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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 284.

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00:00:17   My name is Steven Hackett and I'm joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:19   - Hi.

00:00:20   - Oh. (laughs)

00:00:22   - You did it wrong, but thank you.

00:00:24   - I miss an episode, so y'all's even episode

00:00:27   is my odd episode.

00:00:28   - No, that's not how it works.

00:00:29   I just got it wrong, really.

00:00:31   Yeah, because it's in there now.

00:00:33   Hey, Federico.

00:00:34   Hi, Federico.

00:00:35   Hello, I'm also here.

00:00:36   Yay, all three of us.

00:00:37   Federico, do you feel as angry as I do

00:00:40   when I'm not announced correctly?

00:00:43   Not particularly.

00:00:45   I am disappointed in Steven, but I'm not upset.

00:00:49   Steven, you gonna issue another apology,

00:00:53   another public apology?

00:00:54   No.

00:00:55   If you do it too often, it cheapens them.

00:00:58   Are you going to publish a fleet about it?

00:01:00   Whatever they're called.

00:01:00   What are they called?

00:01:01   I got to move to Brazil.

00:01:02   Yeah, Twitter stories, whatever.

00:01:04   What is it called?

00:01:05   Fleets?

00:01:05   Fleets.

00:01:06   A fleet.

00:01:06   Got to say, I like that name.

00:01:07   Tweets are fleeting, you know?

00:01:08   I can't tell if it's a really good name or a really bad name.

00:01:12   But that, I think, means it's really good.

00:01:14   Probably.

00:01:15   Anyways, we have just a lot of stuff to do.

00:01:18   I'm very glad to be back.

00:01:19   I missed you all last week.

00:01:20   I really enjoyed listening to the show.

00:01:22   Thank you to everyone who sent me weird fish.

00:01:24   A lot of people did it in Twitter DMs,

00:01:26   which I didn't expect.

00:01:27   So like, what is happening?

00:01:28   You got the arms open? Yeah. Well then you bring that upon yourself don't you? No it's

00:01:32   uh only sometimes creepy things happen. I just want to say something I I I regret

00:01:38   none of my tattoos but at this time yeah this time I have you know the thought of

00:01:47   the timeliness of my weird fish tattoo has hit me over the past couple of days

00:01:53   Because people are using that emoji as coronavirus emoji.

00:01:58   Yeah, even though it's not a virus emoji, like it's not called the coronavirus emoji,

00:02:02   I think a lot of people call it that.

00:02:04   But the coronavirus, the actual virus looks like that emoji.

00:02:08   It sort of does.

00:02:10   Does it?

00:02:10   That's the problem.

00:02:11   Yes.

00:02:12   Well, it kind of does, you know, with all the tiny circles around the bigger ball.

00:02:18   It kind of does look like it.

00:02:21   So I have been keeping my inner arm hidden from other people.

00:02:31   You know, just because like what?

00:02:32   Bandaged.

00:02:33   This is your revenge.

00:02:35   Is it though?

00:02:36   Because, yes, because you had to bandage that to hide it from us in your meanness.

00:02:42   So now you have to hide it from the world.

00:02:46   So this is your revenge.

00:02:49   Hmm

00:02:50   Possibly okay, we should be follow up Myke you would tell us about the BBC

00:02:54   so the BBC is a part is a

00:02:58   funded a

00:03:00   publicly funded

00:03:01   Organization it's not that produces television shows and radio shows and news and stuff like that and there's a thing called

00:03:09   TV license that we will have to pay and then but why would it be in our follow-up could we maybe get to that part?

00:03:17   Oh, because they purchased the same Getty image that I purchased of Tim Cook standing

00:03:22   in front of our artwork on WWDC 2016. And just in the, this is the image that they used

00:03:30   of Tim Cook to talk about Apple opening its first Indian store in 2021, which I've read

00:03:36   apparently Donald Trump helped with. I read somewhere, or at least I saw a headline and

00:03:41   that's all that news is these days, right? It's just a headline that you see. And then

00:03:44   becomes the facts. Was it 2016? 2018? I said 2016, right? Yeah, I think it was... I think

00:03:52   it was 2018, because it wasn't this year, it was the year before. Yeah, anyways, yeah,

00:03:56   so a lot of people sent us this, this image pops up from time to time. Yeah. It's always

00:04:00   good to see it, you know, obviously they chose it because of us. You love to see it. We should

00:04:05   also acknowledge the fact that in the first version of the story, Tim Cook was spelled

00:04:09   with the final E. So Tim Cook with an E at the end. Is that like the Scottish spelling

00:04:15   or the Irish spelling? Cook with an E is a pretty typical way of spelling. Cook. Oh,

00:04:23   okay. It's like in America shop is S-H-O-P, but in Britain it's S-H-O-P-P-E. Same thing.

00:04:30   Just added the E. Yep, Yeoldy Tim as we call him. Yeoldy E. Yeoldy. Is it true about the

00:04:38   the shop it's not about the shop right yeah well okay like technically yes but

00:04:43   also no at the same time so it's like choppy that is the old English way of it

00:04:49   yeah in America you see it on places that want to look fancy it's not like

00:04:52   you would have Photoshop II

00:04:56   the only Photoshop is just when you would take like other paintings and just

00:05:02   lay them over each other that's that's Photoshop II Wow interesting okay well I

00:05:08   I like the, I think it's kind of funny, the way that like the BBC, like the style guide

00:05:12   of BBC is like Mr. Cook.

00:05:14   Well, the New York Times is that too, but they put a period after Mr. and the BBC doesn't.

00:05:20   It's just MR space cook.

00:05:22   I didn't know that that was a thing.

00:05:24   Maybe I don't know what the rule is in British English for that.

00:05:28   Or English I should say.

00:05:30   Oh, God damn.

00:05:31   Please send your feedback to Casey.

00:05:32   Federico, do you want to tell us about unhomekitting a Logitech camera?

00:05:36   We received a tweet about the problems that we talked about last week, about the fact

00:05:42   that if you wanted to...

00:05:44   Well, I had to remove a Logi Circle 2 camera from my existing HomeKit configuration, and

00:05:49   because I had previously flashed the HomeKit secure video firmware on the camera, I could

00:05:56   not do that setup from scratch using the Circle app from the App Store, because now that camera

00:06:01   can only talk to HomeKit.

00:06:03   friend of the show, Jonathan, let us know, he sent us a screenshot that basically tells

00:06:10   you that if you want to reset your Logitech Logitech 2 cameras to not be HomeKit cameras

00:06:17   only anymore, you have to place a phone call or otherwise contact Logitech support. So

00:06:23   if you want to un-flash the firmware, if you want to go back to the way it used to be,

00:06:28   the LogiCircle 2 camera could be configured and used within the LogiCircle app and HomeKit

00:06:34   but without HomeKit Secure Video. If you want to go back, you need to talk to Logitech and

00:06:39   let them do it for you. I'm guessing that they will have you download a special firmware

00:06:44   file that can override the newer version, but there's a screenshot, there's a documentation

00:06:50   page on the Logitech website, and yeah, I'm not touching this, I'm not doing this, I don't

00:06:56   want to contact anybody. This is like when you sign up for those online subscriptions

00:07:03   and they force you to get in touch with technical support, like with customer support, if you

00:07:07   want to unsubscribe. Like, for example, when I subscribed to the, was it the Wall Street

00:07:11   Journal that forced you to get in touch with support? And I came up, well, came up is a

00:07:19   strong expression, I Googled and I discovered that if you have a California zip code due

00:07:25   Due to regulations in California, if you just change that in your account, you will gain

00:07:30   the option to do it yourself.

00:07:33   If you're a California resident, all these online services are forced by law to offer

00:07:39   an unsubscribe button.

00:07:41   So this is totally a tangent, but if you have an online service that is requesting you to

00:07:48   get in touch with customer support, just change your zip code to any California zip code and

00:07:52   and it's very likely that you will gain

00:07:54   an unsubscribe button.

00:07:56   In any case, this is different.

00:07:57   This is not an online service.

00:07:58   If you wanna roll back the firmware

00:08:00   of your LogiCircle 2 camera,

00:08:03   you have to contact Logitech.

00:08:05   So even if you live in California, that doesn't matter.

00:08:07   Just get in touch with them

00:08:09   and go back to the previous version.

00:08:10   Honestly, I would, like if I could do it myself,

00:08:14   I would probably go back

00:08:16   because it hasn't been great so far.

00:08:19   This HomeKit Secure Video stuff hasn't been,

00:08:22   You know, all my, anytime we're not home, every single time I get the notification that

00:08:29   says, "The camera has detected a person." And every single time is that person, and

00:08:35   I'm sorry to bring this up on the show, but that person is my dog's butt. So I'm not sure

00:08:40   why that particular shape is recognized as a...

00:08:44   Is that like when you see faces in toast?

00:08:48   It's kind of like that. It's kind of like that. Every single time the snapshot from

00:08:55   the camera is Zelda's...

00:09:00   Rear end.

00:09:01   Rear end, yes. Let's say that. Every single time, like my heart skips a bit. I'm like,

00:09:06   "Oh no, they finally broke in." But no, it's just my dog jumping on the bed.

00:09:11   We were bearing it all to the world.

00:09:13   Yes, yes. To the camera.

00:09:16   So we spoke last week about two things.

00:09:19   One, that the technical support pages for HomeKit secure

00:09:23   routers request suggested that for your devices

00:09:27   to work with the new settings, you

00:09:29   needed to remove them all and add them to your home app again.

00:09:35   And also at the same time, the ERO

00:09:37   had added support for HomeKit secure routers.

00:09:42   And we heard from a bunch of enterprising and daring

00:09:45   individuals, uh, JJ being one of them,

00:09:47   that somehow the Eero app and the whole Eero system will allow you to enable

00:09:53   secure router support without needing to re-add everything.

00:09:59   This is all very confusing to me because Apple published the documentation,

00:10:04   but the Eero app itself and whatever it does and whatever Eero's implementation

00:10:09   of the system is means that people are reporting to us. I have not done it.

00:10:13   I don't think any of us here have done it.

00:10:15   - I'm afraid.

00:10:16   - Because I just got an Eero for my new studio

00:10:20   that I'm setting up.

00:10:20   I'll talk about all this at some point in the future.

00:10:23   It's great.

00:10:24   Like it's a really, like that app is wonderful.

00:10:26   Like the Eero app is really nice.

00:10:27   Has been a sponsor, not a sponsor.

00:10:29   Wasn't able to get one until now

00:10:30   because they've only recently launched in the UK.

00:10:32   But they're really nice.

00:10:33   It's really nice.

00:10:34   And it's suggesting that I re-add all my other devices

00:10:38   via HomeKit and I'm like nah, I'm fine.

00:10:40   But we've heard from many listeners

00:10:42   that this is something that they have done and it was working fine for them.

00:10:47   I don't know what's going on there.

00:10:48   I want to mention that somebody,

00:10:50   I don't remember who because I didn't save the tweet, but somebody

00:10:53   let me know that

00:10:55   there probably was a way for me to avoid having to

00:10:58   re-add all of my HomeKit accessories

00:11:02   after I changed my Wi-Fi network.

00:11:04   And basically this person told me,

00:11:06   "Look, all you need to do was create a new network with the same name and the same

00:11:09   authentication and the same subnet mask. And at that point, I was like, yeah.

00:11:14   Was that all I needed to do?

00:11:17   So I'm so disappointed in me for not remembering about the subnet mask. I mean, this is the

00:11:23   kind of stuff that Steven would have known. Steven has all the masks, the subnet and the

00:11:30   regular net. You have all the masks. I hereby apologize to everybody for not remembering

00:11:38   about the subnet mask sorry I'm Stephen do you know what a subnet mask is yeah of

00:11:43   course he does yeah Oh doesn't everybody okay fine lastly someone and I tried

00:11:52   finding who and I couldn't find it so I apologize but someone sent us a

00:11:56   screenshot of the Apple trailers website and they have fixed it since but

00:12:01   apparently the header and footer were broken and I just bring this up because

00:12:04   the bottom of the page just said Apple footer and like giant text but now they

00:12:10   fixed it again so that's a little bit of a letdown for the show. But isn't it more

00:12:15   exciting and interesting that somebody did fix it? Yeah somebody is

00:12:22   working on this website. Look we're on to you, single person who works on this site.

00:12:27   We've been charged. I've emailed with them.

00:12:29   We know you're out there. Only you are emailing with this person though.

00:12:35   And just to let you know that your work is appreciated. Wait, there's a movie called Connected coming out?

00:12:41   Oh yeah, I didn't really want to talk about this, but I guess we have to now. Yeah, there is. It's a...

00:12:47   Yeah, there is. It's a movie called Connected. I think it's probably... And the O is the upgrade logo. Come on, Sony!

00:12:54   I think this potentially could end up being a problem for us, but I guess we'll have to deal with that at the time that we need to.

00:13:00   Somebody at Sony just started listening to relay podcasts, it seems.

00:13:04   Well, but that could be a problem for us though, right? Like, you see the issue with like trademarks and all that kind of stuff, but...

00:13:11   We'll see what happens.

00:13:12   But yep, there is a movie called "Connected" coming out.

00:13:14   Also the logo says "con-nected", like the "con" is on a different level of the text.

00:13:19   Yeah, because it's connecting. It's like...

00:13:21   No, no, no, it's not.

00:13:22   Connected.

00:13:23   Is it because it's a con?

00:13:25   No, no, no. The movie trailer is fun. It's from the same people who made like the Spider-Man

00:13:31   into the Spider-Verse and the Lego movie. It's from Sony Pictures Animations. It's the people

00:13:35   behind those movies as well, like the directors and stuff, writers, directors. But it's about the

00:13:42   like bad side of technology. So it is the con, right?

00:13:46   Okay. So it's not like a con, like you're a con man?

00:13:50   No. Well, there is, it does actually seem to be a little element of that in it too,

00:13:54   but I don't think that's what they're going for.

00:13:55   So, but did they have a photo of Tim Cook in front of the "Connected" the movie logo?

00:13:59   Maybe they will. Like, that doesn't seem outside of the realm of possibility.

00:14:04   But yeah, this, I don't know, Steven, you're the legal eagle. I don't know if this will be a

00:14:09   problem for us, but I am concerned, I am genuinely quite concerned about it.

00:14:12   I'm not worried. I mean, look, Sony comes knocking, we'll just take them on to court.

00:14:16   We can take Sony. No, I don't think it's a problem.

00:14:20   but I also won't see the movie. So take that, Sony. Oh, it'll be good though. I will see the movie.

00:14:26   Okay. Maybe we can do that as our membership special. I mean, we can change your name,

00:14:33   but Sony has to give us PlayStation 5s in advance. Yeah, that's the terms of the deal, Sony,

00:14:39   if you're listening. Wait, that doesn't work for all of us. Hang on. No, it does. It does,

00:14:43   because you can make a YouTube video about it. It'll be great. Exactly. We'll get three

00:14:47   Advanced PlayStation fives before any other news outlet and then we will change the name of our show

00:14:53   Consider changing that that's the only will change it to connect it to and then if you want to do a sequel

00:15:00   Then we need to talk about the PlayStation 6. So yeah, that's those are the terms of our deal

00:15:05   When you guys prepared that contract, I'm gonna tell everybody about our first sponsor. Mm-hmm

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00:16:46   I've been working with the chat room

00:16:48   While we record live to come up with the future names for the show as Sony continues to buy us out over time

00:16:55   So we are now connected and so I decided to go with fast and furious style naming here

00:17:02   Okay, so the second so the first rebrand will become connect ood

00:17:07   So just be that the number two right in the middle so like TW od right connect

00:17:13   See you and any CTW od or to connected to connection is another option for the second

00:17:19   for the third is

00:17:21   Connected but with a number three in the space of the first e right of course, right?

00:17:26   You see how that works and then the fourth one will be

00:17:29   Connected but with a four instead of the T

00:17:32   and then we'll become connected origins as we reboot the entire show for the fifth installment.

00:17:38   You forgot about connected Tokyo Drift though.

00:17:40   Yeah, so No Grass Will Grow suggested connected Tichi Joycon Drift, which is excellent.

00:17:48   Does Steven know what a Joycon Drift is?

00:17:50   Yeah.

00:17:50   I don't know. Oh, he has a Switch.

00:17:53   Do you?

00:17:53   Yeah, I have a Switch.

00:17:54   Okay.

00:17:55   I have not experienced this problem, but I know people have.

00:17:57   Interesting. So you do know.

00:17:59   I do know.

00:18:00   Yeah.

00:18:00   Yeah, man of surprises. I know. Federico, you have gone just in all that war against

00:18:09   your home pods. You've turned on your children. In the end, Sylvia won. This is the basic

00:18:17   conclusion of the story. So I mentioned over the past month how Siri activation on, accidental

00:18:24   serial activation on the HomePod became extremely problematic, to the point where the three

00:18:31   HomePods that we have in our house were just randomly activating themselves multiple times

00:18:38   a day. Just out of the blue, we were watching TV, again, in Italian, or we were talking,

00:18:45   and just randomly you hear "I'm on it!" or "Let me work on that!" And like, you would

00:18:51   I have no idea what happened behind the scenes, what the HomePod was actually doing. One time,

00:19:00   it tried to send a message to a certain John in my address book. To this day, it might

00:19:06   have been John Voorhis, might have been John Siracusa, or John Gruber, we'll never know.

00:19:11   And finally, the last... is it an American expression, the last straw? Is that something

00:19:17   that you say, was when today it picked up, out of nowhere, a phone number. And it confirmed

00:19:25   to me, "Okay, I'm calling like 1-2-3-7-8-9-0." And I had to rush to the HomePod and touch

00:19:33   the top of the display to say, and say stop, because I panicked. So that was enough. And

00:19:41   I had to, Silvia started yelling, as usual, at the thing, and she told me like, "You make

00:19:48   a decision, either you disable Siri or I will unplug them all and throw them in the trash."

00:19:55   That is quite an ultimatum.

00:19:59   So I had to go in the home app settings and disable the Siri activation for all the home

00:20:06   pods.

00:20:07   Because I, I mean, I gotta agree with Silvia.

00:20:09   is too much. This is an impossible situation to be in with this assistant that lack at

00:20:15   least three times a day at the very least, just out of nowhere activates itself. Now,

00:20:20   I don't know if it's because I live in Italy and the HomePod of course doesn't speak Italian,

00:20:26   it speaks English, and that creates a confusion. But ever since I tweeted about it today, a

00:20:31   bunch of people got in touch with me to say that the accidental activation also happens

00:20:37   in English if you say the word, for example, "see", just right in a way that the HomePod

00:20:43   picks it up. Or a couple of people at least told me that they have dogs named Macy. And

00:20:52   that also seems to trigger Siri on the HomePod.

00:20:54   So you're saying that about names. Super quick tangent. I had somebody write to me, I don't

00:20:59   remember where it was, they were asking me a question and they were saying that like,

00:21:04   is a kid in this person's child's school whose name is Siri. Oh my. And their life is a nightmare

00:21:12   because everybody just says "hey Siri" to them all the time, right? Oh my god. Oops,

00:21:18   just turned on mine. Obviously that was bound to happen. But like how terrible for that

00:21:23   poor person to have that name because they may be like old enough where like it wasn't

00:21:28   a problem when the parents name like that kid's like nine or ten. That could have just

00:21:33   been a name, right? But now, like, this person will spend probably their entire life having

00:21:41   this joke, even after Siri is gone, right? Like, all the people her age will remember

00:21:47   it. That's the brief aside. So, like, just it could be worse, you know, it could be Siri.

00:21:52   Yeah, I guess it could be worse. But now, basically, the story is my home pods are just

00:21:58   speakers. They are music speakers and

00:22:01   Airplay automation devices for HomeKit and for my alarm system, but

00:22:06   we are not using them for Siri requests anymore and whenever I need to use

00:22:12   Siri I just pick up my phone and I long press

00:22:16   the side button. So you haven't got it on your phone

00:22:19   anymore? Nope, nowhere. It's gone everywhere? It's gone

00:22:23   everywhere. I guess you have the Apple Watch though, right? You could do the

00:22:25   the raise thing? Does that work for you?

00:22:27   - No, never works.

00:22:29   - Oh, okay.

00:22:30   - No, but I disabled it everywhere on my iPhone,

00:22:32   on the iPad, on the watch.

00:22:33   It's gone, it's gone.

00:22:35   I don't use it anymore.

00:22:36   And whenever I need Siri, I can just touch and hold

00:22:40   on the two home pods that are within reach,

00:22:43   or I can just use my phone.

00:22:46   The, as I mentioned before, Siri on the watch

00:22:48   has also been problematic for me in that it often asks me

00:22:52   to repeat what I just said.

00:22:54   It seems more reliable on the phone if you hold down the side button.

00:22:58   So I'm very bummed about this, of course, because I do love the idea of a persistent

00:23:03   home assistant that can listen to you everywhere.

00:23:06   But the combination of being unable to tell what exactly Siri heard compared to, say,

00:23:12   the Amazon Echo that gives you a log of all the audio activations that you can review

00:23:18   and listen to again, this cannot be done with the Apple system.

00:23:23   So the combination of that obscurity and the fact that it just kept happening and it just

00:23:28   wouldn't stop.

00:23:31   In the end, as I said, Sylvia won.

00:23:33   She was right and they are now just music speakers and quite expensive music speakers,

00:23:39   you know?

00:23:40   Can I ask you a question?

00:23:42   Yeah.

00:23:43   This is just like a thought that popped into my mind.

00:23:46   Is the hotpot available in Italy now?

00:23:49   No.

00:23:50   Do you think that there is an often used Italian phrase that sounds like it?

00:23:58   Well I mean the obvious one...

00:23:59   That would be the thing that would make the most sense to me here as to why you are having

00:24:03   the problems that you are having?

00:24:04   Yeah, so one of the... it's not really an expression. So in Italian the word "yes" is

00:24:11   "si", right? S-I. And colloquialism, I guess, when you're talking to somebody, like in English,

00:24:21   like in a conversation, you would say something like "yeah", like when you agree with somebody,

00:24:25   just say "yeah". In Italian, we would say "se".

00:24:29   I've heard you say that. That's what I was thinking, because I couldn't remember it,

00:24:33   but like I've heard you when you, if I'm ever around here and you're talking on the phone,

00:24:37   I've heard you say make that noise before and I expect that could be it, right?

00:24:43   And this isn't exactly one of them.

00:24:46   This isn't a thing where it's like, oh, but it's okay.

00:24:48   Right.

00:24:49   Because that's not what I'm, you know, it's not what I'm getting at.

00:24:52   It's just like, I'm wondering what it could, if there is something which makes it worse

00:24:57   for you.

00:24:58   And my thought was that like, considering it's not available in Italy or in Italian,

00:25:04   like, oh my God.

00:25:06   Okay.

00:25:07   happening to me anyway, so clearly it's not an Italian thing. I don't know why this is

00:25:12   happening to me so much today, but I just figured that that might be a particular problem

00:25:18   that you're having. I don't know.

00:25:20   That is definitely one of the sounds that we make when we're just talking, or something

00:25:25   that you would just hear on TV, just something that people say all the time. And obviously

00:25:29   all of this would be, you could say, fixed if only there was the option to change the

00:25:34   activation phrase and make it a custom one. I believe you can on other smart assistant speakers.

00:25:40   You can at least change. I don't think about custom, but you can change.

00:25:42   Maybe you can choose between multiple options, but it would be like, you know,

00:25:45   something like, "Hey, HomePod." It would be much more different from the sound and the noises that

00:25:53   we make when we talk to each other in Italy. So that's definitely part of the problem. And,

00:25:57   and of course, something that Apple cannot account for.

00:26:00   But honestly, like, even if that's the excuse, right?

00:26:05   People could say, well, this happens

00:26:07   because you bought a home pot in the US

00:26:09   and you live in Italy

00:26:10   and it's not supposed to be used like that.

00:26:12   But let me ask you then,

00:26:14   why wasn't this happening three years ago?

00:26:17   So, you know, three years have passed

00:26:19   and in theory, technology has gotten even smarter.

00:26:21   And it wasn't happening three years ago with the Echo

00:26:24   that I also bought in the US.

00:26:26   And, you know, and I mean, we have words that are similar to the name of the

00:26:31   Amazon assistant. We have like people names that are similar to that.

00:26:35   And it wasn't happening.

00:26:37   I've observed something interesting about my Amazon Echo recently.

00:26:41   Adina pointed it out to me and we were like testing it out together. Uh,

00:26:46   so we have an Echo show, right? And when you start,

00:26:51   when you give it the trigger phrase, the little blue light,

00:26:54   line appears along the bottom of the screen rather than there being the physical light.

00:26:59   And we'd noticed that if we said the word, like, all right, I'm gonna say it, sorry,

00:27:04   but if we said the word Alexa in part of a conversation whilst talking about the echo,

00:27:09   because I don't know why we would do that, but we just bought some new ones, so like maybe that

00:27:14   was it, right? What we'd noticed is if you said the word but continued talking, the light went

00:27:21   on and off again, as if it was working out that it wasn't supposed to be paying attention.

00:27:28   Like, "Oh, yeah, they're not talking to me."

00:27:30   And I think it's because all of these systems are currently listening, right? Like, they're

00:27:34   always listening, but they have a buffer on them or something, like in very simplistic

00:27:38   terms. So maybe there's some kind of machine learning that it's doing where it's analyzing

00:27:45   was said before and is disregarding it if it thinks that it's part of a conversation

00:27:52   because then we were just testing it and we're just putting the word in the middle of sentences

00:27:56   and it wouldn't take the request, it would just turn off.

00:28:00   So I don't know if Amazon's doing something different here to Apple but anecdotally I

00:28:08   would also say it happens way less to me with my Echo devices than with my Apple devices.

00:28:17   Yeah, Siri is a bit over eager to help and I wish there was like a slider that allowed

00:28:23   me to say, like define the eagerness of Siri to get in touch with me and offer the help,

00:28:31   like a threshold, right, that you could set a different level of activation. But until

00:28:36   that changes or until it becomes public knowledge that all these accidental

00:28:41   activations have been fixed, the setting is very likely going to stay off

00:28:46   because I don't want to hear Silvia yell at the thing and me as a result because

00:28:53   of these problems. So the problem with these kinds of issues

00:28:58   though is how are you going to know? Flipping the switch on again without

00:29:02   without telling Silvianci what happened.

00:29:06   Testing your relationship.

00:29:08   The setting is gone on all my three home pods.

00:29:10   One of them says that I gotta reconnect my iCloud account.

00:29:12   Oh yeah.

00:29:13   And no matter how many times I tap in my password, it says that there's an error, so whatever.

00:29:18   You're not reconnecting hard enough.

00:29:20   What's wrong with you?

00:29:21   Yeah, yeah.

00:29:22   I've got one that does that.

00:29:23   It's just like I've just given up.

00:29:25   Yeah.

00:29:26   I mean it still works as an Airplay speaker, so whatever.

00:29:30   It does seem like you have this a little bit worse than others, but we definitely have

00:29:33   this in our household.

00:29:34   And the one that really gets my wife upset is when it goes, "Hmm?"

00:29:38   It's like, "Hmm?"

00:29:40   It just really pushes her buttons in a way that I find sort of funny.

00:29:45   We have some follow-out.

00:29:47   Myke, do you want to walk us through this?

00:29:49   Yeah, we do.

00:29:51   Well, because I'm not a part of any of it, so I guess I should do it.

00:29:55   Federico was on the talk show.

00:29:57   It was an excellent episode and I was really actually genuinely very pleased that Federico

00:30:03   was on the show because I just thought it was nice.

00:30:06   But also I thought it was really good to hear you and John Gruber go at it head to head

00:30:11   especially about iPad multitasking because I think what it ended up proving, which I

00:30:15   think is always useful in these discussions, is that you end up falling in the middle.

00:30:22   is closer to the middle of the argument than they appear to be when on their own. And when

00:30:28   two people can have it out and talk about it, it's a useful conversation. So I thought it was really

00:30:36   good to hear and I thought it was really good to hear John clarify some of his thoughts and I

00:30:42   didn't really find myself disagreeing with any of it, which I think is different to how we have,

00:30:48   both me and Federico especially have reacted to some of the things that he's been writing recently.

00:30:54   So I thought it was a very good conversation. So and if you listen to last week's episode of this

00:31:00   show, which you probably did, it's actually a really nice bridge because there was some of the

00:31:04   stuff we were talking about was coming up there too, but with a slightly different take. So I

00:31:09   thought it was a really good episode and Federico you did a wonderful job. Thank you. Thank you.

00:31:13   I appreciate it. It was a very fun discussion.

00:31:16   Steven was on Sara Dietschy's podcast, That Creative Life, and it was a very interesting

00:31:21   interview and discussion. It gets very in the weeds in a nerdy, great way about podcast

00:31:27   advertising, which I think people might enjoy who listen to this show because us podcast

00:31:32   nerds love podcast nerdery, right? So there might be some good stuff there. But also,

00:31:38   Sarah is just like a really great creator and she thinks about things in a way that

00:31:43   I think people that are slightly younger than us approach online media now. And so we're

00:31:50   all a bit old fashioned here now, which I hate to admit, but like the more young people,

00:31:56   especially YouTubers that I follow, I've realized that our ways are a bit more old fashioned

00:32:02   and it makes me feel older. But Sarah approaches her kind of creative life, no pun intended,

00:32:09   in a really interesting way. And it was really fun to hear the two of you kind of talk things

00:32:15   through because I think there was like a mutual thing where it was like, "Oh, I hadn't thought

00:32:19   of it that way. I hadn't thought of it that way." And it was, yeah, it was really good.

00:32:22   Yeah. Crossing the generational divides.

00:32:24   Yes, exactly.

00:32:26   Like I do with y'all every week.

00:32:28   every single week. You also said very nice things about me and Federico so I always appreciate that.

00:32:34   And this one, you know, Steven has some merch available so you should go buy Steven's merch.

00:32:39   Yeah that'd be sweet, thank you.

00:32:40   They're actually really nice t-shirts. And two things, one, which I like, one,

00:32:46   Steven made a long sleeve version of his new 512 pixels t-shirt because I asked him to, and two,

00:32:51   one thing I didn't ask and you didn't do and I'm really pleased is you didn't print anything on the

00:32:55   back. Yeah just the front. You have done that in the past with the back printing and I don't

00:33:00   like the back printing so I'm pleased you didn't do that and it's a fun little joke

00:33:04   if you don't get the joke because I didn't initially get the joke but when I did I really

00:33:08   liked it it's a pun on its hip to be square so go and check out Steven's t-shirt but yeah

00:33:14   Steven's merch dot com Steven's merch dot com. Steven's merch dot com.

00:33:24   - Stevensmerch.com.

00:33:26   - You're making me bad domain.

00:33:29   - You hope it's available,

00:33:30   or another Steven's making a lot more money than you.

00:33:34   - See if it's available.

00:33:35   - Let me tell you from my own personal experience,

00:33:38   having an actual URL to send people to,

00:33:41   to get your merch, which is memorable,

00:33:43   is much better for your merch.

00:33:45   Like you will note that on this show

00:33:47   and on upgrade as well,

00:33:48   I have also bought specific URLs when we do merch,

00:33:52   because it is very useful because you hear this and you're driving and you're like, "Oh,

00:33:58   I have to check," and you forget. ConnectedMerch.com. There's nothing. There's absolutely nothing

00:34:06   available. Maybe at some point there will be. I guess we should, you know what, let's

00:34:12   talk about the merch elephant in the merch room right now, which is like the reason Steven

00:34:18   did his merch, which is probably pointless now, which is for WWDC.

00:34:22   Wow!

00:34:23   You're going to look good sitting at home the first week of June.

00:34:28   But that's not why people do merch at this time of year.

00:34:31   Like we're all thinking about like, "Oh, do we want to do merch for WWDC?"

00:34:34   It seems to be like the typical thing that people do.

00:34:37   You do merchandise for the fact that people will want to wear your merchandise to your

00:34:41   live show.

00:34:42   It is incredibly unlikely now that WWDC is happening.

00:34:46   There was one last kind of bastion to fall, which was Google I/O in my opinion.

00:34:54   We have been talking about this as everybody has, right?

00:34:57   So like the three of us and Jon Voorhees, we talk all the time in a text channel and

00:35:02   we have been talking and following all of the events that keep getting cancelled.

00:35:07   And I've been saying the entire time it's all on Google I/O.

00:35:11   If Google I/O goes ahead, WWDC was going to go ahead.

00:35:15   But if Google I/O is cancelled, Apple cannot do WWDC.

00:35:20   Because it's all about, you know, obviously coronavirus is becoming a problem, it's a

00:35:30   big problem, right?

00:35:31   But let's just park that for the moment.

00:35:34   We all know it, right?

00:35:35   Like we don't need to talk about it, we all know it.

00:35:38   But just from a business perspective, Apple cannot say "Hey world, do you want to come

00:35:46   to us?"

00:35:50   Let's all be in a single building, 5,000 people.

00:35:53   Irrespective of the safety of the individuals, just from a public relations standpoint, you

00:36:02   cannot be the only company right now who's like "No, no, we want you to come over here

00:36:07   to our house. Is that cool?

00:36:10   The optics of it would be terrible.

00:36:12   Exactly. Like, you know, bless them self by self, Wes, they're like hanging on. They're

00:36:18   still going ahead at the moment, but everything else.

00:36:20   Nobody's going there anymore, so.

00:36:22   Yeah, everyone's pulling out of it and everything else is getting canceled. So yeah, it was

00:36:27   a Google I/O was canceled yesterday as we're recording this. It was going to be in May,

00:36:31   so probably about three or four weeks before WWDC likely would have been. They haven't

00:36:37   announced what their plans are going to be but you would expect there will still be a keynote

00:36:40   probably presented from Google's campus on May 12th but they've not said anything about that yet

00:36:45   and they're refunding everybody because people bought tickets but this is something I thought

00:36:51   this is really nice actually if you won the lottery and were able to buy a ticket

00:36:57   you your lottery win is rolled over to 2021. That's nice. So they probably won't do a lottery

00:37:05   in 2021 and then everybody who had a 2020 ticket secured, they will automatically get

00:37:10   a ticket for 2021 to buy, like the opportunity to buy again.

00:37:14   Which I think is the right way to do it, right?

00:37:16   Because these systems are so difficult.

00:37:18   It's such a shame if someone's like, "Yes, I'm finally going to Google I/O."

00:37:22   And like, "No, we're going to cancel it now.

00:37:23   Here's your money back."

00:37:25   Nobody knows where this virus is going to go and where it's going to be by that time

00:37:28   of the year, right?

00:37:29   It could be better, it could be worse, it could be the same.

00:37:32   And every single day it seems like it is changing a lot, right?

00:37:35   Like that it's getting better and worse depending on where you are in the world, right?

00:37:40   It's a real tricky situation.

00:37:43   No company should be holding a large scale event right now.

00:37:47   You just shouldn't be doing it.

00:37:48   So you know, obviously it's a real bummer if WWDC is cancelled.

00:37:56   It's a shame because it's like a real nice community event.

00:37:59   we won't be doing our live show because you know we're not gonna go to San Jose on our own.

00:38:05   It would be unsafe to do any live show with a large gathering of people.

00:38:11   There was like a moment I was like oh I wonder if we would do a live show somewhere else

00:38:15   but it's like no in the same reason that there's no WWDC we would not invite a large group of

00:38:21   people to come together so it's a real shame but this is probably the way it's gonna go

00:38:28   and I wonder what Apple will do. Jason Snow had a really good piece on Macworld,

00:38:33   me and him have been talking about this over the last couple of weeks on upgrade as well.

00:38:36   What do you guys think Apple will actually end up doing for that week in WWDC's place?

00:38:46   So this was one of the topics that we tried to discuss on the talk show and I think the more

00:38:53   more I think about it, the more I believe that Apple should do two things. At the very

00:38:58   least, there should be some kind of keynote. Like, because, well, let me say that I think

00:39:04   there will be a WWDC. It just will not be an in-person event. There should be some kind

00:39:11   of day one announcement in the form of a keynote or something else, because a new version of

00:39:17   iOS and iPadOS and all the other OSes, they should come out. They must come out, arguably.

00:39:24   And so I believe there should be a keynote. Now, should it be like a keynote where it's

00:39:28   only Apple employees in the audience and it's held at Apple Park and it's effectively Apple

00:39:33   presenting to Apple and then the event is also streamed? Maybe. Could it be a keynote

00:39:39   where some members of the press are invited? In theory, that would be the less unusual

00:39:47   thing to do, but also you're still inviting a bunch of people from all over the world,

00:39:52   and I don't see Apple saying "Oh, we're inviting the press", but not from Italy, not from China,

00:39:57   not from Singapore, not from, you know, either you invite them all or you just don't. So

00:40:03   there should be a keynote, but I'm not sure if it should be like a media-only keynote

00:40:07   or a keynote where its Apple executives presenting to...

00:40:11   The thing that they get to do with that though is they don't have to make that decision until

00:40:15   like...

00:40:16   Exactly.

00:40:17   - So that they can wait.

00:40:19   Also, Apple is in a kind of funny situation

00:40:22   because Apple does not pre-announce WWDC, right?

00:40:26   Unlike Google IO, Apple just likes to say,

00:40:30   oh, we're doing WWDC again.

00:40:31   If you ask Apple like in 2019,

00:40:34   when are you gonna do WWDC 2020?

00:40:36   And they always reply,

00:40:37   who said there's gonna be a WWDC 2020?

00:40:40   It's one of those things where like everybody knows

00:40:42   there's gonna be WWDC next year,

00:40:44   but Apple does not confirm that

00:40:46   until it's officially announced.

00:40:48   So what I think they should do is,

00:40:50   WWDC this year should be an online event

00:40:53   in the form of sessions that can be still made available

00:40:58   as videos with a presenter on stage,

00:41:00   or they can just be slides with engineers talking,

00:41:04   and Apple asked the tech to do this.

00:41:05   They could be live, they could be pre-recorded.

00:41:08   I mean, we have daily WWDC sessions now anyway.

00:41:13   It's been the case for the past couple of years, I believe.

00:41:15   So that'll just be online sessions.

00:41:18   Now, one of the benefits of WWC if you're a developer

00:41:23   is that you get to attend and you get to do networking.

00:41:27   You get to meet people,

00:41:28   you get to talk to fellow developers in real life,

00:41:31   and mostly you get to talk to Apple face-to-face

00:41:34   at the labs.

00:41:35   So if you're a developer and you have some problems

00:41:38   with your code and you wanna get an Apple employee

00:41:40   to look at it, you can physically go to a lab

00:41:43   at the convention center and schedule an appointment

00:41:46   and you're gonna get the help that you need

00:41:47   from Apple engineers.

00:41:48   Now, of course, that may be tricky to replicate online.

00:41:53   Although, again, it's not impossible.

00:41:55   I could see a scenario where developers can schedule

00:41:58   a virtual meeting with an Apple engineer

00:42:01   and instead of talking to them in real life,

00:42:03   you could just talk to them

00:42:04   with an Apple developer chat program, right?

00:42:07   It's not impossible.

00:42:09   And, you know, Apple has faced technical limitations

00:42:13   that were much more difficult in the past.

00:42:15   Now here we're talking about streaming a bunch of videos

00:42:17   and creating a virtual meeting type of service

00:42:22   for developers, because I do believe that they should

00:42:25   continue to offer some kind of virtual labs for people,

00:42:29   because that's one of the real benefits of WWDC,

00:42:31   getting the answer that maybe to a bug

00:42:34   that maybe you've been trying to fix for a few months,

00:42:36   and you talk to an Apple employee and you have a solution.

00:42:40   Honestly, that should be a service all year long.

00:42:44   But how would they limit that?

00:42:46   Well, they can't do that because then people would never get their work done.

00:42:49   Right. Also, I get that.

00:42:51   The thing is like how, I mean, the 5000 number of people that get to go to WWDC is the inherent limit, right?

00:43:01   That's the limit you can make.

00:43:04   How would they limit a virtual thing?

00:43:08   I don't know.

00:43:09   Would it be like a customer service thing where you just get in the queue and like,

00:43:12   you are 600th Lion Lion, right?

00:43:14   Like that's the problem, right?

00:43:16   I guess it could be like a Genius Bar appointment where you go to the web page and it shows

00:43:20   you all the available slots for you.

00:43:24   Maybe that could be...

00:43:25   I figure Jake could use the lottery system to whittle people down and then allow those

00:43:30   people the ability to join a queue, right?

00:43:33   And also I want to say, maybe, because this is one of the problems of modern Apple that

00:43:39   I see mentioned, especially lately, very frequently on Twitter, maybe this is an opportunity for

00:43:44   Apple to write better documentation.

00:43:47   This has been a problem in the past couple of years, the documentation for certain APIs

00:43:52   has been, I don't want to say poorly written, just absent until September.

00:43:58   So maybe this is also an opportunity for Apple to provide better documentation, better explanation

00:44:03   in the developer docs.

00:44:04   - I guess it's more that it may force them, right?

00:44:07   - May force them, yes.

00:44:09   Yeah, so I think there should be a WWDC,

00:44:13   should be an online one this time.

00:44:16   I know that it's a bummer because, you know,

00:44:18   part of WWDC, the beauty of it is the experience

00:44:21   in real life, but what you gotta do,

00:44:23   you're not gonna release any OS updates this year, no.

00:44:26   Of course you are, if you're Apple.

00:44:27   You want to release, you want to launch a new iPhone

00:44:30   and that iPhone has a new version of iOS on it.

00:44:32   So they should do it, but it should be streamable and everything as much as possible.

00:44:39   It should be an online deal.

00:44:40   I know what they could name this.

00:44:41   Go on.

00:44:42   Could be WWVC worldwide virtual conference.

00:44:46   Okay.

00:44:47   I don't know if they need to rename it.

00:44:50   I don't think that's a thing.

00:44:52   I saw somebody say online, which I thought was a good point, which is like, you know,

00:44:57   one obvious reason why you don't want this is you don't want all of your engineers to get sick.

00:45:01   Right.

00:45:02   Like it, because, because then it's not that, oh, we didn't do WWDC this year.

00:45:07   So we didn't release software this year because we have nobody here.

00:45:12   Right. Because we,

00:45:13   we threw everybody in a room with the world and then they all started touching

00:45:17   each other. Uh, uh, which is a strange sentence.

00:45:22   Um, I, this is it. Yeah. I, I see a lot of people, they're like, oh,

00:45:27   Apple doesn't want to do WWDC.

00:45:29   This gives them the excuse to never have to do it again.

00:45:31   I do not subscribe to that theory.

00:45:33   I genuinely believe that Apple and its employees do value this conference because they know

00:45:43   it's a community event.

00:45:45   And Apple have done lots of things over the last few years to further that, right?

00:45:50   Like they always have that page on their site where they promote some other things that's

00:45:52   happening.

00:45:53   They make their executives available for interviews and on podcasts and stuff.

00:46:00   And I also think that Apple like the kind of rock feel that it has, you know?

00:46:06   You're like, "Oh, we've got our own festival."

00:46:08   And it's like a great thing.

00:46:10   And I think that these companies do enjoy this, and they like to be able to do this.

00:46:15   And I bet the executives especially enjoy it, right?

00:46:18   But they get to walk out on stage and they have these great moments and they get to hear

00:46:22   people be really excited about the work that's going on.

00:46:25   And I bet the people that present the sessions feel the same, right?

00:46:28   They get to have what they're not, you know, Apple employees are not allowed to

00:46:33   interact with people.

00:46:34   Right. And being able to see the excitement and hear the excitement must and be able to

00:46:40   finally share what they're working on.

00:46:44   Like all of that stuff I expect is highly valued.

00:46:47   And yeah, so you have one year doesn't mean it goes forever.

00:46:51   To have that public attribution of your work, to have your work recognized.

00:46:56   I think that's important to engineers.

00:46:57   And I also want to say that, besides the usual issues that we mentioned, like how world developers

00:47:04   go to the labs, I also want to point out all the other important events of WWDC.

00:47:09   Like, for example, the accessibility events and the meetups, being able for different

00:47:16   members of the accessibility community to gather and to talk to each other and to talk

00:47:21   to Apple and to talk to engineers and provide feedback in real life.

00:47:25   That's important, right?

00:47:26   And it's also an aspect that we should consider.

00:47:28   All these other events that happen around WWDC,

00:47:32   not just these sessions and the labs,

00:47:34   but there's so much more going on.

00:47:36   - The scholarship program.

00:47:38   - The scholarship, I mean, God,

00:47:39   that absolutely is so important, right?

00:47:41   To get these young developers, hundreds of them,

00:47:43   to travel from all over the world and get an opportunity

00:47:46   to meet Apple executives and engineers.

00:47:48   And those will be the future engineers,

00:47:51   it's very likely, that work at Apple.

00:47:53   And so there's so much value to the community aspect of it

00:47:58   and being able to gather people

00:48:00   and let them talk to each other and meet and discuss ideas

00:48:03   and problems and solutions.

00:48:04   That is so important, which is such a shame

00:48:07   if it's gonna be an online only event

00:48:09   because you're gonna lose that aspect.

00:48:11   I mean, it just happens,

00:48:14   but at the very least you will retain the fact

00:48:17   that you have new software coming out

00:48:19   and therefore new apps and new features and new products.

00:48:22   WWDC.

00:48:23   WWVC.

00:48:24   Oh yeah, VC, sorry, sorry.

00:48:28   Worldwide Venture Capital.

00:48:29   No!

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00:50:17   Listen, a friend of the show, Vidit, sent in a concept that they've been working on

00:50:22   for iPad multitasking. So we were talking about this last time. This is maybe my favorite

00:50:30   concept that I've seen so far about how somebody could improve multitasking. So there's a couple

00:50:37   of things going on here. Vidit is basically addressing three major areas. One is to, and

00:50:42   this is from Vidit's tweet, I'll include it in the show notes so you can watch the video

00:50:46   to provide a clear path to launch any app in split screen and this is done by this little

00:50:50   icon on the top right hand corner next to the clock.

00:50:53   You tap this icon and you get a little grid view pop up of your applications so you can

00:50:59   add another one in.

00:51:00   Right, very simple.

00:51:01   So that's how you add an app into the screen.

00:51:04   The second is to clearly show which app is in focus and this is done in two ways.

00:51:08   One the app that is not currently being interacted with is slightly greyed out, so it's still

00:51:14   visible if you need to see it but it's much cleaner to see which one is in focus.

00:51:19   Plus in the top left hand corner the two apps that are in split screen, their names are

00:51:24   written there and the in use one is both highlighted and larger in font size.

00:51:32   And if you switch between them this switches from left to right which is very nice.

00:51:36   And also it simplifies the multitasking screen by also adding in Control Center into that

00:51:42   area.

00:51:44   So Control Center and multitasking all in one place with the dock there as well.

00:51:49   So I just think this is a really useful, clean, powerful and simple version of iPad multitasking.

00:51:59   I think it's really great.

00:52:00   Yeah.

00:52:01   does of course introduce a new visual element that takes away somewhat from the app experience,

00:52:09   and that would be the taller status bar, which of course needs to be taller, because I've

00:52:14   been design this to account for the fact that tappable elements must be, I believe, at least

00:52:21   44 points in size in the iOS and iPad OS UI, so the status bar needs to be taller.

00:52:27   But as you said, it's simpler and powerful at the same time, and it clarifies a lot of

00:52:32   the confusion that is typically associated with SplitView.

00:52:35   It doesn't necessarily take away from the dock, in the sense that Vidit doesn't show

00:52:40   this, but you may as well just invoke the dock as usual and just use drag and drop,

00:52:44   because it doesn't seem to suggest that drag and drop is just eliminated altogether.

00:52:49   There's just a basic, more intuitive way.

00:52:53   And also I want to say I'm 100% on board with the idea of putting Control Center in the

00:52:58   app picker.

00:52:59   This is something that I've always wanted to have.

00:53:01   And of course if you're going to have a button in the upper right corner of the status bar,

00:53:05   which is also where Control Center is activated right now, well then you would have to move

00:53:09   Control Center.

00:53:10   And I do believe that the app picker is where Control Center should be.

00:53:14   What I like about this concept that I hadn't noticed before Federico is when that button

00:53:18   is clicked, the dock also appears.

00:53:21   So you would then be able to I guess drag and drop out of there.

00:53:24   I hadn't noticed that because the Twitter web player puts all of its UI over that area.

00:53:30   So yeah, it's really nice.

00:53:32   I like the inclusion of the app name in the status bar.

00:53:36   The Mac does that we have the menu bar and right now mine says Safari because I'm looking

00:53:40   at our Google Doc in a browser.

00:53:43   And that is a nice little thing of hey, this works on the Mac, but we're going to bring

00:53:48   it to iPadOS in a way that is like native and makes sense there. And yeah, I like a

00:53:55   lot about this. I really do. And if it is additive to what we have now, then people

00:54:01   who are used to the drag and drop and the swipey deal, then you can just do that. But

00:54:06   if you want to use this little button and this new UI, I think it's a nice middle ground.

00:54:11   Do I think that this is what iOS 14 is going to look like? No. But just because like, what

00:54:18   is the chances of this happening but I do think this is like just another

00:54:22   basically what I like about these things is they give me hope that there are ways

00:54:26   to make this system better because smart people are able to come up to come up

00:54:31   with them. Vida is a very talented developer and designer. Am I losing my

00:54:35   mind or was multitasking and the control center stuff wasn't that in one screen on

00:54:41   some device at some point? Didn't it used to be? I believe it was either in in a

00:54:46   a leak or...

00:54:48   That's what it was. It was leaked to be in the iPhone.

00:54:52   Yes, we have seen this before but I do not believe it ever actually made it to a shipping version of iOS.

00:54:57   I think you're right.

00:54:59   It never was in a shipping version but I distinctly remember this image of an iPhone screen showing the control center next to the app picker, like on the same level.

00:55:11   Frankly, that could have just been a concept, one of the many, many concepts that have done

00:55:17   this.

00:55:18   I mean, it's better than the iOS 8 deal of putting your contacts in multitasking.

00:55:22   Do you remember that?

00:55:23   Oh my God.

00:55:24   Yes, I do.

00:55:25   It's kind of just like the contacts in the share square.

00:55:28   That name's not going to take off, I hope.

00:55:30   I'm telling you right now, it's taken off.

00:55:33   It's good.

00:55:34   It's better than ShareSheet.

00:55:35   And I'm just going to keep saying it.

00:55:39   So I'm obviously behind on some podcasts. Okay. Yes, I'm behind. Gray's mom refers to

00:55:45   it as the Cher Square and both me and Gray think that that is a vastly superior name

00:55:52   than Cher Sheet. The Cher Square. Cher Square sounds cuter and also the icon is a square

00:55:58   with an arrow pointing out of it. Sure. And it's a much nicer name and makes more sense

00:56:03   share sheet. It's easier to say and more fun. I mean why not right why not well

00:56:12   except for the fact that you hate nicknames of things but maybe it's just

00:56:15   hardware I don't know. I have some real-time follow-up. Oh no is it

00:56:19   canceled? No I don't know. Stevensmerch.com with a PH and a V both now

00:56:27   redirect to the store. Was that the real-time follow-up? Yeah.

00:56:31   - Was it worth interrupting? - Hey man, I got, I got bills to pay.

00:56:38   - There's also a link, iOS 8. - Oh yeah, so people will remember what that looked like.

00:56:43   - I thought that was your real-time follow-up. - Oh no. Come on, that'd be silly.

00:56:49   - Stevensmerch.com almost sounds like Craigslist or something.

00:56:52   - It does! It really does! - You could look at that into like a bigger

00:56:56   thing. - Wait, is Craigslist because of somebody

00:57:00   named Craig? Yeah! It's the founder. Oh my god. It was the guy Craig. Oh my god. And you know,

00:57:05   like Myspace was just Tom Space. He was just referring to himself. I just, I just thought

00:57:09   that, that Craig's was like a word for something. Craig Newmark. He's like, "Hey, you want to buy

00:57:16   some Craig's?" Craig had a list. He has given, he's given away like millions and millions of dollars,

00:57:23   which is really cool. So like a guy named Craig, oh my god, so it's not, oh my. Yeah, we'll put

00:57:29   Craig Newmark's Wikipedia page in the show notes. This is like that time when I discovered that the

00:57:36   word "Christian" comes from Jesus Christ. I had that realization at 14, so quite late in my life.

00:57:42   Oh, interesting. Interesting.

00:57:43   Yeah, I know. I know.

00:57:45   All right, Federico, I have been wanting to talk to you about this for a while. What in the world

00:57:53   does the ShiftScreen app do? This seems like something that shouldn't work.

00:57:57   OK, so this utility is a new app for iPad.

00:58:03   And I believe it's also on the iPhone,

00:58:04   but I've only used it on the iPad.

00:58:07   So what it does is it takes advantage of the existing APIs

00:58:11   for external displays to let you display in full screen,

00:58:17   so with no pillar boxing, either a web page or a document

00:58:23   on an external monitor.

00:58:25   So what you can do here is, when you open Shift Screen, you essentially have two different

00:58:30   views. It can be a Web view, or it can be a Document view, like a Document preview.

00:58:37   You create multiple tabs in Shift Screen, and then you decide what do you want to put

00:58:42   on the external display. And on the external display, because of the existing full-screen

00:58:47   APIs that developers, usually game developers, use, you can see a Web page or a PDF document

00:58:54   or something else without the black bars at the sides of that view. Now, this is quite

00:59:01   ingenious because of course this API was not meant for this kind of utility, but due to

00:59:06   a weird iPadOS, like, legacy feature, you can use ShiftScreen. So, follow me here. You

00:59:17   You can use Shift Screen in Split View next to something else, and even though you have

00:59:24   two apps active at the same time on your iPad, if Shift Screen is on the left side of the

00:59:31   Split View and only on the left side, it'll still be able to output a full screen view

00:59:39   of the external monitor.

00:59:41   So this is a legacy feature in that in the days of iOS 9, the leftmost app was considered

00:59:48   the primary app.

00:59:49   Yep, that's right.

00:59:50   And that was never changed behind the scenes.

00:59:54   So if you put Shift Screen on the right, it will not work.

00:59:57   But if you put it on the left, and it can be in any Split View size, even the compact

01:00:02   one, so you can have a tiny Shift Screen window on the left side of Split View, and then a

01:00:08   bigger Safari or Mail window on the right side, and then on the external monitor you

01:00:16   will still get a full screen web page or a full screen document.

01:00:20   So if you want to have a reference document or reference web page on an external display

01:00:28   while still working on your iPad with something else, this lets you do it.

01:00:33   And I've been talking to the developer, there are some features that I wanted to see and

01:00:38   the developer was kind enough to add them,

01:00:39   so now you can define a custom resolution,

01:00:42   a custom zoom size for the external monitor.

01:00:47   I believe they're also working on better media playback,

01:00:53   so maybe in the future you will be able to have

01:00:56   like a video playing on the external monitor.

01:00:59   But the idea here is that you just put it on the left side

01:01:02   of Split View on the iPad,

01:01:05   it'll still be considered the primary app by the system.

01:01:08   And because of that, you will be able to put right now

01:01:11   just web pages and documents on an external monitor.

01:01:15   - What does document mean?

01:01:17   - PDF documents, any other document that is previewable

01:01:20   with Quick Look on your iPad.

01:01:22   - In files.

01:01:24   - In files, yeah.

01:01:25   There's a file speaker and you just pick a document

01:01:27   and it previews.

01:01:28   Now, I've been using this as part of a bigger story

01:01:31   that I'm working on, but I've been using this

01:01:33   with portable external monitors.

01:01:37   So I'm trying a couple of them at the moment.

01:01:39   These are like monitors that are portable.

01:01:42   They have a built-in battery

01:01:43   and you just plug a USB-C cable.

01:01:45   - They're called iPads.

01:01:47   (laughing)

01:01:48   - No, but that's it, right?

01:01:49   They're not computers, they're just portable,

01:01:52   usually 1080p, 15-inch monitors.

01:01:56   Literally just a screen.

01:01:58   And you plug in the USB-C cable or an HDMI cable

01:02:02   and you just use the monitor.

01:02:03   And this way I can work on my iPad,

01:02:06   but also have a monitor next to me.

01:02:08   Usually if I don't wanna work in the bedroom,

01:02:11   like I can put the monitor on the kitchen table

01:02:13   and I can have a webpage on another side.

01:02:17   And of course that webpage,

01:02:18   you can scroll from shift screen,

01:02:21   you can swipe and scroll the webpage,

01:02:23   same with the documents.

01:02:25   - Like you can't like copy text out of it or anything,

01:02:28   I'm assuming?

01:02:29   - I'm not sure. - 'Cause it's just

01:02:30   a presentation, isn't it?

01:02:31   It's just a presentation. You can mirror the UI.

01:02:35   So I want to say that maybe there's, I'm not sure though.

01:02:38   I haven't tried to copy.

01:02:40   Maybe in the mirroring mode though, right?

01:02:42   Like you could do more.

01:02:44   So like when you're looking at a webpage in the full screen,

01:02:47   what are you seeing in shift screen?

01:02:48   What is it showing you?

01:02:50   That's what I was trying to say.

01:02:51   I think you can choose, you can have like a touch pad

01:02:54   or maybe you can have a smaller version of the page.

01:02:58   I believe usually just like a virtual touch pad

01:03:00   then you use that to scroll.

01:03:02   But this is, of course, this is ideal for like teachers

01:03:05   or anybody who wants to do presentations

01:03:08   while also continuing to work

01:03:11   on something else at the same time.

01:03:13   So like if you wanna do a lecture

01:03:15   and you also need to do something else while presenting,

01:03:18   you can put Shift Screen on the left side.

01:03:21   People will just see the webpage or document

01:03:24   that you wanna show them.

01:03:25   But on the right side, you can continue using Safari

01:03:28   or maybe you can tweet and pretend to be paying attention or whatever.

01:03:32   Have you ever given an lecture? Because I don't know what you think is happening whilst

01:03:36   the lecture's going on, right? Someone's like, "Oh, just hang on a minute. Let me just send

01:03:42   this tweet."

01:03:43   I mean, it feels within the realm of possibility to me that somebody has done a lecture so

01:03:49   many times that they could tweet at the same time. But also I have given a presentation

01:03:54   and the thought of other things occurred to me while talking. So like, I am capable of

01:04:01   brain multitasking, I guess. Right. But do you think you could have been able to record

01:04:06   them in any way whilst giving the presentation? I don't know, I haven't tried that. I remember

01:04:11   how nervous and focused you were, like I would be surprised. Yeah, I don't know, maybe I

01:04:16   wouldn't be able to. I mean, I also, I'm not a professional lecturer. True, true. Really?

01:04:22   It feels that way sometimes. I'm just kidding.

01:04:32   Nice joke, Dad. You did it.

01:04:37   You still got it. You still got it.

01:04:39   You found the one joke that worked. So, yeah, I mean, Shift Screen shouldn't be a thing,

01:04:47   but it's a thing and then of course,

01:04:49   all the limitations of the current external monitor system

01:04:53   apply, you cannot interact with that screen

01:04:57   using a mouse or a cursor and all that.

01:05:00   But if you wanna have a webpage or a document,

01:05:03   and maybe again, maybe in the future media

01:05:06   on an external monitor, this is a solution for now.

01:05:10   - This feels like it's gonna break at any moment.

01:05:12   - Yes. - Yeah.

01:05:13   - Yes, yes.

01:05:14   It's just, it's like, it's a generic bridge

01:05:17   to an external display.

01:05:18   It's what it is that lets you pick the kind of content

01:05:21   that you wanna have on the external display.

01:05:22   But I believe this is the kind of thing

01:05:24   that as soon as Apple makes it like a proper feature

01:05:28   of iPadOS, this is gonna break.

01:05:30   Usually that's how it goes.

01:05:31   - All right, we have a little bit more to go,

01:05:33   but let me tell you about our third sponsor.

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01:07:18   All right, so we wanted to wrap up this week

01:07:21   by talking about Mini LED.

01:07:23   And this comes from a new rumor

01:07:26   that basically is saying, I'm just gonna list these,

01:07:29   a 12.9 inch iPad Pro, a 27 inch iMac Pro,

01:07:33   a 14.1 inch MacBook Pro, a 16 inch MacBook Pro,

01:07:38   A 10.2 inch iPad, a 7.9 inch iPad mini,

01:07:42   particularly a new Apple Watch,

01:07:44   would all ship with mini LED technology from 2020 to 2021.

01:07:49   That's a lot of stuff.

01:07:51   - Now you're getting it?

01:07:52   These are not 12 products.

01:07:54   - This is one product. - This is one product.

01:07:57   (both laughing)

01:08:00   I'm sorry.

01:08:04   - With mini LED, we have created

01:08:05   the transformers of computers.

01:08:07   It's everything.

01:08:08   Steven, can you start before we dig into these actual products?

01:08:13   Can you actually tell us what mini LED is?

01:08:15   Yes, I can.

01:08:17   So if you think about a regular

01:08:19   non OLED display, so OLEDs are totally different, but like a regular LCD, like

01:08:24   in your your MacBook right now, it has

01:08:28   backlight LEDs.

01:08:30   And one thing that makes the Pro Display XDR special is that it has

01:08:35   lot of them and they're arranged in local dimming zones and what this means

01:08:40   is that the software can tell the screen okay this part needs to be darker than

01:08:45   this part and the more local dimming zones you have you get higher contrast

01:08:51   ratios and more dynamic range. Again this is why the Pro Display XDR is special

01:08:55   it's not OLED but I forget the number but it's it's a ton of these local

01:09:00   dimming zones with these backlight LEDs. What many LED does is it makes the those

01:09:06   LED components smaller, much smaller, and so you can not only cram in more of them

01:09:12   but you can cram in more local dimming zones so you can get even better

01:09:18   contrast and dynamic range than you could get from a typical LED backlit

01:09:23   display. So OLED of course has really good dynamic range and really great

01:09:29   contrast because black and OLED are pixels that are off. LEDs can't do that

01:09:35   but with ones that are smaller and with more dimming zones you can get closer to

01:09:40   it so it could pave the way for a nice display improvement without making

01:09:45   everything in our lives OLED. If you think about a computer display there are

01:09:51   a lot of manufacturers making OLED notebooks and you can do a couple of OLED

01:09:55   external displays, but you have burn-in issues and that's a bigger deal on

01:10:01   something like a desktop operating system where say the menu bar and the

01:10:04   dock are the same place for years on end as opposed to a phone where UI elements

01:10:10   change over a lot more often. So this could be a way forward for Apple in

01:10:14   improving their displays without going to OLED. And clearly, thank you very much

01:10:19   for that, and clearly with that kind of product turnover in two years this is

01:10:24   going to be like the new retina? Yeah I mean I don't know so I obviously haven't

01:10:29   seen any mini LED display this is new technology so I don't know if it will be

01:10:33   even noticeable to most people but or at least in a way that's like super

01:10:38   meaningful so I mean it more in a way like Apple will create probably a brand

01:10:43   name for this screen and then it will like come to everything they're gonna

01:10:46   give it some ridiculous name and yeah it will roll out so yes and that yes that's

01:10:50   why I misunderstood what you said and that way yes it'll be like retina where

01:10:53   just or true tone or anything else where it spreads but I think is in terms of

01:10:57   things you notice I think it's gonna be kind of like true to him like some

01:11:00   people see it some people don't but it makes everybody's life better even if

01:11:03   they don't realize it I think this will be something that you mostly know us

01:11:07   when consuming content like watching video looking at pictures right like

01:11:12   because that's where people I think care the most about HDR and contrast and

01:11:18   stuff right like oh yeah I kind of yeah so it's gonna be good there but so

01:11:23   So that's this technology, we don't really know how Apple is exactly going to implement

01:11:28   it yet so there maybe isn't too much we can talk about specifically with that.

01:11:32   But the thing that is I think even as if not more interesting from Ming-Chi Kuo's report

01:11:39   here is the amount of products listed in the timeframes for some of them.

01:11:44   So one of these things is iMac Pro and iPad Mini for 2020.

01:11:50   the only two dates that Kuo has given in this particular report. Kuo previously did say

01:11:57   that a 16-inch MacBook Pro with mini-LED would also come in Q4 2020, but that's not in this

01:12:03   current note. So we'll see. He did also again say the same about a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which

01:12:11   if that's the case, that could be, we've spoken about this second iPad Pro maybe later in

01:12:17   the year that it could get 5G and the mini LED. The iMac Pro being listed here is great

01:12:25   because it means that it lives because I mean, I basically come to the conclusion that there

01:12:31   was it was one and done, but clearly not.

01:12:35   These reports from him are very component based, which is why I put a lot of I think

01:12:40   all of us put a lot of credence into what he says. You know, this being an iMac Pro

01:12:45   versus the regular iMac. I mean maybe that's muddy because the regular iMac is

01:12:49   not here for reasons we can talk about. But very clearly Apple is moving forward

01:12:54   with this technology and they feel confident enough to basically put it in

01:12:57   everything they're gonna update over the next couple of years it looks like. Maybe

01:13:00   the the MacBook Air is not in this list. I don't know I don't think that's been

01:13:04   mentioned previously but that's a low-end notebook. It just got True Tone

01:13:08   and its first revision and so maybe that one you know falls behind a little bit

01:13:12   but in a bunch of the nice hardware at least Apple's gonna be moving this direction.

01:13:17   The rumoured MacBook Pro, smaller MacBook Pro is I think maybe one of the first times given a size

01:13:26   14.1 inches which is kind of around what people had expected that it would go to 14. Yeah for

01:13:33   many reasons right one just because the 15 went to 16 but also because then it further

01:13:38   differentiates it from the iPad Air from the MacBook Air. Also different from the iPad Air.

01:13:43   They're very differentiated now. Yeah. So but here's the thing right so Quo is saying you know

01:13:51   sometime in 2020 2021 for this 14.1 inch MacBook Pro with mini LED do you think that we will get

01:13:59   a regular LED version sooner or does this product not appear at all until then? I think we see a

01:14:06   regular one sooner look they've got to do something with that keyboard and I

01:14:09   Think it's totally fine if they revised any of these products before then and they just go to

01:14:16   many LED at some point down the road and remember like I could see like a

01:14:20   kicking the can down the road kind of thing where like you do the 14.1 say in the spring and then in like

01:14:27   October you do the 16 inch of mini LED and then the following year the 14 follows up again

01:14:34   And Apple has put the MacBook Pro on pretty much an annual cycle, more or less, since 2016.

01:14:41   And so that would fit in with that. Say there's a 14.1 this spring, you know, coronavirus and world

01:14:47   economy crashing aside, say there's one this spring. And the 16 will be a year old this fall.

01:14:53   So it gets the new display and the 14 follows next year. I think that's a totally natural path

01:14:58   for this to follow. Regular iMac is not listed at all here. Do you think, I mean my initial thought

01:15:06   was that it could be a price thing. Yeah. They may still redesign the iMac but they don't want to put

01:15:11   mini LED in it yet. I don't know. Yeah I don't know either. I mean if the MacBook Air is out

01:15:16   for price maybe the the iMac is as well or it could be and I don't I'm not basing this on

01:15:23   anything so you know take that for the grain of salt. It could be that larger

01:15:27   displays are trickier or a lot more expensive than small displays with this

01:15:31   because you think about the LEDs being smaller you need even more of them and

01:15:34   so it may be that the iMac Pro price can absorb this cost of this component but

01:15:40   the 27 and 21 inch iMac can't and so maybe it would get it a few years down

01:15:45   the road. I mean look the iMac, well Apple's done a good job at keeping the

01:15:49   GPU and the CPU updated on a pretty regular basis to your point the design

01:15:53   is old but it's you can still get with a spinning hard drive and all that stuff

01:15:57   so maybe the iMac just just follows along a few years later I'm not really

01:16:03   sure. There was a report from well there was some tweets sent out by a noted

01:16:10   leaker who goes by the name coin X on Twitter this person like accurately

01:16:16   predicted a bunch of stuff about the iPhone, like the name and stuff like that.

01:16:21   They tweeted today, they don't tweet very often, they tweeted today two tweets, one

01:16:27   saying "IMAC and Mac Mini soon" and that there is a new camera on the iPad and

01:16:31   it's great basically. So this would suggest that there is an iMac update

01:16:36   coming, but I wonder if... Well again it's been about a year and that's about where

01:16:42   Apple's been the last few years with it.

01:16:44   So it could just be just a regular-- like last year,

01:16:48   you guys covered it and upgraded really well.

01:16:50   That was just a pretty boring spec bump of the iMac.

01:16:52   Apple made a big deal of it, but it wasn't a big deal.

01:16:55   And maybe the iMac is just on that cycle in the Mac Mini

01:16:58   as well.

01:16:58   Hey, there's new processors.

01:16:59   Maybe there's some new GPU options.

01:17:01   We've tinkered with the configs a little bit.

01:17:02   But it's basically the machine that you know today.

01:17:06   It would be a shame if they-- the iMac deserves something.

01:17:11   It does.

01:17:12   totally deserves a redesign and especially the iMac Pro it's like this

01:17:17   is a really powerful machine you've put it in the same case so who knows what

01:17:21   what'll happen there it does feel like it's all due whether it comes with this

01:17:25   or not I mean who knows there was also there has also been previous this has

01:17:31   been previously rumored that micro LED was gonna come to the Apple Watch yeah I

01:17:35   wonder if this would be the first product yeah so micro LED is everything

01:17:41   I said about mini LED, but even smaller again, so it's okay

01:17:45   It's degrees of tininess and oh yeah, cause it's the same mini micro micro is micro. Okay?

01:17:51   Yeah, micro mini and then regular so that that rumors around for a long time

01:17:56   and it may be that the Apple watch goes to micro LED and

01:18:01   Everything else gets mini LED and just over time everything

01:18:05   Get smaller because all the benefits are there was interesting though is the Apple watch is OLED now and so

01:18:12   And one thing that's really nice about the Apple watch even with the always-on display is the blacks are just off and so it's really good

01:18:19   on battery and it looks really good with the black surround on the watch face and

01:18:23   Can if micro LED can really mimic what OLED does that would be awesome

01:18:30   But for my understanding that's even like many LEDs a step towards that and micro is even further

01:18:37   So maybe micro is just on the watch for a while

01:18:39   But if Apple does replace the OLED display on the Apple watch with the micro LED

01:18:43   They're really making a statement that this is as good as OLED and I would expect that we would see it on things like the iPhone

01:18:49   Pro and other devices in the future as well

01:18:52   There's one last product that I'm interested in here which is

01:18:59   The old iPad mini I got one right here

01:19:02   iPad mini I

01:19:04   be mentioned here is interesting I would love to see a

01:19:08   redesign

01:19:11   of this product

01:19:12   Can you imagine an iPad mini with?

01:19:15   With no bezels and how amazing that could be it'd be about the size of your big iPhone

01:19:24   Well, hmm not technically true, but sure we can do that if you want

01:19:29   But wouldn't that be cool though?

01:19:31   Like if you just had that seven point nine inch screen with a thin bezel around the outside

01:19:36   I mean nice it'd be super cool. I have to say I just think it would be nice

01:19:40   Very nice. It would be weird to see

01:19:43   The not do something different with that

01:19:46   Like I wouldn't want to say face ID because again like that

01:19:50   I don't know if Face ID going into the future is going to be the only thing that Apple have, right?

01:19:56   Like whether they would go back to Touch ID in some way. I think it would be really

01:20:02   interesting to see what they do with that. I cannot believe that they would

01:20:05   still, they would do all of that, like they will put that screen in it,

01:20:09   but keep the design the same, keep the Touch ID and the home button, they'd be kind of weird.

01:20:13   Do we want to talk about the upcoming iPad Pro?

01:20:17   Well...

01:20:19   I mean, yes, we saw that, like, I saw a report a couple of days ago that basically on the

01:20:27   line along the lines of there's limited stock of iPad Pro units at some Apple stores. So

01:20:33   maybe it could be a sign that a new iPad Pro is coming, but also maybe it may be nothing.

01:20:38   It may just be the impact, the impact of coronavirus. And as usual with these things, like it could

01:20:44   be this or it could be nothing. So like that was quite funny. But if we believe the timeline

01:20:49   there that a new iPad Pro was supposed to come out in the spring, then maybe, you know,

01:20:54   we're in March, so in theory a new iPad may come out this month, which is kind of wild

01:21:01   to think about because we're basically, you know, we've had a couple of rumors but that's

01:21:06   it. We know that there's a new camera and maybe there's going to be a smart keyboard

01:21:09   with the trackpad, which, you know, I have it in my queue, an episode of Upgrade where

01:21:17   Myke and Jason talked about this that I want to listen to. This is a report coming from

01:21:20   the information. Of course, this was, I believe it was rumored at some point in the past,

01:21:29   but now the information is putting their weight behind the support saying Apple is planning

01:21:33   this new keyboard. And again, we know nothing. We know, like, how is it going to work from

01:21:38   an ergonomic standpoint, what's it gonna look like, how big is the trackpad gonna be.

01:21:43   And personally I believe it's gonna be a small trackpad, I don't think it's gonna be a MacBook

01:21:46   size giant trackpad, I think it's gonna be a small one, like the Surface has, for example,

01:21:52   with the Surface Cover keyboard, I think it's gonna be a small one.

01:21:56   And I personally believe it's gonna be not just for text editing.

01:22:01   I believe if Apple decides to use that premium space for a physical trackpad, that trackpad

01:22:08   better be used for everything in the iPad OS UI. But this is all we have. We have no

01:22:15   other design details, we have no details on the materials being used. It's very likely

01:22:21   that it's going to look like a smart keyboard with the same fabric and the same smart connector

01:22:24   system but with the addition of a trackpad and maybe, of course, I suppose a different

01:22:29   angle for the iPad because you're going to have to make room for the trackpad in front

01:22:35   of the keyboard. I've seen some wild speculations and concepts from people saying "what if the

01:22:40   keyboard was the trackpad? What if you could just swipe your fingers over the keys and

01:22:45   the keys are also a trackpad?" I would hate that so much. I would hate that because it

01:22:49   would feel weird and also like these futuristic ideas, they make sense. Like, they make some

01:22:56   sense when they're a concept but then in practice, you know, physics comes in and say "hey guys,

01:23:01   I'm this thing called physics and you really can do that.

01:23:04   Hey guys, physics here.

01:23:06   Physics here, that is not possible.

01:23:08   So I think it's going to be a trackpad, a small one, nothing

01:23:11   revolutionary from a trackpad standpoint,

01:23:15   but absolutely important for the iPad as a product.

01:23:20   So this is where we're at.

01:23:22   Maybe a new iPad is coming out within the next 26 days,

01:23:25   or March has 30 or 31 days.

01:23:30   34.

01:23:31   34. So maybe it's coming out in the next 30 days or it's not. So this is fun and it's

01:23:40   supposed to have a new camera and major changes to the most important accessories. So I'm

01:23:46   excited but also is there going to be an event at this time considering all things?

01:23:53   I think at this point it is a bunch of press releases.

01:23:57   Yeah, that's which, you know, not as exciting in terms of...

01:24:02   Well, unless they want to test what WWE DC where no press is like and they just fill

01:24:07   their Steve Jobs Theater with a bunch of employees.

01:24:10   Maybe they're gonna have virtual briefings with the press. That could be a thing. Let's

01:24:14   meet on Skype and let us tell you about the new iPad. I don't know. I don't know. It's

01:24:19   exciting. I want to see this new iPad not for the camera, but for the keyboard. So we'll

01:24:25   see.

01:24:26   I think any reporting on the exact, like this product has shipped at this day and now it's

01:24:35   this day later.

01:24:37   Like at this point where the world is, I don't know if I'd read much into that.

01:24:40   Like even the iPhone 11 has slipped to like a week or two depending on the exact skew.

01:24:44   I think it's just, it could be that once coming it probably is, but I think any reporting

01:24:49   just on that at this point is a little short-sighted.

01:24:52   I'm about to go write a report.

01:24:54   a new iPhone 11 coming because it slipped by like a week.

01:24:59   Do it.

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