289: Let Me Remember My Opinion


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00:00:08   Hello and welcome to Connected, Episode 289.

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00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hackett and I'm joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:22   Happy to be here.

00:00:23   Taking a break from animal crossing.

00:00:25   Yeah, God, you can make time for us.

00:00:27   Thank you for putting that down for a minute.

00:00:30   And Federico Vittucci.

00:00:31   Happy to be here, taking a break from Pokémon.

00:00:37   See you, Steven.

00:00:38   And writing.

00:00:39   I've also been writing, but really, I was just playing Pokémon ten minutes ago.

00:00:44   We're going to talk about your recent writing here in a minute, but we have to begin with

00:00:49   follow-up.

00:00:50   Pshoo!

00:00:51   Pshoo!

00:00:52   Follow-up.

00:00:53   Follow-up.

00:00:54   Follow-up.

00:00:55   when we talked about this, but at some point we did this thing where we had to find, or

00:01:00   I had to find, like the oldest pages on Apple's website. Do you all remember this?

00:01:05   It's when we, for some reason, came across the trailers page.

00:01:08   That's right. Yes, and I emailed with Eddy Cue.

00:01:12   Yeah.

00:01:13   Yes.

00:01:14   Who sent me the emoticon smiley faces? That's a very surreal situation.

00:01:19   But it wasn't actually Eddy Cue.

00:01:20   We don't know that.

00:01:21   Somebody at Apple did send you that. We can't.

00:01:24   We all decided that it was Eric.

00:01:25   We believe it to be, of course, but we can't say it's fact.

00:01:29   Anyways, Benjamin Mayo found this page that has a discount going.

00:01:34   So if you buy any Power Mac G5, any and a 23 inch cinema display,

00:01:40   you'll save five hundred dollars.

00:01:42   So that's a pretty good deal.

00:01:43   This page is incredibly broken in like every conceivable way,

00:01:46   but still exists on Apple.com.

00:01:49   Like there's still some stuff here like that you can click to other things.

00:01:53   copyright 2004 this page. Can I read you all the navigation at the top? There's no

00:01:58   images but I can read you what the URLs are. Well let's see if it's a bunch of

00:02:02   question marks. Yeah but the links are still there. Oh yeah the links work okay.

00:02:06   So it's Apple.com to the homepage and then the store. Okay. And then iTunes and

00:02:12   then iTunes. What is iTunes? It was iCloud but before that it was MobileMe but

00:02:18   before that it was .Mac it was iTunes. When you click that link it directs to

00:02:23   to me.com and then to iCloud.com. It's like, what?

00:02:27   - iCloud, nice.

00:02:28   - I'll have a link in the show notes.

00:02:31   I wrote about iTunes a couple of years ago,

00:02:33   so you can go check that out.

00:02:34   And then we move on from there.

00:02:36   We have QuickTime, Support, and Mac OS X.

00:02:41   - I clicked the iTunes one and the marketing thing

00:02:43   on the top of the iTunes page is very clever right now.

00:02:46   It says iTunes is going places.

00:02:48   - Nice.

00:02:48   - What it means is podcasts, music, and Apple TV.

00:02:52   I just thought that that marketing line's good.

00:02:54   - It means iTunes has been murdered behind the shed.

00:02:56   - Yeah, I like that somebody wrote that, you know,

00:02:58   like people aren't really paying attention to it,

00:03:00   but it's just a thing, I just love it.

00:03:02   - So now that I see the, you know,

00:03:03   I'm looking at the footer of the website,

00:03:05   and I know that, so there's a number

00:03:07   that you can call 1-800-MY-APPLE,

00:03:11   which I believe is also the,

00:03:12   I believe this number still exists, maybe?

00:03:15   So something, this is totally unrelated,

00:03:17   but now that I see this number,

00:03:18   something that I've always sort of like wanted to do

00:03:21   or wish that somebody on YouTube did.

00:03:25   And this is totally one of my weird things

00:03:27   that I'm about to say.

00:03:28   But I would like somebody to go through a bunch

00:03:32   of old video game magazines or really old stuff,

00:03:36   find all these numbers, and call all these numbers

00:03:39   and see what happens.

00:03:41   Do you get redirected to somebody else totally random?

00:03:44   What if you took a number from a video game magazine from,

00:03:47   I don't know, 1985, right? And try to call it. And what if you try to do that for like

00:03:53   a hundred different support numbers?

00:03:56   I think I saw a thing online once and the Nintendo one is still up.

00:03:59   Really?

00:04:00   Yeah. I'm sure I saw somebody like tweeting about that or I saw an article about it that

00:04:04   like the, the whatever 800 number for Nintendo to get like tips and suggestions on how to

00:04:10   beat Mario, like you can still call that number. It goes to the support team now, I think,

00:04:15   which is less.

00:04:16   Anyway, sometimes I come across really old stuff, like I don't know, an old newspaper

00:04:20   or an old magazine and I always think, what if I call this number today and be like, hey,

00:04:25   I found this number in a magazine from 35 years ago.

00:04:29   Who are you?

00:04:30   Kyle in the chat room pointed out that you can actually still download the mailing coupon

00:04:37   for this savings thing.

00:04:39   It's like a PDF and you've got the whole thing and it looks, you know, you've got a big peacock.

00:04:43   It's great.

00:04:44   It's a very appley of the mid 2000s.

00:04:46   So how did you find out about the Apple Brilliant Savings Program?

00:04:50   Select one response only.

00:04:52   World Wide Web Advertising.

00:04:54   That's the answer.

00:04:55   Print Advertising.

00:04:56   In-Store Materials.

00:04:58   Or Word of Mouth.

00:04:59   I guess for us it was World Wide Web Advertising.

00:05:02   But for our listeners it's Word of Mouth.

00:05:05   If Apple had not offered the Brilliant Savings promotion, which one would you most likely

00:05:10   have done?

00:05:11   Delayed purchasing a Mac?

00:05:13   Not purchased an Apple Cinema HD display?

00:05:16   a Windows-based PC, purchase the Mac anyway.

00:05:19   [laughs]

00:05:21   Purchase the Mac anyways.

00:05:23   If I buy a Pro Display XDR, could I send this in and get some money back?

00:05:28   Is it carry-forward?

00:05:29   You should try it, you know?

00:05:32   That's a very expensive experiment.

00:05:34   You should buy it, send it in, and attach a note saying, "Hey, sorry for the 16-year

00:05:41   delay just trying to get my coupon."

00:05:44   coupon. Should I get my coupon? I'm in half the tower, it looks kind of the same. I sent

00:05:49   this to a friend of mine and he responded that I should try to hook up

00:05:54   one of these displays to my Mac Pro and so that's gonna be my week next week.

00:05:58   Good! I'll report back. Look I can't go anywhere, I got to do something. Just hook

00:06:03   up an old display. I don't have the 23 inch though, I have the 17 pseudo display

00:06:08   so mine's not as big as this but it'll be funny anyways. Oh well that's bad you

00:06:12   You gotta get it 23 inch then.

00:06:14   I will not accept anything smaller than 23 inch cinema display.

00:06:19   These are the displays that you like, right?

00:06:20   You like the way these look with the acrylic and stuff?

00:06:23   They look really nice.

00:06:24   They look really nice.

00:06:25   I think they do too.

00:06:26   I think this look has come back around.

00:06:29   You know, like this being an attractive design, it's like it's circled all the way back round

00:06:34   and we're back here again, you know?

00:06:36   Yeah, it looked real old the second they started shipping the aluminum ones.

00:06:40   Yeah, but now the...

00:06:41   And now this looks cool.

00:06:43   Now that like the older aluminum ones look old, right?

00:06:46   And so like we've come all the way back around again.

00:06:49   I think Syracuse used one of these until like three months ago.

00:06:53   I think that was what he was using with his Mac Pro, yeah, it was a cinema display.

00:06:57   So I will report back on if I can get mine working with my Mac Pro.

00:07:01   Did they ever blue one of these?

00:07:03   They had an LCD one before this that was called the...

00:07:06   I'm looking through Mac Tracker.

00:07:09   the Apple Studio Display 15 inch and there was a blue one and a graphite one. I'll send

00:07:14   you a picture of this. It was like super expensive. They didn't sell very many of them. But this

00:07:19   was the this like clear look. These all look basically the same. Federico, can you catch

00:07:23   us up on your very interesting music journey? We had a couple pieces of feedback.

00:07:30   Sure. So a lot of people recommended or actually asked me why didn't you go with this service

00:07:36   called Roon. That's R-O-O-N. I tried Roon multiple times in the past. It's very popular

00:07:45   among desktop users. If you have a PC or a Mac, they have a really good desktop app that

00:07:50   scans your music library and presents you with a different visualization, I guess, of

00:07:56   your artists. You can get this beautiful layout with high resolution photography, and the

00:08:04   The app does some really interesting things in sort of surfacing additional information

00:08:09   for each of your artists. It's really nice looking. The problem is that I don't plan

00:08:14   on using Rune on the Mac. I don't like the idea of having a primarily desktop-oriented

00:08:21   service. And my main issue with it is that when I tried Rune on the iPad... So first

00:08:29   First of all you gotta keep running on the Mac.

00:08:32   So that's fine, it's just an app that I can leave running in my dock.

00:08:36   But when I tested it on the iPad and the iPhone, I couldn't get the high resolution output

00:08:42   to work when used with my Sony Walkman as an external USB DAC.

00:08:47   So it looks really nice on the desktop and I believe that it does support high resolution

00:08:55   audio, if you have a Mac and if you have a USB DAC that you want to plug into your Mac,

00:09:01   this is totally going to work for you. In fact, I recommend it. It's an expensive service.

00:09:05   It's not cheap. But if you're that type of person, you know, lots of people who have

00:09:09   like really large, for example, classical music collections or really large like collections

00:09:14   of jazz albums, I know that it's very popular amongst those users. It's got integration

00:09:20   with Tidal for high-resolution streaming, it supports a bunch of high-performance network

00:09:29   players. Really well done, but it's primarily for the desktop, whereas I was looking for

00:09:36   something that would support high-resolution output on the iPad and potentially also on

00:09:41   the iPhone, which is what Neutron does and Roon does not on iOS and iPadOS. So that's

00:09:46   why I tried Rune, but I didn't choose it as my preferred solution. Speaking of

00:09:55   Rune, speaking of Neutron, we did get at least one email saying that we were

00:10:03   overly childish in our description of Neutron and other apps that we covered

00:10:11   last week and I just wanted to say a few things about this. Obviously we, and I don't recall

00:10:19   the exact words of the email, obviously we did not mean to offend anybody. I feel like

00:10:28   we may have gotten carried away a little bit. We got a bit silly. We got a bit silly on

00:10:33   it. Got a bit silly on it. I think we, so there's a few things I want to say. I think

00:10:36   we could all use some fun these days.

00:10:40   So that's probably where the spirit of the pent-up comedic aspect came from last week.

00:10:49   But I also want to say something.

00:10:51   The email that we got mentioned, it was basically something along the lines of "It was bad behavior

00:10:58   on your part because these are indie developers and you were making fun of their user interfaces

00:11:05   and it's not fun because these are indies and we should all support each other.

00:11:08   I understand the sentiment, right?

00:11:10   I don't think you can find any other Apple website that loves indie developers more than Mac stories,

00:11:17   and I'm not bragging, it's just what it is.

00:11:19   We work alongside indie developers every single day of the week,

00:11:26   and we've been doing that for the past decade.

00:11:27   So I don't really feel like I should be lectured about what it means to support indie developers,

00:11:34   but, and this is something that irks me to an extent, this idea that I should never, and by I, I mean

00:11:44   me personally as well as other people like, you know, you guys or on other shows, that we should never

00:11:50   criticize indie developers because they're indies and because we should all support each other by

00:11:56   default no matter what. I think that is not a good approach. I think in fact that only does a

00:12:03   this service to indie developers and I'll explain why. If a user interface is ugly,

00:12:09   I shouldn't have to sugarcoat the truth just because it comes from an indie developer.

00:12:17   Because I think it's important to keep in mind that the market, the reason why indie developers

00:12:23   can sell their software is because there's people that are not just part of the Mac Store's team

00:12:29   that open the App Store and buy apps and use their money to purchase apps and subscriptions and

00:12:35   in-app purchases and whatever. There's regular people who don't care about whether indie

00:12:40   developers, they know each other, whether they're friends or not, whether they go to the same

00:12:44   conferences or not. They absolutely have no idea. They see something, they decide whether it looks

00:12:51   good enough, whether it's ugly or not, whether it has the functionalities that they're looking for,

00:12:58   and then they choose with their wallets to spend money or not. So I think I would

00:13:06   do a disservice to indie developers if I defended them no matter what, just

00:13:11   because of their indie status. And I think I would do a disservice to my readers

00:13:15   if I am my listeners, if I never called out something as ugly or not useful

00:13:24   enough just because it comes from an indie developer. I don't think we should be using

00:13:30   this sort of this this layer of, you know, let's all love each other, let's all support each other

00:13:37   to forget about a product's flaws or the features that are missing from a product.

00:13:47   It's not a mindset that I think works well in 2020. I think maybe there was an argument to be

00:13:53   made for this sort of approach 10 years ago, but I think the sad and, you know, maybe harsh truth of

00:14:00   the situation is that the App Store is a huge market and regular people who don't read Mac stories,

00:14:08   who don't listen to this show, open the App Store and judge your app based on a few screenshots.

00:14:14   And so last week's segment was very much based on the same premise. I'm just looking for something,

00:14:20   I open the App Store, I search for what I'm looking for, and here are the results.

00:14:25   And if I think something is ugly, I should be able to call it out as such.

00:14:30   Now, maybe we got carried away by that, but the email that we got saying...

00:14:36   Basically, the accent was, "I'm really disappointed in you all because you make fun of indie developers."

00:14:44   Well, we didn't make fun of indie developers, we made fun of ugly apps and ugly user interfaces.

00:14:49   And I think there's, you know, this is something that I wanted to explain because, as I said,

00:14:56   I have been a supporter of indie developers for the past decade.

00:15:01   But I also don't think just because somebody says I'm an indie, then I should be, you know,

00:15:07   I should be ashamed of myself for criticizing their product.

00:15:12   Does it make sense?

00:15:13   Mm-hmm.

00:15:14   Sure does.

00:15:15   I agree with you.

00:15:17   So that was my update for you, Steven.

00:15:23   Also some follow-up about something else that I...

00:15:25   Actually this is something that I did get wrong and I apologize, but we got a lot of

00:15:30   interesting technical details about this.

00:15:32   So last week we talked about...

00:15:36   We answered...

00:15:37   I answered a question about whether it was going to be possible for the new native pointer

00:15:41   in iPadOS 13.4 to be used for all kinds of games on the iPad. And I said, I don't see why not,

00:15:50   because all the APIs are there. Now, thanks to friend of the show Steve Chutton-Smith, I got a

00:15:56   series of messages that explain why it is not possible with the current APIs to have all kinds

00:16:04   of games on iPad with trackpad integration. And if Steve doesn't mind, I'm gonna go through some

00:16:09   of these messages that I saved because it was kind enough to send me an explanation a few days ago.

00:16:16   Basically what he's saying is that a game that uses the mouse for camera input like a first-person

00:16:20   shooter game or any other kind of first-person game needs to be able to capture the cursor,

00:16:27   of course, and capturing the cursor means this gets really complicated real fast.

00:16:34   Basically the the X and Y movements of the cursor

00:16:37   they come in as relative movements not as like absolute positioning of the cursor on screen and

00:16:44   You need to be able to capture that relative movement movement to be able to do like a first person perspective, right?

00:16:52   Otherwise like if you move the cursor too far and you hit the hedge of the screen

00:16:59   you hit the home indicator for example, and it's totally not gonna work because it's like gonna snap your perspective and it's

00:17:07   It's not gonna work in the first person

00:17:10   type of experience. Now, I am doing a terrible job at explaining this

00:17:15   It's a very technical motivation that you know why these games do not support the cursor

00:17:21   But basically my understanding as a person who does not know what it means exactly in you know

00:17:28   because I'm not a game programmer,

00:17:30   is that only certain types of games are possible right now? Like things where you point-and-click, essentially?

00:17:37   Like a strategy game or like a puzzle game, like a point-and-click adventure game?

00:17:41   But...

00:17:42   It's like the view wouldn't be able to lock itself to the movement of the cursor. It can only...

00:17:46   It can only really take what's... what the result of the movement is as opposed to like the consistent tracking.

00:17:53   Right, so like the...

00:17:54   the constant relative tracking of the cursor, that's not possible. But if you

00:17:59   just move the pointer around and click at an exact position on the screen, that's

00:18:07   going to work. So I'm thinking like if you have a map for a strategy game or if

00:18:11   you have like a point-and-click adventure, you move the cursor and you

00:18:14   click and it works. But if you're playing like, I don't know, let's say that you

00:18:18   want to play, what's the first person, Call of Duty on your iPad, the constant

00:18:24   relative tracking of the cursor, so like if you move the mouse then your head

00:18:28   turns to the left, that's not supported right now, because the API does not

00:18:34   support that kind of relative tracking. That was my understanding of it. So

00:18:39   that's too bad, really, because I really think this should be possible. So maybe

00:18:45   it's going to be part of the API enhancements at WWDC, maybe not, we'll see,

00:18:50   but I think it should be possible.

00:18:52   I was sad to hear that.

00:18:54   - Yeah, they made a lot of changes in six months, right?

00:18:56   Like cursor support went a long way

00:18:58   in a short period of time.

00:18:59   There's nothing to say it can't continue

00:19:01   to keep moving forward.

00:19:02   - Yeah, so that was follow-up, Steven.

00:19:04   We're all done here.

00:19:06   - Thank you for providing follow-up this week.

00:19:09   And, well, I guess really thanks to Steve John Smith.

00:19:12   - Thank you, Steve.

00:19:13   - Thanks, buddy.

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00:20:33   So Federico is part of your coverage over on MacStories last week of the 10th anniversary

00:20:40   of the iPad shipping to customers.

00:20:42   You wrote an article that we referenced at the end of the episode last week

00:20:48   about your modular iPad.

00:20:50   So the many ways in which you use your iPad.

00:20:52   I refer to these as teaching hacks personally,

00:20:55   because a lot of these things are weird, right?

00:20:59   Like in good ways, like we all know.

00:21:01   Everyone who listens to this show know all about hashtag kickstands.

00:21:04   You've begun the kickstands, kickstand mania.

00:21:06   I kind of wanted to just touch on a few areas from this,

00:21:10   having looked right over the article, because there's a couple of things that

00:21:13   mirror with my setup and things that I wanted to query you on.

00:21:17   I think the first is like the iVisor.

00:21:19   So like you, I am a big fan still of the Moshi iVisor,

00:21:24   which is the matte screen protector that we both have on our iPads.

00:21:28   But I did want to note that so when I got my new iPad and set it up,

00:21:33   I did recognize how much more vivid and bright the screen is without it.

00:21:39   but I do still prefer it with the screen protector on, if that makes sense.

00:21:44   Like I prefer the matte look because I don't like to have the reflections

00:21:47   and it looks nicer, but the screen is like, quote unquote, better without it. Right.

00:21:53   Yeah, it's you do get some, you know, some image quality loss.

00:21:59   But I think it's. Mm hmm.

00:22:01   I thought that the Paperlike

00:22:03   was doing worse in this regard.

00:22:07   Paperlike is definitely worse.

00:22:09   The quality loss with the iVizer is not as bad as the Paperlike.

00:22:13   I do see, of course, like when I use an iPad without the screen protector,

00:22:18   I do see that the screen is much brighter and like the colors are a bit more vivid.

00:22:22   But I think it's a good compromise.

00:22:24   Like if I had to choose, like, do you want to use your iPad without a screen protector or the Paperlike?

00:22:30   Then I would have said, no, I'm just going to use the iPad without the screen protector.

00:22:35   But between the iPad naked with no protector and the MOSHI iVisor, I think, well, if I'm

00:22:44   going to get a matte display, I think the image quality loss is not that bad.

00:22:51   So it's a compromise that I'm willing to accept.

00:22:54   But yes, I agree with you.

00:22:55   Like, when you take it off, you can see that it's brighter and the colors are like, they

00:22:59   just pop more.

00:23:00   Yeah, it's just, I've been using it for long enough that when I had the new screen, it

00:23:05   It was like, "Wow, okay, look at you."

00:23:06   Right, like it was just like, I think it was different.

00:23:09   You also talk a lot about your external display.

00:23:12   - Okay.

00:23:12   - And I wondered, how often do you actually use

00:23:15   the external display?

00:23:16   Like on a daily basis, a weekly basis,

00:23:18   how much are you using your LG display with your iPad?

00:23:22   - Oh, every day, yeah.

00:23:23   - Like for most of the time that you're using your iPad

00:23:25   or no?

00:23:26   - When I'm working, especially since the trackpad came out,

00:23:30   the trackpad support came out.

00:23:33   When I'm working on the iPad I only work with the external display now.

00:23:37   Okay, and I see that's changed a lot since the trackpad support, right?

00:23:40   Because it was not a great solution really.

00:23:43   It used to be every once in a while I would work with the external display,

00:23:47   but now it's the new default.

00:23:50   And every once in a while I work with just the iPad.

00:23:53   So it's really the opposite of what it used to be.

00:23:56   And you showed that you use the ClearLook stand like I do.

00:23:59   Why do you choose to use the OG display instead of just using it in the Cluix stand all the time?

00:24:04   Sometimes I cannot work in the bedroom because maybe Sylvia is resting or I just want to like

00:24:14   a change of scenery or I gotta keep an eye on the dogs or whatever and in that case I use the stand

00:24:20   because if I'm working at the kitchen table I want it to be higher you know with the stand.

00:24:27   Yeah, but you find the, what is it, the larger screen? Is that why you would use the LG though?

00:24:34   Is that why you would prefer to use that?

00:24:36   Yeah, also because if I'm in the bedroom I can concentrate a little more.

00:24:41   It's easier for me to sort of isolate myself. The screen is also bigger and it's just better

00:24:48   for my eyesight in general. Yeah.

00:24:52   Cursor support is more than we expected, like that really exploded, like from when it was

00:24:57   introduced to what we have now, it's a six month gap, it's so much more than we expected

00:25:02   and like, wow, you know, blown away.

00:25:05   Do you think that's going to happen for external monitors?

00:25:07   Like, do you think there's going to be expanded support?

00:25:11   Like is that really going to happen?

00:25:12   Yeah, I think so.

00:25:13   I think it's going to happen because all the PCs are in place at this point.

00:25:18   If you consider, like Apple is the sort of company that likes to introduce new features

00:25:24   by, and this is something that I actually write about in the story, they like to introduce

00:25:27   new software features based on other existing features that they shipped before.

00:25:34   It's sort of like this iterative process of like an API allows developers to ship a new

00:25:43   feature and that feature is actually going to be at the foundation of another one next

00:25:48   So if you look, for example, at what we have now, we have this pointer integration.

00:25:56   So you have a system-wide pointer that you can use to interact with elements, with UI

00:26:02   elements, any UI element, without touching the screen.

00:26:05   And then we have the UICine API, which is the technology at the foundation of multi-window

00:26:14   on iPad.

00:26:15   So it used to be that before iPadOS, apps could only offer a single window, but now

00:26:24   a developer can actually support multiple scenes, and each scene can be contained within

00:26:30   its own window.

00:26:31   So the theory would be that for Apple to support external displays, they would allow the user

00:26:40   to say, "Okay, take one window and put it on an external display."

00:26:45   And the developer would have the controls to say, well, this scene, this window, still

00:26:50   running on the iPad, so offers these kinds of controls, this different scene, so you

00:26:55   have that separation right between scenes, this different scene is actually running on

00:27:00   an external display, which means I can do things, you know, I can support different

00:27:04   interactions because I know a pointer is going to be used.

00:27:07   And now you have a pointer that you can move across, you know, between the iPad and an

00:27:12   external display.

00:27:13   So you have all these technological pieces that can be at the foundation of that functionality.

00:27:19   And I really think it's going to happen, because I would have been, like I would have said,

00:27:24   if you asked me before 13.4, I would have said, yeah, maybe in the future, you know,

00:27:28   maybe in a couple of years, the iPad is going to properly support external displays.

00:27:33   But now I think we've seen, you know, besides the things that I've been writing about, we've

00:27:39   seen all kinds of setups, you know, if you visit Reddit, the iPad community, or if you

00:27:46   know, there's always, you know, that popular article of somebody using the iPad in some

00:27:50   interesting ways. I think a lot of iPad Pro users have this kind of setup now, and I think

00:27:55   Apple knows, you know, that they're looking at what the community is doing, they pay attention.

00:28:00   And considering that all the, you know, now that we have multi-window, it's in there,

00:28:05   in place and now we have the system-wide pointer, I think I wouldn't be surprised if it happens

00:28:11   this year rather than 2021 or 2022. I think the timeline for that suddenly accelerated

00:28:18   a lot because of the pointer. So I think it's going to happen. I'm very optimistic about

00:28:23   it.

00:28:24   Yeah, see, I wonder about this feature. Like, I would like it myself because I just always

00:28:28   want more. But I just think that, like, I would be intrigued to see, like, if Apple

00:28:33   to go down this route, how they sell it to people like is the reason you would want to

00:28:38   do it, you know, because I think it's like a maybe a more complicated thing to cohesively

00:28:44   explain than trackpad, like cursor support like that is just like, why everyone wants

00:28:50   that, you know, like it's like a much easier like, oh, you like trackpads, you're used

00:28:54   to trackpads, well then just go ahead and use one.

00:28:58   like an external monitor is I think a little bit, it needs a more like kind of cohesive

00:29:04   reason to exist for a lot of people and I would be intrigued to see how they would explain

00:29:11   it in a way that would make people excited who don't already know why it would be good

00:29:16   for them, you know?

00:29:17   Well, I feel like in that case, you know, the simplest explanation is just, it's going

00:29:23   to be what it is. Like if you have an iPad, you can work on the go when you arrive at

00:29:27   home you can dock it in and you can still use it with a trackpad or you can touch the

00:29:33   screen and you can put stuff on an external display. I don't think they need to have any

00:29:38   fancy narrative for... just like, you know, they did the pointer, right? And of course

00:29:44   it's optimized for the iPad and it's different in a bunch of ways from the Mac, but at the

00:29:50   end of the day it's still a pointer, you can still control stuff. They did reinvent some

00:29:54   of the interactions for the pointer, but it's still a pointer.

00:29:57   The trackpad came with a, I mean it's not here yet, but like a whizbang new product,

00:30:03   right?

00:30:04   So like if you hadn't been able to conceive of why you would want it, look at this keyboard,

00:30:09   look how amazing it looks.

00:30:10   And I would love to see Apple debut a new product alongside that, right?

00:30:15   Like oh we now have a display that doesn't cost $6,000 and we also have a solution, right,

00:30:23   plug it in really easily, you know? Like, I would love that. I don't know if they would

00:30:29   do it, but I hope that they would, you know? Like an Apple-made docking solution. It's

00:30:34   like something simple, not something wild, right? But just like this mythical dock that's

00:30:39   been USB-C, a Thunderbolt dock that's been around forever. I would love them to do something

00:30:46   like that to help cohesively tell the story for other people.

00:30:51   And also because if Apple did do this, we would all want that anyway.

00:30:57   If they were like, "Oh, we've done this," it'd be like, "Okay, I now want a monitor

00:31:01   that looks like my iPad display that can easily support my iPad display for resolution, and

00:31:08   so I don't have to have these trail of cables all over the place."

00:31:12   The only potential issue for not supporting external displays this year, I think the multitasking

00:31:20   UI on iPad needs to change to support that sort of additional layer of window management.

00:31:28   And I don't know if we're going to see multitasking changes on iPad this year.

00:31:34   So that's one of the potential issues with, you know, let's wait until next year before

00:31:39   we roll out support for external displays because I don't think the

00:31:43   current system, the current UI is going to scale to that type of interaction.

00:31:49   Has your shift to using your iPad in a more desktop like environment, has that made

00:31:53   you reconsider the size iPad you have? You've got the 12.9 but would you

00:31:57   consider a smaller one if your primary use now is this?

00:32:00   No, I've seen that article on the

00:32:01   sweet setup about, you know, now that we have track pads, let's all... no it's a

00:32:08   perspective that I get. No, it's good. I just love the way you say "I've seen these people

00:32:13   and their iPads." I mention this because like how Ryan was like "Hey, this article from

00:32:19   the sweet setup is making me reconsider the 11-inch iPad Pro now that I can use a trackpad."

00:32:25   And I strongly disagree with that notion because I always want the biggest iPad possible. Like

00:32:30   yes, I know that I'm going to have a big UI and a big screen on an external monitor, but

00:32:36   That's the whole point of my setup, is that when I just take the iPad and leave, it's

00:32:41   still big enough for me to work in a comfortable way.

00:32:45   Because I, like, the basic truth of the matter does not change.

00:32:49   I don't want to be stuck at a desk forever.

00:32:51   I just want to have the option.

00:32:53   And that's why the article is called "Modular," because it supports, like, different modes

00:32:58   and has this sort of modularity built in.

00:33:01   Like, you add a display?

00:33:02   Sure.

00:33:03   You add a keyboard?

00:33:04   Sure.

00:33:05   or it's still an iPad.

00:33:07   And because I wanna make sure that I can still use it

00:33:10   as an iPad, for me, that means having

00:33:13   the biggest iPad possible, because I need to see,

00:33:16   you know, my big windows and my big text,

00:33:19   because I'm an old person now, and my eyesight is bad.

00:33:23   - And you love your big windows.

00:33:24   - I love my big windows, right?

00:33:27   I get the sentiment, I know that a bunch of people

00:33:29   will now follow that advice, but it does not apply to me.

00:33:34   I still think that's the best iPad 11 for most people.

00:33:37   It still is the best iPad for most people.

00:33:39   I just say I prefer to use on a daily basis to 12.9,

00:33:45   but you've got to have a reason, I think.

00:33:47   You've got to know.

00:33:49   I always say this to people.

00:33:50   I don't know if you agree, Federico,

00:33:52   but you know if you want the big one.

00:33:55   If you don't know you want the big one, then get the small one.

00:33:57   It's good advice.

00:33:59   I think it's pretty simple,

00:34:01   because they're not that different in size anymore,

00:34:04   but they feel very different.

00:34:06   If you're asking whether you should get the 12.9,

00:34:10   that means you should buy the 11.

00:34:11   Hey, that's good.

00:34:13   I like that.

00:34:13   That's even better than the way I say it.

00:34:15   I might steal that.

00:34:16   And plus, these things might get even heavier

00:34:18   when we start putting these keyboards on them, right?

00:34:19   Am I right?

00:34:20   Thanks, Amazon.

00:34:21   That's the thing, isn't it?

00:34:22   This is what I heard now.

00:34:23   Yeah, so let me talk through this.

00:34:25   So Amazon has the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro

00:34:28   available for pre-order.

00:34:30   Yeah, who knows how or why that's that's possible. Apparently, it's been up for several days,

00:34:34   and a bunch of people just noticed it last night. And Federico, you pointed out that

00:34:40   these product pages had the weight for the new keyboards. There's a lot of questions

00:34:45   in this but the the pages state for the 11 inch 1.81 pounds or 822 grams, and then 2.41

00:34:54   or 1093 grams for the 12.9 inch model. It is unknown if that includes the weight of

00:35:00   the iPad, it includes the weight of the box, like everyone has their own...

00:35:05   It definitely doesn't include the weight of the iPad. That is a wild theory.

00:35:09   I don't think it does until I actually did the math and if you include the iPad then

00:35:14   it's about the same step up in weight we saw from the old smart keyboards to the current

00:35:20   It's like, who knows? It could be. Who knows? It could be. That doesn't make any sense to me though.

00:35:27   Like, why? It's more likely to include, I mean, Amazon is a logistics company, like,

00:35:31   what they have is the weight of the keyboard in a box. Sure, and in that case, it's hard to nail

00:35:37   down what these would weigh unless you had those boxes on hand. Anyways, the exact numbers

00:35:42   aren't important. I was either going to read an hour of the news, or I was going to spend an hour

00:35:46   we're like doing math about grams. It's like I'm gonna do math about grams to talk about iPad keyboard cases

00:35:51   So part of it is a fun distraction

00:35:52   But there's no doubt that these things are going to be heavier and what's so interesting to me is Apple has not

00:35:59   Told anyone what the weights are like including press who have asked like no word whether it's you know

00:36:05   These numbers that are in this article that I wrote or some other numbers

00:36:08   I think it's safe to say it's going to increase and I just wonder especially on the 12.9

00:36:13   its model like you're gonna be in MacBook Pro territory real quick with

00:36:17   the weight and I don't think that's a big deal but I just think it's really

00:36:20   interesting that we just don't know for something that's going to be coming out

00:36:23   you know in three to six weeks. My if I was gonna like put my money on the table

00:36:29   I would say that these keyboards will weigh very close to the weight of their

00:36:33   respective iPads. So you would effectively be doubling yeah and the

00:36:39   the iPads now they those weights are I thought I've read it in the article

00:36:46   maybe I didn't those weights are on the website though and it's um doubling it

00:36:49   seems fair to me I think when you go over that line it's like whoa yeah so

00:36:54   like the 12.9 is 641 grams okay and the 11 inch is 471 grams I think it'll be

00:37:07   close. I think a lot of people and this is being said in the chat room and it

00:37:10   goes to your point earlier about like a docking station they're gonna be I think

00:37:14   a lot of people that maybe just use this on their desk because of the way if it

00:37:18   does work the way that video shows and we have like a two second clip like if

00:37:21   it really stays in place when you take the iPad off of it like yeah like you

00:37:25   could totally see how it's just on your desk and then when you go somewhere you

00:37:28   just slip it in your bag and leave the keyboard behind so who knows it's got to

00:37:32   have some amount of weight so that's all possible but it's just it was just like

00:37:37   an interesting detail that Amazon shared it's like we don't really know what it

00:37:40   means this is what it could mean it's a fun way to spend an evening I think what

00:37:44   we know like what this has shown us is what we already knew which is these

00:37:47   things are heavy yes and they're heavier than the smart keyboards yeah which you

00:37:51   know we knew that but now well we assumed it right because physics and

00:37:56   stuff but you know we now have an idea that it is gonna be that way but I just

00:38:01   I just think, like, so, I don't think,

00:38:03   I think this thing will be heavy.

00:38:04   I think it has to be heavy to allow for the balance, right?

00:38:09   Because you don't want this whole thing

00:38:11   to topple over on its back every time you touch the screen.

00:38:14   And I don't think it's a problem

00:38:16   because it will be about the weight

00:38:18   of like a laptop at that point,

00:38:19   which I think is perfectly fine,

00:38:21   because that's its use case, you know?

00:38:23   Like, you use it like you would use a laptop.

00:38:26   And at that point, it doesn't matter

00:38:27   that it's the weight of a laptop.

00:38:29   And also, in the same vein of like,

00:38:30   If you are able to do what Apple have shown, which is that you can just pick this thing

00:38:35   up, it can't weigh a ton less than the thing that it's detaching from, because otherwise

00:38:43   the force that you apply to the iPad, you just pick it up every time.

00:38:46   So it has to have some heft to it.

00:38:49   Yeah, I think so.

00:38:51   So we'll know soon enough, I guess, right?

00:38:53   It's going to be coming in May at some point.

00:38:56   May 30th, it's coming at the end of the month.

00:39:00   My question here is just how much will these things be back ordered when they eventually

00:39:07   come out and...

00:39:08   It's gonna be a nightmare.

00:39:11   And how long will I have to wait before I get from the Italian Apple store a Magic Keyboard

00:39:18   in the US English layout?

00:39:21   Because that's what I gotta do.

00:39:22   Like 2024.

00:39:23   It's gonna be a long time.

00:39:25   I'm gonna get it next year for sure.

00:39:28   [laughter]

00:39:30   These things are going to be difficult. These things are going to be difficult, right?

00:39:35   Like, you know, my hope would be that they decided to just go for May so it wouldn't be, right?

00:39:42   So like that will be like pretty available, but I don't think that's the case. I think that this is gonna be a pretty

00:39:48   constrained product.

00:39:50   Like every other product before it.

00:39:53   John Voorhees is gonna be shipping you one.

00:39:55   That's what's gonna happen.

00:39:57   Well, he cannot leave the house, so I don't wanna...

00:40:00   Well, he drove through a snowstorm once before, right? Like the man will go to Wild Lakes

00:40:05   for you.

00:40:06   Yeah, but also, I would feel really bad about, you know, tasking John with leaving the house

00:40:11   right now just to ship me a Magic Keyboard. But I mean, it's...

00:40:15   So we have learnt the limit. So, pandemic, no. Blizzard, yes.

00:40:20   Oh, Blizzard's fine. The man who lives in Chicago is used to it.

00:40:25   Okay.

00:40:26   Pandemic though, it's a hard one. I gotta think about it.

00:40:30   It's a hard compare, it's a tough compare for you that one.

00:40:32   Probably global pandemic is where I draw the line, but I'm not totally sure at this point.

00:40:37   It's a good place to draw a line, like you know, it's good to have lines drawn.

00:40:42   I mean what's more extreme? If this isn't it, where is the line?

00:40:45   Well, you know, maybe next month the situation is gonna be better and you know,

00:40:53   way you can put on a mask, a bunch of gloves and protective gear.

00:40:58   Yeah.

00:40:59   And go to the…

00:41:00   A bunch of gloves.

00:41:01   Bunch of gloves.

00:41:02   Yeah, you want multiple gloves.

00:41:05   And go to the UPS store for me.

00:41:07   But no, I'm just going to order from the Italian Apple store.

00:41:14   And worst case scenario, I'm going to order two, one with the Italian layout, which I

00:41:18   I guess it's going to be, you know, the stock for that in Italy is going to be easier to

00:41:23   manage and then I will just wait for the US English one because I know that ordering like

00:41:27   international layouts from the Italian Apple store always has a longer shipping time. So

00:41:34   it's fine. I'll probably order two of them and draw the line a global pandemic in regards

00:41:39   to John Voorhees.

00:41:41   I have a funny, it's not like haha, but like a weird little thing that I realized when

00:41:46   I got my new iPad, that I have been using my iPad's keyboard in the American keyboard

00:41:56   layout for I don't know how long.

00:41:58   Because I realised when I set up my new iPad, I was like, "Oh, it's the actual return key."

00:42:05   Like the one that I'm used to.

00:42:07   And I have no idea how long I had been using it otherwise or why, but that's the thing

00:42:13   that's happened to me.

00:42:15   So now my keyboard is a little bit different than it was before and it's very confusing

00:42:20   and refreshing at the same time.

00:42:22   It's very strange.

00:42:25   And I assume there must have been some reason, some accessory or something that made me do

00:42:29   it because I remember the smart keyboard, I had it in American layout because it was

00:42:34   all you could get and I bet I said it then, when I got the original smart keyboard and

00:42:39   how many ever iPads ago that was, and I set it up and then just left it and then just

00:42:44   ignored it because I so infrequently use the software keyboard that I wouldn't even notice

00:42:49   it anyway.

00:42:50   Yeah, this is one of the only instances where I have to agree with Casey Lee's American

00:42:56   exceptionalism angle. It is really a great layout, the US English one.

00:43:03   The British English layout is great, and we have the extra size on that return key. Big

00:43:08   chunky return key. I love my big return key.

00:43:10   Yeah, but I do prefer the American one. In this case, I do prefer the American one.

00:43:14   Have you used the British layout?

00:43:15   I have, and I believe that in addition to the return key there was also another difference

00:43:19   for me.

00:43:21   Why don't we do the outbreak and I'm gonna confirm real quick because I believe that

00:43:26   I had an opinion, but I have forgotten that opinion.

00:43:31   I just need to...

00:43:32   One of the great things about the British layout is we have like just a key that you

00:43:36   press to get the pound symbol, the hashtag symbol.

00:43:38   We don't have to do some weird thing to the number three.

00:43:40   Let me remember my opinion and I will confirm it to you again.

00:43:45   Great.

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00:45:31   So I believe I was of the opinion that the

00:45:35   US English keyboard layout was

00:45:39   preferable, personally speaking, to the UK one,

00:45:43   because due to the smaller shape of the return key,

00:45:47   the US layout has a backslash

00:45:51   key next to the square brackets, which I found useful

00:45:55   for writing code on my iPad, for escaping things in JavaScript.

00:46:00   So that's why. There's a backslash and a pipe character next to the square brackets and curly brackets

00:46:06   on the right side of the keyboard.

00:46:08   Right, but there's a backslash key on the left hand side.

00:46:11   Well, I guess it depends on the keyboard. Alright, fine.

00:46:13   That was why. And I thought, especially with curly brackets and square brackets,

00:46:17   it was handy to have the backslash in there.

00:46:20   I mean, on a lot of keyboards though, there's a backslash on the left hand side

00:46:24   next to the left shift and the left shift is smaller. I don't know how Apple's software

00:46:28   keyboard does it off the top of my head. But there is a backslash key.

00:46:32   I know that there is one but I just prefer the like I just liked it better. Like it's one of

00:46:38   the few things that I like better like about America. I don't like this. That's certainly

00:46:43   what I think about. Let's move on though. Underscore David Smith has a new app called

00:46:47   WatchSmith. Federica do you want to explain what this app does? Sure, you can watch David. It's a

00:46:53   live stream app. It's called WatchSmith. It's a live cam. It's called... Like how you get

00:46:59   those animal zoo cams? Yeah. It's like, you want to watch how developers work in the wild.

00:47:04   It's like, oh, he's eating. Oh, so cute. He's sleeping under the tree. It's literally in

00:47:09   the name. You watch Smith. Oh, he's got two Apple watches on and he's walking around in

00:47:14   circles. Yeah. And especially during this global pandemic time, we could all use, you

00:47:19   you know, tune in and watch Smith do his things.

00:47:24   - You feel like you're working with him.

00:47:25   - It really brings you closer to the, you know,

00:47:27   to the life of an indie developer.

00:47:30   - Hey, you guys know what the most popular webcam is

00:47:33   for zoos right now?

00:47:34   The pandadymic camera.

00:47:37   - Oh my God.

00:47:41   - Get out of here.

00:47:43   - So we have another sponsor for this episode.

00:47:47   I could probably wrap it up here. My thanks go to, let's see, Ball and Branch. Thank you.

00:47:57   I'm afraid Steven ruined the show. The chatroom is very upset with me.

00:48:03   Everyone's upset with you. You gotta understand, Steven. He's a father

00:48:07   and he feels compelled to share this. Yeah.

00:48:11   Oh, God. I actually feel, like, not good now.

00:48:15   Yeah, the humor is just so overwhelming to you.

00:48:18   Oh my god.

00:48:19   Watch Smith, tell us about this magic.

00:48:21   I believe this used to be called, you know, when David was talking about this idea with

00:48:26   his close friends, Project Geneva.

00:48:28   He also mentioned that on podcasts.

00:48:31   So the idea behind Watch Smith, which is the official name, is now out on the App Store,

00:48:35   is it's a utility that lets you design your own Apple Watch complications.

00:48:41   So you can choose from different types of complications.

00:48:45   I believe 37 types of complications are supported across different watch faces.

00:48:53   So not all watch faces are supported at the moment, but there's a really great selection

00:48:57   of options like for the Infograph and the Infograph Modular, the X-ray watch face.

00:49:05   There's some choice in there.

00:49:07   And you can create your own custom complications choosing from different types of complications.

00:49:12   So like the small circle ones, or the ones that go in an angle of the display, the big

00:49:19   for example in the Infograph Modular Phase you can create the big middle one.

00:49:26   And what you can do, so this is like a design, in a way it's like a design app in that you

00:49:32   You can go in there and choose your watch face and choose your complication and design

00:49:37   it yourself.

00:49:38   So you choose the type of complication, you choose the data source, like do you want this

00:49:42   to be a date complication or do you want this to be a weather complication or should it

00:49:47   be about your activity or about your calendar.

00:49:53   And then you can choose the font and then you can choose the style and then you can

00:49:56   choose the color.

00:49:58   So you actually do create your own custom complications, choosing from a set of supported

00:50:05   types, choosing from a set of data sources.

00:50:08   You put it all together, you save it, then you go to the watch app, the Apple watch app

00:50:16   to customize your watch, and you choose your watch face and you select WatchSmith and there

00:50:21   you go, you have your custom complication installed.

00:50:24   It is really incredible, I think, what David has been able to do here. But in addition

00:50:29   to the customization of the whole thing, like, again, multiple fonts, multiple colors, multiple

00:50:35   data sources, multiple layouts, the really impressive part is that WatchSmith also supports

00:50:43   scheduling complications for different times of the day. So this is an API that I believe

00:50:49   Apple launched a couple of years ago and it used to be limited to like cards in the Siri

00:50:55   watch phase, like you could show different cards at different times of the day.

00:50:59   Then last year I think developer Aaron Pierce was first to do this sort of feature with

00:51:06   HomeRun, which is a HomeKit utility for the watch that lets you show different HomeKit

00:51:11   complications at different times of the day.

00:51:14   The idea being that maybe in the morning you want to turn on your coffee, your special

00:51:19   machine, and maybe in the evening you want to have a button to turn off your lights.

00:51:23   This is a similar idea, but done in a much more extensive way in WatchSmith.

00:51:28   You can schedule up to... how many hours in a day?

00:51:32   24?

00:51:33   Yeah, 24.

00:51:34   So I guess you can schedule 24 complications in WatchSmith.

00:51:37   Each can take up to an entire hour block.

00:51:43   There's an analog clock UI that actually lets you see from 1pm to 2pm show this complication.

00:51:51   At 2pm until 6pm, it automatically cycles to this other complication.

00:51:57   And it can actually manage all the complications that you want to see appear on your watch

00:52:02   face automatically without you having to change them at different times of the day.

00:52:07   It is very clever.

00:52:08   Very clever.

00:52:09   How do you guys feel about it?

00:52:10   I'm very impressed by what David did here.

00:52:13   So I think that, can I just talk about this as like a watch fan?

00:52:17   Because this is what I like about this application.

00:52:20   So I've been talking with Dave for a while about this because I wanted to give my input

00:52:25   on like here are some things that I want.

00:52:27   Because the thing that frustrates me about Apple's watch faces is like that I can't customize

00:52:33   them the way that I want to for visual reasons, right?

00:52:38   I don't necessarily want all of the computer stuff my watch can do.

00:52:43   Like I don't, I don't really want my calendar on my watch face.

00:52:47   Neither do I want my to do out there anymore.

00:52:50   I just don't want that sort of stuff anymore on my watch.

00:52:53   Right.

00:52:53   I will go into the apps or get notifications if I'm wearing the watch for this stuff.

00:52:58   But what I do want more of is smart things that my watch can do

00:53:03   because it's connected to the Internet.

00:53:05   and this is what WatchSmith allows me to have. So when I'm using WatchSmith, I use one of the

00:53:11   watch faces, I either use California or there's another one that I don't remember the name of,

00:53:19   but it's like one of the more simple ones and it has two spots or Meridian I think it's called,

00:53:24   right? It has like three spots on it or something. But the ones that I like, I like to have the day

00:53:30   of the week indicator where it's just like the abbreviations for each day in a

00:53:36   little circle and it just points to which one it is I just think it's really

00:53:39   pretty plus I like that you can choose not only the font but what the little

00:53:44   indicator looks like like the little hand which points you can choose what

00:53:48   you want it to look like which I like because it's the visual stuff that I

00:53:51   want but I also just I really like the like the moon phase ones right so you

00:53:57   you can choose, I want to get the actual name of it because I asked specifically for this

00:54:02   one and I don't want to get the name wrong. It is called Classic Moonphase. So this is

00:54:09   the idea of like through a day you can see the moon rise and go down again. You see this

00:54:15   sort of stuff a lot on traditional watches and I wanted that on the Apple Watch and I

00:54:21   couldn't find any way to get it. But they've made it and put it in this app and I think

00:54:25   great that I can have these more traditional watch elements on my Apple watch for visual stuff,

00:54:32   as well as being able to have smarter things like much nicer complication designs for temperature

00:54:39   things or to be able to have a battery indicator if I want, which is a number, but I can choose

00:54:45   the color and the font for it. I like that I can do that because it's enabling me to do something

00:54:50   which I like, which is to choose a watch, right, when I'm choosing real watches,

00:54:55   that fit my design tastes, right, but then can also be changed like a computer watch should be

00:55:04   able to be changed. Like it allows for more configuration but without sacrificing design.

00:55:10   Like the app itself, as Federico was alluding to, it gets complicated because there's lots of

00:55:17   options but to get the true personalization that's what you want right like I want to be able to choose

00:55:25   the font and the color and what the the actual hand looks like itself so I can get it to look

00:55:33   exactly the way that I want. One other thing that Dave does with this app which must have been

00:55:37   incredibly difficult to do but I love it because it's something I hate about the Apple Watch

00:55:42   It's the complications adjust so you can still see them if the hand is over them.

00:55:49   How?

00:55:50   So he moves the UI around with incredibly complicated math and knowing the way that

00:55:55   the design of the watch works, right? Like that's the only way you can make this work,

00:55:58   which is what Dave did. Because I hate that the Apple Watch, the hands, cover the complications.

00:56:04   This shouldn't happen. That is a thing that happens on real watches because it's physical.

00:56:10   There are things that Apple does sometimes, which I hate about the Apple Watch design,

00:56:15   where they mirror the physical into the digital world when that is not necessary.

00:56:19   And so I love that Dave did this because that's the way that all complications should work.

00:56:25   So what I like about this app, which is different to what most people like about this app,

00:56:30   I like that it bridges traditional watches and the Apple Watch. So when I'm wearing the Apple Watch,

00:56:36   I can have it look more like a watch, which is what I want.

00:56:40   And then but you can go into many realms and have your calendar

00:56:45   there in different ways and all that kind of stuff.

00:56:47   And if you're going to do that, I think that there should be an ability

00:56:51   which Watch Smith allows to allow you to customize it very heavily

00:56:55   because you are wearing it on your wrist.

00:56:57   Like I think that this this app really for me.

00:57:02   only shows more the fact that Apple has not done enough with customization of the Apple watch

00:57:09   because then you do start running things that I find frustrating where it's like I want to use

00:57:14   this watch face now but I can only use this type of complication right and I can't use all I can't

00:57:21   have multiple complications of the same type on this watch face it's like why why can't I have

00:57:27   two of these little circle ones on there oh no because you have to have this circle one and this

00:57:32   big circle one. It's like, why Apple? Why is it this way? These are the things that

00:57:38   continue to be frustrating to me, and I hope that we see more. But I think that Dave has

00:57:42   done a great job. It is also worth noting that _DavidSmith is a close personal friend

00:57:46   of all of ours, but this is a very, very good application. So that's what I wanted to say.

00:57:52   In the past, if you wanted to mimic this, you could have multiple watch faces set up,

00:57:56   right? So if you wanted one with complications for work, like your meetings and your to-do

00:58:01   list and then when you got home you just wanted you know sunset time and the

00:58:05   weather you could do that but then you were juggling watch faces and what's

00:58:09   great about this is that it it means that your watch face can change over the

00:58:14   course of a day without you having to fiddle with it or remember and I mean I

00:58:18   said this in my blog post and I really mean it I don't think there's anyone

00:58:22   outside of Apple who understands watchOS development as much as underscore

00:58:26   Like he is pushing this thing way further than most developers are and I think Apple

00:58:32   should pay attention to that.

00:58:34   And I'm not saying I want my friend's app to be Sherlock's, but boy this stuff should

00:58:38   be in the system by this point.

00:58:39   I mean the watch is coming up on five years old.

00:58:41   It's like we're still stuck with so many of the original assumptions that Apple made about

00:58:46   it and it feels stagnant in a lot of areas because of that.

00:58:49   Yeah, I also want to cut out some of the details that I really love about WatchSmith.

00:58:54   By far my favorite feature is the support for multiple time zones, which is part of

00:58:59   the subscription model that we should also mention.

00:59:03   You can download WatchSmith for free, but some of the complications, because they're

00:59:06   based on data sources that require like that ever, like a server component that require

00:59:12   WatchSmith.

00:59:13   Yeah, a dark sky.

00:59:14   Right, the weather is part of that, time zones are also part of that.

00:59:20   The app you can subscribe to get all the complication types, $2 a month, so $1.99 a month, or $19.99

00:59:28   a year.

00:59:30   Right now I'm subscribed monthly, but I'm probably going to switch to annually at some

00:59:34   point.

00:59:36   And I did subscribe because of the timezone support.

00:59:39   So the idea would be that I can check on multiple timezones at once in the WatchSmith app, but

00:59:45   The really impressive part is that I can see multiple time zones at a glance in a complication.

00:59:51   So with the Infogram...

00:59:52   I believe it's called the Infogram Modular, this one?

00:59:55   Yeah, the Infogram Modular.

00:59:57   The big complication in the middle of the screen is like a timeline.

01:00:01   So I put a timeline that shows me different time zones with their abbreviations.

01:00:09   So for example, New York City, Rome, Chicago, and Cupertino are the ones that...

01:00:13   I should add London because of Myke as well.

01:00:17   Hello.

01:00:18   I have Rome in all of my things because of you,

01:00:20   so I think it's only fair.

01:00:21   I will add London as well.

01:00:22   So now I see this horizontal timeline

01:00:26   of different time zones around the world, which

01:00:27   is really, really excellent.

01:00:30   But I'm also considering the weather,

01:00:31   and I see by following the new WatchSmith app

01:00:37   account on Twitter, I see that David has been tweeting

01:00:41   about a new weather complication style that's like a boxy graph style, which I really like.

01:00:49   So I guess that about sums up my feelings on this. It's going to be so much fun to play

01:00:56   around, especially for somebody like me who loves to tweak things and play around with

01:01:01   different settings. This is heaven for you because you can choose literally everything

01:01:05   about the app. And I'm going to be spending so much time changing fonts and colors and

01:01:10   choosing different settings. I saw somewhere, again on Twitter, in a reply to somebody else

01:01:16   that David suggested supporting any arbitrary source of JSON data. So like a URL that points

01:01:29   you to some data in the JSON format. And I'm more like, my brain is already thinking about

01:01:35   all the different things that I could do with like Zapier and like, you know, exposing like

01:01:41   custom data over a URL and turning that into a complication in WatchSmith. That would be

01:01:50   incredible. So.

01:01:52   If I'm going to wear a computer.

01:01:54   Exactly.

01:01:55   I want it to be very customizable. That's what I want. Because if I, you know, it's

01:02:00   never going to look good as watches that I could choose for the same amount of money.

01:02:03   And the reason for that is not that the Apple Watch is ugly, is that there are lots and

01:02:07   lots and lots of decisions that you can make about a watch that you want and Apple sells

01:02:12   you one style.

01:02:14   You can get it in different finishes but it's one physical style which might not necessarily

01:02:19   be the style you would choose given the same amount of money to go and buy a watch.

01:02:24   So if I'm going to wear this one design, I want it to be the best that a computer watch

01:02:30   can be, which is, let me choose everything. Right. And I think that's, this is what David

01:02:37   is starting to allow with this application is, is it's very impressive.

01:02:41   We have some iOS 14 home screen rumors. I was 14 still floating about there somewhere. So this is

01:02:51   on nine to five Mac and comes from a couple of different sources. But we have some home screen

01:02:58   Apparent stuff some collection stuff Myke do you want to walk us through this?

01:03:01   Yes, so there's been a couple of things going on here

01:03:05   Nine to five Mac are reporting on this it came from a third-party source a Twitter user

01:03:12   Goes by the name dongle book Pro, which I appreciate but they said that it corroborates information that they had found out so breaking down

01:03:20   the

01:03:22   current existing wallpaper types into collections. So one called classic stripes, one called earth and moon, and one called flowers

01:03:28   these are the ones that Apple already make and you know

01:03:31   You might imagine that you would want to do that because Apple is potentially looking at third-party packs

01:03:36   If you remember that rumor from previously, so if you were to install like

01:03:41   Other sources for wallpapers, you might want to have collections already built in so they can plug into that area

01:03:47   Apple would also look like that they are going to be expanding to

01:03:51   different appearance options so that you could choose just basic colors or basic dynamic

01:03:58   wallpapers or smart gradients as an option for the home screen. So you would have to

01:04:03   be able to choose just basic colors or I like the idea of a gradient and smart gradient

01:04:09   I'm sure would mean would easily move between light and dark mode. That's what I expect

01:04:13   that's doing, right? That makes sense to you guys? I guess so, yeah. Right, like I don't

01:04:19   know what else would be smart about a gradient. I don't know how smart you can make them.

01:04:26   The report goes on to say "We can say that Apple is working to provide real widgets on

01:04:30   the iPhone and iPad home screen for the first time. Instead of pinned widgets like on iPad

01:04:34   OS 13, the new widgets on iOS 14 could be moved around just like any app icon." So the

01:04:40   idea of widgets on the home screen like they are on Android that we've thought about and

01:04:45   and spoke about and wanted for a long time.

01:04:47   Seems like it may actually be coming to iOS 14,

01:04:50   but like any good homescreen,

01:04:53   like any good iOS rumor, the report does go on to say,

01:04:56   but of course this could be scrapped at any time.

01:04:59   I saw a concept floating around by Parker Otellani,

01:05:04   showing what this could look like,

01:05:06   which, and I like the way this looked,

01:05:08   you know, it's kind of like a blending between,

01:05:10   basically what Parker has created

01:05:13   is a selection of widget designs based on existing widgets

01:05:17   that look like they belong on an iPhone home screen

01:05:20   because they're basically two or three or four app icons

01:05:24   in size just smushed together,

01:05:26   which I think this kind of design would work well.

01:05:29   This did make me think, I don't know about you guys,

01:05:31   I feel like I'm seeing a lot of concepts,

01:05:33   more concepts than ever these days.

01:05:35   - It's that time of the year and--

01:05:38   - Just in general, I mean, maybe UI designers are at home,

01:05:41   got a bit of extra time on their hands, you know, people making concepts.

01:05:46   And I think it's also much easier than before because we have so many new design tools to

01:05:50   actually make a credible replica of an iOS device.

01:05:57   I like the idea of widgets, right? Done well, done tastefully, this could be really nice.

01:06:02   They should do it. They should do it. They should allow for multiple widget sizes. I

01:06:06   believe we've seen this in the Parkers mockups, by the way, are really good. It's not the

01:06:11   the first time that I've seen Parker's name in the in 9to5Mac lately. They should support

01:06:18   multiple widget sizes, so like a compact layout, an expanded layout. They should also do, I'm

01:06:24   gonna you know throw my ideas out there, they should also support live icons similar to

01:06:30   the calendar. Is the clock icon by Apple also a live icon? Yeah, so it is. Yeah, it even

01:06:36   has the seconds hand like so you can watch seconds ticking. Live icons could be the next

01:06:41   customizable icons, so like, you know, another nice new thing for developers to support, and

01:06:46   I'm gonna go right ahead and say it. They should do live

01:06:52   shortcuts on the home screen.

01:06:54   So imagine a shortcut that could have, that is not just a static icon,

01:06:59   maybe with a custom glyph that you bought from Mac Stories, but also like an actual live tile

01:07:06   that shows you progress, maybe shows you some kind of UI, some kind of

01:07:12   confirmation message of sorts. Like imagine instead of just like tapping an icon to open the shortcuts app that runs the shortcut for you,

01:07:20   imagine having some kind of like staying on the home screen, first of all, not having to launch the shortcuts app when you run a shortcut,

01:07:27   but also to have some kind of visual confirmation of the shortcut in there. And then of course if the shortcut requires

01:07:35   interaction, like typing some text or choosing from a list. Maybe

01:07:39   it could show you those elements on the home screen or maybe could just take you back to the shortcuts app and that would be

01:07:45   fine. But for most shortcuts, I would love the ability to run them as live icons, live tiles, columns, whatever,

01:07:51   from the home screen right there without launching shortcuts with some kind of

01:07:56   visual aspect to them.

01:07:59   That would be really good. I would like that too.

01:08:02   Just to make it make things feel a bit more alive like not everything needs to be a widget, right?

01:08:07   No.

01:08:07   Like having these live icons that might be enough for a lot of things.

01:08:11   Not everything needs a widget.

01:08:12   "Let's get weird" is my message to Apple.

01:08:15   Do weird things!

01:08:17   Do new things!

01:08:18   Whatever, it's 2020, there's a global pandemic going on.

01:08:21   Get weird because we could all use it.

01:08:23   Is this your platform for 2020?

01:08:25   Let's get weird.

01:08:26   This is my platform.

01:08:28   Let's get weird.

01:08:29   Okay.

01:08:29   Yes.

01:08:30   It's good.

01:08:30   I think this all started with kickstands.

01:08:32   Honestly, can you disagree with my approach?

01:08:36   Like see?

01:08:37   No.

01:08:38   We could all...

01:08:39   Federico, I use my iPad with a, you know, a plugged in RGB split keyboard.

01:08:47   I'm on board with being with baby.

01:08:49   That sounds lovely.

01:08:50   I love it.

01:08:51   Yes.

01:08:52   Can you say that again?

01:08:53   Can you say those words again?

01:08:54   I use my iPad in a stand with a keyboard which needs two USB-C cables plugged into a splitter

01:09:02   which has RGB cycling lights with the keyboard physically splitting off.

01:09:07   Did you hear that, Steven?

01:09:08   Can you do the stuff with your Macintosh's?

01:09:11   I bet you can't.

01:09:12   Macintosh's.

01:09:14   If they add widgets to the home screen, I totally think they should.

01:09:17   Would they get rid of the row of widgets in the TodayView?

01:09:21   these kind of become one thing you think or would they keep like you put widgets

01:09:25   you need on the home screen like secondary widgets still over there on

01:09:27   the side? There could be a page on the side but I think the system to design

01:09:32   and create widgets the old one should be scrapped and and actually release a new

01:09:37   framework. I think I would want them in both places personally. Same but I

01:09:43   think the technology developers used to make them should be a new one because

01:09:48   the old widget system is limited in a bunch of weird ways.

01:09:51   It's so old now.

01:09:52   It's so old, there have always been layout problems, like when you expand a widget from

01:09:58   the compact layout to the expanded one, some weird stuff always happens. And not the good

01:10:04   weird, the bad weird. They do not support keyboard input, for example, whereas I think

01:10:12   it should really be a more flexible system and also the UI that you can show in there

01:10:18   is super limited.

01:10:19   It should be a new one, you should have the option of choosing like is this... like the

01:10:24   idea of like widget, an icon, maybe it's an old one, maybe everything should become a

01:10:30   new, more dynamic sort of thing.

01:10:32   And I don't mean that I want like all my icons to move, like, you know, flash different images

01:10:40   all at once, but you have a more dynamic system for some things. I don't know, like an Apple

01:10:47   Music widget. That would be beautiful. And yes, I'm fully aware that this is stuff that

01:10:51   Android has done for a while. I just want the same, maybe a little more, done in an

01:10:57   Apple fashion. That's what I'm asking for.

01:11:00   Android has been doing this for 10 years. 10 years we've been asking for it. Come on,

01:11:05   Apple.

01:11:06   If you if you overdo it though, your phone is looking like the Las Vegas strip, right?

01:11:10   Like there's...

01:11:11   See, I know.

01:11:12   I know you were going to say that.

01:11:14   I don't want that, obviously.

01:11:16   But yeah, you know, moderation, everything in moderation.

01:11:21   Customize responsibly.

01:11:22   Yes.

01:11:23   All right.

01:11:24   As promised, we're going to wrap up with the MacManna stuff talking about the winner and

01:11:28   I have made my picks.

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01:13:29   - You're gonna hear it.

01:13:32   - So here's my request.

01:13:34   I want to know your interesting and weird in a good way

01:13:39   and fun things in which you're using Notion.

01:13:44   Like I get the basic like note taking stuff

01:13:47   and you can link multiple pages with each other

01:13:50   and you can have tables.

01:13:52   Like the basics I understand.

01:13:54   I've played with Notion.

01:13:56   I was not impressed by the fact that it was like a web app

01:13:59   running on my iPhone or the iPad,

01:14:01   but I see that they have a slightly better

01:14:04   iPad version out today.

01:14:06   So I wanna check that out again,

01:14:07   but I also wanna understand

01:14:08   what are some of the most impressive setups

01:14:11   that people have in Notion?

01:14:12   Like some fascinating,

01:14:15   even if it's like a super niche type of approach,

01:14:19   I wanna know about that.

01:14:20   I wanna hear from you.

01:14:21   So let me know if you're using Notion in a fun, interesting,

01:14:27   fascinating, weird, in a good way setup.

01:14:31   I want to see that.

01:14:32   I want to know about you.

01:14:33   So let me know.

01:14:34   That was my request.

01:14:35   That was my official request.

01:14:37   You're going to get a lot of resources.

01:14:39   See, resources are fine as long as they have actual examples

01:14:42   I can study.

01:14:44   I'm done, Steven.

01:14:45   Yes, thank you.

01:14:46   Mac madness.

01:14:48   So in the show notes in the chat room right now,

01:14:52   I have an image that is my bracket, how I filled it out.

01:14:57   - Which is our request to you.

01:14:59   - Yes, it's pretty different from how it went down

01:15:01   in the real world.

01:15:02   And it's probably not a surprise,

01:15:05   anyone who follows my stuff, kinda how I would vote.

01:15:09   But Myke, I believe you wanted to ask me about this

01:15:12   and I guess we could talk about the winner.

01:15:14   - Well, I think we should start by talking about the winner

01:15:17   because like and then we can actually talk about your picks it's just like a completely different thing.

01:15:21   Sure.

01:15:21   The winner was the Cube, so connected listeners came through.

01:15:24   Go Cube.

01:15:25   Go Cube.

01:15:26   And they voted for the Cube.

01:15:27   The Cube was the right winner out of the two, it just was.

01:15:30   It was the most exciting and the most interesting.

01:15:32   Very close.

01:15:33   I know. What was the final?

01:15:35   It won with 51.3% of the votes.

01:15:38   Woo!

01:15:39   About half the time when I looked at the at the results as they were coming in it was split dead 50/50.

01:15:44   Wow.

01:15:45   Like it was wild.

01:15:46   Look, I think everyone can agree.

01:15:49   This went in places that maybe it shouldn't have.

01:15:51   You know, I think everyone can decide themselves what they think about that, right?

01:15:56   But of the two, I mean, I'm just happy to see that the Cube was the winner.

01:16:01   Because you know, their laptop could have been any laptop, who would know?

01:16:04   Right?

01:16:05   It's just a matter of a problem.

01:16:06   But let's talk about yours.

01:16:07   Let's talk about your bracket here.

01:16:10   I don't know if we want to go through every...

01:16:12   No, that's a lot.

01:16:15   every one seems like a lot but I do want to touch on some of these here I think

01:16:20   we should maybe start with some heavy hitters so the Mac pros so you had the

01:16:26   Mac Pro 2019 go further than any other pro Mac yeah you took that all the way

01:16:33   through to the quarterfinals mm-hmm why because it's I really do love this

01:16:38   computer I mean it's the first Mac Pro I've owned and it's like a return to

01:16:43   really heavy hitting Mac hardware from Apple and I think that it's just

01:16:47   fantastic. Okay we'll make sure that Steven's bracket is in the show notes if

01:16:51   you want to follow along. Yes. One that we were hearing about a lot was the SE30.

01:16:56   Uh-huh. You had the SE30 go out in round two to the iMac G3. I think again you

01:17:05   can see here why random seeding was terrible for that particular thing alone

01:17:10   Right. It's one that hurt from it. Yeah, so I had to move on. I had to beat the retina

01:17:16   MacBook Pro that the audience put into the finals. So that's the biggest difference between

01:17:20   my bracket and the public's I think. The SC 30 was a great machine and it was the capstone

01:17:27   to that early Macintosh period, right? And lots of people have written about that and

01:17:30   talked about it. And for me, it does signify that, you know, the random MacBook Pro from

01:17:38   12 to 15 like it's a great computer but this is favorite and I think the SC 30

01:17:43   kind of pulls on my heartstrings more than that MacBook Pro but look the iMac

01:17:47   g3 I mean it's it's it's a machine that I have spent so much time with I did

01:17:52   that big project with it I traveled halfway across the country to give them

01:17:55   to a museum right like I spent a lot of time with that and and that one was a

01:18:00   clear finalist for me which is probably a good place to mention that you had the

01:18:05   I'm actually three go to to prove the final against the titanium power book

01:18:09   G4 and you had the titanium power book g4 beat the iMac g3 which I can't believe that

01:18:15   But the titanium power books my favorite Mac of all time

01:18:18   It's just a surprise to me considering how much you have been through it. Yeah, it was very close and

01:18:24   I thought a lot about it

01:18:26   The reason that the titanium for me won out is that it was kind of the my first Mac

01:18:33   I had a high school job. My boss gave me a titanium to use as my own

01:18:37   It's the it's the machine took to college

01:18:39   it just as much as I love the I'm at g3 the titanium was like my first Mac and

01:18:45   I've got it and it's it's fantastic and it

01:18:49   Because it helps set me off on this course

01:18:52   Right that my love for that machine is what made all this so interesting to me and that I just couldn't say no to

01:18:58   The 10th the 20th anniversary Mac. Mm-hmm

01:19:02   You had that beat the original Mac mini the power Mac g5 but losing out to the clamshell

01:19:09   I booked g3. Yeah, that's another surprise to me

01:19:13   Yeah, the team didn't go very far of the clamshell. I booked went pretty far in the in the the public one

01:19:20   In fact the clamshell I booked the public and I got it to the same place

01:19:25   Which is interesting. It's one of the only things which is the young I love the 20th anniversary Mac, but the clamshell

01:19:32   iBook is just way more fun because it's got a handle, it came in at a bunch of different colors and

01:19:36   First, you know, it's like it's just more fun to me. I love my 20th anniversary Mac. I'm very fortunate to own one

01:19:43   Maybe fortune is not the right word for most people, but I was very happy to obtain one a few years ago

01:19:49   but the clamshell iBook just interested out for me because I think if I had to pick between the two the clamshell is

01:19:57   Is a lot more fun and it and again like favorite sort of

01:20:02   My love for these things the clamshell iBook was one of the very first machines that I collected the cube and the clamshell

01:20:09   Or my first two Macs that I collected and so it has a special place in my heart

01:20:13   Plus you can get an orange which you can't argue with

01:20:15   Like the last one on this side of the bracket left side of the bracket the iMac Pro you had lose to the 12 inch

01:20:21   PowerBook G4

01:20:22   That's a surprise to me because before the Mac Pro like you would I would he frequently say like the iMac Pro is like the

01:20:28   Best Mac you've ever owned like yeah, I know best and favorite a different

01:20:32   But like that's a support that still a surprise to me because I know that you're a big iMac Pro fan

01:20:36   I am a huge iMac Pro fan and that one out of the first round. I think was one of the hardest

01:20:41   I think I could have gone

01:20:43   could have gone either way, but the the power book inches it out for me, I think because

01:20:49   including myself like apples never really rekindled that magic like something really special about that machine and

01:20:54   Like I have a couple of them and anytime I open it

01:20:57   It's like this just makes me happy that the keyboard goes all the way to the edge. It's all very tight and tidy

01:21:02   Something nice about it. Also the chat room wants me to say orange again. Yeah, you say it

01:21:07   So I guess I've done that it's like it's one sound orange like orange

01:21:11   You say it Federico orange say it in Italian. I don't you oh

01:21:16   God, it's way better. That's better. That was better. Yeah, we should all say it like that. Yeah. All right. I want to talk about your

01:21:22   How you let the cube run through to the quarterfinal. Mm-hmm. You had the cube beat

01:21:29   Both good MacBook Airs and I am surprised about that

01:21:33   I know I was shocked that so I while this was voting I didn't want to comment on how I had voted

01:21:39   That was kind of one of my rules

01:21:40   But I was really surprised the public followed me in this because I didn't think that the I thought the I thought the 13-inch air

01:21:48   Was I thought the 13-inch air and the black MacBook were going to be in the semi-finals in

01:21:52   In the public bracket I was shocked that

01:21:55   The the cube made it as far as it did

01:21:58   You know winning I didn't expect that I was a surprise to me

01:22:03   But again like going back to it was one of the it was one of those first two machines for me

01:22:07   It's just so it's such a fascinating machine because of the way it's designed

01:22:10   But the fact that it was a failure and they Apple used language that they put it on ice

01:22:15   They didn't cancel it. Like the whole thing is so weird and special. I

01:22:18   Just you know, the air is a better machine in every way, but the cube again is is more special to me

01:22:26   Mmm, and you know the public vindicated me because it won now look

01:22:30   I like you know, I gave my love for the G for Q

01:22:34   but I would and I don't think I did have the Cube make it out of round one.

01:22:41   Because the 11-inch MacBook Air was like a very special computer for me.

01:22:46   I loved that computer like many other people did.

01:22:50   I was just really surprised to see that you put the Cube that far through your own bracket.

01:22:55   I don't think I have much, many more comments on the right-hand side of the bracket.

01:23:02   I think most of the interesting debates were on the left side anyway. I don't really think that

01:23:07   the right has got a lot in it for me honestly. Yeah, and that's totally fine. That's why this

01:23:13   has been such an interesting project because people approach it in such different ways,

01:23:18   and honestly in ways that I didn't really expect. I kind of figured that people would

01:23:24   sort of struggle with the best versus favorite, you know. I kind of assumed that that would be

01:23:32   kind of a difficult thing to talk about and to get through. And I think it was, you know, I think a

01:23:37   lot of the arguments I saw on Twitter about it, which is fantastic. I love how into this people

01:23:43   were. But I think that's really where a lot of the sort of differences come from. And the age you are

01:23:51   and when you came to the Mac and what you think about the Mac all would influence your decisions

01:23:57   on this, which I think is why the results are so fascinating. You're gonna do it again? I think so.

01:24:01   I don't think I'm gonna do favorite max again, but I have some other some other ideas

01:24:06   I would love to see a favorite iPhone. Mm-hmm

01:24:09   I think that's what I will I'm not committing to this but I think that's what I will probably do next year

01:24:13   I phone would be nice favorite iPad would be also fine favorite Apple TV would just be sad

01:24:19   Favorite beats headphones would be fun, but you're too old

01:24:25   Yeah, yeah favorite iPhone it should be the next one

01:24:30   Yeah, I think that's what I want to do and I would separate phone and iPad because you know, they're very different categories

01:24:36   So yeah, that's how I would have voted

01:24:38   I'll have a blog post up when the show goes up so you can you can see it's in the show notes as well

01:24:43   the image

01:24:44   But yeah, this was a lot of fun. And again, I'm totally blown away that I had 15,000 votes

01:24:49   Mmm, and people were really fired up about it and I just I really enjoyed it

01:24:55   And two thousand of those votes were Federico for the cube

01:24:58   I did make it where you couldn't vote again immediately. You said you'd at least have to go to like a private tab or something

01:25:03   To do it. So I tried to limit cheating where I could

01:25:06   Shortcuts hacked my Google form with shortcuts with base64. Mm-hmm. That's what I did. Mm-hmm

01:25:14   What's it? I think that's about it this week guys. Mm-hmm

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