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00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 336.

00:00:12   It's made possible this week by our sponsors,

00:00:15   Pingdom, Hover, and Mack Weldon.

00:00:18   My name is Steven Hackett and I am joined as always

00:00:20   by Federico Vittucci.

00:00:22   - Hello, hi, it is me.

00:00:24   - Hello. - The Italian guy.

00:00:25   Hi, how are you?

00:00:26   - You're so much more than that though.

00:00:29   Well, thank you.

00:00:31   Also joined by Myke Hurley.

00:00:33   Hello, hi, it is me, the British guy.

00:00:35   Guys, so much more than your motherland.

00:00:39   Yes, we are also Europeans.

00:00:41   Well, one of you.

00:00:43   Less.

00:00:45   Geographically, yes.

00:00:47   Geographically, we are in the same continent.

00:00:49   Mm-hmm.

00:00:51   How are you, Steven? Tell us something about you.

00:00:54   I'm American.

00:00:56   No, no, I mean, that's true. That we all know. But tell us something about you. Before we

00:01:01   do follow up, is there anything you want to say?

00:01:04   I'm so glad to be here with y'all.

00:01:07   Cool. What did you have for breakfast?

00:01:10   I don't think I had any breakfast today. I skipped it.

00:01:12   Ooh, why?

00:01:13   I was late out the door to take a kid to school and then I came home and went to work. I had

00:01:19   lunch though.

00:01:20   But you had lunch for lunch? Okay, you had lunch. I had yogurt, just a very basic breakfast.

00:01:24   Me too.

00:01:25   Oh nice, we can be yogurt buddies.

00:01:29   Look at us, our bodies can digest dairy.

00:01:33   Well it was lactose free, it was lactose free.

00:01:37   Oh take that. Mine wasn't. Mine was lactose full.

00:01:41   It was just lactose.

00:01:45   It was a whole cup of lactose.

00:01:49   Tasty. Yum yum yum.

00:01:53   for lunch, Steven.

00:01:55   - I had some chicken with rice

00:02:00   and half a bottle of water.

00:02:02   - Why half?

00:02:04   - 'Cause the other half is here.

00:02:07   - Why did you feel the need to put the water

00:02:09   in your lunch order?

00:02:10   Like why would I need you to hit on that part?

00:02:12   - Did you pour the water on the chicken?

00:02:14   - No.

00:02:15   (laughing)

00:02:16   - I mean.

00:02:17   - Got it.

00:02:18   (laughing)

00:02:19   - I can't be bothered to drink,

00:02:20   so I'll have to go in at the same time.

00:02:22   What did you eat for lunch, Myke? I didn't have lunch today.

00:02:27   What are we talking about? You started it!

00:02:30   But why do you listen to all of my suggestions? That's true, that's true.

00:02:34   Why don't you just go with it? So follow up.

00:02:37   It turns out it turns out not much. No, no, no, no, no. What else has Federico

00:02:41   eaten today? I don't need... Oh yeah, I had some turkey

00:02:46   and some salad. Sounds good.

00:02:50   They were very light, very light lunch.

00:02:54   You don't want a heavy meal before podcasting, he said, having eaten chicken and rice.

00:02:59   Myke, turns out you're just bad at mice.

00:03:02   No, this is not true.

00:03:04   So first Kirk and Kefka in the Discord told me this, then over the week many, many people

00:03:12   have told me this, which I appreciate, this is great feedback.

00:03:15   The Logi or Logitech, depending on where you are in the world, they're a little unifying

00:03:19   receiver, the little dongle that you can plug in for the mice and keyboards, does work with

00:03:25   the MX Master 3 for Mac. Even though the Logitech website says my mouse is Bluetooth only, and

00:03:31   I included a link in the document, I guess I'll try and put this in the show notes somehow,

00:03:37   I haven't worked out how yet but I'll do that, which if you could look at it, it says the

00:03:40   connectivity Bluetooth, right? And then the regular MX Master 3 says Bluetooth and unifying.

00:03:46   So you can obviously see why I just naturally assumed my mouse only worked with Bluetooth.

00:03:52   But if you plug in the unifying receiver, install the software, good to go, and now

00:03:56   my mouse works like a dream because I don't have to use Bluetooth anymore.

00:03:59   It's great.

00:04:00   I have a real problem with you, specifically.

00:04:03   Oh, this isn't fair.

00:04:05   Why have you put photos in the show notes?

00:04:07   There's like three of them, and I hate it.

00:04:09   Why?

00:04:10   Yeah, I know, I went on a...

00:04:11   Okay, so there are three images I put in the show notes today.

00:04:14   That was my favorite part! I appreciated the visual cue.

00:04:18   The reason is, the things that I have put in there, we will get to them in turn,

00:04:23   the only way that I could share the information with you both in a concise way is to include

00:04:29   screenshots. Like, there was no other way to do it.

00:04:32   I don't think our show is known for conciseness.

00:04:34   Well, I mean, otherwise I would have said to you, "Alright, scroll down the page, scroll down the

00:04:38   page, alright, do you see that? Now, do you want me to do that?" Because I tell you what, I'll delete

00:04:42   No, please leave them in.

00:04:44   Yeah, so Federico gets it.

00:04:46   So instead of you being bad at mice, Logitech is really bad at making different products.

00:04:52   I just don't understand why they seem to suggest that it doesn't work.

00:04:58   It doesn't make any sense to me.

00:04:59   And is that the only difference between the one for Mac and the regular one?

00:05:03   I don't actually know what the difference is between them.

00:05:10   They cost the same.

00:05:11   Do you know what it is? It's a USB-C to C.

00:05:15   Oh, for the charging, or like the built-in cable?

00:05:19   Yeah, but that's just a cable that they give you in the box.

00:05:21   And it's a slightly different color.

00:05:23   Also USB-C is all over PCs now.

00:05:25   I know.

00:05:26   You know what really bothers me in this image?

00:05:29   In the size section, full size is written in one way in the left column,

00:05:36   and in a different way in the right column.

00:05:38   full hyphen size. There's another difference between Mac and Windows, is the use of hyphens

00:05:44   in full size. Windows uses hyphens and I mean it's yeah this is the kind of thing that really

00:05:51   bothers me. Like you should ask for a refund if only because of this. In any case. I also like how

00:05:58   they under power rechargeable USB C to C space slash space 70 days 70 days of

00:06:07   battery walk 70 days of what 70 days to charge it 70 days of summer that's how

00:06:13   long it takes that's a good movie that days 500 days of summer you just

00:06:19   referenced it as a good movie. No, it's really not a good movie. Why'd you reference it then?

00:06:25   I like it. Federico. Yes, it is me. What in the world is happening with iOS 14.5 and music

00:06:34   apps? I thought we knew what they were doing. What's happening is that Apple is, well if

00:06:40   you want to have my honest opinion, is chickening out on calling it for what it is, and I'm

00:06:47   referring to the ability to set a different default music service in iOS 14.5. So we talked about this feature

00:06:54   that first appeared in beta 1 of iOS 14.5,

00:06:58   was sort of removed in 14.5 beta 2, or at least some people were not able to make it work correctly, and then

00:07:06   returned with some updated text labels in Siri in the latest beta, beta 3, last week.

00:07:15   We talked about this. The idea is that you can ask Siri to change, to play music from one particular service and

00:07:23   after choosing from a list of compatible services, and this works for music, for podcasts, and for audiobooks,

00:07:30   Siri will stick to that option. So there's no page in settings,

00:07:35   but you are effectively setting a different default. And we also mentioned how in the month that I had been using this

00:07:44   Spotify as my default for Siri, despite my variety of requests, playing playlists and

00:07:52   radio stations and albums, singles, all kinds of things, Siri never prompted me to change,

00:07:59   to switch from Spotify, it never asked me to pick a different service. So it is, practically

00:08:04   speaking, setting a default in Siri. However, Apple issued a statement to TechCrunch to "clarify"

00:08:13   This option does not mean that you will be able to change your default audio apps in

00:08:19   iOS and iPadOS 14.5, because this feature will just be based on Siri's intelligence,

00:08:27   is what Apple likes you to think, that Siri will be able to intelligently and over time

00:08:33   adjust the suggestions of apps that will be capable of playing music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

00:08:43   And essentially Apple's argument boils down to there's no page in settings, it's not like

00:08:49   changing the default for a web browser or an email client.

00:08:54   Siri is actually trying to learn from you, and over time you may be presented with the

00:09:00   option to pick a different service.

00:09:02   Or if you continue to manually request, they give the example of, let's say that you, well

00:09:09   that didn't actually say this, but I'm going to give you the practical version of it.

00:09:13   So let's say that you use Spotify as the default service in Siri for playing music.

00:09:17   But let's also say that, for whatever reason, you keep asking "play this radio station on

00:09:22   Pandora", and you ask that enough times, at some point, Siri will notice that pattern,

00:09:28   and may ask you "hey, do you want to pick again the default music service?"

00:09:34   Because the idea is, we noticed that you keep broadcasting Pandora, so maybe you wanna choose

00:09:39   again your default music service.

00:09:42   So I kinda get it, but still, I keep thinking that this is a clever way to try and have

00:09:53   it both ways, in the sense that you will not have a page in settings, you don't wanna call

00:10:00   it a default music player because maybe it's in your best interest to still have that competitive

00:10:08   advantage over Spotify. I mean, let's face it, that's the elephant in the room, right?

00:10:12   Apple wants to make sure that as many people as possible keep using and subscribing to

00:10:16   Apple Music. But at the same time, you kind of want to have something to show to regulators

00:10:22   in the US and in the EU to say, "But look, Spotify is complaining, but actually in 14.5

00:10:29   we launched this option that lets you play audio in Spotify by default just by asking

00:10:35   Siri once. So it kind of feels like they want to try this approach, which is surprising

00:10:45   to me because they did the exact opposite for web browsers, I mean there's Google Chrome,

00:10:50   right, that can be set as default in iOS 14, and for email clients, which I mean I get

00:10:56   email clients, maybe not as hot as a topic as web browsers and music players. But still,

00:11:04   I understand the technicality of the clarification. I still think it comes from a place of trying to

00:11:14   be a little too clever around it. The funny thing is, it is exactly the worst case scenario

00:11:21   we joked about last week.

00:11:23   Yes.

00:11:24   Of Siri trying to learn.

00:11:26   Yes.

00:11:27   We literally said, "Oh, but Apple will spin it and they will frame it as, 'No, Siri is

00:11:32   trying to be intelligent.'"

00:11:33   And, like, we literally said this on the show.

00:11:36   And what, the next day or a few hours later, this was actually the contents of the clarification

00:11:42   to TechCrunch.

00:11:43   So, yeah, it's great.

00:11:46   It's a great statement.

00:11:49   Look, what I can tell you is, they can spin it however they want.

00:11:54   I set Spotify as my default over a month ago, it still is my default in Siri, and it never

00:12:00   changed.

00:12:01   So, at the very least, it's intelligent enough to know that it should use that as my default

00:12:08   player.

00:12:10   Apple have released a firmware update for the AirPods Max.

00:12:15   There's absolutely zero information about what this may or may not do, but the hope

00:12:21   for me and many AirPods Max users is that it will improve the battery life issues that

00:12:27   many people have been having with their AirPods Max in the sense of the fact that they will

00:12:32   just be completely out of battery for seemingly no reason, even if you put them in the silly

00:12:39   case that they ship with.

00:12:41   So I have been, my AirPods have updated to the new firmware, which just as an aside,

00:12:49   is so annoying that you can't just ask the thing to update, you have to like just keep

00:12:53   plugging and unplugging and plugging and unplugging and hopefully you'll get it.

00:12:59   And I don't know, it's very anecdotal right now of course because I've only had it for

00:13:03   a day, but I charged my AirPods up today, I used them for a bit and I've left them just

00:13:08   on the desk, not in the case, and I still have 100% battery on them, which is not the

00:13:14   experience that I've had all the time, but this is the problem, it is the experience

00:13:19   I've had sometimes. So this is going to take a long period of time for me to understand

00:13:24   or for anyone to understand if this has actually done anything to fix the issue. So we'll see.

00:13:30   I was looking around on Reddit to see if people had had any experiences so far that they wanted

00:13:38   to share and this is screenshot two it's just a comment that I thought was very funny it

00:13:43   was the top comment on the thread about this firmware it says "cue the inevitable Safari

00:13:48   seems snappier" comment which just really made me laugh just the idea of every software

00:13:53   update ever someone will say that Safari feels faster which is very true as a thing and I

00:13:59   just liked it in the sense of like even just a firmware update for the AirPods Max someone's

00:14:04   gonna think it'll make Safari quicker for them. It makes your headphones faster.

00:14:08   Headphones are way faster. That's been a meme since before y'all used the Mac.

00:14:13   I know where the meme comes from. It comes from online forum boards. Yeah. I

00:14:20   think. When was Safari introduced? 2003. I think. 2002. I mean not that

00:14:30   much longer then. I mean it would have been within the first two releases of

00:14:34   Safari. Safari web browser first, I was right, first released January 2003, 18 years ago.

00:14:42   So I don't really think that your attempted burn holds up. Safari 2 was 2005. I think

00:14:49   it was a nice try but it doesn't. Safari 3 was 2007. Oh man, remember Safari for Windows?

00:14:55   That was a fun time to be alive. I remember the weird Safari with the tabs on top. Remember

00:15:01   Yes, I do.

00:15:02   That was weird and cool.

00:15:04   I kind of loved it though, because it was weird.

00:15:07   Yeah, we will put a link in the show notes, people haven't seen that, because it is weird.

00:15:14   Oh look, here's something on Macworld, we'll link to that.

00:15:20   I used Hey World.

00:15:21   Hey!

00:15:22   Hey's blogging thing.

00:15:25   It was mostly done from a joke.

00:15:28   We're going to talk about the iMac Pro a little bit shortly.

00:15:32   And I woke up to, there was a blog post from Steven and a blog post from John, both shared

00:15:38   in our iMessage channel.

00:15:40   So I just thought I would continue a joke and wrote something in Hey World and just

00:15:46   shared it.

00:15:47   You know what?

00:15:48   It's pretty cool.

00:15:49   It's like a little feature.

00:15:51   It's like a fun little feature.

00:15:52   It's fine.

00:15:53   I don't know, I'd be a little bit worried about accidentally emailing something to this

00:16:00   email address.

00:16:03   Maybe there's something which is close enough to it that I would accidentally send an email

00:16:08   to that and now I've published my email.

00:16:10   I've released the emails, as they would say.

00:16:13   But you know, it's fine as a thing.

00:16:17   I have new complaints with Hey, but I'm not going to subject them to you.

00:16:22   suffice it to say I continue to find new issues. One of which I reported to their

00:16:27   support team today and they the support team was very nice. Did they fix it? I

00:16:31   haven't met. They said they will look into it. Yeah, they're just trying to get you

00:16:36   off their lawn. I'm gonna tell you what it is now. I'm gonna tell you what it is now.

00:16:40   So I had an email that I wanted to save as a PDF because it was a receipt. I was

00:16:46   very annoyed to find out that on the Mac there was no way to do this. What? Right,

00:16:51   There's no like inbuilt thing. So like on iOS, it says share or print.

00:16:57   And so you could share it and you can maybe bring up the print dialogue, turn it into PDF, whatever.

00:17:02   There's no sharing or printing thing on the Mac app.

00:17:06   So I was like, okay, let me just try and print this.

00:17:09   So I press Ctrl P. Nothing happened.

00:17:11   I went up to file, print. Nothing happened.

00:17:15   So I sent an email to the support team and they're like, hmm, it should be working.

00:17:21   does it work in the web version? So I was like, okay, open the website, did the whole

00:17:25   login and it did. And they're like, oh, what computer are you on? And I was like, an M1

00:17:29   Mac and like, hmm, that must be the problem. We'll look into it. We don't have one of those.

00:17:32   I don't have one of those. I'll look into it. So funny. Another funny thing. I have,

00:17:36   okay, now I have another complaint and I'm going to give you, uh, the, they had that

00:17:41   linking feature, right? You have a personal account and a business account. You can link

00:17:44   them together. One login, both accounts. I don't want to do that. Right? Like I don't

00:17:48   want to link my business and my personal email with one login. That seems like a bad idea.

00:17:53   I'm not going to do that. I want separate logins. On the iOS app, you can log into two

00:17:58   Hey accounts.

00:17:59   Hey, hey.

00:18:00   And you don't have to link them. So you can log into your personal one and your business

00:18:04   one. On the Mac app, you can't do that. You have to link them. So I also, a friend of

00:18:10   the show Quinn, a flashback Quinn Nelson, he was tweeting about sharing my same complaints

00:18:16   about Hey, and there ended up, I think Jason Fried ended up getting in on the conversation

00:18:22   and was basically said that the Mac app is not a priority for them, which I thought was

00:18:27   weird and a shame, to be honest.

00:18:30   Almost as if they should have a real Mac app.

00:18:34   Well, at the very least, the iPad app.

00:18:38   Yeah, just hit the Catalyst button and move on.

00:18:42   Well, not even I mean they can they can make hours but like make the app available in the app store

00:18:47   I still get I'm still frustrated at developers that haven't just ticked that box. Just let me try

00:18:52   Let just just tick the box and let me try if you're not gonna do it

00:18:58   Just let me at least give it a go. It's gonna be a

00:19:01   Better experience than me trying to use your horrific web app, which is it's not even I don't want to get into you

00:19:09   You are already in it man, just go.

00:19:12   I am trying to use this, like it just annoys me so much, it annoys me so much, the Mac

00:19:18   app is just a web browser and like I don't understand it, because like who is your audience?

00:19:25   Right?

00:19:26   Like are you saying that like, because the web version's not really that great anyway,

00:19:35   Like it's not like the thing people love about Gmail's web interface is it's like legitimately

00:19:40   very good and fast.

00:19:41   But like, you know, and also one of the things I like about Gmail, I know people maybe don't

00:19:45   like this, but right click means something you can do stuff, right?

00:19:49   So you can right click in Gmail and it's not and you can actually use the right click,

00:19:53   you can't do that with "hey", right?

00:19:55   So like I end up in these experiences where all I want to do is mark this email as being

00:19:59   unseen.

00:20:00   So it goes back up to the top of the list because I don't want it to be in the bottom

00:20:03   the list of all of the email that I've seen ever in my entire life, and I have to click it and then

00:20:08   click another button. But if I right click it's like "hey do you want to save this page as a web

00:20:12   archive?" It's like "no I don't want to do that you're supposed to be an application!"

00:20:16   I blame you for this federal record, just want you to know.

00:20:20   Hay seems bad.

00:20:21   I can see why people like it. I'm still not into it enough to really get the benefit of it,

00:20:27   but the more I'm using it, I can get it, right? Because there's things about Hey that I already

00:20:34   tried to do to my other email, which is like using SaneBox to try and like filter some stuff for me.

00:20:39   This is built in for that. And you know what? The iOS app, I actually do like it a lot. I think

00:20:45   it's nice to use. It's a fun thing to use. Like, I think it's pretty good, but their other experiences

00:20:52   are really bad and I genuinely can't get my head around it to be honest.

00:20:57   I will say now that hearing them say the Mac app is not a priority,

00:21:04   "Oh but by the way we're gonna put engineering time on turning our email

00:21:08   platform into a blogging engine." That annoys me now. The thing that I was

00:21:13   talking about where it's like this is frustrating to me and weird to me that

00:21:16   they would do this, when they are then saying things like "the Mac app is not a

00:21:21   or prior, like a Mac experience they kind of don't care about. It's like, I don't, I

00:21:26   don't really know who your customer base is, honestly, because if you're selling a work

00:21:30   tool, people want to use these apps on their computers, right? Not just on their phones.

00:21:36   But I still have questions for you. Oh, sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Like I want to go back to the

00:21:40   blog. Oh, okay. Yeah. Right. So what, first of all, what can we expect from this Myke

00:21:46   early blog? Nothing. This one post probably. So is this going to be your only post on this blog?

00:21:54   Who knows man? Maybe at some point uh Steven and John will both write a post about the same thing

00:21:59   on their respective websites and then I'll feel like... Is that a way to trigger you into writing

00:22:04   a blog post? Is that possibly? Possibly. Possibly. I cannot dig this format of my thoughts in what is

00:22:14   it 200 words or less. I used to like doing stuff like this but I just... I dig it

00:22:22   because it's better like you could have tweeted all of this stuff but it's nicer

00:22:26   to see it on a webpage. It's a wild concept called a blog post. And I kind of

00:22:33   think it fits you well. But like look you guys know that I... I could spell really well. My

00:22:40   problem is I'm a terrible proofreader. I am like the world's worst proofreader, right?

00:22:45   You both know this about me. I can write a whole thing, read it 20 times, and I never

00:22:51   see any errors, right? But then as soon as I publish it, I see errors everywhere. I just

00:22:56   can't be bothered with getting spelling checks and stuff like that. You know, like people

00:23:02   tell me, "Oh hey, you spelled this word wrong." I just really don't want to do that. I'm actually

00:23:07   looking now I don't even know if you can go back and correct things. I don't know whether

00:23:12   that would help me or not.

00:23:14   Wait, I thought, I think somebody mentioned that you can edit these posts because then

00:23:21   you like, you should have a section in the app where you can make changes.

00:23:24   Yeah, under the little waving icon I have a thing that says "Hey World" and I can go

00:23:29   in and edit posts. I don't know, who knows? You know, there's a million things that I

00:23:34   may or may not do. We'll see.

00:23:37   - Yeah.

00:23:38   - Maybe I'll be encouraged to write some more

00:23:43   Hey World posts in the future.

00:23:45   - Okay, I will try and encourage you.

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00:24:57   Our thanks to Pingdom from SolarWinds for their support of the show.

00:25:01   More follow up.

00:25:02   you know, talking about email, I have to just share both.

00:25:06   I tweeted this, but I have to just talk about it here on the show today.

00:25:09   Me and Steven probably get the same similar kind of email like this.

00:25:14   Just constant, just constant email from like getting pitches of who knows what, right?

00:25:19   I have this person on the show, I have this person on the show.

00:25:23   You should have our podcast on your network.

00:25:27   It's just like constant barrages of pitch emails all day.

00:25:29   And I got a we got a pitch email today, which was about wanting to redesign our entire website, which I have no idea.

00:25:37   Oh yeah, I got those too.

00:25:38   Okay. I have no idea who's ever said yes. Right. Like, yes, random person. I don't know. I would like you to redesign my entire website.

00:25:46   Please.

00:25:46   But this person's opening line is one of the most incredible COVID related opening lines I've seen. Like, you know, we've all we've all gotten used to now, like in this current situation, you know, like all those kinds of lines.

00:25:59   this, this email opens with, I hope you've been staying positive and testing negative.

00:26:04   I mean, what a line like who responds to that and says, this person cuts right to the chase,

00:26:13   right? It's like, I hope you're feeling great and that you're still alive. It's like, that

00:26:19   is literally like, it's, I mean, I kind of love it. I love it. It's one of the best things

00:26:24   I've ever, I just want to know the thought process. Like was it that they wrote, like,

00:26:28   I hope you're staying positive and then thought,

00:26:30   oh, that word has more connotations now.

00:26:33   And instead of editing it out, just double down, right?

00:26:37   They were like, oh, you thought I meant,

00:26:39   just a little bit about COVID?

00:26:40   Well, now I'm really going for it.

00:26:43   Let me--

00:26:43   It's like, wait, positive?

00:26:45   Mm.

00:26:46   Let me rephrase by making it worse.

00:26:51   It's so bad.

00:26:53   I just don't know who gets that email and they're like,

00:26:56   ha ha, I want to enter into this business

00:26:58   relationship with this one person.

00:27:00   Very strange to me.

00:27:01   Yeah, we also get strange emails.

00:27:06   And again, it's mostly like the problem is now--

00:27:09   it's the kind of things that some people are asking.

00:27:11   Like, do you actually expect me?

00:27:13   Because you can tell they're not spammers, right?

00:27:16   They're not like these people that

00:27:18   claim to have a huge inheritance for you, right?

00:27:22   It's not that kind of spam.

00:27:23   You can tell these are actual PR people getting

00:27:26   in touch with you, but also like what would you expect me to say or to reply?

00:27:33   I guess it's just like they have these machines sending these thousands and thousands of emails

00:27:37   and every now and then someone says yeah. Because I get these kinds of emails from companies

00:27:42   that I know are reputable. Like I've seen them, I've heard their name and it's just

00:27:46   like this is just a really weird sales process. Nevertheless, Steven broke another iPhone.

00:27:51   That's not... Wait, what? That's not true.

00:27:53   Steven broke another iPhone. What?

00:27:55   You know how I know this stuff? I know when Steven gets new machines.

00:27:58   How?

00:27:59   Because we share enough accounts of things together that over the space of a couple of

00:28:05   days I get like a bunch of emails from Twitter and they're like, "A new sign in on @RelayFM

00:28:12   from Memphis, Tennessee." And then sometimes it just happens. It's like, "Oh, okay. Like

00:28:16   maybe Steven's using a new app or whatever." And then a day later or two, "Another sign

00:28:21   in for connected FM on Memphis I'm like ah something's going on here so I text

00:28:26   Steven I said do you have a new iPhone and he said the power button died so he

00:28:30   broke another phone I didn't break it none of these things ever happened to me

00:28:34   this this particular phone the the sleep/wake button just slowly descended

00:28:40   into the body of the phone where anytime you touched it it triggered Siri because

00:28:45   it thought it was just stuck down and so I chatted with Apple and they sent me a

00:28:49   new one no charge is not accidental damage but I just don't think that these

00:28:53   things are normal wear and tear issues how how would I how would I smash a

00:28:59   button I don't know compression from your skinny jeans see we are I don't

00:29:04   believe you it's that is literally like an issue that I never heard of before so

00:29:09   the button practically sank into the phone sure sure it's short it Stephen

00:29:15   Uh-huh. Yeah. Look, the button sunk into the phone after I dropped it down a flight of

00:29:22   stairs. What do you want from me? Until it dropped this phone. I didn't drop it. And

00:29:27   Apple replaced it under AppleCare. So that's all you need to know. They did not consider

00:29:32   it damaged because it wasn't damaged. It's been in a case most of its life. You know,

00:29:39   you know what's really sad about all of this is that we always, you know, Myke and I, we

00:29:44   pride ourselves in thinking that this show is a safe space for sharing certain truths

00:29:52   about the things that happen. And you instead decided to sell us on this story of the sinking

00:29:59   button. Because it wasn't a story you were forthcoming with, was it? Because there's

00:30:03   nothing to say! It's like a random hardware failure. You didn't tell anyone, you were

00:30:08   to iPhone 27. There have been more iPhone 12 phones than one would expect. Did you record

00:30:16   this breakage in your incomplete list? No, because it's not breakage. I didn't drop it.

00:30:23   I bet you have it. How many phones have been replaced that we never found out about, you

00:30:29   know? None of them. At this point I'm questioning everything. You guys see there's been a new

00:30:35   development. There's breaking breaking news. Oh god. Sure, you can call it that. For quite a long

00:30:43   time now, if you've broken the rear of your phone, the the back glass as the kids call it,

00:30:49   you would have to have your whole phone replaced because of the way the phones were constructed.

00:30:53   Literally everybody calls it that. But now there is something called the iPhone rear system,

00:30:59   which is a part that lets an Apple store or an ASP replace just the back of the phone.

00:31:08   Basically, I think you get a new rear enclosure and then they scoop all the guts out of your old

00:31:14   phone and put it in the new phone, and you don't have to go through a backup and restore.

00:31:18   I don't like the expression "scoop all the guts out of the audible phone."

00:31:22   Scoop them up.

00:31:23   I just don't like it.

00:31:27   I don't like rear system.

00:31:28   Yeah, I mean, it's one way to call it. But still, cool, right? This is cool, okay? It's

00:31:38   nice that they can do this. I wonder if there will ever be a time when they will be able

00:31:45   to do, like, when you break your iPad, they can just change the display without actually

00:31:52   changing the entire unit, for example.

00:31:56   Although I guess that situation there is different.

00:31:59   Because if you remember,

00:32:00   I broke my iPad Pro twice in two years,

00:32:03   and both times they had to actually give me a new iPad.

00:32:07   You cannot just fix the display.

00:32:11   They gotta give you a new unit under AppleCare+.

00:32:14   - Let me keep reading in this,

00:32:16   because you may have to actually restore your data.

00:32:19   So the iPhone rear system allows them,

00:32:24   this is a very confusing sentence.

00:32:30   Okay, I'm just gonna read it.

00:32:31   Apple stores and ASPs have a new iPhone rear system part

00:32:33   available to them that consists of the rear enclosure

00:32:37   of an iPhone with all components except the display

00:32:41   and rear camera, but includes the battery logic board,

00:32:45   wireless charging coil, Taptic Engine face ID system

00:32:48   and so forth.

00:32:49   It's basically the entire phone.

00:32:51   So it is mostly a new phone, you just get your old scratch screen back.

00:32:54   So you probably do have to do a data backup and restore this way.

00:32:58   I mean it's still cool, not as cool as it was.

00:33:01   This is a very confusingly written sentence, MacRumors.

00:33:04   Joe.

00:33:05   It's like, "Oh, we only have to replace 75% of the phone instead."

00:33:11   So yeah, don't hold and drop your phone.

00:33:13   That's what we're saying.

00:33:14   Do you say that in the mirror?

00:33:16   That's what you should do.

00:33:17   You're the only one of us that ever breaks phones.

00:33:20   Phone, you're dropped, don't.

00:33:23   There, I set it in the mirror.

00:33:24   Oh my God.

00:33:25   (sighs)

00:33:27   That doesn't even make sense

00:33:28   'cause that's not how it works.

00:33:30   Okay, how do you end a podcast

00:33:33   while you're still recording the podcast?

00:33:35   Like, 'cause if you put that in the mirror,

00:33:38   it still wouldn't make sense, right?

00:33:39   (laughs)

00:33:40   The problem is how to end a podcast.

00:33:42   'Cause the letters would all be backwards.

00:33:45   How to end a podcast on Google.

00:33:47   the step-by-step guide and see how to end your podcast episodes. No, I just want to

00:33:53   end the show.

00:33:54   What should I include in my outro?

00:33:57   How to close with style. Okay. Let's see. Yeah. So thank you everybody for following

00:34:03   along for the past eight years. Unfortunately, this show is ending because Steven is bad

00:34:09   at jokes. And we love you. Myke and I love you, Steven. I cannot speak for him. Thank

00:34:15   Thank you. Thank you to our sponsors. Bye everyone. It's been fun. I hope you will continue

00:34:20   to enjoy Steven's solo show where he just shares this so-called jokes with you on air.

00:34:28   It was so bad. Thank you and goodbye. And the show is ended. So now it's just gonna

00:34:35   be... All of this, it's not the show anymore.

00:34:36   This is the post show for members because we're still gonna keep charging them for money.

00:34:41   [Laughter]

00:34:43   We're not silly.

00:34:45   Men's gotta eat, right?

00:34:47   Uh-huh.

00:34:49   What's next?

00:34:50   Lamin asked, "Are any of you still using the Moshi Eye Visor on your iPad Pro?"

00:34:56   I am not. I removed it.

00:34:59   Ooh, what happened there?

00:35:01   Did it interfere with the kickstands or something?

00:35:04   No, no, no. I haven't used the kickstands in a while.

00:35:08   Oh, it's all changed.

00:35:10   I mean, the Magic Keyboard changed everything, right?

00:35:13   So I left it during the summer,

00:35:17   and then it was just September, October, when I came,

00:35:21   it was in September, after I came back from the beach,

00:35:23   I was like, you know what,

00:35:25   I wanna switch a few things around.

00:35:27   It was like when you're shopping for new clothes, you know?

00:35:30   I just wanted to feel fresh and new.

00:35:33   And so I was like, I'm gonna go back to using the iPad

00:35:36   without the screen protector.

00:35:39   It looks very nice, but it's obviously the moshi still in my drawer and probably gonna

00:35:44   put it back for the summer because of reflections on the display, if I will end up having to

00:35:50   write at the beach, which, I don't know, at the moment, can we even go to the beach this

00:35:54   year?

00:35:55   I don't know.

00:35:56   So, I just, no particular reason, I still love it, I still like it, obviously going

00:36:02   back to the screen protector free iPad display makes you appreciate the iPad's display again,

00:36:12   right? It's so bright and colorful, you get the... it's crisp. But I didn't remove it

00:36:19   because I didn't like it anymore, I just wanted to switch things around, as I always do. Because

00:36:24   otherwise life gets boring if you get stuck on using the same things forever.

00:36:30   I'm still using it.

00:36:31   Yeah, because you're boring.

00:36:33   I do have these instances where I take it off and the screen is so much crisper, you

00:36:38   know, it's clearer, but I do like the matte effect, I like that there isn't a glare on

00:36:44   the iPad screen.

00:36:45   I hope that they find a way in the future to offer it as an option.

00:36:48   I don't know how they would do it, but...

00:36:51   Yeah, I actually have two versions of the Moshi iVisor.

00:36:54   I have the big one and the small one for the iPad Pro 11 inch, which I'm no longer using

00:37:00   because Silvia stole it from me.

00:37:02   Sorry that you've been a victim of a crime.

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00:38:57   It's dead.

00:38:58   Whoa, the podcast?

00:39:00   Is dead and gone.

00:39:01   Is Federico left?

00:39:03   I think he's sleeping.

00:39:05   Alright, he's taking a nap now.

00:39:07   I'm putting on my boring emoji reaction in Zoom. Hold on.

00:39:12   There it is.

00:39:13   There you go.

00:39:14   the emoji you picked is the opposite of boring because you picked like the

00:39:17   surprise face guy. That's because I like to keep you in your toes right? Is he

00:39:20   surprised or bored? You'll never know. So it could be yawning maybe. Yeah, that

00:39:26   honestly that's what I thought initially. No there was a different yawn emoji. I

00:39:31   figured you would be better at working out what emojis are by their looks by

00:39:35   now but clearly the Jeremy's haven't completely sunk in with you at this

00:39:39   point. Nope. They're coming soon though, so stay subscribed. Smash that follow button

00:39:45   up a podcast. Okay, so the iMac Pro is on sale while supplies last. If that sounds

00:39:53   familiar, you see it in your town when the mattress company goes out of

00:39:57   business while supplies last. Same thing here, except this is a $5,000 tin core

00:40:03   Z on computer and not a mattress from a guy. Mattresses can be expensive. Five

00:40:09   grand? I don't know. I don't know maybe. I didn't pay that for mine. If they don't

00:40:15   cut out the middleman. Easy. They probably will. Easy. They probably will be. We don't want the ghost of a past

00:40:23   sponsor to come back.

00:40:28   How do you feel about this? I'm not surprised, right? I don't think anyone

00:40:33   should be. I think it's easy to see a future where the Apple Silicon iMac

00:40:39   easily spans the low end to the high end. The iMac Pro came from a time where the

00:40:46   Mac Pro was not going to exist anymore. Then they decided to build a Mac Pro,

00:40:51   which I'm very thankful for because I really love it, but this machine is, you

00:40:56   said it on an upgrade it's kind of from like a parallel universe it's from a

00:41:01   different timeline that said the iMac Pro is a fantastic computer and I really

00:41:10   really enjoyed my time with one I'd still be using it except having a Mac

00:41:14   Pro was like a lifelong dream and so I did that not lifelong but you know since

00:41:19   since 2007. I mean how many professional Macs do you actually have? One, two, three, four, five...

00:41:27   There's six power Macintoshes I can see plus an old-style Mac Pro. It's a lot. But they're not

00:41:36   my machines I use, you know, to do work. It could be. It could just be very slow. I've got the Cube,

00:41:45   but that doesn't really count. So how do you feel about it? Because you're sitting in front of one

00:41:49   these yes piece of junk this this dead computer this EOL computer it's been

00:41:58   end-of-life what am I supposed to do how long is it gonna be into what is that

00:42:02   thing that they have like vintage machines is that what they call it yeah

00:42:06   that's that's five years after date of manufacturer for the model kind of thing

00:42:11   I mean mine's not very close that milk very far away from that this machine was

00:42:15   made in 2017. Well it'll be five years since they end the model so five years

00:42:21   counting whenever this page finally doesn't load anymore. Which is I mean

00:42:25   anytime from now. I mean I was obviously going to upgrade this computer right to

00:42:31   some kind of Apple silicon machine and I mean I expect it will occur this year.

00:42:38   This is the longest I have used any Mac for. No way. You had no you had your 2015

00:42:45   iMac for a long time. Oh yeah yeah I forgot about that one. Yeah the 2015 iMac

00:42:51   I well I replaced that in maybe 2018 or something. With this machine? I think this

00:42:56   yeah I think this might be the longest I've used a Mac. You've had it a long time.

00:43:02   I've had it a long time both of these ones I've had it for a long time. It's a it's a really

00:43:07   really good computer. Oh I have live real-time follow-up. Okay. The confusing

00:43:13   sentence on MacRumors has been fixed by Joe. Thank you Joe. Thank you MacRumors Joe. Thank you.

00:43:18   He's in the Discord now. Oh wow. Just everywhere. What we've learned then is all we need to do is

00:43:24   say people's names and they will join to become members. So okay. The only thing that has been

00:43:31   stopping you from becoming a connected pro member is having Federico say your name. Just send us a

00:43:37   tweet and on next week's episode we'll say a list of names and you'll have to become members.

00:43:42   Right.

00:43:43   That's the service that we will start providing, I guess.

00:43:45   I think you've just reinvented OnlyFans.

00:43:48   That's perfectly fine by me.

00:43:50   Yes.

00:43:50   The timing of the iMac Pro going away is interesting, maybe.

00:43:55   Yeah.

00:43:56   Like, I don't really know why they've done it now.

00:43:58   I mean, there could be a million reasons why, right?

00:44:01   And you can just pick whatever reason fits your own personal narrative.

00:44:03   But like, it's super weird for them to kind of get rid of it right now.

00:44:09   And then also like the while supplies last thing is just like so strange.

00:44:13   Like, are they that hot?

00:44:15   That like, oh, quick, get your order in now.

00:44:20   While supplies last because everybody's lining up for an iMac Pro these days.

00:44:25   Step right up. It's like a very strange thing to put on the website anyway.

00:44:32   Like if you felt like you needed to do that,

00:44:36   maybe you're still selling so many that it would be fine.

00:44:38   I don't know like it's really weird to... I mean we've all kind of assumed that

00:44:47   the next Apple Silicon Mac set would be a more powerful MacBook Pro and probably

00:44:56   like the corresponding iMacs you know performance wise corresponding. This

00:45:01   thing though is sat at the top of the range of the Intel machines but a couple

00:45:05   interesting things have happened since then. One, the regular 5k iMac is as fast

00:45:10   as the iMac Pro in some things faster than others but they're in the same

00:45:14   ballpark now. Now they're not the same machine. The 5k iMac sounds like a leaf

00:45:18   blower the second you breathe on the CPU but that's that is what it is. So the

00:45:24   current iMac in many ways bests the iMac Pro or at least competes with it. If

00:45:28   Apple is on the verge of releasing new machines this would make you think well

00:45:34   they're gonna go like they're gonna have all the IMAX right there's gonna replace

00:45:38   them all at once but I don't think that's necessarily what this says I

00:45:43   think that this is good could go away you know the next couple weeks however

00:45:47   long it takes to sell out of them and we still don't see high-end Intel IMAX for

00:45:54   a while it could be that there's a component in here they can't get anymore

00:45:58   or that it's just not it's not a good use of their resources to keep making

00:46:04   these. Maybe they're only selling a few a week. I mean, who knows, right? I would

00:46:07   imagine they're not selling a lot of iMac Pros right now. I think... But it's like

00:46:11   they were selling the cylindrical Mac Pro for a really long time. You could buy

00:46:18   that thing up until the day before the the new Mac Pro went on sale. Like, that's

00:46:24   what I can find kind of weird about this. Yeah, but the difference is then there

00:46:31   weren't necessarily other Macs, I don't remember all the spec numbers, but the

00:46:35   Trash Can Mac Pro still had people, because it was constructed the way it

00:46:39   was, whose needs it met. And now the iMac Pro is flanked on one side by the 5k

00:46:47   iMac and then you go a little bit the other side and you just have the Mac Pro

00:46:50   sitting there. And so in a way the iMac Pro, forget Apple Silicon for a second,

00:46:55   has already kind of been squeezed out of the Intel lineup because these other two

00:46:59   machines have converged on its territory, if you will.

00:47:02   So maybe it's more about, okay,

00:47:05   we are obviously moving away from Intel.

00:47:08   Can we simplify the Intel line

00:47:10   until we get around to having Apple Silicon ready?

00:47:13   Now it could be that in two weeks we see an iMac

00:47:16   that very obviously is this machine's replacement,

00:47:19   but my guess is not selling very well,

00:47:22   not that efficient to make them anymore.

00:47:24   Maybe there's parts issues.

00:47:25   and the reality is if you needed a machine like this,

00:47:29   you actually have two options in the Intel lineup

00:47:33   depending on which direction you want to go.

00:47:35   - What's your current prediction for Max and March?

00:47:40   - I mean, the rumors say no.

00:47:42   In fact, there was a report today saying

00:47:44   that the new MacBook Pros were entering high production

00:47:49   in the second half of the year.

00:47:52   So I kind of think it may be WWDC before we see new Macs.

00:47:57   I wish that wasn't the case.

00:47:59   I wish we'd see them in March

00:48:00   because when did the M1 ship in November, December,

00:48:04   like six months is a long time,

00:48:07   but maybe that's the long one we gotta wait.

00:48:10   - I was wondering if we would see like maybe the base iMac

00:48:14   with an M1 in it before,

00:48:17   and then everything else waits

00:48:18   for a second revision to the chips.

00:48:20   - Yeah, or like a higher spec version.

00:48:24   Yeah, I don't know, it is weird.

00:48:27   I think we could, I think if we see anything,

00:48:29   you're exactly right, it would be an entry level iMac,

00:48:32   it shows Apple's hand with the design,

00:48:35   if they're changing the design, and boy, I hope they are.

00:48:39   Because that-- - Oh, if they don't,

00:48:41   that'd be so sad. - That 21-inch iMac,

00:48:44   the M1 would suit that computer just fine.

00:48:48   it would be faster, way faster than the 21-inch iMac is now.

00:48:52   You already have the parts, right,

00:48:53   if you're just bringing the M1 over to it.

00:48:56   So I don't know, I think out of all the machines

00:48:58   that are left, the 21-inch iMac, or maybe it's 24 inches,

00:49:02   maybe it gets a little bit bigger,

00:49:03   the low-end iMac seems like the obvious next place to go

00:49:07   with the parts we currently know about,

00:49:10   that Apple has, you know, shipping in machines now.

00:49:13   - Yeah, 'cause I don't know about you,

00:49:15   but like I didn't expect MacBook Pros

00:49:17   until second half of the year anyway.

00:49:19   Like it felt like a WWDC announcement always to me.

00:49:22   Like I didn't think we were gonna get them

00:49:24   any sooner than that.

00:49:25   - Yeah, I mean, maybe it was just me being excited.

00:49:29   - I think you would go over excited maybe.

00:49:31   - It's hard not to, this stuff is so much fun.

00:49:34   - Uh-huh, so isn't it Federico?

00:49:37   - Yes, I'm just jumping up and down on my seat

00:49:41   thinking about pro.

00:49:43   - Well, I got some good news for you Federico,

00:49:45   I got some good news for you.

00:49:46   - Yes.

00:49:47   apparently a big overhaul coming to TweetDeck. The Verge had a big interview with Twitter's

00:49:53   head of product, Kayvon Begpor, and they're saying they're going to be remaking it from

00:49:59   the ground up.

00:50:01   I like the sound of that. Okay, go on.

00:50:04   Okay. I mean that's all I have for you. I don't have anything else. They're just remaking

00:50:09   it from the ground up.

00:50:11   OK, so a couple of things.

00:50:14   I really hope that this remake from the ground up

00:50:17   means that it's also coming to iPad,

00:50:20   because right now it's web and Mac and PC only.

00:50:24   Because you use it, right?

00:50:26   Where do you use it?

00:50:27   On my Mac.

00:50:28   Right now, the way that I use Twitter on my Mac

00:50:32   is via TweetDeck.

00:50:33   And I'm looking at it right now.

00:50:35   I have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight columns

00:50:41   -opening tweet deck. -Bereco Vittucci, social media intern.

00:50:45   I am my own social media manager.

00:50:48   I am also a bad person because

00:50:51   I follow things like

00:50:55   Pokemon and Italian TV via Twitter searches.

00:50:59   Why is that bad? -Well, because it's a huge waste of time, right?

00:51:04   Because you find all these tweets and suddenly just wasted 40 minutes

00:51:08   clicking on links and reaction GIFs and that kind of stupid stuff.

00:51:12   But it's also a very effective approach to Twitter because like set aside

00:51:18   disregard the last two columns for those saved searches, which by the way, it's a powerful feature

00:51:25   that you can have in...

00:51:28   I mean you can do it in Twitter in the official app

00:51:31   but you can also do it in TweetDeck and it becomes a lot more fun because each search can become its own column.

00:51:36   But what I do, for example, and there's a link in the show notes, for a couple of years now,

00:51:41   I have not read my mentions via the "Native Mentions" tab.

00:51:47   Instead, I put together in 2019 a saved search on Twitter that displays in the same

00:51:55   window both replies and quote tweets.

00:52:01   Right? So people who quote tweet one of my tweets, they show up in the same list. By default,

00:52:06   they do not, because by default in Twitter, in the Mentions tab,

00:52:11   you only see Mentions. And then if you want to see Quote Tweets, you gotta go to the Notifications tab.

00:52:17   Instead, via this saved search, I made it more like Tweetbot,

00:52:21   which I believe it's the only app that collects both Mentions and Quote Tweets in the same list.

00:52:27   Maybe Twitterrific does it too.

00:52:30   And so in TweetDeck that can just be its own column and I can place it right after the timeline

00:52:37   Because I can drag and drop columns however I want

00:52:40   So I really hope that I mean good news. Like I like it that they're working on it

00:52:47   It's great to know that it's still in active development

00:52:50   and I hope that these are

00:52:53   rebuilding from the ground up means they're also bringing this to iPad because I

00:52:58   I have been trying for a long time to sort of try and find something similar to TweetDeck

00:53:05   on iPad.

00:53:06   Now, I still use the official app because I believe that the real Twitter experience

00:53:10   is the official app, but there are times when I'm more in a sort of a news discovery kind

00:53:19   of mode where maybe I just want to see all the links that people have shared about a

00:53:26   particular topic or I need to go through my mentions. Like, I'm not necessarily keeping

00:53:32   up with Twitter as I normally do. I'm more like dealing with it for work, right? And

00:53:39   so there's a couple of options when it comes to multi-column Twitter on iPad. The first

00:53:45   one is Tweetbot 6, which is the latest version of Tweetbot, and obviously you can have two

00:53:50   columns as always. You can have the timeline and a narrow column on the right side of the

00:53:56   screen. But the more interesting option, I think, is Aviary. So Aviary is this new

00:54:01   third-party Twitter client that came out alongside iOS 14, and the developer has

00:54:05   released a lot of updates in the past few months. It was actually highlighted

00:54:10   by the Twitter API portal a couple of days ago, I think, as one of the new apps

00:54:16   using the modern Twitter API. And what you can do in the iPad version of Aviary,

00:54:22   You can have up to three columns. You can choose to have a narrow or sort of a

00:54:29   collapsed sidebar on the left side of the screen. You can choose to show the

00:54:34   sidebar alongside the columns or not, and you can switch the middle column to

00:54:40   either display your mentions or your DMs or a saved search or a list. And

00:54:46   And what's even nicer about Aviary is that there's lots of settings to choose from.

00:54:52   They are presented relatively clearly. I mean, it's not as confusing as, say, iCab, for example, right?

00:54:59   All the settings are very neatly organized.

00:55:01   I mean, that's not... I mean, you've hardly set any kind of relatable bar.

00:55:05   It's not a high bar, I know, but I'm just here to tell you, like, this is an app with tons of settings,

00:55:10   but it's not confusing to tweak them.

00:55:13   And what I like is that when you click on a tweet in the timeline, you can choose to have the detail page for the tweet open in the rightmost column.

00:55:24   That's a very nice touch, because you can keep scrolling and then you say "Oh, let me open this tweet for, like, I want to watch a video or something" and then you can just pin it to the side, which is cool.

00:55:32   is cool. The problem with Aviary is that you cannot open an unlimited number of columns.

00:55:40   So it's not like TweetDeck because I want, like, three columns are not enough. Because

00:55:44   I mean, between the timeline, mentions, and DMs, I'm already, you know, I don't have any

00:55:51   more columns. So I think Aviary is on the right path in terms of trying to offer a TweetDeck-like

00:56:02   experience on iPad, it's definitely the closest one so far, but I would love to

00:56:10   open more columns instead of just being limited to three of them, because like I

00:56:15   said I want to have saved searches and I want to have lists in there. And so right

00:56:21   now it's not possible, but the fact that this application is using all the modern

00:56:27   iPadOS APIs, right? So native sidebars, context menus, I mean everything about it

00:56:33   looks great and the developer has been fixing a bunch of visual glitches and

00:56:37   bugs that people have been reporting lately. The last time I tried it, it was

00:56:41   kind of buggy and I just I've been using it for the past couple of days. It's much

00:56:46   better now, but I want to have more columns. Now I don't know if maybe it's

00:56:50   an API limitation that they need to throttle the requests and maybe more

00:56:56   than three columns becomes a problem, I don't know. But all I'm saying is maybe even if

00:57:02   Twitter does not bring TweetDeck to iPad, maybe there's hope with something like Aviary.

00:57:09   Or maybe the Tapbots folks will finally understand that more than two columns could work on an

00:57:15   iPad in landscape. I don't know. I don't know what they got distracted by. You know, some

00:57:20   companies have a core thing, like Evernote, right? They have a core thing and then they

00:57:25   run off the rails and they come back like, "Oh no, our core thing is bad!" and they

00:57:28   try to fix it.

00:57:29   And you can tell the moment that Evernote got distracted, right? You can point at a

00:57:33   specific moment in time and say, "Yeah, that's when you did the socks." I mean, that's

00:57:37   so clear.

00:57:38   But like, what has Twitter been doing? They have the world's simplest service, it seems

00:57:44   like, compared to these other things, and they just let things sit and rot. Things like

00:57:50   TweetDeck.

00:57:51   Jack needed to meditate in a cave and grow a beard and eat seeds from the ground, alright?

00:57:58   So the guy needed to do that and... I don't know, man.

00:58:02   They seem to be doing stuff. I actually did hear a thing where Jack was saying they've been working for a long time

00:58:08   to basically redo their entire underpinnings so they can start to be more responsive to product stuff.

00:58:14   And I want to talk about one of those in a minute actually, but the head of product, BigPaw, said

00:58:21   In the last year and a half, we've really stepped up both our commitment and follow-through

00:58:25   on just innovating around the API again, getting the API back to parity from our own internal

00:58:31   APIs that we use to build functionality.

00:58:34   The word parity is interesting to me there.

00:58:36   We've spoken about this a bunch.

00:58:38   Is it going to be?

00:58:40   Like World Tapbots and Aviary and Twitterif...

00:58:43   Yeah, Twitterific, are they going to be able to actually build a Twitter app, which is

00:58:48   like the original Twitter app?

00:58:51   Because I'll tell you what, whilst there's a lot of things I like about the ZR app, there's

00:58:55   one thing I really don't like, and it's trends.

00:58:59   I don't want to see the trends every time I go to search.

00:59:03   Because what happens to me every time is I want to go search for something, right?

00:59:06   Either an account or whatever.

00:59:08   And I press that search button and a word grabs my eye and I'm like, "What?"

00:59:15   And I can't help but click it, right?

00:59:17   And I never leave those experiences feeling better than when I started.

00:59:21   And I've seen the whole thing about changing your location.

00:59:27   I just don't want to see trends.

00:59:28   I just don't want to see the trends.

00:59:31   And yeah, so I have a third party Twitter app that I've used.

00:59:35   You can disable that if you want to.

00:59:38   And so I really hope that there are other things that come in the future where third

00:59:43   party apps can integrate more with the typical Twitter experience.

00:59:49   We'll see.

00:59:50   A new tweet deck could be a way that Twitter makes money, I think.

00:59:55   You know, we've spoken in the past about them wanting to do subscription-based stuff, because

01:00:02   one of the things that we know Twitter is doing now is their Super Follow feature, right,

01:00:06   where you can basically pay creators.

01:00:08   And in this interview, they were talking about how it seems that Super Follows is not something

01:00:13   that they're particularly looking to really make a lot of money on which I was surprised

01:00:17   about.

01:00:18   Like I figured that they would, they spoke about doing the app store cuts which you're

01:00:21   going to have to do, but then I figured that they would probably do like a 50/50 revenue

01:00:25   split with creators but it seems at least that they're not necessarily looking at that

01:00:29   kind of stuff and that they really see it as a way for creators to make money.

01:00:32   In general it was interesting, so like you know you could make people pay for your hot

01:00:37   takes and you would get most of the money for it.

01:00:41   So maybe they end up doing something like a "Hey pay us for TweetDeck" kind of thing,

01:00:45   which I think would make sense.

01:00:46   I did want to know what the two of you thought about the SuperFollow feature.

01:00:52   I think it's a very good idea.

01:00:57   I want to see how many integr...

01:01:00   I guess that it will go beyond just saying "Pay me so that you can see these quote unquote

01:01:06   protected tweets."

01:01:08   Yeah, I can give you a little... they published a bunch of screenshots, right?

01:01:11   Right.

01:01:12   And one of the screenshots that they posted, whether they actually have all this functionality

01:01:15   available I don't know, but there's like this splash screen that came up and it's like,

01:01:20   if you want to super follow to show your support, this person will earn money from your super

01:01:24   follow and you'll receive the listed perks as a thank you.

01:01:27   And these options of these perks were a supporter badge on your profile, subscriber only newsletters,

01:01:33   exclusive content, deals and discounts and community access.

01:01:36   So like maybe that is like, you know, the exclusive content is tweets and fleets and

01:01:41   all that kind of stuff.

01:01:43   Subscriber only newsletters, maybe they're integrating with the newsletter platform that

01:01:47   they bought.

01:01:48   Deals and discounts, no idea what that means.

01:01:50   Community access, I figured maybe they could like, well, Spaces is one of them.

01:01:55   I was also thinking like Discord.

01:01:59   See where it becomes interesting to me is whether they will consider having these kinds

01:02:05   of external integrations, right? Because, personally speaking, it would be interesting

01:02:12   if Twitter could integrate this feature with something like Memberful or Patreon or these

01:02:19   other platforms to say‚Ķ Well, they wouldn't work with Patreon, but they would work with

01:02:24   all the things Patreon works with. So Patreon integrates with a bunch of things, but there's

01:02:29   no way Twitter and Patreon can integrate because they're completely in opposition.

01:02:33   But my problem, for example, is I already have a membership program, right? And I wouldn't

01:02:41   want to sell Twitter follow, super follows as an additional thing. Ideally, what I would

01:02:47   like to do is if you're already a Club Max Stories member, you also have access to super

01:02:52   follows.

01:02:53   Well, I mean, you could do it the other way around. Like, if you become a super follower

01:02:57   of Federico, you get this and also you get Club Max Stories because you could...

01:03:02   how would you control that access right that's exactly if they have integrations you could just

01:03:07   integrate your super follow and mailchimp together so you just skip i would love to have a super

01:03:13   follows api so that we can do that kind of stuff yes but we'll we'll see like as to what whatever

01:03:20   they do i mean i i don't know it's intriguing at least i mean there's a there's a few people that

01:03:29   that I know I would like to support, right?

01:03:33   There's a few folks on Twitter that I really enjoy,

01:03:35   like whenever they do something, I check it out.

01:03:38   And yeah, I would definitely sign up

01:03:40   for those kinds of accounts and get more

01:03:42   and have access to a newsletter.

01:03:44   Like that kind of whatever you do,

01:03:47   I'm gonna support you type of thing.

01:03:49   I can think of a few Twitter users

01:03:51   that I personally am a fan of,

01:03:54   and so I would like to do.

01:03:57   But it really depends on just how enticing the whole package is, right?

01:04:03   I don't want to just get a bunch of exclusive tweets and a badge.

01:04:07   Like I don't care about the badge, right?

01:04:09   I care about supporting the creator and I care about the content.

01:04:12   So I want to see how extensive the things that you can, like, the collection of things

01:04:18   that you can offer, basically.

01:04:21   And I am, I'm very intrigued as a fan.

01:04:26   I am very skeptical as a creator myself because, and I think we talked about this already,

01:04:32   we chose years ago to have our own membership program, right?

01:04:37   And there's obviously, there's also a question of now trying to play devil's advocate for

01:04:43   a second, but there's a question of do you really want to build your membership platform

01:04:51   on top of a social network, right?

01:04:55   There's the question of control, there's the question of you don't really own your customers

01:05:00   because you're having this company in the middle of your relationship with them.

01:05:08   To an extent, you could make the same argument for stuff like Patreon and Memberful, obviously,

01:05:14   but the differentiating factor there is you can control everything via an API, right?

01:05:21   you have access to all the possible member data that you want to have. You control everything

01:05:26   via Memberful, you control everything via Stripe. So you can do whatever you want, basically,

01:05:33   in terms of managing people, managing access to multiple tiers, all that kind of stuff.

01:05:38   With Twitter, I have to assume it'll be a much more simple approach where you say, "Hey,

01:05:45   up and people sign up and you see a list of people and you probably cannot export anything

01:05:52   and you get your cut at the end of the month or whatever. As a creator, I wouldn't be ecstatic

01:06:01   at the idea of not having that kind of technical control.

01:06:07   I mean, and there's also choosing to go your own route. You don't have to lose 30% to upload

01:06:12   Google as well. Which is a big cut. So for something they have no right over. None.

01:06:22   But we can have that conversation another day maybe. Steven, do you

01:06:27   have any particular thoughts about Super Follows? It just feels like too little

01:06:33   too late. The creators, to Federica's point, have already found their things to

01:06:39   do, right? Yeah, if they would have done this a few years ago, Twitter would have just absolutely

01:06:43   owned it, yeah. It's also interesting because, you know, we think about Twitter as like the most

01:06:50   important social network, but out in the world it's actually not very big. Even though it's where

01:06:55   our community is focused and like, you know, where all of us are all day, it's not true out in the

01:07:03   wider world and I just can't help but wonder like how big could this be? You

01:07:08   know with something like Patreon because it's independent of anything no matter

01:07:13   what social network your content creator and your audiences are you know if it is

01:07:19   Twitter or Facebook or YouTube or Twitch or whatever Patreon like is agnostic to

01:07:24   all those things and so even if this is successful which I think it's not a

01:07:29   guarantee it can't ever grow past a certain size because Twitter itself is

01:07:36   limited in size in a way that I think we don't often see. No I think that's a good

01:07:42   point right and like patreon is its own thing and people know what it is and you

01:07:46   can just say go follow my patreon and it's just clicking on the link same as

01:07:49   clicking on any link and filling out the form so yeah I don't know it's gonna be

01:07:54   interesting to see how it goes. Like you guys, I just have no place in my life that I think

01:08:02   this would even make sense for me as a person who creates things to do.

01:08:07   Because the things that I do for members, work-related stuff, right? That's already

01:08:16   a huge part of my day. And the thought of, "Oh, but let's also do like a personal

01:08:23   super follows type of thing, like it's not that kind of a pressure and the kind of responsibility

01:08:28   that I'm looking for right now.

01:08:30   Because like what?

01:08:32   My music and video game recommendations are now paywalled with a super follow.

01:08:37   It's like, no.

01:08:38   Yeah, I think none of us are like influencer content creators, right?

01:08:46   If you are the type of person whose job is social media, like you kind of like, you know,

01:08:52   Social media for us I think is very much like a secondary thing to the things that we do.

01:08:59   If you are like a social media influencer person, your brain is already in that world

01:09:04   of creating content for those specific platforms.

01:09:07   The thought of having some stuff which is like a little bit cordoned off, it's like

01:09:12   an easier jump, right?

01:09:14   Where it wouldn't be the same I think.

01:09:17   I just don't even know what I would put there, honestly.

01:09:21   Realistically, even if people were like, "Oh, we really want to give you..."

01:09:24   Like, I have a thousand people say to me, "Superfollow you."

01:09:28   I don't know what I would give you, right?

01:09:30   Like I just don't think I have it.

01:09:32   What would you...

01:09:33   Yeah, I have no idea what I would provide as content for you.

01:09:37   But I think there are a lot of people that still could, you know, like it could work

01:09:43   for them.

01:09:44   But I think that they have potentially...

01:09:47   They are following this idea rather than having had it in the first place and that's the problem.

01:09:52   Where if Twitter would have had that idea a long time ago, I think the market for things

01:09:58   like Patreon would be very different and I think Twitter would own quite a large slice

01:10:02   of it.

01:10:04   I agree what Steven said about it's not necessarily the place for everyone but I think it would

01:10:09   be a place for enough people that they would have been much more legitimate competition

01:10:13   where by this point everyone's kind of worked out their thing on their own.

01:10:16   Yeah, like who's gonna leave Patreon for this or who starting out is gonna think,

01:10:20   "Let me just do this on Twitter," instead of something like Patreon or rolling your own.

01:10:27   Yeah.

01:10:27   Now, there are some people, like there are creators out there, like the whole thing is on Twitter,

01:10:32   and for them, I think it'll be great.

01:10:34   A lot of comedians.

01:10:35   As long as they haven't started it somewhere else.

01:10:37   Yeah, and stuff like that. I think some of these people start Patreons,

01:10:40   maybe they don't work as well as they would if they were Twitter-based completely, you know?

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01:12:52   So we were talking earlier about if there would be iPads in a March event if there was

01:12:59   going to be one.

01:13:00   I think one of the products that feels like it's certain would be a new iPad and probably

01:13:05   a new iPad Pro and probably the 12.9 inch iPad Pro would be that product.

01:13:12   There has been continued rumours about Mini LED and this is continuing. There was another

01:13:18   report about Mini LED iPad Pros launching as soon as the end of March which honestly

01:13:24   isn't that long now. That gives a very strange 20 days. Mini LED would still be an LCD display

01:13:31   but have many LEDs backlighting behind it.

01:13:35   So the backlighting would give higher brightness,

01:13:37   improve contrast, there'll be 5G and an A14 variant.

01:13:41   This is stuff that we've kind of--

01:13:42   - 5G. - Thank you.

01:13:43   Probably known about for a while,

01:13:45   but Steven wanted to pose the question to us

01:13:47   of what we would want from a new iPad Pro

01:13:51   in a kind of mythical environment.

01:13:54   And so we all have a selection of things, I think,

01:13:57   that we would like to talk about.

01:13:59   There's a little bit of overlap here.

01:14:03   So maybe-- I don't know.

01:14:06   How should we do this, Steven?

01:14:07   You proposed it.

01:14:08   Do we want to round robin?

01:14:09   What do you want to do?

01:14:10   We don't all have the same number,

01:14:12   so the round robin would fall out of the sky.

01:14:14   I'll imagine if a round robin wouldn't work for us.

01:14:16   Can you imagine that?

01:14:17   If somehow it got in the wrong order?

01:14:18   We execute it so perfectly every time.

01:14:21   Well, maybe we could just go in order

01:14:23   that I'll just talk about my things,

01:14:24   and then if we get overlap, we just get overlap.

01:14:26   So I think that every single product

01:14:29   that Apple makes now needs to have a better webcam, a better front facing camera.

01:14:34   This has been a thing for a long time.

01:14:36   I think even the iPhone needs a better selfie camera, as always, it's such an important

01:14:40   thing but now everyone's been subject to how poor their front facing cameras are.

01:14:47   You know, like on their Macs, on their iPads, everybody wants better cameras, we should

01:14:52   have better cameras.

01:14:53   Obviously it's way worse on the Mac than it is on the iPad but the main problem I have

01:14:58   with the iPad is the location of it. So when I have FaceTime calls and Zoom calls, I have

01:15:08   my iPad in horizontal mode, like in landscape mode, because it's nicer, you get bigger screen.

01:15:14   But then when I'm looking at the camera, I'm looking at the people who say, "Who is in

01:15:17   the wrong place for me? Off on one of the sides." I would much prefer the camera to

01:15:21   be on the horizontal edge, right? On the landscape edge, that's where I would want it to be.

01:15:27   I think that that would be much nicer.

01:15:29   Do either of you agree or have any thoughts on the camera style?

01:15:33   I agree and I will go as far as saying I actually want two front-facing cameras, one on either

01:15:40   side.

01:15:41   Just give me two cameras because sometimes I get it, like you want to chat in portrait

01:15:46   and it makes more sense to have the camera on the shorter side of the iPad.

01:15:51   Most of the time when you're working though you want to have on the landscape side.

01:15:55   So I would love to have two cameras, which is a common thread, I guess, in my wishes

01:16:01   for this iPad Pro, because I'm also, I'm just going to mention it right away, I also want

01:16:05   two USB-C ports.

01:16:07   So I guess with two front-facing cameras you could like have 3D FaceTime calling it.

01:16:12   Yes, FaceTime 3D.

01:16:15   I think there's a possible problem with the iPad Pro camera being on the horizontal edge,

01:16:21   that that is where all the pencil magnets and charging stuff is and so

01:16:26   that's gonna happen. But could you just put it on the bottom edge? Then it's looking up

01:16:30   your nose like those Dell notebooks used to do. Oh yeah yeah yeah I'm thinking if you use

01:16:35   one of the cases. Right, which like most people are gonna have it in a magic

01:16:39   keyboard or some sort of case most of the time and so maybe that I think the

01:16:44   pencil thing would have to that would have to be dealt with. It's not a showstopper

01:16:47   stop where clearly that they can design products that work together but I don't

01:16:52   think it's as easy as like let's put it over here. But yeah I agree with you it

01:16:56   being off to the side is super weird and it so much of the iPad it feels like

01:17:02   Apple just had to make a decision and they made that decision 10 years ago 11

01:17:05   years ago that the iPad is to be is a portrait first hardware device even

01:17:11   though from the beginning the software is better in landscape and they're just

01:17:15   slowly coming around to things being more native,

01:17:19   if you will, more better, all being in landscape.

01:17:23   - I really- - More better.

01:17:24   - Yep, more better.

01:17:25   Can we talk about two USB-C ports for a second?

01:17:28   - Yes.

01:17:29   - What is that?

01:17:30   What's going on there?

01:17:31   - Because I'm tired of using adapters and dongles.

01:17:34   - Okay.

01:17:35   - I just wanna have one port for charging

01:17:37   and the other for data or connecting a monitor, whatever.

01:17:41   I mean computers have multiple ports and an iPad is a computer.

01:17:47   What's a computer?

01:17:49   I knew this was coming.

01:17:50   Wait, can't you just charge through the Magic Keyboard?

01:17:53   Yeah, I never do that. Because it's also like slower charging. I don't trust that.

01:17:58   Well, I will say on that one thing, they have given you two USB-C ports there.

01:18:02   You're choosing not to use one of them. It charges fine!

01:18:06   I don't know. I just I prefer the idea of having multiple ports on the computer.

01:18:12   I agree that there should be two USB-C ports on it. Like why not? Like why not?

01:18:17   Why not? If a MacBook has it, why not the iPad?

01:18:21   It's just like if you did it at all, then you know it's useful, put another one on there, right?

01:18:27   And look, you don't have to start putting all kinds of nonsense on there.

01:18:30   You do not need to put an SD card reader on the iPad. You don't need to do that, right?

01:18:34   You need to have to start putting like whatever on there.

01:18:37   But two USB-C ports would be great.

01:18:40   Like why not? Let's just do it.

01:18:41   The question is not why, the question is why not?

01:18:44   What about this new MagSafe?

01:18:46   Put that on there and one USB-C. How would you feel about that?

01:18:50   What would that do?

01:18:53   I don't know. Well it would charge and it would be nice.

01:18:56   I would much prefer MagSafe, a version of MagSafe charging on my iPad than USB-C.

01:19:02   OK, for charging. I'll give you that. Sure.

01:19:04   If they do that, I will accept it. MagSafe and USB.

01:19:07   Like if the laptops are going to get MagSafe, why can't the iPads get MagSafe?

01:19:11   MagSafe and USB-C I would like. That I would like. Yes.

01:19:14   That would be cool, right?

01:19:17   Because as well, like the iPads are lighter than laptops.

01:19:22   There's more risk of that thing flying off the table if I hit the cable.

01:19:27   Plus, I'm more likely to have it in places where that would occur anyway.

01:19:31   So I would like MagSafe if that's the thing that comes to other products.

01:19:35   That'd be cool.

01:19:36   I like it.

01:19:36   Yeah.

01:19:36   I would also like better support for external displays.

01:19:40   I'll ask this forever.

01:19:41   I just want it to just do better.

01:19:46   Just like there's a lot of areas of better that they could do with this and they

01:19:51   just need to just start doing a couple of them, right?

01:19:53   Like let me lock the screen.

01:19:55   There's part one.

01:19:56   And then eventually, uh, aspect ratios.

01:20:00   Give me different aspect ratios.

01:20:02   I know that's--

01:20:04   Aspect ratios and have multiple home screens,

01:20:08   drag and drop windows between displays.

01:20:11   I mean, there's literally so much choice.

01:20:13   It's not about having better external display support.

01:20:16   It's about having external display support at all.

01:20:21   It's basically not-- it's just mirroring.

01:20:23   That's all it is.

01:20:24   Yeah.

01:20:25   So--

01:20:25   My next point, why not just make the bigger one bigger?

01:20:29   just I don't know just what could happen if there was an even bigger iPad. I don't know

01:20:35   how big I want an iPad to be. I don't know how much I'm willing to have an iPad go right

01:20:42   but there is a part of me like why does it why can we not push past 13 like could we

01:20:48   go to 15 what would that be like? Yeah yeah again also my list and the more I think about

01:20:55   this, the more I feel like, yeah, it's about having a bigger iPad, but really, like, this

01:21:01   was a fun exercise, because it made me realize that what I really want to see from a new

01:21:06   iPad Pro is finish the event where they announce it with the same feeling I had when they first

01:21:15   introduced the iPad Pro in 2015.

01:21:19   like it's been six years and I want to have that feeling of "oh no they didn't"

01:21:25   again like that surprise that genuine surprise of "they did some crazy stuff

01:21:32   that I was not expecting" you know? And I want to feel that way again.

01:21:37   Yeah I see that. But I don't know how. You remember how we felt like suddenly

01:21:44   they just, they didn't just announce an iPad Pro, they sort of validated our feelings about it

01:21:51   in a way that we were not necessarily expecting. And yeah, I mean, mini-LED, fine, 5G, okay,

01:22:00   thank you, maybe longer battery life, sure, but how the, can you make it like feel new,

01:22:09   like really new and try something really different.

01:22:13   Because more or less, I mean besides the redesign in 2018,

01:22:19   with the Switch, so we got the new display design

01:22:22   and the Switch 2 USB-C, really the excitement has come from the accessories.

01:22:29   Not necessarily from the iPad Pro itself.

01:22:32   Yeah, the 2018 redesign, whilst it still feels and looks great,

01:22:37   the 2020 iPad Pro models specifically make me feel the same way that you do, where it's like,

01:22:44   well, now you've kind of kept the hardware the same for a while, I'm kind of wanting and slightly

01:22:51   expecting you to surprise me again. And I will say that in the last six years, so since 2015,

01:22:59   We've talked about the iPad Pro more in the context of two things.

01:23:06   It's software and it's accessories.

01:23:10   Not the iPad Pro itself, which I understand, but it's also very different from the way

01:23:16   that we talk about iPhones and the way that we talk about Macbooks.

01:23:20   And I wonder why.

01:23:21   Is it just because it's such a different product or is it because Apple isn't trying hard enough?

01:23:28   And I don't have a good answer to that.

01:23:30   I don't have an answer to that question either, but that's a very interesting insight.

01:23:35   On the accessories, I do want another...

01:23:38   I say I use the same phrase to blow me away again.

01:23:41   I want another exciting new accessory, right?

01:23:43   Like Apple Pencil, Apple Pencil 2, Magic Keyboard, all of these things were like, "Oh my god,

01:23:50   I did not expect this.

01:23:52   I want another accessory like that."

01:23:55   I would love to see Magic Keyboard 2 at some point where it can do what it does but better.

01:24:03   Keep doing everything the Magic Keyboard is good at but improve on it.

01:24:09   Better angles, viewing angles and all that kind of stuff.

01:24:12   I would love to see that.

01:24:14   I just want to keep seeing them pushing the iPad with this additional hardware.

01:24:20   I think one of the reasons that maybe we don't potentially talk about the iPad hardware so

01:24:24   much is because Apple does such a good job with the accessories right like Apple's iPad

01:24:30   Pro accessories are the best accessories Apple makes like nothing even comes close to how

01:24:37   much these accessories these first party accessories change how the the product feels to use like

01:24:43   you can adapt it and make it better so I would I want to keep seeing them do that it makes

01:24:48   sense in this line you keep you know you especially as we spoke about this right like when they

01:24:53   they trickle down the other accessories you need to continue innovating at the

01:24:58   top end to make the iPad Pro worth it as product to people because right now you

01:25:04   know I can imagine so many people rightly choose to buy an iPad Air over an

01:25:07   11 inch iPad Pro. Makes a lot more sense yeah especially for if you want an 11

01:25:12   inch iPad. Yeah there's there's just too much overlap right there right now.

01:25:17   And so you've got to expect that they are going to attempt that to change that

01:25:22   in some way. I don't know what it will be but accessories are always a great way

01:25:25   to do it and it's also great because you know I'm sure Apple were very happy with

01:25:29   the Magic Keyboard because they could sell it to lots of people right?

01:25:33   It costs a lot of money. But they could sell it to previous iPad Pro users as well so

01:25:38   so that's my little list and I know Federico you have a couple more than me and Steven has a couple more to add.

01:25:41   I mean I mentioned two USB C ports and the other stuff the two

01:25:47   cameras external display support and a bigger model was also on my list so I'm

01:25:51   just going to mention longer battery life because why not? Like, I can go through my

01:25:57   iPad Pro's battery if I work a lot on a particular day. It would be nice if I could, you know,

01:26:05   if it could go until the next morning. Not that I would want to work until the next morning,

01:26:09   but I dislike having the 20% warning at 11pm, you know? It's not something...

01:26:15   Yeah, I've been thinking about the battery, right? They always had that 10 hour battery

01:26:20   because it was always so good and it was always so long and nothing else could touch it so

01:26:25   why change it? But now... But the new Macs... exactly... yeah... like they get way better

01:26:32   battery life than the iPad which I think is now time to consider can you get more battery

01:26:39   life out of an iPad because that 10 hour figure is just not as impressive anymore. Yep, exactly

01:26:46   why I put it on the list. And the other one is even louder speakers. I enjoy listening

01:26:55   to music on the iPad Pro. I mean, it's obviously not as good as an actual speaker, as a HomePod

01:27:02   or really as an Amazon Echo even, but they are decent speakers for a tablet and they're

01:27:08   loud enough, so if you can make those better, please and thank you.

01:27:12   Do you also take pictures with your iPad Pro? Use it as a camera?

01:27:17   Sometimes of my dogs. If they're doing something particularly funny and my phone is like in

01:27:21   the other room, then yes, I will take a picture. But that's literally the only scenario. But

01:27:28   yes, better speakers. I mean, again, why not? But all of these things are, again, iterative

01:27:35   updates, right? It's like making something that already exists better. Whereas I would

01:27:41   like to see something that doesn't exist and I want to be shocked, right? I want to feel

01:27:47   like I felt in November 2015 or September, whenever that was. It's more about missing

01:27:53   that feeling and craving that feeling than, you know, "Sure, I'll get a new iPad Pro with

01:27:58   a better display and a better system on a chip and whatever." But I just want to feel

01:28:03   good about it too.

01:28:06   What if they switch it to Intel? You know, the Macs go in one way, the iPad the other

01:28:11   way.

01:28:12   No, I mean, that would be a surprise.

01:28:14   Wait, Apple will be Z on chips.

01:28:18   That would be surprising. I just, I wonder, now this is probably a stupid idea, but could

01:28:27   Apple make something like a better version? And again, think about it in the context of

01:28:35   a real quality accessory made by Apple that costs a lot of money. But look at something

01:28:40   like the Kensington Studio Dock, which is coming out soon. Could Apple maybe make a

01:28:45   better version of that? And sort of really make an accessory that turns your iPad Pro

01:28:50   into a desktop workstation? Maybe that's something... That would be one of the new things that,

01:28:56   like I would not expect from Apple, would make the iPad Pro a lot more pro for professional

01:29:02   users and could be another accessory to add to the lineup and you could charge a lot of

01:29:09   money, you know, you could charge people a lot of money to pay for that kind of accessory.

01:29:14   So a charging pad, multiple USB ports, a stand that supports rotation, maybe do something

01:29:21   special for the Apple Pencil, that kind of thing is what I would...

01:29:25   These aren't three products?

01:29:27   Exactly.

01:29:28   You getting it yet?

01:29:29   It's one product.

01:29:30   And it cost $1000.

01:29:32   So yeah, I mean, that's the kind of out of the ordinary,

01:29:37   wild stuff that I would like Apple do more

01:29:40   with the iPad Pro.

01:29:42   That's the end of my list.

01:29:43   - 5G baby.

01:29:45   - Okay, all right, sure.

01:29:47   - Wow, okay.

01:29:49   - I think it's been the M1 MacBook Pro,

01:29:51   or maybe it's been that I haven't really left my house

01:29:53   very much in a year.

01:29:54   I just don't use my iPad Pro for work.

01:29:57   and it makes me, it makes it difficult to get excited

01:30:00   about a new one because it's not really in the market,

01:30:05   probably, I agree with everything y'all said.

01:30:08   The only thing I would add, and it's just,

01:30:09   Apple just doesn't do this on pro hardware,

01:30:11   they leave all the fun colors for the standard hardware,

01:30:14   and I think that's a mistake, I think you can have colors

01:30:17   on an iPad Pro and it'd be fun.

01:30:19   - Professional people like to have fun too, right?

01:30:21   - Pro fun.

01:30:22   So, I like to see them do that, but really,

01:30:26   I'm just, I want a modern, slightly bigger iPad Mini.

01:30:29   That's what I want.

01:30:30   - Okay, you've kind of cheated, but I agree with you.

01:30:32   I would also like a modern iPad Mini.

01:30:34   If that's the conversation we're gonna have right now,

01:30:36   yeah, I would love that.

01:30:37   - That can happen, never know.

01:30:38   - I mean, it could.

01:30:41   - Yeah, the only other thing I would add seriously is

01:30:45   the cost is, I think, still too high.

01:30:49   You know, the iPad Air kind of sits in the middle now,

01:30:52   and so you do run the risk of running into that,

01:30:55   Maybe they both get bigger and you can space them out a little bit better, but

01:30:58   Right, like you can buy an iPad Pro and a smart keyboard and spend more than a MacBook Air like

01:31:03   I don't I just don't know if that's where the iPad Pro needs to be

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01:31:42   What did we talk about in the pre-show?

01:31:45   - We spoke about Zoom.

01:31:46   - Yes.

01:31:47   - I spoke about my issues with home security systems.

01:31:50   - That's right.

01:31:52   - Reaped basis.

01:31:53   Yeah, yeah, we spoke about cool CEOs.

01:31:57   I don't even know how to sum it up.

01:31:58   Cool CEOs, good looking, whether Steve Jobs is cool.

01:32:03   And walking the fine line between confidence and coolness.

01:32:08   Yeah.

01:32:09   And the very few people who have both.

01:32:11   And Steve Jobs on a motorbike.

01:32:13   Yes.

01:32:14   Yeah, that sums it up.

01:32:15   Yeah.

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01:32:56   Federico, I have a question for you. What is your favorite holiday?

01:33:02   Once I, I would have said Christmas, but I think as I grow older, I'm running into something

01:33:11   that my mom used to say and that I didn't really understand when I was little, which

01:33:15   is the older you grow, the sadder the Christmas becomes. Just because you lose that magic

01:33:23   of being a kid. My grandma, for example, is not around anymore. And it's just Christmas

01:33:30   is not as fun as it used to be. At least in my family. Maybe it's not the same for everybody.

01:33:37   I hope it's not the same for everybody, but at least for me, it's not my favorite anymore.

01:33:42   Now Easter, it's not really... I mean it's a holiday but it's never... at least in Italy

01:33:49   it's not a huge thing, you know, Easter. We have like a lunch and then on Easter Monday

01:33:55   we go to the beach or something like that. That leaves... I don't know, what does that

01:34:01   leave? My birthday and... Well we have a holiday in Italy called Ferragosto which is on the

01:34:11   15th of August, which is in theory like a religious thing, but in practice it's always

01:34:18   been an excuse for people to get together and party and get drunk. I cannot think of

01:34:25   any other holiday. Well, and there's also New Year's Eve, right? Obviously. So, I want

01:34:31   to say that it comes down... I dislike the pressure of New Year's Eve and having, like,

01:34:38   being forced to come up with plans for New Year's Eve. I am not counting Valentine's

01:34:45   Day because we don't celebrate it. Sylvie and I, we don't care about Valentine's Day.

01:34:50   So that leaves my birthday and the 15th of August. I mean, my birthday is on the 10th

01:34:57   of August, so also in the same period, basically. So I will say, given how my life has changed

01:35:06   over the past few years, I will say that my favorite holiday is my birthday because I

01:35:11   get to go out for dinner with my friends. Your favorite holiday is the one that is about

01:35:17   you only. Yes. Really a holiday at that point. I mean, I hope that you were able to follow

01:35:24   along with my detailed explanation as to why I have issues with other holidays. So I mean,

01:35:30   Okay, so if I were to choose like the personal pick,

01:35:33   would be all about me and my birthday.

01:35:37   But if I were to set my ego aside for a moment,

01:35:42   which I know can be challenging for me,

01:35:44   I would say, "Ferragosto" on the 15th of August.

01:35:48   Yeah, or Federico's late birthday, as it's known.

01:35:52   Or yes, also my late birthday, five days later, yes.

01:35:56   All right, I'm glad we got that cleared up, I think.

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