337: The Mini Version of Nothing


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00:00:08   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 337.

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00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hackett,

00:00:19   and I am joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:21   Hi.

00:00:23   Hey, buddy.

00:00:23   How are you?

00:00:25   I'm good, how are you?

00:00:26   I'm good.

00:00:27   fun fact behind the scenes, maybe for the first time in a long time, our entire show

00:00:32   document was completed a day before we recorded today, which is quite an incredible feat and

00:00:38   we should all be proud of ourselves. Yeah, usually we have like an idea on Tuesday,

00:00:42   but we've learned over eight years that you get burned if you do it too far in advance. And so

00:00:47   usually like, y'all's Wednesday mornings, you go in and then when I get up, I go in.

00:00:51   And you know, we have a doc a couple hours before the show. For whatever reason, it was all done

00:00:56   yesterday and then this morning basically every hour on the hour I opened Twitter

00:01:00   to see if Apple had had an event announcement yet because we'd have to do

00:01:04   the Ricky's with very little notice. Hey it could still happen! Can you imagine? I've

00:01:08   been thinking about it what if it happened during the episode today? During

00:01:11   the show? It'd be unbelievable and horrible it'd be like a bloodbath can

00:01:14   you imagine us trying to work out the Ricky's live war? Yeah we will deal with

00:01:17   that. Oh dear. When it happens if it happens so if it happens so I think

00:01:23   we're safe for another week, but yeah. Also behind the scenes, America has had daylight savings times

00:01:30   change and y'all haven't, so thank you for coming an hour earlier. I appreciate it. We're also

00:01:35   joined by Federico Vatici. Hello and welcome to a conversation with me. Hi. Oh, wow. It's that

00:01:43   this connected is now like a conversation with Federico Vatici. I'm gonna start all my

00:01:49   conversations now welcome to having a conversation with me.

00:01:53   Okay are you familiar with these like a conversation with type things that

00:01:59   they'd be like you maybe you have like a fancy person

00:02:02   maybe some kind of artist sure and you have someone come and interview them

00:02:05   yeah yeah i want all my conversations to be fancy though

00:02:09   so yeah that's my new line okay hi how are you steven uh i am good

00:02:15   I'm glad that we are together. Not doing the rickies, but not doing the rickies.

00:02:21   But not doing the rickies. You know, my chairmanship is on the line because I'm the event chairman,

00:02:28   and so I've really got to be prepared. Yeah, we're coming for you, buddy. Yeah, you should be prepared.

00:02:33   I've been working on my predictions for a couple weeks. I've got an Apple note where I just go in

00:02:37   and add things as I think about them. Oh, not craft? Not craft. I kind of gave up on it.

00:02:43   That was fast. You're a flip-flopper after all. Speaking of which, Stephen has finally

00:02:49   admitted in public to having switched to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which was something Stephen did

00:02:56   ages ago and wouldn't let us talk about on the show. But he spoke about it on the members' Mac

00:03:02   power users, more power users. So now I'm going to bring it up on the show because it's out there now.

00:03:08   Steven switched from the iPhone 12 pro to the iPhone 12 pro max many many many months ago, didn't you?

00:03:14   Huh? You did didn't you? Yeah, you trying to ignore me?

00:03:19   is I

00:03:22   Did yeah, you did welcome back you can listen to my reasons by joining Mac power users

00:03:27   That's nice. No that doesn't matter because all I want to do is shame you that so I don't need you to explain yourself

00:03:34   It's a nice phone. No, I'm fine. I'm I'm fine with shaming

00:03:38   Let's let's shame you Myke because you shamed Apple into providing a firmware update that they weren't going to do so shame on you

00:03:45   Why is this shame? I don't know. I just I need somebody to suffer with me

00:03:50   The AirPods max firmware update that we spoke about last week that came out just before the show

00:03:56   I think it's fixed my battery drain problem. There have been many people that have been

00:04:03   talking about this on reddit and stuff and

00:04:06   Macrum has put together an article, but I think it's pretty safe to say that they have fixed my issue. I now

00:04:13   seem to be getting the kind of battery levels with my AirPods Max that I originally expected

00:04:19   I would be getting, right? So like if I put them in the case it extends the battery life. They don't die anymore

00:04:24   Neither have I had in the last week any

00:04:27   instances where the AirPods Max seemed to be able to connect to a device when I'm not expecting it

00:04:33   which is a thing that I was having all the time.

00:04:36   Like I would open the Bluetooth thing,

00:04:37   you know like when you press the little,

00:04:39   I don't even know what you call it,

00:04:40   the little broadcast icon or whatever, right?

00:04:44   And my AirPods Max would just show up in there sometimes

00:04:47   when they were just on my desk in the case in another room,

00:04:51   but I haven't had any of those either.

00:04:52   So I actually do think that they fixed it.

00:04:55   And I'm pleased, but it took a while, but I'm pleased,

00:04:59   but 'cause now I'm less annoyed by the product.

00:05:02   Yeah, I can also confirm that this seems to be fixed in the sense that when I put

00:05:09   them in the case and I use them again the next day the battery seems fine,

00:05:13   which is, you know, the whole point of this case. So it was a bit ridiculous how

00:05:19   I had to get this firmware update because I think somehow I got myself

00:05:25   stuck in a situation where the AirPods Max were not getting the firmware update,

00:05:30   even though I followed all of the common steps that you can find online.

00:05:34   So I needed to manually reboot the AirPods Max,

00:05:38   which you can do by pressing both buttons

00:05:42   until the LED flashes orange or something.

00:05:46   I think I found it on MacRumors, so thank you whoever put it together.

00:05:49   And after that, after a few hours, I just opened settings

00:05:54   and I noticed that I was on the new firmware.

00:05:57   So, yay, it seems to be working and they're lasting longer, so thank you, Apple. Thank you,

00:06:02   Myke, for making this possible. Thank you to us all. Yes, but thank you especially. Yep,

00:06:09   the AirPods mics are fixed. Oh, I like it. Oh, I like that. That's good. Unfortunately, though,

00:06:15   to fix the AirPods Max, Apple had to fire the entire HomePod team. They just kept the mini team.

00:06:21   They had to move everyone over. They just moved them all over.

00:06:25   It's the give and take of it.

00:06:27   Because it's gone. Big surprise. HomePod is dead. HomePod's dead.

00:06:32   What's especially funny is that Apple is saying, "But we still have HomePod Mini." And I think

00:06:37   it's funny because they have a product called HomePod Mini, which is the mini version of

00:06:42   what, exactly? At this point, if the HomePod is discontinued, the HomePod Mini is the mini

00:06:47   version of nothing.

00:06:49   It's kind of like when the regular iPad went away and it was just the iPad mini, Air and

00:06:54   then Pro.

00:06:55   It's like, well...

00:06:56   There's something missing here, guys.

00:06:59   Yeah.

00:07:00   I guess there isn't a Mac.

00:07:02   No, but there really never has been.

00:07:05   I mean, the original Macintosh was the Mac.

00:07:08   Yeah, just the original and that's been, you know, that got renamed pretty quickly to the

00:07:12   128.

00:07:13   And to be fair, the Mac Mini is smaller than the original Macintosh.

00:07:17   I mean it holds up.

00:07:19   Yeah, everything is based against that one.

00:07:22   Yeah, so.

00:07:25   I mean if we can keep going down this road, like iPod touch, they're all touch, right?

00:07:31   But it's the iPod you touch the most.

00:07:33   But there is no other iPod.

00:07:34   Is it a surprise the HomePod is dead?

00:07:36   No.

00:07:37   No.

00:07:38   No.

00:07:39   I would say yeah.

00:07:40   What?

00:07:41   No man.

00:07:42   Okay, so would any of you have predicted last week that they would have killed the HomePod

00:07:45   this week?

00:07:46   this week, but I think broadly speaking, it's not a surprise that they're killing this because

00:07:51   it was going nowhere. It surprises you that they've done this and haven't replaced it?

00:07:56   Yes. Like I would have thought they would have replaced it with something. That one

00:08:00   is surprising to me. Like it doesn't surprise me that the original HomePod is discontinued.

00:08:05   What's surprising here to me is like the broader picture of you just discontinued something

00:08:11   that was arguably like your premium home product and you don't have a replacement and you

00:08:16   did it on a Friday afternoon, it's almost like out of shame. You know, that's when companies

00:08:21   try to bury the bad news. So you did it on a Friday afternoon. You don't have a replacement.

00:08:27   You're seeing that you have the HomePod mini, which right now, I mean, it's a good sounding

00:08:31   mini speaker, but really there's no base model HomePod anymore. And this leaves Apple, I

00:08:37   think what's really surprising to me and concerning to an extent is the overall situation that

00:08:44   they got themselves into, where they are... maybe it's a bit of an exaggeration, but I

00:08:51   don't think they are competitive in the home market at all at this point, because they

00:08:57   have... so the HomePod has been discontinued. They have a HomePod Mini, which is the only

00:09:02   device with support for the new Thread Radio standard for wireless communications between

00:09:08   accessories in the home. And it's a good sounding speaker, more expensive than other smaller

00:09:13   speakers by other companies. Then they have an Apple TV 4K, which is a ridiculously overpriced

00:09:20   accessory for 4K content with support for Dolby Vision and Atmos. And right now you

00:09:27   can get devices, again, from other companies with similar specs, support for 4K and Dolby

00:09:33   Vision and Atmos, HDR and all of those different standards, at a much lower price in an even,

00:09:40   Arguably, I mean, if you get an Amazon Fire TV stick,

00:09:44   like the 4K version, much, much smaller form factor even.

00:09:48   With a--

00:09:48   - With access to all of Apple's content.

00:09:51   - With access to all of Apple's content,

00:09:53   with the remote that was designed for humans

00:09:56   instead of trained monkeys in a lab.

00:10:00   And like, where does that leave us

00:10:05   in terms of what's the home kid's story right now?

00:10:08   And I think Zach Hall at 9to5Mac, we linked to Zach's story today on the site.

00:10:16   It makes a really good point of, like, this strategy, this home strategy that Apple has right now,

00:10:24   if it can be called a strategy, is really perplexing.

00:10:27   And the story argues that maybe it's time for some kind of roundtable,

00:10:34   like they did years ago for the Mac, to sort of explain the situation and reassure customers

00:10:40   that Apple was still in the market for professional Mac users. And Zuck argues that maybe it's time to

00:10:46   sort of have some clarity regarding what Apple is doing exactly in the home. They have an Apple TV 4K

00:10:53   that hasn't gotten an update in, what, three years? Still costs $180, and the HomePod is gone.

00:11:03   There's the HomePod Mini. So, like, is the Apple Home... I mean, right now, the Apple Home

00:11:07   Strategy is the HomePod Mini, essentially. On the side, there's also the Apple TV 4K,

00:11:13   which you can use as a hub for HomeKit, and also the iPad can be used as a hub.

00:11:19   It's a very confusing strategy. So, I have to believe there is something missing at the moment.

00:11:29   You know, it's funny when they initially announced the Apple TV and then even when they changed it over the years,

00:11:36   you know, because the first several Apple TVs were like drastically different from each other.

00:11:39   Apple would always call the Apple TV a hobby, and I feel like even though they have TV+ and this other stuff,

00:11:47   like, it just feels like the living room in the house in general is just not something Apple's super interested in.

00:11:53   And it seems like such a mistake. I mean, they could have all this stuff super well integrated,

00:11:58   But instead you've got a bunch of iPhone and iPad users, maybe they have a HomePod,

00:12:03   but they probably have something from Amazon or Google or somebody else in their kitchen.

00:12:09   You have a bunch of iPhone and Mac users running these awesome like mesh Wi-Fi networks that Apple...

00:12:15   Okay, okay, you can run HomeKit on the Eero, but no one knows what that means and everyone's too

00:12:20   afraid to hit the button. Like Apple could just have all of this stuff wrapped up.

00:12:24   It's like, I did that and I genuinely don't know what it's done for me.

00:12:27   So I did the whole thing and I could not tell you what features it gave me.

00:12:32   Yeah, I've been afraid to hit that button on my network.

00:12:36   But you know, Apple has a large customer base that like if they had more of this stuff,

00:12:42   more people would buy it, right?

00:12:43   Like I miss the days where I had like an airport base station.

00:12:48   It was really easy to manage and I knew that it would just work with all my stuff.

00:12:53   And Apple's just given up so many parts of this market as this market overall is heated

00:12:58   up.

00:12:59   I mean, you have Facebook making one of these things now to live in your home.

00:13:01   Like, I just don't understand why Apple just doesn't seem to be paying attention to it.

00:13:06   You know, maybe they are and we'll see something in the future.

00:13:08   But like, this is rapidly evolving.

00:13:11   And I mean, the Echo has been out for years.

00:13:14   And all Apple has now is a HomePod mini with like, a super subpar voice assistant on it.

00:13:19   Yeah.

00:13:20   What the risk here is that with these home products, I think we're seeing a new kind

00:13:27   of what people used to call the halo effect. Like, you see it, for example, in how once

00:13:34   you get into the Echo ecosystem and you start using it and you appreciate how the assistant

00:13:39   works and all the different skills, then you see the consequence on the services that you

00:13:45   use because we like the Echo so much. That was one of the reasons why I started using

00:13:49   Spotify instead of Apple Music. And you know, it's this sort of a cascading effect of you

00:13:55   start with one accessory in the home and then eventually everyone in the home likes it and

00:14:00   then you start thinking, well, what are the services and the, you know, the apps that

00:14:04   work well on it? And so you start using those and Apple is also a services company and they

00:14:10   know this, which is why it is so surprising, not that the home part is gone, but they don't

00:14:17   have a replacement for it and that they don't have a good story to tell in terms of integration

00:14:24   with services, in terms of Siri, which is still so like bad compared to other assistants.

00:14:30   I mean let's not even get started on that. I don't... I'm very confused is my takeaway

00:14:37   here.

00:14:38   The thing about killing the HomePod now does seem to suggest that if they have a strategy,

00:14:45   not delivering it anytime soon because if they had, doesn't have to be HomePod 2,

00:14:51   some other type of product that they thought "oh this is better, we shouldn't keep making the

00:14:56   HomePod" they would have introduced that product, right? And then gotten rid of the HomePod.

00:15:02   Usually that's how it goes through it, like computers, they introduce the new one and then

00:15:06   you go to the store and when the store comes back the old one gets discontinued.

00:15:11   Right, unless you're the iMac Pro. Yeah, I do think it shows that there is something,

00:15:16   like if there's something it's a long ways off. The other thing that has come up in the Discord

00:15:22   is like, why not just let it sit there, right? Like why not just keep selling it as it is?

00:15:28   I wonder about that. I wonder if, like I'm not trying to use the COVID excuse, but I'm wondering

00:15:34   if there's potentially like all of these products, you know, they're only left to sit there for as

00:15:39   as long as they choose to make them, right?

00:15:41   And they may have decided we're going to stop making this product at this time

00:15:45   because we have some other thing that we want to introduce.

00:15:48   But they are not able to introduce that thing that, yeah,

00:15:51   it's been delayed for whatever reason,

00:15:52   but they already decided to stop making the home parts that they just did it.

00:15:55   It's a very tenuous like suggestion.

00:15:59   But I would assume that there has to be some reason because I mean,

00:16:04   it is the modus operandi to just have these things live.

00:16:07   Like, why not?

00:16:09   that it's kind of unless if they're saying they're going to continue supporting it in

00:16:13   software there's literally zero reason to stop selling this product like just leave

00:16:18   it as something available for people that want it right like unless they have something

00:16:22   that's about to happen that this thing wouldn't have supported and they think is important

00:16:28   right like you know i don't know like maybe because it doesn't have a thread radio in

00:16:32   it and that and the thread radios are going to become more important for device interoperability

00:16:38   Maybe something's about to happen, so I don't want it to stop selling the HomePod because it doesn't have that feature

00:16:42   I don't know, but you've got to assume there's some

00:16:45   Reason right because why get rid of it? Yeah, but but in that case update it with the thread radio update

00:16:51   It was something newer than the a8. Yeah, it's all very strange sure

00:16:55   I am very curious what they do with the HomePod mini. You know I've got one

00:16:58   I really like it and and for home kit stuff

00:17:02   It's it's pretty good

00:17:03   And you know part of that is a decision that we made that we didn't necessarily want Amazon voice assistant anymore

00:17:09   That's everyone can make their own decisions, but the minis

00:17:12   Sounds pretty good for what it's what it is, and I think Jason made this point upgrade

00:17:17   I've heard or read it somewhere this week, but sounding pretty good is enough

00:17:21   You don't you don't have to sound like a bonkers home pod dual setup to sell and I think Apple just thought that

00:17:30   That was the most important thing and the reality it's its price and the voice assistant and as long as the music sounds pretty good

00:17:37   People are fine. Turns out most people don't need to fill a room with sound. Right. You do that by just turning that up

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00:19:32   Alright, moving on, Craft has been updated to add indent swiping. Myke, do you want to tell us about this?

00:19:40   Yeah, so we've been talking a little bit about some stuff that we wanted Craft to do differently with outlining and they have

00:19:46   done one of those things. So now if you're on the iPhone and you are using an out-located

00:19:52   list you can now swipe left and right when you're in the editing mode for that line to

00:19:57   indent and out-dent. Which is great. This is a fantastic addition. There's still a couple

00:20:02   of things that I would want them to do. Like for example...

00:20:06   Please do share so they can add them.

00:20:10   Yeah, so this is me saying the next thing to do. If I'm saying I'm writing a bulleted

00:20:15   list and I've indented, if I want to outdent again, every other app that I've used, you

00:20:20   would press enter to go to a new line, press enter again and you will then outdent or indent

00:20:25   left as we call it.

00:20:27   So that's another thing I'd like them to do but the swiping is excellent and I'm very

00:20:32   happy that they've added that because when you don't have access to a keyboard because

00:20:37   you can't use tab and shift tab to do indenting left and indenting right, it's nice to be

00:20:42   able to swipe instead. So I'm actually really really happy they've added this. But now I

00:20:46   just want charts. Or tables, tables, not charts, tables, tables is the phrase, sorry.

00:20:51   Evernote got tables on mobile a few days ago.

00:20:54   I saw that, so I'm ready to move.

00:20:57   You're ready to switch back unless Kraft does it.

00:21:00   Google has made a change to the Google Play Store where they're dropping commissions to

00:21:06   15 percent. They were also at 30, like the App Store. And they're doing it for the first

00:21:11   million dollars of an app's sales. So devs don't have to worry about going

00:21:17   over, like in the Apple program, where in the small business program for the App

00:21:21   Store, once you step over a million dollars, you're back at 30% for the next

00:21:27   year. And it's like this dance, and we've talked about how that could put some

00:21:30   developers in a really bad spot. And so Google, I think, is doing it in a much

00:21:34   more fair way. Hey, the first million dollars, 15%, and then we go up from there.

00:21:38   I kind of wish Apple had done this instead.

00:21:41   Yep.

00:21:42   Yeah, it seems much easier.

00:21:44   Like no questions asked.

00:21:46   First million, 15 percent, that's it.

00:21:49   It seems like, yeah, that's probably the way to go.

00:21:53   Imagine making something simple.

00:21:55   I mean, I get the argument that like if you are like a multimillion company, like it's

00:22:03   fine if you pay the 30, like the higher tax.

00:22:08   I get the sentiment behind it. None of these stores should be able to charge 30% at all.

00:22:14   But like, it's the principle of it that I think is wrong, in that yeah, these stores...

00:22:20   like even if you are a super rich company... 30% is so high.

00:22:23   30%, in 2021 it's so high, it's kind of ridiculous. It's unbelievable.

00:22:28   Like I get the idea of taxing the rich, which is sort of what Apple is doing, but 30% is

00:22:35   too high, regardless. Yeah, but they're only taxing the rich to

00:22:38   keep the money themselves. It's like you typically tax the rich to help everyone out, but like

00:22:44   they're just the richest company in the world, taxes every other company in the world just

00:22:49   for fun.

00:22:51   Yeah. So that's, you know, they think they are sort of this sort of modern Robin Hood,

00:23:00   you know, taking money from the rich, but also you are also rich. You're not exactly

00:23:07   giving it back to the poor. But yeah, so I think that considered, it's much easier to

00:23:13   follow the Google model. You know, just fewer complications, right? It's 15% for the first

00:23:19   million whatever, that's it. So will they copy it? I doubt it. So...

00:23:26   They have 11 months or so to do it though, right? Because that first million thing, it's

00:23:31   not going to affect anyone until the year anniversary of the program. I mean, people

00:23:37   would not have been able to join it, of course, which is not great.

00:23:40   But the issue that people talk about a lot of what if you get close

00:23:44   to a million dollars before the end of the year, like,

00:23:46   and where are you going to, you know, like whatever like that.

00:23:49   They have time.

00:23:52   But honestly, I don't think they're going to change it

00:23:54   because it was obviously the sensible thing to do in the first place.

00:23:58   It was obviously the fairer thing to do in the first place.

00:24:01   Nobody Google didn't have to do this for Apple to know that.

00:24:04   They definitely heard all of the complaints that developers had

00:24:08   about the system and about the issues like these issues of what do you do

00:24:13   if you get to a million dollars?

00:24:15   That was brought up within the first 24 hours of Apple announcing it.

00:24:17   They announced it in advance, they said, so they could take in feedback.

00:24:21   They heard the feedback and decided that they wanted to do it

00:24:25   the way that they were going to do it.

00:24:26   They must have assumed Google would do this, right?

00:24:28   It's obvious Google was going to do this and was going to do it

00:24:32   the way that people wanted.

00:24:34   So, you know, it's not an incredibly difficult game of chess to play this situation out,

00:24:39   and this is the route that they've chosen, and I expect that they'll stay that way.

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00:26:13   So Federico, you had a review unit and subsequently published first impressions of the Kensington

00:26:21   Studio Dock.

00:26:23   This is the product that we spoke about, I believe it was during CES week.

00:26:28   Kensington created a product which effectively looks like the stand of like a pro display

00:26:34   or something, which you put an iPad into. It has two charging pads, one for AirPods

00:26:40   and one for the iPhone, ChiPads in the foot. And on the back, a bunch of ports for the

00:26:46   iPad, USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet, and regular USB as well. So Federico, what is your impression

00:26:55   of this? Let's get a little bit of a rundown from you.

00:26:57   Alright, so it's difficult to write about this because first of all it is an expensive accessory.

00:27:06   So there's two versions, one for the 11 inch iPad Pro and iPad Air that costs $380,

00:27:15   and there's the version that I got for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro which costs $400.

00:27:23   So, I mean, you're looking at an accessory like a stand.

00:27:27   That is both, I think the easiest way to describe it is

00:27:31   it's a stand with integrated ports.

00:27:35   So like it's a hub that is also a stand

00:27:38   that also happens to have a Qi charging pad in its base.

00:27:42   And it costs $400.

00:27:44   And like, I get it.

00:27:46   It's not, it's obviously not an accessory

00:27:49   for a lot of people.

00:27:50   So look, this is the Mac Pro wheels for iPad users.

00:27:54   Kinda, yeah. This is like the Pro Display XDR stand for iPad.

00:28:00   So does half the cost.

00:28:04   And the timing of it is also problematic, because there's... we've seen the rumors of

00:28:10   this upcoming, in theory, refresh for the iPad Pro line, and now it's not guaranteed

00:28:18   the new iPad Pro, if there's a new iPad Pro, it's not guaranteed that it'll be

00:28:22   compatible with this accessory. Because the way that it works is, it uses a

00:28:28   combination of magnets and a USB-C connector to hold the iPad in place.

00:28:34   So, you slide the iPad... there's this magnetic plate, sort of made of plastic, and you

00:28:39   slide the iPad on top of it. And then there's this single USB-C connector

00:28:44   that has to be attached to the iPad Pro.

00:28:48   And the reason why you need to plug it in is, it is effectively

00:28:52   acting as a hub. So you plug in a single

00:28:56   USB-C connector into the iPad, and then you get access to all of the

00:29:00   other ports. So again, this is a stand that is also a hub.

00:29:04   And from a design perspective, I think it's kind of genius. I really like the idea.

00:29:08   Instead of being a useless piece of aluminum that is only like

00:29:12   this object that has no function, in addition to being a stand, it's also a hub.

00:29:18   So I kind of dig the idea, personally. And I also like the build quality of it.

00:29:24   It's made of aluminum and plastic, it's chunky, it's heavy, I mean it weighs almost 3kg.

00:29:30   So it's not, like you can tell that it's not cheap. Doesn't slide off your desk,

00:29:37   you put the iPad onto the magnetic thing and you try to touch the screen, it doesn't wobble.

00:29:44   I tested this by touching with my fingers, like really, like even more aggressively than

00:29:50   usual, using the Apple Pencil, like it stays in place, it's really well done, it's really

00:29:55   well made. The quality of the Qi charging pad is good, there's a power button on the

00:30:01   side that lets you turn off the whole unit and just use it as a stand. Obviously there's

00:30:06   Because in addition to the price, the downside is you want to get access to all of these

00:30:12   ports, you're going to have to use an external power brick for it.

00:30:18   And so there's this chunky power brick that you need to find room for behind your desk

00:30:23   or whatever, because this is a powered hub.

00:30:27   I really like it.

00:30:29   Let aside the conversation about the timing and the price.

00:30:32   So imagine for a second that timing is not a concern and money is not an issue.

00:30:39   As an iPad accessory, as I wrote in the story, I think it definitely is perhaps the most

00:30:45   interesting iPad accessory for desktop usage that I've ever tried.

00:30:52   I love the fact that you get access to a bunch of ports, I love the customizable viewing

00:30:58   angle and I love the support for the two orientations. So you can use

00:31:04   the iPad in landscape or you can rotate it to portrait, which is another thing

00:31:08   that all Stands do, and I love that the viewing angle is really customizable

00:31:14   from 0 to 120 degrees. So you can almost tilt it all the way back, sort of facing

00:31:21   out from you. I like it, I love working with it and I'm actually trying it

00:31:26   as a setup at my desk for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. But obviously, in order to like it,

00:31:33   like, this is a product made for a very specific type of user, right? The kind of person that

00:31:39   really considers the iPad Pro as their primary computer and would like to have a sort of a

00:31:46   quote-unquote "workstation setup". So you set it up at a desk, and then you have a Magic Keyboard,

00:31:52   perhaps, or, you know, another Bluetooth keyboard, then you have a Magic Trackpad,

00:31:56   which is almost kind of required with this accessory, because it's the, I mean,

00:32:02   the Magic Trackpad is really the only external trackpad option you have on

00:32:06   iPadOS at the moment. You could use a mouse, but the trackpad is... I mean, you can use a mouse, but, you know,

00:32:11   it's kind of sad. And so, and also, when you, I had this in the story, when you

00:32:18   factor in the cost of a Magic Keyboard and the Magic Trackpad, it's not a

00:32:22   a $400 purchase anymore. It's more like a $630 purchase at that point. So you got to

00:32:29   keep that in mind unless you do have a spare trackpad and a spare keyboard, obviously.

00:32:34   So it's impossible to just say, yeah, you should get this product right now. I don't

00:32:40   think you should get it. I don't think most people should buy this product right now.

00:32:44   I think because I did try myself to buy this product, right? So before Kensington got in

00:32:50   touch a few weeks ago. Right after CES, I tried to buy this product on my own, and I

00:32:58   couldn't because the Kensington website apparently only works in the United States, or you can

00:33:03   only buy this product online in the United States. And then I thought, "Okay, I can

00:33:07   get John to buy it from me." But then I thought about it, and I was like, "You know

00:33:12   what? I don't want to bother John with this other accessory. We'll see what happens.

00:33:16   we'll see when it comes out and we'll reconsider." And then Kensington got in touch with me and

00:33:21   was like, "Okay, sure, send me a review unit. That's good timing." But I cannot generally

00:33:26   come out and say, "Max Stories Readers, buy this thing." The timing of it is like it's

00:33:32   the worst possible timing right now. And it's also too expensive. But if you happen to be

00:33:40   that kind of crazy individual who's like,

00:33:44   "I need to have the absolute best for my iPad Pro.

00:33:48   I love my iPad Pro so much.

00:33:49   I work on it 10 hours a day,

00:33:52   and I really want to have this desktop setup."

00:33:55   And you use a bunch of accessories

00:33:56   that you want to plug into the iPad Pro.

00:33:58   And you like the idea of charging your iPhone and AirPods

00:34:01   at the same time, then, yeah,

00:34:04   this is a very nicely designed product.

00:34:07   So, I really like it. I really, really do like it. Even though, like, as I wrote in the story,

00:34:16   the USB standards that it uses could have been a little more modern, for example. Or perhaps,

00:34:23   in a future revision, it would be nice if it wasn't two Qi charging pads, but perhaps a MagSafe

00:34:31   dock instead of standard Qi. But right now I really like it and I am going to use it,

00:34:38   but it's impossible for me to honestly recommend it to most people.

00:34:41   If you didn't like this, no, it's not good for anyone.

00:34:45   Yeah.

00:34:46   Right, because you are the most prime of prime customer for this product, right? Like,

00:34:51   this should be exactly for you. I have somewhere to put my iPad on my desk and now I'm using my

00:34:58   my iPad on my desk. And I've got all my stuff around me and it's awesome. So I have a selection

00:35:05   of questions for you. How strong is the connection? Like what is actually holding it up?

00:35:10   It's very strong. It's a combination of the magnets in this plastic sort of tray that

00:35:18   you attach the iPad to and there's the USB-C connector that has this plastic enclosure

00:35:25   a little clip that sort of covers, it's like a one centimeter plastic clip that holds the

00:35:34   display in place.

00:35:36   Explain to me the process of actually attaching it though, because I don't understand how

00:35:41   you put it on there.

00:35:43   You slide it in from the, in this case landscape mode, you slide it in from the left side and

00:35:49   you can feel the magnets kicking in but then you also plug it into the USB-C connector.

00:35:55   Okay. Does it feel like there's any stress points? Because I look at something like this and I wonder

00:36:03   like could you knock it off and break off the USB-C connector or something? No, that was one of my

00:36:08   concerns like is it one of those accessories that you gotta do one of those weird motions

00:36:14   to attach it or to take it out and it feels like you're gonna break it but no it doesn't feel that

00:36:20   way thankfully and the plastic is not like this thin and like it's a very chunky plastic tray

00:36:27   that you're attaching the iPad to and no it doesn't feel like it has any stress points

00:36:32   you don't have to do like it doesn't really require any particular pressure or dexterity

00:36:38   to attach it or to take it out. It's pretty easy and it feels good to do. It feels okay to do.

00:36:46   In the story that you wrote on Mac Stories you referenced how it's like funny looking back a

00:36:53   year ago because you'd published the big article that you wrote about the modular computer where

00:36:57   you were talking about how you're using your iPad at a desk and a couple of weeks later the

00:37:01   Magic Keyboard for iPad came out and then you no longer use the desk setup anymore and you just use

00:37:07   your iPad in a laptop arrangement. Why or how could this product take you away from that?

00:37:14   That's the thing, the Magic Keyboard was so good that I was using the Magic Keyboard

00:37:20   at my desk with like the keyboard on the desk and me sitting in front of it because of...

00:37:28   It's like a laptop.

00:37:29   Like yeah, because it was like a laptop and because the integration of the keyboard and

00:37:33   trackpad was so good. And this is the first product that I've tried. I have tried to go

00:37:40   back to using the Magic Keyboard when I want to work from the sofa or when I'm laying in

00:37:45   bed but then have something else on my desk. I've tried a bunch of different ways and none

00:37:50   of them was as nicely integrated as the Studio Doc is. And I think it's a combination of

00:37:58   rotation and the viewing angle and like this is the first time in almost a year

00:38:05   because I got the Magic Keyboard in May, so 10 months ago, this is the first time

00:38:10   that I'm like yeah I could see myself using this instead of the Magic Keyboard

00:38:14   all day long so I kind of want to try and go back to the way it used to be which

00:38:19   was like sometimes I'm working at my desk and then when I don't want to sit at my

00:38:23   desk anymore I take the iPad out I put it in a case and I have a laptop and I

00:38:27   can go work, especially now that it's starting to feel nice to be outside on

00:38:31   the balcony, like I can work outside or I can work from the sofa. So

00:38:36   kind of go back to that really modular, as I said many times, approach of like

00:38:42   the iPad, you can become a desktop computer or now you are a laptop because

00:38:48   you are inside the Magic Keyboard. So it's nice to go back to that. But I mean

00:38:53   I've been doing this for three days, so it's kind of too early to tell.

00:38:56   But other accessories that I tried to fit into this sort of approach before,

00:39:03   none of them lasted more than a day.

00:39:06   So I think it's going well so far as an experiment.

00:39:10   This product has a bunch of ports, which is awesome.

00:39:14   Yeah.

00:39:16   But do you feel like the iPad Pro can actually really utilize these ports?

00:39:23   Like you could put 25 USB ports on an iPad, but I don't feel like I could get any use out of that, you know?

00:39:28   Sure. Well, now that becomes a personal question, obviously.

00:39:34   How many accessories do you have that you need to plug in and either charge or connect to your iPad Pro for other reasons?

00:39:43   And so usually, there's like two things that I'm going to use this product for.

00:39:50   One of them is charge my Kindle because it's so convenient to have that USB-C port on the

00:39:57   side and I have a short cable that I bought from Amazon.

00:40:03   Like it's a USB-C to micro USB cable to charge my Kindle Oasis.

00:40:08   And so for that it's kind of perfect because I can just plug it in the side of the Studio

00:40:12   Dock and it charges my Kindle.

00:40:13   Man, Kindle should get Qi charging.

00:40:15   Yeah, or USB-C, you know.

00:40:17   Nah, just Qi.

00:40:18   Just go straight to Qi.

00:40:19   I mean, you know, I'm not the biggest fan,

00:40:21   but it would charge super fast,

00:40:23   but I just feel like that,

00:40:24   it's just something about just the book thing,

00:40:27   putting the book down and it charged,

00:40:29   just seems kind of nice.

00:40:30   - But I do have a pop socket on the Kindle,

00:40:32   so I'm not sure if it, even if it, you know.

00:40:34   - That will stop you, I'll tell you that.

00:40:36   - What is this thing like when you take the iPad off of it

00:40:39   and go walk around or work somewhere else?

00:40:41   I mean, you just have like this giant metal sculpture

00:40:43   on your desk now.

00:40:44   - Yeah, it's kind of stupid.

00:40:45   You have this metal thing on your desk

00:40:46   black plastic tray floating on top of it. That's basically what it is. It looks kind

00:40:53   of empty. Yeah, but when your monitor is off, your monitor is off. But back to the ports,

00:40:59   the other thing that I do is also charge and put new music on my Walkman music player so

00:41:06   I can access my local music library wirelessly from my iPad because I have this external

00:41:14   SSD connected to my Mac Mini so I can leave the Mac Mini turned on with the display turned off.

00:41:19   I can manage my library from the iPad using... what am I using now? File Explorer, I think it's called.

00:41:27   It's this third-party app for connecting to my Mac Mini via SMB because I find the connection,

00:41:34   the SMB connection from files to be kind of unreliable. And I can also download music on my

00:41:39   iPad and copy it to the Walkman, because I can connect the Walkman via USB. And usually, like

00:41:47   right now for example, we are, because of COVID, we are in the so-called red zone, and if you want to go,

00:41:56   if you need to go out for particular reasons, like you want to go grocery shopping or you need to go

00:42:01   to the doctor, you gotta print out this document and sign a document that says, you know, my name

00:42:07   is this one and I live here and I'm going to this place for this particular reason.

00:42:12   And if the authorities, if the police stops you on the way, you gotta hand over this document.

00:42:18   But we don't have a printer at home. Thankfully though, right by the end of the street, there's

00:42:23   like this shop that, it's like an office supply type of store, and among various things you

00:42:30   can go there and print out your documents if you don't have, because so many people

00:42:34   don't have a printer anymore. And so I need to bring a USB thumb drive with me to print

00:42:41   out whatever documents I want to print. And so I also have this thumb drive that I can

00:42:45   connect to the StudioDoc. In fact, I just did it today to transfer PDF documents to

00:42:51   it. And what I find really useless, though, is the HDMI port. Because first of all, my

00:43:02   Ultrafine 4K display does not have a HDMI input, so I would probably need some kind

00:43:09   of HDMI to DisplayPort adapter if I want to use it.

00:43:14   HDMI is so pointless on this thing.

00:43:17   But the broader point is, it's pointless right now, because this is the kind of accessory

00:43:23   that begs for real multi-display support on iPad.

00:43:28   So like instead of looking at my iPad elevated, I'll just turn to the right a little bit and

00:43:32   look at it on a monitor instead.

00:43:35   So like it doesn't really make sense, like oh yes, I can turn and look at the same exact

00:43:40   home screen in two different places.

00:43:43   So it doesn't really make sense.

00:43:44   In the future it would be extra nice though to say, okay, here's my iPad on the left side

00:43:51   elevated, thanks to the Studio Doc.

00:43:54   And on the right side, I can drag over a window or a split view, like I can actually use the

00:44:01   external monitor for additional content, not for mirroring.

00:44:06   So it's pointless right now, maybe it could become useful in the future, maybe, I don't

00:44:12   know.

00:44:13   But so, the USB ports are useful for me personally, because I'm kind of weird and I have a Kindle

00:44:19   and I have a Walkman, I have all these old school accessories that I use for pleasure.

00:44:24   And obviously there's also like I can use my Walkman as a USB DAC so I can use my Sony

00:44:32   headphones with the iPad.

00:44:35   But like I said, most people probably don't need all of these ports.

00:44:42   And yeah, that's it.

00:44:43   If you're also strange like me and have a bunch of accessories then yeah, it's fantastic

00:44:49   to have all those ports.

00:44:51   people will probably be fine with just one additional port.

00:44:57   This thing seems cool but a little bit potentially ahead of its time.

00:45:02   Yeah, I think that's a fine description. Yes, it's a wishful accessory for the kind of iPad

00:45:08   feature that doesn't exist yet. And it's, I mean, that's crazy. It's also very expensive.

00:45:13   Like when I was talking about it with Sylvia, she was like, "Hey, how does that thing that

00:45:17   you received costs. I was like, well it's $400 and then if you want to add the Magic

00:45:21   Keyboard and trackpad it's like $600. So like, well, she said, are there people who are going

00:45:27   to offend you for reviewing that type of product? I was like, probably, but also I think it's

00:45:36   pretty cool. The Magic Keyboard is really expensive as well. Sure, but, you know, it's

00:45:42   made by Apple, so there's the cost of... it's made by the premium brand. And also

00:45:48   it's... I mean, I don't honestly have a justification for the Magic Keyboard's

00:45:53   pricing. It is at least, I think, more immediately useful. Yeah. And more

00:45:58   understandably useful than this product is for more people. Like, the Magic

00:46:04   Keyboard really does unlock a different type of iPad experience, like, immediately.

00:46:08   Like, it really does. And I think one that more people are comfortable

00:46:12   with it right because it makes the iPad more laptop like I don't know how many

00:46:15   people honestly looking to make their iPad more desktop like probably not that

00:46:20   many which is probably also why this cost $400 yeah yeah it's a small market

00:46:27   fit here's the thing for me honestly like this would be a really interesting

00:46:31   product for me if I could adjust the height oh yes that's the the major

00:46:38   your complaint about this it's not height adjustable at all yeah good point

00:46:44   like that's that's like a big thing because what's the height of it off the

00:46:48   desk so the bottom edge of the iPad is about 15 centimeters above the desk

00:46:56   that's nothing yeah I'm looking down at that yeah still like I have a 15

00:47:03   centimeter ruler in front of me right now and like I look I'd still be looking

00:47:08   down even at the top of the iPad.

00:47:09   So I'd have to put the stand on top of a box or something.

00:47:13   Or on top of a Mac mini.

00:47:16   So you have like your Mac set up and your iPad set up sitting on top of it.

00:47:19   I'll be worried.

00:47:21   This thing would just eventually go right through the top of that Mac mini.

00:47:24   So all of this, all of this, um, this, this, this, uh, testing this accessory,

00:47:31   it led me to some modifications to my setup.

00:47:37   Which also...

00:47:38   Kickstance!

00:47:39   No, no, no, no, no.

00:47:40   I mean in the sense that...

00:47:42   So for the longest time, and by longest time I mean since October 2018,

00:47:47   since I got the Mac Mini,

00:47:49   my desk, which is a small desk because we live in a small apartment at the moment,

00:47:54   my desk was configured in a way that was like the main computer

00:48:00   and the additional one. So more space was dedicated to the Mac Mini and the Ultrafine,

00:48:07   and less space to where I would sit with the iPad. And I am now trying to reverse that.

00:48:15   So I switched, moved things around, and now there's more space dedicated to the Kensington Studio dock,

00:48:23   the Compact Magic Keyboard, and the Magic Trackpad for the iPad Pro, and the Mac Mini and the Ultrafine

00:48:30   are tucked in a corner of the desk because I only use them twice a week, effectively.

00:48:37   So I'm trying that. More space for the computer that I use more during the day. But I have

00:48:43   a question. Is there any kind... So you know how, I think I mentioned this, a while back

00:48:50   I bought this little accessory that I stuck under my desk to... It's like a headphone

00:48:57   holder. What's it called? It's like a hook that you stick with. By the Elevation Lab

00:49:04   people? Yes, the Elevation Lab people. I bought that and it's genius. I love it so that I

00:49:09   can keep two pairs of headphones under my desk. They are within reach but they don't

00:49:17   bother me visually or they don't get in the way because they're just lying around. The

00:49:22   Yes. It's super well done. I love it. And it cheats like, what, $15 or something on

00:49:29   Amazon. Now, is there a similar thing but for hiding a Magic Keyboard and a trackpad

00:49:39   under your desk? Does anybody make some kind of, I don't know, tray?

00:49:43   I was going to say, this is called a keyboard tray.

00:49:46   Keyboard tray.

00:49:47   Really? People make them?

00:49:48   Well, you're more likely to get a desk that has an integrated keyboard tray.

00:49:52   No, I want to stick it under my desk.

00:49:55   What does "stick it" mean? How do you want to get it?

00:49:57   You want to then take it out and put it on top of the desk? Is that what you want to do?

00:50:03   No, no, no, no. I just want the tray to hold the keyboard in place,

00:50:06   and then when I want to get the keyboard I can just, you know...

00:50:09   Oh yeah, there's a bunch of these on Amazon, it looks like.

00:50:13   Keyboard drawers and keyboard platforms, all sorts of stuff.

00:50:16   some screw in, some clamp on, you got lots of options.

00:50:20   I want it to be like the headphone one, that it just uses tape to stick to the bottom of the desk.

00:50:26   Well, you're gonna be clamping or screwing things in it looks like.

00:50:30   I don't want to use a clamp though.

00:50:32   I'm sure you can find the kind of thing that you're looking for.

00:50:35   Do I have to make my own?

00:50:36   I mean you could, that would be an interesting thing to look at.

00:50:41   Well, I'm gonna have to do some research here.

00:50:45   There's a ton of them. Okay. So yeah, I really like this product, but you shouldn't buy it,

00:50:52   especially right now. I'll tell you what you should buy instead. The 12 South Hoverbar Duo

00:50:59   and a USB-C dock. Ah, this is the new stand. I have the Hoverbar Duo. Okay. It's great.

00:51:09   like it's exactly what it says it is. It is a stand that like, I mean it has some wobble to it

00:51:16   but I don't think that's a problem because I don't really know who's putting their iPad in a stand

00:51:21   and then still tapping it. Like you would, you should move to a mouse or a trackpad if you're

00:51:26   going to have your iPad elevated in front of you. Like I mean you could do the occasional thing like

00:51:31   you know maybe you just have it off to the side and you want to just tap something every now and

00:51:34   then but like if you're going to be like typing out an email like don't do it on the screen in

00:51:39   in front of you that's madness right like you should be doing it on a keyboard but you

00:51:44   get this and you just plug in a USB-C dock to it you have all of I mean you have to do

00:51:50   a little bit of cable management but that's not the hardest thing in the world you'll

00:51:53   have all of the ports that you want and you'll have a vastly more maneuverable iPad this

00:52:00   thing goes super high right like I'm six foot one and I can put this thing on my desk and

00:52:06   have it at my eye height and still could go higher. It's great. And then you just if you

00:52:10   got I use the OWC USB-C dock, which is 120 bucks, plus this thing, which is 90, you're

00:52:17   at half the price with I think pretty much all of the functionality, maybe you want to

00:52:20   get yourself a Qi charger as well. And then you're done. It's not as nice looking. Right?

00:52:26   It hasn't got that overall Apple aesthetic, you're going to be in a bit of a janky, like

00:52:30   world but ultimately it is I think more accessible, more flexible of a system than this admittedly

00:52:43   very nicely put together product.

00:52:46   But you know you're using a clamp right like it hasn't got the beautiful magnets that you

00:52:49   put it in and you have to then still plug in something via USB-C every time you want

00:52:55   to sit down in front of it but you're kind of you know it's not that far away from what

00:52:59   you're doing to plug this thing in. I just think that this is really cool and maybe you

00:53:06   want the aesthetics over the usability. I'm not casting any aspersions, but just for me

00:53:13   personally what I want is the maneuverability that this thing gives, the Hoverbar Duo would

00:53:20   give and then I can just use a USB-C dock and I'm perfectly fine. This just works better

00:53:26   for me I just want to put that out there as an option for people just because this hoverbar

00:53:30   duo is really good. It's a very very good product. It works just as you would expect

00:53:34   and want it to. Very well. That is my recommendation. Provided that, so if two things happen, if

00:53:40   one, the upcoming iPad Pro doesn't completely destroy this Kensington thing because it just

00:53:47   won't work anymore, which I don't know, but maybe.

00:53:50   And if Apple add more stuff to iPadOS that could potentially make better use of all of

00:53:59   the ports on that thing, I think this is a cool product if it's what you're looking for.

00:54:04   Like if you're looking for a clean aesthetic on your desk and you want to put your iPad

00:54:07   into a thing, this is it.

00:54:09   Like maybe you could just get like, you know, I have my iMac on a stand, like on my

00:54:16   My iMac foot sits on top of this big thing.

00:54:19   I don't remember who makes this one, but there are lots of products.

00:54:22   Think 12 South even make one.

00:54:24   Just buy one of those things, put the Kensington thing on top and you've got the eye height

00:54:28   that you want and it all looks nice.

00:54:29   It's up to you.

00:54:30   I just want to put that out there as another option.

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00:56:15   - So Federico, would you like to explain this topic

00:56:18   that you came up with?

00:56:20   - All right, so I had this idea for a fun thought exercise

00:56:25   that we could do on the show.

00:56:27   It's a very simple question.

00:56:29   So if the iPhone, as we know it, came out today

00:56:33   for the first time, what hardware or software features

00:56:38   would probably not make the cut?

00:56:41   So the idea is, what are some features of our iPhones

00:56:46   that we feel like Apple has to keep around and maintain

00:56:52   because they are legacy features and people are used to them?

00:56:57   But if they had the chance, they would get rid of them

00:57:00   right away.

00:57:01   That was the idea.

00:57:02   And so I thought we could each come out with a list

00:57:07   of things that we feel like maybe, you know,

00:57:10   realistically this thing wouldn't exist in 2021.

00:57:14   And so I assume we are going to round robin this, I think.

00:57:18   - Yeah, why not?

00:57:19   - Why not?

00:57:20   And I'm gonna go first.

00:57:21   Most of my features are,

00:57:24   all my features are software ones

00:57:26   and I just have a hardware one.

00:57:28   So my first one is,

00:57:30   If the iPhone with iOS would come out today,

00:57:33   you probably wouldn't be able to share shortcuts

00:57:37   with other people.

00:57:38   And I have a feeling that Apple really dislikes

00:57:43   the idea of people sharing effectively

00:57:47   like custom code with each other.

00:57:50   I say this because I heard via, you know,

00:57:54   these mythical creatures that you find around W3.

00:57:59   WWDC years ago that this was one of the features on the potential chopping block.

00:58:05   After the, you know, when Apple started integrating shortcuts with iOS, obviously we know how

00:58:14   that went.

00:58:15   Apple put a bunch of restrictions in place, sharing and installing shortcuts made by other

00:58:20   people is disabled by default.

00:58:23   You gotta go into settings, you gotta allow this option called "Allow untrusted shortcuts".

00:58:32   And there's a whole more stringent security mechanism in place for sharing and installing

00:58:37   shortcuts made by others.

00:58:39   So I think if the iPhone were to come out today with no legacy expectations from people,

00:58:45   I don't think you would be able to share shortcuts.

00:58:48   It definitely feels like something that if Workflow had never existed even, they would

00:58:53   never Apple never would have built this but themselves like I can't even imagine that

00:58:58   they would have ever even maybe even not ever I can imagine not even thinking about a directory

00:59:04   like it you know.

00:59:05   And you know I mean when you share shortcuts you get these iCloud.com links and I don't

00:59:12   know I don't know if you know or if our listeners know but it's like among shortcuts power users

00:59:20   We all know that the iCloud.com link,

00:59:22   you can actually reverse engineer and look at the API

00:59:26   that puts together the shared shortcut.

00:59:28   That is how I can extract things like the icon

00:59:32   that a shortcut uses from the iCloud.com link.

00:59:37   Because if you call on the right web API,

00:59:40   you can get a bunch of information,

00:59:42   a bunch of details about the shortcut itself.

00:59:44   So like, I'm pretty sure that Apple doesn't like it.

00:59:47   Sometimes you say things on this show that I wish for your own sake you didn't say.

00:59:53   That's one of them, right? Like, if you like that you can do that, you shouldn't say it.

01:00:00   We all know it. You know, sometimes I just kind of like to steer the pot and see what happens.

01:00:07   So here am I steering and steering and seeing what happens. But yeah,

01:00:13   you can do that and I don't think Apple likes it, so.

01:00:16   I have my list of things I think are a little bit more controversial maybe and or like I'm not sure

01:00:24   about really any of them they're just like questions that I have like would you like do we

01:00:31   think they would so my first one is if if the iPhone was new today I believe that there would be

01:00:38   And again, a lot of these things require the past having happened.

01:00:45   Let me explain.

01:00:46   So paid upfront apps.

01:00:49   Going right there is the first one.

01:00:51   So all apps are free with in-app purchases or subscriptions.

01:00:57   Now of course to do this, you need the history of what's happened beforehand.

01:01:02   Of knowing how the app store went.

01:01:05   So pretty much all of mine are that kind of thing.

01:01:09   It's like, to have known the history will get you to this point.

01:01:13   So it's kind of like, if they were starting over is more my thinking.

01:01:16   If they started over today, what would they do?

01:01:19   And I think this is one of them.

01:01:20   Because ultimately, I think that Apple obviously much prefers subscriptions and want people

01:01:26   to go the subscription route, because that's good for their business in a bunch of ways.

01:01:31   I think it would be easier for everyone involved at this point if all apps were free and they

01:01:38   did in-app purchase for features or subscriptions for long-term features.

01:01:45   Because I think that the paid upfront model is difficult for developers now, right?

01:01:52   Because of the in-app purchase model becoming so prevalent.

01:01:57   Because I was thinking, my main point of this is the business model of the App Store would

01:02:03   be different, like 100%, right?

01:02:07   If the App Store was to go over with the App Store, it would not look like how it does

01:02:11   now from a business perspective.

01:02:13   And I think this would be one of the things that would potentially be up for decision

01:02:19   there.

01:02:20   Because I was thinking, would they maybe have no free apps?

01:02:23   I was like, no, they would definitely have free apps because all the money comes from

01:02:25   in-app purchases, so something like that. That's the perfect pick. I totally think

01:02:31   if like if they were starting over today they wouldn't even consider paid upfront

01:02:36   apps. Like everything would be free by default and then it would just be a

01:02:39   bunch of different flavors on how to unlock extra stuff, right, whether it's

01:02:44   subscription or in-app purchases. Yeah, yeah, I totally agree. I'm gonna go with a

01:02:49   hardware first and I'm gonna say the silent ringer switch on the side of the

01:02:54   phone. Ah, okay, why? Because they've gotten rid of it on the iPad. You know, remember

01:03:01   on the iPad you could also make it the screen rotation lock switch, which I love

01:03:05   that feature of it, then you could change it back and forth. But it's like when I

01:03:08   look at the phone, like what is here that makes me think about this as a telephone

01:03:15   more than anything is that switch. And if the phone would be coming out today, you

01:03:20   could just do this in software. Plus a bunch of Android phones do this in software and it's

01:03:23   totally fine. So I'm always surprised that it has remained as long as it has.

01:03:28   So I'm going to put it on the chopping block.

01:03:30   Yeah, because like just holding down the volume down button is perfectly fine.

01:03:35   And as you said, that's how most Android phones do it.

01:03:37   They don't have a dedicated switch.

01:03:39   You just hold the volume down button and it just goes straight to vibrate.

01:03:42   Because I know people are going to be like, "But Steven, what about when I'm in a

01:03:46   meeting?" It's like, no, no.

01:03:47   Like, it's not that you can't put your phone on silent.

01:03:50   Right.

01:03:51   It's just there's a different way to do it, which doesn't require a physical switch on the phone to do it.

01:03:56   Yeah, I like it.

01:03:57   The Robin has come all the way back around again.

01:04:00   My second pick is also a hardware one.

01:04:03   Now this will probably not be appreciated by some people.

01:04:09   Let's just say Federico, that is a blanket statement for this entire segment.

01:04:12   Is that these are probably 20 things that will not be appreciated by many people.

01:04:17   Get that one right out of the way.

01:04:19   You're right. You're right. You're right. That works for all the picks. If Apple were

01:04:25   to release the iPhone today, I don't think they would use a lightning connector. I think

01:04:32   they would like to use USB-C. I find, I think the USB-C story started out, was kind of confusing

01:04:40   years ago, and then it got better over the years. And now I feel like I, like many other

01:04:48   people would love to have USB-C on everything, and it annoys me that my iPad Pro uses USB-C,

01:04:58   is compatible with other USB-C accessories in my life, and I still gotta use that lightning

01:05:05   connector for my phone and my AirPods. My AirPods, it's not so bad, because I can just

01:05:14   put them on a charging pad and they charge fast. But with the phone, man, it's just so

01:05:19   annoying that it's not USB-C. And I would like it to be the same. And I think there's

01:05:25   a bunch of reasons why Apple doesn't want it to change. And I guess the most important

01:05:31   one is the mess that happened years ago when they switched from the 30-pin dock connector

01:05:38   to lightning, like that whole story lasted like a year of people complaining and complaining

01:05:45   about the switch and "oh my god I have to get a new cable" and so I feel like we gotta

01:05:50   stick with lightning until they eventually make a portless iPhone.

01:05:56   Nooooo!

01:05:57   Well I think, I was thinking about what you were saying when I saw your lightning connector,

01:06:02   well I think it was just they wouldn't even have, there would be no connector.

01:06:06   if they were starting again today, I don't think they would start with USB-C.

01:06:09   But in 2021, 2021, I don't know. Like maybe in a couple of years, I don't think right now they are

01:06:17   necessarily ready. I think they maybe want to have like a MagSafe standard that supports

01:06:25   even higher charging rates maybe. And I don't know, are they really ready for a portless iPhone

01:06:35   in 2021. So I think if they were to do it in 2021, it would be USB-C. Like if they had

01:06:41   to do it without the past, like assume that Lightning didn't exist. If they still had

01:06:49   the 30-pin dock connector and they would say, "Okay, look, we got this giant connector on

01:06:54   the iPhone. Which new type of connector do we want to use? Do we want to make our own

01:07:00   or do we want to use USB-C?

01:07:01   And I think if that was the case, they would totally use USB-C.

01:07:04   I'm also going to go over hardware pick.

01:07:07   Just keep that train going.

01:07:11   Face ID.

01:07:12   Oh, yes. Yeah.

01:07:13   I think if Apple were making a phone, an iPhone today,

01:07:18   they wouldn't use face unlock.

01:07:21   They would use in-screen touch unlock.

01:07:23   I think that's how they would do it.

01:07:24   Either in-screen touch ID or power button touch ID or whatever.

01:07:28   I don't think you would do Face ID.

01:07:31   I think especially if you were doing it in 2021, right?

01:07:34   Why would you create now facial scanning?

01:07:38   It'd be a terrible idea because no one can use it.

01:07:41   So like Touch ID would be the way to go.

01:07:44   Hard to disagree here, obviously.

01:07:48   I think we will look back at Face ID in the future and be like, that was a mistake.

01:07:53   I do think it.

01:07:56   Do you think that they would have do in-screen touch because of the pandemic

01:08:00   and the mask issue or because now under screen touch is like a thing on a bunch

01:08:06   of Android phones and it seems to work pretty okay and that wasn't the case

01:08:09   when Face ID came out four years ago?

01:08:12   I do think both.

01:08:14   I think it's both things.

01:08:15   I think it's a combination of both things.

01:08:17   I think Touch ID like fingerprint is still more convenient in a lot of

01:08:24   situations and I'm sure is more reliable like in pretty much every you know like

01:08:31   the fact that you still can't like that your phone still has to be perfectly

01:08:36   level with your face right mm-hmm it's like I still can't believe that that

01:08:41   we're still doing that all these years in but yet my iPad doesn't seem to care

01:08:46   like I just don't there's still so many things I don't understand about the way

01:08:50   that face ID has been implemented. And, you know, I think we've spoken about on

01:08:54   this show before that we all think they'll go back to touch ID, whether

01:08:57   they'll keep face ID or not, we're not sure, but we think that they'll go back

01:09:00   to touch ID when, you know, there's like more cool tech. But I think if you were

01:09:05   starting today face ID would just be a mistake. I'm gonna go with a hardware

01:09:10   feature as well and I'm gonna say haptic touch. This is a good one. I feel like we

01:09:15   have haptic touch because we had 3d touch for a while starting with the

01:09:19   iPhone 6s and then it got it got phased out they're phasing out the same thing

01:09:24   on the watches in fact the new watch doesn't have it at all right is that

01:09:28   true? Correct yeah. And I think the tap something or like tap and hold until it

01:09:34   vibrates but it feels like you're having to push harder like that whole thing is

01:09:37   just the trigger between those two things is too narrow and I think it's a

01:09:42   little confusing and I think everything should just be you know a single tap or

01:09:47   tap and hold but like the weird like some things are tap and hold or some

01:09:52   things are haptic touch and it's very confusing and all that's too messy I

01:09:56   think and so simplifying continuing to simplify that touch stuff I think is

01:10:01   something Apple will do so I think starting over or starting now we wouldn't

01:10:05   see anything like that. You would never create peak and pop without force touch

01:10:10   or 3d touch whatever it's called you never would have made it right so like

01:10:14   Haptic Touch only exists because there was once this hardware feature.

01:10:19   Alright, I am back to a software pick, a feature of iOS that I don't think would exist in 2021

01:10:28   because I feel like it turned out to be a fad years ago.

01:10:32   Copy and paste. Wait.

01:10:34   You both are gonna make fun of me for choosing this one. The iMessage App Store.

01:10:41   Federica wants a shallow and closed framework.

01:10:44   I feel like history proved that the whole idea of installing like these custom extensions

01:10:55   or apps or you know some companies call them chatbots in your in your messenger application

01:11:03   like that was a thing years ago you know sometimes Silicon Valley decides this is gonna be the

01:11:09   hot new thing and we're all gonna do it!" And sometimes, Apple hops on board on that

01:11:15   train and they also do it, and I think the iMessage App Store is a case of that. I sort

01:11:21   of wanna spend one good word for stickers. I think stickers are still great. I don't

01:11:32   use them myself, but I think for... It's a shame that Apple hasn't done more in that

01:11:37   regard for artists, for creatives who want to share and sell stickers, but the whole

01:11:45   thing of the iMessage App Store, I mean, it's basically useless, and I think it's going

01:11:50   to get shut down at some point in the future.

01:11:54   I think that just the iMessage Sticker Packs store, or just iMessage Sticker Packs is all

01:11:59   it should be, and all it should have been.

01:12:01   to think that we would make open table reservations in our message. Like, Jesus.

01:12:09   All right, I consider my next one so controversial. I'm a little bit nervous to say it even,

01:12:16   but I do think that it makes sense. Objective C. It just wouldn't do it. It'd be all Swift and

01:12:22   Swift UI. That's it. No Objective C for development. Because look-

01:12:26   I kinda wanna buy this heartache as an NFT, if possible.

01:12:31   I just wanna store it.

01:12:34   Okay.

01:12:36   That reminds me, by the way, I looked into trying to mint an NFT of a clip of the show

01:12:40   and it was just too difficult and I gave up.

01:12:41   I just thought it would be a funny thing to do in follow-up, like two weeks ago.

01:12:44   We need a youth to help us.

01:12:46   No, I know how to do it, but you have to, like, to get on any of the reputable places,

01:12:50   you have to be approved and it's like, they're not gonna approve me for this stupid joke, like...

01:12:54   Why not?

01:12:56   Well, because it's like I'm not an artist, right? I would have just been submitting like an overcast clip

01:13:01   to like one of these digital marketplaces for artists.

01:13:05   We are artists of irony.

01:13:09   You don't even want to know how far down I got into the stack and all the things I had to do

01:13:14   to try and get there. Like it's just like it was a whole many hours of work that I ended up doing.

01:13:19   Many hours? Okay, wow. Thank you for your service. Anyway.

01:13:24   Anyway, Objective-C. I just look, I don't think we're that far away from it being Swift

01:13:31   and SwiftUI is the, like, not just the default, but the only way to make iPhone apps. Like,

01:13:37   it's not super close, but I don't think it's that far away. So if you were starting today,

01:13:42   why would you still support the older language when you have a new one that you think is your

01:13:46   future? You just wouldn't do it because it would be silly. Like, you know, I'm sure Apple would

01:13:51   love to just get rid of Objective-C now so everybody would use Swift and SwiftUI because

01:13:55   it's what they want people to use. But they can't do that, it's unrealistic. But if you

01:14:00   were starting fresh, you wouldn't support the old language. You just wouldn't do it.

01:14:06   I mean, I guess in an alternative timeline where, you know, Apple had the Mac, obviously,

01:14:13   and they decided to do the tablet first, and then the iPad was super successful, that they

01:14:19   kept just doing the tablet and now they woke up last year and they decided we also got to do a

01:14:26   smartphone in 2020 for 2021. Right, yeah, okay. And they already had Swift because they made both

01:14:34   Swift and SwiftUI for iPad, then I guess, yeah, they wouldn't use Objective-C on the iPhone at all,

01:14:40   they would just use the new stuff. Yeah, like if you want to make an iPhone app you use Swift or

01:14:46   SwiftUI. I don't think it, yeah, I think if Apple were to make an iPhone today, then yeah.

01:14:52   And we are going to get the tweets from developers and programmers saying "oh buddy, you know,

01:14:58   closures, whatever it means." I'm sure it'd be so difficult for you. Yeah, I don't, whatever.

01:15:05   Like I don't care. Like for example, for example, like I could imagine, hey, here's our new

01:15:11   AR product. You can only use Swift, SwiftUI, and these frameworks to make apps for it.

01:15:19   Sure. Yeah. I'm gonna say the iTunes Store application.

01:15:25   Oh, come on! No, that's where I buy my TV shows! No!

01:15:30   Just put it in the TV app! Why does the iTunes Store still exist?

01:15:34   That's what I'm saying. If you open it, you can buy music, movies, TV shows, and tones.

01:15:41   There's some genius is still in here.

01:15:43   Oh my god, tones.

01:15:45   Tones!

01:15:46   Why does everything else have a store tab in it?

01:15:50   But then there's like, why don't they put store tabs in the app?

01:15:53   That's what I'm saying.

01:15:54   In the TV app have, you know, purchase options.

01:15:58   In the Apple Music app have an option to buy something if you want it to.

01:16:04   I don't know what you do with tones.

01:16:05   I guess maybe you just...

01:16:07   Put them in the phone app.

01:16:08   Put it in the phone app!

01:16:09   (laughter)

01:16:11   Oh my god.

01:16:12   Okay, maybe there's just a tone store, but

01:16:14   I mean, you look in here and it's like a, it is like

01:16:16   a relic of history in here.

01:16:18   You could still buy, like,

01:16:20   very relevant songs as ringtones.

01:16:23   You can buy a, you can buy a pop-smoke ringtone

01:16:26   if you want to.

01:16:27   I mean, rest in peace pop-smoke, but yeah,

01:16:30   that should be a really, really good ringtone event.

01:16:32   Oh, there's 80s, 90s, and 2000s collections, let's look.

01:16:36   You can get a Megan Thee Stallion ringtone.

01:16:39   I have Ava Levine sing when I... my phone rings.

01:16:44   Oh my gosh, all of the number one ringtones of Sea Chanties. That's still happening.

01:16:48   Obviously. There's a whole debate that we should get in at some point, like, what does it say about

01:16:57   you as a person if you still use a ringtone in 2021? Like, what is the type of person who still

01:17:02   uses a ringtone. I have a ringtone set but my phone is on silent 99.9% of the time. So

01:17:11   I hardly ever hear it. But on occasion my phone is off silent but we'll talk about that

01:17:15   later. Okay. I've got it back to me. Okay. Yep. The Robin is back in Italy. Okay, so

01:17:22   this one is going to drive you both. This one made me so mad. I'm the person, Steven's

01:17:30   the person that got mad at reading this. I am sorry, but I feel like given how things

01:17:38   are going, given how the audio market is changing and given the competition, I feel like if

01:17:46   Apple were to make an iPhone today and if that iPhone had a podcast app as a default

01:17:54   one in it. I don't think you would have the ability to paste any RSS feed URL.

01:18:02   Boo!

01:18:03   In your subscriptions. I am sorry, I just feel like if they were to do podcasts today,

01:18:11   they would basically just give you one option, which is you can get a podcast from Apple

01:18:17   podcasts. And that's it. Just like you subscribe to a show in Spotify, even if that show happens

01:18:24   to have a website with an RSS feed.

01:18:27   I don't think all of that would be abstracted on a...

01:18:32   I mean, frankly, Federico, the way the whole way that Apple podcast works

01:18:37   isn't the way they would do it today.

01:18:39   That it doesn't like re-host the audio from somewhere.

01:18:43   Like, you know, the fact that Apple podcast works as the system

01:18:47   to just point you to RSS feeds, like they wouldn't do any of that.

01:18:51   Like you wouldn't do that anymore.

01:18:53   they would create a system that works like Spotify and everybody else. So I would hate

01:19:01   this but I agree with it.

01:19:03   Yes, okay, good. Yeah, so that's sort of what I was getting at, which is you wouldn't like

01:19:09   it but I think it would make more sense to do it this way.

01:19:13   Screen time.

01:19:14   Yeah, that's kind of like the iMessage App Store.

01:19:17   Yeah, I just spent pretty much an entire episode of Cortex complaining about this, but screen

01:19:23   Time was created as in response to digital well-being, the trend of digital well-being,

01:19:30   and then has basically just been ignored since.

01:19:33   I do like how you said on that episode that they've made it better on the Mac so you turned

01:19:36   it on and then you complained about it being broken on the Mac for an hour. That was fun.

01:19:41   You know what?

01:19:42   Because it is better on the Mac but it's still so bad, right? Because previously you would

01:19:49   say that you used finder for 12 hours a day on Catalina. Yeah. And at least on Big Sur

01:19:54   it doesn't do that. But for some reason Safari is horrifically broken that sometimes I get

01:20:00   24 hours a day every single day of usage of a single website even my Mac isn't sleeping.

01:20:06   So it's still super broken on Big Sur but it's better than it was in Catalina. It's

01:20:13   It's kind of ironic, maybe. I don't know how to describe it. But I feel like right now,

01:20:19   given the pandemic, a tool that makes us feel bad for using computers is probably the last

01:20:26   thing we need. So like, hey, at least let me use my phone. Like, I care about my own

01:20:33   digital well-being. Thank you, iPhone. Like, don't shame me because I literally the only

01:20:38   way for me to stay in touch with people is to spend time on Instagram and iMessage. And

01:20:43   feel like because of how the world has changed over the past year, like, literally the last

01:20:49   thing we need is to, you know, to have a condescending screen time that sort of, it's right there

01:20:55   judging us and pointing fingers at us and be like "You're bad at using computers!"

01:21:00   No thank you.

01:21:01   It's literally the only way that I have to spend some time at home.

01:21:04   All right, my final one is, it's not as strong as my other ones I feel like, but I want to

01:21:11   throw it in here and that's the today view on the iPhone.

01:21:16   Okay.

01:21:17   You know, it came out of the world where there was like notifications and today and we didn't

01:21:25   really know what anything, why things were where they were.

01:21:28   I remember for a while, like iOS 8 and 9, Apple would give like a paragraph of text.

01:21:31   It was like, it's going to be sunny today.

01:21:33   Your next meeting is with John at 2 p.m.

01:21:35   My God, you're right.

01:21:36   It was iOS 6, I think.

01:21:38   Oh my God.

01:21:39   Yeah.

01:21:40   All that stuff's gone.

01:21:41   place to put widgets that are on the home screen, but I feel like, starting today, you

01:21:45   would need widgets, and I just don't know if we need a special place for widgets that's

01:21:49   not the home screen. I don't know.

01:21:51   Yeah, just put them on another page.

01:21:54   Yeah, you are right. That feature is literally there, I think, because it's the only place

01:22:03   where you can still use the legacy widgets.

01:22:07   Let's call it now. Let's call it now. It doesn't exist in iOS 15.

01:22:10   It doesn't exist anymore in iOS 15.

01:22:13   Those widgets have already been deprecated in iOS 14, so yeah, I think that feature's

01:22:20   gone in 15.

01:22:22   So maybe a stronger pick than I thought it was.

01:22:24   I have three more, but they're quick.

01:22:27   Game Center, because like, LOL, what is it even?

01:22:30   It's still there, right?

01:22:31   Like it's not an app, but it's a framework?

01:22:33   Now people will say, "Oh, but it's SIGs when game progresses."

01:22:36   You don't need Game Center to do that.

01:22:38   could have just done it with iCloud, right?

01:22:40   Syncing with the Mac via cable.

01:22:43   You just wouldn't.

01:22:44   If the phone was new, you would just not have that, right?

01:22:47   Right.

01:22:48   Because like, who cares, right?

01:22:51   Like, you just wouldn't make this in the future.

01:22:53   I need to sync my contacts and my contacts with my computers.

01:22:56   Just like, whatever.

01:22:57   And then similarly, kind of let me down this thing,

01:23:01   the iCloud Music Library Match thing.

01:23:04   I know how great that is if you have your recordings of whatever,

01:23:07   whatever you just you would just be like no just use an Apple music if it's not

01:23:10   an Apple music it will be oh you don't have it I don't worry about it right

01:23:14   like that that would be it like they only still have that because they had to

01:23:18   have that because once that was the thing you paid for right yeah I mean I

01:23:23   don't know there are other services that lets you upload your own files to the

01:23:27   cloud I don't know about that yeah but I just don't think Apple would be the

01:23:30   company to do that yeah maybe it's like some some standalone thing or like in

01:23:34   the essence of that maybe like Dropbox has a media player or something. Yeah.

01:23:37   Who knows. I reckon it only still exists now because like that used to be the

01:23:41   thing, right? That you could pay and it would do the match. Is that what it was

01:23:46   called? iTunes match? And I said I told Jon on App

01:23:53   Stories I think, like I was one of those few people who kept paying for it

01:23:58   even though it was no longer necessary and so like I think I wasted a year of

01:24:02   iTunes match because I didn't unsubscribe. Good times. Which Apple sort of just not made

01:24:08   possible. Also, but hey, the services, right? So I think that's it guys. Mm-hmm. All right.

01:24:15   We have fixed the iPhone. No, we definitely didn't do that. We made it worse. We are,

01:24:24   I think we are pretty good at coming up with alternative timelines, for sure, but we definitely

01:24:31   made it worse, like super worse than before.

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01:25:28   Federico, I have a question for you.

01:25:29   - Okay.

01:25:30   - Which natural disaster do you consider the worst?

01:25:34   (laughing)

01:25:36   - Wow.

01:25:37   - This I made up on my own.

01:25:39   This was not a first date question.

01:25:40   - Yeah, but like, what he doesn't say is terrible.

01:25:45   This is such a bad question to answer publicly.

01:25:49   - So--

01:25:51   - 'Cause ultimately there's gonna be like,

01:25:52   oh, so you don't care about this disaster, Federico?

01:25:56   So terrible.

01:25:57   Right. Well, people only think that because you put it out there, Myke.

01:26:00   I guarantee you that's not how it went, but okay.

01:26:05   So, in my life, I've only experienced twice an earthquake. We don't have tornadoes or, you know,

01:26:21   really strong winds, how do you call them? Hurricanes in Italy. Like, we don't have those kinds of

01:26:28   storms here. Oh god, I don't know. So there's the earthquake, a tsunami, a tornado.

01:26:41   I mean, the tsunami is pretty terrifying. What else am I forgetting? I mean, there's volcanoes.

01:26:50   there's volcanoes oh my god asteroids striking the earth oh you're saying category i thought you meant

01:26:57   like specific example right no it's a cargo like what type of oh i thought you meant like he wanted

01:27:05   him to say like which specific earthquake no that'd be terrible do you see why i thought that would

01:27:10   be such a bad question okay okay i thought you were a horrible person to ask him that i'm glad

01:27:17   I could recover my standing. I mean if I were to pick something... And you have to.

01:27:26   ...beyond the Italian government as a natural disaster, I would probably go with...

01:27:33   I still think that tsunami is pretty terrifying. Yeah, I think tsunami is pretty bad. It's pretty

01:27:40   scary. I... because it's like... it's like the two-in-one, it's like the all-in-one approach.

01:27:46   Not only do you get the earthquake, you also get the water.

01:27:49   It's like, God, please stop.

01:27:51   So yeah, the tsunami, I think it's the one that terrifies me the most.

01:27:57   I mean, all of them are terrifying.

01:28:00   And I'm super scared of earthquakes.

01:28:02   Like actually, like panic attack level terrified, obviously.

01:28:08   So that tsunami, I think because it's a combo of two things, that one.

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