309: A Honeycomb of Circuits and Coils


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00:00:06   From Real AFM, this is Connected, episode 309.

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00:00:15   My name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined by Federico Vittucci. Ciao Federico.

00:00:19   Ciao Myke. Old school intro. I love it.

00:00:22   I know. I had to, you know, I don't do this very often,

00:00:25   so I had to really think to myself what show I was doing an intro for.

00:00:29   at that moment, 'cause you know, I'm old now,

00:00:32   so I forget these things.

00:00:33   No Steven today, Steven had a plumbing emergency.

00:00:37   - It's just not a good thing to have.

00:00:40   - No.

00:00:41   - Let me tell you, plumbing emergencies.

00:00:43   - So me and Steven were talking a couple of days ago,

00:00:46   'cause we have a call every Monday.

00:00:48   It's our stand up, because we're a business, you know,

00:00:52   so we have a stand up on a Monday.

00:00:54   What's morning for him, afternoon for me.

00:00:57   And I think he had to move it, or we had to skip it,

00:01:00   I don't even remember now, who knows.

00:01:02   'Cause he was having his fuse box changed.

00:01:07   Like something like electricity wise.

00:01:10   - I have no idea what that is, but okay.

00:01:12   - You know when your lights go off

00:01:14   and you have to flick a switch to get them to come back on

00:01:16   'cause it's tripped to fuse, yeah.

00:01:17   So that's a fuse box.

00:01:19   - But I, what's, I don't know what, I don't have a fuse.

00:01:25   Like is that an object that you're supposed to have?

00:01:28   Like what does it look like?

00:01:30   Okay, so let me Google fuse box.

00:01:31   - Fuse box.

00:01:33   Or like breakers, you know like circuit breakers

00:01:36   I think they're called in America.

00:01:37   - Fuse box.

00:01:38   - Yeah.

00:01:39   - It's called fuse box.

00:01:40   Okay, yeah I do have this.

00:01:42   - Yeah, so he had that replaced I believe.

00:01:46   - Oh okay.

00:01:47   - Because all electricity.

00:01:48   And I think we had a conversation about something

00:01:51   along the lines of oh, you're always having stuff

00:01:54   changed over, you'll probably be okay for a bit. Two days later, basically from what

00:01:59   I can gather, Steven just has no plumbing now, what I was able to gather from his situation.

00:02:06   So I believe in my heart of hearts that all connected listeners should be sending messages

00:02:13   of actual real support to Steven at this time. So I would suggest that everybody tweets at

00:02:19   him with like we support you Steven and then your favorite plumbing related emoji.

00:02:23   Plumbing yeah plumbing or water related emoji.

00:02:27   Yeah so you could send him a toilet or you could send him a shower

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00:04:13   And we're doing some fun stuff this year.

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00:04:37   So the first one that we're going to hit

00:04:39   is when we hit $25,000, which I think will happen at some point today.

00:04:43   Steven is going to release a video that he's done called "Identifying Laptops by Feel."

00:04:49   I think it was Dongles that he did this with a while ago.

00:04:53   He has blindfolded.

00:04:54   He likes to touch electronics.

00:04:56   When he has a blindfold and he has his wife involved.

00:04:59   It's kind of strange that he wants to show his thing to the world,

00:05:02   but like, you know, you do you, my friend, you know.

00:05:05   If that's what you want to do, then you go for it.

00:05:07   But that's Steven's special thing that he gets to share with all of us.

00:05:12   We all have ours.

00:05:14   We all have our thing.

00:05:17   Oh boy.

00:05:20   So he's done one about laptops.

00:05:22   I have watched the video already and he's going to release that on the Fire12Pixels

00:05:26   YouTube channel when we pass that first milestone.

00:05:30   And then we have a bunch of other streams that we're going to do.

00:05:34   The next one after that is going to be something that I'm going to do.

00:05:37   So when we hit $30,000 raised, I'm gonna do a Twitch stream showing my iPad setup, kind

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00:05:47   of Q&A like thing on that, so that's the first thing.

00:05:50   When we hit $70,000, Steven is going to livestream installing his Mac Pro wheels that he bought.

00:05:58   So he did buy them?

00:05:59   He did buy them, and he's not putting them on his Mac Pro until we hit $70,000, and when

00:06:04   we do hit it, he's gonna livestream it.

00:06:06   So we need to hit 70,000.

00:06:08   We must.

00:06:09   I mean, it must happen at this point.

00:06:11   Yes, and when we hit 100,000 we're going to try and play Microsoft Flight Simulator.

00:06:16   Which is the thing these days, right?

00:06:17   Which is the thing these days.

00:06:19   Flight Simulator.

00:06:20   And then these are some things that we're doing when we hit certain milestones, but

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00:06:45   So this is the theme of September, right?

00:06:47   We're raising money and we're having fun while we do it.

00:06:50   So we're going to be doing loads of stuff as we get up towards the podcastathon itself

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00:06:56   So once again, go to stjude.org/relay to donate and we'll be very, very thankful for that.

00:07:03   I have the pleasure of being a part of many text threads and channels with you.

00:07:11   And one of them today, you said that you were going to be going back to Apple Arcade.

00:07:17   They got me again.

00:07:19   And I think I told you this a while ago, like if once they have that game that I really

00:07:25   want to play, I guess at that point I would be forced to subscribe again. Well, it looks

00:07:30   like that game is finally almost upon us, coming up tomorrow I think on Apple Arcade.

00:07:36   The game is The Last Campfire. So The Last Campfire is a joint collaboration, I guess,

00:07:42   from Hello Games, so the makers of No Man's Sky, obviously, and the developers of Lost

00:07:49   to

00:08:03   except that it looks fantastic and I love the music, I love the atmosphere.

00:08:08   When I saw the trailer, I believe last year, I fell in love with the look and the feel and

00:08:14   yes, again, the atmosphere of this game immediately.

00:08:17   It's a title that I really want to play. I think it lends itself very well to being played on an iPad Pro.

00:08:24   It's also coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch and Xbox.

00:08:27   But I think this is the kind of game that I really want to play on an iPad.

00:08:31   you know, holding the display in front of me, you know, with these kinds of graphics.

00:08:36   Yeah, so this is coming out tomorrow on Apple Arcade.

00:08:39   These are like some top tier developers working on this game, and it's...

00:08:43   My main point, I guess, this is the kind of game that I want to see more from Apple Arcade, as we discussed a few months ago.

00:08:51   Not another

00:08:54   2D platform game, not another puzzle game, not another co-op,

00:08:59   multiplayer sports-like game, this is exactly what I want to have on my

00:09:05   iPad Pro with Apple Arcade, so I'm gonna subscribe again. While I'm at it, I guess I will check out some of the other

00:09:13   new releases that I have missed lately. I think there's another

00:09:18   what's it called? Samurai Jack game that came out last week on Apple Arcade. So yeah,

00:09:24   I'll give it another try and then I guess I'll see what happens if they do announce a bundle for Apple services

00:09:31   But maybe next month maybe in October whenever that is

00:09:34   If they do announce a bundle, I will get the bundle anyway, so but I really want to play this one. It looks beautiful

00:09:41   I love the developers behind this. So yeah, they got me again with this one. We'll see if I find anything else worth playing

00:09:50   Yeah, Samurai Jack is apparently the new one. There's also, for people that like it, there's a Game of Thrones game

00:09:55   that's meant to be pretty good, but I wouldn't know because I don't understand Game of Thrones.

00:10:00   Yeah, yeah. I really wish that I could...

00:10:03   I know that it's never gonna happen, but you know the game that everybody's playing on PlayStation these days, Fall Guys?

00:10:09   Fall Guys, yeah.

00:10:10   Yeah, I kind of want to play that one.

00:10:12   I want to play it too. I haven't yet, but it's been on my mind to play it.

00:10:15   Maybe I could actually maybe add that into it for a stream for some point.

00:10:19   Can you play together with another friend?

00:10:23   I don't know.

00:10:25   Because I've seen some of the Twitch streamers that I follow that play competitive Pokemon,

00:10:32   they do like to play other things as well and I've seen some people play Fall Guys lately

00:10:36   and it looks very fun and messy and colorful, which is exactly what I want.

00:10:42   I'm not shooting people for a change, which is nice.

00:10:44   It's a battle royale game, which is just an obstacle course.

00:10:49   Yes, and it looks very fun and I love the design of the little creatures.

00:10:54   So yeah, that one I'm probably gonna play as well.

00:10:57   I saw a headline today that it's like the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time.

00:11:03   Yeah, which is wild because it came out like what, a month ago?

00:11:07   On PS Plus, it's been out for a while.

00:11:10   This was like one of those things that was really interesting.

00:11:12   I'd never heard of this game and then a game journalist that I follow,

00:11:15   I don't remember who it was but I follow a bunch of game journalists,

00:11:17   was like, "This game is coming out on PS Plus.

00:11:21   It's going to take over the world

00:11:22   because it's going to be free to people on PlayStation."

00:11:25   And it immediately happened, right?

00:11:26   Like, within a couple of days, it was all I was seeing.

00:11:31   And what I love is it's from, like,

00:11:33   a, I think, a relatively small developer.

00:11:35   - Mediatonic, right? - Yeah.

00:11:36   - And you know what?

00:11:37   I think Shahid told us years ago

00:11:41   that this was, like, a legit studio,

00:11:43   that they were working on some crazy things.

00:11:45   - Maybe that's it. - And once again,

00:11:46   Once again he was right.

00:11:48   As always, if you don't know who Shahid is, you should.

00:11:51   Shahid Ahmad is our co-host on Ringmaster, which is our monthly video game show that

00:11:56   the three of us do here on relay FM.

00:11:59   If you don't listen to it, you should check it out.

00:12:00   The last episode was a history of the PlayStation Portable, or the PSP, as you may know.

00:12:05   You can go and listen to that.

00:12:07   If you like hearing us talk about video games, that's the place to go to get it.

00:12:12   Talking about video games.

00:12:13   Oh god.

00:12:14   Yeah.

00:12:15   I'm happy you're back this week.

00:12:16   Because you thought you could get away with it, but no, we're going to talk about Epic.

00:12:22   I want to give a very quick update as to where we are today from where we were last week.

00:12:28   So Apple threatened to pull Epic's developer accounts from the App Store.

00:12:33   Basically anything Epic related was going to be kicked out on Friday, August 28th at

00:12:38   the end of this week.

00:12:40   Epic filed a secondary legal thing, basically a restraining order on that.

00:12:48   So that was that.

00:12:50   Then side note, Apple held up the WordPress iOS app, wanting them to put IAP for WordPress.com

00:12:56   accounts into the WordPress application.

00:12:58   This got out to the press, then Apple changed course and apologized.

00:13:04   Then we go back to Epic.

00:13:06   wins a temporary restraining order in court to stop Apple from terminating their developer

00:13:11   account regarding the Unreal Engine. This is from the lawsuit. It was Judge Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers

00:13:19   said Epic Games and Apple are at liberty to litigate against each other, but their dispute

00:13:25   should not create havoc to bystanders, which I think is an excellent judgment to make.

00:13:33   In the same ruling, Judge Rogers, Gonzalez Rogers, also ruled that Apple does not need

00:13:39   to reinstate Fortnite to the App Store, which is another thing that Epic were asking for

00:13:43   with the restraining order, saying, "The current predicament appears of Epic's own making,"

00:13:49   which is also completely valid.

00:13:51   Epic made this happen to themselves.

00:13:55   They knew they broke the rules.

00:13:57   But there's still more to come.

00:13:58   So what we've got here is just a temporary order.

00:14:01   So Epic and Apple will now create larger cases to work out if this is going to be a permanent

00:14:07   order that Apple can't get rid of Epic's developer account related to the Unreal Engine.

00:14:12   This is going to be heard in September 28th.

00:14:16   The original case that Epic filed, so going back to when they actually had the lawsuit

00:14:22   that they hit on that day when they got kicked out of the store, that could take a year before

00:14:27   that's heard in court because it's a much, much bigger case.

00:14:31   Now, so the thing is, right, so on Friday, the Fortnite developer account could and probably

00:14:38   will be kicked out of the store, but it doesn't really make a difference at this point.

00:14:43   Because Epic is not going to, they're clearly not going to update the application.

00:14:48   Like, they're just going to sit on this for a while, with my assumption.

00:14:53   And if we can, I mean, our assumptions, I think we are correct now in our assumption

00:14:57   Like if they get rid of the developer account, it doesn't get rid of the game for people,

00:15:01   which was, you know, it's just like a question mark because this kind of stuff doesn't happen

00:15:05   very much.

00:15:07   But this isn't going to, for the time being, or probably at all, honestly, considering

00:15:12   this initial rule then, going to affect the Unreal Engine account.

00:15:17   So Apple can't get rid of all of Epic's stuff.

00:15:21   And you know, to kind of paraphrase the case a little bit, it's like, it's a little bit

00:15:25   like it's retaliatory, like that was the word

00:15:27   that the judge used,

00:15:29   is that it was retaliatory on Apple's part

00:15:32   to kind of want to get rid of all of it,

00:15:35   seemed a bit much, right?

00:15:36   They have multiple developer accounts

00:15:38   that things are related to.

00:15:39   And the new season of Fortnite starts this weekend,

00:15:43   and it's not going to be on iOS or the Mac,

00:15:45   so I think there is a little bit there from Epic's part

00:15:48   that they're just deciding not to bring it to the Mac.

00:15:51   Better swivel in there, right, right?

00:15:53   Same reason as it's within Apple's rights,

00:15:54   right to say get out of the store, it's within Apple's right to say fine your platform's

00:15:59   not going to benefit from our content. So that's kind of where we are. I've had a lot

00:16:05   to say about this on this show and other shows, but I wanted to hear your thoughts because

00:16:10   I don't really think you've expressed them anywhere yet.

00:16:14   Yeah. So I just want to say up front that I tend to be, in my life, I tend to be a person

00:16:23   that follows the rules. However, I also think that in extreme situations, for the rules

00:16:29   to change, you gotta break the rules. Win-ingly. It's something that I firmly believe. And

00:16:35   I have very complicated thoughts on this whole saga, this whole thing. And I would like to

00:16:41   start by discussing some of the basic, very basic ideas and very basic themes. Like, I

00:16:48   I don't want to get into the technicalities of Fortnite.

00:16:52   Can it be redownload?

00:16:53   Like some basic ideas that I have.

00:16:56   So the first one that I would like to address is

00:17:00   this idea that Epic is going after Apple,

00:17:06   they're suing Apple.

00:17:08   And some people are saying, well,

00:17:10   why didn't you sue also Sony and Nintendo

00:17:14   and console makers?

00:17:15   After all, iOS devices are consoles.

00:17:18   And I kept, first when I first saw these comments,

00:17:23   I thought that people were joking.

00:17:25   Then I saw that they were actually serious about it,

00:17:29   comparing iOS devices to consoles.

00:17:31   And that to me is,

00:17:34   well, it's the wrong perspective, I will say.

00:17:40   I will use this expression.

00:17:41   And that's because, like, there's a fundamental difference

00:17:45   between a PlayStation and an iPhone.

00:17:48   There's a fundamental difference between an Xbox and an iPad

00:17:53   which is you buy an Xbox and you buy a PlayStation

00:17:57   and let's face it, you're gonna buy them

00:18:00   to put them under a TV and play video games.

00:18:03   Whereas an iPhone is a computer and an iPad is a computer.

00:18:08   And I don't think nobody needs to be educated

00:18:13   on the differences between a console and a computer, right?

00:18:16   We all know them.

00:18:17   This to me feels like a very convenient argument

00:18:22   to make right now.

00:18:25   Because until a few months ago, until a few years ago,

00:18:29   when it was convenient to say so, iPhones were computers.

00:18:34   - It's also worth noting that the argument

00:18:37   that John Gruber and others are making about console

00:18:40   has included gaming consoles, but also like the quote unquote

00:18:44   term of console, meaning like that it is like a closed thing

00:18:49   or like that it is a heavily controlled thing.

00:18:52   But ultimately--

00:18:55   Can you offer other examples of a closed computer

00:18:59   that is not an iPhone?

00:19:02   No.

00:19:03   See, that's the problem.

00:19:04   I'm sure there are examples, and maybe you

00:19:06   need a lot of computer history to get them.

00:19:08   But the point that I'm making, like what

00:19:10   The point I'm wanting to get to here is like,

00:19:12   I am agreeing with you and what you're saying,

00:19:16   what you're about to say.

00:19:18   The iOS devices are computers.

00:19:21   They are computers.

00:19:23   - It was convenient to call them computers

00:19:25   when it was about, for example,

00:19:27   comparing the number of Windows PCs sold

00:19:31   and say, well, Apple is selling more computers

00:19:35   if you count iPhones and iPads

00:19:37   than the industry is selling PCs.

00:19:40   So it feels to me like sometimes it's convenient

00:19:42   to call them computers and other times it's not,

00:19:45   which I think it's kind of funny and interesting to observe.

00:19:46   - Yeah, I mean Apple calls the iPad a computer.

00:19:48   All the time they call it a computer.

00:19:50   They call it a personal computer.

00:19:51   - They do, they do.

00:19:51   And a console, so let's say, well, some people are saying,

00:19:56   well, we don't mean a console in the sense

00:19:57   of a gaming console, of course,

00:19:59   an iPhone and an iPad are not gaming consoles.

00:20:02   We mean it in the sense of a closed platform.

00:20:04   And that's really my issue right now.

00:20:09   So it's perfectly in Apple's right to say, "Well, this is a closed platform, and we get to decide which kind of apps, which kind of software it runs."

00:20:24   And to me, I thinkā€”and this is basically like, some people will say, "Well, it's Apple Store. They make their own rules, and either you follow the rules, or you don't,

00:20:36   and we don't care if you don't want to follow them,

00:20:39   you're gonna kicked out of the store.

00:20:41   And I get it, right?

00:20:43   I get it.

00:20:44   But what I'm asking, so my basic question is,

00:20:48   is this a great situation to be in?

00:20:51   Like, I get it, yes.

00:20:53   It's, let's call it a console, right,

00:20:56   in the sense of a closed computer.

00:20:58   But is it really something that you like?

00:21:00   Like, do you think this is really

00:21:02   a great situation to be in?

00:21:04   Because let's, and I guess this is the,

00:21:06   also another key problem, some people, myself included, would argue that at this point,

00:21:15   an iPhone should be considered an essential utility, right?

00:21:19   Yes, yes, without a shadow of a doubt. Smartphones in general, but yes.

00:21:23   Smartphones in general, and that includes the iPhone. And you can, you know, I'm obviously

00:21:29   I'm no lawyer, I'm no antitrust historian, but I've been doing some reading on the side

00:21:35   and from what I understand there's this idea of the essential facility doctrine, right?

00:21:41   Which is the idea that some utilities are considered essential to the public, to the market.

00:21:50   And, you know, the theory goes that sometimes a monopolist creates these bottlenecks

00:21:57   that basically prevent competitors from entering the market. And so you have these essential

00:22:02   utilities that are essential to people, however there can be no competition around them.

00:22:06   And I would argue that an iPhone falls under that, you know, that categorization.

00:22:14   Well I think if it maybe to try and expand out a little more, so like one of the the key ones

00:22:19   that's always spoken about here is like the railroads, right? So like if you imagine that the

00:22:26   iPhone is the train tracks and the apps are the trains and

00:22:30   If the company that owns the train track can decide which trains run on the train tracks

00:22:36   It kind of stops the ability for there to be other people involved, right?

00:22:41   This stuff exactly all this stuff gets way more complicated

00:22:45   Because Apple makes apps now in many of the areas that they're stopping their competitors from being in

00:22:51   That's what makes this whole thing as bad as it is. If Apple wasn't in a lot of these businesses

00:22:58   Whilst it still wouldn't be great. You can kind of say like, you know

00:23:03   They're trying to do their store the way they want to do it and blah blah blah, but like they are creating situations where?

00:23:09   By the fact that they are the way they are with the App Store

00:23:14   It allows them to have a competitive advantage whether they're doing it for that reason or not

00:23:19   it allows them to have that ability.

00:23:22   - Yeah, so you look at the App Store, right?

00:23:27   And when you consider the conflict of interest

00:23:31   that there is between, say, something like Apple Arcade

00:23:34   and Microsoft wanting to bring something like Game Pass

00:23:38   to the App Store, I mean, or Apple Music and Spotify.

00:23:42   What's the last time that you saw Apple, you know,

00:23:45   on the App Store advertise the latest update to Spotify.

00:23:49   And I mean, of course they won't,

00:23:50   because they have their own, not a litigation going,

00:23:54   but Spotify complaining publicly about Apple,

00:23:57   so they're never gonna do it.

00:23:59   But basically, here's what I believe.

00:24:02   I believe an iPhone is, in 2020,

00:24:04   well over a decade into its life,

00:24:08   should be considered, an iPhone,

00:24:10   just like any other smartphone,

00:24:12   an essential utility to everyday life, unlike a PlayStation or a Nintendo Switch or whatever.

00:24:21   And because it is an essential utility, I believe it is so important to make sure that

00:24:28   there can be competition, there can be a diverse set of apps and software running on the iPhone.

00:24:36   Now, I also get it. I understand that the way that Apple designs iOS and iPadOS comes

00:24:45   with certain limitations, certain technical limitations for security, for privacy, which

00:24:50   I fully respect and endorse personally. But that doesn't stop competition from happening

00:24:55   still, because Spotify and Epic and Microsoft and Hey and all these other folks, they can

00:25:01   make apps, right, make them run on the iPhone and respect the technical

00:25:05   limitations of the sandbox and all the other things that Apple likes them to do.

00:25:09   But the problem here is that, you know, we are now in the situation

00:25:16   where developers, they either have to pay up a 30% fee or they, you know, if they

00:25:24   want to do anything that's an alternative to that, they can't. And the

00:25:27   risk of getting kicked out of the App Store.

00:25:30   And the big thing today is like, for what?

00:25:34   For what?

00:25:35   What's the fee for?

00:25:36   Right?

00:25:37   Like, I believe that 30% is too high.

00:25:40   It's just to have the ability to be on the platform.

00:25:46   It's rent.

00:25:47   Right?

00:25:48   Yeah, exactly.

00:25:50   And if it wasn't too high, then why some companies like Amazon, for example, get a special deal,

00:26:00   right?

00:26:01   If it wasn't too high, they wouldn't be getting a special deal.

00:26:03   But if they get a special deal, there'd be no deal to give, right?

00:26:06   There'd be no special qualifier to put it firmly.

00:26:12   When everything is fair, there's no specialty about it.

00:26:15   It's just what it is.

00:26:19   Why would you use it as a bargaining chip?

00:26:22   Which is what they used when they wanted things done by Amazon.

00:26:26   If you're offering me a deal, it means that there's something that isn't a deal for me.

00:26:32   And so you're offering me a different version of the same thing.

00:26:37   That is the definition of "let's make a deal."

00:26:43   I like to think about all this stuff in very simple terms.

00:26:47   There's lawyers, it's complicated.

00:26:49   I get it. But here's my basic question for you and everybody else. If you're Apple, in this situation,

00:26:57   is this good for you? I can't understand how this is still happening at this point. Like, I

00:27:02   cannot fathom it. Is this a great situation to be in? Like, no matter if you're... if you say,

00:27:09   "Well, technically we are right, and the law is behind us, and we're gonna win in court." Okay,

00:27:14   Fine. But like, looking at it from the outside, from a developer's perspective, from a consumer's perspective,

00:27:21   is this a great thing to do? And I don't think it is.

00:27:26   No, it's not. Like, go ahead and find Epic if you want to, right? Like, they've done what they've done.

00:27:34   You can be happy about that or unhappy about that, whatever. But why keep doing this?

00:27:39   like why keep trying to shake developers down, right?

00:27:44   Like this WordPress thing, it was something that Apple was progressing

00:27:51   until the spotlight got turned back on them and then they're like, "Whoopsies, sorry."

00:27:57   Right? Like every couple of days there is a new one of these stories, right?

00:28:03   Like, it keeps happening.

00:28:05   I was thinking today when preparing for this show,

00:28:09   I think it feels pretty clear that something changed

00:28:12   internally at Apple in June of this year.

00:28:15   -Mm-hmm. Yeah. -Like, that Hey got caught up in

00:28:19   and went public with it, which then kind of outed

00:28:22   all these other companies that were, you know,

00:28:25   that have been having these problems or, like,

00:28:28   you're hearing first, second, third hand from someone

00:28:30   that they've had an app held up.

00:28:32   Like, it seems like something changed and now Apple really wants this money.

00:28:40   They want their in-app purchase money more than ever.

00:28:43   I don't know why they've made that change and I don't know why they are so clearly sticking to it.

00:28:50   And if the result of all of this is not some kind of change in the rules,

00:28:56   they're setting themselves up for, I think, a bad few years at this point.

00:29:02   One of the reasons that I was thinking about the fact that this stuff has changed, or at

00:29:07   least Apple's thinking has changed, is there have been problems like this in the past,

00:29:12   right?

00:29:13   But it was the summer of this year where they started using this wording of like, "You've

00:29:17   had a free app on the store for so long and you've been using all our tools and you haven't

00:29:23   contributed towards the App Store."

00:29:26   And they keep bringing this out, right?

00:29:28   They keep bringing it out for every case.

00:29:30   I'm paying you a fee. It's well within my rights to not pay you anything else because you make it possible for me to do so.

00:29:37   But like they keep, every time there's one of these situations, they keep bringing this wording out, right?

00:29:44   Yeah, I know. Yeah.

00:29:45   And so this was clearly some kind of tone change and now they keep bringing it up all the time.

00:29:53   And it's disconcerting, I think.

00:29:58   Couple more things.

00:30:00   So the big issue here, of course, is that Apple doesn't allow developers to offer their

00:30:06   own payment systems.

00:30:09   And I see a lot of people saying, "Well, this is because Apple wants to keep the security

00:30:16   of the platform and they don't want you to submit your payment information elsewhere

00:30:20   and they want you to use the secure in-app purchase system."

00:30:25   Now, I do agree that In-App purchases are potentially more secure, and I will tell you,

00:30:31   more comfortable to use than other things, right? Because all my info is already on file

00:30:36   and everything else. But, like, all other types of computers, they let you run games

00:30:45   and apps that you can just pay for stuff anywhere. Like, there's like this thing called e-commerce,

00:30:52   which is like an entire industry that's been around for like 30 years and it's fine and

00:30:57   people buy stuff online all the time. Like I don't get like this security scare that

00:31:03   some people would like you to convince that it's real. Yes, it's real. Some people get

00:31:07   their credit cards stolen and cloned and whatever, but like that happens in everyday life as

00:31:13   well. Like it's not like Apple is sort of just suddenly saving you from this thing called

00:31:21   purchasing goods online. Like, people do it all the time. It's not something that doesn't

00:31:27   exist outside of the App Store. And second thing, I think it's kind of funny how a lot

00:31:36   of people appreciate the Mac because in addition to the App Store, it lets you install apps

00:31:46   from outside sources. And this feature of the Mac Gatekeeper is often celebrated as

00:31:53   one of the most important advantages over iOS and iPadOS. And so sometimes that feature

00:32:01   is great, but now when it comes to Apple and Epic, it's not. And I don't get this double

00:32:09   standard because either you think it's a great feature to have or you don't think it is,

00:32:13   Or you think it's only great to have when it's convenient to think so.

00:32:17   I think it's about time that the Mac became a console.

00:32:20   Exactly.

00:32:21   So, if you follow that logic, either the Mac needs to become a console, or Gatekeeper needs

00:32:28   to come to iOS, which would be about time, right?

00:32:32   You think about time, that's what you say on that?

00:32:36   That's something you want.

00:32:37   You want to install applications for iOS.

00:32:39   Absolutely, yes.

00:32:40   like two weeks ago when the lawsuit came out, I started tweeting about

00:32:47   like the debate, like this is my basic, my ultimate conclusion is why doesn't Gatekeeper

00:32:55   exist on iOS? Like it would solve so many problems and all of this would just go away and you would

00:32:59   have a secure, if you care about security, you would have a secure system that lets you install apps,

00:33:05   that lets Apple revoke those apps, and we could argue about that and whether that's fair, we can

00:33:09   We can talk about Gatekeeper, but that's another topic.

00:33:12   But that would solve a lot of problems, right?

00:33:14   Just like it's a popular and widely used solution

00:33:19   on the Mac made and controlled by Apple,

00:33:24   it would exist on iOS and iPadOS as well.

00:33:27   And then I started read, so I tweeted that,

00:33:31   and then I started reading the lawsuit,

00:33:32   and sure enough, which by the way,

00:33:34   the first few pages of the lawsuit,

00:33:35   if you haven't read those, I highly recommend you do,

00:33:38   because I really think that Apple's lawyers,

00:33:40   the Epic's lawyers, they make a really cogent

00:33:43   and well thought out case.

00:33:47   - Yeah, I've seen a lot of people say that

00:33:49   that is purposeful.

00:33:51   So this is not how lawsuits are typically written

00:33:57   to be so clear.

00:33:59   And the thinking is because they want people to read it,

00:34:04   like me and you, and understand it.

00:34:07   Sure enough, one of their points is Apple already makes a solution for their other computers,

00:34:14   which is called Gatekeeper, that lets you install apps from other sources.

00:34:18   And we ask that this kind of feature should also exist on iOS and iPadOS.

00:34:22   And you can get defensive about this whole thing, right?

00:34:29   And if you like Apple...

00:34:30   We all like Apple.

00:34:31   We all buy...

00:34:32   If you listen to the show...

00:34:33   We love the company.

00:34:34   We love the company.

00:34:35   We don't like...

00:34:36   I love my iPhone, I love my iPad. I mean, it's, you know, it made my career possible.

00:34:41   But some things, personally, I feel like, some things you just, you get a feel that they're not right.

00:34:50   And I don't feel like this whole saga is, it doesn't feel right for Apple to go after all

00:35:00   all these developers and to take this stance on the whole thing. It just doesn't feel right.

00:35:08   It doesn't feel like it's the best thing for consumers to do. Like, why can I not play

00:35:13   Fortnite because Epic wanted me to pay through their own store and you get upset because

00:35:21   then you don't get 30%. Well, now what? Now you got millions of people upset because they

00:35:26   don't get to play Fortnite on their iPhones. What's the preferable situation? What do you

00:35:31   think? Getting that cut from Epic or now having millions of kids upset and angry because their

00:35:38   iPhone doesn't get Fortnite anymore? It does feel like a very short-sighted stance to me.

00:35:49   And the right thing to do would just to treat iPhones and iPads like computers, with the

00:35:55   same respect and the same open mind that you treat Macs, and stop with this argument that

00:36:05   iPhones and iPads are consoles. It doesn't really make much sense. They are computers.

00:36:10   They are essential utilities for people who use them as their primary devices for communications,

00:36:15   for phone calls, for emergencies, for work, for entertainment, for all kinds of things

00:36:20   in a way that even exceeds what people use regular computers these days.

00:36:27   Some people use their... a lot of people use their iPhones and iPads with more and with much more

00:36:36   sensitive and important data than they use their laptops. And yet, the laptops get more freedom and

00:36:44   more flexibility. And I don't really get it. And I think it's time for this to change. And I think

00:36:49   If time will not change this, and if the company itself will not change it, then governments will.

00:36:57   And I think it'll come to that eventually.

00:36:59   In Ben Thompson's free article that went up yesterday called "Rethinking the App Store in

00:37:06   Chitackery", he linked to a tweet from Francisco Tomalski, who was on the original iPhone team,

00:37:14   working on mobile Safari and Francisco says something which has kind of blew my mind a little bit

00:37:20   Apple's iOS rules would not have allowed for the invention of the web browser

00:37:24   And then the follow-up part of that is like think of all the amazing ideas that haven't gotten a chance to be invented because they

00:37:34   Aren't allowed on mobile devices mosaic happened less than 10 years after the Macintosh

00:37:39   We very well could have had a browser caliber level invention by now

00:37:43   I mean, it's stretching things to quite a degree, but it's a fantastic point that

00:37:51   an app like Safari, if Safari didn't exist, if web browsers didn't exist, you wouldn't

00:38:00   be able to have that on iOS.

00:38:03   And think of all of everything, right?

00:38:08   We all have our own opinions on this, and my overriding opinion, because really there

00:38:12   are two things going on, multiple things going on here, like monitor, you've got the

00:38:15   Epic thing but you've also got like should Apple be allowed to say which

00:38:19   applications can even run on the phone and if you agree that they can should

00:38:23   they be able to take 30% of every transaction right like and these are all

00:38:28   of the different questions these are going to keep coming up like if you're

00:38:32   bored of this topic like you're in for a long six months right because like it's

00:38:36   going this is the thing now this is the thing where everyone's gonna keep

00:38:39   talking about. It was keyboards for a while, we've got this. I think there is no

00:38:44   argument that this is much more important than keyboards, but nevertheless

00:38:48   here we are. But my feeling, the thing that I keep coming back to is I do not

00:38:54   believe that Apple has the right to tell all these businesses how to do business.

00:38:57   Mm-hmm. That's my feeling. And I just don't think that they have or should

00:39:05   have the power to be able to dictate terms to every company on the planet.

00:39:12   So, nevertheless, yeah.

00:39:14   Yeah, and I agree with it, and it's a shame to think about, again, all the ideas and all

00:39:22   the apps that could have existed, that could exist, without these rules.

00:39:29   And again, as far as the Apple community goes, I think the arguing that sometimes iPhones

00:39:40   are computers, but now they are consoles, I think it's kind of funny.

00:39:45   And I think it's a fascinating phenomenon, really.

00:39:49   I think they are computers, they should be treated like computers.

00:39:54   They already are treated as such by us, but not by the company that makes them.

00:40:00   But only when it's convenient to do so.

00:40:03   So this is just, you know, I look at this from the outside and I just think that it's

00:40:10   a sad story.

00:40:12   Like, the most, arguably, one of the most popular video games on the planet cannot run

00:40:21   on the iPhone right now, cannot be downloaded on the iPhone. And I just think it's sad,

00:40:27   because of what? Because of being able to purchase game stuff inside the game without

00:40:35   using enough purchases. Like that, you look at it from the outside, you try to explain

00:40:40   that to a friend who doesn't follow Apple blogs and podcasts, and they're gonna tell

00:40:44   you why though. The game that was already the most popular game in the world before

00:40:49   they launched the iOS version. But for some reason, Apple now believes that they have

00:40:54   an entitlement to 30% of every transaction that goes through the system.

00:40:59   Because Epic was able to distribute the binary for that game through the App Store. I mean,

00:41:06   thanks! Sure, that entitles you to 30%. Yeah, I just think this is sad, and it doesn't feel

00:41:15   right. Some things you get a feel for, this doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel

00:41:20   right that Apple is going after Hey and WordPress and all the

00:41:23   other developers that don't have the resources or the following to speak out

00:41:29   and to actually say this is what App Review told me. So many are just

00:41:35   afraid and scared of the retaliatory behavior that may occur

00:41:39   later and they never tell you the things that happen behind the scenes. And if

00:41:45   If you're Apple and if you are a developer evangelist, if you work on this stuff, if

00:41:49   you manage the apps, are you sure you fostered a healthy, competitive, successful environment?

00:41:58   Or do you just have a marketplace which is dominated by fear and by having to follow

00:42:07   these rules?

00:42:09   Because these things, in the long term, they usually end up with somebody else coming onto

00:42:17   the scene and saying, "Hey, we also have a marketplace for you, and we don't have all

00:42:23   these problems.

00:42:24   Come aboard."

00:42:26   And I think it's in your best interest to make sure that you keep your developer community

00:42:30   happy and not scared and competitive, right?

00:42:36   So I don't know.

00:42:37   Maybe this will not be a problem in a month, it will not be a problem in a year, but I

00:42:43   don't know, maybe in five years, maybe in ten years, this will turn out to be a big

00:42:46   mistake.

00:42:48   I don't know.

00:42:49   I just feel like if you're managing a store, you want to make sure that the folks who make

00:42:52   stuff for the store are happy, not turning against you.

00:42:58   But what do I know?

00:42:59   I'm not a lawyer, so.

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00:44:41   Airpower!

00:44:42   Okay, are we talking about Airpower again?

00:44:46   We are talking about Airpower again.

00:44:48   This mostly comes from the fact that Nomad, which is an accessory maker who I believe

00:44:54   you are a fan of I think you have some Nomad products right? I do I do I have two

00:45:01   in my apartment two wireless Nomad wireless charging pads and one that I

00:45:09   gave to my mom so she's also using one. So I think the one that most people have

00:45:14   including you I think is called the base station right where it's like or it may

00:45:21   at least have been it's like something like that it's yeah they have one called

00:45:24   the base station, which is a very good looking, like just a pad with a leather backing on

00:45:31   it, like a cover on it, and you put your devices on it and it can charge multiple devices at

00:45:36   once, right? That's its thing. You can do a couple and you can put it in a couple of

00:45:41   different angles. Well, they have partnered with a company called Aira, Aira? A-I-R-A,

00:45:51   say Aera because that's probably what they're going for.

00:45:55   Who have created a technology called FreePower and these two companies have partnered and

00:46:04   they've made the base, like the Nomad BaseStation Pro.

00:46:09   Now what's interesting about this product is it's basically what we wanted AirPower

00:46:13   to be.

00:46:14   You put your device down and it will charge it wherever you put it on the mat in whatever

00:46:18   orientation and it will take multiple devices at a time like as many as you can fit on there

00:46:23   basically like two or three devices. Apparently I was watching a video that iJustine made about

00:46:27   this it's really power efficient as well because Qi charging when you have something on it's

00:46:32   basically the entire mat is like doing its thing right but with this error technology it just

00:46:39   powers up the area underneath where the device is which is kind of smart and makes sense I guess.

00:46:46   this product doesn't yet work with the Apple Watch.

00:46:49   They don't have one of those little things you can plug in.

00:46:52   And also the Apple Watch isn't Qi.

00:46:54   But apparently Nomads say they're "working on a solution for 2021."

00:46:58   I don't know what that means.

00:46:59   Either A, they're hoping that the Apple Watch goes Qi,

00:47:02   or they're going to work out some kind of add-on

00:47:05   like they have with the regular base station.

00:47:07   I don't know.

00:47:07   So this thing is a partnership,

00:47:10   which means that Aera could and will use this technology in other products.

00:47:15   but it's a pretty interesting thing, like it's doing what we wanted AirPower to do

00:47:22   there was a Bloomberg report about this company and stuff like that in which it

00:47:27   was mentioned by Mark Gurman that Apple is actually apparently still working on

00:47:32   a less ambitious charger. Less ambitious? Okay. Than AirPower. So less ambitious

00:47:38   means you can just place your iPhone in AirPods but not the Apple Watch? I guess

00:47:43   I don't know what it means, you know. Well, so here's the thing. Did you see that article from MacRumors?

00:47:48   It was... With the photos? Yeah, it was some screenshots taken from a video from a

00:47:55   leaker

00:47:57   Who apparently got their hands on some prototype hardware for airpower?

00:48:02   Yeah. That looks far too complicated. That looks wild.

00:48:06   It looks scary with all those chips and coils. Like it looks

00:48:12   kind of scary. That looks super complex.

00:48:14   - Like when you compare, so like I've seen some imagery

00:48:17   of the inside, like you can see it on the Nomad website

00:48:21   actually, the Aeropad looks complicated, but nowhere

00:48:25   near as scary looking as the inside of this apparent

00:48:28   airplane.

00:48:29   - Like it's just a bunch of coils, right?

00:48:32   It's not like a honeycomb of circuits and coils.

00:48:37   Like that looks super complex.

00:48:40   So less ambitious, I mean, the big problem that Apple faced,

00:48:45   I guess, was the promise of placing anywhere

00:48:48   and making it work both for Qi devices and the Apple Watch.

00:48:53   So something has to give there, right?

00:48:55   Either you cannot place devices anywhere on the pad,

00:48:59   but you have like precise zones where you can put them,

00:49:02   or it doesn't support the Apple Watch.

00:49:05   So it's Qi only, and it's essentially something

00:49:07   like the Nomad base station,

00:49:08   which I'll tell you, it's fine.

00:49:10   It does its job.

00:49:11   It could support a wider area,

00:49:15   but it's fine once you get used to it.

00:49:17   I place my iPhone on it every night

00:49:19   and I place my AirPods on it every day,

00:49:21   and it's fine.

00:49:22   It gets the job done.

00:49:24   I feel like a wireless charger,

00:49:26   it's not something that you're supposed to love.

00:49:29   It's something that it's supposed to work,

00:49:31   and work easy enough and get out of the way.

00:49:35   Like it's not something that needs to be too fancy

00:49:38   or like too complex for its own good,

00:49:40   supposed to be efficient and convenient

00:49:43   and disappear in the background.

00:49:45   And so less ambitious, I mean,

00:49:48   if they do one that doesn't support the Apple Watch,

00:49:50   but it's like a standalone watch thing,

00:49:52   like my Nomad base station has like

00:49:55   a standalone watch charger on the side, and that's fine.

00:49:58   I can just please.

00:49:59   - Yeah.

00:50:00   - I mean, it's okay. - If Apple made a charger,

00:50:02   I would prefer them to just like not do anything

00:50:05   with the Apple Watch, like just like whatever.

00:50:07   I'll tell you though, it's nice because when you place it down like that, it supports nightstand mode.

00:50:13   I know.

00:50:13   So you can tap the watch and you can see the time at night.

00:50:17   It's like a little, like, wart on the side of your charger.

00:50:21   It's kind of like that. So, I don't know, do we know if this era thing has a fan?

00:50:28   Remember when I purchased one?

00:50:29   Yeah, the terrifying one with the fan in it.

00:50:32   With the fan in it, super thick.

00:50:34   It doesn't look like it from their photos. It doesn't seem like it does.

00:50:38   And I guess the power efficiency of this one, if it is truly more power efficient, like they say,

00:50:46   would mean that maybe it wouldn't need a fan as such because it's not like putting out so much

00:50:52   energy like that one that you bought. What was that called? Do you remember?

00:50:55   I don't remember.

00:50:56   It had some crazy name. It had like the clear top to it. You could get that version as well,

00:51:01   where you could look at all the terrifying coils.

00:51:03   What was it called? We talked about it.

00:51:06   We've spoken about it many times. Maybe the Discord will come up with an answer for us.

00:51:10   But this BaseStation Pro costs $230.

00:51:14   Okay.

00:51:16   Seems like a lot of money for a charger.

00:51:19   It's not cheap.

00:51:21   So like, when I saw it, I was like...

00:51:23   Can't you buy a Nintendo Switch with that amount of money?

00:51:25   Yeah, probably.

00:51:27   Like, when I saw it, like I watched the iJustine video about it.

00:51:31   it was the first thing and then saw all the articles about it. I was like, "Oh, you know,

00:51:36   I might get one of these, put it in my studio, like it's like a useful thing, you know, you

00:51:41   can throw the occasional thing on there to charge, like whatever." And then I was like,

00:51:45   "I don't want it $230 a minute, like that's not, I don't want that." Like, I'll see if

00:51:53   people like it and then hope that they have a future product where it's a bit cheaper.

00:51:57   I don't want to pay $230 for a charger for my iPhone.

00:52:01   Yeah, but in the Discord they're saying if it had the Apple logo on it, you would actually get it right away.

00:52:07   And that's the issue, right?

00:52:08   No, I wouldn't.

00:52:09   We're suckers like that.

00:52:11   I don't think I would have bought an AirPower, Matt, either.

00:52:14   But if Apple made it and it was $230, I still wouldn't buy it, because I don't want that type of product so much.

00:52:21   Honestly, I gotta tell you that I would, but there's a reason for that.

00:52:25   that it's because I know that if I get the Apple version,

00:52:28   it's gonna support that kind of system integration

00:52:31   that I don't get anywhere else.

00:52:33   It's like, why would you buy AirPods

00:52:35   over other wireless earbuds that maybe cost even less?

00:52:38   And that's exactly the reason why,

00:52:40   because with AirPods, I get to use system integrations

00:52:43   like Siri, for example, or like now the multi-device pairing

00:52:48   and the charging notifications in iOS 14,

00:52:51   All that stuff I don't get with third-party wireless earbuds.

00:52:56   So that's why sometimes I like to pay more

00:53:01   for the Apple version, because that's part of the reason

00:53:06   why we love Apple products.

00:53:07   It's that kind of integration between different things.

00:53:10   But that amount of money for a third-party accessory

00:53:14   does not, likely does not integrate as well.

00:53:20   It's a bit much. It's a bit much.

00:53:23   So, yeah, honestly though, I don't have a lot of feelings about wireless chargers.

00:53:31   Like, I feel like AirPower has become one of those things that we remember fondly,

00:53:37   only because of its demise and because of the whole saga.

00:53:42   Like, we care about AirPower more because of the whole story than the actual product itself.

00:53:49   And in fact, I think that most people wouldn't actually care about AirPower.

00:53:52   Like, we like to talk about it and to discuss it.

00:53:55   Because it's a fun, weird story.

00:53:59   Remember all the times where AirPower could be spotted in, like, instruction manuals or Apple.com?

00:54:06   Like, that was fun.

00:54:08   It was fun to dig around and predict is it coming out or not.

00:54:12   But actually, it's just a charger, you know?

00:54:15   It's not like a new iPhone.

00:54:17   It's not like, I mean, headphones are more exciting than AirPower.

00:54:21   Where are the headphones? Give me the headphones.

00:54:24   I will tell you, Myke, that just this morning, I came this close.

00:54:29   And you cannot see me, but I'm pinching my fingers.

00:54:31   I can imagine you were showing a small, like you were like, you have your arms like far, far apart.

00:54:37   I was this close.

00:54:39   I was this close.

00:54:40   I imagined it was a finger type thing.

00:54:41   So clicking the buy button on Amazon.com for the new Sony headphones.

00:54:47   I've thought about it too. The MKBHD video really made me want them.

00:54:52   Yeah, yeah.

00:54:54   Because they look really good.

00:54:55   I have the previous ones, but I really love two features of the new model.

00:55:01   The multi-device pairing and the wear detection.

00:55:05   So when you remove your headphones from your ears, music stops.

00:55:10   That's something that I really want. Incidentally, that's also something that Apple is rumored to be working on.

00:55:15   automatic wear detection.

00:55:18   And I saw that these phones are not available on Amazon Italy, but amazon.com is shipping to Italy.

00:55:26   And I was right there and then I thought, well, what if the new AirPods Studio come on in like a couple weeks?

00:55:34   HeadPods.

00:55:36   HeadPods, AirPods Studio, whatever.

00:55:39   And so I was able to stop myself from doing that.

00:55:44   But I may not have the same willpower in a couple days.

00:55:49   We'll see.

00:55:50   Or if I have one too many drinks, one dinner.

00:55:53   I don't know.

00:55:54   I really want them.

00:55:55   I really want them.

00:55:57   But so far I'm being a good boy and being patient.

00:56:00   - I really want some over-ear headphones made by Apple.

00:56:07   I really want those because I love my AirPods Pro so much.

00:56:11   And if they can give me that experience

00:56:13   with even better noise canceling or whatever, I'm in.

00:56:17   'Cause here's one of the things that has stopped me

00:56:20   with the Sonys is I never liked noise cancellation

00:56:25   until I tried the AirPods.

00:56:27   Every other noise cancellation product that I tried

00:56:30   made me feel kind of uneasy.

00:56:32   And so it's very possible that if Apple's over ear

00:56:37   headphones, if they're more aggressive like I might not like it. So we'll have to see on that one.

00:56:42   But it makes me hesit- it's like another reason I'm hesitant to like to get another product in case

00:56:49   I end up not liking that, where I feel like I maybe have more of a chance of liking Apple's

00:56:55   interpretation on over ear headphones because they're the only ones that I've ever found

00:56:59   comfortable before. So we'll see. But I yeah I really want that product.

00:57:06   Yeah, so we haven't heard any new rumors lately.

00:57:11   No, no, it's kind of where we left it of like it's a product that's coming and coming this year

00:57:17   is what all the rumors say, but who knows anymore man.

00:57:21   It's gonna be an expensive fall I guess.

00:57:24   Yeah, like if you are, as you as in a person going to catch them all, you could be looking at like

00:57:34   a wireless charger, some over-ear headphones, an iPhone, potentially an iPad Pro and a new Mac.

00:57:42   Yeah it's a lot of money. It's a lot of different things. And I mean for sure I will get the charger

00:57:50   and the headphones and the phone. So I'm already staring down at like 2000 euros at the very least.

00:57:56   Fun times. This is what we do with the money that we saved by not going to the WVDC.

00:58:03   That is a very good excuse that I will reuse at home. Thank you.

00:58:09   I've been thinking about that. Like the money that I had set aside

00:58:12   to travel this year, like to go to San Jose, will more than pay for the devices that I buy later on.

00:58:19   Right. You could even argue that you could buy two iPhones with that money.

00:58:23   I mean I don't know why you would need to make that argument, but like you could make that argument.

00:58:27   But it could be made. It's like an argument that could be made.

00:58:30   You could make it, yes. I mean, you could also make the argument you could buy 10 sets of AirPods.

00:58:35   Like, these are arguments you can make, but you don't need to make them unless there is a reason

00:58:40   that you feel you need two iPhones. So let me ask you this. Does Adina still leave AirPods

00:58:47   randomly around the house? Everywhere. Oh my god. And she has two sets. You need to do something about it.

00:58:52   I don't know if I told you the story, but Adina lost her AirPods because she lost her bag.

00:58:58   And so I am a good husband.

00:59:02   And I was like, there's no way that I will let you go back to your old AirPods.

00:59:06   Adina is currently listening to the live stream, by the way.

00:59:09   So she's now upset in the Discord that I'm telling this story.

00:59:14   So I was like, I am a good husband, and I will not allow you to go back to regular AirPods

00:59:18   after experiencing AirPods Pro, because we both really value the noise cancellation,

00:59:24   because when someone's doing something loud in the house, you can just like tune them out, right?

00:59:28   you're in your own world. So I was like I will buy you some more AirPods Pro.

00:59:35   Some more? Another set. I will buy you a plethora of AirPods Pro. So I bought her another pair of AirPods Pro. Then we were out

00:59:47   basically she lost her bag in a restaurant and it was handed in at the

00:59:51   restaurant and she went to get it and nobody had taken the AirPods out which I

00:59:56   I will never understand in my life why somebody didn't steal the AirPods when they handed it in, but I'm very thankful that they didn't.

01:00:02   So she now has two pairs of AirPods Pro.

01:00:04   Okay.

01:00:05   But what that means is that there are two cases and four AirPods that can just find themselves anywhere in the house.

01:00:11   Just like anywhere at all times.

01:00:14   I'm not kidding you. I woke up two days ago

01:00:17   from bed. I sat up on one of her AirPods fell off my stomach. This is the kind of life that I'm living. They're everywhere.

01:00:25   Everywhere in the house like bugs

01:00:28   I'm like swatting them away from me at all times

01:00:31   they just like they can be anywhere at all times and

01:00:36   When so when we come to the studio, which is very nice

01:00:39   She brings both sets with her which I don't fully understand

01:00:42   But I think it's the idea of that because there's no real management as the AirPods Pro

01:00:47   They could have any level of battery life. So she takes one set

01:00:50   She's gonna take both sets because who knows where they are or what's in war or what combination they are

01:00:55   are. So I do I am fascinated by this sort of a hippie AirPods lifestyle. Yeah.

01:01:04   It's very fascinating to me to just leave them out randomly. Just anywhere they

01:01:09   could be. Having two pairs like it's it's a very interesting behavior. I am sorry

01:01:17   Myke that you need to you know wake it waking up to AirPods falling on top of

01:01:22   you that that one was particularly hilarious also now they're they're

01:01:28   physically on me now then they're not just just around the house

01:01:33   they're everywhere airports so I'm using I don't know if I told you I've been

01:01:39   using the comply foam tips the official ones for the I got those and tried them

01:01:45   once and wasn't that keen on it okay interesting so I am liking them I've

01:01:51   I've been using them for the past month.

01:01:54   Almost, yeah, it's been about a month.

01:01:55   I like them.

01:01:58   They do what I expected them to do.

01:02:01   But one of them is already kind of sort of falling apart,

01:02:07   the foam.

01:02:10   - That was part of why I opened them, I tried them,

01:02:15   and I immediately thought,

01:02:16   these are going to get incredibly gross, incredibly fast,

01:02:21   And I don't think I want that in my life.

01:02:23   - Yeah, I've been taking good care of them.

01:02:30   I've been cleaning them every day.

01:02:33   I mean, I have other foam tapes on my other in-ear

01:02:36   headbuds.

01:02:39   What's it called?

01:02:41   - Earphones. - The Sony one.

01:02:42   Yeah. - Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:02:43   Your wild Sony ones, right?

01:02:45   - Yeah, the in-ear Sony earbuds,

01:02:47   which are like not earbuds.

01:02:49   Well, anyway, that's it.

01:02:50   Are they the balanced ones?

01:02:52   So those are the headphones, but I also have the balanced earbuds.

01:02:56   It's like, yeah, they're made of silver. It's like a whole thing.

01:03:00   Anyway, I do know my way around the foam tip, is what I'm saying.

01:03:06   And these ones for the AirPods Pro, they are deteriorating faster than usual,

01:03:13   compared to other foam tips. So I don't know.

01:03:16   know. Maybe it's the taking them out of the case every day that doesn't help, you know, with the

01:03:21   friction and everything, I don't know. But I like them, which is a shame. Well, I mean, it makes sense,

01:03:26   though, that a foam would degrade faster than a silicone rubber. Yes, yeah, but I think also the

01:03:34   fact that I'm, like, you touch AirPods a lot, right, when you take them out of the case, put them back

01:03:42   into the case. Like, they are... I don't know, they just feel like an object that goes through

01:03:47   more friction than normal, and because of that I feel the foam is degrading more quickly

01:03:55   than usual because of that. Because I am, like, managing them more, I guess. I don't

01:04:02   know. But I like them, so what I will probably end up doing is continuing to buy more sets

01:04:06   over time because I do prefer the way they defeat my ears better than the silicon ones.

01:04:13   Well, I have some extra sets if you want them. I just sent them to you.

01:04:18   Are they used? No.

01:04:19   Okay. No, because I also bought the wrong size at first and then bought the right size.

01:04:24   Ah, yes, yes, you do these things. You do these things.

01:04:25   But never use the right size ones. They're just in the boxes.

01:04:29   Otherwise, I will just get a Comply subscription. I don't know. Is there something like Club Comply

01:04:35   that I can subscribe to and get my...

01:04:37   You should contact them about that.

01:04:39   I will become a happy subscriber.

01:04:41   Yeah, I've been using them.

01:04:44   However, I don't leave them around the house.

01:04:46   I'll tell you that much that I don't do.

01:04:49   Because you're a civilized individual.

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01:06:20   So surprise, beta 6 of iOS 14 dropped I think it was yesterday, but we only had beta 5 last

01:06:30   week that that was a surprise to me. Well is it a surprise though? Well it was to me.

01:06:35   I mean you can give me your statistics and your information that you have

01:06:40   but I was at least surprised. I have been doing my research and here I am bringing

01:06:46   you hot facts from the internet. Okay. So obviously because of the review that I'm

01:06:55   writing, as in like every year, I need to get a sense of where we're at in terms of schedule and

01:07:02   beta releases. So while I was at the beach, I did this very useful research on previous schedules

01:07:12   and beta releases for older versions of iOS. And specifically I took a look at last year and

01:07:19   the year before as a sort of point of reference. So right now in 2020 we are basically almost

01:07:29   20 days, 18 days to be exact. We're tracking 18 days behind last year's beta schedule. Not a

01:07:39   surprise if you consider that WWDC was also almost 20 days later than usual this time. So for example,

01:07:49   So, last year, iOS 13, beta 5 was the last one to come out after two weeks since the previous beta.

01:08:00   In 2019, iOS 13 beta 6 came out a week after beta 5.

01:08:08   It was the first beta to switch to the weekly release schedule, and it came out on, I believe, August 7th, 2019.

01:08:17   So I was taking a look at this year's calendar and I thought,

01:08:23   I have a pretty good feeling that they're going to release beta 6 today.

01:08:27   And if they do, this is going to be the one that switches to a weekly release cycle.

01:08:31   Where do you have this recorded?

01:08:33   Ha! So, well, there's this thing called Google, first of all.

01:08:37   Ah, okay.

01:08:38   Google old articles.

01:08:40   But no, seriously, there's this excellent, really, really, really excellent website

01:08:45   made by a good friend Will Haynes, thinkibits.com,

01:08:52   Will put together years ago a page called "iOS version release date history".

01:08:59   This is nice.

01:09:00   It's very nice, and you can see, here's the other hot fact for you, Myke.

01:09:05   In recent years, all major new versions, so the .0 version of iOS,

01:09:13   us, with the exception of iOS 10, but we all know that iOS 10 was boring. All of them.

01:09:20   Do we? Is that a thing we all know?

01:09:23   We all know.

01:09:24   What was so boring about it?

01:09:26   Exactly. You don't even remember.

01:09:28   Okay, but like, all right. Okay, I get you. All right, fine.

01:09:35   I mean, it was okay, but it was the iMessage App Store, that kind of stuff.

01:09:40   Oh, was that the Apple Music here?

01:09:42   Yeah, yeah. Drake on stage.

01:09:44   Oh, yeah, that one was a disaster. Yeah, that was a bad one.

01:09:47   So, all... Here's the number that you're seeking.

01:09:51   All recent versions of iOS have been in beta for at least 100 days.

01:10:00   Okay? Beta for at least 100 days before the GM release.

01:10:06   And if you consider that WWDC was on June 22nd, 2020, a hundred days from that date

01:10:14   would be, go take a look, Wednesday, September 30th.

01:10:20   So I've been writing, and god I really hope I'm right, because otherwise, honestly I'm

01:10:26   screwed, I've been writing with the assumption that we will see a GM at the very least toward

01:10:33   the end of September.

01:10:34   So here's my, I want to throw a mic-shaped spanner into the works here. This is presuming

01:10:43   that the life cycle is tied to WWDC and not just the calendar, right?

01:10:49   Oh, yeah, of course. Yes. This is presuming that.

01:10:55   I would expect we're probably going to be somewhere in the middle of those two dates.

01:10:59   That's what I would assume.

01:11:01   Presuming that, just because everything is late this year.

01:11:03   Yeah, so things are late, but it doesn't mean that Apple started the process of refining 14 the day after WWDC, right?

01:11:14   Like they may have been doing it from the same time that they always would, just WWDC was late.

01:11:18   Sure, but I'm here to tell you that if they launch iOS 14 in mid-September, I will not be ready.

01:11:25   And the reason you're not ready is because you started late, right? Like that's the reason?

01:11:30   Yes, yes, because unlike Apple, I didn't have access to iOS 14 before WWDC.

01:11:37   Cowards.

01:11:37   So yeah, I mean, come on, jeez.

01:11:40   Cowards.

01:11:40   Not giving me that sweet, sweet leaked version. Anyway.

01:11:46   Yeah, so I would hope/I would presume that the GM, we're gonna see toward the end of September,

01:11:57   and for release in the first two weeks of October.

01:12:01   And now, this theory would go quite well

01:12:06   with the fact that we know, Apple said,

01:12:12   the new iPhones will come out a few weeks later than usual.

01:12:15   I've been thinking, I've been discussing,

01:12:17   I will tell you that I've been discussing this

01:12:19   with my girlfriend and my friends.

01:12:21   Like I let them into the conversation on this stuff.

01:12:23   Like, what do you think a few weeks means?

01:12:27   Because a few weeks to me is more than a couple,

01:12:30   but it's less than a month, right?

01:12:33   I think it works the same way in both English and Italian.

01:12:37   Like, to me, a few weeks is not two.

01:12:40   It could be three or four, but no more than four.

01:12:43   And if you consider that a few weeks for the new phones

01:12:47   would be like, what, add three weeks to mid-September,

01:12:51   That would be, in fact, something like October 7 or October 10.

01:12:57   So, I don't know.

01:12:59   But this is the schedule that I have in mind.

01:13:01   When you consider all these numbers and the things

01:13:03   that Apple said, that the phones would come out a few weeks--

01:13:06   again, not a couple, not months, but a few weeks--

01:13:10   later than usual, I think everything

01:13:13   would line up quite nicely for things happening in the first two

01:13:20   weeks of October. Now, all of this could be wrong, right? And I would be screwed big time.

01:13:27   But again, it's something that over the course of the summer, I've come to accept.

01:13:33   Like, this is my schedule, right?

01:13:36   I was able to start testing iOS on June 22nd, not on June 5th or something.

01:13:42   And this is how much it takes me to work on this stuff.

01:13:47   So, yeah.

01:13:51   So I assume we're going to get Beta 7 next week.

01:13:55   If we don't get Beta 7 next week,

01:13:57   that is going to be a very good sign.

01:14:00   If there's going to be like two weeks between Beta 6 and 7,

01:14:05   I don't think it will be the case.

01:14:06   I think from now on, we are going to continue

01:14:10   seeing weekly Beta releases.

01:14:13   And I mean, personally, like if I would be Apple,

01:14:16   I wouldn't rush this, especially considering the mess that the iOS 13 rollout was last year.

01:14:23   So, honestly, I see no reason to put this out any earlier than necessary.

01:14:29   But it's also in my own personal interest, so I will be biased.

01:14:32   You're ever so slightly biased.

01:14:34   Yes, to an extent, but also you cannot deny that I make a good point.

01:14:40   I don't want to deny it, even if, you know, like...

01:14:43   I don't want to deny it, but I also don't want to, in case you get angry at me, if I was to deny it.

01:14:50   No, I will not get...

01:14:51   Like, really, I have come to terms with the reality that if my timeline is incorrect,

01:14:59   I will not be ready.

01:15:02   And it's just what it is.

01:15:03   As they say, it is what it is.

01:15:05   And, yeah.

01:15:10   But I really think I'm right also.

01:15:11   OK, good.

01:15:13   There are a couple of--

01:15:16   oh, real-time follow-up.

01:15:19   We passed $25,000 raised for St. Jude, which is fantastic.

01:15:23   Thank you so much to everybody that continues to donate

01:15:25   to stjude.org/relay.

01:15:27   So now in the show notes at this point in the episode

01:15:30   will be the video of Steven identifying laptops by feel

01:15:34   with the help of Mary Hackett providing

01:15:36   the laptops for him to feel.

01:15:39   "Honey, get the blindfold, we're gonna touch some computers."

01:15:42   That's what Steven does.

01:15:44   You know, like, that's an actual conversation that has to happen in the house, right?

01:15:47   Exactly, in these terms.

01:15:49   Yeah.

01:15:50   Which is amazing to think about.

01:15:52   Really, it's wild that he would say it that way, but that is the way he says it.

01:15:56   That is literally what happened.

01:15:59   Verbatim, 100% the way it was said.

01:16:01   "Honey, get the blindfold, we're gonna touch some computers."

01:16:05   There are a couple of things that I noted from various articles about things that have

01:16:10   been added in this beta.

01:16:12   One of them, which was interesting, and it's kind of weird when you see this stuff, it's

01:16:16   like "why is this here and why now?"

01:16:18   A shortcut to switch Apple TV user account.

01:16:21   Ah, yes, yes.

01:16:22   Well, I'm making fun of it, but I actually did have to do this myself manually yesterday.

01:16:28   Useful!

01:16:29   I mean, like, I can imagine this slotting quite nicely into, like, an evening shortcut

01:16:36   or a morning shortcut to go between, like, kids and adults content, you know, like, on

01:16:41   the Apple TV.

01:16:42   You know what my other account was named?

01:16:45   It's very easy to guess.

01:16:49   On the Apple TV.

01:16:50   Well, you had two accounts.

01:16:52   One of them is Federico.

01:16:54   And the other?

01:16:55   I don't know.

01:16:57   Imagine how the system would name it by default.

01:17:01   Oh, like...

01:17:02   Federico parenthesis one.

01:17:05   Oh my god.

01:17:06   It's like, current user Federico, it's like, because I have the tvOS beta now, right?

01:17:11   And you get the, you get a notification when you wake up the tv on the, in the upper right

01:17:17   corner of the tv, you get an alert that gives you like, sort of like a welcome and tells

01:17:23   you the user, the profile that you're currently logged in as.

01:17:26   Yeah.

01:17:27   welcome Federico 1. It's like, "Wow!"

01:17:30   You're the one!

01:17:31   Why the one?

01:17:33   And then I realized, oh, it probably messed up with my accounts because I have an Italian

01:17:38   account and an American account. And that was exactly what it was. So now I can use

01:17:43   the shortcut to switch between my accounts.

01:17:47   But do you want to switch? Oh, you need to switch between them to get your Italian bulk

01:17:52   content and your American bulk content, right?

01:17:54   - Yeah, yeah, sometimes.

01:17:56   Sometimes I do need to do that.

01:17:58   - Also, if you remember in the last beta,

01:18:00   they added the, so on the time picker,

01:18:03   they added the ability to swipe up and down

01:18:05   to use the kind of old style navigation for the time picker,

01:18:10   but to use the old style in the new way, basically.

01:18:15   And they've now added a kind of visual indicator

01:18:18   to show that there are numbers above and below

01:18:21   the time picker.

01:18:22   I think this is a really nice,

01:18:23   and they've landed on, I think,

01:18:25   a really nice middle ground between these two.

01:18:28   - It's very nice, and they have the color stroke around it,

01:18:32   which I think is a really nice touch.

01:18:34   And of course, it takes on the accent color

01:18:37   of the app that you're using,

01:18:38   so it's like orange in the clock app,

01:18:40   and it's red in Calendar, so really, really nicely done.

01:18:43   I think this is a very nice middle ground

01:18:45   compared to the previous one.

01:18:48   Really nicely done.

01:18:49   I also saw that this must be like a WebKit thing,

01:18:53   But now if you're on a website that uses a date picker,

01:18:57   you don't see the web date picker anymore,

01:19:00   but you see the native iOS date picker.

01:19:03   Sort of like when you upload the photo

01:19:05   and you get the custom iOS picker.

01:19:08   - That's good actually,

01:19:08   'cause a lot of the web-based date pickers,

01:19:13   they like scroll beneath the keyboard.

01:19:15   - Yeah, they're awful.

01:19:16   - They're always such a pain.

01:19:18   - Yes, yes.

01:19:19   And I saw that now it like pops up

01:19:21   in the middle of the screen

01:19:22   you can actually pick a date. It's very nicely done. The date picker is, it has really grown

01:19:27   on me.

01:19:28   It's one of my favorite things about iOS 14 without a shadow of a doubt. Because I can

01:19:32   tap on the date and do the, and I just type in the time. I like to do that.

01:19:36   And you can switch months with the arrows. Really well done.

01:19:39   It's so good. Especially for using date picking in shortcuts.

01:19:45   Yes.

01:19:46   Right? You can do all of that anywhere in the system. I really, really like it.

01:19:51   - Yeah, agreed.

01:19:52   - Aside from the timeline causing stress and stuff,

01:19:57   how is the review coming along?

01:20:00   Like how do you feel about it now

01:20:04   compared to how you felt about it in previous years

01:20:07   in the same process?

01:20:08   - I feel good about it.

01:20:11   I think it's fun.

01:20:13   Because I've been able to include

01:20:17   a lot of third party examples.

01:20:20   especially for widgets and on iPad

01:20:25   for the sidebars and the three column layouts.

01:20:29   I think those parts are super fun to write

01:20:33   to be able to have that mix of technical talk

01:20:38   that I do have this time,

01:20:39   especially for the three column stuff,

01:20:41   but it's not too technical.

01:20:43   And accompanying that technical discussion

01:20:48   is the actual example.

01:20:50   So like that sort of flow of,

01:20:53   I'm explaining a technical thing,

01:20:54   but then I'm also showing you what that means in practice.

01:20:57   That I think is very fun.

01:20:59   And the rest of the review,

01:21:01   I think it's slightly different than usual in that

01:21:04   for the past couple of years,

01:21:06   I've always had this big like shortcuts chapter

01:21:11   with a lot of examples.

01:21:12   And I feel like this time it's gonna be different

01:21:15   because I'm struggling to come out with new shortcuts

01:21:17   because the new shortcuts that I will be making,

01:21:20   I will make those, I will make those,

01:21:23   but they will be based on third-party actions.

01:21:25   Because there aren't that many new system actions

01:21:30   that I can take advantage of.

01:21:31   And I've already made so many shortcuts

01:21:34   with those default actions.

01:21:36   Yes, I will make some for the new Apple TV stuff

01:21:40   and the new workout stuff.

01:21:43   But really, the big changes in shortcuts this year

01:21:47   are all about automations.

01:21:48   - And also how you interact with the shortcuts.

01:21:50   - And also how you use shortcuts,

01:21:52   which is what I'm writing about.

01:21:54   And so automations I cannot share

01:21:56   because you cannot share automations

01:21:58   with a link with somebody else.

01:22:00   And I think it's more fun to show like,

01:22:03   here's what a shortcut looked like before

01:22:05   and here's what it looks like now.

01:22:07   So I think while I'm a bit stressed

01:22:11   because of the schedule and because I'm,

01:22:15   When I think about it, I'm like, boy, I'm cutting it closer than I would like to be right now.

01:22:21   But also, if you subtract those 20 days, sometimes I think about it like it's not really August 26th,

01:22:30   it's still August 6th.

01:22:31   Because August 26th on a usual year, you're like approaching the end.

01:22:36   I'm wrapping up, right? I'm wrapping up. I'm already going through the editing.

01:22:40   Yeah, like you would have the review written by now, and you would be, like in a sense of like,

01:22:44   all of the chapters are done, but now it's just a case of asterisks

01:22:50   around the ones where things might change still, and then let's start editing.

01:22:54   Exactly, so, and I'm not at that point right now, but again we're also on a

01:23:00   different schedule and everything, so sometimes I think about it and when I

01:23:04   look at the date in isolation I'm like "man that's super bad, it's like already

01:23:09   September" but then I think about it and I'm like "there's no way this launches in two

01:23:12   weeks. So that makes me feel better. And otherwise, I think it's, as I mentioned,

01:23:19   it's gonna be a slimmer review, more approachable tone overall, I would say.

01:23:28   Lots of examples, which is fun. Lots of design talk, which was challenging but

01:23:35   also fun because I do love to document like the design evolution of iOS. Less

01:23:40   about shortcuts, more about designing an iPad, and obviously you may have seen like

01:23:48   the preview series that we're doing on Mac Stories. Ryan and John and Alex also

01:23:55   this week, they're writing about stuff about iOS 14 and iPadOS that I will not

01:24:01   include in my review. So it's something that we started doing last year and that

01:24:05   are continuing and expanding on this year, like taking these stories and these apps that maybe

01:24:12   I'm not interested in or maybe I actually cannot use like maps and have the team do stories about

01:24:20   that during the summer. So stuff like maps and wind down or game controllers, we're gonna have

01:24:30   standalone stories. I will not have to take care of that in the review. I assume Jon will write the

01:24:34   the game controllers part because Jon has 100 game controllers.

01:24:37   Oh, it's that easy to guess. Yeah, it will. So there's gonna be that, and in my review

01:24:43   I will link back to those stories. But otherwise, excluding the timeline schedule stuff, I feel

01:24:51   pretty good about it. I think it's good, I think it's got a nice friendly tone, with

01:24:56   the technical talk sprinkled on top here and there. And it's a bit unfortunate, I would've

01:25:02   I would have liked more new shortcut actions.

01:25:06   That I would have liked. But instead I also think, like, this is the year

01:25:10   where shortcuts... It's more about the experience of using shortcuts, right?

01:25:14   So the stuff that we've been requesting for years, like folders

01:25:18   and the sidebar, and more interactivity on the home screen,

01:25:22   so the widgets, like, I will take and copy and paste for actions,

01:25:26   like, I will take that stuff.

01:25:27   Yes, like, look, here's the thing.

01:25:29   It's fine.

01:25:30   a lot of new actions, but we had wish lists, and we got most of the things on the wish

01:25:35   list. That's about as good as you could hope for. And honestly, like you say, a lot of

01:25:40   the stuff for that will be in third-party stuff, so you'll have stories to write later

01:25:45   on in the year.

01:25:47   Yeah, exactly. So I can write about my shortcuts and the more advanced stuff later. And something

01:25:54   that I'm really enjoying doing right now, which I will consider, I guess, as part of

01:25:57   you know, all the things surrounding the review is this custom widgets that I'm making with

01:26:04   Scriptable. So all these custom things that I'm designing, you may have seen like on Twitter,

01:26:10   I've shared like a NASA widget that I've made, and I have another four reminders. Like I'm

01:26:16   really enjoying this idea of like programming and designing my own widgets with Scriptable.

01:26:21   So that's something that I've been doing on the side. And that probably if I make some,

01:26:27   And I have some more ideas, right?

01:26:29   Like I've been thinking stuff for toggle, for example, to have fancier toggle reports

01:26:36   that update every few minutes.

01:26:38   Oh, that'd be nice.

01:26:39   Yeah.

01:26:40   I've been thinking about RSS.

01:26:41   There's a bunch of things that I could do with custom widgets, so that's what I've been

01:26:44   also building on the side.

01:26:46   Otherwise, yeah, feeling pretty good about it.

01:26:50   The setup with iA writer and MindNode is working fine.

01:26:55   Yeah, the big question looming over this entire thing is the schedule.

01:27:03   But I'm just, look, I'm trying to be more hippie myself to an extent.

01:27:11   Like I'm trying to go with the flow and accept the realities out of my control, you know,

01:27:16   all that kind of stuff.

01:27:18   It's very much unlike me, but I'm trying to because I think it's good for my stress levels.

01:27:23   So, yeah. Well, look at the end of the day, well, I mean, who knows? It's incredibly unlikely

01:27:31   that they're like incredibly unlikely. Look, this is not launching in two weeks, okay?

01:27:37   This is what I said that they're just going to drop it randomly. In fact, they can't.

01:27:40   You're always going to get at least one week's notice. And then how you deal with that.

01:27:45   Worst case scenario, I will get a one week notice. Okay. So what's going to happen in

01:27:53   In that week I don't want to think about, but that's the worst case scenario.

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