311: The Rickies (September 2020)


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00:00:19   My name is Stephen Hackett

00:00:20   and I am joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:22   - Hi.

00:00:24   - Hey, that's it, that's all you got?

00:00:26   - Wow, so much tension already.

00:00:29   There is no, look, we're at war today.

00:00:32   - Play to win, wow.

00:00:34   - Yeah, we're at war today.

00:00:36   I'm not giving away anything.

00:00:38   All you get from me is hi.

00:00:39   - Federico, how are you?

00:00:42   - Hi, I'm good.

00:00:44   And unlike my co-host, I can talk to you.

00:00:47   - Yeah, I appreciate that.

00:00:49   Well, maybe make follow up go faster if he can't talk.

00:00:52   - Still not saying anything.

00:00:54   It's just silent.

00:00:56   - I don't even know if he's still here.

00:00:57   Oh, he left the show.

00:00:58   - I'm not in the conversation.

00:00:59   having a conversation you know I'm biding my time I call pointed words today only when

00:01:06   needed okay so if you we can call you back in like 30 minutes well just when it's time

00:01:15   for the rookies yeah I can just go over my list and make sure it's all good no I'm here

00:01:21   I'm here I'm in it I'm in it to win it sure if that's what you think defending world champion

00:01:26   in it for second place it cool can I talk about St. Jude for a second please do yes I would like

00:01:31   to do that so September is childhood cancer awareness month and every year us at Relay and

00:01:38   a bunch of our friends we spend time to raise money and talk about St. Jude Children's Research

00:01:45   Hospital so what is Children's Research Hospital you may ask why why do you need something like

00:01:50   that. Well, it turns out that cancer is the number one disease that kills young

00:01:58   people. It is something that St. Jude through their over 50 years of history

00:02:03   have gotten childhood cancer from a 20% survival rate to an 80% survival rate. So

00:02:09   they've made incredible progress over the last five to six decades, but there's

00:02:14   still so much more to do. And you may think, "Well, Steven, who put you in

00:02:20   charges talking about this well let me tell you a little story so now 11 and a

00:02:24   half years ago my wife and I we had our first child and at his six-month healthy

00:02:30   baby checkup you know where they go and they measure them and do all the stuff

00:02:33   the doctor had some concerns and we went really in about 72 hours from having

00:02:38   healthy baby boy or we thought was a healthy baby boy to a baby boy that was

00:02:44   undergoing a pretty extensive brain surgery to remove what would be a pretty

00:02:51   large cancerous tumor and that set off the journey we're still on today. We went

00:02:56   from that initial surgery to St. Jude where he underwent 18 rounds of

00:02:59   chemotherapy over the course of about two years, countless MRIs, physical

00:03:04   therapy, occupational therapy, all the stuff that goes along with it. Because

00:03:07   when you when you treat cancer there's a bunch of stuff you got to do. It's not

00:03:10   just about the tumors but all this knock-on effects all this stuff and a

00:03:14   couple things about that are incredible. One, my son is now a cancer survivor.

00:03:19   That's a word we get to use in our household now because he, through the

00:03:24   the wonderful people at St. Jude, is in fifth grade now and is getting ready to

00:03:28   turn 12 and to see him running in the backyard playing with his younger

00:03:33   brother and sister it's a miracle and it is a miracle kind of brought into the

00:03:38   world through St. Jude. But as incredible as that is, and it really is incredible,

00:03:42   St. Jude has never billed my family a dime for that care. We're talking 11 and

00:03:47   a half years of care. It's ongoing. Like, there are still things we were dealing

00:03:51   with, and St. Jude just takes care of us, just like they do all of their other

00:03:56   patient families. And they can do that because people like me and you donate

00:04:00   and give to St. Jude. So if you go to stjude.org/relay, we are in the

00:04:04   middle of our campaign for them this year. As I record this as I'm speaking

00:04:09   right now we are approaching $160,000 raised. Yes we are. Which is simply incredible.

00:04:14   Come on everyone. Unbelievable. It is. Thank you. I have a little chart showing

00:04:19   that how incredible it is because the Apple community always gets behind this

00:04:24   every year which is really cool and really humbling but this year in

00:04:27   particular it's we've been off to a really good start. But there's a lot more

00:04:31   to go. Next Friday we will be hosting the second annual podcast-a-thon, a six hour

00:04:36   live video show on our Twitch channel where it's me and Myke hosting sort of

00:04:41   a you know old-school telethon mixed with some sort of podcast extravaganza

00:04:46   having a bunch of relay hosts on, Jason Snell is doing a big thing for it. It's

00:04:50   gonna be a lot of fun so that's on Friday September 18th from 2 to 8 p.m.

00:04:55   Eastern. Intermix that they will be talking about St. Jude, sharing a lot

00:05:00   about the hospital. We have some really cool stuff planned this year. I can't wait to share

00:05:04   with everybody what we've been working on. This project has been going on since February.

00:05:09   We've really put a lot of work into it this year with the people at St. Jude and Alsac

00:05:13   and we are super excited everyone's on board. So go check it out. StJude.org/relay.

00:05:19   We had some follow up about backhoes, but I guess most importantly, how was your excavator

00:05:26   experience?

00:05:27   Well it was a backhoe, it was not an excavator first of all.

00:05:31   It was good, we got the sewer line replaced and there's a big scar across my yard and

00:05:38   I'm probably going to have to put some more dirt in and definitely have to buy some more

00:05:41   grass at some point.

00:05:43   But it was a successful two day mission to replace all that piping deep, very far under

00:05:50   my front yard.

00:05:52   But the most important part is, was this machine called.

00:05:56   And so I talked to the guys about this, and then Dr. Drang, we have a link to a blog

00:06:01   I see right in 2014 about this, and what the crew came to my house at least is a backhoe

00:06:07   loader, or backhoe for short.

00:06:10   So it has the bucket, like you scoop things up, bucket in the front, and then the excavator

00:06:16   like arm with smaller bucket on the back, that's what they used to destroy my yard.

00:06:21   And it's a backhoe, that's what they call it, that's what it is.

00:06:23   It is distinct, it seems like, from these other--

00:06:25   Wait, wait, wait. You see, there's an issue in the logic there I just want to confirm.

00:06:30   You said that's what they call it, that's what it is. Those two things aren't necessarily

00:06:35   the same thing.

00:06:36   Okay, look, the name on Dr. Drang's post is "Bakho Loader". They just lop off the last

00:06:41   word. It doesn't confuse it with anything else because everything is called an excavator.

00:06:43   But how can we be so sure that Dr. Drang is telling the truth? And it's not just to prove


00:06:48   Because he's a snowman, he can't lie.

00:06:49   The collusion has begun.

00:06:50   this is all like part of a big like Q-Excalator conspiracy type of deal.

00:06:57   Like they're both part of big backhoe. This is the deep excavation state that we're facing.

00:07:05   Wow. So six years ago Dr. Drang wrote a blog post. We don't know that. He could have written

00:07:13   it two days ago and just dated it six years ago. Do any of us remember this backhoe post?

00:07:17   How can you even know? Did you read it six years ago?

00:07:19   Probably. I don't remember.

00:07:20   Okay, I don't know. I mean, the tweet by Marco Arment that he's referencing doesn't even exist anymore.

00:07:26   Yeah, but I've deleted all my tweets twice. That's not a thing.

00:07:29   Yeah, but we all know how easy it is to fake a Twitter screenshot.

00:07:32   Also, those are not screenshots. Those are like his custom Twitter embeds.

00:07:36   Those are not screenshots.

00:07:38   You see?

00:07:38   So, and when you click on the link, it goes nowhere. So, I'm leaning towards conspiracy theory here.

00:07:45   this is a backdated article with tweets that were never actually sent to further this theory of the

00:07:53   backhoe being the correct name for what is actually an excavator. And what are these other

00:08:00   things? Like, what is a scraper? Like, have you ever seen a scraper? I just want to know why.

00:08:05   Yeah, like that thing does not exist. It's like something from a video game. A scraper,

00:08:10   a soil compactor, like this sounds like tools straight out of Animal Crossing

00:08:15   that don't sound like actual things.

00:08:18   We're gonna get to the bottom of this.

00:08:20   We did, in my front yard, when I asked the guy who's done it for 50 years

00:08:24   what is this machine called and he said "abaco".

00:08:26   Neither of us were there to corroborate this.

00:08:28   The guy is in on the thing.

00:08:30   Well, I'm pleased that your gardening and your plumbing situation has been resolved.

00:08:36   Yes. So far so good.

00:08:38   good shall we move on to another piece of heavy equipment mm-hmm mm-hmm I put

00:08:44   the wheels on my Mac Pro this weekend you sure did didn't you I did it as a

00:08:49   live stream part of the podcast-a-thon run-up I put it over on the 512 YouTube

00:08:55   channel where people don't like it I had to lead a lot of ugly comments from this

00:08:58   why whatever well I don't know people were people were upset that I guess

00:09:03   things cost money I don't know. People would just upset that you paid the money for the wheels right?

00:09:10   I guess right I donated the same amount to St. Jude on the stream. Cool it people on the internet

00:09:17   but I put them on Myke you watched it some other people have seen it I thought it was a lot of fun

00:09:21   the wheels are very nice they're the nicest wheels you've ever seen and I'm excited that my Mac Pro

00:09:27   can wheel around my office now. Gray told me he watched it and enjoyed it too. Oh boy. You know

00:09:33   and he's like, "Hey," when he's like, he secretly is in things and you find it later on.

00:09:37   Yeah, that's terrible.

00:09:39   Yep, but he did. It was very good. I also found it kind of funny that you had to nearly abandon

00:09:45   it very soon, which was surprising to me because I feel like I know you very well.

00:09:50   I'm surprised that you didn't know that you didn't have necessarily the tool that you

00:09:54   needed before you started. It was a surprise to me.

00:09:57   Part of it was I wanted to do it live, you know, as the kids say.

00:10:03   and I figured I have a bunch of tools, I have the whole iFixit kit, I'll be able to do this.

00:10:07   And turns out that the little wiggly part I had is you have to use a flexible screwdriver,

00:10:12   wasn't quite the right size, the wheels come with a bit from Apple and I didn't want to use

00:10:18   a different bit because like, you know, this is maybe something weird. So I just had to run to

00:10:22   my garage and get something else and it came together okay. Flexible screwdrivers is one of

00:10:27   those things that I know how they work but I also don't believe that they work. It seems so

00:10:32   bananas that a screwdriver can bend. It's just something about that to me which is very strange.

00:10:39   It's really the backhoe of the toolbox is what you're saying.

00:10:43   It sure is, it sure is. But I'm pleased. How do you find your wheels? You're

00:10:47   moving the computer around a lot now? What are you doing with it?

00:10:50   No I haven't. I haven't moved it. It's very nice though when you do. I had it on the table. I was

00:10:55   like no I need to sit you on the floor because you can roll now. I need you to stay put. But yeah,

00:11:01   They're very very nice. The Mac Pro is taller now. It's like an inch taller, which is weird, but you know

00:11:05   It's a it's a roll the computer now. I guess it's a quick way to find out if you have on level flooring, right?

00:11:10   Yes, which I definitely do in this office, but this is on a rug. So it's got some friction

00:11:15   It's not gonna go anywhere, right? Just like one day you're working and you hear dunk as the Mac Pro just rolls into the wall

00:11:21   We're like like my mouse and display get pulled to the back of the desk

00:11:29   The back approach is hurtling towards the door. Mm-hmm. Well I hope you find

00:11:35   some fun things to do with it now that you've got wheels on it. Yeah, I think, I

00:11:38   think there's some fun stuff to do. People have asked about the feet I took

00:11:42   off of it. I'm just gonna say you will see those soon. That's all I'm gonna say.

00:11:46   But they're still part of the 512 universe, as they call it.

00:11:51   Extended. You know, the 512 groupies. How many are the mother? It's just John

00:11:56   Voorhees. Oh, there's just one. Okay, interesting. Well, you know. He's got some pom-poms, one's

00:12:03   black and one's orange to match the size. It's very nice. You gotta start small, right?

00:12:06   You know? Yeah, you know, what's his name? So the thing about a thousand true fans, and

00:12:10   that seems impossible when you mostly write about dead computers. One true John, that's

00:12:14   what you have. One true John. Yeah, who needs a thousand true fans and you have one true

00:12:18   John. Who needs a thousand Johns? Can you imagine that? That's a lot of burritos, am

00:12:24   Basically WWDC, a thousand Johns.

00:12:26   That's actually quite true, everyone's called John.

00:12:30   Too many Johns.

00:12:34   There's everywhere.

00:12:36   So I think that's follow-up, guys.

00:12:38   Are we done already?

00:12:39   I think we've done it.

00:12:40   Yeah, there wasn't much this week.

00:12:42   Oh, cool.

00:12:43   Not that much.

00:12:44   Okay, so we're done.

00:12:45   We all just want to get to the RIC-ies.

00:12:47   Everything before the RIC-ies begins, it's merely just taking up time until the RIC-ies start.

00:12:52   start. So like let's keep this train on moving. Okay well the next stop on the

00:12:57   train is an advertisement. Let's do that. Okay I feel like the advertisement is

00:13:01   like you stop for a minute you know like the trains gonna stop for a minute before it carries on.

00:13:05   Time to make some money.

00:13:08   That's the money train.

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00:14:53   So onto some news.

00:14:55   This broke yesterday.

00:14:57   I'm looking at an article on macstories.net

00:15:02   about Oprah's Book Club podcast.

00:15:04   So back, I guess last year, last March or whenever,

00:15:09   Apple sort of rolled out their content plan. Oprah was gonna do a whole bunch of

00:15:13   stuff and this is another one of those. Her book club of course is very famous. I

00:15:18   remember like as a kid like you go into a bookstore and like the Oprah book club

00:15:21   sticker on a bookman it was gonna be sold out because she's very influential

00:15:24   and now they are kind of launching from that moving into podcasting. Yeah this

00:15:31   the deal between Oprah and Apple is different to the types of deals that

00:15:37   Apple's been doing of other content creators.

00:15:40   Where it's funny for me to call Oprah a content creator.

00:15:42   I don't really think that that accurately describes Oprah Winfrey,

00:15:46   but nevertheless, this is content.

00:15:48   She is creating it.

00:15:49   But it was more of like an overall deal for everything.

00:15:53   Like it's not just TV+, which Oprah is producing things to TV+,

00:15:57   but it's books and podcasts and basically anything.

00:16:01   You know, like if Oprah wants to make it, Apple will take it.

00:16:04   That's fun. I might use that again.

00:16:06   I'm sorry, can you explain to me, like, what is the Oprah Book Club? Like, a bunch of people read the same book that Oprah is reading?

00:16:13   Yeah, and then there's like, there will be like a, it's like a TV component, right? So, and then, so she'll talk about it, maybe have the author on and interview them.

00:16:24   And it's kind of just like, here is the book, you have a month to read the book, you know? It's like a book club, but hosted by Oprah Winfrey and you don't get to talk to her.

00:16:31   I see. I see. Okay.

00:16:34   So now there's an Oprah Winfrey podcast as well, as well as the many, many other things.

00:16:40   But this is a book club podcast, and I'm sure will be just the first of many podcasts that

00:16:46   Oprah Winfrey produces for Apple.

00:16:49   And you may be out there listening, thinking, "This is the year of Steven."

00:16:52   Steven talked about, in his annual picks, Apple's content plans.

00:16:57   Well, it turns out, I thought this too.

00:17:00   Yeah, you did.

00:17:01   I was I already have the point I had the point in June but my round two pick for the annual predictions

00:17:08   Apple launches its own podcast content beyond Oprah. So I have like the inverse of this now true as well

00:17:14   So I think that's two points for the annual predictions. No, this is a point. This is like a

00:17:18   Non counted point for me because I

00:17:22   Preempted this news. I knew this was gonna happen Apple didn't say it, but I knew it was gonna happen

00:17:28   And I knew there'd be Oprah Winfrey podcasts, which is why I specifically said

00:17:33   No, you have to say not Oprah and you're like, okay, not Oprah. So there you go

00:17:38   How about that year of Myke that feels like?

00:17:41   Retrofitting history to fit a narrative you want out there in the world. It's funny

00:17:46   You're the one who's suggesting that but your Steven Myke. Yeah. Yeah. How are you doing so far on the on all of the predictions?

00:17:52   Wasn't a year of Steven last year. Like why are we still doing this?

00:17:56   It's not the year of Steven because Steven currently holds no titles.

00:18:00   You hold no title...

00:18:01   Well, that's gonna change next week.

00:18:03   It used to be like a 2019 thing. Like, I don't understand why you keep saying this.

00:18:07   None of us want to admit 2020 is real. If we stay in 2019...

00:18:12   I mean, things are still bad in 2019, but there's not a pandemic at least, so...

00:18:15   Okay, so that means I get to keep my annual Chairman title, right?

00:18:19   Because 2020 doesn't exist.

00:18:20   That's not how that works.

00:18:22   Oh, so it doesn't... Okay, so...

00:18:24   See, again, this is another situation where Steven just has a narrative that fits himself

00:18:29   and he just builds his own timelines. That's slanderous. Is it though? I just feel like

00:18:34   you are feeding Myke and me with conspiracy after conspiracy today. Yeah. From the backhoe to the

00:18:43   calendar year, like, is it anything else that you want to lie about today? Currently in the 2020

00:18:49   annual predictions, Myke and I are tied with one each. But a bunch of these are going to come true

00:18:54   in the next week or so. The annual predictions are getting ready to get real interesting with

00:18:57   this event, which we'll talk about later. So anyways, yeah, Ober's doing podcast stuff,

00:19:02   makes lots of sense, she's doing lots of content. I think it's interesting that Apple is moving into

00:19:08   podcasting. We've talked about this ages ago, but they're doing it in a very different way than,

00:19:13   say Apple TV Plus, like these are just podcasts that are open. Even their daily news show,

00:19:20   which is like kind of just linked to Apple podcasts, you can get it elsewhere if you

00:19:24   know where to look. Apple's kind of doing it in none of the ways that people expect

00:19:29   it. Like they're saying it's Apple Podcasts, but you can get it elsewhere. It's like they

00:19:34   kind of couldn't really seem to commit to a strategy and pick something in the middle.

00:19:39   So it's like both available everywhere but they don't want it to be.

00:19:44   So it's kind of strange.

00:19:45   So is there anything going on next week?

00:19:47   Oh god.

00:19:49   Yep.

00:19:50   There is an Apple event.

00:19:51   One of the many.

00:19:53   It's happening next week.

00:19:55   We found out about it yesterday and then all of a sudden a bunch of journalists started

00:20:02   very confidently saying that it was not going to include the iPhone.

00:20:07   I think I saw both Mark Gurman and Nilay Patel talking about this.

00:20:11   All this is just going to be iPad and Apple Watch.

00:20:17   Apple isn't saying that, which I think is not a good...

00:20:22   Like okay, look, I know I'm jumping ahead on myself, but I'm sure everyone listening

00:20:26   to this show is kind of up to date, right?

00:20:29   They know there's an Apple event next week.

00:20:30   I can't imagine we've just broken that news to anybody.

00:20:33   (laughing)

00:20:36   Someone's just like had to steer off the road in their car

00:20:39   and like park for a minute 'cause they're so surprised.

00:20:41   But I think that it is quite a peculiar strategy from Apple,

00:20:47   if there is no iPhone next week,

00:20:50   to just go ahead and have an event without saying that

00:20:53   because it's September, people kind of expect the iPhone.

00:20:58   And I think it would be a bold strategy

00:21:02   to just roll into an event that's beginning

00:21:05   and then show off two products that are not iPhones

00:21:08   and then be like, see ya, right?

00:21:11   Like I feel like there needs to be,

00:21:13   and honestly I feel like there should have been

00:21:15   a little bit more, right?

00:21:18   And so like it's not like Apple's never done this before.

00:21:20   There've been many times in the past,

00:21:22   I can think of one and I'm sure Steven can give me more,

00:21:26   where the event is like very clear, right?

00:21:29   Like back to the Mac is the one that I can think of.

00:21:32   You know, where they could just, the event could just be like,

00:21:35   we want to talk to you about the Apple Watch, right?

00:21:38   And like, they went so far as to say, what is it?

00:21:40   Like, it's time or something like that,

00:21:41   which, you know, all right.

00:21:42   I mean, that probably means it,

00:21:44   but I think it would have been beneficial to them to say,

00:21:49   hey, we want to talk to you about the Apple Watch, right?

00:21:53   I just think that that would have been a smart move

00:21:55   because I imagine like a lot of the news stories

00:21:59   will be like, where's the iPhone, right?

00:22:01   And I just think that that is just going to take time.

00:22:04   It's going to take attention away from whatever it is that they have decided to,

00:22:08   uh, have the world watching for.

00:22:10   Yeah. They're going to have to set those expectations. Um, to back up a second,

00:22:15   though, my favorite version of this,

00:22:17   I'll put it in the show notes is the iPad two keynote,

00:22:19   where there's just a picture of the iPad two, like on the event, like on the,

00:22:24   on the thing. Uh, it's, it's pretty funny in hindsight, but yeah,

00:22:28   they're going to have to set expectations around this.

00:22:30   I think, I mean, Apple definitely leaks stuff, and so I think some of those, some of those

00:22:36   people who are saying that, including us, like we don't, we weren't told that by anybody,

00:22:39   but I think some people were, probably.

00:22:41   I think so.

00:22:42   I genuinely think so.

00:22:43   And the thing is, people are going to forget, or does not know that on their quarterly call,

00:22:47   they said the iPhone's going to be late.

00:22:49   People don't pay attention to that stuff.

00:22:51   We cover this for a living, and I barely, like, I barely pay attention to their quarterly

00:22:55   calls.

00:22:56   And also, like, the iPhone being late doesn't mean, you know, like that could just mean

00:22:59   shipping.

00:23:00   Like it doesn't mean that the event is late and plus this event is late. Anyway, they would be doing it this week

00:23:05   yeah, but so what I'm saying is like they've got to set this because

00:23:09   Very people don't know or care about any of that stuff. They're just gonna say Apple to the following event

00:23:14   There's not an iPhone this year. Like I promise you each of us all of you listening all of us nerds

00:23:18   We're all gonna have a fan member friend Texas back. Is there not a new iPhone this year? I was gonna upgrade right?

00:23:24   It's going to happen and so Apple is gonna have to set that expectation

00:23:27   I'm not completely convinced. They won't show off the iPhone right like I don't know that I just that you're Ricky

00:23:33   Put your money where your mouth is

00:23:35   No, I get a Ricky. I'm not making a prediction

00:23:38   I'm just saying that like I personally am not a hundred percent sure you know what I mean like we don't I don't know

00:23:44   They could like maybe they'll show something. I don't know what they're gonna do they might show off the

00:23:50   12 or whatever III don't know I don't think so, but I don't feel set because

00:23:57   No one's told me otherwise, right and that's kind of we're talking about this in a minute

00:24:01   That's kind of what's fun about this year because anything that used to make sense is like up for grabs now

00:24:06   Which is kind of fun. It does make it interesting to talk about at least right because

00:24:11   We can we have this conversation now and then I just got so excited that I threw my Wacom pen over my shoulder by accident

00:24:19   Coffee's kicking in boys

00:24:23   So but like then we're gonna have the event and then there will be

00:24:27   Conversation after the event in the intervening weeks about the fact of like what we don't have which might not be a thing that we would

00:24:33   Normally talk about so much

00:24:34   So like just the the the peculiarness of the strategy is interesting at least because plus I can ask this question

00:24:40   Which I'm about to ask which is Federico. How you feeling? Ah

00:24:42   It's a mix of

00:24:46   Emotions right now

00:24:49   On the one hand

00:24:51   It feels really nice to have an Apple event and to be on the, you know, to...

00:24:56   The fact that we're waiting for new hardware, new toys, new things, I feel like it's a welcome change of pace

00:25:02   given 2020 and everything happened. It's a nice distraction.

00:25:06   It's nice to be thinking about the new things that we'll get to play around with soon.

00:25:11   So it makes me feel a lot better that, like it motivates me that there's stuff happening again.

00:25:17   On the other,

00:25:19   Obviously, I'm a bit bummed about the fact that it seems very likely that iOS 14 is gonna launch in September.

00:25:28   I was really hoping for some kind of delay to October.

00:25:32   I've said it before, I'll say it again. I don't understand why it needs to come out now.

00:25:38   I don't understand why Apple absolutely needs to release the new iPads,

00:25:42   and especially the new Apple Watch with WatchOS 7 right now.

00:25:45   But hey, I don't work at Apple. I don't look at their financials.

00:25:48   So it's their call. So I went through different stages and I think right now in my stages of grief

00:25:59   I've reached acceptance. I think that's good. That's a good one. I have accepted the fact

00:26:05   that there's a very good chance that my review will not be ready on day one. I know that

00:26:11   it's a bummer because it sort of became a tradition to an extent in our community to

00:26:17   have this long-form story come out on day one. But I guess it's time to make new traditions

00:26:24   then, if it's not ready for day one. It'll come out later. I just feel like it's important

00:26:29   for me to release something that is up to my standards that I'm happy with. I don't

00:26:37   want to rush anything. I don't feel like... I feel like I would do a disservice to my

00:26:42   readers if I rushed to my review just to make it in time for day one, and if the review

00:26:47   was incomplete or not edited enough or, you know, didn't have all the Easter eggs that

00:26:53   I like to live in or all the screenshots and details that I like to have in my reviews.

00:26:59   So I really struggled, honestly, over the past month with accepting this stuff, and

00:27:06   I think it's only fair that this is happening in the same year where a bunch of stuff is

00:27:10   going on in my life and it's fitting I think that that I have to make this call this year

00:27:16   but I made it it's you know some other things are more important have been more important

00:27:22   and we'll see what happens. Obviously I don't want to be like a month late but I think there's

00:27:29   a very good chance that I will not be ready by say I don't know September 24th or September 25th right

00:27:36   So I'm trying to go as fast as I can. It's, and I think it's okay. A lot of people were

00:27:45   kind enough, especially connected listeners, were kind enough to get in touch with me on

00:27:49   Twitter and over e-mail. They've been super nice, you know, saying things like, "Don't

00:27:53   worry about it. It's fine, you know, we're fine with waiting. We want to read your stuff

00:27:57   when it's ready anyway." So I really appreciate those comments. I also have to account for

00:28:02   the fact that I may have to write about whatever Apple announces next week, right? I don't

00:28:10   know what's going on with iPad. I don't know what's going on with Apple's announcements.

00:28:15   So I also have, like, in addition to the thing that I'm supposed to finish, there's the potential

00:28:24   for extra work with a much, you know, with another deadline.

00:28:31   I could be your ghostwriter if you want. I could write a review for you and we could pretend it was you.

00:28:36   So...

00:28:38   I have amiibo that I could put on top of the iPad.

00:28:41   Sure, you can see that's half the work already done.

00:28:44   So I feel like I have accepted my fate and I hope that people will accept it too.

00:28:53   That there's a very good chance that the review will not make it for iOS 14's day one.

00:29:00   And I'm going as fast as I can.

00:29:04   And I hope to not, you know, I hope to, like, I don't want to be a month late, of course.

00:29:12   I don't want to be three weeks late either.

00:29:14   So we'll see what the schedule is going to look like.

00:29:17   This is a weird year.

00:29:19   It's been a challenging past couple of months for me.

00:29:23   But everything is, you know, taking care of things.

00:29:27   So everything is looking up and better.

00:29:30   And we'll see in terms of this deadline what I can do.

00:29:35   Is that enough of a satisfactory update?

00:29:41   What is the Miyamoto quote?

00:29:43   "A delayed game is forever bad"?

00:29:45   No, you have it backwards.

00:29:48   The wrong way around.

00:29:49   Whoops, sorry.

00:29:50   A delayed game is eventually good because it delayed it.

00:29:53   But a rushed game is forever bad.

00:29:55   So they're really words to live by.

00:29:59   I don't, like I couldn't live with myself honestly, if I published a rushed iOS review,

00:30:04   which I use myself as a reference. Like just today I was reading through my old iOS 11

00:30:11   review for, to double check some information about notes. And I just couldn't accept it

00:30:18   if I put out a review that was like half edited or just super rushed with typos and not enough

00:30:24   detail in it. It's not something... Like, I would trade, honestly, like I would trade

00:30:29   page views for a delayed review that is of the quality that I expect myself. So if I

00:30:35   lose some interest from people, so be it. Maybe those people, you know, didn't care

00:30:39   about Mac stories or me or my writing enough anyway, so that's fine. You can please everybody.

00:30:44   They're not your true johns.

00:30:45   They're not my true johns. They're not my true thousand johns. And that's fine. That's

00:30:51   It's totally fine. It'll be better next year, I hope.

00:30:56   But it's going to be great this year. You're going to get it done. It's going to be awesome.

00:31:01   People are going to love it. We don't have to look at it this week, Federico, that it

00:31:06   will be better next year. It's going to be great this year. Don't have that mentality.

00:31:10   You don't need to have that mentality.

00:31:11   I really like where this review is going and I really like what I'm doing. I wish I had

00:31:18   more time. That's it.

00:31:21   you do though, you have as much time as you want. Yes, but also I gotta be realistic,

00:31:25   right? If iOS comes out in September, it's not like I can publish my review in November.

00:31:30   Like that will be bad. However, like... Yeah, I might be pushing it a touch. Exactly. So

00:31:34   I don't want to push it. Like I understand that people are kind enough to wait. I just

00:31:37   don't want to make them wait longer. It becomes like one of those projects then that you're

00:31:42   never going to finish. So you do need some kind of deadline. But I also understand that

00:31:47   the actual deadlines set from Apple will likely be too aggressive for me to follow

00:31:52   without killing myself and I honestly don't want to do that.

00:31:55   Finding a nice compromise, I guess, between these things is the ideal outcome here.

00:32:03   But yeah, I'm happy with what I have so far. So it should be good when it comes out eventually.

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00:34:01   Yes, I for one am ready

00:34:03   Mm-hmm, but before we do this we have talked about the rules

00:34:08   The bill of riches bill of Ricky's you mean the bill of Ricky's point one

00:34:12   the winner

00:34:14   Who will be called chairman Ricky?

00:34:17   From the previous Ricky's gets to pick first and the second place winner gets to pick second

00:34:24   So I think since the I think we've actually amended that right this is copied from the Google Doc

00:34:29   So this is right, but it's not chairman is it it's like keynote chairman and annual chairman. So it's keynote

00:34:37   Although note current current keynote chairman is that keynote chairman? No, that one's made up

00:34:44   So we are basing this ordering based on what happened at

00:34:48   WVDC in which Myke won I lost only by coin toss and then Federico brought the rear in third place

00:34:56   So this is a little bit different than the annual annual winners, which Federico is our annual winner from last year

00:35:02   They roll over to preserve the order. So the 2019 annual winner gets to go first and the you know

00:35:07   The next year's annual sets is a little bit different here

00:35:10   So we are based on the previous Apple event and of course the loser goes last

00:35:16   To earn any points everything written down in the prediction document must come true

00:35:21   There are no half points awarded in any round and picks cannot be reused

00:35:26   Here's how the scoring works one point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds

00:35:32   rounds. Two points will be awarded for correct picks in the risky pick round.

00:35:37   Here's the thing, if your risky pick is wrong you lose one of your points and

00:35:42   the two other hosts must have agreed that your pick was risky. Welcome to the

00:35:47   argument we've had the last 12 hours. Oh it's been bad. There was a point where I can

00:35:52   only imagine how Federico was acting in in in real life because he just said

00:35:58   "Will you pick it for me then?" So that was how our morning was.

00:36:02   I literally closed the document and went to do something else.

00:36:05   So it was a difficult day today.

00:36:10   Yeah, that's right. We also have non-graded flexi picks. So these are not, they're not

00:36:17   part of the point total, they don't go towards the naming of the chairman. Here's how this

00:36:22   works.

00:36:23   This is the first time that the flexis are being put into the true new effect.

00:36:29   That's true, this is the first time.

00:36:30   So the loser of the non-graded flexi picks must compensate the winner by $25 per wrong

00:36:39   flexi made by the loser.

00:36:41   Wait, what, can you repeat this?

00:36:45   It is a touch confusing.

00:36:46   Do we need to pay money now?

00:36:48   Yeah, we agreed on this.

00:36:49   This was your idea.

00:36:50   Yeah, you you got a little bit

00:36:52   The non-grid flexi pigs must compensate the winner by $25 per flexi that was wrong by the loser, okay

00:37:05   Yes, I yes. I remember now the loser must purchase a surprise

00:37:10   The loser must purchase a surprise for the winner matching that cost

00:37:19   The cost then must be matched by the loser in the form of a donation to a charity of the winners choice

00:37:25   Okay, st. Jude org slash relay in the case of a tie

00:37:28   the ratio of correct to incorrect flexes will be taken into account and

00:37:34   Finally each host must make a minimum of five

00:37:38   Flexi pics you can do more than five but a minimum of five

00:37:42   Right. I want a clarification this I'm not coming

00:37:46   So the loser must purchase a surprise.

00:37:49   This punishment is so hard.

00:37:50   And then the cost must be matched by the loser?

00:37:53   But also you gotta give him $25 per flex.

00:37:56   Okay, so here's, I think we should simplify this.

00:38:00   The way this reads right now, you have to pay them cash, and you have to give them something,

00:38:03   and you have to donate to a charity.

00:38:05   That's too much.

00:38:06   I think we got that wrong.

00:38:07   I think we definitely got that wrong.

00:38:09   No, no, no, no, no.

00:38:11   It's not written out right.

00:38:13   I think...

00:38:15   It's not like you gotta give them money and then a gift and then a donation.

00:38:19   Yeah, I don't think that's right.

00:38:20   The first sentence describes the amount of money, like how you calculate the monetary

00:38:26   value of the purchase and the donation.

00:38:29   It's not like you also gotta give them cash in addition to the gift and the donation.

00:38:32   So I think it's, I would have to give, say I got three things wrong, I would have to

00:38:37   buy a $75 gift for the winner, say Federico, and then also donate $75 to a charity.

00:38:45   So it's, you lose a lot of money, but it's only twice, not three times.

00:38:49   But you don't give me $75 cash.

00:38:51   You also don't get $75 cash.

00:38:54   So what I'm suggesting is that we simplify this, and it just becomes a charity donation.

00:38:59   None of us need surprises from the other ones.

00:39:02   And so we would say...

00:39:03   But the surprises are funny though, right?

00:39:05   This is funny.

00:39:06   I mean, are we really going to do that?

00:39:07   Like, are you really going to buy me something and ship it to my house?

00:39:09   No one's going to do this.

00:39:10   Amazon.

00:39:11   Let's just, let's look into our hearts.

00:39:13   So my suggestion for this rule change, I'll see what you guys think.

00:39:17   Loser of the non-graded flexis must compensate the winner by donating to the charity of the

00:39:26   winner's choice.

00:39:27   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexi made by the loser.

00:39:39   That's simpler.

00:39:40   That's simpler, yes.

00:39:42   So it's just the same thing without the gift.

00:39:45   Basically.

00:39:46   And it's written out in a way that doesn't sound like it's cash and a surprise and a

00:39:51   thing.

00:39:52   I think I'm fine with that.

00:39:53   Okay.

00:39:54   Yeah, yeah, I'm fine with that.

00:39:56   Okay.

00:39:57   Okay.

00:39:58   Before I copy this to the bottom of the document, I'm gonna read it one more time.

00:40:01   Loser of the non-graded flexes must compensate the winner of the flexes, clarify that, by

00:40:08   donating to the charity of the winner's choice.

00:40:11   amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexi made by the loser. So just a

00:40:16   hypothetical, Myke gets all five of his flexi's right and I get all five of mine

00:40:22   wrong. He's the winner, I'm the loser, Federico somewhere in the middle. I am on

00:40:27   the hook for five times twenty five, a hundred and twenty five dollar donation

00:40:31   to the charity of Myke's choosing. Correct. Okay that makes more sense than

00:40:36   what we had I think. Alright so let me copy this at the bottom of the document

00:40:40   So it's there for the future. There's a lot less flexing in that though, you know, but but yes, it's still flexing nevertheless

00:40:46   Yeah, there was more flexing when it was double the money

00:40:49   But also we need to put in the details of the Twitter account that is not specified in the bill of rickies currently

00:40:56   That's true. The winner gets access the winner should be awarded with access to

00:41:01   The Twitter I really feel sorry for Matthias who created the physical bill of rickies because we're now changing

00:41:08   Well, they gotta do it again. So yeah, I'm sorry. So I'm gonna say

00:41:14   Yeah, I tattooed it on my leg. How do you think I feel the winner of the regular plus Ricky risky picks?

00:41:21   must

00:41:23   be granted access

00:41:25   to the

00:41:28   annual or event chairman

00:41:30   Twitter account and

00:41:33   retains and

00:41:37   will retain access

00:41:39   until they

00:41:41   Lou until they until another winner is crowned is

00:41:47   Named you don't like the royal

00:41:50   Naming that crowned is fine. I mean it just feels a little

00:41:54   Nevertheless. All right. Okay. Good good coffee. Rico. Have we done with the rules now for this time? Yes

00:42:00   Well, can you go over them again?

00:42:04   Just to make sure that there's a nice flow in the way they are spelled out. Everyone has already skipped this chapter. Let's just move on

00:42:10   Alright, so we're gonna do round one

00:42:12   Or do you really want me to read the rules again? No, I mean if you don't want to do it, it's fine

00:42:17   You'll do it better next time. I just feel like it wasn't like I was expecting like like a more pompous and official tone in reading

00:42:25   Oh, oh, I see what you're saying

00:42:27   Give us give us give us the full because what we were supposed to have right now was a full read through and then

00:42:33   You're supposed to have a town crier and the physical thing.

00:42:35   It's like, it should be a whole thing happening.

00:42:37   But instead we've just sat and just done some litigation for the last 20 minutes.

00:42:41   It's just sad.

00:42:42   Like, you just went through a bullet list and then you made some changes.

00:42:45   It's like listening to a call with your editor.

00:42:48   You were making minutes.

00:42:49   It was like, you know.

00:42:50   You know, make it fun.

00:42:52   Give me some fun here.

00:42:53   [MUSIC PLAYING]

00:43:17   It is now time for the reading and not the debating

00:43:21   of the Bill of Rickeys.

00:43:23   The winner, who in this event will be called keynote chairman, from the previous rookies

00:43:29   gets to pick first, the second place winner picks second.

00:43:33   Annual winners roll over to preserve the order, 2019 annual winner gets to go first in 2020,

00:43:40   etc.

00:43:41   The order of the Apple Event rookies, which is what we're doing today, is based on the

00:43:44   previous Apple Event, the loser goes last.

00:43:49   The last event rookies were at WWDC 2020.

00:43:52   Myke was in first place, Steven was in second place by losing a coin toss, Federico was

00:43:59   the loser.

00:44:00   To earn any points everything written down in the prediction document must come true.

00:44:05   No half points may be awarded in any round.

00:44:09   Picks cannot be reused.

00:44:11   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds, while two points

00:44:17   will be awarded for correct picks in the risky pick round.

00:44:22   But if your risky pick is wrong, you will lose a point, and the other two hosts must

00:44:27   have agreed that your pick was risky.

00:44:30   The winner of the regular and risky picks must be granted access to the annual or event

00:44:35   chairman twitter account and will retain access until another winner is named.

00:44:42   Loser of the non-graded flexis must compensate the winner of the flexis by donating to the

00:44:46   charity of the winner's choice.

00:44:48   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexi made by the loser.

00:44:53   In the case of a tie, the ratio of correct to incorrect flexis will be taken into account,

00:44:59   and each host must make a minimum of five flexi picks.

00:45:03   Wow, these are beautiful rules. I wouldn't change a single thing about them. This is

00:45:27   and wonderfully documented and versatile and flexible document that accounts for all possible

00:45:34   scenarios. I love it. This is so perfect.

00:45:36   So I think we can all agree that we've finally settled the rules.

00:45:40   These are really good rules. We should be in charge of legislation now that I think

00:45:45   about it. Like we obviously...

00:45:47   Look how easily we fixed all of our problems.

00:45:49   We have a knack for finding loopholes and potential... like, I don't know. I just feel

00:45:53   like I could, you know, I could take the Constitution for a spin and actually

00:45:59   make a few edits that probably make sense.

00:46:03   I'll give it a once over.

00:46:05   You know, I think I could, like, yeah, I should have looked into

00:46:10   into legislation when I was younger as a potential job opportunity.

00:46:13   You would be an infuriating legislator in like the best possible way.

00:46:17   I guess it's never too late to be a politician. I mean, look at the

00:46:20   United States so who knows maybe someday. Round one. Myke you get to go first.

00:46:27   Apple unveils a new Apple watch. Wow. Short and sweet. Wow. I am the retaining

00:46:33   champion and I intend to retain it. That's how it wins. Sorry. I'm sorry. I don't have anything exciting for you in round one. You might as well say that Apple exists as your first pick.

00:46:43   The rookies do not say anything about obviousness so I'm just going for it.

00:46:49   it. Like, do I think there will be a new Apple Watch? Yeah, I do. I really do think that.

00:46:53   And there's one product I feel pretty confident about existing next Tuesday is a new Apple

00:46:58   Watch. I really want to win. So I very rarely get to win these types of things. And I want

00:47:05   to continue the royal reign a hundred years rule of...

00:47:11   You know what's missing from this pic? Passion. There's no passion in this.

00:47:17   You're right. But Federico, I don't care, right? There's no passion in it, but you know where

00:47:23   there's no passion? In the rules, either. The rules are very straight. Oh, there is

00:47:27   passion in those rules, believe me. But you are content with living your passion-free

00:47:30   life, I guess. Yeah. So if I'm the winner, then yes. Yeah, yeah, okay.

00:47:36   Federico, can we have a sidebar? Sure. You know how Myke used to lose these because

00:47:41   he made really specific picks? Yeah, he got burned. We trained him to make really generic

00:47:45   picks and I think it's gonna backfire on us. Yeah. Yeah. Look, because you know, before

00:47:50   I was ridiculed for passion, I was ridiculed for being particular. So I've had enough,

00:47:58   right? I want to win. Now that I think about it, we did training, which makes me think

00:48:01   of other like sort of experiments that we could run without telling Myke on the show.

00:48:07   Like some subtle, like, what are they called? Like, um, like in the movies, are they called

00:48:13   like a sleeper cell agent. No no no, like messages or what are they called like subliminal

00:48:19   messages. Subliminal? Yes, some like subliminal things that we say to Myke and then over time

00:48:24   we train Myke to behave or think in a certain way that could be interesting. Anyway, subliminal.

00:48:30   I think my brain is pretty susceptible to stuff like that so you'll probably have a

00:48:33   pretty good go of it. Awesome, okay I'll put together some ideas, Stephen.

00:48:39   I got a little more specific with my round one pick.

00:48:42   I said the Apple Watch Series 6 uses the Series 4 and 5 design.

00:48:48   I don't think we're due for a refresh of the design yet.

00:48:51   I think they're going to look the same.

00:48:53   I want to get some parameters on this one.

00:48:55   Of course you do.

00:48:56   [LAUGHTER]

00:48:59   Because there could be, like, thickness changes, right?

00:49:03   Ah, that's a good point.

00:49:05   So what if I rephrase it as the Apple Watch Series 6

00:49:09   It does not come with a substantial redesign.

00:49:12   I mean, well, then what?

00:49:16   If it's thinner, do you get the point?

00:49:19   It would have to be thinner to the point where,

00:49:22   okay, okay, so here's, I'm not saying this is what I'm saying

00:49:25   but in my mind what I thought was,

00:49:27   if someone's wearing it, it would be difficult to tell

00:49:30   which one it is.

00:49:31   If it's half as thick, that's a redesign.

00:49:33   Well you see, that's what the spirit of the pic is.

00:49:36   That's difficult to write down.

00:49:38   Okay, so Apple Watch Series 6 will be, comma, at a glance using the same design as the Series

00:49:50   4 and 5.

00:49:51   I mean, I'm fine with that.

00:49:52   Okay.

00:49:53   But I don't want to hear a big fight from you on this one.

00:49:56   If it's two millimeters thinner and you say I don't get it, I will quit the show.

00:50:00   Just keep that in mind.

00:50:01   Wait.

00:50:02   Okay.

00:50:03   You think two millimeters thinner would be perceptible at a glance?

00:50:06   I don't know.

00:50:07   Put it in the roots.

00:50:08   What's your millimeter threshold for thinners?

00:50:10   I don't know how millimeters work.

00:50:12   Stephen, if you can at a glance detect two millimeters

00:50:16   of thickness change, you are a super human.

00:50:18   Oh, you know you're not going to get the tweets from people

00:50:21   saying I can detect millimeters.

00:50:23   I don't believe anyone who says that they can tell me

00:50:25   that they can look at something at a glance

00:50:27   and tell if it's two millimeters difference in thickness.

00:50:30   Old ruler eyes over there can do it, but--

00:50:32   I mean, you can glance at a microscope

00:50:34   and tell that it's different.

00:50:37   I want to confirm this, Steven. If it's two millimeters thinner, will you think you get

00:50:42   the point?

00:50:43   Also, at a glance, I think you're tricking us. You are tricking us here, because at a

00:50:49   glance, at a glance, like what if you're glancing at measuring tape?

00:50:54   Come on, come on.

00:50:55   Like for, you know, at a, what is at a glance? Like, I'm, I don't trust this at a glance

00:51:00   qualifier. I think it's a tricky thing you put in there to, to fool us.

00:51:06   The design of the Apple Watch is it's like face on.

00:51:09   Well I mean the series, I mean look at the difference between the series 3 and 4 right?

00:51:12   A little thinner and broader.

00:51:14   No but the difference was the screen, the shape of the screen.

00:51:17   No one was like "oh that looks so different because of the thinness."

00:51:20   No it was because the corner's radius changed.

00:51:23   This is going downhill fast.

00:51:28   If you look, if you want your pick to be that the Apple Watch series 6 is like perceptibly

00:51:35   thinner than you'd make it that pick. No, I'm saying the opposite. It is basically the

00:51:41   same. The Series 6 does not bring a redesign. So what is your pick? I don't know what you're

00:51:47   arguing anymore then. Reset your pick please. I think you should go back to the original

00:51:53   text. I think it was better. I'm doing Google Docs. It initially said... We just argued

00:52:00   about nothing. Apple watch. Because Myke wanted parameters for this. Yeah, my original pick,

00:52:08   Apple Watch Series 6 uses the Series 4 and Series 5 design. I mean I'm fine with this.

00:52:16   I am confident this one's gonna cause us a problem. If it is slightly thinner, I still

00:52:20   get this. What I'm really saying is there's not a substantial redesign. So the shape of

00:52:27   screen and and like the edges like of the frame all right yeah I'm up with

00:52:33   looks like the series for you know I think I misunderstood the point that you

00:52:35   were making I apologize okay we I think we were actually making the same

00:52:39   argument but I thought that you were arguing against me so I apologize so

00:52:44   it's a point for me now what are you talking about

00:52:47   what okay so as it is written does that work for y'all

00:52:50   yes series six uses well four and five design this is one yeah yeah yeah I mean

00:52:56   I'm curious to see where that one ends up landing, but yeah.

00:53:00   If it is slightly thinner, I still get it, because it's the same design, right?

00:53:05   This is going to go horribly.

00:53:06   Okay.

00:53:07   Yeah, I think so too.

00:53:08   So my pick is that at least one of the new iPads will have an iPad Pro inspired design.

00:53:17   What does that mean?

00:53:18   So obviously, okay, so what we're all thinking here is the iPad Air with the flat edges and

00:53:24   rounded screen, but I phrased it in a way that if Apple announces multiple iPads, multiple

00:53:30   iPad models next week, at least one of them will have a physical design that resembles

00:53:35   the iPad Pro. And by iPad Pro inspired, I mean there's multiple elements, right? The

00:53:41   liquid display with the rounded corners and no home button, with the face ID authentication

00:53:48   of course, as well as the flat edges and the flat back, you know, basically moving away

00:53:53   from the current design of the iPad Air.

00:53:56   The only addendum I would like to make to this, or just question I would like to pose

00:54:00   to you, is that it is not an iPad Pro.

00:54:04   Right.

00:54:05   If they have a new iPad Pro, that technically fits your language.

00:54:09   I mean, it fits at least one of the new iPads as an iPad Pro-inspired design, because the

00:54:13   iPad Pro...

00:54:14   Yeah, but I don't think that that should count.

00:54:18   I think the spirit of this pick is it's a new iPad that inherits the design of the iPad Pro.

00:54:23   So at least one of the new iPads has an iPad Pro. Like I think it's phrased in a way that is pretty self-explanatory.

00:54:31   The only thing I would add is after the word "new", I would say "non-pro iPads".

00:54:36   There you go.

00:54:37   Yeah, yeah, I think that's okay. Yeah, that's the spirit of the pick anyway.

00:54:42   Okay, just trying to solve for ambiguity here, you know?

00:54:45   That's right.

00:54:45   At least one of the new non-pro iPads has an iPad Pro inspired design.

00:54:52   Yes.

00:54:52   I can get behind that.

00:54:53   Okay.

00:54:54   And for me, honestly, I'll just state my feeling on this.

00:54:57   If any iPad has flat sides, you've got it.

00:55:00   Like that's all it needs to be, right?

00:55:01   Like it can be as simple as that.

00:55:03   Well, that's what I was going to ask.

00:55:04   Yeah.

00:55:04   If it has flat sides, but still has Touch ID somewhere.

00:55:08   That's still iPad Pro inspired to me.

00:55:10   I agree with you.

00:55:10   I think I agree.

00:55:11   I think the flat sides is the key here.

00:55:13   Yeah, because it's the only device that has them now, and like for example people are already saying that the iPhone 12 will be iPad Pro

00:55:21   inspired because it'll have the flat edges. People are even saying the iMac will be iPad Pro inspired.

00:55:27   Everything starts with the iPad Pro.

00:55:29   I mean the Pro Display XDR is iPad Pro inspired.

00:55:31   But also I would say, like I would say the opposite as well. Like if it for some reason has

00:55:37   Rounded edges, but the shape of the display with the liquid retina display is the same of the iPad Pro

00:55:43   I think that also counts as iPad Pro inspired because it's ditching the home button in favor of the iPad Pro approach

00:55:50   It will I think it will need a little bit of conversation

00:55:53   But I am I am willing to agree with you there

00:55:56   Like I think that would that one might take a little bit more like alright, let's look at this

00:56:00   Then the flat sides is super easy to judge

00:56:04   Yeah, but yeah, if it's if it's like the home buttons gone and it's got the rounded corners like the iPad pros do then

00:56:11   Yeah, like I'm also on board with that. But that one is just like a little less visually obvious

00:56:16   I think than the then the flat sides pop. So that's round one

00:56:20   It's round one

00:56:23   For round two. I am going for another completely passionless pick which like, you know

00:56:29   because this is a pick like Federico will also get a point if I get a point.

00:56:34   So it's kind of like a mutually sure destruction thing here.

00:56:36   Apple unveils a new iPad, not Pro.

00:56:39   Okay. I mean, sure. Yeah. Yeah. A new iPad.

00:56:43   So with this pick, you can get a point if Apple announces the iPad Air, the iPad Mini,

00:56:49   the base model iPad, all kinds of iPads.

00:56:52   - So something new. - Something new.

00:56:54   - Entirely. - iPad.

00:56:55   The iPad is massive.

00:56:56   Now imagine if there's no iPad next week, now that would be funny.

00:57:00   That would be very funny.

00:57:01   Then these pics are a bloodbath.

00:57:03   Yeah, it would be a very bad time for all of us.

00:57:05   All right.

00:57:07   But that's what I'm going with.

00:57:09   Okay, cool.

00:57:10   I think that's cut and dry.

00:57:11   Mm-hmm, yeah.

00:57:12   And again, I know it's not exciting, I apologize, but...

00:57:14   No, we're used to it.

00:57:15   I want to win.

00:57:16   We expect it coming from you.

00:57:17   Yeah, you expect it from me.

00:57:18   We trained you well.

00:57:19   So, Stephen, this next one, I will say when I looked at it,

00:57:25   your next normal pick. I thought it was meant to be a Ricky. I do think there's a risk factor to your

00:57:32   second pick. That, I don't know, why don't you tell us the pick? Federico, without risk there's

00:57:38   not passion. Right, oh man, I, I, you see Myke, that's how you do it. That's, I mean, it doesn't surprise...

00:57:45   So I assume Federico, you were overflowing with risk earlier when you decided to throw everything

00:57:50   out the window. Well sometimes it's about risk and sometimes about style you know

00:57:54   just got to get in style. And sometimes it's about just giving up for the afternoon. Right. Right.

00:58:01   Right. Right. Right. Right. Okay cool. Just checking. My second pick. The new iPad Air will switch to USB-C.

00:58:08   That's a big one man. Like I see where you're going with this but that it might be a year early

00:58:16   on that. Maybe. Or maybe I'm right on time. If they are switching to the iPad Pro inspired design,

00:58:22   I think it makes sense to say... That's what made me think it. We're moving away from lightning to

00:58:27   USB-C. In the context of like there's these iPad Pro features trickling down into the line,

00:58:33   and now you can also use USB accessories, and I could honestly also see the smart connector,

00:58:41   for example. So I think it makes sense in the context of that. It's risky because the

00:58:47   iPad Pro is the only one with the USB-C connector and Apple could also think, well, this is

00:58:53   one of the differentiating factors that we're going to keep exclusive to the iPad Pro line.

00:58:58   So you do get the new design, but you still got to use lightning.

00:59:02   And I think one of the extenuating factors of this is the iPhone, right?

00:59:09   I don't think so. Well, I think it's I think it's a little tricky to start bringing USB

00:59:13   C to other products like you just start stretching that out when the iPhone remains lightning.

00:59:20   Did you did you forget about the Mac every other product has it like I think the iPhone

00:59:24   stands alone because the ecosystem of things that people plug into their iPhones is a magnitude

00:59:30   larger than the things that people plug into their iPads. And so I think iPad users who

00:59:35   go from lightning to USB-C, yeah it's gonna be a pain for some of them, but for most of

00:59:39   them that just means the charging cable is different. And it may mean a good thing that

00:59:43   means they can charge it with their laptop charger. For the phone though you plug into

00:59:46   cars you have clock rate, everything has lightning for phones. I just think the iPad lives in

00:59:50   a little bit different space there. You know I did have a thought a couple of days ago

00:59:54   where like I needed to go somewhere and I was frustrated that I had to take two cables,

00:59:59   one for my iPad and one for my phone. Yeah. I had that thought where it's like "oh god"

01:00:03   It is frustrating. I'm not sure if I was regretting the iPad Pro going to USB-C or wishing the

01:00:09   iPhone to go to USB-C, like I'm not sure which way around it was, but I was frustrated no

01:00:13   less. It is frustrating and anybody who says "oh

01:00:16   but we prefer Lightning because it's Apple's other line" or they're fooling themselves,

01:00:22   it's so much better to have a common standard that works with a bunch of devices.

01:00:26   It should all be USB-C. It's awesome that I have a cable in the kitchen,

01:00:30   have a charging station in the kitchen and I can plug my iPad Pro, I can plug my external

01:00:35   battery, my Nintendo Switch, it's awesome! And if you don't see that, then you should

01:00:40   really look into it, like this USB-C thing, you should really try it because it's very

01:00:43   convenient. Now, I'm not saying the lightning is not convenient, I get it, it's got some

01:00:48   of the same benefits, it's slightly smaller and it's reversible, I get it, but it only

01:00:53   works with Apple devices and you know people also like to use other

01:00:57   electronics so I also like to just take a moment at this point to say how great

01:01:02   Thunderbolt is I got a Thunderbolt dock mm-hmm and it's really good to just plug

01:01:08   a bunch of stuff into a one into like a box and just have one cable what you got

01:01:13   the Cal digit right maybe we put that in the show notes so people can see it yeah

01:01:17   the Thunderbolt is really cool like I still love the dream like one cable for

01:01:22   everything you know you put your laptop down and like everything's already there

01:01:25   and you plug it in Thunderbolt delivers on that if you're willing to spend some

01:01:28   money yeah oh and you really do like I got the TS 3+ and it's like I think it's

01:01:32   like multiple hundreds of dollars like I got it for the podcast of thumb but like

01:01:36   I'm very very happy with it because I also can use the same dock with my

01:01:40   Windows laptop right and everything just works it's fantastic very happy with

01:01:46   that alright so you all are cool with the new iPad air we'll switch to USB-C

01:01:50   Seems clear. I would love it to happen and and I hope that you're right on this one. I think but

01:01:57   Might be we'll see we'll see depends how pro they want to go, right?

01:02:02   Like how close do you want to get with with it being like quote-unquote Pro? We'll find out

01:02:07   I'm cool with it and I respect you. I'm just concerned about you for this peak. Let me raise a hypothetical

01:02:12   Mmm, I don't think this hypothetical come true, but I just want it out there

01:02:16   Let's say there's a new iPad and it has flat sides

01:02:20   So Federico gets his point it switches USB C, but it's not called the iPad air on paper

01:02:26   I would lose that pic, but I feel like in my heart I would win it. What do y'all think?

01:02:30   I think you should remove air out of like because the rest of us have all gone with like you should just say like a

01:02:38   New non pro iPad switches to USB C and then you're in line with my pic and Federico's pic

01:02:45   That's the most fair for you. Done. At least one new non-pro iPad will switch to USB-C. Yep.

01:02:51   Non-pro iPad. Non-pro. What if Apple announces a new iPad Pro and it switches to Lightning? Can you imagine that? Then we all lose.

01:02:59   We've all lost. That'd be terrible. That'd be awful. That'd be horrible. Why would they do that?

01:03:03   I don't know. It's 2020 though, so it could happen. That would be a Ricky if you want to put it in. That would be the definition of a Ricky.

01:03:10   Okay, so my second normal pick

01:03:15   This is actually quite interesting, I think.

01:03:18   Apple introduces a lower-end Apple Watch model

01:03:22   in addition to the higher-end "Series 6"

01:03:26   we're calling the successor to the Series 5.

01:03:29   So I think Apple will introduce,

01:03:30   this has been rumored before by German,

01:03:33   whom I absolutely trust,

01:03:35   that Apple will introduce in addition to the new Watch,

01:03:39   to the new Series 6 Watch,

01:03:42   Also a lower-end model that is cheaper for folks who want to buy a cheaper Apple Watch.

01:03:49   I think it's an interesting idea to say we have the brand new watch with all the fancy

01:03:55   stuff but we also made a new version that is more affordable that has fewer features

01:04:00   but that you can also use for fitness and for notifications and for all these other

01:04:05   things that the Apple Watch is loved.

01:04:08   So I think they, you know, this has been rumored recently, so there's a certain degree of reliability,

01:04:15   I guess, in this pick, as it was reported in Bloomberg, I believe, last week, or even,

01:04:20   I'm not sure if it was mentioned yesterday in the report, but it was definitely mentioned

01:04:24   a few weeks ago.

01:04:26   So I think it's an interesting idea.

01:04:28   I think it would bring, it would make for a nice message to say we have this expensive

01:04:34   watch with all the fancy stuff, but we also made an affordable model. I think it would

01:04:40   benefit Apple to make it clear that there's a more affordable version of the Apple Watch

01:04:47   so that they can, you know, competition from Fitbit and Amazon now as a thing, I believe.

01:04:55   I think it would be useful to say you can get in on the Apple Watch ecosystem at a more

01:05:01   affordable price. So I think I would actually like it's not the watch that I

01:05:07   would buy myself but I think it's something they should do. Well and it

01:05:11   would be it'd be a cheaper Apple Watch I'm not I'm not inserting this into your

01:05:15   pic this is what I want to see that isn't just an old Apple Watch right like

01:05:19   do what you do with the iPhone SE. Maybe it's the return of the sport brand

01:05:23   remember? Maybe. Apple Watch Sport. Yeah oh man they used to be called that. Maybe they'll do like Apple

01:05:28   Watch Sport, Apple Watch Series 6, and Apple Watch Edition. Again, maybe we'll go back

01:05:32   to that. I would like that. I like that branding, honestly. I think I want to talk about what

01:05:38   this product is a little bit when it comes to pick grading. Because obviously Apple have

01:05:46   been like, "Oh, and hey, the Series 3 is back!" So what is this product? You know what I mean?

01:05:55   So obviously I think it needs to be mentioned during the keynote. I think it's something

01:06:02   that... I mean all the things that... usually all the things that we cover in our RICIs,

01:06:07   they need to be mentioned in the keynote, right? It's not like... do we ever pick things

01:06:13   that are like hidden on Apple's website?

01:06:15   So I think the way that we've done it before, which again may be another raw change, is

01:06:19   basically just anything up until recording. If a piece of information can be discovered,

01:06:25   It's like basically up until the recording.

01:06:27   So it's not just what's in the keynote.

01:06:29   It's just basically, can it be proved before we record?

01:06:32   Yeah, exactly.

01:06:34   So the Bloomberg report very clearly said

01:06:38   Apple will introduce two Apple Watch models,

01:06:41   one of them being the lower end version.

01:06:44   So I think it needs to be clear.

01:06:48   I don't think it will just be the Series 3 coming back.

01:06:52   It's new.

01:06:53   I think it needs to be new.

01:06:55   Yeah.

01:06:56   Right?

01:06:57   Because the...

01:06:58   Yeah, I honestly don't see...

01:07:00   I don't even see the Series 3 coming back out again with the same internals.

01:07:06   I mean, they're quite dated at this point.

01:07:09   So I think it needs to be a new thing with the new chip.

01:07:12   Just maybe fewer sensors.

01:07:13   Maybe it doesn't have the new sensor stuff that's gonna be in the Series 6.

01:07:18   I don't think they can re-release a three-year-old Apple Watch just out of the blue again.

01:07:24   Okay.

01:07:25   Right?

01:07:26   So, it needs to be a new thing.

01:07:27   Yeah, no, I agree with you.

01:07:28   I agree.

01:07:29   The only potential complication there, I guess, is if it is the Series 3, but they changed

01:07:35   the internals.

01:07:37   But then again, I think it would be kind of weird if they're bringing back a watch that

01:07:41   is the number 3 and now we're number 6.

01:07:43   Like, I don't think that's a great strategy.

01:07:46   Yeah.

01:07:47   where something like Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Sport, like another name solves that

01:07:52   problem for them.

01:07:53   They have the same thing with the 8, right?

01:07:55   The iPhone 11 and then the iPhone 8.

01:07:57   It's like, well, that seems really older than it is.

01:08:00   We call it SE, get rid of the number and it sort of gives you some buffer there.

01:08:04   So I think you're on with this.

01:08:05   I'd like to see this.

01:08:06   What if to help us grade it, like this pick is that Apple introduces a lower end Apple

01:08:11   Watch model with a new brand name?

01:08:14   Well... I'm trying to find something so we can pin it on. What if it's just called Apple Watch?

01:08:19   Right? But that's fine. There isn't a product called Apple Watch now.

01:08:24   Right? They're Apple Watch Series 6, Link. Well I think inserting the brand

01:08:29   makes this two picks. Like, I think if it's a...

01:08:33   It introduces a lower end... Here's I think how we solved both. Okay. Apple introduces

01:08:39   a new lower-end Apple Watch model. You don't have the new in there and I think that's sort of key here.

01:08:46   Again, the only potential challenge there is what if they're... I mean, if they're doing this,

01:08:54   I think it's going to have the new design, right? So they're going to use the post Series 4

01:08:58   hardware design. But again, what if it's just the Series 4 or the Series 5 name,

01:09:06   but the watch is actually different from the... sort of like you did with the Series Zero. That is

01:09:10   technically new. Which it's, I guess it's technically new, so the new objective could work

01:09:17   in that context. Yeah, it's a watch that hasn't existed until they announced it. Yeah,

01:09:23   yeah, I think new works, yes. Because it's either inside or out, right? That's what we're going to

01:09:29   agree on? Yeah. Like inside or out, it's not the same as something else that's existed. So it's

01:09:34   It's either got new internals or it's got its own name.

01:09:38   So one of the two will make it a new Apple Watch, I think.

01:09:42   Like if they take the Series 5, okay, and they call it the Apple Watch SE, I think that

01:09:47   is a new Apple Watch.

01:09:50   That's out.

01:09:51   That's one of the outside changes, right?

01:09:53   Yeah.

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01:11:15   It's time, gentlemen.

01:11:16   Okay.

01:11:17   Okay.

01:11:18   It's Ricky time.

01:11:19   Myke, are you ready for whatever is going on with you, Ricky?

01:11:23   No.

01:11:24   I have two Ricky's, right?

01:11:27   And I just want to just put them both out there.

01:11:29   One of them is going to become my final flexi.

01:11:33   I only have four flexis in the document out

01:11:35   of the five minimum.

01:11:36   So one of these will become a flexi.

01:11:38   And I just want to maybe get them out.

01:11:41   If the two of you want to talk through it, you can.

01:11:43   But maybe I'm just going to talk through it myself.

01:11:47   So one of my picks is that we get no specific date for iOS 14

01:11:51   launching during the presentation.

01:11:53   That's one of those old school classic particular picks.

01:11:57   But I think particular in my favor.

01:12:00   And then the second one is that a non-pro iPad

01:12:03   gets a LIDAR sensor.

01:12:05   So that's kind of where I am, right?

01:12:08   - They're both very reeky.

01:12:09   - Yeah, but I think there's some, okay,

01:12:11   so let me talk through my thinking on these, right?

01:12:13   A little bit with you, just for the fun of it.

01:12:15   So I think that the iOS 14 thing is,

01:12:18   I don't think that they have to say,

01:12:21   and I don't think it would be in their best interest to say.

01:12:25   Right now, the Apple Watch will,

01:12:29   I think most likely be running watchOS 7.

01:12:32   I don't think that it will be running watchOS 6.

01:12:35   Apple will announce, I'm sure,

01:12:37   the date that the Apple Watch will be shipping,

01:12:41   but then they have a window of any amount of time

01:12:44   between them to put iOS 14 out.

01:12:47   And I think announcing a date for 14

01:12:52   would be not the best thing to do when you have that window.

01:12:57   - Okay, no, no, let me understand here.

01:12:59   So you think the new Apple Watch will carry watchOS 7, right?

01:13:03   - I do, yes.

01:13:04   - And you think they will give us a release date

01:13:06   for the new Apple Watch, right?

01:13:07   - Yes.

01:13:08   - Okay, do you think the Apple Watch

01:13:09   is coming out in September?

01:13:11   Because you do realize the watchOS 7 requires iOS 14.

01:13:15   - That's one, yeah, I know, yeah, I know.

01:13:16   - Okay.

01:13:17   - Yeah, I do think it is, but I think it could be

01:13:20   a week or two weeks, right, for the Apple Watch.

01:13:24   I don't think it has to be a week.

01:13:26   I think it could say like, oh, you know,

01:13:28   you can, pre-orders go live next week,

01:13:30   and then they ship the week after, right?

01:13:32   So then they have two weeks in which they could release

01:13:35   iOS 14 at any point during that period of time,

01:13:39   and they might wanna do it on the Wednesday

01:13:42   rather than the Tuesday because it gives them an extra,

01:13:44   do you know what I mean?

01:13:45   just think that it would be bold, I think, to maybe unnecessary to announce the specific

01:13:54   date, maybe two and a bit weeks in advance, when all they need to do is give everybody

01:14:00   one week notice.

01:14:01   But it's not as simple as that, right? I mean, you gotta give, like, you gotta get carriers

01:14:05   or carrier approvals, for example, for the new version of iOS. Like, it's not just developers

01:14:10   with the GM.

01:14:11   Right, but how much time do they typically give for that though?

01:14:15   How long... GM is usually a week to release though, right?

01:14:18   Yeah, but...

01:14:20   I don't know man, it just feels very risky to say they're gonna have an event

01:14:25   and they're not gonna say anything about iOS 14.

01:14:28   Well no, but they can say it's coming.

01:14:31   They can say like iOS 14 will ship before the end of September

01:14:34   or it's coming soon or it will come with the Apple Watch.

01:14:38   Like wouldn't it be weird if they just said "oh it's coming, don't worry"

01:14:41   but we're not giving you a date.

01:14:43   - And I think if they say,

01:14:45   "Hey, it's coming with the new iPad,

01:14:46   the new iPad ships this date,"

01:14:48   then they've announced the date for iOS 14, right?

01:14:50   They didn't put the sentence together,

01:14:51   they split it up, but we still know when it is.

01:14:54   - Yeah, I agree with that, but I just, I don't know.

01:14:56   I don't know, I don't know if they're gonna do that.

01:14:58   I don't know if they're gonna say that.

01:15:00   - I will give you this.

01:15:01   You finally showed off some passion here.

01:15:04   - Some passion, yeah.

01:15:05   - You are capable of it, which makes me happy.

01:15:07   - Are you following why I would put it as a question?

01:15:10   I do. I do. I do follow. Like, again, it goes back to the idea, what's the rush? Like, you

01:15:16   don't need to... I mean...

01:15:18   And it's more like, if I was making this decision, I would not want to nail myself down to any

01:15:22   dates unless I absolutely have to. And I do not think that they absolutely have to do

01:15:29   that. Like, I think they still have a little wiggle room. They have a few more days wiggle

01:15:34   room.

01:15:35   A two day though.

01:15:36   Okay, the next one is that any iPad that they release gets a LiDAR sensor.

01:15:46   And the LiDAR sensor seems like an important thing to Apple.

01:15:58   Maybe more than even Face ID on a new iPad.

01:16:04   because the LiDAR sensor is important for the future more than Face ID is.

01:16:11   Right?

01:16:13   Because the LiDAR sensor helps with AR,

01:16:16   and AR is increasingly becoming a thing that Apple will want to put more and more time into

01:16:22   and want developers making things for.

01:16:25   Right?

01:16:25   Like, Face ID doesn't do that.

01:16:29   You know?

01:16:30   Like, Face ID is a nice thing for us, but Touch ID on that iPad,

01:16:33   I'm sure people will be super happy about that too.

01:16:36   But more LIDAR sensors in the world

01:16:39   is a net positive for Apple's future strategies.

01:16:43   And I mean, I think that the current rumors are suggesting

01:16:49   that all of the iPhones will get a LIDAR sensor,

01:16:52   if I remember correctly.

01:16:53   Does that sound right to you guys?

01:16:55   - I think so.

01:16:57   - I think that the current rumor is--

01:16:58   - Ari's just a pro.

01:17:00   - I don't know anymore, I don't remember.

01:17:02   It's been so difficult to keep track of that.

01:17:06   But yeah.

01:17:10   - I think you're dead on Apple's pushing AR,

01:17:14   the LiDAR sensor is a big move in that direction.

01:17:18   But I think the other side of that coin is like,

01:17:20   is it too expensive to put in an iPad

01:17:22   that doesn't cost iPad Pro money?

01:17:25   Like, I don't know, you know?

01:17:27   Or would they want to continue to blur the product lines

01:17:30   if the iPad Air looks like an iPad Pro

01:17:32   and it has a LiDAR sensor, then what's the difference between it and the Pro?

01:17:35   You know, to most people.

01:17:37   But I don't think people care about, you know, like, people don't care about LiDAR sensors.

01:17:42   People don't care about AR or the LiDAR sensor.

01:17:46   In terms of our competition here, I think your first one is, I think it's riskier, but

01:17:55   I also think it's going to be harder to judge.

01:17:58   I think honestly, having spoken about it, I'm leaning towards the LIDAR sensor one.

01:18:03   I think you should do the LIDAR sensor one.

01:18:04   Yeah, I'm going for the LIDAR sensor one.

01:18:06   I really do think they're going to give us a date for iOS 14.

01:18:08   I mean, we got beta 8 today, so they're wrapping up the work there.

01:18:13   Like, even though it's very possible that you're trying to fake me out.

01:18:15   I'm not, I'm not, or am I? I don't know.

01:18:18   I do, I think the LIDAR one, the LIDAR one is still risky

01:18:22   for all of the reasons that you mentioned, right?

01:18:24   That like, we don't know how expensive an item that is.

01:18:27   And you know, but but I do believe that this is one of those technologies

01:18:32   that Apple will want to get on as many products they can.

01:18:35   And the iPad doesn't get refreshed that often.

01:18:39   So if you're going to make changes to it, put it on there now.

01:18:44   And then you've got it on there for a couple of years for when it's really

01:18:48   important to Apple, right? Like even more so than it is now.

01:18:50   So I'm going with a non pro iPad gets a LIDAR sensor.

01:18:54   I think the first potential option was riskier. I still think this one qualifies as a risky pick

01:19:02   because later on the iPad it is right now the only new feature of the iPad Pro line in 2020.

01:19:10   And the Magic Keyboard, I guess. The Magic Keyboard can only be purchased for the iPad Pro.

01:19:16   So I do think that taking, like if you would have said here, a non-Pro iPad gets support for the Magic Keyboard,

01:19:25   I would have agreed to make it a risky pick.

01:19:28   Because I think it is...

01:19:29   That would be real risky. I think that's going to be the only thing, really.

01:19:33   It's one of my flexes, I think.

01:19:35   I think taking any of the exclusive features of the 2020 iPad Pro line

01:19:44   and saying this is coming to the non-pro iPad, I think it qualifies with a certain riskness

01:19:51   involved. So you do have... It's less risky, but risky enough.

01:19:56   I think the reason that I'm happy to pick it though is that, yes, this iPad Pro has it,

01:20:05   but I think Apple's not unrealistic in the assumption that anybody cares about it from

01:20:11   from a consumer perspective, right?

01:20:13   That like, if you put it on there,

01:20:15   that people are gonna be like, "Hang on a minute,

01:20:17   "I think it should only be on my iPad Pro."

01:20:20   Like I don't think any, you know what I mean?

01:20:21   I don't think it's a thing that anybody cares about,

01:20:24   where they're like, "Well, I'm not gonna get

01:20:25   "the iPad Pro now because the other iPad

01:20:28   "has a LIDAR sensor."

01:20:30   I think things like the Magic Keyboard

01:20:32   are much more of a selling point,

01:20:34   and a promotion display even,

01:20:38   like a much more of a selling point to people

01:20:41   than the LiDAR sensor is.

01:20:43   So yeah, that's why I am comfortable in keeping this

01:20:48   as my risky pick.

01:20:50   - My risky pick, the iPad mini will also be updated

01:20:54   to look like the new iPad Air,

01:20:56   which will be influenced by the iPad Pro design.

01:20:58   - Whoa, stackless. - You are a mad--

01:21:01   - Stacks on stacks. - Mad man, okay.

01:21:04   - Mad lad. - Mini passion.

01:21:05   - Absolute mad lad here.

01:21:07   - So the iPad, I'm just reading this again.

01:21:10   the iPad mini will also be updated to look like the new iPad Air, which will be influenced by the iPad Air.

01:21:16   So, the...

01:21:17   Yeah, so I'm gonna cut that middle section out.

01:21:19   Okay.

01:21:20   The iPad mini will be updated with a new design.

01:21:24   An iPad Pro inspired design. Okay, which will be influenced... Okay, yeah.

01:21:28   Yeah, yeah, yeah. The iPad Air part was pointless.

01:21:32   Like, and could have really come back to bite you badly.

01:21:34   Yeah, you were adding like two conditions to the pic.

01:21:36   So I put that in, I think, before some of the other iPad

01:21:40   Air stuff got put in.

01:21:42   So this makes sense in context without it.

01:21:44   So the iPad Mini will be updated with a new design inspired

01:21:48   by the iPad Pro design.

01:21:50   This is bold.

01:21:51   This is bold.

01:21:51   This is risky.

01:21:53   This is the product I personally would love to see.

01:21:57   Yes.

01:21:58   We want it to happen.

01:21:59   I believe it will happen.

01:22:01   I don't think it's happening next week.

01:22:03   This is a product I want.

01:22:05   The last rumor that we got about this product, I checked today as we were, shall we say,

01:22:12   debating our picks. Yeah, one could suggest it was a debate. Minchi Kuo, friend of the show,

01:22:18   said that this product was coming in 2021. So you are risking it all, my friend here,

01:22:25   with the iPad Mini. I want to believe, man. But I do respect you, as I said before. Yeah,

01:22:30   this is one of those picks that like sometimes you got to make a pick because it's what's in

01:22:34   in your heart, you know? And like... A man of passion through and through reading. That's

01:22:38   right. It is more risky than mics, I think. Yeah, you've made my passion look like a walk

01:22:43   in the park, you know? Yeah. Yeah. This is... Okay, so, and it should be called the iPad

01:22:50   Mini, right? Just to clarify, it's the new version of the iPad Mini. It's the iPad Mini

01:22:58   line. Okay. I mean, if they updated the iPad Mini and they tweaked the name, then this

01:23:03   wording is still correct. The iPad Mini was updated to something else. Let me ask you,

01:23:07   what if it's flat sides but still with the home button? It is still inspired by the iPad Pro

01:23:16   design because our definition was flat sides. We previously discussed flat sides as being enough

01:23:23   for one of your picks. Okay, yes, I love this and good luck, I guess. I want it. I want it. Okay,

01:23:32   So my risky pick is the following.

01:23:37   I'm not picking anything iPad related myself.

01:23:40   So the new Apple Watch Series 6--

01:23:43   so the new, new Apple Watch--

01:23:47   will have at least one new built-in app

01:23:53   because of an exclusive feature of the new watch.

01:23:55   So my thinking is the new watch is going to have something new,

01:24:00   whether it's a new sensor or some other new tech,

01:24:04   that enables a new built-in application

01:24:07   in watchOS 7 for the new watch.

01:24:10   So the precedent for this could be something

01:24:14   like the ECG app, of course,

01:24:16   that was only available for the watches

01:24:19   that were capable of taking your ECG.

01:24:22   So basically thinking along those lines,

01:24:25   it's been rumored that this watch may have the ability

01:24:29   to monitor your blood oxygen levels, for example.

01:24:33   So there could be a separate utility for that.

01:24:36   It was also rumored that this watch could have

01:24:38   something related to stress detection

01:24:41   or panic attack detection.

01:24:42   So I'm thinking that this new watch

01:24:45   has gotta have something new, right?

01:24:47   I think it's time for the Apple Watch

01:24:49   to start adding new sensors again,

01:24:52   new hardware features again.

01:24:54   And usually when that happens,

01:24:56   there's usually like a new built-in app

01:24:59   to go along with it.

01:25:00   So that's my pick.

01:25:02   The new Series 6 Apple Watch will have

01:25:04   at least one new built-in app.

01:25:07   - And this, just to clarify,

01:25:08   I will offer the clarification that we all had earlier on

01:25:11   in our discussions.

01:25:12   This isn't a new feature in an existing application.

01:25:15   This is straight up a new app

01:25:17   that you can pick from the list, like the ECG app.

01:25:20   The ECG app is what we're focusing on here.

01:25:22   Like, if this watch has additional features

01:25:25   inside of the fitness app, that does not count.

01:25:28   This has to be a brand new application with its own icon, with its own name,

01:25:33   which is pickable from the honeycomb on the list, that does not exist on any other watch.

01:25:38   Like if they add a new application to watch OS 7 that's on the Series 5 and the Series 4,

01:25:44   this does not count. It must be exclusive to the Series 6 Apple Watch.

01:25:48   It has to be exclusive to the core.

01:25:49   I'm not saying you need to hear this, but I just want to clarify it for people that will also be scoring the rookies.

01:25:55   I guess the only... well this is where I need to draw a line myself, right?

01:26:00   What if the lower end model also has this new sensor and the app is also available on

01:26:06   the lower end model?

01:26:08   Do I get the point or not?

01:26:09   That's debatable.

01:26:10   You do.

01:26:11   You do.

01:26:12   I think that's fine.

01:26:13   Wait, say that again?

01:26:14   An app that is new...

01:26:17   Even if there's a new, brand new Apple Watch SE that also has this feature, Federico still

01:26:24   gets the point.

01:26:25   perfectly fine. So primarily I'm thinking that this app will not be available to the existing

01:26:30   Apple watches, the Series 3, 4 and 5, right? This app will be exclusive to the Series 6, the new one.

01:26:37   However, in the context of what if there's also the second new 2020 Apple watch that is the lower

01:26:45   end model and that model also gets this new app. Do I get the point or not? That's...

01:26:54   I think the way it's written now, I don't think you would. I think we should make an amendment

01:27:00   to the pick which is that there will be a new built-in application for the Apple... for the new...

01:27:07   for a new Apple Watch that has not existed on a previous Apple Watch. Like, oh we could just say

01:27:11   a new Apple Watch has at least one new built-in application.

01:27:16   Because of an exclusive feature? Yeah.

01:27:18   Yeah, that could work. Okay.

01:27:21   Okay. You want to tweak that?

01:27:23   Yeah, I will do the tweaking, because I... and then you can agree if I already could.

01:27:27   But yeah, so I think one of the new...

01:27:30   A new Apple Watch has at least one new built-in application because of an exclusive feature

01:27:37   of this watch.

01:27:39   an exclusive feature not found on existing watches, I think is more clear.

01:27:44   Then you change the wording again too. We're all working together on this. This is why

01:27:50   we use Google Docs because it is instantly. A new Apple Watch has at least one new bill

01:27:55   in app because of an exclusive feature not found on existing watches.

01:28:01   Not found on existing watches, yes. I think it's risky enough, you know, saying that Apple

01:28:08   is working on new built-in apps I think it's always quite risky itself. And we

01:28:13   don't have any, like we haven't heard any specifics and we haven't seen any leaks

01:28:18   in terms of like what's this new sensor gonna be exactly. So a new Apple Watch

01:28:24   stuff, you know, because you don't have cases right for the Apple Watch that

01:28:28   stuff doesn't leak like the hardware design and the internals of the

01:28:33   watch. It's very hard to come by schematics for Apple Watch leaks and that kind of stuff.

01:28:38   Well, it's like we were completely surprised by the Apple Watch's new features.

01:28:42   Exactly, exactly.

01:28:44   Nobody knew about the always-on or anything.

01:28:46   Yeah.

01:28:47   We'd actually given up on it.

01:28:48   Yeah, so a new built-in app. I think that's what's going to happen. And of course,

01:28:58   I do not get the point if one of the existing apps gets renamed, I think. Agreed. Yeah, that's true.

01:29:06   Because that doesn't hit that next part, right? Exactly. If ECG and heart rate get merged into a

01:29:14   single heart app for the watch, I do not get the point, because those are existing things just

01:29:20   changing their names. Yeah, and you would assume that that would find its way onto the other

01:29:25   watches that have those sensors. Yeah, the second part of this, the exclusive feature,

01:29:31   kind of helps enforce the point on that. So that's the end of the point scoring rounds.

01:29:37   So we move into the inaugural Flexis round. So just as a reminder, the loser of the Flexis

01:29:44   part of the competition will need to make a donation to a charity of the winner's choice

01:29:50   based upon how many flexes they get wrong.

01:29:54   Shall I just do my entire list of five?

01:29:57   Alright, okay.

01:29:58   That's what I thought.

01:29:59   We would each just do all five of ours and we could just talk about them as we go.

01:30:02   So, well this is interesting.

01:30:05   One of my flexes is details of a new iPad mini, so we're going down together on this

01:30:11   one.

01:30:12   And it is worth pointing out that the flexes are just completely detached from the other

01:30:15   ones so we can make pics like that.

01:30:19   one is that someone will wash their hands during the presentation. I like that. Let

01:30:23   me visualize this. This is like someone is washing their hands and then they turn and

01:30:26   they're like "oh hi, didn't see you there" and they're just rinsing their hands. I thought

01:30:31   it that way but I would like that. It was more as in like "oh look at me demoing the

01:30:35   twenty second countdown thing of WatchOS 7" but yes, also that would count and I would

01:30:40   like that even more. Kevin Lynch comes out of a bathroom stall and he's like "oh, hello!"

01:30:47   A new non-pro iPad gets the second gen Apple Pencil.

01:30:52   Ah, okay.

01:30:53   Right?

01:30:54   If they're all getting flat sides, then it would be wild not to.

01:30:57   They're all getting pencils.

01:30:59   Okay.

01:31:00   Mm-hmm.

01:31:01   WatchOS 7 gets a software feature we haven't seen yet.

01:31:04   So Federico, me and you, we're on a wave there.

01:31:07   Okay.

01:31:08   Okay.

01:31:09   And we get no specific date for iOS 14.

01:31:11   He really is a good...

01:31:12   Motion during the presentation.

01:31:13   Our friend has returned to the fifth Lexi page.

01:31:15   bracket we see this I think it's possible that I could win the Rickies

01:31:22   and horrifically lose the flexes I think all right mine are jaws wears a non

01:31:31   solid colored shirt wait what jaws wears yeah so what's just just wild shots

01:31:39   that's his thing right yeah you know Phil Schiller wears like all green or

01:31:43   all blue, Tim Cook wears all black, or whatever.

01:31:46   - Just goes paisley all the time.

01:31:48   - Okay.

01:31:49   - Yeah, or like Hawaiian or something, so.

01:31:51   A non-solid colored shirt.

01:31:53   The event looks mostly like WWDC,

01:31:56   not all on stage in the theater,

01:31:57   but using different parts of the campus

01:31:59   or the outside world.

01:32:01   - Outside world, huh?

01:32:02   Doesn't look that safe in California right now.

01:32:06   - Well, outside can also be inside if you're Apple Park.

01:32:09   - Right, okay.

01:32:10   That's a very good sentence.

01:32:12   have an outside inside. Number three, Apple somehow sets expectations for when the iPhone

01:32:19   will be announced. Ah, sort of like "see you soon" wink wink at the end? Yes. Okay. In fact,

01:32:24   in my mind it's "hey we'll see you in a few weeks talking about the iPhone." Like, just say it.

01:32:29   Okay. Because like we talked about earlier, that's a problem. Number four, the removal of 3D Touch

01:32:35   and watchOS is framed as the inclusion of Haptic Touch.

01:32:39   Wait.

01:32:40   We've not taken anything away, we've added.

01:32:44   The removal of 3D...

01:32:47   I don't understand this.

01:32:48   Okay, so they're going to do, in my mind again, they're doing a demo and like, "Oh, and now

01:32:51   with Haptic Touch this is even easier."

01:32:53   Alright, so first of all it's called Force Touch.

01:32:56   Whatever, whatever it's called.

01:32:57   The terrible thing they're taking out.

01:32:59   The removal of Force Touch 3D.

01:33:02   It's not called Force Touch.

01:33:03   Extreme.

01:33:04   Okay.

01:33:05   - It's pretty extreme. - Horse touch HD.

01:33:07   [laughter]

01:33:08   Okay, in what is-- oh, so you're saying that they're gonna say,

01:33:11   "And now we have even more--" oh, okay, okay.

01:33:14   But wait, does it already have haptic touch?

01:33:18   Not on 6. I was actually just trying it out.

01:33:20   Like, if I rest my finger on the screen, nothing's happening.

01:33:24   - Ah, okay, okay. - If I press down, things happen.

01:33:26   I see what you mean. So that they're gonna do the thing where you long press,

01:33:30   and it's like on the iPhone, where it's not 3D touch,

01:33:33   it fakes with the... it's called force touch dude come on yeah okay I get it so it's more

01:33:40   your flexi is more about the the way they're gonna frame it like yes okay okay okay yeah I get it yeah

01:33:47   not that they're doing it but like how they approach it okay I get mine are all very meta

01:33:51   by the way almost all of mine are about the event itself yes I noticed okay and the last one is

01:33:57   Apple will preview fall Apple TV plus content. Okay. Yeah, do they have any well

01:34:03   There's like season two of a bunch of stuff that's coming now

01:34:06   Some of that production got delayed because it kovat but at least for all mankind is now back shooting

01:34:12   So for mankind the kitties did the morning show

01:34:15   Very unlikely, but they've all sales to have other content that they've put. Okay. Yeah. Okay

01:34:21   Yeah, so it's not even necessarily season two, but just preview a fall Apple TV plus content

01:34:26   The reason I put it here and not

01:34:28   an iPhone event next month or whenever that's gonna be is that

01:34:34   iPad plus Apple watch feels a little thin and

01:34:37   I think if they're gonna do sound stuff like head pods or new home pod

01:34:42   That would be with the phone and so I was like what else is kind of floating out there

01:34:45   That they could put in with this and I just snatched Apple TV

01:34:48   That's different thing. Could they put but like I mean, you know, I'm just gonna say too soon

01:34:54   Big Sur is nowhere near ready and they said the end of the year. That's not September

01:34:59   I'm not sure why people think that you have to ship things immediately. I'm not really sure well

01:35:03   They're not gonna

01:35:03   They're not gonna why would they take stage time on September 15th to say the new MacBook Air with Apple Silicon's gonna come out

01:35:09   November 30th like yeah, it's gonna be later. I'm not saying they will do it. I'm just not saying they won't do it

01:35:15   They're not going to I'm saying they're not doing it make that you're sick, but not then not a flexi make it

01:35:20   I'll put you know what I'm gonna put it as a six flexi Michael you can have six go on

01:35:24   minimum five, you can have as many as you want.

01:35:27   Apple will not unveil additional details about the release.

01:35:32   You know that by adding more, if you keep losing more, then you owe more money.

01:35:36   Yeah, but that's how confident he feels.

01:35:39   Okay.

01:35:39   So, you know, this is about, this is the flexy part, isn't it?

01:35:43   This is what you're flexing, like I'm so smart that I'm willing to put money on the line.

01:35:47   Alright.

01:35:47   I'm going to put money where my flexing is.

01:35:50   True flex, but okay.

01:35:51   Okay.

01:35:52   Sure.

01:35:53   Okay.

01:35:53   That one slapped.

01:35:54   Alright, Federico, take us home.

01:35:56   My flexes are the following.

01:35:57   The new iPad Air will support the Magic Keyboard.

01:36:02   I really do feel like they want to make more money out of that thing, which is quite expensive

01:36:07   to say the least.

01:36:09   And the iPad Air will likely come with the smart connector, so why not?

01:36:13   I think it's a year too soon.

01:36:15   But we'll see.

01:36:16   But I think I support the flex.

01:36:18   I think, you know, I really do believe that they like the money coming in from the Magic

01:36:25   Keyboards on the iPad Pro, and there could be a nicer balance between the iPad Air being

01:36:33   a cheaper device and the Magic Keyboard for the Air also being slightly cheaper, so it's

01:36:38   not like you wouldn't end up in a situation where...

01:36:40   Let me posit this one thing to you.

01:36:43   Sure.

01:36:44   they're aware of the fact that they're selling more iPad Pros because of the Magic Keyboard.

01:36:48   Right, that's the risk. That's the risk.

01:36:50   Right, and so they make much more money that way.

01:36:53   Yeah.

01:36:54   Like, they held the smart keyboard off for a while.

01:36:57   That's true.

01:36:58   Yeah.

01:36:59   That's true. But I also feel like it would be kind of strange if the iPad Air is getting

01:37:03   the iPad Pro design, but it doesn't get... Yeah, I guess it can go...

01:37:07   Well, then it could get a folio-designed keyboard instead of the current one.

01:37:10   Maybe. So this is a passionate flexi.

01:37:14   It's a passion flex.

01:37:16   It's a passion flex. It's something you don't want to see in real life.

01:37:21   The second flexi is Apple launches a new subscription service for virtual fitness classes.

01:37:28   This has been rumored before on Bloomberg.

01:37:31   This fitness service should also become part eventually of the Apple One bundle that Gurman

01:37:39   reported on a few weeks ago. And I think, I mean, this is the perfect idea for 2020,

01:37:44   right? Everybody's staying home now and you can follow virtual fitness classes on your phone,

01:37:48   iPad and Apple TV. I think it makes sense. And I would like to say that this is going to be

01:37:53   the Apple Music presentation of 2020. That's possible. They're going to spend way too much

01:37:59   time showing it off. Yes. And it's, you know, like Steven, you were wondering, what are they

01:38:03   going to fill time with? They're going to show us six different exercise classes. That's what

01:38:07   Yeah, and I think it makes perfect sense in the context of the activity app becoming Fitness.

01:38:14   It's now been renamed as Fitness and oddly enough right now the Fitness app only has

01:38:20   two tabs at the bottom which is kind of weird.

01:38:24   It feels kind of odd and empty and obviously that's because I really believe like a new

01:38:30   fitness plus or whatever it is called tab will slot in nicely right there in the middle

01:38:37   so that you can take your virtual classes.

01:38:40   The third one, I believe Apple will start showcasing at least one new feature coming

01:38:47   in either, I should say, iOS or iPadOS 14.1.

01:38:53   So taking the opposite approach of Michael here and saying not only are they wrapping

01:38:59   up work on iOS 14. They're done. They're going to give us a release date. They're also going

01:39:04   to say something, and this was also coming in 14.1, and I wouldn't put past them to actually

01:39:12   say there's a beta of 14.1. Or maybe they will not say it.

01:39:17   What do you think this would be? Do you have any idea? I'm just intrigued.

01:39:22   I don't have any ideas myself. I could see them reinstating some of the files stuff that

01:39:29   they showcased last year and never put back. Like for example, the ability to pin files.

01:39:36   That still hasn't found its way back to iOS and iPadOS. It was announced at WWDC 2019 and

01:39:44   then it was removed. Or the virtual fitness classes could also be 14.1. I do think that

01:39:54   they are saving some stuff for the, they're wrapping up work on 14 and they're saving

01:40:00   some stuff for 14.1. It's something that happened before. We've seen them do this before. We've

01:40:07   seen them actually, I think also last year maybe they did this or was it iOS 12 where

01:40:13   they give us the GM for the .0 version. This is 13. But also the beta for .1. Because everyone

01:40:23   was on the beta for 13.1 and it was difficult to get back onto the GM 13. Yeah. Right. Yeah.

01:40:32   So in the fourth pick, sort of on the lines of Steven, at least one segment of the keynote

01:40:39   will be shot inside Apple's own fitness labs.

01:40:43   So the fancy gym that they have, especially in the context of the Apple Watch, and if

01:40:49   they do announce the fitness service, I think they're going to show it off.

01:40:54   And we took all these tests and all this machinery and equipment that we have and we took hundreds

01:41:01   of studies and whatnot.

01:41:02   And I'm sure they're very happy and proud to show off the amazing fitness center, right?

01:41:08   the few photos and videos that we got in previous years it looked incredible. So they do have

01:41:15   a swimming pool inside, right? I'm sure they do. I think they showed it off. Yeah, anyway.

01:41:24   And lastly iOS 14 launches in September. I do think that will give us a release date

01:41:31   And I can actually, this is not part of the flexies, but I will give you my personal non-flexy

01:41:39   opinion.

01:41:40   And it's just an opinion on it.

01:41:44   I think it's either going to be the 23rd or the 30th.

01:41:48   One of the two.

01:41:49   If they want to be super aggressive, the 23rd.

01:41:52   If they want to be slightly more chill about it, the end of the month, the last day of

01:41:57   the month.

01:41:58   I think it's gonna be a Wednesday and I think it should either the 23rd or the 30th

01:42:04   but that's not part of the FlexSeed, the FlexSeed selfies iOS 14 is coming out in

01:42:08   September. That is just my... yeah. I think that does it. I think we did it. I think

01:42:14   we've picked everything that can be picked. We have FlexSeed, we have Rickied.

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01:43:30   Can I also name something? Can I also name something every week?

01:43:33   Yes.

01:43:35   I also want to start naming something.

01:43:37   I'm gonna ask you questions to get to know you better. Federico, what's your favorite color?

01:43:41   Red. Yes.

01:43:43   Red yeah, okay, that makes sense

01:43:45   Why what why does it make sense?

01:43:48   Because the websites read pasta sauce is red. Okay. Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, I know this

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