292: M’Duck


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected episode 292.

00:00:12   It's made possible this week.

00:00:13   Hello.

00:00:14   Stop, I haven't introduced you yet.

00:00:15   Calm down.

00:00:17   I'm so excited.

00:00:18   It's the big 292.

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00:00:25   This is an even episode,

00:00:27   So that means Federico is blessed to go first.

00:00:30   Hello!

00:00:31   Hello!

00:00:32   Uh, that's not, he's breaking the rules already.

00:00:36   I am.

00:00:37   He's feisty today.

00:00:38   You can't stop me, that's why.

00:00:39   I just finished my coffee before we started.

00:00:42   I was literally about to mention this.

00:00:44   When he gets coffee, he gets all excited.

00:00:46   I'm on the bomb.

00:00:47   It's so cute when he does this.

00:00:50   Caffeine energizes people.

00:00:52   This is how most people use caffeine in their lives.

00:00:55   just to stay alive like you. It's just like a constant flow of caffeine through your body.

00:01:01   Caffeine is headache prevention. But then I have served espresso, double espresso, to

00:01:11   Federico at like 10pm. Like this is a thing I have done. A lot of people do it. I completely

00:01:20   understand that if you drink as much espresso as you do, you are fine with that. But if

00:01:25   If I drank coffee at 10pm, I would be awake until the next morning. Like, 100%.

00:01:29   Well, it's not much. I used to be very bad years ago.

00:01:33   You were worrying. Like, I remember being worried about you. There was like a 10 espresso

00:01:38   a day in Federico.

00:01:39   Yeah, yeah, that was bad. That was also like six or seven years ago. Now, if I have four,

00:01:46   it's like...

00:01:47   What is that, four double espressos?

00:01:48   No, no, no. Well, what do you mean by double?

00:01:51   Well, okay, so you know you have with the coffee machine, I don't know the actual terms.

00:01:56   And there's like two things that come out of it?

00:01:58   Yes, if you put all of that into one cup, that's the double espresso.

00:02:03   So I guess when I do four, I do two doubles and the other two I share with Sylvia.

00:02:12   So two doubles, two singles. This is very basic. There's like a lot of like,

00:02:16   depending on how much coffee you put in and all that, but like we're just like,

00:02:19   there is of course like as people are pointing out in the chat like ounces but like I think

00:02:25   we can just say that that's two doubles. I will have typically one double and I will

00:02:31   either have two doubles a day or I will have one double and two singles but therein like

00:02:36   with milk and stuff. Oh no no no no milk. I know you don't have milk but that's just

00:02:41   a different thing. But sugar but I do put in sugar though. You do put in sugar. See

00:02:44   I put no sugar in my coffee, I should put milk in my coffee.

00:02:47   So anyway, yes, thank you Steven, hi, how are you?

00:02:50   Steven, when was the last time you had coffee?

00:02:53   It's been years.

00:02:56   How much caffeine do you consume?

00:02:59   I'm pretty sure that Reagan used to be president.

00:03:04   It's so interesting to me, these different Stevens that I've known.

00:03:09   Like I've known a Steven who used to drink alcohol, I've known a Steven that used to

00:03:13   drink coffee all the time. I don't know, maybe Jimmy Carter actually. Yeah, it's like since

00:03:18   the Kanye administration. Yeah, but like you know, it's just interesting. You're a changed

00:03:23   man in many ways. Yeah, I have a soda sometimes, just some caffeine and then things get weird

00:03:27   because I don't have very much caffeine anymore. So we're gonna like do the show or... Hello!

00:03:33   Now, I don't think about it actually, I think it was Lyndon Johnson. Yeah, LBJ. It's the

00:03:38   LBJ presidency? Yeah. Anyway. Uh, yes. Steven, this is a podcast.

00:03:45   Talk about an unfortunate president, right? Like LBJ just like, no one wants to be the

00:03:51   LBJ. Wow. Right? What? Was it, didn't LBJ become president after Kennedy?

00:03:58   Yes, he did. According to Wikipedia, he did. Yeah. It's like what an unfortunate presidency,

00:04:04   right? Like you are going to be president now because the president just got assassinated.

00:04:09   Good luck. So like you have that to worry about and nobody really wants you to be president.

00:04:14   Everyone just wants Kennedy back. So go for it. Yeah. On The Crown, the Netflix show about

00:04:21   the queen, which is fantastic. The LBJ Kennedy thing is done very well. I enjoyed that part.

00:04:28   Anyway, should we actually do... No one's stopping me now. So I... Well, I haven't introduced...

00:04:33   I haven't introduced you yet, so we're also joined by Myke Curley. This is all happening before your introduction. Hi

00:04:38   This is a little in Canon. That was all Federico's introduction

00:04:44   Hi Myke, let's do follow-up. Oh, let's do follow-up. Let's do follow-up

00:04:50   The Hackett number has appeared in pcalc if you're not familiar with pcalc shame on you

00:04:56   It is a wonderful calculator application for your Macintosh professional your iPad professional

00:05:02   your iPhone 11 professional max and James Thompson friend of the show friend of humanity really

00:05:08   Mm-hmm, especially now a father figure to us all has put the hack it number into pcalc as a constant and

00:05:17   It is spectacular, but it has raised a lot of questions that I think we need to address

00:05:22   I just I have I have a question before you even start the questions. Okay. Can any of us explain a constant?

00:05:29   No, well

00:05:31   So remember, well hold on, hold on, I got it, I got it. So have you ever watched Lost

00:05:38   the TV show? The collective noise from the two of you was amazing.

00:05:44   Have you ever watched Lost the TV show? No. So in that show Desmond was the constant.

00:05:52   So he was the only character, well yes, this is a spoiler for Lost if you've never seen

00:05:57   the show, Desmond, Desmond Hume I believe was the name, was the only constant in that

00:06:02   he was basically able to travel through time and his character was the only one that was

00:06:06   like connecting these two separate timelines.

00:06:10   You're only making it more confusing because neither of us have seen the show.

00:06:13   Look that's my, like that's the only thing I know about constants is that they're like

00:06:17   Desmond from Lost.

00:06:19   My understanding of constants, which is I don't have it, but if I was going to assume

00:06:24   it is these unchangeable things.

00:06:26   - Right? - I guess. Like Desmond.

00:06:29   - Like Desmond? - Yeah.

00:06:31   - Yeah. - So it raises questions,

00:06:34   but in Peacock there's some other weird constants.

00:06:37   And before we talk about mine, Myke, I think we should talk about yours.

00:06:39   - Oh, what, the weight of the Rock? - Mm-hmm.

00:06:43   - Yeah, it's the exact weight of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

00:06:46   as he approached the ring for WrestleMania 17 against Don Kosti Vastan.

00:06:50   - Cool. - I mentioned it last time,

00:06:53   Me and James and CGP Grey had a very long conversation over a dinner or a conference

00:06:58   where we effectively got him to add this as like the mass of a rock so you could

00:07:04   like see about if you dropped the rock into an ocean rather than the rock into a lake or

00:07:09   whatever what difference it would make so the the and so as the person who wanted the rock to be a

00:07:15   constant I got to choose which version of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to pick and that was the one

00:07:21   that I picked. Yeah, I'm just gonna say that if you don't have Peacock, you must hate numbers,

00:07:26   and if you hate numbers then you hate the universe, therefore if you don't buy Peacock,

00:07:30   you must hate the universe, you know? So this is my recommendation for Peacock. The HackIt

00:07:37   number has found its way into Peacock, as we had hoped. It is now a constant. Now, we've had a lot

00:07:43   of questions about what if Steven changes his computer ownership, which is definitely

00:07:50   going to happen has already happened or has already happened really yeah someone mailed me

00:07:55   uh macbook pro i got it two days ago oh my god but so now we have to calculate not we don't have to

00:08:03   but if we wanted to calculate stephen's hackett number it would be a variation of the hackett

00:08:08   number right the hackett number of 20.6 which is now equal to one is the definitive hackett number

00:08:17   at that point. So even Steven will have to judge himself against the Hackett number in the future.

00:08:25   Correct? Yeah, I think so. Yeah, the 20.6 is a fixed entity. That's what a constant means,

00:08:34   probably. I guess it would be like, if you got like another 20 computers or whatever you would

00:08:40   have to do you'd have to work out your current computer per person then divide

00:08:46   it by the Hackett number to find out your Hackett number maybe I don't know

00:08:49   sure who knows how math works but no one it's literally unknowable only James yes

00:08:55   but everybody should download pcalc to calculate their own Hackett numbers you

00:09:00   can count all that the computers in your house divide it by the amount of people

00:09:04   and then you can work out your own Hackett number based on the Hackett

00:09:08   It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

00:09:10   - Okay.

00:09:11   Another wonderful thing happened out of last episode.

00:09:15   Millsap on Twitter created the Scrooge McDuck intro movie,

00:09:20   but with me diving into a pile of computers.

00:09:23   - Can I just ask you to say that again?

00:09:26   - Why?

00:09:27   - I just wanna hear if you say it the same way.

00:09:30   - What did I get wrong?

00:09:31   - Just say it, like the same, say it, read it.

00:09:33   - Millsap on Twitter.

00:09:35   - Yeah.

00:09:36   - The Scrooge McDuck of computers.

00:09:38   okay because it sounded like you said "maduck" and I just wondered if you thought that that

00:09:43   was how that was pronounced.

00:09:45   Screwed to "maduck".

00:09:46   The "maduck".

00:09:47   "Maduck".

00:09:48   "Maduck".

00:09:49   It's like that's not that.

00:09:51   That's just like, it's like Marty McFly.

00:09:54   Yeah, he's "maduck".

00:09:59   Because in England, places in England, like "maduck" is like a nice like, like ah, you

00:10:05   know like like a friendly thing you might say to someone a friendly waterfowl hmm this tweet is

00:10:14   spectacular I've watched it a thousand times yep it is exactly what I had it's described which is

00:10:21   Steven jumping into a vault full of computers the best part is the splash is a set of Mac

00:10:27   Pro wheels and a bunch of iPhone 5c's yeah it's really really good oh my god I just noticed that

00:10:33   That's so good. It's very good. It's spectacular. We do good work here boys. We do good work

00:10:40   here each week

00:10:42   Federico tell us about AirPod Pro

00:10:45   professional tips

00:10:48   Comply the makers of the popular foam tips for all kinds of earbuds have now announced and released

00:10:56   the

00:10:59   comply foam tips compatible with AirPods Pro. So there's nothing revolutionary about these tips.

00:11:06   They're basically foam tips that are designed to work with AirPods Pro. So in theory they will have

00:11:12   a custom attachment that will fit the AirPods Pro and you can get them in three sizes or you can get

00:11:17   the three size pack with small, medium and large. I bought them immediately is what I'm gonna say.

00:11:25   I bought the three pack with all the sizes because I'm not sure which one I will actually prefer.

00:11:32   I feel like I made a mistake. I didn't know you could do that. I just bought the medium.

00:11:35   Yeah, well that's because you don't like reading on your web.

00:11:39   Well no, I did read. I read the page because the page says whatever you're using right now,

00:11:44   yes, just use those. So that's what I read.

00:11:46   Sure, but also, you know, there's always the chance that with foam that may be different than usual.

00:11:54   However, I did read that they have a guaranteed fit program, so if they don't fit me, they'll

00:11:59   send me more.

00:12:00   Okay.

00:12:01   That's cool.

00:12:02   That's cool.

00:12:03   So I read lots of things except the one important thing.

00:12:06   Yeah.

00:12:07   So these are coming by the end of the month, and for the record, I'm still using the foam

00:12:13   method that I described in December.

00:12:16   Yeah, yeah.

00:12:17   I still have my sort of hybrid silicon and memory foam tips that I use with the AirPods

00:12:22   Pro.

00:12:23   still like having this sort of hybrid solution, but I'm really looking forward to the HomePlay

00:12:29   tips. Now, foam tips, of course, the big downside is that you gotta change them every few months,

00:12:37   because you can try to rub alcohol on them to clean them, but eventually they turn kind

00:12:43   of gross, because they're not as washable as silicone tips. So, I mean, that's one of

00:12:49   the downsides of foam tips. Some people also don't like the way that it feels inside their

00:12:54   ears when they have foam tips. So these are not a solution for everybody. But if you're

00:12:58   the kind of person who finds foam tips much more comfortable than silicone tips, or if

00:13:03   you're having trouble fitting the silicone tips inside your ears because maybe they keep

00:13:07   falling out of your ears, this is, you know, Comply is a well-known brand. And I know that

00:13:12   other foam tips exist on Amazon and eBay, but those are like brands that I've never

00:13:17   heard of before, whereas I can vouch for Comply because I have a... I'm actually opening my

00:13:22   drawer now, I have like three boxes of Comply tips for my other Sony earbuds. So yeah, I'm

00:13:30   like a...

00:13:31   Comply professional.

00:13:32   I'm not like a subscriber, but I'm a recurring customer of Comply. So this is not a sponsor

00:13:38   thing, it's just I really like foam tips. I'm a foam...

00:13:41   Foam-fluencer.

00:13:42   I'm a phone fluncer. Yes. I just really like foam, man. It's a good material.

00:13:53   Yeah. So, as I mentioned, I've purchased this. I made the cardinal

00:14:00   mistake though. I think Federico, you made this mistake. So when

00:14:05   Comply announced this, they were like, "Hey, sign up for our email newsletter and you'll find out when these launch."

00:14:12   And there were two problems with this.

00:14:14   One, they launched them before, like the day before,

00:14:19   without emailing anyone.

00:14:22   So it was pointless.

00:14:25   But also in 24 hours,

00:14:27   I received five marketing emails from them.

00:14:30   There's just so many, like who is doing?

00:14:33   Yeah, you know what?

00:14:34   I see this stuff sometimes.

00:14:36   And it's how I realize, you know,

00:14:38   when you see people that have like 26,000 unread emails.

00:14:42   Yeah, like John.

00:14:43   Because they subscribe to, yeah, they subscribe to email newsletters like this,

00:14:48   right? That email them like 10 times a week, like 20 times a week,

00:14:53   but they just don't do anything about it. They just let it happen. Right?

00:14:57   So it's just whatever they don't care. Like,

00:14:59   because I can't work out like anyone that tries to stay in control of their

00:15:04   email inbox would allow for a company to email them five times a day. A day! And it felt

00:15:11   like there was no end to it. It wasn't like a welcome email thing. It was just like continued

00:15:17   marketing emails about other stuff.

00:15:20   It's like suddenly now your life is all about foam.

00:15:23   That is how you become a funfluencer. Signing up for our comprehensive email newsletter.

00:15:32   Every minute, every day, you're going to be thinking about one thing, and that thing is

00:15:34   foam.

00:15:35   If Federico's the foam-fluencer, maybe he's the one sending the emails.

00:15:40   No.

00:15:42   What if it's like my side gig?

00:15:43   Sending emails about foam.

00:15:47   When I'm not writing shortcuts, I'm emailing people about foam they can put in their ear

00:15:51   canals.

00:15:52   That's what I do.

00:15:53   Big foam boy.

00:15:54   I don't like this at all.

00:15:56   All right, let's take a break.

00:16:00   you. It's just kind of gross talking about people's ears for so long. Jeez, take a break already.

00:16:11   Thank you. It's grossing me out. This episode... I mean imagine the person sending all those

00:16:20   emails is gonna be thinking about ears and foam all day long. All the time, just like, all foam.

00:16:26   Do you think they were in college when Apple did the EarPods video and Johnny

00:16:31   I was like we studied five billion sets of ear, you know remember that video it's

00:16:36   like it's really hard and they thought and they thought I can do better and

00:16:41   then they became the phone fluencer. And also like let's just face I mean ears

00:16:45   are weird right like as a body part like ears are weird because also like the

00:16:52   the older you get and your ears keep growing.

00:16:55   Yeah, ears and noses.

00:16:57   Yeah.

00:16:59   I don't know, ears are just gross and weird.

00:17:01   Kind of floppy.

00:17:03   And they're floppy and they never stop growing.

00:17:05   I just, I don't know.

00:17:07   You can pierce them if you want to.

00:17:09   Sure.

00:17:11   I used to have earrings.

00:17:12   You can pierce anything, you try hard enough.

00:17:13   You can cut them, I guess, if you really dislike them.

00:17:17   Please don't do that, it's dangerous.

00:17:19   Or you can study them, like Comply does.

00:17:22   That's true.

00:17:23   Mm-hmm.

00:17:24   So anyway, please take a break.

00:17:26   [laughs]

00:17:27   I have so much editing to do.

00:17:29   [laughs]

00:17:30   I have so much to say, by the way, that dog ears, TJ, are absolutely fine.

00:17:35   Dog ears are perfect. Actually, I wish that--

00:17:37   There are seven dog ears for every human ear.

00:17:40   [laughs]

00:17:43   I wish that people had dog ears.

00:17:46   Like we will be so much better with dog ears instead of human ears.

00:17:50   I get that. Those are so much better.

00:17:52   No, I don't think so.

00:17:54   I think so. I do believe so.

00:17:57   No, I'm going to Google human with dog ears and see how that pans out.

00:18:02   Please do that.

00:18:03   Steven, can you please take a break already?

00:18:06   Oh, let me tell you.

00:18:07   Let me tell you, Federico, that does not pound out very well in Google image search.

00:18:11   Oh no.

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00:20:16   Real time follow up!

00:20:17   Oh boy.

00:20:18   We have some Hack It graphs sent in by Kate.

00:20:22   So Kate actually started this work yesterday.

00:20:25   She did some historic Hack It number calculations based on some answers in your "How big is

00:20:31   your collection video from YouTube Q&A stuff and so in 2018 you had 47 computers so your

00:20:42   hacking number was 0.456 so then in 2019 it's like 63 wait I'm confused now oh why it was

00:20:55   2019 answer as well where it's 63 so it's 0.612 and then Kate has plotted these on a graph to see

00:21:03   how the Hackett number has continued over time to where it is today including both the Hackett number

00:21:10   and the extended Hackett number which is the like remember we said that including all peripherals

00:21:15   and stuff and then Kate has followed up while we were recording today by increasing it again

00:21:21   because you've continued to increase your computer usage.

00:21:25   The chat room thinks that we should have another child to bring the number down. I don't think

00:21:29   that's going to happen.

00:21:30   I don't think that's a good idea.

00:21:32   I think it's a fantastic idea, personally. I think you should do it, Steven. You should

00:21:40   consider the option. By the way, anything that you put, like when you put anything on

00:21:44   a graph, it looks so professional, like it looks so real. Like you could take any information,

00:21:50   a graph out of it and it will look real. That's my theory at least. So, real-time follow-up

00:21:57   also from me this time. Nice. iOS 13.4.5 is now known as iOS 13.5. So the next major update

00:22:08   is called 13.5 and 13.5 beta 3 is out and it contains the COVID-19 exposure notifications.

00:22:17   That's why they've bumped it up to a full number.

00:22:19   They bumped it up to a full number. It's out now. It's installing on my phone at the moment,

00:22:25   but there are some screenshots already going around on Twitter.

00:22:27   And yeah, there's a toggle under a new section of settings called "COVID-19 Exposure Notifications,"

00:22:34   where it explains how the random IDs are deleted after 14 days. By the way, this is the joint

00:22:41   effort that we previously talked about with Apple and Google collaborating to enable this.

00:22:46   - I think we haven't spoke about it.

00:22:48   - Really?

00:22:49   - Yeah, we planned, well--

00:22:51   - We mentioned it.

00:22:52   - I think the amount that we spoke about it was,

00:22:54   go listen to another show.

00:22:56   - Oh yeah, so we spoke about it.

00:22:57   - So yeah, it came up.

00:22:58   - Technically we spoke about it.

00:23:01   Technically words come out of our mouths

00:23:03   mentioning that topic.

00:23:04   So yeah, this is now out in the beta,

00:23:07   13.5 is the new version number.

00:23:09   And you can, if you have a developer account,

00:23:11   you can install it now.

00:23:12   It's likely gonna come out tomorrow.

00:23:14   iOS 13.5 makes it easier to skip face ID if you're wearing a mask.

00:23:20   With this change, face ID can detect if you're wearing a mask and skip directly to the passcode

00:23:25   screen.

00:23:27   That is a very interesting and cool feature.

00:23:33   I like that.

00:23:34   That's clever.

00:23:35   That's very clever.

00:23:37   Very nicely done.

00:23:38   So, um, this is very nice actually.

00:23:43   Is this the first time we've had a 0.5 iOS release? I was trying to think. I think it

00:23:50   may be.

00:23:51   Maybe.

00:23:52   Who could know?

00:23:53   Maybe.

00:23:54   Someone knows.

00:23:55   What is so very nice is that—I don't know if I already mentioned this on Connected before

00:23:57   or not—but in this beta cycle, what is now known as 13.5, there was also a fix for shortcuts

00:24:04   that basically, if you're using MusicBot, my very complex Apple Music Assistant shortcut,

00:24:12   can now share again from the Music app to MusicBot in the share sheet and you will not

00:24:17   crash. So I was very happy to see that fix. I think it was in the previous beta, so hopefully

00:24:23   the fix is still in today's beta, but I was very happy to see that now I can use MusicBot

00:24:29   from the Music app again. And now I'm installing this 13.5, we'll see what's new besides the

00:24:37   exposure notifications and easier face ID.

00:24:41   And that's my real-time follow-up, Stephen.

00:24:42   Back to you or back to Michael.

00:24:44   I don't know.

00:24:45   - I would like to just thank you, Federico,

00:24:47   for the command and full stop keyboard shortcut

00:24:50   that you recommended last time,

00:24:52   which replaces the escape key on iOS.

00:24:55   I've been using that a bunch.

00:24:56   It was a thing that I didn't know existed until now.

00:25:01   - Yeah, I first discovered this when, I think it was 2018,

00:25:06   When things by the task manager, by culture code,

00:25:10   they added this extensive keyboard navigation,

00:25:13   and they mentioned to me, by the way,

00:25:16   if you want to use any, like, if you want to use any

00:25:19   ask or escape feature, there's this system-wide

00:25:23   keyboard shortcut that is command period,

00:25:25   and it works everywhere, not just in things.

00:25:27   And I was like, oh, thanks, I didn't know that.

00:25:29   And I just kept that in the back of my mind for so long

00:25:31   that it just, I just thought that everybody knew,

00:25:35   But I guess not because like you have received many other replies on Twitter saying thank you for command full stop

00:25:41   So yeah, you're welcome. Didn't know that. Yeah

00:25:44   Myke let's talk a little bit about backstage

00:25:47   So I'm gonna put a link in the show notes to everything but you can go to relay.fm/backstage

00:25:52   Right, and that's where you'll find out a bunch of information about the show and you can subscribe to become a relay FM member

00:25:58   if you do

00:25:59   Subscribe to become a relay FM member or add backstage to your existing membership like to pay for that, too

00:26:04   It goes to helping support the day-to-day here at relay FM. Obviously, we're like every other company on the planet battling different and new

00:26:11   challenges right now so your support is as

00:26:14   Welcome now as it's ever been and so we would really appreciate it

00:26:18   But we wanted to provide more content for our relay FM members and backstage is one of these things and we're gonna

00:26:24   Basically take every month a different part of the podcast creation process and go through it in depth

00:26:30   So on the first episode we talk about how to come up with a topic and then on our next episode

00:26:36   We're going to talk about co-hosts and guests and how you would find them. We're taking questions from our audience

00:26:42   from all of you

00:26:44   especially from backstage listeners themselves to try and give people the

00:26:49   Advice that they may want when it comes to starting podcasts of their own

00:26:53   And so if you go to relay.fm/backstage

00:26:56   you can find out more, you can become a Relay FM member and help support us.

00:27:00   But if you are a Relay FM member supporting any show, if you want to support this one,

00:27:05   you will also get this as part of the Relay FM membership overall.

00:27:09   So it's not a separate subscription, but if you do subscribe that way,

00:27:14   it actually just goes to helping us run the company,

00:27:17   as opposed to necessarily going out to a host of shows and stuff like that.

00:27:20   When you do that episode, you should call it "Fantastic Guests and Where to Find Them".

00:27:24   I love that so much. Thank you. So you're welcome. You have the title already. Yeah,

00:27:34   we do. Perfect. Thank you. Yeah, it's really an exciting show. Recording episode one was a lot

00:27:39   of fun. I'm already looking forward to doing next month's. And yeah, I think it's fun to walk through

00:27:43   the process and what it takes. And already we've had questions from people that I wouldn't have

00:27:48   necessarily thought about, even though we've sort of lived it, haven't thought about things in this

00:27:52   way or that way necessarily on their own and so it's been it's been fun for the

00:27:55   two of us to go through this as well. Yeah yeah so please go sign up and go

00:28:00   check it out or just you know go check out that first episode and see if it's

00:28:03   right for you see if it's something that you want and I bet you're gonna love it

00:28:07   and you can find everything there and I'll show it. Yeah I'll make it a that

00:28:11   besides to this episode of Connected so it's really easy to find. Okay. I'll talk

00:28:15   a little bit about the Magic Keyboard. Most people who have reviewed them so

00:28:20   far ended up with the the bigger of the two the 12.9 is the one that y'all have

00:28:25   is what reviewers got sent but I use an 11 inch iPad Pro and I wanted to talk

00:28:30   about that experience a little bit and I know this is like follow forward because

00:28:36   the show's not out but I know this week on adapt Federico you and Ryan are going

00:28:40   to talk about the differences between the two which I'm looking forward to

00:28:42   hearing yeah because Ryan is one of the only mad lads who actually bought the

00:28:46   whole Kitten Kaboom! All right, he's got all of it. Oh, he bought everything. It's a wild

00:28:53   episode actually. Like, he's actually... Yeah, this is coming out tomorrow on Thursday, so

00:28:58   check it out because he has some thoughts and I think the final answer may surprise

00:29:04   you. So, yeah.

00:29:09   Like make sure to listen, there's a specific part when Ryan describes what he's using to

00:29:18   balance the iPad on his lap.

00:29:22   Please go listen to that.

00:29:23   Interesting, okay.

00:29:24   I'm very concerned.

00:29:26   Yes, you should be.

00:29:28   I might just help myself with that file early.

00:29:32   So the 11 inch, it is I think a fairly different experience in the 12.9 from what I can tell.

00:29:41   I will say off the bat, I agree with everything y'all said last week about the bit the build

00:29:45   quality, the angles, how we wish there was more flexibility in the viewing angles, the

00:29:51   keyboard being good, a backlight being awesome.

00:29:54   Agree with all of you, like all of those statements.

00:29:57   I'll say the 11 inch really does feel cramped in a way that I didn't expect.

00:30:02   Best I can tell the main key caps all the letters and everything are the same

00:30:06   size between the two keyboards but the other keys shift, delete, you know

00:30:11   brackets that sort of thing are all smaller. Now side by side is actually

00:30:15   very close to the 11 inch smart keyboard folio the outgoing model but I think it

00:30:21   feels worse here because you your fingers and brain are tricked in thinking

00:30:27   it's a laptop because well it is a laptop but it the keys are so similar to

00:30:33   what's on the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air it feels weird to have sort

00:30:38   of that overlaid the iPad experience and my guess is the 12.9 feels more spacious

00:30:44   because it's because it is and that it feels more like a laptop keyboard than

00:30:48   maybe the the 11. It's not that it's bad it's not that it's worse than the smart

00:30:55   keyboard folio but I think it's more noticeable on the right on the magic

00:30:58   keyboard. I feel the same way about the trackpad I like using the trackpad I had

00:31:03   reduced motion turned on on my iPad I don't want to turn it I don't want to I

00:31:07   had that off I don't want to turn it back on so I do miss some of like the

00:31:10   crazy animations but mine's a simplified experience but the trackpad feels good

00:31:16   it is loud that click is way louder than I expected which is something y'all said

00:31:19   but on the 11 it feels pretty small like if you're gonna scroll vertically say

00:31:24   that you load up a long web page and you want to scroll top to bottom, you're

00:31:29   picking up your fingers and moving them again. Quite a bunch a lot more than I

00:31:34   expected. Okay. I think it's partially that we're all spoiled by you know, the

00:31:38   external magic trackpad or the trackpad on the MacBook because those things are

00:31:41   just massive. Like battleships. Yeah. Oh yeah. I mean, it's like the the keyboard

00:31:46   the trackpad on the big MacBook Pro is like the screen of an iPad mini. It's

00:31:50   It's huge. Again, not a deal breaker, but it feels a little cramped. My guess is that

00:31:56   that feels better on the 12.9.

00:31:58   Yeah, I mean, I don't have those feelings about the trackpad. In using it for a week,

00:32:05   I don't feel like it's cramped. It doesn't bother me. Plus, I don't think I'm doing a

00:32:12   lot of big scrolling on the trackpad anyway. I do touch the screen still.

00:32:18   Yeah.

00:32:19   Sometimes.

00:32:20   you still do I feel like I'm the opposite. Not a lot but enough right like

00:32:25   I do still do things on the screen. I do too I really find my usage so far

00:32:32   I will use the trackpad but then once I touch the screen it's hard to stop right

00:32:37   so I have to reach up to do something or something that's just easier to do and

00:32:41   then it's like then my hand doesn't come back to the trackpad for a while it's

00:32:44   like oh yeah there's a trackpad down here I think that will just take time

00:32:47   We're going against 10 years of experience touching iPad screens.

00:32:52   Adding a trackpad to that is just going to take time to move.

00:32:54   But I do like having the trackpad.

00:32:57   It is so great for text editing.

00:33:00   That was a big frustration for me always on the iPad, especially in 13.

00:33:04   I really don't like the new like text gestures.

00:33:08   Yeah, those text gestures are a disaster.

00:33:11   They really are.

00:33:13   of the touch-based changes for text selection for iOS 13 have just never stuck for me.

00:33:19   But I can see what... I mean, it's easy to see now why they did it. They did it for this, but it just

00:33:26   took longer than expected to make those changes. Federico, do you disagree with that? Like, at all

00:33:33   about that the touch, like, text selection is so much worse than 13 on iPadOS? The text selection

00:33:39   is so much worse, especially because they got rid of the magnification loop when you're trying

00:33:45   to select text and you don't see what you're actually selecting. And I still don't understand

00:33:50   why that specific UI element had to go away. You can still select with one finger and make it,

00:33:59   you know, have a new selection system without having to necessarily remove that UI element,

00:34:07   which made text selection so much more accessible and easier to use.

00:34:11   And also, I just think that every day I try to double tap or select something,

00:34:18   and something weird happens. Whether it's like...

00:34:21   Whatever those shortcuts were that Craig Viderighi showed us,

00:34:24   I can't ever get them to work, right? Like, they don't work for me.

00:34:29   I can't do any of the like, "Oh, tap here to get this to..."

00:34:32   Like, it just doesn't... none of them work for me.

00:34:34   What I do, that I actually do quite frequently, is the tap with three fingers on screen to make the copy and paste menu appear.

00:34:43   So that I use. That's the only one.

00:34:45   That one I use. But the other stuff will like swipe to the left and you undo and like...

00:34:53   Like I even reviewed this stuff and I mentioned this.

00:34:56   I forgot that existed.

00:34:58   can actually copy and paste and undo and redo with gestures and I just I just I

00:35:03   never remember those I have a section in my iOS 13 review with demos like videos

00:35:08   and a list of all these gestures and I have also forgotten about them yeah

00:35:13   that's the bad thing like of the three of us you have definitely used these

00:35:17   things the most because you had to use them for the review and you don't even

00:35:21   remember them yeah it's one of those things like gestures that are the

00:35:26   The argument that they make that it's fine if normal people don't discover them because

00:35:32   these are for power users, and I understand that it makes sense on a theoretical level,

00:35:37   where the problem lies is that also power users are going to forget about them because

00:35:42   there's no visual affordance to them.

00:35:46   Like it's just something that you need to remember, and I feel like it's a hard ask

00:35:52   on people to say, "Just remember this set of like six different gestures that you're

00:35:56   never gonna actually see visually on screen, you're just gonna memorize them." And I feel

00:36:01   like especially if you're using the keyboard or if you have this visual element, you're

00:36:05   just gonna go, "You know what? I'm just gonna use Command + V or I'm just gonna use the

00:36:09   arrow keys to select text or I'm just gonna tap with three fingers on screen and I'm gonna

00:36:14   use the copy and paste buttons." And that's it. The problem is memorizing them and the

00:36:18   problem is that any combination of multiple fingers in a precise gesture, like, "Oh, swipe

00:36:26   exactly to the left with two fingers and you're going to do this, but only if you're in a

00:36:29   text field." I think those are just... So here's where I draw the line. Those gestures are

00:36:36   actually more difficult than the multitasking gestures that a lot of people complain about.

00:36:41   I think it's actually easier. It is easier to use Split View and Slide Over and drag

00:36:46   and drop than the new gestures for cut, copy and paste undo and redo.

00:36:51   Especially when like they never even double down on it anyway,

00:36:54   because I can still get the cut,

00:36:55   copy and paste thing to come up if I tap enough times, right?

00:36:58   Like the old little it's hiding in there. Yeah.

00:37:01   So I just don't really understand what the benefit of that was, but.

00:37:05   But all the text selection stuff is amazing with the keyboard,

00:37:10   and I really want Google to implement it so badly for Google Docs.

00:37:16   Oh, because they're not supported in any of the Google apps, I guess.

00:37:20   Yeah.

00:37:21   Well, it's on the list right after multiple windows.

00:37:24   I don't think that's going to happen.

00:37:27   Remember when that used to be in our follow up?

00:37:29   Uh huh. We just stopped it because it wasn't funny anymore.

00:37:31   It was just sad.

00:37:32   No, I think they're more likely to implement

00:37:36   the trackpad stuff than they are multiple windows.

00:37:40   Well, they just they don't use standard text windows.

00:37:43   So I just worry about that. Then we're having to re-implement it basically.

00:37:47   They've done it before. We had Eddie write into us with I think what is a perfect tweet after seeing

00:37:53   what did you say Steven on Twitter you were saying about how the 11 feels cramped and it

00:37:56   probably wouldn't on the 12.9? Yep. So Eddie tweeted and said "Steven has second thoughts

00:38:02   about the 12.9, orders it, realizes it's too big, goes back to the 11 inch, Myke and TG

00:38:07   roast him on an episode for always doing this." I think this is going to happen.

00:38:12   So just to make sure this has not happened yet, right?

00:38:14   Well, I don't know.

00:38:15   Who knows?

00:38:16   Who could know?

00:38:17   It is not.

00:38:17   But it will happen.

00:38:19   But it is going to happen, right?

00:38:22   I expect so.

00:38:23   No.

00:38:24   No!

00:38:25   At least in the next cycle you'll do it.

00:38:27   The 12.9 is too big for me.

00:38:29   Because I do use my iPad a fair bit for media stuff,

00:38:33   like on the couch or reading a bed or something.

00:38:36   And the 12.9 is just too big for that sort of thing.

00:38:40   The 11 is a nice size.

00:38:41   Just to make sure this has not happened yet.

00:38:43   No, it has not happened.

00:38:44   But why does it feel like it has?

00:38:46   Are you lying to us?

00:38:50   No, I'm not.

00:38:51   Is this why I was feeling weird before the show?

00:38:53   Is this something that you're not telling us?

00:38:54   Hand on heart.

00:38:55   There is not a 12.9 inch iPad in my house.

00:38:58   Okay.

00:38:59   Or on the way to my house.

00:39:01   Sure.

00:39:02   Okay.

00:39:03   We'll go with that.

00:39:05   Okay.

00:39:06   For now.

00:39:06   Myke, what is new on your desk?

00:39:10   So you remember the last episode, I referenced that like maybe a laptop stand could be a

00:39:19   good thing to try out, right?

00:39:21   Because the iPad is in essence a laptop.

00:39:24   So instead of having to take off the magic keyboard case and put it into the stand I

00:39:30   was using and then keep doing that backwards and forwards every time to maybe now just

00:39:34   use a laptop stand.

00:39:36   Well, there's been many developments in the past week. So I had been suggested from Thomas,

00:39:44   listener Thomas, to try the Roost laptop stand, which is a very cool laptop stand because it's

00:39:51   like a plastic thing, it's strong, but it's also collapsible, so it's like good for traveling. And

00:39:58   the height was pretty good actually. It gets to like, it can elevate a screen to like 11 inches

00:40:03   above a tabletop which that was I was pretty happy with that it was pretty high.

00:40:07   There was one problem with this stand though and you'll note it if you take a

00:40:11   look at the picture that I put in the show notes that I tweeted. Because the angle

00:40:15   doesn't go very far back on the iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard, it doesn't go as

00:40:20   far back as a laptop would, I had to elevate the front feet of the Roost stand

00:40:25   on another keyboard just to give me the angle that I wanted. And then when I

00:40:31   posted this picture, I got somebody sent me, I'm gonna find their name too, they sent me a link or

00:40:39   like a photo of somebody using another stand and they found out the name of the one for me.

00:40:43   I can't find this person's name but person out there who suggested the Nulexi stand,

00:40:51   that this is it boys. This thing is very serious. It's like this huge piece, multiple pieces of

00:41:00   of aluminium on some incredibly stiff hinges, but it is super, super adjustable.

00:41:07   And it can get up to 17 inches off of a desktop, which is quite significant.

00:41:15   But if you thought the hinges on the Magic Keyboard were tough,

00:41:19   this thing is next level.

00:41:20   And it really, I can get, it's very flexible because I can not only have it high,

00:41:28   I can also have it close to me.

00:41:30   Right. So like sometimes in using these types of stands, and I found that with

00:41:35   the Roost stand, the higher you make it go, kind of the further the screen gets

00:41:39   away from you just because of the way it was angled.

00:41:42   But with this one, because it's got a couple of hinges, it's got like a big

00:41:46   base plate and then there's like a hinge on a piece of metal and then there's like

00:41:50   a plate that goes on top that you put the laptop on that's also on a hinge.

00:41:53   So you can really angle it a lot.

00:41:55   You get a lot of flexibility over it.

00:41:57   And this is what I'm using right now. I'm really happy with this.

00:42:03   I'll also just answer because people will ask.

00:42:06   The keyboard that I'm using is called the Dygma Raise keyboard

00:42:09   and I'm using a Logitech Trackball ergonomic mouse, as well as a Magic Trackpad 2.

00:42:16   Can I ask you a question?

00:42:18   Yeah.

00:42:18   In the last product photo on Amazon for the new Luxi Stand,

00:42:23   Why is the right hand of the man in the photo so much bigger than the left hand and so disproportionately

00:42:30   huge compared to his head?

00:42:32   That's what happens when you... by adjusting this stand you significantly increase your

00:42:38   muscles in the right hand and so that's why the muscles of this guy's hand are so significant.

00:42:45   Okay.

00:42:46   Got it.

00:42:47   This thing looks like it's built like a tank, honestly.

00:42:50   100% feels like it's built like a tank. Like it really is a very strong thing.

00:42:57   But does it fold? Like can you do you actually close it when you're done working?

00:43:03   I mean I don't. I just leave it right. Like I just leave it set because I what I do is

00:43:10   this just allows me to pick up the magic keyboard. I take it into another room like I can and I am

00:43:15   using my iPad outside of my office more now because I don't need to do the whole thing

00:43:20   of like, take it out of the clear look clamp stand, put it into the bridge keyboard, like

00:43:25   I found that frustrating. So I would just come and sit in the office, but and do whatever

00:43:29   I need to do. But now all I got to do is just pick it up, which is what I so I'm using the

00:43:34   magic keyboard more this way than if I think if I was using it with the clear look stand

00:43:40   and taking it out of the stand right in taking it's always on because it's always there.

00:43:45   and it's just easier for me to just pick it up and I have the whole thing kind of there and with me

00:43:50   in the way that I want it to be. You should put something on the base of the stand,

00:43:54   you should put something there. Well I put like my phone there or something. Your phone works,

00:44:00   like a wireless charger maybe you could put in there. I could put some, yeah, but also at some

00:44:04   point I want to get a USB-C dock so that's probably where that will go. It was @kaycranzel

00:44:10   on Instagram who gave me the tip for this thing. I think it's great. This is what I'm

00:44:16   all about this one now. If you say "Hey Myke, what's your new iPad stand?" it's this one.

00:44:20   So the new Luxee is the new ClearLook stand. Yeah. Nice. This is the one I'm going to use

00:44:25   every day. RIP ClearLook. The ClearLook stand is great if you're just putting in, like if

00:44:32   you don't have the Magic Keyboard and you want to have your iPad at eye level and you're

00:44:38   using an external keyboard, which is what I recommend, especially for sitting at a desk

00:44:42   for long periods of time. It's great for that. But I don't want to have to be dealing with

00:44:48   all of that now. I just want it all to sit the laptop down, basically. So I treat my

00:44:54   iPad like a laptop now. That's that's what my iPad is for most of the time.

00:45:00   Very nice. Very nice. If I had the space, I would actually buy this, too. But my desk

00:45:05   is very small. You've been here, you know, my desk is very small. There's no room for

00:45:08   that kind of stand. So just to clear up something in the chat room, when I'm talking about removing

00:45:12   the iPad, I mean removing the iPad from the stand that I put it into. So like the Clearlook stand,

00:45:19   it's like a bit of a hassle to get it in and out because it has to hold it, like clamp it on to the

00:45:24   stand. Like obviously removing it from the Magic Keyboard is way easier than removing it from the

00:45:29   bridge, but once it's in the stand I then have to get it out of the stand and then when I want to

00:45:33   put it back in the stand, put it back in the stand and that's just like, it's just a frustration.

00:45:38   This is way easier now for me to just sit it down. And I'm really happy with the pass-through

00:45:43   charging. That's great. Because now I get the... Because I use a keyboard that connects via USB-C,

00:45:51   so I can now just have that plugged in all the time. Although it's kind of funny,

00:45:56   if I'm using my iPad and using the keyboard, because the keyboard needs power,

00:46:07   the power will drain. Like if I leave my iPad idle, I'm using like, um, I'm not using the big

00:46:15   charger, I'm using the charger that comes with the iPad Pro, right? So it's a USB-C charger,

00:46:20   but it's like, what, like 18 watt or something? If I leave it plugged in, like, it doesn't charge

00:46:27   very fast, it like basically just stabilizes, because there's a power draw constantly, which

00:46:31   is the keyboard, because it lights up. But that makes me happy, so, you know, choices.

00:46:37   Yeah, well the if you're charging through the magic keyboard anyways, it's rate limited.

00:46:42   Exactly. It's not as powerful.

00:46:44   Yeah, I noticed I was watching some stuff on Netflix and when I was done, basically the

00:46:49   battery was the same that the charge through the keyboard case and the charge of watching Netflix

00:46:54   basically canceled each other out. Which is interesting. Now this this looks good. This

00:47:00   stand looks like you could kill somebody with it. You 100% could. It is because like it it's

00:47:07   like weighted that you could put a 16 inch laptop on this. Yeah. Right, so like

00:47:11   it's it is basically... Which is what your iPad weighs now. Hey-o! It's like you know like

00:47:17   the Magic Keyboard is super heavy to balance things. This thing is super heavy

00:47:21   because it needs to balance everything, right? Yeah. Does it... is the plate that it

00:47:26   sits on, is that metal? Yes. So does the keyboard like want to attach to that a

00:47:31   little bit? Like is there any magnetic pull? No, I've had none of that. Okay. I

00:47:36   I didn't know if that was like a... I hadn't even thought of that but no there's no magnetic interference going on.

00:47:41   Okay, I don't think it would hurt anything. I was just curious.

00:47:43   Yeah, it's really adjustable this like you adjust the angle on the foot, the angle on the plate and then you can like extend it

00:47:51   as well. It's really very cool.

00:47:54   I'm very happy with this product. Good. So I also wanted to mention that

00:48:01   I've been adjusting to the Magic Keyboard. We mentioned last week that one of the

00:48:06   potential issues that I had with the keyboard was that my

00:48:10   fingers were touching the bottom edge of the iPad because of the floating design and the fact that the iPad is just

00:48:16   floating on top of the number row of the Magic Keyboard and for some reason the way that I type and just move my hands

00:48:22   I was bumping into the bottom edge of the iPad screen when using the Magic Keyboard

00:48:28   And I've noticed over the past week that that is happening way less often than before.

00:48:33   So as I hoped, I am adjusting to the Magic Keyboard.

00:48:37   I'm changing the way that my hands are placed on the keyboard, I guess.

00:48:43   So that aspect has been improving, and I'm very happy about this.

00:48:48   Because as I mentioned, this happened before with other iPad stands and keyboards.

00:48:53   I was getting kind of concerned like the first couple of days using the Magic Keyboard, but

00:48:58   now it's fine.

00:48:59   I think all this stuff just takes adjusting too, really.

00:49:02   Yeah.

00:49:03   I noticed that the older I get, I need more time to adjust to new input devices.

00:49:09   It's just like a weird quirk that I've learned about myself over time.

00:49:15   Welcome to your 40s.

00:49:16   Right, it's just like, "Oh, why does my knuckle hurt?"

00:49:20   It's like, "Oh, because I have a new trackpad."

00:49:23   So like I get like a weird pain in my hand for a couple of days and then it's fine again.

00:49:26   It's fine.

00:49:27   It's fine again.

00:49:28   All right, let's take a break and then we're going to get into the iPhone SE a little bit.

00:49:32   It's all follow up today, really.

00:49:34   But it's also not all follow up.

00:49:36   I mean, listeners, it's also topics.

00:49:38   It's like a it's like a it's like a jumble liar of stuff.

00:49:41   What?

00:49:42   jumble liar?

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00:51:05   SolarWinds for the support of the show and RelayFM. So my wife got her iPhone SE

00:51:12   on Friday. I wanted her to join us today but unfortunately that didn't work out

00:51:16   with her schedule but we talked about it and I have some some thoughts of hers to

00:51:20   share. I will say that this is the first product red phone that I've ever had we

00:51:25   ever had in the house. It looks really good. The red is really really nice and I

00:51:30   like that the cover glass is black. You know this was a change on the SE. It used

00:51:35   to be that red phones and white phones you know they would get white cover

00:51:39   glass above and below the screen but this is black I think it looks really good.

00:51:43   She opted for a black leather case so this thing just looks really awesome.

00:51:47   You can see like red sticking out the bottom and around the camera cut out looks really

00:51:50   cool.

00:51:51   That's nice.

00:51:52   I bet it looks good.

00:51:53   It does look good.

00:51:54   One thing that stands out a little bit to me is that the vibrate switch you know like

00:52:00   on like my 11 pro max it has a little orange line to note that it is in vibrate.

00:52:09   mode, I guess and on the red phone it is orange and is really pretty hard to see

00:52:15   so I tried to like pinpoint when Apple changed this because with the iPhone 5c and

00:52:20   Other phones in the past they would use a white

00:52:24   Line on the vibrate switch when it was hard to see the color

00:52:29   So my iPhone 5c's all use orange except for the pink one and it used white

00:52:35   Because the orange and the pink were too close together. You can't really see the the line

00:52:38   So I don't know when this changed but at some point since then I guess they've

00:52:44   just given up on this and using the same orange color for for all the phones and

00:52:49   I will say just some more time follow-up the chat room says the iPhone 7 the red

00:52:53   one was red and white with the iPhone 8 had red and black so red and black is

00:52:57   has been used before apparently but I don't know what the deal is with this

00:53:00   vibrate switch so that's just a little thing that I I noticed but it led me

00:53:04   down this, this like thought quest about the switch on the side of the iPhone.

00:53:10   It's been there since the very beginning to change your phone from making noise

00:53:15   to not making noise and you can go into settings and tell if that does that mean

00:53:18   vibrate or does that mean silent with no vibrate. But I just wonder like why the

00:53:23   phone still has this. The iPhones don't have home buttons or headphone jacks

00:53:26   anymore and this button this switch is not really found in the Android world.

00:53:31   Most Android phones combine volume down with like vibrate and completely silent.

00:53:37   You just keep trying to volume down and you move through those modes.

00:53:40   Some phones have it, but not the big popular ones.

00:53:43   Yeah, the mainstream phones, Android phones, this has basically disappeared.

00:53:47   I just wonder like why Apple keeps doing this.

00:53:49   A company that likes to get rid of switches and buttons.

00:53:53   Why has this lasted so long?

00:53:55   Do you guys have any thoughts on why Apple views this?

00:53:57   I think it's a very important physical switch.

00:54:00   Like if you go into a meeting and you don't want to get your phone out and you realise

00:54:05   "Oh I need to check if it's on silent" there's no way to do it.

00:54:09   You can put your hand in your pocket, you can put your hand in your purse and you can

00:54:13   toggle it or you can feel that it's toggled and you don't have to get the phone out.

00:54:20   If your phone starts making sounds you have an easy way to stop it making sounds.

00:54:25   I think that it requires a physical toggle.

00:54:29   I think it's very important for that.

00:54:31   And I think that's why they wouldn't get rid of it because I would imagine that

00:54:34   like,

00:54:35   this is a thing that everyone experiences in any kind of like work setting at

00:54:40   least. Right?

00:54:41   Yeah, absolutely. I think that is,

00:54:44   is definitely like the reason. I just wonder if that's like a,

00:54:48   if that's the reason a Gabbel views that is big enough because it's still,

00:54:52   still here. I like the Switch too for all those reasons. It's just,

00:54:56   I guess Apple really puts an importance on that. They have a lot,

00:54:58   have a lot of meetings. We still have volume controls, physical volume controls. We still

00:55:04   have a sleep/wake button and all of those things are replicated in other ways now. Like

00:55:09   you can turn on the phone by lifting it or touching the screen. You can't do that with

00:55:15   the SE though, right? It doesn't have tap to wake. It does not. Which is that would

00:55:19   break my brain now, trying to get my head on that. Totally used to that. And like the

00:55:24   volume, it's all in Control Center, right? But they still have those, because I think

00:55:27   that those buttons are important like the because people feel in their pockets

00:55:32   or like they don't see and they act on and act on those actions I think they're

00:55:39   important to have I assume y'all's phones are always in silent or vibrate

00:55:44   what's your stance here always silent no vibrate no vibrate vibrate never why

00:55:51   not look I don't want I don't want people to bother me are you an apple do

00:55:55   Do you have vibrate on your Apple Watch?

00:55:56   Uh, yeah.

00:55:58   Okay. So that's how you're getting notified.

00:56:01   Yeah. I have an Apple Watch. That vibrates.

00:56:03   Yeah, but like, never any sound.

00:56:08   Never vibrate on the phone.

00:56:10   Only haptics on the watch.

00:56:13   No sound on the watch either, of course.

00:56:15   Yeah, sound on the watch is bad.

00:56:17   No. No sound on the watch.

00:56:19   Come on. Come on. Don't do that.

00:56:22   That's bananas.

00:56:24   And also like, you know, you know, like, you know, my stance on receiving phone calls in

00:56:28   the morning, I have blocked people in my contact list who have tried to call me early in the

00:56:35   morning before 10 a.m.

00:56:36   It's like, if you call me before 10 a.m., then you don't know me as a person.

00:56:40   Like you don't deserve to be in my, in my contact list.

00:56:44   If you call me, like, why would you call me on the phone before 10 a.m.?

00:56:49   Like without telling me beforehand, like two days in advance, hey, I'm going to call you.

00:56:54   I'm not picking up. I don't want to have a phone call like at 9.30, you know, waking

00:57:00   up and being concerned that something horrible happened and it's just my random friend who

00:57:05   wants to have a conversation in the morning. You want to have a conversation in the morning?

00:57:09   Why would you even talk about breakfast? Disgraceful. So yeah, always on silent, never vibrate,

00:57:16   only optics on the watch. That's the way of life. But also I understand why some people

00:57:22   have vibration and I have vibrate on my phone. My watch is always on do not disturb, which

00:57:29   is basically opposite of how you used to live. Yes. Do not this do not disturb. No notifications

00:57:36   on my watch. I just don't want them. People change people change over time. My phone is

00:57:42   is 99% of the time on vibrate and I don't I've tried it being completely silent before

00:57:49   But I find that if I'm out and about I don't always notice the haptics on the watch

00:57:54   even if it's in like the strong haptics mode and so I

00:57:57   Tend to leave vibrate on on my phone almost all the time, especially like in the evenings. I take my my watch off

00:58:04   I don't wear my watch overnight and you know, sometimes there's a window of time before I'm in bed

00:58:08   We're like, yeah, it would be good to know if someone called me and it was important

00:58:11   So I leave the vibrate on I don't mind it

00:58:13   I do not disturb on my phone a bunch during the workday, you know

00:58:16   we're recording or I'm on a conference call or something so I can I can get rid

00:58:21   of it then my brother though leaves his phone silent no vibrate and doesn't wear

00:58:26   watch so like if he's not looking at his phone when you call see you got respect

00:58:29   respect for your brother that's the way to go if I didn't wear a watch I would

00:58:34   also go with that see like there are like emergency bypass exists for a

00:58:40   reason right something horrible happens you can enable that you can have

00:58:43   emergency bypass and if like mom needs to call you and she calls you like three

00:58:47   times in a row it's gonna ring it's gonna vibrate whatever like we have

00:58:52   enough disturbances in our lives we don't need our phones.

00:58:55   Wait, does emergency bypass ring loud?

00:58:58   Yeah it does I think.

00:59:00   I thought it was just to break through Do Not Disturb.

00:59:02   Yeah Sylvia has it I think I don't by the way.

00:59:06   So there's the emergency call her.

00:59:09   No, I mean, look, if something horrible happens at night, right? And I'm in another town and

00:59:15   I'm in lockdown. I mean, also when I'm not in lockdown, but I'm like in another town,

00:59:19   like what am I going to do? Right? Like if something horrible has happened, it has happened,

00:59:26   right? It's nothing I can do about it. Wow. No, I mean, you know, I'm going to see the

00:59:31   message when I wake up and I'm going to drive. Like I'm almost two hours away from my parents.

00:59:37   Right? So like, what am I supposed to do? And also I live with my girlfriend and I,

00:59:42   I don't want to say that I don't care about anyone else, but like, I don't think there's

00:59:46   anybody else that is going to call me for an emergency. Like I don't have any brothers,

00:59:50   I don't have any sisters, I don't have any cousins or whatever. It's like literally just

00:59:54   my mom. And I live with my girlfriend and my two dogs and my girlfriend has emergency

00:59:59   bypass. So her side of the family is taken care of. Like, what else am I supposed to

01:00:05   do, right? So I'm just gonna wake up and see the message. Maybe I'm a horrible person,

01:00:10   maybe I just respect my sleep schedule. Or try to, as much as possible.

01:00:15   Interesting. Yeah. We're all learning a lot today. Have you seen this thing about the

01:00:25   haptic touch notifications on the iPhone SE? So yeah, 3D touch is gone on this phone, it's

01:00:32   totally dead. Apple just doesn't want us to think about that it ever happened.

01:00:35   Which is like a whole weird thing on its own right like this major feature on the

01:00:39   iPhone 6s and it's gone four years later it's like ah it didn't pan out. This was an

01:00:44   issue with on the XR because you know the XR had haptic touch it was not

01:00:50   there so you couldn't you couldn't have it touch on notifications and deal with

01:00:54   them you had to do all this swiping around and it's fixed now you know the

01:00:59   11 Pro I can have it touch on notifications do what I want to do but

01:01:03   it's not present on the SE Matt Panzorino says that's working as

01:01:06   intended and not a bug and so there's that. Like if this is true that it's like

01:01:12   this is how we want it to be why under like why how is that useful for anybody?

01:01:19   So this this phone has optic touch right? Yes. Like this yes yeah this looks like a

01:01:25   bug? Like why wouldn't it have Aptik Touch for notifications?

01:01:31   Well, this sets it. It seems like a bug, right? But it seems like Matthew Panzorino has spoken

01:01:35   to somebody at Apple and told him it's not. Yeah, but why?

01:01:39   Exactly. Like, I believe that they have spoken, but

01:01:42   they're still wrong about it. Like, you can have a conversation and be wrong about something.

01:01:48   Why wouldn't it support Aptik for expanding notification?

01:01:52   All it does is it like brings up the like just expands the notification but doesn't

01:01:57   show you the information, right?

01:01:59   So you just see the full text of the notification but that's not what you want, right?

01:02:03   So like if I got a message from you I would just see the snippet that it shows in preview.

01:02:09   Yeah, well, I don't know.

01:02:11   It may not be a bug but it's a buggy opinion for sure to have that this shouldn't support.

01:02:19   It's just wrong.

01:02:20   Why wouldn't it?

01:02:22   a Taptic Engine inside the phone, the OS is the same, and yes, interactions are different

01:02:29   because one phone has a home button and the others don't. Still though, the UI element

01:02:34   notifications are exactly the same.

01:02:37   Yep, especially because when you swipe to the side and you press the View button, you

01:02:41   get the full preview. So it's not like it's a screen size problem.

01:02:45   It is literally the same interface and design. One phone has a home button and the other

01:02:52   doesn't, but that doesn't change. It doesn't change how you deal with notifications. And

01:02:57   the phone is capable of playing haptic feedback, so this is wrong and it should be fixed. There's

01:03:04   nothing else to say about this.

01:03:06   Yeah, like, if this was a choice that Apple made, they made the wrong choice. There is

01:03:13   no benefit.

01:03:14   I understand. You may have made this decision and you were wrong about it.

01:03:18   Yeah, it's okay. We can all be wrong.

01:03:21   Fix it. There's no big philosophical reason why this should be this way on the ESE.

01:03:28   So I could like if you told me well the ESE doesn't doesn't have

01:03:33   Haptic feedback and of course you wouldn't support it

01:03:37   Because you can make the argument that and by the way, we are sure that the ESE plays haptics, right?

01:03:44   Yes, it does. It does. Okay, so like I would have understood if like the argument was

01:03:51   "Well, it's weird to long press if the phone doesn't play haptic feedback for you."

01:03:58   That I could have maybe sort of accepted.

01:04:01   But with the current specs, like if it's got a haptic engine inside, it should absolutely

01:04:07   support expanding notifications with haptic touch.

01:04:10   And so, yeah.

01:04:11   Yeah, it's weird.

01:04:13   And it's a shame, because the rest of this phone is really solid.

01:04:17   She's really happy with the camera.

01:04:18   She loves it. It's the same size and touch ID and it's just it's a great value and it's

01:04:23   like why did y'all mess this up? Like if she hasn't noticed it yet coming from an 8 and

01:04:29   I don't know if she just uses notifications that way or not but I would bet money that

01:04:34   Apple turns this on at some point. Oh yeah yeah yeah. I think they've got to. For sure.

01:04:41   Yeah they have to. Like there's literally no reason why it shouldn't be supported. Like

01:04:48   You look at this without having the context of Panzerino and the tweets and the conversation

01:04:53   and you just go like, yeah, this is a bug.

01:04:55   Like it's so obvious.

01:04:57   As Koshakshi has pointed out in the chat, like you can long press on the iPad and get

01:05:02   this and that has no haptics.

01:05:03   Also, very good point.

01:05:05   So there you go.

01:05:07   So there you go.

01:05:08   Very solid point.

01:05:09   There's no reasoning.

01:05:10   There is no reasoning.

01:05:11   They just, for whatever reason, it's not there, but there's no good reason for it.

01:05:15   Maybe the context of the conversation was "it's not a bug" and what was omitted from

01:05:21   that tweet was "somebody forgot to implement it". Maybe that was the other part of the

01:05:26   sentence.

01:05:27   Or like "working as intended, but we did it wrong". We intended to ship it this way, but

01:05:35   didn't think about this feature.

01:05:36   Yeah, yeah. So it'll be added at some point I'm sure.

01:05:40   I wonder if it's in the 13.5 beta. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

01:05:44   put a beta on your no no no that's not what I meant I meant that someone in the

01:05:47   world will find out not okay no no somebody but now you know usually I think

01:05:52   what it was it was maybe iOS 11 or 10 several years ago I put iOS space in my

01:05:57   wife's phone like day one not the beta one it's the public release and it was

01:06:01   really really bad and so now I usually wait like a week for her I was like okay

01:06:05   we're gonna upgrade your watch and your phone and everything all at once you

01:06:09   know after a little while she's the opposite of me I'm gonna sell the beta

01:06:13   you know, in August. She doesn't need to deal with that.

01:06:17   No. Alright, let's take our final break and talk about our sponsor StoryWorth.

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01:07:55   to story worth for their support of the show and all of relay FM so WBC is

01:08:01   coming at some point yeah I was looking at my calendar today and realized that

01:08:07   we're kind of in which kind of which calendar app do you use Myke fantastic

01:08:11   Cal I like it yes I subscribe to it yes I'm happy to do so I use that app like

01:08:17   20 times a day I just I just love putting you on the spot like that I can

01:08:22   help myself I don't feel like I'm on the spot what

01:08:25   task manager you using big task boy you changed again this week or you I don't

01:08:28   Don't put me on the spot, that's so rude of you.

01:08:30   I put people on the spot, I don't get put on the spot.

01:08:33   Are you using a member of the milk?

01:08:35   Yes, I'm back to RTM as we all say amongst fellow RTM users.

01:08:43   Other milksters.

01:08:45   Well done.

01:08:47   I got a shout out for the milksters in the chat.

01:08:51   Any milksters in the chat?

01:08:56   So I was looking at my calendar today and realised that we're in the splash zone for

01:09:02   WWDC.

01:09:03   We're somewhere between 4 to 8 weeks away, which is really the window that we're in right

01:09:11   now which is kind of hilarious.

01:09:12   But, I don't know about you boys, but I'm realising quickly that this is going to be

01:09:20   unprecedented.

01:09:21   We have no idea what to expect.

01:09:22   Like, WWC has never happened like this before.

01:09:26   We don't know what Apple is going to have for us at that time.

01:09:30   We don't know how big the news is going to be.

01:09:32   We don't know if they're going to maybe just brush this year off a little bit.

01:09:37   The scope for this year is massive because there's so many things we would expect to

01:09:45   be a given that aren't.

01:09:48   We don't have any detail.

01:09:50   So I was wondering if or what you two are doing to prepare for this. I would expect

01:09:58   Federico is the one that probably has to think about this the most of the three of us because

01:10:03   assuming you are going to be reviewing whatever version of iOS ships this year. This is a

01:10:09   question, a sub-question. Do you have a baseline for what you would review?

01:10:16   Oh, what do you mean a baseline?

01:10:18   Like how much of an iOS update does it have to be?

01:10:23   Like what if they only, if they didn't do a lot?

01:10:26   Like if they were like we're gonna chill this year?

01:10:27   Oh well, then I'm gonna chill too.

01:10:30   Am I really gonna be chill?

01:10:32   But like imagine if there was an iOS 14, but it really didn't have a lot in it.

01:10:37   Like do you have like an internal baseline for what you, do you think that you would

01:10:42   at least look at it and be like "ah that's not enough to write a review about" or would

01:10:46   you always do it regardless?

01:10:47   I will always do it regardless because it needs to happen.

01:10:52   So that I will do no matter what.

01:10:54   If it's literally just a bunch of updates,

01:10:56   then I will do an article that says,

01:10:58   look, this is just a bunch of fixes.

01:11:00   And it's like 500 words.

01:11:02   I don't think it's going to happen.

01:11:03   I don't think they can afford to do that.

01:11:06   So I think I'm still going to be in a pretty good spot

01:11:08   in terms of there are going to be some features I

01:11:10   can write about.

01:11:11   There are going to be some changes that I can cover.

01:11:13   But if that ever happens, if it's

01:11:15   like a Snow Leopard release with like 500 bug fixes, I will try my best to cover at

01:11:22   least 200 of them, because the other 300 are likely going to be boring.

01:11:28   So I'm thinking about this a lot, of course, to answer your first question. I'm thinking

01:11:32   about this a lot in terms of like, what's it going to be like? What can I do? How can

01:11:35   I prepare? And basically what I'm thinking at the moment is that, looking back at last

01:11:41   year, I think readers really appreciated the fact that, for the first time, we had a series

01:11:48   of articles on Mac Stories in the summer covering certain features of iOS 13 that I was not

01:11:54   going to cover in my review. So things like family sharing, I believe, and Apple Maps,

01:12:02   changes in ARKit, I believe, accessibility. And in thinking about what am I going to do

01:12:07   this year, considering how the review went in September, we are going to continue this approach

01:12:13   and we are actually going to expand this kind of coverage in the summer. So to have standalone

01:12:19   stories and guides, if necessary, but like to break out some features from the main review

01:12:27   in a way that we have content coming to the site in the summer, especially in the months of July

01:12:33   in August when it tends to be a little quieter, and also to help me make sure that I don't have

01:12:40   to cover every single feature in my review, especially those features that tend to be,

01:12:45   for example, exclusive to the United States at first, or that maybe I'm just not that excited

01:12:51   about. So that we're going to continue. The second thought that I have at the moment is,

01:13:01   Because we don't have any frame of reference in terms of what is this event going to be like,

01:13:07   in terms of like the actual experience of WWDC from home as somebody who, you know,

01:13:14   goes to the conference every year, I know that it's going to be super different. But also I don't

01:13:18   think it'll be... I don't think Apple wants to make it like a small thing, like a more...

01:13:27   I think Apple wants to make it an event. I think Apple wants to give it a sense of participation

01:13:32   and audience involvement. I think they want it to be a big deal, even if it's going to be different

01:13:37   from usual. And so the thought that I have is we are also going to make it a big deal and trying

01:13:44   to make it an event for the full week, assuming it's going to be a full week, I believe so,

01:13:50   but we're also going to make it an event as much as possible. So try to not be sad about the fact

01:13:57   that there's no real WWDC, but still going to cover, you know, maybe the sessions,

01:14:03   in addition to the keynote, in addition to the State of the Union. Try and make it, you know,

01:14:09   an actual thing that people can follow over the course of the week. I'm also considering how

01:14:16   I can do a better job at acknowledging the fact that, despite my best intentions,

01:14:22   people are gonna install the beta, right, in the summer. And for many years I've held back on

01:14:30   sharing opinions and thoughts and maybe even shortcuts, for example, in the summer, saving

01:14:37   them for September to have this big splash, right, with my review. And I'm still gonna do that,

01:14:43   because, you know, so much of the fall season at Mech Stories revolves around this big review.

01:14:53   But also I think I should be more proactive in sharing some thoughts and shortcuts and just

01:15:00   things about the new OS release in the summer. I don't want to just disappear. And I think I've

01:15:06   done a better job at this, honestly, especially in the past couple of years, but I want to do more.

01:15:11   it's fine if I share an article in August instead of waiting for September, because I'm still gonna

01:15:17   have content in September. That's not gonna be an issue. And especially with shortcuts, like, I see

01:15:23   all these people sharing shortcuts in advance, and I'm like "No, no, I'm not supposed to share these

01:15:27   shortcuts in July, because I gotta wait for September." And I don't want to do that anymore,

01:15:32   because I know that my members and my readers are gonna install the beta anyway, and so I'm like,

01:15:36   why am I imposing this deadline on myself or this obligation not to share beta stuff

01:15:43   because I need to wait for September? Whatever. Members and readers are using the beta and I

01:15:49   should just acknowledge that and give them some beta content in the summer because it's fine.

01:15:55   So you're expecting to share a little bit more than you normally would?

01:16:01   Yeah, that's what I'm planning to do, honestly.

01:16:05   Is that you or MaxStories? Both. Both. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I want to make sure that, especially

01:16:12   now that we have public betas, right, so many more people install the beta on their primary devices

01:16:17   than before, especially when it's like late July and August. What I'm not saying that the beta is

01:16:24   finished, but it's in a relatively more advanced stage compared to like the first week of June.

01:16:31   Lastly, I want to see, and this is more like speaking strictly about the review and my process,

01:16:39   I want to see if I can do a better job at organizing my research material for the review.

01:16:46   So the writing part, I'm pretty much set in IaWriter. I really love that text editor,

01:16:54   and I know that Ulysses is coming out soon with some pretty big changes for

01:16:58   organizing your research material inside Ulysses, but I really depend on IARider because of the

01:17:06   custom template feature that they have. So I can preview my stories in IARider exactly as they

01:17:14   will look on the site. So the custom preview stuff that they do, that is really vital to the way that

01:17:20   that I want to see how my stories turn out, visually speaking.

01:17:24   But I am dissatisfied at the moment

01:17:28   with the setup that I have for organizing research material.

01:17:32   And I need to blame Mr. Stephen Hackett

01:17:37   for making me second guess my setup.

01:17:40   - Yes. - Because in tomorrow's

01:17:42   installment of the Club Max Stories monthly log newsletter,

01:17:46   Steven will share as a post about Devonthink, and as a screenshot of his Devonthink setup.

01:17:56   And looking at that screenshot has made me really jealous of Steven, in a good way.

01:18:01   I don't have any negative feelings for you, Steven.

01:18:04   But just jealous on a geeky level, if you know what I mean.

01:18:07   Like that looks super hot, honestly.

01:18:09   Jealousy doesn't have to be negativity.

01:18:12   I think if you're jealous of something for someone, that can actually be a positive thing

01:18:16   Yeah, there needs to be a better word of it.

01:18:19   Yeah, and there is no good word.

01:18:22   There's no good word, like, jealous in a good way.

01:18:24   I don't know.

01:18:25   But like, I look at that sidebar that Steven has

01:18:28   in Devontink, and like, yeah, that is super nice.

01:18:32   And like, over the past couple of years,

01:18:35   so research material, what do I mean?

01:18:37   I have a couple of PDF documents

01:18:39   that I need to study every year for iOS and iPadOS.

01:18:45   And of course, there's a whole documentation website

01:18:49   on the Apple Developer Portal.

01:18:53   So API stuff, framework stuff.

01:18:56   And I have a lot of questions at the moment, basically.

01:18:59   Do I want to also save those web pages as PDF documents,

01:19:02   or do I want to save them as web archives?

01:19:05   And I'm currently looking at a bunch of apps, right?

01:19:08   Raindrop, which is the app that I regularly use

01:19:12   for my personal bookmarks.

01:19:14   So like Pokemon stuff, Nintendo stuff,

01:19:18   music that I wanna buy online,

01:19:20   or restaurants I wanna go to, like actual bookmarks.

01:19:23   Also has support for archiving webpages offline,

01:19:28   and also lets me upload PDF documents,

01:19:31   but it does not let me annotate those documents in any way.

01:19:35   DevOnThink, of course, is an option.

01:19:39   DevOnThink 3 is the latest version on the Mac,

01:19:43   But the iOS version and the iPadOS version

01:19:45   is a little bit behind compared to the Mac app.

01:19:48   I know that the DevOnThink developers have said

01:19:51   that the iOS client is a priority in 2020.

01:19:54   And I know that I'm on the test flight for DevOnThink,

01:19:58   and I have noticed that lately they have increased

01:20:01   like the, just like the features and the fixes

01:20:05   that they're bringing to the iOS and iPadOS version.

01:20:08   So maybe DevOnThink could be an option.

01:20:11   I still love Apple Notes also, just for taking notes and organizing text-based notes, but

01:20:20   it doesn't necessarily behave that well for web archives or PDF documents.

01:20:26   Those are basically attachments, and you cannot search them.

01:20:31   There's Keepit, which is another sort of dev on think-like application.

01:20:37   KeepIt is actually as feature parity between the Mac and an iPadOS version and an iPhone

01:20:44   version.

01:20:45   But every time I test KeepIt, I always run into some kind of weird sync issue or like

01:20:52   visual glitch or like some other technical problem that every time I look at the app

01:20:57   and I'm like, "I really want to use it, but the experience is not that polished for me."

01:21:05   Yep, same.

01:21:07   And finally, there's this new app called Highlights, which we reviewed on Mac Stories a couple

01:21:12   of weeks ago.

01:21:14   It's a PDF research tool that looks really good and is designed for academics and students,

01:21:22   people who really need to take a lot of notes and annotate PDF documents specifically.

01:21:28   And Highlights is interesting because it has integration with a bunch of third-party apps

01:21:33   like Bear and Apple Notes and Devon Think and I believe also OmniFocus to let you export those

01:21:39   highlights to external apps. So basically I'm asking myself a lot of questions at the moment

01:21:46   because the writing part is set and I love my my current setup in iA writer. Storing screenshots,

01:21:55   I'm also set. I use iCloud drive, I have a whole setup with scriptable and shortcuts and that works

01:22:03   beautifully. But storing research material, I really don't know what to do at the moment.

01:22:10   And I guess my main question is, should I go back to DevOnThink? Even though the iOS and iPadOS

01:22:18   version is very much behind the Mac version, but given what the DevOnThink developers have said,

01:22:24   and given what I'm seeing in the test flight, is this maybe a good investment for the future,

01:22:30   based on where things are going. But that leads me to a second question of if I use devonthink,

01:22:37   am I going to use it strictly for work stuff? Am I still going to be using Raindrop for

01:22:44   personal bookmarks? I don't want to be in a situation where in devonthink I have both my

01:22:49   Pokemon links and a detailed explanation of the latest APIs in iOS 14. I want to make them

01:22:59   separate. So I think, and maybe Steven you can talk me out of this or you can talk

01:23:04   me into this, I'm leaning toward using Raindrop for personal bookmarks and just

01:23:11   random stuff from the web and embracing dev on think for an archive of research

01:23:18   material for each version of iOS and actually rebuilding my entire database

01:23:23   of. I believe I have documentation stuff laying around since going back to the days of iOS

01:23:31   9. So maybe I should do that. I don't know. I think you should do it. And I think you

01:23:36   really should have strong boundaries around what goes into DevanThink. So mine is computer

01:23:41   history stuff, right? And anything that's not that goes in Apple Notes or somewhere

01:23:47   else. And I mean, the beauty of it is that you can search across all of it really quickly.

01:23:52   So say that you just say that I was 14 changes some API and you wanted to look over like well

01:23:57   Where's that been over the last few years?

01:23:59   You could quickly pull that together and the search is why I'm there because it is so

01:24:04   So good and because it's an island right? It's just my computer history stuff. This is not in finder

01:24:12   It's not a Dropbox it is in definitely kind of really like that. I have this

01:24:16   Research tool when I need it and when I don't need it

01:24:19   I can just you know close the app and it's not in my face all the time. So I've been really happy with that

01:24:24   Separation and I think you would be too. I think you should look into this

01:24:28   Yeah, I think I'm probably going to be using this. So most likely most likely we're looking at a combination of

01:24:36   the following apps

01:24:39   IaRider

01:24:40   For just writing the review Apple notes for taking text notes

01:24:45   and DevOnThink to store PDF documents and web archives. Most likely PDF documents, because then

01:24:53   I can annotate them and highlight stuff. I don't think you can highlight anything on a web archive.

01:24:58   And also MindNode for my mind map, because I'm not using iThoughts anymore, I'm using MindNode,

01:25:04   which also works nicely with external displays and all that kind of stuff. So,

01:25:11   Yeah, I think I'm gonna be spending like a weekend recollecting all the documentation that I have

01:25:18   for older versions of iOS and throwing everything together in DevOnThink. Because like the search

01:25:23   in DevOnThink, as you mentioned, is really good and you can do some crazy things with the search

01:25:27   operators. Like I remember they have this advanced search operator called the "near" operator and that

01:25:34   basically allows you to search for a word that is near another word, and you can actually

01:25:41   tweak the number of words that should be in the proximity of each other. So I want to search for

01:25:49   the word "hackett", but it needs to be within one word of the word "Mac" or "Steven", for example.

01:26:00   So like that allows you to really nail down something that you're looking for.

01:26:05   So yeah, maybe. I don't know, I just wish the iOS version was better.

01:26:10   Yeah, it's pretty rough.

01:26:11   For me, this just makes me wish that I had a team of people. So I could like, I wish I had a John

01:26:19   and a Ryan, like go write these things, but I don't. For me, I'm gonna really look, Federica,

01:26:24   what you're looking at doing of trickling stuff out over the summer and fall. I did some of that,

01:26:29   I wrote about dark mode in advance before that was a thing a couple years ago and I think it's I don't

01:26:36   know if I did anything in Catalina or not in advance but I want to find smaller topics that

01:26:40   I can write about and just refer to in in my Mac OS review which I do plan on doing again this year.

01:26:46   For me though it's all about the the time that I get for it and so it will be it'll be you know

01:26:54   more in line with what I've done in the past I don't think I'm really looking to expand the format

01:26:57   of my review.

01:27:00   I am really hoping that it is a small year for macOS.

01:27:03   I'm on the train that they shouldn't have at least every year anyways.

01:27:06   Until that comes true, I think it'll be pretty small.

01:27:11   I think the possible wrench in the works for me is if we see an official plan from Apple

01:27:19   about the transition to ARM, if that begins this summer, that really could change what

01:27:26   I do? Or you know, there's a lot of unknowns around that, right? What if there's like a

01:27:29   developer hardware? Well, I have a developer account, I would try to get my hands on that

01:27:33   hardware. But that comes with a different NDA than just like what they talk about in

01:27:37   the session. So that is really sort of the thing I'm looking out for that could really

01:27:41   complicate the rest of my summer and fall of his arm happening. But short of that, you

01:27:46   know, I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with Mac OS and kind of getting into it

01:27:51   piece by piece as the year unfolds.

01:27:53   Myke, what are you planning for your TV OS review?

01:27:56   Oh, I'm gonna like get some review TV hardware and just like three TVs going at once. One

01:28:07   in dark mode, one in light mode, you know, so I can make sure I get all my screenshots

01:28:11   and stuff. And then there'll be one which is like my personal TV. Because you know,

01:28:16   you don't want to mess all that up, right? You don't want to get your TV all messed up.

01:28:19   So...

01:28:20   Sure.

01:28:21   thinking about, you know, like, do I wanna,

01:28:24   do I wanna transition away from a stack of paper notebooks

01:28:26   this year to Apple notes for all my research, you know?

01:28:31   And, you know, thinking about like setting up a Plex server

01:28:34   to download all the tvOS sessions

01:28:36   so I can watch them on the TV

01:28:38   in picture in picture mode probably.

01:28:40   - You should ask Casey about it.

01:28:41   - I'm gonna, I'm gonna.

01:28:43   Yeah, so really look at, you know, like this year,

01:28:46   it's probably, you know, of all the platforms,

01:28:47   expect tvos to get like real solid attention in the priority list for this year so really looking

01:28:57   forward to the tvos review can't wait can't wait to do it very nice me too no i'm not doing anything

01:29:03   i am wondering like what what like you know for me it's just like planning out podcast related

01:29:10   stuff over that period of time and what I'm likely to cover because I will have

01:29:17   more time during whatever WWDC is than I normally do and I'm not sure if I'm

01:29:25   gonna want to consume session related content and stuff like that like I just

01:29:30   I feel like I will have the opportunity to do things differently than normal and

01:29:37   and I'm just still wondering myself, like, what is that going to look like?

01:29:42   Like, I'm just intrigued, really.

01:29:47   And it's one of those things where, like, everyone who is in the media

01:29:52   and then also, like, everyone who cares about following the news,

01:29:57   I just really hope that Apple give us a little bit of an idea

01:30:04   to what they want to do in advance of it happening.

01:30:07   You know, like that there will be an email or an update to the WWDC webpage

01:30:16   like a week or two at least before it begins stating not only when they plan to do things,

01:30:23   but what they're actually doing.

01:30:25   Right, like, will there be sessions?

01:30:29   Like, will there be labs?

01:30:30   Like, will there be keynotes?

01:30:31   What are they, what's it all going to look like?

01:30:34   I just hope that they share some of that stuff in advance so people can plan.

01:30:43   Because it's not just the media here that need to plan.

01:30:49   Developers who have jobs that do not have the luxury now of traveling, they will be

01:30:56   expected to be working.

01:30:59   I can imagine if you're able to get your company to pay to fly you out, they're expecting you

01:31:05   go to the conference.

01:31:06   I bet it is way harder to convince people to give you the time right now.

01:31:11   Just give me a week.

01:31:12   No, you work for a week.

01:31:15   I can imagine it's a little bit trickier.

01:31:17   I wonder how that's going down with companies.

01:31:21   But yeah, I am keen to see how it's all going to pan out and I hope that we get a little

01:31:28   bit of advanced notice.

01:31:31   Yeah, that's a very good point also. Yeah, I really hope that, despite the fact that

01:31:37   there's not going to be an event, they still should do some kind of keynote, like invitations

01:31:43   for the press somehow. Not in the physical sense, like I don't expect them to invite

01:31:48   them.

01:31:49   They will do it. They'll be like "Oh, the keynote's gonna be at La..." Alright, they'll

01:31:52   send that out to the press for sure.

01:31:54   But it's all remote, right? And maybe if you...

01:31:57   Yeah, oh yeah, like see you online.

01:31:59   Yeah, something like that.

01:32:01   Apple Zoom.

01:32:02   Who's our Zoom? Yeah.

01:32:03   Yeah, it's a brave new world and we'll just see how it goes. But I think it'll be interesting

01:32:11   to see how they, not only like what they do, but how well it goes, right? Will the feeling

01:32:17   in the developer community be that, wow, this was great, we don't need in person stuff? Or is the

01:32:23   the feeling gonna be wow this really this wasn't as good as it is in person

01:32:28   I feel like there will be an overall feeling in the community about it I just

01:32:30   don't know where what that's gonna be time will tell I think that does it mmm

01:32:35   if you want to find links to stuff we spoke about head on over to our website

01:32:39   relay.fm / connected / 292 while you're there you can send us an email with

01:32:44   feedback or follow up you can become a member and support connected directly

01:32:49   which we would appreciate of course you can find us all on Twitter you can find

01:32:53   And Myke there is I M y ke Myke is the host of a whole bunch of shows including backstage

01:32:59   if you're a relay FM member. You can find Federico online is Vitti VIT I CCI. He's the

01:33:05   editor in chief of Max stories.net. Federico, we didn't get to say anything, but you guys

01:33:11   have something new coming on Friday.

01:33:12   Yeah, we announced today a new max stories podcast. It's called Max stories unwind. And

01:33:19   it's basically going to be every Friday, 20 minutes or so, a recap of the week. So everything

01:33:24   that we've done at Mac Stories, App Stories, and Club Mac Stories. So like a guide to everything

01:33:30   that we've done. And in the second half of the show, it's right there in the title, "Media

01:33:37   Recommendations to Unwind and Relax Over the Weekend." So we thought that this would be

01:33:42   a good time for all of us to maybe find distractions and find maybe a great new TV show or a great

01:33:48   new video game or book or article from the web or whatever. Anything is fine. Just something

01:33:54   to pass the time and relax and unwind over the weekend.

01:33:57   Will you be drinking wine during that show? I feel like you should be.

01:34:03   Maybe, but I don't want to be like one of those shows where they begin and every time

01:34:07   they're like "I'm Federico and I'm drinking this."

01:34:10   No, you don't need to do that. But like, I feel like it's required. The show is called

01:34:16   unwind. Right? Like either that or you need to wear a robe. Or be in the bath. Or be in

01:34:24   the bath. Both things I may be already doing and you just don't know about it. Well no,

01:34:29   because whenever you do have wine you can't help but tell us that you have it. That's

01:34:35   also very true. That's also very true. Boys, I'm drinking wine! That's usually how the

01:34:39   the call begins when Puerto Rico has wine. You do know me. You do know me. So yeah, I

01:34:45   just think you got to or you know what? I'm very intrigued about the music for this show.

01:34:51   I haven't listened to the trailer yet. Does the trailer have the music? It does, but it's

01:34:56   actually a very simple sound effect. It's kind of newsy. Now you see, I want something

01:35:02   that like eases me into the vibe, you know, like some saxophone music or something. Yes.

01:35:08   Well, I don't want to put you too much in the vibe, otherwise you're going to stop listening

01:35:11   and do something else.

01:35:12   Yeah.

01:35:13   No, no, I'll be more likely to listen because if I'm unwinding, what else am I doing?

01:35:17   I don't...

01:35:18   No, see, I've listened to it.

01:35:19   That's not unwindy enough for me, Federico.

01:35:22   I need something that's like... bringing me down.

01:35:26   Okay, look, we are going to look into commissioning some unwindy music for the second segment

01:35:36   of the show.

01:35:37   Perfect.

01:35:38   unwind we're gonna play. Oh right because if we've got business at the front, unwinding at the back.

01:35:44   Right it's like it's like you know it's like the mullet of podcasts basically. Well kind of. Mullets

01:35:52   are not really known for unwinding but you know we can go with that. We will look into proper music

01:35:59   for unwinding in the second half of the show. Excellent thank you. You can find me on Twitter

01:36:04   as I estimate. And you can find me at 512pixels.net. 512 Pixels on YouTube. I should say, while

01:36:15   we're teasing things, the chat room has suggested I do a video identifying dongles by touch

01:36:21   with blindfolded. Let's just say that's coming next week. So keep an eye out for that. I'd

01:36:26   like to thank our sponsors this week. They are StoryWorth, Pingdom, and SaneBox. Until

01:36:32   next time, gentlemen, say goodbye.

01:36:34   Adios.