316: I Overspeakered Myself


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 316.

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00:00:18   My name is Steven Hackett,

00:00:20   and I am joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:22   - Hello, hi.

00:00:24   - Hey buddy, congratulations on the review.

00:00:27   We'll get to that. - Thank you, thank you.

00:00:29   Very exciting.

00:00:30   Thank you.

00:00:31   We're also joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:33   Ahoy there.

00:00:35   Hello, Myke.

00:00:36   Greetings, Captain.

00:00:37   (laughs)

00:00:38   Steven, I take issue with the fact

00:00:39   that the only thing you congratulate me for is my review.

00:00:42   Also for being handsome.

00:00:45   And tall.

00:00:47   And?

00:00:48   And?

00:00:49   Is there anything else?

00:00:51   Okay, we'll talk about that later.

00:00:53   Talk about that later.

00:00:54   Oh, I see what he's doing.

00:00:56   I see what he's doing.

00:00:58   - We're just going from thing to thing that you have done.

00:01:01   - Yeah, wait for my three-peat next month.

00:01:04   Then we can talk again.

00:01:06   I'm gonna take the Mac event away from you both,

00:01:11   especially from Steven.

00:01:12   - Yeah, but what's better, winning a bunch of events

00:01:14   or being so smart in January than winning a bunch of events?

00:01:18   - I'm gonna take the Mac event away from you both,

00:01:22   especially from Steven.

00:01:23   - Yeah, but what's better, winning a bunch of events

00:01:25   of events or being so smart in January that you win an entire year. You know, like anyone can make

00:01:31   a guess when an event's around the corner. I'll still take the three-peat. I want rings like

00:01:37   Lebron. That's what I want. I want three rings by this time next month. I'm not 100% sure what that

00:01:44   reference means. I know... That's when you win the NBA? You get three rings? Oh, like actual rings?

00:01:50   You get a ring every time you win the championship? Ah, and you want three of them. That's right.

00:01:54   Yeah, I know, I know sports. I know something about sports.

00:01:58   You could tattoo across your knuckles R-I-C-K-I-E-S exclamation point or a trophy.

00:02:06   Ricky's.

00:02:07   Or that tattoo on your neck. Just get it, say Ricky.

00:02:11   I was about to mention that. I was about to mention that. I'm surprised that nobody has

00:02:16   yet commented on the reference in multiple screenshots.

00:02:19   Oh, I saw it.

00:02:20   Okay, you saw it.

00:02:20   Yeah, I saw it. I meant to text you about it, but I forgot. It was like,

00:02:23   Like, without date passed, did you get it done?

00:02:25   Is this like another tattoo thing that you've done?

00:02:27   - No, I'm still researching.

00:02:29   As the screenshot said, I'm still collecting ideas.

00:02:32   - There is no conspiracy when it comes to sea lions.

00:02:38   So if you may remember on our last episode,

00:02:41   we questioned if the NOAA website could be trusted

00:02:45   about its seal and sea lion evidence.

00:02:49   Remember we got that sent in to us?

00:02:50   - Yeah, NOAA's not on the,

00:02:52   They're not tricky, I guess, it turns out.

00:02:54   - About what the difference was,

00:02:55   and we were wondering if there was a conspiracy,

00:02:58   and then Troy wrote in to say,

00:03:01   "I am the guy who runs the NOAA website,"

00:03:04   (both laughing)

00:03:05   the article about seals and sea lions,

00:03:07   and has been listening to Connected for years.

00:03:09   So we can assume that any Connected listener

00:03:12   would not be involved in conspiracies and collusions,

00:03:15   so we must trust the NOAA website.

00:03:19   And that was honestly one of my favorite pieces of follow-up in a very, very long time.

00:03:25   Mm-hmm.

00:03:25   Mm-hmm.

00:03:26   We can finally say that the government is listening to us.

00:03:30   Finally.

00:03:30   In a non-ironic way.

00:03:32   In the things that are important.

00:03:35   Exactly.

00:03:36   The preservation of the species of seals and sea lions.

00:03:40   Yes.

00:03:41   Thank you for this very important piece of follow-up.

00:03:44   I'm still not convinced, but this is a good follow-up.

00:03:46   Okay.

00:03:48   Yeah.

00:03:49   The other bit of follow-up is that your iOS 14 review is here.

00:03:53   It's not really a follow-up, this is a mini topic.

00:03:55   Or it's whatever Myke decides the chapter is, because he's editing this week.

00:03:59   But Federico, your review is out. Tell us a little bit about it.

00:04:02   Yes, so today I finally published my iOS and iPadOS 14 review.

00:04:07   It's up on Mac Stories.

00:04:10   There's also a special episode of App Stories.

00:04:12   To go with it, you can find it in the first page of the review.

00:04:17   So, yeah, this is what I've been working on for the past four months. It's available in nine chapters.

00:04:24   I tried to cover everything that I could possibly cover. It includes design, iPadOS, shortcuts,

00:04:31   most of the apps updates. I didn't cover the things that the guys at MacSeries, John and Ryan and Alex,

00:04:38   already covered this summer. Stuff that I don't get access to, like maps for example.

00:04:45   But I covered everything else, and you can read it as always. There's a special layout and design

00:04:53   on Mac Stories with 3D graphics and animations and all of that, but there are also obviously a

00:04:58   collection of perks for Club Mac Stories members, so if you sign up for the club you get the usual

00:05:05   ebook. And this year, the surprise that I have been teasing, there's also going to be a second

00:05:11   in which I collected 40 of my favorite tips and tricks about iOS and iPadOS.

00:05:19   Yes, 40 teachy tips about iOS and iPadOS 14 in a second ebook. So if you're one of those people

00:05:24   who are like "Yeah, this is too long, I don't care, but you just want to get the good stuff,"

00:05:28   that ebook is for you. This is an idea that we discussed on Connected months ago. Wouldn't it

00:05:32   be nice if I could find a way to collect all the most interesting, like, these little hidden

00:05:39   things and features and details of iOS and present them in a way that makes sense.

00:05:43   And as I was editing the review, I realized, well, I can just copy and paste the things that I find

00:05:49   as I read my own review, and I can save them in a note. And then later, thanks to Ryan's

00:05:54   collaboration, we turned that note into an e-book. So you can go there. It's not too long, it's

00:06:01   40 tips for all kinds of features, reminders, messages, series, settings, all kinds of stuff.

00:06:06   Nice.

00:06:08   There's also wallpapers. Sylvia made wallpapers for us for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

00:06:16   And those are widget-friendly wallpapers, in that they have this kind of peculiar design with a gradient

00:06:22   and a platform in the middle, where you can place your widgets and icons.

00:06:28   I didn't know Sylvia did them. She did a very good job with those.

00:06:31   Thank you. Yeah, she did. And you can see the examples of those wallpapers in the review itself,

00:06:37   because I use them myself for the screenshots.

00:06:39   You've been tweeting them too.

00:06:40   Like, you've got pictures of your home screen and stuff.

00:06:42   Yeah, yeah.

00:06:43   And yeah, there's going to be the usual making of in Max Stories Weekly.

00:06:48   Brian King, our 3D artist and animator, is going to share everything about his wild setup

00:06:56   for creating the custom animations and graphics.

00:06:59   And there's going to be an episode of Max Stories Unplugged on Saturday as well.

00:07:03   Big collection of perks and generally speaking the response seems really, really good so far,

00:07:09   even though I'm a month late compared to the release of iOS 14.

00:07:13   You know, I was thinking about this today. You're actually perfectly on time,

00:07:19   because this is when you would always do it, like a day or two after the iPhone.

00:07:26   Yeah, that's actually true. It's right on time. And if you remember back in June when we

00:07:32   we did connected and I said, I think the review is gonna be ready by mid-October.

00:07:37   And it is in fact October 14th.

00:07:40   You were on time, Apple was early, you can't control that.

00:07:43   Yeah, I was on time.

00:07:45   And also I should mention that the review covers iOS 14.2 as well.

00:07:50   So the new features coming in the next big update.

00:07:52   So you're early again.

00:07:54   When you think about it, I'm actually early.

00:07:56   When you think about it, I'm actually breaking the NDA.

00:07:59   [laughter]

00:08:01   Oops.

00:08:03   I would like to comment on something that I like about your review whilst also telling a weird story, I guess.

00:08:12   Okay.

00:08:13   So, the visual design stuff that you and Brian King, who I guess would we say Brian King works in the film and TV industry, mostly in special effects, right?

00:08:26   Yes.

00:08:27   So Brian puts together these really incredible scenarios that look like they're real but are

00:08:33   actually all 3D effects, right, phones and stuff like that. And the best one by far this year is

00:08:41   in the design section. I think the best image. And so in the design section right at the very top of

00:08:48   the review, you can go look at it, there are like these little widgets that are made that are real,

00:08:54   Right? Effectively. And they're stacked on top of an iPad.

00:08:58   So there's like a little color widget and it's like a little piece of, looks like a little piece

00:09:02   of plastic or something. But I wanted to say, have you ever had that feeling of like, you know,

00:09:09   have a sponge, right? Like a cleaning sponge or a sponge you use in the bathroom or something.

00:09:14   And you want to bite the sponge. Like you get an overwhelming urge to want to bite the sponge.

00:09:19   Have you ever had this?

00:09:21   No, no, this is a this is a phenomenon which is not only my own

00:09:27   I've heard this from other people, but you know

00:09:29   I'm talking like you have like a sponge and I get like an overwhelming urge to just bite the sponge

00:09:33   I don't know where it comes from just to just to know what it would taste like

00:09:36   No, just I don't know what it is. I just want to have the feeling of biting it. Okay

00:09:42   I feel this way looking at these widgets

00:09:44   These little like I want to bite them. I don't know why

00:09:48   What was it, Steven? What was the Steve Jobs reference?

00:09:52   The Aqua UI is so shiny.

00:09:54   You want to lick it?

00:09:56   Yeah.

00:09:57   These widgets look so good, I want to bite them.

00:10:00   Yeah, those 3D elements were fun.

00:10:05   Totally Brian's idea.

00:10:06   It was like, "Hey, why don't we turn the UI elements into characters?"

00:10:10   Genius. Very smart.

00:10:12   That was such a genius idea.

00:10:14   Also, I want to point out the use of color.

00:10:18   throughout the chapter images, those sort of gradients that Brian used.

00:10:23   And especially in the intro, if you pay attention in the very first second of the animation,

00:10:30   you will see a music widget. Actually, you will see a bunch of widgets fly by.

00:10:34   Now, those widgets, they look real. They look like the real iOS widgets.

00:10:38   But actually, they were rebuilt by Brian in Figma.

00:10:42   So those were rebuilt to look like the native iOS widgets.

00:10:46   And in the Music widget, you will see the one if you pay attention.

00:10:51   And by the way, you can reverse the animation.

00:10:54   So if you scroll back, the animation will play in reverse.

00:10:57   That always surprises me, but I love it every time.

00:11:02   If you pay attention, you will see that the Taylor Swift album Lover

00:11:05   is in the Music widget, and we used the colors of the Lover album

00:11:10   as inspiration for the colors used in the intro shot.

00:11:14   Oh yeah, look at that.

00:11:15   I can't believe that when you do that, I've just noticed this, the Timery widget is animating and it's counting up in seconds.

00:11:24   Yeah.

00:11:25   God, such good attention to detail. Bravo to you and everybody involved. I hope that people enjoy it.

00:11:32   I'm enjoying it very much as always and I'm really actually very pleased to dig into that Tips and Tricks book as well.

00:11:40   Thank you.

00:11:42   I wanted to get some statistics from you, NoFederico.

00:11:45   Can you give me some statistics?

00:11:47   What do you want to know? Let me check.

00:11:49   Why do I want to know word count?

00:11:51   61,000.

00:11:53   And how does that compare to last year?

00:11:55   Last year was 76,000.

00:11:57   I'm very proud of you.

00:11:59   Thank you. 50,000 words less than last year.

00:12:04   Right. Good work.

00:12:06   I can tell you... what else? Nine chapters.

00:12:10   How long did it take?

00:12:12   Are the hours?

00:12:14   250 hours, same as last year. So I was a bit slower, even if the review is actually

00:12:21   shorter, because also last year was 251 or something. 351 links, 334 images, 42

00:12:33   footnotes, 29 videos. So again, last year was like over 40 videos. It was a bigger

00:12:41   review last year with the debut of iPadOS. But yeah, I'm pretty happy. I would have

00:12:46   liked it to be somewhere around 50 honestly, but the apps chapter came

00:12:52   out longer than I was expecting it to be.

00:12:54   Right. Do you want to say anything else on the review? Like, I don't want to step all over app stories and stuff.

00:13:01   No, I just... obviously I'm very happy that it's done.

00:13:05   I bet.

00:13:06   Publishing Day is always like a mix of emotions, especially this year.

00:13:11   I think what I learned about myself this year is that I'm still not good enough

00:13:18   when it comes to work-life balance. I think I'm getting better slowly over the years,

00:13:25   especially in the... it's the final stage of the review that always gets me, and I get too nervous

00:13:31   and anxious and it takes a toll on Sylvia and people around me.

00:13:36   It's always the final two weeks where I completely isolate myself to get it done and that I should

00:13:43   learn to manage better.

00:13:46   I also want to say that I'm obviously very thankful for all the people from Connected

00:13:52   and from App Stories, from Mac Stories who just sent me so many nice messages over the

00:13:56   past month.

00:13:59   so encouraging. Every time I get a nice note from someone saying "yeah it's fine, take

00:14:05   your time". And also, I think in terms of... like I always get those few people saying

00:14:13   "why do you keep doing this? What's the point? I can just go to YouTube and watch a video

00:14:18   or something. Why don't you stop?" I'm not stopping. I want to do this again. And I think

00:14:25   I do it for myself, mostly.

00:14:28   And the fact that it can also be enjoyed by other people, it's a nice plus.

00:14:32   This is the kind of work that I need to do for myself.

00:14:35   It's like the kind of story that I need to have on my own website for me.

00:14:40   And then if it can also help other people, then great.

00:14:43   And yeah, I think I want to see what happens next year.

00:14:48   I definitely, like in hindsight,

00:14:51   I can tell that the reason I was slower in putting this together was the lack of WWDC

00:14:58   in person.

00:14:59   Like looking back, I absolutely felt the lack of the conversations with developers, being

00:15:06   able to actually be at the event, talk to Apple engineers.

00:15:10   It took me longer, like in looking at time area and the stats that I have, over 40 hours

00:15:17   of research, those used to be 20 or something.

00:15:20   So it took me double the amount of time to understand all the details and how things work.

00:15:26   And I strongly feel like that is related to not being able to have those thoughts come together naturally at WWDC.

00:15:37   And just being stuck at home on my own just watching videos, I could definitely tell the difference there.

00:15:42   Hmm.

00:15:44   I think too, I've had this with my Big Sur stuff, it's harder to get going on it because

00:15:51   I feel like we have all this momentum coming off WWDC, we're all excited, and it's kind

00:15:57   of hard to get into that space, at least for me this year.

00:16:01   Yeah, yeah, I don't know, I really, on one hand I really would like WWDC to happen again next year, but like realistically speaking do we think there's going to be an in-person WWDC 2021?

00:16:20   No, I had this thought today, I would be willing to put money on it.

00:16:25   Yeah, I don't think it's happening next year either.

00:16:27   And I'm not saying WWDC never happens but June feels too close.

00:16:34   That's like best part seven months away. It's not like there's no way it's

00:16:41   taken care of and I mean if Apple said I don't think I would want to do it now it

00:16:49   It feels too close.

00:16:51   I can't imagine this,

00:16:54   I can't imagine that there is a situation

00:17:00   in which COVID is taken care of enough

00:17:03   that you could bring 5,000 people to a place, right?

00:17:07   Like no matter where we are,

00:17:08   even if things are getting better,

00:17:10   I can't imagine huge conferences

00:17:13   and also I wouldn't wanna be a company.

00:17:17   This is the same thing we were talking about last,

00:17:19   but in like May, I wouldn't want to be responsible for that.

00:17:22   So I don't think it's happening.

00:17:25   I do think it will, I don't think it's 2021.

00:17:28   - Yeah, so maybe my lesson for next year is

00:17:31   how can you speed up the research process

00:17:35   in a way that it doesn't take you 40 hours?

00:17:37   And how can you get to know the details

00:17:42   and everything better,

00:17:43   even if you can't talk to developers in person?

00:17:46   So honestly, I have no idea.

00:17:49   So everything else about the setup and the process,

00:17:52   there was a horrible catastrophe that happened

00:17:54   in the very last stages of editing

00:17:56   that we'll talk about on Unplugged,

00:17:58   where my whole image upload thing broke last weekend.

00:18:03   Yeah, that was a whole thing, it was a mess.

00:18:05   I was stressed out, to say the least.

00:18:10   Yes, that was a whole thing.

00:18:12   But overall, I'm pretty happy with it.

00:18:15   I even shared with Myke and Steven my custom template

00:18:19   for reading the review in IA Writer.

00:18:23   - I'm in the mainframe now.

00:18:25   - So yeah, I'm very happy with IA Writer,

00:18:28   which I used again to write the review,

00:18:30   to assemble all the chapters.

00:18:32   Yeah, I guess the only thing is try and manage the stress

00:18:38   in the final two weeks better

00:18:40   and figure out a better research workflow or something.

00:18:45   I don't know, maybe I should just schedule

00:18:48   a bunch of Skype calls with developers

00:18:49   and be like, "Hey, talk to me about iOS 15.

00:18:52   "What do you think?

00:18:53   "What are you gonna do?"

00:18:54   Maybe that's an idea.

00:18:55   - I think that could be really useful.

00:18:58   And you could even get ideas for app stories

00:19:00   or other things from that.

00:19:02   - And everyone would benefit from it.

00:19:04   Maybe you just need a big Zoom call.

00:19:09   Oh, I've just been tech-memed.

00:19:11   Okay.

00:19:13   Extensive iOS and I...

00:19:15   Did anybody tip tech meme?

00:19:17   You gotta say it, tip tech meme.

00:19:18   Steven always does it.

00:19:20   Steven still tips tech meme.

00:19:23   I run it.

00:19:23   Yeah, but only when I'm writing about

00:19:24   like laser writer printer or something.

00:19:26   Exactly, yes, yes.

00:19:28   All right, so anyway, thank you guys for allowing me,

00:19:31   obviously, both of you,

00:19:32   to talk about the review this summer.

00:19:35   It's always beneficial to get your ideas,

00:19:37   your feedback and obviously the encouragement and the, you know, I know that I can be,

00:19:42   I can be difficult to work with in the summer, so I want to just say publicly I appreciate you both

00:19:49   and Jon and Ryan. We understand. Dealing with me. It's been enough time now. We kind of just not,

00:19:56   like, that's a good working relationship. It's a good friendship, right? Like, you understand

00:20:03   what people need and how you can help them. But you also have things going on in your lives,

00:20:07   that other people could be like, you know, just screw this guy. I don't have time for

00:20:11   your problems.

00:20:12   They would be fools.

00:20:13   So thank you. I appreciate it.

00:20:15   The one thing I will say though is because I've given you so much time here, we don't

00:20:18   have enough time for my tv/os review today.

00:20:20   No, is that the reason?

00:20:22   Man.

00:20:23   Is that the reason?

00:20:24   Yeah, we just don't have time today.

00:20:27   I appreciate that you don't want to steal my spotlight.

00:20:29   I mean, it's just bad business, you know?

00:20:32   Sure, sure.

00:20:34   Maybe next time.

00:20:35   Maybe next time. Okay. I'm still waiting. I don't know anything about tvOS 14.

00:20:40   Nobody does. Except me.

00:20:42   I need to know how to use my television. Come on.

00:20:45   You just wait.

00:20:47   Give me some time. Otherwise I'm just staring at the big brother all day.

00:20:50   I don't know how to use tvOS anymore.

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00:23:02   It is time, gentlemen.

00:23:04   It's time to score the Ricky's.

00:23:07   - Please read the rules.

00:23:09   - I think I will.

00:23:10   - The bill of Ricky's.

00:23:11   - I feel like I don't remember the rules anymore.

00:23:13   - I need a refresh.

00:23:14   - Can we please go over the rules again?

00:23:16   - Yes.

00:23:17   - Okay.

00:23:18   - The winner, who should be called keynote chairman,

00:23:21   from the previous Ricky's gets to pick first

00:23:23   and the second place winner picks second.

00:23:26   Annual winners roll over to preserve the order.

00:23:29   2019 annual winner gets to go first, et cetera.

00:23:32   Order for Apple Event Rickies, which is what this is,

00:23:37   is based on the previous Apple Event.

00:23:39   The loser goes last.

00:23:42   Loser is capitalized in our document, dear listener.

00:23:44   It's a title, a title of shame.

00:23:47   To earn any points, everything written down

00:23:50   in the prediction document must come true.

00:23:53   No half points may be awarded in any round and picks cannot be reused.

00:23:58   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds.

00:24:03   Two points will be awarded for the correct picks in the risky pick round.

00:24:08   If your risky pick is wrong, you will lose a point and of course, the other two hosts

00:24:13   must agree that your pick is "risky".

00:24:17   The winner of the regular and risky picks must be granted access to the annual or event

00:24:22   chairman twitter account, whichever applies, and will retain access until another winner

00:24:26   is named.

00:24:29   Loser of the non-graded flexis must compensate the winner of the flexis by donating to the

00:24:34   charity of the winner's choice.

00:24:37   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexi made by the loser.

00:24:44   In the case of a tie, the ratio of correct to incorrect flexis will be taken into account.

00:24:50   Each host must make a minimum of five FlexiPix,

00:24:53   and the money must be donated on air.

00:24:56   Those are the rules.

00:24:58   Everybody feel good about that?

00:25:00   - I feel much better now, thank you.

00:25:01   - Good, good.

00:25:03   So we'll start with round one,

00:25:05   because it's the first round.

00:25:07   Federico, you got to go first,

00:25:09   and you said the new iPhones will carry a new design

00:25:12   inspired by the iPad Pro/iPhone 4.

00:25:16   Flat sides is what we were looking for here.

00:25:19   Yes, and we did get that new design, right?

00:25:22   The flat sides on all the iPhone 12 models,

00:25:26   both the standard iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro,

00:25:30   they all got the flat sides

00:25:31   and the only difference is the material used.

00:25:33   It's aluminum on these 12 and stainless steel on the 12 Pro.

00:25:38   And I gotta say,

00:25:39   - It looks good!

00:25:40   - It looks really nice on the Pro,

00:25:42   especially the gold and the blue, they look super nice.

00:25:47   So who knew that a seven-year-old design,

00:25:51   actually even more if you consider the iPhone 4,

00:25:53   could still look this good in 2020?

00:25:55   Some designs really are timeless.

00:25:58   - What I've liked seeing is people doing comparisons online

00:26:01   and showing the difference, right?

00:26:03   This is, there's this combination effect

00:26:06   because the screens have gotten bigger,

00:26:09   but the phones haven't gotten that much bigger,

00:26:11   and it's this combination of bringing the sides in

00:26:15   by flattening them down, and then also stretching the screens out.

00:26:20   So these phones look really good. Really good.

00:26:24   Yeah. Yeah. So it was pretty much a given that we were getting this kind of design.

00:26:28   I mean, they've been rumored forever. We've seen the case manufacturers

00:26:33   get their hands on the renderings and the CAD drawings.

00:26:37   So yeah, kind of an obvious pick, but this is a regular pick, so I get the point.

00:26:41   You do. Yeah, I do think they look great. I'm very excited to see the finishes.

00:26:47   What do y'all... Well, we'll talk about colors in round two. I'll hold on to that for now.

00:26:52   The second pick was Myke's. Myke, you said Apple announces four phones but only in three different sizes.

00:27:01   Can I just say that the two of you really struggled with this one, right?

00:27:06   like there was like a I remember having to explain myself way more than I

00:27:12   expected I would need to I know why because I totally forgot like because I

00:27:18   hadn't been following the rumors I think that the current iPhone 11 Pro is 5.8

00:27:24   inches and I totally wasn't getting the moving from 5.8 to 6.1 I don't know I

00:27:32   I was very confused by the numbers because I hadn't kept up with the rumors, but now I get it.

00:27:37   Like, yeah, this wasn't obvious given the rumors, given the reports.

00:27:42   And now I see...

00:27:43   Like, I'm surprised that I was that...

00:27:46   Right, but it's more than that though, which is what I was getting at.

00:27:49   They are physically the exact same size.

00:27:52   Yeah.

00:27:53   Which is not what it was before.

00:27:55   Like, it's not just screen size.

00:27:57   Like, that's the interesting thing here.

00:27:59   like the screen size matches with the iPhone 11 screen size but the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12

00:28:05   are physically the same in every dimension but the iPhone 12 Pro is heavier because it has stainless steel.

00:28:12   Yeah this was a good pick.

00:28:14   And this is one of the things that like of this lineup I think people that had the 11 Pro

00:28:25   They are the people that have the hardest time

00:28:29   to decide what they want, I think.

00:28:32   Because Apple do not make a phone

00:28:36   which is the same size anymore.

00:28:38   And I know people might be like,

00:28:40   "Oh, but you know, the dimensions."

00:28:41   But the screen getting bigger, you will notice it.

00:28:45   Because now you have to reach further

00:28:47   to get to everything on the phone, right?

00:28:50   So, but also the phone is physically bigger.

00:28:54   it's not by a lot but it is and the screen is bigger too.

00:28:58   So like I can imagine a lot of people that had the 11 Pro

00:29:02   are really struggling as to whether they go

00:29:05   with the 12 Pro or the 12 Mini.

00:29:09   I think I can imagine that being a difficult decision

00:29:14   for a lot of people.

00:29:15   I know we have one of those people on our call today.

00:29:21   So yeah, I know that it's gonna be difficult,

00:29:25   I think, for a lot of people,

00:29:26   if they're upgrading, to make that decision,

00:29:29   where if you're in Max Club,

00:29:31   they've made the decision so easy.

00:29:35   Every doubt that I had, Apple has proven to me

00:29:39   why I should stay with the large phone.

00:29:41   So, but if you are in that middle group,

00:29:46   I think it's a little bit trickier now.

00:29:48   - I think the line makes a lot more sense

00:29:50   than it did previously when the XR and the 11

00:29:54   were in between the sizes of the Pro.

00:29:57   I always, I mean, because people, for right or for wrong,

00:30:02   think in technology like bigger is better

00:30:04   and bigger is a reasonable reason

00:30:06   for it to be more expensive, right?

00:30:09   And the 11 being like big and cheaper,

00:30:13   I think just sort of, it just was a little bit messier

00:30:16   than it needed to be.

00:30:17   and now they are, they make more sense, right?

00:30:22   The 12 is the little one, the mini,

00:30:24   and then this middle-sized one,

00:30:26   and the cheaper Pro is the same size.

00:30:29   - Well, the 11 is still there,

00:30:31   and it's the bigger, physically,

00:30:34   but the screen size is the same,

00:30:36   but you could still buy the 11.

00:30:38   - Right, and the XR, actually, the XR stuck around too.

00:30:40   - That was a surprise to me,

00:30:43   but you know, do your thing, I guess.

00:30:45   So, yeah, that is your pick.

00:30:48   Well done.

00:30:49   - Thank you.

00:30:50   - My pick was ProMotion does not come to new iPhones.

00:30:56   - Wha, wha.

00:30:57   - Did not get it.

00:30:58   - I'm bummed out about this.

00:31:01   I am.

00:31:02   I'm bummed out about it.

00:31:03   This is the thing that I have the most disappointment about.

00:31:05   Like, you know, we'll get to it later.

00:31:07   I wanted Touch ID, but that was a whatever.

00:31:10   I really felt like this phone should have had this feature.

00:31:15   and I am somewhat disappointed that it doesn't.

00:31:18   - Yeah, me too.

00:31:19   - Yeah, I mean, it's all over the place out in the world,

00:31:24   right, on other manufacturers' phones,

00:31:26   and so it is totally doable with OLED.

00:31:28   That was kind of a saving grace of Apple for a little while

00:31:32   that early OLEDs couldn't be pushed this fast,

00:31:35   but now that's been resolved, including by Samsung,

00:31:39   who makes the displays in the iPhone.

00:31:43   But yeah, maybe next year, guys.

00:31:46   - I saw a rumor that I didn't really believe.

00:31:49   Somebody said promotion is actually disabled in software

00:31:52   and Apple will turn it on with a software update.

00:31:55   - No, that's madness.

00:31:56   But this is somebody who's read

00:31:58   what I think is a credible rumor

00:32:01   and taken their own spin on it.

00:32:03   Where the credible rumor that I believe

00:32:06   is that most of the technology inside of the phone

00:32:10   is capable of it, but they are missing a component

00:32:13   that they would need to be able to do it.

00:32:15   So this is, I've seen this reported

00:32:17   in a couple of different ways

00:32:18   from a couple of different sources,

00:32:20   which is that like Apple was trying to do it,

00:32:22   but they couldn't, we spoke about this in the show,

00:32:23   but couldn't get a controller that they need.

00:32:25   I believe that the idea that they would have a feature

00:32:29   like this and it's enabled in software is so stupid.

00:32:34   Like, because even if that was the case,

00:32:38   - I'm not mincing any words.

00:32:39   they would just say, right?

00:32:43   They would say, "Coming later this year."

00:32:45   - Yes, exactly.

00:32:46   - Right, 'cause they have no problem doing that.

00:32:49   That is a rumor predicated on somebody's wish

00:32:54   that they're gonna get the promotion display on their phone.

00:32:58   I'm sorry, it's not a thing that's happening this year.

00:33:02   I expect it would happen next year,

00:33:05   but it is a disappointment

00:33:07   because I really wanted to see that

00:33:08   'cause this is now, you know, like Apple,

00:33:12   for some reason, really cares so deeply about 5G,

00:33:16   which is a feature that other smartphones have.

00:33:19   And like, you know, the reason that I suggested

00:33:23   that they would have it, and the reason that lots of people

00:33:26   believe they would have it,

00:33:26   is because it keeps up with the Joneses, right?

00:33:29   Their competition has 5G, it's an important feature.

00:33:31   It is the same for high refresh rate displays.

00:33:34   Like, that is what the smartphone market is doing today.

00:33:38   Like, there are companies, Android makers,

00:33:41   they're releasing phones that are way cheaper

00:33:43   than any of these with 120 hertz refresh rate displays.

00:33:46   Like, it has become standard practice.

00:33:48   I totally understand the argument that,

00:33:51   and it's probably why it's happened,

00:33:53   that Apple operates at such a scale

00:33:55   that they need to be able to guarantee

00:33:57   a certain amount made, right,

00:34:00   which other companies don't have to do.

00:34:01   Like, for them, they have to forecast, right,

00:34:03   we need to be able to make however many million of these.

00:34:07   And it would seem, if you were to believe the rumor,

00:34:11   that they couldn't get enough of a certain component

00:34:15   to let them do this.

00:34:16   And I can totally understand all of that,

00:34:19   but I can still be disappointed about it, and I am.

00:34:22   - iPhone 13 next year, iPhone 13 Pro, I'm calling it,

00:34:25   promotion, and USB-C.

00:34:28   And let's see, what else?

00:34:32   - I think USB-C is even less likely than ever now,

00:34:36   because of our old friend MagSafe.

00:34:38   - Okay, promotion, no port.

00:34:41   I'm going in the opposite direction.

00:34:43   - I think we're more likely to have no port now

00:34:46   that we have MagSafe.

00:34:48   That's how I feel on this.

00:34:50   Isn't it funny as well that that thing

00:34:53   that everyone thought was a smart connector,

00:34:55   it turns out to just be a 5G antenna.

00:34:57   Did you see that?

00:34:58   - There's still some crazy individuals out there, Myke,

00:35:01   that believe that you should use an Apple Pencil

00:35:03   with the iPhone, so.

00:35:05   Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

00:35:07   When was the last time I said that?

00:35:08   - You said it at some point.

00:35:10   - A long time ago. - You said it, I'm sure.

00:35:11   - What I'm saying is-- - No, no, no, no, no, no.

00:35:13   - If I have a-- - Months ago.

00:35:16   It's not a long time.

00:35:16   - All right, all right, but look how big the Pro Max is now.

00:35:20   You could take some nice notes on that.

00:35:21   - No.

00:35:22   - And it would have to be a little Apple Pencil

00:35:24   is what I want, not the big one.

00:35:26   - No, no.

00:35:28   - I also don't think I would even really use that feature,

00:35:31   but I still think it's a feature they could do,

00:35:33   and I think, but anyway.

00:35:34   It is a...

00:35:38   not a smart connector at all.

00:35:40   It's the millimeter wave antenna.

00:35:42   It's a boring antenna line.

00:35:44   It definitely reminded me of the iPhone 4

00:35:47   where they marked the antenna.

00:35:49   It's like, don't hold it here.

00:35:51   Yeah.

00:35:51   But the thing is millimeter wave is in so few places,

00:35:54   no one will grab it wrong.

00:35:55   I think that that antenna

00:35:58   is only on the American version of the phone.

00:36:01   Yeah, it's because of Verizon's millimeter wave, which is 5G only, only here.

00:36:07   There are a bunch of asterisks to that, but sure.

00:36:10   I mean, it's what I read on the internet.

00:36:11   Like millimeter wave is not a Verizon thing.

00:36:13   Well, no, but they're, they, they have it.

00:36:16   So they supporting millimeter wave overseas?

00:36:19   I believe millimeter wave exists in other places.

00:36:22   But is this phone support them, I guess?

00:36:24   No, because the millimeter wave version of the phone is only being sold in America.

00:36:28   Okay.

00:36:30   5G is confusing and mostly terrible.

00:36:32   - It's really confusing.

00:36:33   - So at the end of round one, we are tied.

00:36:37   - Hooray! - With a point each.

00:36:39   Oh, I didn't ring the bell as we went, hang on.

00:36:41   (bell ringing)

00:36:42   There we go. - Nice, thank you.

00:36:43   Thank you.

00:36:44   Something was missing.

00:36:46   - Yeah, now it's here.

00:36:47   All right, Federico, start off round two for us.

00:36:50   - Round two, I said one of the new iPhones

00:36:53   will not have the USB charger in the box.

00:36:57   And sure enough, yes, thank you, we saw Lisa Jackson very dangerously talking on top of the Apple Park roof,

00:37:07   saying that for environmental reasons, basically the same argument that we got with the Apple Watch,

00:37:13   that they're getting rid, and also because everybody already has these accessories,

00:37:17   they're getting rid of the earbuds and the charger in the box of the iPhone,

00:37:23   which in return is gonna save them a lot of plastic, a lot of materials,

00:37:29   and it's gonna make the iPhone box smaller, and that means also that it reduces carbon emissions,

00:37:35   you know, all that kind of reasonable arguments, and obviously it's also gonna save them a bunch of money,

00:37:41   because they don't have to include those accessories in the box anymore.

00:37:44   So this was, again, pretty much an obvious one. Apple made the case for this last month with the Apple Watch,

00:37:51   and they followed with the iPhone.

00:37:53   And I saw, if I'm not mistaken,

00:37:55   I saw on Twitter Mark Gurman say that

00:37:58   they are also going to update the iPhone SE,

00:38:03   the package, by getting rid of the earbuds

00:38:05   and the charger, I think.

00:38:07   He tweeted about this yesterday at some point.

00:38:09   Yeah, so.

00:38:10   - Some follow up from the Discord.

00:38:13   Someone, Myke Cam on Twitter.

00:38:16   - I saw this yesterday.

00:38:18   - I emailed Tim Cook and said, "Hey, fantastic event.

00:38:21   Did someone get Lisa Jackson down okay?"

00:38:25   And he apparently forwarded it to Lisa Jackson

00:38:27   and Lisa replied, "I'm fine, thanks for checking on me."

00:38:30   Smiley face emoji.

00:38:31   At 2.30 in the morning, well I guess 2.30 in the morning

00:38:35   wherever my clips. - For my cam, yes.

00:38:37   - My cam. - Yeah.

00:38:40   - Yeah.

00:38:41   Anyways, very funny little footnote to that story.

00:38:45   - And the subject of the email was House Lisa.

00:38:48   It would have been funny if Tim Cook just replied with a picture of an Apple Lisa computer.

00:38:52   Like that would have been nice.

00:38:54   That's what I would have done.

00:38:55   Yeah, I know. I know you would have done that.

00:38:56   That was Lisa.

00:38:57   Question.

00:38:58   Uh-huh?

00:38:59   Do you think a thought like that would ever occur to Tim Cook?

00:39:01   No.

00:39:02   Nope.

00:39:04   Probably.

00:39:05   Okay.

00:39:05   Doesn't even...

00:39:06   Well, I think he knows what it is.

00:39:08   But, uh...

00:39:09   He doesn't strike me...

00:39:10   He probably wouldn't jump there immediately.

00:39:12   He doesn't strike me as a jockster himself.

00:39:17   Yeah.

00:39:17   He's anti-japes.

00:39:19   I don't think he would enjoy connected.

00:39:21   No, that's not true.

00:39:22   That's not true.

00:39:23   Tim Cook has personally endorsed connected.

00:39:26   By standing in front of our logo.

00:39:29   The old logo.

00:39:30   Doesn't matter.

00:39:31   It's still us.

00:39:33   Still us.

00:39:34   It's still printed on a sheet of glass in my office.

00:39:37   Exactly.

00:39:37   I have pictures of him.

00:39:39   "Puberty connected."

00:39:40   That's the old artwork.

00:39:41   Mm-hmm.

00:39:42   Yes.

00:39:43   I think it's our Twitter banner still.

00:39:44   Probably should be if it isn't.

00:39:47   somebody hasn't done the work it is okay so this next one we had talked about

00:39:54   because Myke your pick was Apple gives us another to make it by the way oh no

00:40:03   no we all know you got it wrong but when you talk about why you got it wrong

00:40:06   because a lot of people I think assume that this yeah correct mm-hmm

00:40:09   see what I'm saying mm-hmm so your pick was Apple gives another extended free

00:40:13   period of TV+ with new product purchases even if you already had a trial which we

00:40:18   went round and round on this wording. The day after the show the story

00:40:25   broke we have a link from 9to5Mac that Apple is extending Apple TV+ free

00:40:31   trials so that year trial when you bought a phone last year you got a free

00:40:34   year they were extending it through February now the the reason for this is

00:40:38   obvious, they haven't been able to make new TV shows in a while. And so I'm sure they would be

00:40:44   in a timeline without COVID, we would be having things like the morning show season two, and you

00:40:51   know, there's original shows coming back and maybe even new things launching for the first time.

00:40:56   All that's delayed, so Apple's giving everybody more time through February. That's fantastic,

00:41:04   but that's not what you predicted.

00:41:06   No, because I was quite particular about it, saying new product purchases,

00:41:12   even if you already had a trial. So this wasn't what I predicted. I am less bullish on this as

00:41:22   a thing that's happening, but I still think there is a possibility that Apple will do this again.

00:41:26   They will say if you bought a phone, but I just don't think it's the time right now.

00:41:33   I think if there's another event this year, we could still see another Apple TV and if we do,

00:41:38   I could imagine them wanting to do a little bundling. Someone did surface this from

00:41:42   somewhere that if you buy a phone, one of these new phones, you get three months of Apple Arcade

00:41:48   for free. I still think there is a possibility that Apple will do another

00:41:55   trial period of TV+ for free with purchases, but it isn't right now. This did actually bring up

00:42:01   something which I think should be added into the Bill of Rickeys. Because if I

00:42:12   hadn't, if my pick was Apple gives another extended free period of TV+

00:42:17   in theory with the way that was written this would have been correct but

00:42:23   it happened multiple days before the event. We have nothing in our rules to

00:42:31   state when predictions begin but we do have an unwritten rule of when they end.

00:42:38   So the unwritten rule is anything that happens up until recording, right? If we

00:42:44   can prove it we get it but we do not have a start time in the Bill of Rickies.

00:42:49   I would like to propose an amendment to the Bill of Rickies, which says the

00:42:55   picks can only be scored from when the event begins until we record. Anything

00:43:02   that happens in between the Ricky's being picked and the event starting I

00:43:08   don't think that should count. I like that. Because we would have been in real

00:43:13   trouble if I would have said Apple gives another extended free period of TV+ if

00:43:17   that was my pick because I would have come to this show fighting right to get

00:43:22   my point and I shouldn't have. Yeah well so my I agree we should clarify this

00:43:28   because we have fallen into a loophole that our very otherwise well thought out

00:43:33   and not at all hodgepodge set of rules accounted for. They're almost too well

00:43:38   thought out which is the problem. But my concern is like starting at the keynote

00:43:42   is that makes us too much like the upgrade drafts I think. Yeah but the

00:43:47   difference is that it goes all the way up until... Yeah but that's just like a day

00:43:52   But then but lots of information can be pulled out from then like because the thing about the draft is

00:43:58   We could have something completely wrong

00:44:00   but a spec page will show that it's correct or vice versa and I

00:44:06   Don't I don't know it needs to be clarified my recommendation is that it should be from when the event starts

00:44:14   But if you two want it to be from when the picks are made I won't oppose that

00:44:19   Yeah, my suggestion is picks the the eligible scoring window is from when the episode

00:44:26   is published

00:44:29   To when or I guess when the pick is made to when we start the scoring

00:44:34   Like maximum time the reason I think this is because sometimes Apple dumps stuff like before

00:44:42   WWDC so say that you're a couple years ago. Someone had made the pick of they are going to

00:44:48   Knock a percentage off subscription. There's their cut of subscription money, right?

00:44:53   That would have been a genius pick but you would have lost it because Phil Schiller announced it two days before

00:44:58   see what I'm saying like

00:45:00   There's always

00:45:03   possibility for something to happen

00:45:05   Before an event and if you picked it

00:45:07   Then you should get credit for it because the only reason it's not in the event is because a PR person made a decision

00:45:14   It was still going to be an announcement

00:45:16   Federico, you have deciding vote on this.

00:45:18   - I don't know.

00:45:21   I really do like the idea of these are the Ricky's

00:45:27   for the event and everything we score,

00:45:30   we score based on the event and afterwards.

00:45:33   So everything that happens from the time of the event

00:45:35   and later.

00:45:36   - Okay.

00:45:37   - I really feel like because we're doing the Ricky's

00:45:39   about the event.

00:45:41   - We have other types of picks that run at random times

00:45:45   throughout the year anyway, right?

00:45:47   So like the annuals, it's like any time within the year.

00:45:52   And so I feel like that's fine for that,

00:45:53   but these are about the events.

00:45:56   - It also introduces, it does introduce a secondary level

00:46:00   of like a secondary challenge in that,

00:46:03   because now we know that Apple likes to sort of

00:46:06   clear the decks before an event.

00:46:10   Like you gotta think about what is the,

00:46:12   could this potentially be an announcement

00:46:14   that they share before the event with the press release.

00:46:18   Like I do like that it introduces that aspect as well,

00:46:21   because now we know, right, that the days before an event,

00:46:23   they are going to announce the things

00:46:25   that they just wanna announce,

00:46:27   and sort of taking them out of the day of the event.

00:46:31   So that could be fun to consider.

00:46:33   Like for example, if at WWDC we said,

00:46:36   Apple is going to announce some developer changes,

00:46:39   now we know that they always like to do that before WWDC,

00:46:43   so that they get those issues out of the way first, right?

00:46:46   So I'm inclined to say that because we have annual RIKIs

00:46:53   that consider the whole year,

00:46:54   and because the event RIKIs are called,

00:46:58   we're doing this for events, for keynotes,

00:47:01   I think we should score from the keynote onward,

00:47:05   which is usually just an extra day or a couple of days.

00:47:08   - Okay, well, we gave you the final vote.

00:47:10   I will say that the Discord mostly agrees with me, but that's fine.

00:47:14   Yeah, because they like chaos.

00:47:16   They do.

00:47:17   The scoring window starts when the event begins and closes when the picks are scored.

00:47:22   Yes.

00:47:24   Yeah.

00:47:26   I'm going to copy this down to the bottom of the document.

00:47:29   We are adding rules to the Bill of Rickeys.

00:47:32   The problem is, if you have so many rules, rules need to keep being added, right?

00:47:38   Well, that's how the Constitution was made.

00:47:41   I think it could be argued that the problem with...

00:47:44   One of the problems with the Constitution is there aren't enough new rules added and

00:47:47   amended.

00:47:48   See?

00:47:49   We are actually governing our rickies better than most governments do with their countries.

00:47:55   Yes.

00:47:56   Because we are keeping up with the times and with the changing reality of Apple events.

00:47:59   I think that there is a big, big, big problem in looking at a document written hundreds

00:48:04   of years ago and then rigidly trying to stick to that and interpret it where I feel like

00:48:10   it is a much much better system to be open to be flexible to it.

00:48:15   -Be keeping up with the times, you know? -That's right. Solving the problems that

00:48:19   Run rules created in the first place. -Well, you can look at it that way.

00:48:25   -Solving was the right word. -You can say that we know our legislation,

00:48:31   know what we're doing and this is why people listen to us because they trust us to make

00:48:36   good rules.

00:48:37   And look how calm that whole process was.

00:48:41   Exactly, exactly.

00:48:43   When something is fair and honest and it's not like, you know, Myke or Steven trying

00:48:48   to sneak a point in as they always do, we don't argue.

00:48:51   It's perfect.

00:48:53   It's beautiful.

00:48:55   When democracy wins, it's always beautiful.

00:48:57   Right?

00:48:58   No comment?

00:49:00   Okay, cool, perfect.

00:49:03   My second round pick was the iPhone Pro will come

00:49:07   in at least one new color.

00:49:10   (bell ringing)

00:49:13   Yeah.

00:49:14   Rang the bell for myself.

00:49:15   Yeah, Pacific blue replaces Midnight Green.

00:49:19   Silver stays as it's always been.

00:49:22   The gold is new and way more goldish.

00:49:27   I don't know, it's very, very shiny.

00:49:29   - Well, I'll leave the sides.

00:49:31   The back is still kind of, you know.

00:49:33   - Muted.

00:49:34   - Yeah.

00:49:35   - And they've replaced Space Gray with Graphite,

00:49:38   which is a much better name, but it retains, you know,

00:49:41   the dark stainless edges, like the,

00:49:43   like my Space Gray 11 Pro.

00:49:46   What do y'all think about the blue in the iPhone Pro line

00:49:51   versus the blue in the iPhone 12 line?

00:49:54   'Cause they are very different.

00:49:56   Wonder if you guys have any, like,

00:49:57   leaning one way or the other.

00:49:59   I like the pro one

00:50:02   I really do. I haven't

00:50:05   actually even looked at the standard iPhone 12. What does it look like?

00:50:09   Let's see. The color? Yeah.

00:50:12   I think it might, I mean it's always difficult to tell

00:50:16   but it looks much closer to the Apple Watch

00:50:19   which I guess makes sense because that's aluminium isn't it?

00:50:22   So the Apple Watch is blue and the iPhone 12's blue

00:50:27   I think look more similar.

00:50:28   But I would like to see all that in person

00:50:32   because I guess they don't have a blue stainless steel watch

00:50:36   do they?

00:50:37   It's just the aluminum one.

00:50:38   So it kind of makes sense that they would,

00:50:40   it would color match more closely.

00:50:42   And I guess the green and blue on these

00:50:44   is the same as the green and blue on the iPad.

00:50:48   Maybe?

00:50:49   The green looks similar but the blue doesn't.

00:50:52   - Yeah, they're kind of in the same like vein,

00:50:54   but yeah, they are a little bit different.

00:50:56   So I guess what we're saying is blue is the new space gray.

00:50:59   What is blue according to Apple?

00:51:01   It's all over the place.

00:51:02   - It's all of them.

00:51:02   It's all the different blues.

00:51:04   - Yeah.

00:51:05   - I was pretty confident that I would go for blue, right?

00:51:09   That I would just trade in green for blue.

00:51:11   But when they showed off that gold stainless steel,

00:51:15   I was watching it with Dino and she turned to me,

00:51:19   she's like, "You like that one, don't you?"

00:51:19   I was like, "I do, yes, that's the one for me, boys."

00:51:24   - Give it to me.

00:51:26   I am very into that gold. Very into it. It looks very special.

00:51:31   It looks really good. I'm torn between those two for the Pro. The blue and the gold.

00:51:37   The graphite I don't really like. It's kind of brownish. I really dislike it. I really dislike it.

00:51:43   I do like the, what's it called, the silver for the standard iPhone 12. The white or silver one.

00:51:52   That looks really nice, but on the Pro, it's either gonna be blue or gold.

00:51:56   Yeah, I mean, I think you can always tell by the way that Apple chooses to photograph.

00:52:01   Yeah.

00:52:01   So like, all of the iPhone 12s, they have their own images, right?

00:52:05   All the colors have their own images.

00:52:07   It is incredibly difficult to try and find any images of either the silver or graphite Pro Maxes.

00:52:14   I don't know what they've done with the graphite, honestly.

00:52:16   Like, why do you hate the color gray?

00:52:18   Why have you done this this year?

00:52:21   Do we have personal revenge against the color grey?

00:52:24   They've tried a million different ways to do the color grey

00:52:28   and now they're just trying again with a new name?

00:52:30   It's the ugliest grey I've ever seen in my life, I think.

00:52:34   But people seem to really like the space grey watch,

00:52:37   but as we said, like, not space grey, graphite, sorry,

00:52:41   but there's nothing to say that the graphite watch

00:52:44   is even close to the graphite phone

00:52:48   Because what what is the graphite watch made out of?

00:52:51   graphite

00:52:54   It should be marking everything is it steel is it steel?

00:52:59   I don't know if it's the steel or the titanium is steel space black is titanium. That's right

00:53:04   They kept the space black name, but moved it to the other material

00:53:07   Right because the I'm sure that the pro I bet the the rails look close ish

00:53:14   But then the whole rest of the body has got this kind of like

00:53:18   It's a weird color

00:53:20   You can see it the most you can get of the the kind of the back and front is when you go to the product

00:53:26   Selection page. Yeah, and

00:53:28   Honestly, you could show me that picture and tell me it was the green one and I'd probably believe you. Yeah

00:53:34   It's it's it's weird how they treat it. Definitely

00:53:37   and it's weird that they don't really show off the colors on the website like you said in a very good way like

00:53:44   The blue and the gold are in all the product shots because you know, they want to show off the the new color

00:53:50   Just like the day with midnight green last year. Yeah, and I think the gold one looks so good

00:53:56   They're giving that a lot of because gold is not new right like they've been doing gold forever now

00:54:02   But I think that they they know that that gold stainless looks looks super good

00:54:06   So that's that's the one I'm gonna be planned to be going for spoilers for later in the show

00:54:10   Okay

00:54:11   So at the end of round two

00:54:13   Federico has two points Myke has one point and I have two points. It's not looking good for me. It's not looking good

00:54:21   For you, but we're gonna come to the risky picks and everything could change after this break

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00:56:52   All right, risky pick number one,

00:56:57   Federico, this was yours.

00:56:59   You said one of the new iPhones with LiDAR

00:57:02   has a new portrait feature thanks to new sensors.

00:57:06   - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:57:09   - I didn't think you were gonna get this.

00:57:10   They went really far into the photo section

00:57:14   And I'm like, oh, it has a night mode,

00:57:17   was it night mode portrait because of the LiDAR.

00:57:22   You pulled it out.

00:57:23   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:57:24   So as I told you last week, my reasoning for this was

00:57:29   they are adding LiDAR to the iPhone.

00:57:32   Now, obviously we have the same component on the iPad Pro

00:57:35   and they haven't done much.

00:57:37   Well, they have done nothing at all on the iPad Pro

00:57:39   in terms of photography, they will use it for AR.

00:57:41   But my thought was, if they're bringing this to the iPhone,

00:57:44   certainly they're gonna do something for photography.

00:57:47   And in fact, I also had other picks,

00:57:51   like in the Flexis I had one about augmented reality

00:57:55   that I did not get.

00:57:56   However, as I was thinking about the Rickeys,

00:57:59   I considered photography is the most important feature

00:58:03   of the iPhone, and they're bringing lighter.

00:58:06   And certainly they must do something with lighter

00:58:10   and photography, because it's right there,

00:58:12   and they need to explain it in a way that sells you

00:58:14   on the idea of the pro that is not just about AR.

00:58:19   And so I thought, what does LiDAR do?

00:58:22   And I figured LiDAR helps you

00:58:25   better capture the scene around you,

00:58:28   and supposedly it can help you,

00:58:30   because of the people recognition that they have

00:58:32   in the framework, it could help you,

00:58:36   like I was thinking exactly about this kind of stuff,

00:58:38   could help you with autofocus or with finding people in scenarios where it might be tricky

00:58:44   to find people in a scene without lighter. Now, specifically in this case, they said on the iPhone

00:58:52   12 Pro, and we checked multiple times, it's in the press release, it's on the website, you can now take

00:58:58   night mode portraits, which is exactly the kind of fit, like, the overall idea that I had in mind.

00:59:07   what's a portrait mode that couldn't be possible without Lighter? In absence of light, it might be

00:59:14   tricky to find a person in front of the camera. And with Lighter, you can. And so with Lighter,

00:59:20   they've been able to do Night Mode portraits on the iPhone 12 Pro. I was feeling very nervous as

00:59:27   they were running through the features of the iPhone 12 Pro, and they showed nothing about

00:59:31   Portrait and then they said oh and by the way we also enabled I think it was

00:59:36   in that like in the in the recap video they just said oh yeah now you can take

00:59:40   night mode portraits and I was like did they say that and we started exchanging

00:59:45   messages in the thread. It was also that one of the things that made it confusing for us

00:59:49   was that what they do something they did do for all the phones is night mode

00:59:53   works on every camera but only the Pro phones have portrait in night mode.

01:00:02   It's tricky, but that's the difference.

01:00:06   So I think a common theme with this peak and the last events risky peak was that I tried

01:00:15   to guess based on what new hardware, like what new component are you adding to the device

01:00:25   and how can you likely use that in software. I think if you like, remember the with the

01:00:31   Apple Watch I said they're gonna add a new built-in app to the watch and that was for

01:00:36   the blood oxygen app. So the common theme was if you're adding sensors what does that mean

01:00:43   for the software and specifically about LiDAR, I had a feeling that they were not

01:00:48   gonna stop at AR because that wouldn't be enough of a compelling message for a

01:00:52   new iPhone. So I'm very happy. I felt very anxious about this one because

01:01:01   I didn't think I would get it, so I'm really happy that I did.

01:01:04   Yeah, I mean, I think we agree with you that the LiDAR would do something to the camera,

01:01:09   but we didn't think it would be portrait and so that's where you really won on that one you you were specific

01:01:15   But you were spot-on. It was a very good pick. Thank you. Thank you. I

01:01:20   Did not get my pick which was that the new iPhone of a touch ID sensor

01:01:26   It was out look I said, I think I said it I was it was part wish right and part like this could be possible

01:01:33   I really wanted it to be the case did not pan out

01:01:38   Yeah. Because your argument was maybe they've been able to turn around the production of the iPhone 12 Pro

01:01:46   to account for the pandemic.

01:01:49   Yeah. But also, the possibility was always that they were always planning this.

01:01:54   Because, I mean, Apple knows that Face ID was not as big a smash hit as Touch ID was.

01:02:00   Right? Like, people love Touch ID, and then Face ID.

01:02:05   Lots of people don't like face ID. They prefer touch ID, right?

01:02:08   So I think there's always been the possibility of having both on a device

01:02:13   So this could have always been the plan, right?

01:02:16   It wouldn't necessarily have had to have been because of the pandemic

01:02:19   But you know there were two there were two routes for me where I think it could have happened

01:02:23   Neither of them ended up coming to the fore. Oh sad for you to lose this. This is definitely something that

01:02:29   we've all wanted right like

01:02:33   where like Myke's happy, he got his Ricky,

01:02:35   but everyone's happy Myke got his Ricky.

01:02:38   - I would have been a 50% sore loser

01:02:43   if you got this pic right.

01:02:46   - Which for you is good.

01:02:48   - Great progress if we didn't think about it.

01:02:50   (laughing)

01:02:53   - I did have this sort of crazy daydream thought

01:02:56   last night of what if they released a MagSafe accessory

01:03:00   that was Touch ID?

01:03:02   That'd be cool.

01:03:03   Not really possible, but cool.

01:03:05   - Be the biggest fingerprint sensor of all time.

01:03:07   So hi, you want your fingerprint sensor?

01:03:09   Here you go.

01:03:10   - Here you go.

01:03:11   - Take that.

01:03:13   - All right, I also did not get mine.

01:03:16   The iPhone Pro did not move to USB-C.

01:03:18   - I can't believe how sure you were at this.

01:03:21   Jason mentioned to me, I don't remember if it was

01:03:23   on upgrade or outside of the show,

01:03:27   was saying that Stephen was joking, right,

01:03:29   about how serious he was.

01:03:31   and I don't believe you were.

01:03:33   Am I right in my belief?

01:03:35   - No, I had faith.

01:03:36   - I know you did.

01:03:37   It was blind faith, I think.

01:03:39   - It didn't pan out.

01:03:41   - Didn't.

01:03:42   - Definitely did not pan out.

01:03:43   No, I thought it was possible.

01:03:47   - You seemed like you were very sure of it though,

01:03:49   like this is more than possible.

01:03:50   - It made so much sense to me

01:03:52   that this is how they would do it.

01:03:54   And the iPad Air just seemed to like,

01:03:55   yeah, they're gonna do it.

01:03:57   Just, it wasn't, it didn't happen.

01:04:00   - No.

01:04:01   you though we told you like are you sure you want to pick this one this year I

01:04:05   know no you tried to save me for myself which I appreciate it's just something

01:04:10   it's just one of those like self-fulfilling type things like you had

01:04:15   this thought months ago and you said it right like this is like this is like a

01:04:20   maybe six weeks ago or something and this was gonna be a risky pick but then

01:04:23   the iPhone didn't come in the last event so you didn't end up picking it and I

01:04:27   think it was one of those things where like you were so sure because you came

01:04:30   up with it and then because nobody else wanted to pick it you were like aha

01:04:33   everyone wants it but they know they can't pick it but no one of us wanted to

01:04:39   pick right yeah happy for you to have it because try to warn you yeah which one

01:04:45   someone of the discourse said it sounded like I was quote little birdie told me

01:04:50   confident like I knew it knew it yeah you were that kind of level like

01:04:55   sometimes Federico knows things that sort of thing no when I do I tell you

01:05:00   many I always do sure I'll tell you what it would it be fun to play the Ricky's

01:05:05   if I had information insider information all right so let's tally the score

01:05:10   Federico you had a perfect game oh once again so four points for you I honestly

01:05:18   I prefer Federico to win like this then what I was convinced was gonna happen

01:05:24   which was a three-way coin toss knockout competition.

01:05:27   [laughter]

01:05:30   -So Federico, congratulations. -Of course you prefer me to win.

01:05:32   It's beautiful to watch me win.

01:05:34   Like, I can understand why from the outside it's a spectacle.

01:05:38   I get it. Thank you.

01:05:41   I know that it must be a beautiful thing to watch.

01:05:43   Get all the points like this. My God.

01:05:46   Twice in a row with two events.

01:05:48   -I know. -Now we just got to get the...

01:05:51   I've decided that I'm gonna start referring to myself as "we" for the Riki's.

01:05:56   So now we just gotta get the next event as well.

01:05:59   Wow.

01:05:59   Why "we"?

01:06:00   Oh, the Royal "we".

01:06:04   Because I feel like-

01:06:05   Why have you made this decision?

01:06:06   I think it gives me more of an official tone.

01:06:12   I kind of like it.

01:06:13   "We" have decided, you know?

01:06:15   Is it just you and Jon?

01:06:16   No, no, it's just me-

01:06:18   That's what I think about.

01:06:19   Me, myself, and I.

01:06:20   Okay, you and your secret sources that give you all of the information so you can win the rickys?

01:06:24   Me and my medium-sized birdies. I don't have little birdies. They're more like chickens.

01:06:31   They're big birdies. They're throwing chickens.

01:06:34   Wait, is it Craig?

01:06:36   No, we all know your friends from Craig.

01:06:39   We all know your friends from Craig.

01:06:41   Is Craig Federighi throwing the rickys?

01:06:46   No, no, no. He doesn't participate.

01:06:51   - Okay.

01:06:52   In second place, we have me with two right answers,

01:06:58   but I missed my Ricky, so I have one point.

01:07:04   And in third place, we have Myke with zero points.

01:07:09   He got one right and one wrong, but he missed his Ricky.

01:07:12   So that is no points.

01:07:15   It's Federico and then Myke. Federico and then me and then Myke.

01:07:19   Mm-hmm.

01:07:19   Mm-hmm.

01:07:20   And we'll probably do it all over again.

01:07:22   In three weeks.

01:07:24   In about 30 more weeks.

01:07:25   I gotta do my research about the Macs.

01:07:28   Like what people like about the Macintosh and what people want to see in the Apple Silicon Mac.

01:07:35   Like I gotta...

01:07:36   I gotta...

01:07:36   You genuinely, I think, have to do some work if you want to win the Macs ones.

01:07:41   I have to do the work.

01:07:42   I have no idea what we're talking about, but I'm still... we are still gonna win.

01:07:47   So we need to do the work.

01:07:49   I am feeling okay in the fact that I have picked up at least one more annual prediction point.

01:07:56   So I am feeling good about taking that annual title away from you.

01:08:04   We will deal with that later, because right now we have flexies to do.

01:08:08   Oh god, so let me remind people of the flexi rules just because it's been two hours

01:08:13   It's been so long since you heard the rules. You must have forgotten the rules. We don't give the rules enough

01:08:18   Loser of the non graded flexi's must compensate the winner of the flexi's by donating to the charity of the winners choice

01:08:25   The amount the donation is $25 per wrong flexi made by the loser in

01:08:30   Case of a tie the ratio of correct to incorrect flexi will be taken into account

01:08:36   Each host must make a minimum of five flexi picks

01:08:40   We all did just five this time because I lost last time because I went with six and the money must be donated on air

01:08:47   So Federico, give us your flexis

01:08:51   Alright, let's see. Oh

01:08:54   Well, the problem here is that this wasn't a music event

01:08:58   And I really thought that it was also gonna be a music event. You went heavy in music really heavy in music. Yeah

01:09:05   So in the thankfully these were the flexes not the regular picks

01:09:08   So I said Apple launches a new HD tier for Apple music for high resolution streaming

01:09:14   Then I said and I'm very surprised that we didn't get this one

01:09:18   But I can also see why this could be an iOS 15 type of thing at this point

01:09:22   Apple launches an AR navigation mode for Apple Maps

01:09:27   Then I said Apple launch is a new AirPods app for iPhone similar to how we have a watch app

01:09:34   I thought we could also have an AirPods app. Then I said iOS 14.2 Shazam recognition

01:09:41   is demoed and

01:09:43   Lastly, this is the only one that I got right. Apple introduces a new proximity based software feature for iPhone

01:09:50   Based on the U1 chip. This one we did get with the new HomePod mini

01:09:55   They have the, you know, uses the proximity and the U1 chip for handoff, which is something that the previous HomePod

01:10:03   cannot do since it doesn't support the U1 chip, but the new one, the HomePod Mini does.

01:10:08   So they did show off a new proximity based feature. The other things we didn't get, however, allow me to speculate here.

01:10:16   So obviously I got four

01:10:18   flexes wrong and just one correct. My speculation is that

01:10:22   14.2

01:10:26   will be released alongside the HomePod Mini

01:10:31   because they are... the things that they showed off, specifically how the proximity-based handoff,

01:10:42   and how they mentioned how when you get close to the HomePod you get music suggestions on the lock

01:10:48   screen. By those music suggestions, I'm sure, I'm 90% sure, that they mean the new now playing

01:10:56   control that you get in 14.2 when nothing is playing on your device, the now playing

01:11:04   thing on the lock screen, it shows you suggestions for albums and podcasts.

01:11:11   And you put two and two together, I think 14.2 will launch in November and it'll be required for

01:11:19   for the HomePod mini.

01:11:21   - And also, like, all of these things,

01:11:24   all of these pics could still happen

01:11:27   whenever they unveil headphones.

01:11:29   They just didn't do that yet.

01:11:31   - I think I'm gonna reuse some of these.

01:11:33   But yeah, I think--

01:11:35   - Pics may not be reused.

01:11:37   - Ooh, damn!

01:11:39   - Okay, well, yeah.

01:11:41   No big deal because I can just talk about headphones.

01:11:45   - The problem with pics cannot be reused.

01:11:47   It relies on all of us remembering all the bits.

01:11:50   That's true.

01:11:51   No, it's fine.

01:11:51   I mean--

01:11:54   I think we'd remember, or the Discord would remember.

01:11:56   We have communal memory.

01:11:58   The only thing that kind of sucks is I cannot reuse--

01:12:01   Shazam recognition is demoed.

01:12:04   But I'm fine with everything else.

01:12:06   I mean, the AirPods app was a stretch.

01:12:08   And at this point, I kind of lost faith in the HD tier

01:12:10   for Apple Music, because I don't know

01:12:12   if they want to introduce a new tier for Apple One.

01:12:14   So, yeah, I'm actually happy that I...

01:12:18   Well, unless it comes with Premiere.

01:12:20   Hmm...

01:12:22   I don't know.

01:12:24   I'm actually happy that I didn't include my previous, if you remember, I had a headphone pick in the document before we did the Ricky's.

01:12:33   And I swapped that for the AirPods app.

01:12:38   So I'm glad that I didn't cover the headphones so I can reuse that one, maybe.

01:12:43   But yeah, I only got one flexi.

01:12:46   I would like to make another suggestion for an amendment here.

01:12:51   The picks that we're not allowed to reuse shouldn't include flexis.

01:12:56   Yeah, actually, the way that it's structured now, it is not in the flexis subdocument,

01:13:01   so I think that's okay.

01:13:02   I think reusing flexis or using flexis as regular picks later on should be fine.

01:13:07   I just think it's fine.

01:13:08   flexis may be reused as future flexis or because we throw so much stuff into

01:13:15   these yes like I'm looking along this list and if we don't reuse some of these

01:13:20   for the next event our picks are gonna be very boring because there is a lot of

01:13:25   stuff that the three of us picked that we put in flexis because there might not

01:13:31   be headphones on max at the event. So Fedorico got one flexi pic, these were mine.

01:13:40   Updated Apple TV, did not get that. No new max announced, did get that. New home pod

01:13:46   model, did get that. Apple TV+ trailers are shown, did not get that. Over ear air pods

01:13:53   are offered with multiple material options, did not get that. So I lost out in the flexis

01:14:00   the same way that I lost out on the upgrade draft by believing there would be a new Apple TV.

01:14:04   There was not a new Apple TV. I was genuinely very surprised. I was waiting for the moment

01:14:09   when they were going to show off the Apple TV because it seems obvious at this point that

01:14:13   they have to update that hardware because it's so friggin' old. And I would have expected

01:14:20   them to have more TV content to show because there is stuff still coming this year.

01:14:27   But I would expect that if there is another event in this year, which would probably include

01:14:33   well, which would be probably focused around max mainly,

01:14:37   I could see that very much including TV along with some audio stuff.

01:14:42   But I got two, so I beat Federico, so I didn't lose this.

01:14:49   Federico has one, you have two. My picks were Jaws presents a new product,

01:14:55   correct an AR demo is shown correct I'm really surprised about the demo they had

01:15:03   a in the video they they showed the Medtronic company which actually has an

01:15:12   office here in Memphis which is why yeah yeah yeah using AR to like a call lay

01:15:16   out a hospital room or something yeah I remember that I forgot I forgot it at

01:15:20   the point yeah big Sur gets a release date it did not in fact it just got a

01:15:24   new beta this morning, the beta 10 on Pixar. iPad Air pre-order date announced, didn't happen.

01:15:32   And then finally, yes, at least some of the new iPhones have 5G. So I have won the flexis.

01:15:40   Did you feel dirty winning that flexi? No. Because of how much you have denied?

01:15:46   No. Look, a man of the people is willing to change his mind as new data comes.

01:15:53   Oh, you keep saying this thing about the man of the people, that would be you, right?

01:15:56   Yes.

01:15:57   I don't think somebody that invokes the royal we, Federico, could be in consideration for being a man of the people.

01:16:04   Oh no, see, I am a man of the people.

01:16:06   No, but you can't go by royal we if you're a man of the people.

01:16:09   I only go with the royal we with you two.

01:16:12   But I'm a man of the people with other people, just not with you two.

01:16:16   You know?

01:16:18   No, I don't know.

01:16:19   And the people love me, the people love me, and they understand that when it comes to the competition, I gotta use the Royal Wii.

01:16:25   Right.

01:16:26   Uh-huh.

01:16:27   But I'm a man of the people. I'm more of a man of the people than Steven, in fact.

01:16:31   Right. Wow.

01:16:32   Yeah. Yes.

01:16:33   Well, you, man of the people, need to make a donation.

01:16:36   Uh-huh.

01:16:37   So, I hope you have your--

01:16:38   Very gladly so. All right, so--

01:16:40   Yes, you have your card ready. So it's 25-- what is-- $25 per wrong Flexi. You made four wrong ones, so it'll be $100.

01:16:48   Oh, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!

01:16:50   Wait, how much? How much?

01:16:52   $100.

01:16:53   U.S. dollars.

01:16:54   Okay.

01:16:54   And I'm going to put this in the Discord. I have chosen the Forest Spence Fund. It's a

01:17:00   nonprofit here in Memphis, and what they do is they take funds from generous people like you,

01:17:06   and they help meet individual and institutional needs of families with sick children. And so if

01:17:14   your kid is in the ICU or they're at St. Jude and they're in Memphis and

01:17:18   Nashville a bunch of other cities in the south counseling financial grants so if

01:17:22   you're having trouble paying your rent or your car note because you can't work

01:17:25   because your kid is in the hospital they help meet those financial needs and I

01:17:29   think it'd be really awesome if you would donate to them yeah okay so that's

01:17:33   forestspencefund.org? Yes. Donate. Doing this live as per the

01:17:41   Billericus. $100 is already a pre chosen amount on their form that's nice. I can

01:17:48   choose any location or Memphis Nashville and Chattanooga? Nice work. Well done.

01:17:57   Is that a real place? Bradley Chambers lives there. How do you call people from

01:18:03   Chattanooga the Chattanooga's. Chattanooga's a lovely city it's actually really awesome. I am

01:18:15   gonna pick Memphis. Okay. Common designated donations. Oh no I can just say $100. Yeah

01:18:23   they have a button. $100 button. Missed so prefix mister. We don't need to go through the entire

01:18:30   form together yeah don't read your address out loud yeah what's your credit

01:18:34   card number I could put it in for you yes it's an apple card no it's not it's

01:18:39   not an apple card why don't Steven why don't we take a break okay

01:18:43   Federico can continue his donation and confirm it when we're back from the

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01:20:41   Steven, you have picked an organization that does not let me donate from Italy.

01:20:47   (laughs)

01:20:48   - Wow, that's rough.

01:20:49   Okay, so send me the $100 and I will donate in your honor.

01:20:52   - Okay, how can I, what's the easiest way

01:20:55   to do this with you?

01:20:56   - Hmm, do you have Apple Cash?

01:20:58   - Doesn't exist outside of America.

01:21:00   - Doesn't exist outside of America.

01:21:03   - Do you have PayPal?

01:21:06   - Yeah, I do, or--

01:21:08   - I'm sending you my personal PayPal address.

01:21:12   - Okay, hold on.

01:21:13   - I was waiting, I was wondering how long is it gonna be

01:21:16   until this happens and it happened the second time.

01:21:20   - Mm-hmm, which just means I'm gonna be donating

01:21:21   to a bunch of places. (laughs)

01:21:24   - Hey, well, it depends. - It's happening, yeah.

01:21:25   - You're assuming you're gonna win all the time.

01:21:28   - I was also gonna make it funny

01:21:29   and write in the field in memory of Stephen Hackett.

01:21:33   - Yeah. - I was gonna do that.

01:21:35   - I'm doing it in honor of Federico Vatici.

01:21:38   - Thank you.

01:21:39   - So there are some other things that we should cover.

01:21:43   I think MagSafe is probably the biggest,

01:21:45   And honestly, I think the biggest surprise,

01:21:47   we didn't, it didn't really leak until the very last minute,

01:21:49   I don't think.

01:21:51   So this is a ring of magnets in the back of the 12

01:21:54   and the 12 Pro line that Apple is using

01:21:57   to connect a bunch of cases.

01:21:58   So the silicone case, the letter case is coming,

01:22:01   it's just not on the website right now.

01:22:03   The world's ugliest clear case.

01:22:06   - So bad.

01:22:07   - Why did they show?

01:22:09   So the clear case, if you haven't seen,

01:22:10   I guess there'll be a link in the show notes.

01:22:12   It's clear with white embedded plastic.

01:22:15   is that magnets in the case or is it just showing you where the magnets are?

01:22:18   I don't understand.

01:22:19   It's magnets in the case.

01:22:20   Is what it is.

01:22:20   How else would the, how else would it stick on?

01:22:23   That's a good point.

01:22:24   I guess the case is classic, not metal.

01:22:26   Also needs to maybe have like some kind of pass through magnet.

01:22:30   Right.

01:22:31   Can't you like make transparent magnets?

01:22:34   Isn't that a thing?

01:22:34   Don't think it is my friend.

01:22:36   No, I don't exist.

01:22:37   That's so bad.

01:22:38   I don't think so.

01:22:38   No.

01:22:39   Can we invent them?

01:22:40   Uh, okay.

01:22:42   Yes.

01:22:44   Do you have a magnet guy?

01:22:46   Not yet.

01:22:48   I can work on that though, if you want.

01:22:50   Yeah, okay.

01:22:51   Sure.

01:22:52   I just feel it's very inconvenient that magnets cannot be transparent.

01:22:55   Yeah.

01:22:56   Yeah, I guess so.

01:22:58   Isn't there like any transparent metal that we can make?

01:23:03   I don't know.

01:23:04   I'm sorry, I gotta go back to the PayPal thing. You go on.

01:23:07   Okay.

01:23:07   But save this idea, it's a good one.

01:23:09   Okay, yeah, writing it down.

01:23:12   So yeah, there's this whole series of accessories cases.

01:23:16   There's a wallet now, which I'm interested in.

01:23:19   And of course the charging puck,

01:23:21   which it looks like the Apple Watch puck,

01:23:23   just the width of an iPhone.

01:23:26   And it snaps on there and so it all works together.

01:23:29   So it's a whole series of things.

01:23:31   I imagine that there will be a wide range

01:23:34   of third-party accessories that work

01:23:39   with this system in the future.

01:23:41   But yeah, I think it's pretty exciting.

01:23:43   - Yeah, there's a bunch of accessories

01:23:45   that are coming later.

01:23:46   Like there are no leather cases or anything right now.

01:23:48   They have that little sleeve-y guy,

01:23:51   like that has a little window in it.

01:23:53   That's all coming later.

01:23:54   Companies like PopSocket have announced

01:23:56   that they will do something.

01:23:58   Apple showed off those Belkin ones,

01:23:59   which includes like a car mount and stuff.

01:24:04   I'm happy to see Apple create something again

01:24:07   where they're allowing for companies to get involved,

01:24:11   rather than companies just getting involved, right?

01:24:14   Like this is reminiscent of the MFI program,

01:24:17   the made for iPhone, made for iPod,

01:24:19   I think that started out.

01:24:21   Because look, you put magnets in the back of an iPhone,

01:24:24   companies can make cases of magnets in them,

01:24:26   like whatever, right?

01:24:28   But this little, it has a little chip in it

01:24:31   so it can recognize if there's something attached,

01:24:34   which is quite cool because then that could enable

01:24:37   for different functionality, I guess, that kind of stuff.

01:24:40   So I'm pleased to see this, I'm pleased they're doing this.

01:24:43   It's interesting, like magnetic cases is interesting.

01:24:50   Like do they not have any like front protection

01:24:54   on them anymore?

01:24:55   Like I'm intrigued to see how that works.

01:24:57   - I looked at the photos of the silicon cases

01:25:00   which are on the site now.

01:25:01   And it looks like if the lip does extend past the display,

01:25:05   it is very minimal.

01:25:08   it definitely isn't the way it is now.

01:25:11   And the cases go around the bottom,

01:25:13   which means the lip can't go out that far

01:25:15   because it interferes with the swipey actions.

01:25:17   So I think the magnet is probably doing the bulk

01:25:20   of the work to hold the case to the phone now.

01:25:23   The Apple cases at least.

01:25:24   - Yeah, which is cool.

01:25:26   I mean, but really the star of the show

01:25:28   is the magnetic charging thing, right?

01:25:30   Like that's the whole point of this is why it exists.

01:25:33   Will the two of you be looking to move

01:25:36   to MagSafe charging away from your Qi charging?

01:25:40   - Absolutely, yes.

01:25:41   - What about the million Qi chargers you've bought,

01:25:43   Federico?

01:25:44   - Okay, I'll throw them in the trash.

01:25:45   - They're all going straight in the trash?

01:25:47   You could probably do something different with,

01:25:49   okay, good, there you go. - I'll give them to friends.

01:25:51   I'll give them to friends.

01:25:52   No, the only thing I threw in the trash recently

01:25:54   was the Siri remote.

01:25:55   I do not apologize for not recycling that

01:25:58   because it deserves to be in the trash

01:26:00   'cause it's the worst product ever made.

01:26:02   So everything else I will recycle,

01:26:05   not the Siri remote, I'm sorry, just, yeah.

01:26:07   The place it deserves.

01:26:10   What I will do is I will replace the wallet case

01:26:17   that I have with the Apple one, I think.

01:26:23   And I'm already thinking of the color combinations,

01:26:27   sort of like I'm leaning toward the following combo.

01:26:31   Gold phone, red case, black wallet.

01:26:36   Maybe. - Interesting combo.

01:26:40   - Maybe.

01:26:41   I think it's really fun how you can now mix and match

01:26:43   and consider like the color of the phone

01:26:46   and the case and the wallet.

01:26:47   But also, like I'm sure that there's gonna be

01:26:50   third party manufacturers now joining the MagSafe fun.

01:26:54   - PopSocket will definitely make a wallet.

01:26:56   - Yeah. - They already make a wallet.

01:26:59   I've really enjoyed leaving the iPhone

01:27:01   as a wallet lifestyle for the past year.

01:27:04   Like I never, remember we talked about the Bellroy

01:27:08   wallet case that I started using last year

01:27:10   and it never stopped.

01:27:11   - But it was always, it was the case of

01:27:13   you had to take it out of the case

01:27:15   and put it in a new case every time.

01:27:16   - Exactly, exactly.

01:27:18   And this time I can just leave the small Apple wallet

01:27:22   by the front door and then I can just attach that one

01:27:25   when I go out, which I think is even better.

01:27:28   So it depends how many cards you can put in there.

01:27:32   I'm guessing three will be fine.

01:27:34   So like, IG credit card and ATM card,

01:27:37   like that's all I need.

01:27:38   - Right.

01:27:39   - Hopefully it can hold up to three cards.

01:27:42   But yeah, the color combos will be fun to put together.

01:27:46   - Yeah, I think they will be.

01:27:51   As far as we know, this is just for charging,

01:27:53   but you can see a world where they have data working over

01:27:57   something like this too and then the

01:27:59   porches goes away and everyone just has

01:28:02   one of these plugged into the car

01:28:04   Steven you should have the money

01:28:06   I do have the money and I have donated

01:28:09   in it was an honor or in memory of I did

01:28:12   an honor of you

01:28:13   thank you did you get my personalized

01:28:16   message on PayPal?

01:28:17   oh I didn't let me see I just saw the

01:28:19   email that you have money

01:28:20   I sent you personalized note along with

01:28:24   the payment

01:28:25   Let's see, go to PayPal.

01:28:27   Myke, what do you think about the cases?

01:28:31   You're already a Silicon case, right?

01:28:32   Oh, come on, you said I'm a man of the people as your note?

01:28:35   (laughing)

01:28:37   - My plan, my plan, no case, remember?

01:28:45   Hashtag no case, Myke.

01:28:49   That's what I wanna be with this phone.

01:28:50   - Is that a hashtag?

01:28:52   - It is now.

01:28:53   I just made it one.

01:28:54   - No, you said remember #nocaseboy.

01:28:56   - Well, remember that I am no case boy at the moment.

01:29:00   I have no case on my iPhone.

01:29:02   I have no case on my iPhone for a long time.

01:29:05   I will be continuing no case.

01:29:07   This has to plan.

01:29:09   I might buy a case, but my plan will be to not use it

01:29:13   unless I get the phone and immediately realize

01:29:17   I need to have a case again.

01:29:18   But my plan is no case.

01:29:20   I will get a pop socket for this phone.

01:29:22   And as soon as there is a PopSocket

01:29:26   available from PopSockets, which enables,

01:29:29   we've worked with MagSafe for a couple months away,

01:29:31   I will get that.

01:29:32   And at that point,

01:29:36   I will become a wireless charging person,

01:29:40   has been my decision that I've made.

01:29:42   Because my main holdup for wireless charging at the moment

01:29:47   is that it doesn't work with PopSockets.

01:29:49   I have the PopSocket charger,

01:29:51   but because of where I put the popsocket on my phone,

01:29:53   it's not lined up properly, it doesn't work properly.

01:29:56   So when I am able to use a magnetic popsocket,

01:30:01   I would just be able to take it off

01:30:03   and put my phone on charge nice and easy,

01:30:05   and I really liked the thought of that,

01:30:07   and so that's what I'm planning on doing.

01:30:09   What I find really interesting, and I don't know

01:30:12   if you've seen this, that the MagSafe works

01:30:14   with every phone that has Qi charging in it,

01:30:18   just as a Qi charger.

01:30:19   Did you know that?

01:30:21   - Yeah, but you get different speeds for charging.

01:30:24   - Yes, you do get different speeds, you get regular speed.

01:30:26   They do 15 watt charging, but only with the MagSafe.

01:30:30   Otherwise it's all 7.5, so that is better.

01:30:33   - Which is very nice.

01:30:34   - But yeah, I just find that interesting

01:30:35   that you could put your iPhone 11 on one of these

01:30:38   and it will charge it.

01:30:40   And it's $39.

01:30:41   - Yeah, I'm gonna get all the MagSafe accessories.

01:30:43   I think this will be the-- - It's cool.

01:30:46   - Yeah, this will be like the USB-C thing all over again

01:30:48   when I first got the iPad Pro two years ago,

01:30:51   and I started buying all the USB-C things that I could find,

01:30:55   and I think it's gonna be the same with MagSafe.

01:30:57   It's even better because this is like an app.

01:30:59   - You could write an article, "The Modular iPhone."

01:31:01   - The Modular iPhone.

01:31:03   This is my next big thing, the Modular iPhone.

01:31:05   - Modular iPhone.

01:31:07   You know what we haven't spoken about yet?

01:31:10   How great the Pro Max is,

01:31:12   and why it's better than all the other phones again,

01:31:16   and how happy I am about that.

01:31:17   It's the best phone to get again.

01:31:20   We have gone back to a few years ago.

01:31:22   - Finally.

01:31:23   - Where the big phone is also best phone.

01:31:26   - Big phone has more features.

01:31:27   The big phone has bananas camera stuff.

01:31:31   So every phone has camera improvements,

01:31:35   but the Pro Max's camera improvements

01:31:37   are better than the improvements of any other camera.

01:31:40   With like, the two main things is a way better

01:31:45   wide-angle lens which is the regular camera is 87% low-light improvement

01:31:50   which is a huge number and then also the sensor shift is it called the which is a

01:31:58   new optical image stabilization on that camera as well so sounds really great

01:32:06   I'm very excited about that because I'm happy to have the big phone because

01:32:11   people like oh these people with a big phone but now we're back to the world

01:32:14   or whether people with the big phone you get to be jealous of if you don't have a big phone

01:32:19   which is why at this point let's turn all of our attention to Mr. Flip-Flop

01:32:25   Hello!

01:32:27   Hi Mr. Flip-Flop

01:32:29   Hello, how's it going in flip-flop land?

01:32:31   You were part of the initial haters along with Federico

01:32:35   when the first big phone was announced and I was all in

01:32:40   then both of you joined Plus Club with me

01:32:42   But how beautiful was my apology though?

01:32:44   It was great.

01:32:45   Yeah.

01:32:46   Yeah, Myke was right.

01:32:47   It's where it all really took on.

01:32:50   I'm a great apology man.

01:32:51   In addition to being a man of the people, I make great apologies.

01:32:54   You're like a sore-

01:32:55   Like whenever I apologize-

01:32:56   Is you a sore apology now?

01:32:57   Is this-

01:32:58   When I apologize, people get all emotional and stuff and they're like, "Thank you for

01:33:02   that beautiful apology."

01:33:03   Oh, okay.

01:33:06   So now Federico's stuck with me.

01:33:12   He understood big fun, best fun.

01:33:14   Yeah.

01:33:15   Then for some reason, Steven, when did you change?

01:33:19   So I bought the XS Max and then I ended up switching to the XS and the XS Max went to

01:33:25   a family member.

01:33:26   Was that after you broke one?

01:33:28   Maybe.

01:33:29   I mean it seems likely.

01:33:30   Odds are good.

01:33:31   Which time?

01:33:32   Hard to tell.

01:33:33   So how are you feeling?

01:33:34   Yeah, so I mean I'm gonna, I've been really going back and forth on this because I don't

01:33:39   mind the size of the 12 Pro it's the old 10 R 11 size and that's that's a fine

01:33:45   size and if it was just the telephoto lens being better I wouldn't do it but

01:33:51   because the regular wide-angle lens has so much better low-light performance and

01:33:55   it has the better optical image stabilization where the sensor moves and

01:33:59   not the lens. I forgot the telephoto was better too yeah sorry the telephoto is

01:34:04   also better. Yeah yeah so because they're both better and because the wide angle

01:34:09   obviously what you use the most, I will be returning to the Max Club. So I'm not

01:34:18   super enthusiastic it like I'm still there's still some reservation to me but

01:34:22   I know that I would rather have the camera. I know what's gonna happen here

01:34:26   you're gonna get the max phone you're not gonna like it you're gonna return it

01:34:32   after ten days you're gonna try the small one you're gonna realize you made

01:34:38   a mistake and you're gonna get the max again. Oh wow! So you're saying buy his phone, return

01:34:47   to the return window, gets the smaller one, realizes he's made a huge mistake, goes back

01:34:54   to the max again. For sure. That's interesting. What I reckon will happen is he will buy it

01:35:02   And we'll end up buying another one outside of the return window after like a couple of

01:35:08   months and it's the small one.

01:35:13   I also like your theory.

01:35:14   I also like your theory.

01:35:15   Steven, any thoughts on your future?

01:35:19   I don't know why you would ever doubt me.

01:35:21   My track record is so impeccable.

01:35:23   Spotless in this area.

01:35:26   No, I mean, look, the low light camera deal, like low light means indoor photography, right?

01:35:33   That's where most people end up taking low light photos.

01:35:36   And I am excited about that.

01:35:39   Kate in the discord is saying that I'll get the mini just to try it out at one point.

01:35:43   This is why I wish my Apple store was open.

01:35:45   It's been closed since March.

01:35:46   Very likely.

01:35:47   I'd like to see the mini and experience it.

01:35:51   But I'm not going to do that because I'm not interested in the mini as a phone for me.

01:35:55   I'm gonna go Mac so I can get the camera and I think I'm gonna go

01:35:59   Silver because I really like the way raw stainless steel looks

01:36:03   So I'm gonna go silver and I'm gonna do

01:36:06   Probably a black leather case and then I'm gonna do the wallet as well

01:36:11   You see the thing is though. This is my this is my concern for you. Mm-hmm

01:36:16   This phone is is

01:36:20   Significantly bigger than the one it's replacing

01:36:25   I don't know about significantly.

01:36:27   I think any change in screen size you feel it.

01:36:30   Yeah.

01:36:31   And...

01:36:32   Who is gonna complain to no end about it?

01:36:34   Oh, this phone is too big. My hands. I'm an old guy and my...

01:36:40   The bones in my hands are all creaky and stuff.

01:36:44   They're brittle.

01:36:45   Yeah.

01:36:45   Yeah.

01:36:46   I mean, so I should just get the 12 Pro on Friday and just like have my new phone a month before you?

01:36:51   I mean you can do that if you want to but you're gonna be really upset when we're showing off how good our camera is

01:36:57   But like it's Fedrick. I don't know how you feel

01:37:01   But like I am like I'm gonna look there's no there's no question in my mind now, but like there is apartments like wall

01:37:06   How is how is a six point seven inch display going to feel not totally gonna be fine

01:37:12   We are tall guys and we are okay. We have big ends

01:37:17   We know how to use large objects big and we're good for hoods can't lose

01:37:22   Tall guys, it's the it's like fall guys, but it's just me and you

01:37:26   running around

01:37:28   Okay

01:37:33   What are you going from six point five to six point seven it doesn't seem like a lot but I bet you I'm

01:37:39   I'm confident that we'll know it's bigger right like I really do feel like you get it and be like

01:37:45   "Oh, this is definitely a bigger phone."

01:37:48   - You think so?

01:37:50   0.2 inches?

01:37:52   - Yeah.

01:37:53   - Nah.

01:37:55   - I mean, the nice thing is I work at home

01:37:57   and I'm not going anywhere,

01:37:58   so it's not like I have to put it in a pocket.

01:37:59   I can carry it on a tray out to my office every day.

01:38:02   - You can just pretend that your hand grew a little smaller.

01:38:05   It's not a bigger phone.

01:38:06   - That's fun.

01:38:07   Blame your own body, don't blame the phone.

01:38:09   - Exactly.

01:38:10   - Yeah.

01:38:11   Yeah, I think I'm gonna do the max.

01:38:13   I kind of have to make a decision today.

01:38:17   Pre-orders are on Friday, they're in two days,

01:38:19   but I'm gonna be in the woods,

01:38:21   starting in about three hours,

01:38:25   is the last thing I do before vacation.

01:38:27   I will not be on the internet on Friday.

01:38:28   And I had a deal with John,

01:38:30   of John, if pre-orders are on Friday,

01:38:31   I'm gonna send you my credit card number

01:38:33   and you buy me a phone, if you're--

01:38:34   - Why does everybody trust John so much?

01:38:37   - John Voorhees? - Stuff like this.

01:38:38   Why do we all trust him?

01:38:39   Like, I would do that too.

01:38:40   - He's very trustworthy.

01:38:41   - He's a very trustworthy person.

01:38:42   I don't know many people that I would give my credit card number to, but I would trust Jon.

01:38:46   See? Exactly.

01:38:47   Oh yeah, you can totally give to Jon. He's a very trustworthy person.

01:38:51   Yeah.

01:38:51   And you...

01:38:53   Because he's so trustworthy also, like...

01:38:56   He's a very good person.

01:38:58   He has a big heart.

01:38:59   You don't want to get on Jon's wrong side.

01:39:02   Right.

01:39:03   Right?

01:39:03   And that makes him all the more trustworthy.

01:39:07   Because when he gets upset, he gets really upset.

01:39:10   Right, but at the same time, if he screwed you over, right?

01:39:14   No, he's not gonna do that.

01:39:14   And you took him to court, he'd win.

01:39:16   Yeah.

01:39:17   That's true.

01:39:17   Also that.

01:39:18   Also that.

01:39:18   But that, doesn't that therefore make it like...

01:39:21   Do you want to trust him?

01:39:22   You know?

01:39:23   I mean, you don't have a choice but to trust him.

01:39:25   I guess so.

01:39:26   You can only trust him.

01:39:27   You can only trust him.

01:39:28   What's the alternative?

01:39:29   Yeah.

01:39:30   I mean, this is the same...

01:39:31   This is the person who's shipped home pods, right?

01:39:35   Yeah.

01:39:35   Keyboards.

01:39:36   Yep.

01:39:37   Comic books, video games, posters.

01:39:39   Wait, this is all just to you though.

01:39:41   Just to me.

01:39:43   Amazon echoes.

01:39:45   All kinds of things.

01:39:47   He drove through a storm to get me a HomePod.

01:39:49   In two days.

01:39:51   I've forgotten about that.

01:39:53   You're a terrible friend.

01:39:55   Oh my god, I am.

01:39:57   Oh, wow.

01:39:59   I don't know why. I have opened myself up

01:40:01   to Federico to get him a HomePod mini.

01:40:03   And now hearing these things,

01:40:05   I don't know why I did that.

01:40:07   I should have just left it to Jon to deal with.

01:40:09   Yeah, Lickit's fine.

01:40:11   I have like made tribute

01:40:14   of myself for this.

01:40:19   Lickit's fine, as long as you can promise me that you will get it on launch day and overnight it to me.

01:40:24   No, I can't. I can't promise you I'm going to get it on launch day.

01:40:26   Well, then you're out. You're fired.

01:40:27   Right, but I can promise you that I will try, but I don't know when it's going to arrive.

01:40:32   No, that's not good enough.

01:40:33   Alright, fine. Leave it to Jon then.

01:40:35   Okay

01:40:36   No, seriously. I I will ask John don't worry about it. All right. I mean look I want one on launch day

01:40:42   I will order two right? That's the plan but I can't guarantee it's gonna arrive

01:40:47   Can you guarantee that no matter what you will ship one to me? No

01:40:50   Yeah, so that can it's totally fine. I get it. I I am a I am an incredibly bad person

01:40:55   Would you ask John the same question you asked me just then? Well, he drove through a storm

01:40:59   No, no, ask him ask him. Can you guarantee ask him the same question? See what he says

01:41:04   Ask him! Text him!

01:41:07   In the group thread so we can see it.

01:41:10   Yeah, I just want to know if one, you would ask him, and two, I want to know what his

01:41:13   answer is.

01:41:14   No, I guess I want...

01:41:15   If he says yes to that...

01:41:16   No, okay, don't make me sound like a jerk.

01:41:19   I'm not!

01:41:20   I guess my question, my question is...

01:41:21   No, it's not that I'm making you sound like a jerk.

01:41:23   What's the worst thing that could happen in your life that would prevent you from shipping

01:41:28   a home pod to me?

01:41:29   Wow.

01:41:30   I could have a threshold of guarantee. Just that. I don't even think I can answer that question.

01:41:37   But this is what I'm asking you. Do you ask Jon these questions? Well, I... It doesn't have to,

01:41:43   because Jon is trustworthy. Exactly. Wait, am I not trustworthy? Jon knows... Jon knows me. Whoa,

01:41:49   what is this? Why is everyone questioning my trustworthiness? I think Jon has a reputation of

01:41:56   being a trustworthy fixer when it comes to this kind of problems. Then I rescind my offer. Wow.

01:42:05   If I have to for some reason prove myself to you to do a favor for you. Look the thing is. Go to

01:42:13   John. I don't even need a HomePod Mini. Silvia doesn't even want one. Go to John. It's not coming

01:42:20   from me. My offer is rescinded. I will still order one for myself. I have an upset mic. No,

01:42:27   I'm not upset. I'm just asking you, what's the worst thing that could happen in your life that

01:42:31   will prevent you from shipping me a home pod? It's amazing. You know what, Federico,

01:42:35   loads of things, right? Honestly, loads of things could happen to me that would make that more

01:42:41   difficult. Okay, thank you for your application. We'll be in touch. No, the thing is, my offer is

01:42:50   is gone to you now. It is gone. The offer has been rescinded. I won't be ordering one

01:42:55   for myself now.

01:42:56   You cannot rescind an offer. Because now I feel very sad. Do you make me want to feel

01:42:59   sad?

01:43:00   Why am I making you feel sad? What are you sad about?

01:43:02   Do you take pleasure? You rescinding the offer this way makes me feel sad.

01:43:06   Federico, the reason I have done it is because you questioned my trustworthiness.

01:43:10   I didn't question your trustworthiness. I just posed a question in regards to thresholds.

01:43:17   No, but like my question back to you is, do you ask these questions to John Voorhees?

01:43:22   I don't have to because he has done these things enough that when he approaches me,

01:43:27   he knows my thresholds.

01:43:30   I have like picked you up at airports and hell, I have stewarded you from country to

01:43:38   country.

01:43:39   For god's sake, are you serious?

01:43:41   No, but none of this matters anymore because my offer has been rescinded.

01:43:46   Come on!

01:43:47   I'm not upset at you by any stretch of the imagination.

01:43:52   I'm just merely trying to understand if I am not given,

01:43:57   if I'm given short shrift here when it comes to being a good friend.

01:44:00   This makes for a fun show, but honestly, like, I totally trust you.

01:44:03   And I don't even care about getting the HomePod mini early.

01:44:06   I just thought it was funny.

01:44:07   If you want me to, I will still try and order you one.

01:44:10   Thank you.

01:44:11   OK.

01:44:11   But really, the problem is Sylvia, not me.

01:44:14   So do you want it?

01:44:15   No, she said either you sell the ones we have or you're not getting any more speakers.

01:44:20   I think the only exception I can make is for the Apple headphones.

01:44:25   Well, Sylvia doesn't listen to the show, right?

01:44:27   I know, but she can hear me now.

01:44:29   Because I was just going to say like, Myke bought you a present.

01:44:35   No, no, no.

01:44:36   No, I wouldn't believe it.

01:44:38   No, she's not going to believe it.

01:44:39   She's, you know, it was a lie.

01:44:40   Yeah, I knew this from my friend.

01:44:44   No, no, I don't know, I don't know, we'll figure it out.

01:44:47   I do need to sell some of the speakers that we have.

01:44:52   Like extra Sonos speakers, for example.

01:44:55   Yeah, I think you may be, I think I'm siding with Silvia here that you probably have too many.

01:45:01   How many home pods do you have?

01:45:04   I over-speaker'd myself, I think.

01:45:07   You have three, right?

01:45:08   I realize, I have three HomePods and I recently realized that I had a Sonos

01:45:14   hidden behind my bedroom television that I never used and I have another Sonos in storage and I have

01:45:22   one, two, four unused Amazon Echo devices.

01:45:29   Holy moly.

01:45:30   You need to go to the eBay store.

01:45:36   Well, cannot... that guy changed jobs.

01:45:39   He doesn't sell stuff on eBay anymore.

01:45:42   And I cannot tell you what he sells, but it's not eBay anymore.

01:45:45   - Is it drugs? - Wait, what?

01:45:47   - It's drugs, isn't it? - No, it's not drugs.

01:45:48   - He sells drugs, doesn't he? - It's a...

01:45:49   Oh no, okay, come on. It's a sex store, okay?

01:45:52   - Oh no! - He runs...

01:45:53   Okay, that's what he runs now.

01:45:56   - Oh, I brought this upon myself. - Yes, yes.

01:45:59   - So anyway. - Okay.

01:46:02   Look Italy like Europe has different sensibilities

01:46:07   I just want to go on vacation

01:46:08   What is this show? Can we please end this show now?

01:46:10   Yes, yes, ending the show, okay

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