   headphones into the headphone amp, and I can listen to music that way. The problem

00:38:49   is my Mac Mini is in the bedroom, and we prefer to keep it shut off at night, like

00:38:57   in the evening, like, as soon as I'm done recording podcasts, we don't like having

00:39:02   this computer so close to our bed. You know, sometimes the fans start spinning

00:39:06   and it gets warm and it's really hot here and there's no, like, it's not really

00:39:12   necessary to keep it turned on, but that posed a problem for me, like, okay, so if I

00:39:18   want to listen to music and this computer is off, it means that Rune is

00:39:23   not running. So I started thinking about like, okay, how can I spin up like a Rune

00:39:30   server instance somewhere in my house so that the Mac Mini, like the computer

00:39:38   doesn't have to stay on? Like what's the cheapest way to have a server on at all

00:39:44   times that's running Rune? And can I just confirm something? Because I think I

00:39:49   might have gone lost here. The Mac Mini has your audio files on it. They are

00:39:55   stored on an external drive. The Mac Mini doesn't have them. The external drive was

00:39:59   plugged into the Mac Mini. And what are you listening on? Headphones? Yes, headphones.

00:40:08   What are the headphones plugged into? The headphone amp. The mini iPro 3. And is the

00:40:14   amp plugged into the Mac Mini? No, it's connected to Wi-Fi. So that's the

00:40:20   wireless part is between the computer and the amp? Yep. But the amp, I assume

00:40:27   you have to power it? Yeah, the amp is powered and that's fine. It's got a small

00:40:32   display. For example, if you could have the Mac Mini on in the bedroom, you could have

00:40:36   the, you could be on the balcony and you could have the amp plugged in and you

00:40:40   could have your headphones on or speakers plugged into the amp.

00:40:42   Like on your belt.

00:40:43   You could put it on your belt and you could be walking around the house.

00:40:46   I mean if I ever bought like a five meter cable I could do that.

00:40:51   Sure.

00:40:52   You could just get like a battery bank and put that on the belt and then connect the

00:40:56   amp to the battery bank.

00:40:58   Sure.

00:40:59   The amp can stay anywhere in the house at this point.

00:41:03   Okay.

00:41:04   And it's creating its own network basically.

00:41:07   Yeah it uses Roon.

00:41:08   It's got a little, like, they are labeled as "Rune Ready Accessories", and this is one

00:41:14   of them.

00:41:15   Which means, as soon as you connect it to your home Wi-Fi, Rune Server on a computer

00:41:21   sees the device.

00:41:22   And you don't have to do...

00:41:23   And you control the audio via an iOS device, right?

00:41:28   From an iOS device, you can open the Rune Remote app, and you can start playback, and

00:41:34   you can choose the output, in my case the headphone amp.

00:41:37   And yeah, you can control it from IOS as well.

00:41:41   But it looks like you can control the music from your amp though, right?

00:41:44   Because it's got a little screen and stuff. Is that right?

00:41:46   The screen only shows you the info.

00:41:48   You only... this one is not a touch screen.

00:41:51   It only has a volume knob.

00:41:54   So you would be controlling it from the phone

00:41:56   and then you're going to see the information,

00:41:58   like the song you're listening to on the little amp and stuff.

00:42:01   That's right. That's correct.

00:42:02   I just wanted to double check. There's a lot of stuff going on

00:42:05   and I wasn't sure where the music was coming from and where it was going to.

00:42:09   But this was before, so I tried to run Rune on my Mac and it did not really work out. So I started

00:42:15   looking into this, had a couple of thoughts like "okay I can get a cheap Raspberry Pi". I don't

00:42:20   know, I did it before, I'm not really a fan of Linux. I really dislike it, I just wanted to have

00:42:28   have something nicer and a little more, you know, like set up for consumer use.

00:42:35   Yes, regular consumers definitely do this. There we go, that took a minute to sink in

00:42:41   that one. You know, like I don't want to install stuff via the command line. I mean it'd be wild.

00:42:46   You know, apt-get and that kind of stuff. I don't want to do that. For your bit, for your lossless,

00:42:52   completely lossless. So yeah, so tell me about this PC, what did you get? It's this little thing

00:42:57   right here. It's an Intel NUC! Yes! You got an Intel NUC, that's very smart. Yes, yes,

00:43:05   it's very smart and lovely. That's a good idea because you don't, I'm assuming you do

00:43:11   not need a lot of processing power for this thing. Well, no, not at all. So I got the

00:43:18   16 gigs of RAM and 512 SSD model. It's a core i5 nugget. It's not a fast computer, but for

00:43:29   what it's meant to do, it's okay, I think. So this is now set up in the kitchen, connected

00:43:36   via Ethernet to the network, and connected via HDMI to the TV that we have there, and

00:43:43   fine. And the external drive with my music is connected via Thunderbolt to it.

00:43:50   There's a Thunderbolt port in the back. And Roon is already set up, and from the

00:43:57   PC I can set the output to the Mini iPro 3. It saw that headphone amp right

00:44:05   away on the network. Once again, that's thanks to the Roon Ready capabilities of

00:44:10   it. And yeah, the setup was a little, you know, it's Windows. I'm not a fan of anything

00:44:20   on it, really, but it's one third of a Mac Mini, both in terms of size and cost, and

00:44:29   it's basically just a bit bigger than an Apple TV. It sits perfectly in the cabinet where

00:44:35   we keep the modem and the Apple TV. That's cool. It's small and compact, it's got two USB ports in

00:44:43   the front, so I was able to connect my Magic Trackpad and keyboard for the initial setup,

00:44:50   and they worked right away. Plugged in my Thunderbolt drive, I just needed to confirm via

00:44:55   there's a thing called Thunderbolt Center on Windows, whatever. You just gotta say "allow

00:45:02   connection or some sort of dialogue like that. And yeah, I was basically good to go in like 20 minutes.

00:45:08   And I assume the plan is for this to run headless, right?

00:45:12   Yes. I mean, it's plugged into my TV. So here's where I can put out a call for connected listeners.

00:45:20   If you have recommendations on those apps that let you do VNC and virtual trackpad and keyboard,

00:45:30   I assume maybe screens by Adobe is my best option.

00:45:34   I guess it also works on Windows.

00:45:37   But if you have other recommendations for Windows 10,

00:45:39   let me know.

00:45:41   Literally, this is the first time I'm using Windows in 12 years.

00:45:46   But yes, the plan is to just make it run headless for Rune.

00:45:52   And I guess at this point, I will also put Plex Media Server

00:45:55   on it, because why not?

00:45:56   Yeah, why not, right?

00:45:57   If it's going to run all the time.

00:45:58   I got my Digital Foundry 4K videos that I can put in there.

00:46:05   And I don't know, what are some other fun ideas for running a headless Intel NUC?

00:46:11   Maybe I can do one of those like home DNS filtering services? I don't know, send me ideas.

00:46:18   But for now, yeah, I'm really happy because I can finally move music playback off bedroom,

00:46:25   sort of like it sits in the other room, it's not bothering anyone, but I can still plug

00:46:29   in my wired headphones into the amp, which sounds amazing, and I don't have to keep the

00:46:35   Mac Mini running all the time.

00:46:37   So I wonder if you'll be able to run Windows 11 on that thing.

00:46:42   I don't know.

00:46:43   Probably doesn't matter to you, but.

00:46:46   Yeah that's a big mess.

00:46:49   The NUC always just makes me think, well the Mac Mini could be so much smaller and cooler

00:46:53   than it is. Mac Mini is huge. Okay, I should be able to buy one of these things that it's a Mac.

00:47:01   Like, even if it costs like 200 more or something. Like, why does... Like, I want to buy an Apple TV

00:47:06   that is a Mac. At this point there's no... At this point there's no reason, right? I guess

00:47:13   we'll wait and see what the next Apple Silicon based one looks like. I mean, it should be

00:47:21   vastly different you would expect like Macintosh Minuscule is what we're looking for.

00:47:26   That's right, MacNano.

00:47:27   It's not very many is it?

00:47:29   MacNano.

00:47:29   The Mac Mini.

00:47:29   Yeah so um yeah I'm really happy with my I've been expanding my my setup you know over the

00:47:38   last few months so I'm really happy with my gear and my you know this this amp as a as a remote

00:47:45   like I can I can change the volume with the remote I feel very professional now.

00:47:50   The only thing I'm missing, like, eventually when we move, I want to have, like, if we have, like, a small studio space in a spare room, I want to have one of those chairs.

00:48:04   Oh, you want a music listening chair. Yeah.

00:48:07   Yeah, I want one of those.

00:48:08   You can get the speakers, put it right in front of it, you can be like the H&V guy.

00:48:11   Yeah, yes, yes, that's the dream.

00:48:15   And I was sort of bargaining with Silvio and I told him,

00:48:18   "Okay, look in the same room.

00:48:20   We can have the music corner, but if it's big enough,

00:48:23   we can also have a mirror so that you can rehearse

00:48:26   for your dance stuff and whatever is needed.

00:48:30   So we can split the room."

00:48:31   It's going to be a big, small room.

00:48:33   It's going to be podcast studio, music room,

00:48:36   and dance studio.

00:48:38   This is the biggest spare room in the world.

00:48:41   I can live with that, right?

00:48:43   I feel like it's possible, so yeah.

00:48:47   You gotta see if that baby can run flight simulator.

00:48:50   Don't do that.

00:48:51   It'll explode.

00:48:52   It'll melt.

00:48:53   No, it will catch on fire.

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00:50:50   Boys, roast my menu bar.

00:50:55   Summer of fun!

00:50:56   No, no.

00:50:57   No, look, if you're going to do that, I'm going to take this topic away.

00:51:00   I'm going to put it on upgrade.

00:51:02   So I've given you an image in the show notes.

00:51:05   It is my menu bar.

00:51:06   I can talk you through what each of these things are.

00:51:09   You can feel free to stop me at any point and we can talk about them.

00:51:13   How does that sound?

00:51:14   Oh God, what is going on here, Myke?

00:51:16   Oh, we're going to find out.

00:51:17   We're going to find out.

00:51:18   Oh my.

00:51:19   We're going to find out together.

00:51:20   Oh no.

00:51:21   Oh no.

00:51:22   Why?

00:51:23   You have like five different clocks.

00:51:24   There is a lot of clocks.

00:51:25   We can talk about that.

00:51:26   I'm not saying that you're a busy guy, but...

00:51:28   Yeah, a lot of calendars.

00:51:30   A lot of calendars, a lot of clocks.

00:51:32   I don't...

00:51:33   Okay, you have a lot of things

00:51:34   that don't need their icons up here.

00:51:36   All right, tell us what you have.

00:51:37   Okay, so we're gonna...

00:51:39   I realize that in my little list here,

00:51:41   I've put them in the wrong order,

00:51:42   so I'm gonna be starting from the bottom

00:51:44   in our show document.

00:51:45   Don't worry about why I've done that.

00:51:47   Control center.

00:51:49   Well, actually, you know, you've got the time and the clock,

00:51:50   right, like time and date, time and date.

00:51:52   Right, which is pinned to the right-hand side in Big Sur.

00:51:56   don't know if you can turn any of that stuff off but like time and date I just

00:51:59   leave it there it's like of course I need the time and date it's great to

00:52:02   have I've got control center which is fine battery so this is on your MacBook

00:52:08   Pro obviously this is taken from my MacBook Pro yeah volume okay you don't

00:52:13   have that a control center no because it's an it's a fast way for me to switch

00:52:19   between different sources I do the same thing output that's why I have it there

00:52:24   So like if I want to change to my HomePod mini or whatever on the on the desk, I can just hit that and just change it.

00:52:31   So it's easy.

00:52:32   Bluetooth similarly, like I just have it there in case I want to try and connect something by Bluetooth or I'm having Bluetooth issues

00:52:38   which is still a thing that pops up on my MacBook Pro every now and then. I have AirBuddy

00:52:43   which from Gear My Rambo, just get a bit of extra control over my AirPods and stuff.

00:52:48   Mm-hmm.

00:52:48   Alright, so we're going good so far. The issues clearly aren't yet. Alright.

00:52:53   - Fantastic Al?

00:52:54   - Yeah.

00:52:55   Showing the date again.

00:52:56   - Well, that's just one of the Fantastic Al options.

00:53:00   It's like, whatever, I just got the date.

00:53:02   - Use a different one.

00:53:03   - Yeah, but why do you need it there?

00:53:06   - Because I'm constantly checking

00:53:09   and adding things to my calendar.

00:53:10   - From the menu bar, not from the main app?

00:53:13   - I invoke it with a keyboard shortcut

00:53:16   and it brings up the menu bar app.

00:53:18   - And you're fine with that?

00:53:20   - Yeah, I mean, well, this is an inertia thing, right?

00:53:22   because it used to only be a menu bar application.

00:53:25   So I have just gotten used to that.

00:53:28   Like it's very rare that I open the full Fantastic Hour app

00:53:31   on my Mac.

00:53:32   I'm mostly doing everything from the menu bar.

00:53:35   - Interesting.

00:53:35   - Because plus as well, like if what I'm doing most

00:53:37   of the time is just adding a task.

00:53:39   So all I want to do is hit the keyboard shortcut

00:53:41   and add the task in.

00:53:41   I don't want the full application to open.

00:53:43   I need to see the full app to add a, not a task, an event.

00:53:46   I need to see the full app to add an event.

00:53:47   I just have it just take up a small portion of the window.

00:53:50   Because a lot of the time when I'm adding events, I'm like adding them based on something

00:53:54   that I'm looking at in another window or something, you know?

00:53:57   So it doesn't take up a lot of space that way.

00:53:59   I don't need my full calendar.

00:54:01   Most of the time I just need what is effectively the iPhone view, which is what I get from

00:54:05   the menu bar widget.

00:54:06   I think I would just say use a different icon so you're not duplicating the date.

00:54:10   But why?

00:54:11   What are the other icons anyway?

00:54:13   I don't even see...

00:54:14   Where are these things?

00:54:15   I don't know.

00:54:16   I don't use fantastico.

00:54:17   Appearance.

00:54:18   I don't even see this. I don't even know where to find this. There may not be one. I don't know.

00:54:23   Maybe there's a Discord. Oh, menu bar icon shows. Yeah. I mean it's just a bunch of information.

00:54:28   Oh. You see if I can have it be blank or it's day, day, weekday, day, a month. No,

00:54:34   I'm just gonna keep it with a day. Fantastic. I've got no chill, man. Come on. They should put

00:54:37   a little face on there or something. Yeah. If I could get a little face, it would be a face,

00:54:42   but other than that it's the date. Then I have the next one that you see there it is a world clock

00:54:48   widget called the clock. So tell us about this like what makes this better than I just use

00:54:55   Apple's like clock widget in notification center why this? Because I can drag a timer to change

00:55:01   the time of all of the clocks I have in there. Oh that's pretty good. Which is like the only reason

00:55:06   to have something like that in my opinion is so you can check. Do you use it often? Yes because I have to deal with the two of you.

00:55:13   Interesting. I just use Siri and ask what's the time in say London or something.

00:55:24   Yeah I mean but then you only get one time zone at a time right? I want multiple time zones because

00:55:32   I need to see what's the time in Rome and what's the time in Memphis.

00:55:35   Okay.

00:55:37   Something that I also use this for, if I'm like on an embargo, it has seconds, like it

00:55:45   has a seconds hand, so tick, and so that's when I can see that it's about, I'm like five

00:55:49   seconds away from when I need to press the publish button.

00:55:53   That's good.

00:55:54   So I like it for that.

00:55:55   Then we have one password.

00:55:58   Okay.

00:55:59   Why?

00:56:01   Do you use the 1Password from the menu bar?

00:56:03   Yeah.

00:56:04   Really?

00:56:05   Yeah.

00:56:06   I find that so annoying.

00:56:07   Like, okay, so maybe this is the problem for me.

00:56:11   I find most menu bar apps so annoying.

00:56:14   But also we use--

00:56:15   Because you're used to iOS and iPadOS.

00:56:17   Yeah, we use computers very differently.

00:56:19   I feel like I'm not-- I shouldn't belong to this conversation.

00:56:23   Well no, this is why.

00:56:24   I want to see what yours is, because I'm intrigued.

00:56:29   I know you're going to use it differently.

00:56:30   - It's like five icons.

00:56:32   - I'm already excited about it

00:56:34   because you're asking me questions that like a Mac user would,

00:56:37   no Mac user would ask,

00:56:38   why do you have the one password in your menu bar?

00:56:40   - I don't know, I just prefer--

00:56:41   - Nobody would ask that.

00:56:43   - Like I just prefer to open the full one password app.

00:56:45   - Yeah, I get that.

00:56:46   But what I like about the menu bar thing

00:56:50   is it's actually contextually aware.

00:56:51   So sometimes if I have an app open and it needs a password,

00:56:54   you hit the one password menu bar icon

00:56:56   and it knows what app you have open

00:56:58   and it gives you the password related to it.

00:57:00   It's very good stuff.

00:57:01   OK.

00:57:02   It's like, why would you have one

00:57:05   password in Safari?

00:57:06   In fact, I do not keep it there

00:57:09   because I find it very annoying.

00:57:11   Yeah.

00:57:12   You know how you know, you can

00:57:16   turn that part off.

00:57:16   I don't like that when it does the

00:57:19   autofill, but you can at least

00:57:21   have it in the menu bar.

00:57:23   I think the toolbar.

00:57:24   Yeah. So it's like me having

00:57:26   it in the menu bar is like you is

00:57:28   like it being in the toolbar in Safari. It's the same idea. I feel like it just, and this

00:57:35   is a broader issue, it just bothers me to see a full menu bar. Yeah, I'm getting that.

00:57:42   It's like having a clutter desk. Yeah. You know? Anyway, please continue, there's more.

00:57:49   There's a lot more. Peacock. Why? Because when you have it in the menu bar, you get

00:57:56   widget and I much prefer having my calculator just in a widget accessible

00:58:01   to me always by a keyboard command and opening the app. So you have memorized a

00:58:06   lot of different keyboard commands. They're all along this a similar thing

00:58:10   so for me it is command option C for fantastical and command option P for

00:58:19   PCAP. Interesting. So you're using C because it's a calendar but using P

00:58:25   because it's peacock. Well because they're both B, C, wouldn't they? Well, the Fantastical should be F.

00:58:33   Right, but the standardized shortcut was that one, was C, and I've learned that, and that's ingrained

00:58:38   in me now. Like that's one of those things where like I had to think about what my shortcut was,

00:58:43   I had to put my fingers on my keyboard and look at what they were doing, because it's like

00:58:47   just in my muscle memory. Okay. If they would have both been around at the same time, it would have

00:58:52   have been F and P but it's too late now. So when you click the the Pcalc icon it shows you like a

00:58:58   calculator as a drop down from the menu bar? Yeah. And then you can hit the numbers on the keyboard

00:59:03   and the input goes directly into the menu bar thing? Yeah. Okay. This is actually a really good feature

00:59:09   and I love it. It's like, it's very good because I do a lot of calculations but never enough that

00:59:16   I would want to have a calculator open all the time, right? Like there would just always be a calculator

00:59:20   app open. No, I like having it in the widget. I just press a key for Pokemon, just keep

00:59:24   typing and I get the calculation that I need.

00:59:27   Okay, I'll allow it. It's peacock.

00:59:29   Oh, thank you Federico.

00:59:31   Yes.

00:59:32   Dropbox.

00:59:33   Okay, so this one. How can you possibly keep that useless thing in the menu bar?

00:59:38   It's not useless.

00:59:40   It shows you like a bunch of, I don't want to say ads, but it's like, what's the purpose

00:59:46   of it?

00:59:47   I don't know what you're seeing compared to what I'm seeing.

00:59:49   I get a list of stuff I've uploaded and a list of stuff that other people have uploaded.

00:59:54   Okay, so for context, I feel like the context is necessary.

01:00:01   All I do in Dropbox is upload connected app stories.

01:00:05   So three files a week.

01:00:08   Yeah, you see I'm dealing with a lot of people.

01:00:10   Okay.

01:00:11   And a lot of stuff and it's really helpful for me to get all of that.

01:00:15   And I can also, not that I ever do this, you can search Dropbox from there, but I just open the finder.

01:00:20   But for me it's like, I want to know if such and such person has uploaded the file that I want,

01:00:25   and you can just open the Dropbox menu bar app and get that really easily,

01:00:28   rather than needing to navigate through the file structure to make sure it's there.

01:00:31   Especially when you can't always be sure where that person's going to upload it.

01:00:35   I should also say that I don't have the Dropbox,

01:00:38   like I don't sync Dropbox on my Mac, I just use the website.

01:00:44   - Yeah, you just upload for the web, don't you?

01:00:46   But that makes sense, if you're doing so little with it,

01:00:48   I wouldn't install it.

01:00:49   - Yeah, okay.

01:00:50   - Right, like if I was using Dropbox how you use Dropbox,

01:00:54   then I also wouldn't do it.

01:00:56   - Okay, okay.

01:00:57   - CleanShot X.

01:01:01   - Oh, John likes this one.

01:01:02   - Oh, I love this.

01:01:03   Oh my God, I love this app.

01:01:05   Oh, it's so good.

01:01:07   It is so much better than Apple's tools

01:01:09   for capturing screenshots, it's unreal.

01:01:11   Like my favorite thing about it,

01:01:13   If I take a screenshot, I can just hover over it and I get actions like copy.

01:01:17   And if I copy it, it just disappears and I don't have to deal with a file.

01:01:21   Or I can click a little button and open it and edit it right there.

01:01:25   Or it's just it's so much better.

01:01:27   It's so much better than Apple's built in tools.

01:01:30   Like it's unreal. So good.

01:01:32   I love this application.

01:01:34   It's one of my favorite apps that I've found since coming back to the Mac.

01:01:37   Timery. Yeah, buddy. Timery.

01:01:41   I don't know if this is out yet.

01:01:42   I don't think it is or if it's not it will be out soon but the time there is now a menu bar

01:01:49   thing so I can see my running timer and I can you know basically hit it and hit a bunch of things

01:01:55   and it will take me to the app. My understanding is catalyst and menu bar do not work well together

01:02:01   so like it can't operate independently it's almost like widgets on iOS like I can tap it

01:02:09   I can click it and it will say like I can press stop but if I press stop it opens the

01:02:14   Timery app and it stops the timer right so like it can't just do it from the menu bar

01:02:18   but the main thing for me is seeing that a timer's running and being able to click it and it will

01:02:23   tell me what time is running so I love it for that it's great then I have Bartender right and

01:02:30   then everything after this point is in the Bartender view. Ah okay so you do have Bartender

01:02:36   Yeah, those three dots, that's bartender.

01:02:40   So these are the non-essential ones?

01:02:42   Yeah, this is all the other stuff.

01:02:44   It's either stuff that I want to get sometimes, or stuff that I just cannot seem to get rid

01:02:48   of, so it's in bartender.

01:02:50   Spotlight.

01:02:52   I use Alfred, but there is an occasion when I might want spotlight, so I just put it there.

01:03:00   Wi-Fi goes there.

01:03:02   Because who needs it that much?

01:03:05   Then Alfred goes there.

01:03:06   I just have it, in case I want to get to the preferences or whatever, it's just there.

01:03:11   Creative Cloud, because I can't get rid of Creative Cloud, no matter what I do, Creative

01:03:14   Cloud comes back, so that's where Creative Cloud goes.

01:03:17   But you can hide it in Bartender, though.

01:03:19   Yeah, Bartender hasn't always hidden.

01:03:21   Oh, really?

01:03:22   I don't know why I haven't done that.

01:03:23   Yeah, that's what I use, we're gonna talk about that later.

01:03:26   Okay.

01:03:27   Rocket, the emoji app.

01:03:30   So this is the app where you hit colon, and it basically gives you Slack and Discord emoji

01:03:34   functionality everywhere on Mac OS. Yep. Text expander for my snippets. Backblaze for my

01:03:43   backblazers. Sure. This is then the Wacom utility for my Wacom tablet.

01:03:51   You have a Wacom tablet? Yeah. You've listened to Cortex long enough, you know that I use a

01:03:58   Wacom tablet. I feel like you used to and then you stopped. No, I use it for editing.

01:04:04   Ah, yes, yes, because you can no longer use a mouse.

01:04:08   Yeah.

01:04:08   Well, no, I use a mouse.

01:04:10   Oh, you also use a mouse?

01:04:11   On my desk right now, I have a Wacom tablet, a Magic Trackpad, and a Logitech mouse.

01:04:17   I mix between them. That's the key.

01:04:19   Is that like, um, why?

01:04:22   Why is that necessary to have three different things that do the same thing?

01:04:27   Well, okay, so at first it was it helped with RSI stuff because I was able to mix around,

01:04:33   But now it's just a case of I like them all for different things. So trackpad I will use for

01:04:38   scrolling. This could be in any app or I've just used it for input or whatever, but it's really

01:04:43   good when I'm editing to scroll left and right, zoom in and out. The trackpad is for precision

01:04:47   where I'm editing. It's vastly superior. And then I just have a mouse for whatever you'd use a mouse

01:04:53   for. And sometimes I'll just... Most of the time I actually do use the mouse now, except when I'm

01:04:57   I'm recording so you don't hear the clicks. So like if I'm just using my Mac

01:05:02   I will mostly use my MX Master 3 mouse but I don't do it when I'm recording

01:05:06   because otherwise you'll be hearing all the time and nobody wants that. So then I

01:05:10   use my trackpad. My beautiful yellow trackpad as I'm talking to you right now.

01:05:14   And then the last one is Todoist. I'm not talking about it. That's my menu bar.

01:05:18   That's my menu bar. You do not need the Todoist icon. Yeah I don't know why it's

01:05:23   there. I just enabled it to turn off. You're right I can probably get rid of

01:05:26   that. Well it's there because you wanted to mention it so let's talk about how

01:05:30   you're using Todoist again. Well I have Todoist installed on this Mac that's as

01:05:36   much as I'm willing to say at this point. That doesn't tell the full story though

01:05:39   does it? I just forgot to uninstall it from the last time I was using it. Mmm

01:05:43   which was today as you were working. So that's my menu bar. What are you using?

01:05:49   Show us your iPhone home screen son. No I'm not gonna do that because that's

01:05:53   - That's for another time.

01:05:56   - Honestly, like there's a couple of questionable choices,

01:05:59   but I feel like once again, I wanna say,

01:06:03   I'm the wrong person for this topic.

01:06:05   I don't know why I'm talking.

01:06:09   So if you work a lot like Myke does

01:06:13   and deals with a lot of people, this makes sense.

01:06:18   You know, the time counts. - Calendars.

01:06:21   the timers, and you use a computer not three times a week.

01:06:26   That's okay.

01:06:28   - I don't think it's that bad.

01:06:29   I mean, obviously there are things that could be questioned.

01:06:32   - I still think like maybe some apps you could use

01:06:36   as the regular version.

01:06:38   Like if you were up to me, I would get rid of all,

01:06:41   like from the Dropbox icon through the fantastical one,

01:06:46   like I would get rid of all those.

01:06:49   I understand that, like I get that.

01:06:51   It's a different way of thinking and I can see why most people, you just want the app, right?

01:06:56   Like why would you deal with the menu bar instead?

01:06:59   Like I actually do get your query.

01:07:02   It's just not how I work, but I'm not like, when you say it, I'm not like,

01:07:05   "Oh, that's stupid. Why would you want to work that way?"

01:07:07   So on the Mac, you cannot do the...

01:07:10   Like when you open a menu bar app, it cannot be dragged around and become like a window.

01:07:16   Like, you know how...

01:07:18   Some can.

01:07:18   Oh some can, Fantastic Al can, because again like that used to be the only way to use Fantastic Al.

01:07:24   So like you can drag it out and then when you click it again it will open where it last was.

01:07:29   But I like them to be connected. But it's not like on the iPad where like when you drag the

01:07:36   icon you can choose slide over and split view right? Because you split view on the Mac it's

01:07:41   not like on iPad. No because they don't actually act like real apps. Like if you drag it out,

01:07:46   Oh actually no, you know what, I'm wrong. I kinda can do that in a very weird way with

01:07:52   Fantastic Al, so ignore that part. Yeah it does, it gets the little stoplight icons and you can put

01:07:58   it into a split and all that kind of stuff. But not every app supports this? Not that I've seen

01:08:04   anyway. Okay, okay. That's my menu bar. On my iMac I do have a few different things, like I don't

01:08:12   know why but the keyboard preferences thing I have there but mostly this is the way it looks.

01:08:20   So this is Steven's menu bar. It's good right? There's a lot of stuff I don't understand here so

01:08:27   Oh at least Myke's menu bar has a bunch of like popular icons. This one just feels like it's got

01:08:34   a bunch of little... Steven's a Mac hipster right? So there's like a bunch of stuff that's like oh

01:08:39   Yeah, it's like oh these apps you never heard of before.

01:08:43   You didn't get this this app's first album or something like that.

01:08:47   Do you want to talk us through what you got going on?

01:08:50   Yeah, I do. So let's uh let's start with what is hidden behind Bartender.

01:08:56   Okay, okay.

01:08:57   I have Elgato control center because I have three Elgato lights, one on this desk and two on the

01:09:03   other and I can change the brightness and the color temperature from the menu bar.

01:09:07   I do that because the Stream Deck, even though they're all made by the same company, the Stream Deck seems to forget that there's lights on the network sometimes.

01:09:15   And so I have that as a backup so it's hidden behind Alfred.

01:09:18   When are you ever using those lights with your Mac?

01:09:22   Well the one at the Mac I use when I'm on Zoom calls, like yesterday we were on a Zoom call. I had it on.

01:09:28   You put those on when we're on Zoom calls?

01:09:31   I want to look good son! Just one, I just have one over here.

01:09:35   The two at the other desk I use for streaming,

01:09:38   and I have a stream deck over there as well,

01:09:40   and I just have control of them on both,

01:09:42   'cause like right now I'm doing a lot of photography

01:09:44   over there for the calendar.

01:09:46   The PC's not up and running,

01:09:47   and so I can just hit those two buttons on the stream deck

01:09:51   or in the Elgato control center

01:09:54   and have control of them that way.

01:09:57   Up next is Keyboard Maestro,

01:10:01   an excellent, excellent automation tool on the Mac.

01:10:05   which if you have not spent time with you really need to. It's so confusing though.

01:10:10   Yeah you gotta get the hang of it. Yeah you really do. It's so confusing.

01:10:14   Why in the menu bar? Because it runs as a menu bar application so you can

01:10:21   listen to your keyboard commands. But why do you need it to be there? Why don't you hide it?

01:10:27   Because if it's not in the... it has to be in the... Wait you can't hide it in

01:10:33   bartender? You can hide it. No, but it does let me get to the pallets and like able

01:10:39   to edit things so it's there. I mean it's behind the little dot dot dot. You hide

01:10:44   spotlight you can put spotlight behind the dot dot dot. I don't need spotlight, I have Alfred. Running without any

01:10:50   minibar icons by the way I don't need a stupid felt hat up there. Why do you think that

01:10:54   hat's made of felt? Whatever it is. Why would you assume it was made of felt?

01:10:58   That's a really strange...

01:11:00   It's a bowler hat.

01:11:02   This is kinda felty, you know?

01:11:03   This is one of those things where you don't know if I just said something that isn't true, I think.

01:11:07   That is called a bowler hat.

01:11:09   Maybe.

01:11:10   No, it is.

01:11:11   I have no idea what we're talking about.

01:11:12   The hat, Alfred's icon.

01:11:14   It has a little hat.

01:11:15   Yeah.

01:11:16   Yeah, it's a bowler hat.

01:11:17   Yeah, it's a hat.

01:11:18   Yeah.

01:11:19   B-O-W-L-E-R, bowler hat.

01:11:21   That's not a word I'm familiar with.

01:11:23   Up next is Mac Media Key Forwarder.

01:11:27   What was that? What is that?

01:11:31   Wait, what?

01:11:32   Yeah, oh my god, it's a GitHub page. Oh no.

01:11:36   Mac Media Key Forward.

01:11:38   Well, and the guy stopped working on it

01:11:39   'cause he switched to Linux, which is not good.

01:11:41   That sounds like a great thing to continue

01:11:43   keeping permanently available.

01:11:45   Yeah, no, since I've taken the screenshot,

01:11:48   I have built Keyboard Maestro's.

01:11:50   Okay.

01:11:51   Keyboard Maestro Macros to take care of this.

01:11:53   So in some version of Mac OS,

01:11:55   recently in the last three or four years,

01:11:58   they changed the media transport keys,

01:12:00   so F7, F8, and F9 on my keyboard are back a track,

01:12:04   play, pause, and forward a track.

01:12:06   And it would work for any media.

01:12:08   So if you had a YouTube video and you hit F8,

01:12:11   it would play or pause the YouTube video

01:12:13   and not control the music app.

01:12:15   I in no way want that to be the way that my computer works.

01:12:18   I want these buttons to be hot glued

01:12:20   to the face of the music app.

01:12:22   Like, I don't want them to control anything else.

01:12:24   And so, having this Mac Media Key Forwarder app

01:12:29   lets you basically hardwire those buttons

01:12:32   to iTunes and then later music.

01:12:34   But you can also do it in Keyboard Maestro.

01:12:36   I'm fiddling around with the best way to do that.

01:12:38   Mac Media Key Forwarder could do it.

01:12:40   You can also use Bearded Spice,

01:12:42   which is another app that does this.

01:12:43   - I would like to get some real-time follow-up

01:12:45   from James Thompson, creator of the popular menu bar

01:12:47   at Peacock.

01:12:49   The bowler hat is a hard felt hat with a rounded crown.

01:12:52   Told you son!

01:12:53   Something, no, something had squeezed into your brain somewhere

01:12:56   and you were like 70% sure it was called a felt hat so you said that but it's made of felt.

01:13:01   So you were right and I was right.

01:13:03   Adobe Creative Cloud.

01:13:05   Genga's can't get rid of it.

01:13:06   Because you can't get rid of it.

01:13:07   It's impossible.

01:13:09   It's like a zombie.

01:13:10   Up next is better snap tool.

01:13:12   So you're probably familiar with better touch tool which lets you do

01:13:16   wild things to your touch bar and I have that on my MacBook Pro.

01:13:19   This menu bar is from my desktop.

01:13:21   BetterSnapTool is something, is kind of like Moom,

01:13:24   where there's many versions of this

01:13:25   that basically lets you like drag a window

01:13:27   to the side of the screen and it take up half the screen.

01:13:30   The way Mac OS does split screen apps is bad,

01:13:33   and this is much better.

01:13:35   And I really love what I've seen in Windows 11 so far

01:13:38   with their window management.

01:13:39   It seems really cool.

01:13:41   But BetterSnapTool, you can set up,

01:13:43   hey, if I drag this to the left,

01:13:45   it takes up half the screen.

01:13:46   You can set the margins and other things.

01:13:48   - Do you do this?

01:13:49   - Yes, especially when doing show notes.

01:13:52   So I'll have one Safari window on the left with Google Docs

01:13:56   and all my research or other materials

01:13:58   in the other Safari window on the right.

01:14:00   I use it all the time.

01:14:01   - There's a good device that you might like.

01:14:03   It's called an iPad.

01:14:04   - Yeah, but then I gotta use the iPad.

01:14:06   I don't wanna do that.

01:14:07   - iPads are really good for this.

01:14:08   Like you take a display, you split it in half,

01:14:11   you put one app on one side, one app on another side.

01:14:13   It's awesome.

01:14:14   - Yeah, but then I gotta look at that version of Safari.

01:14:15   I don't wanna do that.

01:14:16   I'm realizing now in having this segment of the show just how many more things at

01:14:21   once you guys do because you're Mac users? I think that the thing is and this

01:14:28   is not a burn. Oh no, burn him, burn him, burn him. No it's just can do and this is one of the things that brought me back to the Mac.

01:14:37   It's not that I do do them it's that when I want to I can do them and that's

01:14:42   become valuable for me in certain circumstances.

01:14:45   Sure, sure. No, I mean...

01:14:47   But I still use my iPad for many hours a day, every day, and I love it.

01:14:51   No, it's just... it's weird because like I remember working like this ten years ago, right?

01:15:00   And I don't know, it just makes me feel a bit like the odd one out, that's all.

01:15:06   It took me a while to get back into it but now I'm like very into this like

01:15:13   many windows open kind of lifestyle even though I think it's horrifically ugly

01:15:18   but surprised you use better snap tool especially because you have such a

01:15:22   freaking massive monitor. Yeah I mean I've used it for a long time it still

01:15:26   meets my needs there are lots of others there's moon there's magnet there is one

01:15:31   of them has like a window in the name of it there's there's a bunch of utilities

01:15:33   do this better snap tool kind of fits the way that I work so it uh it served

01:15:37   me well for a long time hmm up next I have the stream deck app which is

01:15:43   garbage on Mac OS Myke do you have the thing do you have the thing where it

01:15:49   just opens itself sometimes I don't use a stream deck oh oh yeah you have some

01:15:54   like hand wired mini keyboard on my PC yeah yeah well I got a stream deck on

01:16:01   both my desktops and so it's there can you get it Kenny does it have to be in

01:16:06   the minibar I don't know you'll want to use it check for again but yes it is

01:16:13   look at the screenshot everything to the left no no like permanently hidden why

01:16:18   is it there I still need it sometimes okay well then keep I got 32 inches of

01:16:23   space man biz be glad I'm using bartender I don't care if you use barfender

01:16:28   Turn it off if you want.

01:16:31   Up next is 1Password.

01:16:33   We've spoken about...

01:16:34   You mentioned Rocket, which I cannot recommend enough.

01:16:37   That's next.

01:16:38   The next one after this is Quitter by Marco Arment.

01:16:41   I don't think he even works on it anymore, but it lets you hide or quit applications

01:16:46   after a set amount of time.

01:16:49   And so I have this...

01:16:50   I can just tell you what I have set up in here.

01:16:53   So I have a bunch of apps hide after three minutes of an activity including 1Password,

01:16:58   Calendar, Parcel, Mail, Good Links, and Reader and Slack.

01:17:07   And so these apps basically just hide, they don't quit, but they hide if I haven't used

01:17:12   them in a number of minutes.

01:17:15   And I really like that.

01:17:16   Yeah, I don't understand that.

01:17:17   I really like things kind of just going away.

01:17:19   I don't want to quit them.

01:17:20   I think his idea was, yeah, I could just tell the Twitter app

01:17:22   to quit every five minutes.

01:17:24   I don't mind that, Twitter's on a separate space for me,

01:17:26   so it's not where I'm working.

01:17:28   But I like the hide after a set amount of time.

01:17:32   I tried recreating this in Keyboard Maestro,

01:17:34   and if someone in the audience knows how to do that,

01:17:37   let me know.

01:17:39   I've fiddled with it for a long time,

01:17:41   and basically I couldn't get Keyboard Maestro

01:17:43   to count inactive time correctly.

01:17:45   So if someone knows how to do that, let me know.

01:17:47   Up next is, where did my screen shot go?

01:17:51   Up next is Downlink.

01:17:53   This is a free Mac app that pulls satellite imagery

01:17:58   from the GOES satellites.

01:18:02   And so these are weather satellites

01:18:04   and you can set where you wanna see.

01:18:07   So it has like full hemispheres, continental US,

01:18:11   which is one that I see.

01:18:11   So Memphis is kind of like pretty close

01:18:13   to the center of the screen, which is nice.

01:18:15   Atlantic, Pacific, US West Coast, South America,

01:18:20   Northern South America, lots of different areas

01:18:23   of the globe, and then it refreshes the background image

01:18:26   every 20 minutes or every hour.

01:18:28   So I like that it changes.

01:18:31   And I love seeing, like when I'm on my desktop,

01:18:34   like seeing all of these cloud formations and stuff

01:18:39   over the globe, it's pretty cool looking.

01:18:43   So is this for the weather for your city or not?

01:18:46   No, it is showing like pure satellite imagery.

01:18:50   So yes, I guess I could see,

01:18:51   oh, it looks like clouds in Arkansas,

01:18:52   but I mean, I'll send you a picture of my desktop right now.

01:18:57   I mean, it's pretty zoomed out

01:18:58   for like a weather application, I guess.

01:19:02   So anyways, that is uploading.

01:19:03   That's a 49 megabyte screenshot.

01:19:05   (laughs)

01:19:06   Way to go, Mac OS.

01:19:08   Okay.

01:19:10   After that, I've got TextExpander and Hazel side by side.

01:19:14   I really don't do as much with Hazel as I used to.

01:19:17   In fact, I could probably live without it,

01:19:19   but I have a couple of things that it does,

01:19:21   so I keep it around.

01:19:22   - Yeah, I have it do like one thing,

01:19:24   which is like just to empty out my audio hijack folder

01:19:28   for three months. - Yep.

01:19:29   I've got that and I have it copy screenshots

01:19:34   into a Dropbox folder.

01:19:36   So I have like a Dropbox folder full of every screenshot

01:19:38   I've made in the last like year,

01:19:40   which is surprisingly useful sometimes.

01:19:42   You need to find something.

01:19:43   And then backblaze,

01:19:47   'cause that's how I back up my machine online.

01:19:49   And all of that stuff is hidden by bartenders.

01:19:52   So I click the little three dots, then they show up,

01:19:55   and if not, my menu bar is pretty tidy.

01:19:57   - Very nice.

01:20:00   - Let's take a break and we'll finish this up.

01:20:02   - Yep.

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01:21:41   So the icons that I have visible are, I think, really pretty minimal.

01:21:45   I've got Carrot Weather.

01:21:46   I can just click on that, see the weather, or I can see just in the mini bar.

01:21:51   Is the Carrot Weather Mac app, it's still the old design, right?

01:21:55   Yeah, it is.

01:21:56   Okay.

01:21:57   I wish that would get an update, but I would imagine it's out of all of his platforms,

01:22:01   not the most important one.

01:22:02   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:22:04   Dropbox is next to that.

01:22:05   Dropbox visible because that is how I work with everyone I work with in terms of moving files around and it is very useful just at a

01:22:12   Glance see if something is syncing or to see if something got added maybe when I was away

01:22:16   So I'm in that Dropbox minibar app all the time

01:22:19   Mm-hmm and then time machine like to know my backup statuses

01:22:24   Then I have media playback

01:22:27   this is part of my trying to move away from

01:22:31   the

01:22:33   Mac keyboard forwarder thing I thought well, maybe if she's up here, but that doesn't really do it either for me

01:22:39   So that's not gonna stick around

01:22:40   I kept that for a while and ended up removing it at it

01:22:44   I don't really like having it in the menu bar as much as I thought I would yeah

01:22:47   Yeah, that's probably short-lived and then system volume for the same reason you do I gave you a hard time

01:22:53   But my reasons the same as yours I could very quickly select the right output

01:22:56   Mm-hmm fast user switching this I don't really know why is this here? I'm the only user of my computer

01:23:01   This was the main thing I was gonna ask like you just like to see your name up in the corner there

01:23:05   I kind of like having my name up there. It's like hi Steve, buddy

01:23:08   click on it's my little cartoon guy and then control center and

01:23:13   Notification Center which is for some reason as we've discussed behind the calendar

01:23:17   You may have mentioned this already but like I got I just was like so the little satellite thing

01:23:22   I know it has downlink, but why is that in the menu bar?

01:23:24   Like what does it do for the menu bar? That is how it runs. So it is just a menu bar app

01:23:29   Oh, it has to be open

01:23:31   All right, fine fine fine fine because I knew it did the wallpaper thing

01:23:36   But I didn't know that had to be open for that. Yeah, cuz it downloads new images

01:23:40   I haven't do it every 20 minutes. And so it's got to be running

01:23:42   So it's it's like a menu bar app that makes new wallpapers for you. Very nice

01:23:46   All right settle in for the next two hours because Federico needs to talk to review all the things he has in his menu bar

01:23:52   This is a very busy menu bar that I have right here. So

01:23:57   Okay, so I should say about this menu bar. There's one icon I forgot to hide and there's another

01:24:03   Damn, son, and there's another one. There's another one that I cannot get rid of so starting from the right

01:24:12   time and calendar

01:24:15   control center and

01:24:17   then immediately bartender

01:24:20   There can't be many people in the world

01:24:23   that have

01:24:26   bartender and have so few things visible before bartender.

01:24:30   I just don't want to see anything if I don't need it.

01:24:33   No, no, no. I get it. Like this is no criticism of you, but you must just be in a very small

01:24:37   club of people that want or need bartender, know it exists and then enable it in the way

01:24:43   that you have. You know what I mean? Like it feels like it feels like it is a Mac power

01:24:48   users app of which you are one, even though you don't use it, but you still use the Mac

01:24:54   and you know a lot about the Mac, right?

01:24:56   So you have this application,

01:24:57   but then you also don't want anything else.

01:25:00   I just find that kind of interesting.

01:25:02   -Yeah, so the reason I keep it

01:25:04   is because there's a few extra icons

01:25:06   that I feel like I want to have them there

01:25:09   for quicker access,

01:25:11   but I don't want to see them at all times.

01:25:14   So about this manual, I should say,

01:25:15   Spotlight, I forgot to hide.

01:25:18   I never use it.

01:25:19   So this has already gone in the hidden section of Bartender.

01:25:24   Do you use any kind of quick search thing instead of spotlight?

01:25:28   What's quick search?

01:25:29   You know, like do you use Alfred or Quicksilver?

01:25:33   Yeah, okay.

01:25:33   I use Alfred. I don't use spotlight. Yeah, I use Alfred.

01:25:37   The Plex icon. So I uninstalled Plex, right? Because I plan on using Plex on the

01:25:42   NUC that I bought. But I tried everything. So I have, what's it called? Hazel?

01:25:51   You know when you uninstall apps, it does the cleanup for you?

01:25:55   Yeah.

01:25:55   Where it gets rid of the app files.

01:25:58   So I deleted everything, like all the two Plex apps that I had.

01:26:03   So Plex amp and Plex Media Server.

01:26:07   I deleted those from the applications folder,

01:26:09   and I deleted the related application files.

01:26:12   Then I force quit all of the processes that I could find in Activity Monitor.

01:26:18   I rebooted my Mac Mini.

01:26:20   That icon does not go away.

01:26:22   When you click it...

01:26:23   Is that the one on the very far left?

01:26:25   Is that Plex?

01:26:26   No, that's the...

01:26:28   Oh, it's the little chevron!

01:26:29   It's the little chevron there.

01:26:30   The little chevron.

01:26:31   You click it and it does nothing.

01:26:34   Like, if I click it, it does nothing.

01:26:37   In bartender's settings, I don't see this icon.

01:26:43   So this is a ghost icon that's just hanging there.

01:26:46   And I don't...

01:26:47   If you press command and click and drag it,

01:26:52   it should disappear.

01:26:53   Does it come back?

01:26:54   - And if it's running, it won't.

01:26:55   - No, this is, wait, no, this is not Plex.

01:26:59   It's not Plex.

01:27:00   No, this is a bartender option.

01:27:03   - Oh.

01:27:04   - Oh no, I don't wanna have this here.

01:27:08   - Yeah, you can turn that off.

01:27:09   - So if you hold command--

01:27:10   - This whole time he's been going mad, you know.

01:27:13   - I wasted like five minutes.

01:27:15   It's called hidden item divider and you can uncheck it and it goes away.

01:27:18   Oh no, see what, where, where?

01:27:21   In the bartender general preferences.

01:27:23   That is incredible. See if we wouldn't have done this segment you wouldn't have gotten the answer to this.

01:27:29   You'd live with it forever.

01:27:30   Yeah, you see? Now you're like, now you're happy we did the menu bar segment.

01:27:34   Where is this setting?

01:27:37   Preferences in bartender, it's under general.

01:27:40   Yeah.

01:27:42   Show hidden item divide. Oh my god, thank you.

01:27:46   Yep.

01:27:47   Ah, so now it's much nicer. Okay, so I am...

01:27:51   Oh, okay, hold on.

01:27:52   Now you're the most happy we did this segment.

01:27:55   Do you remember AppZapper?

01:27:56   Yes.

01:27:57   Yes.

01:27:58   Do you remember that app?

01:27:59   I just thought of that when you were talking about uninstalling.

01:28:01   You'd just drag an app on it, it'd be like pew!

01:28:03   And it would be gone.

01:28:04   With a little Zap Zap, yeah.

01:28:05   That was such a great app.

01:28:07   So this is my new menu bar, okay?

01:28:08   So, after Bartender, there's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Volume, and Time Machine.

01:28:16   Backblaze. Both of these icons are activated, like they're shown in the main menu bar,

01:28:24   when there's like a change to the icon, like when you're performing a backup or things like that.

01:28:30   Then I have... Okay, so why do I have this Zoom icon?

01:28:36   Because you're on a call.

01:28:38   I don't need this.

01:28:40   Don't quit Zoom, please.

01:28:42   We are revising the menu bar again, so we're hiding the Zoom icon.

01:28:46   Okay, so this is the final version of the menu bar. Hold on.

01:28:50   Are you taking a new screenshot then?

01:28:52   I am taking the final... This is menu bar tchv3_final.

01:28:58   Okay, so this is my final menu bar. Where is it?

01:29:02   Where is it?

01:29:03   Mine is as it was when we did the challenge.

01:29:07   You can't...

01:29:08   Well, I needed some help.

01:29:10   Yeah.

01:29:11   To get it to a place where...

01:29:12   Okay, so there's a time machine back place, and the last one is ExpressVPN.

01:29:17   Sponsor of the show, but I do actually use it for one very specific problem, which is

01:29:24   the website where I purchase my Lossless albums.

01:29:29   not available in Italy therefore I have to use a VPN to buy that music.

01:29:33   Yep, I have these problems all the time where it's like John Sen's an art court and it's

01:29:37   from like the Chicago Tribune and it's like no you can't read that. It's like okay.

01:29:42   Oh but that shortcut looks like the system VPN.

01:29:46   Oh yeah no it's a it is network preferences I guess.

01:29:50   Because I think you can start it from either place.

01:29:52   Yeah but it says but it it says connect ExpressVPN.

01:29:56   Yeah yeah you can.

01:29:58   you can set up either way. I kind of like the system VPN icon and it's been the

01:30:03   same for a really long time. I mean it's kind of fun. I don't know what it is. It

01:30:07   looks like a laser beam. It looks like the top of a truck. Like if you were looking at a truck from above.

01:30:13   Yeah, yeah, no I see it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I like the panic track scene from above.

01:30:17   Yeah. I don't know. But yeah. That's it. Menu bars. Do you have anything you would

01:30:24   like to say about menu bars anymore Federico? No, not really. Because you had a lot of

01:30:29   opinions about menu bars earlier. Did I have opinions? You did. Maybe you got

01:30:35   them all out. Mostly I had questions. Questions are not opinions. Yeah I suppose.

01:30:39   They're just the start of it, the potential beginning of an opinion.

01:30:44   Oh I like that. Okay. That feels like something you could put on like a poster.

01:30:48   she got a tattoo for that I would be a big tattoo because you said a lot of

01:30:54   things so questions are not opinions they are just a potential beginning of

01:30:58   an opinion that is a huge I know could be a t-shirt well Sylvia is a full poem

01:31:04   on her ribcage so I think it's doable is that what you want so she has a poem

01:31:10   I'm sure means something to her and you want questions and opinions so but they

01:31:16   are just the potential beginning of an opinion. Yeah but if you get it in like

01:31:21   in English it looks more fancy in Italian so all my friends would be like

01:31:25   oh is that the text from a song? So I would have to get it in Italian. It's a

01:31:30   it's an early Death Cab album you haven't heard of it. Pretty much how it

01:31:35   works with tattoos you get them in a different language they look so much

01:31:38   fancier than they actually are. That's why everyone does like Chinese script

01:31:41   for peace on the back of their neck and it really says you know corn dogs sure

01:31:48   I'm sure it says that this has been great yes thank you Myke this was a very

01:31:54   good idea great idea Myke I'm going to check out the clocks app you mentioned

01:31:59   because that's good one it looks way better than the dumb widget in Mac OS

01:32:03   that I will put a link in the show notes because you will not find this in the

01:32:07   App Store if you try searching for okay I've told you that right now it is

01:32:10   impossible just a name of the clock like you're never gonna know if you get the

01:32:15   right one so do they have a iOS app - I think so but it sucks if that's what if

01:32:21   I'm remembering correctly or I could be thinking of a different one it's called

01:32:24   the clock mobile and the clock HD an iPad that's the name they go with HD oh

01:32:30   man I love them all right you know that's like such an old-school thing

01:32:35   maybe this might not be the one that sucks I don't remember I've used so many

01:32:39   of these over time that like I don't remember anymore which are the good

01:32:43   ones and which are the bad ones. I wasn't serious by the way I totally made it up.

01:32:48   Well they do they have something called the clock 4 is on iOS and it's

01:32:51   universal on iOS. Man I'm just watching it now their

01:32:55   preferences pain is a real situation on the back. Yeah it takes a while as well

01:32:59   to get it set up visually to look the way you want like at first they want you

01:33:04   to do way too much so it takes a while to dial it in but it is good once you

01:33:07   get it though. I'm gonna check this out because I have been not really

01:33:12   looking but kind of looking for something that would do this. Anything

01:33:15   else we talk about? Menu bar stuff? I don't think so. Anything else? I have realized now I'm

01:33:21   sitting out here on my iMac because this is my MacBook Pro that I have so many

01:33:25   different things on the iMac. I've clicked the bartender thing and

01:33:29   there's like four things that I wasn't expecting it to be so there you go.

01:33:32   Well that's the thing too, like if I set the clock up then I gotta do it on the

01:33:36   laptop right like yep yep all right well thank you for hanging out with us today

01:33:42   this has been well it's been a lot of fun in the summer stop doing that if you

01:33:48   every show has its individual things if you want to create a game called the

01:33:52   Billy's on upgrade right this is the way you're going it's time for some ask ATP

01:33:57   if you want to find links to the stuff and the apps we spoke about head on over

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01:34:11   It's hosted by our friends Kathy and Alex. They explore how things like AI, machine learning,

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01:34:34   so. We're easy to track down. You can find Myke on Twitter as @imyke. Myke, what is something

01:34:40   else that you do?

01:34:42   I sell paper products, notebooks, and journals. Go to cortexmerch.com, check out Theme System

01:34:48   Journal, sell notebook, whatever you want.

01:34:50   You can find Federico on Twitter, @vitiicci, and he's the editor-in-chief of MacStories.net.

01:34:59   Do you have any other editors? John. What is John's title? John is senior editor.

01:35:08   Because he's old? Actually no, I should have said managing editor, I'm sorry. Yeah but I guess the plan is

01:35:18   eventually we would like to have more writers who have just been busy doing other things but it's

01:35:25   definitely in our plans to get some help. You should call him the one true editor.

01:35:33   Also that that's a very good title. That should be his official job title.

01:35:37   But yeah. You could make him get business cards that say that. The one true editor.

01:35:42   Oh my god, one true editor. Make him have it on his email outgoing email signature.

01:35:48   Yep, his Twitter bio. This is the best troll possible. We can make the things

01:35:54   that can make him do. I don't think Federico wants to make a joke of his company, but we'll

01:35:58   just keep pushing him on it.

01:36:00   Yeah, sure.

01:36:01   Federico, how's the review going?

01:36:05   It's going now. I've started writing the iPadOS chapter this week, so it's going well. It's

01:36:11   going, you know, lightweight style, no more philosophical, you know, digressions throughout

01:36:22   the story, it's going well, I'm really happy with it, and the iPadOS chapter is

01:36:27   probably the biggest one of the review, and the fact that I'm moving from

01:36:30   section to section pretty quickly is a good sign.

01:36:33   How many words you out so far?

01:36:35   You know, I don't know that, but I can check. I want to say...

01:36:42   No, I don't want to say anything, let's see...

01:36:45   Yeah, don't want to guess, just give me the answer.

01:36:48   I can give you an answer if you just give me one second what's it called in my

01:36:53   oh there it is okay review let's see I'm just gonna select oh this is gonna take

01:37:01   a while oh no this is way too slow all right you carry on and maybe we put this

01:37:07   in connected pro get a gap connected pro code you want to find out how many

01:37:10   words Federico's written so far thank you for everybody that supports the show

01:37:14   You can find me on Twitter as ismh. I write at fivephilpixels.net and please if you haven't checked out my Kickstarter

01:37:21   I would greatly greatly appreciate you pledging and backing it having a cool wall calendar in your house

01:37:27   What was the domain that we bought for you? Was it Apple hardware calendar.com? You bought it

01:37:32   Yeah, Apple

01:37:35   Yeah, Apple hardware calendar.com. That's where you can go and get the Kickstarter back to Kickstarter

01:37:42   That, uh, my network channel let me visit applehardwarecalendar.com.

01:37:48   What?

01:37:49   Oh, it's an HTTPS thing, and Eero didn't like it.

01:37:53   Yeah, there you go.

01:37:56   Parental controls.

01:37:57   It's a hot calendar.

01:37:59   It is.

01:38:00   There are some hot calendars on Kickstarter.

01:38:02   I keep getting them on my Kickstarter homepage because they're back to yours, so that's something

01:38:07   you've given to everyone.

01:38:09   Thanks, Eero.

01:38:10   You're welcome.

01:38:11   I'm gonna be off next week. I'm gonna miss you all. Oh, yeah a bunch. I look forward to listening

01:38:17   I'm gonna talk about Pokemon and

01:38:19   Los Los audio perfect probably awesome. Okay. There's a strong chance that both of those things will come up because they always do so I

01:38:27   Know so I will miss you all I will miss you dear audience

01:38:30   But until next time say goodbye. How do you that you cheerio? Bye y'all