317: Captain Flip Flop


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected episode 317.

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00:00:15   Squarespace, Mack Weldon and Pingdom.

00:00:19   My name is Steven Hackett and it is an odd episode.

00:00:21   So Myke Hurley is announced first.

00:00:23   - Hi.

00:00:24   - Hello.

00:00:25   - No, I was waiting for you to go for Federico.

00:00:29   Am I supposed to say something? I don't know be like hey Steven. How are you? I've missed you since last time

00:00:35   I saw Stephen. How are you? I missed you. I'm pretty good. I miss you, too

00:00:40   That's nice, and we're joined by mr. Federica Vatici. Hello. Hi. How are you? See that's the way you introduce yourself

00:00:47   Mm-hmm. I also have an opening statement

00:00:51   I'm very hungry

00:00:53   Okay. Yes a good statement. Yeah, just a statement

00:00:57   I didn't say that it was a topical statement just a statement or a good one. Yeah, I'll edit out the

00:01:04   Stomach noises

00:01:07   Thank you, that was stomach sounds

00:01:10   Sure sure

00:01:13   We have some

00:01:17   Ricky's follow-up that we got to read the rules

00:01:21   Jimmy read him

00:01:24   Yeah

00:01:26   No, no, no, no, no, no.

00:01:28   Do we have Reekies today? No, we don't have Reekies today, right?

00:01:30   I mean, who knows anymore?

00:01:32   But first, many people

00:01:35   want us to do three normal rounds and then the risky picks. They say that just the two picks makes it too easy.

00:01:42   I was in the shower today.

00:01:45   Oh.

00:01:46   Thinking and arguing with myself and the audience about this notion.

00:01:51   Okay.

00:01:51   Because I'd read the show notes in the morning and then it popped into my head later on.

00:01:55   That there are people that want us to do three normal rounds and then also have the Riki's.

00:02:01   And then the flexies.

00:02:03   And then the flexies. It's a bad idea because then we're just becoming regular predictions show,

00:02:10   right? The whole point of the Riki's is that the risky pick means win or lose.

00:02:17   Yeah.

00:02:18   Right? And if we have more points, there's more opportunity to win without the Riki

00:02:24   ever playing a part in it. Like having there be three total is it three total points? Who knows?

00:02:31   Read the rules! Is it three total points? You can. Three total points. You can walk away with

00:02:37   four points if you get round one and two correct and you're risky. Right, but you can then also

00:02:43   lose you but you lose one point so you can end up anywhere between one to four. Zero. Zero and yeah

00:02:50   Yeah, yeah, one and four.

00:02:52   Yeah, if you get anything right.

00:02:54   But then, you know, if we add in another one,

00:02:56   it ends up with the ability for people to more easily win

00:03:01   without the Ricky being involved.

00:03:03   I like the way it is, because as well,

00:03:07   then we're just doing three rounds of regular-ish picks

00:03:10   as well, which makes it like every other predictions show

00:03:13   that you're gonna hear in the week leading up to WWDC.

00:03:17   Well, I added an extra W in there.

00:03:20   The really worldwide WDC.

00:03:23   Or any event, right? So I like it the way it is, we like it the way it is, there's a reason for it.

00:03:29   I'm afraid we're not changing.

00:03:31   This is too long of an explanation. The thing is, the rules are right and many people are wrong.

00:03:34   Clearly the rules have undergone a lot of debate and discussion.

00:03:38   Obviously this stuff doesn't just happen naturally.

00:03:41   We believe our system is correct.

00:03:44   Look, it's not like even we came up with the rules, right?

00:03:48   I think I remember there's a quote from Bono before the days that he became friends with

00:03:54   Tim Cook, and he said something along the lines of that when he wrote songs, it was

00:03:59   like God entered the room, right? And in a way, the Bill of Rickeys was written this

00:04:03   way. It's not like Myke and Steven and Federico individually came up with the rules. It's

00:04:07   like a presence walked into the podcast. The presence was Ricky. Ricky came in. Ricky,

00:04:12   Ricky, this figure, walked into the conversation and we were blessed with the rules. So how

00:04:17   How can you argue with that?

00:04:19   You also can't be upset at us because it was all seeing Ricky that gave us the rules.

00:04:24   Be upset at Ricky?

00:04:25   I don't know.

00:04:26   I don't know what to do.

00:04:29   Wow.

00:04:30   So yeah, so that settles it.

00:04:31   We three are in agreement on this.

00:04:33   We've talked about this ourselves several times in the past.

00:04:37   And yeah, the big thing is it demotes the strength of the Ricky pick, the risky pick,

00:04:45   the Ricky's Ricky pick.

00:04:47   And that should be like a grenade going off in your picks.

00:04:50   So that's what we want.

00:04:51   All right, we did I know this is unusual, but on occasion, we update the rules for the

00:04:58   Ricky's every seven or eight years, we tweak something.

00:05:04   And there is a PDF document of the Ricky's that was created by listener Mathis.

00:05:13   And it has been updated with some of the changes we made, but as Myke pointed out, they have

00:05:21   a little more work to do.

00:05:23   Yeah, so Matthias had actually, this is kind of unfortunate really, you may remember Matthias

00:05:29   had created a very, very beautiful looking document that we, that looks like, you know,

00:05:36   the obviously original document on nice old parchment paper, or like that paper that you

00:05:42   stained with a tea bag when you're a kid or coffee granules I guess if you're an American.

00:05:48   And this is kind of, you know, the rare occurrence that we do update the rules.

00:05:53   Matthias had given us a new version of the rules including all of the flexi amendments

00:06:00   on the morning of our last episode, the 14th, where on that episode another amendment was

00:06:08   made.

00:06:09   So unfortunately this document is only partly correct because the newest amendment is the

00:06:14   idea that the picks are valid from when the event begins, not when the episode ends.

00:06:24   So, sorry!

00:06:27   Please do more.

00:06:28   We love you!

00:06:29   I guess.

00:06:30   Thank you, Matthias.

00:06:31   We'll put the link in the show notes, it's very beautiful to read through, but it's incomplete.

00:06:36   I'm super glad none of us got the rules tattooed on our legs like we talked about.

00:06:40   Yep, and I'm also really, I mean of course we're not going to have to do this again soon,

00:06:44   so I can't imagine there being any more rules to come up with.

00:06:48   So I think we're fine there.

00:06:50   I mean there's definitely one more event, right?

00:06:53   Oh 100%, yeah.

00:06:54   There's one in November.

00:06:57   I would like to just again put my flag in the ground.

00:07:01   I reckon it's going to be the 10th.

00:07:06   November 17th. Well, the event, yes. The 10th. I think so.

00:07:10   Is either the 10th or the 17th, right? I think the release, OS release is maybe on the 17th.

00:07:15   Oh, you know what? I bet it's going to be the 10th is the event, because if they release

00:07:20   products at the end of the week, they're going up against Black Friday if they do it on the

00:07:24   17th.

00:07:25   And then American Thanksgiving's right after that.

00:07:26   Well, no. Black Friday is after Thanksgiving.

00:07:30   Right before, yes. It's all together in the soup that is the end of November.

00:07:34   It's almost like they're connected.

00:07:37   Hey, that's the name of the show.

00:07:38   Hey-o, buns.

00:07:40   Yeah, so I reckon November 10th.

00:07:42   Branson's saying, "Isn't the 17th a Saturday?"

00:07:45   I don't know, there's no way to know.

00:07:48   Branson, I don't know what month you're looking in.

00:07:50   You're looking at the 17th of October,

00:07:52   which was a week ago.

00:07:53   The chat room was lost there.

00:07:56   Yeah, so Apple event, we're thinking Tuesday, November 10th.

00:08:01   Yeah.

00:08:01   I could go with that, it's the day before Veterans Day.

00:08:04   I will only believe it when Twitter user love to dream will tweet it.

00:08:11   The known leaker.

00:08:13   In my dream Apple event November 10.

00:08:17   I'll only believe it when the invites go out. How about that?

00:08:20   Look at you, Mr. Fancy.

00:08:23   Federico, your review has been out in the world for a week.

00:08:28   You remember that?

00:08:29   Yeah.

00:08:29   Yes.

00:08:30   How'd it do? Like, do you have anything you want to share now that it's been up for a bit?

00:08:34   It went really well. I'm really happy with it. The numbers are looking good and the page

00:08:39   views are looking good, the CDN costs are looking horrible, so that's a good sign. And

00:08:45   the club signups are looking really good, so I'm happy with it. Obviously, I think a

00:08:52   lot, you know, I've seen a lot of comments from people on Reddit and Twitter saying "I'm

00:08:56   not interested now because I've been using iOS 14 for a month", which I think is funny

00:09:01   because you're still tweeting about it, so I guess thank you anyway. Like if you

00:09:05   quote tweet my tweet about the review saying I don't care about this, you're

00:09:10   still sharing my link. Yes, much appreciated. So thank you anyway, but I

00:09:16   think the experiment has been successful in the sense that people still paid

00:09:20   attention, I guess, and that's a very good sign. And obviously, like, ideally I would

00:09:27   like to go back to publishing on the day that iOS comes out and I'm gonna try next year,

00:09:34   but now I know that even if I'm not able to make it by launch day, it's still gonna be

00:09:39   fine. Even a month later, like not even a week or two weeks, I published a month after

00:09:44   the release of iOS 14, and it's been fine. Because these reviews have their own audience,

00:09:49   I guess, at this point. So, yeah, I'm really happy with how it went and I was really tired

00:09:55   the next couple of days, but then I needed to go back to work. So sort of that energy

00:10:00   from the review crossed over into the iPad Air review, which we're going to talk about

00:10:06   later.

00:10:07   But yeah, I'm happy with it. And people really responded well to the graphics that we did

00:10:13   and the animation, the 3D graphics and the animation, which we discussed last week. And

00:10:17   yeah, also the response to the ebooks that we've done, multiple ebooks, that was really

00:10:22   positive. So I think it's something we're going to continue doing, especially extracting

00:10:27   some tips, some specific features from iOS and iPadOS and turning those into a second

00:10:32   ebook just for people who just want to know those details. So it went well and we're really

00:10:38   happy.

00:10:39   That's really good. That's really very good. Very pleased.

00:10:41   Myke, it is time for your TVOS review.

00:10:45   Unfortunately not.

00:10:46   Oh, come on.

00:10:48   I know. Well look, the iPhone 12 embargo is up, so we need to talk about those.

00:10:52   And then I guess next week, at least some of us here will have some phones. We'll talk about that

00:10:58   later in a little bit I think. And then also, upon the request of a friend of the show, enemy of the

00:11:05   show Jason Snell, Jason recommended to me on upgrade this week that I wait for 14.2.

00:11:11   Because there are some changes coming to tvOS and like the HomePod and stuff,

00:11:16   that's probably a good thing to wait. So I actually think it's probably for the best to

00:11:21   wait for 14.2 to come out now. So I can have a really comprehensive review. Comprehensive.

00:11:27   Comprehensive. Full of features. To be honest though, it is worth waiting because I still don't

00:11:35   even think YouTube is 4k yet. It's coming. I haven't seen it. I've gotten 1440p and is it 2160?

00:11:43   is that the number? I don't remember. That's come back on my iPhone again. During the beta

00:11:48   period I could watch higher than 1080 on my phone. Then when 14 came out it went away

00:11:54   and then like a couple of days ago it came back again. So I think Google's doing whatever

00:11:59   is their need to do again on their end to get ready to push that out. So there you go.

00:12:04   But yeah of course the review is in the works but now needs to be beefed up with the features

00:12:09   of 14.2.

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00:13:48   flip-flop

00:13:50   No

00:13:52   thong sandal

00:13:54   Flip-flopped thong sandal. You flip-flopped already captain flip-flop

00:14:01   So Steven, how's the how you excited about putting a pre-order in for a Pro Max like we spoke about last time?

00:14:08   Oh, yeah. Well, I got a I got a phone coming on Friday. So Oh flip-flop. Oh, hold on. So I

00:14:14   Before we get into these details. I am putting out a call

00:14:17   to our listeners

00:14:20   Somebody needs to make a timeline of Steven's flip-flopping here. And if you can please use the Westworld

00:14:28   timeline they did it for like season three showing like all the different events that occurred in the timeline

00:14:34   I think like before season three aired they had like this video or like promo

00:14:39   teaser whatever showing like all the different events in a timeline and I feel like that would be really beautiful with Steven's

00:14:46   flip-flopping for different iPhones he's gonna buy

00:14:49   So if somebody can make that we're gonna use it in the show notes. Thank you

00:14:53   flip-flop

00:14:55   Donk's needle. So what happened between

00:14:58   Wednesday and Friday.

00:15:00   So Wednesday after the show,

00:15:02   I went on vacation with my family.

00:15:03   It was a fantastic vacation.

00:15:04   The best vacation I've had.

00:15:06   Congratulations.

00:15:06   In years.

00:15:07   And I had my 11 Pro with me.

00:15:09   I took my iPad mini,

00:15:11   actually finished Federico's review on vacation.

00:15:13   And I was like, well, I'm gonna order the phone.

00:15:17   We talked last week about how I was gonna give John

00:15:20   like my credit card and then the max was delayed.

00:15:24   So I wasn't gonna have to order on vacation.

00:15:27   And I really just, you know, I was in the woods, right?

00:15:31   I was one with nature.

00:15:33   - One with nature, what does that mean?

00:15:36   (laughing)

00:15:37   - It means I was one with nature, man.

00:15:39   And nature told me that I would be unhappy

00:15:44   with the max size.

00:15:45   - Did you happen to eat any mushrooms when you were like,

00:15:48   foraging in nature or anything?

00:15:52   - What's the name of that thing that people do

00:15:54   would like into a tent with lots of like... with like... no no no no like a vision

00:16:02   quest and there's like a tent and there's like... Oh, Natric like Ayahuasca and stuff?

00:16:07   Yeah, yes! Was it like... is that what you mean by being one with nature, Steven?

00:16:15   I mean I had my young children with me so... Yes, a sweat lodge, thank you.

00:16:20   A sweat lodge.

00:16:21   A sweat lodge.

00:16:22   Did you go to Burning Man?

00:16:24   Is that what you were?

00:16:27   It's a single person Burning Man.

00:16:30   It's a Burning Person.

00:16:33   Socially distant Burning Man.

00:16:35   Anyway, so I just, I really remembered that the 10S Max, I just, I didn't like the size

00:16:40   at all.

00:16:41   And I thought for something that I carry with me and is in my pocket all the time, the size

00:16:46   is a really important thing.

00:16:48   So I ended up going with the 12 Pro.

00:16:54   It shows up on Friday.

00:16:55   It left Alaska yesterday at some point.

00:16:59   And yeah, I'm excited to get it.

00:17:01   You know, we're going to talk about all the reviews and stuff in a little while, but it

00:17:05   seems like it is an improvement over the camera I have and I feel good about it.

00:17:11   You're going to regret this.

00:17:12   I really feel that you will.

00:17:14   Like this was the whole reason in the first place.

00:17:17   I am very confident that in, what, two weeks time when the reviews will drop, I bet that

00:17:26   you're going to feel like you wish you would have waited.

00:17:30   I can't believe you've done this.

00:17:33   This really does, I mean, I feel like I say this a lot when you do this, this like sets

00:17:37   a new standard for your flip-flopping.

00:17:39   This is like the show is making itself.

00:17:42   We didn't even have to do anything, Myke and I.

00:17:45   You have done this to yourself.

00:17:47   You just make it happen.

00:17:50   Oh my god, this is incredible.

00:17:52   VVeg in the Discord does point out that the return policy ends the day before you can

00:17:56   pre-order the max.

00:17:59   So we already know all the events that are going to happen.

00:18:05   This is just perfect.

00:18:07   It's a beautiful thing you've done, Steven, for the show.

00:18:10   Not even for yourself.

00:18:11   What are you going to do with your old phone?

00:18:13   It's just, it's here.

00:18:15   I don't have a place for it to live yet.

00:18:17   - Now you see, this is it, Federico.

00:18:19   This is his get out of jail free card here.

00:18:22   So Steven will get the new phone on Friday.

00:18:25   He'll be really happy.

00:18:27   - Yes.

00:18:28   - Then the reviews of the new one will come out.

00:18:30   - Yes.

00:18:31   - He'll be really sad.

00:18:31   - Yes.

00:18:32   - He'll take his SIM out of his new phone,

00:18:34   put it back in his old phone.

00:18:36   I guess get somebody to take the old phone back for him

00:18:40   because it'll be bed-banded 'cause you're having a surgery.

00:18:43   - Yes.

00:18:44   and then pre-order the new one.

00:18:49   They can come pick it up for you.

00:18:50   I think at least in Italy, they can come pick it up for you.

00:18:52   You don't even have to go anywhere.

00:18:53   Look at that.

00:18:54   Don't tell him things like that.

00:18:55   This is just adding fuel to the fire over there.

00:18:57   No, I mean, there's nothing we can do at this point, right?

00:19:00   The wheels are in motion, and Steven

00:19:01   is getting multiple iPhones.

00:19:03   Like, there's literally nothing we can do, and this is perfect.

00:19:06   This is perfection.

00:19:07   This is podcast perfection, if I've ever seen it.

00:19:11   Or even more so, the reviews come out,

00:19:14   he decides for a fleeting moment to get a mini. No, no, no, no, no. No. I think the

00:19:20   other... I mean, who can tell though? The other potential outcome is that it's gonna

00:19:23   keep both for a while and maybe try and sell the 12 Pro or return the Pro Max if he really

00:19:33   doesn't like it. I don't know, Steven, you were talking about you. What's your opinion?

00:19:39   just speculating here. I mean as the chat room and you know discord point points out

00:19:43   you know I did I did give up the max because it was too big and that my hands haven't changed

00:19:51   size you know. Right but it was I think the problem was maybe it was too big for no difference.

00:20:02   And your your thought is that the camera would be enough for me to get over the dissatisfaction

00:20:08   with the size. Yes. That is definitely what I think will be the case. I will say there's

00:20:17   people also in the discord and y'all talking about the mini. So my wife has expressed interest

00:20:22   in the mini, which I did not expect. She really likes touch ID, but she likes that have a

00:20:26   smaller phone than her second gen SE. So there may be a mini coming to our house, which I

00:20:33   mean, that's like the perfect phone for Mary, right? Because what was the phone that Mary

00:20:38   moved to before going down to the SE? She had the 8 and then went to the SE.

00:20:44   Right. So it was the same size. Kate has pointed out in the chat room, Stephen can

00:20:50   get a mini and if he doesn't like it can give it to Mary. Yeah. So this is how

00:20:54   all those rolls are. I would just like to make a point here, I don't know if

00:20:59   you've considered, what was the last large phone you had? The 10s max. Before

00:21:05   the XS Max. The whatever the 7 plus. 8 plus? 7 plus. 7 plus? So I went 7 plus to 10. So you went

00:21:11   from 7 plus to 10. Were you upset with the 7 plus at all to your memory? No.

00:21:16   Because the 11 Pro Max is actually ever so slightly smaller than 7 plus. But the

00:21:22   screen is so much bigger, the reach. Ah yes. Is what kills us. But you might have that problem and I

00:21:29   think you may very well have that problem with the with the 12 Pro because

00:21:36   the screen is bigger. Yeah we'll see. It's only a little bit taller. Not not

00:21:42   huge. We'll follow up in a couple weeks. We will. Max safe stuff showed up it

00:21:50   seems really cool the clear case is really ugly on the back. It's an

00:21:55   abomination. That's what it is. What I want is a battery case with this that I can just

00:22:00   magnetize onto my phone and it doesn't add all the height that the current one does because the

00:22:04   current one you have the the lightning port you've got to like line up and get in and I think it'd be

00:22:10   awesome to have just a magsafe battery case. Yeah I can see that. I assume they will do that. Yeah.

00:22:17   I don't know why exactly like I figure we can assume why Apple doesn't release the battery cases

00:22:22   at the same time, but I don't really know who that is to service other than themselves.

00:22:28   Because they don't release the battery cases you'd assume at the same time because they

00:22:32   want people to think that the batteries are fine and you don't need one.

00:22:36   But I don't get the long term thinking of that.

00:22:41   People want it, just let them buy it.

00:22:43   If you're going to make it anyway, why do you make them wait?

00:22:46   Because if you're coming from the battery case lifestyle, you've got a battery case

00:22:51   your current phone and you live the battery case life, you will be dissatisfied by the

00:22:57   battery life in the new phone that you're getting.

00:22:59   Right, because you're used to twice that.

00:23:01   Yeah, there's nothing Apple can do to double the battery life in the next phone.

00:23:06   So you may as well just release them all at the same time.

00:23:10   I don't like realistically, I'm not sure why they why they wait out like that.

00:23:15   I don't know.

00:23:16   Or maybe they just assume that people that get the battery case by and large are holding

00:23:20   onto the phones for longer maybe so they're not upgrading every year I don't know but

00:23:25   still I just think they may as well release those battery cases along with the phones.

00:23:33   Alright I have another dilemma for y'all.

00:23:35   Okay oh oh I got well just while we're on the the idea of all that stuff coming in so

00:23:41   We um, I will be assisting the possession of a 12 pro this week. So Adina got a 12 pro

00:23:52   in blue, which we're getting on Friday. We're actually going to the Apple store to pick

00:23:57   it up. No. Yep. We're going to see what that's like. Okay. All right. That's the plan. Uh,

00:24:06   we, we're going to, my understanding of the pickup process, especially in London is it's

00:24:11   been done outside. It's what they've been doing before. So we're just gonna see what

00:24:14   that's like. We're gonna go to the Apple Store on iPhone launch day and pick up a phone.

00:24:22   So wish us luck I guess, but that's what we're doing. And so I'm intrigued. We've got the

00:24:29   case that's come in. We've got one of the plum cases. The cases are nice, but immediately

00:24:37   like when picking up the case it's like oh that feels different because the edges are

00:24:42   all flat and stuff so I'm very excited for this new phone from a physical standpoint.

00:24:49   We also ordered two of the MagSafe things but they come next week.

00:24:54   Yeah I did a twitch stream about it but the MagSafe is about the same size as the AirPods

00:25:00   case like the surface of the MagSafe which makes sense right it's about the width of

00:25:04   the back of the phone, but it was very strange to unbox it because it's like an Apple Watch

00:25:09   charger that got steam-rollered.

00:25:11   Like squished flatter and thinner.

00:25:14   But it's cool, I think MagSafe's going to be great.

00:25:16   I'm going to replace the Mophie charger on my desk with the MagSafe charger that I bought,

00:25:21   I think.

00:25:22   So, looking forward to all that coming in and we will, we'll be talking about the phones,

00:25:27   I'm sure, much more over the next few weeks.

00:25:30   Oh yeah, especially more so this time

00:25:33   because it's all spread out.

00:25:34   - Yeah, and then all of November and December

00:25:36   I get to talk about Apple Silicon Macs and Big Sur.

00:25:38   It's gonna be fantastic. - Maybe.

00:25:40   - You say maybe? - Yeah.

00:25:42   Maybe the event is just for AirTags.

00:25:45   - Like sorry, this event took so long.

00:25:49   Ironically, we lost the AirTags.

00:25:51   - Well, we hadn't turned them on yet,

00:25:54   so we couldn't put an AirTag on the AirTags.

00:25:57   - Do you see the rumor they're gonna come in two sizes?

00:25:59   - Yeah, I don't really know what the thinking is.

00:26:02   - I mean, I guess, so one is smaller,

00:26:04   so you can put it in a wallet,

00:26:05   and one is bigger, maybe has better battery life,

00:26:08   and you could stick it in a suitcase,

00:26:10   something that doesn't matter.

00:26:11   I don't know, I'm very interested,

00:26:14   but I also have no use for AirTags

00:26:16   in the current state of the world.

00:26:18   - Yeah, it really feels like a product out of time,

00:26:21   doesn't it?

00:26:22   - So does the battery case a little bit.

00:26:23   I mean, I know some people use it all the time.

00:26:25   For me, at least, it's only on when I travel,

00:26:28   And so it's no big deal to me right now that there's not going to be one for the new phone.

00:26:32   Right, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that makes sense.

00:26:34   Okay, can I present my problem to the connected listenership?

00:26:39   Does that include me in Federico or are we out of this one?

00:26:41   I mean, if y'all want to hang around, I would like you to.

00:26:44   Oh, so like, are opinions not important?

00:26:46   Well, your opinion is important, but I also want listeners to tweet at me with their suggestions

00:26:51   for what I do here.

00:26:52   Are you doing some social media engagement right now?

00:26:55   I am.

00:26:56   Okay.

00:26:57   follow, like and subscribe. Tiktok me I'm not on Tiktok I'm too old. Okay, let's rewind

00:27:03   back to September. We were doing the podcastathon which Myke was a month ago now. It's a lot

00:27:09   longer. A lot longer than a month. One of the things during the podcastathon was I was

00:27:15   going to put the wheels on my Mac Pro. We said it, I bought them, they came in. I donated

00:27:21   the amount of the Mac Pros to St. Jude on my stream to offset the guilt I had about

00:27:27   spending that kind of money on something silly. The plan was...

00:27:30   Well, because the reason you bought the proper wheels was because of this.

00:27:36   Right. Right. So the other side of this that never happened was that Mac sales, you know,

00:27:44   OWC, they announced a product in early September called the Rover Pro. There'll be a link in

00:27:49   the show notes. It's in the Discord now. And what this product is, it is feet for the Mac

00:27:55   Pro and but they connect to the feet. So with mine, I had to get this like crazy bendy screwdriver

00:28:03   and put a weird bit on it and unscrew the feet and then put the wheels on it was you

00:28:08   know about half an hour's worth of work. These things, the foot stays on there and there's

00:28:13   a top and a bottom part and the wheels on the bottom part and it sort of sandwiches

00:28:17   over the foot. So if you look in the show notes, there's a link you can go see this

00:28:21   It makes more sense when you see it, I think.

00:28:24   So I ordered them in September.

00:28:26   Well, it turns out that was a pre-order, and they didn't come, and they didn't come.

00:28:31   Because what I wanted to do is I wanted to compare these versus the Apple wheels.

00:28:36   And like a video make it a milestone in the campaign, I thought it would be a fun thing

00:28:40   to do.

00:28:41   But they didn't ship, and so I said, "Well, you know, I've got these, I still want to

00:28:45   do something with them."

00:28:46   So I put the Apple wheels on my Mac Pro in that video.

00:28:50   Then I had the feet that came off the Mac Pro and I put them on the Performa 6400 that

00:28:57   we filled up with bouncy balls as we raised money.

00:28:59   A machine that I still have, there's a link in the show notes so you can see where the

00:29:04   problem is.

00:29:05   The feet of a Mac Pro were never designed to go on a Performa 6400, it turns out.

00:29:10   I know.

00:29:11   Who's leading that team over there?

00:29:14   I know.

00:29:15   Apple's design has really just come off the rails since Johnny Ive left.

00:29:18   Do you think that now that Johnny left they would make considerations like this?

00:29:23   They really lost the functional high ground.

00:29:25   Has Johnny made any products?

00:29:27   I don't know.

00:29:28   Has Lovfront done anything yet?

00:29:30   No, I don't think so.

00:29:32   I don't think so, right?

00:29:33   So I figured, well, I'll put these OWC wheels on the Performa, right?

00:29:41   So I'll have my Mac Pro with the Apple wheels, I'll have my bouncy ball Performa with the

00:29:44   OWC wheels.

00:29:46   And I was gonna do this, the game Monday I think showed up in the mail finally.

00:29:52   And yesterday I was like, well, I'll do a stream, I'll put the Performa on the bench

00:29:57   and put these wheels on it.

00:29:59   If you look at the picture in the show notes, you will see the problem that I have is that

00:30:05   the sides of the Performa case come down and the Mac Pro feet are kind of tucked behind

00:30:13   it.

00:30:14   feet where the feet were for the Performa. So how I did this was I unscrewed the plastic feet that

00:30:20   it had and took a Mac Pro foot to Home Depot and found a screw that fit the threading. I'm the only

00:30:28   person to have ever, ever taken a Mac Pro foot into Home Depot. I promise I'm the only one. And

00:30:34   so it's in there, it's pretty steady, but I can't put the wheels on it because of the way the OWC

00:30:40   wheels work they they create that sandwich around the foot and there's not

00:30:44   clearance around the skirt around the bottom of the performa case. So here are

00:30:48   my options. Option number one is to modify the performa case which I don't

00:30:53   really want to do for a couple of reasons. One, I have to take all the bouncy

00:30:57   balls out of it which takes forever. I have a trapdoor in the back that I can

00:31:02   open and pull the balls out but it takes forever. And also leaves you up to just

00:31:06   hilarious mishaps. Like I vacuumed in my office the other day and like sucked up

00:31:12   a bouncy ball under a bookshelf into the shop vac. It's like oh one escaped under

00:31:16   there. Nice. So there's that. So I could empty the performa, I could take the feet

00:31:22   off, I could build some sort of platform under it that you wouldn't see to give

00:31:27   me extra height to clear the wheels. I can do all that. I don't particularly

00:31:31   want to because it's a lot of work and I like the idea that the performa is as it

00:31:36   was in the podcast-a-thon, right?

00:31:37   I built it to keep it, and you can see in the photos,

00:31:40   like I have it, the lights on it,

00:31:42   I have it on a smart switch,

00:31:43   so I tell HomeKit to turn on the bouncy balls

00:31:46   and the lights light up.

00:31:49   So I don't wanna do that.

00:31:50   I don't wanna modify the Performa,

00:31:51   and to get the feet off of it, I have to empty it.

00:31:54   So my other thought is, well, I have these wheels,

00:31:59   what else could I do with them?

00:32:01   And so that's sort of the question.

00:32:04   If people really want me to modify the Performa,

00:32:06   I will think about it some more.

00:32:07   But what else could I put these OWC wheels on

00:32:10   that would be funny or that would be

00:32:12   like a good project to do?

00:32:15   - Well, I have a suggestion.

00:32:16   You're not gonna like it.

00:32:18   - Oh no.

00:32:19   - Is that you do what this whole thing was supposed to be.

00:32:22   You put the feet back on the Mac Pro,

00:32:25   you put the OWC wheels on the Mac Pro

00:32:29   and compare them to Apple's wheels.

00:32:32   - But even then I have to take the Performa apart

00:32:35   to get the feet off.

00:32:36   Like the way the screws hold the feet in,

00:32:38   I have to have a screwdriver in the case.

00:32:39   - I told you you're not gonna like it.

00:32:41   I did say you're not gonna like it.

00:32:43   - Don't like it.

00:32:44   - Or maybe, can you buy the feet?

00:32:46   Maybe you just buy more feet.

00:32:47   - I can buy more feet, they're $300.

00:32:49   - Why not just keep adding the cost of this project?

00:32:54   Just keep building it up and up and up, now buy feet.

00:32:56   - So buy feet. - And then you have

00:32:57   extra feet.

00:32:58   - Put them on my Mac Pro and then compare.

00:33:01   - Yep, buy feet, put them on the Mac Pro,

00:33:04   then do the wheel comparison between the two.

00:33:07   So then this becomes a what, $900 project?

00:33:10   How much are the feet?

00:33:11   - Let's see, the wheels, so the OWC wheels are $200.

00:33:16   The Mac Pro wheels from Apple are 700.

00:33:20   - 700, that's not a 100. - The feet are another 300.

00:33:21   It'd be a $1200 project.

00:33:24   - That's fine.

00:33:25   - And we already raised the money.

00:33:26   - You make that money back in YouTube revenue, surely.

00:33:28   That's how that works, isn't it?

00:33:29   - Is that how it works?

00:33:31   I need to call my accountant.

00:33:34   - It's gotta go viral.

00:33:35   - Yeah, that's the thing, it has to go big

00:33:37   on YouTube for this to work.

00:33:39   - Well, here's the thing.

00:33:41   Do you value $300 more than the time that it will take you

00:33:45   to take the fee off the performer?

00:33:47   - No, that's a question that's hard to answer.

00:33:50   - That's what you need to work out.

00:33:52   'Cause that would be my suggestion.

00:33:53   I'm sure Federico would agree with me.

00:33:55   You bought these two sets of wheels to do a comparison

00:33:58   between the OWC wheels and the Apple wheels.

00:34:02   So do the comparison.

00:34:03   You agree with me Federico, I'm sure?

00:34:06   Yes, I do.

00:34:07   See, I knew it.

00:34:08   So, let me know on Twitter what...

00:34:10   You flip-flopped on this one, too.

00:34:12   I did flip-flop on this one.

00:34:13   Oh, do the feet have a return policy?

00:34:15   Also, I could just return the OWC wheels, but I have them, and I feel like I need to

00:34:20   keep them.

00:34:21   Mac Pro wheels...

00:34:22   Let's see...

00:34:23   Mac...

00:34:24   Accessories...

00:34:25   I mean, how would you possibly know if something had a return?

00:34:29   I can't see anywhere on Apple's website where it says anything that has a return policy

00:34:33   on it. Mac components, Mac Pro feet kit. $299. Why I can get them tomorrow. That's incredible.

00:34:41   Well who else is buying them? That's right yeah. People buy the wheels nobody buys the feet. No

00:34:47   oh yeah right so let me know what people think. I think everyone's going to agree with me in

00:34:52   Puerto Rico. That I need feet. Well that you need to do what you set out to do right which is to

00:34:59   compare the two wheel types. How you go about doing that, that's your own decision that

00:35:04   you need to come to as to whether you buy wheels or use the wheels you already own,

00:35:08   a feet you already own I should say.

00:35:10   Okay, so let me know on Twitter, hit me up. There's like one third option is that I, even

00:35:17   if I buy the feet, like do the video comparing them but then like what do I put the feet

00:35:21   and wheels on permanently? Like do I get a Mac Mini and put the feet on? Like something

00:35:27   funny? We'll see.

00:35:28   I mean, that's on, you know,

00:35:29   you decided to go the performer route.

00:35:31   I'm sure you have something else in that studio

00:35:33   that you can put them on.

00:35:34   Maybe you could put the wheels on a chair.

00:35:38   - Oh yeah, that's good.

00:35:39   (laughing)

00:35:41   - And then you have an extra rolly chair.

00:35:43   - I have a dehumidifier,

00:35:44   maybe I could replace its wheels with Mac Pro wheels.

00:35:46   - Yeah, 'cause you would put,

00:35:47   you would then put the Mac Pro feet on something

00:35:50   and then put the wheels on that thing.

00:35:52   - Yeah.

00:35:53   (laughing)

00:35:54   - There you go.

00:35:55   And that's on you then, right?

00:35:56   Imagine all the things you could do.

00:35:57   it on my display. That's a bad idea. Yeah. Okay, so we'll see where that goes. Another thing to

00:36:03   follow up on. Let's take another break so I can pay for Mac Pro feet. This episode of Connected

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00:38:03   It is the week of product review embargo.

00:38:06   So let's start with the phone.

00:38:09   We have a whole bunch of links in the show notes,

00:38:10   a video from MKBHD, The Verge did separate videos

00:38:14   on the 12 and 12 Pro, both are really good.

00:38:16   And then Gruber wrote a review of on daring fireball that I read last night.

00:38:20   Also very good.

00:38:21   I like his review a lot because he focuses on the size differences in the

00:38:26   devices because the 12 pro actually isn't quite as big as the old 10 are in 11.

00:38:31   And it's a kind of an in-between.

00:38:33   So anyways, all very interesting stuff.

00:38:35   If you haven't seen these, like go spend some time with them.

00:38:37   And I thought maybe we could share our thoughts based on this because so far,

00:38:41   like we just have some accessories.

00:38:43   You don't have the phones.

00:38:44   This is kind of our first look.

00:38:45   So let's start with some of the accessories.

00:38:49   Let's start with the wallet.

00:38:51   This is something that I am interested in.

00:38:52   I pre-ordered one, but I'm maybe second guessing that

00:38:57   watching how it performs in these videos.

00:39:00   - Doesn't look good.

00:39:01   - Does not look good at all.

00:39:03   - This is too bad.

00:39:04   - Multiple reasons.

00:39:07   One, it doesn't look like it's easy to align very well.

00:39:11   Two, the magnets aren't strong enough.

00:39:13   so like in MKBHD's video, puts it in his pocket, catches it in his jeans, pops right off.

00:39:18   Three, to get any of the cards out you have to take the wallet off the phone because the hole,

00:39:23   there's a hole on the back which you push the cards out of. It's not convenient or I think even

00:39:28   possible to get the cards out of it without taking it off. This is no bueno. And it does call into

00:39:37   question I think the strength of the magnets and or if accessories will hold

00:39:43   it and I've seen some people say this and it makes sense that maybe if like

00:39:47   the magnets on the other side are strong enough maybe it will be able to hold on

00:39:52   stuff I will say I only have the case right but I put adina's iPhone 11 in her

00:39:58   12 Pro case and stuck it on the side of my fridge today and it held so I don't

00:40:04   know, magnets, how do they work? We're all going to find out. But this magnet wallet,

00:40:09   it doesn't look very good. Like I've seen videos of other people, I think Jonathan Morrison

00:40:14   did this, like put in the mag safe on the back and the phone will hang off. So like

00:40:20   maybe the magnets are stronger there and the wallet just doesn't have strong magnets in

00:40:23   it. But it doesn't look like the product that we all thought it was going to be, this wallet

00:40:29   for sure.

00:40:30   I think I'm going to be sticking with a third-party wallet case for when I go out.

00:40:36   Because that, like, I never once it occurred in the past year that the wallet case, the

00:40:41   little opening, the little slot opened itself.

00:40:45   Like it's very reliable.

00:40:47   It's the Bellroy one you use, right?

00:40:49   It's the Bellroy one, yes.

00:40:50   I love it.

00:40:51   And I'm guessing that they're going to make an iPhone 12 Pro Max version.

00:40:55   So because I only use it when I go out and these days, unfortunately, I don't go out

00:40:59   much, I think I'm going to be sticking with that. I love the idea of the... Oh Federico,

00:41:03   they're already selling it. There you go. Perfect. Really? They already have it for

00:41:07   the 12 Pro, 12 Mini and the 12 Pro Max. You can buy it and it's expected to ship within

00:41:13   a week. That's perfect. Okay. So, oh yeah, there it is. You should go buy it before we

00:41:18   put the show out and then, you know, just in case it bumps it. Very nice. That looks

00:41:23   like the right product for you then. Still. Yeah. Yeah. I'm going to be sticking with

00:41:28   this. That's a shame though, right? Really, I had high hopes for this one, but just the idea that

00:41:36   it's the cards are, you basically cannot remove them and it sort of looks like it can slide

00:41:42   off the phone depending on the, you know, if you have like tight jeans for example. I don't like it,

00:41:50   I don't like the sound of that or the look of that, so I am gonna put in an order for the Bellroy

00:41:57   phone case 3 card 75 euros for the iPhone 12 Pro. Okay. I mean I don't think I would have gone this

00:42:06   route anyway because that's just not a thing for me. I like separation in those products,

00:42:13   but I think I can see how it would be frustrating for people. I think I could have ended up like

00:42:19   buying one for vacations, right? Like if you're at the beach or whatever I could imagine just

00:42:24   having it all in one little compact thing would be nice but other than that I'd like to keep my

00:42:30   wallet and phone separate. I was thinking about this afterwards, like at first I was really

00:42:35   intrigued about it but then it's like I don't think I actually wouldn't be able to go down to

00:42:40   three cards very easily anyway. I kind of have four card minimum and I can't imagine not needing

00:42:49   those if I need a wallet because if I don't need to take four cards I can just use Apple Pay.

00:42:54   So I take my wallet when I need to have all the cards at my disposal so I think it would be too

00:43:01   tricky for me to go to change otherwise. I've never really tried this life before and I thought

00:43:06   that the the Apple one could be a nice way to get into it but if it like slides off the back

00:43:14   when you put your phone in your pocket? I don't... that's not great.

00:43:17   No. Especially like, because that's the way I put my phone in my pocket

00:43:22   screen towards me. Right? And like, and I have spoken about this, like,

00:43:27   I use a popsocket, right? My popsocket doesn't get caught. So you could do, like what I do,

00:43:34   what I've just ended up internalizing, is I kind of guide the phone into my pocket, right? So

00:43:38   if you did that... Like a hand, a hand guard or something.

00:43:41   Yeah, yeah, if you did that, the product might not come off, but I still wouldn't want to

00:43:47   trust in that system for my wallet.

00:43:50   Yeah.

00:43:51   So, yeah, I think you won that one.

00:43:56   So moving along, let's talk some about the colors and finishes on the phone.

00:44:02   It seems like the iPhone 12 line is really, it's like inconsistent.

00:44:07   The blue is very saturated.

00:44:10   The Product Red is not.

00:44:12   It's like almost, it's not quite the coral 10R, but it's way lighter than say the Product

00:44:16   Red iPhone 8 or SE.

00:44:18   Yeah, this has surprised me because I assumed that the red in Product Red wasn't something

00:44:25   that you changed.

00:44:26   I thought it was a fixed color.

00:44:28   It's been very similar for a really long time.

00:44:30   I mean, my wife has a Product Red SE and it's super saturated.

00:44:34   It looks awesome.

00:44:35   But this thing is, I was really surprised when I saw it.

00:44:40   And you know, these reviews are done by people who like know what they're doing on YouTube

00:44:44   with color and cameras and stuff.

00:44:46   So I believe that they are as accurate as they can be in terms of color reproduction

00:44:51   on the video.

00:44:52   I just I don't know, it sort of just surprised me honestly.

00:44:55   Yeah, I've only I don't know about you, but the stuff I've only seen the red and the blue

00:45:01   one.

00:45:02   recall from any of the videos that I've seen, I think even photos, I think I've only seen the red

00:45:07   and blue. I think Jason now has a black one but I haven't seen any pictures yet of his. But the

00:45:15   colors, I don't like them in the 12, like the regular 12. I do not like them. They don't do it

00:45:25   for me. No, Jason has a blue one.

00:45:28   Ah, okay.

00:45:29   I'll just check. Jason has a blue one too, I think.

00:45:31   Okay.

00:45:31   But yeah, they don't do it for me. I'm not a fan.

00:45:34   The other thing that surprised me a little bit in looking at the finishes is I think I like the

00:45:41   matte rails better this time. Maybe it's just the Pacific Blue, which is what 12 Pro, like,

00:45:47   most people got it seems like. I don't like how, like, the bright blue stainless finish,

00:45:53   and it seems like a real fingerprint magnet. Well I don't think you're going to be happy with the

00:45:57   silver one that you got then. It's also going to be fingerprint magnet but... You'd imagine.

00:46:03   I don't think silver would be any different. Uh me over here in Gold Club though,

00:46:07   I'm having my own experience. Did you see this? This came from Matthew Pansarino's review.

00:46:13   This is a long quote here so bear with me. "Most of the iPhone 12 Pro finishes still use a physical

00:46:19   vapor deposition deposition I don't know what that would have to say that

00:46:23   processor edge coating but the new gold uses a special high-power impulse

00:46:28   magnetron sputtering to keep him this process magnetron buttering buttering

00:46:34   sound machine right that sputtering to me makes it kind of sound like it isn't

00:46:39   very efficient but anyway like the machine is dying as it makes your iPhone

00:46:43   go into the world! So it uses the hipims process that lays down a coating in a super dense pattern

00:46:51   allowing it to be tough and super bright of a molecular structure that mimics the stainless

00:46:56   steel underneath making it more durable than the standard PVD coating. One side effect is that it's

00:47:02   actually easier to wipe clean and takes on less fingerprints something that my blue model was

00:47:07   definitely prone to. Oh, I'm getting the gold one then.

00:47:10   Hey-o! Yeah?

00:47:11   There we go. Okay. Well, this is a bunch of beautiful words.

00:47:15   Imagine if Johnny Hive could still read this. Yep. Matthew Panzareno's reviews are always

00:47:20   very, very good. Yes.

00:47:22   Impulse magnetron sputtering process that lays down the tubes.

00:47:26   Hipims! There was another one.

00:47:31   Sputtering robot. Superdense pattern. This sounds very nice.

00:47:35   molecular was it molecular? molecular structure can you say that again Myke? molecular structure

00:47:41   can you can you play up the English in your accent? I already am I don't know

00:47:47   Is that really your accent? like you don't like when you talk at home you're not different?

00:47:54   only a little but it's like less fancy it's more alright mate you know not that exact

00:48:00   thing but that's closer to what it is I guess okay what if I was just like

00:48:04   molecular structure is that kind of is that we're going for a bit of the

00:48:12   Queen's I suppose there you go so anyway I'm very pleased about that gold and I

00:48:16   think that honestly though like this explains something as to why I was so

00:48:22   instantly drawn to it and why it photographs so differently because

00:48:25   because they're doing something different to it

00:48:27   that makes it look so shiny

00:48:29   because it was the shininess of the images of that phone

00:48:33   that made me like "oh, that's the one I want"

00:48:35   and it seems like it's made differently to the other ones

00:48:39   and that I guess makes sense then, why it does look so different

00:48:42   because it is different

00:48:44   it's all that sputtering that makes it different

00:48:46   it's all the sputtering, I love my gold to be sputtered only

00:48:50   if you're not sputtering the gold, I do not want it

00:48:53   I love my sputtered iPhone. Yes, and all those magnetrons.

00:48:58   Magnetron.

00:48:59   You can tell it's full of magnetrons. We should have known from the photo. Like it's obviously

00:49:03   magnetron.

00:49:04   These phones though, irrespective of the colors, which are a bit hit and miss, the overall

00:49:12   look of them, I am very into it. I am very into it.

00:49:16   So what are the reviews I'm supposed to read? Because as you can tell, I've been in total

00:49:20   isolation writing.

00:49:22   Well, watch the videos. My favorite videos is MKBHD and the two Verge videos.

00:49:28   These are reviews for 12, Neil I review is the 12 Pro.

00:49:31   But if you just look at the video footage from the Verge's reviews,

00:49:36   you get a lot of really good looks at how these phones look.

00:49:41   And there is the flatness of these phones is very stark

00:49:47   compared to a lot of what else is out there.

00:49:49   because I don't remember which Verge review this was from, but it's basically like, there

00:49:54   is no curve, right? It's like, it goes straight to an edge and then there's a screen and right.

00:50:00   So it's like, it's just like these little boxes, but with the way that Apple makes phones

00:50:06   these days compared to how they did last time with these, it's quite special, right? There's

00:50:10   no chamfering anymore, right? Like there's not this like big like edge. It just is like

00:50:16   bump, bump. They look good. It looks really nice. Very nice. I'm excited.

00:50:22   >> Magnetron. >> Magnetron. The Dolby Vision stuff is interesting.

00:50:28   So apparently it's backwards compatible with standard displays in a sense that if you're

00:50:34   going to share it with somebody who doesn't have an iPhone, it will strip the HDR out

00:50:38   of the video and share it in a compatible format, which is clever. It's kind of what

00:50:42   you would want right? But because it's so apparently Apple and Dolby seem to work together

00:50:49   to create a new version of the Dolby Vision standard to work for these phones. So it means

00:50:54   if you have a Dolby Vision television, it has to be updated with the new spec to actually

00:51:01   get the HDR to look right. But devices that support it, which currently include all iOS

00:51:08   devices, the Apple TV which has to be in a certain mode which seems weird and no Mac

00:51:14   until Big Sur can play back this footage but apparently as they're saying the Dolby Vision

00:51:20   video looks fantastic. So I'm excited about that just to see what that looks like. I don't

00:51:26   take a ton of video, I don't know if you do, either of you, I don't really take a lot of

00:51:31   video at all, I'm a photos person but I'm intrigued to see what it looks like anyway.

00:51:36   Steven I would bet you probably take the most video out of the three of us because you have

00:51:41   children.

00:51:42   Yeah it's a dad parent thing.

00:51:45   Dad thing.

00:51:46   Hey kids, get in the home video.

00:51:49   Do you like taking that pad and you film them with that?

00:51:52   That feels like a double dad thing.

00:51:54   Federico do you take a lot of video?

00:51:56   Yeah of my dogs.

00:51:57   Oh okay.

00:51:58   Yeah I can imagine that.

00:52:00   Dogs and children.

00:52:01   Yeah I don't really take any videos because I don't have a dog or a child.

00:52:05   have an Amazon echo you could take video of it that's true I could do that or you

00:52:09   could get a dog not a warm one you can make a child just a thought just have a

00:52:18   baby so you need to shoot video do it for the review man do it for the job man

00:52:23   do it for the listeners you know you know like I would say like I had to buy

00:52:27   it for my work it's like I had to have this baby for my work I will posit that

00:52:32   at home, we'll see how that goes down. Sure, it's the most romantic proposition ever. It's

00:52:40   for the podcast. I need to have a baby for the show.

00:52:49   Or you could buy Mac Pro feet and OWC wheels and just put wheels on something. Same deal,

00:52:53   really. Similar kind of sacrifices. Steven, I just had a thought. I just had a thought.

00:52:58   Can you put the wheels under your shoes?

00:53:02   You could have like the most expensive heelies of all time.

00:53:07   What was the thing between rollerblades and roller skates that we did with the emoji?

00:53:12   What's the... when the shoe has four wheels, is it a roller skate?

00:53:16   Oh, that's a roller skate, yeah.

00:53:18   Yeah, can you make roller skates with the Mac Pro wheels?

00:53:21   So I'm gonna need, instead of four, I'm gonna need eight.

00:53:25   Yeah, what could go wrong?

00:53:28   Well, you could make one roller skate out of the OWC wheels, one roller skate out of

00:53:35   the Apple wheels and compare the roller skate ability of the two.

00:53:40   That's what people really need to know.

00:53:43   Wow.

00:53:45   That's incredible.

00:53:46   Pasta Boy points out that if you pre-order Baby now, it takes nine months to get here.

00:53:50   So that's a very good point.

00:53:53   Yeah, the Dolby Vision stuff does look cool.

00:53:56   Something that in Eli's review on the verge of it is showing it and like you see that

00:54:01   it's displaying the phone get brighter because it's playing that HDR content.

00:54:06   And I think if you have like an all HDR world like TV and you've you're, you know, you got

00:54:11   a Mac that supports it and your iPhone supports, it's gonna be fantastic.

00:54:15   But I think they were smart to make it backwards compatible because some HDR video that's played

00:54:20   on SDR displays looks bananas.

00:54:24   And so they've done things, I guess, to keep that from happening, which you would expect

00:54:27   from Apple.

00:54:28   They, even though they break forward in a lot of ways when it comes to this sort of

00:54:34   thing, it's like when they change the file formats for photos, right?

00:54:37   Like you can still share it as a JPEG and you still shoot it as a JPEG if you want.

00:54:41   So they think they do a pretty good balance of that.

00:54:43   Yeah, I think so.

00:54:44   So let's talk about 5G.

00:54:46   Okay.

00:54:47   It's here if you're in the right place.

00:54:50   If you're not in the right place, it's not there.

00:54:53   I do want to point people to Joanna Stern's video about Ultra Wideband 5G, which is the

00:54:58   really fast one.

00:54:59   She went to an empty stadium that was outfitted with Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband.

00:55:05   And the speed is just mind blowing.

00:55:08   Of course, she's the only person there.

00:55:10   Ultra Wideband, the problem is that it's super limited in range, like all around this stadium,

00:55:15   they have lots of these shots of these huge boxes that are the antennas.

00:55:19   there's just probably hundreds of them just in the one area. So it's it's not what most

00:55:25   people will see most people will see sub six out and about. What is neat though is a couple

00:55:31   little details I don't think we knew before. One other thing Apple did mention this one

00:55:36   that the phone will use LTE and then just jump up to 5g when needed. You can also in

00:55:42   settings turn 5g off completely if you don't want to even deal with that. And tethering

00:55:49   So if you tether from your phone to your Mac or to another device, that the, I guess the

00:55:56   bandwidth of the tethering itself has gotten better this year.

00:55:59   And so you can get higher speeds when tethering than you could before.

00:56:04   So you can imagine if you're tethering on ultra wide band, it's like, Oh yeah, I got,

00:56:07   you know, 800 down on my, on my laptop or my iPad.

00:56:11   It'd be pretty sweet.

00:56:12   So it's Apple has thought about that too.

00:56:15   And it does seem like this is mostly a feature that future proofs this phone.

00:56:20   I don't think you need to rush out and buy an iPhone this year just for 5G.

00:56:24   But if you happen to have it now, it'll be nice.

00:56:28   And if most people keep their phones two, three, four, five years, it's really important

00:56:33   for those purchases.

00:56:34   So you can see why Apple did it, even if it's a little bit on the early side, maybe.

00:56:37   Well, don't forget, though, like, that's only really decent advice in America, because the

00:56:44   the ultra wideband version is only an American product.

00:56:48   So like the iPhone 12 slot outside of America

00:56:52   isn't future proofed enough for 5G.

00:56:54   'Cause it doesn't have support for ultra wideband.

00:56:58   One detail from Dieter's review that I liked,

00:57:01   which is I didn't know, I hadn't heard this anyway yet,

00:57:04   that the iPhone will now be aware

00:57:07   if you have an unlimited data plan.

00:57:09   And if you do, you can download things

00:57:11   like system updates over the air

00:57:14   with LTE because it knows that you don't have a meter,

00:57:19   so why not just give it to you

00:57:21   if your speeds are fast enough,

00:57:24   which could be really good for people

00:57:25   who can get faster LTE or 5G than they can home internet.

00:57:30   Because for 5G, that is the future of it, right?

00:57:34   Is that you might be able to be in a situation

00:57:37   where your broadband is slow 'cause you can't get fiber,

00:57:40   but they can put 5G in the street outside

00:57:44   and then you can get faster internet at home that way.

00:57:47   So that seems like a cool thing.

00:57:49   - Yeah, I just changed my AT&T plan around.

00:57:54   The plan I was on was old and send me some notice,

00:57:58   like you got to change or whatever.

00:57:59   And so we're on unlimited data with tethering now,

00:58:02   which is, yes, with 5G.

00:58:06   - You're gonna have 5G before me

00:58:07   'cause I'm not gonna do it.

00:58:09   - Yeah, it's like rolled into the new AT&T plan.

00:58:12   So anyways, that's, I'll have all the Gs.

00:58:15   And just to clarify, Ultra Wideband

00:58:17   is Verizon's millimeter wave.

00:58:21   Like that's the same tech, I think they just,

00:58:23   I think the terms are interchangeable,

00:58:26   but it's the same thing.

00:58:27   It's the really high speed 5G.

00:58:29   - Millimeter wave is the fast kind.

00:58:30   Verizon's calling it Ultra Wideband.

00:58:32   It's the same technology.

00:58:34   - And the Sub6 is sort of the run of the mill 5G

00:58:37   that has much better coverage in terms of area.

00:58:40   - Yeah, and it's faster, but it's not dramatically faster.

00:58:43   It's just a bit faster than 4G or LTE.

00:58:46   - Yeah.

00:58:47   So yeah, I mean, all in all,

00:58:48   like I'm excited for these phones.

00:58:50   I think honestly I'm more excited than I was.

00:58:54   One thing that I've really thought more about

00:58:59   since the event,

00:59:00   I think the iPhone event was really confusing in places.

00:59:03   - I hated the event.

00:59:04   - I think.

00:59:05   - I was angry.

00:59:07   The event made me angry because it was so confusing.

00:59:10   - Yeah, I mean, they didn't talk about 5G

00:59:12   and other carriers until like one slide.

00:59:15   But I think even like all the back and forth that we did

00:59:18   and all of our peers did and tech reporting

00:59:21   about what exactly was different on the cameras

00:59:24   and the size and everything,

00:59:25   Apple just didn't do a good job explaining it.

00:59:27   And they also haven't done a good job on their website

00:59:29   even showing, especially the 12 Pro,

00:59:32   like all the images are like draped in black.

00:59:35   Like the phone is emerging from the mist.

00:59:37   Like, what will it look like?

00:59:38   I mean, I get they want to be like, have good branding

00:59:43   and stuff and like, you know, like even at the event

00:59:45   the 12 Pro was announced at night, I guess,

00:59:49   when it was dark and the 12 was in daylight.

00:59:51   Like I get all that, but at some point I think

00:59:54   the flashiness can get in the way of actual information

00:59:56   people need, I think Apple may have gone too far this time.

01:00:00   - It's just interesting to me that like they had

01:00:02   the ability to to do whatever they wanted you know like they they you know

01:00:10   it's like they could make that event whatever they wanted it to be because it

01:00:14   was pre done you know what I mean and I just think that they did a really weird

01:00:18   job of explaining some of the stuff and like they what you know they must have

01:00:21   been watched back and it's like it's too fast all right it was way too fast too

01:00:26   much information and a lot of it not explained well enough that was

01:00:30   frustrated by it honestly yeah but I'm still waiting anything else I mean to me

01:00:35   it's just like all this looks great but all I want to see is what the camera and

01:00:41   the promax does mm-hmm that's what I care about yeah

01:00:46   do you know cuz maybe maybe maybe all right up next we're gonna talk about the

01:00:55   iPad air our very own Federica Vitici got a review unit so we're gonna talk

01:01:00   about that. After this break to tell you about Pingdom from SolarWinds. While you've been

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01:02:32   Our thanks to Pingdom from SolarWinds for the support of this show and Relay FM.

01:02:37   All right Federico, tell us something about the iPad Air.

01:02:41   I don't know what you want to know.

01:02:42   It looks like an iPad Pro 11 inch.

01:02:45   It really does look like that.

01:02:47   I got a Sky Blue review unit with the Magic Keyboard, the Apple Pencil and the Blue, actually

01:02:52   Deep Navy Smart Folio case.

01:02:56   I had a review on Mac stories.

01:02:58   I've been able to write and edit that review in two days, so that's a new record for me

01:03:03   and I'm really happy about that.

01:03:05   Very easy, especially after the iOS 14 review.

01:03:08   Very easy.

01:03:09   I need to thank four people that really helped me this past today. Our very own Steven, who

01:03:17   sent me a video file that I use for testing purposes for exporting 4K content.

01:03:24   What video file was that?

01:03:25   It was the Mac Pro video.

01:03:28   Yeah.

01:03:29   Yeah.

01:03:30   Yeah.

01:03:31   Silvia, who did the wallpapers for iPad, Brian, who did another special graphic for the wallpapers,

01:03:37   And John who went to bed really late last night because he read the review last night.

01:03:44   So thank you John, John has always been, as we know, the most trustworthy person I know.

01:03:49   So just wanted to have a...

01:03:51   Although you didn't give him your credit card?

01:03:53   No, I just gave him a...

01:03:54   I gave him a draft of a review that was under embargo with a non-disclosure agreement.

01:04:00   So I mean...

01:04:01   Technically broke the rules.

01:04:02   I mean, yes.

01:04:04   is part of the company so I didn't break any rules.

01:04:07   Does it work like that? I don't think it works like that.

01:04:09   Everyone needs an editor, right? Everyone needs an editor. What are you gonna do?

01:04:14   Yes, yes. So yeah, just ask me whatever. I have all the answers. Well, most of them.

01:04:20   No, I do have all of them. I have all the answers.

01:04:22   Whoa, whoa, whoa. That was a wild ride, wasn't it?

01:04:26   It's been a bit of a roller coaster.

01:04:28   Yeah.

01:04:28   Is it one with nature?

01:04:31   I really am. Yes. Ask me a ma asked me anything.

01:04:37   So physically, this thing is basically identical to the 11

01:04:42   inch iPad Pro with USB C, right? I mean, in your pictures, side

01:04:46   by side, they look identical. The I guess the borders are

01:04:50   slightly bigger around the display. But is that even

01:04:53   noticeable in everyday use?

01:04:55   If you pay attention, like if you look really closely, if you

01:04:57   know where to look, you can see the differences, right? The

01:05:01   bezels are slightly thicker on the iPad Air compared to the iPad Pro, you don't really

01:05:06   notice the difference in everyday usage. It's like, I don't know, 2mm, 3mm, yeah, I think

01:05:12   it's like 2mm, it's like barely noticeable. You can tell in the photos if you zoom in

01:05:17   and you can tell that the iPad Pro has slightly thinner bezels, but it doesn't make, it doesn't

01:05:22   have any negative consequences on the overall look of the device. It looks premium, it feels

01:05:27   It feels like an iPad Pro.

01:05:29   The other, I think, element that kind of gives it away is the Touch ID button.

01:05:34   It's longer, it's bigger, it's got a bit of a bump compared to the standard top button,

01:05:40   and it's glossy.

01:05:41   It's got a glossy finish that matches the finish of your iPad.

01:05:45   And then it mostly looks the same.

01:05:47   I mean, obviously, if you compare the back of the device and if you have a 2020 iPad

01:05:51   Pro with the wide camera, ultra-wide camera, and LiDAR scanner, and the big square-shaped

01:05:57   camera bump, that's another factor that shows you the differences because the iPad Air only

01:06:03   has a single lens. It's only got the same 12 megapixel wide camera of the iPad Pro.

01:06:09   It's the same one. But it doesn't have lighters and it doesn't have the ultra-wide lens. Otherwise,

01:06:15   it feels like an iPad Pro, works like an iPad Pro, and it supports the same accessories.

01:06:21   So Magic Keyboard and second generation Apple Pencil. And the Magic Keyboard is literally

01:06:25   the same. On the Apple Online Store, it's now labeled as "Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

01:06:31   11" and iPad Air 4th Generation. My review unit just says "Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

01:06:39   11". It's literally the same. And yeah, they are very similar devices. Obviously, the components

01:06:49   inside are different and the technologies are different, but in terms of using them,

01:06:54   It just feels like using an iPad Pro.

01:06:56   How is Touch ID on the iPad?

01:06:59   Does it change the experience from the Pro in any real meaningful way?

01:07:03   So I think if you evaluate that in isolation, coming from older devices with Touch ID, I

01:07:11   think it's fine and it works well.

01:07:14   You don't have the home button anymore, but you do get the edge-to-edge display.

01:07:19   And Touch ID is fast, it works well, same performance as the second generation Touch

01:07:22   ID, I think.

01:07:24   You can either click, if you're on the lock screen, you can either click the button to

01:07:30   wake the display and unlock the device.

01:07:32   You just got to rest your finger on the sensor for like a split second.

01:07:36   Or you can tap the screen or press the space bar if you have a keyboard and then rest your

01:07:41   finger and that will unlock the iPad.

01:07:44   I feel like you would stop doing that.

01:07:47   So like, what you just described there is with the Face ID iPads, you tap the space bar,

01:07:55   Face ID recognizes you and it opens.

01:07:57   So like anybody that uses a keyboard on their iPad Pro all the time, this is how you unlock your iPad.

01:08:02   You just tap a key, especially the space bar, because the space bar will perform the opening for you.

01:08:07   But if you had to tap the space bar, then put your finger on the Touch ID,

01:08:13   you just wouldn't do the space bar tapping.

01:08:15   you'd always, like, I feel like you would just

01:08:18   you would just tap, right? - Yeah, you would just click it.

01:08:21   - Because you have to go up there anyway.

01:08:23   You may, like, yeah. - Yeah, and that's,

01:08:27   and that's the thing, right?

01:08:28   In isolation, it's fine, it works well,

01:08:30   it's got the same performance of like the iPhone 7

01:08:34   or the iPhone SE, like it's the standard

01:08:36   second generation, I think, touch ID.

01:08:39   And the button is also fine, it's a physical button,

01:08:43   It's not like a haptic button.

01:08:46   It's a real thing that you can push

01:08:47   and it moves slightly and it's glossy, so it looks nice.

01:08:51   But coming from the iPad Pro,

01:08:54   I prefer Face ID at this point.

01:08:56   I prefer Face ID especially on the iPad

01:08:58   because I tend to use my iPad Pro indoors.

01:09:00   So when I'm not like in my house,

01:09:02   when I'm not wearing a mask.

01:09:03   - Yeah, and that's the thing, right?

01:09:04   It's like we're all asking for Touch ID back on our phones.

01:09:08   - Yes, I would love to have this Touch ID,

01:09:12   even this kind of Touch ID, right?

01:09:14   Not even under the display, just in a button,

01:09:17   it will be fine.

01:09:19   But on the iPad Pro, I really prefer Face ID

01:09:21   because all I need to do is just sit in front of my iPad Pro

01:09:24   with the Magic Keyboard, press the space bar,

01:09:26   and Face ID does its thing and unlocks automatically.

01:09:29   And I'm like, I don't need to,

01:09:30   like it removes the need to think about authentication.

01:09:34   It just happens.

01:09:35   - Face ID on the iPad Pro is the best implementation

01:09:38   of Face ID as well, right?

01:09:40   So like that's that's the awkward part of this.

01:09:42   But yes. Right.

01:09:43   So my expectation is kind of what you've described and what you wrote in the

01:09:46   review. Right. Is that if you to go from the iPad Pro to the iPad Air,

01:09:51   the biometric question is is a murky one.

01:09:55   It would be it would surprise me if anybody preferred it.

01:09:58   But if you are coming from any other iPad, it's

01:10:03   I can't imagine it being as much of an issue.

01:10:06   Right. No, it's fine.

01:10:09   Basically, instead of reaching to the,

01:10:11   like if you're using it in landscape on a desk,

01:10:15   instead of reaching to the right side,

01:10:17   it just reached the left side

01:10:19   if you're using the Magic Keyboard,

01:10:20   because Touch ID, it's still in a button,

01:10:22   it's just a different button, and it's okay.

01:10:25   If anything, you're--

01:10:26   - And they learned with the Face ID, right,

01:10:28   it indicates where the button is for you, doesn't it?

01:10:31   - Yeah, you have that indicator on screen.

01:10:34   And if anything, because you don't have

01:10:35   the Home button anymore, you're not, you know,

01:10:38   leaving smudges and fingerprints on the display, on the black bezel around the display.

01:10:42   You're just touching the top button.

01:10:45   So yeah, it's really fine.

01:10:48   It works.

01:10:49   It's Touch ID in a button and I kind of missed it and I really hope that it's coming to the

01:10:53   iPhone eventually.

01:10:55   So you mentioned in the review a bunch about the fact that one of the big things for you

01:11:00   is the promotion display, that it's not here.

01:11:02   Yeah.

01:11:03   Now I've been trying to think about this recently because I don't have comparison devices.

01:11:11   So I don't have an iPad that doesn't have promotions but I don't have an old one.

01:11:17   I guess my mini so I could do a comparison there.

01:11:20   But I haven't thought about putting the two things side by side.

01:11:24   So considering you have been doing that side by side comparison which is just not something

01:11:28   I thought to do. What are you actually seeing or not seeing with the

01:11:35   promotion display that would make you miss it in this device? I would like

01:11:38   you to try and explain it a little bit for me. What is the experience

01:11:42   difference like? Without promotion, when you scroll the screen, any kind of

01:11:49   movement, any kind of animation on screen, after you've gotten used to promotion,

01:11:56   you always see like a blur. You always see like it's not fluid. It's because I

01:12:04   don't have it on my phone, right, and I don't know I don't feel like I know it's

01:12:09   a difference between my iPad and my phone. You don't notice the difference

01:12:12   because it's a small display and it's easier not to see the difference when a

01:12:17   display is small. When a display is bigger, like, the best test really is to swipe

01:12:23   around pages on the home screen. Without promotion you kind of see the blur

01:12:29   behind the icons when you scroll. And with promotion you just don't. You just

01:12:36   see like the 120Hz refresh, it means everything is just fluid and

01:12:41   when you scroll like all the pixels like stay in place. I don't know how to

01:12:46   describe it, you just gotta see it. But really I guess without promotion I kind

01:12:50   see a blurry leftovers on screen for any animation, right? For swiping across pages of icons,

01:13:01   for closing apps. It's just not as fluid, it's just not as fast. And you can tell that

01:13:06   the screen is not refreshing itself fast enough.

01:13:10   Okay. Yeah, because I've been thinking about it over the last week or so, right? Because

01:13:16   we didn't get promotion on the iPhone.

01:13:18   And I know it's something I want,

01:13:20   but I don't know why I want it.

01:13:22   Like I want it because I figure it's gonna be better.

01:13:26   I believe people that tell me that it's way nicer

01:13:28   on a phone to have a high refresh rate display.

01:13:30   But like the only device I have on is my iPad,

01:13:33   but I'm super used to the way that the iPad feels now.

01:13:35   So in my mind, I'm just assuming that like

01:13:38   that promotion display is just part of the iPad experience.

01:13:40   It's part of what makes an iPad nice to use,

01:13:43   but I didn't have someone to compare it with.

01:13:44   now you've reminded me I have that Mini right so I'm gonna do that tomorrow

01:13:48   I'm gonna just just play with the Mini and the Pro but the thing is about that

01:13:52   is like the Mini's display is so much worse than the Pro's display anyway that

01:13:56   it might not be a good comparison it really does feel like probably the best

01:14:00   comparison is like side by side is the the iPad Air and the 11-inch iPad Pro

01:14:07   because I guess display wise they're probably closest to right is aside from

01:14:11   the ProMotion, is the display comparable? Oh yeah, it supports True Tone,

01:14:17   white color, the same anti-reflective coating that is not really anti-reflective,

01:14:23   and it's, I guess, it's slightly dimmer than the iPad Pro by 100 nits. Oh no. So yeah, it's...

01:14:33   I don't really know what that means. It doesn't... What about the pixels per inch? Do you know that? It's okay if you don't.

01:14:39   assistant. Same PPI. It's a great iPad, right? It's a really great iPad.

01:14:48   It's like a really the best way to think about it. It's an iPad Pro

01:14:52   without some pro stuff. What you're losing is I would say Face ID, the Pro

01:14:59   Motion Display, and the larger storage options. Because you can get an iPad

01:15:04   Pro that goes all the way up to one terabyte of storage, the iPad Air maxes

01:15:09   out at 256GB of storage. Yeah that's where the price part starts to get a bit murky for

01:15:15   me. It's like $599 for 64GB and the next one is $256 for $749. And then it's like, as you

01:15:27   mentioned in the review, a 256GB iPad Pro is $899. So that price difference is getting

01:15:34   closer and closer the more that you go up. And I've previously said it on the show and

01:15:38   standby 64 gigabytes is not enough for an iPad in 2020 it just isn't enough

01:15:43   storage for a device which will be used for heavy media consumption right like

01:15:49   you are it's what an iPad it's like part of what the iPad is for is a big design

01:15:54   like use case for these devices is like you fill that thing up with video when

01:15:59   you're traveling and 64 gigabytes is not gonna get you very far so I that is the

01:16:05   So for me, not having used the thing and read your review and looked at the specs, the biggest

01:16:11   downside of this product, I think, is the starting storage.

01:16:13   I think 64GB is way too small.

01:16:16   Yeah, agreed.

01:16:18   Agreed.

01:16:19   And when you get to the larger capacity of the Air, if you max it out, there's only like

01:16:27   a $150 difference between the same storage of the iPad Air and the iPad Pro.

01:16:31   But really, my takeaway from this is that the market for the 11-inch iPad Pro just became

01:16:37   a lot smaller, and it kind of feels like—and this is from the conclusion of the review,

01:16:42   so sorry for the spoilers, I guess—but my speculation here is that this move of having

01:16:51   the iPad Air being so similar to the iPad Pro 11-inch maybe suggests that Apple is sort

01:16:58   of giving themselves the opportunity to make more expensive and maybe even bigger iPad

01:17:05   Pros in the future.

01:17:07   Because they have this new baseline for an 11-inch tablet, right?

01:17:11   And it's a very good iPad, and it's got, arguably, it covers the essentials of the iPad Pro experience

01:17:19   really well.

01:17:20   You have the Magic Keyboard, the second generation Apple Pencil, and the edge-to-edge display.

01:17:26   And sure, the iPad Pro 11-inch has more stuff, but it kind of feels like...

01:17:32   I mean, I think at this price point the iPad Air is a better deal than an 11-inch iPad

01:17:37   Pro, and I kind of read sort of between the lines here, sort of feels like Apple is saying,

01:17:44   "We now have this iPad Air, it's 11-inch, it's an 11-inch tablet, now in the future

01:17:50   we can make a more expensive 12.9 and maybe even a larger iPad Pro, because we now have

01:17:59   this really solid option at 11".

01:18:02   So I don't know, this is all speculation on my part, obviously, if you are a professional

01:18:08   user and you really feel like you absolutely need an 11" tablet, then the 11" iPad Pro

01:18:14   is the answer for you.

01:18:15   But as I argued at the end of the story, I think the question now, if you're in the market

01:18:20   for a new iPad and you're thinking about the iPad Pro, I think the real answer you should

01:18:25   ask yourself is not "Should I choose between the iPad Air and the 11-inch iPad Pro?"

01:18:31   I think the real question is "Do I need a 12.9-inch iPad Pro?"

01:18:37   Because that's the, I think, on balance, that's the deciding factor at this point.

01:18:44   I think the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is now more important in a way than the 11-inch iPad Pro

01:18:52   because of the iPad Air.

01:18:54   Yeah, I think that makes sense.

01:18:56   And I do tend to agree with you that I think it gives Apple options with the Pro that it

01:19:01   doesn't have currently.

01:19:03   I mean, for someone who has a Pro now, I don't think this is a purchase that makes sense.

01:19:08   But if you're holding on to an older iPad Pro, you know, one of the Touch ID ones or

01:19:14   an original, you know, kind of basic iPad or something like that, this seems like a

01:19:18   fantastic upgrade.

01:19:20   Yeah, I mean, I agree with that. And I don't think anybody... Like, I compared the iPad

01:19:26   Air and the 11-inch iPad Pro not because I'm suggesting that there's gonna be people who

01:19:31   are gonna switch from the iPad Pro to the iPad Air. Like, you shouldn't do that. Because

01:19:35   even the 2018 11-inch iPad Pro, which I have, outperforms in multi-core, for example, the

01:19:41   iPad Air and it's got ProMotion and you know it's an iPad Pro you can get it in

01:19:47   one terabyte of storage USB transfers go all the way up to 10 gigabit per second

01:19:52   like it's still an iPad Pro but I think what you said Steven if you have an

01:19:56   older iPad like a base model iPad or the old iPad Air for example maybe even an

01:20:02   iPad mini this is a really good iPad and to me this is the new default like

01:20:08   someone who doesn't have an iPad at all and wants to buy a new one, I would

01:20:13   recommend, like before I would have said get the 11-inch iPad Pro. Now I would say

01:20:18   get the iPad Air, because this is the new default I think. Like if you don't have

01:20:22   an iPad at all, I think you could... and if you don't need ProMotion, if you don't

01:20:26   need one terabyte of storage, if you don't need fast data transfers, just get

01:20:31   this one. It really does feel like there must be updates coming to the iPad

01:20:37   Pro that are gonna push it right? That would be the natural assumption because they didn't

01:20:45   need to take all of the steps that they took with this iPad Air to get this close to the

01:20:51   iPad Pro and they left some things out but arguably some of the things they left out

01:20:56   were the things that maybe make the most sense to leave out if you're gonna leave stuff out

01:21:00   but like the design especially right? It's like you maybe didn't have to make it look

01:21:05   exactly like one. The Pro, so it's very intriguing. Your review did remind me Federico of the

01:21:12   time when the iPad Air used to be the Pro iPad. Remember that? It used to be the best

01:21:20   one. It was the only one that did multitasking for a while. It was the only one, and in fact

01:21:25   I linked my, one of my first big iPad stories, the one about the iPad Air 2 from 2015. That

01:21:33   before iOS 9 and before the iPad Pro. I bought the iPad Air 2 in San Francisco, I think the

01:21:41   day after the WWDC keynote where they announced multitasking. Because I didn't have one. Oh

01:21:47   yeah. No I wasn't there then. That was in San Francisco. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Did you ever

01:21:52   do a San Francisco to WWDC? Just one, the last one. The very last one. I closed the

01:21:58   show. Yeah I remember I went and bought it because it was like oh I want to try that,

01:22:03   sounds like a good thing and turns out it was. I have one particular complaint

01:22:10   here that I need to share the sky blue color. It really isn't blue, like it's

01:22:17   a very very subtle shade of blue and in certain daylight conditions if the light

01:22:25   hits it just right you can tell that it's sky blue. I really I don't think it

01:22:30   comes from my photos. I don't think you can tell that it's a sky blue color.

01:22:34   I like the color in your photos. I like the color that Apple puts on their website.

01:22:39   Those two colors are not the same.

01:22:41   Sure. No, and then I tried in multiple, like in different places, inside and outside,

01:22:49   and then I just figured, let's just use plenty of natural light and see what happens,

01:22:54   and that photo, that's just what it looks like. It's silver. It really does look silver.

01:23:00   And if you're indoor and you have standard LED or fluorescent lights, it just looks kind

01:23:06   of grey and kind of silver.

01:23:09   Have you considered that it's sky blue because it matches the colour of the sky that's above

01:23:14   you and maybe depending on who you are the world is different?

01:23:17   Oh no, my sky is blue.

01:23:19   Very blue, the bluest sky.

01:23:21   It's the clearest blue.

01:23:25   Yes, and no, this is really not as blue as you would think it is.

01:23:32   And also like the mismatch between the Deep Navy Smart Folio and the Sky Blue.

01:23:41   Like I don't get it.

01:23:42   Well that was just a mistake on the part of the person who put your review package together.

01:23:46   Well, no, because...

01:23:49   Why would you choose that? You would get a different color.

01:23:52   Because, I know, but on principle they should have made the surf blue folio that they do sell right now for the 11 inch iPad Pro.

01:24:05   I just don't get it. Why does the 11 inch iPad Pro get fun Smart Folio colors?

01:24:12   But the iPad Air, which is advertised as being the fun one with the colorful options.

01:24:18   Which is the other way around. Usually the iPad Pro gets terrible colors.

01:24:21   Exactly! And instead the iPad Air got the terrible colors. I mean, have you seen the green SmartFolio?

01:24:27   I'm going to look at it.

01:24:28   It's like an abomination. It's horrible. It's a horrible green.

01:24:31   The Cypress green? It's not the best green. I would pair your iPad with the pink citrus iPad Air SmartFolio.

01:24:42   It's probably the one I would go with.

01:24:43   Yeah. But otherwise, really good iPad.

01:24:49   Can you imagine if they released this iPad without there being a pro?

01:24:55   You know, like, just that world, like how great that would be?

01:24:58   It would be freaking out, man.

01:25:00   It'd be amazing.

01:25:01   Or if they released this one with the iPad Pro before they made this iPad Pro design,

01:25:06   like how conflicted it would be?

01:25:08   Yeah, it would be.

01:25:09   You know what I mean?

01:25:10   Like if the iPad Pro looked like it did the original design, right?

01:25:14   And then they brought out a new iPad Air and it looked like this?

01:25:17   Oh my god, that'd be wild.

01:25:19   Yeah, it would have been incredible.

01:25:21   Also, I want to mention the A14 Bionic, which is in this iPad.

01:25:26   It's not in the iPad Pro, obviously, the iPad Pro is still on the A12Z system.

01:25:33   And the A14 Bionic, in single-core performance, it beats comfortably the A12Z of the 2020 iPad Pro.

01:25:41   So I really want to see what happens once Apple makes that A14X chip that was rumored a while back as being the chip for the first Apple Silicon Mac and the next iPad Pro.

01:25:56   I want to see the performance of that. I think it's going to be really fun.

01:25:59   And also, Touch ID in a button. I really hope that Apple brings this to the iPhone and to iPads.

01:26:08   I'm really into the idea of multiple authentication options now because of the pandemic.

01:26:13   I think it's really needed.

01:26:15   Now that they've made it,

01:26:17   I can't believe that they would do all of that just for this one product.

01:26:23   But we'll see.

01:26:25   Do it to the Mini next.

01:26:27   Do this iPad Air to the Mini next. Come on, Apple.

01:26:30   Oh my god, imagine. Did you see the footnote that I had about the Mini?

01:26:33   I didn't see that.

01:26:34   Yeah, there was a footnote like imagine an iPad Mini with a liquid Retina display TouchID

01:26:40   and the A14.

01:26:42   Yeah it would have been really really nice.

01:26:45   Like the original iPad Mini, like do you remember the original iPad Mini which is way too powerful?

01:26:50   Yeah.

01:26:51   Right?

01:26:52   Was it the original one or the second one where it was like they brought out the regular

01:26:55   iPad and the iPad Mini and they were exactly the same except screen size difference?

01:27:00   The second one went Retina and it was incredible.

01:27:03   Please. So yeah, iPad Air does a review, there's photos, there's wallpapers if you're a club

01:27:10   member. Good wallpapers. It's a really good iPad. Thank you. Well, Sylvia made them. Thank

01:27:17   you Sylvia. Thanks Sylvia. And we also have iPad Air wallpapers and as Jon noticed on

01:27:22   App Stories, these are probably the world's first iPad Air wallpapers. Like, you cannot

01:27:29   find any other iPad Air wallpapers because this is a new 10.9 inch display, so this is

01:27:34   like kind of an exclusive. It's not that great of an exclusive. I'm pleased for you,

01:27:41   but like as far as worlds first. It's like I'm the first person who filled a performer

01:27:44   with bouncy balls. Like, well, cool. Look, we can have our own personal world records.

01:27:52   Okay. No, I mean, I'm in favor of it. I need to have this. No, I'm taking it away from

01:27:55   you've definitely done it. Okay. Maybe I put the Mac Pro feet and wheels on next

01:28:02   serve I could be the first person to do that. I don't want you to do that.

01:28:05   Something to think about. I want you to do what I asked you to do. Oh I think

01:28:09   that about does it this week boys. Yeah. If you want to find links to everything

01:28:13   we spoke about including Federico's excellent iPad Air review they are in

01:28:17   the show notes you can find them on the web at relay.fm/connected/317

01:28:23   While you're there, there's some fun stuff you can do. You can send us an

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01:28:33   cool perks including Connected Pro, which is a episode each and every week without

01:28:39   ads and with bonus stuff. This week's pre-show was a real adventure. I'll just

01:28:44   leave it at that. You can find us all online. You can find Myke Hurley online.

01:28:50   He's on Twitter as I M Y K E

01:28:53   Myke I have a question about podcasting for you. No way. I know it's weird, right?

01:28:58   Do you remember or do you know what year Apple added podcasts to iTunes?

01:29:04   I

01:29:06   Know it was the same

01:29:08   keynote as the Intel transition

01:29:12   Mm-hmm. So I'm going to say that that was in

01:29:17   the year

01:29:20   2007.

01:29:24   I would have said three.

01:29:27   Or 05. 05 or 07.

01:29:30   It's 05.

01:29:31   I knew it was one of the two. I knew it was one of the two.

01:29:33   No.

01:29:34   I'll put Macworld's live blog of it that Jason and Peter Cohen did.

01:29:38   That's fun.

01:29:39   That keynote is so fun for me because it was the keynote that made me decide I was buying my first

01:29:47   Mac. And it's also the time that Apple put podcasts in iTunes. So just like for me personally,

01:29:55   what a seminal moment in my life, right? Where I became a, decided to be a Mac user and also

01:30:02   oh hey podcasting looks interesting.

01:30:04   You can find Federico online on Twitter @Vittici. He is the editor-in-chief of MacStories.net.

01:30:14   Federico I have a question for you.

01:30:15   Okay.

01:30:16   your favorite international food? Well, I will mention a recent discovery of mine, which

01:30:24   is a vegetable that we don't really see here in supermarkets in Italy, and that would be

01:30:30   Pak Choy. Hey! There we go. I discovered this a few months ago and I am absolutely in love.

01:30:37   Steven, have you ever eaten Pak Choy? No, in fact I was googling it quietly in the background.

01:30:42   It's very nice

01:30:44   It's got almost like it's a slight very very slightly kind of spicy ish taste. Oh, yes. It's a type of Chinese cabbage

01:30:52   Yeah, yes. Yes

01:30:55   Yes, Google served you all very

01:30:57   Varieties are popular in southern China and Southeast Asia. It's winter hardy

01:31:01   Increasingly grown in northern Europe. Yes. Mm-hmm. You know, I just knew all that not definitely not reading from the internet

01:31:08   It's interesting that you know all of that, but you've never tried it

01:31:11   You don't have to taste something to know it, right?

01:31:14   You can find me on Twitter as ism H and my writing over at 512 pixels dot net

01:31:19   I'd think our sponsors this week Squarespace Mac Weldon and pingdom until next time gentlemen. Say goodbye

01:31:25   Arrivederci cheerio. Bye y'all