318: Come On Fe, It's a Qi


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00:00:06   From Real AFM, this is Connected, episode 318.

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00:00:15   My name is Myke Hurley, I am joined by Federico Vittici. Ciao Federico.

00:00:20   Ciao Myke, how are you?

00:00:22   I am very well my friend. No Steven today.

00:00:24   But if you miss hearing Steven, you can look forward to the ad breaks

00:00:29   because Steven pre-recorded all of the ads for me today.

00:00:32   So if you have that need for Steve-en, you can...

00:00:38   - Oh my god, need for Steve.

00:00:40   - Need for Steve-en.

00:00:42   Have you ever called Steve and Steve?

00:00:44   - No, I don't think so. Have you?

00:00:47   - I probably early on in our friendship before I made that mistake

00:00:52   and realized how much he hates it.

00:00:53   - He hates it.

00:00:54   - I don't know why he hates it though.

00:00:57   Well, isn't Steve Hackett like a celebrity? Isn't he like the guitar player of Genesis

00:01:05   or something? Yeah, I think so.

00:01:06   Yeah, but I don't think that that's the reason, though, you know.

00:01:08   Maybe he really dislikes Genesis. Maybe he hates Genesis.

00:01:12   What's the... Phil Collins?

00:01:15   Phil Collins. And then what's the song? "I can feel it coming..."

00:01:22   That's Phil Collins, right? Yeah, that's Phil Collins.

00:01:25   Yeah. Okay, so we don't know why. So Steven hates being called Steve.

00:01:31   Steve. Yeah.

00:01:33   Although, Steve Hackett's real name is Steven Hackett.

00:01:36   Steven Hackett, yeah. So he can't avoid Steve Hackett anyway.

00:01:40   So if that's the reason, it's a bad reason. I don't know why he hates it.

00:01:44   Because it's not like it's Steven without P H's don't get called Steve.

00:01:48   We know that because of Steve Hackett. But Steven doesn't like it.

00:01:52   Like I had a friend in school called Steven with a PH and we called him Steve

00:01:56   and that was what he liked to be called, Steve.

00:01:57   Maybe we should get that Steve on the show instead.

00:02:00   And we should replace him with the real Steve.

00:02:03   It seems easier to get along with.

00:02:05   Maybe we should shorten the other half and just call him Fen.

00:02:09   Fen?

00:02:11   Yeah, so we don't shorten the first part, which is like Steven becomes Steve.

00:02:16   We just call him Fen instead.

00:02:18   Fen Hackett.

00:02:19   Fen.

00:02:19   Our Fen friend.

00:02:21   You know, because it's like, he has a two syllable name, right, Steven?

00:02:27   And it's nice to shorten two syllable names to one syllable.

00:02:33   Like you have Federico.

00:02:35   You have like a million syllables.

00:02:37   And I call you Teach.

00:02:38   Quite a lot, right?

00:02:39   You could call me Rico.

00:02:41   You could call you Rico.

00:02:45   That's two of those.

00:02:46   Let's just call you Co.

00:02:48   So we got Co, Myke and Fen.

00:02:49   There we go.

00:02:52   Co-Myke and Fen.

00:02:53   Co-Myke and Fen.

00:02:55   I really dislike this idea.

00:02:57   It doesn't sound good at all.

00:02:59   You recommended Ricoh.

00:03:00   Especially the Co.

00:03:01   It sounds like a brand.

00:03:02   Okay, well what one syllable of Fed or Rico do you want?

00:03:06   Fed?

00:03:07   I bet you don't like that, do you?

00:03:08   No, I don't want to be a Fed.

00:03:11   Duh.

00:03:12   What?

00:03:13   Duh.

00:03:14   Well, no.

00:03:15   Okay, fine.

00:03:16   We'll go with Co.

00:03:17   Co.

00:03:18   Okay.

00:03:19   Okay, what about Reek?

00:03:20   - Oh, I could be Faye.

00:03:21   I could be Faye.

00:03:23   - Faye? - Fen.

00:03:24   (laughing)

00:03:25   - Faye Fen and Myke.

00:03:27   (laughing)

00:03:29   - Myke Fen Fen.

00:03:30   - I wish I had a person of some kind in my name, you know?

00:03:35   We could go with, wait, so Michael is M-I-C-H-A-E.

00:03:41   We could go like Che.

00:03:42   Fen, Che. - Che?

00:03:44   They just say Che? - Yeah, Che.

00:03:46   We could take that to C-H-A-E from inside of Michael.

00:03:50   So what is it?

00:03:51   What are you again?

00:03:52   FEN?

00:03:53   No, I'm Fe, without the "n".

00:03:56   So it's Fe, Fe, and Che.

00:04:01   Right?

00:04:02   It's like, I'm pretty sure these were names of revolutionary guys from Cuba or something.

00:04:13   Fe, Fen and Che.

00:04:14   That was Che.

00:04:15   So as long as we just call me...

00:04:18   It sounds plausible though.

00:04:19   It's close enough though, huh?

00:04:21   It's Fei-Fen and Che.

00:04:23   Fei-Fen and Che?

00:04:26   Follow up!

00:04:27   So it seems like the gold stainless steel smudges as much as the other phones smudge.

00:04:34   So I'll put a link in the show notes to a tweet from Quinn Nelson.

00:04:40   basically he got a 12 pro in like the regular size 12 pro in gold and it's covered in smudges.

00:04:48   So basically what Matthew Panzareno was saying about this other process must have some other

00:04:56   properties. Maybe it's like what makes this makes it so shiny compared to the other ones. Maybe it

00:05:02   has some kind of durability difference but the different process that they use for the gold

00:05:06   stainless steel rails of the pro models definitely does not make a difference to

00:05:14   the amount of smudges that it picks up.

00:05:17   This is the magnetron stuff right?

00:05:20   Yeah whatever it was it's like like a

00:05:23   HI something something something.

00:05:27   But there we go.

00:05:28   I guess this was bound to happen right with a shiny flat surface?

00:05:34   Because the old phones are shiny, but they're rounded.

00:05:38   So if you look at your 11, like actually really look at it,

00:05:43   mine is covered in fingerprints, right?

00:05:46   But you just don't see them as much.

00:05:49   I have decided personally that I will be able to let this go.

00:05:53   It's not going to bother me, the smudginess.

00:05:56   Oh yeah, I really don't care.

00:05:58   People really seem to care about it, though, at the moment.

00:06:01   It's like a thing.

00:06:02   People keep talking about how smudgy they are.

00:06:04   I don't know, I just guess I don't have the energy to think about fingerprints.

00:06:08   Well, until the police come and get you.

00:06:12   Then you'll care.

00:06:14   Like, "Oh man, those fingerprints."

00:06:16   I would have done nothing.

00:06:18   If we all have our fingerprints chemically removed,

00:06:21   then the smudginess won't be a problem, I guess.

00:06:24   Well, that's a very good idea.

00:06:27   Well then, is it just flat smudges?

00:06:29   Can you, can I, can I, like, I don't think a smudge can be flat.

00:06:34   Well I guess it'd just be the shape of your finger.

00:06:37   Yeah, there just won't be any ridges.

00:06:39   What? How would you describe the shape of human fingers?

00:06:42   Sausages.

00:06:44   [Laughter]

00:06:46   So basically, if you can take a hot dog and put it inside of the phone, if that leaves a mark, then there's no point removing our fingerprints.

00:06:55   Do you have one handy right now?

00:06:57   No, no. I don't have a sausage handy, no.

00:07:01   Maybe you could like just take like your palm or something? I don't know.

00:07:07   Please move to the next topic.

00:07:10   I have discovered that I have magical powers. I have a very specific magical power.

00:07:15   And it is to summon Johnny Ive.

00:07:18   On last week's episode of Connected, I said, "Where's Johnny? He hasn't done anything.

00:07:26   Nothing's happened with love from Wow within like an hour or so

00:07:30   Airbnb announced that Johnny I've is

00:07:36   Coming on board. So this is a quote from Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky today

00:07:42   I am thrilled to announce that Johnny and his partners at love from will be engaging in a special

00:07:46   Collaboration with me and the Airbnb team we have made the decision to work together through a multi-year relationship

00:07:51   To design the next generation of Airbnb products and services

00:07:56   Johnny will also help us to continue to develop our internal design team, which he believes to be one of the world's best.

00:08:02   This is fascinating to me Federico.

00:08:04   I've got really bad news Brian. The guy only likes white rooms.

00:08:08   [Laughter]

00:08:10   Everything. He's just going to create a set of experiences that are all white rooms.

00:08:15   But genuinely, I was talking to Adina about this.

00:08:18   I am really, really intrigued to see what can Johnny I've...

00:08:25   What are his skills for non-computer products?

00:08:28   What is his design sensibility in other things?

00:08:34   Because Airbnb in theory...

00:08:36   - Like in other objects and other contexts.

00:08:38   - Yeah, because Airbnb could create physical things

00:08:42   that they want to put in the Airbnb properties, right?

00:08:45   And I wonder what that might look like,

00:08:49   or even things just like other types of UI design

00:08:52   that's not focused around fun.

00:08:55   I'm keen to see what are the things that his name is attached to at Airbnb other than just helping

00:09:01   them develop their internal practices. Can you explain something to me? Yeah, I could try. So

00:09:07   I don't necessarily follow this industry. I thought that Airbnb was the thing where people

00:09:14   rent their place to strangers. So how can Airbnb design someone else's place? Well, it might not be

00:09:23   designing of interiors, although in theory they could do that, but it could be designing

00:09:30   of objects that go inside of interiors, right? So Airbnb have like different levels and there

00:09:37   is like this kind of like, I think it's called like Airbnb select or something, where it's

00:09:42   like a different tier, where there's still people renting out their places but they're

00:09:46   only for Airbnb, right? And it's like this is all we do.

00:09:50   Oh, so it's like an Airbnb exclusive?

00:09:53   Kind of, and those get, they actually get like products and specific things sent to them.

00:09:59   But yeah, they also have, you know...

00:10:02   You could explain it to me.

00:10:04   Maybe. So yeah, they do a bunch of things, right? And obviously they have their own

00:10:09   design around their products and their website and their advertising and all that kind of stuff.

00:10:15   But as Airbnb continue to grow, and I'm sure are adapting, right, in the pandemic times and beyond,

00:10:22   I'm sure that they're going to do other things, and they may want to do more experiences,

00:10:27   and they may want to have some kind of physical products that go along with certain types of

00:10:33   Airbnbs. I don't know what they're going to do, but I am intrigued to see what Jonny will do,

00:10:37   because this is his first thing, right? Like, outside of the stuff that he's designed with

00:10:42   of Marc Newsom for charity, which typically tends to have some kind of technology flair.

00:10:48   I'm just intrigued. But when I say this is my magical power Federico, summoning Johnny,

00:10:53   this isn't the first time this has happened. I once summoned Johnny Ive into physical space.

00:10:57   I don't think you'd summon him. Well, all I know is there has been on more than one

00:11:02   occasion I have... Just one other occasion. On one occasion, this is now two. Two is a

00:11:10   Patton there was once a time where I was at an Apple store and Johnny I've

00:11:14   appeared in the Apple store how have you ever done that I don't think that's how

00:11:19   it works you can just ran into somebody randomly and then say that you summoned

00:11:23   the person yeah but then I mentioned him and said like oh what's he doing having

00:11:28   done nothing for a long period of time and then all of a sudden he's at a B&B

00:11:32   who would have predicted that not you no well I'll give you that all that has

00:11:39   been proven so far is I have a skill for summoning Johnny Ive. Can you imagine if I had him on

00:11:48   the show right now? How would you feel if all of a sudden we just dialed him in? Is

00:11:52   there any other use to this skill besides bragging rights right here? Do you really

00:11:58   need, I mean what is a skill if it's not just for bragging rights? Well, okay. Apple has

00:12:03   updated clips finally. It now will work in portrait mode rather than just creating square

00:12:12   video. You can create a horizontal video. And landscape! Even landscape on the iPad

00:12:16   there's a brand new UI with actual popovers. Imagine that. It took him what, three years?

00:12:22   I don't think, this is the third version, I don't think it's been a version a year.

00:12:28   came out with the iPhone X, I think. So that's... it's been three years in existence. And they

00:12:34   now finally support other formats. There is no square video. And they do have a proper

00:12:41   iPad UI, you can use it in landscape, and it even supports the Magic Keyboard and the

00:12:45   pointer. So...

00:12:46   I'm intrigued.

00:12:47   It seems like a really... yeah.

00:12:48   I want to try it out for like Instagram stuff, which is what it should have been the whole

00:12:53   time for like stories and I'm sure it would be good for the TikToks and all that kind of stuff too

00:12:59   but I haven't been able to download it yet because it's not available yet. They've

00:13:03   announced it but it's, I don't know, rolling out. Yeah I'm intrigued to play with it. They do support

00:13:09   HDR video and you can, you know, it's I guess at this point it is probably the best way to do

00:13:16   Memoji videos on your device because the Memoji are bigger. Well, I guess they are still input like

00:13:24   you can record a Memoji video that is only the Memoji character in Messages, but it's a small head

00:13:30   in the Messages app. Here it gets bigger, but you can still see part of your body because it's like

00:13:37   a real-time effect. So I guess you still need to use Messages if you only want the Memoji. Still,

00:13:43   though. Like you can do live captions, plenty of nice effects. They have true depth camera effects.

00:13:50   This was one of the features that they launched with the iPhone X. It doesn't have any LIDAR

00:13:58   integration, I think, still. So that'd be fun to add in a future version of the app.

00:14:04   But yeah, this is pretty cool. I want to play with it. I think it could be fun for Instagram stories,

00:14:09   for sure. So there's been a problem with the tvOS review. I don't see, I don't believe you.

00:14:19   There has been a problem. I'm having a problem. My Apple TV will not update to tvOS 14. No, I don't

00:14:27   believe, have you googled a solution? Even just keep saying it failed. I've been trying. Have you

00:14:33   Have you bothered googling the solution besides texting us that you have this problem?

00:14:37   No.

00:14:39   Don't you think you should have at least tried that?

00:14:42   All right. Apple TV won't update.

00:14:48   How to update your Apple TV?

00:14:51   I did all these things.

00:14:54   You should have at least googled the...

00:14:56   The K-Base isn't helping me.

00:14:58   Look, I'm sure this happened to me before.

00:15:00   There has been a delay.

00:15:02   Maybe, you know, like, look, all I'm gonna say is

00:15:05   when you accidentally updated your iPhone,

00:15:08   no one was mean to you about it.

00:15:10   We all tried to offer solutions.

00:15:12   You're just saying what's wrong with you,

00:15:14   you haven't even Googled.

00:15:15   - See, the thing is,

00:15:18   you promised this review like almost two months ago.

00:15:21   - Yeah, but like, look, sometimes things get late.

00:15:24   - Yeah, but you're later than I was

00:15:28   for my iOS review, which was a real review, not this charade that we're playing with this TVOS review.

00:15:37   Mine was an actual thing, a year later with your fake thing, than I was with my real one.

00:15:45   I mean, it's harsh, but everybody's thinking it. We're all thinking it.

00:15:48   The people in the chatroom are just too kind to say this.

00:15:53   Where is this review, Michael? Have you started taking notes?

00:15:57   Of course I have research. I've been doing research.

00:16:00   What does it look like?

00:16:02   It's a mind map.

00:16:04   And by that you mean that it's all in your mind?

00:16:09   Yes, I have mapped it all out in my mind.

00:16:11   How convenient of you.

00:16:13   It's not that convenient because I have to like remember it all constantly.

00:16:18   It's actually quite a big mental load.

00:16:19   But you have a really good memory.

00:16:21   I mean, to share all these lies with us, you must have a really good memory.

00:16:26   Whoa, whoa, hang on a minute.

00:16:28   So, I'm pretty sure you can keep a TVOS review in your mind.

00:16:31   Wow. Wow.

00:16:33   I guess we'll keep waiting for the next excuse at this point.

00:16:37   Jacques.

00:16:39   Just do your thing, man. We'll just, we'll keep waiting,

00:16:43   and when and if it eventually comes out, we will be ready to enjoy the review.

00:16:48   It's just you're not making it easy for yourself to have us believe you.

00:16:52   No, Apple's not making it easy for me.

00:16:55   Sure. Because, you know, they kept the lame features and then...

00:17:00   Also, Kate makes a really good point. How can you have done any research if the OS is

00:17:05   not on your television? Documentation.

00:17:08   Ah, yes, because there's so much TV OS documentation around.

00:17:11   I never said there was a lot... This is part of the problem, is trying to find some.

00:17:16   Right. That's the real issue. The research is difficult because there's not a lot of

00:17:20   sources out there.

00:17:21   Okay, so I see you should have been at this stage in June, not in late October.

00:17:26   I would have been if there was more resources.

00:17:29   It's taken a long time to pull all this together because there isn't really a lot happening

00:17:34   in the TBO as well.

00:17:37   I just want to state for the record, I never wanted to do this this year.

00:17:41   Then it got thrust upon me by you two.

00:17:43   Never?

00:17:44   What are you saying?

00:17:46   I did it one time.

00:17:50   You've been saying for the past year that you want to be the TV OS guy.

00:17:54   Just like consuming it, you know.

00:17:56   And we played along with your newfound interest.

00:18:01   And we encouraged you.

00:18:02   I do use it a lot.

00:18:03   I probably use the Apple TV more than you or Steven do.

00:18:10   But maybe that's just where it should have ended.

00:18:13   Well you know, we'll get there.

00:18:15   We'll get there.

00:18:16   We will, I'm sure.

00:18:17   - So we don't have the time for it today anyway.

00:18:19   - Whatever, but you also said that JSON

00:18:25   convinced you to wait for TBS for, okay.

00:18:29   So did the error occur when trying to install the beta

00:18:34   or just the regular?

00:18:35   - Just the regular software update is not working.

00:18:37   - Okay. - At the moment.

00:18:40   - Okay. - So we've got

00:18:41   a lot of steps.

00:18:42   - Not really, you just need to Google the error

00:18:46   I don't want to talk about this anymore, so let's go to our first Steven provided advertisement break.

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00:20:12   There's been some new app updates that I wanted to talk to you about Federico.

00:20:16   Okay, talk to me about apps.

00:20:18   So Halide, is that how you say it?

00:20:24   That's how I say it.

00:20:25   I don't think it's the correct way to say it.

00:20:27   I think this is one of those things where I only can remember how you say it, so now

00:20:32   I say it that way.

00:20:34   I bet John Voorhees says Halide.

00:20:36   I think John Voris knows how to say a lot of words that we don't know.

00:20:43   Because he used to be a lawyer and so he knows a lot of fancy words.

00:20:46   Yeah, I wonder if Halide as a phrase comes up a lot in legal documentation.

00:20:52   Maybe I don't know what it means.

00:20:54   Anyway, so Halide is a camera application.

00:20:59   It's been around for a while now.

00:21:01   And one of the things that it does, one of its reasons for existence is allowing people

00:21:08   to take raw photography.

00:21:10   How did you say that?

00:21:13   Raw?

00:21:14   Raw, that's really nice.

00:21:17   It's like a lion, I mean purely lion based photography.

00:21:21   Like it's just raw photography.

00:21:24   So I know that I have tried to use how I bunch and like get daunted by it because it's like

00:21:31   I don't know what any of this does and like even when I was trying to use it after the update

00:21:35   I like swiped on the screen and changed the ISO and then everything was horrific and I didn't really know what to do with it

00:21:43   So I'm not using the manual controls

00:21:46   It's one of the other things that it does and trying to use the auto controls and I'm not really sure what I'm doing yet

00:21:51   But I want to get to grips of it and this reminds me of when I first started to use like VSCO

00:21:57   Where like I didn't really know what I was doing there either

00:22:00   But then once I kind of understood what the controls did I was happy with the results and I use it now

00:22:06   And I feel very confident in it

00:22:08   But it seems like Halide 2 has got a bunch of or Halide Mark 2 because it's a camera

00:22:13   Has got a bunch of interesting things going on and I wanted to try and get to grips of some of the basics of this

00:22:20   application before it integrates with Apple Pro raw

00:22:24   because Apple Pro Raw sounds more intriguing to me of like

00:22:29   apply all of the stuff that the phone does and then let me add stuff in from there because when I think about like

00:22:36   One of the things that I like to do in VSCO is like control the colors and the contrast and the exposure and stuff

00:22:42   And my understanding is you get way more control over that when you're coming from a raw photography

00:22:48   but what I don't want to lose is a lot of the

00:22:51   computational stuff and I feel like this is probably somewhat frustrating for the hell-eyed developers that they had created something called instant rule

00:22:59   Which seemed to be doing some of this stuff and then pro rule can obviously do more of it

00:23:04   But I'm sure they've they will benefit from the work that they've done

00:23:07   They'll be able to integrate pro rule and so I wanted to get to grips with some of this stuff before them

00:23:12   It brings a bit lots of him like lots of updates for things that I don't really understand like histograms on waveform data

00:23:20   but it looks really nice and there are tutorials in the applications now in

00:23:25   this application now that I want to try out which is something that they've

00:23:29   added in version 2 which hopefully will be able to teach me a little bit more

00:23:32   about how to use the app itself but I have taken some pictures with it and I

00:23:38   do like some of the features that has Federico where like it uses haptics to

00:23:44   indicate to you if you're holding the phone steady or like that you've

00:23:48   actually you know that you say you wanted to take something top-down it it

00:23:52   lines up and gives you a little haptic when you're actually level over the the

00:23:56   the like the horizon plane so like the horizontal plane so yeah I like it I I

00:24:00   don't really understand it yet but I'm making it a point to try and get my head

00:24:06   around it a little bit more it is very beautiful it is very well made but I'm

00:24:11   kind of like approaching it with this kind of thought in mind so similarly if

00:24:16   If anybody has any particular resources that they think could be useful for me for using Halide Mark 2, please send them my way.

00:24:23   But I'm going to try out the tutorials as well that are in the application.

00:24:27   Yeah, that sounds really nice.

00:24:30   Personally, I've kind of learned to accept the fact that I will never truly understand these apps, like for pro and manual photography.

00:24:39   And I think I'm fine with it now.

00:24:41   I have definitely felt this way in the past.

00:24:43   And I'm also fine with it that if I go through this process a little bit and feel like this doesn't work for me,

00:24:50   like I'll be fine.

00:24:51   Like I've long accepted before now that like I'm okay if general like good photography stuff passes me by.

00:24:59   The only reason that made me come back to it is the fact that I feel like from an editing perspective,

00:25:04   like not only do I feel like I know how to use the tools now,

00:25:07   I feel like I know what I want and I know how to get it out of an image.

00:25:12   So the fact that I've been able to get to that point

00:25:15   has made me want to reassess looking at the capture

00:25:18   applications again.

00:25:19   Mm-hmm.

00:25:21   Yeah, I get it.

00:25:22   I get it.

00:25:23   And I tried, but I really struggled with it.

00:25:26   And I think at this point, I'm fine with just using the camera

00:25:29   app and trusting the system.

00:25:31   But I'm also intrigued by ProRAW,

00:25:33   which is coming to the camera app at some point

00:25:36   later this year, I guess, maybe 14.3 or something.

00:25:40   because that will be available in the camera app

00:25:43   and you will be able to edit in the Photos app.

00:25:47   And you, in theory, ProRAW will combine the benefits of RAW

00:25:52   but with also with the computational processing

00:25:55   that Apple does.

00:25:57   So it's sort of, it's kind of similar to what Halide

00:26:00   is doing in the latest version, but made by Apple.

00:26:03   And so that intrigues me.

00:26:05   But even if it doesn't work out

00:26:07   and even if the whole process is daunting

00:26:10   and I don't understand like sharpness and ISO

00:26:13   and all these things, like I'm fine with whatever comes out

00:26:16   of the iPhone's camera.

00:26:17   I think I've learned to accept that it's one of the things

00:26:21   I don't wanna stress about anymore and I'm cool with it.

00:26:25   - Now we go from an application that is not

00:26:29   in your wheelhouse to an application that could be more

00:26:31   in your wheelhouse, which is Reader 5.

00:26:33   Now I always-- - Why do you wanna talk

00:26:35   about Reader 5?

00:26:37   Are you using Reader 5?

00:26:38   I've been using RSS for like a year.

00:26:41   Oh yes, with only a handful of feeds.

00:26:43   Yes, small amount of feeds, but it's really good for show prep.

00:26:48   And I'm like 100% back in the RSS land.

00:26:53   And I saw that Reader 5 came out,

00:26:57   and it was surprising and interesting to me

00:26:59   for a couple of reasons.

00:27:01   One, it was like, I don't understand

00:27:03   why this application is a new application.

00:27:06   surely a really nicely made RSS app is like prime for a subscription model.

00:27:15   Right? It really feels like he that the read is it Silvio the reader developer?

00:27:23   Yes.

00:27:23   He should be charging an annual fee for the app. Like I don't understand because

00:27:28   I just feel like today, even though the process of moving from 4 to 5 was good,

00:27:36   like there was a flow where you open the old app and it moves you, I had to reset some settings

00:27:41   again, you know. And I just feel like this is the type of application that has a market that loves

00:27:47   this type of application. Like a subscription model for apps like this, it just seems like

00:27:54   the logical thing to me. And I know that people get upset, but people get upset when you do what

00:27:58   what he did as well, which is have a new app in charge for it, right?

00:28:01   Like, so there is no path to paid upgrades that people are going to be happy about,

00:28:06   but this just feels like the type of application that I would very happily pay a

00:28:11   subscription for because I mean, I also pay a subscription for,

00:28:15   see this would have been the perfect time for him to bring it into existence as

00:28:19   well, to be honest,

00:28:20   because now you can also use Reader as your

00:28:24   RSS service. Yes. Because it syncs with iCloud.

00:28:28   iCloud. So the business proposition could have been cancel your subscription

00:28:32   service and give me the money instead. But nevertheless, I can't tell people how

00:28:37   to run their businesses. I'm sure that this works for them otherwise they

00:28:40   wouldn't do it. But so I saw it and I was like why do why would I want I don't

00:28:44   know why I want this like looking at the images it was like this looks very much

00:28:48   like the app I'm currently using. Then I heard you on one of the many Mac

00:28:54   stories related properties. So the problem I have with app stories

00:28:59   unwind and unplugged is I tend to listen to them one after another.

00:29:02   So it kind of blends together. So I have no idea which show I hear you and Jon say things about.

00:29:08   Well I mean as long as you're listening. But I listen to all of them. I'm a big

00:29:11   fan of the Mac stories extended universe. So I think it was unwind. That sounds possible.

00:29:18   You described reader five as like an extension of your own hands. That was unwind.

00:29:22   And I was like, "I need to try it out."

00:29:26   And I don't think I can explain it any better than you, but it feels so much more modern

00:29:33   and fluid in a way that I wouldn't have expected based on how well Reader 4 worked.

00:29:40   And the native column layout on iPad OS I really like as well.

00:29:43   It has widgets if you want that, but I don't want widgets for RSS.

00:29:47   As I said before, you can now use Reader as an RSS client itself, and it syncs the subscriptions

00:29:52   via iCloud. And then there are also lots of improvements to the read later features. Can

00:29:58   you do a better job than me of selling the features of the app? Because it is a weird

00:30:04   one where it's like, this app just feels a lot nicer, which is a peculiar thing to upgrade

00:30:10   for. But if you use it every day, you feel the benefit.

00:30:14   Yeah, it's full of those details that Silvio really knows how to deliver. He's been doing

00:30:20   this for over a decade at this point and Reeder was one of the first apps that I ever reviewed

00:30:25   on Mac stories. And the way that Sylviel delivers these details is very clever because they're

00:30:32   there and they're not in your face. Like sometimes you install an app from the app store and

00:30:40   they try to be too fancy with, for example, things like the animations or the graphics

00:30:46   and they're kind of garish and you notice them and you're like, yeah, I get it. You

00:30:49   to do this fancy, like, elastic effect and it's cute the first time I see it, but then

00:30:56   it's kind of, you know, get out of my way, you're just slowing me down, I get it. It's

00:31:00   like too saccharine, you know, it's just too much. But we read there, those details are

00:31:08   there, but somehow you only notice them at the appropriate time. Like a few days ago

00:31:16   I noticed the transition for when you're scrolling feeds inside of a folder and the title of

00:31:24   the folder bounces when the heading of the section reaches the title bar.

00:31:33   And it's a very small detail and it's kind of inconsequential, but I noticed it and I

00:31:38   was like "Wow, it's been here the whole time?" and I never saw it, and now I did, and it's

00:31:46   really beautiful effect. And imagine this applied to the whole experience, right?

00:31:50   This almost like... it's an attention to detail that I've rarely

00:32:00   seen in any developer. I think editorial maybe comes to mind years ago.

00:32:06   Lauren Brikter with Tweety had the same attention to detail. Very few developers

00:32:11   can nail this implementation of beautiful details that are pretty to look at, but they're

00:32:17   not in your face at the same time. And Reader is one of those apps, and especially Reader

00:32:22   5. But it's not just, as you mentioned, the fluidity of the interface and this attention

00:32:28   to small design touches and details. It's also the functionality itself. So I really

00:32:35   like the fact that Reader can be both an RSS client and a Read Later app at the same time.

00:32:41   And the Read Later thing came with version 4, didn't it?

00:32:44   It came with version 4, and in version 5 you can also now tag your saved articles. And

00:32:52   tagging works in a bunch of different ways. You can manually tag inside of the app, but

00:32:58   you can also enable a setting that modifies the extension. So Reader has an extension

00:33:04   called "Save to Read Later". And if you enable this option, any time you save

00:33:10   something, you also get the option of tagging it upfront, so you don't need to

00:33:15   open Reader and do the tagging later. You can tag upon saving an article. And

00:33:21   Reader also has really excellent shortcuts integration, which means that

00:33:27   you can build shortcuts to retrieve articles from Reader and do things

00:33:33   like searching by title and searching by tag. In fact, I'm going to share one of these shortcuts

00:33:38   this Friday in Club Max Stories Weekly for club members. But the combination of all these

00:33:44   features means that Reader at the same time can be both super intuitive, the kind of app

00:33:51   that you open, you scroll through for like two minutes, and it does its thing, it's polished,

00:33:57   it's elegant, and then you're done with it and you close it. Or it can be a power user

00:34:02   app with things like shortcuts and tagging and adding multiple accounts and having multiple

00:34:08   columns. And the way that these two natures coexist in a single product, I think that's

00:34:14   where the talent of a developer comes in. Balancing these two aspects, some apps, they

00:34:22   are skewed toward one direction sometimes, and so you get the power user application

00:34:28   that is kind of ugly, and it doesn't really care about the details, you know?

00:34:32   Like Neutron Player, for example.

00:34:35   It's one of those.

00:34:36   And sometimes you get the thing that is too fancy for its own good.

00:34:40   Lots of animations, lots of transitions.

00:34:42   Well, it's form of a function, function of a form.

00:34:44   Exactly.

00:34:45   But Reader is an example of an application that actually somehow balances those things.

00:34:50   Balancing both.

00:34:52   It takes a lot of work, which explains why Reader has few updates, right?

00:34:57   It's not the kind of app that has an update every few days.

00:35:01   Very few updates, but especially over the past two to three years, when Silvio sort

00:35:06   of came back to development, I don't know what happened in their lives, but it came

00:35:11   back and, you know, Reader gets regular updates.

00:35:14   Not too many, but it gets them, and when you get a Reader update, you know that there's

00:35:19   something really special in it.

00:35:22   I don't know.

00:35:23   Did I sell this enough?

00:35:25   - Yeah, I think you've at least helped explain

00:35:28   a little bit more.

00:35:29   I mean, I have one thing that I would love the app to do.

00:35:31   It's like it has a read later built in, right?

00:35:33   And now, what's cool is that you can add read later

00:35:36   from inside of your RSS, but you can also add

00:35:38   random articles from the web, either via shortcuts or via,

00:35:42   I don't know if there's an action extension,

00:35:44   but there's a Safari extension on the Mac

00:35:47   where you can add things in.

00:35:48   So basically using Reader as like an Instapaper.

00:35:52   But I want to see all of my stuff in one view.

00:35:56   Like at the moment, if you're in your RSS

00:35:59   and you want to see your read later,

00:36:00   you have to back out to accounts

00:36:02   and then switch into read later.

00:36:04   - Oh, you want to have everything together?

00:36:06   - Like a unified inbox.

00:36:07   - Oh, no, no, no.

00:36:08   - That's what I would like.

00:36:10   Right, because for me, it's like,

00:36:12   if I'm saving things from around the web,

00:36:16   it's for when I'm ready to sit down and go read them.

00:36:18   And when I'm in RSS is when I'm ready

00:36:20   to sit down and read things, right?

00:36:23   It's just like that's kind of like the mode shift for me.

00:36:26   I only open my RSS app when I'm ready to read stuff.

00:36:29   I don't do what I think sometimes someone like you might do

00:36:33   which is like that's where I go to check the news.

00:36:35   Like I'm not doing that.

00:36:36   - Right. - Right.

00:36:37   It's like I'm ready to consume for your preparation

00:36:41   or for pleasure and now I'm, so I want it all there

00:36:45   because I've used the read later feature a few times

00:36:48   to save things and I forget about them because I never think to go and look for it.

00:36:53   I would like to see them all in one view but who knows, maybe that's something for the future.

00:36:58   I have some wireless charging related stuff for you Federico.

00:37:05   Okay, not for me, not for you?

00:37:08   I think it's more for you.

00:37:10   So Mophie is making a battery pack that clips onto iPhones and charges with Qi charging.

00:37:17   It uses this stick on attachment that has a clip on it that you can then attach other

00:37:24   accessories to.

00:37:26   So they also give you a standy type thing or a little thing you can hold onto.

00:37:33   I don't want to say pop socket because it's quite simple.

00:37:36   But then you can pop that off and you can put a battery on it.

00:37:39   The benefit of this is you could have multiple batteries.

00:37:43   You could have two batteries and then once you've run through another one, just click

00:37:46   another one on. So it's actually quite a clever way of doing this type of charging.

00:37:53   It doesn't seem to have anything mag-safe about it, of course, because this has been

00:37:58   in development for a while, I'm sure. But it is quite a clever system of charging, to

00:38:05   have these multiple battery packs. It's called Juice Pack Connect, and then you just click

00:38:10   new ones on.

00:38:11   Okay. I mean it's it sounds pretty cool it looks pretty cool now for me it's

00:38:17   kind of feels very plasticky like there's a lot of plastic going on here

00:38:21   and I don't I'm not necessarily a fan of the bulk of the whole thing. I myself I

00:38:26   do prefer like a much simpler affair. I have an external USB-C battery and when

00:38:34   When I need it, I use it for like 30, 40 minutes and I top up my iPhone and like I did today,

00:38:44   for example, I brought it back to 80% battery because I've been using it this morning a

00:38:49   lot and then I stopped using the battery.

00:38:55   Unless I'm going out and I need to use the wallet case, I'm not a fan of real chunky,

00:39:01   plastic-y things.

00:39:03   For example, I know a lot of people who use

00:39:07   the OtterBox cases, you know, that looks like

00:39:11   it makes your iPhone look like a tank

00:39:13   that needs to go to war.

00:39:15   - Yep.

00:39:16   - And they're like, oh-- - It's kind of what they're for.

00:39:17   - It's like, yeah, with this phone, with this case,

00:39:20   even if I drop my phone, it won't hurt itself.

00:39:25   And I'm like, yeah, but you're using something

00:39:27   that looks like a brick, and you can hurt yourself,

00:39:30   maybe, with it.

00:39:31   I think OtterBox's original thing was making phones waterproof, right?

00:39:37   Like I think that's where OtterBox, like you basically had this like big plastic box that you put the phone in.

00:39:44   OtterBox.

00:39:46   Right? I think that was their thing, like when they first came around.

00:39:50   I just thought they like Otters.

00:39:52   Maybe they do, but it's like you can take your phone into the water.

00:39:56   Like I think that was like kind of the thing about it when it first came around.

00:40:00   And now they've slimmed down.

00:40:03   This was the company that just invested in...

00:40:06   Oh, they did Bridge.

00:40:09   Yeah, yes.

00:40:11   I'm intrigued to see what they will do.

00:40:13   So yeah, I'm not a huge fan of this design myself.

00:40:16   I think it's a pretty cool idea.

00:40:18   I do like the modularity involved in this.

00:40:22   Like you can clip multiple things. That's pretty cool.

00:40:24   I mean, I like that to get into this system,

00:40:27   it's pretty small. It's low, right?

00:40:29   Like I don't like these systems where you also have to use the phone case that that

00:40:33   company makes.

00:40:36   That frustrates me.

00:40:37   This system is just like you just got to stick this thing either onto a phone or onto any

00:40:41   case that you want and it will work.

00:40:43   I like that.

00:40:44   And the thing that you actually stick onto the phone is quite slim.

00:40:48   But yeah, I wouldn't want to charge my phone with these, but also I don't use battery packs.

00:40:54   So I mean, if I was the type of person that got through a battery pack a day because of

00:40:58   whatever it is I'm doing, I could see value in this because then I could have a couple

00:41:03   of them and I would always have one ready to go, right?

00:41:06   Always one charge.

00:41:07   So it is very clever.

00:41:09   It is very clever.

00:41:10   Also, I don't feel like I need external batteries much these days because I'm not going outside

00:41:18   much.

00:41:19   No.

00:41:20   All these products, they will be, I guess, useful for a lot more people once again, ideally, hopefully, at some point.

00:41:29   In the future.

00:41:29   Late next year, maybe.

00:41:31   Yeah.

00:41:32   According to an FCC filing, it seems that reverse wireless charging may be possible in future Apple products with the use of MagSafe.

00:41:41   So, this is from the FCC filing from Apple.

00:41:44   In addition to being able to be charged by a desktop WPT charger puck, 2020 iPhones also

00:41:51   support WPT charging function at 360khz to charge accessories. Currently the only accessory that

00:41:58   can be charged by iPhones is an external potential Apple accessory in future."

00:42:02   Which is so weird, this is another one of those things where like clearly Covid messed it all up

00:42:08   right and that they they Apple would never submit something like this where it very clearly says

00:42:14   This phone has a feature you don't know about and we're working on a product that's going to support it, right?

00:42:20   But timelines are all messed up

00:42:22   We're gonna talk about air pods later on in the show

00:42:25   I think it sounds like an air pods case like a new air pods

00:42:30   Case for new air pods and maybe for old ones that can draw a small amount of power

00:42:37   From the magsafe connector to charge right like that seems like the logical product to me

00:42:43   Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. How great would that be? That would be really nice. I would be so into it

00:42:49   That would be really nice and speaking of magsafe and AirPods. I text you both you and and

00:42:57   Fen. Fen. A few days ago. I texted Che and Fen a few days ago

00:43:05   And I was like, "Hey homies, I just discovered..."

00:43:09   Because I totally was not paying attention during the keynote, or maybe just passed me by, I don't know.

00:43:14   I had no idea that you could charge your AirPods with the MagSafe charger, and then you told me, "Well, duh..."

00:43:21   Uh...

00:43:23   -Fei... -"It's a Chi... Come on, Fei, it's a Chi charger."

00:43:26   It's like, "Come on, Fei, it can be a Chi charger for any device."

00:43:29   I just didn't know that.

00:43:31   You know what I would have loved so much if you would have like thought you'd stumbled upon something and like

00:43:36   And tweeted about it

00:43:38   Like whoa, did anybody why is nobody talking about this?

00:43:42   You know you have made me so self-conscious about this. I can't believe no one is talking about this kind of stuff

00:43:50   Yeah that every time I think nobody is talking about anything. I check with you guys first

00:43:56   Because it's one of the most annoying like things

00:44:00   One of my favorite tweets of all time is, I don't remember exactly off my head, but

00:44:07   it's like, in quotes, "Why is nobody talking about this?" said everybody who is talking

00:44:12   about this.

00:44:15   Someone is always talking about it.

00:44:16   Whatever it is, I can assure you, someone's talking about it.

00:44:20   But yes, why is nobody talking about this?

00:44:23   Well they are Federico, you just weren't reading them.

00:44:25   I just wasn't paying attention I guess.

00:44:27   That would be super cool.

00:44:28   It would be kind of interesting and weird too, right? If Apple were like "lol, there's

00:44:33   a feature inside your phone that you don't know about, it does reverse wireless charging."

00:44:38   Have they ever done that? Is there a precedent for, this is why we need fan, is there a precedent

00:44:45   for a feature that was later enabled and it was there, we just didn't know about it?

00:44:51   Not that I can recall.

00:44:52   I'm thinking of something, why am I thinking of something right now?

00:44:56   well maybe because there is something, there is like, you know, there have been

00:45:02   software features that have come but like hardware to software? I don't know.

00:45:09   I don't know about that. Like people were telling us about other software features

00:45:16   no not software like not an app not like a software upgrade like this is like a

00:45:21   piece of hardware that's inside the phone that does nothing. We don't even

00:45:25   even know it even has the capability to do anything, right? So not U1 because they told

00:45:31   us about the U1 chip, we knew that and I mean it's done nothing so far.

00:45:35   Steven mentioned something about these kinds of things at some point before.

00:45:41   I mean, if...

00:45:42   I'm sure.

00:45:43   Let's restrict it to iOS devices. I don't want to talk about maxing this because it's

00:45:46   like, oh well, it started to support this gigahertz rating and no, budget nerds.

00:45:55   No, I won't accept that. I think this stuff is more interesting with closed console devices

00:46:03   I think they're called these days.

00:46:05   Oh come on, please don't. Please never use it again in front of me.

00:46:13   So there you go. I can't think of anything but it would be super cool. And I guess really

00:46:18   there would be nothing to say about it right now if it is a feature that has to be enabled

00:46:23   by there being an accessory that can use it. Because, I mean, clearly if I put my current

00:46:29   AirPods on the back of a new phone, it doesn't charge, right? Like there's something about

00:46:34   that is inside of that coil or inside of the whole MagSafe setup that they've got that

00:46:39   will somehow enable it. So I think that's, I think the possibility of that is interesting

00:46:44   and I would like to know. Last thing is if you want to get the 15 watt MagSafe charging,

00:46:50   have to use a 20 watt Apple adapter to do it. There seems to be some confusion around

00:46:58   this. Alright let me, if you will allow me, let me read to you the research that I've

00:47:03   done and if you have a secondary point I would love to hear it. So from what I've seen and

00:47:09   from the research that I have pulled from is that basically you get slower speeds if

00:47:19   If you use any adapter that isn't the 20 watt, whether it's high or low, so you can get,

00:47:25   if you use the 18 watt adapter that came with phones last year, you get 13 watts of charging.

00:47:32   If you use higher adapters, like higher wattage adapters, you get even wilder charging.

00:47:39   So if you use the 96 watt MacBook Pro adapter, you get 10 watts of MagSafe charging.

00:47:45   So this is what I've seen.

00:47:50   Potentially some third-party chargers might work, right?

00:47:53   But it seems like there is a weirdness even amongst Apple's thing.

00:47:57   Which is just, it's frustrating, I think, that this is a $39 adapter thing that tells

00:48:06   you you're going to get one speed, but you've also got to have the right type of charger

00:48:09   to get it.

00:48:11   I think what some people are saying on Twitter is that the charger, the USB adapter, the

00:48:20   brick that you use, in order to charge the iPhone at full speed via MagSafe, it needs

00:48:26   to support the 20W power delivery 3.0 spec, which means 9V 2.22A. And there's a few third

00:48:38   party, my understanding is that this is a relatively new spec, but there's already a

00:48:43   couple of chargers from folks like Anker and Oki that support, that are compatible with

00:48:50   this. And I think the problem is, even if you get a higher, because some people, you

00:48:56   know, a lot of people would think, well, okay, 20 watts, what if I give you 60 watts? I bet

00:49:02   That's gonna be better, right? And it doesn't work like that because of these, like, um...

00:49:07   Oh god. It's the specs. It's the power delivery specs, potentially.

00:49:12   Right. All these power delivery specs are different, and the fact that it's a higher

00:49:16   number, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's optimized for something that requires less watts,

00:49:22   fewer watts, but with a different spec. Because for me personally, I don't care that you combine

00:49:29   An anchor charger that will do this.

00:49:33   I honestly think that it's ridiculous that the MagSafe doesn't come with a brick.

00:49:40   It should.

00:49:41   I think that that is, like, I believe the MagSafe should come with an adapter.

00:49:45   The phone I can let go, right?

00:49:47   And I have.

00:49:48   For me personally, it's like, okay, whatever, I can charge it.

00:49:51   No, no, okay.

00:49:52   Unpopular opinion time.

00:49:56   I have yet to hear from any of my friends that have showed the iPhone 12 Pro 2

00:50:03   from anyone who believes that Apple is doing this for the environment.

00:50:11   People are just not buying it.

00:50:13   Of course they're not buying it.

00:50:14   And honestly...

00:50:15   There's no reason to buy it because they're not just doing it for the environment, it also saves them money, right?

00:50:20   Well, well, you read some Apple websites, you would think that some folks actually believe it.

00:50:26   Look, I believe that they are doing it part A for the environment,

00:50:30   part B for money saving.

00:50:32   Like, you can hold two opinions, right?

00:50:35   And I believe that there's both of these things.

00:50:37   I feel like, I still feel like I think it's a laudable initiative.

00:50:42   And maybe I'm a bad person and I take full responsibility for what I'm about to say.

00:50:48   I just feel like it's kind of cheap not to include a charger in the box

00:50:51   when you're buying a thousand dollar phone.

00:50:55   I just think it's cheap and especially because, you know, a lot of people resell their phones

00:51:01   and when you resell the phone, you get a higher vat, you know, the other person wants the

00:51:05   charger and the cable.

00:51:07   Also a lot of the reselling companies require one.

00:51:11   Right.

00:51:12   Maybe that will change, right?

00:51:13   But at the moment, that's kind of the case.

00:51:16   Yeah, I don't know.

00:51:17   It just feels kind of cheap not to include one.

00:51:20   I mean, you know, maybe I'm wrong, maybe I don't understand the environment enough, but,

00:51:26   you know, I, once again, we have talked about this before, because I'm a man of the people,

00:51:32   unlike Steven and you, I, you know, I like to talk to the common folk and understand

00:51:40   their thoughts and opinions, and honestly, like, every time I, like, one of my friends

00:51:47   ask me, "So is there really no charger in the box?" I'm like, "Yeah." And they're like,

00:51:54   "Why?" And I say, "Well, in theory, they're saying that it's for the environment." And

00:51:58   they always start laughing at me. So I don't think...

00:52:03   Because people, this isn't a meanness to be mean, people tend to be cynical, right? So

00:52:06   like they're not going to believe that. Even if Apple reduced the cost and said it was

00:52:10   for the environment, people still wouldn't believe them, right? But in this instance,

00:52:15   I think that there is a bit of column A and a bit of column B,

00:52:18   and it is helping them at a time when the iPhones got more expensive to reduce some cost.

00:52:23   Because people think, "Oh, how much does a charger cost?"

00:52:27   It's not just the cost of the charger, right?

00:52:30   When they talk about the fact that they can put more phones on a boat or on a plane and move them,

00:52:36   that shipping that they are making better for the environment

00:52:39   means the shipping of the phones is cheaper, right?

00:52:42   The whole process is cheaper.

00:52:44   They spend less on cardboard.

00:52:45   They spent like everything cheaper.

00:52:48   Like the marginal gains make up to money, right?

00:52:52   So like not including the power adapter in the box

00:52:56   saves them money across the entire stack, right?

00:53:00   Which is at a year when they wanted it

00:53:02   because the phones are more expensive to make now

00:53:04   because they're all OLED.

00:53:05   But as has been pointed out many times,

00:53:09   we can keep rehashing it here.

00:53:12   If you wanna see the fact

00:53:13   that this is not just for the environment,

00:53:14   look at the fact that they removed it from the older phones

00:53:17   and didn't change the cost of them.

00:53:18   Right, so like if you buy an SE or a XR,

00:53:23   you don't get the power adapter in the box anymore,

00:53:26   but the phone costs the same amount of money.

00:53:28   But nevertheless, we took this tangent,

00:53:31   which is I'm sure everybody listening to this show

00:53:34   is sick of hearing people talk about this now,

00:53:36   and I apologize.

00:53:37   I think that it is actually worse, in my opinion,

00:53:43   to sell the MagSafe adapter without a charger.

00:53:47   When it benefits from a specific charger that nobody owns

00:53:52   because Apple didn't make one.

00:53:54   There was no Apple 20 watt charger before now, right?

00:53:58   That like, I believe the MagSafe adapter

00:54:00   should have come with the 20 watt charger in the box.

00:54:03   So everyone could benefit from the extra speeds

00:54:06   that they're supposed to get from the thing.

00:54:08   And plus it costs $39.

00:54:10   And I hate that the cable's one meter.

00:54:12   (laughing)

00:54:14   Yeah.

00:54:15   - Let's have Steven once again save us

00:54:17   from this trail of conversation.

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00:56:16   - Let's talk about headphones.

00:56:18   So Mark Gurman. - I saved Michael.

00:56:21   I saved the bombshell reveal.

00:56:24   - Whoa. - For this segment.

00:56:26   - Wow. - Bombshell reveal time.

00:56:28   - Okay, is it now? - Not yet.

00:56:30   - Or are we gonna be doing it in a minute?

00:56:31   - Not yet, just in general,

00:56:33   this is bombshell reveal time. - What exclusive?

00:56:35   Okay.

00:56:36   - But not yet. (laughs)

00:56:39   Okay. Bombshell, but not yet. Mark Gurman and Debbie Wu reporting for Bloomberg. There

00:56:45   are two new AirPod models in the works at Apple. There is a third gen regular AirPods

00:56:51   with a shorter stem and replaceable ear tips. I am concerned they will be changing the original

00:56:58   AirPods to be in-ear. I do not think this is a good idea.

00:57:01   Please do not do this. Again, all those for reasons, all those friends that I talk to,

00:57:07   Like all of them, they stuck with the regular AirPods, they didn't get the AirPods Pro.

00:57:13   Look how upset Faye will be.

00:57:14   FEN.

00:57:15   Faye?

00:57:16   FEN?

00:57:17   What's his name again?

00:57:18   Is it FEN?

00:57:19   FEN.

00:57:20   FEN stuck with the original AirPods for this reason.

00:57:21   A lot of people, many people are saying that they don't like the rubber tips and the in-ear

00:57:28   tips because they make them feel sick.

00:57:30   I don't like the in-ear tips.

00:57:32   They're not good for me, but I love the noise cancellation, so I accept it.

00:57:36   You know, like my left, doesn't matter what I use, the left ear always falls out for me.

00:57:42   Like I've developed another magical sense I have of knowing exactly when I need to catch

00:57:47   the falling AirPod.

00:57:49   Like I know the moment it's going to fall out of my ear and my left hand just comes

00:57:52   up and I grab it.

00:57:53   They fall out for me all the time, but the noise cancellation and the AirPods Pro is

00:57:57   so good that I will take anything for it because I love it.

00:58:02   But they shouldn't, and also I just don't think that Apple should make an isolation

00:58:07   without transparency mode.

00:58:10   They should continue to have a, if they want to make replaceable tips, they can do that,

00:58:16   but the base of it should be just as they are now.

00:58:21   I think the regular AirPods should stay simple.

00:58:25   I think one of the things that people really like about them is that they're simple.

00:58:30   Why does everything need to get more complex over time? I don't get it.

00:58:34   No, they don't need to do that.

00:58:35   Don't do that. People love them because they're simple. You just put them on and you're done.

00:58:39   And also don't make AirPods more like AirPods Pro.

00:58:43   Exactly.

00:58:44   Make people want to buy AirPods Pro.

00:58:46   But maybe, what if we're not thinking about this, right?

00:58:50   What if we're all thinking of rubber tips, but maybe Apple is making like an interchangeable plastic part of the...

00:58:59   of the actual shape of the AirPod.

00:59:03   - Oh, okay, maybe you get different sizing,

00:59:05   but it doesn't go in the ear.

00:59:07   - Right, you just replace the actual shell of the,

00:59:12   like you unscrew it or something,

00:59:15   like you just replace the actual shell.

00:59:16   - And then they could have like those wings,

00:59:18   you know, like the sport ones do or something,

00:59:21   you know what I'm talking about,

00:59:22   where it goes in the ear, like they could have those too.

00:59:24   We'll hope that it's that, right?

00:59:26   That's what we can hope for.

00:59:28   Apple also working on a second generation of AirPods Pro,

00:59:31   which until I read this report was not something

00:59:33   that I had thought about, but now I'm like,

00:59:35   yeah, make them better, right?

00:59:37   Like I hadn't considered a second generation

00:59:40   of AirPods Pro coming anytime soon.

00:59:43   The rumors said that they're gonna be more compact,

00:59:45   of a shorter stem, potentially a more rounder shape

00:59:49   that fills more of the ear.

00:59:51   This is what a lot of Apple's competitors are doing.

00:59:53   So like the, you know, Galaxy Buds, Surface Buds,

00:59:57   Amazon Buds, I think they're all called that.

00:59:59   They kind of, they feel more of the ear itself

01:00:03   rather than just relying on being in the ear,

01:00:06   which I wonder for me might actually help keep mine in.

01:00:08   I don't know.

01:00:09   Because it like maybe balances where the,

01:00:13   like the pressure point is, like where the lever is.

01:00:15   I don't know.

01:00:16   Apparently though, this new shape design

01:00:19   has been difficult during development.

01:00:21   So in Generation 2, we might not see that much of a design change,

01:00:26   except for a shorter stem.

01:00:28   I don't know how much shorter the stem could be

01:00:30   and continue to be useful.

01:00:32   But I also thought that about AirPods Pro,

01:00:35   though, when I saw them, I was like, oh, that's too small.

01:00:37   And I find it to be wonderfully comfortable and great.

01:00:41   I don't know, I feel like I can barely grab it right now.

01:00:45   I think if you make the stem shorter--

01:00:48   It would be too short.

01:00:49   At that point you will just have to change the gesture

01:00:52   to control, I guess if you're making them round,

01:00:55   then it'll become like a touch gesture again,

01:00:59   like tapping or touching or swiping, whatever.

01:01:01   I guess that's what the other buds are doing.

01:01:06   You know, you tap them or you touch them,

01:01:09   because they don't have a stem.

01:01:11   - Yeah, and I would be fine with that, really,

01:01:13   because I do so little now,

01:01:15   it's just one click to pause or hold for,

01:01:18   I would be happy with a very simple tap rather than the thunk that you used to do on the old AirPods

01:01:25   Oh you are exaggerating

01:01:26   I hate it, I hated that

01:01:28   Well, I still, like I'm used to it so now it's fine

01:01:33   But the precisely grabbing the little stem and pressing it, I just, I still don't like it

01:01:39   But it's more comfortable than thunking the side of my ear

01:01:43   I mean, what's not to like? Every time I did that it was like I was, you know, refreshing my brain.

01:01:49   Well then you know what? Every time you squeeze the stem on your AirPods now, also give yourself a little funk for fun.

01:01:56   Mmm. Like this?

01:01:58   Yeah, one of those. Just a little fun funk.

01:02:01   A funk.

01:02:03   It's like I'm shaking my thoughts.

01:02:04   Yeah, there you go. You're like a snow globe up in there.

01:02:08   Over the ear AirPods are still coming, but have seen delays due to manufacturing complexities.

01:02:15   I'm still waiting for this bombshell by the way.

01:02:17   I'm like, every time I'm talking I'm like waiting for you to drop it and it's just not happening.

01:02:22   Currently there are issues with the headband that have delayed production,

01:02:26   which was supposed to begin weeks ago.

01:02:28   This is a direct quote from the article.

01:02:30   The company initially wanted to include large touch pads on the side of their headphones,

01:02:34   but reduced the size of those panels.

01:02:37   Apple has also scaled back some of the interchangeable functionality of the headphones that were

01:02:41   a hallmark of the initial concept.

01:02:43   I think I know where your bombshell is now.

01:02:45   I think I've worked it out.

01:02:46   The latest version of the product is likely to lack a replaceable headband, but could

01:02:53   still include interchangeable ear pads.

01:02:57   Just before we talk about this, before you are about to give your bombshell, can you

01:03:01   give me a warning so I can tell you what I think it is?

01:03:04   Hmm. Okay.

01:03:06   I have a guess.

01:03:08   You want to guess privately on iMessage?

01:03:12   You don't want me to spoil it?

01:03:14   Well, I think the bombshell reveal will not be a bombshell if you spoil it.

01:03:20   Alright, I will keep it to myself and I will tell you honestly if I thought that that was the thing. How about that?

01:03:24   Okay.

01:03:26   So anyway, the AirPods studio, if we're calling them that,

01:03:28   that with hearing this about the replaceable headbands might not happen,

01:03:33   and the interchangeable ear pads maybe not being as good as we thought but still

01:03:36   available, it's seeming less and less of a desirable product. I still am

01:03:41   interested, I still want over ear AirPods Pro, right? I still like the

01:03:45   thought of all of that, but a lot of what made us so excited about these rumors

01:03:49   was the really premium sounding design and it all being customizable. It

01:03:55   seems like a bit of a downer. Yeah it's too bad now because like all the

01:04:00   thoughts that we had about modularity and swapping the pieces and the large

01:04:04   touch controls yeah it's this is too bad if it's true and I mean I have to

01:04:10   believe it is true because Marc doesn't get these things wrong. No. Unlike others.

01:04:15   But it does corroborate like what a lot of leaks have been saying and then

01:04:20   Marc Gorman will report on it in Bloomberg you can feel pretty confident

01:04:24   and like they're struggling and it also feels like there have been many times when this product

01:04:29   would have been introduced and it hasn't been which would suggest that it is maybe potentially

01:04:35   delayed and it did seem like an ambitious product which i think is why we were so excited about it

01:04:41   and it just seems like a shame that they might be scaling it back but i still hold out hopes for

01:04:45   whatever it is they introduce being what i mainly want which is over the like over ear headphones

01:04:51   from Apple that operate like AirPods and build on the already great noise cancellation.

01:04:58   I would be really happy with that product.

01:05:01   But we're going to have to wait and see.

01:05:04   There is also the report of possibly another HomePod coming that would for some reason

01:05:10   sit between the Mini and the original on size, pricing and quality.

01:05:14   I don't understand this.

01:05:17   Is that necessary?

01:05:18   I don't think this is necessary.

01:05:22   There isn't really that much of a price difference between the two.

01:05:26   I don't know, I guess an updated version that has the U1 chip and the thread that you support.

01:05:30   If that's what they do, like I've heard people say that maybe this is like a mixed messages

01:05:36   thing that like there is a new HomePod coming that is different in size and pricing but

01:05:42   really it's a replacement for the original.

01:05:46   If that's the case, fine. But if it is intended to also live with the old home pod, I don't

01:05:52   know. Maybe this one would be like the expensive one and then the old home pod goes down a

01:05:57   bit in price, you know, and then they keep it around in the lineup. But I don't know.

01:06:02   I don't know yet. I'm not sure.

01:06:04   Okay, bombshell reveal time.

01:06:06   Oh wow, it's happening. Okay.

01:06:08   Bombshell reveal time.

01:06:09   Bombshell reveal time.

01:06:11   Alta, do you know what a bombshell is? Is it like the shell of a bomb?

01:06:16   Oh, that's what it's like the casing so bombshell reveal time. I got tired of

01:06:22   waiting for this AirPods studio

01:06:25   to exist

01:06:28   and I

01:06:30   Have the new Sony headphones coming tomorrow. Oh, this is not what I thought

01:06:34   I thought you were gonna say that you ordered one of those wild ones, you know

01:06:38   What was the name of that? Is it I ai?

01:06:46   That's what I thought that you were gonna say that you got some of their headphones.

01:06:49   No, I was close. You were close but I got the latest Sony WH-1000XM4, I guess would be the full name.

01:07:00   Was this the one that Marques reviewed recently and was saying like it was amazing?

01:07:06   They are the best noise cancelling headphones around. The latest Sony ones. I had the XM3

01:07:13   from two years ago and I love them like it's favorite Bluetooth headphones I've ever tried

01:07:18   but I wanted to get new ones for a while especially I wanted to get

01:07:22   headphones with multi-device pairing support. When I saw that in his review I very nearly bought them

01:07:30   yeah and months ago if you remember we were chatting on iMessage with Fan and you and and and

01:07:37   John and in the... John doesn't have a... Well he doesn't need it, it's one syllable, that was the whole reason for switch-onning.

01:07:44   Well we could say "on" we could say "on" "on" "fen" "che" "fen" and "on" and...

01:07:51   Oh god this is getting so tricky. I still can't remember what we decided on for you.

01:07:56   "Fey" I'm just "Fey" "Fey" "Fen" "Fey" "Fen" that's why I'm getting confused.

01:08:02   I have an intention and on.

01:08:04   Anyway, we were chatting about the AirPods Studio and

01:08:09   We I said I've been meaning to get the latest Sony headphones for a while

01:08:15   But if this AirPods Studio actually exists, I think I'm gonna pass and I'm gonna wait

01:08:19   But the longer I keep waiting

01:08:21   The longer I keep waiting

01:08:24   So yeah

01:08:26   I just went ahead and and purchase them and they're coming tomorrow and I'm very excited because the noise cancellation is apparently

01:08:32   to the XM3 and they do support multi-device pairing which I've been

01:08:37   meaning like it's something that I've always wanted to have because I want to

01:08:40   pair these headphones to my phone and my TV at the same time because I

01:08:44   fundamentally dislike having to do the manual pairing process of my TV every

01:08:48   time so now I just can keep them paired to my iPhone and the TV.

01:08:53   Is that when you're gaming you use headphones on the TV?

01:08:56   Yeah, yeah, or when I'm watching TV at night with like actual television, not like Apple TV,

01:09:04   and I don't want to bother Sylvia, I can just connect the headphones, right? So,

01:09:10   yeah, so I, you know, when I saw this report, I was like, yeah, okay, whatever. I'm tired of waiting

01:09:18   for new. I was really intrigued by them. I was really intrigued by them. I was intrigued by the

01:09:23   surface headphones before they look really nice and then these new Sony ones

01:09:29   I did really want them but I decided to wait to see what Apple's doing because I

01:09:36   don't I don't I don't have a use for specifically for a headphone like this

01:09:41   right now because I it wouldn't be replacing anything so for me I feel like

01:09:45   I can let it go but I know you have other headphones and I've had I think

01:09:49   other Sony headphones in the past like these noise cancelling ones so you're

01:09:52   more used to having that type of product around. But that's why I've been able to hold off

01:09:56   because I don't have any over ears that I use for these types of like content consumption

01:10:02   purposes. I just use my AirPods Pro all the time. But there are a lot of times where like

01:10:07   I would like if I'm watching a Twitch stream for like an hour and a half, it will be way

01:10:13   nicer to use more comfortable over ear headphones I would find because I'm used to having over

01:10:19   headphones on for many many many many hours at a time right like that's how I

01:10:23   record all my shows I do all my editing but I would like to have something

01:10:27   that's wireless for with my devices yeah yeah I mean I'm a very happy customer of

01:10:34   the previous generation model of this and the new ones they're not so exciting

01:10:40   because they literally look the same but at least I got a different color so they

01:10:44   will look new to me. And the functionality is what matters ultimately.

01:10:49   So coming tomorrow I guess we're gonna talk about them next week.

01:10:53   Yeah I've already wrote a note down to ask you next week what you think about them.

01:10:56   Awesome. Okay, okay.

01:10:58   Bombshell reveal concluded.

01:11:00   Yes, bombshell reveal end. This is the end of the reveal. I hope you're happy with it.

01:11:05   If you're not, well, I am, so whatever.

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01:13:00   Our thanks to Hawthorne for supporting the show it is time Federico. Let's talk about the iPhone

01:13:06   12 and 12 Pro. I feel like you have not mentioned publicly anywhere that you have this phone.

01:13:13   Yeah, I got a rear view unit. Did you get one or both?

01:13:18   I just got the iPhone 12 Pro. I didn't get the iPhone 12.

01:13:21   So me and you can only talk about the iPhone 12 Pro because we both only had experience

01:13:26   with the iPhone 12 Pro. Which one do you have?

01:13:30   I have the 12 Pro in silver. In silver? So you have the Steven Hackett model.

01:13:35   Oh, sorry, the fan Hackett model.

01:13:37   I have the fan model.

01:13:39   You have the fan fun.

01:13:40   The fan edition.

01:13:41   Yeah, it's silver.

01:13:42   I have the fan fun.

01:13:43   Okay.

01:13:44   What do you think about the silver?

01:13:46   Uh...

01:13:47   It's fine.

01:13:51   I think it's kind of pretty.

01:13:52   So let me try and remove this case, actually.

01:13:54   What case do you have?

01:13:56   Right now I have the Pataka case.

01:13:59   We're gonna talk about that in a few minutes.

01:14:01   Okay, okay, okay.

01:14:03   I think it's okay.

01:14:04   It's okay. It's a kind of like default look, right? It's stainless steel. I like the matte

01:14:13   texture of the glass in the back. I don't hate it, which I guess it's a positive. I

01:14:21   do like the metal look of it, like the metal stainless steel bands. I think it looks kind

01:14:28   of nice.

01:14:29   When you say default, it kind of made me think of like 404. It's like the 404 edition, like

01:14:34   texture not found it's just like it's white on the back and it's silver on the sides

01:14:40   exactly and this is not a criticism but it's just like compared to the other

01:14:44   ones it's very much like this is default yeah I think so I think and I think it's

01:14:50   default because it reminds me of the iPhone 4 like that it wasn't stainless

01:14:57   steel but it's like that gray that default gray finish like silverish

01:15:03   finish, it reminds me of that. It reminds me of the iPhone 5, similarly, because I had

01:15:10   the white iPhone 5, and it had the chamfer, right, so it had a bit of shine on it. So

01:15:17   the white one is very reminiscent to me, or silver I think they call it, it's very reminiscent

01:15:23   to me of that. But yes, those phones, I mean, you know, obviously there are a lot of comparisons

01:15:28   being drawn to those phones because we're back to flat sides already, but the white

01:15:32   and silver specifically is the only phone which has any resemblance visually

01:15:38   in color to those ones because the graphite doesn't look like the black and

01:15:42   there wasn't gold then so there's white and black back then yeah yeah was there

01:15:49   a gold iPhone 5 maybe mmm I don't think so I don't think so either I think maybe

01:15:55   the SE maybe the SE had a different color to it but I think it was what

01:16:00   Maybe the 5S though, maybe the 5S.

01:16:03   Maybe the 5S.

01:16:05   Maybe. In any case, it's fine. I think it's very pretty, the design, obviously.

01:16:11   The flat edges are beautiful. I do like the combination of...

01:16:16   I like the contrast of the flat edges and the rounded corners of the display.

01:16:23   Like, I think it plays very nicely together, this contrast.

01:16:27   because before it was like you had a curve on the display and another curve on the body of the phone.

01:16:34   And now this contrast, I think it works really well together.

01:16:37   And it gives you more of the illusion of the screen really extending all the way to the edge.

01:16:43   It's like there's a precipice or something after that.

01:16:47   Yeah, it's very different to other phones that are like this as well, right?

01:16:52   Where there isn't a curve of the display going down to the sides.

01:16:56   It's like you have the display and then the sides begin.

01:17:00   It feels almost as close to a 90 degree angle

01:17:03   as a phone could give you.

01:17:04   - Yeah, and it gives you that idea that like,

01:17:06   because of the flat edges, if the pixels continued,

01:17:11   they would almost fall off the phone, right?

01:17:14   - There's nothing left.

01:17:15   - Yeah, and I think it's a very nice visual effect

01:17:18   and it gives you, it gives me more of the sense of edge,

01:17:22   like an edge to edge experience.

01:17:24   So visually, it is stunning.

01:17:27   I really like it.

01:17:28   The color is fine.

01:17:30   I would have liked to play around with the gold

01:17:32   or blue models, but hey, you don't look a review unit

01:17:36   in the mouth or in the color.

01:17:40   - Speaker grill.

01:17:41   - Yes, in the speaker grill.

01:17:42   - Don't look a review unit in the speaker grill.

01:17:45   - Yeah. - As they say.

01:17:46   - As they say.

01:17:48   A lot of people say that. - As they are known to say.

01:17:50   - Many people are saying that, Michael.

01:17:52   - There's nobody talking about this.

01:17:55   Yeah, okay.

01:17:56   So I've had limited experience, but some experience.

01:18:00   There is one of these in my house, right?

01:18:02   So Adina upgraded to the Pacific Blue 12 Pro.

01:18:06   In my opinion, the Pacific Blue is the second best color.

01:18:09   I think that Adina made the right choice for her.

01:18:12   I really liked the look of it,

01:18:14   but it isn't what I want, which is I want the gold.

01:18:18   I like the way the gold looks.

01:18:22   I think as well as the sides, the phone is bigger, right?

01:18:26   Like it's a little bit, like the screen is bigger.

01:18:29   Having held onto it and used it,

01:18:32   I feel like I could get used to the 12 Pro size

01:18:36   and be happy with it.

01:18:38   I feel like it's the first time,

01:18:41   like I was happy with the 10,

01:18:43   but still wanted a bigger phone.

01:18:45   I feel like I could go from the 11 Pro Max to the 12 Pro

01:18:50   and I would be happy.

01:18:51   because size of phone wise and screen size wise, it's good.

01:18:55   The one downside that I have felt with it is that

01:18:58   I know that there is, maybe you would be better placed

01:19:02   to explain this than me, but I know that there is some,

01:19:05   like, some of the UIs sized differently,

01:19:08   again, between the Pro and the Max,

01:19:10   which wasn't the case with the 11,

01:19:14   where the 11 Pro had a, is it 3X resolution?

01:19:20   - Yes, yes.

01:19:21   - And it's now gone to two again,

01:19:23   or it's like a slightly in between one.

01:19:25   But like if you turn the phone on its side,

01:19:27   it won't show you like split application.

01:19:30   Like, you know, if you turn the messages app on its side,

01:19:32   it doesn't show you the messages list on one side

01:19:35   and the conversation view on another side.

01:19:38   So I felt that in using Adina's phone,

01:19:41   some stuff felt like it was too big for me.

01:19:45   Like the UI was sized weirdly.

01:19:49   So I don't know if this is like a thing with dynamic type

01:19:52   or whatever, where we're just set up differently.

01:19:54   But yeah, it's like, it feels different to me.

01:20:01   Zach is saying in the chat room that it was the non-pro 11

01:20:04   that had the, the split on the side, but nevertheless,

01:20:07   in using it, the physical size of the phone feels good.

01:20:12   And like I could use that, but I think I would miss

01:20:16   some of the way that the Max is laid out.

01:20:18   Yeah, and I feel the same way. I think for the first time, I...

01:20:21   If I was forced to, by a nondescript entity, to use a non-Max phone, I could use it.

01:20:30   I think because of the slight increase in physical size, I could live with this.

01:20:34   However, nobody's forcing me to.

01:20:37   I could imagine a world in which, if the Max didn't have differences, which it does,

01:20:44   that I could be Captain Flip-Flop

01:20:46   and like get the max phone and be like

01:20:48   this is bigger and I don't feel like I'm getting any benefit out of it being bigger

01:20:52   and would maybe want to consider changing

01:20:55   no, I don't feel like that, I feel like

01:20:57   even with feature parity

01:21:01   I would still gravitate toward the bigger model

01:21:04   I can still imagine I would because I love all of the same reasons that I loved it before

01:21:09   and the reason that I went with the 11

01:21:11   even though it had no differences because I just like having more data on screen.

01:21:14   But my point is that like I am bracing myself for the potential that the 12 pro max the screen is

01:21:21   could be have gotten too big for me like I'm just bracing myself for that eventuality and if that

01:21:26   was the case and the phones were the same I could I and I wanted to move I would want to say is I

01:21:33   would be happy with the size of the 12 pro but I can't imagine that being what actually happens to

01:21:39   to me in this iteration.

01:21:41   - Yeah, yeah.

01:21:43   So yeah, I think the physical size is a very nice change.

01:21:46   Makes it, like I was, I was afraid that I would hate it,

01:21:51   like that I would begrudge using this for a few weeks.

01:21:55   But no, I'm actually kinda liking it.

01:21:57   But again, shame for the camera differences,

01:22:01   because even more so than the display differences,

01:22:07   I really want to have the best camera possible, which means I have to purchase the 12 Pro

01:22:13   Max. That's the phone I want. But this one, I would imagine that a lot of people are going

01:22:19   to like this because it strikes a very nice balance between being the smaller version

01:22:23   but slightly bigger than before.

01:22:28   What is your experience with the cameras so far?

01:22:33   I found really helpful the YouTube link and the Twitter thread that you put in our document

01:22:40   because I was able to see some differences.

01:22:42   Friend of the show, Tyler Storman, did a great video review from a photographer's perspective

01:22:48   and then also published a Twitter thread showing differences in images that he'd taken and

01:22:53   they will both be in the show notes.

01:22:54   I really recommend them.

01:23:01   I'm kind of struggling to find the improvements.

01:23:07   Now, let me clarify.

01:23:10   The new stuff, like Night Mode portrait, really nice.

01:23:16   It's super well done.

01:23:19   The lighter autofocus, like I can see the improvement there.

01:23:23   Very nice.

01:23:25   But overall, I think the 12 Pro, it just

01:23:30   feels kind of similar to the 11 Pro.

01:23:35   I think it's a more standard improvement, where the 11 was a big improvement over the 10S.

01:23:46   Yeah.

01:23:48   But I don't... like, I wouldn't compare these improvements to...

01:23:54   I think it's even less than a regular... let's call it "S" year,

01:23:59   even though we don't have those anymore.

01:24:01   What about the video changes, like the HDR video?

01:24:08   That's impressive, but I think it's very remarkable.

01:24:12   But the problem is I cannot watch that Dolby Vision

01:24:18   content on my TV yet.

01:24:20   And also, I haven't really taken a lot of videos,

01:24:26   because we, in Italy, right now, we

01:24:28   We don't have a lockdown, but basically we have.

01:24:32   So I'm not going to, like, the park with my dogs a lot.

01:24:36   And video taken indoors, you know, it's not exactly fun.

01:24:40   It's always kind of grainy.

01:24:41   Because, I mean, in broad daylight, sure, but, you know, in the afternoon, it's, you

01:24:46   know, it's kind of crappy video, honestly.

01:24:50   So I'm struggling to find the improvements.

01:24:52   The photos taken with the wide camera, are they really better than before?

01:24:58   Apple is saying 27% more light. It seems like it's low light that there are some benefits

01:25:04   and I was able to see those in Tyler's photos. Tyler did remind me that I really wanted to

01:25:10   see and still want to see improvements in the ultra wide camera because it's clearly

01:25:14   the worst of the bunch. Yep. Agreed. Agreed. That's what I wanted to see as well. I think

01:25:22   It's a very, it's an unfortunate timing because like I can imagine all the pictures I would

01:25:29   have taken in public places, at restaurants, at bars, at the park, outside in Rome, and

01:25:37   right now I really can't do that.

01:25:40   Maybe it's good the camera isn't there much better.

01:25:43   Because I don't feel like I'm missing out much.

01:25:46   But I still, I'm holding out great expectations for the Max camera.

01:25:52   I also, and I think part of my feelings right now are being affected by that thought in the back of my mind of like, there's this much better, in theory, thing coming in the near future.

01:26:07   And you want to wait till you get excited for that. I think my brain is sort of processing that in the background.

01:26:14   Right now I think the two things that really stand out to me are the night mode portraits, which are super neat, and the lighter autofocus. I think that's really nice.

01:26:26   Otherwise I'm kind of waiting for the 12 Pro Max for photos.

01:26:32   What about MagSafe? How much experience have you had with that?

01:26:35   MagSafe I really like. Okay, so I am super into this idea of

01:26:40   magneting

01:26:42   pairing and charging and like an ecosystem of accessories that can now like be certified by Apple and sort of let you do different things

01:26:50   so I removed my wireless charger from my nightstand as a test and I put two chargers next to each other to

01:27:00   Relatively small round things the default Apple watch charger and the magsafe charger for the iPhone

01:27:06   They're just there on my nightstand laying flat kind of blending in with the nightstand color. I

01:27:12   Really like it. I really like that at night. I can just

01:27:16   You know get it close to the magsafe charger and it pops, you know, like it attaches to the phone. That's very nice

01:27:22   I would have liked to have like a like a weighted base

01:27:27   for the charger and I'm waiting for someone to make one that has a

01:27:32   more like modern and

01:27:34   Neutral look to it. I saw that the studio need folks. They did one

01:27:39   Unfortunately, the wooden aesthetic doesn't really play well with my night. It's not mine

01:27:44   So I'm waiting for someone to make like I don't know an aluminum one. Maybe that would be really nice

01:27:48   But overall I really like the magsafe charger. I think it's you know, very good idea the I have a bunch of cases

01:27:56   already. So Apple gave me the default silicon case that has the obviously the

01:28:04   MagSafe ring in the interior of the case. I also got the

01:28:12   so I got the Pitaka Air I think it's called the Air case but I also have the

01:28:18   other MagS case I think it's called M-A-G-E-Z case that they're doing that's

01:28:25   coming but it's not here yet. So the one that I have right now it's the default case.

01:28:30   What is MagEZ?

01:28:32   I think it's they're making a MagSafe case. This one isn't a MagSafe case in the sense that it doesn't have a ring inside.

01:28:42   This one is just like a thin case that wraps around the phone.

01:28:46   I think MagEZ is their thing that they make. It's like their own thing.

01:28:52   I don't think it's a MagSafe thing.

01:28:56   Just as an FYI.

01:28:59   They have their own kind of like whole ecosystem of products called MagEZ.

01:29:03   Well then I don't know what I purchased I guess.

01:29:06   You've purchased a case that has a magnet in it that's meant for Pitaka's magnet thing.

01:29:12   Well then I guess this is going back.

01:29:14   I don't think that's the one you want my friend.

01:29:17   I guess I gotta cancel my order.

01:29:18   I also have the Bellroy Wallet case coming, but hasn't arrived.

01:29:24   So the Apple case, it's okay, and I do like the idea that it's a MagSafe case.

01:29:33   What I dislike is that it covers the bottom lip of the phone. Covers the speaker grill.

01:29:39   The silicon ones do, yeah.

01:29:41   The silicon does, and I'm not a fan of that.

01:29:43   The clear one doesn't, did you know that?

01:29:45   I know and it's coming on Friday. I was able to get one from Amazon Italy. So the the clear Apple case is coming on Friday

01:29:52   I'm gonna be testing that

01:29:54   The Pitaka case that I have it's not a magsafe case, but it doesn't cover the the

01:30:00   Bottom of the phone which I like it also doesn't cover like it's got cutouts for the sub

01:30:06   But the side button and the volume buttons, so that's very nice

01:30:11   I've been using the Pitaka case on my iPhone 11 Pro for really the past

01:30:15   year at this point like it's the default case that I always went back to but then when you go out you swap to the

01:30:22   When I go out I swap it for the Bellroy one, but any other time I have the Pitaka

01:30:26   What do they call it? Aramid fiber?

01:30:29   case yeah

01:30:32   And I get yeah, so I have the Bellroy coming and I have the clear Apple case coming as well

01:30:38   I think generally speaking I'm really intrigued by MagSafe because I'm super into

01:30:43   This taking out of context is kind of funny. I'm super into magnets. I just I just I'm just a magnet guy

01:30:51   man, I'm a magnet freak. I'm a

01:30:53   Magnet head. Yes. I'm a magnet

01:30:58   So anything like I'm I'm on the lookout at the moment for anything MagSafe related

01:31:06   car holders for holding your phone in place when you're driving,

01:31:10   stands, charging stations, wallets, anything that takes advantage of NFC and magnets, like I don't care,

01:31:18   give me all the MagSafe accessories.

01:31:20   I wasn't able to, I didn't get the MagSafe wallet

01:31:24   in my review unit package

01:31:27   and I tried to purchase one from Apple, Italy, and it's

01:31:32   arriving in late November or early December.

01:31:36   super backordered. The dates keep changing on it as well like I keep seeing

01:31:42   people in our discord posting like their times changing like yeah it's like it

01:31:48   goes out a month comes in two weeks goes out a week it's like very strange.

01:31:53   Yeah and I know that a lot of people said oh that MagSafe wallet isn't good enough

01:31:57   I you know it's a terrible product I went ahead and ordered it anyway because

01:32:04   I often noticed that I tend to disagree with the common beliefs of designer type people on Twitter.

01:32:15   Well also here's the thing Federico, I actually think a lot of the people that have reviewed these

01:32:20   don't actually use a wallet case, you do, so I'm intrigued to know from someone who I know

01:32:26   uses a wallet case on their phone, do you love it or hate it?

01:32:31   Yeah.

01:32:32   So I would like that opinion.

01:32:35   I will let you know about that once and if I get it.

01:32:40   It's very likely that at that point I will be using an iPhone 12 Pro Max, but it doesn't matter.

01:32:45   It'll be compatible with that phone as well.

01:32:48   So yes, really into the idea of MagSafe as an ecosystem of accessories that attach magnetically to the phone.

01:32:55   the phone. I think it's a lovely thing to do, like the convenience of magnets, something

01:33:00   that I love on the iPad Pro for example, with the Magic Keyboard with the Pencil. So give

01:33:05   me more of this please and thank you. I think honestly MagSafe is my favorite feature. Besides

01:33:14   the new design, if I had to put it on a scale of things I appreciate about the iPhone 12,

01:33:20   Let's say design, then MagSafe, and then everything else. Maybe LIDAR, even LIDAR before the camera actually.

01:33:26   Why do you like LIDAR?

01:33:30   Just because I feel like it finally makes certain AR demos. I've been playing around with some of them a bunch.

01:33:38   Not the ones that Apple suggested to me, I try.

01:33:43   But I've been sort of following a bunch of AR people on Twitter, and those folks,

01:33:49   they know what's cool and decent. They know the good stuff. They have the good stuff.

01:33:54   And so I've been using their recommendations. And it's just like, LIDAR makes it finally usable.

01:34:01   Like, you don't have to wave your phone around like an animal again. Everything is just so fast

01:34:08   and instant, and the quality of just how the 3D objects, how they blend into the physical world,

01:34:18   It's so much better than compared to a couple of years ago. And sure, some of that stuff is...

01:34:23   has been made possible by improvements in ARKit, and especially ARKit 3 and ARKit 4.

01:34:30   But really you can tell the difference with Lidar. Just how the object...

01:34:36   how the stuff like people occlusion, for example, and how objects collide with each other.

01:34:45   It's so much better than before.

01:34:47   And I've been playing with, like,

01:34:49   there's one app called RoomScan3D that, like,

01:34:53   and I almost couldn't believe the app store description,

01:34:56   and then I tried it myself and was like,

01:34:58   "These applets you create a 3D scan of your room."

01:35:00   I was like, "Okay, whatever.

01:35:01   I don't believe you, but I'm still gonna test it."

01:35:04   And it actually did.

01:35:05   I have a 3D model of my bedroom

01:35:08   that is actually incredibly accurate,

01:35:10   and that's because of LIDAR scanning

01:35:12   all these different points around me, right? And reconstructing them in 3D.

01:35:17   Super impressive. And I played another game, it's like an RC game where you need

01:35:22   to drive a little car around, and you actually drive a little car around you.

01:35:27   And it's super fun because, like, it's a good kind of illusion, and it's

01:35:35   not as bad and as fake as it was a few years ago. And, like, in thinking about

01:35:42   this stuff I realized, man, this is what Lidar can do and this is a first

01:35:48   generation Lidar scanner, right? This is a first generation product. Imagine in a

01:35:55   few years what they can do in terms of like mixed reality and AR with a future

01:36:02   generation of this technology in a headset, right? And that makes it really

01:36:07   exciting for me. So, LIDAR, I think it's... what I'm saying is I want to start paying

01:36:15   more attention to this stuff because I feel we are at a... I feel that a

01:36:22   combination of ARKit 4 and what's coming next year and the LIDAR scanner and the

01:36:28   cameras being really good, we are at a tipping point for this. And I feel like

01:36:34   It used to be a cool but kind of broken demo before, and now I think I need to start paying more attention to this,

01:36:43   because it's actually pretty usable.

01:36:46   So, yeah.

01:36:48   Like, I don't... Like, don't get me wrong, I don't see myself using AR apps on a daily basis.

01:36:54   These are still fancy demos, but they are fancier than before.

01:37:00   if this makes any sense.

01:37:04   They're better demos that...

01:37:06   They're better demos and they let me see the potential,

01:37:11   whereas before I was like, "Yeah, I guess this is cool, but also it's super broken."

01:37:17   Yeah, it's like now that you see it in a way where it actually is impressive,

01:37:22   you're like, "Okay, now I can start to understand how this technology could be used for things that would be more of a use to me."

01:37:29   Yeah, yeah.

01:37:31   So how are you feeling overall about this phone then?

01:37:34   And you definitely have more time with it than I have. I mean, I think it looks nice. I'm excited for mine

01:37:40   And I'm waiting patiently.

01:37:44   Okay, so the new design is really nice. Too bad the notch is still here. I was really hoping

01:37:49   for it to be considerably smaller or you know not to disappear because maybe that's too soon, but

01:37:56   Yeah

01:37:58   Touch ID is not an option which is too bad and I would have liked to see the touch ID button the same of the iPad Air

01:38:04   MagSafe, I'm really excited about same with lighter

01:38:09   The cameras on the 12 Pro are kind of meh, you know, yeah some improvements but not groundbreaking

01:38:15   5g so I

01:38:21   Turns out turns out I have been paying for 5g for the past two years

01:38:27   It was and thankfully it was not an extra it was included by my carrier, which is Vodafone Italy

01:38:34   By default in my plan, so that's very nice

01:38:37   It's kind of a joke right now because sometimes I have it and

01:38:44   Sometimes I don't and I enabled like to test this feature. I

01:38:49   disabled this

01:38:52   smart data mode I

01:38:54   change the settings to Force 5G whenever available. Like, let me choose, I always want to have 5G.

01:39:01   Give me all the radios of 5G. Give them all to me.

01:39:05   And the thing is, I don't know how this works, but in the same location at different times of the day, like even

01:39:14   like five minutes apart, for example, I may have or I may not have 5G. And when I do, I mean,

01:39:24   The download times are pretty awesome. I get like

01:39:28   150 megabits down, which is pretty remarkable. You know, I was used to having

01:39:34   42... I think I was in... with 4G, I was in the range of 40 to 70 down before

01:39:40   The problem is the upload times, which are basically non-existent

01:39:45   I got like 1 megabit up and I used to get like 30 on 4G

01:39:52   So I don't think the 5G towers in my area are

01:39:55   necessarily ready for the iPhone 12. I don't I think something is misbehaving because I get

01:40:02   relatively decent download times and

01:40:04   absolutely awful upload speeds

01:40:07   now my thing is though even in an ideal situation of

01:40:13   getting amazing speeds both up and down I

01:40:18   I don't really care about those because when I'm out, and again, this is unfortunate because I don't think 5G is the, you know,

01:40:26   it's hard to get excited about 5G in 2020 in general because we're not going out much.

01:40:31   But even if we were,

01:40:35   just,

01:40:37   I don't know about you, but I never find myself having to stream a 4K video when I'm out.

01:40:42   So I think the thing about 5G, the thing that makes it interesting is

01:40:48   In the future you could.

01:40:53   That's the whole thing about it.

01:40:56   As technology continues to progress,

01:40:59   the fact that we will be able to have incredibly fast internet wherever we need it

01:41:04   is amazing, right?

01:41:06   Because then we could do all these things.

01:41:08   But the thing is, we don't need to do them now.

01:41:10   We don't want to do them now.

01:41:12   And that's fine.

01:41:14   it's weird for it to be such a big deal that the iPhone has 5G now. Like the

01:41:21   iPhone getting 5G is great. Making the whole presentation, making all the

01:41:26   marketing around the fact that it has 5G, it's not really that great. Like it's

01:41:31   alright, like you know, that's the problem. I don't know, it just felt like one of

01:41:37   those unrealistic advertisements of like "how many times have you ever find

01:41:43   yourself wanting to stream a 4k movie while you're on a train?" And like, no, because

01:41:48   if I know I'm gonna be on a train, I download the movie beforehand.

01:41:51   Well, and also, like, my phone can't even show it to me in that resolution.

01:41:56   Right, right.

01:41:57   So, like, you know, yeah.

01:41:59   Uh, honestly, I'm gonna disable 5G and stay on 4G because, like, when I go out, I may

01:42:10   have to stream some Apple music and exchange a few text messages on WhatsApp and maybe

01:42:18   scroll Instagram and Twitter while I'm waiting in some kind of line. Like I don't have to

01:42:25   do anything else.

01:42:26   No, I mean, because again, the potential future of 5G is we don't actually have wired internet

01:42:34   anymore, right? These are the potentials for where 5G could go into the future because...

01:42:39   You know how long I'm gonna have to wait for that kind of future?

01:42:42   A very, very long time is the answer.

01:42:45   Maybe in, like, and I'm being optimistic, maybe five years?

01:42:49   No, you're right, you're definitely right.

01:42:51   That's probably how long it will take before we can get to that point.

01:42:54   But the point is, it is an interesting technology with a lot of really interesting ramifications.

01:43:00   But they are not in 2020.

01:43:03   And this has nothing to do with the fact, like, oh, we're inside, so we're not...

01:43:08   like we're not it's not about that it's that the technology just isn't there

01:43:12   like as well the technology that Apple is talking about the technology that our

01:43:16   friends at Verizon have come to talk to us about that doesn't even exist in

01:43:20   certain parts of the world and also even if it does exist in certain parts of the

01:43:24   world Apple's not releasing a phone in those countries that will support it

01:43:28   they are only releasing the millimeter wave antenna which is known ultra wide

01:43:32   band or whatever for AT&T call it as well because they do have it that that

01:43:37   the millimeter wave is what the technology is called that is own that's

01:43:42   the really fast stuff and it's not available in any market for the iPhone

01:43:49   outside of America that's where like those really crazy speeds like that's

01:43:54   where you're gonna find them for you the best you will get is a little bit faster

01:44:00   than 4G which I don't care about because 4G is fast enough yeah it is so I have

01:44:06   very fast 4G. Like my 4G is always like around 100 down and like 20, 30 up.

01:44:12   It's like what I don't I don't I'm with you I don't need more than that for the

01:44:17   things that I'm doing right now but like what a lot of the the that's I'd like I

01:44:22   heard this in the verge of you the 5G hype industrial complex will tell you

01:44:27   but and I do believe it to a point it's like if we have this technology the

01:44:31   speeds we can build other types of technology to take advantage of it and I

01:44:35   agree I understand I am on board with that it makes sense and like let's go

01:44:40   for it right the next five years let's see what 5g will do for us but it ain't

01:44:44   nil so that's why it's not really a thing no matter how much Apple want to

01:44:52   make it a thing it's just not a thing right now so yeah my overall thought on

01:44:59   the iPhone 12 Pro and this is before I've even started writing anything

01:45:03   about it. I like the design. I like MagSafe. The cameras are kind of boring. 5G I don't

01:45:16   care about. Ceramic Shield I don't care about because I'd rather never drop my phone.

01:45:23   I want better scratch resistance than drop resistance.

01:45:25   Yeah, I don't care. Like all these drops that people seem so concerned about, like just

01:45:30   Just don't drop your phone. Like, I don't... give me... I don't know. Yeah, scratch resistance.

01:45:37   And that's about it. It looks nicer, MagSafe is cool, and I'm really waiting for the Pro

01:45:44   Max. That's my connected review, I guess.

01:45:49   Just a couple weeks more to wait.

01:45:52   This phone makes... the thing that this phone has accomplished is it's making me crave the

01:45:58   the Pro Max even more. So there you go. Buy the 12 Pro if you want to return it to get

01:46:07   a Pro Max and be really happy about it, I suppose. I don't know. No, but really the

01:46:12   physical size also, the size change is also pretty cool. I should mention that.

01:46:17   Yeah.

01:46:18   All right, that's it for this episode. Thank you so much to our sponsors. That's Hawthorne,

01:46:25   Treffs and Pingdom and thank you to Stephen for providing his dulcet tones for that. I

01:46:30   believe Stephen will be back with us next week so we can all look forward to Stephen's

01:46:35   triumphant return to the connected program. Thank you if you are a member and support

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01:46:47   Federico, people can find your work over at maxstories.net can't they?

01:46:53   Yes, they can.

01:46:55   And Federica is @vitticionline, V I T I C C I. I am iMyke, I am Y K E, and I guess I have

01:47:02   to ask you a question now, don't I?

01:47:04   And I have to ask you a question.

01:47:05   Okay, do you want to ask me a question first?

01:47:08   I will ask you a question first.

01:47:10   Okay.

01:47:11   Myke, tell me a thing that you recently purchased which you really like that is not an Apple

01:47:15   product.

01:47:18   I was awaiting a podcast-related question because that's what Steven tends to do for me, so I was not expecting that.

01:47:28   You have to keep on your toes. That's what I ask.

01:47:34   I should ask the question. Enough with the podcast questions.

01:47:37   I bought a raspberry pi to set up Homebridge.

01:47:41   Interesting. And did you?

01:47:44   Yes, it's running.

01:47:46   And when are we gonna talk about it?

01:47:48   At some point in the future.

01:47:50   Okay.

01:47:51   But I have it all going, it's all happening.

01:47:53   See? I should be asking, I should be the one that asks the questions.

01:47:56   You should be asking the questions around it.

01:47:57   Enough with these podcast things, we know all about the podcast.

01:48:01   Mmhmm.

01:48:02   Okay.

01:48:03   So now I have to ask you a question.

01:48:04   Now you ask me a question.

01:48:06   My question is, Federico, what is your favorite candy?

01:48:13   Oh, candy?

01:48:16   I don't really eat candy. You must at least eat something right like that like

01:48:22   something some type of sweet or chocolate that you like. Chocolate I can

01:48:28   tell you. Yeah see that's candy I did the American one but yeah that includes so

01:48:32   what's your favorite chocolate? I don't know how to say it in English. Okay.

01:48:43   Did you just say raw chocolate? No, I don't think you're saying that.

01:48:47   Raw chocolate?

01:48:50   No, I don't think you're saying that. Dark chocolate.

01:48:53   Oh, you like dark chocolate. Okay, so you like chocolate with like high cocoa counts and stuff.

01:48:58   Yeah, just like 90-95%

01:49:01   Whoa, boy!

01:49:02   Yeah.

01:49:03   That's serious stuff.

01:49:04   That's the best kind. Now, don't get, and obviously without milk in it, just like

01:49:10   regular standard dark chocolate.

01:49:14   And how would you call it in Italian?

01:49:17   "Ciocolato fondente".

01:49:19   "Ciocolato fondente", very nice.

01:49:21   Yes, yes.

01:49:22   Okay, well, Faye, thank you so much.

01:49:26   Thank you, thank you, Che.

01:49:28   And we'll look forward to bringing Fen back next week.

01:49:31   Bye, everybody!

01:49:32   Arrivederci!