341: The Rickies (April 2021)


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected episode 341,

00:00:13   the Ricky's April, 2021.

00:00:16   It's a big episode.

00:00:17   I'd like to thank our sponsors for making it possible.

00:00:19   Indeed, Mack Weldon, Hover and Gabby.

00:00:23   My name is Steven Hackett

00:00:24   and I am joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:27   - Hello Steven, hi, how are you?

00:00:29   Hi, I did this in the wrong order, but it's fine.

00:00:32   - It's fine, it's okay, I forgive you.

00:00:35   - How are you Federico, you good?

00:00:36   - I'm good, yes, I'm very good, yes.

00:00:39   - I'm ready to compete.

00:00:40   - Me too, I'm ready to win, not just to compete.

00:00:44   - Gonna break your streak of losing?

00:00:46   - It's not a streak, I don't like to call it that.

00:00:50   I think it's more like, I consider those losses

00:00:54   individually, right, so it's not a streak

00:00:57   if you think about them individually.

00:00:59   This is an unacceptable amount of time.

00:01:01   A streak is only in your mind, I guess is what I'm saying.

00:01:04   Before I've been introduced.

00:01:06   This is unacceptable.

00:01:07   It's now your turn to talk.

00:01:08   You two just haven't, not only is the introduction

00:01:11   in the wrong order, you then just didn't ever bother

00:01:14   to introduce me.

00:01:15   Look, there's a line at the beginning of the show

00:01:18   and you're supposed to wait in line.

00:01:20   Federico, do we wanna do follow up?

00:01:22   I can't think of anything else we need to do.

00:01:24   (laughing)

00:01:26   Oh, come on, I feel bad.

00:01:27   Myke. We're also joined by Mr. Michael Herbie. That was the best introduction I've ever received.

00:01:31   From London. Thank you Federico. How are you Myke? There was just something about that

00:01:35   that I can't put my finger on but it was just so much better than the usual introduction.

00:01:38   Thank you. I'm taking it all today. That's what I've decided. I am the annual chairman

00:01:45   and I'm gonna take the second crown, I have two crowns, and then I'm gonna be keynote

00:01:51   chairman as well. So sorry Steven, I'm just letting you know. Well we'll see. We'll see

00:01:54   how that goes. We will get to that, but first we do have some follow-up and just

00:01:59   right off the top I really want to thank everybody who sent emails or tweets or

00:02:04   said something in the discord about our last episode. That was a hard thing to

00:02:09   talk about I think for all of us and it really meant a lot that so many

00:02:14   people reached out to share their stories or to thank us so that that

00:02:17   means a lot and seriously thank you. On to more important things, Clubhouse!

00:02:22   I was gonna make that joke before, "No, I can't do that."

00:02:26   So I'm so pleased that you did.

00:02:31   Clubhouse and the App Store rules.

00:02:32   We spoke last time about how Clubhouse had announced that if Myke is a hashtag creator

00:02:37   on Clubhouse and I want to support him, I can send him money in the app.

00:02:42   It's processed by Stripe.

00:02:43   Apple doesn't get a cut because it's not the in-app purchase.

00:02:45   You just put your credit card into the app directly.

00:02:48   And we got some feedback about this.

00:02:52   This is from listener RGBRITT071. What a Twitter handle. His name is Ryan.

00:03:01   Rich Brit.

00:03:02   This is Ryan. Ribbit71.

00:03:04   Rich Brit.

00:03:06   Rich Brit.

00:03:07   Rich Brit.

00:03:08   Oh, 71. It sounds like you're saying Rich Brit, like a fancy English person.

00:03:13   Rich Brit uses TikTok as a tag manager.

00:03:16   Rich Brit strikes me as a TikTok person.

00:03:20   So this TikTok user says, or at least points us to,

00:03:25   App Store guideline 3.1.3D, I've copied this here.

00:03:30   I'm just gonna read it, just a couple sentences.

00:03:34   If your app enables the purchase of real-time

00:03:37   person-to-person services between two individuals,

00:03:40   for example, tutoring students, medical consultations,

00:03:43   real estate tours, or fitness training,

00:03:46   you may use purchase methods other than the in-app purchase

00:03:48   to collect those payments.

00:03:50   one to few and one to many real-time services must use in-app purchase."

00:03:55   And I think Myke and I disagree on how we interpret this.

00:03:59   Rich Britz sent this in as saying, my reading of their tweet, is like,

00:04:04   "This is allowed because we have one-to-one type thing going on here."

00:04:10   But I don't-- I actually think that this puts Clubhouse outside of the rules,

00:04:16   because Clubhouse is a one-to-many service.

00:04:20   Right.

00:04:21   Yes.

00:04:22   But with all of the things that Apple would mention,

00:04:26   any one-to-many service,

00:04:29   you've always got one-to-one payments,

00:04:31   but then the service is given to multiple people at once.

00:04:34   But each transaction is from me to a single person.

00:04:38   I think it's about the transaction.

00:04:39   Right.

00:04:40   Well, what is a one-to-many real-time service then?

00:04:43   Like if someone had a connected pro membership. That goes to more than one person.

00:04:49   But how's that different to Clubhouse?

00:04:51   Your attempt to sell the membership there actually ended up striking against you for the point that you were trying to make.

00:05:00   What is the difference between podcasting and Clubhouse? One of them will be here in 10 years.

00:05:05   It's like a one too many transaction doesn't really exist.

00:05:10   Yeah, I don't know what...

00:05:12   So this is one to few and one to many real-time services must use in-app purchase

00:05:17   and my read on that is one to few or one to many would be exactly what Clubhouse is doing.

00:05:22   Because they're not one to one.

00:05:24   You as a Clubhouse person are not only talking to me.

00:05:28   No, that's OnlyFans.

00:05:29   Because like this whole thing about the...

00:05:32   This whole person to person thing came in during the pandemic, right?

00:05:36   And basically it was... I don't know.

00:05:41   This isn't... surprise!

00:05:44   This is not written very clearly in the developer rules.

00:05:48   But I can't work out what a one-to-few or one-to-many real-time service would be.

00:05:53   What is that?

00:05:54   Like everyone clubs together and pays one person?

00:05:58   That doesn't make any sense.

00:05:59   That doesn't really... it's not really a thing.

00:06:02   And I mean I guess an easy way to think about it is

00:06:04   Is Clubhouse comparable to, let's see these examples, tutoring students? I don't think so.

00:06:12   Medical consultations?

00:06:13   Yes, it's that one.

00:06:16   I mean, growth hacking takes on a new meaning, for sure.

00:06:21   Real estate tours? No. Fitness training. Fitness training. I mean, Clubhouse is like a place

00:06:28   where a bunch of people talk and more people listen, in theory. It's not really a person

00:06:34   to person service between two individuals?

00:06:37   So like my original thing last week is what I said is that I believed that it was within

00:06:42   the rules because there was no exchange of digital goods.

00:06:46   So I still think that it's in the rules.

00:06:47   I think this person to person thing only confuses it honestly.

00:06:51   Like I think it makes it harder to understand because one to few and one to many is not

00:06:56   defined.

00:06:57   And I don't know why because I think they need to try and explain what that is because

00:07:04   You could very easily one to few and one to many a fitness training class.

00:07:08   I don't understand the way that they've tried to explain it here.

00:07:14   But I still think it's been the rules because there's no digital good of any kind that's

00:07:18   being exchanged or anything like that.

00:07:20   So I think that they're probably still on the right.

00:07:22   I think this little disagreement we have, I think it really shows how these rules, either

00:07:28   they're poorly written, which I think this one is, or apps and services show up that

00:07:33   the rules haven't considered, something new happens,

00:07:37   and then Apple makes decisions on either side

00:07:40   and they finally sort of clarify.

00:07:41   And I'm sure these debates go on with an Apple

00:07:44   and within the App Store editorial team all the time.

00:07:47   Right, like, well, what is this?

00:07:48   What does this mean?

00:07:49   And I mean, Apple gets it wrong all the time,

00:07:52   but I do have a little bit of sympathy

00:07:55   for them trying to make these decisions

00:07:57   that are based on rules that sometimes

00:08:01   aren't super well considered.

00:08:03   Up next, we were speaking about tasks and notes

00:08:08   and where to put things that we want to do,

00:08:12   like ideas, but they're not actually tasks yet.

00:08:14   And a couple of people suggested NotePlan,

00:08:17   which I'm not familiar with.

00:08:19   Federico, do you know about this app?

00:08:21   - Yes, I am familiar with NotePlan.

00:08:24   It's a really fascinating blend of multiple apps together.

00:08:28   It's sort of like mixing a markdown editor

00:08:33   with a calendar and a lightweight reminders app.

00:08:38   It's very, at least in my mind,

00:08:40   it's kind of similar to Agenda,

00:08:42   which is another app that lets you combine

00:08:45   calendar events and notes.

00:08:48   I did try NotePlan before.

00:08:50   I noticed that a few months ago,

00:08:51   the developer added support for backlinking

00:08:56   and having wiki style links for your notes.

00:08:58   - Of course they did.

00:08:59   - Because everybody's doing them these days.

00:09:03   What really doesn't work for me for note plan and agenda

00:09:06   is the daily approach,

00:09:09   because I don't really wanna have a,

00:09:12   like I don't necessarily wanna structure these ideas

00:09:16   or these tasks on a day by day basis.

00:09:21   So note plan is definitely an option.

00:09:23   Didn't really work for me

00:09:25   because I don't know, I found getting around the interface

00:09:30   a bit confusing, the navigation and the relationship

00:09:33   between days and projects to be kinda confusing,

00:09:38   at least for the way my brain thinks.

00:09:40   I ended up, so I guess we're gonna talk about this eventually

00:09:44   I am making my own solution to this.

00:09:47   Like I'm literally--

00:09:48   - One, two, three.

00:09:49   - Like I literally commissioned

00:09:52   to the Max Stories Special Projects team,

00:09:55   which happens to be John's son,

00:09:58   but we like to call it the Max Stories Special Projects team.

00:10:01   The one true son, I commissioned a specific solution,

00:10:07   but I don't wanna talk about it yet

00:10:08   because then people are gonna ask me all kinds of questions

00:10:10   and it's very much in the early development phase,

00:10:15   but yeah, so I basically realized, you know,

00:10:19   this thing that I want doesn't actually exist,

00:10:22   I'm gonna make my own.

00:10:23   So we'll see how it goes.

00:10:24   But I'm basically at the point right now

00:10:27   where I am once again preparing for the summer,

00:10:32   for my iOS review, learning from what went wrong last year

00:10:37   in terms of my workflow and my schedule,

00:10:39   and once again adjusting, because it's all,

00:10:40   it's a, that kind of project

00:10:43   is in constant evolution every year.

00:10:47   So I'm taking a few things that worked and I'm leaving them there, like using PDF documents for research and the highlights app for annotations.

00:10:57   Like that stuff worked beautifully, but I'm switching a few other things around and see how it goes.

00:11:03   Yes, note plan. If you are looking for blending calendar and markdown together, that's definitely one solution for you.

00:11:13   Talking about notes, Craft just got a big update.

00:11:17   It's their 1.5 update.

00:11:19   They added a bunch of different things.

00:11:21   One is a design change for the Mac and iPad.

00:11:26   I feel like I'm unaware of this,

00:11:29   but maybe it's, is the Craft app a Catalyst app?

00:11:34   - Yeah.

00:11:35   - I didn't know that.

00:11:36   - Yeah, it's one of the best Catalyst apps, I think.

00:11:39   - I legitimately would never have known.

00:11:42   Like, but there were two things that gave it away to me that made me ask that question.

00:11:48   One was the fact that they made a change to the Mac and iPad that was pretty obvious and

00:11:51   like they look so similar.

00:11:53   The other, I think I've noticed a bug, it might only be on the M1 with catalyst apps

00:11:57   where like there's like a weird screen tearing kind of thing that goes on with them where

00:12:03   they're in dark mode, I don't know if this is in light mode, where like sometimes parts

00:12:07   of the UI just go a bit brighter in color, just like these weird blocks.

00:12:11   but if you move it around, it goes away.

00:12:13   It's very weird.

00:12:14   But I noticed that in craft, and I

00:12:16   noticed that there's a couple of other apps,

00:12:18   catalyst apps, or some that I'm testing where they do this.

00:12:20   It might just be a dark mode issue.

00:12:22   But it looks like you get these light gray blocks in the UI

00:12:25   wherever there's dark.

00:12:27   But if you move the window, it just goes away.

00:12:29   Very strange.

00:12:32   I actually reported this to the one true John at one point,

00:12:34   and he said, yeah, it's an issue that he has as well.

00:12:36   What if you talk to the actual developer instead?

00:12:39   John can't fix it.

00:12:40   Well, I asked John about it and John said he'd spoken to them and it's just a bug that

00:12:44   they're aware of.

00:12:45   Okay.

00:12:46   So you followed a radar with John, the one true radar.

00:12:48   Well, because I just said, "Hey, are you seeing this?"

00:12:50   Because I wondered if it was me, maybe it was one of the monitors that I was using or

00:12:53   whatever, but no, this seems to be an issue.

00:12:56   But anyway, the changes to design are pretty nice, but the main thing that's going on and

00:13:01   the reason they made these changes is that they've brought a sidebar and tab view to

00:13:05   the iPad.

00:13:06   has gotten this too because the Mac had a kind of a tab view of its own anyway but now

00:13:11   they've kind of they've mixed those together. It looks really nice. They've changed out

00:13:15   icons and it's kind of funny because we were talking about that whole icon thing of like

00:13:20   the Mac and iOS icons looking they were squished in towards each other and they've made icons

00:13:26   that have a bit more depth to them which are pretty nice. And there's also a web editor

00:13:31   which I haven't used at all yet. Federico have you used the web editor?

00:13:35   No, I mean it's just because it's like a invite only beta right now. So I don't know

00:13:41   I don't I did sign up

00:13:43   Yeah, I don't know if I would what I would use what I would wonderful so I'd PCs, baby

00:13:50   He's crossed them PC. Have none does I have to do that? But okay, I mean that makes sense

00:13:55   You know get your think pad and your documents be all set

00:14:00   I wonder if a web-based editor would allow for like proper real-time

00:14:05   Collaboration. That's what I want. I want true real-time collaboration. Only Google can do it.

00:14:11   And I want somebody else to do it. Speaking about PCs, if you want a PC on your M1 Mac, you can now sort of do it.

00:14:18   As of today, Parallels 16.5 is rolling out and it now supports the ARM version of Windows natively.

00:14:26   So, Windows for ARM. Parallels are saying this gives 60% better direct X11 performance,

00:14:33   but the important part is 30% overall performance improvements as compared to Intel Macs.

00:14:38   The only caveat with this is that Arm Windows or Windows for Arm, I think is the official name,

00:14:43   is currently only available in preview. There isn't actually like an officially shipping version,

00:14:48   so it's basically just like an open beta which you can get, but this is important for people and I'm

00:14:53   I'm pleased, right? Like this is the thing that I think the Arm Macs need. They need to be able to

00:14:58   to be able to do this.

00:15:00   And it kind of seems logical that if Microsoft

00:15:03   are making an ARM version of Windows,

00:15:05   that you should be able to run it in parallel.

00:15:08   So I'm pleased that at least parallels are getting ready

00:15:10   for whenever Microsoft actually ship Windows for ARM.

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00:17:08   - iOS 14.5 Beta 8, the Baita.

00:17:13   - Okay.

00:17:14   - Right, that's if we,

00:17:15   this was like a Fast and the Furious movie,

00:17:17   they would put the 8 in the middle there, so it would be like B8TA or B8A is out now.

00:17:24   Federico, is there anything of note that you've come across in Beta 8?

00:17:28   Nope.

00:17:29   Okay, do we think this is probably the last one?

00:17:32   The last one.

00:17:33   The Golden Master basically? They just haven't called it that yet?

00:17:35   I would say this is the RC version, yeah, release candidate.

00:17:40   Oh, is that, that's the new normal picture?

00:17:41   I think so, right.

00:17:42   It's not, it's not Golden Master release candidate?

00:17:44   than your name. It's not GM anymore, it's RC. Yeah, I would think so. There's not...

00:17:50   Even beta 7 had basically nothing new in it. The last changes were in beta 6 with the Siri

00:17:55   voices. Past couple of betas have been just stability. I do still see some odd issues

00:18:03   and some visual glitches in beta 8, like my keyboard got stuck in messages last night,

00:18:11   for example.

00:18:12   you mean? What do you mean? Like it wouldn't leave? Like what? What do you mean it got stuck?

00:18:16   It would stay pinned on screen. Oh like the software keyboard. Right. The software keyboard,

00:18:22   yes. But yeah, I guess this is the final version. Or they could release the release candidate

00:18:28   on Tuesday after the event. Well I think this is probably the last version before they include all

00:18:35   the things they need to include to support what they need to support after the event. Exactly.

00:18:39   So I could see like RC with new features after the event and then it goes live the following

00:18:46   day or on Thursday.

00:18:47   Yeah, the very final, final release.

00:18:51   Final underscore final.

00:18:53   Joe Rossignol, who has a fancy name that I can't pronounce in the federal queue, says

00:18:59   iOS 14.5 has been in beta for two and a half months.

00:19:05   This has very clearly been dragged along.

00:19:07   I think I said this before, this definitely seems like the beta that they just kept adding

00:19:12   features to because they just had a beta.

00:19:14   Like those Siri voices, I think they just got added in because they were late.

00:19:19   This whole thing has gone on probably much further than they were expecting.

00:19:23   It's very funny to me that there will be an iOS 14 update in late April, early May.

00:19:33   Do you think we'll get a 14.6 before WWDC?

00:19:40   I could see that but not with any major features.

00:19:44   No, because it's going to be really pushing against it, right?

00:19:48   I think last year they did the .6, if I'm not mistaken, they kept doing those versions

00:19:54   because of the contact tracing stuff.

00:19:58   Right, yes.

00:20:00   Remember they were adding that before, maybe even during WWDC, they kept releasing updates

00:20:07   to iOS 14 for the contact tracing API.

00:20:11   I don't think it's going to happen with iOS 14.

00:20:17   Because it's just funny that this thing will come out and then it's like seven weeks later

00:20:20   and then it's WWDC.

00:20:22   So I would say this is probably, even considering the amount of features in this release, like

00:20:29   Like there's a lot, I finished my story and it's gonna be published whenever this thing

00:20:33   comes out.

00:20:34   There's a lot of like just feature additions here and there throughout the entire OS.

00:20:41   There's a bunch of stuff in music, there's a bunch of stuff in Apple News, in reminders,

00:20:46   there's the privacy features.

00:20:48   Like there's a lot of little things that suggest to me like this is a packed release before,

00:20:55   this is the last major one and then they're just gonna do stability and fixes but they're

00:21:00   gonna focus on iOS 15 going forward.

00:21:03   You would assume so. Because surely they already are focusing on iOS 15, right?

00:21:09   I mean, obviously.

00:21:11   It's definitely happening. So we're doing Ricky's today which means there is an event

00:21:18   next week which is probably gonna be mostly focused on iPads and like iPads are nice and

00:21:23   everything. But what about iPhones in 2022 and 2023?

00:21:27   Should we talk about those instead?

00:21:28   Ming-Chi Kuo released some reports about the next two years of iPhones.

00:21:36   So 2021, that's still coming, you know, and we will talk about 2021 iPhones a little bit

00:21:43   later on. We probably spoke about the 2021 iPhone a year ago because Ming-Chi Kuo has

00:21:48   these kinds of reports this early in advance.

00:21:51   but the 2022 lineup of phones is predicted to only contain three.

00:21:58   Sorry iPhone mini fans, it ain't you.

00:22:01   Ming-Chi Kuo is reporting that there will be two 6.1 inch and one 6.7 inch phone,

00:22:08   two of them being of the pro variety and then one with the non-pro variety.

00:22:14   This is interesting because it seems like Kuo did report that the 2021 line would have a mini,

00:22:21   but maybe let's just assume for a moment that it has undersold. Apple probably had already

00:22:28   committed to doing it for that year and now if it isn't going to work out they're going to drop it

00:22:32   in 2022 or which is what I think is more likely put it on an almost SE like refresh. I think that

00:22:40   for me personally I figure that's probably what they're more likely to do is not completely kill

00:22:45   the product but maybe put it on a slower refresh and then ultimately phase out the SE in favor of

00:22:50   of this smaller phone, but we'll see.

00:22:52   This 2022 iPhone in the Pro model will have a 48 megapixel main camera

00:22:59   with quotes saying, "We believe that the camera quality of the new 2H22,

00:23:04   which means the second half of 2022 iPhone, will elevate mobile phone camera

00:23:09   photography to a new level.

00:23:11   It will also have an 8K video recording option and a hole punch camera on the front.

00:23:18   So this is something that has been rumored before, I think.

00:23:22   And so Apple might be moving to a hole punch.

00:23:25   The rumor is 2021 sees a smaller notch,

00:23:28   and then potentially 2022, they go to a hole punch.

00:23:32   What I actually expect is happening here,

00:23:34   especially when one of the things for the 2023 iPhone

00:23:37   is under display face ID,

00:23:39   what I think would be happening here is in 2021,

00:23:42   Apple shrinks the overall size of the sensors.

00:23:46   In 2022, they're able to put some of the sensors

00:23:48   behind the screen and then by 2023 they put everything including the camera

00:23:52   behind the screen. So like it's this kind of like shrinking in. Okay. Um,

00:23:56   the 2023 iPhone will also have a periscope lens.

00:23:59   These are the ones that allow the large zooms. They're like 10,

00:24:03   15, 120 X zooms. Um,

00:24:07   and the 2023 model as well as having under display face ID,

00:24:11   there was also an under display touch ID. Now it's not said,

00:24:15   whether the same phone will have both of these or if different phones will have different

00:24:19   under display options. So what will the 2021 iPhone have if all of this stuff is coming later? S year

00:24:30   baby! Like a slightly smaller notch? Yeah I think that's the main rumor at this point. But it doesn't

00:24:37   even look that much smaller from the components that I've leaked so far. It's funny to do a quick

00:24:43   Google and see all of the websites that thought today's report from Ming-Chi Kuo was about the

00:24:48   2021 iPhone when that is not the case at all. Like, I think it's gonna be an S year for the

00:24:59   iPhone because if it's only like the notch getting slightly smaller but then the big stuff like

00:25:04   hole punch camera, whole new rear camera next year and in two years under display face ID and touch

00:25:12   ID that basically means that we're getting just the same design again

00:25:18   these here things we don't know about but rumored features rumored features

00:25:23   are mid features we actually spoke about this two weeks ago smaller notch 120

00:25:29   Hertz promotion display camera improvements a 15 show yeah the display

00:25:33   the 120 Hertz is probably going to be the big feature can't wait to turn it

00:25:37   off. But like it's not a you know face ID under the display big feature. No. No. Right.

00:25:45   So cool. Okay. Boy I really want that 2023 iPhone. Can we skip to that? I just want that.

00:25:55   Take that Minchi call. Thank you. I'm gonna open my email. Tim@apple.com. Can we just

00:26:00   have the 2023 one please? Skip the 2023. What are we wasting our time with these two years

00:26:05   It's time to kill the iPhone mini and give us the under display Face ID, please.

00:26:12   Yes.

00:26:13   Like, do you guys think it's gonna look strange to have, so looking at the 2022 iPhone next

00:26:19   year, is it gonna be strange to have both a smaller notch and a hole-punch camera in

00:26:27   the front?

00:26:28   I don't think there will be both.

00:26:31   So the smaller notch is 2021.

00:26:33   I think in 2022 there isn't a notch. I don't think there is a notch.

00:26:37   A hole punch face ID then?

00:26:40   Yeah.

00:26:40   You think? Oh okay.

00:26:42   My theory is that the camera is in a hole punch and they're able to put some of the

00:26:46   sensors behind the screen. That's what I think they'll do.

00:26:48   Okay.

00:26:49   And then by 2023 they can actually put the camera behind the screen.

00:26:54   Okay. That makes sense. All right. Still, this year's iPhone sounds kind of boring.

00:27:00   Well, we've wanted that 120Hz for a long time, so I'll be excited for that at least.

00:27:05   Are we gonna have 8K? I'm sorry, are we gonna have 8K TVs anytime soon? Like,

00:27:09   are you guys planning? I was thinking about this actually a few weeks ago.

00:27:12   8K televisions. I still feel like my 4K TV is kind of new, even though it isn't, it's turning like,

00:27:21   I've had this TV since 2017 I guess. Are we really gonna upgrade to an 8K TV soon?

00:27:29   Is it necessary? Does it matter?

00:27:32   Well the problem with 8K, if you consider it as a problem, is the TVs are massive.

00:27:36   Right? So, an 8K TV is...

00:27:41   They begin at 55 inches but there aren't many of those. They're mostly in the 65 to 80 inch range.

00:27:48   Which... That's far too large for me. But I mean, by the time that I would consider an 8K television,

00:27:54   I don't imagine that I would be in my apartment here. I should be in a bigger place.

00:27:59   So maybe, but I have no real desire for it for a while.

00:28:04   Like I only have just gotten a 4K, like a good 4K TV.

00:28:08   Like I had a 4K TV before, but it was a bad one.

00:28:11   I'm not I'm not in any rush.

00:28:12   I think it's going to be a long time before 8K content exists.

00:28:17   Yeah. Right.

00:28:19   Like games consoles have just gone 4K.

00:28:22   So I think we're many years away.

00:28:24   Well, you buy a PS5 and it says 8K on the box, but it's not really true.

00:28:28   I mean, sure, you can play 8K at like, what, 20 frames per second.

00:28:33   These games consoles say they can do a lot of things, but it's one of those that we have

00:28:37   all these three things, pick one of them.

00:28:40   That's as much as you can do at one time.

00:28:42   You know, oh, you want 4K?

00:28:43   Oh, you kind of have 120 frames.

00:28:45   What's wrong with you?

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00:30:35   Time to read the rules.

00:30:36   Yes.

00:30:37   Read them rules, son.

00:30:40   The Bill of Rickies last amended on January 13th, 2021.

00:30:45   I feel like the last amended thing is a bad idea because it will just always be when was

00:30:50   the last time we did the Rickies. That was the last time. It sounds like a challenge to me,

00:30:55   like, "Ooh, last time on the journey 13th, I bet we can come up with a new amendment."

00:30:59   It's like the sign in the warehouse, "This may day since an accident."

00:31:02   There are two types of Rickies, annual Rickies and keynote Rickies. The winner of the annual

00:31:13   Rickies is named the annual chairman and retains the rights to the corresponding Twitter account

00:31:19   for the full year. This position is awarded every January. The keynote

00:31:24   Ricky's winner is named the keynote chairman and retains the rights of the

00:31:27   course buying Twitter account until the next keynote is held that is currently

00:31:30   held by me. Annual winners roll over to preserve the order of picks. For example

00:31:35   the 2019 annual winner gets to go first for the next annual picks. Order for the

00:31:41   keynote Ricky's is based on the previous Apple event. The loser goes last. To earn

00:31:47   any points everything written down in the prediction document must come true

00:31:51   no half points may be awarded in any round and picks cannot be reused one

00:31:56   point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds two

00:32:01   points will be awarded for correct picks in the risky pick round if your risky

00:32:06   pick is wrong you lose a point and the two other hosts must agree that your

00:32:11   pick is quote risky for keynote Ricky's the scoring window starts when the

00:32:16   event begins and closes when the picks are scored. The winner of the regular and risky

00:32:23   picks must be grand access to the annual or event chairman twitter account and will retain

00:32:28   access until another winner is named. I like the must in there you know it's like there

00:32:34   is an assumption that there could be some kind of coup attempted where it's like no

00:32:38   no they must you cannot hold on to it. We also have the flexies. Loser of the flexies

00:32:44   Flexis must compensate the winner of the flexis by donating to the charity of the winner's

00:32:48   choice.

00:32:50   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexi made by the loser.

00:32:55   In the case of a tie, the ratio of correct to incorrect flexis will be taken into account.

00:33:01   Each host must make a minimum of five flexi picks.

00:33:07   Flexis may be reused as future flexis or regular picks, and the money, of course, must be donated

00:33:13   on air. As a reminder, Myke is the current annual chairman and I am the current keynote

00:33:20   chairman. I guess my Twitter handle is on the line. And to remind people, the last time

00:33:27   we did this was in November 2020 for that event. In the regular picks, the scoring was

00:33:32   me and then Myke and then Federico was the loser. I also won the flexies. Myke came in

00:33:37   second and Federico also lost the flexies. So Federico has everything to prove this time

00:33:43   around. Anything to prove, really. Seriously, yeah. I have nothing to prove to you, old man.

00:33:49   I don't need to prove anything. Beautiful document, beautifully announced. It was really good.

00:33:57   Thank you. I don't have any amendments. Not yet, I mean, we might before the end of the...

00:34:03   The amendments usually come up because of some contention in the picks as we go through. I do

00:34:08   believe the Bill of Rickeys has reached an ideal state of pseudo-perfection, I would say?

00:34:16   Clarity and chaos. It sits perfectly on a knife's edge between clarity and chaos, I think.

00:34:21   So we have all of our picks, all of our risky picks, and all of our flexes prepared. Steven,

00:34:27   you go first. My round one pick. The iPad Pro is updated to a variant of the A14 chip.

00:34:37   It's currently using the A12Z and we just haven't seen an A13 iPad Pro.

00:34:43   The A14 is the current silicon on the iPhone so feeling pretty good about this.

00:34:48   What do you feel about the people out there that suggest that it might be some variant of the M1?

00:34:54   Which is itself a variant of the A14.

00:34:57   But if they don't say that, if it's the M1 in there you don't get your point.

00:35:03   It doesn't.

00:35:05   We'll see how they describe it.

00:35:06   They've never said the M1 is a variant of the A14.

00:35:09   I don't think they're going to mix the branding.

00:35:11   But we are already arguing.

00:35:12   No, I'm merely just positing this as a thing, right?

00:35:17   I win this unless Federico's pick comes true, in which case they may use the M1 to support

00:35:23   Thunderbolt. And so...

00:35:25   Hey, spoilers!

00:35:26   But...

00:35:26   Hey, come on.

00:35:27   Jeez.

00:35:28   We're gonna hear it in like four minutes!

00:35:29   Yeah, but it's still spoilers.

00:35:35   I think the way that this is presented, like I think the audience likes to believe that we don't

00:35:40   know each other's picks beforehand, right? That we're all just bringing them to the show.

00:35:44   This is part of the, you know, the pretense of the show.

00:35:47   But everything's a variant of the original A4, so...

00:35:50   I don't think it works like that.

00:35:53   Technically!

00:35:55   I mean, what I'll say is, I just... The reason I wanted to point this out there is in the off chance.

00:36:01   because if they say it has the M1 in it, I don't think you get the point. Unless Apple

00:36:08   for some reason says the M1 is a variant of the A14, which is something they have never

00:36:12   said. I just want to put that out there.

00:36:14   I just don't think they're going to mix the branding between the iPad and the Mac.

00:36:16   I don't either. I think it will be the A14X.

00:36:20   But you're right, if they say, "Oh, this is the M1, and there's no mention of the A14,"

00:36:24   then I would lose this. But I don't think they're going to mix.

00:36:27   Well, I have another question. I have another question for you. Because again, we're just

00:36:31   putting these things out there this isn't really a question. I thought this was such gonna be an easy pick.

00:36:35   Right, but here's the thing we need to talk about these things otherwise this

00:36:37   segment's done in 20 seconds right so we're having conversations around this

00:36:40   stuff. What if they go for a 15 what if they just jump 14 completely?

00:36:45   It doesn't get the point. No and it's not about points I'm now just asking the two of

00:36:48   you this thing. Well that would be surprising right? I can't imagine that

00:36:52   that's ready. Yeah but they can call it whatever they want right? They could call

00:36:56   Yeah yeah but I mean but Apple but Apple only changes the name when it changes

00:37:00   the thing, usually with its silicon. So my guess is that we would see the A14X or something.

00:37:06   But I guess what Myke is saying, or maybe what we can imagine is, what if it's based

00:37:13   on the M1? So it obviously cannot be called the A13, because that never existed. And what

00:37:22   if it's based on the M1, therefore it's not the A14, might as well just call it the A15

00:37:27   iPad. Or what if they come up with a whole new brand for the iPad chip? Right, the i15.

00:37:36   Take that i7 from Intel. We're more than twice as good. Or I guess technically it would be i1,

00:37:44   right? Oh, is that like a joke? No. Like i1? Oh no, it wasn't. No, I just meant if they came

00:37:50   up with a specific iPad chip, they would go to one. They wouldn't go to 15, right?

00:37:57   Right. They would start over?

00:37:59   Maybe.

00:38:00   Yeah. Would you call it i1?

00:38:03   Well, I wouldn't go for i either. I wouldn't call it i. I don't know what letter I'd give

00:38:08   it.

00:38:09   What kind of letter would you use for an iPad? I mean, t for tablet is already used.

00:38:12   The A14 is not in the iPhone, is it?

00:38:15   The P1 doesn't really sound nice.

00:38:18   I can give it any name. I can go with X.

00:38:22   The X1. X1 would be cool. X1 would be cool.

00:38:25   I think they would go for X for the graphics chip that they make.

00:38:30   Yeah. So, okay. Yes, I am on the X1 train already. Yes. They are going to change the

00:38:37   name of the chip. It's going to be called the X1. That I have decided. They are going

00:38:41   to do that. So, well done. Myke, you get the point.

00:38:45   Wait. No, no, no.

00:38:46   No, that's not how it works.

00:38:48   Oh, Steven, the chat says, "I think you mean ten-one."

00:38:51   So, okay, Steven, can you just remind everyone of your pick and then we'll move on?

00:39:01   The iPad Pro is updated to a variant of the A14 chip.

00:39:05   Okay.

00:39:06   My pick, super boring, the 12.9 inch iPad Pro ships later than the 11 inch iPad Pro.

00:39:11   This is how he wins these things.

00:39:13   But he didn't win.

00:39:14   Cool.

00:39:15   I won the annual, but...

00:39:16   Or the time before that.

00:39:17   Yeah, I don't have particularly inspiring Round 1 or 2 picks.

00:39:20   In fact, when you think about it, Steven is the silent winner.

00:39:26   He's not silent about it, I'll tell you that.

00:39:27   He won't shut up about it.

00:39:30   He has this aura of, like, he doesn't seem like somebody who's actually won all the previous

00:39:36   competitions.

00:39:37   What you're saying is he feels like a loser, but he's actually a winner?

00:39:40   No, but it's like...

00:39:42   Hmm... I don't know...

00:39:45   Do you remember, what was the pick that you destroyed us on that time?

00:39:50   Was it the Mac Mini?

00:39:51   The Mac Mini.

00:39:52   The Mac Mini was the worst.

00:39:54   See, he's sneaky like that.

00:39:56   He has those... he's got those picks that he puts in the documents like,

00:40:01   "Man, you're getting point after point."

00:40:04   I'm keeping an eye on you, Steven.

00:40:06   We should remind people that there is a website you can go to

00:40:10   to see how we've done in the past.

00:40:11   the past. What is it? I'm waiting for the chat room to catch up with me to give me the

00:40:15   URL, because I don't remember off the top of my head. But it's all our schools. There

00:40:18   is a website, is what we're saying. Yes, and it will be in the show notes. And in a minute

00:40:23   or two, I can tell you what the URL is. There is a website. Oh, there's no good URL. It's

00:40:28   the Notion database, so I'll just put a link in the show notes. I'm gonna buy a domain

00:40:33   and point to that. I think it's pretty readable. Notion.so/connected with a capital C.

00:40:41   -262725156A0041B... Don't post messages, this quote!

00:40:50   BD9B0248C172862CB0. Pretty easy. I've seen worse domain names.

00:41:01   That's true.

00:41:02   Like ForkBomber.

00:41:07   I had it right there, I was like, "I'm not doing it, I'm not gonna do it."

00:41:11   We got it in.

00:41:12   Alright, I am gonna buy a domain for this.

00:41:15   Okay.

00:41:16   Do we all have to sit around and wait for you to do that?

00:41:18   Let me talk about my pick.

00:41:20   There were rumors and reports that the 12.9 was shipping later, and it actually might

00:41:25   have been one of the reasons that this event seems to have taken as long as it's taken.

00:41:29   There seem to be some yield issues, which now seem to have possibly been resolved with

00:41:34   either the mini LED screen or the controller, like the chip controller for the mini LED

00:41:40   screen and/or both of them.

00:41:42   And also to be honest, the fact that it seems like, I'm not trying to preempt any potential

00:41:48   perks, it seems like the mini LED technology is only going to be on a 12.9 inch iPad Pro,

00:41:54   would suggest to me that it has the potential of being just a little bit delayed and that

00:42:00   the 11 might have been easier for Apple to make, so they could have got ahead of that

00:42:03   anyway. And this is not outside of history for them to do this, right? To have two products

00:42:09   in the same line, one ships one day, one ships another. They've done this before. So I just

00:42:13   think this isn't a particularly exciting pick, but I'm trying to win. So yeah, it makes sense.

00:42:17   Yeah. There's been a lot of conversation about this time there may be differences and Apple

00:42:24   has gone back and forth on this, right? Like the original 12.9 came out and then the 9.7

00:42:29   came out in the spring and it brought True Tone and something else. Widecolor maybe?

00:42:36   Possibly.

00:42:37   And then like the big iPad caught up. And so they have fallen out of lockstep before

00:42:41   and I could see them doing that again.

00:42:43   But I mean this wouldn't really be like, they would say something like "and you will be

00:42:48   able to purchase the bigger one in, you know, two weeks later" or something.

00:42:52   Or they just ship a little bit later.

00:42:54   Like you could buy them all, one ships Friday, one ships next week or something.

00:42:59   10 days later.

00:43:00   Yeah.

00:43:01   That URL, if you want to see our past progress, is the rickys.online.

00:43:05   And that's with an "ie".

00:43:06   I want a dot passion, but that doesn't seem to be a top-level domain.

00:43:10   That's a shame.

00:43:11   That's a real shame.

00:43:12   I know.

00:43:13   It's too bad.

00:43:14   Also, maybe I don't want to own a dot passion domain.

00:43:15   I feel like that's a one-way ticket to a lot of emails I don't want.

00:43:18   The thing is, if there was a dot passion domain, it would be expensive.

00:43:21   Like those ones would just be expensive.

00:43:23   They would be like-

00:43:24   Well, you know, Hover protects your data from the bad guys.

00:43:26   We're not in the ad yet.

00:43:27   You gotta wait.

00:43:28   You gotta wait for that.

00:43:29   next. Federico's pick comes first and then hovers next. Then you can talk about the domain

00:43:35   that you bought and how fast it was. But until then...

00:43:38   Alright, Federico, drop this steaming hot pick on us.

00:43:42   I'm bringing the flavor, as always, to the Ricky's. My first regular pick is the following.

00:43:50   At least one of the new iPad Pros will have a... drumroll, drumroll please...

00:43:56   Thunderbolt USB 4 port, similar to the M1 Max.

00:44:01   I mean, this isn't that much of a bombshell.

00:44:04   You know that, right?

00:44:05   Right?

00:44:06   Well, but it's got more flavor.

00:44:08   What is the flavor?

00:44:09   That is done by me.

00:44:11   It's Italian seasoning.

00:44:12   That's just what it is.

00:44:14   It's an... yes.

00:44:16   [LAUGHTER]

00:44:21   It's presented in style.

00:44:22   So Germin reported this actually a few weeks ago,

00:44:26   that in testing, one of the iPad Pro models

00:44:30   had a Thunderbolt port instead of the old USB-C one.

00:44:34   Germin wrote how that will allow for faster connections

00:44:37   and for support for more--

00:44:40   for supporting more types of accessories connected via USB-C

00:44:43   to the iPad Pro.

00:44:44   Now for context, the 2018 iPad Pro and the current one,

00:44:49   the 2020 revision to that, they support the,

00:44:53   I believe, USB 3.2 standard,

00:44:56   which is the 10 gigabit per second transfer one.

00:45:02   Now USB 4, Steven, correct me if I'm wrong,

00:45:05   is 40 gigabit per second transfer rate?

00:45:09   - Yes, if you're using the Thunderbolt,

00:45:14   the other end it's also capable of like those Thunderbolt speeds. It is the most confusing

00:45:19   thing, but yeah you're basically right. In trying to make it easier they have once again

00:45:24   made it worse. They made it more confusing. There's a support document on the KBase that

00:45:30   explains what Macs have a Thunderbolt 3 USB-C and a Thunderbolt / USB 4 port. It's all very

00:45:39   You have to also pronounce the Thunderbolt symbol. If you look in this document, they

00:45:46   put the little Thunderbolt logo in text next to it.

00:45:51   It's like, you can use the Thunderbolt ports on your Mac to connect to this place. You

00:45:55   gotta do that every time. So, yes, my first pick is they will add this new port to at

00:46:06   one of the new iPad Pros and it'll be a Thunderbolt USB 4 port, just like on the M1 Max. Now, the big

00:46:13   question is, why do this and what will this allow? But I guess we're gonna talk about this in a few

00:46:22   minutes. Ooh, foreshadowing. Yes. I mean, why not do this? Well, right, especially since the iPad Air

00:46:33   has USB-C, you could differentiate the iPad Pro a little bit.

00:46:38   Yeah, I can see that. Why not, as an argument makes a lot of sense. Why also makes a lot

00:46:45   of sense as a question, like why do this? Is that really needed on iPad as it currently

00:46:51   stands? Like what else could you possibly need Thunderbolt and USB 4 for on the iPad?

00:46:58   I mean, do you really crave faster connections for external drives and pen drives on your

00:47:05   iPad?

00:47:06   No.

00:47:07   This episode of Connected is brought to you by Hover.

00:47:10   It's where I just bought a domain live on the show.

00:47:13   You know, if you have a big idea or a business or you just need to cover up a really nasty

00:47:18   Notion URL, Hover is the place to start.

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00:47:54   It's easy to see why Hover is the popular choice for people starting businesses or buying

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00:48:02   I own all of my domains through Hover.

00:48:04   I actually had a really fun Hover email just the other day where relay.fm is coming up

00:48:12   for renewal pretty soon, and I thought that was pretty cool.

00:48:15   Kind of gave me a good feeling that we were doing this a long time.

00:48:19   And it also shows the time of year that we registered the domain even though the company

00:48:25   didn't launch until August.

00:48:26   Mm-hmm.

00:48:27   It takes time to build a podcast network.

00:48:29   So you're going to appreciate Hover.

00:48:32   Super clean, easy to use, easy to navigate.

00:48:35   Buy your domain and start using it today.

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00:48:48   Our thanks to Hover for the support of the show and Relay FM.

00:48:52   Round the second.

00:48:55   The 12.9 inch iPad Pro, I'm changing that.

00:48:59   The big iPad Pro is updated with a feature that is unique to it.

00:49:05   Oh, so regional.

00:49:08   Okay.

00:49:10   So your pick is literally the big iPad Pro gets a new feature.

00:49:16   is unique to it that the that other iPads don't have. Okay, define unique to it. Say

00:49:24   that it gets Thunderbolt but the 11 inch doesn't, then I would win. Or it gets a fancy new screen

00:49:30   and the 11 inch doesn't, then I win. Or it gets an operating system that makes sense

00:49:36   and the 11 inch doesn't, then I win. And operating system that makes sense. Sure. Okay, so you're

00:49:45   basically saying the big iPad Pro gets something that the small one doesn't have.

00:49:49   Yeah.

00:49:50   Myke, what do you think?

00:49:53   I mean, this is like the most pedestrian pick of basically all the picks.

00:49:57   Right?

00:49:58   Like it's...

00:49:59   Sure.

00:50:00   Okay.

00:50:01   It's that sneaky.

00:50:02   He's playing to win.

00:50:03   We're all playing to win.

00:50:04   Well, I don't know if Federico's playing to win.

00:50:05   See?

00:50:06   I think Federico's playing to win.

00:50:07   Silent winner.

00:50:08   Silent winner.

00:50:09   Hey, I'm planning to win.

00:50:10   I just want to win with style.

00:50:11   And when I eventually do it...

00:50:12   It's going to be great.

00:50:13   It's gonna be a whole show around this.

00:50:16   Odds would dictate that eventually, on a long enough time frame, you would win.

00:50:20   Even if you could play for the...

00:50:22   And it's gonna be fireworks and cocktails, everything. The whole thing.

00:50:26   I'll look forward to that though. That sounds great.

00:50:28   I don't want to set fireworks off in my office. It's not very big.

00:50:31   No, we can do it. You got a backyard. You can do it.

00:50:33   That's true. Okay, I'll do it in my backyard.

00:50:35   You've done things in that backyard.

00:50:37   Yeah. So if it's out of fireworks right there, that's fine.

00:50:40   I mean, you know, this is probably the mini LED screen will be what wins in this, but

00:50:47   they could be, you know, that Thunderbolt port could be unique to the bigger one, but

00:50:51   I don't think it will be because otherwise I don't even know what the point of the 11

00:50:55   inch iPad Pro will be.

00:50:58   Like it does, you know, it's got to have something.

00:51:02   My pick, we done with that pick, there isn't really much more to talk about that, right?

00:51:06   Yeah, I mean, it seems like a lock.

00:51:08   I had a completely different pick for my round two pick and then thought how fun it would

00:51:12   be for me to continue on this train so I'm doing it.

00:51:15   The iPad Pro gets 5G.

00:51:17   5G, 5G, 5G, 5G.

00:51:19   5G has been so kind to me in previous Rickies.

00:51:22   Yeah.

00:51:23   And it seems pretty, pretty obvious to me that they would do that.

00:51:29   It needs it for as much as Apple would seem to suggest that anything needs 5G.

00:51:35   I mean, yeah, the pandemic's slowing down, so we've got to get some more 5G out there,

00:51:38   you know.

00:51:39   Oh, that one was a slow... that took a second for that one to get to me.

00:51:44   No, people are going to take their iPads out.

00:51:46   They want to use fast networking.

00:51:47   What are you talking about?

00:51:48   That's not what you...

00:51:49   Wow, Myke.

00:51:50   Oh, God.

00:51:51   Honestly, since I've re-enabled 5G on my iPhone, it's been like a completely different device.

00:51:58   Do you actually have 5G?

00:51:59   I do, but it's not really that much different.

00:52:02   Yeah.

00:52:03   You don't have the good 5G though, right? You have the regular 5G, not the...

00:52:08   What is good 5G?

00:52:10   Well, there's the... what is it called again? It's millimeter wave and then the other one.

00:52:15   Does it say good 5G in settings?

00:52:19   Yep.

00:52:19   Oh, it says you have good 5G.

00:52:21   It scrolls past in that corner.

00:52:22   If your phone doesn't have that... Sub6 is the other one, right? That's what it's called.

00:52:26   What? What are these names? What does it mean?

00:52:29   It's like the USB people were in charge of 5G.

00:52:32   That is actually what it seems like. So that's it. The iPad Pro gets 5G, or at least an option for it.

00:52:38   Okay. All right. Cool. My regular pick is a bit more specific, but it's also kind of the opposite

00:52:45   of Steven. The smaller iPad Pro does not have a new display technology like the bigger iPad Pro

00:52:52   model. So the rumor is that only the bigger iPad Pro version will get the fancy new mini LED

00:53:01   display, so I am predicting that the smaller one will not have a new display

00:53:06   technology. I guess one potential point of confusion is, and maybe this could use

00:53:13   some rephrasing to get to what I mean, Apple could still update the display in

00:53:20   the smaller iPad Pro, but also have a different technology altogether in the

00:53:25   bigger one. Yeah, so the core of what you're saying is that the technology is

00:53:29   different not that it's new at all. Exactly, so only the bigger one

00:53:35   gets the new display tech. That's the core of the PIC. I'm confused because I

00:53:40   feel like you've said two different things now. So you're saying... I'm saying

00:53:45   that the smaller iPad Pro does not get the new display technology, the bigger

00:53:51   version does. What if the 11-inch got a new type of display technology that

00:53:57   isn't the same as the one. That's what I was afraid of in reading this

00:54:01   pic out loud. So what if you reworded it as "Only the large iPad gets a new display technology"?

00:54:08   Yeah that could work. And that's the pic you want to make huh?

00:54:11   Or you get specific and name the display technology. Apple might not call it, I don't

00:54:16   think Apple's gonna call it an LED though. I was thinking about this, I'm not sure if they would.

00:54:21   Yeah but if that's what it is they can call it you know fancy pixels or whatever they're

00:54:24   They always have some stupid product name.

00:54:27   - Well, it'd be something retina, won't it?

00:54:29   - It'll be crystal retina, something like that.

00:54:32   - 'Cause they have-- - Double retina all the way.

00:54:34   - Liquid retina, right?

00:54:36   - Yes.

00:54:37   - What are the OLED screens called?

00:54:41   Do they have a name?

00:54:41   - Super Retina XDR?

00:54:47   - That's the current one, isn't it?

00:54:50   Yeah.

00:54:50   - Is it really called Super Retina XDR?

00:54:53   - I know it's got XDR in it,

00:54:54   I remember people making fun of that at the time.

00:54:57   Oh my god.

00:54:58   Yeah, let's see.

00:54:59   I'm going to see what they call it.

00:55:00   Super tech specs.

00:55:01   Wait, is liquid retina only on the iPad?

00:55:04   No, liquid retina is an LCD that's curved, so like the iPhone XR and the 11.

00:55:10   And the iPad is also the liquid retina.

00:55:12   Apple calls it the super retina XDR display.

00:55:16   So I think super duper retina XDR display would fit.

00:55:19   No, then they will call it super liquid retina.

00:55:23   The SDR XDR super display super duper retina XDR.

00:55:27   SDR XDR.

00:55:28   Nailed it.

00:55:29   They will call it super retina plus display.

00:55:31   XDR.

00:55:32   Oh my god, this is terrible.

00:55:35   Super Retina XDR Pro.

00:55:40   Still, my pick is only the big iPad Pro gets it.

00:55:45   Okay.

00:55:46   Not the small one.

00:55:47   Okay, so I do think we need to reword this.

00:55:48   So...

00:55:49   Yes.

00:55:50   You want to take a shot at that?

00:55:51   Rewarding it?

00:55:52   No, you're better than...

00:55:53   Federico's pick is only the big iPad Pro.

00:55:57   The iPhone 11 Pro also had the Super Retina XDR display. I do not remember that being that.

00:56:03   Previously, it was Super Retina HD on the iPhone XS and XS Max,

00:56:11   which the iPhone X also had that name.

00:56:17   So it went from Retina on the iPhone 8 to Super Retina, Retina HD display on the iPhone,

00:56:25   then it went to Super Retina HD on the iPhone 10.

00:56:30   The iPhone 10s Max still had Super Retina, then the iPhone 11 got Liquid Retina HD.

00:56:38   The iPhone 11 Pro got Super Retina XDR display.

00:56:42   Oh my.

00:56:43   I lost the trailer.

00:56:45   Yeah, I know it got a bit bad there, I apologize.

00:56:47   Three iPhones ago.

00:56:48   There was only so much I could do.

00:56:50   It's on the Techspecs page if you want to read it, like the comparison page.

00:56:53   This is terrible.

00:56:54   In case you need that.

00:56:55   Terrible names.

00:56:56   Okay.

00:56:57   Cool.

00:56:58   Only the big iPad Pro gets a new display technology.

00:57:00   Yeah?

00:57:01   Yeah.

00:57:02   Cool.

00:57:03   So you're just narrowing my pick, basically.

00:57:04   So if it gets Thunderbolt, you get round one, I get round two, and no new display, you don't

00:57:11   get round two.

00:57:12   Our picks are very integrated with each other.

00:57:15   Well they're all. All of these picks are very...

00:57:19   Two picks have become one.

00:57:20   ...mixed up because you've got the 12 point, my one about them shipping differently

00:57:25   is equated on the fact that only one of them has an update which is tricky which is probably the screen.

00:57:31   Ooh.

00:57:31   So...

00:57:32   Yeah, we're all holding hands and stepping into the unknown here.

00:57:36   And also up until this point all three of us are saying that only iPad Pros are at this event.

00:57:41   There is nothing else.

00:57:43   And as Kate has mentioned, no, we're just, we're just making guesses about

00:57:47   iPad pros. You know, we'll get to the Mac until this point. Maybe.

00:57:50   And as Kate has said, if there are no iPad pros, we are ruined.

00:57:55   This is going to be interesting if there's no iPad pros.

00:57:59   Well, do you remember what they did last year when it was like, oh,

00:58:02   it's going to be this.

00:58:03   And then they just released a set of products that nobody was expecting because

00:58:06   they were going to do an event a couple of weeks later on. And then another one.

00:58:10   Yeah, yeah, we got the iPad Air and the small iPad and then the watch all together. It's like what is happening?

00:58:16   I actually have a point that's been brought up from Josh in the chat

00:58:21   That I'm the only one of the three of us that was listed actual sizes of the iPads. The two of you have written big iPad Pro

00:58:29   Mm-hmm

00:58:32   Do you think that was an accident?

00:58:34   No, I don't now. Now I've seen it.

00:58:37   I guess it's too late for me to change mine, right?

00:58:40   - Yeah.

00:58:41   - Well, the pick has been--

00:58:43   - The pick has been locked in.

00:58:44   No, it's fine, it's fine.

00:58:45   I am perfectly happy to not change it.

00:58:49   Just--

00:58:49   - Honestly, I don't think it's--

00:58:51   - No, neither do I.

00:58:52   But I merely wanted to note that

00:58:54   as a potential foreshadowing for me.

00:58:57   - Okay.

00:59:00   - Time for the risky picks.

00:59:03   - Whew, okay.

00:59:04   At this event, we see some sort of AR focused hardware.

00:59:09   It felt like you wanted to win,

00:59:12   and then you decided that this would be your risky pick.

00:59:15   This is, okay.

00:59:18   It is risky.

00:59:20   It's so risky, it's not gonna happen.

00:59:22   But remember, we, both Myke and I,

00:59:26   we reacted the exact same way for the Mac Mini.

00:59:30   No, this is a completely different level to the Mac Mini.

00:59:33   But I also think this is like a completely different story. Multiple reports are saying

00:59:39   this is not ready. There's a whole developer angle that would have to be explained for

00:59:46   this kind of device.

00:59:47   This is a...

00:59:48   But, hold on though, but Steven is saying we see some sort of AR focused hardware. Could

00:59:56   be a teaser.

00:59:57   No, why would they do that? That doesn't make any sense.

01:00:00   I don't know.

01:00:01   think it's happening because I my feeling would be that this will be its

01:00:07   own thing completely when they do an event for this because they will want to

01:00:11   try and pitch it as this is the biggest thing since the iPhone I don't think

01:00:15   it's happening attached to anything else and plus I agree with the thinking that

01:00:20   this is an event that they want they will want and kind of need people in

01:00:24   person to be able to get press to try it and to talk about it no man in person

01:00:31   This is going to be an in-person event, which will happen in the summer to fall, I reckon.

01:00:36   So good luck to you, Steven. Steven, explain your, like, what made you pick this one?

01:00:46   You know... Just wishful thinking. I just, sometimes I just feel the spirit speaking to me.

01:00:55   I think we may see some sort of AR focused hardware.

01:00:59   Why?

01:00:59   It feels like we could see some sort of AR focused hardware.

01:01:03   Why do you keep saying it like that?

01:01:05   Either say "I didn't know what else to pick" or give us more information.

01:01:10   No, I just, I'm just putting...

01:01:14   Tim Cook wants to have charts in everyone's eyes, you know?

01:01:18   They're excited about it.

01:01:19   You think next Tuesday Apple are going to show off their mixed reality headset?

01:01:25   I think we could see some sort of AR focused hardware. I'm gonna quit the show if you keep doing that

01:01:31   Like I will just leave

01:01:35   It's risky man, you know, I just I just want to feel something again. All right

01:01:41   We're just gonna move on cuz he's not gonna give us any more than that

01:01:44   My my risk my risky pick is I don't really know why I'm doing this to myself two sizes of iMac announced

01:01:53   Two of them. Yeah, and there's an iMac. Okay. Yeah

01:01:56   Yes, I love it. So

01:02:00   iMac itself just isn't gonna be enough even though there's been nothing said about it. That still seems possible

01:02:06   Right, they'll be like, here's the new iMac and I do I do believe

01:02:11   Personally, there will be some kind of Mac focused announcements next week

01:02:16   I don't know why there aren't as many leaks about that

01:02:20   but you know this is a thing in the past where like iPhones, iPads, that stuff always leaks

01:02:25   more often and sooner than Mac stuff does anyway plus the volumes are totally different,

01:02:31   all that kind of stuff. So I do think that there's a possibility for a Mac and I think the risky part

01:02:37   of saying too is that the larger iMac is more likely to have a non-M1 chip in it and a smaller

01:02:44   iMac you're very likely to have an M1 chip in it. So seems pretty risky I think to suggest

01:02:51   that both of them would be shown off but I'm not... all I'll say is as proven by the Mac Mini,

01:02:59   Apple has surprised us with Apple Silicon focused Mac hardware announcements so I wouldn't put it

01:03:06   past them to do it again. So one of the other reasons that I would say this is it's still a

01:03:10   long time until WWDC, which is the next time that they might show off a bigger iMac, and

01:03:18   they are quickly stopping selling all kinds of iMacs.

01:03:21   Right?

01:03:23   And so, yeah.

01:03:24   I can see a world where this happens.

01:03:26   I can see Apple saying, "We have the small iMac, it's an M1, have at it.

01:03:33   And we have the bigger iMac, and just because I don't know what the name would be, let's

01:03:36   call it the M1X.

01:03:38   And it's the first M1X machine, and then at WWDC in five weeks or six weeks, whatever

01:03:43   it is, Apple says, "Hey, here are MacBook Pros and a high-end Mac Mini with the M1X

01:03:50   we debuted in the iMac."

01:03:52   I think that's fine to do.

01:03:55   Apple has, over the last several years, spent WWDC stage time on hardware, so they definitely

01:04:00   could be saving all of this, but...

01:04:02   Well, the MacBook Pro is definitely...

01:04:05   That's the developer machine.

01:04:06   happening at WWDC.

01:04:09   - Yeah, that's the machine developers buy.

01:04:11   - They could, and I think they probably would,

01:04:14   tease this small Mac Pro.

01:04:16   - No, it's too soon for that, I think.

01:04:17   - If they've got it.

01:04:18   I don't think so.

01:04:19   They have done that twice.

01:04:21   The Mac Pro and the iMac Pro both teased in June

01:04:24   for release in December.

01:04:26   - Yeah, I just, I'm not sure,

01:04:28   even though my yearly pick says,

01:04:29   I think all the Apple Silicon Macs will be out this year,

01:04:31   feel like the small Mac Pro throws a wrench in that,

01:04:34   but we'll see.

01:04:35   I'd love for it to be, but I just don't know.

01:04:37   I like this though.

01:04:38   I'd love to see some Mac stuff in here.

01:04:40   And in thinking about what makes an event,

01:04:42   the smallest Apple event really can be like

01:04:46   three pieces of hardware.

01:04:47   Like we saw the watch, the iPad, the iPad Air,

01:04:50   and in like five seconds about Apple One.

01:04:52   Like that feels like the minimum size of an Apple event.

01:04:56   And so if it's just two iPad Pros

01:05:00   and maybe some other iPad gets updated,

01:05:02   the iPad Mini for instance,

01:05:04   He doesn't feel like that's enough.

01:05:06   And so you start thinking about what else could they put in here,

01:05:09   and I think the iMac is a great contender.

01:05:12   I like this as a risky pick.

01:05:13   Please, the passionate ones, stop screaming AirTags at us, right?

01:05:17   Just wait, OK?

01:05:19   I know, because that question, you're like, what else could it be?

01:05:21   Like, everyone's thinking, obviously AirTags.

01:05:23   We just haven't gotten to that discussion yet.

01:05:25   But I do think it's time.

01:05:27   The iMac, it's time.

01:05:28   Like, it's definitely time.

01:05:30   And I think we're going to see at least one of them.

01:05:32   and so why not say, "Hey, we're gonna get two of them."

01:05:36   -Mm-hmm. -Okay.

01:05:37   -Now, Federico. -Federico.

01:05:39   -Yes. -What is going --

01:05:41   -Yes. -You have taken --

01:05:43   Okay, read your pick, and then I have a comment

01:05:46   before we dive into it.

01:05:48   -My risky pick is the iPad Pro

01:05:53   with an updated USB 4/Thunderbolt port.

01:05:57   -This is unprecedented.

01:05:58   -So this pick builds upon a regular pick.

01:06:02   I don't recall any pick that has ever been made where you are presupposing that your

01:06:08   previous pick is 100% correct.

01:06:10   Right.

01:06:11   I'm a confident person, so I believe in myself and I believe in my regular pick.

01:06:16   You can lose if they don't update the port in any way, you can't win.

01:06:23   But that's where the fun lies, right?

01:06:26   That's what makes it tick.

01:06:28   It's the risk of it.

01:06:30   All right.

01:06:31   Lay the passion on us.

01:06:32   iPad Pro with an updated USB 4/Thunderbolt port features a new kind of support for external

01:06:40   displays.

01:06:41   I need to ask you another qualifying question.

01:06:44   Yes.

01:06:45   Is that the end of the pick or is the pick continuing?

01:06:48   That's the end of the pick.

01:06:49   Okay, cool.

01:06:50   Because typically what we put in the document is what the pick is.

01:06:54   So when I opened our document today and saw this, I thought that you had literally lost

01:06:58   your mind.

01:06:59   So I'm pleased.

01:07:00   That is that is just the context.

01:07:02   No, this is cool. That's good.

01:07:04   That's good. So we can delete the context.

01:07:06   No, just leave it there for me when we're.

01:07:08   Yeah, because you get bragging rights.

01:07:10   Yeah. Let's put them in italics.

01:07:12   No, no, no. I mean, you know, just that is just needed for me right now.

01:07:16   Yeah. While I think I want to leave them in the document, though.

01:07:19   So if it is right, I want to see just how right you end up being.

01:07:22   All right, cool. So this is just my thinking behind this, right?

01:07:27   So, once again, assuming that the iPad Pro is getting a fancy new USB port that supports USB4

01:07:33   and Thunderbolt in the same connector, what's the reason to change the USB port on the iPad?

01:07:39   Would be my first question. Like, why do it? This is what we were talking about before.

01:07:43   Are users really in need of much faster USB transfer rates? I guess maybe some of them are.

01:07:51   So folks who are using an iPad, like photographers or people who work in video, and they want to

01:07:56   transfer video files or photos from cameras to an iPad Pro, I guess faster USB connection could be

01:08:04   useful. But is that really enough of a reason to, you know, to change the USB port and switch to

01:08:13   Thunderbolt as well? Because once again, German said one of the new iPad Pro models, Apple was

01:08:19   testing a Thunderbolt port for it. That's not necessarily like the big selling point for this

01:08:25   new USB connector. And when you think about it, and if you go back and read the

01:08:30   reviews and read, you know, basically the same argument that keeps coming up over

01:08:35   and over whenever iPad Pro users talk about the iPad Pro, is just how lacking

01:08:42   it is when you want to use it at a desk with an external display, right? It's the

01:08:47   feature that every iPad Pro only or iPad Pro first user buys into the modularity of the device,

01:08:58   right? The kind of person who has a Magic Keyboard, but also a stand and also external monitors,

01:09:02   but basically somebody like me, but I'm not alone in this. We always say, "Well, it's a great device,

01:09:09   too bad for the external display support." And I think switching to Thunderbolt and USB4 would be

01:09:16   the right time to take a look at that functionality and say we can make it better. We can have more

01:09:23   bandwidth, which means we could potentially, you know, daisy chain more devices, support more kinds

01:09:28   of displays with higher resolutions, right? 8K displays or something like the, what's it called,

01:09:37   the fancy, the Pro Display XDR. Any display that supports Thunderbolt could be used with this iPad

01:09:44   Pro, including the ones that Apple makes. And once again, more bandwidth means more data, which means

01:09:49   higher resolution displays and faster transfer rates via USB at the same time. Now,

01:09:57   the problem with this is that you can't just add a new connector and say, well, now we're gonna flip

01:10:04   a switch and we're gonna make external display support happen on iPadOS. The problem with this

01:10:09   is that it requires, I would think, massive changes to the

01:10:14   springboard architecture in iPadOS. Because if we're gonna do this, you're

01:10:20   gonna have to envision a system where you can drag and drop windows between

01:10:25   displays, where you can drag apps from one display to another, where interactions

01:10:31   on the external display are only supported via the pointer, right? It

01:10:36   It requires a whole re-architecture of the screen board,

01:10:40   which is the system, you know, it's basically the framework

01:10:43   that controls the home screen, widgets, you know,

01:10:46   all the other stuff, windowing,

01:10:47   all the other stuff on iPadOS.

01:10:49   You would have to re-architect all of that

01:10:52   to account for the fact that now the iPadOS UI

01:10:55   can be placed not on the display,

01:10:59   but on another external monitor.

01:11:01   Now the question is,

01:11:04   can this kind of massive software change be done outside of WWDC?

01:11:10   No.

01:11:10   Can it be done in a point release before WWDC?

01:11:15   And I will present to you, as Exhibit A, a precedent for this very kind of massive change,

01:11:24   which is pointer support, which was added in a point release.

01:11:29   That's pun not intended.

01:11:31   No, a pointer release.

01:11:33   It was added in iPadOS 13.4, just like that.

01:11:38   I think it's too much Federico.

01:11:40   I think that the trackpad support was nowhere near the level of change.

01:11:51   I disagree.

01:11:53   I think it's a pretty massive change in the pointer integration as well.

01:11:57   I don't think it's the same, because I think to do this correctly, we're talking about like

01:12:02   windowing. Yeah, which is already in place. And I think that's bigger. I think it's much,

01:12:08   I think it's bigger. I mean, yeah, I mean, look, I understand what you're saying,

01:12:12   I just, my, my read on it is this is, I think, I think that this is a thing that goes along with

01:12:19   iPadOS 15, which is a big rethinking of multitasking, and I think they would wait

01:12:26   and keep it for them. I could see that but also like I'm not just for context I'm not envisioning

01:12:32   something where you can freely resize windows like on the Mac. I'm just thinking of it's literally

01:12:39   just another display where you can drop an app in full screen or split view or slide over. Right,

01:12:44   you know and that might be what they do now but I think that WWDC is going to bring

01:12:52   large changes. So like maybe step one is better external display support with 14.5 and the new iPad,

01:13:02   but then in iOS 15 we take it to the next level as it were. I can see that and that's what makes the

01:13:11   be risky, right? Also the fact that iPadOS 14.5 compared to iOS 14.5 is surprisingly light

01:13:22   on new features, right? I don't know, there's just a bunch of things that...

01:13:26   and also like why add the emoji picker on iPad in this point release, right? It's just a small

01:13:34   thing but if you're gonna have a feature where the only way that you can interact with

01:13:40   with apps on an external display is via the pointer and the keyboard, it also lines up

01:13:45   with that. So, I don't know, I feel like if you don't do this, sure, you could announce

01:13:52   an iPad that has a new USB port, because it's faster, 5G, and the bigger one has a new display.

01:14:02   the really, it just feels like it's a,

01:14:05   that would be very light on,

01:14:08   as a story for a new iPad Pro.

01:14:11   - It's more than the 2020 iPad Pro got.

01:14:13   - But the 2020 iPad Pro didn't get an event.

01:14:16   - No, I know, I know why, I'm just, I'm poking fun.

01:14:20   - It barely got a press release.

01:14:21   - Yeah, the press release was about the Magic Keyboard.

01:14:23   - So, I mean, you've done the Magic Keyboard last year,

01:14:28   you've done the pointer last year,

01:14:30   you're doing an event for an iPad Pro,

01:14:32   and you're changing the USB port.

01:14:34   - Here's what I'll say.

01:14:35   I mean, and this could maybe, I don't think this is true,

01:14:38   but like LendingIntoA Steven said,

01:14:39   we're presuming the event is for the iPad Pro.

01:14:42   - Sure.

01:14:42   - The event could include the iPad Pro,

01:14:44   but it might not be the biggest.

01:14:46   - It's an iMac event, iMac and AR.

01:14:48   - There you go.

01:14:49   - There you go, could be, could be, sure.

01:14:52   And then maybe, you know, maybe the feature,

01:14:54   the big feature of this iPad Pro is a new Apple Pencil.

01:14:57   It's not even like what the iPad Pro does standalone.

01:15:00   It's about the accessory. - Some other thing.

01:15:02   right, that we haven't considered yet.

01:15:05   And the other thing that I would suggest,

01:15:07   just one last thing I'll throw in about,

01:15:08   like they could add this Thunderbolt port,

01:15:10   but it not really do anything.

01:15:12   Like when they put the USB-C port

01:15:13   on the original iPad Pro update,

01:15:16   it didn't really do anything.

01:15:17   And it took them a couple of software updates

01:15:20   before they actually enabled a bunch of things

01:15:23   that it could do.

01:15:24   So it goes both ways.

01:15:25   I think that's why this is a risky pick,

01:15:28   because I mean, one, you're presupposing

01:15:30   that you were correct from earlier,

01:15:31   although I do believe that you will be right on that,

01:15:33   but the external display support thing,

01:15:35   um, I hope that they do something and honestly, I really hope that they,

01:15:40   they do what I want them to do. I mean,

01:15:44   who doesn't want them to do what you want them to do? But like,

01:15:46   and that that iOS 5th iPadOS 15 allows for a much,

01:15:51   much more flexible, uh, system where you could have like,

01:15:55   four apps open on a big screen at once.

01:15:59   Like I said it before,

01:16:01   like I think windowing on the Mac is messy, but it is powerful.

01:16:06   And I would love to be able to use an iPad like that when I want to,

01:16:09   but not always, you know, do you want that by the way,

01:16:14   like if that was a thing where you could plug an iPad into a large display

01:16:19   and have six apps open at once,

01:16:21   like you do on a Mac and they're all arbitrarily resizable,

01:16:25   would you want that?

01:16:26   The arbitrary resizable, I don't really know,

01:16:31   because I don't do that on the Mac.

01:16:33   In fact, I think it's kind of annoying

01:16:34   that you can resize windows on the Mac.

01:16:36   I do the window snapping thing a lot, where--

01:16:41   basically, I really like the way that it works on Windows, where

01:16:43   you drag a window to the side, and it

01:16:45   snaps to half the display.

01:16:48   So that is literally the only way I use Windows on the Mac.

01:16:51   So do you ever use more than two apps at once on a Mac,

01:16:54   like in your view?

01:16:56   - Uh, no, really. - Okay.

01:16:58   - No, no.

01:17:00   But also I don't work on the Mac.

01:17:03   - True.

01:17:04   - So if I worked on it more often,

01:17:06   maybe resizable Windows would be a priority for me.

01:17:10   - Or even if they, I mean, I could imagine a system

01:17:12   where they just had them all working, like fixed sizes,

01:17:17   like you could put up to six, you know,

01:17:19   and they just go into portions.

01:17:21   having more than two would be the dream for me. I'm just not sure about the freely

01:17:27   resizable aspect. I mean they could lean into what they already have and it sort

01:17:32   of it's resizable in the sense that it snaps to... That you have like templates

01:17:37   like presets that you can choose from. Yes. That or even or even it pre snaps

01:17:43   to like full-size half screen slide over sizes right so they're not truly Mac

01:17:47   like they sort of conform to the sizes we have now, they're just sort of unbuckled

01:17:53   from each other. It is very interesting and I think something this should

01:17:55   definitely do, whether they do it here or not, I don't know. The only thing that gives me hope

01:18:00   is, because I remember last year, nobody, and it's important to remember this,

01:18:06   nobody thought that the pointer support was coming in iProOS 13.4. We were

01:18:12   saying that was gonna be the big WWDC feature. Yes. What actually ended up

01:18:16   happening is there was no WWDC focused features for the iPad. So really, you know, we shot

01:18:22   ourselves in the foot on that one. Last question on this, and we can move on. I don't know

01:18:27   if anybody has a Flexi on this. Did we imagine Apple saying, "We have put a Thunderbolt port

01:18:34   on an iPad so you can attach it to a display and then not have a display"?

01:18:39   Well, they're gonna demo it with the Pro Display XDR.

01:18:44   Oh god. So here's the tertiary question of Federico. If they do that and they don't have

01:18:55   a display, would you buy a Pro Display? I will still wait for an Apple Display because

01:19:02   once again, Gurman said that Apple was working on one, I believe. Like a cheaper one. I don't

01:19:08   really need a pro display XDR, also my Sylvia would kill me if I wanted to get that kind

01:19:14   of display. So I'm just gonna use the ugly one that I have right now and I'm gonna wait

01:19:19   and see if Apple makes a consumer or a prosumer one. I don't really need the XDR. I think

01:19:24   they definitely are, but it's just a case of when. I'm just gonna wait for it, I don't

01:19:29   wanna spend, how much is it? $5,000? $6,000? Depends if you want the phone or not. Yeah,

01:19:34   No thank you.

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01:21:22   Time for the flexies.

01:21:23   I'm just gonna go through mine and then we'll just, I'll take turns.

01:21:27   How does that sound?

01:21:28   Yep.

01:21:28   My flexi number one, the iPod touch is taken down from sale in the wake of the event.

01:21:33   Why are you doing this?

01:21:35   Why does it?

01:21:37   Yeah.

01:21:38   Just a big success for your first one.

01:21:42   Everyone's really behind you.

01:21:43   Just want to kill the iPod touch.

01:21:45   Why?

01:21:45   Why is it still alive?

01:21:46   But why are you so upset about it that you want it to die?

01:21:49   I'm just saying this would be a perfect time to do it.

01:21:51   Okay.

01:21:52   Pete, you're already.

01:21:53   Fiddling with the HTML, just get rid of that thing.

01:21:56   Flexi number two, I always like to make a Flexi

01:21:59   about the presentation itself.

01:22:01   And this time I'm gonna say,

01:22:03   we see JAWS introduce something.

01:22:05   He's great on stage, and he was in the iPhone event.

01:22:08   - Perhaps like an AR device.

01:22:10   - Perhaps like some sort of AR hardware.

01:22:13   The magic keyboard for iPad goes unchanged.

01:22:17   So the keyboard and trackpad for the iPad

01:22:20   that we have today will be the same after this event.

01:22:22   no changes or tweaks to that.

01:22:24   - Yeah, I think so.

01:22:26   - I think that they want,

01:22:26   I kinda think they want that to be like Apple Watch bands.

01:22:29   Like, you buy it and you can use it

01:22:31   across multiple generations with no problem.

01:22:33   'Cause it is super expensive.

01:22:35   - You know they're gonna ask for money for,

01:22:38   again, for that accessory at some point.

01:22:40   - Eventually, but they haven't had to know

01:22:41   with the Apple Watch bands yet.

01:22:42   - Eventually will be next year.

01:22:44   - Maybe.

01:22:45   - It won't be that far off. - Maybe.

01:22:47   Number four.

01:22:49   No mention of AirTags.

01:22:52   Wow!

01:22:55   Hold on though. Is this a trick Flexy? Because what if they're not called AirTags?

01:23:04   They do announce them, but they have a different name, and you could still say,

01:23:08   "Well, they didn't mention AirTags," and it would still be correct, because they're not called AirTags.

01:23:13   Well, then Myke also has a problem. Or anyone else who may mention AirTags.

01:23:17   No, I think we can do a fair faith type thing here, right?

01:23:23   Okay, alright.

01:23:24   The product we understand is AirTags.

01:23:26   We know what we mean as AirTags.

01:23:28   A new iPad comes in a new color for its line.

01:23:33   A new color for its line?

01:23:35   Yeah.

01:23:36   So you know the iPad Pro is just space grey and silver?

01:23:38   What if they throw gold in there?

01:23:40   Or pink?

01:23:41   I think he's more leaning on a potential iPad Mini refresh here than an iPad Pro refresh.

01:23:47   surely you don't think they're going to actually put color in the iPad Pro line.

01:23:50   Apple doesn't believe that pros have any fun.

01:23:52   You never know, man.

01:23:53   You have a Pacific Blue iPhone.

01:23:54   You never know.

01:23:56   And lastly, number six, I'm going beyond the minimum.

01:24:00   So far, anyone going above the minimum, it's only backfired, but I'm just feeling good.

01:24:06   Number six, Apple announces something with podcasts.

01:24:11   This peak is, okay, sure.

01:24:13   See, okay, so I'm thinking about what makes an event.

01:24:16   You can slip some services in there.

01:24:18   And where does Apple want to go with services next?

01:24:20   They want to go to podcasts, I think.

01:24:22   I have my flexies.

01:24:25   They go like this.

01:24:26   Apple talks about app tracking transparency in iOS 14.5.

01:24:30   Okay, I didn't know what ATT stood for.

01:24:33   App tracking transparency.

01:24:35   It's a new carrier.

01:24:37   AT&T.

01:24:38   They talk about AT&T coming back.

01:24:40   Okay.

01:24:41   App tracking transparency.

01:24:42   This is the "would you like to block" thing, right?

01:24:44   you know, ask not to track thing. That's what I mean. Not block.

01:24:48   Yeah. Right? They're going to talk about that. I'm convinced of this.

01:24:51   I think that's a good flexi.

01:24:53   New iPad Pro accessory.

01:24:55   So either, I'm going to say like something we haven't seen before

01:25:02   or something that has been redesigned significantly.

01:25:05   Like... I know what they're going to do. Kickstands.

01:25:08   I mean, they heard all the kids were doing it.

01:25:11   So not just like a color or size change.

01:25:15   You know, like I'm thinking like the Apple Pencil 2 was pretty much a different product

01:25:20   compared to the Apple Pencil 1, right?

01:25:22   Like even though it was still an Apple Pencil, massively different in its functionality and

01:25:27   what it was capable of.

01:25:29   So you know, I'm thinking either they bring out something completely new or they have

01:25:32   an absolutely huge change to something and we'll just need to judge that together.

01:25:37   Luckily enough, the flexies aren't so hotly contended.

01:25:41   iOS 14.5 will drop within 24 hours of the event.

01:25:44   Okay, sure.

01:25:45   Okay.

01:25:46   Like they did iOS 14 itself.

01:25:48   Yes.

01:25:49   So I figure 14.5 is way lower stakes than 14 was.

01:25:53   So I think that they will just drop it.

01:25:55   That thing is ready to come out of the oven.

01:25:59   Pick number four, AirTags Unveiled.

01:26:01   So that was Steven's number four.

01:26:04   Flexi was no mention.

01:26:05   My number four is that they will be shown off.

01:26:07   Yeah, head to head, baby.

01:26:10   My number five pick is that you can buy air tags in a three pack.

01:26:15   And then my number six pick, I picked six because I opened the document today and Steven

01:26:22   and Federikobov had six and I thought I could just do five and really take a possible win

01:26:27   on just the ratio, but then thought, no, I will be sports personally and I'm also going

01:26:33   to have six flexis for the unprecedented six flexi round that we have.

01:26:39   Triple six.

01:26:40   Because the flexes of the beast is what we're doing today.

01:26:46   So my sixth one is that the camera on the iPad Pro moves to the long side.

01:26:54   You mean the face ID camera?

01:26:57   Or any camera?

01:26:58   I was just going to say any camera because I don't know why you would assume I meant

01:27:02   anything else, but sure.

01:27:05   No, just the front facing one.

01:27:07   Obviously I mean the front facing camera.

01:27:09   I don't think this even needs to be suggested it would be anything else.

01:27:13   No, no, it's the same iPad Pro on the front as it is today, but on the back they moved

01:27:19   the camera down the long side of the middle.

01:27:22   I stood right in the middle.

01:27:24   They could just move it in the middle, the bump in the middle of the street.

01:27:27   Isn't this what you wanted?

01:27:29   We heard your feedback.

01:27:30   So those were Myke's flexes.

01:27:32   I had a little bit of fun with mine.

01:27:36   Starts off easy.

01:27:37   had a real quick just very quick thought just like a last thing it's just like

01:27:41   this is something wild they're never gonna do this but imagine if we combine

01:27:44   two of mine here picks two and six and you magic keyboard that has an

01:27:48   integrated higher quality webcam on the horizontal side oh well I don't think

01:27:55   it's ever gonna happen but I'm just just throwing that out there because if I'm

01:27:58   right I call it magic plus magic key well put your money where your mouth is

01:28:04   make it flexy number seven? No, because I don't believe in it that much.

01:28:08   Ah, okay. All right. Okay, so my flexes starts off pretty easy. We will see new

01:28:16   case colors for the iPhone. Pretty reasonable. They do seasonal. And this is where it all

01:28:24   goes kind of downhill from here. Yeah, it's like if you think that he's leading you

01:28:28   into a calm and chill flexis you are wrong these are bananas there are a bunch of words that i don't

01:28:38   understand this is like what if i took the idea of a risky pic and i made five of them

01:28:46   okay so flexi number two driver kit comes to ipad os to let more kinds of accessories be supported

01:28:58   on iPad. Driver Kit is the framework that Apple makes for macOS that controls how you

01:29:04   can install drivers for third-party accessories, like physical accessories that you plug in

01:29:09   via USB into your computer. The idea is, again, going back to the complaints that we saw for

01:29:15   the 2018 iPad Pro when it first came out, I remember the review from The Verge, and

01:29:21   one of the negative notes was, like, "I cannot plug in all of the USB accessories that I

01:29:26   I want into this device. Like, I believe The Verge mentioned like a MIDI keyboard, and

01:29:33   obviously like a printer, I think. And that's not possible on iPadOS because you cannot

01:29:39   install drivers for those devices on iPad. And I think it's about time that, while Apple

01:29:47   is working on USB stuff for the iPad to make it more of a computer and all of that, I think

01:29:54   driver kit needs to come to iPadOS so that you could, you know, from the App Store or from some other place,

01:29:59   I don't know, but just you could install drivers for your

01:30:01   MIDI keyboard or your printer or whatever it is you want to plug into the iPad Pro. Number three, once again, leaning into USB stuff.

01:30:09   Shortcuts gets new actions or

01:30:12   triggers for USB connections.

01:30:16   So the idea is in shortcuts you can have triggers, right?

01:30:20   when, for example, when this Bluetooth device is connected,

01:30:23   or when this Wi-Fi network is connected.

01:30:26   And I think it will also be useful to have triggers for USB

01:30:30   when this USB device is plugged into the iPad Pro,

01:30:32   run these actions.

01:30:34   So that's the same idea.

01:30:36   Or I guess it's pretty similar to what we have

01:30:39   for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but for USB.

01:30:41   -That one's the most chill of the rest.

01:30:45   -I think it's kind of chill.

01:30:47   Number four, Hypervisor comes to iPad.

01:30:51   What is Hypervisor? What is it?

01:30:54   To allow for virtual machines.

01:30:57   So Hypervisor is another desktop-only framework

01:31:01   that lets you use virtual machines,

01:31:05   so other operating systems on the Mac.

01:31:08   Like, you can virtualize Windows, or you can virtualize Linux,

01:31:11   whatever you want to do.

01:31:12   And the idea is one of the many features missing from the iPad Pro

01:31:16   the iPad Pro that, arguably, for some people, it would make it more of a computer, would

01:31:22   be the ability to run virtual machines. So what if you could virtualize Ubuntu or other

01:31:30   Linux distributions on your iPad? This would open the door to apps like VMware, like Parallels,

01:31:36   which we mentioned, I guess, a couple of hours ago at this point, because they now support

01:31:42   the Windows on Arm, the Parallax 16.5.

01:31:47   Yes, that was this episode.

01:31:49   So the idea is, again, thinking of stuff that the Mac can do

01:31:55   and the iPad cannot, and what could Apple do about it?

01:32:00   And in this case, they have a framework

01:32:02   that is supported on the M1 Macs, which is Hypervisor.

01:32:06   And that could also make sense in iPadOS, I think.

01:32:10   Number five. Apple updates the regular Bluetooth Magic Keyboard. So the desktop one, the plain old Magic Keyboard.

01:32:18   What do you think they're gonna do?

01:32:21   A new color, that's for sure. Like, you can only get the small Magic Keyboard in white and silver,

01:32:28   because the dark version is only for the extended Magic Keyboard, which is the one that...

01:32:33   Which is lame.

01:32:34   Which is the lame one that accountants use because it's got numbers, and you know I can make my calculations and whatever

01:32:41   So that's not really necessary

01:32:44   And I think they need the new arrow key layout the new arrow key layout backlit of course

01:32:50   It's not I don't think the regular like the the white magic keyboard. I don't think it's backlit. No. It's not it also doesn't have

01:32:59   Maybe could have some updated function keys, right? For Siri or whatever. I don't know but it's it's pretty old at this point

01:33:06   Yeah, the function keys don't don't match the MacBook Air function keys on the M1

01:33:11   So it is it is out of date and yeah

01:33:13   I want this because I've been using the same one for a long time

01:33:17   I got a bunch of keys that are wearing off and I'd love to replace it with something that was better

01:33:22   I mean I can help you with that but you know, like if you just want a better keyboard

01:33:28   There will be better options. Yeah, but one that I can I can tolerate typing on be surprised my you really would be surprised

01:33:35   But we don't have to get into this now and finally pick number six

01:33:40   The new iPad Pro comes with a fancy new gun charger the the smaller ones. What is Ganz and for again?

01:33:47   Good and new good. Yeah good

01:33:50   Is it gallium nitrate?

01:33:55   I like good and new though. It's a good and new charger.

01:33:58   Yeah, it's that one. That thing.

01:34:02   That Anker makes, a bunch of other companies make.

01:34:07   Apple doesn't have these fancy new smaller and more powerful chargers.

01:34:11   And I think I would love to see Apple get into this field.

01:34:16   Starting with the iPad Pro and eventually with the iPhone as well.

01:34:19   Well, they don't sell the charger for the iPhone anymore, right?

01:34:23   You don't put it in the box, which is, yeah, I still think it's stupid, but okay.

01:34:27   So maybe please keep it in the box and make it a GAN one instead of the old one.

01:34:34   Yeah, good and new.

01:34:36   That is flexi number six and I'm done.

01:34:38   All right, so we will see how we did next week.

01:34:42   Just a real quick programming note, we will be recording on Thursday next week,

01:34:47   but at our normal time, it's already been changed on the live schedule on the Relay website.

01:34:53   So you can check that out.

01:34:55   But regular time on Thursday, we'll be grading our picks.

01:34:57   And if 14.5 is out, we'll also be doing the Jeremy's,

01:35:01   where Federico has to name emoji.

01:35:03   So next week could just be real big.

01:35:06   - So next week we'll be scoring the Ricky's,

01:35:10   talking about the new products, and doing the Jeremy's.

01:35:15   - Yes.

01:35:16   - Okay, so clear five hours from your schedule.

01:35:18   - What if you took all of the best things I've connected

01:35:22   and roll them into a single episode.

01:35:25   Right?

01:35:26   - That's next week.

01:35:28   Until then, if you wanna find links

01:35:30   to stuff we spoke about this week,

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01:35:55   You can find us all online.

01:35:58   You can find Myke on Twitter as I-M-Y-K-E.

01:36:02   Myke hosts a bunch of shows here on Relay FM

01:36:04   and he streams about keyboards most Fridays at mike.live.

01:36:09   You can find Federico on Twitter @vittici,

01:36:12   V-I-T-I-C-C-I, where he broke the news, of course,

01:36:15   of the Apple event.

01:36:17   - Uh-huh.

01:36:18   - We spoke about that in the pro version

01:36:20   of the show this week. He's just on his game. Federico, I have a quick, quick question for

01:36:29   you. Name the countries you have visited.

01:36:33   Oh, okay. France, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Poland, Czech Republic.

01:36:45   What's the name of the other one?

01:36:50   America?

01:36:51   No. Is it Slovenia?

01:36:55   I don't know, is it?

01:36:56   It is, yes.

01:36:59   Slovenia. U.S. Spain.

01:37:05   Worldwide. Mr. Worldwide over here.

01:37:08   Worldwide. Always on.

01:37:11   Have I been to other places?

01:37:13   Well, technically there's the Vatican.

01:37:16   The San Marino Republic in Italy. Same deal as the Vatican. And never been to Asia.

01:37:28   Uh, that's about it.

01:37:31   I think it's a big list.

01:37:32   It is.

01:37:33   That's that's bigger than I thought it would be bigger than I thought it was

01:37:36   going to be too.

01:37:36   You can find me on Twitter as ISMH and I write over at five 12 pixels.net.

01:37:42   I think our sponsors this week, indeed, Mack Weldon, hover and Gabby.

01:37:47   And until next week event week, gentlemen, say goodbye.

01:37:52   I'll leave it at you.

01:37:53   Cheerio.