275: The Rickies (Early 2020)


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 275.

00:00:12   It's made possible this week by our sponsors,

00:00:14   Booz Allen, Health IQ, and Hover.

00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hackett and I am joined

00:00:20   in this new year by my friend and yours, Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:23   - I would like to be known as Ricky Hurley for this episode.

00:00:27   - Well, I don't, that's assumptive.

00:00:30   We'll see, we'll see.

00:00:32   - King of Rickeys, Myke Hurley.

00:00:34   - Federico is also here, hello Federico.

00:00:35   - Hey, we'll have to see about that, Myke.

00:00:38   - Oh yeah?

00:00:39   - I don't know for how long you're gonna be

00:00:40   King of the Rickey.

00:00:41   - We'll see, yeah, we'll see.

00:00:43   I have a conspiracy theory.

00:00:45   - Oh yeah? - Oh no.

00:00:46   - Yeah. - Okay.

00:00:47   - Yeah.

00:00:48   - So this is our annual prediction episode.

00:00:52   If you're not familiar with this,

00:00:53   we do these before Apple events,

00:00:55   but we also do them for the whole year

00:00:58   where we make predictions, then we grade ourselves,

00:01:00   and there's a very elaborate rule and scoring system

00:01:03   that we will discuss as we go.

00:01:05   So today we're doing a couple things.

00:01:07   We are reviewing our 2019 picks,

00:01:09   and we will see who won that for last year,

00:01:13   and we'll be making our 2020 picks.

00:01:16   And occasionally throughout the year we revisit these,

00:01:18   but a year from today we will see how we've done.

00:01:21   So it's a very exciting day. - Hold your horses.

00:01:23   You hold your horses.

00:01:25   There's nothing else to talk about. You wait right there. There's nothing else to talk about. The Rickies can wait.

00:01:31   You have done two things. You betrayed us and

00:01:35   Yes, you purchase something.

00:01:38   There is a purchase/betrayal going on. I would like to bring forward a motion to impeach Stephen Hackett.

00:01:46   He is unfit to co-host this show.

00:01:54   Wow

00:01:55   Okay, it's not like I bought a ThinkPad. I mean come on

00:01:58   No, you betrayed us for another program with exclusive content

00:02:04   Yeah, I would like to say that you colluded with David Sparks. Yes

00:02:08   Yes, that there was collusion. There was collusion

00:02:12   and

00:02:15   Therefore Myke and I are going to have a vote

00:02:19   Okay. And with this vote, you will be impeached from a podcast, which means...

00:02:25   Nothing.

00:02:26   It really means nothing. Basically, just like in real life, like it means nothing.

00:02:31   You'll still be here.

00:02:33   Literally.

00:02:34   But you will always be remembered as the first impeached co-host of this program.

00:02:40   Wow. I've done nothing wrong.

00:02:44   You bought a Macintosh Professional.

00:02:46   Yes.

00:02:47   And kept it from the connected audience.

00:02:49   Yes. It's a secret. When asked to share such news with the audience, he refused.

00:02:58   Refused.

00:02:59   Refused, mentioning the fact that he had struck a deal behind closed doors with David Sparks

00:03:06   to share this information on a different show. So I think we have all we need for podcast

00:03:15   impeachment here. Stephen, you have any statements?

00:03:20   Uh, I don't think I have to defend myself here.

00:03:24   Sure. No collusion. You did buy a Macintosh professional though. I did.

00:03:30   I did do that and I did break the news on MPU first.

00:03:34   And that proves the point. I mean,

00:03:36   I don't know in what exact episode it was that I said you would definitely do

00:03:40   this and you said you wouldn't,

00:03:41   but there is 100% that has been done multiple times.

00:03:44   Would you like to talk about why?

00:03:48   I mean, I got really excited.

00:03:52   Yeah, I think that is perfectly valid.

00:03:54   We all knew it was going to happen, right?

00:03:56   Like I think everybody knew this.

00:03:57   Everybody knew you were buying it.

00:03:59   You didn't, but everybody else did.

00:04:02   So in the weirdness that is the holidays, it is actually out for delivery right now.

00:04:07   Yeah, we're in a time situation at the moment.

00:04:12   So I have bought it but I'm not using it yet but by the time this comes out I've had it

00:04:16   for a couple weeks.

00:04:17   Well unless the UPS guy just loses it.

00:04:22   It's an 80 pound box that would be tricky.

00:04:25   So it could fall off the back of a truck.

00:04:26   That would be sad.

00:04:27   It would hurt somebody severely.

00:04:30   It would crush whoever's behind the UPS truck in traffic.

00:04:33   So I may have to duck out at some point and go answer the door.

00:04:36   But I did it.

00:04:37   I shared about it on Mac Power Easers first.

00:04:40   That's just how it is.

00:04:41   So I stand in defiance to your impeachment.

00:04:45   - Clearly, clearly, you're just shouting it back at us.

00:04:48   Well, I'm very happy for you.

00:04:49   I actually am quite jealous of you

00:04:51   because I've been watching lots of Macintosh

00:04:55   professional YouTube content

00:04:56   and it's making me want it more.

00:05:00   - Do you see where Quinn Nelson took his apart completely?

00:05:04   - That's, Quinn's specific video

00:05:07   makes me want the machine a lot,

00:05:09   even though I would be so scared to touch it.

00:05:13   But for some reason, the fact that he and you own a computer that can be taken apart,

00:05:18   I was like, "Well, I want to take my computer apart."

00:05:22   But I don't...

00:05:23   It's probably ill-advised no matter what, but it was a very good video.

00:05:28   I liked that he brought to light some things that we had made assumptions about, right?

00:05:32   Like the fact that the wheels, in theory, can be added on, right?

00:05:36   that you can take the feet off if you take the entire computer apart. They're not necessarily

00:05:41   attached to the frame in theory because you can take the feet off, which means that somebody could

00:05:46   make aftermarket wheels for a Mac Pro if that's the thing that you're interested in. But I don't

00:05:52   know, it just seems like fun, right? I was also listening to ATP and hearing John pick out all

00:05:57   the cards he wants to put in his... It just seems like a fun thing to be able to do as a computer

00:06:03   user. I enjoyed putting my own PC together and being able to do that with a Macintosh

00:06:07   professional, it just sounds great.

00:06:09   Yeah, I'm excited. So, so can we move on? Can we talk about our 2019 predictions?

00:06:15   Can we predict if you will remain in the show?

00:06:19   I feel like I will not be evicted from office. Round one of our 2019 predictions. Federico,

00:06:27   you got to go first for 2019.

00:06:29   - Wow, we're not recapping rules, we're not just,

00:06:32   what is this, like?

00:06:32   - Oh, okay, okay, I'm sorry, you know you're right.

00:06:34   - Banana Republic situation over here,

00:06:36   like what's going on?

00:06:37   Like, this rules?

00:06:38   - Yeah, I feel like the rules,

00:06:40   in case people are new to the show,

00:06:42   if we don't explain the rules

00:06:44   before we do the prediction grading--

00:06:46   - It makes no sense.

00:06:46   - It will make no sense.

00:06:47   - No, it's not that it will not make sense,

00:06:49   it's that you just won't enjoy it as much,

00:06:52   because the rules are part of the enjoyment.

00:06:55   - The rules are part of the fun.

00:06:56   - Yes.

00:06:57   - So let me go through the rules,

00:06:59   then we will move on. Thank you. The winner who shall be called Chairman Ricky, as a reminder,

00:07:05   from the previous Ricky's gets to pick first. We've already gone into rule 1.1 because it,

00:07:15   the idea of picking first depends which Ricky's we're talking about. Yes. Correct. Because it's

00:07:22   There are multiple concurrent RIKI's that occur throughout the year.

00:07:28   Yes. So with the annual RIKI's, the winner of the previous annual RIKI, who is chairman

00:07:35   RIKI for the annual RIKI's, gets to pick the RIKI first.

00:07:39   If we'd... But then there are events throughout the year, right?

00:07:43   Like different Apple events.

00:07:45   That person gets to pick...

00:07:48   I'm lost now. I'm confused already.

00:07:51   So basically it, to go first, you have to have won the previous iteration of the Ricky.

00:07:59   So to be first, and so for instance, whoever won 2019 will get to go first in the 2020

00:08:07   annual predictions.

00:08:08   Whoever won WWC 2019 will go first for WWC 2020.

00:08:13   No it's because the Apple event should roll on one after another, remember?

00:08:17   That was different too.

00:08:18   Yeah, all the Apple events, like just the events, they roll on.

00:08:22   So we do Ricky's for those.

00:08:23   We should also talk about why they're even called Ricky's.

00:08:26   There are picks that go throughout the year.

00:08:32   The winner of the picks gets to pick first the next time.

00:08:35   And then we also do annual picks as well.

00:08:38   And there's like two different tracks of picks that we do.

00:08:41   We also, in 2019, did an audio predictions, which is like a whole separate thing.

00:08:46   Yes.

00:08:47   Right.

00:08:48   I'm adding to our document "Annual winners roll over to preserve the order. 2019 annual winner

00:08:53   gets to go first in 2020." Yes.

00:08:55   Et cetera. Look, it's very simple. Like, this totally makes sense, I think.

00:08:59   It is very simple, but it's difficult to explain it in a concise way, I think.

00:09:05   So the reason that they're called the "Rickeys"? Yes.

00:09:09   Is? Is.

00:09:11   No one's gonna explain this?

00:09:14   We have to explain the point system, and we'll get to this.

00:09:17   Okay, all right, cool. To earn any points, everything written down in the prediction document must come true.

00:09:23   Mm-hmm.

00:09:24   Mm-hmm.

00:09:24   No half points are ever awarded.

00:09:26   Never.

00:09:27   Mm-hmm.

00:09:27   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds.

00:09:32   Yes, the regular round is...

00:09:34   Yes.

00:09:35   Two regular rounds, and that's just one point.

00:09:37   Right.

00:09:38   Each.

00:09:39   Each.

00:09:39   And then the third round, it used to be called the risky pick round, and this is how that worked.

00:09:46   Two points are awarded for correct picks in the risky pick round if your risky pick is wrong

00:09:52   you lose a point from your total yeah, and

00:09:55   Critically the other two hosts impeached or not must agree that your pick is risky

00:10:02   And what happened is I think it was it was honestly it was probably me. Yes. It was

00:10:07   Mispronounced risky pick as Ricky and we now have the Ricky's yes. Yeah, that's not the naming

00:10:14   Thank you for helping, thank you for all that explanation, for helping drag me out of the

00:10:19   Ricky naming hole that I found myself in.

00:10:21   We also have non-graded picks at the very end, which are just things that we want out

00:10:26   there.

00:10:27   The Year of Steven came from a non-graded pick.

00:10:30   Right, they're flexes too.

00:10:31   It's like things that we think might happen.

00:10:34   But none of us are bold enough to think that they would definitely happen, that we would

00:10:40   pick them.

00:10:41   later we'll get to go "haha it's the year of Stephen" yeah correct there is this

00:10:46   concept the loser of the non graded picks has to buy drinks for the other

00:10:51   two hosts but this has never been enacted it's like it's on the books but

00:10:55   no one has ever taken advantage of that rule. This is gonna be like you know you have those well we

00:10:59   have a lot of these in Britain right rules that are so old because they were

00:11:02   just never taken out of like law so like there's this hill somewhere in

00:11:07   Wales where you can legally kill someone with bow and arrow or whatever nonsense

00:11:10   it is on like the first Thursday. Is that true? There's like some, that is about 75%

00:11:16   true what I've just said, but there is like some really weird lore about a hill. There's

00:11:19   only a 25% chance that you go to jail if you do that. Is that what you're saying? Lore,

00:11:25   hill, bow, arrow. Can we do some research on this topic? Firsthand research. In York

00:11:30   it's perfectly legal to shoot a Scotsman with a bow and arrow, excluding Sundays. Interesting.

00:11:36   Oh yeah, well you don't want to do it on Lord's day.

00:11:38   So you can shoot, right? You can just shoot with a bow and arrow.

00:11:44   Interesting. Very interesting.

00:11:46   You guys want to go on a camping trip?

00:11:48   Do we have any bones to pick with the Scotsman also?

00:11:52   We can find one.

00:11:53   James Thompson?

00:11:55   Oh no, I love James.

00:11:58   Well I mean, you know, maybe just a little shoot, you know?

00:12:02   A little bit?

00:12:04   - In the thigh, just a little bit of the arrow tip.

00:12:07   - Just like a pure flesh wound.

00:12:10   - Just a small bow and arrow wound.

00:12:11   - Just a small-- - A graze, just a graze.

00:12:14   (laughing)

00:12:15   - It's a close shave, really.

00:12:16   (laughing)

00:12:18   - Like right by the calf, you know?

00:12:21   Just like-- - This has turned

00:12:22   into a very threatening episode.

00:12:25   - Those are the rules, this is how this works.

00:12:27   - Yes. - I think maybe we take a break

00:12:28   before we get into this. - Yes.

00:12:30   - Okay, cool.

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00:13:50   All right, round one.

00:13:52   Round one.

00:13:53   This is what we predicted in 2019.

00:13:55   Rico you said there will be a new Apple new subscription service for content

00:14:00   from select publications yeah yeah Apple news plus that was announced in March

00:14:05   nailed it yeah that pretty much came true so I didn't know at the time is

00:14:09   just how select it would be thankfully you didn't say a new popular subscription

00:14:15   service no or successful or just good no always omit the qualifiers always and

00:14:22   try to make it as generic as possible, at least for the regular round.

00:14:27   So yeah, unless you're demanded to make it more specific, which is a thing that we have

00:14:32   done in the past.

00:14:33   Yes, because it's too generic.

00:14:35   Yes, I agree.

00:14:36   But in this case, we did get the Apple News subscription service, Apple News Plus, and

00:14:41   it's not great, really.

00:14:43   I don't think any of us are paying for that at the moment.

00:14:46   Nope.

00:14:47   But it's out there.

00:14:49   It exists.

00:14:50   came out in 2019. So there you go. That's a point.

00:14:54   Uh, up next,

00:14:55   I said that the Mac pro would ship by the end of 2019.

00:15:00   And I am a witness to this coming true.

00:15:03   Yup. There was an addendum that I gave, which was, uh,

00:15:07   when you can order one was, was perfectly acceptable as a thing.

00:15:11   Like whether they arrived or not, uh, didn't, didn't count.

00:15:14   There is a not graded in here, which says, I assume Steven says this,

00:15:18   I waffle on sticking with my iMac Pro.

00:15:20   - Sure, buddy. - Didn't really waffle,

00:15:22   did you?

00:15:23   You'd ordered one within days

00:15:25   of them being available for order.

00:15:27   - Yeah, we did waffle for two days.

00:15:29   - It was a very small waffle.

00:15:30   - Very small waffle.

00:15:32   - A waff, really.

00:15:33   - Myke, you continued on Federico's

00:15:36   subscription service theme,

00:15:38   saying that Apple would launch a subscription service

00:15:41   featuring original video content.

00:15:45   Well done.

00:15:46   - Thank you.

00:15:47   So we all got a point in round one.

00:15:49   We are tied according to my notebook.

00:15:51   - So this ordering of Federico Steven Myke

00:15:55   means that the 2018, that was how it was scored, right?

00:15:58   Federico came first, you came second, I came third.

00:16:01   - Assuming that the rules we have now

00:16:03   were in fact a year ago, it's impossible to know

00:16:05   if that was true.

00:16:06   - Okay, yes, no one could ever possibly know that.

00:16:09   But that's what we will naturally assume.

00:16:10   - All right, Myke, you wanna walk us through round two?

00:16:13   Federico said iOS gets a tabbed Windows feature that all apps can implement.

00:16:19   So at the time, there's quotes around tabbed Windows because at the time,

00:16:24   and I remember we talked about this,

00:16:25   we didn't know what the multi window support on iPad was.

00:16:30   We couldn't conceptualize it. Nobody could.

00:16:32   And it turned out to be, in fact, literally just Windows and Expose.

00:16:37   And we had all kinds of crazy ideas in mind.

00:16:40   But yeah, I think it's a point because even though there are no tabs, we were basing this

00:16:47   off of a report from Bloomberg. They mentioned tabs and windows, like interchangeably, it was

00:16:53   very confusing. So we went with tabbed windows because it was like a catch-all idea for the idea

00:17:02   of you're going to be able to open multiple instances of the same app across the OS.

00:17:08   I will grant this. This is how I remember that conversation happening. That it was kind of like,

00:17:13   "Hey, we know there's this feature coming. Nobody knows what it means. We'll just go with it."

00:17:18   Like, we know what it's going to do. We don't know what it looks like.

00:17:20   Yeah. So I would say that I would opt for a half point, but we can't give half points,

00:17:27   according to the rules. So I yield to the two of you. I think you get this,

00:17:31   but it's by the skin of your teeth. But it is more of a point than not a point, though.

00:17:36   Like, if you're...

00:17:37   Correct.

00:17:38   Yeah.

00:17:39   I agree.

00:17:40   And that means it's a full point, because we're only doing zeros and ones around these

00:17:43   spots.

00:17:44   Thank you.

00:17:45   Steven's round two pick was that the MacBook escape would go away.

00:17:49   Which it did.

00:17:50   It got replaced by a two port touch bar.

00:17:52   That was a good one.

00:17:54   Yeah, that was, I mean, I think, I don't know how I felt about this at the time, but even

00:17:58   though it has happened, that was quite a risky pick there, I think.

00:18:04   That was, you were really going on one there, I think.

00:18:06   Too bad it didn't make it my risky pick.

00:18:10   Yeah, I mean, it made sense to me.

00:18:12   The product line makes more sense now.

00:18:14   Look, that low-end MacBook Pro is still pretty wimpy.

00:18:19   It still only has two ports, but it

00:18:21   has a touch bar and touch ID, so it is no longer the machine

00:18:25   that we knew as the MacBook Escape.

00:18:28   My second pick is a perfect example

00:18:31   of how wording can win you a point.

00:18:34   On iOS 13, the iPad home screen features more than just app icons.

00:18:40   We all expected it to be more than just widgets, but what we got was widgets, so technically

00:18:46   I get that point, right?

00:18:48   Like it was very close, but I did it.

00:18:50   Because it does feature more than just app icons.

00:18:52   I mean, in addition to icons and widgets, there's also a date.

00:18:57   There's a clock there.

00:18:58   There's a clock, so it's a lot more than just app icons.

00:19:02   How good would it have been if they didn't put the widgets but I won it because of the

00:19:05   clock?

00:19:06   That would have been incredible, but thankfully you do get the widgets too.

00:19:11   So we're going to talk about the iPad home screen some more later, I think.

00:19:16   Are we?

00:19:17   Yes.

00:19:18   Now, at this point, round two, at the end of round two, we're all tied.

00:19:24   So two points each.

00:19:25   That's correct.

00:19:26   - Correct. - We're all tied.

00:19:27   And we go into the Ricky pics with a perfect tie

00:19:31   and basically a catastrophe for you too, at this point.

00:19:36   - How dare you?

00:19:37   - Well, I mean, just look at the color in our document.

00:19:41   So my Ricky pic was,

00:19:43   "Reminders gets a major update,

00:19:46   parentheses, how do we decide major dash on stage at WWDC

00:19:51   or with the side past that,

00:19:54   close parentheses, not graded,

00:19:57   some features Federico would like to see.

00:19:59   Now, obviously we have no way of knowing

00:20:02   what features I would have liked to see

00:20:04   because they're not in the document and I say things.

00:20:07   We all say things. - You didn't write them down.

00:20:09   There is no way of knowing.

00:20:10   - They were never said, let's just go with that.

00:20:13   But yes, Reminders did get a major update.

00:20:15   It was on stage at WWDC.

00:20:18   One of the main features of iOS and HyperS 13

00:20:20   and Mac OS Carolina, the new Reminders app,

00:20:23   It's got an all new design.

00:20:25   It's got the smart lists at the top of the sidebar.

00:20:29   You can organize your listing folders.

00:20:32   There's all new natural language input,

00:20:34   a bunch of stuff, attachments, subtasks.

00:20:37   It's all new and it is a major update.

00:20:41   It's not perfect, but I use it.

00:20:42   I like it.

00:20:43   So it's there.

00:20:44   It came out this year.

00:20:45   So that's, I would say that's a solid two points

00:20:50   for the RituPIC. - It is.

00:20:51   - Yeah.

00:20:52   For context, it was Ricky because Reminders was basically being left without an update

00:21:01   since 2013. So at the beginning of 2019, it was six years without an update. And for that

00:21:08   reason we considered...

00:21:10   As 2019 came along, like as we moved through from January up to June, this was an incredibly

00:21:18   obvious pick but in January it was not like but leading up to WWDC everyone knew

00:21:25   Reminders was getting an update because it became one of the big rumors but

00:21:28   before January that was not the case right like otherwise it wouldn't have

00:21:32   been Ricky right but you know so it was it was a good one it was a very good one

00:21:37   I think that it was a good way to decide on like I think that we were smart and

00:21:42   in hindsight by saying it being on stage could because like how do you define

00:21:47   major, right? So, but I think that doing the on stage part was a, at least

00:21:55   it's major to Apple. Now, Steven, what happened here?

00:22:00   Steven said, first ARM Mac ships in 2019 and then we have a subclass here.

00:22:08   Myke, if Steven gets this right, I will buy you one. If the Mac Pro is an ARM

00:22:13   Arm Mac, I will buy you the top of the line model.

00:22:16   Yes.

00:22:17   Myke, I was so sure that this wasn't happening.

00:22:23   I was ready to put serious money where my mouth was because top of the line would have

00:22:28   been $50,000.

00:22:29   That would have been incredible.

00:22:32   Steven, Steven, Steven, what happened here?

00:22:35   Why did you say this?

00:22:37   I mean, clearly I was just premature on the Arm Mac timeline.

00:22:42   So that's all there was.

00:22:43   I still think it's possible.

00:22:44   Sure.

00:22:45   I think it's maybe even possible now in 2020, but it did not come true in 2019.

00:22:49   Well, I guess in a minute we're going to find out how possible you think that is, I guess.

00:22:54   That's true.

00:22:55   Is it going to make an appearance again?

00:22:57   Yeah.

00:22:58   So I lose a point.

00:23:00   So I'm back down to just one point.

00:23:04   Myke said Apple releases an iPhone subscription service that bundles a device, AppleCare,

00:23:11   and a selection of other Apple content services into one monthly payment.

00:23:20   (Not just additional iCloud space.)

00:23:23   If I remember, I was forced to go into this. It couldn't just be one service, it had to

00:23:29   be a selection. I will just put to the courts at this moment that if you do get an iPhone

00:23:38   on the upgrade program, you would technically get Apple TV+ for here.

00:23:46   No, no, but that's true for everybody.

00:23:49   I'm just saying it that that is a thing that would happen. I just wanted to say it.

00:23:54   I do not think that I deserve the point, but I merely want... because I tell you boys,

00:24:00   if I didn't say this, we would have got a bunch of tweets about it, right? So I wanted to just

00:24:06   say it, it was a thing, it was considered, but I do not win the point. I cannot believe

00:24:13   that Apple didn't do this. I'm so surprised that they have not done this. Like I am, I

00:24:18   am convinced they still will, but I genuinely think one of the reasons that there was no

00:24:23   bundling this year was because they were giving away the free year of TB+. I still think they

00:24:28   will do bundles, but they need to wait now until people actually be buying TB+ because

00:24:33   Because the majority of users right now are getting it for free, right?

00:24:37   So I mean, like the majority of people that are using it, right?

00:24:40   Like I know that there are more people that have iPhones than bought new iPhones, but

00:24:44   I guarantee that the majority of TV+ customers are people that got it for free for a year.

00:24:50   And so I reckon, I still think this will change, but it turns out that I think because of the

00:24:55   free TV+ year, there was no point to bundle.

00:25:01   So Myke, you and I are tied.

00:25:04   We are tied.

00:25:05   You know what that means?

00:25:07   That means we have to do a coin flip.

00:25:08   Yep.

00:25:09   Do you want me to do it?

00:25:10   Well, no.

00:25:11   You can't be trusted because we're tied to Federico.

00:25:13   I will do it and we have Siri here.

00:25:16   Yeah.

00:25:17   Okay.

00:25:18   All right.

00:25:19   Myke, I will let you pick what you want.

00:25:20   Heads.

00:25:22   Myke is heads.

00:25:24   Okay.

00:25:25   Flip a coin.

00:25:27   Heads.

00:25:28   We have heads?

00:25:30   I win.

00:25:32   Oh, just one shot? Okay.

00:25:35   Oh, yeah.

00:25:37   We do best out of three?

00:25:39   No, why would we do that?

00:25:41   We usually do.

00:25:43   No we don't.

00:25:45   You are thinking of the one time where we had to flip a coin over and over and over again

00:25:49   because we all tied, remember?

00:25:52   That was the reason you remember so many coin flips

00:25:55   because I had to construct a system of coin flip knockout.

00:25:59   knockout. Well, well, well, alright, so much for the year of Steven then. Last spot. In the year of Steven!

00:26:07   And this is the Rickiest! On a sour note, the year of Steven! No, what it means is, 2020 is not the year of Steven. That's what that means. He had all of his success in 2019. The impeach and last!

00:26:24   oh boy all right well we do have we do have our ungraded non-graded

00:26:31   but can you just say it though who's the winner

00:26:36   um i mean i believe there's some sort of conspiracy but federico won uh-huh congratulations

00:26:44   federico nice thank you you've done that twice now in a row uh the other one i guess yeah you don't

00:26:50   manage to win any other picks of any kind, but you do.

00:26:52   Yeah, well, I gotta do better during the year. That's my problem. Need to be more focused.

00:26:59   Especially the WWDC ones. We'll get to that.

00:27:02   So non-graded extra picks. So this is split into one is unfortunately very wrong and the

00:27:11   other is very true. Air Power is released, which, you know, I don't know.

00:27:18   - It did the opposite of that.

00:27:20   - Come on, this is where things are turning for me.

00:27:24   Newer AirPods are released, so yes we did get the new.

00:27:27   - You got that twice, you got two of those.

00:27:28   - Twice, so it sort of cancels out the first part

00:27:33   of the sentence because it happened twice.

00:27:35   But these are non-graded so it doesn't matter.

00:27:37   - So it doesn't matter.

00:27:38   - This is gonna be your biggest regret.

00:27:42   - This should have been my Ricky?

00:27:44   - Yeah.

00:27:45   - It should have, yeah, it would have been awesome.

00:27:47   But my non-graded extra pick was that someone on Apple's executive website would leave or be fired.

00:27:55   And we had Angela and Johnny.

00:27:59   Yeah, I mean, the first instance happened within weeks of you making the pick.

00:28:04   It was kind of incredible, really.

00:28:06   Yeah, so that was that's where Year Steven came from.

00:28:09   And I will always look back on it as a fond time, a time of peace and prosperity in the land.

00:28:15   But now it's gone and Federico is king.

00:28:17   Mm-hmm.

00:28:18   Prepare for terror.

00:28:19   He's the chairman now.

00:28:20   Yes, I'm the chairman Ricky.

00:28:22   Uh-huh.

00:28:23   Well, at least for this particular instance.

00:28:25   Myke, what was your extra pick?

00:28:30   Over-ear headphones, i.e. head pods.

00:28:33   Something like this product, we've spoken about it, does exist, which is those new beats,

00:28:37   right?

00:28:38   Like, they're very much like what we would have assumed the headphones to be.

00:28:43   they have noise cancelling, they have the same chip that the AirPods have in them. This

00:28:48   might be all that ever is now, I think, but I was hopeful that there was like Apple made,

00:28:55   you know, like Apple headphones, but that seems like not the case.

00:28:59   I said in my second round of extra picks, Shortcuts 3.0 is shown off at WWDC with a

00:29:05   new developer framework for integration with apps, and sure enough, all of that was true.

00:29:12   item, and this is very sad, I really cannot believe that it didn't happen,

00:29:16   shortcuts also gets folders, which is very wrong, very much wrong, and I

00:29:24   really cannot believe that folders are not in, like it doesn't make sense,

00:29:30   and Airplay actions in 2019. So I got that right, we do have Airplay

00:29:38   actions, you can pause speakers, you can play music, there's automations powered by shortcuts

00:29:44   for AirPlay stuff. There's a bunch of AirPlay things really. Shortcuts still does not have

00:29:50   full AirPlay 2 integration, like you cannot control or set playback on multiple speakers

00:29:57   at once, but you know, still some basic AirPlay support is in there. So that's nice.

00:30:04   I said that WWDC would introduce a multi-year plan

00:30:08   to move the Mac and iOS closer.

00:30:10   I think I got this right on a couple of fronts.

00:30:12   We have Mac Catalyst, which allows developers of iPad apps

00:30:16   to spend some time and get their app

00:30:17   up and running on the Mac.

00:30:18   And then ultimately long-term,

00:30:20   and the move that I think matters more is SwiftUI,

00:30:23   a new way to write application interfaces

00:30:26   and developer stuff that will run

00:30:31   across basically all of Apple's platforms,

00:30:33   from the watch all the way up to the TV.

00:30:35   So yeah, I feel like this one was answered

00:30:39   kind of twice over.

00:30:40   We'll see how any of that pans out, right?

00:30:42   Still early days, but at least they,

00:30:45   I think they've pointed at developers in the right direction.

00:30:48   - My last pick is one, I should have had this as my Ricky,

00:30:50   'cause I was very confident in it,

00:30:52   but nobody believed that it would happen except me.

00:30:54   The 2019 iPhones would start at a lower price

00:30:57   than the 2018 iPhones.

00:30:59   - What's the context on these ones?

00:31:01   On this one, the people were complaining

00:31:03   about the fact that the 2018 iPhones were too expensive.

00:31:06   - Yeah, the XR was pricey, and I mean,

00:31:10   so I think you won this just by the sheer fact

00:31:12   that the 11 is cheaper than the XR was,

00:31:15   but also last year, if you remember,

00:31:17   Apple was still sort of pitching the XS as the default,

00:31:20   like, oh, there's also the XR if you want it,

00:31:22   and it turned out that the XR sold better,

00:31:25   and now with the 11, they've sort of refactored

00:31:27   their marketing, so the 11 is the iPhone,

00:31:30   and if you want extra stuff, you can upgrade.

00:31:32   So I think you got it right sort of in fact and feeling.

00:31:36   Yeah, because the reason that I was feeling strong on this was that Apple had

00:31:41   had their bad year of iPhone sales, right?

00:31:44   These things have started to decline.

00:31:45   And one of the reasons of being said was the price change.

00:31:48   So they started doing all that stuff around like aggressively trying to get

00:31:54   deals for people.

00:31:55   And I figured that it made just logical sense to bring the starting price down a

00:32:00   little bit as a way to try and calm some some price conscious problems. All in all

00:32:06   I think we did a pretty solid job at predicting what 2019 would hold like

00:32:10   yeah two of us got our Ricky's wrong but like there's a lot of green in this

00:32:14   Google Doc. Yeah I think we did a decent job. Yeah better than we did at WWDC. Oh

00:32:19   yeah that's always a tragedy basically. Where everyone had zero points. That was

00:32:25   rough. But yeah, so good job everybody. Congratulations Federico. Thank you. I hope that you enjoy

00:32:31   another year of being the chairman Ricky of the annual Ricky's. See, this is what happens

00:32:37   when you two do not conspire against me. You know, a fair and balanced game. That's what

00:32:43   people like. I would like any proof, just like a shred of evidence that this is happening.

00:32:48   If you can provide that, then maybe we can have a conversation. That's, you know, you

00:32:52   You are derating the conversation here.

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00:34:43   I would like to take this moment to review all of the victories that have occurred over

00:34:50   the last year for no particular reason than to say we had five sets of predictions throughout

00:34:59   the year and Jaboy over here won three of them.

00:35:04   Who?

00:35:05   Me.

00:35:06   Oh.

00:35:07   And Federico lost all of them except this one.

00:35:10   Right.

00:35:11   He just wants to publicly demonstrate what I was just talking about.

00:35:17   The fact that I am better at predictions than you?

00:35:19   In the year when I take my eye off the ball, conspiracy happens. This is proof of that.

00:35:25   What you just said is it's your own fault. You just said it's your own fault. You said

00:35:29   you took your eye off the ball. You said that. So I didn't tell you to take your eye off

00:35:33   the ball. You did it.

00:35:34   I did not say that. It was a temporary taking the eye off. It was like a temporary distraction,

00:35:39   you know? The conspiracy now that sticks around. That's permanent, right? And that's the problem.

00:35:45   Mm-hmm. See, throughout the entire year, I've also never come last.

00:35:49   Well that's father proof. Just buy a coin toss this time.

00:35:51   It doesn't matter. Just continue to incriminate yourself.

00:35:54   I also won all of WWDC by coin tosses, but you know, that's the rules that we decided.

00:35:59   That's not a victory. That's just fortune. You're very fortunate.

00:36:03   Gambling. Yes, you get a gambling. You should get a Vegas,

00:36:07   not a WWDC. Whoever won WWDC won by fortune, right? No

00:36:10   matter what happened. But I won two other sets of predictions based on my big brain

00:36:15   and intellect, which was the March media event and the audio

00:36:18   It is your very big brain that I cleared up both of those. I won the September iPhone event

00:36:24   I feel like that's yeah, that's a very important event. So I'm proud of that victory

00:36:28   It doesn't really take the sting out of coming last in the annual predictions, but I'll hold my head high for September

00:36:35   So I'm just gonna say was Federico may have won the 2019 annual predictions

00:36:40   That is why I call myself King Ricky for the year because I won the majority of the Ricky's

00:36:48   monarchy much Myke? Yeah how's that working out? Great actually. Yeah well he doesn't have a point.

00:36:55   Our monarchy is fine there's no problem with the monarchy that's the one part of this country that

00:36:59   is running okay. All right so it is time to lay our cards on the table for 2020 and Federico since

00:37:06   you just won you get to go first. All right this will be fun so this may as well so here's a

00:37:17   question. We are recording this before the end of 2019. Right.

00:37:23   That's true. And thanks to the magic of podcasting, it'll be out at the very beginning of 2020.

00:37:28   Now, January 1st.

00:37:29   What happens if what I'm about to say takes place before nothing like you?

00:37:36   You win the point. Like I get the point. Anything we are doing it now.

00:37:39   We are committing it now to audio. All right.

00:37:42   The three of us will agree on it. Right. Like if it happens tomorrow, it just happens tomorrow.

00:37:46   - Okay, okay, perfect. - I agree with that.

00:37:49   - Perfect, so my first big prediction is--

00:37:52   - Unless you cheated.

00:37:54   - How, how am I supposed to--

00:37:55   - I don't know, maybe you got a press release?

00:37:57   - No, no. - Yeah, you're ahead of us

00:37:59   in time zones, do you know something we can hope

00:38:01   we don't know yet? - No, that's not how it works.

00:38:03   Even Apple is based in the US.

00:38:06   So, you know, press releases come out in the USA.

00:38:10   Also, I should say I have absolutely no insight knowledge

00:38:15   this. I have no idea what is going on. I know it's something that in theory is supposed

00:38:19   to happen, and that is why it is my prediction. So, Apple will name a successor to Steve Dowling,

00:38:27   former head of PR at Apple. I just want to state, this is the most boring

00:38:32   pick of any pick we have ever done. So what?

00:38:36   I just want to say, there is no problem in that. I just wanted to say it.

00:38:40   This is a person that used to be on the Apple leadership page, you know, with all the other

00:38:45   executives. I don't know what the correct title is. I'm guessing VP of communications,

00:38:51   maybe? I don't know.

00:38:54   I would like, personally, just saying, some clarification around how we score this. What

00:39:01   I would want is how this person is named. How does the world find out about this header

00:39:08   PR?

00:39:09   known publicly. So whether Apple announces it with a press release or

00:39:14   puts a new face on the website or a report from Bloomberg or some other

00:39:20   publication comes out saying this is the executive now in charge, this is the

00:39:23   person now in charge of Apple PR, and other journalists can corroborate their

00:39:27   information and it becomes known that that person is indeed the head of Apple

00:39:32   PR. And I mean, if you just go to any Apple event you will see the person in

00:39:36   of Apple PR. It's a person usually next to the CEO, that kind of stuff. So it becomes

00:39:43   well known that a new person has been appointed as a head of Apple PR. I just think that it's

00:39:50   something that has to happen because I believe when Steve Dowling resigned from Apple months

00:39:56   ago, and I mean at this very moment, Apple is still sort of using Phil Schiller as a

00:40:02   fill in for this job. So I just think it needs to happen, you know. What do you guys think?

00:40:11   Does that criteria make sense? Like we just get to know at some point? So I have, I have

00:40:16   named, I've written it down thusly, either named by Apple officially or is reported by

00:40:24   more than one outlet that a person has been appointed. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Cool.

00:40:31   I think that works.

00:40:32   I mean, this one does feel, I mean obviously the first two rounds, these are picks that

00:40:36   can just be givens, right?

00:40:38   Like these are just like free for all.

00:40:39   We get in there first and whoever gets their picks in there first, sort of technically

00:40:42   Federico, if he wanted to take either mine or Steven's pick, he can do that as the person,

00:40:48   as the winner, because he is essentially can pick first, right?

00:40:52   That's the way it will go.

00:40:53   But like Federico made his picks the way he made them.

00:40:56   These are not Ricky's, right?

00:40:58   So they can be things that would seem completely obvious.

00:41:02   In fact if we're playing the game right, all of these things in rounds 1 and 2 should be

00:41:07   obvious to all of us.

00:41:08   If anyone is going "really?" then maybe we've picked incorrectly.

00:41:12   I mean I have questions about your next pick, but okay.

00:41:15   Really?

00:41:16   Okay.

00:41:17   My pick is that the 2020 iPhone line will feature at least one 5G phone.

00:41:23   Nope.

00:41:24   What?

00:41:25   No?

00:41:26   You think he knows?

00:41:27   near ready like yes it is no yes it is it's totally funny you know that like t-mobile

00:41:33   have rolled 5g out along all of america no one a no one's on t-mobile but it doesn't

00:41:39   matter and it's it's not even the good 5g like it's it's but i'm not saying what kind

00:41:44   of 5g like you you don't think that a 2020 iphone will at least be 5g compatible no please

00:41:50   make a note steven is highly skeptical of this please add it to the document no i don't

00:41:55   make that note 5g really isn't I mean yes there's T-mobile but the good 5g is

00:41:59   not here and that they're a minor carrier - I guess the good thing is

00:42:02   America is the only country in the world right - Apple is never early on

00:42:08   networking stuff yeah and they would be very late there are like every

00:42:13   competitor has 5g phones available yeah but no one but no one buys it because of

00:42:18   reason number one no one's buying the Samsung one no one's buying the one plus

00:42:21   one you in America people are buying them in Europe 5g exists in Europe how

00:42:28   why how widespread is 5g in Europe Myke very much so in the United Kingdom 5g is

00:42:36   turned on a lot of places in the entire city of London there is coverage oh my

00:42:40   once I'm my current plan already has 5g and I'm not using it and he was given to

00:42:46   to me for free by my carrier.

00:42:49   - Apple is slow to these things.

00:42:51   Number three, all the chip sets that we've seen so far

00:42:55   are run really hot and very power hungry.

00:42:58   - That's your best point in this discussion.

00:43:01   - All right, let me just say,

00:43:01   'cause it was not just one city, London, Birmingham,

00:43:04   Manchester, Bristol, Leicester, Edinburgh,

00:43:06   Belfast, Cardiff, Coventry.

00:43:08   They are the biggest cities in--

00:43:10   - Those places are all, you could've made up half of those.

00:43:12   - Do you want the coverage checker that I just looked at?

00:43:15   Every phone that has this is enormous and hot,

00:43:18   bad battery life.

00:43:19   So the question is, do we believe in nine months

00:43:21   that either Qualcomm and or Apple's now owned Intel

00:43:25   like chip team are going to have a 5G chip

00:43:30   that Apple wants to use and they can make them

00:43:33   in enough numbers to support an iPhone.

00:43:35   Remember, this past year we got an additional

00:43:37   four to five hours of battery life across the iPhone range.

00:43:40   I don't think Apple can eat into that a year later.

00:43:42   So like unless they have some like magic wizardry up their sleeves.

00:43:46   When LTE was introduced, Apple said it made battery life worth

00:43:51   and you could choose to turn it off.

00:43:53   I just I don't I don't.

00:43:54   They did the stated that with 3G, they did it with LTE.

00:43:57   They could do it again with 5G.

00:43:58   I'm a skeptic. I'm a 5G skeptic.

00:43:59   I'm not saying I'm like super like, as Tim would say, bullish on 5G as a thing.

00:44:05   Please don't use the word.

00:44:05   But I just think that 2020 will be the year that Apple goes to 5G.

00:44:09   What was bullish again?

00:44:11   bullish means like that bullish is like you're excited you hit up with the bull horns right and

00:44:16   bear is like you attack down right so bearish is not good so bullish is good i love it this

00:44:22   doesn't make sense you still attack though so do you attack but it bears attack downwards and and

00:44:28   bulls attack upwards who says that attacking downwards is bad and upwards is good no but

00:44:34   it's just merely to indicate up and down it's not about the i've i've confused things we've been

00:44:39   talking about attacking so much but like yeah bullish is up bearish is down. Yeah we've had

00:44:45   this exact conversation before. Many times. Okay so I have a question you say at least one 5G phone

00:44:52   so like how in your mind how do you see Apple doing this? That at least one iPhone supports 5G

00:44:57   like you can buy an iPhone with 5G. Is it cost more than the regular LTE phones? Could do probably

00:45:02   but it's not going in my pick. Is it just or is like just the max has 5G and the others don't?

00:45:07   like, I mean, you have you have some idea here, I'm sure. My idea would be that if the if it's

00:45:12   not all of them, it will be like one of them, right? That like, it's probably the max, right?

00:45:18   But this isn't going in my pick. It's just my thing. Of course, they don't introduce it to the

00:45:22   entire line. I believe that there will be a phone that has it that the 11 to 12 or whatever places

00:45:28   the 11 I do not think will have 5g. Right? I think that that will be not in that line.

00:45:33   it will be in the pro line. So the iPhone 11s pro max 5G. Sure, but I don't think Apple will

00:45:40   put 5G in the name. I don't know about that. Never bet against a good naming decision from Apple.

00:45:45   You know what, actually I'm just changing, if they get the ability to make the naming

00:45:50   more confusing they will take it, so they probably will do that. I'm putting in iPhone 11s

00:46:00   Pro Max 5G.

00:46:03   That's a terrible name.

00:46:04   But if you're correct, my word.

00:46:07   It's the iPhone 11S Pro Max 5G.

00:46:10   Yeah. I just want to just Federico, you you think that I'm right on this one, right?

00:46:15   Yes, I think you are.

00:46:16   Cool. I just wanted to have because Steven is so skeptical, I don't want to be the crazy one.

00:46:21   Right. So I just wanted to make sure at this point that even if I'm wrong, I'm not wrong.

00:46:26   No, no, no. I think it'll happen.

00:46:27   I think lots of Android phones have 5G at this point.

00:46:31   It's very--

00:46:32   - No, like three Android phones have 5G.

00:46:34   - It's widespread in all major European cities

00:46:39   and elsewhere.

00:46:40   I believe in Asia too.

00:46:42   The rollout is going well.

00:46:44   So like this is the classic case

00:46:46   of American exceptionalism.

00:46:48   They do not, because it's not good in America,

00:46:50   therefore it's not good anywhere else.

00:46:52   But we'll see how this goes.

00:46:53   Maybe for once you guys will be right.

00:46:56   I want to just say, like, when LTE, like 4G came around, it was the same deal.

00:47:02   It was very good in Europe and not good in America.

00:47:05   Yes.

00:47:06   But Apple still moved to it.

00:47:07   Of all people, Steven, you should know your history.

00:47:09   That was a much more tumultuous pick than I was expecting.

00:47:13   I was not expecting we would talk about that for so long.

00:47:17   It was fun, though.

00:47:18   It was fun.

00:47:19   All right, well, let me settle it down a little bit.

00:47:20   And I think this is one we can, most people can probably agree on, is that we will see

00:47:25   a 14 inch MacBook Pro.

00:47:27   In short, the 13 inch MacBook Pro will get the 16 inch MacBook treatment

00:47:31   and be a little bit bigger.

00:47:32   Well, so here is the question you ask.

00:47:35   You are making this pic that the screen gets bigger, right?

00:47:39   That that is the actual pic.

00:47:41   I'm not saying it'll be 14.0 inches, but I'm saying that it will get a larger

00:47:45   screen. OK. I mean, you can call.

00:47:48   I am just surprised that the.

00:47:52   I'm not surprised actually. I am like questioning now if they will actually make the screen

00:47:58   bigger or if they'll just make the changes to it.

00:48:01   So I've got some reasons to this. One, I think that they would like to make the 13-inch MacBook

00:48:06   Pro more powerful and to do that basically you've got to make it bigger.

00:48:11   Like, you want to make the whole thing physically bigger, is what you mean?

00:48:15   Right. So you can manage the better cooling because the 13-inch MacBook Pro just has the

00:48:19   the integrated Intel graphics.

00:48:21   It's, I think, topped out at six cores right now.

00:48:24   And honestly, the 13-inch MacBook Pros runs pretty hot now.

00:48:28   And I think they would want to apply the cooling system

00:48:31   that's in the 16-inch, adapt that to that smaller form factor.

00:48:35   And I think it makes sense for Apple to have a bigger divide

00:48:39   between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro.

00:48:41   - This is why I would assume it would happen,

00:48:44   is for that reason.

00:48:45   that there needs to be more of even a visual differentiation

00:48:50   between those two computers and a bigger screen would do it.

00:48:54   - 'Cause they're pretty similar.

00:48:55   In footprint, they're exactly the same.

00:48:57   And in weight, they're pretty close.

00:48:59   But side by side, they look just one has a touch bar

00:49:04   and one doesn't, basically.

00:49:05   So I think it makes sense for them

00:49:07   to have a little distance between those machines.

00:49:10   So yeah, 13-inch MacBook Pro will gain a larger screen,

00:49:13   is the wording that I'm choosing.

00:49:16   - I think that's a good thing to have worded it that way

00:49:18   in case it gets to like 13.9.

00:49:21   - Right, because honestly that if they do,

00:49:24   the 15 inch was already, was 15.4 to 16,

00:49:28   and so this actually would be 13.9 inches

00:49:30   if they sort of keep it all in proportion.

00:49:33   So we would call it the 14 inch MacBook Pro,

00:49:35   just like we round, it's stupid,

00:49:38   like some products names get rounded down and some get up.

00:49:41   the 11-inch MacBook Air was really 11.6 inches, but... Well, unless it's an iPad, which we refuse to

00:49:47   round, and it's just a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. I hate that. I hate that. Which is really a 13-inch iPad

00:49:55   Pro, you know, so... I wish they would just call it the 13-inch iPad Pro, it would be so much easier.

00:49:58   It's very confusing. So I think that 13-inch MacBook Pro will get a little bigger in 2020.

00:50:04   It's gonna buff up. All right, so that's round one. So my pick for round two is the following.

00:50:10   at least one of the 2020 iPhones will have a higher refresh rate display,

00:50:16   what we've come to know as promotion on the iPad Pro. I don't know if Apple will reuse

00:50:22   the same promotion name, it'd be weird if they didn't. I just think they've got to.

00:50:27   Yeah, they have to.

00:50:28   Well, unless they want to call it like the super hyper retina fast display.

00:50:32   Sure, exactly.

00:50:33   Which I would actually think they would be more likely to do that. Yeah, 5G.

00:50:37   The iPhone 11s Pro Max 5G with the super high fast retina display.

00:50:42   That to me seems very likely.

00:50:45   I just think that at least one of the new phones, and I mean, this is just my personal

00:50:50   theory, really the iPhone's Pro should have it, because it's right there, it's a Pro feature,

00:50:56   it should be on a Pro phone, at least one of them will have a higher refresh rate display.

00:51:01   We were expecting this feature in the 2019 iPhones, I think it's time that Apple make

00:51:06   this a feature of an iPhone in 2020? Yep, it feels like it's starting to become table

00:51:13   stakes for a phone now. I think we do this a lot on this show, I think it's valid but

00:51:22   I don't understand why people think it might not be, it's like comparing what Android phones

00:51:26   are doing. But I think history has shown that if something really catches on in the Android

00:51:32   market and it doesn't go away, Apple will try and find some way to do a version of that

00:51:37   thing.

00:51:38   Right, like with the key one of these being larger screens, right, that like Apple got

00:51:44   there eventually.

00:51:45   And I think that this one, there is so much smoke around this one in the fact that Apple

00:51:50   already believes that this is a thing that should exist because they already sell an

00:51:54   iOS device that has this feature, that it seems wild that they would not do this for

00:51:59   the iPhone.

00:52:00   I am pretty on board with this because I would have waged that they would have done it in

00:52:05   2019.

00:52:06   So I think this one makes a lot of sense.

00:52:09   All right.

00:52:10   I agree.

00:52:11   It seems like it's time.

00:52:12   All right.

00:52:13   Definitely.

00:52:14   How about you, Myke?

00:52:15   The iPad Pro line is updated before the iPhone of a hardware feature that's new to iOS.

00:52:21   So can you clarify here?

00:52:24   Two things.

00:52:25   A hardware feature and that's new to iOS.

00:52:28   I mean, iPad runs iPadOS now, but what you mean is a feature...

00:52:33   Basically, it's that the iPhone doesn't have before the iPhone gets it.

00:52:37   Right, got it. So your phrasing is correct. OK, yes.

00:52:41   That's why I said it that way, because I kind of just...

00:52:44   It just seemed like the easiest way to say it.

00:52:46   But yeah, so I'm basically bouncing on rumors that have been going around for a while

00:52:50   that the iPad Pro is going to get a new camera module that includes the 3D sensing camera thing.

00:52:58   right? That can be better for AR before the iPhone gets it. I think it makes sense that

00:53:04   they would, Apple would want to have this hardware, if it's meant to be that much better

00:53:08   for AR, right? That it can do like the 3D, is it called time of flight? Is that what

00:53:12   those sensors called?

00:53:13   Yeah, I think so.

00:53:14   Yeah.

00:53:15   Right. That they would want to have this available to developers before it comes to the iPhone.

00:53:20   So when it, when the iPhone debuts of this feature, it's, it's, you know, it's more prevalent.

00:53:26   I do feel like at least an iPad Pro is going to get updated before the iPhone this year.

00:53:33   I don't know if they will do both of them, right?

00:53:35   But I feel like that is likely to happen before September.

00:53:40   And if they do it, and they've got this new camera module, and it's going to have these

00:53:44   new sensors that they want to have in the devices going forward, it would make sense

00:53:48   to do it here first, especially because it's not that exciting that you're ruining a feature

00:53:54   of the iPhone by putting it in the iPad first. Right? It's, you know, like, for example,

00:54:00   if Face ID had come to the iPad first, it would have been like, oh, you've like taken

00:54:04   the wind out of the iPhone sales, but a time of flight sensor in the camera module is like,

00:54:09   you're not going to like upset people that the iPad gets it beforehand. And there really

00:54:15   is only upside to doing this by being able to put this technology in developers hands

00:54:19   before the iPhone gets it.

00:54:20   Yeah. I mean, we talked about this before. I think it makes sense, especially in the

00:54:23   context of if it's a technology that requires developer support you can talk

00:54:28   about it at WWDC, you can have sessions and you can have developers prepare and

00:54:32   actually write code and know how it's going to work and suddenly, magically in

00:54:37   September when the new iPhones also have the same camera developers already know

00:54:41   what to expect in terms of adoption. But I've learned from pics in the past and I

00:54:46   didn't talk about the specific sensor that I'm referring to in my pic. On the

00:54:53   off chance that it is something that is new to the iPad Pro before the iPhone gets it.

00:54:58   Right. No, I get it.

00:55:00   So like, depending on how charitable my co-hosts are, any new iPad Pro hardware feature could

00:55:08   get me this pick, right?

00:55:09   You've left it pretty vague.

00:55:10   I just wanted to say that now. Like, for example, if the Apple Pencil had never existed, I would

00:55:16   technically win that pick, right? If the Apple Pencil never existed and the Apple Pencil

00:55:20   existed, then I would win the pick.

00:55:22   go. Steven, yes. Is this specific enough for you? You have to whisper so we can't hear you.

00:55:28   Well, so here's... We're not whispering. I can hear you.

00:55:34   This is the worst kind of ASMR. It's also terrible for anybody that uses

00:55:41   silent skipping or smart speed. So choose through your sentences.

00:55:45   Okay, it's a good pick in the context of it's something that we can re-evaluate at the end of

00:55:52   of the year because it depends on the iPhone, the new iPhones getting released.

00:55:57   But now I think so here's my problem.

00:56:01   I don't think if a new iPad only accessory comes out, this should qualify

00:56:07   because you...

00:56:09   I think we can specify this too with an addendum of provided that this feature is

00:56:14   not very clearly iPad only.

00:56:16   Right. So like, well, the examples that I'm using, like with the Apple Pencil,

00:56:22   and the smart keyboard, right? Like we could have said that's not coming to the iPhone.

00:56:25   Right, yeah. Well, so maybe we could word it that way, but what if we said something

00:56:32   that doesn't show up in the 2020 iPhones? No, I don't want that pic to be that way.

00:56:39   Because like for example, but for example, promotion, when that came out, everyone assumed

00:56:45   the iPhone would get it. Yeah, but we can really grade it. That's the point. We can

00:56:50   - We can grade it, of course we can grade it.

00:56:51   - No, because what if like the iPad Pro gets mini LED, right?

00:56:56   But the 2020 iPhone doesn't, but the iPhone gets it in 2021.

00:57:02   There's no way that we--

00:57:03   - Right, but you see mini LED, I would say,

00:57:05   but in my way, I'm thinking about this, that counts,

00:57:08   'cause we all know that the iPhone's gonna get that.

00:57:11   - Yeah, that's what I'm saying.

00:57:11   That is where it's too wishy-washy,

00:57:13   because we can't, that's like a second,

00:57:16   you're basically creating a secondary, like internal pick.

00:57:19   - Well, I could say then, I could refine the entire pic

00:57:22   to say the iPad Pro line is updated before the iPhone

00:57:24   with a hardware feature that could conceivably

00:57:26   come to the iPhone.

00:57:27   - Or a hardware feature that is not on any current iPhone.

00:57:33   - Yeah, okay.

00:57:36   - Does that work?

00:57:37   - Yeah, I'm happy with that.

00:57:38   - And then by the time we grade this in one year,

00:57:41   that will include the new iPhone.

00:57:42   So I think that works on both sides.

00:57:44   - Yeah.

00:57:45   - Yep, I love that.

00:57:46   - Okay. - Thank you.

00:57:48   So by the time we've created the next year,

00:57:50   if the iPad Pro was updated in June 2020,

00:57:53   with the feature that is also in the 2020 iPhone,

00:57:57   it's still got it before the new iPhones.

00:57:59   So it still counts.

00:58:00   Okay. - Yeah.

00:58:01   - That was pro Ricky work there.

00:58:05   - It took us a minute to get there,

00:58:06   but I think we got there.

00:58:07   - Yeah, but no, we've really refined that

00:58:09   and made it a much better picture

00:58:11   than it was even originally.

00:58:12   - All right. - Very good job.

00:58:13   - I'm gonna go to the Apple service as well,

00:58:16   which I found really interesting

00:58:18   that neither of you picked anything so far

00:58:20   with Apple services.

00:58:21   - I thought about it and then I decided

00:58:22   that it was too risky.

00:58:24   - I'm gonna say that Apple will launch

00:58:26   its own podcast content.

00:58:27   - So on the one hand, I think you may be right

00:58:33   because podcast content takes less time

00:58:38   and money to produce-- - Whoa!

00:58:39   - Well, hold on.

00:58:40   (laughing)

00:58:41   To produce something like C? - To produce

00:58:42   the morning show is easier.

00:58:43   - Yes, I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

00:58:44   - I mean, you look at C, right?

00:58:45   Like, God knows how many million dollars

00:58:47   Conceivably a show, any podcast is cheaper than the most expensive television show of all time.

00:58:53   I don't think there will be people using a cheap USB microphone from Amazon

00:58:57   recording Apple Originals in Cupertino.

00:58:59   They will use Beats headphones though.

00:59:01   Sure, still though. So here's my problem. On the one hand, I think the time frame makes sense,

00:59:08   but also Apple is kind of slow with these things. They don't rush things and they're

00:59:16   still hiring people now. So they can make it happen, but I think if you get this point,

00:59:24   you will get it in the fall of 2020.

00:59:26   Yeah, I mean, because like the funny thing, you say like they're still hiring people now.

00:59:30   They are hiring people. We don't know what those people are being hired for. People are

00:59:35   guessing what these people are being hired for based on track records.

00:59:39   And that's just the people we know about, right? If you have some sort of content deal

00:59:43   with Apple, that may be private until their stuff is out, right?

00:59:46   So I think it just makes, I think it makes sense.

00:59:49   I think it fits with the rest of what they're doing.

00:59:51   I am putting no qualifiers on this if they're paid or free, if they're Apple podcasts only,

00:59:58   if they're actually podcasts with RSS feeds, I'm saying nothing about any of that at this

01:00:02   time, just that they will have their own content.

01:00:06   So I guess the way that we will judge is that Apple announces here is this, okay, wait,

01:00:12   Oprah

01:00:13   You're putting a qualifier that I'm not Oprah's already announced that this that she would yes the deal

01:00:19   Is that true that Apple did with Oprah includes podcasts? Are you sure?

01:00:24   It includes any type of content. Okay, right, so I will say

01:00:28   Beyond

01:00:31   Oprah because that the Oprah deal is like

01:00:34   Overarching for everything if she makes a paper airplane Apple gets rights to it. So yes, okay, so that's fair

01:00:41   Okay, I think I remember yeah, so I'm not up on my Oprah content deals

01:00:46   opera on the Oprah

01:00:49   Okay, so yeah just to confirm this one. It's like any any content that is coming from Apple

01:00:56   It said to be that they promote as such

01:00:59   Is a new show a new podcast?

01:01:01   Consumed in any way that podcasts can be consumed whoever that's on Apple's own service or widely available. That's cool

01:01:10   I'm cool with that. Cool. Okay. Well, that is round one. And round two, we've had some

01:01:16   arguments, we've had some some laughs, we've had some tears, we've had some constructive

01:01:20   criticism and we've worked together. We're gonna take a quick break to talk about hover,

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01:02:43   It's time for the Ricky picks and I will remind our listeners that as you have seen

01:02:48   from just today's grading, the picks can come down to the Ricky's. You can do as

01:02:52   well as you like in round one and two. But if you get your Ricky wrong, it can spell

01:02:58   game over for you.

01:02:59   They very often come down to the Ricky's.

01:03:01   It pretty much always comes down to the Ricky's. If you don't get your Ricky right, you can't

01:03:05   win. Unless everybody loses. And then the coin rules out amongst everything. We should

01:03:14   make coins. But anyway, we should make Ricky coins. Write that down. Someone has to write

01:03:18   that down. Ricky coins?

01:03:19   Special Ricky coins.

01:03:21   Come on, at this point, isn't that a great merchandise idea? The official Ricky coin?

01:03:27   Can we use the likeness of somebody called Ricky on this merchandise?

01:03:31   We'll see.

01:03:33   Will anyone?

01:03:35   That feels like a lot of weight to put on this individual person.

01:03:40   I know, but it's for the greater good. Anyway.

01:03:42   No, I mean like that, anyway, we're giving away a lot of branding space to this one person

01:03:47   called Ricky.

01:03:48   I know.

01:03:49   What if the name's Richard? I mean, it's not a Ricky.

01:03:51   Well, it needs to be known as Ricky.

01:03:54   We could call them then the Richard Pichit.

01:03:57   Anyway, so Federico, can you please tell us your Ricky for the entire year of 2020?

01:04:05   I will probably need help with phrasing here, but here's what my Ricky pic is.

01:04:12   I believe Apple will release at least one new Pro app.

01:04:20   new Pro application for iPad that we haven't previously seen on the platform.

01:04:28   So what does Pro App mean?

01:04:29   Okay, so this is where I need help.

01:04:33   Well, first there's the sort of "we'll know it when we see it" kind of rule.

01:04:40   Like if a new version of Clips comes out, I don't think we will consider that a Pro

01:04:47   App.

01:04:48   No, that's not new on the platform.

01:04:49   - And it's also not a new on the part,

01:04:50   but like something along those lines,

01:04:52   like a new, you know, like utility, like clips,

01:04:57   like maybe you can make, well,

01:04:58   they used to exist like holiday cards.

01:05:00   That used to be a thing, but that's not a pro app, right?

01:05:04   Something that is widely accepted to be a professional tool.

01:05:08   - Well, the easy ones are Xcode Final Cut Logic.

01:05:11   - The easy ones are those three.

01:05:14   - We know those, right?

01:05:15   Like that's given.

01:05:16   if a new version of Swift Playgrounds comes out, doesn't count because we already have

01:05:21   Swift Playgrounds.

01:05:24   But something for Swift UI maybe?

01:05:26   Something for Swift UI should be considered a pro app. So anything that...

01:05:31   Well, here's the question. Swift Playgrounds, a pro app? I don't think it was pitched as

01:05:36   a professional application.

01:05:37   Well, I mean, that's debatable though. Like you can run actual code and like...

01:05:42   Right, but that wasn't what Apple told you you could do.

01:05:45   Apple called it educational, right?

01:05:47   Yeah, and I wouldn't call that.

01:05:49   I wouldn't...

01:05:50   With the way it was shown off, Swift Playgrounds was not a professional app, it was an educational

01:05:54   tool.

01:05:55   Agreed.

01:05:56   But then Steve Charlton Smith...

01:05:57   It's like, would we call, I don't know, News Plus a pro app?

01:06:01   He dug in there and found some stuff.

01:06:03   Alright.

01:06:04   Well, again, as I said, this should be widely accepted to be a pro app in that case.

01:06:09   I mean, if it's Logic or Final Cut or Xcode...

01:06:13   Yeah.

01:06:14   Yeah. But yeah, if it's a new app that we haven't, like, that we've never seen, that

01:06:18   will have to be discussed. Like, is that...

01:06:21   And I guess professional apps, like, a really easy qualifier is, like, they are used to

01:06:26   produce work-based materials.

01:06:29   Yeah. But also...

01:06:30   Like, that's an easy one.

01:06:32   Another potential issue here is what happens if Apple releases, like, a watered-down version

01:06:40   of those three existing Pro apps.

01:06:42   And I believe even if they don't have all the features of Logic Pro X.

01:06:48   I don't think that we can we should judge some features.

01:06:52   So if Apple release a version of Logic, but strip out half of the stuff,

01:06:56   it doesn't matter.

01:06:57   Like they released what is considered a professional application on the platform.

01:07:01   Yeah.

01:07:02   We can criticize it as much as we want.

01:07:04   Right. It's like nobody like when when Apple went from Logic

01:07:08   7 to Logic Pro, people had complaints about it, but we all knew, and Final Cut, sorry,

01:07:14   but we all knew it was Final Cut, right? Like it was still a version of Final Cut, it just

01:07:17   wasn't what people wanted.

01:07:19   Right. So, yeah, if Apple already sees either one of those three that we haven't seen on

01:07:27   iPad before, or something new comes out that is still widely considered to be a Pro app,

01:07:35   needs to happen on iPad. So if Apple only brings out logic and for some reason

01:07:40   it's only on the iPhone, this doesn't count. It needs to be on the iPad. It

01:07:45   doesn't have to be... Xcode for iPod touch. It doesn't have to be iPad only, so

01:07:50   here's what I also want to specify. It can be universal, but it needs to be on the

01:07:54   iPad. This one might be difficult to judge, but I am happy with where it is

01:07:58   in your pick, but this one might take a bit of voting to get right. I agree

01:08:05   with Federico, I think between the three of us,

01:08:07   we could answer the question if an app is pro or not.

01:08:10   So I like this pick, Federico, because I saw this

01:08:14   and viewed it as risky because Apple has really done nothing

01:08:17   as far as pro apps on the iPad.

01:08:18   So it'd be a good time to start.

01:08:21   - Yeah, but I think it's something they're also aware of.

01:08:24   And I don't know if Apple is in a position

01:08:27   where they wanna concede this space

01:08:29   to third-party developers.

01:08:31   So I think it's about time that they sort of jump

01:08:33   into this market.

01:08:34   So I don't know, we'll see.

01:08:36   As I get closer to reading out my pic, I feel less confident in it.

01:08:41   But it's too late now.

01:08:44   My Ricky is that the notch on the iPhone will get physically smaller in the 2020 iPhone line.

01:08:50   Okay, so the first part of the sentence is okay.

01:08:54   I want you to specify in the 2020 iPhone line.

01:08:58   What does that mean?

01:08:59   One of the phones will have a smaller notch.

01:09:01   of the 2020 iPhones will have a smaller notch. It doesn't matter if it's like the new SE

01:09:11   and for some reason it's got a smaller notch, you will still get the point, right?

01:09:15   Well, the SE doesn't have a notch.

01:09:17   Well, what do you know?

01:09:18   We don't know that. I mean, there's a new one.

01:09:20   Oh, okay.

01:09:21   Right? Like if there's a new-

01:09:22   Yeah, I'm gonna go with that.

01:09:23   Okay.

01:09:24   There is an iPhone that has a smaller notch.

01:09:26   There is a new iPhone in 2020 with a smaller notch.

01:09:29   than any phone that we currently have.

01:09:31   - Okay. - Yeah.

01:09:32   - Okay. - Right?

01:09:32   - Okay.

01:09:33   That feels risky.

01:09:34   - That's very risky, Myke.

01:09:36   - Do you wanna know why I'm,

01:09:37   I mean, you probably guess it,

01:09:38   but do you wanna know why I'm making this bet?

01:09:40   - Because all other Android phones are making it smaller.

01:09:44   - Well, it's just that the thinking is,

01:09:46   the perceived thinking is that the next iPhone

01:09:49   will feature a new hardware design.

01:09:51   And I think one of the things that Apple should do

01:09:55   is try and over time make the notch smaller anyway.

01:09:59   So if they do something to make it smaller, that would be great.

01:10:04   The other thing is, thank you for pointing this out,

01:10:07   if the SE does take the iPhone X design, we believe it will not have Face ID so

01:10:14   it in theory does not need to have a notch as large. It will still have one

01:10:18   because I think Apple will want it to still have one, but it won't need to be

01:10:22   is large and from what I understand about the way apps are designed these days the notch

01:10:27   can kind of be any size anyway because you're not supposed to put anything up there so it

01:10:32   doesn't really matter so I don't know that's my thinking we'll see but I think that it

01:10:37   will be if Apple really wants to like that if the reason they're redesigning the iPhone

01:10:42   for 2020 is to excite people again about the iPhone making the notch smaller would help

01:10:50   that I think it would make the existing phones look old immediately and that's a

01:10:55   powerful thing man that's that's bold Myke I might need to get the old calipers

01:11:00   out on this one but I am leaning into this Apple podcast business my Ricky

01:11:07   pic is that the Apple podcast app will launch on Android this is potentially

01:11:12   the least Ricky of the three but it is still Ricky yeah I think because there

01:11:17   is a lot of stuff that has to happen before this happens. Like what? Well Apple

01:11:22   has to one have their own original podcast this year. That's not part of

01:11:26   this Ricky. I'm just saying the app will launch on Android. No I'm just saying

01:11:29   like in my thinking, and you're thinking part of the Ricky, like for Apple to do

01:11:34   this right they would need original content there would need to be a reason

01:11:37   to do it in which they haven't already done it before. And original content

01:11:40   would be the obvious reason. Yeah I agree I agree with that yeah yeah. But even

01:11:45   Even more than that, the original content has to only be available in the Apple podcast

01:11:49   app because otherwise they don't need to launch the Apple podcast app on Android if you can

01:11:53   get the podcasts anywhere.

01:11:55   And I think the main reason is they have to have a reason to want to charge you because

01:11:59   otherwise what's the point?

01:12:00   So that's my thinking.

01:12:01   There are a few things that have to happen for this to happen.

01:12:05   The fact that you can now get Apple podcasts in the Amazon Echo leans in your favour a

01:12:10   little bit on this one.

01:12:12   But still, to launch it on the Echo before Android phones is a weird thing to do if you're

01:12:17   going to do it.

01:12:19   They launched there the same day Spotify did, and Apple's number one competitor in the podcast

01:12:26   market share is Spotify.

01:12:29   And Spotify is on Android, obviously, and you have some Android clients, and we have

01:12:33   friends who make them, and there's some good options on Android.

01:12:36   But I think that I agree with you that this, if Apple does their own content, this is far

01:12:42   more likely.

01:12:44   But I can also just see a world where Apple wants to retain its dominance over the podcast

01:12:50   market.

01:12:52   And Spotify is growing quickly.

01:12:56   And on Android, there's no one to cap their growth.

01:12:58   And Apple's the only one who could.

01:13:00   And so maybe they would do it just defensively against Spotify, I think it's way more likely

01:13:05   once there's original content. But this just feels like it's like I just have a feeling

01:13:10   that this is something that we could see this year. And so I'm just swinging for the fences.

01:13:14   I'm just not sure if it is like if there's no original content, and it is like I just

01:13:21   don't know if Apple podcasts would make an effect on Android.

01:13:25   Well, so there's a lot of like, this is sort of a weird thing to talk about. There's a

01:13:29   lot of research that shows that most podcasts listening habits on iPhone, and there's not

01:13:33   very much listening on Android and you can make a lot of assumptions about why

01:13:37   that is we're gonna leave that conversation to the side I think a lot

01:13:40   of those conversations get ugly really quickly but I think that as Spotify

01:13:46   grows that I mean they're gonna grow on iOS but there's there's fewer

01:13:51   limitations on them on Android and maybe Spotify will be the place that thing

01:13:55   right like where a lot of people think that podcasts only exist on the iPhone

01:14:00   because everyone says to find out an apple podcast, right? Some people would, would be learning that

01:14:06   podcasts exist on Android at all when this happened. And, and I think it helps solidify

01:14:11   them as the biggest player. And I think it makes a lot of sense from Apple's perspective

01:14:16   in a bunch of different, bunch of different ways. And the other thing that made me feel opt, you

01:14:21   know, optimistic about this pick is that they built TV apps for other people's televisions.

01:14:26   Now they are charging for that content to your point, but they're willing

01:14:30   Current Apple is willing to put their software on other people's platforms

01:14:35   And that's not something they've ever done outside of iTunes

01:14:37   Like it just feels like there's a bunch of angles into this they did it first in the modern era with Apple music

01:14:43   Right, which exists. I mean beats was on. Yes, they updated beats basically to make it an Apple music client

01:14:50   But like that that started the trend of like, alright, we have a service and we want people to pay for it

01:14:55   it. So we'll put it in as many places as we can get it." And it's the same that followed

01:15:00   with TV. That's why it's like, I only really see this happening if they have a way to make

01:15:07   revenue gain.

01:15:08   ALICE; Yeah. We'll see.

01:15:10   MCCARTHY; We'll see. That's why I think this is risky. Because I think it's not a simple

01:15:14   thing. Because if it was simple they would have done it already. I think there has to

01:15:18   be a business case for them to want to do this. Because you could argue that Apple Podcasts

01:15:24   on the iPhone, if there is no reason for Apple to make money, is a potential selling point

01:15:30   of the iPhone to some people.

01:15:33   And if you put the Apple podcast app and there is no financial incentive to them, then why

01:15:40   put it there?

01:15:41   This is why I think it's risky.

01:15:42   No, it's all good points.

01:15:44   So we will see how this goes, just like everything else.

01:15:47   So we will wrap this up with our non graded pick.

01:15:51   So these picks don't affect...

01:15:52   I think we should rename these to the flex picks.

01:15:55   The flex picks?

01:15:56   Yeah, because they're just purely flexing.

01:15:58   This is all this is.

01:15:59   I kind of like it.

01:16:00   Because there's no points for them, and all we're doing here is just trying to show how

01:16:04   big our brains are, right?

01:16:05   Like "Oh, look how smart I am."

01:16:07   Great.

01:16:08   The flexies.

01:16:09   Yes, the flexies!

01:16:10   The flexies, let's do it.

01:16:11   The flexies!

01:16:12   No points are awarded for the flexies, but they are purely...

01:16:18   So you know, we can... that's how, I mean, this is how the year Steven was born. It was

01:16:23   a flexi.

01:16:24   Mm-hmm.

01:16:25   Yes. So I'm gonna try my hand again at this.

01:16:31   You keep coming back to it.

01:16:33   Again, two-part sentence. Shortcuts will gain folders and/or, see, and/or new ways to run

01:16:45   So what I'm thinking of, I mean besides folders, what I'm thinking of is

01:16:49   maybe running shortcuts from the home screen is different and doesn't require that you launch the

01:16:55   shortcuts app anymore. Maybe

01:16:58   there'll be something like

01:17:01   system-wide keyboard shortcuts to run a specific shortcut from a keyboard. Or maybe you will be able to

01:17:07   pin

01:17:09   specific shortcuts to the files app as quick actions.

01:17:13   There's a column view. There's an inspector now in files. On the Mac you can make your own quick actions

01:17:20   And I believe you should be able to make your own quick actions

01:17:23   powered by shortcuts for files on iOS and iPadOS as well, so

01:17:27   either

01:17:30   You know

01:17:32   Ideally there should be both of these features so both folders and new ways to run shortcuts, but I'm

01:17:40   skeptical about folders and I think maybe we'll just get some new ways to run shortcuts.

01:17:44   Federico, I really want to have this conversation with you, but we have to pause for a moment

01:17:50   because literally five minutes ago the newspaper, the Memphis Flyer, tweeted the following,

01:17:57   "The 5G network, 20 times faster than the current 4G network, is now available on certain

01:18:02   devices in parts of downtown, midtown, Cooper Young, and East Memphis."

01:18:07   as the show is happening, the 5G network got turned on in Stevens Town.

01:18:12   It's Verizon too, not T-Mobile. Those are the bad parts of town, you know,

01:18:16   it's all about West Memphis, we all know that, so who cares about East Memphis? What

01:18:21   about South Memphis? What about, you know? West Memphis is a place, those are places.

01:18:26   How do you feel now? My neighborhood is listed in those, I won't

01:18:28   say which one, but I definitely live in one of those areas.

01:18:30   How do you feel? Do you feel literally any different to what you felt earlier on in the

01:18:35   the show? This is honestly the best piece of follow-up that's ever happened to me.

01:18:42   Wow, ever? Real-time. Yeah, I can't think of a piece of follow-up that has made me feel happier than what has just occurred.

01:18:50   Because it happened during the show. During the show it happened. Look, it may,

01:18:54   we've all been wrong, we've all been right, time will tell which one I am.

01:18:58   Yeah, I know, but like for right now this feels really good because you're like, "Oh,

01:19:03   "Oh, what towns have it?" Like, "Yours. Now."

01:19:06   Yeah. My neighborhood is in that tweet.

01:19:09   Alright.

01:19:10   Anyway, so Federico, I am with you on like, you re-pick this one,

01:19:14   because they've gotta put folders in their application.

01:19:17   Why haven't they put folders in?

01:19:18   Or just any way of categorizing the shortcuts.

01:19:22   Yeah.

01:19:23   Just like, any way.

01:19:24   Sort alphabetically. Something. It's a disaster.

01:19:28   I mean, once you get above about six shortcuts, you can't find your way around anymore.

01:19:32   Yeah, it's bad. I like that, Federico. Do you have any particular ways that you would

01:19:38   like to run shortcuts differently? Yeah, what does that mean? Yeah, I'm just interested,

01:19:43   as the Premiere shortcuts user, what other ways would you like to... So, I mentioned

01:19:48   system-wide keyboard shortcuts, quick actions in files, running from the home screen in

01:19:55   a way that doesn't launch the shortcuts app. So it just runs within the home screen. Like

01:20:01   the widget? Yeah, you get a progress bar on top of the icon, something like that.

01:20:06   Because that's what I like about the widget, like if you don't know, there's a lot of

01:20:09   shortcuts that you can run just from the widget, and they only work that way

01:20:13   from the widget. I like that. Yeah, I would also, like personally, I would like

01:20:18   to have, so the share sheet, the shortcuts, when you run the shortcut inside the

01:20:23   share sheet, I don't want to see the action editor anymore, I don't want to

01:20:28   see the actions flow. So the one that I keep feeling this way, and I'm sure it's the exact

01:20:34   same one for you, is MusicBot. MusicBot does not need to open shortcuts to operate what

01:20:38   it's doing. Yeah, but... In theory. Well, right now it needs to open shortcuts because of

01:20:42   a bug in shortcuts. No, but like, for what MusicBot is doing, in theory, shortcuts doesn't

01:20:51   need to be there, because it's only ever presenting me with just lists, right? Like, just, you

01:20:56   you could have that list pop up appear on a home screen icon, right? Just like a

01:21:01   pop-up window. I don't need to have the shortcuts app open for that.

01:21:06   And I am so with you on keyboard shortcuts. I would love more ways to trigger them

01:21:12   with keyboard shortcuts. That'd be fantastic.

01:21:14   How about you, Myke?

01:21:16   Like Federico, his flexi was that he would refuse to let go of a previous pick.

01:21:21   I'm the same. I still believe Apple will announce a services bundle. Like, a way to

01:21:26   to pay for multiple Apple services with one payment. That's it. I think what you

01:21:32   said earlier is really smart about a bunch of people got TV+ for free and

01:21:35   that will be winding down about the time about you know nine months from now and

01:21:42   maybe when season two stuff is coming up so I think that I think it's in the

01:21:47   cards for 2020. I agree with you I think this is they got to do it. Because Apple

01:21:52   have basically confirmed on investor calls that they will not do the free gift again,

01:21:57   that's what Tim called it, a gift. That that was this year and that's it.

01:22:01   Thanks Tim. Alright, I said, this is my shout out to our boy John Voorhees,

01:22:07   WWDC will bring no real changes to Matt Catalyst.

01:22:11   Oh no, no.

01:22:12   Sorry, I wonder if a shout out is that to John?

01:22:15   It's a condemnation of...

01:22:16   Yeah, the Catalyst guy.

01:22:18   There's a lot lacking in Matt Catalyst and it just seems...

01:22:22   Then you would continue to lack, that's what you're saying.

01:22:25   Sometimes Apple doesn't improve the obvious things and I fear that Matt Catalyst will...

01:22:30   Look, SwiftUI is the future, right? And that's what they're going to focus on. And I disagree

01:22:36   with this. I think they should improve it, but I'm just afraid that Apple thinks Matt Catalyst

01:22:39   is good enough and they're just going to let it sit. Well, I've been thinking about this too

01:22:43   recently and I genuinely think that the Matt Catalyst team did not know that SwiftUI existed.

01:22:48   >>Ashkahn: Oh, no way. They definitely got railroaded.

01:22:51   >>

01:23:02   hand seemed like a logical thing to do. They announced it, then SwiftUI got to a place

01:23:07   that they were ready to announce that and they just shelved Catalyst, but still put

01:23:11   it out the door because they spoke about it too soon. And maybe they shouldn't have done

01:23:16   that.

01:23:17   Mm-hmm. Poor Catalyst. Federico, your final Flexi.

01:23:21   So my final Flexi is, I believe, it's nice to say.

01:23:26   This is, like, our show is just one of the most rewarding creative experiences in my

01:23:34   life.

01:23:35   I know, because you can just come up with your own rules.

01:23:37   And we just come up with things and then we all just agree to it and then it just is.

01:23:42   It's such a welcoming environment.

01:23:44   Yeah, yeah, anybody can come up with ideas over here.

01:23:48   So my final flexi is that the...

01:23:51   Every time I see it, you giggle.

01:23:56   because we're taking it so seriously already.

01:23:58   - So I hereby announced that my final flexi shall be

01:24:03   that the iPad home screen will continue to change in 2020

01:24:08   with new elements and new additions.

01:24:10   So beyond the widgets, beyond the date and the clock,

01:24:15   there will be more.

01:24:17   - Guys, my computer's here.

01:24:19   - You go.

01:24:20   - You guys keep talking about the iPad, I'll be back.

01:24:23   - All right, we'll talk about the iPad,

01:24:24   go get your computer.

01:24:25   We'll be able to hear Steven straining to bring it in the door.

01:24:28   It's like, "Ugh!"

01:24:29   As he brings it in just massively.

01:24:30   Please, can you…

01:24:31   Okay, it's gone.

01:24:32   My initial thought was like, "What could they add?

01:24:34   They could add little contact icons to the home screen.

01:24:36   They'll definitely do that.

01:24:37   They'll like to put those in all over the place."

01:24:40   There used to be a thing in the iOS 8 beta.

01:24:43   Well, it's a thing again.

01:24:44   It's in the share sheet.

01:24:45   Yeah, sort of.

01:24:46   Right?

01:24:47   They love to do that.

01:24:48   But no, I'm thinking…

01:24:50   Well, obvious choice would be you should really be able to create bookmarks for files and

01:24:58   folders like you can on the desktop.

01:25:01   I feel like I will be asking for this every year for the rest of my entire life.

01:25:05   Consistent app pairs.

01:25:08   But that's not a home screen feature, is it?

01:25:10   Yeah, but you could add it to the home screen as an icon, right?

01:25:13   You know what I mean?

01:25:14   Interesting.

01:25:15   It's like a new thing to the home screen that like, oh, you can now add these app pairs.

01:25:18   Oh, like you launch it and it's already like, yeah, that'd be nice actually. Like if you

01:25:23   combine two icons together and you create like a, yeah, like a grouped icon, something

01:25:29   like that. Like a Franken icon. Yeah. Like half of Tweetbot and half of, I don't know,

01:25:34   you know, the card hop burger or something like Tweetbot eating the burger. Like the

01:25:39   bird is eating the burger. The sandwich. It's not a burger, it's a sandwich. Okay. Well,

01:25:47   Well, I just think that we could see that. We could see files and folders, so like you can do with the Finder.

01:25:54   But really, I think what should also qualify here is if you were able to place widgets anywhere.

01:26:05   Because I really think they should just do it. Just do it. Just let go of that sidebar.

01:26:10   I don't even know if I need that anymore, honestly.

01:26:12   I want to use more widgets. This is my problem. I want to use more of them.

01:26:17   I don't necessarily, like, I would get more utility out of widgets than I get from icons.

01:26:25   Because icons, like stuff I can launch in a bunch of ways.

01:26:29   And you can launch an app from a widget anyway.

01:26:30   You can launch an app from a widget.

01:26:32   If you are an iPad Pro user and it's very likely that you have a keyboard, you can just

01:26:37   search and launch apps that way.

01:26:40   You have a dock that can collect more than four apps, like on the iPhone.

01:26:45   So there are more ways to launch icons and apps than there are to see information at

01:26:50   a glance or to perform quick actions at a glance.

01:26:54   And widgets do that.

01:26:55   And so I would love to have like a bunch of widgets on my home screen.

01:27:00   Just allow me to make my home screen my own, the way that I want to use it.

01:27:07   You know?

01:27:08   I think it's great.

01:27:09   And we got a little taste of the idea of what if you could see at the same time both icons

01:27:14   and widgets and I think it's time to go a step beyond that because people like it so

01:27:19   much. Icons, widgets, files, folders. That would be it. That would be the perfect thing.

01:27:25   I think he's back. Oh my god. He's got it. Drop it to the floor. Drop it real loud. Very

01:27:31   heavy. I guarantee that we're about to do like one more minute of the show before he

01:27:37   makes a stop, right? Like, the show is going to be absolutely rocketed towards its conclusion

01:27:44   now as Steven just wants to unbox his computer.

01:27:47   What's going on?

01:27:48   I wonder how heavy it is. Is he even- it sounds like he's opening it.

01:27:54   Are you opening the box?

01:27:56   No, I've got a show to finish.

01:27:58   Oh, I thought I heard a cardboard crack.

01:28:01   Are you touching the box?

01:28:02   It's on the other side of the office. I can undo the velcro on the side of the box, hang

01:28:07   Oh, you've taken it out of the cardboard box?

01:28:10   I did because the cardboard box didn't have handles on it, I had to carry it out to the office.

01:28:14   Oh, that's a good idea.

01:28:16   So you did the whole, like, thing where you pull the tab?

01:28:20   Yeah. Did you hear the Velcro? Here, listen to this.

01:28:23   Oh boy.

01:28:26   Sweet, sweet Velcro.

01:28:27   Mm-hmm.

01:28:28   That's a lot of Velcro.

01:28:29   That's nice.

01:28:30   So I have a surprise topic. It's gonna take about two hours.

01:28:33   Uh-huh.

01:28:34   You cool with that?

01:28:35   We're gonna do that right now.

01:28:37   Right now?

01:28:38   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:28:39   We're gonna do another two hours of the show, you're fine with that, right?

01:28:42   Yes.

01:28:43   You haven't got nowhere to be.

01:28:44   No, I think we're ready to wrap it up.

01:28:45   It's about shortcuts for Pokemon.

01:28:49   Yeah.

01:28:50   Do you think you're ready to wrap up the episode now, D?

01:28:54   I think we're good.

01:28:55   I think I'm just gonna hang up.

01:28:56   You don't wanna do your final flexi, we're all good?

01:28:58   We still need to hear the final flexi from Myke and the final flexi from Steven.

01:29:01   Alright, Myke.

01:29:02   Alright.

01:29:03   to tell you guys a story for my final flexi.

01:29:06   - Come on!

01:29:07   (laughing)

01:29:08   - I want to take you on a journey, on a visual journey.

01:29:12   - My final flexi was my second choice Ricky.

01:29:15   If you didn't accept my Ricky, I was gonna choose this one,

01:29:19   which is Apple will introduce a new iMac design

01:29:22   with an accompanying external display.

01:29:24   So by that, I just mean like there's a new iMac

01:29:27   and there's a new display

01:29:28   that looks like the new iMac basically.

01:29:29   - Okay, the iMac design's been the same since 2012.

01:29:33   It's time, the bezels are enormous.

01:29:35   - They've got to do it, right?

01:29:36   They've got to do it.

01:29:37   - This would be classic Myke,

01:29:39   if you had made this your Ricky

01:29:40   and only half of it had come true,

01:29:42   because this is actually two picks.

01:29:43   It's a new iMac design and a new external display.

01:29:47   - Right, but the reason I did that,

01:29:49   'cause you were like, why did you do that?

01:29:50   'Cause I don't think that you would have accepted you

01:29:53   to either of those independently as a Ricky.

01:29:56   - No, they had to go to, yeah.

01:29:57   - So I had to do both.

01:29:58   - It was a catch-22. - To make it Ricky.

01:30:01   So but now you accepted my Ricky, so I made this my final flexi.

01:30:04   Perfect.

01:30:07   I hope it's true, man.

01:30:10   It's time. They've got to do it.

01:30:12   I feel like I feel like because I mean, my my other thing is that I

01:30:16   they will not be this is just my own personal theory now.

01:30:19   An update to the iMac Pro at all.

01:30:23   Ever now, ever.

01:30:25   And that the new iMac design will include the ability to spec one

01:30:30   to a very, very powerful configuration.

01:30:32   Like, so a merging of the lines?

01:30:35   I think so.

01:30:35   I think that makes sense.

01:30:36   The iMac Pro, I mean, look, it came from a time

01:30:38   before the Mac Pro was gonna exist.

01:30:41   It doesn't need to exist.

01:30:43   Like, you don't have to have an iMac Pro

01:30:45   if you just, if everybody knows that the top-of-the-line

01:30:49   iMac can become very, very powerful.

01:30:51   You don't need to have an iMac Pro.

01:30:53   The iMac Pro only needed to exist

01:30:55   when there was no other desktop professional machine.

01:30:58   - Well, maybe like the 4K could still be silver

01:31:00   and then the 5K would be like a little bit darker

01:31:02   and then the high-end 5K would just be space gray.

01:31:06   - I think they'll do a 6K.

01:31:07   - That's bold.

01:31:09   - Why not?

01:31:10   - I don't think they will.

01:31:11   I think-- - But they did a 5K.

01:31:13   Just keep making it bigger.

01:31:15   - Just keep adding more Ks.

01:31:16   All right, mine, I'm going to--

01:31:20   - Oh, I just read this. (laughs)

01:31:21   - The ARM Mac burned me in 2019.

01:31:26   I thought I just glanced at this and assumed what it said.

01:31:30   Yeah.

01:31:31   And so...

01:31:32   This comes from a place of profound hate for your previous pick.

01:31:36   This is coming... this is a Flexi out of spite.

01:31:39   Yes.

01:31:40   It's a spidey.

01:31:41   I have a spidey.

01:31:42   This is going too far.

01:31:45   Apple does not ship the first ARM Mac in 2020.

01:31:50   Yeah.

01:31:51   And I swear if I am wrong about this and they do...

01:31:55   If they do, Myke has to buy me one, because that was an eternal promise.

01:31:58   No, no, it's not the way that it works.

01:32:01   If you're going to say, "Do not ship one," and they do, you need to buy one for Myke.

01:32:06   You should buy me one.

01:32:07   Yes.

01:32:08   Let's do that.

01:32:09   That's the way that it works.

01:32:12   I don't want to…

01:32:14   You don't have to go top of the line.

01:32:16   I don't want to be…

01:32:18   I don't want to just do what you did again.

01:32:20   You can go mid-range, you know?

01:32:24   a sweet 5k on a computer that you're just gonna give to Myke?

01:32:27   I feel like the ARM Macs won't be expensive.

01:32:30   Well, if it's like the new MacBook, then yes, probably.

01:32:33   Because that's, I think that's what they start with anyway, right?

01:32:36   Like it's like an entry line consumer laptop.

01:32:38   Yeah.

01:32:39   It's probably the first one.

01:32:40   Call it the Apple Book.

01:32:42   Oh, you know what?

01:32:43   Probably.

01:32:45   It will be Apple something, I reckon.

01:32:47   Apple A-Book.

01:32:49   The Apple Top.

01:32:50   Apple Top.

01:32:52   App Top.

01:32:52   The laptop. It's a laptop.

01:32:54   Lapel top.

01:32:56   [laughter]

01:32:58   But like it's L apostrophe apple top?

01:33:02   Yeah. It's a lapel top.

01:33:04   The lapel top 5G.

01:33:08   Lapel top.

01:33:10   Max.

01:33:12   Alright.

01:33:14   I have no idea how we did.

01:33:16   We will find out in a year. That's the fun of this game.

01:33:18   Or, by the time the episode comes out, maybe. Who knows?

01:33:21   Who knows we may know some of it by then I love that we start our year with this every year

01:33:26   it's it's so much fun and

01:33:28   You know we'll move these to the the section of the document. We keep tabs on this throughout the year, so

01:33:34   Yeah, let's let's let's do it again real soon. Mm-hmm. I think that does it for this week guys

01:33:41   This was a lot of fun. I said I always enjoy this

01:33:43   If you are out there, and you want to find the links to stuff we talked about there's not many of them

01:33:49   but there's a few good ones.

01:33:51   They're relay.fm.

01:33:52   Can you hear how excited he is right now, Federico?

01:33:55   I'm trying to get to this.

01:33:56   Let me go.

01:33:57   He's probably already standing and just talking

01:33:59   into the microphone while standing.

01:34:01   There's two things I know are happening.

01:34:02   One, he is looking at the computer

01:34:05   and has a smile on his face as he's talking.

01:34:08   Look, man, it's not going to roll away.

01:34:10   The wheels are not on.

01:34:11   You didn't get the wheels.

01:34:12   And they get the wheels.

01:34:14   So show notes.

01:34:16   relay.fm/connected/275.

01:34:19   While you're there, you can get in touch with feedback

01:34:22   or follow up, there's an email link there,

01:34:24   or you can find us all on Twitter, of course.

01:34:26   You can find Myke on Twitter as I-M-Y-K-E.

01:34:30   Myke is the host of a bunch of shows here on the network.

01:34:33   If you missed the Upgrade Holiday special,

01:34:36   you need to go listen to it because it is fantastic.

01:34:41   It's so, so good.

01:34:44   It was a lot of fun to listen to that,

01:34:46   and I think everyone will really enjoy it.

01:34:48   And of course the upgrade-ies are right around the corner,

01:34:51   so don't miss those either.

01:34:53   - No, they've happened.

01:34:53   - They've happened too.

01:34:55   Time is a flat circle.

01:34:57   - We're so messed up on time right now.

01:34:58   - Yeah, just go check out Myke's other stuff.

01:35:00   You know where to find it.

01:35:01   (laughing)

01:35:02   You can find Federico on Twitter as Fittici, V-I-T-I-C-C-I.

01:35:06   If you follow him on Twitter,

01:35:08   I think that John Voorhees will mail you a trophy,

01:35:10   I think is what we've learned recently.

01:35:12   - Sure.

01:35:13   So go do that as well.

01:35:14   And you can find me on Twitter as ISMH and my writing

01:35:19   over at 512pixels.net.

01:35:22   I'd like to thank our sponsors this week,

01:35:24   Booz Allen, Health IQ and Hover.

01:35:27   Until next time gentlemen, say goodbye.

01:35:29   I'll do it with that too.

01:35:30   - Goodbye everybody.