354: Now You Drink Water Using a Balloon


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 354.

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00:00:14   Instabug, Mack Weldon, and Hover.

00:00:17   My name is Steven Hackett,

00:00:18   and I'm joined as always by Mr. Federico Faticci.

00:00:22   - Hello, Steven, how are you?

00:00:23   - I'm good, how are you?

00:00:25   - I'm good, doing really good.

00:00:27   - That's good.

00:00:28   You sound good on your new microphone.

00:00:29   No, thank you.

00:00:31   It was a joy to edit last week.

00:00:33   Also joined by Myke Hurley.

00:00:35   Hello.

00:00:36   You sound the way you did.

00:00:38   Were you expecting anything different?

00:00:41   I don't know.

00:00:42   I was like, you gotta up the ante.

00:00:43   Would you like me to set up a different microphone for you?

00:00:46   I mean, I have some other options here.

00:00:47   Would you like me to go get one?

00:00:49   You should have upped your vocal cord game

00:00:52   to make up for my new microphone.

00:00:56   Give me an example.

00:00:57   what is this, what is this, what is the output I'm achieving here?

00:01:01   I don't know, like you should have done vocal exercises or something like that.

00:01:05   Ah.

00:01:06   Is there like a vocal coach for podcasting?

00:01:10   I mean there probably should be.

00:01:11   This is something I have worried about.

00:01:13   Podcast vocal coach.

00:01:16   Okay, so I worry about this sometimes, you know, I think it's a combination of my advancing

00:01:21   years and the fact that I talk so much, not just in podcasting, but I talk so much all

00:01:27   the time, I'm a big talker. Say if I was in an environment where it was loud, you know,

00:01:33   maybe I was at a bar or whatever or in a restaurant talking for a while, maybe the next day my

00:01:39   throat would be really sore or I would get like a metallic taste in my mouth, which definitely

00:01:44   isn't good. And I always think to myself, oh man, am I going to talk so much one day

00:01:49   that that's just it for me? Oh, okay.

00:01:52   They're like, you're going to stop talking?

00:01:55   Well, it's like maybe human beings have a limited amount of words they can say in their lifetime, but usually...

00:02:01   That's a fun way to think about it.

00:02:03   Usually, they don't hit it, but podcasters will be the first people to hit it.

00:02:07   Okay, I have some some real-time follow-up.

00:02:10   No, I don't want it! I don't want it!

00:02:12   I haven't found a podcast Vocal Coach we can hire, but there's an NPR article on how to find your podcast voice,

00:02:19   but I don't want to sound like an NPR podcast because they all sound like it's very important.

00:02:24   And then there's a bunch of blog posts from people.

00:02:26   "Welcome to Connected. My name is Myke Hurley. Filling in for..."

00:02:31   That's a great joke from Pogs and Brack.

00:02:34   This show has been produced by...

00:02:36   You gotta say who produces the show if you want to do like an NPR-style show.

00:02:40   And then there's 75 people that you then list off.

00:02:44   Our associate producer is Jonathan...

00:02:48   Voorhees. The one true...

00:02:50   One true Jon.

00:02:52   Our one true producer.

00:02:54   I mean I worry about this too. I'll use my voice really easily.

00:02:56   My voice has definitely changed a lot over the years and if that track continues, I'm definitely in trouble, but-

00:03:01   Joe!

00:03:02   [laughter]

00:03:04   See? You should probably stop doing that, Steven.

00:03:06   Yeah, stop screaming all the time.

00:03:09   I can't do the Joe character today because I'm recording in my studio, but they're

00:03:15   building the other half, like around the other side of the door. They're doing trim work today and due to a bunch of boring reasons

00:03:22   I couldn't record in the house and so I'm out here.

00:03:24   So A, there's gonna be some background noise probably,

00:03:26   I apologize, but I also can't do like the Joe voice

00:03:30   because if I start screaming like that,

00:03:31   they're gonna wonder what's going on in here

00:03:33   and they're already very curious about me.

00:03:36   - Oh, that's why you should do it.

00:03:37   - This isn't why, this isn't why.

00:03:39   He doesn't want people to hear him do that.

00:03:42   That's what it is.

00:03:42   It's not about the shouting.

00:03:44   - Thousands and thousands and thousands of people

00:03:46   hear me do it.

00:03:47   It's in an application on the App Store.

00:03:49   - Yeah, but no, you don't want,

00:03:51   You don't want the people in real life that are in your life right now.

00:03:56   Yeah.

00:03:56   You may be related to at least some of them. Not cause it's a weird thing.

00:04:00   It's just because Steven knows a lot of, that sounded strange. It's like small town.

00:04:05   Surely you're related. That's not what I meant. Uh, but you know,

00:04:10   I'm, I'm expecting you don't want them to hear you, uh,

00:04:12   doing your fake Southern accent.

00:04:14   You don't want people to go to your wife and be like, Hey,

00:04:17   your husband's kind of weird.

00:04:19   It's right. How could I combine the Joe voice and the ASMR though?

00:04:24   Joe.

00:04:25   Joe.

00:04:29   It's too strained. It sounds like you're in pain.

00:04:33   Southern, hold on. Southern America.

00:04:38   No, Southern United States ASMR.

00:04:44   Joe.

00:04:45   Okay. ASMR, Southern foods, soft spoken.

00:04:49   It's a video on YouTube. There's also ASMR southern accent soft-spoken.

00:04:55   I mean, I'm not surprised about the fact that there are people from the south of America who do ASMR.

00:05:02   This is a very specific genre.

00:05:05   Everyone has their own special thing. Follow-up!

00:05:08   Yours is Apple Watch backups, because for some reason we're still talking about this for the third week in a row.

00:05:14   Because there was a grave error in the previous episode.

00:05:16   - Oh, it's just the green thing all over again.

00:05:20   - Green Gate was real.

00:05:22   - I don't care if it was real,

00:05:23   but like, why do we have this follow up?

00:05:26   It's only you.

00:05:28   - I just need to set the record straight.

00:05:31   - Why?

00:05:31   - There is a remove all button on that screen,

00:05:36   but I had too many backups to see the button.

00:05:38   I didn't try scrolling because Apple doesn't believe

00:05:40   in showing you that something is scrollable

00:05:43   unless you try scrolling it, which is bad.

00:05:45   So you can remove them all at once.

00:05:48   You don't have to do them individually

00:05:49   and then get dumped back out into the settings app.

00:05:51   I still maintain the settings app is bad.

00:05:54   I still maintain that the iPhone storage screen is too slow.

00:05:58   I didn't hear anything about that.

00:05:59   So I guess no one knows.

00:06:02   - Kraft is finally working on tables.

00:06:06   I feel like I have been begging for them to do this

00:06:09   and they are finally doing it.

00:06:11   They tweeted about it, like showing a video of it.

00:06:13   It looks like exactly what I want to do.

00:06:15   It's just the tables in the app.

00:06:17   I'm super pumped.

00:06:18   I hope it comes soon.

00:06:19   Craft continues to do lots of interesting and cool stuff

00:06:23   and I like the app very much.

00:06:25   - We have a couple of emoji related things to talk about.

00:06:29   Myke, do you want to tell us about

00:06:30   your campaign for Weird Fish?

00:06:32   - Okay, so it is World Emoji Day on the 17th of July.

00:06:37   So that's this coming Saturday.

00:06:39   In the lead up to World Emoji Day,

00:06:42   Emojipedia has done this for a few years.

00:06:45   a thing called the Emoji Awards.

00:06:47   And this seems, this is a publicly voted competition

00:06:51   to choose the emoji of the year.

00:06:54   And this is based on usage statistics.

00:06:57   So it's like, there are awards that are given out

00:07:01   by the Emoji Awards, but then there's also this kind

00:07:04   of like public vote one.

00:07:05   I think it's called most popular emoji.

00:07:07   But the most 2021 emoji is what they're calling it,

00:07:09   my apologies.

00:07:10   So there's like brackets and it's like, you know,

00:07:12   We're talking rollercoaster, DNA, broken heart, the syringe, face with mask.

00:07:20   But one of them is our very favorite emoji, the microbe emoji,

00:07:24   known as the weird fish emoji to connected listeners.

00:07:28   Yes.

00:07:29   We have gotten it into the semi-final, we were tweeting about it.

00:07:35   It's currently in a three-way face-off as we're speaking right now.

00:07:39   There's just five hours left on this vote.

00:07:40   So by the time this is out, you may not have heard it,

00:07:42   but there's still point for me to talk about this.

00:07:44   It's in a three-way face-off against the smiling face

00:07:47   with tear and face with medical mask.

00:07:49   Currently, Myke Robe is ahead because the three of us

00:07:52   have been tweeting about it all day,

00:07:53   with 39.8% of the vote.

00:07:55   - Yes.

00:07:56   - If it wins, which hopefully it will,

00:07:58   this Twitter account will then be putting it off

00:08:00   in a final match against the syringe emoji,

00:08:03   which definitely feels like odds are stacked against it.

00:08:06   So the passionate ones, connected listeners,

00:08:09   Click the link in the show notes, go to the tweet and vote if you can.

00:08:12   Otherwise, follow this account @emojiawards,

00:08:16   put the notifications on for this account,

00:08:18   because when they tweet to do like the 12 hours or whatever,

00:08:22   you got to vote in the final.

00:08:23   We are relying on you all to make the weird fish emoji

00:08:27   the best emoji of the year.

00:08:28   We are putting our thumb on the scales.

00:08:31   Let's bring this one home.

00:08:32   - It's coming home, I guess?

00:08:34   - Yes, yes, it's coming home.

00:08:37   Let's get the weird fish home.

00:08:38   - That's right, I love when you look at all the quote tweets

00:08:40   and replies, it's all just weird fish stuff.

00:08:43   - If the only replies to these tweets, if they're ever,

00:08:45   pretty much are just, "Hey, weird fish."

00:08:47   So, come on.

00:08:48   - Thankfully, it's part of the Emojipedia empire,

00:08:51   so Jeremy knows what all these tweets mean.

00:08:54   - Oh, I have no doubt that Jeremy is aware

00:08:56   that we're doing this.

00:08:57   I was actually talking to him today about the Emojipedia,

00:09:01   showing off the emoji, but he didn't mention this.

00:09:04   I'm sure he's, well, I don't know if he's aware,

00:09:07   Because Emojipedia is now an empire which is quite vast.

00:09:10   And Jeremy is not doing this. He has people that does this stuff for him.

00:09:13   I don't know if he knows that we're putting our thumbs on the scales,

00:09:16   but he probably does by now.

00:09:18   So we're exerting our influence here.

00:09:21   Come on, let's bring it home.

00:09:22   We are rigging these elections, basically.

00:09:24   I wouldn't say that, you know.

00:09:27   We're just advertising for a certain side.

00:09:30   We are basically Russia right now.

00:09:35   That's what we're doing.

00:09:36   We're the rusher of podcasts.

00:09:39   I don't like any of this.

00:09:40   I just like to think that it's a free and open voting and we would just like to encourage

00:09:48   that people vote in a very specific way.

00:09:51   Okay.

00:09:52   But go vote for the weird fish, obviously.

00:09:55   Yes.

00:09:56   Please vote for the weird fish.

00:09:57   That's right.

00:09:58   And make sure it gets into the final.

00:09:59   In fact, if you vote for the weird fish, you're going to hear even more details from this

00:10:04   podcast.

00:10:05   you're gonna get better audio quality

00:10:07   if you vote for the weird fish.

00:10:09   - If you don't know that joke,

00:10:11   go check out relay.fm/connected/212.

00:10:15   That is a episode called "Nano Hippo"

00:10:17   where weird fish was born.

00:10:20   - This was the Jeremy's before the Jeremy's, right?

00:10:22   - Yes, this was before they had the name.

00:10:24   - Yep.

00:10:25   - Okay, up next, you mentioned that Emojipedia

00:10:29   was showing off emoji version 14.0,

00:10:32   which will be the next set of emoji

00:10:34   that we should see.

00:10:36   This is a draft, it could change.

00:10:40   This is what will become the Jeremy's in the future,

00:10:43   the game where Federico has to pick the name of emoji

00:10:47   based on the images.

00:10:48   So Federico has not looked at this list,

00:10:51   he cannot look at this list.

00:10:52   - I've seen screenshots, I've tried not to look too much

00:10:56   at screenshots, but I can tell you John,

00:10:59   one true John, sent me a draft for our article.

00:11:03   I did not read the draft.

00:11:06   So stay true to my mission.

00:11:09   I don't wanna know anything about this emoji

00:11:13   until it's time.

00:11:14   - So little unknown when we're gonna get these.

00:11:16   So I can give a little bit of background

00:11:17   having spoken to Mr. Emoji himself today.

00:11:21   Because of that, there was like some delays in the process.

00:11:23   Usually about this point, they would be showing off

00:11:26   and like tech companies and stuff will be showing off,

00:11:29   hey, these are some of the,

00:11:30   like Apple have done this in the past I think,

00:11:32   like Microsoft and others,

00:11:35   these are what the emoji are gonna look like

00:11:36   on our platforms later in the year.

00:11:38   But because of COVID, it got delayed.

00:11:40   And so what we're seeing right now,

00:11:42   this is the draft for voting on

00:11:44   and things could change still.

00:11:46   So some of these emojis may not actually exist.

00:11:50   So it's probably unlikely

00:11:53   that we're gonna see many companies implement this

00:11:56   until much later in the process.

00:11:57   Like it's not gonna be in 2021,

00:12:00   it's probably going to be sometime in the first half of 2022 before we start to see these emoji appear.

00:12:07   And the ones that we're seeing from the Emojipedia mock-ups,

00:12:11   not all of these emoji could actually be included in the final version.

00:12:17   Because this is like a draft.

00:12:19   Yeah, this is a draft, exactly.

00:12:21   So this is kind of where the consortium is right now,

00:12:24   but they still haven't had the final vote, which would have been done by now.

00:12:27   And when it comes around to this time of the year,

00:12:30   everyone would kind of know

00:12:31   and would have started working on them.

00:12:32   But we're a few months behind now

00:12:35   because COVID ruins everything, including emoji.

00:12:39   - Just a quick reminder

00:12:40   that the 2022 Apple hardware calendar,

00:12:43   my Kickstarter is still going.

00:12:45   We're about halfway through right now

00:12:48   and sitting at about 800 backers.

00:12:50   Thank you all who backed it and supported it

00:12:52   after the last episode.

00:12:54   If you haven't checked it out,

00:12:55   there's a link in the show notes.

00:12:56   I'd love to have you, you know,

00:12:59   put up one of these sweet calendars in your house

00:13:01   for 2022 later this year.

00:13:03   So go check it out.

00:13:05   - You're doing stickers though, right?

00:13:06   - I am doing stickers.

00:13:07   So the top tier,

00:13:09   which is named Get It All,

00:13:13   is the digital wallpaper pack, the four by six prints,

00:13:16   the wall calendar, and some stickers.

00:13:18   So I'm working with a designer on those.

00:13:20   Not quite ready to show them off yet,

00:13:22   but they are really, really cool.

00:13:25   Y'all have seen the drafts.

00:13:26   I'll share them in an update on the Kickstarter page

00:13:29   as soon as I can, but I'm very excited about them.

00:13:32   And it's the only way these stickers will go into the world.

00:13:35   So it's only through this Kickstarter campaign.

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00:15:07   All right, Federico, your favorite text editor

00:15:10   is now available for everyone on your favorite platform.

00:15:14   - Yes, you're talking about Obsidian,

00:15:16   which launched on iPhone and iPad a few days ago.

00:15:22   And I'm really happy. So this has been in beta for the past few months.

00:15:25   I switched to Obsidian...

00:15:27   three, four months ago, as soon as the mobile beta opened up.

00:15:33   And I don't know where to begin by talking about this on the podcast.

00:15:39   So I'm gonna open it up to questions from you guys in a minute.

00:15:43   But I just want to say that right now I don't have...

00:15:46   So I thought, look, I'm not gonna have time to do like a proper in-depth,

00:15:51   you know, teaching style review on Mac Stories because I'm working on the iOS and iPadOS

00:15:56   review and a few other things. So I thought I am going to do this in installments for

00:16:03   club Mac Stories members. So as of tomorrow, on Friday, I will publish the first in a series

00:16:12   that I don't know how many parts of the series there will be, but I'm going to do like the

00:16:18   the first installment of this deep dive into my Obsidian setup, starting from the very

00:16:24   basics with Sync, and what the difference between Core and Community plugins, how you

00:16:32   should get started with settings, whether you should store your documents in iCloud

00:16:38   Drive or local storage, you know, all the basics. And I have a long list of things I

00:16:43   I want to cover, like the third party plugins that I use and how I set up keyboard shortcuts

00:16:49   on my iPad, how I deal with multiple notes at the same time, you know, all the and the

00:16:55   custom plugins that we are making with the One True Son. So, yeah, that's going to be

00:17:04   for Club Max Aries members. I don't know how long it will last, probably until September.

00:17:10   I don't know, but I will also be making shortcuts for Obsidian eventually.

00:17:14   So that's going to be a thing on the club.

00:17:17   And I don't know, what do you guys want to know?

00:17:22   I know the big thing with Obsidian on the desktop is that it's completely customizable.

00:17:27   You can change the UI, you can add all these plugins and stuff.

00:17:32   How much of that has carried over to iOS?

00:17:35   All of it.

00:17:36   The iPhone and iPad app is essentially an exact replica of what you can do on the Mac

00:17:45   and PC and Linux, I believe.

00:17:48   There's also Obsidian for Linux.

00:17:49   Yes, I think so.

00:17:51   Yeah, so there's a few differences, obviously.

00:17:54   The big one I feel is you cannot enter the developer mode.

00:18:02   So on desktop, because Obsidian is an Electron app, it's basically based on web technologies,

00:18:09   you can inspect the entire UI of Obsidian with the same web inspector you would use

00:18:15   in Safari or Google Chrome. And that's what you use for making plugins or custom CSS snippets,

00:18:24   you want to inspect how the UI is made, and then you can make your own snippet for customizing

00:18:31   the interface. So that's not available on iPhone and iPad. Everything else is there.

00:18:37   So you can install the core plugins, which would be the built-in plugins made by the

00:18:42   Obsidian developers. There's the community plugins. So community plugins, there's a built-in

00:18:48   directory where you can find hundreds of plugins made by third-party developers that the Obsidian

00:18:57   community officially vetted and allowed in the directory, but you can also install your own.

00:19:07   So if you have a folder with a plugin, you can install your own files, like I do with the plugins

00:19:13   that Fin makes for me. It's a little more involved on iOS and iPadOS to do this manual installation.

00:19:20   There's shortcuts that can help you with that, because you gotta install these files in a hidden

00:19:26   folder. So there's a few... I've made a few shortcuts. You can find them in the Obsidian

00:19:30   forums, actually. I posted them there. But everything else is there, like the same hotkeys,

00:19:36   you can install custom themes, you can make your own custom theme, you can install CSS

00:19:43   snippets to modify little bits of the UI. You can do everything you can do on desktop,

00:19:49   and it's pretty incredible. I feel like this kind of app would have not been possible years

00:19:55   ago, but then, you know, three, four years ago when Apple sort of lifted their restrictions

00:20:02   on this kind of apps, you know, remember there was a big controversy with Pythonista and

00:20:07   editorial and how you were not allowed to share code, basically, with other users. That's

00:20:15   long been possible now, so it's totally fine. Also these plugins that you installed in Obsidian,

00:20:21   are basically like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files. And there's plenty of

00:20:27   JavaScript apps on iOS, and there's plenty of CSS and HTML editors on iOS.

00:20:32   And of course everything is sandboxed, so if you want to get access to the

00:20:37   clipboard, you're going to get a permission dialog. If you want to get

00:20:41   access to your photos, you're going to get a permission dialog on iOS. So yeah,

00:20:45   it's the same Obsidian that you have on the Mac, and in fact, now if

00:20:51   If you, with Obsidian Sync, if you pay for the Sync add-on,

00:20:55   which is, I believe, a $4 a month subscription,

00:20:59   you can sync your settings between devices.

00:21:04   It used to be that settings were platform specific.

00:21:09   As of a couple of weeks ago,

00:21:11   there's support for syncing your, not just your settings,

00:21:14   but also your hotkeys, your themes, your plugins.

00:21:19   You can even sync your plugins between devices.

00:21:22   So you don't have to, you know, on the iPhone,

00:21:24   go there and manually reinstall one by one,

00:21:28   all the plugins that you previously installed on the Mac.

00:21:31   You can sync those.

00:21:32   So yeah, it's pretty impressive.

00:21:35   Right now I am, so I'm doing everything in Obsidian.

00:21:40   Like it's my note-taking app and it's my writing app.

00:21:44   And it's been that way for the past three, four months.

00:21:48   There's a few things in Apple Notes, in iPadOS 15,

00:21:52   that are really tempting right now,

00:21:54   like Quick Note, for example.

00:21:57   But, like I try to use Quick Note for a week

00:22:00   instead of the system that I have in Obsidian

00:22:04   for saving links and Quick Notes.

00:22:08   And it's really impressive,

00:22:09   like the big advantage of Quick Note

00:22:11   is that it's system-wide, right?

00:22:13   And you can trigger it anywhere

00:22:16   with a swipe from the corner of the screen

00:22:18   or a keyboard shortcut.

00:22:20   But the thing is, then when I'm in the Notes app,

00:22:23   I really miss everything else from Obsidian,

00:22:26   like the quick switcher, for example,

00:22:27   how in Obsidian you can type Command + O

00:22:30   and you can instantly navigate

00:22:32   to any other file in your database.

00:22:35   And Kraft has something similar, right,

00:22:37   where you can hit Command + O

00:22:39   and you have this quick switcher

00:22:41   that lets you move between notes.

00:22:43   I feel like that kind of interaction

00:22:46   has become really popular in third-party note-taking apps

00:22:49   and Notes doesn't have it.

00:22:52   And I also miss, like, in Obsidian,

00:22:54   I can split the UI in multiple panes, right?

00:22:59   So I can have two, three, four, five Notes

00:23:02   open at the same time.

00:23:04   And obviously that kind of layout is more useful on a Mac,

00:23:08   where you, especially if you have a desktop Mac

00:23:11   with a large display attached.

00:23:13   But still, I could do that with multi-window in Apple Notes,

00:23:18   but it wouldn't be as easy or as keyboard-centric

00:23:23   as it is in Obsidian.

00:23:24   So all that to say, I'm really fast in Obsidian.

00:23:28   Like, I can work really fast,

00:23:30   and I can switch between my workspaces

00:23:32   and between my notes really quickly.

00:23:35   And so that sort of speed and keyboard-focused approach

00:23:42   and the plugins.

00:23:44   I'm not really that much into the visual customization.

00:23:48   I prefer to use Obsidian with the default theme.

00:23:51   - Oh, that's interesting.

00:23:52   I feel like you've always used different fonts and stuff

00:23:55   in apps like IARiter and stuff like that.

00:23:57   - Yes. - Considering you can do it,

00:23:59   why haven't you?

00:24:00   - I had issues like a couple of months ago

00:24:03   when I tried to install SF Mono.

00:24:06   I would like to use SF Mono as my editing font in Obsidian,

00:24:12   but it wasn't working and I just didn't want to waste any more time on it.

00:24:15   The default UI, I mean, Obsidian is weird in places, right?

00:24:20   We've talked about this before. It's an Electron app.

00:24:23   I was going to ask you if it feels like an iOS app.

00:24:26   No, it doesn't.

00:24:28   -And you're cool with that? -It feels like Obsidian.

00:24:30   Yeah, yeah, I am.

00:24:31   Initially, like, it took me a while,

00:24:34   especially because the beta, the mobile beta at first was really rough.

00:24:40   You just gotta accept that when you open Obsidian, it's like its own little world, right?

00:24:46   It's like its own little planet where things are different.

00:24:49   And I should also say that, you know, you hear Obsidian, you probably think of, like,

00:24:55   people showing off these screenshots of these graph views, you know, with thousands of notes

00:25:03   with the connections between them.

00:25:06   And that's cool, right?

00:25:08   a lot of academics, a lot of programmers, a lot of university professors, for example,

00:25:15   use Obsidian. And they have libraries with thousands of notes, and they use backlinks

00:25:21   and all that kind of stuff. I don't. Like, I have the Graph View disabled. I use backlinks

00:25:28   a lot, but I don't. I do not backlink every single thing in Obsidian, and it's totally

00:25:34   And that to me is what I really appreciate about this app, that some core functionalities you can just disable if you don't care about them.

00:25:46   The plugin system extends to the built-in features of the app as well, and if you do not want them, you can just turn them off, and it's fine.

00:25:56   fine, and Obsidian keeps working the same way. But it's just, yeah, you gotta accept that

00:26:02   it looks a bit weird, and there's a few visual glitches, but what it lacks in that sort of

00:26:11   native feel, it totally makes up for in raw functionality and speed. It's really, really fast

00:26:20   in switching between notes and loading hundreds of notes.

00:26:24   And because everything is based on a folder in Finder or the Files app,

00:26:30   you can go wild in terms of shortcuts that you can build, right?

00:26:36   Especially in iOS and iPadOS 15 with the new Files actions.

00:26:42   I have shortcuts to save image attachments into Obsidian.

00:26:46   and I have shortcuts to compile my iOS review.

00:26:49   And it's that combination of there's plugins in Obsidian,

00:26:54   but there's also automation outside of Obsidian.

00:26:58   And the same is true on the Mac,

00:26:59   where you can use AppleScript,

00:27:01   you can use shortcuts in Monterey,

00:27:03   all kinds of automation that deals with the Finder,

00:27:06   up extends to Obsidian as well,

00:27:10   because at the end of the day,

00:27:11   It's just a front end for a folder in your file manager.

00:27:16   You gotta stop me because otherwise I'm just gonna keep talking.

00:27:20   I don't know what I would use this application for.

00:27:24   I can see that people really love it, and I know so many people now who are all in on

00:27:29   it big time.

00:27:32   I don't think I have a use for it.

00:27:33   If someone could tell me what that use would be, maybe I would check it out.

00:27:36   But I just don't think this is for me.

00:27:39   I can see its power and I know enough really smart people who want to use this application

00:27:45   and find it to be like nothing they've ever used before, but I just don't really think

00:27:50   it's my scene.

00:27:54   That's fine. I really feel like its core audience is the writer or academic type user. You can

00:28:07   use it for general note-taking, but I feel like it's still people who write for a living

00:28:15   or have to produce essays or papers or have to organize all this research material. That's

00:28:23   the core audience of the app, and I feel like everybody else is doing pretty okay with Notes,

00:28:31   which is really like... Notes is a really great note-taking app, but also Kraft, if

00:28:35   if you're looking for a more flexible version of Notes.

00:28:38   - Yeah, I mean, and people will super into

00:28:40   like Notion and Roam and there's something,

00:28:42   it feels like with this kind of stuff now,

00:28:43   there is something for everyone.

00:28:45   - Yes, yeah.

00:28:46   - You just got to find your bliss.

00:28:48   - Yeah, it's like the email clients of a few years ago,

00:28:52   right, when suddenly one of these markets explodes

00:28:56   for whatever reason, and you have a lot of choice

00:29:01   with different options for different kinds of users.

00:29:05   And Obsidian is, if you're the type of person who writes in Markdown and really, really likes Markdown,

00:29:13   and used to appreciate the flexibility of Sublime Text a few years ago,

00:29:23   and have always been looking for this customizable Markdown text editor,

00:29:29   this is the app for you. That's how I would summarize it.

00:29:32   If you're a markdown person that enjoys customization, this is the thing you've been looking for.

00:29:39   It's all coming up Federico this week though, right?

00:29:41   You finally got your battery pack.

00:29:43   Yes, I did.

00:29:47   It's coming on Monday?

00:29:49   No probably later than that.

00:29:50   Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.

00:29:51   Wow, spoilers.

00:29:52   Steven, what is the MagSafe battery pack?

00:29:55   It is a little backpack.

00:29:57   It is like a little backpack!

00:30:00   It is!

00:30:01   now I want it! It's a magnetic fanny pack for your phone. Oh my god, don't say that.

00:30:07   It charges at 5 watts which we can talk about but it's not a case like the

00:30:12   previous iPhone battery cases you know they had like the internal lightning

00:30:18   port and it was like an actual case with sides in the back this is just a battery

00:30:23   wrapped in Apple's soft touch material that clicks on to the back of your iPhone

00:30:27   12. I love it. I just this is the thing I wanted and they did it. I think it's so

00:30:33   weird. Why? I think this product's really weird. It's the obvious

00:30:39   product to make. It's just like peculiar to me. So charges at 5 watts, super slow. I

00:30:48   will be really intrigued to know what it's like in in use. Like you know like

00:30:54   it is it possible to drain faster than it can charge I don't know I don't think

00:31:00   that an iPhone can really do that much like maybe if you're watching video but

00:31:05   probably not but five watts is slow it's the first product to do reverse charging

00:31:10   this is a really interesting tidbit that the verge picked up I saw that it there

00:31:14   first anyway so you can charge the battery pack if you pull if you attach

00:31:24   it to your iPhone and plug a lightning cable into your iPhone. It charges both your phone

00:31:32   and the battery pack. So this is the first accessory that has got reverse MagSafe charging

00:31:40   from Apple. Which is the thing that was suggested would be possible after these phones came

00:31:47   out and I think Apple applied for regulatory approval for accessories to be charged via

00:31:54   MagSafe and this is the first one to do that. I find that interesting and you can

00:31:57   do it both ways. You can either plug into the battery and it will charge the

00:32:01   battery and then the phone or vice versa. The battery seems small. It's apparently

00:32:08   1460 mAh. Apparently it will be a full charge for a mini but a

00:32:16   partial charge for everything else which I believe is different to how the

00:32:23   cases have been in the past, they feel like they've been much bigger batteries in the

00:32:27   iPhone cases than these. Also, maybe I'm just like continuing to beat a dead horse here

00:32:35   on this one, but I think in the Apple support article they've referenced how a 20 watt power

00:32:41   adapter will make sure that you can charge the MagSafe battery pack on your iPhone even

00:32:46   faster which is something Apple never gives you, right? I'm never going to get over that,

00:32:52   annoys me so much. People that really want this product and in on the MagSafe

00:32:55   life is probably great. I'm sure Federico is gonna have three of them. It'll keep

00:32:57   him in a bag and he'll just be like like he's got a drone out there you know

00:33:01   that's what drone people do they take all their extra batteries and and I

00:33:04   actually like it for that right you could have a couple even though they're

00:33:07   $100 and you could attach them and it seems cool but I just think that this is

00:33:14   this product has some eccentricities and I think is also maybe in some ways not

00:33:21   as good as the previous version, right, in the fact that the battery is like smaller and stuff,

00:33:26   but it is maybe more convenient. I don't know. I'll tell you why this is the perfect accessory for me.

00:33:32   Please tell me. I'm really into the MagSafe lifestyle, right? I have a MagSafe phone holder

00:33:39   in my car, and I'm a huge, huge MagSafe wallet user. Like, I use it all the time. That little

00:33:47   thing changed my life honestly over the past year. Just because I don't have to carry my wallet

00:33:52   anymore, I don't have to ask Silvia to take my wallet and put it in her purse, it's incredible.

00:34:00   Now that I'm going to the beach, right, it's the summer we go to the beach, and the iPhone,

00:34:05   the battery, it depletes much more quickly because it's trying to find the signal,

00:34:13   and it's struggling with 4G, and we take a lot of videos and photos at the beach,

00:34:18   which means, you know, it's 6pm and I have, you know, 10 or 15% left.

00:34:23   What I can do now is I can take this little MagSafe battery with me at the beach,

00:34:30   throw it in a backpack or something, and when it's time I can swap my wallet with the MagSafe battery,

00:34:37   get enough charge and then put it back in the backpack and attach my wallet again. So it's like

00:34:44   this little... it's like a modular setup that I have with my iPhone. I can attach different

00:34:49   accessories depending on what I need. Like, we need to go to the little coffee place on the beach

00:34:56   to grab an espresso. Great! I can detach the battery again and attach my wallet back in. And

00:35:03   And I really like this. This is gonna be so good for me, honestly.

00:35:07   I really love it.

00:35:08   And actually, I kind of wish that you could stack multiple MagSafe accessories.

00:35:15   Like, imagine if I could do iPhone, battery, and then wallet.

00:35:19   Have like a little--

00:35:21   Can the wallet not attach to the battery then?

00:35:24   I don't know. I don't know.

00:35:25   I would like to do this little MagSafe battery sandwich, if you will,

00:35:31   like the iPhone, the battery and the wallet on top.

00:35:34   I don't think MagSafe supports stacking.

00:35:37   - Apparently you can do phone case battery.

00:35:42   - Yeah, you can do phone case wallet.

00:35:43   I imagine you will be able to do phone case battery.

00:35:46   - Yeah.

00:35:47   - But the problem is I don't think the battery

00:35:49   is gonna have a MagSafe attachment on the outer side.

00:35:53   - 'Cause it would have to have the little ring on it maybe.

00:35:56   - Yeah, yeah, I think so.

00:35:58   So that's wallet goes in pocket, battery goes on phone.

00:36:01   - What I really want is, I don't need a huge battery, right?

00:36:05   I just need to make sure that I can come back home

00:36:07   and my phone isn't dead.

00:36:08   And so if I could get it up to 30 or 40% again, great.

00:36:13   That's all I need.

00:36:15   I have a little battery that I can attach to my iPhone

00:36:19   for emergencies, basically.

00:36:20   And yeah, MagSafe, all the things.

00:36:25   in theory, remember how months ago we talked about how I pre-ordered the PopSocket MagSafe line of accessories?

00:36:35   Oh my god, I forgot about that.

00:36:36   Yeah, those in theory... let me check in parcel... those in theory are coming at some point.

00:36:43   So the last I heard... let's see, what are they...

00:36:47   arrived at terminal location in Frankfurt, in Germany, three days ago.

00:36:53   You'll have them just in time for when the battery arrives.

00:36:56   Maybe, yeah, maybe. We'll see.

00:37:00   I'm intrigued to get the Federico review of the magnetic pop socket.

00:37:04   Yeah, it's gonna be fun I think. We can talk about that on the show.

00:37:09   Yeah, man, the battery, I really want this battery. I cannot wait.

00:37:14   Shame though about the single color. I would have liked to see more colors.

00:37:18   Yeah, I was gonna say, what do you think about white? What do you think about white?

00:37:20   It's fine. It's fine. I think it goes well with my gold iPhone red case combo.

00:37:27   So I'm gonna have gold, red, white. I think it's gonna look nice.

00:37:31   I would have liked to see more colors. I would have liked to see more options there as well.

00:37:37   Like, I'm fine with it. Oh, I should mention this thing that we've been talking about the beach.

00:37:44   There's one thing that has been annoying me about Twitter lately.

00:37:48   Well, I guess it's not.

00:37:49   Okay, I wasn't sure where this is.

00:37:50   That would take a lot of steps, that one did.

00:37:53   Hold on, yeah.

00:37:54   All right.

00:37:55   So there's a lot of things that are annoying me about people in general.

00:37:58   And people on Twitter, especially.

00:38:01   Right?

00:38:02   But there's one thing that's been happening a lot this summer.

00:38:07   People who appear to get upset if you say that you use an iPhone at the beach.

00:38:15   Oh my god, yes.

00:38:16   Every time. Yes. Every single time. I've been seeing this too. I think mostly it's tweets

00:38:21   to you. Yes, like "Oh, what are you gonna enjoy your iPhone covered in sand?" I don't

00:38:27   know if these people have ever seen sand or touched sand. Maybe they think of sand as

00:38:34   like this dangerous thing, but it's like literally little pieces of stone and grung and glass,

00:38:45   whatever, like it's totally fine, you can just blow it away or use your hand to remove

00:38:53   it and modern iPhones are like dustproof and waterproof and nothing happens.

00:38:59   Also, I really don't understand.

00:39:02   Here's the other thing, why do people care about what you do with your phone?

00:39:06   It's the tone of the tweet, you know when they attach the emoji and the faces to that,

00:39:14   Like sometimes people complain about that and they attach an eye roll to the tweet.

00:39:20   It's like, why are you so annoyed?

00:39:22   Anyway, it's totally fine to use an iPhone at the beach.

00:39:26   Like it's...

00:39:27   Better because that's a...

00:39:28   I'm not so precious about like, oh no, I'm at the beach.

00:39:32   I guess I'm back to being a primitive person.

00:39:35   I cannot use an iPhone anymore.

00:39:37   No, it's okay.

00:39:39   Anyway.

00:39:40   Back to nature.

00:39:41   No fun for you.

00:39:42   Back to nature.

00:39:43   I'm one with nature.

00:39:44   This reminds me of my current campaign to say to people if you want to install the beta, install the beta.

00:39:49   I like that.

00:39:51   This is my campaign. I can't stand this like,

00:39:54   "Oh, don't install it on your phone. Like, just let people do what they want. People can do whatever they want."

00:39:59   We should do whatever we want to do.

00:40:01   We cannot use certain expressions on this show. But yeah, do whatever you want.

00:40:07   It's fine. You want to live dangerously? Go do that.

00:40:12   It's funny, someone emailed me wondering why I would have gone like waterfall, cliff jumping

00:40:19   type thing with an Apple Watch on.

00:40:20   I was like, "because I've been hiking for four hours."

00:40:22   Like these things aren't, I mean, they're expensive.

00:40:25   I would say these things all apply to everyone except Stephen because he doesn't stop breaking

00:40:29   things.

00:40:30   Stephen, Stephen's not allowed to do anything.

00:40:33   I can't take my phone to the beach.

00:40:34   You can't.

00:40:35   You can't take your phone anywhere.

00:40:37   You gotta bubble wrap it and leave it at home.

00:40:40   it in like a shoe box lined with blankets.

00:40:43   Yeah, I ordered a battery pack too.

00:40:47   I'm a little sad it's just white, but I think it's going to be great for days of travel.

00:40:51   You know, small, just use it when you need it.

00:40:53   If you need a bigger battery with more power, there's lots of options, but for what this

00:40:58   is, I'm really excited.

00:41:00   Maybe just all Apple accessories are going to be white again.

00:41:02   Oh, I hope not.

00:41:04   How's the white keyboard holding up?

00:41:06   Don't one of y'all have the white keyboard?

00:41:08   What white keyboard?

00:41:09   Oh, the magic keyboard! Oh yeah, it's gross. I forgot about that.

00:41:12   It's gross. Yeah, yeah it is. I've been cleaning it, but there's like damage has been done

00:41:20   to that keyboard. To be fair though, the black one gets gross as well, but just in its own

00:41:26   way. Yeah.

00:41:27   But the dark one feels like easy to clean. The white one, like if it stains...

00:41:34   Yeah, it does. It really does.

00:41:36   Okay, hear me out. Hear me out.

00:41:38   iPad Pro 2022 Silver Magic Keyboard.

00:41:42   It would really look like a laptop at that point.

00:41:45   But still material?

00:41:48   Like...

00:41:50   It wouldn't be metal, right?

00:41:51   No, no.

00:41:52   It's actual silver.

00:41:53   Very heavy.

00:41:55   Hear me out.

00:41:59   Range of colors.

00:42:00   Yes.

00:42:00   Even better.

00:42:01   I want a blue one or a orange one.

00:42:03   I want a red one. Red. Yes. Oh. See, we should be in charge of Design at Apple. I

00:42:12   keep saying this. We're gonna get to Design at Apple in a minute. Don't worry.

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00:44:03   Beta free.

00:44:05   Oh my God.

00:44:06   I just did it.

00:44:06   Bye everyone.

00:44:10   I'm leaving now.

00:44:11   Thanks so much.

00:44:13   Now is the end of my, I've spoken about earlier in the episode.

00:44:17   I have now reached the maximum amount of words I can speak as a human.

00:44:21   I'm done. Peace out.

00:44:23   Well, Steven.

00:44:24   Beta 3 is here.

00:44:26   Yeah.

00:44:28   Came out on the 14th, I think a little bit later than people thought it would be here.

00:44:34   But it brings some changes.

00:44:35   Of course, the first thing everyone looks at is Safari.

00:44:38   So Federico, tell me about the changes to Safari 15.

00:44:42   Okay, so iOS first.

00:44:45   So, the iPhone version of Safari, we talked about it before, it's been criticized a lot.

00:44:51   In fact, I was talking about this with Jon, I don't think I've seen a single positive take

00:44:58   on the new Safari in all of the first impression stories that came out when the public beta was

00:45:05   released. Like, I've read all the articles that came out on that day, I don't think anyone,

00:45:11   Literally anyone had a positive thing to say about the new design.

00:45:15   So Apple is listening to feedback, thankfully, and they are iterating on this design.

00:45:23   In the iPhone version,

00:45:26   they're keeping the floating top bar at the bottom of the screen with the reachable controls.

00:45:34   But now they got rid of

00:45:37   What was one of the key problems of the original design which is when you tapped

00:45:43   The floating top bar at the bottom the address bar would shoot all the way to the top of the screen

00:45:50   Yeah, this new design

00:45:53   And it would hide whatever you were looking at so

00:45:56   It would just be like in my case. I use dark mode

00:45:59   It would just be that gray and it would like float to the top of the screen

00:46:02   It's like where you going buddy stay with me

00:46:05   So now what happens is you still have the floating bar at the bottom, but when you tap it, it doesn't go to the top.

00:46:14   It stays sort of docked above the keyboard.

00:46:18   So I feel like it's easier to keep your eyesight focused on the same area of the screen.

00:46:28   So you tap at the bottom and you can continue looking at the bottom,

00:46:32   which it's one of the things that we suggested on the show,

00:46:34   and Apple did exactly that.

00:46:36   - Yeah, it brings it in line with how messages works.

00:46:40   - Exactly, yes.

00:46:41   So they're keeping the floating bar for now.

00:46:45   I feel like they made it a little smaller,

00:46:50   not that smaller, just a little.

00:46:52   I think, I feel like it's easier now to see

00:46:54   that you have like adjacent tabs on the left and on the right.

00:46:59   on the left and on the right, because I feel like Apple really wants to sell

00:47:04   users on the idea that now it's easier to swipe between tabs as well as to open

00:47:11   a new tab by swiping to the left. So they're making that smaller so that you

00:47:16   can see more, like you can see the beginning of the other tab on the other

00:47:20   side. Now, they also redesigned the, sort of, the what you see when you're typing

00:47:28   in in the address bar, so the design of the topics and the Google search

00:47:33   suggestions, that has a new design that's got more icons, it's nicer than before.

00:47:39   Now, this new design on iPhone does not fix the other problems that we

00:47:44   mentioned, such as, you know, you're going from two toolbars in iOS 14 to a single

00:47:53   toolbar, you have to cut, you have to hide some controls. And Apple is not changing

00:48:01   that for now. Now, I feel like Beta 3 is the first step in Apple sort of walking

00:48:11   back some decisions for the new Safari, but the reload button is still not shown

00:48:18   by default. Now, if you want to reload the page and you do not want to use pull to

00:48:23   refresh, you can long press on the address bar to see a reload button. All those other

00:48:31   buttons that were shown at all times before, they are still hidden by default in the iPhone

00:48:37   design. Now before I let you cover the Mac version, Steven, the iPad... So, a couple

00:48:44   of weeks ago we said, of all the new versions of Safari, the iPad is the best one, because

00:48:52   it strikes this balance between the iPhone and Mac versions. Now, I don't know what they

00:48:59   did in iPadOS 15 Beta 3, but I feel like the iPad version is now the worst one of the bunch.

00:49:07   They made tabs a little wider, but not that much wider, really. But they added all these

00:49:17   new animations when you scroll tabs, when you click them, when you open a tab. Now sometimes

00:49:26   it opens to the right, sometimes it doesn't. When you open a link from a website in the

00:49:32   background, like you select a link and you do opening background, sometimes it opens

00:49:37   next to the current tab, other times it doesn't. And there's like all these animations, like

00:49:44   these tabs flying around. It's a really bad design. And I feel like this is a temporary

00:49:51   thing because I truly believe that Apple will bring the same setting that they brought to

00:49:57   Monterey Beta 3 to iPadOS, maybe in Beta 4 already.

00:50:04   I have something to say.

00:50:07   Oh, you're back!

00:50:07   I didn't really want to talk, but I felt like it was probably the time to say something.

00:50:12   In an article, a link article to an interview that he was on, John Gruber said that similar

00:50:16   changes are coming to the iPad.

00:50:18   So on the Mac, they have separated the tab bar and the address bar again, like it is

00:50:25   in the current version of Safari, Safari 14.

00:50:29   Is that by default?

00:50:30   Yes.

00:50:31   Okay.

00:50:33   You can still turn on or off the effect where the webpage colors the UI of the Safari.

00:50:40   So the links on 512 that's on so you can see the relay color, the slate color, filling

00:50:44   up the all the browser.

00:50:47   But these tabs are really weird.

00:50:49   And I sort of agree, I don't think this is final, because they're really ugly on the

00:50:55   Mac, especially if you only have one open and it's like spans the whole width of the

00:51:00   window.

00:51:01   And they look just like the iPad ones, which of course are touchable.

00:51:06   And you can't touch things on the Mac.

00:51:09   And so I think that we will probably see a more traditional tab design hopefully come

00:51:14   to the Mac.

00:51:15   But the weirdest thing, and Steven Trout Smith pointed this out on Twitter, and he's

00:51:20   totally right, the order top to bottom is address bar, tabs, and then your favorites.

00:51:27   And every browser ever has had tabs closest to the content, and you have your bookmarks

00:51:35   in between the address bar and the tabs.

00:51:37   And so it breaks the illusion that the tabs are connected to the content, even though

00:51:44   the content affects the color of the tab and the whole browser.

00:51:47   It's just like, things are just in the wrong order.

00:51:50   It just feels really rushed.

00:51:51   And I expect to see that change in beta 4.

00:51:55   But it's better.

00:51:57   It's a lot better actually having like a regular address bar again.

00:52:00   But there's some other stuff that need to clean up.

00:52:02   So what they did on the Mac is, the old design with the separate address bar and tab is the

00:52:11   default again, and if you want, there's an optional setting to use the compact version

00:52:20   of it, which is the one we did not like.

00:52:23   So on the Mac, they reverted the design to the old one, by default.

00:52:27   So I feel like this is gonna happen on iPad as well, but I feel like the opposite is gonna

00:52:32   happen on iPhone. I get the sense that Apple is really proud of this floating bar at the bottom.

00:52:38   So my working theory right now is that they're gonna do this on Mac OS and iPad OS. The old

00:52:46   design is gonna be the default one. If you want, you can enable the compact design. On iPhone,

00:52:53   the compact design is gonna be the default one. And if you want, I think they're gonna bring back

00:53:00   some settings that you can optionally enable. Yeah and even then it's not

00:53:06   really the old design it's like the the separation of the address bar and the

00:53:12   tabs but the rest of it is still like new and janky. It's better on the Mac it's

00:53:17   definitely better and but I just hope they continue working because they're

00:53:21   not there yet. And I really don't understand those tabs on Monterey like

00:53:25   why do they look like buttons? Why do they look like the address bar? They do!

00:53:31   It's yeah again I think this is as why I took screenshots of them too I really

00:53:36   feel and hope that this is some sort of intermediate design on the Mac and that

00:53:41   there's there's more to do because there's more to do. They brought the

00:53:45   permanent share button back. They did. Which is big stuff, important stuff.

00:53:51   big change. Important change. Okay, so obviously, you know, redesigns in general, whether you have a

00:54:01   website or like you're redesigning your blog, whatever, like redesigning something, you're

00:54:08   gonna upset some people, right? Now the thing is, I feel like some things in the computing world

00:54:16   were tried multiple times in the past by a lot of really smart people. And eventually we landed

00:54:25   on some key concepts that are the, not perfect, but the easiest representation of that idea for

00:54:36   most people. Like, look at folders in a file manager. It's not an ideal way to think about

00:54:45   documents, but people can navigate around those, right? And Apple tried years ago to do away with

00:54:53   the file manager, like in the old days of iOS and iPadOS, and eventually they did a file manager.

00:55:00   There are some key ideas in computing that were tried in the past, did not work out,

00:55:07   and eventually we landed on like this... some sort of core designs that tend to work for the majority

00:55:19   of people. And I feel like in web browsers there's a lot of innovation that can happen,

00:55:24   but some key ideas like there's the address bar and there's tabs and those are separate.

00:55:33   Like, I feel like that is a really strong metaphor for a lot of people.

00:55:39   Because when you think about it, like, it's all so weird, right?

00:55:42   Like, what is a website when you think about it?

00:55:46   Like, what is the title and the URL?

00:55:49   So, like, we landed on this representation of navigating the web, right?

00:55:56   That sort of makes sense.

00:55:58   You can see a tab, and you can see the URL.

00:56:01   and if you change the URL, it changes the tab, and below the tab you see the page.

00:56:06   Like, this is a concept that is sort of ingrained in our brains by now.

00:56:11   And so you go change that, it just causes a lot of trouble, right?

00:56:15   It just causes a lot of issues. It's like, imagine if...

00:56:20   I don't know. Imagine if I told you you no longer drink water using a glass.

00:56:26   Now you drink water using a balloon.

00:56:29   It's like, wait, what, what, why?

00:56:31   Like I, I grew up drinking water from a glass.

00:56:35   Like, no, this is a much better way.

00:56:38   Now we're changing the whole game.

00:56:39   It's like, but the glass was easier.

00:56:41   Like I'm used to the glass and it's like, nope.

00:56:43   Now you fill the balloon and then you drink water from the balloon.

00:56:46   It's like, okay, it's kind of not as comfortable as before, but I'll do what

00:56:51   you tell me to do.

00:56:51   And then people complain about it and you go back to the glass.

00:56:54   You can get one-handed functionality with a balloon.

00:56:57   We all know this.

00:56:58   Sure.

00:56:59   It's easy.

00:57:01   You know, so I feel like browsers--

00:57:04   Pull to refresh.

00:57:06   Sure.

00:57:07   If you pull the balloon, you will be refreshed.

00:57:09   Sure.

00:57:10   Look. Sorry.

00:57:11   There's a lot of things that you can do

00:57:13   that you can innovate around the main UI of a browser.

00:57:18   Like you look at Firefox, you look at Edge.

00:57:20   I think Edge is doing vertical tabs now, right?

00:57:23   and Firefox has them too. But it's an option. It's an option. If you like it, you can use

00:57:28   it, right? I feel like we are going to... I sort of applaud Apple for trying to do things

00:57:40   a different way, but sometimes you gotta wonder, are you doing it differently because it's...

00:57:48   a certain kind of pleasure in attempting a revolutionizing design rather than like the

00:57:58   practicality of it, you know? I don't know.

00:58:01   Well, we'll find out because the process ain't over yet.

00:58:05   Yeah, I think we're gonna see more changes. This is the first step in finding a middle

00:58:13   ground that works for everybody. And again, there's a lot of good about the reachable

00:58:22   design on iPhone. And I feel like a lot of people, if that, and I think that will remain,

00:58:30   right? And a lot of people are going to use that. But there's also a lot of valid arguments

00:58:37   in favor of... look, I just want to have controls visible at all times. I don't want to tap

00:58:46   into submenus, I don't want a long press to find hidden options, I just want to have buttons

00:58:54   in front of me. And I have to wonder if maybe part of the problem is this sort of campaign

00:59:03   inside of Apple against buttons being visible at all times.

00:59:10   And I don't understand why, like, a button never killed anybody, right?

00:59:18   It's I don't know if that's technically true.

00:59:21   Well, I mean, you think about no clear, no clear buttons and like launching, you know,

00:59:26   rockets sure.

00:59:27   But like in, in user interfaces, right?

00:59:32   You know, they do have this movement happening with an Apple.

00:59:37   The thing I just thought about as you were talking is,

00:59:41   we mentioned last week that how weird it is

00:59:44   that especially on the iPhone, Safari is the only thing

00:59:46   that looks and acts this way, I guess other than messages,

00:59:49   which is kind of similar.

00:59:52   But everywhere else, the text box is just where

00:59:54   the text box is and the keyboard comes up

00:59:56   and you type and that's it.

00:59:57   If they had really redone iOS to be more bottom centric

01:00:02   and not have all this stuff at the top of the screen anymore

01:00:07   they would not be walking Safari back the way that they are

01:00:10   because the whole OS would have been that way.

01:00:13   And I wonder if that was the plan to move iOS

01:00:18   in more of this direction over time,

01:00:20   what those plans are after they've seen

01:00:23   how people respond to this.

01:00:25   - Yeah, that's a really good point.

01:00:27   And it also reminds me how, I think it's kind of ironic,

01:00:32   how one of the sessions at WWDC this year

01:00:37   was about discoverable design.

01:00:40   One of the many changes in SwiftUI

01:00:45   is all these new controls that you have as a developer

01:00:48   for making buttons.

01:00:50   You can now make text-only buttons.

01:00:52   You can make buttons that have a shape.

01:00:54   You can choose between different colors.

01:00:56   You can mix and match SF symbols and labels, right?

01:01:00   I don't know, I guess I'm a big fan of buttons

01:01:03   and I don't understand this crusade against them.

01:01:06   I don't really think it's that more convenient to say,

01:01:13   oh yeah, this functionality is here.

01:01:16   You just need to long press on this little thing

01:01:19   that does not really tell you you can long press it

01:01:22   and you will discover it.

01:01:23   So what is good though is that Apple is listening

01:01:27   and that the Safari team is listening

01:01:29   and they are changing things quickly, right?

01:01:33   So we'll see, I think it's gonna be

01:01:37   a long beta cycle for Safari.

01:01:40   In fact, there's really nothing else in beta 3

01:01:43   for other apps, it's pretty much set.

01:01:46   Like there's SharePlay and QuickNote and Focus, right?

01:01:50   It's only Safari that is changing at this point.

01:01:53   And I feel like it's gonna be a long cycle for that.

01:01:55   - All hands on deck for Safari, that's why.

01:01:58   They're pulling in people from everywhere.

01:02:00   If everybody comes mad, we've got a overhaul of Safari.

01:02:03   Come on guys.

01:02:03   - Yeah, well, it's not just me.

01:02:04   - And bringing them all in,

01:02:06   like locking down the building.

01:02:08   - You know who's mad?

01:02:08   You know who's mad?

01:02:09   Sylvia is mad.

01:02:10   Sylvia is.

01:02:11   - Well then, there you go.

01:02:13   By addition.

01:02:14   - I showed her the new Safari and she was like,

01:02:16   "What is this?"

01:02:17   I cannot use certain words on the show.

01:02:20   But yeah, but she's really mad.

01:02:22   She's upset.

01:02:23   doesn't like it. She said it's a tragedy. She said it's a disaster. Like if they launched

01:02:30   this, it's a disaster. Yeah. So, and she has really good eye, you know. I mean, she's with

01:02:36   me.

01:02:37   She picked you.

01:02:38   Yeah.

01:02:39   They got to keep it from staying sad, Farri.

01:02:45   What is going on with you today?

01:02:47   Is it because of the people outside? You think you're being funny?

01:02:50   Yeah, he's trying to be funny for the construction work.

01:02:53   Are you winking at the people outside?

01:02:54   He's like, "Hey guys, hey guys, come listen to this one."

01:02:57   He boots himself, right?

01:02:58   Come in, come and gather around while I say this one.

01:03:00   He uses the mute button, he's like,

01:03:02   "Hey guys, come over here."

01:03:03   Come on, I gotta go one, I gotta go one.

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01:04:22   Germin lives.

01:04:24   What is this?

01:04:25   I don't understand why you titled this stuff like this.

01:04:28   - Something happened to Mark?

01:04:29   - He didn't go away or anything.

01:04:30   It's not like, it's not.

01:04:32   What is this?

01:04:34   - I don't know.

01:04:35   It's like half the Google doc today

01:04:37   is stuff Germin reported.

01:04:38   So let's start with the iPad mini,

01:04:40   the patron saint of the connected podcast.

01:04:43   - I like that.

01:04:44   - Yeah.

01:04:45   Germin says the upcoming,

01:04:47   The upcoming update, as our show notes say,

01:04:49   is the iPad Mini's biggest redesign since it launched.

01:04:52   It uses the same design.

01:04:54   That design that it has started with the iPad Mini

01:04:58   and then moved to the iPad Air the next year,

01:05:00   still the same.

01:05:01   He says it's gonna go up to 8.4 inches on the display.

01:05:04   It's currently 7.9.

01:05:07   And that sort of jives with Myke's best friend,

01:05:11   Mengqi Kuo's report, saying that it would be between 8.5

01:05:15   and nine inches.

01:05:16   So I think we're looking about that size.

01:05:19   I feel pretty confident that's gonna get a little bigger.

01:05:21   - I mean, I'm intrigued about what,

01:05:23   you know, that phrase, like the biggest redesign,

01:05:26   what is it gonna look like?

01:05:28   Like just getting a bigger screen

01:05:30   doesn't really feel like a redesign to me.

01:05:32   - Yeah, I mean, he says it'll have no home button

01:05:35   and slimmer bezel,

01:05:36   so maybe it's gonna look like a little iPad Air.

01:05:38   - This is gonna be so good.

01:05:40   Yes.

01:05:41   There's a few things that I really want

01:05:44   from sort of in terms of electronics at this point,

01:05:49   this is one of them.

01:05:50   Like an iPad mini that looks like a mini iPad Pro.

01:05:54   Yes, please.

01:05:54   Like this is gonna be the perfect reading device for me.

01:05:58   There's a whole thing I wanted to talk about actually.

01:06:01   It's not a whole thing, it's a small thing,

01:06:02   but it's a thing.

01:06:04   It's a thing.

01:06:05   - What is a thing really when you think about it?

01:06:07   - What is it?

01:06:07   Right, I know.

01:06:09   There's a whole branch of philosophy about this.

01:06:11   - So I bought a bunch of water balloons

01:06:12   and I've been filling them up

01:06:13   And I'm drinking out of them.

01:06:16   It's like a whole thing.

01:06:19   No, OK, so hear me out.

01:06:23   QuikNote is a companion for Safari Reading List.

01:06:30   So you save articles in Safari Reading List.

01:06:34   When you're reading an article, you

01:06:36   use QuikNote to highlight passages from the article

01:06:39   that you like.

01:06:41   Later, when you're done, you delete the article from Safari Reading List,

01:06:46   you archive the Quick Note for the article,

01:06:51   you put it in a folder, whatever.

01:06:53   If you ever want to revisit the article,

01:06:56   you tap one of those special links in Apple Notes,

01:07:01   and it takes you back to the article,

01:07:03   and it shows you all of the highlights that you saved.

01:07:06   I feel like the combos Reading List and Quick Note

01:07:08   gonna be perfect for people who like to highlight stuff they read on the web. And I'm imagining

01:07:15   like this is gonna be so sweet with an iPad Mini, because QuickNote is iPad only, and the iPad Mini

01:07:21   is gonna be great for reading one-handed. And it's also gonna be so good if it gets the redesign,

01:07:27   because you can open QuickNote by swiping from the bottom right corner, it's gonna be so good.

01:07:33   And this potential combo of... because I've been testing this and it does work as expected,

01:07:39   I believe you can also search the text for the highlight in Apple Notes. And it's the...

01:07:47   I think at this point the only thing that is sort of luring me away from Obsidian,

01:07:53   like this combination of Safari and Quick Note, because it's so easy to do. Like, you just

01:08:00   highlight some text in Safari, and you say "New Quick Note". There's a button right there.

01:08:05   Or, if the Quick Note already exists, the button says "Add to Quick Note", and it appends the

01:08:13   selection to the bottom of the Quick Note. And later, if you reopen an article that has a Quick

01:08:20   Note stored in Apple Notes, the thumbnail pops in from the bottom of the screen and reminds you,

01:08:28   "Hey, there's a bunch of quick notes for this article right here."

01:08:31   So it's like sort of instant recall for highlights and notes that you took while reading.

01:08:38   I built an entire system in Obsidian about this using an integration with this web service called

01:08:46   Readwise that lets me highlight text in Safari using a shortcut, and then those highlights are

01:08:54   pulled in with the plugin in Obsidian and it's fine, it works well, but this

01:08:59   version is a lot more visual and a lot more intuitive with Reading List and

01:09:05   Quick Note. So maybe I'm gonna be using Apple Notes just for this because it's

01:09:11   it's really nice and imagining this with an iPad Mini? Oh man, it's gonna be lovely.

01:09:16   But you would be happy with these notes to live in Notes?

01:09:21   As long as I can search them. So I actually filed the feedback about this.

01:09:26   So hold on, we're doing this live on the show. Let me open the feedback app.

01:09:30   While we're doing this I can say I got, someone responded to, well my feedback was responded to.

01:09:36   I had a feedback which is about indent/outdent, my favorite thing.

01:09:41   Stopped working on iPadOS with keyboards. It just stopped doing it.

01:09:46   You would press shift and tab to outdent and it would just indent again.

01:09:53   And I raised the feedback and they fixed it.

01:09:55   And then they contacted me and said "Hey, we fixed your feedback!"

01:09:59   I was like "Oh, thanks, Apple."

01:10:01   So I filed feedback.

01:10:04   So this is FB9235571.

01:10:11   Results from Quick Notes saved from Safari do not come up in Notes search sometimes.

01:10:19   Because I ran into this bug where the text from the Safari highlight is actually indexed in Apple Notes,

01:10:28   but it only appears as a search result if the note is open on the right side of the screen.

01:10:35   Otherwise, the search result sidebar says "0 results".

01:10:39   But you can see that it's actually finding the text, because if you have the note open,

01:10:45   it highlights the text in yellow.

01:10:47   So it's indexing the highlight, but it says "0 results", which is wrong.

01:10:52   So please, if you work on the Safari or Notes team, please fix this.

01:10:56   Thank you.

01:10:58   To be fair, if it's open on the right-hand side, you don't actually need search, because

01:11:01   you can just see it.

01:11:02   Right?

01:11:03   But I was just proving...

01:11:04   Solved.

01:11:05   I fixed it!

01:11:06   point that it was actually indexing the text because you can see the little yellow highlight,

01:11:12   meaning that it finds the word I'm looking for. So, if this is fixed and search works,

01:11:19   I think I'm gonna be using Apple Notes just for this. I mean, I use Apple Notes for, like,

01:11:24   private documents that I can lock with Face ID, but yeah, I guess I could use it for this

01:11:32   one. Anyway, I'm sorry, we were talking about the iPad Mini.

01:11:36   going to be great. Yes. Maybe later this year. Maybe. Gurman also touched on the

01:11:41   bigger iMac which is still underway but not for 2020. Remember in the lead-up to

01:11:47   the M1 iMac around that time there was a rumor saying that Apple had put aside

01:11:53   the larger iMac to focus on getting the M1 out the door and now they've I guess

01:12:00   gone back to the big one but we won't see it this year according to Gurman.

01:12:04   It'll be sometime in 2021.

01:12:08   He does say it will be bigger than the 27 inch Intel iMac,

01:12:12   which makes sense.

01:12:13   The little one went from 21 and a half to 24 inches.

01:12:16   So maybe this is a 30 inch iMac.

01:12:18   I think somewhere around there would be nice.

01:12:20   It would still be a little smaller than the Pro Display XDR,

01:12:24   but definitely a nice size.

01:12:26   And I assume it'll be powered by

01:12:28   whatever shows up in the MacBook Pro.

01:12:31   So something probably not M1 based,

01:12:34   maybe whatever the next generation is

01:12:35   and the high end of that generation possibly.

01:12:38   - Steven, you said 2020.

01:12:41   We did 20, definitely not 2020, neither 2021.

01:12:47   I think that was what you meant to say, not 2021.

01:12:49   - Okay, look, doing the calendar

01:12:51   has really messed up my internal clock.

01:12:55   - You know, you need to make sure

01:12:56   you're really paying attention to dates.

01:12:59   Nobody out of the three of us

01:13:00   needs to know dates better than you.

01:13:02   I know when everything is in 2022, I don't know what year it is.

01:13:06   Well, if you could let me know when this iMac comes out, that'd be great, because that's

01:13:08   when I think this is probably a 2022 product, I guess.

01:13:11   Yeah, I mean, this iMac is not going to come out last year.

01:13:14   It should have, though.

01:13:16   Sherman says it won't be this year.

01:13:19   I think this is exciting.

01:13:20   I think there's going to be more of a gap, though, than I think we would have expected,

01:13:25   right, between the 24 and the bigger ones.

01:13:28   is making me happier about my decision to get the the yellow iMac that I have in front of me right

01:13:34   now. Yeah, I mean the two-year thing they said, I mean, COVID was already going on but it was before

01:13:41   the climate we're in now where manufacturing and raw materials are just harder to come by and so

01:13:47   I'm sure they wanted this out the door sooner just like the MacBook Pro that I'm sure they

01:13:52   wanted at the door sooner but they're doing what they can. Here's something, we don't really have

01:13:57   have time for this, I just want to insert this into this conversation and maybe we

01:14:00   pick it back up. But you know there's been a lot of stuff about Apple working

01:14:05   remotely and a lot of bad takes from people on what they should or shouldn't

01:14:09   do about that. And we talked about how like iOS 15 and macOS Monterey are kind

01:14:14   of quiet years, like hardware's maybe not moving as fast as Apple would want. I

01:14:19   wonder if Apple blames that on people working remotely and that they would

01:14:24   that they think they would have more done in iOS 15 had everyone been under one roof.

01:14:30   I don't know.

01:14:31   I don't know, I feel like iOS 15 is a pretty solid release. I don't know. Like I've seen,

01:14:36   I feel like I've seen versions of iOS that have had less in them.

01:14:40   Yeah, I just don't know, I just don't know if Apple is looking at some of this stuff

01:14:45   and saying "Oh, well if everyone was here we would be..." You know? I don't know. Because

01:14:50   Apple has a bad take on work from home.

01:14:52   Mark Gerwin also published a report about the iPhone 13 line.

01:14:57   12S.

01:14:57   Eh.

01:14:59   The next iPhone line, expecting a September announcement

01:15:04   for all four models to be updated.

01:15:07   So this includes the Mini.

01:15:09   But you can remember from other reports

01:15:10   from many other analysts and people in the know

01:15:13   that this is likely to be the last Mini for a while.

01:15:17   At least one iPhone will have a variable refresh rate display

01:15:21   based on the LTPO technology,

01:15:24   which is similar to what's used in the Apple Watch

01:15:26   for controlling refresh rate.

01:15:29   - Okay, so I wanna ask y'all about this,

01:15:32   because I cannot make up my mind which phone it is.

01:15:35   If they put it on the Mini,

01:15:37   which has kind of mediocre battery life,

01:15:39   the battery life could be incredible.

01:15:41   But if it's about speeding up the refresh rate

01:15:44   and making it faster,

01:15:46   then it's gonna end up on the Max,

01:15:48   because it's the most expensive one

01:15:50   and the one for playing games and stuff.

01:15:53   - Oh no, this is going on both the Pro phones.

01:15:56   - Both the Pro ones, yeah. - That's what's going.

01:15:58   - Not the Mini, not the basic one.

01:16:00   - I see why you'd say the Mini,

01:16:01   because I think you're thinking of it

01:16:03   from the Apple Watch perspective, right?

01:16:06   And I get that, right?

01:16:07   - Yeah, 'cause this has benefits

01:16:09   on both ends of the spectrum.

01:16:10   It's a really interesting feature in that way.

01:16:12   - However, it's gonna be more expensive,

01:16:14   and they're not gonna sell it

01:16:15   as this will be good for your battery life,

01:16:17   even though they could.

01:16:18   I think it's a very good point that you make.

01:16:19   - They're gonna sell it as the high refresh rate display

01:16:22   thing, that's what it's, this is gonna take it all up to 120.

01:16:24   - So this is gonna be the, what do they call it on the iPad?

01:16:29   - ProMotion.

01:16:29   - ProMotion, this will be this version for this,

01:16:32   for the OLED phones, 'cause the iPad of course is not OLED.

01:16:35   - What I would love to know and would love to think about

01:16:38   is if this could finally bring an always on display

01:16:41   to the iPhone.

01:16:42   - I've been checking out the Android beta on a Pixel phone,

01:16:47   and it has an always on display,

01:16:49   so I can just glance at the phone

01:16:51   and always know what time it is and what the weather is.

01:16:53   It's great.

01:16:54   - But maybe you wouldn't be able to use

01:16:56   the Always On display because you don't like ProMotion.

01:16:58   - That would be sad if I had to turn off

01:17:00   the higher refresh rate but I couldn't have the Always On.

01:17:03   - Maybe it would.

01:17:04   - I would live without it because ProMotion

01:17:06   makes my brain vibrate.

01:17:08   - It might be better on a phone, you never know.

01:17:10   - Yeah, yeah, we'll see.

01:17:11   - It'd be worth trying.

01:17:13   The notch is gonna get smaller finally.

01:17:15   - Okay.

01:17:16   upgrades including better video recording, better optical zoom. I assume

01:17:21   this means more optical zoom. I don't really know what better optical zoom would be

01:17:25   specifically because like technically if better means increased

01:17:30   they already did that. Does the non max pro go to like the 2.5 or is it still 2?

01:17:38   Just the max goes to the 2.5 I think. Okay so maybe they're gonna increase

01:17:43   that on the other phones too. There are some dummy units floating around. MKBHD posted

01:17:50   some pictures of them and whatever units MKBHD gets usually tend to be pretty accurate to

01:17:56   how the phone's going to look. Like he'll tend to make a video every year where he shows

01:18:00   off this stuff but he posted some images on Twitter. The cameras are massive. They're

01:18:06   massive. Did you guys see this? Yeah it's a huge camera bump. It's huge! I mean I don't

01:18:13   really know what that means. I'm not going to try and really think it means anything

01:18:16   because like we said this last time, thinking that like "Oh, huge sensor! It's going to

01:18:20   be like a DSLR in my pocket!" and it kind of, it was better. It wasn't like as excitingly

01:18:26   better as we thought but that is, these cameras are going to be massive. And Mark Gorman also

01:18:31   says that this phone is unlikely to feature Touch ID functionality in any of the models

01:18:36   and Apple are still working on an in-screen Touch ID sensor for the future.

01:18:41   So this is kind of boring, right? It's kind of a boring update.

01:18:46   I think when you listen, well obviously not that this show is boring, but because of what

01:18:52   I say, when you listen to me list it out like that maybe it's not so exciting. I think the

01:18:58   high refresh variable refresh rate display thing will be a big deal and Apple will make

01:19:03   it feel like a big deal and they'll have a bunch of software features to do interesting

01:19:07   things and people will be really hyped for that.

01:19:09   Maybe.

01:19:10   see what it can do I don't know I want a better ultra wide lens I've seen

01:19:16   another report I believe that said that but I don't remember if it was 2021 or

01:19:20   2020 sorry 20 yeah 20 20 long 20 22 but I've seen reports I'm sure of

01:19:25   improvements to the ultra wide lenses I don't know I mean cool it doesn't sound

01:19:30   so exciting but I mean I'll take it for the better camera I guess Apple analyst

01:19:36   Ming Chi Kuo said we can see significant ultra wide lens improvements in

01:19:40   the iPhone 13. He expects the ultra-wide lens to get autofocus for the first time. It's

01:19:48   fixed focus currently. And I guess there will be some other ultra-wide lens improvements.

01:19:56   Maybe the new iPhone will make Safari better.

01:19:59   Because clearly the ultra-wide lens on the iPad Pro is better. Right, because that's

01:20:06   a good camera. It's better, it seems to be much better than the one that they've got

01:20:09   in the iPhone.

01:20:12   - But still, that iPad mini.

01:20:14   That's the king of the updates this year,

01:20:18   the new iPad mini.

01:20:20   - It'll all be here before we know it.

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01:20:55   We didn't talk about a review update,

01:20:57   but I assume you're still working hard on the review.

01:21:00   - Yes, I am.

01:21:01   - Yeah, haven't given up yet.

01:21:02   Nah, I'm not doing it.

01:21:04   I changed my mind.

01:21:05   - Still doing it.

01:21:06   Still doing it.

01:21:07   That's good. Congratulations. Thank you.

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