286: The iPad G4


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected episode 286.

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00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hackett

00:00:19   and I am joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:22   - Hello, hi.

00:00:23   - Hi, how are you?

00:00:25   - Hi. - You good?

00:00:26   - Yeah, I'm good, I'm fine, yeah.

00:00:28   - Good, okay.

00:00:29   And we are joined by Myke Hurley.

00:00:31   Yo, what's up?

00:00:33   Wow, it's casual.

00:00:36   Is that your new catchphrase, Myke?

00:00:39   Yeah.

00:00:40   Yeah, yeah.

00:00:40   Yo, what's up?

00:00:42   Very original.

00:00:42   Super.

00:00:44   Yeah, super unique.

00:00:48   Do you remember the Budweiser commercials?

00:00:50   The what?

00:00:51   It was Budweiser, right?

00:00:52   Wazzat.

00:00:52   That was Budweiser, right?

00:00:53   Oh, yeah.

00:00:54   Wazzat.

00:00:54   Yeah, that was-- I think so.

00:00:57   Was it watching a game, drinking a bud?

00:00:59   Big show today!

00:01:01   There's nothing going on.

00:01:03   Well, is it going to be just about the MacBook Air?

00:01:06   Because if so, I'm going to leave the show right now.

00:01:09   OK.

00:01:10   That's very rude.

00:01:10   So there was a possibility that Steven wasn't going to be here this week.

00:01:14   He had a family vacation, which got postponed.

00:01:18   Yes.

00:01:18   And I'm very pleased that Steven's here because otherwise I would have had to do

00:01:23   a MacBook Air monologue towards the end of the show.

00:01:27   I have hours of content ready to go.

00:01:29   Great.

00:01:30   Good.

00:01:31   But first, we're going to start with follow-up.

00:01:33   We had more follow-up that we're going to get to next week, but there was so much this

00:01:36   week we decided to trim it down a little bit.

00:01:38   But we had an email from Brett.

00:01:40   Myke, this was directed to you.

00:01:42   Brett is interested in how you are trying to extend your Amazon Echo speakers in your

00:01:48   office.

00:01:49   You had mentioned that you had gotten the sub and why you went with that versus Sonos

00:01:53   and if you had any early impressions of that setup.

00:01:56   So I think I was pretty clear about Sonos. It's just like I have no interest in getting

00:02:02   into that system, right? Like I'm already on the Echo system, like Amazon's Echo stuff.

00:02:10   And I didn't particularly buy anything for music performance. Like I just wanted to have

00:02:16   a smart speaker in the office. And I was thinking about just getting one or two and then there

00:02:23   was a deal, Amazon had a deal going on when I bought it, I don't remember what it was

00:02:27   exactly, to get the two echoes and a sub for like less than $300. So it was just like,

00:02:34   well, I'm just gonna get that then. Because, you know, I wanted to have two echoes so I

00:02:37   could have one on each side of the office. And then the sub just came with it. And I've

00:02:43   tried it out. And like, it's, it sounds great. Like it, you know, the idea of room filling

00:02:48   sound, it definitely fills the room. And it's a big room. It's like 600 square feet studio,

00:02:52   right, that the audio is playing in.

00:02:55   And we have the sub in the middle of the room

00:02:57   and the two echoes on either side.

00:03:00   And it does a good job.

00:03:02   Like it's one of those things where I have to keep the volume very low.

00:03:05   We accidentally had the volume up pretty high.

00:03:08   And it was a terrifying experience

00:03:12   the first time we asked it to play music.

00:03:14   But it's great. Like it works.

00:03:16   It does exactly what we need it to do.

00:03:18   And that's fill the room with sound.

00:03:20   And I also have two echoes available to me if I need them for various smart speaker stuff.

00:03:26   So what you're saying is you are deeper in the Amazon ecosystem.

00:03:30   Yeah, that was an original joke that nobody's made before.

00:03:33   I've never heard that joke before. It is very funny. Uh huh.

00:03:38   Yeah. It's good. It was really good.

00:03:40   Poor Steven.

00:03:43   You should be proud of yourself.

00:03:45   I have some news. Can I share my news?

00:03:49   Oh, no, I don't know. Maybe after that joke, I don't know if you want it.

00:03:54   It's better than the joke.

00:03:55   Alright, go on then.

00:03:57   So look, it's a weird time, we can just all acknowledge that. And I thought we should do

00:04:03   something fun, because everything in the real world has been canceled. And so I was thinking

00:04:07   about this. And I am announcing today what I'm calling Mac Madness. So the idea is that we as

00:04:16   community are going to vote on our favorite Mac. We're gonna pick it via

00:04:21   bracket just like we would you know NCAA basketball tournament. There'll be four

00:04:25   rounds of voting. The first round of voting is open right now. There is a link

00:04:30   in the show notes and you go to 512pixels.net/madness. All the posts will

00:04:37   be aggregated there. So the plan is to have voting open for round one for a few

00:04:42   days and then I will on the relay twitch stream I will live stream the revealing

00:04:48   of the winners of round one we'll go to round two there'll be a new Google form

00:04:52   to vote on and we will have our winner in early April and again this is

00:04:57   favorite Mac not best Mac I think those two things are very different questions

00:05:03   this is favorite Mac and I think it's gonna be a lot of fun what a great name

00:05:07   yeah you named it so we can just say that yeah Myke came up with the name

00:05:12   Just wanted to make sure that that was credited somewhere. This is a sports thing, right? Like yeah. Yeah

00:05:18   Okay, much madness is a basketball term. It's the college basketball and it's just this like

00:05:24   Wild tournament that happens over the month of March where all the teams play each other in a knockout tournament

00:05:31   And this is and it becomes it's this whole bracket thing, right?

00:05:35   So you've seen that the bracket thing exists in all kinds of tournaments

00:05:39   And so yeah, I think this is a very good idea because it's gonna take a very long time and it's kind of silly and good

00:05:45   And I enjoyed filling out the form and I believe I made all of the correct picks. Okay, I

00:05:51   Did send the voting out last night first to some testers and I'm already really surprised by some of them

00:05:58   I should say the seating so the placement of the machines was selected at random and so sometimes

00:06:06   back to bite you. Maybe. There's some stuff that I think is gonna get knocked out very

00:06:12   fast but shouldn't. Right? There's some machines where it's like, oh well, there's no way you'll

00:06:19   beat in the iMac G3. Like it's just not gonna happen. But I think the thing that goes up

00:06:24   against the iMac G3 I think was also a good machine. It's just stuff like that where it's

00:06:27   like there are some real heavy hitters. That's how it works in sports. You know, sometimes

00:06:33   A good team falls early and sometimes you get a Cinderella story, you know, someone

00:06:37   from the back of the pack moves forward.

00:06:40   So we will see.

00:06:41   We'll see how it goes.

00:06:42   I got a lot of very emotional reactions from people when I sent this out last night to

00:06:46   it to a handful of friends.

00:06:47   So go vote.

00:06:49   And I'm really excited to share the results of round one.

00:06:53   I'll be sharing those on Friday afternoon.

00:06:56   I'll tweet and have a blog post with the time that I'll be on the live stream and voting

00:07:01   will close about an hour before, so I have time to update the bracket.

00:07:04   It's a good idea. I mean, this is... I think we're all thinking about this, right? Like,

00:07:10   what extra stuff can we do whilst we maybe have a little bit more time in our lives and

00:07:13   can also try and provide more distractions for people in the world at the moment? And

00:07:18   I know we're all working on some things, but this was like a really good idea to do fast

00:07:22   because it's related to March, right? So you kind of got to get it underway. So this is

00:07:27   a good idea. I like it.

00:07:28   This was not a thing 18 hours ago.

00:07:32   This all happened very quickly.

00:07:34   Unlike maybe some other stuff, it's like you have that idea and just get it done quickly

00:07:38   because it's more of a time sensitive thing.

00:07:41   We all have a lot of time, so there's no rush or anything.

00:07:45   There's a video on the 512 YouTube channel that just went live explaining it and getting

00:07:50   into the seating a little bit more so you can see some of the examples of what I think

00:07:55   will be exciting exciting matches between these Macs. Mac matches. Mac matches.

00:08:03   Mac ups. Mac ups. You want you want to know the name I was gonna go with? Yeah.

00:08:07   So you picked you named it Mac Madness which is a better name than I had in

00:08:12   mind. Mine was March Macness. That's also good though. Like that is also like if

00:08:19   you would have named it that I would have been like oh that's a really clever

00:08:22   name. Like there really isn't that much difference between the two of ours but

00:08:26   like March Madness is as good as Mac Madness. So we have a bunch of stuff to

00:08:31   talk about so what if we take a break and then we'll come back? How does that

00:08:34   sound? Mm-hmm. You ready? Everybody cool with that? Yeah I'm also

00:08:40   currently rebooting my iPad and it's got 13.4 in it so get ready for lots of

00:08:45   noises coming my way. Oh already? Mine is going slow that's not fair. Good internet

00:08:50   baby. That's good internet. Mine is still downloading. What can I say? All right,

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00:10:17   for the support of this show and Relay FM. So we have a lot of exciting good

00:10:22   news today let's start with some bad news. Okay. It has been announced since

00:10:27   our last episode that WWDC will not be happening in its current form in 2020

00:10:33   it's going to be an online only event. There really isn't a lot more to say

00:10:37   than that because Apple kind of haven't given anything. Sometime in June

00:10:41   there will be an online keynote and there will be developer presentations. We

00:10:46   don't know about sessions, what it's gonna look like, we don't know

00:10:50   about labs really. We just have a basic outline. It's effectively like what

00:10:55   did we think was the bare minimum? That's what they have announced that

00:10:59   they're doing but of course there's still a lot of time between now and

00:11:02   sometime in June for them to flesh this out a little bit more, which I would

00:11:07   expect that we know a little bit more about it beforehand, but yeah. Obviously

00:11:12   we will not be doing a live connected anymore if there's no WWDC, because plus me and

00:11:18   Federico wouldn't be able to get to America anyway, so. I mean the obvious

00:11:22   question is what they're gonna do in terms of labs and just the ability for

00:11:29   developers to engage with Apple engineers and ask questions and, you know, submit their

00:11:33   code and do all the things that they usually do at the labs. And I think that they will

00:11:38   do something here. I think there's a—obviously this is all new, so Apple is going to use

00:11:43   the next few months to figure all these out, but I think this is the obvious outcome. Probably

00:11:49   going to do a keynote with some Apple employees in the audience would be my assumption. I

00:11:56   I don't think Apple wants to fly in a bunch of international press, but maybe the situation

00:12:00   by June will be better, although I'm very skeptical at the moment.

00:12:04   There may at least be the possibility for some American people to be there.

00:12:07   Maybe.

00:12:08   Who knows?

00:12:09   We just don't know.

00:12:10   We just don't know.

00:12:11   Maybe it's just Jason.

00:12:13   Jason just drives down.

00:12:14   He's the only one there.

00:12:15   He power slides his way in.

00:12:17   That's right.

00:12:18   He's the single member of the audience clapping, like a very slow clap for Tim Cook.

00:12:23   It'll be interesting to follow WWDC from Europe in terms of time zones. I do wonder,

00:12:30   like, am I looking at, like, a week of staying up until 2am to follow sessions? I don't

00:12:37   know.

00:12:38   It really feels like it. That's the thing that I am the least excited about with WWDC

00:12:42   this year is waiting all day for things to happen and then having to stay up very late

00:12:48   to deal with any of it.

00:12:51   Yeah.

00:12:52   Yeah, because usually, of course, everything happens in the morning when we're in California

00:12:57   or very early in the afternoon, and of course that's very late in Italy. So I do wonder

00:13:03   if Apple could do something in terms of like, because it's going to be an international

00:13:06   event and because you have an international audience, not just from America, because it's

00:13:10   no more like a physical event, it's an online event, maybe they could shift the schedule

00:13:16   to accommodate European developers and folks from Asia and Australia.

00:13:24   So maybe they could shift that to an extent, but also it's an online event, so you can always watch

00:13:30   the videos later. And sure, you can watch the keynote live, but then I guess the sessions you

00:13:35   can just pick and choose. And I would assume that every single day there will be a bunch of sessions

00:13:40   that you can watch live, and everything else you can just pick from the archive and watch at your

00:13:45   on pace and schedule. So it'll be bad for me because I know that I will stay up and

00:13:51   watch sessions live regardless. It'll be a different type of experience in terms of writing

00:13:58   my annual review. It'll be very different. I'm sad, of course, this is obviously unfortunate,

00:14:06   but also I actually like that I'm staying home and not leaving Sylvia and the dogs this

00:14:13   time. So next year we'll meet up again in California, but this time should be

00:14:18   interesting to see what they do. I do wonder what lessons Apple learns from

00:14:23   this being remote and digital, and I would just imagine that WBC 2021 is

00:14:29   different than last year, right? That maybe it's some blending of whether it's

00:14:34   labs, there's also this online component, so you know, say that they do a lottery

00:14:39   per session, in a per lab session or something, maybe there's a blending of

00:14:43   these things in the future because once you open the doors to anyone digitally

00:14:47   it's hard to close those again I think. Boys I've installed 13.4. We're

00:14:53   gonna talk about that later we have more stuff to talk about hold on to it. Oh my god.

00:14:56   Just stop stop we will get to it okay just keep the people waiting. All right.

00:15:02   We've been talking about the iPhone 9 for a while maybe it's out later this

00:15:07   week or next week who knows the iPhone 8 with newer guts. Surprise it's not one

00:15:12   phone it's two phones exciting now the

00:15:16   rumor is that it will take the shape of

00:15:18   the 8 and the 8 plus which actually I

00:15:21   think is a pretty smart movement there's

00:15:23   a lot of people out there with the 6s or

00:15:25   7 plus who like that size and if they

00:15:27   want something newer they have to go

00:15:29   down in size otherwise so I think this

00:15:30   makes a lot of sense and I expect that

00:15:32   we will see this here pretty soon do you

00:15:34   I think so I mean it you know they're

00:15:38   shipping new iPads and new Macs and

00:15:40   stuff so maybe tomorrow who knows it

00:15:42   - It could be, or next week.

00:15:44   Maybe they want to give this a week,

00:15:45   and then next week they'll come back with the phone.

00:15:47   But I think it's sooner rather than later.

00:15:49   - So if they do this in two sizes,

00:15:51   how many iPhones will we have?

00:15:52   So two, so big and small iPhone 9.

00:15:57   Then, I think I lost track of all the iPhones that exist.

00:16:01   There's the 11 that comes in one size, right?

00:16:06   The 11.

00:16:08   The 11 Pro is in two sizes.

00:16:10   You also have the XR for sale still.

00:16:14   Oh, still, OK.

00:16:15   And that's one size, but multiple colors.

00:16:18   Well, it would be the same number we have now

00:16:20   if they get rid of the 8.

00:16:21   If the 8 gets replaced by the 9, it's 2, 4, 5, 6--

00:16:26   no, that's not right-- 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 phones.

00:16:30   OK, so we definitely have more iPads than iPhones still.

00:16:33   Oh, yeah, there's a billion iPads.

00:16:35   OK, OK, OK.

00:16:36   Right, but there is that rumor--

00:16:38   I don't remember if it's this year anymore--

00:16:40   that there will be four iPhones, right?

00:16:43   - Right.

00:16:44   - There's one that's smaller,

00:16:45   two that are in the middle of the same size,

00:16:47   and then there's the big one.

00:16:48   - So we could have seven or eight by the end of the year.

00:16:51   It's a lot of phones.

00:16:52   - Which is a lot of phones.

00:16:54   - I remember that when they sold,

00:16:57   I think it was the three,

00:16:59   I don't know if the original iPhone went away

00:17:01   and the 3G replaced it,

00:17:02   but when they sold the 3GS,

00:17:04   the 3G stuck around and they sold the four,

00:17:06   and like the 3G and the 3GS stuck around,

00:17:08   I was like, okay, this is just how it's gonna be now.

00:17:11   But, you know, six, seven, eight phones,

00:17:13   it's a lot of devices.

00:17:15   - There are new Powerbeats.

00:17:16   These came out yesterday, I think.

00:17:19   - Yeah.

00:17:20   - Or Monday, I think it might have been Monday.

00:17:23   These feature the H1 chip that's in

00:17:26   the other current headphones, like the AirPods Pro and stuff.

00:17:30   They feature a 15-hour battery.

00:17:33   These don't have any charging case or wireless charging.

00:17:37   They charge by lightning.

00:17:38   you plug lightning into one of the headphones and I believe it charges them both. You can

00:17:44   choose them in red, white or black and they have a cable that connects between the two

00:17:47   of them. That's the kind of, that's what makes, sets these ones apart. They're not too independent

00:17:53   things. They have like a cable that goes in the middle and they're $150 that are actually

00:17:57   cheaper than the product that they replace. And I just wondered considering our long history

00:18:02   of the headphone talk on this show, do you think that this would be a good option for

00:18:07   marry Steven? I think so. So I sent her this link a little while ago and she

00:18:11   hasn't responded but I know she likes the Powerbeats Pro which are basically

00:18:15   like these but with no wire right like there's some differences but basically

00:18:20   she wasn't real thrilled with the price but I think the thing that really

00:18:23   bothers her that if she wants like if you know someone's talking to her with

00:18:27   the wire you can just take it out of ear and let it hang and now she feels like

00:18:30   she has to clip it to something or set it down and she doesn't like that so if

00:18:35   If she texts me back during the show, we'll have some real-time follow-up on what she

00:18:39   thinks.

00:18:40   I think the 150, though, is definitely really nice because the Powerbeats Pro are $249,

00:18:44   I think?

00:18:45   They're kind of expensive.

00:18:46   Yeah, and these were like $180 before the Powerbeats.

00:18:52   These are like Powerbeats 4, I think they're called.

00:18:54   Yeah, so I think this is great.

00:18:56   I kind of wish that they had some sort of case.

00:18:59   You know, I guess you could put them in a little John Syracuse phone pouch or something,

00:19:02   but I think these will be really popular.

00:19:05   I know I see the Powerbeats Pro and older regular Powerbeats a lot in the gym.

00:19:11   I think people generally like them and so I bet the $149 price point will do pretty

00:19:16   well.

00:19:17   They look like workout headphones, you know, and they act more like workout headphones

00:19:23   because they're less likely to fall out of your ears and stuff so I can see why they

00:19:26   are popular with people.

00:19:28   Oh yeah, and having something that, like I said, you could quickly sort of toss out of

00:19:32   your ear. It's gonna pause because Apple's headphones to all the sort of

00:19:35   magic pause and we take them out of your ear. I think it's a it's great

00:19:39   for that and I like the colors too. They're just red, white, and black. The

00:19:43   Powerbeats Pro come in several colors. Mary got the Navy ones and I think

00:19:50   they're by far the best looking ones. I think a lot of the Powerbeats Pro

00:19:54   colors at least aren't for me but you know I think that they are distancing

00:20:00   the pros from the regular ones and color as well as features which is cool.

00:20:06   Anything else about headphones?

00:20:07   You know one of the rumors is head pods we haven't seen those yet but they could be coming.

00:20:11   Yeah I've been waiting for those.

00:20:12   There was also a rumor of different pricing look a different pricing option for AirPods

00:20:18   as well but nothing.

00:20:19   Oh you mean the AirPods Lite rumors that we've seen?

00:20:23   AirPods Pro Lite.

00:20:24   AirPods Pro Lite, yeah.

00:20:27   Plus.

00:20:28   Plus Max.

00:20:29   I don't know, I just want the head-pots, man.

00:20:32   That's what I want.

00:20:33   As soon as they announce them, I'm going to click "Buy".

00:20:36   I'm most excited to see what that would look like.

00:20:39   I am also, and this is totally unrelated,

00:20:42   because I just used the verb "click",

00:20:44   I'm very happy that I can finally go back to using "click"

00:20:48   instead of "tap",

00:20:50   because the iPad is going to have a trackpad,

00:20:52   and now I can say "click" again.

00:20:54   And for years, I sort of trained myself to replace

00:20:57   all instances of the word "click with tap" in my articles, and now I can say "click again".

00:21:02   So I just wanted to say this.

00:21:04   But it just makes me think now of the Daft Punk song, right?

00:21:08   And what is it? I put a click on the four track.

00:21:10   My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybody calls me Giorgio.

00:21:19   Yes, Steven, this is a song.

00:21:25   Okay. Oh, the kids. I know they like music. I've heard of this.

00:21:30   Have you ever seen the video titled "Guy who likes music"?

00:21:35   You should search for that. It's this person on Twitter, like a comedian. And the video "Guy who

00:21:45   likes music", it's very good. Very good video. I recommend it. It makes me think of you, Steven.

00:21:50   Oh, I know this video. Yeah, I'll put it in the show notes. I'll put it in the show notes.

00:21:54   Oh, yeah, I think I have seen this

00:21:57   Anyway, let's talk about the iPad Pro itself and then we will get to the keyboard trackpad and iOS. How about that?

00:22:06   Yeah, okay. All right. So we're talking about just the new iPad hardware just the tablet itself

00:22:11   So new iPad pros they retain the same size and design as the 2018

00:22:17   So you have the 11 inch and the 12.9

00:22:19   Jealous face ID, you know the rounded LCD flat sides

00:22:24   same finishes silver and space gray. On the inside we have the A12Z or A12Z

00:22:31   if you're Myke. A12Z bionic. So as far as I can tell looking back through

00:22:38   some stuff this is the first time we've seen a quote X series like the A12X

00:22:44   first time we've seen one of these get revised. Generally you get one generation

00:22:49   of this and they are in lockstep with the iPhone. In fact, I kind of thought we would

00:22:54   see the A13X or something, you know, something along those lines this time, but we haven't.

00:23:01   We know why we know why though, right? Because the next major chip will include a 5G antenna

00:23:07   or radio. So right. And I think that's why the 5G iPad Pro, you know, out on the horizon

00:23:13   somewhere. Yeah, we'll get the A14X or whatever it will be. Apple says that

00:23:19   that this is faster than most PC laptops, I would remind Apple that they use the same

00:23:24   chips in their Macs. So I would imagine this thing...

00:23:27   Oh, I think Apple's very aware of that, Steven, as we move further along this year, right?

00:23:32   Like I think they want to make that very clear that their ARM processors are faster. I don't

00:23:38   think that that is an accident at all.

00:23:42   It's got 8 core graphics processing unit core system on a chip bionic situation.

00:23:49   That was good.

00:23:51   You definitely wrapped that one up nicely.

00:23:55   Around back I think is the biggest change most people will notice.

00:23:58   It has standard wide camera and it has an ultra wide camera as well.

00:24:03   So this is similar to the iPhone 11, not the 11 Pro, so it doesn't have the zoom in lens.

00:24:10   This is one of the, not necessarily bigger surprises, but something that we didn't necessarily

00:24:17   realize. I think I can speak for myself that most of, and I'm probably speaking for everybody

00:24:23   else, we all kind of believe that because we were getting the little square module,

00:24:28   that it would have three cameras, and that there would also be a sensor included, right?

00:24:32   Like a time of flight sensor. But what has actually happened is there is three sensors,

00:24:38   Two of them are cameras and the time of flight sensor is now, we now know it to be a LIDAR

00:24:44   depth sensor.

00:24:46   Which is, I think that this sensor itself is a little bit more involved from a size

00:24:53   perspective than I was expecting it to be.

00:24:55   It's kind of a big boy back there.

00:24:57   Yeah, and really I should have realized this because time of flight sensors in other forms

00:25:03   exist on other phones in the Android space and they are, these depth sensors look like

00:25:10   cameras, but I just assumed that considering it was going to look like the 11 Pro's camera

00:25:15   unit that it would be the 11 Pro's camera unit plus something else, but that's not the

00:25:20   case.

00:25:21   So this is basically the same camera unit as the iPhone 11, so it's ultra-wide and wide,

00:25:27   i.e. regular lens, doesn't have a telephoto lens.

00:25:31   I wouldn't be surprised if I don't know if Apple mentioned this, but I would be

00:25:36   surprised if they couldn't do something with that LIDAR to help with that

00:25:40   sensing for portrait photos anyway.

00:25:43   Like it feels like you could probably do that, but I don't know.

00:25:47   To read from Apple's page to kind of help explain what the LIDAR sensor is for.

00:25:52   So it says the custom designed LIDAR, which means light detection and ranging scanner,

00:25:58   uses direct time of flight to measure reflected light from up to five meters away, both indoors

00:26:03   and out. It works at the photon level, operates at nanosecond speeds, and opens up tremendous

00:26:09   possibilities for augmented reality and beyond. So for the AR thing itself, continuing from

00:26:14   Apple's press pages. On the new iPad Pro, AR apps become even more realistic. Placing

00:26:20   an AR object now happens instantly. Realistic object occlusion allows AR objects to pass

00:26:27   in front of and behind real world structures.

00:26:31   Improved motion capture and people occlusion are more accurate than ever and developers

00:26:35   will be able to create even more immersive experiences.

00:26:38   Basically it just seems like a sensor like this is really what you want to be able to

00:26:42   do AR stuff properly because it allows for accurate sensing of the world rather than

00:26:48   a camera and some machine learning trying to work it out.

00:26:51   Can I say something about that press copy?

00:26:54   I know, I saw what you did.

00:26:55   You highlighted a word and yes I agree with you, but go on.

00:26:58   It works on the photon level operating at nanosecond speeds.

00:27:02   That's just how light works, Apple.

00:27:04   You didn't invent anything.

00:27:06   Just how light works.

00:27:07   But doesn't it sound more fun that way?

00:27:09   The photon... we are crafting every photon perfectly, individually, based on the characteristics

00:27:17   of the light.

00:27:18   Come on.

00:27:19   I mean, you gotta explain to people what it does, right?

00:27:21   I don't know how lasers work.

00:27:23   So yeah, photon and nanoseconds, cool.

00:27:25   Like it just sounds cool.

00:27:28   Apple made two videos for this product and the keyboard.

00:27:35   They are amongst Apple's best videos, I think, in a long time.

00:27:41   One is just pretty standard one called iPad Pro, your next computer is not a computer.

00:27:45   But then they've made another one which I think is the ad.

00:27:48   which is called How to Correctly Use a Computer, which is really well done, but a fantastic

00:27:56   follow up to the Not a Computer video or What's a Computer video in a way that I think really

00:28:04   throw shade at the people throwing shade at that video. It's like a very good... It's

00:28:10   basically presented in an old school sounding class video of how to use a computer.

00:28:18   and effectively shows why Apple will be saying that this new iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard is better than any computer

00:28:26   because basically it's listing these things, the ways that we know computers are used

00:28:30   and then shows why this product is better than those things, it can break out of the typical constraints

00:28:36   just go watch this video because I can't do a good enough job of explaining it, it's really very excellent

00:28:42   They should do more of these videos and have them be sort of like the Dharma Initiative

00:28:47   videos in Lost with like instructions on how to use a computer, but it's actually just

00:28:53   about the iPad Pro. It's really well done. I love the video. Especially because it shows

00:28:59   like the magic keyboard in action. And one of the questions that I had from today's article

00:29:06   that I did on Mac stories about it was, can you actually use it on your lap? You know,

00:29:11   this sort of floating configuration with the iPad,

00:29:14   floating on top of the keyboard.

00:29:15   And it looks like you can,

00:29:16   because in the video they show a person

00:29:19   using the iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard on their lap.

00:29:22   So that's a reassuring sign.

00:29:25   - But we're getting away from ourselves a little bit.

00:29:27   I think the other hardware change here

00:29:30   is they've put an extra microphone inside, I think,

00:29:34   or a couple of extras.

00:29:35   There's five microphones in the new iPad Pro,

00:29:39   which they're calling Studio Quality.

00:29:40   Apple's really leaning on this since the MacBook Pro,

00:29:45   this like studio quality idea.

00:29:47   When we get one, we'll do a test

00:29:50   and we'll put the audio in a show, right?

00:29:51   So you can hear it, but I don't expect it to sound

00:29:54   any different to the MacBook Pro one,

00:29:56   which is really good for everything

00:29:59   except podcasting, in my opinion, right?

00:30:02   Like any type of call that you're doing,

00:30:05   it's gonna sound fantastic, right?

00:30:08   because you're going to be able to use these and it sounds like you're using a dedicated

00:30:13   microphone for a call but really you're just speaking at the device.

00:30:18   And I spoke about this on upgrade but I had the opportunity to speak to some professional

00:30:24   users of Apple products recently and I spoke to a music producer who was using her MacBook

00:30:31   Pro to actually record her guitar and she was putting it in a track and it sounded great

00:30:35   because it was surrounded by a lot of other stuff, right?

00:30:38   But you wouldn't isolate that and just use that because it's not... there's still a gap.

00:30:45   But frankly, these microphone systems on these products sound great, but we're not going

00:30:51   to start recording our podcasts into them.

00:30:53   Oh, we're not?

00:30:54   You know, it might be better than some of the bad USB microphones that people use though.

00:30:58   Probably.

00:30:59   Well, that's a problem because I just put up my microphones up for sale on eBay.

00:31:04   On eBay?

00:31:05   I don't know.

00:31:06   No, that's good.

00:31:07   that option. Cool. Um,

00:31:10   can we talk about the trackpad yet? Dad?

00:31:13   After this break,

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00:32:55   All right. So magic keyboard. That's the name of the product right which is

00:33:01   slightly difficult because that product name is already in use.

00:33:04   I think it's Magic Keyboard with Trackpad, maybe the official name.

00:33:09   Yeah, I still think just Magic Keyboard Folio would have done it.

00:33:14   That would have been enough, but anyway.

00:33:17   Or I think what we will probably end up calling this is the Magic Keyboard for iPad.

00:33:22   I think that's just going to be the name, but it looks like on all of Apple's pages

00:33:26   they are just calling it Magic Keyboard, like that's it.

00:33:29   which is, I mean sure, but like we have another product to talk about today which includes

00:33:35   the Magic Keyboard. So, but anyway, the Magic Keyboard for iPad, in thinking of, so this

00:33:42   is kind of funny, today when this product was announced, I had started a bullet point

00:33:48   in our show document, because I was doing our prep for the day, to talk about the idea

00:33:53   of pointing devices and trackpads on the iPad in the sense of the rumors that came out last

00:34:00   week of it being an iOS 14, right? But we have it now and honestly in thinking about

00:34:06   this product, an idea of Apple producing a keyboard with a trackpad on it, there are

00:34:14   a lot of potential roots that they could have gone and in my opinion, Apple has done the

00:34:20   absolute maximum that I thought that they could have done and maybe even surpassed that in some

00:34:25   areas. I am blown away by how this product looks. I cannot fathom this floating cantilever design.

00:34:34   Like it is the iPad G4, right? It is this floating... It took me a long time of like looking

00:34:43   at this product to realize that the iPad is actually suspended over the top of the keyboard.

00:34:52   I had to see the ad. The ad is what showed me.

00:34:54   Yeah, because it was like, hang on a second, but where does it... do you just angle it and

00:35:00   put it down again? Right? It's like that's kind of how I was imagining it work. Like it really is

00:35:06   fascinating and I cannot wait to use it because it is such a peculiar and amazing looking design.

00:35:17   Like I really cannot believe that they have done this. Like how does it maintain balance? Like how

00:35:26   heavy is the base? And like I have a million questions about this. It's everything we were

00:35:32   were hoping for and maybe even more because we all, like we were all thinking, iPadOS

00:35:38   should support trackpads and external input devices and they've done that. And we were

00:35:44   sort of thinking that Apple could do like a smart key portfolio with a small trackpad,

00:35:49   but instead of actually said, no, we're going to do a magic keyboard. So you're going to

00:35:53   get the backlit keys, you're going to get the one millimeter travel again, you're going

00:35:57   to get a full Magic Keyboard without the media keys, which is I'm a little bummed about that,

00:36:03   but I was sort of, you know, I was sort of expecting that to happen.

00:36:06   Yeah, I think I, I, I, looking at the design, I don't know how they could have fit them

00:36:11   in there. Exactly, exactly. Because the trackpad would have been hilariously small at that

00:36:16   point because it's a small trackpad, right? Like it's not very deep. Right, right. Yeah.

00:36:20   And if they would have had to have put another row of keys in there, I think that that would

00:36:24   have gotten to be way too cramped, honestly. What's really striking about this, I think,

00:36:31   is that this system, like this hinge-based system, if you look closely, if you read through

00:36:38   Apple's materials, there's this, I'm guessing it's a metal-based hinge, and it serves as

00:36:46   the mechanism that lets you adjust the viewing angle of the iPad, right? And supposedly,

00:36:52   I believe it's also what holds the whole thing in place.

00:36:54   So I'm assuming this will not be a lightweight accessory,

00:36:59   but that hinge also contains a USB-C passthrough port.

00:37:03   So the USB-C port is inside the hinge.

00:37:08   And I'm just guessing here, but this must be how it works,

00:37:10   because it's passthrough charging.

00:37:13   This means that the hinge is connected to the smart connector.

00:37:16   So power flows through the hinge,

00:37:20   goes up to the smart connector and charges the iPad. And because of this design choice,

00:37:27   I believe this is how the new Magic Keyboard for iPad can be backwards compatible with the 2018 iPad

00:37:35   Pros. Which is fantastic that they've done that. This is fantastic and of course, I mean, the camera

00:37:41   cutout in the back will be too big for the old iPad Pros, but I mean, whatever, just gonna be like...

00:37:47   It doesn't matter.

00:37:48   It doesn't matter.

00:37:49   The iPad will still fit.

00:37:50   But this is so clever, right?

00:37:52   To have a hinge that--

00:37:54   first of all, I've never seen an iPad accessory

00:37:56   with this kind of design.

00:37:57   So this is like an actual innovation.

00:37:59   I've never seen anything like this on any tablet or any iPad

00:38:02   before.

00:38:03   But this hinge that is also a USB-C pass-through,

00:38:06   it's so clever.

00:38:07   And it also frees up the iPad's own USB-C port

00:38:12   so that if you-- and Apple specifically calls this out

00:38:14   in the marketing materials.

00:38:17   If you use the USB-C passthrough,

00:38:19   you can use the USB-C port on the iPad Pro

00:38:21   for like an external drive or an external monitor

00:38:24   without having to get a USB hub.

00:38:27   So this is fantastic.

00:38:28   My only question so far is,

00:38:30   okay, so if you use the USB-C passthrough,

00:38:32   I'm gonna guess you will not get the fast charging

00:38:36   at 30 or 45 watts, whatever the iPad Pro supports.

00:38:40   I'm gonna guess it's like, it's a very slow charging,

00:38:42   like a five or maybe 10 watt charging,

00:38:45   But sure, I'll take it.

00:38:47   Like, this is a genius design.

00:38:50   So it's not fabric anymore.

00:38:51   I think we said that.

00:38:52   It has the inverted T. The trackpad

00:38:55   is called a click anywhere trackpad,

00:38:57   which is an interesting name.

00:38:58   So I think I understand what that's about.

00:39:03   So we have that on the Mac and even the Magic Trackpad.

00:39:06   So I think it's that technology.

00:39:07   But I think it lacks the vibrate feeling that we get on the Mac.

00:39:14   You know, the Mac trackpads don't actually click, right?

00:39:16   They're solid state and you feel the glass

00:39:19   and you feel the vibrate under it.

00:39:20   So I think it is sort of like halfway

00:39:23   to what we see elsewhere is my guess with that name.

00:39:26   - I was thinking it was just not gonna have

00:39:29   multiple levels of press.

00:39:33   - Yeah, I mean, yeah.

00:39:34   That also, I think that also makes sense, right?

00:39:36   3D touches going away on the iPhone

00:39:39   and was never on the iPad.

00:39:41   And so maybe there'll be press and hold,

00:39:43   you just won't get the haptics. I mean, obviously we don't know quite yet,

00:39:46   but that's my feeling.

00:39:47   Uh, I saying about the backwards compatibility is really great because like,

00:39:51   this is an expensive thing. It's $300 for the 11 inch,

00:39:55   $349 for the 12.9.

00:39:58   But I think that that's kind of the genius of this product really is everyone

00:40:03   that owns an iPad Pro is going to, is going to want one of these. Yep.

00:40:06   So you are able to sell an accessory,

00:40:09   expensive accessory to previous customers without forcing them to then lay down a thousand dollars.

00:40:17   They will sell way more of these because of that, right?

00:40:20   It's like selling them a base iPad model again, basically.

00:40:25   But like, you know, the price doesn't surprise me because it seems like an incredibly engineered

00:40:35   thing. Like it seems complex in a lot of ways and honestly looks very nicely made.

00:40:42   I'm not surprised about the price but it is it is definitely expensive for sure. It is. I I'm really

00:40:50   excited too that they are offering backwards compatibility with the we should say with the USB-C

00:40:55   iPad pros. In fact in thinking about what I'm gonna do my plan is to stay with my current 11

00:41:01   inch iPad Pro and just buy the keyboard. Then I get basically most of the new

00:41:06   experience. Which I think is a great thing. Like so I should probably say I bought one of

00:41:10   the iPads, I bought the 12.9, but I am NOT going to be upgrading my 11 is my plan.

00:41:15   And I'll just get the keyboard for both. And just to remind everybody the

00:41:19   12.9 is your like daily work computer and the 11 is your travel. That's right.

00:41:23   That's it. That's exactly it. That makes sense. It's your full like your the

00:41:28   computer use most. For me, it's really secondary. If the keyboard was only on

00:41:32   the new one, I'd be upgrading, but because I can get 98% of what I what I care

00:41:37   about, I don't care about the AR stuff. And so I'm just gonna put the new

00:41:41   keyboard on my old iPad and live with the weird cutout. And I am genuinely

00:41:45   excited to see how this how this changes my relationship with iPadOS. It is gonna

00:41:52   make a massive difference. I have been using external keyboard and mouse for my iPad since

00:42:05   September for sure, but in the last couple of months it has been my main way of using

00:42:10   my iPad, especially when I'm working. And it has changed the way that I use the iPad

00:42:16   itself. This is going to make a massive difference for people. Really it's going to make it a

00:42:22   very very different feeling device and it definitely fulfills the idea of this

00:42:29   convertible computer because it's you've seen it in the video it comes off so

00:42:33   easily from that stand that you can grab it and do something and then put it back

00:42:37   and that is what I it's like another thing that I'm really I'm just genuine

00:42:41   like really really thrilled about this because it's going to I think propel the

00:42:46   iPad to a whole other level for a lot of people because I think that there will

00:42:50   be people that think they need this even if they don't, right? That like they think that

00:42:55   there's no way I could use the iPad because it doesn't have a trackpad, right? And I think

00:42:59   it's going to help a lot of people that way. But like I will say, like, from an ergonomic

00:43:04   perspective, being able to have increased flexibility over the way that you use this

00:43:09   machine is a massive, massive improvement. And like for me, like something that I'm really

00:43:14   excited about is the fact that you can attach multiple, like different devices now, like

00:43:19   I can have a trackpad and a mouse and choose between them for my iPad on 13.4.

00:43:27   That's a big thing for me because I do like to mix up my input devices.

00:43:32   So this is, I think this is going to be really huge for people.

00:43:37   Not just the Magic Keyboard but also just general trackpad and mouse support being baked

00:43:43   into the operating system which we should talk about now.

00:43:46   though they're just, well I think they are making traditional smart key

00:43:49   portfolios available for the new models. So yeah, so if you don't want this or

00:43:52   don't want to pay for it, you're not stuck with it. I do want to say

00:43:56   too before we talk about how it actually works, they're also bringing support for

00:44:01   the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad, which Apple makes but weren't compatible

00:44:06   until this new software came. Or only the second version of those, like the Magic Mouse 2

00:44:11   and the Magic Trackpad 2.

00:44:14   I don't think the first version of those is supported.

00:44:17   At least the web page doesn't mention that.

00:44:20   Only the second version.

00:44:21   OK, cool.

00:44:22   All right, so iOS 13.4 is out in GM now,

00:44:28   but it will be out next week on the 24th.

00:44:31   Oh, by the way, I got a silver 256 gigabyte iPad Pro

00:44:34   12.9 inch.

00:44:35   Correct color.

00:44:36   I went with silver.

00:44:36   Just mix it up.

00:44:37   I just want to mix it up.

00:44:38   I've been having space gray forever.

00:44:40   So I was like, yeah, why not?

00:44:41   I've got the silver. It's I think it's gonna look really nice with like the black

00:44:44   Magic keyboard in rest. So can you explain how this is working?

00:44:50   Like it's it's not a mouse and cursor in the sense that we have on the Mac or on Windows

00:44:55   It's something a little bit different right the cursor itself is a very small

00:44:58   Translucent dot and it does a very good job of changing color

00:45:04   Depending on the color of the background so it's doing something very smart, right?

00:45:08   So like it's dark when it needs to be and light when it needs to be okay

00:45:12   It disappears very quickly when you stop using a trackpad, by the way

00:45:16   I have both a trackpad and a Bluetooth mouse connected to my iPad Pro right now

00:45:20   Both of them. Oh nice. It's the same way that I have on my iMac

00:45:24   So yeah, just whatever one is the one that's been most recently used is the one that takes over

00:45:29   So I could infer as I've been doing gestures with the trackpad and moving the mouse with a mouse

00:45:36   And that is one logitech mouse and the Apple magic trackpad. Okay, but then what happens is the the

00:45:42   Mouse pointer itself is is intelligent and it senses what you're hovering over

00:45:47   So I'm on my home screen right now

00:45:49   I can move the the mouse in between application icons and it just stays this tiny little floating disk

00:45:56   But as soon as it hovers over a app icon

00:45:59   it kind of snaps to it a little bit and then I can click and

00:46:03   and open the application.

00:46:04   And it does something-- it basically,

00:46:06   it's just like the focus engine on TVOS.

00:46:10   It highlights the application icon a little bit,

00:46:13   and I can jiggle it around, and the application icon will move.

00:46:17   So it's very much like that.

00:46:19   But it doesn't-- it's doing some kind of inertia thing.

00:46:22   If I move slowly, it takes a lot-- it takes, basically,

00:46:27   I have to really drag my finger across the application icon

00:46:29   to get it to deselect.

00:46:31   but if I'm moving quickly, it just flies across them all.

00:46:33   So it's very much like tvOS in that regard.

00:46:37   I will note that tap to click is possible,

00:46:40   but turned off by default with a trackpad.

00:46:42   Just something.

00:46:44   When you open up an application like Safari--

00:46:47   Safari is obviously very well supported here--

00:46:51   when you are hovering over text, the cursor immediately

00:46:55   changes to an I-beam, so you can select text.

00:46:58   Our good old friend Google Docs doesn't do this.

00:47:02   So you, for example, you have to be,

00:47:05   you basically have to treat it as if it is your finger

00:47:08   where you're double tapping on a word

00:47:10   and then you select the word

00:47:11   and then you grab one of the little blue beams

00:47:14   and then drag it down to select the text, right?

00:47:16   So there is going to be some work

00:47:18   that some developers will need to do

00:47:20   depending on how they currently support

00:47:23   different text selection.

00:47:25   But, you know, and like for example,

00:47:27   the

00:47:45   time of think of the cursor like it's your finger and so like you double tap on a word

00:47:50   to it selects and then you can like move the selection point around right so it's going

00:47:55   to take a little bit of getting used to there's going to have to be some developer support

00:47:58   to make some things easier but in a lot of applications it works as you would want it

00:48:02   to and then when you are using the cursor hovering over certain actions will highlight

00:48:11   different buttons.

00:48:13   So for example, if I move my cursor up towards my bookmark

00:48:17   bar in Safari, it highlights each entry in the bookmark.

00:48:21   And it's like the focus engine again.

00:48:22   And I'm going between each of these.

00:48:24   And it's the same for UI buttons.

00:48:26   So like the plus button, the tab button in Safari,

00:48:30   it highlights those, puts like a light box around them.

00:48:34   And then I can move between them to select different

00:48:37   application icons to perform different system actions.

00:48:40   And I just saw on Twitter that this animation can be disabled in accessibility.

00:48:45   So if you don't want to get these pointer animations, they're called, you can go to

00:48:50   Accessibility Pointer Control and you can disable them. So you will no longer get the

00:48:54   lightbox around those elements.

00:48:56   This, again, in third-party applications, this definitely doesn't work with everything.

00:49:00   I expect that this is going to really shine a light on how many applications

00:49:05   are built with accessibility in mind, because I bet that there's a link between these two

00:49:09   things.

00:49:10   But anyway, so there's a bunch of gestures.

00:49:13   You can throw the cursor up to the right hand corner and you'll get control center.

00:49:17   But also if you highlight, you can highlight the like the little what would effectively

00:49:24   be menu bar icons, right, like Wi Fi and battery percentage and click that and it will also

00:49:28   bring down control center.

00:49:30   To bring down notification center, you can throw the cursor up to the top and it will

00:49:34   immediately pull it down or you can move it slowly and then you'll get the

00:49:38   ability to click on it. So if you're moving slow it's not

00:49:42   gonna always bring the notification center down. You kind of hint at it and

00:49:47   then you can drag it down. When you're in an application you can drag down to the

00:49:51   very bottom and you highlight the little home indicator thing and the dock will

00:49:54   peep up and you can move quickly down and it will peep up again.

00:49:59   the same for slide over, right? So you can go all the way to the right and you'll

00:50:06   see slide over poking a little bit and you can drag it out. There aren't any as

00:50:10   it stands gestures that I can find for multitasking, to bring up multitasking.

00:50:15   What kind of device are you using? Magic Trackpad 2. Okay, so if you do like

00:50:21   three finger swipes, like if you do a three finger swipe up it

00:50:25   doesn't bring up the app switcher?

00:50:27   It brings up the app switcher, but you can't like...

00:50:30   What I mean is there isn't a way to like you're in one application to invoke

00:50:34   another app to join a split view.

00:50:37   Ah, okay.

00:50:37   That's what I mean.

00:50:38   Got it.

00:50:39   So I've had multitasking.

00:50:40   But yeah, you can do three or four finger up and it will bring up multitasking.

00:50:44   You can do three or four finger swipes to the right and left and you can cycle

00:50:47   between applications.

00:50:48   A pinch will take you home.

00:50:51   All that goodness.

00:50:52   This is my friends.

00:50:54   I would have to be bleeped to say how much I love.

00:50:57   This is perfect for me.

00:50:58   I am so...

00:50:59   No, say it.

00:51:00   I'll bleep you.

00:51:01   All right.

00:51:01   This is f***ing amazing.

00:51:02   This is so good.

00:51:04   They have done more than I wanted from this.

00:51:08   Like, so this is take the accessibility option, make it way more refined and then

00:51:14   throw every possible gesture into the mix.

00:51:17   Like I am super excited about this.

00:51:19   There's one last thing that I want to test, but I haven't yet.

00:51:21   It's like, what if anything happens if I plug my Wacom tablet in?

00:51:25   I expect nothing, but like it's worth a go. I am.

00:51:30   You should go get it.

00:51:31   Well, okay.

00:51:32   Yeah, I've got this. I've got this up and running now.

00:51:35   I don't know if this is what you meant,

00:51:36   but you can drag things from the dock into multitasking.

00:51:40   Yeah. But I mean, there isn't like a swipe gesture to bring,

00:51:45   like, cause there is a swiping, there is a gesture to bring, uh,

00:51:50   or something you can do with the cursor to bring slide over in.

00:51:53   You just basically slam the cursor right

00:51:57   into the right-hand side, and it will bring it in.

00:52:00   You can bring in your slide over applications.

00:52:03   But there isn't a similar thing for multitasking,

00:52:08   like to bring an application to multitasking.

00:52:10   OK.

00:52:11   Yeah.

00:52:11   I want to play with this a lot more.

00:52:13   I mean, clearly just clicking around,

00:52:15   some things work better than others, because it is early.

00:52:17   But I'm excited.

00:52:18   I'm very happy to see that they've actually done this. If only because, like Myke and

00:52:25   I were talking before the show, this feels like a vindication of all the things we've

00:52:30   been arguing for the past couple of years, especially in the context of the iPad Pro

00:52:36   specifically being this new kind of modular and hybrid maybe computer. So the idea that

00:52:42   it's still a tablet, right? You can still use it as a tablet. Nobody's forcing you to

00:52:46   to get a trackpad, to get a keyboard, to get a mouse.

00:52:49   It is still very much a tablet, and Apple,

00:52:51   multiple times in the press materials today,

00:52:54   they've mentioned this is a touch-first experience.

00:52:58   But they also say, and this is very interesting,

00:53:00   that the trackpad complements the iPad's experience

00:53:03   for additional precision when dealing with

00:53:08   text selections, for example, when dealing with,

00:53:13   just using an external keyboard, an easier navigation.

00:53:17   So the idea that, and I think this is the one argument

00:53:22   where there has been such, you know,

00:53:25   all this back and forth over the past couple of years,

00:53:28   that the iPad can become different things

00:53:30   depending on the kind of work that you need to do.

00:53:34   And you look at what I've been doing,

00:53:36   what Myke has been doing, like we use the iPad as a tablet,

00:53:39   but we also have vertical stands,

00:53:41   we have external keyboards,

00:53:42   we use the iPad at a desk, right?

00:53:44   We have external displays, like this idea

00:53:46   that a single piece of glass can be a tablet

00:53:50   with multi-touch but can also be this sort of hybrid

00:53:53   between a laptop and between a desktop workstation.

00:53:56   That is so powerful to me.

00:53:57   And there's this sort of technological beauty

00:54:01   in the idea of the single object can produce different,

00:54:06   fundamentally different experiences

00:54:11   That to me is so powerful and so beautiful,

00:54:14   like from a merely geek standpoint, right?

00:54:18   And this is a culmination of that idea,

00:54:21   that now you also get full system-wide cursor support,

00:54:26   and it's not just for text fields,

00:54:28   it's not just for text areas,

00:54:31   it actually blends with the entire UI.

00:54:34   And so I feel like we've been working toward

00:54:38   this conclusion for the past couple of years,

00:54:41   Last year, we were optimistic when we got that accessibility mouse support.

00:54:46   We thought, "Okay, this is the first step. Give us the real thing."

00:54:50   And now the real thing is here, and it just mostly works with everything already.

00:54:56   And of course, developers will have to add support for, as Myke mentioned,

00:55:00   more UI elements in their apps. But this is incredible.

00:55:03   And this, to me, is like Apple confirming that we were on the right path,

00:55:09   I'm thinking the iPad Pro can become multiple things.

00:55:14   It's like, it's the, you know, maybe even Steven is familiar with this, the Nintendo

00:55:18   character Kirby, you know, Kirby is like, it's a pink blob and it can become all kinds

00:55:25   of things, right?

00:55:26   Yeah, he sucks in Marco and he becomes the guy who cares about coffee and he sucks in

00:55:31   John Voorhees and he cares about game controllers.

00:55:33   Sure, sure.

00:55:35   I would like to bring to you two things. One, the Wacom tablet did nothing.

00:55:39   Oh no. Okay.

00:55:40   Which is fine. I wasn't expecting it. It was a bit of a stretch. Two,

00:55:43   a tip that I've given people for a while about how to use a mouse effectively with your iPad is to map

00:55:52   the second click or the right click to long press the contextual menu. I was super pleased to see

00:55:58   that that is the default now, that like a right click will launch the contextual menu. But the fun

00:56:03   thing is it is now instant there is no delay use the right click so when you do

00:56:09   it it just immediately opens the contextual menu you're not waiting for

00:56:13   the forced long press action that was occurring before yeah so and so that

00:56:18   really kind of treats that second click as a right click which is a which is a

00:56:22   much much nicer interaction mm-hmm and there's there are those settings in

00:56:27   settings general trackpad and mouse so you can set tracking speed scroll

00:56:31   selection and secondary click on my magic mouse secondary click was off by

00:56:36   default but if you set it to right click then it will show you that contextual

00:56:40   menu on a right click which is nice you know pretty much like how the Mac and

00:56:43   PC work as well this is really cool I'm really impressed already and just like

00:56:46   ten minutes I played with it the best I do have to say also after ten minutes I

00:56:52   really do hate the magic mouse I'm gonna have to find a better better mouse for

00:56:55   this yeah I don't like the magic mouse magic trackpad regular mouse you know I

00:57:00   I guess the only thing about the--

00:57:02   with the benefit of the Magic Mouse

00:57:04   is you do get some gestures, I suppose.

00:57:08   But you won't get those of other mice.

00:57:10   Yeah, that is nice.

00:57:12   Apple are also working with third parties like Logitech.

00:57:17   And I think this is fantastic.

00:57:18   Logitech have made a keyboard that

00:57:21   will be coming for the regular iPad and iPad Air that

00:57:24   includes a trackpad as well.

00:57:25   And a function row.

00:57:28   Yeah, that one also has a function row, which is funny.

00:57:30   But it's like a big case of a kickstand.

00:57:33   There's no cantilever.

00:57:35   But I think that this is really good

00:57:37   that Apple have worked with these companies

00:57:39   to make products available for people that use other products

00:57:45   rather than the iPad Pro.

00:57:47   I guess we should probably pour one out for bridge

00:57:50   at this point.

00:57:52   It's tough, right?

00:57:53   If you want that clamshell design

00:57:56   with the fully adjustable hinge, I

00:57:59   I guess that maybe there's still a market for that.

00:58:01   And I don't think the market is as strong anymore because the...

00:58:06   And it's cheaper.

00:58:07   The magic... because the only reason I wanted the hinge was so I could have my iPad at any angle.

00:58:13   But that's what the new Magic Keyboard will do.

00:58:16   I mean, look, frankly, it might be that this thing comes in and every time you tap it, it falls over.

00:58:22   It's like, all right, now I want the... right?

00:58:24   It's like, OK, now I need the bridge back.

00:58:26   Right? Like there is a possibility that like,

00:58:28   whilst this thing looks amazing,

00:58:30   there might be some issues of it that we haven't been able to experience yet.

00:58:34   Things that I know do not happen with the bridge keyboard. Um,

00:58:38   but I did have a bridge pro on order and I have,

00:58:43   and I am trying to cancel that order, uh,

00:58:45   just because I don't think I'm going to want it or need it.

00:58:49   Yeah. What they should do is they should try and pivot to sort of make the

00:58:53   like also a USB hub maybe, but like to give it additional features, because I think at this point the only differentiating factor is, assuming that Apple's hinge system works, the only differentiating factor is the design. Like if you really want an aluminum made keyboard, the bridge is that, and also it's cheaper. So that could be a selling point.

00:59:22   selling point like if it's $150 less I guess? So my thing is it is definitely cheaper but

00:59:30   I think the type of person that the majority of people that would want to buy a product

00:59:35   like this have extra money to spend because they're buying that product in the first place.

00:59:41   You know it's still a 200 pound keyboard for an iPad. I think if you've gone that far a

00:59:47   lot of people would go the extra if this product is better. But as I say we don't know yet

00:59:52   like we don't know if it's going to be better yet. We don't seem so, but we don't definitely

00:59:56   know that.

01:00:00   It is a shame for them because they have production and supply problems, which means that they

01:00:05   have not been able to produce the... it's delayed. It was supposed to have already arrived

01:00:10   in March, but they're not going to arrive until the end of April. So it's kind of just

01:00:14   been terrible timing for them because people like me would have had them and it's like,

01:00:18   I've got it now, but now I guess there's a situation where probably quite a lot of people are trying to cancel their order

01:00:24   so I feel I do feel bad for them, but

01:00:27   Consumer choice and all that I guess yeah

01:00:30   It's unfortunate any time that you are in the accessory market and Apple moves in right we've seen it happen to so many

01:00:37   There's so many companies right there was a whole ecosystem of hook this

01:00:42   magic Bluetooth keyboard up to your iPad right and they're all gone because Apple moved in is it just definitely felt like

01:00:49   Bridge have more time like I did want to mention that before we move on from this. I

01:00:55   Cannot believe that they have accelerated to this point so fast. I was thinking maybe iOS 14

01:01:02   To see full mouse support. Yeah, you know, but like if I would have said this three weeks ago

01:01:08   People would be like I know you're wild to suggest that you would get it even at 14. It's an accessibility feature

01:01:14   Nobody wants to do it right, but now it's 13.4 and they've put it out

01:01:19   Like it is this must have been a massive undertaking that they have also done

01:01:24   Without it being in the beta for testing, right?

01:01:27   Mm-hmm, like and I assume that that always requires more work when it's not in the bay

01:01:32   I mean it's not in the bay of stuff because

01:01:34   Apple's own development and engineering teams have to test it extensively themselves

01:01:39   As opposed to like getting reports from beta testers and stuff from the public

01:01:43   So, you know

01:01:45   It must have taken a lot of work for this and I am so surprised that it came as part of 13.4

01:01:51   Okay, I really am super surprised but very very happy

01:01:55   It's one of those times where it's really a reminder that this stuff is hardware and software

01:02:00   Right, like who knows maybe these keyboards and trackpads are ready to go a year ago

01:02:04   I mean probably not a year ago

01:02:06   But you know six months ago and they had a way on the software like this stuff has to come together

01:02:09   And I'm encouraged that Apple is willing to do such a big thing in a point update

01:02:14   You know, it makes me think one of two things is true for iOS 14 one. There's not much to it other than

01:02:21   you know bug fixes and stability or

01:02:25   That there's so much for they want to get us out the door now so they could focus on what comes in 14

01:02:31   I'm excited about either of those possibilities. I think both have a bunch of pros

01:02:36   but clearly Apple is now willing to

01:02:39   To take a point update and off-cycle update in March and make it a much bigger deal, which is cool

01:02:45   Anything else about trackpad and mouse support? I don't think so. Okay. Well, we will be we'll be playing with this

01:02:53   will come out next week. So you know, order a Bluetooth mouse, I guess. Get ready for

01:02:58   it. Did we say when the keyboard is shipping? Did we did we make that make it in? That's

01:03:03   coming in May.

01:03:04   I don't know if we did mention that it's coming in May.

01:03:07   Okay, yeah. So So if you order a new iPad, your old smart keyboard won't fit it. So there's

01:03:15   going to be a little bit of awkwardness there maybe.

01:03:17   - Yep, that's when I'll be happily using my bridge.

01:03:21   And I will say to you right now,

01:03:23   prepare for this thing to be heavily constrained.

01:03:28   I reckon this is gonna be Apple Pencil all over again.

01:03:32   So be ready for that one.

01:03:35   - A lot of people want this and also the world is madness.

01:03:38   So, all right, we're gonna wrap up with some Mac updates.

01:03:42   But first I'm gonna tell you about our final sponsor.

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01:05:45   Apple has revised the MacBook Air.

01:05:48   So it includes the Magic Keyboard,

01:05:50   introduced on the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro,

01:05:55   but they did a lot more than that.

01:05:58   So much faster CPUs.

01:06:01   They're using 10th Gen Intel CPUs.

01:06:04   And before, it was just one CPU option.

01:06:07   Now you can choose.

01:06:08   The base has an i3, the middle one has an i5,

01:06:11   but you can optionally spec it up to a Intel i7

01:06:16   that is quad core.

01:06:17   So the base options are still dual core like before,

01:06:21   but now you can get a quad core option in the MacBook Air.

01:06:26   So as Jason said in Slack a little while ago,

01:06:29   there is now a high powered MacBook Air again,

01:06:34   which is super cool.

01:06:36   80% faster GPU as well.

01:06:38   It is 6K capable, so you can drive a MacBook Air,

01:06:42   use it to drive a Pro Display XDR.

01:06:45   No comment from Apple on how loud the MacBook Air will

01:06:47   be while doing that, but it can do it.

01:06:51   And they have increased the base solid state storage,

01:06:55   now starting at 256 gig SSD, which is fantastic.

01:06:58   128 is just too small.

01:07:01   There is a three mic array.

01:07:03   So again, probably not best for podcasting,

01:07:05   but if you have some recording to do,

01:07:06   which would sound much better.

01:07:07   The advanced stereo speakers,

01:07:09   which I've heard from everybody sound fantastic

01:07:11   on the 16 inch.

01:07:13   And all in all, I'm really just,

01:07:16   I'm so happy that I can now fully recommend the MacBook Air

01:07:18   to someone buying a machine for themselves

01:07:21   or for an employee or for their kids going off to school.

01:07:24   This is gonna be a great computer.

01:07:26   It starts at $999.

01:07:27   It starts at $899 on the education store.

01:07:30   Just a thumbs up all the way around

01:07:33   for me on this new MacBook Air.

01:07:35   I'm pumped.

01:07:36   I'm pumped.

01:07:37   - Yeah, I think the starting options are real good.

01:07:40   What do you think about the CPU choices?

01:07:43   - They are, the base clock is really low,

01:07:46   but they turbo up and from my experience with MacBook Air,

01:07:50   it's got headroom for that.

01:07:51   And I don't know how many people should put an i7

01:07:55   in a MacBook Air, like that's, you know,

01:07:57   getting closer to that base level MacBook Pro,

01:07:59   which shares a lot of the characteristics of this machine.

01:08:03   But I like that there's options.

01:08:04   I think a lot of people, probably including myself,

01:08:06   if you go back far enough, thought that the MacBook Air

01:08:09   with one CPU was maybe kind of like Apple testing the future.

01:08:13   Like, what if we just had the MacBook Air

01:08:14   and just one ARM processor, and that's what you get.

01:08:17   They've backed away from that,

01:08:19   which I think is just pretty interesting.

01:08:22   - I am intrigued about this machine, personally.

01:08:27   As someone who's been looking for a laptop update for a bit,

01:08:31   Like, I feel like this would be a good mixture

01:08:35   between power and portability.

01:08:39   - Yeah.

01:08:40   - You know, it's like, and basically like,

01:08:43   I guess the major feature, if you'd call it,

01:08:45   that's missing is the touch bar, right?

01:08:47   - Mm-hmm.

01:08:48   And the new processor should run cooler as well,

01:08:53   as the chat room points out,

01:08:54   that it's on the 10 nanometer process.

01:08:56   So honestly, if you don't want the touch bar,

01:09:00   you want a pretty powerful Mac I think the air is the way to go it's also going

01:09:07   to be a little bit smaller and it will be lighter than the revision yeah and it

01:09:11   has a better keyboard than that no but like when they when they do update the

01:09:15   MacBook Pro they will I'm sure make it bigger and heavier yes I think they're

01:09:20   totally gonna go 14 inch on the MacBook Pro so I think this is stellar and I

01:09:25   think if you're just looking for like a Mac notebook and you don't need like the

01:09:29   big pro, I think this is totally the way to go.

01:09:32   Yeah, I mean, and I could get it in gold, right? If I wanted that. Do I still do it

01:09:37   in gold? Yeah, you still get it in gold. Gold, silver, and grey are the colours still. Yeah,

01:09:42   I mean this isn't... Oh, it will drive the Pro Display XDR, right? Which is fun, right?

01:09:47   Like that's a fun thing that you could do. I guess it would do other displays up to 6K

01:09:51   as well though, right? Not just that one. I don't know if I would necessarily recommend

01:09:56   anybody do that. But like, I guess that's a fun thing you can do if you want to. I don't

01:10:02   I'm really got a lot to say on this, to be honest, but I'm still excited about it. Because I

01:10:06   think looking at it and thinking about it, this will probably be my my laptop in the future,

01:10:12   like in the not too distant future. I think it's going to be fantastic for a lot of people. And I

01:10:16   think that having having a machine that you can just say you can just point to be like,

01:10:22   This is the one is great because there hasn't really been one.

01:10:26   We've gotten close to it in the past, but I think it's great.

01:10:30   So if I spec'd one of these out, you think it would be enough for me?

01:10:35   I think so.

01:10:36   What should I do?

01:10:37   If I was going to get one of these, what should I do to it?

01:10:39   Let's pull up the configurator.

01:10:41   So I guess I would want the i5--

01:10:44   I think that'd be enough.

01:10:45   --with 512 gigabytes.

01:10:46   Yeah, so your workflow is some editing a couple times a year on the road,

01:10:50   right, like it's not--

01:10:50   No, that's not the case.

01:10:52   Oh, it's your recording machine now, isn't it?

01:10:54   Yes, this will be a recording machine.

01:10:56   So I figure I don't I don't understand why you're not recording on the best Mac

01:11:00   that you own, but because I'll be editing on the best Mac.

01:11:02   Do that on the same computer.

01:11:04   No, you don't look if you've listened to anything I've been saying,

01:11:08   you know why I can't do that.

01:11:09   Like, I don't want to be sitting in this like little soundproofed area

01:11:12   all the time. I know. I know.

01:11:14   OK, so I would do I five.

01:11:17   I don't think you need the I seven.

01:11:19   I get I worry about fan noise. So I do the I five.

01:11:22   I would do 16 gigabytes of RAM just so you have it when you edit on the road with this computer.

01:11:27   And I'll do a terabyte. 1700 bucks. That is yeah 1700 pounds. That feels pretty good.

01:11:35   So let's open a new tab. Let's look at the MacBook Pro 13 inch. I know there's probably

01:11:39   gonna 14 coming it has the bad keyboard but let's just compare what you could buy today.

01:11:43   So 13 inch. Let's pick the the base one, because it has the i five, 16 gigs of RAM, and a terabyte

01:11:54   puts you at $2,100. Yeah, and that that i five is two generations older. And you get the touch bar,

01:12:01   you said the same number of ports, you do get better. Oh, I don't know what better graphics

01:12:06   let's see. I think the air I think the pro still has better graphics, but it's not a big need for

01:12:11   you i'd buy the air that's i think that's what i'm gonna do if you're buying today i'd buy the air

01:12:16   uh i don't know if it's gonna be today uh it'll be soon-ish maybe in the next couple of months

01:12:21   but i think even then i would be so i i can't think of what a macbook pro would necessarily

01:12:28   provide me that i would want more than this right like what else would it really give i mean

01:12:39   the pro does have better you know better gpu you probably don't care like i think i just do the air

01:12:44   for your needs yeah i do the air for my needs like it would be audio recording and then editing when

01:12:49   i'm on the road so i honestly think that the macbook air is probably it and like that is what

01:12:56   i wanted for a long time right was just like for them to make the macbook air all good again and

01:13:01   then i could use that and so i'm pretty happy i'm like i think that this will be the machine that i

01:13:07   I will want.

01:13:09   And at some point as well, Idina will get one,

01:13:12   because she's using one of the old good MacBook Pros.

01:13:15   Sure.

01:13:16   And that thing has definitely seen better days.

01:13:18   Well, what you could do is you could get the Air.

01:13:20   If you're unhappy with it as your recording machine,

01:13:22   an Air would be perfect for what she's doing now.

01:13:25   And then you could upgrade to the Pro.

01:13:27   Yeah, that's a very good--

01:13:28   yeah, that's a good shuffle.

01:13:29   But I'm still a little bit away from doing that.

01:13:33   Sure.

01:13:34   Well, you've got furniture to buy.

01:13:35   You may not be able to go to the studio for a while anyways.

01:13:40   Before we leave this, we should point out the Mac Mini got as not even an update really

01:13:46   they doubled the storage.

01:13:48   There's no CPU or GPU changes.

01:13:51   Apple mentioned so this is like the bottom of the MacBook Air press release and then

01:13:54   we get its own release.

01:13:55   They mentioned that it's made from 100% recycled aluminum, but that's been true since 2018.

01:14:00   It's like you can't just have one Senate saying we doubled the storage so they got to get

01:14:03   that in there.

01:14:04   Mac Mini's fine. We have a lot of friends with them. It's not a GPU monster, but you

01:14:08   can put an eGPU on it because it's a desktop. But they double the storage. So that's great.

01:14:13   Go Mac Mini.

01:14:14   Hey, it's good to get an update.

01:14:17   It is. Yeah, better than just sitting there.

01:14:21   So I think I think that's most of the news. We should say the Mac Mini or the Mac, the

01:14:27   MacBook Air excuse me, is shipping I think next week. Yeah, delivering next

01:14:35   weeks and of course, yeah, so is the iPad. The keyboard Magic Keyboard trackpad

01:14:41   business is in May. And you know, we'll see if there's more to come. There's the

01:14:46   iPhone, there's headphone, headphone, head pod deals. There's one that could be

01:14:50   coming air tech. Yeah, we're air tax. They've been rumored forever.

01:14:53   Wear tags, am I right?

01:14:55   - Hey-o!

01:14:56   - Maybe somebody needs to put an AirTag on the AirTags

01:14:59   so they can find them.

01:15:00   - Mm, God, you are such a thought leader.

01:15:03   I sit in amazement of your intellect.

01:15:06   - Thanks. (laughs)

01:15:08   - We all do.

01:15:09   - Oh, Federica's here.

01:15:11   Federica, are you sad about your Mac Mini?

01:15:13   Are you gonna go upgrade to the same computer?

01:15:14   - No, it's still doing fine.

01:15:16   At some point, I will probably add more RAM.

01:15:18   If possible, I have no idea how.

01:15:20   - I know how to do it. - Some point in the future.

01:15:22   - Bring it to me.

01:15:23   Sure, I will, whenever the world goes back to normal, I will bring my Mac Mini.

01:15:28   Oh yeah, you did roses, didn't you, on like Mac stock? That was the thing that you did.

01:15:34   Yeah, I did. I remember that photo. Like, with the ratio and everything.

01:15:40   Oh yeah, and then I also did an iMac. It was a real fun trip.

01:15:43   Yeah, and by the way, for the record, 13.4, I restarted my iPad. It still says three hours

01:15:50   remaining so whatever is going on it doesn't want to install for me it's

01:15:55   making me wait. A lot of applications need to add in swipe gestures and stuff

01:16:00   like that is another thing that I'm noticing so like applications that have

01:16:05   like swipe gestures on mail and stuff like that just it just doesn't work. I

01:16:08   got mail to do it with the magic mouse but it was very unhappy about it. I can

01:16:15   get mail to do it with the trackpad too but like that's Apple's apps and I'm

01:16:19   sure that they are implementing these things the way Apple wants you to implement them,

01:16:23   if you're not doing it that way. I think a lot of developers are going to have to work

01:16:26   very fast to try and get some of this stuff ready. But, you know, really, the key time

01:16:31   is May. You want to have a lot of these done for when the keyboard chips, because that's

01:16:36   when most people are going to start really using this. Because, you know, people might

01:16:42   buy that keyboard because it's such a nice keyboard and it has the cool cantilever, not

01:16:47   necessarily thinking they want the trackpad, but once the trackpad's there you're going

01:16:51   to use it.

01:16:52   And so I think it's going to really, really quickly increase people's usage of trackpads

01:16:57   on iOS at that point.

01:16:59   Also can we just say they're releasing an iPad with trackpad mouse support that you

01:17:04   touch.

01:17:05   No touch on the Mac.

01:17:06   I think at this point the old adage of like, "Oh, you don't want to hold your arm out"

01:17:10   is dead.

01:17:11   And I think it's much more about Mac OS is nowhere near ready for touch.

01:17:15   Yeah.

01:17:16   or just like we have a touch OS and we have an untouch OS,

01:17:19   and that's that.

01:17:20   I think at some point, we'll see if the UI is bland.

01:17:23   But the UI-- just look at your Mac.

01:17:25   There's nothing ready to be touched there.

01:17:27   Everything is tiny.

01:17:29   No, it needs a stylus or an Apple pencil

01:17:32   or something to make that anywhere near usable.

01:17:37   And that doesn't really make sense for a lot of people.

01:17:40   Exciting times, though, right?

01:17:41   I mean, who knew that Apple was going

01:17:43   to have so much stuff out during everything

01:17:45   that's going on in the world?

01:17:46   I think it's very exciting and I think all of it looks pretty stellar.

01:17:51   I'm excited.

01:17:52   And I would say a very welcome distraction.

01:17:54   Yeah, it's nice to talk about new products with you guys.

01:17:57   And it's nice to draft Macs in a bracket.

01:18:01   It's nice to be excited about trackpad support and that we can play with it now so it is

01:18:04   in the developer beta.

01:18:05   I'd imagine the public beta will be tomorrow or the next day.

01:18:09   No idea.

01:18:10   I bet it's coming.

01:18:11   I bet it's coming soon.

01:18:13   macmadness.com is, in case you want it, is $2,410.

01:18:18   - Oh, not doing that.

01:18:21   - Why not?

01:18:22   - Yeah, so go to macmadness.com.

01:18:27   There's a lot of different ones available though

01:18:28   if you wanna get yourself a URL.

01:18:30   I feel like you should brand it, but.

01:18:32   - 512pixels.net/madness, that's pretty short.

01:18:35   I do wanna say, I guess before we go,

01:18:37   that I've been complaining about Mac Pro components

01:18:41   not being for sale. And Apple has fixed that too. So you can get the Vega Pro GPUs and

01:18:49   the afterburner card. As of right now, they're all shipping in the next week, week and a

01:18:57   half. There's still no sign of the GPU I'm interested in, which is the W 5700x. No sign

01:19:05   of that quite yet. So hopefully that is coming later. But if you want the pro Vega to go

01:19:11   spend $2,800 I guess. How much is an afterburner? $2,000. Okay. It's a lot but

01:19:20   you know. That's like two pro stands. Well the way I think about is you get a 16 inch

01:19:24   MacBook Pro or you get a Pro Vega 2 MPX module and the duo, the Pro Vega 2 duo is

01:19:30   $5,600. $5,600. So you get an iMac Pro or that video card. You could

01:19:37   almost get a base Mac Pro or that video card. They're expensive. I hope it's good

01:19:43   video. It's the best video. Paying that kind of money, you want good video. Mm-hmm

01:19:47   it's the best, it's the best video. I think that does it then. I think it does.

01:19:51   Mm-hmm. What a day! People are very mad at my random seating. Very upset. Yeah I did

01:20:00   say, I did say it was bold. Bold move to do random but. I feel like it was the, I mean, I

01:20:06   I felt like it was the best way.

01:20:08   Some of them were particularly bad, like the 2012 to 2015 Retina MacBook Pro and the Mac

01:20:15   SE30.

01:20:16   A lot of people are going to be mad about that.

01:20:18   But it gets the people going, you know?

01:20:20   Yeah, I guess.

01:20:21   So to speak.

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01:21:08   Until next time, gentlemen, say goodbye.

01:21:11   - Arrivederci.

01:21:12   - Ciao.