320: Actually Quite Precedented


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 320.

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00:00:20   My name is Steven Hackett,

00:00:21   and I am joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:24   - Hello, hi.

00:00:26   - Hello. - It's me.

00:00:27   - It's you. - Yes.

00:00:29   We're also joined by Myke Hurley.

00:00:30   - Hello.

00:00:32   - Hi.

00:00:33   - Hi Myke.

00:00:34   How are you today?

00:00:36   - Oh, I'm good.

00:00:37   I'm very excited.

00:00:38   I always enjoy the Ricky's.

00:00:40   - Yes.

00:00:42   Probably the last one for the year.

00:00:44   - Who knows?

00:00:45   - Who knows?

00:00:46   - You think so, right?

00:00:47   - Well, we've got the annual picks too though.

00:00:49   I don't know if we're gonna do those

00:00:50   in December or January,

00:00:51   but we will at least be grading the annual picks

00:00:54   before the end of the year, right?

00:00:56   - Yes, I need to look back.

00:00:57   I think we released that around, like, between Christmas and New Year's last year, but I

00:01:02   forget.

00:01:03   I always have to look back and see what we do with those.

00:01:05   Right, okay.

00:01:06   I think at this point there should be a fourth event.

00:01:09   I mean, why not, right?

00:01:10   You started in September, then you did October, November, why not December as well?

00:01:14   You can throw in a bunch of stuff.

00:01:15   You can, you can...

00:01:16   I was like...

00:01:17   Maybe a services event.

00:01:18   I'm not gonna do another one.

00:01:20   But somebody said it to me, like, and they were being serious, and they listed the things,

00:01:24   and it was like...

00:01:26   I mean...

00:01:27   You could probably do one.

00:01:30   They could.

00:01:31   I don't think they will.

00:01:32   And also, here's the thing.

00:01:35   It could just be like before the end of November.

00:01:38   It doesn't have to be in December.

00:01:40   It needs to be in December.

00:01:42   It needs to be in December.

00:01:44   Because you gotta do the combo.

00:01:45   You gotta do September, October, November, December.

00:01:47   That's what you gotta do.

00:01:49   One event a month.

00:01:50   That's what I would do.

00:01:51   I mean, it would be fun.

00:01:53   I saw somebody tweet this.

00:01:55   It was very funny.

00:01:56   wished I could remember who it was right now. I think it may have been Kyle,

00:02:00   tweeted that the events will continue until morale improves and I thought that was very funny.

00:02:06   I saw Greg tweet that he just he wants another event that's five

00:02:10   minutes long and they just announced a 27 inch 5k display. That's cheap.

00:02:17   Wasn't it hilarious to see when they kept plugging the Mac mini into the Pro Display XDR

00:02:24   it's like come on is that supposed to be funny I don't get it

00:02:28   oh because they don't have it because they don't have a display I wasn't

00:02:32   getting the joke so that's the joke okay yeah there's nothing else to plug it

00:02:36   into a lot of people are commenting that the stand is more expensive than the the

00:02:40   Mac Mini yeah is that true? yes. Although the stands are grand. That's ridiculous. I wonder if how how expensive can you make one of these Mac Minis

00:02:51   Let's see. I'm gonna find that out because they start at $699. I'm guessing like $1600,

00:03:00   maybe $1800. You can get it up to $1699. Yeah. That's with 16 gigabytes of unified memory

00:03:09   and 2 terabytes of SSD storage. Should we do some follow up? Just a couple of quick

00:03:14   things. I have spoken to Mary and she is going to come on to talk about the iPhone 12 mini.

00:03:21   She has one getting here on Friday.

00:03:22   So maybe we can work that in next week

00:03:24   or the week after that.

00:03:25   So everyone likes when she's on the show,

00:03:28   she does a good job and she's gonna have a tiny iPhone.

00:03:31   So I think that'll be fun.

00:03:33   - I think she's the only person that I know of personally

00:03:37   that really wants one of these.

00:03:40   And I can't really think of many people

00:03:43   that actually really want one.

00:03:44   So I'm excited to hear from someone

00:03:46   who has resisted purchases in the past.

00:03:49   She's a much better version of Steven on the show.

00:03:52   That's also very true.

00:03:54   It's true.

00:03:55   Not just on the show, in real life.

00:03:57   In general, yes.

00:03:58   You know, we considered life an extension of the show,

00:04:01   so you know, it's--

00:04:03   The show is an extension of life,

00:04:04   when you think about it.

00:04:06   Right?

00:04:07   So, that's deep, man.

00:04:10   I know.

00:04:11   That is deep.

00:04:12   I have some photo management services follow up

00:04:14   from eight years ago.

00:04:16   Wait, what?

00:04:17   Okay.

00:04:18   (laughing)

00:04:19   I was thinking like, wait, what's, what's an asset?

00:04:22   We talked about photo management.

00:04:24   Are we still talking about this?

00:04:24   It's been a long time.

00:04:25   Okay.

00:04:26   So there was a joke on the show for a really long time that we would

00:04:29   speak about photo management services and they would go out of business.

00:04:32   It happened several times.

00:04:35   And Kyle pointed out to me today that starting in June of 2021, Google

00:04:41   Photos will end its free unlimited storage.

00:04:44   So you'll have 15 gigs and you'll need to pay for Google One,

00:04:47   which is their additional storage.

00:04:49   sort of thing. Google Photos isn't going away. It's not dying. But we talked a lot about,

00:04:55   you know, years and years ago, how the thing that puts a lot of these companies out of

00:04:58   business is the storage cost of storing all of these photos. And Google, I guess, is at

00:05:04   a point where they need to be charging for this. Although I do wonder how, like what

00:05:09   percentage of Google Photos users have more than 15 gigs of photos. Probably a lot, but

00:05:17   It's not all of them.

00:05:18   I just kind of wonder how that breakdown will shake out.

00:05:21   - It's gotta be quite frustrating

00:05:23   if you were one of the people

00:05:24   that were told you would get free for life,

00:05:26   which is what they did say.

00:05:27   'Cause now, I think my understanding

00:05:32   is even in those situations,

00:05:33   everyone is like, what you've got is fine,

00:05:36   but now anything new, you're subject to the 15 gigabyte limit

00:05:40   which is, I don't know, I don't like that kind of stuff.

00:05:45   it. If you're gonna say something like that, stick by it, or don't do it. Yeah, I agree.

00:05:51   Because you don't need to say free for life, you know? I believe this is what you call a bait and

00:05:56   switch. I believe so. Yes. Is that the expression? Yes. Google One, by the way, has similar pricing

00:06:04   structure to iCloud. What's Google One now? What is Google One? Google One is what you pay for to

00:06:10   to get more storage. That's what they call it, Google One. So is it Google Drive? Yeah,

00:06:15   it's Google Drive, Photos, all that stuff. But you can pay $150 a month for 30 terabytes

00:06:22   of space. Hey, they offer it, you know, if you want to do it for whatever reason, go

00:06:28   for it, I guess, right? You just store everything you own on Google Drive. Why not? Myke, we

00:06:37   We have had, over the course of the last several weeks, two topics that you have been responsible

00:06:42   for that you continue to share your responsibility for.

00:06:46   I will not accept this, right?

00:06:48   So there's two topics.

00:06:50   One, tvOS review.

00:06:51   I am working on it.

00:06:52   I want to do this next week.

00:06:54   I have no idea if I'm going to be able to, but that is what I would like to do.

00:06:59   But I honestly now thinking about what we will be talking about next week, most likely,

00:07:04   I again do not feel like it's going to be likely, but I'm going to work on it, continue

00:07:08   to work on it. I have been dealing with some issues with 14.2, which I think I'm starting

00:07:14   to resolve, to the point where I couldn't use my HomePods for audio over the last couple

00:07:20   of days, but I think I might be getting to the bottom of that. I would like to do this

00:07:24   next week to talk about my thoughts on TBOS because they continue to percolate, but we

00:07:30   They're continuing to percolate. This is ridiculous. I will do this TV OS review. I will now do

00:07:37   this. You cannot be trusted. We've been waiting for this review since September, really. This

00:07:45   is unacceptable at this point. We should have seen this review. I will now do the TV OS

00:07:50   reviews.

00:07:51   All right, go for it.

00:07:52   Yep. Yep.

00:07:53   Cool, man. Next week.

00:07:54   next week?

00:07:56   this is for you mike

00:08:00   oh okay, thank you.

00:08:02   yeah

00:08:02   i mean if you want to take this job away from me you can, i mean i have actually started work on it

00:08:07   but you know it's up to you. i just again

00:08:09   when are we gonna have the time to talk about it? this is the problem that's persisted.

00:08:15   don't worry i will take care of it

00:08:16   because i remember when i worked really hard on a review of something once

00:08:21   and then you two didn't want to engage in it and cut my time short

00:08:24   and I don't want to have to get into that situation again, you know?

00:08:27   Well does tvOS fold in half?

00:08:30   See there, you remembered. You knew what you did.

00:08:32   See I just referenced it and you knew exactly what you did.

00:08:35   Yeah, I remember how terrible it was.

00:08:37   Oh, I quit.

00:08:40   Okay.

00:08:41   I quit now.

00:08:42   Okay.

00:08:42   The other thing is the Apple Watch challenge topic,

00:08:46   which ultimately is work that the two of you need to do.

00:08:51   I've done my work.

00:08:52   Right. So Federico hasn't done his.

00:08:54   I am not aware of this challenge. When did we decide?

00:08:57   You're a liar. We spoke about it like, again, in September.

00:09:01   Well, I just kept thinking about your TV OS review and I forgot about this one. That's

00:09:05   my problem.

00:09:06   Because I have been wearing my Apple Watch every single day since WatchOver 7 came out.

00:09:09   Have you?

00:09:10   For this topic.

00:09:11   Okay, what's the challenge about? I can come up with questions in 30 seconds. What's the

00:09:16   challenge about?

00:09:17   that I want the two of you to give me some things that I should be doing

00:09:22   to use watchOS to its fullest.

00:09:24   Again, but at this point, I think I'm using it to the maximum.

00:09:29   Anyway, I do want to talk about my experiences

00:09:34   in using the watch again on a daily basis.

00:09:38   We can get to that later on.

00:09:40   I mean, look, let's be real. Let's actually be real.

00:09:43   Next week. We're most likely going to end up talking about our phones, right and

00:09:48   I have a Mac coming on Tuesday

00:09:52   So I

00:09:56   Mean we can push any of those things out for the tvos review if you want to or I can probably do it in ten

00:10:01   minutes, but okay, we'll see how it goes or just

00:10:04   What does all keep just bump any coverage of big sir, right? Yeah, that's fine. Yeah, that's fine

00:10:11   It looks different and it's kind of bad in places. Hey

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00:11:59   So the reviews for the iPhone 12, Macs and Mini are out.

00:12:05   They came out a couple of days ago.

00:12:06   I'll include a link in the show notes to the round-up of reviews over on MacintoshStories.net.

00:12:14   Great website.

00:12:16   There's a lot of good things put together there by Jon Voorhees of Macintosh Stories.

00:12:21   Really, I consumed mostly the video reviews and I skimmed through some of the photo-based reviews.

00:12:28   like old reviews that had a lot of photos in them like Matthew Pansarinos.

00:12:34   I think really this is mostly what we would have expected from both devices.

00:12:41   Like, at a high level, the Mini seems really great if you like small phones, but it would

00:12:46   be difficult if you didn't want a small phone.

00:12:49   Right, like you have to really want a small phone to like this phone because it has trade-offs,

00:12:55   right?

00:12:56   The battery life isn't that great.

00:12:58   it's much harder to type on the keyboard, stuff like that.

00:13:01   But if you want a phone that you can easily hold or put into your pocket

00:13:04   or whatever, then fantastic.

00:13:06   And it's super powerful and got great cameras on it.

00:13:08   The Max is super big.

00:13:11   Like if you like big phones, you're probably going to love it.

00:13:13   But if you don't, you're not going to because it's super big

00:13:17   and the new design makes it feel even bigger.

00:13:20   I actually from Nilay Patel's review on The Verge,

00:13:24   I really like something that he said,

00:13:27   which is very interesting in that like he kind of felt like the phone

00:13:30   feels like it would have been the perfect phone for him if there was no pandemic.

00:13:35   Like all of the things that this phone is really good at

00:13:38   or would be really good for, a lot of people would be doing less than.

00:13:43   You know, like you might be doing less work from your phone,

00:13:45   taking less photos in dark places, you know, like that kind of stuff,

00:13:49   which is just like just an interesting thought.

00:13:53   And really the thing that we were all waiting for was the camera, right?

00:13:58   How good is the additional camera stuff in the Pro Max?

00:14:04   And really it kind of feels mixed.

00:14:08   So I think quite notably, Marques Brownlee was not impressed by the camera,

00:14:14   but other people were.

00:14:16   So, you know, namely, Neil Ipatel and Matt Pansarino were.

00:14:20   And it kind of feels like where you can see differences, there are differences.

00:14:26   But it isn't absolutely mind blowing.

00:14:30   Right. It seems like a lot of the dark or like low light performance is much better.

00:14:34   Like night mode seems to kick on less.

00:14:37   There is an interesting effect that you can get from the telephoto lens.

00:14:43   Right. Like it does look different, but the differences are there.

00:14:48   but it's not necessarily blowing you away.

00:14:52   Federico, what do you think about that?

00:14:54   - On one hand, like I totally understand the perspective

00:14:58   of you take a picture on the iPhone 12 Pro

00:15:01   and you take it on the Pro Max

00:15:03   and you can't tell the difference.

00:15:05   But on the other, like I look at these reviews,

00:15:07   especially the one from Nilay

00:15:09   and the review from Austin Mann,

00:15:11   and if you know where to look,

00:15:13   you can totally see the differences, right?

00:15:15   You can totally see that the image is sharper.

00:15:17   You can see how certain details are retained much better on the 12 Pro Max.

00:15:21   And so I feel like right now I am on one hand excited to get to try this phone as soon as possible

00:15:32   and see, like for example, night mode photos, right?

00:15:35   The kind of detail that I can get in those photos compared to last year.

00:15:39   On the other, I am kind of concerned that unless I'm Austin Mann or whoever takes photos

00:15:47   for The Verge, I will not be able to see and appreciate and understand those differences.

00:15:53   So I'm kind of, I am excited but also concerned at the same time.

00:16:00   I don't know if there's a word for this feeling.

00:16:03   What I would say is that I think that there is a flip side to what you're saying, which

00:16:07   which is, you know, these people really know how to get the best photos, right? Like they

00:16:11   know how to put these things through their paces. But that would also make me think that

00:16:17   the phone is going to do a better job when I am less good most of the time.

00:16:21   Yeah, because I don't want to be thinking about it all the time.

00:16:24   Yeah, but like, you know what, like I don't really know necessarily what to do, right?

00:16:29   To make my phone take the best photo. But anytime the phone gets better, it's covering

00:16:36   up for my mistakes for me. Yeah. Yeah. Right. So I think I completely understand what you're

00:16:41   saying, but I think that there is potentially this flip side of that. Yeah. And also, I

00:16:49   think the reason I ultimately personally believe, at least for me, because I'm okay with the

00:16:54   big phone, that it's going to be worth it to get a 12 Pro Max because I like the idea

00:17:02   of knowing that there's no possible,

00:17:07   there's no other better camera that I could get.

00:17:11   Like I'm not making any trade-offs.

00:17:12   I know this is the best of the line

00:17:15   and I just feel sort of safe knowing that.

00:17:18   And then if I take a picture that's terrible,

00:17:20   well, that's on me, I guess.

00:17:21   But--

00:17:22   - Like this is easy for me and you, right?

00:17:24   We were gonna get the big phone the man who walked.

00:17:26   - Anyway, yes.

00:17:27   - And we get a bit of a camera improvement.

00:17:30   I do feel a little bit bad for people that maybe chose it just for the camera,

00:17:35   thinking like as we did that it was going to be like next level,

00:17:38   when it really is, it's a step up for sure.

00:17:42   But I think that

00:17:45   what I had hoped, it's not necessarily going to be the case.

00:17:49   But this is when I do say, like as an asterisk,

00:17:52   going back to what I said a moment ago,

00:17:55   for someone like me who is not a professional by any stretch of the imagination,

00:18:01   maybe I will see more of an improvement from my photos if it's better.

00:18:06   Right. Like I'm just going to have to wait and see on that.

00:18:08   One thing that definitely I didn't know until I started seeing the reviews

00:18:12   and then when my case came today, the camera cut out,

00:18:16   like the actual camera system on the phone is absolutely massive.

00:18:23   It's massive.

00:18:24   Like it's very clear when you see actually how big the kind of camera unit is on the

00:18:31   Max, why this system is on the Max.

00:18:35   And I am thinking now, I think it's going to be this way for a while now that this phone

00:18:42   will have a better camera again because it seems like the hardware is huge.

00:18:48   It's too big for other phones.

00:18:51   I put my old phone in this case and the difference in the size of the camera system is absolutely

00:18:59   huge.

00:19:00   It's really massive.

00:19:02   I don't know if you guys, I hadn't really noticed it from even looking at reviewers'

00:19:09   phones side by side, but there is a stark difference in the size of the camera array

00:19:16   on the Max than there is on the other phones.

00:19:18   I felt that I really am not leaving that much on the table

00:19:23   by doing the regular 12 Pro.

00:19:25   I was nervous that these reviews

00:19:26   are really gonna make me feel like I was missing something.

00:19:30   - Yeah, yeah.

00:19:31   - But the other thing I kind of think too is,

00:19:33   I wonder if there is something they can do with software

00:19:38   to push these a little bit further apart.

00:19:42   Like one thing in a Neelive review on the Verge

00:19:45   was a bunch of other phones went into night mode

00:19:48   and the 12 Pro Max didn't.

00:19:52   So it is, 'cause it could bring in more light.

00:19:55   So it is acting differently than the 12 Pro

00:19:58   in several ways.

00:19:59   I just wonder if there's more they could do in the future

00:20:01   to push this a little bit further.

00:20:05   - Well, I'm wondering like this Pro Raw thing, you know?

00:20:09   Like is it going to be able to, if you use that,

00:20:12   make even bigger jumps?

00:20:14   Because you know, I would assume that there will be

00:20:17   apps, probably Halide will be one of them, which with this ProRAW system will try and make it easier

00:20:22   for people that don't know what they're doing to take better photos using ProRAW and having things

00:20:29   having like that because they did that smart raw thing, I don't remember the name off the top of my

00:20:33   head, where it applies a bunch of filters themselves to try and make images look better and stuff that

00:20:39   I've been taking that I have taken in that when I apply those those filters that Halide has it does

00:20:45   make the images look great. So I wonder if then we might see some differences as well.

00:20:51   But this is not one of those things that often use adage of "don't buy a phone on the promise

00:20:59   of potential software improvements down the line." And that's not what we're saying at all,

00:21:03   but it's just something that we're wondering because clearly the hardware is very different

00:21:08   and it will be interesting to see if it does change performance over time.

00:21:13   Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm definitely not suggesting that's something that they are going to, or even maybe even need to do.

00:21:19   It's just something I thought about in watching these reviews that maybe this isn't as big of a change as we kind of assumed that it was going to be.

00:21:29   Oh, that is for sure, right? Like, improvements are improvements, we're happy for improvements.

00:21:34   But when they gave the specs of what this sensor was capable of doing, I was expecting more out of it for sure.

00:21:42   Mm-hmm.

00:21:43   I also saw a video of the MagSafe Duo charger that iJustine did.

00:21:50   This thing, I don't know.

00:21:51   That looks kind of bad.

00:21:53   It's a travel charger, right? And as a travel charger, great.

00:21:57   I don't really know why this product exists. Like, I don't know why.

00:22:02   Especially in 2020, like are we doing much travel charging in 2020? I don't know.

00:22:07   It's like the AirTags version of a product. Like, it's like,

00:22:11   Don't release air tags because no one's going anywhere.

00:22:14   Also don't release a travel charger.

00:22:18   It looks so bad, right?

00:22:21   If you were in the morning to want to pick up your phone,

00:22:26   oh my gosh, so imagine this, right?

00:22:29   It's 7.30 in the morning, you've got to get up early.

00:22:33   The alarm goes off, you want to grab your phone, right?

00:22:36   Just turn off the alarm, grab your phone,

00:22:39   "Charger, watch the whole thing!" Right? It's all coming off! Right? Because there's nothing

00:22:45   holding it down! Yeah, you just woke up and you have this floppy thing that you need to

00:22:49   take care of. And you're just pulling this charger thing and like the whole case is flying

00:22:57   all over the place? You could put a piece of tape under it and stick it to your nightstand,

00:23:03   but then again you gotta do it for every single hotel, every single nightstand that you ever

00:23:07   using your life and you're constantly sticking and unsticking the MagSafe Duo.

00:23:12   This ain't it, right?

00:23:14   If you want a bedside table thing, you want to look at something like Studio Neats doing,

00:23:20   something that Belkin's doing, these are the products that you actually want that are intended

00:23:25   to be permanent nightstand things.

00:23:27   The MagSafe Duo charger is not that.

00:23:31   I did also want to just beat the drum that nobody wants to hear about anymore just because

00:23:38   I'm annoyed about it. You know, this also does not include a power adapter in the box,

00:23:44   right? Like the rest of the MagSafe stuff.

00:23:47   Why? Don't you know that everybody has 20 watt chargers just laying around, Myke?

00:23:52   I just had to buy three 20 watt chargers. I had to buy three of them. And it's like,

00:23:59   I just spent £73 on chargers. And they had to be shipped separately. So I don't think

00:24:06   I was very environmentally friendly here.

00:24:10   You have done your part for the environment, Myke. Thank you.

00:24:11   I'm sure actually at this point, my net is worse than if they would have shipped me it

00:24:17   all together. And the reason I had to do this is because for the first time in my modern

00:24:22   history, I ran out of Apple bricks.

00:24:26   Yeah.

00:24:27   I just don't have any more. They're all in use because the MagSafe charger is great,

00:24:32   but we wanted to have a couple around the house, right? And I actually only had like one spare

00:24:38   because I don't want to say like, oh, well, no more lightning because that's not what I want.

00:24:45   Like I don't use the MagSafe, neither can I at the moment anyway. And plus we have iPads that also

00:24:52   need regular charges, right? So I've had to shell out £70 something for three of Apple's

00:24:59   20 watt chargers. They should be included with the MagSafe thing. End of story. I am

00:25:05   totally fine with them. I get it from the phones. Like whatever. Fine. But for a new

00:25:12   charging based product, it should be in the box. It just should be. That's all I have

00:25:19   to say.

00:25:20   floor. It's too bad. I really don't get it, especially when you end up like you having

00:25:26   to buy three separate bricks. Like, it doesn't really make sense. And therefore causing more

00:25:32   carbon. And therefore putting us on a path to destruction because of your energy needs.

00:25:37   I will not accept that. I'm not going to accept that. You single-handedly put us on a path

00:25:41   to destruction because of these purchases, Myke. But anyway. It's like the straw that

00:25:46   broke the camel's back was that one delivery? That person in London buying three chargers,

00:25:52   that was you. No, but the MagSafe Duo, no, I'm not getting one.

00:25:57   Doesn't look good, does it? Nope. It's like you look at these products and

00:26:02   you're like, that's what AirPower, right? That's what you really want, but this is what

00:26:08   we have instead. Yeah. This looks like a bit of a dud to me.

00:26:12   you know i just had the funny thought like magsafe and air power

00:26:16   they wouldn't have been directly compatible right unless they came out with like

00:26:22   an air power 2 to go along with it yeah it's a ring of charging coils and magnets

00:26:29   don't sit too close to it yeah if you yeah if you if you put it on a metal nightstand you can't ever

00:26:38   get it off there permanently. That's an interesting thought. Yeah. Okay, it is

00:26:47   time to judge the November 2020 rookies. Is everybody ready for that? Yes. This

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00:28:46   This is the bill of Ricky's the winner who should be called

00:28:50   keynote chairman from the previous Ricky's gets to pick

00:28:54   first and the second place winner picks second annual

00:28:57   winners roll over to preserve the order. For example, 2019

00:29:01   annual winner gets to go first for the next annual picks, you

00:29:05   know, we have a cycle here. Order for the Apple event

00:29:08   Ricky's is based on the previous Apple event, the loser goes

00:29:12   last. Turn any points everything written down in the prediction

00:29:16   document must come true. No half points may be awarded in any

00:29:20   round and picks may not be reused. One point is awarded for

00:29:24   any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds. Two points will be awarded for

00:29:29   correct picks in the risky pick round. If your risky pick is wrong you will lose a

00:29:34   point and of course the other two hosts must agree that your pick was risky. The

00:29:40   scoring window starts when the event begins and closes when the picks are

00:29:44   scored which is in about 90 seconds. The winner of the regular and risky picks

00:29:50   must be granted access to the annual or event chairman Twitter account and will

00:29:55   retain access until another winner is named. Loser of the non graded flexis

00:29:59   must compensate the winner of the flexis by donating to the charity of the

00:30:03   winners choice. The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexi made by

00:30:08   the loser. In case of a tie the ratio of correct to incorrect flexis must be

00:30:13   taken into account. Each host must make a minimum of five flexi picks. Flexis may

00:30:19   be reused as future flexis or regular picks and the money of course must be

00:30:24   donated on air as a reminder currently Federico holds the keys to both the

00:30:30   annual chairman and keynote chairman Twitter accounts those Twitter handles

00:30:35   are on the line well one of them well if I concede the loss and if I do so that's

00:30:43   not really in in fashion it's not really a turny thing right now to concede no I

00:30:47   I think it is. I think we need to count the legal picks here and make a decision based

00:30:52   on that.

00:30:53   Stop the picks.

00:30:55   Oh my word.

00:30:58   The order of this was Federico and then me and then Myke for the picks, but I won the

00:31:04   flexies the last time. So it was me and then Myke and then Federico. Round one. Federico,

00:31:10   start us off.

00:31:11   I said the first Apple Silicon system on a chip is a variant of the A14 family. And this

00:31:17   is wrong because the chip is called the M1, so it's got a different name. Apple never...

00:31:23   Hey, I think you're reading your round two pick there, buddy.

00:31:27   That was my round two, my bad. My round one was Apple announces at least two different

00:31:32   Mac models that run on Apple Silicon. And not only did they announce two of them, they

00:31:38   also announced three of them. So we got the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, and the Mac

00:31:44   mini. So I feel like I should be getting an extra point because it wasn't two, it was

00:31:49   three. Okay, well I tried. I will say that your use of "at least two" is what made this,

00:31:56   because if you had picked two and they had three you would have gotten it wrong. Oh wow! Yeah,

00:32:02   yeah, I hadn't thought of that. That's why I need to be extra careful with the phrasing of

00:32:08   these picks, because if I set up analysis two Mac models that would have been wrong. All right,

00:32:12   so Federico has one point. My round one pick was that Big Sur gets a revised

00:32:18   release window and they announced that it is coming out Thursday November 12th.

00:32:23   Yeah, that's a point. An Apple Silicon Mac is available to order in November 2020.

00:32:30   All three of them are. Shipping next week, right? You can buy them on the way to people who

00:32:38   have ordered them. So let's talk about this now. You ordered one. I ordered two. You ordered

00:32:43   two. So what's coming to Camp Hurley? A MacBook Air, the seven core GPU variant with 512 gigabytes

00:32:56   storage and 16 gigabytes of unified memory. I have decided by the way that I am going

00:33:02   to call it unified memory now and not RAM because it just seems like fun to me.

00:33:06   So that's what I'm going with.

00:33:09   That's for Adina.

00:33:10   She I think I mentioned this already, but she is still using a 2013 MacBook Pro.

00:33:15   Oh, boy. Which at some point I think is going to get up

00:33:18   and leave the house on its own.

00:33:20   You know, that thing desperately requires retirement.

00:33:24   She cannot use it off power like that's that's the situation of that machine.

00:33:28   You know, the the Hackett collection is always accepting.

00:33:31   I'll talk to her about it. I don't know how we're gonna get it to you, but yeah, sure.

00:33:34   Just bring it with you. I was just saying, just throwing it out there.

00:33:39   Okay. I need to say something here. I need to say something. I was thinking about this yesterday,

00:33:46   and I didn't tell you guys. Have you ever noticed how in our community, sometimes there's an

00:33:52   expression that you never heard before, and suddenly it feels like everybody but you

00:33:58   knows that expression? Yes. And you're like, "where has this..." You know I hate this stuff, right?

00:34:02   And you're like, suddenly you realize everybody's using this phrase or this expression. Secret

00:34:07   sauce. And you're like, "no, but even like technical things." And you're like, "what,

00:34:11   I've never heard of this before." And now everybody seems to be familiar with this "Am I

00:34:15   the stupid one?" Unified memory? No. This happened to me yesterday on Twitter, as everybody just

00:34:22   suddenly, as if it was like a common concept, started talking about silicon binning. Oh no,

00:34:28   How do you... you should know this.

00:34:30   No, how?

00:34:31   The reason I know about this is because the 2020 iPad Pro, the A12Z, was a binned chip.

00:34:41   That's why it got the additional...

00:34:43   I never heard that expression in my life before.

00:34:46   And yesterday, just out of the blue, there were like people just interacting with each other and exchanging this expression.

00:34:54   Be like, "Oh yeah, binning." Like, what?

00:34:57   Yeah, this is one of those things that everybody knows because of that. I remember, myself

00:35:02   included, initially, it was like, "I don't understand what's happening here with this

00:35:06   chip." And then I think--

00:35:07   So can you explain it for Federico and others?

00:35:09   Yeah, so, these things happened in the inverse, but I'm just going to explain it for the sake

00:35:15   of the M1 chip. Effectively, when you create a selection of chips, right, some of them

00:35:23   are not going to be as good as others.

00:35:25   You will not get a 100% success rate in quality, right?

00:35:28   That's why you have quality control.

00:35:30   And with a lot of products,

00:35:32   quality control would even knock them out

00:35:34   and they can't be sold.

00:35:35   In some industries, you may get something like

00:35:38   where you maybe sell it at a discount,

00:35:40   like you would call it B stock or something like that.

00:35:43   Or like, you know, like in clothing,

00:35:45   that stuff will be sent to like an outlet store

00:35:47   or whatever to be sold,

00:35:48   because it's not of the typical quality.

00:35:50   So effectively what's happening with the M1 chips

00:35:53   is some of them go through the process and they do not have the full 8 GPU cores

00:35:58   that they didn't pass the test or whatever.

00:36:01   So they end up taking those chips out and rather than getting rid of them,

00:36:05   they have offered it as the base level for the MacBook Air.

00:36:09   When it came to the iPad Pro, because they were making the A12X

00:36:14   for so long, they got super good at making that chip.

00:36:18   So they could more consistently say we can get an eight core GPU out of this process.

00:36:25   So they turned it into the A12X.

00:36:28   So like this is a thing happening.

00:36:29   It's the same thing, but in different coming from different areas. Right.

00:36:33   But that's what's happening with the M1 chips.

00:36:35   And it makes a lot of sense, right?

00:36:36   Because they're only offering this in one product,

00:36:38   but it's the product they're going to sell the most of.

00:36:41   So they will I mean, it is very likely that Apple could,

00:36:45   at least in the first couple of years, sell more M1s with 7 GPU cores than 8.

00:36:51   Because the MacBook Air is their best selling product, and I bet that entry level is the

00:36:55   best selling of all of them.

00:36:57   Which is just kind of a funny thought.

00:36:59   And that might be what they expect, right?

00:37:01   That they more often than not will produce a 7 core GPU, but they can get to 8 cores,

00:37:07   but it's less frequent, but they know they're going to sell more of the base level MacBook

00:37:10   Air, so they're just doing it all around that way.

00:37:14   I still feel like most people discover these expressions 30 seconds before on Wikipedia

00:37:18   and then they act on Twitter as if they used them their entire lives.

00:37:23   I would say that that is true for some things. This one at least there has been a recent

00:37:27   thing, but like unified memory is one of them. I still I'm only like a little bit sure of

00:37:33   what it means, but like, you know, we all say it now. It's just that's the phrase. But

00:37:37   I do know exactly what you mean with this stuff. We'll say I'm trying to think of one.

00:37:42   I know that there was another one recently.

00:37:44   Yeah.

00:37:44   Or like, for example, sensor shift image stabilization.

00:37:47   Yeah, everybody knows about that.

00:37:49   We all know.

00:37:49   I mean, you don't have the sensor shift?

00:37:51   Oh, my God.

00:37:53   Camera manufacturers have been doing it for decades.

00:37:56   OK.

00:37:56   Yeah, DSLR.

00:37:58   Just like...

00:37:59   Yes, I know exactly what you mean.

00:38:03   But anyway, so that's that is what's happening with the MacBook Air.

00:38:06   And then I ordered a MacBook Pro for myself.

00:38:08   Nice.

00:38:10   My situation is similar. Mary's notebook is newer. She has the first retina MacBook Air and long term listeners remember that I was really mad that it basically was 512 gigabytes or a terabyte and a half and the term and a half was several several $100 more.

00:38:27   And in the years since, her photo libraries had to migrate to an external SSD because she ran out of space.

00:38:33   And so I ordered her a new MacBook Air with 16 gigabytes of unified memory and the 2 terabyte SSD,

00:38:42   because I'm like, I just want her to have a machine and neither of us have to worry about it.

00:38:46   So that'll give her, she has about 800 gigs of data now, so that will give her plenty of breathing room.

00:38:51   I didn't, I initially ordered the terabyte and then I added up how much stuff she had on that external drive

00:38:56   on her notebook. I was like, oh, I need to, I'm going to be in the situation in a year again,

00:39:01   if I don't just go all the way to the two terabytes. So that is on its way to us. It'll be

00:39:07   here in a couple of weeks, the custom order ones look like they're taking a little bit longer.

00:39:12   I had a weird situation like this, right? So the MacBook Air similarly, that's going to be here

00:39:19   in the week of the 23rd. And for my MacBook Pro, I wanted to have 16 gigabytes of RAM because 8 is...

00:39:28   Oh, unified memory, sorry. 8's not enough. And I thought, well, I also wanted a terabyte SSD

00:39:35   because that's what I've been using on other machines. And when I bumped it up to a terabyte,

00:39:41   it changed to next week. Oh, nice. Yeah, sometimes they have like a nicer configuration

00:39:48   in the channel. That was real common here in the US, at least when you have an Apple store,

00:39:53   and you can do like same day pickup for the highest maxed out one sometimes. So yeah,

00:39:57   sometimes you get lucky with this, like you just hit the right selection of boxes and it's

00:40:01   it's ready for you. It's like for whatever reason that configuration is maybe like a really common,

00:40:08   yeah, like 16 gigabytes of memory and terabyte storage. Yeah, it feels like a pretty,

00:40:15   pretty regular thing. So my goal with this machine is will not happen immediately for

00:40:23   many reasons, one of them being that I can't record from the studio right now.

00:40:29   Right, lockdown.

00:40:30   Yes, but that this will become the machine that I use to do my recording from at the studio. So

00:40:41   if you remember, that was always the plan. But I've been waiting, right? And so that this is the

00:40:47   eventual goal for this computer. Yeah, I'm tempted by the MacBook Pro. I haven't done anything about

00:40:55   that. I have a 16 inch, I don't need a new notebook. But I am very curious in the difference

00:41:01   between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. And I'm hoping that reviewers may get both or there'll

00:41:06   be enough coverage that we can kind of see because unless you do the seven core GPU, if you upgrade

00:41:11   that to the 8. It's the same chipset, same system on a chip. Apple had this line in the event that

00:41:18   was like, "Well, it has active cooling, which means it has, you know, a fan," and that that would allow

00:41:23   for longer sustained peak performance. I don't know what that means. You know, the MacBook Air is fanless.

00:41:30   Mary was really excited about that because her MacBook Air, she's on like Microsoft Teams and

00:41:34   Slack all day for work and the fan's just always running, so she was excited about having a quiet

00:41:37   notebook but I'm very curious to see what kind of difference that makes and so I may end up with one

00:41:45   as a as a work thing but nothing yet. I'm actually like I've been thinking about it right because

00:41:51   like a lot of the like the reporting that I've heard afterwards is like these are just the same

00:41:56   machine one's got a fan and one hasn't right they're as powerful as each other but I actually

00:42:00   think for the type of work I do I'm pretty sure the MacBook Pro is the right call because

00:42:07   is I'm bouncing files or I'm like turning audio into video, right, using apps like,

00:42:14   what is this app that I use, I really like, Fusioncast, right? So like if I turn like the

00:42:18   Cortex audio into video for YouTube and like that can take a long time. It takes a long time on like

00:42:25   my iMac Pro and I mean I have horror stories of the 12-inch MacBook and trying to like use that

00:42:34   to create logic projects. And I'm not saying it's going to be the same, but I'm a little

00:42:39   bit hesitant of a fanless machine for some of the work that I do. And I think that for

00:42:45   me, I will benefit from it being able to be cooled for those reasons.

00:42:52   And you'll have a touch bar, so that's exciting.

00:42:54   Genuinely, for me, I do consider that a benefit. When I spent time with a 16 inch a few months

00:43:01   ago I really liked it so you know I think it's I think it's fun like I like

00:43:07   having the buttons there I like having emoji there like I overall consider it

00:43:12   to be a benefit to the product so I'm happy that I'll have one so at the end

00:43:16   of round one we are all tied hooray should we just finish it there nope

00:43:20   Federico do you agree should we just stop now no because I'm an honorable man

00:43:25   and I win and I lose and I accept whatever outcome we have as long as it's

00:43:30   in my favor. There it is. All right, Federico, you started telling us your round two pick

00:43:36   a second ago. Why don't you tell us what that is? Yeah. So my round two pick, I said, the

00:43:42   first Apple silicon system on a chip is a variant of the A14 family. This is not correct.

00:43:50   Apple called the new chip the M1, and also they never publicly stated, either during

00:43:56   in the event or on the website or in the press release,

00:43:59   that the M1 and the A14 are related.

00:44:04   Obviously, folks like Anantek, for example,

00:44:09   they published this early analysis of the M1

00:44:12   and what it means.

00:44:13   And they are speculating that the architectures are similar.

00:44:19   And in fact, we may be looking at the M1 as potentially

00:44:24   what we used to call the A14X.

00:44:28   It looks like that's what it is.

00:44:29   My understanding is that the M1,

00:44:32   obviously Apple is presenting it as a new separate chip

00:44:37   optimized specifically for Macs.

00:44:39   And I believe them.

00:44:40   My understanding is that this chip has some components,

00:44:44   some parts of it are based on the same architecture

00:44:48   of the A14, but everything else has been optimized

00:44:51   for the Mac, for higher power consumption,

00:44:54   for the different configurations,

00:44:56   for just a different kind of machine

00:44:58   that a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro is compared to,

00:45:01   to an iPad Pro, for example, or to an iPhone in this case,

00:45:04   because the A14 is only for iPhone.

00:45:06   So some parts of the M1 and A14 may be the same,

00:45:11   but for the context of this pick,

00:45:14   this is what I said is not correct,

00:45:17   because the Apple Silicon, the first one,

00:45:21   The M1 has not been presented as a variant of the A14.

00:45:28   And yet my kind of view on it is like, well yeah, of course they're similar.

00:45:33   Apple make them.

00:45:36   But I think that the point that everyone was making, the point that was being expected

00:45:42   was like, no, no, this is just going to be a version of what we see in the other products.

00:45:47   And Apple were very specifically choosing to not do that.

00:45:50   So I think that like the plan, if not now into the future, they are going to look different,

00:45:55   but they had to have a starting point. Right. And the starting point is what they already

00:45:58   know how to do. But I think it, it feels pretty clear to me that the M1 is not part of the

00:46:04   A14 family. Like it's not. And it will allow for Apple to iterate. I think this is actually

00:46:10   the best thing. It allows them to iterate on different schedules. They do not have to

00:46:14   only put new chips in Macs past September every year, right?

00:46:20   And so I think that this is the best thing to do, no matter how it's done or how they're

00:46:25   presenting it or whatever.

00:46:27   And they were, I think, very clear, like you said Federico, they started it by saying like,

00:46:32   "This is a chip we made for the Mac."

00:46:34   I was like, "All right, well, that's that then."

00:46:37   My pick in round two was that no new Mac announced would have a touchscreen.

00:46:43   And that's true. No touchscreen Macs. I still say yeah. I still think it's going to happen.

00:46:50   I still think it should happen. Yeah. And I am excited for that future. Some people

00:46:54   seem to think that it's going to be the ruin of the Mac if they ever do it. I disagree.

00:46:59   I think it's going to be fun. I sort of, I've come around to this idea of the touchscreen

00:47:04   Mac and I think, I don't know, I feel like I've reached the point of why not, right?

00:47:11   I mean, you now have this beautiful OS that seems to be more inviting to the touch.

00:47:16   And everybody's just so used to every once in a...

00:47:19   I mean, has it ever happened to you that you're using a Mac and you just want to touch stuff on the screen?

00:47:24   All the time.

00:47:25   All the time. So why not?

00:47:26   Especially if I've used, you know, if I've come from having used my iPad for a bit,

00:47:31   because my iPad is basically this, right?

00:47:34   When it's in the Magic Keyboard,

00:47:38   it's a laptop that has a touchscreen.

00:47:40   Apple should and I believe will do it is literally just a matter of time.

00:47:44   All right, Myke, let's finish off round two with you.

00:47:49   Let's just say no one thought I won't get in this one.

00:47:52   Apple demos iOS apps running on a Mac seemed obvious, right?

00:47:59   Yeah, but they didn't.

00:48:00   We we got no details, basically, except a couple of screenshots.

00:48:04   I want to ask you to a question.

00:48:07   Does this make you nervous?

00:48:09   Yes. It makes me a little nervous. To an extent, yes. Because they have been sort of cagey about

00:48:17   the whole thing. How are you going to download them from... They just say you're going to download

00:48:23   them from the Mac App Store. How are you going to find them there? This is the whole thing that we

00:48:27   discussed last week. How are you going to manage things? You know, just having all these apps

00:48:32   available. What's going to happen to settings? What's going to happen to... Like, they share

00:48:38   details surrounding how developers need to verify their Mac app, their iOS apps for running

00:48:43   on the Mac. And some developers can block them. We've seen folks like Google and Facebook,

00:48:48   they have blocked the Facebook and YouTube apps from being installed.

00:48:53   And Instagram and stuff. Which makes sense.

00:48:55   It makes sense. It makes sense.

00:48:56   It makes sense. The companies of those sizes, I understand why they're doing that. Because

00:49:01   there are so many more benefits you're using for them, for you to use their applications

00:49:06   in a web browser. That's where they want you to use it.

00:49:08   But we basically got no other details from other particular features like, I don't know,

00:49:13   what happens if you support on iOS shortcuts and you have a page in your iOS app that's

00:49:20   all about shortcuts, but there's no shortcuts on the Mac. Like what happens to that page

00:49:25   if that app is available on the Mac? There's all these things that we essentially we know

00:49:29   nothing at this point, which makes me believe that this is going to be one of the things

00:49:34   that reviewers will focus on, like what is it like to use iOS apps on the Mac? And the

00:49:39   fact that Apple said nothing, it doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. It's like when there's

00:49:45   a new video game coming out and the embargoes are not like a week or 10 days before, the

00:49:50   embargo is like the day before or the day of, and that's usually not a good sign.

00:49:55   Or what's worse is when they give the game to the press two days before the game comes

00:50:01   out right like it's like oh you're not even giving people time to play this thing yeah

00:50:06   this is effectively what it is like and that is a it's just something that i'm like i'm

00:50:12   a little bit concerned about it i expect that that it will be fine mostly but i'm a little

00:50:19   bit like i'm expecting to be a catch somewhere that we're not aware of that yeah i don't

00:50:26   I don't know. I also wonder too how Apple wants to position this as the death of

00:50:34   native Mac development. Right? There are those in the community who view this as

00:50:39   such and maybe Apple doesn't want to go down that road. I mean it's possible they

00:50:46   do want to downplay it because ultimately it's not important because for the

00:50:49   majority of users they'll go to the Mac App Store, they'll search for what they

00:50:52   want, they'll see it's available, they'll download it and use it and won't care

00:50:55   where it's come from, right? And these days more and more applications from

00:51:01   large companies look like iOS apps on the Mac anyway, or they look the same,

00:51:06   right? Like you look at something like Slack or Discord, they basically look

00:51:10   exactly the same on the Mac on an iPad. So I expect for a lot of people they

00:51:15   wouldn't even know, so maybe that's the thing. She says even they

00:51:18   just they don't want to press on it too much because it might frustrate some

00:51:22   people who are paying attention to that particular announcement and for

00:51:26   everybody else it's like it's gonna be totally fine. So at the end of round two

00:51:32   I have two points you each have one point. Everything can change. Can. That's

00:51:41   what the Ricky's do. Before we get there though let's take a quick break and

00:51:44   thank our sponsor Pingdom from SolarWinds. While you've been listening to

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00:53:05   get a huge 30% off your first invoice. Our thanks to Pingdom from SolarWinds

00:53:11   for their support of the show in relay FM. Ricky time! That is right, Federico.

00:53:18   Well to be fair I wanna start by saying how this game of Ricky's was

00:53:24   clearly rigged in Steven's favor. I think that is true. We all knew coming

00:53:31   into this show that Steven had set up the game in such a way that

00:53:37   was going to win it. I don't want to comment on the how, on the many techniques that Steven

00:53:42   used, on the psychological tricks that Steven played on us, both Myke and me. In any case,

00:53:50   let's see, Steven's silence is just the feeling at this point. I mean, wow. I said, "Big

00:53:59   Sir on the new Apple series." He's still not talking. He's saying nothing. Big Sir...

00:54:03   Because he knows.

00:54:04   He knows. Big Sur on the new Apple Silicon Max comes with a new low-power mode feature.

00:54:10   And look, this may be wrong, but I challenge you to disagree with me on the quality of this idea.

00:54:16   So I may not get the point. It's a great idea. I may not get the point. Look, I may even lose a

00:54:21   point because it's a wiki. You are. I said I may. I may lose a point if I accept to lose a point,

00:54:28   which I don't. But in theory, I may lose a point, but I still think it's a feature that Apple should

00:54:34   bring to the portable MacIntosh. I think they just didn't need to this time, because the battery

00:54:40   gains are so huge. Which is exactly what you said last week, and look, in all seriousness, yes,

00:54:48   you told me, do you think that this is a good pick if they are going to... it's very likely that they

00:54:53   are going to focus on the battery improvements, therefore it may be a little strange to mention

00:54:58   both battery improvements and low power mode in the same show. That's what you said. In any case,

00:55:04   I was like seriously, I was doomed from the start because my three potential RIKIs were

00:55:11   a ProMotion display, low power mode, and an App Store redesigned. So like there was like there

00:55:21   was no way that I was going to win this game and then of course Steven pulled all of his tricks to

00:55:25   to win it, which is even worse.

00:55:28   But, um, well, let me talk about my Ricky, which gives me a perfect score.

00:55:34   A desktop Apple Silicon Mac is announced.

00:55:39   Mac mini.

00:55:40   The, I cannot repeat on this show without severe editing the words that I used in the

00:55:48   Mac mini was announced.

00:55:50   I cannot believe you got this.

00:55:53   Yeah.

00:55:54   Yeah, well, you know, it's just the will of the people.

00:55:58   I have a clear mandate to win.

00:56:00   You know, here's the thing Federico,

00:56:02   nobody thought this was gonna happen.

00:56:04   There were no rumors, right?

00:56:06   The only person that I have known to say

00:56:09   that a Mac Mini might come out of this event is Steven.

00:56:13   Isn't that a little suspicious?

00:56:14   Isn't that curious?

00:56:14   Isn't that curious?

00:56:16   It's very curious, isn't it?

00:56:17   The only, literally the only person that I know

00:56:19   that even suggested that the Mac Mini

00:56:22   might appear at this event was Steven.

00:56:24   he has somehow used this to win a ricky. I wonder if you had any signs pointing you in this direction.

00:56:31   Well, other than his incredible dream. Yeah, I had. God told me that the Apple Silicon

00:56:37   Mac Mini was coming in my dream. Right, right, okay. Which we spoke about last week.

00:56:42   So this was two days after surgery. And I'm gonna say it, I'll bleep it in the show.

00:56:52   Tim Cook was introducing the new Mac Mini as a quote "bad little b****"

00:56:57   I forgot that part!

00:57:01   Yeah, you know, it's just important to to think different I guess.

00:57:10   Oh my god.

00:57:11   That sounds like a good slogan.

00:57:13   Wow.

00:57:13   Get out of here.

00:57:15   Wow.

00:57:15   All right, well hey, hey, my Ricky made your Ricky possible, so what was yours?

00:57:21   An Apple Silicon Mac is cheaper than the product it replaces.

00:57:24   I can't believe you got this.

00:57:26   It seemed obvious to me at the time.

00:57:28   It made sense.

00:57:31   Also, obviously, I did not expect that this would be the way that it would happen.

00:57:36   I thought that like the the low-end laptop would have been the thing to get the the price cut.

00:57:41   Should we talk about the Mac Mini a little bit?

00:57:44   Yeah, I got feelings.

00:57:46   We should talk about the fact that I was convinced for the past two years

00:57:50   that my Mac Mini had 32 gigs of RAM when in fact I bought one with 16. Why did I think that I had

00:57:58   32 and does it even matter? I'm asking you. Well clearly not because you didn't know.

00:58:03   That's a good answer. You know you've got like what is it like Schrodinger's RAM in there?

00:58:12   It wasn't a problem until you looked. Yeah now you know. Now is it a problem now?

00:58:18   No. I mean, you tell me.

00:58:20   I don't know, I use a Mac twice a week.

00:58:22   Right.

00:58:24   Every once in a while I need to encode a video to MP4,

00:58:27   and I have a FF...

00:58:29   MP...

00:58:31   Yeah, FFMPEG, that thing. Or Handbrake.

00:58:34   Sometimes I hear the fan of the Mac Mini.

00:58:39   Most of the time I don't.

00:58:41   I don't think that that's the RAM that's giving you a problem there, anyway.

00:58:45   But...

00:58:46   Okay.

00:58:47   Okay, so this Mac Mini is is interesting to me.

00:58:53   It is less well specced than the Intel Mac Mini, the Intel Mac Mini is still for sale

00:58:58   above this and the line just like the four port 13 inch MacBook Pro Intel is still in

00:59:06   the line above the two port.

00:59:08   So it seems like all these M1 Macs are limited to 16 gigabytes of RAM, and two USB C Thunderbolt

00:59:17   ports.

00:59:19   They all have that in common.

00:59:21   You know, Jason dismissed this on upgrade yesterday, but I'm gonna say Jason was wrong.

00:59:25   I think there is room for a higher version of the Mac mini that will come later that

00:59:33   is more like the four port 13 inch or maybe even the 16 inch without you know

00:59:39   mate I don't know if it had more ports but more RAM higher powered and the

00:59:43   thing that makes me really think this is that this Mac Mini is silver and not

00:59:48   space gray yeah that's that's the big telltale right this isn't the pro one

00:59:53   yeah so you could go in the future and you get it you get a Mac Mini in silver

00:59:58   or you could get a Mac Mini Pro or whatever in space gray.

01:00:03   - Maybe it's that tiny Mac Pro

01:00:06   that Mark Goughman was talking about.

01:00:07   - I hope not.

01:00:08   They're replacing the Mac Pro.

01:00:09   - The one that is replacing,

01:00:11   the current to now Intel Mac Mini

01:00:15   has four Thunderbolt ports.

01:00:17   - Yes, and it can go up to 64 gigabytes of RAM, I believe.

01:00:21   - Correct.

01:00:22   - Now this has more CPU cores,

01:00:24   but the other functionality is less.

01:00:25   And so I just, I feel like there's room for a Mac mini that is a little bit beefier than

01:00:33   this.

01:00:34   And I think that to get back to your Ricky, the fact that it's $100 less to me kind of

01:00:38   reflects that that, yeah, this is a little bit lower tier Mac mini than maybe you would

01:00:43   have gotten before.

01:00:45   So we still have those other options, but we want this price to reflect that.

01:00:48   I feel like, I feel like there's another Mac mini coming somewhere.

01:00:53   I feel like with these M1 Macs, this is one of the first times in recent history

01:00:57   where I will say, like, I'm pleased Apple left a lot of products in the lineup.

01:01:01   Right, like the Mac, they didn't completely get rid of all the MacBook Pros,

01:01:05   they didn't get rid of all the Mac Minis.

01:01:06   Like you still have options, so Intel machines,

01:01:09   if what you need is more than 16 gigabytes of memory

01:01:13   or what you need is multiple, like, you know, two,

01:01:17   more than two Thunderbolt ports, you know, like these are still available for you.

01:01:22   Now that we've seen everything that the M1 can do, it seems obvious why they did the Mac Mini.

01:01:30   Right now, because clearly the M1 has these capabilities, these Mac's capabilities of memory and I/O.

01:01:39   And so to go to the higher end MacBook Pro, the 16-inch MacBook Pros, the iMac, the Mac Pro, it has to be something that's not the M1.

01:01:51   Maybe it's M2, maybe it's M1X, like whatever.

01:01:55   But there's something else going on here, right, to be able to go,

01:02:01   you know, further. Maybe they just throw two M1s in one of these.

01:02:04   You know, who knows? I don't know.

01:02:06   That's, you know, this is the next big question, right, is what

01:02:12   does an Apple Silicon chip look like for the next wave of

01:02:17   Macs?

01:02:18   Yeah, because they're going to just work their way up the line.

01:02:20   And so if this MacBook Pro Mac Mini is not for you,

01:02:24   like, hey, that's cool.

01:02:26   There's gonna be more coming.

01:02:27   We're gonna see the M1X or whatever they brand it

01:02:30   that is sort of the middle tier of machines.

01:02:33   And then we'll see something probably at the high end.

01:02:36   They're just starting here on the low end,

01:02:38   which is what we all expected.

01:02:40   - Yes.

01:02:41   - I don't think anyone really thought

01:02:42   that it was gonna jump out of the gate with,

01:02:45   you know, an iMac Pro.

01:02:47   - Well, that was rumors of the 16 inch last week.

01:02:49   Yeah, yeah, and I think it will be, you know, the next time we see this, I think we may see the 16 inch,

01:02:55   you know, an iMac, which has been rumored it needs a redesign, maybe a higher end Mac Mini, maybe that

01:03:01   four port 13 inch, like, they're just going to keep wiggling away at this over the next couple of years.

01:03:06   So, until they get to the Mac Pro. Until they get to the Mac Pro, and then we'll see what happens.

01:03:12   So the final scoring in third place, the loser, we have Federico.

01:03:19   Ah, don't call me a loser.

01:03:22   With zero points.

01:03:23   With zero points.

01:03:24   Being third doesn't mean being a loser.

01:03:26   It does when there's only three people.

01:03:27   No, no, that's very debatable. Like, it's still third place even if it's the three of us.

01:03:34   So I still get a bronze medal.

01:03:37   Myke, you're in the middle. You got one round right and you got your Ricky right, so you have

01:03:44   three points. Hooray! And I have swept the board with four points, a perfect run. Federico,

01:03:52   I need the Twitter account. I'm not giving it to you. I told you I wasn't conceding my loss.

01:03:59   Also, it's not a loss, it's third place. I'm not conceding my third place. So what are you

01:04:04   you gonna do now? One password is basically the secret service, right? Because we all

01:04:11   share the password. So unless Federico's changed the password, right? He is not. I'm in it.

01:04:18   I'm changing the profile right now. Federico, you were so close. My laziness came back to

01:04:26   haunt me. Just out of interest, how much did you do with that account over the time

01:04:34   that you've had? I think I sent a card. Like I think one day I was in a particularly funny

01:04:39   mood probably because I was drinking after dinner and I started eating a bunch of crap.

01:04:44   Oh, I like this one. Get you a chairman that can do both. That was, I think that was the

01:04:48   only thing you did. Oh yeah. It's possible that I also replied to some stuff. I don't

01:04:53   know. Not from the keynote chairman account because previously to that, cause this is

01:04:57   kind of the fun thing is, uh, my tweets. So because we don't remove them and we should

01:05:03   never remove them, it just becomes funny because the name changes, the image changes, and it

01:05:11   takes all of the history. So for example, there is a point where you are saying "I refuse

01:05:15   to give up my crown," which is something that I said. So yeah, we now have a new keynote

01:05:23   chairman, I guess. It's in the works right now. Congratulations, Steven.

01:05:28   Thank you. It is good to be back in power.

01:05:32   You're probably going to have it for a little bit too.

01:05:34   I think so.

01:05:35   I thought about that today actually, that you know, I think I'm going to have this until

01:05:40   the spring probably.

01:05:42   Well, or two weeks.

01:05:45   Or two weeks.

01:05:47   So we need to deal with the flexies.

01:05:49   Do I need to repeat those rules or are we good?

01:05:52   I think we're good.

01:05:53   Money on the line.

01:05:54   Money on the line.

01:05:55   So I will go first.

01:05:58   I've lost my document.

01:05:59   There we go.

01:06:00   All right, flexies.

01:06:01   I said, I said so many things.

01:06:04   I said six things.

01:06:05   I went over again and we'll see how that shakes out.

01:06:09   Phil Schiller is nowhere to be seen.

01:06:11   We see a big Sur feature recap.

01:06:15   We see Johnny Ceruggi again.

01:06:18   No mention of cellular max.

01:06:21   Apple announces Windows for ARM coming via virtualization

01:06:25   in the future.

01:06:26   Did not get that.

01:06:27   So that one is wrong.

01:06:29   Lastly, number six going above the minimum, the 12 inch MacBook does not return.

01:06:36   So you got five out of six.

01:06:38   What percentage is that?

01:06:40   It's a good one.

01:06:41   It's a big percentage.

01:06:44   If you would have just stuck with five and not done the Apple announces one, you know.

01:06:51   Yeah, I could have had a clean sweep.

01:06:54   The Discord is telling me I got 83% right.

01:06:56   I feel pretty good about that.

01:06:58   James Thompson gives, I guess, the most official as being the big calculator man.

01:07:03   83.3333.

01:07:06   3333% It's just repeating.

01:07:10   I think I've got all those threes.

01:07:12   What does he know about numbers anyway?

01:07:14   All right, Myke, you're up next.

01:07:16   New Macs follow current design trends.

01:07:20   No large scale redesign.

01:07:22   Where's the bell?

01:07:22   You ring the bell for yourself.

01:07:25   It doesn't even want to ring the bell for other people.

01:07:27   doesn't even want to ring the bell.

01:07:28   Two, Big Sur released have been 48 hours of event.

01:07:32   Three, new AirPods Pro or AirPods Pro.

01:07:36   Oh, no, wait, new AirPods or AirPods Pro.

01:07:39   There you go.

01:07:39   Why did you say this one?

01:07:41   I still don't understand why you went with the AirPods.

01:07:44   Because if they were going to do it, it was going to be now

01:07:46   because you get them in time for the holidays.

01:07:47   Oh, OK.

01:07:48   A new MagSafe charging case for existing AirPods.

01:07:53   And Craig demos Big Sur features.

01:07:57   He just talked about them.

01:08:00   Ah, except one.

01:08:02   Which one did he show?

01:08:03   When he opened the Mac.

01:08:05   The Instant Wake.

01:08:06   Well, that's a feature.

01:08:07   I'm gonna give you that.

01:08:08   Thank you.

01:08:09   I just put a skin of my teeth on that one.

01:08:11   You have three out of five.

01:08:14   Federico.

01:08:15   Okay, so in my flexes I said, "Apple compares the performance of Apple Silicon Macs to most

01:08:21   PCs sold today."

01:08:24   This was a good one.

01:08:25   Because oh boy did they do a lot of that. They did a lot of that.

01:08:28   It didn't ring the bell. Ring the bell, Steven.

01:08:31   [DING]

01:08:32   Okay, thank you.

01:08:33   Yeah, there was a lot of numbers.

01:08:35   Um, and a lot of comparisons.

01:08:37   Apple demos a game running on an Apple Silicon Mac.

01:08:40   Did not get that one.

01:08:42   One of the new Mac models supports Wi-Fi 6.

01:08:46   Uh, all of them do.

01:08:49   They all do.

01:08:50   [DING]

01:08:50   This is a good pick.

01:08:51   And then we enter sadness territory.

01:08:55   At least one of the new Apple Silicon Mac models has a promotion display.

01:09:00   Apple redesigns the App Store app for Mac to include iOS, macOS, and iPadOS apps together.

01:09:05   Now this last one, I believe time will prove me right.

01:09:10   However, there's no way for me to prove myself right at the moment.

01:09:15   So this is...

01:09:16   I still think that I will be right on this one.

01:09:18   No you will not.

01:09:21   But for now I need to accept the loss of the flexes, which means I'm the loser of the flexes

01:09:29   and I will happily donate to another charity of Steven's choice.

01:09:35   There are two things that are interesting here.

01:09:37   Steven has won the Rickies and the flexes this time, which feels unprecedented.

01:09:45   Federico did that in September.

01:09:47   Okay, so it's actually quite precedent.

01:09:49   We have a, we have, I keep records of this.

01:09:52   I have never lost or won a Flexi.

01:09:55   I just keep sitting right in the middle there, which honestly I feel pretty good about because

01:10:00   I get anxious every time like trying to think of what my charity would be.

01:10:05   Like I feel like I can't pick something good enough.

01:10:07   So I'm happy to just sit here right in the middle.

01:10:11   So Steven if you could pick a charity that allows me to pay from Italy.

01:10:15   How much money is it this time?

01:10:17   It's quite a bit of money, right?

01:10:18   So the rules say yes, $25 per wrong flexi and you got one, two, three flexis wrong.

01:10:26   So it's $75 and I have one.

01:10:29   I will put a link in our iChat.

01:10:32   I'll put it in iChat.

01:10:33   You still call it iChat.

01:10:35   Put it, well you know I'm the Mac guy.

01:10:37   iChat.

01:10:39   So right now my wife is running a 5k for my brother's nonprofit and I think you should

01:10:44   chip 75 bucks in.

01:10:45   Okay.

01:10:46   I like it.

01:10:48   They run schools in a refugee camp right outside of Sudan.

01:10:51   It's a great cause.

01:10:52   Oh, this is cool.

01:10:53   This is very nice.

01:10:54   Uh, donate.

01:10:55   Let's see.

01:10:56   Does it let me do it from Italy?

01:10:59   I think it will.

01:11:01   Let's see, other.

01:11:03   Yes.

01:11:04   75.

01:11:05   Not 75 cents!

01:11:06   That's very cheap.

01:11:07   75 dollars.

01:11:10   You could just do like a ton of 75 cent transactions.

01:11:14   Make it look like money laundering.

01:11:16   We teach you at Mac Stories.

01:11:18   sure to read out your credit card number. Yes, I will now. It's zero zero zero zero.

01:11:23   That's my credit card number. That's a good number.

01:11:25   Yeah, easy to remember. Yeah, yeah. It's one of those special cards.

01:11:31   Let's see, where do I live? I don't live in Viterbo anymore. Yeah, thank you. Safari.

01:11:36   That would be Rome, Italy. While he's doing this, are you happy with

01:11:41   the event overall? I am. You know, I think that Apple has really

01:11:46   come out swinging in terms of what these chips can do. And that makes me very excited about

01:11:51   what the more upstream ones will do, you know, as they continue to make them more powerful,

01:11:58   you know, there's a slider, they have to move between performance and power efficiency.

01:12:03   I think they really struck a good balance here. But like, holy moly, what does it look

01:12:07   like an iMac that's plugged in all the time, you know, we will see. And I think I think

01:12:12   it was Apple really showing that it's the Mac that you've always known and used, but

01:12:19   it's just going to be a lot better. And I think that those more structural changes may

01:12:24   come later as Big Sur and iOS apps and everything sort of settle out and things like touch or

01:12:29   other things may come a little bit later.

01:12:33   I sent you photographic evidence of my donation.

01:12:37   Thank you, sir. So, yeah, it's good. Federico, you are, you know, the Mac guy. You write

01:12:45   Mac stories. What do you think about this in terms of looking at it from like an Apple

01:12:50   Silicon perspective, like the iPad Pro still floating out there without an update? Like,

01:12:55   do you have any thoughts on what this could mean for future stuff on the other side of

01:13:00   the fence?

01:13:01   So obviously, I feel like I'm still going to be using the iPad Pro as my main computer

01:13:06   Because of all the reasons that we talked about in the past. It can be a tablet. It can be a laptop

01:13:11   It's got a touchscreen

01:13:12   But it's also got the magic keyboard and it's got a cellular connection all of that and also it's got more apps

01:13:17   Like there are more apps that I want to use on the iPad that there are on the Mac

01:13:21   However, I feel like and I said this on Twitter and I said it is on app stories

01:13:26   I think before this is the first time in years that I've actually been interested

01:13:31   in the Mac and Mac OS without being bored by the conversation or the event.

01:13:37   And that's because I feel like there's a potential for me to...

01:13:41   Like I could get a MacBook Air with the M1 chip and I could make it work for me.

01:13:47   Honestly, the biggest problem would be the lack of shortcuts on the Mac.

01:13:51   But because of... through a combination of

01:13:55   Developers offering Mac versions of their apps and just having the iOS app store as a fallback option

01:14:02   I think I could make it work

01:14:04   Now I still wouldn't like it to the extent that I like the iPad Pro

01:14:07   Because it if I'm tired of typing with the magic keyboard and I try to rip out the display

01:14:14   That's gonna be an expensive decision on my part because I'm gonna break the computer

01:14:18   So the Mac cannot be a tablet whereas the iPad can support that kind of modularity

01:14:25   But this is exciting for me, and I think this is the kind of future that I was hoping...

01:14:34   the kind of direction that I was hoping Apple would take years ago with the Mac, blurring

01:14:39   the lines between the different platforms.

01:14:42   And what I think is also exciting is all these new ways that developers have to write apps

01:14:47   for the Mac.

01:14:49   So you can make a universal app, you can take advantage of Catalyst, or you can just let

01:14:53   your iPhone and iPad app run on the Mac.

01:14:57   And I think that is very exciting,

01:14:58   especially the Catalyst apps that we're gonna see this year

01:15:02   with the new Optimize for Mac initiative.

01:15:04   Those are looking much, much better than last year

01:15:06   with the first wave of Catalyst apps.

01:15:08   So, and also obviously the performance improvements

01:15:12   and the insane battery life

01:15:13   that these computers are gonna get.

01:15:15   Like that is super intriguing to me

01:15:16   because again, the iPad Pro lasts a long time.

01:15:20   And I don't remember back in the day of being a Mac user,

01:15:23   I don't remember battery life being so great.

01:15:26   So I'm intrigued.

01:15:28   The MacBook Pro can get double the battery life of the iPad Pro now.

01:15:32   I'm intrigued. There's still a few things that I that I didn't like about this

01:15:37   event. I would have liked to see I would like to see

01:15:40   more examples about the

01:15:45   what does the M1 actually enable in terms of software?

01:15:51   And I think by the end of the event,

01:15:55   by the third Mac that Apple was covering,

01:15:58   after all those numbers and performance and comparisons,

01:16:03   by the third Mac, it was kind of boring.

01:16:06   And I was hoping to get that moment of like,

01:16:09   and here's what we can do now on Big Sur,

01:16:12   thanks to the M1.

01:16:13   And we didn't get that.

01:16:15   The only thing we got was the instant wake,

01:16:17   and that was like a two-second clip.

01:16:20   So I would have liked to see more examples of,

01:16:23   yes, the performance is great,

01:16:25   the battery life is amazing, thank you,

01:16:28   but what does it actually enable you to do

01:16:30   in terms of features of the operating system?

01:16:33   That would have been nice.

01:16:34   And I felt like toward the end,

01:16:36   the presentation was kind of dragging

01:16:40   because it was all the same as the previous sections.

01:16:44   So that would have been nice,

01:16:45   but I also understand how there may be no new features

01:16:48   Big Sur for M1 Macs, I mean besides obviously running iOS apps, because maybe Apple just

01:16:54   didn't have the time, maybe those are coming in future updates. But if I had to pick one

01:16:58   thing, I would have liked to see more software, because I'm a software guy, like the new computers

01:17:04   are fine, but by the end of the video it was all sort of, you know, blending together,

01:17:09   was all kind of similar.

01:17:11   It's interesting, you know, looking at the approach that Apple has taken with these pre-recorded

01:17:16   events is they've gone the exact opposite to how they would normally go right?

01:17:23   Well if you have an in-person event, if you're bringing people, making them sit in a room,

01:17:27   we will demo our software until the end of time.

01:17:31   We will demo our software, we will demo third-party software, demo demo demo demo demo.

01:17:38   But in these pre-recorded events they are not doing it right?

01:17:42   I think at most they showed off a pre-recorded video of that Riot game, right?

01:17:49   Was it League of Legends?

01:17:50   In the iPhone event.

01:17:51   But that is all they've done.

01:17:53   Everything else, if they show anything, it's these little, like, they had like a great

01:17:57   little video that they put together of developers talking about Apple Silicon, but it's really

01:18:02   highly edited and polished, you're not actually seeing things.

01:18:06   They're using applications as like special effects, really.

01:18:10   But they're not doing demos other than the one they did at WWDC and even the WWDC demos

01:18:16   were short.

01:18:18   And it's interesting to me, I don't know why they're taking this approach.

01:18:24   Just because it's edited, you can still do the demos.

01:18:28   Something kind of weird about it being in the inverse where now they don't have to worry

01:18:33   about packing people into a room and locking them in for an hour and a half.

01:18:39   Where are the demos?

01:18:40   Show us something that you can do that and they're not doing it and it is kind of peculiar,

01:18:46   I think.

01:18:47   I think that about does it.

01:18:49   All right.

01:18:50   All right, if you want to find links to the stuff we spoke about, head on over to the

01:18:53   website relay.fm/connected/320.

01:18:58   Stuff is all there.

01:18:59   There's also a bunch of fun stuff you can do.

01:19:00   You can email us feedback, follow up.

01:19:03   You become a member and get access to Connected Pro, which is an ad-free, longer version of

01:19:08   the show each and every week. You can find us all online. You can find Federico on Twitter

01:19:15   Evatici V I T I C C I and he's the editor in chief of max stories.net Federico have

01:19:21   a question for you.

01:19:22   Okay, well before you ask me the question, I want to confirm that I also talked about

01:19:26   last week's question with Sylvia and she confirmed that she never seen me embarrassed in the

01:19:35   years we've been together. She believes that, especially after I was sick and then I got

01:19:41   better, she believes that I'm no longer capable of being embarrassed by anything.

01:19:46   Interesting.

01:19:47   Anyway.

01:19:48   Well, because I assume there are a lot of embarrassing moments you're going through

01:19:53   in quick succession, right?

01:19:56   Yes.

01:19:57   Yeah.

01:19:58   Yes.

01:19:59   Okay. So you kind of lose the edge, I guess.

01:20:00   Especially, you know, multiple doctor visits in all kinds of sections.

01:20:07   Yep.

01:20:08   Yes.

01:20:09   Yes.

01:20:10   It's good.

01:20:11   You didn't need to clarify.

01:20:12   Everyone knew what I meant.

01:20:13   Well, it's the clarification that makes it funny, though, isn't it?

01:20:16   Right.

01:20:17   Of course.

01:20:18   Silly me.

01:20:19   Anyway, Steven, your question.

01:20:21   So this one is also a little... it's not as emotional, but what are you most grateful

01:20:28   for?

01:20:29   Oh, damn.

01:20:30   Oh, come on, do you need, like, is this like a... do you require, like, a serious...

01:20:35   Again, is this another first date question?

01:20:38   You're all from the same giant list.

01:20:40   What kind of dates are these?

01:20:44   They're, uh, they're intense, you know.

01:20:47   If you want to go... if you want to date a sociopath, here are some questions for you.

01:20:51   You're gonna weed them out.

01:20:54   Tell me your darkest secrets.

01:20:58   No, I am grateful for living a life that makes me happy, for having a job that doesn't feel

01:21:10   like a job. And I'm very grateful to have the freedom and the privilege to do whatever

01:21:18   I want every day that I wake up. And obviously for being alive, but that's kind of obvious.

01:21:25   That's a given, right?

01:21:27   Yeah, that's a good answer. We are also joined each and every week by Myke Hurley. If you

01:21:33   need more of Myke in your life, and you probably do, you can find him on Twitter as @imike.

01:21:40   Myke you're building a lot of keyboards on the internet now. What's going on with that?

01:21:44   You go to Myke.live, it's a Twitch channel that I started. I'm streaming at the moment

01:21:49   kind of around one-ish time a week. At some point I will get on schedule. If for some

01:21:55   reason you haven't seen any of my keyboard streams and you think to yourself "I would

01:21:58   like to catch one, I'm going to be building a keyboard next Friday at 11am Eastern".

01:22:04   It's a big keyboard called a Mode 80 and it's going to be soldering and the whole shebang.

01:22:08   So you can go to Myke.live, I will be tweeting about it, but it's going to be at 11am Eastern

01:22:14   on the 20th.

01:22:15   All these keyboards that you're building, are you then giving them to somebody else?

01:22:20   At the moment, no.

01:22:21   I am using them.

01:22:22   You know, it's like I rotate between them.

01:22:24   Can you start building keyboards for your friends?

01:22:27   Eventually that is something I will have to do.

01:22:31   So from the streamers that I follow, because I'm not building keyboards every time, because

01:22:36   there's modifications you can do to them, right?

01:22:39   So I build a keyboard and then I can go in and tweak something, I can get some little

01:22:43   parts from somewhere else and tweak stuff around.

01:22:46   Eventually when I get good enough that I would feel confident building one for other people,

01:22:51   then yes, I would do that.

01:22:53   Cool. Yeah. So you will build one for me.

01:22:57   If you would like one. Yes, I will do that.

01:23:00   Yes, I would.

01:23:01   All right. Great. Brilliant.

01:23:03   Let's let's start thinking about that, because let me tell you, really hard to get parts.

01:23:07   OK. But if you want one, you can tell me the kind of stuff

01:23:10   that you think you might like and I'll start trying to assemble something for you.

01:23:13   Awesome. Perfect. OK.

01:23:15   It's exciting.

01:23:16   You can follow me on Twitter as ISMH.

01:23:19   I'm also on Twitch. I'm doing stuff too.

01:23:22   this Friday I'm going to be rewatching the announcement of the first Intel Max.

01:23:27   So on Monday we did the Intel announcement, on Friday we'll be doing the first Intel Max.

01:23:32   So you can check that out twitch.tv/ismh.

01:23:35   The Podcastathon got Twitch in minus Steven's heads and now we're just doing stuff with it.

01:23:43   I'm sorry about Terrence in the Discord.

01:23:46   Federico needs a mechanical keyboard for running FF back twice a week.

01:23:52   [laughter]

01:23:55   What I'll do, I'll just make a keyboard with one key, right?

01:23:59   Which we will bind to a shortcut, and then you will just press it, and it will do the FFM back for you.

01:24:06   [laughter]

01:24:10   I'd like to thank our sponsors this week, Squarespace, Smile, and Pingdom.

01:24:14   And until next time, guys, say goodbye.

01:24:17   I do, don't you?

01:24:18   Bye? I was gonna say adios, like, I forgot what I said!

01:24:21   Cheerio! Cheerio!

01:24:23   Bye y'all.