300: You Cannot Put a Price on Glory


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 300.

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00:00:19   I'm Stephen Hackett and I am joined

00:00:21   for this very special episode by my very special friend,

00:00:25   Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:26   - Hello, hi, how are you?

00:00:28   I am great.

00:00:29   300!

00:00:30   This, wow, man, what an honor to be announced first.

00:00:33   Mm-hmm.

00:00:34   Unlike the other guy.

00:00:35   Mm-hmm.

00:00:36   I know, I know.

00:00:37   Such a beautiful number, too.

00:00:38   Don't you worry about me.

00:00:39   Don't you worry about me, my friends.

00:00:41   Literally nobody's worrying about you.

00:00:43   Nothing's bringing me down today.

00:00:45   I'm in a great mood over here.

00:00:47   Introduce me, Steven.

00:00:48   Not even your obvious loss in the-

00:00:50   Introduce me, my friend, Steven Hackett.

00:00:54   Introduce me.

00:00:55   Come on.

00:00:56   We are also joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:58   Hello, gentlemen.

00:01:00   Myke Hurley.

00:01:01   So I have to say it now.

00:01:02   Yeah, that was a funny couple of hours, wasn't it?

00:01:05   Where it seemed like everybody I knew,

00:01:08   the autocorrect for my name was in all caps,

00:01:12   which was very strange.

00:01:13   Mine's still happening.

00:01:14   I tried typing your name in Discord today,

00:01:16   and it came out in all caps.

00:01:18   That's very weird.

00:01:19   Why does that happen?

00:01:20   I don't know.

00:01:21   I'll put a link in the show notes.

00:01:23   So you took a screenshot, didn't you?

00:01:25   I think so.

00:01:26   Yes, I did.

00:01:26   tweeted it. Yeah. Big Sir Myke. Yes, Big Sir's my father. I've been waiting like for three days to

00:01:38   make that joke. It's so good. I couldn't wait until you said it and then I was there and I got

00:01:44   it in there. That's good. I'm happy about that. This is going to be a great episode boys. We're

00:01:50   just in for a real rip-roaring good time today. Should we start with some follow-up though before

00:01:55   before we get into the good times.

00:01:57   - Yeah.

00:01:58   - Apple and a third party email app

00:02:02   have come to a conclusion to their fighting.

00:02:07   - Hey.

00:02:07   - Myke, do you wanna tell us what happened?

00:02:08   - Hey.

00:02:09   - Hey.

00:02:10   - Hey.

00:02:11   - I think it was like just before WWDC began,

00:02:14   there was a couple of news articles published

00:02:16   and Hey also put something on their blog about it.

00:02:19   Hi.

00:02:20   effectively in a nutshell, Apple and Basecamp worked it out to a point.

00:02:27   And they approved a well provisionally, they approved a bug update

00:02:33   and some performance enhancement update, the one that had been held.

00:02:37   And then there was a conversation where Apple kind of like provisionally approved

00:02:42   pending Basecamp submitting it a version of Hey,

00:02:47   which includes a trial mode effectively.

00:02:50   So, I don't know why you're combining all the things.

00:02:55   Either do the Hey thing or the ASMR thing.

00:02:58   You don't have to do them at the same time.

00:03:01   He just can't help himself.

00:03:03   And so, also adding business functionality is just a thing that we're going to do.

00:03:08   Something which actually makes Hey a little bit more attractive to me

00:03:13   is being able to have my own domain.

00:03:15   So I don't have to create a new email to get people to account

00:03:19   for people to email me to be able to use like a previous domain or whatever that I have and just set it up there I

00:03:26   Think this isn't the last of this

00:03:28   But for now, I mean and there was some stuff that I don't know if we're gonna get into today

00:03:33   Where there was some changes to the developer rules which effectively allow for more challenging of these processes

00:03:39   It's like an official thing which seems like a good move

00:03:42   but for now Apple and hey have have worked it out they and I and and

00:03:49   we're just gonna have to see what happens going forward.

00:03:52   The Basecamp team are still being very loud about this

00:03:57   and probably will be, and Apple will be very quiet

00:04:01   until Phil Schiller comes out

00:04:02   and says something else again, I guess.

00:04:04   We'll see.

00:04:04   I don't know what's gonna happen here,

00:04:05   but it seems like it's taken care of for now.

00:04:09   - Is anybody surprised that this is the outcome?

00:04:12   I feel like we all knew that.

00:04:14   You know, these big companies,

00:04:15   they shout and they scream

00:04:17   and they send letters to each other,

00:04:19   But then at the end of the day, they always work it out.

00:04:21   These are big companies and they have a phone call

00:04:25   with the big guys and be like,

00:04:26   "Hey, let's work out a deal."

00:04:28   And there's folks getting all vocal about it, rightfully so,

00:04:33   because we talked about it, it was an interesting issue,

00:04:36   but I'm honestly not surprised that large companies,

00:04:39   they can always come to an agreement, as they say.

00:04:42   - Do you think this would have been resolved so quickly

00:04:45   if WVDC wasn't this week?

00:04:48   Probably not, which also, you know, it's quite the coincidence,

00:04:53   and especially the timing of it.

00:04:55   You know, I think the resolution came out on the morning of WWDC,

00:05:00   which was, you know, quite...

00:05:02   I still don't understand the timeline of this, though.

00:05:05   Like, why did they, like Apple, make all these statements to the press

00:05:12   and then work it out with Hay afterwards?

00:05:14   Like, why not work out and then make the statements to the press saying that it's all taken care

00:05:19   of?

00:05:20   Because you need to, you need the other party to panic.

00:05:23   Because I mean, let's face it, not being on the App Store, you might as well not exist.

00:05:27   Ah, interesting.

00:05:29   So they were being kind of brutish about it to try and kind of set fire on the base camp

00:05:36   a little bit.

00:05:37   Maybe, yeah, that makes sense.

00:05:38   All right, moving right along.

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00:06:59   All right.

00:07:00   Do we want to take a break before we...

00:07:03   Oh, sorry.

00:07:04   No.

00:07:05   I mean we're supposed to share our feelings first.

00:07:07   Sorry.

00:07:08   Yeah.

00:07:08   Jeesh, Steven.

00:07:10   Sorry.

00:07:10   Wow.

00:07:11   God.

00:07:11   All you can do is think about ovens and stoves and pipes and whatever.

00:07:15   Yeah, he's probably like, I don't know, looking at some hardware store, magazine.

00:07:19   So Sanjay, Sanjay, Kia website lasting over some new furniture.

00:07:23   Are there any hardware development conferences going on this week that you're secretly attending in the background?

00:07:27   The hardware developer conference?

00:07:29   Worldwide washing machine conference.

00:07:32   That's good.

00:07:33   WWMC. It could also be the worldwide microwave conference. So this is the first WWDC ever

00:07:45   that's completely virtual. Big change for a lot of us, and I thought maybe we could

00:07:49   talk about our feelings for a little while. How about that? All right. Does anybody have

00:07:55   any feelings? I'm very tired already. We're only halfway through the week. There are a

00:08:00   couple of reasons. One, it is really not very helpful that everything's happening on Pacific

00:08:07   Time. I will say, I think what Apple has done this week so far has been fantastic. I think

00:08:14   that the keynote was amazing, the videos are amazing, and having all that content go out

00:08:19   is great. I've also liked a lot of the extra parts that they've been doing. I've really

00:08:23   loved Serenity Caldwell, and it's lovely to hear Serenity again. She's been doing these

00:08:27   wrap-up videos on Apple's YouTube channel. All of that is amazing. I want to

00:08:32   say this is the worldwide development conference. Pacific Time is terrible for

00:08:38   most of the world. There's a world outside of America, is that what you're

00:08:43   saying? It's what I've understood. That's not what we're taught here, that can't be

00:08:46   true. So if they do this again, I would love it if they at least went for Eastern

00:08:52   time. Or even just like 8am, like it's just saying, "Oh, we're going to do it all at 8am pacific,

00:08:58   we'll put the videos up." Because, you know, like for me in Federico, you're looking at like

00:09:03   5 to 6pm in the evening before the videos come out, and then the day starts kicking off again.

00:09:09   So, you know, I would really love it if, again, I totally understand, like you had to do this for

00:09:16   the first time, work out what works, and adapt from it, but I would really love it if they do

00:09:21   this again in the future to have some of the content even just staggered out throughout the day

00:09:27   would be would be really great considering the videos are pre-recorded. I think it would just

00:09:33   be super helpful if they were released at different times. So anyway I'm super super sleepy because

00:09:40   I've been working really late and also way more than I would during a typical WWDC. Like I've been

00:09:50   consuming more, I've been reading more, I've been testing more than I would normally.

00:09:56   And I think it's because the information is so readily available and I don't have other

00:10:01   engagements I'm just working harder on finding out more information than I would normally.

00:10:07   And so whilst I'm very happy to have access to all that information it is making me realize

00:10:13   that I've got a lot going on.

00:10:16   Plus, typically during WWDC week, I don't record all of my shows.

00:10:20   I pre-record a bunch.

00:10:22   I didn't do that.

00:10:23   I should have done that.

00:10:24   Like shows that didn't need to be recorded this week, I should have pre-recorded them.

00:10:28   But I didn't.

00:10:29   So I'm really loving the week so far.

00:10:31   There's a lot of amazing stuff happening, but I am really tired too.

00:10:34   Yeah, I feel the same.

00:10:35   Very tired, especially because I'm basically working 5pm to 1am every day.

00:10:41   And you know, it's a very unfortunate schedule because it means I'm basically not available

00:10:46   for dinner or, you know, all kinds of other evening activities.

00:10:49   It's very strange.

00:10:51   And also I'm finding it...

00:10:52   So on the one hand, I think Apple is doing a very good job.

00:10:54   It's done a very good job with the videos and the sessions and the recap videos.

00:10:59   They've done the, you know, they've done the best that they could have done in this situation,

00:11:04   I think.

00:11:05   And I feel like, like you mentioned, I know a lot more and a lot sooner than usual because

00:11:12   I've already, because I'm not traveling.

00:11:14   So I've put the beta on my phone and the iPad.

00:11:16   I'm going to put the beta on my watch soon as well.

00:11:19   And I've been playing around with it.

00:11:21   My notes are already kind of sort of organized by chapter for the review.

00:11:27   Still getting there, but you know, making really good progress.

00:11:29   Usually this is all stuff that I would do like the week after WWDC, after recovering

00:11:34   for a couple of days because of all the travel. So on the one hand, I know a lot more and

00:11:40   I feel more organized. Yes, I'm tired, but that's part of the job. What I do miss though,

00:11:45   and which is why I'm going to say that I really miss the real thing, the in-person conference,

00:11:53   because while I know a lot more, I have a lot more facts, right? I know about the features

00:11:58   and the details, but I do miss the conversations, like the in-person conversations with the

00:12:04   developers and friends, like talking about the,

00:12:08   not just the features and the details,

00:12:10   which is what people at home usually discover,

00:12:12   but talking about like the big picture ideas

00:12:15   and getting a sense of like,

00:12:16   what are developers gonna work on?

00:12:17   What's the general consensus in the room, right?

00:12:21   I miss that aspect.

00:12:23   And just, and of course, you know,

00:12:25   talking to Apple engineers, all that kind of stuff

00:12:27   that you can only do in person, that I really miss.

00:12:30   So I'm enjoying the format this year,

00:12:33   but I hope that it's only for this year.

00:12:36   - Yeah, I'm in line with all that stuff.

00:12:38   I am being reminded every day

00:12:41   of how little I know during the week of WBC

00:12:43   'cause usually I'll favorite a bunch of sessions

00:12:45   and watch them on the flight home and then the week after.

00:12:48   And I spent like four hours yesterday

00:12:50   watching sessions and taking notes

00:12:52   and I plan to do the same later today.

00:12:55   And so it is kind of fun to be learning this

00:12:58   at the same time so many other people are,

00:13:01   but I agree with you all.

00:13:02   I do miss it being in person.

00:13:06   I really want to hear from developers after this is over

00:13:09   how they feel like the labs went,

00:13:11   where you're making an appointment

00:13:13   and you're doing some sort of video call.

00:13:16   There was a push notification this morning

00:13:18   from the developer app saying that some of those spots

00:13:20   were still open, which I found really hard to believe.

00:13:23   I figured they would have gone up really quickly.

00:13:25   - I don't know if that was accurate, you know?

00:13:27   'Cause I saw some people complaining about that.

00:13:31   It may have been... Well maybe they were just for sessions no one cares about.

00:13:34   That's what I was about to say. I think the hot topics filled up very

00:13:39   quickly and that some of the stuff that was left, if there was indeed stuff that

00:13:43   was left, may not have been the requested or desired sessions or

00:13:52   one-to-ones. I remember Hot Topic. You go in there and get a black t-shirt. Remember that store?

00:13:58   - It's only in America.

00:14:00   I don't really have any frame of reference.

00:14:02   - There's other places we're taught that's not true.

00:14:04   So yeah, I mean, I think the keynote video,

00:14:07   like all that was spectacular.

00:14:10   There'll be an episode out this week

00:14:11   of Tyler Stallman's podcast,

00:14:12   and he and I recorded it last night,

00:14:14   and basically we talked about their production for an hour,

00:14:16   like how great it was.

00:14:18   And that was, I think, a home run.

00:14:20   And I think having the sessions available to everybody

00:14:23   at the same time is a home run.

00:14:25   The labs are really what hold this up, I think,

00:14:28   from it being a potential virtual-only deal in the future.

00:14:33   I think Apple likes having a mass of people in one place,

00:14:36   but I think if they felt, well, the labs went really well

00:14:39   and this is really expensive,

00:14:41   there's a timeline where W2C in person doesn't happen again,

00:14:45   and that would make me sad,

00:14:47   but you gotta think Apple's considering it.

00:14:50   - I also have a technical problem

00:14:51   that I would like to mention on the show.

00:14:54   So as was the plan, after a long series here on connected,

00:14:59   talking about which kind of apps I was gonna use

00:15:03   for the research material for the iOS 14 review,

00:15:08   as I mentioned, I decided to stick with Devontink.

00:15:11   So I've spent the past few days,

00:15:13   which is another instance of making progress

00:15:17   sooner than usual.

00:15:18   I've been saving all kinds of PDF documents in Devontink,

00:15:21   both from the human interface guidelines

00:15:24   and the developer documentation and the press material,

00:15:28   the marketing web pages, all kinds of resources

00:15:32   from apple.com.

00:15:33   However, I really hate the process that I have,

00:15:38   the workflow that I have for saving these PDF documents.

00:15:40   Unfortunately, because I have the beta of iOS

00:15:46   and iPadOS 14 on my devices,

00:15:48   I have discovered that while most of my shortcuts are,

00:15:52   Actually, all of my shortcuts are working, right?

00:15:54   There's no, like, they haven't changed the format

00:15:59   of shortcuts like it happened, I think it was last year

00:16:03   or a couple of years ago.

00:16:04   So that's fine, no compatibility issues.

00:16:07   However, there are some share sheet bugs

00:16:10   and some issues that prevent my Devonthink shortcuts

00:16:13   from working sometimes.

00:16:16   So sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

00:16:18   So I need to save these web pages as PDF, okay?

00:16:22   And ideally, I would like them to be saved

00:16:25   with clickable links in them.

00:16:27   So if in the body of a webpage, there's a hyperlink,

00:16:31   I would like that hyperlink to be maintained,

00:16:34   to be preserved in the PDF document.

00:16:36   Now, let me explain to you all the different scenarios

00:16:41   and all the different problems that I've run into.

00:16:43   First, if you wanna use shortcuts

00:16:46   to convert a webpage to PDF,

00:16:48   the clickable links are not preserved.

00:16:51   If you use the print menu in Safari to print a web page and then if you pinch on the print preview you get a PDF,

00:17:00   they also do not preserve the clickable links.

00:17:03   Is this a problem in 14 or is it always a problem?

00:17:06   It's always been a problem. It's always been a problem.

00:17:09   If you, and this was a recent discovery of mine, if you want to use the screenshot tool to capture a full web page as a PDF,

00:17:17   which is something that Apple launched last year with iOS 13.

00:17:21   You can take a screenshot in a Safari web page,

00:17:24   and then in the markup screen, you can switch from screenshot to full page.

00:17:28   And if you share that page, it's a PDF, which is great, right?

00:17:32   I wish it actually did an actual full page screenshot

00:17:36   rather than create a PDF for a lot of instances, but that's just me.

00:17:41   Because if you take a screenshot of a web page,

00:17:44   and you want the full web page, PDF is not going to keep the same formatting in a lot of instances.

00:17:52   But that's just like a thing. I just wished it would take a screenshot of an entire web page

00:17:56   as opposed to turning it into a PDF personally. But that wouldn't help you with what you're trying to do.

00:18:01   And anyway, I've discovered that if you use this method to turn a web page into a PDF,

00:18:08   it works beautifully with one big exception. The system doesn't tell you,

00:18:13   but if it's a long web page, at some point it gets truncated.

00:18:17   It gets cut off at the end, in the middle of the page.

00:18:21   Just, I don't know why, it's a system limitation.

00:18:24   It hasn't been fixed in 14 either.

00:18:26   So that was that method I couldn't use.

00:18:29   There's a Devon Think extension in the share sheet.

00:18:32   However, it does not support converting a web page to PDF.

00:18:36   It can only accept links or plain text or web archives,

00:18:40   but no PDF.

00:18:41   So because Shortcuts was exhibiting some issues and because it couldn't create clickable links,

00:18:48   I have been using this utility, this application called InstaWeb, which on the surface it looks

00:18:54   like one of those many many PDF utilities, like kind of sort of like shady PDF utilities that you

00:19:02   find on the App Store. Like there are so many of those PDF apps that do like weird things in the

00:19:09   the background, like they sign you up for mailing lists or they have advertisements.

00:19:14   And this InstaWeb kind of looks like one of those, but it's not. It's really good. And

00:19:18   it's the only app that I've found that lets you convert a web page to PDF while keeping

00:19:24   the clickable links. The clickable links is $2 in a purchase and it works perfectly. It's

00:19:29   the only one that I've found. However, there's a problem here also, which is why I really

00:19:34   dislike the workflow that I have right now.

00:19:36   What did you say it was called? InstaWeb.

00:19:37   InstaWeb. Yes, all one word.

00:19:40   I'm struggling to find it. Is it called...

00:19:42   PDF something. InstaWeb.

00:19:45   Web to PDF converter and reader? Is that it?

00:19:48   Their website throws a security error.

00:19:50   See, that's what I mean.

00:19:53   Is the company called DigiSet?

00:19:54   Yeah, that's the company.

00:19:56   Cool, I got it. I got the App Store link.

00:19:58   I'll put it in the show notes.

00:19:58   That's the company. It's called InstaWeb,

00:20:00   but on the App Store it's not called InstaWeb.

00:20:03   See, that's what I mean, right?

00:20:05   It's called Web to PDF converter.

00:20:06   It's like one of those weird things, and it gives off the wrong vibe, but it's legit and it works.

00:20:13   So I've been using this, but there's a problem.

00:20:16   This application does not support shortcuts at all, and the way that it works is

00:20:21   you have an action extension in the share sheet. So in Safari you open the share sheet and you

00:20:28   select the extension called "Open in InstaWeb". So there's so many steps involved.

00:20:35   So what happens is you jump from Safari to InstaWeb. InstaWeb opens the web page with an inline web browser.

00:20:42   Then you tap a PDF button in InstaWeb and it says, "Okay, I'm gonna convert this to PDF."

00:20:48   You can rename the document and you can enable the clickable links option.

00:20:52   Then you do that and it processes the page, converts the page to PDF, and then the PDF ends up in a files

00:21:00   section inside InstaWeb. So you need to switch tabs and go to files and then I'm like okay now

00:21:06   I go to files and then you know what you need to do. You need to open the PDF inside InstaWeb,

00:21:12   open the share sheet and then from there manually export it to DevOnThink. It's like 10 steps to do

00:21:19   something that should be one step. It should be a single step. So yeah, I'm very slow in

00:21:27   in archiving all these PDF documents.

00:21:29   And yes, I know, oh, what if you used your Mac,

00:21:32   blah, blah, blah.

00:21:33   Yeah, I don't care about your opinion

00:21:35   about the computer that I wanna use.

00:21:37   I wanna use my iPad.

00:21:38   So this should be easier.

00:21:41   If anybody out there is listening,

00:21:42   if you, somebody who, anybody who works on PDF utilities,

00:21:46   just listen to this and I'll like,

00:21:49   how many steps is that?

00:21:50   Like eight different steps, nine different steps?

00:21:52   It should be one.

00:21:53   It should be a single step.

00:21:54   Like in Safari, I have an extension

00:21:56   that creates a PDF and let me share it right away and keep the clickable links.

00:22:00   I don't, I don't, I don't understand why this is so difficult, but it is.

00:22:04   So that's my problem.

00:22:07   Maybe somebody will build a Safari extension to do this.

00:22:10   That said, though, I have a very nice collection of PDFs in Devontink.

00:22:14   And I feel like I feel like Steven, you know, I'm all.

00:22:17   Oh, so like, here's the important part.

00:22:19   Yes, it's a pain to do what you've been doing.

00:22:21   But do you have what you were looking for?

00:22:23   Yes, yes, yes, fine.

00:22:25   Yes, because then what I'm going to do now is, because DevOnThink is a file provider extension,

00:22:33   I can use Highlights, which is this separate utility, to annotate those PDFs.

00:22:38   Very nice.

00:22:39   DevOnThink has an annotation tool, but it's not great. Highlights uses the document browser,

00:22:45   so what you can do, you can just point it to the DevOnThink location, and you can annotate

00:22:49   those PDF documents in line with the opening place support. So very, very nice.

00:22:56   The Discord is popping off about using PDF expert for this instead.

00:23:01   PDF expert?

00:23:03   Yeah.

00:23:04   But that's like a whole thing. Like, I don't need to manage my PDF documents.

00:23:08   That's what they're telling you to try and check out.

00:23:10   It's like a whole PDF manager. Yeah, I guess if they...

00:23:13   They're the sponsor of your website this week.

00:23:16   [laughing]

00:23:20   They are, right?

00:23:22   Okay, I'm gonna try-- yeah, I'm reading through the Discord.

00:23:24   I'm gonna try PDF Expert.

00:23:27   Mm-hmm.

00:23:28   I mean, even if I go from, like, nine steps to four,

00:23:31   that's gonna be a success.

00:23:33   So, yeah. Yeah.

00:23:34   I'm gonna download that.

00:23:35   Try that one.

00:23:36   Yes, I will.

00:23:37   A million apps, but there's an app for that.

00:23:40   Sure.

00:23:41   Or an app clip.

00:23:42   Up clip.

00:23:43   (inhales)

00:23:43   Up clip.

00:23:44   Up clip.

00:23:45   Up clip.

00:23:46   (laughs)

00:23:47   That's gonna be a new thing.

00:23:48   Up clip.

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00:24:36   I have all of my domains at Hover,

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00:24:43   And boy, they all feel so scammy.

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00:25:32   - It's Ricky time.

00:25:34   Steven, can you give us a reminder of the rules

00:25:37   of the Ricky's please for summer 2020.

00:25:40   - The order that we picked in was set

00:25:42   by the previous event winner.

00:25:46   That was me, I won in the fall.

00:25:48   So I got to go first.

00:25:49   So I am the current keynote chairman,

00:25:52   current keynote winner.

00:25:54   Federico is the current annual chairman

00:25:56   because he won last year's pick.

00:25:57   So that he's safe in that title for another six months.

00:26:01   So to earn any points here,

00:26:02   everything written down in the document must have come true.

00:26:06   We do not award half points.

00:26:09   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct

00:26:11   in the first two rounds, and picks cannot be reused.

00:26:16   Two points will be awarded for correct picks

00:26:19   in the risky pick round.

00:26:21   If your risky pick is wrong, you lose a point.

00:26:25   So there's a lot at stake there.

00:26:28   Risky picks had to be judged as risky by the two of us.

00:26:32   So we did all that last week.

00:26:34   Lastly, we have the non-graded FlexiPics.

00:26:39   The loser of that must buy drinks for the other two hosts whenever the pandemic is over.

00:26:43   It's an addendum to the official rules at the moment.

00:26:49   Paragraph 2B when the pandemic is over.

00:26:53   Alright, so round one.

00:26:55   Steven, can you remind us of your pick for round one, please?

00:26:59   Yes, I opened the pick this year with "A CPU transition is announced for the Mac."

00:27:08   CPU transition was probably the right wording.

00:27:11   Yeah, we argued about it last time.

00:27:13   Yeah, for that exact reason that ended up working out for you, you know, because Apple

00:27:19   never said ARM, right?

00:27:21   So it was kind of important, potentially, maybe if we wanted to get very particular

00:27:27   about it. Maybe if there was a three-way tie someone would have tried to make the

00:27:30   argument that nobody said arm, right? So but a CPU transition has indeed been

00:27:35   announced for the Mac so you get a point. Yes. Go me. My pick was the iPad home

00:27:42   screen gets new features. Why is this green? Why is this green? Oh boy did I just scrape

00:27:48   in on this one. I'm not sure you did. Alright so let me ask you a question.

00:27:52   Uh-huh. Are the widgets new?

00:27:54   They have a new look, but they're still stuck on the left-hand side. No, okay

00:28:01   Well, I'll give you something. What about the fact that you now have the ability to stack widgets on top of each other and swipe

00:28:06   Through them. Yeah. Well, it's still

00:28:09   That's a new feature my friend. That is a new feature. Is it on the home screen? Yes

00:28:14   See, this is what I meant when my car Lee likes to win easy. This is how he's gonna win

00:28:20   Doesn't matter. You can win it however you want. I win him within the rules. I got that point.

00:28:25   That's boring. Boring. I will say, look, is that point what we thought it was going to be?

00:28:31   No. Do I still get it? Yes. Yeah, but I mean, look at the passion of my picks.

00:28:38   Look at how they were raised. Look at Federico. Federico, let's go through your passion of picks,

00:28:45   shall we? Yeah, go through my picks. Go through them. And yes, I'm gonna lose.

00:28:48   No, just before we move on, I get that point, right?

00:28:50   We're agreeing I got that point?

00:28:52   Yes, begrudgingly.

00:28:54   Thank you!

00:28:55   I'm gonna lose, but I'm gonna lose with honor,

00:28:57   and I'm gonna lose with passion.

00:28:58   And I'm gonna win, Mavana.

00:28:59   No, you're gonna win because of like--

00:29:03   You can't tell me if I have honor or not, I have honor.

00:29:05   You're gonna win thanks to bureaucracy.

00:29:07   And yeah, this is a bureaucratic win for you.

00:29:12   Hey, we should say real quick,

00:29:14   because there's a lot of questions in the Discord,

00:29:16   in the current beta, what Apple is saying

00:29:18   is widgets can be put on the home screen

00:29:21   and the app library stuff is just on the iPhone.

00:29:24   - Yeah.

00:29:25   - You can't move widgets around the home screen on the iPad.

00:29:27   There's no app library on the iPad,

00:29:29   both of which I think all three of us agree is a mistake.

00:29:31   We wanna see those things on the iPad.

00:29:34   - This might be one of those things

00:29:35   where like they change their mind

00:29:37   because people keep talking about it.

00:29:39   But yeah, nevertheless.

00:29:41   - Anyway, my pick was new iMessage features,

00:29:44   including the ability to retract sent messages.

00:29:47   So you see, you see...

00:29:50   - Yeah, that is the end.

00:29:51   - You just picked the wrong thing, right?

00:29:54   - But look, I mean, look at it.

00:29:56   And I challenge you to look at this pick

00:29:58   and be like, man, this is a man who likes to risk.

00:30:00   A man who has ideas.

00:30:01   - All right, all right, all right.

00:30:02   - And who wants to risk with those ideas.

00:30:04   - I tell you what, let's just pause this for a moment.

00:30:06   And then in round two, we can compare the picks

00:30:09   that me and you had, 'cause it's in the flip.

00:30:12   - Uh-huh, well...

00:30:13   - Right, because your second pick, you are not specific.

00:30:16   My second pick, I am specific.

00:30:18   So what do you want from me?

00:30:19   - The second pick is the result of peer pressure.

00:30:21   You both were pressuring me into--

00:30:24   - Oh, come on!

00:30:26   You are the sorest loser and sorest winner I have ever met.

00:30:30   - I am not a sore loser.

00:30:33   I am a honorable loser.

00:30:35   There's a difference.

00:30:36   - No, you are the sorest loser.

00:30:39   - No, I am not.

00:30:40   I am not.

00:30:41   I just believe that.

00:30:42   - No, I am not sore.

00:30:44   Regardless of the scoring, my picks were conceptually superior.

00:30:49   If you look at them.

00:30:51   Anyway, all right.

00:30:52   Well, anyway, I play the game with passion and you play the game to win.

00:30:56   And those are two different things.

00:30:58   Hey, OK, so at the end of round one, Myke and I are tied with one.

00:31:03   Federico has zero round to Apple shares a video touting the benefits.

00:31:10   I said time of flight sensor.

00:31:11   We got corrected afterwards.

00:31:12   the LIDAR sensor but it's what we all knew what you meant. Yeah. Found in the 2020 iPad

00:31:17   Pros for AR. So I will say that this has been mentioned in some of the sessions, but just

00:31:24   basically as an aside and this basically covers the keynote. So I think it's kind of like

00:31:29   Myke's like it doesn't cover the keynote covers all of it. This is the rule is that up until

00:31:33   now, but have they shared a video? That's the thing. It has been in other sessions to

00:31:40   To what level though?

00:31:41   Let me see what sessions are coming out today and I can just stall for six minutes and then

00:31:44   it'll be true.

00:31:45   No, I don't think a session counts.

00:31:47   That's not that.

00:31:48   That's a video.

00:31:49   This is a, wait, this is a point.

00:31:52   Is it?

00:31:53   What video did they share?

00:31:54   I'm asking the question.

00:31:56   Yeah.

00:31:57   Have they shared a video?

00:31:58   A session is a video.

00:32:00   Has a session happened to this point about ARKit with a...

00:32:05   Yeah, I'm looking through the list again because I watched a bunch of stuff.

00:32:07   Oh yeah.

00:32:08   Maybe the Discord can help us find it.

00:32:10   I have seen this! Was it the State of the Union? No no!

00:32:14   Discover features, seen understanding, using the LIDAR scanner on iPad Pro.

00:32:19   Yep, so I think I got that. This is a point! Thanks to me! Alright, changing that to green.

00:32:25   Good luck to you in the coin flip. Oh can I be the coin flipper?

00:32:32   No, Siri does it. Well, but I can't... I'm not trusting you.

00:32:37   I'm going to do it live.

00:32:38   I'm not trusting you.

00:32:39   You can do Siri, but I'm not trusting you

00:32:41   to just flip a coin.

00:32:42   All right.

00:32:43   Wow.

00:32:43   I have a point in round two.

00:32:45   Myke, what was your round two pick?

00:32:48   iOS gets the ability to change default apps from those

00:32:51   that Apple make, including email.

00:32:54   Skinny your teeth, boy.

00:32:56   Because it's just email and browsers.

00:32:58   Well, I got it, though.

00:33:00   I'm pretty proud of that one.

00:33:02   There was some risk element to that,

00:33:04   especially considering how little they actually did do. And I was right. You see how I did

00:33:08   it? I made a specific pic. See that? Very nice. Look at the simplicity and the purity

00:33:13   of my next pic. I hate you. WatchOS gets new sleep tracking features. Look at how simple

00:33:19   and streamlined it is. And I got this right. We got to 300 episodes of the show and that's

00:33:24   it. I'm done now. I'm not coming back. I don't want to be on the same call as you. I don't

00:33:31   to be in the same room as you. I don't want any of it. We're done. Look at the clarity of this.

00:33:38   This pick is true to its form. Somebody could have once said in an Apple video.

00:33:44   Watch your eyes as new sleep tracking features. And that's it. That's the pick. And I got it

00:33:51   right. And this is how you do a pick. See? So at the end of round two... Myke is literally

00:33:57   not speaking to me anymore. At the end of round two I have two points. Federico has

00:34:02   one point. Myke and I have... Myke also has two points. So Myke and I are tied. That

00:34:10   was a great point round up there. I have two points. I also have two points.

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00:35:31   Man, you all ready?

00:35:34   Ready? No, he's Michael speaking to me now. Can you ask him Steven? Myke, are you ready? Yeah, I'm ready. Yeah, okay.

00:35:44   My risky pick something in the default dock of Catalina

00:35:48   Becomes a catalyst app and I got to both messages and maps

00:35:53   Boom nice surprise you guys. I'm rooting for you Steven. Thank you

00:35:59   I'm surprised I got two as well messages felt like maybe but

00:36:03   Maps I didn't expect but you know I guess they want to I mean they said in the keynote they want to have

00:36:08   All the features the same

00:36:12   Across the the main they're really making maps and like a big surface and a lot of those features weren't there on the Mac

00:36:17   I didn't even realize that because I don't know the last time I opened the Maps app on my Mac

00:36:21   On purpose. It's not something I use very often. But if you do it's new and shiny and big sir

00:36:27   I'm really intrigued to see what messages will be like. I think it was the right move to go catalyst. Yeah

00:36:35   Just so they could actually get it up to date

00:36:38   especially because they added so much stuff to messages and messages on

00:36:41   iPad OS and iOS is really great. So like I assume it's very similar experience and big so it is it's nice

00:36:48   They do have a little like app section, but all that's in there is the memo G and the image search. That's funny

00:36:54   They didn't say anything or the earth they had I missed it

00:36:57   They haven't say anything about bringing messages apps to the Mac, but maybe that'll come later where you can have

00:37:02   Yeah, you know Giphy or that's really the only one anyone

00:37:06   I wonder if it would go into messages on the ARM version if you installed the iOS app.

00:37:15   Maybe. I mean, I think that would just come later. I think we'll know more soon.

00:37:21   My pick was that Memoji would get updated to include face coverings, and that thing

00:37:27   in fact did happen. I have changed my Memoji to have a face covering now. There were lots

00:37:32   updates actually like they've added some more age updates and more accessories more hair types and

00:37:39   stuff like that so Memoji got quite not like there wasn't any um additional animals that I noticed

00:37:46   which I'm surprised about but the Memojis rather than the Animojis did get quite a lot of

00:37:52   improvements so my risky pick was a success. So my risky pick was the iPad gets a new development

00:38:00   tool to write code on device that is not Swift Playgrounds and it was not correct. So I'm

00:38:06   actually kind of bummed about this, like, honestly, like, besides the, you know, the

00:38:12   points and whatnot, like, I was really hoping to see some announcements on the development

00:38:19   tool front for iPad. But yeah, I mean, as a pick, it is risky, but it is wrong. So I

00:38:26   still feel like it's a pick of passion, but it was incorrect for this game, unfortunately.

00:38:33   It's not fit for this challenge. So by getting this Ricky wrong, I lose the one point and

00:38:40   I go all the way down to zero, which is also a beautiful number if you ask me. Better to

00:38:48   lose with zero than to lose with one or to lose with a coin flip. So zero. Yeah, zero

00:38:56   points so final scoring Steven for mic for Federico zero and I will say in the

00:39:07   2019 annual predictions I came in last after a coin toss so I'm not super

00:39:15   pumped about a coin toss but this is where we are I believe Steven is gonna

00:39:20   win. Didn't I also win at WWDC because of a coin toss? I think so. Was that last year?

00:39:27   Or was it the year before? I don't have that in my notes but I think it was last year. I know I

00:39:34   won on stage at some point from a coin toss because of Jason's poor coin flipping. So how

00:39:40   should we flip a coin now? How should we do this? Myke doesn't trust me invoking Siri even though

00:39:46   you guys can hear Siri talk so. I'm gonna call Jason in. Okay. Okay.

00:39:56   Congratulations on episode 300. Thank you. Hello Jason. I'm enjoying the show. Thank you.

00:40:09   Very kind of you. I can't believe I can you alter the rules to be more complex so that it's even

00:40:15   harder to determine who the winner is. We will add a passion threshold for picks in

00:40:20   the future, I think. Will you just? I swear, Federico, if you don't stop. I am officially

00:40:28   proposing that of the three picks, at least one needs to have passion. That is my advantage.

00:40:34   What does that mean? Passion? How can you quantify passion? We'll talk about it, I'm

00:40:39   sure we can come up with a solution. But this is just in a proposal state right now, like

00:40:44   emoji. I need to file an official proposal.

00:40:47   I'll rule on it in six months.

00:40:49   Alright Jason, Myke and I are tied. Will you pick a winner for us?

00:40:54   I have the Relay FM challenge coin here.

00:40:57   No, please don't flip a coin, Jason. Jason, you can't flip a coin.

00:41:00   No!

00:41:00   Jason, you can't flip coins. You're going to hurt yourself.

00:41:03   It's okay. I've learned. It took some online lessons about how to flip a coin.

00:41:09   So who wants the big R and who wants the little R?

00:41:14   I'll take the the big R because I'll take the little R because the big R is the iPod control which was Steven's child

00:41:20   Little R. Yes! No, I can't believe it. No! The game is rigged. Come on! The game is rigged for sure. Look at this

00:41:33   I came into this believing I'd won. I let's I gave Steven his point

00:41:38   Right now everyone heard that Steven was like I didn't get that and I was like no wait a second

00:41:43   And maybe you did get that and we went back and we found it and I gave Steve and his point

00:41:48   which put him into tie with me and then I won the coin toss.

00:41:51   Do you know what Federico?

00:41:53   I'm the winner now.

00:41:54   Yeah, you are.

00:41:55   Congrats.

00:41:56   And then I'm going to win the next one.

00:41:57   Sure.

00:41:58   And then I'm going to take your annual title.

00:41:59   Sure.

00:42:00   And I'm going to take it all.

00:42:01   This is year of Myke, baby.

00:42:02   Sure.

00:42:03   Sure.

00:42:04   It's happening to you.

00:42:05   Get the titles.

00:42:06   And you can come up with your passion threshold.

00:42:07   Yeah, yeah.

00:42:08   Do you know what?

00:42:09   I'll win that too.

00:42:10   Yeah.

00:42:11   Because I'm the winner now.

00:42:12   Wow.

00:42:13   passion you keep your trophies maybe they will maybe they'll also remember

00:42:18   zero points maybe they'll remember that huh Jason's still here Jason thanks I

00:42:22   guess thank you Jason you're welcome I'm happy to flip coins now that I know how

00:42:27   to do it it's good go up with some ice on that thumb okay do you think he hurt

00:42:32   himself for I think he did I heard like a thump at some point I think it was a

00:42:36   his finger. That was why it was spinning for so long, because Jason knocked himself unconscious

00:42:41   for a second. I honestly think his finger fell off.

00:42:48   So I recommend everybody goes and follows @KeyNoteChairman on Twitter, because that

00:42:54   account is now mine. I'm gonna go and make all the changes before the end of the episode.

00:43:01   Wow, are you just gonna put photos of you all over the account?

00:43:04   I'm going to change all of the information that Stephen said, because I know you didn't

00:43:09   use yours, but it's got his avatar and it says "currently held."

00:43:13   I'm waiting for the appropriate time.

00:43:15   Yeah, so I'll turn that over.

00:43:16   Do I get one last tweet real quick?

00:43:18   We do it after the show goes up.

00:43:20   We can't do it now, it ruins the show.

00:43:22   I'm logging in.

00:43:23   Give me the two-factor code.

00:43:24   Read it to me.

00:43:25   I'm logging in right now.

00:43:26   I'm not going to tweet, but I am going to change all the stuff so when people go there

00:43:30   at this point in the show...

00:43:31   He absolutely cannot wait to get his hands all over the things that he's supposed to get today.

00:43:36   Yes.

00:43:37   Wow.

00:43:38   This is so true.

00:43:40   I really want it.

00:43:41   I've had to wait, right?

00:43:42   Like I've won and won and won time and time again.

00:43:45   I ain't getting a Twitter account.

00:43:46   Now I've finally got a Twitter account.

00:43:48   Okay, let me log in so you can take it.

00:43:51   This is so sad.

00:43:52   Why do you need to log in?

00:43:53   Because that's what the email sent me.

00:43:55   Did I have to log in to confirm?

00:43:56   I just needed a two-factor code.

00:43:58   All right, but you do that.

00:43:59   I don't think I got one. How does Twitter work?

00:44:03   So if you change your profile picture now, you're going to spoil for all the listeners who are not listening live.

00:44:09   We still have our non-graded flexes. I think we should go through these.

00:44:13   I had three. Mine was Apple says literally anything about the HomePod, which they have.

00:44:21   So I got that one. I also got correct that no Apple services bundle has been announced.

00:44:27   Haven't done that. The only one in red for me is the new iMac is announced with Intel CPUs.

00:44:34   And that that didn't happen. My flexes were that the ARM transition box would be a Mac Mini,

00:44:41   which it is. I thought the developer tools, developers will get tools for more control

00:44:46   over refresh rate or frame rate in apps. I've not seen that yet. So I don't know anything about

00:44:52   that. Improved external display support for iPadOS did not happen and neither did a new

00:44:59   Apple display because there was no hardware of any kind announced. Okay, so you got one Flexi?

00:45:05   Yeah, I got one Flexi. Okay. My Flexis were the keynote is held outside on the stage Apple uses

00:45:12   for concerts at Apple Park. This was wrong because the entire thing was pre-recorded.

00:45:16   I also said that one major video game developer was going to bring an exclusive title to Apple

00:45:22   arcade, we didn't get any game demos or game announcements during the keynote. I said watch

00:45:28   OS 7 was going to feature mental health features and I'm really surprised that we didn't get

00:45:33   anything on this front. I still think it will. I think it will get those but it will require new

00:45:38   hardware because maybe they're going to tie mental health to like stress detection and then maybe

00:45:44   that will require new sensors in a new watch. So I do think it'll happen but not with the current

00:45:50   Apple Watch lineup. Shortcuts gets folders, and I got this right, and here's the backstories,

00:45:57   the guys can actually confirm. I was going back and forth for my Ricky between the iPad development

00:46:02   tool and shortcuts getting folders, and I told them in the chat, in our group chat,

00:46:08   "I've been burned by shortcuts before, I feel like I don't want to pick folders as my Ricky."

00:46:13   and look at what look where I ended up because of that. I got the Flexi right because Shortcuts did

00:46:19   get folders, which was very surprising to me, but I'm happy. I also said Shortcuts gets new files

00:46:27   integration and the ability to run bookmarks in third-party actions. Neither of these are correct.

00:46:34   There's no new files integration, which is very surprising, and this second part I was sort of

00:46:41   expecting bookmarks are still limited to running inside the app that creates them. They cannot run

00:46:49   inside shortcuts and inside actions. I also said there's new notes framework for developers. Nope,

00:46:56   this didn't happen. We did get some new notes features, but there's no API for developers to

00:47:01   like there is, say, for reminders. There is no notes framework this year. And finally, I said

00:47:10   that iOS was going to get the ability to lock the iPhone to portrait, but continue watching

00:47:15   the video in landscape. I still think this is a feature that people will love, and that

00:47:20   third-party developers have shown how to implement well, but it's not there. So I only got one

00:47:26   Flexi right.

00:47:27   So the Flexis are tied. I've got two and you each have one.

00:47:31   It doesn't matter. There's no drinks.

00:47:33   It does, because the loser buys a drink.

00:47:36   Well then I guess, wait, so who, so we both buy a drink for you.

00:47:42   Or, because my ratio of wrong to right is higher than Michael's because I have more

00:47:49   flexi therefore I am the loser and I'm supposed to buy drinks.

00:47:52   I can go with that.

00:47:53   Because Myke has only four flexis and I have one, two, three, four, five, seven.

00:48:00   So Myke got one out of four, I got one out of seven, it's a lower ratio and therefore

00:48:05   I'm the loser. I'm gonna add something to the rules. Loser of the non-graded flexi

00:48:10   picks must buy a drink for the other two hosts. In the case of a tie, the ratio of

00:48:20   correct... And Jason says that I'm right, so thank you Jason. ...to incorrect flexis will be

00:48:26   taken into account. Yes. More rules, finally. Wait, so I'm confused. Who lost the

00:48:35   flexies? Federico did. I did. His ratio was worse because you had fewer things. Right,

00:48:42   but then if I didn't want to lose the flexies I could just pick like two things. Yeah, but

00:48:48   then you sacrifice opportunity for greatness. Exactly. Oh, thank you, Steven. Because Federico

00:48:53   also had the opportunity to win easier in theory because he picked seven things. Exactly.

00:48:59   So you gotta keep that into consideration. And also I feel like the drink thing may be

00:49:05   slightly outdated, we need to come up with something that, I don't want to say that it

00:49:09   adds risk, but I feel like...

00:49:11   I actually like the idea of putting something into the flexis, which makes the flexis important

00:49:16   in their own financial loss way.

00:49:18   Yes.

00:49:19   Like, yeah, I mean, buying drinks, no, but what if we go to the local Apple store and

00:49:23   buy something there?

00:49:24   Like, you know, you're gonna lose like...

00:49:27   I think that there is, like, the idea of making it quite a serious...

00:49:33   Exactly.

00:49:34   They're still the flexes like obviously they don't involve the honor. They will now flex your bank balance

00:49:40   That's what they flex

00:49:41   I mean you gotta buy like an accessory at the Apple store or something like that for the winner

00:49:47   Well Federico, I would like a set of Mac Pro wheels. Let's get started right so

00:49:52   there has to be like like

00:49:54   hmm what if

00:49:57   What if

00:50:02   what if

00:50:03   We calculate like $50 per each wrong flexi

00:50:08   Therefore you need to like in this case I got six wrong it would be $300

00:50:15   Okay, maybe it's better for us to take your money. I saw this in the chat to donate that money to charity

00:50:22   mmm

00:50:24   Instead of but it's gonna be cash really if it's gonna be cash. It needs to be a donation or or

00:50:31   We can make this very bad

00:50:33   Equal amounts one goes to the co-host

00:50:36   One goes to charity

00:50:39   Okay, so that would be a total of $600

00:50:43   Too high

00:50:50   25 25 25. Okay. So you owe Steven not cash, but 150 dollars of something

00:51:00   Yeah, and like and this could be an additional part of this and 150 I need to donate to a charity of my choice

00:51:07   I think it's a charity of my choice. I'm the winner of your chance

00:51:10   Yes, but what I might say here is that

00:51:14   Stephen doesn't pick the thing he gets which costs a hundred and fifty dollars exactly Stephen picks the charity. I pick the I pick

00:51:22   Calm

00:51:29   (laughing)

00:51:31   There we go.

00:51:34   Wow, okay, so we gotta codify this in the rules.

00:51:37   So I currently have loser of the non-graded FlexiPics

00:51:41   must buy drinks for two other hosts.

00:51:43   We're gonna cut that out.

00:51:45   Yes, removed.

00:51:47   Must compensate the winner.

00:51:51   So what is it?

00:51:54   So it's $25 per wrong pick made by the loser.

00:52:02   Per wrong flexi.

00:52:04   Wrong flexi.

00:52:05   Per wrong flexi made by the loser.

00:52:09   That amount is split.

00:52:10   No, it's doubled.

00:52:12   It's matched.

00:52:13   It's matched with the donation.

00:52:16   Okay, so the loser must purchase a surprise for the winner matching that cost.

00:52:32   The cost then must be matched by the loser in the form of a donation to a charity of

00:52:45   winners choice. Perfect. Love it. And then in the case of a tie, the ratio of correct

00:52:53   to incorrect flexes will be taken into account. Yes. Wow. This is very good work. I love it.

00:53:00   I love it. Me too. So refined. Okay. Wow. But this of course goes into effect next year

00:53:08   because I picked these flexes not knowing that. Yeah. Well the next time, the next time

00:53:13   we have a situation. I think we should set a minimum amount of flexes. Four. Four? Yeah.

00:53:22   Yeah, there's a good balance there. Minimum. There's a good balance there because then

00:53:26   if you get like three wrong it's like 150 or no it's like 75. Uh yeah yeah or if you get two wrong

00:53:34   the 50 dollars yeah. Or should we just do five? Because I think odd numbers are typically better

00:53:39   for chance of scoring stuff.

00:53:41   - You're right, five, five.

00:53:42   - Let's do five.

00:53:43   - Three is two, it's not enough.

00:53:46   Five feels right.

00:53:47   Seven is too many.

00:53:49   - Each host must make five flexi-picks.

00:53:52   Okay, so next time we do this for a fall event or something,

00:53:56   that will be the new rules.

00:53:57   I have that in the document.

00:53:59   - Perfect.

00:54:00   - We do love a rule.

00:54:00   (laughing)

00:54:03   So just to wrap this all up again, I won, right?

00:54:07   - You won the Ricky's.

00:54:07   That's the wrap-up. You won the Ricky's. Thank you. And I won the Flexys. And Steven won the Flexys.

00:54:13   And in next year, Steven would be awarded a gift of my choice and he would, you know...

00:54:21   Well, starting September. Starting September. The next keynote. The next keynote. So, yeah, okay.

00:54:28   And, I mean, I saw people in the Discord saying that the Flexys are now more important than the

00:54:33   The Rickies? No, because the Rickies entail glory and you cannot put a price on glory.

00:54:42   So glory is in its own category but then the flexies have the monetary aspect to them which

00:54:49   is also, it's important but it's different. This is becoming like a mind game, this prediction.

00:54:56   Soon we will create some kind of score for if you remember all of the rules.

00:55:05   If you remember how the game is played, you get an extra point.

00:55:08   Well you can just look in the document.

00:55:10   Jason is in the Discord causing trouble.

00:55:13   He doesn't like our scoring.

00:55:15   We will never change to what Jason wants.

00:55:17   Jason hates the fact that the Rikis can eliminate all of the previous round.

00:55:25   No, that's the point of being risky.

00:55:28   But it's incorrect though, right?

00:55:31   Because the Ricky point only removes one point.

00:55:33   So like, if I got both of my questions right, Stephen got one, Federico got none, we all

00:55:41   got our Ricky's wrong, I would win.

00:55:43   Because I have one extra point.

00:55:45   The Ricky's only remove one point.

00:55:47   So if there can be an imbalance leading up to the Ricky's and it takes us down to one

00:55:52   point just left for me, then if Steven and Federico have got nothing correct, they have

00:55:56   zero. Jason has withdrawn his objection hearing the correct rule. If you are incorrect in

00:56:03   the Ricky's, it removes one point, not all points. Yeah, it removes one. So that's what

00:56:08   makes it tricky to balance, because you can get... I think it's like somehow our rules

00:56:14   are hard to follow or something. I don't really know what the issue is here. They're not hard

00:56:18   They're very detailed. It's like when you buy a new TV or like a very serious piece of equipment and you have the instructional manual

00:56:25   It's not written to be generic. It's written to be precise because it's a complex machine

00:56:29   so I

00:56:31   Would like to propose for our next live show that we create a printout of the rules like put them on the chairs

00:56:37   Like like can it be like the Bill of Rights or something?

00:56:40   Yeah, yeah, I don't really know what they are, but it can be like that really I'm putting it

00:56:46   It's the only item in my relay travel project

00:56:49   Create fancy printout. Let's see. They're like the bill of rights or the Magna Carta something like that

00:56:56   That looks old-timey

00:56:59   Yes for our next live show

00:57:13   We haven't even started talking about the BBC. Can we take a break and get into the

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00:58:50   So what we're gonna do today, our plan is to do some high-level stuff

00:58:56   across the board and over the next several weeks, we'll get deeper into this and so

00:59:01   We're gonna start with shortcuts

00:59:04   Federico is not gonna go too far into the weeds

00:59:07   We'll pull you out if we need to. We're just gonna kind of touch base on the high level point.

00:59:12   So Federico, you're up first with shortcuts.

00:59:15   Okay, so obviously the big news that we already discussed is support for folders,

00:59:20   which is part of a bigger UI change in shortcuts. Shortcuts now has a sidebar, as many other iPad apps.

00:59:28   It has a sidebar where, among other things, there are folders that you can create for your shortcuts.

00:59:34   You can use drag and drop to organize your shortcuts in folders, and each folder can have a custom glyph that you can choose from.

00:59:41   In addition to folders, you also have these smart folders.

00:59:45   And I love that Apple keeps calling these things "smart", like even in Reminders you have smart lists,

00:59:51   which remind you of smart folders on the Mac, except that you cannot create your own.

00:59:56   These are smart, but they're made by Apple, so they can only be so smart. You cannot be smarter than them.

01:00:01   There's two of them. There's two of them.

01:00:04   There's one smart folder for shortcuts enabled

01:00:07   in the share sheet and another one for shortcuts

01:00:10   that you've enabled on the watch.

01:00:11   Because shortcuts is also now on the watch, by the way,

01:00:14   like Workflow used to be,

01:00:16   the shortcuts app is back on watchOS.

01:00:19   You can mark certain shortcuts to be available on the watch

01:00:23   and even better, you can install individual shortcuts

01:00:27   as complications on your watch face, which is incredible.

01:00:30   I'm gonna be taking advantage of this feature a lot.

01:00:33   So this idea of showing you, having smart folders

01:00:38   to show you different categories of shortcuts

01:00:41   is something that I've wanted for a long time.

01:00:43   I believe if you go back in my iOS 12 review,

01:00:46   that was in the wishlist section.

01:00:49   There was an entry that said, let me see,

01:00:51   offer some kind of filters to more quickly see

01:00:55   what is enabled in the sharesheet,

01:00:56   what is enabled as a widget,

01:00:57   is enabled as other types of shortcuts. I believe that my other request was that I would love to see

01:01:05   filters for shortcuts based on the apps that they use. So maybe that's something that could

01:01:11   happen next, or maybe that's something that you could just make yourself with real smart folders.

01:01:16   But anyway, there are quite some really important changes in terms of the automation feature inside

01:01:23   shortcuts. There are new triggers. You can now trigger automation when you receive a new email,

01:01:29   when you get a message, when you close a specific app. So this goes hand in hand with last year's

01:01:36   open app trigger. Now you have a close app trigger. There's a battery level trigger.

01:01:41   The email and message one is very intriguing to me. Because you could like set up an email account

01:01:49   And all it's for is to set off a shortcut.

01:01:54   Yeah, like sort of like rules that you have on the Mac.

01:01:57   But that's a that's a mail feature.

01:01:59   Here's here on iOS and iPadOS, you've got to use shortcuts.

01:02:02   But in theory, this should open up some really interesting possibilities, like say

01:02:08   you get an email and you want to fire off a bunch of notifications or you want to open a specific app or you want to log something like maybe you want to have a spreadsheet.

01:02:17   the logs how many times Michael sends you an email. Now you can have that, because you could

01:02:22   say whenever Michael emails me, append a number to a numbers spreadsheet, and then at the end of

01:02:29   the year you could see how many emails Myke has sent you. So that's possible. You can run automations

01:02:34   based on your battery level, so when you say your battery reaches 20% you can do something. Similarly,

01:02:41   there's a charger trigger, so when you connect to a charger, or when you, I believe also when you

01:02:46   disconnect to a charger, you can run an automation. Also interesting, because I guess the theory would

01:02:52   be if you connect to a charger it's because maybe you're at your desk, and so if you're at your desk

01:02:57   maybe you want to do something with it, like turn the lights a specific color or open specific apps,

01:03:03   I don't know. But the idea being you connect to the charger, which means it's kind of sort of like

01:03:08   a location trigger, if you will. Like the charger, you know, you can come up with some interesting

01:03:13   ideas for that, I think. And the final trigger would be sleep, and this integrates with the

01:03:19   wind down feature of iOS 14, that when you're reaching your bedtime, you can run specific

01:03:26   shortcuts, which I also think is an interesting idea, and I'm sort of considering what could be

01:03:31   done with this. In addition to the triggers, Apple listened to the community, and they

01:03:38   essentially enabled confirmation-less execution of automations for all triggers except location.

01:03:47   So the big one is the time of day trigger. It used to be that if you had an automation that

01:03:52   ran a specific shortcut at a specific time of day, you would get a notification, but the automation

01:03:58   wouldn't run unless you confirmed that manually. That manual confirmation can now be disabled for

01:04:05   All the following triggers. Time of day, alarm, sleep, workout, carplay, airplane mode, NFC,

01:04:11   do not disturb, low power mode, open app, close app, battery level and charger. So the

01:04:17   absent one is location. I don't know why I feel like maybe Apple is still concerned about...

01:04:22   I don't know, maybe your phone gets stolen and you don't enable the device lock in time

01:04:30   and now the phone is at a specific location and shortcuts start running.

01:04:34   Maybe you don't want that, so maybe that's a concern. But still, I think it's amazing

01:04:39   that you can finally have shortcuts that run on a schedule for real with the time of day trigger.

01:04:45   A time of day occurs and shortcuts run. I can't believe that this is in... I just can't

01:04:51   believe that this exists. They've just done it. I wanted it, but I can't believe that they've done it.

01:04:57   Yeah. Like it's I could just set it up and things could just start happening all the time.

01:05:02   It is a shame that they haven't put location in. I would I hope that this maybe next time,

01:05:08   right, they'll do that because again, it's like, did we really I mean, we all wanted

01:05:13   shortcuts to run in the background at a time of day. But did anybody really realistically

01:05:18   think this was going to happen? Right. Like I wanted it. I thought it'd be great, but I

01:05:22   they didn't think they'd do it.

01:05:24   And I'm so happy that they have,

01:05:26   because this is a fantastic use case of this technology.

01:05:31   And I would like a location one,

01:05:32   because you know, like leaving the home,

01:05:34   you can have things triggering or not.

01:05:36   Like, I think that would be really sweet.

01:05:37   Maybe at some point in the future.

01:05:39   But like this list that they have actually got,

01:05:42   like that was a long list of things.

01:05:44   It's fantastic.

01:05:45   - Yeah.

01:05:45   And we all thought that we're gonna do like an expert mode

01:05:48   or some specific feature to enable these things,

01:05:50   But no, you can just go in there and disable the confirmation.

01:05:54   So that's very nice.

01:05:55   The widget is new.

01:05:56   And of course, it takes advantage of the new widget

01:05:58   stuff in the sense that you can have

01:06:01   multiple widgets of multiple sizes

01:06:03   for the same app for shortcuts.

01:06:06   And specifically, in addition to choosing between the three

01:06:09   families of widgets, small, medium, and large,

01:06:12   you can also have different widgets for different folders.

01:06:16   So it's very nice, especially on the iPhone,

01:06:18   where you can place them on the home screen.

01:06:20   can have a small widget for a specific folder and a bigger widget for another folder in

01:06:27   shortcuts. So that integration is quite nice. On the iPad we mentioned the sidebar, we should

01:06:32   also mention the multi-window support, finally. You can open multiple shortcuts in multiple

01:06:37   windows, you can have the grid in one window and the editor in another, or you can have

01:06:42   two editor windows on screen at the same time, which is incredible and it's going to save

01:06:46   me a lot of time. What's also going to save me a lot of time, and I cannot believe that

01:06:51   Apple actually did this, is copy and paste actions. You can now copy and paste actions

01:06:58   inside a shortcut or across shortcuts. And it's sort of modeled after what editorial

01:07:05   did many, many years ago, seven years ago, in 2013. Editorial, which was a text editor

01:07:11   for iPhone and iPad with automation built in,

01:07:15   it allowed you to copy and paste actions

01:07:16   and it allowed you to do things like paste above

01:07:20   and paste below.

01:07:21   And this is, there's the same feature in shortcuts now.

01:07:25   You can copy an action by long pressing it

01:07:27   and selecting copy, and then in the editor,

01:07:30   you can say paste here or like paste above, paste below.

01:07:33   And this saves you a lot of time if you have long shortcuts,

01:07:37   complex shortcuts and you have actions

01:07:39   the need to repeat inside the shortcut,

01:07:41   you can now copy and paste them easily

01:07:43   instead of having to manually recreate them.

01:07:46   And of course, the action that you paste

01:07:48   contains all the parameters of the original action,

01:07:51   it's very nice, and it's especially nice

01:07:53   because you can copy and paste across different shortcuts.

01:07:56   So you're not limited to the same shortcut.

01:07:59   You can copy an action, close the editor,

01:08:02   open a different shortcut, and paste there.

01:08:04   And that's very, very nice.

01:08:06   - That's really cool.

01:08:07   Do you see that evolving someday into like a library

01:08:11   where you could have actions you've saved

01:08:13   like in some sort of central repository

01:08:15   and you could pull them out as needed?

01:08:17   - Yeah, I mean, that's gotta happen at some point, right?

01:08:19   You can already save actions as favorites.

01:08:23   And I think now that you have this,

01:08:25   why not have support for do things like having presets,

01:08:30   right, you're gonna save an action as a preset

01:08:33   and as data already filled in.

01:08:35   I mean, you can sort of fake this now, I guess,

01:08:37   with like, you could copy some actions

01:08:40   and paste them in an empty shortcut,

01:08:42   and you're gonna use that shortcut

01:08:43   as like a repository for these actions.

01:08:45   And you can like put a bunch of these template shortcuts,

01:08:48   if you will, in a folder.

01:08:50   And so every time you go to that folder

01:08:52   and copy those actions,

01:08:53   so you can sort of make your own presets,

01:08:55   but obviously a built-in feature would be nicer.

01:08:58   What do we have here?

01:08:59   Okay, so compact UI is one of the big ideas

01:09:03   of this year's iOS and iPadOS release.

01:09:06   We have CompactUI in a bunch of places.

01:09:08   There's a smaller Siri and we have,

01:09:11   what else is compact?

01:09:13   I'm just, too much information.

01:09:16   Smaller Siri and--

01:09:18   - Phone calls, FaceTime calls.

01:09:21   - Phone calls, yes, thank you.

01:09:22   FaceTime and all that kind of stuff.

01:09:24   Shortcuts also supports CompactUI in the form of,

01:09:29   well, there's a couple of things.

01:09:30   First of all, you no longer see,

01:09:32   I call it the Jason Snell feature,

01:09:34   because he kept mentioning this,

01:09:36   and it was a very good point.

01:09:37   Now, when you run a shortcut from the share sheet,

01:09:39   or like from, especially from the share sheet, I guess,

01:09:43   but also from things like the accessibility support,

01:09:47   you no longer see the flow of actions,

01:09:50   like scroll top to bottom.

01:09:52   You don't see the shortcuts editor anymore.

01:09:54   You just get a little banner that pops down

01:09:56   from the top of the screen that has a play,

01:09:58   that has a stop button with a progress indicator,

01:10:01   and that's all you see.

01:10:02   you no longer see all the actions go by one by one.

01:10:05   So it's very nice because it just feels nicer

01:10:09   and feels faster than before.

01:10:11   And also compact UI means that a lot of elements,

01:10:15   like choosing from lists or entering text

01:10:19   in an input action, those are smaller and more compact

01:10:24   and they tend to come down from the top of the screen

01:10:27   instead of coming up in the middle of the screen,

01:10:29   sort of disrupting what you're doing.

01:10:31   Yeah, and similarly if you activate a widget now and it seems like at the moment that shortcuts

01:10:39   will be the only widget that's allowed to be used like buttons, you get that kind of notification

01:10:45   like UI on the home screen. It just pops down from the top like a notification and you can

01:10:51   interact with anything you need to interact with. The gallery has some updates. There's a new

01:10:58   automation suggestions.

01:11:01   So we're gonna have to see how this works.

01:11:03   I believe it was part of the iOS 13 announcements

01:11:08   and then it kinda never went live

01:11:10   and maybe Apple is trying again with this.

01:11:13   But basically the idea would be that in the gallery,

01:11:15   in addition to finding shortcuts made by Apple,

01:11:18   you're also gonna see automations suggested to you

01:11:21   that you can set up with one tap

01:11:22   based on your habits and your apps.

01:11:25   We're gonna have to see how this works in practice.

01:11:28   This is another big one, Apple Watch integration.

01:11:31   In addition to the Apple Watch app and to the complications,

01:11:34   there are new Apple Watch actions inside shortcuts

01:11:38   to do things like pinging your phone,

01:11:40   or setting always on, setting silent mode,

01:11:43   and the three big ones, I think,

01:11:45   you can set theater mode on the watch,

01:11:47   you can change your watch face,

01:11:49   and you can set the water lock on the watch.

01:11:52   These are things that I do all the time,

01:11:54   and the fact that I can now have automations,

01:11:57   or shortcuts like widgets that do these things on my behalf.

01:12:02   Like I already set up an automation

01:12:03   that changes my watch face, enables theater mode

01:12:07   and sets silent mode at night at 2 a.m.,

01:12:11   and it can just run and it can just change my watch face

01:12:14   without requesting any kind of confirmation.

01:12:17   - That's so nice.

01:12:19   Especially with the new stuff with WatchOS

01:12:21   of being able to effectively create watch faces

01:12:26   applications because applications can have multiple complications now.

01:12:31   There's like, I could imagine, you know, I open Apple Music and then on my watch

01:12:36   like that then that sets off a thing on its own on my iPhone and then it updates

01:12:41   to my Apple Music watch face on my watch, right? Like wild things can start

01:12:47   happening now with some of this stuff and I am very excited to see what

01:12:52   Federico does of this over the next six months, like genuinely, because there are

01:12:57   there are a lot of like.

01:12:59   Actual things that can be done now

01:13:02   that we were dreaming of last year.

01:13:05   I mean, it's like, oh, automations, I can do all this stuff.

01:13:08   Oh, but I hit this problem or, you know, and but now

01:13:12   because these things are actually working in the background.

01:13:15   This is where it's just very different.

01:13:17   Like what could what could start to happen here?

01:13:19   I mean, and I'm just thinking out loud here, but it's very feasible now and quite easy,

01:13:24   actually, to do automations like an automation where you check what day it is. You can just

01:13:31   use dates actions in a shortcut. And if it's a specific day, you could have like a list

01:13:37   in a shortcut that says "Monday running workout", "Tuesday elliptical machine", and "Wednesday

01:13:44   weightlifting", that kind of stuff. You could check what day it is, and then what you can do is you can

01:13:49   change your watch face, play some music, and maybe enable silent mode, connect to your

01:13:57   AirPods, and start a workout, because there's a new "Start Workout" action in shortcuts,

01:14:04   in iOS 14 even. And you can choose a specific type of workout, and you can set the goal,

01:14:11   like an open goal, or 20 minutes, or calories, and you can do all of this in like 2 seconds

01:14:15   in a single automation and once you set it up it's gonna run every day of the week automatically.

01:14:20   I mean it's amazing. Start a bunch of things with one tap or just on its own based on the

01:14:26   time of day or based on your other criteria like maybe you want to tap a widget or you

01:14:32   want to run you want to tap on a complication and all these things happen. I think it's

01:14:36   incredible. So yeah. There's one more trigger that I would love which would be a calendar

01:14:42   event. Yes, I agree. I agree, especially because historically speaking, there is the support

01:14:50   for running, and Steven, you're going to be surprised that I know this, but you can run

01:14:56   automated workflows on the Mac from a calendar event, or at least you used to, or maybe Apple

01:15:02   scripts. But I would love that, as like calendar event starts and time tracker starts, you

01:15:10   Some final things that I'm gonna go through this quickly. There's a new back tap feature

01:15:18   in ios 14 which is sort of incredible. You can do double taps or triple taps in the back

01:15:29   of your phone and run something, anything. Like system actions or individual shortcuts.

01:15:37   It's sort of like the same deal as custom mouse buttons last year. Basically the same

01:15:43   type of stuff, like you can open the home screen, or you can open the app switcher,

01:15:47   or you can open search, or you can assign a shortcut. So now you can double tap the

01:15:52   back of your phone and you can run a shortcut. And of course it runs in compact UI, so it

01:15:57   starts running automatically, like immediately with the banner that comes down from the top

01:16:03   of the screen. So, very nice.

01:16:06   Reminders actions, also one of my complaints from last year, were finally updated to take

01:16:10   advantage of the new reminder stuff from iOS 13.

01:16:14   So now you can create a reminder that has a rich link or that has an image attachment.

01:16:19   Kind of weird that reminders still does not support file attachments, but only image attachments.

01:16:24   Yeah, seriously.

01:16:25   I don't get it.

01:16:26   And also, with the get details from a reminder action, you can now see if a reminder has

01:16:34   subtasks, you can get the parent reminder and you can get the rich links. But you

01:16:40   cannot get the attachment. So I guess they just forgot and I will file a radar

01:16:44   as they say for that. And finally some other actions I mentioned starting a

01:16:51   workout. There are new Apple News actions. You can show the today feed or you can

01:16:56   show a specific topic. The topic is a parameter of course. There's a new

01:17:00   calculate expression actions, so you can write down an expression like 2+2

01:17:05   inside of a parameter field and that will be calculated by shortcuts.

01:17:10   This is very important and I know that Myke cares a lot about this one.

01:17:15   Stocks actions. Yeah, get your money from with this stocks action.

01:17:25   You can get a stock, you can get the details of a stock or you can check the

01:17:29   symbol price. Right from shortcuts, I'm sure that Wall Street boys will appreciate this, and there

01:17:36   are some updates to weather actions because of the new dark sky-like features that they have in

01:17:43   weather. I haven't been able to use this because I believe that the rain prediction stuff is not

01:17:49   available in Italy in weather, but they're mentioned in a slide. I haven't tested them

01:17:55   myself, but they're in there. So, quite the upgrade to shortcuts, which got no mention

01:18:02   whatsoever during the keynote or the State of the Union. We were talking, we were like,

01:18:07   "Wait, are they just not doing anything with it?" And I guess it just got pushed for other things,

01:18:12   but this seems really cool. I'm excited to start playing with this. I wanted to mention,

01:18:17   we'll obviously, I will obviously have so much more to say about tvOS later on in the year.

01:18:22   But the one thing I just have to mention, I'm not allowed to go by, that the Apple TV 4K will be able to play 4K YouTube videos.

01:18:31   Finally!

01:18:32   What?

01:18:33   And it's also, I believe, there's going to be 4K in iOS and iPadOS too.

01:18:41   But I can see that for sure, so I'm super excited about that.

01:18:46   I care more about this on my TV than I do on my iPad because it makes much more of a

01:18:53   difference to have 4k on my TV. But I don't know who yet, like who is responsible for this,

01:19:00   whether Apple have adopted something that Google's doing or Google is using different codecs

01:19:06   that Apple can support. But nevertheless I'm just very very happy that this is going to be in tvOS 14.

01:19:12   Finally, because it has been a consistent thing that I have been frustrated about.

01:19:17   And so I'm really, really excited about the fact that they're going to be adding this.

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01:20:36   - All right Federico, a year for iPadOS,

01:20:39   maybe not quite as big as the year before,

01:20:43   but what is jumping out at you here?

01:20:46   - There's a lot of pencil stuff that I think it's really,

01:20:49   I think it's really remarkable and impressive and exciting

01:20:51   for users who use the Apple Pencil a lot.

01:20:56   I'm especially impressed by the, by Scribble

01:21:00   and sort of the integration that you have now.

01:21:02   All across the system, you can use the Pencil

01:21:04   to handwrite into any text field where you would normally type,

01:21:08   and that handwriting becomes a typed text almost instantly.

01:21:13   And I think it's really remarkable,

01:21:15   this integration that you now have all across the system,

01:21:17   that all apps essentially get it for free,

01:21:20   but just using a standard text field.

01:21:22   And of course, there are some specific APIs

01:21:24   that developers can take advantage of to better integrate

01:21:26   with this, but I feel like it makes

01:21:29   for a very impressive demo.

01:21:30   And I think I'm not one of those users, obviously,

01:21:33   that I've never found myself in a situation

01:21:35   where I'm holding the pencil and I'm like,

01:21:37   oh, I wish that I could type into the Safari address bar

01:21:40   with my pencil.

01:21:41   But I think there's also so many different use cases

01:21:44   that go well beyond what Apple demoed,

01:21:45   like handwriting into forms

01:21:48   and have that text become typed text,

01:21:54   but you're still gonna be able to use the pencil

01:21:55   because it makes more sense,

01:21:57   or maybe because of ergonomic reasons.

01:21:59   Like, I think it's very impressive.

01:22:01   I mean, Myke, what do you think about this? You use the pencil so much more.

01:22:05   Scribble and the handwriting and shape recognition that's in Pencil Kit, right?

01:22:09   Like these are like two similar things where like one is your handwriting

01:22:13   becomes text and then the other is the handwriting that you do where you are

01:22:17   wanting for it to look like handwriting can be copied and the animation for that

01:22:21   is so beautiful as you copy it like you would text and it highlights it. You can

01:22:25   copy that and paste it as text and you also have the shape stuff where you draw

01:22:28   shapes and hold and it springs into shape. These two things are without a

01:22:32   shadow of a doubt my favorite features in all of iOS and iPadOS so far that

01:22:37   I've used. I absolutely love it. All of yesterday I was using the scribble like

01:22:46   the handwriting stuff for everything and it is absolutely superb. Of course it

01:22:52   doesn't work in Google Docs. It's the only app that I use that it didn't work

01:22:56   in. It was trying but it's so custom that it was not going to work. It probably is

01:23:02   not going to work. I am really considering moving away from Google Docs

01:23:07   but that's like a whole other thing for another time. But I absolutely love this

01:23:14   feature. It works incredibly well, so much better than it should. Like I

01:23:20   don't have the best handwriting and I was not going easy on it. Like I was

01:23:24   writing how I would write. I wasn't trying to write in all block capital

01:23:29   letters to make it easy. And it did a great job when... and it does that

01:23:34   thing with dictation where it tries to guess the word that it thought that

01:23:39   you wrote but if it's not 100% sure it will put the blue dots underneath which

01:23:43   you can tap and select the word from a selection of options. But what I

01:23:48   also really love is as you're writing stuff out and I like that

01:23:53   the text appears for a while then it fades away which is like a really nice

01:23:56   animation. If you want to remove a word you can scribble over that word like you

01:24:01   would scribble out a word if it was wrong and it would delete it and you can

01:24:05   also just with the pencil circle a line of text to select it. It's so well

01:24:10   thought out, so well done, I absolutely love it. At the moment it only supports

01:24:16   English and Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Cantonese and the

01:24:21   recognition is all on device like a lot of the Siri stuff is now which whilst

01:24:27   great for privacy that's awesome I'm happy the main reason I'm happy that all

01:24:31   the Siri stuff is starting to move on devices because it will be faster yeah

01:24:34   and that is like one of the key things for me you know like I've had my

01:24:40   problems with Apple and what they're doing with like Siri and you know like

01:24:44   with all that's cool monitoring stuff like the not cool monitoring like when

01:24:49   were checking if things were right or wrong. So I'm happy that they're moving a lot of stuff to

01:24:53   on device and I am very very very excited about this feature. It's really in a time where I've

01:25:03   used my Apple pencil less because of the trackpad support, I am now thinking that I will be able to

01:25:08   use it more again for a new feature and I'm really happy to see that Apple are continuing to expand

01:25:15   what the pencil can do, rather than it Oh, this is nice to draw with. So I think it's

01:25:20   really cool.

01:25:21   And they're doing a lot of neat stuff with those text fields. So if it's kind of small,

01:25:25   like in messages or near the edge of a screen, it can grow to give you more room to write.

01:25:31   This is particularly nice because I have the beta on my iPad mini. And it's like, pretty

01:25:37   easy to like put the pencil down, start writing a message. And if it gets it wrong, which

01:25:42   it does sometimes, I mean it's not perfect,

01:25:44   you can tap on the word to correct it

01:25:45   just as if you had typed it.

01:25:47   So they've brought over some of that correction stuff

01:25:49   from the standard keyboard input.

01:25:52   - So we also have widgets.

01:25:53   We mentioned these widgets, unfortunately,

01:25:56   you can only place in the left column on the iPad,

01:25:59   on the iPhone you will be able in iOS 14

01:26:01   to use these new dynamic and glanceable widgets

01:26:05   and you will be able to place them on the home screen

01:26:07   and intermix icons and widgets on the same page.

01:26:10   this is not possible on the iPad.

01:26:13   And of course, these widgets, both on the iPhone and the iPad

01:26:16   will not support interaction.

01:26:19   You may be used to certain widgets like the Pcalk widget

01:26:23   or the Timery widget, clipboard managers

01:26:27   that have widgets with multiple buttons

01:26:29   and multiple tappable elements

01:26:30   and navigation even inside them.

01:26:33   And this will not be possible

01:26:35   with this new widget framework called WidgetKit

01:26:38   that essentially only allows you to launch apps with deep links into specific sections. And of course,

01:26:45   three sizes of widgets, so the small one only has one touch target and the other ones can have

01:26:50   multiples, but you will not be able to do things inside the widget. Like for example in Timery,

01:26:57   right now you can tap on a timer and the timer starts in line within the widget and you see

01:27:04   the time go, like, there's a new count that appears in the widget. Like, that's not going

01:27:09   to be possible with the widget kit, unfortunately. And it's very surprising to me that we cannot

01:27:17   place these widgets on the home screen on the iPad. I don't fully understand why, and

01:27:22   my personal theory is that they just ran out of time, because the iPhone and iPad home

01:27:26   screens are different, are technically different. The iPad has the dock and the left column,

01:27:32   And of course, the springboard architecture

01:27:36   is different on each device.

01:27:37   So my personal theory is that due to maybe the pandemic

01:27:41   or some other issues,

01:27:43   they just couldn't get it ready for the iPad in time,

01:27:46   and which is totally fine, I get it, but that's my theory.

01:27:49   It's not an official explanation.

01:27:51   So we're just left wondering why,

01:27:53   and I want to believe that it will come to iPad eventually.

01:27:58   And I also, again, this is my own personal theory.

01:28:02   They're using SwiftUI and this timeline-based approach

01:28:07   with snapshots to power WidgetKit this year,

01:28:10   which is ideal for glanceable widgets, right?

01:28:13   It's ideal for essentially having these images,

01:28:16   these dynamic images that show you stuff as a widget.

01:28:21   And my theory is that they're gonna do

01:28:23   glanceable widgets this year.

01:28:26   The old-style widgets that support interactions

01:28:29   and more complex operations are deprecated right now.

01:28:34   And my theory is that until Apple comes out

01:28:39   with an addition, I guess, to WidgetKit

01:28:43   that allows you to create interactive widgets,

01:28:46   then they're gonna remove the old style widgets.

01:28:49   So they're gonna keep them around as legacy support.

01:28:51   And I think we're getting glanceable widgets this year,

01:28:55   and maybe we're getting interactive widgets next year.

01:28:58   I think that would make sense.

01:29:00   - Let me ask you,

01:29:01   I actually don't know the answer to this,

01:29:02   and I just thought of it.

01:29:03   Can you have multiple widgets of the same type?

01:29:08   So can I have like two-

01:29:10   - Oh yeah, oh yeah. - Shortcut widgets

01:29:11   that are the same size?

01:29:12   Because like, I feel like for the most,

01:29:14   the widget I use the most is the Timery widget.

01:29:17   And I have a bunch of save timers there.

01:29:19   But I can very easily replicate that widget in shortcuts.

01:29:23   - Yeah. - Instead.

01:29:24   - And you know why this is possible?

01:29:26   because they're using under the hood,

01:29:28   they're using intense,

01:29:30   the same tech that powers shortcuts and actions,

01:29:34   they're using intense, they're using parameters.

01:29:36   And so when you create a reminders widget

01:29:38   that shows you a specific list,

01:29:40   that list is effectively a parameter.

01:29:42   So you can create multiple ones,

01:29:45   you can just fill in a different parameter

01:29:46   and you can create as many as you want.

01:29:48   And that's the-

01:29:49   - 'Cause I would expect that the timer,

01:29:52   like Joe, the timer developer will probably like

01:29:54   create a widget which will show if you have a current timer running or something like that.

01:29:58   Oh yeah, yeah.

01:29:59   But I figure I could put that and a shortcuts widget in a stack together

01:30:03   and just flick between the other one and then turn on the timer that I want,

01:30:08   flick it back and see the timer running.

01:30:10   I'm just not sure that, and if you think about it, this is also why Apple didn't create

01:30:15   an Apple Music widget that has real-time playback. I'm not sure that SwiftUI and snapshots are ideal

01:30:21   for real-time refresh of content. Yet. They have this timeline, but the timeline, like

01:30:29   if you watch the sessions, the timeline refreshes specific dates and times, or if you go into

01:30:35   the host app and change something, like if you change a calendar event, then the calendar

01:30:40   widget is going to update, of course. But for real-time stuff, like a timer going on,

01:30:46   I don't know if that's technically possible right now.

01:30:49   Because I actually did watch the session, I thought that the app could wake up the widget

01:30:54   by a silent notification or something.

01:30:57   Yeah, it can, but can you send a silent notification every second if you have a timer?

01:31:01   Because that's what it is.

01:31:03   I wonder if shortcuts activating the application could just send it back again and just be

01:31:10   like "there's a timer, it just counts up."

01:31:12   Because the timer widget sometimes is showing a timer that isn't actually running because

01:31:16   I've stopped it on another device.

01:31:18   - Right. - Right?

01:31:19   So, it's not perfect. - I don't know.

01:31:21   - I mean, it just can't be.

01:31:22   But I think that basically, what I'm saying here is,

01:31:25   I am choosing to stay positive about this new widget stuff.

01:31:29   We are gonna lose some widgets along the way,

01:31:32   but I think I'll be able to replace a lot

01:31:33   of what I realistically do,

01:31:35   and also hope that I will get more in the aggregate.

01:31:39   Like there will be more widgets,

01:31:41   with more applications that I care about,

01:31:43   with more interesting information.

01:31:45   Like really, this is like, the way I was looking at this,

01:31:48   like Apple Watch, like the glanceable idea of the Apple Watch is coming to the iPhone,

01:31:53   right? That's kind of where that is even using the same words. And then it's moving onto iPad and Mac

01:31:57   and that's what SwiftUI is all about, right? Like you have designs that and the UI that goes across

01:32:04   platform. Then that's why the widgets on the Mac, they not only look like the ones on iOS,

01:32:10   they are the same. So I'm imagining this is just where the future is going. It's like UI that looks

01:32:17   more consistent across your devices. And I figured we're in early days of this, but they've decided,

01:32:23   and I think this is a good thing for Apple, by the way, to start giving people reasons to use this

01:32:29   new technology. And I'm happy to see it because if they believe in it, they don't need to start

01:32:34   showing people like, "We want you to use SwiftUI, so we've created this new feature, and it can only

01:32:39   be made in SwiftUI." It's like, okay, so it gets people in that kind of flow. So I'm just kind of

01:32:45   holding out hope and thinking that like I'm gonna get more from this in the long

01:32:49   run there'll be more applications that I use will have interesting widgets with

01:32:52   data that I want to have and then if there's an application where I really

01:32:56   wanted to interact with something by and large I'll probably be able to recreate

01:33:00   with shortcuts in most instances I think. Yeah I think that. I'm remaining positive on

01:33:06   this one. Yeah and also they look very pretty the ones from Apple at least so

01:33:11   So design for iPad, like we've mentioned this in passing,

01:33:16   basically the iPad is going to get a lot more Mac-like

01:33:20   and desktop-like with sidebars and toolbars that

01:33:24   have pull-down menus, pull-down menus which are basically

01:33:27   context menus.

01:33:28   They use the same tech.

01:33:29   They have the same animations.

01:33:31   You have these new sidebars that support collapsible and

01:33:35   expandable sections.

01:33:36   And you have support for three-column layouts

01:33:39   everywhere.

01:33:40   even the smaller iPads have it.

01:33:42   I think it's very, I think it makes a lot of sense

01:33:46   to see, you know, to move away

01:33:48   from those iPhone-inspired designs

01:33:51   with tab bars at the bottom of the screen,

01:33:54   instead, you know, saving space

01:33:57   and showing you more content on screen

01:33:59   and having a sidebar that makes it easier

01:34:01   to jump between different sections of the same app.

01:34:04   I think it makes a lot of sense

01:34:05   for the iPad to go in this direction

01:34:07   and to go in a way that you can still use touch

01:34:10   and you can still use the pointer,

01:34:12   which of course Apple is sort of pushing to adopt,

01:34:15   of course, when you look at these more complex interfaces,

01:34:19   they are ideal for a pointer, obviously,

01:34:21   but they also are fully compatible with touch.

01:34:23   And Apple, especially in the sessions,

01:34:25   they're always saying the iPad is first and foremost

01:34:28   a touch device.

01:34:29   It's the primary input method.

01:34:31   But then you can use the pencil, you can use the pointer,

01:34:33   you can use all of these additional input methods.

01:34:36   And so I'm very happy to see this,

01:34:38   and I'm very excited to see what developers do with this.

01:34:42   Because Apple has provided a template,

01:34:44   and you can see music, you can see home and photos,

01:34:48   which are really good examples of how you can turn

01:34:52   a bigger version of an iPhone app into something

01:34:55   that's in between the Mac and the iPad as we know it today.

01:34:59   So I wanna see what developers do.

01:35:02   - Well, a lot of this also points to the future

01:35:04   where iPad apps will be able to run on our Macs,

01:35:08   which we're gonna get to in a minute.

01:35:09   So like all this stuff is coming together

01:35:11   from a bunch of different directions.

01:35:13   - And lastly, I would say that

01:35:16   in this week's episode of Adapt here on Relay,

01:35:19   we've been doing a series on Adapt

01:35:21   about using the iPad as your primary computer,

01:35:23   sort of trying to talk about all the different ways that,

01:35:26   you know, recommendations for using the iPad

01:35:28   as your primary machine.

01:35:30   But we have paused the series this week,

01:35:33   obviously to talk about iPadOS 14 and WWDC. So we went in deep on all the things, sidebars,

01:35:39   toolbars, this idea of flattening the navigation in iPad apps and sort of the big picture of

01:35:47   iPadOS app design and what it means for the future. So that's about, I believe, 50 minutes

01:35:52   or something of just iPadOS 14 coming tomorrow on Adapt.

01:35:58   Let's talk a little bit about the Mac, about Big Sur, macOS 11.

01:36:03   So it's not Big Shore, right?

01:36:05   It's Big Sur.

01:36:06   Big Sur.

01:36:07   Big Sur.

01:36:08   Not a Big Shore, okay.

01:36:09   Mm-hmm.

01:36:10   Okay.

01:36:11   It's a Big Sur.

01:36:12   I'm a bit sure it's not Big Shore, it's Big Sur.

01:36:15   The biggest thing here is the UI overhaul.

01:36:17   Yes.

01:36:18   And I want to know, Stephen, what your take on it is.

01:36:22   I will say for the record, I think it looks awesome.

01:36:25   I've seen a lot of people saying that there are some contrast issues in certain areas,

01:36:29   which I can understand, right?

01:36:31   Like we've seen this type of thing before, but overall I think the look of Big Sur is

01:36:37   fantastic.

01:36:38   It looks like a modern operating system.

01:36:41   That's a sick burn to older versions of Mac OS, but...

01:36:44   Look, I just want to be real, right?

01:36:46   Like Mac OS has looked a certain way for a while and the way that it has adapted has

01:36:55   been incremental. Like I would even say like the Mavericks and you like it

01:36:59   wasn't massive. I feel like this is a much much bigger departure than Mavericks was.

01:37:04   It is. And it makes it I think it does look more much more modern for that

01:37:09   reason. Yeah so this is not Apple just pasting the iPad UI onto the Mac it

01:37:15   still feels like the Mac it still works like the Mac. I agree with you on the

01:37:19   whole I like it there are a lot of details I like for them to clean up like

01:37:23   you said there's a real issue with transparency and contrast in a lot of

01:37:27   areas like the menu bar and menus they really need to fix that I think also a

01:37:33   lot of the icons are using or just ugly like if you go into system preferences

01:37:37   and poke around a lot of the design is just kind of over the top like all the

01:37:43   new dock icons I like hardly any of them we'll get used to them really I think

01:37:48   they're beautiful I think they're amazing yeah I don't know you know maybe

01:37:52   iOS will follow its direction, but I think right now they look sort of sort of unusual. Basic

01:37:58   things like the rounded rect around the windows, right, those radii are all different, it feels much

01:38:04   more like the iPad, which again, we're going to get to in a second control center is here. So they've

01:38:09   kind of right now like I'm looking at my upper right hand corner, I have Bluetooth, Wi Fi,

01:38:14   you know, sound time, a lot of that stuff is getting merged into control center, which is cool.

01:38:21   but you know just takes some getting used to. Accent colors go a lot further. So right now,

01:38:27   I think starting in Mojave you could change your accent color. So in the past it was just blue and

01:38:34   graphite and now you can do like orange or pink or yellow or green or whatever. You can still do all

01:38:38   that but the new default is one called multi-color and it will allow developers to set an accent

01:38:43   color. So calendars, new buttons which are all built out of SF symbols will be red and

01:38:50   and males will be blue and notes will be yellow.

01:38:52   And I think that's really cool.

01:38:53   I think it's neat to have apps

01:38:55   kind of have their own personality when it turns

01:38:58   and it comes to colors.

01:39:00   And what's interesting about this

01:39:01   is all of this is an app kit.

01:39:03   So I don't think app kits kind of go away anytime.

01:39:05   Like they have brought app kit

01:39:07   into this modern design in a big way.

01:39:10   Like we said, the only two new catalyst apps

01:39:12   which are UI kit with some tune-ups

01:39:15   are messages and maps.

01:39:19   mail Safari finder, all still app kit. So they've they've done a lot of work there to make to bring

01:39:24   that along as well. I think the design is pointed to during a future that I think has a couple of

01:39:31   interesting points one, and I've wrote an article and posted it right before the show on 512 about

01:39:37   the future of apps on the Mac, Apple silicon based Macs will be able to run most iPhone and iPad apps

01:39:45   out of the box. Now, if you want to bring those to Intel max, you still have to go through a Mac

01:39:50   catalyst. But those apps would have really been like a sore thumb in the old UI. And so those

01:39:58   apps will feel more at home with this new design, because it feels you know, it looks more like like

01:40:03   iOS. So I think that's that's one thing to basically all the padding around all of the

01:40:10   elements has gotten bigger, the menu bar is more spaced out. items in a menu are more spaced out,

01:40:17   you're going to have iPhone and iPad apps, I think that we are hurtling towards a future where touch

01:40:23   is at least an option. On some Mac models, I think it would still be primarily cursor and keyboard.

01:40:30   But if you want to reach up and deal with a menu or swipe around in an app, I think that's coming.

01:40:35   I think this design points the way to that in my mind in a very aggressive way.

01:40:41   Not everything is perfect for touch like the stoplight buttons and there's still some things

01:40:44   that are pretty small.

01:40:45   But again, if you just want to reach up and do something short, I think that Big Sur is

01:40:51   pointed that direction.

01:40:53   There's also some talk on Twitter, I put a tweet in the show notes about a lot of these

01:40:57   elements have like 3D elements to them.

01:41:00   So like the Siri ball and that sort of thing.

01:41:04   A lot of that stuff could be pointed to like an AR VR feature.

01:41:07   So I think that's an interesting thing to think about too.

01:41:10   But Koei Apple is readying the Mac for something bigger.

01:41:14   And I think that design points towards touch being that thing, which is cool.

01:41:18   So do you think that the ARM Macs will get

01:41:23   touch immediately?

01:41:25   Do you think this is going to be like a thing when they talk about like the new

01:41:28   Mac? Like you think that the laptop that comes out,

01:41:31   which probably a laptop comes out at the end of this year,

01:41:33   will have a touchscreen? I think either by default or as a really option, you know, a

01:41:39   lot of PC OEMs do that, where you can upgrade to get the touchscreen, I can see them doing

01:41:44   that. And my real harebrained idea is that that's why we haven't seen a new display from

01:41:50   Apple on the desktop other than the pro display that maybe there's a 5k display and maybe

01:41:55   it's touch. Hmm. That's what do you think the iMac would be touch? Maybe. I mean, Microsoft

01:42:00   does it with a Surface Studio. So I don't see why Apple can do a bigger touchscreen.

01:42:04   Again, I don't think it's the primary input method. I think it is a you have it when you

01:42:09   need it type deal. So I think it's coming. You know, we can debate those details as time

01:42:14   goes along. But I feel pretty confident in saying that I believe that touches heading

01:42:20   for the Mac in a big way. The UI definitely, as you say, it lends itself

01:42:24   to that thinking. Not just that it looks like, "Oh, it's modern so it must be touch." It's

01:42:32   like, "No, the sliders have places for your fingers." If you say the widgets, they're

01:42:41   the same. So there is definitely some clues here that we could be moving towards a touch-based

01:42:51   operating system or not based in addition, right? Like touch in addition could be the

01:42:59   thing.

01:43:00   Yeah. Yeah. I think it's additive and I think that's how most Mac users would consider it.

01:43:06   I don't, I'm not going to be editing in logic with my fingers, but I could reach up and

01:43:11   swipe through Twitter maybe if I wanted to. Yeah. I think it's, I think it's mostly secondary.

01:43:16   And I hope that is the case. I think Apple's kind of previous argument for "ah, you don't

01:43:21   want to reach out and touch the screen," like that doesn't, there is no argument anymore.

01:43:25   We've said this many times.

01:43:27   Yeah. The second they put a keyboard case on the iPad, that argument was over.

01:43:32   Now that I look at it, it does kind of feel like a UI optimized for touch, or at least

01:43:37   it feels like a UI where you consider the possibility of touch coming eventually. Like,

01:43:43   Because I would imagine that if I were Apple and somebody said, "Okay, we need to redesign

01:43:48   macOS, but we're not sure if we're going to add touch yet."

01:43:52   But if I were in charge, I would say, "Well, if we're going to have a new design, let's

01:43:56   make sure that if we want to do it, that we can, that we're setting ourselves up for that

01:44:03   possibility."

01:44:05   And it does kind of look like that, honestly.

01:44:08   Because I honestly haven't taken a good look at screenshots, all of the icons in the dock.

01:44:12   And I mean, you do have those smaller elements like checkboxes and those small X close buttons

01:44:20   that would potentially not be ideal for touch input, but also the rest of it, it does kind

01:44:27   of look like it's built at least for that possibility, right?

01:44:32   Everything is more spaced out, more rounded, it just feels more inviting to the touch in

01:44:37   a way that the old Mac OS UI was not.

01:44:41   And personally, I agree with Myke, I think it's beautiful, the icons and the general

01:44:46   look of it, it's modern, it's fresh.

01:44:49   It feels like a Mac, even though it, you know, like I'm looking at my mic right now and it

01:44:53   feels instantly old in a way that iOS 6 looked old, as soon as you got your hands on iOS

01:44:59   7, despite all the issues, you know?

01:45:02   But it does have that feeling, so I don't have strong feelings personally, but I do

01:45:07   like it a lot.

01:45:09   A couple other things beyond the user interface. And again, we'll get into more of this over the

01:45:14   summer, I'm sure but some things I've just hasn't noticed so far. One when you set up a system,

01:45:19   it gives you a tour of accessibility features. So there's this new panel and it says, hey,

01:45:25   do you need you want to check out accessibility features for voice or for cursor or keyboard input,

01:45:31   and you can explore them in the setup and turn them on and off from there, which I think is really

01:45:35   cool. Because if you need those features, you've only had voiceover up until this point. And that

01:45:42   only meets the needs of some people. So I think that's a really cool thing. Like I said earlier,

01:45:46   messages and maps are catalyst. And obviously, this is the OS that is the transition OS to our

01:45:54   Macs just like tiger was for Intel. And Apple has this like multi prong approach to bring apps over,

01:46:02   you can rely on Rosetta to so an app, an app for Intel will run on an ARM Mac. There are a couple of

01:46:11   bullet points there a couple of exceptions, but in the whole those apps will just run.

01:46:16   There's universal apps and they will have for a lot longer. That's a single app that includes

01:46:22   book code for both ARM and Intel. Universal apps will be the way things go. I think until Intel

01:46:28   Macs are phased out completely, if not even longer than that. But then again, our Macs

01:46:33   can run iOS apps as we've spoken about. In fact, unless a developer unchecks the box,

01:46:41   their iOS app will be in the Mac App Store by default, which is a really bold move, there's

01:46:46   going to be huge app libraries available to our Mac users. But if you have an Intel Mac,

01:46:52   those developers still have to go through Mac catalyst to make that work. And so it's

01:46:57   kind of a two prong approach here. You can run an unmodified iPhone app on an ARM Mac.

01:47:03   If that developer uses catalyst a it can look better than just the default sort of standard

01:47:09   iOS app running in a window. And catalyst gets you back to Intel Mac. So no doubt there

01:47:16   will be a lot of applications that only run on our Macs. And I think that'll be a huge

01:47:20   selling point when Apple finally announces the first one to be like, Oh, look, these

01:47:24   these machines have access to that great app library for the

01:47:27   iPhone and iPad. Now, a lot of people think that's the death of

01:47:31   good Mac apps. And I think that the the reality is, is that the

01:47:37   market will decide that that if the market decides there's still

01:47:40   room for good app kit, or even Mac catalyst apps that are more

01:47:45   powerful and more flexible, then those apps will stay. But you

01:47:49   know, I don't I think I think calling it at this point is way

01:47:51   too early, we have to see how the market responds. And then of

01:47:54   course, Swift UI is above all of that, right? If in fact, I have this theory that a Swift

01:47:58   UI had been available like five or six years ago, they could get they could have gotten

01:48:02   away without a lot of this stuff because Swift UI is native everywhere. But that wasn't ready.

01:48:08   And so they have to step through all of this Swift UI apps will continue to run everywhere.

01:48:14   But if you have an Intel Mac app, you got to go through at least some of these steps.

01:48:18   But developers will do it the Mac is bigger than it's ever been. And I think that developers

01:48:24   know that they got to be on board. So I think for most people, most just consumers, end

01:48:29   users, it'll be a pretty transparent change. I'm going to be really intrigued to see how

01:48:34   the app thing ends up shaking out. Like what becomes available, what people end up using,

01:48:42   what they end up doing. You know, like a developer that makes a good iPad app, will they bother

01:48:47   to move to catalyst? Like, is that going to be a thing where they just leave it just like

01:48:52   others will work, what will people end up calling for, will they become new norms?

01:48:57   It's all very up in the air because now we have Catalyst as a way to bring iPad apps to the Mac,

01:49:04   SwiftUI as a way to design for all platforms at some point in the future, and also iOS and iPad

01:49:10   apps can run on modified on Macs. That's a confusing spectrum and also a lot of options.

01:49:17   I'm intrigued to see what actually ends up happening in most instances.

01:49:22   I think it's going to be kind of fascinating.

01:49:24   It does feel like it does remind me of like the Spider-Man meme of like multiple Spider-Men

01:49:31   pointing at each other. It's like Swift 2i and Catalyst and iPhone and iPad apps on the Mac and

01:49:35   Rosetta 2. It's like everybody, what are we gonna do now here? What's it gonna be? Like we're all

01:49:41   trying to do the same thing but we're all kind of different also. Like it's it's it is a confusing

01:49:47   spectrum of options when you think about it. But also kind of like good to have them all

01:49:53   yeah because then we can see what works but it's a case of like how long is it going to take to

01:49:59   shake all of that out we'll have to find out. Yeah a lot of that depends on how fast the transition

01:50:05   itself takes Apple said two years. So add two years to that or three years to that. Because

01:50:12   they're going to support Intel Macs for a while afterwards. One one last thing. Before we go,

01:50:18   they also announced universal apps are universal purchases are now supporting the Mac. So if you

01:50:25   build a new app, you can have the Mac version be covered under the the bundle ID. So if someone

01:50:32   pays for it on the iPhone, they can get on the Mac for free. But what's cool is that

01:50:37   they're backporting that to existing catalyst apps and existing app kit apps. So if someone

01:50:43   sells a catalyst app, you know, previously, you had to pay for it separately. And of course,

01:50:48   it's always been true for app kit, but they're bringing that to, to everything is up to the

01:50:53   developer, their discretion, you know what their business model requires, but it's an

01:50:57   an option. And I think that's going to be as obviously in service of iOS apps running

01:51:03   on the Mac directly in the future. But it's good now too, because it may make people more

01:51:10   willing to like install apps on their Mac and you know, be more willing to try those

01:51:14   things out. And for a lot of developers, that's what they want. They don't want to deal with

01:51:18   the support of like, I already paid for this, we'll have to pay for it again. So giving

01:51:22   more flexibility to developers and pricing is always a good thing.

01:51:26   Remember when people thought the WWDC was going to be all about hate and anti-trust

01:51:30   complaints?

01:51:31   Hey.

01:51:32   Remember that?

01:51:33   Mm-hmm.

01:51:34   See how things go away.

01:51:35   Got taken care of just in time.

01:51:37   Yep.

01:51:38   Yep.

01:51:39   No surprise.

01:51:40   So I think that's it for this week.

01:51:41   Mm-hmm.

01:51:42   Mm-hmm.

01:51:43   We've got a lot more to talk about.

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