345: Why Are the Italians Involved?


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 345.

00:00:13   Three, four, five, that's fun.

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00:00:20   My name is Stephen Hackett

00:00:21   and I'm joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:24   - Hello.

00:00:25   - Hello.

00:00:27   How are you?

00:00:28   - Oh, I'm fine.

00:00:29   - That's good.

00:00:30   - I never know if you're gonna,

00:00:31   like if there's more to ask.

00:00:33   I don't know if you're just gonna go straight to Federico.

00:00:35   - You know, sometimes I'm just waiting

00:00:37   for you to ask me how I am.

00:00:38   No one thinks about that.

00:00:41   - No, it's fine.

00:00:42   It's totally fine.

00:00:43   - And I'm joined by my weird fish brother,

00:00:49   Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:50   - Hey Steven, how are you?

00:00:52   - I'm so good.

00:00:54   - I'm happy to hear that.

00:00:55   - Thank you for asking.

00:00:56   - Sure.

00:00:57   - You know, we are linked in the universe

00:00:58   because of our weird fish tattoos.

00:01:00   - Yes. - Yeah.

00:01:01   - Sometimes I can feel something.

00:01:04   - Tingling.

00:01:05   - On my left arm.

00:01:06   - That's an infection.

00:01:07   That's an infection in the tattoo is what that is.

00:01:09   - Sometimes I think maybe I'm having a heart attack.

00:01:12   But no, it's heart link.

00:01:14   It's a weird fish link.

00:01:16   - Can I tell the story?

00:01:17   I'm gonna tell it.

00:01:18   So this was something that Federico said to us

00:01:21   in the text chat.

00:01:22   - Look, it's a cruelty. - Just wait, just wait.

00:01:26   People have said, I've told people about this

00:01:28   And I actually think it's like,

00:01:29   I like this level of forward planning.

00:01:32   So Federico had pre-decided before he got his vaccine

00:01:36   that he would have the needle in the right arm

00:01:41   because then if his arm was hurting him

00:01:44   later on in the evening, if it was in his left arm,

00:01:47   he might be worried he was having a heart attack.

00:01:49   So he pre, like he thought ahead

00:01:52   and got it in the right arm.

00:01:53   And that is a kind of neurosis

00:01:55   that I can get behind personally.

00:01:57   I like it when somebody knows themselves well enough that they make decisions like that.

00:02:02   That you know, and honestly, I know you well enough to also imagine you reacting like this,

00:02:08   that like, you had a vaccine, you weren't feeling too great, your arm was tingling,

00:02:12   you immediately think you're having a heart attack with no other signs.

00:02:16   Yes.

00:02:17   Yes, hey, my left arm is hurting, but I just got a vaccine, but no, maybe I'm having a

00:02:22   heart attack, let's go to the hospital.

00:02:25   It's time to go.

00:02:27   It was Mother's Day in an America this past Sunday. In an America.

00:02:36   In one of the Americas.

00:02:38   In Americas.

00:02:40   You know what you just reminded me of? In these United States!

00:02:44   Do you remember the like teen Miss America clip from years ago where the ladies like she just she's asked a question and

00:02:54   And cannot answer it and she's saying about in the Iraq and the Americas. Do you remember this clip? What? No

00:03:01   Not at all. I've never seen this. It's one of the old-time great YouTube clips

00:03:06   I'll find it. I'll put it in the show notes if you've never seen it

00:03:10   It's it's an incredible train wreck of a question and answer session. So it was Mother's Day in the America and

00:03:17   we on

00:03:20   Saturday? Saturday

00:03:22   day before Mother's Day, we met my mother-in-law and my

00:03:25   wife's two brothers out at a park and like rode bikes

00:03:30   through a baseball round like it was really nice and the first time I'd seen my mother-in-law since

00:03:36   Completing my tattoo adding the weird fish amongst other things to my arm

00:03:40   Mm-hmm, it's just she saw it and I don't think she particularly likes tattoos

00:03:45   Even though her daughter and one of her sons and I all have them. I just don't think she's a huge fan

00:03:51   So she's kind of asking me about it. I think mostly out of trying to be polite and

00:03:55   She spots the weird fish. She's like, oh, what is that? Because you know, it's like planets and stars and spacecraft and

00:04:02   I told y'all this and and I message but I just told her straight what it is

00:04:09   like I have this podcast I've done for a really long time one of the

00:04:13   Hosts lives in Rome every year. We make him guess the name of emoji, which is kind of a mean game

00:04:19   but it's always really funny and

00:04:21   he guessed this and got a tattoo and so I surprised them with my own version of

00:04:26   it and she just stared at me. Like, I was an idiot. It was great!

00:04:31   Well I mean, I appreciate it. You both are idiots, right? You need to understand that.

00:04:40   Like, you know, think about that. Like, really just let that one sink in for a minute.

00:04:45   It's a real stupid tattoo to get. I actually think it's more stupid for

00:04:50   Steven to have gotten it. Like it's ratcheting up. So if this ire is turning on to me, if

00:04:56   I ever, then can you imagine, like the level, I don't actually, it might be less stupid.

00:05:00   The reason it's more stupid for Steven is because it looks like, especially the way

00:05:06   Steven had it done, it looks like the coronavirus thing, right? Because you had it.

00:05:12   That's why it's in the inner arm.

00:05:14   Yeah, you definitely had it more. Wouldn't it have been incredible if you could have,

00:05:18   if you had it on the outer arm and you just got like the vaccine right in the middle of it.

00:05:22   Oh that like you're stabbing it right in the face. That would really freak out the uh the person

00:05:27   administering the vaccine to you. It's like no just right there like I got it ready for you.

00:05:31   Dead center. X marks the spot. I don't know I don't think I don't think we're idiots I think

00:05:36   we're very smart and look I'm not gonna tell you when or if. Well yeah that's the whole that's the

00:05:43   the whole thing. It's a surprise. It's gotta be a surprise. But I've considered how.

00:05:49   It's less stupid for you to do it because now two of the three of us have. That's true.

00:05:55   That's true. Right? I'm the one who took it from this funny thing Federico did to it's

00:05:59   a thing that more people have done. And so now you're just... It's a pact. Yeah, you've

00:06:03   just got to join the pact. And then I wonder as well, like, when I get it, who's going

00:06:07   to be the first listener to do it? Someone's going to do it, right? Maybe they already

00:06:12   Now that, that's when we get to a next level.

00:06:14   That's a level that I'm not sure I'm comfortable with.

00:06:16   The chat room is just in Kyle's degree.

00:06:18   [laughs]

00:06:20   Probably.

00:06:22   Do it, Kyle.

00:06:23   Don't do it, Kyle.

00:06:24   Don't listen to him.

00:06:25   Right on the windpipe.

00:06:27   As predicted, the Kensington Studio doc will not work

00:06:32   with the new iPad Pro.

00:06:34   It's been confirmed.

00:06:36   No, no!

00:06:37   I believe the iPad Pros podcast found a link to it and then 9to5Mac contacted Kensington

00:06:48   and Kensington have confirmed that the tolerances on the studio dock, the what, was it $400

00:06:55   studio dock, will not fit.

00:06:58   And the way that they're going to fix this is releasing a brand new version.

00:07:03   I was genuinely, I mean I don't know how this thing is like properly built, but I was hoping

00:07:07   and they'd be like, oh, we're going to release an extra part.

00:07:09   You just got to unscrew this one piece and you can put a new one on.

00:07:12   Yeah, but their way of dealing with it is.

00:07:14   So this is from from Kenzie's 925 Mac.

00:07:18   I wanted to confirm that you are correct in the fact that the new 2021 iPad

00:07:22   Pro 12.9 inch is incompatible with the current studio dock

00:07:25   because it is thicker in size.

00:07:28   The company said that they will be launching a new version

00:07:30   designed for the 2021 model.

00:07:32   Timing is not yet known.

00:07:34   if you have the smaller version you'll be fine because they're the same size.

00:07:39   This just affects the larger one.

00:07:41   And what I just find so fantastic about this is, I mean, you could go back and listen to

00:07:46   us when we spoke about this thing for the first time in January and raised this exact

00:07:51   concern.

00:07:52   Yes, multiple times over and over.

00:07:56   And have consistently done it and now it has proven out.

00:07:59   And it's Chris Lawley, I also saw him tweeting a couple of days ago that he broke his just

00:08:07   by taking it out of the thing.

00:08:09   I don't really know what happened there, but it looks like a disaster.

00:08:12   Yeah, very unfortunate.

00:08:14   I feel really sorry for Chris.

00:08:16   Yeah, I mean, if only the new iPads were coming, right?

00:08:21   If only somebody could have understood that.

00:08:25   It's really embarrassing, I think.

00:08:26   I don't know, I guess like if you are sticking with a 2018 or 2020 iPad Pro, there is a version

00:08:35   of that, Studio Doc. It's just the timing of this, it really...

00:08:40   It also, it's like, it's the perfect wrong type of product in that I believe that the

00:08:46   only people that would spend $400 on an accessory would automatically buy any new iPad.

00:08:53   Exactly. Yes. The kind of people who are into this kind of accessory, they're also the early

00:09:00   adopters of new iPads. And so the timing is just unfortunate. And really, I feel like

00:09:07   they should have, because of the cost of this accessory, they should have probably thought

00:09:13   of making it as modular as possible, especially with the attachment, right? With the little

00:09:21   thing that goes into the USB-C connector, maybe that should have been replaceable so

00:09:28   that you wouldn't run into...

00:09:29   It's just not built in such a way that you would need to replace that part. It doesn't

00:09:34   need to be built that way. So, Adina just got this product, oh man, I don't remember

00:09:41   the name of it, it's like an iPad Pro drawing table, and it's, oh man, Sketchboard it's

00:09:49   it's called. It's like a drafting table. So it's like a large piece of wood and then there's

00:09:57   like a rubber insert in the middle and the reason it's a rubber insert in the middle

00:10:02   is because every time Apple updates the iPad they just sell a new rubber insert.

00:10:07   See? Exactly. They thought ahead. When this will eventually change you don't have to get

00:10:14   a new crafting table, you just get the inner... yeah, this is super clever. I love it.

00:10:20   And so you don't have to replace... it's very nice. It's really great for her, rather than

00:10:26   just having the iPad flat on the desk when trying to... they have it really interesting.

00:10:31   I've just got completely thrown off by their product images.

00:10:35   Why is there a skateboard going over the iPad?

00:10:38   Don't worry about that. If you go to the product page...

00:10:41   The FaceTiming animals.

00:10:42   Yes, there's a cat looking at the iPad and FaceTiming with another cat that's winking,

00:10:48   a dog, a chicken, a raccoon and another couple of cats.

00:10:53   Really interesting.

00:10:54   I mean look, artists, am I right?

00:10:57   Yeah.

00:10:58   So they sell a bunch of upgrade kits and it's all the iPads, from the iPad 6th gen all the

00:11:04   way up to the new and they said the new one they got is coming soon but I can't imagine

00:11:09   if you would need because the physical dimensions the width changed I don't

00:11:14   remember I don't think that has right it's just the depth that's changed for

00:11:18   yeah so you wouldn't need to upgrade it 0.5 millimeters so yeah just thought

00:11:24   that it was interesting yeah this looks pretty cool this is a cool product

00:11:28   Kensington Wow best of CES 2020 which was sketchboard sketch board no sketch

00:11:37   "Marchboard Pro, you people, put our podcast logo next to TechCrunch and take Business Insider

00:11:42   off of it. Replace us. Replace Business Insider with us."

00:11:45   Why do they have to remove Business Insider? Why can't we all be there?

00:11:48   No one likes Business Insider.

00:11:50   Okay.

00:11:52   Moving on from sad iPad news, last year there was a pic made by our own Federico Vittucci

00:11:59   that Apple would name a new head of PR. You missed it by a year, but—

00:12:04   As always.

00:12:05   I'm always, just, you know me, I'm always predicting things.

00:12:10   You're head of the curve, Federico.

00:12:12   I know, I know.

00:12:13   I'm an early adopter of the truth, basically.

00:12:16   Premature rigification.

00:12:18   Yeah.

00:12:18   But Stella Lowe has joined Apple as the head of PR.

00:12:23   She spent time at Cisco, as well as someplace else.

00:12:28   There was another like tech,

00:12:30   corporate tech company type place.

00:12:32   What does Cisco do?

00:12:35   They make everything from phones and voice over IP services.

00:12:40   They also do a lot of high end switches and routers and network equipment.

00:12:43   They do data center type stuff too.

00:12:45   They do data center type stuff.

00:12:46   Lots of infrastructure.

00:12:48   I just thought they made telephones.

00:12:50   I thought they made telephones.

00:12:52   Like landline telephones.

00:12:55   She was also at Unisys and Dell.

00:12:57   So lots of experience in the tech industry

00:13:02   in very different companies than Apple.

00:13:04   But this is great 'cause it's been a long time.

00:13:08   I mean, Steve Dowling left what, 2018, 2019?

00:13:13   It's been a minute.

00:13:14   - 2018, I think.

00:13:16   - Yeah, this is intriguing.

00:13:17   - I remember it was after the new iPad Pro.

00:13:20   So yeah, that would have been late 2018.

00:13:23   - Just another thing,

00:13:24   feel sure it doesn't have to do anymore.

00:13:26   - That's right.

00:13:27   Yeah, well he's busy with Epic.

00:13:29   - Yeah, he sure is.

00:13:31   It's gonna be interesting to see now that like,

00:13:34   especially because it seems like this role

00:13:36   has been run by a like Apple life person, right?

00:13:41   For, you know, or like long-term Apple people

00:13:44   for a really long time.

00:13:46   So it's gonna be intriguing to see

00:13:48   if or how it's changed by an outside hire.

00:13:51   You know, like I think it was John Gruber that referenced,

00:13:54   I don't remember the guy's name.

00:13:56   - Ah, yes, yes.

00:13:57   - It was Browning, who was the retail guy

00:14:00   who came from the UK and just did a bunch of terrible things

00:14:04   and then left.

00:14:05   - Was it John Broward, maybe?

00:14:07   - Yeah, Broward, it was Broward.

00:14:09   And then Angela Ahrendts lasted longer

00:14:11   and seemed to have a bit of a better impact.

00:14:13   But yeah, it's just gonna be intriguing

00:14:15   'cause P.R. is so special for Apple,

00:14:18   like so important, I should say.

00:14:20   It's gonna be interesting to see how someone coming

00:14:23   into that role who's not been at, like, Cisco do not deal with influencers, I don't think,

00:14:30   right? Like, you know, it's a... Hey, I'm sure there's a network influence. Well, yeah,

00:14:36   sure. Segment out there. Yeah, but they're not like cool YouTubers, right? Yeah, it's

00:14:41   gonna be really intriguing. It's gonna be really, really intriguing to see if anything

00:14:45   changes how it changes. I mean, ultimately, I think what's clear is that the people that

00:14:51   are already at Apple have been working kind of without somebody in that role so you would

00:14:56   expect you know if you were coming into that role just to be like all right how are you

00:15:00   all doing it right and then try and lead forward from there I would assume.

00:15:04   Yeah I'm very curious about that too because I think they've done a lot of really cool

00:15:07   stuff and I mean just obviously we've been able to do some stuff that they didn't let

00:15:12   podcasters do before so hopefully she's hip to podcasts she's probably a listener.

00:15:17   Please come on Stella please come on Stella.

00:15:21   I mean, Stella, I have some tips. We have some tips.

00:15:25   Basically, the way that PR works at Apple is you just send review units and scoops to

00:15:30   MacStories.net and Relay.fm.

00:15:32   And that is it.

00:15:35   The Apple PR 101. That's all you need to do.

00:15:39   Please don't take our interviews away, Stella.

00:15:42   Yes, please. I don't know. I feel like this kind of change is exciting, but also scary

00:15:48   at the same time, like what if this person actually hates us? So we'll see how it goes,

00:15:56   for sure. Stella, if you're out there, I'm not the person who cut a computer open to

00:16:01   fill it with bouncy balls. That was another guy. Don't make that happen. He's also not

00:16:05   the person that made the hissing video. That was somebody also. The other Stephen Hackett,

00:16:14   Yeah, that's the guitar player.

00:16:15   The guitar player.

00:16:16   I'm playing from Genesis.

00:16:17   Yeah, he has hearing damage, so he's hissing in his ear.

00:16:22   Too much loud music.

00:16:25   Not this guy.

00:16:26   Not me.

00:16:27   Long time listeners of this show will remember an obsession we had for a while with the Tiny

00:16:34   Heads graphical style.

00:16:36   So you've seen this many times.

00:16:39   Many technology companies use these weird illustrations with people with huge bodies

00:16:44   and tiny heads. This was a thing that we couldn't, once we saw it, we couldn't stop seeing it

00:16:48   and every week we were mentioning it. Somebody sent this to us, I think it may have been

00:16:52   the one true John, sent like a Wired article talking about this design phenomenon and it

00:16:58   is called corporate Memphis. That is the term.

00:17:01   My bad.

00:17:02   The article itself didn't do a good job for me of explaining where this came from so I

00:17:08   ended up finding it on Wikipedia and this is the Wikipedia summary. Corporate Memphis

00:17:11   is a term used, sometimes disparagingly, to describe a flat geometric art style widely

00:17:17   used in big tech illustrations in the late 2010s and early 2020s. Common motifs are flat

00:17:22   cartoon characters in action, disproportionate features such as long and bendy limbs, and

00:17:26   minimal facial features.

00:17:28   Noelle, read the last line.

00:17:30   Keep going.

00:17:31   Read the last line at the very end.

00:17:33   No, I didn't. I didn't copy that. It's a reference to the Memphis group, an Italian architecture.

00:17:38   What?

00:17:39   Yes, not my fault!

00:17:40   How did I miss this part of the Wikipedia? I just copied it into the...

00:17:46   This term is a reference to the Memphis group, an Italian architecture group from the 1980s

00:17:52   known for its garish designs. I will tell you the furniture from the Memphis group is

00:17:57   amazing. And I guess this is referencing... There is a design style called Memphis something,

00:18:04   I've seen it in keyboard design, weirdly. And this kind of evokes that kind of Memphis

00:18:13   design style. And so it all kind of comes back around, I suppose. Why are the Italians

00:18:17   involved?

00:18:18   It kind of reminds me of the Gizmo theme that never showed up in Mac OS 8, if anyone remembers

00:18:23   that.

00:18:24   So I just did some very quick jumping around on Wikipedia. So it's based on the Memphis

00:18:30   group, also known as Memphis Milano, was a design architecture group founded by

00:18:36   this Italian architect and designer named Ettore Sotsas, I believe that's how

00:18:43   you say that, and Sotsas worked at the Olivetti company, you know, they make

00:18:51   typewriters, and this is one of the designs that he worked on, the Olivetti

00:19:00   Valentine typewriter. It's a beautiful typewriter. Interesting. Okay, so basically

00:19:08   the tiny heads, they come from Italy? Seems like it. Is that the takeaway

00:19:14   of all this? It comes from Italy but it's named after me. My home. Really this

00:19:21   whole thing has now just become weirder and weirder. Yeah. That now there's this

00:19:26   weird Memphis Italian connection to it. We were so obsessed with this that we

00:19:31   ended up releasing a t-shirt that I love that nobody else loved. That's the answer to that.

00:19:36   You're gonna be out there and you're gonna say, "Hey, I would like this t-shirt to come back."

00:19:42   Well, none of you bought them in the first the first time, so...

00:19:45   Yeah, so you don't get them. I have two of them and I love them.

00:19:48   But yeah, so like you can go to the Cotton Bureau website and you can say, "Hey, bring it back."

00:19:55   "Well, we're not going to bring it back."

00:19:57   Should have thought that the first time.

00:19:58   We're not going to do it.

00:19:59   If you wanted it so bad, we're not going to do it.

00:20:01   And if you say, "Oh, well, it wasn't around the first time."

00:20:03   Well, you can just look to your fellow listeners and blame them.

00:20:05   Yeah.

00:20:06   Doesn't matter.

00:20:06   We could get a million people smashing that button and we're not bringing it back.

00:20:09   Look around and blame somebody.

00:20:11   That's how Twitter works, basically.

00:20:13   Go blame someone.

00:20:14   Go blame someone else.

00:20:15   Nothing to do with us.

00:20:17   Yeah. Agreed.

00:20:19   Federico, would you like to talk about why we were stupid last week?

00:20:24   when we were talking about Apple Hi-Fi. Yeah, we are dumb, basically. This is so annoying.

00:20:31   Should have seen this, should have thought of this. So we were discussing Apple Music

00:20:36   Hi-Fi, so this idea that Apple is working on a higher resolution tier for Apple Music

00:20:42   for lossless audio. And we just focused our conversation on what does it mean to have

00:20:48   a high resolution audio, what does it mean to be lossless, what's the difference between

00:20:52   in CD quality or even higher resolution formats. We just thought about that and we discussed,

00:20:59   well, how can they bring this higher resolution audio to existing headphones that they are

00:21:06   selling that millions of people have, such as AirPods Pro or AirPods Max, if they don't

00:21:11   have dedicated chips inside of them that can decode that higher resolution format. We are

00:21:19   stupid, the three of us, because we didn't consider the fact that Apple likes to do its,

00:21:26   you know, custom software instead of hardware for these kinds of things. And we didn't consider

00:21:34   how one potential avenue that Apple could explore is bringing one of the most interesting

00:21:43   audio-related features that they have launched in the past year, spatial audio, bringing

00:21:48   that from movies and TV shows in the TV app to music, and what would that be like? And

00:21:58   this kind of lines up with some of the things that I have seen and heard about the some

00:22:04   code strings that have been found in the iOS 14.6 beta, and there's like a bunch of things

00:22:10   actually lining up where all of this makes sense. So part of this is based on these references

00:22:16   that MacRumors and 95Mac also published them independently, and it kind of lines up with

00:22:23   conversation that I had, and also this is like my theory about how this could potentially

00:22:29   go. So I feel like Apple is obviously not gonna go after the audiophile market per se,

00:22:38   right? They're not gonna say "Oh, and now Apple Music, for all you audio nerds out there,

00:22:44   You can listen to FLAC files in Apple Music, but only if you have an external DAC that

00:22:52   supports this resolution.

00:22:54   Like Apple is not going to do any of that, right?

00:22:57   If they're going to do this, they're going to make it as friendly and as intuitive as

00:23:01   possible.

00:23:02   But also when you think about it, Apple likes to have its own unique twists for these kinds

00:23:10   of things.

00:23:11   And I feel like, what if Apple took the one aspect that is generally one of the many reasons

00:23:21   why audiophiles like to listen to music a certain way, which is the idea of having this

00:23:27   bigger, wider soundstage, and being able to recognize each instrument playing around you.

00:23:36   Right?

00:23:37   And I'm super simplifying here for the sake of the conversation.

00:23:40   what if they took that idea and simplified it as much as possible and said, "And now we have

00:23:46   spatial audio in Apple Music." And this could be something that they do in software,

00:23:52   just like they did for movies and TV shows in the TV app with AirPods. It could be something that

00:23:58   could potentially work on existing AirPods models. It could work on AirPods 2, on AirPods Pro,

00:24:05   and Airports Max wouldn't require dedicated hardware, it would be a software feature,

00:24:11   and nobody else would have it. That's the idea. The problem with this is that it will require

00:24:20   record labels to participate in this initiative and to actually send in masters that support this

00:24:29   different format that is going to work for, if they do it, that is going to work for special

00:24:34   audio in Apple Music. So where this gets interesting is I got a couple of messages last week from

00:24:43   people who work in the music industry that told me, basically, we've actually been told

00:24:50   to start providing masters in this new Dolby format that is going to work for spatial audio.

00:24:58   And if we don't do it, basically we've been encouraged to do it so that we can be featured

00:25:04   in the future on Apple Music in a bunch of different sections and playlists, right? So

00:25:09   I thought that was fascinating and I started putting two and two together and I realized,

00:25:14   oh, like when we talk about high resolution music in, you know, in Apple Music, we shouldn't

00:25:21   We focused on the specifics of, is it FLAC, is it MQA, will it require an external DAC,

00:25:29   but what about existing AirPods?

00:25:32   I think it makes a lot more sense to do it this way, to take special audio, which is

00:25:37   already a feature in the TV app, and say, "And now a selection of music is available

00:25:42   in this format, and all you need to do is just wear AirPods, and you can listen to music

00:25:48   that sort of surrounds you in a way like you've never heard it before. And I just think it's

00:25:55   smart and it kind of explains why this may not even be a separate tier in Apple Music.

00:26:02   Right? Last week we mentioned the... what was the name of the website? It's Double Daily.

00:26:09   They said that Apple Music Hi-Fi was going to be $9.99. And so we started speculating,

00:26:14   "Oh, does it mean that they're lowering the price of the standard Apple Music subscription

00:26:20   to $599 or $799?" What if it's just a free upgrade? Just like they did many times in

00:26:27   the past for 1080p HD content, and later for 4K content, and then for HDR content. It's

00:26:35   always been a free upgrade on the iTunes Store catalog. What if they do the same for Apple

00:26:40   music. And they say, and now for we are rolling out for some, you know, major,

00:26:47   like the most popular artists, you will be able to listen in Apple Music, you

00:26:50   know, spatial audio format. And this catalog will grow over time. No change

00:26:56   of price, still $9.99 a month. And you can enjoy this with any modern AirPods

00:27:02   model that you have. I just feel like that would be totally an Apple thing to

00:27:07   do.

00:27:08   I was listening to some music yesterday, one of my favourite bands, a band called Jungle.

00:27:14   Very, very fun music. And all of a sudden something weird happened, like something changed

00:27:22   and it sounded like the music was in front of me. What I didn't know is there is a music video

00:27:28   in the Apple Music album and because it's a video it uses spatial audio, which is just very peculiar,

00:27:35   like all of a sudden it just freaked me out. I don't expect they'll do it like this because

00:27:39   like the way that they're doing it there is like the music is far away on a stage, right? But

00:27:44   I don't imagine the spatial audio, if they do the spatial audio, which I think they, right,

00:27:48   that seems like the obvious thing that we're saying, but who knows how it'll actually work.

00:27:53   It won't be like like spatial audio is on TV stuff where it's meant to just be like,

00:27:58   well the audio is over there. It will just be creating this almost surround sound like

00:28:03   experience with you standing in the middle of it as Federico was saying. So

00:28:06   you know just just as a thought like it's not they will call it spatial audio

00:28:10   maybe but it won't operate the same way I can't I would imagine that spatial

00:28:16   audio currently works with video content because it's a it's a different thing

00:28:20   it's like a different interpretation of how that would work would be my expectation.

00:28:24   Let's take a break. This episode of Connected is brought to you by FitBod.

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00:29:57   I've been using Fitbot.

00:29:58   I love how easy it was to set up, went in, answered some questions, told it the type

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00:30:08   So I don't have to keep up with some Apple Note writing down what I'm doing or trying

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00:30:42   thanks to Fitbod for their support of Connected and Relay FM. I have some

00:30:46   breaking news. You ready for this? It's not really breaking, I just didn't see it

00:30:51   until we were already recording. So why is it or is it not breaking news? It was breaking news at

00:30:56   7.32 Pacific Time. So it was breaking news 20 minutes ago? So it's like

00:31:03   something everyone's gonna know about maybe by the time the show comes out.

00:31:05   You're like the worst news channel ever.

00:31:09   The Chipolo One is now for sale.

00:31:14   This is the worst breaking news.

00:31:16   So if you don't want an AirTag, you want something with a little more color and a hole punch

00:31:21   through it so you can attach it to things, you can get them.

00:31:26   It's $25.

00:31:27   Nice colors, nice colors.

00:31:28   Yeah, I like the blue, red, yellow, green deal.

00:31:31   It's fun.

00:31:32   25 bucks for one, $75 for a four-pack, $105 for a six-pack.

00:31:37   These seem to be sale prices maybe or launch prices.

00:31:42   So they are undercutting Apple a little bit.

00:31:43   They don't have the U1, so you won't get the cool like arrow

00:31:48   as you take your new iPhone around,

00:31:51   but it's got the rest of the stuff, looks pretty awesome.

00:31:54   Could be a nice alternative if you don't wanna buy AirTag

00:31:58   and then buy something to put your AirTag in

00:32:00   so it can attach to something.

00:32:02   Lads, I'm buying one.

00:32:03   Do it.

00:32:05   I'll just see what happens.

00:32:06   I don't know.

00:32:07   Did you just call us lads?

00:32:08   He did.

00:32:09   Yeah, you're the lads.

00:32:10   What color are you doing?

00:32:12   Oh, I didn't even think about that.

00:32:14   I got a blue one.

00:32:15   I just...

00:32:15   (laughing)

00:32:18   Wait a sec.

00:32:19   Are we all buying Chipolo things?

00:32:21   I'm gonna get one.

00:32:22   Yeah, but I'm not gonna do the one to three business day

00:32:25   shipping 'cause it's 13 pounds.

00:32:27   It will be here in a couple of weeks.

00:32:30   Hold on, hold on.

00:32:30   We're gonna do this.

00:32:31   Chipolo. What color? I want to get either red or yellow. I have blue. So are you all

00:32:39   just gonna wait? So I've got 10 to 14 business day shipping, which is basically a month.

00:32:44   You're gonna do faster shipping? I don't want to. Let's see, checkout. Why is this a podcast?

00:32:54   Check out.

00:32:55   Um, Express Check.

00:32:57   How do I choose?

00:32:58   Okay.

00:32:59   Apple Pay.

00:33:00   No.

00:33:01   Contact information.

00:33:02   Can you use Apple Pay on a Mac?

00:33:08   It'll ask your watch.

00:33:09   Yeah, it asks your phone or your watch.

00:33:11   I can get standard shipping two to nine business days or Express shipping one to three business

00:33:15   days for $13.

00:33:18   Why is it not asking me what kind of shipping I want?

00:33:20   It does after you do the Apple Pay thing.

00:33:22   Yeah, you finish it after that.

00:33:25   That's clever.

00:33:26   Thanks, Shopify.

00:33:27   Okay, so I'm going to do it.

00:33:29   Isn't Shopify amazing, by the way?

00:33:32   Isn't Shopify just like a business for humanity?

00:33:34   It is.

00:33:35   In fact, I'm glad you said that.

00:33:36   Neil Ipatel at The Verge took over Kara Swisher's old show.

00:33:41   What is it called?

00:33:43   Decoder?

00:33:44   Yes.

00:33:45   Recoder?

00:33:46   Decoder.

00:33:47   and he interviewed the CEO of Shopify last week or the week before and it was

00:33:52   genuinely fascinating. Have we all decided what the shipping is now? Because I don't want to be worried.

00:33:57   I did the slow one. I got the fast one. Oh how fast is your fast shipping?

00:34:02   One, two days. Do you pay 13 euros for that shipping? Yeah, Apple Pay failed

00:34:09   so I'm using my credit card. Oh I can't change it now so I'm going slow shipping.

00:34:13   I did two to nine business days.

00:34:15   I will forget that I ordered this

00:34:17   and it's just gonna show up.

00:34:18   Like who sent me a Chipolo?

00:34:20   - Oh no, I can change it.

00:34:22   Okay, there we go.

00:34:23   - Okay.

00:34:24   - I'm doing the fast Chipolo.

00:34:25   - I got a Chipolo, guys.

00:34:26   I got a Chipolo one red.

00:34:28   - We're gonna be the Chipolo gang.

00:34:31   Oh God, the card just declined.

00:34:32   Why did that happen?

00:34:33   I'm really having a mess over here, man.

00:34:36   - See, is Chipolo hacking us?

00:34:39   - I think so.

00:34:40   I think we might be simultaneously

00:34:42   destroying the Chipolo website.

00:34:44   Have three people ever tried to buy something

00:34:46   from them at the same time before?

00:34:48   - That's right, there's an alarm going off somewhere.

00:34:51   - This is a straight up failing on me now.

00:34:52   Now I'm going into credit, I'm entering my credit card now

00:34:55   'cause I think Apple Pay is just dying.

00:34:57   - Okay, so why did I buy one?

00:34:59   - We're gonna see what it's like.

00:35:01   - Oh, oh, oh no, guys.

00:35:05   - What happened?

00:35:05   - Wait, hang on.

00:35:07   - Did you send us the wrong product?

00:35:09   - I think we bought the regular Chipolo

00:35:11   but not the Chipolo one spot that we're confined by.

00:35:15   Excellent. Mine didn't.

00:35:16   In fact, it's one thing, Steven.

00:35:18   We bought the wrong thing.

00:35:19   Well, I didn't actually, I'm so pleased that mine failed,

00:35:22   so I haven't bought it yet, so I'm just-

00:35:23   Hang on, no, I followed a link from MacRumors.

00:35:26   Steven! Steven, come on.

00:35:28   No, it's not me.

00:35:29   It's MacRumors Joe.

00:35:34   You were in charge of this.

00:35:37   Now available to pre-order.

00:35:38   You were in charge of this as a break-in.

00:35:40   Yeah, no, oh no, we did do the wrong thing.

00:35:43   I didn't buy it, this is incredible.

00:35:45   I did.

00:35:46   This, by the way, the worst segment in connected history, so thank you for that.

00:35:51   What am I going to do with this thing?

00:35:52   What I did, what happened, I saw Joe's thing of MacRumors and I opened a tab and Googled

00:35:59   and then landed on the wrong Topolo webpage and we bought the wrong ones.

00:36:02   Let's see if I can cancel this.

00:36:06   View your order.

00:36:07   I don't understand why you made me do this.

00:36:09   Your order is confirmed.

00:36:11   What I like is I was the person who started the buying thing and now I don't have one.

00:36:17   Okay, so what I'm going to do, I'm going to contact them and I'm going to put my order

00:36:22   number in.

00:36:23   Hi.

00:36:24   You don't need to write an email on the show.

00:36:27   I bought this on a podcast.

00:36:28   This segment is already bad enough.

00:36:30   Now I'm just going to give this to my mom.

00:36:32   I don't have the energy to cancel this order right now.

00:36:35   Maybe now you could just do a like, you know, you can just do a comparison.

00:36:38   No, I'm gonna be, "Ma'am, I bought you a gift."

00:36:42   Does it work with Fine Mite? No, it doesn't.

00:36:44   No.

00:36:45   No, I don't have the mental ed. You know what? I'm gonna give this away on Max or weekly.

00:36:51   Incredible.

00:36:52   I don't care.

00:36:53   And then the person that gets it will be upset at you because it isn't the one that works.

00:36:57   They're gonna cancel their membership?

00:36:59   Yeah.

00:37:00   It's like Russian roulette but membership.

00:37:03   Oh my God. Stephen, you are the absolute worst.

00:37:07   [Laughter]

00:37:09   Person to recommend something to buy. Like, I'm never asking you for any buying advice ever again.

00:37:16   I'm deleting the purchase link from the show notes.

00:37:19   Speaking of which, I actually have a few questions for you.

00:37:24   Yeah, speaking of which, Federico now has an entire segment where he wants buying advice.

00:37:29   OK, so I was thinking about my desk, OK? And how, given the problems with the Kensington

00:37:42   Studio Dock and the fact that it was not going to work with the new iPad Pro, I started thinking,

00:37:47   "Well, maybe it's time to say goodbye after two months to the Studio Dock."

00:37:52   I know, you just changed everything around for that thing.

00:37:54   I had just changed everything on my desk to make room for the Studio Doc, but I just couldn't

00:38:00   accept the fact that it was not going to be compatible with the new iPad Pro, and so I

00:38:03   started thinking, well, there's this new iPad Pro coming, and it's going to have a Thunderbolt

00:38:08   port, and I have a pretty good feeling for iPadOS 15 doing even more things with Thunderbolt.

00:38:14   I have a Mac Mini that also has a Thunderbolt port, I have an LG Ultrafine 4K display that

00:38:20   works with Thunderbolt devices, maybe I should go all in and see what it actually is like

00:38:27   to have a full Thunderbolt setup going on with both a Mac Mini and an iPad Pro and an

00:38:34   LG Ultrafine display. So I started looking into this, I removed the studio dock from

00:38:39   the desk, I put the Ultrafine 4K display in the middle of the desk again with the Mac

00:38:46   Mini next to it, and so I started looking into Thunderbolt docks, right? And I browsed around

00:38:53   on Amazon.com, on Amazon. Italy, and eventually I went for the Belkin Thunderbolt Pro dock that is

00:39:04   available on the Italian Apple Store. It was the fastest one that would arrive within a couple of

00:39:10   of days, and so I went for that one. So I set it up next to the Mac Mini. When I, you

00:39:18   know, I only have a Mac Mini, don't have a new iPad Pro to also test that with, so I

00:39:25   set it up with the Mac Mini and a Thunderbolt cable, and it looked like everything was going

00:39:29   okay, right? So for context now, this is like, there's a Mac Mini with a Thunderbolt cable

00:39:36   that goes into the computer port of the dock, and there's a Thunderbolt cable that goes

00:39:42   from the dock into the display. So my idea was, I can just swap a single cable, right,

00:39:50   from the dock, when I want to use the Mac Mini, I'm going to plug in the Mac Mini cable.

00:39:55   When I want to use the future iPad Pro, I can plug in, you know, I can buy a separate

00:40:01   Thunderbolt cable just for the iPad Pro, and I can plug in that one. So I can switch between

00:40:05   devices and the display is going to adapt. This, my friend, is the dream, huh? Right.

00:40:12   It's the dream. I had the same dream. So then I started thinking, but what if, so I have

00:40:20   this dock, but in preparation for the iPad Pro, I also ordered from Amazon the Samsung

00:40:28   X5. This is an external SSD Thunderbolt drive. So it's an external SSD based on Thunderbolt

00:40:39   3, which is not Thunderbolt 4 like the iPad Pro will have. However, there's no change

00:40:47   in terms of transfer speeds between Thunderbolt 3 and 4. So I figured this is gonna...

00:40:52   What do you want that for?

00:40:54   as a test, you know, just to try what it actually is like to use Thunderbolt for external storage.

00:41:02   And so I looked at the dock and I had an idea, right? So this dock only has two Thunderbolt

00:41:09   ports. One is labeled "computer", so that's where you plug in either the Mac or the iPad

00:41:14   Pro. And the other is a regular Thunderbolt port. And I thought, what if I plugged in

00:41:20   the computer into the computer port, but then what if I plugged in the X5 drive into the

00:41:26   second Thunderbolt port? That could work and it could be like permanent storage attached

00:41:32   to the dock, but it would also mean that the display no longer has a cable that goes from

00:41:39   the dock to the display. And that was when I started running into problems, because I

00:41:44   I thought, well, this dock also has a DisplayPort connection. What if I could figure out a way

00:41:52   to go from DisplayPort to USB-C, which is what the Ultrafine 4K needs to be connected

00:42:00   to, right? This required, like, I wasted a solid couple of hours just browsing around

00:42:07   the internet and trying to understand if this was actually possible. The Ultrafine 4K is

00:42:13   an old display, so it's also kind of challenging to find recent content and recent discussions

00:42:20   on Amazon reviews or Reddit or Twitter for people who have my exact same setup.

00:42:27   Also, nobody has the new iPad Pro, so it's not like I can ask and find content that mentions

00:42:34   the new iPad Pro.

00:42:37   I eventually found one person on the MacRumors forums, obviously, because I told you I love

00:42:45   MacRumors.

00:42:46   Always.

00:42:47   You always find that person, and I have this theory, that when you find that person, that

00:42:53   person is your soulmate.

00:42:55   Like when you find that person on the MacRumors forums, that has your exact...

00:42:59   Is this exclusive to the MacRumors forums?

00:43:03   It's the only place you can find your soulmate.

00:43:05   It's like your tech soulmate, basically. Like, when you find that person, I believe there's

00:43:10   a, you know, there's a good chance that you're gonna get along well with that person.

00:43:17   So anyway, this person had my same problem. They wanted to connect an Ultrafine 4K display

00:43:23   to a Belkin Thunderbolt dock using a DisplayPort cable. That person mentioned how if you were

00:43:32   looking to go with this setup, you needed to find a bi-directional USB-C DisplayPort

00:43:39   cable, okay? Because most cables that you find on Amazon are USB-C to DisplayPort only,

00:43:49   whereas in my case I needed to go DisplayPort to USB-C. And so the easiest solution was

00:43:56   to get a bi-directional cable. So, again, I went back to Amazon, I started searching

00:44:01   from this, and much to my surprise, the cheapest and simplest solution was the AmazonBasics

00:44:11   USB-C DisplayPort Bidirectional Cable. So, an AmazonBasics-labeled cable that supposedly

00:44:20   was bidirectional. Okay? So I ordered the cable. Next day the cable arrives, and it

00:44:27   seems like it's working! Okay, so I plug in the X5 into the secondary Thunderbolt

00:44:33   port on the dock, plug in the Mac Mini into the computer port on the dock, and I

00:44:39   plug in the DisplayPort cable in the DisplayPort connection on the dock, and

00:44:44   the USB-C end into the Ultrafine 4K. Seems like it's working. However, I notice

00:44:52   is the first problem, which is every time I go and try and wake the Mac Mini, right?

00:45:02   Usually I do this by pressing the space bar on my keyboard. I feel the little haptic touch

00:45:08   on the watch. I know that the watch authenticated the Mac Mini. It takes over 10 seconds for

00:45:14   the display to wake with the DisplayPort connection. And I'm just sitting there, having felt the

00:45:22   haptic tap on my wrist, but just staring at a black rectangle.

00:45:26   Hey, at least it wakes. So I have a similar issue.

00:45:31   Hold on. Hold on. I'm getting there. So this is the, I was like, okay, I mean, it's not

00:45:38   ideal. It's like, but every, like it adds up, right? Every day I'm waking the Mac Mini

00:45:43   and it takes over ten seconds and I'm just standing there like an idiot, staring at a

00:45:49   turned off display until it wakes up. But the more annoying problem is the following.

00:45:56   So each night I like to turn off my Mac Mini. Because there's the occasionally, because

00:46:05   I run Plex on this thing, occasionally for whatever reason the fans of the Mac Mini will

00:46:11   starts spinning at night. And Sylvia has a very light sleep, she doesn't like that noise,

00:46:19   she doesn't like the fact that there's that LED indicator when a Mac Mini is turned on.

00:46:26   She just wants it to be off. And I respect her decision, so each night I have to turn

00:46:31   it off. The problem is that the next morning, when I turn on the Mac Mini again, it doesn't

00:46:38   wake the Thunderbolt dock. So the Mac Mini is connected, I press the power button, the

00:46:45   Mac Mini turns on, but the LED indicator on the balcony dock, it stays orange instead

00:46:52   of turning green. And the only way for me to force the Thunderbolt dock to wake is to

00:46:58   unplug and replug the Thunderbolt cable that connects the Mac Mini and the dock. And now

00:47:05   Now I'm asking you both. Am I stupid? Am I doing something wrong? Should I have gone

00:47:13   for a different Thunderbolt dock? Or was this a nightmare scenario that nobody told me about

00:47:22   and it's been the case with Thunderbolt devices all along?

00:47:25   Well, I can't answer your question. Let me tell you my problem. Right? Because then you'll

00:47:30   understand why I can't answer your question. I use the CalDigit TS3+

00:47:35   Thunderbolt dock on my desk here at the studio. I saw that one, yeah. It's very nice.

00:47:41   It's a good dock. Like, I like it for what it does. When I was using a monitor that

00:47:46   worked with Thunderbolt, no actually I was using a DisplayPort monitor as well

00:47:51   and I didn't have an issue. Oh, I was using HDMI, that's why, and I don't

00:47:56   recommend that because you can't get retina and so at least with the setup I

00:48:01   was using anyway so now though I am using the Cal digit dock with my MacBook

00:48:05   Pro and the monitor I'm using is USB C powered right kind of like the

00:48:10   it's an LFG monitor but it's not the ultra fine and every day I plug the

00:48:16   MacBook into the dock using the Thunderbolt cable that it came with

00:48:20   everything turns on and it's fine but the monitor never turns on and every

00:48:24   single day I have to unplug the monitor and plug the monitor back in and usually

00:48:29   have to open and close the laptop a couple of times and then eventually it

00:48:34   will work but it seems like every single day it is a completely different set of

00:48:39   things that I have to do to get the monitor to turn on. Basically I just

00:48:43   think really and I've heard this from other people that there kind of isn't a

00:48:48   good solution when it comes to docking right and Stephen you can tell me if I'm

00:48:51   wrong it's always kind of janky in some way yeah you just have to find the right

00:48:59   path and then whatever it is you're willing to accept it's also complicated

00:49:03   right now I know John has talked about this with his Mac Pro and produce play

00:49:08   XDR where the display won't wake up at all and I think eleven point three point

00:49:13   one made it better for him but I Oh breaking news Chipola refunded my order

00:49:18   Thank you Chipotle. Excellent news. That was so much better breaking news than the first

00:49:22   breaking news that you gave us today. But I have a similar issue to Federico where I

00:49:27   sit down at my Mac Pro, hit the space bar, my watch vibrates, that it's unlocked, and

00:49:33   it takes 10 seconds for the display to come back. The computer's unlocked and like operating,

00:49:37   I can't hit the play button, the music starts. And so trying to troubleshoot this I think

00:49:42   right now is complicated by the fact there seems to be something going on in Big Sur,

00:49:46   at least for some users that adds to this delay.

00:49:50   So your system, hardware-wise, may be okay,

00:49:54   and it may just be Big Sur freaking out on the Mac Mini.

00:49:58   I don't know for sure, but I wouldn't go as far

00:50:01   as starting to replace equipment

00:50:03   or giving up on this quite yet.

00:50:05   - Yeah, I know one of the recent updates to Big Sur

00:50:09   focused on Thunderbolt docking

00:50:13   as a thing to try and improve.

00:50:16   I mean it didn't improve my situation, but there is something going on.

00:50:20   Plus, I mean, it's like a combination of things.

00:50:23   Maybe macOS ain't right, but also this is just always a pain doing this kind of stuff

00:50:28   with any kind of dock.

00:50:30   Especially with Thunderbolt docks, because what kind of something, I'm sure that there

00:50:33   is a rhyme and reason to this and a way to do it, but there does seem to be like an ordering

00:50:38   with Thunderbolt, like depending on what's plugged in first, because it's like a power

00:50:44   right? What's plugged in first? What draws the power? Like sometimes my dock doesn't

00:50:49   turn on because I tapped something before I plugged the computer in or whatever. There's

00:50:55   like this system of like witches in control. Like a cascading system basically. Kind of.

00:51:01   And I think it's basically like what is considered to be drawing power most or first and then

00:51:07   that can affect things. Thunderbolt is really good and also really annoying because it does

00:51:13   allow for way more expandability and you can control way more things more easily with less

00:51:20   components.

00:51:21   Just having this one dock, I have one dock, it has a couple of Thunderbolt, couple of

00:51:26   USB, couple of USB-C, Ethernet, audio, it's got everything on it, this CalDigit thing.

00:51:32   It's great to have.

00:51:34   Once I get it set up for the day, then I'm off to the races.

00:51:37   I just have these five or ten minutes every day where I'm unplugging and replugging and

00:51:42   tap in the spacebar. Like this morning my keyboard just wouldn't work. I don't know

00:51:48   why. Maybe it's the guy who built it, you know? Hey! My keyboard wouldn't work for a

00:51:53   while and no matter whatever I plugged in, like I tried different cables and stuff and

00:51:58   it wouldn't work until I unplugged the Mac and replugged the Mac in again with the lightning,

00:52:04   with the thunderbolt and then it worked again. And I don't, maybe I tapped the spacebar too

00:52:08   I don't know. It's janky, but it is cool when you get it working.

00:52:14   And I reject Stephen's statement wholeheartedly.

00:52:18   Yeah, because otherwise it's a really nice setup, right?

00:52:21   I feel like I simplified, there's the Mac Mini, there's this elegant dock next to it,

00:52:27   cables are all hidden behind the desk. It's all very nice.

00:52:32   And then when I'm recording, I can plug in the USB interface that I have in the front of the dock,

00:52:37   or I can plug in headphones because the audio jack is in the front.

00:52:41   So very nice.

00:52:43   But this display delay is unfortunate.

00:52:46   And also I would have liked to have an additional Thunderbolt port, which is why I'm probably

00:52:54   gonna consider when it's available the OWC, like the new Thunderbolt dock that they have,

00:53:02   which is the only one that I've found that has three Thunderbolt ports in the back.

00:53:09   But that, like, I believe you had to pre-order that dock, otherwise it's shipping in like

00:53:15   a couple of months now.

00:53:16   So I don't know.

00:53:17   I have one of the Thunderbolt 3 docks from OWC.

00:53:22   I ordered it when it became available.

00:53:25   I haven't actually used it, because what I don't really need is a bunch of Thunderbolt

00:53:30   ports.

00:53:32   now what I need is regular ports to go into that and then out through one

00:53:37   Thunderbolt right that's what I need right now I don't have like a plethora

00:53:41   of Thunderbolt devices in my life what I have is a bunch of regular USB devices

00:53:45   and you know what I mean like that's that's the stuff that I really have but

00:53:50   I do I saw this I thought this I know this will be useful for the future so I

00:53:53   ordered it because I'm still as I said before like I'm in I still don't really

00:53:58   know what I'm doing with my computer setups here at the studio, it's all still all over

00:54:02   the place because I'm waiting on Apple now to release products. But it felt like something

00:54:06   that would be useful, but then I realized the CalDigit one really is the better one

00:54:10   for me because its whole thing is like all the stuff you've already got, plug it into

00:54:15   this and then you get the one cable and it will, you plug it into the laptop and you're

00:54:19   good. Yeah, I don't know, so looking ahead at the new iPad Pro, I think I'm in a pretty

00:54:25   good spot right now. I have the Satechi Slim X1 keyboard that lets me switch

00:54:33   between the Mac Mini and the iPad Pro. Also, fun story for that, because I turn

00:54:37   off the Mac Mini each night, every morning I see the login screen, right?

00:54:43   With third-party Bluetooth keyboards, if you want to be able to type at the

00:54:49   login screen with a non-apple wireless keyboard, it turns out you have to disable FileVault

00:54:56   encryption because the Bluetooth drivers for third-party keyboards are not available at

00:55:04   the login screen because it's like a separate process, whatever.

00:55:08   They haven't noticed this because they will use Magic keyboards, right?

00:55:11   Yeah.

00:55:12   And it's like, people like to use other stuff, right?

00:55:16   Like, it's, that's so annoying.

00:55:18   All of my keyboards are on cables these days, so I don't know.

00:55:21   That would really annoy me.

00:55:23   Yeah, I mean, when you're wired, that's not a problem.

00:55:28   I would say be patient.

00:55:30   Maybe a big Sur update will fix it.

00:55:32   And if it does work, then it's like the optimal Mac/iPad switch-a-roo setup.

00:55:37   I think it'd be really cool if it worked.

00:55:39   I want to try it when the new iMac Pro comes.

00:55:43   I want to see how it works in practice.

00:55:45   So far I can tell you that I'm impressed by the speeds of Thunderbolt devices, the X5

00:55:54   drive that I have. I tested transferring my entire Death Cab for Cutie library, which

00:56:00   is like a 6 point something gigabyte folder, including the new Live at the Showbox album.

00:56:09   So that's almost 7 gigabytes, basically.

00:56:13   And I tested it with the Samsung T5, which is the USB 3.2 Gen 2 drive.

00:56:23   Super speed.

00:56:24   It's fast.

00:56:25   So it's the 10 gigabit per second drive.

00:56:29   So the T5 and the X5, which is the Thunderbolt drive.

00:56:33   And it's like night and day difference.

00:56:35   Like it took what 15-20 seconds on the X5 and it took well over a minute on the T5.

00:56:42   So it's like yeah, I mean it's really impressive what you get with Thunderbolt transfers when

00:56:50   it comes to copying and pasting large files.

00:56:53   There's one last thing that I hope for with this.

00:56:56   Yeah.

00:56:57   Is that Apple makes a monitor and it solves all the problems.

00:56:59   Oh yes.

00:57:00   Because my issue and most people's issues like well actually Steven's having this problem

00:57:04   many has an Apple monitor so maybe it won't fix my problem but like my main

00:57:10   issue is just that the the monitor doesn't turn on it the way that I want

00:57:14   or if at all and everything else is fine so my hope would just be that Apple will

00:57:18   make a monitor and it will fix it for me. I kind of feel bad for my Thunderbolt

00:57:22   ports because I'm using a couple of them mostly just to adapt to other things

00:57:30   Like the only Thunderbolt port that I have that's living its true potential is the one

00:57:35   driving my Pro Display XDR.

00:57:37   I don't have any external Thunderbolt.

00:57:38   I mean that's a pretty big potential.

00:57:41   Yeah, that Thunderbolt port's living its best life, but all of its friends down there under

00:57:47   the table, they're just like "Oh, I'm adapted to USB-A!"

00:57:50   Well then you need to rotate them around so they all feel better about themselves.

00:57:54   Maybe.

00:57:55   My video card has several Thunderbolt ports on it.

00:57:57   Let's move it around.

00:57:58   There you go.

00:57:59   Just keep moving it around.

00:58:00   cause you any problems. I'm not going to go wrong. So, listeners, connected listeners,

00:58:06   the passionate ones as we call you. Yes. I've forgotten about that until just now. The passionate

00:58:11   ones. If you have heard what me and Federico are doing, and you have come into this situation

00:58:17   yourself and you're like, "Oh hey, I fixed this with X." Please let us know. I fixed

00:58:23   it by installing Catalina. Well, that'll do that. Don't do that. It's too slow, too late

00:58:29   I'm already on Bixa.

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01:00:29   So as owner of iOS stories dotnet, I am well known

01:00:34   For my app coverage sure people know me

01:00:40   Call me the only people know you I have a big appetite for different new things

01:00:47   here and so I

01:00:50   Oh my God. Have you turned into a dad?

01:00:54   Yeah man. No, I have some news. No I don't.

01:00:57   Parcel is an application I want to talk about.

01:01:00   It is a delivery tracking application.

01:01:03   And I've used Deliveries, the app Deliveries by June Cloud.

01:01:07   Is that the name of the company?

01:01:08   Yes.

01:01:09   Or is that the... Okay.

01:01:10   I can never remember if it's the name of the company or their cloud service

01:01:13   because they also have Deliveries Cloud, I think.

01:01:16   I've used Deliveries forever, been a very happy user of Deliveries.

01:01:20   But then after many recommendations from the fine folk in the keyboards channel of the

01:01:25   Relay FM members Discord, I checked out Parcel.

01:01:29   Now the design is pretty bare bones, it's very iOS 70, I wasn't sure about it.

01:01:37   And people were going super excited about the Amazon integration, this is its biggest

01:01:42   feature recently. You could sign in with Amazon, like sign into your Amazon

01:01:46   account and every time you buy something on Amazon it just adds it automatically

01:01:52   to Parcel, which is very clever, right? I think this is a small little thing that

01:01:57   it does, which is fine. That's fine for me. I mean really I kind of, maybe this

01:02:01   sounds bad but like I never really, no this isn't bad, I never need to track my

01:02:05   Amazon things because Amazon does everything it possibly can to let me

01:02:09   know about the deliveries?

01:02:11   Yep. They send you push notifications,

01:02:13   emails.

01:02:14   My Echo lights yellow, like

01:02:16   yeah, pajama gram.

01:02:17   There's one type of delivery in my

01:02:19   life I don't need extra help

01:02:20   tracking. It's Amazon deliveries.

01:02:22   But it's cool that it's in there,

01:02:23   right? Like a fun feature.

01:02:25   The reason I love this application

01:02:27   is twofold.

01:02:28   One, it has support

01:02:30   for way more services

01:02:32   than Deliveries does.

01:02:34   But the other thing is it does a

01:02:36   vastly better job of pulling

01:02:38   the information into the application. So the biggest one for me is Royal Mail, right, the

01:02:45   postal service here in the UK. In deliveries, every Royal Mail delivery, it just says you

01:02:51   have to log in to the website to view the information about this delivery. I have to

01:02:55   tap the link and it does a good job of pasting the code where it needs to go. Sometimes I

01:03:00   need to fill in a capture, which I hate doing because it's one of the image ones. The image

01:03:03   captures are the worst. Show me bicycles. No, I don't want to do that. Stop trying to

01:03:08   your car AI with me, Google, I know what you're doing. But Parcel somehow gets the

01:03:14   data and just shows it in the application. It's fantastic. So like all

01:03:18   of my Royal Mail deliveries, they just show up right there. It is really

01:03:24   good. It has support for way more services. I really like it. I only wish

01:03:28   wished for one feature which was, this is an I think probably a pretty unknown

01:03:32   feature for good reason in deliveries. You can just add a URL to the

01:03:37   application, so it's like a placeholder, and some services like the end of the URL,

01:03:42   you know, you put the code at the end of the URL and it will just take you straight there

01:03:45   to it. The reason I need this is I'm sometimes tracking freight company deliveries, right?

01:03:52   For like when I'm shipping products and stuff. Freight companies are not something that people

01:03:57   need typically, so none of these person, like the, you know, regular person deliveries,

01:04:03   apps put freight companies in there, right? So like this is when you're booking huge pallets

01:04:09   of notebooks and sending them all over the place. Deliveries has it so I can save the

01:04:14   URL somewhere, right? And then I can just tap it and see it. Parcel doesn't have this.

01:04:19   They only take any like codes. So I wished it would have had this. So I could just paste

01:04:24   the URL there so I can just tap the URL whenever I want. It's just there. I would love that.

01:04:30   It doesn't have that. But for my regular human being deliveries, it is far better at getting

01:04:39   the data and displaying the data than deliveries is. In a way that I don't understand how they're

01:04:47   so different in the amount of information Parcel is able to surface than what deliveries

01:04:52   is surfacing. It's intriguing to me. I like it a lot.

01:04:56   It's very good. I've also been using it for the past couple of weeks. There's a couple

01:05:00   of things that I love the fact that the Amazon integration it all works locally

01:05:07   the authentication like the session is stored on device it doesn't it doesn't

01:05:14   communicate right I wasn't sure about this I was a little bit concerned that I

01:05:18   was giving my Amazon information to some random company it's all stored on device

01:05:24   you have to log in to Amazon on each of your devices you have exactly yes fine

01:05:29   I prefer that then. Because it is kind of weird, it's just like a regular Amazon login

01:05:35   window. What happened? What did I just do?

01:05:39   You may see every few days, like I only got this once today, I think Steven got it more

01:05:46   often maybe, that it kicks you out of that authenticated session. But then you just get

01:05:52   a notification for it. And at least in my case, I just got a notification today saying

01:05:56   your Amazon session expired, please log in again.

01:05:59   And I did that and now it's fine.

01:06:01   - Yeah. - Okay.

01:06:02   - The other thing, I also have been using it.

01:06:05   The other thing I've been having, I'm having it right now,

01:06:07   is that they're not syncing with each other.

01:06:10   I used the sign in with Apple option.

01:06:12   - Me too. - And I added something

01:06:14   on my phone and the phone seems to be updating

01:06:17   but the Mac app just stopped updating like two days ago

01:06:20   and I cannot get it to sync.

01:06:22   So that's cool. - I've just opened it

01:06:23   on my Mac mini and it's not syncing.

01:06:25   But my iPhone is fine, my iPad is fine,

01:06:28   and my MacBook Pro is fine,

01:06:30   but my Mac Mini that I'm on now, it isn't syncing.

01:06:33   - And I'm just trying to add right now

01:06:34   a tracking number to UPS for something,

01:06:36   and it's just spinning and then saying,

01:06:38   check my internet connection.

01:06:40   So it can be, it can be buggy.

01:06:43   - Oh, there's one other feature that Deliveries has

01:06:45   that I just remembered that Parcel doesn't have.

01:06:47   So like, I ordered the iPad Pro

01:06:50   and the Smart Keyboard for Leo, right?

01:06:53   It's one delivery with Apple,

01:06:55   but it's technically two deliveries.

01:06:56   The smart keyboard's already here.

01:06:58   In deliveries, when you have multiple items

01:07:02   as part of an overall delivery,

01:07:04   it says like one of three, two of three, three of three

01:07:07   or whatever on the entry.

01:07:10   If you tap the one of three or two or three,

01:07:13   that's the one that then shows up in the main view.

01:07:16   But Parcel doesn't have that.

01:07:19   So I, my iPad Pro entry in Parcel says shipped,

01:07:24   but it hasn't. What shipped was the smart keyboard folio, right? The iPad Pro is actually

01:07:29   still in processing, but I don't get that until I open it up. So, you know, little things.

01:07:35   What I love about the, about Parcel too is that when you buy stuff from Apple, and you

01:07:40   put in an Apple order, right, and it's usually W and a bunch of numbers. Like when the order

01:07:47   ships from Apple, Parcel detects if it's got a tracking number for...

01:07:52   Yeah, I just had this for something else.

01:07:55   For like UPS or DHL.

01:07:57   And it asks you, additional information

01:07:59   was found in this item.

01:08:01   Do you want to switch to the tracking company?

01:08:06   And you say yes.

01:08:07   And it automatically changes the Apple order item

01:08:10   to a UPS or DHL, whatever Apple uses in your country, which

01:08:14   usually has more information for the step-by-step tracking

01:08:19   timeline than what Apple does.

01:08:21   Oh, yeah.

01:08:22   Apple just like they stop tracking. It seems like it just stops but if you're able to get

01:08:28   or find the actual number for whether it's like DHL, DPD, UPS or whatever you can actually

01:08:35   get the up-to-date info. I think it kind of feels like Deliveries is made by a team who

01:08:42   are really good at design in little detail and Parcel is made by a team that's really

01:08:47   good at extracting data.

01:08:50   feels to me like Parcel is made by somebody who, like us, buys a lot of things online.

01:08:57   What I really want, honestly, is for these two apps to just come together. That's what

01:09:01   I want. I want the design and the detail and that kind of modern feel of deliveries with

01:09:08   all of the data and information that Parcel has.

01:09:11   And that's the thing, deliveries are so pretty.

01:09:13   It's so beautiful.

01:09:16   And even the widget, you can compare the widgets.

01:09:19   The widgets are so nice, the icons are so good.

01:09:22   Like Parcel has some fun icons, but they're just like fun, but Deliveries icons are just

01:09:28   like really good.

01:09:29   But I'm pretty sure I will continue to use both of them for my weird needs, but I think

01:09:36   for my personal deliveries and stuff, I'm going to be using Parcel going forward purely

01:09:43   because it just does a vastly better job at surfacing the information I want inside the

01:09:49   app.

01:09:50   And also, like, to your point, it also works better than deliveries in Italy with a couple

01:09:55   of shipping companies that we have here have had a better experience in parcel.

01:10:00   So it seems like it's got better international support as well going for it.

01:10:07   It's been around for a few years also, like, and I never actually paid attention to it.

01:10:11   It was the Amazon integration that pulled me in, honestly.

01:10:16   Pretty cool discovery.

01:10:19   You certainly made a good first pick for your... what did you call it?

01:10:25   Appetite?

01:10:26   No, I just have an Appetite.

01:10:29   So I like apps.

01:10:30   I wish I never would have said it, but I'm also kind of proud of myself too.

01:10:33   Well, you said it.

01:10:35   This one is not an app that I have used, but I'm excited about it.

01:10:40   four. It's been announced. I've used this. I'm sure you have because I don't because

01:10:46   you are the big app boy but I'm really, maybe you can tell me some stuff

01:10:52   about it. I'm really excited about it. I'm an only focus user and have been for a

01:10:56   while. It's in beta now. There's some images coming out and I think it looks

01:11:00   good. There's a much more modern design which I'm sure is helped by the fact

01:11:04   that it is built entirely in Swift UI. Yeah. And I saw David Sparks say about

01:11:08   this is probably the most complex application built entirely in SwiftUI at this point, because

01:11:15   OmniFocus is no joke, right? It is a big, serious application with a billion different

01:11:23   features, right? It is a lot going on in this application, so that's interesting to me that

01:11:28   it's all built in SwiftUI. I'm hoping for a comparable Mac version in design and functionality.

01:11:34   David seems to suggest that it will hopefully be the case.

01:11:39   Like, I trust David Sparks in this.

01:11:44   It seems like from OmniFocus' blog post it has proper sidebar on iPadOS.

01:11:51   Is that right, Federico?

01:11:52   That is right.

01:11:53   It's a proper sidebar.

01:11:54   I bet that makes you happy, huh?

01:11:55   It makes me really happy.

01:11:56   I like consistency for these kinds of things, like context menus, sidebars, keyboard shortcuts.

01:12:03   OmniFocus are good with this stuff.

01:12:04   Yes, yes, they are. And I also love how you can collapse the sidebar,

01:12:11   and you can put all of your custom perspectives in there,

01:12:14   and you can collapse it and it looks like on the Mac,

01:12:17   where you just see the icons and it looks really good.

01:12:20   Oh, that's nice. I just like that they're putting perspectives in a place

01:12:23   where I can get to them more easily.

01:12:26   Yes, exactly. And this should be great for Silvia's icons,

01:12:30   because they are so much easier to use now,

01:12:33   the custom perspective icons that she's made.

01:12:36   So it's all very nice,

01:12:37   and they have that really useful quick switcher,

01:12:41   which I feel like it's the kind of feature

01:12:43   that is becoming more and more prominent

01:12:45   in productivity apps.

01:12:47   So like when you hit Command,

01:12:50   usually it's like Command + Shift + O

01:12:52   or Command + O in apps.

01:12:54   Like Kraft has it, Ia Writer has it,

01:12:57   Agenda has it, like Obsidian of course has a similar version.

01:13:01   What does it do? Is it like an integrated spotlight?

01:13:04   It's basically like in-app spotlight.

01:13:07   Like it lets you search and navigate for like sections or documents,

01:13:12   depending on the app. It's basically always the same feature.

01:13:15   Each developer does it differently. It's kind of a trend right now, I feel like.

01:13:19   And OmniFocus 4 is going to have this thing where you can navigate your perspectives,

01:13:24   your projects, your folders, just by typing on the keyboard, which is very cool.

01:13:30   And I'm very excited about the reference quick entry coming to iOS and iPadOS.

01:13:36   Because I said before, I built a shortcut because entering a task in the OmniFocus iOS

01:13:44   app is a nightmare of things that you have to add, and the Mac app has the quick entry

01:13:50   field, which you can just bring up anywhere, which I really love, so I just built my own

01:13:53   shortcut to do it. But sometimes, I'm not kidding, I'm in OmniFocus doing something

01:13:58   and need to add a task, I leave the app and go to my shortcut because I just find it so

01:14:04   cumbersome to add tasks. But I don't find this on the Mac because the quick entry does

01:14:09   exactly what I need. So I'm really pleased that they're doing that. And they also reference

01:14:13   inline editing of task details. So I guess when I'm looking at a task, I can just tap

01:14:17   it and change the text of it or something. Again, like the Mac. So I've submitted my

01:14:24   email address to the beta list and as soon as I get approved I'm going to try it out

01:14:28   because I'm super excited about this. Looks nice.

01:14:32   What's very nice is that the main outline is editable.

01:14:39   So like when you're...

01:14:40   Yeah, that's what I meant, like the inline. I don't think I explained it very well. Because

01:14:43   also, they call it outline which doesn't jive in my brain. This is just like the list of

01:14:47   Yeah, I think it's called an outline in Swift. It's like a developer term.

01:14:55   Don't use that.

01:14:57   I know, I know. But basically, there's way less back and forth between the main view,

01:15:04   like the list view, whatever you want to call it, and the inspector. If the inspector is

01:15:08   still there, but if you want, you could just keep it always disabled. And you can tab through

01:15:14   the title, the due date, the project, all those things.

01:15:18   And it's so much easier than before.

01:15:20   The only thing, I would really like to use OmniFocus

01:15:25   as my main task manager, but there's a big problem.

01:15:29   They don't have a web API, right?

01:15:33   - I thought they were building that.

01:15:35   - I thought so too, but I couldn't find anything online

01:15:39   on the OmniGroup forums,

01:15:42   Because they have a web client, right?

01:15:44   - Oh, but it's not an API, okay.

01:15:46   - But it's not an API.

01:15:47   They have a web app you can use on--

01:15:49   - A website, yeah.

01:15:50   - Yeah, because the whole system that I'm building

01:15:53   in Obsidian, it integrates with Todoist,

01:15:57   but it could easily, you know,

01:15:59   if I ever wanna switch to a different API,

01:16:01   I could easily switch to that.

01:16:03   - Yeah, we had some questions about that.

01:16:07   I meant to put it in follow-up.

01:16:08   Are you using Todoist as your task manager

01:16:10   or just for things in and out of Obsidian?

01:16:13   - No, no, no.

01:16:13   Because of that, I have gone all in.

01:16:16   I don't wanna use multiple task managers.

01:16:18   - Okay, so you're back in camp Todoist.

01:16:21   - Yeah, unfortunately,

01:16:23   I really miss the reminders integration on the Apple Watch

01:16:27   that I used to use a lot,

01:16:29   but because of that, I switched to Todoist.

01:16:34   Of all the apps within, the task managers within API,

01:16:39   It was also like the prettiest one.

01:16:43   I mean, have you seen TickTick?

01:16:44   Also, is there a TickTick API?

01:16:48   Not sure.

01:16:49   Maybe there's a remember the milk one.

01:16:52   - There is or was a command line tools that worked with,

01:16:56   remember the milk.

01:16:58   - That's not even close to what Federico asked for.

01:17:02   - No, it talked to their servers via an API.

01:17:04   So they had something.

01:17:06   - Okay. - Command line tools.

01:17:07   - Remember the Milk web API.

01:17:10   - Look, you don't--

01:17:12   - Services API, remember the Milk.

01:17:15   - Yeah, I guarantee they have it.

01:17:16   They have everything, except the one feature you want.

01:17:19   And that's kind of how they tend to work.

01:17:21   It's like they have everything, except that one thing.

01:17:24   Yep.

01:17:24   - Badges on the Mac app, remember the Milk.

01:17:27   Do it, do it now.

01:17:29   - No.

01:17:30   (laughing)

01:17:31   - That is the end of my app segment.

01:17:34   - Okay, thank you, thank you, Myke.

01:17:36   WWDC is just a month away,

01:17:40   and we thought we would introduce a new segment

01:17:42   for this time before WWDC.

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01:19:32   We are four weeks away from WWDC.

01:19:36   Oh no, don't mention that.

01:19:37   Holy moly.

01:19:38   So each week between now and WWDC, we've maybe the bet- I mean we'll try and squeeze one

01:19:44   of these into the Ricky's episode as well.

01:19:47   We are all going to be picking a feature that we would like to see, just one feature, added

01:19:52   to one of Apple's platforms.

01:19:55   Federico, would you like to begin?

01:19:57   This actual entire topic was inspired by a tweet that you put out over the last couple

01:20:02   of days about the Files app.

01:20:03   Yeah, because I was annoyed by the Files app, because it's a silly app that nobody cares

01:20:11   about it, it seems.

01:20:13   So yes, that's my pick.

01:20:14   I want to see a complete overhaul of the Files app.

01:20:17   I actually wouldn't mind if they just go ahead and call it Finder at this point.

01:20:21   I mean, let's just do something different, because this is not cutting it.

01:20:26   I complained in my tweet about the two basic features that I noticed when I was testing

01:20:36   the Samsung T5 on the old iPad Pro. I was trying to paste a folder and you couldn't

01:20:44   see progress, right? You have a 7GB file that you're copying and pasting between locations.

01:20:50   No, actually, I was doing a backup of my Obsidian database, because I remember what you told

01:20:56   me, Myke, about CGP Grey losing his database.

01:20:59   I was like, I got to do something here, and I want to make sure that I have a backup.

01:21:05   So I was literally moving a folder of plain text files.

01:21:10   That folder also contains, however, some attachments, some images.

01:21:15   So it's not like, I mean it's like a 15, 20 megabyte folder.

01:21:21   First I tried to confirm the size of the folder by checking out the inspector panel.

01:21:27   They have an info button in the files app.

01:21:31   It doesn't tell you the size of a folder.

01:21:33   You select a folder, you hit info, and it doesn't tell you the size of the folder.

01:21:39   I mean this is an incredibly inconsistent feature for Miro Mac OS, so there isn't too

01:21:43   much of a complaint there from platform to platform.

01:21:47   Then I tried to copy and paste this folder from local storage into my iCalc drive just

01:21:52   to make sure that I had a secondary backup of it.

01:21:55   When I pasted the folder in the new location, the folder icon stayed dimmed, which I assumed

01:22:05   it meant that the copy and paste process was still in progress.

01:22:11   There was really no way for me to tell what was happening because there was no progress

01:22:15   indicator whatsoever.

01:22:17   But Federico, it just works.

01:22:19   No, I don't, I don't, I don't believe you.

01:22:22   You don't need to see, right?

01:22:24   It just works.

01:22:25   Why do you need a progress indicator?

01:22:26   No, I don't want to see.

01:22:28   I don't believe anyone here.

01:22:29   I just want, give me a progress bar.

01:22:32   Give me some kind of message that tells me, hey, this is what's going on.

01:22:35   Like, at some point, transparency is more user-friendly than believe in the system.

01:22:43   You know, just let me know what's occurring.

01:22:46   Just so that I know, it's fine.

01:22:48   Like it can be a slow transfer, I don't care, as long as you tell me.

01:22:53   So that, you know, I can plan my day accordingly or whatever.

01:22:57   Hey, we gotta go to the park, I moved some files around.

01:23:03   I mean, it gets even worse. I believe a friend of the show, Chris Lawley, tweeted at me,

01:23:08   showing me a screenshot of what he has a YouTube channel and showed me, like, I gotta move

01:23:14   like video assets between locations in files. And usually when I need to do this, because

01:23:20   there's no progress bar and it's slow, like I have to do this by initiating the copy and

01:23:27   paste process and then leaving two files windows in split view in the foreground

01:23:34   and then just get up and go do something else.

01:23:37   Because I guess if you started doing other things I mean the files app could just be

01:23:42   kicked out of memory and then you're starting all over again.

01:23:46   Yeah.

01:23:46   Federico, looking at the screenshot what is in the folder labeled Eddie?

01:23:51   Eddie is a plain text editor it's a free app from the App Store.

01:23:56   I'm afraid to shut down your EdiQ fanfic theory right away.

01:24:02   It's not happening. It's not happening.

01:24:05   It's just an app from the App Store. It's called Edi.

01:24:08   Edi is a... Edi... Her name is incredibly good.

01:24:12   That is pretty good.

01:24:13   I love that.

01:24:15   Also, the creator of Edi is in her Discord right now.

01:24:19   Oh, hello.

01:24:21   Sorry, I didn't know the name of your app.

01:24:25   So yes, files.

01:24:28   Complete overhaul, it will be the simple way

01:24:30   to describe what I want.

01:24:33   If I got to be more specific, let's see.

01:24:35   Starting from the basics,

01:24:36   let me change the extension of a file.

01:24:41   It's still not possible in the Files app.

01:24:43   Like, you want to turn something from --

01:24:46   You know, sometimes you have those files

01:24:48   that you got to change the extension

01:24:49   and they become something else.

01:24:51   Like, what's an example?

01:24:54   like it sometimes you change from .zip to something else and you can inspect the contents of the...

01:25:00   like sometimes you just want to change the extension all right?

01:25:02   but right from txt to md for example.

01:25:06   but it just works!

01:25:07   you cannot do that in files.

01:25:09   i'm gonna keep saying this as like i'm being annoying.

01:25:12   i know.

01:25:13   yeah.

01:25:13   this is the problem with a lot of ipad os stuff is in an ideal world you would never do any of

01:25:22   these things, right? The computer should do all of this stuff for you, it should be smart.

01:25:27   Yeah, but computers are actually dumb. But it doesn't work like that, right? Like,

01:25:32   it doesn't work like that. You shouldn't have to sit around and wait for files to transfer,

01:25:35   and you shouldn't have to care about how long it's going to take. The computer should just do it,

01:25:40   right? But it doesn't. Having done my job for 12 years at this point, my working theory of

01:25:50   of computers is that computers are not smart. Computers are powerful. We are the smart ones

01:25:55   operating them. Computers are stupid because they have no brain. Like they're just chips

01:26:02   doing things. We are the intelligent ones driving them, which is what causes the problem

01:26:08   when there's folks like, you know, some developers, like I guess some of the developers of the

01:26:15   files up thinking "oh but what if the computer had an opinion?" and that's where the problem

01:26:20   lies like the computer shouldn't have an opinion like "hey this is it just works" nope no the

01:26:26   computer is dumb we are the smart ones anyway let's see changing extensions um some any

01:26:35   kind of deeper shortcuts integration i think it's wild that if i want to have proper file

01:26:43   management features in Shortcuts, I have to use Toolbox Pro, because Toolbox Pro has actual

01:26:51   files integration with things like you can bookmark folders and you can search and retrieve,

01:26:57   you can rename, and Shortcuts has none of this built in. Speaking of Shortcuts, I would

01:27:04   love to see how on the Mac you have customizable quick actions in the Finder Inspector. You

01:27:13   have those quick actions for resizing, changing file types, and you can install third-party

01:27:20   quick actions in the Finder. I know that Jon made a custom one for him for image uploads

01:27:27   for the Mac series CDN, which is nice. It's pretty cool that you can do that. You should

01:27:31   be able to do the same thing in files and make your own custom quick actions using shortcuts.

01:27:40   searches or smart folders, right? I mean, this is a much bigger issue that we mention

01:27:48   on App Stories every few weeks, basically. I don't know what kind of problem Apple has

01:27:53   with the idea in general of smart folders, because none of their apps have it on iOS

01:28:00   iPadOS, mail, music, files, just let me save a search, let me make a smart folder, again,

01:28:10   I know what I'm doing.

01:28:11   You are the smart folder, remember?

01:28:15   You are the smart one.

01:28:17   I am the, well, I'm not smart enough to sort my files though, what's the problem?

01:28:23   The computer's smarter in that regard, as long as it can actually give you the folder.

01:28:29   sorting options, again, matching what they do on the Mac. And lastly, I will say a

01:28:37   built-in versioning system. Again, this is weird because it's actually an

01:28:43   API for developers. If you're a developer of an iCloud Drive-based application, you

01:28:49   can use versions. For example, MyNode has a native versioning system based on

01:28:55   on iCloud Drive, but Apple itself is not using it. They're not using versions in files for

01:29:02   iCloud Drive. I don't get it.

01:29:03   Wow, I didn't know that.

01:29:04   I don't get it. It's been an API for like the past three or four years or something.

01:29:08   And remember, this is the last item, remember how back in the days of iOS 13 they rolled

01:29:17   out all those fancy changes for files, like you could pin your files, for example, you

01:29:24   could keep certain files always offline. There were other changes for developers in the files

01:29:31   framework for things like search and for adding, I believe they're called decorations, so like

01:29:37   little status icons to documents in the files app. And then they removed those features

01:29:45   from the iOS 13 data at some point, and they never came back.

01:29:50   Have a good back. That was the end of that.

01:29:55   I want to know what happened to the person, to the intern that was working on pinned files.

01:30:02   Did they also go back to Scotland? Because, like, I don't get it. Like, it was a feature.

01:30:08   That was peculiarly specific.

01:30:10   It's a James Thompson joke.

01:30:12   Oh, okay.

01:30:13   Yes. Please get my references. Come on.

01:30:15   James was in Ireland then. So, you know, get your chronology right.

01:30:21   Oh, I got the chronology. I'm sorry.

01:30:23   I mean, he lives in Scotland now.

01:30:25   Oh, see, that's why I was confused.

01:30:27   Yeah.

01:30:28   I didn't know James in the past. You know, I wasn't born. So.

01:30:32   That's not to say that James is old.

01:30:34   Oh, you're really digging this one, huh?

01:30:36   No.

01:30:37   Really, just really going for it today.

01:30:39   Still, somebody made that feature and then disappeared. Why is, like, let me pin my files.

01:30:45   I'm done.

01:30:46   For my first WWDC feature request, I'm going for a big one, I'm going for an obvious one,

01:30:52   everyone's talking about it, so I'm picking it.

01:30:54   I would like, as part of an overall expansion of iPadOS's capabilities, I want to be able

01:31:03   to plug my iPad into an external monitor and get access to a windowed focused iPadOS system.

01:31:11   What does it mean, window focused?

01:31:13   Right.

01:31:14   this many times before I think windowing like the idea of windowing on Mac OS and

01:31:19   on Windows is ugly right like applications overlapping each other and

01:31:23   all that kind of stuff I find it ugly but ultimately best for my productivity

01:31:28   because I can have apps laid out however I want I can see multiple apps at once

01:31:33   without needing to switch between them if I want to just by resizing things I

01:31:37   can have like I have like six windows in front of me right now and I can look at

01:31:41   You do?

01:31:42   Yeah, I have the Discord, I have Audio Hijack, I have Zoom, I have Safari.

01:31:48   How do you arrange them?

01:31:50   How tiny are they?

01:31:51   Not that tiny, I've got a big monitor here.

01:31:53   They're not nice, they doesn't look nice to have all these application windows open at

01:31:57   once, but it is useful.

01:31:59   That sounds like an nightmare.

01:32:02   Well this is the thing Federico, I became really allergic to this idea because I was

01:32:07   in the world of iPad for a long time and now it's like slowly started to creep out of me

01:32:12   now that I'm using the Mac again and I'm very much in the lots of windows kind of thing.

01:32:17   And look for me personally now my mind has changed. I love the focus that iPadOS can

01:32:23   provide so I don't want to make the typical iPad experience like this right? Like I don't

01:32:28   want to have six tiny windows on my 11 inch iPad like I don't want that. But if I plug

01:32:35   get into a bigger monitor, I want that flexibility.

01:32:37   Like the modular computer, as Federico said many times,

01:32:40   like I want it to go that extra step.

01:32:42   And so like when it's in this environment,

01:32:44   now I can have, say, six apps, right?

01:32:47   Even if you put them in a grid, right?

01:32:50   I'm fine with that.

01:32:51   But what I want to be able to do is

01:32:53   have more than two applications active, available,

01:32:57   and on screen at one time.

01:32:59   Now, that I agree.

01:33:00   My problem is with the potential of like freely

01:33:04   resizable windows and the overlapping windows.

01:33:06   I don't need freely resizable.

01:33:07   Right. Like I wish that there was a way on the Mac natively and in a way that

01:33:13   looked good to have everything just snap to these certain sizes.

01:33:16   And I don't like the overlapping.

01:33:18   I'd never really I do not overlap windows.

01:33:22   Right. I don't let the windows overlap each other.

01:33:25   I just resize them so I can see them all at once.

01:33:27   That's what I like. And so I would be fine with this if they even if they limited it

01:33:32   to like five or six that would be great because this would make things more

01:33:35   useful for me I think really as well like it would actually finally make

01:33:39   multiple app instances or windows on iPad OS useful because I mean I just

01:33:46   find it messy right like when you like oh you tap that but you go to press and

01:33:50   hold and then you can choose between the two that you want but like now I could

01:33:54   actually have two versions of Safari and two versions of I don't know discord

01:33:58   It's the first app there. Two versions of numbers open and I could use them all at once.

01:34:05   That's what I'm able to do on my Mac very easily, but on the iPad I've always found

01:34:09   that experience somewhat lacking. And I think the ability to be able to have multiple, many

01:34:17   like multiple app opens at a time would be much nicer. I need more control over how many

01:34:26   things can be on screen, where they are, and their size. That's what I want to see. And

01:34:31   I don't need this to be a thing for the regular iPad experience, but I really want it to be

01:34:38   a thing for giving me more opportunity to use my iPad in different environments and

01:34:43   plugging it into a monitor would allow me to do that. I think it'd be great.

01:34:47   So I'm going to pick something on the Mac. I'm definitely not alone in this. In fact,

01:34:51   mentioned a similar thing on App Stories this week, but

01:34:54   Notification Center on the Mac has never been good. It's always just been stuck over there on the right-hand side

01:35:00   It used to have a dedicated icon in the menu bar and now you have to click the clock to get to it, which makes

01:35:07   just

01:35:09   no sense

01:35:11   whatsoever

01:35:13   the

01:35:14   top half of it or the top section of it is

01:35:17   notifications

01:35:19   By default you get three stacks of notifications, and then you can click more so few

01:35:24   And see the rest of them. I never go in here, so I just have hundreds of notifications in here and

01:35:30   Then underneath that you have widgets, and they're they look great. They are from iOS, so they're not

01:35:38   Interactive the way that they used to be but they look really nice, and you know I guess you can

01:35:44   stash some stuff over there and and see what's going on, but

01:35:48   They also made notifications worse because they do stop being interactive in Pixar

01:35:55   It's like you used to be able to apply to an iMessage right on the notification itself. You can't do that anymore

01:36:01   I don't know about messages in particular, but there are some that do have some

01:36:06   Like mail you can delete or a message. So there's some interactivity

01:36:11   I just don't know about messages off the top of my head, but this whole

01:36:14   deal. Cramming it into a corner, only showing three stacks of widgets at a top,

01:36:20   three stacks of notifications, having widgets under them, it just

01:36:25   doesn't work. It's way too crowded. I think having it behind the clock means

01:36:30   most people just think that this just went away. Like, "Oh, there used to be this

01:36:35   thing over there I would hit sometimes accidentally, and now it's gone."

01:36:40   I think there are a lot of things they could do to fix this. I think let

01:36:43   notifications run the full top to bottom the way they used to. It used to be a

01:36:47   segment of control so you could flip in between notifications and widgets. I

01:36:52   think you just make this all notifications. I think you put widgets on

01:36:55   the desktop or you know bring back dashboard, a place for widgets to live on

01:37:00   their own. Because the thing that's frustrating to me is if you hit the edit

01:37:04   widgets button you get, in my case, in my Pro Display, it's about half the screen

01:37:09   and I can see a bunch of widgets all at once but not to use them but to pick

01:37:14   from them to see which one that I want over in the sidebar. I'm assuming you are

01:37:19   not using widgets on your Mac. I have calendar, world clock, and parcel. So my

01:37:26   widgets on the Mac they just reset all the time. Oh do they? So like I add a bunch of

01:37:30   widgets and then they just disappear which is great. It's what I want so like

01:37:34   I want to lay out all my widgets set them all up and then the next then

01:37:37   something I do something maybe I restart my Mac or whatever that's bad and then

01:37:41   they're just gone again. Okay, thanks for that. So this corner of Mac OS has never

01:37:48   been great but Apple has made it noticeably worse in Big Sur. Yeah. And I

01:37:54   think they really need to rethink it. You have this giant screen, use it, you know?

01:38:00   And I just find it really frustrating because this could be really useful and

01:38:05   cool and it's just not. Long live Dashboard. It is funny that they got rid

01:38:09   of Dashboard and then created a whole new widget thing. Especially because like

01:38:12   these widgets are confined to a tiny overlay sidebar. Yeah. I really do miss

01:38:19   that. It's not a sentence that I would have ever thought of saying in 2021 but

01:38:25   I miss the freedom of Dashboard. Well because Dash... I mean the reason it's

01:38:30   funny it's just because like Dashboard became useless because there was nothing

01:38:33   going on right it was an old technology that nobody was using anymore like it

01:38:38   wasn't a bad idea just then nobody great idea that's why it took off and people

01:38:43   loved it you know but then it just became something that nobody updated

01:38:48   anymore nobody did anything for it and I got stuck now like these widgets it's

01:38:53   perfect for it right like we have the one on our iPhone you know we have one

01:38:57   our iPad somewhat look they brought back Rosetta and they've brought back

01:39:02   universal apps just bring back dashboard dashboard - there you go - one - dashboard

01:39:08   - I think that does it this week mm-hmm all right if you want to read more about

01:39:13   stuff we spoke about the trackers that we ordered head on over to the website

01:39:18   relay.fm / connected / 3 4 5 it's an easy one to remember this week you'll

01:39:24   find all those links there you can also send us an email with feedback or

01:39:28   follow-up from the webpage. There's also a link to join and you'll get connected

01:39:34   pro which is a longer ad free version of the show each and every week. This month

01:39:38   a bunch of relay FM shows are putting out bonus content for all relay FM

01:39:43   members so even if you support another show like Reconcileable Differences you

01:39:47   can hear our special connected pro members can listen to theirs. Lots of fun

01:39:51   stuff going on so now is a great time to join. Go do it. Myke what's the

01:39:56   fancy URL people can go to. GetConnectedPro.co. You can find us all online. You can find Myke

01:40:03   on Twitter as @IMYKE. Myke hosts a bunch of shows here on Relay FM and has an awesome

01:40:10   Twitch channel where he does keyboard-y stuff at Myke.live. You can find Federico on Twitter

01:40:16   of Itichi, V-I-T-I-C-C-I. He is the editor-in-chief of MacStories.net, the home of the newest

01:40:26   app reviewer on the block, Myke Hurley.

01:40:28   Hello, it's me.

01:40:30   Federico, you have hired Myke. Congratulations.

01:40:32   Sure, thank you. Are you not asking me the questions anymore? Have we stopped dating?

01:40:37   Well, I took a little break a couple weeks ago, and I just haven't found a good time

01:40:42   to get back into it.

01:40:43   Could have told me.

01:40:44   So we'll see.

01:40:45   been ghosting me. I'm sorry. Sure. No, no, Stephen's the kind of guy who just

01:40:49   leaves you on red. Yeah, that's rough. That's how he leaves you. Sure, alright. Clearly you didn't do a good job of your

01:40:56   answers Federico. Yeah, I mean now I feel judged. You didn't intrigue him enough.

01:41:02   Yeah, I guess. Wow, way way to boost my self-esteem Stephen. Thank you.

01:41:08   You can find me on Twitter as ismh.

01:41:11   I like both of these two guys.

01:41:14   I post a bunch of shows here on the network, and you can find my writing at 512pixels.net.

01:41:22   I'd like to thank our sponsors this week, Fitbaud, Mack Weldon, and Hover.

01:41:26   And you're probably into podcasts because you're listening to a podcast, and we're podcasters.

01:41:30   And so let me tell you about another show here on Relay, a show about art history for

01:41:33   anyone and everyone.

01:41:35   You don't need an art degree or in my case half an art degree to listen.

01:41:40   It's hosted by Quinn Rose and Betty Chin.

01:41:42   They are so much fun together.

01:41:43   It's a great show.

01:41:44   Relay.fm/pictorial or search pictorial wherever you get your shows.

01:41:50   Until next week, gentlemen, say goodbye.

01:41:53   Arrivederci.

01:41:54   Cheerio.