342: MH AH 👻 😬


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 342.

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00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hackett

00:00:19   and I'm joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:21   - Hello, Stephen.

00:00:22   Hi, how are you?

00:00:23   - Hello, it is Friday and it's weird, but we're here.

00:00:27   - Very true.

00:00:28   - We're also joined by Myke Hurley,

00:00:29   who is always introduced correctly and on time.

00:00:31   - Yep, we've gotta get down today, haven't we?

00:00:33   - Yes, gotta get down on Friday.

00:00:36   ♪ It's Friday, Friday ♪

00:00:38   ♪ Gotta get down on Friday ♪

00:00:40   - Oh my God, how many years ago was that song?

00:00:42   - Couldn't even tell you.

00:00:44   - I would say 10, all right?

00:00:47   - Gotta get down on Friday.

00:00:48   - Rebecca Black.

00:00:49   - Was released in 2011.

00:00:51   - Oh my God.

00:00:52   - Exactly 10 years.

00:00:53   - It's 10 years ago.

00:00:54   - February 10th, 2011, so almost,

00:00:56   I mean, you just missed it by a few months.

00:00:58   Oh man, can you imagine if it was today?

00:01:00   Like, how exciting that would have been if it was today.

00:01:03   She's back though, right?

00:01:05   Like, I think I saw this recently.

00:01:07   She's releasing music again.

00:01:09   Sometimes I wonder, like, and maybe this is one of the future Pro topics

00:01:13   for Connected Pro members.

00:01:15   Myke, where can people sign up for Connected Pro?

00:01:18   GetConnectedPro.co

00:01:20   Perfect. But sometimes I think about, like, and I kinda, I don't know,

00:01:23   maybe it should be like a TV show, maybe it should be a podcast, like,

00:01:26   what happened to like people who were quote unquote famous, I think about this a lot,

00:01:33   or like a meme for a while and then disappeared. Like I think about this a lot, especially

00:01:39   in the context of what, what are they doing now? What did they, I think that's the thing,

00:01:44   isn't it? What are they doing now? How did they use their money or temporary celebrity

00:01:49   status? And I also think about this a lot in the, in the context of the damn Daniel

00:01:55   guys. What is he doing now? I bet they just got a YouTube channel or something. I think

00:02:00   more of this about not so much the meme people but like musicians who had like three good

00:02:07   songs. Okay, so I gotta be honest with you. Right, what do you do next? Okay, so a few

00:02:12   months ago I was driving with Silvia and I was thinking about this again and I told her

00:02:16   you know what I would love to do at some point someday in the future when I have more free

00:02:19   time, like a show that is entirely about like every episode is a single song from an artist

00:02:26   that just had that famous song.

00:02:29   So one hit wonders.

00:02:30   Exactly.

00:02:31   A show about one hit wonders.

00:02:33   And I just think that's such a fascinating topic.

00:02:36   Like just talking to these people and asking them, how do you feel about being a one hit

00:02:44   wonder?

00:02:45   Because on the one hand, you think about it, it maybe kind of sucks, right?

00:02:48   everybody just knows you because you did that song, but also on the other hand I

00:02:54   would say how like it's not like everybody can be known globally for a

00:03:00   song so you're still pretty fortunate if you think about it. I don't know if people

00:03:05   really look at that and think they feel fortunate because you always want to

00:03:09   continue it right? Anyway if this is the kind of conversation that you enjoy

00:03:15   - Anyway.

00:03:16   - There's a lot more of it available for you

00:03:18   at getconnectedpro.co.

00:03:19   These are the exact kind of conversations that we have

00:03:22   that the three of us like to have,

00:03:24   but then Apple get in the way

00:03:25   and we can't have those conversations.

00:03:26   So that's, we have to actually talk about other stuff today.

00:03:29   - We do, but we've got to start with some follow up.

00:03:31   Just two quick things.

00:03:33   The first is related to the studio doc, Federico,

00:03:37   that you reviewed a couple of weeks ago.

00:03:40   You still have it, I guess, on your desk?

00:03:42   - It's still here, looking at me.

00:03:44   Yes. How does the new iPad Pro, how's that going to work with it?

00:03:48   Well, it's not clear at the moment because the new iPad Pro is half a

00:03:55   millimeter thicker than the previous generation model.

00:03:58   Will it fit the Studio Doc?

00:04:00   Who knows, right? I don't have an iPad Pro yet.

00:04:05   And even if I did, I at this point, I guess I shouldn't tell you.

00:04:09   But I don't know at the moment.

00:04:11   But I really do not have one, by the way.

00:04:13   But anyway, I don't know. My theory is that there may be some issues here, guys, because

00:04:21   it was already like a tight fit before, and I wonder if 0.5 millimeters is enough to to cause

00:04:30   some incompatibility problems with this thing, especially with the connector that

00:04:37   attaches to the iPad Pro. Obviously, the StudioDock is an expensive device,

00:04:42   and Kensington was the maker of this accessory. They don't sell any replacement parts

00:04:50   to say if you have a new generation iPad Pro, get this different attachment, for example.

00:04:56   I don't know. We'll see when we have the new iPad Pro. I'm not feeling good about it,

00:05:04   personally, because I know that it was already a tight fit before. And again, 0.5 millimeters,

00:05:10   though, I mean, it's a very small difference, but apparently it was enough of a difference to cause

00:05:18   issues with the older generation Magic Keyboard made by Apple. We just saw today that the Magic

00:05:25   Keyboard they released last year, so that if you bought a Magic Keyboard in 2020, you will not be

00:05:31   able to use it with the new generation iPad Pro.

00:05:35   This is sad stuff.

00:05:36   Which is unfortunate news for a $350...

00:05:40   Yeah, because your $1100 iPad just became a $1500 iPad!

00:05:47   Uh oh!

00:05:50   Which is a bit unfortunate.

00:05:51   Now is that because of the thickness?

00:05:53   Is that because of a difference in the camera cut out?

00:05:56   I would say it's thickness.

00:05:57   I bet it's the thickness.

00:05:58   Because it closes completely, doesn't it?

00:06:02   So if it's thicker, it's probably not going to fit.

00:06:05   Which is really sad and unfortunate because it just came out.

00:06:09   As Zach in the Discord is saying, you can use it as long as you don't close it.

00:06:13   I mean, sure.

00:06:14   That's not a bad point.

00:06:16   Sure.

00:06:17   If you want to be, you know, hashtag productivity mode all the time, just leave it open right

00:06:22   there without closing it.

00:06:24   it's just like using a laptop as a desktop computer.

00:06:29   It is.

00:06:30   It's rough.

00:06:31   It's rough.

00:06:32   Now it will be even worse for the studio doc though.

00:06:36   Yes, definitely worse for Kensington than Apple, I think.

00:06:40   Yes, yes.

00:06:41   We'll see.

00:06:42   I'll let you guys know.

00:06:43   I just want to say, this was the thing that we said at the time, right?

00:06:48   it seemed like a real bad idea to release a product seemingly weeks before a new iPad.

00:06:55   And that if you bought that product, you were asking for trouble because I think the type

00:07:00   of person that would buy that product would buy this new iPad.

00:07:04   Right?

00:07:05   And I tried my best to tell everyone that.

00:07:08   Yeah.

00:07:09   I feel like anybody that would spend the money on that thing is very like, uh, early adoptery,

00:07:18   right?

00:07:19   Yes.

00:07:21   And this new iPad actually has some cool stuff going on.

00:07:24   We'll talk about it later that I think you would go in for it.

00:07:28   So iOS 14.5 comes out next week.

00:07:32   Do we know when?

00:07:33   Nope.

00:07:35   OK, so sometime next week.

00:07:37   So next week's episode will feature the condensed 2021

00:07:41   Jeremy's.

00:07:42   Unless, well, are we going to do it anyways?

00:07:45   What if 14.5 comes out on Thursday?

00:07:47   I think we do the Jeremy's either way. We'll do it anyway. Because they have to have 14.5

00:07:52   out before air tax starts showing up for people. So I guess it'll be maybe Thursday at the

00:07:57   latest. We do have a topic we want to get into a couple little topics before we get

00:08:02   into judging the Ricky's. And the first is Apple podcast subscriptions. You probably

00:08:10   have heard by now, many of your favorite podcasts are discussing this. So we're not gonna tell

00:08:14   Thank you. We're not going to tell you what this is because you probably know by now.

00:08:19   I'm only really talking about it because I just want to say something about it, especially

00:08:23   because me and Steven are both here together. We're still kind of looking over everything.

00:08:30   I think right now we still can't actually get access to the new Podcast Connect tool

00:08:37   because of some bugs that have been going on with Apple Podcasts. By the way, if you

00:08:41   haven't been able to find any relay FM shows in Apple podcasts over the last

00:08:44   few days should be coming back to life now. My kind of feeling on this is that

00:08:49   ultimately this whole podcast descriptions thing feels like a pretty

00:08:55   decent solution for people who have really large audiences in Apple podcasts

00:09:01   already. So if you have like you know if like 70 80 percent or 60 percent even of

00:09:08   your audience is using Apple podcasts, this feels like a pretty decent solution for you.

00:09:15   The tools that they have are quite impressive. There are some parts of it that would be tricky,

00:09:21   like you have to upload your audio to a different place, it has to be a WAV file so there can't

00:09:24   be chapters in it and all that kind of stuff. But the way that they're doing some of the

00:09:30   behind the scenes stuff is really cool, I think. I actually think it's quite clever.

00:09:34   the sense of if you subscribe, you don't have to subscribe to a separate show. You just

00:09:40   subscribe and now you get the ad-free content all in the same place as the non-ad-free content

00:09:46   show, for example. The implementation of it is clever. There obviously are some things

00:09:51   that I would do differently or that Federico would do differently or Steven would do differently

00:09:55   if we were in charge. But I think ultimately this is, I feel, about as good a solution

00:10:02   as I could have imagined Apple doing.

00:10:04   Right, because there's obviously going to be exclusivity.

00:10:09   Like it seems kind of wild to me that people are upset that Apple aren't

00:10:13   allowing this stuff to be consumed in third party apps.

00:10:17   Like I don't really know what you would have expected.

00:10:21   Right. To like think that Apple would provide a solution for you to pay them

00:10:28   and listen to the connected pro feed if we did it in Castro.

00:10:33   Like that doesn't make any sense for Apple's business.

00:10:37   Like they want you in Apple podcasts.

00:10:40   Of course they do, why wouldn't they?

00:10:42   Because there are already so many tools available

00:10:45   to do that exact thing, why would Apple do that?

00:10:48   You would use one of like previous sponsor

00:10:51   but we use them member for,

00:10:53   or there's like things like supporting cost and Patreon.

00:10:56   So Apple wouldn't create that, right?

00:10:58   They're gonna create something that works well in their ecosystem

00:11:01   that they can control.

00:11:02   Because Plus as well, with what they're doing,

00:11:05   it wouldn't work as well

00:11:06   if you were trying to listen to another app, right?

00:11:08   Like it sends us a different thing.

00:11:10   What I like is that this,

00:11:14   I think that the terms, I don't like the 30%.

00:11:17   I think it should be 15.

00:11:18   I don't really know how they could justify 30%

00:11:20   because Apple are not bringing the customers

00:11:24   even in the same way that they would for the app store

00:11:26   for as much as that could be argued.

00:11:28   You know, people pay for podcasts because they enjoy the podcasts that they're

00:11:32   listening to. So that's why you support the show and you want the extra content

00:11:37   because you've already built a relationship.

00:11:39   I just don't really feel like Apple is involved in it all.

00:11:42   But what I do like is that the rest of their terms are, I think, much more

00:11:50   realistic than we've seen from no other places.

00:11:52   And then I would have expected like, for example, you can still

00:11:56   continue having a membership program outside of Apple podcasts even if you opt in to the

00:12:03   Apple podcast subscription solution. So you could run them concurrently, you can choose to charge

00:12:09   whatever you want, and you know it's up to you how you want to manage the content, which is not at all

00:12:16   what we've seen in the app store. And I think even calling it a membership program is not

00:12:22   Right, like Apple's MO is to open a store and that's what they've done.

00:12:28   And you can, so you can sell content there, but it's not, I don't think it's full featured

00:12:32   enough to be a membership program that a lot of people would really consider to be on par

00:12:39   with what you can get elsewhere.

00:12:42   I think there's a reason Apple didn't call it a membership feature membership program

00:12:46   that it is just a subscription.

00:12:49   And yes, that's kind of how companies like ours structure our membership, but it can

00:12:54   also just be for stuff you just want to sell.

00:12:56   You can just use it like a store if you wanted to.

00:12:59   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:13:01   You can have just pure paid podcasts that don't have a free component at all.

00:13:07   Look, Relay FM, as I say, we're still looking into this, but we already have our solution

00:13:12   and it's been working really great for us.

00:13:14   And it seems to be basically impossible to replicate what we've been doing with Apple

00:13:18   podcast subscriptions. Right because there isn't a way to have discord and

00:13:23   all that kind of like you can't do that it doesn't work. Yeah because we don't if

00:13:26   you if you go through Apple podcast subscription it's just like the App

00:13:30   Store right like Marco doesn't know who does or doesn't own a copy of Overcast

00:13:35   because that's private and Apple doesn't share that with developers it's the same

00:13:39   thing here so if we were to do this and you joined connected Pro and Apple

00:13:46   podcast subscriptions we would have no way of knowing who you are to get you

00:13:51   into discord and get you the newsletter and other things that we already offer

00:13:54   so it's it's incomplete and I think that it's very unlikely for Apple to add that

00:14:01   sort of thing to this because again a they may not be able to because I'm sure

00:14:06   it's just built on the same store infrastructure they use for everything

00:14:08   but - like that's just against their stance on privacy and I respect that and

00:14:14   And as a consumer in the Apple ecosystem, I like that.

00:14:18   But creators do want access to those email addresses

00:14:22   for legitimate reasons.

00:14:24   And I don't think Apple's going to play ball with that.

00:14:27   No.

00:14:28   And there is that question of whose customer are they?

00:14:32   Yeah, they're Apple's.

00:14:34   We consider our members our customers, but Apple doesn't.

00:14:40   and that's why they keep that information for themselves.

00:14:44   So we'll probably talk about this more in the future,

00:14:47   but I know that if we didn't talk about this today,

00:14:50   people would have asked for it

00:14:51   or thought that we weren't talking about it

00:14:53   for some reason, right?

00:14:55   But basically it's like,

00:14:57   we don't have access to all the tools yet,

00:14:59   so we can't fully assess it.

00:15:00   But what we've seen so far is like,

00:15:02   this is a option for people,

00:15:06   but I don't think it can be an option for us

00:15:09   because otherwise we'd have to create

00:15:11   a watered down experience to what we're already offering.

00:15:15   - And give up 30%.

00:15:16   - Oh yeah, and give up 30%.

00:15:18   I'm fine with 15, 30 is too much.

00:15:20   - I still think it's kind of interesting though

00:15:23   as an additional option.

00:15:25   Like I don't understand what the outrage is

00:15:27   in terms of did anyone really expect

00:15:30   that Apple was gonna build a membership system

00:15:32   for other people like us and give us access to the data?

00:15:35   - And that's why I said what I said.

00:15:36   Like I think we're and people in our circles

00:15:39   are overlaying our idea of membership on top of this,

00:15:42   and that's not what they've built.

00:15:44   - Exactly.

00:15:45   - We just don't have the listener breakup

00:15:48   for Apple Podcast subscriptions anyway.

00:15:50   Like, we're a different part of this industry.

00:15:54   - Yep.

00:15:54   But I still think it's a fine option,

00:15:56   and it seems pretty well designed.

00:15:58   There's a few things that I don't appreciate

00:16:00   that you also mentioned, Myke.

00:16:02   But I feel like, maybe as an additional option

00:16:06   for folks who just want to get the ad-free, extended version

00:16:12   of a show without any other perks.

00:16:14   And if those people are super into Apple podcasts

00:16:17   because they like using Siri or they

00:16:19   like using the HomePod and Apple Watch,

00:16:22   seems pretty fine for them.

00:16:23   And it's pretty much like the App Store.

00:16:25   And that also includes the unfortunate 30% fee,

00:16:29   which I really don't understand.

00:16:31   But I don't know.

00:16:33   As with most cases, I guess I don't understand some of the outrage that I've seen, but hey, to each their own, I guess?

00:16:41   I understand it if we would have expected them to be doing something altruistic.

00:16:46   Why would they?

00:16:48   Yeah, I mean, they have and continue to do some level of quote unquote altruism with Apple Podcasts in general, right?

00:16:57   The fact that they are continuing to maintain this directory, right? That has an API.

00:17:03   I'm like, yes, they've added an opt-out in the API, but I don't, that doesn't really

00:17:08   bother me.

00:17:09   Um, people can opt out if they want to and then that becomes their own problem.

00:17:13   And so they continue to have this thing that's available and Apple have stewarded podcasting

00:17:18   for years.

00:17:19   I think that they've done a very good job of it.

00:17:22   Now they're adding this thing on top.

00:17:23   Of course it was meant to benefit their business whilst also providing some podcasters with

00:17:28   a way to make money.

00:17:30   Like I don't know how we, it's the same with a 30%.

00:17:35   I'm not surprised, I'm just disappointed.

00:17:39   I wish they wouldn't have done it, but I'm not surprised that they've done it.

00:17:42   And if anything, I'm pleased that they kept the 15 after the first year.

00:17:47   Let's take a break and then talk about AirTags.

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00:19:24   What I do like about Fitbot, their Apple Watch app is really good because when

00:19:30   I'm working out, if anything distracts me, I'm like "oh I'll be distracted by this

00:19:35   thing instead." So with Fitbot you look at their videos and then you can see what

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00:19:56   also adjust the sets and reps if you want to, all on the watch, and it stops me from

00:20:01   being distracted because Federico sends me a text message and I would prefer to deal

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00:20:38   AirTags!

00:20:39   AirTag.

00:20:40   Is it AirTags or AirTag?

00:20:42   It depends how many you have.

00:20:44   Well, Apple never uses AirTags, plural, I think.

00:20:47   Well, it's like how they never say iMacs.

00:20:52   More than one iMac is probably what they would say, right?

00:20:55   It's like they never say "the" and they put "s" on the end of anything.

00:20:58   iMac units.

00:20:59   iMacs, plural.

00:21:00   Maybe they do put "s" on other things.

00:21:04   Would they say iPhones?

00:21:05   Probably.

00:21:06   I don't know why.

00:21:07   They say iPhones.

00:21:08   But anyway, because AirTag, AirTag, because it starts with one, right?

00:21:12   So it would be weird to call them AirTags if you're just selling one.

00:21:17   Right.

00:21:18   Well, this is deep.

00:21:21   It's a question for the time, really.

00:21:24   It's a question for the linguistics out there.

00:21:26   Like, I don't know.

00:21:28   Anyway, yes, they are real.

00:21:31   Did we get some AirTags for us?

00:21:34   I did.

00:21:35   I don't know why, but I did.

00:21:38   And while I was at it, I figured I would also get some accessories.

00:21:41   Yes.

00:21:42   I mean, why not?

00:21:43   I didn't get them engraved, though.

00:21:46   I'm not an engraving type person.

00:21:50   I don't know.

00:21:51   I just...

00:21:52   I don't know.

00:21:53   I prefer to put stickers sometimes on things, but usually, like, the selection of emoji

00:21:58   that you can pick from the tool on Apple.com is limited to just some emoji, and you cannot

00:22:06   put, like, curse words or other things on the engraving.

00:22:10   So that sort of...

00:22:11   Are you sad for that?

00:22:12   It's like, "Oh, no customers."

00:22:13   I mean, it removes the fun, right?

00:22:17   There's some fun options that I could have done.

00:22:21   So I just got the standard four-pack, and then I got the keychain holder and another

00:22:28   leather thing that they have.

00:22:31   I just clicked a bunch of buttons, basically, and I figured, yeah, this and this other one.

00:22:36   And I don't know how I'm going to use them.

00:22:37   I don't know why I bought them.

00:22:39   I think I bought them because of hashtag content, basically.

00:22:43   So just, yeah, I want to talk about them.

00:22:45   This was a product that I thought I would want anyway,

00:22:50   because I do see a value to this kind of thing.

00:22:53   And then the review videos made them look even cooler

00:22:58   than I thought they were going to be.

00:23:00   So I was like, yep, I'm into it.

00:23:02   So I did.

00:23:03   You know, I just thought I went with the Hermes one, you know, just like

00:23:06   just thought I just dropped 500 no I didn't do that I bought four pack mm-hmm

00:23:12   I wanted to engrave them then I was like I don't know what I want and decided not to

00:23:17   engrave them but then I was talking to Adina this morning and she was like oh I

00:23:21   would like one and then I was like okay I'm gonna get the keychain which

00:23:25   keychain do you want and I showed and she wanted the exact same keychain one

00:23:29   that I wanted and I was like okay this is gonna get confusing so I did engrave

00:23:32   them. I did one with MH, one with AH, and then I did one with a ghost on it and one

00:23:38   with the grimacing emoji on it because I thought that was funny. I just picked the

00:23:43   ghost, I liked the ghost, and then just like of all the emoji faces, the grimacing

00:23:47   one, I was like yep I'm into it. It's a very upset AirTag at all times. I got a

00:23:54   couple of different. I got one of the keychain ones because I do actually want

00:24:00   to put this on my keys. The loop one and I got one of the little Belkin secure holders as well.

00:24:08   I just want to try out all of the different options here because I know what I want to do

00:24:13   with two of them. And Ian is going to have one for her keys, I'm going to have one for my keys.

00:24:17   I keep hearing people say like I've never lost my keys and as like a reason that they wouldn't

00:24:23   want air tags. I've never lost my keys. And that's perfectly fine but here's the other thing. I don't

00:24:28   ever want to lose my keys. So this is the thing that would stop me from doing that,

00:24:35   hopefully. Like, I don't think it's a good answer. It's like something's never happened,

00:24:40   so it never will happen. You know? I don't think that that's a way to live your life,

00:24:45   right? Just having assumed something to this point will mean that it will be that way forever.

00:24:50   You know, I don't think that life works like that.

00:24:51   I'm just saying, and I said this before, I'm not a very misplace-y person.

00:24:57   Yeah, you are.

00:24:58   You know?

00:24:59   No, I'm not.

00:25:00   You lost a heart rate monitor.

00:25:01   No, you stole it.

00:25:02   That was stolen.

00:25:03   That was taken from me.

00:25:04   It wasn't lost.

00:25:05   If you would have had an air tag, you would have known, wouldn't you?

00:25:07   Well, am I supposed to exercise with an air tag attached to the center, attached to my

00:25:11   chest?

00:25:12   Sure.

00:25:13   Well, that seems inconvenient.

00:25:14   Jingle jangle.

00:25:16   If you keep losing stuff, then you should stick air tags to them.

00:25:19   I am not.

00:25:20   I'm not losing stuff.

00:25:21   I'm not keeping to lose like it's not a thing that that happens frequently to you. It seems no

00:25:28   No, I think so

00:25:30   Why would you think that do I give up the kind of vibe that I'm a as a losing person as a losing person

00:25:39   Okay, what I call you a loser, I don't I don't think so

00:25:44   Losing how do you call a?

00:25:46   Somebody who loses things

00:25:49   Is there a word for that forgetful, I don't know unlucky. I don't think there is a word an unfortunate person

00:25:57   Okay

00:25:59   Steven did you get the air tags? I did I bought the air tag for pack

00:26:04   I looked on Apple's website and it says what's in the box and it says air tag air tag air tag air tag

00:26:10   They seem unable to put an S on the end of this word. They refuse so much

00:26:16   It's not that difficult like it seems pretty inefficient and I will say you know they care so much about the environment

00:26:24   But they are using more ink or more pixels depending on where it's written. They should recycle those pixels

00:26:31   That's the thing we can do now even in the support document

00:26:37   It's all singular just very upsetting air tag air tag. Did you buy the little keychain?

00:26:44   what did you get? I did so I had there's two Belkin ones on Apple's website one with like a ring and one that's like

00:26:50   a little string that you loop around it and then I also did the Apple one the Apple keychain just

00:26:56   To see the difference the Belkin keychain gives me big like

00:27:01   kids accessory vibe yeah

00:27:04   Yes, like those things you like the wild cases you get for kids iPads

00:27:10   So they drop them and just bounce back up into their hands again

00:27:12   you know what I'm talking about? Stephen you must have seen this kind of stuff.

00:27:15   Because they hit them on the face, they're so bouncy, they just got to be careful with it.

00:27:18   Yeah, just like bouncing around the room. Like they seem more kind of like they've got a bit of

00:27:25   like, I don't know, they take maybe a more extreme sports vibe to them or something like they're

00:27:30   more protected. There's loads of accessories though, right? Like that are non-official.

00:27:35   Did you see all of this stuff? Like Moment have got them and Nomad have got them.

00:27:39   I'm not sure exactly why Nomad's is square. I think they may have been expecting something

00:27:44   different to occur. Did you see this? Nomad's is square? What?

00:27:48   Nomad has a square keychain, like a keychain where it's square, and I'm not 100%

00:27:54   understanding what they thought this product was gonna be.

00:27:58   Why is it square? Like does it just rattle around inside of there?

00:28:04   Why is it square? They have a round one and they have a square one.

00:28:09   Maybe the square one is also used for like tiles or something.

00:28:12   Maybe it's also compatible with the tile. Yeah.

00:28:14   They also made a sunglass strap.

00:28:16   Okay, so we need to have a talk about the sunglass strap, okay?

00:28:20   Do we?

00:28:23   Yes, because I feel like the sunglass strap has the same energy of the Bluetooth headset guy

00:28:33   kind of person.

00:28:36   you know, you're walking downtown to your big legal firm for work and you're talking to the

00:28:43   with the Bluetooth headset and you're also wearing sunglasses with a strap. That to me

00:28:49   paints a whole picture, you know? I feel like they chose the wrong sunglasses for the sunglass

00:28:55   strap imagery. No man, people who wear sunglass straps with air tags in them, they wear those

00:29:00   their sunglasses. They wear Ray-Bans? I was imagining more like, man we're upset so many

00:29:07   people here like Oakleys or something. Maybe so. As an option here, what would maybe more

00:29:13   fit because it's maybe at least more like hiking-y or something or sportsy. I don't

00:29:20   think the Ray-Bans, the Ray-Bans don't work for me in this. I appreciate Nomad making

00:29:26   something different like they've definitely cornered the market on AirTag

00:29:29   sunglass straps. I also think what Moment have done is quite clever too

00:29:35   where they've made basically these like little plastic discs that you put an AirTag

00:29:42   in and you can stick it to something and I think that's quite clever too.

00:29:46   Yeah I want to try sticking an AirTag to my car and so this would be perfect for that.

00:29:50   Oh well can you just put it in the car?

00:29:53   would it being in the car inhibit you seeing it via bluetooth or you want think

00:30:00   so I don't know look cuz then it would never work at all with it if you put it

00:30:06   if you put an air tag inside of any enclosed space it no longer what the

00:30:09   cars like metal and glass you know so yeah just just open the oil cap drop the

00:30:15   air tag in like a treat and close it up put it with the battery and it will

00:30:21   probably keep it powered. Maybe that's how that works. You just stick it to the

00:30:25   battery and it'll keep it powered. True. I'm very pleased they went with the

00:30:29   replaceable battery thing. Mm-hmm surprised. Yep. It would have just been so

00:30:33   wasteful, right? Because I've used products from other companies before and

00:30:38   it's basically like when the batteries dead you get a new one. Which is wasteful.

00:30:41   And that's wasteful. Why do you think there's a maximum of 16 per Apple ID? Why

00:30:47   did they choose that number? Because if you're if you're losing more than 16

00:30:51   objects in your life you maybe have a problem that you need to fix before getting more.

00:30:56   Why not 15? Do you think it's just because it's divisible by four?

00:31:00   Yeah you can get four four packs. You can spend four hundred dollars.

00:31:04   Hang on, we missed the best accessory. Did we? The Spigen AirTag Case Rugged Armor. I'm putting it

00:31:12   in the Discord. It's got a carabiner on it, isn't it? It has like a tactical carabiner.

00:31:20   Oh, you could like use an air tag when you dangle off the roof.

00:31:24   Is this, has that got a bottle opener on it?

00:31:25   I think it has.

00:31:26   I'm sure it does.

00:31:27   I'm pretty sure that's a bottle opener there, that little rivet.

00:31:30   So what kind of person wears this?

00:31:32   The same person who buys the sunglasses thing.

00:31:35   This is like a whole kit for that person.

00:31:36   I mean, obviously the photo on the Spigen website, the key fob is for a BMW, obviously.

00:31:45   Right, right, right.

00:31:46   Right, right, right.

00:31:47   Okay, do you want to know the features?

00:31:49   Features.

00:31:50   Rugged build dominates everyday bumps and drops.

00:31:53   Dominates?

00:31:54   Oh my god, this is the kind of, alright, that's the kind of person this is for.

00:31:58   Durable zinc alloy and stainless steel carabiner doubles up as a bottle opener to open a cold

00:32:04   one.

00:32:05   Yeah, when you're drinking with them boys.

00:32:07   To open a cold one with the boys.

00:32:10   Lightweight builds to hook onto your essentials.

00:32:13   Here's what I want to do.

00:32:14   I want to start a new website and all I do is review AirTag accessories.

00:32:19   Uh-huh, I feel like you'd have a pretty good start.

00:32:22   There's a lot of them.

00:32:23   AirTag.pro.

00:32:24   I'm not doing it.

00:32:25   Nor am I buying a domain.

00:32:27   Because Apple will sue you and take your domain.

00:32:29   Also self-restraint, because I just got a hover bill that was quite exciting.

00:32:33   Why do these accessories exist?

00:32:36   Like what are you doing with this thing attached to your belt?

00:32:40   Have some sense of style.

00:32:41   I mean, come on.

00:32:42   What is this?

00:32:43   I mean it's a style Federico. Yeah, it's a wrong style. I didn't say that. I did say that I do I don't care

00:32:51   Well Spegan's leather one is backordered 30 days

00:32:55   Because it isn't ready no one actually made this thing backordered means we're still inventing it

00:33:00   Yeah, we're gonna see so many of these just there's gonna be tons of them. Why not? Why not mix and match, you know

00:33:07   Why not?

00:33:08   Something for every style where else would you want an air tag so bags keys?

00:33:14   Maybe a car what else would you want to attach an air tag to you? I like sauce. I'm gonna put backpack maybe

00:33:20   Backpack I mean travel in suitcase obviously yeah, not everyone has a Federico looking out for them

00:33:27   That's true right very true

00:33:30   Also some people were saying I'm gonna stick one to the

00:33:35   the color on my dog or something.

00:33:38   Apple does not advise you do that.

00:33:41   Also, I don't know if I want to put like a Bluetooth accessory,

00:33:45   you know, right by my dog's little brain.

00:33:50   I don't know. It's just kind of weird.

00:33:52   -And I don't think you should worry about that for how much

00:33:53   Bluetooth is pinging around inside of your house all the time.

00:33:56   -Yeah. You got an Apple Watch on your wrist.

00:33:58   -Yeah, you got Bluetooth firing off in there all day,

00:34:01   left and right, up and down.

00:34:02   -Bouncing around.

00:34:03   between the vaccines of 5G.

00:34:05   (laughing)

00:34:08   What's next, microchips?

00:34:14   - Have you microchipped your dogs?

00:34:20   Is that a thing?

00:34:21   - I'm kidding, it's a joke.

00:34:22   Yeah, yeah, I did.

00:34:23   Yes, obviously.

00:34:24   - So why not give poemantag?

00:34:25   You put chip inside of their body.

00:34:27   I'll put chip inside of you, see how you feel.

00:34:30   - You think I should, like,

00:34:32   Why wouldn't you?

00:34:35   Maybe.

00:34:36   I'm gonna sell Silvio on the idea though.

00:34:39   Nah, just do it.

00:34:40   I don't know exactly why Apple's saying not to put them on animals, I bet it's just something

00:34:44   like legal thing, right?

00:34:47   Like if the air tag doesn't work, then you'd be like "Oh, Apple killed my cat" or something,

00:34:52   you know?

00:34:53   It's always so tragic.

00:34:54   That's the kind of story, you know?

00:34:57   That people would try and write.

00:34:59   Yeah, no dog, no children. Shouldn't put it on a child, I think for the same reason.

00:35:05   Right.

00:35:05   Right.

00:35:07   Marquez, MKBHD, made a really interesting point that I hadn't considered, because I

00:35:13   was just like, "Oh, I would put it inside my bag," right? Like, put the air tag inside

00:35:18   the bag. And he was like, "No, you should put it on the outside so if people find it,

00:35:23   they know there is one." And I was like, "Oh, that's really smart." Right? Because

00:35:29   if these things continue to... No wait, you lost me. What do you mean? Right, so if I... my natural thinking about my backpack, right,

00:35:35   is to put the AirTag just inside the bag so it's not on show all the time. Just put it in the bag, right? Okay.

00:35:41   But if my bag is lost...

00:35:44   Right. Unless someone starts going through my bag,

00:35:47   they're not gonna find my AirTag and even if they do, they might not because I might put it in an inside pocket or whatever.

00:35:52   That's a good point.

00:35:53   So if you use one of the little loop things and hang it in such a way that it's visibly on the outside of the bag,

00:35:58   if somebody finds your bag they very easily just scan the air tag for you and

00:36:03   call you. He said it's like you would put a luggage tag on the outside of a

00:36:08   suitcase. You don't put it on the inside of the suitcase. You know I

00:36:13   once found someone's wallet right under... Did you steal the money? No, so I was walking the

00:36:20   dogs with Silvia. It was late at night and I see this like passport photo on

00:36:25   on the ground. I was like, "Wait, what is that?"

00:36:27   And I actually kind of, you know, touch it with my shoe.

00:36:31   It's like, "Oh, it's someone's wallet."

00:36:33   And it was open.

00:36:33   You touch it like a shoe as if it could come alive at any moment?

00:36:36   Yeah, it was just, you know.

00:36:38   Maybe there's like a giant...

00:36:39   What if it's a tiny person?

00:36:41   I don't know, it's just a giant lizard under it.

00:36:44   I don't know. I'm just poking it.

00:36:47   Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

00:36:49   You didn't want to touch it because there might have been a lizard underneath it?

00:36:52   Is that a thing that happens a lot?

00:36:54   I don't know. I kind of wanted to poke it before...

00:36:57   It's a lizard wearing the disguise of a wallet and that's how they get you.

00:37:00   Alright, so I'm poking the thing and then I confirm that it's a wallet, okay?

00:37:05   And so I take the... it's like, okay, it's a wallet, it's someone's wallet and we gotta return this.

00:37:10   It's a responsible thing to do. So we get the wallet and there's an ID inside.

00:37:15   And so we find the... I actually kind of broke the law, I think, because I...

00:37:22   So I saw the ID and in theory you're supposed to go to the police station, right?

00:37:28   And say I found this person's ID, yes to the Policia or the Carabinieri, Myke.

00:37:34   Obviously.

00:37:34   You're supposed to go there and say, "Hey, I found somebody's ID."

00:37:38   Is the Carabinieri what you put the air tag onto?

00:37:40   It's spelled like that.

00:37:43   Come on, come on.

00:37:46   They have bottle openers attached to them.

00:37:48   So in any case, I couldn't be bothered to go to the police station.

00:37:53   And so I... so let me try to be vague here.

00:37:58   So in any case, I was able to find this person's address through other means,

00:38:02   and it was very convenient, so I didn't have to go to the police station.

00:38:06   And it turns out that the guy lived like just under, you know, at the end of the same street where I live.

00:38:13   And so we go there and basically we ring the bell and it's this younger guy who was like

00:38:20   in his twenties and he's drunk and in his underpants.

00:38:23   I see what if you'd lost your wallet.

00:38:27   Opens the door like, Hey, he's like, Hey, what's up? Like, like, um, are you, you know,

00:38:37   I don't know, Tom. Okay. I don't remember his name. Like, uh, I think I found your wallet.

00:38:42   And so this guy is drunk in his underpants, obviously smelling like alcohol. And he basically

00:38:50   has this huge smile and it's like, Oh my God, thank you. And he goes for the hug. And so

00:38:55   I find myself with my girlfriend at 10 PM hugging a drunk guy in his underpants.

00:39:00   Oh you accepted the hug.

00:39:01   I mean, he went for it.

00:39:02   What are you going to do, right? You want to push him? You stole his wallet, you know?

00:39:07   And it's like I found, and also kind of, I don't know, it was kind of embarrassing, man.

00:39:13   One of the things, one of the many things that happened to me.

00:39:15   You have, you do get into some scrapes.

00:39:19   Yeah, but it was actually very like, for a drunk guy in his underpants, it was very lovely

00:39:24   and you know, charming.

00:39:27   All's well that ends well.

00:39:34   So why are we talking about this?

00:39:35   I don't know.

00:39:36   I don't know.

00:39:37   I think it's too thick to put in a wallet, which is a bummer.

00:39:40   I don't even worry about losing my wallet. I lost my wallet once.

00:39:43   You lost a wallet!

00:39:44   Yeah, that's why I don't worry, because I knew how easy it was to handle replacing everything.

00:39:49   It wasn't that bad.

00:39:50   I could...

00:39:51   That was mostly sad, just because I lost the wallet. I liked the wallet, you know?

00:39:56   Couldn't care about your ID.

00:39:57   I mean, an ID's so simple to replace.

00:39:59   Or your company debit card.

00:40:01   Again, really easy to replace. You just give people a call, send that stuff out to you.

00:40:06   And, you know, my ID is a provisional driving license, not even a real driving license.

00:40:11   So, I just got a new one. Easy.

00:40:15   Now that we're talking about it, I actually don't know why I bought them.

00:40:18   It's my realization.

00:40:20   Just put it in your wallet. Put it in your wallet case. Stick it to your iPhone. I don't know.

00:40:24   I can't really do that.

00:40:27   I don't know. Why did I buy them?

00:40:30   It's a... You did it for the content.

00:40:32   You're right.

00:40:33   Okay, well we are going to test them, we are supposedly receiving them in a week, right?

00:40:39   Yeah, yeah.

00:40:40   So I guess not in the next episode but in the one after that we're going to be talking

00:40:44   about our AirTag experience.

00:40:46   I'm sure by that point all of our listeners will really want to know our opinions.

00:40:51   Sure, everybody's waiting for us, like I'm not going to purchase our tag, singular, until

00:40:58   the connected guys talk about it.

00:41:00   That's right.

00:41:01   not AirTag AirTag AirTag AirTag no way I did mine for in-store pickup because my

00:41:07   store is offering that again and I haven't been anywhere I was like I'm

00:41:11   gonna go to the Apple Store and pick my AirTags up don't have to brag because

00:41:14   you got a vaccine and you can go places it was an option for me too but I

00:41:19   couldn't be bothered for this product it's like not I'm not so excited day one

00:41:26   Like I'm fine, but with this one I'm fine. Like if we if we order an iPad for Radeena, I'll probably do it

00:41:35   But maybe for the Apple TV remote, I'll do it but

00:41:39   Not for the AirTag. AirTag, AirTag, AirTag, AirTag. All right, let's take a break and score some picks. All right

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00:43:42   Time to judge the Ricky's

00:43:44   Excuse me while I get comfortable here. Okay for this segment. Mm-hmm. Ah, can you feel that guys?

00:43:52   the sweet smell of victory

00:43:55   Stephen I hope you have a bleep sound ready because this is gonna know don't don't do that to me. It's Friday

00:44:05   Editing this show is the only thing between me and the weekend.

00:44:07   Ah, that feels so good.

00:44:09   Alright, round one.

00:44:11   Do we need to read the rules?

00:44:12   Yeah.

00:44:13   Go on, read them.

00:44:14   Go on, read the rules.

00:44:16   Go on.

00:44:16   There are two types of Ricky's.

00:44:20   Annual Ricky's and keynote Ricky's.

00:44:23   What's up with my favorite songs?

00:44:24   Come on.

00:44:24   The winner of the annual Ricky's is named the annual chairman and retains the rights

00:44:29   to the corresponding Twitter account for the full year.

00:44:31   This position is awarded every January.

00:44:34   The keynote rookies winner is named the keynote chairman and retains the rights to the corresponding

00:44:40   Twitter account until the next keynote is held

00:44:43   Annual winners roll over to preserve the order of picks for example the 2019 annual winner got to go first for the next annual picks

00:44:51   Order of the keynote rookies is based on the previous Apple event the loser goes last

00:45:00   To earn any points everything written down in the prediction document must come true

00:45:05   No half points may be awarded in any round and picks cannot be reused

00:45:10   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds

00:45:15   Two points will be awarded for correct picks in the risky pick round if your risky pick is wrong

00:45:21   You will lose a point and the other two hosts must agree that your pick is risky

00:45:27   For the keynote rookies the scoring window starts when the event begins and closes when the picks are scored which is now

00:45:34   The winner of the regular plus risky picks must be granted access to the annual or event chairman Twitter account

00:45:41   It will retain access until another winner is named as a reminder Myke is the current annual chairman

00:45:47   And I am the current keynote chairman

00:45:49   We also have the flexes which I'll explain when we get there guys

00:45:55   The keynote chairman Twitter account is on the line

00:45:57   On the line and cash, but we'll talk about that and in the flexes. We'll get to so round one

00:46:05   my pick

00:46:07   The iPad Pro is updated to a variant of the a14 chip

00:46:11   Couldn't have been more wrong here. How did that go technically the m1 is based on the a14?

00:46:16   How do you know are you Johnny's Fuji?

00:46:19   We had this exact conversation last week where we 100% said

00:46:24   that you cannot state this. It isn't true. We had a whole talk about this. Yes we have

00:46:30   already established this previously. So I got I got this one wrong. I don't know

00:46:35   about you guys but when Turnus, is it John Turnus? Yes. I think his name's John.

00:46:41   He basically started doing the run-up to this announcement right of like

00:46:46   "oh it's so good like we've heard other people might want it" I was like oh my god

00:46:51   they're doing it. Because I didn't expect this, right? Because of all of the questions

00:46:57   that are now going to be asked for the next at least seven weeks about why would you put

00:47:05   the Mac chip in an iPad? You could have put the same chip in there and called it the A14X,

00:47:11   but they have now called it the M1. The M1 is the Mac chip. So now the question on everybody's

00:47:17   lips is, "Well, why? What are you gonna give to me?" Yeah, I mean, lots of people have

00:47:23   referenced this, but Jason's piece on Macworld, "The iPad Pro is a killer machine, but its

00:47:28   software is killing me," is exactly what we're talking about. Fedoruk, I want to know what

00:47:33   you think about this, because we can all sit here and talk about this, but you're the person

00:47:38   who actually is in the trenches using your iPad as your main computer. Does the M1 bring

00:47:44   anything to what you're doing or do you kind of think like we do that it's already fast enough and

00:47:50   this is a big promise without delivery yet? Well, it is a big promise and it doesn't really do

00:47:57   anything at the moment for me. I'm not a video editor. I don't have to export all this 4k footage

00:48:04   that other people have to. I think it's incredible if you're that kind of user. If you do photo

00:48:10   editing, if you do video, if you do 3d modeling, I know a bunch of people that do that and I think

00:48:14   it for those kinds of users I can already see the upside of this, right? But for the

00:48:20   rest of us, you know, folks who write, who do research, who use the iPad as a laptop,

00:48:24   but not for those kinds of CPU and GPU intensive tasks, it is a lot of promise, but it feels

00:48:32   like one half of a story that is incomplete at the moment. And when I linked to Jason's

00:48:40   article on Mac stories, I added as a note that the last time this happened, it was in

00:48:47   the fall of 2018, when we got the first, the original sort of modern take on the iPad Pro,

00:48:54   the 2018 iPad Pro. And at the time, we all said, sort of the consensus was, "Well, this

00:49:01   is a beautiful machine, it's so powerful, but why is it so powerful?" Because at the

00:49:07   time when Apple announced the 2018 iPad Pro, iOS 12 was the software that ran on it. And

00:49:14   so the last time that this happened, that this exact situation occurred, we all asked

00:49:19   that question. And seven months later, Apple delivered iPadOS. So the first OS made for

00:49:26   iPad, with multi-windowing and all those changes to multitasking. So if history is of any indication

00:49:33   I guess this is happening again, but on a shorter time frame, because WWDC is in 45

00:49:42   days or something, it really does feel like, why would you put all this power? Why would

00:49:47   you put the M1 and a Thunderbolt port and a better display? All these things, extra

00:49:54   storage because you can now get a 2TB iPad Pro. Why would you do all these things?

00:50:00   Why are they listing the RAM on the website?

00:50:02   are you listing 16GB of RAM as an option?" And you still have the same limitations as

00:50:08   before. To me, this feels like you get this iPad now and don't you worry, more is coming

00:50:15   in software in the next update. And this is also the kind of thing where Apple

00:50:20   can't get mad that we're asking these questions because they chose M1, right? They would have

00:50:28   put the A14X in it and be like "oh that's an M1, we know that". We wouldn't be asking

00:50:32   the same questions, because it'd be like "well this is the continuation of the iPad". But

00:50:37   they've taken what I think seems like a bit of a turn, and so I'm expecting there to be

00:50:42   a payoff.

00:50:44   I think so. I mean, otherwise why do it?

00:50:48   Exactly.

00:50:50   What's the other... let's think about it this way. What's the other potential outcome? That

00:50:55   they release an iPad Pro with these pretty incredible specs in May 2021, but the software

00:51:02   for it actually comes out June 2022? Seems unlikely to me.

00:51:09   I mean, if that was the case, I don't know why you would say it has the same chip as

00:51:15   the Mac in it. I don't think that that was necessary, but this is the route that they've

00:51:21   chosen to go down. My first pick, this one hurts me, 12.9 inch iPad Pro ships later than the 11 inch.

00:51:29   The reason this hurts me is I might still be right. But you can't know. I can't know. We can't know.

00:51:35   We're not gonna know until next Friday. But I think I will just say now, obviously I'm wrong

00:51:44   in the pick, I still think I'm right because they're like second half of May. Like why would

00:51:50   you say that it's such a weird ambiguous timeline and they said it for most of

00:51:55   their products which is very strange but still you know it is upsetting to me but

00:52:02   I do not get the pick because the we heard it in the rules it happened now

00:52:05   but I just wanted to state for the record that I still think that I'm

00:52:08   probably gonna history will show me as correct on this one but it will make a

00:52:12   difference because we're scoring right now that's right the the third one

00:52:18   Federico. My first pick was at least one of the new iPad Pros will have a

00:52:26   Thunderbolt / USB 4 port similar to the M1 Max. The funny thing about all of this

00:52:33   is this entire round one we were all completely convinced that everyone was

00:52:37   gonna get their points. Mm-hmm. And only Federico got a point. We've kind of

00:52:45   talked about this but it does bring faster speeds, fractional storage, it can

00:52:50   push Pro Display XDR now for the two people who want to do that but I mean

00:52:55   it's sort of the same thing with the M1 this is a unfulfilled promise I think.

00:53:00   Yeah I mean this is exactly the story of the USB-C in the 2018. Yeah and we got

00:53:08   like jump drive support. Yeah we are literally having the same conversation

00:53:13   that we had three years ago.

00:53:15   Just we keep saying the same sentences,

00:53:18   the same lines over and over.

00:53:20   Just this time it's about Thunderbolt and USB4.

00:53:22   But yeah, we'll see.

00:53:24   I guess now you can transfer data up to 40 gigabit per second.

00:53:29   Great.

00:53:30   It's four times faster than before.

00:53:32   And you still have to use the Files app for that.

00:53:35   So if it doesn't crash on you.

00:53:39   (laughing)

00:53:40   Great.

00:53:41   - Yeah, so this is round one.

00:53:43   - All right, so round one, Federico has one point.

00:53:46   Myke and I are tied at zero points,

00:53:50   which is a real bummer.

00:53:51   - Let's do everything to play full.

00:53:53   - That's right.

00:53:54   - Don't worry, everything can change.

00:53:56   - Round two, I went first.

00:54:00   The big iPad Pro is updated with a feature

00:54:02   that is unique to it.

00:54:04   Fancy new mini LED display

00:54:09   that makes even the Pro Display XDR look kind of sad.

00:54:12   - How do you feel about that as a Pro Display XDR owner?

00:54:16   - I mean.

00:54:17   - You're gonna have a bad year.

00:54:20   I'm predicting this right now.

00:54:21   Steven's gonna feel real bad by the end of this year.

00:54:25   - Tell us, how do you feel?

00:54:27   - If he was able to just use sidecar with whatever

00:54:32   Mac comes out. - Yeah, I've got a Mac Pro

00:54:34   and a Pro Display XDR.

00:54:36   I mean, it's fine.

00:54:38   I don't use the Pro Display for all of its really cool stuff that it does.

00:54:43   Wait, you don't do color grading?

00:54:46   No.

00:54:47   Really?

00:54:48   No, it's weird, right?

00:54:49   I thought you only watched HDR Zoom video.

00:54:51   Like calls or whatever.

00:54:52   You know, too bad Apple doesn't make a display for normal people and we're stuck with this

00:54:56   one.

00:54:57   I mean, it is truly-

00:54:58   They do, it's called the LG Ultrafine.

00:55:01   It's truly impressive.

00:55:02   It's fine.

00:55:03   I know it is fine.

00:55:04   time while I saved up for this monstrosity. It is amazing to me what

00:55:11   this technology can do like 10,000 LEDs in the backlight it is up from 72 I

00:55:19   think was originally in the previous iPad Pro. 2,500 local dimming areas where

00:55:27   the Pro Display XDR only has 526 so this will be something that Apple continues

00:55:33   to roll out their rumors that this is going to be on the big MacBook Pro that

00:55:38   we'll see some point later this year probably and it's it's cool to see it

00:55:43   here first and this is one of those things it's like it's kind of it's kind

00:55:46   of a bummer that a lot of people can't get to an Apple store to see it because

00:55:49   I feel like this is something you've got to see and decide if it's something you

00:55:53   care about or the if it will like blow you away in person or not. Does anyone

00:55:58   ever count those things? Like does anyone actually go there and count all the mini LEDs

00:56:05   and all the demons and so on? Do we just... I bet I fix it, try. Do they actually count

00:56:10   them? I don't know. Or do we just take it for granted? Like if I went out and said,

00:56:14   you know on Mac Stories we have 2 million pixels, whatever. Like... I would believe

00:56:19   you. See? Like how would you start counting that even? I mean I wouldn't worry about it.

00:56:26   I don't know.

00:56:27   So just like the XDR, you can get a super expensive stand for it.

00:56:31   Did you guys see this $400 stand for the new iPad?

00:56:36   It's made by Kensington.

00:56:37   It's called the Studio Doc.

00:56:39   Interesting.

00:56:40   I guess that kind of is it, right?

00:56:47   Myke, I would give you a point just for that if I could, but unfortunately I cannot.

00:56:54   I guess the Kensington Studio dock, provided it works, is the display stand for this XDR

00:57:01   display, I guess.

00:57:04   I remember the first time I saw an XDR doing its thing, you know.

00:57:10   I was really impressed by it.

00:57:13   The brightness in certain areas and stuff really is quite impressive.

00:57:18   I was watching a demo and it was like a dark street and there were street lights and the

00:57:23   illuminated street lights was so incredibly bright, right? Because it's doing this the

00:57:28   1600 nits thing because it was just certain areas. And I was very impressed by it. Like

00:57:33   I felt like I hadn't seen a screen like that before. So I am really intrigued to see how

00:57:39   content looks on this iPad, right? Like I, if it's, if it gives that kind of experience,

00:57:47   like that's going to be a very attractive thing.

00:57:50   It should be even better.

00:57:52   And my guess is that if you didn't know and you just

00:57:56   saw this big iPad Pro, that you may think it's OLED.

00:57:59   If they can really dim it the way

00:58:01   we think they can with that many zones.

00:58:03   Yeah.

00:58:04   Because that's the plan, right?

00:58:06   It's to try and achieve what OLED can do without

00:58:09   the complexities of trying to put an OLED screen in an iPad

00:58:12   Pro.

00:58:15   I mean, I'm very intrigued by it.

00:58:17   I think it could end up being great for all of the things

00:58:20   that you would want to use an iPad for, right?

00:58:22   From content creation, but also to consumption.

00:58:25   You know, like I bet it becomes just like

00:58:26   a very beautiful screen to watch HDR movies on

00:58:30   and stuff like that.

00:58:31   So I am very intrigued to see what it looks like.

00:58:34   - All right.

00:58:38   Round two.

00:58:39   Myke, this is you.

00:58:41   - The iPad Pro gets 5G.

00:58:42   This is only really interesting

00:58:45   because it shows that the M1 can do 5G.

00:58:48   Yep. And if it's not ever on a Mac notebook, we're going to be sad.

00:58:52   Well, cause then it's like, there's no reason except for, I mean, well,

00:58:56   the reason I guess would be Mac OS.

00:58:57   The Mac OS doesn't know what to do with it.

00:58:59   It is simply showing that. I mean, this was so obvious, right? Like this just,

00:59:03   cause if you cast your mind back, uh,

00:59:05   we all thought that the iPad Pro was going to be the first device to get 5g,

00:59:10   right? But they just never updated the iPad Pros at the time that we thought they

00:59:14   were going to, which was last September. So.

00:59:17   5G. 5G. Alright, Federico. My second pick was only the big iPad Pro gets a new display

00:59:27   technology. I'm so bummed out about this. Hey, where's my bell? Oh. Thank you. I'm so

00:59:36   bummed out about this. Yeah, it was rumored we sort of knew this was happening, but it's

00:59:41   still, like, I still don't understand what exactly the role of the 11-inch iPad Pro is

00:59:47   at this point. I was already thinking this before, especially since the release of the

00:59:52   iPad Air. Now it seems even more true, like, why would you get the 11-inch iPad Pro when

01:00:00   the iPad...

01:00:01   For software? I mean, like, this would be the thing, it's like, if the iPad Pro is the

01:00:05   only iPad that can do something incredible that we think's coming...

01:00:08   Right, we'll see.

01:00:09   it's like, well now you would get the iPad Pro because the iPad Air can't do this or

01:00:13   can't do this nearly as well. It all comes down though to the USB port though at that

01:00:19   point. Or the M1 chip. The M1. If at some point they said, I don't think it would be

01:00:25   this summer, but if at some point a few years from now they said, hey, you gotta have an

01:00:31   M1 for this or that feature, then you would be sort of bummed out. But I think the reason

01:00:36   the 11-inch exists is that 12.9 is just too big for some people. That's laptop

01:00:41   sized. And I think some people, including myself, just view that as an iPad that's

01:00:46   just too big. I'm just very sad that they didn't put-- that they couldn't put the

01:00:51   XDR display in the 11-inch. It'll get there. That's what I would have wanted. You know,

01:00:55   eventually. Mm-hmm. What are y'all gonna do as far as purchasing? Are y'all gonna

01:01:01   upgrade iPads? Yep, obviously. 12.9. Mm-hmm. What about you, Myke? I will not be

01:01:10   buying any for me, no. We are going to upgrade Adina's 12.9. She's using

01:01:17   mild 2018, and she uses it for illustrating, and did a thing that I

01:01:23   didn't know you could do. You can actually wear away the coating on the

01:01:27   iPads if you use the Apple Pencil enough. Did you know that that could happen?

01:01:30   No.

01:01:31   Yeah, and this is the thing, I've found that it's possible, if you are an artist, especially

01:01:38   will have this, because you would typically be drawing in the same spot of the screen,

01:01:42   and if you do that enough, you start to wear away the coating that's on top of it, and

01:01:48   it continues to work, but you can get this thing sometimes where she'll draw one straight

01:01:52   line and it will skip in a few places.

01:01:54   Yikes.

01:01:55   It's kind of weird, didn't know that could happen.

01:01:57   I mean, you know, this is an iPad that's been in very heavy use for this,

01:02:00   and it's multiple years old.

01:02:02   And my thinking was that I was going to upgrade my 12.9 inch iPad Pro,

01:02:08   then she'll get my 2020 and then I would get a 2021.

01:02:11   But I'm not using my 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

01:02:15   So there's no point in in doing that.

01:02:18   I think she's just going to get one instead.

01:02:21   I'll get the chance to see what it looks like, the screen and stuff,

01:02:25   but it won't be for me.

01:02:27   I am holding out, like if they end up announcing something at WWDC that takes advantage of

01:02:33   the M1 iPad Pro, I will replace my 11 inch.

01:02:36   But there isn't enough on the 11 inch iPad Pro for me to want to upgrade from my 2018.

01:02:43   For the usage that I'm getting out of it with the 11 inch, I don't really know if there's

01:02:47   much of a reason right now to upgrade.

01:02:50   If you are an 11 inch iPad Pro user of any kind, I don't know if they've shown enough,

01:02:55   right?

01:02:57   seem fair to say? Mm-hmm I think it does. So I mean I was maybe the only person in

01:03:04   the world to upgrade from a 2018 to 2020 and now I'm not upgrading to 2021. I'd forgotten you had done that.

01:03:10   My niche is a 2018 and I don't really see any reason to upgrade at this point

01:03:16   either. I'm not planning on it. But I'm holding out for whatever might happen

01:03:20   later on. So you reserve the right to upgrade later. I reserve the right to

01:03:24   upgrade post WWDC. So at the end of round two total score Federico 2, Myke 1, and I

01:03:34   have 1. Federico is leading. We'll pick this action back up on the other side of

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01:05:23   of the show and relay FM is time to judge our Ricky picks. My first one, we see some

01:05:33   sort of AR focused hardware.

01:05:35   Well, we told you, I mean, come on. We right. I mean, you knew you were not going to get

01:05:42   this point.

01:05:43   Did I?

01:05:44   No. Did I?

01:05:47   Did you genuinely feel like it was possible?

01:05:49   I thought it was possible that the iPad would pick up something new, like beyond the LiDAR

01:05:55   sensor and that that would answer my pick. I wasn't betting on the glasses.

01:06:00   I feel like we tried to explain this to you, that we would not have given you that pick.

01:06:05   But the letter of the law, you would have had to.

01:06:08   Suggests that it's not AR-focused hardware.

01:06:10   If it was like some new LiDAR array and they were using it for ARKit, that would have been

01:06:16   AR focused hardware.

01:06:17   But they didn't do that, so I didn't get the point.

01:06:20   It's not AR focused hardware, because then you're suggesting that the entire focus of

01:06:24   the iPad is AR.

01:06:25   No, no, no, the focus of the new LiDAR hardware or whatever it was going to be.

01:06:28   That doesn't make any sense.

01:06:29   That's like camera focused cameras.

01:06:31   No, it's not.

01:06:32   Right, like that doesn't make any sense.

01:06:33   You wouldn't say that.

01:06:35   This is my phone focused phone.

01:06:37   That's right.

01:06:38   This is my day focused phone.

01:06:39   Does none of this make any sense?

01:06:40   for none of this makes any sense you were never gonna get this pick well

01:06:43   neither were you wasn't gonna happen no but I knew it two sizes of iMac

01:06:47   announced I knew I wasn't gonna get it but it was Ricky it was all one size I

01:06:51   was six colors plus silver yeah I love it I love the way it looks I think it's

01:06:57   beautiful I love it I adore it I'm gonna order one to review I've decided of

01:07:04   Of course you could flip flop flip flip flop.

01:07:05   I'm not moving to a 24 inch iMac.

01:07:10   Well you say that.

01:07:11   I can't.

01:07:12   You might change your mind.

01:07:13   We'll see.

01:07:14   I can't go to a 24 inch screen.

01:07:15   We'll see, maybe you will.

01:07:16   I have a Mac Pro.

01:07:19   Could you plug your Pro Display into it?

01:07:21   Yes.

01:07:22   Oh.

01:07:23   I'm not doing it.

01:07:24   Oh that's 54 inches now.

01:07:25   No this machine doesn't meet my needs.

01:07:27   I want a bunch of storage inside a computer.

01:07:31   the two terabyte iMac isn't enough free space to hold my home folder anymore. I

01:07:36   can't do it. What are you doing? A lot of stuff. What are you doing? Federico can

01:07:42   you get on board to me with this one? You can't get your home folder on a two

01:07:48   terabyte drive? My home folder is 1.98 terabytes. What are you doing with it? I got all sorts of stuff in here man.

01:07:56   Well I mean that's clearly... Are you a hoarder, Stevens?

01:08:00   I mean we knew that already. So part of it is that I used to keep archived files somewhere else and that's a

01:08:05   terabyte so I guess I could move that to an external. So I want to know now how

01:08:11   much used storage space is in your Mac Pro? Okay I can tell you right now let me

01:08:17   pull this up. So Macintosh HD I've used 4.33 terabytes out of 8 terabytes that's

01:08:25   the boot internal drive. What are you saying? One, a volume I have called

01:08:29   intersect which is a it's actually two four terabyte two and a half inch SSDs

01:08:35   rated and mirror with each other on a card. I've used 1.9 terabytes of that 4

01:08:41   terabyte space. So we're up to 6 terabytes. 3 point, let's see, let's see, 3.7

01:08:49   plus 1.9 it's 5.6 and then with time machine I have used 8.4 terabytes out of

01:08:59   12 so all in all I'm using 14 terabytes of data inside my computer out of a

01:09:07   possible out of a possible almost 20 terabytes what are you doing this is

01:09:14   pathological. Do you have any data outside of your iMac or your Mac Pro? No, it's all inside the

01:09:21   computer. What are you doing? My devon thinks databases alone are 100 gigabytes. I've got a lot of stuff man.

01:09:27   Yeah but that doesn't... What stuff? So it's all a terabyte of his archive so we want to look in here.

01:09:34   Okay so the relay FM archive. But like videos... The relay FM archive is 470 gigs and it is a copy of...

01:09:41   But like my question would be, why is your computer the place for that?

01:09:47   That surely should be done somewhere else, right?

01:09:50   I mean someone has to have a copy of every MP3 we've ever published that gets updated weekly.

01:09:56   Who else is gonna do it?

01:09:57   That's not the point.

01:09:58   The point is why on your computer?

01:10:01   A computer in the world should have that, I agree.

01:10:04   I don't know if it needs to be in your Mac Pro.

01:10:07   Well it can be.

01:10:08   Sometimes he just likes to open the folder, click the arrow keys and select,

01:10:13   "scheme through", you know?

01:10:14   Put it on shuffle.

01:10:15   I get it. I kinda get it.

01:10:17   Browse that folder with cover flow.

01:10:21   That's right.

01:10:22   But again, I still feel like there's many terabytes, many, many terabytes.

01:10:27   Most of the terabytes not accounted for to this point.

01:10:30   Maybe.

01:10:31   Got a lot of stuff in Dropbox.

01:10:32   Are you doing Plex or something?

01:10:34   No Plex.

01:10:35   What are you storing?

01:10:37   No real movie library either.

01:10:40   That's on a Mac Mini in the house.

01:10:41   Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

01:10:43   Tell me again how many terabytes?

01:10:45   On my home folder?

01:10:46   My home folder was 1.9.

01:10:48   No, no, no, the whole thing.

01:10:50   Oh, it was...

01:10:51   Not the backup.

01:10:54   Without Time Machine?

01:10:55   Without Time Machine.

01:10:56   Oh, gosh, I already closed the tab.

01:10:57   I feel like you should...

01:10:59   It was 1.9 on the external but internal drive and then 4.3 on the boot drive.

01:11:07   So was it 6 terabytes we decided?

01:11:09   There, there, thereabouts.

01:11:10   So you have 6 terabytes of used storage.

01:11:14   But there is no video in that.

01:11:15   I mean there's video from work but I don't have like my iTunes movie library synced down

01:11:20   or anything.

01:11:21   That is unbelievable.

01:11:22   I cannot fathom this.

01:11:26   Six terabytes of web archives?

01:11:29   A lot of archives.

01:11:30   Is that what it is?

01:11:31   There's some in there.

01:11:33   I'm using 873 gigabytes.

01:11:36   Not very much.

01:11:39   That's what I'm using.

01:11:41   No, it's not much, clearly.

01:11:43   I don't even have an archive.

01:11:46   So in the cloud, baby!

01:11:49   Steven, I can't even fathom.

01:11:52   That's unbelievable.

01:11:53   I had no idea that it had gotten this bad.

01:11:55   There's a lot of stuff in here. I mean part of it is like the mythical man month thing not mythical man month

01:12:01   What's the chat room help me out? What's the theory that like work will take the allotted time?

01:12:06   That sort of thing like what?

01:12:08   You know like if you have six hours for a project

01:12:12   If you have six hours for a project Parkinson's law, thank you

01:12:16   If you have six hours allotted for a project you only think it's gonna take three it will actually take six

01:12:20   So like I have this space so I fill it up. You're just expanding within the space that you have

01:12:25   Yeah, but...

01:12:26   Wait, what kind of law is that?

01:12:28   Right, but there must have been a point where you decided to grow it, though, right?

01:12:32   Like, it wasn't like you went from 256 gigabytes to 12 terabytes.

01:12:36   I mean, I used to not have a copy of everything that Relay's ever published, for instance,

01:12:40   so that's newish.

01:12:41   Yeah.

01:12:42   Devin thinks new in the last year, so that's a bunch of stuff.

01:12:45   This is about half a terabyte so far, so again, there's still a lot of stuff.

01:12:50   I mean, maybe I got some stuff I don't know about.

01:12:54   Are you sure you don't have like a corrupt file or something?

01:12:57   Yeah, that's just like quadrupling every second.

01:13:01   Are you sure it's not that?

01:13:02   Because I mean, if it's not video.

01:13:06   Let's see.

01:13:06   Let's see how big my user library folder is.

01:13:08   Because if I have a runaway log--

01:13:10   It's like a cache or something.

01:13:12   Yeah, let's see.

01:13:13   This is truly unbelievable.

01:13:14   Maybe I do have something wrong.

01:13:17   Well, my log file is only a gigabyte,

01:13:19   so that's not too scary.

01:13:20   Let's see what cache is.

01:13:21   I mean, six terabytes.

01:13:23   It's six--

01:13:23   I apologize. I'm using 1.1 terabytes is what I'm using.

01:13:28   Yeah, see I'm only 800 gigs ahead of you. So it's not that wild.

01:13:31   No, no, no, no, no. That is everything I have, Stephen.

01:13:35   Oh, yeah.

01:13:36   Ooh, right?

01:13:37   Two gigabytes of caches.

01:13:38   I haven't got like 70 terabytes scrolled away somewhere. That's everything.

01:13:44   I know, I got a lot of stuff.

01:13:45   Look, if there's stuff in that archive that you cannot mention on the show, I understand.

01:13:52   No. Okay. Oh, but like for instance, I have, okay, I'll show you, I'll tell you some other

01:13:58   stuff I have. I have 11 gigabytes of mail. Apparently I took a long time to crawl. Um,

01:14:03   archives. I have every PDF I made at my college newspaper. Like, oh, cause I need those.

01:14:11   Yeah. But you see, okay. So how big is that?

01:14:15   Guarantee you don't need. Let's see how big that is. That folder is seven gigs.

01:14:21   Alright. No, none of this is adding up.

01:14:24   Like, you keep saying, "Oh, I have all this stuff." It's like 25 megabytes.

01:14:29   It's not like you just said, "Oh, I have the entire historical archive of the New York Times."

01:14:35   No, it's 7 gigabytes of PDF documents.

01:14:37   I mean, I do have...

01:14:39   I'm using 6 terabytes of space, but everything's broken down into 10 gigabytes.

01:14:42   So like, most of that intersect drive, which I now see I could just make internal to my boot

01:14:47   disk so I made it that just to simplify things I do have some stuff on there

01:14:51   that's like tech history and tech content I can't talk about where I got

01:14:55   it so like the Apple history folder on that drive is a terabyte so that's one

01:15:03   six is like Apple history stuff that's not in dev and think and most of that is

01:15:07   video or PDFs that I just haven't gotten around to putting a dev and think

01:15:13   man I have 78 gigabytes I don't know we went from AR to this somehow we went

01:15:25   from two sizes of iMac yes I think the idea was Steven couldn't move to an iMac

01:15:29   because he wouldn't have in but see did this this idea of internal storage

01:15:33   doesn't mean anything anyway if you got like a bunch of drives put them in a

01:15:39   carrier bag and tape them to the back of the iMac it's basically the same thing

01:15:43   Yeah, and that's how I used to do it with the iMac Pro. Yes. But I don't want to do it, I want it inside.

01:15:50   I really like this. Yes, I'm aware of this. Okay. I'm just happy you're happy, you know.

01:15:59   Yeah. Alright, so neither of us got our our Ricky picks, so we have each lost a point. Federico.

01:16:06   Well, we need to talk about this though.

01:16:08   So I said the iPad Pro with an updated USB 4/Thunderbolt port features a new kind of

01:16:16   support for external displays.

01:16:19   Can I just jump in here?

01:16:21   Yes.

01:16:22   Because I don't think you got this.

01:16:25   I agree, actually.

01:16:28   So I think in the spirit of the pick, this is not a point.

01:16:33   But if we were to go down on a technicality here, I think it is a point.

01:16:40   Because a new kind...

01:16:42   We specifically said, "Do you want to add all of the things that are in the document

01:16:47   as part of the pick?"

01:16:48   And I said, "No, that is just context."

01:16:51   Going from partial to better, or slightly better, support on the Proteus Lay XDR...

01:16:58   Technically, up to 6K resolution is a new...

01:17:01   I don't think this is a new kind of support. I just don't think that...

01:17:07   And I just want to state for the record, if you didn't get this point, you would still

01:17:11   win.

01:17:12   Yes. I know. That is not... It's just... We need to debate here because the Bill of

01:17:19   Rickeys doesn't mention the spirit of the pick.

01:17:22   But I don't even think this is a spirit of the pick question. I don't think that this

01:17:27   is a new kind of support for external displays.

01:17:30   It's a new kind of support.

01:17:34   But I don't think it is a new kind of support.

01:17:37   It's the same kind of support.

01:17:38   It can just drive bigger displays.

01:17:40   I don't think that this is a new kind of anything.

01:17:44   It's just more of an existing thing.

01:17:47   I agree with Myke.

01:17:48   I don't think you get this because it supported the produce displays here at 5k before, but

01:17:54   it's not new.

01:17:56   new, like it's just a little bit better and I think what you really, I think what

01:18:02   people think about when they hear that pick is, you know, apps that actually use

01:18:06   the external display. Everything you wrote afterwards, any of those things. Yeah, I don't

01:18:11   care, I just wanted to get the additional points, I mean I still win anyway.

01:18:15   You still win, you still win. I mean look, I'm not saying you don't get it here, like

01:18:20   I'm not putting my foot down, right, or I'm not gonna go on strike, I'm just saying

01:18:25   my read on this was that it didn't hit the... Yeah, I know, I know, I don't particularly

01:18:33   care, I just wanted to try, you know, if I can swing it. So are we agreeing that nobody

01:18:39   got their rookies? Nobody got their rookies. Because if you remember, we then went on to

01:18:44   talk for a long time about software support and you thought they would do it and I thought

01:18:50   they wouldn't do it and that was like this whole long conversation, like this is the

01:18:54   kind of stuff we were expecting. And I agree, that wasn't your pick. We didn't include it

01:18:57   in the pick. But I think that none of us were thinking it's going to be able to support

01:19:02   the Pro Display XDR at a higher resolution and that counts.

01:19:06   Sorry, Federico. So at the end...

01:19:10   No, sorry for what I won.

01:19:12   Yeah, you're the winner. There's no apologies necessary. You won.

01:19:16   So here's the score. Federico won. So congratulations.

01:19:20   Thank you.

01:19:21   keynote chairman, so you will get access to the Twitter account this weekend. I have zero

01:19:28   and Myke has zero. So we have to flip a coin. Now historically, I have never won a coin

01:19:33   toss. And I always win them. And you always win them. I believe, and again, maybe someone

01:19:39   will have to check this, I believe I have won every coin toss that we've done. Maybe.

01:19:47   We should add some spice to this coin toss this time.

01:19:53   We should ask not Siri, but Alexa.

01:19:58   And we should ask Alexa in Italian.

01:20:01   But how are we going to be able to verify?

01:20:04   Well, you're going to have to trust me on this.

01:20:08   Okay, I trust you.

01:20:09   Also, I'm going to Apple pay you 20 bucks.

01:20:14   Steven, you can pick.

01:20:16   Okay, I pick heads.

01:20:18   So for context, heads in Italian would be testa and what's the other one?

01:20:26   Tails would be croce.

01:20:28   So instead of doing heads or tails, we do heads and cross for whatever reason.

01:20:35   So Steven, who are you?

01:20:38   Heads.

01:20:39   Okay.

01:20:40   Alexa, testa or croce?

01:20:44   What?

01:20:45   How's your echo treating you now, friend? Oh, let me get the smart one involved.

01:20:51   Oh, Siri's so bad. Is Italian not enabled for the bedroom, Alexa?

01:20:58   Really? Oh, look at this. Look. Oh, it's so confusing.

01:21:00   Nobody knows how it works. You've got to enable things.

01:21:03   You think you'd use Italian in the bedroom? Hey.

01:21:07   Why do I do these things? Why do I do these things to myself and have this too?

01:21:11   you've done now you're like how about we bring a being a smart assistant into this conversation

01:21:16   see it wasn't it wasn't set on the double language of course it wasn't uh english italian obviously

01:21:25   updating your language may take a few minutes see jayce it was not a problem of the echo obviously

01:21:32   it sounds like it was a problem no it was my fault i just started talking to you

01:21:38   forgot to set it to English Italian.

01:21:41   OK, so let's try again.

01:21:42   See if the setting actually took over.

01:21:46   Alexa, test of crochet.

01:21:49   Well, it's not doing anything.

01:21:51   Oh my gosh, for sure.

01:21:52   I just beat--

01:21:52   Just ask Siri.

01:21:54   Yeah, the amount of anticipation now it's building.

01:21:59   See, it's tails.

01:22:01   Did you guys hear that?

01:22:03   Does that mean I won?

01:22:05   Yep.

01:22:06   I forgot.

01:22:07   Oh, excellent.

01:22:08   she said crotchey so i win again so steven you are oh is it best of one best of one hero

01:22:15   to zero yeah it's always a one thing hero to zero we've gone from keynote chairman to

01:22:19   loser wait people are saying that they couldn't hear but we trust you yeah we trust you so

01:22:24   that's that okay no it was fine no i accept i accept

01:22:34   I'm pretty sure if you listen again you can make that out, I'm sure.

01:22:40   So up next we have the Flexis.

01:22:42   Let me remind you of what the Bill of Rickey says about the Flexis.

01:22:52   Loser of the Flexis must compensate the winner of the Flexis by donating to the charity of

01:22:57   the winner's choice.

01:22:58   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong Flexi made by the loser.

01:23:03   In the case of a tie, the ratio of correct to incorrect flexies will be taken into account.

01:23:09   Each host must make a minimum of 5 flexi picks.

01:23:14   Flexis may be reused as future flexis or regular picks and the money must be donated on air.

01:23:22   (music)

01:23:27   All right since I won the previous time I get to go first

01:23:32   The iPod touch is taken down from sale in the wake of the event

01:23:38   It's still for sale. Yeah, we see Jaws introduce something

01:23:46   Nope

01:23:51   The next one we probably need to talk about the magic keyboard for iPad

01:23:55   goes unchanged

01:23:58   It's been changed in two ways so it comes in white now

01:24:02   That's the change is it and it's and it physically is different dimensions now

01:24:09   So I lost another change that way you lost that one I

01:24:12   Actually technically get this one right Apple did not say air tags. No mention of air tags

01:24:19   No, get out of here. Get out of town. Nice try.

01:24:22   A new iPad comes in a new color for its line. The poor iPad mini didn't even get mentioned.

01:24:27   No, man.

01:24:29   Apple announces something with podcasts.

01:24:31   [DING]

01:24:34   So I have one Flexi. It's not good.

01:24:39   Mine were. Apple talks about app tracking transparency in iOS 14.5. They did not.

01:24:46   Yeah, they just didn't say anything.

01:24:48   So I have a question. My next one is new iPad Pro accessory. Now Logitech...

01:24:53   No, no, no, no, no.

01:24:55   No, no, come on, listen. Wait, wait. Logitech worked with Apple to create the combo touch

01:25:04   for iPad.

01:25:05   Nice try.

01:25:06   No, I'm not gonna get that?

01:25:07   Logitech worked in collaboration with Apple Incorporated to create...

01:25:17   You don't need to spell out the full business name. It doesn't sound more convincing if

01:25:23   you do that.

01:25:24   No, this is not going to fly. I'm trying my hardest here.

01:25:29   What does the Discord think? Is Logitech working with Apple Incorporated? I don't think it's

01:25:37   a point, Myke.

01:25:38   Would you say Ryan says they didn't discuss it in the keynote? Ryan, that's not the end

01:25:41   of the rules. It is anything that we know about by the time we judge. Wow, people say

01:25:46   no, overwhelmingly.

01:25:47   I mean of course it's no, I'm not an idiot, I'm just trying!

01:25:51   I know this doesn't count!

01:25:54   But see, I respect the strategy.

01:25:56   I will give you a point just for that.

01:25:58   I know that this doesn't count.

01:26:00   Like, whilst technically it is a new iPad accessory, it's almost like if I would have

01:26:04   suggested about all of the Belkin AirTag things.

01:26:07   This isn't what I meant.

01:26:08   Everybody knows I meant Apple creating a new Apple Pencil or something.

01:26:12   Or not a new Apple, like a brand new type of thing.

01:26:15   14.5 dropping within 24 hours?

01:26:17   Nope.

01:26:17   That's not happening.

01:26:18   AirTags unveiled.

01:26:20   Now this one's the real heartbreaker for me.

01:26:22   You can buy AirTags in a three-pack.

01:26:24   Oh man, you said three-pack.

01:26:26   I said three-pack.

01:26:27   Why didn't I just say multi-pack?

01:26:29   I don't know why I needed to state three.

01:26:32   That's what the rumor was, I think.

01:26:35   Yes.

01:26:36   Yeah, if you would say multi-pack,

01:26:37   you would have had it green.

01:26:38   Oh, I need to give you a bell for your AirTags.

01:26:41   There you go.

01:26:42   Oh, thank you so much.

01:26:43   All right.

01:26:44   And the camera on the iPad Pro moves to the long side.

01:26:47   Nope.

01:26:48   It's ultra wide and does a weird thing where it can shift around the image to keep you in frame.

01:26:54   Center stage, yes.

01:26:56   But no long side iPad Pro camera.

01:26:59   So what is it, one one, me and Steven, right?

01:27:03   Yes, we now get to my fun flexes.

01:27:07   So, number one, new case colors for the iPhone.

01:27:11   Yep.

01:27:13   sure. Purple. A bunch of other stuff. Number two, Driver Kit comes to our website to let

01:27:23   more kinds of accessories be supported on iPad. I mean, I am probably going to reuse this at WWDC

01:27:30   at some point because it sure does feel like... Yes, and we can reuse Flexi. If this had been your

01:27:36   risky pick you cannot reuse it. Yep, yep. Number three, shortcuts gets new actions or triggers

01:27:44   for USB connections on iPad. You were really expecting a lot in that release. I was, I mean,

01:27:50   but it gets better, hold on. Number four, hypervisor comes to iPad to allow for virtual

01:27:57   machines. So again, I do think, especially now that there's the M1 in iPad Pro, I really do

01:28:05   feel like at some point in the future they will support virtualization like they do on

01:28:10   Mac OS. But not today. So, yeah. Now, I put this in yellow, but I think it's a point.

01:28:21   Apple updates the standard Bluetooth Magic Keyboard.

01:28:25   I don't know how there's any contention this is a point. They did.

01:28:28   No it's not. No, no it's not.

01:28:30   Wait, what?

01:28:31   It's not a point.

01:28:32   Why?

01:28:33   Bluetooth Magic Keyboard did not get an update. The keyboard that comes with the iMac did,

01:28:39   but you can't buy this on its own. No, that doesn't matter. It's the Ma- It is the standard

01:28:46   Bluetooth Magic Keyboard. No it's not, the standard one is that anyone can go in and buy,

01:28:49   and you can't buy one of these. No, no, no, no. Standard was only in there because he meant not

01:28:56   iPad. That's what that meant. No, then he should have clarified. It doesn't get it. No, I'm sorry,

01:29:01   I'm sorry man, he gets this. I think this is a point. I think this is a point.

01:29:05   Would you want to just lose another coin flip? Because that's how it's going.

01:29:08   I got a coin flip with you either way.

01:29:10   Well, no. Well, no, Myke is the loser.

01:29:14   No, we each made six picks.

01:29:16   Oh, yeah, you gotta flip a coin.

01:29:18   Remember, if Myke had stuck with five...

01:29:20   Yeah, I put the sixth pick in there.

01:29:22   I would have lost, but he went with the sixth one. He got greedy.

01:29:24   I mean, come on, they literally announced a bunch of new Magic Keyboards.

01:29:29   But it's not...

01:29:30   Federico, I am with you on this.

01:29:32   I am with you on this.

01:29:33   Grrr!

01:29:34   It's not the regular keyboard.

01:29:35   It is, it is.

01:29:36   They're just not selling it with other products, like, because it won't work with the iMac.

01:29:40   Also, Steven...

01:29:41   It is the new Magic Keyboard.

01:29:42   That's what it's going to look like.

01:29:44   The pic says "Apple Updates", not "Apple Puts Up For Sale".

01:29:48   Oh!

01:29:49   Oh!

01:29:50   That's common!

01:29:51   But no, the word "standard".

01:29:52   The standard...

01:29:54   It is the standard!

01:29:55   No, it's not!

01:29:56   It's just...

01:29:57   It means not magic keyboard for the iPad.

01:30:00   It doesn't work with 95% of Macs sold and you can't go in and buy it.

01:30:05   It's not the standard Bluetooth keyboard.

01:30:06   Alright, so if they said "Oh, we're putting it on sale" you would accept that?

01:30:11   That doesn't make any sense.

01:30:12   If they had gotten rid of the one that's on my desk and replaced it with one of these...

01:30:16   Well, they would have had to have gotten rid of it to update it?

01:30:19   Yeah, they didn't update it.

01:30:21   Yeah, that's...

01:30:22   I think we need a third party.

01:30:24   I refuse to give this up.

01:30:26   So let me see if I can find somebody.

01:30:28   - Wow.

01:30:29   - All right.

01:30:30   - I'm gonna text Jason.

01:30:31   - I mean, I'm not a hundred percent sure

01:30:32   'cause it's two to one, but.

01:30:34   - This is like, this is I'm being robbed of my flexes here.

01:30:38   Like this is absurd.

01:30:39   Like everybody knows that there's a new Magic Keyboard

01:30:42   for desktop and you're hanging this victory

01:30:45   on a technicality for the word standard.

01:30:49   - Yeah.

01:30:50   - So for context, Steve Trouton Smith is texting me

01:30:53   right now saying you totally get that point.

01:30:55   But I'm not texting him.

01:30:57   Hang on, hang on.

01:30:59   Are you asking Jason to come on the show

01:31:01   or are you just asking him the question?

01:31:02   All right.

01:31:03   If anyone comes on this show, I'm asking the question.

01:31:06   Yeah, 'cause it's between me and Federico.

01:31:08   'Cause you two can't be trusted.

01:31:10   Yeah.

01:31:11   Okay.

01:31:12   So if we can find someone to come in

01:31:14   and answer this question for us,

01:31:16   then I'm the one who's gonna be doing the asking around here.

01:31:20   This is ridiculous.

01:31:21   The fact that we got this adjudicated.

01:31:22   We do.

01:31:23   It's just ridiculous.

01:31:24   I won't let it go.

01:31:25   - See, even John agrees.

01:31:27   Even John, I mean, come on.

01:31:29   - All right, Jason's gonna come on.

01:31:32   - We all know it.

01:31:33   - Aye, aye, aye.

01:31:36   - All right, I just sent him the Zoom link.

01:31:38   He should be joining us.

01:31:39   Hello, Mr. Snell.

01:31:40   Hello, boys.

01:31:41   What seems to be the problem?

01:31:43   - Hello, Jason.

01:31:43   - Jason, I'm gonna read you a question,

01:31:47   and I just want you to say,

01:31:50   well, I'm gonna read you a pic,

01:31:51   and I want you to say whether this pick was correct or incorrect.

01:31:55   -Alright. -"Apple updates the standard Bluetooth Magic Keyboard, the desktop one."

01:32:01   -That's correct. -See? Ha! In your face, Aachen!

01:32:06   -Can I make my case to you, Jason?

01:32:09   -I mean, I already said yes, but sure, go ahead.

01:32:11   -I mean, what jury brings back a verdict before hearing closing arguments?

01:32:16   -I don't know. It's the Ricky's. Weird things happen, but go ahead.

01:32:19   -It's actually just the flexies.

01:32:20   - We're just arguing over something that doesn't matter.

01:32:22   - This is a, there's cash on the line though.

01:32:24   - There is.

01:32:25   - It's for charity.

01:32:26   - Apple didn't, Apple updated the iMac keyboard,

01:32:29   but you can't go into an Apple store and buy one of these.

01:32:32   So it's not the standard Bluetooth magic keyboard.

01:32:35   - I get, I get what you're saying,

01:32:41   but this is clearly the,

01:32:45   as soon as they have enough of them to sell them separately,

01:32:48   of course they're gonna sell them.

01:32:50   was so good is I just made this point.

01:32:53   So happy.

01:32:54   - And so to say, it's like, oh no, no, no,

01:32:58   it's not available to the general public yet.

01:33:02   And therefore it's some weird side keyboard

01:33:04   that will never be, I mean,

01:33:06   we all know that it's gonna be there eventually.

01:33:09   And it is the next one.

01:33:11   - Amazing.

01:33:12   And also another part of this,

01:33:14   which I was leaning on Jason was by saying standard,

01:33:18   Federico meant not the iPad one.

01:33:21   - Yes, exactly.

01:33:22   - So. - Exactly.

01:33:23   It's a new standard being set right now.

01:33:26   - Jason, I'm so pleased that you came in

01:33:28   to talk some sense into Steven.

01:33:30   This was a very long argument that you'll hear later.

01:33:33   This has been going on for a very long time.

01:33:34   - I look forward to it.

01:33:36   (laughing)

01:33:39   It's, this is what happens when you do connected on Fridays.

01:33:41   It's very confusing.

01:33:42   Yes, yes it is.

01:33:43   - I know.

01:33:44   - We're all very upset.

01:33:45   Thank you, Jason.

01:33:47   - Thanks for nothing.

01:33:48   Thanks boys. Stephen I have a question for you. Did you pick Jason explicitly because

01:33:55   you thought he was going to agree? No. Be honest. Okay, that's fair. I just wanted

01:34:00   to know if you thought he would agree with you. Anyway, flexing number six. The new iPad

01:34:05   Pro comes with the new gun charger. A lot of people thought you said gun charger the

01:34:11   last episode? A gun charger! You can charge your water gun. Sure. Like the, what was the

01:34:21   Nintendo gun thing called? The Superscope! Yeah, it's like one of those. You shoot it

01:34:26   at the screen. Easy. Gun charger. Anyway, that would be two flexes out of six. Clean

01:34:35   Clean up, clean up for Federico.

01:34:37   Making me the winner of the flexes as well.

01:34:41   So now you get to do another coin flip.

01:34:44   Now we do, okay, so now let me point the microphone at the...

01:34:46   Steven, do you want to choose this time?

01:34:48   I will let you choose this time.

01:34:50   Okay, I'm gonna go with heads.

01:34:52   Always go with heads.

01:34:53   Alright, so mic is heads, which again is testa in Italian.

01:34:57   Testa.

01:34:58   One again!

01:34:59   I'm king of the coin flip.

01:35:04   It's kind of funny, I have never had to choose a charity or pay a charity for the Flexis.

01:35:09   It's always been between the two of you.

01:35:11   So the Flexis, Federico won, then Myke, then me, lost by coin toss, same as the picks.

01:35:18   So I have to donate $25 per wrong pick.

01:35:24   Oh my gosh.

01:35:25   I had five wrong picks.

01:35:29   So where am I spending my $125 Federico?

01:35:32   Oh, oh, you know what?

01:35:35   I if possible, let's see, let's see if we can do this.

01:35:40   I would like you to donate to help out our friends in India.

01:35:46   Let's see if maybe the American Red Cross, probably the Red Cross.

01:35:51   I reckon probably the Red Cross.

01:35:53   Yeah, let's see.

01:35:55   I'm still looking on their site.

01:35:56   The Indian Red Cross.

01:35:57   But I don't know if that's true, actually.

01:36:00   I'm seeing if you can like tell them where to

01:36:03   Yeah, put it. It doesn't look like you can but I can donate to them

01:36:08   125 I want to support

01:36:11   The okay, so I have options disaster relief

01:36:15   spring tornadoes and floods where it's needed most your local Red Cross which would be Memphis I guess and then

01:36:22   They have like a blood services division. I feel like where it's needed most

01:36:26   probably where to give

01:36:29   I'm gonna dedicate this gift to a friend or loved one

01:36:31   Federico

01:36:34   Fattichi what if I'm both oh they support Apple pay that's nice

01:36:38   Apple pays coming up have an Intel Mac so it takes a long time to realize I'm wearing an Apple watch all right

01:36:44   It is done

01:36:45   All right

01:36:47   $125 that was a bad today is not my day

01:36:50   No, you have not done well today my friend. I'm sorry

01:36:54   I was not expecting this kind of end for the Ricky's and the flexes and Jason and all that shouting going on.

01:37:02   I need a drink.

01:37:05   Completely middle of the road.

01:37:06   But I won everything! In your face both of you!

01:37:09   [Laughter]

01:37:13   There it is. That's what we were looking for.

01:37:16   Ah, that feels nice.

01:37:18   Ah, back where I belong.

01:37:20   Finally got a win back, huh? It's been a long time for you.

01:37:22   back where I belong, sitting on the throne. You may only get like seven weeks or so, right,

01:37:30   with this? Especially if you're going to start talking about Hypervisor again. I think you

01:37:33   Mira, I think you said another year, right? That's not the annual one. I think you said

01:37:41   I will continue winning. You said, I think I heard that and I think you're right, Myke.

01:37:46   I want to make sure the best of luck.

01:37:48   All these events.

01:37:49   Oh, that feels nice.

01:37:52   Where's my password?

01:37:53   I get.

01:37:53   I'll send it to you.

01:37:55   Thank you.

01:37:57   If you want to find links to stuff we spoke about, head on over to our website,

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01:38:16   You can find us all online.

01:38:18   You can find Federico on Twitter as Vittici, V I T I C C I.

01:38:23   And he's the editor in chief of max stories.net.

01:38:26   Federico, I have a question for you.

01:38:28   Okay.

01:38:29   Tell me about a time where you chose to have mercy on somebody.

01:38:32   Not now.

01:38:33   Uh, actually a bunch of times.

01:38:37   Wasn't today.

01:38:40   I could have sued my former and only employer when I was 20 for a lot of money.

01:38:51   Like a lot of money.

01:38:53   And I didn't do that.

01:38:55   Because I was lazy, is the first reason.

01:38:59   Like it was a whole thing.

01:39:01   It's like...

01:39:02   I don't think you can claim mercy for being lazy.

01:39:06   But no, no, hold on.

01:39:10   I also felt like I didn't want to start off my career as an independent on that kind of

01:39:23   note.

01:39:24   You know, like I, so this is probably going to sound stupid.

01:39:28   I felt like it was going to bring me bad luck to do that.

01:39:33   I don't know.

01:39:34   It's like, you really want to go independent and, and you know, get your money by suing

01:39:39   somebody? I don't know. So, like, I kind of had merged, and, like, and my family disagreed with me.

01:39:47   My accountant was furious. But ultimately I decided, you know what, like, it is what it is, whatever.

01:39:56   I didn't want to do that. And also, like, now, looking back, I'll tell you, I'm actually grateful

01:40:07   for that person who fired me, because it allowed me to do what I do right now and to say these

01:40:16   words in front of a microphone at this very moment.

01:40:19   Like actually, I'm pretty grateful to that person.

01:40:23   Without them, you never would have won the Rookies.

01:40:26   Exactly.

01:40:27   So look at all this joy and victories that that person firing me brought me over the

01:40:33   years.

01:40:34   And so yeah, I guess I was merciful at the time. Now, like, if I were to run into this

01:40:42   person in Viterbo, I would actually go for the handshake. I mean, if we ever go back

01:40:48   to that kind of situation. But like, no hard feelings, you know? Like, you fired me, you

01:40:55   were... let's say an idiot at the time. But whatever, all is good now. So, you know, whatever.

01:41:04   fine it sounds like you were the bigger person and that's good yeah yeah it's

01:41:08   also no I don't think it's good energy to to keep you know yeah yeah yeah so I

01:41:15   like it it was mostly for that reason you could find Myke on Twitter as I am y

01:41:20   ke he's the host of a bunch of shows here on relay FM and twitch streams

01:41:25   about keyboards most Fridays at Myke dot live I just wanted to say for people

01:41:32   people want to check it out. On Monday's episode of Upgrade, we have a really great interview

01:41:37   with two people who work over at Apple. So they were both in the presentation and we're

01:41:45   talking to them about the iMac. It was Colleen Novielli and Nevpreet Kolodie. It's a really

01:41:49   fun interview that I think people are going to dig.

01:41:52   You can find me on Twitter as @ismh and I write 512pixels.net. Before we go, I want

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01:42:29   Adios, adios.

01:42:30   Cheerio.