271: You Have a Police Record


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected episode 271.

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00:00:20   My name is Steven Hackett and I am joined

00:00:22   by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:23   Oh, hello.

00:00:25   Hey buddy.

00:00:26   Hi.

00:00:27   You good?

00:00:28   Yeah, you ready for that turkey? Sure. Good. Thanksgiving is here. Yeehaw. Yeehaw.

00:00:35   And Federico Vittucci. Hello, hi, how are you? I'm good, we're doing the show. This is the,

00:00:42   basically the last thing on my schedule this week, because it's a holiday here and taking a couple

00:00:47   days off, so I get to close out my week with you all. That means me and Federico get, we get days

00:00:52   off for free, you know that, right? Because no one else is working. We all work with all Americans,

00:00:55   nobody else is here since the end of our week. Well, I am working though. I know but it's

00:01:00   by choice, you know. It's by choice, not because I have to, as always. I believe you guys are

00:01:10   looking for my follow up on the weird carbon fiber case. Oh wow, we just started. There

00:01:17   was no stopping us this week I guess. I don't have time for chit chat. Whoa, sorry. Let's

00:01:24   Let's get time for that. Nobody wants to hear that.

00:01:26   Reference acknowledged.

00:01:28   Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

00:01:29   Yes, thank you.

00:01:31   Um, so last week I told you guys that I ordered the...

00:01:35   Oh god, what was the name again?

00:01:37   Pitaka.

00:01:37   Pitaka, thank you.

00:01:39   Um, case.

00:01:41   Made of aramid fiber.

00:01:43   A super ugly case.

00:01:44   My girlfriend disagrees.

00:01:46   She thinks it's very cool, and so it is cool because she says so.

00:01:50   Hang on.

00:01:51   I'm not sure how I feel about this.

00:01:53   Sylvia's opinion is what matters for this show.

00:01:59   Wait, hang on a second. I feel like... alright, whatever. I'm not gonna fight this.

00:02:05   Look, I'm just saying she has... she's got style. She knows things about life that I

00:02:15   don't sometimes. And so she said it's good looking and I think it's good looking. But

00:02:22   but honestly I can also see why some people don't like it.

00:02:25   Carbon fiber is a very specific look.

00:02:29   You either like it or you don't like it.

00:02:31   Yes.

00:02:32   I don't think that there's a lot of falling in the middle

00:02:34   on a case that looks like this.

00:02:36   So the Pitaka case, as promised, super thin and super,

00:02:42   like it's very hard material.

00:02:46   Did you try a tiny knife?

00:02:49   I tried.

00:02:50   It wasn't tiny, it was a kitchen knife.

00:02:52   Oh, you actually did.

00:02:54   Yeah, I actually did.

00:02:55   I didn't stab it, but I tried to scratch it

00:02:58   and it didn't scratch.

00:02:59   Like, it just doesn't scratch.

00:03:02   And I thought that was really impressive.

00:03:04   My friends thought it was a really impressive demo.

00:03:07   Everybody thought it was cool.

00:03:08   We had like a dinner and I pulled out my phone

00:03:12   and I started scratching and everybody was like,

00:03:13   "Oh my God, what are you doing?"

00:03:14   And I was like, "Yeah, this is a special fiber case."

00:03:17   You know?

00:03:18   So I was acting all, you know, bragging about it and whatnot.

00:03:23   But then I stopped using it, like, the day after, because the Apple battery case arrived.

00:03:29   And I thought...

00:03:30   See you, Pitaka!

00:03:33   But I will say this.

00:03:36   The Pitaka case works as advertised.

00:03:41   It's super thin.

00:03:42   It's very easy to remove from your phone, which I cannot say for a lot of cases, actually.

00:03:48   You know, I always hate it when it becomes a job in itself to remove a case.

00:03:56   This is very easy to pull out.

00:03:57   I love the fact that it doesn't cover the power button and the volume buttons, so that's

00:04:04   very cool.

00:04:06   It's super thin, and it appears that it's also compatible with a magnetic mount that

00:04:12   Pitaka also makes.

00:04:14   I haven't bought the magnetic mount.

00:04:16   I'm not planning on buying one because all the...

00:04:20   So this, I suppose it is a magnetic mount for your car.

00:04:23   Those have never worked for me.

00:04:25   So it's either a problem of my car, or the way that I install these magnetic mounts.

00:04:32   I believe it's my problem, because I tend to, like generally speaking,

00:04:38   I've always had problems with car mounts, and applying protective covers

00:04:44   on top of the display of any smartphone. Like, I just can't do it. I'm just... I'm not capable

00:04:51   of using my fingers correctly to apply a protective layer of plastic or glass on top of a screen.

00:04:58   Like, I just don't know how to do it. And so, one time I bought one, like a really expensive one,

00:05:05   for 35 euros, and I installed it, and after two hours I threw it out the window. Like,

00:05:11   I literally threw it out a window. Was that needed? Yes. I did, I was very frustrated

00:05:18   about it. So, yeah. In any case, Pitaka makes a good case. But I'm not using it anymore.

00:05:26   So that was 45 euros. Basically wasted. I mean, the follow-up was probably worth it.

00:05:32   Yeah, sure, it was an investment in this episode. Didn't that feel nice? Yes. So, Myke, we have

00:05:40   since you into the world and you have come back with weird popsocket stuff.

00:05:44   Yep, so obviously we've been talking a lot about popsockets recently and there

00:05:50   was a product release last week I think just after the show I don't know why

00:05:55   this product exists but it is a popsocket AirPods case so you can put

00:06:03   your AirPods inside of this case where there's a popsocket mount on it so you

00:06:07   can mount your AirPods to the back of your phone for some reason. So that is a thing

00:06:13   that you can do. I don't know why you would want this. I don't think that it is a good

00:06:20   solution for really anything. But this led me to think, what other stuff can I find on

00:06:29   the PopSocket website because they're a company who seem to just want to make anything that

00:06:37   they possibly can.

00:06:39   So I found...

00:06:40   They call this the PopSocket challenge.

00:06:42   Try and find the weirdest thing on the PopSocket's website.

00:06:45   Challenge.

00:06:46   So I found a selection of things that I want to show to you and to our audience.

00:06:53   The first is called the PopGripLips.

00:06:56   PopGripLips.

00:06:57   Yes.

00:06:58   pop socket which includes a lift up section when you flip it up there is a

00:07:04   lip gloss inside lip balm. Made with beeswax and vitamin E. So that's the

00:07:13   thing if you want to balm your lips and have it built into your pop socket you

00:07:18   can do that. I then thought to myself what is the most expensive pop socket I

00:07:24   can find and I found a $80 popsocket called the popsocket malachite it is

00:07:32   made of the stone malachite so malachite is a stone well that's what it says on

00:07:39   the website sounds like it sounds like a Pokemon natural Europe into deep

00:07:43   natural porous stone malachite which will show some bla bla bla wear and

00:07:47   scratches but it is an $80 popsocket which it looks pretty I don't want to

00:07:53   spend that amount of money. Then the last, I mean it's nice, it's nice if that's your

00:07:59   style. Look Mr. Carbon Fiber, show this one to Sylvia and ask her what she thinks. Text

00:08:05   Sylvia a link to the polished malachite popsocket and say, what do you think? I just want to

00:08:11   know. I'm just trying to understand the level of styles that we're talking about here. The

00:08:15   last thing is the pop thirst, which are drink koozies, drink sleeves that have pop sockets

00:08:21   on them. They are what? Nothing to do with phones at all. So they're like drink holders

00:08:25   with pop sockets on them. So you can have like one for cans, one for like coffee cups,

00:08:32   and then just like this full sleeve and it has a pop socket mount on it. Why would you

00:08:35   need this? Like can you just hold the thing? It feels like I don't understand. No, I mean

00:08:43   I get it. You can make an accessory like this. I guess the thinking is it's like it maybe

00:08:48   keeps them cold or warm and then also just has the popsocket thing on there

00:08:52   but like I don't know yeah let's go with that okay so these are this is the trip

00:08:57   that I have taken through the popsocket website to bring you this thank you

00:09:02   thank you for your service anytime they also have wallets with pop sockets on

00:09:06   them yeah they didn't seem so weird to me you know they have pop sockets but

00:09:11   the wallet sticks to the back of your phone though what's a pop mount that is

00:09:16   like so you know you were just talking about those magnetic mounts so you put

00:09:20   those in your car and you can hang your phone on it because your phone's got the

00:09:22   popsucking on it and it just slots right in there. I see. It's actually pretty cool.

00:09:27   There's a lot of things on this website. Thank you Michael. Anytime. We spoke last

00:09:33   time about the Mac Pro factory and we had lots of questions about the

00:09:39   situation there and we got some feedback on that. Someone wrote in about the

00:09:43   screen rotation. So we noticed that the IMAX were hanging upside down. We

00:09:48   discovered thanks to underscore how you do that in Mac OS. And it was it was very

00:09:53   confusing because the mouse the mouse control was was backwards. This person

00:09:58   wrote in clarifying that this would not be the case if you hadn't physically

00:10:04   rotated your displays like those in the Mac Pro factory. So I guess because the

00:10:07   machine was upside down and then the image was upside down it it evens out. I

00:10:12   I don't know, I tried drawing this,

00:10:14   I can't figure out what they're saying,

00:10:16   but I also didn't hang my iMac Pro upside down

00:10:19   to see if it works, but apparently,

00:10:21   if you turn the machine upside down,

00:10:22   but then the picture upside down again,

00:10:25   then basically the mouse movement would be normal again,

00:10:28   because the dock is still at the bottom,

00:10:30   the mini bar is still at the top.

00:10:31   Does that make sense?

00:10:33   - I believe they call this quantum mechanics.

00:10:35   - Yes, it is.

00:10:36   That's NASA JPL, they're working on this.

00:10:39   - Is that what that is?

00:10:42   Yeah. Yes. It's about turning electrons upside down multiple times.

00:10:50   The more you know, right?

00:10:51   Now you know. This is a science podcast. We can talk about anything. You want to hear

00:10:56   about quantum physics? We'll talk about quantum physics. No problem.

00:11:00   Is that different to quantum mechanics?

00:11:01   Totally different, man. Come on.

00:11:03   Oh yeah, totally different. See, in quantum physics, you just talk about turning things

00:11:07   upside down. You don't actually do it.

00:11:09   So the physics is when you just talk about it. Yeah, and then the mechanics is when you do it. Yes

00:11:14   As in all things physics, it's a theoretical and applicable, you know different different things

00:11:21   See, this is why I need you guys in my life

00:11:24   You're welcome. Someone else wrote in saying that they work for a US factory related to technology

00:11:30   It's as specific as they were and can confirm that we are still using Windows XP in

00:11:36   Manufacturing this particular plant is looking to upgrade to Windows 10

00:11:39   But the software runs really slow and terribly on it because it was written for Windows XP

00:11:44   So it's uh, it's not there. So you've got to assume I mean we I don't know

00:11:49   I didn't read this email Stephen reads all the email, which is great

00:11:52   This came in a bottle actually was like it was like a handwritten note in a bottle. Was it upside down?

00:11:57   Not a surprise from Windows XP guy. He can't email

00:12:01   Well, I'm assuming that this person does not work in a manufacturing company that makes PCs,

00:12:07   like Windows PCs, because otherwise they wouldn't be surprised that they were using Windows XP,

00:12:11   right? I don't know. I don't know. That's my theory.

00:12:14   So Windows XP is out there, you know, it'll never die.

00:12:17   That's probably true, you know. I don't think it's ever gonna die.

00:12:21   If I can find the link, I'll put it in the show notes. I can't promise I can find it again,

00:12:25   because I watched it a while back about OS/2, which was like this IBM project to like rival

00:12:31   Windows or whatever and how it is still in use on like ATM machines.

00:12:36   Oh I used to use OS/2 when I was working in the bank.

00:12:39   And mass transit, yeah. So OS/2 has been dead for years,

00:12:42   sorry, got English, but it is still out there. People are still using it.

00:12:47   If something is adopted by the finance industry it will never change.

00:12:51   Yeah.

00:12:51   Because it's an old slow industry that moves very cautiously.

00:12:55   I wanted to tell you a quick tale about HomePod multi-user support.

00:13:00   Oh boy, not again.

00:13:02   No, I just hit a funny snag. It's an unexpected side effect. Adina is not an Apple Music user. She's a Spotify user.

00:13:09   She can now no longer request music.

00:13:12   Hmm interesting. Right? Because the Apple Music was on my account and because she doesn't have an Apple Music account

00:13:20   when she asks, it's like I can't do that.

00:13:22   Right? And you don't have a music family plan.

00:13:28   We don't have music family plan because she's the reason we didn't do that is because she's all in on Spotify

00:13:32   She doesn't want to move to Apple music like she likes Spotify

00:13:35   So then Apple music is one of the only services where you have to pay more to put it in the family plan

00:13:42   So will it just be wasted although now it might not be wasted because now we need to be able to she can't request music

00:13:48   Like so what she ended up doing was air playing from her phone to their home not great

00:13:53   Which is not great.

00:13:55   I don't use Spotify.

00:13:57   You can't talk to Spotify through Siri yet?

00:13:59   No, and it literally says, "I cannot do that with Spotify."

00:14:02   Wow.

00:14:03   I cannot do it with those--

00:14:05   Like I have a custom message, I think.

00:14:05   I can't do this for you, dirty Spotify user.

00:14:08   Please subscribe to Apple Music.

00:14:10   Wait, Spotify doesn't have Siri integration?

00:14:13   I thought they did.

00:14:14   Well, it didn't work with the HomePod.

00:14:16   Yeah, it may be that it's on the phone, but not on the--

00:14:19   Maybe it wouldn't work with the HomePod, yeah.

00:14:21   because I do believe that they launched it on the phone.

00:14:24   - Yeah, do you guys hear that?

00:14:25   It's a thousand tweets being written

00:14:26   telling us that it's on the phone.

00:14:28   - I also have a HomePod issue that's been happening

00:14:31   for the past couple of weeks,

00:14:32   and it's one of those things that it's just,

00:14:35   I don't wanna fix it because it's a whole thing

00:14:38   to go through the process, so let me explain.

00:14:40   - And 9to5Mac article says that it should be working

00:14:43   via a software update to the HomePod, but it didn't work,

00:14:46   and this was on October 7th, so I don't know what to suggest.

00:14:49   I was just trying to close that loop, I apologize.

00:14:51   interrupting. So for the past couple of weeks whenever I open the home app, one of my three

00:14:57   home pods, the one in the hallway, says in red "Account" with an explanation point. I tap on it

00:15:07   and it says something like "Unable to connect to your iCloud account" and I log into my iCloud

00:15:14   account again, successfully. The account warning disappears, a few days pass, it's

00:15:22   back. This has been going on for two, three weeks. I've tried to power cycle

00:15:28   the HomePod multiple times. No, it doesn't fix it. It's updated to the

00:15:33   latest version. This was happening before I installed the 13.3 beta on my phone.

00:15:40   and I'm guessing that somebody will say,

00:15:44   "Just reset your HomePod," but I really don't want to.

00:15:47   I shouldn't have to, and I don't want to,

00:15:51   to go through the process of resetting

00:15:53   and redoing the setup and saying, "Yes, personal requests."

00:15:56   - Ah, just file a radar.

00:15:58   Just file a radar.

00:15:59   - Sure, I could file a radar.

00:16:01   I'm guessing that, or in this case,

00:16:04   because it's not a high priority bug for me,

00:16:07   because look, you gotta think about your own interests.

00:16:10   year, right? And I'll just wait for it to be fixed eventually. Like it'll fix itself

00:16:17   I'm sure at some point. It broke itself? Surely it can fix itself?

00:16:22   It broke itself, you fixed yourself. I don't care. My girlfriend doesn't even like you.

00:16:28   You're here because, you know, out of a favour. But yeah, it'll fix itself at some point.

00:16:34   Wait, what's the favour? What's going on? Like I'm keeping that home part around.

00:16:40   a favor? To who? No, Sylvia fundamentally despises the home pods. Like all of them.

00:16:48   Oh, sex time. Is this more or less than she despises the Echo?

00:16:54   No, you don't understand. Is it a style problem?

00:16:57   She is, no, no, no, no. She is nostalgic of the Echo now.

00:17:03   Oh, you've crossed that line now. Whenever she sees an Echo commercial on TV,

00:17:08   And we have plenty of those over here. She looks at that object longingly, like, "Oh,

00:17:14   I remember those days."

00:17:16   I'm gonna buy one and send it to your house.

00:17:19   I have one. You don't need to.

00:17:22   It's just a mess of you.

00:17:27   Like every time I talk to Siri and Siri responds, she comments on it. She simply comments on

00:17:34   it?" She's like, "Oh, so stupid." Every single time. And I'm like, "Come on." So my excuse

00:17:44   is I need it for work. That's what I say. Like, I need it for work.

00:17:48   Oh, you've gone to that level?

00:17:50   Yeah. And she's like, "Yeah, but you need three of them."

00:17:52   She sees through you, man. She knows you. I have the same thing on the HomePod in my

00:17:57   studio. The two in the house don't do it. And every time I open the Home app, it says

00:18:02   account and big red letters. It also bothers me because if you go try to enter the iCloud

00:18:08   password, I think this is one of the places where you can use a password manager for like

00:18:13   the system prompt but sometimes you can't like Apple just didn't hook it up on some

00:18:18   screens and you have to like go if it's intermittent you have to like go to one password copy your

00:18:22   Apple ID password because mine's really long and then like wait for it to happen again

00:18:26   and hope it's still on your clipboard like killing me killing me Apple teachy Black Friday

00:18:31   as it's known, #TGFriday.

00:18:33   Mmm.

00:18:34   You know, it's a time for hashtag deals.

00:18:36   And, uh, you have a hashtag deals thing going on in MacStories.

00:18:42   You wanna tell us about it?

00:18:43   Well, we don't have the hashtag, so I hope that's still good enough.

00:18:46   Just regular deals.

00:18:47   Well.

00:18:48   Nope.

00:18:49   Check it out list.

00:18:50   It's not a hashtag.

00:18:51   Moving on, next topic.

00:18:52   Don't want it.

00:18:53   All right.

00:18:54   So we have a hashtag deal.

00:18:55   Our MacStories shortcuts icons, we talked about them before.

00:18:59   They are on sale at 50% off until Monday evening US time.

00:19:04   So these are the 350 icons that we launched

00:19:11   a few months ago.

00:19:13   They are custom icons to customize the look of shortcuts

00:19:17   that you add to your home screen.

00:19:20   This is a new feature of iOS 13.1,

00:19:23   which launched in September.

00:19:25   And there's hundreds of icons in the set for task management,

00:19:31   AirPlay, there's a few home pods in there, all kinds of options.

00:19:37   And the response to these icons has been incredible, way better

00:19:42   than I actually expected.

00:19:44   And so we thought, for Black Friday,

00:19:46   why don't we do a sale so that even more people can actually

00:19:51   take advantage of this?

00:19:52   Because we realized that normally they're

00:19:54   instead of $15, which is by modern internet standards not exactly cheap, but it's also

00:20:00   350 icons that Sylvia, you know, did each one manually.

00:20:04   And you know they have style, right?

00:20:06   Yeah, you know it's cool.

00:20:07   We know that, but they got style because Sylvia made that.

00:20:09   They got style because she made...

00:20:10   See, that's what I told you, exactly.

00:20:12   So...

00:20:13   Did she sneak any Amazon Echo designs in there, like, log in?

00:20:17   She actually did ask me, "Do we really have to do the HomePod instead of another cylinder?"

00:20:26   And I told her...

00:20:27   You could just tell her it's the second edition Echo instead.

00:20:29   I told her it could be the Echo Studio.

00:20:32   It's got that ugly hole in it.

00:20:35   Totally, totally unrelated.

00:20:36   But a few days ago, there was a commercial on TV for a Lizzo album.

00:20:44   So you guys know Lizzo, right?

00:20:46   Wait a second, hold on, hold on, hold on. Steven?

00:20:50   Steven, do you know who Lizzo is?

00:20:52   [whistling]

00:20:53   Just checking, just checking.

00:20:56   Anyway, Lizzo album recorded in, oh god, what's it called? The Dolby audio.

00:21:06   Atmos.

00:21:07   Atmos, thank you.

00:21:09   Which one's the stuff that you see and which one's the one that you hear?

00:21:12   Atmos is audio, Vision.

00:21:13   Dolby Vision.

00:21:14   Vision.

00:21:15   Cool.

00:21:16   You see with your vision. You see with your atmos. So an album by Lizzo recorded in Dolby

00:21:22   Atmos. And as soon as I saw that, I was like, Oh, come on. What is I literally said, what's

00:21:27   this gimmick? Like who wants to listen to albums in Dolby Atmos? That's, you know, that

00:21:34   I don't believe it's a thing. Three seconds later. So Sylvia and I are together. We're

00:21:40   in bed watching TV three seconds later. "Get your music in Dolby Atmos, exclusively on

00:21:46   Amazon Echo Studio." And she turns to me and says, "See? They're doing this advanced stuff."

00:21:56   Anyway, and the Echo Studio kind of... I just like the "See? See? What should HomePod do?

00:22:03   Nothing." The Echo Studio kind of looks like a squished HomePod. Anyway. Yes, the Echo

00:22:10   Yes, the icons are on sale, 50% off.

00:22:12   You can use promo code BFICONS19,

00:22:15   that's one, nine as numbers,

00:22:17   to apply the discount.

00:22:21   It's up today, it expires on Monday,

00:22:24   and I guess it's the perfect time you get a holiday break.

00:22:29   You can, John, our friend John Voorhees

00:22:32   went through this process himself.

00:22:33   He reorganized his home screens,

00:22:35   reorganized his shortcuts library,

00:22:37   So it's a good time to reorganize things,

00:22:40   choose a few shortcuts, apply a few custom icons,

00:22:42   and you have a much prettier home screen.

00:22:46   - I need to let you all know that we have gotten

00:22:49   several emails from people who have also emailed

00:22:51   the Apple trailers, what, email?

00:22:54   - No!

00:22:55   This wasn't something I was expecting,

00:22:58   I should have assumed.

00:22:59   - That poor person working on that team.

00:23:03   - So I've gotten a couple of emails about it,

00:23:05   And you know, most of the time it's like,

00:23:07   hey, thanks for checking out the website.

00:23:10   But one person wrote in, a listener, Chris,

00:23:13   wrote to the trailers team and said,

00:23:16   you were mentioned on the connected podcast

00:23:18   and that probably explains why you're getting email.

00:23:21   And you know-

00:23:21   - Oh, we've been skit, we've been, we snitched.

00:23:24   Chris, you're snitch.

00:23:24   - Yeah, he read us out.

00:23:26   And then Eddie Q. replied,

00:23:29   - What? - Well, movie trailers

00:23:31   at trailers@mac.com, but you know, it's Eddie.

00:23:33   I was gonna say jeez I got escalated. We didn't catch that podcast episode

00:23:38   Period space space. No, you tell us what episode it was that iTunes trailers was mentioned question mark space space

00:23:46   Thank you for being a fan of the site and for the heads up

00:23:49   This is double spaces in an email

00:23:52   Double space and the curse responded with an overcast link. So anyways, so now Apple knows about us and

00:23:59   You know, it's over. Well, oh they already knew about us enough to you know, feature us on stage with our girlfriend Timmy Tim Tim

00:24:06   Yeah, but now they but now they know about the terrible things we do and that's the problem, isn't it?

00:24:11   Yeah, that's that's the issue. Well, at least we got in well, right

00:24:15   We got we got the artwork in before they found this out, you know, yeah

00:24:20   Well, I guess gentlemen, it's been an honor to do the show we can do like the quartet on the Titanic

00:24:26   You know the movie when they sync with the ship

00:24:28   podcast on the way down. I wanted to write some follow-out to upgrade episode

00:24:36   273. There's a really good conversation, Myke, you and Jason had about Tim Cook

00:24:42   taking Donald Trump to the Mac Pro factory and sort of the optics around

00:24:46   that. That sentence. The fact that I have to say it. Our context is madness. But yes, sure.

00:24:55   I I was very I had lots of thoughts that I needed to get out somewhere

00:25:01   And convinced Jason to allow me to do them

00:25:04   So if you want to hear what me and Jason had to say about that

00:25:08   Which is a very it's a very complex set of feelings you can go listen to upgrade 273

00:25:14   Yeah, I thought you did a good job handling it. We've had people ask us to talk about that

00:25:17   basically

00:25:18   if if I

00:25:19   Were on upgrade instead of Jason or instead of you Myke like the competition would have been the same my thoughts align with yours

00:25:25   And I only have the energy for that one so go listen to that and you know

00:25:29   I'm sure Tim Cook is taking a lot of

00:25:31   And acid when that meeting was over all right. We have a bunch of stuff to talk about

00:25:36   TVs home kit

00:25:39   Deep fusion all sorts of things Thanksgiving, but I want to tell you about our first sponsor and that is Squarespace

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00:27:27   Squarespace make your next move make your next website. Not only is it tt Friday

00:27:33   It's black Friday, and I finally bought a television like for the first time ever

00:27:38   Well no, do you remember I was gonna buy a TV like a year ago and just didn't do it?

00:27:43   I thought you did buy a TV a year ago.

00:27:44   No, I didn't. I wanted to but I never got around to it. I was waiting.

00:27:48   This makes me feel better because I thought you had just bought one. Like seriously,

00:27:52   you guys like what are you doing?

00:27:53   We spoke about it.

00:27:54   I don't remember.

00:27:54   We spoke about it whenever Eurovision was. I think it was in like February or something.

00:28:00   Yeah, we did.

00:28:01   May. It was in May and I didn't buy one in the end because I just wasn't sure what

00:28:07   features were going to be in what TV right? Do you remember there was like this

00:28:11   just like oh the HomeKit stuff hadn't come out yet and all the companies were

00:28:16   like oh we'll just be in our 2019 TVs like what does that mean right like you

00:28:20   no one was being clear that stuff is all taken care of now and I bought a TV and

00:28:25   it arrived today I bought an LG TV I bought the 55 inch E9 OLED TV okay

00:28:34   There's a lot to basically the LG have two major lines right now the C9 and the E9

00:28:40   For as much as I can tell the only differences between the C9 and the E9 are the way they look

00:28:46   And I love the way this TV looks so if you look at some of the images I put in the show notes

00:28:52   The stand is all on the back of this TV

00:28:56   There's no stand on the front of this TV. That's real. So like it's very nice

00:29:01   So it just sits on the like whatever you have it on it just looks like it's just there right like there's no stand

00:29:07   It's really cool. I like the remote a lot. It comes with the web OS

00:29:12   stuff yeah

00:29:14   And I'm still trying to navigate the web OS stuff because I'm a little bit confused by some of it like it isn't

00:29:21   super easy to switch inputs

00:29:23   And I'm I've only spent like an hour or two with it and I can see that I can get what I want

00:29:28   I'm just gonna have to take some time to customize it

00:29:31   I'm not 100% sure I'm keeping this TV yet though, that's the problem. So we have two

00:29:37   things. One, it's very, very big. It's very, very big boys. It's a big TV. I sent you a

00:29:44   picture. It's massive. I wasn't expecting that. I bought a big TV and I got a big TV.

00:29:51   But you know, sometimes you see a thing, you measure it and you think you know what it's

00:29:57   gonna be. Look how beautiful that is in that photo. It's perfect. It's a very, it's a beautiful

00:30:02   TV but it's just very big and so like we just need to make sure that we're happy with the size of it

00:30:08   plus uh Idina felt a little motion sick when I was setting it up so we just need to like,

00:30:13   it might be too much, we're not sure yet, uh we need to spend a little bit more time with it but

00:30:20   Oh my god. Oh my god, it's amazing. I played some of For All Mankind because when I plugged

00:30:29   in the Apple TV, it was like, "Oh hey, you can do the Dolby!" And I assume it was the

00:30:34   Vision. I don't remember now. The menus look unbelievable.

00:30:41   The colors are so much better.

00:30:42   The colors, the crispness. And then I played some of For All Mankind and with like the

00:30:47   HDR and Dolby stuff it looked fantastic like so good everything was darker but

00:30:56   in a good way you know what I mean and like and what was dark was like pitch

00:31:00   black right like it's like true the OLED black it has homekit and Airplay that

00:31:08   was all awesome I'm able to watch you know it has a pretty decent YouTube app

00:31:13   It like basically is the exact same app with a few better features that the Apple TV one has the YouTube app

00:31:20   Of web OS is so much better than the Apple

00:31:22   Yeah, you won you can do 4k and I could watch stuff in 4k

00:31:25   Which is like the main thing that I was looking for from it, right?

00:31:28   I see this in my picture your content test. I assumed the first thing you tried was watching one of my videos in 4k

00:31:34   Let's say it was at least the second thing

00:31:37   Wow, I still did it though. I want to see how good you looked and you look really good

00:31:42   That's yeah. Look you came after MKBHD now

00:31:46   I didn't know if you even shot in 4k, but I knew he did do right for

00:31:50   A year and a half. Well now I know and I know I know because I test no, I know you shoot

00:31:56   I didn't know you uploaded in 4k. I've never seen it. I've never had the option

00:31:59   I watch all of your stuff on my iPad or on my Apple TV. I didn't know you're in 4k

00:32:03   Yeah, the only two I can't ever watch it. It's like I assume this is fine

00:32:07   Yeah, it looks amazing the 4k is so good the TV. I think it is sized appropriately for the piece of furniture. It's on

00:32:15   That is true it, but it is

00:32:18   Potentially not sized appropriately for how close we are to it

00:32:22   That's yes, I've been in this room, and it seems like a lot of TV

00:32:27   But you know give it a little time

00:32:29   I would make sure we go into you know that you don't have any settings that could be aggravating her motion sickness

00:32:36   Idina didn't like when I was zipping around the menus and I think that might have been the problem and also it's very

00:32:42   Bright this TV. So we're having to try and like find a brightness level which is a bit more comfortable

00:32:47   but it is stunning and I love being able to ask the home pod to turn the TV on and like I can set it into

00:32:56   My like all of my scenes and stuff, right?

00:32:59   So when I say good night, it can like turn it all off like it's really just it's very awesome

00:33:05   So when you watched "For All Mankind", do you remember if it was Dolby Vision or just HDR?

00:33:13   So in the top right corner you should see a notification.

00:33:16   Oh, I didn't. I think it said... Well, from the TV.

00:33:20   Yeah, the TV. The TV, when you load content...

00:33:23   It said Dolby Vision, I think.

00:33:24   Interesting. So I saw Nilay Patel tweet about this a few days ago. I have the same issue.

00:33:30   When I started watching the Apple TV+ shows, they were all in Dolby Vision.

00:33:36   And my TV shows me I have a webOS TV, and in the top right corner, when you load content,

00:33:43   such as a TV show that supports Dolby Atmos and Vision, you'll get two little banners

00:33:47   that say Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

00:33:50   But for starting from episode 5 of both The Morning Show and For All Mankind, Dolby Vision

00:33:58   was gone and I only get standard HDR. So I saw an Eli Patel tweet about the very same

00:34:05   exact problem, also happened to me, so I wonder what's going on.

00:34:10   I don't know, but I know it looked good, right? The HDR.

00:34:13   It does look good.

00:34:14   Because also I know it's a good 4K source that's coming from Apple too, right? So I

00:34:21   will have to try that out more and can report back, but it may have... I definitely saw

00:34:26   the notification for Dolby but it could have been just with the menus or something, I don't

00:34:29   know. But I know that it can do it but I just know it looks fantastic. The sound is very

00:34:34   good on this TV but I use the HomePods most of the time but when I'm watching YouTube

00:34:40   videos I can't do that. The AirPlay stuff is really interesting because it looks like

00:34:45   an Apple menu inside of WebOS. It's fascinating. You can go into the TV and change some settings

00:34:53   around Airplay and the HomeKit stuff and it looks like Apple built the UI which is really

00:34:59   interesting. Do you have this on your TV Federico?

00:35:02   No, I do not have native HomeKit and Airplay. I needed to add them via Homebridge.

00:35:09   Homebridge. So this is built into this TV right? So like you get the QR code, you scan

00:35:14   it and I had to scan it four times before it would work of course. But then the settings

00:35:19   on the TV look like the Apple TV? Like it's like the Apple TV UI, but none of the other,

00:35:28   nothing else on the TV looks like that. So it's kind of interesting. So yeah, I'm trying

00:35:32   to get my head around things. I'm a little upset that the Apple TV isn't turning on this

00:35:37   TV anymore. It will turn it off, but it won't turn it on. I was one of those people that

00:35:41   could make that work. But this, the TV also told me, the TV ducks, they tell me lots of

00:35:48   things. The TV told me that it could control my Apple TV, but I have to set that up, so

00:35:57   I might try that out. What else did I like? Oh, you can wave the remote around and it

00:36:05   removes the cursor on the TV.

00:36:07   Yes, yes. Mine has the same remote.

00:36:09   Which is super awesome and so weird, but a great way to... And it has a little scroll

00:36:14   wheel, a physical scroll wheel on the remote control.

00:36:18   That's my favorite remote and I know it's a plastic thing full of buttons.

00:36:22   It's a great remote!

00:36:23   But I'll tell you what, in two years that remote has been used thousands of times, not

00:36:30   a single issue. I can feel every section of the remote by hand. The Apple TV remote is,

00:36:37   on the other hand, you touch it ever so accidentally and it quits the TV show you're watching and

00:36:43   And it goes back to the menu or whatever. Like, the webOS remote is good. It's a plastic

00:36:48   remote with tons of buttons, but it's good. It's got colors. You know, this thing that

00:36:53   people see called color? Well, this remote has it.

00:36:57   It has a Netflix button and a Prime Video button. I wish it didn't have the Prime Video

00:37:03   button. I would like a YouTube button, honestly.

00:37:04   That's called the Jack Ryan button.

00:37:08   It had ads. The TV had ads in it, but I found a way to turn those off. So that was good.

00:37:13   it's like, what about I was like, okay, I need to find something that says personalisation

00:37:18   and I was correct. It's called TV personalisation or something like that. No, don't want the

00:37:23   ads. Thank you, OG. I paid you a lot of money for this TV. I don't need your ads. But the

00:37:28   fact that I could turn them off fine. Right. Like I'm happy with that. You let me turn

00:37:31   them off. I have a question for you too. I don't know if you know. Aside from Apple,

00:37:35   do any other companies have the ability to or do they're streaming stuff in 4k Netflix

00:37:42   does right on the Apple TV? That's 4K isn't it? Yeah they do it's 4K I'm not sure if it's Dolby Vision.

00:37:46   I don't think it is but I could be. Okay I'm just double checking that like I can uh I'm able to

00:37:53   just I don't have to use the TV's app to watch that stuff I can keep using the Apple TV is one

00:37:58   on one. Yeah and I don't know about Hulu or others but. Nah we don't get that nonsense here. Well

00:38:04   Maybe one day.

00:38:05   I wish we could.

00:38:07   Uhh, hopefully.

00:38:08   Maybe.

00:38:09   We'll get Disney+ in March, but not that it matters, because people won't stop spoiling

00:38:14   The Mandalorian.

00:38:16   They just won't stop.

00:38:17   People won't stop.

00:38:18   Yeah, little baby Yoda.

00:38:19   Yeah, let's just get the scale of your tweets out.

00:38:21   So happy.

00:38:22   Thank you.

00:38:23   But yeah, love my new TV, but we might not be keeping the new TV.

00:38:26   I will follow up on to whether we keep the new TV.

00:38:29   Also we started watching The Watchmen.

00:38:31   It's really good, people aren't joking.

00:38:33   What is The Watchmen?

00:38:34   It's like Batman.

00:38:36   It is a HBO show based on...

00:38:37   About people buying watches?

00:38:39   No, it is based on a very gritty superhero comic called The Watchman, but it's based

00:38:45   many many years after.

00:38:47   I love it.

00:38:48   It's fantastic.

00:38:49   Basically Batman and the X-Men hang out.

00:38:52   It's not true, but thank you for that.

00:38:54   I'm not sure why this next thing wasn't in follow-up.

00:38:57   I think it just fell victim to our Google Doc, but we had talked about HomeKit Secure

00:39:02   Video.

00:39:03   Well technically, technically what I just did was follow up from May.

00:39:07   Yeah, I mean everything is follow up at some at some level, but this feels

00:39:11   pretty follow-uppy. So we were talking about the videos that home kits secure.

00:39:16   Did you just say follow-uppy as an objective?

00:39:19   Yeah, follow-up.

00:39:20   Okay.

00:39:20   Follow-up-esque?

00:39:22   Follow-up-esque is nice. That's very fancy.

00:39:24   Yeah, that's better than follow-uppy. I regret follow-uppy.

00:39:27   What about like follow-uppable?

00:39:30   No, that's like a different, like, is this follow up a bull?

00:39:34   I know, but just, yeah, that's what I'm asking. Like, it just, I'm thinking of other words now

00:39:38   that we can use. Follow up esque is nice. Yeah. Follow up esque is good. I like that.

00:39:44   We talked about the storage situation with HomeKit Secure Video and Chris found a screenshot of a

00:39:51   slide from WWDC because I cannot find this on Apple's website, but according to at least this

00:39:59   slide from the summer is home kit secure video has a 10 day recording. So past 10 days, it doesn't

00:40:07   save them. It is not counted in your storage limit of your iCloud account. That makes no sense to me.

00:40:14   And then some things we already knew. For the two gigabyte plan, you can have a single camera

00:40:20   for up to five cameras, you need a two terabyte plan. If you want more than five cameras,

00:40:24   you're out of luck. So I don't, it's cool if it doesn't count against your storage,

00:40:28   that would explain why I couldn't find it counted anywhere. But I haven't been able to

00:40:34   other than this slide, I believe, like, I believe this is real. I'm not doubting this follow up,

00:40:38   but I haven't found it in Apple's support site anywhere. But in I'm on whatever the newest beta

00:40:45   of iOS 13.3 is, and all my problems remain, john voorhees set up a second camera because he loves

00:40:50   notifications so much and that's freaking out. He loves to watch people outside, that's what he loves.

00:40:56   He also loves punishment. He loves when a single leaf falls from a tree and he gets six

00:41:02   notifications on its way down. I don't know what that says about his character. Yeah, I don't know.

00:41:07   So there's that and again there's like router stuff and there's more HomeKit stuff coming,

00:41:12   we just haven't seen it yet. I think I kind of get the sense with HomeKit over the years that

00:41:19   basically Apple announces, hey, HomeKit can do these things. And like, they just told all these

00:41:23   partners the day before and it's like, oh, check back in nine months. Like when Google shut down

00:41:30   the Nest thing, right? They found out during the event. My entire company's built on that. No.

00:41:37   Oh, it's not funny. I really still want this to work. I would love to move to this at some point,

00:41:46   but all the problems remain as we spoke about last time.

00:41:49   So this I think will be something that we check in on

00:41:52   because it's a really interesting part of HomeKit, right?

00:41:55   It's really cool the way Apple's doing this.

00:41:57   It'd be cooler if it worked, that's what I'm saying.

00:42:00   Next follow-up slash tiny topic,

00:42:02   the iPhone 11 Pro battery case,

00:42:04   which went for sale during our episode last week.

00:42:09   And then--

00:42:10   - It was a very, very emotional time for me.

00:42:14   It was a whirlwind.

00:42:15   (laughing)

00:42:16   - You know, I--

00:42:17   - It was also funny because it also went on sale,

00:42:20   like it was during Dubai Friday,

00:42:23   it happened on that show too.

00:42:24   So now I know that we record at the same time as them.

00:42:28   - 'Cause I texted Alex and in the episode they say,

00:42:31   "Oh, Steven texted me and this thing is real."

00:42:34   So I wanted to just share a little story.

00:42:39   'Cause I was tweeting about this

00:42:40   and I feel like I had to tell the whole story.

00:42:44   So I live in Memphis, FedEx, the shipping company,

00:42:48   its international headquarters is here.

00:42:50   It's like 15 minutes from my house.

00:42:53   Myke, you've been in and out of the Memphis airport a bunch.

00:42:55   Most of the Memphis airport--

00:42:56   - Yep, they have like a whole fleet of planes just--

00:42:59   - The majority of the airport in Memphis is FedEx planes.

00:43:01   You would think, FedEx, pretty good.

00:43:04   Pretty good Memphis, it's not good.

00:43:06   So I've had this happen a couple of times.

00:43:07   It happened with the battery case

00:43:08   where I've got the tracking number.

00:43:11   A lot of Apple stuff ships from really close

00:43:13   or from Memphis itself.

00:43:15   So a lot of times if I order, not a computer,

00:43:18   but like an accessory or, you know,

00:43:22   maybe an iPad, you know, sort of lower end stuff,

00:43:26   very often I get it the next day

00:43:28   without paying rush shipping.

00:43:29   'Cause it's just, it's like coming from in town already.

00:43:31   'Cause they stage a lot of stuff here.

00:43:33   And that was true with the battery case.

00:43:34   I was gonna get it the next day.

00:43:36   I was like, sweet, I'm gonna get it early.

00:43:38   If I am the first time on my friends to do it,

00:43:40   I may put a blog post or a video together real quick

00:43:42   walking through it, like I could be first or early.

00:43:47   So I've got the Deliveries app, it's out for delivery,

00:43:51   it's delivered when I'm at lunch with a friend.

00:43:53   So I'm like, great, I'll come home and I'll get it

00:43:55   and I'll do something with it.

00:43:57   But then I realized I have a security camera

00:44:01   that sees people as they approach the front door

00:44:03   and I set it to send notifications 'cause I'm not home.

00:44:07   And oh, that's weird, the Nest didn't go off,

00:44:10   you know, maybe, maybe Ness and HomeKit got drunk

00:44:13   on my network and just decided not to work.

00:44:15   So I was like, well, it's probably there.

00:44:17   So I get home, of course it's not home, right?

00:44:19   It's nowhere.

00:44:20   So you do the deal where you call FedEx,

00:44:22   you prove it's your address.

00:44:23   Like, oh, well, you know, someone will reach out to you.

00:44:26   I never heard from any, never heard from anybody again.

00:44:29   Like a week later, FedEx has yet to call me back

00:44:31   about this lost case.

00:44:33   And I haven't reported it to them

00:44:36   that it was delivered to the wrong address.

00:44:39   In my neighborhood it's very common,

00:44:40   in a lot of neighborhoods I think,

00:44:41   where the street numbers are repeated.

00:44:43   So like my street address, say it's 1234 Street,

00:44:48   well the next street over there's a 123 Avenue, right?

00:44:52   And then two streets down, 123 something else, right?

00:44:55   The numbers are reused.

00:44:57   And I think what happened, 'cause it's happened before,

00:44:59   is that the house address was right,

00:45:01   but the street was wrong.

00:45:03   And so right off at like 10 o'clock that night,

00:45:06   a guy who lives in the next street over

00:45:08   pulled up in front of my house and knocked on the door

00:45:10   and had my battery case.

00:45:11   Said, "Oh, this was delivered to my house,

00:45:12   "but it's your address."

00:45:14   So I have it.

00:45:15   - Huh, that's friendly.

00:45:16   - And we can talk about this feelings,

00:45:17   but it was just like a, kind of a frustrating day.

00:45:20   It's like, come on, come on, FedEx.

00:45:21   Pull it together.

00:45:22   - Did he open it, the guy?

00:45:23   - No, no, and he was super nice.

00:45:25   He's like, "Yeah, you know, this happens to me sometimes.

00:45:27   "It's, you know, like doing the world a favor."

00:45:29   - Did you tell him about your website?

00:45:31   - No.

00:45:32   I was like, "Oh, good, I can make a YouTube video."

00:45:34   - Did you say, "Thank you, this is for my work"?

00:45:36   I was like, "Oh, thanks." And I was talking to my wife about it, and Apple stuff ships, at least a lot of stuff, ships from AI.

00:45:45   Like, that's how they label themselves on the return address, so it doesn't say Apple, right? People are like, "Oh, it's an iPhone!"

00:45:51   Yeah, they have like a weird name in the UK, like Synchronicity or something. It's really weird.

00:46:00   That's true. That's a good record.

00:46:01   Well, you know, whatever. AI is also artificial intelligence. What do you want from me?

00:46:05   police record? It's good. Anyways, I'm old. Very old. You have a police record. Hey! I'm sorry.

00:46:11   Hey! That Sting and Shaggy, they're a duo now? Are they? Isn't that like the weirdest thing

00:46:20   you've ever heard? Are they really? They have an album together, they have a tour and everything.

00:46:25   Shaggy and Sting. Is it called the the Sting and Shaggy album? Like is that the actual name? Well,

00:46:31   Let me find out. Sting, Shaggy...

00:46:33   It should be called the...

00:46:34   Like, with THE Sting and Shaggy album.

00:46:37   That should be the name.

00:46:38   Uh, no, it's called "44876".

00:46:41   I'm listening to part of it on YouTube very quietly, and it is something.

00:46:46   Isn't it just, like, super weird?

00:46:48   It got a 4.8 on Pitchfork.

00:46:51   I'm assuming that's out of 10.

00:46:51   This YouTube video has 21 million views.

00:46:53   Right, because it's Sting and Shaggy.

00:46:58   What?

00:46:58   Like, you...

00:46:59   Hang on a second, this can't be true.

00:47:01   people do what you just did. It doesn't make sense. I don't understand. This video is very

00:47:06   intense. I said this to, uh, I told, are they friends? Like why? Well, this, I told my brother

00:47:12   about this and he's like, does Shaggy have something on Sting? Like he has like, this is

00:47:17   on secret. Why did I just don't, I mean, you've got to assume they're friends, right? They're like,

00:47:23   you didn't make an album of his enemy, but like what, what, just what a weird thing to have

00:47:27   have happened in this world.

00:47:28   It's kind of beautiful.

00:47:29   Anyways--

00:47:30   Stranger things have happened.

00:47:32   So the batter case is here.

00:47:33   It's nice.

00:47:34   It's like the old batter case, but with the camera button.

00:47:37   Myke, what are your feelings?

00:47:39   I got the pink one.

00:47:39   Yeah, how's that?

00:47:40   Is it looking like the green?

00:47:40   Which I like very much.

00:47:42   Oh, it looks really good with the green.

00:47:44   I tweeted a little video of me clicking the button,

00:47:48   and Twitter marked it as sensitive content,

00:47:50   which was fun.

00:47:51   I mean, that button is pretty nice.

00:47:53   Well, I think it's the flesh color.

00:47:54   It's the main problem.

00:47:55   Yeah.

00:47:56   Yeah.

00:47:56   Yeah, that was that was a funny that was funny for me. The button is great

00:48:01   I was not expecting it to be an actual the camera button. I'm talking about

00:48:04   I wasn't expecting it to be a thing that would actually click I didn't think it'd be a real button

00:48:08   You've had problems I like it a lot I like it a lot you hold it for a second

00:48:16   It opens the camera app and then you can just click see that's a problem

00:48:19   You're not supposed to hold it for a second

00:48:21   Like when you when you click a button, it should perform the function when you click it

00:48:24   Not when you hold it.

00:48:25   Well, some buttons are click and hold.

00:48:27   I mean, if you're coming from like a lock screen, I mean, I'll tell you why I would

00:48:30   want it to click and hold, because otherwise it would be clicking all the time in my pocket

00:48:33   and then it would be open all the time.

00:48:35   Bingo.

00:48:36   Nah.

00:48:37   Nah.

00:48:38   How you gonna click a button in your pocket?

00:48:39   That's not gonna happen.

00:48:40   You don't know about me.

00:48:41   I put my hands in my pockets.

00:48:42   I don't know.

00:48:43   But anyway, I like it.

00:48:44   I like that it's there.

00:48:45   I think it's a good feature to have.

00:48:47   I had the battery case regardless when I travel and now I've also got a little camera button

00:48:51   to click click whenever I want.

00:48:52   So it was kind of funny, the first time I plugged it in,

00:48:54   the battery widget said, just called the battery case

00:48:58   generic UPS, which I just thought was hilarious.

00:49:00   - Wow.

00:49:01   - I hope you kept the name.

00:49:03   - Can you name them?

00:49:04   - I don't think you can rename the case.

00:49:05   That's one of those things though,

00:49:07   iOS didn't make up those words, right?

00:49:09   A developer told iOS, if you're plugged into a battery

00:49:13   and you don't know what it is, name it generic UPS.

00:49:17   - It's generic UPS.

00:49:19   - Yeah, it's smart battery case now,

00:49:21   But for a short time, it was generic UPS.

00:49:24   - Had a bit of an identity crisis at the beginning.

00:49:26   - Mm-hmm, it's like, I don't know what I am,

00:49:28   I'm just a generic UPS. - What am I?

00:49:29   Am I smart? I don't know.

00:49:31   - And then the iPhone was like,

00:49:32   "No, you're better than this, you're better than this,

00:49:34   "you're a smart battery case."

00:49:35   - You're not generic, you're smart.

00:49:38   Yeah.

00:49:39   I got one.

00:49:42   I don't love the button.

00:49:44   I thought I was going crazy until I realized,

00:49:47   "Oh, you're supposed to hold it

00:49:49   "for like a fraction of a second."

00:49:50   I was just clicking it, like real fast and nothing happened and I thought it was broken

00:49:55   and then I realized you were supposed to click and hold.

00:49:57   Again, just to say, this is purely to open it.

00:50:00   Once you've opened the camera app, a click just takes a photo but you have to press and

00:50:04   hold.

00:50:05   We should clarify because I know I've gotten too many tweets about this.

00:50:10   No, it's not a button that just snaps a photo and yes, I am aware that the volume button

00:50:18   can snap a picture.

00:50:19   one actually opens the camera whether you're using the phone or you're on the lock screen

00:50:25   or the phone is locked. And it's in a much better place for using where a camera button

00:50:31   would be. Yeah and also it is not a, this is in a bad way, it is not a button that just

00:50:41   operates the shutter because it doesn't work in third party apps. So if you open like a

00:50:46   a third party camera app and press the button, it will not take a photo.

00:50:49   And if you are on the video screen and you press the camera button

00:50:53   in the camera app, in the Apple's camera app, it will not start a video.

00:50:56   It is very hard coded, this thing.

00:50:59   But I'm happy it's there.

00:51:01   It's an additional feature on a product that I would want to use

00:51:04   in certain circumstances anyway.

00:51:05   I am not an all day, every day battery case person.

00:51:09   I am a travel battery case person.

00:51:11   And now I'm happy that I just have this additional function.

00:51:14   Yeah, I'm keeping it on. I know that I said...

00:51:17   What about the bulletproof one?

00:51:20   Yeah, the tiny knife case.

00:51:22   That one I will only keep for my knife fights, just to be sure.

00:51:26   And when you want to be extra stylish.

00:51:29   Yeah, exactly. You know, with the fiber.

00:51:31   But no, I'm using the wallet case when I go out, so when I go out it's wallet case all the time.

00:51:38   But even around the house, it's just nice to be always charged, you know?

00:51:44   It's like a metaphor of youth, in this case, you always have energy, like at any point during the day.

00:51:51   And it's like, yes, I like it. Like, it's 5 a.m. and you're still going strong, yes, I love it.

00:51:56   Like, you know, it's a bit heavier, but I don't know. I don't know if it'll stay on until next July or whatever,

00:52:05   but I like the feeling of it. It's, there's always power.

00:52:09   And so it makes me feel safe.

00:52:13   Got to love the power.

00:52:15   Got to fight the power, right? Now what are you supposed to do?

00:52:18   Wow. That's a different thing.

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00:54:06   of this show and relay FM. Federica, can you explain this story about Deep Fusion and some

00:54:12   apps seem to think they can see it but Apple doesn't want them to what what is happening

00:54:16   here.

00:54:17   So the the iOS metadata utility called metaphor has been updated with support for night mode

00:54:25   and Deep Fusion Detection. This utility has been around for a few years now. You can use

00:54:31   it as an app, you just open the app and you browse your photos, or you can use it as an

00:54:36   extension in the Photos app, and it shows you metadata contained within Photos. This

00:54:42   is useful because in the Apple Photos app you can basically only see location metadata,

00:54:50   you cannot see information about the camera model

00:54:53   or the lens model or just the standard

00:54:56   active metadata information is not available in photos.

00:55:00   And with Metaflow, you can take a look at these details.

00:55:03   And in the latest version--

00:55:03   - You can also change them too.

00:55:05   - You can also change them, you can also remove them

00:55:07   if you wanna share photos without location, so that's nice.

00:55:10   Although you can also share photos without location in 13,

00:55:13   but you gotta know where to look, it's in the share sheet.

00:55:17   In any case, in the latest version,

00:55:19   the developer of Metafo added support for detecting

00:55:23   whether a photo was taken with Deep Fusion,

00:55:26   in which case it'll say deeply fused, or it was taken in --

00:55:31   yes, it was deeply fused, right?

00:55:32   All right, it was deeply fused.

00:55:35   Or if it was taken in night mode.

00:55:37   And apparently -- so we asked the developer,

00:55:41   I know that John asked him.

00:55:43   It's using -- it's looking at, like,

00:55:46   flash information for Deep Fusion, I think?

00:55:50   Like something...

00:55:51   I think in a nutshell, it's, it's, it's,

00:55:53   there's something that the iOS reports as to whether, uh,

00:55:58   the camera could have used flash, but didn't.

00:56:02   Right. Yes.

00:56:04   And if the photo has been indicated that a flash could have been used and it is

00:56:09   not a night mode photo,

00:56:12   it is therefore in the ballpark of deep fusion would be detected because it's low light but

00:56:18   not night. Right, it's like an assumption. It's not like there's a hidden metadata that

00:56:23   says with absolute certainty this is deep fusion, but you can extrapolate. It is much

00:56:27   more complicated than that, but that is kind of like cliff notes of it. So this works,

00:56:39   I guess I've been checking out some of my photos where I thought that DeepFusion had

00:56:44   been used, and sure enough, Metaphor says "Deeply fused", so that's nice. I heard from

00:56:51   Sebastian DeWitt, who is one of the developers of Halide, the camera app, that they were

00:56:57   also aware of this workaround, but that they've been informed that it'll be "fixed", closed

00:57:06   by Apple in the near future. So it's not something that we should expect to continue working.

00:57:13   I don't understand... so if this is the case, and I don't see why Sebastian shouldn't...

00:57:19   should say something that is not true, why doesn't Apple want us to know whether a photo

00:57:26   is using Deep Fusion or not? Like, I get that it's a technical thing and I get that they

00:57:30   they didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

00:57:32   But if people want to know, then why not have something

00:57:38   in the metadata that says, yes, this is diffusion,

00:57:40   just to make sure that it works, just to see when it works.

00:57:45   I don't understand why they wouldn't put it

00:57:48   in the metadata.

00:57:50   It's not harming anyone.

00:57:53   It's interesting to have it there so you know.

00:57:57   Because I honestly, I think that there are some photos that Deep Fusion is making a little

00:58:04   worse of mine.

00:58:07   So I'm not sure how I feel about it just happening and there's nothing I can do about it.

00:58:13   Because I'm noticing some images, they seem like they're way darker in a way.

00:58:21   Like the sharpness is maybe too much.

00:58:24   I can't put my finger on it, but I look at an image and I'm like, that doesn't, that

00:58:28   just looks wrong. Like that doesn't look right. There's something weird about this. And I'm

00:58:32   assuming it is when deep fusion is kicking in because I've seen it do that thing where

00:58:38   the image kind of snaps in place. You look at an image and it shakes or like, you know,

00:58:43   flashes basically. And then it's different. And I've seen images before and after that

00:58:48   and sometimes I've not liked how they looked after, but then it's like, well, well now

00:58:52   what then? It's reminding me a little bit of the HDR thing. Some people liked it, some

00:58:57   people didn't. I'm not saying I don't like Deep Fusion, but I'm noticing some instances

00:59:02   where I think it maybe isn't as simple or as good as it could be, I don't know.

00:59:07   Yeah, if that's the case, if that's how Apple really thinks about it, then why would they

00:59:11   want you to... Why make it Apple? I mean, when they announced it, I assumed it'd be

00:59:15   like so many other things, where it's just like a smart folder and photos, right? Like

00:59:19   If I open photos, I can see all of my live photos, all my time lapses across any album

00:59:25   they're in, and this feels conspicuously different.

00:59:28   Yeah, definitely.

00:59:30   There was this article on Bloomberg about Apple changing their methodology of internal

00:59:36   testing when it comes to iOS 14.

00:59:40   There's also comments in the story about how they're going to go back to iOS 12 and like,

00:59:47   like, oh, it's going to be about stability, but then also we're going to have the same

00:59:52   number of features and some features are in iOS 15 and like, this just seems like a mess

00:59:56   and it's early in the process for iOS 14. So I'm sure it is a mess. Federico, when you

01:00:02   read this article, do you think like what they're doing seems reasonable? Like what

01:00:06   would you want to see Apple change in this?

01:00:09   Well, I, yeah, I don't think it's reasonable. I think I have a problem with this idea that

01:00:16   every few years a release of iOS has to be about stability.

01:00:21   Sorry for a second.

01:00:23   Like why does it have to be about stability

01:00:27   because you realize that the past capital releases

01:00:29   have been bad?

01:00:30   Like it should be, stability and performance

01:00:32   should always be part of the software that you release.

01:00:37   Like imagine if the articles that I publish on Mac Stories

01:00:41   tend to be grammatically correct.

01:00:44   And every couple of years I have one with tons of typos and tons of mistakes.

01:00:48   And then I say, "Oh, but yeah, but the next one will be about grammar and fixing typos."

01:00:54   Like, no, it should always be part of the process.

01:00:57   I think one of the things that is maybe in this story that was different to iOS 12,

01:01:02   I mean, I don't know, we didn't really get this kind of...

01:01:05   The reports were different. Basically, this report is talking about another internal meeting at Apple

01:01:13   where they're basically saying, all right, we're going to change our testing procedure.

01:01:18   Where iOS 12, what was coming out, was like, oh, they're going to spend this release really

01:01:22   tightening things up. That's kind of what we knew beforehand. Where this one is like, okay,

01:01:27   before iOS 14 or as iOS 14 is beginning to be worked on, Apple is changing the way that

01:01:34   they're testing. And in a nutshell, they won't be allowing buggy parts of the operating system

01:01:40   to make it into the daily bills that they send to their testers,

01:01:42   where previously that was the case, right? Like things would be committed in,

01:01:46   and it may bring the entire operating system down for a week in a bunch of areas, and that means

01:01:51   nothing can be tested. But now they're going to be changing and allowing testers to then selectively

01:01:56   add buggier features in so they can test them to see how they impact the rest of the operating

01:02:00   system. It seemed like, as I think maybe most people could have assumed, there was a problem

01:02:05   when it came to testing internally of iOS 13. And so the hope would be that it's less about,

01:02:14   and I think that might be what that line is about iOS 14 will have as many new features as iOS 13,

01:02:22   is it's maybe not about making 14 a stability release like 12 was, but about hopefully laying

01:02:28   the foundations to ensure that Apple tests their stuff more thoroughly by making it easier

01:02:36   for their testers to work. Right? That would be the hope that this is what this story is

01:02:42   talking about.

01:02:43   The idea from the article that engineers at Apple wouldn't install the latest version

01:02:49   of a daily build because they didn't want to deal with the bugs. Like, that's bad because

01:02:54   it means you're not testing the software you're writing.

01:02:57   It seems like potentially, I mean, I don't know, complete outside observer here, that

01:03:02   they were deprioritizing the work of the QA testers and were prioritizing fast, fast,

01:03:08   fast, feature, feature, feature.

01:03:10   And that it became a culture of, well, you can just add it to the daily build, even if

01:03:15   it's super broken.

01:03:17   That's totally fine.

01:03:18   Don't worry about it, which is clearly not the way testing can be done.

01:03:23   And now they've had to take a look at that and they know how bad iOS 13 was and so they're

01:03:30   changing some of the ways that they're doing things.

01:03:32   Which I think is very positive to hear that they are doing that, right?

01:03:36   That they have looked at it and they were like, "You know what?

01:03:37   This wasn't good enough, so we need to change something."

01:03:41   And my hope would be that it's not going to like, "Oh, they're going to do a big stability

01:03:46   release again."

01:03:47   It's like, "No, we're going to go back to the drawing board about the way we work and

01:03:50   change that."

01:03:52   So that's my hope.

01:03:54   That's my positive takeaway from this.

01:03:57   They've looked at their systems internally.

01:04:00   They know that they're not going to provide them with the work quality that they want,

01:04:03   so they're going back to the drawing board and establishing some new processes and norms.

01:04:07   Yeah, clearly something was super broken, and it doesn't surprise me.

01:04:12   If this is accurate, it doesn't surprise me that...

01:04:14   I'm not saying this is someone's fault or not someone else's fault, but that the process

01:04:18   was broken in QA.

01:04:21   There were so many things and I was like,

01:04:22   did no one even test this in just a simple way?

01:04:27   And I hope a couple things.

01:04:31   A, that whatever they figure out, they stick with it,

01:04:36   instead of this sort of back and forth of features

01:04:39   and stability and you can have both.

01:04:43   Now it probably means you have fewer features,

01:04:45   then not everything is as crammed full

01:04:48   as some people would like,

01:04:51   but they've gotta strike that balance.

01:04:53   So that's what I hope, that they work it out of balance,

01:04:55   they stick with it.

01:04:56   But also I hope that they can do it in a way

01:05:00   that goes beyond just iOS,

01:05:03   because surely there's a lot of bugs

01:05:07   you can lay at the altar of iOS 13.

01:05:09   But how much of things that people have been dealing with

01:05:11   are actually where iOS 13 touches something else,

01:05:14   where it interacts with data on iCloud,

01:05:17   or it's got to hand off something to the HomePod or tvOS

01:05:22   or with AirPlay or sync with the Mac, right?

01:05:25   I feel like you can get iOS solid,

01:05:27   but unless Apple really looks at all of their products

01:05:30   holistically, I worry that the glue holding them together

01:05:35   is still where things break down.

01:05:37   And maybe their QA process,

01:05:39   maybe there are people who sort of straddle

01:05:41   the iOS and iCloud teams

01:05:43   and they deal with where they interact.

01:05:45   But my sense is, as just a user,

01:05:49   is that these things feel a little bit siloed,

01:05:51   and because of that, you end up with these issues where,

01:05:55   well, there's a bug, and I, as a user,

01:05:57   don't know if it's iOS or iCloud or something in between,

01:06:01   and I just hope Apple does,

01:06:03   because that's where a lot of these things

01:06:05   have been frustrating for me, at least, this year.

01:06:08   And I'm hopeful that whatever they implement

01:06:10   can be broad enough to handle those sorts of bugs as well.

01:06:14   Here here. Anyways, you know, I'm not a QA. Let's do something more positive. Okay.

01:06:20   Shall we? It's it's Thanksgiving season. Okay. Well I think we should give thanks to some things.

01:06:27   Hey. I'm the British person suggesting this. You like Thanksgiving, right? Like it's... I do. I'm

01:06:33   going to Thanksgiving. Are you? Are you coming over? I am going to Thanksgiving. I'm going to

01:06:39   a Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant. That's that's how we would say. I'd say, oh you're going to

01:06:44   Thanksgiving? Like Thanksgiving is a situation. There you go, it's a thing. Anyways, so do we want

01:06:49   to give tech thanks? Is this what you want to do? I do, yeah. So what tech thanks do you have for the

01:06:56   Thanksgiving table? Well, I would like to take an ad break first. Oh, you want to give thanks to our

01:07:00   sponsor and then we'll do our Thanksgiving. Yeah, this was attempted to be a tease for a second.

01:07:04   I didn't pick up what you were putting down, but... No, you didn't, which is why we're now

01:07:08   having this conversation. It's fine, and it's going to stay in because we show how the sausage

01:07:12   is made. Yeah, yeah, of course we shouldn't but we do. This episode of Connected is also

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01:09:16   Okay, now, tech thanks, Myke.

01:09:18   Yeah, all right.

01:09:20   So I thought I wanted to talk about some smaller things in my technology life that make me

01:09:29   happy every day, right?

01:09:30   Like I could talk about the fact that I love the camera on my iPhone, right?

01:09:36   But like people know that or that I'm super happy with my iMac Pro. People know that stuff.

01:09:40   I want to talk about little things and they're all software related.

01:09:43   So one, I just want to talk about the feeling of a perfectly executed shortcut.

01:09:50   Oh boy, do I get that.

01:09:52   Right? When you have an idea and you make it and it works every single time.

01:09:57   It's like I made a shortcut that I was very happy with a couple of days ago, Federico. I think you might like it

01:10:03   I wanted to create a shortcut

01:10:05   That I could activate on my iPhone and it would set a toggle timer

01:10:11   for the current show on my calendar

01:10:14   Mm-hmm and then turn on do not disturb for 90 minutes

01:10:18   so whenever I'm sitting down to record I

01:10:23   I press it, it looks at what is the most current or the most recent show recording on my calendar,

01:10:31   adds that as a tag to a timer-y toggle timer, and then sets my phone to do it for 90 minutes.

01:10:37   And it works every single time, and I love it.

01:10:39   And it's just like, "Oh, I built that, that's great."

01:10:42   So a perfectly executed shortcut when you've made one, and it works every time.

01:10:47   It feels so good.

01:10:48   I love both tap back reactions in iMessage and emoji reactions in Slack.

01:10:54   Yes.

01:10:55   Because sometimes you just want to show you seen something or you have a feeling, but

01:10:59   you don't have something to say.

01:11:02   And it's nice to be able to use those types of things.

01:11:05   I've been using an app recently called Moodpath, which I like.

01:11:10   It is a way for me to try and like, think about how I'm feeling, right?

01:11:14   It's like a mental health based application.

01:11:17   And three times a day it asks me a selection of questions and I have to answer how I feel

01:11:22   about what it's asking me and it helps me think about some stuff and reflect on some

01:11:26   things.

01:11:27   It also has a bunch of articles and audio stuff that I haven't really dived into yet

01:11:31   but looks interesting to help you think about stuff and think about your life and your mental

01:11:35   health and stuff.

01:11:36   So that's an app that's been on my home screen and I really like it.

01:11:40   RSS.

01:11:43   I'm thankful for RSS.

01:11:45   What a thing to say.

01:11:46   The company's built on it.

01:11:47   I know.

01:11:48   I am back on the RSS train.

01:11:50   Yeah, I know.

01:11:51   I thought about saying that.

01:11:52   Yes, thank you RSS for your help in podcasting.

01:11:55   But I mean purely as like a way to consume news.

01:11:58   Good.

01:11:59   I use Reader.

01:12:00   Yes.

01:12:01   I like it, right?

01:12:02   Like it's just a way for me to feel like I can get all the information that I need without

01:12:08   feeling the requirement to stay plugged into other fire hoses, right?

01:12:14   Like with RSS, everything's just going to go in there and it'll be waiting for me when

01:12:17   I go to it, rather than if I go to like, if I go to Twitter, for example, and I have to

01:12:22   find all the news, right?

01:12:23   Like hopefully it's all there.

01:12:24   You know what I mean?

01:12:25   Yeah.

01:12:26   Yeah.

01:12:27   I guess you know what?

01:12:28   You guys do know what I mean, because you've been doing it for the whole time.

01:12:31   I never left.

01:12:32   Yeah, I never left, but I did leave.

01:12:35   I use the email app Spark.

01:12:36   Whilst I have many problems with Spark, because no email apps are good, I really like Spark's

01:12:44   team sharing features. I've been using them since day one with Carrie, our sales manager, and

01:12:50   it makes our working life so much better because an email can come in that I want her to, like a

01:12:56   lead comes in and I think she'd be the best person to pursue it. It comes as an email to me, but I

01:13:02   can assign it to her and then she can just action it and then we can have conversations with the

01:13:07   email in line. I love all that stuff. Spark had an update, they made some stuff better, they made

01:13:12   some stuff worse but you know that's email apps.

01:13:17   Cursor support in iOS 13. I love it. I love it. I can use a mouse on my iPad.

01:13:22   It's fantastic. It's how I did the show notes today. I have my iPad on a stand at

01:13:27   eye height. I had the MX Master 3 mouse. I have my bridge keyboard detached from

01:13:32   the iPad and I was able to do the show notes at my desk with my nice chair in a

01:13:38   good position and I think it's really great. These are some things that I am thankful for.

01:13:43   That's a good list. Thank you. I have two things that are tech related and two things that are just

01:13:51   things I'm grateful for because they exist but are not necessarily tech related. First of all,

01:13:58   continuing on your theme of shortcuts, I'm thankful for the ecosystem of utilities that are

01:14:07   are developing around shortcuts because of iOS 13, because of parameters. I reviewed

01:14:15   on MacStory's Toolbox Pro a couple of weeks ago, really, really fantastic suite of enhancements

01:14:22   for shortcuts. There's this beta, it's an app called Data Jar, and it's made by Simon

01:14:29   Stovering is the same developer of Scriptable and JSON. And it's, yeah, I know, it's JSON.

01:14:38   Yes, it sounds like a person's name. It's not a developer of a guy named Jason.

01:14:43   Yeah, it's like a very hard-line Jason. He's just coming out of beta any day now.

01:14:48   That is called being a parent, but it's not that. DataJar takes this idea of like apps

01:14:57   being capable of exchanging data with shortcuts to the extreme, basically, it's kind of hard

01:15:05   to describe. It's a way for you to store things, like any kind of text or images or videos

01:15:13   or documents, outside of shortcuts and retrieve them with a single action step. So it's a

01:15:21   a very basic way to like if you need to store like a PDF file that you want to

01:15:27   retrieve often or like a series of I don't know maybe a username and a

01:15:33   password you know all kinds of text items because of parameters you can now

01:15:37   retrieve them and create them with data jar actions super fast super easy there's

01:15:43   a test like beta if you go search for if you go searching Simon's Twitter

01:15:48   timeline I'm sure you will find the link. And the second tech...

01:15:52   It will be and I'll find it and put it in the show notes.

01:15:54   Thank you, thank you. The second thing I'm thankful for is actually JSON by Simon.

01:15:59   It's not confusing.

01:16:03   So the app is spelled J-A-Y-S-O-N and it's a play on .json, the file format.

01:16:13   I actually reviewed the app on Maxor back in January or February of 2019, and it's an app to

01:16:21   inspect JSON dictionaries that are usually returned by web APIs. So if you're talking to a web service,

01:16:31   to a web API, the response is usually provided as a .json object. And JSON, you can inspect

01:16:41   the traditional way, it's a bunch of text.

01:16:43   - You invite him over and say, "Hey, I need to inspect you."

01:16:46   - Hey, let me inspect you, Jason.

01:16:48   - You wanna make sure that's consensual.

01:16:51   - With this app, you can do so with the GUI.

01:16:56   So it's an actual interface with tabs and menus

01:17:02   and expandable sections to browse

01:17:06   the structure of a JSON dictionary.

01:17:10   and it's super well done.

01:17:12   You can create split views inside the app.

01:17:15   You can pass this content from shortcuts to the JSON app.

01:17:20   I've been working on two different kinds

01:17:23   of advanced shortcuts lately,

01:17:24   both for Club Max stories actually.

01:17:27   One is called PokeTree,

01:17:28   and it's a Pokemon evolution checker shortcut.

01:17:32   - It's very good, it's very, very good.

01:17:34   - Myke has it, John has it.

01:17:35   It talks to this web service called the Poke API

01:17:40   to let you see which evolutions, I'm sorry, Steven,

01:17:44   Myke will understand, other people will understand.

01:17:46   - No, I'm happy for you on this Thanksgiving.

01:17:50   I'm thankful for your happiness.

01:17:52   - I'm happy you're happy.

01:17:54   - But it's, see, basically it's a very complex API

01:17:57   and the object that it's returned by the API

01:17:59   is very complex and tricky to understand.

01:18:02   Also, I've been, this is actually coming on Friday,

01:18:06   I've been working on Apple Music shortcuts,

01:18:09   advanced Apple Music shortcuts that use the native Apple Music Web API made by Apple,

01:18:15   the music kit for the web. And also in that case the response that comes back from the web service

01:18:21   is really complex and long and tricky to understand, but with JSON it's super easy.

01:18:26   So I'm thankful that the app exists. Two non-tech things. I'm playing Pokemon Sword,

01:18:34   I'm in the postgame, I'm doing the meta postgame stuff, and I'm just so thankful that as someone

01:18:42   who's been out of the entire Pok√©mon scene since basically Ruby for the Gameboy Advance

01:18:50   15, 17 years ago, I missed the whole black and white, diamond and pearl, all of those

01:18:57   generations.

01:18:59   I'm thankful that the communities around these games exist, and specifically I want to call

01:19:06   out a bunch of them.

01:19:07   Serebii, excellent resource, like the Pokemon website.

01:19:11   If you're interested in any competitive Pokemon play, which I'm sort of getting to, I'm building

01:19:17   a team, we'll see how it goes.

01:19:19   This is, yeah, we'll have to have a battle, Myke, soon enough, see if my theories are

01:19:25   correct.

01:19:26   Oh, I'm not going to do it.

01:19:27   I would have done it a couple of weeks ago, but now you've gone wild on it and it's impossible.

01:19:31   You did this to me once before and I won't fall for that again.

01:19:34   All right. I'll try with Jon.

01:19:38   Yeah. Oh, poor Jon.

01:19:40   Serebii is the database for all kinds of stuff about Pokemon. The guy who's been running

01:19:48   Geomeric Serebii for the past 15, 16, no, maybe more, 20 years. Like, it's incredible.

01:19:56   It's been around forever. I was a kid and Serebii was a thing and it's even more of

01:19:59   a thing now. It's really amazing. Smogon, it's another website. If you're interested

01:20:04   in building a competitive Pokemon theme, this is like Wikipedia for Pokemon nerds. It's

01:20:10   amazing. You can calculate the effect of all kinds of moves. It's wild. There's a move

01:20:17   calculator in there. It's incredible. Yeah, yeah. I'll send you some links. You got to

01:20:22   see what I mean by looking at it. There's detailed explanations, because you know there's

01:20:28   tournaments for competitive Pokemon play, right? So there's analysis of each fight,

01:20:34   and there's like detailed breakdowns of each popular competitive Pokemon team. It's like

01:20:41   an actual sports analysis, but for... Yeah, it's an entire community of millions of people

01:20:48   doing this. It's wild. And lastly I want to call out, I mean the Reddit communities are

01:20:54   also pretty good, but I want to call out on YouTube, I don't know if you're subscribed

01:21:01   to this channel Myke, he does a lot of Nintendo content, Austin John Plays is a YouTuber,

01:21:08   he does Nintendo focused content, he did excellent videos for Breath of the Wild on Switch a

01:21:16   few years ago that I used a lot, and it's doing a whole daily series on Pokemon Sword

01:21:21   and Shield. Starting from the basics, to the advanced stuff, to the competitive stuff,

01:21:27   to where you can find objects and items and evolutions, it does great work. Really, really

01:21:34   great work explained well, which is also important to me. Finally, Mr. Robot, the final season.

01:21:41   I know that Sidon also likes it. It's so good. It's getting... The show is ending on December

01:21:47   30th. The final episode of the entire series will air just before the end of the year.

01:21:55   I had high expectations for this final season, and each episode is getting better and better.

01:22:02   I'm pleased that it's good. I've never watched Mr. Robot. Idina likes it. I know it's been

01:22:07   going on for a long time so I'm pleased to hear that yeah I still like it in its

01:22:11   final season which is a rarer and rarer thing they had a two-year break which

01:22:16   also makes it it's only four seasons but it started five years ago six years ago

01:22:23   so it's it's been spaced out but yeah it seems like it's a very stress it can be

01:22:29   is that right yeah especially the I mean no spoilers but especially with the last

01:22:35   couple of episodes there's a major reveal and I know that it's been hard

01:22:39   for a lot of people it's been challenging for a lot of people and

01:22:41   that's why there are always like these messages at the end of especially in

01:22:48   this final season at the end of the episode like if you're seeking help like

01:22:51   phone numbers and websites where you can go yeah I'm good but I'm just gonna I'm

01:22:58   just gonna say though that with this major reveal once you know and you go

01:23:03   back and you see how the, what's his name, Sam Esmael, the creator, knew since the very

01:23:11   first episode that this was gonna happen. It's not like, you know, many TV shows, there's

01:23:16   a major reveal and it's sort of being retrofitted to work with the story, but the creators didn't

01:23:23   have it in mind when they started, but in this case it was right there from the beginning

01:23:27   and it was in front of our face the whole time,

01:23:30   and it's just masterfully executed.

01:23:32   So, I mean, plus, you know, the performance of

01:23:36   the entire cast really is just incredible.

01:23:40   So I'm thankful that the show exists,

01:23:42   but I'm sad that it's ending at the same time.

01:23:45   - I guess I'm grumpy 'cause shortcuts is not on my list.

01:23:48   Sorry guys.

01:23:49   - Well, you can be thankful for Automator.

01:23:51   - Sure, they haven't killed Automator yet.

01:23:53   - Yep.

01:23:54   One is just like when things sync correctly, right?

01:23:57   When that little joy where you upload something

01:24:00   on your computer and then you check on your phone later

01:24:02   and it's there and you don't have to wait.

01:24:04   That's something that we don't get all the time

01:24:07   and it's nice when it works,

01:24:08   especially someone who uses Dropbox every day for work.

01:24:10   Like just knowing that that's reliable makes me happy.

01:24:14   Also the HomePod handoff,

01:24:16   like to have music or a podcast playing

01:24:18   and then you put your phone at the top of the HomePod

01:24:21   and it moves over and it moves back when you do it again,

01:24:23   I'm using that all the time.

01:24:25   I really like it.

01:24:27   - Oh, cool.

01:24:28   I've completely forgotten that that feature existed

01:24:30   until you just mentioned it.

01:24:32   - It's great.

01:24:32   I use it all the time if I'm listening to something

01:24:34   like maybe in the yard, if I'm doing yard work

01:24:36   and want to come in and finish it,

01:24:37   or listening to a podcast in the car,

01:24:40   I want to complete it when I go inside.

01:24:43   It's just, it's really nice.

01:24:44   It works all the time.

01:24:46   Like it seems really bulletproof.

01:24:47   And I've been, I've really been enjoying that a lot.

01:24:50   When you said little things, it made me think about this.

01:24:53   The headphone amp I use has really satisfying switches

01:24:57   on the back of it to turn it on and off.

01:24:59   I'm touching them now.

01:25:00   I'm not going to press them because I want to still

01:25:02   be able to hear you all.

01:25:03   But there's very satisfying toggle switches

01:25:05   that make a nice sound, and they feel good.

01:25:08   And I use them some days, multiple times a day.

01:25:12   And it's just a really nice little thing.

01:25:14   Good switches, good buttons.

01:25:16   I like them.

01:25:17   - Good buttons are a good thing.

01:25:19   - All right, I think that does it for this week's episode.

01:25:22   We have one more thing we're gonna do at the end,

01:25:25   but we're putting it at the end

01:25:26   because it's not everyone's cup of tea.

01:25:28   - Well, wait, hold on a second.

01:25:30   We should say we're thankful for our listeners.

01:25:32   We shouldn't take them for granted.

01:25:37   We're actually pretty lucky that we get to do this

01:25:39   and that we have people following our dumb jokes

01:25:42   and sometimes intelligent opinions, I hope.

01:25:44   - Well said. - So thank you.

01:25:47   If you want to find links to the stuff we spoke about,

01:25:49   like all the PopSocket stuff or Myke's TV, anything else,

01:25:54   those links are collected for you

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01:26:01   While you're there, you can send us an email

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01:26:07   So you can find Myke there as I-M-Y-K-E.

01:26:11   Myke is the host of a bunch of other shows here on Relay FM,

01:26:13   so go check those out.

01:26:14   This week, you've published Upgrade and Cortex,

01:26:16   saw and you were a guest on Focus, so you've been all over the place this week.

01:26:20   Oh, and the Pan-Addict will be out soon.

01:26:23   All the great...

01:26:24   Busy, busy boy!

01:26:25   ...m

01:26:36   home screen icons, like there's no excuse now that they're on sale. So they're really awesome.

01:26:41   You can find me on Twitter as ismh and I write 512pixels.net. I will say I have a YouTube video

01:26:51   coming to 512 pixels on Black Friday, but it is not a Black Friday video. It's not about deals.

01:26:58   Oh, I see what you've done. That's clever. I know what the video is.

01:27:02   So that's that's coming Friday. So look for that

01:27:04   Just about done with it. So I guess got to wrap this up after I

01:27:08   Did the show it's Stevens doing a rendition of the Rebecca Rebecca Black song Friday, so everyone can look forward to that

01:27:16   So anyways, you can find all those links find all that stuff relay.fm slash connected slash 271

01:27:23   I think our sponsors Squarespace

01:27:26   Express VPN and

01:27:28   Ahrefs and now we're gonna talk about the Tesla Cybertruck. Why are we doing this?

01:27:34   What we've never done this before. Why are we doing this? I want to talk about it

01:27:38   I don't have any place to do it. So okay, that's cool. That is a perfectly valid reason. I just wondered why yeah, I accept that

01:27:45   Is this is this fake ATP it is this what we're huh? Okay

01:27:50   Can I be John and have wrong opinions about food? Yeah, you're John

01:27:56   I'm Casey and Stevens Marco. I think I saw that one. Yes that hmm

01:28:01   Oh, no, my computer is broken buy two new ones. No, no, my grandma used to make a real Italian American food

01:28:09   I'm not gonna buy one. Yeah, I'm probably gonna buy one. Are you gonna buy one? That's Marco not Steven. That's confusing

01:28:25   Okay, so they announced this last week everyone knows Tesla's building a truck it's called the Cybertruck

01:28:31   It has a very distinctive look

01:28:32   They talked about Tesla things including how many motors it has and the high speed and how fast you get to 60

01:28:39   Which doesn't matter in a pickup truck?

01:28:41   We're talking about Tesla not ATP anymore right switched gears unlike a Tesla, which doesn't have a transmission. Yeah, Elon it. Yeah

01:28:48   Okay, so Myke you don't drive

01:28:51   Y'all don't have a car. I'm we are gonna though next year. That's the plan. We want to get a car

01:28:57   Are you gonna buy a Cybertruck? Oh, it's a Cybertruck gonna be your first car

01:29:00   I wanted to get an electric car, but we have underground parking and there are no outlets. Oh, no

01:29:07   So I wanted to skip gas completely yeah, can you go to your I don't know your situation

01:29:14   Can you go to your homeowners Association or?

01:29:17   Whoever and be like put outlets in it has it has been brought up by many people and is apparently being looked at

01:29:24   But I do not have any faith in it happening. I do drive

01:29:28   I drive a pickup truck unlike every other podcast and YouTube video

01:29:32   I've seen I actually drive a truck and so I have my opinions are based on that

01:29:37   That's why we're doing this. That's why I get it. I get it. I get it. I get it

01:29:42   But before we get to that, I want to talk about the truckie stuff

01:29:46   But first I want to talk about the looks because that's the most obvious thing

01:29:50   Federico

01:29:51   How does this strike you?

01:29:53   like

01:29:56   It's terrible and I think and I think so here's my problem

01:29:59   Well more than one problem and I'm trying to put this lightly. I don't like the culture of of

01:30:08   Elon Musk bros that I see on Twitter. Mm-hmm. I don't get yeah

01:30:15   No, I get the fascination with a person who is an innovator, who likes to try new ideas,

01:30:23   who likes to go beyond the rules. I can understand that. I don't like the fixation of it. I don't

01:30:31   like the absolute, almost like godlike reverence that some people have. It does feel like a

01:30:42   cult.

01:30:43   a question and I'm not trying to trip you up and I think we've touched on this before but

01:30:47   yeah I know where you're going what makes Elon different to Steve because like the idea of the

01:30:52   cult-like following and the god-like thinking could all like we all did it for Steve Jobs

01:30:58   yeah yeah yeah like was I think part of the difference is that Elon tweets and I wonder

01:31:04   what it would have been like if Jobs tweeted. Yeah I think probably I think it's uh right it's uh

01:31:10   Yeah, for me, that's part of the issue. Like the idea of this exposure that we have to

01:31:15   somebody's unfiltered thoughts.

01:31:17   Elon, Elon does not, Elon does not allow for his thoughts to be filtered either. Right?

01:31:22   Like, you know, like Satya Nadella, everyone and Tim Cook, everyone's checking those tweets,

01:31:27   right?

01:31:28   And I don't like that. I like some people love the, oh, he's just speaking his mind.

01:31:31   No, I don't like that. You're a public figure. You're not supposed to speak your mind and

01:31:34   replied to randos on Twitter. That's like, I don't personally I may be wrong, but it's

01:31:40   what I think. I don't think it's classy. I don't think it's elegant. I think you just

01:31:44   make yourself look like a fool. And there's times with Musk in particular where he does

01:31:47   that and he's nasty. Right. I think that we, we all knew. Yeah. Yeah. Right. When, when

01:31:53   he called, I mean, when he called the guy that word like, you know, that was awful.

01:32:00   And Jobs was that way, right?

01:32:02   Like you hear stories about him being very angry

01:32:05   with people, but to Myke's point, it wasn't in public

01:32:08   and it wasn't to random people, right?

01:32:11   If you were in Jobs' orbit, part of that understanding

01:32:15   was he could lash out at me, right?

01:32:18   And I'm not saying he should have, I'm not saying,

01:32:19   I'm not even saying that Jobs was like a better person

01:32:21   than Elon Musk, I don't know either of the men.

01:32:23   I can't judge their character.

01:32:25   But from what we see on Twitter,

01:32:26   Musk is a bit of a loose cannon,

01:32:28   and that's hard for me to reconcile.

01:32:32   And there's always stories,

01:32:34   and there's stories from Tesla and SpaceX

01:32:36   about the culture of the companies

01:32:39   and the work, the hours that are demanded,

01:32:42   and sometimes lack safety policy.

01:32:44   And there's a lot of things that the culture around him

01:32:48   feels immature and maybe even reckless

01:32:52   in a sense that I never got from Apple.

01:32:54   Anyways, I did not mean to go down that rabbit hole.

01:32:57   So, no, I was saying that what I mostly don't like are two things. One is the fact that

01:33:05   if you ever disagree with this in public, which is why I don't tweet about Elon or Tesla

01:33:09   anymore, you get all kinds of nasty people from Twitter attacking you, and I don't like

01:33:14   that. Then there's the off chance that Elon himself will reply to you, and at that point

01:33:19   you might as well suspend your own Twitter account.

01:33:23   So you got to go private for a week.

01:33:25   But really my main issue is the following, the Cybertruck especially.

01:33:29   I feel like a lot of people have fallen into this delusion of thinking that all radical and different design is good design.

01:33:39   And I don't think just because you're different and breaking the rules it's necessarily something that looks nice.

01:33:45   And I feel like we're...

01:33:47   In this case of the Cybertruck, I believe it is an ugly object.

01:33:54   It is visually unpleasant. It is something that I would never, ever let other people see me drive.

01:34:05   And I don't know if I'm quite conveying the feelings that I have on this.

01:34:11   It is the most horrific human-made vehicle I've ever seen in my life.

01:34:16   It's not even funny. It's not even...

01:34:19   It's... it's... yes, I've seen people say "Oh, this design should be celebrated."

01:34:24   No, it's ugly. You need to understand that when something is ugly, you need to call it ugly.

01:34:29   This is not beautiful in its own way. This is not beautiful because it's unique.

01:34:34   This is not beautiful because it's futuristic. This is an ugly object.

01:34:39   It's like... it's visually unpleasant.

01:34:42   Can I... can I go now?

01:34:45   No, I'll add one last point.

01:34:47   I think it's important I go now.

01:34:49   Okay.

01:34:51   It's ugly but I like it. I can't help it. I like it.

01:34:54   I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

01:34:56   I know it's ugly. I look at it and I know if I saw it in the street I'd be scared of it.

01:35:03   But I can't change who I am.

01:35:06   Do you like it because you think it makes you more like...

01:35:12   I have no opinion about why I like it.

01:35:14   it. I can't tell you why. I don't like it because it's radical. I don't like it because

01:35:19   it's different. I don't like it because it's daring. I think it's stupid that they made

01:35:23   the design for all of those reasons. If they made it to be daring and different, it's just

01:35:27   like "I don't know if that was the right move or unless they were trying to do that for

01:35:30   the point of standing out so people would buy the car because MKBHD did a good video

01:35:36   right where it's like if you made it look like a pickup truck then people that buy pickup

01:35:39   trucks probably wouldn't... if they're going to keep buying the same one every year while

01:35:42   No, no, because people buy Teslas. It's a theory. Anyway, but yes, I agree with that

01:35:48   point, right? People buy Teslas because they buy Teslas. I can't tell you why I like it,

01:35:51   Federico, but it's growing on me. Like, I don't love it, but like, at first I was like,

01:35:56   that is hideous. And now I look at it and I'm like... You shouldn't. Like, try, try

01:36:00   to fix yourself of whatever predicament you're in. You shouldn't like it. I can't, you know,

01:36:05   I don't... You shouldn't like this thing. I mean, look at it. I'm not going to these

01:36:08   Just look at it. Just look at it. It looks like a car from Stunt Race FX from the Super

01:36:14   Nintendo. No, those cars were actually better. It does. I can't help who I am. I am what

01:36:21   I am. Like, look at this. And then I think about the amazing tradition of Italian brands

01:36:27   that we have here, from Lamborghini to Maserati to Alfa Romeo to Ferrari. And you look at

01:36:32   this to like who made this? An American. Right? An American full of himself made this. And

01:36:39   you can see that in the design, right? Like, I agree with everything you are saying, but

01:36:45   I can't. I look at it and I'm like, it's kind of cool. But this is how we fail as a species

01:36:50   when we stop to recognize good design and accept whatever. Wow. Latest American exceptionalism

01:36:56   we won't accept. That is when we fail. That's not the end of the species. No, but it's part

01:37:02   of that right when we start to accept whatever design that wants to swallow and just think that

01:37:07   it's cool because they said so i thought i was going to be the one fired up i love that i'm not

01:37:11   it is uh i think it is ugly i do think it is futuristic but in a way that is

01:37:18   like if if you were 1980 and you thought from the past it would look like not the future as we see

01:37:25   it from 2020 i'll give tesla this they did not just take the model x and chop off the back because

01:37:32   'cause all their other cars kind of look the same, right?

01:37:36   They have a design language that's consistent

01:37:38   across the three models, and the Model Y that's coming

01:37:41   the end of 2020 fits that design aesthetic.

01:37:44   This is boldly different, and I'll give them credit for that.

01:37:49   I also think that we should point out

01:37:50   that while it is a prototype,

01:37:52   Tesla prototypes don't differ.

01:37:54   This is what this truck is gonna look like

01:37:56   once you add windshield wipers and side windows.

01:37:59   And I'm actually not positive about the legality

01:38:01   the way the tail light works because in the US at least lights can't be only on

01:38:07   movable parts of the body work and I'm not sure if there's enough overhang on

01:38:12   the body I just I just don't know but broadly speaking this is what this truck

01:38:17   will look like. It is interesting that they are taking what is good about

01:38:22   electric cars and applying it to the truck right so you have lots of torque

01:38:26   you can the what it can pull is impressive for a truck of its size

01:38:30   There'll be a link in the show notes to a video by Doug DeMuro who's a car journalist

01:38:35   and he did what I was thinking about doing but beat me to it of like

01:38:40   comparing this truck to the f-150 which is the best-selling vehicle in America

01:38:44   this is the same size as the Ford f-150 almost exactly but it's numbers

01:38:50   price-wise and it's numbers on what it can tow put it in ground between the f-150

01:38:56   in like a super duty, like heavy duty truck,

01:38:59   which the F-150 isn't.

01:39:00   And so it kinda comes out not comparing well

01:39:04   to the F-150 or something like the F-2 or 350,

01:39:07   which can tow a lot more and cost a lot more.

01:39:10   This is in weird middle ground.

01:39:12   And that's all really interesting to talk about.

01:39:14   But the heart of why I struggle with this

01:39:17   is not even the looks, 'cause I'm pretty sound

01:39:20   that I don't like the way it looks, but who it's for.

01:39:24   And you have the 200,000 people

01:39:26   who have made reservations so far.

01:39:29   Doug in his video points out that that number's actually low

01:39:33   compared to previous times, like the Model 3.

01:39:36   And it's only a tenth of the cost.

01:39:38   Almost anyone could put $100 down on this

01:39:40   just to see what would happen.

01:39:43   To put $1,000 down like the Model 3

01:39:45   is a significantly bigger ask.

01:39:49   And so he views it, and the way I view it is

01:39:51   this actually isn't a hit yet.

01:39:52   This isn't as popular as the Model 3 was a few days after its launch.

01:39:56   But the numbers hide that fact the way they're doing the preorder, which really

01:40:01   aren't a preorder. It just puts your name in line to order one officially when

01:40:06   it's available. Right. So it's like a preorder, but not a preorder.

01:40:09   It's refundable and it's refundable.

01:40:11   So basically, my understanding is when your name comes up, you get an email say,

01:40:14   do an order. Yes. Here are the options I want. No, I don't give him one hundred

01:40:17   dollars back. It's a loan to Tesla so they can build these effectively.

01:40:21   But the question of who it's for is the most interesting one.

01:40:24   So there are a lot, I got into this on Twitter.

01:40:27   There are lots of people who buy trucks,

01:40:28   who buy SUVs in America in particular for the status.

01:40:33   And I'm not judging that.

01:40:34   If you have the money,

01:40:35   that's how you wanna express yourself,

01:40:37   and you wanna buy a big truck because it's big.

01:40:40   Like, look, I'm from the South.

01:40:41   Lots of people do that here.

01:40:43   I'm completely normalized to it, right?

01:40:45   Like if you wanna buy this thing

01:40:47   to look awesome in the suburbs in your own mind,

01:40:52   not in actuality 'cause it's ugly, that's fine.

01:40:55   If that's Tesla's market, that's totally cool.

01:40:58   Where I look at it is my coming from me,

01:41:02   I own and drive a pickup, I don't drive an F-150,

01:41:05   I drive a Tacoma, it's a mid-sized truck,

01:41:08   it's a little smaller than this,

01:41:10   but I do use it as a truck, and I come from a family

01:41:14   of people who own construction companies,

01:41:17   and they own trucks and use trucks every day at work, right?

01:41:20   And so that's my viewpoint of what I bring to this.

01:41:23   So that's what I wanna filter the rest

01:41:26   of my comments through.

01:41:27   So you may disagree with me, that's fine.

01:41:29   This is just where I'm coming from, right?

01:41:31   When I look at this, I look at something

01:41:33   that can't actually replace something like an F-150

01:41:38   or another full-size truck because of the design

01:41:42   that they have put forth.

01:41:43   If they had taken a more traditional approach, this would be more attractive to people who

01:41:49   buy a truck to actually use it as a truck. Like, like, like my parents who work in construction,

01:41:55   like even I do to a large extent where I'm hauling things and doing things around the house and with

01:42:02   the kids in the truck. From that perspective, this is a weird vehicle. It seats six, which is nice,

01:42:07   actually, if you're talking about like a work crew, but Tesla's interiors are really high end

01:42:13   and a lot of work trucks in particular are very low-end interiors because you don't want to mess them up, right?

01:42:17   If you're taking tools in and out of the backseat or you're muddy or something like that, you don't want to mess this up.

01:42:23   And this interior seems way too fragile for a work vehicle.

01:42:28   There's also the issue of the bed. It's six and a half feet long. It's a foot longer than the bed in my Tacoma.

01:42:33   I've got a

01:42:34   the five foot version of the Tacoma. My dad has the eight foot version of the F-150, so it's not as long as that either.

01:42:40   It's a good length six six and a half feet is a good length

01:42:43   You can put a lot of stuff in there, but they and maybe this is all there or it will be there

01:42:48   But Tesla's press events are so useless. You can't really tell they didn't even talk about the utility of the bed

01:42:54   What we've learned about it has come out later on Twitter through Elon or through various people asking questions

01:43:00   The side buttresses are gonna make hard for loading and unloading equipment and anything big

01:43:07   You've got to go through the bed not over the side. It also means that if you're carrying something really big that may

01:43:13   Interfere with with how that that buttressing works and it could be in your way

01:43:18   It doesn't have a rearview mirror has a rearview camera because of the there's a cover a motorized cover that goes over the back

01:43:25   Elon on Twitter said that that could be a solar panel as an option

01:43:28   Which I think is actually really cool that at least gets out of the way completely, which is nice, but they didn't really get into

01:43:35   Any sort of technology in the bed. It's lit which is nice

01:43:39   A lot of trucks have that but if you are using this as a work vehicle

01:43:44   you need to be able to tie things down you will strap things down and

01:43:47   there are

01:43:50   Indications that maybe those lines at the bed are actually a rail system and they will have some sort of hardware

01:43:54   You can slide in and out until they've talked about that

01:43:57   They really haven't sold this as a as a work vehicle

01:44:02   Another thing people need to do with the work vehicle is modify it to be able to

01:44:06   Put a ladder rack on it put a topper on it put

01:44:09   things in the bed that that

01:44:12   match what they need to do and a stainless steel bed, even if it has this rail system doesn't seem like it's going to

01:44:19   To be flexible in the way that a lot of people who depend on their trucks for their jobs

01:44:24   Can can use and it's not even a price issue, right?

01:44:28   because you can buy an F of 50 that's more than this or the same price.

01:44:32   It gets really expensive.

01:44:33   But for someone who just needs a work truck, even if the money's off the table,

01:44:37   this doesn't seem flexible enough for them.

01:44:40   And, and things like zero to 60 don't really matter in a pickup truck.

01:44:45   You know, what matters is what's the range going to be when you're pulling a

01:44:48   trailer. They didn't talk about that.

01:44:49   People who have talked about the model X pulling a trailer,

01:44:52   the range goes in the toilet real quick when you're pulling weight behind it.

01:44:56   They didn't mention that for a reason.

01:44:58   And they need to explain at some point

01:45:00   what towing will do to the range, what will do to the handling.

01:45:04   And things like air suspension aren't what people who buy trucks

01:45:07   for trucks want, right?

01:45:09   It's it's fine if you're again, it's fine if you're going to use this

01:45:12   as like your like cool urban vehicle.

01:45:16   But if you're going to use it in the real world,

01:45:18   I just think they've missed the mark.

01:45:20   And and that's putting aside again looks and money.

01:45:24   But I don't know I I wanted to be excited about this because I would love at some point to replace my Tacoma with an electric

01:45:31   pickup truck

01:45:32   but

01:45:33   This has me waiting for Ford or for Rivian or somebody else doing a more traditional truck which Elon cut boring

01:45:40   But they're boring for a reason because it's a tool and utility

01:45:43   sure

01:45:46   Yeah, well he would say that wouldn't be boring

01:45:48   for me personally the very fact that we're even

01:45:52   Considering this as a viable option is just heartbreaking. Like honestly from a...

01:45:58   I'm lucky enough to live in Italy and I'm constantly...

01:46:04   I think I've been constantly exposed to a long tradition of good design,

01:46:11   whether it's clothes or cars or buildings.

01:46:14   And I think there's...

01:46:17   Yes, I understand the beauty as a concept is subjective.

01:46:22   but I also think that in product design you can call something ugly when it is, when its design

01:46:34   is informed not by the pleasure of looking at an object but just wanting to look different because.

01:46:46   And I think it's... my problem with this track is that it's disrespectful of what design means.

01:46:52   Like, it can have the best performance ever. It can pull any kind of, you know, it can have all

01:47:00   the torque you want and whatever. This is an insult, visually speaking. I am absolutely

01:47:10   excited. I'll tell you about what about the Mustang Mach-E that Ford is doing. That is a

01:47:17   beautiful car that is also futuristic, that also understands that people... Here's... I'll let you

01:47:23   in on a little secret. People like to look at nice things. And I think the more we allow ourselves to

01:47:34   modify our tastes to follow whatever a crazy man in America thinks should be called beautiful.

01:47:40   The farther we get from the from actual good design and nice design, people like nice things,

01:47:45   people like pretty things, people like things that are nice and smooth and beautiful and shiny,

01:47:52   not some low poly gun truck that like that looks like an 80s movie gun run.

01:47:59   Like, and it will not change my opinion on this, I think it looks ugly, and I think we should be

01:48:04   free to call something ugly what it is. Not all beauty is subjective, especially when

01:48:09   it comes to design. So that's my opinion. It could have the best performance in the

01:48:14   world, but with that kind of look? Really? Well, thankfully, it's going so fast no one

01:48:19   can look at it for very long. You know, "Oh, it's ugly! Oh, it's gone! I didn't even notice

01:48:23   how ugly it was." Maybe that's why it's so fast. I don't know. And in general, like,

01:48:27   I just don't get the... Like, we could go on. I have thoughts about SpaceX. I have thoughts

01:48:32   about all kinds of Elon related things.

01:48:35   I--

01:48:36   - Okay, and we're not gonna get into the Mach-E,

01:48:37   but I disagree with you a little bit,

01:48:40   but it's compared to the Cybertruck, it's a beauty.

01:48:44   So I think that's it.

01:48:46   None of us are on the hook for this.

01:48:48   I do find it really interesting though.

01:48:50   Like, Myke likes it, but he's not gonna--

01:48:52   - No, Myke likes it.

01:48:53   - He's not gonna buy one.

01:48:54   - Myke likes it.

01:48:55   - When he says on the hook,

01:48:56   he means I haven't put any money down.

01:48:58   - Oh, oh yeah.

01:48:58   - That truck would crush everything in London.

01:49:00   It's way too big for your city. It's too big for London. You know, people are buying it here

01:49:05   I don't know how they expect to move it around but I have see I see pickup trucks in the UK sometimes and I don't

01:49:11   Understand how anybody lives their lives. I don't know if I would be so far as to say I

01:49:16   like it

01:49:18   But I do not have the same feeling about it as I did initially

01:49:23   That's fair. That's kind of where I and I think that's true for a lot of people

01:49:25   It's growing on them and and all I mean, you know

01:49:29   My comments about the utility of it are open to change as we learn more about it

01:49:33   And and one thing Tesla does and I'll give them credit for this if they get thoughtful feedback from a lot of customers

01:49:40   They do listen to it, right? They they have evolved their software and it still is a long way to go

01:49:46   They still not carplay Bluetooth is still terrible, whatever

01:49:48   But you know people have asked for things and they've gotten them over the years and I think with this

01:49:53   they're going to get feedback about the utility and

01:49:56   Prioritizing some things over other things. I don't think the design is going to radically change

01:50:00   But hopefully they do tell the story of how it's useful in a better way

01:50:05   You know, all this is colored to a degree by Musk's pretty bad

01:50:08   Performance on stage like I don't mean to pick on him

01:50:12   But like he's awkward on stage and that's true if he's talking about SpaceX or anything else

01:50:17   but the content of the keynote was very

01:50:22   specific, right? The website has way more detail on the truck, some of the options you

01:50:27   can get with it. There's a picture of a camper thing that I made fun of, like none of that

01:50:31   was talked about. And if they had done a better job, they spent 30 seconds on, "Hey, we have

01:50:36   this cool rail system so you can tie stuff down. Hey, it has this or that that make,

01:50:41   you know, people in the world are going to want." They didn't do any of that.

01:50:44   They spent too much time on demos that didn't work, basically.

01:50:48   Yeah, they did break the windows on the demo, which...

01:50:52   - That's so sad.

01:50:52   - It's awkward. - Oh, heartbreak.

01:50:54   - Everyone's had a demo fail, right?

01:50:55   The iPhone 10 didn't face unlock the first time, right?

01:50:57   That's pretty bad.

01:50:58   A bad demo doesn't do my product, but--

01:51:00   - Yeah.

01:51:01   - Tesla and Mustard do a better job

01:51:02   at explaining these things up front,

01:51:04   so we don't have to have these conversations, right?

01:51:05   We don't have to wonder about,

01:51:06   well, what if you do wanna put something

01:51:08   in the back of it, right?

01:51:09   Like, I have a question.

01:51:10   Is it slippery as hell back there when it's wet?

01:51:13   I bet it is.

01:51:13   Like, that's a problem if you have stuff

01:51:15   in the bed of your truck, so all of those things,

01:51:17   hopefully, will come to light over time,

01:51:19   But I want to talk about it because it's a tech product

01:51:21   in a weird way, right?

01:51:22   Like we're watching tech YouTubers talk about it.

01:51:24   Jonathan Morrison did this call with MKBHD,

01:51:27   basically a FaceTime call they just put on YouTube

01:51:29   last night of them talking about it as a work truck

01:51:32   for camera work and like production work.

01:51:35   That's really interesting to me.

01:51:36   - I still think it's this whole thing.

01:51:39   I don't actually believe this is a product.

01:51:41   The more I look at it, the more I think it's like

01:51:42   a piece of performance art to get us to talk about it.

01:51:46   Like it's not an actual thing.

01:51:47   It can be an actual thing.

01:51:47   - Oh, it's gonna be a real thing?

01:51:48   - I refuse to-- - People are gonna be

01:51:49   driving them in two to seven years when they finally ship.

01:51:54   If you have problems with any of that, please email Casey.

01:51:56   [BLANK_AUDIO]