333: A Stack of Battery Pancakes


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00:00:23   - Hello there.

00:00:24   - What's going on?

00:00:26   - Nothing much.

00:00:26   I'm googling to try and help Federico of a problem that he started going down in

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00:00:58   Speaking of Federico, he's here on the normal show as well.

00:01:00   Hello, Federico.

00:01:02   I am still here, despite my problem.

00:01:04   Despite my very important question, I'm here.

00:01:07   I'm glad you're here. I'm glad we're all together.

00:01:09   I'm here for the good of the show, not for you two, but for the listeners. Yeah.

00:01:14   But the good of the show benefits the two of us.

00:01:18   If that's what you like to think, sure.

00:01:20   No. Okay.

00:01:22   [Laughter]

00:01:24   Wait, have we not been paying Federico?

00:01:26   [Laughter]

00:01:28   No, I wasn't here for you. I somewhat care about you two.

00:01:33   Okay, you're mostly here for the money. He's just here for the money. This is what we find out.

00:01:38   Federico's just all for the money.

00:01:40   Is our engagement broken off?

00:01:42   Oh my gosh, that's happened so...

00:01:44   Was it ever real?

00:01:45   Oh, it felt real.

00:01:47   Did either of you put a ring on it?

00:01:49   Well, I shipped him one.

00:01:51   (laughing)

00:01:54   - I'm not paying customs for your engagement rings, do you?

00:01:58   (laughing)

00:01:59   I hope you took care of it.

00:02:01   DHL, UPS, whatever you chose,

00:02:03   I hope you took care of customs.

00:02:05   - I just taped a $10 bill to the outside of it,

00:02:07   so I'm sure it's fine. - That's not how it works.

00:02:09   - Grease in the palm, grease in the palm.

00:02:11   We all know you gotta grease the palm

00:02:13   with a DHL, right Federico?

00:02:15   - Sure, sure. - It's the only way

00:02:15   to get it, it's the only way to make it work.

00:02:18   - Yeah.

00:02:18   - Coming from the guy who has the phone number

00:02:20   his delivery man, right? That's not so unusual. Yeah, it is. It's pretty unusual. No, no, no.

00:02:29   If you are out there listening and you have the phone number of your delivery guy and you use it

00:02:36   to arrange deliveries, you know, it's not like he went to college with you and your friends,

00:02:41   but like it is a business, like professional delivering relationship. Yeah, I want to be

00:02:46   very clear there's no coded language here about delivery guy arranged we're

00:02:51   talking like package carrier UPS DHL FedEx that's the kind of thing we're

00:02:57   talking about yeah nothing else mm-hmm what else would it be no I don't think

00:03:01   it's that I don't think it's weird I've done I've done stranger things I know so

00:03:06   if you have that relationship then tweet at Federico and tell him about it let

00:03:13   him know he's not alone. First, I'd rather you answer my problem from

00:03:18   Connected Pro. Yes. And it's not just a money grab. Look, I seriously have a problem remembering

00:03:25   that thing, so... But also money is nice. We are now treating it as a money grab, though.

00:03:31   But also it's pretty cool, so... You want to follow up?

00:03:34   Follow up, yes. Follow up!

00:03:35   Ooh, nice sync. Okay. Last week we spoke about Kraft's outlining

00:03:41   Folding mode what is it called toggle list mode?

00:03:45   toggling

00:03:47   It seems like craft has heard our cries and hopefully are working to improve it

00:03:54   Which is really cool. I will say this

00:03:56   The folks behind craft while I don't know them personally

00:03:59   Have been extremely responsive to feedback and emails and it's really cool like they are very passionate about what they're doing

00:04:06   it's one reason I love the app so much because they're really in tune with

00:04:10   what their users are asking for. I think that's really cool.

00:04:14   Did you guys see that Notion went down last week? I think it was last week.

00:04:18   And everyone went mad.

00:04:22   Yeah, it's almost as if they should have an offline mode that they've been talking about for a year and a half.

00:04:26   Imagine if the

00:04:30   note-taking app that was also your database and your

00:04:34   spreadsheet and people use it for all kinds of things was more than a website.

00:04:38   I am struggling to imagine how we could call it. Maybe offline web?

00:04:46   A stack of paper. That's what we need. It's like an app that's native somehow?

00:04:53   What is an app? What's an app? All I use are websites. PWAs.

00:04:59   What was that with something with attitude? I can't remember what it was we decided on.

00:05:07   Programming with attitude.

00:05:09   Programs with attitude.

00:05:10   [LAUGHTER]

00:05:11   PWA, baby.

00:05:13   What are your guys' thoughts on people who call them

00:05:16   programs instead of apps?

00:05:19   That they're old, I guess.

00:05:20   [LAUGHTER]

00:05:24   They were called programs before 2007.

00:05:28   We didn't call them applications.

00:05:29   Like, people called software programs, I think.

00:05:33   So I think how it worked-- and maybe someone in the chat room

00:05:36   can verify this, but I feel like Windows users called them programs and app users called

00:05:44   them were more likely to call them applications, especially in the OS 10 era.

00:05:49   But what if you have a Windows PC, but also an iPhone?

00:05:53   Jason's in the chat saying Jobs called them apps way before the App Store. And that might

00:05:56   be fine. But the thing is, so what I'm saying here is that like the dominant set the trend,

00:06:05   Right. So like I would imagine there are a lot of Mac users that still called them

00:06:08   programs because they were called programs on Windows and Windows was dominant.

00:06:11   But now phones are so dominant, they're called apps.

00:06:15   So even though I think they're still I don't even remember if they're called

00:06:20   programs still on Windows, but people just call them apps now.

00:06:23   It's just shifted in the other direction.

00:06:25   They were called programs, whether they were called apps or applications by

00:06:30   Apple, like it was program.

00:06:33   Application program, apparently, in Mac OS, says Jason again.

00:06:37   Jason's here giving a lot of follow-up today.

00:06:39   API means Application Programming Interface.

00:06:42   I thought it meant Bs.

00:06:43   Well, that's made it worse, isn't it?

00:06:44   I want to call them interfaces.

00:06:46   Let's just go for the final--

00:06:49   that's what they call them on Linux.

00:06:50   They call them interfaces.

00:06:51   Why are we talking about this?

00:06:53   I don't remember.

00:06:54   Me neither.

00:06:55   So let's move on.

00:06:55   Oh, we were complaining.

00:06:56   We were making jokes about Notion being--

00:06:59   Oh, yeah.

00:06:59   Well, we always do.

00:07:00   So is that different from any other episode?

00:07:02   I'm sure it was terrible for people who have their whole business in it or their whole life.

00:07:07   Maybe you should have things in more than one application.

00:07:09   You can't put your whole life in more than one application.

00:07:12   Did you see that Microsoft Office on iOS and I think some other things like put all the Office apps in one application now?

00:07:19   Yeah. Well that's been around for a while, but it was iPhone only now it's on iPad.

00:07:24   iPad it makes sense because you pay for 365 as one thing now so why why have

00:07:32   three apps you may as well just have one app and access let word be word and let

00:07:37   PowerPoint be PowerPoint why because they're different things but it's not

00:07:42   like now PowerPoint works like word so it's one application I mean I still get

00:07:49   the three separate applications if you just want one of them but if you want

00:07:53   them all, they're all smashed together. You can have one app to roll them all.

00:07:58   And you go into like PowerPoint mode? It's just PowerPoint?

00:08:01   Well you just open a PowerPoint and it opens the PowerPoint mode.

00:08:04   Oh, it's very confusing. I don't think it's this confusing. How do

00:08:09   you deal with Google Drive? Well, that's on the web so it's not real.

00:08:13   It's not a program application. Right.

00:08:15   But also when I used to use Google Drive I had the separate apps.

00:08:18   Yeah, so do I. But I'm just saying, like if you use Google Drive, everything's listed

00:08:22   together you can you know you're big and strong you can work it out yeah but

00:08:25   drive is like the finder for those files right and the new and then you open

00:08:30   they're open a docs or spreadsheet it's you've mixed metaphors anyways it's the

00:08:34   metaphors I didn't mix anymore I will mix your metaphor but this is not in

00:08:38   follow-up so why are we talking about I don't know

00:08:41   Steven read a headline and then thought you bring it to the show that's what

00:08:45   happened let's talk about MacBook pros okay last week we mentioned this really

00:08:50   weird Apple support document and repair program that if you have a MacBook Pro

00:08:57   of a certain age it wouldn't charge past 1% and they said they fixed it with

00:09:01   software. We're going to talk about this again in a second in a different context.

00:09:05   We heard from listener Chris who said their 2016 MacBook Pro suffered the 1%

00:09:11   battery affliction, as he calls it. Affliction? We heard from like lots of

00:09:17   people actually. I was kind of surprised about this. Chris is getting credit

00:09:20   because I think Chris was first. Yeah. And that counts for something. If you listen immediately

00:09:25   or live, you're rewarded. It's not that we love you more, it's just that you're more likely to

00:09:30   be in follow-up. So Chris's machine would basically instantly die when disconnected from power,

00:09:38   and so that seems like it was only charging to one percent, and then just cutting off because

00:09:44   one percent of a battery that's already several years old is not a lot of runtime. He also said

00:09:50   that the machine would only power when plugged into Cernet USB-C ports, which is also weird

00:09:56   and troubling.

00:09:57   Yeah, because I think the question that we had was, would the machine stay on for four

00:10:01   hours on 1%? Would it immediately die? And the question I don't think we're going to

00:10:07   get an answer to, but I would still love to know, is was it the battery, or was it the

00:10:11   soft-- what was actually the problem? Because it feels to me like it's the software, and

00:10:16   was just refusing to read the batteries charged no matter what. We also spoke

00:10:22   about iOS 14.5 we're gonna talk about more about that later but we wanted to

00:10:27   follow up on a couple things. The first is that audio applications can be set in

00:10:34   Siri so we talked about that in terms of Spotify you can basically tell Siri that

00:10:39   Spotify is the app that you want to talk to. Charlie Chapman wrote in he

00:10:45   develops DarkNoise, which is a great iOS app, and said that it does seem like it's

00:10:52   just the existing SiriKit Media Intents, which I think is what we kind of

00:10:56   assumed they were, because it's showing up working for other people and it's the

00:11:01   only API that they've ever used to integrate with Siri and DarkNoise shows

00:11:05   up in that list. So there you go. SiriKit Media Intents.

00:11:09   Yeah, that was a good theory and I'm glad that it was right. Let's just skip this

00:11:14   next part follow-up because Greengate no I don't want to after multiple attempts

00:11:19   Apple says they have finally fixed it with iOS 14.5 beta 2 they've said this

00:11:26   before and it has continued for some users it's not this dramatic finally

00:11:32   comfort like it's not this drama Apple was doomed before this okay you could do

00:11:41   version of that wired cover you know like the prey one but like it's just

00:11:44   like a slight green tint over the cover it's like a green blob so green gate is

00:11:51   apparently fixed is it over is it over for good we'll see they've said it

00:11:56   before Myke you want to take this next one yeah

00:11:59   Apple is launching a podcast to promote for all mankind which is space focused

00:12:06   And I want to say fantasy but alternate reality I guess we could say show which premieres

00:12:13   season two, episode one of season two comes out this Friday and Apple is launching their

00:12:19   own kind of watch along podcast to go along with it and behind the scenes podcast.

00:12:25   Which is cool, like this is a thing that we'd thought that they were likely to do if Apple

00:12:30   were going to get into podcasts of their own to create stuff that goes alongside their

00:12:34   TV content.

00:12:35   Seems like a good win. People like that kind of stuff. They are doing something really weird where the show comes out weekly

00:12:40   But they're releasing new episodes of the show fortnightly like I honestly

00:12:44   Cannot fathom the thinking behind that. It seems very very strange to me

00:12:48   But it is available like everywhere. This isn't like an Apple podcasts only

00:12:53   Show you can subscribe to any app in a way that is easier

00:12:58   I think than Apple news today, which is like technically you could but Apple kind of did everything

00:13:03   they could to try and stop you from doing that but this one doesn't seem to

00:13:05   be the case which also makes sense because this is kind of like a marketing

00:13:09   effort and engagement effort for their show. While we're talking about For All

00:13:13   Mankind, Stephen would you like to promote this week's episode of Liftoff?

00:13:17   Yes, episode 143 of Liftoff which will be out on Thursday February 18th is the

00:13:27   plan so it's not out as I speak but it'll be out tomorrow is a special

00:13:31   episode of Liftoff where we got to interview somebody closely involved with

00:13:36   the show and it was a lot of fun. Jason and I have got to see some of season two

00:13:41   and it's it's very exciting. I love this show and I'm really excited for it to

00:13:46   come back. It's a big deal. I can't wait for Liftoff. Yep, go check it out. I will

00:13:50   I'll be sure to tweet about it when it's up. It should be towards the end of the

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00:15:26   Do you want to bring back your incredibly

00:15:28   popular topic wheel for today's episode?

00:15:32   You know, I really don't want to

00:15:33   rely on gimmicks to move the show forward.

00:15:36   Right.

00:15:36   I don't think it's necessary.

00:15:38   Wow.

00:15:40   Okay.

00:15:41   I mean you put a lot of work into that last week so I'm kind of surprised.

00:15:45   Somebody hates fun here.

00:15:47   You made us go through that whole thing and now you're ditching it?

00:15:50   Well it's fun, I mean, if you do it once it's a fun quirky thing on the show.

00:15:54   If you do it two times in a row, doesn't it kind of lose the magic?

00:15:57   Well I thought it was going to become like a new format thing.

00:16:00   Fine, tiny topic one. Steve Moser, who writes over at, is it MacRumors? I believe?

00:16:08   It's MacRumors.

00:16:09   Yes.

00:16:09   Yeah, contributing writer at MacRumors is one of the more recent people that I've noticed

00:16:14   has been digging into code recently and has been finding some interesting things in new

00:16:20   beta releases of software.

00:16:22   And one of the things that he found is something called mobile charge mode in the, I wrote

00:16:27   in the notes here the 15.4 beta.

00:16:30   I think I was tired when I wrote this this morning.

00:16:33   I didn't even notice it.

00:16:34   It's the 14.5 beta.

00:16:35   I mean, that would be quite some interesting spelunk in there, right?

00:16:40   Like if you go all the way to why it was 15.4?

00:16:43   Yeah, not an early build but a point update. That's a year away.

00:16:47   And it's referencing a battery pack. Now, there's a potential here for something to change with the battery cases.

00:16:57   We could be looking at something MagSafe related.

00:17:00   And wouldn't it be kind of cool if instead of that case that we have now they just take advantage of MagSafe

00:17:05   and give you a little brick to stick on the back of your phone.

00:17:09   That's what they should do. I agree.

00:17:11   So you're saying that instead of a case?

00:17:13   Instead of a case or in addition to a case, like that's a beautiful thing about MagSafe.

00:17:18   You can keep your Apple case or any MagSafe, like official MagSafe case, and then you can get the

00:17:23   pack and you just stick it to the case. Because previously you had to use the battery case.

00:17:29   In this case it would just be a little magnetic battery that you just stick to your phone when

00:17:34   you need some extra charge. I think it's a beautiful idea, like they should have done it

00:17:39   already. Well, that's the thing with the case though, what I liked about the case is then

00:17:43   your phone was just in the case, you didn't have to worry about something else, you have

00:17:46   to carry something else around, you know? But hey, MagSafe is a thing, so whatever.

00:17:53   Whatever they do, whether they do a case or a battery pack, it should work with MagSafe,

00:17:59   right? And so you don't have to do that weird offset lightning port thing that they did.

00:18:04   Which made the case taller, right? Because you had to like slide your phone in down on

00:18:08   on top of the lightning port, which always felt like very,

00:18:12   I mean, I don't think they were fragile,

00:18:14   but it always felt kind of weird.

00:18:15   It's like, I gotta make sure it's all lined up

00:18:17   so I don't break this thing off.

00:18:18   Yeah, I'd like the battery case to make a return.

00:18:21   I think having just a MagSafe battery would be cool too,

00:18:25   but the case was fantastic when you traveled,

00:18:28   mainly, Myke, for exactly the reason you said,

00:18:30   that you don't have to worry

00:18:32   because your phone is just in it.

00:18:34   And I know when I traveled previously

00:18:36   that my phone just stayed in it for the whole trip

00:18:39   and it was great.

00:18:41   Some people may wonder why this would be now.

00:18:44   Actually dug in a little bit to this.

00:18:47   Apple normally when they release battery cases

00:18:50   do it several months into the life of a phone.

00:18:54   So with the XS it was in January after they'd come out.

00:18:59   The iPhone 11 was in November, iPhone 7 came out

00:19:03   and the battery case was in September

00:19:05   so they were pretty close.

00:19:06   and the iPhone 6s was December of that year.

00:19:09   So very often, whatever these accessories are,

00:19:12   either aren't ready for launch or Apple just holds them

00:19:15   and releases them a few months later for whatever reason.

00:19:18   - You know why?

00:19:19   'Cause they want you to get annoyed

00:19:21   at the battery life of your new phone first.

00:19:24   So then you're like, "Ah, now I'm actually kind of annoyed

00:19:26   that it's not lasting as much as I hoped

00:19:28   and so I'm gonna buy the battery pack."

00:19:29   - I have a slightly different feeling on why they do this.

00:19:33   Is that I don't think that they wanna say like,

00:19:35   "Hey, here's that new phone you're buying. And by the way, the battery isn't long enough

00:19:39   for you." Right? Also that. So first is all the excitement.

00:19:42   You're getting the new phone. You think the battery is going to last me forever because,

00:19:45   I mean, let's face it, every year we think that. And then a few months later, you're

00:19:50   like, "Well, actually, you know, I could go for some extra juice on my phone. And so I'm

00:19:55   going to get that battery case or pack or whatever." It'll be great for iPhone.

00:20:00   No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

00:20:04   no edit. No edit. No edit. Do you hear that click? No. What is an I-12? What is an I-12?

00:20:09   Did you hear how he clicked Federico? That means he's going to edit out his flub there.

00:20:12   I don't think that I would get or you would get that kind of treatment. I take out all

00:20:17   sorts of things you guys say. No, I'm very aware of that. You take out all my good jokes.

00:20:22   Wow. No. Yeah, you do. You only leave the bad ones in. Last week you specifically asked

00:20:28   me to cut something and I did. I don't remember what it was but I bet there was a very good

00:20:31   reason for it. Talk about freedom of press. Wow, not over here. What does that even mean?

00:20:45   You know what they should do? They should make like a case where it's like a case and

00:20:50   you could like have multiple battery packs and you just keep putting the battery packs

00:20:54   in like just keep recharging it and your phone just lasts forever. Like a stack of battery

00:20:58   pancakes. Yeah, you just keep adding them on. And you don't take any of them off, you

00:21:04   just keep adding to it so your phone just gets thicker and thicker throughout the day.

00:21:07   I love it. I kind of want to do it. I wish that the battery... So if they do a MagSafe

00:21:11   battery pack that sticks to your phone, the pack itself should have MagSafe. So you keep

00:21:16   sticking things on top of it. You can put your wallet on top, that'd be great. I want

00:21:23   to put my wallet on top of the pack which is on top of the phone which is on top of

00:21:28   the case. It's going to be magnets all the way down essentially. Put in like a little

00:21:32   skyscraper there. Yeah, like a little magsafe tower on my phone. I love it. Why aren't they,

00:21:41   man you can tell that Johnny Ive left Apple, they're not doing these things anymore. Like

00:21:45   the guy used to do like a mouse that charged from the bottom, like the guy was wild back

00:21:51   can you stay yeah I kind of miss him anyways what I was saying is maybe this

00:21:58   is how they get some more money out of iPhone 12 mini customers you know they're

00:22:02   not selling a lot of those phones but all those people want a battery case

00:22:05   they all made the battery case because your battery don't last because your phone's too

00:22:09   small that's right it's not a problem on the bigger phones nope up next we have

00:22:15   sort of part two of what I'm calling is Apple bad at battery software hello

00:22:21   nice title yeah and he's a little work I think but it's pretty close you should

00:22:25   have a blog I should call it fork something fork blaster fork charger this

00:22:36   is from Apple a very small number of customers with Apple watch series 5 or

00:22:41   Apple watch SE models running watch OS 7.2 or 7.3 have experienced an issue

00:22:47   with their watch not charging after it enters power reserve. So your watch would

00:22:53   dip down to power reserve and has never come out. Apple says they have fixed this

00:22:57   in watchOS 7.3.1 but if your watch is still affected by this they will replace

00:23:04   it for you. Do you guys ever think about the Apple Watch SE? Nope. I appreciate

00:23:09   that question Myke. I do sometimes think about it it's like hey remember when

00:23:15   they did that like three months ago. Yeah but does it feel like three months ago?

00:23:21   No it feels like a long time ago because there were so many product releases like this was

00:23:26   the first one of the like three events in three months so I think it kind of feels like

00:23:30   a longer time ago than we otherwise would. Yeah but I sometimes think about it in the

00:23:37   context of man we talked about that thing for such a long time and then they did it

00:23:43   And then it's almost like nobody cares?

00:23:44   Well, because they did a bad job, in my opinion.

00:23:47   I said it at the time.

00:23:48   It's not cheap enough.

00:23:49   It's too expensive.

00:23:50   Yeah, it should have been much cheaper.

00:23:52   I really hope that they can find a way to just drive that price down.

00:23:56   They just kind of freeze the product and drive the price down.

00:24:00   But it removed too many features and the price is too high, I think, for what you get.

00:24:06   But it's a funny thing to think about.

00:24:08   It's like they had this whole product and then...

00:24:10   And they did that whole segment of the presentation with you being able to buy an Apple Watch

00:24:15   for your kid and, you know, letting your kid go outside with the watch.

00:24:22   Is anybody doing that?

00:24:24   Like honestly?

00:24:26   Like do we know anybody who's doing that to their kid?

00:24:29   I'm sure some people are.

00:24:30   I think the armaments are, but that's the only people I can think of.

00:24:34   Because Marco's talked about it on ATP.

00:24:37   But yeah, I mean, we haven't looked at it for our kids.

00:24:40   Like maybe when they're older.

00:24:42   So like you have a tracker on your child?

00:24:44   That's basically what it does?

00:24:45   I guess that's...

00:24:46   Are you saying that as if it's creepy?

00:24:48   I was getting there.

00:24:50   Like I...

00:24:51   I mean, this is such a difficult thing, right?

00:24:53   Like this is such a such a such a difficult...

00:24:56   I kind of think it's creepy.

00:24:57   It's tricky.

00:24:58   It's really tricky because I understand it.

00:25:00   This is one of like, one of the many, many hard problems of the technology age in children.

00:25:06   Like photos is another thing.

00:25:08   It's like a great article which I'll put in the show notes from Joanna Stern about this

00:25:13   years ago I think about taking pictures of your children and posting them online.

00:25:19   Because they have no say in it, right?

00:25:21   Because of course they don't.

00:25:22   They're a young child, right?

00:25:23   They don't have concept of why this is even a thing.

00:25:27   But you are like training algorithms and stuff by putting their pictures out there into the

00:25:33   world.

00:25:34   you could like find pictures of them as a kid when they're 25 because you posted it.

00:25:39   It's an interesting idea and this is like another one of those things because me and

00:25:48   Adina have fine mayan for each other.

00:25:51   Oh really?

00:25:53   Yeah. And that's a decision that we chose so like if when we would go places I could

00:26:02   see if she was on her way back or whatever and she could do the same for me rather than

00:26:05   even to ask. I think I have fine might on with Steven all the time. I have a couple

00:26:10   of friends that I have it on with too and I'm fine with it, right? But it's one of those

00:26:17   things where it doesn't... if you don't want to do that it doesn't mean that you're up

00:26:22   to no good. But I think one of the issues is people take it that way, right? Like if

00:26:30   If I said to Federico, "Hey, you can have my location all the time, can I have yours?"

00:26:35   and he said "No."

00:26:36   They could be like, "Why?

00:26:39   What are you up to?"

00:26:40   But Federico might just be like, "I just don't want people knowing where I am all the time."

00:26:44   So extrapolating that out for kids, as a parent, you now have this technology that if you let

00:26:51   your kid go to places or whatever, you have the ability to have the safety, the peace

00:26:58   of mind in you can check where they are but then the kid has to be cool with that.

00:27:04   I don't know it's super tricky like I don't think I I don't think I can really say one

00:27:10   way or another how I feel about it and so yeah.

00:27:15   Steven you're the only one of us that has children.

00:27:17   That's true.

00:27:18   Right.

00:27:19   Maybe you should walk into this minefield for us.

00:27:22   It is tricky.

00:27:23   I definitely agree about pictures of children on social media.

00:27:29   I never would have thought any differently about this until after I watched a video that

00:27:33   Joanna made.

00:27:34   Yeah.

00:27:35   And that set my thinking that if we ever have kids that I wouldn't post pictures of their

00:27:41   faces online.

00:27:42   Yeah.

00:27:43   I don't do it.

00:27:45   Mary will do it on occasion.

00:27:47   You know, we've got friends and family members like their child's whole life is documented

00:27:52   on Instagram and I just don't want that for my kids. As far as something like an

00:27:56   Apple watch, I think we would do it if they were, you know, if they were a little

00:28:00   bit older than they are now and if they understood, you know, what what it does.

00:28:06   You know, when they're old enough to carry phones, you know, which I mean my

00:28:10   fifth graders have friends in their classes with iPhones in it blows my mind.

00:28:15   How old is that? Fifth grade? Eleven, twelve. Ten, eleven, twelve. Kind of in there.

00:28:21   That feels about the age for me though. Like, I mean everyone's different, but like that kind of

00:28:25   feels like the age for me. It feels young for us, but we are very conservative with technology with

00:28:31   our kids because we know what harm it can bring and so for us like when they have a phone like

00:28:38   part of the deal will be is find Mayas on because you know at that point if they're you know the

00:28:43   world would be hopefully back to normal and we'd like to know what they're up to but again we would

00:28:48   would have the conversation with them about why we're doing it. It's not

00:28:52   that we don't trust you, it's not that we're spying on you, it's that we have

00:28:56   this in case something happens. It's not that I'm at home with this window open

00:29:00   on my Mac all day, it's that if we can't get a hold of you or you need us, you

00:29:04   know, the way around, then we have these other ways to connect. So I think it's

00:29:09   definitely about your kids being able to understand what's going on with this.

00:29:14   Mm-hmm. Man this took a hard left turn from broken Apple watches but I

00:29:21   mean and it's different for every family and every kid right so it's it's a

00:29:25   complicated thing I think the worst thing you can do is just kind of walk

00:29:29   into it casually I think as long as you take it seriously and have a good

00:29:32   conversation then people will come to different decisions on it and that's

00:29:37   totally cool. And so Federico I'm assuming that you're very much in the

00:29:41   "no" column on this one. Well... And look, I want to say for the record, I think you are perfectly

00:29:47   valid in holding that opinion. I just... If that is your opinion. I'm not sure what my opinion is,

00:29:54   obviously we don't have kids, so this is all theoretical at this point. But the thing is that

00:29:59   I, you know, I grew up and I was fortunate because I could just, when I was 10 or 12, I just left the

00:30:09   the house after doing my homework, like 3 p.m., with my little bicycle, and I would

00:30:15   just hang around with my friends, and we would do all kinds of stupid stuff, and I would

00:30:21   bruise my knees, and we would play soccer in the street, and like, the parents of the

00:30:25   other of my friends, like, they would check on us from, you know, it was a small community.

00:30:30   It was like, go outside, play in the dirt, you know, play hide and seek, you know, very,

00:30:36   old school type of interactions. And we didn't have phones, we didn't have technology whatsoever.

00:30:45   And that to me is sort of like, ideally, it's kind of like the experience that I would want

00:30:52   to have for my kid, you know?

00:30:54   But that world doesn't exist anymore, with or without tracking of devices.

00:30:58   Well, maybe.

00:30:59   But the other thing is though, like most of those things that you described, having an

00:31:03   an Apple watch that says what your location is doesn't stop you from doing any of that

00:31:06   stuff.

00:31:07   Sure, but it also, like, I think to an extent, the idea that you're not being tracked and

00:31:13   that you make a promise to your parents and you gotta hold up to it, it creates a sense

00:31:17   of responsibility in you. Without you having to, you know, you have the fallback of "oh,

00:31:24   but I know that my parents are monitoring me anyway", being intentional in being responsible

00:31:29   when you're outside. I don't know. It's a complicated subject.

00:31:34   I mean, and there's always the point that like kids are resourceful and they will find

00:31:37   ways around all of it because they're smarter than you. Right. Like they will find their

00:31:42   way around it, you know? Right. Like I'm sure that there was a similar thing where you talk,

00:31:47   because you grew up in a small town, right? Which I think as well makes your experience

00:31:52   maybe different to other people's experiences like mine. I grew up in a major metropolis

00:31:56   so that it was just considered different about what you would and wouldn't do as a kid.

00:32:00   But growing up in that small town, you will have the restrictions of the parents talking

00:32:06   to each other, right?

00:32:07   Everyone knows everyone.

00:32:09   So if you get caught doing something, it's going to get back to your mum.

00:32:14   Yes.

00:32:15   Right?

00:32:16   So you have like that kind of tracking system to deal with too.

00:32:19   Absolutely.

00:32:20   I don't know, I'm just very concerned about the idea of giving kids technology products

00:32:27   in general at a very young age.

00:32:30   Because being in this my job, and it's kind of like a paradox maybe, I wouldn't want them

00:32:39   to be exposed to all of this stuff early on, especially because the internet is a bad place

00:32:47   if you don't have the tools or the knowledge to deal with it.

00:32:50   parenting is tough who knew I think I think I fall more on the the the idea of

00:32:58   giving younger children technology doesn't necessarily I'm not necessarily

00:33:02   against that but it's about having like I know that like a lot of parents have

00:33:06   like restrictions on device time and stuff mm-hmm I don't really imagine I

00:33:12   will be very strict on that as a parent because I was not an outdoorsy kid at

00:33:17   at all. Oh, okay. So, I feel like I turned out mostly okay. Well, that's your opinion.

00:33:25   I did say, I think. I knew that was coming. There's some issues with Apple Watches charging.

00:33:39   This is basically, this is like kind of a non-topic at this point now. We've gone so

00:33:44   So far off the reservation.

00:33:47   Well, I gave him the news 25 minutes ago, so update to 7.3.1.

00:33:54   If your watch doesn't come out of low power mode, get in touch with Apple.

00:33:57   And they'll replace him.

00:33:59   And maybe Apple should look at what's happening with its battery software.

00:34:03   Because I mean, I'm sure that this and the Mac issue aren't related, but to have two

00:34:07   of these things back to back is pretty funny.

00:34:09   I'm sure it's not funny to the people dealing with it, but it's funny to me.

00:34:13   Ready for another break?

00:34:14   - Mm-hmm. - Yes.

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00:35:46   - Steven, do you own any Throwboy products?

00:35:49   - I don't.

00:35:50   I have come across these,

00:35:52   people send me these all the time.

00:35:54   I don't love the stuffed--

00:35:56   - The little pillows, the cushions?

00:35:58   - Yeah, the pillows.

00:35:59   I don't like the pillows.

00:36:00   - Okay, 'cause this is their thing that they're known for.

00:36:02   Throwboy have been around for a long time,

00:36:05   making cushions with technology things.

00:36:08   You know, they've made little finders and Macs and RSS icons and all kinds of stuff.

00:36:14   Well, they've now while they have been known for their pillows,

00:36:18   they have now made blankets.

00:36:21   And I saw these

00:36:23   reported on a MacRumors and I just when I see this stuff,

00:36:26   Steven, I always think of you.

00:36:28   And I feel like one of these products, maybe especially the they have two blankets.

00:36:32   One is styled after the original Mac, and one is styled

00:36:36   as the finder icon and I feel like the finder icon one specifically, that feels like a very

00:36:41   Stephen Hackett product. I want to know what you thought.

00:36:45   Well it is. I saw this in the show notes and bought one before we started recording.

00:36:48   Because he's old and he needs a blanket? Yeah he's old and cold.

00:36:54   Got a finder logo blanket on the way. These look really nice though honestly, like

00:36:58   quality wise. They look really nice, like fleecy and stuff. Very nice looking.

00:37:03   I think so. Honestly this is exactly how I imagine you

00:37:06   in your retirement on a sofa with a Macintosh blanket on top of you. Remembering the good

00:37:12   old days.

00:37:13   Dude, it's gonna be me in like three weeks when this thing shows up.

00:37:16   Yeah.

00:37:17   I don't have to wait to retirement.

00:37:18   You're cold right now, right?

00:37:20   So yes, yeah, it is 19 degrees outside.

00:37:24   What is that?

00:37:25   So yeah, I like the finder blanket. I think it's gonna look great in my office. I have

00:37:30   the Susan Care blanket with all of the icons on it. And so this will be a nice addition

00:37:35   to that. The Susan Care one I want to hang like a tapestry in a castle but I don't have

00:37:39   room for that currently. It's more like a throw really isn't it, the Susan Care one.

00:37:45   Yeah. And this is definitely more blankety. Yes, I'm gonna put this on a couch somewhere.

00:37:52   Feels like something for the studio. Yeah, if I had a couch in the studio it would go

00:37:57   there, but I don't have room for a couch. You get chilly when you record, you put it

00:38:00   over your lap, you know? It's true. I'm wearing a jacket right now and a hat because it's

00:38:04   cold out here. We could have had a... you could have been

00:38:08   wrapped in the warm embrace of the finite logo. That's right, being absorbed by the

00:38:12   finder. Yes, this looks awesome. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I'd miss

00:38:16   they were doing blankets. The pillows aren't for me, but this is fantastic.

00:38:20   This is a Varsity Superior looking product to the pillows I'm looking for, I think.

00:38:25   I mean, looking at it now, the only pillow that I would maybe do is the spinning

00:38:31   beach ball? That's a good one. But none of the others really speak to me as a pillow.

00:38:37   I had or have some of the original ones. Like, I remember when this company started. They've

00:38:43   been around a long time. A long time. And I remember buying a couple. I don't remember

00:38:48   what ones I got though. They have all sorts of stuff. Headwear, you can get a hat with

00:38:52   the command logo. You get a pocket pillow, I don't know exactly what that would be for,

00:38:57   but... Well, it's if you get tired on the go, you just keep it with you and just lay

00:39:01   down on the sidewalk or on the escalator in the shopping mall and just take a little rest.

00:39:07   I gotta say, I kinda like they have a sweatshirt that just says like 941 on it.

00:39:14   Like that looks like the clock of an iPhone.

00:39:19   That's pretty cool.

00:39:20   Like, that looks good.

00:39:22   Yeah.

00:39:23   They also have a shirt and a hoodie.

00:39:24   It's all sold out, but it says Apple II and Macintosh and iMac and iPod.

00:39:28   Yeah, I said I don't like that style of much. I see that a lot, but I like the 941

00:39:34   Bang, it's kind of cool. You should do it. Yeah, I just like I just wanna get the avocado pillow. What a millennial

00:39:42   That's all I want. That's all I need in my life at the moment

00:39:44   Which one the avocado?

00:39:47   Avocados what I want literally that's all like that's all I need. I don't want the NES controller

00:39:54   I don't want I don't care about that stuff

00:39:57   Gaming's for nerds, am I right?

00:39:59   Yeah...

00:40:00   Macintosh, you need the Macintosh. I want an avocado pillow.

00:40:03   Okay.

00:40:04   Look at that photo.

00:40:05   It's good.

00:40:06   You can hug it. You can hug it. Think it's an avocado, but it's actually a pillow. I

00:40:10   mean that's a beautiful...

00:40:11   This is a stolenness from a greetings card, but you could avocado, right?

00:40:14   Did you get it?

00:40:17   Are you sure you're not a dad?

00:40:19   Like have, have a cuddle, avocado. I've seen that on a greetings card, I thought it was

00:40:25   very funny.

00:40:26   Oh my god.

00:40:27   Is this how y'all feel when I make jokes?

00:40:30   Yes, constantly.

00:40:31   Yeah.

00:40:32   Now imagine that for seven years.

00:40:36   Now you get it.

00:40:41   Now you get it.

00:40:43   Yeah.

00:40:44   So how do you feel now?

00:40:46   I feel great.

00:40:48   Foldable iPhones.

00:40:49   Iphone.

00:40:50   Iphone.

00:40:51   My phone folded!

00:40:53   No, I didn't want to talk about this.

00:40:56   I have protested this story multiple times, so I am not talking about it or introducing

00:41:05   it.

00:41:06   You wanted it in here, so you can talk about it.

00:41:09   Wow.

00:41:10   I mean, you did go off and rage start a whole podcast with Austin so you could talk about

00:41:14   folding phones.

00:41:15   Well, yeah, because no one would let me.

00:41:16   It kept getting cut, so...

00:41:18   This comes from 9to5Mac, which got it from iPhone in Canada, which got it from Chinese

00:41:24   analyst firm Equal Ocean. Wow, it's an international rumor. Okay. It comes from MacRumors, because

00:41:29   9to5Mac wrote the article where they said don't pay attention to the MacRumors article,

00:41:34   basically. Wait, are we... is it blogging wars? Are we doing that? I think so. I'm here

00:41:38   for it. Okay, so who's right? I'm team... I don't know. Don't take sides. 9to5, I'm

00:41:47   team 9to5. Oh, he's taking the side. No, I mean I love both of them. No, but you've taken

00:41:52   aside. Now let me see, in this case I prefer the graphic on 925 Mac. Okay. I

00:41:56   prefer the photo there. That's the kind of foldable iPhone I'd want anyway, the

00:42:01   Z Flip style. Hey you're not invited to talk in this conversation. Oh sorry, yeah

00:42:06   I'll keep my mouth shut now. So anyways rumor could be coming, not anything new

00:42:10   there, but it raised the question of what kind of OS changes we could see. Like how

00:42:16   could iOS be adapted to this sort of thing? Federico I assume you have some

00:42:20   ideas. Well, I was thinking about this in the context of how it's not just about,

00:42:26   yeah, you're folding the device and, you know, that's it. Obviously, software needs

00:42:32   to change. And I was thinking maybe, like, the obvious feature that comes to mind.

00:42:36   With a folding phone, maybe multitasking should change and maybe it would be the

00:42:41   time for split view of some sorts to come to the phone. Obviously, because you

00:42:45   have a physical split in the middle of the device. And I just feel like it would

00:42:49   be interesting to explore that kind of scenario. But also, I wonder what happens

00:42:56   in terms of gaming is another interesting idea, because I could see

00:43:02   Apple maybe doing something similar to what Nintendo did with the DS

00:43:06   years ago. Sort of exploring this concept of, yes, it can be one screen but it can

00:43:13   also be two screens at the same time. That is a fascinating idea to me. And in

00:43:18   In general, I mean obviously it depends on where the folding occurs, and I think Myke,

00:43:25   I kind of want to hear from you, what kind of folding style would you prefer on an iPhone?

00:43:32   If it's an iPhone, right, like if we're saying this is an iPhone that folds, the closing

00:43:40   like the Z Flip I found to be the most satisfying.

00:43:44   It just feels nice.

00:43:46   isn't a ton more utility to it other than it just feels like a nice device and basically you take a

00:43:51   big phone and you fold it smaller and put it in your pocket but like the ultimate idea is to take

00:43:57   a already large device and make it larger but there's just no form factor right now where

00:44:04   this really works in the way that people want it to work because what you really want is it's

00:44:10   one screen and you just fold the screen in half. But there is no type of glass that is

00:44:18   durable enough to do this right now. So if we're going to look at all we have currently,

00:44:25   then I think the folding like a like basically flip phone model is the best one with the

00:44:31   idea of like everyone everyone wants to get to what Huawei did. But that that has been

00:44:37   proven not to work because the outside screen is too fragile and what you don't want is

00:44:42   to put your phone down and then it busts, right? Like you basically put a hole in the

00:44:48   thing and that's what can happen when you have this basically plastic with a very thin

00:44:54   glass layer. Which is, I mean all of this is probably why Apple were multiple years

00:44:59   away from doing anything because the technology is really really early and I think I said

00:45:05   there's some test drivers recently like I'm happy that we have Samsung because

00:45:09   there's a company that's pushing it like they're pushing it forward whether the

00:45:14   world's ready for it or not like that that they're trying to make it happen

00:45:17   because you need someone especially like a Samsung because they make all the

00:45:21   display technology for a lot of these devices to be testing it in public and

00:45:26   pushing it forward and advancing your R&D so otherwise we're never gonna get

00:45:30   devices from other companies or fully formed devices I can't help but think

00:45:34   that widgets, you know, new in iOS 14, this new style could be a big deal for

00:45:42   this, where that outside screen that is maybe smaller, maybe that's the primary

00:45:47   driver for that display, and it kind of uses the Smart Stack stuff and kind of

00:45:53   shows you what it thinks is relevant, and then you open it to the full experience.

00:45:57   I think that could be pretty interesting.

00:46:00   We're just on the outside, yes, but also like the idea of lock screen complications.

00:46:05   That was something that we discussed a bunch of times before.

00:46:09   A lot of people have done concepts for that.

00:46:10   There was a rumor of always-on display.

00:46:13   Did you see this?

00:46:14   Yes, I was getting there.

00:46:15   I was getting there.

00:46:16   Maybe it can actually come to fruition this year if that rumor is correct and if Apple

00:46:19   is doing this new display that has some kind of always-on capabilities.

00:46:24   I can see something like that where it's kind of like the Apple Watch but more powerful,

00:46:29   where you can have complications for small glanceable visual updates on the lock screen,

00:46:36   and then maybe those can become full-fledged widgets when you tap the screen and it wakes up.

00:46:42   Something like that could be interesting. It doesn't necessarily have to wait for a folding

00:46:46   phone, though. Like, I could see it on a regular iPhone this year as an iOS 15 feature. It'd be

00:46:51   great. I think it'd be really nice to have sort of useful glanceable information without having

00:46:56   to wake up the screen. I mean it's present on a bunch of Android phones and I think it's great

00:47:01   there. Do you think that they would make this a hardware thing? Yeah. Like it would be iPhone 13

00:47:08   only? Yes. Right now iOS 14 goes back to the iPhone 6s. I could say them saying hey it's only

00:47:16   on OLED phones. And so it's 10, 11 Pro, and then the 12 and 12 Pro maybe. Because you

00:47:24   want the OLED, right, for the only pixels that are lit up are the complications.

00:47:29   Mm-hmm. Oh man, imagine if I could get like on the lock screen a complication for like

00:47:36   time zones around. Oh man, so much stuff I could pin to that lock screen. It'd be great.

00:47:42   I'd love to see him expand that stuff because right now you're just sort of stuck on the

00:47:47   home screen or the today view which you can get to from the lock screen if your phone

00:47:51   is unlocked but that's still interacting with it and if it's always on you could just glance

00:47:57   at it and say oh what time is it for so and so and not have to really interact and I think

00:48:02   that would be really useful.

00:48:06   For me the always on stuff would be beneficial that if I get a notification my entire screen

00:48:12   doesn't light up. I don't need that, you know? Like every time I get a notification I don't

00:48:18   need the entire screen to light up, right? Like just light up certain pixels. I just

00:48:22   think that's more elegant than showing me my like everything. Like here's your wallpaper,

00:48:27   right? Like it's it's it's kind of like it's it's much more than is needed, you know? Like

00:48:33   it's way too much. And either just show me a really subtle notification or just show

00:48:40   me a little badge of an app or whatever on there you know um i i that i that's what i

00:48:46   really hope for and always on display is like just calming it all down when i get notifications

00:48:52   you know because this has been a kick for me right when i was talking about this with

00:48:55   the apple watch like i don't need my devices to scream at me so much like we can work together

00:49:02   here i'm not like working for you phone right like let's be a bit more chill about all of

00:49:08   this so yeah that's what I hope for I think it'd be I think it'd be nice and I

00:49:14   mean not to talk about today but because that we have a future topic about what

00:49:18   we'd want from the Apple watch in the future I think a lot of those things

00:49:21   could apply to the watch as well about it being smarter as a always on display

00:49:25   mm-hmm yeah you may have seen in the news that new emoji are coming this is a

00:49:30   weird time of year there's an Emojipedia article where this is explained.

00:49:38   Yeah so basically what happened was the Unicode were going to call off doing anything and then

00:49:44   they changed their minds so that but they decided they weren't going to do a full-on like we're

00:49:48   going to approve another 60-70 emoji or whatever but they had some that were kind of I think going

00:49:55   through the process so they decided to just put them through and this was released a few months

00:50:00   ago, I think, kind of actually towards the end of last year. So what they used to do is they would

00:50:07   have their big like "here are all the approved emoji" and that would hit in like January or

00:50:11   February. I spoke to Jeremy about this today by the way to confirm all of this. That would hit in

00:50:16   like January or February. But they've now, they are now permanently shifting the schedule so new

00:50:21   emoji will be approved by Unicode in September or October of every year. So what's most likely

00:50:28   to happen is Apple would usually release iOS with new emoji towards the end of the year,

00:50:35   but now they're most likely going to do it in the spring of the next year or something,

00:50:39   right? Unless they're like waiting, ready to start drawing emoji, but it seems unlikely.

00:50:45   And so then this is going to be like the new thing going forward. It's interesting that

00:50:50   Apple have done this now. Underscore said in the Relay FM Slack, which I thought was

00:50:55   was really interesting. The iOS 14.5 is going to include new emoji. It's also going to include

00:51:00   the new app tracking transparency stuff. And we know that Apple use emoji as a way to get

00:51:07   people to update their phones, right? Because they want the new emoji. And this could be

00:51:12   an interesting carrot and stick. Obviously, the timing is just right. Like it, you know,

00:51:16   maybe this is going to be the thing anyway, but it sure helps because they're really going

00:51:19   to want everyone on 14.5 because they're making a big stand, right? And this could be a way

00:51:23   to do that. Now you'll see a lot of articles that are telling you there were

00:51:27   217 new emoji. There's about 20 new ones and then there's about 190 variations of

00:51:36   emoji because they're adding some new couple focused emoji and with different

00:51:44   gender and skin tone variations it adds up to a much larger number. So that's we

00:51:52   will talk about those the actual new emoji of which there are a bunch later

00:51:56   so when they come out that's when we'll be doing our Jeremy's where Federico has

00:51:59   to try and guess the names of them but there has been a couple of fun things

00:52:03   which we won't do because they're existing emoji. Apple are making some

00:52:06   changes to existing emoji so the headphones are going to look like AirPods

00:52:11   Max the rock climber emoji is gonna be wearing a helmet they weren't before

00:52:17   Yeah, I think... Well, that's good. And the syringe emoji no longer has blood in it.

00:52:24   Right. Thank goodness. Because of vaccinations, right? Ah, so they're repurposing it for vaccine.

00:52:31   They're repurposing the emoji. So now it is a much more detailed syringe, which is clear with

00:52:38   a clear liquid in it. So clearly this is the COVID emoji, right? Which makes sense, vaccination emoji.

00:52:45   So now instead of it being full and dripping of blood which is always

00:52:49   Weird anyway, it's now they're now repurposing it. I assume that this emoji repurposing to be way less

00:52:56   Controversial than when they repurpose the gun into a water pistol. Mm-hmm

00:53:00   Remember when Microsoft did the opposite they had a water pistol and they switched to a gun

00:53:06   It was in 24 hours. They went from they went from a space ray gun to a real gun

00:53:11   you don't it that within a day apple went from a gun to a water pistol and microsoft i feel for them

00:53:18   they were the only ones that didn't have a real gun and they did a whole new emoji release and

00:53:24   they were kind of like all right we got to use the real gun because everyone else is using the

00:53:27   real gun and then apple was like water pistol it's the worst oh man that's so bad for them so yeah

00:53:34   emoji they come in and then I guess now emoji will always be a kind of early in

00:53:40   the year thing now probably like a March time thing every year so I like that

00:53:46   actually rather than towards the end of the year because it separates out the

00:53:49   Jeremy's a little bit from all of the Ricky's yep which is why they did it

00:53:53   yeah they wanted the press coverage so we will do that when they're public so

00:53:59   not today but soon very soon soon but not yet and Federico is staying away

00:54:03   from the list of names. Yeah I'm not looking. It's good, no cheating. No

00:54:08   cheating. All right we're gonna we're gonna talk about iOS 14.5 beta 2. There's

00:54:13   some interesting stuff in there. But first I want to tell you a little bit

00:54:17   about another show here on Relay FM that is parallel. Accessibility in tech has

00:54:23   come a long way in the past few years. Operating systems can speak, display

00:54:28   high-contrast text, and support alternative ways to touch the screen or

00:54:32   move around it.

00:54:34   And big players in the tech space now speak regularly about their accessibility efforts.

00:54:40   But what are those efforts?

00:54:42   And is that software actually any good?

00:54:44   It's the kind of question you expect pundits and journalists to ask about the tech you

00:54:48   use every day, but that's not what most accessibility coverage is actually about.

00:54:53   Well, Parallel is a podcast on Relay FM that is changing that.

00:54:58   It's hosted by journalist and accessibility expert Shelly Brisbane.

00:55:02   Parallel is a tech podcast, but with accessibility sprinkles on top.

00:55:06   On Parallel, Shelley and her guests put accessibility into the larger context.

00:55:11   Sometimes it's about devices and software.

00:55:14   Sometimes it's about living in a world that is powered more and more each day by tech.

00:55:19   Recent episodes have focused on how the iPhone's LIDAR sensor can revolutionize accessibility,

00:55:25   Anubis guide to productivity, navigating the Zoom-based world when you're blind, and expert

00:55:31   takes on what's new in Android. So go check out parallel with Shelley Brisbane right here

00:55:37   on relay FM. It's relay.fm/parallel to subscribe. That's relay.fm/parallel. iOS 14.5 beta 2.

00:55:48   So we talked about new emoji, we talked about clarifying that is the Siri kit media intents.

00:55:54   There's some stuff with smart folio cases and shutting off the microphones. What is

00:56:00   this? So the 2020 iPad pros gained a feature that with they were in a smart

00:56:06   folio or a magic folio or I don't know, smart magic magic smart folio the names

00:56:13   are so wait no magic keyboard that's it or smart folio that's the one I was I

00:56:18   always forget the magic keyboard name because there's already enough anyway so

00:56:22   you got one of those cases in your iPads that Apple make when you close it the

00:56:26   case knows that you're have closed everything it shuts off the microphone

00:56:29   They have now added this, we'll be adding this, to the iPad, the 8th gen iPad, the iPad

00:56:37   Air and the 11 inch iPad Pro before 2020, you know the smaller one.

00:56:43   I don't know why it's taken so long.

00:56:46   This is really weird to me, like this is a feature they had back a year ago.

00:56:51   I don't know why it's taken a year to roll this out to other devices if it's been technically

00:56:58   possible.

00:56:59   my assumption would have just been that like the 2020 iPad Pro had something on the secure

00:57:04   Enclave that could do this that other devices couldn't. Seems strange to me.

00:57:09   Is it possible that sometimes, and this is gonna sound silly, but is it possible that

00:57:14   sometimes at Apple they just forget stuff? Or it's like things get...

00:57:19   Low priority. Yeah, they get pushed really far down the

00:57:22   stack. That's more likely what has occurred. But I can imagine sometimes someone goes,

00:57:29   "Hey, wait, why don't we do this for the other devices?"

00:57:32   And then everyone goes, "Yeah, I'd never thought of it."

00:57:35   And you know why they do this stuff?

00:57:36   'Cause they are human beings, right?

00:57:38   But it's nevertheless, it's just,

00:57:42   I just sometimes find these things strange.

00:57:44   It's like it was on one iPad and then none of them

00:57:47   and then all of them.

00:57:48   Also, I wonder like, how could it,

00:57:51   how could it any way this happen?

00:57:53   Like how could an app still stay connected

00:57:56   to the microphone when you close the folio?

00:57:58   Well, you're recording something, you lock the device with the app in the foreground,

00:58:06   and you close the folio, and the microphone is now physically disconnected from it.

00:58:11   But that feels like a bug, not a feature in the way that you just described it, right?

00:58:15   Well you think so.

00:58:17   Isn't it just multitasking at that point, keeping it running?

00:58:20   It is keeping it running, and that's the problem.

00:58:23   And I think what's happening here is, multitasking will keep it running, but physically the microphone

00:58:28   will be disconnected. So you can keep, like for example, if you're using, and I don't

00:58:35   know if this is how it works, but if you're using something like a VoIP call application,

00:58:40   you can keep it running so you can still, for example, be on the call, but the microphone

00:58:44   will be physically disconnected from the system.

00:58:47   Which is weird, right?

00:58:50   Well it is weird, but all you're doing is instead of breaking the whole application,

00:58:54   just gonna disconnect the microphone from it.

00:58:58   So it is a feature after all.

00:59:00   This is one of those things where like I know why they're doing it, it's like it's a good

00:59:03   security thing I guess, but it's also just like a strange one to me because I just don't

00:59:08   know how an app could have been able to do this without... and it's weird, but it's a

00:59:14   thing that they're adding, it's been in other devices.

00:59:16   I know I've personally never had a situation where I've closed the device when I'm supposed

00:59:22   to be recording. And I assume that they do make some of these decisions with data. And

00:59:27   it is a super weird use case, I think, of like, I'm actively using the microphone, but

00:59:33   I'm going to close my iPad. Because the closing of the iPad really does feel like when you

00:59:38   close a laptop, right? Like, it's away, or you're moving somewhere with it or whatever.

00:59:44   And the thought of like being on a call and then being like closing it is just weird anyway.

00:59:52   I don't want to hear from you guys anymore.

00:59:54   It's definitely a niche use case of it being a problem, but it just stuck out to me as

00:59:58   a thing of like, I'm surprised that this hasn't been on the other iPad sooner if it was a

01:00:04   possibility.

01:00:05   There are more additions to shortcuts Federico, and a couple of these things I assume that

01:00:10   you're pretty excited about.

01:00:12   Yes, there's three new actions.

01:00:15   The first one is take a screenshot.

01:00:17   So you can now capture a screenshot programmatically in shortcuts as an action. When you run the

01:00:23   action you will see the usual screenshot animation with the screen flashing, and you will capture

01:00:29   an image of whatever is currently on screen. So if you're running the shortcut in the shortcuts

01:00:34   app, you'll capture a screenshot of the shortcuts app. If you're running the shortcut as a widget

01:00:39   on the home screen, you'll capture a screenshot of the home screen. Now this is interesting

01:00:43   because we now have a variety of ways to run shortcuts on iOS, which means you could potentially

01:00:51   combine this, like I did in a tweet yesterday, you could run this as a widget on the home

01:00:57   screen and just speed up the process of taking a screenshot because the shortcut is doing

01:01:02   it for you. You could also combine this, in theory, with backtap on iOS 14.

01:01:09   Do you guys use this?

01:01:10   No, I do not, but I know plenty of people who do.

01:01:13   I tried it in the beta and it was going off constantly and then I just stopped.

01:01:18   It got better.

01:01:19   I can tell you that it got better, but it's still not as... it's not foolproof yet.

01:01:25   But you could do this, like you could tap the back of your device twice and capture

01:01:29   a screenshot.

01:01:30   You could do something very, very nice like back tap, capture a screenshot, literally

01:01:35   two actions and then share with the share sheet.

01:01:38   you could go from tapping your device to the share sheet coming up with the screenshot

01:01:44   ready to share with someone in two seconds. So that's very nice.

01:01:48   You can now control orientation lock from shortcuts in 14.5 Beta 2. You can turn a specific

01:01:54   orientation lock on or off, or you can toggle. So if it's on, you can toggle it off and vice versa.

01:02:02   Maxor is reader Eric. I had a really nice idea that I think I'm going to steal and do

01:02:06   it immediately. You can make an automation, a personal automation that whenever you open

01:02:13   apps like YouTube or Plex or Apple TV, whatever, any video app, you can turn orientation lock

01:02:20   off so you can turn your device to landscape and watch a video. But then the moment you

01:02:24   close those apps, turn the orientation lock again.

01:02:27   Genius.

01:02:28   So your device never switches.

01:02:30   So smart. Yeah.

01:02:31   This is very clever. Perfect use case for personal automations and the open and close

01:02:35   modes of personal automations in iOS 14. And lastly, you can control the voice and data

01:02:43   modes of your iPhone via shortcuts. Again, you can turn and toggle 4G, 5G voice and data

01:02:51   modes from shortcuts. I don't do this. I don't even have 5G enabled myself, but there's a

01:02:56   bunch of cool 5G-related things happening in 14.5. These shortcut actions are one of

01:03:02   them. There's also global, like 5G dual SIM support globally and something called the

01:03:10   5G, what's it called? Not as 5G SE, 5G SA in for some carriers in America. It's like

01:03:19   a specific 5G mode that I don't think we have it here yet, but there's like a name for it.

01:03:31   5G... now I saw it... anyway if you live in America that 5G mode is now available

01:03:38   for you. The millimeter wave? No, there's like a two-letter thing. There's 5GE

01:03:43   which is just LTE on AT&T they just put the name on it. Then there's there's 5G

01:03:50   and there's the 5G ultra wide band which is millimeter wave. I don't know I saw

01:03:56   this somewhere. It'll come to me eventually. Maybe it's the millimeter wave. I saw an acronym for it.

01:04:03   Maybe that's why I'm confused. In any case, that's about it for shortcuts. There's also some new

01:04:10   changes in Beta Tool. Actually, lots of changes in Apple Music that I want to mention. Even though

01:04:15   I'm using Spotify, and I don't plan on switching from Spotify, these new features are pretty cool.

01:04:20   So there's new gestures for adding music to your cue or adding to your library.

01:04:26   You can now swipe left and right in the Music app, and if you swipe to the right,

01:04:30   you'll see these two buttons for "Play Last" and "Play Next."

01:04:34   So you can now do that without a context menu.

01:04:37   Speaking of context menus, though, all pop-up menus in the Music app are now native context menus.

01:04:43   So in the "Now Playing" screen, for example, when you tap the ellipsis button,

01:04:48   It's not a custom pop-up menu anymore, it's a native context menu which is faster,

01:04:53   and just it feels better with the rest of the system. You can now search by record label,

01:04:57   and you can also open certain record label pages. I don't usually, like, I don't think I have a need

01:05:05   for this, but I think, you know, if you're really into, like, the catalog of a specific record label,

01:05:10   I think it's pretty cool. The best feature that I want to mention that I also shared this morning

01:05:16   on Twitter, you can now share lyrics from Apple Music. So for any song that has support

01:05:22   for real-time lyrics, you can now long-press a line of text in the real-time lyrics screen,

01:05:30   and it brings up this custom sharesheet implementation where—this is actually very cool—in the

01:05:37   lower half of the screen you have your usual extensions. In the upper section, you have

01:05:44   an interactive part of the lyrics where you can select multiple lines of lyrics before

01:05:51   sharing them. So this is very cool. I haven't seen this done anywhere else before. It's

01:05:56   one of those custom sharesheet things that Apple does occasionally. You can select multiple

01:06:01   lines of text and then you can share to Instagram, so they have a special Instagram story layout

01:06:08   for those lyrics. But you can also create an audio clip for iMessage and you can create

01:06:13   this custom lyrics card that you can share on iMessage with other people. And what's

01:06:19   really cool is that in the Messages app, you can then play that audio clip, that song clip,

01:06:26   and it plays at that specific part of the song where the lyrics are. It's really well

01:06:32   done. It's a fantastic way to share like a specific portion of a song with someone. And

01:06:38   And I'm really curious to see if that sort of semi-interactive share sheet where you

01:06:45   can show the share sheet and then you can select the stuff you want to share, I wonder

01:06:49   if that's going to come to developers or not in the future.

01:06:52   Still, this is not enough to sort of lure me away from Spotify, but man, Apple is really

01:06:59   killing it with their lyrics implementation in Apple Music, and Spotify has a lot to catch

01:07:04   up to here because this is super well done.

01:07:06   Yeah, it seems like they're kind of flexing on the thing that they have the tools and

01:07:11   ability for.

01:07:12   Like I'm sure Shazam really helped with a lot of this kind of stuff, right?

01:07:18   Like understanding parts of songs and syncing everything up and all that kind of stuff.

01:07:24   Like I think that was clearly a good strategic investment for them to go for that.

01:07:32   The way that the share sheet works is weird.

01:07:39   You press share and you're basically given a share sheet with all of the lines in it

01:07:44   in little bubbles.

01:07:45   Do you scroll through that?

01:07:47   Can you scroll through that and select what you want?

01:07:49   Let's try again.

01:07:50   So I long press on the lyrics.

01:07:53   You can scroll.

01:07:54   You can scroll and you can select.

01:07:55   This seems quite complicated based on some of the other stuff that I've seen from the

01:08:02   share sheet, I guess.

01:08:04   Well, it's actually quite easy to do.

01:08:07   Just that section of the screen is a scrollable page, basically.

01:08:14   And you can select.

01:08:15   And it's really well done.

01:08:17   And then when you reach the limit, you get an error message.

01:08:19   You can select up to five lines of text.

01:08:22   Then you get an alert.

01:08:24   Yeah, I don't think this is a public API for developers to have a scrollable part of the

01:08:31   share sheet where you can sort of double check the thing you're sharing, basically.

01:08:38   I actually think it's really well done.

01:08:41   And the lyrics match the little bubbles, they match the color of the now playing screen.

01:08:48   So in the case of Evermore by Taylor Swift, for example, they're little brown bubbles

01:08:53   matching the cover art of the album.

01:08:56   Really well done, really well done.

01:08:57   Works on iPhone, works on iPad, same system.

01:09:00   - Yeah, I think it looks really well done.

01:09:02   And yeah, it's cool.

01:09:04   I like this Apple Music becoming more social thing.

01:09:09   I'm not saying reinvent Ping,

01:09:12   but being able to share specific things

01:09:14   or have playlists that are public if you want that,

01:09:17   it's good, they're catching up to Spotify in a lot of ways.

01:09:20   Most importantly though,

01:09:22   MacRumors called you a developer. Yeah. In this article, so. Interesting choice. Any

01:09:28   news there? Yeah, I gave up Mac stories for my, you know, developer. What are you working on?

01:09:36   Yes, I'm working on, I'm working on multiple apps, actually. Yes. Yeah, so I

01:09:43   don't know, you can really tell that MacRumors, they stepped up their game

01:09:48   when it comes to leaks. They already know that I'm building an app, and they're

01:09:51   already called me a developer, so I gotta pick MacRumors, I guess, instead of 9to5Mac.

01:09:56   Good job in discovering that I gave up MacSoys to become a developer. I wonder who leaked

01:10:01   it. Must have been John Voorhees. Yeah. Is he really doing the development work for you?

01:10:06   No, I'm doing the development. He's doing the leaking. Someone's gotta handle the leaking.

01:10:11   Vice president of leaks. Professional leaker. He's basically a plumber. A plumber's fixed

01:10:20   leaks. The plumbers who come to take care of Jon when Jon leaks.

01:10:25   Sometimes I think the plumbers actually they cause the damage so that later they can repair

01:10:30   it and ask you for money. Well this is similar to my, no disrespect to lawyers and accountants.

01:10:38   Go on, go there, go there. I want to hear this, go there, don't be afraid.

01:10:42   I have friends who are lawyers and accountants. It's a great profession because it's needed,

01:10:47   I, my belief is that lawyers and accountants exist.

01:10:50   So lawyers and accountants can exist.

01:10:52   I don't think you're, I don't think you're wrong.

01:10:56   That they are a part of are so complicated and they have been over complicated to

01:11:00   the point that the average person can't understand them.

01:11:03   And I think it's to help that entire industry exist.

01:11:06   It's a job opportunity.

01:11:07   Especially when the thing that drives me so mad is the,

01:11:12   like I have my accountant, right? I pay my accountant lots of money to do all my stuff for me.

01:11:16   all my returns, all my taxes and stuff.

01:11:19   And then when they're done,

01:11:20   they send them to me for my approval.

01:11:22   I don't understand them.

01:11:24   That's why you do them.

01:11:26   But legally, they have no legal obligation.

01:11:30   If there's an error, it's like,

01:11:31   oh, well, that's on you now.

01:11:33   Why? I pay you.

01:11:35   So anyway, this is my whole thing.

01:11:37   I think that these industries exist,

01:11:40   so these industries can exist.

01:11:42   - I waited this entire episode for this rant,

01:11:46   And I thank you for it, Michael.

01:11:47   I agree with you.

01:11:49   That was beautiful.

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01:12:25   Myke, anything else you wanna share this week?

01:12:27   - I love everyone again.

01:12:29   - You can find Federico on Twitter,

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01:12:34   and he's the editor-in-chief of MacStories.net.

01:12:37   - I'm the editor and chief.

01:12:38   - Editor and chief.

01:12:39   (laughing)

01:12:41   Yeah, it's the editor in chief. Editor in chief.

01:12:44   Editor in chief. Federico, when you were a little boy,

01:12:48   what did you want to be when you grew up?

01:12:49   Oh, that's a good question. So, uh,

01:12:54   two things, one more complicated than the other.

01:12:57   Let me see the English spelling of this word.

01:13:01   So I either wanted to be a paleontologist,

01:13:07   person who studies fossils and dinosaurs, that kind of stuff.

01:13:12   Or a video game journalist. And the second one, I guess it's kind of similar to what I'm doing now.

01:13:20   I mean, I have a video game podcast. I'm not strictly speaking a journalist, but I write about

01:13:27   software. So the second one got closer to what I'm doing now. But yeah, I was super into like

01:13:35   fossils and discovering things.

01:13:38   And then I realized when I was about like in middle school

01:13:40   that there was going to be a lot of physics and chemistry

01:13:43   involved in that type of career.

01:13:45   And I, you know, I, and I realized,

01:13:47   no, I'm never going to do that.

01:13:49   That's not what I want to do.

01:13:51   Like I just figured that I could put on a helmet

01:13:53   and have a little shovel and go out there in the world

01:13:57   and discover dinosaurs.

01:13:59   That's not exactly how it works being a paleontologist.

01:14:02   So I.

01:14:03   No, I feel like that's mostly one of those careers where you're hoping for something

01:14:08   to happen. I expect a lot of the time. Like I guess a lot of the time you really are just

01:14:15   sifting through dirt. I don't know.

01:14:17   Yes. With a little brush and just moving dirt from stones.

01:14:22   I have a similar one that I wanted to be an Egyptologist when I was a kid.

01:14:28   Yes, yes, yes, yes. I had that fascination as well.

01:14:32   Isn't that weird? I feel like I've met a lot of people in my life that were like specifically

01:14:36   fascinated with ancient Egypt.

01:14:38   Yeah, because it's wild. They built pyramids and worshiped the sun.

01:14:43   And mummified people.

01:14:44   Yeah, it's all wild.

01:14:46   Yeah, I mean, those, you know, the Egyptians are, you know, wild people doing crazy things

01:14:53   thousands of years ago. And like, I don't know, I have a friend who is doing a different

01:15:00   job. But for three, four years, maybe he was the assistant of this like really famous dude

01:15:09   in Egypt. He used to say he was like the most famous Egyptologist around. This guy is a

01:15:18   big deal in Egypt doing documentaries and like excavation sites. And every time we talked

01:15:24   on FaceTime, it was telling me like that it's boss, like they just... and 13 years, like

01:15:30   yeah we just discovered like this new site with like 20 mummies. It's like okay, that's

01:15:35   super cool. Yeah I'm very fascinated by that whole thing. And what's it called, the alphabet

01:15:43   that they have? Hieroglyphics. Basically emoji, right? Basically emoji and the paintings,

01:15:50   And the paintings? Yeah, it's very cool. We should go see the pyramids.

01:15:54   I would love to go see the pyramids one day.

01:15:57   Me too.

01:15:58   Okay, cool. So next Relay FM live show inside a pyramid.

01:16:02   Cairo. Relay FM live in Cairo.

01:16:06   Live in Cairo. Wow. Yeah, let's do it.

01:16:09   I bet the acoustics in those pyramids are just like next level in either good or horrifically

01:16:17   are we right like it's one or the other but it's gonna be an experience either

01:16:22   way I don't know I made the mummies are wrapped in cloth and you know cloth

01:16:26   absorbs sound so Steven what are your thoughts on being mummified it seems

01:16:30   like a lot of trouble forever has to do it to me yeah probably expensive do you

01:16:35   know how they get the brain out through the nose through the nose baby I'm a big

01:16:39   spy like we'd like a straw

01:16:46   You weren't paying attention Federico.

01:16:48   Yeah, wow. And these are the questions you ask on a first date Steven.

01:17:00   This would be a lively first date discussion though, right?

01:17:03   If you want to find me on the internet, I am @ismh on Twitter and Twitch and write 512pixels.net

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01:17:22   Until next time gentlemen, say goodbye. Adios, tch you. Cheerio. Bye y'all.