299: The Rickies (Summer 2020)


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00:00:07   Hello and welcome to Connected, Episode 299.

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00:00:16   My name is Steven Hackett and I am joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:20   Oh man, I just realized Federico's gonna get the first introduction because it's

00:00:24   episode 300. Next week he's gonna get the good introduction. He gets to like

00:00:28   doing a victory lap and all that stuff it's like gonna be like a whole thing. Hi. He gets the

00:00:35   hundreds and the 50s but you get the 25s and 75s. Oh the ones people really care about. Yeah the

00:00:40   winter olympics of podcast naming. Yep also you're conceding that the winter olympics sucks and that

00:00:46   summer olympics is great. The best ones and I'm saying you're out ahead. We had this big argument

00:00:49   Federico about if the winter olympics were real olympics or not. What do you think? It's not about

00:00:54   them being real Olympics it's just that like when people talk about the Olympics what do they mean?

00:01:00   what does that mean? they mean the Olympics that happen in the summer not the Olympics that happen

00:01:05   in the winter oh no those are like the fake Olympics because you have the Olympics and then

00:01:11   the winter Olympics nobody calls the Olympics the summer Olympics that doesn't happen no exactly you

00:01:17   have the Olympics and then like the addendum like the DLC of the Olympics which are the winter

00:01:22   Olympics. That's basically what it is.

00:01:30   That's very true. Yeah, see that's how it works. I'm sorry Steven. So this is all regarding

00:01:37   an episode of "Ungenious". "Ungenious" is a show that me and Steven do about weird and

00:01:40   wonderful things we find on Wikipedia. And basically Federico, Steven's... I will never

00:01:46   understand this. I don't think he'll ever be able to explain it to me in a way that

00:01:49   I'll understand it. Stephen likes the winter Olympics more because he can do some of the

00:01:53   things that are in the summer Olympics. What does that even mean? It means nothing.

00:01:58   I don't get it. Like I don't get this entire argument. So Stephen, you prefer, you prefer

00:02:05   the winter Olympics? Yes, because, because, because it's more exciting to me. I can run

00:02:12   around in circles and play basketball. I cannot ski down the mountain. You cannot run like

00:02:16   an Olympic athlete. But I can run around, I can't do anything on skis. What does that mean? Oh well,

00:02:21   if you really try you can also run down the cliff of a mountain. Doesn't make you a skier though.

00:02:26   Yeah exactly. Like I don't get it. It's not because you have fancy like biking equipment

00:02:34   and those little, you know, those tight biking pants and whatnot. That's a really good question

00:02:41   that I've never thought to ask before. So in case you don't know, Steven bikes a lot,

00:02:46   he loves to bike. Do you have like, light crop biking shorts? I think he shorts that.

00:02:52   Of course I do. He does. Do you do? Yeah. It totally does. Alright, I'm gonna text Mary,

00:02:56   I need a picture of you in these. But just because you dress up like an athlete doesn't

00:03:00   make you an Olympic athlete. That's very true. That's very true. I'm just saying.

00:03:04   Man, I need to see a picture of you in your bike shorts. That's very specific and troublesome.

00:03:10   No, I need it. I'm gonna text your wife.

00:03:12   Uh, we're also joined by Federico Vittucci. Hi Federico!

00:03:16   Hello! Finally I was waiting for my intro.

00:03:18   Thank you, appreciate it.

00:03:20   Oh, the Japes.

00:03:21   Also here.

00:03:22   Yes.

00:03:23   I'm in a different house.

00:03:25   I don't know if it comes through with the audio, but I'm at the beach house, so...

00:03:29   Look at you.

00:03:29   I'm also wearing shorts.

00:03:32   Imagine being in another place to the place that you have to be.

00:03:35   Imagine such a thing.

00:03:36   Yeah, imagine that. Imagine that.

00:03:39   I think I know what the noise is.

00:03:41   Okay.

00:03:41   There's a clock. I'm staring at a clock.

00:03:44   Oh my god, that's gonna be throughout the entire show.

00:03:46   My parents have a physical clock up on a wall.

00:03:51   Oh my god.

00:03:51   And I just noticed that this clock exists.

00:03:54   Well now that you've explained it, I don't have to edit it out.

00:03:57   I will remove it.

00:03:58   However, it's up there.

00:04:01   It's above a cabinet and I don't want to hurt myself.

00:04:04   Yeah.

00:04:04   So I don't I really don't want to get up on this piece of furniture

00:04:09   I'm sorry, but my parents are old people and they have like a clock like an actual clock on a wall. I have that in my house

00:04:16   Why? Can you know what time it is?

00:04:19   Your watch and phone like who uses clocks. Oh god

00:04:26   Why do they have a clock? I'm staring at it's so creepy

00:04:30   Like, what would you have a clock with numbers and, like, hands that move?

00:04:34   This is a very peculiar opinion that you're holding now.

00:04:37   Yeah. Lots of people have clocks.

00:04:39   Clocks are... It's weird because nobody needs them anymore.

00:04:41   We all have phones and watches.

00:04:45   Yeah. Which, if you think about it, are just little clocks.

00:04:47   Literally anybody has a phone that tells the time.

00:04:50   Like, and especially why would you buy one that makes a little noise?

00:04:55   Like, I don't get it. Buy a digital one that is silent.

00:04:59   For it to make an audible noise is a peculiar choice.

00:05:03   But maybe they've had that clock for longer than they've had you.

00:05:06   I'm so sorry, this is my parents' house.

00:05:08   I am not responsible for the purchasing of the clock.

00:05:11   No, we know that.

00:05:13   Well, today is a big day.

00:05:15   We will be making our picks for WWDC 2020,

00:05:19   including regular picks, Ricky's, and the newest type of pick

00:05:24   called the Flexys, which are non-graded.

00:05:27   I don't remember why they're called that.

00:05:29   Can anyone remind me why they're called the flexies?

00:05:31   - Because those are for bragging rights.

00:05:35   And so like it's a flex.

00:05:36   And so that later, if you get those right,

00:05:38   you can flex with people.

00:05:39   - Oh, all right.

00:05:40   I was gonna say why they're not called the braggies,

00:05:42   but now I get it 'cause you're flexing.

00:05:43   Thank you very much.

00:05:44   - Yeah, you're flexing. - Yeah, mm-hmm.

00:05:46   - But before we get there,

00:05:47   we have a couple of other things we needed to take care of.

00:05:50   We have some very important follow-up

00:05:51   about the ceiling fan that I bought.

00:05:53   - No, why is that?

00:05:55   Why, I saw, why?

00:05:58   So you could have just said follow up or you could have just said important follow up.

00:06:02   You had to go all the way to very important follow up.

00:06:06   You would be shocked at how many people sent me notes about the ceiling fan that I bought

00:06:10   and why I chose that one.

00:06:12   You could have replied to every single one of these people with a link in less time and

00:06:18   it's going to take us to get through this item of follow up.

00:06:22   Especially if you guys keep complaining about it.

00:06:23   Like let me just do it.

00:06:24   This is part of the point.

00:06:26   I installed the Hunter Newsome 42 inch indoor low profile

00:06:32   brushed nickel ceiling fan with light kit bundled with handheld remote control.

00:06:36   Oh, you didn't want to go for the high profile?

00:06:38   No, because it's only eight and a half foot ceilings in this room.

00:06:43   And I wanted it snug against the ceiling so it wasn't like too intrusive.

00:06:46   Do you love your family or is that not the case?

00:06:49   What do you mean?

00:06:50   Just the hype. You know, everybody knows that the high profile.

00:06:53   No, that means it hangs down lower into the room.

00:06:56   Low profile means it's like snug against the ceiling.

00:06:58   I have no idea what I'm talking about.

00:07:00   I do not understand the words that I'm saying.

00:07:02   I'm trying to fansplain you here.

00:07:04   Let me fansplain you.

00:07:05   Haha, there you go.

00:07:06   This whole thing was worth it for fansplaining.

00:07:09   So anyways, there's a link to it in the show notes.

00:07:12   Bill has tweeted at the show with something completely wonderful.

00:07:16   Let me just read this.

00:07:17   So this is from Bill on Twitter.

00:07:20   So random story, I listened to last year's show where you coined the rookies at an unsanitary

00:07:27   hostel in western Tibet and he took a picture.

00:07:31   Say the name of the mountain, Steven.

00:07:34   Mount Kalash.

00:07:35   I don't know if you're right, but I know that you immediately stopped when you saw that

00:07:41   there was a word.

00:07:42   I did.

00:07:43   Yeah, that's what I do.

00:07:44   Later, they took out they walked out took a photo using a tripod and it is a beautiful photo

00:07:50   Oh, yeah, and it's and it really was it's one of those things of like it was really kind of cool to hear like how

00:07:55   Far our show reaches a bill. Thank you for this tweet. It's an amazing photo. Like go check it out

00:07:59   Yeah, I'm sure this was not taken with an iPhone 10s

00:08:03   No, yeah, I this is like Mac OS wallpaper level photography here, right?

00:08:11   Yes, it I had that same thought and we'll put his smug mug page on

00:08:15   In the show notes, you can go see his other work. I spent some time there. It's all beautiful

00:08:20   Didn't flicker get bought by them. Yes

00:08:28   It's the sound the Pokemon would make yeah, it's smug mug that is also the name of a Pokemon. It's the Pokemon

00:08:40   If you post a picture for an insect, it's a smug mug bug smug bug

00:08:44   Smug as a rug in a bug

00:08:51   Thank you bill it's an amazing photo we appreciate it

00:08:56   Nigel wrote in saying that he didn't understand why the arm transition was such a big deal because apples had arm laptops way back in

00:09:05   197 with a picture of an email 300 when I was in school. I don't know. Maybe I was like

00:09:11   14 or 15 I sprained my wrist

00:09:14   From a rollerblading incident because wait, wait information on that please right there were this is it

00:09:20   I tried rollerblading fell over badly sprained my wrist stopped rollerblading

00:09:25   and

00:09:27   They gave me an email to use in school in class like the school that they gave me one of these to type with instead of

00:09:34   writing because I hurt my left wrist. How have we not heard this story before? Why

00:09:40   are you just sharing this story? I'm very sure I've told it somewhere. I'm almost

00:09:44   convinced. A rollerblading incident and they give you an email. See this is the thing. I

00:09:51   know I never said the rollerblading part before but the kids all do rollerblading

00:09:56   now so I wanted to seem seem cool. Alright so we have a huge announcement.

00:10:01   Myke, do you want to walk us through this?

00:10:03   - Connected Pro, we are at Real AFM.

00:10:07   We're evolving our membership strategy.

00:10:10   So in the past, we've had a relatively simple

00:10:13   membership system where there was a set of bonus content

00:10:17   that you would get and that was delivered

00:10:20   the same to everybody.

00:10:21   You could choose to give money directly to shows.

00:10:23   You could choose to give money to the entire network

00:10:26   and it would be spread out across everybody.

00:10:28   And that was kind of the way it was done.

00:10:30   But you didn't get anything extra if you decided that you wanted to support your

00:10:34   favorite podcast directly. That is now changing.

00:10:37   We have a system now at relay FM where any of our shows can create their own

00:10:42   bonus content that they deliver to people that want to support those shows

00:10:47   directly. Um, there's, we have, uh, one or two of them out now.

00:10:51   I'm about to talk about the one that we're doing here and there's some stuff

00:10:54   coming in the future. We, not every relay FM show is likely to do this.

00:10:58   some will, some won't, and it's going to roll out over time.

00:11:01   But we are starting today with connected pro.

00:11:05   So if you go to connected pro.co, you can sign up for our monthly plan.

00:11:10   You can go to the relay FM website if you want to sign up for our annual plan.

00:11:14   It's five dollars a month or fifty dollars a year.

00:11:16   If you choose to support connected directly with relay,

00:11:20   we have a relay FM membership.

00:11:21   You will get a new bonus feed that includes three things.

00:11:26   a pre-show, a post-show and no ads.

00:11:30   So I guess it excludes ads, but that's an

00:11:33   a benefit for many people.

00:11:35   So it starts this week.

00:11:37   All you need to do is go to connected pro dot

00:11:39   co and you can sign up for the monthly plan. Super easy.

00:11:42   Once you've signed up, you're taken to we use member for for this.

00:11:46   You take into the podcast page and member for you can just select connected pro.

00:11:50   It's and then there's buttons.

00:11:52   If you're on mobile, that will open the feed in all the major open podcast players.

00:11:57   Or if you're on a desktop, we have a QR code. It's incredibly easy to subscribe and you will get this

00:12:05   and our Relay FM crossover content, which is all of our member specials and all that kind of stuff

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00:12:15   get some extra content and no longer hear any ads, become a member right now at connectedpro.co.

00:12:21   As a special bonus for people who sign up, last week's show in the feed is also a pro

00:12:28   version it was the first one to be released and the old, all the history of the show has

00:12:35   been ported into this members feed so if you want to go back and listen to something in

00:12:38   the past you don't have to stay subscribed to the public connected feed.

00:12:41   I would like to talk about some administration because this is now the second of these that

00:12:46   we've done. So we've gotten some frequently questions asked of this. So, a few things.

00:12:53   One, you can support multiple shows at once. If you're an existing member, you can add

00:12:58   this one. You can add support for as many shows as you want with one account a member

00:13:03   for, but they're separate subscriptions. That's easy to do. You just go, you log in with your

00:13:07   existing credentials and you can add it by going to connect to Pro.co or you can go to

00:13:11   the Relay FM website and do that. We've had people ask if we're going to do a

00:13:16   bundle. At the moment we do not have a bundle planned so this would be the idea

00:13:21   of you pay a much higher price and you get all of the bonus content from all of

00:13:25   the shows. The reason we don't have one planned is as of right now we do not

00:13:29   know how many Relay FM shows are going to take advantage of this. So trying to

00:13:33   price a bundle can't make sense because we could either charge way too much or

00:13:38   or not enough. So because this idea, this whole idea is about providing the ability for podcasts

00:13:47   to make more money to diversify their income from people that want to give it to them. You don't

00:13:52   have to do it. We're not taking anything away. We're just adding stuff that wasn't there before.

00:13:56   If you want to hear this content, the pre-show and post-show content and don't want to pay for it,

00:14:03   We stream the show live every week.

00:14:05   Everything that is in the pre and post show is in the live stream,

00:14:08   but it's just not edited.

00:14:10   The entire show with the pre and the post content is edited by Steven.

00:14:14   So it sounds great, but you can hear it unedited for free

00:14:17   by just tuning into the show live every week.

00:14:21   You do also is a relay because because connected pro is a relay

00:14:25   for membership, you get access to the Discord as well

00:14:28   and all of the other benefits.

00:14:29   But now that money will go directly to the three of us

00:14:33   rather than being split however you may have done it before and that makes a bigger effect because

00:14:38   if you choose the like the real FM crossover plan to support all hosts all hosts get money but they

00:14:45   get a like i don't know like a 40th of five dollars i think it is right now yeah um and

00:14:51   that's great and like that gets all of our hosts some money if you want to do that you got you

00:14:55   pleased to continue to do that but if you support shows individually you pick your favorite one or

00:15:01   or two or one, then they get, like we get,

00:15:04   a third of $5 each, which is more.

00:15:08   You don't have to do this, we're not making you do this.

00:15:11   If you have too many subscriptions already, feel no guilt.

00:15:14   Just listening to this show is enough

00:15:16   because we have ads on this show

00:15:18   and we can continue to make money that way.

00:15:20   But we are trying to diversify.

00:15:22   We were talking about this a couple of months ago.

00:15:24   As we look forward to the future,

00:15:26   we want to make sure that we're also

00:15:29   a member supported network as well as an ad supported network.

00:15:32   So we are trying what we can to provide more if you choose to be a member.

00:15:38   So I think that covers most of it for now.

00:15:40   If you have any questions, if you're in the relay members,

00:15:43   just call just ask away or send an email to membership at relay.fm.

00:15:48   But for now, go to connected pro.co.

00:15:50   You'll get more content from your favorite Japsters and no ads.

00:15:55   Japsters. That's a good word.

00:15:57   It's a good word.

00:15:58   - The James does.

00:16:00   - We have a tiny topic.

00:16:02   Most years Apple does something before WWDC.

00:16:05   Remember a few years ago it was

00:16:08   doing the App Store changes.

00:16:11   Remember that, like the subscription changes

00:16:13   and they've done various things.

00:16:14   But this year so far it seems to be about hardware.

00:16:18   So there's a new high-end GPU,

00:16:21   the AMD Radeon Pro 5600M for the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

00:16:26   costs cost an extra 700 bucks, but it's got eight gigabytes of HBM to memory. This is

00:16:33   a screen This is like a bananas GPU for a MacBook Pro, and something like 75% faster

00:16:40   than the next highest configuration. So way on the high end. And for the Mac Pro, user

00:16:46   installable SSD modules, they come in pairs because they're rated and they talk to the

00:16:50   T2 and all that stuff. One to eight terabyte kits, the eight terabyte kit will run you

00:16:56   $2800 and I've got a link in the show notes to the description of how you install them.

00:17:03   You need another Mac, a USB-C cable, and Apple configurator because you have to repair them

00:17:10   with the T2. It seems like a real complicated deal.

00:17:15   I expect you're very excited.

00:17:17   Like, do you want one of the SSD things?

00:17:19   Is this a thing in, I mean, obviously not eight terabytes, but like,

00:17:22   do you need more? What did you get? I don't remember.

00:17:25   I've got a four terabyte drive in my now as my boot drive

00:17:29   and then have a four terabyte archive drive,

00:17:32   which is just old projects like old videos and stuff out of my boot drive.

00:17:36   I have one point four terabytes free, but on my archive drive,

00:17:40   I only have 700 gigs free.

00:17:41   And so I got to do something with my archive drive here before too long.

00:17:44   So we'll see.

00:17:46   - Okay.

00:17:47   - We'll see.

00:17:48   2800 bucks is really expensive.

00:17:50   It's even a premium over something like the max sales.

00:17:53   The OWC folks, they have a card that goes into PCI slot

00:17:58   and has a bunch of those little like M.2 SSDs.

00:18:01   And this is a premium even over that,

00:18:04   but it's Apple and it would be covered

00:18:06   under your Apple care if you do it.

00:18:07   And so there are some benefits to this

00:18:09   over third party solutions,

00:18:11   but you can definitely make your money go further

00:18:14   by doing something besides this.

00:18:17   So anyways, Mac Pro stuff.

00:18:20   So I don't think we're gonna see much in terms

00:18:22   of Pro hardware this year.

00:18:25   Maybe the iMac Pro, but it seems like they're trying

00:18:27   to clear some of this stuff out, like they do most years

00:18:31   before the conference starts on Monday.

00:18:33   - Yeah, it's little bits and bobs, right?

00:18:34   - Yeah.

00:18:35   - Not that this would have found its way into the keynote,

00:18:38   I'm sure, but-- - No, but Apple used to do,

00:18:41   what they used to do is they'd have the keynote

00:18:43   and then all this other stuff would happen on the same day

00:18:45   and they get lost in the news cycle.

00:18:47   And so I think now they're trying to have it where

00:18:51   this stuff gets its own couple of days before the conference

00:18:53   it doesn't get buried by everything else.

00:18:55   I think it's smart.

00:18:56   This episode of Connected is brought to you by StoryWorth.

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00:20:22   It's time.

00:20:23   You guys ready to lose?

00:20:25   Wow.

00:20:26   So that's how you're leading. You think you're going to win.

00:20:30   Yeah, I'm going to clear up the whole year. I'm winning this.

00:20:32   I'm going to win the annual picks and I guess I'll just pick up the Septembers as well.

00:20:37   Look, I don't hold any of the Twitter accounts.

00:20:41   Your confidence is very cute.

00:20:43   I don't hold any of the Twitter accounts.

00:20:46   I'm taking them.

00:20:47   I'm taking them.

00:20:48   Let's go through the rules real quick for people who may not remember how this works

00:20:53   and to remind ourselves because these are complicated.

00:20:57   So the order is set by the winner of the previous event predictions.

00:21:01   That order this time is me, then Myke, then Federico.

00:21:05   To earn any points everything written down in the prediction document must come true.

00:21:10   No half points may be awarded in any round.

00:21:14   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds and picks cannot be

00:21:19   reused.

00:21:20   Two points will be awarded for the correct picks in the risky pick round known as the

00:21:25   Ricky's.

00:21:27   If your risky pick is wrong, you will lose a point and critically the other two hosts

00:21:32   must agree that your pick is deemed risky enough.

00:21:36   So we usually do that over iMessage before we made it on the show today.

00:21:40   We have the final round called the flexies.

00:21:43   These are non graded picks.

00:21:44   The loser of the flexy picks must buy drinks for the other two hosts.

00:21:49   Well how can we buy drinks remotely?

00:21:52   Drinks have never been purchased.

00:21:53   I just want to say we've had this as a rule for a while.

00:21:56   Nobody's ever bought drinks for anyone.

00:21:58   But I guess if someone's thirsty.

00:22:01   Mm-hmm and as a reminder there are annual chairman and keynote chairman Twitter accounts

00:22:08   Federico holds the annual chairman account because he won the annual picks last year

00:22:13   I am the current holder of the keynote chairman Twitter account because I won the last regular event

00:22:19   picks

00:22:20   But my handle is on the line today or next week. I should say so I could lose this to either one of you

00:22:27   Yeah, I'm gonna have both and you cannot use both of them, I guess

00:22:31   Why? Because you've never used, you've never tweeted from the annual chairman

00:22:35   account. I'm just waiting for the right moment. What is this moment? When you

00:22:41   least expect it, you will open Twitter and see a tweet from the annual chairman

00:22:45   account and the keynote chairman account and be like "oh these tweets they came at

00:22:49   the perfectly appropriate time." Right, you have like one tweet that's gonna be

00:22:52   splitting off. They sneak up on you when you least expect it and they, you know,

00:22:56   append your expectations completely as to what you can get from your Twitter

00:23:01   experience. Okay. Wow. I then just go out the first day and tweet like Steven did

00:23:06   you know "oh yeah I'm the keynote chairman" no I wait patiently by the side of the river

00:23:12   I bide my time. For the right words to flow by and then I will issue my tweet. Then you'll

00:23:19   strike. Yeah let's do this let's pretend that this is actually gonna be a

00:23:23   competition and just you know do this because we all know who's gonna win so. Yes the

00:23:29   The year of Steven will continue for its 27th consecutive year.

00:23:33   I guess it's the 34th consecutive year because I'm 34.

00:23:37   Round one, my pick.

00:23:39   The transition to Arm is announced for the Macintosh.

00:23:42   It's not called the Macintosh, so you already got this wrong.

00:23:45   It's not called the Macintosh anymore.

00:23:47   So for the Mac.

00:23:49   Everything in the...

00:23:51   Oh, Federico.

00:23:52   Should I remind you to earn any points, everything written down in the prediction document must

00:23:57   come true.

00:23:58   (laughing)

00:24:00   - That was written down in the prediction document.

00:24:03   - Yep, you wrote the rules.

00:24:05   - That's not true.

00:24:07   - Sure you did.

00:24:07   - I read them.

00:24:08   I read them, I didn't write, we wrote them together.

00:24:10   - You wrote it down yourself, old man.

00:24:13   The Macintosh prediction from the 80s.

00:24:17   - Transition to ARM, feels like it's the year.

00:24:21   I will say, so if we scroll down

00:24:24   the bottom of the document, in my annual predictions,

00:24:28   - Yep.

00:24:29   - I have a--

00:24:31   - You have a Flexi.

00:24:33   - I have a Flexi that says,

00:24:35   Apple does not ship the first ARM Mac in 2020.

00:24:39   So if you combine these, it will be announced,

00:24:43   but the first ARM Mac won't ship this year.

00:24:46   - So I have a question about this.

00:24:49   This is a Flexi, so it's not important,

00:24:50   but I was looking at these the other day.

00:24:52   - But we're gonna do it anyways.

00:24:54   - If there was a transition kit,

00:24:57   Would that count as shipping?

00:24:58   Mm-mm.

00:24:59   It's not a product.

00:25:00   It's a transition kit.

00:25:01   You didn't say it had to be a product.

00:25:03   Well, it's a Flexy, so does it matter, so I can be right.

00:25:05   Right.

00:25:06   We'll deal with that when we get there, son.

00:25:09   Okay, okay.

00:25:10   I guess it is kind of pointless arguing it today.

00:25:13   We can maybe argue it next week.

00:25:16   Because we can argue it next week and at the end of the year.

00:25:21   So your prediction is the transition to ARM is announced for the Mac.

00:25:26   Now, do they need to call it ARM for the prediction to be correct?

00:25:32   No, it's transition to...

00:25:35   A different chip architecture.

00:25:37   Well, I feel like this would be my advice to you as a fellow winner of previous predictions.

00:25:45   Yes, we're both winners.

00:25:46   I have won lots of them, there were just no Twitter accounts.

00:25:50   Winner to...

00:25:51   Yeah, nobody remembers those, Myke.

00:25:53   Winner to winner, Steven.

00:25:54   I think you need to make this as...

00:25:55   I won like three in a row.

00:25:57   Yeah, nobody cares about that.

00:25:59   So as a...

00:26:02   I think you need to generalize this as much as possible

00:26:05   because then I can imagine our friend Myke Hurley saying,

00:26:07   "Oh, but it didn't announce a transition to ARM.

00:26:09   It's a transition to, you know, whatever the system

00:26:12   is going to be called, Apple, CPU."

00:26:14   You started this by saying it's not called the Macintosh.

00:26:17   I was just pointing out facts.

00:26:19   Here, instead, I'm trying to imagine a future

00:26:23   where this conversation may be held.

00:26:25   A CPU transition is announced for the Mac.

00:26:28   Perfect! There you go.

00:26:31   We're switching to AMD!

00:26:32   You never know!

00:26:35   Threadripper's for everybody.

00:26:37   You never know.

00:26:38   I'd like a Threadripper and a Mac Pro. Apple.

00:26:40   Threadripper!

00:26:41   Okay.

00:26:42   All right, so that's mine. I feel pretty good about that.

00:26:46   Michael, you're up next.

00:26:47   The iPad home screen gets new features.

00:26:51   That's pretty broad, but it's not a Ricky.

00:26:54   Okay, that's the prediction. So new features.

00:26:58   Right, you see, I very purposefully gave that a very broad prediction.

00:27:04   I've learned.

00:27:04   Yeah, you're learning.

00:27:05   Specificity is the murder of the Ricky's.

00:27:07   And again, I won so many times. There was just no...

00:27:11   I won like three in a row, remember?

00:27:15   I won like...

00:27:15   No one cares who won in 2016.

00:27:17   Yeah, and you want you want like this with these broad predictions that are not fun

00:27:22   I know that we have the Rickeys, but you should you know, give it a bit of flavor

00:27:26   Give it a bit of a no, you know, no one can make me no one can make me change my labor less prediction

00:27:32   Yeah, it's yeah. Okay, cool. So

00:27:34   Just to clarify what if the only change that we get is they move the clock. Is that a home screen feature? No

00:27:42   Okay, it's got to be something that didn't exist before

00:27:47   So like moving the clock there was always a clock, okay

00:27:50   so this is not in the pick, but what I'm talking about here is like

00:27:54   widgets or you can now rearrange your icons however you like or

00:28:00   There's documents on the desktop now that kind of stuff. Okay, so a new feature

00:28:05   Yeah, not a reshuffling of existing features exactly has to be stuff that we didn't have before

00:28:13   How minor is something to count as a new feature?

00:28:15   Like what if they have the option to turn off labels under the under the app icons or something? That seems pretty big to me

00:28:21   To turn off the words under the app icons. That's not minor. That's the big change. There's people who like that

00:28:28   But my point there though is like that's a big that's a big change

00:28:31   That's like a thing that we've had for a decade at this point is the labels under the app icons

00:28:36   That would be a big feature like a new that's like a new thing. It's like a sick. It would be a new feature

00:28:40   Yeah new feature

00:28:42   Oh, I mean, we can accept this prediction.

00:28:46   I know it's not exciting, but I don't care. I want to win.

00:28:49   Yeah, you like to win.

00:28:51   And also, let me just say, let me just say when we're talking about exciting,

00:28:55   if they do what I want them to do, we're all going to be super happy about it.

00:28:59   Right.

00:28:59   Like if they put widgets on the home screen and they're all new widgets,

00:29:02   they allow us to put like documents and folders on the home screen instead.

00:29:06   So we can quickly get to things that don't need to live in files anymore.

00:29:09   Like we'll be flipping out over that.

00:29:11   It's gonna be amazing sure but that aftertaste of you getting this prediction, right?

00:29:16   Yeah, well if you would have done better in the last predictions you could have picked it before me

00:29:22   But you came to a winner you came lost Federico. I'm sorry. What title do you hold?

00:29:28   Here, well, let's talk about Federico's next pick because I think you've gotten too specific for your own good here

00:29:35   This is Federico's way

00:29:37   My prediction is well you can you know?

00:29:41   you may not like my approach but you cannot deny that I don't have style. So

00:29:46   my prediction is new iMessage features including the ability to retract sent

00:29:52   messages. So essentially I think that Apple is going to copy a WhatsApp feature

00:30:00   WhatsApp allows you to delete, to retract a previously sent message in a

00:30:05   conversation and I think this is not the prediction but I personally think that

00:30:10   that Apple should and is going to copy a bunch of different WhatsApp features for iMessage.

00:30:15   So my prediction is we're going to get new iMessage features. So I could have stopped

00:30:21   there, but I also really want to see the ability to extract a previously sent message. And

00:30:27   I also think this was rumored before at some point. So my prediction is going to be, because

00:30:33   I want to give it that flavor, you know, I don't want to be too broad and, you know,

00:30:38   just win easy. I want to win with the struggle. I like that. So new iMessage features, including

00:30:43   the ability to retract sent messages.

00:30:45   Well, look, if you want, because Des not a flavor, you're not being specific, are you?

00:30:50   Yes I am.

00:30:51   You're just saying including.

00:30:52   Yeah, including. But I'm adding something. I'm adding something to the...

00:30:56   New iPad home screen gets new features. So if it's, if, so, okay, let me ask a question

00:31:02   here. If they don't announce retracting sent messages, but have other features, do you

00:31:07   get the point? No, I don't. That's the point. Also, it has to include... Yeah, everything

00:31:14   in the doc is the pick. Okay, well then, you're wild. You're a wild person. Well, and also

00:31:20   I put in the document, I put WhatsApp, like WhatsApp, it's indented because that's not

00:31:25   part of the pick, it's to give you an idea of what it will look like. The pick is new

00:31:29   iMessage features including the ability to track sent messages. So if there's new...

00:31:33   That's the pick.

00:31:34   New features, but you can't retract, you don't get it.

00:31:37   Got it.

00:31:38   Yeah, exactly.

00:31:39   So, I predict new features, and amongst these features, there's one that is you can delete

00:31:45   a previously sent message.

00:31:47   Wow.

00:31:48   Now, I said iMessage, so here's my only doubt here.

00:31:51   I said iMessage because I assume that these features will be specifically retracting a

00:31:57   message, should be an iMessage, as in the iMessage protocol.

00:32:02   feature because I don't think you can retract a previously sent SMS. So that's why, for context,

00:32:07   that is why I said new iMessage features. They need to put it in the iMessage deep and

00:32:12   open framework. Yeah. Yes, we're going to talk about deep and open frameworks later. Oh, I know.

00:32:17   I would also say that like if this is an iOS only feature, that's perfectly fine. I just want to

00:32:23   state that for you because you said iMessage, it then could be like, do you mean the entire

00:32:28   service but like I just think if it's available in some form in iMessage you'll be fine.

00:32:33   And I mean if they're gonna show it you know they're gonna show it on an iPhone.

00:32:36   Then they're gonna tell you "oh on iPad now you can retract it"

00:32:40   Well I was thinking more about the Mac but sure or the Macintosh.

00:32:43   Oh yeah I guess that also exists.

00:32:45   But yeah I mean they're gonna do the new messages app on the Mac so.

00:32:48   Maybe on the Mac it will just show in brackets underneath "this message was retracted"

00:32:53   it never actually is you know. Let's see. Steven what's your round two pick? My round

00:33:02   two pick is as follows. An AR demo is given calling out the benefits of the time of flight

00:33:09   sensor found on the 2020 iPad pros. Oh okay slow down. Is given? Where, what does it mean

00:33:17   is given? Like does it have to be in the keynote or on the website or in a promo video? Good

00:33:23   What is is given this passive this passive verb I need to see it on

00:33:29   The stream so I don't care if it's live or if it's pre-recorded in the keynote

00:33:34   In the keynote stream or in the okay, so not in the state of the Union in the keynote stream

00:33:41   We don't we have never so this is actually okay, so the the rules for the Ricky's

00:33:47   Anything goes up until we record. That's the difference. Oh, that's right

00:33:52   - Right, I've forgotten.

00:33:53   - If it's not in the keynote, but we find out about it

00:33:56   in a session on Tuesday afternoon, you got the point.

00:33:59   - Yep. - Okay, okay.

00:34:00   Okay. - So,

00:34:02   so what are you saying? - Oh, that's good.

00:34:05   What am I saying? - Yes.

00:34:06   - I'm saying that they're gonna have some sort of demo.

00:34:11   - In? - Calling out the benefits.

00:34:12   - The keynote?

00:34:13   - So by demo, you mean a person,

00:34:16   because I'm trying to be specific here in that

00:34:21   I don't want to be in a situation where, for example,

00:34:24   Apple updates their website,

00:34:25   and there's a new section of a website that says,

00:34:28   "Oh, with the time of flight sensor,

00:34:30   now you get these features."

00:34:32   It has to be a demo.

00:34:33   - I meant for it to be broad.

00:34:35   So what if I go with,

00:34:37   Apple draws attention to the benefits

00:34:40   of the time of flight sensor?

00:34:42   - That's so, I feel so hard to judge.

00:34:50   I think you said demo and we can go with demo and we can, I think we can tell what a demo

00:34:54   is.

00:34:55   How about there has to be a video from Apple, right, that...

00:35:03   A video or a part of a video.

00:35:05   Is an AR demo calling out the benefits, so it has to appear on video from Apple before

00:35:13   we record.

00:35:15   It has to appear on video, I think it's a good description because it could be in the

00:35:18   keynote or it could be a session. Or in the state of the union.

00:35:23   Or in the state of the union. So it needs to appear on video. The website doesn't count.

00:35:27   There's just to be a lot of work for Steven to get this if it's not in the keynote.

00:35:31   Apple, yeah I now have to watch all the AR sessions.

00:35:34   Watch everything.

00:35:35   Yeah.

00:35:35   Well, listeners, if you see it, send me a link.

00:35:38   You know what would be funny? If Apple didn't mention this on video and went like,

00:35:43   "Oh, you guys have seen that first time of flight sensor in the iPad Pro?" It sucks.

00:35:47   They mention it but they don't tout the benefits of it.

00:35:53   You've taken AR out of here.

00:35:55   Oh sorry, that's a typo.

00:35:59   Why don't you just put 4 AR at the end?

00:36:01   Okay yeah that works.

00:36:03   So the pick is Apple shares a video touting the benefits of the time of flight sensor

00:36:10   found in the 2020 iPad Pros for AR.

00:36:15   I feel like this is a risky pick at this point,

00:36:17   the way that it's phrased.

00:36:18   (laughing)

00:36:20   - We've walked him into risky town.

00:36:22   That's very good.

00:36:25   - Yes, so here's my thinking behind this,

00:36:27   'cause the more you talk about it,

00:36:29   the worse I feel about it.

00:36:31   My thought is, I think everyone's thought is,

00:36:33   this sensor's coming to the new iPhones

00:36:36   whenever they ship in the fall.

00:36:37   And Apple won't say that, but very often Apple's like,

00:36:42   "Wink, wink, nudge, nudge,

00:36:43   this hardware is really important or in things like size classes, oh you really want size

00:36:50   classes in your apps.

00:36:52   And then slide over becomes a thing.

00:36:53   I have a Flexi that's like this to share later on.

00:36:57   That follows the same methodology.

00:36:59   But as you'll see, I didn't make it a pick.

00:37:02   It wasn't as bold as you.

00:37:04   I'm going bold because Apple thinks AR is really important.

00:37:08   And I don't think anyone really knows why or cares as much as Apple does.

00:37:13   And I think that they will show off something, ARKit, iOS something, using that time of flight

00:37:19   sensor and say, "Hey, if you build in support for this, you get all these features," wink,

00:37:23   wink, it's going to be important.

00:37:25   I appreciate this pick.

00:37:27   If you were Myke, you would have just said Apple mentions AR, and that would have been

00:37:31   the pick.

00:37:32   All right, so my next pick is iOS gets the ability to change default apps from those

00:37:39   to Apple Make.

00:37:40   I am going to say...

00:37:42   Oh, this is a good one.

00:37:44   Including email.

00:37:46   Wow.

00:37:48   That's not in the doc, you gotta add that.

00:37:50   I know it's not in the doc, because I feel like I have to do something,

00:37:53   or I'm gonna be called the non-risky regular pick person.

00:37:56   Non-specific Myke, they'll call me.

00:37:58   You gotta get under your skin over here.

00:38:01   I know.

00:38:02   IOS gets... I don't care about what you say.

00:38:05   It's everyone else I care about.

00:38:08   It's everybody else.

00:38:09   Like, I don't mind taking it from you, but I don't want to spend the rest of the week

00:38:15   dealing with people saying to me, "You don't do risky things."

00:38:19   So iOS gets the ability to change default apps from those that Apple make, including

00:38:24   email.

00:38:25   Okay.

00:38:26   And there's a very easy way to tell if it includes email, because if you can, tapping

00:38:31   any mail to URL will open the different applications.

00:38:35   So very easy to confirm.

00:38:37   Yeah.

00:38:38   Look, I will say, look, I'm not being incredibly hard on myself.

00:38:41   I feel like this is the easy one if they're going to do any of them.

00:38:44   Right? Like email feels like the one you would do.

00:38:48   This is probably a really, actually, this is a nice segue.

00:38:51   Let me actually, I'll tell you why I think they're going to do this.

00:38:53   And then that will lead us into to a very quick sub topic.

00:38:56   I believe they're going to do this not because they want to, but because this

00:39:00   will be a thing that they will want to show regulators in Europe and the US,

00:39:05   about "oh hey we are not forcing people to use our applications" like I actually

00:39:11   think they will also do this for music, maybe for messaging as well, like to just

00:39:17   let you choose your defaults for those. Not in the pic, just something Myke thinks

00:39:21   because that will give them something to try and show that they are not keep

00:39:29   trying to like force and keep their monopolies as much as they want, right?

00:39:32   Does that make sense? Right, that they would do this as an antitrust thing. And I could see this

00:39:39   being a thing where they say it's coming later this year, and it's actually not in 14-0. Ooh,

00:39:47   that's nice. Yeah, I like that. That maybe if, and we're gonna already talk about the hay thing,

00:39:51   I assume, if that was like the straw that broke the camel's back, which it could be, we don't know,

00:39:56   that maybe this isn't in the betas, or maybe it's not there on day one, but shows up a little bit.

00:40:02   later like just something about this feature makes me think maybe it's not

00:40:06   there on day one I don't know why I can't put my finger on it but I have

00:40:09   that little thought in the back of my head could take a little while for them

00:40:13   to get it all in place they might have additional approvals that they make you

00:40:16   do right like that might be like a separate process so you might need to

00:40:20   get signed differently I don't know what it might be right that's how CarPlay is

00:40:24   right you have to have special entitlements entitlements and so it

00:40:28   could be that you have to work with Apple for that. I mean Android has a

00:40:32   system for this right where like I would expect they would probably do something

00:40:37   similar with the first time you click a link that is you know that can send an

00:40:42   email it will say hey which one of these you want to use mm-hmm and I would

00:40:46   expect them to do something pretty similar to that where it will let you

00:40:50   choose every time or you can set a default from that pop-up that would

00:40:54   appear. Let's just, we'll touch on this real quick. Hey, which is an email app, a

00:40:59   new email service, hey, from 37signals, I think, or I don't know if they're called

00:41:04   Basecamp now, but the company behind Basecamp have set up a company called Hey.

00:41:08   Hey. Hey. It's a new email service, it's rolling out now, they, it's free for

00:41:15   14 days, you pay $100 a year, that's the service. Their iPhone app has been

00:41:20   rejected because they have a paid subscription service that they do not have an in-app purchase

00:41:28   for.

00:41:29   One, but the thing that's really, I mean, we all know this, right?

00:41:33   Everybody knows this by now that Apple want you to use their in-app purchases and that's

00:41:36   why you can't link to your website and all that kind of stuff.

00:41:39   We've heard this before, right?

00:41:41   It's why like Netflix won't let you sign up.

00:41:44   They also won't link, but you've got to know that you've got to have a Netflix account.

00:41:48   Well, Hey, did all of that stuff.

00:41:50   There's no links out, there's no nothing.

00:41:55   I want to read a quote from Protocol.

00:42:00   This was David Pierce reporting.

00:42:01   "Apple told me that its actual mistake was approving the app in the first place when

00:42:05   it didn't conform to its guidelines.

00:42:07   Apple allows these kinds of client apps where you can't sign up, only sign in, for business

00:42:12   services but not consumer products.

00:42:15   That's why Basecamp, which companies typically pay for, is allowed on the App Store when

00:42:19   Which users pay for isn't anyone who purchased hay from elsewhere could access it on iOS as usual

00:42:26   The company said but the app must have a way for users to sign up and pay through Apple's infrastructure

00:42:31   That's how Apple supports and pays for its work on the platform. I have two points just one

00:42:36   I don't want to say the word that I want to say about what I think about this statement

00:42:40   But it is baloney it this is so terrible

00:42:44   Like that it almost feels like the spokesperson that talked spoke to David Pierce went rogue because this is bananas

00:42:51   Like the last point that's how Apple supports and pays for its work on the platform. Is it though? I don't think it is like

00:42:57   We pay for the phones, right and Apple makes a lot of money in a lot of ways

00:43:02   I can't imagine that like that 30% pays for all of it. Just don't I'm not gonna accept that as an answer

00:43:09   But the other thing is like so what Apple has done here is I there was a I'm a big fan of dithering

00:43:16   John Gruber and Ben Thompson's you show they have a great episode. I'll link to the tweet

00:43:20   They put a clip and you should listen to that show

00:43:22   But they made a point there and I've seen other people do it too is that the problem here isn't that Apple changed the rules?

00:43:28   No rule has changed rule three point one point one is the same Apple has changed its

00:43:34   interpretation of that rule where now they're saying oh no, you can't do that either you can't

00:43:40   have a

00:43:42   Service that you pay for outside and just not link to it now if there's even an existence of a service outside

00:43:48   You must allow us to process that payment as well. I don't like it. It doesn't sit right with me

00:43:55   I don't know why this company need feels the need to do this. Okay, I say that I know why they want that services

00:44:03   revenue to keep going up up up that's why they're doing it but like this is in

00:44:07   the same week that the European Commission has announced their antitrust

00:44:12   stuff for Apple for this very thing this is gonna blow up big time unless they

00:44:18   fix it and I think that my hope here is that something's got misconstrued

00:44:25   because I cannot otherwise understand why they think this is acceptable

00:44:30   Because there are other apps that do work this exact way.

00:44:35   Yes.

00:44:36   Right?

00:44:37   Slack, Netflix, where you can sign into the app, but you have to have an account that

00:44:41   you pay for outside of the app store.

00:44:44   And this whole business consumer thing is bananas.

00:44:47   I can sign up for a basecamp and just be me and not a business.

00:44:52   I can also pay for Hey, and I will do Hey with my business account because I do email

00:44:58   like business email is work for me. Like Apple can't be the arbiter of what is for businesses

00:45:04   and what isn't. And also this idea of like, oh, there are these reader apps and like Netflix

00:45:10   is a reader app. Like Apple, just say it, right? Say what you actually want to say,

00:45:15   which is you need to be big enough for us to give you a break here.

00:45:19   Yeah, which is terrible policy. But if that's what you are, want to do, which is what you're

00:45:24   doing right because they include Dropbox in that list like Netflix and Dropbox are the same like

00:45:29   just say it if you want to do deals in the background which we know you're doing because

00:45:35   you're a big business just say it's that so like because personally I don't have any more of a bad

00:45:42   or good feeling about that than what you're doing because I know that's what you're doing so just

00:45:46   tell me that's what you're doing so just broadly speaking I personally think Apple is in the wrong

00:45:51   here, obviously. I don't think, like, I've read a lot about it this past couple of days,

00:45:57   I went in and checked the guidelines again, but it's one of those things that they just

00:46:03   feel wrong, you know? And I think we had part of this conversation when Spotify brought

00:46:10   on their complaints a few months ago. First of all, I think Apple is taking this stance,

00:46:18   weird stance on this problem at the worst possible time with a new antitrust investigation

00:46:24   that just started in the EU and WWDC, which is a developers conference starting just a

00:46:30   few days. So this is the worst possible timing for Apple to say, to show this anti-competitive

00:46:35   behavior. And I also think it's just wrong for consumers and for developers to have this

00:46:42   sort of, you know, hidden categorization of developers between big developers who we cannot

00:46:48   afford to push around and smaller developers who either they play by our rules or they're

00:46:54   shut off from the platform. I think this is not a good look. I would be very surprised, very,

00:47:00   very surprised if Apple does not walk this back in regards to "hey". "Hey!" I have faith that somebody

00:47:09   high up enough is going to see this and realize they made a wrong call somewhere.

00:47:14   Because we've seen this kind of stuff happen in the past, right? And this really feels like

00:47:21   someone made a decision for either good or bad reasons and it's trickled down and messed stuff up.

00:47:27   And it just is no bold to different websites. The statements to the Verge and to Protocol,

00:47:35   That's very strange because when you give those statements, they're usually reviewed by PR and

00:47:42   they go through multiple chains of people. So it's really surprising that Apple

00:47:48   may have not foreseen this backlash coming. I mean, it definitely does help, of course, that the

00:47:56   people behind Hey and Basecamp, they have a very large audience and following.

00:48:01   And David Hanalaya Hansen, the CTO, is a very vocal controversial figure when it comes to this kind of stuff anyway.

00:48:08   And I also do want to say that I cannot...

00:48:12   There is a medium-sized elephant in the room here where this is a closed email platform.

00:48:20   Sure.

00:48:22   Which is strange, right?

00:48:24   Because it seems like 37signals Basecamp, David Hanalaya Hansen, believe in openness over everything.

00:48:31   but like this is an email platform that I cannot use with any other app except theirs.

00:48:38   I know why they're doing it because it does things that are cool and different but it is still a

00:48:45   closed platform. But does it matter though? Oh absolutely this is completely separate to

00:48:51   what Apple's doing. I'm just saying this as like a an interesting thing where it's I just want to

00:48:57   to make that point because I feel like it's a point that needs to be made.

00:49:01   I agree but of course in a fair and open and competitive market you shouldn't care about

00:49:07   the people and the actors that are going to take advantage of your rules. You've got to

00:49:12   make the rules and the rules have to be fair.

00:49:14   Yeah but as I said I really need to just... that point is completely disconnected from

00:49:20   any decision that Apple made because I've been thinking this about "hey anyway" well

00:49:25   I want to try it out, I'm interested in it.

00:49:27   But, hi.

00:49:28   I don't, I'm struggling to see how they will gain foothold in the long term.

00:49:35   Like, it has to be so good because ultimately they will want all my email.

00:49:42   And that's an interesting thing, right?

00:49:44   Like, they're going to want my business email later on.

00:49:46   I know they do.

00:49:47   So then, like, email just becomes, "Hey."

00:49:50   Anyway, it's like a funny thing, but like, we can't even have this discussion now because

00:49:54   there's all this other stuff going on. So I want to come, I am, I have access to

00:50:00   Hey and I want to try it out and I want to really give it a fair shake but I do

00:50:04   want to come back to talking about it in general anyway. Like obviously I'm gonna

00:50:08   talk about it's an email app it's like this is my bread and butter talking about

00:50:12   email apps but this whole thing with with with them and Apple is what is wild.

00:50:19   So what was your pick? Yeah iOS gets the ability to change default apps from

00:50:24   those that Apple make, including email.

00:50:27   Alright.

00:50:27   That's a good pick.

00:50:28   Can I do mine?

00:50:30   Yes, please.

00:50:31   Oh, this is actually kind of generic. I did have a generic one.

00:50:36   IOS or watchOS. Actually, no. IOS and watchOS. Both of them together.

00:50:45   Whoa.

00:50:46   Get new sleep tracking features.

00:50:49   I don't know why you added the "and" in there.

00:50:52   Yeah.

00:50:52   Why did you do that?

00:50:53   can you sleep track with your phone? No, I just think there's gonna be a... No, I

00:50:57   think if they do add sleep tracking on the watch, of course you're gonna have

00:51:01   some sleep tracking component on the iPhone as well. Okay, so I would like to just clarify.

00:51:06   For visualizing data... I really want you to take iOS out of this pic for your own sake, Federico.

00:51:11   Just, you don't need it in there. You're making it harder for yourself, because

00:51:14   there are things that the watch does that iOS doesn't pair with, like breathe.

00:51:22   Alright cool, watchOS gets new sleep tracking features.

00:51:25   You don't need to make it harder on yourself.

00:51:27   I totally get what you're saying and that yeah I'm sure there will be some component

00:51:31   where it dies in.

00:51:32   Yeah it'll be in the health app.

00:51:33   I just think it'll be there.

00:51:34   I mean if you track your sleep with the watch you're gonna have either new sections in health

00:51:43   or a new section in the watch app.

00:51:44   But I wouldn't count that though.

00:51:45   Like it...

00:51:46   Okay cool, no I get it.

00:51:47   That's why.

00:51:48   if they measure it in health like I'm not that's not a new feature like that's

00:51:52   that term in my mind like that doesn't feel like a feature no but I was also

00:51:57   thinking like maybe there's like a sleep mode that you can enable like from

00:52:00   control center on the iPhone or stuff like that right but then like how

00:52:04   different is it to the car bedtime mode because that right I do feel I do feel

00:52:08   more confident about saying watch OS gets a new native sleep tracking feature

00:52:13   We're not even in the Ricky's yet, man.

00:52:15   Like, you know?

00:52:17   So, let me ask you, let me ask you this.

00:52:19   Is this something that gets announced at WWDC?

00:52:23   Or if it's for new hardware only, do they hold it for the new watch?

00:52:27   This is the risk.

00:52:29   Yeah, that's the risk.

00:52:30   I would like to see this be like Series 5 and up.

00:52:33   Which I think they could, they could do.

00:52:35   Actually, the Series 4 and Series 5 watch have the same processor, right?

00:52:38   So, maybe, I don't know.

00:52:41   Feels like there's some give there where it could come to older devices, but I do think

00:52:44   you run a risk of this being a Series 6 hardware thing.

00:52:49   Because like "Always On" watch faces was like, we didn't know about that until the watch

00:52:54   announcement and there's not going to be a third party story with sleep tracking.

00:52:59   Well there is, it's called being "shirt locked".

00:53:02   Well yeah.

00:53:03   If I phrase the pick as "WatchOS" - the next version, whatever, 7 - gets new sleep tracking

00:53:10   If I don't say new native sleep tracking features,

00:53:13   I think I could potentially account for two possibilities.

00:53:17   One is the native feature from Apple.

00:53:20   The other is new APIs for developers or, again,

00:53:25   maybe a new sleep tracking mode that you get

00:53:27   in Control Center on the watch, something else.

00:53:30   I think if I just say,

00:53:31   because I do believe the watchOS 7 and the next Apple watch,

00:53:34   Apple is going all in on sleep tracking.

00:53:36   So I just want to say watchOS gets

00:53:38   new sleep tracking features.

00:53:40   I could possibly see an API. I can understand that. Like, you know, like,

00:53:46   workout apps can tie into health. So, hmm. Alright. Yeah. So that's the pick.

00:53:54   Alright, so that finishes round one and round two. It is time for the Rickies after this break.

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00:55:14   So the time has come.

00:55:16   It is time for our Rickiest, the Ricky picks, riskiest pickiest time for the Ricky's.

00:55:25   Can you feel, can you feel the excitement?

00:55:27   You guys seem excited.

00:55:29   I do believe that my pick is the Rickiest of them all and...

00:55:34   Oh yeah, you went... just head into this!

00:55:38   This was unprecedented though, this Ricky selection. There was no fighting.

00:55:44   We always have the worst fights when we're trying to decide... because basically what happens is

00:55:50   a day or two before we all share our Ricky picks of each other and have to agree that they are

00:55:58   risky and if they're not and we like if we can't come to a decision we've had Jason get involved as

00:56:05   an impartial third party to make us change this there was this time we had one requested

00:56:13   clarification and then that was it well I mean it's not that I don't think your pick is not

00:56:18   risky Myke well you must if you agreed to it you must think it's risky I do think it's risky

00:56:24   I just think it's kind of obvious. I think it's both risky and obvious at the same time.

00:56:29   Well that's why I picked it.

00:56:31   Yeah, because you like to win easy.

00:56:33   No, because I want to win.

00:56:35   So now we're fighting.

00:56:36   I picked something, which you'll hear in a bit, that there's been no rumor for.

00:56:45   People can assume it's going to happen. People have said, "Oh, they should probably do this."

00:56:49   Everybody's going to assume it's going to happen.

00:56:51   Everyone thinks it's happening, but those are the rules.

00:56:53   the rules are like there has to have been no prior information that could guarantee this

00:57:01   thing's gonna happen. From my perspective, Steven's is the least risky. Yeah, you also have a point.

00:57:11   The more I look at this, the more I feel like a lone man on an island. I think that there is a

00:57:18   Risky level that begins with Steven and ends with you. That's what I think we are

00:57:23   Yeah, all right. Are we ready for this? Yeah, go on go on

00:57:28   Apple will I said ship but really it's announced or not. There's a new major Mac app built on catalyst

00:57:36   This is what the clarification was. It's something that is in the default doc of Mac OS

00:57:42   I want to make a secondary clarification here. Do you?

00:57:46   default dock as of when? a clean install. clean install of 10.16. yep of 10.16. the new version

00:57:56   of macos. okay that's interesting because i would have thought we would do it as of now

00:58:01   because the risky part to me is apple takes a current app and makes it catalyst. well i mean

00:58:11   Creating a new app that's Catalyst doesn't feel so risky to me.

00:58:15   But can they... do they even want to create new Mac apps that don't already exist?

00:58:20   Like is there anything left to create on the Mac?

00:58:22   Well no it's not... it's not that it is a new app.

00:58:25   Well... okay there's one actually that they could...

00:58:29   I mean there's an obvious one. It could be shortcuts.

00:58:31   Right. This is what I was thinking. If they ship shortcuts and it comes in the dock...

00:58:36   Ah... it's kind of obvious isn't it?

00:58:38   that doesn't feel as risky. The risk to me...

00:58:41   I get it.

00:58:42   Feels like you take something that exists, turn it to catalyst.

00:58:47   Yeah.

00:58:48   And messages would be the one that we would expect that would happen to.

00:58:53   Messages would be the one.

00:58:55   And then that would do it.

00:58:56   Yeah, but with shortcuts being in the dock anyway though.

00:58:59   I don't know, maybe.

00:59:01   I don't know. Automator is not in the dock.

00:59:03   It comes pre-installed on iPhones.

00:59:06   It was pre-installed on the iPhone,

00:59:07   but it's not in the dock, obviously.

00:59:09   - So what's in the dock in a new Catalina install

00:59:13   is Finder, Launchpad, Launchpad.

00:59:17   - Launchpad's catalyst, there we go, nailed it.

00:59:19   - That is Launchpad.

00:59:19   - Yeah, Safari.

00:59:21   - Also called the home screen, by the way.

00:59:23   - Yeah.

00:59:24   So Finder, Launchpad, Safari, Mail, FaceTime, Messages,

00:59:31   maps, photos, contacts, calendar, reminders, notes, music, podcast, TV, news, app store,

00:59:42   system preferences. Of this, one of these is already Catalyst. Podcast is.

00:59:47   But isn't-

00:59:48   I mean it has to be one of these, right, Steven? Come on.

00:59:50   News is too, right?

00:59:51   News is too, I think.

00:59:53   News is too, I think.

00:59:55   TV is not what it looks like it is, but it's not. What's that thing? Yeah.

00:59:59   Yeah, it's based on the iTunes. So are we saying something? Here's what I think you were trying to

01:00:05   get to. Say that they're, say Apple takes an app and it's new on the Mac, or they take something

01:00:13   that's not in the Catalina dock, but they want to promote it. Oh, it's a Catalyst app, you should

01:00:17   check this out. They could insert it into the dock in 10.16. So I think this is harder for me if we go

01:00:25   based on the 10.15 doc.

01:00:27   - And that's what I think we should do.

01:00:28   - And if one of these apps I just named becomes Catalyst,

01:00:30   is that what we wanna do?

01:00:31   - That feels the riskiest of this selection.

01:00:34   - So something in the default doc of Catalina.

01:00:38   - Becomes a Catalyst version.

01:00:41   - Becomes a Catalyst app.

01:00:44   - And I think you'll be pretty good

01:00:46   to get this with Messages, but at the same time.

01:00:49   - Yeah, it's your safest bet.

01:00:51   - Messages is like so out of,

01:00:53   they've allowed it to get so out of date at this point that like it wouldn't surprise

01:00:56   me if they went another year but I do feel like we need the the real riskiness of this

01:01:02   pick is they take something and turn it catalyst and the reason it's risky is because that's

01:01:08   not what they did with music and we all thought they would it's not what they did with TV

01:01:14   either right like that is that was a surprise so that's why I think that it could count

01:01:18   as risky because they have a history of surprising us.

01:01:23   So here's a situation. Jason Snell? I'm gonna go with Snell. Says in the Relay Members Discord,

01:01:32   it could be that something like Messages has catalyst pieces but not entirely catalyst.

01:01:37   I feel like it's got to be entirely catalyst.

01:01:40   So how do we judge that?

01:01:43   By knowing it.

01:01:45   By Apple saying it? Or by like we pay off Steve John Smith to it?

01:01:48   cut it open? No, I mean, you know it when you see it. You have people like Steve Trattonsmith

01:01:53   digging in and saying this is catalyst. Yeah, we need to know. It doesn't matter how we

01:01:57   know, but we just need to feel confident. So like, I don't know if Steve would feel

01:02:03   willing to do this, but we may need to ask for Steve's help to adjudicate something.

01:02:07   We will have a technical adjudicator in the form of Steve Trattonsmith, a technical adjudicator.

01:02:14   I don't want to volunteer anybody without their consent, but we'll ask for the technical

01:02:20   - somebody out there will be able to provide us technical assistance if needed.

01:02:26   So that's my pick.

01:02:27   So I've reworded it, so the final reading.

01:02:30   Something in the default dock of Catalina becomes a Catalyst app.

01:02:33   You're not going to get this point.

01:02:36   We'll see.

01:02:38   Myke, you're up.

01:02:41   What's your Ricky pick?

01:02:43   obvious man. Memoji gets updated to include face coverings. That's the pick. That's the pick.

01:02:51   Risky picks in the time of coronavirus. Memoji with face masks. Because look, they might not

01:02:57   want to do it because they don't want to remind people, right? But I think they will do it because

01:03:04   they will want to help normalize it. This is my pick. And if anyone says it's not risky,

01:03:10   these two agreed to it, so them's the rules. We agree to it because it hasn't been previously

01:03:16   rumored by anybody. There's no artwork, right, that's been out there at this point? There's no

01:03:21   artwork, there's nothing, there's the only precedent that we have is the emoji with the

01:03:26   face mask, but that's a different thing. There's lots of emoji. And because there's the argument of

01:03:33   they may not want to remind people of this entire situation even in Memoji but I do believe it's

01:03:41   gonna happen. I do think it's kind of obvious that they're gonna do it so I that's why I said

01:03:46   I feel like it's risky and obvious at the same time. Ultimately I do think it's risky and Myke

01:03:53   deserves to mention this because he hasn't been rumored by anybody so. Yeah I've checked right

01:03:59   now all they have is head coverings they don't have any face coverings. Which I do think they

01:04:07   should have had anyway right because like this is very normal in certain parts of the world.

01:04:12   But like this is that that this is that apple in California idea right like we don't see it

01:04:19   around us although to be honest in California they've been wearing masks for a while anyway

01:04:24   because of wildfires and stuff but I expect... By face coverings you mean face masks not other

01:04:30   types of clothing? Could be a bandana, could be... Okay, bandana. That's why I just said face

01:04:38   coverings. Face coverings, okay, okay, okay. Yeah, makes sense. I mean something that you can obviously

01:04:44   trace back to the idea of wearing a face mask, basically. Yeah, yeah. Okay. This is one we'll

01:04:49   know it when we see it, right? Like, it will be clear to us immediately if this is something

01:04:56   that they're adding. I just wanna... I played in the rules here, right? Like, I know what

01:04:59   I did. I've played in the rules. Like, I'm using the rules to my advantage. I know this...

01:05:06   I have picked way riskier stuff than this. I know that your two picks are now riskier

01:05:11   than mine, but the rules... I've played within the rules.

01:05:17   You play within the rules.

01:05:19   But you know me, I'm a man of the people

01:05:20   and I love to please my people

01:05:22   and to give them the Ricky, you know?

01:05:25   - Oh, is that true?

01:05:26   - It is true, it is true.

01:05:27   People come here for the Ricky's

01:05:29   and the Ricky's they shall get.

01:05:31   So my Ricky pic is the following.

01:05:35   The iPad will get a new development tool

01:05:39   to write code on device that is not Swift Playgrounds.

01:05:44   (Ricky groans)

01:05:45   So there we go.

01:05:47   a new iPad development tool to write code that is not Swift Playgrounds.

01:05:54   Now I want to ask you a question.

01:05:55   I'm not saying what it should be.

01:05:56   I want to ask you a question.

01:05:57   I'm not saying what it should be.

01:05:58   Yes.

01:05:59   Do you know something I don't?

01:06:00   I do not know anything personally.

01:06:03   Honestly, I don't know anything.

01:06:06   I'm under no embargo.

01:06:07   I'm under no NDA.

01:06:08   No, not embargos.

01:06:09   I know nothing.

01:06:10   No, because if you were under an embargo, you wouldn't be picking this, right?

01:06:13   Exactly.

01:06:14   I have not seen anything.

01:06:16   Because I know for a fact that there have been picks you have made based on information

01:06:24   you have.

01:06:25   Which again, that's in the rules.

01:06:29   Like we don't have that as a rule, but like somebody said they heard, and I can trust

01:06:36   this person, but like that's fine.

01:06:39   That is information gathering, right?

01:06:41   Like if you have something that you've heard from someone, I think that's perfectly fine

01:06:45   to bring to the table and I know you've done that before right you've had a birdie who's

01:06:50   given you a piece of information. I ain't got no birdie man I've just been at the beach

01:06:55   and following along with the pokemon. Lots of birds at the beach, flattening around.

01:06:59   Seagulls and stuff. Yeah I don't like seagulls I don't like them. Too big I like small birds

01:07:03   only. Too big at the mouth and everything yeah I don't like them. So no I honestly haven't

01:07:09   talk to anybody, I've seen no leaks. There's been some people on Twitter that mention this,

01:07:16   but this is just based off my reasoning. And here's the reasoning. So we have Swift Playgrounds,

01:07:21   and that's fine. Really fantastic tool for education, fantastic tool for anybody who's

01:07:26   getting started with Swift. I do think, though, that it's time for Apple to offer, I don't

01:07:33   want to say real, but a development tool that actually lets you write code that you can

01:07:38   later turn into shipping products. Could be apps, could be little utilities, could be,

01:07:43   you know, something more advanced than shortcuts, I don't know. What I'm just thinking of, I

01:07:48   mean, obviously I'm thinking of Xcode, right? But I don't necessarily think that Apple wants

01:07:53   to do what, I mean, I would love, obviously, if the full thing, the actual Xcode came to

01:07:58   iPad. But I also think there's a possibility for something in the middle, right? For something

01:08:03   that is not Swift Playgrounds, that is not also Xcode. But it could be something that

01:08:08   lets you write apps and test them and use them and install them on device.

01:08:13   Maybe it only works with Swift and SwiftUI and maybe it doesn't have an interface builder,

01:08:19   it has something else completely, it has the native real-time SwiftUI preview for example.

01:08:26   Something completely new that lets you write code on device that could be the perfect pitch

01:08:31   for developers at WWDC, especially now that we have iPad Pros that can be used with an

01:08:37   external keyboard that has a trackpad, that has a pointer, so that makes text

01:08:41   selections, for example, when you're writing code even easier, you know, that

01:08:44   kind of stuff. So I do think it's time for something else that is not Swift

01:08:51   Playgrounds, could be Xcode, could be something entirely new. I've always

01:08:55   thought that they would do some iPad tool as a Swift only thing to try and

01:09:03   encourage Swift development. And that's what you're saying, right? But that would be interesting.

01:09:10   There's all kinds of considerations as to, you know, maybe it could be Swift only, but

01:09:14   can you really do that? Maybe if you do something in SwiftUI, it also needs to support UIKit.

01:09:21   I don't want to get into the technical details of all of this, but basically the bigger idea

01:09:26   that I have is that I do think it's time to build something on iPad for a new generation

01:09:31   of coders, they have been training kids, starting from elementary school, to get accustomed

01:09:37   to the idea of using an iPad as their computer. And then there's this weird discrepancy between,

01:09:43   "Oh, you learn with an iPad, the iPad is a fantastic tool for getting all kinds of work

01:09:47   done, and we have an iPad Pro now, oh, but when you actually want to make real apps,

01:09:51   then you gotta buy a Mac." And I think it's time for Apple to address that limitation.

01:09:57   And so something that is not Swift Playgrounds but lets you write code, could be Xcode, could

01:10:02   be something entirely new, I do think it's time to see that kind of product on iPad.

01:10:10   I mean we've been saying this for years.

01:10:14   Like I remember sitting in a lobby in San Francisco WWDC saying that surely they're

01:10:22   going to have some iPad focused development tool and everyone was

01:10:27   agreeing that like yeah it was like a thing we were talking about like multiple

01:10:32   years ago that this is something they need to do because it's like the sign of

01:10:35   maturity in a platform right can you make apps on the thing for the thing

01:10:41   like I think that's important and if you want to continue showing that the iPad

01:10:47   as an important tool in professional work and professional use cases. It's just a great sign

01:10:54   of that. Well, I do think the only precedent that we have for this pick would be that professional

01:11:01   leaker John Prosser said a while back that Xcode would be coming to iOS and iPadOS 14. So there's

01:11:08   a there's actually more precedent for this if you consider that tweet than Myke's risky pick. So

01:11:15   I feel like I should mention this because it's out there, it's in the open, it's been reported by

01:11:19   multiple websites, so we should say that that tweet was issued by Mr Prosser a while back.

01:11:28   But I do think it's risky, I do think there's a bunch of reasons why it may not happen.

01:11:34   The obvious one, the pandemic. I mean, this is a big project and maybe if things needed to be

01:11:42   pushed back maybe this could have been one of them and yeah but I don't know I

01:11:47   don't know yeah I don't think we've seen anything nearly enough to make me feel

01:11:52   like this is happening if that makes sense right like you say like yes there

01:11:57   have been people who have a track record like John Prosser and he's mentioned

01:12:00   this but that doesn't feel like enough to say that this isn't risky and to

01:12:08   clarify if stuff gets added to Swift Playgrounds that's not your pick your

01:12:12   pick is a new tool yeah what if they okay what if they add new things and

01:12:19   rebrand it that will be considered new if it's not called Swift Playgrounds

01:12:25   anymore hmm I think that would qualify as being new cool just want to double

01:12:29   check that because I could also see that happening right it would be strange

01:12:32   because they do have Swift Playgrounds on the Mac as well now. So, I don't know, you know, just

01:12:40   you can make a separate thing. But yeah, I mean, if they said, "Oh, we took Swift Playgrounds and

01:12:44   rebranded it as, I don't know, Swift code or something," then I guess that would be considered new.

01:12:50   Cool beans. So those are our picks. We need to get into our non-graded flexes next. This episode

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01:14:41   All right, the non-graded flexies. I think we just kind of just want to like everyone just go

01:14:47   through all of them we that we have let's talk about it uh yeah yeah we may

01:14:52   as well just go through the lists I don't think I don't think we could do

01:14:54   around Robin because we don't have even numbers of things mm-hmm you know you're

01:14:59   Robin would fly crooked you don't want that don't know okay non graded Apple

01:15:05   says literally anything about the home pod just just literally literally

01:15:11   anything literally anything just mentions the home pod yes it exists yeah

01:15:16   Yep, just anything about the home pod

01:15:19   Because I wonder if they'll have a new one

01:15:22   Or if they've just given up because wasn't it originally announced at a WWDC

01:15:29   It as a teaser at the very end. Yes. Yeah, I

01:15:33   Mean, we've got to assume they haven't given up right already

01:15:37   surely up next that

01:15:42   The new iMac that is rumored is an Intel iMac not an ARM iMac. Yeah

01:15:49   I think we can all agree on that one

01:15:51   Lastly no Apple services bundle. I actually don't know if they're gonna talk about services at all

01:15:57   But I don't think we're gonna see a bundle at WWDC. I

01:15:59   Think it will come up services. Will you mean yeah, because I think they'll have Apple arcade game demos that show off new technologies

01:16:10   Right. I can't imagine them having a game that many game demos now that don't have at least one Apple Arcade title in it

01:16:18   That would surprise me

01:16:20   I mean

01:16:21   I think I think I ended up getting a pick wrong at some point because they in the September event did have non Apple Arcade

01:16:28   Game demos, so I think they'll still be a mix but I still think that they will also include those

01:16:32   and

01:16:34   I also like something that Jason said about like they might want to increase the

01:16:39   a free trial period on Apple TV Plus,

01:16:43   and they could use this as an opportunity to do that,

01:16:46   but it feels maybe more like September.

01:16:48   I think something will get mentioned.

01:16:50   I don't think we're gonna get the bundle now.

01:16:52   Bundle, I believe, is still coming,

01:16:54   but I don't think it's now.

01:16:55   - Myke, what are your flexies?

01:16:57   - I think the Arm Transition box will be a Mac Mini.

01:17:00   I like the transition kit.

01:17:02   - Yeah. - So I think it will be now.

01:17:04   I feel pretty confident about that.

01:17:05   I, so you remember earlier on,

01:17:09   I said that I had a pick that I thought was kind of like your time of flight one.

01:17:12   This is it.

01:17:14   I think that there will be developer tools for having more control of a refresh

01:17:19   rate of frame rate inside of applications.

01:17:21   So some kind of API or something, and they'll be able to reference like, Hey,

01:17:25   like promotion on the iPad,

01:17:27   but it will allow for developers to do more potentially around frame rate stuff.

01:17:32   Especially,

01:17:34   I think maybe this will be for game developers that they will be able to take

01:17:37   advantage of this in advance of the iPhone getting a higher refresh rate screen later

01:17:44   on in the year.

01:17:46   I also think there will be improved external display support for iPadOS.

01:17:50   Ooh, I hope so.

01:17:51   And a twofer with this is a new Apple display.

01:17:54   Yes!

01:17:55   Please.

01:17:56   I think there's going to be one.

01:17:59   Especially if they release that iMac, I think there will be a new display.

01:18:03   I worry how we're going to discover developer tools for having more control over refresh

01:18:08   rate.

01:18:09   It doesn't matter, does it?

01:18:10   If we don't find it, I don't care.

01:18:11   It's a flexi.

01:18:12   Like, it doesn't make a difference.

01:18:14   But I just think it could end up being in the Metal API or something.

01:18:18   I have a bunch of flexis.

01:18:20   So the first one, kind of meta.

01:18:23   My pick is about where the keynote will actually be held.

01:18:26   And I have this theory that I've shared, I think, with John on App Stories at some point.

01:18:31   Or maybe privately, I don't know.

01:18:33   I think the keynote will be held outside, not inside the Steve Jobs Theater.

01:18:38   I think it'll be held outside in the open, maybe on the stage that Apple usually uses

01:18:44   at Apple Park for concerts.

01:18:47   So I do think it'll be a better image...

01:18:49   The rainbow one, right?

01:18:50   Yeah.

01:18:51   I think it'll be a better image, especially right now, to show a socially distanced audience

01:18:57   of Apple engineers in the open, you know, fresh air, sunny day and all that, instead

01:19:04   of being closed indoors in a dark theater.

01:19:08   I think it'll be a better image, I think it could be fun, because of course it'd be different

01:19:12   and it's streamed online, so it will look like a live concert actually, but it's a developer

01:19:17   presentation and it would have, I guess, the same mood, maybe sort of a Google I/O conference,

01:19:23   which is held outside on a stage.

01:19:26   So that would be my first flexi, that it's gonna be held outside instead of indoors.

01:19:35   The other one, I think at least one major video game developer will be bringing their

01:19:43   an exclusive title to Apple Arcade.

01:19:46   We mentioned before how I stopped paying for Apple Arcade because I'm still waiting for

01:19:55   that triple A or at least very high profile game to fund its way to the service and I

01:20:01   think it would be a fun opportunity at WWDC to show Konami or Capcom or some other major

01:20:09   video game developer EA, some other major video game developer that we all know say

01:20:13   we're bringing this title exclusively to Apple Arcade and it's a big important high production

01:20:21   type of video game. Next up, WatchOS 7, in addition to sleep-checking features, gains

01:20:29   new mental health features. I think these were also previously rumored. I think it's

01:20:35   a good time, 2020, for Apple to expand their suite of mental health features on WatchOS.

01:20:43   They have the Breathe app, which of course is lovely, and Steven, you just had a very

01:20:47   good article about it on 512, so that was a very good story. I think they should do

01:20:53   more, I think they could do more in terms of, you know, managing your mental health

01:20:57   with a watch, and perhaps even with the iPhone. Now, shortcuts, I want to mention shortcuts,

01:21:04   couple of things for shortcuts. I want to believe that 2020 is the year that shortcuts

01:21:10   gains folders. Six years after the launch of Workflow, December 2014, I want to believe

01:21:18   that whenever iOS 14 will come out, October 2020, I don't know, but whenever that is,

01:21:25   I want to believe that shortcuts finally gains folders. So really, it's an obvious one.

01:21:31   And the other one would be that I would like to see a better integration with files in

01:21:38   So right now Shortcuts is of course very limited if you want to access a file from the Files app

01:21:45   without showing a document picker that you need to manually interact with. You're limited to storing those files in the

01:21:53   Shortcuts subdirectory of iCloud Drive, and I think it's time for Shortcuts to gain the option to deal with any file or any folder

01:22:02   programmatically, so without showing a UI from any location of the Files app.

01:22:07   And related to this, I would love it if bookmarks, so the files feature that allows you to create a temporary bookmark to a specific file or location, which we've seen in apps like working copy and scriptable for example.

01:22:23   example. It would be great if that feature was supported in third-party shortcuts as

01:22:29   well, because right now bookmarks that you create in Scriptable or Working Copy or other

01:22:34   apps you cannot use in Siri, you cannot use in Shortcuts Actions. So that limitation is

01:22:41   kind of weird and it should be lifted. Two more things, this is again an obvious one,

01:22:48   I would love it if you could lock your iPhone to portrait but still watch videos in landscape.

01:22:53   I think Christian Selig, the developer of Apollo, recently released this kind of feature

01:22:59   for the Reddit client Apollo, which is amazing, and I think it should be really a system feature.

01:23:05   It's been requested by people for years now.

01:23:10   Just let me use my iPhone in portrait, but when you detect that I'm playing a video,

01:23:14   just play it in landscape, because it's, you know, if the video, of course, is the kind

01:23:18   of video that you want to watch in landscape, I think it's kind of an obvious feature that

01:23:22   needs to happen at some point. And finally, I'd love a new deep and open framework. This

01:23:28   time it should be a notes framework for third-party developers. We have a reminders framework

01:23:38   so developers can make third-party reminders clients that do things that the reminders

01:23:43   app does not do. The reminders framework needs a lot of attention, hopefully gains new features

01:23:50   in iOS 14 because third-party developers still cannot implement most of the features that

01:23:54   they launched in Reminders last year, close parenthesis. I would love it if developers

01:24:00   could make Notes clients as well. So third-party apps that use Notes from Apple as their database.

01:24:07   I would love that so much. That would be really nice.

01:24:11   If someone just made the Notes app but without the paper background, I mean, I'd buy that.

01:24:19   Shut up and take my money basically.

01:24:20   Yes.

01:24:21   Yeah.

01:24:22   So those are my flexes.

01:24:25   I'm done.

01:24:26   It's good.

01:24:27   I think there's a lot of good stuff in here.

01:24:28   It's going to be fun.

01:24:29   I'm really excited about WWDC.

01:24:31   I'm sad.

01:24:32   We're not there.

01:24:33   I'm sad.

01:24:33   We're not getting to see people, but I'm really excited about what

01:24:35   Apple could have up its sleeve.

01:24:36   Yeah, me too.

01:24:38   I'm starting to hate that it's actually happening on Monday.

01:24:41   So yeah.

01:24:43   Yeah.

01:24:43   Real quick before we go, we are going to wrap up our anticipating WWDC.

01:24:49   series. This actually was in the document I think last week and it got kicked. Anyways,

01:24:53   these aren't predictions even though we just spent two hours doing that. These are just

01:24:57   things we'd like to see. So we talked about various platforms and today we're going to talk

01:25:02   about Apple's cloud services. And I think I was the one who suggested this. We're like,

01:25:07   "Is there enough stuff here?" And then we realized, "Yeah, there's a lot of stuff. There's a lot of

01:25:12   of stuff here to talk about. So I'll start with mine. Every year I want Apple

01:25:17   to add family sharing to photos where my spouse or someone in my family could

01:25:24   select albums or something in photos to share with me without having to do the

01:25:30   shared photo stream or iCloud links where I could just have access to their

01:25:34   their library or a subset of it just like Google Photos does. I think a lot of

01:25:39   people want this. It's important that you have privacy controls and you

01:25:42   understand what you're sharing, but I think this would be huge for a lot of

01:25:45   people, a lot of families. Yeah, it seems like it's something that they could

01:25:49   find a way to do. People will be happy if they did it. Like, it feels totally doable.

01:25:53   My next one is better server-side rules for iCloud email. I use Gmail for my

01:25:59   personal email because of server-side rules, and you can run mail on the Mac

01:26:04   and just leave it open all the time, and it has pretty good mail rules, but a lot

01:26:07   of people don't have Macs. A lot of people don't have Macs that are running

01:26:09   all the time. And what you can do on iCloud.com is extremely basic. And I

01:26:13   think they need to port what the Mac Mail app can do to the the server side

01:26:19   of it. And that way you would have those rules automatically applied to all of

01:26:22   your devices as mail comes in. More Dropbox like features in iCloud, mainly

01:26:29   file request. So in Dropbox it has this feature where you can create a link and

01:26:34   send it to somebody and it says hey please upload your files here you don't

01:26:37   have to add them to a shared folder or anything. This is huge for those of us

01:26:41   who share files all the time with people we don't normally work with. And then

01:26:45   public links to downloads. So I'm sure we've done we've all done this too, right?

01:26:49   You need to send somebody something, you put it in your Dropbox and you send them

01:26:52   a link. These are basic features in file sharing platforms that iCloud should

01:26:57   have. And then lastly is that in the root level of iCloud Drive you have folders

01:27:04   for a bunch of apps. I would like all of those to be put into a single folder called apps. So when

01:27:10   I open my cloud drive, I don't have to scan through 30 app folders to find my documents folder that

01:27:16   all the app stuff is contained in one place. Again, you can do this on Dropbox, you can do this on

01:27:23   other platforms. But it really jumps up the view of iCloud Drive and you're trying to find something

01:27:28   and instead I got to sort through a bunch of pages and pixel mater and mind node and all these other

01:27:34   folders. Would that one be that there would still be a folder called apps and inside that folder

01:27:39   would be other apps? Yeah, yeah that's fine just get it out of the main view is what I'm asking.

01:27:44   Sometimes you need to go into there but a lot of times you don't and so they I think the structure

01:27:48   still has to be there but I don't think it has to populate the the main the root level. Yeah you see

01:27:54   I just don't like the apps folder thing in general. I don't I don't either but that part of that is

01:28:00   legacy. And yeah, I, I don't subscribe to the app first. And then the document model, which is the

01:28:07   reason I don't do a ton of work on my iPad. But if you got to keep it, at least make it where those

01:28:12   of us who want to use iCloud drive more like Dropbox can have a better experience. Okay, so

01:28:17   mine are everything that's even said, plus, oh, we have real time follow up, guys, you can totally

01:28:25   share a link to an iCloud file.

01:28:28   They're doing it in the Discord right now.

01:28:30   - That was useful.

01:28:32   - I guess we can retract that.

01:28:33   Thank you, kilesthegray.

01:28:35   - Yeah, I mean, it's not,

01:28:37   I mean, I think the last time I tried this,

01:28:40   it's not the most elegant way to create the link.

01:28:43   It's definitely not as easy

01:28:44   as when you create a link with Dropbox.

01:28:47   So maybe a simplification of that process would be nice.

01:28:50   - Yeah.

01:28:51   - Because it's, you know,

01:28:52   And of course you don't get any of those advanced statistics

01:28:57   that you get with Dropbox.

01:28:58   I think you can see who accessed the file,

01:29:00   you can see the activity, all that sort of information

01:29:03   you do not get with iCloud Drive.

01:29:05   - And this is kind of gross.

01:29:07   I clicked the link and Mac OS said,

01:29:09   "Do you want to open this?"

01:29:10   And then it added a copy of it again to the root level

01:29:14   of my iCloud Drive and then opened it in preview.

01:29:16   - Yeah, it's really not well done.

01:29:17   It's not as polished as Dropbox.

01:29:20   So that is technically possible,

01:29:22   but it would be so much better

01:29:23   if it was a little more elegant, a little more polished.

01:29:26   - Yeah.

01:29:27   - So everything you said,

01:29:28   plus some other additions that I have,

01:29:31   for files, I would love it if you could easily

01:29:35   see and restore deleted files from my cloud drive

01:29:41   without having to go to the web app.

01:29:43   - Yes.

01:29:44   - So, right, you can restore files

01:29:47   that you may have accidentally deleted,

01:29:48   but if you want to do that, you need to use iCloud.com,

01:29:52   which I don't think it's the right approach.

01:29:54   And also, there needs to be built-in system-wide versioning,

01:29:59   so support for viewing versions of files.

01:30:04   The versions API has been available

01:30:06   for iCloud Drive for a long time.

01:30:08   MindNode, IA Writer, I think these apps

01:30:11   that work with iCloud Drive have supported versions

01:30:14   for a long time now.

01:30:16   However, the problem is that while the Finder

01:30:18   has on the Mac as native support for versions.

01:30:22   Any document based app on the Mac,

01:30:25   I think you can, you know, there's a menu,

01:30:27   you can click the document in the title bar

01:30:30   and you can see versions with a native UI.

01:30:33   It's provided by Apple.

01:30:34   And I think the same UI should exist on iOS

01:30:37   and iPadOS in files.

01:30:39   It shouldn't be something that third-party developers

01:30:41   need to support and to have like their own versions viewer.

01:30:46   It should be a system control.

01:30:48   It should be a system element.

01:30:51   So view versions for files

01:30:52   and easily restore deleted files.

01:30:55   Then I have a bunch of random additions

01:30:59   in terms of services.

01:31:00   I mean, the bundle we mentioned before,

01:31:03   I would love to see a bundle

01:31:04   that includes all cloud services together.

01:31:06   That would be one way for me

01:31:07   to start paying for Apple Arcade again, I guess.

01:31:10   It would be advantageous for me to do so.

01:31:14   The next one is kind of odd, maybe.

01:31:17   I would like to see Apple News integration in music.

01:31:21   Let me explain.

01:31:23   I don't like Apple News.

01:31:25   I would like it more if there was music.

01:31:28   I do like the idea, don't make fun of me.

01:31:31   I do like the principle of the idea behind

01:31:36   what Apple did a couple of years ago

01:31:38   with business news in stocks.

01:31:41   And I know that everybody makes fun of stocks

01:31:44   for good reasons. However, the idea of "let's take very specific content and

01:31:52   show you related articles and stories from the web by using our Apple News

01:31:58   Engine". So imagine if an Apple Music, and this would be totally optional of course,

01:32:03   but imagine if you could find music news and reviews for an album, maybe you want

01:32:09   to learn more, maybe you want to read an interview with a band, and you could find

01:32:13   that content may be hidden away in a section inside music that is however powered by Apple

01:32:18   News. And of course it would be relevant, the music that you actually listen to, and

01:32:23   I just think it would be a fun idea to have, you know, to extract some of that content

01:32:28   from Apple News and apply it to Apple Music, to let you spend more time, of course, in

01:32:33   Apple Music, and to let you find out more about your favorite artists and, again, read

01:32:39   reviews and all that kind of stuff. Speaking of Apple Music, playlist collaboration, I

01:32:45   think it's kind of very strange that this hasn't happened yet. It's been a feature in

01:32:50   Spotify for, I want to say, since the beginning of Spotify maybe, like you've been able to

01:32:55   collaborate on playlists for, with other people for a long time. And right now you cannot

01:33:01   have a collaborative playlist in Apple Music. You can create the playlist and share it with

01:33:05   others, but other people cannot put songs into the playlist. So, collaborative playlists for Apple

01:33:12   Music. More diverse content in Apple Arcade, I keep mentioning this, I'm kind of tired of

01:33:17   family-friendly puzzle games and platformers, you know, like 2D or 2.5D platformers.

01:33:25   There are so many of those games on Apple Arcade and I would like to see more diverse,

01:33:30   you know, immature or maybe just different kinds of games on Apple Arcade.

01:33:35   I think diversification would be very good there.

01:33:38   And the last one, again, speaking of shortcuts and Apple Music,

01:33:42   and a proper Apple Music API integration in shortcuts.

01:33:46   I shouldn't have to use, as much as I love the app,

01:33:49   but I shouldn't have to use Toolbox Pro to have integration with the Apple Music online API in shortcuts.

01:33:56   So let me look up any song or any artist or any album from the Apple Music Online catalog.

01:34:03   Let me find songs and queue them for playback on iOS using shortcuts.

01:34:09   Let me rate and love songs.

01:34:12   Let me fetch the lyrics of a song.

01:34:14   You know, all that kind of stuff.

01:34:16   You could say deep and open integration with the Apple Music API.

01:34:19   I wouldn't mind, you know, but that sort of integration with shortcuts would be very nice.

01:34:24   Alright, my list is in-app purchases shared across family plans.

01:34:29   Mmm-hmm.

01:34:30   Okay, yeah, I totally agree.

01:34:33   Home screen syncing across iOS and iPadOS devices.

01:34:37   Yes please.

01:34:38   Okay.

01:34:39   Obviously I know this is a feature in tvOS because I'm the tvOS guy after all.

01:34:44   Also I wrote it in the document.

01:34:45   I wrote-

01:34:46   No, I knew it anyway.

01:34:47   You didn't need to tell me.

01:34:48   Steven, colon, tvOS already has this.

01:34:50   I already knew it.

01:34:51   You didn't need to tell me.

01:34:53   didn't write in a document doesn't mean I didn't know it. I knew it. It's one of the

01:34:56   reasons that made me think of this thing. It's like, oh yeah, tvOS has that. So I would

01:35:00   like it if I have two iPads. I would like it if their home screen synced. It would be

01:35:04   great because then I wouldn't have to do manual management of it. I would like revised storage

01:35:09   options with more space for less money because that's just something they should always be

01:35:14   doing. Better iCloud backups. I want everything stored. I want to make new device switching

01:35:21   easier so like I don't ever have to put passwords into anything. Just maybe make a snapshot,

01:35:26   keep it that one time as soon as I've installed the new device, delete it. I don't care what you

01:35:32   have to do, just make it better. Always make that better. New devices, it should always be better to

01:35:37   make that transfer. And like even content, right? Like I don't want to have to re-download all my

01:35:42   music and all my podcasts and third-party apps again. Like the phone knows what I have on it,

01:35:47   like allow me to do something to help that transition.

01:35:51   I would really like appreciate that. I don't know how you could do it.

01:35:55   I don't know if I maybe need to connect devices by a cable.

01:35:58   I don't care what it is like, but because it's that one time thing, right?

01:36:02   You get a new iPhone rather than spending multiple days setting it up

01:36:06   or realizing like days later that, oh, no, I don't have this thing set up

01:36:11   the way that it was set up before.

01:36:12   Like making that one time transition better would be amazing.

01:36:17   um and funnily enough in my uh thing here is third-party notes app using the notes app database

01:36:24   and syncing hooray so great minds think alike so we're done i think so that's that's all that's

01:36:32   the show we've anticipated wwdc we have picked our ricks we're good to go so we'll be back next week

01:36:39   with the crowning of the the new but maybe existing keynote chairman no probably existing

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01:37:40   Monday. I always love those first, you know, kind of feedback hot take

01:37:46   episodes, so looking forward to that. Yeah, we're gonna be going live basically as

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01:38:22   and knowing the Mac Stories crew they're gonna have great coverage next week. I

01:38:27   love the roundups y'all do of like everything you need to know about fill

01:38:31   the blank. I love those roundups so I'm looking forward to those. Yeah we're

01:38:34   gonna do those and we're gonna do a bunch of actual stuff for App Stories so

01:38:40   it's definitely gonna be a busy busy week. Yes yeah next week is gonna be

01:38:44   exhausting and then after WDC I get to go on vacation so I'm looking forward to

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01:39:02   next time, episode 300, gentlemen. Say goodbye.

01:39:06   Arrivederci. Cheerio. Love you, bye.