314: The Jeremies (Fall 2020)


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00:00:17   My name is Steven Hackett and I am joined

00:00:18   by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:20   - Hello, hi.

00:00:22   - It's a big day for you, my friend.

00:00:23   - I know, I know.

00:00:24   I am ready, energized, and waiting for the game.

00:00:29   All right, we are also joined by Myke Hurley.

00:00:32   Hello, it's Jeremy season, ladies and gentlemen.

00:00:35   It is, we will get to that.

00:00:38   That's gonna be the bulk of the show.

00:00:40   We're recording this on the last day of September.

00:00:43   So we are winding down our fundraising campaign

00:00:46   for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

00:00:48   As of this recording, we are well over $400,000,

00:00:52   which is really amazing.

00:00:55   We set our goal at 3.15, so we raised last year.

00:00:58   and we hit that during the podcast-a-thon

00:01:00   and y'all have not let up.

00:01:02   It's really been amazing to watch.

00:01:05   Currently, sort of in my life,

00:01:08   we have several friends with kids at St. Jude

00:01:11   and unfortunately, a couple of them have gotten

00:01:13   some bad news recently

00:01:16   and maybe like reentering the treatment world

00:01:19   with new tumors and stuff.

00:01:21   And that's really hard to process and hard to talk about,

00:01:24   but it's, for me, I'm so glad

00:01:27   that this campaign was going on during the same time

00:01:30   because the money that we raise

00:01:32   and that y'all donate every year, it's spectacular.

00:01:36   It goes to treat kids with cancer

00:01:39   from not just here in Memphis

00:01:41   or in the south part of America,

00:01:43   but all over the country and the world.

00:01:46   Kids come to St. Jude for treatment,

00:01:48   the research and treatment protocols

00:01:50   that are developed at St. Jude go back out into the world.

00:01:53   And this money is going directly to that.

00:01:56   And so for me as the dad of a St. Jude patient,

00:02:01   like thank you.

00:02:02   It really means so much to us, to our family,

00:02:05   and you all have really just blown us away this year.

00:02:09   - Yeah, whether you're donations, small donation,

00:02:12   large donation, it doesn't matter.

00:02:13   Like every single dollar goes to the same place,

00:02:16   and I really wanna thank everybody

00:02:18   that has given their money very, very generously

00:02:23   to what we've been able to do,

00:02:25   and to have raised $430,000 really is just absolutely incredible.

00:02:34   And we are approaching, and we may, by the time this is done,

00:02:40   we really actually only have $150 or something

00:02:43   to reach $3/4 of a million dollars in two years.

00:02:46   So I'm pretty sure that's going to happen.

00:02:49   Yeah.

00:02:50   That's incredible.

00:02:51   All right, let's move on from that to some follow up.

00:02:54   Last week, we spoke about the lack of widgets on the iPad

00:02:59   and how we're frustrated by that.

00:03:02   Listener Alex wrote in with the theory

00:03:04   that maybe it was like an alignment issue,

00:03:07   that the current widget sizes aligned precisely

00:03:09   with four, eight or 16 icons,

00:03:12   but the home screen icons are not fixed on the iPad.

00:03:15   So if you get from portrait to landscape,

00:03:17   things move around.

00:03:19   What do y'all think about this theory?

00:03:22   - I think that the iPad has a history

00:03:24   the icons not aligning properly, like it was that way for many years, right? Like it's fixed now,

00:03:29   but time was you would rotate your iPad and all your icons would move, right? Like that was just

00:03:34   a thing that used to happen. And I just think that if that's the reason that they haven't

00:03:41   put widgets on the iPad, then they need to just get it sorted out because that's not a good enough

00:03:46   reason. Yeah, they can just figure it out, right? I mean, they could have made widgets, you know,

00:03:51   they support auto layout and all those kinds of things, it's just pure SwiftUI.

00:03:56   There's no reason why they couldn't have made it in a way that they are sized differently on

00:04:00   iPad. Like, if icons are the problem, and if you don't want to change the density of icons on the

00:04:07   iPad, then just make widgets work with that kind of grid on iPad. Like, I gotta believe that

00:04:14   Apple, they kind of want you to believe that there's this bigger meaning and, like, hidden

00:04:20   reason behind it, like this conceptual explanation for not bringing widgets to the home screen,

00:04:26   and I just don't buy it. They just didn't do it, that's the reason. They just didn't do it,

00:04:32   they didn't have the time, and that's fine, but don't try to sell us on an idea that like,

00:04:36   yeah, we thought that widgets were better in the column. No, they're not, they really aren't

00:04:41   better in the column. So at least have the decency to not sell us on a wrong idea. Like, okay then,

00:04:47   give me three columns and let me put app icons in those columns and put all those

00:04:51   columns on the home screen. Yeah whatever. Right like you know loads of columns

00:04:55   give us all the columns. All the great columns. Federico you left last episode

00:05:00   uncertain of the your track to have an iPhone running iOS 13 because you needed

00:05:06   a comparison screenshots what did you end up doing and has it worked out? I

00:05:10   ended up purchasing an iPhone 11 Pro Max and thankfully it came with 13.6 on it

00:05:17   So I'm good. I disabled the automatic software updates, both installing and

00:05:22   downloading the software updates, which are now two separate settings in iOS, and

00:05:27   it's fine. I got a lot of people asking me on Twitter with mentions and DMs,

00:05:34   "Why don't you just swap phones with your friend?" And it's like, it was... I could have

00:05:40   done that, but it was gonna be like a whole thing of, you know, dealing with

00:05:45   backups and just wasting time and my friend was not coming into town until Sunday. She actually

00:05:51   ended up arriving yesterday, so it's like I didn't want to waste any time, I didn't want to have to

00:05:57   deal with doing the backup and restore, like I have no time to waste right now and it was just

00:06:02   easier to just buy it and start taking the screenshots and initiate the return procedure

00:06:10   within two weeks. So it was just easier to do it this way.

00:06:15   You gotta turn Wi-Fi off and that thing until you're done with the...

00:06:18   Well I...

00:06:19   Just don't connect it to the internet, man.

00:06:21   Well, but I gotta test it for certain features, like how am I supposed to use Apple Music,

00:06:28   for example, without Wi-Fi. So I just disabled the settings and this phone is not doing anything

00:06:32   at the moment. It's just sitting there, happy and content with iOS 13.6. It's fine.

00:06:38   Myke, the public has a complaint with you, sir, that your tvOS review has not happened

00:06:45   yet. What's going on?

00:06:47   Well, you know, Apple dropped the GMs on us real fast, right? So, you know, I was obviously

00:06:54   in great preparation, research stage. I had an old Apple TV that updated and I meant to

00:07:02   take screenshots on it so still trying to track one of the... tracking old Apple TV down from somewhere

00:07:08   you know Federico you get it you know the problem. No I don't get it you literally have like two

00:07:13   features to write about and we still don't have this review. Look this is unacceptable I am living this Michael.

00:07:19   See I always feel like you of all people would understand that like a review needs a concept

00:07:23   right and like the concept can't be rushed you know. You had three months to come up with the concept.

00:07:30   But I didn't really though because you know there was a compressed time frame

00:07:34   But I was I had it ready for this week, but now the Jeremy's are here, so I can't do it

00:07:39   So it's we're gonna have to keep waiting how convenient for you

00:07:42   It's nothing to do with me. I have no say over when point two was coming out and sure

00:07:47   Okay, would you want me to do my skip the Jeremy's this week?

00:07:50   And I do my team here is to the Jeremy's sign, okay?

00:07:53   Fine well then you know everyone's just gonna just gonna have to wait and then they'll eventually get get my review so

00:08:00   Perfect, okay. It's gonna be awesome though, working on some extras.

00:08:03   Some perks, right? Yeah, some real, like, just, you know, some, just some fun extras that people

00:08:12   are gonna really get a kick out of from Team Heroes. You want to reward all the people with those,

00:08:18   get those exclusive perks in there. Yeah, for the support, you know. Like, you know, it's fine to

00:08:25   dominate a certain field, right? And like, you know, like everyone's only waiting for

00:08:30   my TV OS review, right? As you can see, there haven't been any published because everyone's

00:08:35   just like got out of the game after my stunning entry last year. So, you know, I want to reward

00:08:44   everyone for that. So, just got to wait a little longer.

00:08:48   Sure. Okay.

00:08:50   Federico, how's the iOS review?

00:08:53   I finished writing all the sections finally yesterday.

00:08:57   Congrats.

00:08:58   So now I'm just... thank you.

00:08:59   I'm just full on in editing mode.

00:09:02   I already started editing a few chapters, actually in August,

00:09:05   so it's not like I'm starting from scratch.

00:09:08   And I'm a little, I would say, halfway through my first pass at the edit,

00:09:13   so that's very nice.

00:09:14   It's kind of relaxing to do this finally,

00:09:17   just sit back and read what I wrote and adding links and fixing stuff.

00:09:22   So yeah, I don't have a release date ready yet.

00:09:27   Also because there's some things happening for me next week

00:09:31   that I will have to deal with.

00:09:32   So we'll see.

00:09:33   But it's finished.

00:09:33   And now it's just about polishing the review,

00:09:36   coming up with all the actual perks and extras

00:09:39   that we are going to do in my review,

00:09:42   not unlike somebody else.

00:09:44   Sure, sure.

00:09:47   So yeah, now it's just editing and working

00:09:49   with Ryan on those edits.

00:09:51   And yeah, it's going well.

00:09:53   - The editing process for like your reviews

00:09:56   just seems impossible to me because of the size.

00:10:00   Like if I had to review that,

00:10:02   it would take me about three months to do that editing

00:10:06   because like I'm such a slow reader.

00:10:08   Like I would just, it would be,

00:10:11   I would just don't know if I'd ever get through it.

00:10:13   Like I don't know how the two of you do it.

00:10:14   It's kind of incredible.

00:10:15   - Ryan is a really fast reader

00:10:17   and he's also an amazing editor.

00:10:18   And we have this, at this point we have this workflow in place where we go chapter by chapter.

00:10:24   He sends me the note for each chapter and they're all structured in a way that it's easy for me to

00:10:29   follow and go in and fix that, all those issues. But yeah, the most important factor is that Ryan

00:10:38   is a really fast and attentive reader. Otherwise this, like when I was doing this on my own it took

00:10:44   me like three weeks to do it myself. Now it's so much better with Ryan. So yeah,

00:10:50   I'm getting there. I'm getting there. You two have found this iOS 14 app that

00:11:00   Ryan wrote about and you're very excited about it. Tell me about this.

00:11:04   It's called Sticky Widgets and it's the the Stickies app as a widget. It's

00:11:12   It's perfect, honestly.

00:11:14   It is developed by Tyler Hillsman,

00:11:18   and it's honestly, it's a silly app,

00:11:23   but it's also got good use to it,

00:11:25   the genuine use that you would have for stickies,

00:11:28   and it's basically everything you would want.

00:11:31   You can have multiple widget stickies of multiple sizes

00:11:35   in a bunch of colors, in a bunch of good and terrible fonts.

00:11:38   It's like, what more could you want?

00:11:41   Yeah, the terrible fonts are especially important, but that's what makes it special, right?

00:11:47   Because it's actually like having stickers on your home screen.

00:11:50   Yeah, I love the screenshots that Ryan used in the review.

00:11:56   Something like "Don't forget cookies".

00:11:59   Why would you put that on the home screen?

00:12:01   So you don't forget the cookies, obviously.

00:12:02   Yeah, I guess.

00:12:03   If you keep forgetting the cookies.

00:12:05   You don't want to forget the cookies.

00:12:07   So if you're one of those people, keep forgetting the cookies.

00:12:11   I honestly don't know what else is going on on Ryan's home screen.

00:12:14   There's a bunch of other things that I would like to understand, like the Harry Potter

00:12:17   icon, for example.

00:12:19   Is that the game?

00:12:20   Like the Pokemon Go Harry Potter game?

00:12:22   Oh, that's a thing.

00:12:24   Yeah.

00:12:25   I guess, well, is Ryan playing that?

00:12:27   Is he getting out enough to play that?

00:12:30   Getting around New York playing Wizard?

00:12:33   I don't know.

00:12:37   My biggest question about this home screen, and Ryan, like, we love you, but why is books

00:12:40   and the dock on your iPhone. What are you doing?

00:12:42   Ryan is a voracious reader. That's why.

00:12:45   But how much of a reader are you that you need it in the dock, though?

00:12:49   That's a lot, like, you know.

00:12:51   That's placement anyway.

00:12:54   So that means that Ryan could be on the—what he's saying there is

00:12:58   he could need to read at any moment.

00:13:01   Like, he's on the third screen of his phone.

00:13:03   He's like, "I gotta read!" Right?

00:13:05   Yeah, man, when the reading itch comes in—

00:13:08   When it hits.

00:13:09   When the reading hits, you just gotta listen to your body, just click that icon and just

00:13:14   get some reading done. Just a couple paragraphs, you feel much better, and then you close in

00:13:19   and go back to Harry Potter.

00:13:23   I'm working on a joke, but I don't know if it's good.

00:13:27   That has never stopped us.

00:13:28   You know, you got like the biological clock, I guess he has like the bibliological clock,

00:13:36   right?

00:13:37   Oh my god.

00:13:38   good right? Biblio- bibliological clock? Bookological clock. There we go. I don't know how that was good. It's hard to say though, that's the problem. It's a beautiful word. It's better written down because you delivered it poorly. But saying it is very hard.

00:13:56   Oh this is not the AR Harry Potter game, this is a puzzle game. Celebrate iconic

00:14:03   moment select a wand unlock and upgrade spells it's like a game Ryan it looks

00:14:11   like it's I think we're gonna need some follow-up on this one are you playing

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00:15:42   Every year for the last, I think this might be the third time that we've done this.

00:15:46   I cannot remember how this game began, but here we are.

00:15:51   We basically will have a game where Federico Vatici has to try and guess

00:15:57   the name of every emoji that Apple has added in the new version of iOS. So in iOS 13.2

00:16:05   14.2 which came out just a couple of days ago

00:16:08   We got the addition of emoji 13.0

00:16:13   that was why I said 13 by the way because it's very confusing when I look at them next to each other and

00:16:18   And what happens is we have Federico go through

00:16:21   and try and guess the names of these emojis.

00:16:25   He has not seen them.

00:16:26   Federico avoids as much as he can to see these emojis

00:16:30   so he doesn't try and formulate any ideas beforehand.

00:16:33   And so here we are, Federico Vittici.

00:16:37   We have in the show notes,

00:16:38   and I believe your chapter artwork should now be showing,

00:16:41   not you, this is for the listener,

00:16:43   the current set of emoji that Apple has given upon us.

00:16:46   I have in front of me the list of the emoji.

00:16:50   And again, just to reiterate,

00:16:52   something that changed last year was the Unico consortium.

00:16:57   They changed the way that they named emojis.

00:16:59   They used to have a short name,

00:17:01   which was the name you would understand it to be

00:17:02   as a human being,

00:17:03   and then a long name, which was mostly inscrutable.

00:17:07   They combined this into one short name.

00:17:10   So now we have the names.

00:17:13   I have the list here,

00:17:14   and Steven will be keeping score.

00:17:17   [BELL RINGS]

00:17:17   And there he goes.

00:17:19   There's a bell.

00:17:19   And I guess we will debate as we go through.

00:17:22   Last year, this game got named the Jeremy's.

00:17:27   We obviously have the Rickies, which you all know and love.

00:17:30   The Jeremy's are named after a friend of the show

00:17:33   and member of the Unicode Consortium.

00:17:35   So if you have any complaints about these emoji,

00:17:38   forward them straight over to Jeremy Burge.

00:17:41   When it comes to the scoring here,

00:17:43   It is way less strict. It's actually the exact opposite of the Ricky's because as we stated it last year,

00:17:50   it is scored with whether Federico is correct or incorrect with "we know it when we see it"

00:17:56   and so that's the way we go with this. We just come to this decision and I'm sure that Federico

00:18:02   will demand some kind of prize which of which there is not one. There will be one, don't worry about it.

00:18:09   it will be one I'm sure. So I'm opening the list. I'm clicking the link. Okay this

00:18:16   is an image with lots of emoji. So we will start Federico in the top left and

00:18:21   we will go row by row from left to right obviously but you know. Okay here we go.

00:18:26   So top left... what is this? You gotta tell me my friend. This is an encapsulation of

00:18:34   2020 in a single emoji. This is a... okay, it's a person... well, it's a face smiling

00:18:43   with a tear. Really? Is that the name? Oh, come on!

00:18:50   The actual name of the emoji is "Smiling face with tear". That's the name.

00:18:55   Okay. He got it.

00:18:56   I'm pretty sure you got that one correct. It was just a slight change of reorder in

00:19:01   the words.

00:19:02   Interesting, interesting. What's the... just to understand, what's the context for this emoji?

00:19:08   Like, what emotion is he supposed to convey? Maybe you're crying with joy?

00:19:14   But you're not really... it's not really joyful. It's like... I don't know. I have no idea how to describe this.

00:19:22   Unfortunately, we do not have this information for you as to why these are the way that they are.

00:19:29   like I'm looking through Emojipedia, I'm sure that you could go into the filings and work,

00:19:34   but that's like a lot, that's like a lot. This is just, you know, like, imagine you see something

00:19:38   and it's so happy that you get a tear in your eye, you know, like it's like a heartwarming

00:19:42   thing that you see, you know, like the day that when, you know, something great happens in your

00:19:49   life. I was going to make a reference to the Connected Pro pre-show, but I won't do that

00:19:54   because it won't make any sense to people. Well if they go and join and listen to this episode as a

00:19:59   member it would. Yeah but it's it's a really big spoiler for it so I think people will go and

00:20:04   enjoy it anyway and they should but you know if you see something and you're like oh they're so

00:20:08   nice and then you get a single tear rolled down your face that's what's going on. It's like when

00:20:11   we hit the goal for the Saint Jude campaign right that sort of thing. Yeah. Tappy you're like kind

00:20:16   of overwhelmed. Look these will be used by teenagers and they will define how they are

00:20:22   were used for the rest of us. So we're at their mercy. What's next?

00:20:26   So, okay. So I won't lie to you. The first thought that came to my mind when

00:20:34   I saw this emoji, I thought of Johnny Rose from Schitt's Creek. Looks a lot like him.

00:20:39   Oh man, how unlucky that the show has ended, right? Like this is the

00:20:44   Johnny Rose emoji right there. So this is one of those like carnival like

00:20:51   party masks type of deal with the funny nose and the thick eyebrows and the

00:20:57   mustache I don't know what the proper name for this is like it's not a face

00:21:03   mask it's like is it like a party mask I would say face face with face with

00:21:13   eyebrows I want to I need to get a confirmation from you you you saying

00:21:18   that name of this emoji is face with eyebrows? I think face with facial hair.

00:21:26   I need a, I need, you need to stop just giving me you to settle on something. Face with facial hair.

00:21:38   That is incorrect. This is called disguised face. Disguised? Mm-hmm.

00:21:45   That's not really a disguise.

00:21:47   It is like the comedic disguise.

00:21:50   This is like a disguise used in comedy and animation

00:21:53   and stuff of a pair of glasses with a fake nose, fake mustache.

00:21:57   Everybody can tell it's you if you wear one of these.

00:22:00   Like, you're not really a disguise.

00:22:01   And that's kind of the joke with this disguise.

00:22:04   OK.

00:22:05   OK.

00:22:06   So this disguising face in disguise, what's her name?

00:22:09   Disguised face.

00:22:11   Disguised face.

00:22:11   OK.

00:22:12   So next one.

00:22:13   This is obviously the Italian emoji.

00:22:15   this is the Italian gesture for like, what do you want?

00:22:20   To put it elegantly for the show.

00:22:22   - I'm doing it right now.

00:22:25   - Yes. - I'm moving my arms

00:22:26   backwards and forwards. - Like, hey,

00:22:27   what is this emoji?

00:22:28   You do this. - Hey.

00:22:29   - So this is obviously Italian hand.

00:22:34   - I wanna just check.

00:22:38   Do you actually think it's called Italian hand?

00:22:41   I mean, does anybody else do this in other countries?

00:22:45   I guess this is a gesture that you guys do with your hands

00:22:49   when you're uncertain about things.

00:22:52   Maybe not in the exact way that an Italian person does,

00:22:55   but my hand does make this shape.

00:22:59   So you're suggesting that it's not an Italian hand,

00:23:02   that it could be a little more universal.

00:23:07   hand like because if you look at it from the side it looks like you're just pinching your thumb and

00:23:13   index finger so i think maybe the the word pinch is in there somewhere but also it's obviously a

00:23:22   gesture pinched gesture uh pinched pinching gesture i think so i'm gonna say i'm gonna say that's

00:23:35   wrong because I did help you and we still didn't get there. This is pinching fingers

00:23:41   is the name of the emoji. Pinching fingers? You're not... See that's the issue here. You're

00:23:47   not just... because if you look at it from the side, you're not just pinching your thumb

00:23:51   and index finger, you're pinching all of them. Like the point of this gesture is to use...

00:23:57   Right, but it isn't called pinching thumb and index finger, it's called pinching fingers,

00:24:02   therefore you are in fact pinching all of them.

00:24:04   Hmm.

00:24:05   You see?

00:24:06   Right.

00:24:07   Okay.

00:24:08   I get it.

00:24:09   Well, it's also a bummer that it's like, it should have been called the Italian hand.

00:24:13   Because obviously just people in Italy do this.

00:24:16   Yeah, but you see, if they would have called it that, you know they would have gone, you

00:24:20   know someone's getting in trouble, right?

00:24:23   Yeah, so pinching fingers?

00:24:25   Pinching fingers.

00:24:27   Pinching fingers.

00:24:28   Okay.

00:24:29   tweet that you ever send now to include this emoji at the end?

00:24:32   Yeah, basically I will stop using the "hmm" thinking face and just use this one instead.

00:24:38   You should definitely put this in your Twitter bio. This gesture should be in there.

00:24:44   So the next one, this is like a real heart. Now my question here is, we obviously already have the

00:24:58   cartoonish heart emoji characters. So I feel like this is not named "Heart", I think this

00:25:07   has an as a qualifier in front of it to make you understand that this is like a...

00:25:13   what'd you say? Like, "Anatomical Heart"? Really? Yeah, I was when you were starting to round on

00:25:22   that I'm like come on buddy you can do this. You got it so close. Anatomical heart. Okay. You were right and like this this is

00:25:31   clearly like this would have just been called heart if the other heart didn't

00:25:35   exist but the other heart nobody wanted this heart when it was like this is not

00:25:41   where you start with this one. It is troublingly detailed like if you look at

00:25:46   a large version of it. Yeah. I don't like these body parts in emoji in fact the

00:25:51   next one. Now, these are obviously a pair of lungs. Now, we don't have another lungs

00:25:59   emoji, so I'm not sure if they're called anatomical lungs or just lungs, because I

00:26:08   don't know if they need the qualifier in front of them.

00:26:11   Also, this emoji is just as terrifying as the previous one. I actually think this

00:26:16   one is more troubling than the heart. This is very troubling because you also have the, what's

00:26:20   I wish they didn't do the lines in the lines. The lines? And what's the name of the thing in the middle?

00:26:26   The windpipe? It's probably got a better name than windpipe.

00:26:31   The tube. The air hole. The chest tube.

00:26:39   Oxygen straw. I'm gonna go with lungs.

00:26:45   Oh, so it's not anatomical lungs, it's just lungs?

00:26:49   No, I was pleased that you worked that one out.

00:26:52   I was concerned that you were going to go over anatomical lungs because that would make

00:26:57   some sense, but I can't imagine there being another type of lung emoji, so they just went

00:27:01   with this.

00:27:03   That's a perfect year for the lungs emoji, unfortunately.

00:27:09   Maybe next year you can tap on them and change the color, turn them a little grey.

00:27:14   oh come on that's an awful thing to say. Turn it black you have a smoking emoji. Oh my god

00:27:22   oh my god this is horrible Steven. So the next one oh I got this one this is like

00:27:30   Naruto this is a this is the ninja yeah very good because of the mask and

00:27:38   And what's the sword?

00:27:40   The katana.

00:27:41   The katana, yeah.

00:27:42   The sword is what, like, seals it, right?

00:27:44   Because otherwise it's a little too nondescript.

00:27:46   This is a ninja, and there's only one of them, because obviously you don't need to tell the

00:27:50   gender, I guess.

00:27:51   Right.

00:27:52   You just see the eyes.

00:27:53   Oh, yeah.

00:27:54   Yeah.

00:27:55   Just the eyes.

00:27:56   This is one that I've really, like, I saw this list, it's like, "Wait, don't we already

00:28:00   have a ninja emoji?"

00:28:01   Turns out we didn't.

00:28:02   It just seems like one we would have had for a long time.

00:28:04   This was the one you thought that for?

00:28:06   Did you think that the wizard wasn't a ninja?

00:28:12   I don't know what I thought.

00:28:15   I don't know what you're thinking.

00:28:17   Next one.

00:28:19   Oh, this is a set of three of them.

00:28:23   Well, okay, so the next three...

00:28:26   Man, I'm really struggling here.

00:28:28   So the next one, it looks like a woman in a tuxedo.

00:28:32   Oh, okay then.

00:28:33   It is a woman in a tuxedo.

00:28:36   I need to just say this is one of those situations where the next few are like this.

00:28:41   The actual amount of emoji here is significant, but in the image that

00:28:49   Emojipedia put together, they condensed it a little bit to have kind of the main

00:28:54   ones that are new in these categories.

00:28:57   Because I thought that this emoji was going to be

00:29:00   related to the following two, because I thought that a tuxedo could have also

00:29:05   being like a like something that I'm like a wedding suit well there already

00:29:11   is a man in a tuxedo emoji oh that's why they've added this woman in a tuxedo so

00:29:17   and I think I did I have person in tuxedo as well I believe so I know where

00:29:23   this is going then so the next one then because we already have a woman in

00:29:28   wedding dress the next one is man in wedding dress and the the other one is

00:29:33   person in a wedding dress. Hmm. Is it not called a wedding gown? Well, it is a wedding dress.

00:29:41   It looks like a wedding dress. Is that your final answer? Well, it looks like a man. It's got a mustache, and the

00:29:48   other one is the face of the gender-neutral emoji, so it's a person. I mean, how would you call it?

00:29:54   This is a wedding dress, right? It's white, it's got the thing on the head. I don't think you ever

00:29:59   call it a "wedding cape." I think it's a thing.

00:30:04   So Federico, you are correct in the spirit of this emoji.

00:30:10   Man in wedding dress and person in wedding dress.

00:30:14   The names are wrong. How? This is man with veil, person with veil.

00:30:21   They have a dress! You can see the shoulders and you can see the...

00:30:24   But you see most of the veil. That's where it's sort of focused.

00:30:28   Oh my god, come on.

00:30:30   I don't know why they went with veil.

00:30:32   Not only there.

00:30:33   Because it's like the main part of this emoji, but I don't know, that's just where they are.

00:30:40   I'm sorry, we can't give those ones to you.

00:30:42   Is it called veil or wedding veil?

00:30:44   Veil, just veil.

00:30:46   You would only wear these at a wedding.

00:30:48   Well, the other time you would wear a veil is like, that I can know of, would be at a funeral, but it wouldn't be white.

00:30:54   But it wouldn't be white?

00:30:56   Oh, come on.

00:30:58   I mean, I mean to be fair the tuxedo ones are not called wedding tuxedo. It's just tuxedo. Sure. Yeah, right

00:31:04   You can wear tuxedo anytime. I'm wearing one right now

00:31:07   It's not true. Okay, so I got two wrong. Yeah

00:31:11   The next three again, these are related. So again, we're looking at man a woman person and men

00:31:18   so my

00:31:21   My first reaction this is now my final answer my first reaction

00:31:26   brings to mind breastfeeding, but this is not...

00:31:29   I don't know if you call breastfeeding when you're using the... what's it called?

00:31:34   The object with the milk.

00:31:37   I can't give you these answers.

00:31:39   Yeah, because this is not like you're not feeding from the breast you're using like a...

00:31:44   Well, is it called a breastfeeder?

00:31:47   No, like what's the name of the object?

00:31:53   Because I know it in Italian

00:31:55   Okay, don't focus too much on the object

00:32:02   On well, there's a baby. I assume that that

00:32:07   Thing is not like a desk lamp, but it's a baby

00:32:10   That's it

00:32:23   Probably not it.

00:32:24   So I'm just gonna go ahead with my assumption that it is in fact a baby.

00:32:29   Okay, so woman feeding baby.

00:32:34   No, come on!

00:32:38   Person feeding baby and man feeding baby.

00:32:41   Oh God, really?

00:32:42   Yeah.

00:32:43   That is a terrible name.

00:32:44   It just makes it sound like you're feeding a dog.

00:32:48   No, but that's what you're doing.

00:32:51   You're feeding the baby.

00:32:52   But they can't they can't say and they don't want to say bottle feeding which is what that is by the way

00:32:57   It's a bottle

00:32:58   Yeah, and they don't want to say breastfeeding and I get it's like just feeding right and so like and and this is I think the

00:33:04   Reason they've done this is because it's not necessarily

00:33:06   Universal and this way they can just have the same emoji shape and just change the head every time

00:33:12   Let's let's do a little score update before before we move on. Okay, you have

00:33:20   Five six seven eight right and four wrong you're doing very well. Okay awesome, and then the

00:33:26   Yeah, it's gonna get harder. I know it always starts out easy, and then I start losing points so oh

00:33:34   This is a grandma with the Santa hat

00:33:39   Is there a name for like female Santa Claus

00:33:44   Lady Santa

00:33:49   Lady Claus, Mrs. Claus, Miss Santa. This is also an old woman. It's now a woman.

00:33:58   The woman emoji is younger. This is old. It is a Christmas hat for sure.

00:34:06   I think it is a Christmas hat.

00:34:10   If just on your own like this, when you're speaking, you sound like you've lost your mind.

00:34:15   Out of context, just that one clip, you sound like you have no idea what's going on anymore.

00:34:22   This is old woman with Christmas hat.

00:34:29   This is so wrong.

00:34:35   You ended up walking into this with the wrong assumption.

00:34:39   We have Santa Claus, we already have Mrs. Claus.

00:34:43   is an emoji that already exists. This is the gender neutral version which I have found

00:34:50   out is mixclaws, mxclaws. And I believe it's pronounced mix, it's the mx is what I was

00:34:57   able to learn.

00:34:58   Like the Logitech mouse?

00:34:59   Yes, Logitech Santa.

00:35:01   Like the S, but I don't think they call it mixmouse, or mixmaster3, it's mx. Which is,

00:35:11   That was something that was new to me, this phrase, but I'm happy to know it.

00:35:15   But yeah, I could see where you were going with this one.

00:35:18   If you weren't really that familiar with the Mrs. Claus, you were never going to get this.

00:35:21   And plus, it doesn't follow the typical naming scheme for the gender neutral.

00:35:29   So I knew you weren't going to get this one.

00:35:31   Yeah, I had no idea that MX was a thing.

00:35:33   I'm sorry, I apologize.

00:35:34   I had honestly no idea.

00:35:36   We learned, now you know, right?

00:35:38   Like I learned it yesterday and you learned it today.

00:35:41   Okay.

00:35:42   Oh, I like the next one.

00:35:44   I really like it.

00:35:45   Do you though?

00:35:46   I think this is so, so bad.

00:35:48   This is amazing.

00:35:49   These are two people getting it on.

00:35:50   I like it.

00:35:51   Oh, okay.

00:35:52   This is like a sweet embrace.

00:35:55   What's it called?

00:35:56   Sweet embrace?

00:35:57   Um, heart embrace?

00:35:58   Yeah, that's what Apple called their emoji.

00:35:59   Yeah.

00:36:00   People, people embracing.

00:36:01   How did you get that one right?

00:36:02   Yeah, that's what Apple called their emoji.

00:36:04   People embracing.

00:36:06   Happy people?

00:36:08   Can I have to ask her a final answer here, Federico?

00:36:12   She's saying a lot of stuff now.

00:36:14   People hugging.

00:36:16   I love the shape of the emoji. I don't know why they're both blue.

00:36:22   Because small sizes, you can't see, you can't discern.

00:36:26   I think they should have done blue and green or something.

00:36:28   or something. You know? Would have been very MSN-y.

00:36:33   This is an amazing emoji. This is already a favorite of mine, along with the Italian

00:36:38   hand. I will say, it is quite a hug, right? Like,

00:36:42   it is a deep hug. This is a very deep hug. I really like it.

00:36:48   I like this one. Okay, people hugging. Matt in the Discord said it looks like a

00:36:53   mugger sneaking up behind someone. The next one, oh this is a chunky cat. This is one chunky cat.

00:37:11   cat. Man, um, okay. So I don't think the name is chunky cat or fat cat or thick cat.

00:37:19   It would be like T H I C C A T. The thick cat. The next images are all thick, which

00:37:31   I appreciate. No, this is not a cat. I feel like this is where I lose a point because

00:37:36   this is a specific type of feline animal of which I don't know the exact name so

00:37:42   I may just throw it out there I don't well hmm I don't think it's a cat I

00:37:49   also have the cat emoji already it's not a puma puma is bigger it's not a cheetah

00:37:58   the cheetah is different. This is like a like a lynx or something.

00:38:06   Okay. This is like a mountain cat or some other variation.

00:38:12   You're just naming versions of OS X now. Yeah, again, like you're doing it again,

00:38:16   you need to give me a Nazi. You can't just keep saying things until the bell

00:38:19   rings I need an answer from my final answer is small puma

00:38:27   can you imagine if they had both small and large puma emojis? no Federico you're gonna be very upset at this

00:38:35   this is black cat no I quit I quit there's some ending to the call. Federico you work with small puma

00:38:43   Yeah, that's on you man.

00:38:44   Right? Like, you didn't help yourself.

00:38:46   It does look like a small puma.

00:38:48   Does it? It looks like a black cat to me.

00:38:51   It's a chunky cat. It's too fat to be a cat. This is, this is, oh God. If your cat is like

00:38:57   this you need to go see a doctor right now. It's too fat.

00:39:01   What is the best way for people to confirm the sizes of their cats to you?

00:39:05   Just use a, use a varying scale or something.

00:39:08   No, I mean like, how do they contact you?

00:39:11   No, you need to contact your veterinarian. Not me. You need to go see a doctor, not me.

00:39:17   Let's move on to emoji number 16. This is a very hairy cow with a wig.

00:39:26   I mean, okay, I mean like, it's not like, I don't think that's massively far off.

00:39:33   Okay, so I am torn between two different types of animals.

00:39:37   Okay.

00:39:38   I will go ahead and say a buffalo.

00:39:43   No, I know it wasn't the buffalo.

00:39:46   No, you're wrong now.

00:39:48   You can't do what you just did, which is again, you say a thing and then wait to see if you

00:39:52   got it.

00:39:53   My final answer is the buffalo.

00:39:54   My final answer is the buffalo.

00:39:55   It is wrong.

00:39:56   What was your other idea, by the way?

00:39:57   The bison?

00:39:58   Yeah, it was a bison.

00:39:59   Oh no, I knew it.

00:40:00   Yeah, it was a bison.

00:40:01   No one knows the difference between those animals. It's impossible to know.

00:40:04   Okay. Is there a buffalo emoji? Yes. I think. I'm at Emojipedia right now. There's a water buffalo. A water buffalo?

00:40:17   Yeah, which just looks like a cow. It just looks like a bull. Like it doesn't...

00:40:23   Okay, so the next one. This is the ancient elephant. My final answer is the mammoth.

00:40:31   Good job. Thank you. The next one, typically I call them, I call these fat

00:40:39   squirrels, but I believe that the name is the beaver? Okay. Now this one... what is it?

00:40:51   like an albino panda?

00:40:52   Is that a thing that exists?

00:40:55   Well, anything can be albino, I think.

00:40:59   They do exist.

00:41:00   Polar bear is my final answer.

00:41:03   I don't understand why...

00:41:07   I wish I knew why do some animals just get a face and some animals get a body.

00:41:12   Polar bears don't look like this.

00:41:14   This is way too relaxed for a polar bear.

00:41:17   Well, it's the regular bear but white.

00:41:20   Right, so it's the animoji bear, you know, like that style, but it's just all white.

00:41:26   Instead of, like, is it brown and white, the bear emoji?

00:41:31   Interesting, I don't really understand this.

00:41:33   Moving on.

00:41:35   The next animal I don't know.

00:41:36   Um, this looks to me like a brown chicken.

00:41:40   I have no idea what's going on with this bird.

00:41:42   It's not a turkey.

00:41:43   It's not a...

00:41:44   It's not like a hummingbird.

00:41:45   It looks like a chicken.

00:41:47   It looks like a...

00:41:48   Like, it's got the legs of a duck.

00:41:49   and the body of a chicken and makeup on his face? I don't know, a brown chicken,

00:41:56   whatever, I have no idea. This is an animal that I've never seen in my

00:42:00   life, this is a brown chicken. All right, so you are wrong, of course, but I'm gonna

00:42:03   see if we can try and help you here, and just in this sense, I'll see if you do get it.

00:42:07   So bear in mind that the mammoth was added, does that help you, if I say

00:42:12   that? So this is another prehistoric animal? Yeah. It's not a pterodactyl.

00:42:19   Definitely not a pterodactyl, no.

00:42:21   I don't know. My knowledge of other ancient animals is basically like the T-Rex and the mammoth and anything else from Jurassic Park.

00:42:32   It's the dodo, Federico.

00:42:34   Oh! Is the dodo extinct?

00:42:37   Yes.

00:42:38   Yeah.

00:42:39   Really? Are you sure?

00:42:40   Yep.

00:42:41   Yeah.

00:42:42   Oh, that's a bummer.

00:42:43   It's extinct for a long time.

00:42:45   Like a real long time.

00:42:46   Really?

00:42:47   Yeah, like what do you think? You think they were still rocking around?

00:42:49   Like you can't go out and buy dodo?

00:42:51   They were extinct in 1662.

00:42:55   Who killed them?

00:42:57   I don't know.

00:42:59   No, it was responsible.

00:43:00   Let's see.

00:43:01   Did you just say who's responsible?

00:43:03   Yeah.

00:43:04   I don't know.

00:43:05   Like, society I guess.

00:43:07   The culprit of the dodo extinction.

00:43:09   Also the dodo looked like this.

00:43:12   What a weird animal.

00:43:13   Yeah.

00:43:14   Wow, very peculiar animal.

00:43:16   I believe that that was part of its issue.

00:43:17   Like, it couldn't fly, right?

00:43:19   Like, that was one of the, I think, one of the problems.

00:43:21   - Ah, poor Dodo.

00:43:23   Just walking around being killed by people.

00:43:25   - Yeah, and it looks like maybe flash flooding

00:43:28   on the islands they were on maybe did them in too.

00:43:32   But it's, yeah, they're gone.

00:43:34   - Oh, that's a bummer.

00:43:36   I would have liked one of these, just roaming around.

00:43:38   Looks fun.

00:43:39   So I've been fooled by this before, by this object.

00:43:44   So, this is not my final answer. I am torn between saying "feather" and saying "quill".

00:43:50   However, I believe that the "quill" is when you use it for writing purposes.

00:43:54   So I'm gonna go ahead and say "feather".

00:43:56   Okay. Is it correct, Myke, that the "quill" is when you actually use it for writing?

00:44:02   It's like "yes and no". A "quill" is like a little bit... Yes, yes. A "quill" is when it's, like,

00:44:08   been turned into a pen, basically. Like a pen, yeah. Okay.

00:44:13   The next emoji.

00:44:14   This guy is a favorite.

00:44:16   This guy.

00:44:17   It looks like the Titanic scene, like,

00:44:20   draw me like one of your French girls.

00:44:21   I saw someone say that on Twitter last night.

00:44:24   Yeah, that's...

00:44:25   Yep.

00:44:26   Again, I'm torn.

00:44:27   I'm gonna give you a final answer.

00:44:29   I'm torn because I never really understood the difference between

00:44:33   "sealion" and "seal."

00:44:34   Like, I don't understand if "seal" is the abbreviation of "sealion" or not.

00:44:38   This is something that I've always been thinking about.

00:44:40   However, I'm just gonna say seal as my final answer.

00:44:43   Okay, is the seal a sea lion and it's just an abbreviation?

00:44:48   No, it's a different animal.

00:44:49   Oh, really? So it just so happens that seal is like sea and el and sea lion? Oh, wow.

00:44:56   They look similar too, like, you know, like you can see that when you put them next to each other

00:45:01   you can see they're different, like sea lions I think are much bigger, typically like a brownish

00:45:06   color. Oh and this and seal is like the cutesy version that is smaller and you

00:45:11   can actually hog. The sea lions, they're the ones that spend their time like in

00:45:15   San Francisco you know like out on the on the like. Wait what? Pier 39. You never took me there.

00:45:25   You were too lazy to take me there. Wow didn't we take you to Alcatraz? Never.

00:45:29   No that was before Federico started coming. Oh yeah we only have one year

00:45:35   Didn't we have him in San Francisco? That was the problem. The next three are gross. The next four are really coming

00:45:40   Yes, score update. Yes score update. We have 13 right and

00:45:45   Eight wrong still doing very well. You got through that that set better than I thought you were going to honestly

00:45:52   I thought that those animals were really gonna stump you more than that. What did you call it the hot embrace?

00:45:57   The sweet embrace sweet sweet embrace embrace nearly lost that one for a minute

00:46:03   This I'm gonna get wrong. So this the this is a green insect

00:46:07   We like a yellow hue in the middle of its body. I have no

00:46:13   How do you call somebody who's like an expert in insects like

00:46:20   That's that's like spot. No

00:46:22   It's not an insect ology. It's not a bug ology see there

00:46:29   There's a name for it. It's like when you study this little creature.

00:46:33   Discord, help us. What is an insect?

00:46:35   Entomologist.

00:46:36   Entomologist, yes. Thank you.

00:46:38   So, I'm not an entomologist.

00:46:41   [Laughter]

00:46:45   I'm not surprised.

00:46:46   Weird.

00:46:47   This is a beetle.

00:46:49   [Ding]

00:46:50   Ooh.

00:46:51   Turns out you might be an entomologist.

00:46:53   The next one...

00:46:54   Ooh, this is gross.

00:46:56   This is like a... this is a... my final answer, this is a locust.

00:47:03   Incorrect. This is like a kokoracha, it's a cockroach.

00:47:07   Oh, a cockroach?

00:47:10   Can you imagine how nasty that will be with the

00:47:15   screen effect where like things like fly around in a tornado?

00:47:18   Oh no.

00:47:19   Let's find out. I'll say... I'm gonna... I don't have it on my iPhone yet.

00:47:23   I'm so sick to my stomach.

00:47:25   The next one, this useless creature, is the fly?

00:47:31   Yep.

00:47:31   Yeah.

00:47:33   I had a good hint for you for this one. I want to know if this would have tipped you off

00:47:38   for the fly. I was going to give you the hint of Breaking Bad, if that would jog your mind.

00:47:45   Yes, yes, yes.

00:47:46   Oh, the worst episode.

00:47:47   It is not great.

00:47:51   Now, the next one, this is...

00:47:53   I don't understand why it's like...

00:47:56   in the middle of its...

00:47:58   quote-unquote "body"...

00:48:00   there's like a ring?

00:48:01   So it's like it's wearing an accessory?

00:48:03   I don't understand this?

00:48:05   This is a worm?

00:48:07   That's my final answer. Worm.

00:48:09   Okay, why does the worm have a thing?

00:48:11   It is... I used to know what it's called, but it's part of their...

00:48:14   it's part of their body, basically.

00:48:16   Oh, so it's not accessorized.

00:48:17   No, it's part of their...

00:48:20   body. I thought I was gonna say. Interesting. That's kind of gross. It's part of the body.

00:48:26   It is called the, oh god I'm hating what I'm looking at right now. Oh this is disgusting.

00:48:32   Sotelium? Yes. That came back to me from like middle school biology. Don't google worm body.

00:48:40   My god that's horrible. I mean I got the answer but at what cost? You're scarred forever.

00:48:48   Don't do that. Next one.

00:48:52   Ha. This is where this is where it gets tricky,

00:48:56   because I feel like this is not a single word.

00:48:58   This is two words.

00:49:00   And if I had to use my relatively small

00:49:03   compared to Michael animal crossing knowledge,

00:49:06   I would say this is a potted plant.

00:49:10   Gosh, Don, you, Federico Vatici. Bravo. Bravo.

00:49:14   You're killing it.

00:49:15   Yeah, you're doing really well.

00:49:18   These are... Sylvia buys them all the time. These are blueberries.

00:49:26   Oh, so this is the next one. Interesting. So the next one is a thing that we do in Italy.

00:49:32   It's like you fill olives with like small chili peppers, and those are really tasty.

00:49:39   I don't know how you say this in English, though. Obviously, it's not just a green olive, because

00:49:45   you can see the red. So it is apparently it's not just a thing that we do in Italy then, I guess,

00:49:50   to put something inside of the olive. So I'm gonna go with with filled olive.

00:49:57   It's incorrect. We're looking for olive. No. No. That is what they're calling it. No,

00:50:07   why is the red in the middle? I think it's so it's visually distinct as an olive, right? Like,

00:50:12   Like people know that.

00:50:14   I don't like this emoji for a million reasons.

00:50:17   This is one of them.

00:50:18   The other is why is this the shiniest

00:50:20   olive in the world? - It's so glossy.

00:50:22   - Why is it so shiny?

00:50:23   What did they do to this olive?

00:50:25   - It looks like, you guys remember in old versions of iOS

00:50:28   where they would apply the gloss effect to your icon?

00:50:30   - Yeah, to the icons.

00:50:31   - They accidentally turned that layer on

00:50:33   when they were doing this emoji.

00:50:34   - If you look close to this emoji

00:50:36   and you can actually see the reflection of the window

00:50:39   of the designer, behind the designer drawing this icon.

00:50:42   Now, wouldn't that be just an incredible Easter egg?

00:50:45   You get high quality enough, zoom in enough, and the design is in there.

00:50:49   Yeah, I hate this one.

00:50:51   I don't get it because the olive as a standalone, is the olive a fruit or a vegetable?

00:50:59   I'm going to say fruit.

00:51:02   I think it's a fruit.

00:51:03   I think it's a fruit.

00:51:04   I think it's a fruit.

00:51:05   I think it's a fruit.

00:51:06   I think it's a fruit.

00:51:07   I think it's a fruit.

00:51:08   I think it's a fruit.

00:51:09   I think it's a fruit.

00:51:10   I think it's a fruit.

00:51:11   I think it's a fruit. Because it's out of the ground? Isn't that the thing?

00:51:15   Well, not always, I think. But I think it's a fruit.

00:51:18   But I'm gonna say the standalone olive as a fruit is just green.

00:51:22   If you put the red in the middle, it's because...

00:51:24   In Italian we would say "oliva farchita". That's the name.

00:51:28   Farchita means "filled with something". So anyway.

00:51:32   What is this? My final answer is green pepper.

00:51:39   incorrect oh come on it's a bell pepper what bell bell pepper bell as yeah they come in different

00:51:46   colors but they're known as bell peppers it doesn't look like a bell bell pepper is about

00:51:52   the shape of the pepper i think oh but it doesn't look like a bell it looks like a pepper well pepper

00:51:57   looks like a yeah i'm not sure why it's called bell i don't know but it is as in the ringing

00:52:03   bell yes okay oh now we get to food I see I'm gonna get all of this wrong so

00:52:09   the next one the next one I honestly have no idea what I'm looking at this to

00:52:15   me looks like the base of a pizza that you left in the middle of the road and

00:52:21   someone with a car it does on top of it it does like that that's perfect like

00:52:27   that or maybe like a couple of bicycles right so that's why yes the lines yeah

00:52:32   Yeah, I have no idea. I'm sure, and I don't mean, as always, I don't mean to offend the

00:52:40   sensibility of other listeners who maybe this is like a typical food in their culture. I

00:52:46   have no idea what I'm looking at, so I'm just gonna go with nondescript pizza.

00:52:52   This is flatbread. What is flat?

00:52:57   - Flat breads, it's like it is a casual term

00:53:01   for a lot of different types of bread.

00:53:03   So we could be looking at pitta here,

00:53:06   tortilla could be one.

00:53:08   These could be a couple of things

00:53:11   that could potentially be encapsulated by this emoji.

00:53:14   - So why is it flat?

00:53:16   Because you don't know how to make actual bread?

00:53:18   - But why is pizza flat then?

00:53:21   - Well pizza's not flat.

00:53:23   - But it is flat, enough.

00:53:26   But that's the idea. A flatbread is usually used for things.

00:53:30   So whether it's to dip or to make a burrito with.

00:53:35   This looks kind of halfway done.

00:53:37   And why the lines in the middle?

00:53:39   I guess it's to show grow marks or something.

00:53:42   Oh, so you... OK.

00:53:44   This looks like some kind of burrito inside of an envelope.

00:53:48   Actually it looks like one of those carpets

00:53:54   that you see on the ground, like beach resorts.

00:53:58   They're like made of, I don't know how to describe them,

00:54:02   but it looks like some kind of small,

00:54:04   like some kind of beach type of carpet holding some food.

00:54:09   And then there's like, you put a bow on it.

00:54:14   I don't know, this could be burrito with a knot.

00:54:23   - Okay, so it's kind of funny really,

00:54:26   so this is a tamale.

00:54:29   - It what?

00:54:30   - Yeah, this is a food I've not introduced you to yet.

00:54:32   But it's kind of funny really because the tamale,

00:54:36   it's like, it is a food dish,

00:54:41   which has got lots, it's got like a masa dough

00:54:46   with different toppings inside,

00:54:50   but it is steamed inside of a corn husk or banana leaf.

00:54:54   So what you are saying about the beach mat is like, yeah,

00:54:58   like it's a similar kind of thing,

00:55:01   but you don't eat the outside.

00:55:03   It's just cooked in that.

00:55:05   - Thankfully people walk on it.

00:55:07   So you won't.

00:55:07   - I have some breaking news y'all.

00:55:11   - Okay.

00:55:11   - We have, as of right now, raised a quarter

00:55:14   of a million dollars for St. Jude last year and this year.

00:55:17   I've been corrected by Kate.

00:55:18   Breaking news again.

00:55:19   I said a quarter of a million.

00:55:21   I meant three quarters of a million.

00:55:23   - Oh, I knew what you meant.

00:55:26   But yes, three quarters of a million dollars.

00:55:29   750,000 is the number.

00:55:32   Congratulations to everybody.

00:55:34   That's incredible.

00:55:36   - That's amazing.

00:55:37   - Wow.

00:55:38   - That was, believe it or not, it was incredibly fast,

00:55:40   but Steven just rang his bell 750,000 times.

00:55:44   But if you do do something that fast,

00:55:46   like that frequently, it will sound like just four.

00:55:49   The bell's smoking it from the friction.

00:55:52   It's melted.

00:55:55   Okay, yes, a tamale.

00:55:57   Tamale. Where can I try one of these?

00:56:00   Probably not in Italy.

00:56:01   Interesting. Okay.

00:56:02   We have them here. They're really good.

00:56:06   The next one is a bowl with some type of cheesy liquid

00:56:13   inside of it,

00:56:14   And two, I assume, some kind of holding items or like spoon-y type objects.

00:56:23   I'm gonna say, because I don't have any other better option, fondue.

00:56:27   Ooh!

00:56:29   Have you ever had fondue?

00:56:31   Yes, but it doesn't look... Well, at least it didn't look like this.

00:56:34   It was a more elaborate setup.

00:56:36   This looks like the cheap man's version of fondue.

00:56:40   Yeah, that's fondue at home.

00:56:44   Yeah, we were in a restaurant which may explain the fanciness of the setup.

00:56:48   I mean, I went to a fondue restaurant in London and it looked like that.

00:56:51   Can we get an update on the score?

00:56:53   Right, we have 19 and wrong, we have 13.

00:57:00   Ooh.

00:57:02   Can you say that again?

00:57:03   19 and 13?

00:57:05   19 right, 13 wrong.

00:57:09   Everything to play for.

00:57:11   That's getting really close, I don't like it.

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00:58:55   Okay, so we move into the second half of the Jeremy's for Fall 2020.

00:59:01   So this next one is a teapot.

00:59:08   Okay, now this looks to me, this, I have no idea what I'm looking at. This is the worst

00:59:16   drink I've ever seen in my life. The best way that I can describe it is like a some kind of tea with

00:59:25   holes at the bottom. So I honestly don't know, like, I don't know, is the name like proton

00:59:31   I have no idea what I'm looking at.

00:59:35   It's just like a... I don't know.

00:59:38   So this hasn't hit Rome yet, huh?

00:59:41   I have no honestly no idea what I'm looking at.

00:59:44   It could be tea with a bunch of holes at the bottom.

00:59:47   Those are terrifying to me.

00:59:48   Also like the even worse option could be

00:59:52   there's a bunch of bugs at the bottom of this tea.

00:59:55   Stop.

00:59:56   Bug tea.

00:59:57   Tea? I don't know.

00:59:59   Final answer please.

01:00:00   Yeah, tea with holes.

01:00:03   This is bubble tea.

01:00:05   What?

01:00:07   Bubble tea is an Asian thing.

01:00:08   And I mean, it's been around for a long time,

01:00:10   but I think it's starting to see more of a resurgence

01:00:13   in places in the West.

01:00:16   One day I will take you to a good bubble tea place.

01:00:19   Oh, I meant to say "chipophobia," not "protonopia."

01:00:21   What is "protonopia"?

01:00:22   I don't know.

01:00:22   I didn't know what you were talking about at the time,

01:00:24   but it sounded fun.

01:00:25   So those little balls in the bottom

01:00:27   are made typically of tapioca. Super good. It's like these little sweet rubbery jelly

01:00:33   type things. It sounds gross, tastes fantastic. So I still don't get this. Is this tea?

01:00:39   Uh, yeah, can be tea. What's with the holes? They're tapioca balls. What is tapioca?

01:00:46   It's like a sweet rubbery jelly like dessert. So you eat them? Yeah. You have a big straw and

01:00:55   and you drink the tea and the jelly like the balls go up the straw and then you also get

01:01:02   a little jelly treat while you're drinking your tea.

01:01:05   It looks like there's a bunch of bugs.

01:01:08   So looks disgusting if you don't know what it is, tastes fantastic.

01:01:12   Oh my god it looks horrible.

01:01:14   I will never have this in my life.

01:01:16   One day, no one day, no I will buy one and I'll say Federico try this.

01:01:22   No I'll throw it in your face.

01:01:23   No no don't do it.

01:01:24   Have I ever steered you wrong with things that you were uncomfortable in trying?

01:01:28   It just looks horrible.

01:01:29   And your world has opened up, right?

01:01:30   All that wonderful Mexican food.

01:01:33   Just trust me.

01:01:34   We'll go through this again when the situation presents itself.

01:01:37   So I didn't get that.

01:01:39   No.

01:01:40   Now, is this a rock or is it a boulder?

01:01:44   I'm going to say this is my final answer.

01:01:46   This is a rock.

01:01:48   Okay.

01:01:49   It's the Dwayne Johnson emoji.

01:01:51   Now, this is interesting because it's obviously wood, but it could be chopped wood, or it

01:02:00   could be logs.

01:02:02   So I'm just gonna...

01:02:04   I don't think there's a wood emoji, so I'm just gonna say wood.

01:02:09   The next one, it looks like one of the little houses from the Smurfs.

01:02:16   This is a... it's not a beach house.

01:02:22   This is like... my final answer is this is a hut.

01:02:25   Gosh, you're doing well.

01:02:28   You're doing very well this year, I think.

01:02:31   Can I just say, I meant to say it but didn't because you were moving so fast, how is there

01:02:36   not a rock and a wood emoji?

01:02:38   How are these two things not already existing?

01:02:41   Very surprising.

01:02:44   The next one, this is a vehicle. It's cartoonish, but I think all the vehicle emoji are cartoonish,

01:02:57   so it's not meant to be like real life size. So I am torn between two answers. My final

01:03:04   one is truck. Was it pickup truck?

01:03:10   It's incorrect.

01:03:11   Damn it.

01:03:12   pickup truck. Truck is too generic. Yeah. I feel like I have

01:03:22   representation of the emoji now. I've got a pickup truck emoji. Can you change the colors?

01:03:25   I wish. I wish. Okay. You have to change it. You have to paint your truck

01:03:33   blue now. Get right on that. This is the thing from that movie.

01:03:40   Tonya Hardin movie? Is that a name? The girl skating around. Roller... what's the name?

01:03:53   Rollerblades. Roller... my final answer is Rollerblades. It's not.

01:04:04   This is a roller skate. Is Rollerblade a thing? No?

01:04:08   The rollerblades is when the wheels are in one line, the roller skates.

01:04:12   And also, Tonya Harding was an ice skater.

01:04:14   Ice skater?

01:04:15   She was a figure skater, ice skating for the week.

01:04:19   Oh, jeez.

01:04:22   Roller skating on ice.

01:04:23   That's what Tonya Harding was known for.

01:04:25   So this is roller skates.

01:04:28   The levels of wrong in your answer there were just incredible.

01:04:31   Just kept building on each other.

01:04:33   It was amazing.

01:04:34   Oh, OK. So this is the default shortcuts icon.

01:04:38   When you create a new shortcut, you get this.

01:04:41   This is the magic wand.

01:04:42   Again, magic wand.

01:04:45   Yeah, I'm surprised it wasn't already there.

01:04:47   You would think it was in there before.

01:04:50   Oh, the magic wand and the top hat emojis

01:04:52   are going to be great together, aren't they?

01:04:54   Oh, because you can make it look like you're like,

01:04:56   what am I looking at here?

01:04:58   Oh, my God.

01:05:02   This looks like Covid went out for a party.

01:05:05   This looks like a happy Covid.

01:05:06   What is this?

01:05:08   The happy Covid emoji, everyone.

01:05:12   I think this is the hardest one.

01:05:14   What am I looking at?

01:05:16   I think they chose the wrong shape for this.

01:05:17   Boy, you...

01:05:19   Personally, I mean, I might be proven wrong.

01:05:21   I mean, people might say I'm wrong for this, but like...

01:05:23   This is what you get after you do what they're doing in the hugging emoji.

01:05:27   This is what you get.

01:05:28   This is what you get the epic Covid if you're not careful.

01:05:31   What the hell is this?

01:05:35   I don't know.

01:05:41   Spiky ball?

01:05:46   It looks like a virus with party hats.

01:05:54   As Ian in the Discord is saying, flamboyant with fish.

01:06:01   Could be the possible name for this one.

01:06:05   Okay, okay. Honestly, I don't know what I'm looking at. The only connection that my brain

01:06:16   is making right now is to a virus so I'm just gonna go with it and say this is

01:06:26   gleeful virus this is a pinata oh no they're not shaped like this pinata no

01:06:37   okay so I'm being told traditionally they are but in popular culture they're

01:06:43   shaped I think more typically as animals mostly llamas I mean which they can't do

01:06:48   that because of fortnight but this is apparently the traditional shape for I

01:06:56   only knew pinata from that old Xbox game do you remember viva pinata and they

01:07:01   were like shaped as animals like you get a like you get a horse pinata and you

01:07:05   would just beat the pinata and it was like a shaped like a horse oh it's kind

01:07:10   terrible that they make the mantle shapes. Yeah, I know, it was kind of awful, but you know. Well, donkey, like a donkey

01:07:15   like kind of shape is very typical, I think, for a piñata. But this is, and I'm looking on

01:07:24   Wikipedia, like this is seems to be the traditional shape as like the pointed piñata. It looks like

01:07:31   the happy Covid to me. This is the Russian doll. This is the... I know the actual name. This is...

01:07:42   and forgive me for my pronunciation... this is the Matryoshka. So I believe the pronunciation is

01:07:48   Matryoshka, I think. But this is not the name of this emoji. They went with nesting dolls. No,

01:07:55   There's a proper Russian name for it. Why? Why? Why? Nesting dolls? Everybody just call

01:08:05   them Matroska.

01:08:06   Well, they don't. A lot of people do call them nesting dolls because there is a Russian

01:08:12   word which is hard to say and spell.

01:08:14   Matroska?

01:08:15   I mean, you didn't say it right.

01:08:16   You got what I meant though.

01:08:19   Well, I got what you meant because I was looking at it. If you just said that word to me, I

01:08:24   don't know how to do it.

01:08:25   I still know what you're talking about, even if you're not saying prosciutto. Like I get it.

01:08:29   What if I said prosciutto? Would you get it then?

01:08:33   Yes, I would still get it.

01:08:35   I would still get it. Like when you...

01:08:37   I'm sorry Federico, we don't play the game as to what it is?

01:08:41   When Americans come to Italy, Americans always seem to think that it's "grazzi" instead of "gratier"

01:08:47   which is always kind of fun. Anyway.

01:08:49   This is a nesting doll, my friend.

01:08:53   it should be Matryoshka. This is a needle with a thread. My answer is needle. No, my

01:09:06   answer is... is it something that you guys would say? Well I'm going for it.

01:09:12   Threading needle. No. Incorrect. This is sewing needle. Okay, yeah, makes sense.

01:09:20   Can we get a score update please Steven? I'm losing points. We have 24 correct and

01:09:27   we have 19 wrong. How many do we have left? Is it 22? Yeah I think so.

01:09:37   Yep. Yeah 22 left. What is this? This is like a bunch of nuts. This is what

01:09:45   like Navy people would do like to to anchor like a boat at the you know I

01:09:53   don't know it looks like it looks like a how would you call them like marine

01:10:00   knots what's the name for like you know I know I know I know these questions

01:10:08   right like yeah okay we got DNA last year right so this is not DNA this is

01:10:12   like obviously this is not DNA, this is made of fabric. It's that new Apple Watch band.

01:10:18   It's not under a microscope, it's the nylon band under a microscope. Because I don't know,

01:10:25   like I'm sure there's an exact term for it, however I will just go with "knot".

01:10:31   Yes, yes. What was the name for like when people at sea make knots? There are lots of different

01:10:39   names for knots, like an obscene amount of names for knots. But you got like as a

01:10:43   category, there's like a name for it. I don't know if they if there are, I think

01:10:48   they're just called the knots and then there are just lots of knots. There is a

01:10:51   name for knots that like people who are experts in boats and sailing knots,

01:10:58   is that is that? Yes, sailing knots, sailing knots, that is it, yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:11:03   Maybe that maybe they're knoticles. That's good, that's really good. Thank you.

01:11:08   This is okay. Now this is not my final answer. These are flip-flops

01:11:14   However, there's a single one of them so it is a flip-flop singular, but what?

01:11:22   My final answer is flip-flops. Oh, come on. It's not sandal is it? Oh, no, you're wrong

01:11:29   I have a significant issue with the name of this emoji and I believe that Jeremy Burge is to blame

01:11:35   This is called the thumb sandal

01:11:37   Yeah, so in Australia, a thong is one of these.

01:11:45   Can you spell it?

01:11:46   Thong, t-h-o-n-g.

01:11:47   Like what Cisco used to sing about.

01:11:50   A thong sandal?

01:11:52   Okay.

01:11:53   Well you understand the shape of a thong, right?

01:11:56   Sure do.

01:11:58   Now look at the sandal.

01:12:02   I glossed over that.

01:12:04   Excellent.

01:12:05   That's a great answer.

01:12:07   Okay, sure.

01:12:10   Okay.

01:12:12   So this is a thong.

01:12:14   So I think Jeremy is to blame on this.

01:12:16   So are you sure?

01:12:18   I don't think they're called thong sandals like anywhere else other than Australia.

01:12:23   These are flip flops.

01:12:25   Are you sure this name is not the result of some like weird, youthful memory that Jeremy has?

01:12:31   No, they are actually caught in Australia. If you say a thong to someone, you mean a

01:12:39   flip-flop. This is a thing.

01:12:41   You understand how wrong this is conceptually speaking. Like, thongs are one thing and sand...

01:12:47   well, okay.

01:12:48   Time to move on.

01:12:49   Yes. Oh, okay. So this reminds me, just because I know you guys are always interested, and

01:12:54   if you aren't, I don't care, in the connections that my brain makes. So this reminds me at

01:13:00   a glance of an old video game for the PS1, for the first PlayStation, where you would

01:13:05   play as pigs going to war. Like, there were, I don't know what the name was, but there

01:13:11   was like this on the cover. So... I think it was called Hogs of War. Hogs of War, thank

01:13:16   you. Yes. Wow. It was also, the Italian translation was so good. I know that you guys wouldn't

01:13:23   understand but it was like a wordplay, it was called Nati Persofrito, which, I don't

01:13:28   well Italians will get it it's a funny wordplay anyway this is a helmet but

01:13:36   this is a soldier helmet so I think it is a soldier helmet final answer maybe

01:13:46   or maybe there's some maybe there's some other like Australian name for it

01:13:53   Can I get, so we're going with soldier helmet? My final answer is soldier helmet.

01:14:00   We're now just leading you. Okay this is a military helmet. Military, that's a good

01:14:07   word. So close. The next one, I know the Italian name, I don't know the English

01:14:12   name, this is the instrument that that chicken guy from Breath of the Wild

01:14:17   wild always plays in the cutscenes. Yep. Yep. Hate those songs by the way. They take so long.

01:14:27   This is the... how do you call this in English? How do you say it in Italian? I'm just interested.

01:14:35   I think in Italian it's the Fissur Monica. That's nice.

01:14:43   I read this word somewhere before. No, it's, I don't know, I just, I'm, there's a

01:14:56   keyboard and like you move the thing and it makes a sound and it's very peculiar

01:15:01   sound. Yep, oh that's right. Yeah, I'm just inventing a word.

01:15:06   Fizzarmonic. I don't know.

01:15:09   Okay. Believe it or not, it's not right, it's the accordion.

01:15:13   Accordion, damn.

01:15:16   In Australia, it's called the thong piano.

01:15:19   [Laughter]

01:15:25   Oh my god.

01:15:27   [Laughter]

01:15:31   Oh my.

01:15:33   [Laughter]

01:15:41   Oh dear. What do you got next?

01:15:44   This is a tall bongo. I'm sure it's not. My final answer is...

01:15:50   Tall bongo.

01:15:54   This is a long drum.

01:15:57   A long drum. Well, the next one, oh it says the crazy ones 2020. Oh that's fun. Come on.

01:16:05   Okay, we get it, we get it. It's not funny anymore. The arm pegs and the square holes, like we get it.

01:16:13   Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't know, it's just, it was better when they put designer's bedroom on the olive.

01:16:21   um this is a coin that's yes correct monitor this is a monitor um this is what in australia

01:16:32   they call a thong handle like i don't i don't know um

01:16:35   it's kind of shaped like one uh no i get i know um this is the boomerang

01:16:46   Then we have a saw.

01:16:49   That is incorrect.

01:16:51   Come on.

01:16:52   We're looking for carpentry saw.

01:16:54   Oh, because there's a difference between...

01:16:56   Come on.

01:16:57   A carpentry saw?

01:16:59   There are lots of saws.

01:17:00   Yeah, but imagine if you were carpeting.

01:17:04   You would say just pass me the saw.

01:17:06   Not carpet.

01:17:07   Not carpet.

01:17:08   Carpentry, like wood.

01:17:10   It's not a carpeting saw.

01:17:12   Well, you wouldn't say just say pass me the saw.

01:17:14   You wouldn't say, "Pass me the carpentry saw."

01:17:17   Yeah, but, like, there's context.

01:17:20   If you only work in wood and say, "Pass me the saw,"

01:17:22   or even then, there are lots of different saws

01:17:26   if you were in carpentry.

01:17:27   But anyway, which is called the carpentry saw, my friend.

01:17:30   Then what is the next one?

01:17:32   A electrician screwdriver?

01:17:35   Like, I don't know.

01:17:37   This is a -- This is a screwdriver.

01:17:43   Oh, okay. What is this?

01:17:46   You tell me!

01:17:48   This looks real dangerous.

01:17:50   Hmm, how would you use this?

01:17:53   However you want.

01:17:54   Well, this is a hook.

01:17:58   Oof.

01:18:00   Well, this one, I don't know the English word.

01:18:04   I'm just gonna go with...

01:18:06   There's a word for it, I'm sure. I'm just gonna go with stairs.

01:18:11   You don't know this word? That's interesting. This is a ladder.

01:18:15   A ladder? Yes, I know the word. My brain is fried.

01:18:19   What is the Italian word? Scala.

01:18:21   Ah, okay. Yeah, I was thinking... Because in Italian it's the same word. You say "scale"

01:18:27   for stairs and "scala" singular for the ladder. So yeah, that's right.

01:18:33   Okay, final row. Oh.

01:18:35   Whoa, whoa, wait. Before we get to the final row, what is the score?

01:18:39   29 right, 25 wrong.

01:18:41   Oh!

01:18:43   Really?

01:18:45   You still have the chance to lose this one.

01:18:47   No, 29 right.

01:18:49   Oh, I can still lose this.

01:18:51   Yes.

01:18:53   This is a symbol of people

01:18:55   contained inside a box

01:18:57   and going up and down.

01:18:59   Which, of course,

01:19:01   if you think about it, that's an elevator.

01:19:03   It's like a box.

01:19:05   Okay, there you go.

01:19:07   that a premature that wasn't gonna be your final answer? No, I was gonna say elevator.

01:19:12   I was just debating is it lift or elevator but I know that Americans don't say lift.

01:19:18   Isn't it interesting to see that I think they kind of bailed on this one and just introduced

01:19:24   one of the sign emojis back in right like I can't recall Apple creating a new one of

01:19:31   these types of emoji like that I just a symbol and I know that they've done it because it's

01:19:37   a sign but I feel like they're just like "ah we're just going for it"

01:19:39   The next one this is a mirror that's my final answer this is a mirror

01:19:44   My final answer for the next one this is a window

01:19:51   Now this instrument I unfortunately have a lot of experience with

01:20:05   But I don't know how to say it in English.

01:20:07   What's it in Italian?

01:20:12   Stura torre.

01:20:14   Way fancy. That's a fancy word for what it is.

01:20:16   Stura lavandini. I don't know. Something like that. This is a declugger.

01:20:26   We are looking for plunger.

01:20:31   Ah, the plunger, yes. It's now called the declogger.

01:20:36   I mean, it definitely does that. It does declog.

01:20:39   You know, and again, if we're in the carpenter's store situation again,

01:20:43   if you said to someone in a bathroom, "Pass me the declogger," I think they would give you this.

01:20:47   Yes.

01:20:48   But that's not what it's called.

01:20:51   The plunger.

01:20:52   Oh, this is fun. This is like from Tom and Jerry type of thing, the cartoon.

01:20:59   Emma in the chat is saying this is a plunger for sinks, not toilets.

01:21:02   I don't know what the difference is, but sure.

01:21:06   You don't want to mix them up in your house, that's for sure.

01:21:08   Well, I've done it.

01:21:09   I've used it for toilets.

01:21:10   So let me tell you, it wasn't fun.

01:21:12   I used it for everything.

01:21:13   It wasn't fun at all.

01:21:14   Whatever's needed.

01:21:15   Um, this is, um, this is kind of funny.

01:21:19   This is a mouse trap.

01:21:20   What a fantastic emoji design this one is, right?

01:21:26   like because they went with a ridiculous interpretation of something that is otherwise upsetting to

01:21:32   think about and I think that is genius right like if they would have just designed a standard

01:21:37   mousetrap it's a bit like oh the mousetrap but this is hilarious this is a tom and jerry

01:21:43   like mousetrap I hope that people aren't actually killing the mouse just trap the mouse and

01:21:47   then release the mouse please don't kill the mouse I have done that before you release

01:21:51   the mouse or kill the mouse? - Yeah, we had a glue strip, you know, like one of the

01:21:55   sticky strips and it was in the kitchen and the mouse stuck to it. I felt really bad

01:21:59   for it and was wondering like how do you, so I had to google, like how do you free

01:22:05   the mouse and you pour olive oil on it and then it like it dissolves the glue

01:22:10   and so we took it outside, put it down, poured some oil on the mouse's back and

01:22:15   poof off into the night and we called him Slippery Joe because I can imagine now

01:22:21   he's super slippery covered in olive oil. An olive oil soaked mouse just roaming the streets of London

01:22:27   that's amazing. That guy is like zipping around the town. Slide around. He would go very fast through the tubes, that's true.

01:22:38   Okay this is a bucket, this is a toothbrush, this is what you get when you die and if your family

01:22:50   as money this is tombstone incorrect my friend no this is called a headstone why

01:23:00   if they just bury your head I think headstones and tombstones are different

01:23:06   sizes I think headstone feels fancier to me tombstone are you sure what do you

01:23:14   mean am I sure am I sure that it's called headstone yeah it's what the

01:23:17   emoji consortium. The Unico consortium have named this, but so headstone is the

01:23:21   word that we use them. This is a sign but like it's a blank sign. This is a super

01:23:30   weird one to me. This is literally like an empty sign. It's not a white flag

01:23:35   because it's not a flag this is like a sign. So my final answer is just sign.

01:23:41   It's incorrect. This is called placard. What? That's a British thing, right? Is it

01:23:47   like another Australian thing from Jeremy? What's a placard? How do you say placard?

01:23:53   Placard, yeah. This is a sign. A placard? Yeah, I don't know. It's just like, I printed

01:23:58   a handwritten notice or sign for public display, either fixed to a war or carried during a

01:24:05   demonstration it's like a particular like type of sign okay all right the

01:24:16   next one I know this is the transgender flag and the last one well these are

01:24:25   symbols for genders, I think. So, like, I don't... Do they call the emojis "symbol"

01:24:36   or do you just use the word? My final answer is "gender symbol".

01:24:42   - Incorrect. This is the transgender symbol. Now this is a particularly interesting emoji,

01:24:48   because I was looking into this, because I was a little confused as to why the transgender

01:24:53   flag and a transgender symbol came at the same time, especially because all of these symbols,

01:24:59   again, it's that old style of emoji. So I looked into it. The transgender symbol was approved as

01:25:05   part of Unicode 4.1 in 2005 under the name, and this is old Unicode name, male with stroke and

01:25:13   male and female sign, but was not added to emoji 13.0 until 2020. So it kind of just sat unused,

01:25:22   but I think they needed to add it back in so they could create the zwidge. Do you remember those?

01:25:28   Yeah.

01:25:28   So for flags, so the actual transgender flag is the transgender symbol and the flag emoji

01:25:39   combined makes the transgender symbol. So I believe they had to bring the old transgender

01:25:45   symbol emoji, which wasn't called transgender symbol, it's called male with stroke and male

01:25:48   female sign back into emoji or into emoji for the first time having been approved as part of Unicode

01:25:56   so they could combine it with the flag and create the transgender flag so that's why it's here.

01:26:00   All right okay so what's my final score? 37 to 29. Hey you did it! I won! I won again!

01:26:08   You did good this year! Indisputed champion as always. Yes. Against who? I am the law

01:26:16   And I choose the emoji. Yes. Ah. Wow, that feels good.

01:26:22   You did good this year. You did good this year.

01:26:24   Well, I think these are relatively easy emoji this time around.

01:26:29   I think this was easier than last year.

01:26:32   This was easier. Last year we got some really weird things.

01:26:36   The sip of Grandpa.

01:26:38   Grandpa Sipping Urn. That was weird. Yeah, these are easy ones. There's

01:26:44   A few ones that obviously I struggle with with international food especially.

01:26:47   But yeah, 30... what did you say 37 to 29?

01:26:54   37 to 29.

01:26:55   Awesome. Okay.

01:26:56   Congratulations.

01:26:57   Thank you, thank you. Appreciate it. Where's my prize?

01:26:59   So bubble tea whenever you want one.

01:27:05   No.

01:27:05   That you can drink in a hut with a worm.

01:27:07   Please do not ever walk up to me holding a bubble tea.

01:27:10   Well I may do and I'm gonna say take a sip, grandpa.

01:27:14   Well, just bring a change of clothes then. Because, like, don't do it. Like, don't...

01:27:18   Oh god. No.

01:27:20   It's really good Federico. I genuinely think you would like it.

01:27:23   Yeah, this is like when people go to restaurants and they'd be like,

01:27:26   "Oh, you gotta try escargots. They're awesome." No, just, you're eating snails.

01:27:30   It's not as gross as escargots.

01:27:31   Don't do that. Like, I don't get it when people eat super gross things

01:27:36   and then they try to tell you as fancy food.

01:27:38   It's really not super gross. Like, I'm telling you, like...

01:27:42   Those are insects at the bottom. No they're not, you think that. It's tapioca, it's like sugar.

01:27:48   Well they look like that, yeah see the... Trust me on this. But anyway, congratulations Federico,

01:27:54   you've survived another Jeremy's and we do still have a Jeremy's for next year because another set

01:27:59   of emoji was actually approved. It's a smaller set but we will still be able to do a Jeremy's in 2021.

01:28:05   We did mention on our last episode that we were going to do some Apple Watch stuff. I've been

01:28:12   wearing an Apple Watch for the past week, but we're going to hold that for next time.

01:28:15   So that will include some expanded thoughts on me having worn an Apple Watch every day for the

01:28:20   last two weeks again and actually try to embrace it to be the device it's supposed to be rather

01:28:25   than just leaving it and doing it disturb all the time. And it also gives you two another week to

01:28:29   come up with some things that you would like me to try out with the Apple Watch to try and

01:28:34   increase my experience with it. So we'll talk about that next week.

01:28:40   So I think that's it. If you want to find links to the emoji that Federico

01:28:47   picked, they've been the chapter art for the last hour or so, but there's also

01:28:50   some links in the show notes. Also if you just if you want to find them now, like

01:28:55   if now's the time you've decided to go and look, I think you've made a

01:28:58   mistake. You've missed the point. But there's also links to Sticky Widgets and

01:29:02   that weird Harry Potter game on the website at relay.fm/connected/314.

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01:29:21   This week Federico told us about the name of his first pet and his lifelong dream.

01:29:26   It was really something.

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01:29:36   Myke, who would you want to make a podcast with that you don't currently?

01:29:40   I hate this one.

01:29:41   MKBHD, I mean, I'm just going to say it.

01:29:44   He has a podcast.

01:29:45   So?

01:29:46   That's not the question.

01:29:48   You said, "Who would you like to make a podcast with that you don't currently?"

01:29:53   Okay.

01:29:54   That was the question.

01:29:56   You can find Federico online as Vittiti, V-I-T-I-C-C-I.

01:30:01   He is the editor and chief of MacStories.net,

01:30:05   which will be home of his iOS 14 review

01:30:08   when it's done being edited.

01:30:09   I think everyone's looking forward to that very much.

01:30:12   Federico, I have a question for you.

01:30:15   What is your favorite breakfast food?

01:30:17   - Well, I'm really stumped.

01:30:19   Favorite.

01:30:19   - These questions are difficult sometimes.

01:30:21   - Favorite.

01:30:23   Well, I'm just gonna go with the classics here.

01:30:27   would say a cornetto, which would be a croissant, I guess, filled with chocolate.

01:30:36   Yeah. Yeah. Wow. If I had to choose like filled with Nutella, oh my gosh, yeah, even

01:30:42   better. Yeah. You can find me on Twitter as ismh in my writing over at 512pixels.net.

01:30:50   I'd like to thank our sponsors this week, Pingdom and Squarespace. Until next time,

01:30:55   gentlemen say goodbye are you there to cheerio bye y'all