335: A Shelf is the Perfect Object


00:00:00   Hey there, just a quick note that Federico lost power during our recording.

00:00:05   And so for a good part of the show I'll be relying on a Skype track for his audio and

00:00:10   then in a little while later in the show you'll hear it switch to his local audio.

00:00:16   I cleaned it up the best that I could and I apologize for the quality but it had to

00:00:21   be done and I'm going to go lecture him about battery backups.

00:00:25   [Music]

00:00:34   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 335.

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00:00:43   Baron Fig, and Impending. My name is Steven Hackett and I am joined by Mr.

00:00:49   Myke Hurley. Hi there, Steven Hackett. Hey, it's good

00:00:52   good to be back I am joined by Federico Vittucci hi Federico hello whoa hi well

00:00:58   this is it you leave for a week I have to take over hosting duties I can't give

00:01:02   them up that easily they just become ingrained in me so maybe next week I

00:01:06   won't do that you know like it's just like a tail off now I gotta choose

00:01:09   between mom and dad we do that thing we're both standing far away from you

00:01:16   come on Federico come on say hello to us and you're like walking backwards and

00:01:19   forwards bribing you with presents mm-hmm follow-up yeah I've got some

00:01:24   follow-up on hey so we spoke a bunch about hey last week hey one of the

00:01:30   things we spoke about was their hey world they were all which was the

00:01:33   blogging platform system that you could email send emails to and it would

00:01:38   publish them for you turns out hey is now going to be enabling this to the

00:01:42   personal hey customers or hey for you customers next week hey for you it was

00:01:47   It's kind of funny because I read this tweet from Jason Fareed where he announced it and

00:01:50   I didn't know that the personal accounts were called "Hey4You" and it took me a long time

00:01:55   of rereading to try and work out what he was talking about.

00:01:58   Yeah, you've got "Hey4Work" and "Hey4You".

00:02:00   This is a new thing, right?

00:02:02   It wasn't called "Hey4You".

00:02:03   Well, no, because they didn't have "Hey4Work", it was just "Hey", right?

00:02:07   So this is the tweet, it says "Thanks for all the enthusiasm, re-Hey World over the

00:02:11   past week.

00:02:12   Good news, we decided to ship it to all Hey4You Pay customers this week."

00:02:15   I was like, what does that mean?

00:02:17   I was reading it and I'm like, what is it saying?

00:02:20   But there you go.

00:02:22   So they're gonna they're shipping it to customers and but it's not going to be

00:02:26   for the business accounts for the foreseeable future, which I understand

00:02:30   because as as as Jason Fried says, it's like could be a little bit weird for

00:02:35   people to do personal blogging from their company email.

00:02:38   Right, like you could end up in some weird crossed wires there, like maybe

00:02:43   your boss doesn't want you doing that on an email address which is attached to your company

00:02:49   name.

00:02:50   So, I mean, so here's the thing, if you remember last week I was like, I don't know about this

00:02:56   because I feel like it's like a distraction and I still do feel like it's a weird distraction.

00:03:03   But I then also stumbled across a webpage called hey.com/new where it's just like a

00:03:10   running list which is a very nice web page of all of the features that they've

00:03:13   added to Hay and I will say there's a lot of stuff they're adding all the time

00:03:19   and a lot like for the platforms so it was kind of like okay like I was

00:03:24   impressed by this there's a considering it's still a new service they still got

00:03:27   a lot that they need to do and it's encouraging to see how many features they

00:03:32   continue to add to the service so you know whilst I still think maybe

00:03:36   becoming a blogging platform might not be the best use of their time even if

00:03:41   it's just on a very limited system. At least they seem like they're

00:03:48   adding a lot of stuff to the platform. I have now completed

00:03:55   one entire week using Hay because I set it up before the show and I have a few

00:04:00   more thoughts that I would like to share on this. So one, the Mac app is terrible because

00:04:09   it isn't a Mac app, but it's so bad. It really is just a web page. Honestly, I can't believe

00:04:19   I'm about to say this, I wish it was like an Electron app or something because you click

00:04:24   things and you need to wait for them, right? Like you do on the web. Right, but when you're

00:04:30   using it within what ostensibly tries to pretend it's an application, it feels disjointed.

00:04:37   It is, just to keep feedback from happening, it is an Electron app. It's just a bad one.

00:04:44   Oh, okay. Well, okay, so I compare it to say Slack, right? Slack to me still feels like

00:04:50   it's doing things like an application does. I know people give it a lot of... They give

00:04:55   it a hard time, Slack, right? But if I click into a channel, I'm immediately in that channel.

00:05:02   If I say I'm in an email and click my inbox button, I wait a second because I can see

00:05:07   it's loading it. And this isn't an internet connection issue because I have very good

00:05:12   internet. Just this is what it's like to work with web apps. And it just feels weird to

00:05:20   me to do it, maybe I've gotten them kind of mixed up in my mind as to like, Mac people,

00:05:27   you know? Maybe it was just because of the way it launched and you know, it was like

00:05:31   a lot of people in our community were really excited about it because these guys have been

00:05:35   around for a long time, like with Basecamp and stuff. My assumption would just be like,

00:05:39   "Oh, they're gonna build a Mac app." And also I remember them saying, like making a big

00:05:44   thing about like, they tried to submit their Mac app to the App Store and it was like the

00:05:49   the first thing that was rejected. So I just kind of expected it was like an actual Mac

00:05:53   app and not just a web app because it's like the most web app-y web app I've used in this

00:05:59   way maybe ever.

00:06:00   Yeah, I think they're just web people.

00:06:03   And that's just disappointing to me because the iOS app feels very responsive. But the

00:06:10   app on my Mac doesn't. So that's one thing. Also, I'm having some issues Federico with

00:06:15   categorising email, right? If I get an email from a person, like a person that I don't

00:06:22   necessarily know personally, like they're not like someone that I particularly want

00:06:27   to talk to all the time or whatever but maybe it's the first time they've emailed me, I

00:06:31   may be interested in the content, I may be interested in getting back to them at a certain

00:06:34   point in time, I don't know where to put this email because I either put it in the inbox

00:06:41   or I put it in the paper trail or I put it in the feed.

00:06:45   And that kind of email doesn't really feel like it belongs in any of those buckets?

00:06:49   Because with SaneBox I put it in the SaneLater folder

00:06:53   because it's like this is something I'll deal with later.

00:06:56   But with Hey I don't know where to put it, what would you do with an email like that?

00:07:01   I put it in the inbox and I set it aside.

00:07:04   What is setting aside?

00:07:06   It's literally a feature called set aside.

00:07:09   Okay, what does that what does that do though? And I know that the clues in the name, but

00:07:14   Well, they have these two little like side buckets if you will

00:07:18   Where you can reply later, which is one and the other is called set aside

00:07:24   It's like like a temporary holding spot for messages. So reply later

00:07:30   I use for things I'm going to reply to like where I actually have to write a reply myself

00:07:36   For those kinds of messages that I need to check out or like read or I don't know, click a link, whatever, I set them aside.

00:07:46   But I save them in the inbox because the feed I'm only using for newsletters and the paper trail for like receipts and like account, like, you know, when you sign up for something, you get like an account verification code or whatever.

00:08:01   those go in there. But otherwise I just put them in the inbox and I use either reply later

00:08:08   or set aside.

00:08:09   Okay, the setting aside I get a little bit more now. But again it just sits at the bottom

00:08:15   of the inbox, right? You just see their names?

00:08:18   Yes.

00:08:19   I can imagine. I imagine over time it just becomes a little stack or whatever. But even

00:08:23   then still, I would like another bucket, right? Where it's like I want to screen this person.

00:08:29   So I think of, say, in sales and stuff like that, I get people sending me emails to this

00:08:40   email address, which is a Cortex brand email address, and they're suggesting, "Hey, you

00:08:43   should look at doing this kind of product in the future."

00:08:46   And my thinking is, "I don't necessarily need to reply to that right now.

00:08:50   I'll put it aside for a bit and then I'll deal with them later because sometimes these

00:08:56   emails are really long and I'm not necessarily in that mode right now when I'm in the inbox.

00:09:02   So I would like to have like a fourth bucket which is like I will screen this person but

00:09:07   I will look at it another time. This is just a different way of doing things. I want to

00:09:11   get used to it and this was a stumbling block that I come across because I just didn't know

00:09:15   where to put this email. I didn't know where to go. But setting aside I guess that could

00:09:21   work. I'll try it. I've just done it.

00:09:24   a week maybe try that and we can follow up on how that works for you.

00:09:28   Yeah I've just done it now and I'll see what it's like with other stuff that comes in.

00:09:32   It's not limited to the inbox. Like I also said, for example, I just did it a few minutes ago,

00:09:37   I set aside something that was in the paper trail.

00:09:39   So it's like a universal thing. Okay that's interesting.

00:09:42   I don't know how to... it's not a folder because they don't call them folders.

00:09:46   It's a shelf.

00:09:46   It is a shelf.

00:09:48   It's a shelf at the bottom.

00:09:50   No wonder you like it so much.

00:09:51   Yeah these two little shelves.

00:09:54   A shelf is like the perfect object when you think about it, like in real life and in software.

00:09:59   Digital shelves, of course.

00:10:01   What a beautiful thing. I wonder who invented the shelf.

00:10:04   I'm still getting used to it, but I'm going to keep going a bit.

00:10:08   Like I plan to give this like a year or something and really see

00:10:12   if it becomes a thing that that makes sense to me.

00:10:15   But thank you for coaching me.

00:10:17   Sure. Let me know if you have any other questions.

00:10:20   Oh, I will.

00:10:21   Tuomas wrote in, because we were talking about Apple Music HD last week,

00:10:25   or like some kind of like hi fi and says it makes sense

00:10:28   with the home pod or other speakers to have a higher definition audio.

00:10:31   But the AirPods Max specifically would not benefit from it.

00:10:34   They use the AAC codec at up to 256 kbps for Bluetooth audio,

00:10:39   which happens to be the current Apple Music codec and bit rate.

00:10:43   Federico, do you have any kind of sense for this?

00:10:45   That is true.

00:10:47   But I have no sense as to

00:10:51   Is it something that you can add to the product later?

00:10:54   Probably not, because it depends on the hardware.

00:10:58   But this is beyond my knowledge.

00:11:03   Could you not just change it?

00:11:04   But that is I mean, if that is the case, that's a very interesting point,

00:11:08   because it's like the one of the criticisms we had was you make this high end

00:11:12   audio gear, but it seems like they might already be maxing out

00:11:16   the quality they can send to it.

00:11:17   And I mean, of course, there are many other products and, you know,

00:11:20   you could with like with wired products and also with the home pods where they could maybe

00:11:24   have it be high quality. But it would be interesting if they couldn't get it to be any

00:11:30   higher quality for the AirPods Max.

00:11:32   Yeah, that is a good point.

00:11:35   Somebody I I think we we talked about this already months ago and and we forgot and now

00:11:43   it's come up again. But that is definitely the problem, right?

00:11:45   if it doesn't have the right codec for that kind of content, obviously it's not going

00:11:50   to benefit from it. Maybe that's why they haven't done it, because they don't actually

00:11:55   have the hardware to sell to people.

00:11:59   So if I was using Spotify, HiFi, well we don't know what their quality is yet though, right?

00:12:04   You know, I mean Spotify is actually I believe has worse quality than Apple Music.

00:12:10   Maybe Spotify HiFi will be 256 kbps.

00:12:15   Maybe instead of Apple Music HD, it's Apple Music SD and it's just worse quality, but

00:12:22   cheaper.

00:12:24   They said they didn't want to do a free tier, but maybe they could do like a worse tier.

00:12:28   They just shift all the branding around.

00:12:31   You can listen to music and it costs $2, but it sounds like a 480p video on YouTube.

00:12:39   That would be the ultimate thing to do, like a funny thing to happen and everyone's like

00:12:44   "Oh man, Apple Music sounds so good now!" but it was just the same as it always was.

00:12:50   You can really get the mids and the crunchy highs.

00:12:55   That's the Audified experience, right?

00:12:57   Did you have any luck Federico in finding a better service or something for your Twitter-like

00:13:05   experience that you wanted?

00:13:07   Yes, I mentioned this last week.

00:13:09   I started using MailBrew, which is this service made in Italy.

00:13:16   Really good stuff coming from Italy sometimes.

00:13:19   It's this service that allows you to collect multiple sources, something like Twitter,

00:13:24   RSS, newsletters, YouTube videos, and it collects them all in a single email that you get, like

00:13:31   a digest that you get at any time during the day.

00:13:34   You can get it in the morning, you can get it in the evening.

00:13:36   You can get it like me at 2.30 AM,

00:13:39   because there's some newsletters that I subscribe to,

00:13:41   like Casey Newton's excellent platformer newsletter,

00:13:45   that it comes out at my 2 PM.

00:13:47   So I decided to receive the Mailbrew email at 2.30 AM,

00:13:52   which is also when I'm usually reading before going to bed.

00:13:56   And they have this new,

00:14:00   They launched a new Twitter integration a few days ago

00:14:03   called Top Tweets, which allows you to get

00:14:08   the best tweets from your timeline,

00:14:10   which is basically like a version

00:14:12   of the Twitter algorithmic timeline.

00:14:15   So you can choose to get the most relevant tweets

00:14:19   from the people you follow.

00:14:21   So that's one of the sections

00:14:22   that I added to my Mail Brew Digest.

00:14:25   And the other one is the Twitter Likes.

00:14:27   So what I did is I assigned the Twitter likes integration

00:14:32   to my friends list on Twitter,

00:14:35   which I mentioned last week.

00:14:36   And you, Myke, yes, you're part of it, including Steven.

00:14:39   And some other folks, you're all part of the friends list.

00:14:43   All you do is you assign a list,

00:14:46   and then you say, show me the tweets they like,

00:14:49   these people like during the day.

00:14:51   And you can choose a layout.

00:14:53   So I chose this grid layout with two columns.

00:14:56   And you can choose how many likes do you want to get per user,

00:15:01   and how many tweets do you want to get in this section.

00:15:04   So I chose something like up to one like for each user in the list,

00:15:08   and up to 20 tweets.

00:15:10   So at the end of the day, when I get my mail brew digest,

00:15:13   I get 20 likes from the people in the friend list,

00:15:17   which is usually a pretty good approximation of what the people I trust,

00:15:22   in terms of their taste, they have liked.

00:15:25   Now, I could switch this and I could say, show me,

00:15:27   I don't know, 40 tweets and up to three likes per user.

00:15:32   And I'm still trying to find a better balance,

00:15:33   better mix for that, but it's working really well.

00:15:37   And I'm really, really liking MailBrew.

00:15:38   In fact, I subscribed to the annual plan.

00:15:41   And I'm finding it really beneficial to get,

00:15:45   actually gonna give you an example of the sections

00:15:50   that I have in my evening digest, I guess you could call it.

00:15:55   Let's see.

00:15:57   All the sections that I have in my Metal Brews edit.

00:16:03   And it's really nice the interface

00:16:04   that you use to manage all these.

00:16:06   So I have newsletters.

00:16:08   So I got Casey Newton and the Pitchfork newsletter

00:16:11   and the Chorus FM newsletter by Jason Tate,

00:16:15   which is a music newsletter.

00:16:16   Then I got my likes.

00:16:19   I got top links from my timeline.

00:16:22   I also have a summary of the tweets from the friends list.

00:16:26   So not the likes, but the actual tweets from Michael, Stephen, Steve Trumsmith, all those people.

00:16:34   I have a summary of the Apple subreddit, so the top posts from the Apple subreddit.

00:16:41   I have the latest news from KORUS, again, my favorite music website.

00:16:47   And then I have two more Twitter sections for gaming links and Pokemon links.

00:16:53   And lastly, I have a separator at the bottom of the of the digest with three YouTube channels.

00:17:01   MKBHD, Digital Foundry, which is the Eurogamer, you could call it like a section.

00:17:08   They do this deep technical analysis on video games.

00:17:12   Super fascinating.

00:17:14   I also am a patron for Digital Foundry on Patreon because they do like 4K videos that

00:17:20   you can download and I watch them via Plex.

00:17:23   Super recommended.

00:17:24   And this music channel that I absolutely love on YouTube called The Needle Drop ran by this

00:17:31   guy named Anthony Johnson.

00:17:36   I want to say probably no, it's not.

00:17:38   Anthony Fontana.

00:17:39   Yes, Fontana.

00:17:40   Thank you.

00:17:41   drop. He's been doing this for years now. I first discovered this. He turned into a

00:17:48   meme for a bit, too, I think. Oh, I didn't know that. I found him via an article in The

00:17:52   New York Times last year, I think. And I really enjoy his reviews. You I think it's the kind

00:18:01   of channel that you either love or hate. And I personally like I tend to agree with a lot

00:18:08   of his views. So some albums, like some album reviews I just ignore because they're not

00:18:14   like my type of stuff. But a lot of the other reviews I enjoy watching. So it's nice to

00:18:21   get a summary of the latest videos in the Mailbrew newsletter as well. So yeah, I'm

00:18:25   using Mailbrew. Again, they don't have a native app, which is a bummer. I think they're working

00:18:31   on it. It would be in an ideal situation. I would prefer to have a native app just for

00:18:38   Twitter likes. But in the meantime, this will do. And it is, as I said last week, it is

00:18:43   indeed a very well, not very now, but it's a nice PWA. It's actually pretty nicely done.

00:18:51   I really hope they do a native, a native version of it. At this point, I'm up to two newsletters

00:19:02   based on sub stack. I don't know. I literally don't know. Like, I'm not interested in any

00:19:09   other. Like, I try to check out the sub stack homepage. They have like this this cover section.

00:19:14   I only subscribe to the chorus of a newsletter and the case in Newton one. I'm keeping an

00:19:19   eye on it. As I think, you know, obviously we're seeing more and more folks in the media

00:19:25   industry are, you know, putting together their own newsletters. And they have this new web

00:19:31   app called the sub stack reader, which is also like an RSS reader, and your newsletter

00:19:36   client all rolled into one. They don't have a native app. I'm not sure if they're running

00:19:41   a test flight for it or not, if they're working on an iPhone and iPad native app. It's also

00:19:46   pretty decent via the web. But I still prefer to click on the links that I get to the newsletters

00:19:53   via mail brew. I'm not interested in, you know, using sub stack reader as a replacement

00:19:59   for my actual RSS reader. No thank you. But yeah, so this is what I do now.

00:20:05   Mailbroop, really, really good service and the Twitter likes feature works for me so far.

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00:21:39   Squarespace for the support of the show. Squarespace, make your next move, make

00:21:43   your next website. News broke a few days ago that the popular iOS weather app

00:21:49   weather line is being acquired. There is a blog post written by the team over

00:21:54   there. The app is no longer in the App Store for new downloads but if you had a

00:22:01   subscription that's been extended for free and the app will be shut down April

00:22:07   1st 2022 so you've got a little over a year which I was trying to think like

00:22:14   that is one of the longest runways I think I've seen for an app to go away, be

00:22:20   sunsetted after like being announced at the time of acquisition. You know most of

00:22:24   the time it's like we've got to keep working on the app. I guess that's the

00:22:26   problem with a subscription-based business. Yeah maybe so. If people paid

00:22:31   you for a year, what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? So there's

00:22:35   another 13 months there. Ryan and some of the other folks behind it have said on

00:22:40   Twitter that they are not going with the app. We don't know where it's going. We don't know

00:22:45   who bought it, but they are not being aqua hired away because they have some other apps

00:22:52   that they do. It's weird. It's weird. It's a strange story that the mystery buyer. Yeah,

00:23:01   I don't recall. I think this is the first case of an relatively popular app being shut

00:23:08   down and being acquired by a mystery buyer.

00:23:11   I think this is very fascinating just because it's the first time that I'm seeing this kind

00:23:16   of story in relation to an app on the App Store with the mystery buyer.

00:23:23   Because it's strange because it's been bought.

00:23:28   It wasn't bought for the development team because the developers aren't going with it.

00:23:33   It's not an aqui hire.

00:23:35   They say the app is shutting down, but somebody's bought the app.

00:23:41   My expectation is it's a company of some description that is in the weather business and just wants

00:23:51   to buy a codebase to build their own app on.

00:23:56   Or maybe, yeah, I can see that.

00:23:59   Or maybe they were interested in that feature that they had in the new version of the app,

00:24:07   what's it called, like the ultimate forecast or something where they were aggregating multiple

00:24:12   weather forecasts from multiple sources and providing you with the single like best estimate

00:24:19   type of thing.

00:24:20   Yeah, I think that also like ties into my theory.

00:24:24   in this business who wants something that weather app has, but either can't or doesn't

00:24:30   want to buy it to make it themselves.

00:24:33   So they've bought the code basically, because if the app is taken off the store and is going

00:24:40   away and the subscription shut down, but somebody owns the app, what is it?

00:24:45   It's a very peculiar story, I think, because you would assume like, oh, they've been bought

00:24:51   by Apple, Google, whoever, and they're going to go work for them and make their weather

00:24:57   app.

00:24:58   But that seems like it's very much not what the case is.

00:25:00   As soon as it was announced, I just immediately assumed, like I guess many of us did, "Oh,

00:25:06   they're going to work for this company," but they're not.

00:25:08   And no company seems to be coming in and saying, "Hey, we now own Weatherline, and it's going

00:25:16   to be called Weatherline by AccuWeather."

00:25:19   This is where I have some personal news.

00:25:21   Are you going to buy it? Is it yours?

00:25:23   Yeah, it's going to be a 512 pixels weather line.

00:25:26   Did you buy it because of the ice storm?

00:25:28   This is like, I need more data. More data.

00:25:33   I need more data on the ice swords raining down on me.

00:25:37   Well congrats. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

00:25:39   Congrats and good luck.

00:25:40   Thank you. Yeah, you know, I think, um, you know, they have some themes.

00:25:44   I want to do a brushed metal theme.

00:25:45   Of course. Aqua.

00:25:47   And do an aqua theme.

00:25:48   theme. An iOS 6 theme maybe even? Yeah just linen everywhere. Linen everywhere.

00:25:54   Stitched leather? I mean why not right? Obviously the move is Carrot

00:26:00   Weather right? I feel like if you're a weatherline customer Carrot

00:26:04   Weather is probably now the app for you. They have their own version of the UI

00:26:08   inside of Carrot Weather like the the line interface and I saw they were

00:26:12   tweeting today as we were recording that they're gonna make a widget out of it

00:26:15   which they didn't have before.

00:26:17   And a lot of people really liked the weatherline widget,

00:26:19   I think, for that reason.

00:26:20   So I mean, I think we've all agreed, the three of us,

00:26:24   that Carrot weather is our favorite app anyway.

00:26:26   So of course we'd recommend it.

00:26:27   But I guess that's probably the best next step

00:26:31   for most weatherline customers, is probably Carrot.

00:26:36   - Yeah, definitely.

00:26:37   - I agree, especially because of the personalization.

00:26:39   If you're the kind of person who's into this more,

00:26:42   this richer data visualizations for your forecast and you want to customize and think around

00:26:48   with it. I think weather is definitely the best one around all the other weather app

00:26:53   weather apps from the popular services that I don't know. They all look kind of shady

00:26:59   to me because of what they do with ads and data collection. I signed up for I signed

00:27:06   up last year for this Italian service that was promising, like super accurate, hyper

00:27:15   local, you know, all these buzzwords, weather forecasts for the Italian region. I was like,

00:27:21   OK. And they they asked for like three euros per year. I was like, sure. I'm going to give

00:27:26   you three euros. And I signed up and I swear I tried to unsubscribe from their newsletter

00:27:35   like 12 times and I keep receiving emails about the weather forecasting Rome and like

00:27:40   I don't care anymore. I don't need your service anymore. And they keep sending me emails like

00:27:45   they're following me around. Every time you unsubscribe, they re add you to a list and

00:27:51   they send you an email from a different address. I would like to talk about the Macintosh,

00:27:57   Macintosh and Bluetooth. So I'm having issues. Oh, okay, I have an issue and a tip. So we're

00:28:05   going to balance out here for everybody, right? I have a complaint that I want to make and

00:28:09   then I want to make maybe some people's Macintosh life a little bit better. So I use a Bluetooth

00:28:15   Logitech mouse, the MX Master 3 for Mac, which is, this one doesn't come with the dongle,

00:28:20   it's just Bluetooth. This was mistake number one. I wished I wouldn't have done this. I

00:28:25   I don't know why I did this because the one that comes to the dongle

00:28:28   also has Bluetooth.

00:28:29   I don't know. I'm stupid.

00:28:31   I just did what Amazon suggested and bought the Mac one.

00:28:34   It runs so badly on my MacBook Pro.

00:28:38   It's jittery. It's slow.

00:28:41   It sometimes feels like my cursor is moving at 15 frames per second

00:28:44   across my screen.

00:28:46   It's so bad. And I know Apple have like they've

00:28:50   I know they've tried to address it and it got a little bit better.

00:28:53   but now it's getting worse again.

00:28:54   And I don't know why, like it was OK for a while and now it's getting worse.

00:28:58   I've tried, you know, I tried turning it off.

00:29:00   I try repairing it, everything.

00:29:02   The trackpad, my magic trackpad works so fine, like fantastically, like a dream.

00:29:07   My mouse, it's horrible.

00:29:09   I just wanted to share my frustration here in case

00:29:12   other people are also feeling this.

00:29:14   It really is terrible.

00:29:16   Stephen, is this the case?

00:29:18   You do you don't use a Bluetooth mouse, do you?

00:29:20   You use the one with the dongle, right?

00:29:22   Yeah, because I use a now not made anymore Logitech mouse and so it's got a dongle and

00:29:29   you know that's kind of annoying but I'm glad that I don't have to face what you're facing because

00:29:33   that sounds terrible. Honestly like I'm a couple of days away from just buying another mouse again

00:29:37   which I don't want to do because the MX Master mice are expensive but it's like it's just so

00:29:44   frustrating to use the mouse on my Mac and I kind of need that. It's a pretty important part of the

00:29:50   overall experience is being able to use a mouse. I would now like to give a tip.

00:29:55   Okay, so if you're like me you may use your AirPods or your AirPods Max of your Mac

00:30:00   and sometimes inexplicably the sound quality just becomes horrific. Like

00:30:07   you're listening to music and then it sounds like you're listening to music

00:30:11   over a phone call, right? I don't know if that you've ever experienced this.

00:30:16   What's happened is that you've experienced this, Steven?

00:30:20   - I have.

00:30:21   I think you were getting ready to say

00:30:22   what I was getting ready to say,

00:30:23   where some applications, like Zoom,

00:30:27   put, like change the audio.

00:30:30   - It's like the audio profile to a--

00:30:33   - The audio profile gets changed,

00:30:34   and then you go back to iTunes and it sounds like garbage.

00:30:38   - Exactly, and I, it's kind of like,

00:30:41   sometimes, I know this happens,

00:30:42   but it seems to happen randomly.

00:30:44   I haven't opened any new applications, but all of a sudden I paused my music and then

00:30:49   played it again and then it sounded like I was listening to music from a tin can.

00:30:52   So this is I think for lower latency if you're having a phone call or whatever.

00:30:56   If this happens to you, open system preferences, go to sound, then go to input and choose the

00:31:02   system microphone. So you turn off the microphone of your AirPods, you change the microphone to

00:31:07   something else and then it will work great again. Sometimes you might need to take your AirPods out

00:31:11   and put them back in again, but then it will be great.

00:31:13   So these are some Bluetooth situations

00:31:16   that I'm having with my Mac, but this is,

00:31:18   I guess this is the life that I've chosen for myself now.

00:31:21   So there is my complaint and my tip.

00:31:23   - There's definitely something going on with Bluetooth

00:31:26   with these new M1 machines.

00:31:29   I don't run into that on my Mac Pro unless I know,

00:31:34   basically I know what it's doing,

00:31:36   like I know Zoom is at fault.

00:31:38   Like they've even tried having an update,

00:31:41   One of the big Sur updates was like, "It fixes Bluetooth."

00:31:43   - Yep.

00:31:44   - No, not really, not yet.

00:31:46   - So it definitely got better for me after that update,

00:31:49   but has since gotten worse again.

00:31:51   And I don't know exactly why that would be.

00:31:54   - Yeah, there's something going on there

00:31:56   and hopefully they can get this squared away pretty quickly.

00:32:01   I don't think it's like a hardware issue.

00:32:04   I think it's probably a driver or something

00:32:06   that macOS just isn't doing what it's supposed to do

00:32:09   because you don't run into this on iOS.

00:32:12   And I would assume the Bluetooth stack

00:32:14   between the M1 and iOS devices is relatively similar.

00:32:18   - And as I said, my Magic Trackpad,

00:32:21   which is also operating over Bluetooth,

00:32:22   has no issue when my mouse is struggling big time.

00:32:27   - Yeah, get a dongle.

00:32:29   - Well, I mean, I might have to get a brand new mouse

00:32:31   to get the dongle, is the problem.

00:32:33   - Yeah, it's a bummer.

00:32:34   - You can't add a dongle to this one.

00:32:36   You have to use one of the ones that comes with the dongle.

00:32:38   - It's a real bummer.

00:32:39   I'm sorry. Music Memos has died.

00:32:43   Wasn't it already, Dad?

00:32:46   It's been weatherlined.

00:32:47   No, it definitely hasn't been weatherlined. Nobody bought this app.

00:32:51   I have some personal news.

00:32:52   Oh wow, you're picking them all up!

00:32:56   Also, this is where I was last week, I was signing the paperwork. I now own Music Memos.

00:33:00   So you own Music Memos and Weatherline.

00:33:02   Are you gonna bring them together?

00:33:05   I am. It's going to be called Sounds of the Storm.

00:33:09   What about Chorus Line or something? There you go.

00:33:13   You got three good brands to pick from there, really.

00:33:16   Yeah, it was announced a while back that it was going to be killed. This came out in 2016.

00:33:23   The idea was like you were like a singer-songwriter and you hit record and you could sing and

00:33:28   like record your instrument and like take notes. People were just using voice memos

00:33:32   for this and after music memos people just kept using voice memos and so it was announced

00:33:40   quite a while ago that it was going to be pulled and unable to be downloaded after March

00:33:47   1st.

00:33:48   That data is now passed and, true to their word, can't download it anymore.

00:33:51   I still don't know why this app existed.

00:33:54   I think it was probably a pet project of somebody.

00:33:57   just didn't, I don't think it did enough to be worthwhile and you know this

00:34:03   doesn't help Apple and like the the thing we all say when we see one of

00:34:08   these apps right is like oh it's never gonna go anywhere like why would they

00:34:13   you know why would it spend time on this like we think we thought about that with

00:34:16   Clips and Clips is hung on somehow my guess is Clips is way more popular than

00:34:21   the three of us think it is but or at least it's more popular than Music Memos

00:34:24   At least, yeah. Like, we have to kill one of these, which is the least popular? Oh, music

00:34:28   movies. Does Clips get installed on new devices, or do you have to download it?

00:34:34   I think it's pre-installed. I think it's pre-installed. I think Federico's right.

00:34:39   I think if anything gets pre-installed, it's probably got a decent chance.

00:34:43   Clips, though, it's literally like the only one of these experiments that maybe has found

00:34:49   some moderate degree of success.

00:34:54   the youth the youth are you think so though like are they really using it

00:35:00   people who think they're youthful are using it I mean Apple's press releases

00:35:04   make you believe that they're using it I still have to find a single example of

00:35:09   somebody preparing an Instagram story in clips rather than Instagram itself like

00:35:16   I don't know yeah well don't forget game of the year 2019 Warren Buffett's paper

00:35:20   it was a that was a success talk about apps that should have been pre-installed

00:35:23   so successful they had to pull it from the store after a couple of months

00:35:27   because people were just you know it's too much time was being wasted trying to

00:35:30   trying to beat Warren's unbeatable score it's the the original NFT hey there we

00:35:39   go look at us kids we're relevant have some some more news okay what have you

00:35:51   bought now air tax buy your first NFT oh you bought air tax you should NFT some

00:35:57   of those photos of the old IMAX I wanna I wanna I wanna talk about this

00:36:02   Steven you should get into the whole NFT thing now I muted it on Twitter like the

00:36:06   first night. This feels like something for you, man. Yes, this feels like something that you

00:36:12   should do. Okay, well for those, I mean, I know how it works, but to other people,

00:36:16   explain how it works. So an NFT stands for non-fungible token. It's just a great

00:36:26   phrase, fungible. A fantastic acronym for a product. So it's basically a way that

00:36:33   people have figured out to get paid for digital stuff using the blockchain and Bitcoin, basically.

00:36:41   It's a way to sell something digital.

00:36:47   Just to save you from follow up, it actually uses Ethereum, not Bitcoin, as the backbone

00:36:53   of the blockchain.

00:36:54   Okay, thank you. And it's a way to basically sell something that is considered authentic

00:37:01   like the original copy of something.

00:37:04   And people have been purchasing like video clips of Michael

00:37:09   Jordan, slam dunks or they've been, uh,

00:37:13   somebody purchased the original, like the neon cat meme.

00:37:16   Yeah. You know, the neon cat, right? Stephen, the rainbow, like the cat,

00:37:20   the original creator made a new version and a gift and has sold it.

00:37:25   Yeah. For, I don't know how many thousands of dollars.

00:37:28   And it's all the rage right now. Um,

00:37:31   Casey Newton actually made a really good argument and he said about this, of how this is basically

00:37:39   the byproduct of creators on different social networks trying to find a way to monetize

00:37:46   their audiences, because social networks have not given them enough ways to do so. And how

00:37:52   this is interesting now in the context of Twitter, for example, sort of waking up and

00:37:56   doing things like super follows because they have a sense that they have reached that kind

00:38:02   of tipping point with creators wanting to find ways to make more money off of their

00:38:07   most loyal fans. But in any case, Steven, NFTs, what is something that you could put

00:38:14   together digital that is that you can say, hey, this is the authentic version of it.

00:38:20   I want to make you rich using the block chain basically. And this podcast, I have a couple

00:38:26   of ideas for you Steven and these are legitimate. Some of the best photos that you have of the

00:38:31   iMac G3s are just beautiful art and also the wallpapers that you had remade.

00:38:36   Yes.

00:38:37   Mm-hmm.

00:38:38   You could mint them, which is what it's called, where you're saying this is mine and then

00:38:42   you could sell it. And so here's my favorite thing about the NFT stuff, like legitimately.

00:38:48   So well, one, just as a sidebar, I kind of don't have an issue with this. Like let's

00:38:54   eliminate the potential environmental impact from this discussion.

00:38:57   It's obviously an issue that needs to be resolved around like electric

00:39:00   electricity usage around the blockchain.

00:39:02   That's like we can all agree on that.

00:39:04   And like I see people saying, this is stupid.

00:39:06   Like, how could you own something?

00:39:08   All value and all ownership of anything is defined upon social construct.

00:39:13   And the idea of scarcity, which in this case, you know, they're

00:39:16   trying to sell you on by saying this is the original minted copy of it.

00:39:21   Yeah, exactly. But like if I own a piece of artwork, right, like I don't think it matters

00:39:26   in what form I own that piece of artwork, I own it. And one of the benefits, I guess,

00:39:30   for the blockchain stuff is I can prove I own it and I own the real one because my name's attached

00:39:35   to it, which is not a thing that you can do with other art as easily because forgeries or whatever.

00:39:40   But my favourite thing about NFTs is the original artist gets a cut of any sale of that art forever.

00:39:49   And I think that that is how art should be done. So it should be sold, right? So if, Steven,

00:39:56   if you sold your first NFT for $100 and then someone bought it for $100,000, you would get

00:40:01   a cut of that $100,000. So there are artists right now that have been doing this for a little bit,

00:40:06   and they are making tons of money because the market's there and people want to keep buying up

00:40:11   these pieces. So I've been seeing like artists on Twitter, like I just saw this guy yesterday,

00:40:18   He just posted like a screenshot of an eleven thousand dollar royalty that he got for nothing

00:40:23   because somebody bought his art again. So I think it's cool. There's problems that need

00:40:28   to be worked out. There's a bubble that needs to relax a little bit. But this to me honestly

00:40:34   feels like a better use of blockchain technology than new currencies.

00:40:39   I saw somebody tweet about this idea of writers selling quotes and like little passages from

00:40:48   their books or articles as NFTs.

00:40:52   I would buy that, right?

00:40:54   Yeah. And so you sell like, I don't know, like a really good sentence. I don't know.

00:40:59   It's my sentence. It's mine now. That would be like, you know, the thing in the office

00:41:05   where it's like the only it's like the only shots you don't the only shots if it's the

00:41:11   ones you don't take what like the Wayne Gretzky quote and it's like Wayne Gretzky Michael

00:41:14   Scott you could do that right because it's my quote now that's so there you go Stephen

00:41:20   look into this you should mint some of your artwork hold on okay so NFTs they can also

00:41:27   be audio clips, right? We should sell the one of the most memorable moments of this

00:41:36   show as an NFT. Did we just reinvent podcast monetization guys? I think we just did.

00:41:49   Man that's it. No, it's like actually not a bad idea. Pick a clip, we'll mint it for

00:41:55   you and then you can buy it. I'll sell my words. I have no problem with that.

00:42:03   Steven, you should look into this. Look into this. I know you don't want to, but come on,

00:42:10   we're all trying to help you here. This is today, Steven sent us a screenshot of a domain that we

00:42:16   made him by a year ago called, was it Steven's merch? Steven's merch.com. There you go. We've

00:42:22   We've just helped you Stevens merch.com 2.0 is just all of your NFTs.

00:42:28   If you're running the 14.5 beta, beta three just out in the open and the find my app,

00:42:35   there's just a whole tab dedicated to items.

00:42:39   And if you tap on it, it shows the artwork that we've all seen and the leaks of the key

00:42:43   and the backpack and the bike.

00:42:45   So it's now people, devices, items and me across the bottom of find my.

00:42:50   So I'm thinking we're gonna see these here pretty soon.

00:42:54   I actually have a very specific non-original theory

00:42:58   that yeah, 14.5 Beta 3,

00:43:02   like 14.5 will come out with new iPads this month

00:43:05   and with AirTags this month.

00:43:06   And it's just, they tripped the flag and it's in the Beta.

00:43:11   - This top bar at the bottom of Find My,

00:43:13   it's basically a description of my life at the moment.

00:43:16   So like, describe your life in four words,

00:43:18   whether it's me, people, devices, and items.

00:43:20   (laughing)

00:43:22   This is funny, so if I add an item,

00:43:27   it says searching items, follow the instructions

00:43:30   provided by the manufacturer to make your item discoverable.

00:43:34   Okay, it's searching, but obviously I have no item, I guess.

00:43:38   - Right, because this, we talked about this

00:43:40   in a previous episode, third parties can also use Find My.

00:43:45   - So Tile, for example, is gonna be

00:43:46   taking advantage of this?

00:43:48   - Potentially, I don't know about them specifically,

00:43:50   But no, see, they can, but they won't.

00:43:53   I feel like some companies will.

00:43:54   But it's like it's the same as the I'm sure I've already said this before.

00:43:58   I apologize for repeating myself.

00:43:59   It's the same as the like homekit secure video.

00:44:02   Like you just have to give up everything to Apple, right?

00:44:06   Like you don't get to make a service anymore.

00:44:08   And a lot of these companies make hardware and services.

00:44:11   But then you get a company like Logitech who are like,

00:44:14   we don't care about the service, we'll just make the hardware.

00:44:16   And so I would expect you'll probably see some stuff like that.

00:44:18   But the popular I would be surprised if the popular companies in these spaces

00:44:23   Companies like tile would would do this because you lose your competitive advantage

00:44:28   It's all gone, but maybe like studio neat could come out with one made of walnut or something

00:44:32   Walnut felt that's what it do it studio neat do it do it

00:44:38   So so it could just be that but I mean come on. It's got to be our tags say you can see it

00:44:43   I think we all think

00:44:45   14.5 is

00:44:47   coming the end of March with some iPads, maybe? Maybe the beginning of April Apple has done?

00:44:55   I saw Joe... I've never said his name out loud before. How do you say this? Resigno? Federico,

00:45:04   help me. Joe MacRumors. Joe Resigno? Can we just call him Joe MacRumors? Joe MacRumors.

00:45:13   Or Myke Rumors Joe? No, but I would say so in Italian, I would say, hold on, do you want

00:45:17   the really Italian pronunciate? Yes. Yeah, that's why I looked at you. It looked

00:45:21   Italian to me. Rossignol.

00:45:22   There you go. So that one, I can't do the R rolling. So just OK, I will say I'll say

00:45:28   his first name and you say his second name and then I'll carry on my sentence. Right.

00:45:33   Ready? Joe Rossignol said that Apple apparently previously said that iOS 14.5 was going to

00:45:39   released in quote early spring and so that would kind of be towards the end of March at the earliest

00:45:45   which I guess would kind of make sense. Do you guys think there's going to be an actual event

00:45:49   in March and if so when? I think there could be like the new style event with a video yeah but

00:46:01   If it's just spec bumped iPad Pros and AirTags and maybe like AirPods 3,

00:46:09   like that can just be like the week of press releases again, which in some ways was more

00:46:13   fun than an event because every morning you woke up you thought is Apple going to do something today

00:46:17   and then there'd be a press release with Tim Cook drawing something on his iPad.

00:46:21   So I'm going to go with string of press releases.

00:46:23   Okay, Federico?

00:46:25   Press releases.

00:46:26   Okay, I think there'll be an event so...

00:46:28   Wow, okay.

00:46:29   one of these videos that they did last time.

00:46:32   And I think that just based on that,

00:46:34   the one that they did where it was what?

00:46:37   Was it iPads and Apple Watch?

00:46:39   Yeah, it was like it was not very much.

00:46:41   Yeah. So I feel like new iPad pros potentially updates

00:46:45   to other iPad models and AirTags and maybe AirPods.

00:46:49   That is like video event worthy in my mind.

00:46:52   Like that's a lot of stuff in there.

00:46:53   Yeah. I mean, yeah.

00:46:54   I mean, the week of press releases was from the before times.

00:46:57   And so...

00:46:58   And possibly an iMac?

00:47:00   Possibly as well?

00:47:01   Like if they do the iMac, I mean, I feel like there's got to be a lock for an event.

00:47:06   Yeah, I saw something I didn't have in the show notes, but some skews of iMacs have like

00:47:10   really fallen off the calendar as far as getting them shipped to you.

00:47:13   So could be?

00:47:14   I don't know.

00:47:15   I'd love to see some more Apple Silicon Macs.

00:47:18   I feel like I've seen that headline constantly over the last year, though, of like this iMac

00:47:25   low in like just very specifically the small iMac is low in stock right as we've

00:47:31   waited for the last year and a half. It's because there's like three people who

00:47:35   hand-build them and one of them was sick. The joke is they're all built to order.

00:47:40   So if four people order them in a week they get back ordered. They're not... when's

00:47:45   the last time you sat at a 21 1/2 inch iMac? It's not very big. I feel like I

00:47:49   can't remember and I would be really surprised to see one I feel like because

00:47:53   it's just I know it's gonna look smaller than I think it will.

00:47:56   I mean, I've been ruined by my 32 inch but that's a that's a small computer, small slow

00:48:03   computer. 14.5 Beta 3 also includes additional changes around the default music service for

00:48:11   Siri. Federico, can you walk us through this?

00:48:13   Yeah, so it was apparently removed in Beta 2 or at least some people were not able to

00:48:18   add and change their default music service in Beta 2. Now it's back in Beta 3 with a

00:48:22   different message when you try to play something on Spotify or some other music or podcast

00:48:29   app. Now it Siri actually tells you. Let's see. I had a screenshot of that message. It

00:48:37   says I'm learning how to choose the right audio apps. Which one do you want to use to

00:48:42   listen to this. And later when you first confirm your choice, for example, in my case, it said

00:48:49   now playing Oasis on Spotify, you can always ask me to switch to a different app. Your

00:48:54   choices will help me learn the ones you like. So it sounds like a couple of things here.

00:49:01   There's still no page or no visual option in settings to see the defaults that you've

00:49:08   changed. And it's it sure sounds like at this point, Apple just wants you to customize the

00:49:14   experience via Siri and Siri alone.

00:49:16   The idea of like Siri intelligently learning sounds horrible to me if that's what they're

00:49:22   doing. The most dangerous sentence in this whole like series of explanations is your

00:49:29   choices will help me. Like, no, no, no. Look, I don't want you to feel like I'm helping

00:49:35   you. You just got to do the thing I'm asking. Like, I don't need you to learn. I'm telling

00:49:40   you. I'm politely asking you, but please don't. So I hope that once I just pick Spotify once,

00:49:49   it'll stick to that. I kind of feel already what's coming, which is sometimes Apple Music

00:49:55   will just randomly start playing audio. I have noticed that in CarPlay, at least, if

00:50:02   you just ask Siri to play an album, it now has appended the "in Apple Music" to the

00:50:08   the end of its confirmation.

00:50:11   So if I say, you know, play the seniors,

00:50:13   it says, now playing the seniors on Apple Music.

00:50:16   - Is that something you do often, Steven?

00:50:19   - Every day.

00:50:20   - Okay.

00:50:21   So I don't know, I still would prefer to just have a,

00:50:25   you know how all apps have a dedicated page in settings,

00:50:29   where you can customize notifications and Siri

00:50:31   and search for those apps?

00:50:33   I would just like to have for audio apps

00:50:36   toggle that says make default in Siri or something. I mean, they did it for browsers and email

00:50:43   clients. Just do it for audio apps as well and make a settings page. And I get it. You,

00:50:49   Apple, you hate Spotify. It's probably your biggest competitor. But still, Google is also

00:50:57   your competitor. They created a page to pick your default browser. Why not? Why can you just do the

00:51:03   same for music. Is it because music streaming services like Apple music, you want people

00:51:10   to sign up for that and you don't want to you don't want maybe people to discover that

00:51:14   they can use Spotify as a different default? I don't know. I guess I just don't understand

00:51:19   why it has to be changed in Siri alone. And it can be a page in settings. There will be

00:51:25   articles, there will be guides from people saying here's how you can cost you can switch

00:51:29   from Apple Music to Spotify and iOS 14.5. So people are gonna do it. But why does it

00:51:35   have to be a Siri specific option that you'd switch?

00:51:39   I mean, maybe Apple have used it differently than a browser or an email client because

00:51:45   you're not... you don't end up tapping a mail to link and like opening the wrong mail application,

00:51:51   right? Which is, to your point, a dumb distinction. Like, just put a setting page so you don't

00:51:56   have to like ask Siri to do it and the series gonna forget or like yes thank

00:52:00   you for helping me help you like we can get past all the cute stuff and just

00:52:03   give me a toggle that's what I say. This episode of connected is brought to you

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00:53:05   And I asked her if I could see one of the empty ones

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00:53:11   The paper's great, the colorway's really nice.

00:53:14   She got these light blue ones,

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00:53:18   It's like a really nice package.

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00:53:25   And then you write in it, and now it's this nice thing

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00:53:29   - They sent me the Idea tool set,

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00:53:44   It's amazing.

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00:53:46   I really appreciate the packaging.

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00:54:35   iPhone time.

00:54:36   - Already?

00:54:39   Wow.

00:54:40   - It never ends.

00:54:41   I do feel like it's earlier and earlier every year.

00:54:45   - Yeah, of course there aren't new iPhones.

00:54:47   These are rumors of new iPhones.

00:54:49   - Well, they're new somewhere.

00:54:51   - That's true.

00:54:52   Ming-Chi Kuo has a bunch of reports

00:54:57   that have been put out over the last week or so.

00:55:00   We'll go through some of the stuff that we've collected.

00:55:03   So there's basically reports about the iPhone 13

00:55:07   and the iPhone 14, and I think some 2023 products as well.

00:55:11   So it was like three years worth of stuff.

00:55:13   Isn't the first time he's done this, you know,

00:55:15   It was like a couple of years ago where his report was talking about the four iPhones

00:55:21   that we ended up with this past year.

00:55:23   So it's a thing that he does.

00:55:25   He's aware of stuff that's coming down the line and some of the things don't make sense

00:55:29   until you see him.

00:55:30   And I remember us talking about it whenever it was about why would there be four iPhones

00:55:35   and two of them are the same size but every iPhone is getting bigger.

00:55:39   It was all very strange.

00:55:41   But we ended up with the iPhone 12 line.

00:55:44   So the iPhone 13, the line, will have smaller notches, ProMotion displays for the Pro models,

00:55:52   the sensor shift from the iPhone Pro Max will be on all four of them, and the mini will

00:55:58   remain.

00:55:59   So that's for this year's iPhone, the 2021 iPhone.

00:56:03   I think of everything going on there, clearly ProMotion is going to be the big feature,

00:56:07   right?

00:56:08   Like that's going to be the thing that people are excited about, it's probably going to

00:56:11   be the thing they put most of their effort behind.

00:56:13   - It's interesting, right?

00:56:15   Thinking about things that come to all phones,

00:56:18   because in the past when they just had one iPhone

00:56:21   or one iPhone just in two sizes,

00:56:22   it was like, yeah, this is the year ProMotion comes

00:56:25   or this is the year that this or that comes.

00:56:27   And now they'd only have the problem

00:56:29   of they've got to have the technology fitting in four,

00:56:32   you know, pretty different sized devices

00:56:34   looking at the whole spread.

00:56:36   - Well, ProMotion's just the Pro phones.

00:56:38   - Yeah, I mean, yeah.

00:56:39   - Sensor shift is the thing that will be on all four of them.

00:56:42   but it's got to fit in the different sizes

00:56:44   and it's got to fit in the different price points.

00:56:47   I have to imagine that figuring that out is complicated.

00:56:50   - I don't understand how sensor shift is coming

00:56:53   to all of the phones.

00:56:55   My understanding from when it came out

00:56:57   and everyone was talking about it

00:56:58   is it needs physical space to fit the larger sensor in it.

00:57:01   So how do you go from it only fits in the Pro Max

00:57:05   to now it fits in the Mini?

00:57:06   I don't understand this.

00:57:08   I don't get it.

00:57:09   - Apple sometimes says,

00:57:11   "Oh, because the phone's bigger, we can do this and that."

00:57:13   And I feel like that's not always strictly true.

00:57:16   Or there's already a version ready to go

00:57:18   that fits in a smaller phone.

00:57:19   You know, I don't know, I don't remember from the keynote,

00:57:22   but I don't know how explicitly they said,

00:57:24   "This is only in this phone because of the size."

00:57:26   I just, I don't recall.

00:57:28   - I had an experience with,

00:57:31   like a higher refresh rate display again.

00:57:33   Like, I mean, I feel like I'm very used

00:57:35   to ProMotion on the iPad, right?

00:57:36   Like to the point now where I don't really notice it,

00:57:38   it's just how my iPad feels.

00:57:40   but I just got a new monitor which I'm using for my MacBook Pro and my PC

00:57:45   and it's a 144Hz monitor so it's a higher refresh rate monitor.

00:57:49   This doesn't do anything on the Mac but when I use my PC and Windows

00:57:54   everything feels really smooth.

00:57:56   I noticed especially because I go same monitor from one operating system to another, right?

00:58:02   And when I'm using Windows everything feels more responsive than it did in previous times that I've used Windows PCs

00:58:10   in part because of the fact that I have a higher refresh rate display.

00:58:14   So I'm very excited for what a higher refresh rate display will look like

00:58:18   on my iPhone because I'm so used to the way that my iPhone

00:58:23   operates and I'm so used to the way it looks and how it feels

00:58:26   and I imagine it will be just like every person who's ever gotten used to an

00:58:30   Android phone with a higher refresh rate display.

00:58:32   Everything just feels faster and I'm excited for that.

00:58:35   I'm curious to see what it looks like on a small display

00:58:37   hmm on a phone

00:58:39   Especially especially for games. I think I mentioned this before like I want to see the they have a pretty good sense of what it

00:58:46   Looks like on on you know

00:58:48   on other devices, but on a phone I

00:58:53   struggled to imagine that and

00:58:56   I wonder if it'll be the same feeling as you would get like on an iPad for example

00:59:01   If it's worse if it's like something that you don't notice or maybe if it's more noticeable

00:59:07   because I never used a smartphone with a high refresh rate display.

00:59:13   So going back to the cameras, apparently the ultra-wide cameras will be improved in the

00:59:17   pro models, possibly getting sensor shift on those as well.

00:59:21   Interesting, okay, so they're putting it on everything basically.

00:59:24   That would be nice, I mean right now if you switch the ultra-wide, like very clearly it

00:59:28   is a, it's the worst camera on the back.

00:59:31   I'm sure that it won't be as good as the regular wide, but getting it closer would be welcome.

00:59:36   welcome. But I think one of the things that is interesting to me about these camera rumors from

00:59:41   Meechi Kuo is there doesn't seem to be anything specific for the Pro Max in this hardware,

00:59:48   which I think was just surprising to me. I kind of thought that the 12 Pro Max was

00:59:54   kind of set in the stage again for using the physical size of the hardware and the advantages

01:00:02   that that gives you to differentiate the camera hardware again but maybe that

01:00:07   won't be the case or maybe they'll only do it every couple of years I don't know.

01:00:10   What if it is like something like 6 or 8k video recording that may not show up

01:00:16   at the level that he is looking at things but I could see them doing

01:00:22   something something like that that is maybe it's hardware but also it's

01:00:25   software like the Apple ProRes stuff in the pro models could be interesting.

01:00:30   Yeah, and maybe it's like it needs battery life.

01:00:35   You know, like maybe if you shoot 8K video you just destroy your battery or something.

01:00:41   Yeah, I mean, well it's twice the Ks so they gotta have space for them somewhere.

01:00:45   That's true, they're just gonna fill it up.

01:00:47   The phone has to be bigger to fit the movies inside.

01:00:50   Speaking of batteries, the iPhone 13 lineup will apparently see larger batteries so the

01:00:54   phones are gonna get slightly heavier.

01:00:57   Which again, if the batteries are getting bigger, where does the space come from for

01:01:03   the sensor?

01:01:04   I don't understand.

01:01:06   You make it thicker or...

01:01:08   Maybe thicker, but he said heavier.

01:01:10   He didn't say thicker in the reports that I read.

01:01:12   I don't know.

01:01:13   How smaller can you make the sensor shift technology?

01:01:16   I have no idea.

01:01:18   Like a second generation version of it.

01:01:20   It must be smaller would be my assumption.

01:01:22   I don't know, right?

01:01:23   But I assume it surely is a bit smaller.

01:01:26   But is it the whole point about having a large sensor is what you want though?

01:01:31   Like does making it smaller not defeat some of the purpose of it?

01:01:35   Who knows.

01:01:37   LiDAR is going to remain on the pro models, which is a surprise to me.

01:01:42   The best feature of the 2020 iPad Pro?

01:01:45   Yeah, favorite feature.

01:01:47   LiDAR.

01:01:48   I want it everywhere.

01:01:49   And see, that's the one I kind of thought that would show up on the smaller phones before

01:01:53   something like SensorShift.

01:01:55   it seems more in keeping with the overall objectives. Yeah it's like more in line with

01:02:01   the AR stuff. I mean I don't know, I haven't taken a part of the iPhone 12 Pro, but looking

01:02:06   at the back of mine, the LiDAR sensor doesn't seem as big as a camera. You can put that

01:02:10   in anywhere. Lightning over USB-C for the "foreseeable future". The 2021 iPhone will

01:02:17   not be portless. Minchi quote suggests that Apple will likely stay with lightning until

01:02:23   they go portless. This is a quote, "at present the magsafe ecosystem is not mature enough

01:02:28   so the iphone will continue to use the lightning port in the foreseeable future." So that's like,

01:02:32   you know, no portless point which I'm actually really happy about because I don't want my only

01:02:36   charging option to be lightning. Magsafe, sorry. I know you're afraid of wireless charging but

01:02:41   that philosophy or that quote just totally discounts some people use lightning for data.

01:02:47   like some people still sync but jillion people will have

01:02:51   wired carplay in their cars it's like well

01:02:55   uh lightning is more than just a charging thing and maxif can't do data

01:02:59   so yeah there's still something missing there uh apparently as well

01:03:03   in regards to usb-c uh apple doesn't like that usb-c is an open

01:03:09   standard because they will maybe then not be able to make as much money from

01:03:12   their made for iphone accessories yeah and they also say that it poses

01:03:16   some waterproofing challenges?

01:03:17   I mean, so I went and looked on Samsung's website, the Galaxy S21 line uses USB-C and

01:03:24   it's rated at IP68.

01:03:26   So I don't, clearly it can be waterproofed.

01:03:28   Just because it's a little bit harder doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.

01:03:31   No, I mean, that's like a real tenuous thing, right?

01:03:33   Like I think, like, yeah, sure, maybe it's easier for Apple to waterproof it, but like

01:03:39   everyone else has worked it out.

01:03:40   So like, I'm sure they could too.

01:03:42   Maybe that's like that's finally the thing that's outside of Apple's expertise.

01:03:46   Right. They just they just have no way of waterproofing a USB C port.

01:03:51   Like if we finally met the edge of our skill.

01:03:53   That's right. All right. So that's the 2021 phones. Right.

01:03:57   So now we're going to move to 2022.

01:04:02   So this would be the iPhone 14 or the iPhone.

01:04:07   Don't do it. You just can't.

01:04:08   Steven, you're just going to confuse things.

01:04:11   Oh, this is the iPhone 13.

01:04:13   Yeah, because this year is the 12S.

01:04:14   Right. Well, that doesn't make any sense.

01:04:17   Why? That sounds like a 12S year to me.

01:04:19   Sure does. All right.

01:04:21   So then this is now the iPhone 13.

01:04:23   So the iPhone 13 in 2022 is going to switch from a notch to a hole punch display.

01:04:29   Samsung style.

01:04:31   I like it. I like it.

01:04:34   I think it I love that kind of design.

01:04:37   We just you have the little camera hole in the, you know, in the corner.

01:04:40   maybe in the center, I don't care. But it's all display. Like it's the... we sat

01:04:47   these years ago when Samsung first started showing...

01:04:51   Do we lose you Federico?

01:04:53   Yeah, he's gone.

01:04:55   Oh, he's got a power outage. That's unfortunate.

01:04:58   Wow. I hope his file's saved.

01:05:00   That's how he was recording.

01:05:01   Now what?

01:05:03   I guess it depends on like what kind of outage we're talking about. Did his power go off and on or is it like off off?

01:05:09   I don't think this has happened before.

01:05:10   No, this is a new one, which is kind of incredible, really.

01:05:14   [MUSIC PLAYING]

01:05:17   Myke, why don't you start over at the hole punch thing?

01:05:29   That'll give me a clean place.

01:05:32   Yeah, sure.

01:05:32   So just go to Federico for whatever his thing is.

01:05:35   Some 2020 iPhone models will switch from the notch

01:05:38   to the hole punch display like on Samsung phones.

01:05:42   OK.

01:05:44   I like it.

01:05:45   That's the direction that I wish they were

01:05:48   going to go all the time.

01:05:50   I really think it's a superior design to the notch

01:05:52   at this point, especially because of the sense

01:05:55   that you're getting from those phones with the hole punch

01:05:58   display that you're holding a display.

01:06:01   Like, all you see is a screen in your hands.

01:06:04   It's content, right?

01:06:06   and that hole punch area for the camera,

01:06:10   it's much less distracting than a whole notch, right?

01:06:14   At the top of the display.

01:06:16   So I can imagine that this, you know,

01:06:19   an iPhone that looked like that, it will look super hot.

01:06:22   And I really hope they're doing this.

01:06:25   - But what happens to Face ID then?

01:06:28   - Exactly, like what happens to that?

01:06:30   Can they make a Face ID that lives under the screen?

01:06:33   Or are they really going back to Touch ID under the display?

01:06:38   And so we're getting rid of Face ID

01:06:41   also as a byproduct of the pandemic.

01:06:44   - Well, let me tell you,

01:06:45   actually I'm gonna jump forward a little bit

01:06:46   to the 2023 iPhone.

01:06:48   What iPhone is this?

01:06:49   Is this 14 or 15?

01:06:50   - The 17. - Okay, 17 in 2023.

01:06:54   Currently Apple is targeting to sell at least one phone

01:06:57   with an under display fingerprint sensor,

01:07:00   periscope telephoto lens,

01:07:02   and a full screen display with no cutouts of any kind.

01:07:06   So the assumption there is the camera is under the screen.

01:07:10   And there was, I saw a MKBHD video, I think,

01:07:14   with a phone that's doing that.

01:07:17   And I mean, it looked trash, but of course it would

01:07:19   'cause it's the first time that they've done that,

01:07:21   any company's done this.

01:07:22   So I could imagine if that's something

01:07:25   that could happen in 2023, maybe in the 2022 iPhone,

01:07:29   they're able to move some of the senses behind the screen

01:07:32   and then the camera comes next, right?

01:07:35   - Yeah, that's definitely possible.

01:07:37   I mean, I think that this is,

01:07:39   if all this pans out, clearly it's an evolution.

01:07:42   Or it may also be Apple just testing different things

01:07:45   in small-scale manufacturing to see like,

01:07:48   well, this works and we hand-build it in California,

01:07:50   but can we do it reliably at a larger scale?

01:07:54   I think they definitely have options besides Face ID.

01:07:57   Like there's the obvious one

01:07:58   that I think we all want in the next iPhone,

01:08:00   which is the iPad Air's Touch ID button,

01:08:04   like just slap down the side of the phone.

01:08:05   But ultimately I think Apple does want us

01:08:09   to be as clean as possible.

01:08:11   And like an in-screen fingerprint reader,

01:08:15   if it's done well, like that just seems so Apple.

01:08:18   You just touch the screen and you're in.

01:08:20   Like, of course they want to do that.

01:08:22   - Sounds, that 2023 phone sounds pretty sweet,

01:08:25   to be honest.

01:08:26   - You just gonna wait for that one?

01:08:27   Skip the next few?

01:08:28   Yeah, I'm just gonna skip them.

01:08:29   So you're waiting for the iPhone 17, right?

01:08:31   Yeah, I'm gonna wait straight for the 17 in 2023.

01:08:35   And then the 17S could come in different colors,

01:08:37   you know, it's one more year.

01:08:38   Oh, maybe I'll just wait for that one then.

01:08:40   Sure.

01:08:40   iPhone SE, the next iPhone SE is apparently coming in 2022

01:08:45   and it's just gonna-

01:08:45   Wait, what year is this?

01:08:47   Or in 2021, right?

01:08:48   So when you say 2023, it's two years away.

01:08:52   No, I'm back to 2022 now, we skip forward.

01:08:55   No, but I was thinking about 2023.

01:08:57   Yeah, 2023, the iPhone 17, that's in two years.

01:09:00   And WWDC, they're going to do it again in 2022.

01:09:03   Well, at least that's what we hope.

01:09:05   Eh, I don't think they're ever bringing it back,

01:09:08   but this could be a question for another time.

01:09:11   The iPhone SE will be revised in 2022,

01:09:16   so not this year, next year.

01:09:19   And apparently it's just going to get 5G

01:09:21   and the new processor.

01:09:22   So not a 2021 product and all other physical attributes

01:09:26   the phone staying the same. So, okay, yeah, so stay the same and update every two

01:09:32   years adding 5G and a new system on a chip. Okay, yeah, that's like a spec bump.

01:09:37   Makes sense. All right. I mean, how long are they gonna keep that iPhone 8 look

01:09:41   though, right? So what's that, another four years or more with that phone then? I

01:09:46   mean, maybe they keep it until they have in-screen touch ID everywhere else, like,

01:09:51   I mean it definitely anchors the low cost phone and I think Apple likes that

01:09:58   to be a thing that exists so I think they just keep on making it for a while

01:10:02   I mean look the iPad and the iPad mini look the same as they have since the

01:10:07   first iPad mini and the first iPad air right is that like design I mean the the

01:10:12   iMac looks the same as it has since 2012 Apple's not afraid of leaving an old

01:10:16   design around and then I'm just gonna read a quote and the SE is not driving

01:10:20   like new cell cycles in China or in other markets where the new design is a bigger deal.

01:10:26   Like the SE is there if you just need a phone and you want an iPhone, it's like you just

01:10:30   go get an SE and you don't worry about it.

01:10:33   And then the last one is the rumor of a foldable iPhone with a 7.5 to 7.8 inch display in 2023.

01:10:40   I'm just going to read a quote for this because it's like there's not really anything to say.

01:10:44   "A 2023 launch will be dependent on Apple being able to solve key technology and mass

01:10:48   production issues this year. The product has not yet officially kicked off, so it appears

01:10:54   to still be in the research stage." That was from MacRumors. That's kind of, that's like

01:10:58   a nothing. I mean, okay, sure. That's nothing, right? This one is like a nothing thing. Like,

01:11:04   yeah, maybe, but also maybe not, but maybe a little bit? Like, I don't know. Okay, fine.

01:11:10   They may be doing it or not. It depends if they want to do it or not at some point. If

01:11:16   they can or not. Cool! Thanks. Publish! Oh boy. What would a Steve Jobs edition phone

01:11:28   look like? I think it'd be like clear acrylic or colored plastic or something. I would be

01:11:33   into that. Me too. We talked about that Italian company making jeans named Steve Jobs. Yeah,

01:11:42   Yeah, yeah. Didn't they get sued?

01:11:44   They got sued and they won, I think.

01:11:46   Right? And they're making Steve Jobs branded jeans.

01:11:49   Steve Jobs is an Italian company and Apple can't do anything about it.

01:11:53   Based in Naples.

01:11:54   This was back in 2017.

01:11:56   They have a Facebook page.

01:11:58   Incredible.

01:11:59   Is it called Steve Jobs Inc.?

01:12:01   Unbelievable.

01:12:02   It is called...

01:12:04   No, it's not called Steve Jobs Inc.

01:12:06   Steve Jobs Inc. is another thing.

01:12:09   I don't know why this exists.

01:12:11   But yeah, they're making Steve Jobs jeans and they have a logo which is like the letter

01:12:18   "J" that is shaped like an apple.

01:12:21   Okay.

01:12:22   Subtle.

01:12:23   Okay.

01:12:24   Awesome.

01:12:25   Very nice.

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01:13:28   their support of the show.

01:13:31   So I was doing, or rather not doing something recently that made me think of this potential

01:13:39   fun topic for the show. As I was staring at my phone, I realized there were two things

01:13:46   I was supposed to do a long time ago and that I keep putting off because I'm lazy. And because

01:13:53   I don't want to, because I'm afraid of what's going to happen if I get it wrong. And so

01:13:58   So I thought, what are things that we're supposed to do on our computers, on our devices in

01:14:03   general, that we continue to put off?

01:14:06   Because we're lazy or because, you know, any other reason.

01:14:09   And I'm gonna start with mine, and I'm going to mention that I still have not figured out

01:14:16   my what's the deal with my dual Apple ID situation and the Apple One bundle.

01:14:25   As I mentioned before on the show, I have two Apple IDs. I have an Italian one, which

01:14:32   is my iCloud account, so that's used for syncing between devices, for backups, for iCloud photo

01:14:39   library, for everything related to iCloud. But I have a separate, US-based—don't ask

01:14:45   additional questions, please—Apple ID that I use for App Store purchases and subscriptions.

01:14:52   Yeah, but why, though?

01:14:55   No, you said not to answer questions. If you say don't answer questions, don't answer them

01:14:59   when people ask you.

01:15:01   Well, you are not people. You're part of the show, so as being part of the show, I can

01:15:05   answer. So, it used to be, many years ago, that all the cool new apps would launch in

01:15:14   the United States first, right? And developers were doing this limited rollout and you would

01:15:21   get access to the app only if you were based in the US.

01:15:26   And so as a young and enterprising blogger

01:15:29   from Italy with my Italian Apple ID,

01:15:33   I increasingly grew frustrated with that limitation,

01:15:37   that I wanted to write about something new,

01:15:40   but I couldn't because that new app that everybody

01:15:43   was talking about was not available in the Italian App

01:15:45   Store.

01:15:46   So I used a method to create a US-based Apple ID, which

01:15:54   I've been using since 2009, 2010 maybe,

01:15:59   as my primary Apple ID for all kinds of purchases

01:16:03   on the App Store, the iTunes Store, Apple Music, Apple TV

01:16:06   Plus, Apple News Plus at some point.

01:16:10   And yeah, that's been my media, I guess,

01:16:13   Apple ID for over a decade at this point. And so, obviously, as you can imagine, I don't

01:16:20   want to lose access to that. And right now, I know that I will have to do it eventually.

01:16:28   And I know that a couple of people have gotten in touch with me. This is part of the reason

01:16:33   why I continue to put this off. Because two people got in touch with me about this issue

01:16:37   months ago. And, you know, it's one of the situations where one person is saying the

01:16:44   complete opposite of the other. So one person said, "I did it! I'm based in Denmark", I

01:16:49   believe, or something like that. Based in Denmark, and like you, I had a Danish Apple

01:16:54   ID and a US-based one for the App Store and the iTunes Store. And I merged them and everything

01:17:00   was fine, and the system figured out that I was paying for the 2 terabytes of iCloud

01:17:06   It figured out family sharing and it retained access to all of my previous purchases from the App Store and Apple Music.

01:17:12   I was like, okay fine. That's good. That's good to know.

01:17:14   A few weeks ago another person got in touch with me saying I'm from Australia and

01:17:19   I have an Australian Apple ID and an American one and when I merged them for Apple One everything imploded.

01:17:26   And I lost access to my documents and I lost access to my App Store history.

01:17:30   You see, that's the kind of thing that I'm like, "Well, even though I'm paying more money

01:17:37   than I would pay by bundling multiple services together, maybe I'm gonna stick with my setup

01:17:43   that has worked super well over the years." But I would like to investigate it, right?

01:17:50   I would like, for example, to have Apple Fitness Plus as part of Apple One Premiere, but I'm

01:17:56   also very afraid of what's going to happen. I don't know. So this I continue to put off.

01:18:02   So of the two things that I have to share in this segment, this is likely the one that

01:18:07   I will continue to procrastinate on because I'm lazy, yes, but also terrified of the outcome.

01:18:13   The second thing, which is a more reasonable one, I think more people can relate to this

01:18:17   one, and this I will likely do in the short term. Maybe like, it's one of those things

01:18:22   that you gotta do one afternoon, maybe over the weekend, I don't know. I need to find

01:18:27   the time and patience to migrate all of my old notes from Apple Notes into Kraft. And

01:18:34   unfortunately, there's no import from notes feature in Kraft, so I just have to sit down

01:18:43   and copy and paste between the two of them, and one by one. And I know that this will

01:18:50   be useful to me because this kind of cleanup, you always find stuff that you're keeping

01:18:56   in an archive and you really don't need it anymore. But I just got to do it, right? Because

01:19:02   for example, something that I started doing years ago, I have a personal memories folder

01:19:08   in notes where I save screenshots of good things that have happened to me over the years.

01:19:14   like somebody tweeting an article of mine, getting a like from a famous person. I'm a

01:19:22   sucker for those things.

01:19:24   Oh, we all have this.

01:19:25   So yeah, I have a folder with those screenshots, and those I will have to migrate manually,

01:19:30   recreate the title, and it's going to be a manual process. It would be much better if

01:19:35   the craft folks... I mean, they listen to the show, right? And they take feature requests,

01:19:39   apparently. So hey.

01:19:42   Only from the show.

01:19:43   Only from the show. So hey, I mean, if you want to add an import functionality for Apple Notes,

01:19:49   be my guest. But yeah, these are my two things, right? So figure out the Apple One bundle

01:19:53   situation and move all of my notes from Apple Notes to Kraft. And now I want to hear from you guys.

01:19:58   Okay. I have been using the Macintosh more recently.

01:20:05   Yes, we got that.

01:20:06   Yep. He called it his computing platform of choice on Upgrade Plus.

01:20:10   Wow, that's a high praise.

01:20:13   I know I wrote it down in my, in my, in my personal memories journal.

01:20:18   I don't, that's, I'm fine with that for now.

01:20:20   I want to do some of the things that powerful Mac users do, you

01:20:26   know, like automation of sorts.

01:20:28   I want to learn how to use Keyboard Maestro.

01:20:31   I want to understand Hazel scripts and stuff like using Hazel.

01:20:36   I've been thinking about like window management tools, you know,

01:20:40   because it's still the thing that I hate the most about the Mac is just how messy

01:20:44   the window management is just in general.

01:20:47   I know the apps exist and our resources exist.

01:20:50   I know that podcasts exist to teach you about things

01:20:53   that powerful Mac users would do.

01:20:55   Yeah. What would you call that show?

01:20:57   The point is I'm putting these things off. Right.

01:21:00   Like that's the point.

01:21:00   I have all of the I have episodes about Keyboard Maestro.

01:21:04   I have episodes of the automators about like Hazel stuff.

01:21:08   I have them all in my podcast queue, but I'm not listening to them because I'm putting

01:21:12   them off. But these are the things I sit down and I'm like, "Man, you know, I should take

01:21:16   some time." And then my main thing was I downloaded a keyboard measure and my brain leaked out

01:21:20   of my ears. And then I decided to come back to that another time.

01:21:25   I have a question for you, because this is something that you do often. Often you come

01:21:30   to me or in a group chat and you're like, "I want to figure out why people are using

01:21:35   X." Right?

01:21:36   Yes.

01:21:37   But don't you think that maybe if you haven't found a need for this stuff yourself, it's

01:21:44   because you really don't need it?

01:21:45   Right. So here's the thing. With Keyboard Maestro specifically, I do have things that

01:21:49   I want to do that I know it can do.

01:21:52   Well, then you're just lazy.

01:21:53   It's just, well, really, my laziness has come from the fact that it's really difficult.

01:21:58   The thing that you're specifically talking about is that new chat app. I think it's called

01:22:03   will, which I really wanted to try, but none of you punks would try it.

01:22:08   You punks!

01:22:11   I just wanted to try it, and you were all saying like "yeah, sure!" and nobody would

01:22:17   accept my invitations, except for Steven!

01:22:20   I replied to one message from John Voorhees.

01:22:23   Yeah, but not with me!

01:22:25   Well, that's because before getting your message, I already made up my mind about it.

01:22:30   like, "Oh, I don't like Slack anymore, I want to try something else." Something else comes along,

01:22:34   and you're all like, "Ah, I can't be bothered." It was confusing! Everything was a channel.

01:22:40   It was like multiple threads going on everywhere. I really didn't understand the main dashboard

01:22:46   view. Well, that's because we have to take the time, you know, to learn. But none of you want

01:22:51   to take the time. I just want my Eastern gratification, man. Yeah. Wait, so Myke,

01:22:56   this was about things that you were supposed to do that you put off for the future and now you're

01:23:01   talking about something Federico and I put off for the future. Yeah, don't put the blame on me.

01:23:04   Yeah, yeah. Well, look, what can I say? I'm an overachiever. I'm also doing your work for you

01:23:10   as well. This came up because Federico started to, for some reason, I think this whole topic was just

01:23:16   a trap so Federico could make fun of me. No! Because I said the things and you're like,

01:23:21   "What's wrong with you? Why do you always say you want to do these things and you never do them?"

01:23:25   Look, I'm just a therapist. I'm listening to you and I'm asking you questions.

01:23:28   You said a trap.

01:23:28   It's not a trap. It's a... I'm a good listener and I'm asking you questions that I know you're

01:23:35   already asking yourself, even though you don't want to admit it.

01:23:39   Does this say something about me that I think is a trap and you say it's therapy? Like,

01:23:44   this is where I come to a realization that I think therapy is a trap. Oh no!

01:23:49   I think maybe you should find somebody to talk to about that.

01:23:51   It's a trap! This whole thing is a trap.

01:23:55   We are in your brain, Michael, right now.

01:23:57   Oh man.

01:23:59   Therapy is very good, I believe in it. Although, oh my god, the word "trap" is in therapy.

01:24:10   It's "Hey, trap!" It's an anagram for therapy.

01:24:16   You know, I just feel like I need to say that therapy can be very useful and it's

01:24:19   done a lot of good for me and a lot of other people. Don't listen to Myke.

01:24:22   I just said I think it's good. I have also many times in my life but just at the moment that I

01:24:30   realized that an anagram of therapy is "hey trap" like now the wheels are coming off. I need to talk

01:24:35   to my therapist about this. I have nothing wrong with my computing setup whatsoever. Oh wow, okay,

01:24:43   look at you. No, I do have a problem. My problem is in Apple Photos. Oh yeah, you don't have an

01:24:49   an album for me. That's your problem. I have have many many albums and I had a

01:24:56   smart album called Asterix, so it's sort of the top not in albums. And so we go in

01:25:02   there and say okay I have a bunch of images that aren't filed away. I need to

01:25:08   decide if I want to keep them, decide if there's any editing, and then file them

01:25:11   away. This has gotten out of hand for me because I haven't been doing it and I

01:25:16   I just opened my Not In Albums smart album and there's like 450 things in here.

01:25:23   And that's not...

01:25:24   David Spark says that I should just rely on tagging and facing and placing and all of

01:25:29   those things.

01:25:30   Facing?

01:25:31   I'm pretty sure we said this to you too, which was the whole thing around the fact that we

01:25:36   realized how you portrayed Federico by not having an album for him.

01:25:40   I don't have an album for you either.

01:25:41   You both have faces, Dana.

01:25:42   No, I'm pretty sure you do.

01:25:44   Oh, it was faces.

01:25:45   was it. You didn't, at the time, I think you didn't have face data for Federico.

01:25:50   I was just a faceless entity in Steven's photos database.

01:25:54   I don't know what to do about that. The problem...

01:25:56   He doesn't even apologize.

01:25:58   The problem with...

01:25:59   He doesn't care, that's why.

01:26:00   Yeah, he doesn't care. Okay.

01:26:01   So like, a bunch of my stuff has location data, right? Because most of the stuff is

01:26:05   taken with iPhones. But if I were going to do tagging and face stuff, I have 46,743 photos

01:26:13   fifteen hundred videos. Like, I can't, I can't add data to that many items, and a

01:26:20   lot of these items wouldn't service in search without this stuff. And so I'm

01:26:25   still committed to the album lifestyle, I just need to get a grip on what has not

01:26:29   been sorted yet. Technically these photos are sorted into an album, right? Yeah, but

01:26:35   I don't want them to stay there. They're just holding one album. I want them to go where they live. Just do the work

01:26:40   then I suppose you know so when are we going to take care of these things

01:26:45   collectively soon but not yet what if here's the thing what if we all do them

01:26:51   for each other I'll arrange Stevens photos Steven could sign up for Apple one

01:26:58   and go through Federico's private notes and Federico could set up automation on

01:27:03   my Mac why do I feel like I got the short end of the stick here like I got

01:27:08   one person possibly destroying my entire history and my Apple idea and looking at my most private

01:27:16   notes. Myke has access to my entire photo library. That's not great. Old computers and

01:27:21   photos of your dog and your kids. Yeah, I mean, any photos that you don't want me to

01:27:26   see, surely you've already put away into a secret album. Unless there's a secret Steven

01:27:32   We don't know.

01:27:33   Mm.

01:27:33   [LAUGHS]

01:27:35   Yeah, let's follow up on this in a few months

01:27:37   and see if we actually took care of these things, or not.

01:27:41   Any of these things.

01:27:42   Or if the list has just grown.

01:27:44   Maybe Myke will be a new Mac power user.

01:27:48   He's going to start talking about, hey,

01:27:50   I made this cool macro in Keyboard Maestro.

01:27:53   Well, I mean, already in this episode,

01:27:55   I was complaining about apps that weren't Mac-like.

01:27:57   So I think I've already made the full transition, right?

01:27:59   you're complaining about the Mac like apps, you're talking about automation.

01:28:05   I mean, what's next for you, right?

01:28:08   Or are things that Mac users say all the time.

01:28:12   Maybe I'll buy a pro display.

01:28:13   Maybe.

01:28:14   I know so many people that have bought one of these things now.

01:28:18   If you want to find links to stuff we spoke about, head on over to the

01:28:22   website at relay.fm/connected/335.

01:28:29   If you want to find us online, you can do that too.

01:28:32   You can find Myke on Twitter as I-M-Y-K-E.

01:28:36   And Myke does keyboard Friday Club hangout on Twitch.

01:28:41   - Friday Keyboard Club, 1030 a.m. Eastern Time,

01:28:45   Friday at Myke.live.

01:28:47   - You can find Federico on Twitter as Vitici, V-I-T-I-C-C-I,

01:28:52   and he is the editor-in-chief of MacStories.net.

01:28:57   Federico, I have a question for you.

01:29:00   Okay.

01:29:01   Federico's question to me last week was so good, I hope you can live up to it.

01:29:06   What was it?

01:29:07   I don't remember.

01:29:08   Uh, would you rather be very weak and immortal?

01:29:12   That's right.

01:29:13   Or invincible but...

01:29:15   Very weak!

01:29:17   I also saw that as like, you're stuck in bed or something.

01:29:21   But I can't be killed.

01:29:24   Just a very frail man.

01:29:26   but live forever. Or be super strong but die real soon. If you're super strong, it feels

01:29:33   like... Anyways, okay. How much personal space do you need to be comfortable?

01:29:40   And has this changed in the last year?

01:29:42   Wait, in which context? What do you mean, personal space?

01:29:46   Space around your person.

01:29:47   Like physical space? I'm comfortable around people.

01:29:50   Yeah, Federico's a toucha.

01:29:52   Yeah, I am. I'm very...

01:29:55   Which I like in my friends. Because when somebody is comfortable around you that when they're

01:30:02   talking to you they will put their hand on you, it makes you feel connected to that person.

01:30:07   Because you are physically connected. I like it.

01:30:10   Yeah, I'm very comfortable with physical space. Like, absolutely no problem. It's weird, like,

01:30:19   Hold on. Like it's weird if somebody that I just met, like literally just met starts

01:30:26   touching me like in a, in a like friendly way. But with my friends, like with people

01:30:34   I know, I'm, yeah, I'm super fine with it.

01:30:37   Steven's not a toucha. You want to meet someone who's not a toucha or Steven?

01:30:40   No, but I think about this, like I think about this in the context of like when we go to

01:30:43   WWDC because I know that some, a lot of people are not right. And so I try to, I try to remember

01:30:50   this and I limit myself to like, and I try to read the other person, see if they're comfortable

01:30:55   with the handshake back when we used to be able to do handshakes or not. Right. Because

01:31:00   some people may not be comfortable with that. So by default, and this is something that

01:31:04   I learned over the years, I always try to keep my distance by default when I'm, when

01:31:08   I'm at a public event, like a conference for example. But if I see that the other person

01:31:13   wants to go for a hug or a handshake, I'm fine with it.

01:31:17   Whenever I see somebody do the two-handed handshake, you know, like the one handshake

01:31:21   and they put their hand on the other person, I always think of you. Because at that time

01:31:25   when you said, "You can't trust someone who does that," and I will never understand what

01:31:30   the problem is there, but I always think of you.

01:31:33   They're over-eager. They're one-up. They're out to get you. Never trust those people that

01:31:37   put their hand on the handshake.

01:31:39   That's how everyone on LinkedIn who messages you about their company, that's how they shake

01:31:43   That's exactly the kind of person that does the two-hand handshake.

01:31:47   That LinkedIn message, when it's like someone you've never heard of trying to connect with

01:31:51   you, that is the digital version of the two-handed handshake.

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01:32:27   Cheerio.