312: How September It Would Be


00:00:00   Good morning and welcome.

00:00:02   We are so pleased that you could join us today.

00:00:05   We've got some really exciting product announcements

00:00:07   to share with you.

00:00:08   As we all continue to make our way

00:00:10   through these difficult times

00:00:12   and face the challenges that COVID-19 is causing

00:00:15   in our communities around the world,

00:00:17   it's so inspiring how people everywhere have adapted,

00:00:21   working remotely, learning from home,

00:00:26   and gathering virtually to stay close to family and friends.

00:00:30   And it's been gratifying to see the important role

00:00:32   our products have played in helping people come together,

00:00:36   carry on, and move forward.

00:00:38   We know that life won't always be like this,

00:00:41   and we're all looking forward to better days.

00:00:44   (upbeat music)

00:00:46   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 312.

00:00:55   It's made possible this week by our sponsors,

00:00:58   Smile, ExpressVPN, and Reedle.

00:01:01   My name is Stephen Hackett,

00:01:02   and I'm joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:01:04   - Hello, hi.

00:01:06   - Hey, man.

00:01:07   - Hi.

00:01:08   - We're also joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:01:11   - Of course you are, hello.

00:01:12   - Hi.

00:01:13   - Well, what does it mean, of course you are?

00:01:16   - Yeah, what does that mean?

00:01:17   - I'm always here.

00:01:19   - Yeah, what's the implication there?

00:01:21   - He said, "And we're joined by Myke Hurley."

00:01:24   And I'm like, yeah, I am.

00:01:28   I haven't taken any time off.

00:01:29   I don't take time off.

00:01:30   How do you feel on this special day, Myke?

00:01:33   I've come to accept my absolute 100% devastation.

00:01:38   I lost a draft with Jason yesterday.

00:01:41   And I'm not feeling good about my chances

00:01:43   of keeping my title today.

00:01:48   But I'm looking forward to absolutely annihilating

00:01:51   the annual picks.

00:01:52   That's how I feel.

00:01:52   Sure.

00:01:53   Still got that in my future. Absolute complete annihilation of the annual picks.

00:01:57   Yeah, that's where I'm going.

00:01:59   That makes you feel better.

00:02:01   And I'm sure that like last time, I'll win the annual picks and then for some reason

00:02:05   won't get given any accolade for that because we'll create some kind of trophy afterwards

00:02:10   because that's what happened last time. But, you know.

00:02:13   What is an accolade?

00:02:14   Yeah, what is... That's a big word.

00:02:18   You know in English.

00:02:19   I can't help you.

00:02:20   Don't brag.

00:02:21   It sounds like lemonade made out of avocados.

00:02:23   Wait, do you guys not know the word acolytes?

00:02:26   It sounds like a beverage made with cola.

00:02:29   What's it gonna say? Is that not in your AP style guide, Steven?

00:02:31   Wow.

00:02:33   Does it mean a prize?

00:02:35   Yeah.

00:02:36   Yeah.

00:02:37   An award, trophy.

00:02:39   It's avocado lemonade.

00:02:41   It's avocado... It's fizzy avocado juice.

00:02:44   I can't imagine anything worse, and I like avocados.

00:02:49   Mmm, refreshing accolade. It's what all the Millennials drink. They drink accolade.

00:02:53   The big avocado seed can stop up the top of the can. You got to look out for that.

00:02:58   Mmm-hmm. You think that you've run out, but really it's just the big pit.

00:03:04   Has anybody ever tried to smash the big avocado seed with like a hammer, see what happens?

00:03:11   Like what's inside that thing?

00:03:12   When you say anybody, do you mean any of the three of us or like anyone in life?

00:03:15   Any of the three of us or in the Discord? Like has anybody ever tried to break it and

00:03:22   see what it looks like inside?

00:03:23   What is in there? I don't know what's in there.

00:03:27   Let's Google it. Inside...

00:03:28   Is it cross section? Cross section of avocado.

00:03:33   Well, this is kind of boring.

00:03:34   Oh, it's terrible.

00:03:35   It just looks like another smaller avocado.

00:03:39   What's inside of that one? An even smaller avocado.

00:03:42   It looks like a chestnut or something. What is it?

00:03:44   Yeah, it's not very fun at all. I was hoping it's like...

00:03:46   It's not fun. It's not gross either.

00:03:49   No. Like it was like 25 tiny avocados inside.

00:03:53   Do you think you can eat it if you slice it real thin?

00:03:56   No, I bet it's... Well, I mean you could try it, but I bet it would like break your tooth or something.

00:04:00   I bet it tastes bad too.

00:04:01   I think it's like super tough, you know? Yeah, I bet it tastes real bad.

00:04:04   Keeping our usual tradition, it was an apple event yesterday and we're talking about what's the inside of an avocado seed.

00:04:11   Avocado.

00:04:12   Yeah, this is a very busy week, the Apple event, but it's also a busy week two days

00:04:18   from now on Friday.

00:04:19   Myke and I will be hosting Podcastathon 2, a six-hour live show on Twitch.

00:04:25   So we're on video doing a bunch of wacky stuff to raise money for St. Jude.

00:04:30   As of this recording, yesterday we crossed $200,000 raise this year, which is just fantastic.

00:04:36   If you haven't donated yet, head on over to stju.org/relay.

00:04:41   - Although I will say, if you have a donation

00:04:45   you wanna make, maybe keep it for the Podcastathon now.

00:04:48   We're so close, you know?

00:04:50   We've reached such an incredible milestone.

00:04:53   If you're only gonna donate once,

00:04:54   you should donate more than once.

00:04:55   You're gonna donate once, tune into the Podcastathon

00:04:57   and donate then, right?

00:04:59   That doesn't seem like a terrible thing to say.

00:05:01   Just give the money.

00:05:02   - I mean, as long as they do it.

00:05:04   - Yeah, that's what I said.

00:05:05   You gotta give the money.

00:05:06   That's the promise that you can tell us.

00:05:07   You gotta do it.

00:05:08   It's not an excuse not to do it.

00:05:09   No, you gotta do it.

00:05:10   But I would make two or three donations.

00:05:13   And when you donate during the Podcast-a-thon, funny things will happen to me and Myke.

00:05:19   Myke, you have blown up about a billion balloons in your office that are gonna be there.

00:05:25   And every time somebody donates, I believe it's gonna be $100, one more balloon will

00:05:30   be added to the balloon room and periodically through the podcastathon I will be inside

00:05:36   of the balloon room and you will be able to see how the balloon room is filling. It is

00:05:40   like a very large, very inconvenient barometer of donations.

00:05:47   Shall we call it the balloon or the baroom? Just because it feels very inefficient to

00:05:53   call it balloon room. So pick one of the two.

00:05:57   or balloon so balloon or baroom I like balloon but with all of these things I'm

00:06:03   always like okay I need to check that that isn't like some kind of horrifically

00:06:06   insensitive words in like some language or something so if I just balloon balloon is an independent Japanese record

00:06:16   label created in 2011 so that one's not not too bad okay what kind of music do they produce?

00:06:23   they produce. That's a good point. Vocaloid music. Oh okay. Baroom is, I can see a cocktail bar in

00:06:35   France. It's also, according to the dictionary, B-A-R-R-O-O-M, a room where alcoholic drinks are

00:06:43   served? Yeah, like a bar room. Like a bar room. Yeah, you see? Bar room. Bar room. I think I like

00:06:53   balloon. Balloon is funnier, I think. Because also people could think you're saying balloon,

00:06:58   but you're not, and that's funny. Is he saying balloon right? Is he saying balloon?

00:07:03   Is he saying balloon with a name? Is he saying balloon? So I think we're gonna go with balloon.

00:07:10   I too will be having a way to count our progress. It has been a construction project now for almost

00:07:17   a month that y'all will all see on Friday. No spoilers. Yep. It's not balloons, but it is

00:07:23   somewhat similar in nature, I think is fair to say, right? Like, things go inside of another thing.

00:07:28   You've already said too much. Okay, sorry. Federico's gonna be there too. Can we, can we,

00:07:36   Should we say what we're gonna do?

00:07:37   Yeah.

00:07:38   Alright, so you know how we play the Jeremy's every year?

00:07:42   And the Jeremy's, in case you don't remember,

00:07:44   everybody should remember our naming scheme for everything.

00:07:47   Sure.

00:07:48   But for some reason they don't.

00:07:50   What's wrong with you if you don't?

00:07:51   Yeah, but the Jeremy's is where we select,

00:07:55   well, we show Federico all of the new emoji

00:07:57   that Apple have designed for iOS,

00:07:59   and Federico has to try and guess the names of these emojis,

00:08:03   having never seen them before.

00:08:05   So Federico hides away from the emoji.

00:08:09   Now we can't play the Jeremy's, but we thought,

00:08:11   considering Federico always has to be on that side of the game,

00:08:14   why not turn the tables and we'll play the game on Steven?

00:08:17   For what I think I will judge the Ashies,

00:08:20   we are going to show Steven a selection of Pokemon,

00:08:25   for which Steven must guess the names.

00:08:28   That is what we are going to be doing during Federico's segment

00:08:32   of the Podcast-a-thon, so make sure you chew it in for that.

00:08:35   for the first ever Ashies. And let me tell you, Steven, you're in for quite a time because

00:08:40   me and Federico picked a bunch and there's some that he sent to me that I feel like I

00:08:44   have literally never seen. And I don't know how that's possible because I have played

00:08:48   every Pokémon game.

00:08:49   Okay, so Myke, I talked to you about this, but I feel like you didn't talk to Federico

00:08:53   about it. So I'm going to go right to the source. Can I guess their powers or abilities?

00:08:59   And like that be a point?

00:09:00   There are no powers in Pokémon. There are abilities. So I mean, good luck with that

00:09:04   if you want to guess the abilities.

00:09:06   Steven suggested this to me and I wondered why he wanted to make it harder for himself,

00:09:10   but yeah, if you want to guess their names and take a stab at what they are capable of,

00:09:14   go for it.

00:09:15   I feel like the abilities are almost, the names are just words, right?

00:09:18   Like most of them are made up, but the abilities are like things that they could do.

00:09:23   There are some phonetic, um, things.

00:09:26   There are some that like you could conceivably guess them.

00:09:30   Hmm.

00:09:31   Yeah.

00:09:32   But you might just have to work out the system.

00:09:33   Yeah, like wordplay, that kind of stuff.

00:09:36   So that's what we're going to be doing.

00:09:37   Are there any like easy ones?

00:09:39   Like ones I'm guaranteed to get?

00:09:41   Yes.

00:09:41   There are some easy ones just to put you in the mood.

00:09:44   Yeah.

00:09:44   But then it's an absolute disaster for you.

00:09:47   Yeah, it's like there's a couple that you'll get and then about 20 who definitely won't.

00:09:52   So good luck to you.

00:09:55   But yeah, we want you to try and describe the Pokémon you're looking at and then try to come up with, I mean, at least guess a name.

00:10:02   Like, try and put yourself in the Pokémon Company's shoes.

00:10:07   If you were in charge of naming this creature, what would you name it?

00:10:11   So I guess, if you really can't guess, you can at least try that.

00:10:15   So make sure you tune in on Friday, September 18th, from 2 to 8 p.m. Eastern.

00:10:19   That's not going to be the entire length of this game we're playing.

00:10:22   There will be lots of different things.

00:10:25   Yes, lots of things.

00:10:26   Lots and lots of great stuff.

00:10:27   And just by the way, from the Discord, they're pointing out that

00:10:31   balloon sounds like Pokemon. It definitely, definitely does. I also, if you're on the

00:10:37   Twitch page for the next couple of days, at least there's a stream for this old Mac, which is this

00:10:42   joke that I had in my Mac Pro stream and then Gray and Myke made me do it, where I took apart

00:10:48   Casey Liss's white MacBook on camera and just talked about it and showed people how it came

00:10:52   apart and I put it all back together and it's, it was fun. I think it may be something that I do,

00:10:57   probably on Twitch. It's not like a full-blown like 512 video with b-roll and fancy cameras and stuff,

00:11:04   but I think it'd be a fun thing to do sometimes. Yeah, I enjoy it. So yes, so the two URLs you need

00:11:10   to know, stjou.org/relay and then on Friday twitch.tv/relayfm. You can follow the Relay FM

00:11:17   Twitter account. We'll be posting there on Friday reminders and updates kind of what's going on. So

00:11:21   yeah, it's a big week. I'm really excited. So today, we're going to talk about this later,

00:11:27   about iOS 14, watchOS 7, tvOS 14 coming out today.

00:11:31   We'll talk about that later in the show.

00:11:33   And I guess we'll also get an official update from Federico Vittucci

00:11:37   on what's going on with the review.

00:11:40   But obviously everybody is waiting for us to judge the rookies.

00:11:44   So I guess it is time.

00:11:46   Do we want to recap the rules?

00:11:48   Just listen to last week's show.

00:11:50   [Laughter]

00:11:52   It was mostly rules.

00:11:53   It was. That was a very long chapter.

00:11:55   Very good rules, by the way.

00:11:57   The best rules.

00:11:58   I go back and listen to that segment.

00:12:01   You may think you know the rules, but you don't really know our rules until you listen to the latest version of them.

00:12:09   So, that would be my conclusion.

00:12:11   It's like Apple, really.

00:12:12   Yeah.

00:12:13   And even though we've just clarified them, they're still open to some level of interpretation.

00:12:18   Again, just like Apple.

00:12:20   Well, that's your opinion.

00:12:22   Round one, normal picks.

00:12:25   We will each read out our picks and I guess we can grade them

00:12:29   because we should all know the truth of each pick.

00:12:31   I said Apple unveils a new Apple Watch and they did.

00:12:35   Oh no, you didn't. Wow.

00:12:37   And they did and it's a Series 6 and I was correct.

00:12:40   This is the new Apple Watch Series 6.

00:12:43   The perfect combination of powerful features and beautiful design.

00:12:48   Series 6 is our most colorful lineup ever.

00:12:51   There's a new blue aluminum case,

00:12:54   this updated classic gold stainless steel finish,

00:12:57   a new gray-black stainless steel called graphite,

00:13:00   and for the first time,

00:13:02   a stunning new Apple Watch product red.

00:13:05   Now on the inside,

00:13:06   Series 6 is packed with incredible technology,

00:13:09   including a new health sensor

00:13:10   that enables an amazing new capability.

00:13:14   Let's take a look.

00:13:14   With Apple Watch Series 6,

00:13:18   you can measure your blood oxygen right from your wrist.

00:13:21   The new health sensor in series six shines red and infrared light

00:13:25   onto your wrist and measures the amount of light reflected back.

00:13:29   Advanced algorithms use this data to calculate the color of your blood,

00:13:32   which indicates the amount of oxygen present.

00:13:35   The new blood oxygen app lets you take a measurement in just 15 seconds.

00:13:40   I piggybacked on that and said the Apple Watch Series

00:13:45   six will use the series four and five design.

00:13:49   You give me three bells you got for yourself there.

00:13:53   I don't know why you got three. I only got one. I heard. Why do you get three?

00:13:57   Well, we didn't read the rules.

00:13:58   If we had read the rules, you would know why that what the different bell

00:14:00   signify.

00:14:01   Should we stop and talk about this Apple watch a little bit before we move on to

00:14:05   federal cost.

00:14:06   I find it to be a very interesting year for the Apple watch.

00:14:10   The series five was so good with the always on display for a lot of us that

00:14:14   really changed how we feel about the Apple Watch. The Series 6 builds on that

00:14:18   and I think the headline here is the blood oxygen sensor which is cool it

00:14:23   lets them do a lot of fitness tracking with VO2 Max and all these other things

00:14:27   that we can just pretend we all understand. Is VO2 Max the bigger version

00:14:32   of VO2 like the iPhone? Is that how they do that? Yeah. So they have regular VO2

00:14:36   and then VO2 Max if you have big oxygen. And the VO2 Mini won't get updated and

00:14:41   everyone to be sad yeah I think it used to be called vo2+ what do you two think

00:14:57   of the the Apple watch series 6 I'm gonna be honest I I kind of don't care

00:15:02   about it like it doesn't I'm excited for all really but plus I'm a little bitter

00:15:08   because they got rid of ceramic which I really like. So help me understand here

00:15:13   Mykey you are now wearing an Apple watch again. On and off yeah. Okay. It's in my

00:15:19   rotation of watches so like I have like a small selection of watches the Apple

00:15:25   watch is one of them and sometimes I want to wear the Apple watch but I

00:15:29   wear the Apple watch as a choice for how I'm feeling or if I think it will match

00:15:36   what I'm wearing on a day or whatever or my mood right like I make the choice to

00:15:41   wear the Apple watch like any other watch when I do wear the Apple watch it

00:15:44   is permanently on do not disturb got it okay not not very good Apple watch user

00:15:50   to be honest hmm but I do wear this one I do wear it you know maybe once every

00:15:57   couple of weeks I'll put it on but that's kind of what I do I wear each of

00:16:00   my watches for like a week at a time but you wouldn't say you are enthusiastic

00:16:05   about the Apple Watch? No, no, not really. Actually, not at all. No. Actually, I kind

00:16:12   of hate it. Actually, I'm gonna throw this thing straight in the trash. No, I just, I

00:16:17   don't, I personally don't feel a great need for the majority of features that most people

00:16:23   really enjoy about their Apple Watches. Right? Like, that's kind of just how I feel about

00:16:30   the Apple Watch now. Is it safe to assume then that we're still gonna all the

00:16:35   three of us we're gonna get a Series 6? I mean, it doesn't sound like my case. Did you just hear what I see?

00:16:41   Are you listening to what I said? Why do you think it's safe to assume? I still think you're gonna get one. No, I'm not gonna get one.

00:16:48   Yeah sure. Look, because they've removed the only K-Star that I like, which is

00:16:53   ceramic. Like, I don't like... And you sure you're not... and you're not gonna get

00:16:57   the blue one or the red one? I like the blue one but I don't want it but like so

00:17:02   the only reason I got the series 5 was because they added the always-on display

00:17:06   right if they had never added the always-on display I never would have

00:17:10   bought it and the series 6 adds no functionality that I'm interested in

00:17:14   it's like I didn't buy the series 4 either right I like the look of the

00:17:16   series 4 but I didn't get it because after I bought one for my wife I wore it

00:17:21   for like a day just to try it out and didn't like that the screen went off so

00:17:26   I was like, I don't want this.

00:17:27   I like the Series 5 because I can see it's green

00:17:29   all the time, and that was fantastic.

00:17:31   But the Series 6 adds no functionality

00:17:34   that I personally want, so I'm not gonna get one.

00:17:37   - Yet I still don't believe you.

00:17:38   I still think you're gonna get one,

00:17:39   Steven is gonna get one.

00:17:41   Steven for sure.

00:17:42   I think Steven for sure is gonna get one.

00:17:44   I know I'm getting one.

00:17:45   - Yeah, but I'm not gonna get one.

00:17:47   You wanna put some money on this?

00:17:49   - Yeah, we'll see about that.

00:17:51   I need to think about it.

00:17:54   You do seem pretty convinced yourself.

00:17:56   I am convinced. I am.

00:17:58   Yeah, but you change your mind often.

00:18:00   I do change my mind, yeah.

00:18:02   So here's a way to look at it, Myke, if, you know,

00:18:04   heaven forbid, you smashed your Apple Watch.

00:18:07   Yeah.

00:18:08   About accidentally.

00:18:08   Yeah.

00:18:09   And it was too expensive to fix.

00:18:11   Would you go, would you replace it?

00:18:12   Or do you live without it?

00:18:13   I live without it.

00:18:15   Or if some, you know, someday you wake up

00:18:17   and you have that urge, that craving for a blue watch.

00:18:22   Right.

00:18:24   and it needs to be satisfied, right?

00:18:26   What happens in that case?

00:18:28   - I would go to a regular watch website

00:18:31   and find a blue watch.

00:18:32   - Nah, that's boring.

00:18:35   - Any particular reason at this point?

00:18:39   - Let's see in three months.

00:18:41   - All right.

00:18:42   - I really feel like, I mean,

00:18:44   I know that the only new sensor is the blood oxygen

00:18:48   monitoring thing, but I just feel like the new colors

00:18:53   and the brighter screen, they just feel like really nice updates,

00:18:57   even though it's not like a radical design change.

00:19:00   No, like look, I'm not saying that it is a bad update for everyone.

00:19:04   It's just the updates they have made

00:19:08   are not things that I am particularly that focused on.

00:19:11   If I was an everyday Apple Watch wearer,

00:19:14   there would be enough in here for me to go ahead and get it.

00:19:18   But as it stands right now,

00:19:19   I can't see any reason why I would want this product.

00:19:24   Even if they had said something like, this wouldn't be it for me, but if the battery

00:19:27   life had gotten a lot better, that might be a thing.

00:19:30   But it hasn't, which I'm quite surprised about.

00:19:34   So I don't see, I don't have a need for this product.

00:19:39   I'm getting one.

00:19:40   I'm thinking about the color still.

00:19:42   I think I'll just go plain boring.

00:19:43   Do you have an order to get them?

00:19:46   No no no no.

00:19:48   What do you have now, Federico?

00:19:49   I have the series 5 with these, I think it's called the stainless steel with the gold finish.

00:19:56   What do you think about the new gold finish? It's gone back to yellow gold and stainless

00:20:00   steel.

00:20:01   I haven't actually looked at the website at all.

00:20:03   Right.

00:20:04   So I'm gonna do this now.

00:20:05   You're busy?

00:20:06   Why? Why haven't I looked?

00:20:08   Yeah.

00:20:09   Because I was busy and I forgot. Yeah, why do you say that with that kind of tone?

00:20:14   Because I'm referencing a little joke about the fact that you're obviously very busy right

00:20:18   now.

00:20:19   I'm very busy.

00:20:20   Right, so it's like a wink-wink.

00:20:21   Haha, Federico's so busy.

00:20:23   So okay, what's diff...

00:20:26   I guess it's more yellow than before.

00:20:28   Yeah, they actually refer to it as yellow gold, right?

00:20:30   Because they had a rosy gold before.

00:20:33   You see, the aluminium has retained the rosiness, but the stainless steel gold is more of a

00:20:38   yellow gold, which I personally don't like.

00:20:42   I don't like it.

00:20:43   I don't like it.

00:20:44   What's the regular steel?

00:20:46   Yeah, probably regular steel this time then.

00:20:49   My favorite thing about the color options is that they have introduced another dark

00:20:54   color and given it another new name.

00:20:56   So they have a color in stainless steel called graphite and I don't know why they've done

00:21:01   that.

00:21:02   Right?

00:21:03   Like why is this just not space gray?

00:21:05   And the titanium one is now space black, which used to be the dark stainless steel.

00:21:10   What?

00:21:11   I don't understand.

00:21:12   I don't know why graphite is a thing that exists now.

00:21:17   This is very confusing to me.

00:21:18   Okay, so I see the graphite is the new steel color.

00:21:21   Steel, yeah.

00:21:23   So it's called graphite, but it's not made of graphite, it's made of steel.

00:21:27   And graphite is the color, okay.

00:21:29   Correct.

00:21:30   Imagine a watch made of graphite, actual graphite, that would be fun.

00:21:33   Would that be hard?

00:21:34   I don't really feel like I know enough about graphite.

00:21:37   What properties would I get from a graphite watch?

00:21:41   I don't know, I don't think it can exist.

00:21:44   No, I think I'll just go with regular stainless steel.

00:21:47   The gold, the new gold finish is too gold. I preferred the rose tint from last year and

00:21:56   the aluminum watch. I don't want to get an aluminum watch because it, I don't know, I

00:21:59   just gotten used to the steel one. The way you used to the way, do you like the way I

00:22:04   do? I really do. I really do. And the other one just feels kind of cheap at this point.

00:22:09   Like a few weeks ago, I put on Sylvia's watch. She's using the series for aluminum, a rose

00:22:17   gold whatever it was called. She had the smaller one than you too? Yeah she does but even then

00:22:23   like the the material and it just feels kind of cheap compared to the steel one so I'm sticking

00:22:28   with steel but the gold finish I don't like. No I don't like the gold. If you guys scroll down look

00:22:34   at the Hermes watch they introduced this new band and I think it makes the watch look ridiculous.

00:22:40   I want the double tour. No, no, they always have double tour. This is I think it's atelage is the is the style of band

00:22:47   Where the lugs are like in the middle like they don't go all the way to the edges

00:22:53   And it makes the watch look like the size of a billboard

00:22:56   It's very strange. Where do I find so you go to the go to apple.com?

00:23:03   Shop slash buy the hat - watch slash Apple - watch which is that memorable URL that everybody knows

00:23:10   Or if you just click the buy page you go to this page of just an obscene amount of Apple watches

00:23:16   They put on this page. Oh my you scroll down and you'll get to the Hermes one. You keep going

00:23:21   It's like the big picture of it. They have it on the page

00:23:24   And I think it looks really not nice. I don't like it. It's a very peculiar look underscore

00:23:32   So which one don't you like?

00:23:34   the Atelage doubletor

00:23:36   Atelage doubletor. Do you see what I'm saying?

00:23:39   So like the lungs which like the little like metal parts that attach to the band

00:23:44   They are way more towards the center than the edges of the regular bands. Yeah, and it looks really weird

00:23:51   That's all I have to say on the matter. Yeah, it's not nice right it

00:23:57   It makes the watch look like it's too big or something.

00:24:00   It's a very strange design.

00:24:03   But I've always found the Hermes watch a weird thing anyway.

00:24:07   I would just buy, honestly I would just buy this one just to say the word "double".

00:24:12   If you just bought two Apple watch bands and connected them together, you could turn any

00:24:19   band into a double tour.

00:24:21   Yeah, I can say I have the double band.

00:24:24   You could say you have the double tour sport band.

00:24:27   Just get two of them.

00:24:29   How did the French say sport?

00:24:31   Did they just say sport?

00:24:33   Uh, don't know, man.

00:24:35   Double sportif.

00:24:36   Is that something they would say?

00:24:37   Maybe.

00:24:38   Yeah, let's go with that.

00:24:39   Double sportif.

00:24:40   That's what you have.

00:24:41   That's what you have.

00:24:42   It's a one-off Puerto Rico phone.

00:24:45   This is a serious Apple podcast.

00:24:48   Sometimes.

00:24:49   All right.

00:24:51   So do we have anything more to say on the Apple Watch?

00:24:53   Maybe we'll come back to it in a little bit more detail later, but do we want to move

00:24:57   on with your first pick Federica?

00:24:58   Wow, you're just going to skip over me and what I'm going to do with the Apple Watch?

00:25:03   What are you doing?

00:25:04   We just want to see if you're buying one.

00:25:06   Good job, good job.

00:25:07   I mean, you picked correctly.

00:25:09   It's using the same design.

00:25:11   Good job.

00:25:13   Yeah, I've got the Series 5 in titanium, which I really like, but it was really expensive.

00:25:22   what I should do because I generally upgrade every year is I should go to aluminum and I actually like

00:25:28   the light weightness of it

00:25:30   But I've had two aluminum watches over the years and I scratched the screens to Kingdom Come like they're just that ion glass is not

00:25:38   scratch resistant enough for me

00:25:40   Which is why I've gone nicer because you get the sapphire and my titanium watch a year later. I'm looking at now

00:25:47   Other than one little nick in the corner. It looks

00:25:52   Brand new like no scratches. No scuffs. It's really held up. Well, I really like the titanium

00:25:57   But that's a lot of money for a year of your update

00:26:00   So for now, I'm sitting out now I guarantee this Stevens gonna get one like, you know

00:26:05   We can we can say about me but like, you know, I talk about mr. Flip-flop of it, right?

00:26:11   Mmm, you're on board of this Federico

00:26:14   What?

00:26:16   Stevens gonna buy one. Oh

00:26:18   Absolutely. Yes. Yeah. Yes, mr. Flip-flop

00:26:22   I don't even know what we're arguing about these things anymore

00:26:24   Well, I look because I am NOT going to get one this whole dance of Willie or wonny like it's gonna get one just

00:26:33   Giving time. Oh, by the way, I bought an iPad mini today. Oh

00:26:37   Yes

00:26:39   I think you're gonna like it. It's a nice place for the reasons that you have one, but I did buy one I

00:26:47   Can I tell people how this happened because yeah, you guys give me a lot of trouble for justifying

00:26:53   purchases

00:26:55   But this morning in our group thread

00:26:57   I'm just scrolling up because I want to read exactly what you wrote. Normally we don't do this

00:27:01   Normally, this is private, but I want to read what you wrote basically like what now I can't find

00:27:05   There's so many text messages in here. What do you want? You should have been come prepared. Okay, so here it is

00:27:11   so I want a screen during the podcast of on to have what's

00:27:15   that's always on showing me the live stream blah blah blah

00:27:18   Blah blah blah the reason you're saying I had no reason you've just blah blah blah the reason but I want it to be small

00:27:25   So it doesn't distract me

00:27:27   I can only think of the iPad mini as a good use case

00:27:30   But I don't have one if I was going to get one

00:27:34   help me for what I could use it for and then we suggested things like smart home controller and reading and

00:27:40   we tip you over the edge I

00:27:43   decided to I needed another screen during the podcastathon

00:27:47   I only have a small space that it can go on on the cart that I have all of the gear on that's being moved

00:27:52   From place to place because I also need to be able to make sure I can see what's going on on the live stream

00:27:58   Because on the laptop that I'm using that's where I'm gonna be seeing like the video call, right?

00:28:03   And I didn't have a computer that would fit in that space because I don't have

00:28:09   My iPads are too big plus I need them

00:28:13   for the Podcastathon itself.

00:28:16   And then I was thinking, well, do I have a phone

00:28:19   that I can do this with?

00:28:19   I was like, yeah, but none of them can stand up.

00:28:21   And I thought about getting a stand for a phone,

00:28:24   but I was like, I don't know what I would use

00:28:25   that would give me a big enough screen.

00:28:27   'Cause I need to be able to see the screen

00:28:30   from far enough away when I'm in,

00:28:32   what was we going with, balloon?

00:28:34   It was balloon, right?

00:28:35   - Balloon.

00:28:36   - When I'm in balloon, I need to be able to see the screen,

00:28:38   so it needs to be big enough.

00:28:40   But I don't want it to be so big that it's distracting me.

00:28:42   and the iPad Mini seemed like the perfect use case for that.

00:28:45   So I wanted to get one for that, but then I was like,

00:28:47   well, I don't want to just buy it and use it

00:28:49   for this one thing, so help me think of other things

00:28:52   that I could use it for.

00:28:53   And then Steven recommended a smart home controller

00:28:56   and stuff like that, which would actually be really useful

00:28:58   for the studio, so that iPad will live in the studio

00:29:01   and can be used for things to be done here.

00:29:03   So yeah, I did need justification from the both of you,

00:29:07   but there was a genuine reason behind it.

00:29:10   And I just thought that I would say,

00:29:11   Like this is the Apple product that I bought after the September event was an iPad Mini.

00:29:17   Yeah, where they specifically avoided the fact that the iPad Mini exists.

00:29:23   Yeah, yeah.

00:29:25   I bought the gold one with one of the blue cases, the light blue cases.

00:29:29   I think it's going to look really nice.

00:29:30   Oh yeah, that's what I have on mine.

00:29:32   The light blue Smart Cover.

00:29:33   I really like it.

00:29:34   Mm-hmm.

00:29:35   The nice thing about the iPad Mini is that you end up finding reasons to use it once

00:29:40   you get one because it's just nice to hold and to use. So I think you may have a specific

00:29:47   purpose for it right now this week, but I think you will end up using it for more things

00:29:52   once you realize just how cute and convenient it is.

00:29:55   I'm interested to go on their journey and I will report back in a future episode about

00:30:00   what other things I use it for.

00:30:03   Yeah.

00:30:04   All right, Federico, what was your round one pick?

00:30:06   So I said at least one of the new non-Pro iPads will have an iPad Pro inspired design,

00:30:13   and the sub-clause here was "The flat sides are key".

00:30:18   So obviously, yes, thank you, the base model iPad was also announced with no design change,

00:30:25   so it still looks like an old iPad, but the new iPad Air has that iPad Pro design with

00:30:30   the liquid Retina display and the flat edges and support for the Magic Keyboard and Apple

00:30:35   Pencil 2 so obviously iPad Pro inspired design and yeah that was my my first

00:30:41   pick. Do you want to talk about the iPad now? Let's come back to the iPad

00:30:44   actually because we've got a lot of text in the next one. Yes yes yes. This episode of

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00:31:41   payment processor declines it. It's a real pain in the rear. So I have a text

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00:32:33   So my second pick was that Apple unveils a new iPad, not Pro.

00:32:41   And we got, I mean, I kind of like one and a half, right?

00:32:43   So we've got the new iPad Air and also the quite boring iPad 8th generation, but cool

00:32:49   that it still exists.

00:32:50   It's a good price.

00:32:52   Our customers love our iPad 7th generation

00:32:54   because it delivers a beautiful 10.2 inch Retina display

00:32:58   with support for Apple Pencil

00:33:00   and the full-size smart keyboard,

00:33:02   all in a thin, light, and affordable design.

00:33:05   And our customers love all the things they can do with it,

00:33:08   from taking notes as they learn something new

00:33:10   to playing their favorite game.

00:33:13   So this year, we're taking its beloved design

00:33:15   and cranking up the performance with this.

00:33:19   iPad 8th generation. It's more capable than ever and it starts with the a12 bionic

00:33:26   I'm not begrudging its existence. I think it is a great product to exist at the price that it's at

00:33:32   I think it's great, but it's not an exciting product right like it doesn't

00:33:36   Who's who's fire is it lying on this show? Okay, that's what I wanted to get to because it is an important product and

00:33:44   I think that it's I think you're probably right that they got a lot more time than it deserved

00:33:50   It is weird that they updated this now like

00:33:55   This is an education purchase. I mean that they kind of aim it towards education

00:33:59   It's $2.99 for schools, which is still a lot of money

00:34:02   But like why are you updating in September when they're not gonna buy anything for schools until April or May like it's just

00:34:08   I just feel like this product, like Apple needs to decide if it's for the public or

00:34:13   if it's for education and trying to do both on a fall release schedule just doesn't work

00:34:18   for anybody.

00:34:19   All right, up next, I said that at least one new non-pro iPad would switch to USB-C.

00:34:27   Yeah, I had a lot of doubt in that.

00:34:31   We said it was kind of risky even for a regular peak, so good job in believing your assumptions.

00:34:37   I think that this this pick is a you know, like how we're saying we mean for a couple

00:34:42   it was risky because it seemed like too much too soon. This iPad Air feels the whole product

00:34:47   I could describe as it feels too much too soon to me. Like it has taken such a leap

00:34:53   towards the iPad Pro and passed it in some areas. I'm very surprised about this product.

00:35:01   It is it feels almost too good in the lineup.

00:35:04   The new iPad Air starts with a gorgeous design.

00:35:07   The all-new thin in-light enclosure

00:35:09   and narrow border design

00:35:11   features a beautiful all-screen display.

00:35:14   Each element of iPad Air is meticulously crafted,

00:35:17   from the precisely machined top button

00:35:19   to the sculpted detail around the camera.

00:35:22   And the new iPad Air design comes in five gorgeous colors,

00:35:26   including a new rose gold, green, and sky blue finish.

00:35:30   Our customers are going to love these colors.

00:35:33   And this new design features a stunning liquid retina display.

00:35:37   In the same footprint as the previous Air,

00:35:39   the new iPad Air features a larger 10.9-inch liquid retina

00:35:43   display with a resolution of 2360 by 1640.

00:35:47   To give our customers this beautiful all-screen design

00:35:50   meant finding a new home for one of the most popular features--

00:35:53   Touch ID.

00:35:55   So we designed a next generation Touch ID

00:35:57   and integrated it right into the top button.

00:36:01   I am very excited about the iPad Air.

00:36:04   I think it's a very compelling product.

00:36:08   We actually have an entire episode of ADAPT,

00:36:10   Ryan and I coming out tomorrow.

00:36:12   Nice.

00:36:13   Where we discuss about the iPad Air in the context of,

00:36:15   you know, we both use the iPad Pro.

00:36:18   But I think it's very exciting

00:36:19   and it's a very compelling product in 2020

00:36:22   to be able to have, considering, you know,

00:36:25   something that Apple also said

00:36:26   at the beginning of the event,

00:36:27   all these people now, unfortunately,

00:36:29   working from home and having to communicate from home,

00:36:32   to create from home, to have all of those key iPad Pro

00:36:37   features, like the second generation

00:36:40   pencil, like the new liquid reading on display,

00:36:42   like the Magic Keyboard, all those things coming

00:36:45   to an iPad that is much cheaper than an iPad Pro that removes

00:36:50   some of the features for--

00:36:51   doesn't have a lot of--

00:36:53   all the same features of the iPad Pro,

00:36:55   but arguably features that maybe for a lot of people

00:36:57   are non-essential.

00:36:59   So to have a cheaper iPad that is arguably as powerful as an iPad Pro

00:37:06   without some of the niceties of an iPad Pro and much more powerful than a base model iPad.

00:37:12   I think it's a very interesting and fascinating product to release in 2020

00:37:17   considering all the things going on.

00:37:19   So I'm very excited to try this out.

00:37:22   I think like if you wonder why people love the iPad Pro so much

00:37:28   or if you think, "Oh man, I would love to work like that,

00:37:32   but the iPad Pro is maybe a little bit outside of my reach."

00:37:35   This is a product that can give you basically all of the benefits of the iPad Pro.

00:37:42   Really, honestly, this is the iPad to buy right now.

00:37:46   I think so.

00:37:47   I have always said that the 11-inch iPad Pro is the best iPad Pro for most people.

00:37:54   The 12.9 inch iPad Pro is a device that you should only buy if you know you need it beforehand

00:38:01   because it comes with some trade-offs due to its size and the weight and stuff like

00:38:05   that.

00:38:06   And that the 11 inch iPad Pro is the superior for most people in most cases.

00:38:11   And I really think that the larger iPad Pro is a much smaller use case.

00:38:16   But the current generation iPad Air is as good in many areas, better in some others

00:38:23   and depending on where you're coming from could have like if you don't like face ID

00:38:27   right you've got touch ID built into the power button which is great now I would say after

00:38:33   having used face ID on an iPad I wouldn't want to go back to touch ID because I actually

00:38:38   prefer face ID at the moment on my iPad to my iPhone because I'm only using my iPad when

00:38:44   I don't have a mask on because I'm indoors right and but if you've not had face ID on

00:38:51   an iPad before, then you have no, like you don't really have something to compare it

00:38:57   to so you can just keep using Touch ID and you still get all the benefit of the bigger

00:39:02   display with the thin bezels.

00:39:05   I think this is a very cool product and I think the thing that is the most surprising

00:39:11   is the fact that they put the brand new chip in this before anything else, right?

00:39:15   And I know that this is just a set of circumstances that led to this occurring, like this obviously

00:39:21   was not the plan, but it's still kind of cool that it's happened anyway.

00:39:26   Something I said on Adapt, which I also want to repeat here, is that I feel like up to

00:39:30   this day, whenever we said, you know, the 11-inch iPad Pro is the best iPad to buy,

00:39:36   and I think a lot of people were buying an iPad Pro even if they were non-pros, because

00:39:43   it was the best model, because it was the best option, now they don't have to anymore,

00:39:48   Because the iPad Air is the best option for those people.

00:39:52   Now if you're a pro and you actually need an iPad Pro because of the, you know, more

00:39:56   memory, more storage, all those other promotion, all those other features, then fine.

00:40:02   So it's like you're not forced to buy an iPad Pro anymore.

00:40:06   And I think that's great news for a lot of people, especially, you know, if you don't

00:40:09   want to spend X hundred dollars more on the Pro.

00:40:15   The only downside for me is that it starts at 64GB.

00:40:20   Yeah, I know.

00:40:21   I think that's...

00:40:22   That's unfortunate.

00:40:24   That's not good.

00:40:25   Like what does the iPhone 11 start at size-wise now?

00:40:29   Yeah, it also starts at 64GB.

00:40:32   But I just think an iPad at 64GB, for a lot of the uses that people have for iPads, you're

00:40:37   going to bump into that quite fast.

00:40:39   I would have liked to have seen them start that at 128GB.

00:40:43   I think it's time to move on from hard disks in Macs, it's time to move away from 64 gigabytes

00:40:51   in iOS devices. It just is. There are games on Apple Arcade that are like 1.5 to 2 gigabytes.

00:41:02   I think we spoke about this, right? Did we speak about it on this show where I basically

00:41:07   said that I'd run out of space on my iPhone? Was that a conversation that we had? But yeah,

00:41:12   Yeah, I've run out of space on my iPhone.

00:41:14   Wait, hang on.

00:41:15   You talk to other people?

00:41:17   Sometimes.

00:41:18   It's all private conversations.

00:41:19   But I actually had to delete some stuff off my phone recently, well, like yesterday, to

00:41:24   download iOS 14.

00:41:26   I'm out of space on my iPhone, boys.

00:41:28   It's bad news.

00:41:29   It's because I keep all my photos on there.

00:41:30   But there you go.

00:41:32   All right, time for my second regular pick.

00:41:35   I said, Apple introduces a new lower-end Apple Watch model in addition to the higher-end

00:41:42   Series 6.

00:41:43   And sure enough, there's the new Apple Watch SE.

00:41:51   The second thing we're doing to make Apple Watch available to even more people is to

00:41:55   create a new model that combines elements of Series 6 design with the most essential

00:42:00   features of Apple Watch.

00:42:03   All at a more affordable price.

00:42:05   We call it Apple Watch SE.

00:42:09   Apple Watch SE has the features customers love.

00:42:14   It has everything you need to stay connected,

00:42:16   be more active, and keep an eye on your health.

00:42:19   And like Series 6, Apple Watch SE

00:42:21   uses our largest and most advanced watch display,

00:42:25   allowing you to see so much more at a glance--

00:42:28   more information and apps on your watch face,

00:42:30   more in messages, calendar, and maps,

00:42:33   and larger and easier-to-read metrics

00:42:35   while you're working out.

00:42:37   And for fast access to information and apps,

00:42:40   Apple Watch SE uses the S5 chip

00:42:43   for up to two times faster performance than Series 3.

00:42:46   And staying connected is even easier

00:42:48   with the cellular models,

00:42:49   which allow you to make phone calls and messages and more,

00:42:52   even without your phone.

00:42:54   And with family setup,

00:42:55   cellular models of Apple Watch SE

00:42:57   will also be great for kids.

00:43:00   Customers love using Apple Watch

00:43:02   for fitness and working out,

00:43:04   and Apple Watch SE has the same accelerometer, gyroscope,

00:43:07   compass, and altimeter as Series 6.

00:43:11   And because it has the latest motion sensors,

00:43:13   Apple Watch SE also supports fall detection,

00:43:17   a feature that's made a life-saving difference

00:43:19   for many Apple Watch wearers.

00:43:20   With all of these features and more,

00:43:23   including the new capabilities in watchOS 7,

00:43:26   we think Apple Watch SE will be the perfect watch

00:43:28   for many new customers.

00:43:30   Apple Watch SC starts at just $279.

00:43:34   - Does it have the same chip as the Series 5,

00:43:37   but it doesn't have things like the Always-On Display

00:43:40   and the ECG, doesn't have a bunch of features,

00:43:44   but it's cheaper and it's a more affordable way

00:43:47   to get into the Apple Watch ecosystem.

00:43:49   So I really like this addition,

00:43:52   especially in the context of somebody

00:43:55   who maybe wants to give an Apple Watch

00:43:58   to a parent for example, to an older relative or to a child,

00:44:03   this is a much better way, well maybe not to a child

00:44:05   because the new family stuff doesn't work on the,

00:44:07   doesn't new family stuff work on the Apple Watch SE?

00:44:10   - It works on the SE, not the Series 3.

00:44:13   That might be the story that you're confusing.

00:44:15   - Right, so it works on the SE, okay.

00:44:17   So yeah, I think it's a great way

00:44:19   that you can now buy a more affordable Apple Watch.

00:44:21   Doesn't have all the fancy features,

00:44:23   but if you wanna, especially as a gift,

00:44:25   I think it's a very nice gift.

00:44:26   mean you can get it $279 for the GPS I mean it's $329 for GPS and cellular so

00:44:33   that's a very good deal and if you want the family one you have to get the

00:44:37   cellular version yes yes I think that I think that price is too much you think

00:44:43   so yeah I think $329 is too much. $329 is too much? I'm talking about it in the vein of the family thing right so like

00:44:51   the family thing with the stereo positioning. I think $329 is too much.

00:44:56   I mean it's still a cellular watch though. I know but I think it's too much. I think

00:45:03   it's too expensive. I mean look the Apple have the the ability to create any

00:45:07   product that they want right and this is the product that they decided to make.

00:45:12   You could have kept the LTE series 3 around or brought that back and sold

00:45:19   that for 250 and included that in the family plan but they decided not to do

00:45:26   that I think that for what people were expecting right like when you when we

00:45:31   heard the rumor of there's gonna be two watches I think our expectation was that

00:45:36   well one I don't think anybody thought the series 3 would stick around after we

00:45:40   heard that rumor and that the watch that replaced quote-unquote replaced the

00:45:45   Series 3 in our minds would have been towards that price and I think that starting at the

00:45:51   best part of $100 more, it doesn't feel like a cheaper watch. It just feels like a watch

00:45:56   that's in the middle still. I'm just going to say I don't think that this is priced very

00:46:02   well for most people, especially in the idea of this is the watch that you buy for your

00:46:08   12 year old child. I don't know, I feel like if I had a 12 year old and they were

00:46:15   were constantly going to school or to soccer practice or whatever, it's probably an investment

00:46:20   I would make just to feel safer myself. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

00:46:25   I'm not saying... Okay, so in those exact circumstances, I would consider that. But

00:46:32   I still think that price is too high. Yeah, it's not cheap. But can you... I don't

00:46:38   know. I tend to prefer spending money on things that make you feel safer. I think it's always

00:46:43   a good investment. So maybe I'm, you know, I'm biased here because I have the peace of

00:46:49   mind of knowing that my kid is safe and I can monitor, you know, and I have all these

00:46:52   other features. I get it. It's not cheap. However, it's also a good investment, you

00:46:57   know, for your safety and for your family's safety and your peace of mind. So I don't

00:47:00   know. I'm just saying that it doesn't feel like an absurd purchase if you're that type

00:47:05   of parent. Maybe. I know I would be.

00:47:08   Yeah, I understand what you're saying. I just think that the pricing is very strange. It's

00:47:17   not strange what they're offering, but I think this lineup does not match what I thought

00:47:23   the lineup was going to look like. The way that it seemed logical to me anyway. I also

00:47:29   think that the feature differences from the SC to the Series 6 are also maybe a little

00:47:36   wider than I expected for the difference in money.

00:47:39   Like, the SE is actually way closer to the Series 3 in a lot of areas, but it's actually

00:47:47   further away from that in price, and it's closer to the Series 6 in price, but you,

00:47:53   for example, don't even get the always-on display, which I think is quite a downside.

00:48:00   Let's take a moment and talk about the score.

00:48:03   So right now, so round one we all got correct, round two we all got correct, so we are all

00:48:07   tied at two points.

00:48:10   So now moving into the risky picks.

00:48:15   Myke, you're up first.

00:48:18   A non-pro iPad gets a LiDAR sensor.

00:48:23   This didn't feel as risky to me.

00:48:25   I thought I had this one locked, but I did not.

00:48:30   I can't believe all the things that iPad Air got and it didn't get this.

00:48:35   Something's gotta give, right? I mean, they were bringing all these features to the Air.

00:48:41   And obviously they needed to cut something. And what got cut was Face ID, ProMotion and

00:48:49   LiDAR. So, um, but that's what made the pick risky, right? We knew that it wasn't going

00:48:57   to be an exact replica of an iPad Pro. Some features were getting cut in the transition,

00:49:03   you know, trickling down from the Pro to the Air. Obviously, it's not like they were going to make

00:49:08   another iPad Pro. And that's what made the pick risky. And yeah, unfortunately, Lighter is not

00:49:14   part of the feature set. Steven, what did you pick? Oh boy. All right. We told you, we warned you,

00:49:25   We told you that the rumors were seen in 2021, and yet you didn't listen.

00:49:30   The iPad mini will be updated with a new design inspired by the iPad Pro's design.

00:49:37   Didn't get it right off the bat. Right off the bat, Tim Cook was like,

00:49:41   "Today, we're updating the rest of our full-size iPad lineup."

00:49:46   And I knew then that I lost this one.

00:49:49   And my risky pick is what eventually, I guess, decided this show.

00:49:55   I said a new Apple Watch has at least one new built-in app

00:50:02   because of an exclusive feature not found on existing watches.

00:50:06   And so my reasoning for this was if they're adding a new sensor

00:50:10   for blood oxygen monitoring, there must be a way to actually see this data.

00:50:15   And I thought when they did this before for ECG,

00:50:19   They didn't just add more features to the heart rate application

00:50:24   They actually made it a separate app. And so I thought if they're gonna add blood oxygen monitoring

00:50:29   They're also gonna make an app for that and sure enough watchOS 7 on that Apple watch model as the new

00:50:35   What's it called? Just blood up?

00:50:37   That lets you very nice-looking by the way. Is the app called blood?

00:50:43   I think so? I think it's called blood

00:50:48   That's not really his name.

00:50:50   Which we should double check, but I think it's...

00:50:54   I mean like the other one's called ECG.

00:50:56   I think it's called blood oxygen.

00:50:58   Yeah, I think it's blood oxygen.

00:50:59   Okay.

00:50:59   It's called blood oxygen?

00:51:00   Okay, that's a bit better than just the blood app.

00:51:03   It's a bit better, but still the word blood is in there.

00:51:05   Wait, is it called blood oxygen?

00:51:07   Are you positive?

00:51:10   I tried to find this earlier and was struggling a little bit.

00:51:14   So Blatto 2, let's see.

00:51:17   Is there any way to...

00:51:19   The chat room says Blood Oxygen is the name.

00:51:22   Yeah, Blood Oxygen. Okay, so the new Blood Oxygen app is...

00:51:26   Yeah, measuring your blood oxygen levels with the Blood Oxygen app on Apple Watch Series 6.

00:51:32   I found that too.

00:51:33   Perfect. So there's a new app and...

00:51:37   Yeah, that was my pick. Just because I thought if they're gonna do this, it's not gonna be part of...

00:51:42   It's not gonna be a feature of something else. It's gonna be its own thing.

00:51:45   And that got me the point.

00:51:49   I have just sent you an iMessage with a 1Password link.

00:51:55   Thank you very much.

00:51:56   For the Keynote Chairman account, which you now are in control of both Twitter accounts,

00:52:03   which maybe you'll still continue to do nothing with.

00:52:06   No, I do.

00:52:08   Now that I have full control over this media empire, I'm just going to have conversations

00:52:13   with myself.

00:52:14   You just waiting to consolidate power. Now you've got it all.

00:52:19   Learned from Berlusconi here. It's all about control. No, that's a joke.

00:52:26   Please continue, Federico. I'd like to hear some more.

00:52:29   It's obviously a sad joke about the fact that Italian politics were controlled by a media

00:52:34   mogul for many years.

00:52:36   Now you control all of this.

00:52:38   Now I am in control of two Twitter accounts.

00:52:41   Because I don't have long, it's not long now until I seize control of the annual account

00:52:48   from you. It's not long now.

00:52:50   Well congratulations Federico.

00:52:52   Yeah congratulations Federico, clean sweep. That's the rare Ricky clean sweep. Bravo,

00:52:58   you got all of it. No coin flips, nothing.

00:53:02   Yeah I got all of them and actually we're gonna look at the flexes too. That's also

00:53:08   surprising results there.

00:53:09   You cleaned up my friend.

00:53:10   to say for someone who has had historically quite bad luck over the last year when it

00:53:16   comes to Ricky's, you did a very good job here. Very good job. It's because this time

00:53:22   I decided to care. Oh come on, don't do that. In the past I always thought, you know, I'm

00:53:28   going to do this for fun. I thought we were going to get through this. You both started

00:53:33   doubting me and making fun of me. And so that's when I decided to play hard. And these are

00:53:38   the results. Yeah. Alright then. Well, you know, I did have a thought to myself today.

00:53:44   You could lose this in like four weeks. Sure. Want to see how it goes? I was thinking about that,

00:53:51   like this could be a very quick turnaround, couldn't it? Oh, we need to coin flip for second.

00:53:57   Yes, we do. I was getting ready to say there is a coin flip we need to do.

00:54:02   So Federico, you need to do the coin flip.

00:54:05   So just make sure that Siri always talks.

00:54:11   Steven, I'm going to let you choose, because I feel like I've always been the one who's chosen.

00:54:17   OK, so while Federico is setting up Siri, yeah, I'm ready.

00:54:20   Listeners should know the last two Ricky's, the 2019 annual predictions and WBC 2020.

00:54:27   I was in a coin toss with Myke in both of them.

00:54:32   and I lost both of those coin tosses.

00:54:34   Which is why I'm letting you pick.

00:54:35   Alright.

00:54:36   Alright.

00:54:37   Should I request the coin flip?

00:54:39   No, Steven has to save first, doesn't he?

00:54:41   Yep.

00:54:42   I call heads.

00:54:43   Okay.

00:54:44   Flip a coin.

00:54:45   Tails!

00:54:46   Yes!

00:54:47   Come on!

00:54:48   Is he best of three or best of one?

00:54:54   No, that's one and done.

00:54:58   Well, he doesn't deserve this, but Steven, you lost.

00:55:03   What do you mean?

00:55:06   Oh, Steven doesn't deserve it.

00:55:07   I thought you meant I didn't deserve it.

00:55:08   No, no, you don't deserve this, Myke.

00:55:10   Why?

00:55:11   Just because, as we mentioned before, Steven had more passion in his picks.

00:55:18   He got a very risky second point for regular pick.

00:55:22   So Steven deserves our respect and admiration for this loss.

00:55:27   He does.

00:55:28   Which, yeah.

00:55:29   Steven deserves all of our respect and admiration, but there isn't such a thing as saying that

00:55:34   I don't deserve winning.

00:55:35   That's not fair, I feel.

00:55:37   But it's not winning as much, not losing, which is different.

00:55:41   Same, same, same.

00:55:42   No, no, no.

00:55:43   Same thing in this case.

00:55:44   I won a secondary victory, which is the second hand victory given to me by the current victor.

00:55:54   So you gave me a victory.

00:55:55   So thank you for that.

00:55:56   Okay, sure. Look, you know what? I do respect your way of sneaking out of this.

00:56:03   It does feel like something you would respect, yes.

00:56:08   It's something I would do, something I would respect.

00:56:10   Yes, that's good.

00:56:11   You now deserve your secondary victory.

00:56:13   Haha, there we go.

00:56:14   I changed my mind. It's one of my many qualities, changing my mind.

00:56:17   Are you ready to raise the stakes?

00:56:19   Oh, I am.

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00:58:22   I think it's important for the flexes that we should actually restate the rules of the

00:58:30   flexes.

00:58:31   Okay. Let me read those for you.

00:58:33   I just think it's important for this section specifically to just give a very quick restating

00:58:38   of what the flexes are about.

00:58:40   Okay.

00:58:41   of the non graded flexes must compensate the winner of the flexes by donating to their

00:58:47   charity of the winners choice. The amount of the nation is $25 per wrong flexi made

00:58:54   by the loser. In case of a tie, the ratio of correct to incorrect flexes will be taken

00:58:59   into account. And each host must make a minimum of five flexi picks and this year I did five.

00:59:07   I did six and the two of y'all did five. So I say we go through all the mics and then

00:59:14   all the mine and all the Federico's and then we kind of regroup at the end. How does that

00:59:17   sound?

00:59:18   Yeah, that works. I'd forgotten about the ratio rule. Interesting.

00:59:22   Yeah, we haven't ever had to enact that. So it might not work. We'll just find out in

00:59:27   the future.

00:59:28   Probably won't.

00:59:29   Wait, can you repeat that actually?

00:59:30   Yeah, here we go. Here we go.

00:59:33   In the case of a tie, the ratio of correct to incorrect flexes will be taken into account.

00:59:40   Wait, if it's a tie, that'd be the same number.

00:59:42   Yeah, but there's no...

00:59:46   Wait...

00:59:47   No, because in this case, for example, you have six flexes and Myke has five.

00:59:52   Oh, right.

00:59:53   Okay.

00:59:54   Yeah.

00:59:55   So there is the possibility that we can't tie break, but that's a constitutional error

01:00:00   that we'll just maybe come across at some point in the future.

01:00:03   but not today.

01:00:04   (laughing)

01:00:05   - Maybe not today, we'll find out.

01:00:07   So these are my flexies.

01:00:08   Do I wanna grade them as I read them through?

01:00:12   - Yeah, we'll give you a quick yes or no.

01:00:14   - All right, details of a new iPad mini.

01:00:16   - We're updating the rest of our full-size iPad lineup.

01:00:19   Full-size iPad lineup, full-size iPad, full-size-

01:00:22   - Nope.

01:00:23   - Someone washes their hands during the presentation.

01:00:26   - Sadly, no.

01:00:27   - Can't believe I didn't get that one.

01:00:28   That one felt-

01:00:29   - No hand washing.

01:00:30   - I was hoping for it.

01:00:31   like a lock to me. New non pro iPad gets second generation Apple pencil. WatchOS 7

01:00:38   gets the software feature we haven't seen yet. Yeah there's actually lots of

01:00:43   those right like there were lots of little things. Yeah a bunch of watch

01:00:46   faces we hadn't seen. Yeah. And we get no specific date for iOS 14 launching

01:00:52   during the presentation. We got that. Who marked that as red? We got that. We got no

01:00:58   specific date for yes no we did they said it's launching tomorrow Tim Cook

01:01:02   said it during the presentation tomorrow someone tried to mock me as wrong

01:01:06   ridiculous no you are wrong oh sorry I'm reading it incorrectly yeah yeah yeah

01:01:12   you are wrong man of mine sorry sorry sorry sorry I just told PTSD for a bunch

01:01:16   of developers I apologize I'm really really very sorry about that I got that

01:01:20   wrong. So two correct flexes, three wrong ones. Yeah. What's the ratio? I got what?

01:01:32   40%? I think it's right to wrong. So it's 2 to 3. I was 40% correct.

01:01:37   Sure. 40% correct. Yeah. Cool. Steven? Jaws wears a non-solid color shirt.

01:01:48   Well, it was just even there was no jaws man. We don't know what he was wearing. This could have been right

01:01:53   Yeah, the problem is we've seen more of Craig in those

01:01:56   One second shots then of jaws in those zero second shots

01:02:01   Yeah, Craig looked really stressed out almost as if someone told him they were launching. I was 14 the next day with no warning

01:02:07   Oh my god, I haven't thought that that's hilarious. You know, that's somebody is him. So he makes the call

01:02:13   So it's kind of his fault. All right, you know

01:02:17   So my second flexi event looks mostly like WWDC not all on stage in a theater

01:02:24   but using different parts of the campus or outside world.

01:02:27   That. Enjoy that bell. Apple somehow sets expectations for when the iPhone will be

01:02:33   announced. Mm-hmm. Nope. Can't believe they didn't do this. All they did was today

01:02:38   we're talking about the watch and the iPad and just didn't talk about the

01:02:42   phone at all. Here at Apple we feel a deep responsibility to keep innovating, to continue

01:02:48   making products that enrich people's lives in meaningful ways. Today we're focusing on

01:02:54   two products that have played integral roles in people's everyday lives, Apple Watch and

01:03:00   iPad. They at least did that, right, like they set it out straight away up front, but

01:03:05   yeah I was super surprised about that. As an act of courtesy up front, but yeah they

01:03:12   just as if it's totally normal. Why would you expect an iPhone in September?

01:03:17   Yeah, what's wrong with you? It's not delayed.

01:03:20   That's so silly.

01:03:21   It's not delayed.

01:03:22   It can't be delayed. We never said it. Well, they actually did say.

01:03:25   What on earth would be... Yeah, actually they did say it was delayed.

01:03:28   They actually did say it.

01:03:29   This was the one time they did say it.

01:03:31   It actually is delayed.

01:03:32   Yeah, Luca said it. He actually said it. Those are the words.

01:03:36   Have you all gotten text messages from people in your life wondering why there's not a new

01:03:40   iPhone this year?

01:03:40   No, yeah.

01:03:41   - Surprisingly, no. - Oh, I've gotten one.

01:03:44   - But I do have a friend coming over for dinner,

01:03:47   and she's probably, like, I'm 95% positive

01:03:51   she's gonna ask.

01:03:52   - Yeah, if I had any conversation with someone,

01:03:55   they would mention it, right?

01:03:56   Like if I was in some kind of conversation,

01:03:58   no one's coming out with a blue and saying to me,

01:03:59   "Where's the iPhone?"

01:04:01   But if I was having a phone conversation,

01:04:03   or I was having dinner with someone,

01:04:04   they would, like any person in my life,

01:04:06   they would 100% say, "Where's the new iPhone?"

01:04:08   Like I would know, you know?

01:04:11   All right, up next for me, the removal of Force Touch

01:04:14   in WatchOS is framed as the inclusion of Haptic Touch.

01:04:18   This was a wild one.

01:04:20   This I still don't fully understand.

01:04:24   And I said this last week, and I'm going to say it again.

01:04:27   With this sentence, what you were trying to say

01:04:30   is that Apple was going to talk about removing Force Touch

01:04:37   as actually introducing haptic touch.

01:04:40   Okay.

01:04:42   But they actually said nothing about either of these things.

01:04:45   - Any of that, yeah.

01:04:46   Nothing. - Just, yeah.

01:04:50   So we don't actually know because there's no,

01:04:53   I was gonna say, you probably can know

01:04:55   from the hands-on area, there's no hands-on area.

01:04:58   So we don't know how the thing actually,

01:05:00   if it deals any differently with long press gestures

01:05:04   on screen, given the first touch is gone,

01:05:08   I assume there's gonna be no difference from the Series 5.

01:05:12   It's just, if you install WatchOS 7 on a Series 5,

01:05:15   that's what it's gonna look like.

01:05:17   - Yeah, 'cause it's gone, right?

01:05:18   Anyway. - It's gone.

01:05:19   Well, the hardware is in there.

01:05:21   It's just disabled now.

01:05:23   So, as if it doesn't exist.

01:05:25   So, I assume it's just, nothing's gonna change,

01:05:29   and because of that, they said nothing.

01:05:31   - That's wild, by the way.

01:05:33   Steven is the resident historian.

01:05:35   Can you think of a time they've done this in recent memory,

01:05:37   like disabled a hardware feature

01:05:39   in currently existing products?

01:05:43   I guess they do it with the iPhone?

01:05:45   - No, because if you had a force,

01:05:48   well, I'm assuming this, if you have a force touch,

01:05:51   like if you have an iPhone 10 running on iOS 13,

01:05:54   it still uses the force and not long press, I think.

01:05:57   Maybe the Discord can help,

01:05:59   but it's definitely super weird, super weird.

01:06:02   It's a strange thing to do. It's a strange thing to do

01:06:04   Up next preview of fall Apple TV content

01:06:09   Nothing. No, this is too soon my friend and

01:06:12   My sixth one so this was graded incorrectly

01:06:16   But I got it right actually Apple will not unveil additional details about the release of the first Apple Silicon Max

01:06:23   You got that right? So I got two out of six my got two out of five

01:06:29   So Myke got more right now you see why my idea of the ratio was such a stroke of genius

01:06:36   Yeah, cuz you got 33% correct exactly because of the ratio

01:06:40   You lost the flexes. Yeah, you over we don't know what yours are yet. You over flexed Steven you you over flexed

01:06:48   Mm-hmm. Yes, sir. It was a weird flex not okay in this with flex not okay, so

01:06:55   total loss

01:06:58   Especially that forced touch pic.

01:07:00   [Laughter]

01:07:03   So go down and infamy.

01:07:04   [Laughter]

01:07:06   Alright.

01:07:08   Okay, so now we get to my flexes.

01:07:10   [Clears throat]

01:07:11   Number one, the new iPeraire supports the Magic Keyboard.

01:07:15   [Ding]

01:07:16   Very surprised.

01:07:17   Yes.

01:07:17   Me too.

01:07:18   But as I said last week, they want to sell a bunch of these.

01:07:22   They expect this iPeraire to do well, so why not make more money?

01:07:26   Yeah, they just made $300 potentially more with this budget.

01:07:30   Yeah, and what's even more clever, they didn't even have to make a specific version for the iPad Air.

01:07:36   You just can use the existing version for the 11-inch iPad Pro.

01:07:41   There is no iPad Air Magic Keyboard. It's the 11-inch iPad Pro model that you can use with the Air.

01:07:47   The iPad Air is slightly smaller than the iPad Pro and it has a slightly smaller screen

01:07:58   but obviously Apple built it for the dimensions that matter so like you know like if you looked

01:08:04   at the two devices side by side I'm sure that the smart connectors would be in a slightly

01:08:10   different place right or the magnets will be in a slightly different place so it can

01:08:14   still use the case for a product that's slightly different size.

01:08:20   Number two, Apple launches a new subscription service for virtual fitness classes.

01:08:26   Introducing Apple Fitness Plus, a new service for Apple Watch designed to inspire you to

01:08:31   get fit and stay fit.

01:08:33   The entire Fitness Plus experience is powered by the Apple Watch in some really cool ways.

01:08:38   Let's take a look at how it works.

01:08:40   Apple Watch owners love seeing all of their metrics

01:08:43   right from their wrist during a workout.

01:08:46   The watch's sensors make it possible to see your heart rate,

01:08:48   calories burned, pace, and distance.

01:08:51   And that data helps keep you motivated and on track,

01:08:54   which is awesome.

01:08:56   With Fitness Plus, you simply choose the workout

01:08:58   you wanna do from the catalog of videos

01:09:01   on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

01:09:04   And when you start the video,

01:09:06   it automatically starts the correct workout

01:09:09   in your Apple Watch Workout app,

01:09:11   and it sends those metrics in real time

01:09:13   right to the screen you're viewing the workout.

01:09:16   So you have all of your data on your wrist

01:09:18   and on the screen in front of you,

01:09:20   and your metrics come to life to keep you motivated.

01:09:23   For example, when the trainer reminds you

01:09:25   to check your heart rate, your numbers get larger,

01:09:27   making it easy to see the details you need.

01:09:30   When you're in the middle of a tough interval,

01:09:32   you see a countdown timer to motivate you

01:09:34   to push through every last second.

01:09:37   Your activity rings are also right on the screen.

01:09:39   So you can see how your workout is helping you make progress

01:09:42   towards closing your rings for the day.

01:09:45   And if you happen to close one of your rings

01:09:46   in the middle of your workout,

01:09:48   you won't miss the celebration.

01:09:49   You'll see it in real time right on the screen.

01:09:52   When the workout is over, you get a comprehensive summary.

01:09:56   - And that's Apple Fitness+.

01:09:58   We sort of knew that it was coming.

01:10:01   I noted how it was weird that in the fitness app,

01:10:06   there were only two tabs at the bottom.

01:10:08   And sure enough, that was to make room for the new tab

01:10:10   in the middle of the screen for Fitness Plus,

01:10:13   which looks very, very cool.

01:10:14   And I actually wanna subscribe.

01:10:16   It looks really nice.

01:10:17   They have an official Instagram account

01:10:20   and I've started following a bunch of the trainers.

01:10:22   - I was doing this today.

01:10:23   I was like looking this up

01:10:25   because all of these people are public on Instagram, right?

01:10:30   And it actually lists their handles.

01:10:33   So you can go and look

01:10:34   and you can see all of these people,

01:10:37   what they've done before.

01:10:38   This is a previous, like, un-Apple-like thing to do, right?

01:10:43   Because these people are effectively,

01:10:48   I guess, kinda similar-ish to what the music team does,

01:10:53   like the editorial music team,

01:10:54   but the difference, I suppose,

01:10:56   with the Fitness+ people is you actually see them.

01:10:59   So they can't be that hidden,

01:11:01   so it maybe makes more sense for Apple

01:11:03   to allow them to be public with, I'm sure, many rules imposed upon them.

01:11:09   Don't take what I'm about to say in the wrong way, because of course, you know, we get to

01:11:14   know engineers at things like WWDC and Sessions, but it's almost like these are the very few

01:11:20   people at Apple who are allowed to have a public name, in the sense that, for example,

01:11:25   the App Store, right? You open the App Store, there's so many stories that you can read.

01:11:30   And obviously, like, a person wrote those stories, but you never get to see the byline,

01:11:35   which is a shame.

01:11:36   Right, but it's like, saying about engineers is a good example, right?

01:11:39   Like, there are people on Twitter that we know are Apple engineers, they're allowed

01:11:42   to say that now, but the code that they write doesn't have their name at the bottom.

01:11:45   Nope.

01:11:46   Or every app is not introduced by the person that made it.

01:11:49   And I bet that these videos will be like, "Hey, I'm, you know, Molly," or whatever,

01:11:54   I could look up someone's name and just close the tab.

01:11:56   And so like this is much more of that type of model.

01:12:00   And I was looking so many people up.

01:12:02   Many of these people were successful like influencers in their spaces.

01:12:06   So I think it's really interesting.

01:12:08   So you can follow the account, you can see everyone.

01:12:11   It says what classes they do.

01:12:13   I'm really intrigued by this because the implementation of Fitness+ is a much higher level than I

01:12:20   was expecting.

01:12:21   Like they've done a good job.

01:12:24   integration with the watch and the different things that happen between, for example, the

01:12:30   iPad and the Apple Watch, really, really fascinating.

01:12:34   Number three is marked incorrect. However, I think it's debatable. Apple showcases at

01:12:39   least one new feature coming in iOS or iPadOS 14.1. Now, they didn't say 14.1, so I think

01:12:46   I'll take it as being marked incorrect, but, I mean, Fitness+ is launching with 14.1. I

01:12:54   I think that's pretty much a given.

01:12:55   It's the next major version will introduce this.

01:12:58   - It could be 14 point something, right?

01:13:00   Like that's the problem.

01:13:01   It could be 0.2 for all we know.

01:13:03   - Because of that, I will take it as an incorrect pick,

01:13:06   but I should have said, I would have got the point

01:13:10   if I didn't say the version number,

01:13:12   but just say the will showcase a feature coming

01:13:13   in the next, in a future update to iOS 14,

01:13:16   and that would have gotten me the point.

01:13:18   But because of the, because I overstretched,

01:13:21   Because I over-flexed, saying point one, that doesn't get me the point.

01:13:27   Number four.

01:13:28   At least one segment of the keynote is shot inside Apple's own fitness labs.

01:13:33   We marked this correct, but I want to talk about this.

01:13:36   We saw the fitness studio, but fitness lab is like where they...

01:13:40   Remember there was that story about like fake sweat and then they dump all the watches in

01:13:44   the water?

01:13:45   Well, I assume it's the same structure.

01:13:47   I don't know.

01:13:48   I don't think so.

01:13:49   Why would they have workout people in the same building as the engineers?

01:13:53   That doesn't seem right.

01:13:55   Well, they do have a separate building for the fitness stuff at Apple Park.

01:13:59   And I assume it's all in the same building, both the labs and the studio.

01:14:04   The thing is, it doesn't really make a difference in the scoring of this, so I guess we can

01:14:08   just let you have it.

01:14:09   No, it doesn't.

01:14:10   Oh, okay.

01:14:11   Well done.

01:14:12   Ring the bell.

01:14:13   There you go.

01:14:14   And lastly, I said number five, iOS 14 launches in September.

01:14:18   What a great day of announcements.

01:14:21   We will also be releasing major OS updates tomorrow.

01:14:25   Beginning with iOS 14, a huge release that transforms the core experience of iPhone with

01:14:32   redesigned widgets right on the home screen.

01:14:35   A new way to organize your apps with the App Library.

01:14:39   And a new and even faster way to experience apps the moment you need them with App Clips.

01:14:45   iPadOS 14, which lets you do even more with Apple Pencil,

01:14:50   provides huge improvements to iPad apps

01:14:53   and takes the iPad experience even further.

01:14:56   WatchOS 7 provides a whole new way to discover

01:15:00   and share watch faces, a new sleep app,

01:15:03   automatic hand washing detection,

01:15:05   and provides additional workouts and fitness metrics.

01:15:08   And TVOS 14, which makes your big screen experience

01:15:13   even better with improved picture-in-picture,

01:15:16   audio sharing with AirPods, Apple Music lyrics,

01:15:20   secure camera feeds from HomeKit,

01:15:22   and multi-user gaming support.

01:15:24   All of these new releases will be available tomorrow,

01:15:29   and all of the products we announced today

01:15:31   will ship with these OS updates.

01:15:34   - Oh, little did you know, Federico,

01:15:36   how September it would be.

01:15:38   I am so sad that I got this right.

01:15:43   Obviously, I don't know, should we talk about what they've done with this iOS 14 real estate?

01:15:49   No, we're going to talk about that in a minute.

01:15:51   We will in a minute.

01:15:52   Let's wrap up the flexes.

01:15:53   So you got 80% of yours correct.

01:15:56   Big flex.

01:15:57   So, Steven, I do have a charity that I would like you to donate money to.

01:16:05   So this is a charity that I've personally donated to before.

01:16:09   It's an animal rescue and shelter organization.

01:16:12   It's called Fur Kids.

01:16:13   It's a nonprofit organization that's based, I believe, in Georgia, in Atlanta,

01:16:19   in the United States. They operate the...

01:16:22   I needed to double check. I knew this, but I double checked again.

01:16:25   They operate the largest cage free, no kill shelter in the southeast for rescued

01:16:29   cats, as well as a no kill shelter for dogs.

01:16:34   I donated to this organization a couple of months ago when MrBeast did a video on YouTube,

01:16:41   and now I get the newsletters from them with the pictures of the rescued cats and dogs.

01:16:47   So obviously it's something that I really care about, and I thought that this would

01:16:51   be an ideal candidate if I were to win the flexes and ask either of you to donate.

01:16:57   So the website is forkids.org.

01:17:00   You can go there, check out the photos, really, really beautiful photos of these rescued cats

01:17:04   and dogs. And how much do I owe? It's $100 right? $25 per wrong pick. You got four

01:17:10   wrong? Yeah. Okay. Yeah, well you're gonna do a lot of good to a lot of good boys

01:17:16   and girls. Yes. PayPal. Oh he's doing it right now. Wow. Doing it right now. He's flexing the flexi. Well if I don't do it now, if I

01:17:27   don't do it now, listeners, you know, they wouldn't know that I did it. So I got to,

01:17:31   to do it on the show. That's true, that's true. Do you want to write down the rules?

01:17:35   Log it into PayPal here. Yeah, you want to add to the rules that it must be paid on

01:17:40   air? Yeah. Okay. And also, like, just let me say this, if you're a listener

01:17:47   and you're listening to this and you're thinking, "Oh, I should get a dog," please

01:17:49   don't buy a dog. Adopt a dog. Don't buy dogs. There's lots of really... I mean, I

01:17:57   I am, you know, I subscribe to the theory that all dogs are good dogs, so maybe I'm

01:18:01   biased, but there's a lot of dogs that are in need of adoption, so please don't spend

01:18:05   money on a dog, just go to a shelter, to your local, you know, local shelter or rescue place

01:18:09   and adopt a dog.

01:18:11   I did adopt two of them three years ago, best decision of my life, so cannot recommend an

01:18:17   adoption enough.

01:18:18   All right, my donation is complete and I got my name right, so I learned from Casey's

01:18:23   mistakes.

01:18:24   That's always good.

01:18:25   get a name correct during a live donation.

01:18:28   It's done.

01:18:29   Awesome.

01:18:29   Thank you.

01:18:30   Thank you, Steven.

01:18:31   So actually, it's nice because something good is actually

01:18:36   coming out of all this infighting and debates

01:18:40   over these picks.

01:18:42   So it does make me feel better about all the sore losers

01:18:49   like Michael, for example.

01:18:50   Oh, my god.

01:18:51   What about the sore winners?

01:18:53   Where do they sit in this equation?

01:18:55   It makes me feel a lot better about the things that we put our listeners through, because

01:18:59   something good is coming out of this. Don't you agree? It's like, this is a beautiful

01:19:04   thing we've done, right?

01:19:05   Oh, no, I agreed up until the part where you started calling me a sore loser. I just felt

01:19:11   like that was unnecessary.

01:19:12   You thought I was going to say something nice, and then I just went and did it.

01:19:15   I thought it was just going to be a really good thing, and then you ended up using it

01:19:18   to take a shot at me, I think therefore proving the whole point of why it's a good thing,

01:19:23   it absolves us of all the bad that we do during these episodes. I've gotten my

01:19:26   confirmation email so it's done. Congratulations to everybody. Thank you

01:19:31   awesome. Doing good work. This episode of Connected is also brought to you by

01:19:36   Reedle. Reedle is a maker of essential productivity apps and they're always

01:19:41   updating and improving their products. Over 150 million people have downloaded

01:19:46   their apps. They're a self-funded company with 200 employees and they started from

01:19:51   day one of the App Store which somehow is 12 years ago. Their apps are adding

01:19:56   amazing widgets and support for iOS 14. Let's talk a little bit about their apps.

01:20:00   Documents is the super app for file action with widgets for files and

01:20:06   actions, picture in picture support on iPhone, and scribble support on the iPad.

01:20:10   Spark is an email client for professionals and their teams with

01:20:14   widgets for both email and calendar. The ability to show the most important

01:20:18   emails or upcoming events right on your home screen. And here in a couple of days, you'll

01:20:23   have the option to set spark as the default email app in iOS settings, which is a very

01:20:28   cool feature of iOS 14. They also make calendars a beautiful and intuitive calendar app with

01:20:33   widgets for events and tasks series shortcut support, the option to create events with

01:20:38   your voice and faster search for events. Now, Myke, I believe that you have been a longtime

01:20:43   spark user.

01:20:44   Big fan of Spark. Yeah, I've tried out some of the new features coming in iOS 14 and the

01:20:50   widgets are a nice inclusion because you're able to kind of get a glance the emails that

01:20:55   you're looking at, which is useful, right? You want to see what's at the top of your

01:20:58   inbox and you can actually set it. So if you use the smart inbox features, you can change

01:21:04   it in the customization as to which you want to see in that widget, which is really cool.

01:21:08   But I am a massive fan of Spark's team features.

01:21:11   So this is such, it's so well implemented.

01:21:15   So I'm able to share email mostly with Carrie,

01:21:17   my sales manager here at Relay FM.

01:21:20   And we're able to communicate in line about emails.

01:21:23   So like we could both be on an email chain

01:21:25   and we want to have a like a side conversation

01:21:28   during the email chain.

01:21:29   And we can have that conversation in Spark

01:21:31   and only the two of us ever see it.

01:21:33   So it's super easy for me to share emails, delegate emails.

01:21:37   We can even, if we want to, I haven't used this feature,

01:21:39   but it is a really powerful feature if you do want it

01:21:42   to collaborate real time on email drafts as well.

01:21:45   So if you work in a team and as part of that team,

01:21:49   you deal with email and you're finding yourself

01:21:51   constantly talking about emails in other applications

01:21:55   like other messaging apps, you should really try out Spark

01:21:57   because having all of that in line

01:21:59   and keeping all of that history in one place

01:22:01   is very, very powerful.

01:22:03   - Go right now to redo.com to check out

01:22:06   impressive collection of essential productivity apps. That's readele.com.

01:22:13   If you want to check out Spark specifically, you can go to sparkmailapp.com.

01:22:18   Our thanks to Readele for their support of the show and Relay FM.

01:22:22   All right, what's going on today? I was 14 or something.

01:22:26   Is it? It's not out. Well, it's supposed to be out today. Can you imagine if after all of this,

01:22:33   it didn't make it today. Can you imagine that? Like after the hell that they have put developers

01:22:39   through over the last 24 hours, if like it somehow like gets a little bit delayed and comes out

01:22:44   tomorrow. This is a big surprise right Federico? I'm sure you were quite surprised. Yes to say the

01:22:52   the list, you can say that. I was quite surprised. Yeah, I mean, I sort of started accepting

01:23:03   the fact that it was coming out in September a few weeks ago when Germin tweeted that the

01:23:09   new version of iOS was still going to launch in September. You may remember months ago

01:23:14   how I was hoping that iOS 14 would launch in October, just by virtue of a simple calculation

01:23:22   that said if WWDC was three weeks later than usual, therefore the new version of iOS must

01:23:29   be three weeks later than usual as well. And that calculation was wrong, because it was

01:23:34   based on the wrong assumption that there's a relationship between the date of the keynote

01:23:39   to WWDC and the release of a new version of iOS.

01:23:42   Obviously, this is not the case.

01:23:45   And Apple really likes, apparently,

01:23:49   releasing iOS in mid-September.

01:23:52   So good to know for the future.

01:23:54   Bad for this year, but good to know for the next few years,

01:23:59   for sure.

01:24:01   I can't.

01:24:01   I really-- I can't get my head around

01:24:03   why they had to do it this way.

01:24:07   The one day notice is disrespectful.

01:24:11   That's too aggressive. It's too much.

01:24:13   I don't understand why the new watch needs to come out this Friday.

01:24:22   I'm sure there are financial reasons for Apple to do this.

01:24:26   There's no good financial reason for Derek Oh, there really isn't.

01:24:29   So, you know, this quarter is an absolute disaster because there's no iPhones in it.

01:24:35   a week's worth of Apple Watch sales would make such a minuscule difference.

01:24:39   Like, I feel like this is purely a case of they were like, "This is just what we want

01:24:43   to do."

01:24:44   Like, I can't see any other reason for it.

01:24:47   And it's like, all right, like you are able to do whatever you want.

01:24:53   And look, the reality of it is, for developers that submitted their applications last night,

01:24:59   who went through that amount of work to make sure they got it in, it seems like by and

01:25:04   and large. Most of the developers that I follow had their apps approved in time,

01:25:08   so they will get out, but that's not allowing final testing against the GM,

01:25:16   which is important because if it wasn't important, you wouldn't have a GM right

01:25:21   like so I just I can't work out why they did it the way that they did it. The GM

01:25:27   could have come out last week. The watch could have come out next week. I don't

01:25:32   know why they had to I can't work out looking at what we are able to see why

01:25:38   they needed to take the route that they've taken with this the iPhone is

01:25:44   going to come out so much further after iOS 14 so like even if you say like oh

01:25:49   they wanted to keep today I was 14 release cadence but that also is related

01:25:53   to the iPhone like they go hand in hand otherwise I was 14 could come out in

01:25:58   like May, like whatever, right?

01:26:01   Like it's, they go hand in hand for a reason,

01:26:04   but they're further apart than they've ever been.

01:26:06   So it's like, I don't understand why they felt

01:26:09   the requirement to put it out today.

01:26:11   Like I think I said this on upgrade,

01:26:13   they could have put it out on Friday even, right?

01:26:16   Like, why did it have to come out today?

01:26:19   Like, this is really, this is really rubbing me

01:26:22   the wrong way, this thing.

01:26:23   - You know what I really don't get,

01:26:25   is a couple of things.

01:26:27   First, I think, arguably, developer relations right now are not in the best place, right?

01:26:35   There's a lot of goodwill, you can say, that has been lost between Apple and the developer

01:26:44   community over the past year, with all the sort of the controversies over in-app purchases

01:26:50   and rejections and antitrust and all that kind of stuff.

01:26:54   So it doesn't feel like Apple is in the best position to put extra pressure on developers.

01:27:04   As I said, it just feels kind of disrespectful to say, "Oh, the GM is coming out now.

01:27:11   Submissions are going to open in a few hours and you have until tomorrow to test and finish

01:27:15   everything."

01:27:16   It just gives the sense and the vibe that you just don't care about developers.

01:27:24   And that's one thing. And the other thing is, we remember last year, right, the mess that the iOS 13

01:27:36   rollout was, with I believe eight software updates in just a couple of months. Something ridiculous

01:27:44   because at some point there was one update after another.

01:27:49   Well, the biggest thing I think even was that 13.0 ran on no existing products.

01:27:55   Yeah, there was that.

01:27:57   It was a whole mess and everybody kept saying, "Why are you doing this, Apple?

01:28:03   You did so well last year with iOS 12.

01:28:07   What happened with 13?

01:28:10   What's this mess?"

01:28:11   And it got so bad, and I urge you to just google "iOS 13 buggy" and see some of the results from last year.

01:28:18   Then after a few months, we got the report on Bloomberg saying Apple is changing its testing procedure for

01:28:26   making sure that this doesn't happen again, starting with iOS 14.

01:28:30   Now, iOS 14 is not the disaster that 13 was,

01:28:35   but if you ask me, it's still not good enough.

01:28:38   It's not the same quality of iOS 12 for sure. I can say that with confidence. It's not stable,

01:28:46   it's not as reliable just last night.

01:28:48   I needed to reboot my iPad because the Magic Keyboard stopped working, and I still got these random visual glitches with widgets and

01:28:56   these random

01:28:58   lockups on my phone and iPad.

01:29:00   Even when I do things like installing apps, my device locks up.

01:29:07   Now I don't understand if you consider all these things, right?

01:29:10   The relationship with developers, the fact that the iPhone is coming up later, the fact that nobody, literally nobody, is saying

01:29:17   "You have to release the watch this Friday. Otherwise, I'm done with you as a company." Like, nobody's saying that. What's the pressure? What's the rush?

01:29:25   Have you learned nothing from last year? It's my question to Apple.

01:29:33   I don't think... like, besides my personal bias, right, which we're gonna talk about in a minute, I guess,

01:29:40   but from... and trying to look at this from the outside, I mean,

01:29:46   people are already skeptical, right, when a new software update comes out.

01:29:51   Now you finally have a chance for the software update to take a little longer,

01:29:58   so that you can work on more bug fixes, so that you can take a little more time to polish it, to make it stable, to make it faster,

01:30:05   and what do you do instead, and not only do you stick to your previous schedule,

01:30:09   actually a day before, because I believe last year came out on the 17th.

01:30:13   So not only do you stick to your schedule, but you also, you know, as they say, stick it to developers,

01:30:20   and actually say, "Well, you have 24 hours.

01:30:23   Good luck."

01:30:26   I honestly don't get it. It kind of sounds like a joke. It feels like a practical joke

01:30:31   at this point. This does feel like something that Jon Maltz

01:30:34   would have written two days ago. Yes.

01:30:37   Right? I honestly don't get it. Besides my personal

01:30:46   issues with this, my personal problems, I genuinely don't get it. Nobody, and again,

01:30:52   Nobody would have complained if iOS 14 was coming out on Friday. If you really wanted

01:30:58   to come out earlier, it could have been Friday. But honestly, it could have been...

01:31:03   If for some miraculous reason they were shipping an iPhone on Friday, I would let it go. I'd

01:31:08   be like, "Look, something's happened. They clearly, you know, their timing's been thrown

01:31:14   off. They were worried about it getting out. Whatever. It's an iPhone. I get it." Right?

01:31:21   And then we could have had the like, well, maybe they want to make sure they get it in

01:31:24   the financial quarter. It's the iPhone. I could have understood all of that. But to

01:31:28   do all of this just to support the new Apple watches, right? Because that's and because

01:31:33   the the new iPad, the iPad Air isn't shipping next week.

01:31:38   Yeah, well, the boring one is. Oh, you already forgot about it.

01:31:41   But like that doesn't need 14 surely. It's running on A12 and there's a iOS 13 running

01:31:48   on the A12 architecture. So like, I can't... So like, you decided to do this just for the

01:31:55   app? Like, it's so weird. That's the thing. You decided to do this, obviously, in the

01:32:00   year where everybody's feeling behind, press, people like me, and especially developers.

01:32:09   Literally everybody feels behind. It's been a challenging year for everybody. You, yourself,

01:32:13   a company are behind because the iPhone is not coming out, and of all things, it's the

01:32:19   Apple Watch that's forcing you to put this out. An Apple Watch which you chose to release

01:32:25   now, for no apparent reason other than "I guess it's ready, why not?" And if that's

01:32:31   the reason, well, I don't know. It just, it kind of feels like a really bad idea considering

01:32:40   last year, and a really bad gesture toward the developer community who is already kinda

01:32:46   not, I should say, not ecstatic in your regards. So, I wish Apple the best of luck with this

01:32:56   release. I don't think iOS 14 GM is in a good place, and I wish all developers, of course,

01:33:04   best with getting customer support requests and all that. I don't think this will go as

01:33:11   badly as 13, but I don't think this will go as well as iOS 12 either.

01:33:17   Yeah, I think 14 is in a better shape than 13.

01:33:20   Yes.

01:33:21   Like, I'm having some small problems, but they're small for me. You know, everybody's

01:33:27   — it's different for everybody, right? But for me, I'm having some small issues, but

01:33:32   nothing major.

01:33:33   So, I guess it's just... Personally speaking, of course, I think we've been over this for

01:33:39   the past month, we've been talking about this for the past month, what happens to my review.

01:33:43   Well, what happens is that my review is not ready, because I... Like, when I started working

01:33:47   on this review earlier in the summer, I thought I was gonna have my usual hundred days, right?

01:33:54   And I was, like... Just to be completely clear and open about this, I was hoping to release

01:34:01   this review in the first week of October, because my calculation said three weeks later

01:34:08   than usual means you have until the first week of October. Now, obviously, my review

01:34:16   is not ready right now. I don't want to wait until the first week of October, if possible,

01:34:23   but also in talking over this over the past month, I have accepted the fact that, like,

01:34:30   I could rush it, right? I could put out the review if I wanted in three days, and have

01:34:36   a really rushed conclusion, no editing, just a bunch of screenshots. I could do that. But

01:34:41   that would suck, and it wouldn't be my review. It would be the review that I was working

01:34:47   on that somebody forced me to publish. But the reality is, nobody is forcing me to publish

01:34:52   this until it's ready. And so I will try my best to make it as special as possible, right?

01:35:02   Because I feel like, to an extent, I can't shake the feeling that I'm letting people

01:35:06   down and not having the review out today, right? As much as I'm trying to feel positive

01:35:11   and understand that this is the best outcome for me, I still feel like I'm letting some

01:35:17   people down by not giving them something to read today. And I know that people can wait

01:35:22   and I know I've been getting so many nice messages and I really do appreciate them,

01:35:25   but there's a part of me that feels like that. But there's a bigger part of me that also tells

01:35:30   me like maybe the more rational part of me that's telling me it wouldn't be your review if it wasn't

01:35:38   as polished as you would like it to be. And I think I'm fortunate enough to have readers who

01:35:44   also feel that way. At least I want to believe so. So what we're doing right now is you may have

01:35:52   seen a story, for example, today on Mac Stories about app clips, that was meant to be part

01:35:58   of the review. It's not anymore, because I thought I need to cut at least one section

01:36:03   from this story, and I decided this last week actually, before I even knew that iOS 14 was

01:36:09   launching today, and it made sense to cut a feature that was mostly about third-party

01:36:14   apps so that I could entirely concentrate on first-party built-in Apple stuff. So that

01:36:22   has relieved me of a lot of pressure to test app clips from third parties and to write

01:36:27   about the feature. But otherwise, I am on a tighter schedule that I hoped, and we're

01:36:37   working with Ryan for the edits and with Brian for the graphics and the animations and all

01:36:42   the things that make the review special, trying to be as fast as we can, but I'm still writing

01:36:50   myself. I'm not done. And I'm writing during the day, editing at night until like 4 AM,

01:36:59   5 AM, stuff like that. And I'm trying to get a moderate amount of sleep. But yeah, the

01:37:08   basic gist of it is that I wouldn't be able to live with the idea that I rushed this thing,

01:37:19   I didn't edit it at all, I didn't put all the Easter eggs and the little touches that

01:37:23   I like in my screenshots. So the review will come out later, not today, not next week.

01:37:31   I don't think so. It will come out ideally this month, and I will do my best to give

01:37:39   it all those details and extras and perks for club members, of course, and the making

01:37:46   of, the behind the scenes, the ebook, all those things, and even more you can expect.

01:37:52   Because of the extra time, I can actually do something that I haven't done, which we

01:37:56   discussed a while back, but I don't want to confirm right now, but I think I can do a

01:37:59   a little, some new extras around it. So obviously that it also means that there's going to be

01:38:06   changes in the overall tone of the review, right? Even the simple things like sentences

01:38:12   where I say iOS launching today, well, it's not written from that perspective anymore.

01:38:20   It has to be written from the perspective of something that has already happened, right?

01:38:24   And also, I have to ask myself, what's the value of covering all of these third-party

01:38:31   examples if it's going to be a couple of weeks where people have already used third-party

01:38:36   apps for a couple of weeks?

01:38:38   So do you need more, do you need less?

01:38:40   Do I need more, do I need less?

01:38:41   Do I need to focus on the technical aspect of them?

01:38:44   So like, you may have seen the widget, you may have seen this shortcut, but do you know

01:38:49   why it's actually designed or built that way?

01:38:53   So maybe that's my angle, right? Because I know, I've been talking to developers, I know

01:38:57   why certain things have been built in a certain way. So this later release does change my

01:39:06   plans a little from that sort of purely editorial perspective, but not so much that I'm like,

01:39:14   "Oh no, I need to change the whole thing." It's not like that. And then the review, I

01:39:18   I mean, it's possible that fewer people will pay attention to it when it's out, right?

01:39:22   Because they will be like, "Oh yeah, iOS 14, it's old news, who cares?"

01:39:27   But because it's, you know, it's got that, it's my review, it's my thoughts and my opinions

01:39:34   and all the details that I care about.

01:39:37   So hopefully there's going to be people who care about that unique, you know, it's not

01:39:42   a guide, it's not a walkthrough, it's got opinion.

01:39:46   Lots of opinions, actually, in it.

01:39:48   So I don't, to sum up, there's a part of me that feels bad, but there's a bigger part

01:39:56   of me that feels kind of okay with this. Because I know that there's nothing else I could have

01:40:04   done to prevent this. Because I'm a single guy fighting against a one or two trillion

01:40:11   dollar corporation who woke up one morning and decided that this was going to be the

01:40:16   the iOS 14 release date.

01:40:19   So there's nothing else I could have done.

01:40:22   I don't want to kill myself over this,

01:40:24   and it'll come out when it's ready.

01:40:27   - Let me ask you something.

01:40:29   You may not be able to answer this

01:40:30   until you're done with it,

01:40:33   but just listening to you talk about,

01:40:35   maybe your approach this time is,

01:40:39   you've seen this, you've played with it,

01:40:41   here are all the details that you may not know,

01:40:43   or we can go deeper than what you may have discovered

01:40:45   on your own.

01:40:46   Like, I find that to be a really compelling way

01:40:50   to read a review, when it's not just theoretical,

01:40:55   like once I've spent some time with it

01:40:56   and see what other people think about it.

01:40:57   I mean, do you foresee a world where either you publish

01:41:02   the review later than the release date in the future

01:41:05   or have some sort of follow-up that really focuses around,

01:41:10   okay, now that some apps are out,

01:41:11   now that some features are out, let's revisit some of them?

01:41:13   'Cause I think that is an interesting angle to coverage

01:41:16   that we don't see very often.

01:41:18   - Yeah, I wanna see how this goes, right?

01:41:20   I wanna see how this review is received

01:41:23   later than usual this time,

01:41:25   because I'm of external forces.

01:41:30   But I wanna see if maybe it could be something

01:41:32   that I do intentionally in the next few years.

01:41:35   Knowing myself, I don't think so.

01:41:37   I think I will, like 2021, knowing that iOS

01:41:41   is always gonna launch in mid-September,

01:41:43   I think I will adjust accordingly,

01:41:45   because this whole mess was caused by two reasons.

01:41:50   One of them just having less time,

01:41:52   which is the primary reason.

01:41:53   Like, Apple may have started working on iOS 14,

01:41:58   20 days before, but I didn't.

01:42:02   I didn't have those extra days.

01:42:05   I was able to start testing this in late June.

01:42:09   So objectively, I had less time than before.

01:42:13   And also, I based my work on the wrong assumption.

01:42:18   So that's why this thing is late.

01:42:19   But in the future, I think,

01:42:23   even if I go back to publishing on day one,

01:42:26   I think it is actually something that I wanna do,

01:42:30   the proper follow-up, like a month later.

01:42:35   It's something that it's tricky to do, right?

01:42:43   Because how do you follow up on something

01:42:45   with just rehashing, right?

01:42:48   The thing you already wrote.

01:42:51   How can you make it interesting?

01:42:52   How can you make it fascinating?

01:42:55   Maybe something that I could consider

01:42:58   is doing sort of like a mini review,

01:43:02   like another in-depth look at the first 0.1 major update.

01:43:07   'Cause that usually coincides with new iPhones

01:43:09   and new hardware, and it's something that I've never done.

01:43:12   Last year was an anomaly because in my review I covered 13.1 in addition to 13 because 13.1

01:43:21   was already out as a beta.

01:43:24   But in the future maybe that's something that I can do.

01:43:25   I can have my review on day one and then I can have a sort of like a mini review a month

01:43:30   or two months later when 0.1 drops.

01:43:32   Right.

01:43:33   Yeah, what you want to do is give yourself more work around this time of year.

01:43:37   There you go.

01:43:39   I know, but the thing is, like, as much as I complain about this, I'm still lucky that

01:43:46   this is my job, right? There's far worse occupations in the world.

01:43:52   So there is also a limited amount of time that you are able to give purely based on

01:43:58   the fact that you lock yourself away for the best part of three months producing this thing.

01:44:03   So I don't know. I see what you're saying, but I wouldn't suggest that you commit to

01:44:12   anything based on 2020.

01:44:14   Yeah, exactly. Like, it's an interesting idea, but I don't want to… I don't know what

01:44:21   to think. I mean, this thing isn't even finished, right? So, like, it's obviously

01:44:27   not an ideal situation. And I, I've felt bad about it for the past month. And then it was

01:44:38   just in the past week where I started, you know, having the sense that this was actually

01:44:43   happening soon, that I sort of just accepted it. And now I think I'm mostly fine. In a

01:44:50   a way, I cannot feel better that this has happened now instead of next week, for example.

01:44:58   The concern is gone.

01:45:00   But even if it was next week, if Apple said iOS 14 is coming out next week, what would

01:45:05   have happened there is I would have rushed. And I wouldn't have lived the following week

01:45:11   very well. Instead, now this is out. A lot of people are upset about it. And I am too,

01:45:19   But it's also like it freed me from that burden of, "Oh, the next week I'm gonna work like

01:45:27   20-hour days."

01:45:29   Instead, I can just take my time without killing myself over this.

01:45:36   So in a way, it's actually for the best.

01:45:38   I think that does it.

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