310: Drop of Water in a Desert


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected episode 310.

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00:00:17   My name is Steven Hackett

00:00:18   and I am joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:20   - Hello, hi, how are you?

00:00:22   - Hey, I'm good, I'm glad to be back.

00:00:24   I missed you all last week.

00:00:25   - Nice to have you back.

00:00:27   - Thank you.

00:00:27   - How's the plumbing?

00:00:29   Oh, hmm.

00:00:31   The people wanna know.

00:00:31   I can give a plumbing update.

00:00:32   You have to introduce Myke first.

00:00:34   Oh, Myke's here.

00:00:35   Hey, Myke.

00:00:36   Hello.

00:00:37   Hello.

00:00:38   So how's the plumbing?

00:00:39   Yeah, so I missed last week's show

00:00:41   because all of our pipes exploded.

00:00:43   So what's happening is as soon as it quits raining,

00:00:46   so we had Hurricane Laura leftovers come through

00:00:50   and some other rain after it, so it's all very wet.

00:00:52   But once it quits raining,

00:00:54   a guy with a backhoe is gonna come

00:00:57   and dig a trench in my yard,

00:00:59   we have to replace the the line from the house to the sewer under the street what's the backhoe

00:01:03   i have no idea what is what is it can you spell it uh b-a-c-k-h-o-e okay is that an instrument

00:01:13   it's like no it's like a a digging machine you know like yellow it's got the scoop on it yeah

00:01:18   federica you know these when you see them it's just like as usual americans have weird names

00:01:22   for things you know that's what it's called let's see it's like a digger oh well you don't call

00:01:27   this a backhoe. That's what Wikipedia calls it. No, this has a different name. The Wikipedia

00:01:33   page was made by an American, clearly, is the problem. There is a different name for

00:01:38   this. Like an excavator. Yeah, an excavator or digger. Yeah, this is an excavator. What

00:01:46   is a backhoe? Is that the brand of the company that makes them? That's usually how it goes

00:01:52   in America. There's a funny thing actually where they're colloquially known as JCBs

00:01:56   the UK because of the brand JCB but yeah I'm not 100% sure why it's

00:02:02   called a backhoe like what's the hoe you know? and it's not in the back it's

00:02:08   appears to be in the front. It's actually very much in the front yeah it's

00:02:15   really a front shovel more than a backhoe because like a hoe doesn't a hoe

00:02:19   you like till ground with a hoe to make it yeah so but and this isn't that like

00:02:26   you're gonna plant stuff. Well I mean you could till ground with this.

00:02:28   Yeah but like this digs. Aggressively. You know? Yeah. So whatever this piece of industrial

00:02:37   equipment is, some people are gonna come and we're gonna replace the sewer

00:02:42   line from the house to the sewer. It may go under a big oak tree in my front yard,

00:02:47   in which case the tree may not survive, so like it's just lots of knock-on

00:02:50   effects. It's not good. Okay so how much, Steven, how much do we need to pay you?

00:02:55   you, so that that day, you keep in front of that guy, you keep referring to the machine

00:03:01   as an excavator. You never say the word "Beko".

00:03:05   I just see what he says. Nice excavator you've got there.

00:03:08   See if he corrects you. Lovely excavator, aww. Look at the power on

00:03:14   the excavator. Oh, you came with the excavator!

00:03:16   Made that JCB is looking good, boy! Yeah.

00:03:22   Think about a price and Myke and I can split it.

00:03:25   And we'll donate it to St. Jude.

00:03:27   But we need video evidence like, "Oh, this is it.

00:03:30   We got it."

00:03:31   Right?

00:03:32   You pick a price, we'll donate it, but we need you to like...

00:03:35   We need proof.

00:03:36   Like, so a voice memo or a video.

00:03:38   Have your iPhone recording audio and put it in your pocket and be like, "Oh, you brought

00:03:44   the excavator, I see."

00:03:47   Yeah.

00:03:48   Or is this one of those things that your dad's going to be there so you'll be super embarrassed

00:03:52   to say it it's mostly that yeah yeah you're gonna be like what are you

00:03:56   talking about that's a backhoe song I'll put it on reels that's what the chat

00:04:07   room says yeah yeah perfect check me out on reels for my hot excavator content

00:04:13   it's September yeah very exciting today September 1st which to say we're

00:04:18   recording this a day early this week which feels very weird. I'm gonna be off all week now.

00:04:22   I'm ruined. Yeah, it's not gonna be good. But in September we take time to talk

00:04:28   about and focus on St. Jude Children's Research Hospital because September is

00:04:32   National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer is something that is... we on

00:04:40   this show we've all dealt with in one way or another and it's something that

00:04:45   really touches a lot of people's lives, and when that intersects with the life of a child,

00:04:50   it feels exceptionally tragic in a lot of ways. And I went through that as a parent when our

00:04:58   oldest son at six months of age was diagnosed with a brain tumor, but because of St. Jude,

00:05:02   he is still with us today. He is going to turn 12 in a couple of months, and he's doing school,

00:05:10   and he is living a life that is a miracle and a gift because of the work at St. Jude.

00:05:18   So their research, their treatment, all of this is done with no bills going to the family.

00:05:25   I've never paid St. Jude a dime in over ten years of treatment and care.

00:05:28   And it would have been millions, right?

00:05:30   It would have, no exaggeration, financially ruined us. And unfortunately, a lot of people

00:05:38   are in that situation, but St. Jude is there for its patients and families to take care

00:05:41   of them. And that's only possible because of the support that people like us give the

00:05:48   hospital. And I wrote a little post on 512 and I posted it, published it right before

00:05:53   the show, but it's been so humbling and cool to see the Apple community get behind this

00:05:59   every year, because we've been doing this for several years, even though this year is

00:06:02   like the second podcast-a-thon. Like, we've been raising money and talking about St. Jude

00:06:06   for a long time.

00:06:07   We were just doing it without telling them before.

00:06:10   - Yeah.

00:06:11   - We were just doing it.

00:06:12   - Yep.

00:06:13   Now why don't you come do a live show?

00:06:14   And we agreed and it's all history.

00:06:17   So go to stjude.org/relay.

00:06:21   We would love for you to support St. Jude.

00:06:23   We today crossed $50,000 raised, which is amazing.

00:06:27   So I'm gonna work on scheduling a tour of my Mac setup.

00:06:30   That was a milestone at 50 grand.

00:06:33   And so we are doing things leading up to the podcast-a-thon,

00:06:36   doing a bunch of extra content. Myke, you did a video this past weekend that was

00:06:39   really cool, so stay tuned to that page even after you donate because we are

00:06:44   doing additional things throughout the month. But we would love for you to go

00:06:48   visit stju.org/relay. Is it googly eye time? It is. So you want to

00:06:54   explain this? Last year me and Steven kind of... I will always maintain that

00:06:59   Steven put me in a bad situation and gave himself a great situation, which was

00:07:04   for every $250 raised I had to remove a sticker from one of my devices and

00:07:09   Steven had to add a sticker to something in his home and he just picked a bunch

00:07:14   of great stickers got amazing stickers sent to him from the listeners got to

00:07:17   cherry-pick which ones he wanted put them where he liked it was a great fun

00:07:20   time had by him yeah I got to I got to backhoe my way through some good you

00:07:24   sure did you sure did Stephen back oh hack it Stephen anyway anyway anyway so

00:07:36   this year we have been encouraged by the wonderful people at st. Jude to do

00:07:42   something else like this and what we have decided to do is to equally damage

00:07:49   each other this time. We are in a a mutual, what is it? Mutually assured

00:07:55   destruction with googly eyes. So yes googly eyes played a pretty important

00:08:01   role in the podcast-a-thon in the fact that I had them stuck into my beard and

00:08:04   looked like some kind of monster. So me and Steven have bought hundreds upon

00:08:09   hundreds of googly eyes and for every $250 raised from now, I think until the

00:08:16   week of the podcast-a-thon because then we're switching over to something else

00:08:19   that we'll talk about when we get a little bit closer to it.

00:08:21   Both Steven and I will be placing one googly eye for every two hundred

00:08:26   and fifty dollars raised somewhere in either of our workspaces.

00:08:31   So for me, it will be a combination of Mega Office in my home and Mega Studio.

00:08:36   We will be placing googly eyes all over the place.

00:08:40   We have and we both have some interesting ideas for this one.

00:08:46   So from now until for the next couple of weeks, every $250 raised, there will be a Google AI placed somewhere.

00:08:53   And of course, Steven and I will be tweeting images of the destruction of our property as everything gets a little bit creepier in our studio spaces.

00:09:04   Yep, that's right. It's going to be fun and weird and upsetting.

00:09:09   Yeah.

00:09:10   If you have that thing where like eyes freak you out.

00:09:13   I have the thing with the holes, right?

00:09:16   What is it?

00:09:17   Yeah, me too.

00:09:18   Yeah, trypophobia, don't look it up.

00:09:19   Don't look it up, anyone, because looking this thing up is when you realize it freaks

00:09:24   you out, so just don't look it up.

00:09:25   Yeah, that's right.

00:09:27   This was the thing everyone was talking about when the Mac Pro got introduced, right?

00:09:31   So like, we all remember that.

00:09:33   So there you go, stju.org/relay, give what you can, and then when the podcast or thonk

00:09:38   rolls around, give some more.

00:09:40   That's the Myke Hurley message here.

00:09:43   Give multiple times.

00:09:44   That's right.

00:09:45   I want to get a little bit of follow up. So as promised at WWDC, Apple has launched the

00:09:51   ability to suggest changes to the developer guidelines. So they've created a website with

00:09:58   a form. This is effectively a suggestion box for developers. So you can go in and say like,

00:10:05   "Oh hey, I think you should change this guideline." I really hope that Apple listen and pay attention

00:10:12   to what's being said here, I hope that this is being done with the best intentions and

00:10:17   not just to make it seem like we're doing something.

00:10:21   A lot of suggestion boxes exist just so people can feel empowered about making their suggestion.

00:10:27   I hope that they really do pay attention.

00:10:28   I do, though, wonder how critical people will be, like existing developers, because I can

00:10:37   imagine that same nervousness existing of like "oh I don't want to upset Apple" you know and you're

00:10:44   doing it directly to them so it'll be interesting to see what happens there and I'll be keen to know

00:10:48   if anybody does share anything and they hear back I would love to see what the results of that is

00:10:54   either on or off the record. Along with this change Apple will from now on no longer be holding

00:11:01   up bug fixes when there are perceived guideline violations. I'm interested to see how that,

00:11:07   you know, they've been doing that recently. I mean, lots of stories about this of Apple,

00:11:10   like basically taking bug updates hostage until in-app purchases are added. Apparently,

00:11:16   they're not going to do any of this anymore. So we'll see. We'll see. This is like a very,

00:11:23   this is almost like a drop of water to somebody in a desert, right? Where we are with this whole

00:11:28   mess right now, but these are things that I guess could make some changes, I hope. We'll

00:11:34   see.

00:11:35   And it should be noted that you need to log in with your developer account. This is not

00:11:40   something that you can do anonymously. I just tried, and you need to log in with your account

00:11:45   to be able to submit feedback. So that's why some people may be a little hesitant to actually

00:11:52   send critical feedback, so we'll see if anything comes out of this. It just feels, well, I

00:11:57   I don't know. I want to be optimistic here, but it just feels like a placebo thing. Like,

00:12:00   "Oh, we have a form now and you can air your opinions." But, you know, maybe that's a little

00:12:07   too negative. I want to believe that maybe something good will come out of this. At least

00:12:13   it's something. So, we'll see.

00:12:16   We have some breaking news for the follow-up.

00:12:19   Is it really?

00:12:20   Straight from...

00:12:21   Break.

00:12:22   It is. Straight from the Discord. This article's a couple days old, so we missed it. But anyways,

00:12:26   VPN had an issue with the App Store and apparently they went through this process and the App

00:12:35   Store changed their mind. The app had been threatened with rejection over some in-app

00:12:42   purchase stuff. They had like a 24-hour trial and apparently the App Store guidelines say

00:12:49   a subscription period must last at least seven days. So there was like some conflict there

00:12:54   and it looks like they worked it out. So maybe this will be good. It's a good early example.

00:12:59   Okay. Well, I hope that that will turn into a set of stories of its own. Right. But there's

00:13:05   actually some good news.

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00:15:07   Like a very kind individual, Mark Gurman was aware that we were recording early is the only

00:15:14   assumption that I can make. So published a report, I believe this morning as we were recording this,

00:15:19   doing what Mark does around this time of year where he rounds up what he will say is going to

00:15:27   happen at Apple's fall event. And we have a large selection of things here that I want to go through.

00:15:35   and I guess we can kind of stop as we go through. I think the first, actually, you know what,

00:15:41   Steven, why don't you read the first bullet point in this list that I've compiled here?

00:15:47   Why don't you read that? I think that's important for you to read.

00:15:50   75 million 5G-enabled iPhones are being made.

00:15:56   What do you think about that?

00:16:01   That seems like a lot of iPhones. I don't know if it is or not, because Apple doesn't

00:16:05   share the volume of sales anymore, right? We don't know how many phones they sell. But

00:16:11   75 million seems like a lot, and they're going to have so-called 5G in them.

00:16:15   So-called? What does that mean? What is so-called for?

00:16:19   You know, some people call it 5G. Some people don't.

00:16:23   What do you call it? A hoax? What do you call it?

00:16:25   I'm not going down that road with you guys.

00:16:29   There is something kind of fun where like you were a 5G denier before it was a thing.

00:16:34   Yeah.

00:16:34   And now there's like a whole thing about it and so you're kind of like...

00:16:38   I'm just backing out of the room.

00:16:39   ...interlinked with this now which is kind of wonderful.

00:16:42   So do you want to accept 5G yet?

00:16:45   Look, I'm excited about our predictions.

00:16:51   Feeling a little nervous about my 5G one.

00:16:53   Are you going to concede to the existence of 5G?

00:16:55   I've seen the light.

00:16:58   Okay.

00:16:59   I've seen the mini mini 5G towers going up literally in my neighborhood. I think there's one at the end of my street

00:17:05   Yeah, they're coming for you in this circle

00:17:07   So getting closer and closer now what we don't know really is the timing of the event, right?

00:17:13   Like no, no one really seems to have a good handle on this but more did indicate in his report that the product releases

00:17:20   At least would be in October

00:17:22   which is kind of what we figured anyway because Apple said that we're gonna be a couple of weeks late whenever they have the event and

00:17:29   towards the end of September or not, we're gonna have to wait and see but it's very likely that these products will come out probably over

00:17:34   October and November in some cases. So a lot of this stuff we have heard before but I think is you know over the course of

00:17:42   a year there are so many rumors

00:17:44   I think sometimes it can be difficult and like they get all mixed up

00:17:47   But Mark Gorman is has a very good track record and this is what Mark is saying will be for the iPhone line

00:17:55   For iPhones all with some kind of 5g because there are different

00:17:59   Strengths power speeds that kind of thing those iPhones will have a different design all iPhones will have flat edges like the iPad Pro

00:18:08   The pro models will continue to have stainless steel and my boys dark blue replaces midnight green

00:18:15   Give me that dark blue phone dark blue as a piece of real-time follow-up for you

00:18:22   I have been having the best time with no case on my iPhone. I love it so much. Yes. I love looking at it

00:18:29   I love holding it

00:18:30   No case on the iPhone. It's a really nice way to live if you don't break your phone, right?

00:18:36   I haven't yet broke my phone

00:18:38   So we'll find out if how long this love affair lasts, but I do very much like not having a case on my phone

00:18:44   So in these four iPhones, we'll of course have a wider choice of screen sizes. All the phones will feature OLED screens

00:18:52   The iPhone 12 line will feature a 5.4 and a 6.1 inch phone. That 5.4 inch phone is good

00:18:58   And the 12 Pro will be 6.1 and 6.7 inches

00:19:05   So we'll be getting the the smallest iPhone in this form factor ever and the largest iPhone

00:19:14   ever made screen size wise

00:19:17   A quote from Mark Gurman's article is "Some Apple employees testing their new devices

00:19:21   think that the new 6.7-inch screen is one of this year's most notable improvements,

00:19:26   the people familiar with the situation said."

00:19:29   This is interesting for a couple of reasons.

00:19:31   One, what's the current size of the Pro Max for context?

00:19:35   Someone will get me that.

00:19:36   We'll answer that question in just a few seconds.

00:19:38   But that's really interesting to me because, well, one, now it makes me want it, right?

00:19:42   Because I'm always on the fence anyway.

00:19:44   there's no note in this report. So 6.5 inches for the Ricoh. Okay. Okay. There's no note

00:19:50   in this report and it seems a bit sketchy based on some other rumors as to whether these

00:19:55   phones will at any any point in the line feature 120 Hertz refresh rate display. There have

00:20:02   been rumors of like the screens will support it, but Apple's having problems getting some

00:20:08   of the controllers, the display controllers that they need. So like they were wanting

00:20:12   to do it but maybe can't do it because of parts issues. But when I read that it's like

00:20:16   "do you think that means that it is a ProMotion display?" which is one of the things that

00:20:23   makes it so notable and at that size makes it even more so. I don't know. It's interesting

00:20:28   that I don't think that there is any really solid reporting on whether we're going to

00:20:35   see the high refresh rate. I know if we don't I'm going to be pretty disappointed because

00:20:41   I know why, if it doesn't happen I feel like I know why, but it was a shame because

00:20:45   one, I think it's pretty clear that it was supposed to and couldn't, but yeah, nevertheless.

00:20:51   The 12 will ship before the 12 Pro, so it looks like there's probably going to be

00:20:57   a bit of a wait time for the Pro phones.

00:21:01   It sounds like a repeat of three years ago, with the iPhone X, that we're all waiting

00:21:07   for the new phone to arrive and it shipped in November, right? At some point in November.

00:21:13   I think it was November, yeah. 2017? Yeah. Yeah, I think it was November. Was there a

00:21:18   new phone? Yeah, that was the iPhone 8, right? That was the year that the iPhone 8 came first

00:21:23   and then the iPhone X? Was that the year? 2017? Yes, yes. Because the X came late. I

00:21:29   think it was late October, maybe? Late October, yeah. It was early November for me, maybe,

00:21:35   was, yeah, it was early November because there was the national strike in Italy of UPS. And

00:21:41   so the weekend that the iPhone 10 was supposed to arrive, UPS went on a national strike.

00:21:48   You were so mad. I remember how upset you were. That was, that was, that was a fun year.

00:21:54   Yeah, no, no joke. I, that's when I became close friends with my local UPS person. I

00:22:02   now have his phone number, like his personal phone number, and to make sure that I would

00:22:07   get the iPhone X as soon as possible after the weekend, I called him on a Sunday. I was

00:22:13   like, "I'm so sorry to bother you on your personal..."

00:22:15   This is when I was trying to convince you to bribe him.

00:22:17   Yeah, yeah, that was the whole thing. Yeah, yeah, that was the thing. I was like, "I'm

00:22:22   so sorry to bother you on a Sunday." He's like, "Who is this?" I'm like, "I'm the guy

00:22:26   who lives..." and I told him the street. And thankfully, he recognized me on the phone.

00:22:31   And so we arranged, like, it told me like, if you can wake up early tomorrow, if you

00:22:36   can meet me at this intersection, we can just exchange your package in the middle of the

00:22:42   street. And that's what we did. Like, we actually met at an intersection and I stopped the car

00:22:47   and just gave me the box. Wow. No, I got out of the car, he got out of the van and he gave

00:22:55   me, gave me the box. I was really upset that the very weekend that I was, I was supposed

00:23:00   be getting the iPhone X on a Friday, and then UPS went on a national strike. So anyway.

00:23:08   I wonder what that small one's gonna be like. The 5.4 inch?

00:23:12   See, I am very interested actually in trying one. I know that I, like, personally, for me,

00:23:19   I would be getting the biggest one possible, the 6.7, but I am very curious to try the smallest one.

00:23:27   For me, and also because I feel like Sylvia will actually be interested in that model.

00:23:34   Like the same design with Face ID and everything, but a smaller iPhone.

00:23:40   So the iPhone 8 Plus had a 5.5 inch display.

00:23:46   So that's the closest.

00:23:50   Yeah, so the Plus phones had 5.5.

00:23:53   So it's like that, you know, but obviously the issue with these things is that,

00:23:57   well, then you have to remove the, like the, all of the body around it.

00:24:01   But like the iPhone 10 was 5.8, right?

00:24:05   Yes.

00:24:06   So it's smaller than that, but like screen size wise, it's kind of in the realm of

00:24:11   the, the plus phones, but without the chin, without the forehead, all that kind of

00:24:16   stuff.

00:24:16   I'm really torn because I liked the 5.8 inch.

00:24:19   I'm I use the iPhone 11 pro.

00:24:21   I actually picked up a XS Max earlier this week.

00:24:26   A family member has my old XS Max.

00:24:29   I was like, this phone is ginormous.

00:24:31   And so I'm a little nervous that I'm gonna

00:24:35   kind of be stranded in the middle, guys.

00:24:36   I don't wanna be stuck in the middle.

00:24:37   - Well, but, well, you could just go for the 12,

00:24:41   wait, what's from, oh, 'cause the 12 Pro's 6.1, right?

00:24:46   Is that too much?

00:24:48   - I don't know.

00:24:49   I guess we'll find out.

00:24:50   I want it as close to 5.8 as possible.

00:24:52   Like I want to stick as close to my size as possible.

00:24:55   - The 11 Pro is 5.8.

00:24:58   So it's the, ah, okay.

00:25:00   So all the Pros, they're growing a bit.

00:25:04   So the thing is going to be like,

00:25:05   what are the differences, right?

00:25:07   Like that's going to have to be the decision maker.

00:25:10   It's like what features does the Pro phone get

00:25:13   that the regular phone doesn't

00:25:15   and then make your decision from there, I guess.

00:25:19   I mean, I want the pro, like I mean, I'm, you know.

00:25:23   You're a pro boy.

00:25:25   I'm, yeah, I got big pro energy, so.

00:25:28   We'll see how this goes.

00:25:31   I think it's good to sort of deal with the sizing issues

00:25:36   because right now with the regular 11

00:25:39   in between the two pro sizes,

00:25:40   like that's a little confusing, I think.

00:25:42   And so to have, okay, 12 are this size

00:25:46   and the biggest 12 is the same size as a small 12 Pro.

00:25:50   And that makes sense to me on a table at an Apple store,

00:25:54   because people already basically equate screen size

00:25:58   with how good something is.

00:25:59   Like I think laptops and desktop computers

00:26:01   have burned that into our brains.

00:26:03   And so you have the 12, the stock phone,

00:26:06   the 5.4 inch smaller one means more of those people

00:26:09   still using a touch ID phone,

00:26:11   maybe more willing to come to the 12

00:26:13   because it's closer in size to what they're used to.

00:26:15   And then the pro, those people usually want more, they're a little bit bigger, they sit

00:26:18   above the 12 and the range.

00:26:20   This makes a lot more sense to me on paper than the iPhone line has made in quite a while,

00:26:26   I think.

00:26:27   Yeah, and I think the OLED screens across the line helps really balance out a big difference,

00:26:34   right?

00:26:35   Like just every screen is good, which is a good thing, so people feel comfortable in

00:26:41   that.

00:26:42   I don't know what you're saying about balancing out size wise for sure,

00:26:45   but the feature balance is going to be it's going to be very interesting.

00:26:49   Like how far does Apple go?

00:26:52   Because, you know, like the 11, the iPhone 11 was was very close

00:26:56   to the 11 Pro right in what it could do.

00:26:59   So it will be interesting to see what features go where.

00:27:03   A new iPad Air on the way of an edge to edge screen.

00:27:08   It's kind of about as much as Marc gives on that one.

00:27:11   I am wondering, based on some other rumors that I saw over the last few days,

00:27:16   Touch ID or Face ID?

00:27:18   There's a rumor I saw on MacRumors that they might put Touch ID in the power button,

00:27:25   which makes a lot of sense, I think.

00:27:27   And I would also really like that in my iPhone.

00:27:30   Yes, very much so. I know that as far as the phone goes,

00:27:35   the rumor is that, well, at least the rumors a while back were saying that

00:27:39   Apple was looking to integrate Touch ID under the display in the future, so I don't know

00:27:44   if 2021 or 2022, but I would very much welcome if it's just in the power button, I think

00:27:49   that would be fine. I think it would be interesting if they debut such a major rethink of Touch

00:27:54   ID in the iPad first, and not even in the iPad Pro, but in the iPad Air. I think it's

00:27:59   gonna be slightly odd, but you know, if they've done weirder things, I guess.

00:28:05   Would you imagine they would go to Face ID on this product though?

00:28:09   On the iPad Air?

00:28:10   I mean at this point if they do go edge to edge then yes.

00:28:13   You could see them doing that?

00:28:15   I can see them doing this because it's been long enough since the introduction of the

00:28:21   iPad Pro that some of those features can start trickling down to the rest of the line.

00:28:26   I actually wouldn't be surprised if they also support the second generation Apple Pencil.

00:28:31   What about the Magic Keyboard?

00:28:33   I cannot see them doing it yet. I still think it's...

00:28:37   Like these things, they usually trickle them down in stages

00:28:41   and it feels like it hasn't passed enough since the introduction of the

00:28:45   Magic Keyboard a few months ago. That they're ready to

00:28:48   bring it to the iPad Air line. I can imagine it will happen, right? Like you

00:28:51   say, they did the smart keyboard on the regular iPads,

00:28:54   they've done the Apple Pencil on the regular iPads. Yeah, I think maybe they go

00:28:58   flat sides and, especially if it's edge to edge,

00:29:01   Maybe it picks up some of that iPad Pro design language and they get the new Apple Pencil,

00:29:06   but it might be a touch early for the Magic Keyboard.

00:29:11   Yeah, they're gonna, I mean, I'm sure it's gonna have a smart connector in the back,

00:29:17   and they're probably gonna have a smart keyboard for this new device,

00:29:21   but I would be very surprised if they also have a Magic Keyboard ready to go for this one.

00:29:29   Touch ID in the power button, I think it would be very surprising because it would set a precedent

00:29:35   for next year's iPhone, right? Because if they do it on the iPad Air now, then everybody's gonna

00:29:40   think, "Oh, well, I guess next year's iPhone is also gonna have Touch ID back in the power button."

00:29:45   I actually think that if they showed these two things up at the same event,

00:29:48   people would be upset about the fact that the iPhone wouldn't have it.

00:29:52   Exactly. They're gonna be like, "Well, why doesn't the iPhone also have Touch ID in the power button?"

00:29:58   especially in 2020 with the pandemic going on and face masks making Face ID trickier?

00:30:03   There have always been things that I liked Touch ID for more and over time Apple actually made

00:30:08   some of that stuff better like with the express transit thing and stuff like that. But I want

00:30:13   Touch ID to return now because I am a diligent face mask wearer as everybody should be, which means

00:30:21   that like I'm putting in my passcode constantly now. I'm not one of the

00:30:26   unicorns that have got face ID to work with a mask on, but so I don't know how

00:30:32   that's happening for some people that hasn't... Is it happening for some people? Yes, yeah, I've seen multiple people talk

00:30:38   about this now. It's even Carter in the chat is saying that face ID has been

00:30:42   100% of a face mask on. It's definitely happening for some people, I don't know

00:30:46   why. You sure they have a face mask on? That's what they're saying! I mean it does

00:30:50   seems strange to me I don't know how it's possible maybe it's like certain

00:30:54   face masks if they conform to your face, who knows right but I've heard it

00:30:58   happening to multiple people I think they were talking about it in ATP a few

00:31:02   weeks ago too like it's definitely a thing that some people are seeing I

00:31:06   don't know how it's possible but nevertheless that's why I want touch ID

00:31:09   to return because there are things like passwords on one password or whatever

00:31:15   and I'm entering in my entire like one password password instead of being able

00:31:19   to use biometrics because I'm on the train and trying to log into something right? So I would

00:31:24   love Touch ID to come back but I think that you're right if they did Touch ID in this iPad it would

00:31:31   really stick out if it wasn't in the iPhone 2. There's also some stuff about Apple watches but

00:31:38   we'll talk about that in a minute because we're going to go into that in a little bit more detail.

00:31:41   Just mention of over-ear headphones I'm super happy to hear about it because I'm really interested

00:31:47   in that product? Head Pods! I really hope this is finally coming true, they're being rumored for the

00:31:52   past year at least, and I think it's, uh, it would be good timing now, especially with the spatial

00:31:59   audio thing coming in iOS 14 that supposedly, you know... I want to try that out so bad, like, I want

00:32:05   to understand what that's all about, but that's just going to be one of those things we have to

00:32:09   wait for, right? Yeah, there's this whole thing that, well, spatial audio, it's not clear, like,

00:32:14   In theory, it's supposed to be working at the very least with Dolby Atmos movies.

00:32:18   And I saw some people saying that they added support for this in the last,

00:32:24   either in beta 5 or beta 6 of iOS 14.

00:32:26   And I tried it because I do have a bunch of Dolby Atmos purchases in my iTunes library.

00:32:32   But I couldn't notice any meaningful difference with the AirPods Pro.

00:32:35   - There's also the... - I thought that it required an AirPods firmware update.

00:32:40   - See, that's maybe that's what the issue is. I don't know.

00:32:43   Yeah, I thought that it's the same with the device switching.

00:32:47   Like, there has to be an AirPods update.

00:32:51   I guess, yeah. And in addition to spatial audio, there's also the

00:32:55   motion stuff happening with AirPods Pro. They have this motion

00:32:59   API that they announced at WWDC

00:33:03   that's supposed to allow you to use the

00:33:07   sensors in the AirPods Pro so that when you're playing

00:33:11   a game or doing something else, developers can actually see your motion in real time.

00:33:16   So they can do some interesting things with the motion of your head.

00:33:20   So that would also be very interesting if the AirPods studio or HeadPods, whatever they're

00:33:26   called, they also support this.

00:33:29   Personally speaking, I still have to find any documentation whatsoever for the Motion

00:33:34   API.

00:33:36   It's nowhere to be found on the Apple Developer website.

00:33:39   So I don't know, is this going to be one of the things that they announced at WWDC and

00:33:44   they actually never shipped or are never going to ship this year?

00:33:50   Motion API for AirPods.

00:33:51   Really fascinating on principle, like you can actually have motion data and combine

00:33:57   that with music players, with games, with video players.

00:34:00   I think it could be fun, but there's no documentation to be found still and it's September.

00:34:06   So we'll see, I guess.

00:34:08   All right, so what else do we have a smaller home pod I don't understand I

00:34:12   Can't get my head around this. I'm gonna need to see it. Yeah, I don't think people aren't buying

00:34:19   The home pod because of its size. Yeah, I think you're right. Yeah, I think it's now if

00:34:24   Size if a smaller size equates to a much lower price, it may tick up a little bit

00:34:30   But I think we talked about a lot. I think it's still too expensive for what it is

00:34:35   Size isn't the issue here. The issue here is the poor Siri support compared to something like the Echo and

00:34:41   It's too expensive and it's not available worldwide still like it

00:34:45   There's a bunch of problems and I don't think size is the you know, the first of the list of the problems

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00:36:22   Mark Gorman dropped a little tidbit in his report that iOS 14 is still coming in September

00:36:28   If it's September 30th, it was still technically be September and I would feel a lot better about it

00:36:34   Are they going to drop iOS 14?

00:36:37   Before they have an event. I really don't understand why they need to do this

00:36:43   like I honestly like and and I'm trying to think like I'm not a

00:36:48   reviewer. I'm not biased. And I still cannot come up with any explanations. Like, why?

00:36:54   If there's nothing else, like, if there's no device that is coming out in September,

00:37:00   there is a new device that needs to have 14 pre-installed, what's the pressure?

00:37:06   Especially considering the messy and buggy rollout of last year, and especially, again,

00:37:12   look at the numbers, iOS has always been in beta, so that's before GM, always for the past few years

00:37:19   100 days. Like, do you really want to break that pattern this time in 2020, considering the pandemic

00:37:25   and the last time and last year's poor reputation? I mean, they can do it, I really don't understand

00:37:33   why. And then the reviewer side of me says, "Well, I've been struggling with this, you know,

00:37:45   possibility for the past few, really since W2C. And, well, I've come to accept that it is a real

00:37:56   possibility that this is the year that maybe, depending on what Apple does, my review will

00:38:03   not be ready on day one. And I've come to this realization because unfortunately there have been

00:38:09   some other problems going on in my personal life these past couple of weeks that I... those have

00:38:15   the priority, right? Those are things that I need to take care of and they are the kinds of issues

00:38:22   that you need to drop everything work-related and take care of those. And so, because of those

00:38:27   circumstances that, of course, they happen in 2020, because of course, you know, might as well

00:38:33   be the year of all the crazy stuff happening, that, with that, and with the possibility that

00:38:40   no matter the delay, Apple is going to release in mid-September, well, I guess I will not be ready,

00:38:47   because I was banking on, you know, WWDC 20 days later than usual. I guess the review

00:38:53   is also going to be 20 days later than usual. And I've struggled with this information,

00:38:59   really struggled, I've been very stressed, especially in last month with, you know, the

00:39:05   idea of planning vacations and everything. And then I realized, you know, the review

00:39:12   will be ready when it's ready. And if I had to choose between rushing the review and having

00:39:17   a subpar product that I'm not happy with. And yes, by the way, I should clarify the

00:39:23   problems that I mentioned that are not personal problems to me. I'm totally fine. I just,

00:39:27   you know, family stuff that I'm supposed to be taking care of. Just, you know, people

00:39:31   get concerned and everything. I'm totally good. Not complete and everything. But yeah,

00:39:37   between choosing, you know, choosing between rushing the review and saying, well, you know

00:39:42   what, I'm just, I'm going to make it special. I'm going to pour all my energy into it. And

00:39:46   it's gonna be a week later then fine I guess you know I'm gotta hope that

00:39:51   people will still pay attention. It's not like it's not like you provide the manual

00:39:57   right the people good because the iOS because Federico's review isn't out

00:40:01   people are gonna download iOS 14 and be like well now what will I do? You know it's like it's

00:40:05   it's not essential it's just nice that it comes out on the same day right it's

00:40:09   nice that it comes out but I feel like the the value can be extracted from it

00:40:15   no matter when it comes out, so many people don't read it on day one, right?

00:40:21   They wait and go through it in their own pace or they, you know, they're like "Oh,

00:40:25   I'll read it this weekend" or whatever. And if you're gonna be late one year, this

00:40:31   is the year you can be late. It's gonna be fine, people will understand. But still,

00:40:36   you could still have more than enough notice to get things to a place where

00:40:42   you're happy with them. You know, we don't know, right? But I think it is, it's time

00:40:47   for everybody who is developing apps, who's thinking about getting them ready for day

00:40:52   one, who's writing reviews, preparing special content to realize, look, you might miss day

00:40:58   one this year and you know what? Nothing bad is going to happen. You're going to be totally

00:41:03   fine.

00:41:04   Yeah. Yeah. So like I said, um, I've been thinking about it very long. I've been discussing

00:41:09   it with Sylvia. I'm going to try real hard. If it has to be late, I'm going to try real

00:41:13   hard to make it extra special in terms of, like, the perks that you will find in it and

00:41:18   the examples. Like, I've been testing so many different apps, it's kind of ridiculous. So

00:41:22   to try and make it as unique as possible so that even if it's late, there still can be

00:41:29   value in it, you know. And this is something that I've actually been working toward for

00:41:35   the past few years to make something that is not like a rehash of a press release but

00:41:39   that has opinions and details and examples and, you know, shortcuts and scripts that

00:41:45   you can download inside of it and the special design. All those things have been, you know,

00:41:51   done so that the review can stand on its own even months later. And I've been fortunate

00:41:57   enough to hear from people saying, "I didn't read the review the first week and I actually,

00:42:03   I've been reading it slowly through the course of October and I really enjoyed it.

00:42:08   And that makes me really happy because it means it's something that people can revisit and can read even later

00:42:13   because they find it useful and they find it entertaining.

00:42:17   So that makes me really happy.

00:42:19   And that's what I'm saying. You do not produce the manual, right?

00:42:23   You are not producing purposefully. This is how you use iOS 14. It's not what it is.

00:42:31   Yeah, you look at each feature you describe it to as much as it needs description and then give your opinion on it

00:42:37   Because you might write a review

00:42:39   Review being a little later does not mean that the review is invalidated now. Yeah. Yeah. Well, but I

00:42:47   You know how you can here's how I can make you feel better. I think I can do this, right? Yeah, you have reviewed many

00:42:55   products every iPhone every iPad and

00:42:59   And many of those reviews you've published after you bought the phone, not when you were given them.

00:43:05   Very true. Very true.

00:43:06   And those stories have always done well because you take the time to put your opinions and your thoughts into them and the stories do great.

00:43:14   And the more unique they were, the better they performed, actually. Like last year's Rome photographic tour. That went really well.

00:43:23   It was very expensive for the CDN because of the full resolution.

00:43:27   You win something, you lose something.

00:43:29   It's very expensive.

00:43:30   But also you have the thing that a lot of people won't have in that you are Federico

00:43:36   Vatici and people want your review.

00:43:39   And it is your unfair advantage, right?

00:43:41   But like, you've built that, right?

00:43:44   Like you've built that advantage over time.

00:43:47   But that's the thing, right?

00:43:49   Don't rest on it, right?

00:43:50   So like, don't be like, "Ah, it will come when it comes."

00:43:53   -Exactly. -Work your butt off to get it out as soon as you can,

00:43:57   but don't pull your hair out because you didn't make it.

00:44:00   I know, I know. It's just that one of my greatest fears is becoming complacent.

00:44:05   But this isn't complacency, Federico.

00:44:08   The extreme is becoming irrelevant because you don't care anymore.

00:44:13   We've seen that happen to a bunch of older people.

00:44:15   And I still, like, every day I feel like the probable fire has been lit under my behind.

00:44:23   because I gotta feel like that, you know?

00:44:26   I gotta feel like, you know, I need to do more and more,

00:44:31   but you reach a certain point where

00:44:32   other things have the priority.

00:44:36   And also, I reached the point where,

00:44:40   because I did this to myself years ago, for example,

00:44:43   you know, the insane work schedule,

00:44:46   and the never resting, and the never sleeping,

00:44:49   And I knew firsthand where that took me.

00:44:52   You know, I reached a certain point where I'm like,

00:44:56   okay, I'm gonna do my best to try and be ready in time.

00:44:59   But then health and family and mental health

00:45:03   have the priority always.

00:45:04   - And also the quality of the work.

00:45:07   - And the, exactly.

00:45:08   - Right, like if you rush it too much,

00:45:11   it's not going to give people

00:45:13   what they have then waited for.

00:45:15   You take a little bit of extra time

00:45:18   and you get it right and you do it.

00:45:19   - But again, this is not set in stone.

00:45:22   Nothing of this is because still--

00:45:25   - You may have until the middle of October.

00:45:26   Nobody actually really knows, right?

00:45:29   - German rarely is wrong about this stuff.

00:45:32   So I tend to, I would say leaning like 70% mark is right.

00:45:37   - Yeah, but you've got a lot of September left.

00:45:41   - There's a lot of September left and I'm about 60%,

00:45:45   I would say, done with the review.

00:45:47   The final 40% is much easier, thankfully, because the really hard stuff I did before.

00:45:53   And it's just, especially the past two weeks have been crazy, so I was hoping to be at a different stage of writing, but I'm not.

00:46:01   So yeah, I mean, whatever. If it's late September, I can probably manage.

00:46:08   If it's mid-September, I can tell you right now I'm positive I will not be ready mid-September.

00:46:13   But then it's just up to you, right?

00:46:14   Because like when the review comes out,

00:46:16   there's obviously people paying attention because it's iOS 14 day.

00:46:21   But on that day, there's a lot of stuff happening. Yeah.

00:46:25   If you do it an amount of days later,

00:46:29   you can make that day your day. It's Federico's day.

00:46:32   Yeah, that's that's a good point.

00:46:34   That's a good point.

00:46:35   And I know this like it was pros and cons and like no one really knows

00:46:38   how it's going to go.

00:46:39   But like, I really don't think that you are going to have

00:46:43   a wor... and again, I'll give you another example. Do you remember that time when no one could read the review?

00:46:49   Oh my god.

00:46:50   What was that, iOS 12?

00:46:52   iOS 11 and the website went down and I was at the vet for a Zelda emergency.

00:47:02   So no one could get the review, right? No one could read it. It was like... it was dead for many hours.

00:47:09   But that year was fine, right? The reviews still did well, the numbers were great, even

00:47:15   though people had to come back to get it. People want what you were producing because

00:47:23   you have built a reputation for producing something which is worth reading, and that

00:47:30   is because you've been doing this for how many years?

00:47:33   Well, formally, since iOS 9, like officially the Mac Stories review started with 9.

00:47:40   So you've got like five years of people expecting this thing, they know it's gonna be good.

00:47:47   So they'll want it, the people will want it no matter when it comes, right?

00:47:52   You'll be fine.

00:47:54   Don't take this as the ability to publish it in January, right?

00:47:57   But like, if you're a couple of weeks late, you'll be fine.

00:48:02   also as well like people won't even have their iPhones like people will update the 14 but

00:48:06   it won't have a new phone, you can wait till they get the new phone and they'll do it then

00:48:10   whatever you know or like 14 will be out but so many app developers are not ready that

00:48:16   people can't even take advantage of the features anyway if you get out on day one right because

00:48:19   there's barely any widgets in the store maybe who knows like thank you for this it makes

00:48:24   me feel really really good and better honestly good it will come together right like this

00:48:31   This is just a year where so much stuff is messed up.

00:48:35   Right, like look, Apple's going to have the iPhone late.

00:48:38   Mm-hmm.

00:48:39   Right?

00:48:40   One of them might not come out for two months after when we'd expect.

00:48:43   I guess I can be late.

00:48:44   Yes.

00:48:45   I mean, they're even late.

00:48:46   Yes, you could be late.

00:48:47   I don't have billions.

00:48:48   I don't have billions.

00:48:49   I have a bunch of euros in my pocket.

00:48:50   I don't have billions.

00:48:51   Yeah, yeah, I still don't get it though.

00:48:54   Like I said, why does it need to come out in September?

00:48:57   Like all things aside.

00:48:58   We've spoken about this.

00:48:59   We were speaking about this last week, right?

00:49:01   Like it is possible that Apple's internal timelines, they're meeting them.

00:49:06   This is what we were talking about.

00:49:08   Like the timeline you started started when WWDC started, but Apple's timeline probably

00:49:13   started a month before that.

00:49:15   They may have started there like we're on beta one when WWDC would have been.

00:49:20   So they got three weeks on you, right?

00:49:22   Because the first set of betas were incredibly stable, right?

00:49:27   Speak of antitrust, right?

00:49:28   And it's anti-competitive advantage over you.

00:49:34   They're using their advantage on you again.

00:49:37   Yet again.

00:49:38   Yet again.

00:49:39   And those are anti-competitive behaviors.

00:49:42   You can see it everywhere.

00:49:43   But you know what I mean though, right?

00:49:44   Like yeah, you're tracking the beta process, but that's the publicly seen process.

00:49:51   They have their own internal timelines.

00:49:53   Yeah, and speaking of which, today should have been Beta 7 day, but it's not.

00:50:00   It was for the Apple Watch.

00:50:02   It was for the Apple Watch, only the Apple Watch though.

00:50:05   But it might be, they're putting out 13.7 today, so it might be like an all hands on

00:50:11   deck type of thing, right?

00:50:13   Could be later today for Beta 7 or could be tomorrow, but I still think it's gonna be

00:50:17   weekly, so this week, at some point this week.

00:50:20   - Yep, iOS, in case anybody's missed out, iOS 13.7

00:50:23   with the exposure notification 2.0 is out today.

00:50:28   Although funnily in the release notes,

00:50:32   Apple just republished the iOS 13 release notes,

00:50:35   which is very weird.

00:50:36   - Gosh, come on Apple.

00:50:38   - So the release notes talk about like,

00:50:41   dark mode is here, right?

00:50:43   It's like it was a whole year ago.

00:50:45   It was a whole year ago.

00:50:46   - Well, yeah.

00:50:48   iOS 13.7 introduces new Memoji stickers and iCloud drive folder sharing from the Files

00:50:53   app.

00:50:54   This update also includes bug fixes and improvements.

00:50:56   Sure.

00:50:57   Easier times.

00:50:59   Federico, I agree with everything Myke said.

00:51:02   I kind of just let him go.

00:51:05   One thing I will add though is it's not like you're doing this in secret, right?

00:51:10   It's not like iOS 14 day comes, say, you know, heaven forbid it's in two weeks and there's

00:51:17   no Mac Stories review and people are just left wondering. You're talking about it here

00:51:21   on Connected, you're talking about it on social media, your other shows. People who follow

00:51:25   you are going to know what's going on. And so you're not leaving people in the dark.

00:51:31   If anything, I think us talking about it so much this year, I feel like we've talked about

00:51:36   it more in advance this year than in previous years. If anything, that keeps people engaged,

00:51:41   looking forward to it. So I think you're communicating with people. I don't think anyone's going

00:51:45   to feel upset or tricked or like, "Where is it? I feel like I deserve this." You are doing

00:51:52   the right things when it comes to communicating this in advance. So yeah, work hard, don't

00:51:57   kill yourself over it, and when it's done, post it.

00:52:01   And the real hardcore tiki heads, right? That's your fan base, by the way.

00:52:06   Okay.

00:52:07   That's a better name for that. It's gotta be.

00:52:09   No, it's good. As good as it is. I think they would be surprised now if you did put it out

00:52:13   when I was a little teen comes out. Yeah. Right? I think at this point people are expecting

00:52:19   you to be late. What about uh, fan of Rico's? No. T.G. heads is kinda nice. T.G. heads,

00:52:30   what else could we do? It's kinda nice. I don't know. So, yeah, but still, thank you

00:52:36   both for the advice and words of encouragement. I will not kill myself over it. It's still a lesson

00:52:44   that I'm trying to learn and sometimes I think this year has gone better in terms of managing

00:52:52   my stress levels and managing my work hours. Also because in a way, I think in a way,

00:52:59   the pandemic helped in that I wanted to spend more time with my friends this summer,

00:53:07   more time than usual, because of the lockdown months prior. So in a sort of weird and twisted

00:53:13   way, the pandemic kind of helped there. But still, this is still something that is very much

00:53:20   on my mind every single day, like making progress on this thing. But we'll see. But I agree.

00:53:28   if I had to choose between "rush it out" or "take your time and be happy with it",

00:53:34   because I know that these stories I use myself again later as reference, I couldn't stand the

00:53:43   thought of "have it be something that is not as polished as usual". So, I will take your advice,

00:53:51   guys, very gladly. Just, you know, you want to make it right, right? Yeah. Make it right.

00:53:57   Don't make it wrong and then take advantage of the fact if you are late, maybe you'll

00:54:04   have more apps that you can feature with the features.

00:54:10   You might get to do something that you never get to do, which would be to show large applications

00:54:17   from large companies.

00:54:18   Because typically you show indie apps from people that are in the community because they

00:54:24   they will send you the betas, but you maybe don't get your hands on more mainstream applications.

00:54:30   Our friends at Google docs are always there on day one.

00:54:32   I will work with Google to bring you the exclusive.

00:54:38   You might get that.

00:54:41   Pastor Boy in the chat has made a good suggestion for tichy fans, seniors.

00:54:44   That's a deep cut.

00:54:46   That's a deep cut right there.

00:54:49   There was one more product that Mark Gurman spoke about, which was quite a surprise to

00:54:54   me related to the Apple Watch, which we'll talk about just after this break.

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00:57:43   That's a pretty mega discount.

00:57:46   It is.

00:57:47   All right, so I was quite surprised about this, both to see it in Mark Gorman's report

00:57:52   and then Steven, you put some extra links in, kind of talking about some rumors and

00:57:56   some possibilities of this product, that we'll see two Apple Watches.

00:58:01   Now this doesn't mean what we've seen in the past, where they're going to be Apple Watches

00:58:04   with different materials.

00:58:05   may be the case but we're talking two products here. One will be a successor to

00:58:10   the Series 5. Not really sure what's going to go into that. I mean I don't know if I

00:58:15   don't think we're gonna see a Series 4 to Series 5 where we were like I don't

00:58:20   know what the Apple Watch is gonna get and they were like BAM here's some

00:58:24   always-on screens right like I don't that was a big surprise I don't know if

00:58:29   we'll see that. I would really love to see what they would what I'd seen rumors

00:58:33   about before about like sensors that could detect stress and stuff like that

00:58:38   and like panic attacks like that feels like a really good place to move for the

00:58:43   Apple watch I guess most people are hoping for more battery life I guess

00:58:47   which could happen with the removal of the force touch sensors in the display

00:58:53   although personally I would like to actually see the watch get thinner

00:58:57   rather than more battery but that's just my own tastes do either of you have any

00:59:01   thoughts as to what you think could be in the Series 5 or what you'd want to

00:59:05   see? Sorry, in the Series 6 I guess it would be, wouldn't it?

00:59:08   Yeah, those sensors, what is it, the blood, the oxygen level, that could be really interesting. I think

00:59:15   it's something that I would personally want, especially in the context of, I

00:59:19   guess it could be integrated with sleep tracking somehow. I'm sure more data can

00:59:24   always help there. And for managing stress levels and anxiety to detect

00:59:30   panic attacks and to have that integration with the Breathe app for example, it could

00:59:35   be really fascinating to have. And it's the kind of hardware addition that could spawn

00:59:40   a lot of new categories of apps on the watch, I feel like. And battery life, I agree. It's

00:59:47   also something that I would welcome. The design itself is fine. I could go for some more thinness.

00:59:54   I could go for a thinner watch, but it's not like if I were to choose that sensor and longer

01:00:01   battery, you can never go wrong with that, especially in the context of sleep tracking.

01:00:05   So if they can get even a couple extra hours out of the watch, I think I would like that.

01:00:10   What about you, Steven?

01:00:11   Do you have anything specific?

01:00:13   No, I think I'm on board with all of that.

01:00:16   I mean, it really feels like this could be the Apple Watch's moment to shine.

01:00:22   They're doing the hand washing stuff in the new watch OS,

01:00:25   but if they could use even the hardware it already has

01:00:29   or with a new sensor to make this a more useful tool

01:00:32   given our current era, I think it would be great.

01:00:36   Whether or not they can do that, I don't know.

01:00:39   As far as battery life versus thinness,

01:00:41   and if they pull out the 3D touch, force touch layer,

01:00:45   that will give them a little more space.

01:00:48   I think battery life is pretty good on the Series 5.

01:00:50   Now I have the big one.

01:00:51   My wife has the smaller size and if she works out for say an hour, she's charging her watch

01:00:56   you know, at dinner time most days.

01:00:58   So I think while I personally would like to see the watch a little thinner, my guess is

01:01:04   that they would maybe lean towards battery life, especially if sleep tracking is present

01:01:09   or some other sensors that may take up additional power.

01:01:12   I think they're, I can't imagine that Apple's willing to sort of level off on the battery

01:01:17   life yet like they have on the iPad, right?

01:01:19   iPads get 10 hours of battery life. That's how it's always been. Fuck the

01:01:22   watch could expand that a little bit.

01:01:24   Yeah, I don't think that we've hit the sweet spot for battery yet. Like it did

01:01:29   happen. And then it changed again for a lot of people, right? The watchOS 6

01:01:35   changed it. And obviously the always on display has changed a little bit, they

01:01:38   could definitely go further. I don't think anyone's going to complain to get

01:01:42   more right. Like it's definitely a product that could do always do with

01:01:45   more battery life but just like if I was going to make a decision I don't have

01:01:50   problems in the battery because I barely wear mine but when I do wear it I always

01:01:54   want it to be a little thinner than it is. So that's the Series 6 I mean we'll

01:01:59   get what we get on that one but then there is a talk of a new Apple Watch

01:02:05   product to replace the Series 3 watch a lower end model to compete with

01:02:12   companies like Fitbit. Now I'm assuming what that means is compete on price not

01:02:18   on product offering and I guess the question is what is this product what

01:02:25   does it cost and what does it do? Right? Is this an Apple watch? Like it's a

01:02:32   watch? I think I think it is. It has to be a watch. I look at this the way maybe Apple

01:02:38   looks at the iPhone right so until the new SE came along we had the 11 the 11

01:02:44   Pro those phones and the 8 was just sitting there getting kind of older and

01:02:48   older and I think that's where the Apple Watch series 3 is it's still for sale

01:02:52   it's still a good watch but not the current design a little bit slower on

01:02:57   the processor than the series 4 and series 5 and I could see Apple and one

01:03:03   of these blog posts we're gonna put in the show notes even like floats the idea

01:03:06   of Apple Watch SE is the name,

01:03:09   of take that sort of classic design

01:03:12   and give it more modern internals

01:03:14   and keep the price really low.

01:03:15   Because look, if you wanna spend three, four, $500

01:03:20   on an Apple Watch, it's easy to do,

01:03:22   but to really get down and like finish off Fitbit

01:03:25   in terms of pricing, they've gotta be able

01:03:28   to go less expensive than even the Series 3 is.

01:03:33   So I think that would be a route they would go.

01:03:37   Now, in terms of the thought,

01:03:39   I think Myke, you were getting at, like, is it a watch?

01:03:40   Like, is there room for Apple to do something

01:03:43   like a wristband that does all the fitness stuff

01:03:47   but doesn't have a screen and just, you know,

01:03:51   deals like with an iPhone and the activity app or something?

01:03:54   - I was also thinking that like,

01:03:56   it could have a screen with some information on it,

01:03:59   but it's different.

01:03:59   I mean, like the Apple Watch Series 3

01:04:02   starts at $199. How much cheaper can they go? Like, how much cheaper do they need to go? What is

01:04:09   the Fitbit? Like, I don't know. I've never really looked at Fitbits. Like, how much cheaper do they

01:04:15   need to be to continue to compete, right? Like, what is the Fitbits around that price, right? I

01:04:23   mean, the Inspire 2 is maybe like $100. I don't know. So, the Fitbit Versa 3, which looks like

01:04:30   like an Apple watch is $229 and then they go down from there.

01:04:36   You know they've got, they keep older styles around the Versa 2 is still around and they

01:04:40   have their stuff that's not really smart watches but more like traditional Fitbit and you can

01:04:46   get down to $100.

01:04:47   They're $69 even for the kids one.

01:04:49   So I think it would be interesting for Apple to do a product like this.

01:04:54   Honestly if Apple did one of these with no screen or like minimal screen then you could

01:05:01   have all the activity stuff and then wear a traditional watch for those people who want

01:05:05   to do that.

01:05:06   I would kind of like them to make something that had all the sensors in and connected

01:05:10   to my iPhone so I could wear whatever watch I wanted and then on the other wrist wear

01:05:14   this like Apple band that just has the sensors.

01:05:19   I would like that, right?

01:05:21   Because that's effectively what I do with my Apple Watch.

01:05:23   I don't really have any notifications to go to it.

01:05:26   I just wear it for seeing the time, but any of my watches can do that and then

01:05:31   just have the sensors going on.

01:05:32   And I could imagine that being like a very interesting product, but here's the

01:05:37   other part that I wanted to float by you too, right?

01:05:39   The iPhone SE is a product that's like, oh, we made it because it's like, you

01:05:47   know, this is the classic design, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

01:05:50   Right.

01:05:51   What if the Series 6 looks very different and the SE looks like how the Apple Watch

01:05:57   quote unquote used to look and it's cheaper, right? Because the iPhone SE does not look like

01:06:02   the current iPhone, never has, look like an old iPhone. So why would they need to introduce

01:06:08   this product anyway? Like why could they not keep the Series 3 around and put a new chip in it or

01:06:16   like what like you know what i mean like why do they need two watches that look the same but like

01:06:22   this is it's already the current model like why like like the current idea is they have two watches

01:06:28   one's cheaper one's not why do they need to introduce it as a separate product like what's the

01:06:33   difference what's the value proposition why are they doing that yeah i don't know i mean maybe

01:06:38   it's it's just a solidification of apple's like product strategy and if you give it a name like

01:06:45   SE then it doesn't look as bad when you go to the Apple website. It's like, "Oh, I can

01:06:49   choose between the Series 3 and the Series 6." I think you can update it, give it a slightly

01:06:55   different name, and it'd be okay. In the eyes of people shopping, they don't feel like they're

01:07:00   getting something that's three years old. So, I don't know. It's just so interesting

01:07:04   because it feels like the watch could be on the verge of like really coming into its own

01:07:09   in a new way and I wanted to. I mean I would, you know, I would love to see them continue to

01:07:14   continue to expand it, reach more people with it. Yeah, I could go for... I was thinking that it

01:07:23   would be interesting to see like a cheaper watch that has the modern design, so the Series 4 design,

01:07:29   without the always-on display, but with modern chips inside. So not always on display, new design,

01:07:38   modern chips and things like Always On and I don't know, what's like another new feature.

01:07:44   Now maybe that's the, I guess, the one of the premium features that could still remain

01:07:51   exclusive to the higher price line, but so something that has, just like the iPhone SE,

01:07:56   has like modern components inside, but in this case I really feel like Apple should be moving

01:08:03   away from the old Series 3 design of the Apple Watch with the squared off edges and all that.

01:08:10   I really think they should, if they release a new one, I really think they should still

01:08:14   have the latest design on this model.

01:08:20   But I would understand if they were to cut some of the features from it, and it feels

01:08:25   like the Always-On Display could be one of them.

01:08:28   I don't know, it's your thought, Myke, that what if the Series 6 is entirely different?

01:08:35   That is a very interesting idea that I hadn't considered before.

01:08:38   Like what if they do this with the current design but then it's the Series 6 that's actually

01:08:43   changing?

01:08:44   I don't know how I feel about it.

01:08:47   Maybe it's a little too early for the Apple Watch to change again?

01:08:50   I don't know.

01:08:51   But I don't think it's ever really changed.

01:08:53   yeah series 4 brought in the like the UI goes to the edges kind of thing but it's

01:09:00   I mean like you put a series 5 and a series 3 next to each other when the

01:09:03   screens are not on and they look the same right like I have wanted for a

01:09:10   while to see some some significant visible change in the Apple watches

01:09:16   industrial design like it's it's a fashion item it shouldn't stay the same

01:09:21   Like I would like to see something change, you know, like I know people don't like this idea, but I do

01:09:26   I would like this I would like to see a round Apple watch. I just would I

01:09:30   like round watches I

01:09:33   Would like to see what Apple could do with a round Apple watch

01:09:36   So the other thing that I just thought of is like what if the SE is basically the four?

01:09:42   so they they take what you know is that they basically make an Apple watch where the

01:09:49   the UI goes all the way to the edges and you know, it's a it's basically closer to the Apple watch series 4 than the series 3

01:09:57   and then they move forward from there and the reason they give it a name is because

01:10:01   There isn't a product like I'm not gonna put the series 5 down into that bracket because it's they can't make it that cheap yet

01:10:07   But there is because they retired the series 4 there isn't a product to take it over

01:10:12   So they create a quote unquote new product that's effectively an Apple watch series 4

01:10:17   And call it the Apple watch se this is like the least exciting or interesting of the potential ideas that we've had in this

01:10:25   Topic but maybe feels like the most logical based on like not wanting to keep dragging around the old UI design forever

01:10:32   - so they don't have to keep supporting that going forward

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01:11:22   You got me

01:11:25   Hmm a show that I do not host. Why don't you check out if you're an artsy person?

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01:11:35   There's a show that we have here on relay FM that I think you might like it's hosted by Quinn Rose and Betty Chan

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01:12:00   Net lots of good stuff going on Mac stories. I'm enjoying y'all's coverage of the new features kind of leading up to review

01:12:07   I think that's a really good thing. Thank you

01:12:10   And I learned about iOS 13.7 from the Mac stories Twitter feed today. I had no idea and then others are tweet

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01:12:39   Until next time, gentlemen—

01:12:41   Wait, wait, wait!

01:12:42   Can I say one last thing?

01:12:43   Yes.

01:12:44   Ping launched 10 years ago today.

01:12:46   Hurray!

01:12:47   Rest in peace.

01:12:48   I'll put a link in the show notes over at Think About Ping.

01:12:50   You can go read it.

01:12:52   I'm glad you got that in there.

01:12:54   It's good.

01:12:55   Real time, real time breaking news here on Yeah, Connected.

01:12:59   Okay, so now for real, for realzies this time,

01:13:02   say goodbye gentlemen. I do, thank you. Cheerio. Bye y'all.