328: Sir, I Believe That’s Not Your Suitcase


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00:00:08   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 328.

00:00:13   It's made possible this week by our sponsors Pingdom, Hover, and Mack Weldon.

00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hackett and I am joined by Mr. Federico Faticci.

00:00:21   Hello, hi, how are you?

00:00:23   I'm good, how are you?

00:00:24   I'm good, very good.

00:00:26   it's good let's see if we can keep the streak alive Myke Hurley's here Myke how

00:00:29   are you oh yeah hi I'm good hey you good oh yeah three three mm-hmm all right

00:00:39   what is the streak that I was good and Federico was good then you were gonna

00:00:44   oh right I wasn't sure if it was like that we're all here or that you got it

00:00:50   in the right order I wasn't sure it's also the streak and yeah having an

00:00:55   awkward opening to the show. John texted us, "thank God you got the episode

00:01:00   number right." You know John, I appreciate your encouragement. That's how I'm

00:01:04   gonna read that. We got a bunch of follow-up. We should just dive into this.

00:01:08   Listener Myke and other people, but Myke had the most detailed explanation, wrote

00:01:13   in to set our math straight concerning the Hackett number and then if I recount

00:01:18   my collection, the ratio that would happen, etc, etc. It's really long. I made

00:01:23   a PDF of it, it's in the show notes, just go read the PDF because we can't read it

00:01:28   on air because we'd be here all day.

00:01:30   Wow.

00:01:31   Yeah, this was originally in the notes, in its full text, and I protested it.

00:01:37   That reading it in the show makes it more confusing, I think.

00:01:44   You have to read something like this, but there's a formula.

00:01:46   I'm still very confused.

00:01:47   I'm still very much confused by it.

00:01:50   That was part of it where I was reading it and I was like, "Oh god, now we've got a thing

00:01:54   called point hackets? Like, it's too much." So if for some reason you require an explanation

00:02:01   about how to calculate the hacket number, it exists for you. If you don't, we can just

00:02:06   move on.

00:02:07   Yeah, we never mention it again.

00:02:09   My problem is that we just, we came up with this as a stupid joke, and we had no idea

00:02:14   that actual mathematics were gonna be involved. You know, like, and now people are taking

00:02:20   this seriously. And you know, it's bad. It's like, it's bad when you, when you, when you

00:02:28   see this bullet lists, we're like, and then we divide and then we do this. Thus it's like,

00:02:35   man, that's just too many steps. Anytime you've made someone write thus, you've, you know,

00:02:42   You have a problem.

00:02:43   Oh no.

00:02:44   Oh no, they're a thus person.

00:02:47   What have I done?

00:02:49   I've, I've, I've really walked into something now.

00:02:53   Thus.

00:02:54   Babe made an error.

00:02:58   I did.

00:02:59   So there was a...

00:03:00   Babe done goofed it.

00:03:01   A data entry mistake on the notch sizes we spoke about last week.

00:03:07   I published them on 512 pixels and someone said, "Hey, oh hey, you got these numbers

00:03:11   wrong."

00:03:12   The corrected version is on 512.

00:03:16   The 10R and the 11 had the same size notch.

00:03:18   I mis-entered some data for the 11.

00:03:20   Myke still won, but not by as much.

00:03:24   But Myke still got the point.

00:03:25   - It doesn't matter.

00:03:25   A win's a win.

00:03:27   - Mm-hmm, that's good.

00:03:28   So many charts.

00:03:30   - Speaking of notches, there's been a lot of rumors

00:03:33   over the last few weeks.

00:03:35   The iPhone 13 being one of them,

00:03:38   that apparently the notch is gonna get thinner.

00:03:41   - You mean the 12S? - Overall?

00:03:43   - The 12S.

00:03:44   - No, the 13.

00:03:45   There is no 12S.

00:03:46   It can go straight to 13.

00:03:48   The true depth camera system is getting narrower,

00:03:52   so they're gonna be able to shrink the notch down,

00:03:54   which seemed like the obvious thing, right,

00:03:57   going into the future.

00:03:58   I mean, I'm sure that there is a future

00:04:01   where all of that stuff is just hidden behind the display.

00:04:05   Like, that feels like the eventual goal, right,

00:04:08   that there's just no notch,

00:04:10   but it doesn't mean there's no face ID,

00:04:12   just you don't have to have the cutouts anymore.

00:04:14   - The iPhone 10 came out when 2017?

00:04:17   17, 18, 19, 20, 21, this would be the fifth year,

00:04:21   or the fifth year phones with face ID, is that right?

00:04:24   I think it is. - Yep.

00:04:25   - So yeah, you would hope that they could be able

00:04:27   to bring it down in size, and I agree with you,

00:04:30   I'm sure they don't want it,

00:04:31   I'm sure they're working towards a future

00:04:32   where they don't have to have it.

00:04:34   - If anything, when you say it like that,

00:04:37   it's surprising that they haven't done it yet.

00:04:39   Yeah, yeah.

00:04:40   It's been quite a long time for Apple to have to not like, they haven't really advanced

00:04:47   this technology in any great way, right?

00:04:51   I mean, really the only change that's come to it that I can think of is on the iPad,

00:04:57   it's rotation agnostic, but that I don't think that ever made it back to the phone even.

00:05:02   No it's not on the iPhone.

00:05:03   I don't know why that is.

00:05:08   Why? It's peculiar, right? It's interesting that they haven't made any significant leaps.

00:05:16   The most they ever got on the phone was being a little bit faster. They've yet to have that

00:05:23   Touch ID 1 to Touch ID 2 kind of jump, where Touch ID 2 is just so much faster than the

00:05:31   original version.

00:05:33   It makes me wonder that if in the early days, like, it may be some sort of a miracle that

00:05:38   it shipped at all.

00:05:40   Interesting.

00:05:41   Right?

00:05:42   And maybe they have been working on it.

00:05:43   It's just seeing that progress is down the road a little bit.

00:05:47   It was complicated at first.

00:05:49   Yeah, sure it was.

00:05:51   One of the funny things that happens when we make picks on the show is sometimes rumors

00:05:56   come out the next day that raise issues with some of our picks.

00:06:03   So there is a report on 9to5Mac that the iPad Mini will be getting an update as soon as

00:06:10   March so maybe a spring event.

00:06:13   This report says that the iPad Mini would feature an 8.4 inch display.

00:06:20   From what 7.9 I think is the current one.

00:06:23   It says it would have smaller bezels.

00:06:25   Yep.

00:06:26   It's like great that sounds like a redesign and then you keep reading.

00:06:29   Unfortunately, I'm quoting now from Chance Miller,

00:06:31   "The iPad Mini won't feature a design overhaul

00:06:34   similar to the iPad 4 and iPad Pro.

00:06:36   It will retain bezels on the top and bottom

00:06:39   with a home button and touch ID,

00:06:40   plus lightning connectivity on the bottom."

00:06:43   So if this were to pass, it would be a new design

00:06:48   because the iPad Mini and the iPad Air,

00:06:55   you know, and then the early iPad Pros,

00:06:57   They all had that same design with the thin bezels on the side and then chunkier ones

00:07:01   at top and bottom.

00:07:02   So somehow they're going to eat into those more but not have face ID and I think this

00:07:07   would come to the regular no adjective iPad as well.

00:07:11   So this could be a...

00:07:12   No, the regular iPad has already done this.

00:07:16   Has it?

00:07:17   Yeah.

00:07:18   It's like a 10 point something inch display now.

00:07:21   So this is the issue.

00:07:22   You wouldn't get this pic if they did this, because that's not the new design language,

00:07:27   it's an old design language.

00:07:29   It's the original...

00:07:30   I mean if you look, okay, so I'm looking at the current iPad, they made the device bigger

00:07:35   as well, like those bezels aren't drastically smaller than they were before they went to

00:07:40   a bigger screen.

00:07:41   No, but it's the old like, iPad, the like, first iPad Pro, then the iPad Air, they all

00:07:50   look like this. Where like the bezels got a little bit smaller on the sides.

00:07:55   As I'm saying the iPad mini carries that same design just in a smaller footprint.

00:07:59   Yeah but if it changed to just the bezels getting a bit bigger that is not a

00:08:04   new design language. It's just a new design for the iPad mini.

00:08:07   No I'm... yeah I would... this is the pick that y'all talked me out of.

00:08:11   You wouldn't get the pick. It's kind of funny really because you failed in two ways.

00:08:15   one your will was too weak so you allowed us to change your pick and then

00:08:22   if you would have just said new design you'd have got it. Yeah. You went with new

00:08:27   design language and at that point I'm sorry my bud you're not gonna get it.

00:08:32   It's gonna have a home button. It's not the new design language. Yeah. I mean I'll still buy this

00:08:38   iPad mini. So see I told you you shouldn't have listened to us. Yeah. We're

00:08:44   trying to warn you come up with your own idea and stick by it and you didn't. I was led astray by my

00:08:52   so-called friends. Well but we're not friends when it comes to the rookies. Exactly. We are like

00:08:57   mortal enemies for an hour. We are participants in a game. Two mortal enemies and then the loser.

00:09:04   A new song were played, so...

00:09:07   Good luck.

00:09:12   I had a bunch of people write in to tell me that they're seeing issues similar to me with their AirPods Max and the battery life.

00:09:22   Oh, it actually looks like I saw this link.

00:09:24   I didn't see this before, Steven.

00:09:26   There was a conversation about it on the Mac Power Users forum as well, right?

00:09:29   Yeah, it seems like people are seeing the weird battery drain issue.

00:09:33   You are too. Kyle on the Discord is saying he's seen it too.

00:09:36   Yep, Kyle was one of the people that contacted me about it.

00:09:40   And Ali wrote in to say that it stopped happening for them

00:09:45   when they turned off the auto device switching

00:09:48   and I have some more anecdotal kind of evidence as it were.

00:09:54   I've been noticing my AirPods Max being connected to the wrong device

00:10:00   quite frequently. Like I will put them on and I'll press play on my iPhone and it will start playing

00:10:07   and then it stops playing and I press the like the digital crown in on my AirPods Max and it starts

00:10:15   playing audio from my MacBook Pro which doesn't make any sense because I'm like not near the

00:10:19   MacBook Pro. So what I think is happening is the issue isn't the battery life, the AirPods are

00:10:28   connecting to devices and the connection seems to be holding on in a way that is not expected.

00:10:34   Because the other day, I picked them up from the desk again and it was completely dead.

00:10:38   So I think something's happening where it's connecting to the wrong device and keeping

00:10:44   that connection and it's both messing up with the switching and also draining the battery.

00:10:50   So there's clearly some bugs still to be worked out here.

00:10:54   How do y'all feel about the switching between devices outside of this potential battery issue?

00:11:01   I have it off. I've had it off basically since the beginning. Like, I tried it for like a week and I

00:11:06   was like, nope. I'm very, I don't know, I guess I'm a little particular. I just like to control

00:11:13   where my audio goes. It's like, I'm using this device. I want to manually switch to it and make

00:11:19   sure that nothing else is going on that's outside of my control. I'm a little control freak when it

00:11:23   when it comes to that kind of stuff. And I noticed that I was scrolling Twitter on my

00:11:31   iPhone and because the Twitter app is bad from that point of view.

00:11:35   The Twitter app is doing something it shouldn't be doing.

00:11:38   Yeah, but it was also happening for phone calls and other things. I'm like, "No, when

00:11:42   I'm using a device, I want to be the one in control of its audio output." And so I tried

00:11:48   it for a week. It's very nice. I get what Apple is doing, but I prefer to control it

00:11:55   myself.

00:11:56   I love the feature. I think it's magic, but it's incredibly buggy. It's like, I really

00:12:01   like it. It's one of those features that for me is like, this is a very cool Apple feature

00:12:07   because most of the time it works and I never think about it. Like I just pick up my iPhone

00:12:13   and press play and don't do anything and it's just playing where I want it to play.

00:12:19   But it's unfortunately one of those things that every time this goes wrong you notice

00:12:23   it in a way that maybe you don't with other bugs.

00:12:26   We encounter these things all the time and you maybe just do the thing again and it works.

00:12:31   But with this there's like ramifications of like "oh well now the audio stopped" or "I'm

00:12:36   playing audio from the wrong device" or like you're immediately highlighted to the unexpected

00:12:42   nature of it when it goes wrong. But for me, the amount that I like this feature makes

00:12:48   me more than tolerate the problems with it. Because I just really like that I can be listening

00:12:54   to something, say on my iPad, and then pause it on my iPad, and then walk away, pick up

00:13:01   my iPhone, press play on a podcast, and it just starts playing in the same headphones.

00:13:07   There's something about that that's just very cool to me, but unfortunately it's not perfect.

00:13:13   Do you have it on, Steven?

00:13:14   No, I've got it off as well.

00:13:17   For the same reasons.

00:13:18   It's unpredictable and it has a tendency to basically what I don't want it to.

00:13:26   So I tried it in the beta over the summer and fall, but it's just not for me.

00:13:34   I'll let you two know if it improves anymore.

00:13:37   - On the topic of AirPods,

00:13:38   I know that this is not in the document,

00:13:40   but I just wanted to mention how,

00:13:42   you know, when we talked about my Sony wireless earbuds,

00:13:47   the-- - Oh yeah,

00:13:48   I've forgotten about those.

00:13:49   - WF-1000XM3,

00:13:52   these are the AirPods Pro competitor, I guess, by Sony.

00:13:57   I love them.

00:13:58   I've been using them basically exclusively

00:14:00   for the past two months.

00:14:03   I haven't used my AirPods Pro at all.

00:14:06   What makes them superior in your...

00:14:08   The audio quality is a lot better.

00:14:11   I've been doing a lot of different, like I was doing last month, a lot of different tests.

00:14:15   These sound a lot better than the AirPods Pro.

00:14:19   And so that makes me really curious to see what Apple does with the second generation AirPods Pro.

00:14:24   But I guess this year, they sound a lot better.

00:14:28   They're quite a bit larger, aren't they?

00:14:31   The Sony ones, okay.

00:14:33   Yeah, they're bigger. They have a different shape.

00:14:36   They don't have a stem, they're more like a sort of elliptical shape in a way.

00:14:41   They're also like different from, you may have seen something like the Sennheiser,

00:14:47   the Momentum Wireless 2. They have like this bigger, like chunkier designs.

00:14:54   And the Sony strike a nice balance, I think.

00:14:57   Right. And what ones are these? I can never remember the silly names.

00:15:01   WF-1000XM3.

00:15:06   Right. These are the earbuds, not the over-ears.

00:15:08   The earbuds. No, no, these are the earbuds. The AirPods Pro competitor by Sony. Yes.

00:15:14   There's been some contentious feedback about the Bill of Rickeys that we need to address.

00:15:21   I'm not going to read the rules today, but Martine sent us a note saying that they have

00:15:29   an issue with the exact language of the flexi rules because we say "loser of the non-graded

00:15:36   flexis must compensate the winner."

00:15:39   And if we're grading the flexis, they're not non-graded, and it's been bothering them.

00:15:46   Yeah, yeah, I know what they mean.

00:15:48   The non-grading is in points towards the totals. That's why it's non-graded. But I understand

00:15:56   what they're saying. I mean, there's always room for clarification in the rules.

00:16:01   Always. So do we want to take out-

00:16:03   It's non-graded-

00:16:04   Non-graded?

00:16:06   Non-graded towards the total of some kind. I don't know.

00:16:11   Loser of the-

00:16:13   (laughing)

00:16:15   I think we just get rid of non-graded.

00:16:19   - Yeah.

00:16:20   - Loser of the flexies must compensate the winner

00:16:23   by donating, blah, blah, blah, blah.

00:16:25   - Now wait a second, we have a real AFM wiki?

00:16:28   - So that's where this is going.

00:16:29   Someone has set this up,

00:16:30   and it has the full copy of the bill of rookies,

00:16:35   and now they gotta change it again

00:16:37   to take out the term non-graded.

00:16:41   But yeah, it's a whole thing.

00:16:43   Why is there no entry for me? Or any of you?

00:16:46   It's a very new thing. I think it was set up like four days ago.

00:16:49   Well they better get on it.

00:16:51   It's also one of these, the fandom wiki pages which are just like, they're a nightmare.

00:16:57   They're a nightmare to use because they're like, it's like covered in wild ads all the

00:17:03   time but it's very nice as a thing to exist. I like a living document on the web of the

00:17:10   Bill of Rickeys. That's very useful for people to follow along. I know people love when the

00:17:15   rules are read. I am worried about vandalization of the Bill of Rickeys.

00:17:22   Well, the one true copy is in the Google Doc.

00:17:27   Yeah, we have it. We hold it.

00:17:29   Yes, right. And I've started doing a date, so it last amended January 13th, 2021.

00:17:36   Very nice. Very official.

00:17:38   So and with Google Docs, we have the full history.

00:17:41   So Nicolas Cage can try to break in and steal this original document, but it's safe and

00:17:45   sound in our Google Doc.

00:17:46   Okay, let's take a break.

00:17:50   And then we're going to get into some tiny topics.

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00:19:01   Pingdom from SolarWinds for the support of the show and Relay FM. So you're

00:19:06   working on a weird series now. Yeah, I'm reliving the past because the

00:19:12   present's a bummer. Okay. Is that really something, does that qualify as new in

00:19:19   your life? No, no. So I am doing a series this year on the blog about 2001, which

00:19:28   was a really momentous year in Apple history and so as things happened 20

00:19:35   years ago I'll be covering them I started last week recapping Macworld San

00:19:41   Francisco which had a bunch of really big announcements including the ship

00:19:46   date for OS X the titanium power book the first super drive and then a little

00:19:52   app called iTunes and it's much more successful sibling iDVD.

00:19:56   - iDVD.

00:19:57   This was when you made DVDs, right?

00:19:59   That was iDVD.

00:20:00   - Yep, so before this you could edit an iMovie

00:20:02   for a couple of years,

00:20:04   but then you just had them on your computer.

00:20:07   And now you could compress the video,

00:20:09   you had to have a G4 to do it,

00:20:11   compress the video, burn it onto a DVD,

00:20:14   and the big deal was that that was then playable

00:20:17   on like a regular consumer grade DVD player.

00:20:21   So you could make a movie and, you know,

00:20:23   show it in your living room.

00:20:25   I know I used iDVD, but I have no memory of what I would have used it for.

00:20:32   I think it may have just been for the sake of using it, you know, like just having wanted

00:20:37   to make a DVD with iDVD.

00:20:40   I used it quite a bit at this job I had in high school and it had a good feature.

00:20:45   I don't know when it was added, but you could then burn subsequent discs without having

00:20:50   to re-encode the video, which was awesome,

00:20:52   because the encoding is what took so long.

00:20:55   And you can make little menus and stuff.

00:20:57   So I went over all of that,

00:21:00   and there's a bunch more coming up.

00:21:02   I have a whole list in Todoist of things.

00:21:05   There's some stuff coming up next month we'll talk about.

00:21:08   - I know that 2001 was 20 years ago.

00:21:11   - It was. - Right?

00:21:12   So that's why you've picked it.

00:21:13   But is that the only reason?

00:21:16   Is there a specific reason why 2001 is interesting

00:21:19   and you decided to do it?

00:21:20   Or did you just have the idea and then decided to go back for 20 years?

00:21:24   A little bit of both.

00:21:25   2001 is important because it's the year OS X launched publicly.

00:21:29   They had the public beta in 2000, but the first finalized version of Mac OS X shipped

00:21:34   in 2001.

00:21:37   And it really is the year that the whole idea of the digital hub really started taking shape.

00:21:43   You know, that your computer would be at the center of your music and your movies.

00:21:47   iPhoto would come along in 2002,

00:21:49   but a lot of those core concepts

00:21:53   that really defined the Mac experience,

00:21:56   in some cases until today, have their roots in this year.

00:22:00   So I had thought about this before,

00:22:03   but it was about halfway through 2000,

00:22:06   and so it was kind of too late to start,

00:22:08   and we were doing 20 Macs for 2020.

00:22:11   And then looking through the history stuff,

00:22:13   I was like, well, there's so much stuff in '01,

00:22:15   let's just do 01. So I'm happy that this is the year to do this.

00:22:21   It's a shame there was no iWeb in 2001. I would like to...

00:22:24   I know. Well, maybe I'll just do a whole iWeb thing.

00:22:26   iWeb is so weird.

00:22:29   Big news. AirTags. One step closer, perhaps.

00:22:33   Are they...

00:22:34   So I'm so sick of this now. I'm like...

00:22:38   I feel like this product isn't even out and I'm already bored by it. Like, I don't even

00:22:42   anymore. Like I've read so much about it, like I get it, whatever, like I'm already

00:22:47   tired. Oh, okay, what about AirTags now? People have discovered if you type "find my" colon

00:22:56   slash slash items... How? How did you discover it? I don't know. Into Safari on Big Sur.

00:23:04   There are people that I, I mean I just assume people do this like all the time. Just they

00:23:10   have a list of things to try? Yeah. Like a checklist of, you know, these little secrets

00:23:18   to try. Will this work? No. Will this work? I know that Carl the Grey is someone who does

00:23:24   these kinds of things. I'm convinced of it. And Carl, you will never convince me otherwise.

00:23:28   I'm sure you do stuff like this. Oh yeah. Like, just like that you have a list of things

00:23:32   that you check, you know, whether it's your feedbacks or little things that you want to

00:23:38   try and find it and then so you can be like "aha I found it" it doesn't do anything

00:23:42   really on the Mac? Oh there you go it does it just doesn't look the same.

00:23:46   Keep track of your everyday items. Yes and there's a link there to a knowledge

00:23:50   base article that doesn't exist yet so that's fun so we can see when that

00:23:55   becomes real content. So yeah it opens find my and shows you a screen of

00:23:59   searching for items it's more filled out on iOS. This doesn't suggest air tags.

00:24:05   It suggests AirTags only because we know AirTags are coming.

00:24:09   No, what it's suggesting is the API that, like, for third parties to tie into that Apple

00:24:15   already announced.

00:24:16   Maybe.

00:24:17   Right?

00:24:18   Where, like, third parties can, that make these products, can be like, "I will give

00:24:25   my identity away to you," right?

00:24:28   The thing that no one's gonna sign up for, right?

00:24:31   Kind of like that HomeKit secure video.

00:24:33   There's like, Nest aren't like, "Yeah, sure, we'll just go in on this now and lose all

00:24:39   of our control."

00:24:42   Because it's basically Apple's attempt at trying to stop getting sued by Tile, right?

00:24:48   Where they're just like, "Hey, you can now integrate with our system."

00:24:52   That's what this is referring to, because it's like, "Follow the instructions provided

00:24:57   by the manufacturer to make your item discoverable?"

00:25:00   Well, Apple wouldn't write that about AirTags, would they? Right? It's not going to be like,

00:25:06   "The manufacturer." It's a "define my network" thing. That's what this is. I mean, I'm not

00:25:15   saying it's not AirTags, but what I'm saying is I think that this thing that people were talking

00:25:20   about and this whole screen, it's related to that because I guarantee you that this is not the setup

00:25:26   path for AirTags. Right? You're not going to be like searching for items. Like it's

00:25:33   going to do the whole thing where it automatically detects it. It's going to be

00:25:35   like a much fancier process than this. Because, you know, if at least a copy

00:25:41   wouldn't in the pop-up and say that. Like it would be like searching for

00:25:46   your AirTag or this other thing. Well unless what we're seeing is half

00:25:51   baked, which is definitely possible because it doesn't seem like we should

00:25:54   see it at all. But yeah, I mean there is there is the Find My Network, we'll have

00:25:58   a link in the show notes to their FAQ, there's a developer preview

00:26:02   specification, it's not done yet and it's coming. And you know who knows how many

00:26:07   people will will jump on this. It may be a thing kind of like the smart connector

00:26:14   on the iPad. It's there and like yes you can use it but basically it's just Apple

00:26:19   that uses it so. Can I ask a question? Yes please.

00:26:22   Do people really lose that many things?

00:26:26   I would want one of these to put in like my suitcase.

00:26:30   Yeah, but like...

00:26:31   Right, but for me that kind of...

00:26:33   Maybe a suitcase and a backpack, but that's about it.

00:26:35   But don't you think that for the kind of person that loses all those things

00:26:39   that maybe that's a problem and you need to fix it rather than buy another thing?

00:26:43   Well, do you remember that time when that guy picked up my suitcase at the airport?

00:26:47   Right. What a story.

00:26:49   That's the kind of stuff...

00:26:50   One of my all-time favorite stories. Yes.

00:26:52   Yeah, it's just one of the best stories.

00:26:54   So like, that's the kind of time when I would want like a tracking thing, right?

00:27:00   And I've done it. Like I used a product by a company called Tracker and I just left one of them in my suitcase.

00:27:06   And, you know, and that's the kind of thing where I want it.

00:27:09   But outside of that, like, I don't know what else I would use them for.

00:27:14   I know people put them on keys, right?

00:27:17   Like I think I was like, how can you lose your keys?

00:27:19   Like, yeah.

00:27:21   Or like a wallet.

00:27:22   How can you lose your wallet? I don't get it.

00:27:24   Yeah, you could have put it on your heart rate monitor that Myke stole.

00:27:28   That's true and then...

00:27:29   Having an object being taken from you is not the same as losing it.

00:27:33   Yeah, but at least if you had an air tag attached to your heart rate monitor, you would know where I hit it.

00:27:39   True.

00:27:40   Right.

00:27:41   Or you could attach it to your heart directly.

00:27:43   Staple it on there.

00:27:45   Never gonna lose it.

00:27:47   I mean, I don't know, I lose stuff sometimes, right? Things happen.

00:27:50   I never lose anything. I never lose anything. I think the last time I lost something was

00:27:53   when I was a kid.

00:27:54   Well, and the heart rate monitor.

00:27:56   No, that was stolen.

00:27:58   And also, honestly, Federico, every time we've ever been anywhere, you've lost something

00:28:02   for a period of time.

00:28:04   No.

00:28:05   Yes.

00:28:06   See, losing something temporarily doesn't mean that you lost it. It means it's been

00:28:09   temporarily mishandled.

00:28:11   That's the same thing.

00:28:12   No.

00:28:13   It's the same thing. You would have found all of these things faster if you had air

00:28:17   tags on them. I mean, but to be honest, putting air tags on your jewellery would be tricky,

00:28:21   but... Exactly! So like, you know, jewellery, like,

00:28:24   it's fine, it was just under the bedsheets. But...

00:28:27   Yeah, but all I'm saying is this idea that you never lose things is not correct.

00:28:32   I never lose anything. Okay.

00:28:35   It's just one of my qualities, I never lose anything. Like, name one thing I've lost,

00:28:41   except the one thing that was stolen from me. The heart rate monitor. We just spoke

00:28:46   about it look no we just spoke about it in the context of either you or the house cleaning

00:28:52   stuff still in it so i still think there is a third option but you won't accept it see

00:28:59   i've been thinking about this the guy from google that i met at the gym i don't know

00:29:05   there was something off about him i didn't know you met someone from google i was talking

00:29:09   to this Italian person who told me, apparently, he worked at the Google offices in Zurich,

00:29:18   in Switzerland. I don't know.

00:29:20   See, now Google's got your heart data.

00:29:22   I've been thinking about that guy.

00:29:24   They wanted it. They hacked you, and now Google, they're gonna sell you heart rate ads.

00:29:32   Anyway, I don't like, seriously, are we gonna buy AirTags? As a group of three, are we gonna

00:29:45   buy them? What's our consensus here? Is it something that we're interested in?

00:29:51   I would get like one or like one pack the next time that I would... So look, I would

00:29:58   probably get like one so I could try it so I can talk about it on a show or at

00:30:03   like the same as anything but I would want one to put in my suitcase just

00:30:07   because like I like that I think that's a cool thing because I never want to

00:30:11   lose my suitcase right I cannot always be around in the same elevator of the guy

00:30:17   who cannot rely on your Italian friends to be bumping into people that pick your

00:30:22   suitcase up by accident and then get annoyed at you even though they were the

00:30:25   perpetrator of this issue, right? So you need air tags for when you don't have an

00:30:33   Italian and I only travel with an Italian like once or twice a year so

00:30:38   like you know you need you need some kind of like computer tracking system

00:30:42   where you don't have your Italian tracking system. You not only don't

00:30:47   lose things you don't allow other people to lose things that's your superpower.

00:30:50   And especially most people wouldn't have the will, I guess, to shout in a packed elevator,

00:30:57   "Sir, I believe that's not your suitcase."

00:30:59   Yeah.

00:31:01   Although, I would hope that any of my friends, if they saw my suitcase, would say that. Like,

00:31:09   they wouldn't be like, "Oh, I'm just too embarrassed to ask, so Myke's not got any of his belongings

00:31:13   anymore."

00:31:19   I would get them for stuff I travel with, like suitcase, backpack, especially our gear

00:31:26   case when we used to do live shows.

00:31:29   I would put one in there.

00:31:30   I try to make that my carry-on anytime I fly, but sometimes it's just not possible and they

00:31:35   take it from me at the gate and then I'm very nervous the entire flight.

00:31:39   I would definitely have one in there.

00:31:40   I will never forget when we were doing our tour, the East Coast tour, and they wouldn't

00:31:46   let you check it and I was sitting on the window seat and I watched the like

00:31:51   the luggage person just launch the case over a barrier onto this like little

00:31:55   chute which they so easily could have overshot and it would have landed like

00:32:00   20 feet onto the ground but even just watching all of the gear that we needed for our

00:32:04   live show just being hauled onto this chute it's just like I just wished I

00:32:08   never would have seen it like do whatever you're gonna do just never let

00:32:12   Let me see it, right?

00:32:13   Because then I don't have to think about it.

00:32:15   Just don't show me.

00:32:16   Anytime that happens, I take the microphones out and stuff in my backpack.

00:32:19   At least I'll have those.

00:32:20   Yeah.

00:32:21   But yeah, as far as everyday objects though, maybe my backpack, but I wouldn't put one

00:32:27   on my keys or in my wallet or anything, but I don't really, what did you say?

00:32:33   Temporarily mishandle those items very often, but maybe I could put one on each of my children

00:32:39   so I know where they are.

00:32:41   That's a real concern, right?

00:32:42   I was thinking about this very thing, but for my dogs, like maybe one of my use cases

00:32:48   would be to put one of my dogs' color when we go to the park or something, you know,

00:32:54   as an extra precaution.

00:32:56   In case you temporarily mishandle one of your animals.

00:32:58   Well, the thing is, like objects, you know, physical objects, they don't have a, well,

00:33:04   I believe they have a soul, but it's not like they can escape.

00:33:08   Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, no, I'm serious. Okay, Tiny Topic 2.5. Federico explains. See, I grew

00:33:18   up, when I was little, I watched the original Toy Story, like, hundreds of times. And I

00:33:25   am convinced that the objects we use, they have, well, maybe not a soul, but they have

00:33:30   an essence of some kind. And every time I, like, for example, whenever I throw away,

00:33:37   like an old t-shirt or whenever I throw away anything I think that the thing

00:33:42   it's like thank you the Americano method that's like a permanent mishandling of

00:33:47   something yes so it's really that Federico method yeah I was I've been

00:33:53   doing this forever I also thank my home like when we leave for the weekend like

00:33:58   I say goodbye to our apartment and I think I've always been this way always

00:34:02   You're so beautiful. You're such a beautiful individual. It's just like such an adorable

00:34:09   thing to do.

00:34:10   But Sylvia does it too.

00:34:12   Well, I can imagine if you lived with someone for as long as Sylvia has lived with you,

00:34:19   that eventually you were also just going to adopt this practice, you know?

00:34:23   Probably. Yeah.

00:34:24   That's so beautiful.

00:34:26   Real time follow up. Federico, you have a page on the Relay Fandom site.

00:34:31   Fantastic.

00:34:32   Superpowers, it says you never lose anything, may temporarily mishandle items.

00:34:37   Perfect.

00:34:38   I love it, thank you, thank you.

00:34:41   I don't have a page, come on.

00:34:43   Yeah, neither do I, he's the only one.

00:34:44   Well, the fact that you're mentioned on mine should satisfy you enough.

00:34:47   I know, I just have one of those red pages.

00:34:51   Never loses anything, may temporarily, this is perfect.

00:34:55   Oh boy.

00:34:57   Wait, wait, there's a... there's a... why is John Voorhees texting us, saying that that

00:35:04   page is full of lies?

00:35:06   Because he knows you lose things. Because he's traveled with you.

00:35:10   Because he also knows you lose things.

00:35:11   Never lose anything. I can't recall the last time I lost anything. Like, lost implies that

00:35:17   it's forever lost, right?

00:35:19   No.

00:35:20   No.

00:35:21   I wish Sylvia listened to this show.

00:35:22   I'm gonna ask her, have I ever lost anything? And then I will follow up with you next week.

00:35:29   I will probably come back with a long list of things I've lost.

00:35:32   Yes. Well, what it is, is we're gonna get the long list of things that Sylvia has replaced

00:35:39   without you knowing. You know, like if when you're a kid and you say you lost your stuffed

00:35:46   bear or something, and then your parent replaces it for you, and it's like, no, no, it's

00:35:51   over there. That's what we're going to find out about.

00:35:54   You know, speaking of replacing things, and I need to talk quietly otherwise she's going

00:35:58   to hear this. I replaced the white HomePod in our bedroom with a white Amazon Echo and

00:36:04   she still hasn't noticed. It's been three days.

00:36:08   Okay, but what is the thinking? Why would that be a problem?

00:36:14   She didn't want to buy another Amazon Echo so soon, but I really wanted to. And so it's

00:36:20   It's been three days and it's going quite well.

00:36:24   She hasn't noticed anything.

00:36:25   It basically looks almost the same.

00:36:27   It's just a little shorter than the HomePod.

00:36:30   Very clever.

00:36:31   It's a dangerous game to play because you're like working with the delivery person at that

00:36:35   point, right?

00:36:36   I know, I know.

00:36:38   But we'll see.

00:36:39   We'll see when she notices.

00:36:40   I think she ever will.

00:36:42   But we'll see.

00:36:43   Let's take a break.

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00:38:25   All right, on Tuesday, which is yesterday as we were recording this, CBS This Morning

00:38:31   teased that they were going to be having Tim Cook join them on the show and he had a big

00:38:36   announcement. Lots of people were making lots of assumptions about what this announcement would be,

00:38:43   including maybe something to do with their privacy tracking, or maybe that Apple would somehow help

00:38:49   with COVID vaccinations, but it was none of those things. Apple have spent some time today with

00:38:54   press releases and on CBS this morning talking about some of the donations they're making and

00:39:02   the initiatives they're undertaking as part of their racial equality and justice initiative.

00:39:07   This is something that they launched in 2020 and they kind of spoke about it,

00:39:13   said they were committing some money to it and now they've listed a quite large

00:39:18   selection of things that they're going to be putting this money towards.

00:39:22   I want to detail them real quick. It's going to take me a couple of minutes because there's

00:39:25   quite a few things but I thought it would be worth at least putting them in the record here.

00:39:28   So they've made a $25 million donation to the Propel Center which is a new hub for students

00:39:34   at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, which I will now abbreviate to HBCU.

00:39:41   They have courses and tracks focused on different levels of technology, art and business, and

00:39:46   experts within Apple are going to be helping to shape the courses in some of these areas.

00:39:51   So they've made a donation and they're also giving time and resources and expertise.

00:39:57   They've made two new grants to help HBCU Colleges of Engineering develop their silicon and hardware

00:40:04   engineering curriculum in partnership with Apple's experts. So colleges in these fields

00:40:08   are going to be getting some help from them. And similarly for educators pursuing research

00:40:13   and development, Apple's going to be providing mentorship programs and curriculum development

00:40:18   in these areas as well, as well as funds. Later this year, Apple will open an Apple

00:40:23   Developer Academy in Detroit. This is the first of its kind in the US. They've had these

00:40:27   in areas around the world. I know there was one in Brazil. I think they have had one in

00:40:32   a few other places. Federico, do they have one of these in Italy?

00:40:34   There's one in Italy, Naples, yes. Yeah, so this is the first one in the US and

00:40:39   they've picked Detroit for that. In February, Apple will host the inaugural cohort of its

00:40:45   entrepreneur camp for black founders and developers. This is something that's already exist, I

00:40:49   believe, in this. They're going to be doing a virtual kind of course experience. They're

00:40:54   going to be doing like one-on-one guidance from Apple engineers and mentorship with Apple

00:40:59   Apple is going to be investing $10 million into the VC firm Harlem Capital to support

00:41:05   its investments in 1,000 companies of diverse founders, $25 million into the cyber William

00:41:12   Shanks Clear Vision Impact Fund to provide capital to small and medium-sized businesses

00:41:17   with minority-owned, and Apple is making a contribution to the King Center Living Memorial

00:41:24   to the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr to share his teachings and inspire new generations

00:41:29   to carry forward his unfinished work. I mean I don't know about you but when I was going

00:41:34   through this it was like an overwhelming amount of things to try and get through

00:41:37   and I think that that's actually good to have so much because basically Apple announced the project

00:41:45   when it was new. They announced an amount of money and then clearly had to go away and plan out its

00:41:51   investments. And I think it makes sense to have a lot of things to announce at once in a bunch of

00:41:57   different areas, both money and time and in different things. Because it's kind of, I guess,

00:42:03   easy to as a company, like a large company, to just be like, throw $10 million at a thing,

00:42:08   and then call it done. But if it's something that you actually believe in, and you really want to

00:42:14   change, it takes more than that, right? And like, I guess Apple knows this from their climate

00:42:20   initiatives as well. It's like you can buy climate credits if you want and that's fine,

00:42:25   but to make bigger change more lasting change you have to actually change infrastructure

00:42:30   to make sure that you are using renewable energy not just using non-renewable energy and then

00:42:37   buying climate credits to offset that. Right. Like the bigger change is actually the infrastructure

00:42:43   and so again like while Apple is investing money they're investing money a lot in education

00:42:49   and in VC firms and then also providing mentorship with individuals. So it's like they're going

00:42:58   throughout the whole stack, right? So like you're helping with education financially but also by

00:43:04   having access to people that are like in the top of these fields. So I guess like if you want to

00:43:11   make this kind of change that's what you have to do. Similarly for Apple like if you want to change

00:43:17   the makeup of the company, they have to go this far into it, right? To make sure that

00:43:22   they are bringing forward people. So yeah, I think this is a good set of things overall,

00:43:31   but it's a lot of things.

00:43:33   One thing that's really interesting in this is their financial commitment to VC funds

00:43:40   that work with black and brown entrepreneurs. Because for Apple to become more diverse,

00:43:47   tech industry as a whole and these other areas Apple works in need to become more diverse

00:43:53   as well.

00:43:54   So even if some of these entrepreneurs never make it to Apple, I mean this isn't a recruiting

00:43:58   scheme Apple's part of, it's not their intention.

00:44:01   No, they have a whole separate thing for that, right?

00:44:04   And like, rightly, but that's different.

00:44:06   But if you make the entire ecosystem more diverse by bringing these people in and having

00:44:13   people have access to resources they wouldn't otherwise have,

00:44:16   making those investments now do pay off.

00:44:20   And I think in particular,

00:44:22   their work with entrepreneurs

00:44:23   is really gonna be interesting

00:44:26   and it's going to really open doors for people.

00:44:29   I mean, VC funding for a long time has had a real problem

00:44:33   of most of those dollars go to companies run by white dudes.

00:44:38   And that is a huge problem in Silicon Valley and beyond.

00:44:43   and Apple's addressing that head on and I think that's great.

00:44:47   I don't know about with these funds because I think it's kind of interesting of

00:44:52   like if Apple are going to financially benefit from any of these companies.

00:44:56   Like this isn't a bad thing.

00:44:58   It's but it's like I wonder if the money that they're investing into the VC

00:45:02   firms,

00:45:03   what I don't know is if they are investments like you would normally

00:45:08   invest into a VC fund or if it's like a grant.

00:45:12   Yeah, I don't know.

00:45:13   It doesn't bother me either way to be honest, but no, I just I wonder so it's cool

00:45:18   I'm happy to see all of this kind of out left field

00:45:21   I think this wasn't what anybody predicted, but I don't know if we were necessarily like expecting something from this

00:45:27   It's like one of those things where like with a lot of apples

00:45:29   initiatives in these areas you're confident that they will tell you when they have something to say and

00:45:34   This was that time

00:45:37   We have some real-time follow-up from the discord. Okay, we all opened the link. I've put in the Google Doc

00:45:43   [Laughter]

00:45:47   Federico, can you read the name of this of this Academy?

00:45:51   What is it?

00:45:52   It's the Apple Developer Academy in Italy. What is the name of it?

00:45:56   [Laughter]

00:45:58   Well, that's in Italian would be Federico Secondo. He used to be the king of the...

00:46:10   No, I'm gonna say something stupid.

00:46:12   No, I just think what this means is Apple's trying to fund the next Federico.

00:46:16   They want the second Federico.

00:46:19   It's the school of Federico 2.

00:46:21   It's Federico 2.

00:46:22   Yeah, they're trying to make the bigger, better Federico.

00:46:25   And Apple's like plowing money into this campaign to get Federico 2.

00:46:31   I'm looking at the Google Street View of this place. It's very nice looking.

00:46:34   Screw them. Federico 1.0 is still working perfectly fine.

00:46:41   This is like tapping straight into your idea of staying young, right?

00:46:47   Apple's already trying to find the next Federico.

00:46:49   Yeah, good luck with that.

00:46:51   This one's got a lot of life in him.

00:46:54   No, what happened is as soon as he switched to Spotify,

00:46:57   Apple's like, "Well, we need a Federico too. That one we've lost."

00:47:01   That was the tipping point.

00:47:03   Man, this website is not great.

00:47:07   It's not great.

00:47:09   Not a great website.

00:47:10   Perhaps they should have considered a web developer academy instead.

00:47:14   We, we owe our listeners an apology.

00:47:18   Because we promised the topic for weeks and we never did it months.

00:47:25   And in that time, the topic died.

00:47:28   And we're not here to bring it back.

00:47:33   But we had this thing where we were going to have this experiment.

00:47:37   Myke was going to wear his Apple watch and Federico and I are going to give him

00:47:40   advice on how to set it up and we never did it because it was a really busy fall

00:47:44   and and how Myke is no longer wearing his Apple watch again so I sacrificed

00:47:49   three months to a project that never happened okay I wore my Apple watch

00:47:54   every day from when watch OS 7 came out to Christmas Day preparing for this

00:48:00   topic and I don't wear my Apple watch anymore I stopped wearing it so the this

00:48:08   This topic has now taken on three different lives and its third one is where it ends with

00:48:15   it being navigate like gone down from like a multi episode main topic to a small topic

00:48:21   in one episode.

00:48:24   So here's my feeling about the Apple Watch as we are here in 2021.

00:48:31   I valued the fitness stuff the most.

00:48:35   Tracking my health and tracking my steps and all that kind of stuff.

00:48:40   Because your iPhone will track your steps but the variance between my Apple Watch and

00:48:45   my iPhone is massive because I don't carry my phone around with me all the time but my

00:48:50   watch is always on me so it's calculating my steps correctly.

00:48:54   However the always on me part is my problem with the Apple Watch now.

00:48:59   I have just come down to realizing that I just do not want to have a computer strapped

00:49:06   to me all the time.

00:49:07   I just don't want that.

00:49:08   I do not begrudge anybody or say that it's weird or wrong in any way to want this type

00:49:15   of stuff.

00:49:16   It's just not for me.

00:49:17   So like, I do not want technology to be physically attached to me trying to get my attention.

00:49:28   That's not a thing that I want.

00:49:31   And it was one of the things that I struggled with initially, was trying to work out the

00:49:36   notifications that I wanted, and I never got it down to a level that I was happy with while

00:49:43   still getting utility from it.

00:49:45   So at a basic level, do I want to be notified about iMessages?

00:49:51   And the answer is yes.

00:49:52   But I would also find myself frustrated sometimes that I was getting too many in a time that

00:49:58   I didn't want them.

00:50:00   And like, I could put on Do Not Disturb, but then like, when do I turn it off again?

00:50:06   Am I going to remember to turn it off?

00:50:08   With my phone, it's kind of just like, I just put the phone to the side and then I'm not

00:50:14   being buzzed about it anymore.

00:50:15   My phone's just like on the sofa, it's not even making noise, like I don't care.

00:50:19   Or it's buzzing and I don't notice because my phone's not with me.

00:50:22   That's one of the other big things of like, I can walk away from my phone, like I can

00:50:27   leave it in another room or whatever and I don't have to think about it right like I don't have to

00:50:32   think about putting it on do not disturb I don't have to think about like what could these messages

00:50:36   be that I'm getting right that's the other thing like you get a bunch of notifications on your

00:50:41   apple watch and my mind is like what are they but with my phone that just just getting notifications

00:50:49   in the other room and I'm never I don't even know they're there right and I don't ever have to think

00:50:54   about it and I think I've just where I for me in my life right now I don't like

00:51:00   the feeling of being constantly connected and engaged with the world and

00:51:04   but neither do I particularly want to make conscious choices all the time

00:51:09   about do I want to be notified now or not I kind of like that I have

00:51:16   separation accidentally right so like my phones in the other room and then I just

00:51:23   go on my PlayStation for like an hour and a half and then come back to my phone and

00:51:27   there's a bunch of stuff there and I can just deal with it.

00:51:29   But I like that I don't have to have been like, "Okay, now's the time for Do Not Disturb

00:51:35   for 90 minutes."

00:51:37   And so that's kind of where I am.

00:51:41   I think I like a bit of distance from technology at times and the Apple Watch doesn't allow

00:51:51   me to do that in the way that I like it. I do miss the hand washing prompt. I liked it

00:51:57   because in case I'm not really paying attention, I'm washing my hands. I know I've washed them

00:52:02   for long enough. Like sometimes I know I'm washing them way longer than needed because

00:52:07   I'm like, "Oh, how long have I been doing this? I'm not really paying attention." I

00:52:11   miss the accurate step counts, but I'm in lockdown right now, so like whatever. I can't

00:52:17   go anywhere and there have been a couple of times when I've looked at my wrist to get

00:52:22   the weather which obviously I don't have on my wrist but now I just have a widget anyway

00:52:27   on my home screen and my phone so it's not even that far away anymore.

00:52:30   So that's the Apple Watch.

00:52:32   I'm in a similar place with it.

00:52:34   I mean I've worn it on and off over the years but since having surgery at the end of October

00:52:41   and I'm still walking in a boot I really haven't worn my watch very much.

00:52:47   Part of that is I've been home, part of it is I just got really bummed out looking at

00:52:51   the lack of activity rings, not having the ability to do much physically.

00:52:59   I'm kind of at a point where you are again, where I just don't want to wear it.

00:53:04   I just don't want the notifications or the technology with me all the time.

00:53:09   The problem I'm getting ready to run into is, hopefully as I get out of this boot in

00:53:13   a couple weeks, I can start doing stuff again, I will want the fitness stuff, but I don't

00:53:18   want to wear the watch. And so I don't know if it's going to be a deal where I just wear

00:53:22   the watch when I'm working out or doing physical activity, and wear another watch the rest

00:53:27   of the time or what I mean, I really want Apple to do my faceless fitness tracker idea.

00:53:35   They're not going to even I've even looked around the most basic Fitbit has a screen.

00:53:40   I don't need a screen because I'm already wearing a watch.

00:53:42   You can do something like the Whoop, but it's like 30 bucks a month.

00:53:46   Whoop, Whoop, Whoop.

00:53:47   The what?

00:53:48   Whoop.

00:53:49   Have you seen this?

00:53:50   What is that?

00:53:51   Oh, well, it's w-h-o-o-p dot com.

00:53:54   It's kind of a high-end fitness tracker.

00:53:56   I've got some friends who are into it, and it's like a whole...

00:54:00   They have their own app and everything.

00:54:02   It's a subscription, of course.

00:54:04   Whoop.

00:54:05   Whoop.

00:54:06   Whoop.

00:54:07   That's overkill for me.

00:54:08   Whoop.

00:54:09   much stuff. So I think it would end up like just bouncing between the Apple Watch and not wearing

00:54:14   the Apple Watch, which I don't love. Because I do really feel like for me this is an always product

00:54:20   or not all the time product. It's like I don't... for me like the Apple Watch is not like one of my

00:54:26   other watches. Like I have a small selection of watches and I like to wear those and that's

00:54:30   definitely a thing in this, right? Same. Like I like to wear my watches more than the Apple Watch

00:54:38   But it's not like the Apple Watch doesn't really get rotated like my other watches.

00:54:44   I find it more distracting to wear it for like a couple of days.

00:54:48   Yeah. Right. Because then I have to like re-get used to it again and then take it off.

00:54:52   I don't know what to do.

00:54:53   I listened to this and I realized that I have become the kind of person

00:55:03   with the Apple Watch who doesn't care a lot anymore. Like, I get notifications and it's fine

00:55:12   and then I ignore them and I don't think about them. Like, I wear the Apple Watch every day for

00:55:18   a couple of reasons. One of them is I like to have a heart monitor basically always on and I

00:55:24   want to know whenever someone is calling me on the phone. I don't like the notifications I don't

00:55:30   really use and they don't particularly bother me every once in a while. It's nice that I can glance

00:55:35   at it and if like John is texting me about something important it's nice that I can get it

00:55:41   on the Apple Watch but then it's like I don't have the patience to go in and change the settings

00:55:47   for apps that send me notifications but I also don't use those like I just get them and it's

00:55:57   and I'm like, "Whatever," you know?

00:56:00   It's like a very passive relationship I have, I think,

00:56:03   at this point with the Apple Watch.

00:56:05   And I really like it for controlling music playback.

00:56:08   That I do a lot.

00:56:09   And I sleep with it, so it's mostly like a reassurance

00:56:14   type of thing.

00:56:15   And also, like, the workouts that I've been doing,

00:56:18   like Pilates with Sylvia for the past month,

00:56:21   probably even more.

00:56:22   And I don't even think about tracking it anymore.

00:56:26   I've sort of moved away from that obsession of closing the rings. It's like, I just want to feel...

00:56:32   And this is something that Silvia actually made me, sort of, mindset, like, besides, you know,

00:56:39   the thing on the on the screen and the rings and the awards, like, are you actually feeling better

00:56:45   yourself. And since you guys last saw me, I've lost like nine kilograms. So it's

00:56:55   going, it's going really well. Sort of like, it's not important what the, what

00:57:01   the, you know, what the computer is telling you, but are you actually feeling better

00:57:05   yourself? And are you keeping a daily pace of exercise? Are you eating

00:57:09   healthier? Because it's, it's, I think it's a common trap of these things, right? It

00:57:14   It becomes more about the workflow,

00:57:17   about the digital workflow, than the practice itself.

00:57:21   And I totally get it, right?

00:57:23   People are different, and each one of us,

00:57:28   they need a different type of encouragement.

00:57:31   And it's not like everybody is fortunate enough

00:57:34   to live with a Pilates instructor.

00:57:37   Like, I get it, I totally get it.

00:57:40   So the Apple Watch, I'm not doubting the beneficial aspect

00:57:44   of the rings and the encouragement and the awards and all of that, because I used to

00:57:48   do that. But now I'm at a different point in my life.

00:57:51   I think it's a good first step for a lot of people.

00:57:52   It's a good first step, but I think it's important that it's something that you develop yourself.

00:57:56   Like don't count on the computer alone telling you what to do. Try to understand what you're

00:58:03   doing. And that's when it really becomes a habit. Not because the computer is telling

00:58:08   you so, but because you want to.

00:58:10   Eric in the discord also brought up the I can't say this what is this the or a

00:58:15   ring or a the aura aura aura aura is this like the cut no the console what

00:58:25   was it called oh yeah yeah yeah yeah how did you remember that we talked about it

00:58:33   on a flashback episode at some point so it's in my head you know I figured that

00:58:37   was the reason? This is not really an option for me for a bunch of reasons. A)

00:58:41   it's $300 to start and I don't even wear a wedding band. I tattooed it on because

00:58:47   I don't like things in my hands. Also something I've lost a lot of. A lot of

00:58:50   wedding bands. And their FAQ says we actually don't recommend you wear this

00:58:56   while lifting weights and I would say also bike riding wearing a ring is very

00:59:02   uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. So not really an option for me but it is

00:59:06   another alternative for some people. Might crush it. Mm-hmm. That's probably the

00:59:11   weights thing. Right. Let's take our last break and then go to CES. Oh, amazing. This

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01:01:11   off. Mack Weldon is reinventing men's basics. Our thanks to Mack Weldon for

01:01:17   their support of the show and Relay FM. CES it is that week it is virtual this

01:01:24   year but that has not stopped companies from announcing a whole bunch of stuff

01:01:28   and Myke went out there he got a safari hat on and a vest and went hunting in

01:01:33   the jungle of CES and has come back with some stories for us to talk about.

01:01:37   Okay so MagSafe have created some... no wait I did that the wrong way around

01:01:43   MagSafe haven't created pop sockets. Pop sockets have created their MagSafe

01:01:50   compatible options and it looks like it sucks not what I wanted. It looks like just a pop

01:01:58   socket on a base and then the base has a magnet in it and that's what you put on the phone.

01:02:04   What I wanted was the ability to have some kind of pop socket that MagSafe charging will

01:02:10   pass through. This does not look like that. These things are going to be on sale sometime

01:02:16   in the spring. They have a bunch of different things that they're doing that will basically

01:02:22   have different magnets in them. I will try this out though once I get it. I just want

01:02:29   to see what it's all about. But this is not what I wanted. This is not what I wanted at

01:02:34   all. So this is one I'd feared they would do and unfortunately it is what they have

01:02:41   done.

01:02:42   It's enormous.

01:02:43   It's the size of the whole magnet cluster, right?

01:02:46   The big oval.

01:02:48   It's kind of like that Belkin thing, the car charger.

01:02:52   If you drew an outline around the clear case, the circle

01:02:56   and the little line, it covers all that stuff.

01:02:58   Yeah.

01:02:59   Yeah, it's probably about the size of the wallet,

01:03:03   the little wallet, because that covers the whole magnet

01:03:06   cluster too.

01:03:07   The LG have a new monitor, which could

01:03:10   be of interest to some Apple fans is a 31.5 inch ultrafine Pro has an OLED

01:03:18   display a bunch of compatibility stuff is apparently 99% DCI p3 color with

01:03:26   Adobe RGB color accuracy no word on pricing but an OLED display for Mac

01:03:33   sounds kind of nice. Mm-hmm it's a 4k at 31.5 inches so the pixels per inch is

01:03:42   lower than the 5k 27 inch iMac I guess definitely the of the 4k iMac because

01:03:49   it's the same resolution just stretched out way bigger so it's not gonna be as

01:03:52   dense as what Apple is doing but I still think it should look pretty good I think

01:03:57   there are some people some Mac people who are really picky about what

01:04:02   resolution and what screen size and maybe this falls outside of that for

01:04:06   them but I think for most people this would be a nice option. Are you one of

01:04:10   those people? I mean I can't judge anybody for their monitor choices so... No, I

01:04:15   know that you have the silly monitor but is that is that why because you get

01:04:21   wild about the... I mean I had the the LG Ultrafine 5k 27 inch at 5k looks great I

01:04:29   I haven't used a 4K display this big, so I don't know, but there's some people who think

01:04:34   it's too big for the resolution you get.

01:04:38   Yeah, I have and it's fine for me, but I can't speak for everybody.

01:04:43   Yeah, I'm sure.

01:04:44   Because I have like a 30-inch 4K display from LG.

01:04:48   I have the Ergo one and I like it.

01:04:50   Yeah, well if that doesn't do it for you, Dell was crowned a CES Innovation Award honoree

01:04:58   for the ultra sharp 40 curved WUHD so this is a curved 40 inch ultra wide at

01:05:09   five sounds like a what like a lot 40 inches sounds like a lot that's like

01:05:17   sitting inside the matrix enormous 140 pixels per inch it's a 5120 by 2160 so

01:05:28   it is definitely less dense than a 27 inch 5k display but if you want a high

01:05:36   higher density widescreen this might be a nice option also uses Thunderbolt so

01:05:42   you get lots of good stuff 90 watt charging HDMI for another input

01:05:47   Ethernet USB C and USB A so you could use this like a Thunderbolt dock right

01:05:53   and just have one cable going to your MacBook Pro.

01:05:55   It does cost $2,100, so there's that.

01:05:59   - Yeah, the LG one, I don't know if I mentioned

01:06:01   is they have not set any pricing.

01:06:04   - Oh, do you mean it's probably gonna be $1,000 or more,

01:06:08   maybe 1,200, I don't know.

01:06:09   I don't know what OLED does at the price.

01:06:12   - Probably more, I think puts it up quite a lot, I think.

01:06:17   I think it's gonna be pretty expensive.

01:06:22   This is one of particular interest to you Federico, I think, maybe of all of the things here.

01:06:28   This is one of the more cool products that I've seen in this space.

01:06:33   It's the Kensington Studio Dock for iPad Pro.

01:06:37   It is a stand. I guess it's somewhat reminiscent of the Pro Display stand.

01:06:45   It's basically just like a block in an L-shape.

01:06:49   It allows for a vast array of expandability for the iPad Pro including three USB-A ports,

01:06:55   one USB-C port, HDMI 2.0 port, 3.5mm headphone jack, SD card reader and gigabit ethernet

01:07:02   port.

01:07:03   You magnetically attach the iPad to the stand but then there's like this kind of USB-C thing

01:07:12   that you kind of clamp into the side of it which provides you all the expandability.

01:07:17   You can rotate the iPad into portrait or landscape orientation on the dock.

01:07:22   The viewing angle can be adjusted, but not the height.

01:07:26   It also has, this is a theme of stuff that we were talking about this week and a lot

01:07:30   more in a minute, a built-in Qi charger in the foot, so you can charge your phone and

01:07:34   your AirPods, it's big enough for two.

01:07:37   You can get an optional Apple Watch charger for this thing as well.

01:07:41   No pricing or availability details as of yet, but I think this product looks really great.

01:07:50   My issue would be that it's not high enough.

01:07:52   I would need to put it on top of something, but I would happily do that because from an

01:07:58   expandability perspective and stuff, this is like if you are a person who uses an iPad

01:08:03   like as a workstation, this really looks like a fantastic product.

01:08:08   Yeah, it looks really nice.

01:08:10   bad about the height adjustment. But everything else, I mean you combine this with a Magic

01:08:16   keyboard and a Magic trackpad, it looks very nice.

01:08:21   I would have to put this on one of those iMac stands or something. My iMac is on one of

01:08:27   those stands, like the 12 cell stands or whatever. Because the iMac on its own is too low down.

01:08:36   you need to raise it up for me to be ergonomically comfortable.

01:08:40   But this is a product I would happily do that kind of thing for because I think everything

01:08:44   else that it has around it is good.

01:08:45   Yeah, you can get something nice and tasteful that fits in with Apple's overall design aesthetic

01:08:50   like because this does it's like aluminium and stuff so you could very easily put the

01:08:54   top of something it would be a higher eye level.

01:08:57   I think this is a fantastic product.

01:08:59   I don't know about you guys, when I see stuff like this I'm like do you know something I

01:09:02   don't know?

01:09:03   What do you mean?

01:09:05   Kensington, like this is quite advanced as a package, right?

01:09:11   How many iPad users need three USB-A ports, one USB-C port,

01:09:15   HDMI 2.0 port, an SD card reader and gigabit ethernet for their iPad?

01:09:19   What are you getting at?

01:09:20   What I'm saying is I don't know.

01:09:23   I'm just like, do you know, is Kensington aware of something that I'm not aware of

01:09:28   when it comes to the iPad?

01:09:30   I just think they want to give you all the options and ask you for a lot of money.

01:09:35   That's probably it, right? But it's still, it's just like a, yeah, this is no availability or

01:09:40   pricing details as of yet. But I think it's, I like to see stuff like this. I like to see

01:09:47   the niches and the edge cases capable. Especially from a relatively well-known brand, not, you know,

01:09:53   the unknown company that sometimes pops up at CES. And it's not a Kickstarter. I was gonna say,

01:10:00   what was the Kickstarter that was sort of like this a few years ago? I don't remember. There's

01:10:04   There's been a bunch of them.

01:10:05   And also support for rotation in portrait mode.

01:10:09   That's very nice because it gives you a lot of...

01:10:11   Especially if you're a writer, for example, you get the tall page in front of you.

01:10:16   That's a very nice touch.

01:10:17   Yeah, this looks lovely.

01:10:19   Too bad.

01:10:20   It's a cool product.

01:10:21   Yeah, too bad I don't have enough room on my desk.

01:10:22   Maybe I should move things around.

01:10:24   You could make room for something like this.

01:10:26   Yeah, probably.

01:10:27   I thought you were going to say maybe you should move, like to a bigger place.

01:10:31   You should move.

01:10:32   Well, that's another discussion.

01:10:34   yes also also that. Loads of new MagSafe charging accessories basically tons more

01:10:40   docks so Anker have more if you want another Anker dock you can get that it's

01:10:45   basically very similar to the one we spoke about last time Belkin you know

01:10:49   it's got all of the drawbacks that the Anker one has right? The the one thing I

01:10:54   believe Anker announced that I really want is the MagSafe external battery

01:11:00   pack. I believe it's made... I did not see that. There is, I believe it's somewhere in

01:11:07   the roundup that we did, in fact, a few minutes ago on Mac stories. John put it together.

01:11:12   I am almost, I mean, I've seen it. So let's see, Apple product accessories. There is one

01:11:21   that I really want. Let's see. Available... I don't see this. Available, yeah, there's

01:11:28   There's a link to MacRumors, available in February. It's a MagSafe battery, 10,000 mAh

01:11:38   per battery. Is it real MagSafe or fake MagSafe though? Because Anker are making all fake

01:11:43   MagSafe products at the moment. It's going to be another fake MagSafe, isn't it? Slow

01:11:47   charging. Well it doesn't have to be, it doesn't have to be, but it seems like that's what

01:11:53   they've been doing. It's still gonna attach magnetically, so whatever, right? It's still

01:11:58   gonna charge your phone. Yeah, 7.5 watts. So it's just Qi charging with a magnet. But

01:12:05   yeah, it's nice. I guess it would be even nicer to have an actual MagSafe battery that

01:12:11   charges at 15. That would be sweet. And you attach it and you pop it on and you charge

01:12:16   your phone and then you remove it. That would be extra sweet. In the meantime we have the

01:12:20   the Anker version I guess. So the Anker doing that, they have a dock now, it also has an

01:12:25   Apple Watch charging puck on it as well, so you can charge three things at once. The Anker

01:12:31   one here that is in the Link in the Shower, I really don't like the look of this one.

01:12:36   It looks almost like alien-like to me in a weird way. Do you see it? It's got a base

01:12:42   which is black and then it has a kind of a stand that goes up and it has the Anker puck

01:12:48   on it but there's just something I don't know why I just find it kind of strange looking.

01:12:52   I don't like that one. Belkin are back with some more products. They are also creating their own

01:12:59   stand. This is a very popular arrangement. It's a stand that has a mag safe on the top and you

01:13:05   put the iPhone on that and then you have a Qi charger on the base which you can charge your

01:13:09   AirPods on. This is a $100 version and it is an official product so it has the full 15 watt

01:13:16   charging unlike the Anker ones and unlike there's one from Satechi as well which is cheaper which is

01:13:22   $59 I think it's the cheapest of these types of products again it has a Qi charger in the base of

01:13:28   it and then kind of a stand that you put the phone onto and you can go into portrait landscape

01:13:33   but that is seven watts but Belkin is working with Apple and getting all the certifications that they

01:13:39   need or whatever so they can do the full 15 watt charging on their one. The last is Grovemade this

01:13:46   is a bring your own magsafe charger so it's just a stand and then you bring your own magsafe

01:13:52   puck and put it in there. This is $120. This is another wooden thing isn't it? Yes it's

01:13:59   a wooden thing. This is GroveMates whole thing. It's wood and metal. It's steel, the base

01:14:04   is steel and they have two different wood finishes and you put your own magsafe charger

01:14:10   into it. This one's very expensive, $120 and then you've got to bring the thing but if

01:14:16   this is your aesthetic, it's a nice option.

01:14:19   If it's your aesthetic, go buy something cheaper from Studio Neat.

01:14:23   Yeah, but Studio Neat, I like the Studio Neats one, we just got them, but they don't have

01:14:29   a stand version, right? Those are all laid down.

01:14:32   Yeah, I just, my wife, Marius, had the MagSafe Studio Neat one for a while and mine finally

01:14:37   came in and it is really nice because I keep my phone on my nightstand. I know not everyone

01:14:41   does, not everyone should, but it's really nice to like be able to just kind of get the

01:14:47   phone near it and you know that you're charging it because the magnet locked it in. This last

01:14:51   one makes me very uncomfortable.

01:14:53   Yeah, so this is my left field one. This is my like, we're going to talk about something

01:14:57   completely different.

01:14:59   This is your weird CES pick.

01:15:02   This is my weird CES pick, which...

01:15:05   Alright so Razer, the hardware maker of mostly PC focused products have created a face mask

01:15:16   concept called Project Hazel.

01:15:18   They're showing it off at CES.

01:15:21   It is a reusable N95 grade face mask and shield.

01:15:26   The face mask part is transparent and Razer is saying this so you can still see somebody

01:15:31   talking, you can see the words that they're saying and you can see the faces that they're

01:15:35   making, which is nice. It has two ventilators/filters on the front, on the sides. They have a bunch

01:15:43   of different purposes. They're ventilating the air that comes in and also sending air

01:15:49   out as well so you're getting fresh air in the mask because it's made of hard materials,

01:15:58   It's less breathable, right? So you've kind of got to have some kind of ventilation system

01:16:02   going on here. But these ventilators also have a... They're speakers. Because they're...

01:16:10   Wait for it. There's a microphone inside the mask. There's speakers on the outside. So

01:16:16   you can talk and people can hear you and you're not muffled because you're wearing a plastic

01:16:22   like hard mask.

01:16:25   But why?

01:16:26   Well, hold on a minute. Hold on a minute. Of course it has RGB support and they're working on a case

01:16:33   option which has a UV light in it for sterilization. So I want to just try and give

01:16:41   the use case for you here, all right? So this is a product of now and maybe into the future,

01:16:50   as if this is a thing that people are going to keep doing, and it's trying to solve two

01:16:57   potential issues, maybe three. One, it's a reusable product and it has

01:17:04   sterilization and it stops the issues of not being able to maybe hear someone clearly or not

01:17:13   being able to understand them because you can't read their lips as they're talking.

01:17:17   It's not a massive problem to solve, I think, but if you are a hardware company, it's maybe

01:17:26   like a cool tech thing to do.

01:17:29   And I guess obviously it has RGB on it, so you'd look cool at a rave, I suppose.

01:17:35   Oh boy.

01:17:36   This isn't a-

01:17:37   All I'm going to say is, I wouldn't necessarily rule out all products like this.

01:17:42   I don't think this is the one for me, but I could imagine a future where we have products

01:17:47   that are like this one.

01:17:49   - Is it, but this isn't an actual product yet.

01:17:51   This is a CES demo.

01:17:54   - Not yet, it's a concept, but they're working on it.

01:17:58   They're saying that they're trying to make it happen.

01:18:01   - I don't want to comment on it

01:18:04   because that'll sound too harsh.

01:18:07   - I want you to comment on it.

01:18:08   - No, I think it's-- - Comment on it.

01:18:10   - Commandable, that they're trying to do the reusable thing.

01:18:17   And the accessibility angle for hearing and the microphone, I get it.

01:18:22   That's very cool.

01:18:24   But also, and I'm going to put it bluntly, I don't want to look like an idiot going out with this mask.

01:18:31   You would draw a lot of attention to yourself, yes.

01:18:34   It's like, look, the nerds are out of their cages and they're wearing robo-masks.

01:18:40   It's like, no, no thanks.

01:18:41   The thing on that though, I agree with you for now.

01:18:45   let's look a few years into the future from now.

01:18:48   Yeah, hopefully we're not wearing them anymore.

01:18:51   Well, but we might choose to, is the thing.

01:18:55   Different cultures, I understand, but the SARS epidemic in Asia

01:19:01   created the cultural norm of wearing masks

01:19:07   when you felt slightly under the weather.

01:19:11   And I can already tell you that as soon as we get vaccinated here in Italy,

01:19:15   nobody's ever gonna wear a hat again.

01:19:16   - Nobody's gonna do it, yeah.

01:19:18   That's my, 'cause I would like to,

01:19:19   and my plan is to continue to be that kind of person,

01:19:24   because I like wearing them,

01:19:26   and I think that they're,

01:19:27   I know that there are health benefits.

01:19:29   - You do?

01:19:30   - Yeah, yeah.

01:19:31   I don't dislike masks,

01:19:33   and I like the idea of them into the future.

01:19:36   Like if I'm going on public transport,

01:19:39   I intend to wear them.

01:19:40   Like that's, I would like to be able to continue doing that,

01:19:44   But I just, as you say, I'm not sure what the rest of the world is going to do after

01:19:48   that point.

01:19:49   I mean I wear them because I'm not stupid, but I don't like it.

01:19:55   I think my thing is I don't dislike it, right?

01:19:57   I'm not like, "Ooh, please let me put a mask on today!"

01:20:00   I'm not looking forward to it every day, but it's like I don't look forward to wearing

01:20:07   a scarf, right?

01:20:09   But when it's cold, I'll wear one.

01:20:11   Yeah, I just want to go back to the way things used to be.

01:20:15   Like, honestly.

01:20:18   Of course you do, right? Like, why wouldn't you?

01:20:20   But I'm not confident that everything is going to go back to the way it used to be.

01:20:25   Yeah, I know. I know. But still...

01:20:28   But still.

01:20:29   Going out and wearing that type of mask...

01:20:33   Mm.

01:20:34   You know, I've never watched a Batman movie in full,

01:20:38   but this reminds me of that guy, what's his name?

01:20:41   Bane?

01:20:42   - Bane.

01:20:43   - Yeah.

01:20:44   You know, it's--

01:20:45   - I was born in the darkness.

01:20:48   - Yeah.

01:20:49   - Born in the darkness.

01:20:50   - And the RGB, I mean, come on.

01:20:53   - Well, I mean, of course he's got RGB on it.

01:20:55   If anything, that's tasteful for Razer, right?

01:20:58   If they didn't put RGB on it,

01:21:00   there'd be more headlines about the fact that they hadn't,

01:21:02   but you can also turn it off.

01:21:03   But like, they have to put RGB on it.

01:21:05   - Thank you.

01:21:06   Thank you, Razer.

01:21:07   Thank you, Razer.

01:21:08   were merely shaped by the RGB.

01:21:11   - Right, you've been like a, it's Razer, right?

01:21:13   Like they have to put RGB on it.

01:21:15   - Yeah, well.

01:21:16   - It's who they are.

01:21:17   - I think that's it.

01:21:18   - That is it for CES.

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01:21:42   This week we talked about Federico's switch to a different music streaming service. It's

01:21:47   a lot of fun. Federico loves Deezer.

01:21:49   I subscribed to the... Are you guys familiar with the music streaming service for live,

01:21:56   for concerts called nuggs.net? No.

01:22:01   It's a thing! It exists! It's called nuggs. Is that an S or a Z?

01:22:04   NUGS.net. Wait, nugs.net isn't anything. Oh, it's 1G. N-U-G-S dot net. Live on, I bet

01:22:18   they've had a great year. Yeah, that's my new streaming service. No, it's not, but still,

01:22:24   it's a thing that exists. Alright, now we know. NUGS. Well, you know, actually, you

01:22:29   You mentioned this is, I'm sorry for driving this off the rails again. I did try Tidal

01:22:35   for a couple of weeks during my holiday break.

01:22:38   Mmm, I figured you would. Why wouldn't you? You're a audio file hi-fi boy, you know, Tidal

01:22:45   seems like the right call for you.

01:22:48   I did try it. And I'll tell you what.

01:22:50   And what would you think of it?

01:22:51   The app is not too bad.

01:22:53   Looks nice.

01:22:54   It looks very nice, it's very nice.

01:22:56   Yeah.

01:22:57   But...

01:22:58   I'm looking at the web page right now.

01:22:59   It looks like a mixture between Apple Music and Spotify.

01:23:03   - Yes, absolutely.

01:23:04   That's what it is.

01:23:05   It's got more personality to it than Spotify.

01:23:07   I think they do a pretty good job.

01:23:08   - So why did you not land on Tidal then?

01:23:10   - Well, do you wanna have another topic

01:23:13   for the next pre-show or not?

01:23:15   - Yes, save it for next week.

01:23:16   - Yeah. - Okay.

01:23:17   - Cool. - All right.

01:23:18   All right, you can find us all online.

01:23:20   Federico is on Twitter @Vittici, V-I-T-I-C-C-I,

01:23:24   and he is the editor-in-chief of MacStories.net.

01:23:28   Federico, I have a question for you.

01:23:30   - Okay.

01:23:31   - What is the most beautiful view you've ever seen?

01:23:34   - Very easy.

01:23:36   There's this, by the Amalfi Coast,

01:23:39   there's this small town called Ravelo,

01:23:43   and there's the Belvedere Ravelo,

01:23:46   that you can see a long stretch of the Amalfi Coast,

01:23:50   and it's just breathtaking.

01:23:52   I will try and find the picture for you

01:23:57   that I took with Sylvia.

01:23:59   The first time we went,

01:24:00   I was actually undergoing chemo at that point,

01:24:03   and my doctor was really upset

01:24:05   that I went on vacation regardless.

01:24:07   But it's an absolutely amazing view.

01:24:10   Let's see if I can find it.

01:24:11   Yeah, thank you, iPhone search.

01:24:14   And I will send you both the photo right away on iMessage.

01:24:19   And that was in 2012.

01:24:22   Yeah, you can see the,

01:24:23   basically the first half of the Amalfi Coast.

01:24:26   Yeah, and in person it's like...

01:24:29   It's attractive.

01:24:30   It's amazing. Really, really amazing view.

01:24:33   It's got that very like, Italian architecture dotted all over the place too.

01:24:38   Yeah, yeah.

01:24:39   Which is not like what you see in Rome, alright? It's just different. It's that kind of like,

01:24:44   small town architecture.

01:24:46   Yeah, the Amalficos, that's exactly what the Amalficos is, right? It's a series of very,

01:24:51   small towns right next to each other. Right. So you got my yori minority, you got, um,

01:24:56   uh, a Murphy of course. And, uh, you know, going all the way to the, to the other end

01:25:02   of the coast, which is positano, which is possibly my favorite place in Italy. We've

01:25:08   been twice there. And positon is just an incredible place. Uh, lots of Americans, they go to positano

01:25:16   to like to get married, you know, that kind of stuff. It just, it feels like, like when,

01:25:21   you arrive in Positano, it feels like a fake place. Just, it's so beautiful, it doesn't

01:25:25   feel real. Funny story, and this is going outside of your questions even, but one time,

01:25:32   Silvia and I, that was before we had Zelda and Ginger, we were in Positano and it started,

01:25:38   like, we were out at dinner and this, basically this thunderstorm started happening when we

01:25:46   were walking back from the restaurant.

01:25:49   And it was like super scary, these extremely strong winds

01:25:53   and this rain just pouring down.

01:25:56   And we were basically desperate to find--

01:25:59   there were bicycles flying and all kinds of things

01:26:04   just being destroyed by the wind.

01:26:07   And we basically asked for refuge in a,

01:26:11   in an, in a, in a, like a,

01:26:14   like a shoe store. And we were so scared.

01:26:19   I believe the owners, like it was this small family, all, you know,

01:26:23   the owners of this store,

01:26:25   they were looking at us effectively being terrorized by this storm.

01:26:30   I believe they were making fun of us. And we were like, Oh my God,

01:26:35   thank you so much for saving us. Thank you for taking us in. And these people were looking

01:26:41   at us and thinking, look at these two idiots. They've probably never been...

01:26:45   Well, no, you know what they were thinking. You know the like, Romans, right?

01:26:51   Also that, also that. But you know how it ended up? They sold us an umbrella.

01:26:57   Perfect.

01:26:59   They smelled the business opportunities like, hey, you guys in need of an umbrella?

01:27:04   Big city kids like you just walking in there all the time.

01:27:09   About that, one last thing about Amalfi.

01:27:11   There's a keycap set themed on the Amalfi Coast, Federico.

01:27:16   What?

01:27:17   Like, I put it in the Discord.

01:27:19   It's called Infinike Amalfi.

01:27:21   Where is it?

01:27:23   And they have like little keys that say "Ciao" on them and stuff.

01:27:26   Oh, that's beautiful.

01:27:28   And they got lemons, like some of the novelties are lemons.

01:27:32   Oh, that's pretty.

01:27:33   Right? Isn't that nice? Very nice. Very nice. I'm out for keycaps.

01:27:38   Oh, that's pretty. I love it.

01:27:40   You can find Myke on Twitter as @IMYKE. And Myke is the host of a bunch of shows here

01:27:49   on Relay FM. Anything you want to plug, Myke?

01:27:54   Not really.

01:27:55   Well, Myke does other stuff. You could probably figure out where those things are.

01:27:58   Yeah. I'm all over the place.

01:28:00   over the place you can find me on Twitter as ismh my writing at 512 pixels.net

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01:28:24   are you there to see ya bye y'all