290: You Strike Me as a Wheel Guy


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 290.

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00:00:17   My name is Stephen Hackett

00:00:18   and I'm joined by Mr. Federico Petici.

00:00:20   - Ciao, Stephen.

00:00:21   - Hola.

00:00:23   - Hi, how are you?

00:00:24   - I'm good, how are you?

00:00:25   - I'm good, actually, yes, I'm very good.

00:00:28   - I'm glad to hear that.

00:00:29   joined by our friend Myke Hurley. If WWDC is the week of June 22nd it will

00:00:37   coincide over episode 300 so we can all wait for that. Go 22 then! We're team 22

00:00:45   now. Team June 22. Yes there's no way it's the first week of June now I mean

00:00:49   they can do it any time. It's not gonna be the first week no not at all it's not gonna be the

00:00:53   first week but that's the fourth week but it's still a full week. I think it

00:00:56   Maybe the week before.

00:00:58   The first week of June starts with the first, right?

00:01:00   - You know it's gonna be like, $2.99, right?

00:01:02   And it's just like, you've ruined it for everyone.

00:01:04   - Well, that's the most connected thing.

00:01:06   - That's true, actually.

00:01:07   - It would actually be perfect.

00:01:08   - Episode 200, y'all weren't on.

00:01:11   Or whatever it was.

00:01:12   - Oh, yeah, yeah, episode 200,

00:01:14   me and Federico were both on holiday.

00:01:16   - I had John and Underscore on, I think?

00:01:18   - I think so.

00:01:19   - Or John and Casey, I don't remember.

00:01:20   - You haven't asked Myke how he's doing.

00:01:22   - Oh, I'm sorry, Myke, how are you?

00:01:25   - Terrible.

00:01:26   No.

00:01:27   You actually, you had Casey and John.

00:01:30   Casey, Liz and John Voorhees were your guests.

00:01:33   But you're terrible?

00:01:34   Yeah.

00:01:35   I'm sorry.

00:01:36   No.

00:01:37   Let's see if we can cheer you up because we have a lot of fun nerd stuff to talk about.

00:01:41   Can we just like nerd out for an hour and a half?

00:01:43   Oh yeah.

00:01:44   We have a bunch of follow up and I made a promise to y'all that I haven't been able

00:01:48   to keep.

00:01:49   So last time we spoke about me hooking my Mac Pro up to a bunch of, or like an old Apple

00:01:54   studio display and I had some issues with that and testing but it was something that

00:01:59   only eBay could fix and I hope to have that ready for y'all next week.

00:02:03   So did you like to send it to eBay?

00:02:07   Well no I had to buy a couple things on eBay.

00:02:10   I had this video adapter that was bad and then this other issue it was like it basically

00:02:14   all fell apart but I really want to do it so I plan on having that ready for next week's

00:02:17   show so I guess stay tuned if you're ready for that hot content.

00:02:21   I am.

00:02:22   It'll be longer than my iPod Nanotubes video though, I promise.

00:02:26   YouTube faker of your one minute video.

00:02:29   People are mad about that.

00:02:30   How dare you.

00:02:31   It wasn't even a minute.

00:02:33   Before the end card it's like 46 seconds and some people thought it was a teaser.

00:02:38   I was like, "Nope, that's the video."

00:02:40   I like that thinking, right?

00:02:43   What is a teaser for?

00:02:45   What is the longer video that could be done about iPod Nanotubes which were just little

00:02:51   rubber cases for iPod nano. You learned everything you need to know in the video

00:02:57   there were five colors it was 29 bucks for the set and they were terrible. Kind

00:03:01   of difficult to get in your pocket. Yeah yeah really hard to get off the end. I

00:03:05   completely forgotten about those until... was this a new acquisition for you? No

00:03:11   so okay so I tell you what happened so in looking for the parts I needed for the

00:03:15   studio display project I found a set of these in a box in my office I didn't

00:03:21   I had them. Oh, and I was like, oh I'll do a little like thing on this in the meantime

00:03:25   And then I read about them is like there's nothing here

00:03:28   And then I thought I should make a video about nothing and that's what I did

00:03:32   Do you think that this is I mean

00:03:34   This is definitely going to happen more to you in your life that you come across things. You didn't know that you owned

00:03:38   Oh, yeah concerning realization

00:03:40   As long as it doesn't become oh, I didn't know that there was like a fourth kid running around the house

00:03:45   I think that's the line but you know, I got a lot of computers it things get out hand and a lot kids just three

00:03:51   So that's a lot. It's 300% more than you. Is that how math works?

00:03:56   I think it could be any, right? Like 3000%?

00:04:00   That's a lot of computers per capita in your house, Stephen.

00:04:04   Oh yeah, it's a very high density.

00:04:10   I have four computers in arm's reach right now. Five, actually. And the per capita is

00:04:17   still way higher in your home.

00:04:19   Yeah. Yeah. I mean, there's like, I don't know.

00:04:22   I would like for you not only on next week's episode to come to the show with your answer

00:04:29   about can you run the old studio display from Mac Pro, but also the what is the computer

00:04:36   per capita in the Hackett household. And we can make this like a universal connected standard

00:04:44   that everybody else can convert to and from.

00:04:47   Does CPC the computer per capita?

00:04:49   Yeah, okay, but like you know how you know how like most not most but like a lot of

00:04:54   Measurements have like a physical thing that they were attached to like what is it?

00:05:00   Is it like the kilogram kilogram which was updated last year?

00:05:03   Yeah, where they like the kilogram is an actual thing and then everything's measured to the kilogram

00:05:08   Yeah, like the CPC can be or as David and the chat room says we could just call it the Hackett number

00:05:14   Which is great. The Hackett number is the

00:05:18   Equivalent of computer per capita. Yeah that all connected listeners can job that

00:05:23   That David in the chat room was on Mac power users last week Wow nepotism

00:05:27   All right, so I will work on that. Okay, so I need some rules. Are we just talking about computers?

00:05:34   Does it include iPads and iPhones or just like what is this? What is a computer? Come on?

00:05:40   No, I think you draw the line on iPad iPad not

00:05:44   Okay, iPad and up. iPad and up. So no iPhone no watch? No iPhone no watch.

00:05:50   That's how I would because I don't think of phones as computers. Okay, so computer. Okay, so iPads, Apple IIs.

00:05:56   No video game consoles. Yeah, that's fine. I just have a couple. Gaming PC is a computer though.

00:06:02   I don't have any of those. But if you did it would it would count. Yeah, okay.

00:06:06   So iPads, Macs, PCs, Apple IIs. No Apple TV.

00:06:11   You know how we can we can like make the distinction now like we can actually do it now a computer is can you attach a

00:06:17   Keyboard and mouse to it. Well, though that doesn't really work because if you ever you could do that with a game cube

00:06:22   so

00:06:25   Asterisk not gaming console

00:06:28   Okay, so I've had enough I think we know what that means

00:06:33   No, no game consoles. It is a keyboard with an Apple TV. I think you can no game console

00:06:41   or set top boxes.

00:06:43   - Yeah.

00:06:44   Do you have a lot of those?

00:06:45   - I will report back.

00:06:47   Do you want, okay, okay, I know what I can do.

00:06:49   I will report back next week.

00:06:51   That's what I'm doing with my weekend, it's counting.

00:06:54   - What else you got to do?

00:06:55   - It will actually be good, that's true,

00:06:57   I can't go anywhere.

00:06:58   That actually be good.

00:06:59   - It's probably time to run inventory.

00:07:00   - That's the thing, I know the inventory on my site

00:07:03   is out of date, but I don't know how, so.

00:07:05   'Cause at some point--

00:07:06   - You have an inventory on your website?

00:07:07   - Yeah.

00:07:08   You know where you should put this database, Steven?

00:07:12   If you say Notion--

00:07:13   Notion.

00:07:13   No.

00:07:14   [LAUGHTER]

00:07:19   There is a collection.

00:07:20   Yeah, I'll put it in the show notes.

00:07:22   512pixels.net/projects/applause.

00:07:25   Have you heard of Notion?

00:07:27   Have you heard of Notion?

00:07:28   Is it in Notion?

00:07:29   I have.

00:07:30   Have you heard of Notion?

00:07:31   You should put it in Notion.

00:07:33   All right.

00:07:33   So there's that page.

00:07:34   I have it in the show notes.

00:07:36   I will update this as well as I go through it.

00:07:38   - What about X-Serves?

00:07:39   They count as computers.

00:07:40   Servers are computers.

00:07:41   - Yes, they do.

00:07:42   - Okay, now for some real follow-up.

00:07:46   We've been talking about old pages on Apple's website,

00:07:49   and Andrew pointed us to what frankly is an amazing,

00:07:54   amazing page because it is completely intact.

00:07:57   It is the feedback page for Aperture.

00:07:59   So let me just read you some from this page, if I may.

00:08:02   To contact the Aperture team,

00:08:04   begin by selecting your feedback or request type.

00:08:07   Use the form below to send us your comments.

00:08:08   We read all feedback, but are unable to respond

00:08:11   to each submission individually.

00:08:13   Here are the request types.

00:08:14   Help, report a problem, report a problem with a book,

00:08:18   Aperture doesn't support my camera,

00:08:21   I have a feature request.

00:08:22   Federico, you will be happy to know,

00:08:27   because I'm sure you've forgotten,

00:08:28   I wrote a thing on Mac Stories about Aperture

00:08:30   that we can have in the show.

00:08:31   - Yes, I do remember that, I also remember that.

00:08:32   And in using this website, I also found a link

00:08:35   the Aperture discussion forums, and I will tell you that this person named Terrence Devlin has

00:08:41   been very active on the forums. Terrence has a bunch of issues with Aperture. For example,

00:08:47   difference in file size between Aperture versus QuickTime, and then alt caps "please help".

00:08:52   He was interviewed 18 times. This is a recent post?

00:08:59   This is a recent post from actually yesterday.

00:09:05   Wow!

00:09:06   Give me a link!

00:09:07   Give me a link!

00:09:10   There's still people here.

00:09:13   Wow!

00:09:14   What help do you think you're going to get for this software now?

00:09:18   I don't know.

00:09:19   I don't know, but for example, let's see, fellow Aperture user Isaac had a potential

00:09:26   solution for Terrence.

00:09:28   I feel like this is a whole drama going on here.

00:09:30   I already sort of care about these characters in these forums.

00:09:34   There's a lot of people having conversations.

00:09:39   Leoni is also quite active here.

00:09:41   We covered this.

00:09:42   Remember, we made fun of Aperture once and people yelled at us for like a month who were

00:09:45   still using it.

00:09:46   Oh my god, yeah, I forgot about that.

00:09:48   That was this podcast!

00:09:49   Oh yeah, we had a whole thing and then it was like we did a lot of follow-up.

00:09:56   So we're just gonna stop here.

00:09:57   We're just gonna walk away. Mm-hmm. I feel like it's too late at this point. Next in follow-up,

00:10:03   you can buy a refurbished 2019 Mac Pro, if that's what you want to do. They're out there.

00:10:09   How much can you save? Well, according to the MacRumors article, you can save $4,000 on a 16

00:10:16   core model that happens to be on sale. Now that computer's $23,000, but hey, it's $4,000. Oh,

00:10:21   Big savings.

00:10:23   Yeah, yeah.

00:10:24   Yeah, any savings big if you're starting at that level.

00:10:29   It's true.

00:10:30   Sure.

00:10:31   That's economies of scale right there.

00:10:32   It's up to like 15% on some models, which is cool.

00:10:35   You know, if you were in the market

00:10:36   and wanted a little bit of a discount.

00:10:39   This brought up a question though,

00:10:41   I don't know who put this in the show notes.

00:10:42   Someone in the show notes asked, Myke asked,

00:10:44   "Have we ever bought a refurbished computer?"

00:10:47   Myke, let's start with you.

00:10:48   I haven't, but I've looked at it a bunch of times and the buying refurbished from Apple

00:10:55   has always been a thing of like every time I've looked at it, it's never been that much

00:10:59   of a saving.

00:11:01   Now like this may have changed over time.

00:11:03   Like I mean, this is a good saving.

00:11:04   15% is a good saving because that's a lot of money if you're spending like 15 grand

00:11:09   on a computer or whatever.

00:11:10   But just like whenever I have been in the market, it's either been A, the thing that

00:11:15   I want they haven't got, right?

00:11:17   Or it's like B, it's not worth it.

00:11:22   But I would do it, right?

00:11:25   If I was buying, like, if I wanted one of these Mac Pros, like if I wanted to buy a

00:11:29   Mac Pro, I would get a refurbished Mac Pro.

00:11:32   For sure I would.

00:11:33   Because that's a lot of money you could save.

00:11:35   Yeah, I never buy anything used because I don't like the thought of the previous owner

00:11:42   having done something weird with that object.

00:11:44   I knew you were going to say that.

00:11:46   I knew that was going to be your answer.

00:11:48   One of the reasons I put this question in the show notes is because I wanted Federico's

00:11:51   answer because I thought it would be amusing.

00:11:54   The way I am, I'm sorry.

00:11:55   I sell stuff to other people, but I cannot buy anything from other people because I'm

00:12:00   always going to like that object, whether it's like, I don't know, a video game console

00:12:05   or a computer or like a watch or something, it's going to be on my desk and I'm going

00:12:08   to look at it when it's night and it's dark and I'm going to be thinking, what has your

00:12:12   owner done to you before you came to me?

00:12:14   Like I can't stand that thought, honestly.

00:12:20   If I was buying from like rando computer store.com, I would be a little like concerned about that

00:12:28   too.

00:12:29   But buying refurb from Apple, I would feel okay about it.

00:12:33   Yeah, I've bought several refurbished computers and have definitely encouraged people who

00:12:38   asked me in buying a machine to do that.

00:12:41   They replace or at least make sure everything is up to standard.

00:12:45   It's warrantied as new.

00:12:48   So I don't necessarily have a problem with it.

00:12:50   I definitely have done it and would do it again.

00:12:53   If I was looking for something that was on the Reverb store, I would check there first.

00:12:57   But a lot of people who asked me, I would point them there.

00:13:00   Now buying randocomputerstore.com, by the way.

00:13:03   Oh boy.

00:13:04   Where are you going to point it?

00:13:05   Shoot it to the relay store.

00:13:06   I don't know.

00:13:07   The relay store.

00:13:08   Yes, perfect.

00:13:09   Perfect.

00:13:10   There we go.

00:13:11   to put it to the Apple refurb store but the relay FM store is a better place.

00:13:16   Yeah that is a relay.fm/merch out there. Or randomcomputerstore.com.

00:13:24   Yeah look at these cool shirts we have for sale. Do we have shirts for sale? Yeah.

00:13:29   Yeah we have the iPod one, the hat, and the challenge coin. That's the thing.

00:13:35   That's the thing, challenge coin.

00:13:37   I've got one right here, you wanna hear it?

00:13:39   Honestly, there could just be anything.

00:13:44   Yeah, like, "Oh, I got one here, do you wanna hear it?"

00:13:46   "Oh, do you wanna hear this one?"

00:13:48   "Oh yeah, do you wanna hear this one?"

00:13:51   That was my phone, by the way.

00:13:53   [laughter]

00:13:54   Can a coin do this?

00:13:56   Have you swallowed a coin?

00:13:58   [coin sounds]

00:14:03   Oh, it's doing the inception thing.

00:14:06   Nice. All I know is, you give it to Jason Stell and we can't flip it. That's all I know.

00:14:10   Well, I don't think Jason Snell can flip a coin. I don't think I had anything to do with the challenge coin.

00:14:13   [Laughter]

00:14:17   I was... Okay, okay. Alright.

00:14:19   It is the year of Steven, but I will admit this could be the week of Myke.

00:14:27   Oh, wait. Nah, nah, nah. This is the year of Myke.

00:14:32   because now there was a Bloomberg report saying that the

00:14:36   Among other things that the iPhone 12 will feature a smaller notch which is your boy's risky pic. Was it? It's my

00:14:43   Risky pic. Yes, that's my Ricky

00:14:45   So ruined. Yep, that means oh, yeah, that's my Ricky there it is

00:14:54   Wait, it's on page

00:14:58   13 of the Google Docs. And also, I just want to say my other pick, my only remaining pick that

00:15:04   needs to be scored other than my Ricky says the 2020 iPhone line will feature at least one 5G

00:15:08   phone. Do you know what else is in that report from Mark Gurman talking about 5G coming to the

00:15:14   iPhone line? I'm going to sweep it. Of course, all my picks need to be addressed, Yul, but I think

00:15:21   I think I'm still in a pretty good position.

00:15:22   I don't know if you are.

00:15:24   I think I'm positioning for a late 2020 sweep of the RICIs.

00:15:31   Right, but how late 2020?

00:15:34   Because I'm sweeping it by September, so...

00:15:36   Well, you know, got to wait until the end.

00:15:41   Apple podcast that launches on Android.

00:15:43   Oh, Steven.

00:15:45   Poor Steven.

00:15:46   No, man, it's coming.

00:15:49   - Is it?

00:15:51   - Yeah, my face don't look great.

00:15:52   (laughing)

00:15:54   5G, smaller notch, and the iPhone 12 would share design cues

00:15:59   from the USB-C iPad Pro, which I think would be awesome.

00:16:04   - Yeah, that's the way to go, yeah.

00:16:07   I believe we saw the mock-ups for an iPhone

00:16:11   with the same industrial design

00:16:12   when the 2018 iPad Pro came out.

00:16:15   And I wanna say that maybe it was,

00:16:16   somebody will find a tweet somewhere.

00:16:18   I think it was Sebastian DeWitt, he works on Highlight,

00:16:22   the camera app, he shared the next day

00:16:26   of the iPad Pro 2018 announcement,

00:16:28   a mock-up of like, "Hey, what would an iPhone look like

00:16:30   "with this design?"

00:16:31   And everybody was like, "Yep, we love it."

00:16:34   - Do it. - Let's go back to that,

00:16:35   do it, and two years later,

00:16:37   looks like this is finally happening.

00:16:38   So combined with a smaller notch,

00:16:40   I mean, this gonna look real nice, I think.

00:16:44   - I think so too.

00:16:44   I always loved the 4, 4S5 sort of era.

00:16:49   And I think that it would be really great

00:16:50   to go back to flat size.

00:16:52   And I mean, every time I look at my USB-C iPad Pro,

00:16:55   especially when it's out of the case,

00:16:57   which I think it probably will be a lot more

00:16:58   once the keyboard case shows up.

00:17:00   - Yeah.

00:17:01   - It is just fantastic looking.

00:17:03   And I was thinking earlier, it's like,

00:17:04   well, would it be weird to like have a notch

00:17:06   and those flat sides,

00:17:08   but if they bring over the rounded corners and stuff,

00:17:11   like you'd get the best of both worlds.

00:17:13   I'm really excited to see what this could look like.

00:17:16   Myke, tell us about languages and keyboards.

00:17:22   - Oh, you remember on the last episode,

00:17:25   I was talking about the fact that I thought

00:17:27   that I had my keyboard, my software keyboard,

00:17:30   set incorrectly on my iPad

00:17:31   because I had the American-style return key?

00:17:34   Well, I heard from a bunch of listeners

00:17:35   in my merry old country here

00:17:37   who said that this was a change in 13.4

00:17:40   because Apple did something,

00:17:42   they put the British star return key into the software keyboard. So it wasn't that I

00:17:47   wasn't used to seeing it. It just didn't exist before. So it was a change in 13.4.

00:17:53   Never had been in the software keyboard?

00:17:54   I think it might have been the iPad Pro software keyboard. Remember they changed it? The iPad

00:17:59   Pro keyboard is completely different. And I think they never made the British return

00:18:04   key on the software keyboard before 13.4.

00:18:07   That's such a weird, like, how does that even happen?

00:18:10   You're making a keyboard and you just forget.

00:18:12   Like, I don't know.

00:18:13   Mm-hmm.

00:18:14   Well, that was a lot of follow-up,

00:18:15   but we're only halfway through it.

00:18:18   So I'm gonna take a break and tell us about our first sponsor.

00:18:21   This episode of "Connected" is brought to you by StoryWorth,

00:18:25   the easiest way to share your family stories.

00:18:28   We all have relatives that are far away.

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00:19:10   including things like a house that burned down

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00:19:15   Just these little stories

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00:19:17   but when you have thoughtful questions,

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00:19:22   And what's cool is after a year,

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00:19:56   support of this show and Relay FM. Alright, follow up part two. For a long time y'all

00:20:02   I've been talking about the Moshi matte iPad screen protectors and after the last time we talked about it

00:20:09   I ordered one and put it on my iPad Pro. That's like why?

00:20:13   Yes, well, I guess spoke so highly of it and I wanted to check it out and I've got to say it is really nice

00:20:20   Mmm for for a couple reasons. I like the matte finish a lot

00:20:24   I learned when I was cleaning my iPad screen that I have quite a few little scratches on it and it covers all of those

00:20:31   But and I like the way it feels I just I'm a huge fan you guys were totally right

00:20:36   I feel like there's a catch somewhere. Do you just agree with us? No, it's great

00:20:41   I really like it. Have you seen that it creates no bubbles when you install it? Yeah, how does it go on?

00:20:46   Yeah, it's it's really

00:20:50   It's really nice. I'm John Voorhees mentioned or maybe it was Myke

00:20:55   I think it was Myke that either or either John or Myke anyway that they

00:21:01   removed the the moshi cover and

00:21:04   Realized how nicer and brighter the display was. Yeah, it was you

00:21:09   and I got that but I still like

00:21:12   It just looks so much nicer that it doesn't have all those reflections on the screen

00:21:17   And also I don't see the smudges on my fingerprints as much that's also very nice plus of having the eye visor

00:21:24   But yeah, my my common stance if Apple were to make a much more expensive iPad Pro with the matte option

00:21:31   I would totally go for it. But they're never gonna do it.

00:21:34   No, and I haven't watched really much content on it yet, so I am kind of curious, you know,

00:21:39   do I feel like it's a bit muted if I watch a movie or a TV show or something? But so

00:21:43   far just in everyday use it's great.

00:21:46   Yeah, the only other thing that I notice is like every now and then, like I tap it and

00:21:52   it feels like there's a slight like, like there's movement.

00:21:58   Like a gap?

00:21:59   Yeah.

00:22:00   Yeah, but it isn't all the time. Yeah

00:22:03   Yeah, I think I've seen that it's not all the time and it's not everywhere on the screen

00:22:08   I think there's like certain areas

00:22:10   When sometimes only sometimes there's a gap and I wonder if it like depends on like external conditions like humidity or temperature

00:22:17   Maybe I don't know. I don't know how

00:22:19   Physics, whatever it is. The no air bubbles is but it's just bananas

00:22:24   Like I've taken it off one iPad and put it on another one, right? Like it's just I don't understand

00:22:28   Imagine doing that with the PaperLag. You've got to block your entire afternoon just to

00:22:34   install the PaperLag. It's like it's in my calendar. Install and remove PaperLag.

00:22:39   I hate the installation process. It just bubbles everywhere.

00:22:47   So moving on to follow up. I am very thankful to everybody who sent me their recommendations

00:22:53   for potential Notion use cases. So last week I asked connected listeners if you're using

00:22:59   Notion and if you have an interesting setup, if you're using Notion in a bunch of interesting

00:23:03   ways let me know because I'm curious. I want to understand how people use Notion. And I

00:23:07   think after having seen the... so I got a bunch of DMs because I now have my DMs open

00:23:15   to... yeah, they go into the separate... well, every once in a while it's nice that somebody

00:23:21   sends me something that I have not discovered myself.

00:23:24   Okay. You two have both done this, so I'm gonna do this.

00:23:28   Most of the time, most people send me links and they're like, "Oh, I bet Vitechy will

00:23:32   like this," and I'm like, "Buddy already has the beta since five months."

00:23:40   But every once in a while, every once in a while, and I mean, I always reply with, you

00:23:44   know, saying, "Nice, thank you, I appreciate it," but every once in a while, somebody comes

00:23:48   me with a real gem and that's why I keep my DMs open. And also it's very nice that club

00:23:54   members if they have an issue they can get in touch with me directly.

00:23:57   You want to be doing support in your DMs? Your emails are surely better for that.

00:24:02   But DMs is faster and I can also have the little reactions now with the thumbs up and

00:24:08   the heart.

00:24:09   So how does it work? Is it like Instagram?

00:24:11   Yeah, they go into a separate inbox.

00:24:14   Yeah, it's called message requests.

00:24:15   So, okay, yeah, that's like Instagram. It didn't used to be like that. No, no. They

00:24:20   used to just show up. Yeah, but now now they're going to, well, they show up in tweet deck,

00:24:25   which is unfortunate. Yeah, I'll use it. Yeah. Okay. Um, so in Twitter it's fine. So it's

00:24:30   very nice because, uh, like I said, um, I actually discovered some pretty nice and interesting

00:24:35   like apps and articles via the open DMs. So keep sending them, um, notion. So I have some

00:24:42   takeaways based on what people sent me. So the vast majority of folks who got in

00:24:48   touch with me about Notion, they have some kind of dashboard as their like

00:24:56   main page in Notion. And if you've ever seen these Notion pages that are like

00:25:01   multi-column pages that use like emoji to separate different sections and these

00:25:07   These dashboards, they have these sections like task management and then habit tracking

00:25:14   and then they have like inspirational quotes and all that kind of stuff.

00:25:18   And it's like a dashboard where people, maybe also people like have a section where they

00:25:22   keep track of like movies I've watched and all that kind of stuff.

00:25:26   So very, very much geared toward...

00:25:29   What does he mean by like a dashboard though?

00:25:32   So in Notion, the main, one of the gimmicks of Notion is that everything can be a page.

00:25:37   So the idea would be you create a master page, like a home page.

00:25:43   That links to everything.

00:25:44   Yeah, exactly. You separate it into multiple sections, and each section links to another page,

00:25:49   and you can go into that page to fill out the data.

00:25:52   Oh yeah, they have templates that look kind of like this.

00:25:55   They have templates that look like that. There are websites, like one of them is called Notion VIP.

00:26:00   They give you templates, they give you advanced tips, and it can get real nerdy, believe me.

00:26:05   Like, you can do formulas, and you can do scripting with, like,

00:26:09   if conditions in Notion.

00:26:11   It's kind of wild.

00:26:12   But the idea would be that, like, a lot of people, whether--

00:26:15   and usually they tend to be students.

00:26:17   They have these dashboards where they

00:26:19   can keep track of their tasks and, like,

00:26:22   habit tracking routines.

00:26:25   And I don't really work like that,

00:26:28   because I don't want to use Notion as a task manager.

00:26:30   I have a task manager, and I don't

00:26:31   want to use it as a note-taking app, because I have Apple Notes.

00:26:34   And I don't-- I've tried habit trackers like Drink Water

00:26:39   and-- I don't know.

00:26:42   I don't like the idea of having this all-in-one solution that

00:26:46   is not a dedicated app, because I'm very much of the native app

00:26:51   mindset, I guess.

00:26:53   The other common use case is just using tables,

00:26:59   using tables in Notion a lot.

00:27:02   People create all sorts of databases for movies, for games.

00:27:07   People keep the read later lists in Notion

00:27:10   and they organize them with tables.

00:27:13   I understand the appeal of tables.

00:27:15   Tables give you a sense of structure

00:27:17   and especially when it's like based on the database approach

00:27:20   of Notion with formulas and the fact

00:27:22   that everything can be linked together.

00:27:25   I get it.

00:27:26   But to me, I always get the sense that people do this

00:27:29   because the process of putting it together

00:27:33   is more fun than it actually is useful.

00:27:36   - If you enjoy putting something together,

00:27:40   you're more likely to keep it up, right?

00:27:42   - Yeah, yeah.

00:27:43   - So that becomes the process.

00:27:45   - People use it like as a CRM a lot.

00:27:49   And I've only recently learned what CRM stands for.

00:27:52   And I don't have a need for a CRM myself.

00:27:55   I'm not saying that Notion is a product

00:27:58   people shouldn't use. I'm just saying that I understand that a lot of folks love Notion

00:28:02   and they use it a lot, but it's not for me. There's a scenario in which Notion was a fully

00:28:12   native iPad experience, and I could imagine myself using it, but because even though it's

00:28:19   gotten better on the iPad, it's not there, it still feels like a web app and it doesn't

00:28:25   support. You know, this idea of like, yeah, you can you can use it as a task manager,

00:28:31   you can use it as an auticking app, you can use it for research. I always tend to prefer

00:28:36   apps that are dedicated to that specific task. So, you know, so I really struggled with this

00:28:44   all in one approach. But it was definitely like an eye opening experience, like seeing

00:28:49   all the crazy things that folks are doing in Notion. It reminds me to an extent of what

00:28:54   some people do with Airtable. I do have a couple of databases in Airtable, one that I actually use

00:29:00   every week. It's like this database where I keep track of the shortcuts that I've made for Cloud

00:29:05   Max Service members, but that's basically the only thing I do with Airtable. And I only do it because

00:29:10   I have a shortcut that saves data into that database, and it still works. Like, I created this shortcut

00:29:18   in the days of Workflow, and it survived the shortcut transition, and I never bothered switching

00:29:23   systems? I probably could but I just figured you know what I'm just gonna

00:29:27   keep using our table with this. But yeah, I notion so far no really for me. I prefer to

00:29:33   use native apps. I use it I don't use it exclusively but I use it instead of

00:29:40   Evernote right and like I'm using the boat I was using Evernote before it like

00:29:45   light touch you know like just keeping a bunch of stuff for the business I'm

00:29:51   building Cortex brand, like keep some admin in there, some general ideas, some

00:29:54   thoughts, it's just like a place to put everything in one bucket so it wasn't in

00:29:59   all of my other places because I kind of wanted to keep it separate and it works

00:30:03   great for that but I don't access it very often but I just preferred it to

00:30:08   Evernote. I mean I've spoken about my problems with Evernote, right? They both have their

00:30:12   issues with like the not feeling completely native but at least every

00:30:17   time I open Notion the page doesn't flash bright in my eyes, so you know.

00:30:22   There is another scenario in which I could see myself use Notion a lot, and

00:30:28   that is when they actually release an API with Zapier integration, for

00:30:33   example. Because right now we're using Trello at Mac stories, especially for the

00:30:38   Club Mac story stuff. We have an entire system that I designed like four years

00:30:43   ago at this point where people can submit questions and requests and home screens and

00:30:49   all sorts of stuff and they get automatically filed into different Trello boards, actually

00:30:55   into different Trello lists of the same board using Zapier.

00:31:00   So it's a system that I created in 2015 and it still works amazingly well.

00:31:05   I could see using Notion for this if Notion had, because I think it has more features

00:31:09   than Trello in terms of linking different items together.

00:31:14   I bet I could go crazy with that kind of automation,

00:31:17   but Notion does not have an API

00:31:19   and does not have any sorts of web automation feature

00:31:23   with Zapier or IFTTT.

00:31:25   So when they do, I will consider it for that

00:31:29   because I wouldn't be surprised if they do it.

00:31:33   I'm gonna have much more control than I have with Trello.

00:31:36   So that's another scenario in which Notion could be a product for me.

00:31:40   But right now it's not.

00:31:42   While we're on the topic of Federico doing things, do you want to tell us about your

00:31:48   charging math that showed up?

00:31:50   Ah, yes.

00:31:52   So remember how it was during CES?

00:31:59   I remember one morning I was in bed and I was just scrolling through my unread tweets

00:32:06   and RSS. And I saw this post probably on the verge about this wireless charger that promised

00:32:13   to offer AirPower-like functionality, but not from Apple. It was from a company called Zense.

00:32:21   And so I think I preordered it, I guess. And we talked about it on the show and we said,

00:32:30   "Oh, this is never going to ship." Or, "When it's going to ship, it's going to catch on

00:32:33   fire and we were all hahaha this is so funny. Or as Myke said, definitely has a fan in it.

00:32:39   Myke said definitely has a fan in it. So the thing after many months arrived, surprisingly,

00:32:45   so this company was not like a, it's not a scam, it was a real company turns out, and

00:32:52   the product arrived, well because you know I never heard of Zense before. And so the

00:32:58   thing arrived a few days ago and I opened it and realized, oh, this is one thick charger.

00:33:06   It's a thick boy. It's a thick king, if you recently watched

00:33:13   Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you will get the reference. Yes, so it's a very thick charger. There's

00:33:18   pictures on Twitter that you can take a look at. And as Myke said, it comes with a fan.

00:33:25   It has vents, multiple vents, actually.

00:33:29   That just instils so much faith in me.

00:33:33   Oh.

00:33:34   So the thing is, when you...

00:33:38   I put this charger on my nightstand.

00:33:43   It's a metal nightstand, which I thought, you know, this is gonna...

00:33:46   This bodes well in terms of like fire extinguishing situation.

00:33:51   It's not a wooden nightstand, it's a metal nightstand.

00:33:54   So worst case scenario, it's going to slowly melt, but not necessarily catch on fire immediately

00:33:59   if there are any issues.

00:34:01   At least that's how I think fires work.

00:34:04   But as soon as you plug it in, actually very nice build quality, I want to say, very nice

00:34:09   build quality, very nice charger, very nice USB-C cable for powering the charging mat.

00:34:16   The problem is, as soon as you put one device on top of the charger, could be an AirPods

00:34:22   case, could be an iPhone, could be another Android phone if you have one. The fans kick

00:34:29   up and they start humming, start making noise. And to be fair, to be fair, it is true that

00:34:39   you can put an iPhone or an AirPods case in many more orientations, like random orientations

00:34:48   than, say, a Nomad charging case, for example.

00:34:52   It does grant you more placement freedom

00:34:55   because of the multiple coil design of the Zense charging

00:34:59   mat.

00:35:00   But the problem is, as soon as you put an iPhone--

00:35:04   as soon as I put mine down, I could hear this...

00:35:08   [mimics noise]

00:35:10   noise going.

00:35:12   And I thought, oh, my first reaction was,

00:35:14   "Oh no, Sylvia's gonna kill me."

00:35:17   Because having this thing hum all night long

00:35:21   by my nightstand is a recipe for disaster.

00:35:25   People have told me on Twitter,

00:35:28   "Oh, it's a white noise machine.

00:35:30   Why don't you, you can use it anyway."

00:35:32   See, we're not those kinds of people.

00:35:34   White noise machines are great if you like white noise machines. If you don't, it's just a noise.

00:35:40   It's just a noise and we don't want any noise. And I especially don't want this little rocket ship

00:35:46   making an engine noise on my nightstand. It just sounds dangerous to have a charging mat

00:36:00   that hums along because it's got a fan inside.

00:36:05   It's like, I don't, you know, I don't want it.

00:36:07   I just don't want it.

00:36:09   And so I-- - It's not in the soundline, me.

00:36:11   - I just, I put it back in its box

00:36:13   and it's now outside in the storage.

00:36:15   - Oh. (laughs)

00:36:16   You're not gonna use it at all?

00:36:17   - Oh no, oh no.

00:36:19   - That's probably the safest bet.

00:36:20   - I'm gonna have to find some poor soul to send it to.

00:36:23   - You got John's address.

00:36:24   - You know, if they want it.

00:36:26   I have John's address.

00:36:28   - Better 'cause DMs are open, so.

00:36:29   If you want it, send him a DM. He'll ship it to you.

00:36:32   (laughing)

00:36:34   - It's just, it's too bad because I really like the,

00:36:38   I really like the theory of it.

00:36:41   Not so much for the realization because it's, it just,

00:36:45   again, even if you put your AirPods down,

00:36:47   the fans start spinning.

00:36:50   And I cannot imagine what's gonna happen

00:36:51   if I put my AirPods on the phone and the Apple Watch,

00:36:54   because I got, I even like, I want it to be like super fancy

00:36:58   and go for the Apple Watch compatible version that lets you like...

00:37:01   It has a USB port where you can put in an extra dongle for the watch

00:37:05   and then the watch is also gonna charge.

00:37:07   What's gonna happen if I put it all at once on the mat?

00:37:11   Is it actually gonna take off?

00:37:13   Like, can I even fall asleep with this thing going on my nightstand?

00:37:16   So, yeah. It's unfortunate.

00:37:18   Air power rumors heating up again.

00:37:21   No pun intended.

00:37:24   You been seeing that? Lots of people saying it's coming again.

00:37:27   I don't see Apple doing that.

00:37:29   We'll see.

00:37:31   Well, there's this theory going on that I've seen on Twitter

00:37:35   that there's a new prototype that is using a more recent

00:37:40   Apple system on a chip that is doing

00:37:43   a bunch of intelligent things to manage heat and power

00:37:48   allocation, that kind of stuff.

00:37:50   And I would be surprised if Apple

00:37:51   didn't think of this before.

00:37:53   I don't see why this could be a new thing,

00:37:56   but I guess we'll see.

00:37:57   - So one of the people reporting on this quite a lot

00:38:00   is John Prosser, who's someone who I've been seeing

00:38:02   a lot more recently with leaks,

00:38:04   and it seems like he's been pretty,

00:38:07   I mean he was accurate about the iPhone SE stuff

00:38:09   that we're gonna talk about later on, so.

00:38:12   - Yeah, but it just feels like a weird thing

00:38:14   to be fixated upon if you're Apple,

00:38:16   to absolutely have to figure out at all costs

00:38:20   how to make a wireless charger.

00:38:22   - Well.

00:38:24   Why does it... At this point, why insist on that thing?

00:38:29   If you were in charge of that product, you're probably pretty embarrassed.

00:38:34   And I can imagine not wanting to let it go.

00:38:37   I mean, sure, but there are worse things to be embarrassed about.

00:38:39   I would agree with you, but if you feel like it's possible, maybe you keep trying it?

00:38:45   I don't know.

00:38:45   Yeah, maybe. Let's see.

00:38:49   I mean, I'm definitely going to get one if they do it, that's for sure.

00:38:51   so hopefully it's not gonna hum and spin.

00:38:55   - Yeah, I just wonder how they talk about it,

00:38:58   'cause everyone knows what happened to the first go round.

00:39:01   Like, oh, this one, we figured it out.

00:39:03   Like, it just seems like strange.

00:39:06   - Well, you know if they are doing it,

00:39:08   they won't talk about it before it's ready.

00:39:12   - Oh, definitely, it's just gonna show up one day.

00:39:14   - You know, maybe in the end Myke was right, after all.

00:39:17   Maybe wireless charging was a bad idea.

00:39:19   - Oh my.

00:39:20   So we don't have time this week to get into the Apple and Google COVID-19 stuff.

00:39:25   They're working together to do contact tracing and a whole bunch of other

00:39:30   stuff. But Myke, you and Jason covered it on upgrade 293.

00:39:33   So we'll just point people there. If you haven't heard that yet,

00:39:36   y'all do a really good job explaining what Apple and Google are up to,

00:39:39   the possibilities of it, the possible ramifications.

00:39:42   I think you covered it really well.

00:39:43   Complex evolving, big topic.

00:39:47   And I didn't want to do it again.

00:39:49   So, it's the one at once, it's an upgrade.

00:39:53   We're gonna talk about emoji after this break.

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00:41:05   'cause I actually went to the home of the founder,

00:41:09   well, the founders, Christian and Darina,

00:41:13   and it was amazing.

00:41:14   And then recently, well, I would have done this again

00:41:16   if I was able to leave my home, Christian called me on FaceTime and showed me how great

00:41:22   the Uni 16 is and was able to see in real time that it cooked a pizza in an incredibly

00:41:31   quick time.

00:41:32   I couldn't believe how fast it cooked this pizza.

00:41:35   It's because, obviously, you mentioned Steven, that the heat, it's like 60 seconds and the

00:41:39   pizza was done.

00:41:41   These things are really amazing and I've been seeing them more and more on my Twitter timeline

00:41:45   recently.

00:41:46   This is like a great thing for right now, you know, like people have time at home, they

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00:42:50   All right, Myke, explain the great emoji cancellation.

00:42:54   - All right, so because of COVID-19,

00:42:57   Unicode 14, so version 14,

00:43:00   has been delayed by at least six months

00:43:02   because the Unicode Consortium

00:43:04   is not going to be getting together

00:43:06   to make their ruling on what emoji will be added

00:43:10   into the Unicode spec.

00:43:12   Unicode 14 is the 2021 set of emoji, not the 2020 set of emoji. That is Unicode 13, which we're still

00:43:22   going to see later this year. So we will still be able to, in this year, 2020, play the wonderful

00:43:30   emoji game that we play every year where Federico has to guess the emoji. But it may not happen in

00:43:37   2021 as it's most likely that these emoji will come out in 2022 now instead because

00:43:43   there's always like a delay in where the emoji is set and then all of the platform vendors have to

00:43:51   actually go and design them. There is a possibility of a Unicode 13.1 which would be a smaller set of

00:44:00   emoji that are iterations of previous emoji. We've spoken about this before, zwg emoji, where

00:44:09   it's not that there's a new emoji code point, it's that you take two existing emoji, put them

00:44:16   together and the platform vendors will create a piece of artwork for that. An example of this

00:44:21   is the polar bear which is coming this year I believe. All that emoji actually is is a bear

00:44:29   emoji and a snowflake emoji which behind the scenes is translated into a polar bear. So

00:44:35   this is where the differences of emoji of what is in the Unicode spec written into the

00:44:41   spec and then what is then displayed on devices. And if for example, if somebody sent you a

00:44:48   polar bear emoji but you hadn't updated to the new version of iOS, it would show as a

00:44:53   bear and a snowflake. You may have seen this in the past. We're talking about Slack again,

00:44:59   If you paste in an emoji that's maybe one of the newer skin tone or gender based emoji,

00:45:07   you will see two emoji in its place sometimes. You might have a block next to one. That's because

00:45:12   it's two emoji that have been put into one, but they're represented on the platforms as one emoji.

00:45:17   There may be a 13.1 in 2021, but there won't be anything really awesome in that release,

00:45:24   most likely. You're not going to get the crow emoji, which was expected for Unicode 14, for

00:45:30   example. So unfortunately, emoji will be delayed. We will get a real idea as to just how much of

00:45:39   iOS adoption is because of emoji, because it will most likely be at some point in 2022. So

00:45:47   there will probably be two emoji releases in 2022, one earlier in the year and one later in the year.

00:45:53   I'm not the only one thinking this. Can they work from home? The Unico people?

00:46:00   Yes, they do. They can. The difference is the consortium is made up of people from different

00:46:09   companies. But the consortium has just decided to wait. Like they're just deciding to wait

00:46:18   because there's so much going on right now. I think it's kind of like...

00:46:22   right. And we couldn't use a bit of fun, right? See, I don't, there's this, no, this is just

00:46:28   my opinion and I take our responsibility for this, but it's also, I think that I see on

00:46:31   Italian TV and I don't get it like, yes, it's important to focus on the news and share information

00:46:37   and useful information, but it's like all fun has been removed from Italian television

00:46:43   programming, right? Uh, everything has been, it's almost as if they want you to think about

00:46:49   the virus all day long. And I think, you know, we could all just use some fun. It's not necessarily

00:46:57   to think about, you know, this incredible tragedy that we're all pretty aware of at

00:47:02   this point. And I think actually now the the Italian TV networks have started to catch

00:47:07   on the complaints from people. They are resuming some kind of like entertainment towards the

00:47:13   end of the month. So like by next week, some entertainment programs are resuming with a

00:47:19   new format, working from home, like what the folks at Saturday Night Live have done, I

00:47:27   believe in the US, a few days ago over Zoom. But it's like, more than ever, I think people

00:47:33   could use some distractions and some fun. And so I totally understand if folks have

00:47:38   issues, like in terms of going to the office or difficulties in collaborating.

00:47:45   The official Unicode line on this is that they said they rely heavily on volunteers

00:47:52   to do their work and the people themselves are like "I'm too busy to give you the free

00:47:57   time right now".

00:47:58   Sure, okay. But really I was mostly, I mean I believe the Unicode.

00:48:02   But I do understand the point that you're making. We don't have to remove all fun from

00:48:07   the world. People need and deserve distractions.

00:48:10   You can be careful and in tune with the news and mindful of your surroundings and what's

00:48:17   happening while also trying to live a normal life.

00:48:21   These two things can exist together.

00:48:22   Yeah.

00:48:23   I agree with you.

00:48:24   No emoji next year though.

00:48:25   No emoji in 2021.

00:48:27   But this year we're going to play the game.

00:48:28   It will be known 2021 will be known as the no emoji year.

00:48:31   All right, we'll figure something out then.

00:48:32   2020 we'll still get emoji and then 2022 there'll be more emoji than you can shake an emoji

00:48:37   stick at because we're going to get early and late year releases for emoji.

00:48:41   Let's talk about some iPad keyboards.

00:48:44   The magic keyboard for iPad Pro.

00:48:46   The preorders went live today.

00:48:48   Surprisingly, this was considered to be a May product,

00:48:53   but it is going to be shipping beginning next Monday, April 20th.

00:48:58   So I'm very excited about that.

00:49:00   That is when mine is shipping sometime between the 20th and the 22nd.

00:49:04   If it's anything like my iPad Pro, I expect it to arrive on the 20th because I had a similar thing, like a two day window.

00:49:10   But it arrived at the beginning of that window.

00:49:12   Right now, as of this recording in the US, at least the dates have slipped from the 24th to May 1st.

00:49:18   So they've moved a little bit already.

00:49:20   Both sizes and I was very actually surprised to see a massive amount of layout options available to buy.

00:49:28   But that's always the case.

00:49:29   But remember we were talking about this was a couple of weeks ago, like we were talking about like if it was

00:49:34   going to be constrained that there may not be those all available at once like the first

00:49:39   Magic Keyboard, right?

00:49:40   But yeah, you can see that one to two weeks of shipping right now in different territories.

00:49:47   It's available for both iPads now, so the 11 and 12.9.

00:49:54   Just as a reminder, this works for all of the flat-sided iPad Pros 2018 and 2020.

00:50:01   I am convinced that my co-hosts will be really bothered about the camera cut out not matching,

00:50:06   but we can wait until next week for that decision.

00:50:09   I'm assuming you both, I know, you both bought them, right?

00:50:13   Oh yeah, big time.

00:50:15   Yep, I've got mine too.

00:50:17   As I mentioned, I'm really excited, I'm very excited.

00:50:20   So there's going to be so much balance testing, you can't even believe it.

00:50:24   Yeah, yeah.

00:50:25   I had a feeling this was going to happen today for some reason, I don't know.

00:50:29   But yeah, I was already on the product page.

00:50:31   You're an oracle.

00:50:32   Yeah, it's one of my new powers.

00:50:33   One of.

00:50:34   I was waiting.

00:50:35   One of.

00:50:36   One of the many.

00:50:37   I was waiting on the product page, just refreshing, and I had my whole strategy laid out in front

00:50:42   of me again.

00:50:43   So iPhone and iPad, one on cellular, one on Wi-Fi, both logged into my account, both ready

00:50:48   with Apple Pay.

00:50:50   And the iPad saw it first, so that worked.

00:50:54   I double checked multiple times, actually triple, quadruple checked that it was the

00:50:58   US English layout, and so it's coming next week, so it didn't sleep for me. I was very

00:51:04   happy about that. I'm very excited to actually try this out and see just how heavy it is

00:51:11   and how it feels in terms of using it as a laptop on my lap. I want to see just how stable

00:51:21   it is. That's going to be important, I think. But I'm also going to use it at a desk, of

00:51:26   course. So we'll see. Yeah I'm most keen to find out what it's like as a laptop

00:51:31   because at a desk I am going to use my current desk arrangement mostly. It's

00:51:37   like this product for me I want to be a laptop like device so that's that

00:51:42   will be its primary use for me. So I'm you know I'm really keen to see what it

00:51:47   looks like. I mean it will also be wonderful for traveling right because

00:51:51   any desk that I sit in front of I'll be able to use my device in a much nicer

00:51:56   are set up, but when I'm at home I will mostly be using it like this on the couch or whatever.

00:52:02   So that's what I'm most excited about and hoping that it will perform really well as

00:52:08   a laptop computer.

00:52:09   Talking of laptop computer, Jason Snell, I saw a few reviews but Jason posted a review

00:52:17   of the Bridge Pro Plus and I know Federico you have one of these as well and I don't

00:52:23   believe you've written anything or are planning on writing anything so would you like to give

00:52:27   your thoughts here? It was a footnote in my story from two weeks ago. Was it? I didn't

00:52:33   know it was that. Clearly I don't read the footnotes. Footnotes have the best stuff in

00:52:36   them. Shame on you. Shame on you Michael. I read it in an RSS reader and sometimes footnotes

00:52:44   are not as easy in RSS readers. Let's go with that. I did read this. I read the whole

00:52:53   thing in an RSS reader yes in reader why don't why do you hate my website so yeah

00:53:07   it's not I'm really sad about this because it's not for me it is not a good

00:53:13   keyboard and trackpad combo the main issue I mean the keyboard is good the

00:53:19   The keyboard is fine, same build quality as the previous Bridge model, which worked well

00:53:24   for me.

00:53:26   The keyboard, I believe, is literally the same.

00:53:28   So the keys feel the same, the backlight illumination is the same, powered by USB-C, so that's fine.

00:53:37   The main problem is the trackpad, because it's not really a trackpad.

00:53:41   So Bridge, and this is what happens when you try to beat Apple at its own game and then

00:53:49   Apple Sherlock you.

00:53:51   Bridge announced this keyboard back in the days of the accessibility mouse integration

00:53:58   for Assistive Touch.

00:54:00   So before 13.4, before we had any idea that Apple would actually do the native cursor

00:54:07   During the iPadOS 13 cycle, Bridge announced this ProPlus keyboard that featured a trackpad,

00:54:16   but it was really a mouse.

00:54:18   So the trackpad uses the mouse framework, connection, whatever, to simulate being a

00:54:28   trackpad.

00:54:30   But it's not really one, because it does not support, for example, multi-touch gestures.

00:54:40   If you buy this product thinking that it's going to work like a MacBook, you're going

00:54:46   to be disappointed, for two primary reasons.

00:54:49   One, as I said, it is not a multi-touch...

00:54:51   Well, actually three reasons.

00:54:54   It's not a multi-touch trackpad.

00:54:56   So all three-finger gestures are out.

00:55:00   You will not be able to use them.

00:55:02   And those, if you are familiar with iPadOS 13.4, you know they are essential to navigate

00:55:08   across the iPad's interface and use multitasking.

00:55:11   Go back home, open the app switcher, switch between apps.

00:55:17   All of those gestures cannot be used.

00:55:19   The second problem.

00:55:22   There's some weird bugs.

00:55:24   I don't know if it's in the keyboards, firmware, or if it's in iPadOS, where not even just

00:55:32   scrolling with the cursor via the trackpad of the Magic Keyboard works correctly.

00:55:39   Sometimes the cursor is just stuck on the screen, and you try to scroll and nothing

00:55:44   happens, and a fraction of a second later, the page scrolls all the way to the bottom.

00:55:50   like going even further than the bounds of the page, it's a super weird visual glitch.

00:56:00   Other times, just the... it's not as responsive as a Magic Trackpad, is all I'm gonna say.

00:56:09   It doesn't feel like a real trackpad. Maybe it's because of the weird mouse translation

00:56:17   they're doing, but it's not as reliable as the cursor of the Magic Trackpad.

00:56:22   And the third big problem for me is that, in addition to the

00:56:28   lack of gestures, and in addition to just being unable to reliably scroll and move

00:56:33   the cursor, the top section of the trackpad is not clickable. If you put

00:56:40   your finger... and it's a small trackpad, right? So it's easy to place your finger

00:56:44   on the top section of it, but it's not physically clickable. It just doesn't click. You put

00:56:49   your finger on it and press.

00:56:51   Is it because it's like hinged?

00:56:53   Yeah, it just does nothing. It's like a dead area of the trackpad.

00:56:58   Can you tap to click on it? Do you have to physically click?

00:57:02   Yeah, I have to physically click and it does nothing. It doesn't move, it does nothing.

00:57:07   And I also checked with Jason and it's like, "Hey, am I the only one having this problem?"

00:57:11   like no the top section of the trackpad doesn't click for me either. So when you combine these

00:57:17   things together and then you take a look even at just the magic trackpad right you don't

00:57:23   have to wait for the magic keyboard to come at this point next week which tells me that

00:57:29   more people will actually some people will actually have the magic keyboard before the

00:57:35   the Bridge Pro Plus, which is an unfortunate series of events. That's rough. But even just

00:57:42   if you take a look at the Magic Trackpad, it is so much better than anything that Bridge

00:57:48   could have done here. And that's because this keyboard was manufactured and designed before

00:57:54   we even knew that the iPadOS 13.4 was going to support native multi-touch trackpads. This

00:58:04   a personal guess. I do believe that Bridge was caught a tiny bit off guard here by Apple's move,

00:58:10   and I feel really bad for them, because this has the potential to be a great product at a much

00:58:16   cheaper entry price than the Magic Keyboard. And I do believe that there are people who are going

00:58:21   to prefer this kind of keyboard design and keyboard layout, with the different key travel,

00:58:29   with the different clamshell design with the hinges. I do believe that it's a good idea,

00:58:36   but the current trackpad in the Bridge Pro Plus, it just doesn't cut it. It's just not up to the

00:58:42   same standards as the Magic trackpad, and I suppose to the Magic Keyboard coming next week. So, I don't

00:58:49   know how Bridge can get out of this situation. I don't think that can be recalled at this point.

00:58:56   they're just gonna have to maybe figure out a way,

00:59:00   I don't even know if it's physically possible

00:59:02   for the trackpad that they have

00:59:04   to work with the native multi-touch trackpad APIs of 13.4.

00:59:09   I don't even know if that's possible at this point.

00:59:13   So it's very unfortunate.

00:59:15   I cannot recommend this keyboard.

00:59:17   If you're an iPad user and you ask me,

00:59:19   "Hey, I want a keyboard with a native trackpad,

00:59:21   which one should I go for?"

00:59:23   In all, in good conscience, I cannot recommend this one.

00:59:26   And I feel very bad for bridge,

00:59:28   because it has all the right ideas

00:59:32   in terms of the keyboard design and the hinge design,

00:59:36   and it's much cheaper, right?

00:59:38   It's so much cheaper than the Magic Keyboard,

00:59:41   but the trackpad is just not good enough.

00:59:43   - It is worth remembering

00:59:45   that they have been in a bad situation before.

00:59:48   You remember, one of the original,

00:59:50   or the original Brydge keyboard had terrible Bluetooth connection issues.

00:59:55   Yeah.

00:59:55   And they were able to rally up, fix it and produce the product

01:00:00   that was widely regarded, right?

01:00:03   Including by me, by you, right?

01:00:05   By Jason swore by it.

01:00:08   So my hope would be that they are able to pick themselves back up,

01:00:12   get this together and ship a second generation

01:00:16   that will be cheaper than the Magic Keyboard

01:00:19   and still provide a different and in some instances better experience.

01:00:25   Right. Like I believe that their design, that clamshell design

01:00:29   will still be better in some circumstances than the Magic Keyboard.

01:00:33   Yeah. Like I am I am sure that it will be more stable in some instances

01:00:38   and provide different and varying like usability and angles.

01:00:43   Right. Like and like variability than the Magic Keyboard will.

01:00:48   but they will be probably quite different products.

01:00:51   So I hope that they're able to do that again.

01:00:54   But this this one isn't it, unfortunately.

01:00:58   And, you know, I said this to Jason, I say it here again.

01:01:01   If the Magic Keyboard didn't exist, this would still be a possible product.

01:01:07   Like, it's not great, but like you could it's better than nothing.

01:01:10   But now there's just such

01:01:14   I mean, even if trackpad mode didn't exist, right,

01:01:17   would be probably more apt. Like if Apple hadn't done that, then it would be, you know,

01:01:23   it would have been very different and they would have probably been able to make more

01:01:27   of a splash because it would have been like, well, you know, the accessibility mode is

01:01:30   already a little bit janky.

01:01:32   So let's turn from that to some good news, guys. The wheels for the Mac Pro are here.

01:01:38   Hooray!

01:01:39   Yay! For a cool $699, you can get four wheels for your Mac Pro.

01:01:45   How much?

01:01:46   $700, Federico. $700. For 700 wheels. A dollar a wheel. No, no, it's four wheels, so that's

01:01:57   $175 a wheel. $700 for four wheel wheels? Wheels. They don't even have brakes. This

01:02:06   just rolls away. Just like the GPU options, it's cheaper to do it when you buy the computer

01:02:11   where the wheels are only 400 but the feet are 300 so they kind of come out the wash

01:02:17   a little bit.

01:02:18   Yeah because you can buy the feet now too, right?

01:02:21   Yeah so if you had a mech pro with wheels and you want to convert it to feet that's

01:02:25   $300.

01:02:26   Or if you want extra feet.

01:02:28   Or if you damage one I guess somehow, I don't know.

01:02:32   But yeah they're here and it comes with a little hex tool to undo it.

01:02:38   Quinn Nelson and his video showed how the feet come out.

01:02:41   It looks pretty in depth.

01:02:43   I assume that starting on Friday when these ship

01:02:46   that someone will do a YouTube video showing how it works,

01:02:48   but you can now change it out.

01:02:50   - I'm looking forward to that

01:02:51   'cause I just wanna see the way that it works.

01:02:54   - Yeah, me too.

01:02:55   I do too.

01:02:56   Apple notes that adding the feet

01:02:57   will make your Mac Pro an inch taller

01:02:59   and swapping from the wheels to the feet

01:03:01   will make it an inch shorter.

01:03:02   So it's about an inch height's difference,

01:03:03   which you already knew from seeing them,

01:03:05   you know, photos and videos,

01:03:06   the wheels are taller but uh it's out there now that's the Mac Pro News we're all happy for you

01:03:13   and the inevitable I'm not buying wheels yeah you're not buying wheels you should buy 700 bucks

01:03:20   just buy them I think you should buy the wheel I mean but you're you you strike me as a wheel guy

01:03:25   honestly you should get you should get the wheels uh you should make a video about the wheels plus

01:03:32   let's just face it we all know you're gonna buy the one do you want to go in together

01:03:36   I'll give you $150.

01:03:38   This is all this dance that we're doing now?

01:03:41   Or Willy or Wanny by the wheel?

01:03:43   Federica, will you match me?

01:03:45   $150 I'll give Steven for the wheels.

01:03:48   Will you match it?

01:03:49   Sure.

01:03:50   Sure, I will.

01:03:50   Wow.

01:03:51   There you go.

01:03:52   So that's $300 of your wheel purchase.

01:03:56   But you have to be willing to spend $400.

01:03:59   So you can think about that one.

01:04:01   I'll think on that.

01:04:01   I'll let y'all know.

01:04:02   OK.

01:04:03   OK.

01:04:04   Well, we all know it's going to happen.

01:04:05   And so we all know by next week we're going to be talking about the wheels that Steven

01:04:08   bought.

01:04:09   So just get it, just let's be done with this, like, pretend that, "Oh no, Steven is not

01:04:15   buying."

01:04:16   We don't know you're going to buy them.

01:04:17   You just skip to next week when we talk about the wheels.

01:04:20   So more next week is what I'm saying.

01:04:22   You're going to have a busy week next week.

01:04:24   You have an inventory to do, you have dongles to assemble, wheels to buy.

01:04:29   Yeah.

01:04:30   Wheels do not count as computers, by the way, for the record.

01:04:34   I don't think an additional four items is going to change the per capita number that

01:04:37   much right right okay have like a it will be over 100 computers easily easily my god

01:04:47   we're going to talk about the new iphone we've saved that to last but first let me tell you

01:04:51   about our final sponsor this week and that is hover one of the show's longest running

01:04:56   sponsors when you have that big idea you want to start a new project have a new product

01:05:02   Where do you go? Where's step one for you? Well for a ton of people, including me, it's

01:05:07   Hover.

01:05:08   I bought a URL during the show on Hover.

01:05:11   Exactly. Exactly. And Myke, when you were there, let me tell you about some of the benefits

01:05:15   you had when you bought that domain.

01:05:18   Oh great. In like 25 seconds I bought that domain.

01:05:21   It's super fast because they have clean UX and UI. They have free Whois privacy, so the

01:05:25   bad guys can't get your information.

01:05:27   Although everybody already knows that I own rando-computestore.com, but it's fine.

01:05:31   is you but that's on you that's not on hover that's on you that's true and then

01:05:35   they also don't get my address information though which is good I mean

01:05:37   I could read that do you want that in the ad don't okay fine you don't need to

01:05:42   worry about that for now maybe next time and look you bought a dot-com right but

01:05:45   if you wanted one of those wild domain names hover has over 300 of them to

01:05:50   choose from and a bunch of them are on sale all the time which is really cool

01:05:54   and if you had any questions I know you didn't but if you did they have

01:05:59   excellent technical support to answer any of those questions because they're

01:06:02   dedicated to Myke to getting you online and not upselling you. Can I just say two

01:06:07   other things? Sure. One, how quick it is because I just bought another one and

01:06:12   two, the fact that the dot store domain option was also on sale from $64.99 to

01:06:20   $7.99 so I now also own rando computer dot store. Oh that's so good. Which will

01:06:26   also go to the same place as randocomputerstore.com? No, randocomputerstore should go to the other

01:06:33   domain and that domain should go to Relay. Okay. Yeah. So randocomputerstore will redirect

01:06:40   to randocomputerstore.com which will redirect to the Relay FM merch. Exactly. I can do that.

01:06:46   Exactly. Yeah. If you want to be like Myke and you want to score yourself a sweet domain

01:06:50   name and start using it today. Go to hover.com/connected. You'll get a 10%

01:06:55   discount on all new purchases. Once again that's hover.com/connected.

01:07:00   Make a name for yourself with Hover. Our thanks to Hover for the support of this

01:07:04   show and Relay FM. iPhone SE second generation is... it was not the iPhone 9.

01:07:11   I'm sorry Steven you didn't get the name did you? You didn't get it? You were so... I

01:07:17   I mean, it looked like it was gonna happen for a while,

01:07:19   you know, like people were agreeing with you,

01:07:22   but unfortunately it didn't happen.

01:07:25   - It was a real bummer.

01:07:26   - Was this one of Steven's predictions?

01:07:28   - Not a scored one, but I talked about it.

01:07:31   Okay, so let's talk about what this phone is.

01:07:33   It is, as expected, the iPhone 8's design

01:07:36   with basically an iPhone 11 smashed into it.

01:07:41   So it has touch ID, 'cause it inherits that from the design.

01:07:44   There's no face ID here.

01:07:46   It has haptic touch, but no 3D touch.

01:07:49   That is now gone from all iPhones on sale.

01:07:51   So goodbye, 3D touch.

01:07:54   Do you guys miss 3D touch?

01:07:56   - Okay.

01:07:56   - I don't.

01:07:57   - No, I was thinking about this a few days ago.

01:08:00   I actually have gotten so used to the lock screen

01:08:04   fake 3D touch buttons, surprisingly quickly.

01:08:08   So I do not, sometimes I think about it,

01:08:14   like yeah it was nicer that you could have like multiple levels of pressure for example if you

01:08:18   like were pressing on a link some of the interactions were nicer but overall it's not like

01:08:25   I'm thinking about it every day. There are things that I miss but mostly I'm proud of it like I

01:08:31   there are some places where like they never replaced the interaction which you know like for

01:08:38   you know, if you long press a link in messages,

01:08:43   you can't do as many things you used to be able to do with that.

01:08:46   Or like if you long press a link in notes,

01:08:49   you don't get the ability to share out to the same place, but like you could

01:08:52   always... Anyway, it's just not as nice as it used to be,

01:08:55   but I would agree that I've gotten very used to it,

01:08:57   to the point that when I wear my Apple Watch,

01:09:01   I do not get 3D touch done correctly, because I am long pressing on the Apple

01:09:07   instead of 3D touching and of course that doesn't work because it does

01:09:11   require force on the Apple Watch still. I wonder if they're gonna change that. They

01:09:15   should because now it's like an inconsistent experience but I will

01:09:20   say overall I'm happy to have lost 3D touch to have gained long press on my

01:09:24   iPad. Yeah I think that's fair. I like that things are more similar now across

01:09:28   the platforms. And I just like having those additional features on my iPad

01:09:32   because it was always frustrating and it just 3D touch was never gonna work like

01:09:37   applying force to that screen. It's just never gonna work. The screen was too big,

01:09:41   you'd be pushing the iPad over. I really like long press in those instances so

01:09:46   I'm happy to have let it go. Imagine 3D touching an iPad while it's in the magic

01:09:50   keyboard and floating there. And I'm sure these were some of the reasons that they

01:09:55   never did it, right? Because they have plans for what they wanted that product

01:09:58   to do and it never could have worked. So moving on with the specs, it has the

01:10:03   A13 Bionic system on a chip just like the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. This was the

01:10:09   biggest surprise to me of this phone. I kind of thought they could go A12 and

01:10:14   match the iPhone XR which is still on sale but this phone has got a better

01:10:18   system on a chip than the XR which is cool. But what this shows you is that

01:10:22   this will not change for a very long time again. Yeah this phone is gonna be it's gonna be like

01:10:27   the previous SE. This phone's gonna be on sale for three years untouched like at

01:10:32   least. It has a single 12 megapixel camera with portrait mode for human subjects. So

01:10:39   same as the XR, that's the way the XR works. IP 67 rating, wireless charging, Wi Fi 6,

01:10:46   NFC and express card support. No U1 chip. So that continues just to be an iPhone 11

01:10:51   thing.

01:10:52   That's too bad. I was really hoping that it would have the so useful U1 chip.

01:10:58   Super useful.

01:10:59   Or it's just going to be one of those things where it doesn't have a U1 chip and then it's

01:11:03   reported to have a U1 chip and then someone does a teardown and realizes there isn't one.

01:11:08   We just have a multiple week process again.

01:11:10   That's how that's going to go.

01:11:12   So if you buy an iPhone SE in 2020 and then eventually you also buy the Apple tags, thinking

01:11:17   that they will work together and you lose your luggage, it's going to be lost forever

01:11:22   because the SE will not find them.

01:11:25   It's not going to be just U1 of how that works.

01:11:29   Yeah, you think so?

01:11:31   Yes, it will work with Bluetooth.

01:11:33   I mean, U1 will be an additional feature of the Apple tags, but they will work with Bluetooth.

01:11:39   Okay, maybe.

01:11:40   Yeah, because the U1 chip is only within a certain distance.

01:11:43   Yeah, maybe.

01:11:44   They will be Bluetooth LE with an additional benefit if you have a U1 chip device, you

01:11:53   will be able to like point your phone in the direction. Yeah, that's gonna be the

01:11:57   makes that you want all that more useless so far. So some more spec stuff.

01:12:05   I'm sorry. Like we said it's got that rear single 12 megapixel camera. It's f/1.8.

01:12:11   The front camera is only 7 megapixel with 1080 video. This seems, the camera's

01:12:18   basically seeing pretty much in line with the 10R or kind of in between

01:12:22   the XR and the 11's main camera. So a big upgrade from the 8 right? This is

01:12:29   this is why this phone is gonna be popular I think. People who want to keep

01:12:33   this form factor but want a better camera. It comes in red, white, and black.

01:12:37   Prices start at $399 that's US unlocked for 64 gigs then $449 or $549 for 128 or

01:12:47   256 gigabytes. Just to compare the all iPhones start with 64 gigabytes in the

01:12:56   US unlocked their 399 for the SE 599 for the 10 R but it's got the slower chip

01:13:02   the 11 starts at 699 the 11 Pro at 999 and the 11 Pro Max at 1099 so Apple is

01:13:10   hitting the upper end and now the mid tier market just head on again which I

01:13:15   is really exciting. So this phone is not small right like people you know if you

01:13:20   think of this as the iPhone I see it's not the iPhone 8 right like it's the iPhone 8

01:13:24   which means it's also the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s right like it is that

01:13:28   and 7 is that right like it's that phone it is not an iPhone 5 right like it is

01:13:34   it is a bigger phone so 4.7 inch screen with a home button with touch ID on it

01:13:42   right? So like it's it's a big phone. In fact the eight cases will fit this. I mean it is the iPhone 8 SE.

01:13:48   Oh yeah. More so you know like that that name almost makes more sense. So the really there are

01:13:54   there's two there's two things here right so like this is not necessarily a phone for the iPhone SE

01:14:00   crowd it is the phone for I want touch id or I want a cheap iPhone because if you want a small

01:14:07   iPhone this is not a small iPhone it's the smallest iPhone but it's not small

01:14:12   yeah it's it's the phone for my wife because she wants touch ID and she

01:14:17   doesn't want a phone any bigger than her 8 this is great for her then and as well

01:14:22   like at $399 I mean geez it is I can't believe the starting price of this phone

01:14:27   like I think it's amazing yeah it's really good someone on Twitter pointed

01:14:31   out that so we should say the 8 and 8 plus are gone they're not for sale in

01:14:35   the store anymore. There's some floating on the refurbished store but not new. And Apple

01:14:40   only put out a 4.7 inch se the eight plus size is gone now. And so if that was the form

01:14:46   factor you'd liked and you want to touch ID but you want to plus phone, you're just out

01:14:50   of luck. You've got to move to the se or to the the 11 or 10 are or something. They're

01:14:56   only carrying forward this sort of classic iPhone 678 screen size.

01:15:01   Really surprised they continue to sell the 10.

01:15:03   It really seems like the odd phone out.

01:15:06   But but if it weren't there, there'd be a gap from 399 to 699.

01:15:11   It makes the 11 seem way more expensive.

01:15:13   And so I think it's just there to hold that price point, honestly, maybe, maybe.

01:15:17   Yeah, I think I think this phone is going to be popular.

01:15:20   It's not for those of us who want the latest and greatest all the time.

01:15:24   But for those people who really like this form factor, or don't, which is clearly like

01:15:29   aren't stupid enough to spend $1,000 on a phone like the three of us are.

01:15:33   This is fantastic and that starting price point is great.

01:15:36   Just call me stupid.

01:15:37   All three of us though.

01:15:38   Yeah, I take real offense to that.

01:15:40   I mean, I agree with that.

01:15:41   Just double checking.

01:15:44   I just want to make sure I heard you correctly.

01:15:46   Before I pad you on the back, I want to make sure you're actually right.

01:15:49   No, this is great.

01:15:50   I think they're going to sell a lot of these and I think that it, in a way, it's a better

01:15:56   SE than the old one was.

01:15:57   I know people really love that really small size and the iPhones got bigger, but as iPhones

01:16:03   have gotten more expensive, there has been this sort of hollowing out of the iPhone line

01:16:07   that didn't really compete in the mid range. And now they can do that with a phone that

01:16:11   is just as capable as the iPhone 11. That's fantastic. I think this is going to do really

01:16:16   well. Yeah. And in fact, just to give an example, Sylvia's sister is already looking into this,

01:16:23   I believe, because she's the kind of person say that says, Well, I want a new iPhone,

01:16:28   she's still using a 6S, so time to upgrade.

01:16:33   And she's like, "I don't wanna spend a fortune on an iPhone.

01:16:36   I want an iPhone that's gonna last me a few years.

01:16:39   I don't need to have the 11 Pro, whatever."

01:16:42   And she's like, "I just want a new iPhone

01:16:43   that's gonna last me for three, four years."

01:16:45   And this is the perfect phone for that.

01:16:47   She doesn't wanna spend a thousand euros.

01:16:49   So she's exactly the kind of person

01:16:51   who's in the market for this phone.

01:16:52   And I think as much as it does not excite me, not one bit.

01:16:57   But it's going to be a great experience for people that have it.

01:17:00   Blazing fast, excellent camera, right?

01:17:03   With iOS 13, we'll get 14, 15, 16.

01:17:06   Like it is a good phone.

01:17:09   Yeah. There is no denying that.

01:17:12   Oh, I would.

01:17:13   I already mentioned, but I'll say it again.

01:17:15   While it's charging, right?

01:17:16   Like it has a lot of modern features at a great price point.

01:17:21   And, you know, I've seen a lot of people say it this week,

01:17:23   which is really funny.

01:17:24   In the same week, OnePlus went super expensive.

01:17:26   Yeah, I saw that.

01:17:27   And Apple has gone super cheap, right?

01:17:30   Like in the sense of phones, like OnePlus, which are always like the

01:17:34   challenging, like, but you can get flagship features at budget prices,

01:17:40   but now has like a $1,000 phone basically.

01:17:42   And it's kind of funny to see that flip around, but this is a great product that

01:17:47   Apple is clearly releasing post all of their iPhone slowdown.

01:17:51   Like this is a result of all of that, right?

01:17:54   you want to have a phone for people that don't want the expensive phone or that

01:17:59   don't want all of the features that come with the expensive phone because there

01:18:03   are people that legitimately do not want to let go of Touch ID, right? This will,

01:18:08   honestly I think that this will provide people with that device until Touch ID

01:18:12   comes back which I think it will in some case within the next few years, right? And

01:18:17   then people will be able to move on. Like this is going to be a bridging phone for

01:18:21   those people that do not want face ID.

01:18:22   Probably by 2022, Apple will have a, I reckon, a dual biometric option, right?

01:18:28   Like there's a lot of smoke around that.

01:18:30   I think we've all said that we wouldn't, but we were like, I know I would like it.

01:18:34   Um, I think we've, I think Federico, you've agreed with me on that one, at least

01:18:38   about having Touch ID come back in some form to have both options in the fun.

01:18:43   I think that is great for everyone.

01:18:44   I think, why not?

01:18:46   And so Apple would kind of bridge the gap for people that want that, wants to

01:18:51   also providing a cheaper phone for markets that really want a cheaper phone or for people

01:18:57   that want cheap phones. So I think it's a great option.

01:19:00   And Apple has this really interesting page called Why upgrade and you basically select

01:19:04   your phone and it's got the iPhone SE the first one through the eight and you select

01:19:10   your phone and then it tells you oh it's you know five times faster at this the camera

01:19:14   is this much better the Wi Fi is this much better. And I think they know who is in the

01:19:18   market for this phone and I think it's great. It is funny that like it's just

01:19:24   that page defaults to original iPhone SE to this iPhone SE. Why do you want to

01:19:30   do that? Like okay. People are still hanging on to those like my brother-in-law

01:19:34   just moved off the first generation iPhone SE like six months ago. And also

01:19:39   everyone that owns an iPhone SE only wants to buy another iPhone SE right

01:19:42   Right.

01:19:43   That's what they want.

01:19:45   So this means that there is currently five phones for sale.

01:19:50   I wonder how many iPhones will be for sale by the end of this year.

01:19:53   The 10R is gonna gotta go away.

01:19:55   Right.

01:19:56   So it's maybe iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 in two sizes, iPhone 12 Pro in two sizes

01:20:02   is my guess.

01:20:03   Yeah.

01:20:04   So still five.

01:20:05   - Because if you look at what the XR did,

01:20:09   the X is gone, the XS, XS Max are gone.

01:20:14   They've been willing to take that middle spot

01:20:17   and collapse that all into just one phone.

01:20:19   But we'll see, it's a lot of phones, man.

01:20:23   I mean, I was like running out that list

01:20:24   of the starting prices and I had to like double check,

01:20:26   did I get all of them?

01:20:27   Like, is that everybody?

01:20:29   This is a lot of stuff now,

01:20:31   but they're hitting all these price points

01:20:32   and that's good for a product that,

01:20:35   know a billion people use. I mean it's the same as the iPad right? Totally. Have as many

01:20:41   price points as possible. Mini, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro. Or even the Mac Pro right?

01:20:47   Any price point starting at $6,000. Yeah I don't think you've understood the rules of

01:20:51   this game. I think we're done? Yeah I think so. If you want to find our links this week

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