331: Honey, Did You Put Kickstands on my Yoga Mat?


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00:00:08   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 331.

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00:00:18   My name is Steven Hackett and I'm joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:21   >> Hello, how are you, Steven?

00:00:23   >> I'm good, Myke.

00:00:25   Happy late birthday.

00:00:26   >> Thank you very much.

00:00:28   We're almost twins.

00:00:29   You're two years older than me.

00:00:32   Yes.

00:00:33   And what is it, three or four days apart?

00:00:36   Mm-hmm.

00:00:38   It was a long labor.

00:00:39   Also joined by Mr. Federico Vatici.

00:00:43   Hello. Hi.

00:00:45   How are you?

00:00:46   Hey, buddy.

00:00:47   Hi.

00:00:49   That was weird.

00:00:50   It's not your birthday.

00:00:51   I don't know why he's going with this.

00:00:53   Why did you do that?

00:00:54   That was such a strange way to say hello.

00:00:57   Tell me? I don't know.

00:00:58   Hey buddy! Hey take a seat we need to talk to you about something. Okay what have I done?

00:01:04   Well what's wrong? It's come to our attention. Okay okay cool. I'm in a weird mood. Let's do

00:01:11   follow-up. Let's do some follow-up. Follow-up. We keep getting lots of feedback about mike's

00:01:17   airpods max battery gate. Is there any indication that this could be fixed in 14.5? Is there anything

00:01:25   I haven't really looked at the notes that closely. I'm running it on my phone for

00:01:28   I looked at the release notes for it and there's nothing about AirPods Max in the

00:01:33   release notes. I don't think this problem is an iOS problem though. I think it's an

00:01:40   AirPods problem so I am expecting that if there's going to be a fix to this

00:01:45   battery issue it's gonna have to be an AirPods firmware update rather than an iOS update because

00:01:52   again like today I wasn't necessarily noticing a battery issue but in my audio

00:01:59   sources on my Mac my AirPods Max were showing up even though they were in the

00:02:04   case on my desk and I feel like that shouldn't be possible right I shouldn't

00:02:10   be able to connect to them when I'm not wearing them yeah cuz I could I tried it

00:02:15   I could connect and start playing audio on them and they were on my desk in the

00:02:18   case and I kind of feel like it's not the intended use case. I had that come up

00:02:24   with my AirPods 2. I connected them as I was like opening the case I connected

00:02:31   them manually and all of a sudden tiny little podcast voices were coming out of

00:02:35   my AirPods while they were still in the charging case. It's like, "What are you doing?"

00:02:40   Yeah, you and Grey sounded very tiny. I like these podcasts, pocket podcasts.

00:02:47   We've talked about a exercise or tracking device that isn't a full-blown

00:02:53   Apple Watch movie from Apple. A listener Mykey wrote in to say have you tried the

00:02:57   is it "Why things?" "Withings?" "Wothings?" I don't remember. There is a way to say it

00:03:04   and it's never the one I think it is. Well there's just so many options we can

00:03:09   try Whythings, Withings. Withings. Withings. Withings. Withings. Withings. Withings. This

00:03:18   is the company that was its own. Then got bought by Nokia and then Nokia did nothing

00:03:27   with it really except rebrand everything and I think create a blood pressure sensor and

00:03:35   then the original owner of Wey-things bought it back for less than he sold it for.

00:03:41   Wait, that's not how you do business?

00:03:44   It's kind of funny really because isn't that also kind of what happened to Nokia with Microsoft?

00:03:49   Yeah.

00:03:50   So, yeah.

00:03:51   So, Nokia had it happen to them and then for them, I guess.

00:03:57   But yeah, so Wey-things sell lots of products and one of the things that they do is an analog

00:04:03   watch with some sensor stuff built into it.

00:04:07   Oh yeah, I remember that.

00:04:08   And they look nice, but for me, it's still not...

00:04:14   So I have two issues with it.

00:04:16   One, they look nice, but it's not necessarily what I want visually out of a watch.

00:04:20   And two, I'm still back in the same issue because my thing is not that I want to wear

00:04:26   one watch instead of an Apple Watch.

00:04:28   I want to wear a small selection of watches.

00:04:31   like I might want to wear one this day, one that day, that kind of thing. Steven just bought me an

00:04:36   incredible G-Shock for my birthday which I have on now but next week I might want to wear a different

00:04:41   one. So having a watch with this stuff built in is always the problem. It's I want it on everything

00:04:47   or nothing and so these are cool and if you are a type of person that just wants one watch but

00:04:54   doesn't want an Apple watch but still wants some health tracking stuff these Y-things watches might

00:04:59   might be good for you. They even have an ECG one now, which I didn't know that they did,

00:05:03   which is kind of incredible really that they have that in a watch like this. And of course

00:05:08   because it doesn't have a screen and all that kind of stuff, the battery life is bananas

00:05:13   like on these things compared to other products. So maybe it's for you, but I think I'll take

00:05:18   a look. Yeah, I had one for quite a while and we're actually going to talk more about

00:05:24   this in a little while. So we're going to come back to this. Yeah, I'm going to circle

00:05:28   back as they say mm-hmm Zach wrote in with another hardware feature that was

00:05:33   short-lived on an Apple product and I can't believe I didn't think about this

00:05:37   the original iMac g3 had an IR port so you could be some information to and

00:05:44   from your iMac can't believe you didn't mention this Steven yeah I'm so

00:05:47   disappointed at you I know I'm sorry disgraceful the IR port on the g3 I mean

00:05:53   Everyone knows about that.

00:05:55   Even I know it.

00:05:57   Do you know because you saw this tweet?

00:05:59   No, no, no. I was testing you.

00:06:01   Seeing how long it would take you to remember this.

00:06:04   And you failed.

00:06:06   I can confirm Federico texted me and said

00:06:09   "I wonder if he remembers the IR port?"

00:06:11   It's like, bro, I can't even imagine how he forgot about the IR port.

00:06:17   It's like, yeah, you're right. Such a disappointment.

00:06:20   Yeah, we talked a couple of weeks ago about this on Telegram because we sent each other

00:06:25   disappearing messages.

00:06:26   Yeah, it was on Telegram.

00:06:27   Actually, we talked on Signal.

00:06:28   Signal, that was the one.

00:06:29   Signal is what everyone uses.

00:06:30   It wasn't encrypted.

00:06:31   Yes.

00:06:32   Can't see me, Facebook.

00:06:33   Man, that WhatsApp thing, like, that is like a true encapsulation of Facebook destroying

00:06:46   itself.

00:06:47   Because there really was nothing wrong with their update.

00:06:52   It was just like, if for business customers they can access data in a different portal

00:06:58   basically, like at a very simple level.

00:07:01   But everyone's like, "WhatsApp's reading my messages!"

00:07:04   And then everyone leaves, and it's like, "Oh no!"

00:07:08   WhatsApp's encryption is better than iMessages encryption because they don't

00:07:17   back it up Facebook doesn't back it up it's true end-to-end unlike Apple's

00:07:22   encryption which can be not end-to-end if you do have your messages and iCard

00:07:27   backups it's just kind of funny really and then everyone's like Facebook's

00:07:31   worried in their messages and then they will just abandon the platform and use

00:07:35   signal instead. Funny how these things happen to you. That Kensington iPad Pro docking station

00:07:41   that we spoke about during CES week, the one that's got like a bunch of USB ports and a

00:07:47   Qi charger in the foot and all that kind of stuff, it's available now. It starts at $379

00:07:55   or $399 for the bigger one. I always find that kind of stuff funny. Like why is it only

00:08:03   $20 difference between the two sizes.

00:08:05   But nevertheless,

00:08:06   it's this is a very cool product,

00:08:11   but that's a lot of money, like a lot,

00:08:14   a lot of money for stuff where like

00:08:17   I would never buy this right now

00:08:19   because there is nothing to say

00:08:22   that it will still work

00:08:24   with the next iPad Pro.

00:08:26   Right. That's always the issue

00:08:28   with these types of products.

00:08:30   Yeah. If something's just around

00:08:32   the corner, it would be kind of foolish to drop this money until you see the next iPad Pro.

00:08:37   Because what if it's like, because they said it might be thicker, right?

00:08:41   The big one. But what if it then means it won't fit with that little integrated USB port

00:08:47   thing that they have? You know, like I always, you never forget the, was it the Elevation

00:08:52   dock, the Kickstarter campaign?

00:08:54   Yep.

00:08:55   It was for like one of the iPhones and by the time they got it out, the iPhone was a

00:08:58   completely different size and shape.

00:09:01   So, oh, was it, did it go from 30 pin to lightning?

00:09:03   Was that what that one was?

00:09:05   I think that's what it was.

00:09:06   I think it went from the from the 4S to the 5.

00:09:09   Yeah. Which if I remember correctly.

00:09:11   Part of the reason for having the the lightning, like having the lightning

00:09:16   made the whole thing easier because it was all about not having to press

00:09:19   the two things on the side to pull the phone out.

00:09:21   And lightning never needed that.

00:09:23   So, yeah, anyway, look, this is a cool product.

00:09:26   If you if anybody wants to get it for themselves, like more power to you.

00:09:30   But that's a little rich for me, I think.

00:09:36   As you mentioned, I'm concerned about future compatibility issues.

00:09:39   It doesn't inspire a lot of confidence that we know there's a new iPad Pro coming out

00:09:43   and this is coming out now.

00:09:46   So I don't like that.

00:09:47   I mean, I'm tempted, right?

00:09:49   Obviously I think it's a cool idea, but the price tag is what it is and the timing is

00:09:54   a little unfortunate.

00:09:55   And also I would feel better about this if iPadOS had better support for USB accessories,

00:10:01   where I could picture myself using something like this if, say, connecting an audio interface

00:10:06   to my iPad Pro didn't involve all the extra hardware and cables that it does right now.

00:10:13   And I just don't have a need for a docking station with a bunch of USB ports where, effectively,

00:10:22   It's not like I'm plugging in USB drives all day long to use them in the Files app, right?

00:10:29   It's like, if USB support was better, this would make a lot more sense.

00:10:36   So a combination of these things, the price, the timing, and the current support for USB

00:10:41   accessories in iPadOS, I think this is a pass for me right now.

00:10:48   It is like, I think we may have mentioned it at the time, this is a perfect product

00:10:54   for what we want the iPad to do.

00:10:57   It's not a perfect product for what it can actually realistically do right now.

00:11:03   And having like three or four USB ports attached to your iPad is mostly pointless for the actual

00:11:12   amount of things you can do with it.

00:11:14   I mean really you might just need one.

00:11:18   Maybe one day though.

00:11:19   So much money.

00:11:20   It's a lot of money, right?

00:11:23   So much money.

00:11:24   Well, let's take a break.

00:11:25   How does that sound?

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00:13:21   Carrot Weather 5 came out since we last recorded.

00:13:25   We spoke about it because we were referencing Brian who makes Carrot Weather, his post on

00:13:31   on Reddit talking about the upcoming changes to the application as an example of openness

00:13:37   and transparency with customers when it comes to subscription stuff.

00:13:41   And I think it's a good counterpoint to some of the stuff we were talking about last time.

00:13:45   So Carrot Weather did have a subscription plan already, but this new version made some

00:13:50   changes to the feature set, like it expanded some and changed some and added new features

00:13:54   in for different tiers.

00:13:56   There was also, it seems like, as there always is with this stuff, which does make me so

00:14:00   sad when I see this. There was a bug somewhere in the app or whether it's a thing on Apple's

00:14:07   end which made it seem like features were being taken away from the application until

00:14:12   you did the restore purchases thing. And it's just always a shame to me that the general

00:14:18   rhetoric around this is that people assume that things are being taken away from them

00:14:22   rather than it's a bug. But this is just the way that things have gone over time.

00:14:27   Carrot weather in general is the prime example, I think, of an app that has been improved

00:14:34   by having subscription revenue.

00:14:36   There is always new stuff getting added.

00:14:39   Every new technology that Apple creates in iOS every year is added into Carrot where

00:14:44   appropriate.

00:14:47   It's almost like I kind of think of Carrot now kind of in the way that I think about

00:14:50   PCALC, right?

00:14:53   Things are going to get put in the application whether they make sense or not, just because

00:14:57   why not add them like AR modes, right?

00:15:00   Like both Pcalc and Carrotweather have AR mode,

00:15:02   which is for a calculator and a weather app,

00:15:05   you probably don't need them, but why not put them in?

00:15:08   And as customers of those applications,

00:15:10   I like having it there because it's like a fun part to it.

00:15:14   But Carrotweather 5 changes the app in a big way.

00:15:20   And the thing that has changed the most and the thing that I love

00:15:24   the most about it is it is now incredibly configurable.

00:15:29   Like the app references like interface builder.

00:15:33   So you basically create your own interface.

00:15:35   And that's the perfect way to put it, because the amount of control

00:15:39   that you have over the application, what's shown in what order

00:15:42   it's shown, exactly what data you want in different places.

00:15:45   It is incredibly powerful.

00:15:48   And I hope that this is a trend that could begin now

00:15:53   with some of these types of applications,

00:15:55   like let me as the user just give me loads of stuff

00:15:58   and let me arrange it in the way that I want.

00:16:00   And the other thing I do really like about this

00:16:03   is because of this stuff,

00:16:05   because of the work that's been put in,

00:16:07   it's now really leaning more towards powerful weather tool

00:16:10   than it ever has before.

00:16:12   Like one of the things about the Cara apps

00:16:14   is like the personality, right?

00:16:16   Like the snarky personality that the app has

00:16:20   and it can talk to you and say stuff.

00:16:22   I feel like more than ever,

00:16:25   you can disable all of that

00:16:26   much more easily and more quickly than ever before.

00:16:29   And I think that that's a good idea.

00:16:31   I think it's fun to have it,

00:16:33   but I think not having it as well,

00:16:35   it also opens the app up to a wider audience.

00:16:37   Over time, I've just turned some of that stuff off

00:16:41   because the app went from being, hey, this is fun to, in my opinion,

00:16:46   this is the very best weather app to now.

00:16:49   I consider this one of the best iOS apps ever made.

00:16:51   And so I don't need the fun hook anymore that the personality gave me.

00:16:56   Some people still go for it and like, that's cool.

00:16:59   But I like now that you can just really easily just remove all of that.

00:17:02   And now it's just my really powerful, configurable, beautiful weather app.

00:17:06   Yeah, I've got all that stuff turned off.

00:17:09   One thing I also want to touch on about the subscription stuff.

00:17:14   There's also the factor, I think most of our listeners know this,

00:17:17   is that weather data is not free for these app makers.

00:17:21   When they go and ping whatever weather service you're using,

00:17:25   they get charged.

00:17:26   They get charged for radar data, et cetera, et cetera.

00:17:29   And so it's not just about ongoing maintenance and updates,

00:17:33   even though weather has definitely received those,

00:17:37   it is also about you are paying for the data you see

00:17:40   in the app.

00:17:41   And so out of all the app subscriptions,

00:17:42   and we talked about these last week,

00:17:43   the subscriptions that we all pay for,

00:17:47   In some ways, weather apps is like the simplest transaction

00:17:49   because they gotta pay for data and I'm paying them.

00:17:52   And so I have no problem whatsoever

00:17:55   with this business model and I'm really eager,

00:17:58   I hope Brian talks about this at some point.

00:18:01   Carrot weather used to be paid up front

00:18:03   and then it had in-app subscription for various features

00:18:08   tied to different types of weather data

00:18:10   and now it is free up front with these subscriptions.

00:18:14   - Ah, okay. - And so I--

00:18:15   That's the difference, 'cause I wasn't sure,

00:18:17   I knew something had changed,

00:18:18   but I didn't know what it was,

00:18:19   and I'd forgotten that it wasn't free.

00:18:22   - Yeah, so I imagine that's gonna put this

00:18:23   in front of many more people,

00:18:25   and I think because it is more customizable,

00:18:29   and I think more professional,

00:18:30   even if you leave all the Snark and stuff on,

00:18:32   it looks more professional than it ever has.

00:18:36   I really just hope he has all the success,

00:18:39   because this is fantastic, I agree with you.

00:18:41   This is one of the best iOS apps I've ever used.

00:18:45   So now that it is so configurable, uh,

00:18:48   I wanted to kind of run through all of us and talk about how we have it set up

00:18:53   because I expect the three of us have very different needs from a weather app

00:18:58   considering our places in the world, right? Like we have the three of us,

00:19:03   very different climates that we live in. Um,

00:19:06   so I thought it would just be fun to go through it. My,

00:19:09   the application has a bunch of presets and then you can configure them. Um,

00:19:14   The preset that I have is the default one, which is called Odin,

00:19:17   which I don't exactly know why this is the default.

00:19:20   I think it's new for this version, but there's like a bunch of different themes.

00:19:24   One of the things that I did like about the customization on the first day

00:19:28   that you use it, it gives you just a few features and it like kind of doles

00:19:33   them out over time so you can add the complexity in or you can do what I did,

00:19:37   which is what I assume most people did,

00:19:38   as a button that you can tap to give you every option at once.

00:19:43   And I think that's really smart, not to overwhelm people that they feel like they have to sit

00:19:48   down for an hour and really tweak this, but I did just that.

00:19:52   I sat down and wanted to set the whole thing up and spend half an hour on it.

00:19:58   And so I liked that I had that option.

00:20:00   So from the way that I have it set up, I have the current observations at the very top,

00:20:06   which is just a summary.

00:20:07   And I have the temperature, I have the feels like temperature, because I don't know why

00:20:12   you'd want any other temperature. The precipitation chance, is it going to rain? The high and

00:20:17   low of the day, and then just like a summary of what the, in text of what the weather is.

00:20:22   Then I have an hourly forecast kind of block, followed up by cards of relevant data, and

00:20:28   this is kind of clever, so it's like a spot of four little pieces of data that can be

00:20:32   shown which are relevant things. So at the moment I've got 0.5 millimetres of rain in

00:20:38   the next 12 hours, what time sun rises and the wind speeds. And they change based on

00:20:43   what the weather's like every day. Then I have a daily forecast, so it's showing me

00:20:50   over the next seven days the summary of each day and I have precipitation amount again

00:20:55   and high and low temperature. Then I have summary cards there. Then there are these

00:21:01   daily summaries of evening, overnight, morning, afternoon, it's saying for me now, of temperature,

00:21:09   rain amount, wind speed and UV index. I just thought they'd be cool to have in there. Like,

00:21:14   why not? And then at the bottom, there's this data points thing where it's just, here's

00:21:19   a bunch of stuff. Like it's all of the types of things you might consider for weather like

00:21:23   pressure and humidity and visibility and all that kind of stuff just at the bottom. So

00:21:28   So yeah, it's nice, set up nicely.

00:21:31   Steven just sent me a text saying we should make screenshots, so there will be screenshots

00:21:35   in the show notes of our weather setups in case you're interested.

00:21:38   I also use the Odin theme.

00:21:42   I think we all started from the same preset.

00:21:44   I think we did, yeah, looking at our notes.

00:21:46   I think it's the one you're given, and I did play around with them, but this was the one

00:21:51   I liked the most.

00:21:53   So I think it's the best one.

00:21:55   Yeah, I do too.

00:21:57   So for me, I have current observations, I show the actual temperature and the feels

00:22:03   like temp, like seeing both the high low for the day and then sunrise sunset.

00:22:09   And then sort of the the text of about what's going on all that at the top.

00:22:14   My hourly forecast to have horizontally so I can scroll across it so it takes up less

00:22:18   space.

00:22:21   And I have the precipitation precipitation chance and amount, basically anywhere I can

00:22:26   put it. The daily forecast I have vertically under that and then I have the data points

00:22:31   in text and I have almost all of them on because it's fun to see all that data. So mine is

00:22:37   very text heavy and I tried to make it basically as visually dense as possible.

00:22:44   One of the differences looking at our screenshots is you both have like the kind of landscape

00:22:48   kind of look. Yeah I thought that was... And I just have like the colored block. There's

00:22:53   like a setting somewhere to change that part. Yeah, you can change like the layout of any

00:23:00   individual section independently if you want. Yeah, I did that. Yeah, I thought the illustration

00:23:05   was the only fun touch I allowed in the app because I also like I turned off all the snark

00:23:12   and like those features months ago because I don't really like when I open it I don't

00:23:17   really need it it's like the same reason why I turned off the carrot button in the top

00:23:22   boss because it's like the whole gamification thing with the personality. Like I get it

00:23:27   as a hook to start using the app. Now I just really want a way for me to open something

00:23:32   that gives me the weather that I want and the information that I want as quickly as

00:23:36   possible. So that was my thought. And my layout is basically like based on the Odin theme

00:23:42   as well, which I simplified for my very simple needs. Like all I want to know from a weather

00:23:49   app is the current conditions, what's it gonna be like on a hourly basis for the

00:23:54   next two days, and so right underneath the illustration I have a horizontal

00:23:59   graph for the next 48 hours with the mini size, so this is the compact layout

00:24:06   for it. Then I have the F4 cards. Right now in the screenshot you only see two

00:24:15   of them because the other two are not relevant. So I have High and Low and

00:24:19   sunrise and sunset, but I also have rain and wind. But because it's not raining

00:24:25   and it's not gonna be windy over the next 24 hours, those cards do not show up

00:24:31   because they're not over the threshold. Oh yeah, because you can set that too,

00:24:35   can't you? You can set it up in settings. You can say those cards are

00:24:41   dynamic and you can say if rain is going to be over, say, I don't know, five millimeters

00:24:47   over the next X number of hours, then show up. Otherwise, stay hidden. And I thought

00:24:54   that was a really clever touch. And finally, I have...

00:24:58   There are a million clever touches in this application.

00:25:01   Yeah, there's one of the many. And lastly, I have a vertical list for the forecast for

00:25:10   the next seven days.

00:25:11   And the only data point that is shown,

00:25:13   I mean, in addition to the default, so in addition to the

00:25:16   little icons for the weather conditions and the

00:25:20   temperatures, I have the chance of rain, which I

00:25:23   think is the like that's effectively the only

00:25:26   variable happening in Rome most

00:25:30   of the time. Like, but now we don't have tornadoes,

00:25:33   we don't have snow, we don't really have anything else.

00:25:36   It's either going to be good weather or it's going to

00:25:38   rain. And so it's a pretty simple setup. And I figured I want to make sure that as much

00:25:42   as possible, like, I don't want to scroll this screen. It should fit on a single page

00:25:49   as much as possible. I think right now on my Pro Max, I only have to scroll if I want

00:25:55   to go, like, beyond three days in the final next seven days forecast.

00:26:04   Yeah, I did a... that's how I... because you can adjust the like padding and stuff.

00:26:08   You can adjust the height, you can adjust the line spacing in the interface maker.

00:26:12   So I did the same. I set it up so I would get like...

00:26:16   today, everything I want to know about today, and then the next like three or four days without needing to scroll.

00:26:22   Oh my god, this app is so good.

00:26:25   It's very good, and it's part of this idea of...

00:26:29   like I seriously think that customization...

00:26:32   It's gonna, like, we saw this trend start from the home screen, and I think it will expand to more and different areas of the OS,

00:26:43   because to me it only feels natural that our devices and our, and not really the apps that we use are so mature at this point,

00:26:51   then the next logical step, at least to me, feels like, well, now that we have all these options, why not let users customize them more?

00:27:00   And that feels like an obvious approach to me.

00:27:03   And I think it's only logical that Care Weather

00:27:05   had all these different data points before,

00:27:08   these different integrations, all these different modules

00:27:10   that you could install in the app

00:27:12   and customize in the widget,

00:27:14   but you didn't really have full control over the UI.

00:27:17   And now you do.

00:27:18   And I think that's the way to go.

00:27:19   And I think it's something that I want to start seeing

00:27:21   in more apps.

00:27:23   Not that I do not want developers to make their own choices.

00:27:26   I just feel like it's better if users also have

00:27:30   the option to rearrange things around because we're not stupid.

00:27:34   It depends how you look at it, right? The developer still has to make all of the choices.

00:27:38   Right. The developer makes the tools and makes the default choices.

00:27:42   But I think the Keras approach in this case is really

00:27:45   well done. Same with Widgetsmith, for example, right?

00:27:48   David made all those tools, all those

00:27:52   features possible, but then it's up to you to do whatever you want with them.

00:27:56   Yeah, I think it's all right. I really love it. I wanted to also ask what data source

00:28:03   you use. I use dark sky right now. I'm nervous about this because I don't know what's going

00:28:09   to happen to it when that API thing runs out. And the reason I do it is because it has good

00:28:16   kind of like seven day availability in the UK, but it also has the precipitation alerts

00:28:23   and within like a, you know, within an hour or whatever, and I don't want to lose that.

00:28:28   I don't really know what to do, so I just kind of, I was just wondering, like, what

00:28:32   do you guys use for the, um, for your data source?

00:28:37   I use AccuWeather in general, because I think that turned out to be the most accurate, you

00:28:45   know, when I last did a bunch of tests last year.

00:28:49   for a few months now I have used a Netatmo personal weather station so that

00:28:55   when I'm in 1.5 kilometer range of my home Carrot weather automatically

00:29:02   switches to that and so it shows me... I didn't know it did that, oh my god that's so small.

00:29:06   Yeah it's got Netatmo, like you log in with your Netatmo account in Carrot's

00:29:11   settings and so when you're in close range to your home it shows you data, I

00:29:17   I mean, the data that it can collect, right?

00:29:19   So temperature, humidity, that kind of stuff.

00:29:21   I don't have a rain sensor, for example,

00:29:23   so it uses the other source for that part.

00:29:27   But for the basic info, yeah, it uses my personal weather

00:29:30   station.

00:29:30   And which weather station do you have?

00:29:33   The basic one, the Netatmo personal weather station.

00:29:36   It's a two-module thing.

00:29:37   It's like there's a little indoor cylinder

00:29:41   and an outdoors sensor.

00:29:43   You don't have one of these, Steven, a weather station?

00:29:46   I feel like you would be a weather station person.

00:29:47   - Yeah, the thing is if I do it,

00:29:49   I'm gonna wanna go all Jason Snell on it

00:29:52   and do like a real one.

00:29:54   Like no, I mean--

00:29:55   - Yeah, it's not that kind of weather station.

00:29:57   This is like a very simple one.

00:29:58   - And so I have not allowed myself to go down that road

00:30:01   because I would just spend all the money.

00:30:03   - And you use the radar stuff a lot, right?

00:30:06   - I do use the radar a lot.

00:30:07   In my part of the US, again, we get these big storms

00:30:11   and so the radar is really critical to me

00:30:15   And that is really good in Carrotweather.

00:30:20   And in five, it's even easier to get to,

00:30:22   because it's just a tab on the bottom.

00:30:25   In Carrotweather four, it was like more than one tap

00:30:29   to get to it.

00:30:29   So I really appreciate that becoming more front and center.

00:30:35   Like Federico, I use AccuWeather.

00:30:37   I've looked at a bunch of these sources,

00:30:38   and it seems to be the most accurate when comparing it

00:30:41   with local data.

00:30:42   You'd hope so, right?

00:30:44   Yeah.

00:30:44   - It's in the name, so it's not called in AccuWeather, so.

00:30:49   - It's like kind of weather, maybe.

00:30:53   - I also just don't like how the Dark Sky API puts in

00:30:56   like 1% chance of rain.

00:30:57   It's like, that doesn't matter to me.

00:30:59   Like, you know, like some of their data

00:31:01   is a little funny sometimes.

00:31:03   I do have it pull in Dark Sky, so I do get,

00:31:06   hey, it's gonna start raining in 10 minutes.

00:31:08   That's still very accurate where I live,

00:31:10   but I prefer the AccuWeather forecast data

00:31:12   and Carrotweather can blend the two.

00:31:15   So that's how I have mine set up.

00:31:16   One thing we didn't mention is that there are ads

00:31:20   in Carrotweather 5, but they're all for other indie apps

00:31:25   or weird made up things.

00:31:26   - I love the made up ones, they're very funny.

00:31:29   - Yeah, so like in John's review, there's one for

00:31:33   pay off your medical bills, sell your kidneys,

00:31:36   want your very own baby, bribe a corrupt stork

00:31:38   in your area today, so.

00:31:41   As always, right on brand. Well done.

00:31:44   Uh, and I, and I liked that that is for like indie things. And so you can,

00:31:48   I think that's a really cool way to do it.

00:31:50   Brian has said that that may become actual advertising at some point,

00:31:54   but he wants to do it in a way that doesn't track anything.

00:31:56   So at this point he's just doing it all himself with these indie and funny ads.

00:32:00   I saw them somewhere, but even the,

00:32:02   like the ads for other iOS apps still written in this style.

00:32:09   I think they did one for Dark Noise and it was kind of, I don't remember the exact thing,

00:32:13   but it was along the lines of like, "Do you need to shut out the horrors of the world?"

00:32:17   or something like that, right? Like, you can use Dark Noise. So I like that that's in there.

00:32:22   I often wonder who's writing this stuff. Like, Brian Mueller, the developer, is he doing

00:32:27   it? How much of his day is spent?

00:32:30   I don't want to get this wrong. I believe he's got a major in English literature.

00:32:35   I mean, he has to be very skilled in this area.

00:32:39   Again, Brian, please correct me if I'm wrong when you listen to this. I think the last

00:32:42   time we interviewed him on App Stories, he told us the story of, like, he actually is

00:32:47   like a really good writer, and he used to write fiction. Maybe, I don't know, I maybe

00:32:51   misremember in details. But it must be, it must take so much time. And it's really well

00:32:56   done as well. Like, the snarky part, even if, like, I keep it off, but it's really well

00:33:01   done, and it's really on point as well. So he spends a lot of, I don't remember, like,

00:33:07   how many thousands of new lines of dialogue this new version of Carrot Weather has.

00:33:13   But thousands.

00:33:14   I just assumed he's adding them daily, right?

00:33:15   Because there's always...

00:33:16   Yeah, he can push them...

00:33:17   And he's got a system for pushing them from the server to the app.

00:33:21   Yeah, it's like when something happens, like, worldwide, some global event, and you see

00:33:25   the little snark in Carrot Weather.

00:33:28   That's always funny.

00:33:30   It's very impressive.

00:33:31   So if you haven't checked this out, go check it out.

00:33:33   And like I said, our setups for this will be in screenshots in the show notes.

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00:35:14   Apple is hiring.

00:35:16   This is a report that came out a couple of days ago.

00:35:20   They are looking for a senior engineering project manager

00:35:24   to join Apple's Health Hardware Group

00:35:27   to work on quote, Apple branded health hardware products,

00:35:32   according to this job listing.

00:35:34   This is really interesting to me

00:35:36   because it seems to tip the hand

00:35:38   that Apple is looking at additional hardware

00:35:40   that could tie into their health kit ecosystem.

00:35:43   And I want to know what we would want to see.

00:35:46   What do we think this could be?

00:35:48   - Well, one thing I did go and the job posting still up

00:35:53   'cause I've seen this stuff in the past

00:35:54   where someone's put something in a job posting,

00:35:57   which might not be right.

00:35:58   This, but it's still up.

00:36:00   And this role, it's in the Apple branded

00:36:04   Health Hardware Products team.

00:36:05   Apparently this team does stuff like the

00:36:09   working with gym companies and things like that.

00:36:11   Looks like it's an existing team.

00:36:13   But this particular role seems to strongly hint

00:36:16   at products from Apple, right?

00:36:19   So I just wanted to set that up.

00:36:20   It's like it's a team that already exists

00:36:22   doing other stuff.

00:36:23   - Right.

00:36:23   And so the way that this role is outlined kind of seems like you would be responsible

00:36:30   for helping with the final parts of putting something to market, which seems that like

00:36:34   if this is a product that Apple's making could hint towards the fact that something's soon.

00:36:42   Maybe AirTags have been a health product all along, right?

00:36:45   But...

00:36:46   So we're supposed to all run around to find the things.

00:36:49   But couldn't it just be a new Apple Watch?

00:36:52   Yeah, but Apple watches aren't in the health hardware team, surely, right?

00:36:58   That's the Apple Watch team.

00:36:59   But imagine Apple saying, like, "We are adding new sensors, health-related sensors, to the

00:37:06   Apple Watch."

00:37:07   And you gotta write the job posting in a way that it sounds super generic.

00:37:11   Like, isn't this the way that you would write it?

00:37:14   Yeah, but then it's not a very fun topic.

00:37:16   Sure, okay.

00:37:18   Yeah, we're using this as a lead-in to something else.

00:37:22   But there is a team called Apple Health Hardware and they do stuff and it's also worth remembering

00:37:27   I'm probably going to mention these in a minute. They own that company, Bedit. Do you remember

00:37:31   these? It's like a sleep monitor thing?

00:37:34   Yeah, I had one of those. My girlfriend had me remove it from our bed in like two days.

00:37:39   It's like, no, you're not keeping that thing under the sheets.

00:37:43   They get the FileMaker treatment. So the bottom of the Bedit website says copyright 2019 Apple

00:37:51   Inc. which is funny because that's now two years out of date so it shows that they're

00:37:55   getting the old file maker treatment where shush, bet it, just get on with what you're

00:38:00   doing kind of thing but that's it's still a product you can buy you're technically buying

00:38:05   it from Apple maybe that's part of this team maybe they're doing more but yes I understand

00:38:10   what you're saying could be nothing but if it was something what would you like it to

00:38:13   be?

00:38:15   I would love to have like an Apple made smart scale, like a very basic one.

00:38:21   I used to have a Ythings scale years ago and then it stopped working.

00:38:26   So I got another one.

00:38:28   Mine is branded Nokia.

00:38:29   Okay.

00:38:30   Even though I use the Ythings app.

00:38:32   So going back to what we were talking about earlier on, the app is now Ythings, but my

00:38:36   scale is Nokia.

00:38:39   Which is just funny with the backwards and forwards.

00:38:43   But I have one of those.

00:38:44   another one from another brand that I don't remember and then it also stopped working.

00:38:49   So I guess I would really love to have a very simple smart scale made by Apple that is reliable,

00:38:55   durable, that does not use basic Bluetooth but something more, you know, with a stronger

00:38:59   connection that ties in with the Apple Watch, that ties in with my phone. I just want to

00:39:05   weight myself without having to wait for Bluetooth connections or for battery life to, you know,

00:39:12   out after two months. You know, very, very basic product.

00:39:17   I don't know. Something is wrong, man. I don't know. It's the, my bathroom is sucking up

00:39:21   all the Bluetooth, I guess. I don't know. Humidity? Surely they're built for that though.

00:39:27   Maybe. I don't know, man. I don't know. It's just like the batteries didn't run out. You're

00:39:33   like, well, this thing's broken. So there's that. So there's that. Obviously, you know,

00:39:39   yourself, you as the thief of my chest strap, I would love to have an Apple-made one for

00:39:48   intense workouts or for people who cannot wear an Apple Watch, like a better heart rate

00:39:54   monitor made by Apple as a chest sensor. I think that would be interesting.

00:40:00   I'd love that too, because then I would have a new thing to steal.

00:40:02   Right, you as the resident thief of the show.

00:40:07   chest heart rate monitors. Sweaty heart rate monitors. You will love that. Everyone has

00:40:13   the thing, their thing, right? Everyone has their thing. Everyone has a thing. And that

00:40:16   is yours. This is a safe space. We're not judging you. We love you. Sweaty chest monitors.

00:40:25   And we support you no matter what your thing is. Thank you. And finally, I think I'm intrigued

00:40:31   by the idea of Apple making actual workout equipment. Like, what if you could buy an

00:40:37   in... like, okay, let me rephrase. What if Apple made a Peloton bike, basically? Like,

00:40:45   actual equipment made by Apple. That would be fun.

00:40:48   I don't know why... like, we're talking... people are talking about cars, right? Apple

00:40:52   car, Apple car.

00:40:53   Yeah, I don't want an Apple car. I want an Apple bike.

00:40:55   This makes more sense to me, like Apple making exercise equipment than a car.

00:41:01   Yeah. Like I could genuine because it feels closer to what they do and what they're good at doing and

00:41:06   what they've been successful at doing than a car. Because like I don't hear a lot of great things

00:41:12   about carplay and that's kind of as far as car has gotten but like Apple watch and fitness plus

00:41:18   people love that stuff. I think it makes a lot of sense for them and also I imagine you know I'm

00:41:25   I'm just going to take a bet here that an exercise bike is easier to build than a car.

00:41:30   I'm just taking a bet.

00:41:32   I'm just going to take a bet. And also I assume there's less moral and regulatory issues with

00:41:39   cars than exercise bikes. So I would like to see that kind of stuff. It would be interesting.

00:41:47   Bikes, treadmills obviously. Like all kinds like cover the most popular workouts first.

00:41:54   And it made me expand. You know, a yoga mat made by Apple because why not, right?

00:41:59   Made of aluminum.

00:42:02   My girlfriend bought a professional Pilates mat, like, a few years ago. And those things,

00:42:08   like the actual professional things, are expensive.

00:42:10   You know what they'd make it out of, though? That same material they make the Magic Keyboard

00:42:14   out of, and like, that like, terrible...

00:42:17   Oh no, oh my god.

00:42:18   Like, that's... So like, you would physically just grip to it? Like, you wouldn't be able

00:42:22   to move? It'd be horrible.

00:42:24   I will cover it in stickers, just like the Magic Keyboard.

00:42:30   Sticker-covered yoga mat.

00:42:32   Honey, did you put kickstands on my yoga mat?

00:42:35   Please stop.

00:42:36   Hey, are you still living that kickstand life?

00:42:41   Well, no, I'm using the Magic Keyboard.

00:42:43   Oh, yeah, that was on the smart keyboard, wasn't it?

00:42:46   Yeah, that was on the smart keyboard.

00:42:48   Before I know, you put kickstands on the Magic Keyboard.

00:42:50   I don't know.

00:42:51   are not like a thing for me like chest straps maybe for you it just one thing that I did

00:42:58   once I don't know because it started off with like one and then there were like 12 yeah

00:43:03   but on the same product like it was contained to the same accessory it was weird it was

00:43:09   it was not weird it was not it was weird okay okay says the guy who steals sweaty straps

00:43:16   from people who go to gyms. Okay, sure. The kickstands were weird. They were very useful

00:43:22   for you, but they were weird. They're not weird. You had these tiny little feet on your

00:43:27   iPad. They're not weird. You used to just flick them out and stand your iPad up on it.

00:43:33   They're not foot-shaped. They are... I don't care. It's strange to have all these kickstands

00:43:38   a lower place. It's not strange. I don't get it. I don't get it, really. But we should,

00:43:47   I mean, so, back to the topic, at some point we should revisit the idea of the Apple car

00:43:55   and our thoughts on it, especially in light of the recent rumors about it. Because I personally

00:44:00   am not sold on the idea of purchasing an Apple car right now. I don't want to have to think

00:44:06   about it even. Right? Like I don't even want to have to think about my career.

00:44:15   Yeah. How do you cover an apple car? Yeah, in the sense of there's now this thing

00:44:20   that they do and it's a car. And it's just like how if that becomes a big

00:44:27   talking point for a period of time, which it certainly will, right, because it would

00:44:31   be so weird if they do it. I don't feel comfortable even conceiving of having to deal with that.

00:44:39   You know how sometimes I will try one piece of technology and then end up trying a different

00:44:45   piece of technology and selling the first one? It's happened.

00:44:47   Aren't you doing that again right now?

00:44:49   It's happened once or twice.

00:44:50   You're doing it now, aren't you?

00:44:52   Can you imagine doing that with a car?

00:44:55   Do you notice how he's not answering me, which means he's editing this out?

00:44:58   [Music]

00:45:03   And I'm gonna try to phrase this in a way that I don't offend anybody,

00:45:06   but it seems to me as if people who purchase a certain type of electric car

00:45:12   these days, they become very quickly obsessed with sharing photos

00:45:18   of that particular car, and it's like the whole life

00:45:21   now revolves around that particular brand,

00:45:24   and the CEO of that brand and that car. Yeah, you're talking about Mazda.

00:45:30   Yes, everybody's buying Mazdas these days, right? It's like, it's the hot new thing. Hey,

00:45:39   I just got a Mazda. It's like they're sharing these photos of the, you know, the like, what's

00:45:46   it called in the car? The cockpit? It's not called, what's it called? No, cockpit. Yeah,

00:45:51   Yeah, yeah, you got it. You know, and everyone's like, "Oh man, I love Akira Marumoto, he's

00:45:57   my favorite. Akira Marumoto, he's a visionary."

00:46:01   Sure.

00:46:02   He's changing the world.

00:46:03   Do you spend, like, your day, like, do you live in your car now? Because all you do is

00:46:08   share photos of your steering wheel.

00:46:11   Well, I think for the price of some of these things, I think for some people the answer

00:46:15   is "Yeah, they do now." Cars are very expensive.

00:46:20   The more photos you take, you get a discount or something? I don't know. How does it work?

00:46:26   And they got so giddy when there's a software update, right? It's like, "Hey, now I can

00:46:30   play Pac-Man in my Mazda." It's like, "Okay, describe to me how exactly that works." Well,

00:46:39   you have 30 minutes free in your day, in your afternoon. You're like, "Honey, I'm going

00:46:42   to the garage and I'm going to play a little Pac-Man in my Mazda."

00:46:45   Oh no, it rained. My Mazda's bumper came off.

00:46:51   And remember, we are talking only about Mazda here.

00:46:54   That's right.

00:46:55   If you think we're talking about something else, we didn't say that.

00:46:59   I said nothing. I said Mazda.

00:47:01   Myke said Akira Marumoto.

00:47:02   And Akira Marumoto only.

00:47:05   So anyway, this is not a topic today. It's just a parenthesis.

00:47:10   I tried googling to see if Akira Muramoto owned the space rocket company, because that

00:47:15   would have been the best thing ever and I couldn't find anything that suggested that

00:47:18   they do.

00:47:19   They don't.

00:47:20   It's a shame.

00:47:21   Can you imagine how perfect that would be?

00:47:22   That would be, it would be great.

00:47:24   That would be incredible.

00:47:25   You know, mantas have a real smell to them.

00:47:26   They have a real...

00:47:27   Wait, smell?

00:47:28   Yeah, like a real musky smell.

00:47:32   Oh, there we go.

00:47:34   I wonder where it was going.

00:47:35   I wonder what it was going to be and there it is.

00:47:37   Got it.

00:47:38   second I thought that smelling Mazda was Steven's new thing.

00:47:43   It's my special thing.

00:47:44   But it was just a bad joke. It's just... okay.

00:47:47   Can we bring this all the way back around to the original topic again?

00:47:51   Yes, and I apologize. Sorry.

00:47:52   No, it was a great aside. We all learned some new things about Mazda. We referenced this

00:47:57   a little bit earlier. I want an Apple Watch about the watch part. So all the sensors.

00:48:03   So without a screen?

00:48:04   Yes.

00:48:05   Yeah.

00:48:06   Okay. Hmm. So a Fitbit.

00:48:07   So I want something that does all my fitness tracking, heart rate tracking, all of that

00:48:13   kind of stuff.

00:48:14   Just like a tasteful sport band that just basically looks like the sport bands.

00:48:18   Like an Apple band.

00:48:19   It's just a bracelet that I wear.

00:48:21   I would love that product.

00:48:23   I think it would be a great thing for them to create at some point.

00:48:27   I really hope that they do.

00:48:30   It can send all of that stuff to my iPhone.

00:48:32   It would get, I assume, multiple days of battery life.

00:48:36   I would love it.

00:48:37   I think it'd be super cool. If they wanted to, I wouldn't use this, but if they wanted to, they could try and put some kind of taptic thing in it.

00:48:42   I don't know. I just, as I've said this many times, I like to wear watches. I also want that information. I'm not wearing two watches.

00:48:50   That would be a product I'd really love.

00:48:53   Would you wear it around your ankle?

00:48:55   No, I'd wear it on my other wrist.

00:48:57   He's not a Mazda fan. Come on.

00:48:59   [Laughter]

00:49:03   I now feel bad for Master Omens.

00:49:06   They don't. No one owns a Mazda.

00:49:09   We'll find out.

00:49:10   Oh, yeah, that's what you think.

00:49:12   We'll find out.

00:49:13   I see the pictures in my Twitter.

00:49:16   The whole Instagram account.

00:49:18   People in their Akira Muramoto posters.

00:49:21   That's right. #MazdaFam. Mazda Mania.

00:49:25   I would like an actual fully integrated sleep tracking device. Not that weird bedding thing

00:49:31   because I also don't like to wear watches when I sleep. I never have. But I am interested

00:49:37   in sleep tracking, but I would like a product for that. Because again, people are going

00:49:45   to say to me, "Hey, there is this product that can do what you want. There is this product

00:49:50   that you can do what you want." I like the idea of more health-connected technology at

00:49:56   home. For the moment, there's blood pressure devices, all that kind of stuff. It just seems

00:49:59   like the technology exists for me to be able to do these things at home now, but I don't

00:50:04   want to buy these from any kind of rando company. Like this is the kind of technology where

00:50:10   I'm like, where even I am worried about privacy implications of it. Right. Because I know

00:50:17   I tend to be a little bit like I'll use Instagram, whatever. Like I will opt into personalised

00:50:23   ads because I like the personalisation, you know, like there is a spectrum of people's

00:50:28   care decisions about privacy, I tend to be a little bit more like, I'll take the tradeoff.

00:50:33   But when it comes to like things measuring stuff about the health of my body, I want to feel like

00:50:41   I can intrinsically trust that company. So I feel like I want Apple to make more products like this,

00:50:48   even if stuff already exists out there in the world. I don't want to get like a blood pressure

00:50:54   device from whatever company that keeps getting bought and sold by Finnish phone makers, right?

00:51:01   Like, you know, like, that's the kind of stuff where I really want to feel like I can trust the

00:51:05   company that that is selling to me. That's is that wild? What I just said? No, I'm right there with

00:51:12   you. I think there's a big market for Apple to do this. I think the privacy stuff alone that Apple

00:51:17   is so good at and talk about so often would put them in a good position in the market. Not only

00:51:22   are they stable and not being bought and sold by Nokia every 10 minutes, but

00:51:26   the fact that people could trust the devices to keep everything on their phone, it would all sink

00:51:31   into health kit so you could have all your data with you all the time. That's what's so great

00:51:35   about the Apple Watch is you have this rolling history and if you have one with an ECG or with

00:51:41   the blood oxygen sensor all that data is in there as well. I think it makes a ton of sense for them

00:51:47   to move into this and and honestly I wish they would I wish they would make you know cool exercise bikes and stuff and

00:51:53   Flesh out this ecosystem and I think fitness plus could be the road to that right?

00:52:01   It's not it's not that ever from Peloton

00:52:03   They started with biking and over the years they've added other things

00:52:06   You could start with the fitness classes and build out hardware and other things around it

00:52:10   and so I think it's totally in there in their wheelhouse and

00:52:14   Tim Cook is big on talking about Apple's

00:52:17   Impact in their users lives when it comes to health and fitness and so it's it's even on brand from that perspective

00:52:25   It's another realm of consumer technology, right?

00:52:29   That's that's logical to get into and to continue pushing into because they sit they have seen

00:52:34   great success with the Apple watch and

00:52:37   I think a big part of that is all of the health stuff. I think that's what people care about

00:52:42   I'm with you. I want to wear other watches, but I'm doing

00:52:45   Physical therapy right now

00:52:47   and so when I do that I take my watch off and put my Apple watch on to track that workout because I want that

00:52:52   data and

00:52:53   I wish I didn't have to

00:52:55   switch back and forth

00:52:57   mm-hmm well, let's get into

00:53:00   iOS 14.5, but first let me take our last break this episode of connected is brought to you by Mac Weldon

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00:54:58   and Relay FM. Apple released the beta 1 of iOS 14.5.

00:55:04   Did 14.4 just come out? Was it 14.3?

00:55:08   0.4 came out.

00:55:09   It was 0.4 that just came out. I'm getting lost in all the numbers. There's been so many

00:55:14   numbers. Which actually leads me to a question I wanted to ask you Federico. Is a 0.5 release

00:55:20   unprecedented?

00:55:21   In February, I think so. Usually this is like March, April. Like 0.5. Yeah.

00:55:32   release brought the trackpad support. Point 3 and it was in the spring. Yeah. So, at least

00:55:40   in recent times. No, no, 13.4. Okay. Yeah, in the spring. Yeah, they didn't even start

00:55:46   getting to point fives until the last couple of years. Point 3 was as high as they went

00:55:53   for quite a while. Yeah, and there's some of them that I believe, maybe iOS 13 had version

00:56:01   0.6 and 0.7 but they were released like later in the year. So yeah I think it is

00:56:07   this timeline is a little accelerated at this point. I mean a 0.5 at this time of

00:56:12   year. So there's a bunch of stuff going on. I'll run through them and we

00:56:18   can stop and talk about them if there's anything that we want to expand on. They

00:56:23   finally put the Apple logo and landscape on the iPad boot up screen.

00:56:29   Maybe it's one of those things that they've been meaning to check them off their list forever,

00:56:35   and they finally had the time.

00:56:37   But what's the significance of the horizontal Apple logo,

00:56:42   besides being a nice thing?

00:56:45   Well, I think it's been pretty obvious for a long time that the iPad is mostly used horizontal, right?

00:56:53   Because Apple continues to make all these cases that put it in horizontal.

00:56:57   And it's just one of those things where it's like, why is it taking you so long?

00:57:01   And why have you done it now?

00:57:03   I assume a lot of the time it means nothing, right?

00:57:05   It's just that they just got round to it.

00:57:07   But I think it's also fun, like how we look at the invites to Apple events and try and

00:57:11   work out what they mean to look at random esoteric changes in iOS and work out what

00:57:18   they mean.

00:57:19   So this is one of those things.

00:57:22   Something that's probably more useful to people is emoji search on the iPad virtual keyboard

00:57:26   Federico, can you explain to me how this is different?

00:57:31   Or what's going on here that's maybe not in other places?

00:57:35   So what's going on is that emoji search

00:57:37   was added to the iPhone's keyboard in iOS 14.

00:57:42   And it was one of the big features for regular people.

00:57:45   Like, oh, you can finally search for emoji.

00:57:48   And what was weird about it is that iPad OS received

00:57:53   the same emoji sort of a makeover with a new emoji pop-up in iPadOS 14.

00:58:01   However, there was no search field, so they redid it, inspired by based on the iPhone design,

00:58:08   but the key feature of it, the reason why a lot of people were excited about this emoji update,

00:58:13   they did not ship it on the iPad. And it was weird because it's not like we're talking about,

00:58:19   say, the home screen and having home screen widgets, which are missing on iPad, and you

00:58:24   can make the argument for, well, that's a big complex thing and the iPad home screen

00:58:29   is different, right, so maybe they need more work, they need more time, we don't like it

00:58:33   but we understand. It was like a literal search box in an emoji popup and it was missing and

00:58:41   it kept, you know, not being available until the iPad OS 14.5. So I don't know, I struggle

00:58:50   to imagine the complexity of adding an emoji search field to the iPad once you've done

00:58:57   the work on iPhone. It's like what, you forgot to add it? But I don't get it. Still, nice

00:59:03   that it's finally available, I guess.

00:59:05   When you install these new betas, do you still try and add widgets to the home screen?

00:59:09   the iPad. I don't have the beta on my iPad. Oh, okay. Do you not? You put it on your iPhone?

00:59:14   Every time a new beta version of iOS 14 comes out, I see the tweets of people saying, "No,

00:59:19   still no widgets." Look, I don't think it's happening in the iPad OS 14 cycle at all.

00:59:25   No, it's probably 15 now. If they're doing it... But I said this last year, in June we

00:59:30   had the same conversation, like, if they're doing it, they're not gonna just flip a switch

00:59:34   and say, "Oh, we enabled it on iPad." No. Because when they do it, you know that it'll come

00:59:40   with other changes to the home screen and new widget sizes for the iPad. I think that's

00:59:46   the reasonable way to go about it. Having more layout options and having more size options

00:59:52   for widgets in iPadOS. So I think I would stop waiting for the magical beta of iPadOS

01:00:00   that adds widgets to the home screen, it's not going to happen until iPadOS 15.

01:00:05   Hopefully it's going to happen in 15.

01:00:07   There's indications that Apple Card will be available for a joint account,

01:00:12   which is not a thing that's been available before.

01:00:15   I'm still surprised that Apple Card has not made its way outside of America.

01:00:20   That is a surprise to me that they haven't started doing the Apple Card in other countries.

01:00:26   Fitness Plus gains AirPlay support.

01:00:30   So if you have a television that has AirPlay on it,

01:00:34   you can AirPlay from an iPhone or an iPad

01:00:39   with your Fitness Plus workouts.

01:00:41   But when you're using AirPlay,

01:00:43   your heart rate and fitness ring and other metric stuff

01:00:46   is not shown on the Apple TV.

01:00:47   You have to look at those on your Apple Watch.

01:00:49   Don't know why.

01:00:51   I guess those things are an overlay in a Fitness Plus app

01:00:55   and it's not the videos.

01:00:56   I guess. That's what's going on there.

01:00:59   Support for the new games console controllers,

01:01:02   the PlayStation 5 and Xbox controllers are supported now too, which is cool.

01:01:09   They've redesigned the search pages and the podcast app.

01:01:12   Type to Siri has been changed. What's going on with Type to Siri?

01:01:16   So Type to Siri is now using the same compact UI

01:01:19   that we've seen in other places in iOS 14.

01:01:22   Previously, when you enable Type to Siri,

01:01:24   which is an accessibility feature,

01:01:26   It took over the entire screen, sort of blurring the background.

01:01:29   And it was really unchanged from iOS 13.

01:01:33   But now they have updated it so that it's now

01:01:36   like this compact bubble that appears

01:01:40   at the top of the Siri indicator.

01:01:42   And so it's just this small floating text field.

01:01:46   And you can type in it, and it doesn't hide the background.

01:01:49   It doesn't blur the background.

01:01:50   So you see what's underneath, whether it's

01:01:52   the home screen or an application that you're using.

01:01:55   And it's just another instance of Apple redesigning something that was full screen and taking

01:02:00   over the context of what you were doing and making it smaller, making it compact, using

01:02:05   these floating elements that they have used in a bunch of places in iOS 14.

01:02:10   There's better support for 5G, you can now have dual SIM support.

01:02:14   If you used 5G you couldn't have a dual SIM.

01:02:17   Apparently they've made some stuff for T-Mobile too, which makes it better for 5G.

01:02:22   App tracking transparency is one of the big things in 14.5.

01:02:27   It's not being added, but this represents the deadline.

01:02:31   So app tracking transparency is this thing where developers need to get permission from

01:02:36   users to access their random advertising identifier to be able to track them around the web and

01:02:40   in other apps.

01:02:41   You've probably heard of this in relation to Facebook.

01:02:45   There's Apple and Facebook are in a bit of a shouting match over this at the moment.

01:02:49   I think this is going to be really interesting to watch how it's going to be rolled out.

01:02:54   In theory every application that has any advertising in it which is powered by some kind of tracking,

01:02:59   which is probably most of them I suppose, every app is going to have to say to you "hey,

01:03:06   can I track you?" and then you say "yeah" or "please don't".

01:03:10   I wonder what it's going to be like.

01:03:11   The only thing that I can kind of remember is, do you remember when they changed, was

01:03:16   Was it Bluetooth?

01:03:17   In every application for a while was it asking you about your Bluetooth location thing?

01:03:24   And it was really annoying.

01:03:25   And I wonder if it's going to be like that.

01:03:28   I'm also just intrigued to see how it ends up unfolding anyway because there's a lot

01:03:33   of money and companies at play here and everyone's making increasingly aggressive attacks at

01:03:41   each other.

01:03:42   Mostly it's just Apple and Facebook right now, but I don't know if it's going to stay

01:03:47   that way.

01:03:48   I'm intrigued to see how this one's going to play out.

01:03:51   Reminder sorting.

01:03:52   What's going on there Steven?

01:03:53   I have so many things to say about this.

01:03:56   I am a connoisseur of task managers.

01:04:00   I think everybody knows that.

01:04:02   You're saying that to yourself.

01:04:04   That is literally a compliment you're paying to yourself.

01:04:06   Look, I'm a man of the people, but right under that is a connoisseur of task managers.

01:04:11   I don't know if...

01:04:12   Okay, so two compliments.

01:04:13   I don't think man of the people and connoisseur go together.

01:04:19   Well, man of the fancy people.

01:04:22   I'm a man of the people unless it comes to task managers where I'm definitely better

01:04:28   than you.

01:04:31   That's too long for the gravestone.

01:04:32   You're a man of the people with many asterisks at the end of that sentence.

01:04:36   Okay.

01:04:37   Wait, did you just say you wanted that on your gravestone?

01:04:39   I'm saying what you said would be too long for a gravestone.

01:04:41   Steven Hackett. Steven Michael Hackett. Mm-hmm. Man of the people, connoisseur of task managers.

01:04:49   Wait, your middle name is Michael? Yes. So Myke, is your middle name Steven?

01:04:54   No. Wouldn't that be great though? I feel like I should change my name. Twins!

01:05:01   Oh, Michael Steve... Steven Michael Hackett and Michael Steven Hurley.

01:05:07   That's what the M stands for in ISMH. It's Michael.

01:05:11   What do you think the M stood for?

01:05:13   I thought it was Mark.

01:05:14   No, that's my brother's name.

01:05:16   Wow.

01:05:17   Kind of.

01:05:18   Kind of.

01:05:19   The Hackett family naming is a trip.

01:05:22   What were we talking about?

01:05:23   Your gravestone.

01:05:24   So in the Reminders app, which got a redesign, what Federico, in iOS 13? 12?

01:05:35   When did they redo it?

01:05:36   It was 13.

01:05:37   It was last, uh, two years ago I wrote about it.

01:05:43   Yeah.

01:05:44   Reminders got this big overhaul, much better, but you cannot sort things in a list in any

01:05:52   automatic way.

01:05:53   And so they just, you add a new task to a list and they'd show up at the bottom.

01:05:58   And a lot of applications have options to sort by due date or alphabetically or by when

01:06:05   it was added, you know, various apps have various options.

01:06:08   Things like to do is will automatically keep those lists sorted.

01:06:11   So if you add a new item, it automatically goes into the right place.

01:06:14   Something like OmniFocus, you have to resort the list every time.

01:06:17   Anyways, reminders and I have this, which really bugged me because I really like sorting

01:06:24   in my, in my list like send them sorted by due date.

01:06:28   So this this comes out in the 14.5 beta.

01:06:31   It's also very curiously in Big Sur 11.2 which is public.

01:06:37   And in 11.3 beta they added printing but 11.2 adds the sorting.

01:06:43   And you can…

01:06:44   Who needs printing?

01:06:45   I guess printing's a thing.

01:06:47   Print your task list.

01:06:48   Yeah.

01:06:49   Well, you want to go to the supermarket and you want to have a little piece of paper.

01:06:53   You print out your reminders.

01:06:55   As soon as I said it I realized the many, many reasons that you might want it.

01:06:59   But then I second-guess myself of like, if it's so important, why is it taken two and

01:07:05   a half years to add it?

01:07:07   I think if anyone really needed it, they're not using reminders.

01:07:11   You know, being this feature designed arguably for old people, they probably mailed their

01:07:16   feature request to Apple and it took a while for the letters to arrive.

01:07:19   Hey, I didn't mail it.

01:07:21   I faxed it.

01:07:22   See?

01:07:23   Come on.

01:07:24   I faxed it directly to Craig Federge's desk.

01:07:27   So the sorting works, you can, it's on a per list basis, and you basically go into the

01:07:32   list options and say sort by due date or whatever.

01:07:37   It's still not exactly what I would want.

01:07:39   It does this thing where tasks with no due date show up above tasks with dates.

01:07:51   So in a list where you--

01:07:52   It's done that to me again.

01:07:53   So say you have a list with two items with no due dates.

01:07:56   Yeah.

01:07:57   up at the top of the list above things that are overdue and due today and due

01:08:01   tomorrow. Yeah that doesn't make sense. As opposed to being at the bottom which is

01:08:04   where they should go. They show up at the top? Yeah. Why? I don't know it's really

01:08:10   weird no other to-do app. And you're sorting by due date? Yes. And they show up

01:08:14   at the top? Yes. They just show up at the bottom. It's like we live in Australia. Why do they show up at the top? I don't know. They just show up at the bottom.

01:08:22   I will not accept this. Why did they show up at the top?

01:08:27   Do they always show at the top whether you're ascending or descending on date?

01:08:32   Right.

01:08:33   Let's see.

01:08:34   Are you ascending, Steven?

01:08:35   Well, no, there's no ascending or descending controls. It's just manual, due date, priority,

01:08:40   creation, data, title.

01:08:41   No, hold on. Hold on. What if you tap this selected option again?

01:08:46   I'm on my Mac. Let me get my phone.

01:08:49   Does it toggle? Because sometimes they have these silly controls where it doesn't say

01:08:52   ascending or descending, but if you tap it again, it switches the order.

01:08:56   Let's see.

01:08:57   Could it be?

01:08:59   Sort by due date.

01:09:01   Okay, tap it again.

01:09:03   Oh my gosh. On the Mac they show up at the top, on iOS they show up at the bottom.

01:09:08   But does the ascend... oh, we need to come back to that in a second. Does the ascending/descending

01:09:12   thing...

01:09:13   On iOS you have the option of earliest first or latest first, which is

01:09:18   effectively ascending or descending.

01:09:21   Yeah, no, that is what it is, but they don't name things.

01:09:24   It's like, it's like, what is it? Outdent left and outdent right?

01:09:28   Out, outdent left!

01:09:30   [Laughter]

01:09:33   No, I'm not, this is not a criticism. I think I said this at the time.

01:09:37   Outdent left and outdent right, I know why, or it's indent left and indent right, whatever one it is.

01:09:43   I know why you would do it, right? And it's the same way while I know why you would do

01:09:47   earliest first and latest first rather than ascending and descending.

01:09:51   It's not how languages work.

01:09:52   I know, but they are easier to understand. Earliest first and latest first is easier to

01:09:56   understand than ascending and descending, because typically ascending and descending

01:10:01   is like USB for me. I always have to press it three times to get the one that I want.

01:10:06   I think I want one, and then I change it, and then realize it wasn't the one that I

01:10:10   it and then go back to the original one. Because, in my mind, I can never remember which one's

01:10:15   going to be first if I'm ascending and descending. But anyway, so I know why they do all this.

01:10:19   No, but outdent left and outdent right, it's as silly as saying, "You know how there's

01:10:24   left and right?" Well, what if you said, "There's left and there's the other left." No, it's

01:10:29   not called the other left, it's called right! It's left and left times two. Inverse left.

01:10:36   It's not how it works.

01:10:37   You can't just make up words like that.

01:10:41   Oh, okay.

01:10:42   - So on iOS, no due date shows up at the top

01:10:47   when you sort by date.

01:10:48   And it's on the iOS, it's at the bottom where it should be.

01:10:52   So the two apps don't even act the same way in the sorting.

01:10:54   - Well, could it be that on the Mac it's not done yet

01:10:59   'cause it's in an earlier version?

01:11:00   - It may be, it may be.

01:11:02   I'm not running 11.3 on any of my Macs.

01:11:05   So maybe in 11.3 they act the same, but...

01:11:07   Because on the iPhone it's acting as we would want it to, right?

01:11:10   Yes.

01:11:11   With new stuff showing at the bottom and on the Mac they're showing at the top.

01:11:14   Okay.

01:11:15   The thing that really kills me though is that the badging for all day tasks is totally not

01:11:25   what most of these apps do.

01:11:27   And so in Reminders you have an option to say, "Hey, remind me to call Federico at 3

01:11:34   And at 3pm, I'll get an alert and I'll get a one on the reminders badge because I have that one task now do

01:11:41   All day tasks a task without a time, but just a date like call Federico

01:11:47   Sometime on Wednesday doesn't matter when I call him. I don't have a time associated with it. Just call Federico on Wednesday in

01:11:53   Reminders on iOS and Mac OS there's a setting that I'm gonna get you the exact phrasing it is

01:12:03   Today notification set a time to show notification when there are all-day reminders with no specific time

01:12:11   So I could say hey I want at 830 a.m.

01:12:15   For my Mac to remind me of all the tasks I have today

01:12:19   That don't have a specific time associated with calendars stuff, right? Yeah can get a

01:12:26   Notification for all day events at a certain time, right? Yes. It's exactly the same idea

01:12:32   Yeah in every other app when a task is due today it becomes a number on the badge

01:12:39   Yeah, it just badges it. Yeah reminders doesn't do this

01:12:43   I think it used to I'm not positive it used to but at least it doesn't now in this newest version

01:12:49   Even if you have all day reminders set so I could see a world

01:12:54   Where the badge has nothing on it

01:12:57   and then when it hits 830, the time I told it, all five of my all-day tasks

01:13:03   become a five on the badge, right? I have five things due today. No, the badge

01:13:08   shouldn't follow the alert time. Well, it should follow something, and so there is...

01:13:13   Well, if something is, like, at least the way I see it, if something is due today,

01:13:18   it badges, and then the alert time is something else. Yes, that is how it

01:13:24   should work. There is no way for an all-day task to badge in reminders until it's overdue

01:13:34   the next day. This feels like the perfect thing to write feedback about in all honesty. I know

01:13:39   we make fun of this but this really feels like something you need to... I have filed feedback.

01:13:45   Cool. No, that's on iOS too? Yes, iOS and the Mac. Weirdly, the today notifications setting

01:13:54   doesn't sync so I could have my phone tell me at 10am about my all day reminders.

01:13:59   But I want the badge to show me what's due today.

01:14:03   How almost every other app I've ever tried, and I've tried basically all of them, there

01:14:08   are options.

01:14:09   No badge, a badge for overdue items, or a badge for overdue plus today.

01:14:16   My assumption is that the reminders team, and I know they work hard on this and I'm

01:14:20   I'm sure they're great people, but like they don't,

01:14:23   they're so afraid, Apple is so afraid

01:14:25   in its first party apps to add complication like this.

01:14:30   Like if it behaved this way

01:14:32   where things sorted the right way

01:14:34   and they were consistent on both platforms

01:14:36   and it would badge overdue plus today,

01:14:40   I could get by on reminders really easily.

01:14:42   And then I could take advantage

01:14:43   of all the cool stuff reminders can do in the system.

01:14:46   But I can't because I really rely on that badge

01:14:50   to tell me what's left in my day.

01:14:52   I know not everyone works that way,

01:14:53   it's the way that I work.

01:14:55   It's just, I find it frustrating.

01:14:57   - The app only badges when there is a timed thing

01:15:02   that has passed.

01:15:03   - Yes, whether that be an all day thing

01:15:07   in previous days, or there was a time

01:15:10   and the time has now passed.

01:15:12   There's no badging for things that are just due today,

01:15:15   but haven't passed by yet.

01:15:18   So an all day event, does that set a badge?

01:15:21   Like if you have the triggering to remind you?

01:15:24   - No, it does not.

01:15:26   An all day task only becomes a badge

01:15:28   when it's overdue by a day.

01:15:31   - Oh, what?

01:15:32   - Yeah, that's what I'm saying, that's the problem.

01:15:34   - That's even weirder.

01:15:36   Why does it badge at all?

01:15:38   - All the badges are things that are overdue.

01:15:40   So say in my example, call Federico at 3 p.m.

01:15:44   At 3.01 it becomes a badge.

01:15:46   - This is very confusing.

01:15:47   I have say call Federico and there's no time it won't badge until the next day

01:15:52   So if I don't call Federico on Wednesday, it becomes a badge on Thursday

01:15:56   Why does it have the ability to do it at all?

01:15:59   But only when the day has passed because it then it's considered quote overdue

01:16:04   But why do they care about overdue items so much? I don't know

01:16:08   They make you feel bad too like this insistence on something being overdue. Yeah, it's unhealthy

01:16:16   That's really... that's what... that's what...

01:16:19   But the main problem is, if it's an all-day task, it is still due today. Like, the all-day,

01:16:27   it means the day is today. So it should badge regardless.

01:16:32   But they only care if you don't do it on that day. Like, now it's important.

01:16:37   Like so, it's all day, but you only want to make me feel bad the following day?

01:16:43   If I missed it, yeah.

01:16:45   Why?

01:16:46   get some people don't want badges or they only want to be told about

01:16:49   overdue things, then set the option that all these other apps have. Badge equals

01:16:54   nothing. Badge equals overdue. Badge equals overdue plus today. That's

01:16:59   how you fix this. You let people who designed this live the way they

01:17:05   want to, and you let people like me who would like to use it live the way I want

01:17:09   to. Yeah, these are the types of applications that if you want to get, if

01:17:15   If you want to add more features to them, which they clearly do,

01:17:17   because they could have just left it how it was,

01:17:19   basically just a checklist app.

01:17:23   They've clearly wanted to get more complicated,

01:17:25   because they're adding more complicated features.

01:17:28   You have to start getting into the mindset of setting

01:17:30   sensible defaults and then allowing for customization.

01:17:34   It really is the only way to do applications like this.

01:17:37   Calendars-- and the Calendar app has quite a lot of customization

01:17:43   you can do for it.

01:17:43   as much as others but enough. But Canada applications to do applications, even notes applications

01:17:50   to a point, like anything where people are supposed to be using them for work, which

01:17:54   is the intention here, you've got to start putting in additional functionality with settings.

01:18:00   Like you just got to give into it at some point.

01:18:04   Yeah, no, I have provided feedback over the years on this because I think it'd be awesome

01:18:11   to be able to use all the reminders can do so much like remind me when I'm texting somebody

01:18:15   about this thing. That'd be really useful to me. The badging is just like a fundamental

01:18:20   way of the way that I work.

01:18:21   I think it'd be more awesome if they just opened those features up to any app.

01:18:26   Yeah, sure.

01:18:27   Personally.

01:18:28   Oh, I agree. But short of that

01:18:30   In OmniFocus. No, I don't want to say that every time. Don't I don't want to say that

01:18:36   every time.

01:18:37   That's reminder sorting. We've held the best for last. Federico, tell us about Face ID

01:18:43   in the Apple Watch.

01:18:44   Yeah, so you can now, in iOS 14.5, you can unlock your phone even if you're wearing a

01:18:52   mask by wearing an Apple Watch running watchOS 7.3. So as long as the watch is unlocked and

01:18:59   nearby, meaning on your wrist, Face ID will not fail. When it detects that you're wearing

01:19:04   a mask, you will see a message saying "Unlocking with Apple Watch". It takes about a second,

01:19:09   and you will get a haptic feedback on the watch, and your phone will unlock. And your

01:19:13   watch will say "iPhone unlocked with Apple Watch" or something like that. And it works

01:19:21   really well. It's fast. Once you install all the updates, it just works. And I'm really

01:19:28   impressed by it.

01:19:29   Now question right off the top. It still knows it's you though, right or it wouldn't do this like if

01:19:36   Sylvia tried to open your phone wearing a mask your watch is not gonna unlock it for her. Is it like the phone still?

01:19:44   Thinks it's you it still has to get a partial match which which it can do but based on everything else except

01:19:52   What is covered by the mask? Does that make sense? Yeah, like it's still checking that it's that it's Federico

01:19:59   Are we positive that it does that?

01:20:02   Well, that's my assumption. I assume it has to, right? Because otherwise, that would be really...

01:20:10   I don't know, I just feel like that would be really weird. I feel like it must know.

01:20:14   Because your phone knows it's you, even to a point. Which is how this works for me,

01:20:21   where if I wear this one very specific type of mask that I wear a lot, I do have my phone on lock.

01:20:28   Like I've said this on the show before, there's this one type of black mask that I wear the most.

01:20:33   And if I'm wearing that mask and it's well, I'm in a well-lit area, my phone will unlock for me because it's trained on that.

01:20:40   So my assumption is that it's looking at everything else about your face and it's confirming that that feels like it's you.

01:20:50   Then checking that your watch is unlocked and in proximity and then unlocking.

01:20:57   But I'm not sure if you can check for a partial match.

01:21:00   I would love to know how it actually works.

01:21:03   - I assume it has to be doing that,

01:21:06   otherwise they wouldn't add this feature.

01:21:08   - That would be my assumption as well.

01:21:11   I've seen some tweets from people saying,

01:21:13   "Oh, so now anybody can grab my phone

01:21:16   and like unlock it with their face,

01:21:19   even if my Apple Watch is nearby."

01:21:21   - Yeah, I don't think that's what's going on here.

01:21:24   - But I mean, at that point you have bigger problems, right?

01:21:26   If someone is forcibly taking your phone and holding you by the wrist, you know,

01:21:31   you have a bigger problem, right? But I still want to know.

01:21:34   They need to hold you by the wrist though. They could just like,

01:21:36   if you're in the same room.

01:21:37   Or it could be right. Or it could be, you know, like in the same,

01:21:41   I want to know more about the distance. Like what does nearby mean?

01:21:46   Does it mean like 30 centimeters or does it mean like two meters away?

01:21:49   Like that's a difference if you're in the same room. And also like,

01:21:53   does it do any actual partial checking? I don't know.

01:21:56   I don't know. But for what I've done so far, like for what I've used so far, it

01:22:00   works pretty well. And it's like I'm convinced that like a lot of people will

01:22:04   upgrade right away just because of this feature.

01:22:07   So MacRumors says the iPhone will unlock after a partial face scan.

01:22:13   The feature says that.

01:22:15   I don't know how they know that, but that's what it's saying it will do.

01:22:21   And I expect that that is what is happening, that your phone is getting at least some data

01:22:28   about you who can't complete the scan.

01:22:30   Because we know that Face ID has the capability to recognize partial face scans because you

01:22:39   train the system.

01:22:41   So that's the thing that we know that it can do, that if it thinks that it's got you but

01:22:46   it's not sure, you put your pin in and then the system learns.

01:22:50   So the system has the ability to say, "I think this is Federico, but I'm not sure."

01:22:56   So I expect that is what's happening.

01:22:58   It's like...

01:22:59   That would be...

01:23:01   That makes sense to me.

01:23:04   Because otherwise, I feel like it wouldn't be worth doing.

01:23:08   Because we've gotten this far, right?

01:23:11   We're a year into the pandemic now.

01:23:14   If this feature was removing that level of security, I honestly feel like it wouldn't

01:23:19   be worth enabling at this point. But as of right now, we do not have an answer for you,

01:23:25   except that's what we think is going on. I mean, it's not going to make me wear an Apple

01:23:30   Watch, because I've gotten by. I've definitely gotten by at this point, so it's not going

01:23:37   to turn me around. But if you are already an Apple Watch owner, then awesome.

01:23:42   I think that's it. I think we're done. If you want to learn more about the stories we

01:23:49   talked about. We have a bunch of links over on our website at relay.fm/connected/331.

01:23:57   While you're there you can get in touch via email with feedback or follow up or you can

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01:24:08   show each and every week. Each and every week. I do have some some real time follow up. It

01:24:15   It seems like the 11.3 beta fixes the sorting issue and reminders.

01:24:21   On the Mac?

01:24:22   On the Mac.

01:24:23   Right.

01:24:24   So, forget what I said about sorting to the top and bottom with things that, not the date.

01:24:29   So that seems to be taken care of in the Mac beta.

01:24:33   Okay.

01:24:34   Where was I?

01:24:35   I talked about links, how you can become a member, get connected pro, which is really

01:24:38   cool.

01:24:39   You can find us all online as well.

01:24:41   You can find Myke online, he is @imyke on Twitter, and Myke hosts a bunch of shows here

01:24:48   on Relay FM.

01:24:50   Myke, anything you want to share this week?

01:24:54   Last week you said you love everybody, so that was nice.

01:24:59   Now I'm unsure about everybody.

01:25:01   Times have changed.

01:25:02   Suspicious?

01:25:03   Mm-hmm.

01:25:04   I'm suspicious.

01:25:05   I just have one eye on everyone.

01:25:07   You can find Federico on Twitter as @vittici. He's the editor-in-chief of MacStories.net.

01:25:15   Federico, what TV series do you enjoy watching and re-watching?

01:25:21   Ah, easy. I know what this answer is.

01:25:25   The O.C. Yeah. That's what I had in mind.

01:25:30   It's a combination of nostalgia, absolutely fantastic soundtrack, lots of good memories

01:25:35   associated with the show, bands that I've got to know and actually met in person that

01:25:44   I discovered by watching the OC, plus the whole thing of like high school memories and

01:25:49   yeah, absolutely, like I've watched it I don't know how many times.

01:25:54   You can find my writing at 512pixels.net and I'm on Twitter and Twitch as ismh.

01:26:01   I'd like to thank our sponsors this week, Squarespace, Smile, and Mack Weldon.

01:26:07   Until next week, gentlemen, say goodbye.

01:26:09   Arrivederci.

01:26:10   Cheerio.