287: Rub a Dub Dub, My Friend


00:00:00   [Music]

00:00:08   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 287.

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00:00:17   My name is Stephen Hackett and I am joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:20   Ahoy!

00:00:22   Oh, that is brisk.

00:00:24   Mm-hmm.

00:00:25   Like the salty sea air of which I'm from.

00:00:29   I am a sailor now.

00:00:30   Are you?

00:00:31   I've been to your house, it's not really near the ocean, but...

00:00:34   Well, I am not allowed to leave my house, so I'm liking to believe that my home is a

00:00:39   boat now, and it's sailing out to sea, and that's me.

00:00:44   Or you're just spending a lot of time in the bathtub.

00:00:47   Rub-a-dub-dub, my friend.

00:00:49   Wait, what?

00:00:50   I don't know, man.

00:00:51   Leave me alone.

00:00:52   I'm losing it.

00:00:54   Also, joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:58   Hello, hi, how are you? I'm good. Are you in the tub? No, not at the moment

00:01:03   Sylvia Sylvia is right now, but I'm not

00:01:07   Anyway, I just felt like you should know

00:01:14   Are you a bath person Federico? I really am not I

00:01:20   I am unable to relax

00:01:22   Yeah, I can't really do it anymore after I my back injury

00:01:27   Yeah, bathtubs are pretty bad for me now, but I was never a big bath person anyway. I've always been a shower guy

00:01:34   Yeah, like a nice hot shower. Well, they're different. Okay, they're different things. A shower is for cleansing your body from the

00:01:40   No, I disagree. I love thinking while I'm doing the shower. Like I just stand there for like 10 minutes.

00:01:49   I listen to podcasts in the shower because I have waterproof fun

00:01:53   And I have a little shelf in my shower like at home and the phone goes on it

00:01:58   It's like there's like a wired shell like back into the shelf

00:02:01   so my pop socket just hooks back onto it great and I listen to my podcasts and

00:02:05   Relax in the nice hot shower. Okay. Yeah. Well, okay

00:02:10   So I agree with all that

00:02:11   But but my point was a bath in my view and I am a bath person a bath is not to clean yourself

00:02:18   You're sitting in your own filth

00:02:19   it is to get it as hot as you can stand it and to relax and I find it very nice

00:02:24   I really like a bath I do believe that you can clean yourself in a bath I don't

00:02:29   prescribe to the sitting in your own filth mentality depends on how dirty you

00:02:33   are you'd be surprised how many times I text you guys in the evenings from the

00:02:36   bathtub no I wouldn't be surprised because I know what you do like because

00:02:40   sometimes you just tell us and the fact that you tell us means it must happen a

00:02:44   lot because I don't think I've ever told you that I'm in the bath because I don't

00:02:48   take baths that often. I do it like, I would like to do it like once a week. Sometimes

00:02:52   it's just a couple times a month, but I find it very nice. The thing about the sitting

00:02:57   in your own field thing is like, if you are that dirt you shouldn't be taking a bath,

00:03:01   like that's on you, right? Okay, I go with that. Yeah, like if I go mountain biking and

00:03:07   I'm covered in dirt, I'm gonna take a shower, right? I'm not gonna sit in the tub with like

00:03:11   debris floating around me. Because then you need two baths, at least. Yeah. Well everybody,

00:03:16   to Connected, a show about technology. But bathing. About bathing. We have some follow-up

00:03:22   good news. People like the MacBook Air. Myke, you and Jason talked about this on Upgrade this week.

00:03:28   Jason had a review on six colors. We also have in the show notes a link to Gruber's review and one

00:03:35   by MKBHD and one by our friend Austin Evans. Our co-worker Austin Evans. Co-worker, yep. Co-worker.

00:03:44   It seems it seems awesome. People seem to really like it. We had gotten some tweets about the base

00:03:49   CPU being an i3 and I looked at Geekbench just a couple minutes ago, and there's not a lot of 2020

00:03:56   MacBook Airs on there yet. But from what I read, in my understanding with the process change,

00:04:01   because these are now using the the smaller die, that the i3 should be as fast or faster than the

00:04:08   old i5 so don't let the label confuse you it's it's kind of because the way the way these new uh

00:04:15   this new generation of chips goes together like the i3 i5 i7 that branding is a little confusing

00:04:20   between the generations i hate that two generations of macbook arago had i3s in like it's like it's

00:04:27   it's too confusing i don't like that like they kind of settled on that branding well eventually

00:04:32   it'll be our max and it'll just be you know the this was powered by the m1 and the next year is

00:04:38   the m2x and next year the m3z so it will get better m3z plus pro max i'm pretty confident

00:04:48   that this will be the machine that i'd like to replace my mac blue pro i feel pretty confident

00:04:54   now do you yeah i thought you were gonna wait for the for the mythical 14-inch macbook pro

00:05:01   I don't think I need it. I've not completely decided, but I'm pretty confident that this

00:05:10   will be the mixture of power and portability that I've been looking for.

00:05:13   I think he should do it. We talked about this last week. I had an Instagram live thing with

00:05:19   Casey the other day, trying to tell him not to buy MacBook Air, that he should wait for the MacBook

00:05:23   Pro because he's doing Swift UI development. You are not. So I don't think you need to.

00:05:28   You think it's not. Yeah, I might be. 1, 2, 3. Swift calendar. Yeah, Swift calendar.

00:05:36   I'm not pulling the trigger anytime soon because I need it for my studio, which I legally

00:05:44   am not allowed to go to. So I'm going to leave it a little bit longer. But I think

00:05:50   that I will probably have, will probably want to do this or be in a position to do this

00:05:56   before Apple releases the next MacBook Pro because I actually think we're quite a way

00:06:02   away from that now, like probably past June. I don't know.

00:06:06   I felt like if it was going to happen, it would be with those machines or maybe today,

00:06:11   like a week later. But I think you're right. I think now the windows closed.

00:06:14   Yeah. And I don't know if it's going to be June or if they will wait until maybe the

00:06:20   next revision of the larger MacBook Pro, which could be towards the fall. I just haven't

00:06:26   decided in my mind when I think it's going to be now. It's like that. This was the time

00:06:31   and it's not now. So who knows when? Yeah, I think I think air would be a good choice.

00:06:36   I think you would enjoy that machine. Yeah, I think it's I think it's what I need. We

00:06:40   spoke last time about the the magic keyboard coming in May for the new iPads Pro iPad pros.

00:06:47   And just a little note. So Dr. Drang did this this blog post probably a lot of people have

00:06:52   at this point, him talking about like the, is it going to tip over in your lap? And because

00:06:57   Drang is an engineer...

00:06:58   Yeah, I didn't really understand this article. I'm sorry.

00:07:01   It is very confusing, but...

00:07:03   Was he arguing like, like is he saying that it's actually going to work or not? Like what's

00:07:08   the conclusion?

00:07:09   That it will work. And basically he's explaining that this is why it should work. But there

00:07:15   is, it still kind of remains to be seen what would happen on non-flat surfaces, basically.

00:07:21   And what's with the music video at the end?

00:07:25   It's in regards to a reference he made in the line before.

00:07:30   I get it.

00:07:31   That's what he does.

00:07:32   He's a very musical person.

00:07:33   He is.

00:07:34   Okay.

00:07:35   Singing Dancing Snowman.

00:07:36   Yeah, I like this article though, because it helped show me that there is real engineering

00:07:44   knowledge.

00:07:46   Not knowledge, but proof that this could, that this should work.

00:07:49   kind of something that I wanted to see. So I'm pretty happy about that, at least.

00:07:54   I mean, I guess in conjunction with this, Apple hasn't said how much it weighs. And

00:07:58   I would imagine that the weight of the base makes a big difference in how tippy it is,

00:08:03   it's gonna be heavy, it's gonna be like close to the weight of an iPad, I'm sure I think

00:08:07   so. But I think that's totally fine. Like it's gonna be a nice experience. And in addition

00:08:11   to tipping over, I don't want the thing to like feel wobbly when I go up and poke at

00:08:15   the screen with my finger. I want it to feel like a solid thing, so I'm fine with some

00:08:20   weight if it gives a really nice experience.

00:08:22   Yep, because the cursor, the trackpad, does not mean I also won't touch it.

00:08:28   Exactly. I think it's gonna...

00:08:29   I want to be able to do both.

00:08:32   I went back and watched multiple times those two seconds from the Apple commercial when

00:08:38   the person is using the magic keyword on their lap, and like I watched over and over and

00:08:45   like it doesn't wobble so it looks to be pretty sturdy in terms of like the

00:08:50   person is like when when when they open the the magic keyboard it looks to be

00:08:55   pretty solid so I also think it's gonna be heavy I do wonder much of readers

00:09:01   have asked me like are you gonna be able to fold the magic keyboard on its own

00:09:06   like you can do with the smart keyboard folio or the smart folio I don't think

00:09:11   you can, but we don't know, like we don't know, can you fold it all the way to the back?

00:09:18   I don't think you will be able to, which makes me sad, because it means that my kickstand

00:09:22   method will not apply to the Magic Keyboard for iPad, but also it doesn't, I mean, what

00:09:30   are you gonna do?

00:09:31   No, I don't think that this will do that at all. I think it's kind of like, you have it

00:09:35   on and it's closed, or it's open and in typing mode, like you want, this won't be a wraparound,

00:09:41   dealio. Yeah. Because that hinge is gonna be stiff, right? Like that's gonna be like

00:09:47   a stiff thing. And you've got the little like USB-C column to be deal in there

00:09:53   and so like that's got to like turn all the way around. Yeah I don't see this

00:09:57   being a deal where you can wrap the keyboard all the way behind it but I

00:10:01   think it'd be nice to have it on your desk and if you want to take it off you

00:10:04   just take it off and then it just sort of like stays in your desk closed and

00:10:07   then like you you put it back. Well I think that's why they keep showing that

00:10:10   like in multiple videos Apple have shown like just a shot of somebody just taking it off

00:10:17   - Yeah - Which also would indicate the weight of it

00:10:19   - That it can it can withstand it - Those magnets are strong and it has to

00:10:24   you have to be able to like remove it well if the video is to be believed you can just take that

00:10:30   thing off there which means that has to be heavy enough to fight against the strength of the magnet

00:10:35   which is not easy.

00:10:37   What's the consensus on when you remove an iPad?

00:10:41   So you're an iPad Pro person,

00:10:43   and you use your iPad Pro at a desk

00:10:45   with a smart keyboard or in the future the Magic Keyboard.

00:10:48   What's our consensus on when you remove it,

00:10:51   and you maybe want to go spend some time on the couch

00:10:54   with your iPad, or you just want to, you know,

00:10:56   have a change of scenery and work in tablet mode

00:10:59   somewhere else.

00:11:01   Do you or do you not keep a spare smart folio around the house?

00:11:08   Or do you just use it naked with no case, no cover, nothing?

00:11:14   Currently I will go naked because I either have it in my clear look stand

00:11:21   or I have it in my bridge keyboard or I have it in nothing.

00:11:24   My iPad is never covered, right?

00:11:27   like the back of it is never covered by anything anymore because I don't use the smart folio,

00:11:32   keep smart keyboard folio. So I would use it without and so my expectation will be that I

00:11:37   will either go from in the stand with an external keyboard or I will go smart keyboard to replace

00:11:44   what the bridge would be doing or nothing because I just don't want to be putting a case on and

00:11:51   taking it off all the time and then having this like big thing to deal with. That's my current

00:11:56   of thinking, but I haven't made my mind up yet.

00:12:00   Like I might go SmartFolio.

00:12:02   I'm more inclined to get one of those now because they have colors.

00:12:05   So they're a little bit more visually appealing.

00:12:08   But again, all of this stuff for me is subject to change depending on how

00:12:14   working outside of the home is going to be.

00:12:17   And like, how am I traveling and what am I taking if I'm taking anything to and from

00:12:22   the office every day?

00:12:23   But my expectation is I will be no cover.

00:12:27   Okay, okay.

00:12:29   Yeah, I'm doing the same right now.

00:12:32   So just when I'm tired of typing at my desk,

00:12:35   I just grab the iPad and I leave and I go to the other room and I just use it in touch mode.

00:12:40   But yeah, no case.

00:12:42   So I don't think it's going to change.

00:12:44   I don't really want to keep an extra thing because I tried that for a while.

00:12:47   Like I will leave like a spare Smart Folio in the kitchen or like in the hallway.

00:12:52   It was just an extra thing that was always sitting there.

00:12:56   At that point I realized, you know, I'm just gonna grab the iPad and if I drop it, you know, so be it.

00:13:01   What do you do, Steven?

00:13:02   I do the same as y'all. If it's not in the keyboard case, it's just naked.

00:13:06   For all those reasons, I don't want an extra thing flopping around.

00:13:09   Yeah, very well. Okay. Thank you.

00:13:11   I do really like the new blue case, though. The surf blue case.

00:13:15   It's beautiful. It's really nice. It's a great color.

00:13:18   But there's I don't really see a need for it. Like it would just be an addition. I wish that they would make the smart

00:13:24   Keyboard folio and colors. Why not - can I tell y'all story about product balance? Yep, we're talking about this

00:13:30   Remember the the white and black plastic MacBooks those things. Mm-hmm

00:13:34   So those were really well balanced, you know

00:13:36   Like you open the lid with one finger and the base of the computer stays on the desk

00:13:40   Well that worked until you were like working on them

00:13:43   Like if you had to replace a part in them

00:13:44   and you took the top case off and it would start like the front feet would start to want

00:13:48   to lift off and then if you took any other component, I think the hard drive out the

00:13:52   RAM out anything, it would tip back on its hinge. Like Apple had it weighted just right

00:13:57   with a base of the computer weighed just enough to keep it on the ground. They're really good

00:14:02   at that stuff. So I would expect that this thing will behave the way we want it to. That's

00:14:06   my hope.

00:14:08   It seems like it's it would have to have been designed that way. Otherwise, you shouldn't

00:14:13   have done it but we'll see, right? We don't know. We don't know. We'll find out in May

00:14:18   or whenever they finally start shipping to everybody. As long as it is as balanced as

00:14:23   the smart keyboard folio then I'm fine, right? Like that is not a completely balanced product,

00:14:30   right? You can push it over, you can tip it over, but it takes work to do that and as

00:14:34   long as they've at least matched that then I'll be happy. Alright we've got a bunch more

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00:16:10   the support of this show and Relay FM. Mac Madness. It's turned into absolute

00:16:16   madness. It is descent. Everyone's losing their minds. It's wild. What is going on

00:16:23   with your what turn what should have been fun project but seems to have taken

00:16:28   some dark turns. It's taken over my life is what it's done.

00:16:31   We're going to this on Wednesday the 25th.

00:16:34   Yesterday the 24th, I closed round two of voting.

00:16:38   So there's a link in the show notes.

00:16:39   You can see what moved forward.

00:16:43   I will say that some people,

00:16:45   including the aforementioned Dr. Drang,

00:16:47   very unhappy about some of the votes,

00:16:49   but the votes are what the votes are.

00:16:52   I have no control.

00:16:53   People are voting.

00:16:54   Look, the heart wants what the heart wants,

00:16:56   and the heart won at a G4 Cube over the 13 inch MacBook Air.

00:17:00   I can't say why.

00:17:02   That one, by the way, the most surprising to me,

00:17:04   that the good MacBook Air is out to the Cube.

00:17:08   I did not see that coming.

00:17:10   I have a really good YouTube comment

00:17:12   I wanna share with y'all.

00:17:13   So this person wrote, "Bruh," B-R-U-H, so there's that.

00:17:17   - Bruh. - "Bruh, the G3 and G4 iMacs

00:17:20   "were a piece of my childhood with my elementary school

00:17:23   "chock full of them in the computer lab and classrooms.

00:17:26   "Next year, you should add the eMac

00:17:28   "so my childhood can get ruined again."

00:17:30   It is wild to me that the iMac G3 got knocked out to the MacBook Pro.

00:17:37   That one was my biggest surprise of everything.

00:17:41   It's weird that people seem to be getting actually mad about this, which is interesting.

00:17:48   It's what people were voting for.

00:17:52   I don't know if I understand the anger that seems to be getting.

00:17:57   All I'm saying is, I'm pleased you're doing this and not me, because I don't think I would

00:18:00   be able to handle it. That's fine. I don't think anyone's mad at me, they're mad at each

00:18:03   other. So that's how democracy works. You vote your way and the other person votes the

00:18:08   other way and you're mad at them for four years. That's how it goes. Just like it went

00:18:12   in your country, Steven. I like that you're sharing the numbers though, because the thing

00:18:18   is, is like most of these contentious ones split down the middle. Very close. It's always

00:18:25   like 50 to 40 something, which is just it's just interesting. There aren't a lot of like

00:18:31   real big landslides.

00:18:33   Yeah, there was only really one. I think there was one that stood out. I'm just giving me

00:18:40   my own blog post now. Yeah, the the the 2006 to 2012 Mac Pro at 72% against the Mac two

00:18:47   effects. That's the biggest gap, I think so far in the whole thing. Yeah, that's a big

00:18:52   one.

00:18:53   Yeah, so round three is, is open now. And I will tell you that the voting so far in

00:19:02   round three are bigger gaps on average than I've seen in previous rounds. So people are,

00:19:09   I guess, getting more into into what they want. Or maybe the voting is just sort of

00:19:15   consolidating around sort of machines. The quarterfinals I think are going to bring some

00:19:19   heartbreaks because there's a lot of like really beloved computers in this.

00:19:25   Honestly I would love to see MacPro 2019 versus MacPro 2006/2012 in the final.

00:19:33   Like they are on opposite sides of the bracket and I just think that would be hilarious if it just ends up

00:19:39   that it's just two MacPros going out against each other. Yeah I don't really

00:19:42   know how it's gonna end. I have some guesses but again I'm not I'm not voting

00:19:47   and I'm not sharing any of my guesses. So I will say at the end what I thought I am glad though

00:19:52   that now everything's still in I have one of so I have some fun plans for the the finale for the

00:19:58   final video. So Oh, you have all of them all that are left in now I think that's good. That's good.

00:20:04   Pro MacBook Pro G five clamshell cube. Yep, I have all these so. So we'll see. So go vote. This round

00:20:11   will close on Friday afternoon. And I will begin to the same thing. My stream the winners have a

00:20:16   video up and then we'll be into the the final couple rounds. That's wild. It's

00:20:22   gonna be good. Do you think you know what's gonna win? I... You don't have to say what

00:20:25   it is but do you think you know what's gonna win? Out of what's left now I have I

00:20:29   have a couple that I think could go all the way. I'm down to two. I guess it's not

00:20:34   important if I say I think it's either gonna be the black MacBook or the Mac

00:20:39   128k. That's what I think is gonna be one of those two. They're on the same side of the

00:20:43   bracket right there but I know it's but no they are facing off against each

00:20:47   other yeah well fun that's I think whatever wins that wins it all I think

00:20:52   the new Mac Pro 2019 is gonna win do you yeah oh boy see this is why I really

00:21:00   want to see Mac Pro versus Mac Pro there were a lot of feelings involved with

00:21:09   waiting for the Mac Pro comeback and I think a lot of people are channeling

00:21:12   that, you know, sense of relief into voting for this Mac Pro.

00:21:17   The reason I think it won't be that one is because lots of people that would want it

00:21:22   can't buy it because it's too expensive.

00:21:25   And I think that will be the thing that will stop it from taking the crown.

00:21:28   I mean, the idea of being a favorite is super weird, right?

00:21:32   Like, it's not best.

00:21:33   It's not the one that you had growing up, right?

00:21:35   It is just his favorite.

00:21:37   It's very, it's very interesting to see how people interpret that.

00:21:42   I think it's gonna be Mac Pro 2019 versus Clamshell iBook G3,

00:21:46   and on the other side, it's gonna be G4 Cube

00:21:48   versus Black MacBook, and my ideal final would be

00:21:52   Mac Pro 2019 versus the Black MacBook.

00:21:54   - Okay.

00:21:56   - Mm-hmm.

00:21:57   - Yeah, well, we'll find out soon enough.

00:21:59   So, go vote, all that stuff's in the show notes.

00:22:01   I appreciate everyone voting.

00:22:03   The voting's been really popular,

00:22:05   so I'm glad people are enjoying it.

00:22:07   It's fun to do something fun.

00:22:09   - Let me see, let me take a look here.

00:22:10   What do I think could be the worst winner?

00:22:13   Probably the Power Mac G5.

00:22:14   - What's the Power Mac G5?

00:22:16   I don't even know.

00:22:17   - You'll know it when you see it.

00:22:18   It's the tower computer that had the

00:22:21   acrylic plastic from the G3.

00:22:23   - No, the Power Mac G5.

00:22:24   - No, that's the first one that looked like a Mac Pro.

00:22:27   Sorry, that was the Power Mac G3.

00:22:29   I do know these things, I just got it slightly confused.

00:22:32   - It looked like the whole tower.

00:22:33   It just had a Power PC processor in it.

00:22:35   - This is like a fake cheese grater, right?

00:22:38   - Yes. - Yeah, sure.

00:22:40   Yeah, why is this so far ahead?

00:22:42   I don't know.

00:22:42   Well, it had, Syracuse said this,

00:22:45   the Power Mac G5 actually had the easiest run so far,

00:22:49   'cause they had like the original Mac Mini.

00:22:51   I thought the 20th anniversary Mac would go further,

00:22:53   but it died in the first round,

00:22:55   and it had the Mac portable.

00:22:56   And again, the seating was random,

00:22:58   but I think the Power Mac G5 had the easiest path

00:23:00   to where it is now out of the ones that are left.

00:23:03   Can I ask you a question?

00:23:05   Are you regretting the random seating?

00:23:08   No, no.

00:23:10   I said to you, I thought it was a bad idea,

00:23:12   and I think that anger has played out.

00:23:15   I mean, I'm shocked the 13 inch air loss to the Cube,

00:23:19   shocked, like I double checked that like four times,

00:23:23   like no way that's how that went.

00:23:24   Well, the random seating wouldn't have helped that.

00:23:27   Well, it could have if I could have put the air against,

00:23:30   you know, I mean, the way that you would seat it manually

00:23:33   is you would have what you would think your four windows

00:23:35   are one in each quadrant.

00:23:36   Yeah, but did you, would you have, but you never would have assumed that the cube would

00:23:41   beat the air.

00:23:42   No, I wouldn't.

00:23:44   So you probably want to make that match up.

00:23:46   Yeah.

00:23:47   So I don't know.

00:23:48   I mean, the random seeding makes it just more feisty.

00:23:50   And I think that's what's fun about it.

00:23:51   So I mean, look how busy the chat room is right now.

00:23:54   Everybody's yelling about the G5.

00:23:56   Someone in the chat room, Max Stories literally has an article from 2018 about the Pirate

00:24:02   Mac G5 Federico.

00:24:03   Yeah, I wrote it.

00:24:04   You probably wrote it.

00:24:05   I did write it.

00:24:06   Put that in the show notes.

00:24:10   I may have read it, or and I may have forgotten about it because it's so, you know, forgettable.

00:24:17   This is like the fast bender of computers.

00:24:20   Exactly.

00:24:21   There is another Mac like this, though.

00:24:25   There was the iMac, the last iMac before the Intel transition, right?

00:24:29   Yeah, the iMac G5.

00:24:30   It looked just like the same as the Intel iMac.

00:24:33   That's right.

00:24:34   or like the iPad 4... 3?

00:24:38   3. Which one? 3.

00:24:40   3. It was gone in like 6 months.

00:24:42   Yeah, because they just replaced it with a lightning port and then that was it.

00:24:46   And they made it a lot faster.

00:24:48   Maybe the 2020 iPad will be another one of these machines.

00:24:52   Where it gets replaced by something. We'll find out later on in the episode, maybe.

00:24:56   We'll talk about that later. So anyways, that's Mac Madness. Go forth and vote, please.

00:25:00   Madness it is. It is madness.

00:25:02   So moving into some tiny topics, there's a little bit more coming out from the iOS 14

00:25:08   code that nine to five and maybe others had their hands on.

00:25:11   This is written by Zach Hall, outlining features coming in the find my app, which of course

00:25:16   used to be find my friends and find my iPhone and it merged because all of our friends are

00:25:20   our phones, they're not actually people anymore.

00:25:23   And it seems like find my is going to get a couple of features.

00:25:26   So one is the ability to receive alerts and someone arrives at a location.

00:25:31   So right now if Myke's at the grocery and I want to know when he leaves the grocery,

00:25:36   I can set that up and find my there's also an option in there when they don't arrive

00:25:42   at a location on time.

00:25:43   So it's like, okay, they're supposed to be there between eight and 830.

00:25:46   And they haven't gotten there.

00:25:48   Find my would let you know, which is cool.

00:25:50   That would be added that would be useful.

00:25:52   I think for parents like kids going to school, maybe the kids driving themselves for the

00:25:57   first time you want to make sure they get there in one piece.

00:25:59   I like this edition.

00:26:00   This is a clever and logical continuation of that notification stuff.

00:26:06   There's also an AR mode with Find My, which would let you locate visually your things.

00:26:17   We've spoken about this, right?

00:26:19   Like the possibility of an AR mode for AirTags, right?

00:26:23   That you would use that.

00:26:24   The 9to5Mac article was this feature very strangely.

00:26:30   So I'll read what it says.

00:26:31   "Apple's Find My App in iOS 14 will also work

00:26:34   of augmented reality headsets.

00:26:36   ARKit, Apple's augmented reality development framework,

00:26:40   includes headset mode in the upcoming software update.

00:26:43   Users will be able to locate visually using augmented reality

00:26:46   for precise directions from close locations,

00:26:49   including upcoming Apple AirTag device trackers."

00:26:53   I would be really surprised if...

00:26:55   So one, I mean, this is making some huge presumptions

00:26:58   about what's coming for iOS 14.

00:27:03   Like, cannot imagine that Apple will have its own headset available at the end of this

00:27:07   year.

00:27:08   I mean, yes, headset mode might be considered, right?

00:27:11   Because that's the thing that we've known about for a bit.

00:27:13   Like third party, quote unquote, third party headsets.

00:27:16   But surely this feature would be added to the iPhone.

00:27:19   There's no reason why the iPhone wouldn't get an AR mode for Find My if you're able

00:27:25   to find other devices.

00:27:26   It's just an interesting way of reading it.

00:27:28   Maybe they only have got confirmation on certain parts, I'm not sure, but it just seemed like

00:27:32   a strange feature to just be locked down in that way or referenced in that way.

00:27:38   I don't know.

00:27:39   Yeah, who knows?

00:27:40   I mean, it feels like there's a lot of things to drop with AR this year, especially with

00:27:45   the LiDAR sensor on the iPad.

00:27:46   It's like, "Okay, that's coming to the phone."

00:27:49   What else could they do with it?

00:27:50   I could see this being really cool.

00:27:52   Oh, by the way, I think that might be the first confirmed 2020 annual prediction, by

00:27:58   the way.

00:27:59   You see a boy over here?

00:28:01   The iPad Pro line is updated before the iPhone of a hardware feature that's not on any current

00:28:06   iPhone.

00:28:07   Let me scroll down to the document.

00:28:09   I already marked it as green.

00:28:10   Oh, yes you did.

00:28:12   Yeah, because I'm correct.

00:28:14   Yeah, there's a lot of other stuff in here.

00:28:16   All right, now I'm just making predictions.

00:28:17   There is, but none of it has happened yet.

00:28:20   I read through this like two days ago.

00:28:21   Yeah, there's still time.

00:28:23   Honestly, pretty much all of the other predictions, bar like one or two,

00:28:27   wouldn't happen until June onwards.

00:28:29   But this one has.

00:28:32   Yeah. Good job there. You got a point.

00:28:34   Thank you.

00:28:35   Well, if the iPhone gets the lighter sensor.

00:28:38   No, but the point was it doesn't need to.

00:28:42   No, it does need it.

00:28:44   It's before the iPhone that does before the iPhone.

00:28:47   What if the iPhone gets in 2022?

00:28:49   I never said it had to be this year.

00:28:51   Yeah, but yeah, I see.

00:28:53   By the end of this year, we can't say that's wrong.

00:28:55   The iPhone is updated before the iPhone.

00:28:57   That because he said that's not on any current iPhone.

00:29:03   That's how he saved the point.

00:29:05   We judge it by the way it's written.

00:29:08   The way it's written does not say that it has to come to the iPhone.

00:29:11   We've been very generous with you.

00:29:13   Come on, generous.

00:29:15   Yes.

00:29:15   Come on.

00:29:16   Yes, we were.

00:29:18   Yes.

00:29:18   Someone just mad he doesn't have a Twitter account.

00:29:20   Well, he's gonna get two of them.

00:29:22   I'm gonna get both.

00:29:23   Yeah, sure.

00:29:24   Now that would be the real flex to have both.

00:29:26   I mean, another flex is to have one and never use it.

00:29:29   Yeah.

00:29:29   Uh-huh.

00:29:30   Federico.

00:29:31   All right, Disney+ has arrived in the continent of Europe,

00:29:38   and I was seeing what the two of y'all thought about this.

00:29:40   Well, Europe and Britain.

00:29:42   How's that going?

00:29:43   You literally said the continent of Europe.

00:29:45   Wow.

00:29:46   You said the continent.

00:29:48   We haven't left the continent.

00:29:50   Geographically, they have not.

00:29:53   Yeah, we have left the European Union,

00:29:55   of which the European Union includes countries that are not in the continent of Europe,

00:30:01   these are two very separate and distinct things.

00:30:04   Jeez.

00:30:06   So how's Disney+?

00:30:08   So, besides geography, so we signed up for, well I accidentally I think signed up for

00:30:17   an annual account but whatever. No that was a good thing if you bought it before the launch

00:30:22   day you got money off. Yeah that was a discount, it was too late and I was like on the preview

00:30:28   page I was like yeah I mean we're gonna watch a bunch of stuff anyway so might as well go

00:30:33   for it. We watched one movie so far so we watched the live action remake of Lady and

00:30:43   the tramp. That's original for the service right? That was actually a movie that came out.

00:30:50   Yes, Disney now has a bunch of these live-action remakes. There's one for

00:30:55   Aladdin, there's Dumbo, there's The Lion King. The Lion King though is, you can go check it out,

00:31:03   there's a preview page on Disney Plus, but it tells you due to current licensing rights issues,

00:31:11   This will be available starting April 21st. So it actually tells you like due to

00:31:17   Expiring rights this will be available on this day. So that I thought that was very nice

00:31:21   So I have the app on my iPad on my phone on the Apple TV. We watched on the Apple TV

00:31:26   I thought it was very nicely done

00:31:28   The signing flow from the Apple TV was super nice

00:31:33   I just needed to open the app on my iPhone on the same Wi-Fi network and it signed me it logged me right in

00:31:40   So that was cool. Yeah, there's been a bunch of different types of login flows for smart TV stuff

00:31:47   This is the smartest and this is the easiest. This is the easiest because usually you go like to to a webpage

00:31:53   like

00:31:55   You know and you type in maybe sometimes like a code

00:31:58   Yeah, it signs it or maybe you just log in with your account

00:32:01   But this is by far the easiest that I've seen the app is I mean, it's functional. It's fine

00:32:08   just like any other app for tvOS. It suffers from the same issues that we've mentioned time and time again.

00:32:16   You click the menu button on the Siri remote, you don't know what's gonna happen. And in this case, it doesn't navigate

00:32:23   back in the navigation

00:32:26   structure of the app, but it actually takes you... it's very confusing.

00:32:30   It's one of those apps that has like a custom behavior for the menu button, and it took me like

00:32:36   20 seconds to understand what was going on. But besides that, it's well designed, it supports Dolby Atmos,

00:32:44   it lets you choose from multiple languages, just like Netflix, so we...

00:32:50   It was kind of late when we started watching the movie at 1am and we figured, you know, usually we watch movies in English,

00:32:56   but we figured, you know, we just want to relax, so we're just gonna watch this one in Italian.

00:33:00   Really nice job with a voiceover, by the way. Really nicely done.

00:33:05   Yeah, I mean, there's a lot of stuff, a bunch of things that will become available at some

00:33:11   point, like The Lion King.

00:33:13   I love that you can browse by property, so like Pixar and Marvel and, you know, there's

00:33:19   Star Wars hub.

00:33:21   That's very nicely done.

00:33:24   Now that I have an annual subscription, I might as well at some point actually watch

00:33:29   Star Wars and get, you know, become a man of culture in that sense.

00:33:35   I don't know. I want to rewatch the Toy Story movies because it's been a I've never watched three and four

00:33:41   Sadly, okay, and I watched one and two many many many years ago

00:33:46   So might as well do like a Toy Story rewatch. The city doesn't really like Toy Story. So I probably have to do it by myself

00:33:53   Otherwise, we're gonna watch all the live-action remakes. We're gonna I

00:33:58   have been told that I will have to

00:34:04   fix some

00:34:06   unforgivable holes in my Disney movie catalog

00:34:11   culture in terms of like I've never watched things like Cinderella or

00:34:17   the Aristocats or

00:34:20   you know like growing up I

00:34:22   I don't know why but my mom didn't want to buy me those like movies on VHS

00:34:27   Also, they weren't easy to get movie kids because Disney had this thing called The Vault where they would release these movies for chunks of

00:34:34   time. Exactly, but my girlfriend makes fun of me for that because she's

00:34:39   convinced that everybody has watched those movies and I did not. So, okay, Siri.

00:34:44   So, Siri on my watch just transcribed everything I said for some reason. So, yeah,

00:34:49   I will watch all the cartoons and all the live-action remakes and then we'll

00:34:53   see about Star Wars and the TV shows. I really, again, probably something that I

00:34:59   will have to do myself. There's a like inside Disney documentary of like an

00:35:04   hour that I want to watch. I've heard very good things about the Imagineering

00:35:08   series which is about the Disney parks which I'm really excited to watch. It's

00:35:12   fantastic. Yeah, so a thumbs up so far. I mean it's a... and they're doing so much

00:35:19   advertising on Italian TV. And I mentioned this to Myke and Steven a few

00:35:25   days ago. They actually did something really clever here in Italy. So the first

00:35:28   episode of The Mandalorian aired on public TV in Italy, on channel 6 here in Italy.

00:35:36   So you can watch that first episode for free on TV, but then if you want to get the rest, of course,

00:35:43   you sign up for Disney+ and they are airing commercials for Disney+ like every few minutes.

00:35:50   Especially these past couple of weeks it's been a massive, like everywhere there's a mention of

00:35:55   of Disney+ launching in Italy. So yeah, I mean, we signed up and it's fine. We like

00:36:00   it.

00:36:01   Yeah, there's so much content. Like, we're going to do a Toy Story marathon as our first

00:36:06   thing, because Idina has not seen any of them, so I'm excited about that. I just haven't

00:36:10   seen the most recent one. I think the app is nicely designed and it's nicely organized,

00:36:15   as Federico said. You know, it's doing what every Apple TV app from a large media provider

00:36:21   is doing. They're using their own design. They don't care about what Apple wants them

00:36:24   to do and I think overall the design is good right? The category stuff is good but not

00:36:32   perfect like where are the Simpsons? You know which is you know there are 600 episodes of

00:36:39   the Simpsons on this service but it's not on the front page which is a surprise to me

00:36:44   I would have expected it to get a little bit more prominence-y but you know you have to

00:36:50   go to the TV shows menu and you can find it there. I also like that all of the

00:36:55   like what would be DVD extras are just all available so you can watch the like

00:36:59   the deleted scenes and behind the scenes stuff of movies like they have all of

00:37:03   those I just think that's just like a nice little touch but just looking

00:37:08   around really it's wild like to see all of that content there there is so much

00:37:16   stuff, so much good stuff. So I'm excited to spend more time with Disney+. It's very

00:37:22   well priced, right? Like five pounds a month or whatever. But I also did the sign up for

00:37:27   a year, get 10 pounds off thing. Yeah, it's really, I'm very pleased that we finally have

00:37:32   it in Europe. But I think it's ridiculous that we have to do week, wait week by week

00:37:37   for The Mandalorian. I think that's madness. Like the entire show was already aired in

00:37:42   America. We get the first two episodes and then have to wait weekly. I think

00:37:46   that's just mad, like really just like bananas.

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00:40:01   All right, so new iPad Pro reviews are out.

00:40:05   Well, new, because technically it is new, but

00:40:09   we're gonna talk about it. Really, not much is new in this iPad Pro.

00:40:12   So I watched the

00:40:15   MKBHD video and I read the reviews from

00:40:18   Jason at Six Colors and John at Daring Fireball.

00:40:22   So basically the consensus is if you are an existing 2018 iPad Pro user

00:40:27   you don't really need to upgrade

00:40:30   unless you are an ARKit developer because in that case you probably want to

00:40:37   start testing your apps against the new LiDAR sensor and ARKit 3.5

00:40:42   which Apple also released and the new framework takes advantage of the LiDAR sensor in the new iPad Pro

00:40:48   But otherwise that is the only new feature

00:40:51   basically and

00:40:53   There's also a camera change in the sense that you can now take ultra-wide photos

00:40:58   but the benchmarks are still the same and

00:41:02   It's still got the same design and in your day-to-day

00:41:06   experience right now

00:41:08   Without a Magic Keyboard without you know any ARK to 3.5 apps

00:41:13   The 2020 iPad Pro is still the same as the 2018 iPad Pro

00:41:19   There are some differences, but again, you probably will not notice them. All 2020 iPad Pros have 6GB of RAM

00:41:26   instead in 2018 only the 1TB model had 6GB of RAM

00:41:31   But I bet that most users will not, you know, if ever run into those limitations memory-wise

00:41:37   You can take, as I mentioned, you can take ultra wide pictures. There's no portrait mode for the rear camera, surprisingly

00:41:46   Gruber argues in his review that Apple wanted to focus their resources on getting the LiDAR stuff

00:41:52   going right now for ARKit 3.5. Yeah, I have another theory about this, which is that

00:41:58   they will be making massive improvements to portrait mode with the addition of LiDAR

00:42:05   in the next iPhone and they want to keep that for then. Probably. And not make these big jumps on the

00:42:12   iPad Pro before they make them on the iPhone. Could be one of the features

00:42:17   that they mentioned for the iPhone 12. Yeah, I can see that. We have benchmarks.

00:42:22   There's a, again, pretty comparable to the 2018 iPad Pro that was running the A12X,

00:42:31   this is running the A12Z. What else? The new studio quality microphones. Again,

00:42:38   Gruber as a test. There's two audio clips on there in Fireball that you can listen to.

00:42:44   And sure, there's a, I would say, minor improvement in terms of quality. I wouldn't say it's a

00:42:50   studio quality microphone. I, you know, I wouldn't suggest recording a podcast on that.

00:42:56   Any microphone is a studio quality microphone if you take it into a studio.

00:43:00   Sure, sure.

00:43:01   That's how that works.

00:43:02   Is it though?

00:43:03   That's what it means. That's what it means.

00:43:07   Any microphone is a studio quality microphone if marketing says so.

00:43:13   There are studios of all shapes and sizes and qualities, you know?

00:43:17   Sure.

00:43:18   I mean, what else?

00:43:20   We have new smart folios, new smart keyboard folios.

00:43:25   The Magic Keyboard of course will be backward compatible with the 2018 iPad Pro, because

00:43:30   the camera cutout in the back is bigger, but it's still gonna fit the older and smaller

00:43:35   camera bump of existing iPads.

00:43:38   Every single iPad Pro review spends a significant portion of time talking about the fact that

00:43:44   they don't have the thing that everybody wants to test, which is the keyboard.

00:43:47   They don't have a magic keyboard, but yeah, that's pretty much it.

00:43:51   So why release this iPad now if its main accessory isn't available yet?

00:43:56   Well...

00:43:57   Because you need it before the main accessory is available.

00:44:00   Because you need it because it was ready.

00:44:01   If you have the 2018 you should not update to this even though one of us did.

00:44:05   But I think if you came from like, you know, a first and iPad Pro, you're going to wait

00:44:10   until the keyboards out like it seems strange to me that they're they're so, so far apart.

00:44:17   Probably I mean, there are a bunch of conspiracy theories, you know, if you want to make them.

00:44:22   I think that it is curious that they all got six gigabytes of RAM now.

00:44:27   I think that is a curious thing.

00:44:28   Like I wonder if there's a reason for that.

00:44:30   I don't know.

00:44:31   I have a...

00:44:33   But...

00:44:34   Go on, what is your theory?

00:44:36   It's really Jason's conspiracy theory, I think.

00:44:38   No, this was my theory, which Jason ignored on upgrade and then made himself to the two

00:44:43   of us and then said, "Oh, wait, actually, Myke said that," which is that there could

00:44:48   be some reason for it, but they're probably going to do a second one later on in the year.

00:44:52   Oh, that's not where I was going.

00:44:53   Okay, well, what were you saying then?

00:44:55   So there is a school of thought.

00:44:57   I don't think I buy into it, but just stick with me.

00:45:01   You got 6x RAM, you got a keyboard, you got a trackpad, you have R Max coming.

00:45:08   What if this sort of setup is the development kit?

00:45:13   Yeah, that is Jason's theory and I am on board with it.

00:45:15   I think that is going to be the case.

00:45:17   Federico, you probably don't remember this, but there is an article on Max Stories about

00:45:21   the Intel development kit that I wrote.

00:45:23   And I do remember that.

00:45:24   That was interesting.

00:45:26   looked like a G5 and a Mac Pro.

00:45:30   But that was a fascinating story. I can see that. I can see like, sure, it makes sense.

00:45:35   Now you have a trackpad and if you want to test your apps you can have this as sort of

00:45:39   like a developer kit and you can install this special version of Mac OS on an iPad. It's

00:45:45   going to look super weird. I don't really know if they're going to do it because like,

00:45:49   again, running Mac OS on iPad OS even though it's a developer thing, I don't know. Maybe

00:45:55   sends the wrong message. Like, I can see a bunch of people saying, "Oh, this is actually

00:45:59   so much better than iPadOS. Why don't you actually make it the official thing? MacOS

00:46:04   on iPad, it can totally work." So I don't know if they want to create a precedent for

00:46:09   it, you know? Also, I'm sticking with my 2018 iPad Pro. I've made my decision here after

00:46:16   reading these reviews. I am very glad that two years ago, despite some mild criticism

00:46:26   that I got from some people, I purchased the really expensive 1TB iPad Pro that turned

00:46:35   out to be the only one with two extra gigs of RAM, unlike the other models which were

00:46:41   stuck on 4GB and I have shown, like there was a thread on Twitter from two years ago

00:46:47   where I showed how some of my shortcuts were actually taking advantage of that extra memory.

00:46:54   On other iPads, those shortcuts would have just crashed the shortcuts app. This still

00:46:59   happens today, but for other issues and bugs with shortcuts, not because of RAM, unfortunately.

00:47:05   I still cannot use MusicBot in shortcuts in 13.4.

00:47:10   It's been crashing the shortcuts editor for over a month now.

00:47:13   It's good to have worked so long on something for it to stop working.

00:47:18   To never use it again.

00:47:19   Yes, it's a great feeling.

00:47:22   I'm sticking with the 2018 because I argued at the time I want to future-proof my iPad

00:47:29   Pro and this is exactly what I meant by future-proofing.

00:47:33   Now I have an iPad that has pretty much the same exact specs as the new one.

00:47:40   I will not get that extra GPU core, I guess, of the 2020 spec bump.

00:47:46   I will not get the studio quality microphones, which is too bad because it means now I will

00:47:51   have to quit podcasting, but that's a consequence I will have to accept.

00:47:56   And I will not get the lighter sensor, so unfortunately I will also not be able to go

00:48:01   grocery shopping and holding my iPad up to a shelf to see where the cereal are. That's

00:48:06   also unfortunate and there will not be the U1 chip inside but as we all know I will have

00:48:13   to suffer the consequences of so many features that depend on the U1 chip that I will not

00:48:19   be able to take advantage of. And so that section of my review this summer unfortunately

00:48:25   it'll have to be cut. All those features I will not be able to mention. But seriously

00:48:30   I think I'm gonna be fine. Anybody with a 2018 iPad Pro, especially if you have the

00:48:35   one terabyte model, but even with the other ones, I think you're just gonna be fine and

00:48:39   you can avoid this iPad Pro. If you have an older one, then totally go for it. And I think

00:48:45   this is pretty much what every reviewer said. Like, if you have an older iPad Pro that is

00:48:49   not the 2018 one, unless you're an ARKit developer, if you have an older one, go with a new model.

00:48:58   If you have a 2018 iPad Pro, stick with it and let's see what happens with this rumored

00:49:04   mini LED iPad Pro coming supposedly later this year.

00:49:07   Yeah, I've got the 11-inch, the 2018 one, and I have the 4GB RAM.

00:49:13   It never feels slow.

00:49:15   I'm perfectly fine skipping this generation.

00:49:17   I am going to do the Magic Keyboard, but I think it's great that Apple made that thing

00:49:22   backwards compatible.

00:49:23   I think that's kind of a nod towards like, yeah, this this update isn't meant to be a year-over-year thing. Mm-hmm

00:49:29   So Myke yeah, I think you want to share like at you guys. I'm pretty sure I shared it already

00:49:35   I did I did buy one the okay

00:49:39   So like reason number one why I bought one is I ordered it before I read anything. Okay?

00:49:44   Right. So that was reason number one

00:49:47   So I just put the order in and now at this point I kind of feel like one of us has to have it

00:49:53   so I have it now. I'm hoping the 6GB of RAM will mean something. I was also

00:50:00   waiting for an iPad update because I wanted to donate my larger 12.9"

00:50:05   iPad to Adina because she's using the 10.5 and I think that and she's also

00:50:12   starting to do more illustration projects again and wants to use Procreate

00:50:16   more and I think that she will find it much better to have a bigger screen and

00:50:21   the Apple Pencil 2 rather than the Apple Pencil 1. Everybody knows I love AR, right? Like

00:50:27   that's a big thing in my life. You know this about me, right? That I'm always in AR, so

00:50:31   this is going to be great. Just excited about that. If I'm going to be really, really petty

00:50:36   and nitpicky, the mismatched camera cut out on the Magic Keyboard would bother me.

00:50:41   You'll never see it. It's in the back.

00:50:44   But when I close it up.

00:50:46   You look at it.

00:50:47   And I'm walking around with it and I guarantee right now that both of you are gonna be sad about it

00:50:53   And I bet Steven upgrades his iPad because of it. That's the best bet that I'm making right now

00:50:58   Or Steven will quote unquote drop his iPad accidentally

00:51:02   The most expensive camera mismatch you've ever seen

00:51:09   I will say since the Apple stores are closed. My phone has been in a case a hundred percent of the time

00:51:16   Incredibly danger-prone. I'm not gonna be updating my 11

00:51:20   And that and that's kind of it like I have it like, you know, probably well not probably

00:51:27   I didn't there was no reason for me to get this thing, but I have it now so I actually have it now

00:51:31   I've opened it it arrived like just before we started recording you want to do some unboxing Foley workforce

00:51:36   I mean, I can't imagine it's gonna be very exciting. Well, I could put some explosions in the background or something

00:51:41   [explosion]

00:51:43   Wow, this is ASMR, everybody.

00:51:54   I feel like I'm encroaching on Steven's territory.

00:51:57   Unboxing. iPad Pro. 6GB of RAM.

00:52:03   Okay.

00:52:05   Are we done with that now?

00:52:06   I feel so relaxed now.

00:52:08   [crinkling]

00:52:13   Uh, is that the plastic? Is that the film on top of it?

00:52:16   Uh huh.

00:52:17   Oh yeah, that's nice.

00:52:18   [crinkling]

00:52:20   Does the camera module look like a face?

00:52:23   Yeah.

00:52:23   [laughter]

00:52:25   It's nice to have a silver iPad again.

00:52:27   Silver's the right color for everything.

00:52:29   Mm-hmm.

00:52:30   Is it?

00:52:31   It is.

00:52:31   Is it though?

00:52:32   Mm.

00:52:33   It's got...

00:52:34   [crinkling]

00:52:35   comes with a...

00:52:37   I'm trying to read the wattage on the plug, but it's hidden.

00:52:41   The plug.

00:52:43   It's literally impossible for me to see this. They hide it underneath the prongs now on the UK ones.

00:52:48   Under the prongs.

00:52:50   Yep.

00:52:51   So I don't know.

00:52:55   It should say on the box.

00:52:57   Should it?

00:52:57   Mm-hmm.

00:52:58   I mean, who needs to know this information? No one cares.

00:53:00   I was just trying to find something of interest.

00:53:02   Federico left.

00:53:03   No, I'm sitting here.

00:53:05   You're the only one that leaves during the show when people talk about things they're excited about.

00:53:08   I didn't leave!

00:53:09   Yep.

00:53:10   Yes you did.

00:53:10   Sure.

00:53:11   We all know you left and you're trying to like

00:53:14   retcon it and make yourself sound better by saying you did.

00:53:16   Yeah.

00:53:16   The box is so much bigger than it needs to be, it feels like.

00:53:21   Anyway, so there we go, new iPad.

00:53:22   I'm gonna put stickers on it and I'm so excited because I've not had stickers on a device for

00:53:29   many months now.

00:53:30   So you put the stickers on the iPad, not on the cover?

00:53:33   Yeah, yeah.

00:53:34   Okay.

00:53:34   Yeah, yeah.

00:53:35   Because as I said earlier, I never have it in a cover.

00:53:38   Okay. Alright, well, congratulations.

00:53:42   So do we want to talk about this rumor there's going to be a second iPad Pro this year?

00:53:46   Well, I mean, that rumor's been around for a while. Like, we've spoken about it on the show,

00:53:50   and I think that this product just makes that seem more likely.

00:53:53   Agreed.

00:53:54   Mini-LED, 5G...

00:53:56   They should do it. Like, put, I don't know, 8 gigs of RAM on that thing,

00:54:01   new display, make it like a pro version of the iPad Pro, like an even pro-er pro, right?

00:54:11   [laughter]

00:54:12   No, for real though! Like mini-LED, more RAM, 5G, new processor, I don't know.

00:54:18   Put a bunch of holes in the back of it.

00:54:21   Why not? Oh, like my secret dream for this thing? Let me pay a good extra to have, and

00:54:33   I'm gonna say it, and I'm gonna actually write about this too, a matte display. Like, let

00:54:41   me pay for a matte iPad Pro with like, I don't know, it could be the nano texture thing,

00:54:46   I don't know, figure out a way to offer a real anti-glare display on the iPad Pro. Let

00:54:54   me pay extra for it and I will give you the money, please. Like, I really don't... Like,

00:55:00   I'm using the... I'm still using the MOSHI iVisor screen protector, which is... It's pretty

00:55:05   good, but, you know, to have an actual matte display, that would be fantastic. So, they

00:55:11   They should do it. Like, offer a bunch of cutting edge features that are still not part

00:55:19   of the regular iPad Pro line.

00:55:22   How much more will you pay for them at screen?

00:55:25   Oh, I would pay.

00:55:26   How much?

00:55:27   I don't know, up to a thousand.

00:55:29   You'd go up to a thousand?

00:55:31   Oh yeah.

00:55:32   Up to and including? If they said it was a cool 1000 euro to do it, you'd pay?

00:55:37   Yes, I will sign a document that says that I will pay a thousand euros right now.

00:55:41   No, you just pay it to Apple. You don't need to sign anything for us.

00:55:45   No, I need to make it official.

00:55:46   Give me a document to sign.

00:55:47   I will do it because if that will be an investment, especially when I'm at the beach in the summer,

00:55:54   if it means that I can actually get some editing work done, absolutely. I would pay that extra.

00:56:01   Yes. I will need to explain to my accountant, but I would.

00:56:04   It's for your work.

00:56:06   It'll probably get a bit of processor too, this other one, right? Like an actual real

00:56:11   increment.

00:56:12   It's still the A12, it's all the differences of that GPU core, so it's not even the same

00:56:15   generation as the iPhone is still behind.

00:56:18   I guess at that point it would be the A14X, if they actually do it this year.

00:56:23   Yes.

00:56:24   Because the iPhone is getting the A14, so this would be the A14X. Yeah, mini-LED 5G

00:56:29   new processor. That would be nice.

00:56:32   Yeah, I think it will happen.

00:56:34   I want to believe, you know?

00:56:38   That's also a reference of X-Files, which I've never watched, but I know the reference.

00:56:42   I would love to have your matte screen, but I do not think they will do it.

00:56:48   I want them to do it, and I'm sure you're probably the same.

00:56:52   Don't think they will, would love it if they would.

00:56:54   I would also love a second USB-C port, but especially now that they've done the Magic

00:56:57   keyboard, I don't think that they're ever going to add the second port.

00:57:01   Your second port is in the Magic keyboard.

00:57:03   I don't think I would pay a thousand pounds for the matte screen though.

00:57:08   A thousand pounds or so much more, I think. I don't know.

00:57:13   A thousand pounds is more than a thousand euro, that's true.

00:57:16   Yeah, right? I know. Okay. Okay. Just checking. I don't know. Would you pay 700 pounds though?

00:57:23   I don't know. I don't know. It's a lot of money.

00:57:28   Steven, would you get one of these?

00:57:30   With the matte display?

00:57:31   Or without?

00:57:32   I mean, you can answer separately. So I'm skipping this iPad. But yeah, if it's a 14

00:57:39   and better screen everything like I think I would say it, say it. I mean, in the one

00:57:47   corner of the country, you can get 5g. Sure. Okay. Sure. It's mostly made up, which also

00:57:54   happens to be in Memphis, right? Because you guys have my neighborhood was listed in that

00:57:58   document. Oh boy. Yeah, I'd definitely be interested in that. But for now, I think the

00:58:06   2018 is great. I do think this is going to be like a weird short-lived sort of half step.

00:58:11   You know why actually I will be happy about buying this iPad? Is this iPad gets me my

00:58:18   pick without it being what I thought it was going to be?

00:58:21   You thought it'd be 5G.

00:58:23   We thought it'd be 5G. So if the iPad gets 5G, the iPad will definitely be announced

00:58:28   after the iPhone, you would assume and so then I will get the pic for the 5g iPad and

00:58:33   the pic for the feature before so then I will be like super happy about buying this iPad

00:58:38   because I'm like supporting my own when it came up in the chat room that USB C port in

00:58:43   the Magic Keyboard that is just for power. So you can't that's like in Yeah, you can't

00:58:48   plug in a hard drive thing. That's totally fine. Because most of the time, you're just

00:58:52   using you just want it for power. So it kind of stays out of the way. And in that situation

00:58:56   where it's on your desk and then you pick it up and take it with you, then

00:59:00   it's charging without you having to plug anything in, right? You just sit it back

00:59:03   in the keyboard case and it starts charging. I think a lot of people who use

00:59:06   this at a desk are just gonna leave their case plugged in all the time.

00:59:09   I have a bit of a random question to put out to listeners while we're talking

00:59:14   about USB-C and the iPad Pro. Just like a small request that maybe

00:59:18   there's like a single person out there who knows the answer and can

00:59:22   confirm this with me. So if you are really into high resolution audio, if

00:59:28   anybody happens to know, actually happens to be able to confirm with me whether

00:59:33   the USB-C port on the 2018 or 2020, for that matter, iPad Pro, supports up to 24

00:59:40   bit 192 kilohertz output, I would be really happy if you could confirm this

00:59:46   with me, specifically if you ever tried to connect a USB DAC to the USB-C

00:59:51   support of the iPad Pro. So I just thought, you know, we were talking about it, I just thought I would ask.

00:59:57   I know that there's a bunch of people out there who use like Amazon Music Hi-Fi or

01:00:02   Tidal Hi-Fi on the iPhone and iPad Pro and I cannot find any official documentation on this.

01:00:09   I just was able to find a single person on a random Amazon Music forum who did a bunch of tests with

01:00:17   the 2018 iPad Pro and audio quality like high resolution audio output via the USB-C port

01:00:24   so if anybody else has ever done this please get in touch with me and let me know because

01:00:27   I'm working on a story about it. Thank you. Did you guys get any of that?

01:00:31   Yeah, but I don't know.

01:00:33   Mm-hmm. Okay.

01:00:35   I don't even really know how to test what you want, honestly. Like I don't even...

01:00:39   Oh.

01:00:40   You can give me all the stuff and I wouldn't be able to...

01:00:45   Usually, if you have an external USB DAC, it usually comes with a display that shows

01:00:51   you the audio quality that is coming in from an audio source.

01:00:55   And they mostly don't work? Or you're not sure if it would work?

01:00:59   No, right now my USB DAC works, but the app... So I don't know if it depends on the app that

01:01:06   you're using on the iPad when playing back, like, FLAC music files, for example, or if

01:01:14   depends on other factors. Right now I'm testing with my Flux library, and the app that I'm using

01:01:19   is called Prism, and Prism is a Plex client, so it's like a third-party client for Plex.

01:01:26   My Flux music is stored in Plex. I am unable to tell whether the output is going up to 24-bit or not,

01:01:36   so I figured maybe somebody else has ever tried this before me, and they will be able to confirm

01:01:42   with me. I also wonder if it's a problem of the USB cable that I'm using as an adapter.

01:01:49   There could be some downsampling happening with that USB cable, I don't know. Again, I have no idea.

01:01:56   And there's no official documentation from this from Apple. Apple does have these kinds of details

01:02:02   when it comes to the external, like there's a document here called "About the external

01:02:08   features and ports on iMac and iMac Pro. And they do have some diesels.

01:02:12   You don't have one of those. You're looking at the wrong thing.

01:02:15   They do have diesels on audio. But I got the wrong Pro, Apple, not the Mac one. So if you

01:02:25   are one of those people, please get in touch with me and share your knowledge with me.

01:02:31   Thank you. Good luck with that.

01:02:34   Nobody will, I'm sure. You're on your own.

01:02:37   This is the thing, you need to, you would be the person to answer that question for

01:02:41   someone else.

01:02:42   I know, I know.

01:02:43   Like that's as far as it goes.

01:02:44   I know.

01:02:45   You're not...

01:02:46   Just assign us the job.

01:02:47   Also, if you happen to work at Apple, and you want something, please let me know.

01:02:50   There, that's the only way.

01:02:52   Privately.

01:02:53   If you happen to work for Apple on USB audio on the iPad, it's like one person.

01:02:59   And you've tested this very specific feature that Federico's interested in.

01:03:04   Please let me know.

01:03:05   The only thing I was able to discover, again, from other people on online forum boards,

01:03:11   is that the Airplay audio protocol, so we're talking wireless now, was locked to PCM 44.1

01:03:21   kHz, which is like the standard CD quality audio stuff. Again, that's Airplay, so it's

01:03:27   like a different thing. I'm interested in the USB-C port on the 2018 iPad Pro. What

01:03:33   kind of audio output does he support? Is this guy called... Is it called "Fatburger"? I

01:03:39   think his name is Fatburger. What? What are you talking about? Where are we going now?

01:03:47   This person on avforum.com... Oh, okay. Now, all done. Steven, can we go to an ad, please?

01:03:57   Yep. Thank you. No, no, no, this person, this person... No, no. So the person, the original

01:04:01   poster is called Joker with two R's at the end. This is actually very well done, a comparison

01:04:07   of using the Tidal app and the Amazon Music HD app on the iPad, 2018 iPad Pro via the

01:04:14   USB-C port. It's very detailed, but I don't believe that Joker works at Apple.

01:04:20   No.

01:04:21   Or, you know, so...

01:04:22   Neither do I.

01:04:24   I will share this link for the show.

01:04:26   Please do.

01:04:27   Yes.

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01:06:03   relay FM iOS 13.4 is out in the world. Federico, you may be unaware of this, but there's a

01:06:11   story over on Mac stories about this going into all of the features.

01:06:15   I don't know why this is a joke now. I want you to understand that the Power Mac G5 was

01:06:22   an isolated issue, because it's a boring computer. I need you to understand this, Steven.

01:06:27   It had liquid cooling, man!

01:06:29   I read all the stories that go up on my website.

01:06:32   Liquid cooling.

01:06:33   But the particular one I also read, it just didn't stick with me. I'm sorry.

01:06:37   I read them, and when I say me, I mean sometimes Jon reads them. I mean, Jon always reads your

01:06:43   column I never read your column. That is factually untrue. Okay. I reject that

01:06:52   accusation. Yes. Accusation even nicer. It's an accusation. I don't like it. So anyway,

01:06:58   so Ryan did an excellent job going through all of the features, iPad,

01:07:03   cursor support, iCloud, shared folders, and more. Let's start with cursor support. So

01:07:10   we played with it in the beta and if you haven't yet or haven't seen it, Jason

01:07:13   put this amazing article together with a bunch of gifts where he captured

01:07:16   different things the cursor can do and I want to know how you guys are feeling

01:07:21   about this so far. Loving it. Yeah. Absolutely loving it. Loving it.

01:07:28   Oh it's made my iPad so much better. Like I just I'm so happy boys. I really am so

01:07:34   happy. Like just so good. It's fantastic. I love it.

01:07:38   So that's my review.

01:07:39   Wow.

01:07:40   So do you like it?

01:07:41   It's just brilliant.

01:07:42   It's like, honestly, it's as big an impact to me as an entire iOS release.

01:07:52   This is no hyperbole.

01:07:54   This 13.4 is as important to me as 13 was, because it is completely changing the way

01:08:00   that I use my iPad for the better.

01:08:03   I was already using every single day the accessibility mode, and it was okay.

01:08:08   This is so well implemented, so well done, and I am happy and excited for numbers.

01:08:16   You know the update to numbers?

01:08:17   Something you could never do on numbers on iOS that drove me mad was you couldn't do

01:08:21   that thing, I don't know what you would call it, the automatic formula stuff where you

01:08:25   would click a cell and drag down and it will fill.

01:08:29   You can't do that on numbers, but you can with a cursor.

01:08:33   So very excited about that.

01:08:36   Just stuff like that.

01:08:38   But just in general, it's fantastic, I love it, and using my iPad is even more comfortable

01:08:44   and amazing than it's ever been.

01:08:46   So I'm super excited about it.

01:08:48   So I'm gonna share a story about these and other things that I've been doing with my

01:08:53   iPad Pro next week.

01:08:55   I'm working on it right now.

01:08:57   But basically, the best thing about this native cursor is that they did not copy the Mac cursor.

01:09:05   And it's really hard to describe it.

01:09:11   I think, and I'm sorry Steven, if the analogy doesn't, you know, you can leave for 30 seconds

01:09:19   if you want to.

01:09:20   I'm not going to leave.

01:09:21   But you know how, like, when you play Super Mario on a Nintendo console.

01:09:26   I'm leaving!

01:09:27   I mean, come on, it's Super Mario, it's universal.

01:09:30   Yeah, of course.

01:09:32   When you play Super Mario on a Nintendo console and you click the button and Mario jumps and

01:09:36   it feels like the button that you click on the controller, and this has been true forever

01:09:41   on the Game Boy, on the Super Nintendo, on the Wii, but the button is like a natural

01:09:46   extension of your finger, like it just...

01:09:52   Nintendo created that illusion that the button is like part of the game itself, it's not

01:09:57   plastic button. It just feels like it's integrated so well with the game, that when you press it,

01:10:03   Mario jumps. And it's so natural, and it's so intuitive, and I feel to an extent that there's

01:10:08   a bit of that magic in the native cursor, in that it just feels like it's part of the UI,

01:10:15   even though it's actually based on an external accessory, like it requires additional hardware,

01:10:21   but it just feels like it's a native component of the interface.

01:10:27   And the way that it squishes and the little dot becomes an I-beam,

01:10:35   or becomes a tool that highlights icons and toolbar elements,

01:10:41   it just feels so intuitive and natural.

01:10:43   And that is why I believe the best thing that Apple could have done here

01:10:48   copy the default behavior of macOS, because that would have worked maybe, but it wouldn't have been

01:10:54   as intuitive, as seamless maybe is the right word for it, as it is right now.

01:11:01   It also would have made a different statement. The statement would have been, the only way this

01:11:08   can be done is the way it's currently done, where what this shows is there's a different way to do

01:11:14   like fundamentally it's the same type of thing but this is a different operating

01:11:19   system it's built differently it has different underpinnings like you can

01:11:23   make it look different and act differently that fits more with the

01:11:30   operating system like this would feel weird on the Mac like the traditional

01:11:34   pointer would feel weird on iPad OS yeah I also feel like if the way that Apple

01:11:41   has done this, it feeds into the idea that the iPad is this new kind of computer that

01:11:49   can adapt to different scenarios. So like, it can be a tablet, it can be sort of like

01:11:57   a laptop and there's going to be a magic keyboard, you can use it with a stand, you can use it

01:12:03   with an external monitor, like there's this multiplicity of inputs and the way they all

01:12:10   work together with a single computer. I think that's what sets the iPad apart from a Mac,

01:12:17   and that is why I am so happy that they did this different cursor implementation. So it's

01:12:23   very well done, and I really recommend reading the page from the Human Interface Guidelines

01:12:31   on.

01:12:32   I love that they added this to the HIG. It's really nicely done, and I'm very happy that

01:12:36   it's there.

01:12:37   They have some examples of what I believe is a keynote update that is not out yet, but

01:12:43   showing how they took advantage of pointer customization.

01:12:49   When you're dragging certain elements in Keynote on your iPad, the cursor transforms into this

01:12:55   arrow tool that shows you exactly what you can do.

01:12:58   I was excited to learn that developers could customize it.

01:13:03   I think that's really exciting and surprising.

01:13:07   I wasn't expecting that, but you are able to visually represent things that you're doing

01:13:13   with the cursor by manipulating the design of the cursor.

01:13:17   And a third-party developer can do that themselves, and I think that's really cool.

01:13:21   Yeah, so go check that out.

01:13:24   And I've been retweeting some developers who are taking advantage of the new API in 13.4.

01:13:31   So we're talking about hover customizations, so when you hover over elements, the pointer

01:13:35   customizations, the effects that you can add. There's definitely more coming. I know the

01:13:40   developers are working on this stuff right now. Obviously Rambo is sending me a beta of the

01:13:47   Chibi Studio app. They have an update coming with deep trackpad integration. Super well done. They

01:13:54   have all kinds of like hover effects and tooltips when you hover over tools in the palette. So this

01:14:02   This is like a chibi studio.

01:14:04   It's like an avatar creation utility.

01:14:07   So they have like, it's a design tool.

01:14:10   So when you hover over buttons, you got a tool tip.

01:14:13   It's sort of like Photoshop in a way.

01:14:16   You have this tool, this palette on the side.

01:14:18   It's very well done.

01:14:19   Doesn't surprise me that it's been reverse engineering

01:14:23   even before the new version of Xcode was out last night.

01:14:28   So yeah, if you're a developer working on this stuff,

01:14:30   get in touch.

01:14:31   I love the way that it's done.

01:14:33   I was able, thanks to this, to really simplify my setup

01:14:39   at my desk with the ultra-fine monitor that I use.

01:14:42   I now use a Magic Trackpad 2 with the iPad.

01:14:45   I love it, it's so well done.

01:14:47   And again, the best part, they didn't copy the Mac

01:14:49   and they did not wait for iPadOS 14.

01:14:54   So thank you, Apple, I guess.

01:14:56   - It's amazing to me how well it works

01:14:59   in some apps that haven't been updated. Like I think it's the more standard your UI is,

01:15:04   the more you get this just out of the box. There are definitely some some apps that it needs some

01:15:08   some help in. But if you haven't played with this yet, like just take a magic mouse or magic

01:15:12   trackpad, hook it up and just spend some time with it because it really, it really does change how

01:15:18   the iPad feels. And it means that you're still gonna need to touch the screen for stuff. I think

01:15:22   that'll, that'll always be true. But you can if you want to keep your hands down, do that really

01:15:28   easily now too. I'm a big fan. It's really good. I love it. Another feature in 13.4 is

01:15:35   iCloud folder sharing. Finally. This was announced for iOS 13. But it's here now. So that is

01:15:44   part of iOS 13.4 and the Catalina update 10.15.4. And I can say how it works there as well.

01:15:52   You go into iCloud, you add a folder or you pick a folder and you have to add add a person

01:15:58   from the share sheet.

01:16:00   And like I don't like I don't spend hardly any time in the files app.

01:16:03   The only real cloud services Dropbox and I just use their app.

01:16:07   But boy, I find files confusing in places like why do I have to long press to get to

01:16:10   things like it's just, it's messy in places.

01:16:14   But you can add people and you can do it.

01:16:16   It looks like just like sharing an Apple Note.

01:16:18   So you can do it via email or text or whatever.

01:16:21   So I sent y'all a link via iMessage and, you know, we put some files in there.

01:16:26   I renamed one of them a couple times and, you know, edited a picture and it all seems

01:16:31   fine.

01:16:32   I am not looking to replace Dropbox, but I think if you want to, this is probably okay

01:16:37   by now, but I would do some testing before you put your whole life into it.

01:16:43   It's interesting on the Mac, we have a link in the show notes, the shared folders get

01:16:48   little labels.

01:16:50   And so it does this on iOS too.

01:16:52   Does it?

01:16:53   It's like off to the side, it says shared by me, added by Myke Hurley, modified by Federico

01:16:58   Vatici.

01:16:59   So you can kind of keep track with what's going on.

01:17:02   Dropbox does not do this.

01:17:04   I think it's nice.

01:17:05   It's really weird.

01:17:06   Like nothing else on the Mac and finder looks like this.

01:17:09   But I mean, I guess Dropbox does it in their own way.

01:17:12   When they have like the shared thing in their app and the menu bar, like it's not the same,

01:17:18   but yeah.

01:17:19   It's not right there in Finder.

01:17:21   Exactly.

01:17:22   I'm not gonna use this for anything.

01:17:24   I have no plans on using this.

01:17:26   Are you ever gonna do it?

01:17:29   Like seriously use this for something?

01:17:31   Nope.

01:17:32   Not right now.

01:17:34   I wanna hear the horror stories first.

01:17:37   And then I want Apple to fix them.

01:17:40   Then I will consider it.

01:17:42   Because you know, sounds bad is gonna happen here.

01:17:44   For sure.

01:17:46   And I want somebody else to experience that nightmare before me.

01:17:49   I mean, all nothing happens and it's just a long time and we keep hearing people saying

01:17:53   that they're using it and it's good and then we can go with it but...

01:17:57   Maybe.

01:17:58   But there are horror stories in Dropbox.

01:18:02   It happens.

01:18:03   Bad stuff happens.

01:18:04   But it happens less frequently and you are confident that even if something weird happened

01:18:09   it would be like, well it's not going to keep happening to me.

01:18:12   Well at least that's what you think, right?

01:18:13   Because you've had a long history with it.

01:18:15   But I'm keen to see how people get on with it,

01:18:19   but I just have no desire or requirement for it.

01:18:24   I'm perfectly fine with Dropbox.

01:18:25   It's working great for me.

01:18:26   Has done for years.

01:18:28   - So much of my workflow revolves around

01:18:30   shared folders in Dropbox.

01:18:31   And everyone I work with is gonna have an iCloud account,

01:18:35   but a lot of people that's not true for.

01:18:37   And so that limits it.

01:18:39   I think Dropbox has a more,

01:18:42   maybe it's not a large user base, I'm sure,

01:18:44   but for this it's much more widely known.

01:18:46   Like how many people even know this is a thing?

01:18:48   I would say that you probably shouldn't put any base64

01:18:51   in a shared folder, so Federico please don't base64 us.

01:18:55   - We'll see about that.

01:18:56   - Oh no.

01:18:57   - Gotta remove that folder?

01:18:58   - We shared a folder with him.

01:19:00   - Maybe it's too late.

01:19:02   Maybe you will end up like John Voorhees

01:19:04   with thousands of text files.

01:19:06   (laughing)

01:19:07   - Peanut butter butter butter butter peanut peanut butter.

01:19:09   (laughing)

01:19:11   had I had a bit of a problem installing 10, or 10. I had a little bit of trouble

01:19:17   installing iOS 13.4. 10! That was your problem. Trying to install iOS 10, it wouldn't go on my phone.

01:19:25   Where my, I was talking with you guys, my iPhone would tell me that it

01:19:31   downloaded but it could not verify the update because I was no longer connected

01:19:34   to the internet. I was like well that's not, that's just not true. Like yeah I can

01:19:39   imagine you would have a problem if I was not connected to the internet. I know I am.

01:19:43   I'm sending messages. Yeah, I sent a screenshot of you Mr. error message. You know, I talked

01:19:51   that airplane mode, I restarted the phone, and I came across this support document. I

01:19:57   did not know this, you can remove a downloaded update from your phone. If you go into the

01:20:03   settings area that shows you your local storage. It's listed in the list of apps. So it's like

01:20:08   like overcast, you know, 800 megs photos, you know, 32 gigs or whatever.

01:20:14   And then iOS update, however many megabytes it was, and I deleted that and read downloaded

01:20:20   it and that fixed it for me.

01:20:22   So I don't think this is a widespread problem.

01:20:24   I even like tried searching Twitter, it doesn't seem to be a real thing.

01:20:27   But now I know this, this is a helpful little, little thing because I was afraid I was gonna

01:20:32   like hook it up to my computer and update it through, you know, what's left of iTunes,

01:20:35   I didn't want to do that.

01:20:36   So that that sort of jump started it for me.

01:20:40   So if you do come across that at some point, you can remove that update and redownload

01:20:43   it and then that it it sailed right through after that.

01:20:48   There's also some features for education and enterprise users.

01:20:53   So this comes from an article on nine to five by our buddy Bradley chambers.

01:20:59   There's been shared iPad support in schools for a couple of years now where multiple students

01:21:05   can use an iPad if you're if it's all set up correctly with Apple school manager. But

01:21:10   now that is available through businesses through the managed Apple ID program. So if you manage

01:21:18   Apple IDs for your employees, you can get that multi user support on the iPad. There's

01:21:25   also a shared iPad temporary session. So someone can use a set, you know, use an iPad without

01:21:32   needing to log into it. Just like on the Mac, there's the guest access user, it's been there

01:21:38   forever, where like someone can log into it and check their Facebook and then they log

01:21:44   out like all the records are destroyed. Same thing on the iPad. Now, I really want this

01:21:49   to come to iCloud sharing for families. David and I did a big episode of Mac power users

01:21:56   on iCloud family sharing a couple, maybe a month ago or so. And this would be a great

01:22:02   edition where I've got more kids than I have kids iPads and it would be nice if they could

01:22:07   have their own ID and and log into their own user on the iPad and hopefully that's the

01:22:12   next step here as Apple continues to roll this out. But if you if you are in an environment

01:22:18   with managed Apple IDs, this could be a useful thing for you.

01:22:21   Not gonna hold out hope for it because it's been an education for a long time.

01:22:28   Two years, I think.

01:22:29   That's a long time.

01:22:30   And so now it made it to business two years later. So in two years, it will show up and

01:22:34   iCloud family sharing, that'd be really nice. Lastly, universal purchases are now available.

01:22:41   So if you sell iPhone and iPad app, you've been able to share resources between them

01:22:46   share, you know, in app purchases and stuff. And now the Mac is roped into that. But it's

01:22:51   not all great news for I read some of this, but can you kind of explain what's going on?

01:22:57   So Universal Purchases basically allow you to offer a single purchase across multiple

01:23:03   platforms.

01:23:04   So you should be able to offer a Mac OS, TV OS, iOS, and iPad OS app.

01:23:13   So different binaries but a single purchase.

01:23:15   So if you want to offer a premium type of unlock you can now just let people pay once

01:23:23   instead of having to do some more complex things in terms of like checking across platforms if the user

01:23:30   previously purchased that thing on a different device and it used to be very complicated before.

01:23:37   Now, the issue there is that if you were one of the early adopters

01:23:42   as a developer of the Mac Catalyst technology

01:23:48   You cannot take advantage of this right now because you have to start fresh in the sense that the

01:23:55   existing

01:23:57   existing apps that use the Mac Catalyst

01:23:59   Framework for reasons that I don't fully understand they cannot use the universal purchase

01:24:08   thing

01:24:10   Because they've already been made available on the App Store. So you need to start with a new

01:24:18   skew, basically. Which is unfortunate because there are a bunch of early adopters of Catalyst

01:24:24   who, I bet, that given the option, would have gone with a Universal Purchase months ago,

01:24:31   but now they are stuck in the situation of having sold a Catalyst version of their app,

01:24:37   being unable to revert back to the Universal Purchase system, and now they need to make a

01:24:43   decision like do we wait for Apple to make it available for existing catalyst

01:24:49   apps which I think Apple should figure out so I think maybe that would be the

01:24:53   optimal approach like send feedback and wait for Apple to make it possible.

01:24:57   This feels like a can't, like there's something going on here like why would

01:25:03   you not do this it's madness right? I reckon it's some kind of thing where

01:25:09   they had to draw a line and that line included cutting that out. It would just be so strange

01:25:14   to have done it if they could do it. I don't know.

01:25:17   But it penalizes people who adopted their new technology when Apple said "adopt our

01:25:21   new technology." And that's a bad look.

01:25:24   Exactly. Agreed.

01:25:25   So, you know, if developers of course want to start fresh, they would need to abandon

01:25:30   that SKU and losing those customers and losing those reviews. And like, how do you go about

01:25:37   It's the same reason why so many developers these days, instead of releasing separate versions of their iOS apps,

01:25:46   switch to subscription and release a new version as an update to the existing product.

01:25:54   Look at Fantastical 2, for example.

01:25:56   They do this because if they were to release a separate SKU, they would lose all of their existing reviews on the app store.

01:26:03   apps or they will lose all of their positioning in terms of search results on the app store.

01:26:10   It's very complicated to like, it's not as easy as saying, "Yeah, just release a new

01:26:14   app," because that comes with a lot of consequences for developers.

01:26:18   You also lose customers, right, who never know you have a different SKU unless you send

01:26:22   some sort of gross push notification. Like, it's a bad deal.

01:26:26   And then you won't get everyone.

01:26:29   You could show it to people 20 times when they open the app, but you won't get everyone

01:26:35   to move.

01:26:36   Yup.

01:26:37   Obviously, these developers who have launched catalyst versions of apps, and there are some,

01:26:43   like I don't have any official numbers, but let's say about 100, maybe about 100

01:26:49   catalyst apps on the Mac App Store, maybe more, maybe less, but let's say 100.

01:26:53   And some of them are really good apps, right?

01:26:56   actually powerful stuff like Fiery Feeds for example, it's an RSS reader. Like, what do

01:27:04   they do? Do they just abandon the app and they are... because they were one of the

01:27:09   early adopters, which is usually like a good thing to do, right? You know,

01:27:13   following Apple's advice and adopting new technologies is usually a good thing,

01:27:16   but now if they want to support universal purchases they can't. So it's a

01:27:21   bit of a bit of an odd predicament to be in at the moment. It's really... it's

01:27:26   It's kind of awful, actually.

01:27:27   - Frustrating if you're in that situation.

01:27:30   - So those are your universal purchases.

01:27:32   I bet I got some emails from a few developers

01:27:36   who are looking to,

01:27:37   and of course we're talking about new apps, right?

01:27:40   Some new apps coming with this kind of experience,

01:27:43   and I will be sure to check it out

01:27:45   as soon as it's available.

01:27:46   I am curious to see how it works,

01:27:48   but I bet there's nothing to see.

01:27:49   You just purchase it once,

01:27:50   and then you just download on a different platform.

01:27:53   I don't think there will be anything fancy

01:27:55   see on the user's side. It's more of a thing on the developer's side to implement. But

01:28:01   in terms of the actual user experience, you just pay once and then you download it from

01:28:06   the Mac App Store or vice versa and it just works.

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01:30:03   We thought we would round up this week talking about some things that we are enjoying in

01:30:09   our respective shelter-in-place situation. So a lot of people are

01:30:15   spending a lot more time at home and we thought we would just kind of recommend

01:30:19   some stuff that they were enjoying. So Myke, do you want to go first?

01:30:22   Animal Crossing! It's the only thing that matters in the world right now.

01:30:27   For me, it's my only happiness. It's found on my island. I could not be happier about this

01:30:39   game being released when it is because both me and my wife Idina are playing it. We both

01:30:46   have our own switches, we're both playing the game together and it is like helping us

01:30:53   get out of bed in the morning because we spend some time before we do any work like just

01:30:58   checking in on our island and it is genuinely like really helping my mental health right

01:31:05   now because it is a video game that I love but it's also super peaceful and tranquil

01:31:12   and it makes me think I'm outside even though I'm not. This game is absolutely wonderful

01:31:20   and I'm so pleased and I'm enjoying it greatly and it's awesome. You want to add anything

01:31:25   Federico?

01:31:28   I feel like I totally agree with you on the, you know, it's a game that's keeping me sane

01:31:34   right now, in the sense that it's so... like, it's peaceful and like, it makes you feel

01:31:41   that everything's fine, you know? Like, you're not being judged by the game, you cannot lose

01:31:47   at this game, you know? That's been true for Animal Crossing forever. And you can just

01:31:53   take it at your own pace, you can speedrun this game if you want, like, there's people

01:31:57   who time skip on their Nintendo Switch consoles, they change the date to move faster in Animal

01:32:03   crossing but it's certainly fine if you want to take it easy and slow and like

01:32:07   spend a couple of days just fishing or catching bugs and making your island

01:32:11   pretty with flowers like it's totally okay and it's this game unfortunately

01:32:17   this game could have not come out at a better time I think. It's like perfect

01:32:23   it's hit just at the right time for everyone and it's a game that because if

01:32:29   you do play it as it's intended to be played which is everything is running at

01:32:33   real time, it's actually helping me add more structure into my days again

01:32:39   because there are things that I want to do at certain times of the day. You gotta

01:32:42   keep a schedule for your village. You gotta keep a schedule, like it's useful and so

01:32:48   yeah it's just the right type of game for me right now. I want to recommend two

01:32:54   YouTube channels, they are incredibly different. The first one is Linus Tech

01:32:59   Tech Tips. I have only very recently started watching Linus Tech Tips videos and pretty

01:33:05   much all I have been watching on YouTube over the last couple of months is just catching

01:33:10   up on watching and watching what YouTube is recommending to me. Linus Tech Tips is a huge

01:33:17   production. I think it's like 20 people that work at this channel. They have multiple channels

01:33:22   and they're based in Canada. Linus is the main guy but they have a selection of other

01:33:28   individuals that participate towards the videos. They're very PC focused, typically, but they

01:33:36   cover most all the technology. I really, really enjoy watching them build computers. It's

01:33:43   very lovely and fun and the humor mostly works for me. Sometimes it's a bit childish, but

01:33:51   I can overlook some of that.

01:33:54   But I find their PC builds just really good and I enjoy watching it and it's like a different

01:34:00   area of technology that I am somewhat interested in and I'm getting more knowledge from it

01:34:04   by watching these videos.

01:34:08   They're very well made and I have absolutely no idea how they put out a video every day

01:34:13   to the quality that they do.

01:34:14   It is astounding.

01:34:16   You can see why the team is so big when you look at it that way but like really super

01:34:19   The last YouTube channel is the Bon Appetit YouTube channel which is from the cooking

01:34:26   magazine, Bon Appetit by the same name.

01:34:29   This is not your average cooking channel.

01:34:32   Bon Appetit basically has a selection of executive editors, I don't know if they're called executive

01:34:39   editors but what they call editors, but they're effectively YouTube personalities now.

01:34:46   And they are really just very very entertaining videos that they put out.

01:34:53   There are two series that I recommend you start with.

01:34:56   One is called Gourmet Makes where Claire Saffitz attempts to remake some kind of treat.

01:35:02   So for example the most recent episode was Girl Scout Cookies.

01:35:07   So Claire will take Girl Scout Cookies and tries to make her own homemade versions that

01:35:12   are better in quality.

01:35:14   videos are hilarious and super relatable because Claire usually like breaks down halfway through

01:35:21   because she realizes she can't do it or something terrible happens and she's very like she's

01:35:26   hilarious but also negative it's like in a good way it's difficult to explain but she is amazing

01:35:33   and the videos are amazing and then also It's Alive by Brad Leone it started out it's just a

01:35:39   show about fermentation like fermenting stuff and now it's all kinds of things because I think they

01:35:44   kind of started to run out of just fermenting things. Brad is hilarious. Just don't necessarily

01:35:52   listen to what I'm saying about the recommendations. Just go and watch one of these videos, like

01:35:57   each of them. One gourmet makes, one it's alive. I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.

01:36:03   And there's tons of this stuff. And then once you've, once you have like binged all of those

01:36:07   shows, there's loads of great content on the Bon Appetit YouTube channel. You don't have

01:36:12   to want to learn anything about cooking and you will enjoy these. It is not about that.

01:36:17   These are entertainment shows that have food in them. Like, super good. They are my recommendations.

01:36:24   All of those things will bring some happiness to your life.

01:36:27   Alright, so my picks. Well, I have a bunch. So, in terms of music, if you have been obsessed

01:36:34   with this new album by Lauv. That would be L-A-U-V. He's been around for a few years

01:36:43   now but it's not like this huge pop star, right? It's this very...

01:36:50   Never heard of him.

01:36:51   Okay, so Lauv makes this sort of like chill but also sometimes very catchy pop music.

01:37:02   It's got an incredible voice and I just recommend going listen to the latest album that he put

01:37:10   out a couple of weeks ago. It's on Apple Music, it's on every streaming service, it's super good.

01:37:15   The best description that I've heard is that it feels, it sounds like an album

01:37:22   in a good way from a boy band but it's made by a single person. Like it's got that richness,

01:37:29   that catchiness to every tune.

01:37:31   That is just, it's so well done.

01:37:34   And I've been listening with Sylvia on repeat

01:37:36   for the past couple of weeks.

01:37:37   It's really, really good.

01:37:39   - Added to my library.

01:37:40   I chose Trust Your Music recommendations.

01:37:43   - Yeah, you're gonna like it.

01:37:44   I think you're gonna like it.

01:37:44   In terms of like, speaking of music,

01:37:47   I got a couple of websites to recommend.

01:37:49   The first one is obvious.

01:37:50   I mean, Pitchfork, the, you know,

01:37:53   it's an institution in terms of music news and long for-

01:37:57   If you want to read reviews that are incredibly critical of every type of music. Oh boy, do

01:38:03   I have the...

01:38:04   Like, go catch up with the Pitchfork archive right now. They have a newsletter that they

01:38:11   send every day with some, like, they help you catch up with the archive because this

01:38:16   website goes back 20 years, right? Possibly even more. And Pitchfork is also a festival,

01:38:24   a whole thing. It's a whole deal. It's a big deal. Do you remember those? Festivals? That

01:38:31   was a nice time. Remember when people could get together? Yeah, I was thinking about this

01:38:36   the other day actually. I can remember when we could walk outside and meet people. But

01:38:41   yeah, they have an amazing archive back catalogue of deep critical music reviews, which I sometimes

01:38:52   disagree with, but even when I do it's good to read somebody's opinion written with such,

01:38:58   you know, quality and style. And the other website, which is my go-to music website made by

01:39:04   good friend Jason Tate, Chorus FM. So chorus used to be many, many years ago, if you're my age,

01:39:14   you may remember the absolute punk forums on the internet back in the, you know, when we were

01:39:21   all into punk rock and emo. I was one of those people. This website used to be called Absolute

01:39:27   Punk, now it's called Chorus FM. They do daily linked posts, like they talk about all kinds

01:39:38   of news in the music industry, they link to videos and concert dates, but it's also very

01:39:44   much a website where you can find reviews, like deep long-form music reviews, and Jason's

01:39:53   weekly recap of everything going on in his life, and the chorus website and the music

01:39:58   industry.

01:39:59   He's got this column called "Liner Notes", which comes out every Friday.

01:40:04   You can read it on the website.

01:40:06   I'm a supporter, they have a membership program, but you can also get it in your inbox as a

01:40:11   free newsletter every Friday.

01:40:13   So it's very well done, and it's a perfect mix of the personal angle, and it's also a

01:40:20   music newsletter.

01:40:21   So, you know, I've been subscribed for I don't know how many years at this point.

01:40:25   So Chorus FM, really good website, especially if you want to stay on top of new videos and

01:40:30   new singles and new albums.

01:40:32   TV.

01:40:34   Now's a great time to watch TV.

01:40:36   Now's a great time to watch something light and fun, and that can be a distraction.

01:40:42   And my two recommendations would be Schitt's Creek and Superstore.

01:40:48   Schitt's Creek is amazing.

01:40:50   Schitt's Creek is the best TV comedy in years.

01:40:56   Not just because it's fun and like the jokes crack me up and all that, but it's the love

01:41:05   and the characters.

01:41:07   The relationship portrayals in this show are some of the best I've seen in any television

01:41:11   show.

01:41:12   way that love and friendships are described in this show and are portrayed in this show

01:41:20   are just so well done.

01:41:22   The use of swearing in this show is one of the funniest uses of swearing that I've ever

01:41:28   come across. Like, whenever curse words are used, they are used the way that normal people

01:41:33   use curse words. Like, you'll get what I mean when you watch it, but they're always hilarious

01:41:39   because they're so unexpected because it's not where you usually see this stuff in TV

01:41:45   shows. And it's very seldom used, but it's used to great effect. But like, this show

01:41:50   is absolutely fantastic. It's wrapping up now. I believe there's only three episodes

01:41:56   left in the final season. We're just about to start the final season, I should say.

01:42:02   It's also very good. Sylvia and I are fully caught up and waiting for the final episodes.

01:42:07   It's a great time to catch up on the show if you haven't seen it.

01:42:10   It's really, really good and just heartwarming and fun.

01:42:14   It's a lovely TV show.

01:42:16   The other one, Superstore.

01:42:18   So initially, when you start watching Superstore, it's a sitcom that takes place inside a mall.

01:42:26   It's a workplace sitcom, right?

01:42:29   And you start watching it and you think, "Oh, this is just a copycat of The Office."

01:42:34   In fact, the creator of Superstore used to work on The Office before.

01:42:41   And it sort of starts like that, so you can see some of the parallels between certain

01:42:46   characters of like, "Oh, okay, so in Superstore this character is Dwight from The Office,

01:42:52   or this other character is Jim from The Office."

01:42:57   You can see that kind of structure, but as the show goes on, and this happens very quickly,

01:43:03   even in the first season, it takes on its own personality.

01:43:06   And also the way that this show deals with issues and topics like,

01:43:11   uh, you know, uh, sexuality or marriage or, you know,

01:43:16   divorce couples or immigration in the United States, even like,

01:43:21   there are some episodes where you will cry, uh, like for real,

01:43:26   it's a, it's a, I cried a lot at the office, so that makes sense.

01:43:30   But like, there are some episodes here on Superstore that are actually kind of heavy.

01:43:36   There's an article from Vox, if Myke or Steven can find it and put it in the show notes,

01:43:40   I believe its title was "How Superstore Got Super Good", which is basically everything

01:43:45   that I just said.

01:43:46   It starts out like an office copycat and then it becomes so much more really good, really

01:43:50   recommended.

01:43:51   And finally, in terms of video games, everything that Myke just said about Animal Crossing,

01:43:57   Also, I subscribe to that. It's a super chill and relaxing and lovely game.

01:44:04   If you're into something else, and if you're like me and you like competition, of course

01:44:08   I am under contractual obligation to mention Pokemon Sword, an online competitive play.

01:44:16   And if you're into that, you should subscribe to two different YouTube channels. One is

01:44:23   is WolfieVGC and the other is CybertronVGC. Wolfie Glick is the 2016 World Champion of

01:44:31   Pokemon and he does an excellent job in explaining what it means to do competitive Pokemon play

01:44:37   online with other people. He's also like this generally fun and lovely individual. He's

01:44:45   a fun guy, he's got a Twitch channel also going. I've learned a lot from Wolfie over

01:44:53   the past couple of months. And Cybertron, BGC, is made by Aaron Zeng. He's one of the

01:44:58   official commentators for official Pokémon competitions from the Pokémon Company. He

01:45:05   also has his own personal YouTube channel. He has this really, really excellent explanation

01:45:12   style in that when he plays online with other people it actually explains the strategy and

01:45:16   the thinking, because competitive Pokémon play can be a really deep game, it's like

01:45:23   a combination of chess and poker rolled into one. It requires a lot of knowledge and a

01:45:28   lot of patience to get going. So, if you're on lockdown, now's a great time to start learning

01:45:33   something new, and if you love Pokémon, boy do they have the content for you. So, yeah,

01:45:41   Pokémon and YouTube channels, it's a thing and you should look into it. Also some people

01:45:46   from the chat room want me to review anime. Unfortunately I haven't watched any anime

01:45:53   in years. I apologize. Now's the time to start! Not me, you know what? So I really, really

01:46:01   wanna get back into One Piece. Not in the sense that I'm now in multiple pieces, One

01:46:07   One Piece the manga and the anime? I know that phrasing.

01:46:14   Are you talking about swimsuits again?

01:46:17   Well, it's got a sea setting, so kind of play. No, One Piece. I used to read the manga years

01:46:27   ago. I stopped in 2007, 2008 maybe. I'm way behind on One Piece.

01:46:40   You got time. Like way behind. But also got plenty of time, especially if the lockdown

01:46:45   is gonna last until next month. So maybe now's a good time to watch One Piece again. So thank

01:46:50   you Chat Room. I got a couple. You said it's the perfect time to watch something light

01:46:54   and fun I would recommend it's time to catch up on Better Call Saul the prequel

01:46:59   to Breaking Bad. Never saw any of this show. Oh Breaking Bad? No, Breaking Bad

01:47:06   I watched all of it. Better Call Saul. It is extremely slow-moving in places and you just

01:47:12   have to understand that that it is an extremely slow television show but it is

01:47:17   fantastic they're in there next to last season now like currently I watched the

01:47:21   the most recent episode last night. Really fantastic exploration of that world that they

01:47:27   created for Breaking Bad. And with that, of course, El Camino, the Breaking Bad movie,

01:47:31   which happens after Breaking Bad, also very good. Not light, not funny, but fantastic television.

01:47:38   Allow me to bring things down for a minute.

01:47:40   Yeah, it's about a guy, Cooksmith. I would also point people, Federico and I and John Voorhees

01:47:45   have been enjoying this a lot, as has Jason Snell. Ben Gibbard, most famously of Death Cab for QD,

01:47:50   But also the postal service and a bunch of other projects has been doing daily

01:47:53   Live-streams on YouTube and he is playing songs

01:47:57   Suggested by the audience and he's done it now for a week. I think and I haven't missed a set. They're all really fantastic

01:48:04   So if you're into that sort of music, it is really nice to to get a little bit of that

01:48:10   He did a bunch of stuff for my favorite album plans the other night

01:48:13   Yesterday which was which is fun. So and I would say that you know, we've all your recommendations here

01:48:19   But I would encourage people not just to consume content

01:48:23   It is really nice to like chill out and take a break but like that guitar that's in your closet that you haven't played since

01:48:29   High school or the knitting that you said you were gonna learn or like we all have those things like now's a good time to

01:48:34   Learn something new we have the entire internet who can help us with

01:48:39   With learning things and so I'm looking for those things. I got a couple

01:48:45   things that I want to do and so I would encourage you to find something new to learn or something to make and

01:48:51   I think that could be a nice a nice way to spend some time as well. That's very true

01:48:56   Great advice. Yes. Yeah, I feel like I want to do something, but I don't know what it is

01:49:02   like I started zeroing in on a bunch of hobbies, but

01:49:05   Before all this happened, but they all required me to be outside of my house

01:49:10   Yeah, so I need to that's the trick need to spend some rethinking on that a little bit

01:49:15   But but you know it could be as easy as like drawing or like it's a mean something you could do with what you have

01:49:20   Of course that's that's a limiting factor right if you want to take a rock climbing class too bad

01:49:24   Yeah, but right now all of my time is taken up by Animal Crossing that I'm not when I'm not working so like yeah

01:49:31   I'll think about that later on I've got my hobby my hobby is tending to my island

01:49:36   Well, I think that's totally fine. I think it's totally fine. Like I'm oh, yeah

01:49:40   No, you're not. I know you know, I know you know, but like I encourage video games

01:49:45   It's like a great hobby to have right now. Yeah, because as well there are a lot of great video games out right now

01:49:51   If people are excited about Half-Life Alex, which is the VR Half-Life game

01:49:55   I won't be playing this because I scare too easily in VR

01:49:59   So I really want to play it but Half-Life will scare the bit Jesus out of me

01:50:04   But I really would like to play it. No criticism. Like this is just like a personal thing, right?

01:50:09   They should have made this game

01:50:11   Why not and like I know there are people that are loving it

01:50:14   but I've spoken to some friends that have played it and they confirm my suspicions that like it is jumpy and that means I don't

01:50:20   want it but

01:50:22   Cool, if you want to find show notes this week to the stories we spoke about and all of these content recommendations

01:50:28   We're putting all those in the show notes as well head on over to relay.fm

01:50:33   connected slash 287

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01:50:45   Ke and Myke of course is the host of a bunch of shows here on relay FM

01:50:49   I just finished listening to the new episode of the test drivers where you guys tried out the essential phone from 2017 great episode

01:50:56   I really enjoyed it and thank you. I kind of want any such a phone. It's a great phone

01:51:01   You can get them super cheap on like eBay and stuff and I recommend getting one if you can I got mine for like

01:51:06   150 pounds, I don't know who would collect antique electronics. That's that's funny

01:51:10   Yeah, you can also find Federico online as Vitici

01:51:14   v i t i c c i and the editor-in-chief of Mac stories dot net

01:51:19   Federico I saw you and John tweeting that the 10th anniversary of the shipping date of the iPad is coming up and think you'll have some

01:51:26   Big plans for that. So when is that next week next week next week next week

01:51:30   Yeah, but the end of the week it'll be April 3rd, so we plan the series of things starting

01:51:40   next week.

01:51:41   So it's gonna be pretty busy.

01:51:45   You can find me on Twitter as ismh and you can find my work at 512pixels.net and also

01:51:50   a bunch of shows here on Relay.

01:51:52   Go vote in Mac Madness, round three, the quarterfinals if you have not.

01:51:57   are open through Friday and then we will have our the last two votes it's coming

01:52:02   up coming up quick so we will have a winner by the end of next week so that

01:52:05   will be ready for your heart to be broken yeah there someone's gonna be sad

01:52:09   everyone uh-huh I'd like to thank our sponsors this week

01:52:13   Pingdom, Smile, Hover and Mack Weldon until next time gentlemen say goodbye

01:52:19   Arigatou gozaimasu. Goodbye everybody wash your hands stay safe stay at home. Adios.

01:52:26   I don't know. Go wash your hands.