272: If the Issue Persists, Contact Apple


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 272.

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00:00:17   My name is Stephen Hackett

00:00:18   and I am joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:20   - Ahoy there.

00:00:22   - Oh, hi.

00:00:23   - I'm a man of the sea now.

00:00:25   - Are you?

00:00:27   - Mm-hmm.

00:00:28   - What does that mean?

00:00:29   Do you have a boat?

00:00:30   I live on the ocean.

00:00:31   Okay.

00:00:32   Yeah.

00:00:33   Interesting.

00:00:34   I have a boat now.

00:00:35   I've been to your house.

00:00:36   I don't remember it being near the ocean, but you know.

00:00:38   I suppose I've moved to the ocean.

00:00:41   Or you know, rising sea levels have claimed large swaths of England.

00:00:45   It's going to happen eventually.

00:00:47   Also joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:50   Hello, hi.

00:00:51   I don't live by the ocean.

00:00:52   Guys, I need to confess to you that I introduced you in the wrong order.

00:00:57   I'm sorry.

00:00:58   What? Can you just edit it correctly?

00:01:02   Probably not. That's...

00:01:04   I mean, you could, but you shouldn't.

00:01:06   No, you should just own it.

00:01:08   Own your mistake.

00:01:10   So do you have to change it forever now, or am I going to get two intros in a row?

00:01:15   I tell you what, I'm going to fix it. So if you're listening to this...

00:01:20   Here you go.

00:01:27   Hello and welcome to Connected episode 272. It's made possible this week by our

00:01:33   sponsors Smile, Pingdom and Eero. My name is Stephen Hackett and I'm joined by Mr.

00:01:39   Federico Vittigi. Hello, hi. And by Mr. Myke Hurley. Ahoy there, I'm a man of the sea now.

00:01:47   And it's fixed! Wow. Who knows what you've done? Not us. You just have to listen to the show and find out how I fixed it.

00:01:56   We're gonna move into follow-up, and Myke, there is some news out of your household.

00:02:02   I don't wanna talk about it.

00:02:03   No, this is so sad.

00:02:06   This is of great personal trauma to me, I really don't wanna talk about it.

00:02:09   This is worse than when somebody returns a puppy.

00:02:13   Like this is horrible news.

00:02:15   Well, it's worse than...

00:02:18   The story is even worse than you know it to be.

00:02:20   Oh my God.

00:02:21   What did you do?

00:02:22   How can it be worse?

00:02:24   you break the TV before returning it? That'd be sad. Nobody knows what we're talking about

00:02:28   yet. So the TV that I was very happy to welcome into my home, it actually didn't last a day

00:02:36   until it was deemed that this TV was too big for the house. Frankly, guys, the TV is too

00:02:43   big. It's 55 inches, it's too big. I loved it, but it was just too big. And it made my

00:02:52   wife feel very uncomfortable and tired in her eyes like she couldn't watch tv like it was just too

00:02:59   much so we decided that yes 55 inches was too big especially because so you know i said i had a 42

00:03:08   inch like a 42 inch tv i actually have a i think a 40 inch tv so the the jump was like over 15 inches

00:03:17   which is too much. It's a lot of TV. It's a lot of TV really to go up to. So it has been deemed that

00:03:27   we will not have the TV in the house anymore, so we've gone back to the previous Panasonic TV that

00:03:32   I had, which is now a tiny, small, sad thing. It's now 40 inches instead of the 55. There is a

00:03:43   problem we can't return it because we used it. What? Oh my god. So there is now a 55

00:03:52   inch television in my home. That's not possible. In a box. How can you not return something?

00:03:58   No no no. I'm pretty sure there's some EU. Oh well. Can you? How dare you? At this time.

00:04:08   How dare you bring that plague upon my house? How dare you?

00:04:13   Wow.

00:04:14   How dare you? We checked the terms and conditions, because I assembled it, we can't return it.

00:04:20   So what are you going to do with it? Sell it?

00:04:23   Exactly. Trying to. Trying to. It's not going well so far, so it's a huge box in the living

00:04:31   room taunting me. Here's the TV that you wanted that you messed up and bought too big. Problem

00:04:37   is problem is OLED does not exist below 55 inches right now you cannot get a

00:04:43   decent sub 55 inch OLED TV it just doesn't exist

00:04:48   Samsung have a technology called QLED which is not OLED but offers a lot of

00:04:53   the benefits and they do smaller panels but none of the Samsung TV have home kit

00:05:04   they just have airplay, so that doesn't work. LG have said that at some point next year

00:05:12   they're going to introduce sub 50 inch OLED panels, but who knows if that's going to happen.

00:05:18   Yeah, they've been seeing this for a while.

00:05:20   Yeah, that was the impression that I got. So I don't really know what we're going to

00:05:24   do, but we can't really have a TV above 50. I think 50 is the absolute maximum we could

00:05:31   go to. So yeah, there is now just a big TV in the house. You're thinking about

00:05:36   this wrong. You are under the assumption that the TV is wrong for the

00:05:40   house, but really the house is wrong for the TV. The TV is fine. It's not a problem

00:05:45   with the TV. It's a problem with your living space, so clearly you just need to

00:05:49   move to a bigger place with a massive room for the television to be in. Then

00:05:53   you sit further back and it's fine. Because of my sadness, Idina did

00:05:57   recommend rearranging our entire room and I said that that was too much. That was too

00:06:03   much. I don't want to rearrange our house for this TV. The TV must go, but I am going

00:06:09   to take a, I am expecting significant loss on this television.

00:06:12   What if you bought the house next door to you and merged them and so you could like

00:06:17   have a really long house? Can I just say you are not helpful?

00:06:22   Well, you know, look, I'm just spitballing. An ideas guy.

00:06:26   So no television, television, well okay let me rephrase that.

00:06:30   We definitely have television, but we are not using television.

00:06:35   And that is that.

00:06:36   If anybody would like to buy a television.

00:06:39   Email Stephen.

00:06:41   Yeah, I mean look, I've been looking kind of halfway at a TV.

00:06:47   You bought basically the one I was gonna buy, so just bring it with you next time you come

00:06:50   over.

00:06:51   I'll just book some freight.

00:06:53   Yeah, put it on a boat.

00:06:54   Put it on a boat, send it to you.

00:06:56   So 55 inches, huh?

00:06:58   Yeah.

00:06:59   Federica's gonna buy it. That's how that goes.

00:07:02   I'm thinking about it.

00:07:04   It's the most incredible television I've ever looked at.

00:07:07   Well look, you don't need to sell me on it. I believe you. I know that it's a great television.

00:07:12   I can't even fathom how I would ship this television.

00:07:16   This is part of the problem as well. It's very difficult to ship a television. We've been looking into this.

00:07:21   I don't want to talk about this anymore, we have to move on.

00:07:26   Okay.

00:07:27   Sorry for your loss, Myke.

00:07:29   Like literally, sorry for your future loss.

00:07:32   There is a financial loss, yes.

00:07:37   That's terrible.

00:07:38   Apple has updated its HomeKit accessory list.

00:07:41   This is a page on its website, talks about devices that work with HomeKit, bringing some

00:07:47   routers including Eero and a Linksys device and security systems and cameras

00:07:53   and stuff that have been quote announced with HomeKit. We don't we don't really

00:08:00   know when this stuff is rolling out. I continue to be intrigued by the idea of

00:08:03   HomeKit router support like what that could look like what that would mean but

00:08:09   it seems like it's very hand-wavy at this point but you know companies are

00:08:13   moving forward with this and while we haven't really seen any fixes for our

00:08:17   shared HomeKit security video woes. Things continue to move forward, albeit

00:08:24   slowly, in HomeKit land. I think it's at least good that Apple have assembled

00:08:29   some of this stuff. Yeah. Right? Like, so you actually know. And I would not

00:08:35   recommend anybody buy a product on this list with the hope that you'll get it at

00:08:40   some point, right? But it's good to know if you already have one of these

00:08:44   products then you can be like "oh at some point this will work" but like if you

00:08:50   want to upgrade your like router or camera or whatever I would just so you

00:08:56   can get this feature I'd recommend waiting. The other thing is I mean look

00:08:59   how like how well the HomeKit Secure Video started off I wouldn't necessarily

00:09:05   think the router stuff's gonna be much easier at least at first. Never liked the

00:09:11   sound of those two words together and HomeKit and announced like that's

00:09:17   usually never you know they say oh it's been announced and any day now canary's

00:09:23   gonna get home kiss two years later like as where I've seen so many stories of

00:09:27   like things that were announced two years before finally having HomeKit

00:09:32   support and now maybe you bought that device haven't been able to take

00:09:36   advantage of HomeKit for the past couple of years, native HomeKit, probably better devices

00:09:42   have come out in the meantime and you're still holding out hope that it'll receive the HomeKit

00:09:48   support. Like, I do not recommend buying things that have just been announced. Like, take

00:09:56   a look at what's available now, because you know you're going to be able to take advantage

00:10:00   of that immediately instead of... because we've seen so many instances of like companies

00:10:06   saying, "Oh, we actually said we were going to support HomeKit, but that turned out to

00:10:11   be more difficult than expected, so goodbye.

00:10:13   It's not going to happen."

00:10:16   So yeah, buy things that are available now.

00:10:20   Don't hope for announced HomeKit support.

00:10:23   It's like waiting for the Cybertruck, right?

00:10:26   Just buy an F-150.

00:10:27   No, nobody's waiting for that.

00:10:30   Nobody is.

00:10:32   The year of Steven continues.

00:10:34   Doesn't.

00:10:35   It's the same thing.

00:10:36   It doesn't continue.

00:10:37   From Apple's website.

00:10:38   Well, it's two stories.

00:10:39   But you've already claimed this.

00:10:40   You have won.

00:10:41   The victory is yours.

00:10:42   That's great.

00:10:43   We'll find out soon enough, because in the next couple weeks we will be judging our yearly

00:10:44   picks.

00:10:45   And making new ones.

00:10:46   And making new ones.

00:10:47   The story is, though, Johnny Ive was quietly removed from Apple's leadership page on Thanksgiving

00:10:48   Day, the best time to bury a story, completing the "The

00:11:04   Completing the month-long transition of him leaving Apple and doing his own thing

00:11:08   I don't read anything into the date except that Apple wanted to try to bury it on Thanksgiving. So

00:11:13   Maybe they were thankful to Johnny. That's what it meant. Yeah

00:11:17   Maybe do you think they escorted him out of the spaceship?

00:11:22   Secret tunnel in there anyway, so he can get back in if he wants to he's gonna stop him

00:11:31   He knows his way around that place.

00:11:34   If you use a secret code, you know like when Apple bloggers go to the Steve Jobs theater

00:11:42   and everybody likes to make fun of those elevator buttons that are so unlike Apple?

00:11:48   But maybe they're ugly because...

00:11:49   Someone like Apple to make an elevator button like that.

00:11:52   Maybe they do support some kind of secret code that only Johnny knows and he takes you

00:11:56   to the secret tunnel.

00:11:58   If you align it correctly, it opens a secret door.

00:12:02   Like I want to believe there's a secret tunnel that takes you from the spaceship to the Catalina

00:12:06   Island.

00:12:07   And it's like he's built his evil lair on the Catalina Island.

00:12:13   That would be incredible.

00:12:14   He's been living breadcrumbs for years.

00:12:16   It's like the Da Vinci Code.

00:12:20   The Johnny Code.

00:12:24   So yeah, he's gone.

00:12:26   Thank you.

00:12:27   Bye, John.

00:12:28   Maybe, so here's a thought, what if, and we're going to talk about this in a bit, those Apple

00:12:34   Music Awards, what if those are the first product from the new Johnny consultant company,

00:12:42   what's it called, Love From Johnny?

00:12:46   Maybe those are a Love From Johnny product.

00:12:49   It seems like the kind of person that would design an award for Apple Music based on,

00:12:57   you know, silicon chips. I don't know. That was my thought though. Like, "Oh, wouldn't

00:13:02   it be funny if this is actually a Johnny Ive product but in the role of a consultant that

00:13:06   can now design weird and fascinating small objects?"

00:13:10   I bet if that was the case, that is the maximum only one thing that they will ever commission

00:13:16   from Johnny's agency. Because they will never ever, ever, ever work with him again.

00:13:24   Yeah.

00:13:25   That's how it's going to be.

00:13:27   Except for maybe the odd charity item.

00:13:30   Google has gotten into the Year of Steven celebration.

00:13:33   Jeez, this absolutely means nothing.

00:13:35   This is meaningless.

00:13:37   It's completely unrelated.

00:13:40   You did pretty well.

00:13:41   The Year of Steven does not extend to any executive.

00:13:46   Any company.

00:13:47   Of any company.

00:13:48   Tell that to Google.

00:13:49   A friend of mine quit their job this year.

00:13:50   Year of Steven continues.

00:13:54   So Myke, do you want to explain what's going on here?

00:13:58   Larry and Sergey, the founders of Google, have...

00:14:02   Drop the mic.

00:14:04   It's difficult to explain what they've actually done here.

00:14:08   They have created a design company.

00:14:10   Wait, no, that's...

00:14:11   Love from Larry and Sergey.

00:14:14   They have stepped aside as dual CEOs of Alphabet.

00:14:21   Sundar Pichai is now the CEO of both Google and Alphabet.

00:14:27   But Larry and Sergey have not given up their voting power on the board.

00:14:33   So I read a very good Twitter thread, which I will put in the show notes, which kind of

00:14:40   talks about and goes through all of the times that Larry and Sergey have been able to, and

00:14:46   again this is one sided, right?

00:14:48   I don't know all the story about this, but it is interesting.

00:14:51   All of the times that, um, they have been able to step aside from ever

00:14:56   appearing in front of a court.

00:14:58   There are like all these different times when they may have been had to either

00:15:02   they were interposed and they said they were sick, uh, or the Uber and Waymo thing

00:15:06   where they ended up settling out of court.

00:15:08   And of course, everybody knows, right?

00:15:10   Like both the U S government and a potential future U S government and the

00:15:16   European Union are closing in on company monopolies, like more and more and more.

00:15:20   And it may be that Larry and Sergey are trying to get away from ever having to

00:15:25   appear in front of Congress like Zuckerberg did, because they have

00:15:34   now stepped out of the limelight, but they continue to be in control of the

00:15:39   company, or have a controlling interest in the company with their voting rights.

00:15:42   Again, I just found that like a very interesting thing.

00:15:46   I don't know the full story because I've not done enough research, but it is an interesting

00:15:50   thought.

00:15:52   I do not envy Sundar Pichai in this because that is a huge job he has now as the CEO of

00:16:00   Google and Alphabet.

00:16:04   That seems like a lot of work for one person.

00:16:07   It's kind of like being your own dad in a way.

00:16:09   He's in charge of Google.

00:16:11   in charge of Google's parent company. That's a good point. Very strange. It's like the

00:16:15   Spider-Man meme with the two Spider-Men pointing at each other. That's very good.

00:16:25   That's very good. Look, he is now his own co-CEO. Like, that's a dream job right

00:16:33   there. You got to have somebody he can trust, might as well be him. Yeah. What

00:16:38   about yourself. Yes. It's just, it just seems, it's just strange. It's like a very strange

00:16:44   situation but like, I like some of the aperture though. It seems cool. We do. So moving on

00:16:51   through follow-up, we do want to let everybody know about a new show here on Relay FM called

00:16:58   Pictorial. It's hosted by Quinn Rose and Betty Chin. It is a show about art culture and art

00:17:06   history it's been a lot of fun working with this show getting it up and running

00:17:11   with Quinn and Betty. Betty has an awesome YouTube channel she should go check out

00:17:15   called Articulations where she explains all sorts of things that we see every

00:17:20   day and how art informs them it's it's really fascinating. They're doing

00:17:24   something interesting too. Pictorial will also be shared on YouTube and they will

00:17:28   be having additional content in the YouTube video so you'd imagine a show

00:17:33   about art they're talking about things that it's helpful to see and so they are

00:17:37   sort of harnessing YouTube to do that which I think is it's pretty cool but

00:17:41   we're excited about it we're honored that they would have it on Relay and you

00:17:44   should go check it out. Alright we have some some topics we're gonna get to but

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00:18:50   to PDF pen for their support of the show and Relay FM. There was a support

00:18:54   document that made the rounds this morning, Apple alerting users of the,

00:18:59   this is the full name, Mac book pro 13 inch 2019 to Thunderbolt three ports.

00:19:06   You know, that machine,

00:19:07   do you like that nickname? Federico?

00:19:09   Yeah, it's perfect.

00:19:11   I call this the Mac book pro no escape because it replaced the escape.

00:19:16   It just has two thunder reports, but they slapped a, uh, the touch bar on it.

00:19:19   So the Mac escape.

00:19:22   No, it's called the 13 inch 2019, 2003 ports.

00:19:26   - It's the cheap MacBook Pro.

00:19:28   - It's, it's, whatever.

00:19:32   What's wrong with this computer?

00:19:34   - It's broken, it seems like.

00:19:35   So users were having issues where the computer

00:19:38   would randomly turn off, even though the battery told you

00:19:41   you had to charge still, which is not what you want

00:19:45   from a computer, you want it to be on,

00:19:47   you don't want it to turn off unexpectedly.

00:19:49   And Apple has this like kind of convoluted thing

00:19:52   you're supposed to do where if you're having this,

00:19:55   get the battery to a certain battery percentage

00:19:58   and then connect it to its power adapter,

00:20:01   quit all the applications,

00:20:02   sleep the computer with the lid closed,

00:20:04   let it charge for eight hours and then update Mac OS.

00:20:07   - Are you being serious?

00:20:08   Is that actually--

00:20:09   - Yeah, it's six steps.

00:20:10   - That seems like something you would have made up.

00:20:12   - Nah, it is exactly what Apple tells you to do.

00:20:16   - Okay, let me--

00:20:17   Oh my word, look at this.

00:20:18   have no idea what this does to this computer.

00:20:22   My only guess is that it is cycling the,

00:20:27   there's a controller that sits kind of in between

00:20:29   the battery and the rest of the system.

00:20:31   My only guess is that it resets that somehow.

00:20:34   - I think the word randomly in a support article

00:20:38   is not good.

00:20:39   - It's troubling, right?

00:20:40   - Right, like if things have gotten bad,

00:20:43   if they're just like, I randomly turn,

00:20:46   it might randomly turn off on you.

00:20:48   So there's that.

00:20:49   If you have one of these machines

00:20:50   and you're having this problem, you can do this.

00:20:52   I would expect a--

00:20:53   - Why do you have to quit all that?

00:20:55   - I don't know.

00:20:56   This is voodoo.

00:20:57   This doesn't do anything.

00:20:58   My expectation would be that the next version of Catalina

00:21:02   or maybe a firmware update will solve this

00:21:05   and hopefully it's not an issue

00:21:06   where you have to get your computer serviced.

00:21:08   But if you have this computer and you're having this issue,

00:21:12   check out the support document

00:21:13   and good luck with the song and dance.

00:21:16   What if you're already on the latest version of Mac OS?

00:21:20   Do the rest of it?

00:21:21   I don't know.

00:21:24   It says, if the issue persists, contact Apple.

00:21:27   Or you have to wait until there's an update, then do it.

00:21:31   Yeah, it's weird.

00:21:32   That's the worst.

00:21:33   It's a weird--

00:21:34   That's a wild thing.

00:21:35   That's why I want to talk about it.

00:21:36   It can't be very widespread, though.

00:21:38   Because I mean, I don't know.

00:21:39   I feel like we'd hear from people if--

00:21:41   I haven't heard a word about this.

00:21:42   How strange.

00:21:43   I mean, it's obviously happened in some instances.

00:21:45   Like what a weird set of things.

00:21:48   - Very strange.

00:21:49   That's why I wanna talk about it, 'cause it's so unusual.

00:21:52   It's like if you're, you know,

00:21:54   if your computer's acting funny,

00:21:55   just plug it in at a very certain time,

00:21:57   in a very certain way.

00:21:59   You need to make sure that the lid

00:22:00   of the computer's facing north,

00:22:02   and you have to be wearing all black,

00:22:04   and sacrifice a living thing.

00:22:08   Then maybe it'll work.

00:22:09   Myke, you come bearing some news.

00:22:11   - Yeah, I always have news for the show.

00:22:13   (Jared vocalizing)

00:22:15   my news this time, which is if you're not a long time listener of the show, this is

00:22:20   going to sound very peculiar. I have switched to Safari.

00:22:24   Wow. On all my devices.

00:22:27   Wow. End of an era.

00:22:29   End of an era. I have been a Chrome user on all of my devices, including my iPhone, for

00:22:34   many, many years because I was a Chrome user on the Mac because Google Docs was support

00:22:39   just didn't really work very well for a while in Safari.

00:22:43   So I used Chrome.

00:22:44   And then when I used Chrome on one device,

00:22:46   I was like, well, I want to use Chrome on all devices.

00:22:49   So all of my history syncs up, right?

00:22:51   Because that's why you want to use a browser everywhere.

00:22:54   So you can get your tabs, you can get your history,

00:22:57   and you get all your autofill and all that kind of stuff.

00:22:59   So I suffered in silence using Chrome on my iPhone

00:23:03   for many years.

00:23:04   It just brings of it a million different weird problems,

00:23:07   but they were all worth it.

00:23:08   Plus I prefer the design of Chrome to Safari.

00:23:12   I think Chrome is a better designed browser on the iPhone than Safari is.

00:23:17   I will get to why in a minute.

00:23:19   But Safari on iPadOS is so good that you would be a fool to use anything else because that

00:23:27   desktop Safari really just really changes the way that you're able to use the iPad.

00:23:33   So I've been using Desktop Safari for a few months and now I've decided that it was getting

00:23:40   frustrating that things weren't being synced up so I have now switched to Safari on my

00:23:45   iPhone and on the Mac too.

00:23:49   So that's where I am.

00:23:51   I like that everything's back in sync.

00:23:53   Apple Pay, being able to use Apple Pay like all the time when buying things online is

00:23:57   really good because it only works in Safari.

00:24:01   And also website logins with like Keychain and 1Password are much more consistent than

00:24:07   they were before.

00:24:08   I have some frustrations.

00:24:10   I have frustrations that are on iOS and on the Mac.

00:24:14   I hate the way that tabs work on Safari on the Mac.

00:24:19   In Chrome, the tabs just get smaller and smaller the more that you open them.

00:24:24   So all of your tabs are available to you, right?

00:24:27   And then you can just click them.

00:24:29   On Safari, the tabs don't get smaller, they just become a scrollable bar.

00:24:34   Go to left to right.

00:24:35   Yeah.

00:24:36   It's stupid.

00:24:37   It's stupid.

00:24:38   Who wants that?

00:24:39   Like, it's stupid.

00:24:40   So now I have had to pin five tabs to the left, because I always need them, but three

00:24:45   of those tabs have the exact same favicon.

00:24:48   Yeah, I have the same problem.

00:24:50   Yes.

00:24:51   I would really like to be able to somehow distinguish between these other than different

00:24:57   favicons.

00:24:58   Like, I would also like to tab some, like, Google Docs there, but then it's just going

00:25:02   to be, like, just impossible.

00:25:04   So it's, you know, I hate that.

00:25:08   I hate on the iPhone that tabs seem to open, this actually happens on the Mac too, in a

00:25:14   somewhat seemingly random order.

00:25:17   In Chrome, when you open a new tab followed by a link or whatever, it just becomes the

00:25:21   most recent tab in the scrollable view.

00:25:24   on the iPhone it just opens in the middle sometimes. I think what's happening is it's

00:25:31   opening the tab next to the most recent tab that you had open, no matter how you open

00:25:38   the new tab. So if I click on a link in Messages, it puts it in the middle. Why would anybody

00:25:43   ever want that? Why would you ever want that?

00:25:46   It's a different behaviour I think. If you follow a link from another app, it behaves

00:25:52   in one way but if you're using Safari and you do like tap and hold on a link and you

00:25:57   open in the background it uses a different order so like it breaks your mental model

00:26:03   every single time.

00:26:04   I always want the most recent tab to be the most like the one either on the far right

00:26:10   or you know like the bottom right depending on how you're looking at it in a scoring view

00:26:14   I will never ever ever ever ever ever like the horrifically ugly carousel view on the

00:26:21   the iPhone. It's bad when you go into all tabs. I cannot believe they have kept it.

00:26:26   Chrome does a much better job of this. It has basically what the iPad has and what the

00:26:30   Mac has. I don't know why the iPhone doesn't have that view too of the grid. Why the carousel?

00:26:36   Why the carousel? Hi iOS 6! Like, what are you doing? Who needs a carousel? It's like

00:26:41   the worst way to look at this information because you see barely anything on the webpage.

00:26:46   It's terrible.

00:26:47   It should be a grid view with support for a long-pressed preview.

00:26:52   And that's it.

00:26:53   That's it.

00:26:54   Yeah.

00:26:55   Yeah.

00:26:56   And finally, I hate how the UI goes away when you scroll.

00:27:02   Oh, you do?

00:27:04   Yes.

00:27:05   That's interesting.

00:27:06   Why?

00:27:07   Sometimes I need the buttons and it's annoying to have to either scroll a very long way to

00:27:13   get them to come back up or I learned a little trick.

00:27:15   I don't know if this is like a trick everybody knows, but if you tap the like the status bar it comes back

00:27:20   But I just don't want that. I just want the controls there all the time. My phone is so big

00:27:25   I don't need you to hide

00:27:27   Those are the thing I have lots of frustrate my frustrations with Safari make me more angry than my things

00:27:34   I like about Safari make me happy, but the

00:27:37   Reasons I'm doing it

00:27:39   It's just like I want it all the same everywhere and it's so good on the iPad that I will able to use it

00:27:45   But there are just some really strange design decisions in Safari that I just I can't get my head around.

00:27:50   I share your frustrations on the iPhone design and something that I really don't understand

00:27:57   The tab view should really be redone from scratch

00:28:01   But what's even worse is that the iPhone does have many of the new useful gestures that were introduced on

00:28:09   Safari for iPadOS

00:28:11   So like how you can tap and hold on a tab and you can do for example, there's close all tabs

00:28:18   Except this one which I do all the time on my iPad

00:28:23   Like if I have a bunch of tabs open nice and I no longer need them

00:28:26   I can tap and hold and say keep this one and close all the rest

00:28:29   That's great and you can do the same on the iPhone, but here's where insanity lies

00:28:34   It's only supported in the tab view

00:28:39   which becomes a grid view in landscape mode only.

00:28:44   Oh my god.

00:28:46   In landscape...

00:28:47   I hate everything.

00:28:48   In landscape it is a grid, but you need to turn your iPhone sideways.

00:28:53   Ugh!

00:28:55   If you tap and hold on tabs in the carousel portrait view, nothing happens.

00:29:01   Like, why?

00:29:03   Like, again, like you said...

00:29:05   Why would you build both of these views?

00:29:07   2012 all over again.

00:29:10   Like, what is this carousel view?

00:29:12   Nobody needs it. Nobody likes it.

00:29:14   And the tap and hold in portrait mode doesn't even work reliably.

00:29:20   Look at that. Arrange tabs by title, arrange tabs by website.

00:29:23   That's so useful.

00:29:25   It's so useful, but it's it's only like who uses the iPhone in landscape anymore?

00:29:30   Not even, you know, I was thinking about that a few days ago.

00:29:33   Like when the then the plus was announced,

00:29:37   and we're all so excited about landscape view.

00:29:39   But it's just like, I hate it.

00:29:40   I actually hate landscape view.

00:29:42   You should never trust somebody who types on their iPhone

00:29:47   in landscape.

00:29:48   Like, don't trust that.

00:29:48   That person cannot be trusted.

00:29:51   That's one of my rules for life.

00:29:53   Because nobody does it.

00:29:55   Like, who does that?

00:29:56   Who does that?

00:29:57   What do you have to hide that you're typing

00:29:59   on your iPhone in landscape?

00:30:01   You got something to hide.

00:30:02   You're not wrong.

00:30:03   It's terrible.

00:30:04   It's terrible.

00:30:05   It's terrible.

00:30:06   It's like people drink Pepsi.

00:30:07   There I said it.

00:30:09   All right. I said it.

00:30:10   Email Stephen.

00:30:12   Email Stephen.

00:30:13   That does remind me of the like the

00:30:14   the ad campaign they did, the

00:30:16   Is Pepsi OK ad?

00:30:18   Do you remember that? They did it for

00:30:20   the Super Bowl?

00:30:21   They did an ad like Pepsi did an ad

00:30:24   where like somebody

00:30:27   it's actually Steve Carell it starts

00:30:28   with and it's

00:30:30   like the waitress is

00:30:32   like, is Pepsi OK?

00:30:33   And he's like, OK,

00:30:35   right? Like, of course it's okay. It's a great ad. It's a very good ad. I like ads where

00:30:41   companies are aware of the memes about them. I'll put it in the show notes. It also has

00:30:45   Cardi B and Lil Jon in it because they both have very interesting and fun ways of saying

00:30:49   the word okay.

00:30:50   Steven knows them.

00:30:52   This is what we had last time. I remember this. We were talking about it a while ago

00:30:57   and I was the only one that knew that Cardi B said okay in a fun way and Steven had never

00:31:03   heard of Cardi B.

00:31:05   I switched back to Safari maybe earlier this year,

00:31:09   and I agree with everything you said.

00:31:12   It's a pretty good browser wrapped in kind of

00:31:16   a bad application in places,

00:31:17   or like an application that does weird things.

00:31:20   It's like if you had a tasty sandwich,

00:31:23   but the bread you put it on was a little old,

00:31:26   little stale.

00:31:27   - That's a good metaphor.

00:31:29   - And used one of the inside of the sandwich.

00:31:30   - You want good bread on your sandwich.

00:31:31   - You want good bread.

00:31:32   - That's for sure.

00:31:33   - Good browser bread.

00:31:34   - Right, so there's that.

00:31:36   I'm glad you're doing this, Myke,

00:31:38   'cause I think it is interesting to talk about

00:31:40   the differences between the two,

00:31:41   because so many people just default to Chrome, right,

00:31:45   is hugely popular, and if you're cross-platform,

00:31:48   like you are Mac and Windows, or Windows and iPhone,

00:31:53   you kinda have to use Chrome or Firefox or something

00:31:56   to have your browser history and bookmarks

00:31:59   and everything synced, and once you're used to that,

00:32:01   Like, I never want to go without that syncing again.

00:32:04   It's so helpful to be looking at something on one computer

00:32:08   and the next day pick it up when I get to the office

00:32:11   or something like that.

00:32:13   All those little iCloud features make Safari

00:32:15   a pretty nice place to be.

00:32:17   But yeah, Apple has some odd ideas

00:32:19   about how things should work.

00:32:22   I was surprised.

00:32:23   We're going to talk about the best apps of the year later on.

00:32:25   And Apple was talking about what the most downloaded apps were.

00:32:28   Chrome was 20th free, top downloaded free app of the year.

00:32:35   So people want that browser.

00:32:38   So I was thinking about this as Myke was talking.

00:32:41   There's four things that I would like to see in Safari next year.

00:32:45   I rethink the tab view on the iPhone, for sure.

00:32:49   Make the keychain its own passwords app.

00:32:53   Yes.

00:32:54   Don't let people dig into settings to find passwords on accounts.

00:32:59   That's crazy, isn't it?

00:33:00   Kitchen needs to be its own thing.

00:33:02   It's really well done.

00:33:04   And the moment that Apple adds support for one time password codes,

00:33:09   that they should have their own kitchen app for iOS.

00:33:14   That would like kill one password.

00:33:16   I know. Yeah, it would become like a serious proposition.

00:33:22   Third, I would say the Safari reading list needs to be...

00:33:30   they need to do something because it's been basically unchanged for the past six, seven years.

00:33:36   Oh, I do love ReaderView by the way.

00:33:38   ReaderView is really nice, it's really well done. It's really well done.

00:33:42   I have this problem with MacRumors. This is very specific.

00:33:45   MacRumors in half size, right? You know, like in like two apps side by side.

00:33:52   when I load the web page they have their like "ah cookies" thing. You can't say yes.

00:33:59   It just grays out the screen but I can't, there's nowhere to press to say like "accept the cookie?"

00:34:08   hmm so I just read everything in reader view when I go to MacRumors. It's a very specific thing that

00:34:14   I have happen to me. Yeah. You just need to have a content blocker block all that stuff. Do you both

00:34:20   use content blockers? I do, yes. And you just block in ads of them? What are you blocking?

00:34:26   I block everything and then I white list websites that I like. Because the reason I don't use a

00:34:31   content blocker is because every time I ever have a problem with a website or every time we have

00:34:38   somebody contact us of a problem with our website, the first response is "are you using a content

00:34:43   blocker?" Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's just like I don't want to live in that world where I always have a

00:34:49   problem that is that. But everything is so much faster and if something is not

00:34:55   working I know that my first step, like my first debug step, is always turn off

00:35:00   ContentBlocker and see if it works. So I'm used to that now. And the fourth

00:35:04   thing that I would like to see, and this may sound kind of odd given the time

00:35:09   that I've spent complaining about this feature and that Apple brought this

00:35:12   feature to 13, the file downloader, right? You can now download files in Safari for

00:35:18   iPhone and iPad and they get saved into the Files app and you can go to Settings and you can change

00:35:24   the default downloads location. It's great, I love it. But you will not believe the number of people

00:35:31   who have emailed me and Silvia for the Mac series shortcut icons because they cannot find the

00:35:40   download on their devices. I am guessing that, of course, they are not familiar with this feature

00:35:47   being new in 13, and they don't notice the animation when you tap on a download link.

00:35:54   Most people don't read alerts that pop up on screen, and so they just tap OK. They don't

00:36:01   notice that there's a Downloader icon in the Safari toolbar, and they say, "Well, I tapped

00:36:09   the link and nothing happens." And this is the paradox that I'm facing right now. This is a

00:36:16   better feature than what it used to be because Safari previously did not have a

00:36:22   downloader built in. But when you tapped on a link it showed you like a

00:36:29   different page with the icon of the file in the middle of the screen. You couldn't

00:36:35   miss it. Now it is better because you can actually download multiple files. There's

00:36:40   There's a progress bar, there's a default downloads location, but it's easy to miss.

00:36:47   So like, maybe there should be a better balance between...

00:36:52   I think that, you know, I know that like developers and designers, they have a dislike in most

00:36:59   instances of like walking you through something.

00:37:04   People want to, and I understand the thinking of this, they want to be able to design something

00:37:10   that doesn't require prompts.

00:37:13   But I just don't think it's the worst thing that the first time you download a

00:37:18   file, it pops up and says, "Hey,

00:37:21   your downloads are now saved in the Files app."

00:37:27   I don't think that's the worst thing in the world to do that,

00:37:30   especially if the software is going to continue to get more complex and

00:37:34   complicated in good reason. Like that's a great,

00:37:37   is a great thing to have, right? To actually have things downloaded in the background and

00:37:42   that you can choose wherever you want it to go and like you can do a lot of really cool

00:37:45   stuff with that. But you gotta tell people, like just let them know. It's not the worst

00:37:51   thing in the world, right?

00:37:53   Mm-hmm. Yeah. And like every single time I get an email from somebody who bought the

00:37:59   icons and said, I go to your download page and I tap the link and nothing happens. And

00:38:05   know, like I need to walk them through, like if you go to settings,

00:38:10   Safari downloads, can you tell me what it says? And most people say it just

00:38:16   says "downloads" or some people say it says "on my iPad" and so I need to

00:38:22   tell them well that's because Safari is downloading files for you in that

00:38:26   location. Like they had no idea that that was happening and then everybody's like

00:38:31   oh yeah you're right it's in the files app, it's in that folder. So like yeah

00:38:34   Maybe there should be like a like I know that it's not elegant and it's not like

00:38:38   And I'm guessing the most designers and developers have this

00:38:43   Myth of the interface that explains itself like you don't need a manual you don't need prompts. You don't need a tutorial

00:38:51   But you know everything is so complicated these days that maybe you do and it's not the worst thing to have

00:38:57   Like a big splashy alert because that's also the problem right Apple likes to design these alerts

00:39:03   that are really subtle and really not in your face,

00:39:07   whereas sometimes I would liken to design stuff

00:39:09   that is more in your face,

00:39:11   like with a big red exclamation point that says,

00:39:14   "Look at this.

00:39:16   Your files are here,"

00:39:18   and not some fancy English sentence.

00:39:21   "Your files that you downloaded from..."

00:39:24   Make it simple.

00:39:25   -There's an easy fix

00:39:26   that other companies already thought of.

00:39:28   You get a character that is made of an object

00:39:32   everyone knows, like a paper clip.

00:39:33   Johnny let's call it Johnny but he looks like a paperclip that's fine but his name is Johnny

00:39:38   no you should get you should get Phil Schiller from the poker game that's what you should get

00:39:43   he comes in from the side he says hi it looks like you're trying to download a file can I help you

00:39:49   this is where it's going I think people would really be into that by the way would you like

00:39:53   to play poker could you download this sorry finishes every you download this app that we

00:39:57   released exactly a year late for some reason?

00:39:59   I don't know. It's just, you know, people cannot find their downloads. So that's

00:40:07   my problem. I sent at least, I'm not joking, 50 emails. Like, just like this. Like, open

00:40:15   files and you'll find it. So maybe there's a better way. I don't know.

00:40:20   We seem to be on the verge of the new Mac Pro coming. Apple said it will be December.

00:40:26   is slowly ticking away.

00:40:28   And I want to talk a little bit about how we may think

00:40:31   that it's gonna roll out.

00:40:33   Because it's unusual that we know

00:40:36   when a machine is coming in advance,

00:40:38   and this is obviously a computer that has

00:40:40   a lot of people interested in it,

00:40:42   although most of those people won't end up with it.

00:40:46   But it's the Halo car, right?

00:40:47   It's the exciting Mac that people will aspire to.

00:40:51   And I'm curious if y'all have any thoughts

00:40:53   on how Apple may roll this out. What about you, Myke?

00:40:58   No fanfare. I do not believe it will appear on Apple.com and the homepage, right? Like,

00:41:05   here's our new product. I'd be very surprised if they did that. I think there'll be a press

00:41:08   release and I think professional focused press will get it in advance. Not everyone. So like,

00:41:16   maybe people like, there'll be some YouTubers for sure. I would assume like MKBHD, but I

00:41:22   I think they will lean quite heavy into YouTube because Apple really fancies this as a video machine

00:41:28   and that it does double duty there, right? Because you're putting it through its proper paces

00:41:34   because every YouTuber will talk about their workflow and how much faster it is

00:41:38   the same as they did with the MacBook Pros, right?

00:41:40   It's like, this is how much faster Final Cut is

00:41:42   but also video is good because it's video, right? So it's like a double win

00:41:47   when and then I think like some maybe like Oztechnica or something like you know like

00:41:51   a site that is way more focus on performance than an average site because I'm not sure

00:42:00   like would they give it to the Verge like I figure if they gave it to any of the more

00:42:04   general consumer sites the Verge would be the one because it's probably the biggest

00:42:09   yeah but like a non-tech is going to get one right because they talk about performance

00:42:13   and heat and processors. When I said Oztechnica I was thinking of a Nuntec.

00:42:17   Maybe Oz too, but that's the one I was thinking of. I was thinking of a Nuntec.

00:42:21   They should give one to John Siracusa, but I would... they should do it, but

00:42:27   they probably won't do it, but they should do it. Because I think it just,

00:42:31   you know. They should give him one, not as a review, they should just hand him one.

00:42:34   They should hand him one because it would be hilarious. Craig should bring it over.

00:42:38   It would be. It's like I brought this one to your house. It could be John, he's like I got this for you on

00:42:42   the way out the door. It has wheels on it so I could pull it out of the lab. I

00:42:47   agree with you. I think whatever the process is will be pretty selective. It

00:42:54   will not be like the MacBook Pro. No, because that is a computer for basically

00:42:59   everybody, right? Like, even the iMac Pro. Mm-hmm. Well, the iMac Pro I think is

00:43:04   closer to this, but the Mac Pro is not for everybody, and I think there is

00:43:09   possible backlash to be had from like regular Apple customers who would come

00:43:15   across this not know much about it and think holy smokes why is this computer so

00:43:19   expensive Apple's gone crazy and by putting it in the hands of people who do

00:43:26   things like 8k video footage and do these really high-end things and their

00:43:30   audiences know they do those things then maybe they can mitigate some of that

00:43:35   potential backlash. Yeah because it's like you don't it's it's unnecessary to

00:43:41   put this machine in front of a large audience. You don't need to do it. I would

00:43:47   say everybody that is ever going to buy one of these already knows about it.

00:43:52   Right? No one's gonna be surprised by this computer and then make the decision

00:43:56   surely. Like oh it's the new Mac Pro! It's been 10 grand! So I don't have any particular opinion

00:44:02   on this rollout, but the only thought that I have is I wonder if there will be some kind,

00:44:09   and bear with me, I know that it sounds ridiculous at first, some kind of Apple service tie-in

00:44:15   with this. Like, I could imagine, like, here's how the directors of an Apple TV+ show have

00:44:21   used the Mac Pro.

00:44:22   Oh, the website will 100% have a video like that. I, yeah, like, look at this scene from

00:44:27   For All Mankind, which was rendered on the new Mac Pro.

00:44:31   Like I 100% agree with you on that one.

00:44:33   Even something for Apple Music, like here's how this album that by the way is...

00:44:37   Here's how Calvin Harris uses his Mac Pro because everyone knows he has one.

00:44:41   So yeah, I think that the website, I would agree with you, will have those kinds of stories

00:44:46   on it, right?

00:44:47   Like that makes sense, I think.

00:44:50   If they didn't do something to be like, "Oh, this was from For All Mankind" or like "Whatever

00:44:54   was made on the Mac", like that'd be really...

00:44:56   I'd find that peculiar, in honesty, if they didn't do that.

00:45:00   a really good point. It's gonna be any day now though, right? It's got to be soon. We're in

00:45:04   December. Yeah, I think they've got to do it probably before Christmas just because Christmas

00:45:09   and New Year's is on a Wednesday, so there's not even like a full business week between them.

00:45:14   I would say it has to happen before the 20th. They're not going to do it Christmas week,

00:45:19   right? So it has to be between now and the 20th if they're going to do anything. Christmas for nerds.

00:45:26   Christmas for nerds. Especially if you know these things are going to ship before the holidays.

00:45:30   In case anyone gets their Mac Pro in their stock. Yeah it may be that the stock ones get out,

00:45:35   but you know this was true with the iMac Pro. The base model shipped first and then the higher

00:45:40   end ones were actually in January. So mine is a base model. I got it at the very end of the year,

00:45:44   but January most of them didn't ship for you know another week or so. So I'd imagine that's how

00:45:50   this may go. So 2020 is going to be the year of Syracuse. He's gonna get uh gonna get one

00:45:56   and he's gonna... or maybe 2021, who knows? Yeah, he may waffle a bit. So yeah, I'm excited about it.

00:46:02   I mean, this is a machine that I am interested in. Like, it's not in the budget, but it's fun

00:46:07   to think about it, and it'll be fun to talk about. And I know that Federico is really looking

00:46:13   forward to it, so... I'm gonna use it as a Plex server.

00:46:20   That's what I'm going to do.

00:46:22   That would be the biggest flex.

00:46:24   The Plex flex.

00:46:25   I bought a Mac Pro and it's a Plex server.

00:46:27   Plex flex.

00:46:28   And not even for H.265 videos, H.264, the old content.

00:46:33   That's what I'm going to use it for.

00:46:37   I just want to watch The Sopranos in SD.

00:46:39   That's all I want to serve.

00:46:41   I don't care.

00:46:42   I use a Mac Pro tower as a Plex decoder.

00:46:45   You know, Casey on ATP has been moaning about what to buy

00:46:50   and he needs Plex server, blah, blah, blah.

00:46:52   And I, what I should have done is I should have told him

00:46:55   he could have one of my X serves, right?

00:46:57   Like it's small.

00:46:59   - Can you not get a Mac Mini?

00:47:00   - It's small. - He got a Mac Mini.

00:47:01   - In terms of height.

00:47:03   - He has been suggested this

00:47:04   in every other possible computer configuration under the sun.

00:47:07   - So apparently he bought something.

00:47:09   We'll see what that is.

00:47:10   - I know what he has.

00:47:11   - So do I, but the audience hasn't heard ATP yet,

00:47:13   so don't spoil it.

00:47:14   Don't spoil what hasn't been shared.

00:47:18   That's what I'm saying.

00:47:19   We're gonna talk about Apple's awards,

00:47:21   but I wanna tell you about Pingdom.

00:47:23   The holiday shopping season is here.

00:47:26   We have survived Black Friday.

00:47:29   Boxing Day is at some point.

00:47:30   No one's really sure when that is.

00:47:33   But we're here and we're shopping online.

00:47:37   I saw a headline the other day

00:47:39   of how much money was spent shopping online

00:47:40   at some bananas number.

00:47:43   And in that process, when we're shopping for the holidays,

00:47:47   We want to know that things are gonna work,

00:47:49   that the shopping cart we're in is gonna stay up

00:47:51   and we have to go check something else and come back.

00:47:55   We want all that to work smoothly.

00:47:57   And Pingdom is the service behind a lot of that stuff

00:48:00   because it is a service that will let you know

00:48:02   the moment your website goes down

00:48:04   in whatever way is best for you.

00:48:07   And it can monitor all these transactions.

00:48:09   So cart checkouts, forms, login pages,

00:48:12   every single step of that purchase, that chain of things,

00:48:16   Pingdom can be watching over and making sure

00:48:18   that it is staying up before they affect your customers

00:48:22   and your business.

00:48:23   You can customize how you're alerted and who is alerted

00:48:26   depending on the severity of the outage.

00:48:28   Go to pingdom.com/relayfm right now.

00:48:31   If you have a website and you wanna make sure

00:48:33   that you're the first one to know when it goes down,

00:48:35   pingdom.com/relayfm.

00:48:37   There's a 14-day free trial, there's no credit card required

00:48:41   and when you sign up, use the code connected at checkout

00:48:44   to get an awesome 30% off your first invoice.

00:48:48   Once again, that's Pingdom.com/RelayFM.

00:48:51   Our thanks to Pingdom for their support of this show

00:48:54   and Relay FM.

00:48:55   - Apple had some awards.

00:48:57   So we spoke about this ceremony

00:49:01   that they were gonna be having

00:49:02   that Lance Yulinoff shared with the world

00:49:04   but he shouldn't have.

00:49:05   And so it happened on Monday in New York.

00:49:10   The event itself, from 9 to 5 Mac, is saying,

00:49:14   the event centered on Apple inviting developers

00:49:17   to their New York City office to talk about inspiration

00:49:20   of stories behind their applications.

00:49:21   Really, this was an event for the developers

00:49:25   who won these awards to come and share

00:49:27   their stories with the press.

00:49:29   So I guess there would be a bit more of a fanfare

00:49:31   around the event itself.

00:49:33   But I guess also, and I think rightly so,

00:49:35   actually making these developers feel special,

00:49:38   like more special, which they deserve.

00:49:40   They've won an award, right?

00:49:42   Like I think that people who win awards

00:49:44   should be given some kind of a good feeling for that, right?

00:49:48   So like, that's why it happened.

00:49:51   We can see now why Apple said,

00:49:53   "Please don't talk about this

00:49:55   because there's nothing to talk about," right?

00:49:58   Like in advance, like it's,

00:50:00   we're just doing this thing and that's all it is.

00:50:03   But we have now, of course,

00:50:04   if you've been on the App Store in the last couple of days,

00:50:07   It's dominated at the moment with this coverage.

00:50:11   So I figured we could maybe touch on the winners

00:50:13   a little bit.

00:50:15   So the iPhone app of the year is Specter,

00:50:18   which is the AI long exposure app

00:50:21   from the makers of Halide.

00:50:25   It's a camera app.

00:50:26   Kind of surprised about this one, in all honesty.

00:50:31   I know this is an application that people

00:50:33   like having fun with.

00:50:34   I never really got it to work.

00:50:38   And the long exposure, whenever I wanted to do a long exposure photography, the long exposure

00:50:44   feature in the photos app has worked fine for me.

00:50:48   But I also never really want to do this.

00:50:52   So it's cool that it's there, but I was surprised.

00:50:57   It's nicely made, like it's a very nicely made application.

00:51:00   The design is great.

00:51:01   I would have expected Halide to win over this if one of these apps were gonna win.

00:51:06   Yeah me too, me too honestly.

00:51:08   Because Halide is amazing, it's amazing!

00:51:11   Yeah.

00:51:12   So it was a surprise. I'm not trying to say it's a bad app, it's a cool app,

00:51:15   but as the iPhone app of the year was surprising.

00:51:18   The iPad app of the year was Flow by Moleskine, which I didn't even know existed.

00:51:24   Which I'm pretty sure also won an Apple designer award?

00:51:28   No, Timepage did.

00:51:31   Time page did, okay.

00:51:32   I believe, maybe it was Flow, but I think it was Time Page.

00:51:37   Pretty sure it was Time Page.

00:51:39   Flow by Moleskine was the iPad app of the year.

00:51:42   I didn't even know this app existed, but I took a look at it today in the App Store,

00:51:46   downloaded it, and I want to play around with it.

00:51:47   It looks like a really fun, well-made drawing application for the iPad.

00:51:52   No, Flow won an Apple Design Award.

00:51:54   Oh, okay, so cool.

00:51:56   I guess that makes sense though, really, doesn't it?

00:51:59   But sure, double dipping. Someone at Apple loves Moleskine. I should send them some notebooks

00:52:05   instead so they can understand there are better products available.

00:52:09   Actually, the notebooks are fine. They're not great. There's a million products that are better.

00:52:18   No, keep digging. Keep digging the difficult.

00:52:20   But long-time listeners of the Pan Act will know, I applaud Moleskine's technology forward

00:52:29   approach. They also make a lot of, they are like the heavy investor in products of like

00:52:34   write on this paper and you can have it in an app right and they have like pens and

00:52:38   notebooks that do that. And I think it's very clever that they are in the iOS app business

00:52:44   and in this business because they are understanding two things. One, where their market is and two,

00:52:50   what their future should be and they all other companies that are making notebooks are going

00:52:55   to get left behind by them again. I think they made a very clever move in doing these things

00:53:00   because they are expanding their brand and showing that they are the tech forward company

00:53:05   that if you need to take notes in the office, yeah you can use paper but then it'll also be

00:53:10   in an application which everyone thinks that they want. So this is an interesting thing that they're

00:53:15   doing but I didn't I don't really think I even I've never tried this application so I'm looking

00:53:19   forward to trying it but it seems like Apple really love it. The iPhone game of the year is

00:53:24   Sky Children of Light, which is made by the company behind Journey?

00:53:28   Yeah, I don't know.

00:53:32   I have a few problems with these picks.

00:53:36   Like I think I'm happy for the winners.

00:53:39   Let me say I want to make something clear.

00:53:42   I'm very happy for everybody who won.

00:53:45   I just think that as the organization that does these awards,

00:53:50   I just find them a bit uninspired this year.

00:53:53   And that's due to the small number of awards, like very few categories.

00:54:01   No watch apps at all, no runner's app in any category. The repeat winner of Flow, which won

00:54:12   an Apple Design Award, and it's also like the best of the year awards, like, some variety would have

00:54:16   have been nice, more categories would have been nice, but the games are... like, it could

00:54:23   be argued that Sky launched to a lot of press, right?

00:54:28   It was highly anticipated.

00:54:29   Apple had it on stage.

00:54:31   Highly anticipated game, didn't really make much of an impact.

00:54:36   You know, it's a fun game, it's a beautiful game, it's not the new journey.

00:54:42   And it could be argued that there were better, more impactful, culturally speaking, iPhone

00:54:48   games this year. Even if you look at Apple Arcade alone, there were more games that people

00:54:54   keep talking about. And the iPad game is not even an iPad original game. Hyper Light Drifter

00:55:02   came out of PC and consoles years ago.

00:55:06   That was a weird one for me, for them to have featured a port so prominently.

00:55:12   Like I don't get it. This seems, and this is quite odd, that the year that Apple decided

00:55:22   to do something more with these awards, they actually feel like a bit less than previous

00:55:31   Less inspired, less original, less... fewer categories? Like, I don't know.

00:55:38   The two games... I mean, sure, they are fun games. I love Hyper Light Drifter.

00:55:44   Sky is a fun game. There were better titles deserving the award, in my opinion.

00:55:52   The Apple Arcade Game of the Year, Sayonara Wild Hearts, which I am...

00:55:57   This is a good one, yes.

00:55:59   It's one of my favorites, so I agree.

00:56:01   Like it is one of the best games on Apple Arcade.

00:56:05   But again, it is kind of funny that it is not a game that was made for Apple Arcade.

00:56:09   That won it.

00:56:11   This is a game made for PC and console, which is also on Apple Arcade.

00:56:15   Yes, but it is a is a good game to feature because it is that good.

00:56:19   And people might know it from other places.

00:56:21   So it's like, oh, it's on the iPhone, too. Great. I'll get that.

00:56:23   The app trend of the year was storytelling simplified.

00:56:27   The idea behind this is that this year, what they have seen as one of the biggest trends

00:56:33   in applications is apps that exist to help you tell stories.

00:56:38   They feature Anchor, which is the podcast creation app.

00:56:43   They feature Spark Camera, which is really good for Instagram Stories.

00:56:48   They feature a few applications that are good for Instagram Stories.

00:56:52   Unfold is another one of them.

00:56:55   And then they have an app called Noisy Book, one second every day.

00:56:58   They have a bunch of applications that are focused around helping you tell stories and

00:57:02   share stories.

00:57:03   I think the trend thing is honestly more interesting to me than in both app and game, I'll give

00:57:08   that again in a second, than the actual wars themselves.

00:57:11   The game trend of the year was Blockbuster's Reborn, so the idea of old titles or games

00:57:16   in existing areas seeing new games on iOS.

00:57:20   So Mario Kart Tour, Minecraft Earth, The Elder Scrolls Blade, Pokemon Masters, those like...

00:57:26   And I was like, okay.

00:57:27   But again, whilst that is interesting, you're really leaning on the mainstream there, Apple.

00:57:32   Yeah, I wanted to go there, in fact, with you.

00:57:35   Like is this really something worth bragging about?

00:57:38   Like that you got...

00:57:40   Especially because Minecraft Earth has not made a huge splash.

00:57:44   No, and...

00:57:45   Neither did Pokemon Masters.

00:57:48   And you got Assassin's Creed Rebellion, really? Call of Duty Mobile and Mario Kart Tour, sure.

00:57:54   Those have been two of the biggest game releases of the year. Dr. Mario World...

00:57:58   Mario Kart Tour, very surprised, is the most downloaded game of the year.

00:58:02   Yeah, wow. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

00:58:04   Which is, I feel like it completely passed me by. I played it for a little bit and I

00:58:08   was like, "Okay, this is exactly what I thought it was and I don't want it."

00:58:11   I have so many friends who are still playing the game every single day. Like, it's been...

00:58:16   I think it's done well for Nintendo.

00:58:18   It's Nintendo's best iOS game so far. I am be keen to see if Nintendo are happy about

00:58:27   this though because they were not happy with Super Mario Go run run run.

00:58:33   Finance run financially speaking.

00:58:35   Yeah, I don't know. They were not happy with it. And I wonder if Mario Kart Tour has done

00:58:39   any better for them.

00:58:40   I know that Sylvia hasn't spent a single cent on it. So she keeps playing. So I don't know.

00:58:47   Yeah, I don't know if...

00:58:48   So those are the games?

00:58:49   ...celebrating the game trend of the year as, "Oh yeah, let's take a bunch of console

00:58:55   titles and make them freemium mobile versions with a bunch of gems, because this is what's

00:59:00   common to all of these games."

00:59:02   Is it something really worth celebrating with, like, mentioning in an awards ceremony?

00:59:07   Like shouldn't you be celebrating original content for iOS?

00:59:12   Like yeah, this is mainstream.

00:59:14   yes, this is pop content, but like it doesn't feel classy, maybe?

00:59:22   In a way that...

00:59:23   Some of it feels in contrary to the work that is done by the editors of the App Store.

00:59:32   Yeah.

00:59:33   Where they very frequently focus on more indie titles and like smaller titles of both apps

00:59:42   and games but then some of the awards, not all of them, but then some of the awards seem

00:59:47   very mainstream. It's just interesting.

00:59:51   Yeah, yeah.

00:59:53   I mean like, again, iPhone app of the year, Specta, that's awesome. I know a lot of people

01:00:00   like the app, I'm happy to see that they went with something like this because I just think

01:00:04   it's great. But if it was my choice I would have gone with Helen instead because that

01:00:11   just feels like a better app to me. It's a more, you know, complete, full-featured,

01:00:17   deeper type of software. But it might be that like that highlight is too complicated to

01:00:23   call the iPhone app of the year. It's like what it does as an app, where Spectre is way

01:00:28   more focused and like more regular people can see more of an output of it. On the other

01:00:33   hand, you're recommending a utility that does a feature that is also part of your own photos.

01:00:39   Which is what makes things even more peculiar to me.

01:00:45   Apple also released the most downloaded apps and games.

01:00:49   So I mentioned that Chrome was on that list earlier.

01:00:53   Mario Kart was the best free game.

01:00:57   I was super surprised about some of the entrants on the paid section.

01:01:01   So the most paid for applications of the year.

01:01:05   It features Autosleep for Apple Watch.

01:01:09   That is one of the most bought apps of the entire year.

01:01:13   That surprised me.

01:01:15   I was very surprised about this and you figure Apple must, must, surely be working on sleep

01:01:24   tracking for the Apple Watch now if they were not before.

01:01:27   It was the fifth most bought app this year.

01:01:32   This app is consistently at the top of the pay charts for iPhone.

01:01:37   remarkable really and it's made by a single person so like yes it's the indie

01:01:42   app that is crossed over to the mainstream like for real like every

01:01:46   single week it's at the... Isn't it wild as well that Dark Sky is number three?

01:01:49   Yeah. Still? Still? Dark Sky? Still. Yeah I know. There's better weather apps out there but

01:01:57   yeah folks know Dark Sky. Yeah I mean they must be working on sleep

01:02:03   checking them they must be seeing these two right they have to be right they

01:02:08   must be at this point another one that I was super interested to see it's like

01:02:12   number 18 on the list is things I guess know that Apple has to mark off tasks

01:02:18   that are repeating before they're due but but like this is people buying yeah

01:02:24   the $10 app this you know the up to I want to be optimistic and and say you

01:02:31   Maybe this is a wake-up call that tells Apple,

01:02:33   "Look, people want to use a task manager,

01:02:35   so don't be afraid of adding new features to reminders."

01:02:40   Like, folks are looking for that kind of to-do app.

01:02:47   But I don't know. Then again,

01:02:50   Apple likes the idea of Apple software covering the basics,

01:02:54   and then there's the app store for everything else.

01:02:56   But I would like them to steal a bunch of ideas here and there.

01:03:01   Slip tracking, having better support for task properties

01:03:10   in Reminders.

01:03:11   That would be fun.

01:03:12   Oh my god.

01:03:13   There is a time tracking app on this list.

01:03:16   Is there?

01:03:17   It's called Forest.

01:03:20   Oh yeah, Forest is usually the number one paid app.

01:03:25   I have never heard of this before.

01:03:26   In the productivity section.

01:03:27   So Forest is-- we looked into this a while back.

01:03:30   We wanted to do a feature story on the site.

01:03:32   Forest is very unique type of-- it's

01:03:35   like a mix of a time tracking app and a Pomodoro technique

01:03:38   app.

01:03:39   The basic gist is that if you work

01:03:42   and you're focused on your work, you

01:03:44   leave this timer running in the app.

01:03:47   And with the timer running, you plant virtual trees

01:03:51   and you create your own forest.

01:03:53   And there's a tie in with the app that I think the developers themselves donate money to relief funds or

01:04:03   no-profit organizations that actually plant trees around the world.

01:04:07   I need to look into this app.

01:04:09   Yeah, it's a fascinating story.

01:04:11   I'm just very excited to see that time tracking is in the top paid list.

01:04:15   You know, somewhere.

01:04:17   Yeah.

01:04:18   Then there's a metronome. There's some weird stuff in here.

01:04:21   - I think it does go to show how wide the App Store is

01:04:26   and how many different types of people use their phones

01:04:30   in totally different ways than us, right?

01:04:33   It's super broad and yeah, these apps don't make any sense

01:04:37   for us or our audiences, but other people,

01:04:40   they couldn't use their iPhone without it, right?

01:04:42   - We should have mentioned, because we forgot,

01:04:44   there's also Mac and Apple TV categories.

01:04:47   So the Mac app of the year is Affinity Publisher,

01:04:51   also not a Mac exclusive.

01:04:53   The Mac game of the year is "Grease".

01:04:56   Excellent game, also not a Mac exclusive.

01:04:58   This is a console game that's been brought to the Mac.

01:05:02   So for anybody who was looking for this,

01:05:04   the Apple TV app of the year is "The Explorers".

01:05:09   Tour the planet in stunning 4K video.

01:05:13   So it's a video app.

01:05:14   - It's like a new screensaver, right?

01:05:16   Like it's like, it's people that want more screensavers.

01:05:19   The Apple TV Game of the Year is Wonder Boy the Dragon's Trap, which I'm pretty sure

01:05:27   also not an original game. So yeah, and there's no Apple Watch category at all.

01:05:35   The Year Apple Watch got a standalone app store.

01:05:39   I know, right? It's not the Apple Watch.

01:05:41   No Apple Watch.

01:05:43   Like, who worked on these awards? Like, I don't know. I don't get it.

01:05:47   I have a question. I mean, I don't know.

01:05:49   I don't know what you guys think about this, but where do you think more apps are downloaded?

01:05:55   The Mac App Store or the Watch App Store?

01:05:59   The Watch App Store.

01:06:00   No. No way.

01:06:02   Yeah, because Mac users who download apps, they know how to go to websites to download

01:06:07   apps. And most people just who don't download apps on the Mac just use websites.

01:06:13   A better one then is watch App Store TV app store.

01:06:17   See, now you're getting somewhere.

01:06:19   I still think it's the watch app store.

01:06:21   Yeah, I think I agree with that, too.

01:06:23   It's got to be the watch.

01:06:24   It's got to be the watch.

01:06:26   So Autosleep, Autosleep.

01:06:28   Does it only work on the Apple Watch?

01:06:31   You need an Apple Watch.

01:06:33   Right. So there you go.

01:06:34   Doesn't that say something?

01:06:35   That is the fifth most downloaded app of the year, most paid.

01:06:38   And it is an Apple Watch needed application.

01:06:42   Yeah, it's an iPhone app, but you need an Apple Watch for the data.

01:06:46   See, AutoSleep should have been the Apple Watch app of the year then.

01:06:50   In theory.

01:06:51   But what's funny there is that AutoSleep has an optional Apple Watch app.

01:06:56   Because the way that it works, you don't need the AutoSleep Apple Watch app installed at all.

01:07:00   The AutoSleep app for iPhone just uses data from health and sensors

01:07:05   to aggregate heart rate data and movement and all that stuff.

01:07:09   stuff, you can install an optional watch app, but it's not necessary. But I mean, there's

01:07:15   so many options that they could have gone with for WatchOS 6 with the independent watch

01:07:20   apps. But yes, let's pick this fancy screensaver for Apple TV and a bunch of games that were

01:07:28   ported from consoles. Like, I don't know. Very strange. So real mixed bag there. But

01:07:35   did also have the first ever Apple Music Awards. Really, it should just be renamed the Billie

01:07:42   Eilish Awards Ceremony. It's kind of funny, I wrote this in our document today, then read

01:07:47   Ryan's article on MacStories and he said the same thing at the bottom. I was like, he gets

01:07:52   me, right? Like we're on the same road being that kid. So Global Artist of the Year, Billie

01:07:57   Eilish, Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Lizzo, Song of the Year, Old Town Road by Lil Nas

01:08:03   X album of the year when we fall asleep where do we go by Billy Eilish and songwriter of the year

01:08:07   Billy Eilish and her brother Phineas for co-writing when we fall asleep where do we go

01:08:12   it's important to note that the song of the year and the album of the year they were on uh the

01:08:21   amount of stream stuff downloaded um so album and song that's like the that reflect streaming data

01:08:28   Global Artist of the Year, Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year were hand

01:08:34   picked by, I will actually, I'm going to read a quote here, "Hand selected by Apple Music's global

01:08:40   editorial team of experts and tastemakers and given to artists who have true passion for their craft,

01:08:45   who boldly defy conventions in the category and who embody a sense of humanity where listeners

01:08:51   are drawn as much to who they are as to their music." I like that, but I will say it's kind of

01:08:57   funny I mean if you gave your artist of the year to Billie Eilish but her album

01:09:02   was the most listened to album of the year is she really defying conventions

01:09:07   she is the convention she is the most popular artist in the world right now

01:09:15   everyone everyone lives long enough to see themselves become the man right like

01:09:19   yeah you're not a rebel she's not defying come the convention right I

01:09:26   She did initially, maybe.

01:09:28   She did initially, 100%.

01:09:31   She is super different.

01:09:33   The way that they say this is like, "We picked our artists who are against the curve."

01:09:40   She is the curve now.

01:09:42   You're about ten months late to that.

01:09:45   Yeah, yes.

01:09:46   If they would have given this to her before the album came out, maybe we'd be in a different

01:09:49   situation.

01:09:50   Well, she was the Apple Music app next, you know, highlight, artist highlight, whatever.

01:09:58   But yeah, she doesn't, she is the conventional, as you said, she is.

01:10:03   She deserves the awards because her album is insane, like in a great way, like it's

01:10:06   crazy. Like as Federico says, you listen to that thing at over 80% on your Humpod and

01:10:11   it's like your Humpod's gonna explode. Some of the bass on that album is wild. Stephen,

01:10:17   do you know any of these people?

01:10:19   I know the names.

01:10:20   Oh, do you? Lizzo?

01:10:22   You know the songs?

01:10:23   I don't live under a rock. Do I have any of these songs in my music library? No, I do not.

01:10:28   You know "All Town Road"?

01:10:30   Sure.

01:10:31   Do you know that Billy Ray Cyrus is on that song?

01:10:34   I feel like you are maybe trolling me, so I'm not gonna answer.

01:10:37   It sounds like I am, right? I'm not. That song is featuring Billy Ray Cyrus.

01:10:41   "Time is a Flat Circle."

01:10:42   You can Google it. You can Google it. But that's the funniest thing to me. It's like, oh.

01:10:47   You can break your heart, I guess.

01:10:49   There's gonna be an Apple Music Awards ceremony though, right Federico?

01:10:55   Yes.

01:10:56   There's actually gonna be a video that they're putting out, I think.

01:11:01   Funnily enough, you know, Apple Music Awards, I guess they're gonna call it the AMAs, but

01:11:08   we already have those.

01:11:10   Well, it's the Apple logo MAs.

01:11:14   Yeah, Billie Eilish is performing at the Steve Jobs Theatre today, December 4th at 6.30pm

01:11:20   Pacific and they're gonna be streaming that on Apple Music.

01:11:24   I like this idea, I think it's a good idea to have Apple Music Awards.

01:11:29   This should be more comprehensive.

01:11:31   More categories, more comprehensive selections here.

01:11:34   There should be like male and female artists, right?

01:11:37   What is this?

01:11:38   Like four, how many?

01:11:39   Five picks?

01:11:41   Really?

01:11:42   an entire music streaming service? I mean, I get that it's the first version. Still,

01:11:48   it does sound like, it does feel like something that you put together at the last minute,

01:11:54   in like a month.

01:11:55   Well, they have those weird trophies.

01:11:58   Sure. That's, you know, Johnny's side project.

01:12:02   What is in those?

01:12:03   Magic.

01:12:04   No, but like inside of them, that looks like something from Intel.

01:12:09   Yeah. Why don't it be funny if those were like chips from unsold home pods?

01:12:14   The wafers start as a perfect 12 inch disc of silicon with nanometer level flatness.

01:12:20   It's like a whole thing. Of course there is. Each award features custom silicone suspended

01:12:27   between a polished steel sheet of glass and a machined and anodized aluminium body.

01:12:32   The wafers start as perfect 12 inch discs. They're 12 inches, they're massive those awards

01:12:37   of silicon with nanometer level flatness. I want to know what is it? It took them months to make.

01:12:44   Copper layers are deposited and patterned by ultraviolet lithography to create connections

01:12:49   between billions of transistors. The results of this multi-month process before it is sliced

01:12:53   into hundreds of individual chips is stun- oh no they're talking about actually making

01:12:58   the chips. This is very confusing. In a symbolic gesture the same chips which power the devices

01:13:04   that put the world's music at your fingertips, sit at the very heart of the Apple Music Awards.

01:13:08   So it's HomePod guts.

01:13:10   It's totally HomePod guts. That's what it is.

01:13:13   So the unsolved one said to do something with them.

01:13:16   At least it's a pretty neat award. Like a pretty cool physical object.

01:13:21   Yeah.

01:13:22   Still, we want to see more categories, more pics, more variety, a proper ceremony. You

01:13:28   know, do more. You could do better than this. It's nice that you're, you know, celebrating...

01:13:35   It's nice to have this kind of recognition for music streaming and whatnot, and I get

01:13:39   that it's functional to Apple selling you a subscription. I get that. But at the end

01:13:44   of the day, there's still art in this. There's people making music, and they should do...

01:13:49   Apple should do a better job at celebrating them, because five picks is not enough at

01:13:54   at all. Come on, do better next year.

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01:15:29   So we're gonna do our official 2020 predictions

01:15:32   in a couple of weeks.

01:15:33   That is not what this is.

01:15:35   We just wanna kind of round up a bunch of the rumors

01:15:37   about 2020 and sort of go over them

01:15:39   and see how we think they may shape up.

01:15:42   I find this fun this early on

01:15:44   because we're talking about things

01:15:45   that are nine months away in some cases.

01:15:47   So things always change.

01:15:48   There's also a lot of contradictory rumors in here which is kind of funny.

01:15:53   It's early, it's messy, you know?

01:15:56   Let's start with the iPhone.

01:15:59   Myke, what is the scoop on 2020's iPhones?

01:16:02   Alright, so there's a few things.

01:16:04   9to5Mac are quoting from supply chain reports that suggest all three 2020 iPhones will feature

01:16:11   OLED screens but the pro models will be more advanced.

01:16:15   The more advanced should mean that the panels are thinner, and this is because they will

01:16:18   be eliminating the separate touch sensitive layer that currently exists.

01:16:22   Samsung have created a new OLED panel which will have touch sensitivity built into it.

01:16:29   So apparently there was always a layer, but this new OLED panel has its built in.

01:16:33   This makes apparently Samsung the sole supplier of these models, like for the screens for

01:16:38   these models, which is an interesting thing that typically doesn't happen with Apple.

01:16:44   The I don't really know particularly what more advanced would mean.

01:16:49   My hope is that it lines up with a Digitimes report that says the 2020 iPhone will feature

01:16:55   a ProMotion display, which is at 120Hz, still OLED.

01:17:00   So that's what I'm hoping, right?

01:17:01   Because like thinner is fine.

01:17:03   I don't know how much they can do with thinner because I can't imagine it's super thick,

01:17:08   but thinner would be great.

01:17:11   But I'm hoping that more advanced could also mean 120Hz.

01:17:16   I think it's important for Apple to go there for 2020 because 90+Hz screen refresh rates

01:17:25   is becoming a very very popular pretty much checkbox item on Android phones right now.

01:17:32   And I think it would be peculiar if Apple didn't find a way to get there for the iPhone,

01:17:39   especially considering that the iPad has had this technology for many years at this point.

01:17:44   Like three years? ProMotion?

01:17:48   Going into the third year, I believe it was added in 2017.

01:17:52   Because wasn't it added in the first smaller iPad Pro?

01:17:57   The 10.5, I think. Yeah. Yeah, because I remember checking it out.

01:18:02   When you got one at WWDC. Yeah, and that was multiple years ago. So I would like to see

01:18:08   them do that. What do you both think about those things? I want it. I want promotion. I love it on

01:18:18   the iPad. I know Steven doesn't like it. So I'll just want to hear what Steven thinks. Yeah, I

01:18:23   haven't turned off on the iPad, the high refresh rate just makes my brain feel bad. It's very

01:18:28   strange. Strange. It's interesting. But I wonder, so other phones have done this, right? There's a

01:18:35   a Razer phone that has high refresh rate that Google Pixel 4 has under certain circumstances

01:18:39   and those phones either have giant batteries or have taken a big battery hit and I just

01:18:45   wonder how that plays with the battery margin Apple got in the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. Would

01:18:50   they be willing to eat into that to enable this or would they enable this and keep that

01:18:55   battery life? It's very hard to take battery life away from people once they get used to

01:18:58   it so my big question is just like power consumption. They're never gonna, I cannot imagine them

01:19:04   doing that. Maybe the thinness helps, right? I don't know. I'm not in tune enough with

01:19:10   that to understand why the power draw is what it is. I assume it's the refreshing that just

01:19:15   causes issues. But also Apple has its own chip team and they are killing everybody else

01:19:20   in the streets with the chip war. So if anyone can pull it off without a battery hit, it'll

01:19:25   be Apple. So maybe they're in a really good position to do this and I think a lot of people

01:19:30   going to love it and there's an accessibility option to turn it off so I

01:19:33   leave it off. I really really hope that they do it though. I think it's

01:19:39   inevitable that that one will happen. Yeah. Next, you know, like it feels like it

01:19:43   will happen eventually, maybe 2020, who knows. The next one is maybe a little bit

01:19:47   more up in the air. Reports circle that Apple is going to be using an in-screen

01:19:54   fingerprint sensor made by Qualcomm in 2020, which is convenient as yesterday

01:19:59   Qualcomm announced a vastly superior version of their technology for in-screen fingerprint

01:20:03   reading. So what do you think about this? I also want it. I want it too!

01:20:09   Like years ago I would have said that the idea of simultaneous biometric authentication systems

01:20:20   was ridiculous. Now I see why I was wrong. I want both and I want whatever is fastest to just

01:20:30   authenticate me. There's times when Face ID is perfect, there's other times when Touch ID is more

01:20:37   convenient. So why not both? So I want it, yeah? Why not both, really? I'm not trying to compare

01:20:44   them but like it is interesting. Most Android phones have multiple methods. I mean typically

01:20:49   that is because the face ID is not as strong. Not very secure. But wouldn't it be nice to

01:20:56   just have multiple methods? And also like, I think this is going to happen and it will

01:21:01   be on at least the Pro phones because I think they can sell it as a premium futuristic thing.

01:21:08   And I think I genuinely think it's something people want. So why not have both? I agree.

01:21:15   I have always considered this, that Apple would combine them, that it's not a use your

01:21:21   fingerprint or your face, whatever is faster, but that they would make it one system.

01:21:27   And so it would be even more secure because it's like two factor, you need your face and

01:21:31   your finger.

01:21:32   But hearing y'all talk about it, I think that that would be a bad call.

01:21:36   So having either one would be better.

01:21:40   I can see why you would think it, right?

01:21:42   Because it would be like, well, now it's like even more secure.

01:21:45   It's like, I get that.

01:21:46   But then I would be annoyed.

01:21:47   Like, I'd be more annoyed.

01:21:49   Yeah, I've changed my mind on that after hearing hearing y'all talk about it.

01:21:53   It does make me think about the the rumor that there's going to be an iPhone SE, right?

01:21:58   So a phone with maybe the 10s or 11 guts, but in the case of the 8, right?

01:22:05   And I just wonder if this would open the door for Apple to do that, but still ditch the

01:22:11   the home button so it looked like the other phones and it just has in-screen

01:22:15   fingerprint. I don't think that's likely because the iPhone SE in the past at

01:22:19   least was about keeping people who like that form factor happy and making a

01:22:24   cheap phone and I was sure this fingerprint stuff would be way more

01:22:28   expensive than a touch ID button that they've made for a hundred years so I

01:22:32   don't know it made me think about that I don't think that's a realistic outcome

01:22:35   here but I think it's super interesting that Apple could be working towards this

01:22:41   and what would really be cool is what if this were the way that they brought

01:22:46   biometrics to the Mac. So Face ID could fit in an iMac I think thickness wise

01:22:53   but the notebook lids are very thin and I really believe that's the reason we

01:22:57   haven't seen Face ID in the Mac that they can't get that module in the

01:23:02   existing MacBook lids. You don't want a MacBook lid with a big hump on it so

01:23:05   they've moved to Touch ID. But what if this sort of in-screen fingerprint thing,

01:23:12   not putting it on the screen of your Mac because that would be terrible, but like

01:23:15   could they use this technology to put it in the mouse or the trackpad somewhere

01:23:19   and like make it integrated much more than Touch ID is now? I don't know. Like

01:23:24   this seems like really interesting technology and it'd be it'd be cool to

01:23:27   see Apple use it in different ways. I don't know. Yeah I don't know if all of

01:23:33   of these require lighting. Some of these systems require illumination of the finger. Just be

01:23:39   impressed and that would be difficult for a trackpad but I don't think they all do.

01:23:42   A glowing trackpad.

01:23:44   I'm not sure what the Qualcomm system needs, the one that they just announced, I don't

01:23:48   know if it needs light or not.

01:23:50   I tried reading their press release about it and my brain exploded.

01:23:55   Yes, it's not for us. It's not for the public.

01:23:59   interesting too, right, because Apple and Qualcomm just had this massive fight and Apple...

01:24:04   But, ah, but then they became the best of friends.

01:24:07   Well, well, I was gonna say, it's like Samsung, right? Apple on one hand is trying to sue Samsung

01:24:11   into oblivion several years ago, but then Samsung was building all their chips, right? These

01:24:15   companies are so big, parts of them can be mad at each other while the other parts are friends. So

01:24:19   like, I saw some tweets like, "Oh, they'll never go to Qualcomm." It's like, yeah, they will if

01:24:25   if that's the way to do it, if that's the way to go,

01:24:28   then they'll swallow that and do it.

01:24:31   - Yeah, if they wanna do this technology,

01:24:33   they need to go to Qualcomm right now,

01:24:35   'cause they're the company that's leading the way.

01:24:37   And so that's the iPhone,

01:24:38   actually a little bit more on the iPhone,

01:24:40   but then we're gonna move into the iPad.

01:24:42   The iPhone will be 5G, I think we can all agree on that.

01:24:44   More powerful processor,

01:24:45   it is coming from Bloomberg report,

01:24:47   and a rear-facing 3D camera for better AR.

01:24:51   That's something we've been hearing about for a while,

01:24:53   but also in the iPad Pro, which should be coming apparently in the first half of 2020,

01:24:59   according to Mark Gurman, with a new camera module, which also includes this 3D system,

01:25:04   which will allow for better room mapping.

01:25:06   Yes, yes, yes.

01:25:08   Okay.

01:25:09   That all makes sense, right?

01:25:10   And this is the rumor that we've heard for a while, but then in the last couple of days,

01:25:14   Ming-Chi Kuo has reported two things.

01:25:16   Well, one thing, two products, that the 16-inch MacBook Pro and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will

01:25:22   be the first products to feature Apple's Mini LED screens. Now Mini LED screens give you

01:25:28   a bunch of things. A wider color gamut, higher contrast ratios, higher dynamic range, localized

01:25:33   dimming, thinner displays, more power efficient and no issue of burn in. It's effectively

01:25:39   OLED. It gives you a lot of the advantages of OLED but it's more power efficient, it's

01:25:45   easier to do apparently. I'm from listening to ATP, my understanding is like Mini LED

01:25:50   would come after OLED, like so it's actually like TVs will have this in the future. So

01:25:55   it's like it's a better technology for a bunch of reasons. But Ming-Chi Kuo is saying that

01:26:00   both of these products will appear in the second half of 2020. So what happens to the

01:26:05   iPad? Do we get just the 11 inch updated in the first half of the year and then the 12.9

01:26:12   later? Do we get two iPads in one year?

01:26:16   I bet we'll see an iPad Pro update at WWDC.

01:26:23   If they cannot get the small one to have Mini-LED, just the big one will have it.

01:26:30   Both of them will have the new camera, maybe both of them will have 5G, which hasn't really

01:26:34   been reported for the iPad Pro line.

01:26:36   I would be surprised if the iPad Pro does not get 5G next year.

01:26:41   I could see a scenario where just the big one has the new fancy display tech, but not

01:26:46   the small one.

01:26:48   But you think they're going to be announced at WWDC?

01:26:50   I think they're going to be announced at WWDC and they'll be announced together.

01:26:54   I think it makes the most sense.

01:26:57   This is mostly wishful thinking, but I also believe it makes sense to do it.

01:27:03   Especially if it's, you know, display tech, so it involves color game, it involves color

01:27:07   reproduction, HDR content, it makes sense to talk to a developer audience about this

01:27:12   stuff.

01:27:13   Especially the 3D camera.

01:27:16   And the 3D camera, of course, so you can imagine there's going to be sessions.

01:27:20   In fact, why announce an Apple Pro with a 3D camera at WWDC?

01:27:24   Because it allows you to talk to developers and have them test a new API that everybody

01:27:31   knows will be on the next iPhone without actually talking about the next iPhone.

01:27:36   Very interesting.

01:27:37   right? So you want developers to jump on board. This is going to be like the new size classes

01:27:45   thing all over again. Like you can talk about something that is obviously happening without

01:27:50   actually mentioning it on stage.

01:27:53   Yes, because it's worth remembering, like what you think to yourself, why the hell would

01:27:57   I care about this 3D system for AR? This is the beginning of the technology that would

01:28:01   appear in the on your face stuff, right? Like that's why they were doing this. Why are they

01:28:07   to put it in the iPhones, but they're going to put it in the iPad Pro because they want

01:28:09   people using it, developing for it, getting used to it, because they need applications

01:28:14   for their glasses.

01:28:17   So you do it at WWDC, you have developers come to sessions, you have developers, you

01:28:23   tell them, "Look, you can now build camera apps for the iPad Pro with new fancy 3Ds,

01:28:29   tracking APIs, but everybody knows those are mostly going to be used on the iPhone, but

01:28:33   You don't need to mention the iPhone because the iPad Pro actually has them and you can have sessions

01:28:37   You can have developers discuss them and come to the labs and whatnot. I think it would make sense

01:28:42   Yeah, I buy that that is my rumor roundup. Thank you. Yeah, it's a it's a very good. Thank you

01:28:48   It's a very good rumor roundup. I won all of these features and products. Well, I mean except the MacBook Pro

01:28:53   I don't care about that

01:28:54   But I won all the rest if you want to find links to stuff we spoke about head on over to the website relay.fm

01:29:00   connected

01:29:02   72 there you get in touch with us with feedback or follow up via email

01:29:06   You can also do that on Twitter. You can find a mic on Twitter as I

01:29:10   My ke Myke is the host of a bunch of shows here on relay FM. So go check those out

01:29:16   You can find Federico on Twitter of a tichi v I ti CCI and he is the editor-in-chief of max stories

01:29:23   Net Federico you guys have anything exciting to?

01:29:26   Close out the year

01:29:29   Yes. Yes, we

01:29:32   We're going to do the Max Stories Selects, you know, actual awards for...

01:29:40   I can't wait to criticize your awards.

01:29:42   Yeah, I know.

01:29:44   I'm going to bring a critical eye to those things. We'll see. We'll see.

01:29:47   I know. It's going to be fun. We're going to do more than last year.

01:29:51   So it will be real fun.

01:29:53   People do not expect what we're doing.

01:29:56   And personally speaking, I'm working on the release of Music Bot.

01:30:01   for the end of the year. That's my Apple Music shortcut.

01:30:06   Including one last big surprise that I haven't told anybody about, and I think people are going to love it.

01:30:11   Why do you keep doing this?

01:30:13   Look, it's a competitive business. You gotta keep people on their toes and surprise them.

01:30:18   What am I going to do?

01:30:20   You gotta surprise them.

01:30:22   But like, you can tell me. You can tell Steven.

01:30:26   No, but it's not finished. That's the point.

01:30:28   I don't want us. I don't want you to look at a draft of something that some finished you got a look at the finished product

01:30:35   Okay, so yeah

01:30:39   Fun times. Yes. Thank you. What I've seen is very exciting

01:30:41   You can find me on Twitter as ismh and I write at 512 pixels dotnet

01:30:47   I think our sponsors this week

01:30:50   They are smile pingdom and ero and until next time gentlemen say goodbye. Are you there?

01:30:56   Bye! Adios.