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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 324.

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00:00:19   My name is Stephen Hackett,

00:00:20   and I am joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:22   - Hello, hi, how are you?

00:00:24   - I'm good Federico, how are you?

00:00:26   - I'm doing good, yes, thank you.

00:00:28   We're also joined by Myke Hurley.

00:00:30   Good evening.

00:00:31   Oh, fancy.

00:00:32   Nice.

00:00:33   Good evening to you, Michael.

00:00:34   I've made the decision when everybody's listening to the show and it's the evening.

00:00:38   Right.

00:00:39   That's the decision I've made.

00:00:41   I think most people listen to Connecting in the Evening, you know, bottle of wine or whiskey,

00:00:47   some music, you know, you just paused, you were listening to some jazz or I don't know,

00:00:53   Death Cab for Cutie, for example, and you realized…

00:00:55   Wow, you really took a…

00:00:57   And you realize, you know, now it's time to listen to Connected. So you hit pause.

00:01:01   Yep. On jazz or Death Cab, one of the two only.

00:01:05   I mean, it's only for drinking wine or whiskey, it's either going to be jazz or Death Cab

00:01:08   for Cutie. I think Steven agrees. Yes.

00:01:10   I don't even drink and I agree. Well, I mean, it could be Christmas music this time of year,

00:01:14   like some nice Christmas jazz.

00:01:15   Christmas jazz. Have you ever heard Christmas jazz?

00:01:17   Yes. Great. Death Cab for Christmas.

00:01:21   I would hate that.

00:01:23   But yes, I do subscribe to the theory that people listen to Connected in the evening.

00:01:30   And if you don't, you should consider it.

00:01:32   We have a bunch of follow-up this week, but I want to start with just kind of laying out

00:01:36   the rest of our schedule for the year.

00:01:39   So next week we have a normal episode.

00:01:42   We're going to take off the week of Christmas, so there will not be an episode on December

00:01:46   23rd.

00:01:48   We will do our 2020 year-end review on December 30th.

00:01:52   If you haven't listened to one of those before, basically we go through the calendar year

00:01:58   of all the tech news and Apple news.

00:02:00   This year's gonna be mad!

00:02:02   I've just realized that!

00:02:03   Yeah, we need to start on this document.

00:02:04   It's gonna be so weird!

00:02:06   Real soon.

00:02:07   Oh my god, like I've just thought like, January, February, March, la-di-da-di-da, right?

00:02:12   Like everything's normal, when's WWDC gonna happen?

00:02:16   And then I bang!

00:02:17   Like, yeah.

00:02:18   That's gonna be wild to go through.

00:02:21   Oh my gosh.

00:02:23   It's fun because we can see what news

00:02:25   was actually important and what wasn't.

00:02:27   That's my favorite part of it.

00:02:28   Yeah, it's like, oh, remember that?

00:02:29   No one cares.

00:02:31   So we do that. No one cares anymore.

00:02:32   And then on Thursday, January 7th,

00:02:36   so one day later than we normally record,

00:02:38   we will be grading our annual Ricky's

00:02:42   for this year and making our picks for 2021.

00:02:45   It's gonna be good for some of us.

00:02:48   This is gonna be great for me, I can't wait.

00:02:50   So anyways, that's what we're doing.

00:02:51   So we'll be back next week with a normal episode.

00:02:54   But we have an episode to do before then.

00:02:57   We have today's episode to do.

00:02:59   We should start today's episode.

00:03:00   - I wanted to do next week's episode.

00:03:02   - Well, what's happening next week?

00:03:04   AirTags?

00:03:05   - Yeah. (laughs)

00:03:07   Yeah, Tim Cook's doing podcasts now.

00:03:10   Maybe Tim was gonna be on.

00:03:11   - What's up with that?

00:03:13   Come on, Tim.

00:03:13   - I don't know.

00:03:14   - Come on our podcast.

00:03:15   - Can we get him as a guest on the show?

00:03:17   - I don't know.

00:03:18   Clearly, Clearly Connected is his favorite show.

00:03:21   Obviously.

00:03:22   He went to such great lengths to put up the artwork.

00:03:25   And to stand directly in front of it for us.

00:03:27   Exactly.

00:03:28   In a very majestic pose also.

00:03:31   So clearly connected, Tim is part of the connected family at this point.

00:03:39   Uncle Tim.

00:03:40   So just whenever you're ready Tim.

00:03:41   Hey.

00:03:42   Hi.

00:03:43   Hey.

00:03:44   Hello.

00:03:45   Oh, hey.

00:03:46   doing that again? My "Hey" email experiment is winding down. We spoke last time about what

00:03:55   happens if you don't pay and then I got an email from them that made it more confusing and then I

00:04:01   think I've so I finally think I've worked out what happens if you don't pay for "Hey".

00:04:06   If you don't want to continue, there's no issues with that, you just turn off email forwarding

00:04:14   and make sure no one has your Hey email account.

00:04:17   Okay, that kind of makes sense, I guess.

00:04:21   But then this email came and said,

00:04:22   "At the end of your trial,

00:04:23   "your account will be automatically closed

00:04:25   "and your data will be deleted from our servers

00:04:27   "30 days later.

00:04:29   "Then your email address will be released back into the pool

00:04:33   "so someone else can sign up and use it."

00:04:37   Which is not what the document we read last week says.

00:04:40   - No, 'cause that document last week

00:04:41   was for somebody who had paid.

00:04:43   Right, so this is where I'm going with this.

00:04:46   Yeah.

00:04:47   So if you sign up for a trial and you never pay them, just someone else can come along

00:04:51   and use your email address.

00:04:53   Which is wild, right?

00:04:54   It does not, I don't like that.

00:04:56   Because if someone's been using it, if you've started using it, I just think that's weird,

00:05:00   it's weird, it's all weird.

00:05:02   It's like, imagine a tactic where they want to force you to pay them.

00:05:07   Not base camp.

00:05:08   Yeah, oh it'd be a shame if something happened to your precious name.

00:05:12   (laughing)

00:05:13   - DHA's just walking around wielding a cast iron pipe.

00:05:16   - This email account's gonna sleep with the fishes.

00:05:20   - That's right.

00:05:21   So if you have a trial and you don't pay,

00:05:24   you have those 30 days to decide to come back.

00:05:27   So after they come to your house and shake you down,

00:05:29   you can sign back up.

00:05:30   (laughing)

00:05:32   However, if you pay for your first year of service,

00:05:35   you can forward the email to another account,

00:05:38   even if you become inactive later.

00:05:40   - Right.

00:05:41   And your Hay.com address is yours forever, even if you stop using Hay and don't pay for

00:05:47   Hay in subsequent years.

00:05:49   But can you sign back up again?

00:05:51   So that, I don't know.

00:05:52   And get the email address.

00:05:53   That's the thing that I think that stuck with you a couple of weeks ago.

00:05:55   The documents are very confusing.

00:05:56   Get your stuff together.

00:05:57   Seem to suggest that you couldn't do that.

00:06:01   So I paid for a year, because I don't want anybody else to use the name that I use on

00:06:06   Twitter and that we put in a show very prominently.

00:06:09   So you put yourself in that now, you're done.

00:06:13   I have it forwarded to my Relay email account.

00:06:16   So you can still email me at isomaj@hay.com

00:06:19   at least for another year.

00:06:20   All right.

00:06:21   Anyways, it's very confusing.

00:06:22   I think they really need to clarify what happens

00:06:24   if you do or don't pay.

00:06:26   Moving right along, MagSafe in the car.

00:06:30   Federico, you spoke about your, is it Belkin?

00:06:34   Car mount MagSafe, Dewey, Hickey thing.

00:06:36   It's not gonna show me for a long time for most people

00:06:38   unless you're Federico and you get sent one

00:06:40   by the CEO of Belkin, he hand delivers it.

00:06:42   Cory came up, listener Cory came up

00:06:44   with a ingenious solution by taping a MagSafe puck

00:06:49   to a cheap car mount they already had

00:06:52   for his iPhone 12 Pro in the silicon Apple case.

00:06:56   And Cory says it works great.

00:06:58   And there's a photo in the show notes of it working great.

00:07:01   It seems like it's working great.

00:07:02   It's not falling off in the photo.

00:07:04   So you can always do that if you want to use MagSafe

00:07:08   the car but don't want to buy a new car mount or wait for a while. Pretty good. He's listening to

00:07:14   the Struts, Federico. That's a really good album. I saw that in the picture. A really good album,

00:07:20   really good song with Robbie Williams, very much in line with 2020. It's a COVID song, which is

00:07:26   a weird thing that exists, but they exist. And it's a good song and it's a good album, I think,

00:07:32   overall. So well done with the music choice and well done with this sort of

00:07:37   do-it-yourself project. I think you're gonna like the Belkin car mount if

00:07:43   you're ever able to get it, but it's good to hear that this also works, right? That

00:07:50   you can still take the default MagSafe charger and it's still gonna hold your

00:07:54   phone in the car. So that is good news. I'm sure that we will continue seeing

00:07:59   more hacking projects like this one?

00:08:03   So I think a couple of days ago, Steven sent a link somewhere, I don't know where it was,

00:08:10   but I picked it up, that Remember the Milk, Steven's favorite application, the Mac app

00:08:16   now supports Apple Silicon, and I thought to myself, I'll save that in my Apple Notes

00:08:22   to put in the show, because that'll be a funny thing to bring up.

00:08:25   we can tease Steven and say like "aha now you can move to remember the milk"

00:08:30   and then when I went to this website which seems to be a Tumblr blog

00:08:34   I noticed this morning that Steven reblogged this to his own Tumblr blog

00:08:40   to complain that there are no notifications on the app badge

00:08:44   still and I just found many of these things interesting

00:08:47   what wait wait a second a Tumblr blog?

00:08:49   Steven decided to put them on blast on his own personal Tumblr account

00:08:54   Wait, is that a joke?

00:08:58   No, it's for real. If you click the link in the show notes and then you scroll down to

00:09:04   the bottom of the page, you see it says "Notes" or something, right?

00:09:08   Still no notifications on the app badge. Come on!

00:09:11   If you click that, it takes you to Steven's Tumblr.

00:09:14   Interesting.

00:09:16   And all of these things were intriguing to me.

00:09:19   So this Tumblr blog, there was a link on November 2nd, 2020.

00:09:27   Then there's a big gap, March 10.

00:09:30   Then there's another gap, November 8th, 2019.

00:09:35   Then another gap, January 20, 2018.

00:09:39   Well, it just posts once a year on this Tumblr blog.

00:09:41   It tends to be like kind of around January time, November to January.

00:09:47   But over the holidays you just remember that you also have a Tumblr and you post things

00:09:52   in here?

00:09:53   Interesting.

00:09:54   Can you explain?

00:09:59   Can I explain?

00:10:00   Can you?

00:10:01   We would love you to try.

00:10:02   You may, yes you may.

00:10:04   So Liftoff, my space podcast, has an active Tumblr account where we post links and stuff.

00:10:09   And so I am mostly in Tumblr for that, but sometimes I used to post things on my Tumblr,

00:10:15   like everybody else did, but then I saw their announcement, I was like, "Ah, here's a place

00:10:21   where maybe they'll actually see my feedback."

00:10:22   Yeah, you see, you were putting them on blast.

00:10:25   I was putting them on blast.

00:10:27   And now we're putting them on blast.

00:10:29   We're putting your blast on blast.

00:10:30   That's right.

00:10:31   I do have to say, though, Todoist recently added the ability to have lists automatically

00:10:36   sort by a bunch of different things, including by due date, which was my big feature.

00:10:41   Remember, the milk had that Todoist did not.

00:10:44   So now that Todoist has that, like that was my last big item in Todoist that I really

00:10:49   wanted.

00:10:50   So now I can go to any list and it's automatically sorted by date, I add a new task, it automatically

00:10:55   goes in the right place.

00:10:56   So I'm happy that Todoist has added that.

00:10:58   It's interesting, like there's always been like three to-do apps for you and each one

00:11:02   of them has had one fatal flaw, and Todoist has fixed their fatal flaw.

00:11:07   Yes.

00:11:08   Now if things would just let you mark off repeating tasks early, they would be perfect.

00:11:13   Why do you need them to do that now if Todoist is perfect now?

00:11:16   Well, I just, you gotta have options, you know?

00:11:20   You just like to know that if you ever wake up with Todoist, you can still go back to

00:11:24   the, to the cow.

00:11:26   That's right.

00:11:27   So is the icon still a cow?

00:11:30   Yeah, of course it is.

00:11:32   I don't know why they've never tried to modernize the cow.

00:11:36   They said that this update includes a new icon.

00:11:39   Okay, what does it look like?

00:11:41   It's a cow with a little shadow under him now.

00:11:44   That's the new icon?

00:11:45   Yeah, that is the new icon.

00:11:46   Oh, that's not a new icon.

00:11:48   The other one was very flat.

00:11:52   Don't you feel like maybe, maybe there's an opportunity for them to explore having, say,

00:12:00   a bottle of milk instead of a cow?

00:12:02   Well, they use that in some places, and that would be a good alternative icon.

00:12:07   Right.

00:12:08   say "oh no I've forgotten the milk" I don't mean I need a cow. That's because you live in the city.

00:12:14   Yeah, some city slicker over here. Big city boy, I don't know where milk comes from.

00:12:20   I don't even think about where my milk comes from. The milk factory. Look, if you go to

00:12:27   remember themilk.com and you look in the footer they have this really lovely milk box whatever,

00:12:36   What's the name? Carton of Milk?

00:12:39   Yeah.

00:12:39   Guy character? You know, this little, you know, cutesy armless little figure?

00:12:46   Yeah, that should be the icon.

00:12:48   Use that!

00:12:49   When you log in, I put a screenshot in the Discord, it runs across the screen.

00:12:54   Why can't they use that character?

00:12:57   Killing me.

00:12:59   This, like, this, I am an AM series.

00:13:02   What kills me about Remember the Milk is that it looks like a really powerful tax manager,

00:13:07   and I don't use it because it's got a cow as a logo.

00:13:10   But now you can make your own logo on iOS, right?

00:13:14   Yeah, you can.

00:13:15   You just make the little cotton guy.

00:13:17   Well, Ken, okay.

00:13:19   Remember the Milk icons.

00:13:23   Well, you know, it's actually like you look at the features and like it doesn't seem as flexible as Todoist.

00:13:31   I don't think they have like a Kanban view or whatever.

00:13:34   - No.

00:13:35   - But they got a lot of features,

00:13:36   like a lot of interesting features in here.

00:13:38   - They do. - Yep.

00:13:39   It looks nice too, the application itself, the design.

00:13:42   - It looks nice.

00:13:43   - And their sync is really good.

00:13:44   Like their sync, it syncs super fast.

00:13:47   There's a lot of good things about it.

00:13:49   The Mac app's not one of them.

00:13:51   Not that the Todoist Mac app is anything special,

00:13:54   but at least it does things.

00:13:56   Anyways, we have more follow-up,

00:13:58   but let's take a break first.

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00:15:39   I have some real-time follow-up.

00:15:40   - Okay.

00:15:41   - I have 3,795 completed tasks in Remember the Milk.

00:15:46   And the first one, if I scroll all the way to the bottom,

00:15:53   is from July 2008.

00:15:58   - That's a long time.

00:16:01   I bet you remember the Milk database

00:16:04   looks like your Tumblr blog,

00:16:05   where there's just like a chunk of them every year.

00:16:09   - Yeah, there's a lot of 2008 and 2009.

00:16:12   And then there's some 2010, and then there's no 2011.

00:16:16   There's some 2012, some 2013.

00:16:21   And then I go from 2014 to 2018.

00:16:24   - Yep.

00:16:25   - I used it for a long time in 2018.

00:16:27   And looks like for several months into 2019

00:16:31   and then it stops again.

00:16:33   Sometimes you gotta switch it up.

00:16:37   - Maybe the end of 2020,

00:16:38   we'll see some room for the milk, some old RTM action.

00:16:40   - We'll see.

00:16:42   All right, we have some more follow up.

00:16:43   Myke, do you wanna take this next one?

00:16:45   - Hunter wrote in to say palindrome backwards

00:16:48   is a real word, "imordinalap". Any word spelled backwards that forms a different word is known

00:16:54   as an "imordinalap". "Imordinalap". "Imordinalap", which is palindrome backwards. This is one

00:17:01   of those things where someone's come up with some funny haha thing. So like what? Like

00:17:06   in the same way that people wrote in to tell us that the fear of palindromes is "palinalap".

00:17:15   like these are just like what we did last week where we were trying to make up our own palindrome

00:17:21   word like this is just one of those funny things that someone came up with but if you want to

00:17:25   impress people you could say "emordinalapp" I guess. Do we have any practical examples of

00:17:32   "emordinalapps"? No. Example? I mean let me see if I can find you one I can just google it right.

00:17:40   I'm sure at least one exists.

00:17:42   Also are we sure that this is a thing?

00:17:45   Well I mean when you google it you see a lot of people talking about it.

00:17:48   Oh there's a bunch of them.

00:17:50   Like now and one.

00:17:51   W-O-N.

00:17:52   Decal and laced.

00:17:53   Pal and lap.

00:17:54   Mood and doom.

00:17:55   Peak and keep.

00:17:56   Right.

00:17:57   Okay.

00:17:58   Rail and lyre.

00:17:59   Those are a more than a lapse.

00:18:01   Because the exact opposite of the word creates another word.

00:18:05   Right.

00:18:06   It'd be better if they were related though right?

00:18:09   Agreed.

00:18:09   Dubb and Bud, that's a good one. Dubb Bud.

00:18:12   Edit and Tide.

00:18:13   Oh, my favorite is Mood and Doom.

00:18:16   That's the best one.

00:18:17   2020.

00:18:18   That's the 2020 word.

00:18:21   My 2020 isn't a more than a lap.

00:18:23   Mm-hmm.

00:18:24   My mood is Doom.

00:18:26   Stool and Loots, Gnat and Tang.

00:18:29   Okay, good news.

00:18:30   Excellent.

00:18:30   Mac OS 11.1 seems to address the weird reinstall issue

00:18:37   that I talked about last week.

00:18:40   So it seems like it's solved as of 11.1 Beta 2.

00:18:44   Apple Fitness Plus is coming

00:18:46   and it requires Big Sur 11.1.

00:18:50   So I think that we will see this,

00:18:53   probably a week from yesterday maybe,

00:18:57   maybe next Tuesday we'll see this and new iOS 14.

00:19:02   So if you need to reinstall macOS on a M1 chip,

00:19:04   just wait a week and it'll get much better.

00:19:07   It seems difficult.

00:19:08   Just wait.

00:19:10   (laughing)

00:19:11   Just wait.

00:19:12   - Just don't use your computer for a week.

00:19:13   - Just wait.

00:19:14   - Just wait.

00:19:16   Just wait.

00:19:17   We talked about the iPhone leather case.

00:19:21   And we got two pieces of feedback.

00:19:24   An anonymous listener who works in an Apple store,

00:19:27   they say it's in a very affluent area,

00:19:31   says that they are very popular.

00:19:32   - Don't say it like that.

00:19:34   - What?

00:19:35   - It's affluent.

00:19:36   Affluent.

00:19:37   No, don't be like Casey Liss.

00:19:40   Affluent.

00:19:41   Affluent.

00:19:42   Yeah.

00:19:43   Is this a... what is this discussion?

00:19:47   Casey says that word affluent.

00:19:49   Affluent.

00:19:50   No, he says affluent.

00:19:52   Affluent.

00:19:53   That's what Casey says.

00:19:54   What's the right way to say it?

00:19:56   Affluent.

00:19:57   Affluent.

00:19:58   Not affluent.

00:19:59   Why does Casey say it differently?

00:20:00   Because Casey likes to put the emphasis on the wrong syllable.

00:20:04   Slable. That's actually a fun exercise. Yeah. Fun exercise. So you would say

00:20:18   a listener. Yeah. Or like feedback. Here's some feedback. Follow up. Some follow up.

00:20:31   up. So like "fé de ricot" "vitti"

00:20:38   What's up Michael? If I was like, or if I was like "makstories" right? Makstories.

00:20:48   Okay so is it affluent or affluent? It's affluent. Affluent. Affluent area.

00:20:54   Yeah I think the theory is here that people like fancy things and this is

00:21:00   expensive I don't know wait what are we talking about the leather case do you

00:21:08   mean the one that the one with the sleeve the sleeve right the one with the

00:21:13   the the always on not always on display yes always on always on always on this

00:21:25   display. We also heard from people who just like it from a protection standpoint

00:21:31   to people who carry their phone in the bag or a purse which also makes a lot of

00:21:34   sense. Yeah. Listener Tim wrote in and said that they like it because they like

00:21:41   to keep their phone in pristine condition and they can't trust their

00:21:45   pockets to not have like abrasive substances in it so they work in a like

00:21:50   a rough environment I guess I don't know the details. I was gonna say like it

00:21:54   It feels pretty easy to make sure you don't have abrasive substances in your pocket.

00:21:59   Maybe Tim works in a quarry or some sort of glass factory and there's just like glass

00:22:04   beads everywhere.

00:22:05   He works in a nail factory.

00:22:07   He's in a nail factory.

00:22:09   And so Tim can't dress his pockets.

00:22:12   So Tim and the listener are two different people.

00:22:15   These are two listeners.

00:22:16   We had the affluent listener.

00:22:21   So affluent listener is not Tim.

00:22:23   Right.

00:22:24   an Apple Store employee has to be anonymous.

00:22:26   - Right.

00:22:27   Tim is feedback number two.

00:22:29   - Oh, okay.

00:22:30   So a fluent listener does not work in a quarry.

00:22:34   - Well, unless Tim owns the quarry,

00:22:36   then they would be affluent.

00:22:38   - No, it says he works or they work in a quarry

00:22:42   in an Apple Store.

00:22:44   (laughing)

00:22:45   Who works in a quarry? - There's an Apple Store

00:22:46   in the bottom of the quarry.

00:22:48   Maybe that monolith is an Apple Store, right?

00:22:52   This is a very confusing structure, Steven.

00:22:54   You should have used Kraft for this.

00:22:56   Come on, right?

00:22:59   You know that big Monolith thing that keeps popping up

00:23:03   in the bottom of like--

00:23:05   that's actually an Apple store.

00:23:08   And that's where Tim works.

00:23:10   A fluent listener works in an Apple store.

00:23:12   Can we talk about the Monolith real quick?

00:23:14   The Monolith is going to form coordinates

00:23:18   that spell out a message or a drawing of some kind.

00:23:22   It's an advertising campaign for something, right?

00:23:25   Also that, yeah.

00:23:26   Like, I think it's a viral advertising campaign.

00:23:30   I think you may have a point.

00:23:32   I think capitalism has brought up to this.

00:23:35   It totally makes sense.

00:23:37   I think it ultimately--

00:23:39   I think it's kind of what it shows is that like,

00:23:41   something which would clearly be seen as being aliens,

00:23:45   it's like what a lot of people think it is or something,

00:23:47   I'm like, no, no, this is a marketing campaign.

00:23:49   like and I will accept no offer explanation until the marketing campaign reveals itself.

00:23:54   Yeah, it's probably like, you know, some silly corporation, you know, like, I don't know,

00:24:01   News Corp or something like one of those boring and, you know, multi-billion corporation.

00:24:08   Or it's like, it's Black Mirror or something, right? It's like, you know, it's Netflix.

00:24:15   Salesforce.

00:24:16   This is how we finally find it.

00:24:17   Salesforce is spelling out what they actually do.

00:24:21   - CRM.

00:24:21   - I still don't get it.

00:24:25   I still don't understand what Salesforce is by the way.

00:24:28   I will try by the end of 2020.

00:24:30   - It's not worth it.

00:24:32   - Okay, okay, so let me explain the feedback.

00:24:34   - Oh, sorry, yeah.

00:24:36   - There was a listener who did not want to be named.

00:24:39   They work in an Apple store.

00:24:41   That Apple store is in a--

00:24:43   - Rich area.

00:24:44   rich area, and they said they're very popular in that area. Fancy people like fancy things.

00:24:51   Another listener named Tim, who—we don't know where Tim works, but Tim works in a "rough

00:24:58   environment with tiny abrasive substances." So again, I'm projecting that it's a quarry,

00:25:05   but it could be anything. Well, not anything. It couldn't be a—I mean, hopefully it's

00:25:09   not like an elementary school, but you know, it could be...

00:25:15   So okay, so a fluent listener works in an Apple store, rough listener works in an...

00:25:21   or team...

00:25:22   Rough team works in a place where tiny substances enter their pockets.

00:25:28   Yes, and their work vehicle.

00:25:30   So who knows what Tim's up to.

00:25:33   But anyways, Tim said in this environment, you know, his phone's gonna get scratched

00:25:36   to bits.

00:25:37   So, he likes to have a sleeve that has a nice little safe home for their phone, but they

00:25:44   can remove the phone because they're like using the phone with no case.

00:25:48   See?

00:25:49   It's the leather sleeping bag we talked about last week.

00:25:51   When you're in the sleeping bag, you're safe and warm, and when you're out of it, you're

00:25:55   just out in the world.

00:25:57   When you think about it, we as humans are, like, all the time in a leather sleeping bag.

00:26:05   I mean, I'm in a denim and cotton sleeping bag, but...

00:26:10   Oh wait, you mean like my skin?

00:26:12   Yes, that's what I mean.

00:26:14   I don't like to think about that.

00:26:16   Our bodies are organs.

00:26:18   We are in a leather sleeping bag.

00:26:21   Yeah.

00:26:23   This is gross.

00:26:25   However, Tim says the Apple iPhone leather sleeve is a total miss.

00:26:31   Okay.

00:26:33   of the window they need ultimate protection. Well yeah if you're trying to protect it from small

00:26:39   stones in the quarry they're going to get in there aren't they? They say the last thing I want on my

00:26:46   iPhone to get scratched is the screen. So they have checked out some third-party ones they're

00:26:53   using one from a company called Fitbag that they seem to like. Fitbag. I get it. Team is one of

00:27:00   of those people who uses the military grade protection cases. Yeah. Like the

00:27:06   OtterBox that basically... Or RhinoShield. No, no, they like using their phone naked, they just want

00:27:10   a place for the phone to be when they're not using it. Okay, Waterfield Designs...

00:27:15   Oh, the Fitbag one looks nice and it's like 20 bucks Amazon. And there's still...

00:27:20   I'm on the Fitbag website and you can get lots of different

00:27:25   leather skins and you can get denim ones.

00:27:30   Oh, I know Waterfield Designs.

00:27:32   You should talk to John Sirkisor about this company, Fitbag.

00:27:36   I know Waterfield Designs.

00:27:37   They make really excellent leather sleeves and bags.

00:27:42   They have gaming cases for the Nintendo Switch that I've been keeping an eye on for a long

00:27:45   time.

00:27:46   David Sparks likes these, right?

00:27:47   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:27:48   These are super good.

00:27:49   Yes, yes, yes.

00:27:50   So, there you go.

00:27:52   Fitbag.

00:27:53   needs are like Tim's and you work in some sort of quarry quarry quarry or

00:27:58   abrasive substance

00:28:00   Environment then you have other options

00:28:02   Can I make a request to listen to Tim? Yes, I say I mean, I don't know it's up to Tim

00:28:08   Tell us what field you work in. Well, I'm making a request Tim doesn't have to contact us again

00:28:13   But I would really like to know

00:28:15   Yeah, this is the last time Tim Tim has learned their lesson

00:28:22   No longer will Tim want to write in let me let me just find Tim's feedback out to see him out them back

00:28:27   Say, what do you do Tim? What do you do Tim?

00:28:30   But but say if you reply within the next half an hour, we will say on the show what it is

00:28:36   So they also know that oh, so I really I really really really hope that they reply and say my job is classified

00:28:43   That is really my yeah. That's such a baller move, right? Yeah. Yeah. I have a friend who did that to me once

00:28:50   It's also something that I yeah, I also have a friend

00:28:53   Yeah

00:28:55   But I want to start saying even if it's not true. Can't I wish I can tell you

00:29:00   Like I just want to use the expression classified in real life. Okay. Okay. Okay, Federico

00:29:07   What was that project that you were working on in craft that you gave the polyopy? Yeah, it's classified

00:29:18   You need to start using that more. That's good, right?

00:29:21   You know, you feel that sense of power flowing through you.

00:29:24   Oh, it's tough. I'm sorry, you don't have security clearance for that.

00:29:27   Nice.

00:29:29   We should make a version of that app that apparently they have inside of Apple, right?

00:29:35   You familiar with this? That there's an app that employees at Apple can download.

00:29:41   It's like an employee directory application. And I can look you up and it can tell you

00:29:47   if you have the security clearance to know what I am working on.

00:29:51   - Wow. - Right?

00:29:52   So if you're working on a secret thing and I'm working on a secret thing,

00:29:57   we can look in the employee directory and it can be like, yes,

00:30:00   Federico has clearance for this thing, so you can talk to him about it.

00:30:04   But not for this part, so don't talk about that.

00:30:07   That's incredible.

00:30:08   What a confusing work environment, right?

00:30:10   Like, every time when I have a conversation with someone...

00:30:13   Let me check the app.

00:30:14   Yeah. I just got a piece of real-time follow-up that says it's a website, not an application,

00:30:19   but nevertheless, it exists.

00:30:23   I was looking for a picture of my Apple employee ID. I still have it, but apparently don't

00:30:27   have a picture of it.

00:30:28   Oh wow, I totally forgot you used to work at an Apple store.

00:30:30   Yeah.

00:30:31   Yeah, I forget that a lot too.

00:30:33   That is ages ago.

00:30:35   It was a long time ago. But I got an ID because I did stuff on, I did training in Cupertino.

00:30:42   So I got to wear that in the store and pretend like I was important.

00:30:44   Maybe if I can find it, I'll put a picture in next week's follow up.

00:30:49   Did you ever get to say that some things were classified?

00:30:51   I don't think I did.

00:30:54   Classified.

00:30:55   How do you take the back off of this Mac Mini?

00:30:57   It's classified.

00:30:58   They did say, "Don't follow anybody in through any doors."

00:31:01   I was like, "Okay, yes sir."

00:31:02   What is that called?

00:31:03   There's a phrase for that.

00:31:04   Tailgating.

00:31:05   Tailgating.

00:31:06   I was going to call it gatekeeping, but that's a different saying.

00:31:08   What does it mean, "Don't follow anybody into any doors"?

00:31:10   So say that I have permission to go into the secret lab and Myke doesn't and Myke sneaks

00:31:15   in behind me or I hold the door open for him and suddenly he has access to a physical space

00:31:20   he's not supposed to.

00:31:22   Can't have that.

00:31:23   Does that need to be said?

00:31:25   Apparently.

00:31:26   So we used to have that at the bank too.

00:31:29   The idea is that you're supposed to just make sure that doors are closed behind you, because

00:31:34   it's not a thing that you normally do, right?

00:31:36   a regular human being you open a door you walk through the door the door will close on its own right that's just the way that

00:31:42   Doors work, but if you're in a high-security environment

00:31:44   You have to force that door closed and if someone's behind you you have to close it

00:31:50   And then they will need to come in using their own security badge or whatever

00:31:53   It's also so yeah the company knows who went through what door at any given time

00:31:59   Mm-hmm I had a I had a door opening. I have a door opening story for y'all. Okay, okay, so I had a

00:32:05   a checkup with the surgeon who did my foot thing.

00:32:09   I saw him on Monday.

00:32:10   And his office, or like their clinic or whatever,

00:32:14   is in an office building.

00:32:15   So it's not like there's an exterior door, right?

00:32:17   You go through like sliding glass doors

00:32:19   and there's elevators.

00:32:20   Anyways, he's on the first floor and I'm on crutches.

00:32:24   And opening a door handle's tricky with crutches.

00:32:26   You have to like do something with them, right?

00:32:29   And so I'm like crutching in

00:32:31   and this guy comes off the elevator

00:32:33   and kind of sees like what's getting ready to happen to me,

00:32:36   is like, oh, let me open the door for you.

00:32:38   Well, then I had the situation of,

00:32:40   that's a nice thing to do,

00:32:41   and I'm wearing a mask and he's wearing a mask,

00:32:43   but I don't want to be close to him, right?

00:32:45   Because there's a pandemic.

00:32:47   And so he came over, I just held my breath.

00:32:49   I probably didn't do anything.

00:32:51   - I've done that a bunch where-

00:32:53   - I do that all the time, yes.

00:32:55   - I think that like somehow,

00:32:57   if I just hold my breath for 20 seconds,

00:32:59   I'm not going to get COVID,

00:33:01   which is like the most stupid thing.

00:33:03   Is it though?

00:33:04   We're all doing it.

00:33:05   Is it?

00:33:06   Like, for example, I was walking the dog a few days ago, and there were two stupid people

00:33:13   in the middle of the street.

00:33:16   People?

00:33:17   People in the middle of the street, without a mask on.

00:33:19   And so when Sylvia and I passed by, she didn't think about it, but I held my breath.

00:33:25   And so when I walked like those three meters, right, that they were standing by, I was not

00:33:31   breathing.

00:33:32   my assumption is any, you know, particles that may have been in the air, I did not breathe those.

00:33:38   So here's the thing. Now look.

00:33:40   That is my theory.

00:33:41   People, don't write into me.

00:33:43   My understanding is that COVID is contracted with extended interaction.

00:33:51   So like, if you just walked past somebody who had it, it's unlikely that you're gonna get it.

00:33:58   But even though I know this, I also hold my breath even though I know this.

00:34:03   [Laughter]

00:34:05   Yeah, if you have any feedback for this, ismh@hey.com.

00:34:09   Thank you for the recommendation, Terrence.

00:34:12   This is actually a pretty good idea, right?

00:34:14   So when we want feedback on something, we tell them, like, just send it to whatever.

00:34:19   Well, I have it for you now because I don't want to check.

00:34:21   No, no, no.

00:34:22   But not, we can set up a different account.

00:34:24   And like, whenever there's feedback about a topic we don't want,

00:34:27   - Oh.

00:34:28   - Let me just say send it to connected@hay.com or whatever.

00:34:30   - Yeah, Casey@caseylist.com.

00:34:33   - Oh man, that's his actual email address.

00:34:35   - He'll be fine.

00:34:37   - Okay, affluent.

00:34:39   - All right, let's take a second break.

00:34:40   - All right.

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00:36:26   ExpressVPN?

00:36:28   VPN.

00:36:29   Express.

00:36:30   VPN.

00:36:31   Federico, the world has been waiting to hear what you think of the MagSafe Duo Charger.

00:36:36   Really?

00:36:37   Mm-hmm.

00:36:38   They got nothing else to do?

00:36:39   There's nothing going on.

00:36:41   Okay.

00:36:42   I like it.

00:36:45   I like it.

00:36:46   It's fine.

00:36:47   I received it a few days ago.

00:36:50   It just so happens that I have a metal nightstand.

00:36:53   It's literally made of some kind of metal.

00:36:56   I'm not sure what.

00:36:57   You are in the most prime possible use case for this product.

00:37:01   Exactly.

00:37:02   It is perfect because it means that all the issues...

00:37:06   The floppiness is gone.

00:37:07   There is no floppiness.

00:37:08   There's no floppiness.

00:37:09   Instead it just lays flat on my nightstand.

00:37:13   And it's ideal for that because it means I can just place the phone, remove the phone,

00:37:19   the charger doesn't move.

00:37:22   I keep it folded during the day.

00:37:23   Of course, I can still detach it from the nightstand

00:37:26   with a moderate--

00:37:27   - Why do you do that?

00:37:28   Is that just for fun?

00:37:29   - Just because it feels like I look at it

00:37:32   and I'm like, "Yeah, that looks nicer during the day."

00:37:34   Like it feels more tied it up, you know?

00:37:36   Yeah, it's nice.

00:37:38   It's the visuals, I guess.

00:37:39   And yeah, I can place the phone, remove the phone.

00:37:41   I like how it attaches automatically.

00:37:45   I like the watch charger,

00:37:47   how you can choose to lay the watch down or raise the little charging puck and charge

00:37:54   the watch in nightstand mode. That's really nice. And I've been thinking about like, what

00:37:59   have I felt differently about this charger if I didn't have a metal nightstand. And maybe

00:38:09   to an extent, yeah, but also I don't think it's as big a deal as a lot of people have

00:38:15   made it out to be. Like, I don't know, but I don't find myself constantly removing and

00:38:21   putting my phone on a charger. Like, all I want is to do it correctly once, which is

00:38:26   when I go to sleep. Now, you see, I think, it's great, I'm so pleased you love this product.

00:38:33   I genuinely think you would be, over time, more annoyed if you were using it every day

00:38:38   if you did not have a Milton X3. Well, there's no way to know though, is there? No, there

00:38:41   There is no way to know, but it's just my opinion.

00:38:43   Right.

00:38:44   My opinion.

00:38:45   I just think that this is not...

00:38:47   You tend to have that position when I like something.

00:38:51   That's not true.

00:38:52   That's not true.

00:38:53   Well, you are more like, you always try to be like devil's advocate.

00:38:58   Well, no, I just think that this product...

00:39:01   But you see, I could argue it in the opposite, couldn't I?

00:39:04   If that's the case.

00:39:06   I could be like, you always like things and I don't like them.

00:39:09   Well, I didn't know that you wouldn't that you didn't like it. I don't dislike it

00:39:13   I just mean that I think it would be annoying to use this product every day if you didn't have a mountain nightstand

00:39:17   But I see how it works perfectly for you

00:39:20   I've had experience with this estate in a hotel in Germany and they had a metal nightstand and I was wearing an Apple watch

00:39:26   And it was super great that the Apple watch Park just stuck to the nightstand. So so perfect

00:39:31   Yeah, I don't have a metal nightstand though. I have a wooden one. Hmm

00:39:36   Yeah, I guess when now that everything is made of magnets basically it is convenient to have metal nightstands because you can sort of find

00:39:43   Up a utility for those in addition to you ever thought about sticking your phone to the side of the nightstand

00:39:48   Well, I could do that. That would be a video actually I

00:39:53   Could do that. It's a really good idea

00:39:55   kind of cool because like sometimes if I'm sleepy and I want to watch a video or like sometimes I watch videos to help me

00:40:02   go to sleep and

00:40:04   I will put I will like put my phone I like pop the pop socket out and put it on the bed stand

00:40:09   But it would be nicer if I could just physically attach it to my nightstand. Yeah, that'd be nicer

00:40:14   You should try that. You should report back. I should try that. That's a good idea. So yeah

00:40:19   In the current conditions, I guess given that I do have a metal nightstand I like it

00:40:28   Now in the in an alternate timeline, I may not according to Myke but right now I do

00:40:34   see, this is the reason that this this this

00:40:38   This thing you've put on me now

00:40:40   The reason is frustrating to me is the next link that I have in the document which is I put in the show notes

00:40:46   your

00:40:48   Article that you wrote linking to Peter McKinnon's video about the magsafe. Yeah wallet

00:40:53   Because we had this big conversation about the mag safe wallet and you were upset that everyone says the mag safe

00:40:59   Well, it's bad, but you think it's good

00:41:01   And then you found Peter McKinnon who is a youtuber who made a video talking about how good it is

00:41:06   And what I wanted to say is funny enough

00:41:09   It turns out that different people have different opinions and experiences about different things

00:41:12   Like it turns out that if you are a wallet case person

00:41:16   The wallet case is probably good for you

00:41:19   If you're not a wallet case person the wallet case is not good for you

00:41:23   And so you and Peter McKinnon who are slim wallet wallet case people really like the wallet case for the iPhone

00:41:31   And people that don't they look at it with a different lens

00:41:36   Right. I thought my assumption is like most of the people that were

00:41:41   Kind of making videos or saying like oh look this thing comes off. It's not that it doesn't stay on to the phone

00:41:48   They're like people that don't know how this kind of product it should work and people that are wallet case people

00:41:53   Want to be able to remove the wallet

00:41:56   I guess

00:41:57   from the phone like there's there's utility in doing that and

00:42:00   Also, like the way that you put your phone in and out of your pocket

00:42:03   So like I as a pop socket person put my phone in my pocket the same way that you as a wallet case person

00:42:10   Put your phone in your pocket, right? If I just try and slide my phone in there

00:42:13   the popsocket gets caught in my jeans. So I guide my phone into my pocket.

00:42:17   With the hand, yes.

00:42:18   With the hand. Because that's like a nice way of giving the phone a soft landing, right?

00:42:23   Yes, exactly.

00:42:24   But like, it's just one of those things where reviews are useful, but you have to always

00:42:31   look at a review through your own lens, right?

00:42:35   It's not, yes, obviously, yes, I agree with you. But what really, not that it bothers

00:42:42   me but it makes me think it's the consistency of the reviews and I find

00:42:49   it strange how it just so happens that all the early reviewers have the same

00:42:53   opinion it's like yeah I get it it's different you know products for

00:42:59   different people but like when they all slide their phone in their pockets the

00:43:05   same way whenever a new iPad Pro comes out pretty much every review talks about

00:43:11   how this is not a laptop replacement right every single time because it's

00:43:16   like you there are these like the the mass opinion and then there's the

00:43:22   opinion for the person that cares about this thing specifically right and you've

00:43:27   got to hit that person like for example the iPhone 12 Pro Max mmm my curly gives

00:43:33   a very different review to everyone else everyone else is like this thing is too

00:43:38   big it's hard to handle even people that like big phones and I'm like this thing

00:43:42   is friggin amazing it's easier to hold than any of the other ones and I love it

00:43:47   right on it or like the gold I absolutely adore this gold but everybody

00:43:53   else is like oh man this gold's too much and I'm like this gold ain't even

00:43:57   enough make it more I love it this thing screams gold phone I'll take it just

00:44:03   Which turns out different strokes different folks, right?

00:44:05   Yeah.

00:44:06   So, that's what I'm going to say.

00:44:08   In any case, MagSafe Duo approved.

00:44:14   Wallet case approved.

00:44:16   TikiSail of approval.

00:44:18   You're like MagSafe number one fan at the moment, right?

00:44:21   I think at the moment I may be the only one.

00:44:24   I don't use any MagSafe products yet.

00:44:27   And I don't have a problem with it.

00:44:28   It's just like my use case for a phone requires a popsicle.

00:44:32   That's what I like.

00:44:33   I just want to have everything MagSafe around me.

00:44:35   I wish that there was some kind of MagSafe thing that works the way I want.

00:44:41   And people sent me this kind of popsocket-like thing which worked with MagSafe, but it was

00:44:50   like a ring that you pulled out and eh, it's not what I want.

00:44:54   I still want to see what popsocket do to try and make some kind of MagSafe compatible thing.

00:45:02   And they're still working on that, they still don't have a product.

00:45:05   I don't believe they ever had a product.

00:45:07   I think that they just were like, "Yeah, yeah, we're not aware about it."

00:45:12   Like, "We got it, we got it."

00:45:15   And I don't think they have any idea what they're doing with it.

00:45:18   I think what they potentially could do is like the little sticky disc that goes on the back,

00:45:23   if they just made that much larger, like the diameter of a pop socket,

00:45:28   of the MagSafe, sorry, and then it would just pass through.

00:45:32   but I don't know what they're gonna do. They have said nothing since that original thing of like "yeah, yeah, yeah, we got it"

00:45:40   so I don't know, we'll see.

00:45:41   Before we move on to the next topic, and I'm gonna try something here.

00:45:45   Without spoiling the device that I covered in the pre-show, so if you're not a member of Connected Pro,

00:45:53   go check out the pre-show. Stephen, I have a question. Is the screensaver of that device

00:46:01   Necessary?

00:46:02   Technically, I don't think it is.

00:46:04   Again, without spoiling.

00:46:06   Okay.

00:46:07   You know there's two different options with that screensaver?

00:46:09   Uh-huh.

00:46:10   And so they do the one so the other one works.

00:46:13   Right.

00:46:14   So I should look in settings is what you're saying.

00:46:17   Maybe.

00:46:18   I don't think you can disable it.

00:46:19   Oh, you can't disable it?

00:46:21   No.

00:46:22   Oh.

00:46:23   Oh.

00:46:24   You gotta get the case, though.

00:46:26   The case that that manufacturer makes is really nice.

00:46:29   Okay.

00:46:30   And it protects the screen, like the leather sleeve.

00:46:33   I don't know if it would protect it in Tim's line of work, but in your line of work it'd

00:46:37   be fine.

00:46:38   Alright, alright, yeah.

00:46:40   Thanks for the...

00:46:41   I had an idea that cases existed for it.

00:46:43   Yeah, if you worked in a quarry, that thing would get destroyed.

00:46:45   I once put one in a bag with some sunglasses and scratched the hell out of it.

00:46:50   Oh, these are some nice cases.

00:46:51   Yeah, get the one that the same company makes.

00:46:54   And then go to getconnecttopro.co.

00:46:57   Plus is launching next week December 14th so we had some rumblings this was

00:47:05   going to happen I think Myke you mentioned that a lot of the the fitness

00:47:08   coaches or trainers were kind of gearing up their stuff on Instagram showing a

00:47:13   bunch of photos and things of the studio so yeah so it is coming the future of

00:47:19   fitness which is what Apple says it is $9.99 a month or $80 a year it's also

00:47:26   part of the Apple one premiere plan so the most expensive version of Apple one

00:47:30   at $29.95 a month but of course you get everything else with that so the iCloud

00:47:37   space Apple music the very popular Apple news plus and Apple arcade anything else

00:47:43   I think that's it. Do both of you sign up for that by the way? Yep. Federico did you

00:47:48   do that? No. You didn't sign up? Did they not have it in Italy? What Apple one? Apple one

00:47:53   Premiere? No, it's not an Innoly. I can't sign up with my fake US Apple ID.

00:47:59   However, I don't want to do that because I'm afraid of losing the very

00:48:02   complicated yet effective setup that I have with all my accounts because I'm

00:48:08   one of those people who has an Italian iCloud. Yeah, I know that they did

00:48:15   that thing where like if you have different accounts but no but for you I

00:48:19   I would not trust it because it's different countries.

00:48:22   Look, it's fine.

00:48:24   It works fine.

00:48:25   I'm gonna pay more.

00:48:27   It's fine.

00:48:28   I don't wanna, it's one of those things where you touch it

00:48:30   and it's gonna implode.

00:48:31   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:48:33   So Steven, you're doing the thing

00:48:34   where you have the two accounts?

00:48:35   Yeah, so we've used the family sharing now

00:48:38   for a couple of years.

00:48:39   And so we had my, let's call it legacy Apple ID

00:48:43   for purchases, and then I have a separate iCloud account

00:48:46   and my wife has an iCloud account.

00:48:47   and now two of our three kids have Apple IDs.

00:48:50   It is really fine.

00:48:52   And moving to Apple One was like pushing a button.

00:48:54   There were no problems.

00:48:55   - Did you get any weird billing things?

00:48:57   I got some weird billing things.

00:48:59   - No, I saw that.

00:49:00   I saw--

00:49:01   - I got like charged for two terabytes of iCloud

00:49:04   and then two days later got a refund for it.

00:49:06   It was really weird.

00:49:07   - I don't think I did.

00:49:08   Maybe I just missed those emails.

00:49:10   But anyways, it's there.

00:49:13   We've got some questions about how the Apple Watch fits into this.

00:49:18   So, first of all, if you're a current Apple Watch owner, you get a one month trial for free when Fitness Plus comes out.

00:49:25   If you buy a new Apple Watch, you get three months free.

00:49:28   But the Apple Watch is required for Apple Fitness Plus.

00:49:33   So this is from Apple's website.

00:49:36   Apple Fitness Plus requires Apple Watch Series 3 or later with WatchOS 7 or later,

00:49:41   and one of the following devices, iPhone 6s or later with iOS 14, iPad with the iPadOS 14,

00:49:49   or Apple TV with the mic reviewed tvOS 14. So you have to have the Apple Watch and one of these

00:49:55   other products. If you don't have an Apple Watch you're not going to be able to use Fitness Plus.

00:50:00   Which I think is like I understand right and they want to sell the bundle but... I don't know why

00:50:06   they can't just be like you don't get these features. Yeah, yeah you don't get

00:50:11   the cool tracking. I can still watch the videos right like it is strange to me

00:50:16   like I get it it's like this is a service which is way better if it can do

00:50:20   the tracking stuff and I'm intrigued to see how it all works like where they

00:50:23   show you the things on the screen like you get to see your move rings and that

00:50:27   kind of stuff and I'm intrigued to see how it will like work with the heart

00:50:32   rate and all that like how I mean I'm really intrigued to see how this all

00:50:36   comes together because they have the opportunity here to build the base of like something that

00:50:42   people that like pelotons get excited about right like this is like you know you've got

00:50:47   like the peloton crew they really believe in it like they love it there is a for example

00:50:53   there is a fitness and health channel in our discord and adena was telling me the other

00:50:58   day it's just all peloton all the time in there like people love peloton and i get it

00:51:03   right? Because like that is the type of thing that if you're into that you're

00:51:06   like really into that right? But I'm wondering if Apple had the ability to

00:51:12   like start to build some kind of MIDI version of that with this thing and

00:51:17   that's where the Apple watch stuff will start to play into it. So I'm intrigued

00:51:22   I'm looking forward to trying it out. There are some, a handful, maybe not even

00:51:28   a handful, just a couple of fitness accessories that have shown up in the

00:51:33   online Apple store. Oh really? So there are there are a couple yoga mats and

00:51:37   then like a box to let you know you'd like step up on and step off of. It's made

00:51:42   of cork apparently it looks kind of cool. So they are starting to get into this

00:51:47   and I think that there will be you know more hardware that either Apple blesses

00:51:52   or potentially even does themselves for fitness stuff in the future but the idea

00:51:58   is, and including with a starter course, that you can just have an Apple Watch and something

00:52:03   else and just start with no accessories, like a very kind of easy way into this.

00:52:11   So I think that is a good deal.

00:52:14   And they may branch out and partner with, you know, maybe a maker of a bike or a treadmill

00:52:18   or something in the future, but I think we're at the very beginning of what this could be.

00:52:24   I think that's pretty exciting.

00:52:27   very excited about it my household my wife has asked me for several weeks when

00:52:30   they're gonna start. What do you know what what stuff she's interested in like

00:52:36   which of the... I know she does a lot of the high interval high intensity

00:52:41   interval HIIT training whatever whatever the I stand for hit HIIT training I mean

00:52:47   she does a lot of classes now like we so we gave up our gym membership because of

00:52:50   the pandemic we're gonna go into a gym and we built like we bought a like a

00:52:56   a weight machine and put those in the garage and have some stuff out there but

00:53:00   she likes classes like with music and cardio stuff and so I think she's just

00:53:04   excited to explore it so that's why we went ahead and did premiere in advance

00:53:08   of this so we'd be all ready to go and I'm looking forward to it once I can get

00:53:12   back on my feet so foot back on my one foot so anyways fitness plus is coming

00:53:18   it's it's weird I just I think this is gonna be great and I don't necessarily

00:53:22   necessarily say that about Apple services when they're when they're announced not all of the ones that they have

00:53:26   Announced and rolled out are great, but I think this one

00:53:30   I think Apple cares way more about this and something like news plus right? I think that's gonna yes

00:53:34   Yeah, I think so Tim Cook wants to do this at 4 o'clock in the morning when he gets up

00:53:39   Alright, we're gonna talk about the air pods max

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00:55:22   our thanks to Hawthorne for making me smell nice and sponsoring the show

00:55:27   finally come on air pods max take this away boys all right I just want to say

00:55:37   I'm gonna call these air pods pro max so much I can't help it I'm sorry I just

00:55:44   want to say that up front. I expect to say it a lot, but we're gonna try our best.

00:55:49   AirPods Max. As long as you don't have a nickname for them. HeadPods! HeadPods, you mean?

00:55:55   Well, that's not a nickname, that's the codename that we so intelligently

00:56:00   discovered. No, we didn't create it. Well, we created it. And then Apple took it.

00:56:05   And then Apple stole it from us. This has been discovered in the kind of in the

00:56:11   code that they were calling them head pods which is just brilliant. I'm so

00:56:15   happy that somebody at Apple listened and decided to go with a great name but it

00:56:20   was clearly rejected by Phil Schiller at marketing.

00:56:22   Right, the ghost of Phil Schiller.

00:56:24   So this is real huh? Finally.

00:56:26   I know right?

00:56:28   I don't know, it just it feels very strange because I had lost hope on this

00:56:35   product especially after the latest report from Mark Gurman a few weeks ago

00:56:39   saying how it was delayed again, they needed to make more changes, and I just felt like

00:56:44   yeah this is never gonna happen now. They're not gonna actually ever release this. But

00:56:49   no, here they are and they're coming on Tuesday.

00:56:52   And they're $549, which is definitely expensive.

00:56:58   Expensive, yes. They are. I don't think it's shockingly expensive though. Like, I don't

00:57:06   Obviously, don't take my opinion with a quarry of salt.

00:57:13   With teamwork.

00:57:16   But I'm the kind of person who is, shall we say, interested in headphones.

00:57:24   I have lots of different headphones and I spent a lot of money on headphones and audio

00:57:30   gear in general.

00:57:32   I don't think, I'm trying to phrase this in a way that we don't get too much feedback.

00:57:37   I don't think it's shockingly expensive. I think it's a luxurious product in a way that

00:57:42   we're used to seeing from Apple. It's pretty much in line with what they've done in the

00:57:48   past. So if you think of like the, any Sony or Bose headphones that feature active noise

00:57:55   cancellation and Bluetooth that are popular now, those tend to be in the range of what,

00:58:01   $300, $350.

00:58:03   Yeah, but I think $300 tends to be the kind of sweet spot.

00:58:06   Yeah, $300 sweet spot.

00:58:07   So, you know, as usual with Apple products,

00:58:10   you double that and then you make it a little less

00:58:13   than double and you got the final pricing,

00:58:15   which is exactly what they've done with the AirPods.

00:58:18   So it's a high-end,

00:58:20   I would call this a high-end prosumer product,

00:58:24   if we were to find the market segment for it.

00:58:27   So yeah, it's more expensive than what

00:58:31   you can find from other brands.

00:58:34   But what I think is really fascinating

00:58:36   about these headphones, which we're

00:58:38   going to talk about in a few minutes,

00:58:39   is the way that Apple is positioning this

00:58:42   and some of the technical specs that they have shared

00:58:44   about this product, some of their claims.

00:58:48   They are entering this fascinating territory

00:58:51   where they are claiming at least some parts of the performance

00:58:57   that you may be used to seeing in high-end, you know, almost audiophile level headphones,

00:59:04   but in the AirPods brand. So I think maybe an easier way to frame this for people that focus

00:59:12   on these things is the AirPods Max are actually more like the HomePod in what Apple is entering

00:59:20   them into than other AirPods, because the other AirPods products are pretty fairly priced within

00:59:27   the categories that they sit in. But the HomePod, the original HomePod, even the HomePod Mini

00:59:35   to a point, are really overpriced based to the competitors. But what Apple is trying

00:59:42   to do and has done to some level is create a product that is better at the audio stuff

00:59:48   and so they charge a premium for it to get there.

00:59:51   Yeah, yeah. So what they are saying about the AirPods Max in terms of the sound quality

00:59:57   and the distortion at full volume, numbers like they have in their press release and

01:00:03   on their product page, 1% distortion across the full range at maximum volume.

01:00:09   So what does that mean though?

01:00:11   Well, it means that when you're playing audio and look, I will say that I do have a high

01:00:18   resolution music player. I do have really, really good Sony headphones. First of all,

01:00:23   I don't need anybody to tell me that this stuff isn't true. Like, if you think that

01:00:27   it isn't true, good for you. Please don't tell me because I don't care. Like all the

01:00:30   people that have told me this week on Twitter that high resolution audio isn't real, I have

01:00:34   muted them. Because like, if that is your first interaction...

01:00:37   They're just people that can't tell the difference between the mids and the highs, Federico.

01:00:40   No. The thing is, if your first interaction with me publicly on Twitter is to tell me

01:00:48   that I'm wrong about something I like, I don't think we can go along together.

01:00:51   No, you can't be friends like that.

01:00:53   It's just, why would you think that you're first interaction? Anyway, what was I gonna

01:00:59   say? I lost my train of thought because of people on Twitter. See, you should never tweet,

01:01:03   you should never be on Twitter.

01:01:04   Never tweet and then you will always keep your train of thought.

01:01:07   The thing is, I'm really interested to see... So, your question, let's go with your question

01:01:17   first. Distortion means that when you listen to something at full volume, what Apple is

01:01:23   saying is that there's a, if you were to put on a graph and they have really complex techniques

01:01:30   to do this and they have really fancy equipment to do this, they actually have a footnote

01:01:34   on their website, the details, the kind of equipment that they use to measure distortion.

01:01:40   It means that when you put it on a graph and you forward to like create a visualization

01:01:44   of like, what would it mean to have distorted audio at this percentages? And they are saying

01:01:50   that when you play a song at full volume, maximum volume, all the frequencies will have

01:01:57   just 1% of potential distortion. And that is a very, very, very low number. It's the

01:02:05   kind of number that, and is what I was going to say. I have done this research myself,

01:02:11   Like before purchasing the equipment that I have and the headphones that I have, I was

01:02:15   hanging out on those forums where people take, you know, the audiophile world is a really

01:02:21   weird and fascinating world.

01:02:23   As with any hobby that is taken to the extreme, you have people taking extreme measures to

01:02:29   validate their hobbies.

01:02:31   And one of those measures is there's people buying really fancy equipment to measure the

01:02:36   distortion, the frequencies, and all the kind of qualities that come with their also expensive

01:02:42   gear for actually enjoying audio. And so I checked out those threads and posts, and I

01:02:49   understand some of it, I don't understand most of it, but I still think it's fascinating.

01:02:55   And ultimately, if you're using that kind of equipment, right, it's not like you're

01:03:00   making up those numbers. You have people showing pictures of these machines that they use to

01:03:07   measure performance and the rooms that they use to measure distortion, for example. It's

01:03:13   really fascinating and it's really odd to an extent, but the numbers don't lie. And

01:03:18   those numbers, what Apple is saying, I linked on Twitter to a post by WhatHiFi, which is

01:03:26   sort of like an audiophile website that I've been following for a while.

01:03:30   a magazine too, I remember.

01:03:32   Yeah.

01:03:32   One of the one of the first things that they pointed out like

01:03:35   yesterday was like Apple claiming one percent distortion rate.

01:03:40   It's very bold.

01:03:41   It's a very bold claim.

01:03:43   Those are the numbers that you usually get with, you know, high end equipment.

01:03:47   And these are, you know, these are expensive headphones, but they're not

01:03:52   high end, you know, audiophile gear.

01:03:54   These are AirPods.

01:03:57   Because like I guess the kind of headphones that would do this kind of stuff in that world

01:04:03   are like twice this price.

01:04:05   Yeah, yeah.

01:04:06   I mean you can get audio file level headphones for less than a thousand dollars for sure.

01:04:14   But it's...

01:04:15   Oh well, thank you Siri.

01:04:18   It just search for best headphones under a thousand dollars.

01:04:21   That's good.

01:04:22   That's good.

01:04:23   Did it give you the AirPods Max?

01:04:25   Yeah, the Audis, the Audis LCD2, those are, you know, the HiFiMan, yeah, those are good

01:04:29   iPhones and the Sony 1000XM4. Yeah, I mean, sure. So you can get audio file level, you know,

01:04:37   recommendations under a thousand dollars for sure. But those are also not Bluetooth headphones.

01:04:45   And those are wired headphones. So whatever Apple is doing here, I'm very, very keen to see

01:04:54   what it means in practice, how it actually tests in practice, because they are... some of the

01:05:00   promises they are making are, I think, yeah, I think describing them as bold is a good description.

01:05:06   I will go with what what iFi wrote. It's a bold claim, and it makes it really fascinating to me,

01:05:13   because you have this, like, you're right there in the middle, just like with the HomePod, right?

01:05:19   When the HomePod came out, on those forums that I mentioned, I saw the same people actually taking

01:05:24   measurements of the HomePod, with distortion and frequencies, and comparing the HomePod to other

01:05:30   Hi-Fi home equipment, like speakers and all that kind of stuff. I saw the same people doing the

01:05:36   same tests, and a lot of them were actually surprised, and they were actually saying,

01:05:41   yeah, Apple somehow put out a speaker that has pretty good performance even when compared to

01:05:49   actual gear that audiophiles purchase. And I think they may have a shot to replicate that

01:05:55   with the AirPods. So there is that fascinating parallel between the HomePod, like the full-size

01:06:01   HomePod, and these AirPods Max. Again, assuming that Apple's claims are true, and I don't think

01:06:07   they will be false. I think what they're writing is actually true. But also, unlike the HomePod,

01:06:15   these are a product with a much, much, much stronger brand and recognition.

01:06:22   These are called AirPods. They're not called, you know, HomePod head, whatever.

01:06:34   People are going to recognize this, and they're going to say, "These are the new AirPods."

01:06:38   Like, it's a big deal to call them AirPods. And so, you're right there in that interesting spot

01:06:46   of maybe you have a shot to sell really good audio quality to consumers, and I'm fascinated by this.

01:06:56   Like, what is this going to mean for, you know, other headphone manufacturers, for example?

01:07:03   I saw someone on Twitter yesterday, I don't remember their name, saying, "You want to

01:07:08   bet that if the AirPods Max are successful, it's going to convince Sony, Bose, and all

01:07:14   these other companies to push their prices higher and to invest on sound quality, because

01:07:19   they're going to see what Apple is doing and they're going to copy their approach?"

01:07:22   And that's a valid point. I think it could happen. But I'm just, yeah, I think the most

01:07:27   fascinating part for me is the idea of wireless headphones having some of the qualities and some

01:07:33   of the performance of the kind of gear that costs a lot more money, but in a product that is very

01:07:41   much in line with what, you know, average people want, which is more AirPods. Some of that kind of

01:07:47   reminds me of the Pro Display XDR, right? Apple enters a market, they say, "We're gonna get $30,000

01:07:54   reference monitors. Now in practice like in some ways it's as good other ways

01:07:58   it's not as good but for regular consumers it's way overkill like this

01:08:04   feels like similar positioning but to your point they're doing that

01:08:08   positioning with a brand that is extremely popular air pods are

01:08:12   everywhere and it's like will that change it like there wasn't another pro

01:08:17   display and they added the XDR above it in the line even though they should

01:08:22   totally add one below it in the line at 5k but it's uh it's just very a very

01:08:26   interesting approach and I wonder like there'll be people who see this and

01:08:34   think it's ridiculous and that's fine there'll be other people who are excited

01:08:36   about it what I'm curious about are people who can't afford it and they and

01:08:42   they get them like is this gonna turn people on to sort of that scene of like

01:08:47   high-end audio? Like are people gonna be moving into this world because of this

01:08:52   product do you think? Well I guess it depends what you're listening to right?

01:08:56   Right and also let me clarify before we get the feedback I'm not saying that

01:09:01   AirPods Max are or will be audiophile headphones. What I'm trying to say

01:09:06   is that what Apple is claiming on the website right now has some similarities

01:09:14   to the kind of numbers that you get by testing actual audio file gear, and that Apple is

01:09:22   pushing this, is advertising this, you know, as having really, really, really good sound,

01:09:29   just like they did with the HomePod.

01:09:31   Steven's comparison of the Pro Display XDR makes a lot of sense, because it's like, they

01:09:35   picked and chose some areas of that high-grade product and went after those.

01:09:44   But I don't do everything that those products do.

01:09:47   But there are things like this distortion thing, which I don't really know much about,

01:09:50   but like it makes sense from what you're saying, I've never heard of it before, but like I

01:09:53   can conceive of it.

01:09:54   And if that is the type of statistic that real high-end audio products attempt to go

01:10:00   for, Apple's like, "We want that one, so we'll go for that one."

01:10:04   And like pick and choose a few things where it's like, "Look, this is a half or a third

01:10:09   of the price, but it's going to get you further than our competition will get you, because

01:10:15   these are the things that we have decided to go for. Again, similarly to the HomePod

01:10:20   as well, but I actually think the Pro Display XDR is a very very good...

01:10:24   Yeah, Terrence in the Discord makes a really good point, saying "Apple pulls features out

01:10:28   of the pro market and sticks them in prosumer products all the time." Yes, that is exactly

01:10:34   You take what's the best aspect of the professional product that we want to make available to

01:10:42   more people, and you take that and you refine that.

01:10:44   And it seems like audio distortion is going to be one of those features.

01:10:47   Obviously, if you're an audiophile, you will never—and I totally get it—you will never

01:10:52   accept a wireless headphone.

01:10:55   And that's totally fine.

01:10:56   I say this as the guy with the Sony Walkman and the 4.4 millimeter special audio jack

01:11:02   for my wired Sony headphones. Like, I get it. You know, lossless audio, wirelessly,

01:11:10   you know, we can argue about that. It's whether, you know, audio codecs like aptX or LDAC by

01:11:15   Sony are actually lossless or, you know, near lossless, which is another thing that people

01:11:21   say. But like, I get it. People, you know, people who are really into this stuff are

01:11:26   still going to be using wired headphones.

01:11:29   Near lossless is such a funny phrase.

01:11:31   Near lossless is a...

01:11:32   It's less loss less, I guess. Like, less loss?

01:11:36   It is called near loss less, though. It's a thing. It's a thing. I do have... The Sony

01:11:43   headphones that I have, even the previous generation, they do support LDAC as a codec.

01:11:51   The Sony earbuds that I have do not, which is odd. But yeah, that's a whole other discussion.

01:11:58   Is there any specific codec support for these?

01:12:02   Or is it just whatever the iPhone will do?

01:12:05   So this is another fascinating topic

01:12:07   that I did some research about.

01:12:10   Doesn't seem like it.

01:12:11   So on Android, I believe you can buy Android phones that

01:12:15   have both support for aptX HD, which is the near lossless

01:12:21   audio codec.

01:12:23   And there's also some Android phones that support LDAC.

01:12:27   LDAC is a near-lossless codec made by Sony, so you can find it in Sony products.

01:12:32   And if you want to have a little fun fact, a little trivia, I will tell you how the Japan

01:12:37   Audio Society certified LDAC with the official Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification, which

01:12:43   is a whole thing.

01:12:45   Nice.

01:12:46   Yes.

01:12:47   People in Japan care a lot about audio, and that to me is really, really awesome.

01:12:53   Anyway.

01:12:54   APTX HD and LDAC, basically, they allow you to do audio resolutions up to 24 bits.

01:13:03   I believe APTX HD has a sampling rate of 48 kHz and LDAC doubles that, and 96, yeah, that's

01:13:11   correct, LDAC can do.

01:13:12   Anyway, this doesn't really matter.

01:13:14   What matters is that if you have an Android phone and a compatible service and compatible

01:13:21   headphones, you can listen to near-lossless audio on services like Amazon Music HD, or Tidal Hi-Fi,

01:13:29   or Kobus, you know, one of those services that lets you pay more money to have lossless music,

01:13:38   and listen to that on a near-lossless, with a near-lossless audio codec. Apple, so far,

01:13:48   They're using standard AAC, I believe, as an audio codec on AirPods. They don't support

01:13:56   aptX, which is made by Qualcomm. They don't support LDAC, which is made by Sony.

01:14:02   There's another variation of LDAC called, I believe, LDHC, which is made by...

01:14:08   I don't remember.

01:14:09   LDH.

01:14:10   There's also aptX adaptive, I think, which is another thing in any case.

01:14:15   We're getting real deep now.

01:14:16   We're getting real deep. What matters here is that I think these AirPods are still going to use

01:14:20   standard AAC, which is limited to the default 16-bit 44.1 kHz sampling rate.

01:14:28   So what's interesting, though, is that these are going to support a wired mode.

01:14:36   The AirPods Max will support using a Lightning to AudioJack cable.

01:14:43   And what happens then is my question when you use it in wired mode. That's gonna be interesting to

01:14:53   try because like are you still gonna convert everything to digital? I don't know. Like this is

01:15:04   outside of my knowledge territory, I suppose. Like what happens when you switch AirPods Max

01:15:10   from Bluetooth, which you're gonna use, and you're just gonna put a cable in and connect

01:15:15   them to, say, my Sony music player. Or a first-generation iPod Nano. Is it still gonna convert the signal

01:15:23   to digital using AAC? Right, or is it just gonna take whatever the device gives it? I

01:15:29   don't know. Right, like that's the question, is who's winning? Is it your Walkman or the

01:15:36   - I think the lightning cable is gonna win

01:15:39   because if you're passing it through lightning,

01:15:41   it's still gonna convert everything to digital.

01:15:43   - Right.

01:15:44   - Would be my assumption.

01:15:46   - Right.

01:15:47   Okay.

01:15:48   - So what's interesting is there's a compatibility list

01:15:52   on the tech specs page,

01:15:55   and it lists a bunch of Apple products,

01:15:57   but it doesn't seem to clarify if this is compatibility

01:16:03   for wireless or wired?

01:16:07   Like, would it even work with your Sony?

01:16:10   I guess we'll find out.

01:16:11   - Well, they should work wirelessly too, though.

01:16:13   - Oh, with standard Bluetooth, yeah.

01:16:15   - Yeah.

01:16:16   - Just gonna use that.

01:16:17   What I think is interesting in the context of

01:16:20   high fidelity audio and audio codecs,

01:16:24   it's not the specifics, it's how Apple can sell it.

01:16:28   And this is why I'm surprised that they haven't put out

01:16:32   high-fi tier for Apple Music, especially now that, you know, at first it was just Tidal

01:16:40   and I don't know Deezer maybe and Cubuse, and then Amazon came in and said, "Well, Amazon

01:16:47   Music HD, you don't have to pay $30 a month like those other services, just give us $15

01:16:53   a month." So they're undercutting the competition on price by offering the same, in theory,

01:16:59   lossless music. And it seems like, you know, Apple seems to be the kind of company that

01:17:05   if you can upsell people on a more expensive service, it seems like they usually like to

01:17:10   do that. And so I guess I'm surprised that they haven't used their proprietary H1 chip

01:17:19   to build a new audio codec on top of Bluetooth, just like, you know, those other folks like

01:17:25   Qualcomm and Sony have done, and combine that, now that they have the HomePod and now that

01:17:31   they have the AirPods Max, combine that with the new Apple Music tier for folks who really

01:17:36   want to get the best quality out of Apple Music when streaming wirelessly. And again,

01:17:40   I don't need your opinion on this, I'm just saying that other companies do it. I'm surprised

01:17:44   that Apple isn't doing it themselves.

01:17:47   Especially considering now they have like two high-end audio products, right? They have

01:17:52   home pod and then they have these and these like high-end audio gear is what they're pitching it as

01:17:58   and pricing it as. It's kind of interesting to see that like they go to all the trouble that they're

01:18:03   going to to make these things sound really good in theory. I'm just saying you can monetize that

01:18:10   with a service component and say you buy the hardware and also you can keep giving us money

01:18:15   with the service. It's part of premiere or whatever as well right like the regular apple one can

01:18:22   you get the regular Apple Music lumped in, but if you get Premiere you also get the HD,

01:18:28   Apple Music HD or whatever. Anyway, that was a lot of conversation about what's inside

01:18:33   of these things. We haven't spoken about any of the outside. So they come in a variety

01:18:38   of colours. Space grey, I don't know why it's called space grey. Why are we back to space

01:18:43   grey? I thought we'd left that, right? I think we got a graphite, wasn't it? Space grey,

01:18:49   Silver, Sky Blue, Green and Pink.

01:18:52   So there's some of the colours we saw in the iPad Air, plus Pink.

01:18:58   Apple's naming is so interesting to me.

01:19:00   Sky Blue, Green.

01:19:02   Why?

01:19:03   Why does Blue get Sky?

01:19:06   And then you got Green and Pink.

01:19:08   Anyway.

01:19:09   Should have been called Field Green and Skimpinck.

01:19:11   - Oof. (laughs)

01:19:14   I went, both me and Federico have ordered these,

01:19:18   and I went with Space Gray for the same reason

01:19:21   that if I was buying an Apple Watch,

01:19:22   I wouldn't buy the red or the blue one.

01:19:24   - You're married to a color then

01:19:27   that you don't, might not always want.

01:19:28   - Exactly.

01:19:29   I don't necessarily always want my headphones to be green.

01:19:33   Right?

01:19:34   It's a big thing.

01:19:35   Especially because, this wasn't it at the time,

01:19:38   but you can get the different ear cups,

01:19:40   they're $69, it's a really nice price.

01:19:42   - Nice.

01:19:44   - And you can mix and match the colors up if you want to,

01:19:46   which I think is kind of cool.

01:19:48   And this is, so one of the things that I was seeing about,

01:19:50   this is especially Mark Gurman saying it,

01:19:52   it seemed like Apple changed what they were doing here,

01:19:56   'cause there's a bunch of things that,

01:19:57   from his original report that he was expecting.

01:20:00   I think that this part might have gotten lost

01:20:02   in the reporting, because he was referencing the fact

01:20:05   that you could mix and match materials.

01:20:08   And you can definitely do that here.

01:20:11   So I don't know, but like, yeah,

01:20:13   there definitely seems like some,

01:20:16   the report that Mark Gorman originally gave

01:20:18   in this product, they do seem different.

01:20:20   And I can imagine that there may have been some issues

01:20:23   with the product here,

01:20:25   which resulted in what we've got today,

01:20:28   because it does kind of feel like it would make sense

01:20:30   if they did have a cheaper version too,

01:20:32   made out of different materials, right?

01:20:34   And it, in theory, would make more sense

01:20:37   that they had touch on them.

01:20:38   We'll get to the input in a minute,

01:20:40   but that's what you would have naturally expected.

01:20:43   And also, they've come out on December,

01:20:47   the middle of December.

01:20:48   This is clearly not the time you would have picked

01:20:53   for this product to make its debut.

01:20:55   - And now the order dates are way out.

01:20:58   So either--

01:20:58   - Oh, they're like, if you wanna order most of them now,

01:21:01   you get them in March which is wild like I can't think of a time when there's

01:21:07   been this long of a gap. AirPods maybe. Like three months? I mean AirPods were hard to get at the

01:21:13   beginning remember people were like trying to get the Apple store when they

01:21:17   opened. We know AirPods got delayed though there was a production issues.

01:21:21   Yeah. Right they actually delayed that product it was supposed to come out

01:21:25   whenever it wasn't and they pushed it by months so like and then Apple also said

01:21:30   like it's constrained. So I expect a similar thing has happened here but like

01:21:35   it is you know people saying Apple pencils well that's another good one

01:21:39   right like the Apple pencil it was like and also the smart keyboards as well

01:21:42   those those those products were super hard to get a hold of for a while. I mean

01:21:46   it's what's unknown for now and will be unknown for a long time is did they not

01:21:52   make many of these or did they underestimate demand? We don't know.

01:21:58   Yeah, who knows, right?

01:22:00   The thing that is interesting to me about that is

01:22:04   clearly they wanted some people to get it by the holidays

01:22:08   and what this does do, if the reviews are positive,

01:22:13   yes, some people will be frustrated they can't get them,

01:22:15   but they're gonna have a little bit of a hype train

01:22:17   riding into the spring too, I think.

01:22:19   And everything's in hype trains these days.

01:22:21   Mm-hmm.

01:22:23   Digital crown is the way that you control volume,

01:22:27   play and pause, skip tracks and use Siri.

01:22:31   This is interesting.

01:22:32   That's a lot of stuff to do with the digital crown.

01:22:34   I kind of love it.

01:22:35   I don't think it, I think when you read it, right?

01:22:38   So volume, you twist it, play pause, you click it, skip tracks,

01:22:41   you double click it and Siri, you hold it.

01:22:43   Right.

01:22:45   That'd be my assumption for all of those things I haven't looked into.

01:22:48   I don't know if they published that anywhere.

01:22:49   This can't be what they wanted.

01:22:50   I kind of prefer it.

01:22:52   I really dislike it.

01:22:54   I think I would prefer it to touch, but I do agree that I don't

01:22:57   think this was version one of the plan.

01:22:59   And many of you just look at it, it's just like stuck on the top of it like, "ahh, we'll

01:23:04   put it there!"

01:23:05   I don't know, maybe I will change my opinion if Apple can do gestures better than other

01:23:11   headphones.

01:23:12   I never liked gesture controls on any headphone that I've had.

01:23:16   But I'm in agreement with you that I think it will be nicer to use, but I think the point

01:23:20   me and Steven are making is that you would naturally assume this was not what they were

01:23:25   were going for like that they would want to find something similar to the AirPods

01:23:29   Pro right like there would be it's all it's all touch based because as well

01:23:34   it's like they have the button for changing between noise cancellation and

01:23:40   transparency which I actually think will also be nicer because you just click it

01:23:44   once you don't have to hold it you know squeeze it right like the AirPods Pro

01:23:48   like I saw that in the ad right like there's that ad with woman's flying

01:23:52   through space which I actually kind of like that and she just clicks it to

01:23:56   change and I just you know it's like oh okay that that's quite cool but the

01:24:02   digital crown it it is weird to see that not on a watch right that it really does

01:24:10   just look like the digital crown and they call it that I don't know why they

01:24:16   went with that and they didn't just make like its own thing mm-hmm you know like

01:24:21   why is it quite literally the watch one? One thing I haven't been able to get a concept

01:24:29   of is, is it the same thing or is it bigger? I can't work that out yet. You know what I

01:24:35   mean? Like is that the same dimensions as the digital crown on a watch?

01:24:40   It does kind of look bigger. But is it because we don't know how big the

01:24:43   thing is? Oh I wonder if they've got the AR thing. Because that might help me kind of

01:24:50   conceptualize that a little bit better maybe. Federico, can you tell me about the headband?

01:24:57   Yeah.

01:24:58   Is this good?

01:24:59   I think it's potentially good. I want to see how it feels like. So Apple is using this

01:25:08   different design where they have this, what do they call it, breathable mesh in the middle

01:25:16   of the headband and they have these stainless steel telescopic arms that go into the earcups.

01:25:25   Which make it heavy, right? Stainless steel is heavy.

01:25:28   Stainless steel is heavy. My Sony headphones have a different band design. They actually

01:25:36   use I believe sheepskin leather as the material. But they're made of titanium. They're not

01:25:43   made of steel and steel. Steel and steel is heavier. And this is gonna be, it's gonna

01:25:48   be interesting because on one hand it's steel, so it's heavy, and I believe these headphones

01:25:53   are 320 something grams, so there, you know, there's lighter headphones out there for sure.

01:26:03   But also that headband design, which Apple says it was created to relieve pressure on

01:26:08   your head so that you don't feel these headphones pushing down on the top of your head, maybe

01:26:14   it actually works and maybe you actually don't feel, you know, you're not bothered by wearing

01:26:21   these headphones because of that breathable design. But also what does it mean in terms

01:26:25   of are those gonna get dirty with like, you know, stuff getting caught up in the mesh

01:26:32   over time is gonna get gross basically or not and how quickly. So I don't know, it's

01:26:39   a design for sure, like it's very different from what I was expecting. I'm also intrigued

01:26:45   by the idea of the telescopic arms, sort of extending and allowing you to swivel and adjust

01:26:51   the height of the earcups. Yeah, the outside of the headphones is also just as interesting

01:26:59   as the inside, to Myke's point. And I am, I don't know, I would say 50% excited about

01:27:09   this design, because on one hand I'm worried about steel, and I'm worried about the material

01:27:17   getting dirty and gross just in the span of a couple of months.

01:27:22   I hadn't even thought of that. I don't know if I would like the weight on my neck. I don't

01:27:27   know like if I would find that comfortable like on my head you know I

01:27:31   mean a lot of these types of things it's like it's in the balance right they're

01:27:36   like because it's like for example like VR headsets like a VR headset that hangs

01:27:42   on your face it feels a lot less comfortable than one that's like

01:27:47   anchor levered on the back of your head and it like so the PlayStation VR headset

01:27:51   the way that they do that it's just like it's it's anchored to the back of your

01:27:55   head and then is almost like suspended in front of your face but the oculus ones

01:28:00   you basically all of the weight is in the front and the weight being all in

01:28:05   the front it makes it less comfortable over time but if you kind of anchor it

01:28:09   in the back it's nicer so what I'm wondering is like with the way that they

01:28:12   had the headband how comfortable is that when it's like resting on my head and

01:28:18   kind of maybe helping balance out the weight of the overall thing rather than

01:28:23   it kind of feeling like it's clamped to the side of my head and feeling that way

01:28:25   so this is one of those things we have to wait and see I hope that this just

01:28:31   isn't like part of their obsession with stainless steel that they think they

01:28:34   need to put it in anything in everything and it's actually got some some utility

01:28:39   and doesn't overall make the product less comfortable because it's super

01:28:42   heavy yeah it's the Mac Pro of headphone designs yeah now let's see the that

01:28:50   headband is definitely a choice when it comes to design like you don't like it

01:28:55   well I don't know I like the photos of it

01:29:00   will I like wearing it that's my question mm-hmm I don't know I don't

01:29:05   know what to think because I haven't actually tried them the case hmm so it

01:29:11   has a smart case that you put the AirPod max into and it goes into an ultra low

01:29:15   power state which I don't really understand this I guess obviously this case doesn't have a battery

01:29:21   in it. The battery life is pretty good 20 hours of battery life and one and a half hours of charge

01:29:26   you get from just five minutes of charging so like it's got that whole you know thing you know and

01:29:31   love from AirPods but obviously there isn't a battery case to put them in but you do get a long

01:29:36   battery life from the product itself because it's much larger it can have a longer battery in it.

01:29:40   When you put it into the case and it goes into this what's called a low power state the case

01:29:45   It's distinctive in its design. It's very memeable. I kind of don't care about it.

01:29:52   It's a soft case, which I've heard people not like they prefer a hard case. This is interesting to

01:29:58   me. I've never had a case for headphones, like over ear headphones, but I've also never had

01:30:06   really expensive over ear headphones. So, you know, you've got to kind of hope that Apple's

01:30:11   soft case thing is kind of just to stop them getting scuffed is why they have it, but they

01:30:16   are confident in the structural integrity of the product that if you put it in a backpack

01:30:22   or in a suitcase it's not going to get all broken up.

01:30:26   What I think is interesting about that case is how, if I get this right, they are basically

01:30:33   trying to replicate the experience of the standard AirPods in that based on what they're

01:30:40   saying you're never gonna turn the AirPods Max on or off if you use the case. You just

01:30:48   put them on and they enter low power mode and then when you remove them they're automatically

01:30:53   paired again. Just like you never turn off the AirPods, you just put them back in the

01:30:58   case. What happens if you take AirPods out of your ears and just put them down? Askadina.

01:31:04   Well, they eventually turned off. They ran out of battery.

01:31:09   But like, do they stay connected as if they're in use?

01:31:11   No, they automatically disconnect.

01:31:14   So is it like having them...

01:31:15   But then you can manually connect again from Control Center and play audio through...

01:31:18   Right, because the reason I'm asking is, I'm not going to put these headphones in the case

01:31:22   all the time when I'm not using them, right? Like, that's these new ones.

01:31:26   So they will automatically turn off, just like basically every other modern Bluetooth

01:31:31   headphones do.

01:31:32   Sure, good.

01:31:34   But the idea is you shouldn't have to bother turning them on again if you use the case.

01:31:44   Because when I remove my Sony headphones, and I don't turn them off, eventually they

01:31:49   turn off on their own after 30, 40 minutes, I don't remember.

01:31:54   But then when I want to listen to music with the Sony headphones again, with the Bluetooth

01:31:57   ones, of course, I need to turn them on again.

01:32:00   I need to press a button.

01:32:01   And I think what Apple is saying is, if you put them in the case, they will never turn

01:32:05   off, they'll always be in ultra low power mode, so that when you want to listen again,

01:32:10   you just put them on, you don't have to press any buttons.

01:32:12   Yeah, I'm not convinced about the convenience there yet.

01:32:17   Because like, then I always have to have this big floppy case, kind of like, around, you

01:32:23   know?

01:32:24   Which I don't imagine I would.

01:32:26   I have a stand for my headphones, so.

01:32:29   Who should do?

01:32:30   I don't know.

01:32:31   - I have a hook on the side of my desk.

01:32:34   But that's just for these podcasting headphones.

01:32:37   Federico's definitely gonna try and podcast with these.

01:32:41   We can all agree immediately,

01:32:44   the next episode of Connected,

01:32:45   Federico will be wearing these things to record with.

01:32:48   - Oh, that's a good idea.

01:32:49   - It seems like an inevitability that you would do that.

01:32:52   Well, I have to see what the audio bleed is.

01:32:56   Try it out on Jon first, the one true Jon.

01:32:59   (laughing)

01:33:01   Okay.

01:33:02   - Yeah, I am intrigued about these.

01:33:04   So like I have not bought a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

01:33:07   Right?

01:33:08   Because I was always waiting for these.

01:33:09   I don't own any of the Bluetooth headphones

01:33:12   that all the cool kids have, right?

01:33:13   I've never owned the Sony ones.

01:33:15   I never bought the Microsoft ones.

01:33:17   I didn't buy any of them.

01:33:19   Because we have been waiting for this product

01:33:21   like for like two years maybe, maybe longer.

01:33:25   And so I've always held out for over-ear headphones.

01:33:29   I have been using wired over-ear headphones,

01:33:32   some B&O ones that I bought,

01:33:35   for four years or something.

01:33:37   I've just had this pair of headphones.

01:33:39   And then I wanted a pair of Bluetooth ones

01:33:42   after I started using AirPods,

01:33:44   'cause I was like, "This is so much better."

01:33:46   But then by the time that I was ready

01:33:48   to make that purchase, it seemed like,

01:33:49   "Oh, Apple's gonna make some."

01:33:51   So now Apple have made them.

01:33:52   And I'm intrigued.

01:33:54   I kind of just want them to have that thing.

01:33:57   But I think that a lot of the benefit of this product

01:34:00   will probably be lost on me, honestly.

01:34:02   But I'm excited to try it anyway.

01:34:05   I don't think I listen to enough music.

01:34:09   I am definitely not the kind of person

01:34:12   that can do a very good job of telling

01:34:14   when something is better than something else.

01:34:17   I can tell when something is vastly different, good or bad.

01:34:21   but like I bet I it would be quite difficult for me to tell the difference say between

01:34:26   these and the best that Sony has to offer right like those ones that Federico has right

01:34:30   now and then I'm most likely going to be using these for watching video content and listening

01:34:36   to podcasts at home like I could imagine these will take place of my at home listening of

01:34:43   audio content or video or watching video content that I would usually use my AirPods Pro for

01:34:48   I could imagine using these instead because that just seems like a nicer experience maybe

01:34:54   to have these instead of the AirPods.

01:34:57   We'll find out I guess.

01:34:58   Steven you know?

01:35:00   Huh?

01:35:01   You?

01:35:02   Did you?

01:35:04   You interested?

01:35:05   I am interested for the same reasons you said.

01:35:07   I've never had Bluetooth headphones.

01:35:10   These are not something that would be for work for me but maybe when we can travel again

01:35:16   I'd be interested in them so.

01:35:18   Yeah, so you didn't order them, right?

01:35:19   I didn't say that.

01:35:20   Did you order them?

01:35:22   Yeah.

01:35:23   Just like the two of you.

01:35:24   Oh!

01:35:24   He kept that to himself.

01:35:26   Mm-hmm.

01:35:27   We were all talking about the headphones we ordered yesterday and you were like,

01:35:30   "Ooh, they're expensive."

01:35:31   Play it close to the vest.

01:35:34   Did you order them in such a way that you might have them next week?

01:35:38   Yes.

01:35:39   Oh, secrets.

01:35:40   I'm not proud of it, okay?

01:35:42   I feel bad.

01:35:44   Secrets.

01:35:45   Okay.

01:35:45   It is what it is.

01:35:46   Yeah, but you have a Mac Pro and a Pro Display XDR, so like...

01:35:49   [Dramatic shushing sound]

01:35:51   You know, you can't play that card, fancy one little boy.

01:35:55   Yeah, I haven't ordered them either. I'm not getting them.

01:36:00   Not true.

01:36:00   [Laughter]

01:36:03   It's not true. I know you did. I just realised at this point,

01:36:06   we've never spoken about your Pro Display on this show, have we?

01:36:08   Mm-mm.

01:36:09   See, I've only brought it up because I've heard you bringing it up on Mac power users.

01:36:13   Yeah, because it's my show where I can talk about computers I'm not made fun of.

01:36:16   I'm pretty sure Davian makes fun of you for the fancy expensive computer that you have.

01:36:21   The obsolete expensive computer that you are.

01:36:23   I think the first time I talked about it was on my Mac Pro Tour in the podcast with Vondaze.

01:36:32   Oh yeah, yeah.

01:36:34   It's certain things you can't hide.

01:36:37   Yeah.

01:36:38   It's like my screen's massive.

01:36:39   It's humongous.

01:36:40   There's no reason.

01:36:41   Alright, I think that's it.

01:36:43   Are we done?

01:36:44   Yeah, hopefully by next week's episode we'll all have them so we can talk about them on next week's show

01:36:49   Until then if you want to find links to stuff we spoke about head on over to relay.fm/connected/324

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01:37:33   You can find us all online. Myke is on Twitter as @imyke. Myke is deep into

01:37:40   building keyboards anything new to report there Myke? Yes this Saturday the 12th I'm

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01:37:53   12 Eastern 5 p.m. GMT. You can find Federico online as vittici v-i-t-i-c-c-i Federico is

01:38:03   the editor-in-chief of Macstories.net Federico I have a question for you. Of course you do.

01:38:10   It's my favorite part of the show.

01:38:13   I've started chapterizing the end of the show so people can know that something important

01:38:18   is happening.

01:38:20   What is a wrong assumption that people make about you?

01:38:25   This is a good one.

01:38:26   These are such good questions, but so bad for the first date.

01:38:30   Yes, also, like, I don't think you should ask these questions on a first date, Stephen.

01:38:35   We've talked about this repeatedly.

01:38:36   You need to check your sources, really.

01:38:39   I don't know, I guess this is a weird question because, like, it's based on the idea that

01:38:47   I know what people think about me, right?

01:38:52   Yeah.

01:38:53   So I feel like maybe people tend to assume that I'm, I don't know, God, this is getting

01:39:03   so difficult, Steven.

01:39:05   I feel like maybe…

01:39:06   I'll give you an easy one next week.

01:39:09   I feel like maybe people think that I'm... that I get... okay, yeah, I have it. I don't

01:39:16   think people understand how much more calm and open to new ideas I've gotten over the

01:39:25   past six or seven years, since I moved to Rome, basically. I think a lot of people that

01:39:31   used to know me before still are under the assumption that I'm, you know...

01:39:38   town boy. Yeah, and like, but even like, politically and like, just in general, the ideas that

01:39:44   I have and how I react to certain situations, I think people tend to assume that, you know,

01:39:50   I'm a like, you know, close minded, like, yeah, small town boy is a good description

01:39:56   of it. Is that an acceptable answer, Steven? Okay. Okay. Yeah, no, it's great. It's great.

01:40:02   I kind of thought maybe you're going to go down the road of people see me on the street.

01:40:07   I'm covered in tattoos. I think I'm some sort of...

01:40:10   Oh, no, that too, but I enjoy that.

01:40:11   Mean, angry person.

01:40:12   I enjoy that. Like, that's actually enjoyable.

01:40:15   Like, I know I try to think like something that, that not annoys me, but like that isn't...

01:40:21   Like that I don't like that they think that.

01:40:23   Okay.

01:40:24   Whereas the menacing aspect, I kind of enjoy that.

01:40:27   Because it can come in handy.

01:40:30   I guess.

01:40:30   People don't open the door for you during a pandemic.

01:40:32   That is also true, but also I don't go knocking.

01:40:34   You can find me online, I'm on Twitter as ismh,

01:40:37   right at 512pixels.net,

01:40:39   and host a bunch of shows here on Relay,

01:40:41   just like these other two fine gentlemen.

01:40:43   I'd like to thank our sponsors this week,

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01:40:47   and until next time guys, say goodbye.

01:40:50   - Adios,