315: The Rickies (October 2020)


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00:00:08   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 315.

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00:00:14   Teamistry, Hover, and Pingdom.

00:00:17   My name is Steven Hackett and I'm joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:20   Hello!

00:00:21   Hey, buddy.

00:00:22   Hi. We're doing this again. We're Ricky-ing again.

00:00:26   We did it like three weeks ago, it feels like.

00:00:28   I can't believe it. And I bet it's not the last time this year.

00:00:32   Oh, we'll see. We will see how that goes, I guess.

00:00:35   We are also joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:38   Hello, hi. How much money would you want from me? Like, what if I pay you and we skip to the end and I win?

00:00:46   Wow.

00:00:47   Like, I don't know, a thousand? Like...

00:00:49   20 grand.

00:00:51   20?

00:00:51   Yeah. Give me 20 grand and then you can win. Is that what you're asking? You want to win?

00:00:58   Would you prefer like a wire transfer or PayPal?

00:01:02   Wire transfer for that kind of money. PayPal would really skin on the fees.

00:01:06   Yeah, the fees would be terrible.

00:01:09   Yeah, I don't know. Maybe we should just suck it up and pay you.

00:01:14   20 grand?

00:01:15   That's just for me, by the way. I don't know what Steven wants.

00:01:19   Yeah, I'm not paying Steven. Steven doesn't like money. He told me a few minutes ago he

00:01:24   doesn't care about money.

00:01:25   Oh.

00:01:26   Yeah, yeah.

00:01:27   That's hard to argue against, right? Because if I say I do care about money, I sound like a jerk.

00:01:30   Send me the money and the show's over and then that's that.

00:01:36   So let me read these three ads and then I get paid for those and then you pay Myke.

00:01:40   Myke wins that by a landslide and we all go home. No, no, we're not going to do that. We're going

00:01:45   to do the Ricky's. But first we have some follow-up. So we spoke about Ryan's home

00:01:52   screen and we had lots of questions about his home screen. He had a Harry

00:01:57   Potter game that we didn't know what it was. It is a match three puzzler like

00:02:03   Candy Crush. I guess it's Harry Potter themed. True story. So Federico you asked

00:02:08   me to take a screenshot on an iPhone SE for something. Yes. And my wife has an SE

00:02:13   so I grabbed it and made the screenshots and she had this game on her home screen.

00:02:17   What? It's spreading. In fact it was the most recently installed app. It was like

00:02:22   the last one in the grid. See? Huh. It's everywhere. Did you ask her how she found

00:02:27   out about it? Was it from Ryan? She said from Ryan. I didn't ask her. She was busy

00:02:32   and I was like... No, she told me. Or did she? She texted me. Like, yeah, I heard from Ryan

00:02:38   about the Harry Potter game. So there's that. So Ryan is the most specific

00:02:42   type of influencer. Just in Harry Potter match-three games. Mm-hmm. Yeah, he's on the

00:02:48   payroll big big Harry Potter money big Dumbledore big Dumbledore big Hogwarts

00:02:57   and he said books is in my dock as encouragement to read more especially in

00:03:02   the moments where I might check Twitter he wants to read more I'm annoyed about

00:03:08   this answer okay cuz Twitter is on your dock I saw recently which I don't

00:03:13   understand but please please continue me yes you it's one of my most used

00:03:18   applications why why look at me I'm over Twitter I've left Twitter again I only

00:03:28   tweet with the replies from friends now my name's Steven I do do that what's

00:03:36   happening is this true Steve yeah are you one of those people when I tweet

00:03:40   about politics yes cuz I got tired of why do you tweet about pie yeah why

00:03:43   Why didn't you just not do that? How about that?

00:03:46   Why can't you just like skip that and like not do that anymore?

00:03:50   You didn't feel so much better. Yeah, you didn't feel better than one did

00:03:54   you? Anyway, what I don't like about Ryan's answer

00:03:57   is it makes us all seem like bad people for making fun of him and I think that's unfair.

00:04:01   How about we are bad people? No, but I think it's unfair to categorize

00:04:04   us as bad people in that way. To say that, see, he says "books is in my dog as an encouragement

00:04:08   to read more, especially in the moments when I otherwise check Twitter or the news." So

00:04:12   out makes it like we were making fun of him and I don't think that's fair, you know?

00:04:15   Also, is that mean he's reading like one paragraph at a time and then closing the books app again?

00:04:21   Like...

00:04:22   He reads books in 208 character increments.

00:04:25   That's right.

00:04:26   That's good.

00:04:27   Even if it's halfway through a word, he just stops.

00:04:29   He just stops, yeah.

00:04:30   Yeah.

00:04:31   Sometimes at the end of the sentence there's a one and then a slash for some reason.

00:04:34   He finds out later what that means.

00:04:37   To be fair, we make fun of him to an extent, but he really reads a lot and he's really

00:04:42   fast. Like he's a really fast reader. So maybe the iPhone dock thing is his secret.

00:04:48   Actually I feel like you shouldn't make fun because his reading skills make your editing

00:04:54   faster so we can make fun. But you, like if I was right and I'd be like, oh, I read slower

00:05:00   now because I stopped reading. So it's going to take longer for me to read the review.

00:05:06   Right, right, right. Well, then I guess also my payments will be slower.

00:05:11   Oopsie, I forgot how to type the numbers in.

00:05:15   Yeah, he's only editing in line at the grocery store for three minutes at a time.

00:05:20   No, look, Ryan is a really fast reader. He's an amazing editor. And maybe the iPhone thing

00:05:28   actually works and we just don't get it. Maybe we are bad people.

00:05:31   Maybe we try it.

00:05:32   I do think I'm a bad person.

00:05:35   I don't read at all, let alone starting to think of it.

00:05:38   There's only progress to be made then.

00:05:40   You are one of the bad people.

00:05:42   What, because I don't read very much?

00:05:44   Or at all?

00:05:45   That makes me a bad person?

00:05:47   Well, to an extent.

00:05:49   To what extent?

00:05:50   To the extent that Ryan sends you a tweet.

00:05:53   Ah, yes, to that extent.

00:05:54   Because you're a bad person.

00:05:55   Yes, yes.

00:05:56   Very true, very true.

00:06:00   We got a lot of feedback about seed lions and seals.

00:06:04   I picked this link out for Mark talking about the differences between them.

00:06:09   There's a lot of differences.

00:06:11   I think the easiest one to spot is that sea lions have small flaps for outer ears and

00:06:18   the earless seals lack external ears altogether.

00:06:23   So if it has ears, it's a sea lion.

00:06:25   Are you sure these are not just like sea lions that they just chopped the ears?

00:06:31   That's horrible.

00:06:32   That's horrible.

00:06:33   In Chop in the Years they also dropped a few vowels from the name.

00:06:37   I really hate this.

00:06:40   We chop the ears and we drop a few characters and there's a new animal.

00:06:44   Look, it's on a government website, it must be true.

00:06:46   See, that's what makes me really skeptical,

00:06:50   especially because it seems to be a North American government website.

00:06:53   So it's like podcasting, but only people who are your friends can reply.

00:07:01   Sea lions left are brown... bark loudly?

00:07:04   Yeah.

00:07:05   Wait, what?

00:07:05   They bark?

00:07:06   *bark*

00:07:07   Like that.

00:07:07   *laughter*

00:07:09   Whoa!

00:07:09   *laughter*

00:07:10   Oh my god!

00:07:11   *laughter*

00:07:12   That's the first time I've ever done that!

00:07:14   What?!

00:07:15   *laughter*

00:07:17   What?!

00:07:18   What just happened?

00:07:19   *laughter*

00:07:20   Is there a sea lion there?

00:07:22   Uh-huh, yeah, I keep one here.

00:07:23   You gotta do something with your office space.

00:07:26   *laughter*

00:07:29   That is a skill. There you go. I didn't know you had it in you. One and done.

00:07:36   Okay. Walk on lemurs and flippers. Wait, they're called flippers? The legs are called flippers?

00:07:46   Well, it's not like legs. They're not really legs, they're just flippers. You know?

00:07:50   Yeah. Little flippy guys. Little, you know, thong sandals for sea lions.

00:07:57   Yeah.

00:07:57   Um, okay. Well, thank you, who's the person who sent this follow-up?

00:08:02   Mark.

00:08:02   Thank you, Mark, for the follow-up. We appreciate it.

00:08:07   [Laughter]

00:08:11   Starling on Twitter had a... an idea about maybe, Federico, your strong distaste for bubble tea.

00:08:19   Maybe you were affected by being so close to the insect images.

00:08:23   Maybe your brain sort of filled in the blanks.

00:08:26   My brain is fine. The problem is that it looks like there's a few bugs in there.

00:08:30   But I made a promise. Like, if you remember the show, I was very open to the idea of actually

00:08:35   trying bubble tea. As I told Myke, I told Michael, "Look, you gotta make me try bubble tea."

00:08:40   Wait a second. I have literally zero memory of you being open in any way to trying bubble tea.

00:08:47   I was very open to the idea. And I was like, "Yeah, I'm always open to try new things,

00:08:51   especially things that look disgusting." What is happening?

00:08:54   Is this what gaslighting is? Is that what's happening to me now? Okay. What is going on?

00:09:01   I... It's on the show you can go back and listen if you want to. I said I'm very open to new things,

00:09:06   especially bubble tea. Okay good, because that means that I will get you to try it then. Yeah,

00:09:11   why not? All right, great. Yeah, in fact you should know better than to assume that I don't

00:09:18   don't want to try things. I should know better I guess. Yeah. So we'll try it at

00:09:24   some point. Starling. Listener Jason, not Jason Snell, listener Jason has made an

00:09:31   amazing website called the Jeremy's Gazette and it is a full catalog of the

00:09:38   Jeremy's and the scores. It's at jeremys.org which feels right and what is so great

00:09:47   about this is it's not just the years and the scores. What Jason has done is go through

00:09:54   and list every guess that Federico made about all of the emoji even before finalizing on

00:10:02   one, which I think is like the pro move. But did you guys read the description? I did read

00:10:08   the description, yes. Can we read it on the show? Yes, why don't you read it? Federico

00:10:14   Italian Renaissance man and visionary, is the philosopher of a generation. We mere mortals

00:10:21   just live in the world that he imagines. Stephen Hackett and Myke Hurley are tyrants whose

00:10:27   worldview is limited to definitions and standards. Yes.

00:10:31   What do you mean yes? It didn't say yes. You said yes. That was an ad lib.

00:10:35   That's my comment. They cannot see the visionary's genius. The visionary and the tyrants. That

00:10:41   is an excellent name for a band, by the way, the Visionary and the Tyrants.

00:10:45   The Visionary and the Tyrants? Oh, they're so good. I'm the Visionary and these are the

00:10:48   Tyrants and we're here to rock you!

00:10:54   Come together to debate on how to interpret the icons of our world. The Visionary manifests

00:11:00   joy in the Tyrants adjudicate. This is a record of these altercations.

00:11:07   I'm not really sure why it is this way. I like it. It's funny, but I don't know how

00:11:15   we became tyrannical in this.

00:11:18   It's obviously someone who's seen the truth.

00:11:21   See, this is why you shouldn't do this, right? Because look what you do to Federico. The

00:11:26   things that you drum up in his brain.

00:11:28   No, no, no, no. These are just facts. See, he went back and recorded all of our conversations

00:11:35   and guesses and wrong picks. It is worth noting that Jason has coded this in such a way, which

00:11:44   I actually think is the right way to do it, that it displays the emoji. So if you're not

00:11:49   running a version of iOS or Mac OS that is with the current set of emojis, if you're

00:11:55   not on 14.2 for example, when you go to the web page, this year's Jeremy's, they don't

00:12:00   render but the previous years do but as the emoji get added or as you update your system

00:12:07   they will be but what it will allow you to do is to currently see the switch sequences

00:12:12   where they're applicable so you can see like bear and snowflake which makes polar bear

00:12:18   so there you go.

00:12:20   Yeah I only see one error where magic wand says that it's wrong but I actually said magic

00:12:26   wand so it's very much to fix that.

00:12:30   Yeah, it's red, but it says "Magic Wand" and it's red, and below it says "Bitichi said Magic Wand"

00:12:37   So I assume that's a bug.

00:12:38   Father Radar.

00:12:39   Yeah.

00:12:40   Yeah, everything else.

00:12:41   Yeah.

00:12:42   I was Father Radar with Jeremy.

00:12:45   While we're talking about emoji, there was an update to iOS 14.2 which changed the mask-wearing

00:12:51   emoji?

00:12:52   Yes.

00:12:53   the mask wearing emoji was and is currently like a character that the emoji

00:13:00   character underneath the mask kind of looks upset right because the person is

00:13:05   sick presumably or there's a pandemic and they're sad well now they're happy

00:13:10   that there's a pandemic so I don't want to say it's that's the reason I think

00:13:14   apples made a smart change here basically putting the smiling face emoji

00:13:19   behind the mask because hey wearing a mask is a good thing it is your civic

00:13:23   duty to wear a mask. It is the duty for you and to keep yourself and the people you care

00:13:27   about healthy. So wear a goddamn mask. If you don't. I mean I really, if you listen

00:13:33   to this show and don't wear a mask, I am disappointed in you. I just want you to know that. If you

00:13:38   have a problem with that, keep it to yourself. But I'm telling you how I feel. So wear a

00:13:43   mask. You should always wear a mask when you're in public and around other people. It's not

00:13:47   difficult. It's actually really easy to do. I do it every single day as I'm sure my co-hosts

00:13:51   here do as well. But anyway, they made a happy face emoji behind the mask, which I think

00:13:56   is a very good move, because we should be encouraging it as a good thing, not a bad

00:14:01   thing.

00:14:02   You know, it's kind of funny. During the lockdown, a few months ago, I once went to the grocery

00:14:09   store nearby, and I had like a hoodie on, and I had a mask on, and gloves. And there

00:14:16   was this idiot inside of the grocery store without a mask. And so I told him, "Can you

00:14:21   actually put on a mask please and this idiot started arguing with me and there

00:14:27   was a whole thing and then the the store owner guy actually kicked him out so

00:14:31   that's great. The the same thing happened again a few weeks ago but I was actually

00:14:40   wearing like a t-shirt without gloves and so you could see all of my tattoos

00:14:47   And so there was this person, I was like, I looked at him and I was like, can you

00:14:54   please wear a mask inside the store? And he like, you know when people like, they

00:14:59   turn and you can tell that they're upset, but then they look at you and like, he's staring at the tattoos.

00:15:07   And I was like, with my arms crossed, and you could see the tattoo on my arm, on my hand.

00:15:13   And it's like, he turned, and he was younger than me, I think.

00:15:17   He turned and I could tell, "Oh, this guy wants to pick up a fight."

00:15:21   And then he stopped to look at my tattoos and he was like, "Yeah, you're right, sorry."

00:15:26   Yeah, you have enough tattoos now that to someone who would be sensitive to such a thing,

00:15:33   you could be seen as imposing.

00:15:34   Yeah, which is kind of silly, right?

00:15:37   Because it's just a tattoo.

00:15:38   Like it's not a symptom of...

00:15:39   Maybe I think you're in a gang.

00:15:41   violence or anything.

00:15:43   You should tell them how much you care about iOS apps.

00:15:45   That was set in straight.

00:15:46   Yeah.

00:15:47   Wait until I get a neck tattoo.

00:15:49   You go up to the face, get the full Myke Tyson.

00:15:52   No, not up to the face.

00:15:53   No, I really dislike face tattoos.

00:15:57   And I also dislike big, large, central type neck tattoos, but something on the side I'm

00:16:04   thinking about.

00:16:06   It depends.

00:16:07   Yeah, I have a few ideas.

00:16:08   But yeah, I just thought that was funny.

00:16:10   wear a mask. Don't be like the idiot at the grocery store.

00:16:14   I have an idea for that tattoo. Have it like a person and like you pull your beard out

00:16:19   and they can like "hello" like they're trying to get out with a beard.

00:16:24   Oh like...

00:16:25   Like a little slick figure.

00:16:26   Yeah. It's like where's Waldo but on your body. It's a good idea.

00:16:32   Mmm. Interesting.

00:16:33   So last episode, we spoke a little bit

00:16:38   about Sticky Widgets, which is a widget for creating

00:16:41   sticky notes, which has actually gotten so many updates,

00:16:43   it's unreal.

00:16:43   This is just amazing.

00:16:45   There's like a million fonts there now.

00:16:47   But I saw another widget app that I

00:16:48   wanted to recommend to people.

00:16:50   It's called Scriblet by Becky Hansmeyer.

00:16:52   It is a widget app that uses PencilKit, so

00:16:55   the native pencil features in iOS and iPadOS,

00:16:59   to let you draw your own widgets.

00:17:01   So you can also draw over photos too.

00:17:06   So you basically can like, if you wanna,

00:17:08   you could do, you know,

00:17:09   you could leave little notes for yourself,

00:17:10   but you could also design little things and stuff like that.

00:17:13   You could, so I thought that was kind of a cute

00:17:15   little widget app.

00:17:16   But I think the pro move here is that you download it

00:17:19   on your iPad, you use the Apple pencil to draw the widgets,

00:17:23   then you can export them to files

00:17:24   and put them on your iPhone.

00:17:26   So yeah, this also has one of my favorite silly app icons

00:17:29   of all time. - That's very good.

00:17:30   - Very good. - Do you know the S?

00:17:32   Now I always remember this as the Spice Girls S,

00:17:35   but maybe that just makes me, like, ages me.

00:17:38   - Hold on, let me look.

00:17:39   - But like that was when I was younger,

00:17:41   everyone used to use this S to write Spice Girls

00:17:44   or whatever, or S Club 7.

00:17:45   - Totally is the Spice Girls S, yes, I agree.

00:17:48   - Yeah, see, but I think that you have to be

00:17:50   of a certain age to think that that's the thing,

00:17:52   but you'll know this S when you see it.

00:17:54   This is what Becky used for the app icon,

00:17:57   and I think it is hilarious.

00:18:00   So yeah, it's a really fun little app.

00:18:01   Again, it's just like, there are lots of little cute

00:18:04   and funny, but also useful widget applications

00:18:08   at the moment, and this is another one to add to that list.

00:18:11   Federico, I'm pleased that you agreed to me

00:18:12   on the Spice Girls S thing,

00:18:14   'cause I reckon I might be on my own.

00:18:16   Oh, there's a Vice article by Tony in the chat

00:18:18   that I'll put in the show notes.

00:18:20   - Yeah, Sylvia and I are huge Spice Girls fans

00:18:23   from back in the day, especially Sylvia, obviously.

00:18:27   She used to like to dance, all her choreographies and stuff.

00:18:30   I know you used to dance to Spice Girls too, and I won't accept any other answer to that.

00:18:34   I mean, not as good as Sylvia of course, or as choreographed, but still movement.

00:18:40   Obviously.

00:18:41   What was the song?

00:18:42   "What I really really want, what I really really want, I wanna..."

00:18:44   Exactly.

00:18:45   Yeah.

00:18:46   "I really really really wanna..."

00:18:47   Is that the song?

00:18:48   Zig-a-zig.

00:18:49   "If you wanna be one of them..."

00:18:51   Yeah, that was good.

00:18:52   Good times.

00:18:53   You know what I really really want?

00:18:55   Myke's TV OS review.

00:18:57   It's just a shame we don't have time for it today, really.

00:19:01   Yes.

00:19:02   It's such a shame I was so ready.

00:19:04   I was ready to talk about 4K YouTube and stuff like that.

00:19:07   I had it all taken care of.

00:19:10   So now we're just going to have to wait a couple more weeks because we have an Apple

00:19:13   event.

00:19:14   It's such a shame.

00:19:16   This is unacceptable, like on so many levels.

00:19:20   I am wrapping up work on my review.

00:19:22   Mine's done.

00:19:23   We just don't have the time for it today.

00:19:25   For all we know, yours doesn't actually exist.

00:19:28   No, it's done.

00:19:29   You have shared no previews, no snippets, no screenshots with us.

00:19:34   I like to keep it close to the chest.

00:19:36   It's because you have done nothing.

00:19:38   You have done nothing.

00:19:41   For all I know, you've done nothing more than an introduction.

00:19:44   All you've done this summer is throw a bunch of balloons around

00:19:49   and pop them with a needle afterwards.

00:19:51   Yeah, all I did was help raise $456,000 for children.

00:19:56   That's all I did.

00:19:58   AKA threw some balloons around.

00:20:02   Yeah.

00:20:03   Yes, yes.

00:20:04   But no, it's all done, man.

00:20:06   Well, I said this because I knew you

00:20:07   were going to reply with that.

00:20:09   So I did you a favor.

00:20:11   Because now you get to mention what you guys did.

00:20:14   Oh, yeah?

00:20:14   Is that what you--

00:20:15   Yeah, that was a little--

00:20:16   Which is incredible.

00:20:16   --just hit us up there.

00:20:17   Nice hat.

00:20:18   See, you're the really good one of the three of us.

00:20:20   Yes.

00:20:21   That's the truth. That's the truth.

00:20:23   Well, I am the most caring individual, for sure.

00:20:26   Ever, or just out of the three of us?

00:20:29   All of the three of us.

00:20:30   Right.

00:20:32   Clearly.

00:20:33   Yeah, again, thank you to everybody at 28th St. Jude.

00:20:35   Yeah.

00:20:36   It was an incredible way to finish at 456.

00:20:38   It's wild.

00:20:39   Thank you.

00:20:41   But yeah, maybe TVRS review in a couple of weeks.

00:20:44   We'll see.

00:20:45   Yeah, it's been a weird fall.

00:20:48   we had the Rickies and then the event, then we had the Jeremy's, and now we're doing the

00:20:53   Rickies again. It's just...

00:20:55   And we have another event, and we have iPhones, then we have a break, then more iPhones, then

00:20:59   another Rickies, then another event.

00:21:01   You really think this will be a third event?

00:21:03   Uh, I think...

00:21:04   Hold your prediction, I'm sorry. I don't want to spoil the Rickies. Maybe it's in there.

00:21:08   Yeah, actually that could come up, couldn't it?

00:21:10   Okay, we'll find out. Let's take a break, and then I will quickly read the rules, and

00:21:15   We will not argue about them, and then we'll move forward.

00:21:18   You will quickly read the rules, huh?

00:21:20   All right, we'll see how that goes.

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00:21:59   from having one of the highest COVID-19 death rates in Scandinavia to an interesting example

00:22:04   of how to deal with the virus.

00:22:07   Discover stories that entertain, packed with business cases you can actually use.

00:22:11   Season two of Team mystery is out now.

00:22:13   hosted by award winning documentary filmmaker Gabriela Copperweight, who is the director

00:22:18   of Blackfish. So I got a sneak peek of season two, I listened to an episode about this technology

00:22:24   called Wildbook. And it's using AI machine learning for not only scientists, but also

00:22:30   just regular citizens to upload pictures of endangered species to help count the number

00:22:36   of individual animals left in the population. So they're talking to this scientist, scientists

00:22:40   studying zebras and whale sharks,

00:22:42   trying to work out how many of these animals are left.

00:22:45   This used to be done by hand, sorting through data,

00:22:49   and now they can feed all of these photos into this AI

00:22:53   and it spits out a profile for every individual animal.

00:22:56   It was really fascinating to hear how software engineers

00:22:59   and biologists are working together to save these animals.

00:23:02   Search for Teamistry anywhere you listen to podcasts,

00:23:05   or you can find a link in our show notes.

00:23:07   Our thanks to Teamistry for their support of the show

00:23:09   and Relay FM.

00:23:11   It is time for the Ricky's October, 2020.

00:23:15   We will start as always by a reading

00:23:18   of the bill of Ricky's.

00:23:20   The winner who should be called keynote chairman

00:23:24   from the previous Ricky's gets to pick first,

00:23:26   the second place winner picks second.

00:23:29   Annual winners roll over to preserve that order.

00:23:32   2019 annual winner gets to go first, et cetera.

00:23:35   So that's for a different day.

00:23:37   Order of the Apple event Ricky's goes based

00:23:39   in the previous Apple event and the loser goes last.

00:23:42   So last time Federico won, Myke came in second

00:23:46   and I lost again because of a coin toss.

00:23:49   I never win coin tosses.

00:23:51   To earn any points, everything written down

00:23:54   in the prediction document must come true.

00:23:56   No half points may be awarded in any round

00:23:59   and picks cannot be reused.

00:24:01   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct

00:24:04   in the first two rounds.

00:24:06   Two points will be awarded for correct picks

00:24:08   in the risky pick round.

00:24:10   If your risky pick is wrong, you lose a point

00:24:13   and the two other hosts must agree that your pick is risky.

00:24:18   The winner of the regular and risky picks

00:24:20   must be granted access to the annual

00:24:22   or event chairman Twitter account, whichever applies,

00:24:25   and will retain access to another winner is named.

00:24:29   Loser of the non-graded flexes

00:24:32   must compensate the winner of the flexes

00:24:34   by donating to the charity of the winner's choice.

00:24:37   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexi made by the loser.

00:24:42   In case of a tie, the ratio of correct to incorrect flexis will be taken into

00:24:47   account. Each host must make a minimum of five flexi picks and the money must be

00:24:53   donated on air. Last time Federico won the flexis,

00:24:57   I lost and I donated money to an animal shelter in Atlanta,

00:25:02   live on the air. I didn't do well last time is what I'm saying. Not well at all.

00:25:07   No, you did actually the worst because you lost everything. You lost everything, the most badly.

00:25:13   But today, I will regain my sweet, sweet victory.

00:25:18   What are you gonna regain? You didn't-

00:25:20   I will gain sweet, sweet victory!

00:25:22   Can you, Federico, how do you feel about the prospect that you may lose the title that you just gained already?

00:25:29   I'm feeling pretty good because I know that I will win everything once again.

00:25:33   Ah, see that wasn't really the answer there.

00:25:35   this is all a charade that we're doing here, but it's like what's the point?

00:25:40   Well you know the thing that I'm most excited about boys is this event could make me win the

00:25:48   whole year baby. How? Because my 2020 annual prediction picks are all based on what happens

00:25:57   next week and if I win both of them I have locked it up. So now what do you think?

00:26:04   Let's see why. What was in your...

00:26:07   2020 iPhone will feature at least one 5G iPhone and the notch on the iPhone will get physically

00:26:12   smaller in at least one of the 2020 iPhones.

00:26:14   Hmm. That one may come back to bite you. We'll see.

00:26:18   I've got it all right. I got it all right. It could come back to bite me, but I got it all right.

00:26:23   Yeah. You went heavy on the iPhone event is what we're saying.

00:26:26   Yeah, but that's a good one to go heavy on.

00:26:28   Yeah, I think so. So let's start with round one. Federico, you get to go first.

00:26:32   Okay, so my first pick is about the, obviously about the iPhone and specifically the design

00:26:43   of the new iPhones. So I picked that at least one of the new iPhone models will carry a

00:26:49   new design inspired by the iPad Pro or iPhone 4, and basically just as we argued last time,

00:26:57   flat sides is key here. So all the rumors are saying that the iPhone 12 will go

00:27:04   back to that sort of that kind of industrial design with the flat sides

00:27:08   reminiscent of the iPad Pro and the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5. So abandoning

00:27:14   the rounded edges in favor of the flat edges taken from the iPad Pro which we

00:27:19   also saw come to the iPad Air last month. So I guess the idea is that this design

00:27:26   will carry over to the iPhone line as well this year.

00:27:30   I have a question for you.

00:27:32   This is not a question to change your pick, but just I want to know what you think.

00:27:36   Because you said at least one of the new iPhones, which is just the smart way to make the pick.

00:27:41   But do you think that there is a possibility that they may introduce a phone that doesn't

00:27:44   have flat sides?

00:27:46   No.

00:27:47   Okay.

00:27:48   I just wanted to check.

00:27:51   I would make the pick the same way as you, right?

00:27:53   You've got to cover your bases.

00:27:55   Yeah, especially because like what if the new design is only for the iPhone 12 Pro?

00:28:00   Like I don't think they will do it.

00:28:01   But they could.

00:28:02   But I think they could.

00:28:03   They could say, well the iPhone 12.

00:28:06   I don't think they will, but they could say, well the iPhone 12 has the same design in

00:28:09   the iPhone 12 Pro as this entirely new design.

00:28:12   I don't think it makes much sense, but in the context of writing down the pick, I think

00:28:18   it makes more sense to phrase it this way.

00:28:20   It's not very passionate.

00:28:21   To avoid.

00:28:22   This one.

00:28:23   Is it?

00:28:24   Stop.

00:28:25   You know what? I don't care because I'm... I... you of all people shouldn't be allowed to comment on my passion.

00:28:35   No, I think me of all people should be because I'm always the one who is accused.

00:28:40   I am rephrasing my pick.

00:28:46   Oh yeah?

00:28:47   The new iPhones.

00:28:50   Oh, I've been the anti.

00:28:52   carry and the new iPhones will carry a new design inspired by the iPad Pro and

00:28:56   iPhone 4 parentheses flat sides. You shouldn't allow yourself to be so easily

00:29:01   changed, you know? Well, well, it's not like you manipulated me. It's more like I

00:29:08   need to assure my dominance in terms of deciding my future and my destiny.

00:29:15   therefore I chose to be a man of higher passion and rephrase my pick.

00:29:22   You know if I get everything that I want from this Ricky's which I'm not feeling particularly

00:29:28   comfortable with at the moment but if I win these Ricky's there is a

00:29:32   possibility Federico that I'm gonna take it all from you next week.

00:29:35   You're taking nothing away from me.

00:29:37   I could take your annual title and your keynote title I could take them all.

00:29:41   But he would hope...

00:29:42   The annual title will just be taken in spirit.

00:29:44   That's right.

00:29:45   That's right.

00:29:45   Because we have to wait for the whole year.

00:29:47   But then you will spend the rest of the year with me just there, holding it over you.

00:29:52   Imagine how that's going to feel.

00:29:54   No.

00:29:55   No, I don't think about you at all.

00:29:57   Harsh.

00:29:58   That's an overplayed meme at this point.

00:30:02   I don't fear you, Michael.

00:30:05   It's not about fear.

00:30:07   You don't have to fear me.

00:30:07   You just have to accept what's actually happening to you.

00:30:10   No.

00:30:11   there's nothing to accept, this is all hypothetical.

00:30:14   And you're trying to instill this sense of fear in my brain,

00:30:19   but I don't care.

00:30:20   I'm one step ahead, and I'm already thinking,

00:30:25   well, you know what, I should be a man of passion.

00:30:29   I should lead by example.

00:30:31   And therefore, I will say that all the new iPhones

00:30:34   will have a new design.

00:30:36   - Would you like to hear my first pick,

00:30:38   which I deem passionate?

00:30:39   - Sure.

00:30:40   Apple announces four phones but in only three different sizes.

00:30:43   Wait, what?

00:30:44   Apple announces four phones but in only three different sizes.

00:30:49   So the big 12 is the same size of the small 12 Pro?

00:30:53   Potentially, that's it, yeah.

00:30:56   But potentially, that's a outcome here?

00:30:58   Mm-hmm.

00:30:59   Wait, are you saying that the--

00:31:01   no, I don't get it.

00:31:02   So they're doing the 12 small and the 12.

00:31:07   Then they're doing the 12 Pro and the 12 Pro Max.

00:31:10   Now we know the 12 Pro Max will be bigger and the 12 Small will be a new size, so there's

00:31:16   two of them.

00:31:18   What's the third one?

00:31:19   Well the 12 Pro Max and the 12 Pro will be the same size.

00:31:24   Wait, say that again.

00:31:26   Wait, what?

00:31:27   Say that again.

00:31:28   Wait, no, the 12 Max and the 12 Pro will be the same size.

00:31:36   Oh, so the base model 12, the bigger one though, will be the same display size as the 12 Pro

00:31:48   non-Max.

00:31:49   You know how I can make this easier?

00:31:50   Allow me to just tell you the names of the phones.

00:31:52   The iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

00:31:59   And you're saying the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro will be the same size?

00:32:03   Same size, yeah.

00:32:04   The Discord is very upset with you.

00:32:06   This is pretty much exactly what's rumored and they say it is not passionate.

00:32:10   I think it's passionate.

00:32:11   The rumor is not important for the first two rounds.

00:32:14   The reason that this is passionate is they might not announce all four at the same time.

00:32:19   And I am saying, like I think that this is quite a thing to pick.

00:32:22   Like I've been particular about this one.

00:32:25   This is two picks in one, right?

00:32:26   I could have gone with either of these, but I've gone for two picks.

00:32:30   Apple announces four phones and Apple announces phones in three different sizes.

00:32:34   I think that is a passionate pick.

00:32:36   My first pick, to make the two of you personally sad I think, ProMotion does not come to new

00:32:43   iPhones.

00:32:44   I'm going to be so annoyed if they don't do this.

00:32:47   I see the passion here though.

00:32:48   I see the passion.

00:32:49   Well done, Steven.

00:32:50   Oh, so are you saying there is no passion in my pick?

00:32:53   No, I'm saying it's more like...

00:32:55   I have more passion.

00:32:56   It's like a store brand pick.

00:32:58   Like yeah, okay.

00:32:59   But you know that there's like significant rumor across many people at the moment that is saying there will be no

00:33:06   High refresh rate display, but it's not the rumor doesn't matter till the last remember Michael

00:33:11   No, no, but like where is I thought that there was an overlap between rumor and passion

00:33:16   That's what we were just talking about. Well when it comes to yours, yes when it comes to mine now

00:33:19   Ah, no now I understand now and it's passionate because I don't like promotion

00:33:25   I haven't turned off on my iPad pro makes my brain feel bad

00:33:28   So I'm gonna say there they are listening to me. There's no promotion on the new iPhones. There we go. I'll be so mad

00:33:34   I'm sure that's how it works

00:33:36   I will be very upset if it if they couldn't make it work and it will also be kind of strange, right?

00:33:41   I mean other companies are doing it. So the rumor Federico

00:33:45   I know that you've been a little bit tuned off to this stuff recently for good reason

00:33:48   Is that I know I've seen somebody say say that they were like not sure if they can make it happen

00:33:55   It was apparently there's like the the something like most of the technology and the phone is able to support it

00:34:00   But there's like a chip controller that they couldn't get a hold of like there was an issue with production

00:34:04   So they wouldn't be doing it. I think that you know

00:34:07   The way that I think about these things is Apple can make anything happen

00:34:11   They just can they have all the money right like they just make it happen

00:34:15   So I will be really disappointed if at least the pro phones do not have promotion in them

00:34:21   Hey, can you guys stop for a second? I didn't answer this call. I'm sorry. Okay? Yeah

00:34:25   I mean, it's kind of weird. I can pay Amazon five extra euros and they bring me stuff in like 30 minutes and Apple has

00:34:32   Trillions and they can buy a chip exactly. Yeah, I just feel like

00:34:36   Go go somewhere else and make it

00:34:39   I don't know like is it really just one company in the entire planet that can make these chips for you

00:34:43   I'm gonna talk about this maybe a little bit later on with another one of my picks

00:34:47   But I just feel like I understand what people say about like all you need time, you know, you've got to

00:34:52   Get the production ready or that kind of stuff, but I just feel like it is possible

00:34:56   to make things happen

00:34:59   Right like I just feel like you can make stuff happen especially if you're Apple mm-hmm

00:35:04   They just like snap their fingers and there's chips

00:35:08   Mm-hmm. I am a big believer of the theory the money buys everything so

00:35:13   Except Steven. It's kind of sad Steven can't be bought well

00:35:19   But everything else can be bought but Steven can't be bought we established that earlier in the show. Sorry

00:35:24   I have my journalistic integrity. Is that what it is? Yeah

00:35:27   Yeah, that's what it is surely that as a price as well

00:35:33   All right, so that is the end of round one I don't think we're too many contentious things in here

00:35:42   I felt like we were all still getting along pretty well. There's very little contention in round one and two

00:35:47   Let's let's move on around to Federico you're up. Oh, it's my turn again

00:35:52   Yes, so my pick is kind of following what happened in the September event

00:35:58   We saw with the new Apple watch and therefore I'm saying that one of the new iPhones

00:36:03   Will not have the USB the USB charger in the box. Is it the charger or the adapter? I know what's the proper

00:36:11   It's the part that's not the cable. Yeah, we know what this is. We don't need to clarify that. Yeah

00:36:17   Okay, so now here I want to say one of the new iPhones because I can see the iPhone.

00:36:24   We might as well give you a charger, especially if you're buying the iPhone 12 Pro.

00:36:29   So I can't...

00:36:30   I don't think that should make it.

00:36:32   I don't know, but...

00:36:33   If they did that, I think that'd be stupid.

00:36:35   Like, I don't see why spending more money changes the equation if it's a quality requirement.

00:36:40   I know that it makes me sound like a jerk, but a lot of people don't necessarily care

00:36:44   about that.

00:36:45   wrong but like you know just in talking to my friends for example this is all

00:36:49   anecdotal evidence I know but a lot of folks are saying what you want I give

00:36:53   you like a thousand euros and there's not even a charger in the box it's like

00:36:57   and I know yeah it's not the same it's not a valid argument but the perception

00:37:04   is there and therefore I'm saying that one of the new iPhones will not have a

00:37:10   charger in the box. Yeah. And I think it's pretty much... like I would be very

00:37:16   surprised if this doesn't come true, especially the Apple Watch told the story

00:37:22   so why not follow up with the iPhone as well? Because this is the one

00:37:27   where the actual environment always is. It's the iPhone, it's not the Apple Watch.

00:37:31   Right? So millions upon millions upon millions of these iPhones, right? Like

00:37:37   this is where the real cost savings and environmental impact will be felt.

00:37:43   It seems inevitable. We've been talking about it for a long time,

00:37:46   and they've already set the stage with the Apple Watch for sure.

00:37:49   So maybe this one is a moderate passion pick.

00:37:55   This is the kind of pick for when you just want to chill,

00:37:59   you don't have the energy for...

00:38:01   Yeah, this is like for when you want to cuddle after a high-passion pick.

00:38:06   essentially. You know what it reminds me of? You know how like there are those

00:38:11   like kind of like chill rave music? What is it called? You know what I'm talking

00:38:16   about? Like there's like that chill out music. It's gonna get just called chill

00:38:19   out where it's like clearly for, it's basically it's for the come down right?

00:38:24   That's basically what this pick is for you. It's like hey, what if there's no charger in the box?

00:38:28   You'd be like yeah I kind of dig that. I like it. And you're just

00:38:33   It's chilling thinking about the box and the lack of a charger.

00:38:37   I've always wanted one.

00:38:39   Is it comfy?

00:38:40   I have a beanbag chair in the studio.

00:38:42   It's so great to have one.

00:38:44   I love having my beanbag chair.

00:38:46   Sometimes I just sit in the beanbag chair on my iPad mini and I listen to chill out

00:38:50   music when I'm on the come down.

00:38:55   Here's my second pick.

00:38:57   Apple gives another extended free period of TV+ with new product purchases.

00:39:03   Okay, I, well, I need to give you this, Myke. This is a passion pick. You've done it.

00:39:10   Thank you!

00:39:11   Well, to be fair, you've learned the ropes, and it's been a long journey.

00:39:15   Yep, I learned from the passion master.

00:39:20   I kind of prefer passion maestro, if you don't mind.

00:39:23   Passion daddy.

00:39:24   No!

00:39:25   Yeah, Passion Daddy.

00:39:27   Yeah.

00:39:28   Now, here's the real thing.

00:39:30   Here's the real thing.

00:39:31   Is Steven going to leave Passion Daddy in the show?

00:39:34   We'll all find out together, I guess.

00:39:37   So they are extending the TV+ free deal.

00:39:42   What's the... oh, with new product...

00:39:44   So this one's a little tricky.

00:39:45   I found the wording of this tricky to get across, but so I will lay it out here for

00:39:51   you.

00:39:52   that A, we make some slight adjustments,

00:39:54   or B, so I just set the stage

00:39:55   so you know exactly what I'm getting at.

00:39:57   So when last year, when Apple TV+ debuted,

00:40:00   Apple gave a free year to anyone

00:40:03   that bought an Apple product, right?

00:40:05   - Basically anything. - So if you bought

00:40:06   one of the products, yeah.

00:40:07   But it's because if you bought anything from the,

00:40:10   anything that was released from the fall onwards, right,

00:40:13   you'd get a free year.

00:40:14   Now, I expect they're going to do

00:40:16   something like that again.

00:40:18   I don't know if it's gonna be a year,

00:40:20   But what I'm saying is that if you buy an Apple product,

00:40:24   you will get a free trial period that is longer

00:40:28   than the base free trial period of Apple TV+, right?

00:40:32   So like I'm sure that there is a 30-day free trial period

00:40:36   or something for Apple TV+ for anyone.

00:40:39   But what I'm saying is if they will say,

00:40:41   if you buy a product, we will give you X amount of time more.

00:40:46   Does that make sense?

00:40:48   - It does.

00:40:49   I wonder if the Apple Watch already shipping,

00:40:53   like do they just backdate it and say,

00:40:54   hey, if you bought it--

00:40:55   - Yeah, they could backdate it.

00:40:56   There's no reason why they couldn't do that.

00:40:57   - I also wonder if it would be,

00:40:59   so like I took advantage of that.

00:41:00   I think all three of us did.

00:41:02   Would I be eligible again?

00:41:03   Or is it just for like new signups?

00:41:06   I know, I'm just talking around it.

00:41:08   - This is not in my pick, but I'm saying yes.

00:41:12   I actually think this is part of the reason.

00:41:13   So the main reason I think they're going to do this

00:41:17   is because of the issues around television production this year and that two of Apple's

00:41:25   best shows may not be ready for the end of this month, which is when we're all going

00:41:31   to start paying for Apple TV+.

00:41:34   So it would not surprise me if they just knocked it on a little bit further.

00:41:39   It allows them to keep the services revenue where it is because they actually included

00:41:45   portion of all sales of iPhones in the services revenue last year because of

00:41:50   this deal. So I think they're gonna want to keep doing all of that because I

00:41:54   think that they run the risk here of losing a lot of subscribers having a hit

00:41:58   on the services revenue that they don't want to have so I can imagine that they

00:42:02   will keep keep that going for new purchases. It's a good thought I'm not

00:42:07   sure I would have put it in round two but you did it right there. See because

00:42:13   that did it just doesn't feel risky to me because I've been me and Jason have

00:42:17   been talking about it for a while maybe I should have had it as my risky because

00:42:19   my risky is well my Ricky is particularly risky Ricky I think so I

00:42:24   should have just had this one and gone with I don't know some other nonsense

00:42:27   yeah let me ask you all this if this wasn't true when your Apple TV plus free

00:42:34   trial comes at an end would you renew it right now well right now is tricky right

00:42:39   So like I'm going to renew it because there are now a bunch of shows that I have enjoyed

00:42:44   but I don't think that there's anything I haven't yet watched that I want to watch but

00:42:49   Love Ted Lasso just finished that. I really enjoyed Mythic Quest just finished that

00:42:55   and I'm looking forward to the morning show and For All Mankind so I'm happy to keep it going.

00:43:00   I'm getting way more value from TV+ than I am from Apple Arcade.

00:43:03   What about you Federico?

00:43:05   I haven't watched anything in months. The only thing I'm watching is the big brother.

00:43:10   I would like, of course you are, I would like to echo John's recommendation from Unwind for

00:43:20   Ted Lasso for you. I think you'll like it. It is, I've seen a lot of people make this comparison in

00:43:26   the past few days and this might help you. It's very Schitt's Creek-like in its positivity and

00:43:31   message and you know like is it like heavy on the actual sports no because

00:43:36   the whole conceit of the show is the guy doesn't know how the sports played okay

00:43:41   so like the show begins with like he doesn't know so it doesn't matter if you

00:43:46   don't know I know very little about football and could you know there was

00:43:51   nothing and they do a good job of setting up what you need to understand

00:43:56   through the lens of it being Ted Lasso, right? So like people explain things to

00:44:01   him so therefore you get the explanation too. Okay then adding to my list of

00:44:07   things to watch and play when I'm done. My second round pick is that the iPhone

00:44:13   Pro will come in at least one new color. Okay yeah. Blue. Probably blue. I

00:44:23   specifically didn't say like replace a color like I don't like my my guess not

00:44:29   in my pick is that midnight green will go away and be replaced with something

00:44:32   new so be you know gray silver gold and blue probably but I didn't want to get

00:44:41   that specific so it will come in at least one new color and the iPhone 12 I

00:44:46   think will just be like the 10 or 11 were right just be like a series of

00:44:50   colors and they'll pick something and just run with it. It's gonna be blue. I think so.

00:44:54   And I'll probably get the blue one because I enjoyed the green one.

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00:46:27   Our thanks to hover for their support of the show and Relay FM.

00:46:32   Real time follow-up. The live chat in the discord is very upset about my pick because you

00:46:38   You can currently get the free year of TV+ if you buy a product right now.

00:46:42   So I want to talk about this.

00:46:44   I think maybe your pick's invalid.

00:46:46   Is this the first case of an invalid pick?

00:46:48   I think it is.

00:46:49   Do we need like a gavel or something to say this is not valid?

00:46:53   This is invalid!

00:46:54   But see I just don't think, I think if my, the way that I see it is if they extend that

00:46:59   promotion if it continues past these iPhones that's what I'm getting at.

00:47:06   Because I think the expectation is that that is going to end.

00:47:09   I think everyone expected that to end at some point.

00:47:12   It hasn't ended.

00:47:13   But I don't think that if they do these iPhones and say...

00:47:17   You should just say that they're extending the free year that they gave people.

00:47:22   I don't know.

00:47:23   I don't want to put...

00:47:24   Well that's kind of what I am saying though.

00:47:27   But like, I don't think you're going to get that extension unless you buy something.

00:47:31   So it currently says...

00:47:33   I know how I can do this.

00:47:34   I know how I can do this.

00:47:35   All right.

00:47:36   Apple gives an over extended free period of TV plus of new product purchases,

00:47:40   comma, even if you already had one.

00:47:43   Can you say that again?

00:47:44   So I'm just adding to the end of the pic, even if you've already had a trial,

00:47:49   even if you already had the extended free trial.

00:47:54   OK. Yeah. Yeah.

00:47:54   So it just it just builds on top of that.

00:47:57   Yeah, because I don't think you can have more than one trial.

00:48:01   Like it doesn't accumulate.

00:48:02   Like if I buy like a, if I had bought an iPhone and a Mac,

00:48:07   I don't get two years.

00:48:09   I just got one year, right?

00:48:11   But now what I'm saying is that they will do it again.

00:48:14   So if me, Myke Hurley, who's already had a year,

00:48:17   buys a new iPhone, I get another free whatever period.

00:48:21   Maybe not a year, but another extended free trial period.

00:48:24   Is that good?

00:48:25   'Cause that's what I'm saying anyway,

00:48:28   so I have no problem adding that to the pic.

00:48:30   'cause that's what I also think is going to be the thing.

00:48:33   And everyone, we're all good, we all agree?

00:48:35   - This works.

00:48:36   So let's update, let's officially update Myke's.

00:48:41   - My pick is, Apple gives another extended free period

00:48:44   of TV+ of new product purchases,

00:48:46   even if you've already had a trial.

00:48:49   Yes?

00:48:50   - Yeah, yeah, I agree.

00:48:50   - Okay. - Okay.

00:48:51   - All right, risky picks.

00:48:55   - So I had a bunch of ideas

00:48:57   for what could be considered risky in this event.

00:49:02   But then I started thinking that I,

00:49:04   like we don't really know if there's gonna be a third event.

00:49:07   I think there's gonna be one.

00:49:09   And like I started sort of second guessing all my decisions

00:49:14   regarding like what if Apple likes to save

00:49:17   some announcements for, I don't know,

00:49:19   a November or December event, for example.

00:49:23   And so I went a little more traditional with this pick.

00:49:28   However, I still think it's risky because I'm still talking about something that hasn't

00:49:33   been rumored that nobody has talked about.

00:49:35   It's not like it was hinted or anything.

00:49:38   It's just based on...

00:49:39   I want to say common sense and previous patterns.

00:49:43   Hopefully this will come true.

00:49:44   So I'm saying that one of the new iPhones will have a new portrait feature thanks to

00:49:51   the new sensors that they're adding in the... actually I will say one of the new Pro iPhones,

00:49:57   because I think that makes more sense. One of the new Pro iPhones will have a new portrait feature

00:50:05   thanks to the new sensors for the camera. So basically my thought here is, when Apple

00:50:13   launched the 2020 iPad Pro with the LiDAR sensor, they mentioned the performance of LiDAR

00:50:21   like it takes less time to scan a room, for example,

00:50:24   and all of that.

00:50:26   But then at WWDC, they actually introduced

00:50:28   a few technologies that we haven't really discussed

00:50:31   on the show.

00:50:32   So ARKit 4, obviously, but also the new depth API,

00:50:37   for example, stuff like location anchoring,

00:50:39   that's more related to actual locations,

00:50:43   which will be part of my flexes later,

00:50:45   but we're gonna talk about that in a few minutes.

00:50:47   So my thought is, if I'm Apple,

00:50:50   And I have these new technologies that they are already in place in iOS 14.

00:50:55   But so far I'm only using them for the iPad Pro, which is fine.

00:50:59   But if I'm introducing a new iPhone that has the same light or sensor, what's a good way

00:51:04   to show off these improvements at a very practical level to consumers?

00:51:10   And so I thought the camera is the obvious answer.

00:51:14   Like everybody buys a new iPhone and thinks, well, I guess this iPhone takes better pictures.

00:51:19   And portrait mode is the one feature of the camera that really takes advantage of these

00:51:26   sensors and things related to depth and, you know, finding faces, for example, in photos.

00:51:33   And so I'm thinking they will do something new in portrait mode that's only possible

00:51:39   on the iPhone 12 Pro.

00:51:41   Okay.

00:51:42   So.

00:51:43   Yeah.

00:51:44   I'm following you.

00:51:46   what if it's just like significant improvements, not new features?

00:51:50   Well, yeah, because what you said is a new feature.

00:51:53   So it has this these phones have to have some kind of software feature.

00:51:57   Yeah. That is not available on the phones about LIDAR.

00:52:00   Yeah. All right. Yeah.

00:52:03   Well, like if they say 75 percent improvements to portrait mode,

00:52:08   that's not a thing for you, is it?

00:52:10   No, but a better way to say this is one of the new iPhones with LIDAR.

00:52:15   I think that...

00:52:16   I don't even think you really need that in the pick, but I'm fine with you putting it

00:52:19   in there.

00:52:20   Yeah.

00:52:21   But, okay, I mean, I just wanted to clarify that, right?

00:52:24   Because what I imagine could very easily be the case is that Lidar improves portrait mode

00:52:29   significantly, but that's not what you're picking.

00:52:31   Yeah, well that's not fun, is it?

00:52:33   No, it's not.

00:52:34   Yeah, I get it.

00:52:35   It's not risky either.

00:52:36   And I think he will improve it, but I'm also thinking...

00:52:40   Could.

00:52:41   Could improve it.

00:52:42   Yeah.

00:52:43   There should be something new on top of that to really sell you on the idea.

00:52:48   Alright, so I wanna, I wanna, maybe I'm helping you, I don't know.

00:52:53   I could imagine LIDAR enabling things in the camera app, not in you, but it might not be

00:52:58   portrait related.

00:53:00   Well, maybe.

00:53:04   So like, you know, I could imagine using some form of AR and LIDAR to like put things in

00:53:12   pictures with you, you know what I mean? Like some kind of AR photo mode, but that's not

00:53:18   what you're saying.

00:53:19   That makes sense. You know, other companies are doing it.

00:53:26   Let's just stick with Portrait.

00:53:29   Yeah, I think I want to stick to Portrait because they've been pretty consistent in

00:53:35   adding new portrait features over the past few years.

00:53:39   Because it's the part of the camera that I don't even think it's arguably can do with

00:53:44   the most improvement.

00:53:46   Because it's the weakest part of Apple's camera suite.

00:53:50   It's the thing that looks the worst most often.

00:53:52   Because we've all had it.

00:53:54   I mean I have, I took a great portrait photo just yesterday, I was really happy with it.

00:54:00   It was actually one that for one of the first times ever benefited from those mono light

00:54:03   features where it cuts out the background even.

00:54:05   So I was really happy with it.

00:54:08   Still very frequently like I love portrait photos taken of me and it cuts off half of my glasses. Yeah, right like

00:54:14   That's the kind of stuff. They still need to make significant improvements to like

00:54:19   This is a I don't mean this to be like a dark comedy like thing

00:54:24   But like I could see how some people could see that but Tim Cook shared a picture of Steve Jobs the other day

00:54:29   Because it was I was at the ninth anniversary of Steve's death

00:54:34   I think and the picture that he took clearly been taken by a photo like a bad camera that had like really good

00:54:39   Boca and it was just I was struck by the fact that you could that his glasses were in focus in the image

00:54:46   Because it's just not like a typical thing that I see with that kind of effect these days and my brain

00:54:51   I think is much more tuned to seeing portrait mode photos and actual real good

00:54:56   But it was just like a thing that popped into my head where I was like, yep

00:55:00   That was a real camera that took that picture because the iPhone would have absolutely ruined it.

00:55:05   So I'm sticking with portrait, maybe you're wrong, but it really feels like the obvious place to me.

00:55:11   So well, I mean if they're gonna do something with LIDAR like that's something I don't know how useful AR is.

00:55:19   I don't feel as confident about this one as I felt with the blood oxygen app on the watch.

00:55:25   Like I don't feel honestly, I don't feel as confident

00:55:30   about these picks as I did last time. I don't know, maybe also a low energy level right

00:55:37   now thing? Well, no, I think we all came into this because we just did it and we only this,

00:55:44   and we have one day's notice to come up with this. That like, I think we were all kind

00:55:49   of thrown off, like not necessarily having the best picks possible for us. I know that's

00:55:55   how I feel for myself as well as I feel like especially my risky pick which

00:56:00   I'm about to get to I'm doing a little bit more wish casting than I would

00:56:04   normally do right where I want this thing to happen so I'm picking it which

00:56:08   is not really the way that I would typically approach a risky pick.

00:56:13   I felt like the last time we did this which was like three weeks ago all of my

00:56:19   peaks were a lot more researched and considered and these ones I just had to come up with in 24

00:56:26   hours and then I don't know. Did we have 24 hours last time? Yeah. Huh. Yeah but... It felt like we

00:56:33   had more time. If... because we had been preparing more ahead of the event. Yeah. Yeah. And it's like,

00:56:41   I mean, we knew that there was gonna be a second event but for some reason, I personally, I didn't

00:56:46   prepare for this one. I don't know. It's not like I forgot, but in a way I kind of did.

00:56:56   So we'll see. Maybe Steven wins this one. I don't know.

00:57:01   I was going to say, my risky pick, I texted y'all.

00:57:05   Oh man. No, you're not winning.

00:57:07   Well, we'll see. But I came up with this risky pick about a month ago and I'm glad no one

00:57:12   else took it. But we'll get to mine.

00:57:14   Yeah, well no Steven. I think there's a reason no one else took it

00:57:17   Anyone was gonna fight you for this pic

00:57:21   This is not like some big secret

00:57:26   Just very mistaken in picking this why don't you just do yours now, and then we'll get to Myke so

00:57:32   But I'm gonna want to rush through mine. My risky pick is my vehicle into victory it is the

00:57:38   vehicle stallion I will ride into battle and

00:57:41   I will this Italian if I will ride out

00:57:44   Yeah, and like would you ride in on the thing you're celebrating about? Yeah doesn't make any sense

00:57:50   Well, you're not a poet like a it's more like a chariot or something. Yeah

00:57:54   Yeah that you would ride away from you know, like is you doing your victory lap? Yes

00:57:59   What's what's the name of the really old movie with the glad not the gladiator but like from the 60s or something the Wizard of Oz?

00:58:06   No, no, no, no, no. Star Wars. Ben Hur? Yeah. Yeah. Is it Ben Hur? Yeah, Ben Hur, yeah.

00:58:17   Yeah. And they're riding on the... are they called chariots? Yeah, chariots. Yeah, chariots.

00:58:23   Yeah, like the Roman stuff. It's a totally different name in Italy. So yeah, chariot.

00:58:28   The chariot racing. Yes, yes. From 1959. Okay. Wow. I don't know why I know this, but...

00:58:36   We just had this conversation at home like a couple of days ago.

00:58:40   About Ben Hur? Well, because someone, I think it was my mom,

00:58:42   mentioned Chariots of Fire, but that's not the movie. It's Ben Hur is the movie. Chariots

00:58:49   of Fire is a different movie, not about chariots. What?

00:58:56   What is Chariots of Fire? Chariots of Fire is about an Olympic race.

00:59:01   Is that the movie with the famous song?

00:59:04   Yes.

00:59:05   Yes, that's Chariots of Fire.

00:59:08   I have really fond memories of that song.

00:59:10   Anyway, yeah.

00:59:11   Chariots of Fire, yeah, that's an altogether good one.

00:59:15   Not about chariots, Ben Hur very much about chariots.

00:59:17   Ben Hur very much so about the Romans.

00:59:20   Primarily about chariots, I think.

00:59:22   I think so.

00:59:23   Anyway, anyway.

00:59:24   Did you actually say it yet?

00:59:26   I don't think you even said it yet.

00:59:28   Sorry, we got very chariot focused for a while.

00:59:31   Alright, out of order, but here I go. My risky pick, the iPhone Pro moves to USB-C.

00:59:39   It's the time. It's the year. They're gonna do it. They just moved the iPad Air.

00:59:43   They're gonna move this thing. Just the Pro though. No, the iPad Air moved because the

00:59:48   iPad is moving to that. Yeah, and the iPhone Pro will move because the iPhone

00:59:55   Pro is gonna move to it too. But the iPad Air is not a Pro device. So based on your

01:00:00   own logic, right? That should mean they all move to USB-C.

01:00:04   But they're only going to do the Pro because USB-C is for Pros. Don't pay attention to

01:00:08   the iPad Air.

01:00:09   Ah.

01:00:10   It's just...

01:00:11   No, but you brought my attention to the iPad Air. You said it.

01:00:15   It's just like when they announced USB-C on the iPad Pro. They said, "USB-C is a Pro device,

01:00:24   users want USB-C it's on the iPhone 12 Pro. It's coming. I feel it in my bones.

01:00:30   I want to ask you, do you think it's a good pick or do you really think it's

01:00:35   gonna happen? I think it is, I think it's gonna happen and I think it's a good

01:00:39   pick. Interesting. I look forward to running the Twitter account. Are you

01:00:46   sure you want to do this? I am sure. Steven. You can't stop me from greatness.

01:00:53   No, I mean you're already with one foot on the chariot, nobody's stopping you here.

01:00:59   Yeah.

01:01:00   So I just want to make sure that you know where you're up against.

01:01:05   I am aboard my chariot and my chariot's name is Passion.

01:01:09   I mean I respect you.

01:01:10   And it charges over USB-C.

01:01:12   Is that how horses work?

01:01:17   I guess I'm just at a loss for comments.

01:01:20   Because it's so brilliant there's no arguments.

01:01:22   just sad you didn't pick it first. Do I hear a tiny bit of Federico in you,

01:01:30   Steven, today? Like, what, like blind faith in yourself? No, well, some people say

01:01:38   blind faith, some people call it confidence, and which is a very positive

01:01:42   trait. So I appreciate it, and in fact, in listening to you, I don't understand

01:01:49   why Myke doesn't enjoy listening to me. I think this is very enjoyable. Oh, I think

01:01:54   it's enjoyable. What Steven's doing right now. The problem is when you do it, it's way

01:02:02   more arrogant. Steven feels lost in this. No, he doesn't. He really doesn't. He has

01:02:10   an idea. He's got the chariot. He's ready to roll. He's been thinking about it for a

01:02:16   month and still he decided to use this one even though he came up with this a month ago.

01:02:23   I tell you if you are right I don't think there will be a pick I will be happier to lose

01:02:29   because I want this so bad. You mean because your friend rose to greatness above? No because I want

01:02:36   USB-C on my iPhone. I don't want to have to deal with lightning cables anymore. If this pick comes

01:02:43   true I will try bubble tea. No you're gonna do it anyway you said at the start

01:02:48   of the show that you're gonna do it anyway. I never said that I never said what what

01:02:51   I never said that. Can I do my pick now Steven are you done with the USB C? Yeah

01:02:56   you know look the people want me to be right that's what they're saying in the

01:03:00   discord and I'm a man of the people I want to give them what they want and they

01:03:02   want USB C on their phones. I think the people are gonna want me to be right

01:03:06   more. So what is your out of order risky pick? A new iPhone has a Touch ID sensor

01:03:13   Oh boy.

01:03:15   Yep.

01:03:16   I'm very aware of how risky this is.

01:03:18   Making fun of me.

01:03:19   I only partly believe it in myself.

01:03:23   I do not expect to win this.

01:03:27   Usually with risky picks I have some expectation that I'm going to get it.

01:03:32   This one feels like one of the more riskier things that I've picked in my memory.

01:03:37   I want to lay the groundwork for this a little bit.

01:03:41   They have a sensor that would work in this device.

01:03:45   Apple has developed it, we've seen it.

01:03:47   It's in the iPad Air.

01:03:49   And they're very proud of it.

01:03:50   Did you hear what they said on Justine's podcast?

01:03:54   They were like, "No one has engineered something like this!"

01:03:57   It's like, "Come on, Apple.

01:04:00   Every single Android phone for years and years and years have been doing this."

01:04:03   Again, there can always be some element of truth to what they're saying.

01:04:07   the very specific way in which they engineered it, nobody's done it, but the...

01:04:12   Anyway, but you know what I mean.

01:04:15   So yeah, look, is it likely that they were going to do this?

01:04:21   Not really, but possibly, right?

01:04:22   Like, I think there has been talk before COVID, there has been talk that people would like

01:04:27   this and/or that Apple could go back to it.

01:04:29   I think one of the things that has been quite heavily rumored for a while is that in-screen

01:04:33   fingerprint readers would come to the iPhone and enable the touch ID to come back and still

01:04:40   use face ID and then you have multiple methods of authentication. So maybe it's been something

01:04:45   that's been on their radar for a while but I would be you know I'm sure that when COVID

01:04:52   started hitting they realized man it would be really good if we could have touch ID on

01:04:58   these things and also I mean these devices have been delayed. This is what I

01:05:03   was getting at earlier. I consider it not impossible that they could have changed

01:05:09   the design of the iPhone to add this. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Absolutely not

01:05:14   impossible. And I know people are going to say to me "but they lock these things in

01:05:18   years" but I don't care. Definitely possible, right? Like with a six month

01:05:24   lead time, I believe that they could make the change that they need to if they wanted

01:05:28   to put Touch ID into this device.

01:05:30   I believe it's possible.

01:05:32   There was an interview recently with the CEO of OnePlus that MKBHD did, and he went through

01:05:38   the design process of the OnePlus Nord, and I believe he mentioned that they went from

01:05:44   six months from product design to release.

01:05:48   If OnePlus could do that, Apple could definitely do this.

01:05:53   I know we're dealing with differences in scales about how many of these things are going to

01:05:59   be sold, but again, we're dealing with a vastly different economic equation between OnePlus

01:06:08   and Apple.

01:06:10   I don't think this is definitely going to happen by any stretch of the imagination,

01:06:13   but if they announced it, I feel like I would understand how they made it happen, and that's

01:06:18   kind of the argument that I'm making in reverse, right?

01:06:21   So that's where I am.

01:06:22   I don't think they delayed it too at it, but I could imagine that the delay could have

01:06:26   helped them at it.

01:06:28   Touch ID coming back on the iPhone.

01:06:32   It is risky.

01:06:33   I'll give you that.

01:06:35   Passionate, right?

01:06:37   You're showing it.

01:06:38   It's passionate.

01:06:39   I'm so glad that you both have learned from the Maestro, especially over the past month.

01:06:48   I think my victory was really essential in showing you the way here.

01:06:53   For that I'm really proud of myself for spawning this generation of passion pickers.

01:07:03   So yeah, this is a really good one.

01:07:06   I am very much unsure about the...

01:07:12   You know what?

01:07:15   But I... the possible complication for you here is the fact that, and correct me if I'm

01:07:24   wrong, but iOS does not have any existing solution to deal with dual biometric authentication.

01:07:36   It could be, I mean, it could just be like one of these things that they're doing where

01:07:39   there's a version of iOS that does it but no one's allowed to see it yet.

01:07:43   Right.

01:07:44   it just feels like a big enough deal. I don't know. Because on the one hand I

01:07:53   really like it as a pick and I really would like to have Touch ID again on the

01:07:57   iPhone. Well it's very risky so I would be happy if we got this one. But I am

01:08:07   concerned about the software aspect. Maybe there's a very elegant way for

01:08:12   Apple to deal with this in that if you're a developer, you don't have to...

01:08:15   Well, I believe that that would be the case, because if you remember, when they switched

01:08:19   from Touch ID to Face ID, the system handled it.

01:08:23   But right. But that was a switch, in that you're literally switching... For example,

01:08:27   even if you think about the details of the authentication dialogue, you're literally

01:08:31   switching the Touch ID fingerprint symbol to a Face ID symbol. And here, you would have

01:08:36   to actually get a little more complicated than that and say things like either use Face

01:08:40   ID or touch ID and it's like you're not just switching you're adding an option

01:08:46   to an existing one. I still don't think developers would have to do

01:08:49   anything though. I just like to take advantage of it. I could imagine it's all a layer on top

01:08:54   right so Apple would just say like authenticate and it would show like a

01:08:59   the face thing or point an arrow to the button or whatever right? Maybe it's a

01:09:04   face with fingerprints on it. Or it's like a fingerprint face. Finger face.

01:09:10   Face print. Finger face. Yeah. It's just like a thumb with a

01:09:15   smiley face drawn on it. It's kids, you know, draw a little puzzle. Or is it a

01:09:21   it's more like a handsy face. Something like that. Yeah, ideally it should be like

01:09:29   a pretty transparent thing for developers. You just say use biometric

01:09:33   authentication and then the system figures it out for you. So I don't think

01:09:37   they would have even needed to put this in a bit. Okay yeah. What's your

01:09:42   optimism percentage on this one? 50/50 genuinely. Okay yeah. So I don't think

01:09:49   it's very high but I do think it's possible. I really you know like I just

01:09:55   don't put a lot of stock in this idea that all the lead times there's no way.

01:09:59   Like I really just feel like it can be done stuff can be done

01:10:04   Like I really believe that like I am comfort

01:10:07   I am very confident that at some point in the last few years Apple was made a change to the iPhone

01:10:13   Within this time frame who have a we have a positive moment negative, right?

01:10:18   Like either they like because here's the thing right? We're talking about the potential of them not having the 120 Hertz display

01:10:25   When they wanted to well, they've had to change something haven't they like they they've had to pull something out

01:10:30   And I know adding something like a touch ID sensor could be much more egregious

01:10:35   But like the idea of things changing I just feel like that there is a possibility in that

01:10:40   That's where I am boys. I

01:10:43   Am very proud of both of you today. Thank you regardless of how this goes. I will still win

01:10:49   However, I'm very proud of you. I don't know

01:10:53   Honestly, I don't think any of us have given a risky pick which feels set.

01:10:57   Yeah.

01:10:59   Speak for yourself boys. I am and I'm speaking for you.

01:11:03   See, what have I done here? I've created a monster.

01:11:07   And now no one's gonna win anything and everything's gonna always be coin tosses because we're all trying to out passion each other.

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01:12:32   Flexi time!

01:12:34   Can you give a quick refresher of what the flexis are?

01:12:37   Yes! So the flexis are things that we are picking just for the pride of it, right?

01:12:44   That we're just proving our dominance.

01:12:46   Well, the money.

01:12:47   But now it's money because the loser has to donate $25 per wrong flexi to the winner's

01:12:54   choice of charities.

01:12:57   We each have to have at least five.

01:12:58   I think we all have five this time.

01:13:01   No one decided to go over because that got me last time.

01:13:04   You were the only person who decided to go over and you proved that that was a bad idea.

01:13:08   Yes, it's a bad idea.

01:13:10   So let's do this like we did last time.

01:13:11   Federico, you give us all of yours and then we'll just move through this list.

01:13:15   Okay. These are actually quite fun. I mean, I don't think I will get any of these, but

01:13:27   they're really fun. So my first one is Apple will launch a new HD tier for Apple Music.

01:13:33   High resolution audio. Other folks are doing it. Amazon is doing it. Tidal is doing it.

01:13:40   Are they still around?

01:13:42   I...

01:13:43   Yeah, they are. They actually had a very quite

01:13:47   loyal user base with audio files. Like it's no joke for those people.

01:13:54   People who buy gold cables, you know.

01:13:56   Why do I hear a tiny bit of accent of Sarkoz?

01:14:00   I'm making a joke, but I have used your high-end equipment and it is incredible.

01:14:05   Yeah, yeah.

01:14:05   So I really think... I think I mentioned this before.

01:14:10   for on the show. It would be a relatively easy way for Apple to make more money

01:14:13   from Apple Music for from a subset of people. Like even if it's like I don't

01:14:18   know a million people worldwide like it's a very small number. And the

01:14:23   thing came behind this is that you the assumption that we are making you are

01:14:28   making is that they will be releasing over-ear headphones which in theory

01:14:32   will have a higher audio quality so they introduce higher audio right higher bit

01:14:37   right audio to go along with it. Exactly. Technologically speaking it comes down

01:14:40   to a bunch of implementation details. Obviously I believe the current AirPlay

01:14:45   2 protocol doesn't support native streaming of formats like FLAC for

01:14:52   example. There's a lot of compression going on there so there would have to be

01:14:57   some changes if Apple were to say well we have Apple Music HD and you can

01:15:01   listen via the AirPods studio or the HomePod or anything else but when it

01:15:05   comes to AirPlay, I think they need more bandwidth in terms of what they're actually sending

01:15:10   over Wi-Fi. But that's an implementation detail they can figure out.

01:15:15   I feel like if it only worked to certain devices, they could cheat the AirPlay and make it like

01:15:21   Chromecast.

01:15:22   Yeah. And they could do a special thing with the H1 chip, I'm sure. They could do a lot

01:15:28   of interesting integrations there. And the idea is this is not like a revolutionary idea.

01:15:36   Lots of other streaming services are doing it. Like, they usually call it HD or like

01:15:40   studio quality, for example. So it's something that I would like to see in Apple Music as

01:15:44   well.

01:15:45   Now, the second one. I mentioned a few minutes ago, among the new depth APIs for ARKit and

01:15:54   the LIDAR sensor. Announced WWDC, they have this feature called location anchoring, which

01:15:59   allows you to place a precise anchor in any location in the world, and then users can

01:16:06   go find it later using ARKit. It's quite fun to use with ARKit games and also educational

01:16:15   apps where it's allowed. They require you to walk outside and go find a specific spot,

01:16:22   a monument or something. What's the name of that game that people play with the requires

01:16:29   like geocaching? Finding things in geocaching. Yes, it's kind of a modern spin on that. The

01:16:38   idea here, my second pick is, Apple launches an AR navigation mode for Apple Maps. Google

01:16:45   Maps has it, and they're doing it on smartphones right now. They actually announced a bunch

01:16:51   of improvements to that feature just last week, and I think it's time for Apple to do

01:16:56   it as well.

01:16:57   So just imagine you're walking with your iPhone and you can take a look at the camera, you

01:17:01   can use the camera to explore what's around you, and you could see points of interest

01:17:06   and you can see information cards pop up on the screen, and you could just follow the

01:17:11   directions overlaid on the iPhone's display as like a sort of a camera view inside of

01:17:18   maps.

01:17:19   as a bunch of interesting things to consider here. First of all, one of the new features in iOS 14

01:17:25   is that you can use your iPhone if you are in a crowded place downtown where like GPS signal is

01:17:33   not that strong. You can use the iPhone's camera to refine your location in maps, which when you

01:17:39   think about it, that's kind of an A-R-Kit integration because you're scanning the world

01:17:45   around you to refine the location in maps. And you know why? Because that only works in cities where

01:17:52   Apple has the look around feature. So they're actually comparing what your iPhone is seeing

01:17:57   to what's stored in the look around maps database to say, "Well, okay, I get it, you're in front of

01:18:02   this building right now." Essentially. So I think they already have a lot of different pieces in

01:18:08   place for this feature to become possible. AR navigation in maps could be cool on the iPhone,

01:18:12   of course, and obviously, like, we're all thinking it, this will make a lot more sense

01:18:16   once we have glasses, where you can actually overlay directions in front of my eyes. But

01:18:22   for now, I think it will also make sense on the iPhone. The third one is Apple, because

01:18:27   honestly, like, this is wishful thinking, something that I would really like to have

01:18:31   myself. Even, like, nobody has ever talked about this, because, like, nobody's saying

01:18:36   that this should exist. Apple launches a new AirPods app for the iPhone. Basically, I'm

01:18:44   really annoyed by the fact that there's all these different options for AirPods, especially

01:18:48   AirPods Pro, that I need to go find in different places and settings, like in Bluetooth and

01:18:53   accessibility. And now in iOS 14, they have headphone accommodations, which are a new accessibility

01:19:00   feature that lets you customize the sound and the sort of the brightness and the volume

01:19:05   of AirPods and other compatible headphones. And I think it's time for us to have an AirPods

01:19:12   app, kind of like we have a watch app, just a single place where we can go in and configure

01:19:16   all the kinds of different Apple headphones that we have. Especially if Apple is releasing

01:19:22   new AirPods Studio, I think it would be nice to have just a little utility that you can

01:19:28   go in there, you can customize, you can try all the different examples, and you can have

01:19:32   accessibility options in there instead of having to find all these different pages in

01:19:37   settings. I think it would be more convenient to have an app.

01:19:42   The fourth flexi is iOS 14.2 Shazam music recognition is demoed during the event, or

01:19:51   at least Apple will mention it, because I really feel like if this is the iPhone Plus

01:19:55   headphones event... I didn't pick headphones in any of my picks, but I think there's a

01:20:00   a good chance that we'll get this announcement next week. If the new iPhones are coming out

01:20:08   and if this is the iPhone and music event, then I guess it makes sense to talk about

01:20:13   what's happening in iOS 14.2 with built-in music recognition, especially in the context

01:20:18   of maybe these headphones will have something to go even beyond that. Maybe the AirPods

01:20:25   Studio will have like a Shazam button. I don't know, but it could be possible. So I think

01:20:30   they should... I think they will like to mention this as a thing that the

01:20:35   iPhone can now do. And lastly, I think we will see a new proximity-based software

01:20:44   feature on the iPhone. Again, this is based on the idea that there's this

01:20:48   technology in place. It's called... launched in iOS 14. It's called Nearby

01:20:55   interaction. It's this new framework that Apple talked about at WWDC. It's only

01:21:00   available on iPhones that have the U1 chip. Remember that chip that we all made

01:21:04   fun of last year because it was kind of useless? Yeah, and it still kind of is

01:21:09   when you think about it. And now it's in the Apple Watch? And now I think it's...

01:21:13   Yeah, and it's in more iPhones. Is it not in the iPhone SE? Is it in the SE? I don't

01:21:18   think so. Maybe it's not in the SE, but anyway, they launched a framework for

01:21:25   developers to build apps for this stuff. So proximity between iPhones. And I think, well,

01:21:31   maybe Apple should actually do something here that goes beyond AirDrop. Also, does that

01:21:36   AirDrop feature ever work for you guys?

01:21:38   No, it's just, I still don't even know how to use it.

01:21:42   It doesn't work, right? It just spins and spins, but it does nothing, right?

01:21:46   Yeah.

01:21:47   Okay, so it's not just me. So yeah, I think that we'll do something here. I don't know

01:21:50   what could be a proximity based software feature? I just have a feeling that they

01:21:55   will do one. I don't know what though. I just like to say it as a flexi. They will

01:22:03   do something proximity related. Well I think there is another feature that

01:22:07   we know of which is the car thing. We'll use the U1. Yeah. That's one.

01:22:13   Alright, so these are my flexis. There will be an update to the Apple TV. The

01:22:18   Hardware like the box. Yeah the hardware. Yeah. Yeah new Apple TV

01:22:22   That things just so old now. I have to do something with it

01:22:27   No new max at this event

01:22:30   I'm thinking there'll be a third and final event of the year where they show off Apple silicon max

01:22:35   Okay, but your flexi is just no new max. No new max. Yeah new home pod model

01:22:40   So I think there'll be a smaller home pod, but I just think there'll be a new home pod of some kind

01:22:46   Apple will show some Apple TV plus trailers and

01:22:49   To give the other part of many of Federico's picks over ear air pods are offered with multiple material

01:22:58   Options. Yeah, do you have ideas of materials? I

01:23:02   mean just probably kind of the stuff that I think was in that Mark Gurman report like though one will be like a

01:23:08   fake leather or leather material

01:23:11   And then the other will be a you know, like a more lightweight breathable

01:23:16   material. So you have basically sport and edition or sport and regular, whatever it is, you know.

01:23:25   Like the Apple watches but in headphones. I really like the idea of the interchangeable pieces,

01:23:32   I really hope that's true. I think Federico, I think you said this the other day in our group

01:23:38   thread, that you're about as excited for these new headphones as you are iPhones and I am in

01:23:43   agreement with you on this. I really am excited about what this product could be

01:23:47   like, you know, like something as good as AirPods were like over, you know, I would

01:23:53   say something as good as how AirPods Pro are compared to even regular AirPods

01:23:58   but do that for over ear headphones, I'm in. Just the thought of having the

01:24:05   original AirPods Moment but for headphones, like remember, like you know

01:24:12   that moment three years ago when we first tried AirPods and you'd be like

01:24:15   yeah all other earbuds are done like you could tell. For me honestly like the how

01:24:22   good AirPods Pro are was more of a big step for me than than just regular

01:24:29   AirPods even. Yeah also like that was also yeah I agree so they're continuing

01:24:34   to surprise us with AirPods and just to imagine the possibility of over ear

01:24:40   headphones getting that treatment. I'm very very very excited.

01:24:47   Especially with all the new things they're doing with switching between

01:24:51   devices and the new AirPlay Picker in Infor T.2 and automatic switching.

01:24:57   All these things that they've done around the experience of using

01:25:02   headphones. Sort of building this small ecosystem of little

01:25:07   settings and tools and little options that makes it a lot better to use. And even music

01:25:13   recognition, just the idea of now you, even when you're wearing headphones and you're

01:25:18   watching a movie or TV show, you can still recognize music. That's incredible. So yeah,

01:25:23   I'm very excited about what they do here.

01:25:25   All right. My first Flexi is JAWS presents a new product. Didn't see him last time, but

01:25:32   I think we'll see him this time.

01:25:34   Yankee's going to take the Schiller spot.

01:25:36   He's been tweeting.

01:25:37   new cameras and here's the new iPhone and all that stuff? I don't know I think

01:25:41   that's a little maybe a bit too much unknown but I think we will see him in

01:25:45   some capacity. An AR demo is shown. Apple loves those.

01:25:51   Phone's got a LiDAR sensor. There'll be an AR demo. Big Sur gets a release date.

01:25:56   I'm not willing to say that there will be a new Mac but if the new Macs aren't

01:26:03   for another six weeks.

01:26:04   I don't, like why would they keep holding Big Sur?

01:26:06   I mean, at some point they gotta release it, right?

01:26:09   - Is it releasable?

01:26:11   - It's not quite ready, but you know, neither was iOS 13.

01:26:16   The iPad Air pre-order date is announced.

01:26:20   - In the event.

01:26:21   - So we judge this by what we know by the time of the show.

01:26:25   So it could be that it comes out as a press release

01:26:28   during the event or right afterwards.

01:26:30   So you're saying between event and episode, we get the iPad pre-order date?

01:26:37   Yes.

01:26:37   So if it happens on Friday this week, that's not really...

01:26:41   Right. Don't get it.

01:26:42   Yeah, okay.

01:26:43   Yes, at least some of the new iPhones have 5G.

01:26:47   Ah, you're coming around, denier, huh?

01:26:50   No, no, I was skeptical of 5G and you guys have brought me around to it.

01:26:57   Also the existence of a 5G tower, literally like...

01:27:01   In your neighborhood.

01:27:01   In my neighborhood.

01:27:03   The end of my street.

01:27:04   It becomes difficult to deny something when you can see it.

01:27:09   Yeah, drive by it every day.

01:27:11   You guessed a name for one of the iPhones

01:27:14   looking at the annual predictions,

01:27:15   which is iPhone 11s Pro Max 5G.

01:27:18   Did I?

01:27:19   I mean, it's not gonna be 11s, right?

01:27:20   Is it?

01:27:21   That's the problem.

01:27:22   Oh, that's not a pick.

01:27:23   That was just a comment on your pick.

01:27:26   It's not a pick.

01:27:27   something you said but we wrote it down because you wanted to get like look how

01:27:33   smart I am point also my pick of no promotion is an exact opposition of

01:27:39   Federico's round two annual prediction that at least one 2020 iPhone will have

01:27:44   a higher refresh rate well because in January that seemed inevitable well sure

01:27:49   but the point is that it's like our picks are battling each other now yeah

01:27:55   No one got a Ricky pic for "there will be a global pandemic" so we all have that to work on for next year.

01:28:01   Yep.

01:28:02   Oh man.

01:28:04   So that is, uh, that's the Ricky's.

01:28:08   October 2020.

01:28:10   It's gonna be fantastic.

01:28:11   Or a disaster.

01:28:12   Or a fantastic disaster.

01:28:14   It's gonna be a fantastic disaster, that's what it's gonna be.

01:28:16   I think it's gonna be a disaster.

01:28:18   Yeah, we will make it enjoyable, but I think it is going to be a disaster.

01:28:22   Absolutely.

01:28:22   I do expect an absolute bloodbath for this one. Yeah, not good.

01:28:32   This is awful. This is just awful. These pics are terrible. These pics are bad. Why did

01:28:39   we do this show today?

01:28:40   Well, what else are we going to do? We can't do it next week.

01:28:44   These are horrible pics. These are horrible. Like, we all did a poor job. Oh, God. We're

01:28:49   getting no points here.

01:28:51   I think at best...

01:28:52   Oh, now I'm panicking.

01:28:53   I think at best...

01:28:54   We're getting zero points!

01:28:56   We will maybe all get one or zero points.

01:29:00   At best.

01:29:02   We've got no points.

01:29:04   It'll be a three-way coin toss.

01:29:07   No, I think Federico, you are going to get your round one and round two.

01:29:10   I feel confident in that for you.

01:29:12   Yeah, but we will all get zero points.

01:29:15   That's the problem.

01:29:16   Because you will...

01:29:17   No, if you get two points, you only lose one point, so you'll have one.

01:29:20   Yeah, and you will get the four phones in three sizes and you will get...

01:29:24   Yeah.

01:29:24   Oh, you're risking with them.

01:29:26   So like, what I'm saying is looking at round one and round two, I think you are pretty set.

01:29:31   I think it's a little shakier for me and Steven to get both of ours.

01:29:35   I really...

01:29:36   I don't know.

01:29:37   I... looking back at these picks, I'm kind of afraid of Steven.

01:29:41   No, I don't think the USBC is happening.

01:29:44   Promotion outcome.

01:29:45   I don't think it's happening.

01:29:48   I don't know.

01:29:49   Did you hear how confident he is?

01:29:51   I heard how confident he was.

01:29:53   I would say that Steven's risky pick is maybe the most likely of the three of us, weirdly,

01:30:00   but I still don't think it's going to happen.

01:30:02   We'll find out together next week.

01:30:04   We'll see.

01:30:06   Well I guess here's the question, here's the question, right?

01:30:09   This is the final thing that I guess we'll end on this today is, do we think that this

01:30:13   idea of a portless iPhone is going to happen within the next two to three years?

01:30:17   No, there's no way.

01:30:19   No?

01:30:19   No.

01:30:20   Okay.

01:30:20   No.

01:30:21   Because that's the thing, right?

01:30:22   Like if we believe that's going to happen, it's never going to go to USB-C.

01:30:25   If we don't think that's going to happen, it will go to USB-C.

01:30:28   I don't, so here's the thing, I don't think it's a good idea, but I do think they'll do it.

01:30:32   Right? Like, it's a terrible idea.

01:30:36   I think it's a terrible idea.

01:30:38   I mean, we already have enough complications in our lives.

01:30:42   Why do I also need to think about a portless iPhone now?

01:30:45   terrible idea but it feels like a thing Apple would do. I don't know, just don't make me

01:30:50   think about it. Like, keep things as they are for a while. It's like, I don't want to think about,

01:30:56   now I don't have a port in my phone anymore. Like, no, just, I'm busy. I don't want to think about it.

01:31:04   And I think also people don't want to think about it. Just leave it there.

01:31:09   leave the hole in the phone and just leave it be.

01:31:13   The only one out of the three of us that thinks they will do this is also the

01:31:17   person who doesn't use wireless charging. Think about that.

01:31:22   No, I don't think they're going to do it. It's a bad idea. I use wireless charging.

01:31:25   That's what I'm saying. You use wireless charging. Federico uses wireless charging.

01:31:29   I never do. I use it. I use it too. So maybe that shows how

01:31:33   inconvenient wireless charging is. The people that use it don't think they'll do it.

01:31:37   No, it's just that I think Apple has more smarts than you give them credit for in this.

01:31:41   I think they know that people would revolt without a port in their iPhone.

01:31:44   Yeah, I think, but people revolt when they get rid of the headphone jack and...

01:31:48   But you can't charge it in a car that's older than two years old.

01:31:53   Yeah.

01:31:53   Like...

01:31:54   Also, like, let's be real. You can't have a thing without any ports.

01:32:01   Like, even the Apple Watch has a diagnostic port.

01:32:05   Yeah but it could charge via a magnetic charger that they give you that plugs into a USB outlet.

01:32:10   But you can't exchange data via a magnetic charger and even the Apple Watch.

01:32:16   So just like goodbye all wired CarPlay, goodbye all docks.

01:32:20   I'm just, I'm not saying that like, I'm not on board with this. I think there is,

01:32:26   it seems like a thing they would do, that's all I'm saying.

01:32:29   See if they do it, it's all your fault.

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01:32:49   You can find us all online.

01:32:50   You can find Myke on Twitter, I-M-Y-K-E.

01:32:55   Myke is, what is the first podcast you ever listened to?

01:32:58   Um, Dignation?

01:33:01   Okay. You were on an episode.

01:33:04   Not really.

01:33:05   Well you-

01:33:05   But kind of.

01:33:06   Kind of. You were the featured guest.

01:33:09   No, a picture of me is on one.

01:33:11   A picture of you is on one.

01:33:14   You can find Federico on Twitter @Federico.

01:33:21   Federico, what is your favorite season of the year?

01:33:24   Is that a question?

01:33:25   I just asked it.

01:33:26   The summer is my favorite season.

01:33:29   Like, in fact, all other seasons should be banned.

01:33:33   Like, winter is useless.

01:33:35   Like, I honestly have removed people from Facebook.

01:33:41   If I see comments like, "Oh, it's beautiful.

01:33:45   Finally, it's the fall, and it's raining,

01:33:48   and we can stay inside," I'm like,

01:33:49   "What is wrong with you?

01:33:51   Who enjoys cold weather and rain?

01:33:55   Like, what is actually wrong with you?"

01:33:58   And so I have removed people from Facebook because of that.

01:34:03   Yeah, beautiful weather is the only real weather.

01:34:07   Sylvia-- and I am totally serious here.

01:34:10   Sylvia and I have been considering

01:34:14   doing the thing where we actually travel twice a year

01:34:17   so that it's always summer.

01:34:19   So like moving to the southern hemisphere for a while

01:34:22   and then coming back so that we never experience winter.

01:34:26   We really dislike winter and cold weather in general and rain.

01:34:31   Rain is terrible. Like, what is rain? Why do some people like it?

01:34:37   There's nothing to like it. It's like water falling from the sky.

01:34:41   I'm not sure people like rain.

01:34:44   Oh, no, no, no. There's some people who like it.

01:34:47   Some people say, "Oh, I really love thunderstorms."

01:34:51   Like, well, I don't know, what else do you enjoy that is also horrible?

01:34:56   Anyway, summer, Steven, is my answer.

01:35:01   You can find me on Twitter as @ismh and soon @keynotecherman.

01:35:05   Just gonna lay that out there.

01:35:08   Oh wow, the confidence in this guy.

01:35:11   Wow, okay.

01:35:13   Someone clip this out for next week's episode.

01:35:16   I'd like to thank our sponsors this week, Team History, Hover, and Pingdom.

01:35:21   Until next week, gentlemen, say goodbye.

01:35:23   I'll be there with you.

01:35:25   Bye, y'all.

01:35:27   No.

01:35:28   [Laughter]

01:35:28   Bye y'all.