297: Ceiling Fan Research


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00:00:09   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 297.

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00:00:19   My name is Stephen Hackett and I am joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:22   Hi, Stephen Hackett.

00:00:24   And there's no Federico this week.

00:00:26   No, he's on vacation.

00:00:27   He is.

00:00:28   They can have those in Italy, so he's having one.

00:00:31   And we hope that he is enjoying it.

00:00:34   I thought, you know, I was like, how would I do a vacation?

00:00:36   I think mine would just be like, let's go hang out in the garage.

00:00:39   Yeah, I mean, this is the thing.

00:00:41   So like me and Adina were talking about it today.

00:00:43   And she's like, oh, once everything's over in June, right?

00:00:47   WWC's all done, you should do it.

00:00:49   And I'm kind of just like, but I wouldn't, like I would just be at home.

00:00:52   I wouldn't be able to stop doing most of the things that I'm doing anyway.

00:00:57   So it's kind of—there isn't really that much of a benefit to me.

00:01:02   But there you go.

00:01:03   So it is obviously a traumatic time in the world, and we did want to take a moment before

00:01:10   we get in to the show to address this.

00:01:15   Myke and I, Relay FM, we support the protests happening in the U.S. and elsewhere.

00:01:20   There is no world in which the evil of racism should be tolerated.

00:01:26   not change is long overdue in this country and others. There's no differing opinions

00:01:32   here when it comes to racism and police brutality. There's only really one side to this argument,

00:01:38   right? It's an evil.

00:01:40   With most all our political things, right? You can say, well, I don't believe this, but

00:01:44   I know other people do and people are entitled to their own opinion. But this isn't one of

00:01:49   those situations, right? Like, there is no other opinion when it comes to racism. You

00:01:55   either think that is a terrible thing that shouldn't exist or that's it. Like, there

00:02:00   is no counter-argument to this point, right?

00:02:04   Agreed. And look, you may be upset that we're talking about this, and we would urge you

00:02:10   to try to understand why that's upsetting to you, because it's something that we all

00:02:14   need to address and to work together to make better. It takes all of us. So we have a resource

00:02:23   in the show notes. Myke, do you want to talk about this real quick?

00:02:25   Yeah, I've seen this. There's a lot of resources, right, that we've all seen

00:02:30   going around. But I've seen this one website going around called

00:02:34   blacklivematters.com. And what I like about this resource is it's lots of

00:02:40   resources collected into one. So whether you want to donate, whether you want to

00:02:45   sign petitions, whether you want to get resources to educate yourself or, you

00:02:51   whatever it is you're looking for, including resources for other countries now that are

00:02:58   getting involved in these protests in more significant ways.

00:03:02   This one I found to be very useful for me.

00:03:04   Like initially I was struggling to find somewhere I could donate because a lot of donation funds

00:03:12   don't allow non-US participants to donate to them.

00:03:17   But through this website I was able to not only find a place but also find like a workaround

00:03:22   to be able to actually make a donation to a cause that I believed in.

00:03:26   So this is a good place to start if you don't know where to start.

00:03:31   So I would recommend checking this one out and it'll be in our show notes.

00:03:35   Depending on where you are, there may also be local organizations working.

00:03:38   That's one way my wife and I have gotten involved is with some local folks.

00:03:43   So anyways, we wanted to address that, we did not want this to go by without doing that.

00:03:50   With coronavirus, we're all in it.

00:03:52   We're all experienced in it, right?

00:03:54   And there is no second viewpoint on it, right?

00:03:58   No one's arguing it.

00:03:59   No one's arguing, well, I was going to say no one's arguing it that it exists, but I

00:04:03   think there are people now.

00:04:05   So you can kind of ignore that.

00:04:08   Coronavirus is happening and it's horrible and we need our world leaders to make the

00:04:12   right decisions and Black Lives Matter is a real thing and it does matter and I hope

00:04:19   that everyone pays more and more attention to this now and like educate yourself, surround

00:04:25   yourself by people. I've been paying more attention to following more black people online.

00:04:31   I realised that I was not following enough black people so I am looking to fix that.

00:04:37   One of the great things is I follow a lot of people that retweet people with lists.

00:04:41   It's like, great, I found a bunch of new people

00:04:43   that added to my feed so I can try and understand more.

00:04:46   We all are, but I'm working on some things as well

00:04:50   for myself right now that I want to do

00:04:52   to try and be able to contribute more.

00:04:54   So I'll be talking about stuff as we all will

00:04:56   over the weeks to come.

00:04:58   - Well, should we do some follow up?

00:04:59   - Oh, please.

00:05:01   - We spoke last time about Federico leaving Apple Arcade.

00:05:05   Now he has left the show just for a week.

00:05:10   He saw that I'm gonna talk about the Mac later,

00:05:12   and he said he wasn't coming, so.

00:05:13   - Uh-huh.

00:05:14   - Take that as you would you will.

00:05:16   So anyways, we were curious what would happen

00:05:18   if your Apple Arcade subscription lapses,

00:05:21   and you still have those applications on your device.

00:05:24   So Joe sent us what happens on the phone.

00:05:27   The apps are still on your home screen,

00:05:29   and you tap them, and basically you get a pop-up

00:05:31   that says, "Hey, this is Apple Arcade.

00:05:33   "You can play a bunch of games.

00:05:34   "Here's how you sign up."

00:05:35   So pretty, I think pretty well done.

00:05:37   Doesn't kick you to the App Store or anything.

00:05:39   Nor does it delete them.

00:05:40   Like, I actually think this is the kind of the best case scenario.

00:05:44   So like, the apps icon stay on your phone in case you didn't know,

00:05:49   like maybe your credit card expired or something.

00:05:51   Or like you cancelled it by accident, you weren't sure what you were paying for.

00:05:55   So I actually kind of like, I like that this is the response where it just pops up and it's like,

00:06:02   look, if you want to play this, you can pay.

00:06:04   And I would assume it saves your progress as well, would be my assumption.

00:06:07   I would hope so.

00:06:08   That would be great.

00:06:09   Yeah.

00:06:10   And then Logan sent in what happens on the Mac, which is far less pretty.

00:06:17   So basically, you open the app and it instead launches the Mac App Store and then basically

00:06:25   that same view comes in the App Store saying, "Hey, you're not signed up.

00:06:30   Here's how you do it."

00:06:31   So.

00:06:32   That's interesting, right?

00:06:36   weird hole being poked in there.

00:06:39   Clearly it can't work without the App Store, but on the iPhone the App Store is clearly

00:06:46   more integrated.

00:06:47   Right.

00:06:48   Yeah.

00:06:49   That's funny.

00:06:50   That's really funny.

00:06:51   Which is fine by me.

00:06:52   I don't want it more integrated on the Mac than it is.

00:06:53   So yeah, it seems like it sort of degrades pretty gracefully if you give up your subscription.

00:06:59   I have some bad news.

00:07:00   Oh, okay.

00:07:01   Good, that's what I want.

00:07:03   I've misplaced my Apple Pencil.

00:07:05   Okay.

00:07:06   Like, in a way that I think it's gone.

00:07:09   I don't know quite what happened.

00:07:11   I did this video of like, what's in my bag, and so I'd taken everything basically all

00:07:16   apart and I think it disappeared about that time, but I'm kind of like, I mean, I'm bummed

00:07:23   because it was expensive, right?

00:07:25   And that I don't know where it is, but I haven't really missed it in terms of use.

00:07:30   But it's gotta be somewhere in your home or studio.

00:07:33   Right.

00:07:34   anywhere else but I don't know. Is it hidden in your back somewhere? I don't know maybe

00:07:38   it's in like a deep pocket that I haven't found yet. Anyways, but it did make me think

00:07:43   about my sort of Apple pencil usage and I realized that basically it's zero. Like I

00:07:50   will use it to navigate things sometimes but with the Magic Keyboard the trackpad has just

00:07:54   taken over for all that and I'm not an artist in the sense that I draw or you know sketch

00:08:00   or anything on the iPad. I don't like handwriting on the iPad. Give yourself some credit, you

00:08:04   know? You could be an artist if you want to be. I did spend two years in art school and

00:08:09   then I changed my major so I feel like I know more than most that it's not for me. What

00:08:13   were you doing in art school? I knew you then, right? No, this would have been in 2004, 2005,

00:08:21   2006 before we met. Journalism school is what I remember you doing. Yes, I was in art school

00:08:28   and then I took a drawing class and it was terrible.

00:08:31   I was studying graphic design,

00:08:33   but I had to take traditional art classes

00:08:35   and I was really bad at them.

00:08:36   So I changed my major two years in,

00:08:38   which is now what you should do.

00:08:39   If you're getting ready to go to college,

00:08:41   or you're thinking about going to college,

00:08:43   maybe just don't declare your major until you're super sure

00:08:45   because you basically restart the clock

00:08:47   on a bunch of classes you need.

00:08:49   Anyways, it wasn't for me.

00:08:50   But I did wanna talk a little bit about the Apple Pencil

00:08:54   and the Magic Keyboard because I kind of hate them together.

00:08:57   Like when you close it, it's like you have your iPad and you have like two tubes down the side one is the USB-C

00:09:03   pass-through and you have the Apple pencil on the other side and like flops out, you know

00:09:06   Just you can lose it. Apparently you can lose it really easily. I just I really was hoping the Magic Keyboard would integrate some sort of

00:09:13   Apple pencil storage solution.

00:09:16   I saw a

00:09:18   patent, you know, everyone loves patents, right?

00:09:21   Patents. What is it? How do you call them patents? Patents. Patents. I say it with a D because I'm

00:09:27   Yeah, I saw a patent filing for the Magic Keyboard, I'll put it in the show notes,

00:09:34   that shows an Apple Pencil storage solution in the little tube thing.

00:09:40   Yeah, it's just right there, put them together.

00:09:42   My thinking on that is they went ahead and made the best storage solution for

00:09:49   the Apple Pencil, which is just to attach it to the iPad itself. I feel like

00:09:54   this feels like a regression to me to then store it inside of the Magic Keyboard.

00:09:59   It'd be nice to have the option so like if if it's in a bag you don't knock it

00:10:04   off and misplace it. Like yeah it's great on the top because you can take it on

00:10:09   off and it charges and everything but it'd be nice if there was like a

00:10:12   discreet way to have some sort of secondary place so it's like more tucked

00:10:19   away more safely. That's all.

00:10:21   I feel like if it's in a bag the place you

00:10:24   you've misplaced it is in the bag. It's just in the bag. True. Maybe. Right?

00:10:29   It doesn't... Beats me. I don't know where my Apple Pencil is.

00:10:32   I definitely use my Apple Pencil less since the trackpad support.

00:10:37   Interesting. I was going to ask you. Yeah, because, you know, I always have my

00:10:41   iPad pretty much always in the keyboard, right? So if I'm not using it with the

00:10:45   external trackpad, like on my stand, if I'm using my iPad on the couch, I

00:10:50   I typically would have used an Apple Pencil to do some navigation stuff but now I use

00:10:55   the trackpad a lot.

00:10:57   I still use the Apple Pencil for signing stuff and for some, when I'm marking up documents,

00:11:03   like the traditional uses of it.

00:11:05   But I don't do any drawing of any kind so I don't use it for that.

00:11:10   So I have basically, I still use the Apple Pencil but it has been relegated from its

00:11:17   role as a pointing device for my iPad.

00:11:21   Yeah, that makes sense.

00:11:23   I think for a lot of people the trackpad is way better for a lot of things.

00:11:28   I wanted to follow up on the iPad mini with you.

00:11:30   Oh yeah, did you get one?

00:11:32   No.

00:11:33   We spoke about it last time that Federico got one and everyone was super excited about

00:11:37   it.

00:11:38   Yeah.

00:11:39   And you mentioned in iMessage a couple of days ago that you were loving your iPad mini

00:11:41   more and more and I was just wondering why like what what is it about this

00:11:47   device that's making you so excited at the moment yeah I think what I said was

00:11:50   oh no my 11 inch iPad Pro feels enormous yeah okay that's that's probably that is

00:11:56   definitely a better because I was using my 11 inch out of the keyboard the other

00:12:00   night mm-hmm because I'm trying to buy a ceiling fan anyways that's a whole

00:12:04   complicated situation that I'm in wait I don't understand how those two things go

00:12:08   to cuz I was looking for ceiling I was doing ceiling fan research on my you're

00:12:11   just like I was using my iPad outside of the keyboard case because I was looking for a

00:12:14   ceiling fan.

00:12:15   How everybody does it, yeah.

00:12:16   Everyone, everyone, hashtag relatable.

00:12:19   That's right.

00:12:20   Well I was laying on the couch with just the iPad because I need a ceiling fan and it was

00:12:24   too hot to get a laptop so you know I was draped across the couch looking for a ceiling

00:12:27   fan on my 11 inch I was like oh this iPad is enormous.

00:12:30   Right.

00:12:31   I was like oh no I have normalized the size of the iPad mini.

00:12:36   I don't know I'm enjoying it for reading like Federico said and I've got a Kindle but I'm

00:12:40   actually I just started this new book and am reading it on the in the Kindle app on the iPad

00:12:46   just to see if I like that experience. But for kind of like around the house stuff. It's better

00:12:54   than my phone in a lot of ways because like if I'm just around the house, it doesn't like it doesn't

00:12:57   have to fit in my pocket necessarily. And spoiler alert, I've just been around my house for a while

00:13:02   now. And there's something about the size is nice. You know, if you want to read in bed or like catch

00:13:06   up on Instapaper. It's just it's a really nice size and as someone who does not use their iPad

00:13:11   for much work it's uh it's kind of nice as like that you know kind of social media web type thing

00:13:17   and uh I've just been I've been kind of smitten with it. I've been thinking that I should probably

00:13:23   break out my 11 and use that more at home um but it's kind of for me at the moment it's just

00:13:30   that's just been sitting in my travel bag, wamp wamp, as it always usually does,

00:13:35   and I've been either using my large iPad most of the time at my desk, and then just my iPhone

00:13:43   when I'm not at my desk, but maybe I could use the smaller iPad around the house a little bit too.

00:13:48   Yeah, or you could get a mini.

00:13:49   It's just sitting there completely unused.

00:13:51   Get a mini.

00:13:52   However, I am considering maybe to not touch it because probably in like two weeks it's

00:13:59   it's going to become the sacrificial iPad. Yeah, yeah, I mean, it'll be beta season.

00:14:04   And I've been thinking about that with my with my MacBook Pro, what I'm going to do

00:14:07   for a reason that is not important for now, there's going to be a time this fall where

00:14:12   I'll be working on just my laptop for probably quite a while. And that precludes me from

00:14:17   putting the beta on the laptop, probably because I'm gonna need to do like production work

00:14:21   from somewhere else for a while. So anyways, I have I'm really questioning how I'm gonna

00:14:26   do my setup this year for Mac OS beta.

00:14:28   - Wait, what are you gonna need your laptop for?

00:14:31   - I'm gonna, fine.

00:14:32   So I am going to have to have foot surgery

00:14:35   at some point in the fall.

00:14:36   - Ah, yes.

00:14:37   - I won't be able to come out to my office

00:14:39   'cause I'm gonna like not be able to walk for a bit.

00:14:42   So that'll be fun.

00:14:44   So my plan is to like set up a little desk

00:14:47   somewhere inside the house where I could record and edit.

00:14:50   You know, once I'm recovered enough to work

00:14:52   but not come out here.

00:14:53   - Yeah.

00:14:54   - 'Cause I'm not supposed to put any weight on it and stuff.

00:14:55   So those episodes are gonna be fun because like you're gonna have like big bad energy

00:15:00   It's like just gonna be like super chill or we could do a return of you on pain medication

00:15:08   That's happened a few times in our recording career where you've been kind of like a little has it happened after had elbow surgery?

00:15:13   And I was super stoned. Yeah, it was amazing

00:15:16   So I would like I would like both of those things as long as you edit the episode

00:15:21   I would totally tell very happy with it. That'd be great

00:15:24   So anyway, so my laptop will be my only Mac for a while

00:15:27   Maybe like six weeks or something

00:15:29   So I won't be able to come out here and it's gonna that's gonna hamper how I deal with the Mac OS beta this year

00:15:36   I think so. Mmm. Yeah, probably we'll see but that's not till the fall. So I got some time to worry about it

00:15:41   I'll be fine. So anyways get an iPad mini become a

00:15:46   Three iPad guy. No, I don't want one. Try pad lifestyle do it. It's it's very good name

00:15:53   I will grant you it's almost worth it for that name

00:15:56   But I'm already only using one of my two iPads. I don't need a third one

00:16:02   Right, like I think I'll probably good. Let me take a break

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00:17:55   All right, Myke, I saw a screenshot of something on your Mac and I have questions.

00:18:00   All right.

00:18:01   So your username or your short username, your home folder name on your iMac Pro is relay

00:18:07   FM.

00:18:08   Wait a second.

00:18:09   Is it okay to tell people that? I feel like that's not okay.

00:18:13   Yeah. You think I don't know your password?

00:18:15   Well, I don't know. Like, I always see people, like, blocking out that kind of stuff.

00:18:20   Nah, it's just me and you today.

00:18:22   Seriously, like, I honestly don't know.

00:18:27   Am I gonna get, like, hacked now or something?

00:18:29   No.

00:18:30   Okay.

00:18:31   My home folder's name is Steven with a capital S.

00:18:33   I'm not worried about it.

00:18:34   Okay.

00:18:34   This started a conversation in my mind about why is that true.

00:18:39   - Okay.

00:18:40   - Why not just use your name?

00:18:42   - Oh, when you said a conversation in your mind,

00:18:44   I thought you were about to give me like the both,

00:18:47   like the actual conversation that unfolded in your brain.

00:18:49   - Well then you would know how I think you sound in my head

00:18:52   and that's embarrassing, so.

00:18:54   - Okay, well--

00:18:55   - You're very jolly in my mind though.

00:18:56   It's a lot of like sync song talking.

00:18:59   - Previous, my previous computer to this one was a Mac Pro

00:19:03   that technically Relay FM bought for me.

00:19:07   - Yes, yes we did.

00:19:08   And so I just named that account relay FM because it was relay FM's Mac and it wasn't I didn't really

00:19:16   properly use it as my own Mac and

00:19:18   Then eventually I sold it we took care of that but I

00:19:22   Bought an iMac Pro instead and just did oh no, I bought an iMac

00:19:30   I should say I bought an iMac read the retina iMac and I just did migration assistant

00:19:35   So now that machine was called relay FM and then I did migration assistant again.

00:19:39   So now this machine's called relay FM.

00:19:41   So they're all just called that.

00:19:43   So it is possible to change this up.

00:19:45   There's a support link in the show notes and it is terrifying.

00:19:50   I mean, I did actually I never asked for this.

00:19:53   Like I didn't want to.

00:19:54   Oh, I've done this.

00:19:56   Well, I've done this.

00:19:57   I did this when I did migration assistant.

00:20:00   Do you remember this?

00:20:03   Migration Assistant to my iMac Pro failed like two or three times.

00:20:06   Oh yeah, I do remember that.

00:20:08   And I had to rename everything and I followed a very specific set of instructions and I think

00:20:14   it was this that I followed because it was my account was called like relay FM 2 or something

00:20:21   and that was just completely unacceptable because I remember I had like really bad issues with

00:20:27   Migration Assistant which is just like one of those things that should never go wrong.

00:20:31   It's true.

00:20:31   but it was going wrong for me quite badly.

00:20:34   See, I had to do this, it was horrifying.

00:20:36   - It is horrifying.

00:20:38   I once did this, I changed the user home folder, short name,

00:20:42   it's all kind of the same thing,

00:20:44   on a laptop in like 2002, 2003, running Mac OS 10.2,

00:20:49   which early versions of OS 10

00:20:52   really didn't let you do this.

00:20:54   There were like some kind of, I mean,

00:20:56   as hacky as it is now,

00:20:57   some really hacky ways to do it in the past,

00:21:00   But I didn't know any of those.

00:21:02   And so I was like, oh, let me just change

00:21:04   the name of this folder.

00:21:05   And then I logged out and then didn't

00:21:07   have a user folder anymore.

00:21:09   Wait, so you just-- you didn't bother to look at anything.

00:21:13   You were just like, I don't want this folder

00:21:16   to be called that anymore.

00:21:17   I'll just change it.

00:21:18   Yeah, I didn't know very much.

00:21:21   I'd only been using the Mac for a year, so I thought, hey,

00:21:25   I'll just do this.

00:21:27   And it was real bad.

00:21:29   I lost some files.

00:21:30   It was a work laptop.

00:21:31   I was on a deadline for that job, of course.

00:21:34   - Nice.

00:21:34   - And lost some files that were not on an external drive.

00:21:37   Remember this is before Time Machine, right?

00:21:39   Time Machine wasn't until 10.5.

00:21:41   And so I always tell people now, if I get asked this,

00:21:44   even though there's a way, I'm like, no, don't do it.

00:21:46   It's just, in my mind, it's such a stigma attached to it.

00:21:49   It's like, it will destroy your life.

00:21:51   - Sounds like fun.

00:21:53   - Mm-hmm.

00:21:54   You learn the hard way, you know?

00:21:56   - Yeah.

00:21:56   I don't think I've ever done anything this catastrophic in my modern Mac life,

00:22:06   but I had a Mac laptop of some description that was running a version of pre-OS 10 Mac OS.

00:22:14   I don't know which one it was, right?

00:22:16   This was when I was a kid.

00:22:19   It was like my uncle's laptop.

00:22:21   It was, you know, one of the Mac laptops that had a track wall in it, right?

00:22:26   like that's kind of what we're talking about. What could that have been do you think roughly?

00:22:29   It's like a black one, had a trackball on it. Yeah, some really ancient power book.

00:22:33   Yeah, so and he gave me that to kind of just like tinker around with or whatever and all I remember

00:22:42   is I did something to it that made the like sad Mac face, you know? And also the floppy disk with

00:22:48   the question mark. Yeah. So I don't know what I could have done to it but it wasn't good.

00:22:53   That's no good. Rest in peace. We've all made mistakes is what we're saying. Can't do it now

00:22:59   on the iPad really. It's all locked away. But the Mac still has its rough edges.

00:23:03   There was a story a few weeks ago about Apple News Plus potentially getting audio versions

00:23:12   of stories. Apple was going to pay for the production of them and publishers just had

00:23:18   had to opt in and it could end up being good for publishers who opt in because it means

00:23:23   people will be more likely to spend more time with their content, right? Which is how Apple

00:23:28   News+ publishers are paid on that very generous 50/50 split that Apple make with them.

00:23:34   And there was a post on MacRumors where some iconography has been found that seems to suggest

00:23:41   that this is in the 13.5 beta. So it's Apple News+ audio and then there's also a secondary

00:23:47   icon with a headphone logo and audio, suggesting that they're doing something to get ready

00:23:52   to introduce this initiative.

00:23:55   I think this is funny in the sense of it's in 13.5.

00:24:01   Maybe that's going to happen sooner than expected.

00:24:03   I wasn't expecting this to be a thing that occurred before iOS 14, but maybe this is

00:24:08   a case of, "Well, Apple News+ really isn't doing what we want, so we're adding this feature."

00:24:14   For me personally, I still don't imagine myself becoming a NewsPlus subscriber, but this is

00:24:20   the type of feature where I would maybe give it a bit more consideration than I had previously.

00:24:25   If all of my favorite news companies were in this thing, I may be more inclined to pay

00:24:32   for it if I could get audio versions of the articles that I want to read.

00:24:38   You know me, right?

00:24:39   I don't really enjoy reading.

00:24:42   So there are times where there are these really long articles that I would like to read and

00:24:45   I can only get a quarter of the way through and I just bail out.

00:24:49   But if it was audio focused then I could just listen to it and I'd be happy, I'd be on my

00:24:55   way.

00:24:56   Especially because what I like about what it seems Apple is doing is that they are going

00:25:00   to have human beings read the audio.

00:25:05   There is scores of thought for either using virtual voices or humans for this stuff.

00:25:11   I personally lean towards human for obvious reasons.

00:25:14   I just prefer the sound.

00:25:17   And so they're going to be doing that, and Apple, that's what they want to do, but it

00:25:21   seems like it's going to be in 13.5 maybe.

00:25:24   One, what do you think about this just as an overall initiative?

00:25:30   And two, about it coming seemingly sooner rather than later?

00:25:33   Yeah, I think it's a good addition to News Plus.

00:25:37   it hasn't landed with a lot of people.

00:25:41   And I think there are a lot of people like you,

00:25:43   and also like me, who would prefer to listen to news.

00:25:47   I mean, one of the things I do on the HomePod a lot is,

00:25:50   "Hey, tell me the news," right?

00:25:53   And I think a lot of people like that sort of

00:25:57   way of consuming those things.

00:25:59   And if they can do it in a way that is high quality

00:26:02   and easy to use, like maybe you're on an article

00:26:05   and the ones that have audio,

00:26:06   there's just a button you can tap and it reads to you. I think that's fantastic. As far as

00:26:11   the timing, you know, I could see this being an iOS 14 thing. But at the same time, that's

00:26:17   not till September or October. And my guess is that they want to try to move the needle

00:26:21   and news plus as much as they can. So whenever this is ready, I think they would do it.

00:26:26   And like it doesn't need iOS 14. In theory, like you don't have to wait, it's not going

00:26:31   to be like, "Oh, can't wait for iOS 14."

00:26:34   Right, like it's not going to be that kind of feature, I don't feel like.

00:26:39   I mean these rumors say that it's just news plus.

00:26:42   I don't think this would be something that Apple News itself would get.

00:26:46   Like this is a premium feature, but maybe eventually it could end up as part of Apple

00:26:52   News proper, at least for some stuff.

00:26:53   I don't know.

00:26:54   There's a cost associated.

00:26:56   I can only imagine they would do that if they wanted to try and sell you on upgrading to

00:27:01   News Plus. Like, oh, you like this feature, huh? Maybe you want to give us some money

00:27:04   and get all your news this way.

00:27:07   Maybe you get like three audio stories a month or something and after that, hey, you really

00:27:11   ought to pay up.

00:27:12   Yeah.

00:27:13   Cool. Yeah, I like it.

00:27:15   I would like more stuff like this. Like I listen to Chatecary, the Chatecary Daily Update.

00:27:21   I listen to it every single day and like that very much. Like to the point where I wished

00:27:26   more people that did email newsletters offered podcast options. I've even thought about asking

00:27:33   some people but don't. And I don't mean like something like the Max Stories newsletter

00:27:43   called Max Stories doesn't make sense for me in that way because it's more like chunked

00:27:48   up. I'm talking like the...

00:27:51   Like HotPod could do it.

00:27:52   Yeah, HotPog could do it. I would like Casey Newton to do it. I think Casey's is called

00:27:58   Interface, I think is the name of his email newsletter. Like more, I would like stuff

00:28:04   like that where it's frequent almost daily and they are long articles. Like it's just

00:28:08   one article basically. I would like that a lot. But it's a lot of work and especially,

00:28:16   I mean, especially in Casey Newton's thing, I don't...

00:28:18   It's not a pay for newsletter, although I would personally pay to get that feature.

00:28:24   But I would like it because these types of podcasts are so good,

00:28:27   like, that it's just a 10 minute thing.

00:28:29   Like, you can just fit that in anywhere, right?

00:28:33   Like washing dishes, listen to an episode of Chatechary, like great.

00:28:36   And I listen every day and I feel like I am more informed because of it.

00:28:40   So I like being informed.

00:28:42   Like, I like to have been informed, but I don't...

00:28:46   I just don't have the... I don't even know what the right word would be to actually read these things.

00:28:54   I especially don't like it as email, right? Like I don't like extra email because I get lots of email.

00:29:01   So I have to like move all these things around to different folders or whatever and then I never read them.

00:29:07   So I would like this stuff to be popping up more in my podcast app of choice.

00:29:13   Maybe you could print your email newsletters and then read them out loud to yourself.

00:29:19   Mmm.

00:29:20   Think about that.

00:29:22   I mean, that's not helpful.

00:29:26   Well.

00:29:27   Really?

00:29:28   Please consider the environment before reading this newsletter.

00:29:31   That's what they all say at the bottom.

00:29:37   You have another story in here about Apple Music and Podcasts and Zane Lowe.

00:29:41   What's going on here?

00:29:42   I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that I think your pick about original podcasts

00:29:49   has come to fruition.

00:29:51   I don't want to call it done yet from this one, but I think we can put this in for consideration

00:29:56   of the argument later on in the year.

00:29:59   So the Beats 1 show that Zane Lowe does, which is interviews with musicians, has been put

00:30:08   into Apple podcasts now. So the interviews also exist as a podcast. I believe they also

00:30:15   stood existing on Apple News beat no on Beats 1, Apple Beats 1, Apple Music Beats 1. So

00:30:24   the pick being that you suggested I think was original content.

00:30:29   So the pick as written says Apple launches its own podcast content beyond Oprah.

00:30:35   Yeah, I mean this would probably be it, right? I feel like this will probably get you what

00:30:40   you were looking for, for a point. So you finally got on a scoreboard, congratulations.

00:30:45   That's not my Ricky pic.

00:30:46   Yeah, your Ricky pic's not happening. Your Ricky pic's not happening. The Ricky, by the

00:30:51   way, is the Apple launch, a podcast app on Android. It's just not happening, in my opinion.

00:30:56   But good luck to you, my friend. I'm just going to clean up.

00:31:02   This is your year to lose.

00:31:03   Yeah, it really is at this point. All right. Yeah, I mean, I think it's cool

00:31:09   I think having

00:31:10   Content that is behind the Apple music paywall having that come out a little bit is neat and content like this is the perfect

00:31:17   Like the perfect thing to do right like these interviews

00:31:21   Standalone as podcast episodes. I think it makes a ton of sense to move that content to that format

00:31:26   Yeah

00:31:27   I mean in other beats one shows probably wouldn't move as easily because they feature a lot of music and that's not gonna work

00:31:33   work. We can't really put that in a podcast because it's music. There's a

00:31:38   bunch of rights around that but the interview stuff makes a lot of sense to

00:31:42   do it. I think it's clever. Mm-hmm. All right, ready for our second break? Yeah.

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00:33:50   I saw an article a week or two ago on Mac rumors suggesting a rumor, as you would assume

00:33:58   from Mac rumors, but not about the Mac, about the iPhone, about a portless iPhone.

00:34:04   So the way it goes is this, that the iPhone 12 will have a lightning port as we would

00:34:11   expect but maybe not want, I would prefer USB-C, but that the iPhone 13 will have no

00:34:19   port it will have no lightning port on the iPhone no USB C port on the iPhone it will

00:34:26   feature Qi for charging and a smart connector for data so if you needed to plug it into

00:34:31   your computer or whatever.

00:34:33   I have a lot of questions about this I think my first one is kind of like why like why

00:34:40   Why would you want a portless iPhone?

00:34:45   I can't really work it out.

00:34:48   It feels, I guess, like a design thing.

00:34:52   You would do it for design reasons.

00:34:54   Like "Oh look how beautiful this design is."

00:34:56   But that feels honestly kind of stupid to me.

00:35:03   That feels like honestly the worst of Apple design.

00:35:09   So again, this is presuming this is true, right?

00:35:11   So just for the sake of this conversation,

00:35:13   let's presume this is true, right?

00:35:15   - Okay.

00:35:16   - And that this will happen.

00:35:17   It's just easier that way.

00:35:18   Like it feels like if they were to do this,

00:35:22   that it's everything that people hate about Apple design.

00:35:25   Right?

00:35:27   Like, because again, I will still state this

00:35:31   as I have for many years,

00:35:33   the removal of the headphone jack,

00:35:35   there was never any good reason for it, right?

00:35:38   They removed it from the iPhone 7?

00:35:41   - Yes.

00:35:42   - Because they needed to get rid of it

00:35:44   the year before the iPhone 10 came out.

00:35:46   Because they didn't want the iPhone 10 to have it

00:35:48   or the iPhone 10 couldn't have it

00:35:50   because of what they were building, right?

00:35:52   With their curved screen.

00:35:53   So they removed it from the 7

00:35:55   so that that wouldn't be the story of the iPhone 10.

00:35:58   No one will ever convince me otherwise.

00:36:00   Like that I 100% believe that that is the case.

00:36:03   And I've never seen an argument that was convincing to me.

00:36:07   Like, because people were like, "Oh, they put this chamber in it."

00:36:10   But like, the chamber was empty. Like, there's nothing behind it.

00:36:13   It wasn't actually connected to anything like speaker wise.

00:36:15   It wasn't, it isn't a waterproofing thing because waterproofing exists on

00:36:20   phones today that are like, like the IP68 rating exists on phones today that have

00:36:26   a headphone jack. So I believe that they either wanted to or needed to do it for

00:36:30   the 10s, so they did it from the 7s.

00:36:32   so they sacrificed to set the bad press because you don't want the bad press on the iPhone

00:36:37   X.

00:36:38   So removing a charging port, it feels even worse to me because Bluetooth is better. I

00:36:50   don't think Qi is better. I just don't see... I know people prefer it. And we'll get to

00:36:57   some of the problems that you can have when you start extrapolating this out to your life,

00:37:02   But I just don't think that an overall experience of Qi charging is better.

00:37:05   I really cannot, and I've been thinking about this for like two weeks, I've wanted to talk

00:37:10   about this story.

00:37:11   I can't find a positive reason that you would do this.

00:37:17   Logically.

00:37:18   I agree with you.

00:37:20   I think, A, I think you're totally right about the iPhone 7.

00:37:23   But I think you're right about this too.

00:37:27   And it is just one of those things that, you're right.

00:37:31   is everything that people like to beat up on Apple for. Right? This would be the epitome

00:37:36   of that, and on their most popular product, right? When it's on something other than the

00:37:42   iPhone, people may be a little more forgiving, but the iPhone's the most important thing

00:37:47   that the company makes. And to change it in any dramatic way is always a gamble. Think

00:37:53   about when they went from 30 pin to lightning, people were furious for years. And I think

00:37:58   why we haven't seen USB-C yet because they don't want to go through a port

00:38:01   transition again but this seems like going well beyond a port transition

00:38:06   taking it off completely I don't I don't see it being a good idea.

00:38:11   The lightning transition right was frustrating you could see logic to it the

00:38:16   lightning port had more functionality way smaller it was bi-directional or

00:38:21   omnidirectional however you say it you didn't have to do the pin thing remember

00:38:25   like we had to like I don't I think they ended up changing that but initially

00:38:29   like the the the 30 pin connector had those little attached release tabs the

00:38:35   release things on the side I think they ended up getting rid of that for the

00:38:38   iPhone right? I think so. Eventually I think you could just pop it in and out of there but it

00:38:43   wasn't omnidirectional right the 30 pin it only went in one way? It was not it was not

00:38:48   reversible so it had it up and it down just like USB A did. The lightning is

00:38:53   better in every way for that, right? It's smaller so you can do more things from a design perspective.

00:38:59   If they even had a smart connector on this device, that's still arguing the fact that you can't

00:39:06   go completely like connectorless, right? But that smart connector would be not for charging,

00:39:14   it would seem. Or maybe it would charge slowly, I don't know. But the rumor suggests that it will

00:39:19   only be for data. So if you had diagnostic issues or if you wanted to

00:39:24   sync over a cable or whatever you could use a smart connector for that. So like

00:39:29   yeah it just doesn't feel like that there is a benefit that I can see. Like

00:39:33   it's you know if this was the introduction of wireless charging maybe

00:39:38   you could sell people on it but it's not even that right? Like Qi charging has

00:39:42   existed and it continues to exist. I think I think this being the beginning

00:39:46   of wireless charging would actually be harder because at least now people have

00:39:49   these things. Good point. And they're in a lot of cars too, a lot of new cars have wireless

00:39:54   charging pads. I see it in some restaurants and stuff too, like I had seen it in like

00:39:58   coffee shops, stuff like that, or airports, like places where you would want to charge,

00:40:03   I was starting to see more Qi charging, because like Qi is good as a universal standard because

00:40:11   all phones of all manufacturers have it, right? Now arguably USB-C is going this way too though,

00:40:18   which is basically really it's the iPhone is the holdout of new devices.

00:40:23   But at least we can all agree on Qi.

00:40:27   That's quite funny, I'm pretty proud of that.

00:40:29   But everyone is like, both iPhone and Android, amongst all manufacturers, everyone's using

00:40:35   Qi charging.

00:40:36   So it's like universal standard, so it can be used and it can be available in places.

00:40:42   I always think about, because it will happen again one day, traveling, right?

00:40:49   Like I remember this when the headphone jack was taken away, it became more frustrating

00:40:57   if you used wired headphones because you couldn't charge and listen to music at the same time.

00:41:05   How would you charge your phone on a bus or on a plane?

00:41:10   How would you do that?

00:41:11   Yeah, or in a backpack in between, right?

00:41:13   Like running through the airport,

00:41:14   you can plug your phone into your battery bank

00:41:16   in your pocket.

00:41:17   - Yep.

00:41:18   How would any of that work in a Qi charging world?

00:41:21   - Yeah, I don't know.

00:41:22   I honestly don't.

00:41:23   Like, are they gonna sell something that has a battery

00:41:26   and has a internal wireless coil,

00:41:28   and then you can, like, I don't know.

00:41:30   It is way less flexible than plugging in with a cable.

00:41:35   - Like, as Justin is saying in the Real

00:41:35   Like as Justin is saying in the Real

00:41:42   Fm Discord, you could have a battery

00:41:44   case with an internal Qi charger and that's fine but then I also have to buy an external battery case.

00:41:48   Many planes, many coaches, many

00:41:52   trains have USB ports on them or power

00:41:54   ports and all I need is a cable and I

00:41:58   can plug my phone in, right? And that

00:42:00   means I don't have to spend an extra

00:42:00   $100 on a battery case if I don't want to, right? So like it really limits things a lot, right? Or

00:42:10   like even if it was fine when I was traveling somewhere, I would then be taking a Qi charger

00:42:16   in my backpack for when I got to a hotel. Like I assume not many people do that. Like people,

00:42:21   you know, they may Qi charge at home but they travel, when they're on the road they will use

00:42:26   a cable because Qi chargers are big right when you traveled as a Qi charging person

00:42:34   you would you wouldn't take a Qi charger would you?

00:42:37   No for a bunch of reasons one it's way bulkier than a cable and two it doesn't fast charge

00:42:42   and on trips yeah especially trips like rest in peace WWDC where you're out until the middle

00:42:49   of the night or something like you may be home like in your hotel or Airbnb or whatever

00:42:54   for like an hour, I want to fast charge during that hour to get as much power back into my

00:42:58   phone as possible. And she charging just isn't very fast.

00:43:03   And so like, I just can't work out where like, I can't again, it's like more for me in the

00:43:10   cons column. Like, and look, I am sure there are people who do take charges with them on

00:43:17   trips and find some way to charge on a plane by like having a little disk and putting their

00:43:23   phone on it but that just seems kind of ridiculous to me I'm sorry like more power to you if

00:43:28   that is your way of doing things but like that just that that doesn't work for me that

00:43:34   seems wild the only thing that could like I don't know you know what also I feel like

00:43:41   a flight attendant would be like what are you doing right like I feel like that people

00:43:47   wouldn't like that to see you do that. Unless there is some kind of massive battery breakthrough

00:43:55   in which your phone could operate for two to three days without a charge, right? If

00:44:01   they were to somehow couple those things together, I could maybe get this a bit more, right?

00:44:06   That the idea of charging changes, that like Qi, they've worked out a fast charging spec,

00:44:11   which other companies are doing, right? Like OnePlus have one that they've expanded the

00:44:16   the Qi spec to also allow them to do fast charging with a compatible charger. So maybe

00:44:23   that's one part and two, your battery lasts for three days or whatever, then I could see

00:44:28   it. But that kind of technology doesn't seem like it's in the near future. We've all heard

00:44:35   about this new battery tech forever. What is it called? Carbon or something? You know

00:44:40   what I'm talking about. There's this whole new battery technology that's going to change

00:44:44   But I feel like I've been hearing about it for 10 years. Graphene. Is that it? Graphene batteries?

00:44:50   Like I think this is thing I've been hearing about forever that like if it actually works

00:44:56   It's gonna be wild and it's gonna change everything

00:45:00   But I feel like I've been hearing about it for probably like 10 years

00:45:04   but if that kind of thing comes to pass then great, but like it doesn't seem like that there's any

00:45:09   Anything to suggest that that's happening in the near future

00:45:13   The future is always just a couple years away though. So, you know, they'll be here soon. That's true

00:45:20   I guess throw out this whole argument Stevens torpedoed it. It's always it's always right on the corner

00:45:25   the thing about the smart connector - it makes me think about the

00:45:30   Surface connector on Microsoft Surface products that charges and you can hook up to a dock

00:45:38   Right, and they took grief from users for a really long time not having USB C on their

00:45:44   Devices like well, why can't just charge every USB C or do this? Why do I have to have this?

00:45:49   Weird proprietary thing right and they've relented on some of that. They've got USB C on some of their stuff now

00:45:56   But people complained that it was like a thing that only worked for this one device and if you think about lightning

00:46:03   that's

00:46:05   kind of true now, but lightning is

00:46:08   like I've had just so ubiquitous lightning is basically everywhere and

00:46:12   Apple uses lightning for air pods and almost all the iPads and a bunch of other stuff, too

00:46:18   And so in a way even though lightning is proprietary to Apple

00:46:22   It doesn't feel as proprietary as something like the surface connector

00:46:26   Which is like a thing that service people have to deal with and other people don't

00:46:30   Right, but Surface users have options now because you can also charge by USB-C now if

00:46:37   you use the Surface.

00:46:38   Yeah, yeah.

00:46:39   For a lot of them.

00:46:40   Yeah, but that's a very recent change.

00:46:42   And so in that way, Lightning feels like a standard that it's really not, but moving

00:46:48   to something that is even more proprietary, that if they use the smart connector, they've

00:46:55   got to move over a bunch of other stuff too.

00:46:59   you already have like the Apple Watch doing its own thing. And you already have the iPad

00:47:03   line split, like it could be where you're an Apple user, and you got to have four different

00:47:07   cables to charge your devices that are in your pocket or on your body. And that is something

00:47:12   that's frustrating, but lightning kind of puts it all underneath one umbrella for most

00:47:17   of those things. And so I just don't know, if they do this, like they've really got to

00:47:22   sell the benefits of a smart connector for charging and or data. And I just don't know

00:47:29   of anyone would be convinced that it's better than Lightning, let alone better than USB-C,

00:47:34   which is what a lot of people want to see.

00:47:35   Yeah, yeah, as you're right, even if they do say that, "Oh, you can also charge via

00:47:40   a smart connector, but primarily you should be using Qi," it's still like, "No, I would

00:47:46   just prefer USB-C, thank you," because that would be really great because then my iPad,

00:47:51   my MacBook, my Nintendo Switch, and my iPhone can all be charged by the same cable because

00:47:56   that's actually what I want.

00:47:58   I saw a rumor from our friends at MacRumors, but this time about the iPad, that the next

00:48:05   iPad Air is reportedly going to get a USB-C port.

00:48:10   Which I think that makes sense that the iPad line could all move to USB-C, right?

00:48:15   Because again, USB-C is a better connector for charging stuff because more and more products

00:48:21   are being charged by the same thing.

00:48:23   But it makes the iPhone even stand out more.

00:48:26   Exactly.

00:48:28   then it's like well now I really want my iPhone to be USB-C because I've just now removed

00:48:35   like now it's in a smaller camp because maybe my iPad and my iPhone were charging via lightning

00:48:40   well now my iPad is by USB-C and my now like the iPhone is the odd one out that I'm bringing

00:48:47   a cable for right and like that would just be I would really not like that it would be

00:48:53   really frustrating. And also again, suggested in the chat is that currently the phone is

00:48:59   too thin for type C. Again, I will bring up my favourite fact, right? That the iPad Pro

00:49:07   is the thinnest iOS device ever made. Not just the thinnest iPad, thinnest iOS device

00:49:12   ever made. So they fit it on that, right? They could fit it on an iPhone. They definitely

00:49:18   could do it. Maybe they would need to flatten the sides, but that seems like going to be

00:49:22   the fun cool thing anyway to do and again it would be super disappointing to

00:49:27   me if they took the design cues from the iPad Pro but kept the lightning port on

00:49:31   it and it'd be really even more confusing than then then the connector

00:49:36   situation is now on the iPads yeah I really hope that we are surprised and

00:49:40   the next iPhone has a USB C on it we do but I can live with it I will not be

00:49:46   happy at all if they take away all the ports in the future like I just I just

00:49:51   can't see that as like a thing that can that I can reconcile in my brain. It'd be

00:49:57   a real bummer. Real bummer man. Yeah. Yeah so who knows I think like I said the

00:50:01   second you start talking about what this means in real life like as you travel or

00:50:06   as you do whatever it just it falls apart really quickly. So mm-hmm.

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00:51:34   So I think this is probably going to be the penultimate anticipating WWDC segment that

00:51:39   we do on the show because next week is a regular episode.

00:51:43   week after that I assume we'll be doing our Ricky pics for WWDC so we'll see.

00:51:50   So we're gonna do, I think we promised this last week, Mac OS.

00:51:54   This is probably why Federico took a vacation, because we're gonna talk about Mac OS now.

00:51:59   And I figure we should just turn this over to you because I think of the two of us, or

00:52:04   the three of us, you're definitely the person most in tune with the Mac.

00:52:08   So why don't you take it away for what you would both think and like to see.

00:52:13   Okay, I'm gonna rope you into this because I think that you also are a Mac power user.

00:52:19   You know, you you do a lot of work on on your Mac.

00:52:22   So I want to hear what you have to say to.

00:52:24   So I kind of want to tell a couple of stories about some things that I've happened have

00:52:29   had happened in just the last few weeks.

00:52:31   So I have a MacBook Pro and I have a Mac Pro.

00:52:34   And these are some things that have happened to me in Mac OS.

00:52:36   My MacBook Pro has woken up and complained that it needed a Bluetooth keyboard attached.

00:52:41   It was not aware that it had an internal keyboard.

00:52:43   I ended up putting it back to sleep and waking it up again and was like, "Oh, I have a keyboard!"

00:52:47   So not super confident and stilling.

00:52:50   I cannot fathom how that occurred, but that's fun I guess.

00:52:54   Yeah.

00:52:55   And some people on Twitter were like, "Oh yeah, I've seen that too."

00:52:57   So the Mac Pro continues to struggle sleeping and waking from sleep.

00:53:03   This was better and now it's worse again in 10.15.5, the current version of Catalina.

00:53:09   I've talked to a couple other Mac Pro users and this seems to be pretty universal across

00:53:14   the different setups like I use the LG 5k.

00:53:18   Other people use the pro display.

00:53:21   Sometimes USB can cause weird sleep wake issues.

00:53:24   There doesn't seem to be a big consensus on it's hey, is this one thing?

00:53:28   Sometimes, including this morning, I came to my office, I hit the spacebar to wake the

00:53:34   the Mac up, it logged me in with my Apple watch, and I had no visible cursor. So I could

00:53:40   move the mouse, and if I moved it to the right edge, the dock would move a little bit, and

00:53:45   I could take it to the top left, and it's like the Apple menu, but no visible cursor.

00:53:49   So I took my invisible mouse, went down to where I thought the restart menu was, and

00:53:54   hit restart, and my cursor came back. Cursor supports have only been part of Mac OS since,

00:53:59   I don't know, 1984? What's going on?

00:54:01   Like it's the beginning of my OS.

00:54:04   Yeah, the very beginning.

00:54:06   I shared this last week, but I've had delete finder preferences to end finder crashes.

00:54:11   And I had to replace a time machine drive recently, and I had to reboot a machine to

00:54:15   get time machine running again.

00:54:17   You're supposed to be able to just remove the old drive, point at the new drive and

00:54:21   start, and system preferences would just spin until I rebooted.

00:54:25   That's actually not on either one of my machines.

00:54:27   It's someone else's computer.

00:54:29   I bring these up, not to just hit Mac OS over the head with a frying pan, even though I

00:54:36   want to sometimes.

00:54:38   But it's that there's a lot of things, a lot of little things that people deal with every

00:54:43   day like keyboards and cursors that just seem a little bit broken at times.

00:54:51   None of these issues are ongoing for me, except for the Mac Pro sleeping/awaking, which sort

00:54:56   of comes and goes.

00:54:58   But it's these little edges like why is this a thing that I have to worry about?

00:55:03   Why do I have to worry about my cursor disappearing?

00:55:05   I was thinking through this lesson and said, "Oh, well, it's just time to ask for a snow

00:55:09   leopard release."

00:55:10   And then I thought that it is really sad that every few years we have to ask for one of

00:55:16   those.

00:55:17   Right?

00:55:18   So if people aren't familiar, snow leopard was, oh gosh, I don't know, like 11 or 12

00:55:21   years ago or something, 2009, and it was touted as zero new features.

00:55:27   not really true it has some new stuff but the big push was on stability and

00:55:31   Didn't that feature Grand Central Dispatch? Yeah, yeah. A massive thing, right? Yeah.

00:55:36   Your 64-bit support head to toe is like a lot of stuff. Dropped PowerPC support.

00:55:42   I love that feature name by the way, Grand Central Dispatch. It's so beautiful as a name.

00:55:48   Like it just sounds so good. Yeah, very nice. Do you know what it does?

00:55:56   Boost trains around? I don't know. I know it's some underpinning thing. I was going to say,

00:56:02   I guess it's something about using the multiple processor cores that are now in every Macintosh

00:56:07   for more efficient performance due to the technical difficulties traditionally involved

00:56:11   in making applications optimized for multi-core CPUs. That sounds like a Wikipedia article.

00:56:15   Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. I would assume it shifts thread handling to focus to itself rather

00:56:21   than leaving it to specific applications to distribute jobs evenly across cores and clears

00:56:26   up unused memory created by inactive or old threads to achieve maximum performance.

00:56:31   I guess.

00:56:32   If you just had to off the top of your head.

00:56:34   If I had to just assume.

00:56:36   Yeah.

00:56:37   Yeah.

00:56:38   And so that has become sort of a rallying cry for Mac users.

00:56:40   And in High Sierra, Apple's like, "Hey, it's like Sierra, but it's better."

00:56:44   Also, there's a new file system.

00:56:46   But it was sort of a year off for Mac features, even though it really wasn't.

00:56:51   and trying to make it more stable and calm things down a little bit.

00:56:58   And I'm tired of every three or four years asking for this.

00:57:01   I mean, I've said it on this show probably more than one year that it's time for a sort

00:57:06   of a snow leopard release.

00:57:07   We talked about that in terms of iOS 12.

00:57:09   Right?

00:57:10   iOS 11 was kind of a hot mess and 12 was, after its launch, pretty good.

00:57:17   And then 13 was a disaster, right?

00:57:19   And now it's like, oh, maybe they'll do like a snow leopard year for the iPad.

00:57:23   This is something that Apple users who pay attention and just keep coming back to.

00:57:28   And I blame it on one thing, I blame it on the annual release cycle.

00:57:33   The Mac didn't have that in the beginning, it was every two to three years or so.

00:57:38   And then starting with Lion or so it became annual.

00:57:44   And the reason they did that is there were a lot of features that came out on the Mac

00:57:49   and iOS at the same time are very close to each other.

00:57:52   So like iOS eight and Yosemite, you had handoff, right?

00:57:55   You want that across your platforms.

00:57:58   But while the iPhone and particularly the iPad still need annual releases, the Mac doesn't.

00:58:06   I think that there could be a world where we stay on Catalina or whatever, for a couple

00:58:11   of years.

00:58:12   And you know what, take a take a look at what Microsoft's doing, right?

00:58:17   It's Windows 10.

00:58:18   They have a big update every eight months or so that adds new features.

00:58:21   But the core OS is the same.

00:58:24   Why is it that, you know, when you updated to High Sierra or Mojave or something that

00:58:30   all of your USB audio broke?

00:58:31   Like, why is that being messed with?

00:58:33   Well, if you say we're not going to go into the core, we're going to add features.

00:58:37   it works with iCloud or whatever, the Mac would benefit from that slower pace.

00:58:43   And you know, you asked me to come up with like a feature list for 1016.

00:58:48   I don't know, like, maybe I'm not like smart enough or have a good imagination, but the

00:58:54   Mac feels pretty dang feature complete to me.

00:58:56   But the features that are there, a lot of them are breaking down.

00:58:59   And I really would implore Apple to slow down on the Mac OS release cycle.

00:59:06   And it's one thing for me to complain about it as an end user and like yes, like I'm a power user

00:59:09   I run like, you know my half of our production company on it

00:59:13   But in the enterprise and education the annual cycle doesn't exist right a lot of education customers

00:59:21   And especially a lot of enterprise customers stay on

00:59:25   You know the n minus one release so they're all running

00:59:29   Mojave right now or maybe even before that maybe they're still in High Sierra and

00:59:35   they will upgrade when they have to maybe their security update stop or they have a security application that requires the new thing or

00:59:43   They get a bunch of 16-inch MacBook Pros that can only run Catalina so they have to

00:59:48   Support it for a lot of people the annual cycle is a major headache a lot of important Mac customers

00:59:55   It's a major headache

00:59:56   And so I think you know in talking with my friends and people I know in the internet

01:00:01   Who are in that world of supporting Macs at scale?

01:00:04   None of them are a fan of this annual release cycle, and I think it'd be really nice if Apple would break from it

01:00:12   Well, what if it was like still came out every year, but it was really tick-tock in nature

01:00:19   It would really be up to Apple to make it really clear. That's what they're doing

01:00:23   Right, like it would be easy to assume that okay, they were Sierra and hi Sierra

01:00:27   We had Mojave maybe Catalina will be sort of a quieter year and Catalina in a lot of ways was the biggest

01:00:34   changed to MacOS there's been in seven or eight years and it's it's like well

01:00:39   Apple if they're going to do that they need to like lay it out in advance and

01:00:42   say hey so just hypothetically hey Catalina was a big change 1016

01:00:47   we're calling it I don't know something related to Catalina I don't know I'm not

01:00:51   very familiar with California hi Catalina snow Catalina no it's it's an

01:00:55   island right so like soggy Catalina okay it is uh Catalina that you know

01:01:01   but we've changed these five or six things.

01:01:04   We didn't touch anything else.

01:01:05   If they were really clear about that

01:01:07   and they stuck with it long enough

01:01:09   that people would trust it, I think that would be fine.

01:01:11   But I feel like they're running a race

01:01:14   that doesn't need to be run

01:01:15   and they are only hurting the product in the meantime.

01:01:20   - I am on Mojave and I have no complaints like you do.

01:01:27   I feel like maybe, you know, like, you know, there are always bugs,

01:01:32   of course, but it feels like catalyst has been for,

01:01:36   for whatever reason, a little trickier for some users. Right. Yeah.

01:01:41   And so maybe like another version could still have new features in

01:01:46   it,

01:01:46   but would be more stable after the typical first or second point release,

01:01:51   because like, I'm sure there were complaints about Mojave,

01:01:55   But whatever those complaints were, like they're not affecting me anymore or they're not a problem for me.

01:02:02   So, you know, like I think maybe people have a bad opinion of Catalyst because it does include a bunch of stuff which isn't,

01:02:11   which does degrade the experience kind of like by design.

01:02:16   Catalina, you mean you said Catalyst, but it's a confusion.

01:02:19   Yeah, but that too, I guess.

01:02:22   But like that actually leads me on to a point of like when you're saying about

01:02:25   like what features could be added, like stuff like that, like making Mac

01:02:29   Catalyst better could be something right, which people would want.

01:02:33   Oh, yeah. And I've got a handful.

01:02:35   Yeah. As far as like big features, it's pretty good.

01:02:38   But yeah, I don't know.

01:02:39   I just feel like the maximum treadmill working way harder than it has to.

01:02:42   That's my analogy for the day.

01:02:45   Well, what do you what would you want to see then?

01:02:47   What kind of features would be realistic for you?

01:02:50   So there are there are a couple one is this is going to be nerdy for a second. But Apple

01:02:58   with Catalina rolled out this thing called system extensions and driver kit. So like right now,

01:03:03   if you install VMware fusion, right, you want to virtualize Windows, that application will install

01:03:12   a kernel extension. So it has like deep roots in the OS. And it's how it allocates its memory and

01:03:18   does all this stuff. And those are sort of inherently insecure. Apple's done a lot to

01:03:25   harden the kernel against kernel extension intrusion, but kernel extensions by their

01:03:29   nature have access to a lot of things. And Apple has said, Hey, we're going to transition away from

01:03:35   these. In fact, they are deprecated at this point in Catalina in favor of system extensions and

01:03:42   driver kit, which are two tools that sort of take on what kernel extensions used to do, but they

01:03:47   elevate them into the user space. So it's it's more secure. So I think that that could

01:03:52   be going away, either this year or next year, I don't think it's any longer than 2021. That

01:03:58   means that if you have apps that run kernel extensions, like I've got a couple, those

01:04:04   applications will need to be updated, or they will break. And it's you know, virtualization

01:04:08   software, it's some enterprise security software, like McAfee, and some others may use kernel

01:04:14   And so that's going to be, at least for probably enterprise or power users, that could be a

01:04:20   pain in the butt.

01:04:21   Not as big as a deal as the 32-bit app, you know, Death Curtain that Catalina draped over

01:04:27   the landscape, but could be a rough thing for some types of users.

01:04:31   Let me ask you a question on that, right?

01:04:33   Because the 32 to 64 thing, my expectation was the apps that died were just the apps

01:04:40   that weren't updated.

01:04:42   I can't imagine there were that many applications that couldn't be updated for 64-bit.

01:04:48   Yeah I think it was mostly like, "Oh I've used this app for 15 years and I quit getting

01:04:52   support five years ago."

01:04:55   But are there applications that couldn't run because of this new kernel extension thing?

01:05:03   Like I'm asking you, is that a thing?

01:05:05   Are there applications that because of this would not be able to work?

01:05:10   but again it's up to those developers to...

01:05:14   Right, so it's a similar thing that like this replicates but changes the functionality.

01:05:20   If someone puts in the work they can create a driver kit kernel extension rather than

01:05:26   the typical kernel extension.

01:05:27   Okay, that's fine then.

01:05:29   I was just wondering if like...

01:05:30   Because, yeah, I don't know, I hear something like that without knowing too much about it

01:05:34   and it kind of reminds me of like locking the system down.

01:05:38   So I wondered if they'd removed any functionality.

01:05:41   It should be relatively OK once people get on board with it.

01:05:45   And again, they've had warning.

01:05:47   They announced it last year.

01:05:48   Yeah.

01:05:49   Well, yeah.

01:05:50   But that's-- still a lot of apps died in the 32 to 64.

01:05:54   It's a similar thing.

01:05:55   There will just be applications that

01:05:56   are using kernel extensions, which just won't be updated.

01:06:01   And look, I can kind of get-- personally, it's like, OK.

01:06:07   It would be a shame if there was an app that I lost that I couldn't replace, but things

01:06:11   have to move on eventually.

01:06:13   I don't really personally have a lot of problem with the 32 to 64 thing.

01:06:19   I didn't like the way that the upgrade path was for Catalyst, because I don't think it

01:06:25   was made clear enough to users early enough.

01:06:28   But from the sense of the developer, from the development angle, or just in the abstract,

01:06:36   It's like I do agree that things have to move forward, but I don't feel like users were

01:06:41   told early enough in the upgrade process that there are applications that were just not

01:06:45   going to work anymore for them.

01:06:47   There are rumors that Messages will become a Catalyst app.

01:06:51   It seems like a lot of the Messages stuff is actually already there, but not sort of

01:06:55   put into an application.

01:06:56   I think Steve Troutsmith and others found some of that.

01:06:58   Yeah, and Shortcuts as well, Steve found...

01:07:00   Yeah, Shortcuts is basically just all there with no UI.

01:07:04   So I think some of those things will continue to take shape.

01:07:09   Catalyst was new.

01:07:11   And I wrote at the time that it really felt like Catalyst was done in secret, and most

01:07:19   of Apple didn't know about it.

01:07:20   And there was also SwiftUI at the same time, and most of Apple didn't know about it.

01:07:25   And there SwiftUI and Catalyst are sort of on a collision course in a way.

01:07:28   I think Catalyst is the short term bridge and SwiftUI is the long term future.

01:07:33   But we haven't really seen much of either on Mac OS, right?

01:07:37   There are a handful of apps, some from the year before that are terrible, like home and

01:07:42   stocks.

01:07:45   And you know, those in those original ones, home, I think being the worst by far.

01:07:52   And then there's the newer ones, right?

01:07:53   So like the podcast app on the Mac OS, it's actually pretty good.

01:07:56   Like it feels like a Mac app for the most part, it works like a Mac app for the most

01:08:00   part.

01:08:01   It's running on catalyst unlike TV and music which are still basically the old iTunes guts, but just sort of refreshed

01:08:08   So I think we will see more catalyst apps over time from Apple. I think messages is ripe for it

01:08:16   You know, it's living in like the cave where it found the bones of my chat

01:08:19   so and I would like to see personally just from a statement perspective a

01:08:24   core to the system application like messages become catalyst like

01:08:31   Podcasts is nice, but like it was new

01:08:33   and and also like look obviously I love podcasts but not I

01:08:39   Can imagine not a lot of use on the Mac and nor is it like fundamental to the platform?

01:08:44   No, right, but messages, you know, like oh, all right, like here we go

01:08:49   Now I have a question for you though, right? This is all fine to say

01:08:53   Like oh, I don't want to see too much happen to the Mac or like Oh Apple probably won't do that much

01:09:00   What about an arm transition though? Like if this is the year isn't that going to be like a massive undertaking for Mac OS?

01:09:07   Absolutely, you know I was thinking about the the Intel switch and

01:09:12   how in one way

01:09:15   To the user it was basically invisible

01:09:19   Like you lost classic mode, but if you were so any classic mode in tiger you had it coming anyways, probably

01:09:26   But for most people you just bought a MacBook Pro or like your you know, white Intel iMac that you had

01:09:32   and it was just really fast and

01:09:35   it was a

01:09:37   pretty good smooth transition now that was only possible because Apple did a

01:09:42   ton of work

01:09:45   behind the scenes so they had Intel versions of OS the OS running on a

01:09:51   You know sort of secret

01:09:54   Secret lab bench somewhere they had it all ready to go. They had Rosetta which allowed power PC

01:10:01   Apps to run on Intel Macs under emulation most of them there were a couple of apps that couldn't do it

01:10:07   But for the most part most what they could

01:10:09   but

01:10:11   So Apple can go to those resources again, right? They can they can have emulation

01:10:16   They can keep the interface the same. It's just that your MacBook Air now instead of 10 hours about your life gets 20 and

01:10:24   that's the only change like that's the ideal solution I think for an end user

01:10:29   right you just your next laptop gets twice the battery life of your old one

01:10:32   that's what people want out of an ARM transition right who that's what people

01:10:36   want not knowing there's an ARM transition coming but it's like this is

01:10:39   what consumers want when they buy MacBook Air so in terms of developers

01:10:44   though it's a huge deal because they've got to have their apps up and running on

01:10:49   ARM but in talking with a bunch of developer friends that's going to be

01:10:54   way easier than it was power PC to Intel, because there's so much arm stuff going on already. And

01:11:01   if you have code base shared between your Mac app and your iOS app, it's already written in a way

01:11:10   that is going to be really easy just to flip that switch or check that box and Xcode not that it's

01:11:16   going to be one click and you're done, there's going to be some fine tuning. But it seems like

01:11:21   it may be less work for developers making apps in modern ways than the Intel switch was all those

01:11:28   years ago. So it is a big upheaval but I think it honestly I think it could be less of an upheaval

01:11:33   than it was when we went to Intel. That make sense? Yeah but what about like the platform itself

01:11:41   though? Like would it be... my assumption would be that there's a lot of stuff currently in MacOS

01:11:47   which has been kicking around for a long time. Right? Like, not as a developer, like, who's

01:11:53   taken advantage of the APIs, but like, just the stuff that's been in the Mac for, been dragging

01:11:58   along for years and years since the Intel transition. And my assumption would just be

01:12:03   that it would be a lot of work from Apple internally to get it to a point where it would,

01:12:07   it would function. And maybe they would have to have the entire thing functioning, right?

01:12:14   you can't stage the devote like the release of the operating system. Sure. Right. And so what I've

01:12:20   heard from people that in the years before the Intel transition, you know, Steve Jobs is like,

01:12:27   we've had it running for five years, all of our projects are cross compiled. Like that was true,

01:12:32   but it wasn't super true. Like, yes, maybe mail ran on the Intel version of Jaguar, but it was

01:12:37   kind of busted. And they had a lot of work to do. If the old tradition is coming, that work is if

01:12:44   if their transition is coming in three weeks,

01:12:46   that works all done by this point.

01:12:48   And if you remember, at a previous WWDC,

01:12:51   Apple took the time to say,

01:12:53   even though iPhone OS was born of Mac OS,

01:12:58   all these years ago,

01:12:59   over time the subsystems have wandered apart from each other

01:13:03   and we have been working over the last several years

01:13:06   to reunify them.

01:13:07   So now, let's just say Core Audio is,

01:13:12   I don't know if Core Audio specifically,

01:13:13   but as an example, Core Audio now is way closer

01:13:17   on macOS and iOS or whatever subsystem you pick.

01:13:21   And so it may be that Apple's been doing this for years,

01:13:23   moving macOS and iOS closer together

01:13:27   so when they do make this transition,

01:13:29   all their ducks are already in a row.

01:13:32   And no doubt the first developer version of our macOS

01:13:37   is probably gonna be buggy.

01:13:39   I mean, that was true of the developer preview

01:13:42   have tiger for Intel, but by the time tiger for Intel shipped, you know, if you

01:13:47   set a power book down next to a MacBook Pro, the only difference was the MacBook

01:13:51   Pro was way faster. And that's what the end goal should be.

01:13:54   I hope so.

01:13:55   Oh yeah. You know, there's always the question of well what does the developer transition

01:13:59   look like? You know, I've wrote about this a couple years ago on Federico's site

01:14:04   about the Intel development kit and go read the article if you haven't seen it

01:14:08   in the show notes, where they had like a power Mac g5 case, but with like a Pentium four

01:14:13   in it is very strange. I'd love to get my hands on one, someone's got one floating around

01:14:18   get in touch. But it is this like standalone product. And now I mean, Jason says like,

01:14:24   Oh, maybe that the current iPad Pro could be the transition kit, you know, they got

01:14:28   the trackpad and the keyboard, I don't know what they're gonna do, they'll do something,

01:14:32   But they may also not actually have to do anything because of where the development

01:14:40   tools are now compared to they were then.

01:14:42   Maybe they can just ship an ARM MacBook Air in the fall, tell everybody now, and it basically

01:14:49   be okay at launch.

01:14:51   I don't know.

01:14:53   It's going to be exciting.

01:14:54   And you know, maybe this is the year.

01:14:56   It feels like it's getting closer and closer.

01:14:58   So yeah, I hope it's true.

01:15:01   I think I think our max would be really exciting.

01:15:03   Can you imagine any kind of situation where it would happen this year,

01:15:08   but not be shown at WWDC? No, this is the time.

01:15:12   It would have to be that, right? Like you do it now,

01:15:16   like you do it with WWDC or you wait another year, right?

01:15:20   Like this isn't immediately a

01:15:25   customer story. Right.

01:15:27   and making it a customer story before a developer story

01:15:31   would make the customer story worse.

01:15:34   - Agreed.

01:15:34   - So, yeah.

01:15:36   - Again, if you look at what they did with Intel,

01:15:38   obviously they're a different company now,

01:15:40   but they said, "Hey, developers, we're telling you today,

01:15:43   "you can get a copy of this.

01:15:44   "You can order one of these bananas, Pentium PowerMax,

01:15:49   "and we're gonna start shipping them soon."

01:15:52   And that did probably have a little Osborne effect

01:15:56   on those PowerPC Macs, but Apple had to tell developers

01:16:00   so they were ready.

01:16:01   'Cause to your point, you don't want to buy a computer

01:16:03   you can't run any software on.

01:16:04   And then they shipped the first Intel Macs that January,

01:16:10   so you know, five, six months later,

01:16:13   and then they were done by the next WWDC.

01:16:15   They did it all in a year,

01:16:16   which was faster than they said it would be.

01:16:18   Now, we're sidestepping for today,

01:16:20   what do they do with the iMac Pro and my beloved Mac Pro?

01:16:24   You know, those Intel machines

01:16:25   that maybe they can't meet the specs of yet.

01:16:27   I don't know.

01:16:29   But I do think they've got to tell developers ahead of time

01:16:32   and just understand that,

01:16:34   yeah, it may hurt ourselves in the meantime,

01:16:35   but honestly, I don't even know if it will

01:16:37   because the MacBook Air is really good

01:16:38   and people are just gonna go out and buy a MacBook Air,

01:16:41   they pay attention to this stuff.

01:16:44   I don't think they do.

01:16:45   And even if they do, they may not understand it.

01:16:48   - Well, they were still selling them

01:16:50   when the keyboard was bad.

01:16:51   - Yeah, a bunch of them, right?

01:16:53   And, you know, honestly, like it would keep me from buying a new laptop.

01:16:58   I mean, I just bought one, so I bought one not that long ago, so I don't need one.

01:17:02   But it would hold me off, but there's not many people in the world that buy Apple products

01:17:09   that are as tuned in as us and our audience are.

01:17:13   And also, I could imagine a lot of people wouldn't want the new one, right, as well.

01:17:20   Like I can imagine people saying like, no, I would prefer to stick to what I know.

01:17:24   Not a lot, but I can imagine there also being people in that camp.

01:17:28   Or give it a little while.

01:17:29   You know, like, oh, let's give it six months.

01:17:31   Yeah.

01:17:32   Yeah.

01:17:33   I mean, and it's possible too that depending on the emulation story, there may be people

01:17:36   who prefer an Intel Mac for a while.

01:17:39   I think I've told this story before, but I had a customer at the Apple store, had a PowerMac

01:17:42   G5 into the Mac Pro Air and it died and he had to have PowerPC hardware.

01:17:47   It was like really high-end audio stuff that wasn't on Intel yet, and I found him like a refurbished

01:17:53   Power Mac g5 and talked to Apple and to sending it to him as a replacement because we were gonna replace his computer

01:17:59   But I could only replace it with a Mac Pro

01:18:00   And I you know begged and pulled a bunch of favors to get this guy g5 because it's what he needed

01:18:05   There's always gonna be people at the edge cases

01:18:07   But I think for most consumers and honestly probably most power users unless you're like developing or doing something really weird in the OS

01:18:16   it's gonna be pretty invisible, hopefully,

01:18:19   if Apple does their job well.

01:18:21   - I would love to know if any of our listeners

01:18:26   are still using PowerPC hardware that they cannot update.

01:18:31   I'd just love to know that.

01:18:32   Now you said that, it's like, you know,

01:18:34   like how we had the people still using Aperture?

01:18:36   - Yeah.

01:18:37   - Right, like if for whatever reason,

01:18:39   like that is a thing I would really love to know.

01:18:43   - Yeah, let us know on Twitter.

01:18:44   The show is that_connectedfm.

01:18:47   Well, Simon, you use your iMac Pro a whole bunch.

01:18:51   Is there anything that comes to mind for you?

01:18:53   - No.

01:18:54   (laughing)

01:18:56   Right, but like, I don't, no matter what they put in,

01:19:00   I don't wanna upgrade to it, right?

01:19:02   Like this is, you know, like I'll say this forever,

01:19:05   but my Mac is a tool for production.

01:19:10   Like I don't want the newest version of the tool.

01:19:13   Like if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

01:19:14   There is nothing wrong with my Mac Pro running Mojave.

01:19:18   Do not want to touch it.

01:19:20   Like I'm not going to upgrade to Catalina either.

01:19:23   Like I'm just going to leave this thing on Mojave until I am forced to move.

01:19:27   Like I had to update, you know, like in the past,

01:19:31   I've been forced to update because software that I need will only like they cut off.

01:19:35   Right. Right. I'll do it for that.

01:19:38   Like if I needed to buy a new machine, right.

01:19:40   I'm only on Mojave because it was all I could get on the iMac Pro, right? Like it wasn't running

01:19:45   High Sierra, which is what I was on previously on my Retina iMac. So I just make sure I have

01:19:51   the security updates which they release and that's another thing. Like if Apple are going to cut me

01:19:56   off security update wise then I'll move to something, right? Like I'll move to the oldest

01:20:02   version of an operating system that I can get but I just like to stay on the Mac where I am.

01:20:09   like there isn't anything in that is exciting in these new versions of the operating systems

01:20:15   typically that brings me over it's very rare that there'll be a feature on ios that doesn't work on

01:20:21   the mac right or at least with some compatibility i will hand it to apple that they're pretty good

01:20:27   with that right like it's very rare that something is like completely broken uh so yeah i i have no

01:20:33   desire to move so there's nothing that I want I don't have that feeling about the

01:20:40   Mac there are like concepts and like ideas I think it would be nice for the

01:20:45   Mac platform for them to implement like I said like I would like to see Apple

01:20:50   produce more of their own capitalist apps but like yeah I don't care because I

01:20:56   can't run any of the countless daps just the four that came in your system that

01:21:02   are all bad. Yeah but like all that they're like the first ones or will that

01:21:05   but like you know like I don't have the podcasts app yeah right I still have

01:21:10   iTunes on this thing and will for the foreseeable future so like I would like

01:21:16   to see it I personally would really like to see an arm transition happen just

01:21:21   because I am really intrigued as to what that could do for the Mac but you know

01:21:27   it's not like I have a laundry list of features that I want to see like I would

01:21:31   for example iOS and iPadOS. Sure, which are your primary drivers? So yeah, that's where I care about

01:21:37   things moving and changing and becoming more exciting because as well also there is more to do

01:21:41   especially on iPadOS. There are actual things to be done, you know, like I don't know if many people

01:21:47   are asking for the windowing paradigm to be rethought on the Mac, you know, like people are

01:21:54   asking for there to be refinements to the multitasking system. Mm-hmm. So all right, well I think that

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