296: Gandalf Shot First


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 296.

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00:00:15   My name is Steven Hackett and I am joined, as always,

00:00:18   by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:20   - Hey Steven, happy Space Day.

00:00:23   - Yes, it is the International Day of Space today.

00:00:27   Thank you. - Yes.

00:00:28   We're joined by Myke Hurley as well.

00:00:30   Hi!

00:00:31   Hey buddy.

00:00:32   That's a long hi.

00:00:34   You had your coffee yet?

00:00:35   International Space Day is actually 12th of April.

00:00:38   Wait, it really exists?

00:00:39   Yeah, of course it is.

00:00:40   Yeah, I'm sure it does.

00:00:41   Myke, how long could you say the word "hi"?

00:00:43   Could you just give us a demo?

00:00:44   Okay.

00:00:45   [

00:01:00   Multiple.

00:01:01   Oh, that hurt.

00:01:02   (laughing)

00:01:03   Stop, just stop.

00:01:05   Wow.

00:01:06   You test me and I'll do it, right?

00:01:09   Like don't be like, "Here's a fun joke,"

00:01:12   'cause I will take you seriously.

00:01:14   Your lungs are massive.

00:01:16   I feel like I could have gone longer, but I laughed.

00:01:18   Yeah.

00:01:19   Yeah, once you break the stream, it's over.

00:01:21   Oh, I'm a little lightheaded now.

00:01:23   Are you?

00:01:24   Yeah, a little.

00:01:25   (laughing)

00:01:26   Do you need to lie down?

00:01:26   Maybe.

00:01:29   I feel lightheaded and the coffee's kicking in so I can't. Oh no, it's a bad combo. I'm gonna start seeing unicorns in a minute.

00:01:36   Bass is dropping over at Myke's house. This is a professional podcast guys. Come on. We have some follow-up to do

00:01:45   iOS 13.5

00:01:48   Came out and a lot of a lot of people want to know if it ended the green gate

00:01:54   So you where you get a green tent on your phone after it wakes up. I have not seen it

00:01:59   There are people in the Relay members discord who say they continue to see it and there

00:02:04   may be something to this that it's only affecting iPhone 11 pros.

00:02:14   So if you're in the Green Gate gang and you don't have an 11 pro, let me know.

00:02:19   Is that what it's called?

00:02:20   The GGG?

00:02:21   Yeah, GGGs.

00:02:22   I don't like that.

00:02:24   Yeah, me neither.

00:02:27   This is not very scientific, this whole thing.

00:02:29   What are you talking about?

00:02:30   It's certainly not.

00:02:31   It's fine.

00:02:32   Okay.

00:02:33   I saw a headline today that Skullcandy, the headphone people, have launched a line of headphones

00:02:40   with tile tracking built in.

00:02:43   And I wondered, could this be something that Apple do with their AirPods studio, like to

00:02:49   put their tracking system in them?

00:02:53   Do people ever lose headphones?

00:02:56   I feel like you lose AirPods.

00:03:00   Yeah.

00:03:01   I have phones.

00:03:02   I don't know.

00:03:03   I mean, you could, I mean.

00:03:05   You could lose them for sure.

00:03:06   You could lose anything if you try hard enough.

00:03:09   Or if you don't try hard enough, I guess.

00:03:12   You would lose things.

00:03:13   But yeah, it just made me wonder more really that if Apple built this tracker or AirTags,

00:03:22   If they would ever embed that technology inside of a non-internet connected product.

00:03:28   You see what I'm saying?

00:03:30   Because all of the internet connected products that Apple make won't need something like

00:03:36   this because they use Bluetooth, they use cell connections and they get to go.

00:03:42   But I wonder if they would do it for a Bluetooth thing or if they could end up like just embedding...

00:03:50   You know what, probably with the Bluetooth system

00:03:53   that they've built, they wouldn't need it anyway, right?

00:03:56   Like maybe it would just do this out of the box

00:03:58   because their Bluetooth headphones,

00:04:00   they could still ping other Bluetooth devices.

00:04:03   Maybe that would be it.

00:04:05   - Yeah, but if the headphones are like asleep,

00:04:06   are those Bluetooth radios on?

00:04:08   I don't know, it's a super interesting question.

00:04:12   It did get me looking into how Find My works with AirPods,

00:04:16   and I've got a link in the show notes

00:04:18   to the support document and I want to point this document out for a few reasons.

00:04:22   One, there's some like errors on this page.

00:04:25   Like good.

00:04:26   There's a sentence that says if you set up find my and then in brackets device, it's

00:04:30   like, well, it's called a find my now it's not it was never called find my iPad or from

00:04:35   my Mac and it's kind of funny.

00:04:37   It's called find my iPhone.

00:04:38   Yeah, it was.

00:04:40   But like, if you've already set up find my bracket device with an iPhone, it's that that

00:04:46   When you go through to the page that that links to,

00:04:48   it refers to it that way again,

00:04:50   find my bracket device, that's weird.

00:04:52   - Yeah, it's weird.

00:04:53   I think we've all experienced this,

00:04:56   like you can't find your AirPods.

00:04:58   In fact, these screenshots are taken from John Voorhees'

00:05:01   phone, look, John's AirPods, John's Apple Watch.

00:05:04   John loses his stuff, that happens when you--

00:05:06   - It does, it really does.

00:05:09   - Yeah, and you break your stuff.

00:05:10   John loses everything, you break everything.

00:05:13   - I haven't broken anything recently.

00:05:15   yourself. I did. I did have a slight scooter accident. Yep. But I didn't break my phone

00:05:21   or my watch. You call it slight? It's not a slight accident. Steven went over the handlebars

00:05:27   onto concrete. There's a video that we can't share, unfortunately. I tell you what, we

00:05:32   can share it in the Relay Members Discord livestream chat. Can I give them the gif?

00:05:39   Give them the gif. Alright, I'll give them the gif. And remember, there's a Discord

00:05:42   rule that you can't share it outside of the gif. I did not give you permission to share

00:05:45   it outside of the discord so if you remember you'd see my crash how about that you look

00:05:50   like an olympic diver in that video steven that's this is one of those things where he

00:05:56   so basically steven sent this the video from uh his nest cam yeah and it was one of those

00:06:05   things where whilst i was asking him if he was okay i was also downloading the video

00:06:10   to make the GIF out of it.

00:06:13   These were parallel processes of one, is he OK?

00:06:16   Two, I cannot wait to make a GIF out of this, which I can use

00:06:19   all the time.

00:06:21   Did you use shortcuts to make a GIF, Myke?

00:06:24   Yes, actually.

00:06:25   I did use the shortcuts app.

00:06:27   I need a shortcut, because I've been using some sort of app

00:06:29   that's janktastic.

00:06:31   Oh, no, this one I used an app.

00:06:34   In my experience, you can use shortcuts

00:06:37   to turn some things into GIFs, but the quality

00:06:39   isn't good enough. And I tried it and it just wasn't smooth enough and I wanted a real good

00:06:45   GIF for this. What app are you using?

00:06:47   I used two, I mean, okay, so I don't have a good system for this. I use two different

00:06:52   applications. I use one called Into Live, which turns it into a live photo, and then

00:06:59   I have another app called Lively, which can take a live photo and turn it into a GIF.

00:07:04   So yeah, I knew about Lively, but I didn't know how you got from movie to GIF. Okay.

00:07:08   But they're both good applications anyway because you can take GIFs and videos and turn

00:07:13   them into live photos. So I do also have a live photo version of you falling off the

00:07:18   scooter.

00:07:19   You could use that as a dynamic wallpaper on your lock screen. And whenever you press,

00:07:26   you see Steven fall.

00:07:28   That's actually a really nice idea. I'd forgotten about that.

00:07:33   There's an activity that we covered on Mac stories at some point that lets you turn any

00:07:38   live photo into a live wallpaper for your lock screen.

00:07:43   So when you press on the lock screen...

00:07:44   Oh, this @IntoLive does it.

00:07:45   Oh, okay.

00:07:46   It might have been this one.

00:07:47   So you could use that one.

00:07:50   But yeah, you could do that for a Steven fan.

00:07:53   Does that even still work with the Haptic Touch?

00:07:55   I have no idea.

00:07:57   I have no idea either.

00:07:58   I've never used a live wallpaper, I think.

00:08:01   If you want to become a relay FM member, you can click the link in the top of the show

00:08:05   notes actually and you can just become a relay FM member, support connected, and then you

00:08:10   can find that gif.

00:08:11   It will be in the chat somewhere.

00:08:13   And I wasn't seriously hurt, but my hands kind of look like Swiss cheese.

00:08:17   I wish you'd stop saying that.

00:08:18   Do you have any idea how gross that sounds when you say that?

00:08:21   That sounds very gross.

00:08:22   You should see my hands.

00:08:23   They're all...

00:08:24   I don't want to, but that's the thing.

00:08:25   I don't want to see your hands and I don't want to hear about what they look like either.

00:08:30   I'm happy you're okay enough to be here,

00:08:32   you know, that you didn't.

00:08:33   You're always injuring yourself.

00:08:35   You ever break phones or your own body?

00:08:37   Why does this happen to you all the time?

00:08:39   - I did come down on the side

00:08:41   where my phone is in my pocket,

00:08:43   and I was like, oh no, I broke my phone, but it was fine.

00:08:45   - Can you imagine if you would have broke that phone, though?

00:08:48   - Yeah, but I am gonna have a bruise on the hip,

00:08:50   that's for sure.

00:08:51   Okay.

00:08:52   - We were talking about AirPods before the whole tangents.

00:08:57   - So find my AirPods.

00:08:59   So I think we've all been in a situation

00:09:00   where you lose them, they fly out of your pocket

00:09:03   during a scooter accident,

00:09:05   and I've had very mixed luck using Find My

00:09:09   with the AirPods.

00:09:11   - Okay, so I was about to mention this.

00:09:13   It's never worked well for me.

00:09:15   Like I've never been able to successfully find my AirPods.

00:09:19   Back when I used to sleep with my AirPods on,

00:09:22   which I don't do anymore,

00:09:24   but back then sometimes like one of them

00:09:27   would end up somewhere in the sheets or under the bed,

00:09:31   for example, and I would try to do the whole

00:09:35   make a sound thing, it just never worked.

00:09:37   And so I do feel like it would be interesting

00:09:40   to have a different system that uses proximity tracking

00:09:44   to make it more reliable.

00:09:46   I just, I don't know, I feel like it would be more useful

00:09:51   on the smaller, on the regular AirPods,

00:09:56   Because I've never lost headphones in my life.

00:09:59   But at that point, why not just put it everywhere?

00:10:03   Why not just put proximity tracking based on Bluetooth

00:10:05   or based on something else on any accessory

00:10:08   that you use with your Apple products?

00:10:10   So I would be in favor of it because the regular

00:10:15   Find My AirPods feature has never really worked,

00:10:18   for me at least.

00:10:19   - I haven't used it in a long time.

00:10:23   - Not because you never lose things.

00:10:24   You don't strike me as the kind of person who loses things, Myke.

00:10:27   Not very much.

00:10:30   I lost some clothes once in a hotel.

00:10:33   I think I remember that story.

00:10:36   It was just like, where did these three shirts go?

00:10:40   Who knows? I must have left them in a hotel somewhere.

00:10:43   But aside from that, I'm pretty good at not...

00:10:46   I don't really lose things very often.

00:10:47   It's not like you lost a heart rate monitor at WWDC or anything.

00:10:50   No, my heart rate monitor was stolen from me.

00:10:53   No one would steal it.

00:10:54   It was stolen from me either from Michael or the cleaning crew stole my heart rate monitor.

00:11:02   Again, I will state for the official record on this, I have shared rooms with Federico

00:11:07   very often.

00:11:09   Federico is one of these people that just removes clothing and it lands where he was,

00:11:14   right?

00:11:15   As if he'd disappeared.

00:11:17   So like a tornado.

00:11:18   just the clothes come off, the heart rate comes up, monitor comes off and it's just

00:11:24   gone forever. Like because I think it was either on that trip or the next trip you lost

00:11:29   your ring, do you remember? No, I didn't lose the ring, it was... but it was that thing

00:11:34   of... we found it together. It was, you lost it, you were convinced it had been stolen

00:11:39   from you and then we had to tip the room upside down and it was under the bed basically. But

00:11:44   But Federico goes from "I've lost it" to "There was a heist very quickly" when people

00:11:51   were breaking through the windows.

00:11:53   What's the most likely explanation? That it just disappeared? It was either lost or stolen

00:11:58   from me. And in this case the heart rate monitor was such a coveted item, it must have been

00:12:05   stolen from me.

00:12:07   Who coveted it?

00:12:10   The thief.

00:12:11   I don't know. Either you or the thief.

00:12:13   Why would I want your heart rate monitor?

00:12:16   Although now that I think about it, you know that day when I was in the gym in San Jose,

00:12:20   in the hotel?

00:12:21   Yeah.

00:12:22   After I was done exercising, I was stopped inside the gym by a guy who was speaking Italian

00:12:32   and told me he worked at Google.

00:12:34   So maybe the enemy stole it from me.

00:12:36   Google stole it.

00:12:38   They want your heart rate data.

00:12:40   They didn't have an update or about you already so they wanted that as well.

00:12:43   I don't know though, I don't know.

00:12:45   It suspiciously disappeared when I came back in the room.

00:12:49   And only you were in the room.

00:12:50   I don't think Jon Borges was in the room.

00:12:53   It was either you or the cleaning crew.

00:12:55   So have fun with my hardware monitor, Myke.

00:12:58   I will.

00:12:59   I'll use it the next time I do an intro.

00:13:01   I still get so lightheaded.

00:13:06   Should we take a break?

00:13:07   Yes please.

00:13:08   Yes.

00:13:09   Thank you.

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00:14:39   - So I've done a bit of a cleanup today.

00:14:44   So it all started because I noticed in my updates

00:14:47   that I had the HBO Max icon.

00:14:51   And so I'm aware of what HBO Max is.

00:14:55   I didn't remember signing up for HBO Max and then I realized, oh, this is an update,

00:15:00   which means one of the two HBO apps that I had on my iPad must have changed from, I think,

00:15:09   HBO...

00:15:11   There's two things, like there's HBO and HBO Now, and I think one of those two apps...

00:15:15   I think it was Go and Now.

00:15:17   Go and Now, and I think Go is now HBO Max, maybe?

00:15:21   One of them.

00:15:22   So one of them, right?

00:15:23   So here's what happened.

00:15:25   A few months ago, in preparation for Westworld season 3, I signed up...

00:15:31   This is gonna make me sound stupid again, and I'm... okay.

00:15:34   But I do these things to myself. So I...

00:15:37   Basically, I wanted to... I thought I was gonna watch Westworld season 3, right?

00:15:42   And so I preemptively signed up for HBO, right?

00:15:46   You hit... you struck first, right? You were like, "You're not gonna beat me, I'm gonna beat you."

00:15:50   Exactly. I was like the dude in Star Wars who shot first.

00:15:56   Yeah. Yeah. Greedo.

00:15:58   Yes. I know my references. Come on.

00:16:00   So I...

00:16:02   Gained off.

00:16:02   Yes. Before...

00:16:04   It is also in the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

00:16:08   Before Westworld season 3 came out, like a couple of weeks before, I signed up.

00:16:14   Now, I don't know what happened, honestly. I don't know what I did, but I signed up for two separate HBO subscriptions.

00:16:19   So, for the past few months, I've been paying like $30 a month, $15 and $15 for HBO.

00:16:27   And I think one of them is HBO for Apple TV, and another is HBO for like iOS devices.

00:16:34   So, don't ask me why or how, but I've been paying two separate HBO things for three months.

00:16:41   And the best part is that I never even watched Westworld Season 3.

00:16:46   because I watched the first episode and I got kind of bored and I thought, well, I'm

00:16:51   gonna keep, I'm gonna continue watching it eventually. And then I forgot that I was paying

00:16:56   for HBO, so basically I've been, I wasted like a couple of hundred dollars maybe. No,

00:17:04   maybe 150 or something. But yeah, I've just lost money on an HBO subscription, for two

00:17:10   HBO subscriptions for something that I've never even watched. Anyway. So I noticed the

00:17:17   HBO icon and I realized, "Oh no, I gotta go clean up my subscriptions." So I went into

00:17:24   the subscription management screen in my App Store account and I, sure enough, cancelled

00:17:29   HBO Go, which is now HBO Max, I think, and HBO Now, so both of those are gone. And then

00:17:36   I started taking a look around at all the other subscriptions that I have in my Apple ID.

00:17:43   Some of them were already expiring, some of them I hit cancel myself, and then I stopped

00:17:49   because I saw a subscription that I needed to think about for a couple of hours.

00:17:57   So Apple Arcade, right? $5 a month. So I cancelled my Apple Arcade subscription.

00:18:06   And I cancelled because, like, this is part of a series of thoughts that have been mulling over for quite some time at this point,

00:18:16   and I've mentioned this with you, Myke, and Jon in our gaming chat, where Steven does not participate because he's not, you know, a gamer.

00:18:25   He was in it, but we spoke about Pokemon once, and then he left and came back.

00:18:29   Yeah, Steven is not a capital G gamer, so cannot be part of our group.

00:18:34   So, basically for quite some time I've been feeling that no Apple Arcade game has really grabbed me

00:18:42   in a way that makes me go "Oh wow, I'm so happy that I'm paying five dollars a month to get access

00:18:48   to this service." Because initially I was super impressed by Apple Arcade and the initial lineup

00:18:52   and the rollout of like 50, 60 games, and we've talked about this before, we were all super excited

00:18:58   and super impressed. But what has happened is that essentially I've accumulated all these games on my

00:19:05   iPhone and iPad and I've stashed all of them in a folder called "arcade". And to tell you the truth

00:19:13   I've only played like one of those games for real and all the others I just kept in a folder saying

00:19:20   "well I'm gonna play these games eventually". But the reality is that when I want to play a game

00:19:26   And for the past few months that game has been Pokemon Sword, but that's not the point here.

00:19:31   It's that when I want to play something I play on my Nintendo Switch, right?

00:19:35   I don't really feel compelled to play a video game on my iPhone or my iPad.

00:19:41   There's that, the fact that I just needed to face the reality of the situation of this folder of games that I had not played at all.

00:19:50   And also the fact that all the games that have been coming out on Apple Arcade lately,

00:19:55   And now this is just my personal opinion. This is just my personal taste.

00:19:58   I completely understand if Apple Arcade is such a good deal for other people. If you like the games that come out on Apple Arcade,

00:20:05   I'm not judging you. But for me personally,

00:20:07   I just feel like I've had enough of all these family-friendly puzzle games and like small adventure games and

00:20:15   multiplayer games, like

00:20:18   It's not what I'm looking for. And yes, I know that it's just $5 a month, but those $5 a month,

00:20:23   Well, first of all, it's money, right? And again, I'm not the best.

00:20:28   You don't have to spend money for something you don't want.

00:20:30   I don't have to spend money for something I'm not using at all.

00:20:33   And this is not like the HBO thing, which I completely forgot because I'm stupid.

00:20:38   This is like a thing that I kept repeating to myself, like, "Yeah, it's just $5,

00:20:42   and you're gonna play these games eventually, but you know what?

00:20:44   When does eventually become... Look, you gotta make a decision about this now."

00:20:50   because Arcade came out in September, so it's like over six months at this point that these games have been just sitting in a folder,

00:20:59   never played. And so I realized,

00:21:02   I want to see what happens if I stop paying for Apple Arcade, so I don't get access to these games anymore,

00:21:08   and let's see what happens. So I deleted those games from my iPad and I cancelled my Arcade subscription, and

00:21:15   I guess maybe there's potential in the future for something to come out on Apple Arcade which will convince me to

00:21:21   start paying for a subscription again

00:21:23   But we'll see what happens if that if that you know, such kind of game ever comes out right now

00:21:31   I'm not interested in the catalog of games. The the latest release is

00:21:36   really I

00:21:38   have no interest in those types of games and

00:21:42   And I've never played the full catalog.

00:21:45   So maybe...

00:21:47   Maybe I'm not the kind of person who needs Apple Arcade.

00:21:51   You know, I have such a huge backlog of games on my Nintendo Switch,

00:21:54   and those are like...

00:21:56   - Yes. - ...longer and more full, richer experiences.

00:22:02   You know, something like Luigi's Mansion, for example, I still need to play.

00:22:05   I have Final Fantasy VII Remake on my PS4 that I gotta play.

00:22:08   There's the DLC for Pokémon coming out next month.

00:22:11   And like, I wanna play those games, I'm not interested in a puzzle game from Apple Arcade.

00:22:17   So I think me and you are similar in the games that we enjoy in different platforms,

00:22:22   and I would like to see more quick, waste-in-time games in Apple Arcade.

00:22:30   Something like a Threes or a Card of Darkness, which is one of the original launch games.

00:22:36   Because that's the type of games I like to play on my iPhone.

00:22:39   like simple games like that. You know like, was it Grindstone was another one, like it's a more

00:22:45   simple puzzle game right, like they're good and the like platforming games and all that kind of

00:22:53   stuff which there are a lot of on Apple Arcade, I don't like playing those games without a controller

00:22:58   and if I'm gonna play a game with a controller I will play a game on my Switch and they will be

00:23:01   better platform games typically because it's a bigger platform itself like that it's got more

00:23:08   power going on. I will say for me personally I still think that Apple

00:23:16   Arcade is a very good deal. I don't play a lot of games on it now.

00:23:23   There's like one or two I'll pick up every now and then so like I'm kind of

00:23:27   happy with the subscription that I'm paying but what I'll say though is I

00:23:33   I think in hindsight, Apple didn't launch Apple Arcade the best way because there are

00:23:41   like 30 games that I still think to myself I would like to play sometime that were at

00:23:47   the launch and I've never played them.

00:23:50   If they would have maybe released those games over a longer period of time, I think it would

00:23:59   have changed both mine and your opinion on the service because they had a lot of good

00:24:04   games and they pushed them all out at once and then they would go week over week over

00:24:09   week and they would release some good some okay some like not interested kind of games

00:24:13   but if they would have maybe split out some of the launch stuff over a longer period of

00:24:17   time it may have ended up being a little bit more compelling than it has been for you maybe

00:24:25   for me. But I still think that the value, personally I think the value is there, but

00:24:29   it's like with everything. It's the same as your HBO thing. Don't pay for something if

00:24:33   you're not enjoying what it's giving you. It's pretty simple.

00:24:38   Yeah, especially now, you know, right now, I think we can all use saving a bit of money

00:24:45   if it's not a necessary expense of like if you're paying for something and you're not

00:24:48   actually using it. It's always good advice. But also at the same time, if you're looking

00:24:53   for some games and you have time to spend, you really won't find a bigger selection of

00:24:59   games for a cheaper price. Whether you will like those games or not is up to you, but

00:25:04   it's only $5 to try them, and you can try them all, right? Like in a month if you really

00:25:09   want to. So yeah, I think it's one of those things where you've done the right thing for

00:25:13   you, which is you've assessed if you think it's worth continuing the description or not,

00:25:18   and you've decided not to. And again, I reckon at some point there will be an Apple Arcade

00:25:24   game you want to play, but the good thing is it's super easy to just sign back up again.

00:25:28   Yeah, exactly. Maybe. I do feel like we still haven't seen that, as in the gaming industry

00:25:37   they would say, the killer application for Apple Arcade. Like this must-have revolutionary

00:25:44   game that is like 3s but exclusive to Apple Arcade. There have been some really good games,

00:25:50   but there hasn't been a single game that has completely changed your expectations in terms

00:25:56   of like mobile gaming like, I don't know, 3s or Tiny Wings or Angry Birds did back in

00:26:01   the day. There's a bunch of really good games, but I don't think a really good game is enough.

00:26:09   now with this abundance of just media and content everywhere, I don't think just being

00:26:15   really good is enough.

00:26:16   Well, this is the exact same argument to make about Apple TV+.

00:26:20   Absolutely.

00:26:21   They have not had the killer show yet.

00:26:25   They've had some good shows, they've had some really good shows, but they haven't yet had

00:26:29   a show that would get a lot of people to sign up for it if it was free.

00:26:34   They just haven't had it yet.

00:26:36   Yeah, I agree.

00:26:37   happens to all those apps when your subscription ends? You just can't launch

00:26:41   them? Do you know yet? I don't know. I don't know because I think it's

00:26:47   expiring in like a couple of weeks. Follow up! Yeah I can still launch them

00:26:52   but... Yeah keep some of them installed so just to see what happens. Like do

00:26:56   they delete? Like what ends up happening? I'd be interested to know that.

00:27:00   I'll try that. Okay. Okay. I want to talk a little bit about the finder,

00:27:06   Everyone's favorite topic. It's your game. Yes, sometimes using the finder is like a

00:27:11   game. Where did this folder go? Why have my preferences changed? Okay, so there's

00:27:16   been a lot of conversation about how Catalina feels slower than it needs to

00:27:19   be. I'm not really having that conversation today, although I think

00:27:22   there's a lot of stuff there. But I was having a lot of beach balls, like

00:27:27   opening and saving documents or even like navigating around the finder. So

00:27:32   like being in finder and hitting a shortcut to go to my home folder, I get a beach ball

00:27:36   for like three or four seconds and the window would open, which is unacceptable on any computer,

00:27:41   let alone a very powerful one.

00:27:44   So that was going on.

00:27:46   I would also have hangs on like shut down or reboot.

00:27:49   I think john talked about an ATP recently, an SMC reset fix that for him.

00:27:55   So I decided as I could look I have a kind of like this weird stuff going on.

00:27:59   And so last week, I opted to reinstall Mac OS from the recovery partition, which is really

00:28:05   easy to do.

00:28:07   You just boot into the recovery partition, you say, Hey, I want to reinstall on this

00:28:10   drive and it just does it.

00:28:12   That cleared up almost all of the issues, including another issue I was having where

00:28:16   every time I logged in, I would get a notice that a firmware update was available for my

00:28:22   video card, but it wouldn't ever run.

00:28:25   Like it was just, I did okay, nothing would happen.

00:28:28   got cleared up as well. But I was still having some hangs and finder and so I went in and

00:28:35   deleted all the finder preference files from my home folder rebooted and yeah, like you

00:28:41   lose some settings, but it just takes a few seconds to fix them. And it's totally cleared

00:28:46   up my issues. So I don't know if I needed to reinstall Mac OS I probably did that the

00:28:51   more extreme fix first. It's like the worst way to fix any problem with Mac OS is to reinstall

00:28:58   it. Yeah, it's terrible. Yeah, but because I was having some other issues like that video

00:29:02   card from or thing is like, you know, let's just, let's just reinstall this. I've migrated

00:29:08   my same account over and over and over that may have hurt the Finder preferences issue.

00:29:13   I don't know. But it shouldn't know. It should know it shouldn't like none of this should

00:29:17   happen. But it does sometimes. And this was before Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5 came out yesterday

00:29:25   on the 26th. And maybe that has fixed it for some people. But I've heard from people I've

00:29:31   seen people online talking about how finder can be can be slow or can can hang on them

00:29:37   in Catalina. And for me, at least some combination of these things. That's pretty much just cleared

00:29:42   it up for me. The 15 five notes include, like big file copies to and from raid arrays. I

00:29:51   don't have any rate arrays in my life anymore so I don't think that was the

00:29:55   issue I was having but maybe it's related somehow some sort of issue and

00:29:59   finder as far as moving files around but it also includes the notebook battery

00:30:05   changes we spoke about this last month Jason got to look at it in the beta and

00:30:11   wrote this great post about how it works where and it is enabled by default and

00:30:16   this Catalina update I think I think everyone should leave it on where it

00:30:19   will do some of the smart battery health stuff. So if you're like my wife, you know, Mary

00:30:24   leaves her MacBook Air plugged in, basically all the time, she uses it in clamshell mode

00:30:29   behind an LG 4k display. And now it will basically do things to keep that battery healthy, it's

00:30:35   not always going to be charging, it's going to let it run down, it won't charge it all

00:30:38   the way back up, it's got a bunch of stuff it can do. And so that's out as well. In 10

00:30:45   I have it on my MacBook Pro, it seemed to be fine.

00:30:49   The battery stuff, I went in there, there's a new section in the energy settings, it's

00:30:53   just a preference as you can see what it's doing, you can turn it off if you want.

00:30:56   But again, it's on by default, and I think that that's a good default.

00:31:01   I mean, this is, I guess, a good example of learning something from iOS and bringing it

00:31:06   to the Mac, right?

00:31:07   Like this is knowledge that they've accumulated through devices where they have to do this,

00:31:13   right?

00:31:14   good and bad, right, like in Apple's history. I think it was very obvious why they spoke

00:31:19   to some people in the press about these before, like as it came out in the beta channel, because

00:31:25   obviously there was such a big brouhaha when this was discovered on the iPhone, right?

00:31:33   And like people were thinking that their batteries were getting throttled and Apple was forcing

00:31:38   the obsolescence thing, right, which is like such a tantalising story that people like

00:31:43   to grab on to. So it makes sense that they came out ahead of this with the with the max

00:31:50   stuff. But it seems good though, right to to be monitoring this to make sure that your

00:31:55   battery is is staying staying good and healthy. There's no no harm in it.

00:32:01   No and there's language in the screen is like hey, batteries are consumable they wear down

00:32:05   over time. So I think they've learned their lessons from the iPhone thing where they're

00:32:08   really explaining what this is doing. And you can totally go turn it off if you want.

00:32:13   But I think for most people it'll be a good thing for their notebooks.

00:32:17   I think a lot of people are like Mary, right?

00:32:19   With their notebooks just plugged in a lot of the time, if not all the time.

00:32:23   I really wonder what the next version of macOS is going to look like.

00:32:28   Maybe we can do this in one of our Anticipate in WWDC segments.

00:32:33   We can maybe hand that one over to you, Steven, to kind of think that through a little bit,

00:32:37   because I have no idea.

00:32:40   But I say this purely because Catalina has been, I think, pretty unfavorably received

00:32:47   throughout its life.

00:32:48   Like iOS 13, we're good now, you know?

00:32:53   It had a rocky start, but I feel like it's fine now.

00:32:59   I don't have any problems with my iOS devices where I'm like, "Oh man, iOS 13."

00:33:03   Right?

00:33:04   Do you guys ever feel that anymore?

00:33:05   Like it was bad to begin, but it feels better now.

00:33:08   But I still feel like I'm hearing complaints like this about Catalina not really being

00:33:13   in the best possible shape.

00:33:15   Do you, I guess the bigger question is, do you ever hear good things from Mac users about

00:33:23   macOS?

00:33:26   Not so much these days I feel like.

00:33:29   Maybe that battery thing was was warmly received but maybe Stephen is better placed for this

00:33:35   question.

00:33:36   As an outsider, I just feel like there's always some kind of complaining going on with MacOS

00:33:42   more than iOS for sure.

00:33:44   Like as you mentioned, iOS 13 was bad at the beginning, but then it kind of slowed down

00:33:48   because Apple released a ton of updates.

00:33:51   But with MacOS, there's always some kind of controversy going on.

00:33:54   Well, I feel like, again, as like kind of partly an outsider on this, I'm like running

00:34:00   Catalina, right?

00:34:01   Like this is a thing that I always stay behind.

00:34:04   I feel like it would be likely to be more frustrated when there are issues being introduced

00:34:11   and not a lot of really good new features.

00:34:15   At least on iOS, we get big features every year that are new and are tailor-made for

00:34:23   the platform.

00:34:24   It feels like macOS doesn't really get a lot unless it has to have it because iOS has it.

00:34:33   So I can imagine that if you are somebody that really cares about Mac OS, that it would

00:34:38   make you more likely to be frustrated if one, you're not getting a lot of development that

00:34:44   you're happy about, and two, just more bugs are being introduced into what was previously

00:34:50   a solid system.

00:34:52   In the case of Catalina, not even bugs, just worse user experiences in the sake of something

00:34:57   you feel like is not necessary because you've been using Macs for however many tens of years

00:35:02   and you've been fine and now it's asking you 20 times if you want to install something.

00:35:07   Yeah, I think that that's a real issue here. The user base has maybe been around longer,

00:35:15   that for the most part Mac people who would complain about MacOS are very die-hard Mac fans,

00:35:23   right? So they're maybe more plugged in, they're more sort of ready to go for this sort of thing.

00:35:27   But I think too, the age of the platform comes into play as well, where those days of big,

00:35:34   big new features are pretty much behind macOS. And really, I think iOS is coming to that point too.

00:35:41   I think the long list of big features we had for iOS five years ago is way longer than it would be

00:35:46   now. Not that there's still not things we want in both, but those big, like, "It really needs this,"

00:35:51   you know, a lot of those boxes have been checked now.

00:35:54   Yeah, iPad OS has more of them than iOS now.

00:35:57   Absolutely. Totally agree.

00:35:59   But like I figure, you know, like if the platform was just stable and they mostly left it alone,

00:36:06   people would probably feel better about it, but I think it's when you introduce

00:36:10   things which are taken negatively that it makes it feel worse, you know?

00:36:16   Yep. And you know, maybe just the Mac OS people are a little more cranky.

00:36:20   It's true too, I think.

00:36:21   And that's also a factor to consider.

00:36:24   I think it is, you know.

00:36:25   I think there's also...

00:36:26   There should be like a Venn diagram

00:36:29   of like people who complain about macOS in public

00:36:32   and have a blog and age.

00:36:35   I do feel like there's a correlation there, you know.

00:36:39   I would like to excuse myself from this debate.

00:36:42   No, I mean, what... like, there's...

00:36:45   What's the URL in your blog again?

00:36:47   It's not really a debate.

00:36:48   -For the record? -Grubstories.com.

00:36:49   I think it's perfectly natural that the older you grow,

00:36:53   the crankier you get. Well I know I'm getting crankier. Me too!

00:36:57   There's nothing like aging is natural like we should you know it's not

00:37:03   something that I'm discriminating against it's just it's a natural thing

00:37:06   and people who have blogs where they complain about things they're also people

00:37:12   a certain age I don't think you will find a blog by a 15 year old where

00:37:16   they're complaining about things all the time because it's only natural that

00:37:20   you tend to be optimistic and have a more positive outlook on things when you're younger.

00:37:24   I would like to introduce you to the gaming industry.

00:37:27   Yes, exactly. So...

00:37:29   [Laughter]

00:37:30   That's young angry people.

00:37:32   However, I also feel like it would be nice, and I'm using that adjective,

00:37:37   it would be just nice to hear some positive things every once in a while.

00:37:43   Not because you want to excuse Apple, not because you're a fanboy and blah blah blah,

00:37:47   but just because it's nice to hear, like...

00:37:49   Like, here's something that works, you know?

00:37:51   I think it is becoming more difficult.

00:37:54   Oh yeah, it's out of fashion, right?

00:37:56   Being a nice person.

00:37:57   No, that's not what I'm saying.

00:37:58   I know what you mean.

00:37:59   And you know what I mean.

00:38:00   I know what you're saying, but I do feel like

00:38:02   that the rhetoric now surrounding the Mac.

00:38:07   That's a good word.

00:38:09   You use all the right words.

00:38:11   Thank you.

00:38:12   It warrants itself, like I believe that they're,

00:38:16   Look, it's like, how can you be happy about your laptop when the keyboard keeps breaking?

00:38:27   How can you be happy about the hardware that you're using when the company seems completely

00:38:33   lost?

00:38:35   Which is where Apple seemed to have been a couple of years ago, right?

00:38:38   But they're not anymore.

00:38:39   The keyboards are terrible.

00:38:40   No, but like, okay, I know, I'm getting to it.

00:38:41   The keyboards are terrible.

00:38:43   The Mac Pro is catching on fire.

00:38:45   it's all bad and we're going to fix it. But then when they say they're going to fix it,

00:38:48   it's going to take them a long time. So they say they're going to fix it, but then they

00:38:51   release like three more laptops that have the bad keyboard in them, right? So you're

00:38:55   getting more frustrated and you're looking for some kind of release from it, but there

00:39:05   isn't any because nothing's really happening on the software side, right? Because it is

00:39:10   this mature platform and a lot of I think the software enhancements that people want

00:39:15   maybe also need hardware. So like I'm talking like having LTE in the Mac or whatever right

00:39:20   but like you can't do that without the hardware component but they're already behind on the

00:39:24   hardware so the software kind of has to wait and then also it can be I sympathize with the idea of

00:39:33   like I feel like my thing isn't being cared about and the company that tells me they care

00:39:40   about my thing seems to be very occupied with other things that aren't what I want, right?

00:39:48   Like oh they make TV shows now and I know it's like a joke that we make like it's not

00:39:52   the same people, that's true but leadership's still the same, right? So like the focus of

00:39:58   the company may be put into other areas and it gets to a certain bottleneck at the top

00:40:04   and they're like, just give them that keyboard again, right? Like, I don't know. But I'm

00:40:08   just saying like that this is like a perception that can be drawn, I think. So I have some

00:40:15   sympathy for people that feel like they're getting left out in the cold, because I feel

00:40:21   like I can put myself in that situation. Because I remember what it was like with the iPad

00:40:27   like two or three years ago. Yeah, but even then, if you kept using the

00:40:33   iPad or in this case if you kept using a Mac, there must have been something you liked about

00:40:37   it, right? Otherwise, why haven't you switched to something else? And there have been people

00:40:42   who switched to something else. I mean, because you can try, but the reasons

00:40:49   that you like the Mac become very apparent when you start using Windows, right?

00:40:53   Exactly. So I don't know, I just feel like, and this is again just my personal opinion,

00:40:58   I don't think that constant complaining, making everything sound like it's the apocalypse,

00:41:02   I don't think it makes for good entertainment, but that's just me.

00:41:05   Well, it depends on your audience.

00:41:07   Sure, sure. I guess I'm not that kind of person then.

00:41:11   But yeah, I mean, we're gonna complain about shortcuts in a bit.

00:41:14   Yeah, so like, you know, I was gonna say, you've got the rest of this document here.

00:41:18   It's just like, I always try to keep this angle in life, you know, even when I complain about things,

00:41:22   even when things are not great and we always try to look at the positive side of it. It's

00:41:26   just, I don't know, it's just who I am as a person. But yeah, why are we even talking

00:41:33   about this?

00:41:34   I don't know how we got here.

00:41:35   Yeah, me neither.

00:41:36   Because people are upset about Catalina.

00:41:38   Oh yeah, Catalina.

00:41:39   I just think that it is perfectly fine to be frustrated and to be disappointed and to

00:41:47   express that. But I also subscribe to the second part of your theory of "but still try

00:41:52   to look for the positive things. I think it's really important. Because it will make you

00:41:56   happy. But just because you want to be positive doesn't mean that you can't be critical as

00:42:02   well. No, no, no, no, for sure. And it's a very tricky balance to make those two things

00:42:07   go exist, right? Especially if you are, like if you have a podcast or if you have a blog

00:42:11   where you write things. It's really hard to try and be critical and enthusiastic is not

00:42:20   the right word, but I have a positive outlook on technology at the same time, especially

00:42:24   during these times. But me personally, I think I always try to do that. So even when I complain

00:42:31   about things, I try to look at the bigger picture and realize there must be something that I like

00:42:35   about this service or this computer or this product, otherwise why would I even use it?

00:42:40   And I think it's important to keep that in mind, because I don't want to sound like the kind of

00:42:43   person who creates content, right? Ugly expression, but it is what it is. Just to complain about

00:42:49   stuff. I understand that there's an audience for that type of entertainment.

00:42:54   It's just not the kind of entertainment that I crave personally and that I want

00:42:58   to create. So this is like, like, ah, so many people are gonna be so upset. But, you

00:43:06   know, whatever. Just what I feel. If people want to be critical to you, they also

00:43:10   have to tell you one thing they like about you. Right? Just imagine, just

00:43:15   Just imagine in life, if everybody operated like that, imagine how much better off we

00:43:23   would all be.

00:43:24   What if we all tried to look on the bright side a little bit more?

00:43:27   But no, like if we complimented each other more often, even.

00:43:31   You know?

00:43:32   Like people get upset that they don't compliment even their friends.

00:43:36   You know, this is like a huge tangent.

00:43:39   Have you listened to the latest record by the 1975s?

00:43:42   Not yet.

00:43:43   Okay.

00:43:44   There's one song at the end called "Guys", the very last song of the album. It's called

00:43:48   "Guys". And all the song is, is basically a love letter from Matt Healy, who's the main

00:43:55   singer of the 1975, to his bandmates. It's basically the whole premise of the song is

00:44:01   "I love you guys". It's just nice, you know, to say something nice to other people. And

00:44:10   That's my outlook on life.

00:44:13   Anyway, please let's...

00:44:14   Federico, I love the way you think.

00:44:16   I love the way your brain works.

00:44:17   Yeah, thank you.

00:44:19   I appreciate it.

00:44:20   Steven, best live show.

00:44:22   Device, computer breaker, and personal faults.

00:44:25   And also very good at live shows.

00:44:27   Steven's very good at live shows.

00:44:28   Which is a shame, because we're not doing them.

00:44:30   It's not a useful tool this year.

00:44:32   Yeah, as soon as we get to do them, you're going to be the best.

00:44:36   All right, well let's take a break.

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00:46:43   Can I share this with the show notes though? So people listening later can still see it?

00:46:49   See, now I get to complain about macOS. Why is this photo getting rotated when I paste it into the Discord?

00:46:55   Just let it go, people can work it out.

00:46:57   No, it looks stupid if it's rotated.

00:47:01   Okay.

00:47:01   Upload it right now to the Discord, again sign up for a little if I'm membership, and you will get to see what I've been losing for the past few weeks.

00:47:10   Oh yeah!

00:47:11   Steven was right!

00:47:12   Steven was right.

00:47:13   Time! Right there!

00:47:14   Steven was right.

00:47:15   Steven was right.

00:47:16   was right. It is an iPad mini. Yes, yes it is an iPad mini that I've been using for the

00:47:23   past few weeks and I think I'm in love. So I, first of all, as with all things, I blame

00:47:31   John Borhis. Yup. Poor John. John published a really, really good story about the iPad

00:47:39   mini as this sort of hybrid work and entertainment device a couple of months ago on Mac Stories.

00:47:45   And I've been itching to try one ever since, and I...

00:47:50   Yeah, so I've been using this for the past couple of weeks, but primarily as an entertainment

00:47:55   machine, and I really, really love it.

00:47:59   Like in a way that I was not expecting to, honestly.

00:48:02   So I primarily use this iPad to read stuff and to watch videos.

00:48:08   So either YouTube or Twitch.

00:48:10   And it's just...

00:48:11   First of all, it's just so comfortable to hold.

00:48:13   And I thought, you know, the old, the industrial design with the home button, I thought that

00:48:18   was gonna be a deal breaker for me, having this old design and huge bezels, with huge

00:48:23   bezels.

00:48:24   Honestly, yeah, it's not as good looking as the 11 inch iPad Pro.

00:48:30   Boy, is it so much more comfortable to hold.

00:48:33   It's so lightweight.

00:48:35   It just feels fake when you hold it the first time.

00:48:39   Like it's almost as if my brain had forgotten how thin and small and lightweight an iPad

00:48:47   Mini was.

00:48:48   But I guess the funny thing is though, right, that like it's thicker than the iPad Pro.

00:48:53   It is?

00:48:54   In other words, it doesn't feel like that.

00:48:57   The at least the 11 inch, yeah that was the thing, the 11 inch iPad Pro is the thinnest

00:49:02   iOS device ever made.

00:49:04   Well, it doesn't feel like that.

00:49:06   I haven't, yeah.

00:49:07   There's going to be a weight and density thing which is going to make it feel different.

00:49:10   But that, I remember that being one of the things that we were, again, at the time, really

00:49:17   surprised about.

00:49:18   That like, how is this possible?

00:49:20   But it is.

00:49:21   Yeah.

00:49:22   But yeah.

00:49:23   So reading stuff, either in Safari or in Reader, which I use both for RSS and Read Later material,

00:49:31   it feels really good to do in portrait, just holding the iPad with one hand.

00:49:35   basically a bigger iPhone, but it's smaller and more comfortable to hold than the 11-inch

00:49:41   iPad Pro, because it's so much lighter. And it just basically feels like a Kindle, but

00:49:47   it's an iPad, which means I also get to install apps on it. And this is the perfect size iPad

00:49:54   for when I'm doing the dishes in the kitchen, I can just place this iPad in landscape, propped

00:50:02   with the Smart Cover that I have and watch either Twitch streams or YouTube videos, like on the side.

00:50:08   It fits just perfectly in that side, one corner of the kitchen countertop. So as I do the wishes,

00:50:16   I can watch videos and keep it like an AirPod on without bothering Sylvia. It's really, really good.

00:50:23   And I've been using it to just like... You're not gonna like this mic, but I've been using it to

00:50:29   enter quick notes into tot. Yes, but I don't like it. I'm using tot, it's open on my Mac.

00:50:35   Okay. It's great to type on the iPad mini in portrait. It's so good to type again, like with

00:50:43   proper thumb typing in portrait, I agree. And I haven't put in any other work stuff on it.

00:50:50   I do have my shortcuts because they sync with iCloud and basically all the work-related

00:50:58   stuff that I have, you may consider maybe Reader, Twitter, and Apple Notes. But I don't have my email

00:51:05   accounts, I don't have stuff like my text editor, for example, because I have not been using this as

00:51:13   a work device at all. But if I come across a link that I want to save for later, then sure, I'll

00:51:19   throw it in there. And maybe I think I will also put devon.think on this iPad, because if I'm going

00:51:25   I'm gonna read stuff, then I should be able to read the PDF that I save into Devontinq as well.

00:51:30   But yeah, it's primarily an entertainment device. I really love the size.

00:51:35   I was really surprised, honestly, about how much I'm liking this iPad Mini.

00:51:40   I am considering to install AltStore on it and try and play GameCube games on this iPad Mini using a controller.

00:51:53   I already installed AltStore, which is this third-party app store that allows you to install stuff that wouldn't be allowed on the Apple App Store.

00:52:03   We are not endorsing this to anyone.

00:52:08   No, we are not. But it's something that exists.

00:52:10   This iPad is still on iPadOS 13.4 for this very reason.

00:52:15   You're holding off the update in case you want to do it, right?

00:52:18   Yeah, because I want to do it.

00:52:20   Basically, I'm holding off because I have a bit of a craving for playing Metroid Prime again.

00:52:28   And I could play Metroid Prime using an emulator that is available via Alts Store.

00:52:35   But there's also a rumor going around again that Metroid Prime, the trilogy, may be coming with the remastered version on the Nintendo Switch.

00:52:42   Yeah, it's definitely going to do it.

00:52:44   So, I am definitely going to do it.

00:52:46   Also, I wanted to buy the Gamevice accessory for this iPad Mini, because I do feel like...

00:52:54   And we just spoke about Apple Arcade, but there are some almost console quality experiences from the App Store

00:53:02   that I kind of want to try on this iPad Mini, like Dead Cells, for example, really excellent roguelike

00:53:07   that I actually played on the Nintendo Switch a couple of years ago that I could play on the iPad Mini again.

00:53:13   and John recommended the Gamevice Mini accessory for the iPad Mini.

00:53:17   However, the only Gamevice Mini that I found on Amazon Italy

00:53:21   does not show compatibility for this specific iPad Mini model.

00:53:26   So I'm...

00:53:28   And I guess I gotta buy it directly from the Gamevice website. Anyway...

00:53:32   Really good for reading, really good for watching videos.

00:53:36   However, I will mention that I can absolutely tell the difference in terms of

00:53:42   it doesn't have the four speaker system.

00:53:45   - Yeah, the speaker's pretty bad.

00:53:48   - Speakers are pretty bad.

00:53:49   - Also, it's like the speakers on the other iPads

00:53:52   are so good that you start to realize

00:53:57   that other speakers aren't as good.

00:54:01   It is unfair to the iPad Mini

00:54:04   because of how good the iPad Pro speakers are.

00:54:07   - Yeah, I think that's true.

00:54:09   One thing that I have found too nice about the the iPad mini is to have something that is

00:54:16   It doesn't really fit in your pocket

00:54:20   But like if you need to take it somewhere like the 11-inch especially since I put the keyboard on it

00:54:26   It's like oh, I'm taking a laptop around and I don't always

00:54:29   want that so like

00:54:31   The other day like just watching some video and reading in the hammock like I left the big iPad inside and just took the mini

00:54:37   Even though I'd prefer the better speakers like this is like really lightweight

00:54:41   And I don't have to leave the keyboard somewhere if I don't want it. It's just kind of nice to have something. That's really

00:54:45   simple

00:54:47   Mm-hmm. Yeah, in fact. I don't have a keyboard for this

00:54:50   I only have a cover which I bought in the cactus color. It looks really nice

00:54:55   And yes, so this is basically the surprise nothing fancy. I'm just using an even smaller iPad for entertainment stuff

00:55:03   So just I have this specs. It's the iPad minis 300 grams the

00:55:08   11 inch iPad Pro just that was 471

00:55:12   It is 6.1 millimeters thick and the iPad pros both of them are 5.9. Oh

00:55:18   Wow, it's pretty close. Yeah, I know that sounds like one of those things

00:55:23   It's like there's no way you can be right about that. Like it doesn't make any sense. I mean, I don't know

00:55:28   Does the iPad mini have tapering? It doesn't anymore. Does it like it's flat on the back?

00:55:32   it's just got rounded edges. It does have the rounded... But it's not like... it's just rounded,

00:55:38   it's not like tapered, it's not like there is a... no it's like thinner than the middle.

00:55:42   Yeah. I wanted to just bring up here while we're talking about the iPad Mini I saw a rumor go by

00:55:51   a week or so ago about... from Ming-Chi Kuo about a new iPad Mini supposedly coming in 2021 with an

00:55:59   8 somewhere between 8.5 to 9 inch screen. It's currently 7.8 I believe is the so it's a bigger

00:56:08   screen so you'd probably assume maybe smaller smaller bezels. Quo did also report that in-screen

00:56:14   touch id is coming to the iPad but didn't say which model specifically but I think that like

00:56:20   an eight and a half inch iPad mini with iPad pro sized bezels better speakers and in-screen touch

00:56:29   I would buy that product. It would be amazing. I already love the iPad Mini with the old

00:56:36   design, with a brand new design. Man, sign me up instantly. Can you imagine if they just

00:56:42   brought that right in? It's just this tiny book-sized thing. Oh my god, it would be amazing.

00:56:50   It would be incredible. That would be a really cool product for stuff like this. But yeah,

00:56:53   So I guess I can consider myself once again a multi-pad person.

00:56:59   Yeah, me for the first time.

00:57:01   Oh no, I've joined the club.

00:57:04   Welcome to the club.

00:57:05   You're not doing it the same way I am, but I'm happy you're all part of it.

00:57:08   The club doesn't discriminate.

00:57:09   That's true.

00:57:11   We are #ipadminifamily.

00:57:15   What's the name for this?

00:57:17   We have club, gang, and crew taken already.

00:57:22   So iPad mini.

00:57:23   - iPad mini menagerie?

00:57:25   - iPad mini collective?

00:57:26   I don't know.

00:57:27   - Collective.

00:57:28   - That feels like something to work on maybe.

00:57:33   - Sure, we need better branding, Steven.

00:57:36   - Okay, put that on the list.

00:57:38   Well, I'm glad you're liking it.

00:57:41   I think it's a fantastic little device.

00:57:42   And the rumor of one that maybe grows in size a little bit

00:57:46   or loses the bezels would be really exciting.

00:57:49   'Cause there's a bunch of old iPads in my house.

00:57:51   like my kids have the regular iPad from I think one generation ago, my wife has my 10

00:57:56   and a half inch iPad Pro. And those bezels aren't as noticeable in the mini, it's like

00:58:00   the bezel to screen ratio on the mini is way worse because the screen is smaller. But I

00:58:05   think to the in print the in screen fingerprint reader is really interesting, because it means

00:58:10   all the iPads could look the same, but only the nice ones have face ID. And that really,

00:58:15   you know, that more expensive component and what's required to do that. That's a pretty

00:58:19   interesting deal because I think a lot of people notice that the other iPads

00:58:23   will look older and that's not gonna get any better with time. I don't know if

00:58:27   they're gonna get the flat sides though. I doubt that. Yeah but if they

00:58:31   brought the bezels and just modernized it some. It would just be better. Do you remember when the iPad

00:58:37   Mini launched how wild it was that the bezels are so thin on the side? Uh-huh.

00:58:42   Because it was the first one that got slimmed down. It was and then the iPad

00:58:46   Air basically copied its design. You know, for a while like the iPad and iPad

00:58:52   Mini were more or less the same. Yeah, that was the original, you know, like we

00:58:56   have the iPhones now it's mostly like, oh, they're the same device you just choose

00:59:01   your screen size or whatever. That was what that iPad, do you remember that? When

00:59:05   it was like the iPad Mini and the iPad Air and they were completely the

00:59:09   same spec wise. And that was like a real positive because it was this iPad Mini,

00:59:15   because everybody loved the iPad mini more at that time, it made I think the most sense

00:59:19   for most people, was this incredibly powerful device in such a small form factor.

00:59:28   You know, honestly, for nostalgia's sake, I would like to see a new iPad mini, right?

00:59:33   Because I have so much nostalgia for that original iPad mini, which honestly, I think

00:59:38   basically looks exactly the same as the one that you've got now.

00:59:42   I don't think it changed at all.

00:59:44   It hasn't. They added the Touch ID ring and that's basically it. Yeah, and I would love to see a

00:59:50   2021

00:59:52   reimagined product

00:59:54   And that would be exciting. I just think it would be nice to see the iPad mini kind of

00:59:58   Kind of get its rise again, you know. Yeah, it deserves it

01:00:03   I think I think there are a lot of people who like that size

01:00:06   especially if your

01:00:07   Other iPad is big and you want something that you can just like very easily put in your bag and go if your other

01:00:15   iPad has become a laptop or even a desktop replacement for you. Yep

01:00:19   Cool stuff congratulations. Welcome to the the mini cohort

01:00:27   cohort

01:00:30   Trying trying names on cool

01:00:32   It's good, right?

01:00:35   Well better than family I think

01:00:38   You really are against families today on the show

01:00:42   You don't like family because of the games

01:00:46   Well, yeah, it's because of my family. I I only play games. What about like mini click? Oh

01:00:52   With the one goes in click me click put the click on the 8-track

01:00:59   My name is your buddy Georgia, but everybody calls me, Georgia

01:01:05   more Daft Punk Myke mm-hmm yeah please

01:01:14   Steven yes we're just waiting for you to do the break now let's take our third

01:01:20   break how about that we'll take a break that's a good idea

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01:03:08   We are officially one month away from WWDC now, so we only have like two more of these

01:03:14   segments after this time.

01:03:16   So today we're going to do Anticipate in WWDC and Shortcuts.

01:03:23   On the last episode, there was a wonderful list from _DavidSmith about WatchOS, which

01:03:28   helped me kind of inform what I wanted to talk about in this episode.

01:03:33   And I saw a couple of weeks ago as well a list of improvements from Jordan Merrick,

01:03:38   which I saw floating around.

01:03:40   I even saw Federico link it on Mac Stories and kind of say, "Yes, I want all these things."

01:03:45   So I figured we...

01:03:46   I pulled out some of the things that I wanted to touch on here for improvements to shortcuts,

01:03:50   of course we will then cede the floor to Federico to talk about what he wants to see as someone who

01:03:56   is much deeper in this. You know like for me the things that I've picked out from Jordan's list

01:04:01   are stuff that I can understand or I feel right like as a user and then of course Federico will

01:04:09   have much much more to say right because that's his thing. So one is a big one this is one that

01:04:19   that I really love to see. I don't know how exactly they would do it, but copy and pasting

01:04:23   of actions I think would be really nice. Maybe this could even be, if it's that difficult,

01:04:30   just let me do this with trackpad support, where I can just click and drag with the trackpad,

01:04:33   select a bunch of things, copy them and paste them. I don't know, but I would really love

01:04:37   to see this. I have a shortcut where I want to make an edit, and I know what I need to

01:04:44   do, but to make that edit I need to recreate 10 actions and I just can't be bothered to

01:04:51   do it. So I'll just jump through the extra hoop that I need every time rather than making

01:04:55   it as easy as it could be for me.

01:04:59   This is something that editorial and its developer, Ole Zorn, figured out years ago with the ability

01:05:07   to create action presets, for example. In editorial you could do things like, if you

01:05:13   an action that you're always going to use with some particular configuration.

01:05:20   Maybe you want to present an alert that has a specific title, or maybe you do a particular

01:05:25   thing with the text field, and so you have an action that you're going to reuse multiple

01:05:30   times.

01:05:31   In editorial, you could just save that action as a preset, and then with the top of a button,

01:05:36   you could do things like open my presets and paste this action in.

01:05:40   and all the fields are already filled in for you.

01:05:44   So copy and paste plus the ability to save presets

01:05:47   for one action or even blocks of actions.

01:05:51   As you mentioned, you often have like two, three,

01:05:54   10 actions that you're gonna reuse over and over.

01:05:57   It would just be nice to speed up that process

01:05:59   because I'm in the same situation as you.

01:06:01   Sometimes, especially for longer shortcuts,

01:06:04   like I know where I need to put in a series of actions,

01:06:09   But it's just so tedious to go in and scroll and do the drag and drop.

01:06:14   And then when you're dragging the editor, like jitters around and it's like,

01:06:19   just give me like a pace feature that lets me put in a bunch of stuff with like

01:06:24   a single command. So yeah, totally agree.

01:06:26   This would be a really nice, a really nice addition. I mean,

01:06:31   maybe it requires a lot of changing to the editor, which, you know,

01:06:36   the kind of the layout of the editor, which obviously has not changed that much, really,

01:06:40   like its general structure of how you create the shortcut from top to bottom from its workflow

01:06:46   days. And maybe, like I can understand that something like this gets left behind if you

01:06:51   are really trying to change what this whole thing is all about, right? Like shortcuts

01:06:57   is a different thing to workflow. Like fundamentally the idea of what it can do is different now.

01:07:03   there is a strategy behind it being led, right? So you can imagine how things get left off,

01:07:09   but at a certain point you do need to return to things like this to help for power users.

01:07:15   You know, like there are power user features in this app. It kind of needs some of the

01:07:18   basics. You know, it's worth remembering we didn't have a copy and paste on the iPhone

01:07:23   until what was it, iOS 3?

01:07:25   Yeah.

01:07:26   You know.

01:07:27   Took a little while.

01:07:28   up and versioning, if you are working on something very complicated, the ability to be able to

01:07:36   roll back a change that you may have messed up along the way could be a pretty nice feature,

01:07:41   especially if you're kind of up into the hundreds of actions inside of a shortcut, which can

01:07:46   be surprisingly easy to get to.

01:07:48   Yeah, this is especially needed because Apple removed the ability to import your shortcuts

01:07:58   as files in iOS and iPadOS 13.

01:08:02   So you can still export a shortcut as a .shortcut file.

01:08:07   And it used to be that you could reimport those files

01:08:10   as shortcuts into the app.

01:08:12   But due to the tighter security measures

01:08:15   in shortcuts for iOS 13, that feature has been removed.

01:08:20   So there are still some workarounds,

01:08:22   but basically the workarounds would be get the file

01:08:25   and upload it to iCloud and re-import the shortcut

01:08:28   as a new iCloud link, that's not really what users want.

01:08:32   I just wanna have a local backup system

01:08:34   that allows you to backup your shortcuts library

01:08:37   and re-import it at any time in batch.

01:08:41   And also versioning, because I can tell you,

01:08:43   like when I was working on MusicBot Pro,

01:08:45   that has got like 15,000 actions, 1,500 actions.

01:08:49   - Oh, well. - Sorry.

01:08:50   - Not something terrible had happened.

01:08:52   But still, 1,500 actions is still a lot of actions.

01:08:56   Having versioning would be excellent,

01:09:01   because if you mess something up,

01:09:05   it's a lot of work to then roll back in a shortcut

01:09:09   that it even takes you a long time to scroll even

01:09:14   and to find your spot inside that shortcut.

01:09:18   So yeah, absolutely, backup and versioning,

01:09:22   are related to each other. There are two separate things and I would like Apple to...

01:09:26   Honestly, what I'm gonna say here is that I would just like Apple to introduce an "expert mode" for

01:09:33   shortcuts. I know that some people have basically made the same argument for macOS Catalina. I'm

01:09:38   gonna make the same argument for shortcuts. I want an expert mode that removes a lot of the

01:09:43   restrictions, if not all of them, that were introduced in September. Because basically,

01:09:51   the argument boils down to "I know what I'm doing and don't put these gates in for me because I know

01:09:57   my way around shortcuts and now you're removing functionality from the app that I was perfectly

01:10:02   fine with using before." And I understand why you want to make it the default for new users,

01:10:07   for everybody else. I think that's the absolute right move, but I also think that power users

01:10:13   need to be able to remove those flags and to say "No, no, I don't want you to hold my hand,

01:10:21   anymore, I'm just going to take care of these myself. So, an expert mode, enable

01:10:25   backup, a backup feature to export and reimport shortcuts as files, and enable

01:10:30   versioning for those users who want to roll back to an older version of a

01:10:33   shortcut. Yeah? I think the shortcuts as files thing is a problem though. I don't

01:10:37   know if that one's an easy thing to deal with because of that idea of you get

01:10:42   people sharing stuff and you don't necessarily know what you're installing

01:10:45   and that's a bit that's a more awkward but they haven't solved that either

01:10:50   right so if I download something or Federico I'm just a scroll through it

01:10:54   and I guess I'm supposed to understand what it's doing and can't you know I

01:10:58   could sure look at it be cut off isn't that the case or am I thinking of

01:11:03   something else they can cut off the links to sharing links what do you mean

01:11:08   cut off so like doesn't Apple have the ability to stop people from sharing oh

01:11:13   Oh yeah, sure, sure they can, but I mean at that point the difference between installing a shortcut from iCloud and installing it from a file,

01:11:21   you can still let people install directly from a file and still keep the same alerts and dialogues and confirmation boxes that you have when you install from a link.

01:11:34   Because if you install a shortcut from a link, it's still going to request your permission

01:11:38   to access the internet or use Apple Music or the clipboard and that kind of stuff.

01:11:45   And you can still keep those security measures in place, but just let people also install

01:11:51   from a file.

01:11:52   Because also by removing the ability to install a shortcut from a file, they have effectively

01:11:57   killed a bunch of these websites that allowed you to install shortcuts directly without

01:12:03   going through iCloud first. So I understand why Apple wants to control that, but I don't

01:12:09   buy the argument that enforcing iCloud was necessary for better security, because you

01:12:15   can still have a bunch of boxes that tell you this is an untrusted shortcut, it's going

01:12:21   to do this and it's going to do that, but just even when you install it from a file.

01:12:27   I think that what I'm trying to understand, I mean I don't know if this is the case, but

01:12:32   If shortcuts are tied to an iCloud link, if you install it and then Apple found out a

01:12:38   shortcut was doing something it shouldn't, could they cut it off for everyone that's

01:12:41   installed it?

01:12:42   No.

01:12:43   Okay.

01:12:44   Because that's what I'm wondering.

01:12:46   If that was the case, I would understand why they went with the iCloud thing.

01:12:50   You want to potentially have that in place if you're saying, "Oh, who knows what could

01:12:55   happen?"

01:12:56   It could be possible for a shortcut that you've downloaded from somewhere else to be uploading

01:13:00   things that you don't know.

01:13:01   - Yeah, for sure.

01:13:03   Well, shortcuts now tells you the first time you run it,

01:13:06   this shortcut wants to access this server

01:13:10   and it gives you like the domain name

01:13:12   that it's gonna access.

01:13:13   But again, you can keep that feature

01:13:17   even if you install a shortcut from a file.

01:13:19   - Okay, that makes sense then.

01:13:21   Revamped organization, take it away.

01:13:23   - Yes.

01:13:24   - You know, you both care about this more than I do.

01:13:26   I believe in it, but okay, here we go.

01:13:28   - Yes.

01:13:29   - Give us folders.

01:13:30   - Folders.

01:13:30   so difficult. I mean, it's not difficult. My understanding is that it's just one of those features that got

01:13:37   further down the list multiple times.

01:13:41   I have to assume that they're very much aware that people have been requesting folders.

01:13:47   And I know there's potential for

01:13:52   fancier ideas in terms of like, well, when you say folders, maybe you don't mean folders,

01:14:00   you mean like a smart sorting feature or like a smart tagging feature that shows you, I

01:14:08   don't know, just give me a better way.

01:14:10   Do all of it, right?

01:14:11   Give me folders, give me sorting options.

01:14:14   I don't know, I just feel like it would be amazing to have, in addition to folders, something

01:14:19   like filters that allow me to quickly filter my list of shortcuts by what are the shortcuts

01:14:24   that you use as widgets?

01:14:26   What are the shortcuts that you use as extensions?

01:14:29   or I don't know, let me sort by the number of actions

01:14:32   contained in a shortcut.

01:14:33   Basically, what I'm getting at is,

01:14:35   take a look at the third-party app called LaunchCuts

01:14:38   and copy most of those features.

01:14:40   And I'm sorry, the LaunchCuts developer,

01:14:42   but LaunchCuts is this third-party utility

01:14:45   that gives you folders and gives you a bunch of sorting

01:14:48   and display options for your shortcuts library.

01:14:52   And it's more than what most users need,

01:14:57   I think in shortcuts, but the basics of it

01:15:00   are exactly what I wanna see,

01:15:01   filters, folders, and sorting options.

01:15:04   - I would like to see all of that as well.

01:15:08   I mean, even with just a relatively small shortcuts library,

01:15:12   it can be difficult to kind of see where you are.

01:15:15   There's not enough color options.

01:15:17   There's not enough icon options.

01:15:18   I know you can bring in external icons,

01:15:20   some guy with a website, put a bunch of those on the web.

01:15:23   - Hello.

01:15:24   But it's it's it just feels like it was just built for people with six shortcuts and not

01:15:29   with 60 or 600.

01:15:32   In that main screen, though, I would also like to see them clean up the mechanism in

01:15:36   which you move and edit and duplicate shortcuts.

01:15:40   I feel like I'm perpetually like trying to delete one and then it wants to move it or

01:15:46   just I know some of that's just inherent to iOS 13.

01:15:49   of those controls kind of overlapping, but I feel like the app just hasn't grown in terms

01:15:54   of UX the way that the user base wants it to.

01:16:00   Agreed.

01:16:03   And there's a... what about like, okay, sandbox mode, right? And so this idea would be, imagine

01:16:09   that you have a video of your friend falling off of a scooter, and you think to yourself,

01:16:18   I know shortcuts can take this video and turn it into a GIF for me, but I don't have that

01:16:23   shortcut made. But you could open an action extension and build it in like a little window

01:16:28   that pops up. It's quite a complex feature, but would be kind of nice, right? Like, here

01:16:32   is a thing I know shortcuts can do. I'm sure it can, but I don't have that shortcut. Let

01:16:37   me build it kind of in line with a couple of quick actions and let it go. This feels

01:16:42   like a very in the future feature, but I like it.

01:16:45   That's an interesting idea. I have never considered that. I do find myself in that situation of

01:16:51   I need to do something, and then I've got to open shortcuts and create the shortcut,

01:16:55   then return to what I was doing and find the shortcut in the share sheet. It would be a

01:17:01   really interesting idea to create it on the spot in there. That would be really cool.

01:17:09   The last item in this list that you prepared, Myke, this is so simple and yet so true.

01:17:16   Don't add to the widget. Don't add every shortcut to the widget. I don't get it. It's such a

01:17:22   strange decision to by default do that. It's weird. It's weird to me.

01:17:28   You end up with all those shortcuts that have the magic wand icon by default.

01:17:32   They're all there.

01:17:34   Yeah, it's really long.

01:17:35   "Untitled Shortcut."

01:17:36   Yeah.

01:17:37   Yeah.

01:17:38   I agree strongly with that.

01:17:43   I have a lot more things to share.

01:17:45   Please.

01:17:46   Most of these were...

01:17:47   I already covered these in my iOS and iPad OS 13 review in September.

01:17:52   And also, that list from September came...

01:17:55   Most of it came from a story in May of 2019 called "Beyond the Tablet."

01:18:00   So this wishlist of mine has been pretty consistent.

01:18:05   There are some new additions, of course.

01:18:08   I really want to see deeper integration with files.

01:18:12   Since Shortcuts was workflow, we've only been able to do two things in terms of file access.

01:18:22   We can either show the document picker, so actually show a visual files picker when you

01:18:30   want to pick a document from the Files app, or if you don't want to show any

01:18:35   interface, any UI, if you want to pick a file, you can have programmatic access to

01:18:43   a folder, but that folder has to be the shortcuts subfolder of iCloud Drive.

01:18:48   That's because, due to sandboxing, shortcuts can only access files and subfolders

01:18:56   folders contained within that folder, that document container, which is the shortcuts

01:19:01   folder inside iCalc Drive.

01:19:03   This is what you're saying, just so I can confirm this, like, if a shortcut relies on

01:19:07   something inside of a file, right?

01:19:10   Yeah.

01:19:11   Because obviously shortcuts can access all the files when you're building that, and it's

01:19:16   like a picker, like pick the file, right?

01:19:19   But you need to manually interact with...

01:19:21   You need to go and pick it.

01:19:22   if you have like a string of text which will be in a file you have to make you

01:19:30   have to like put that in the shortcuts iCloud container. Yes, that's correct.

01:19:35   In the shortcuts iCloud drive container and I really think it's time to have

01:19:40   better file automation in this regard. We've seen how third-party apps can take

01:19:47   advantage of a system feature that has been around for a couple of years at

01:19:51   this point, bookmarks that allow you to essentially poke a little hole in the

01:19:57   sandbox and say "give me access to this folder or this file that belongs to a

01:20:03   different application that is not located inside my sandbox but give me

01:20:07   access to it in the future". And the way that it works, if you take a look at apps

01:20:11   like iA Writer or Working Copy, there's a bunch of others, Scriptable even, you need

01:20:17   to pick it manually, but only the first time. And after you've done it once, you've granted

01:20:22   the app permission to access that stuff, whether it's a folder or a file, outside of its own

01:20:29   sandbox. And I really think it would be great to have a similar system in Shortcuts, where you

01:20:34   could say "okay, I want to create a shortcut that accesses my markdown documents

01:20:42   inside the IA writer. Well, maybe the first time I need to be able to give it access manually,

01:20:48   with confirming manually access to that folder, but then once the authorization has been granted,

01:20:54   in the future the shortcut can just run on its own without showing me any UI, without any manual

01:21:00   confirmation, because I have already given it access once. So that kind of file automation,

01:21:07   which is so commonplace on the Mac and has been for decades at this point,

01:21:12   I really think it needs to happen in shortcuts as well.

01:21:14   Speaking of automation, the automation feature, like the actual automation in shortcuts that

01:21:21   allows you to run certain shortcuts on a schedule or when something happens,

01:21:26   it's a really nice feature. I don't use it much myself because I don't have that many

01:21:32   things that need to happen on a schedule or based on location or other criteria.

01:21:37   But I really think it would be so much more useful if all automation triggers

01:21:44   could run in the background without manual confirmation. Again, it goes back

01:21:49   to the idea of an Expert Mode. Some triggers for automation inside

01:21:54   shortcuts, like for example when a time of day occurs, they always require your

01:22:00   manual confirmation, your manual authorization for that automation to run. What this means is you

01:22:06   get a notification and you need to tap on the notification to say "yes, run this automation in

01:22:10   shortcuts". And I think expert users or just people who... you don't have to be an expert,

01:22:19   people who rely on shortcuts, they should have a way to say "look, this automation I created it

01:22:25   myself, I know what it's doing, let it run in the background on its own without my manual

01:22:31   confirmation every single time. There's a jailbreak tweak called TrueCuts that enables

01:22:37   this for jailbreak users. It basically disables the confirmation for all kinds of triggers.

01:22:43   What's going on with jailbreaking?

01:22:45   It's possible again.

01:22:46   What's jailbreaking now?

01:22:47   It's possible again.

01:22:48   Oh, is that why?

01:22:49   Yeah. 13.5 even.

01:22:50   Yeah, big time possible.

01:22:51   Big time possible.

01:22:52   Big time possible.

01:22:53   Big time possible.

01:22:54   But what does that mean, though?

01:22:56   It's a zero-day exploit that they're using that they haven't disclosed, I think.

01:23:01   So yeah, enjoy it while it lasts, I guess.

01:23:04   But yeah, it's possible big time again.

01:23:09   And in my review, I think I shared—so in September, I shared this idea.

01:23:14   What if all automation, all triggers required a confirmation, but only for a limited time

01:23:21   period?

01:23:22   So maybe shortcuts could see, "Hey, you've confirmed this automation for like a month.

01:23:29   Do you want to enable automatic execution of this automation?"

01:23:35   They could learn from your habits.

01:23:36   They could see that once you've confirmed an automation for a couple of weeks, maybe

01:23:41   you could go in and disable the toggle that says "Ask Every Time".

01:23:46   I just feel like there could be ways to say, "We want to make sure that this thing you

01:23:52   you want to actually run on a schedule or when you enter a specific location a few times,

01:23:58   and then we're going to give you the option to disable it. So that would be cool. I'm

01:24:04   just going to go on unless you guys stop me.

01:24:07   This is your time, right? Everything I have I've already said. Well, actually, I have

01:24:13   two things. Shortcuts on the Mac. I just want it. I want shortcuts on the Mac.

01:24:18   Why not, right?

01:24:19   Exactly, and I've said this already in other things we've spoken about, but to be able to activate shortcuts by keyboard shortcut.

01:24:28   I'm gonna set keyboard shortcuts to them.

01:24:30   And yes, I know we're gonna get people saying, "Oh, in 13.4 they added full keyboard access and now you can assign..."

01:24:37   It's not what we want. It's not as good. We actually want like a system-wide hotkey that you press and you run the shortcut instantly.

01:24:46   No notification stuff that you need to confirm.

01:24:49   So this is kind of very much a niche idea, but I'm still going to mention it.

01:24:59   I would really like to have different widgets on different devices, because certain shortcuts...

01:25:05   I always want to use hash widgets on my iPad, others I only want to use on my iPhone.

01:25:12   But instead, when you enable a shortcut as a widget now, it's enabled everywhere.

01:25:17   So I understand why it's the easiest approach, but I just thought I'd mention it because I think it would be interesting to have

01:25:23   more control over where shortcuts can be presented as widgets.

01:25:29   I do different things on different devices.

01:25:30   Exactly.

01:25:31   Like, I have some shortcuts in my widget that cannot run on my iPad because the app isn't installed.

01:25:38   Mm-hmm. Yeah.

01:25:39   So it's just a dead shortcut. It doesn't do anything on my iPad.

01:25:44   Yeah. I forgot to put this on the list, but I just thought of it and I'm going to mention it.

01:25:48   Shortcuts on the watch.

01:25:50   Yeah, what happened there?

01:25:52   So Workflow used to be a watch app and it was removed when Workflow became Shortcuts.

01:25:58   So two things here. One, I want a Shortcuts app on the watch.

01:26:03   I can imagine something like a list of my Shortcuts or like a grid of my Shortcuts.

01:26:08   Take a look at something like Home Run, which is this excellent HomeKit app to run HomeKit

01:26:14   scenes on the watch.

01:26:16   So imagine a customizable grid with these tiny icons for shortcuts, but on your watch,

01:26:21   that you press and you run negatively on the watch and they do something, it would be incredible.

01:26:25   So that, but I also want to be able to create individual complications for specific shortcuts

01:26:32   on the watch.

01:26:33   I really think that would be an incredible functionality, especially now the shortcuts

01:26:37   on the watch could support interaction. So I could press a complication and then maybe

01:26:42   I could choose from a list or I could dictate some text, right? I can only imagine how nice

01:26:49   that would be to have customizable complications that would open the door to all kinds of actions

01:26:55   that you could quickly run from the watch. Yes, you can run a shortcut from Siri, but

01:27:00   once again, I don't want functionality to be exclusive to Siri because I don't want

01:27:05   I just want to use my fingers, my human fingers. Not that my voice is not human, but you get my point.

01:27:12   More and better actions for Apple apps. Two really common examples.

01:27:22   The Apple Notes integration in shortcuts is limited to plain text.

01:27:27   text. You cannot retrieve or create a rich text or append images to an Apple

01:27:35   note using shortcuts. You have to use the extension in the share sheet because

01:27:40   shortcuts and Apple Notes integration only works for plain text.

01:27:44   If I could have the links put in in a way that they would be seen as like the

01:27:48   rich links, I would be a very happy camper.

01:27:51   Yeah, yeah. And also reminders. None of the new reminders features in iOS 13, so attachments and sub-tasks and rich links, none of that is integrated with shortcuts.

01:28:07   I really would like to see tighter and more extensive integration between Apple apps and shortcuts.

01:28:16   And also, slightly related to this, I would love to have more UIKit controls.

01:28:26   And by this I mean, let me create new and again more extensive interfaces inside Shortcuts.

01:28:35   So, in Shortcuts right now you can do things like choose one item from a list of multiple items,

01:28:42   or you can have a quick look preview, or you can have an alert that comes up in the middle of the screen.

01:28:49   You can enter text in a text field. Those are all native UIKit elements that Shortcuts basically allows you to create programmatically.

01:28:59   You can make create a list or create a text box and whatnot.

01:29:03   And I would like to have more of that. So I would say maybe take a look at the

01:29:10   rich lists that you can create with Toolbox Pro. Those are based on a hack,

01:29:14   those are based on a workaround. I would love to have something native

01:29:19   that lets me put images and text next to each other,

01:29:24   or to have things like labels and captions and sub-headlines, for

01:29:29   example, in a list. Or to have text fields, for example, that support multiple fields, or that

01:29:35   support rich text input, formatted text, for example. Maybe I would love to be able to create

01:29:42   a collection view, to present multiple things in a grid, instead of having a quick look preview

01:29:48   that is limited to one image at a time. Maybe I want to present multiple images at a time.

01:29:53   So more extensive integration with the native UI system of the iPhone and iPad, that would be lovely.

01:30:03   And now returning to the geekier side of things. I'm just gonna mention this, debugging tools.

01:30:12   Again, especially for people who work on long shortcuts, it's really difficult to do so.

01:30:19   So I can imagine to have things like breakpoints,

01:30:23   for example, so the idea that you could stop a shortcut

01:30:26   when you reach a certain point to confirm

01:30:28   that everything is working correctly

01:30:30   or to debug what is going on,

01:30:32   what is going wrong in a shortcut, that would be amazing.

01:30:35   What I do and what I think lots of other

01:30:37   heavy shortcuts users do is we have to put in

01:30:41   an alert action with the contents of the previous action

01:30:45   to debug what is going on, what the data flow is doing.

01:30:49   inside of a shortcut, and I really think this should be a native feature.

01:30:52   Like, don't force me to use the alert action.

01:30:55   Which, by the way, how annoying is the fact that the alert action always has some default text in it

01:31:01   that you gotta remove every single time?

01:31:03   Oh my god, I really dislike that.

01:31:06   So yeah, the ability to stop a shortcut at a specific point and see what is happening behind the scenes,

01:31:12   that would be amazing.

01:31:15   I would love to more quickly browse the structure of a long shortcut.

01:31:21   So I don't know how this could work. Maybe folding could be an idea.

01:31:25   You know, like some code editors allow you to...

01:31:29   They have code folding, so you can grab a chunk of code and fold it so that it saves vertical space,

01:31:37   and a long document becomes so much more easy to browse. And I can imagine like folding...

01:31:43   I don't know if actions like conditional blocks or

01:31:47   repeat loops inside shortcuts that would be so convenient or

01:31:51   I could go one step further and say maybe let me highlight

01:31:55   Certain actions with like an actual color like let me make some actions red

01:32:01   Because the color red means something to me again all is orn

01:32:05   Got this right seven years ago with editorial with folding and with highlights. So

01:32:12   So I think it was a really good idea back then, I still think it would be a fantastic idea now.

01:32:17   So what would that allow you to do if it was colored?

01:32:22   What would be the thing for that?

01:32:24   So first of all, the collapsible blocks would save vertical space and would make it easier.

01:32:31   And the highlights, just for me as reference, I could create a little scheme for myself

01:32:38   where I say, "Okay, the color yellow means that these actions are unfinished, maybe the green color

01:32:43   means that this block of stuff is done." You know, just stuff like that. And then I could imagine,

01:32:49   like, take a look. I think the best thing, one of the best things about shortcuts is that

01:32:53   it's this combination of traditional programming ideas, but done in a visual way. And I imagine

01:33:03   things like the mini map that you have in certain code editors, like in Sublime Text or

01:33:11   or in Xcode. You have this mini map on the right side of the editor that shows you this

01:33:17   zoomed out view of your code, because if you're a programmer you can tell the structure

01:33:24   of your code just by looking at that mini map. And imagine that sort of feature, but done visually,

01:33:29   We like colors and like little icons. I don't know but imagine that in shortcuts for longer shortcuts

01:33:35   I really think it would be like an amazing feature to make it easier for you to browse a long shortcut

01:33:40   and to navigate its structure

01:33:42   And I also would love to see and I think maybe this is a bit more

01:33:48   relatable by

01:33:51   lots of people

01:33:53   Shortcuts should be able to integrate with the iPad OS multitasking system

01:33:57   Like, why am I not able to create Windows or manage SplitView or, like,

01:34:03   recreate some of my favorite spaces using shortcuts?

01:34:08   Shortcuts does not integrate with multitasking at all, if you think about it.

01:34:12   And I think it would be incredible if I could create shortcuts that manage Windows on my iPad on my behalf.

01:34:19   So, I don't know, maybe let me create a shortcut that says,

01:34:23   create a new split view, create a new space, as Apple calls them,

01:34:28   with Apple Notes on the left and Safari on the right.

01:34:31   Yes, I can do this manually, but also it would be nicer if I could just create a shortcut like a recipe

01:34:36   that recreates that space with just one tap. So multitasking integration would be, I think it would be really useful.

01:34:43   And I saw this mentioned on Twitter a few days ago by

01:34:46   Craig Ockenberry.

01:34:50   the ability for shortcuts to directly

01:34:53   integrate with text selection inside apps. So this is a bit of an esoteric idea, but I'm gonna try my best here.

01:35:01   Imagine if a shortcut

01:35:05   could do things inside of any text field and

01:35:10   do things like rearrange lines of text or

01:35:15   take your current selection and

01:35:18   replace your selection with something else in line without you having to do manual copy and paste.

01:35:25   So imagine like in Apple Notes, maybe take all my links and turn them into titles of the linked web page

01:35:36   in line without me having to do Command+V to paste the result.

01:35:41   Yeah, you could do markdown stuff or whatever.

01:35:44   Yeah, I could do that. I could, yeah, exactly.

01:35:48   Now, two last points. One, this is gonna sound kind of obvious, bug fixes. So for real, over the past year,

01:35:56   I have created so many shortcuts. I feel like I've been very prolific in terms of creating new

01:36:03   shortcuts and coming up with new ideas. And I've only been able to share a third of them

01:36:08   because of bugs that prevent me from sharing those shortcuts publicly. I've run into all kinds of

01:36:16   issues. Some of them, thankfully, were fixed by Apple in 13.4, others in 13.5, but just a few

01:36:23   days ago, for example, I came up with this entirely brand new shortcut that I wanted to share with club

01:36:28   members, and I cannot, because there's a problem that prevents the third-party app that I'm using

01:36:35   from running one of their actions correctly. And the issue is not the developer's fault,

01:36:44   it's the buggy integration in shortcuts right now.

01:36:48   And I have so many different shortcut ideas

01:36:52   that they're just sitting there

01:36:54   waiting for bug fixes from Apple.

01:36:57   Otherwise I would have been able to share them,

01:36:58   but I cannot because they crash or like,

01:37:01   I have so many shortcuts that crash the shortcuts app.

01:37:03   Like it's not just that they're buggy,

01:37:06   they just crash the entire thing,

01:37:09   which is not supposed to happen, you know?

01:37:11   - Ideally.

01:37:12   Ideally. And like MusicBot, for example, which is one of my most successful shortcuts that I've done to date,

01:37:19   it still cannot be reliably used

01:37:22   inside the sharesheet because it crashes the whole thing.

01:37:26   I

01:37:28   needed to put in so many workarounds that basically what they do is, whenever you share a song from Apple Music

01:37:35   to MusicBot using the sharesheet,

01:37:38   It always needs to take you into the main shortcuts app because otherwise the share sheet is gonna crash

01:37:45   If you try and run music bot in there, the share sheet is gonna crash and do nothing. So, you know

01:37:52   Just a frustrating fix to have to make like oh we have to open the app even though

01:37:57   Technically you shouldn't have to but we have to because otherwise it won't run

01:38:02   Yeah, yeah, and lastly I guess

01:38:08   A brief point about the bigger picture of shortcuts.

01:38:14   You mentioned, Myke, a few minutes ago that certain power user features need to come to

01:38:21   shortcuts eventually.

01:38:23   And honestly, that's my concern.

01:38:25   I'm not so sure that they have to happen, because my fear -- well, obviously my fear

01:38:34   is that Apple is not gonna add any more power user features because they have

01:38:40   this vision of opening up shortcuts to the masses and if that's the goal

01:38:45   then maybe power users are not a priority anymore. So I guess what's the

01:38:50   long-term plan with shortcuts would be my question. Does Apple

01:38:56   want to keep adding features for power users or are they just gonna go down the

01:39:01   road of simplifying shortcuts, making it easier to use for everybody else, and

01:39:07   while they're doing that ignoring the, basically most of the stuff that we just

01:39:13   covered. I guess my biggest question is can they keep addressing these two

01:39:21   different markets, these two different types of users in shortcuts forever? Can

01:39:27   Can they keep doing that? Or do they have to make a decision eventually?

01:39:31   Do they have to say, "Okay, we simplified as much as possible, but then from now on,

01:39:37   we're just gonna keep focusing on adding more powerful stuff to shortcuts."

01:39:41   Because I could see this go both ways, honestly. I could see Apple say, "No, we don't want

01:39:48   to invest in adding all these programmer-friendly features. We just want to open up shortcuts

01:39:57   and Siri to as many people as possible, and that means we have to simplify the whole thing,

01:40:02   because there's still so much friction involved with creating shortcuts and using them.

01:40:07   Or I could see Apple saying, "Okay, maybe this thing didn't necessarily take off as much as we

01:40:13   hoped with the masses, but maybe we do have a core audience that really loves using shortcuts,

01:40:19   and maybe part of the reason why so many more people are using the iPad Pro now is because they

01:40:24   can make their own little enhancements to the system using shortcuts. So maybe we should

01:40:28   keep investing on that, because it's a thing that maybe not 50 million people love, but

01:40:34   maybe 3 million people absolutely love, and we really care about those 3 million people.

01:40:40   You know? Well, you've got to assume they bought the company for a reason. It wasn't

01:40:44   just for fun. And they included it in iOS by default, as opposed to just having it in

01:40:50   the App Store. So all signs are pointing in a positive direction, ideally, right?

01:40:56   And I mean, you gotta believe that these were conversations that were held

01:41:01   years ago and we're just talking about them now, sort of like remaining in, like,

01:41:07   in a space-themed day, sort of like a message that has traveled through

01:41:12   galaxies and it's only reaching us now. We're only talking about this now, but

01:41:16   this is probably a conversation that was held three years ago when Apple bought

01:41:19   Shortcuts like and they had this entire vision already for where to go and now we're just wondering. Oh what happens now?

01:41:26   Because now you have integrated shortcuts with Siri and you have a new editor and you have this new parameter based system

01:41:33   so where do you go next and

01:41:35   You know usually with Apple these conversations happen two years ago, and now we're just considering them from the outside

01:41:43   So I am really

01:41:45   curious to see what happens in a month and

01:41:49   because I don't know what I feel about this.

01:41:54   I mean, I love shortcuts and I,

01:41:57   I mean, knowing the people who work on shortcuts,

01:42:00   I would be really surprised if they basically say,

01:42:04   yeah, we don't care about power users stuff anymore.

01:42:07   We're just gonna simplify the whole thing once again

01:42:12   and remove a bunch of features for power users.

01:42:16   I would be really surprised if that happens.

01:42:18   But you never know. Well, maybe we will, Jose, in just a few weeks time, maybe. Probably.

01:42:26   We'll know something. We'll know something. Or maybe we'll know nothing, which will be

01:42:31   even more concerning, like no changes. Right, but that's something, isn't it?

01:42:36   That's still something. Yeah, that's called the iPad story every other

01:42:39   year. I don't know what it says, but it's something.

01:42:42   Well, are we done?

01:42:45   This seems like a good place to end it.

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01:43:22   Oh, oh, real-time follow-up.

01:43:24   Yes.

01:43:25   There's a teaser from Federico.

01:43:27   I totally forgot to mention this in follow-up, and I should have, so this is real-time follow-up

01:43:31   for follow-up.

01:43:34   If everything goes according to plan, I should have a bit of a surprise tomorrow on Mac Stories.

01:43:39   So something that we've been working on for a few months, honestly, at this point.

01:43:46   And yeah, just what I'm gonna say right now, because it doesn't fully depend on me.

01:43:53   Hopefully people will understand when this eventually comes out.

01:43:57   But if the plan goes well, I should have something that I don't think people are expecting necessarily

01:44:04   tomorrow on Mac stories.

01:44:06   So stay tuned.

01:44:07   and I really hope that we can finally show it off.

01:44:11   - Cool, yeah, it's really exciting.

01:44:12   All right, well, I don't know where we were,

01:44:16   but I guess until next time, say goodbye.

01:44:18   - Whoa, whoa, whoa.

01:44:19   - What?

01:44:20   - I didn't get my, where do people find me?

01:44:22   - You don't wanna find Myke?

01:44:24   - No, I did the Twitter thing.

01:44:25   - Okay.

01:44:26   - Did you, for my--

01:44:27   - I don't think you did.

01:44:28   - I think-- - You did.

01:44:30   - People should be able to find Michael.

01:44:33   - I hope so. - Yeah.

01:44:35   He's in your heart at all times.

01:44:36   Okay, say goodbye.

01:44:38   - Adios, irchí.

01:44:38   - Cheerio.