270: Best Trees in the Country


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 270.

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00:00:18   My name is Steven Hackett

00:00:19   and I am joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:21   - Hello, Steven Hackett, how are you?

00:00:23   - I'm good, I'm good today, how are you?

00:00:26   - I'm fine, I'm just playing Pokemon all day,

00:00:28   That's what I do now. That's my job now.

00:00:30   Are you doing it right now?

00:00:32   Well, not right now.

00:00:33   Okay. I appreciate that.

00:00:34   I can if you want me to.

00:00:35   No, no, we have stuff to talk about.

00:00:36   Okay. All right. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.

00:00:38   You can do both.

00:00:40   Find you a Federico that can do both.

00:00:41   See, I knew he was gonna say that.

00:00:45   He's the guy, you know,

00:00:47   this person that just spoke on the show,

00:00:49   the guy that has a Nintendo Switch during podcasts,

00:00:53   like a professional.

00:00:54   I have done it in the past.

00:00:58   That's all I'm gonna say, not on this show.

00:01:01   - Sure.

00:01:02   And because I got in trouble for not introducing somebody

00:01:04   who spoke before they were introduced,

00:01:06   that of course is Myke Hurley.

00:01:08   - Hello. - Hey.

00:01:09   - Governor.

00:01:10   - See, you can do it.

00:01:12   See, you know how to do it, Steven.

00:01:14   - Yeah.

00:01:15   - That's how you do it.

00:01:16   Thank you.

00:01:17   - You can't wait to do it.

00:01:18   - I can't wait to do it.

00:01:19   We have sort of a weird topic today.

00:01:22   So if you look into your podcast app,

00:01:24   you're gonna see that this episode has like 37 chapters

00:01:27   because this is a week of a bunch of small stories

00:01:29   that we're sort of,

00:01:31   we're just gonna touch base on a lot of things.

00:01:33   But we're gonna start with follow-up.

00:01:35   And Myke, you as the PopSocket enthusiast

00:01:38   were assigned homework to check out

00:01:40   the OtterBox PopSocket case we spoke about.

00:01:43   How is, how's that gone?

00:01:45   - So the colors, you remember my main issue

00:01:49   last episode was that the color names

00:01:51   were bananas considering the colors of the cases

00:01:54   that they were showing on Apple's website.

00:01:57   I would say the colors are a little bit more realistic to the names, but are still like

00:02:01   I have the blue one, but it's definitely purple still.

00:02:03   Sure.

00:02:04   You know, but it's more it's more darker in color than they look on the website.

00:02:11   Okay.

00:02:12   And I've been using it for the best part of a week.

00:02:17   And I think I'm going to keep it.

00:02:18   I think I'm going to keep keep this case now.

00:02:21   A silicone case.

00:02:23   So it's nice and grippy.

00:02:24   like the Apple silicon case, but you can actually put pop sockets on it because the Apple silicon

00:02:28   case, uh, with most pop sockets, it struggles to grip. Um, which is why pop socket released

00:02:34   this like thing that you can also buy on Apple store, which is like, uh, basically like a

00:02:39   belt for an iPhone, um, that you can put a pop socket on. I'm going to, I'm going to

00:02:46   need a link to this. Let's see. Pop socket belt. See that. Don't it's not called that.

00:02:53   Oh, but it showed up. Look at that.

00:02:55   Okay, good.

00:02:56   The pop, grip, slide...

00:02:58   Pop, grip, slide.

00:02:59   That's what it's called.

00:03:00   Why do they need so many names?

00:03:01   Pop, grip, slide...

00:03:02   It's like one of those songs from the 90s that had a dance attached to it.

00:03:07   You know?

00:03:08   Like the Cha Cha Slide or the Macarena or whatever.

00:03:11   I know the Macarena. I don't know the other one.

00:03:13   Oh, okay.

00:03:14   I think that...

00:03:15   Are you saying the pop, grip and slide should be a dance?

00:03:18   I think it could be.

00:03:21   The Cha Cha Slide was more complicated than the Macarena, but more fun than the Macarena.

00:03:26   That's that's my unexpected review of 90s group dances.

00:03:31   So you're saying it's like a hipster dance because it's not mainstream as the Macarena?

00:03:35   No, they're very mainstream.

00:03:37   But I think that the Cha Cha Slide was more famous in America than the Macarena was.

00:03:42   But anyway, I see that it has one kind of design thing that I get in a lot of cases,

00:03:48   which I thought was going to be more of a problem than it's turned out to be,

00:03:51   which is that the, you know, you on a silicone case,

00:03:53   well basically in all cases, they have this kind of lip that goes around the edge,

00:03:57   right? Which is like kind of protects the screen from touching surfaces.

00:04:00   On the pop socket case, uh, it goes all the way around.

00:04:06   It doesn't cut off at the bottom like Apple's cases does.

00:04:08   Oh yeah.

00:04:09   And with some cases, uh, in some cases with some cases I have had issues,

00:04:15   thank you.

00:04:15   I've had issues with it getting in the way of the swipe gestures on the iPhone, but I

00:04:22   have noticed that with this case, I've not had so much of a problem.

00:04:26   Maybe it's not as pronounced as other cases that I've used or whatever, but I thought

00:04:30   I was going to have a problem, but it hasn't been a problem for me.

00:04:33   I got used to that very quickly.

00:04:35   I like that I, because PopSocket kind of changed a bunch of stuff with their business, right?

00:04:41   The way that they do things, and instead of it being this one thing, we've now got the

00:04:45   detachable tops to the pop sockets, which is how they get around the wireless charging

00:04:49   thing, right? Like you take the pop socket off, but there's like a little thing still

00:04:52   stuck to the phone. This is built into the case, right? So it's just like a mount for

00:04:56   pop sockets to go onto. So I liked that I could take off the boring blue one and put

00:05:01   my enamel solar system one on it. So I was able to put my own pop socket on it. The only

00:05:07   downside I've had is I keep finding that I'm picking up my phone upside down because there's

00:05:13   There's no visual thing anymore.

00:05:17   The case goes all the way around, right?

00:05:20   So I have, like with the old case, there was a visual break at the bottom, right?

00:05:26   Which is kind of where the case would end, right?

00:05:29   That doesn't look like that, so when the phone is, the screen is off, it can be difficult

00:05:33   for me at a glance to like work out whether my phone is the right way up or not.

00:05:38   Which sounds like something that would be impossible to observe, which I agree with,

00:05:43   but what I'm noticing is I'm picking up my phone upside down a lot and I didn't do that

00:05:47   before.

00:05:48   So I would have not known that that was a problem except for the fact that it's happening

00:05:52   to me.

00:05:53   You understand what I'm saying?

00:05:55   Like I never would have thought that that would have been a problem with the case.

00:05:57   Like, that's not going to be an issue, but I keep picking up my phone upside down because

00:06:01   I keep holding my phone up and it doesn't come on.

00:06:04   It's because the raise to wake doesn't work upside down, which is another thing that I've

00:06:08   But I like the case. I am over needing to see the green of my iPhone now, right?

00:06:15   Like I wanted to use the clear case because I wanted to see the green color, but I don't need that anymore.

00:06:20   I'm used to it. So now I'm happy to branch out into different cases.

00:06:23   And I like this case. I've always liked silicone cases. And this one has the PopSocket built in.

00:06:28   The PopSocket is slightly lower on the case than I would want, but I was able to get used to that very quickly.

00:06:34   So yeah, I am now living the OtterBox PopSocket case lifestyle.

00:06:38   Let me go on a bit of a tangent here.

00:06:40   I would love a tangent.

00:06:42   About cases.

00:06:44   You just, Alex Cox just joined the chat, right?

00:06:47   Like she's, they are big on this.

00:06:50   It's not about the battery case.

00:06:53   But, so this story begins, it's a very short story.

00:06:56   Because I use the Twitter app, the official Twitter app,

00:06:59   And I often use the "home" timeline, which is the algorithmic timeline,

00:07:04   especially these days that I'm playing Pokemon Sword all day and I sort of need a quick way to catch up on Twitter,

00:07:10   so I switch from "latest" to "home". And when I switch to "home", I'm exposed to all kinds of

00:07:16   different things that go beyond the chronological order of tweets.

00:07:20   And yesterday, one of them was a thread in which John Gruber was participating

00:07:28   About iPhone cases and so because of the of the Twitter app I saw this tweet from John

00:07:35   in response to

00:07:37   This person named Greg

00:07:40   He's a you guys know the Greg I'm talking about

00:07:44   he writes about like manufacturing and stuff about Apple and materials and like

00:07:51   Industrial design. Yeah, you know, of course, you know the guy right sure

00:07:55   I cannot remember this last name. But still, Gruber mentioned this case. It's called the

00:08:00   Pitaka iPhone Cover case. It's made of aramid fiber. It's like...

00:08:09   What is that? I don't know. So in theory it should be some

00:08:12   kind of Kevlar, I think. It's like aramid fiber. I don't know. But it's super thin.

00:08:18   We're all getting our tactical EDC phone cases ready to go out into the wild and punch a

00:08:22   bear. It says aramid fiber bulletproof case.

00:08:24   Oh, geez.

00:08:25   Ultra thin.

00:08:26   Oh, God.

00:08:27   And so I went to the website, to this Pitaka website.

00:08:32   Pitaka does sound like a Pokémon, by the way, but it's not.

00:08:35   It's a brand.

00:08:36   Everything sounds like a Pokémon if you look hard enough.

00:08:40   And it's, I mean, it is super thin, and in theory, super durable.

00:08:43   It's got this cool looking texture on the back.

00:08:46   It's got a texture.

00:08:49   I don't like that look.

00:08:50   Well, I believe it is cool looking.

00:08:53   I mean, you like purple and yellow cases.

00:08:55   - Yeah, 'cause I like color.

00:08:57   Carbon fiber looking things are of a particular taste,

00:09:02   I think. - Okay.

00:09:03   I am a man of particular taste. - In this image,

00:09:04   it has like a knife scratching the phone.

00:09:07   That's a tiny knife by scale.

00:09:09   - Yes, you can scratch-- - World's smallest knife.

00:09:11   - You can scratch this case with a knife if you want to.

00:09:15   - The blade of the knife is about the same size

00:09:17   as the camera square.

00:09:18   - You know, sometimes you're cooking--

00:09:21   - You need a small knife.

00:09:22   Sometimes you're cooking with a small knife and accidentally, instead of chopping zucchini,

00:09:27   you're chopping your iPhone.

00:09:28   Oopsies.

00:09:29   Well, with this case, it won't happen.

00:09:31   You won't chop it because it's got the aramid fiber going on in the back.

00:09:35   So still, I bought it from Amazon and it's coming tomorrow, so I guess I'll have follow-up

00:09:40   next week.

00:09:41   Well, this is going to go on for a while, isn't it?

00:09:44   This round robin of cases that we're doing.

00:09:46   I'm still using, by the way, the wallet case is a must-have for now.

00:09:50   Every time I go out, I slip on the wallet case. I'm still using the, like in regular

00:09:55   usage, the leather Bellroy case, but I'm happy to switch things up a little, you know.

00:10:01   So I got this aramid fiber case.

00:10:04   -

00:10:04   - I look forward to when your phone can go faster because it's made of carbon fiber.

00:10:08   - It'll go faster, it'll survive bullets, knives... - And tiny knives.

00:10:13   - I'm ready for all kinds of attacks, man. Just come, you know, putting the phone on my chest,

00:10:19   as a like a little body armor thing. - Wow.

00:10:23   - Yeah. And it leaves, oh by the way, it leaves all the buttons uncovered. So the volume buttons

00:10:29   and the silent switcher, they are not protected by the case, so they're easier to access,

00:10:35   in theory. So we'll see how it goes. I have some good news. Was this not good news?

00:10:40   Federico Christmas trees, it's back. I don't even remember what this is about.

00:10:48   It's my side gig in Ohio, right? How did this start? How did this start?

00:10:56   Why do you guys know that I bought property in Ohio a few years back?

00:10:59   You sell Christmas trees under the name "Frederico Christmas Trees".

00:11:02   How did this begin?

00:11:03   Can anyone remember?

00:11:04   A few years ago I bought property in Ohio on 440 South State Street in Orem.

00:11:18   Yeah, it was a good investment.

00:11:20   What state is that in out of interest?

00:11:23   clearly the beautiful state of Ohio in America. Are you sure it's not Utah? Let's see. Let's

00:11:31   look at the website. It's Utah. Well, I must be confused because I bought a bunch of properties.

00:11:39   A bunch of property. All in places called Orem. It's definitely Utah. I meant Utah.

00:11:47   I'm sorry my geography, you know, as an English. I'm just a guy from Italy making the investment,

00:11:55   you know. Yeah, so you sell Christmas trees. They're called the Rico Christmas trees on

00:12:05   Instagram. Frederico. The extra R for really good trees. It's my American name with an

00:12:11   extra R. And yeah, we have a very active Instagram account. Yeah, 87 followers.

00:12:19   Which I think comprised of mostly listeners of this show. But can anyone remember why

00:12:24   this first came up? Can anyone remember?

00:12:26   No. Okay. So here's, here's what we'll do. We'll leave it to the audience. Someone tell

00:12:30   us when this first came up. I'm looking at you underscore and we'll follow up next week

00:12:35   about this.

00:12:36   But this is a thing that came up. I really enjoy how bold Frederico Christmas trees has gotten

00:12:41   in their Instagram posts this year. It's almost time for the trees from Oregon, Washington,

00:12:47   Montana and Wisconsin. No one has our selection of variety, big or small. We have it all.

00:12:52   Nobody has them.

00:12:53   Good work, Federico, on your work there.

00:12:55   Yeah, and especially if you go on the website, you can see that we have all kinds of...

00:12:59   How do you say this? F-f-fur?

00:13:02   You should know if you're in the business.

00:13:06   Well, you know, I'm just a poor guy from Italy.

00:13:10   They're not made of pasta, are they? What am I supposed to do?

00:13:14   We have the Norman fur, the Fraser fur, the Grant fur. So, yeah. Go to the website, buy

00:13:22   a tree.

00:13:23   fredericochristmastrees.com

00:13:25   I mean, if you go to the testimonials page, people love us. Ryan Wilkinson said, "Can't

00:13:30   say enough good things." Frederico says, "The best trees in the country, hands down."

00:13:34   Hands down. I wonder if that person had tried all the trees in the country before they made

00:13:40   that statement.

00:13:41   Matthew Pulsifer, which is most definitely a fake name, said "the most beautiful Christmas

00:13:47   tree we've ever had".

00:13:48   Why are you saying it's a fake name? You should say it's a real name.

00:13:51   This one does sound like a Pokemon Pulsifer. Like an electric water type thing.

00:13:58   There's an anonymous quote. This is our third tree from you this season. Who's buying three

00:14:02   Christmas trees?

00:14:03   Well if you have three properties like me one in Italy one in Ohio one in Utah you buy three of them

00:14:09   Thanks for always loading the trees in slash on our cars

00:14:13   Several a lot of questions how you're transporting these trees in the in or on the cars. It's very clear

00:14:19   Just put it in the back seat. It'll be fine

00:14:21   Well I'm glad your business is back if you don't remember what that joke was about I apologize for what we've just

00:14:30   Well, or listen next week when we explain the joke that we can't remember how it started.

00:14:34   Underscore has joined the chat room.

00:14:37   Oh, he actually has. That's not a joke. He actually did join the IRC.

00:14:41   So we may soon have an answer to our query.

00:14:44   So we may do some real-time follow-up. Before we do, Myke, tell us about Claris Connect.

00:14:50   You remember our good old friend FileMaker who became Claris after previously being known as Claris

00:14:56   and then became FileMaker and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, but now they're

00:15:01   still that subsidiary, but now they're Claris Connect of a new CEO. Everyone remembers that.

00:15:06   They were launching a product called Claris Connect. It is out now in beta and it's basically

00:15:11   the platform we spoke about a while ago. It seems to be a competitor of IFTTT and Zapier,

00:15:17   probably aimed more at the, I think it's aimed more at the, not the consumer market, the

00:15:24   opposite of that, the professional market, the corporate world, because from the 9 to

00:15:28   5 Mac article, the quote that they've chosen to include starts with "designed to tap into

00:15:35   the ever-expanding PaaS market." I don't know what that is, something as a service, platform

00:15:41   as a service maybe? I don't know. But that would suggest to you that considering using

00:15:45   the acronym PAAS, then it's probably not for me or you. It's invite only, it's launching

00:15:50   in 2020. I am very keen to see what kind of company Claros becomes at this point. It's

00:15:56   fascinating. Just this little company inside of Apple making its way out, you know, making

00:16:02   its way downtown, walking fast, that kind of thing. Off it goes.

00:16:05   I got that reference.

00:16:07   Thanks. I don't know where it came from, but I did it anyway.

00:16:10   They call it the reverse Casey. I want to take a little time to just share some ways that I

00:16:17   I have served my fellow human in the last couple of weeks.

00:16:20   You know, I'm a man of the people that's caught.

00:16:23   People come up to me on the street and say, sir, you are a man of the people.

00:16:27   That's what you're going with all the time. Is this your power fantasy?

00:16:31   That's real. Totally real.

00:16:34   I got this tweet from Rob saying that they were showing pictures of my mat

00:16:39   collection in their PhD seminar today,

00:16:42   talking about brand communities. And, uh, you know,

00:16:46   I'm just helping contribute to the next generation

00:16:48   of educators.

00:16:50   - I guess I just wanna know from this tweet,

00:16:52   I know what the Mac is, what is Saab?

00:16:57   - It was a car company that a lot of people

00:16:59   were really into.

00:17:00   I think they were from Europe, Sweden maybe?

00:17:05   Anyways, they went bankrupt like 10 years ago,

00:17:07   and there were a lot of people who were like big Saab fans,

00:17:10   and who kept the cars going, and like,

00:17:12   sourced a bunch of parts, so it's like a community

00:17:14   of enthusiasts around this car brand.

00:17:16   So it's a bunch of people who are really into it.

00:17:21   - So like the guys at ATP, basically.

00:17:24   - Yes, yeah, they're all big Saab fans.

00:17:26   So I'm just helping Rob teach future educators.

00:17:30   So in a way, I am teaching an entire generation of children

00:17:34   about brand communities.

00:17:37   That's all I've ever wanted.

00:17:39   - Sure, good job.

00:17:41   - Do you guys have any questions about my good works?

00:17:44   how it feels to be so amazing,

00:17:45   or how you could one day hope to help people.

00:17:49   - What does your family think of this, Stephen?

00:17:51   - You know, I don't like to, I'm not one to brag.

00:17:55   So I just share my excellence with you, the two of you,

00:17:58   and I don't bother my family with it.

00:17:59   - And a few thousands other people, cool, okay.

00:18:02   (laughing)

00:18:03   - I don't know, I thought it was kind of funny.

00:18:05   I didn't know that brain community

00:18:07   was a thing people studied, but apparently it is.

00:18:09   - Me neither, yeah, honestly this is cool,

00:18:12   this is pretty cool, it's a good job.

00:18:13   I've also helped people who are afraid to upgrade to Mac OS Catalina for fear that their iPods would break as you guys probably remember the

00:18:21   iTunes death the birth of the music app and podcasts on TV in that

00:18:27   shuffle Apple added the iPods and except to finder taking it out of the the music app and

00:18:33   I decided you know, I said see how far back the support goes

00:18:38   I sort of did a video about that that I published earlier this week that we haven't seen I think it's I think it's pretty

00:18:43   fun. You get to see me build a dongle to attach my Thunderbolt 3 MacBook Pro to the original iPod,

00:18:48   which is FireWire 400, which was quite an adventure putting that chain of dongles together.

00:18:55   Again, helping people.

00:18:56   I come back to the show. I've been gone for a minute. I come back to the show with the answer

00:19:02   to the question that we wanted provided via David Smith, of course. So during an intro one day,

00:19:10   Stephen called me Michael the idea of

00:19:13   Frederico came up again

00:19:15   It's just like a way of expanding

00:19:17   Federico's name to make it longer then Kyle just pasted a link in the chat room to Frederico Christmas trees

00:19:23   And then the legend was born. This is episode

00:19:26   161 from September 2017 Kyle's from Utah

00:19:31   So maybe cut maybe Kyle bought three Christmas trees from them a comment on their website. This is all very possible. Mm-hmm

00:19:38   The answer has been given via the Oracle underscore David Smith. Thank you underscore

00:19:44   It's kind of incredible that he did just appear out of nowhere and provide the answer. Isn't that I think so

00:19:49   I think he listens like kind of mad. Well, yeah, but like it's not the chat

00:19:54   I don't know how he did that. You know, yeah, he has ways right like at that speed he searches like thanks

00:20:00   He's like it's like the podcast genie like you grab your microphone three times and David Smith appears. Yes grants you a wish

00:20:07   He does like blue and the genie is blue. So sure you go, you know think about it

00:20:13   I just searched relay FM Christmas tree on Google and there's more

00:20:17   There's there's more results than you would think there would be look. It's a serious business. All right

00:20:24   Trust me. I got a lot of money tied up in this we are we have an established presence in the community and

00:20:30   Christmas tree community we in the Utah community in Orem. Ah

00:20:36   Oh yeah, or I'm in Ohio. We bring joy to all kinds of families every year with our trees.

00:20:43   Joy to the world. Yeah.

00:20:46   I enjoyed Steven's video very much. It was weird. Like all of Steven's best videos.

00:20:51   Oh dear, Huawei Mate X is on sale by the way, just so you know.

00:20:58   Only in China for $2,400. So I don't think that that thing is...

00:21:04   You gonna buy one?

00:21:05   I don't think, well I guess it's possible to import it.

00:21:08   Right now the reason this is on sale only in China is because they can't sell it outside

00:21:13   of China.

00:21:14   Huawei's been slapped around by governments all over the world.

00:21:17   It won't have any Google Play services on it, so it's effectively useless outside of

00:21:22   China.

00:21:23   Huawei's kind of building up their own set of technologies, like they have a store and

00:21:28   stuff, but they're really kind of focusing on the Chinese market for that right now.

00:21:32   But what I will assume and what I'm excited about is there will be YouTubers that will

00:21:37   import this thing and will be able to use it and show it off.

00:21:41   So I'm looking forward to those videos because I assume that this thing is going to be an

00:21:45   absolute disaster.

00:21:48   And I'm very intrigued to see it.

00:21:49   It folds around the outside, right?

00:21:51   So it's the inside-out version of your phone.

00:21:54   Which just seems like a bad idea.

00:21:57   If you remember, well everyone thought it was great at the time, but I knew it was a

00:22:00   bad idea and I said it and and history has proven me to be correct but you

00:22:06   can't use a soft plastic screen as the outside protection for the phone it's

00:22:11   madness madness I say yeah the bread butter toast down butter side down every

00:22:18   time I have extremely important real-time follow-up guys oh my god how

00:22:23   this episode is gonna go forever extremely important real-time follow-up

00:22:28   According to 9to5Mac, the smart battery case for the iPhone 11 is out.

00:22:32   Oh!

00:22:33   And it is on Apple.com!

00:22:34   It's all coming up Alex Cox today.

00:22:37   Mm-hmm.

00:22:38   Let's see.

00:22:39   iPhone, accessories...

00:22:41   I can send you the link in the chat, and sure enough, it's on Apple.com.

00:22:50   And uh...

00:22:51   Best part of the show is when everybody goes quiet.

00:22:55   Yeah.

00:22:56   Because we're all searching for battery cases.

00:22:58   I can't find it.

00:22:59   Oh, the case features a dedicated camera button.

00:23:03   The launch is the camera app.

00:23:04   Oh my god.

00:23:05   Oh!

00:23:06   Oh my god!

00:23:07   Come on, Apple!

00:23:08   A quick press of the button takes a photo, and a longer press captures quick take video.

00:23:13   What?

00:23:14   What are you doing?

00:23:15   Okay, I'm gonna buy one.

00:23:17   And purchase.

00:23:18   How dare you?

00:23:19   How dare you, Apple?

00:23:22   Tempt me.

00:23:23   I'm doing it.

00:23:24   There's a color, black and white, and there's a new color called pink sand, which looks

00:23:27   very nice. Did they not have a pink one a while ago? I don't think the last one did.

00:23:32   I don't think they did in the battery case. I think they did in their regular cases. That

00:23:36   pink would look really nice with the green I think. Well that's what we're going to find

00:23:40   out gentlemen because that's what I'm going to order. Good. I don't want this! But they've...

00:23:45   I know it was so angrily said that before. Should I get a white one or should I get a

00:23:50   pink sand one? I think the white one would look gross over time. Why'd they go to add

00:23:54   new features to it for. It's got the button man, I gotta use it, I wanna click that button.

00:24:01   Camera button. I need to feel the camera button. Whether the phone is locked or unlocked. Man

00:24:07   I need to click that button. It's like your correct Apple, the way that you have implemented

00:24:12   the current camera shortcut with the new phone, it's terrible, you are right for noticing

00:24:17   that. They shipped a whole case instead of fixing it in software. This is how you fix

00:24:22   it with a hardware solution. Everybody knows that's the best way to fix things.

00:24:26   Should I go pink or black? I'm going pink.

00:24:30   You're going pink? Yeah.

00:24:31   Nobody's going white, right? No.

00:24:35   I feel like white would just get dirty, like and that's what you're left with, you know?

00:24:39   All right, it's done. I ordered a black one because I am interested in this,

00:24:45   not just because of the button. I mean, I will use it when I travel,

00:24:48   like the same reason that I used the last one, you know?

00:24:51   I'll be keen to see if I can get a pop socket on it.

00:24:54   They should have a camera button on the iPhone.

00:24:58   They should build a pop socket into the case for funsies. Let's just go wild to this thing.

00:25:02   The pop socket itself should be a battery. Like it should be a battery that you grip.

00:25:07   Oh that sounds like a terribly dangerous thing.

00:25:09   Well there you go.

00:25:15   I think I'm going black.

00:25:16   Should we take our first break now?

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00:27:11   - As pointed out by Underscore in the chat room,

00:27:14   who is basically a guest on this week's episode,

00:27:16   interestingly, the camera button is like on the bottom,

00:27:21   right, so it's kind of optimized for landscape use,

00:27:25   would be the assumption on that, right?

00:27:26   - No, you shouldn't take vertical pictures.

00:27:29   - Yes, you should.

00:27:30   - No, they're bad.

00:27:31   - You do it all the time for Instagram stories.

00:27:33   - This is not a topic for today,

00:27:37   but I'm pretty close to being done with the old Instagram.

00:27:41   - Well, that's fine, but you've still used it in the past.

00:27:44   - Sure.

00:27:45   - We can come back to that

00:27:45   when you finally made your decision.

00:27:47   - The young people use it for TikTok

00:27:49   to create content for the Chinese government,

00:27:50   but it's fine.

00:27:52   We had-- - Oh, wow.

00:27:54   You've got all the opinions today.

00:27:56   I mean, you're just gonna--

00:27:57   - She just lit it right there.

00:27:58   - Just gonna drive by on that one.

00:28:01   - Very casually right in there.

00:28:02   - Thanks, that was awesome.

00:28:03   - You can email any feedback about that to CaseyLiss.

00:28:07   He's welcome.

00:28:08   - He's really, Casey's the one with the originator

00:28:10   of those opinions, believe it or not.

00:28:12   - We had a question from Astro Phoenix on Twitter.

00:28:15   They write, "I remember you guys noticed

00:28:18   "the iPhone 10 screen was easily scratched.

00:28:21   "How does the 11 Pro screen compare

00:28:23   "from a scratching standpoint

00:28:24   "now that you've had it a while?"

00:28:26   Federico, what about you?

00:28:28   Is your 11 Pro screen holding up okay?

00:28:30   - My old iPhones didn't have any scratches.

00:28:35   Mine did, mine had lots.

00:28:37   - We do.

00:28:38   - The first one that I ever had scratches on

00:28:40   was my XS Max.

00:28:43   My 11 Pro at the moment has no scratches

00:28:45   and it has taken some pretty significant dives.

00:28:49   So either I've been luckier

00:28:52   or that situation seems to have improved year over year.

00:28:56   'Cause I had some bad scratches on my phone.

00:29:00   - I feel like my XS was maybe a little bit worse than the X.

00:29:03   My 11 Pro so far, I've got one light scratch

00:29:06   across like the top corner of the screen.

00:29:08   I have no idea where I got that.

00:29:10   But my 10 and my 10S both got one

00:29:14   like on the bottom part of the screen,

00:29:15   like from the bottom.

00:29:16   You know if you slide it in your jeans pocket

00:29:18   it touches the little brass thing,

00:29:19   you know in your jeans, a little nubbin.

00:29:22   The 11 Pro so far has avoided that fate,

00:29:24   but I definitely feel like it's still

00:29:28   more scratch prone than I would like,

00:29:30   but it does seem better so far

00:29:31   If I get any sort of terrible gouges,

00:29:34   maybe we'll come back to this in a future episode.

00:29:35   But so far, not as bad as it was in previous years.

00:29:39   - Yeah, but I don't remember how long it was

00:29:44   I had the phone before my scratches started,

00:29:46   but like it was a thing, you know?

00:29:48   - Yeah, I don't remember either, honestly.

00:29:51   Time sort of compresses those memories.

00:29:53   - Yeah, yeah, it does.

00:29:56   - Last week, Federico gave me homework

00:29:58   to find some old stuff on apple.com.

00:30:01   And my friends at the Simple Beat Podcast,

00:30:04   which talks about Apple history,

00:30:06   they gave two examples.

00:30:09   One is-- - They did your homework

00:30:10   for you, basically. - They did.

00:30:11   - What you're saying. - I saw this tweet,

00:30:13   I pasted this tweet in the Google Doc

00:30:14   and I didn't do anything else.

00:30:16   They sent a link to Steve Jobs' "Thoughts on Flash" post,

00:30:21   which is still up and it's amazing.

00:30:23   You should totally reread it.

00:30:25   It's in the hot news, apple.com/hotnews,

00:30:29   but now /hotnews redirects to the newsroom.

00:30:32   So this is like a-- it lives in a ghost directory,

00:30:35   but it is still there.

00:30:36   What I like about this post is that the heading is an image.

00:30:41   And the rest is text.

00:30:42   And not retina.

00:30:42   But the image just says, thoughts on flash.

00:30:45   It's so they could use that font on their website.

00:30:47   Apple used to do that a lot before web fonts.

00:30:49   And it's not retina.

00:30:50   What was the name of that font?

00:30:53   I don't know what that is.

00:30:55   It was the Apple font, right?

00:30:56   It was the font they used on everything.

00:30:58   - Yeah. - Myriad?

00:30:59   - Yeah, I think it is Myriad.

00:31:01   - I'm surprised you didn't just know that, Steven.

00:31:04   - I get confused on the font names.

00:31:07   - It's getting old.

00:31:08   - We found the gap.

00:31:10   We found it.

00:31:11   - So anyways, you should go read that,

00:31:14   but maybe more impressively.

00:31:15   - You said that the people go read that.

00:31:17   They don't need to read it.

00:31:19   - No, it is an amazing time capsule of,

00:31:23   it's, I don't know, I reread it.

00:31:25   You should reread it.

00:31:26   - Okay, did you learn anything?

00:31:27   - I learned that HTML5 will win on mobile devices.

00:31:32   - Did it?

00:31:33   - Mm-hmm.

00:31:33   - Oh, good.

00:31:34   - Dude, the last sentence of this letter is brutal.

00:31:36   Perhaps Adobe should focus more on creating great

00:31:39   HTML5 tools for the future and less on criticizing

00:31:43   the Apple for leaving the past behind.

00:31:45   Jobs could really be pointy when he needed to be.

00:31:51   - What were some of the other ones that he wrote like this?

00:31:54   there was a couple of these, right?

00:31:56   Yeah.

00:31:57   He didn't do this a lot, but he did it every now and then.

00:32:00   He wrote one on his health.

00:32:02   I remember when he responded via email to a Gizmodo reporter, I want to say, and basically

00:32:10   one of his replies was, "What have you done in your life that's so great that you can

00:32:15   email me?"

00:32:16   I want to one day use that.

00:32:21   Well.

00:32:22   You know?

00:32:23   - Yeah.

00:32:24   - Yeah, I can see the appeal of that.

00:32:28   - One of the other examples from SimpleBeep

00:32:31   is Apple's dashboard widgets, all still active.

00:32:36   So apple.com--

00:32:37   - I just found a MacPower users one.

00:32:39   - Are you serious?

00:32:41   - Yeah, it's in there.

00:32:42   - I should download that on an old machine and run it.

00:32:46   'Cause dashboard is gone, but there are,

00:32:49   According to this, I mean, a couple thousand widgets in here,

00:32:54   I just randomly clicked some of them

00:32:56   and many of them still downloaded.

00:32:59   Well, yeah, Mac power users, look at that.

00:33:01   - Let's see.

00:33:03   - How do you download it?

00:33:06   - You hit the download and then the 290K,

00:33:09   the file size next to it.

00:33:11   - Oh man, it's universal.

00:33:12   - If you go to the radio and podcasts one,

00:33:15   there's a bunch of, there's a Chris Perillo audio podcast.

00:33:19   There's a French one. I'm gonna try and read French.

00:33:23   "Sassez-vous faît pas?"

00:33:26   "Sassez-manger?"

00:33:27   Excellent. I think the link is dead for the MacPowy users.

00:33:30   Oh it is. It's totally dead.

00:33:32   That's such a shame. I was gonna listen to the newest episode. It wouldn't work anyway. Let's be real.

00:33:38   MacBreak Weekly.

00:33:39   We're having fun here, kids.

00:33:41   This is a good webpage.

00:33:44   This is a great episode. Just listen to your favorite European and American...

00:33:49   - It's a great webcam. - Look up the web.

00:33:53   Look up webcams?

00:33:55   By the way, while we're looking at this widget,

00:33:59   I want to tell you guys that I just did something,

00:34:02   and I undid it as we were talking, because I'm dumb.

00:34:06   In my ecstatic reaction...

00:34:10   Oh, I know what you did, because I was worried I was going to do the same.

00:34:13   I did it. I bought the case for the iPhone 11 Pro, for the small one, but not the Pro Max.

00:34:19   I just cancelled my order and I'm now looking for the Pro Max version.

00:34:23   The reason, the only reason that that didn't happen to me was because I picked up my iPhone

00:34:28   and ordered on my iPhone and it recommends things that you own, right? Like, oh, you

00:34:33   own one of these, this is the one that's recommended. Because the webpage that I had open was for

00:34:39   the regular size one and I was like, oh no, I've missed it.

00:34:42   Oh no, I got the right one.

00:34:44   So I had the same fear, but I didn't actually do it.

00:34:49   Yeah, I did it. I'm the dumb one who did it.

00:34:51   Now I'm looking for links to these products, but I cannot find them.

00:34:57   Here it is. I'll text you. I found the Pro Max one.

00:34:59   OK, we should really we should really get back to the podcast

00:35:02   that we're trying to record.

00:35:04   We got to move on. What else?

00:35:05   What is this one for the ages?

00:35:07   final episode of connected. I spent some time with the 16 inch MacBook Pro. And I want to scroll up

00:35:14   in our iMessage thread. So let me see if I can find this I said we're now doing exactly what

00:35:20   you just said we needed to stop doing. You're now like reading text messages as a guys I'm going to

00:35:25   go see the 16 inch MacBook Pro. This text is a promise that I'm not buying one. I did not buy one.

00:35:31   But I will say it's a very impressive laptop. So I checked it out at the Apple store. Well,

00:35:35   You want one though, right? You want one? It's okay to say you want one? I would like one. Okay.

00:35:40   I mean, I would like a Mac Pro too, but I'm not buying a Mac Pro. But it is, it's a nice machine.

00:35:45   I was really surprised they had two of them out of my Apple store. There were people looking at both

00:35:50   of them like, usually the Apple store people looking at iPhones, maybe the MacBook Air,

00:35:54   like the MacBook Pro I feel like doesn't get the crowd attention that some of the other products

00:35:59   do. But they were like, like there was a woman like looking at it, she was gonna buy one, she

00:36:04   She was talking to a sales associate who have to say like, did a really good job explaining

00:36:08   the differences.

00:36:09   And like, he knew his stuff, which is really nice.

00:36:11   Sometimes I just listen.

00:36:12   I was like, are you telling somebody something you made up?

00:36:15   Or have you been trained and remember your training?

00:36:17   Yeah, I do that too.

00:36:19   But this guy did a great job.

00:36:20   He asked me if I had any questions.

00:36:22   And I usually don't do this, but I sort of blurted it out.

00:36:24   It's like, Oh, like, I'm a technology reporter.

00:36:26   Like, I mean, I'm just kind of checking it out.

00:36:27   And like, he had this look on his face, like, Oh, no, I shouldn't be talking to you.

00:36:31   And that was awkward.

00:36:32   So I left.

00:36:33   But it is it's a great machine.

00:36:36   It really feels like the predecessor to the or the successor, I should say to the 2015

00:36:42   MacBook Pro, the keyboard feels really nice.

00:36:44   It's not that much bigger.

00:36:45   I mean, I'm pretty used to the 15.4 inch like it's a big laptop.

00:36:49   And I think a lot of people are kind of waiting to see if the 13 inch becomes 14 inches, which

00:36:54   I think would be really nice.

00:36:56   But I think something else may be worth waiting for is that this still has the ninth generation

00:37:02   Intel processors in it, the coffee lake refresh,

00:37:04   and the next processors for this machine

00:37:08   should be 10 nanometer, which would be smaller and cooler.

00:37:12   And so I kinda think that if you have

00:37:14   like a recent MacBook Pro and you're thinking

00:37:15   about updating, unless you need one,

00:37:18   it's probably not a crazy idea to maybe wait

00:37:20   for that Intel refresh sometime next year,

00:37:23   maybe next summer.

00:37:24   You know, someone like me, I have a very recent MacBook Pro,

00:37:27   it's not my primary computer.

00:37:29   If I were to upgrade, I may wait until then,

00:37:32   just for the cooling and the efficiency aspects

00:37:35   of that dye shrink, but--

00:37:37   - And they're probably, if they're ever gonna have

00:37:39   a smaller one, they would probably do that

00:37:41   at the same time too, right?

00:37:43   So you could then make your decision

00:37:44   about the size that you wanted.

00:37:47   - Yeah, I think so.

00:37:48   It's pretty nice, I was really impressed with it.

00:37:50   I did, I've talked to y'all about this,

00:37:52   but I have thought a little bit,

00:37:54   I mean, this is, Jason called it the iMac Pro

00:37:57   that you can put in your backpack,

00:37:58   And watching a bunch of videos, we'll put one,

00:38:02   Quinn at Snazzy Labs had one that I watched last night

00:38:04   that I really enjoyed.

00:38:06   He's talked a lot about thermal performance,

00:38:07   like in a way that is pretty easy to understand,

00:38:09   'cause I think that's a hard thing to talk about.

00:38:12   So we'll have that one in the show notes.

00:38:13   But there's lots of videos, lots of articles

00:38:14   about this computer, and I get the sense

00:38:18   that Apple has really done a good job

00:38:21   at solving the issues that plagued the initial run

00:38:25   of these computers, but still in a way,

00:38:27   like this is clearly the same type of idea

00:38:29   that their idea of the MacBook Pro is the same.

00:38:32   But in thinking about all that, seeing how powerful it is,

00:38:35   I have entertained the idea

00:38:38   of going back to just one computer.

00:38:40   So I have my iMac Pro and I have a MacBook Pro.

00:38:43   It's easier than ever to have two computers,

00:38:45   but it's still obviously more complicated

00:38:49   than having just one.

00:38:50   And I have thought about what if I did

00:38:53   like a pretty nicely spec'd MacBook Pro

00:38:56   and an external display,

00:38:57   and so I could have one computer everywhere.

00:39:01   I'm not, ultimately not going to do that

00:39:02   because I do like having a desktop.

00:39:04   I like having stuff that's plugged in all the time.

00:39:07   I like having like my work computer at work,

00:39:10   not at the house, you know, in the house,

00:39:12   not with me everywhere.

00:39:14   So I don't think I'm gonna go down this road,

00:39:16   but I do think that if you have struggled

00:39:20   to get the power out of a notebook that you need for work,

00:39:22   if you're doing high-end stuff,

00:39:24   the 16-inch may solve that problem for you

00:39:26   'cause it is really impressive.

00:39:28   Like even the base model is basically as performant,

00:39:32   especially on the GPU side,

00:39:34   as like the super high-end MacBook Pro

00:39:36   that they just got rid of.

00:39:37   You know they did that refresh,

00:39:38   they added like the Vega 20 GPU options and stuff?

00:39:42   Even the base MacBook Pro now, 16-inch,

00:39:45   is faster or as fast as those.

00:39:47   And I don't, I just, I seem to be really impressed.

00:39:50   People who have been really critical of the MacBook Pro

00:39:52   in the past couple of years, rightfully so, seem impressed.

00:39:55   So I think Apple's done a good job here.

00:39:58   - Yeah, I think it seems to be getting pretty praised

00:40:01   all around and at least so far,

00:40:04   'cause I'm sure people are looking,

00:40:05   there doesn't appear to be anything

00:40:08   catastrophically wrong with it.

00:40:10   Which is good news.

00:40:11   - That's great news.

00:40:13   - I still think you're gonna buy one

00:40:15   because I will just never let that fight go.

00:40:19   But I hope to be proven wrong, I'll say that.

00:40:22   'Cause then it shows you have restraint,

00:40:25   which would be nice.

00:40:27   - It does have this weird thing that iFixit found

00:40:30   called the Lid Angle Sensor.

00:40:32   And so I went on this tear last night when this came out,

00:40:34   I texted Jason and Tyler Stallman.

00:40:37   I was like, "Hey, you guys have the 16 inch,"

00:40:39   or like the regular sleep magnets going.

00:40:41   I thought maybe this was telling the computer

00:40:43   if it was awake or asleep.

00:40:44   It seems like it still has magnets in the other places.

00:40:47   So I don't know what this little sensor does,

00:40:48   but I'm always intrigued by weird little hardware changes

00:40:51   of what this could do, so.

00:40:54   That is weird. They didn't mention it anywhere.

00:40:56   MacRumors found it because they were diving through the service document, which is like

00:41:00   a whole other topic. Those aren't public. But it's a little sensor in there doing something,

00:41:06   telling the logic board something about the screen. But it seems that we don't really

00:41:10   know what it does yet.

00:41:11   It's talking of interesting. There is going to be an Apple event of some description on

00:41:15   December 2nd in New York City. It looks like they're going to be unveiling their apps and

00:41:21   games of the year. I doubt it's going to be streamed because it isn't mentioned anywhere

00:41:27   other than via a tweet from Lance Ulanoff I think was from... is he still at Mashable?

00:41:35   Maybe? I don't think he is. I don't think he is. He was previously of Mashable, he's

00:41:40   somewhere else now I think. I think he's writing for one of those medium based publications

00:41:44   but I could be completely wrong about that. I'll follow that up in a second, I'll check

00:41:48   it in a minute. It looks like a secondary event to the ADAs, but like Apple always has their,

00:41:54   the Apple Design Awards that they do at WWDC or the Apple Developer Conference. We'll maybe get

00:42:00   to that later on. But this is something that Apple does every year. They have like their best

00:42:05   X of all of their stores, right? Best podcast, best games, best apps, best movies, you know,

00:42:13   best album, all that stuff for the year. I guess they're doing it but with an audience now of

00:42:19   press and all the people they're awarding? This to me sounds like a private event,

00:42:23   like a small venue Apple Design Awards where they invite a bunch of the winners and a bunch of press

00:42:32   and they let the press do interviews and talk to the developers and get a bunch of details about

00:42:40   why a certain app or game won. And maybe they could have some kind of celebrities involved,

00:42:46   maybe, you know, it could be the kind of venue if a celebrity has an app or a game that they

00:42:52   participated in could be a venue to do that. Again, all speculation on my end, but it does sound like

00:42:57   basically a full version of the Apple Design Awards, but not public. So just for the press

00:43:06   and just for the winners. I think it's pretty cool, I think it's nice that Apple is, if

00:43:12   it is what it is, which is to say they're building a small event around what they're

00:43:18   otherwise doing on the App Store with the pages and the charts and the collections,

00:43:23   I think it's pretty neat. I think the whole story is kind of funny in that it does seem

00:43:28   like Lance Rynov was not supposed to share this news. We have a tweet that Marc German

00:43:37   re-shared on Twitter showing a section of the email that Apple sent to the press saying

00:43:45   "Let's keep this between us for now, no social media posts just yet." Which seems

00:43:51   to suggest that Lance Rynov went ahead, tweeted about the event, and then it was too late.

00:43:57   That's when you don't read the whole email before you share it.

00:44:00   That should have been on the top of the email, Apple.

00:44:02   You know, you gotta be first.

00:44:04   First first first.

00:44:05   That's right, hashtag first.

00:44:07   Lance Yulinoff is the editor-in-chief of LifeWire, which I've never heard of.

00:44:13   Yeah, I don't know what it is.

00:44:15   I don't know what LifeWire is.

00:44:16   It's a new website.

00:44:17   That's where Lance Yulinoff is.

00:44:20   This seems like a thing that Apple should do, right?

00:44:23   Like why not have an awards ceremony if you're gonna have awards?

00:44:26   You're gonna have awards, have a ceremony for them, why not?

00:44:29   Like, you could do that, make people feel special.

00:44:32   You know?

00:44:33   It's nice.

00:44:34   Uh, do we expect this to be anything else?

00:44:36   Are we gonna get the Mac Pro, or the Apple Tag, or anything?

00:44:40   No.

00:44:41   No, we're not, are we?

00:44:42   It's nothing.

00:44:43   No.

00:44:44   We expect nothing else from this.

00:44:45   Which is why they ask people not to talk about it, but Lance Yudinov can't help himself.

00:44:47   At this point, the Mac Pro will be a press release saying "Hey, the pre-orders are up."

00:44:52   Did you see the factory photos today?

00:44:55   Yeah, yeah. So Tim Cook is escorting Serna members of the US government around their Mac Pro factory.

00:45:06   And it was in conjunction with a big announcement that they are building out a big development in

00:45:12   Austin, Texas. Apple's had people in Austin for a long time, mostly Apple care and like support

00:45:17   personnel, but they are really expanding that. Of course, the Mac Pro is being built in Texas. And

00:45:23   There's a lot of push in the US for companies to invest here and hire people here and

00:45:30   America first, rah rah rah. So this price release is just playing to that, right? It's like,

00:45:35   "Oh, we have all these people in all these states making parts for the Mac Pro."

00:45:39   What they don't say is, "What state is manufacturing the wheels for the Mac Pro?"

00:45:44   That's what I want to know. That's what everybody wants to know.

00:45:46   What are you hiding, Tim Cook? That's the real scoop, if only we could find it out.

00:45:50   I have a question for you. I doubt you know the answer, but you might. If I bought one,

00:45:56   where is it made? Is it made in America? I doubt it.

00:46:00   You had a Mac Pro. You don't remember what it said on the bottom?

00:46:04   No, I don't remember what it said on the bottom. But is it assembled in America, not China?

00:46:09   It may be. I don't know.

00:46:11   Because that seems peculiar. Because what they dodge in the press release is that

00:46:16   it's still parts coming from China. Yeah. Right? Like this, they're not all being made in America,

00:46:22   but like they talk about every state that parts are coming from. They don't mention

00:46:27   the country of China where a lot of the parts are surely coming from. Sure. Right? Or like other

00:46:33   places in Asia at the very least. But there are parts that come from America. I'm sure there's

00:46:38   little screws and all that kind of stuff. It's all purpose made. Uh, and they're being, then the

00:46:44   the parts are being assembled there, right?

00:46:46   But I can't imagine, I would just be surprised

00:46:49   if they assembled European ones in Texas.

00:46:54   - Yeah, I think they're probably,

00:46:57   they may be putting them somewhere else, I don't know.

00:46:59   There are a couple things about this picture

00:47:01   of the Austin factory we have to talk about.

00:47:03   - Yep.

00:47:04   - One, none of these Mac Pros have wheels,

00:47:06   they all have feet, so there's that.

00:47:08   There's in the bottom left hand of the photo,

00:47:11   there is what appears to be a wired Mighty Mouse

00:47:13   plugged into something so someone's still using those at Apple. But the most

00:47:17   interesting thing is not the Mac Pro itself but on the left hand side of the

00:47:22   image there's an iMac, two iMacs actually, and there's a couple on the right hand

00:47:27   side that are hanging upside down from this like pipe scaffolding around all

00:47:33   the workbenches. Not on VESA mounts but they are literally like hung upside down

00:47:37   from the foot and the Apple logo is upside down the camera's at the bottom.

00:47:42   This one you can see the back of, so much like a black Apple sticker on the back,

00:47:46   which I find sort of funny. They look like 27-inch iMacs, but I have questions.

00:47:51   A) just like bives amounts, but B) how do you not knock them off? Like, hopefully

00:47:56   there's some sort of zip tie situation holding them on. Oh, this has got to be a

00:48:00   custom-built VESA adapter that's holding them in place. No, look at the

00:48:05   picture on the left-hand side of the image. That's a regular iMac foot, and

00:48:09   it's just like hanging from that pipe. Well, that seems dangerous. But so I verified in

00:48:16   System Preferences display, Mac OS does not give you an option to rotate the image on

00:48:21   an iMac. So like they're doing something maybe it's a third party utility or something. They're

00:48:26   definitely all using Windows. They're always boot camp. You think so? Oh, 100%. I can't

00:48:31   really tell their own shipping. Let me let me open this in Photoshop and enhance it.

00:48:36   see. Is that how that works? Computer enhance! I'm actually interested in

00:48:42   that siren. No man, no no, they're running macOS. Really? The one in the center

00:48:46   definitely has a dock at the bottom of the screen. Could be parallels though? No?

00:48:51   But no, the dock can't be at the bottom of the screen in the way macOS ships if

00:48:55   it's upside down. They're doing something funny to turn this the image around. What

00:48:59   are you hiding? What if the display is physically upside down?

00:49:03   physically upside down inside the computer.

00:49:06   - Why is it not that?

00:49:07   - No, because the way the ribbon cables work inside,

00:49:11   the, you have to, it doesn't work.

00:49:13   The ribbon cable's very short

00:49:14   from the logic board through the display.

00:49:15   - They could make it work.

00:49:17   Look at all the tools they have.

00:49:18   They have so many screwdrivers.

00:49:20   - I'm sure they have something custom to flip the UI around.

00:49:23   I just thought that was interesting

00:49:24   and a little bit terrifying.

00:49:25   - Are you sure the dock is at the bottom?

00:49:27   - Yeah, the one in the center.

00:49:29   - Where?

00:49:31   So if you, this is a terrible episode.

00:49:34   - No, it's good.

00:49:35   It's gotten good again.

00:49:36   - It's basically dead center of the image.

00:49:38   There's somebody with their back to the camera

00:49:41   looking right at it.

00:49:42   Like, basically vertically about center of the image,

00:49:45   slightly to the left.

00:49:47   There is a dock at the bottom of that.

00:49:48   - Those window tiles at top are blue though.

00:49:52   You sure it's not windows?

00:49:53   - Well, that's A, that's not how windows apps look,

00:49:55   but B, that is definitely a dock on the bottom of the screen.

00:49:57   - Windows XP used to look like that.

00:49:59   - They're not hard on Windows XP.

00:50:01   Could be.

00:50:01   With the blue window tiles.

00:50:03   Yeah.

00:50:03   It could- I mean, it's a manufacturing plant.

00:50:06   Here's the thought.

00:50:07   Yeah, that there's like, it's like some crazy manufacturing thing that can only run

00:50:13   Windows XP on Windows.

00:50:15   Once again, Underscore has solved this.

00:50:18   Oh my God, Dave.

00:50:19   Oh my God.

00:50:20   So in displays, hold command and option when you open the preference and you get

00:50:26   additional things, including the ability to rotate.

00:50:28   I'm going to tell my screen upside down right now.

00:50:31   Hold command and option.

00:50:34   Do it.

00:50:35   Did it work?

00:50:36   What do you open the display preference?

00:50:39   I don't know.

00:50:41   Are you looking at the thing upside down?

00:50:44   I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

00:50:46   I think you hold those buttons and then open the display preference.

00:50:50   I don't understand.

00:50:51   Nothing's happening.

00:50:52   I don't see that either.

00:50:53   Nothing's happening for me.

00:50:54   Wait, so how do you do it?

00:50:58   You open the display preferences.

00:51:00   Hold command and option.

00:51:02   Hold command and option.

00:51:04   Open displays.

00:51:06   And then where?

00:51:07   Rotation. Rotation. Hold on.

00:51:09   Do you have it?

00:51:11   Oh my god!

00:51:12   Maybe the IMAX rotates it.

00:51:13   Where is it? It's upside down.

00:51:14   Where is it?

00:51:15   Oh no! How do I...

00:51:16   Oh no!

00:51:18   Oh no!

00:51:19   I gotta rotate my head.

00:51:21   Oh, um...

00:51:22   So I'm...

00:51:23   Confirm display setting.

00:51:25   I want you to revert it.

00:51:27   Thank you.

00:51:28   You just gotta hold down command option and click on this place under system preferences.

00:51:36   Yeah, I don't get it.

00:51:37   Does not work for me.

00:51:39   And it'll show you...

00:51:40   Actually, hold on, with my ultrafine...

00:51:43   Well, I don't have an iMac, so with my ultrafine I always have a rotation option.

00:51:49   I don't even need to hold down command and option.

00:51:51   Yeah, I don't see it on my iMac Pro.

00:51:53   But for a second I...

00:51:55   Underscore has failed us.

00:51:58   He says it works for him.

00:52:00   Anyways, so there may be some way to do it.

00:52:02   Try quitting system preferences.

00:52:04   Okay, we have to move on.

00:52:06   Are we out of follow-up, by the way?

00:52:08   No.

00:52:10   Okay, just checking.

00:52:12   Oh, I did, I got it. I pressed them long enough.

00:52:14   Rotation, 180 degrees.

00:52:16   Oh, there it is.

00:52:18   Oh, oh no, the mouse moves backwards.

00:52:20   See, now what?

00:52:22   You gotta tilt your head and pretend you're...

00:52:24   Wait, so these poor people

00:52:26   So these poor people in this assembly, they have to use the mouse backwards.

00:52:30   No, there's no way that's the case. You must be able to do something to the mouse too.

00:52:34   Maybe somebody else is even behind this plane and is moving the mouse for them.

00:52:38   All right, let me push those buttons and hit trackpad. I don't know, this is very strange.

00:52:44   Okay, well we learned something about macOS today. That's exciting.

00:52:47   Well, if you just turn the trackpad upside down, it works.

00:52:50   That's what I'm doing right now. I just have the trackpad upside down.

00:52:54   So now who's the winner?

00:52:57   You just get one of those circular mice,

00:52:59   the Apple circular mouse, you turn upside down,

00:53:01   nobody knows.

00:53:02   - It's true.

00:53:02   - My computer's upside down now.

00:53:04   So I have that number, what's 270?

00:53:07   - I wonder if your MP3 is recording backwards now.

00:53:11   - What is that?

00:53:12   Oh no!

00:53:13   - It's all the way to the side.

00:53:14   - Oh, that's a lot worse.

00:53:16   Oh boy.

00:53:17   Uh oh.

00:53:20   - All right, well, while Myke fixes his computer,

00:53:24   We need to talk about Federico being "Sherlocked" by Apple Music.

00:53:30   Yes. This is great news. This is a great announcement.

00:53:34   Apple released an addition to Apple Music. It's called Apple Music Replay.

00:53:40   And it's a way for you to catch up on the most played songs of the year.

00:53:46   So the music you listen to over the past 12 months, you go to replay.music.apple.com

00:53:53   So pretty much like Spotify, Spotify has Wrapped and Apple now has Replay.

00:53:59   You go to a website, you log in with your Apple Music account, and you let the service

00:54:04   look at your account data and generate a custom page for you.

00:54:09   This page contains a playlist with your top 100 songs, I believe, as well as top artists

00:54:17   and top albums.

00:54:19   This is essentially the Apple version of Spotify wrapped, but done in an Apple Music fashion.

00:54:28   The playlist that you get at the end is called the Replay Mix, and it's all right there.

00:54:33   You can listen on the web if you're using a Mac and you're logging in via Safari, or

00:54:39   you can actually log in from iOS and iPadOS, and then the playlist will be saved in your

00:54:44   music app.

00:54:46   If you're logging in with the same Apple Music account, there's a bunch of stats that you

00:54:50   can look at.

00:54:51   It tells you the total amount of hours that you've listened to, as well as you have individual

00:55:00   artists breakdowns.

00:55:01   So, for example, this year I listened for 17 hours to Bon Iver and 16 hours to Death

00:55:08   Cab for Cutie.

00:55:10   You have the top albums.

00:55:12   And fun fact, this service can actually go back in time and generate playlists up until

00:55:19   2015, the year that Apple Music launched, so you can get four years, actually five,

00:55:27   it's 2015, 2016, yeah it's five playlists with this new replay service.

00:55:35   It's very nice, very cool looking, it's very simple, maybe not as deep as Spotify ref,

00:55:41   it doesn't surprise me, Spotify can get real geeky with the stats that it shows you, but

00:55:46   it's pretty cool, it's pretty awesome, and obviously this is so much better than what

00:55:50   I did last year with Apple Music Wrapped, my shortcut that sort of replicated the same

00:55:57   functionality, it provided a chart for you with your top songs that you could also turn

00:56:04   into a playlist, and it gave you this custom landing page with top artists and top albums

00:56:10   set and all that stuff. Obviously this is a native solution that is so much better than

00:56:16   my shortcut if only for one main reason and that is the shortcut can only look at the

00:56:24   music that you've added to your library and it can only look at the total play counts.

00:56:32   Shortcuts actions for Apple Music cannot take a look at your complete listening history.

00:56:40   So if you listen via Sonos, for example, or if you listen to songs without adding them

00:56:44   to your library, Shortcuts will be unable to find the play counts for those, because

00:56:49   Shortcuts can only filter songs that you've added to your library.

00:56:54   It doesn't actually connect to your Apple Music Online account.

00:56:58   And so for this reason, Replay is much more accurate than anything I could have done with

00:57:02   And I think it's great, I think it looks great, it looks good, and even better, this is not

00:57:09   like a seasonal thing.

00:57:10   Once you've created your replay playlist for the year, it'll stay updated throughout the

00:57:16   course of the year, and it'll be updated by Apple Music every Sunday.

00:57:20   So in theory, the first Sunday of January 2020, you should be able to generate your

00:57:26   replay 2020 playlist and every Sunday it'll be updated with new songs and artists sorted by

00:57:34   how much time you listen to them. This is lovely, this is great, they should have done this years

00:57:39   ago. It's good that they have made it sort of retroactive in that it goes back in time and

00:57:45   gives you a playlist for say 2016. That's amazing and this is so much better than my shortcut.

00:57:52   Then again, there's still... I'm not gonna update it, of course.

00:57:55   Apple Music Wrapped is done.

00:57:58   But there's still a use case for that.

00:57:59   If you don't subscribe to Apple Music,

00:58:01   you're listening the music app to the music you own,

00:58:04   then MyShortcut is now your only option, as before,

00:58:10   because Apple Music Replay, I believe it requires an Apple Music account.

00:58:14   So if you listen to music locally, MyShortcut still works.

00:58:17   And in fact, it works great for that,

00:58:19   because it looks at play counts for music in your library.

00:58:22   That's all it can do.

00:58:24   But this one is so much better.

00:58:26   It's very nice.

00:58:27   And I'm curious to see how it'll update throughout the year.

00:58:31   That's the part that I'm really curious about, because Spotify wrapped

00:58:34   only you can only generate it, you know, in this time of year,

00:58:39   the end of November or December.

00:58:40   But then it disappears and it comes back after 12 months.

00:58:43   This one is going to stay on all year long.

00:58:46   So that that'll be curious to see how it works.

00:58:49   I'm just pleased they did it this year, not last year. Because I was really worried when

00:58:53   you were building your shortcut for weeks and weeks and weeks last year that they were

00:58:57   just going to do this and you were going to be very sad.

00:58:59   I know, right? Yeah. Well, I don't think they're going to share luck what I'm working on now

00:59:05   for Apple Music. You know, every winter I work on an Apple Music shortcut. It's now,

00:59:10   you know, you do it twice. It's tradition. So I'm working on the MusicBot, which I don't

00:59:17   think Apple were Sherlock. And I get to, you know, share it eventually. I'm still working

00:59:21   on it. Don't talk about it yet. Don't give them ideas. No, I won't give them ideas. I'm

00:59:25   basically just waiting because there's a bug in iOS 13.3 Beta 2. And also, by the way,

00:59:32   Beta 3 just came out. So even more follow up today. So we'll see if the bug is fixed.

00:59:39   But otherwise, Apple Music Replay, go to the website. I got a bunch of people like, oh,

00:59:43   asking me for my Apple Music account, yes, it's the Apple website. It's literally

00:59:47   apple.com, so you're safe. You can log in with your Apple Music account and let it

00:59:52   generate the playlist for you. It's so strange to see them doing something on

00:59:56   the web. Well, they're doing more and more with Apple Music on the web. They have

01:00:02   the beta web app on the desktop and Replay works on Safari for iPhone even.

01:00:07   So they're doing more and more, which, you know, Apple getting into services,

01:00:12   that they have to.

01:00:13   This is why TV works on the web and all that.

01:00:16   And increasingly all their media apps,

01:00:20   TV, music, news, are basically wrappers

01:00:23   around web content and web views.

01:00:26   So, make sense.

01:00:29   - We've got a little bit more to cover,

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01:01:33   And the shortcut bug I was having,

01:01:34   still not fixed in 13.3 beta 3.

01:01:37   So, someday it'll be fixed.

01:01:40   - So the WWDC app, it's gone.

01:01:44   Or rebranded at least.

01:01:45   Federico, what's going on here?

01:01:47   - It's called Apple Developer now.

01:01:49   So a few days ago, Apple released an update

01:01:52   to the WWDC app, renaming it, giving it a new icon.

01:01:56   It's a pretty cool looking icon actually.

01:01:58   It's called Apple Developer.

01:01:59   And it's, again, they're moving away from seasonal things.

01:02:04   The WWDC app was mostly useful during WWDC

01:02:08   or maybe in September when Apple with the new iPhones

01:02:10   released new technical notes and videos.

01:02:13   Now it's supposed to be like an ongoing thing.

01:02:17   During the year, throughout the year,

01:02:19   you will find content in the main page.

01:02:22   There's going to be, in theory, tutorials or news.

01:02:27   The news section from the Apple Developer website

01:02:30   has been integrated with this one, it seems,

01:02:33   at least to a certain extent.

01:02:35   And if you are in the US, you can sign up for the,

01:02:38   you can enroll in the Apple Developer program

01:02:41   as a subscription.

01:02:42   So you can use your iTunes payment system to subscribe

01:02:46   and become an Apple Developer.

01:02:48   And the developer, the $90 fee a year,

01:02:52   will be renewed automatically using apps or subscriptions,

01:02:56   which is pretty cool, I guess,

01:02:57   but it's US only for now.

01:02:59   Obviously, the new app has sparked the question,

01:03:03   will Apple rename WWDC to ADC,

01:03:07   to the Apple Developer Conference?

01:03:09   And this is where I'm torn,

01:03:12   in fact, because, and I hate that I'm about to pronounce

01:03:18   what I'm pronouncing,

01:03:21   I believe that Apple is sort of attached

01:03:24   to the whole dub dub brand thing.

01:03:28   - Wow. - Which I--

01:03:30   - We could conspiracy theory this if you like.

01:03:32   You know I love a good conspiracy theory.

01:03:34   Last year was the first time I had ever seen them

01:03:39   say dub dub or use dub dub.

01:03:42   Maybe they were just acknowledging it

01:03:43   because they were killing it.

01:03:44   - Well, you would acknowledge something at the end

01:03:47   before kidding it?

01:03:48   - Yeah, it's like a thank you to it.

01:03:50   It's like thanks dub dub, peace out.

01:03:53   And then off they go.

01:03:54   I don't know, it's... Dub-Dub though...

01:03:56   I don't think this is the case, I just like to be a conspiracy theorist.

01:03:59   I don't like it, I never liked, you know, I don't like when people say "Oh let's go to Dub-Dub"

01:04:03   Like, I...

01:04:04   I...

01:04:05   It's just a personal thing.

01:04:08   But I feel like Apple is attached to it.

01:04:10   I feel like they've made it a thing.

01:04:13   You know, they had pins, they had all the graphics around, you know, the banners around San Jose.

01:04:19   They like to call it that, it seems.

01:04:22   And ADC, it just, it's, you know, it sounds like it sounds boring.

01:04:26   It sounds boring. It sounds like a,

01:04:28   it sounds like fake AC DC without one C like

01:04:33   it's, it sounds boring. It sounds like, it sounds like a fax company,

01:04:38   you know, ADC.

01:04:39   But Apple developer as an app, as an,

01:04:44   like everybody says, I'm going to the Apple developer conference,

01:04:48   but I still feel like the DubDub brand is something that Apple likes.

01:04:53   So I don't know.

01:04:54   I guess it makes sense to have the app be a mo-

01:04:57   like, I totally get it why they're doing it in terms of the app for iPhone and iPad

01:05:02   to have something throughout the year.

01:05:03   Sure, if you're an Apple developer, you have an Apple developer app and you go there

01:05:07   and you see all the content that they provide you with.

01:05:10   But the conference itself, I am skeptical that they're going to rename it.

01:05:15   I don't know.

01:05:16   that app might like eventually suck in.

01:05:18   Cause there's an app where you can check if your app has been approved and stuff.

01:05:21   Right. Yeah. The iTunes connect to connect,

01:05:26   maybe, maybe it goes into this application too. Yeah.

01:05:30   Apple's developer website used to be called ADC.

01:05:33   It was the Apple developer connection, I think. And, and, uh,

01:05:37   so, you know, they could bring that back. Uh,

01:05:40   there was also had like a display standard called ADC for a minute,

01:05:42   but I liked the name Apple developer conference.

01:05:46   I think it would be easier to explain it to people.

01:05:49   - I prefer Apple Developer Conference

01:05:51   to Worldwide Developer Conference,

01:05:54   but I prefer WWDC to ADC.

01:05:57   - Yeah.

01:05:58   - Hmm.

01:05:59   - I'll go with all that.

01:05:59   - I'm a complicated man.

01:06:01   - And that DubDub is bad, I know what you say it.

01:06:03   - Yes.

01:06:04   I like it written, I don't like to hear it.

01:06:07   - Mm-hmm.

01:06:08   Well, yeah, ADC does feel kind of generic.

01:06:11   - And ADC sucks.

01:06:12   Maybe they should just give it a completely new name.

01:06:16   Like, um, overall, you know, Apple con feel and Craig hang out with their

01:06:20   friends or con Swift con.

01:06:24   Oh, the Apple developer meet and greet the Apple developer.

01:06:29   Week roadmap conference, a D R M C Apple developer roadmap conference.

01:06:38   Just rolls off the tongue.

01:06:40   It does full of good ideas.

01:06:42   Phil, Phil Schiller.

01:06:43   Just give us a call.

01:06:44   Maybe they should call it, call it Apple con and that's it.

01:06:47   I'm going to Apple con app.

01:06:49   Uh, what's next last week.

01:06:54   Logitech announced support for home kit, secure video for some of their

01:06:59   cameras, the circle two cameras.

01:07:01   We have a bunch of links in the show notes to this.

01:07:02   Uh, it is on a beta firmware.

01:07:05   So you have to like update the firmware on your camera with the Logitech app.

01:07:10   And then the camera disappear from the Logitech app that it just works in home kit.

01:07:14   HomeKit secure video is a really interesting, really interesting proposition to me.

01:07:19   I have a couple of nest cameras at my house and I'm paying nest

01:07:25   annually, which is fine.

01:07:26   I use the service all the time, but they, this is video stream to them.

01:07:30   It's served by them.

01:07:31   If I need to download something, I have to go to their website and home, home

01:07:34   kit, secure video basically uses your iCloud storage for that.

01:07:38   You do have to pay for the upgraded storage.

01:07:41   If you want more than one camera,

01:07:42   you have to go all the way to the two terabyte plan,

01:07:45   which I am on anyways, because between my wife and I,

01:07:48   we have just enough data to like need that plan.

01:07:50   Like if there was a one terabyte,

01:07:52   we could get away with that pretty easily, but there's not.

01:07:55   And it basically does as much as it can locally

01:07:58   and on iCloud.

01:07:59   So I was pretty excited about this,

01:08:02   looking at potentially moving away from the Nest cams

01:08:04   at some point to something like this.

01:08:06   I'm already paying for iCloud storage.

01:08:08   I like the idea that it seems to be more private.

01:08:11   Federico, you and I have both tried it.

01:08:13   A friend, John Voorhees has tried it and I don't want to be too harsh because they

01:08:19   label it as a beta, like on the Logitech side, but there are quite a few issues.

01:08:27   You want to tell me about your experience getting it, getting it going.

01:08:30   I fear that this feature will introduce severe complications in my household and my relationship

01:08:41   with my partner.

01:08:43   Glowing endorsement!

01:08:48   Unless Apple fixes a few bugs, I'm gonna have to get in touch with Logitech and revert my

01:08:54   firmware to the non-secure video one, which sucks because I really like the idea of secure

01:09:01   video. So anyway, it worked perfectly for me when I set it up for myself. We have obviously

01:09:10   a shared HomeKit setup. Silvia, my girlfriend, is part of my HomeKit setup here. I set it

01:09:17   up from my phone. I first did it with one of the cameras, then the next day I did it

01:09:22   with the other two that we have.

01:09:24   So all of my Logi Circle 2 cameras, all three of them

01:09:27   are now HomeKit secure video enabled.

01:09:30   And yes, by the way, I know it's marked as a beta feature.

01:09:33   You don't need to get in touch with me and say it's a beta.

01:09:35   Don't you complain about it.

01:09:37   I'm going to because I don't care.

01:09:38   Who's marking it as a beta? Logitech is. Logitech. Yeah.

01:09:42   Right. But isn't this Apple's software?

01:09:46   It's Apple's software, but Logitech says that upgrading the firmware

01:09:49   on your camera is a beta thing and you should be aware

01:09:52   and you need to click like three check boxes to make sure that you agree to the beta firmware.

01:09:57   Okay, so if the problems are hardware related then it's Logitech's problem maybe, but if it's

01:10:03   software related then it's a labels problem and they're not labeling as a beta.

01:10:07   So for me, works great. Well, relatively well. I would say there's a... The first thing I noticed,

01:10:15   and I think Steven has this problem too, it's a whole configuration, like it's a whole setup.

01:10:20   You need to flip a bunch of toggles. You need to... like, there's no way that you can change your camera settings at a global level in the Home app.

01:10:31   You cannot say "All my cameras, all of them, I want you to send me notifications if people are detected or if animals are detected."

01:10:40   No, you need to go into each camera's own settings page and configure those settings for each camera.

01:10:48   Yeah, which is how nest works and I don't mind that because I want my couple cameras to work differently

01:10:55   But I think there should be an option of hey just apply this setting to all my stuff and here's my problem

01:11:00   So I changed the settings on my phone and I thought well, that's it

01:11:05   it's now set up for everybody, but no I also needed to configure Sylvia's phone and

01:11:10   Basically redo the same thing from scratch

01:11:14   The only setting that is global is the ability to hide the LED light on the circle camera once you

01:11:22   disable that option it sticks globally across all members of your HomeKit configuration

01:11:29   But other settings so status changes and notifications

01:11:34   They need to be changed per camera per member so and per device

01:11:41   Also, I needed to repeat the same process on my iPad and on my Mac because my Mac kept

01:11:48   dinging the notification sound because you need to go in the Home app and change the

01:11:53   settings again.

01:11:55   So it's per camera, per member, per device.

01:11:59   So I guess you can imagine I got a bunch of them and there were a lot of noises, you know,

01:12:03   a lot of alerts going on.

01:12:05   Still, not my main problem because I thought, well, now that I've changed these settings

01:12:09   like 25 times. Am I done? In theory, yes. But here's my problem. Sylvia's phone, she

01:12:15   has an iPhone 11 running the stable version of iOS 13.2.3, which just came out yesterday.

01:12:23   She keeps getting notifications she's not supposed to. I disabled... So I set up all

01:12:32   all my circle cameras to send me and Silvia notifications at any time during the day only

01:12:41   when nobody's home and only if a clip is recorded because motion has been detected and motion

01:12:50   includes people, right?

01:12:53   Obviously my dogs are gonna move when we're not around so I don't need animal detection.

01:12:58   I live on the third floor, so unless you have a flying car, vehicle detection is really

01:13:03   not gonna happen in my hallway.

01:13:05   I just want...

01:13:06   You would really wanna know though.

01:13:08   I'm unsure.

01:13:09   Like, I mean, I think more than anything, if a vehicle's in your home, you wanna know.

01:13:14   Yeah, you should turn that back on.

01:13:16   You need that on, man.

01:13:18   Because I'm telling you...

01:13:19   I could land a car in my balcony, probably.

01:13:22   If you come home and there's a car in the living room, you'd be like, "Aw, man, I wish

01:13:28   I wish I knew about this before. I knew that that notification was supposed to stay on.

01:13:33   You see? You need that one on. That's maybe the most important one. And here's what's

01:13:38   driving me crazy. And I really hope this is one of those instances where somebody from

01:13:43   Apple is listening to this show. I am not getting notifications, and rightfully so,

01:13:49   because nobody has broken into our apartment these past few days. Sylvia keeps getting

01:13:54   notifications and not like you may say well maybe she's getting like a couple notifications

01:14:00   when you guys are out no she's getting one every 20 seconds she's going insane with these

01:14:07   notifications she has to basically put her iphone in do not disturb mode all the time

01:14:16   She showed me like a hundred notifications

01:14:20   yesterday that she kept getting from HomeKit.

01:14:24   And here's the thing.

01:14:25   She's running the stable version of iOS.

01:14:28   I'm running the beta version of iOS.

01:14:30   I have 13.3.

01:14:31   So maybe that's why I'm not getting all those notifications.

01:14:35   But it's not.

01:14:38   But I don't think it's not.

01:14:39   And in my home, I also want to clarify, in my home,

01:14:42   I have a mix of HomeKit hubs.

01:14:45   I have two Apple TVs and I have three HomePods and god knows how many iPads.

01:14:51   Some of them are running stable version of

01:14:54   13.2 for tvOS or HomePod.

01:14:58   Only one of them, the Apple TV 4K in my bedroom, is running the tvOS

01:15:04   13.3 beta. All the other ones are on the stable track.

01:15:10   Sylvia's getting hundreds of notifications. I have double-checked all the settings

01:15:15   She's not supposed to be getting those notifications and yet she is I don't know what to do

01:15:20   I I had that too. So what it seems to be doing is there's the backup second. There's a toggle to say

01:15:26   Notify so you have recording and notifying is two separate things you say I want any motion

01:15:33   I want you to record and I want to be known be told about it

01:15:36   And if you say I want to know when there's a person,

01:15:40   what it does, the camera detects the motion,

01:15:42   it analyzes locally if it is a person or not

01:15:45   and then sends you notifications.

01:15:47   So those notifications are within a few seconds,

01:15:50   totally reasonable amount of time.

01:15:53   But I have the same problem you do, but opposite.

01:15:56   My phone will tell me anytime there's any motion,

01:15:59   even though I've set it to be just tell me about people,

01:16:04   and Mary's is working correctly.

01:16:06   Now we were both completely stable releases.

01:16:09   I thought, well, maybe it's fixing the beta.

01:16:11   So then I installed the beta on my phone

01:16:13   and it made no difference.

01:16:14   So I think it's broken either way,

01:16:16   but it seems to be those options are not respected.

01:16:21   And it is the most,

01:16:22   I've tried a bunch of smart cameras over the years.

01:16:25   If it really thinks every single time that there is motion,

01:16:30   it is dialed, the sensitivity is dialed to 11.

01:16:33   I've had it, I have one in my studio,

01:16:36   and like the heat would come on,

01:16:38   and it would say, oh, there's motion.

01:16:42   Or a cloud would go by in the sky,

01:16:44   oh, there's motion, it's way too sensitive.

01:16:47   So there's something like really broken,

01:16:49   whether that's on the Logitech side in their firmware,

01:16:53   or on the HomeKit side, I don't know.

01:16:55   Part of it is clearly HomeKit,

01:16:56   because it doesn't respect the settings

01:16:57   the way it's supposed to.

01:16:58   But it is not really, that part's really broken.

01:17:02   But I do have other things.

01:17:03   I actually took out a piece of paper

01:17:05   when I was setting it up and made some notes.

01:17:07   One thing you cannot do in HomeKit

01:17:09   is you cannot manually power on or off a camera.

01:17:12   So the one in my studio, I have a Nest Cam.

01:17:16   Someone breaks in out here, I wanna know about it.

01:17:19   And I basically turn the camera on and off

01:17:22   if I'm in the office or not.

01:17:23   I don't want it on when I'm out here.

01:17:25   And it is pretty simple.

01:17:28   I can do it in the Nest app.

01:17:30   I wish it supported Siri, but it doesn't.

01:17:32   And go in the Nest app and do it.

01:17:34   And I can't use geofences for that,

01:17:35   because the studio is too close to the house.

01:17:37   And if I'm done for the day, and I lock up the studio,

01:17:41   and I go inside, I want the studio camera on,

01:17:43   even though I am technically home, I'm not out here.

01:17:47   So I talked to Zach Hall about this from 95 Max.

01:17:49   He wrote this original article.

01:17:51   And so I was like, hey, is there a way to do this?

01:17:53   He said, no.

01:17:54   The way he got around it was he put a HomeKit power switch

01:17:58   and plug the camera into that,

01:18:00   is the camera will just come on when there's power to it.

01:18:03   And so you can get around that.

01:18:04   I don't know how good it is to like,

01:18:06   physically cut the power to the camera on and off,

01:18:08   over and over, but there should be a way to basically--

01:18:11   - No one should be using this as their system.

01:18:13   No one should be trusting their home security

01:18:15   to this system is what I've heard over the last 10 minutes.

01:18:18   - Well, that's my problem with it.

01:18:21   - Yes.

01:18:22   - So we have all the stuff that Federico said,

01:18:24   I see the same issues.

01:18:26   There's no way to tell or manage how much video

01:18:29   is stored in iCloud.

01:18:30   The only option you have is to delete

01:18:32   a single camera's recordings.

01:18:35   Maybe I didn't have enough stored in there,

01:18:37   but even in like your, if you go like on the Mac or iOS

01:18:40   and get your iCloud store settings,

01:18:42   there's no listing for like home kit video.

01:18:45   Like you just don't know how much is there,

01:18:47   then I guess you can delete it,

01:18:48   but there's no fine grained control.

01:18:50   I'd like to have that.

01:18:51   Because the detect motion is very fast,

01:18:54   detect a person takes a second,

01:18:56   but it's within the same margin of error

01:18:58   that the Nest camera is,

01:18:59   it takes a split second to recognize somebody.

01:19:01   I had issues with the two-way microphone,

01:19:05   is you can talk back through your phone through the camera,

01:19:07   like if someone's in here, you can talk to them.

01:19:09   That did not work in the stable iOS,

01:19:11   but it did work in the beta, so that was an improvement.

01:19:14   Like I said, sound triggers motion,

01:19:16   even though there's an option to record sound or not,

01:19:18   there should be an option to say,

01:19:19   sound does not equal motion.

01:19:22   And only one device can view a camera at a time.

01:19:26   So with Nest and Ring and these other systems,

01:19:30   you can have multiple devices looking at the same camera

01:19:34   or the same clip.

01:19:35   HomeKit video doesn't let you do that.

01:19:37   Down to the point where if you have video previews

01:19:40   set in the notification and you have the notification open,

01:19:43   the other person can't look at that camera.

01:19:46   Like it is completely single view.

01:19:49   and that strikes me as ridiculous.

01:19:52   So I am not switching to this.

01:19:55   I don't trust it at this point.

01:19:57   I would like to.

01:19:58   I would love to dish my nest stuff at some point

01:20:01   and move on with this because it's way more integrated

01:20:03   with the rest of my stuff, but it's not there yet.

01:20:07   And how much of that's on Logitech

01:20:09   and how much of that's on Apple, it's hard to say,

01:20:11   but I think at least part of it is on HomeKit.

01:20:15   But the big concern, if I were to go in

01:20:17   see if you agree with this. Nest has its issues right? Ring has its issues but

01:20:23   Canary. Canary is like barely hanging on out there but...

01:20:27   Yeah my canaries going strong like very happy very hard. Yeah but they they said

01:20:32   HomeKit support was coming they haven't done that their outdoor stuff's pretty

01:20:34   bad but those companies like security cameras are what they do right and they

01:20:41   all they all have issues like I have plenty complaints about the Nest

01:20:44   ecosystem but it's like a primary focus of the company right but those companies

01:20:49   are owned one by alphabet one by Amazon yes but within nest cameras are a big

01:20:56   thing of what they do now Apple view homekit is a tiny part of Apple and

01:21:01   homekit secure video is a tiny tiny part of homekit it is not a top-level item

01:21:06   for Apple I see what you're saying yes yes like yes if you have issues with

01:21:11   Google and Amazon owning your cameras,

01:21:12   like I understand that, I respect that,

01:21:14   that's a different conversation.

01:21:16   But those companies focus on these features

01:21:20   and Apple doesn't.

01:21:21   Is it gonna be a year before this gets fixed?

01:21:23   Like we keep coming back to that in the last couple weeks.

01:21:26   And I don't know if I would trust

01:21:30   that Apple would keep this like modern and updated

01:21:34   because they haven't always done that with minor features.

01:21:39   And this is what this,

01:21:40   This is a minor feature of iOS,

01:21:42   but if it's the camera you have looking at the street

01:21:44   of your house and someone trying to break in,

01:21:48   it doesn't feel like a minor feature to you,

01:21:50   but I just worry about that,

01:21:52   that Apple won't pay enough attention to this

01:21:54   over the long run.

01:21:55   - Yeah, yeah, I have the same concern.

01:21:57   I wanna believe that even if it's a tiny feature,

01:22:03   it is an important one because we're talking about

01:22:07   people's security, home security.

01:22:10   And I wanna believe that if we keep complaining about it

01:22:13   and writing about it and having podcasts about it,

01:22:16   it'll get fixed relatively soon,

01:22:19   because it's such a, like,

01:22:21   getting notifications from your camera

01:22:23   when you're not supposed to, like, that's a bad bug.

01:22:27   And I really wanna hope that even if it's not a mainstream,

01:22:32   you know, it's not an Apple Music bug,

01:22:36   It's an important one, and it should be looked after

01:22:39   before iOS 14, otherwise I'm gonna have to

01:22:43   get in touch with Logitech support

01:22:45   and have them restore my circle cameras

01:22:48   back to the non-secure video firmware.

01:22:51   While we're at it, I have a list of other missing features

01:22:56   that we didn't mention for HomeKit secure video

01:22:59   before we move on.

01:23:03   You cannot set custom motion areas.

01:23:07   So if you have your camera pointing at the hallway

01:23:11   and maybe you wanna ignore whatever is going on

01:23:13   beyond the window,

01:23:14   because maybe there's like cars moving or something,

01:23:17   you cannot say ignore this area

01:23:21   and focus on these other area of the room.

01:23:23   That's not possible.

01:23:25   You mentioned you cannot turn off cameras without location.

01:23:29   The LogiCircle app.

01:23:32   So I should say, once you move your Logi Circle cameras

01:23:36   to HomeKit Secure Videos, they only live in HomeKit.

01:23:41   They are removed from the Circle app.

01:23:46   And in fact, now my Circle app is empty

01:23:48   because all of my Circle cameras have been upgraded

01:23:52   to HomeKit Secure Video.

01:23:53   But one of the features that I really liked

01:23:56   about the Circle app was called the Day Brief.

01:24:00   And the day brief was basically a time lapse

01:24:03   for the whole day to show you what happened in 24 hours

01:24:07   for one of your cameras.

01:24:09   And this time lapse feature is absent from the home app.

01:24:13   You can only view individual clips.

01:24:15   There is a timeline.

01:24:16   You can export clips as an MP4 video,

01:24:20   but you cannot group multiple clips together

01:24:23   or export a time lapse, and they should do that.

01:24:26   Speaking of clips, I and Steven,

01:24:29   Please tell me if I'm crazy because I really cannot find this feature.

01:24:33   I cannot see clips on my Mac.

01:24:36   So in the Catalyst Home app, I have no idea where I'm supposed to go look for HomeKit Secure

01:24:42   video.

01:24:43   I can't find them either.

01:24:45   Cool.

01:24:46   All right.

01:24:47   So I don't know.

01:24:49   Maybe they are there, but I have not.

01:24:51   If only there was a technology that allowed you to have the same app.

01:24:55   Well, I say that.

01:24:56   Let me see.

01:24:57   - Okay, well, so I do...

01:24:59   - Maybe you need a Catalina beta, maybe?

01:25:02   - Yeah, it's in Catalina.

01:25:03   - Is it though?

01:25:04   I have Catalina.

01:25:05   I don't...

01:25:06   - Yeah, so if you go into the camera and double click on it,

01:25:09   then you get the, you can change the date picker at the top

01:25:12   and you can go back in time and see clips.

01:25:16   - Why does only one of my cameras have it?

01:25:21   - I don't know.

01:25:22   I only have one camera, so...

01:25:23   - This is why I was not seeing it yesterday.

01:25:26   - Okay.

01:25:26   I don't know. It's it's a little broken. I hit the share button in the home app and instead

01:25:32   of being attached to the button it popped up in its own floating window at the edge

01:25:35   of the screen. So you know, homes not a great app on the Mac. But yeah, they've got to strain

01:25:40   this stuff out. Nest has those features you mentioned, I have the the zone thing turned

01:25:45   on that's really helpful. And the time lapse thing you can export a time lapse from nest

01:25:51   cameras. In fact, a couple of years ago, I got hired by somebody in town to do like a

01:25:56   a time-lapse video of a construction project, lasted like two years, and I did it with a

01:26:00   series of Nest cameras.

01:26:02   And I would just go in like once a week and export footage from the Nest cams as a time-lapse.

01:26:06   It was great.

01:26:07   Like super easy.

01:26:08   It's uh, they need to catch up with this stuff.

01:26:11   It is still early.

01:26:12   I really honestly would like to move to this, but right now I just can't.

01:26:16   Our friend John Borges just sent us privately an iMessage, a screenshot of his LogiCircle

01:26:24   camera.

01:26:25   he updated this one to HomeKit Secure Video, and he said, "I went out for a sandwich, and

01:26:31   there's a 10, 11 notifications."

01:26:35   Well, it keeps going.

01:26:37   Maybe there's probably more.

01:26:38   It's the whole screen.

01:26:39   It's the whole screen full of the Logis

01:26:51   So, yeah, they're broken. That's all I'm gonna say. But I'm open to suggestions as to how

01:26:58   I should break this news to Sylvia in terms of like, we just gotta wait because she's

01:27:06   gonna hate me for it. So I mean, can you just turn notifications off on her phone and not

01:27:11   tell her like, you gotta tell her it's broken. It's not your fault. I mean, it is my fault

01:27:19   bit but no these things are are the fault of the person who decides to get excited and change the

01:27:25   already working system they are and try out a a change of the firmware of the camera that's working

01:27:31   perfectly fine it is 100 federal fault that he brought this upon their household okay we got it

01:27:38   we get it we get it a plague upon their household it's my fault but ultimately it's apple's fault

01:27:47   I don't blame Logitech for this.

01:27:49   Because you just look at the evidence of the last three to four months.

01:27:54   I don't think it's Logitech. I don't think it's the hardware. It's never got a single issue.

01:27:58   Why did they release this feature? It was already late. Just wait. It's clearly incredibly broken.

01:28:05   Yeah, well...

01:28:06   I don't understand what's going on anymore.

01:28:08   Don't we all?

01:28:09   It's hard to say.

01:28:10   Let's talk about cool stuff instead.

01:28:12   Cool stuff?

01:28:14   Like folding phones.

01:28:15   I thought we were going back to Christmas trees.

01:28:17   - We can talk about those too.

01:28:19   - Let me take our last break first.

01:28:22   And then you can just let it rip on the Motorola Razr.

01:28:24   How's that?

01:28:25   - Yeah, all right.

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01:30:07   Motorola, they are absolute mad lads and they did it.

01:30:11   They brought back the Razer and it's now a folding phone.

01:30:15   They had an event last week where they showed it off to some press.

01:30:19   I'll put links in the show notes to three YouTube videos, one by Austin Evans,

01:30:23   one by MKBHD and one by Caim Gartenberg of The Verge.

01:30:26   It is a portrait foldable flip phone.

01:30:30   There are two displays.

01:30:31   There's a small display on the outside, which is kind of like the size

01:30:35   an Apple Watch display it's like 2.7 inches. The camera's there too so you can actually take selfies

01:30:41   using that screen and the main camera but basically this outside screen is for checking

01:30:46   notifications and they've built some quick reply stuff in. You know you see notifications there,

01:30:51   you can do very basic things to them. It is effectively what the old screen on the outside

01:30:56   of the old Razer used to be for right? Like it's all that stuff. You open it up inside and it's a

01:31:02   6.2 inch phone on the inside. It's taller than your average smartphone. It's a 21 by

01:31:09   9 aspect ratio, so it's like taller and thinner than usual, but it apparently seems to work

01:31:15   pretty well and people have said it's relatively comfortable to hold. And obviously because

01:31:21   it is a flip phone, effectively, you get the pleasure of closing the phone when you're

01:31:25   done talking to someone. Like you can do that. Everybody did that in their videos, right?

01:31:30   that's what you would do. The profile is basically the same as the old Razer

01:31:34   right it has like a big chin at the bottom which has a bunch of components

01:31:39   in it has a fingerprint reader in there and a USB-C charging port and then it

01:31:44   drops down right like quite significantly hence the Razer name

01:31:48   because it looks like a closed shave razor like a blade razor right and it's

01:31:53   super thin and it's got like a notch cut out like the old Razer used to which is

01:31:58   where there's a front facing camera and a speaker in.

01:32:02   And it's similar in size and thickness.

01:32:07   It's a bit wider, but it's similar.

01:32:10   They've gone for the overall design,

01:32:12   which was a genius move.

01:32:14   Because honestly, this looks as modern now as it did then,

01:32:17   because it's now-- it makes a lot of sense

01:32:20   to make their product this way.

01:32:23   Visually, it's just a clever way to make this type of product.

01:32:27   They're doing some wild stuff with the hinge because the phone completely closes, there

01:32:32   doesn't appear to be a gap at all.

01:32:35   The phone screen itself kind of tucks under the hinge a little bit which is wild to see.

01:32:42   Apparently you can't see a crease, I couldn't see a crease in any video that I've seen and

01:32:47   apparently the hinge seems pretty strong.

01:32:50   It doesn't seem to be having the issues that Huawei and Samsung had with there being gaps

01:32:57   and stuff. Of course it is still a plastic screen. Motorrollers say it's super strong,

01:33:03   they don't think there's a problem there, I guess time will tell on that. All of the

01:33:07   videos that I've seen praise the hinge design and that it's comfortable, it doesn't seem

01:33:11   to be awkward to fold and unfold. One cool little feature, there's a legacy mode where

01:33:17   you can make it look and act like the old Razer and the bottom of the screen looks like

01:33:22   a metal keypad. I just think it's really funny that they put that in and I applaud

01:33:26   Motorola for doing that because that was not a trivial amount of work for an Easter egg,

01:33:32   but I think it's kind of awesome.

01:33:34   Unfortunately the product starts to fall apart a little bit when you talk about the specs.

01:33:40   So it has a Snapdragon chip in it that was used in mid-range smartphones over the last

01:33:45   year which is awkward when the phone costs $1,500.

01:33:50   So cheaper than the other folding phones that are on the market but still very, very expensive.

01:33:56   The battery is really small too because the phone is super thin and small and light compared

01:34:02   to other phones like it.

01:34:04   It is going to be interesting to see how both the chip and the battery perform when these

01:34:09   things are actually reviewed which I reckon is probably not going to be for a while because

01:34:13   it's not coming until January 2020.

01:34:15   I think you'll be able to start pre-ordering in December so maybe some reviews start dropping

01:34:20   then.

01:34:21   I think this thing is very compelling.

01:34:23   I actually think that it is a, well, it is very clearly I think a stronger contender

01:34:27   for being a more useful product than the Galaxy Fold or the Huawei Mate X.

01:34:32   This looks like a conventional phone in a form factor that we have seen before that

01:34:38   people liked, which is a flip phone.

01:34:40   But we just have, we had to let go of flip phones because smartphones wouldn't work that

01:34:45   way.

01:34:46   But now they can again.

01:34:48   And I think that this is very interesting.

01:34:51   I think that this is a product that again, I'm also intrigued to see what it would be

01:34:57   like to own one of those.

01:34:58   I don't think I want to buy it, but crazier things have happened.

01:35:03   Like this thing that happened, right?

01:35:05   Like this, that thing.

01:35:07   That's a galaxy.

01:35:08   That was a crazier thing that happened.

01:35:11   I opened it and closed it.

01:35:12   So you'd get the audio, right?

01:35:15   I didn't just point at it.

01:35:17   I gave you some audio accompaniment.

01:35:19   So that's the Sam's that's that's the Motorola Razr.

01:35:23   Do either of you have any thoughts or opinions?

01:35:26   I think this form factor makes a lot more sense than the Samsung.

01:35:31   Because it makes it pocketable pocketable and it gives you a phone at the end of the

01:35:35   day not tablet.

01:35:36   But see that I think the things that we are going to see with this is like because because

01:35:41   Samsung want to do this too right they want to make a folding like phone like this too.

01:35:46   I think we're gonna see maybe, if I was gonna put my money on the table, why Samsung did

01:35:52   this the way that they did it.

01:35:53   Because I think the battery's gonna suck and it's not gonna be powerful enough.

01:35:57   And Samsung went with the form factor that they went with because it allowed them to

01:36:03   make something that would still operate under normal phone constraints.

01:36:06   Sure.

01:36:07   The thing would be two inches thick if it was thick enough for the battery it needed.

01:36:11   So that is a limitation, but I do think the form factor is really interesting.

01:36:15   I think it's cool that Motorola's doing it.

01:36:17   They've just put out a bunch of like...

01:36:18   - I can't believe that Motorola are the company

01:36:21   that have made this product.

01:36:23   - All they've done the last few years is like ho-hum,

01:36:25   middle of the road Android phones.

01:36:27   They haven't done anything really interesting

01:36:28   maybe since the Droid line like years ago.

01:36:31   So that's really cool.

01:36:32   - They had some cool stuff when they were owned by Google

01:36:35   for a brief period of time.

01:36:37   - They had like the mods, like they did the thing

01:36:40   where you could clip on extra bits to the outside.

01:36:42   Anyways, it seems cool.

01:36:44   I would like, I really like to see one in person.

01:36:47   I still don't think,

01:36:49   this hasn't changed my mind on foldables in the broad sense,

01:36:53   but I think this is closer to something

01:36:54   that more people would want than the Samsung,

01:36:58   is my guess.

01:37:00   You know, I really think about the foldable

01:37:01   as like a folding tablet that happens to be a phone,

01:37:04   and this is like a folding phone.

01:37:05   This, in its fullest form, is just a regular phone.

01:37:08   But it's cool, I mean, props to Motorola for doing it,

01:37:12   And I think the reviews will be fun to watch on this one.

01:37:15   - Instantiate this in the chat has said something

01:37:19   that is very interesting.

01:37:21   As a person who has lady-sized pants pockets

01:37:24   in most of their life,

01:37:25   this is a product that makes sense there.

01:37:27   This is a very, very good use case.

01:37:30   'Cause people say they want smaller phones.

01:37:32   A lot of the time, they don't necessarily want it

01:37:34   just 'cause they want the phone to be smaller.

01:37:36   They need it to be smaller

01:37:37   so it can fit in their pocket, right?

01:37:38   Or in their purse.

01:37:40   This is a way to make that happen

01:37:41   because you actually reduce the main constraint,

01:37:44   which is physical size, not like thickness.

01:37:47   It's like physical size, right?

01:37:48   Like it won't go in a pocket,

01:37:50   but this might because you fold it in half.

01:37:53   That's interesting.

01:37:54   That makes sense for this.

01:37:57   I am intrigued to see if other companies

01:37:59   can make this product make sense.

01:38:01   It makes sense that Motorola did it

01:38:02   because they had the razor design, right?

01:38:05   So like you make this because people will want it

01:38:08   because of the nostalgia factor.

01:38:10   I'm intrigued to see if like, what could Samsung do to make this a lust worthy product because

01:38:18   it under a flip phone form factor, right?

01:38:20   Like I think Motorola coming first out the gate with this makes sense because they own

01:38:28   the intellectual property of the most successful folding phone, probably like the second most

01:38:34   known phone after the iPhone in history, right?

01:38:37   everybody knew what the Razer was, everybody wanted one if they didn't

01:38:41   already have one. That was like the first kind of like really lust-worthy phone

01:38:45   before the iPhone. My college roommate got one and I remember being so jealous.

01:38:51   They were really expensive too. Yeah. They were like seven or eight hundred dollars.

01:38:56   And then he broke it playing frisbee like the third week he owned it. It was very

01:39:00   sad. I had like a Nokia candy bar so the Razer seemed like magic and this is a

01:39:06   a nostalgia play but boy is it a good one. Like I see what you did Motorola and I am

01:39:11   fine with it because I think a lot of people will look at this and remember that phone

01:39:15   fondly. And it's cool. Power to him for doing it.

01:39:19   But I think it still looks cool even if you don't have the nostalgia. But if you have

01:39:24   the nostalgia you won on both fronts.

01:39:26   I also have fond memories of the predecessor of the Razer, the Motorola, the StarTAC. It

01:39:34   It was like the original flip phone. I'm gonna share a link in the chat.

01:39:40   And I remember like back in the day, this is the late 90s, it was like in Italian movies,

01:39:48   like it was so cool to have the StarTAC. It was like the object to have because phones

01:39:56   or like mobile phones were sort of still new at that point. It came out in '96.

01:40:02   And I remember I was very jealous of my dad when he bought the StarTAC.

01:40:08   Yeah, so that was also a cool phone. There was a phone, oh man, who made the phone that

01:40:18   looked like a washing machine? The phone with the washing machine? There was a flip phone

01:40:24   that had a circular screen on the front of it. It was Samsung. Oh yeah. And they advertised it

01:40:33   like it was a washing machine. Super weird but it had this little circular

01:40:39   like screen on the front that was blue. I can picture it but searching for

01:40:44   Samsung washing machine is hopeless. Yeah it's not because Samsung make washing machines. Yeah.

01:40:50   I found a picture of it, but I can't find the name of it.

01:40:53   But yeah, that was a thing that existed too.

01:40:56   Phones will-- OK, so phones used to be really weird.

01:41:00   I think phones are getting weird again,

01:41:02   and I'm very excited about it.

01:41:05   Like when we were growing up, phones were strange.

01:41:08   Like the Nokia phones, where the numbers went around the screen

01:41:11   and stuff.

01:41:11   They did all-- I mean, those engineers all took acid

01:41:14   and then made a bunch of phones.

01:41:16   I had one of those, the little square one

01:41:19   where it went around the screen.

01:41:20   I had that too.

01:41:21   - Oh, yeah.

01:41:22   - And I think that we're getting there again.

01:41:23   People are being weird and fun with their designs,

01:41:25   and I love it.

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01:42:06   Until next time guys, say goodbye.

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