319: The Rickies (November 2020)


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected episode 319.

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00:00:18   My name is Steven Hackett and I am joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:21   - Are you sure that's your name?

00:00:23   - I'm Steven Hackett.

00:00:24   - You're Finn.

00:00:25   - You're Myke Hurley, I did hear that.

00:00:27   I'm Finn, I don't remember what y'all's names were though.

00:00:29   I'm Che and Federico was... I don't remember. I can only remember two at a time.

00:00:39   Federico, which was yours? FED? FED? FED or FED? No, it wasn't FED. I didn't want to be a FED.

00:00:46   That's right. FED. FED, CHE and FEN.

00:00:51   Welcome back. See what happens when you leave? Don't leave.

00:00:53   Yeah. Federico, how are you?

00:00:58   Ciao. I'm good. How are you?

00:01:00   Good. I'm good. I'm glad to be back.

00:01:03   Thank you everyone who sent me a nice note.

00:01:06   I was out for an outpatient operation thing and I am back and mostly put back together.

00:01:13   So that's good.

00:01:14   Mostly?

00:01:15   Mm-hmm.

00:01:16   I got some extra metal in me now that I didn't have before, but that's fine.

00:01:20   Nice. Did you have any metal in you before?

00:01:22   No. I had no metal in me before and now I have some metal holding part of my foot together.

00:01:27   You didn't like swallow a penny or something before?

00:01:30   Mm-hmm.

00:01:31   Do you ever do that as a kid?

00:01:32   Don't think so?

00:01:34   I feel like I remember that, right?

00:01:35   I think I did once.

00:01:37   Yeah, one time I think I did it, but I was very little and stupid.

00:01:42   I don't think I did something like that.

00:01:43   Most babies are.

00:01:44   Yeah, I think I did.

00:01:47   We didn't even have euros, so yeah, I was definitely very little.

00:01:53   One of my children who remain nameless so that I don't embarrass them in the future

00:01:56   when they undoubtedly listen to every moment of podcasting I've ever done, swallowed a

00:02:01   quarter once and it was a big to-do. You have to go get an x-ray and make sure that it's

00:02:05   in their stomach and not in their lungs. You don't want coins in the lungs. It's bad news.

00:02:09   Cleaning the stomach is fine. Cleaning the lung, no thank you.

00:02:12   Yeah, because "coin in the stomach," like, you know, we all know where it's going.

00:02:16   Mm-hmm. Can only go one way.

00:02:19   That's right. That can't be good.

00:02:21   I mean, it's better than rattling around in your lungs.

00:02:25   Would it rattle? I don't know if you like do a jumping jack.

00:02:30   I can tell you that much. Don't get anything stuck in your lung, believe me.

00:02:34   Yeah. Puerto Rico knows.

00:02:38   Whether it's a coin or a 20 centimeter tube, believe me, you don't want to have any objects

00:02:42   in there.

00:02:43   I'm trying to put coin and COVID together as a pun, but I'm not quite getting there.

00:02:49   Just by saying it, you've put the joke in people's minds anyway, which is effectively

00:02:52   just it's given the same effect.

00:02:54   Yeah, now you can make your own joke.

00:02:56   Yeah, everyone can create their own joke and they can send them to Steven.

00:03:00   Yes, @Vetechi on Twitter.

00:03:04   Steven's going for a rebrand.

00:03:07   That's right. Yeah, time to rebrand. We would like to make an opening statement.

00:03:11   We're recording this on November 4th. We know there's a lot of stuff in the world, particularly in the US,

00:03:16   that is very up in the air at the moment. We know that's very stressful. It's very stressful for us.

00:03:21   But we want to spend the next two to six hours together nerding out about tech stuff

00:03:27   Anybody

00:03:34   Outside of my direct family in a week like I'm so excited

00:03:38   I'm gonna keep you here forever if there is some point where we can just leave and you can keep going or

00:03:43   Is it fine if I get up and just you know cook some pasta and come back?

00:03:49   Like is that allowed?

00:03:50   Does anybody know?

00:03:52   Yeah, what anybody know?

00:03:53   Just ask Steven some like Mac history thing and then just go and leave.

00:03:58   Hey Steven, can you explain the afterburner card for the Mac Pro?

00:04:02   Yeah, I mean it takes like a good nine to ten minutes, right, to boil some pasta.

00:04:06   Yeah, good idea.

00:04:07   So that'd be fine.

00:04:09   Good idea.

00:04:10   You could go.

00:04:12   So anyways, we're here just to have some fun today and all of that stuff will be there

00:04:18   to worry about when we're done. How does that sound?

00:04:20   - Sounds great.

00:04:22   - So let's start with some follow up.

00:04:26   We've been talking about MagSafe and a lot of companies

00:04:30   that we thought may be making MagSafe stuff.

00:04:33   And Moment has jumped out with this entire system.

00:04:37   This is actually really cool.

00:04:39   So Moment of course makes iPhone lenses and cases

00:04:42   that all work together

00:04:43   and a bunch of other really nice accessories.

00:04:46   and they have put together a system built around MagSafe

00:04:50   where you can do things like a wall mount,

00:04:52   there's one that mounts on a car vent,

00:04:55   mounts on a cold shoe or a tripod.

00:04:58   Some of these are magnets

00:04:59   and some of these are also magnets with like arms

00:05:02   that grip the side of the phone,

00:05:03   kind of depending on what it is,

00:05:06   but it's a really wide range of stuff

00:05:09   that all looks pretty good.

00:05:10   - I am dubious.

00:05:13   - Yeah? - Yeah.

00:05:14   I don't think that it has been proven yet that you can actually hold with any force something from these magnets.

00:05:27   What Moment is suggesting here is that they will have a system which you could mount camera gear to your phone and it will stay on.

00:05:41   and I don't know if we have seen any evidence yet that the magnets are strong

00:05:49   enough to do this. This all seems much more like you're attaching your phone to

00:05:53   other things. Right, but the cold shoe, you put stuff on that, right? That's

00:05:59   the, yeah, that one I think is the only one that looks like it's attaching,

00:06:05   like the phone is the base, but that one also has one of those arms that sits on

00:06:09   on the edge of the phone to take some of the weight.

00:06:12   So, I mean, no one does good work.

00:06:15   - I'm intrigued, right?

00:06:17   Purely because there is a strength rating level

00:06:22   that Apple is recommending and it's not that strong.

00:06:29   So like Apple produced documentation

00:06:31   that they give to accessory developers.

00:06:33   So I was having a good conversation about this

00:06:35   on another show that I do with Tom and Dan

00:06:37   Studio Neat called Thoroughly Considered.

00:06:39   And Tom had been through all the documentation.

00:06:42   And he said to me, PopSocket, he could not

00:06:44   imagine it working, right?

00:06:46   If they follow Apple's guidance.

00:06:49   So you could not follow Apple's guidance, maybe,

00:06:52   and produce stronger magnets.

00:06:54   But then there is a question of, is that

00:06:56   going to interfere with the phone in any way

00:06:59   if the magnets are too strong?

00:07:01   Because there is--

00:07:02   I believe I've read about this somewhere

00:07:04   that, at least in previous iPhones,

00:07:07   You didn't want to put too strong Madniks near the camera array because it could mess with that

00:07:11   So yeah, but I'm not saying this isn't going to work

00:07:15   I just for me like I am reserving judgment on all mag safe accessories that do not carry the

00:07:22   official like made for iPhone branding

00:07:25   Until I see people using them and reviewing them and it's like you look at the wallet, right?

00:07:31   Apple made

00:07:33   Like that thing does not seem to stick on with any

00:07:36   strength and so you know I'm just kind of like I I would just suggest that

00:07:43   people like keep their expectations in check until we see this stuff actually

00:07:48   used because I don't think moments actually made any of this prototype it's

00:07:55   not shipping till March but the pictures that you're seeing on their website

00:07:59   they're renders, right? Like, surely. They're not real. So yeah, I just am saying like

00:08:06   I think the jury's still a little bit out on this and I wouldn't want to make

00:08:12   assumptions based on the fact that I'll be able to do any of this. Like I've

00:08:15   given up on the fact that Popsocket will be able to make a Popsocket in the way

00:08:19   that I want it to be, for example. There's a note on Moment's website when you click

00:08:24   at any of these pages. One, it all ships in March. And two, the final designs may vary

00:08:30   slightly from the current product images. Yeah, they're not finished things, but you

00:08:35   know, I agree with you. Like, I think this is yet to be proven, but at the same time,

00:08:41   I don't know if Moment would jump in on this stuff if they didn't think they could build

00:08:44   something good, so.

00:08:45   They definitely believe they can do it.

00:08:47   Yeah.

00:08:48   I have no doubt about that. And I also say these products look fantastic.

00:08:52   They do.

00:08:53   Because, you know, like I've always liked the look of a lot of Moment's stuff, but it's like I don't necessarily want to buy into their case and all that kind of thing.

00:09:01   Or their mounts.

00:09:03   But just some of this extra stuff like the tripod mount and stuff is like super cool looking.

00:09:09   On last week's episode, me and Federico were trying to guess if...

00:09:14   I'm trying to think about if, because we were talking about the reverse wireless charging potential for MagSafe,

00:09:21   if Apple's ever done this before where there's been some kind of hardware feature that's enabled

00:09:26   with software down the line. David along with many others wrote in to point out that the

00:09:31   original iPod touch enabled Bluetooth via a software update which as soon as I was told this

00:09:37   I remembered it because I had one. Really? I don't remember this. Yeah I do. It was back when they

00:09:44   were charging for software updates because of the weird accounting. Sarbanes-Oxley!

00:09:50   I don't know what it means, but I know it meant I had to pay for software updates.

00:09:53   Yeah, this is for the second gen iPod touch, looks like.

00:09:56   Okay, sorry. Yeah, okay.

00:09:58   Yeah, this was one of those things where iFixit took a part and they were like,

00:10:01   "Look, there's a Bluetooth chip in here. It doesn't do anything!"

00:10:03   And then Apple later was like, "Hey, do you want Bluetooth? Like, just give us

00:10:07   10 bucks and you get Bluetooth and copy and paste because you'll get iPhone OS 3."

00:10:12   Weird times. Weird times.

00:10:15   Alright Myke, it has been long awaited, but you are finally ready with your tvOS review, I believe.

00:10:22   Nope. We've got the rookies this week, but I'm laying all of the groundwork. So,

00:10:26   one, I have finally been able to update my Apple TV.

00:10:30   Oh good.

00:10:31   I took a picture of the splash screen that it gives you where it tells you the features,

00:10:35   just to make sure that I'm ticking them off from my own research.

00:10:40   and I bought a new television to really get the full tvOS experience.

00:10:46   That's an expensive way to procrastinate.

00:10:48   Mm-hmm. We've also got to do the Ricky's today, you know. I probably could have fit it in the episode.

00:10:52   So we still don't have the review? It's November, it's November.

00:10:56   Hold on, I can actually tell you at this point, would you like to know kind of my overall thinking

00:11:00   towards the review? Would you like to know my my overall thinking towards tvOS?

00:11:05   So now you're thinking?

00:11:07   No, no, like my kind of my... what do you kids call it when you have like an overall theme?

00:11:12   Hot take.

00:11:14   No, it's like what do you call it Federico?

00:11:16   Like an overarching theme.

00:11:18   Yeah, would you like to know my overarching theme?

00:11:20   Yes, please.

00:11:22   It's basically that TV+ and the TV content is driving all of the direction of TVOS.

00:11:30   That's a take. That's a take. I like it. Okay.

00:11:33   because now tvos from a content perspective like from how content is displayed and the things that

00:11:41   apple are doing there with their apps and stuff like that it's completely devoid from the tv

00:11:45   hardware now because at this point apple can't do too much because they have to be able to mirror

00:11:52   the experience on hardware that they don't own so smart tv's playstations xboxes and stuff like that

00:12:00   So development of tvOS and the tvApp I think is going to slow down even more than it already has.

00:12:06   And then you can see that in the features that they added to tvOS. They are very Apple TV related

00:12:12   features, right? So like how it uses audio devices, how you can choose the screen savers you want,

00:12:21   stuff like that. Like I think at this point the main focus of tvOS which is the tvApp,

00:12:28   it's starting to become completely separated from tvos and how it's developed because there are too

00:12:33   many dependencies now that is my overall thinking towards tvos this year i may have just done the

00:12:38   review at this point to be honest um but that that's that's where i am with it right now but

00:12:44   honestly i have noticed some nice little details that i've been noting down and genuinely i think

00:12:51   i what have you been using for notes apple notes okay just a notes app i've just been putting because

00:12:57   Because we also want to know about your workflow, your setup.

00:12:59   My process, well the process as well as early days.

00:13:03   Yeah, I'll make sure I do the making of for my newsletter.

00:13:06   Okay.

00:13:07   But I genuinely want to wait for 14.2 because there are features in 14.2 that I want to use.

00:13:15   And I genuinely will, after 14.2 comes out onto tvOS and onto the HomePod,

00:13:22   I will do a more in-depth review of tvOS.

00:13:27   This is a joke.

00:13:28   This has obviously been a joke for many months now, but I am, I do seriously want

00:13:33   to talk about it and give my opinion on it because in the last week or so,

00:13:37   No, no, no.

00:13:37   What is a joke?

00:13:38   What is a joke?

00:13:39   Uh, there is no joke.

00:13:40   Obviously when I said joke, I meant this is a very serious endeavor.

00:13:44   Nobody's joking.

00:13:45   We're all important.

00:13:46   We all find important, but I have come to a conclusion, which I've just shared,

00:13:51   which is going to help inform my overall review of tvOS coming to a, an episode

00:13:57   near you in the future. Okay. Hmm. Okay. Okay. Fine. So you said you bought a TV? Yeah. I

00:14:06   bought a 48 inch LG OLED. Long time listeners of the show may remember that I had a about

00:14:12   2 hour experience with a 55 inch LG OLED a few months ago. It was deemed to be too large

00:14:19   and definitely was too large for the room that I was trying to put it in. And then LG

00:14:25   a sub 50 inch OLED. I think it's the first one which is the 48 inch and I absolutely love it.

00:14:34   It is so good. I love every single thing about this television. I could not recommend it enough

00:14:42   to people who are looking for a television who you know maybe is a little unsure of size

00:14:52   because you know like 50 inches 50 inches and above it is too big for a lot of rooms

00:14:56   but basically in a nutshell the picture quality is superb everything that i'm watching on this

00:15:02   looks better even the nintendo switch looks better i don't really know exactly why that is i assume

00:15:09   it's some kind of upscaling but everything looks crisper the sound from the tv is brilliant like

00:15:15   really great most of the time i am using my home pods but for games and stuff you can't

00:15:21   So that's when I'm using the TV and it sounds like the TV has really like interesting separation of sound

00:15:27   which I find to be quite intriguing. I'm not really sure how TV speakers could sound is good.

00:15:32   I didn't think I'd be able to but they do. HomeKit integration is superb. I love being able to turn

00:15:39   the TV off and on with HomeKit, with Siri and also I can change inputs really easily using my phone.

00:15:47   That sort of stuff is really great because what I've found is on my previous television,

00:15:53   my Apple TV remote would turn on and off my TV. So like when I turn off my Apple TV,

00:15:58   it would turn off on the new TV. It turns if I press the remote, it would turn on my TV,

00:16:03   but will not turn my TV off. Maybe there's a setting that I can do. And I know that this is

00:16:07   a feature which works well in some instances and not with others, but just being able to super

00:16:13   easily turn off the TV with Siri or HomeKit or like whatever that works great.

00:16:20   And everything that I have connected looks great so from my PlayStation to my

00:16:29   Apple TV. I bought this in advance of my PlayStation 5 which will be coming later

00:16:35   in November but I will be using my Xbox I think next week with it. I'm getting an

00:16:38   Xbox Series S, so I wanted to try out 120 frames per second gaming. But what I really

00:16:44   like about this TV is everything I've plugged into it, the device recognizes what those

00:16:49   devices are and names the inputs. How great is that?

00:16:54   Nice. My Samsung TV does that as well, it's very nice.

00:16:57   Oh really? I don't know if this is like one of the new HDMI specs, but yeah, it's great.

00:17:04   So people are talking about HDMI CAC on the chat, I know about this, I have turned the

00:17:08   setting on that was what enabled my Apple TV to turn on the TV but it has not helped

00:17:13   me with turning off the TV. Maybe I'll tinker around with the settings a bit more but I

00:17:18   also really like the LG remote. You can also use it like a Wiimote which I like, you just

00:17:27   point it at the TV and a little cursor pops up. WebOS on the LG TVs is really nice, I

00:17:34   it a lot. All of the apps that I've seen are good. I've played around with a TV app, it's

00:17:38   all nice. Yeah, I'm really really happy with this television. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

00:17:46   It's the one I'm looking at. I'm gonna see if maybe... I know this is a new TV so I'm

00:17:51   not expecting huge Black Friday discounts but I'm not in a hurry to buy anything so

00:17:57   this is the one I have my eye on. Yeah, I would recommend that you wait. I would have

00:18:02   but I wanted to have it before my new game consoles came.

00:18:05   Like it was the reason I was upgrading the TV mainly.

00:18:08   - And the review, of course.

00:18:11   - And the review, of course.

00:18:13   So yeah, I recommend that you just wait and see

00:18:16   if you might get a discount or some description,

00:18:18   but this is the TV you should buy.

00:18:21   - Yeah, yeah.

00:18:21   - Nice. - Cool.

00:18:22   - All right, we got a little bit more to talk about,

00:18:25   but let's take our first break.

00:18:28   How does that sound?

00:18:29   - Lovely. - Okay.

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00:20:23   So Federico, Myke is not the only one

00:20:26   who's been shopping in my absence.

00:20:28   - Yeah, yeah.

00:20:30   I buy stuff, I buy things.

00:20:33   And sometimes I like them, sometimes I don't.

00:20:36   And in this case, I like them.

00:20:38   (laughing)

00:20:40   - Perfect.

00:20:41   I think you just did every review

00:20:45   that could ever be done for any product.

00:20:47   You just did it.

00:20:49   - Yeah, yeah.

00:20:50   I mean, sometimes you like it, sometimes you don't.

00:20:52   It feels like a waste of money.

00:20:53   and just the way the world goes, you know?

00:20:57   You kind of like everything you buy, that's for sure.

00:21:00   What do you want to know about my recent purchases?

00:21:04   - Have you been replaced by an AI?

00:21:06   What is happening?

00:21:07   (laughing)

00:21:09   What is going on right now?

00:21:11   - Look, I can talk,

00:21:15   we want to bet that I can talk for 10 minutes

00:21:17   without saying anything.

00:21:18   (laughing)

00:21:20   I can do that.

00:21:21   I consider it to go on and on and I don't get to the point.

00:21:25   In fact, I could be a politician now that I think about it.

00:21:28   - Oh, there he goes.

00:21:30   - I could do that.

00:21:31   I should consider that.

00:21:32   Anyway, what do you wanna know?

00:21:34   - Well, on last week's episode,

00:21:35   you said that you were gonna give in and buy headphones.

00:21:38   Did you buy the headphones?

00:21:39   - I have purchased headphones.

00:21:41   - Which ones?

00:21:43   - Well, multiple ones.

00:21:45   - Oh, okay.

00:21:47   - So what you should know about me

00:21:50   is that I really like Sony products, right?

00:21:53   I think this is pretty much a given at this point.

00:21:56   We all know that I have a particular appreciation

00:22:00   for Sony design and Sony sound quality.

00:22:02   - Also as well, we are the Sony generation,

00:22:05   if such a thing could be described, right?

00:22:07   - No, it's true. - Like when we were kids,

00:22:09   Sony was always really cool, right?

00:22:11   Like we were on the tail end of Walkman

00:22:14   and then we had like PlayStation, Minidisc.

00:22:17   - Yeah, Discman. - Discman.

00:22:18   All these things were cool to us when we were kids,

00:22:22   and Sony was the best of all of them.

00:22:25   - That is true, that is true.

00:22:27   So the first purchase was the over-ear Sony headphones,

00:22:32   basically to make the name shorter, the XM4.

00:22:38   So the popular noise canceling over-ear headphones,

00:22:41   they are currently rated as the best noise canceling

00:22:45   over-ear Bluetooth headphones that you can buy

00:22:47   multiple places, The Verge, NKBHD, a bunch of websites. They are in the range of, I believe,

00:22:53   300 something dollars. The price is different in euros. But these were the headphones that I was

00:22:59   considering before. The rumors of Apple over a year, AirPods Studio, so-called, started circulating

00:23:08   a few months ago, saying Apple is going to release headphones by the end of the year. And I believe

00:23:12   leave those rumors, so I put my purchasing decision on hold. And then when it became

00:23:17   clear that these AirPods Studio are not coming out until 2021, I really wanted to have these

00:23:22   headphones for, really for one main, for two reasons. I wanted to test the superior noise

00:23:31   cancelling technology. I am a happy owner of the previous generation product, the XM3

00:23:39   I bought two years ago at this point and I've used them in a bunch of places, I traveled

00:23:44   with them, I love those headphones. But I wanted to get the new version, which basically

00:23:50   looks the same as the old one, no particular design changes, for two reasons. One, improved

00:23:55   noise cancelling and two, the new support for, it's called multi-point Bluetooth, it

00:24:02   basically means you compare these headphones to two devices at once. And I wanted to have

00:24:08   these features so that I could use these headphones with my iPhone and television at the same

00:24:13   time because I want to watch television at night using apps that are not the Apple TV

00:24:19   and I didn't want to pair and unpair Bluetooth headphones every single time.

00:24:24   So I wanted to have a...

00:24:25   Can I just, sorry, can I just confirm something that you said? You said at the same time.

00:24:28   Do you mean like they're switching between each other or it's two audio sources going

00:24:32   into the headphones at the same time?

00:24:34   That address is one of the things that I noticed. Unfortunately, you cannot listen to two things

00:24:41   simultaneously. That cannot happen. You can have, say, music from your iPhone and the

00:24:48   news coming from your TV. Also, that's a terrible idea. I don't do that. But no, that's not

00:24:53   technically possible. You still need to stop the audio on one device. You have to choose.

00:25:00   But at the very least, the earphones can connect to multiple devices at the same time and you

00:25:07   don't need to start the pairing process every single time from scratch. You can keep them

00:25:14   paired to the iPhone and like I do, my television.

00:25:17   So my thoughts on the...

00:25:18   Can I ask another question?

00:25:19   Yes, you can ask all the questions you want, Michael.

00:25:22   Thank you. So when I have this feature with my AirPods, if I am listening on my iPhone

00:25:29   and I press play on my iPad, it will just start on the iPad and will pause on the iPhone.

00:25:35   Is that similar? If you listen to something on your iPhone and you turn on the TV, what

00:25:41   happens? You get a message from the headphones saying

00:25:48   the headphones are not connected to the second device, but it's not like AirPods auto switch.

00:25:54   You still need to, for example, on my TV, and I guess it depends on the kind of device

00:26:01   that you have.

00:26:02   In my case, the audio keeps playing on the iPhone.

00:26:06   I get a message saying, "The second device is now connected."

00:26:10   On the TV, I get an alert, and this is powered by WebOS.

00:26:14   I guess this is the way that WebOS handles this.

00:26:16   I get a message saying, "Bluetooth device connected.

00:26:20   Do you want to switch your audio input from the TV speakers to the Bluetooth headphones?"

00:26:24   And if I confirm, however, the TV connects, right? But I still need to stop audio from

00:26:31   the iPhone. So, which means I still need to open Control Center and disconnect and switch

00:26:37   from Sony headphones to iPhone, for example. Otherwise…

00:26:40   So you have to have the… the iPhone has to let go of the audio?

00:26:44   It has to let go of the audio. Yes.

00:26:46   Alright.

00:26:47   Yes. It's not as smooth as I would have hoped. Some people… some people on Reddit,

00:26:52   which by the way is a sentence that you can use anywhere.

00:26:55   Some people on Reddit are saying that,

00:26:56   (laughing)

00:26:59   you can start any argument with this.

00:27:01   - Talk about saying things without actually saying anything.

00:27:04   - Some people on Reddit are saying

00:27:06   that this is an iOS limitation

00:27:07   and that it's smoother on Android.

00:27:10   I kind of believe them.

00:27:11   - I can believe that.

00:27:12   Well, because, you know, if you are a make,

00:27:14   if you are Android, if you're a Google, right?

00:27:16   Like if it's built into Android,

00:27:18   this is the way that it will be done, right?

00:27:20   Apple doesn't care, right?

00:27:22   want you to buy AirPods. You know? Just as a note of somebody on Reddit, so obviously

00:27:31   we're going to talk about Apple event later on. I tweeted out the invitation and it got

00:27:37   picked up and it was the top of r/apple. Oh, here we go. My Twitter account was unusable

00:27:46   for about four hours. I do not know what was going on with the quote tweets and stuff.

00:27:53   It was unbelievable. It was so weird. People were just saying strange things. Anyway,

00:28:04   sorry. But yes, that's what I wanted to say. - Anyway, sound quality is super...

00:28:11   like it's very good i like it it's the same um i guess oh you could use this expression it's the

00:28:18   same sound signature of oh wow look at me how are the highs and did you find it tinny in the midst

00:28:29   or you how are the tweeters were they i don't want to talk about sound quality to avoid this very

00:28:34   kind of conversation when you close your eyes can you visualize where each instrument is in space

00:28:39   How's the virtual sound stage creating?

00:28:43   Sound stage. Sound stage.

00:28:45   I am quitting this show.

00:28:48   Thank you chat room. It's been a pleasure. Thank you.

00:28:52   It's like you were gonna win the Ricky's anyways.

00:28:54   I have a personal theory that nobody understands what they're talking about when they talk about

00:29:01   mids and highs and all that stuff.

00:29:05   So I agree

00:29:07   Which is why I prefer to like focus on individual sounds

00:29:10   So when I do these kinds of tests myself and I do have a bunch of headphones to test at this point

00:29:15   I pick a particular song and I try to concentrate on a particular sound

00:29:20   like a drum in the background or a particular bass line in the background and I try to

00:29:25   Really understand like how am I hearing this and what's the difference between multiple headphones?

00:29:31   These are the tests that I do. Like, I don't know what's a mid, what's a high, what's treble.

00:29:36   Like, I try to... I guess it's a more pragmatic approach, just because I don't have a particular

00:29:41   education in this kind of terminology. So I pick different songs that I think would

00:29:45   make for a good test, right? And I switch between headphones.

00:29:51   If I am ever trying to do a test between them, I would do the same of like, pick something

00:29:57   that I really know and does it sound different, how does it sound different? And as we've

00:30:02   spoken about on this show before, your crazy headphones and Walkman thing, that has given

00:30:09   me the most response of like, I'm hearing this music differently. And there's a few

00:30:14   things going on there. Like one, there's no compression, there's barely any compression

00:30:18   at all on the audio files, right? Which is, if you understand how MP3s work, then it makes

00:30:23   sense why you can hear things you couldn't hear before and also just the

00:30:27   overall quality of the equipment is better.

00:30:30   So basically these headphones they they're not as you know bass heavy as you

00:30:37   will get with Beats headphones. Beats headphones have a particular sound right

00:30:41   that's kind of optimized for modern pop and hip-hop. This is slightly more

00:30:47   neutral I guess but I like it I'm used to it it's basically the same sound of

00:30:51   previous model. I want to talk about the other things besides the sound. They are at least to

00:31:00   me slightly more comfortable to wear than the M3. I believe that Sony made a few tweaks to the

00:31:06   ear pads and to the headband, and I can feel that with the M3s I would get a very slight headache

00:31:16   after a couple of hours, and I haven't noticed that with the M4. So that to me is an improvement.

00:31:22   What I absolutely love about these headphones, also in addition to multi-device pairing,

00:31:27   that I want to see in every headphone now, is wear detection. So this is a feature that Apple

00:31:34   is rumored to be adding to the AirPods Studio. These headphones can automatically pause and start

00:31:41   playback if they detect that you're not wearing them anymore. And you can test this in a couple

00:31:47   of ways. You can remove your headphones and put them around your neck, or you can just

00:31:52   lift one of the ear cups and the music will stop playing. And when it detects that the

00:31:57   ear cup is on your, for example, if you just want to lift, say, your left ear cup, you

00:32:03   can just, you know, you want to listen to somebody, and then when you put it back on,

00:32:06   the music starts playing again. Or you can remove your headphones, drop them around your

00:32:11   neck and then when you put them on your head again music will resume and it's very nice.

00:32:15   It's one of those features that reminds me of AirPods right? The first time I tried it you

00:32:20   remove your earbuds and the music stops and you put them on again and the music starts up again

00:32:25   and it's the way that it should have always been and I like it. It works very nicely and I want to

00:32:30   have this feature in all headphones now. So very nicely done. Yeah I guess this is what like AirPods

00:32:38   do right? Yeah. Like if you take one out of your ear. So you would hope that Apple would do it

00:32:43   right if they were making headphones too. Yeah I don't think these have an accelerometer built in.

00:32:48   I think they do it via proximity sensor which you know it's another way to do it I guess. Yeah. Two

00:32:54   things that I don't like right the audio quality for Siri feedback sucks it's terrible you got the

00:33:02   low quality, like grainy Siri voice when you try it. I don't know, I don't know, I guess

00:33:09   it's using standard poor Bluetooth. It's not like Siri when you use AirPods, it's

00:33:16   ClistroClear, right? This feels like it's coming from, you know, from two kilometers

00:33:23   away. It's like, I don't know, it just sounds very bad, it sounds very bad, I don't

00:33:28   know why. And also the new gestures, or the way that they have been implemented, they're

00:33:35   terrible. Sony increased the amount of pressure that you need to apply when tapping on the

00:33:47   ear cups to do things like controlling audio playback or raising and lowering the volume,

00:33:55   I really dislike it because it used to be, like some people were saying, it used to be

00:33:59   too sensitive before. I actually kind of liked it, the way that it worked in the previous

00:34:04   model. Now you really need to get in there and tap and slide and I don't like it. I don't

00:34:11   like it, it's too difficult to do. So I don't like the gestures. Overall though, these are

00:34:16   really, really, really good funds. They do what I, you know, they achieve the task that

00:34:23   I purchased them for, which is I can use my iPhone or I can use my TV, and switching between

00:34:29   them is not as immediate or as fast as with the AirPods, but it's quick enough and I like

00:34:35   it. It's really well done. So happy customer of the, now I guess I can't say the full name,

00:34:41   the Sony WH-1000XM4. Very user-friendly name, for sure.

00:34:49   I don't know why they do that.

00:34:51   So that was one purchase.

00:34:53   we're only halfway done with this? Yeah. At least half. I also purchased the Sony

00:35:05   WF-1000XM3. Now you may say, well, what's the big difference between the

00:35:13   WH and the WF? The WF's are the true wireless earbuds, basically the Sony

00:35:19   AirPods, or should I say Sony AirPods Pro. Once again, I've always been intrigued by

00:35:27   these because they're made by Sony and I love Sony stuff. And I guess I was interested in

00:35:33   this because I wanted to see what Sony can do in terms of an AirPods competitor, right?

00:35:41   These are, obviously the shape is different from the AirPods Pro, I guess you can go find

00:35:46   the picture. They look like a smaller Bluetooth headset, they have this pill-shaped design

00:35:57   and they use in-ear tips, just like AirPods Pro. They support noise cancellation and they

00:36:02   support gestures on both earbuds. You can control the noise cancellation and you can

00:36:09   control music playback, also via tapping, they don't have the squeeze gesture, they support tapping.

00:36:17   Now, these earbuds, also they have a very similar case to the AirPods Pro, it's slightly bigger,

00:36:27   and I love the design. You can get them in black, you can get them in silver, and if you get the

00:36:33   black version like I did, the case is black with a gold accent. So really nicely done. It reminds me

00:36:40   of the Sony, I guess it's the part of the, it's called Sony Signature brand, that you know,

00:36:45   this color scheme, really nicely done. And the case charges via USB-C, which is nice, and the earbuds

00:36:53   are, you can put them in the case very quickly, they align magnetically and they snap into the

00:36:58   case and they're also very easy to remove, unlike other wireless earbuds that I've tried.

00:37:04   Arguably, I think these are easier to remove than the AirPods Pro.

00:37:11   So before I get to the sound and the features, I want to say how I still dislike having to

00:37:19   pick and choose a particular size of the rubber tip for in-ear earbuds, just because I am

00:37:28   now convinced that my ears are shaped oddly, especially they're different between them.

00:37:34   And so, having to do all these tests with the silicone tips, I really dislike it.

00:37:39   I ordered right away the Comply foam tips for the Sony wireless earbuds.

00:37:46   arrived today in the medium size. I'm gonna get the small size tomorrow. I think the medium

00:37:53   size is perfect for my left ear. I believe I will have to use the small version for the right ear,

00:37:58   but I can tell you right away that of course the foam tip made a huge difference in terms of how

00:38:03   comfortable it is and the sound quality overall. So if you're planning on getting one of these

00:38:10   earbuds, I always recommend getting the Comply foam tips.

00:38:14   Also,

00:38:17   there are a lot more options for the silicon tips that are included by default in the box.

00:38:24   I believe you get eight different versions with the Sony earbuds, and you only get three with the AirPods Pro.

00:38:31   Now, the...

00:38:33   So, sound quality. I think they sound better than AirPods Pro.

00:38:39   At least to me. They have a...

00:38:45   Once again, I don't want to talk about like mids and highs and that stuff.

00:38:49   They have sounds. Well, they do have a bigger soundstage in the sense that...

00:38:55   [Laughter]

00:38:56   The best way that I can describe it is you can make out each instrument in a track more clearly.

00:39:02   Every part of a song has more detail in it.

00:39:07   and it's surprising because these are such small devices, right?

00:39:13   And obviously they don't sound as, like, when you listen to a song,

00:39:17   it doesn't sound as big as when you wear over-ear headphones, obviously.

00:39:23   But they do sound better than AirPods Pro to me.

00:39:26   There's a very nice separation between instruments,

00:39:30   and you can tell when you listen to really loud stuff.

00:39:32   Like, for example, the latest album by this British band, Myke,

00:39:35   I think you know them or you should like them at least, The Struts. They have a new album

00:39:42   out now and they can get pretty loud in some of their tracks. And it does sound better,

00:39:49   like every part is more separated when you listen with these earbuds compared to the

00:39:53   AirPods Pro where at full volume the details get kind of muddy, right? And everything kind

00:39:59   blends together. So yeah, I prefer the sound of the Sony earbuds. What I really like is,

00:40:07   unfortunately these don't support multi-device pairing. So this is only one Bluetooth device

00:40:13   at a time, which is unfortunate. That's a shame. Two things I like, they have a native, like a

00:40:20   built-in audio upscale feature. It's called DSEE HX. It's a Sony proprietary

00:40:30   technology. DSEE HX? Yeah. My word. It's a Sony audio resolution upscale thing

00:40:42   that basically tries to upscale lossy audio and to try and match lossless

00:40:49   audio. And obviously, as with any upscale feature of any kind, it's not quite the same,

00:40:56   but I do think it makes a difference, especially if you're listening to streaming services

00:41:01   or live songs on YouTube, for example. It's nice to have that kind of mod. And the other

00:41:09   thing I like is they have one noise cancellation related feature that I really like and that

00:41:18   I wish Apple will implement at some point, which is called the... well, I don't

00:41:23   know if this is the official name, but it's a temporary transparency mode, where

00:41:28   if you need to listen to something, anything, for a few seconds, you don't

00:41:35   need to switch back and forth between two modes. You can keep noise

00:41:39   cancellation on, and you can just, for a few seconds, hold your finger on the left

00:41:45   earbud and as long as you keep holding noise cancellation will be disabled and

00:41:51   the volume will lower allowing you to listen to what is

00:41:55   going on and then when you let go everything goes back to normal so noise

00:41:59   cancellation is back on and the music is back to the original volume. It's super

00:42:04   nice I wish the AirPods had a similar like temporary override. Yeah because

00:42:09   that's that like someone's asking me a question type thing. Yes exactly or maybe

00:42:15   Maybe you're on a train, you need to listen to the audio message, whatever.

00:42:20   Yeah, it's very nice, very nice and supernatural to do.

00:42:23   Just hold, you listen, and then you let go.

00:42:26   Because otherwise, like if you were doing it at the airport, you would be keeping your

00:42:29   fingers on the thing the whole time anyway, right?

00:42:32   Like you press it, you would change it, and then you'd wait, and then you'd change it

00:42:35   back, right?

00:42:36   So you may as well just have it be a nice suggestion in that, because that's kind of

00:42:40   what you would be doing in those moments.

00:42:41   That does sound nice.

00:42:43   I could imagine a feature like that being a part of the headphones like the AirPods

00:42:47   Studio just because they're rumored to have these big touch pads on them anyway, right?

00:42:52   Because that's how it's all done.

00:42:54   It's touch, isn't it?

00:42:55   Even these in-ears, you know.

00:42:57   It's touch, it's touch.

00:42:58   So yeah, what I will probably do is I will pair this via Bluetooth with my Sony Walkman

00:43:06   because I've always wanted to have a way to listen to my personal collection without having

00:43:13   to use wired earbuds or headphones, and I will keep using AirPods Pro with my iPhone,

00:43:19   but for now, like for the past few days I've been using these Sony earbuds with my iPhone,

00:43:23   I haven't really missed AirPods much. And I think the reason is, I use my AirPods for

00:43:29   music. I don't use my earpods for Siri. Like, I don't really use Siri, right? And so, as

00:43:36   long as music is concerned, music sounds better on these earbuds. And, you know, when I put

00:43:42   them on, they pair in Olivia Bluetooth to the iPhone. It's been kind of okay. So, for

00:43:48   now, I think I will keep using these on my iPhone, and then I guess we'll see. And that

00:43:52   is, that concludes the purchases.

00:43:55   Congratulations.

00:43:56   Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. So I also have a question to ask publicly because

00:44:00   it's it's I think it's a bug that has been driving me crazy and if anybody has a solution

00:44:05   for me please help me. So there's this hearing health feature of iOS that automatically lowers

00:44:14   the volume of connected headphones so whether they are AirPods or Bluetooth headphones or

00:44:20   or wired headphones, if the system believes

00:44:22   you have reached the decibel limit for the day or the week.

00:44:27   And you gotta, when this feature kicks in,

00:44:31   you got a notification saying iPhone volume turned down,

00:44:35   and you can see it, the slider goes down,

00:44:38   and you can see all these high,

00:44:41   like headphone volume notifications in health.

00:44:44   And you got a breakdown of all the decibel limits

00:44:47   and all of that.

00:44:48   Now, I don't want to have this feature, like, I appreciate it, I think it's a beautiful

00:44:54   thing that Apple is doing, hearing health is really important, I just don't care about

00:44:59   it myself, I don't want to have this kind of external control over how I listen to music,

00:45:04   I don't want to use this feature, right?

00:45:07   I think it's in my rights as a customer not to use this feature.

00:45:11   I disabled this feature in the one place where I believe is where you should go and disable

00:45:17   which is Settings > Sound > Headphone Audio. I disabled this thing of headphone

00:45:25   notifications. However, I keep getting it. My iPhone keeps lowering the volume of

00:45:33   my headphones on its own, and there's no way for me to stop it unless I need

00:45:39   to look into some other place that, for the life of me, I cannot figure out what

00:45:43   it is. It's not in health, it's not in settings, I don't know where to look anymore. This thing

00:45:48   keeps... What version of iOS are you running? 14.2 RC I guess it's the name now. Yeah I think

00:45:55   this is a bug because you've turned off the setting. I think it's a bug. Like you sent us

00:45:59   a screenshot because it gives you a notification when it does this and the screenshot, the

00:46:04   notification is relating to sound and haptics in settings and if you went there it's off in the...

00:46:12   So like I think you've got a bug there. I do think that feature is interesting

00:46:16   if you want it right? Like if you know like to turn things does it turn audio up ever or does

00:46:23   it only ever turn it down? No it only turns it down. Yeah see I would like a feature where my

00:46:29   AirPods are listening for ambient audio and going up or down like a car does so like a lot of cars

00:46:34   like as you speed up the volume of the radio gets louder because it knows the car's getting louder

00:46:41   right? So I think I would quite like my AirPods to do that, like if it knows that the volume around

00:46:45   me is loud, raise the volume and when the volume is quiet lower the volume rather than just doing

00:46:50   it the one way. But yeah I think you've got a bug going on here. I don't know so if anybody can

00:46:56   please help me, it's driving me crazy. Okay, yeah file a radar. No, I don't want to. Just help me,

00:47:04   please, thank you. I did file a radar for something and I think it's going to get fixed

00:47:09   at some point. I was happy about that.

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00:48:55   It's time, gentlemen.

00:48:57   It is time.

00:48:58   This is our third Ricky's in the same number of months. So we're gonna be

00:49:05   talking about our picks for Apple's November event which is taking place in

00:49:08   just six days. Before we do that though we have to read the rules. Read the rules!

00:49:13   Read the rules again please. Someone's gonna read the rules I don't remember.

00:49:17   Somebody has to. I will now read the bill of Ricky's. Is everyone standing? You need

00:49:23   stand up for this. Okay, hold on. I'm not saying. I mean, I can't, but y'all can. Okay.

00:49:29   The winner who should be called a keynote chairman from the previous

00:49:33   Ricky's gets to pick first, the second place winner picks second. Annual winners

00:49:39   roll over to preserve the order. 2019 annual winner, for example, gets to go

00:49:45   first for the next annual winner. Order for Apple Event Ricky's is based on the

00:49:51   previous Apple event, the loser goes last. Turn any points everything written down

00:49:57   in the prediction document must come true. No half points may be awarded in

00:50:03   any round and picks cannot be reused. One point is awarded for any pick deemed

00:50:09   correct in the first two rounds. Two points will be awarded for correct picks

00:50:14   in the risky pick round. If your risky pick is wrong however you will lose the

00:50:20   point and of course the other two hosts must have previously agreed that your

00:50:24   pick is risky. The scoring window starts when the event begins and closes when

00:50:29   the picks are scored. The winner of the regular and risky picks must be granted

00:50:35   access to the annual or event chairman Twitter account, whichever applies, and

00:50:40   will retain access until another winner is named. Now moving into the flexis. Loser

00:50:46   of the non graded flexis must compensate the winner of the flexis by donating to

00:50:52   the charity of the winners choice. The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong

00:50:57   flexi made by the loser. In the case of a tie the ratio of correct to incorrect

00:51:03   flexis will be taken into account. Each host must make a minimum of five flexi

00:51:10   picks. Flexis may be reused as feature flexis or regular picks, and the money must be donated on

00:51:18   air. As a quick reminder, Federico is the current annual chairman and Federico is also the current

00:51:26   keynote chairman. Twitter handles are on the line. Last event, which was the HomePod mini and the

00:51:34   iPhone event picks were scored Federico won I came in second Myke was the loser

00:51:40   and the flexes I won then Myke and then Federico was a loser Federico I think I

00:51:46   sent you a picture I got a really nice thank-you note from the nonprofit you

00:51:49   donated to last time so yeah thank you thanks I did it in in your honor yes not

00:51:55   in my memory not in memory in honor I make sure I double-check that I don't

00:52:00   them to think something happened to him. Can I sit down now? Yes, you can. Are you still standing?

00:52:04   I was still standing. We were still reading the rules, but then the rules stopped being read,

00:52:08   so I wanted to sit down again. Okay, so those are the rules. In round one, two, and three,

00:52:14   Federico, you get to go first, so do you want to kick this off? Okay, are you ready for my victory

00:52:21   again? Just making sure. To be honest, the way that you have been talking about this in our

00:52:28   private message thread over the last few days. I'm surprised at the confidence that is now

00:52:34   reviewing for you. That is patently false. I've never said such a thing. I've always been confident.

00:52:38   Let me just scroll back here. I don't know what kind of private thread. Here's the receipts.

00:52:42   You are factoring screenshots right now. This is false. I'm not screenshotting anything.

00:52:51   I have no... so okay, second of November 2020 at 22.42 local time for me. I have no idea what to

00:53:00   pick, man. I'm gonna lose this one, Federico Fattucci. Never said that, never said that,

00:53:05   and people can believe what they want to believe. I've never typed that. I don't know why you have

00:53:10   that message in any case. In any case. Round one. So I believe that at this event Apple will

00:53:18   announced at least two different Mac models that run on the new Apple Silicon technology.

00:53:26   For example, and these product names are not part of the pick, but just to give you an example,

00:53:33   a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro. So two different Mac models with Apple Silicon.

00:53:40   This tracks. Okay, it's clear enough? There was a Bloomberg report that came out a couple of days

00:53:47   ago that seemed to indicate that there would be multiple computers at this event.

00:53:52   I'm intrigued just to see exactly how much of what is gonna happen now

00:53:57   and what isn't gonna happen now because Mark Gurman referenced the 16-inch MacBook

00:54:01   Pro which would be a surprise to I'm expecting everyone if they also rev that

00:54:07   MacBook Pro at this event. But if they did Federico would still get the

00:54:12   point right so a 13-inch and a 16-inch MacBook Pro were two different models.

00:54:16   Yeah, I think that's a very good thing to have spoken about, yes. That's more than one computer,

00:54:23   it doesn't need to be the line of computers. Mark also referenced that it would be the MacBook Air,

00:54:27   which is not what I would have expected either. I had assumed it would be, as everyone was thinking,

00:54:34   the return of the MacBook. We'll see. I can understand how it would be the MacBook Air,

00:54:41   but that feels like the least likely to me but we'll find out I suppose. Yeah so

00:54:49   this is my first official pick Steven you're up next. I feel a lot of pressure

00:54:56   this time because I feel like if I lose this, no offense Federico, but especially

00:55:01   to you the iPad guy, like I got a lot of cred on the line you know so I'm

00:55:06   I'm feeling the pressure. You should. Round one, Big Sur gets a release date.

00:55:12   Interesting, okay. Just a release date. I want to talk about what "date" means

00:55:21   in the context of this pick. What do you mean? Well, what if they say "next week"?

00:55:31   That's a date?

00:55:32   Mmm...

00:55:34   I don't think next week is a date. It's more of a time period.

00:55:38   It's a release time period.

00:55:41   Mmm...

00:55:43   My thinking was that they will put Big Sur on the calendar somehow, because right now it's not there at all.

00:55:49   Well, I mean, it's on there as fall.

00:55:52   Okay.

00:55:54   Can I do...

00:55:56   Big Sur gets a release date more specific than "fall."

00:56:00   I'm looking for them to clarify that.

00:56:03   What about, so what if Big Sur gets a revised release date?

00:56:07   Okay.

00:56:08   A revised release window?

00:56:10   You know, basically like, they say something different rather than "coming this fall",

00:56:15   right?

00:56:16   So I'm putting as a note, it currently says "coming this fall", so I'm looking for that

00:56:20   language to change from Apple somehow.

00:56:22   Yeah.

00:56:23   I mean like, what you're expecting, what you're hoping for I guess is them to say like "tomorrow",

00:56:27   right?

00:56:28   like it's coming on November the 12th or something. 12th? 12th? 12th? Is that what you said? Yeah.

00:56:36   That's not a date. Alright I have a big warding problem with your third pick

00:56:42   but please go ahead. A Mac is available in November. Okay, I mean yes. Lots of Macs will be available in November. Wow. Do you mean an Apple Silicon Mac is available in November?

00:56:56   I didn't realize when I wrote this how vague.

00:57:00   Mac is available in November.

00:57:02   Because also like what is available. Let me ring the bell now.

00:57:05   There you go, you got it. Like even if I just said that an Apple Silicon Mac is

00:57:09   available in November. Also one November exactly, could be

00:57:13   November 2021.

00:57:16   Just a Mac is available. You need to clarify this. You might as well just say

00:57:21   like you can buy a computer and it would have been like an

00:57:24   Yeah, no, I figured I knew what you meant, but I didn't want to address it because it

00:57:29   was so funny the way it was written.

00:57:30   I didn't even realize it.

00:57:31   Okay, let me read you this completely.

00:57:33   An Apple Silicon Mac is available to order in November.

00:57:38   Available to order or shipping?

00:57:39   November 2020.

00:57:40   Order.

00:57:41   Order.

00:57:42   2020.

00:57:43   November 2020.

00:57:44   Okay.

00:57:45   You need to say that.

00:57:46   Okay.

00:57:47   No, I don't need to say it because the...

00:57:48   We know what November means.

00:57:49   No, we don't.

00:57:50   No, we don't.

00:57:51   that the window for the pic ends when the episode records so even if I said

00:57:57   November 2021 I could never get that point but sure if you want me to say

00:58:02   2020 I can do that but it's not necessary for the pic. An Apple Silicon Mac is

00:58:07   available to order, not for order, come on, available to order in November 2020

00:58:12   Year of Our Lord as Steven has added into the document there. I think I think you're

00:58:17   probably safe on that I would imagine that it would be like you know the end

00:58:22   of the month I don't think they want these things to ship in December unless

00:58:24   they're really up against it this was kind of risky to me I don't know I I

00:58:28   think the event is only next week because they're shipping them in

00:58:32   November hmm interesting theory right hey there was no way this is halfway

00:58:40   through November right and if you think about American Thanksgiving lobbying

00:58:44   basically a week out of the calendar like yeah I think maybe there is some

00:58:47   to this after all. No you see because I just think if they were going to ship

00:58:51   them in December that they would do it later in November but they would do the

00:58:54   event on like the 17th or something. Hmm maybe I mean unless it's like the iPad

00:58:59   Air where they have an event and they have a second event and then the iPad

00:59:03   Air comes out. Can you imagine if there was a December event? Yeah and the max

00:59:08   come after that. I don't know I just I have a feeling that this this does have a

00:59:11   risk element to it. Okay yeah okay let's do you know what we can call that Federico?

00:59:16   passion no oh we call it foolishness that's what I call it oh come on risky

00:59:22   in the risk in the in the in the regular piece having a risk in around one pick

00:59:28   surely there's passion in there there's a there's a thin line between passion

00:59:32   and foolishness there's no passion it's badly executed strategy in the regular

00:59:37   picks you should avoid the risk how much passion is there in Apple announces at

00:59:42   least two different Mac models. Look, passion is fine when I do it. There it is. I need to come up with my

00:59:48   own phrase. I'm gonna work on that. Courage. My pink has courage. Oh gosh. My pick has courage. The courage of a

00:59:59   British lion. The courage of no headphone jack. The courage of the British lion. Myke, I do feel like our

01:00:05   round of picks are definitely linked together. Like, if one goes down, the other one may go down too.

01:00:10   you? No, but they could just never talk about Big Sur. They could just never rephrase that.

01:00:17   Maybe this is not a Mac event also. All of our picks are about the Mac.

01:00:24   It's the audio event. We're not going to do well.

01:00:27   Or it's the Apple TV event. Or if really all they're doing is just Apple

01:00:32   has a new line of HomeKit lights that they're showing off and that's what the invitation's

01:00:36   about. Imagine if this is not a Mac event. Like,

01:00:40   It doesn't seem likely, okay?

01:00:42   But just imagine if it's not a Mac event.

01:00:44   Because like, look, let's be real.

01:00:46   We've all been very wrong over the last three months

01:00:49   about what products are going to be at what event they've had, right?

01:00:52   Every event we've all thought is going to be products that were just not even mentioned, right?

01:00:57   Like, we thought they were going to be Macs in September.

01:01:00   So it is possible that we will all get minus one point.

01:01:08   That's a good start. And what a good start that would be.

01:01:11   I actually know, because every single pack, spoiler alert, is a Mac one.

01:01:16   So yes, we could end up with the very saddest of coin flip.

01:01:21   No one wants to be the winner, right?

01:01:23   If we get everything wrong, no one wants to win that.

01:01:28   All right, round two.

01:01:32   Okay, my second regular pick is the first Apple Silicon system on a chip will be a variant

01:01:42   of the A14 family.

01:01:45   So the first Apple Silicon chip will be based on the A14 line.

01:01:51   Whether it's going to be called the A14...

01:01:53   I don't care about the name, the name is not part of my pick.

01:01:56   I just think this chip will be based on the A14.

01:02:00   And so we will know, either because Apple will say it, or because it will be obvious

01:02:03   by the name.

01:02:06   And again, outside of the pick, I think it'll be the A14X, I think that's what makes the

01:02:11   most sense, given that they are announcing, especially the MacBook Pro, it feels like

01:02:16   it should be the A14X.

01:02:18   I wouldn't be surprised if the MacBook Air runs on the A14, and the MacBook Pro runs

01:02:25   on the A14X.

01:02:26   That's my personal theory.

01:02:28   But in any case, I think the first one will be based on the A14.

01:02:31   Yeah, I agree with this.

01:02:32   I do think that at some point as they get into the iMac and the Mac Pro, like the higher-end

01:02:38   stuff, that there may be chips that are less closely related to the A series.

01:02:44   You know, like I'm sure the core architecture would be the same, but would be a drastically

01:02:48   different style chip than what shows up in the iPad.

01:02:53   but I think you're right, the A14 is not the first A series chip that's faster than the

01:02:59   MacBook Air and as fast as the MacBook Pro, if not faster.

01:03:02   So I tend to agree with you that I think here at first it's going to be very much, these

01:03:07   are of the same family and as they get further into the transition maybe they'll migrate

01:03:12   upstream if you will.

01:03:14   Think that Apple will just always have the same underpinning architecture for these chips

01:03:19   and they'll just move them along.

01:03:21   I don't know why you wouldn't do that.

01:03:24   I mean think about, like so like the Mac Pro you can have 20 cores in it or 28 cores in

01:03:30   it.

01:03:31   Like does the A14X, what room in that sort of lineup is there for a chip like that would

01:03:38   power the Mac Pro?

01:03:39   Just put three of them in there.

01:03:40   They just keep adding cores or they go multi-processor?

01:03:43   Like that could be it and we just don't know yet.

01:03:46   Which again, wow this is so exciting.

01:03:48   I mean, but I could also imagine the Mac Pro, they do make a particular chip for that.

01:03:55   But all the laptops, the iMacs, like I don't know why you couldn't just have those be variants of

01:04:01   the A chips. They're so powerful. Yeah. Like I don't, I don't think that this has to be

01:04:07   over complicated. Maybe not. Maybe we are complicating it. Like look, do you, I mean,

01:04:14   I know that this isn't everything, but if you look at the Geekbench scores, why not

01:04:22   just put a bunch more cores in an A14 chip and call it done?

01:04:28   I don't know why...

01:04:31   So honestly, I think a lot of the thinking around this, where people say that kind of

01:04:35   thing, is this idea of the fear of the Mac becoming less than, where it's like, "Oh,

01:04:42   but of course they would put like an equal focus into creating a brand new chip for the Mac because it's the Mac like

01:04:48   You don't have to worry. All right, like we know we don't have to worry. It's okay, right?

01:04:53   Like if anything what it means is there will be new chips available for the Mac every year

01:04:59   When was the last time that happened like yeah, stop worrying about it, right like

01:05:04   The phones are more powerful than most Macs

01:05:09   Right like an eighth like Jason. I love the charts that Jason has been doing about this

01:05:14   But like an a14x would be more powerful than any laptop that Apple currently makes

01:05:18   So like what's the concern and like they can if Apple goes ahead and does what is expected and makes like

01:05:26   Dedicated GPUs of their own as well. I mean, what's the like don't worry about it

01:05:32   Like that doesn't have to be the Mac chip like

01:05:36   Apple will make whatever chips they need to make to make sure that the computers can do what they want to do and there's no

01:05:42   Reason why it can't all just be one family

01:05:44   Well Apple Apple will be making their own GPUs. We I don't think we actually have talked about this

01:05:49   I've written about it though

01:05:51   But if you read about Apple silicon on the developer website Apple silicon chips have unified memory

01:05:57   So the same memory is shared between the CPU and GPU which we have seen before

01:06:03   They may not necessarily be dedicated as a separate like separate ship

01:06:08   They may be integrated with the a14 your GPU cores right next to the CPU cores

01:06:12   But also the the ARM builds of Big Sur don't include kernel extensions

01:06:20   for AMD graphics and so Apple is going to be

01:06:23   Definitely making their own GPUs winter charm of the champions like yeah

01:06:27   It's kind of like modern consoles where the the way we used to think about system architecture is

01:06:32   is different in these new Macs.

01:06:37   And so it's gonna be a brave new world.

01:06:39   I tend to agree with you, Myke,

01:06:40   that it's probably not that much to worry about.

01:06:42   Apple wouldn't have started this transition

01:06:44   if they couldn't finish it.

01:06:45   And the A14X being faster than all the laptops,

01:06:50   that also means they're faster than most of the iMacs,

01:06:52   because the iMacs and the MacBook Pros

01:06:54   are roughly on equal footing,

01:06:56   depending on how you look at them.

01:06:57   So I think that Federico's right.

01:07:01   at first it's gonna be very derivative of what we see

01:07:04   directly in the iPhone and iPad,

01:07:06   but it may change over time.

01:07:09   It's a good pick though.

01:07:10   I think you're gonna do well here.

01:07:13   All right, my next pick is that new Macs

01:07:17   that are announced do not have touch screens.

01:07:20   - A negative pick is an interesting approach.

01:07:23   - I got a negative Flexi too that I've added.

01:07:25   I actually have several negative Flexis.

01:07:27   - You're so negative today.

01:07:28   This is supposed to be a day of celebration for you,

01:07:30   - I think, well, so what I want to do is, you know,

01:07:35   the heart is a foolish part of our body

01:07:40   and it could just run around and attach itself to ideas.

01:07:43   And I think that these early Apple Silicon Macs

01:07:47   are going to look and act very much like Intel Macs, right?

01:07:51   Except be faster and run cooler and run iOS apps.

01:07:55   So I don't think Apple is going to radically change

01:07:58   what it means for a MacBook Air to be a MacBook Air. Now that doesn't mean that

01:08:03   they shouldn't do this. I do think they should have touch screens on the Mac,

01:08:06   especially with iOS apps coming, but I don't think now is that time.

01:08:13   I think it's going to happen. I think considering that no one seems to really

01:08:21   confident on redesigns like visual redesigns being a big part of this that

01:08:28   I would be willing to accept that there would be no touch screens but I do think

01:08:33   it's coming. The chat room is very concerned about my use of plural so I'm

01:08:38   changing it to say no new Mac announced. No new Mac announced has a touchscreen.

01:08:43   So Myke you think a touch Mac is coming? I think it's inevitable. I do too I just

01:08:50   think it's next week. Yeah. I think that may be like a Gen 2 thing. Inevitable is a strong word.

01:08:56   Yeah, I just, I mean, I'm not unique in this, but it's just the way Big Sur looks. Oh yeah,

01:09:04   and iOS apps, and I realized the other day, it's like, oh well, what they're gonna do is they're

01:09:09   just gonna make the Mac cursor look like the iPad cursor when you bring it over iOS apps. Like,

01:09:14   Like they could totally do that and it'd be fine.

01:09:17   But those apps want to be touched.

01:09:19   And I think that it is, I agree with Myke,

01:09:22   I do think it is inevitable on the Mac.

01:09:23   I just don't think it's like a revision one type thing.

01:09:26   - Right, makes sense, okay.

01:09:28   - All right, my round two pick is that Apple

01:09:33   will demo iOS apps running on a Mac

01:09:36   as part of the presentation.

01:09:37   - This is how you do a regular pick.

01:09:39   - Yeah, this one feels pretty safe.

01:09:42   - Yeah, passionless and cold.

01:09:44   - Yeah. - Yeah.

01:09:45   - Yep.

01:09:46   - Going right there for the point.

01:09:47   That's why you should have done with the first one too.

01:09:50   - This is a surgical pick.

01:09:51   - Yes, yes, I like it.

01:09:53   I think for sure Apple will wanna do this.

01:09:55   Do you have any particular demos in mind?

01:09:58   Like what kind of apps do you think,

01:10:00   and this is out of the pick, okay?

01:10:02   - I don't know, I don't know.

01:10:04   'Cause I've been trying to think about this, right?

01:10:05   Because I think they're gonna wanna do a couple of things.

01:10:09   Like they're gonna wanna maybe show something

01:10:11   productivity related, maybe something like content creation related.

01:10:15   Like Procreate or something. Yeah Procreate is a good one because I've been trying to think of

01:10:20   like what is a big enough app that doesn't have like a Mac component to it

01:10:26   and I've struggled to think of one particularly but because you know there

01:10:34   are lots of apps that I am looking forward to using but I don't necessarily

01:10:37   necessarily think they're the ones that Apple's gonna show off, right? Like Timery.

01:10:40   I love Timery and I really hope that they are going to bring it to Apple

01:10:46   Silicon, but I don't think that time tracking is going to make its big debut

01:10:50   at an Apple event here. But I think that it's also gonna be interesting to see

01:10:57   if any big companies just decide to go this route rather than having a Mac app?

01:11:03   Well, I mean, they don't have to make a decision to be there unless they opt

01:11:07   out they will be on the Mac. They're just gonna be opted into the Mac App Store.

01:11:12   Right, but I would imagine a lot of companies that have a Mac version of

01:11:16   their app will opt out.

01:11:17   Yeah, or they're just gonna let the Mac app go.

01:11:19   Yeah, I could see somebody like Slack or somebody who has a Mac app but it's

01:11:23   marginal at best. It's like just bring the iPad version.

01:11:27   I would like the Slack iOS app. I would like the Spark iOS app. I would like the OmniFocus iOS app.

01:11:34   because I prefer all of the, for those applications, I just prefer the iOS

01:11:41   versions to the Mac versions and I think I would prefer to run those and you know

01:11:47   I would like companies to choose but I think companies, I mean I don't know what

01:11:51   what OmniFocus is going to do, what OmniGroup is going to do, but I could imagine

01:11:55   them being a company that wouldn't want to do it because they charge separately

01:11:58   for their Mac apps. I know you can do the subscriptions now so they maybe will

01:12:02   give you the option but you know I I hope that a lot of companies do offer

01:12:07   the option at least because then it's like an interesting choice thing where

01:12:12   there's gonna be some people who are like I want my Mac apps to feel like

01:12:15   Mac apps and I just want my apps to feel like the best versions that they can be

01:12:20   and sometimes it's iOS versions. I mean spoiler alert even like old-school Mac

01:12:26   apps like mail kind of feel like iOS on Big Sur because the design is so similar

01:12:31   The idea of what a Mac app is is changing and they're gonna be a lot of people who get caught out by that

01:12:37   Yeah, but like you don't use only focus right now

01:12:40   I don't believe but like now I want to do is the Mac app the Mac OmniFocus app

01:12:45   It's basically like a different application. It works. So I don't know I've used it. Yeah, it is

01:12:50   It's almost like it's not even made by the same company like how different it is to the iOS app

01:12:54   So I would like to be able to use the iPad up I really like the iPad up

01:13:01   We'll see. I also, you know, while we're talking about this, maybe Apple could show off some

01:13:06   of their own apps, like shortcuts.

01:13:09   Mmm. I've been thinking about that.

01:13:13   Let's hold off on that.

01:13:15   Yeah, yeah, okay.

01:13:16   Let's take a break, and we'll get into more things. How about that?

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01:15:21   It is time for the Rookies.

01:15:25   Okay, I've been thinking a lot about the Rookies in this case, because as I said before, I

01:15:35   had no idea what to do for this game.

01:15:38   As also your messages have confirmed, and as I graciously confirmed as well, I was concerned

01:15:44   that I was going to lose this game, right?

01:15:46   We talked about this a few minutes ago.

01:15:49   So I... your silence is confusing, Myke. Why are you not saying anything?

01:15:55   I'm just letting you go. You do your thing.

01:16:03   I've been thinking a lot about the... this idea of... obviously I use an iPad more than

01:16:11   a Mac. And the big feature of these Apple Silicon Macs will be that Apple will be able

01:16:18   to use the same underlying technology, the system on a chip, and ideally things like

01:16:24   the neural engine, you know, all these other related technologies on the Mac. So, once

01:16:30   again, for the Rickeys, I knew that if I was going to pick something, I was leaning toward

01:16:38   a software-related pick again. At one point, as we will see later, I was torn on a potential

01:16:47   hardware feature, but ultimately I decided to go with software. And so I started thinking

01:16:56   if Apple is doing this, what's the advantage for taking the A14, taking the Apple designed

01:17:07   system on a chip and putting it in a Mac? What's a way that you can sell this besides

01:17:16   idea of controlling your own platform and of course performance and of course battery

01:17:22   life. Like, are there features that Apple could build now that they have control over

01:17:30   the chip? Or is the only thing that we're gonna get at the event and in Big Sur something

01:17:36   like yeah, performance is great and battery life is better and now you can use iOS apps

01:17:41   on the Mac. Like, is that it? Is there no other thing that Apple can build to take advantage

01:17:47   of this similarity between the iPhone, iPad, and Mac? And so I framed my thinking that

01:17:54   way, and I started thinking like, what are features that I have on iOS and iPadOS that

01:17:58   would make a lot of sense on a Mac, and that would make a lot of sense on a laptop, that

01:18:03   I know my friends who have been using macOS longer than me, more than me, have been asking

01:18:11   for years. And here's what I landed on. Big Sur on the Apple Silicon Macs will come with

01:18:19   a new low-power mode feature. The way that I reached this idea is, what is an obvious

01:18:26   thing that Apple can do now that they have the A14 system on a chip, now that they have

01:18:33   the similarity between platforms, what is the thing that is uniquely Apple that they

01:18:39   can sell easily as an idea that makes sense for Mac OS, that makes sense for the MacBook

01:18:45   lineup, and that especially makes sense in the context of the MacBook Pro, a computer

01:18:51   where you're gonna do like CPU intensive tasks but it's still a portable computer, it's still

01:18:57   a laptop and you care about battery life.

01:19:01   And so I picked low-power mode also because I had in the back of my brain this idea of

01:19:05   I remember one of my friends talked about this a couple of years ago, and sure enough

01:19:08   there was a post by Marco Arment from 2018 about asking for low-power mode on macOS.

01:19:15   And so it was a bunch of different data points that led me to this Ricky.

01:19:21   And so I think it's Ricky because nobody has mentioned this, it hasn't been leaked anywhere,

01:19:28   And in fact, like honestly, besides, you know, the, I guess, the character that I play sometimes

01:19:36   on this show and besides the performance of this game...

01:19:40   Wait, what?

01:19:41   What?

01:19:42   Character?

01:19:43   No, who said character?

01:19:45   Oh, I don't know.

01:19:47   Nobody said that, you said that.

01:19:50   I honestly, I don't know if I'm gonna get this.

01:19:53   It hasn't been leaked anywhere.

01:19:56   It hasn't been... no references of this feature have been found on the Big Sur betas for the

01:20:04   DTK, for like nothing, there's nothing about this.

01:20:08   But there's precedence, right, of features that haven't been found on current betas.

01:20:16   Of course there's no DTK for stuff like the iPhone 12, right?

01:20:21   You get the new hardware and that's it.

01:20:23   In this case, I think it's going to be challenging for me to get this feature, but it was the

01:20:31   only way that I was going to go about this. I needed to find something software related,

01:20:35   because I am convinced that Apple will need something to sell the idea of "here's what

01:20:42   we can do now" that wasn't possible before, because we didn't have full control over the

01:20:48   architecture of the computer, then now we can do it. And low power mode feels like the

01:20:53   perfect feature for that. Because now you can fully control the CPU and the GPU and

01:20:58   all related components, now you can do that. And I think it makes sense for a laptop. So

01:21:02   there it is.

01:21:03   Let me tell you why I think this is particularly risky. Moving to Apple Silicon will most likely

01:21:12   give Apple lots of battery gains.

01:21:14   Yep, I know.

01:21:15   Low power mode is introduced as a way to give you that bit more battery.

01:21:20   Yep.

01:21:21   I don't think you're going to need to give that to people now.

01:21:24   I know.

01:21:25   Yeah, for sure.

01:21:26   That's why I think it's...

01:21:27   I believe that this is a feature that will come to the Mac at some point, but I don't

01:21:31   know if that one-two punch is necessary, right?

01:21:34   Of like, you now have more battery and we're also giving you low power mode.

01:21:39   Yeah, I get it.

01:21:42   what makes it risky, but I also think it's, you know, it seems like enough people have

01:21:48   been asking for this, especially pro users, have been asking for this kind of feature

01:21:52   and I still think it makes a lot of sense to finally bring it to the Mac.

01:21:59   I do too, I do, but I just don't know if it's there.

01:22:02   Especially because, like, if you want to have that kind of control, you need to install

01:22:06   utilities at the moment for things like turbo boost and disabling that kind of stuff.

01:22:12   require you to disable things like system integrity protection, right? And obviously

01:22:16   I don't think Apple likes that, but some pro users are doing it, and I don't think that's

01:22:21   ideal. I think the best course of action is to have the native low-power mode come to

01:22:26   macOS. So yeah, I mean, I needed to pick something, so that's what I came up with.

01:22:34   It's also not in the Big Sur betas. Just as a producer's sign, it's not coming.

01:22:39   I know it's not there so but also the Big Sur beta the Big Sur beta runs on a Mac Mini

01:22:45   which it's a desktop computer.

01:22:47   It's not a laptop.

01:22:48   That's true.

01:22:49   That's true.

01:22:50   So I don't think desktop computers will have it at all because there's no.

01:22:53   Sure, no agreed.

01:22:54   Right?

01:22:55   Yeah but there there are times when I'm on my MacBook Pro where the thing I care most

01:22:58   about is I need this battery to last as long as possible and you're right to make that

01:23:03   happen you have to like run a bunch of utilities that do weird things it would be awesome if

01:23:09   just to be a switch in the battery menu bar item or excuse me the new control

01:23:14   center in Big Sur. All right my Ricky is that a desktop Apple Silicon Mac is

01:23:21   announced. The rumors are all around notebooks. There's a rumor saying the iMac

01:23:27   would be 2021 but my thinking is the DTK is a Mac mini and there's no rumors

01:23:34   about an Apple Silicon Mac mini that I've seen so far. I think it was briefly

01:23:38   mentioned in the Bloomberg report but is like in a sentence with a bunch of other

01:23:41   stuff and I just feel like there's there could be a Mac Mini. I just that's that's

01:23:46   how I feel and I think it would make sense because it's basically a notebook

01:23:51   inside there and it would give them a desktop offering off the bat which

01:23:56   some people want. I think we're gonna see a desktop Apple Silicon Mac.

01:24:01   Has this been rumored at all?

01:24:03   No I really don't agree with this pick.

01:24:06   I think Steven is making a very risky pick here.

01:24:09   This is very risky.

01:24:11   Yeah.

01:24:12   I think this is riskier than low power mode.

01:24:15   Yes.

01:24:16   When has the release date of a Mac Mini ever been a problem for anybody, right?

01:24:20   It's only been a history of smooth sailing with the Mac Mini, so I'm sure I'm fine.

01:24:24   No, see, I just don't...

01:24:26   Because you're saying right off the bat, this is a two-year transition.

01:24:30   There's no need to do this.

01:24:34   you just put it out there. I think I think it'd be nice to have a desktop.

01:24:42   I don't know. I'm feeling it guys. Look I've taken a lot of pain medication the

01:24:46   last seven days so it could just be that. What was that weird dream you had? I feel like we need to talk about this dream you had.

01:24:57   I had a dream. They were announcing the Apple Silicon Mac Mini and my pick isn't a Mac

01:25:03   mini specifically I just say a desktop Mac because although you just spoke

01:25:07   about the Mac mini exclusively definitely be a Mac mini if they

01:25:11   released the Apple Silicon Mac Pro I'm just gonna drive my truck into a lake I

01:25:15   had a dream post-surgery that they were announcing the Apple Silicon Mac mini

01:25:24   hang on let me find it because I keep a dream journal in day one let me just

01:25:27   read you what I wrote it's better to get that because I think you sent us a

01:25:32   screenshot of that and the way this is worded. I did. Alright, let me read this.

01:25:36   So this was two days after surgery. I'm gonna say it, I'll

01:25:43   bleep it on the show. Tim Cook was introducing the new Mac Mini as a quote

01:25:47   "bad little b****." It sat on a MagSafe charger like the new phones, was powered by an

01:26:01   A-15 and included Thunderbolt 3 and something called USB H. Of course. The keynote slides used a lot of red.

01:26:13   Oh my god. Oh my god. I thought I came into this dream somewhere. Was that a different one?

01:26:22   No, I've had a lot of crazed painkiller dreams after my my surgery but uh yeah.

01:26:29   (laughter)

01:26:35   Can you imagine if that was the marketing for a new Mac Mini?

01:26:39   (laughter)

01:26:40   That would be incredible.

01:26:42   Oh dear.

01:26:44   So maybe I'm influenced by my dream, but...

01:26:47   I think you are, I think you are.

01:26:49   Definitely played a role in this.

01:26:50   Alright, Myke, I think yours is also risky. I think we all really swung for the fences.

01:26:55   They have to be risky. An Apple Silicon Mac is cheaper than a product it replaces.

01:27:00   This doesn't seem outside of the realm of possibility. I want to just tell you why I got

01:27:10   here. If these Macs were all going to look different, I could imagine them being more

01:27:15   expensive. But if they're going to look the same and they're just changing around the architecture

01:27:19   and have to pay Intel anymore. Look, I know it's risky because like, I mean, if they can make more

01:27:24   money. This is Apple, right? They'll make more money. But I could imagine a situation in which

01:27:29   it's a little bit cheaper. It doesn't seem so risky that it couldn't work, but it's obviously

01:27:36   risky, which is why it's in the risky round. Don't you think that Apple would like to say

01:27:39   something like, "And you get double the battery life, and you get this amazing performance,

01:27:45   and we kept the same price"? They usually do that, right? They make you feel like they kept the

01:27:51   the price the same but they're giving you so much more. Like it's a favor. Like it's

01:27:56   a favor to you. Yeah but I could also imagine them also say the exact same stuff and say

01:28:01   and it's $100 cheaper than the products it replaces. Yeah I mean it'd be great I think

01:28:07   especially for the MacBook Air it would be fantastic but I just I don't know I don't

01:28:13   see it. Ian has amended the Mac Mini product marketing page in the Discord to include your

01:28:20   (laughter)

01:28:22   Your tagline, which is amazing.

01:28:24   That's good.

01:28:25   That's fantastic.

01:28:26   Look, I know one guy, look, I ran out of risky picks and then this one just popped into my head and was like, yeah, that'll do.

01:28:33   It was about as good as I could get.

01:28:35   I think that yours is riskier than mine, though.

01:28:37   Well, you know, go big or go home. Or go mini and go home, I guess.

01:28:42   It could be a whole new desktop. They could reintroduce the Cube.

01:28:46   You know, I actually had that thought

01:28:48   Amazing computer.

01:28:49   After the 20 Macs of 2020 this week was the cube.

01:28:52   Best computer ever.

01:28:54   So I have been thinking like, oh, maybe they'll make a cube.

01:28:57   Can you imagine?

01:28:58   It'd be awesome.

01:28:59   That new Mac Mini that is rumored--

01:29:01   no, the new Mac Pro that's rumored, a smaller Mac Pro.

01:29:03   Imagine if it was a cube.

01:29:04   If it is a cube, I will purchase one right away.

01:29:07   Please save this segment.

01:29:10   If Apple ever makes anything that is cubicle,

01:29:14   I will buy it instantly.

01:29:17   If the cubes were easy to get on eBay, like that would be a fun project, but like a Raspberry Pi in one of them or something?

01:29:23   No, I want to have something modern that is a cube.

01:29:26   Raspberry Pi is modern.

01:29:28   Yeah, but I don't know.

01:29:30   Oh, you'd be on the outside.

01:29:31   I don't want to use Linux. I'm not a, you know...

01:29:35   A hacker.

01:29:36   Not a hacker.

01:29:37   Not a...

01:29:39   You know, the one thing I was going to say about the Mac Mini, Stephen?

01:29:42   Mm-hmm.

01:29:43   I got distracted by your dream.

01:29:46   I think the Mac Mini is a real candidate for a new industrial design.

01:29:50   Yes, it's been the same since 2012?

01:29:55   Which is another reason why I don't think it's happening next week.

01:29:57   Same as the iMac!

01:29:58   Majid in the chat room is saying what if it's a hexagon and Majid obviously hexagon is the

01:30:05   bestagon so.

01:30:06   Oh we've all seen the video.

01:30:08   Also a great shape so.

01:30:11   In real time correction, the Mac Mini has been the same since 2010, so it's time.

01:30:17   It's been 10 years.

01:30:19   Wait, it's gray now.

01:30:21   That's not a change.

01:30:22   They just turned up the saturation in Photoshop.

01:30:25   It's professional.

01:30:26   It's a professional Macintosh minuscule now.

01:30:29   I never felt so talked down to by Apple as when they were like, "And it's space gray.

01:30:34   We know pros are gonna love that."

01:30:37   I'm like, "I have one."

01:30:38   So do I.

01:30:39   It's under my TV.

01:30:40   There you go.

01:30:41   got it cuz it was space gray. My Mac Pro is not space gray the most pro my

01:30:46   computer has wheels on it and it's not space gray come on. It's because it's not

01:30:50   really a professional Macintosh it's a Poser's Mac. Wow. I don't know where that one came from but I like it.

01:30:58   Wow. Deep. Most people that own the Macintosh professional with wheels / feet

01:31:06   have it for aesthetic reasons.

01:31:09   Have you noticed how most people who own a Mac Pro

01:31:12   like to say that they have a Mac Pro?

01:31:15   Yes. The pose is Mac.

01:31:17   It's like...

01:31:19   People who own Mac Pros and like to say that they have a Mac Pro

01:31:23   are like vegan people.

01:31:25   They want to tell you.

01:31:27   They're like "hey, you know I'm vegan".

01:31:29   Because here's the thing, right?

01:31:31   Most people without Mac Pros, they refer to their Mac as their Mac.

01:31:34   All people with Mac Pros refer to their Mac as their Mac Pro.

01:31:37   Yeah. Oh yes, you know my Mac Pro.

01:31:41   I have internal storage in my Mac Pro.

01:31:44   Oh yes, the after time I checked my after burner card was whatever.

01:31:49   There was smoke coming out of it.

01:31:50   They put coal in there.

01:31:54   Let me render three streams.

01:31:57   Or like when they take a selfie and they're like "I'm working today!"

01:32:01   There's always the Mac Pro in the background.

01:32:03   Yeah, it's not a table. Not necessarily.

01:32:05   I did watch, I think it was Tyler Stallman's video about like the camera and the iPhone.

01:32:12   Yeah, 12 Pro, and he interviewed a guy, and the Mac Pro was just next to him on the table

01:32:15   like "Come on, man!"

01:32:16   Of course! Of course, it's always there! It has to be there.

01:32:18   No, it's under the desk, so you don't hear anything. You just have your display on the

01:32:22   desk. It's just a pair of XDRs.

01:32:24   Okay, it's time for the flexies.

01:32:26   Real quick reminder

01:32:29   that

01:32:30   these are not scored, but the winner is compensated by the loser and a donation to their...

01:32:36   I never finished my thought about the Mac Mini.

01:32:39   Oh, sorry. Yes, Mac Mini, go.

01:32:41   Right, I could imagine them making it really small.

01:32:44   A Mac itty-bitty Mini?

01:32:46   Right, like that's the industrial design change.

01:32:48   Like, they make it like Apple TV kind of size, like really small.

01:32:52   That was all I wanted to say.

01:32:53   Yeah, they could. I mean that form factor was defined because the first one had an optical drive and they just never did anything about it

01:32:59   That that was the end of my thought

01:33:01   Alright flexi time. I get to go first and then Myke and then Federico

01:33:06   So I guess I'm just gonna go first here. How does that sound?

01:33:09   Completely different ordering for the flexis. Okay. All right flexi number one

01:33:14   Phil Schiller is nowhere to be seen. Poor Phil. Poor Phil. I miss him. I kind of thought for a minute

01:33:22   Maybe he'd show up because he's like the Mac guy, but no I think it'll be other people

01:33:25   Number two is related to one of the other picks right to Myke's pick

01:33:30   But I'm gonna say we will see a big sir feature recap sooner one of those walkthroughs of basically reminding us of what's in Big Sur

01:33:37   Mm-hmm. We will see Johnny Saruji again the head of Apple chip development

01:33:44   Probably in his secret awesome lab that I want to live in. Mm-hmm

01:33:47   No mention of cellular max. I was very tempted

01:33:51   Very tempted to put 5g as a pick

01:33:56   Mm-hmm mostly for the memes, but I do think it's the thing that's coming but like I could imagine

01:34:02   Putting 5g into these pretty soon, but I mean they're gonna have all the hardware

01:34:09   Like it's just sitting there, right?

01:34:12   My thought is kind of in line with the touchscreen is that there's something that they could do

01:34:17   But I think these initial Apple silicon Macs are gonna be pretty boring

01:34:21   They're gonna be old Macs of new chips basically which is perfectly fine, but like later on down the line

01:34:27   Really read these things up Mac MacBook Air with a Verizon 5g

01:34:31   Apple announces Windows for ARM coming via virtualization in the future. There's a bunch of words here

01:34:39   What does he mean so right now?

01:34:42   Windows for ARM cannot be virtualized on... What is Windows for ARM? Okay, so

01:34:47   There's a version... What is Windows? Yeah, there's a version of Windows that runs on ARM chips. There's a Surface Pro X

01:34:56   Yes

01:34:59   Yeah, yeah. Yeah, Microsoft make products that run on have ARM chips. One product. It's not very good

01:35:05   Does it still suck?

01:35:08   Yes, it's better than it was a couple years ago, but it is still not great

01:35:12   But there's a compatibility issue with Windows for ARM not supporting the page size that's required for

01:35:19   the Apple silicon hardware I

01:35:21   My guess is that Microsoft is working on

01:35:24   Adapting Windows for ARM because I think it's a big deal for a lot of people to run Windows on their Macs

01:35:30   So I'm gonna say that Apple is gonna say this is coming in the future

01:35:34   just

01:35:36   Out there in the future, so that's five. I've done something risky here, and I've added a sixth one. Wow

01:35:42   Why'd you do this?

01:35:44   Burned me to events. He really wants to donate money to charities. I appreciate it

01:35:49   Yeah, I just want to get as when I put my flag in the ground the 12-inch MacBook does not return

01:35:55   I don't think it's coming back as a notebook

01:35:58   I think that this is gonna be MacBook Air MacBook Pro machines

01:36:02   We know and not the low-end 12 inch MacBook. Did it go away?

01:36:06   Yeah, like a year ago

01:36:09   Okay

01:36:12   That is a machine that would no doubt be served very well by Apple silicon

01:36:16   But I don't think it's the message Apple wants to send right now and saying oh look at this low-end thing

01:36:21   We brought back they already have a good entry notebook the MacBook Air

01:36:24   Don't confuse people again by having two low-end notebooks MacBook Air MacBook Pro is simple. It's clean

01:36:31   No 12 inch MacBook my flexes are number one new max followed current design trends. No large-scale redesign

01:36:40   Cool to big sir released of him 48 hours of the event

01:36:44   48 okay bold. I like it. That is bold. I like it to you

01:36:49   The reason I'm going before 8 is I think that they it's like we wouldn't do 24 hours to you again

01:36:59   Think so, right you would think so. Yeah, and if you get that right that means I've got my previous pic, right?

01:37:04   Which is nice. Yep

01:37:06   Three new air pods product. What does this mean? Don't know

01:37:11   Something new something

01:37:17   Or something new or updated like updated air pods to like if the air pods 3 come out

01:37:23   That's a new air pods product. That would be new. Okay, right

01:37:26   - Okay.

01:37:26   - So it's like, you know, I could imagine

01:37:28   a couple of things here.

01:37:29   One, like I don't think we're getting over ears,

01:37:31   but I can imagine new, like maybe AirPods 2,

01:37:34   AirPods 3, AirPods Pro 2, or even like a new AirPods Pro

01:37:39   case that does the inductive charging thing.

01:37:41   - Yes.

01:37:42   - So just some kind of new AirPods product.

01:37:45   - So I'm gonna call foul on you because your Flexi number 4

01:37:49   is a new Max-Ape charging case for existing AirPods.

01:37:52   - I forgot that.

01:37:53   - You've double dipped in your Flexi.

01:37:54   So if all we get is the new case, I only get one of these.

01:37:59   But yeah, of course.

01:38:01   I think that's too close.

01:38:02   No, you need to pick another one, man.

01:38:05   Why?

01:38:06   They are overlapping.

01:38:07   These are overlapping flexes.

01:38:09   Alright, okay, okay.

01:38:10   What about...

01:38:12   It's unconstitutional.

01:38:13   New AirPods Earphones.

01:38:15   How about that?

01:38:17   Okay.

01:38:18   Earphones?

01:38:19   Yeah, I'm just trying to give you a thing, right?

01:38:20   Nobody calls them Earphones.

01:38:21   Alright, new AirPods.

01:38:23   AirPods. Okay. New AirPods or AirPods Pro. There you go. Thank you. Okay, okay. That I can live with.

01:38:29   The capitalization is wrong on the AirPods. Thank you. Okay. Yes. New MagSafe charging case for

01:38:35   existing AirPods. Okay. Okay. That'd be nice. Craig demos Big Sur features. Okay, so here

01:38:43   you are just being more specific than I am in my pick of we will see a Big Sur feature recap.

01:38:50   You're saying Craig will be the one to do that.

01:38:52   Yeah.

01:38:53   Okay.

01:38:54   Well, good.

01:38:55   Oh, it's my turn?

01:38:56   My flexes?

01:38:57   Okay.

01:38:58   My flexes, I think it's an interesting mix of different things.

01:39:01   I think honestly, I think you have the flexes.

01:39:03   Really?

01:39:04   Do I?

01:39:05   At least your first three, I feel like you've got.

01:39:07   Okay.

01:39:08   Well, surprisingly, considering how I know nothing.

01:39:12   Nobody knows anything.

01:39:14   Yeah.

01:39:15   Well, Steven knows more than me.

01:39:18   Apple compares the performance of Apple's Silicon Macs to most PCs sold today.

01:39:24   It just seems like something that they like to do.

01:39:26   Well, I mean, they did that honestly stupid comparison of the A14, so, you know, they're

01:39:32   like, "It's faster than 50% of phones!"

01:39:34   Right?

01:39:35   It's like, "Alright."

01:39:36   So...

01:39:37   They've also, they also did it, the one that sticks out in my mind, remember when they

01:39:41   introduced the 9.7-inch iPad Pro?

01:39:44   And they were like, "This is for people switching away from PCs, because we're faster than PCs."

01:39:49   Right?

01:39:50   They've done this forever.

01:39:51   I think this is a lock.

01:39:52   Yeah, so they will say something silly along those lines again, I think.

01:39:56   I also think, my second flexi, they will demo a game, a video game, running on an Apple

01:40:02   Silicon Mac.

01:40:03   Just because in addition to the CPU, they may want to show off the GPU, and what better

01:40:07   way to show off the GPU than, I guess, video rendering?

01:40:10   Yes.

01:40:11   have a video game and they always like to say things like "look at these 3D

01:40:16   textures, look at the quality" and it's like a game that nobody will ever pay

01:40:20   attention to otherwise. Or it's like an Apple Arcade game which is available for my phone.

01:40:24   So I just think they will show off a game, a video game, running on an Apple Silicon Mac.

01:40:32   Third flexing, one of the new Mac models will support Wi-Fi 6, which is the new

01:40:39   stand the new Wi-Fi standard yeah the iPad Air. Does the iPhone support Wi-Fi 6? I'm not sure

01:40:44   about the iPhone the iPad Air does for sure I checked that's why I know.

01:40:48   Apple.com/iPhone I'm gonna look at the iPhone when you keep talking I just I just don't know

01:40:52   you got to assume it does right it'd be wild if it didn't just seems pretty yeah I assume that the

01:40:58   existing MacBook models do not support Wi-Fi 6 right no I don't think any of them do okay so I

01:41:05   think they will, the new ones. Wi-Fi 6, yep. Wi-Fi 6. On the new phones? Okay, yeah. Now we get into kind of

01:41:15   sketchy territory here. Yep, yeah, you sort of fall off the edge here. It's very solid and then like

01:41:21   harsh tone. So the fourth Flexi used to be my risky pick and it was basically based on the same

01:41:29   assumption that all discussion that I explained before, but for hardware instead of software.

01:41:36   What's one thing that Apple can take from iOS and iPadOS and bring it to, well, specifically

01:41:41   iPadOS, I guess, and bring it to the Mac? The fourth flex is at least one of the new

01:41:48   Apple Silicon Mac models will have a ProMotion display.

01:41:53   Yeah, well this used to be a risky pick, okay? So, uh...

01:41:59   It's not impossible, right? There are plenty of PC notebooks that run at high refresh rates.

01:42:04   And they all use LCD and not OLED, so you don't have that to deal with. I mean, it's

01:42:08   feasible. I just don't know how likely it is.

01:42:11   So this used to be my Ricky, and now it's a Flexi. So, ProMotion. I mean, it would be

01:42:18   be very nice, especially on the MacBook Pro. It would be very nice to have. And lastly,

01:42:24   and I want to have a short conversation about this, fifth flexi. Apple redesigned the App

01:42:32   Store for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS apps together. My main question being, we don't know yet

01:42:43   how you will be able to find and install and manage iOS apps and iPadOS apps downloaded from

01:42:52   the App Store on a Mac. We just know that you will be able to run them. However, you will have

01:42:57   to download them, which means that the iOS and iPadOS App Store will have to come to the Mac

01:43:02   in some form, right? Yeah, I don't think that this is going to be as difficult as you may be assuming.

01:43:13   You sure? You want to bring over two and a half million apps and it's not going to be difficult?

01:43:19   No, no, no. You're suggesting that they would have to redesign the App Store

01:43:24   when sometimes I click on links for iOS apps on my Mac and it opens the Mac App Store

01:43:29   and shows me them. It just says I have to download them on my iPhone.

01:43:33   Okay, but that's one thing. That's one type of action. You're clicking a link.

01:43:38   But what happens to all the work that goes into the iOS and iPadOS App Store?

01:43:43   What happens to charts, the editorial curations, the categories?

01:43:48   All this stuff exists in the Mac App Store.

01:43:51   Yeah, but it's just for Mac apps. How do you mix and

01:43:55   how do you combine everything into a single App Store?

01:43:58   Yeah, I just I know what you're saying, like this is new stuff,

01:44:01   but I don't think they have to redesign the Mac App Store to allow for this.

01:44:06   So explain to me how you think this is going. You click on the App Store icon in Big Sur.

01:44:11   What do you see?

01:44:13   What you currently see, but sometimes you see iOS stuff, sometimes you see Mac stuff.

01:44:18   Like the whole idea behind this is...

01:44:20   That seems to me like it requires a redesign.

01:44:22   Like, you say sometimes you see, sometimes you don't.

01:44:26   Well, like some of the stories will be iOS-related stories,

01:44:29   some of the stories will be macOS-related stories.

01:44:31   And what about the front page? What do you see on the front page?

01:44:33   what I'm saying to you. You get the curation, you get all the stories that you see now.

01:44:38   So all you think they're doing is just dropping a bunch, like a couple million apps in there

01:44:42   with no particular restructuring. Maybe. So the place I can see this happening the most would be

01:44:51   they would do stuff on the Mac, but like your pick is that they will redesign all of the app stores.

01:44:56   Right? No, I'm saying that the app store, well let me clarify, the app store...

01:45:02   Your pick says Apple redesigns the App Store for iOS, MacOS, and iPadOS apps together.

01:45:06   Yeah, it's probably bad English.

01:45:09   The App Store...

01:45:09   See, this is what I'm picking up on the most.

01:45:13   The App Store app for Mac...

01:45:15   To include? Alright, I'm much more happy with that. I can imagine them making changes there.

01:45:20   To include iOS and... Yeah. I'm just saying that the App Store app...

01:45:24   This is why I asked you what happens when you click the App Store app on your Mac.

01:45:28   I just think that what used to be called the Mac App Store, now just called the App Store,

01:45:33   on the Mac. Like, I don't think you need to do that on iOS and iPadOS because it's not like you

01:45:38   will be able to install Mac apps on an iPad, right? And this is why I was mostly confused.

01:45:43   No, no, no, no. I just think that the App Store app on the Mac, if you're gonna drop iOS and iPadOS

01:45:48   apps in there, you need to do something. But still, I don't know, though. I don't know.

01:45:58   Because like fundamentally the stores have the same layout to them they're just shown differently.

01:46:05   Yeah but it's three different platforms now.

01:46:07   But why does like I just I'm not saying...

01:46:10   Look it could be as simple as like a switch that says show me iOS and iPadOS apps or something like that.

01:46:16   Or I mean it may be like what they do with iPhone apps in the iPad back when they showed

01:46:23   iPhone only apps in the iPad store where this had like a little symbol somewhere.

01:46:27   I mean, I don't know, I think they're gonna want to play it up.

01:46:32   I think we will, we may end up arguing over the word "redesign," but...

01:46:35   Well, I think we already are.

01:46:38   I think there's gonna be some indication of, "Hey, this is an iOS app, this is a list of

01:46:43   iOS apps that can run on your Mac."

01:46:46   Like I agree that the bones of the Mac App Store can probably take the extra weight,

01:46:51   but I do wonder how they're gonna call it out.

01:46:55   What I think is gonna happen?

01:46:57   Like this flex is what I would like to happen.

01:47:01   What I think they're going to do is you're just going to be able to find iOS and iPadOS

01:47:07   apps via search.

01:47:08   You will not get any particular storefront for iOS and iPadOS apps.

01:47:13   That's not a redesign.

01:47:16   It's not a redesign.

01:47:17   Look at it.

01:47:18   You said redesign.

01:47:19   Yes, I did.

01:47:20   The pic says redesign.

01:47:21   Yes, Michael.

01:47:22   I am saying this is what I would like to see.

01:47:25   Oh, okay.

01:47:26   I don't think they will do it and I'm sad because I'm gonna lose a point but I, unlike

01:47:31   you, am a man of passion.

01:47:33   Okay, so you're picking something which is that they will redesign the app store but

01:47:38   you don't think they will redesign it.

01:47:40   Yes, because I think they should.

01:47:41   They should do a unified app store.

01:47:44   That's what they should do.

01:47:46   That's what they should be moving toward.

01:47:48   A unified app store where you can browse all kinds of apps and see all kinds of stories.

01:47:55   That's what I think is the right approach.

01:47:57   However, I don't think they will.

01:48:00   Can I ask you a question?

01:48:02   How familiar are you with the Mac App Store?

01:48:04   Well somewhat familiar.

01:48:06   Okay.

01:48:07   Look, I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to the Mac.

01:48:09   I know some things.

01:48:10   Well, no, because like, yes, they visually look different, the iOS App Store and the

01:48:15   Mac App Store.

01:48:16   But all of the components are in both of them.

01:48:19   Yeah, I know.

01:48:20   You have stories, you have fewer categories.

01:48:23   I know what it looks like.

01:48:25   So I don't know why it would need to be redesigned

01:48:28   to show you iOS apps.

01:48:31   Because the sheer volume of the different things

01:48:34   that you will be able to install,

01:48:36   I don't think the current structure works.

01:48:38   And you will need to have a clear separation

01:48:41   between what is Mac only, what is iPhone only,

01:48:44   what is iPad only, what is universal for all platforms.

01:48:48   I think when you combine them all together,

01:48:52   you may want to do a different design, you may want to do a different way to browse categories

01:48:56   to do search, for example.

01:48:59   Something that visually indicates, like, a high level where this app is going to live.

01:49:08   Like where it's coming from. So, like, that there should be some visual way of being like,

01:49:12   "Alright, you can download this app, but it isn't an iOS app, just FYI." Is that the kind

01:49:16   of thing you're saying?

01:49:17   I don't understand why this is so controversial.

01:49:20   I think it only makes sense to take the App Store.

01:49:23   If you want to do a unified App Store,

01:49:25   you gotta have a redesign.

01:49:26   You gotta change a few things around it.

01:49:28   Like, it only seems obvious to me.

01:49:30   - Well, who knew the last Flexi

01:49:32   would be the most controversial one?

01:49:34   So we'll be back next week.

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01:50:16   can find Myke on Twitter as @imyke. Myke, what is the first iOS podcast app

01:50:24   that you used? I don't know. I don't know about the first. I remember, I know I used

01:50:31   Instacast when that came out but that wasn't my first one because I was listening to

01:50:36   podcasts before that. Yeah. So maybe something like Downcast or something

01:50:42   like that might have been what I used before. I remember Instacast, yeah. But I

01:50:46   I know I used an application before Instacast that was not nice to look at.

01:50:52   Sure.

01:50:53   And I think that might have been downcast because there was a time period there where

01:50:56   downcast was not nice to look at.

01:50:58   Okay.

01:50:59   Well, I just want to know if it had jumped into your mind.

01:51:06   You can find Federico online at Vittici.

01:51:12   He is the editor-in-chief of MaxStories.net.

01:51:17   Federico, I have a question for you.

01:51:19   - Okay.

01:51:20   - What is something that you like

01:51:22   but are embarrassed to admit?

01:51:24   - Oh, you mean except the big brother?

01:51:27   - Yeah, I mean, that was the big one.

01:51:28   You've let that one go.

01:51:30   - Something else, well.

01:51:31   - You got a food thing?

01:51:33   - Oh.

01:51:35   Huh?

01:51:36   - What about something food-related?

01:51:37   - I thought you said food-related.

01:51:39   It's like, wait, what?

01:51:40   - You got a foot thing?

01:51:41   Is that your deal?

01:51:43   [Laughter]

01:51:45   Um...

01:51:47   Uh...

01:51:48   Can you imagine if you would've just been like, "Yeah, man!"

01:51:51   [Laughter]

01:51:53   That whole thing is kinda weird.

01:51:55   Um...

01:51:57   Something that I like, um...

01:51:59   Well, I'll tell you what.

01:52:01   And I do believe that the people who make fun of other people for these kinds of churches are, you know, it's really, um...

01:52:07   Stupid and silly.

01:52:09   you shouldn't make fun of anybody because of their preferences.

01:52:11   Yeah.

01:52:11   Unless it's whatever you're going to say.

01:52:13   I do, I do appreciate, because I think they're really catchy, some of Justin Bieber's early songs.

01:52:22   I think they're really catchy pop songs.

01:52:24   I want to know how early we're talking about.

01:52:26   Like, "Baby, baby, baby, ohh," like, you know, that kind of stuff.

01:52:31   Oh, okay. I mean, I, you know, yeah.

01:52:33   Well, I guess I, but you said embarrassed, and I said people make fun of.

01:52:38   I'm not embarrassed.

01:52:40   So that's not the answer.

01:52:41   I'm sorry.

01:52:42   You gotta dig deep.

01:52:43   Embarrassed about.

01:52:44   It's like something that you will say right now

01:52:46   and then immediately regret that you said it.

01:52:48   That's what we're looking for here.

01:52:50   Yeah, something you would tell us an iMessage and not tell our--

01:52:53   Tell the audience.

01:52:55   OK, can I think about it and see it in the post-show?

01:52:57   Do I need to say it right now?

01:52:59   Because I honestly, like, I don't--

01:53:01   what I'm embarrassed-- I tend to be, like, I'm not

01:53:04   embarrassed by anything that I do.

01:53:06   I guess I'm a very confident person.

01:53:08   I'm not embarrassed by anything, either you take it or leave it.

01:53:13   I don't care.

01:53:14   I'm embarrassed.

01:53:15   Well, if something comes to you, you can share with us, and if not, we'll just go with it.

01:53:18   You're not embarrassed by anything.

01:53:19   As long as it's not a food thing.

01:53:26   You can find me on Twitter as ismh and my writing over at 512pixels.net.

01:53:32   I'd like to thank our sponsors this week, Hover, ExpressVPN, and Hello.

01:53:36   And until next week, gentlemen, say goodbye.

01:53:38   Arrivederci.

01:53:39   Bye-bye.