277: Good Luck Not Waking up the Entire Building


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected episode 277.

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00:00:17   My name is Steven Hackett and I am joined

00:00:19   by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:21   - Hello there.

00:00:22   - You sound more Californian than normal.

00:00:25   - Hollywood Myke Hurley calling in.

00:00:26   - Oh.

00:00:28   you wearing something fancy?

00:00:30   - No, but I am sitting in like, you can't see it,

00:00:32   but like, I kind of, you know, like,

00:00:35   I'm sitting in a way in this chair where

00:00:37   the back of the chair is to the right of me

00:00:39   and I'm kind of like leaning on it,

00:00:40   so I have adopted a new Hollywood pose,

00:00:43   which is not ergonomically friendly,

00:00:45   but does make me look cool.

00:00:47   - Your back is gonna hurt after that.

00:00:48   - My back's gonna hurt, but I'm gonna be cooler

00:00:51   at the end of it, so. - But you're gonna look

00:00:51   so good!

00:00:52   - Exactly, so really, you know, who wins?

00:00:55   And we're also joined by Federico Vittucci.

00:00:58   - Hello, hi.

00:00:59   Myke, are they making a biopic about you yet at this point?

00:01:03   - At this point, I cannot confirm or deny

00:01:06   the conversations that I'm in.

00:01:08   Look, we're in a contract negotiation stage right now,

00:01:10   so I can't talk about it.

00:01:12   - I see, okay.

00:01:13   - But we're talking to Michael Fassbender though.

00:01:16   - Okay. - Ooh, bad choice.

00:01:18   - Because we're going for an invisible man type situation.

00:01:22   - Ah, I see, the everyday British man.

00:01:24   the unforgettable, the forgettable, I should say, everyday face of Michael Fassbender is

00:01:30   going to find it.

00:01:31   The forgettable face of Britain.

00:01:32   Yes.

00:01:33   Even though he is Irish, but you know, you do.

00:01:36   You do you.

00:01:37   Well, we're going to start with some follow up.

00:01:40   Very important follow up.

00:01:42   Last week we asked listeners to pitch in ideas on how we should award the RICCYS.

00:01:50   So we have the annual chairman where you won the annual predictions and we have the keynote

00:01:55   chairman so that passes from event to event.

00:01:58   Currently Federico is the annual chairman, I am the keynote chairman and we didn't want

00:02:05   to mail trophies around so we're coming up with ways to do this.

00:02:08   So we had several things sent in.

00:02:13   Chuck suggested that we do make trophies, but we make three of each one, so six trophies

00:02:20   in total, and you can only display the one that you currently have been awarded, and

00:02:26   the other one has to be put in a drawer.

00:02:29   This is too complicated.

00:02:30   It's more complicated than our rules.

00:02:32   No, I really like it.

00:02:33   I think it's very good, because I could just tweet selfies all the time with my two trophies

00:02:39   that Olin and Neville will have by the end of the year.

00:02:41   Well, you will have them, but will you be...

00:02:43   No, like winning them, because by the end of the year, I'm going to be the champion

00:02:46   of both.

00:02:47   That's what I've decided.

00:02:48   We'll talk about it later on, but it's looking very good for me right now.

00:02:52   The year of trophies.

00:02:53   Yes, exactly.

00:02:55   #yearoftrophies.

00:02:56   So I like this idea, but let's go through the rest of them, and we'll see what else

00:03:00   is here.

00:03:01   So Max and many other people suggested this.

00:03:05   I'm going to give Max credit, because they were first.

00:03:09   They said that we could make Twitter accounts, one for the annual chairman and one for the

00:03:13   keynote chairman.

00:03:15   And then basically the winner could do with what they wanted with those Twitter accounts.

00:03:20   I equally really like this one.

00:03:23   This is also very good.

00:03:26   It is very good because we had suggested like putting a trophy or something in your Twitter

00:03:29   bio, but having keys to an account that then changes over time, also fun.

00:03:35   And then Michael, not you Michael, another Michael suggested that the annual retirements

00:03:42   receive a partial Bitcoin because it's digital and can't be reproduced and it's ridiculous,

00:03:48   but we're not going to do that.

00:03:50   Sorry Michael.

00:03:51   Yeah I looked into how much a Bitcoin, actually if we wanted to have one Bitcoin, is $8,700

00:03:55   now.

00:03:56   So like, I like the idea of there being like a digital thing that can actually be passed

00:04:02   around and Bitcoin is a good representation of that.

00:04:05   But I don't want it. I either want a full Bitcoin or no Bitcoin. I don't want like an

00:04:09   eighth of a Bitcoin. So what I'm hearing here is that the blockchain is the solution to

00:04:15   our annual. It's not. Ricky's are pivoting to blockchain everyone. We're going to make

00:04:21   ten million dollars now. I hear it's what the cool kids are doing. You know, the blockchain.

00:04:27   Whatever it is. We could do Ricky coin. We could make our own coin. Oh my gosh. Or just

00:04:31   It's like Rick-coin. There you go. Rick-coin. Rick-coin. It can only be mined on iPads.

00:04:37   So yeah. Metal's pretty good I bet for mining, you know? Yeah. So out of these, I think I

00:04:45   vote for the rotating Twitter accounts. Yeah, I do too. Has anybody claimed Twitter accounts?

00:04:52   I don't know. Why don't in the next follow up item, I'll talk about Amazon Prime Video

00:04:55   and you go register these real quick. Oh, I hate that you've given me that job because

00:04:59   I was like, that's the worst job, but okay, I'll try.

00:05:01   - And just put the password somewhere

00:05:03   and then we'll get 'em assigned out.

00:05:04   So, okay, so that's what we're gonna do.

00:05:06   - Yeah, goodbye everybody.

00:05:07   - Bye Myke.

00:05:08   So I spoke last week about Amazon Prime Video

00:05:11   and this weird issue I was having

00:05:12   where I would be playing something on my iPad

00:05:15   and open Safari on my iPhone and the video would stop.

00:05:18   So I talked about this and I got tons of feedback

00:05:21   from people saying this happens to me too,

00:05:24   but they hadn't worked out what was going on.

00:05:27   A couple people said, oh, my kids have complained of this.

00:05:29   You know, if they're watching something

00:05:31   and I'm on my iPhone, you know, looking at something.

00:05:33   And so it does seem to be an issue.

00:05:36   It does seem to be handoff.

00:05:39   Marco Arment wrote in with some very complicated explanation

00:05:43   of how handoff is broken.

00:05:45   I don't really pretend to understand it,

00:05:46   but it seems like handoff is pretty janky,

00:05:51   which is a real bummer.

00:05:52   So I think the answer is just to turn off Handoff.

00:05:57   And Federico, I wanted to ask you about this

00:05:59   because I don't ever really use Handoff.

00:06:01   Is that something that you're, you know,

00:06:03   the multi-pad lifestyle, is Handoff useful to you day to day?

00:06:08   - So I use it all the time for Safari

00:06:12   just to continue reading a webpage on a different device.

00:06:17   And I use it on the iPhone, on the iPad, and the Mac Mini.

00:06:19   It's very useful.

00:06:20   Like the Safari icon just shows up in the dock on my Mac, for example, if I have a webpage

00:06:26   open on my iPhone. So that's really useful. I mean, you could use AirDrop to send the

00:06:30   same webpage to another device, but Handoff is fine. I do not... I don't think I've ever

00:06:37   used it for anything else. I think one time, maybe, I did the thing that is like perfect

00:06:43   for like the ideal Apple commercial. I continued writing an email on a different device and

00:06:49   It did work as advertised, it did work, but I've only done it once.

00:06:54   I don't even remember the circumstance, honestly.

00:06:57   But that's about it.

00:06:59   Basically just Safari, really.

00:07:01   And there's no handoff for music or media, which is something that I know that a lot

00:07:04   of people complain about every year.

00:07:06   There's no handoff support for like listening to a song on the Mac and then continuing on

00:07:11   the iPhone, that kind of stuff.

00:07:13   But yeah, I mean, I use it.

00:07:15   I know that third-party apps can adopt handoff support,

00:07:19   and I've seen some examples of that.

00:07:20   I think in the past, maybe on Mac stories,

00:07:23   somebody wrote about handoff with Ulysses,

00:07:26   like you can continue writing the same article

00:07:28   and pick it up at the same spot on a different device.

00:07:32   So it's cool that there's an API for developers.

00:07:34   It's an open, relatively open system,

00:07:36   but I wouldn't say that I use it all the time

00:07:41   for all kinds of apps, just Safari.

00:07:44   - Yeah, the Safari thing I think is the most common usage

00:07:47   that I do, but I tend to use the iCloud tabs more often.

00:07:51   It's very rare that I'm like browsing something

00:07:53   on my iPhone and I wanna move it over to another device

00:07:56   sort of in one session, but I mean, this seems to be a bug

00:08:00   either with Handoff or with Amazon Prime Video app.

00:08:03   My guess is that's on Amazon, but it does fix it,

00:08:07   so if there's something that's driving you crazy,

00:08:09   you can turn Handoff on the offending device

00:08:11   and it'll go away.

00:08:13   I already had handoff on my watch

00:08:15   because that was never something I needed to do.

00:08:18   I never needed to move something

00:08:19   like from the watch to the Mac,

00:08:21   so I turned that off years ago.

00:08:22   But Myke, are you back yet?

00:08:24   - Signing off to your accounts

00:08:27   is so much more complicated than it used to be.

00:08:29   Like that's where I am in my life right now.

00:08:32   I'm 50% done, so you're gonna have to keep working on this.

00:08:34   - All right, we'll come back

00:08:36   to the wireless pop socket charger thing.

00:08:38   Federico, we were talking about the Twitter app

00:08:43   on the iPad having trends always visible,

00:08:45   and we had suggested some solutions for things

00:08:48   to pair it with in split screen and slide over

00:08:52   and all that stuff.

00:08:53   So do you have any good solutions

00:08:54   for the fine people out there?

00:08:56   - Well, to fix the design problems of Twitter for iPad,

00:09:01   I have introduced even more Twitter in my life,

00:09:07   or should I say, Twitter without vowels.

00:09:11   That's it. That's it. Yeah. I'm using the beta app on my iPad. You know the one with

00:09:24   a blank, light blue icon? Twitter is running a prototype sort of beta program to test mainly

00:09:31   the new conversation view as well as some other iconography throughout the app. But

00:09:37   have this beta, there's a test flight that I signed up months... really, it was...

00:09:41   It's now full.

00:09:42   It's now full. When you think about it, it was really the last decade, because I signed

00:09:45   up at some point last year. So the last decade applies. But really, I keep the Tutor app

00:09:52   on the right side of the screen in split view with the compact layout, and I sent you guys

00:09:58   a screenshot yesterday, I think. It works really well, because to read my mentions,

00:10:06   I don't just use the notifications tab.

00:10:09   I wrote an article on Mac Stories, I think, last year.

00:10:12   I say I use a saved search on Twitter.

00:10:15   I put together this custom syntax using the Twitter search operators, and I have this

00:10:20   sort of timeline.

00:10:21   It's a saved search that shows me both replies, so people who reply to me, as well as tweets

00:10:30   where I'm mentioned in, but also quoted tweets.

00:10:34   so people that retweet my tweets with a comment.

00:10:37   It's all together in a single saved search.

00:10:40   This is how mentions work in Tweetbot, for example,

00:10:44   but by default they do not in Twitter for iPad.

00:10:47   So this is fun, this is fine also, I guess.

00:10:52   On the main split view on the left,

00:10:56   I keep my timeline and a switch between the home view

00:10:59   or the latest chronological timeline view.

00:11:02   And on the right side with the Twitter beta app,

00:11:05   I see my mentions using a saved search.

00:11:09   And it's fine.

00:11:10   Again, shouldn't be necessary, really.

00:11:13   I should just be able to have a column for mentions,

00:11:15   but we've been over this.

00:11:17   And I think overall, this sort of works.

00:11:19   I've disabled the notifications for the second Twitter

00:11:23   app, I've disabled location access,

00:11:26   and all those other kinds of permissions.

00:11:28   So my main client is still the main public version of Twitter, and on the right side

00:11:34   I keep the test flight using a saved search.

00:11:37   I would like to have this option available to me, but I do not, because I'm not in this,

00:11:42   I don't have access to this fancy beta app that Federico does.

00:11:46   It does look like a good solution though, because it's the column you would want, right?

00:11:50   That's kind of what we wish they would have done, is created that column.

00:11:53   But there are some other solutions.

00:11:54   So Charlie, listen to Charlie made an app that's just a blank screen that color matches

00:12:00   to Twitter's light and dark mode options.

00:12:03   There's a test flight for it.

00:12:04   I have been using this and it's a very good solution.

00:12:07   So like I just have it matched and it just feels like there's just one section of the

00:12:12   Twitter app is just blank.

00:12:14   So like you just put it in split view and it hides the trends and then I don't have

00:12:19   to see them anymore.

00:12:20   This works very well.

00:12:22   I don't know if this app would ever get approved.

00:12:24   I think it needs more functionality to actually be an app that gets approved. But there is

00:12:28   a public TestFlight that you can join.

00:12:32   It was approved for TestFlight. The first time you submit a new TestFlight beta app,

00:12:37   there's an approval process. So at least it got through that.

00:12:41   It got through that. So you can install it from TestFlight. It's called backfill, I believe,

00:12:46   and it literally just fills the screen with color and nothing else. I wonder if there's

00:12:51   like an opportunity to come up with some ideas for like what kind of content could be in there.

00:12:56   I don't know, maybe the weather or I don't know your calendar events or whatever, I don't know.

00:13:01   Maybe it could be customizable like a dashboard that you keep on one side of the screen and you

00:13:05   can choose to keep it blank or fill it with data. I don't know. I think you've made a very simple

00:13:11   app very complicated. Well it needs more if he wants to make it a thing, right? But so this is

00:13:17   is what it could have. I just said like a way to like just drag tweets to save for later,

00:13:21   like just put it there. I saw somebody tweet and say like just make it a pencil support

00:13:24   thing, just take notes. I don't know if you have very good tweets, right? I don't know.

00:13:29   There's hopefully something in there because this is actually very useful for me because

00:13:33   the idea is here, I never open this app in any other way so it always stays paired with

00:13:37   Twitter and there were some other recommendations of apps that already exist that you could

00:13:41   do this. So Sarah recommended using a third party browser instead of Safari. So you could

00:13:46   Chrome or everybody's favorite iCab.

00:13:49   - iCab.

00:13:50   - Everyone loves iCab, so powerful.

00:13:52   Firefox is an example.

00:13:54   And then Jeff's doing another good suggestion

00:13:56   of making a kind of like, you know,

00:13:58   like the sweet solution home screen app from a webpage

00:14:01   and using that.

00:14:02   And I tried doing it with the Twitter webpage,

00:14:05   but it's terrible.

00:14:06   It's not a good thing.

00:14:07   'Cause you have like multiple,

00:14:09   like navigation UIs next to each other.

00:14:11   That's not a good idea, but you could, I don't know,

00:14:13   put anything you want there,

00:14:14   maybe a picture of a puppy or something.

00:14:16   - Yeah, or you could make a backfill app type page

00:14:20   and make the filler.

00:14:22   I'll tell you what, I'm gonna do that.

00:14:23   I'll have that in the show notes.

00:14:25   I'm gonna make a page on 512 that's just a blank.

00:14:27   - But what color are you gonna do?

00:14:30   - Just black.

00:14:32   - Okay, so you're, okay, good.

00:14:33   I mean, because like, what I like about what Charlie did

00:14:36   is he has like three options,

00:14:37   so you can choose depending on the color

00:14:39   that you have Twitter set to.

00:14:40   But if you wanna make a black one,

00:14:41   then that will also work for me

00:14:42   because I have Twitter in lights out mode, all black,

00:14:46   'cause that's how I am.

00:14:47   - Yeah.

00:14:48   - But this is terrible that we even have to do all of this.

00:14:52   - It is true.

00:14:53   - Just get your stuff together, please.

00:14:55   You wanted to talk about the wireless pop socket charger?

00:14:58   - I do.

00:14:59   - It's not arrived yet.

00:15:01   I mean, also, even if it has,

00:15:02   I'm not in the United Kingdom, so like I couldn't help you,

00:15:04   but it's on the way.

00:15:06   I'm hoping to have it.

00:15:07   But I did hear from listener Brent,

00:15:09   who sent me some pictures,

00:15:11   and it totally works for them.

00:15:13   Like the popsocket goes in the charger, it charges this.

00:15:15   I will put the images in the show notes

00:15:17   'cause there's a hilarious one

00:15:18   where they've put their AirPods Pro in

00:15:21   and it's like just falling into the hole,

00:15:23   which is just hilarious for me.

00:15:25   I think that this is very fun and stupid and brilliant.

00:15:29   And I went on Popsockets website,

00:15:30   they are completely sold out of this.

00:15:32   Like, and so that's where they are, so.

00:15:36   Oh, I did it by the way.

00:15:37   - Wait, what?

00:15:39   - The Twitter accounts.

00:15:40   good they're done okay so we have at keynote chairman and at annual chairman

00:15:47   that's good will you we have those against link those in the show notes and

00:15:51   then we can start putting content there right well not me but yeah not you yeah

00:15:57   not me so you you took you guys better do a good job are they verified are they

00:16:04   verified yet we should not yeah not yet but I can work they also don't have any

00:16:08   images but I guess that's up to you two to decide what goes on those right yeah

00:16:12   yeah that's part of the thing is you get to totally brand it however you want

00:16:15   mm-hmm I am very excited to see how at keynote chairman and how at annual

00:16:22   chairman come together very excited that both of those were available also the

00:16:27   Steven the passwords are in one password so like okay let's do what you need to

00:16:32   do with those all right that's very exciting a little bit of it's not really

00:16:36   I don't know what this is. It's not a tiny topic. But anyways, so a while back, there

00:16:41   had been a link to Google Drive going around where a guy named Sam gold had put together

00:16:50   this like really well organized Apple archive collection of ads and press imagery. And anyways,

00:16:58   it I think got taken down or Google Drive got mad because a bunch of people downloaded

00:17:01   stuff. Anyways, it's back at apple archive.org. It's really well organized, you can look

00:17:06   by year, you can search, it's all tagged. Sam did what must be an insane amount of work

00:17:13   to get this done. I'm very impressed. And if you are into looking at old Apple videos,

00:17:19   I mean, there's some really horrific things in here from the 70s and 80s.

00:17:22   Oh my god, that's so if you go to the cycle broken down by decades and then year, the

00:17:27   first entry is 1977, the Apple II ad, which looks like it wasn't made by Apple, but some

00:17:32   computer company but probably blessed by them. It is an absolute horror show. Like, it is

00:17:38   a horrific audio and visual experience which I thoroughly recommend everybody go and watch

00:17:43   because it is, it's terrible. It's so scary in a way that's not meant to be scary. So

00:17:50   you should go watch that one.

00:17:52   I have also created a page, just a completely black page. If you go to 512pixels.net/filler, it is just black.

00:18:04   Wow, that's because you know CSS and we don't.

00:18:08   It's actually not even CSS, it's just like one line of HTML.

00:18:14   You need to come up with some good branding for that, you know?

00:18:17   Well, I feel like simple is better, so anyways.

00:18:20   What if you called it filler but with no vowels?

00:18:22   I want it to be easy to find.

00:18:24   What if you called it filler with a "ph" instead of a "f"?

00:18:27   Oh, that's good.

00:18:28   No, I want it to be easy to find.

00:18:30   No, it can be easy to find, but we can just refer to it as, you know.

00:18:35   But anyway.

00:18:36   I'm putting it on my iPad home screen as filler with a "ph".

00:18:39   That's good.

00:18:40   Yeah, and I'm going to put that with Twitter.

00:18:43   How does it work for you?

00:18:48   I'm trying to work out how to do this.

00:18:50   Oh no, it opens in Safari.

00:18:52   - Of course it does.

00:18:53   - I don't want Safari.

00:18:54   - Well you need to open Safari

00:18:55   and then save it to the home screen.

00:18:57   - Yeah, I did that, but it doesn't show up as a,

00:19:00   like it just basically, when you add it to your home page--

00:19:04   - Oh, 'cause you have to do work on that.

00:19:06   You have to make it.

00:19:08   You have to actually do something.

00:19:09   - Have to like make it a web app or something?

00:19:12   - Yeah, yeah, I think so.

00:19:13   - All right, that'll be a work in progress, I guess.

00:19:16   Use the test file instead.

00:19:18   - There you go, there you go.

00:19:19   - My version is bad.

00:19:20   - Uh-huh, it's not a surprise that the thing

00:19:23   that you did whilst we were recording

00:19:25   maybe isn't fully featured.

00:19:26   - Make web app for iPad.

00:19:29   - Are you putting this in your to-do list?

00:19:31   - No, I was Googling how to do it.

00:19:33   - Oh, okay.

00:19:34   Again, we can come back to that though,

00:19:36   like it's perfectly fine.

00:19:37   You have a job to do right now.

00:19:38   Let's take a break.

00:19:39   - Oh, I do have a job.

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00:20:55   Depending on your score,

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00:21:17   One more time that's health IQ comm slash connected. Our thanks to health IQ for the

00:21:23   support of the show and all of relay FM tiny topic number one. The rack mounted Mac Pro is

00:21:31   now for sale. Remember, they showed this, they showed this off very quickly at WWDC. And we

00:21:36   didn't know much about it. It's available now. So this is a Mac Pro that it doesn't have feet

00:21:41   or anything. It's built into a chassis, you can get rails for it and put it in a

00:21:47   server rack. So if you're somebody like, well if you're like our friends at

00:21:51   Mack Stadium for instance, I know they're very excited. But if you work in an

00:21:55   environment where you need a Mack Pro and you have rack space and you don't

00:21:58   want it near you, this is available now. So I, in the past, they've been like

00:22:03   really weird third-party things, but like PowerMacks and all sorts of

00:22:06   things in it. In fact at my Apple Store there we had a PowerMack G4 like stuff

00:22:11   sideways in our rack to handle some stuff. It was very, very bad.

00:22:15   Did you say you have to... where do you get the rails from? Do Apple sell them?

00:22:21   When you buy them, it comes with the rails from Apple.

00:22:23   Oh, so they send you kind of like a kit that you can install that on. That's cool.

00:22:28   Yeah.

00:22:29   I mean, that's, I guess, part of what you're paying for for the extra $500, right?

00:22:33   Right, yeah.

00:22:34   That's part of that stuff.

00:22:35   This starts at $64.99. If you look at the pictures on Apple's website, I mean, it looks

00:22:40   just like the inside of my Mac Pro just laying on the side. The back of the machine has different

00:22:46   holes. So on the regular one, it has the weird carved out eyeball sockets on the front and

00:22:52   back. But on the back of the rack mounted one, it looks like the old cheese grater like

00:22:57   that's the circle hole punch. I don't know why I don't know why they are different. I

00:23:01   bet that's better airflow. And it's because they know they're going to be in cabinets

00:23:05   that you're going to get hotter, right? There's like a potential for the maybe I mean, usually

00:23:09   - Usually data centers have like a hot and cold side, but...

00:23:12   - That's true.

00:23:13   - I don't know.

00:23:15   I mean, you would think if that was a better design,

00:23:18   like why'd you go through the expense

00:23:19   of making the eye sockets?

00:23:21   - There's also a possibility that they just wanted

00:23:24   to make it a little bit cheaper,

00:23:27   and so they decided to not do anything to the back

00:23:29   because you're not gonna see it.

00:23:31   - Or it may have made it lighter,

00:23:32   because like the walls that the holes are drilled in

00:23:37   is like pretty thick aluminum, and so I don't know.

00:23:39   I've asked around and if someone knows the official answer,

00:23:42   I would love to hear it on or off the record.

00:23:44   - I think it's super cool that they maintained

00:23:46   the design on the front though.

00:23:48   It still looks like the Mac Pro.

00:23:50   I think it's actually really cool

00:23:52   that they went to this length,

00:23:54   where they created a whole different configuration,

00:23:56   it is a different chassis, right?

00:23:58   And they kept the design still looking kind of like

00:24:03   Mac Pro- - Yeah, it looks like

00:24:04   a Mac Pro, right?

00:24:05   I really want to see a row of these at Mac Stadium all installed like oh, yeah

00:24:10   So I was hoping that when this happened that the

00:24:21   Other components the Mac Pro would go on sale. So right now you can't buy any other GPU like off the shelf

00:24:28   you can't buy an afterburner card and

00:24:30   Apple had previously promised the Radeon Pro

00:24:35   5700 X as like a GPU in between the base GPU that I have which is not great and

00:24:42   the Vega 2 which is like $2,400 to upgrade or $2,800 to buy it on its own

00:24:48   this W5700X was supposed to be in the middle somewhere that's not for sale but

00:24:53   now Apple is promising an option for two of them in an MPX module so

00:24:59   that's still yet to show up my guess is they're just like every afterburner they

00:25:04   and make it just going into a Mac Pro that's being sold,

00:25:06   and eventually they'll catch up

00:25:07   and these will be on sale for upgrade.

00:25:09   But not yet, so if you have a Mac Pro

00:25:11   or were thinking about upgrading something,

00:25:14   you're still kind of waiting.

00:25:15   But it's exciting, and I think the rack-mounted,

00:25:18   I mean, I sent this around to some IT system people I know,

00:25:21   and they're all excited about this

00:25:23   because the Mac Pro is so powerful.

00:25:25   If you're gonna use it for research

00:25:27   or a build server or something like that,

00:25:31   you don't necessarily need it under a desk.

00:25:33   can just put it in a rack and remote into it and that sort of thing. So it seems like

00:25:37   a really exciting thing and I'm glad they're doing it.

00:25:40   I want to talk about 5G. Oh no. Steven's favorite topic.

00:25:44   Yeah we have a couple of reports about 5G. So Digitimes is reporting that Apple is developing

00:25:49   an iPad Pro that features millimeter wave 5G. This is the 5G that is faster than current

00:25:56   LTE, not incredibly fast, not like the super incredible speeds, but it's like more reliable,

00:26:02   stronger, faster than LTE currently is. And this is what is being, this is what is available

00:26:07   now. Remember we were talking about what T-Mobile has, this is the millimetre wave. So that's

00:26:14   going to apparently be in the future. iPad, so a quote is "millimetre wave is a set of

00:26:19   5G frequencies that promises ultrafast speeds at short distances, which is best for urban

00:26:23   areas because the super fast", I think it's called like sub-6 gigahertz, it might be getting

00:26:29   the terms a little bit incorrect but it's hard to understand this stuff. It reminds

00:26:33   me of the super speed USB thing. But that is like the super fast 5G is where like if

00:26:40   you have the antenna up and there's a building in the way it can disrupt it. But there are

00:26:45   like these two different levels of 5G. But anyway, so apparently Digitimes is saying

00:26:48   that Apple is developing an iPad Pro that features millimeter wave 5G for release this

00:26:52   year it is worth noting that the LTE first appeared on the iPad before the

00:26:59   iPhone so there is precedent for example for maybe sometime in the spring Apple

00:27:04   to release an iPad Pro with 5G before they put it in the iPhone which would be

00:27:10   interesting to me because not only would that put egg on Steven's face about 5G

00:27:13   in general I will then win my first pick of the iPad getting a feature

00:27:20   feature before the iPhone.

00:27:21   So wouldn't that be nice?

00:27:23   But then in what is shaping up I think currently to be the year of mic, there is a report from

00:27:28   Ming-Chi Kuo saying that the 2020 iPhone line will also feature millimeter wave 5G and the

00:27:34   faster sub-6 GHz frequencies so that the new iPhones, there will either be a combination

00:27:41   of both or like they might split it amongst like the regular and the pro.

00:27:45   It's a little bit confusing about where everything's exactly going to go, but Ming-Chi Kuo is saying

00:27:48   the 2020 iPhone live will have 5G radios. Looking pretty good for me this year so far.

00:27:54   Yeah.

00:27:54   Feeling good?

00:27:55   I sent you all this the other day, but I pointed out to my dad the other day the 5G

00:28:01   towers going up around town. Now he's just sending me pictures of them all the time.

00:28:04   Your dad, me and your dad are in cahoots. We're punking you on this one.

00:28:09   I mean, it's not unheard of that this would come to the iPad first. It happened with LTE.

00:28:13   I could see it happening here. So maybe you'll end up being right. Maybe you'll get the

00:28:18   the keys of the Twitter account after all. I'm feeling pretty good about the

00:28:21   fight that my my my two first picks the iPad first pick and especially the 5g

00:28:26   pick I'm feeling good about it. Apparently as well there's a new MacBook

00:28:29   Pro on the way our friends at the Eurasian Economic Commission have done

00:28:33   it again this is where like Apple has to register devices for some some governing

00:28:39   bodies in different areas in the world and this one keeps popping up like we

00:28:42   keep seeing like products way before release popping up on the Eurasian

00:28:47   economic commission like this like database that they have but it's pretty

00:28:50   everything's pretty obscure but you can get the idea that something's happening

00:28:54   so a listing has appeared for a computer that doesn't currently exist it's called

00:28:58   model 822 a 2289 listed as a quote portable personal computer that runs

00:29:05   Mac OS 1015 so looks like there's gonna be a new laptop I think money would be

00:29:10   this being on the smaller MacBook Pro right like I can't think of anything

00:29:15   else that would be a new SKU that like that new model that have to register

00:29:20   because they don't need to do this every time they like update chips or whatever

00:29:23   this is like when there are significant changes to a product they have to go

00:29:27   through this like regulatory approval frame and so it seems like possibly that

00:29:32   could be an update to the smaller MacBook Pro yeah it feels like it yeah

00:29:37   it's gotta be coming right the longer that that new keyboard is on the 16 is

00:29:42   not on the others the worse it looks and it makes it hard to suggest to people

00:29:49   that they go buy something like the MacBook Air when we know that there's a

00:29:53   fix just sitting right next to it like on the next computer over yeah I'm using

00:29:59   my MacBook Pro this week a little bit right to do my recording on this stuff

00:30:02   and my macro Pro is one of the original ones with the butterfly keyboard and I

00:30:08   I hate this keyboard.

00:30:10   It's so gross.

00:30:12   Like, just the feeling of typing on it.

00:30:14   I mean, like, they made a lot of improvements to it

00:30:16   from the original one. This is like,

00:30:18   I guess it's probably the first or second generation

00:30:20   because the first time it was on the regular MacBook

00:30:22   this is the first MacBook Pro that came with it.

00:30:24   I really don't like it.

00:30:26   I would love to be able to update

00:30:28   this computer at some point.

00:30:30   I mean, I said I would prefer a MacBook Air, but

00:30:32   I might be tempted by a smaller MacBook Pro.

00:30:34   But we'll have to wait and see.

00:30:36   the Eurasian Commission's got my back on this one we'll find out. Is there

00:30:39   anything that would like kick you one way or the other? I mean the reason that

00:30:43   I'm thinking about MacBook Air is because I just don't need a MacBook Pro, right?

00:30:47   But it depends on like the size and weight. If they don't change the size and

00:30:53   weight too much then I would be tempted but if they do which is what I think

00:30:57   they'll do is like create a size and weight difference that differentiates it

00:31:01   from the Air to the Pro I might wait a little bit longer to see if they do

00:31:04   anything to the air. Because what I'm looking for with this computer is maximum portability.

00:31:09   That's what I'm looking for. As well as being able to handle what I do on it, which is not

00:31:13   a lot, but I want a laptop that I can rely on that is also portable because I use this

00:31:18   when I'm on the road, right? Like when I'm recording a show like this one from not my

00:31:23   home studio and I need a computer to be able to do that. It's really important. But a MacBook

00:31:28   Pro is probably, no, is definitely overkill. Like I only need a MacBook Air, but at the

00:31:35   moment they're so close in spec, like even on weight and thickness, that I would just

00:31:40   go with a MacBook Pro because it's better, right? Like it's just a nicer computer. So

00:31:45   we'll see. I mean, my hope would honestly be that, they're not going to do this, but

00:31:49   my hope would be that they put the new keyboard in the MacBook Air at the same time as they

00:31:52   they've read the Mac Pro and then I'll just go with the Air. But I really don't want to

00:31:56   buy, I do not want to buy a computer today that has the butterfly keyboard in it. I don't

00:32:04   want to do that. Because not only does it feel like it is going to change eventually,

00:32:10   I also just don't want to own one of those because it is a lesser design and this is

00:32:16   more of something that like I want to do because it's, I feel like I just want to move to a

00:32:20   a more modern machine but I'm not in any particular rush to do it but I'm

00:32:24   particularly waiting for them to make a change. Plus Adina really does need a

00:32:28   new laptop. The battery on her MacBook Pro is not what it used to be but again

00:32:35   waiting to see what they do in the airline. Good news I have updated with

00:32:39   the help of the chat room the filler page so now it does not show the Safari

00:32:43   Chrome it's just black. That's good. My expectation and not hope in a mean way

00:32:49   but hope in a, because it would be funny way, is you've now done something like

00:32:53   horrific to your main website in doing this, you know? That feels like a very

00:32:56   Stephen thing to have done, that like you've now accidentally broken

00:33:00   everything, like because... No, it's outside of the WordPress install, it'll be fine.

00:33:04   Okay, okay, well good for everybody I guess. I said that is the website still

00:33:11   load? Good it does still load. Yeah, you say that but like you're not 100% confident that you did it correctly.

00:33:15   I mean, I barely understand how the internet works.

00:33:18   So it doesn't.

00:33:19   Well, I'm glad that we could help people out.

00:33:22   That's the important thing.

00:33:23   You know, we are selfless leaders here.

00:33:26   Anything else?

00:33:28   We're ready for another break.

00:33:29   Let's take a break.

00:33:30   Let's take a break.

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00:35:35   relay FM. Alright Federico, you had a great idea for a topic. So what is this iPad Pro

00:35:41   dream here in this Google document? So the idea would be that there's new iPad Pro hardware

00:35:48   in theory coming out in 2020. And I mean, we've been talking about like the things we

00:35:52   would like to see in the iPad Pro. There's 5g, there's, you know, of course, CPU, GPU,

00:35:59   maybe a better display, who knows, but I don't want to talk about the hardware itself. I

00:36:04   I kind of wanted to have a discussion about the accessories that we would like to see

00:36:08   with new iPad Pro hardware, because since the introduction of the original iPad Pro

00:36:13   in 2015, that's five years ago, the accessories have basically stayed the same.

00:36:18   There's a smart keyboard, there's a smart cover now called the Smart Folio, and there's

00:36:23   the Apple Pencil, now at its second generation.

00:36:26   But really, there haven't been any major changes in terms of the accessories that Apple offers.

00:36:34   Third-party developers have tried to come up with their own smart connector accessories

00:36:39   and that really didn't pan out. I think Logitech was the only one that did a keyboard and a

00:36:43   stand at some point. Remember that weird charging stand?

00:36:47   Oh, the Logitech stand, yes.

00:36:49   Jason reviewed it and it was bad.

00:36:51   Yeah, it was bad and it charged really slowly because the smart connector is used for data

00:36:55   not for power. So I wanted to have a discussion about this idea that Apple could maybe expand

00:37:02   the offering around accessories for the iPad Pro.

00:37:07   And I feel like there's an obvious candidate here,

00:37:10   something that we keep talking about,

00:37:12   the idea of a pro take on the smart keyboard,

00:37:16   and even more pro,

00:37:18   an even more professional pro keyboard for the iPad Pro.

00:37:22   We've all used at some point, I believe,

00:37:26   the Brydge keyboard,

00:37:27   which is the accessory that uses Bluetooth to--

00:37:30   - I've ordered one of the new ones as well.

00:37:33   - There's a new one coming.

00:37:35   We all know the bridge keyboard

00:37:36   and it sort of replicates the look of a MacBook.

00:37:39   You put your iPad into the little clips

00:37:42   and you have sort of like a laptop

00:37:44   and there's a new one coming that has a track pad.

00:37:46   But like this idea of like,

00:37:47   how should the maybe could Apple take the smart keyboard,

00:37:51   which is designed to be portable and lightweight

00:37:55   and sort of not a confusing experience.

00:37:58   you don't need to know anything about Bluetooth, you just attach it, it connects, and you're ready to type.

00:38:03   What are the things we would like to see? If the keyboard is the first accessory we would like Apple to do something more about,

00:38:11   what are the features we would like to see? Myke?

00:38:14   So if we were talking about the keyboard, right, I want a few things. I want it to never have to be charged,

00:38:20   just like it attaches with the smart connector somehow, it's powered by the iPad, I never need to charge it, that would be great.

00:38:26   Like I like that the bridge keyboard, I was very happy when they moved to USB-C right

00:38:31   on their keyboard because then it's the same charger as my iPad.

00:38:34   But every now and then I still have to charge it.

00:38:36   I would just prefer to never have to charge it.

00:38:38   I would want the backlighting to be great, the keys to all feel good.

00:38:41   Like for it to actually feel like a magic keyboard, right?

00:38:43   That's what I would want.

00:38:44   I would want a trackpad from Apple, which means also improving the cursor support on

00:38:50   iPad OS.

00:38:51   Right.

00:38:52   also want them to rethink the function row and add more keys that are specific to the

00:38:58   iPad. Right? Like I don't know exactly what they would be, maybe like a slide over key

00:39:03   or like a key to activate split view or something like that. Like give me like rethink kind

00:39:09   of what that can do. I don't need on my function row like brightness controls and volume controls.

00:39:16   I don't need those on a keyboard because brightness is like super easy to get to from control

00:39:22   and I don't adjust it that much anyway. I never need volume because there's a physical

00:39:27   volume rocker on the iPad anyway. I mean I would even say that you could get rid of the

00:39:32   media keys if you had a better idea for what could go there, right? Like the play/pause

00:39:36   because again that stuff is so easy to do on iOS anyway. I don't know if I want them

00:39:40   on my keyboard but like rethinking what that could be or forget it give me a touch bar

00:39:46   I don't know, but give me something there that is more focused on iPadOS rather than

00:39:53   it being a holdover of Mac keyboard layouts, you know?

00:39:57   No, I do like the idea a lot, especially because, as you mentioned, on the iPad you have control

00:40:03   center and so for all those controls, literally just a single swipe away and you also have

00:40:08   the physical buttons. These keyboards have been modeled after the Mac and really the

00:40:14   magic keyboard and the media controls and it makes sense on a Mac because it takes a

00:40:19   bit longer to change those, like, to tweak the volume and to reach out and tweak the

00:40:25   display brightness and that kind of stuff. They don't necessarily make sense on an iPad.

00:40:29   I mean, I could even go and say why not... and I know that maybe Apple is sort of a customization

00:40:35   averse in a way, but why not make it a programmable keyboard in the sense that maybe you should

00:40:40   be able to launch your favorite apps just by clicking a single key. Or you could launch

00:40:46   one of your favorite spaces if Apple were to continue with the space metaphor in iPadOS.

00:40:52   Or maybe, you know, run shortcuts would be another potential feature. But like this idea

00:40:57   of give me something that is not necessarily just like the MacBook because we like the

00:41:02   keyboard as an idea, as a typing experience, but it doesn't necessarily reflect the same

00:41:09   environment of macOS and the Magic Keyboard. I mean, I agree with all of that. I don't

00:41:15   know... here's my problem here. I really like the Smart Keyboard. I've grown to love the

00:41:21   Smart Keyboard and just how lightweight it is and portable it is, and I know that adding

00:41:26   all these features would maybe go against that and make the Smart Keyboard more chunky

00:41:32   and thick and heavier. I don't know if it's chemically possible to make a smart keyboard

00:41:40   that has backlit material that doesn't require more, you know, wires and electronics under

00:41:47   the hood. I don't know if they can make a smart keyboard that is, you know, made of

00:41:51   fabric but also backlit at the same time. I don't know if it's possible at this time.

00:41:57   That doesn't seem impossible to me, like, because, I mean, the Hue strips are flexible.

00:42:03   You know, I'm not saying it's easy, but it doesn't feel like it would be impossible to

00:42:08   light that somehow with technology that exists today.

00:42:13   What I would really like to see, though, is even in the standard Smart Keyboard, not even

00:42:17   in the potential Pro version, more versatility in terms of viewing angles.

00:42:24   I would like Apple to sort of copy what Microsoft has been doing with the kickstand approach

00:42:30   and just give me more ways to fold the thing and prop up the iPad at a different angle.

00:42:36   Yeah, I don't remember what company this was now, but there was one that I saw recently

00:42:42   where the... it was like a smart keyboard but it had like a row of magnets in it so

00:42:48   you could adjust more easily by just moving it backwards and forwards.

00:42:51   I think that was a Microsoft product as well, I don't remember now.

00:42:55   But like, so imagine like the smart keyboard but instead of it locking into that little section

00:42:59   it will fit anywhere and you can just infinitely adjust it because the entire plane is magnetic

00:43:04   where it's attaching to, that would be really nice.

00:43:07   Yeah, that would be really nice. I shouldn't have, I also shouldn't have to attach

00:43:11   metal kickstands to the outer side of the smart keyboard if I want to type in

00:43:17   software keyboard mode, which is something that I do.

00:43:21   So I agree with all of that. I would also mention I

00:43:23   Want an update to the magic keyboard?

00:43:26   It's been a while and I think it's time for the magic keyboard to switch to USB C instead of lightning for charging

00:43:32   If only because you know computers are switching to USB C

00:43:37   So keep up with the times and also make it backlit because the magic keyboard is great

00:43:41   I love it, but it charges real lightning which I don't like and it's not backlit

00:43:46   Which it feels like it should be because it's a keyboard with a battery

00:43:50   I mean if we're going to talk about the Magic Keyboard, find a way to put Touch ID on it

00:43:54   as well.

00:43:55   Well, yes.

00:43:56   I know that's like a whole different thing that I'm sure is very, very complicated, but

00:44:01   that would be kind of amazing.

00:44:02   I'm sure you would love that, Steven, right?

00:44:04   Like if somebody...

00:44:05   Because your MacBook Pro has Touch ID, right?

00:44:08   Yeah.

00:44:09   Yeah, so like I'm sure that you get very frustrated when you sit down at your wonderful Mac Pro

00:44:14   and you can't...

00:44:15   You have to type in to authenticate.

00:44:17   Because I use the Apple Watch, when I wear my Apple Watch and I do the Apple Watch unlock,

00:44:21   but that for me is not consistent in speed.

00:44:26   It doesn't always work.

00:44:27   It's super slow.

00:44:28   I find it to be very slow.

00:44:29   I sit down at the computer and I have to look at the login screen and wait for it to unlock.

00:44:33   I don't like the time that it takes for the Apple Watch to unlock the computer.

00:44:37   And it also doesn't work all the time and it annoys me that it doesn't work if I have

00:44:41   to reboot it.

00:44:42   I get why.

00:44:44   Like I find the Apple watch unlock to be unsatisfactory.

00:44:47   I would like to be able to authenticate with face ID or touch ID instead.

00:44:50   Yeah, that that and back letter definitely that the top things for me.

00:44:54   I mean, I want every keyboard to be back that I use.

00:44:57   And right now the only one that actually is that he's in a regular basis

00:45:01   is the MacBook Pro.

00:45:03   The the only thing I thought about as far as the iPad goes is I'm

00:45:07   I have never found like the folding situation to be

00:45:13   extremely pleasant with the iPad Pro and the smart keyboard. The current one I feel like

00:45:18   is pretty good. It's easier to do one-handed, but I don't know. And everyone struggles with

00:45:22   this, you know?

00:45:23   It's one of those things that makes the bridge much more satisfying.

00:45:26   Right.

00:45:27   Because it's just like a laptop, you just close it.

00:45:29   Yeah, it just...

00:45:30   It's not an origami.

00:45:31   Yeah, and I just kind of wish for that. Now, I don't know if that would make it more or

00:45:35   less stable in the lap, because that's sort of the other complaint I have is that the

00:45:40   current smart keyboard situation like on your lap at least on the 11 inch you

00:45:43   know the 12 9 is wider like it's a it's a little it feels a little dangerous

00:45:48   sometimes to use it on your lap and I feel like a keyboard that was sturdier

00:45:53   somehow could could maybe help with that but but I don't know it's also very loud

00:45:58   when it snaps into place I mean oh yeah open the smart keyboard at night and

00:46:02   people are sleeping good luck now waking up the entire building when it yeah like

00:46:09   that. Like one time I wanted to save an idea like in a note and it was like 3 a.m. I was

00:46:14   like "I had this really good idea I gotta save it somewhere" and so I pick up my iPad

00:46:18   from my desk and I fold it open and then it clicks so loud that Silvia woke up and is

00:46:24   like "what happened?" and it's like "sorry it was just a keyboard." It's very loud. It

00:46:31   shouldn't be that loud. I like the idea of magnets like let me slide the thing so that

00:46:36   it doesn't have to click and attach to a specific ridge of the keyboard, so that'd be nice.

00:46:43   Apple Pencil.

00:46:44   Myke, what do you want from the Pencil?

00:46:46   I'm never going to give up on the two things that I want from the Apple Pencil.

00:46:49   I want an aluminium one just because I think it will look nice and you can make me pay

00:46:53   more for it.

00:46:54   I just would like it.

00:46:55   Pencil Pro.

00:46:56   And I still want a programmable function button.

00:46:58   I like the tap thing but it's not that good.

00:47:00   I still want buttons.

00:47:02   I think this thing should have buttons that you can press and it will do things in software.

00:47:06   it is a very comfortable thing to do with Wacom tablets and stuff. I think that this

00:47:11   needs a button or it needs a real Force trackpad type deal, like what we have on the AirPods

00:47:21   Pro or whatever, you press the ForcePress. Because the tapping thing is fine but it's

00:47:27   not very intuitive. I think there needs to be some kind of programming area on this I

00:47:32   think. I would really like it.

00:47:34   I've completely forgotten about the tapping thing. Buttons are good. Why don't people like buttons?

00:47:41   Buttons are great. Even fake buttons are okay, right? Yes. They're all better than gestures.

00:47:46   Yes, yes they are. And especially when you associate the word "programmable" with them,

00:47:53   they become especially good because it's like it's a physical thing that you can customize the way

00:47:57   that you want. And now I don't use the pencil much because I don't, you know, I don't take

00:48:02   notes that way, but I kind of love the idea of the Pencil, if it had a programmable button,

00:48:08   as sort of like an additional interface to execute something on my iPad, whether it's

00:48:14   open, again, opening one of my favorite apps or switching to a split view or running a

00:48:20   shortcut, because why not? There's precedent for this, for example, in accessibility, you

00:48:24   can pick from a list of shortcuts to execute when you have a trackpad connected to your

00:48:29   iPad so let me run a shortcut when I click a button on the Apple Pencil. That'd be nice.

00:48:37   But yeah, I don't use it for handwriting and such. So aluminum, I probably wouldn't buy

00:48:45   the... This sounds like a Pencil Pro to me that you're wishing for. Like a different

00:48:49   material, a more expensive material and a button. I would buy it just for the button,

00:48:55   honestly. Not for the material.

00:48:57   Pro like that that feels like something Apple would want to make at some point. Yeah, make

00:49:02   it more expensive, make more money. Yeah. Yeah, I do wish the cost of both of these

00:49:08   products was less because it's like if you buy the iPad and then you want the smart keyboard

00:49:12   on as like you've you've spent a lot of money, you know, all of a sudden. So I do wish for

00:49:18   lower entry points. I do like the idea of a different material on the pencil. I wish

00:49:24   that it was more for me at least it was more comfortable long term like I find

00:49:28   the hard plastic or whatever it is to be kind of uncomfortable after a while but

00:49:34   my primary complaint with the current Apple pencil is and one of the two of

00:49:38   you mentioned this where you're getting marks on the Apple pencil and the iPad

00:49:42   where they touch like like debris or something gets on there then it's I have

00:49:45   those yeah I need to now all of a sudden the play don't I don't have this yeah my

00:49:50   My pencil has two black marks across it and they correspond with two black marks across

00:49:55   the iPad.

00:49:56   And I keep it, I'm not using this thing in a, you know, some sort of mining situation.

00:50:01   Like it's pretty clean.

00:50:02   I don't know what happened, but that's a little frustrating.

00:50:04   Well, you know, if we're talking about Apple pencil, make a small one, make a big iPhone,

00:50:10   put them together.

00:50:11   Like let's just do it again.

00:50:14   I've I've let I'd let this dream go.

00:50:16   Like Jason's done two things to me recently.

00:50:18   There are two dreams that I'd let go.

00:50:19   One of them was this, right, that there would somehow be a smaller

00:50:23   smaller pencil with a bigger iPhone because the iPhone Pro Max is getting

00:50:28   bigger, apparently is what rumors are saying.

00:50:31   And also the idea of head pods like Jason has got me back around to both of these

00:50:36   products like that they should exist again.

00:50:39   So that's kind of where I'm at.

00:50:41   And like it's basically I'm basically doing a twenty nineteen replay at this point

00:50:45   where like I'm coming back around to things

00:50:47   that I previously let go, but that is one of them.

00:50:49   Like a tiny little pencil,

00:50:51   maybe it has to go in a special case or whatever,

00:50:53   but then it can be used with a larger iPhone.

00:50:56   I would still really like it.

00:50:57   I would still really like it.

00:50:59   - I have a list of other, this is the other category.

00:51:03   Myke mentioned this a few minutes ago.

00:51:06   If Apple were to add trackpad to a smart keyboard pro,

00:51:10   obviously we wouldn't want none of that

00:51:13   assistive touch business, which is great for real accessibility purposes, but really what

00:51:18   we're reaching for, and it was a whole section in my iOS and iPadOS review in September,

00:51:22   is to have proper integration between the external pointing device and the iPadOS UI

00:51:28   kit interface. At the moment, yes, you have a cursor, but it's not really a cursor in

00:51:32   the way that you think of a cursor on the Mac. There's no... it should be an actual

00:51:38   native feature that supports things like hovering over interface elements, for example, or have

00:51:46   the interface adapt to whether you're using a finger or an external pointing device. And

00:51:51   really, the main feature here is the combination of, once the iPadOS UI supports external pointing

00:51:59   devices, it then becomes natural to think, well, now that I have a real cursor, I should

00:52:04   be able to place this cursor on other displays. Therefore, there should also be better integration

00:52:11   with external displays that works, again, like on the Mac, but done in a new and different

00:52:17   and iPad-first sort of way. So, for example, you should be able to have multiple split

00:52:24   views going on on different displays, one on the iPad, the other on an external monitor.

00:52:32   now makes one of them again, it's super expensive, but still, the point being that

00:52:38   the current support for external displays with the basic mirroring is not good. It's

00:52:43   fine for those very few developers that support the feature, some games do, some other productivity

00:52:51   apps do, like MindNode for example and WorkingCopy is another. There's an existing API for developers

00:52:58   to say output this content on an external display, but it's really done for presentation

00:53:04   purposes only. The external display, you cannot interact with it, you cannot move the cursor

00:53:10   from the iPad onto the external display, and that should become possible. I'm very stubborn

00:53:19   and I keep thinking that the idea of the iPad Pro being this sort of hybrid device without

00:53:27   having to be marketed as such. It just becomes a desktop computer when it's at a desk and you have a trackpad and

00:53:34   you have an external monitor, but then you just unplug a single cable and it becomes an iPad again. It's a tablet.

00:53:41   I don't think Apple needs to say we're now making a hybrid computer.

00:53:44   They just need to improve those couple of features that would make you work better in that type of scenario.

00:53:50   I do work with my iPad and my desk with my LG Ultrafine 4K,

00:53:55   But it's not ideal because you get the pillar boxing on the external display,

00:54:00   you cannot place the cursor there, and you cannot have two separate pieces of content going on at the same time.

00:54:08   It should become a native functionality. It should be done better.

00:54:13   I don't know if it's ever going to happen, though.

00:54:15   This is sort of a... it bleeds into this sort of like political discussion at Apple.

00:54:20   the iPad be capable of working with trackpads and external displays just like a Mac?

00:54:25   Is that a, you know, is that maybe a bridge too far? I don't know, but you know, this is wishful thinking.

00:54:31   This is what we're doing here. So we're free to wish. I would even just like the ability to

00:54:36   be able to plug the iPad into a display and then just turn the iPad off.

00:54:41   Right, like just lock the screen. You know the basics. Yeah, like that even that would just be like,

00:54:48   that would be nice. So I don't have to put the iPad facing away from me so it doesn't

00:54:52   distract me. That would just be a nice thing to do even.

00:54:57   An iPad stand made by Apple. This is something that I also want. Sometime in the decent feature.

00:55:05   I'm using the, after Myke's recommendation, I'm using the ClearLook with Ks everywhere.

00:55:11   clear look iPad stand, which is fine, it's got this sort of hinge made of plastic that

00:55:18   grips onto your iPad and allows me to use the iPad in front of me, in front of my line

00:55:26   of sight, which is better for my neck and my posture and it's better when I work at

00:55:30   my desk. Once again, this is not a discussion about "you should use a Mac", this is not

00:55:35   about that, this is like we're using our iPads this way, you will not be...

00:55:39   I actually had somebody send a tweet to me today, which is a very good point and I wanted

00:55:43   to make it on the show too, what we're talking about is kind of stuff. Because they said

00:55:46   like previously you'd said that you were using the iPad because it allowed, like it was more

00:55:51   ergonomic for you because you could change like where you're sitting more easily, you

00:55:56   could change your input methods. But then the guy said like, but recently you've been

00:55:59   talking about the fact that you're trying to find more ergonomic scenarios for home,

00:56:04   like so you can set up your iPad on a desk, like has it changed? And I think what I wanted

00:56:08   to say on that is like the point for me is no I actually still think it's better like

00:56:12   because this is a sub called Chris who's who asked me this question because the iPad gives

00:56:18   me the flexibility to do all of these things so I can sit on the couch and use the Apple

00:56:24   pencil and that's great but then I can also put it on a desk on a stand and use a keyboard

00:56:29   and a mouse like I actually I feel get even more flexibility over the ergonomic situations

00:56:35   that I can choose to put myself in than I do of another computer. So it's not that anything's

00:56:38   changed, it's that I'm just looking to increase the flexibility of the scenarios that I have

00:56:44   available to me. And finally I would mention that I would like the Smart Folio, so the

00:56:50   basic one, what used to be called the Smart Cover, to have some kind of integrated pencil

00:56:56   holder. Yes I know that Apple wants to do the magnetic attachment type of deal for pairing

00:57:01   and charging, which is fine, but really the pencil never stays in place when the iPad

00:57:07   is in a bag. I always find it somewhere else, and so I just would like, you know, just to

00:57:13   have a holder in there. Again, third-party manufacturers have come up with alternatives

00:57:18   here, and it's one of those scenarios where I just want more options, really. I just,

00:57:25   I get the idea of like, you just attach it and you never have to think about it again,

00:57:30   really you have to think about it because you place your iPad in a bag and then the

00:57:34   pencil is somewhere else and that's not great. So the Smartfolio, which I also have and never

00:57:40   use, would be nicer to have a pencil holder. And basically these are my sort of the main

00:57:46   wishes that I wanted to talk about. I don't know if you guys have anything else to share.

00:57:50   No, I think I asked about it, but like really I just want there to be more stuff because

00:57:56   I just think that it would be great.

00:57:58   Stuff is nice. More stuff is always good when you're a computer nerd. More options, more flexibility.

00:58:06   And pros like to customize stuff. At the end of the day that's all it comes down to.

00:58:14   Pros like options and pros like flexibility.

00:58:18   So I think whether it's a keyboard with a trackpad or the function row with the customizable keys

00:58:24   or the Pencil Pro with the programmable button, we just want slightly more and a lot more

00:58:32   options.

00:58:33   And it feels good with the iPad because increasingly you can use it in a bunch of different scenarios,

00:58:41   so more hardware coming from Apple that backs this up would be really great, I think.

00:58:48   Yeah, because if Apple gets in this game more than it not only shows third parties what

00:58:55   they could do, but it also I think it signals to people that Apple takes their customers

00:59:00   using the iPad in different contexts seriously.

00:59:03   I felt with the iPad Pro when they introduced the keyboard and the pencil like, "Oh, they're

00:59:09   really changing the perception of the iPad by doing this."

00:59:13   saying yes people want to use it in this way and we're gonna basically compete with the surface and

00:59:19   these other things but they've never taken step two of that journey right it's only been these

00:59:23   things and it's i mean the ipad pro came out four and a half years ago like it's the the keyboard

00:59:29   and pencil is basically the same and as as ipad os has gotten better it feels like the keyboard

00:59:36   and the pencil just haven't kept up and so all this hardware talk aside like i just want to see

00:59:42   more software support for this stuff too. I mean all the multitasking stuff like why

00:59:46   can't I do that without picking my hands up off the keyboard? Right? I can do it on a

00:59:51   Mac that way. Like why do I have to do all these like all this back and forth and they're

00:59:56   making steps like keyboard shortcuts and those things are all good but I feel like it's it's

01:00:01   time for them to really dig into what is possible to encourage everybody to move in that direction

01:00:08   together. Yes. All right. We are going to talk some about CES. I know it wrapped up

01:00:16   last week, but we had some things that we wanted to talk about. So we're going to do

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01:01:34   Gentlemen allow me to take you on a tour of the things that was interesting I saw that were

01:01:40   interesting to me at CES from last week. Not that I was there but merely following along with my

01:01:45   favorite blogs and YouTube channels. The first thing is a selection of new LG monitors. So

01:01:52   there's some interesting stuff here but one of them is a 38 inch ultra-wide which has thunderbolt

01:01:57   3 support. The rest of them are USB-C and stuff like that, but I wanted to get your

01:02:02   opinions, Diabon, on like, that feels like it could be a very interesting Mac Pro option,

01:02:08   right?

01:02:09   Yeah, it could. You know, I don't know. It's 38 inches, it's ultra wide. Some people are

01:02:16   really into that scene. I haven't done much with that. But the resolution is 3840 by 1600.

01:02:24   And so I'm not sure of the density, doing some like quick math.

01:02:30   That's not quite retina resolution, but because it's basically 4k, but but at 38 inches, so

01:02:39   it does like if you want a curved monitor, this seems like a great idea because Thunderbolt

01:02:43   Three is awesome.

01:02:44   And it is showing up in more and more PCs as well.

01:02:47   But if you're coming from like a an iMac going to the Mac Pro, I think you'd maybe be a little

01:02:53   disappointed in the density of the screen. Yeah, because LG have a bunch of other monitors

01:02:58   that they showed off, but this is the only one, the new one, that has Thunderbolt 3.

01:03:04   This is, the rest of them are all USB-C. So there's a bunch of, there's some options there,

01:03:11   but I just thought it was interesting that they had another, like it's basically like

01:03:14   if you don't like the ultra-fine or if you want a bit more flexibility and size and kind

01:03:20   of like, yeah, screen real estate, this is another option for you, right?

01:03:24   Yeah, but I do like that it's Thunderbolt because Thunderbolt needs to be like, wildly

01:03:28   successful because that's good for Mac users. And so yeah, think about like the firewire

01:03:33   days, firewire was on some Sony stuff and on a bunch of cameras, but it didn't really

01:03:38   take off like in the wider PC market and Thunderbolt three, I think because it's it's from Intel,

01:03:45   it just comes on the chipsets most of the time. And it's the same port as USB C. So

01:03:50   kind of get two for one like it is showing up more and more and that's only

01:03:53   good for those of us with Macs in the house. HP have a new all-in-one that I

01:03:59   would like Apple to borrow heavily from when looking at an iMac redesign. It is a

01:04:05   31 and a half inch 4k display. The bezels are super thin. I think it has a really

01:04:10   nice, it features the smart home fabric right that like every device has right

01:04:15   there at the bottom which is probably where the speaker is. So I like the overall

01:04:19   design of it but the reason I went to include it is it has one amazing feature

01:04:22   the base of the screen like the PC has a wireless charger in it so you can charge

01:04:27   your phone on it yeah that's that's awesome yes right and then also like I

01:04:31   saw I don't remember who it was it might some like I think it might have been

01:04:34   Logitech we're making a mouse that could wirelessly charge like I don't remember

01:04:39   what company it was but like have that would be really great right like your

01:04:43   wireless charging mouse a wireless charger in the base of your monitor and

01:04:46   and you can just pick and you could just easily just like when you walk away for the day you

01:04:50   just drop it on there and you'll have it ready or you can put your phone down on there. I think

01:04:54   that this is like a very smart like a very smart way to handle this kind of stuff like to put

01:05:01   wireless charging inside of the base of a computer it's like such a natural place right?

01:05:06   I bet it's where you're going to see your phone when you work right? Yeah. Like no-brainer.

01:05:12   Yeah, so like and then it's also like that is that is desk real estate that is otherwise unused

01:05:18   right because it's you can't do anything with the base of the computer so you're actually making

01:05:23   some use to it which i think is really nice. The next one is exciting news Myke for you but also

01:05:29   maybe for me LG's 2020 OLED lineup is going to include a TV at 48 inches which i think would

01:05:38   probably solve the size problem you had with your bigger TV. By the way, is that still sitting in

01:05:44   your house? Oh no, we got that taken care of. So this is a long story, but basically,

01:05:53   after getting some consumer legal advice, we were able to return it.

01:05:56   Okay, good. Yeah, it was like a whole thing. It was like a big thing and Adina handled it,

01:06:01   but we were able to return it. Yeah, because I've kind of been thinking that maybe this is the year

01:06:05   we go to 4k. We have an old LG 1080 TV now, but 55 inches in the room that's in it. Myke,

01:06:13   you've been in my house where the TV is, I feel like I'd have the same problem you would,

01:06:17   where 55 would be too big. But 48 I think would be kind of the sweet spot. So I'm excited to see this

01:06:23   come out later this year. And, you know, it's nice that like, not everyone needs a 65 inch

01:06:30   television and so I'm glad that they're moving downstream a little bit.

01:06:35   This is, I have my eye on this, this is what we will buy.

01:06:39   Like I'm very very excited to see when this 40H goes on the market.

01:06:45   Like Sony's doing one as well, but I want the LG one, like that's what I want because

01:06:50   I loved the LG 55, I love the design of it, I really like the remote, I liked everything

01:06:55   about it.

01:06:56   just too big but I think a 48 would fit really well for us because we have like a 42 right

01:07:02   now and so I think a 48 would fit really nicely so like I really am keeping my eye out for

01:07:09   when LG are going to push this product out.

01:07:12   But it's good because it's been rumored for ages that they were going to do it but they

01:07:17   have actually shown it off like they are doing it so if anybody ever sees this thing go on

01:07:22   sale please let me know. There was a lot of TV stuff obviously like 8K 900 inch TVs or

01:07:30   whatever but this is like a realistic thing that I think a lot of people would like and

01:07:34   I'm pleased that companies are starting to go down in the size line. I think that's really

01:07:39   great.

01:07:40   2018, 2019 and 2020 OG TVs are going to get the Apple TV app and also some Sony and Physio

01:07:48   TVs as well so these TVs will have some variation of AirPlay and maybe or maybe

01:07:56   not HomeKit right but currently up to this point Samsung was the only company

01:08:02   that had the actual Apple TV app itself installed so you didn't even need to

01:08:08   you didn't use any other device you could just go and watch like for all

01:08:13   mankind or whatever just on the on the TV well it's when I think this was

01:08:17   this might have been last September or something like that when Apple was showing us off they

01:08:21   did reference that other companies would get this functionality so that's happening.

01:08:25   LG seems to be doing a good job of putting it on most of their TVs over the last few

01:08:30   years so if you have one of those at some point you'll get that. I reckon that for a

01:08:35   lot of people honestly like the need for an Apple TV is decreasing.

01:08:41   Oh yeah.

01:08:42   asked. If you have a modern TV now, you get the Apple TV app so you get all of that content,

01:08:48   which includes all of the movies that you've ever bought. It's not just the original stuff,

01:08:53   it's all of the stuff you can watch in it. You get access to your entire library.

01:08:57   You can watch YouTube in 4K because the Apple TV can't do that. And then all of the apps that you

01:09:06   use like Netflix and stuff, they look just the same on the smart TV apps as they do on

01:09:12   the Apple TV. And a lot of these companies, like if you watch Netflix a lot, which I think

01:09:16   most of us do, they have like Netflix buttons on the remote controls, right? So like, when

01:09:23   I get this LG, I wouldn't be surprised if over time I just move away from using the

01:09:29   Apple TV because all I use it for is to launch the apps that are already installed on the

01:09:35   the smart TV, they're already all there, but the only one that was missing was Apple's,

01:09:39   but when Apple puts it on all of these TVs, it really reduces the requirement for me to

01:09:46   use the Apple TV box, because the remote is not as good, right?

01:09:50   And I feel like I'm struggling to understand why I would want to use the Apple TV, like

01:09:56   I don't like the Apple TV UI, I know some people do, but I don't like it, even though

01:10:00   I'm the TV OS guy, I mean that's probably the only reason I would have to keep using

01:10:03   an Apple TV so I can keep doing my great reviews that everybody looks forward to. But it just

01:10:09   becomes less and less of an incentive, there's less and less incentive, right, to use the

01:10:15   Apple TV itself.

01:10:17   Yeah, I... one of my issues with the built-in... and by the way, I'm sad that my 2017 LG TV

01:10:25   is getting none of these upgrades, even though I know that it's technically capable of handling

01:10:30   but whatever. What I don't like is that every so often the built-in Netflix app on my smart TV

01:10:36   resets the setting to turn off motion smoothing, which is why I keep opening the Apple TV app.

01:10:46   My problem is that I forgot how to change it back, so now motion smoothing is back on in the

01:10:54   the Netflix built-in app on my LG TV and I don't...

01:10:58   Wait, just Netflix?

01:10:59   Yeah, just Netflix. And I don't know... Yeah, I don't know why it's on again somehow.

01:11:08   Some listener knows how to fix this.

01:11:09   Some listeners knows and they're going to send me the instructions because I'm too lazy

01:11:14   to Google it again and fiddle around, you know, while Sylvia is waiting to watch a show

01:11:19   on Netflix. I don't want to do that. It's somewhere in settings, I'm sure. But yeah,

01:11:24   motion smo- and like, it's become something that we notice right away. Like Silvia used

01:11:28   to make fun of me for noticing motion smoothing, and now she caught the bug too. Now she notices

01:11:34   that immediately. She's like, nope, change to the Apple TV. So, but yeah, I basically

01:11:40   don't use the Apple TV for anything else but the Netflix app because I'm lazy. And I guess

01:11:48   on the big bedroom TV we don't have the native Apple TV app so we also use it for that. But

01:11:57   I could see a scenario where we forgo the Apple TV box entirely and we just use the

01:12:05   built-in apps which are better than everything else really because there's a button in the

01:12:11   remote and if you don't have a button, like I don't think my remote has a Prime Video

01:12:16   button but there's the recent button and if you click it you open the webOS UI

01:12:21   which is so much better than the TVOS UI and the remote has a pointing

01:12:28   cursor so you just need to hover over the Prime Video channel and you click and

01:12:32   it's done. It's again it's a lesson in how to design remotes for actual

01:12:39   television watching. So...

01:12:41   I can't wait to get this TV.

01:12:43   Yeah, it's a sturdy remote, you know, it's not made of glass, so no risk of shattering the glass surface of the remote.

01:12:51   A dog can throw the remote all across the room, let me tell you, and it will not break.

01:12:56   And it's also made of, you know, it comes with replaceable AA batteries, which is, you know, it's not great, but whatever.

01:13:04   Yeah, and it's got a click wheel, it's got a pointing cursor, it's really well done.

01:13:10   It's a good remote, and it's also ergonomic, and you can always tell which way is up, which

01:13:15   it still gets me every single time.

01:13:17   And if you accidentally just brush the back of your hand against the remote, well, nothing

01:13:25   happens.

01:13:26   So it's beautiful, it's beautiful.

01:13:29   The world of plastic remotes, it's a beautiful world.

01:13:31   Let me tell you guys about a gaming PC.

01:13:34   called the Razer Tomahawk and I thought it looked really interesting. I put the link

01:13:38   in the show notes on Austin Evans' video where they show it being put together and then also

01:13:42   a Verge article about the thing that lives inside of this. It is being built around something

01:13:47   that Intel was calling the NUC compute element. If you're familiar with the NUC, right? The

01:13:54   little tiny Intel box, right? They're making something now which is called the NUC compute

01:13:59   element which is it's basically like it looks like a graphics card but it has a

01:14:05   tiny motherboard inside and it has a Intel chip and it's really small and you

01:14:12   can fit it into these like basically shoebox size PC cases so you have these

01:14:17   small boards you have to you do have to bring your own graphics card RAM and

01:14:21   SSD and obviously have a case to put it in but it's basically giving people the

01:14:26   ability to more easily build gaming PCs or PCs in general and put them into much smaller

01:14:35   cases. It's like a really clever design. The problem is that the compute element starts

01:14:39   at $1050 for an i5 so it's very expensive considering you also need to bring your own

01:14:45   graphics card, RAM and SSD and a case to put it all in. But it does result in very new

01:14:51   and weird in a good way I think looking PC designs. So you can end up with pretty powerful

01:14:57   machines in much much smaller chassis. Now of course like all the thermals and stuff

01:15:01   like who knows how that's going to work yet but I saw a few PCs for it, I thought it looked

01:15:06   pretty interesting. It's just like another thing that Intel's doing to I don't know try

01:15:11   and differentiate themselves in some way. The NUCs seem to have been a bit of a hobby

01:15:13   of success so they're kind of pushing it out a little bit more. But I don't know if either

01:15:18   you have literally anything to say on that, you don't have to, it's fine. Next thing is

01:15:21   maybe more interesting.

01:15:23   It's like, no, it's like a baby. It's like if a Mac mini and a Mac Pro had a baby, right?

01:15:29   It's modular in a weird way.

01:15:31   Yes, it is. It's very similar to that.

01:15:33   One of the things I'd read was like concern around how long Intel was going to support

01:15:37   this platform as it's a one and done. And they said they're going to support it for

01:15:40   several years to come. So next year, you could buy a new compute element with a better processor

01:15:47   slide it in and keep your GPU, RAM, SSD all the same. So it's yeah

01:15:51   upgradeable, but like the people who want to build a gaming PC will still do that, but if you

01:15:57   kind of want to do it, but not all the way and this is like a nice middle ground

01:16:01   I don't know how big of a market that is, but I love weird form factors for PC. So I'm glad they're doing it

01:16:06   Yes, like the Razer Tomahawk will start at like $2,300 for a complete system, which is expensive for a gaming PC

01:16:13   I don't think my gaming PC that I built will cost that much and it would smoke this thing.

01:16:20   But I will say that even though I really loved building my gaming PC, I was very apprehensive

01:16:25   beforehand and if something like this existed, I would have seriously looked at it as somebody

01:16:28   who's never done it before.

01:16:31   Like if you're maybe somebody who would buy something like Corsair makes something called

01:16:36   the Corsair One, which is effectively a gaming PC, but you buy it like it's a games console,

01:16:40   like it's already pre-built.

01:16:42   And this would give people that are in that kind of market more options because they would

01:16:46   be able to more easily upgrade it when they needed to because it seems like a very simple

01:16:51   machine to upgrade.

01:16:52   A OnePlus had a concept phone called the Concept One that they were showing off and the fun

01:16:57   feature about this is it uses something called electrochromic glass to hide the cameras.

01:17:03   So it's like a sunroof and it's actually built on the same technology that they use in a

01:17:06   McLaren sports car.

01:17:08   If you don't know, OnePlus and McLaren, the car company, have like an agreement, they

01:17:12   have some kind of partnership and every year they create a super fast version of the OnePlus

01:17:17   phone which they call the McLaren edition and it always has some design to it.

01:17:21   This concept had like orange leather that's like in the McLaren seats.

01:17:25   I think it looks really cool but anyway.

01:17:28   The electrochromic glass is interesting because it hides the cameras.

01:17:33   So what it does is, imagine, it's like, you know, like, if you've ever seen this, like,

01:17:39   electric, like, when you've got, like, glass and you can run a current through it and make

01:17:42   it clear, right? Like, you could do it on some...

01:17:44   Yeah, like on, like on certain Virgin Atlantic airplanes?

01:17:48   Sure.

01:17:49   Maybe?

01:17:50   Yeah, yeah, like that, it's anything, so it's basically using an electric charge to change

01:17:55   the opacity of glass.

01:17:57   So effectively what it's doing is you can have, like, three or four cameras behind the

01:18:01   the glass and you don't see them until you need them.

01:18:05   And one of the things that's good about this is like going into the future, like the rumors

01:18:09   for the Samsung S20, which is that's the name by the way it seems, S20 rather than S11,

01:18:15   they just go into 2020 S20.

01:18:18   There's going to be like five cameras in this thing maybe.

01:18:20   And like that's going to get uglier and uglier over time.

01:18:24   So having glass that can hide the cameras, if you can find a way to integrate that into

01:18:30   the design of the phone, the OnePlus concept phone does because it just looks like it's

01:18:33   a flat piece and then it just hides it. I think it's actually really nice, like it's

01:18:37   like a nice design and it also works as something called an ND filter. I didn't know what this

01:18:41   meant and I heard a bunch of YouTubers like talking about "oh it's an ND filter" I had

01:18:45   no idea what this meant but I was able to get an answer from a friend. It's like putting

01:18:49   sunglasses on your phone's camera so like the light would be less harsh so if you're

01:18:53   maybe taking a picture of something and the light is really bright you could turn on this

01:18:57   filter using this glass and it would like dim the light for you right so I think that this is a very

01:19:03   interesting thing and I assume it's going to be in the next OnePlus phone that will come out this year

01:19:09   which will also have a 120 hertz display. Phones are going to get crazy in 2020 guys like I am

01:19:14   very much here for this like the rumors of the S20 is madness like a hundred and something

01:19:22   megapixel camera and like it's it looks it looks pretty bananas but that's

01:19:29   something that's maybe it's something for another day that's coming out in

01:19:31   February or something but that is my my whistle stop tour of things that

01:19:35   interested me at CES. If you want to find links to stuff we spoke about this week

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