348: The Rickies (WWDC 2021)


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 348.

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00:00:19   My name is Steven Hackett

00:00:20   and I am joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:22   - Hello, hi, how are you, Steven?

00:00:24   - You're going down today, son.

00:00:26   - Mm-hmm, I know, I'm ready.

00:00:28   - Going down.

00:00:29   Myke, how are you?

00:00:30   The road to consolidation begins again.

00:00:34   This is the road to consolidation.

00:00:36   I'm going to unify the Rickey Championships to become one true champion.

00:00:42   That's going to be me?

00:00:45   One true champion.

00:00:46   Well, Myke, if you win, you'll be the consolidated winner for quite a while, probably, because

00:00:52   it'll be the fall before we have another one of these things.

00:00:55   Well, I mean forever, because I'll then just never lose.

00:00:58   That is quite the assumption.

00:01:01   But that's the other thing though, is like when I win I just never lose again, so I'll

00:01:05   just be able to put them all together.

00:01:08   Well before we get to the Ricky's, we've got some other stuff to do, but we're going to

00:01:13   start by talking about Ricky tracking websites.

00:01:18   Of which there are an abundance at this point.

00:01:21   This is like shelf apps.

00:01:22   - Now we have Ricky tracking. - There are more actively maintained Ricky

00:01:27   tracking websites than shelf apps. - We should get Ryan back on Mac stories and do a roundup

00:01:33   of these Ricky... - Of Ricky apps. Especially now you've abandoned the shelf as well and

00:01:38   they probably... everyone stopped maintaining it. - Friendship ended with the shelf, so...

00:01:42   - Best friend is now a Ricky tracker. - Listener Lex has made rickys.co,

00:01:50   which is an amazing website. Also thank you to Lex for the chat for the show art this week because

00:01:54   I'm using his trophy art he sent me. This has... I feel like, can I just say you you brush past that,

00:02:01   this is a truly amazing website. Yeah. Like an absolutely unbelievable... That's where I was going.

00:02:08   Screaming when I was reading it kind of website. So it includes, as you would expect, the full

00:02:14   history of our predictions. It has really nice host leaderboard tracking, complete with

00:02:21   custom emoji of us that, if you refresh the page, change. Amazing. It has all of our current

00:02:28   titles, our achievements. I will say that percentage-wise, we're all very close with

00:02:34   each other, closer than you would think, even though I've donated over $200 and Myke has

00:02:39   donated nothing.

00:02:40   because I'm good like that and bad like that I guess.

00:02:44   My very favorite thing about this website,

00:02:46   so there are loads of wonderful little features

00:02:48   and really we recommend that you go and poke around with it.

00:02:51   It will be in the show notes but it's also at rickys.co

00:02:53   is the Bill of Rickys page,

00:02:55   which as well as having music embedded in it,

00:02:58   has a interactive changelog.

00:03:01   You can drag our globe icon back through time

00:03:05   and see how the Ricky rules,

00:03:08   well, what they used to be called drafting rules, then became Ricky rules, then the Bill

00:03:12   of Ricky's, how it has adapted and amended over time. And then there are scorecards,

00:03:18   there's active scorecards now for the events, and then there are previous scorecards for

00:03:23   the previous events. And they even have things like which version of the rules were used

00:03:28   for which Ricky's event. It's truly unbelievable. And it's made by Lex, which I think Stephen

00:03:36   already said and yeah it's truly this this is a work of art this thing yeah so yeah unbelievable

00:03:44   yeah absolutely absolutely amazing there's a link in the show notes to the github repo this website

00:03:51   lives in and there's a details.md file so you can go read about some of these little touches

00:03:57   and it's just it's so incredible uh Lex really knocked it out of the park with this it's fantastic

00:04:04   It's a labor of love that we love.

00:04:06   It is.

00:04:07   It definitely is.

00:04:09   There's also rickys.net, the rickypedia, where Jason has been doing some amazing things,

00:04:16   also some amazing artwork on this, which is like a weird fish in the middle of this beautiful

00:04:21   spiral artwork, which I really love.

00:04:23   Beautiful, beautiful.

00:04:24   Yes.

00:04:25   I believe that some of the work that Jason had done helped provide the data for Lex's

00:04:30   rickys.co.

00:04:31   So this is a stacking situation we've got here.

00:04:34   Right.

00:04:35   Everyone's building on top of each other's incredible work.

00:04:38   And Jason has provided some statistics and past results

00:04:43   of just our WWDC events, which is really intriguing.

00:04:47   I want to read a couple of excerpts from the page

00:04:50   that Jason has put together that talks

00:04:52   through the previous Ricky's adventures around WWDC.

00:04:56   The 2019 event was graded at a Rokkus live show,

00:04:58   where at one point Federico threatened to call the police

00:05:01   when his arguments didn't seem to be getting traction.

00:05:04   Ultimately, all three hosts had perfect scores

00:05:07   leading to the game's first and so far only three-way tie,

00:05:11   which also led to the only coin flip that Myke has ever lost.

00:05:15   Since then, he has an active streak of five coin flip wins.

00:05:18   2020 also saw perfect scores for Myke and Steven,

00:05:21   but Federico did not fare quite as well.

00:05:23   He had hoped for new iMessage features and Xcode for iPad.

00:05:27   Myke did well with an iOS focus slate of picks

00:05:29   while Stephen staked most of his picks on the Mac.

00:05:32   Jason also put a topics section into Wikipedia as well,

00:05:37   which shows the success that we have each had

00:05:41   over certain types of products and initiatives,

00:05:44   which is also really interesting.

00:05:46   So like, say our iPhone picks across all of them,

00:05:49   iPad, Mac, all that kind of stuff,

00:05:51   how many we've got right out of everything

00:05:53   we picked in other percentages. - Look at my Mac picks.

00:05:54   30%! I'm 100% on iOS. You sure are, but you've also made three iOS

00:05:59   picks across everything, which is very... every WWDC.

00:06:03   Well, look, it's not about the number of picks, it's about the percentage correct.

00:06:08   That's not how it works. That's not, no. We are very blessed, I think,

00:06:12   to have such an incredibly enthusiastic audience group, and we absolutely love to see these

00:06:18   things and please go and check out these websites and support the work of these very, very wonderful,

00:06:24   I've made 22 Stagecraft picks.

00:06:28   That's an obscene amount.

00:06:29   I really like them.

00:06:31   And two iPod Touch ones.

00:06:32   More than iOS, it would seem.

00:06:34   You care much more for how the event is presented, rather than what happens with iOS.

00:06:39   That's about right.

00:06:41   Myke, how is your multiple monitor experiment going?

00:06:44   Remind people what you have done.

00:06:47   I'm still using my wonderful yellow iMac, iMac, I was going to say Pro, it's not an

00:06:52   iMac Pro, it's just an iMac.

00:06:54   I've been using that, I'm still loving it very much while I'm recording, I still have

00:06:58   it for a few more weeks, and I'm using my Dell monitor that I was using for my Mac Mini

00:07:03   now on the side in a portrait orientation where I have all of the various apps and such

00:07:10   that I use when I'm recording, so Audio Hijack and Zoom, Skype and all that kind of stuff.

00:07:16   And I really like it.

00:07:17   I like that that stuff's just all off to the side.

00:07:19   I don't ever have to worry about touching it, messing anything up.

00:07:22   It's just doing its thing.

00:07:23   And then I have more screen real estate to play with on the iMac.

00:07:27   I feel pretty sold with this, honestly.

00:07:29   Do you think you would do it even if a bigger iMac lands on your desk?

00:07:33   Yes, because even with the 27-inch iMac Pro, I still had stuff overlapping all the time

00:07:41   and I didn't really like that.

00:07:43   now it's just everything is just off. What I like most about it is that it's

00:07:48   just a way to the side like I can't you know like it doesn't get in my way like

00:07:53   all the recording stuff and then also like when I'm not recording I just leave

00:07:57   those apps open because I get them all laid out and so now when I'm on this

00:08:01   machine and I'm not actively recording like all these apps are not all up in my

00:08:05   business so I like having this off to the side here it feels like a pretty

00:08:09   good solution for me honestly. See the problem with using a Pro Display XDR is

00:08:15   you can't afford a second one and where would you put it? You don't have to get a

00:08:20   Pro Display XDR I haven't got two iMacs. Yeah but if you have two externals they

00:08:24   have to match. Why? That's all I'm saying. They don't. Because then I couldn't sit in

00:08:29   front of them. Right but that's a you problem. I'm a very

00:08:34   particular person it turns out. I had to I had to say goodbye to my iMac

00:08:39   You had an orange one for a not very long time, huh? Yeah, so I didn't get a review unit. I

00:08:45   Purchased it and you know the phrase

00:08:48   If you love someone you have to set them free. That's how it was with me in the orange iMac

00:08:54   I really liked it. There's absolutely no place for it in my household in my studio

00:09:00   Like there's no need for it. So I thought before I really

00:09:04   really fall in love with it. I've got to let it go. And so I did my video, got talked about that last week and

00:09:10   took some photos

00:09:13   reviewed it for

00:09:16   more power users, the membership version of MPU, and then I mailed it back and

00:09:21   it's gone. I did keep one of the orange Apple stickers, so we'll see if Apple rejects my return because of that.

00:09:30   Yeah, I'm uh, I'm planning to do my review

00:09:33   I just won't stick them to anything. Yeah, I kept the bright one. Why don't you put like a secret message in there?

00:09:41   Like a ransom note

00:09:43   No, like like like a coded message if you ever want to see these stickers again

00:09:48   No, like I don't know Myke was right or something like that. Maybe like a like a little secret thing

00:09:54   I feel like that would draw attention definitely to the fact that I'd taken the stickers

00:09:59   probably.

00:10:00   What stickers?

00:10:01   And then we set it on the show.

00:10:04   Nah, nah, nah, don't worry about it.

00:10:07   They don't listen, don't worry about it.

00:10:08   Little bit of follow-out, I published a new video on Monday customizing macOS system preferences

00:10:17   that apparently no one knows was possible, so you can set them in alphabetical order

00:10:22   or you can hide them.

00:10:23   I didn't know you could do this.

00:10:25   It's like, it's like a minute 45, just like a little tip video, I want to play with this

00:10:30   format for a couple of reasons.

00:10:32   One I did it in ScreenFlow, which is a Mac app that I know a lot of people have used,

00:10:37   I had never used it.

00:10:39   And it's really cool.

00:10:40   So you can do the capture of video and audio and you can do some special audio routing

00:10:45   and stuff.

00:10:46   And then after you record it, you can say, Oh, I actually want the mouse to be bigger,

00:10:51   Or I want little clicks to come out of it.

00:10:54   I click little radius circles to come out of it.

00:10:56   You can do that afterwards?

00:10:58   Yes.

00:10:59   So like the magnification and stuff in that video around the cursor, you do all that in

00:11:03   post.

00:11:04   You can say I want the magnification to be this big, I don't want it to last this long.

00:11:10   It's really, it can be true.

00:11:11   It's really cool.

00:11:12   I don't understand how that's technically even possible.

00:11:15   It doesn't make any sense to me.

00:11:16   How does time even work?

00:11:19   Like you did it before and then you can do it after, what?

00:11:22   Yeah, it's really cool.

00:11:24   So that's all done.

00:11:26   TJ is pointing out in the Discord, this has come up on the MPU forums several times, including

00:11:32   a post that he's linking that he did.

00:11:34   So I bounced off of that and did this little video.

00:11:37   I can't believe you don't read your own forums, Steven.

00:11:40   That's where I saw it.

00:11:41   I said, "This should be a video."

00:11:42   So if you post good things in the MPU forum, I may sell them for YouTube videos is the

00:11:46   lesson here.

00:11:47   Wow, that's a big "wow".

00:11:49   You're just thieving content.

00:11:51   Anyways, so I want to play with this format a little bit,

00:11:54   and ScreenFlow's really cool,

00:11:55   so I wanted to just give it a shout out.

00:11:57   Speaking of other shout outs,

00:12:00   let's give a shout out to the Italian architectural team

00:12:05   responsible for that beautiful Apple Store museum

00:12:07   you've got going on over there, Federico.

00:12:09   That was a fun little article you put together.

00:12:10   Shout out to the city of Rome for being beautiful,

00:12:14   I would say. Yeah.

00:12:16   Yeah, that was fun, right?

00:12:20   So we were able, Silvia and I, to attend,

00:12:22   to visit the new Apple Store in Rombia del Corso

00:12:25   before its grand opening to the public.

00:12:28   This is like celebrities that wanna go shopping

00:12:31   and they close down a store for them.

00:12:34   You know, like if, I don't know,

00:12:35   if you're like Justin Timberlake

00:12:36   and you wanna go buy some Gucci shoes,

00:12:39   they'll like close the store, so like you're not bothered.

00:12:41   And this is what Apple Stores will do for Federico now.

00:12:44   So Federico wants to go to a store, close down the store, kick everyone out, and Federico gets the car.

00:12:49   That is not really how it works, but I like to imagine...

00:12:52   Where was everybody in the pictures, huh?

00:12:54   Well, um, good point.

00:12:57   Well, um, so a bunch of Italian press was there.

00:13:00   Um, I don't... I'm trying to phrase my way around this very carefully.

00:13:07   I don't really know these people.

00:13:09   I don't think these people like me.

00:13:12   You know when you get that weird vibe from someone?

00:13:16   You know, "Oh, he's the English blogger."

00:13:17   You know?

00:13:19   The Italian Apple news scene is very competitive.

00:13:25   And it gets even more weird

00:13:29   if you don't try to even compete with them.

00:13:32   I don't know.

00:13:33   Silvia and I, we mostly just minded our own business,

00:13:35   you know?

00:13:36   So we just walked around the store, took pictures.

00:13:40   We were given a few interesting details to focus on,

00:13:44   like the staircase, some information that is really

00:13:49   fascinating when you hear it.

00:13:52   The type of marble, the type of stone that was used,

00:13:55   how the skylight that they have is actually

00:13:59   based on LEDs that simulate the behavior of the sun

00:14:04   during the day.

00:14:04   That was cool.

00:14:06   Have you ever heard of a window apple?

00:14:08   Are we not just going to bother with that?

00:14:10   [LAUGHS]

00:14:12   I think that's because my interpretation of it

00:14:15   is that the original was destroyed anyway.

00:14:19   And so I don't know.

00:14:20   Maybe they just thought it was easier and cooler, I don't know,

00:14:23   to just do the--

00:14:24   I read through this whole article, right?

00:14:27   And also in the things you're saying now.

00:14:31   And the one thought that I'm struck with constantly

00:14:34   is this is the kind of thing that shows how much money Apple

00:14:37   has because so much of this is unnecessary,

00:14:42   in the sense of what you should do for a retail store.

00:14:46   It is amazing that they took the care

00:14:48   and they restored this place and made it beautiful,

00:14:50   but they are a company who sells computers and phones.

00:14:55   To do what they have done to this building

00:14:58   is completely, unbelievably outside

00:15:04   of anybody's typical realm of expectation for what any company would do moving into

00:15:09   a space like this, right? It's just like, they have so much money that they can just

00:15:14   painstakingly restore a mural.

00:15:16   Yeah, and that is true. But also, when you see it in person, it's incredible. And like,

00:15:25   and I actually talked about this with Jon earlier today. I got a bunch of tweets from

00:15:31   people saying "oh, so don't you think it's sad that private corporations have to come

00:15:37   in with their big money and take advantage of these historical places and just show off

00:15:42   how much money they have? This stuff should be in the public domain, it should be governments

00:15:47   that restore these buildings." Sure, I agree. Like in an ideal world, Palazzo Marignoli,

00:15:54   which would be the building where this new Apple Store is located, would be an open museum

00:15:59   for all citizens of Rome and all tourists to see. That's not how it works in Italy.

00:16:05   We don't have the money, the city of Rome doesn't have the money, we don't have the

00:16:07   funding to support that kind of restoring of all the buildings that we have, especially

00:16:14   in the center of Rome. And so unfortunately, as much as I would like all these buildings

00:16:20   to be open to the public, all these buildings in the center of Rome, they are used by companies

00:16:25   that buy businesses, buy banks, buy, you know, boutiques like Our Money or Gucci, whatever.

00:16:34   They're all used by companies that, to different extents, they care for the building and they

00:16:40   restore the building. And I can tell you that this building in particular was in really,

00:16:47   really bad shape. It was disgusting. Like, this building was grimy and dirty, and all

00:16:54   the works of art were hidden or damaged before. It used to be this, as I wrote in the story,

00:17:01   this was actually the fast food sort of a pizza chain where I used to go as a kid when

00:17:08   we visited Rome with my parents. It was just loud and dirty and gross. It was one of those

00:17:15   cheap fast food places where thousands of people go every day. And you couldn't even

00:17:22   tell that this was actually like a pretty cool building from the 19th century with the

00:17:26   fascinating story behind it. And so, yeah, ideally, this should all be taken care of

00:17:32   by the government for a bunch of different reasons. That is not possible. And so at the

00:17:37   very least, you know, Apple did a pretty good job and it it's really stunning to see in

00:17:42   person. So, uh, sure. You're visiting a store by a company that wants you to spend money

00:17:48   inside of it, that is true. It's also equally true that they have done an excellent job at restoring

00:17:55   the place, at restoring the, you know, the ceiling paintings and the hand-painted ceiling, which is

00:18:03   really incredible to see above the Genius Bar. So I understand the argument that, you know, "Oh, it's

00:18:10   still an Apple store," but I can tell you it's so much better than what it used to be. So I guess,

00:18:17   Why not? Right?

00:18:19   Yeah.

00:18:20   I mean, if it's the only way forward for the property, then...

00:18:22   Exactly. I mean, it was closed anyway.

00:18:24   It was closed in 2014.

00:18:26   I think Apple took over.

00:18:28   My understanding is in 2015.

00:18:30   So they spent like five or six years working on it.

00:18:32   It was closed the entire time.

00:18:33   And then at one point it became obvious that it was,

00:18:36   you know, initially it was a rumor

00:18:37   that Apple had purchased the location,

00:18:40   or leased the location.

00:18:41   I don't have details of that,

00:18:42   how it works with the city of Rome.

00:18:45   But yeah, at least now it's open again, it's beautiful.

00:18:49   It really stands out in the other courses

00:18:52   because like all the other buildings are like,

00:18:54   you know, they're very grimy and gray and dirty.

00:18:57   And this one is really polished now.

00:18:59   It's like really clean facade and all the white columns.

00:19:02   It really stands out.

00:19:04   It's beautiful.

00:19:05   If you're ever in Rome in the future, I mean, look,

00:19:07   there's plenty of other things to see in Rome, right?

00:19:10   It's not like-

00:19:11   - Right, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:19:12   But look, if you are,

00:19:13   If you're listening to this show, and you're in Rome, go to the Apple Store.

00:19:18   It's like I went to the Louvre Apple Store in Paris, because I wanted to see it.

00:19:22   I was around there, I'm just gonna go see it. I didn't need to buy anything.

00:19:26   When we were in New York, underscore, and I went to the Glass Cube Store.

00:19:30   It was closed for renovation though.

00:19:33   Yeah, that store wasn't very impressive beforehand.

00:19:36   Like, I'd been there a couple of years before just to go see it,

00:19:40   and it had the real old look to it, you know, which is why it's been renovated.

00:19:44   But yeah, traveling I think should involve going to an Apple store.

00:19:47   You know, the one in Chicago on the river we've been in several times.

00:19:50   Like, it's fantastic.

00:19:51   And we have amazing ones here in London.

00:19:54   Let's take a break and then we're gonna talk about AirPods and then we'll read the Bill

00:19:59   of

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00:21:25   Mark Gurman published an article about AirPods. It wasn't what I was expecting at this

00:21:32   time of year. I will say that maybe I'm about to jinx this. There hasn't been a lot

00:21:37   of "Hey, here's what's coming in iOS" articles this year, right? Seems like

00:21:43   things have been locked down pretty tight. And I guess it's worth comparing

00:21:46   to last year, if I'm remembering correctly,

00:21:49   I was 14, there was a bunch of articles from,

00:21:52   I think, 9to5Mac and some others because it seemed like some,

00:21:56   a version of iOS had gotten out, right?

00:21:59   - Yeah.

00:22:00   - People were able to look through the code.

00:22:01   And I guess if that wouldn't have happened,

00:22:03   there wouldn't have been so many stories.

00:22:05   So, you know, we're a week away from WWDC

00:22:09   and we don't really know anything, like really anything.

00:22:12   The only thing was that report that Mark Gurman published

00:22:14   a few weeks ago saying notifications and widgets on the iPad home screen maybe.

00:22:21   But this was an article about AirPods. So Mark was kind of going over the three AirPods lines

00:22:27   and talking about updates that are in the works for them. So there will be some new AirPods,

00:22:35   original AirPods this year with a design similar to the AirPods Pro, so a shorter stem and a new

00:22:44   case. I'm expecting they will still be fully all plastic, I guess. I don't think they're

00:22:49   going to go to the AirPods Pro style in-ear things, and I hope that for Steven's case

00:22:55   especially.

00:22:56   Me too. I'll be very sad.

00:22:58   That's your issue with the Pro, right? Is the going in the ear part.

00:23:01   Yeah, I mean, and I wear like in-ear monitors to record, but something about the silicon,

00:23:07   like I don't know, something about the AirPod Pro tips I really didn't like.

00:23:10   Federico, are you still using the foam ones?

00:23:12   Oh yeah, big time. I ordered my new set just last week and I swapped it because I replace it every, basically every couple of months.

00:23:21   I am very precise at cleaning my AirPods with BluTack, but the foam tapes, I just like to replace them.

00:23:30   You use the Comply ones still?

00:23:32   Yes, I do. I do. Comply medium size. That's my preferred flavor of them.

00:23:38   Sizing part wasn't necessary, but I appreciate that you decided to share it anyway.

00:23:43   Well, you'd be surprised by how many people would ask that question, like, very particular question.

00:23:48   It's weird, because like, what are you going to do with that? Like, I don't know the size of your ear to my ear.

00:23:53   Do I? Anyway, I don't know.

00:23:55   I don't know, you strike me as a big ear person, Myke.

00:23:58   Well, I either am or I aren't, right? Like, I don't think there's something about my personality.

00:24:02   Sure, but I like to think about it. I like to say, "Hey, do you think Myke has big or small ears?"

00:24:07   I don't know, maybe.

00:24:07   Probably big ears.

00:24:08   Big ears. He's a podcaster, you know, big ear person.

00:24:12   Like evolved to get bigger ears? Is that what you're seeing?

00:24:16   Right, exactly. Like giraffes evolved to eat leaves from tall trees. You grew bigger ears

00:24:23   for better editing when podcasting.

00:24:25   Fair enough.

00:24:26   Yeah, that's how evolution works. I mean, Darwin said it, not me.

00:24:32   AirPods Pro coming next year. Apple is testing a design with no stems at all. Now there is

00:24:40   some something to be said about this. There is there's been a rumor of an upcoming Beats

00:24:46   headphone which is just pure in-ear things. They've been MacRumors found them and then

00:24:52   LeBron James was pictured wearing them which is I kind of love the Beats like stuff like

00:24:58   this happens with Beats, which I just kind of really enjoy. It's just like, ah, whatever.

00:25:02   Just give it to them. They don't care, right? It's like the opposite of an Apple product,

00:25:06   but it's owned by Apple. So yeah, let's just give them to a bunch of people who are going

00:25:10   to take Instagram photos with them. And I imagine that they're not as worried about

00:25:14   it as well, Apple, right? Like, because the Beats stuff, I mean, it gets more attention

00:25:19   in this way now because it's owned by Apple, but like ultimately it doesn't matter. If

00:25:26   If anything with Beats, this only serves the brand the way that it was probably wanted.

00:25:32   That's why they gave them to LeBron James anyway.

00:25:34   Don't wear these in public, but you know...

00:25:37   If you're gonna, make sure there's photographers around.

00:25:41   You never see like, "Oh, this celebrity had the new iPhone before everyone else."

00:25:45   No, but do you remember when a bunch of people had the gold Apple Watch?

00:25:49   Oh, yeah, but that was also that, right?

00:25:52   Was like, "Wear this.

00:25:53   Go out and wear this."

00:25:55   had it and like it was very clearly not set up. Probably Karl Lagerfeld. Probably, yes.

00:26:01   I think so. Karl Lagerfeld was the guy who used to carry the briefcase of iPods. Everyone

00:26:06   remembers that story. Really? Yeah, that was like a thing that he did, like I had this

00:26:11   briefcase full of iPods. It's basically what Steven does also. In case he breaks one. What

00:26:20   What do you think about the idea of AirPods just going in the ears with no stems on them?

00:26:29   I kind of dig it myself.

00:26:33   I am concerned...

00:26:35   So I have, I can tell you, I have Sony earbuds that have that kind of design and I really

00:26:42   like them.

00:26:43   However, there's a big issue there.

00:26:47   gestures to control those Sony earbuds are awful, right? Pressing on the stem on the

00:26:54   AirPods Pro is a much better way to control playback or Siri than having to tap precisely

00:27:02   on the Sony earbuds. Now, I don't know if the problem is that Sony's motion detection

00:27:08   feature whatever sucks and that Apple's is going to be so much better, but conceptually

00:27:15   speaking pressing the stem has really grown on me as a way to control audio but physically

00:27:23   speaking I really prefer the design of something like the Sony earbuds that I have or these

00:27:28   Beats earbuds that I'm seeing now where you don't have that little thing poking out of

00:27:34   your ear, you know that stem going down toward your neck.

00:27:40   I don't want to go back to the tapping my ears again.

00:27:45   Me neither, so that's the problem, right?

00:27:47   Like do you want to have the new design or not?

00:27:51   Or would you rather have, you know, keep the current design and pressing the stem?

00:27:55   Maybe, look, maybe there's another way that they can make this possible.

00:27:59   Maybe you're just going to have to squeeze the earbud, like without having to tap on

00:28:03   your head, basically.

00:28:04   Yeah, I also don't like that.

00:28:05   Because that's a quick way to them falling out.

00:28:08   I don't know.

00:28:09   I've been having a problem recently, and I don't know why this is a new thing in my life,

00:28:13   where my left AirPod falls out more than it ever has before.

00:28:16   Maybe my ears, because they're getting bigger--

00:28:18   They're growing.

00:28:19   Because my ears continue to get bigger, it's changing.

00:28:22   I guess this is the proof.

00:28:24   Apple are apparently also not currently

00:28:26   working on a second generation of AirPods Max,

00:28:29   but they may revise the color offerings.

00:28:33   Not a great sign, but we'll see, I guess.

00:28:38   I really want to see what happens in iOS 15

00:28:40   terms of this lossless story going on with Apple Music. Maybe they don't have to work

00:28:48   on a second generation version of the AirPods Max.

00:28:51   Maybe it does everything it needs. But look, it is worth noting that...

00:28:55   Or maybe it wasn't successful at all and they're not going to make those any longer.

00:28:58   The HomePod is for the head.

00:29:00   Yeah.

00:29:01   But AirPods products, they are around for multiple years. So it doesn't mean they won't

00:29:06   start working on it next year like all of the products that we're talking about like

00:29:10   the original AirPods they've been out for ages with no update so i mean yeah an AirPods pro

00:29:17   will be updated in 2022 and they will release in 2020 so um it's not released in 2020 unusual

00:29:25   the pro yeah yeah were they previewed in 2019 no they were rumored in 2019 i think wow that's wild

00:29:36   Huh, fair enough.

00:29:38   Yeah, so it's not unusual for AirPods products to stick around two years.

00:29:43   Also that seems to be pretty much the kind of, at least for the smaller ones,

00:29:46   the kind of battery life that you can expect like after two years.

00:29:51   Do you remember like the second version of AirPods seemed to get delayed a bit

00:29:56   and everyone's batteries were just like really really lagging.

00:30:00   Because we are the kind of users that they bought it on day one

00:30:05   and we use them every day, and so it's pretty much a given that they're all gonna die around the same time.

00:30:11   Real-time follow-up, Apple announced AirPods Pro on October 28th 2019 and released them on October 30th 2019.

00:30:19   Okay, so it's late 2019. I mean, time is all, you know, blending together, who knows.

00:30:25   Okay, so they will be updated in 2022 and they will release in 2019, so...

00:30:30   Makes sense if AirPods Max work on them, hasn't started yet.

00:30:35   Yeah, they just came out.

00:30:37   That's the optimistic view and I choose to go with that.

00:30:40   The original AirPods were first released on September 7th, 2016, which seems to have seen

00:30:46   them out a time ago.

00:30:47   Second generation released in March of 2019.

00:30:50   Okay, okay.

00:30:51   So that's good.

00:30:52   This is all tracking.

00:30:53   I'm pleased we could put this all in perspective for us.

00:30:58   Good work, boys.

00:31:00   It's time for the Bill of Rookies.

00:31:03   Woo!

00:31:04   Everybody, please stand.

00:31:05   I'm standing.

00:31:06   Good.

00:31:07   I am now standing.

00:31:08   I'm standing.

00:31:09   Me too.

00:31:10   I'm gonna stand too and read them.

00:31:11   I don't know why.

00:31:12   I'm standing in my bedroom.

00:31:13   Oh, don't do that unless you can move your microphone.

00:31:14   Yeah, I'm good.

00:31:15   I can't move it high enough.

00:31:17   I'm gonna sit back down.

00:31:18   Do I have to put my hand on my heart?

00:31:20   Like when they're singing the national anthem?

00:31:21   Yeah.

00:31:22   Okay.

00:31:23   The Bill of Rookies.

00:31:24   There are two types of Rookies.

00:31:25   Annual Rookies.

00:31:26   You didn't say when it was last amended.

00:31:28   I feel like that's probably important.

00:31:30   - The Bill of Rickeys, last amended on January 13th, 2021.

00:31:35   Past results can be seen at rickys.co and rickys.net.

00:31:41   There are two types of Rickies,

00:31:42   annual Rickies and keynote Rickies.

00:31:45   The winner of the annual Rickies is named annual chairman

00:31:49   and retains the rights to the corresponding Twitter account

00:31:52   for the full year.

00:31:53   This position is awarded every January.

00:31:56   The Keynote Ricky's winner is named the Keynote Chairman and retains the rights to the

00:32:25   corresponding Twitter account until the next keynote is held.

00:32:37   Annual winners roll over to preserve the order of picks.

00:32:40   For example, the 2019 annual winner gets to go first for the next annual picks.

00:32:44   Order of the keynote rookies is based on the previous Apple event.

00:32:48   The loser goes last.

00:32:51   To earn any points, everything written down in the prediction document must come true.

00:32:56   No half points may be awarded in any round, and picks cannot be reused.

00:33:01   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds.

00:33:06   Two points will be awarded for the correct pick in the risky pick round.

00:33:11   If your risky pick is wrong, you lose a point.

00:33:15   The two other hosts must agree that your pick is "risky."

00:33:20   For Keynote Riki's, the scoring window starts when the event begins and closes when the

00:33:26   picks are scored.

00:33:29   The winner of the regular and risky picks must be granted access to the annual or event

00:33:34   chairman Twitter account and will retain access until another winner is named.

00:33:41   The Flexis Loser of the Flexis must compensate the winner

00:33:45   of the Flexis by donating to the charity of the winner's choice.

00:33:49   amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexi made by the loser. In the case of a

00:33:55   tie, the ratio of correct to incorrect flexis will be taken into account. Each

00:34:01   host must make a minimum of five flexi picks. Flexis may be reused as future

00:34:08   flexis or regular picks. The money must be donated on air. As a reminder, Myke is

00:34:15   the current annual chairman, so he holds that title for a while longer, and

00:34:19   Federico is the current keynote chairman. Twitter handles are on the line. We have

00:34:27   been spending the last few days sending our Ricky's backwards and forwards,

00:34:33   agreeing upon the riskiness. We've actually gotten pretty efficient now.

00:34:39   The way that it tends to go these days is we will all send multiples now

00:34:45   now, of Ricky picks via text message, and then there will be an adjudication period

00:34:51   of like, one is Ricky, two needs additional information. There's less screaming, but there

00:34:58   is still, there has still been quite a lot of debating of, I think there was one thing

00:35:03   where I just kept saying to Steven, no this isn't enough, and I think he ended up abandoning.

00:35:09   I just kept asking for more, and I was not satiated, so I think he just threw it out

00:35:14   the window. Imagine reading those messages out of context, like glancing at the lock

00:35:20   screen of somebody else and seeing the message, "No, this is not Ricky enough."

00:35:26   You must do more to make this adequately Ricky. What is wrong with you?

00:35:31   What would you think? Well, really, what is it like to just listen

00:35:34   into this podcast for the first time? Right. I think you're right. Yeah. Okay,

00:35:42   So the Bill of Rickeys has been read.

00:35:45   Very nicely, I might add.

00:35:46   Very nicely, well done.

00:35:47   It is time to commence the Rickeys.

00:35:51   Straight after this break.

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00:37:45   So my first regular pick in the next version of iPadOS, you can put

00:37:52   widgets in more places out of the left column on the home screen. So I think

00:37:58   I think we all agree that one of the surprises last year

00:38:05   was the lack of widgets on the iPad home screen.

00:38:08   And it really feels to me like that's

00:38:11   one of the obvious features that have to be added to iPadOS 15.

00:38:16   I think a lot of iPad users will be really upset

00:38:20   if widgets are still going to be limited to the left column

00:38:25   on iPad.

00:38:26   And so I tried to phrase my pick very carefully

00:38:32   by saying, in the next version of iPadOS,

00:38:34   you can put widgets in more places.

00:38:36   Because I could see Apple doing something

00:38:38   that we do not expect.

00:38:41   The obvious solution is, yeah, now you

00:38:44   can drag them on the home screen,

00:38:45   and you can put them alongside icons, just like on the iPhone.

00:38:49   But I tried to phrase it more to make it as broad as possible,

00:38:56   because I could see Apple do something strange and unusual with the iPad home screen,

00:39:00   like it's not a home screen anymore.

00:39:02   It's more similar to the dashboard or whatever.

00:39:05   So I just...

00:39:06   We all know what I mean by you can drag them out of the left column.

00:39:10   That's really what I want to see in iPadOS 15.

00:39:13   I think it's an obvious feature to add.

00:39:15   I could see Apple...

00:39:16   This is all context, by the way, that I'm providing.

00:39:18   It's not part of the pick.

00:39:20   I could see Apple do things like additional sizes for iPad,

00:39:25   different shapes.

00:39:26   It would be fun to have, I don't know, L-shaped widgets,

00:39:31   because why not?

00:39:33   More realistically, they will take a more classic approach,

00:39:38   maybe some new sizes for iPad.

00:39:42   But really, I just wanna be able to drag them

00:39:44   out of the left column, put them anywhere I want,

00:39:47   except from the dock, I guess.

00:39:49   you cannot put a widget in the dock.

00:39:51   - So to be clear, your pick just says,

00:39:54   in the next version of iPadOS,

00:39:56   you can put widgets in more places out of the left column.

00:39:59   - More places out of the left, yes.

00:40:01   - Okay, okay. - That's correct.

00:40:03   - I feel like if we get anything for the iPad this year,

00:40:08   it's gotta be this.

00:40:10   Like I expect, unlike a lot of features

00:40:12   that Apple introduces in a version of iOS,

00:40:17   I expect widgets to get updates on every platform this year.

00:40:22   Yes, I agree.

00:40:23   Right?

00:40:24   This isn't one of those features where it's like, hey,

00:40:26   we did this thing, and maybe we'll

00:40:29   come back to it in a couple of years' time.

00:40:32   Because this is one of the rare times

00:40:34   where they've actually had a runaway success.

00:40:38   And so for them not to add more--

00:40:41   when it was obvious to us that they would

00:40:43   need to add more anyway, right?

00:40:45   Like last year we were saying, all right, I've done this

00:40:48   and surely they're gonna do different sizes

00:40:51   and they're gonna add some interactivity

00:40:52   and they're gonna put them on the iPad.

00:40:55   So we would have expected all of that anyway.

00:40:59   And considering how successful they have been,

00:41:02   you would expect that all of those things

00:41:05   and maybe more will be done.

00:41:06   - This is like top priority for them at the moment,

00:41:09   like top of the list. - It should be.

00:41:10   - I would assume it should be.

00:41:12   - Like, you know, I know people were super into the idea

00:41:14   like oh let's get some custom icons and design themes and all that kind of stuff.

00:41:20   But they are all only things that people were doing because of widgets.

00:41:25   So as long as you make sure you're fulfilling like more on widgets you'll be making enough

00:41:30   people happy anyway.

00:41:32   People weren't creating custom icons with shortcuts until widgets became a thing because

00:41:36   Well, we were, but...

00:41:38   No, but not on mass, right?

00:41:40   Yeah, yeah, I know.

00:41:41   It did not become a mass market thing to do that.

00:41:43   Nope, not at all.

00:41:44   You know, people could only do it because it was possible.

00:41:46   Like, you were doing it, but you were doing it because that's who you are, right?

00:41:51   Like, you found the way to make that work.

00:41:54   People only wanted to change the icons of their home screens the way that they wanted to

00:41:59   because they could set up their aesthetic AF widget environment, you know?

00:42:05   Okay, so for my first pick, I don't feel like I have to say that I don't feel like this is needs to even really be said

00:42:11   This seems like such an obvious thing to me

00:42:14   But I want to go for it anyway

00:42:17   Because I know there's gonna be some people that think that this is going to happen

00:42:20   There will be no preview of AR focused hardware at WWDC. So this is a negative pick negative pick

00:42:27   Yeah, okay a dispassionate pick can can can negativity be passionate I guess. Yeah, of course it can

00:42:33   You've literally described murder

00:42:35   That's the most negative

00:42:38   Anyway, so I've got a couple of things one. I think it's early anyway, right?

00:42:42   And

00:42:46   The main thing for me is I just don't see why you would need to do it now. So one I feel very I

00:42:53   feel very confident in this idea that

00:42:57   Apple will first show off this device when they can actually have people from the press try on in an environment they control

00:43:05   which I mean honestly is

00:43:09   Probably not that far away in the US within the next couple of months

00:43:13   I'm sure Apple could provide a very limited press environment

00:43:17   Even if they don't do a like tech typical event right where they bring a bunch of people in they could at least bring like

00:43:25   15 to 20 people from the tech press to Apple Park

00:43:30   and give them a hands-on after an event

00:43:32   has been shown to the world.

00:43:34   Because for this technology to have the introduction

00:43:38   that they're looking for, they're going to want people

00:43:41   to say, "I've tried this and it blew me away."

00:43:44   Like you wait until you get an opportunity

00:43:47   to try this on, right?

00:43:48   Which is what they've done with all of their technology.

00:43:50   It's a tried and true method

00:43:52   of introducing something for Apple.

00:43:54   And so I feel like that seems to me like the logical thing to do.

00:43:59   And then people say to me, "But what about developers?"

00:44:01   As if developers can only work at one time of the year, right?

00:44:05   Developers only work between June and September.

00:44:08   Like it's an impossibility to assume that an SDK could be released in October

00:44:12   or at any other point in the year.

00:44:14   Like Apple can release SDKs at any time, right?

00:44:19   They could just be like, "Here is this hardware.

00:44:22   it's coming out sometime next year,

00:44:25   and we have now made a selection of tools available

00:44:28   for developers, right?

00:44:29   Like, not only at WWDC is that the only time,

00:44:33   like it's not just at WWDC is the only time

00:44:35   that can happen.

00:44:36   It's not what they did with the Apple Watch.

00:44:38   The Apple Watch wasn't first shown off at WWDC.

00:44:41   It was shown off in like a September event,

00:44:44   and it came out in March or something.

00:44:45   - Yeah, it was the iPhone 6 event.

00:44:47   - Yeah, and then it came out in March,

00:44:48   so you had like five months.

00:44:50   because then they get to just choose whatever way they want to do these things.

00:44:54   And I actually think that there is a benefit into not releasing an SDK for this device

00:45:01   at the same time they're doing everything else.

00:45:03   So I don't think it's happening now.

00:45:06   I think they're going to want to devote serious time to it when they can really go through

00:45:10   -- have like a one-hour event showing off this brand-new, incredible technology that

00:45:16   they're producing.

00:45:17   I don't think that it's going to be at this year's WWDC.

00:45:20   Didn't I pick that we were going to see it at some point?

00:45:22   Oh, I tried to sneak it in on the iPad.

00:45:25   We did this and I gave you a mini version of what I just said then.

00:45:29   Yeah.

00:45:30   So where are you then?

00:45:31   Do you still, do you think they're going to do it now if you thought they were going to

00:45:33   do it in April?

00:45:34   Well, my thing in April was a trick that if they put AR something on the iPad, I was going

00:45:39   to say I got the point.

00:45:41   Remember?

00:45:42   It was a trick.

00:45:43   So I don't know.

00:45:44   I mean, I think your reasons are good, but who knows?

00:45:49   - Can I clarify a few things here?

00:45:51   - Is it a trick?

00:45:52   - So if they show off like a developer headset,

00:45:59   that is more VR or mixed reality, right?

00:46:04   - Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

00:46:05   I'm talking about what, AR, VR, mixed reality, any of it.

00:46:09   We can put...

00:46:11   - All of those count.

00:46:12   So you're saying no hardware whatsoever for this kind of stuff?

00:46:16   Correct.

00:46:17   So that may be needed to be rewarded.

00:46:19   Right.

00:46:21   All right.

00:46:22   No, because if they do a VR headset, you can say,

00:46:24   "Well, I said AR, so..."

00:46:26   Yeah, no, that's fine.

00:46:27   I knew what I meant, and I've put it in the document.

00:46:30   "No preview of AR/VR/MR focused hardware."

00:46:33   Okay.

00:46:33   I think it's too early,

00:46:35   and I don't know why they would need to do it next week.

00:46:38   Not too early for VR.

00:46:41   But Apple aren't gonna do just a VR product.

00:46:44   - Wasn't there a rumor they were gonna do that first?

00:46:46   - There was, yes.

00:46:47   - No, they were gonna do a mixed reality product.

00:46:49   - I said, I remember.

00:46:51   - No, no, it was an MR headset,

00:46:53   which people call it a VR headset,

00:46:56   but the rumor is that it would be a mixed reality headset.

00:46:59   So you could do both or whatever, like a headset,

00:47:02   but it wasn't supposed to be VR or what.

00:47:04   But even then, like, I don't think Apple is going to do,

00:47:09   Because the reason I don't think they would do VR

00:47:11   is 'cause they're not going to do VR.

00:47:13   Apple's ambition is not to be a virtual reality company.

00:47:17   That doesn't make any sense for them.

00:47:19   So they're not gonna be like,

00:47:20   "Hey, we've created this entire

00:47:23   virtual reality operating system."

00:47:25   It doesn't make any sense for Apple, in my opinion.

00:47:28   AR is where they wanna go,

00:47:30   and they're only gonna do the mixed reality headset first,

00:47:32   which you do a combination of AR and VR-like activities,

00:47:35   because they've got to get this product out there

00:47:38   into developers hands and they are years away from a product comfortable enough to wear

00:47:43   on our faces and walk around in the street all the time.

00:47:46   Additional question, what if they show off an accessory that turns your phone into a

00:47:53   headset?

00:47:54   I mean if they do that, I will happily lose the pick because Apple will come dorky.

00:48:00   Okay.

00:48:01   Like if that's what they do, if they make Google Cardboard, right, or like,

00:48:04   Right, whatever, yes, that kind of thing.

00:48:07   That would just be stupid. Google tried that like three times and none of it worked.

00:48:12   Okay. Okay. I'm just making sure that we're covering all the ground here. Okay.

00:48:16   That would be hardware that Apple would sell and it was focus would be VR, I suppose.

00:48:21   I like how much you need to clarify this. Very specific.

00:48:27   Yes.

00:48:28   All right.

00:48:29   Steven, you're up.

00:48:31   iPad OS 15 changes the home screen in a way that breaks continuity with the iPhone.

00:48:36   I don't understand this, but I don't know what this means.

00:48:40   Me neither.

00:48:41   So earlier when I said about me asking Stephen

00:48:45   for multiple levels of clarification,

00:48:46   this was originally a candidate for one of his Ricky picks,

00:48:49   which is interesting to me that it's now made its way

00:48:51   to a regular pick.

00:48:52   And I feel like I could not get the answer

00:48:54   I was looking for.

00:48:56   So I'm pleased that we're having this conversation now.

00:48:58   Maybe continuity is a bad word.

00:49:00   Maybe we can come up with something better.

00:49:01   Oh, because you could say that the iPad

00:49:03   has already broken continuity with the iPhone

00:49:05   because it's got a left column and the iPhone doesn't.

00:49:08   - And the iPhone broke continuity with the iPad

00:49:11   because you put widgets wherever you want in app library.

00:49:13   So I don't know what this means.

00:49:15   Can you try and explain what you're thinking

00:49:18   rather than just trying to come up with a new word?

00:49:20   - So my thought is the iPad acts basically like an iPhone

00:49:25   in terms of the home screen.

00:49:27   Yes, there's app library,

00:49:28   yes, the widgets are in different places,

00:49:29   but it's a grid of icons and there's some widgets

00:49:33   And there's a search thing that's hidden that most people probably don't know about.

00:49:37   I think there's room for the iPad to go beyond just a grid of apps.

00:49:42   And hopefully, if Federico gets his point, and I hope you do, widgets in more places.

00:49:47   I would, and this actually comes, I think, I think you wrote about this in an iPad OS

00:49:52   review, or iOS review years ago, maybe.

00:49:55   Why can't I have things like a pinned folder or documents on the home screen of the iPad?

00:50:02   Why can't I have things where I want them on the iPad home screen like I do the Mac?

00:50:08   I'm not saying turn the home screen of the iPad into Finder.

00:50:12   I'm not saying to turn it into the Mac desktop, but I think there's room for increased flexibility,

00:50:18   especially as people are using these things more and more like laptops.

00:50:23   And Apple wants you to, right?

00:50:24   They sell a very expensive keyboard and trackpad option.

00:50:27   And a lot of people really like them.

00:50:28   A lot of people, including me, my iPad never comes out of it.

00:50:32   But when I wake it up, it's just this grid of apps, and it feels like such a wasted space.

00:50:38   And I think that they could push it further than the iPhone and continue to move them

00:50:42   apart in this way.

00:50:45   Okay.

00:50:46   So what's your pick then?

00:50:47   Because my problem with this, Stephen, is that what if on the iPhone you can also put

00:50:53   files and folders on the home screen?

00:50:55   Yeah, then it hasn't...

00:50:56   Then I don't get it, because they're the same.

00:50:59   All right.

00:51:00   My point really is the iPhone and iPad will diverge in the way it treats its home screen.

00:51:06   More than they have now.

00:51:07   So maybe a way to describe it is the iPad home screen changes with features that are

00:51:13   not available on the iPhone's home screen.

00:51:16   Yeah.

00:51:17   Like it has to have things that you just cannot put on the iPhone in iOS 15.

00:51:25   So you could say brings organizational changes.

00:51:30   iPadOS 15 brings organizational changes that do not exist, up to the home screen, that

00:51:35   do not exist on the iPhone.

00:51:37   And then you need to put an additional bullet, which is this does not include widgets.

00:51:42   Yeah, I mean...

00:51:43   Well yeah, because if Federico just gets his point, and that's all they do, I don't get

00:51:48   mine, because then there's just continuity between the two.

00:51:50   Because that is actually consistent with the iPhone, if they do that.

00:51:53   Yeah, I'm saying the iPad's gonna leapfrog the iPhone

00:51:56   and go beyond what the iPhone is today.

00:51:58   Okay.

00:51:59   Basically, I'm trying to mitigate here

00:52:03   a situation where you both score a point for the same thing

00:52:06   because that's technically not allowed.

00:52:09   Okay, so I'm gonna put as a note, not in part of the pic.

00:52:12   I think I understand the spirit of Steven's pic,

00:52:16   like something that is more, like,

00:52:20   in a way sort of reminiscent of the Mac,

00:52:22   is obviously not like the Mac. Like, something totally different.

00:52:26   Yeah, I get it too. But it's not about whether we say we understand it now. It's whether we can all agree next week.

00:52:32   It has to be codified in the document, obviously.

00:52:36   So the note says "widgets on home screen and app library don't count as they are on the iPhone already."

00:52:43   Yeah, I mean, I'm not saying that it's wrong, but like, I'll tell you the thing that I don't like.

00:52:47   If they announce, the only thing that they announce is you can put widgets arbitrarily

00:52:55   anywhere on the home screen, you both get a point for that one thing.

00:52:58   No, I don't becauseā€¦

00:53:00   It, Steven, doesn't.

00:53:01   Because that already exists on the iPhone.

00:53:03   But it already exists on the iPhone.

00:53:05   But what if you can just put widgets wherever you want and they don't snap to a grid?

00:53:09   That would be new because the iPhone is forced into a grid.

00:53:12   But, but what if the iPhone gets it too?

00:53:17   I don't get it because they're the same. Yeah. Yeah, okay, I can live with that. I still,

00:53:21   I mean, it's still, I don't like it. There's some dicing here we'll have to do. Hold on,

00:53:25   hold on. iPadOS 15 brings organizational changes to the home screen that don't exist on the iPhone,

00:53:31   including iOS 15. Yes, yeah, yeah, I meant to infer that, but yes, absolutely.

00:53:41   Yeah, I'm not going to compare iPadOS 15 to iOS 14. Or iOS 7. The original iPhone,

00:53:46   you couldn't even move apps around so i get a i get a point okay so the final the final reading

00:53:51   and i'll copy it in the discord for people keeping score ipad os 15 brings organizational changes

00:53:57   organization changes to the home screen that don't exist on the iphone including ios 15

00:54:03   and then we have an internal note widgets on home screen and apple library don't count as they're on

00:54:09   the iphone already yeah okay it has to have new stuff new stuff that is ipad only yes that's

00:54:16   basically what it is. Yeah, okay. Yeah. All right. Thank you for helping me clarify that. I see now

00:54:21   that my original language was not clear enough. Round two. Okay, so as you can start to infer by

00:54:27   now, I'm going all in on widgets. So my second prediction is WidgetKit, which is the developer

00:54:36   framework to make widgets, gains new interactivity features that allow you to perform actions inside

00:54:45   widgets without launching the associated app. This is the big limitation of iOS 14, that

00:54:54   every time you tap on a widget, it's not really interactive, it launches something. Basically,

00:55:00   widgets right now are glorified URL launchers. And that would explain why we haven't seen

00:55:08   widgets from Apple, such as playback controls on the home screen or HomeKit widgets that

00:55:15   let you turn off the lights and stuff.

00:55:17   Well, I mean, they could do whatever they wanted, because they didn't care about shortcuts.

00:55:21   Right, but I think, sure. But I think if Apple wanted to do these widgets, they would probably

00:55:26   wait for proper interactions within widgets on the home screen. So for this to be true,

00:55:33   For this pick to be correct, I mean, obviously, Apple would have documentation for developers

00:55:39   to make these kinds of widgets, and I think they will show off some built-in examples

00:55:46   of these widgets.

00:55:48   Now, my pick says WidgetKit gains new interactivity features.

00:55:53   So this has to be... by WidgetKit, I mean the developer framework.

00:55:58   So if they change the name of WidgetKit from WidgetKit to something else, like I obviously

00:56:03   still get the point, the idea is that as developers you can now make widgets that support actions

00:56:11   and don't launch stuff necessarily.

00:56:14   And what's also important here, I like that you stipulated this actually, is if Apple

00:56:18   just introduced a bunch of widgets that you can press buttons in, this isn't the point

00:56:22   for you because it's not in WidgetKit.

00:56:23   No.

00:56:24   I think this will be, like, this will be the one of,

00:56:27   should be one of the key additions to widgets

00:56:31   for everybody this year,

00:56:33   that you can have glanceable widgets, sure,

00:56:37   and all of that stuff from last year,

00:56:39   but also now you can perform actions

00:56:41   directly on the home screen

00:56:42   without launching apps all the time.

00:56:46   So as you can imagine, stuff like Timery,

00:56:49   like, you know, home widgets, music players, right?

00:56:54   right? All that kind of stuff should be possible in theory if this pick is correct.

00:56:58   Very nice. I would love it.

00:57:00   Yeah, I mean, it's easy to imagine what this is because that's what we had, right? You'd be able

00:57:07   to check things off a to-do list in a widget, and it just seems inevitable to me that they will

00:57:12   bring that back because what we have now is great, and I love having them on the home screen, but

00:57:16   it's disappointing when you go to interact with them and you realize, "Oh, right, this is just

00:57:20   one big dumb button."

00:57:23   So I'll ask you a question.

00:57:25   Obviously, Apple did announce that the old style widget

00:57:30   would be deprecated.

00:57:32   And then they kind of hid them a little bit as well,

00:57:35   made it not as easy to get to.

00:57:37   They didn't announce when they would disappear.

00:57:40   Do you think that the deprecation of the old widget

00:57:45   type would make it any more likely that Apple

00:57:49   would have interactivity?

00:57:50   Or do you think that they kind of--

00:57:52   Do you want to wait for the risky picks or not?

00:57:55   I'm asking this question specifically around not talking about your...

00:58:00   I think the two things you just mentioned are related.

00:58:05   So you would imagine that if they were going to deprecate the old style widget they would

00:58:12   want to replace the basic functionality of it?

00:58:15   Well, the old style widgets are already deprecated, and they have been since last year.

00:58:22   The question is, will they remove those, actually remove those?

00:58:25   Yeah, deprecation eventually results in something being taken away, but that is a flexible timeframe.

00:58:33   There isn't a set amount of time when something's deprecated.

00:58:36   It is removed in X amount of software versions afterwards.

00:58:40   Because I just wonder if, my feelings, I don't really feel like one has to happen for the

00:58:46   other to happen.

00:58:47   I feel like Apple, I could imagine Apple deprecating the old and removing the old

00:58:53   and not replacing them with interactive widgets.

00:58:56   Like I could also imagine that as easily as I could imagine them doing it.

00:59:02   I feel like though this would be a totally Apple thing to do, like you introduce Widget Kit version 1,

00:59:10   the previous year, and it's based on Glanceability and previews, doesn't have interactions.

00:59:17   You keep the old widgets around if you want to use them, however you cannot place them on the home screen,

00:59:23   and you say "look, these widgets are deprecated and they will be removed in the future".

00:59:30   The following year you had a year to see the response to widgets. You can tell that people

00:59:34   are really happy about widgets and they want more out of them, so you introduce support for

00:59:39   interactions in widgets and while you're at it you say well now those widgets we

00:59:46   said they're deprecated now you cannot install those anymore and there's no

00:59:51   need to because now if you're a developer you have a much better way to make

00:59:54   interactive widgets that you can also place anywhere on the home screen I

00:59:59   could see Apple do that and we're gonna talk about more about these in a few

01:00:04   minutes but yeah shortcuts for the Mac is my pick so I have a question about

01:00:11   this you're saying the shortcuts application or are you saying something

01:00:17   like for instance shortcuts actions and apps can be used to something like

01:00:22   automator no like shortcuts it's shortcuts app for the bank that would be

01:00:28   bananas to do that no I think I'm gonna bring bigger to do it shortcuts for the

01:00:32   Mac. Like I think it's gonna happen at some point and I want it to be now so

01:00:37   I'm wishing it into existence. Shortcuts for the Mac. So shortcut shortcuts for

01:00:41   the Mac. I mean there's nothing else to say like it's just the shortcuts up on

01:00:45   the Mac. That's all you want to see. Yeah I mean. Fair enough. I want to see lots of

01:00:50   things you know like there's lots of ways that I would want it to work but

01:00:54   for this year all I want them to do is to create a version of it that works on

01:01:01   the Mac and maybe if you use catalyst apps those are really easy to make

01:01:08   shortcuts actions for and maybe they give tools to developers of more

01:01:13   traditional Mac apps for them to like offer up shortcuts to the system. I just

01:01:19   want to see this project start because it feels like it is already a little bit

01:01:25   overdue. It's not like any of Apple's other user automation systems are getting any love.

01:01:32   Clearly they feel this was important enough to put into their most popular operating system.

01:01:38   They should put it into the Mac as well. At this point I don't really know why you wouldn't do this.

01:01:45   Even if you just created it so you could do simple things like automating system actions,

01:01:52   that would be great but yeah I really miss shortcuts on the Mac than from my

01:01:58   iPad and my iPhone and it's too frequently I feel like I have to pick up

01:02:02   my iPhone to run a shortcut when I'm sitting at my Mac and so I want to have

01:02:07   it I want to have shortcuts for the Mac so I'm putting my passion where my picks

01:02:12   are. I agree I agree I love this so yeah I hope you get it I think you'll get it

01:02:20   also. Steven. Yes. Another negative pick in these Ricky's. And also very confusing.

01:02:28   And also are you sure about this? No word on an Apple, Silicon, and Mac Pro. Can I

01:02:36   lift the curtain a little bit? Yeah I'm dressed. One of Steven's Ricky

01:02:41   picks that he sent to us for consideration was Apple gives a

01:02:47   launch date for the Apple Silicon Mac Pro. What changed in 24 hours for you?

01:02:54   You went from "not only are they gonna show it off, they're gonna tell us

01:02:59   exactly when it's coming" to "nothing at all". What changed?

01:03:03   A couple things.

01:03:05   Are you cheating here?

01:03:07   No, I don't know anything.

01:03:09   Hmm.

01:03:10   A couple things though. There's a rumor out today that the MacBook Pros with the new

01:03:15   screen technology or in Q3. That makes me wonder if we're going to see any

01:03:18   hardware at all at WBC. Q3 is like four weeks away. Yeah but Q3 is also two or

01:03:28   three and a half months away because Apple ships things at the end of things. I

01:03:32   just I don't think it's ready. I just don't think that the more I think about

01:03:37   it they've got MacBook Pros to do, potentially a higher-end Mac mini, a big

01:03:43   iMac it just feels like it's too soon. But who suggests what other things need to be released in?

01:03:50   The Mac Pro is always last. Why? Because it's the most powerful and it's the most and it's the most

01:03:57   it's the most niche product they have in the Mac line and so get the stuff that's actually going

01:04:03   to sell in real numbers done first and do the Mac Pro last. It was last in the Intel transition

01:04:12   It went 19 years without an update, and now here we are.

01:04:15   The iMac was first in the Intel transition.

01:04:18   There's also the...

01:04:19   And it wasn't first in the Apple Silicon transition.

01:04:21   Well, it got a redesign.

01:04:23   It was like fourth.

01:04:24   It got a redesign, which made it later.

01:04:26   And the rumor is the Mac Pro is getting a redesign again, and there's also a rumor floating

01:04:30   around that there's possibly an Intel update coming to the Mac Pro before the Apple Silicon

01:04:36   one is out.

01:04:37   thought about it the more I think it's not it's not for next week I've never

01:04:43   seen such a huge reversal here's what happened when I said we're gonna get a

01:04:52   date that was my heart speaking right and now my head has come in I said look

01:04:57   heart what's wrong of you you're foolish you feel you fool you foolish heartful

01:05:03   man and so that's where we are no word on the macro I think we're getting a

01:05:09   teaser so we'll see how that goes no word well no no read my pick no word on

01:05:15   an Apple silicon Mac Pro there's an Intel update yeah oh yeah no I think

01:05:21   why would you show off the Intel update spec bump to the Mac Pro no they

01:05:27   won't I think if they I think if they do update the Intel Mac Pro it'll be

01:05:31   silent. It was be like, you go to someone goes to the config page one day and nine

01:05:36   to five Mac is like, look, there's a new processor option.

01:05:38   And that's, you know, how these things go.

01:05:39   You know, I could also imagine them whenever they announced the Apple Silicon

01:05:44   Mac Pro, just like as a footnote at the end of their presentation, be like, and

01:05:48   we're also update like, you know, when they show off the price and we're also

01:05:51   updating the Intel Apple Silicon Mac Pro.

01:05:53   It's at the very it's at the very end of the show, like the Ted Lasso short

01:05:58   recipe. It's cut off.

01:05:59   This is half of the configuration.

01:06:02   The new, there's also a Mac Pro updated with the new Intel,

01:06:05   and then it's just cut off.

01:06:07   Okay.

01:06:08   With those old chips, I'd say.

01:06:09   So that's it for the regular Pics.

01:06:13   Have we been light on passion?

01:06:15   No, I think that's what we do for the regular Pics.

01:06:19   I feel like they've,

01:06:20   I don't think that we've picked run-of-the-mill things.

01:06:23   I'm pretty happy with them.

01:06:25   We got specific.

01:06:26   I think the amount of time it's taken us

01:06:28   clarify some of these. Yeah, especially you, Steven. Yeah, would suggest some like fever

01:06:35   dream like. And the AR VR MR also like that was pretty specific. No, have we been accused

01:06:43   of this passion? I would say if there was a passion scale, Federico, you would be at

01:06:48   the bottom of it so far. But that's how. Maybe, I'm very confident you'll make up for it later

01:06:54   but that's how I win. That's how I win these games. And also I'm saving a surprise for

01:07:00   the end.

01:07:01   Hang on a second. Hang on a second. It's how you win until you lose. And when you lose,

01:07:06   you then say there was no passion from anybody else.

01:07:10   That's your interpretation.

01:07:11   Passion is fungible for you.

01:07:15   Yes. Sometimes.

01:07:16   Fungible passion picks. FFPs.

01:07:19   Also, I think I will make up for my safe regular picks.

01:07:23   I mean, the regular picks because they're supposed to be safe.

01:07:26   Like you're supposed to get the point.

01:07:28   I think I'll make up for it in the risky pick because I have very strong opinions about

01:07:33   it.

01:07:34   And also I'm saving a surprise for the flexes.

01:07:37   Like something that you've never, ever seen on this program before.

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01:09:15   for the Ricky's. I'm gonna read the pick first and then we can talk about it.

01:09:21   "The Today page is removed from the left side of the home screen in iOS 15. Legacy

01:09:29   widgets are completely removed from the system." So we were talking about this a

01:09:34   few minutes ago. This is a double pick if you think about it. Okay, so let me explain.

01:09:39   The Today page only exists in iOS on the iPhone, right? It's what you see when you

01:09:44   swipe to the right, so it sits on the left side of the first page of your home screen.

01:09:51   It's the page that contains all the widgets and the search bar on iPhone.

01:09:58   That page also contains - it's very hidden, you gotta go look for it - it contains legacy

01:10:04   widgets from iOS 13.

01:10:08   As I was saying a few minutes ago, I really feel like Apple kept those legacy widgets

01:10:12   because WidgetKit last year, the new widget framework in iOS 14, couldn't support interactions.

01:10:21   And so a lot of widgets that were possible thanks to the older framework couldn't be

01:10:27   rebuilt with WidgetKit.

01:10:30   Now a lot of developers adapted, of course, but a lot of widgets that were possible before

01:10:34   just could no longer exist, such as Peacock, for example.

01:10:38   Like the Pcalc widget, which was an actual calculator inside of a widget, it's just not

01:10:43   possible with WidgetKit.

01:10:45   And so my theory is that Apple kept those legacy widgets around for compatibility purposes,

01:10:53   waiting until WidgetKit, the new framework, could support interactions.

01:10:59   And so if you had to keep those widgets around, and you couldn't drag them on other pages

01:11:04   of the home screen. It was only logical that you were forced to keep the "Today" page around.

01:11:11   But as I wrote in my iOS review last year, there's something quite strange about the

01:11:16   layout of the home screen right now in iOS, which is Apple made a big deal out of this

01:11:21   new feature called the "App Library", and it's pretty nice. It's not perfect, but it's

01:11:27   pretty nice. And yet, that major new feature, you have to scroll all the pages of your home

01:11:34   screen to get to it. It's at the very end on the right side. I don't think that really

01:11:39   makes sense. I think the app library belongs to the first page on the left side of your

01:11:46   home screen. The app library belongs to where the "Today" page is today.

01:11:51   No, I want SwipeUp.

01:11:54   Like on Android?

01:11:55   Yeah, you want the Android launcher. So my theory is that Apple wanted to do that last

01:12:01   year, but they couldn't because they had to keep legacy widgets around. So what I

01:12:08   want to see, what I could see Apple do in iOS 15 is, "Okay, we're launching Widget

01:12:13   Kit and it supports Interact." It's like a cascade type of approach, like, "We're

01:12:18   launching Widget Kit 2.0 and it supports Interactions." Therefore, developers of

01:12:23   those older widgets can now use the new system to make interactive widgets that

01:12:28   you can also put anywhere. Therefore, we can get rid of those legacy widgets. But if we're

01:12:34   getting rid of those legacy widgets, is there really any reason to keep the Today page around?

01:12:40   If any page can be your widget page, we already have a way to open search from the home screen

01:12:48   on iPhone by swiping down. I really don't see why the Today page should stick around

01:12:54   now, and if we're going to have widgets anywhere that support interactions.

01:13:00   I would be sad, because I like having an infinite scrolling page where I can just put as many

01:13:08   widgets as I want in, that I can just access all the time.

01:13:12   I like it.

01:13:13   That's the counterargument.

01:13:14   Like, I have no problem with them getting rid of the old widgets, I don't use any of

01:13:20   them anymore.

01:13:22   I would be bummed out if they got rid of that view, to be honest.

01:13:28   Because otherwise, I would just scroll, scroll, scroll through home screen pages all the time.

01:13:33   I wouldn't like that.

01:13:35   I want to point out something in my pic.

01:13:38   I say the today page is removed from the left side of the home screen.

01:13:42   I wanted to clarify this because if they keep it on the lock screen, I still get the point.

01:13:48   However, I still believe the legacy widgets will be completely removed anywhere, like

01:13:53   from the entire system.

01:13:56   So both have to happen for you to get this?

01:13:59   Yes.

01:14:00   You really are all in on widgets this time.

01:14:04   And I'm a man of passion.

01:14:05   Man, you could really bomb out here, buddy.

01:14:10   Can you imagine the iOS portion starts and it's like, "People have really loved widgets

01:14:15   this year, so we're going to give you additional sizes."

01:14:18   Alright, let's move on. And then Federico is just over.

01:14:21   Yeah.

01:14:22   Like, "Duh."

01:14:23   Yeah.

01:14:24   Because you just won the one thing you didn't pick.

01:14:26   Mm-hmm.

01:14:28   Well, it can be a flexy.

01:14:29   We don't know yet.

01:14:30   Right, but still, there's still Federico out of the game.

01:14:33   Yeah.

01:14:34   That'd be incredible. No one... Has anyone scored...

01:14:38   I guess people have scored zero before.

01:14:40   Yeah.

01:14:41   I don't think so. But I feel pretty confident about this.

01:14:45   I feel confident about at least two of them.

01:14:48   Mm-hmm. Your Ricky... It's too complicated for your own good.

01:14:53   No, I just I don't know if I don't know why they would get rid of the today page.

01:15:00   Like I understand what you're saying but I don't feel like this is a

01:15:06   surefire thing, right? Mm-hmm. Which I'm sure you believe too, right? I'm sure you

01:15:11   don't believe this 100% this is going to happen. No, no I mean it wouldn't be risky. I just want to clarify

01:15:18   because we're saying that today page is removed. Now, what if it's still called

01:15:23   today but it's something else completely? Like, what if it's called today but it's

01:15:27   actually the app library? Like, what are the ways that this pick could potentially

01:15:31   lead to an argument between us?

01:15:34   Well, I think an easier way to score this is just to say that there isn't a page left of the home screen

01:15:47   where you can put widgets. And also, legacy widgets are completely removed from the system.

01:15:52   So legacy widgets have to be removed. And that's easy to understand. Like the old widgets

01:15:57   with the translucent background, those are gone. Right? The today page is removed from

01:16:04   the left side. Now, what if there's still a page on the left but it's the app library?

01:16:11   I get the point, right?

01:16:13   - Yeah.

01:16:14   - Okay.

01:16:15   So on the left side,

01:16:18   there's no longer a page that is just for widgets.

01:16:23   - Correct.

01:16:23   Put that.

01:16:24   Because they could do loads of things and call it today.

01:16:29   - Exactly.

01:16:30   Like what if they rel...

01:16:32   Like what if...

01:16:33   But what if they relaunch it, they call it today,

01:16:36   but it's like Siri predictions

01:16:39   and search and if you want you can put widgets. Like how does that qualify? Like what if it becomes

01:16:48   the pro... what if it becomes the proactive page? I've changed your pick. Okay. Legacy widgets

01:16:55   completely removed from the system and there is no longer a place to put widgets to the left of

01:16:59   the main home screen. Okay. Good Federico? Yeah. Yeah. Great. The discord has said that Federico,

01:17:07   you got a minus one point on the annual 2020 picks. That's not zero. Zero is yeah

01:17:21   what we think of a zero is minus one right because minus one is you've got

01:17:26   nothing correct right you end up with minus one to get a zero there are many

01:17:31   ways to get a zero yeah oh that's rough man. How beautifully confusing.

01:17:36   - Okay, Myke hit us with your Ricky pic.

01:17:39   - Apple makes changes to the rules on in-app purchases,

01:17:42   removing restrictions on linking to external websites

01:17:45   for account creation, et cetera.

01:17:48   Now I may need some massaging of the wording here

01:17:52   like to, for it to like, but I think, you know,

01:17:54   what I'm saying, but I'm just gonna say it again,

01:17:58   in case we wanna change some stuff up.

01:17:59   So I think that the thing that they're going to change

01:18:03   is when you go to say you open up the Netflix app for the first time

01:18:08   and it says sign in that currently there's nowhere that Netflix can

01:18:12   even put a link for you to go out and sign up.

01:18:16   That's what I think they're going to bring back

01:18:19   at least. The ability for a developer to put a link to account creation

01:18:26   back in their applications.

01:18:30   So when you say "makes changes to rules"

01:18:33   it has to be like an official thing?

01:18:37   Like they have to say it?

01:18:38   Yes, we have to be able to know.

01:18:40   Like, where I actually expect this to be found out is

01:18:44   When they update the developer's guidelines or agreement.

01:18:48   Yeah, okay.

01:18:49   I don't think this will be in the keynote.

01:18:51   I don't even think it will be in the State of the Union.

01:18:53   Right.

01:18:54   They may talk about it,

01:18:55   and I think they probably would talk about it,

01:18:58   but the key place that we'll find out about it is there.

01:19:01   Like how last year, remember there was like a big thing about like, oh...

01:19:06   I actually think I came before WWDC, which could end up being a problem for me,

01:19:10   but about how they were doing some like rule-changing stuff.

01:19:14   So this could be one of those things where I'm right, but I'm burned by...

01:19:18   Honestly, I forgot the rule. I thought the rule...

01:19:21   I'm still sticking with my pick.

01:19:23   I was a little bit upset earlier during the reading of the rules.

01:19:27   in my memory picking began when the episode between episodes but

01:19:34   nevertheless I'm sticking with this you know they're gonna announce it on Friday

01:19:38   and you won't get it but then I'll still take them I'll take the moral victory

01:19:43   that I was right but I just won't get any points the moral victory doesn't get

01:19:46   you a Twitter account my friend I already got one how many is a boy need

01:19:50   oh my god Jason Jason of Wikipedia has said I was the person that made the rule

01:19:56   this way. And I stand by it. It's a good rule because, you know, I actually think that for

01:20:02   doing this it makes the most sense for the for the grading to begin from keynote and

01:20:08   a keynote start to when we record. I think that's the best way for this rule to be. But

01:20:13   I still think I basically my thinking on this pick is they're gonna have to make this change

01:20:18   at some point. Why not just do it now? Yeah, do it before a judge makes you do it. Here's

01:20:25   Here's the thing. I feel like you've been light on passion. And I've got...

01:20:30   I just had a double Ricky in a single... come on.

01:20:33   And I have a dump truck full of passion I'm getting ready to back up to your door.

01:20:38   I don't even... I don't think this is passion, but you've got that on me.

01:20:40   This is not passion. This is being foolish with your Ricky.

01:20:44   This is just... yeah.

01:20:45   This is just throwing away the point.

01:20:48   Yeah.

01:20:49   Federico, I'm doing this for you.

01:20:51   I know and I appreciate it, but you don't have to.

01:20:54   where the passion is. Is there some kind of like maximum limit of accounts that

01:21:00   you can be signed into the Twitter app or something that you've met and so you

01:21:03   don't want another one so you're like purposefully torpedoing your chances at

01:21:07   winning the rookies this year? Apple unveils a new high-end audio product. I don't

01:21:14   understand. I mean I would love it. Why would you do this to yourself? Were you

01:21:19   inspired by the iPod touch conversation? I was inspired by the DAC conversation.

01:21:26   Oh really? And I think that Apple wants people to enjoy music and what better

01:21:33   way to do it than sell a $399 DAC that you can plug into your iPhone. Wait, what?

01:21:39   You think they're gonna sell a standalone DAC? That's one of the many

01:21:44   possibilities. You really think they would make that product? Yeah. It's a

01:21:50   high-end expensive product that makes their services more from the company

01:21:55   that brought you the HomePod. But why wouldn't they just make Federico's iPod?

01:21:59   Why would they make a DAC? Because then you can use it with your phone and it

01:22:03   can be way more than an iPod touch. Well it can be just a DAC. You can, yeah, you can just...

01:22:08   No, Steven man, are you okay?

01:22:11   No one in the Discord likes this pick.

01:22:13   Because it's bad!

01:22:14   That's why!

01:22:15   No, that's why!

01:22:16   Hold on, hold on, hold on.

01:22:19   They could've...

01:22:20   What if...

01:22:21   Okay, what if they unveil a new HomePod?

01:22:24   Yeah.

01:22:25   Yeah, yeah, you would get that, but they're not gonna do that either.

01:22:27   They're not gonna do any of these things.

01:22:28   So here's my problem, here's my problem with this pick.

01:22:31   How can we make sure that it meets the threshold for high-end?

01:22:38   Okay, so here's what I'll ask.

01:22:41   Original HomePod, was that high-end?

01:22:43   Yes, I would think so.

01:22:45   Right, so it's, you don't, oh, alright, Federico?

01:22:48   I said I would think so, yes, I think so.

01:22:50   Oh, I thought you said I don't think so.

01:22:52   And then we're going to have to have a conversation.

01:22:54   No, no.

01:22:57   So it has to start at the price the home pods started at, which is what?

01:23:01   $399?

01:23:02   But it's a price base.

01:23:03   I mean, what if they make a DAC and it's $100?

01:23:06   A DAC's high-end.

01:23:07   Then that's not high-end.

01:23:08   I think a DAC is.

01:23:09   Normal people don't have DACs.

01:23:11   High-end audio.

01:23:12   See?

01:23:13   No, no, just saying normal people don't have it doesn't equate to high-end.

01:23:16   Apple unveils an A.

01:23:18   Oh, this is going places.

01:23:23   What if we give you both?

01:23:25   you a pick that can do both. It's a DAC of any price or anything else over $399.

01:23:32   Hold on, hold on. What if, what if it's an audio only device? Audio only pro- like it's a speaker.

01:23:44   No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

01:23:47   no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

01:23:48   no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

01:23:49   no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

01:23:50   no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

01:23:50   - Right, and then you get to the question of

01:23:52   is like the inclusion of Siri make it an audio only product?

01:23:55   What is a computer? - No, I think we go with

01:23:57   it's either over $399 or it's a standalone DAC.

01:24:00   I want standalone DAC put down in the document of record

01:24:05   because it is such a bananas thing

01:24:08   that you have dared to utter on this show.

01:24:09   - If that's what inspired Steven, it should be in the pic.

01:24:13   - Can I do it as a note not in the pic?

01:24:16   - No, 'cause we were trying to define what is high-end.

01:24:20   - Right?

01:24:21   - As defined by a price, I'm just going for it,

01:24:25   over $3.99 or it's a DAC.

01:24:27   - People complained about my pick being long.

01:24:29   (laughing)

01:24:31   - Standalone DAC, standalone DAC is the important part.

01:24:35   - It has to be standalone, okay, yeah, it's standalone.

01:24:37   - Oh my God, Stephen.

01:24:40   - Remember, you mocked me

01:24:42   about an Apple Silicon desktop computer.

01:24:44   - Yeah, but that wasn't outside of the realm of possibility.

01:24:46   We all knew it was gonna happen,

01:24:48   we just thought it was too early.

01:24:50   If Steven wins this game with, and I just want to repeat these picks, iPadOS 15 brings

01:24:56   organizational changes to the home screen that don't exist on the iPhone, including

01:25:01   iOS 15, and no word on an Apple Silicon Mac Pro, and Apple unveils a new high-end audio

01:25:08   product that's defined by a price over $399 or it's a standalone DAC, I am going to quit

01:25:14   this show.

01:25:15   You know, I was going to say the same thing. So everything's on the line for you here.

01:25:21   Mad respect, Steven. Like, but...

01:25:24   That's it. We can't get, we can't get any more than that. We're done.

01:25:27   Look, I mean, if you lose the game, we told you.

01:25:34   And it's an all-screw.

01:25:35   We tried to warn you.

01:25:36   But if you win the game with this pizza, it means I don't understand Apple anymore. None

01:25:42   of us here do. So, Apple unveils a new high-end audio product as defined by a price of or

01:25:50   -- wait, by a price of or -- over $399. Because the Discord asks, "What if it costs $399?"

01:25:58   Ah, of or over, sure. $399. Or it's a standalone DAC.

01:26:03   That's a terrible sentence. You know what's going to happen to me? I'm not going to get

01:26:07   it now but they'll release a deck at the iPhone event in the fall. No they won't

01:26:13   Steven! They're never going to do that! No, the iPhone will have a new built-in deck

01:26:19   that's it. Yeah that's very likely, right? But Apple's not going to release a

01:26:25   standalone deck. They won't do this. We'll see. They'll release an iPod Touch with a

01:26:32   good deck in it. Like it just, this is madness. I love it, I love it. Imagine that the

01:26:37   that I have but made by Apple.

01:26:39   I just, I don't.

01:26:41   - You know, as I'm saying this now, I'm like--

01:26:44   - You see the wisdom in it.

01:26:45   - No, I'm realizing this horrible situation

01:26:49   where they're like, "Hey, we've released a new cable

01:26:52   "for the AirPods Max."

01:26:55   - It has a deck in it. - And it costs $25.

01:26:57   And it has a deck inside.

01:26:59   - Oh my, oh my.

01:27:01   And he gets the point.

01:27:02   - I get the point.

01:27:03   All right, hang on.

01:27:06   - No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

01:27:36   really wild pick, because they're not going to do that next week.

01:27:41   Right? Like, they just got rid of the HomePod.

01:27:45   They just...

01:27:47   I told you, a dump truck full of passion.

01:27:50   This is...

01:27:51   I don't think it's passion.

01:27:52   This pick is a fake-out in its first part.

01:27:56   The real trick to this pick is the standalone dab.

01:28:00   No, it's not a trick.

01:28:01   No, I will not allow for this conversation to have changed my mind on this.

01:28:07   They are totally going to do the $20 DAC that it's a cable.

01:28:10   They are totally going to do that.

01:28:12   No, no, no, no. Actually, you know what I'm thinking about it?

01:28:15   They would have done that already.

01:28:17   They wouldn't wait for WWDC to release that cable.

01:28:19   They would have done it last week.

01:28:21   But what if you're a choir?

01:28:23   No, they cannot do that though. It doesn't make sense to announce.

01:28:26   They would have said, "We've got this DAC coming."

01:28:28   Like here, and when Apple Music Glassless rolls out, you'll be able to buy this cable

01:28:33   for your AirPods Max.

01:28:34   They would have dealt with that already if that was the thing that they were releasing.

01:28:37   Not gonna wait for WWDC to release an AirPods Max cable.

01:28:40   This is an incredible pick.

01:28:43   I love it.

01:28:44   Bravo to you.

01:28:45   It could go so wrong in so many different ways.

01:28:47   What is it?

01:28:48   You're like thinking different over there.

01:28:50   Yeah.

01:28:51   I'll get Huxibrain.

01:28:52   Here's to the Hackett ones.

01:28:58   Let's take a break and then we'll get into the flexies.

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01:30:35   - You know how some people are comfortable living

01:30:41   with the status quo, with the current rules.

01:30:46   You know, just living in a society

01:30:48   with rules that everybody knows and accepts and respects.

01:30:53   Right? Well, I am not that kind of person.

01:30:58   No.

01:30:59   And for that reason, today, for the first time on this show,

01:31:03   I will pick 10 flexes.

01:31:05   I opened the document and I saw this

01:31:12   and I just closed Google docs and walked away.

01:31:15   What are you doing?

01:31:17   I am putting my money and my reputation

01:31:23   on the line by saying that I'm going to do 10 flexes and I feel very good about at least

01:31:31   seven of them. Which is bad. That's bad. If you've only got 70%, that's bad for you,

01:31:43   right? You understand that's like it's like getting three. But where would the passion be?

01:31:50   you know, the ups and downs of getting a flexi right and then another wrong and then three

01:31:56   more right and so forth until you reach ten. Yeah, yeah, all of that. But you said you're

01:31:59   staking your reputation on this. Right. And if you only got 70%... Look, and people will say he lost,

01:32:08   if I get... You're like Icarus. If he lost $75, doing what he loved. Just being bold.

01:32:18   - Well, they said that.

01:32:21   Okay, that's what they'll say.

01:32:23   - The great thing about this is,

01:32:24   people have already forgotten about my risky pick.

01:32:27   This is now the focus.

01:32:28   - Nah, Steven?

01:32:29   - Yes?

01:32:30   - Federico could roll up with 75 flexes.

01:32:33   No one's forgetting the deck, right?

01:32:35   No one's gonna forget that.

01:32:37   That is gonna be infamous.

01:32:38   - All right, all right.

01:32:43   10 flexes, let's do it.

01:32:44   Number one, the weather app comes to iPad.

01:32:48   How is that still the case that we don't have a weather app on the iPad?

01:32:55   Especially since they own Dark Sky. Just throw that on there.

01:32:58   And they have weather widgets and weather actions on iPad, but the invisible app...

01:33:02   But no app!

01:33:03   There's an invisible weather app on iPad that you cannot see, but it's there.

01:33:09   It just doesn't have a UI.

01:33:11   So, weather app in iPadOS 15.

01:33:14   Number two, the Files app gets new features.

01:33:17   Literally anything could work here. Just update the files up, please.

01:33:23   No, they give the files out new features every year, they just don't ship.

01:33:27   Yeah, they announce lots of new things.

01:33:29   Look, they announce... Hence why I'm picking that. I'm pretty sure they will announce them, but...

01:33:34   What if they announce, remember, pen files? We got them this year. That's not a new feature.

01:33:40   It's a new feature because it was never shipped. It was never shipped.

01:33:43   and two generations of iOS have passed, therefore the statute of limitations has lived. I don't know.

01:33:49   I wouldn't mind actually creating a statute of limitations for the rookies.

01:33:59   No, they can't be reused. Well, unless we created a statute of limitations.

01:34:04   Oh, oh, Becky, that's a terrible... Do you see what Becky wrote in Discord?

01:34:08   If Stephen gets his risky pick, he should change his Twitter name to Dackdaddy for like a week.

01:34:12   Oh my god, yes!

01:34:14   You're the Dac daddy.

01:34:17   Yeah, maybe we'll just start calling you that anyway.

01:34:20   It's so perfect that I could have been the Dac daddy, but Steven will be instead. I love it.

01:34:28   Yeah, and you're just like, I don't know, like Dac's son or something. What do you know?

01:34:33   Son of Dac.

01:34:35   All right, what's your third flexi?

01:34:37   Uh, can I be a Lil Dac?

01:34:40   Well, that little ducky, that daddy and little ducky, you're getting ready debut album.

01:34:49   That daddy feature a little duck.

01:34:57   Oh, yes. Seven more to go or whatever.

01:35:08   It's shopping, we're just getting started here.

01:35:10   A normal person will start here.

01:35:12   No, that's not even true.

01:35:13   They will start at five.

01:35:15   Number three, Shortcuts gets new files actions.

01:35:21   So I'm thinking there will be some new integrations

01:35:25   with the Files app in Shortcuts.

01:35:27   Ideally, you should be able to access any locations,

01:35:31   but again, same as above,

01:35:32   I would be happy with any new file-related action.

01:35:37   So that's number three.

01:35:40   Number four, this is a Flexi because I think I couldn't reuse it as a regular pick from

01:35:46   last time.

01:35:47   That's right.

01:35:48   So number four, better external display support on iPad.

01:35:53   We talked about this last month.

01:35:55   We all know what it is.

01:35:57   Just let us use iPadOS with an external display with more features than mirroring that we

01:36:03   have now.

01:36:04   Number five, I hinted at this before.

01:36:07   iOS and iPadOS 15 risk get native HomeKit widgets.

01:36:12   The Home app is one of the few built-in apps

01:36:17   that don't offer a widget at all, or widgets at all in iOS.

01:36:22   - I thought about this, and I wanted to ask you about it.

01:36:25   - Yeah.

01:36:25   - I mean, A, it's tied up and your widgets

01:36:28   should have buttons that work, right?

01:36:30   - Yes.

01:36:31   - But also, do you think that it being

01:36:35   all in Control Center is like a release valve for this feature?

01:36:39   Maybe, but I think it's also like Control Center is already quite...

01:36:45   Sucks.

01:36:46   Yeah, it's not great, it's crowded, and it limits you in terms of how much UI you can

01:36:53   design for a Control Center toggle.

01:36:56   Sure, you can open the full-on home view in Control Center, but at that point, wouldn't

01:37:01   it be easier to just have a widget on the home screen that toggles on and off your lights

01:37:06   with one tap and it would make for a perfect demo of the new widget kit?

01:37:11   So yeah, that's a counter argument for sure though.

01:37:14   You can have those controls in Control Center and you can use Siri.

01:37:18   Why make a widget?

01:37:19   But that argument could also go for a bunch of other features, right?

01:37:23   And they still made widgets for them.

01:37:26   Number six, the passwords feature of Settings, also known as the Keychain, becomes a standalone

01:37:35   app. I've been thinking this for the past few years. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this

01:37:42   very specific wish in all of my iOS reviews now. That feature of Settings, the passwords

01:37:49   feature. Some of Apple's best work in settings, and it's a cross-collaboration of the authentication

01:37:58   teams and Safari teams at Apple. It's really well done. And I think this should be its

01:38:06   own thing. There are a lot of features that are included in that page. And I think as

01:38:13   As soon as Apple gets, you know, adds support for one-time authentication codes, for example,

01:38:20   for two-factor authentication, if passwords can do that, it should totally become a standalone

01:38:27   app.

01:38:28   It already is a standalone password manager.

01:38:30   It's just a little weird that it's built into settings.

01:38:33   It's always a pain to find.

01:38:36   It's a pain to find.

01:38:37   should be... Making it an actual app on the home screen would also expose a lot more people

01:38:44   to what it can do, and therefore could push a lot more people to create strong and secure

01:38:48   passwords and realize, "Oh, the system actually does this for me," and they're also easier

01:38:53   to find. Otherwise, you have to navigate in Settings and you've got to scroll to find

01:38:57   it. Why? Just make it a standalone app. I mean, you made apps for clips and whatever,

01:39:05   I mean, is measure more important than passwords? I don't know.

01:39:11   Number seven, Apple updates the Listen Now page of the Music app. Now, set aside the

01:39:18   fact that I switched to Spotify months ago, I really don't think the Listen Now page that

01:39:23   we got in iOS 14 is good. The information density compared, I mean, let's all face it,

01:39:30   Compared to Spotify, which is Apple's biggest competitor here, it's not good.

01:39:38   You open the main Spotify homepage and you can see a lot of things at once.

01:39:43   And they're pretty easy to interact with.

01:39:45   You have your recent activity, you have your featured items, you have albums, you have

01:39:50   podcasts.

01:39:51   Now, I don't think Apple will do the podcast music integration that Spotify does, but the

01:39:57   the Listen Now page, man. I mean, come on. There's just like you open the page and on

01:40:01   an iPhone 12 Pro Max, it shows you like three things because everything is so big and spaced

01:40:08   out.

01:40:09   They've been leaving room for an ad for the DAC.

01:40:13   Sure, sure. That would be a banner to get you a 10% off discount on the DAC. I think

01:40:20   they will do something here. I don't think it's a great starting page for Apple Music.

01:40:27   It's too clunky to use, and it's kind of boring.

01:40:31   It doesn't do anything special.

01:40:32   And I feel like it could use a bit of an update.

01:40:35   Number eight, iOS 15 drops support for the iPhone 6s.

01:40:40   It's about time.

01:40:42   That phone is old.

01:40:44   Let's get rid of it.

01:40:45   And it's got a great sort of a conclusion with iOS 14, but the next version will be

01:40:53   iPhone 7 and up only. Number nine, and I'm almost done, the next version of iOS lets

01:41:04   you change icons for apps natively without shortcuts or using custom profiles.

01:41:10   Why wasn't this a pick for you?

01:41:13   I don't know, because I felt like it was a more, it was a whole story, you know, all

01:41:18   All my picks are widget-based.

01:41:20   I don't know, it felt like more of a thing to do what I did.

01:41:24   And yeah, really, what they should do,

01:41:26   like, people will probably overthink this.

01:41:28   I'm going to offer you the solution here right now.

01:41:32   Long press on the icon on the home screen.

01:41:35   There's a new quick action that says "change icon,"

01:41:38   and you pick the file you want to use, and that's it.

01:41:41   Mmm. That's good.

01:41:43   That's all it is.

01:41:44   No settings, no weird screen.

01:41:47   I mean, they could do the screen.

01:41:48   I mean, if you want to do a full-on UI customization

01:41:52   screen, great.

01:41:53   Do it.

01:41:54   But otherwise, just do the quick action

01:41:56   and let me pick the icon that I want to use.

01:41:58   It's one of those things where Apple knows

01:42:01   how people have been using iOS.

01:42:04   They see at the top of the charts

01:42:06   all these apps that install custom profiles for you.

01:42:09   And those profiles, most of them are harmless.

01:42:12   But if you're not careful, those profiles could do other things

01:42:15   on your phone.

01:42:16   And I don't think Apple loves the idea.

01:42:19   And also, if people really love customization,

01:42:21   why force them to do the shortcut, right?

01:42:24   That's more of a workaround.

01:42:25   It's a clever workaround to do a custom shortcut

01:42:28   just for the custom icon.

01:42:30   So just let people change icons natively.

01:42:33   And finally, number 10, also about shortcuts,

01:42:36   there's a new way to turn off the confirmation banners

01:42:40   in the shortcuts app.

01:42:41   You know what I'm talking about,

01:42:42   that little rectangle that pops down with the check mark.

01:42:46   every single time you run a shortcut.

01:42:49   You get the confirmation band that says,

01:42:51   "Good job, you just ran a shortcut."

01:42:54   Like, "Please let me turn it off."

01:42:56   And I think iOS 15 will have a way to turn it off.

01:42:59   And that's it, 10 flexes.

01:43:00   - Just well done.

01:43:03   - But there's, do you see the poetry to these flexes?

01:43:07   Like, how did, like, remember it was like 10 minutes ago,

01:43:11   we were all joking and yelling,

01:43:12   "Oh my God, 10 flexes."

01:43:13   And now, look, time has flown by because there's beauty to these flexes that is rare to find

01:43:21   in this program.

01:43:23   You're gonna look back on this as a mistake.

01:43:26   You're definitely gonna owe somebody some money.

01:43:30   I have six.

01:43:31   Wow.

01:43:32   Six flexes.

01:43:33   That's weak.

01:43:34   Okay, so originally Federico had seven and I had seven and I didn't want to do seven

01:43:40   and then Federica went to 10, so I removed one and now I have six.

01:43:44   New MacBook Pro.

01:43:45   Preview of the Apple Silicon Mac Pro.

01:43:48   Yeah!

01:43:49   Let's do it.

01:43:51   It'll be great.

01:43:53   The Home app gets redesigned.

01:43:55   Oh please, Apple.

01:43:57   Please.

01:43:59   New features for FaceTime.

01:44:01   I'm not asking you to clarify your Flexi, but like what would you want to see?

01:44:05   So I will apologize to people that have listened to Upgrade before this.

01:44:09   I have reused a bunch of things because I'm about one human and I have, spoiler alert,

01:44:16   recorded them back to back today.

01:44:18   What are we?

01:44:19   Federico, I listen to app stories.

01:44:21   I've been hearing you talk about these things that are in your flexes today.

01:44:26   Okay?

01:44:27   So don't even come at me with that.

01:44:29   So new features for FaceTime.

01:44:32   One of the couple of things that me and Jason were talking about, like backgrounds, being

01:44:36   able to start, be able to send a link to someone to join a FaceTime, kind of like how you do

01:44:42   with Zoom, and FaceTime on the web. So I don't know why, you know, Apple really should be

01:44:49   pushing this and just, you know, be better than Zoom, I guess.

01:44:56   New notification management options. So this is what Mark Gorman was talking about. And

01:45:01   this is a weird one, all right, but just bear with me a second. I want to say it, I don't

01:45:05   I want to see if either of you can guess why I picked this.

01:45:09   Tools for developers to make smoother

01:45:12   or faster animations in iOS.

01:45:15   - Higher refresh rate on future iPhones.

01:45:18   - Yes.

01:45:20   The reason I made this pick is really roundabout.

01:45:22   I was using my iPad the other day and was like,

01:45:25   oh yeah, I guess like we're gonna get

01:45:27   high refresh rate displays.

01:45:29   And then I was thinking to myself,

01:45:30   how could we guess from WWDC that it's coming?

01:45:34   Like, you know, like every now and again,

01:45:36   Apple does something at WWDC and you're like,

01:45:38   "Oh, they've added this because of this."

01:45:39   Make sure your apps can change sizes.

01:45:42   Yeah, that's the classic one, right?

01:45:44   And so that's what I'm thinking.

01:45:45   Like, if we're going to get some kind of telegraphing,

01:45:49   it would be to make your animations smoother or quicker.

01:45:53   So either way, it works nicer.

01:45:57   Like, so, you know, it shows off the...

01:46:00   I think it'd be like a twofold thing.

01:46:02   It will show off.

01:46:02   Like, you want to make your animations be smooth

01:46:04   because then it will show off the high refresh rate display.

01:46:07   But also, if you have animations just move more quickly,

01:46:11   it's going to make people feel even more so.

01:46:14   - And there's also an accessibility angle here,

01:46:16   which would be, we give you controls

01:46:18   to make sure that you're timing your animations just right

01:46:20   for different kinds of users, right?

01:46:22   It's a very intelligent pick, Myke.

01:46:26   I think especially in the context of,

01:46:28   oh, it's that kind of feature that you're doing it now

01:46:31   to prepare for future hardware on the iPhone.

01:46:36   Very clever. I love it.

01:46:38   - Oh, thank you.

01:46:39   Well, that's my six because I'm not a maniac.

01:46:42   - I have five.

01:46:45   - Yeah, of course you do.

01:46:46   'Cause you know you're gonna lose.

01:46:47   You don't wanna lose money as well as losing the competition.

01:46:51   - Oh, we'll see how mine go.

01:46:53   We have quite a few of these

01:46:55   that are in direct opposition to y'all's picks.

01:46:57   - Steven, I've just,

01:46:59   If either of us lose to Federico's 10, that's gonna be real bad.

01:47:04   Yeah, that's embarrassing.

01:47:06   That'll be real bad.

01:47:08   Mac OS skips ahead to version 15 to match iOS and iPadOS.

01:47:13   This is bananas! Why?

01:47:15   Why do you think they would do this?

01:47:17   What, do you think they're gonna watch OS 15 as well?

01:47:19   Like they did for Windows.

01:47:21   Yeah, they made Windows 10.

01:47:23   You've based this purely on tvOS, haven't you?

01:47:26   Like, this is your thinking here?

01:47:28   the core OS in Apple's lineup. But what about watch OS? TV OS is the core. You missed the...

01:47:35   Number two! I think I would know that. No new Mac notebooks are announced. Did you say DAC notebooks?

01:47:43   No new Mac notebooks are announced. Yeah, I mean, because why would they introduce a Mac when they

01:47:50   can introduce a DAC, am I right? I don't think the MacBook Pros are ready. If they're going to have

01:47:55   have that new screen technology. I don't think they're ready. That Dax are ready.

01:48:00   The next version of macOS comes with a redesigned today view.

01:48:04   I mean, please, yes, yes. Just, just, this is literally the only pick you've made today

01:48:10   that makes sense. Like this is the only one.

01:48:12   John spoke about it on App Stories, but like it's just, it's there, there's widgets.

01:48:18   I still don't understand how it works.

01:48:20   No. So the top, because it doesn't. Okay. So my screen, the top.

01:48:25   20% are widgets, and the middle section,

01:48:30   I'm sorry, the top part is notifications,

01:48:32   the middle part is widgets, and then it just stops.

01:48:35   It's like not even long enough to fill my screen.

01:48:36   - So you know the notifications on the Mac are infinite,

01:48:39   right, like have you ever managed

01:48:42   to clear all notifications, like all of them?

01:48:45   - No. - I think they just repeat

01:48:48   over and over. - The stack

01:48:49   of my Slack notifications says 99 more notifications.

01:48:53   I just don't ever go in here.

01:48:55   It's a nightmare. Apple has made it worse than it used to be.

01:48:58   And now it's in behind the clock, which makes no sense.

01:49:02   Just burn it down. Try again. Yeah. What else do I have here? I have,

01:49:07   uh,

01:49:08   we get some happy messaging from Apple about how much they value developers.

01:49:12   I mean, sure.

01:49:14   But there's a lot of, there's a lot of angst more than normal.

01:49:18   At the very least you will get this point.

01:49:22   One point all day.

01:49:24   Number five, Apple unveils a new external display.

01:49:29   No new Macs yet, but the display is ready.

01:49:31   [ Laughter ]

01:49:34   I let the universe speak to me.

01:49:37   It's too late for this.

01:49:38   This is what the universe has said.

01:49:40   So, I have a feeling about these Rickeys.

01:49:43   They will be much, much worse than usual.

01:49:48   I don't know. I feel pretty good about mine.

01:49:50   Yeah, you'd probably win. I think Cielo and I are gonna be a mess after this one.

01:49:56   You could owe a lot of money, Federico. Like, a lot of money.

01:50:00   How much is it per wrong flexi? $25. That's $250!

01:50:04   For a good cause, you know?

01:50:06   Yeah, that I get to pick. Or Myke gets to pick. Probably Myke.

01:50:09   It's fine. For a good cause. It's money well spent. I mean, I would spend it on decks, anyway.

01:50:18   That's right. Well, you're gonna need a little bit more because it's gonna be at least $3.99.

01:50:22   I thought they were cheap. That was the whole point of putting the standalone

01:50:24   DAC thing in there because you thought it was gonna be $100.

01:50:28   We're never gonna let this go, Stephen, by the way.

01:50:30   Yeah, you will never be able to lift this one.

01:50:32   What if, I'm not going to do this, but what if in the edit I just put in a different Ricky?

01:50:36   No.

01:50:37   And we're just like, "Oh, you're so ridiculous!" It's just like the most plain.

01:50:44   This is like, you know how before... is it before and is it only in Italy or is it also elsewhere?

01:50:49   Like before a trial you have to like put your hand on the bible or something.

01:50:54   Yeah, we have that here. Yeah, you swear to the whole truth.

01:50:57   To the bill of rickies.

01:50:59   Put your hand on the rickies.

01:51:00   Actually we don't have a rule that says pigs cannot be modified in post.

01:51:05   Not me neither. I don't want to think about it.

01:51:10   I don't want to make that rule.

01:51:13   Well that does it we have made our picks for WWDC 2021. We will be back next week on Wednesday

01:51:22   to score these. Be sure to check out the websites that cover this.

01:51:28   rickys.co, rickys.net both great options. You can go see what we did. You can keep tabs as the event

01:51:37   goes on and we're all really excited. I'm excited that it's WBC again. It's the most fun

01:51:43   but busy week of the year covering Apple. If you want to find links to the stuff we spoke about,

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01:52:43   Until next week, when we find our value as humans based on our picks, say goodbye.

01:52:49   Arrivederci. Well, that ended fast. I wasn't ready for that. Bye. Cheerio.

01:53:00   He said Jirio. I was confused. It came really... The goodbye came out of nowhere.

01:53:05   I wasn't ready for it.