267: Something Stuck in Your Ear


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00:00:14   My name is Myke Hurley.

00:00:16   I'm joined by Federico Petici.

00:00:17   Hi, Federico.

00:00:19   Hi. Old school intro today. I like it.

00:00:22   Nice, right?

00:00:23   Sometimes the old ways are the best ways.

00:00:25   Stephen is out sick today.

00:00:28   Send him your two most favorite new emoji.

00:00:31   That would be my request.

00:00:33   That was actually his request.

00:00:34   He said, please, Myke, tell our listeners to have them send me emoji.

00:00:38   It's the only way that I can get over the fever that I'm I'm having. So.

00:00:43   Two most favorite emoji.

00:00:46   Yeah, the two new of the new ones.

00:00:48   I mean, everybody obviously will pick the otter as one of them

00:00:52   because it's maybe the best emoji now.

00:00:57   I don't know, maybe I have a feeling that, you know, Steven

00:00:59   can appreciate the MATE emoji, you know?

00:01:03   Yeah. Take a sip of grandpa.

00:01:06   The grandpa emoji.

00:01:07   I was very excited to see my friends being excited for the new emoji.

00:01:14   This is why they upgrade.

00:01:16   Exactly.

00:01:17   So it's a big thing for people.

00:01:19   Yeah. Well, and it pleases me to, you know, when they're happy with an update.

00:01:24   Usually they're just upset or like, oh, this update made my phone worse.

00:01:27   Yeah, everything is slow and crashing for once.

00:01:31   You know, when the emoji come out, everybody's happy and that's nice.

00:01:34   So we have some follow up.

00:01:38   I've decided that we will stick to the regime today and we'll do follow up.

00:01:43   There are more there's more smoke on the battery case fire.

00:01:47   Wait, no, that's that's that's terrible phrasing, right?

00:01:52   for what is actually saying that there's more rumors of battery cases, is what I'm trying to say.

00:01:58   Yeah, that's better English right there, yes.

00:02:01   So as is the way things are found in versions of operating systems these days,

00:02:06   and MacRumors has found some icons, some imagery for some smart battery cases,

00:02:12   which are very clearly for the new iPhone 11 models because the camera cut out is a huge square.

00:02:21   I am excited about this. I don't genuinely I don't know if I need it anymore though.

00:02:27   Yeah, yeah I was about to say I don't think I'm gonna get this one.

00:02:31   I don't think I am either. I just don't think it's necessary.

00:02:36   Yeah I mean unless you have a job that requires you to be in the field with a iPhone.

00:02:43   Oh yeah, there are always people right there.

00:02:45   Yes.

00:02:46   But like I said, I mean like for the travel day or you know for the conference day, I just

00:02:53   the battery life is so good now. I'm not sure that I'm gonna need it. Like I've already been

00:02:59   traveling with the phone and I'm gonna be again I think next week and I have not run into any

00:03:07   battery issues. Like I've always am able to charge in a like sensible way you know. Or like I went on

00:03:15   on a plane and they didn't have power in the seats,

00:03:19   but it wasn't an issue.

00:03:21   I mean, it's only a couple of hours, right,

00:03:22   the plane journey, but it wasn't, you know,

00:03:25   I have not seen any of the usual problems I would have seen.

00:03:29   Who knows where it will be in like six months,

00:03:31   like maybe it changes, right?

00:03:32   Like batteries tend to get worse

00:03:34   no matter what the battery graphs say,

00:03:36   they always seem to get worse over time.

00:03:38   But I don't feel the need for this case

00:03:43   I have other ones right now.

00:03:45   Yeah, I spent basically the past year

00:03:49   leaving the smart battery case always on on my tennis maps.

00:03:54   Yeah, there is for them again, unless you play Pokemon Go,

00:03:57   there is no need, I think, for like you to do that anymore.

00:04:02   Like, I know a friend of the show, Alex Cox, is like screaming at me.

00:04:05   So I'm thinking of them right now.

00:04:06   Alex plays Pokemon Go all the time.

00:04:11   and they have terrible battery life because of that.

00:04:15   So I desperately want the smart battery case.

00:04:18   But I think if for most kind of general usage, like someone like you

00:04:23   who was leaving on,

00:04:25   you don't need that anymore because you have the hours extra that you need.

00:04:29   Right. Yeah, I can.

00:04:32   Like my biggest problem with the older generation iPhones is I

00:04:37   something clicks in my brain whenever I see the 20% battery left alert and the icon turns red.

00:04:45   Like that fills me with a sense of dread and despair that is hard to describe. I shouldn't

00:04:50   be this way but I'm this way and you know I've accepted myself for who I am from this point of

00:04:56   view, thankfully. And so when I see that alert I almost like feel bad using my phone because it

00:05:04   it feels like I'm taking the plug off of its life support or something.

00:05:09   And so ideally I want to go to sleep at like 3 a.m. without ever seeing that alert.

00:05:15   And the iPhone 11 Pro Max makes that possible because this phone, like I usually wake up

00:05:19   at around 1030 or 11 a.m. and when I go to sleep at 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. when I'm playing

00:05:25   video games or something, it lasts me all day.

00:05:29   Like this phone only died on me once and that was because I spent the whole day out using

00:05:36   4G and playing games and taking pictures.

00:05:39   I don't think I need this external case anymore.

00:05:42   Also because now I have my fancy wallet case and by the way the experiment has gone super

00:05:49   well.

00:05:50   Now it's become...

00:05:51   Yeah, now it's...

00:05:53   I put my actual wallet in a drawer because I don't use it anymore.

00:05:58   Now I just go out with my wallet case.

00:06:00   You know, Sylvia keeps the cash because she has a small purse, so she has the cash, and

00:06:06   I go out with just the wallet case and my phone.

00:06:10   Do you think there will be a time when you will stop switching the cases?

00:06:15   No, because it's too thick for using it around the house.

00:06:20   Is it thicker than the battery case was though?

00:06:22   No, but it's, I don't know.

00:06:25   It feels unnecessary.

00:06:26   And also it doesn't, here's the problem, it doesn't support, it's too thick, so it doesn't

00:06:33   support wireless charging.

00:06:35   But the battery case, even though it was thick, had support for that.

00:06:39   Nor does it support NFC scanning, so that's too bad.

00:06:44   But yeah.

00:06:46   There's no way it could, because all the cards would get in the way.

00:06:49   Well, the cards are at the bottom of the phone, which surprised me.

00:06:53   Here's a fun thought for you.

00:06:56   You can, if your cards have contactless in them, you can set them up as NFC triggers.

00:07:03   So you could like set one of the cards up as an NFC trigger for when you're leaving

00:07:08   the house.

00:07:09   I should do that actually.

00:07:10   You should try that, that might be a fun little thing to do.

00:07:13   My ATM card has a contactless chip in it, like yeah I should do it actually.

00:07:19   I mention this because I have an NFC sticker in my car and I tried to scan it yesterday

00:07:26   my wallet case and it didn't work? So maybe you should move that NFC trigger

00:07:31   to a card and see if that will work. I don't know how consistent that would be though.

00:07:35   But I'm not sure because the case is not that thick in the top section where the NFC antenna

00:07:41   is. Honestly I think your credit cards could be

00:07:44   blocking the signal. But they are at the bottom of the wallet.

00:07:49   That's a good point. I don't know. Maybe it was a 13.2 bug, which

00:07:53   Which I'll be surprised.

00:07:54   We're going to talk about it later.

00:07:55   Wait, there's bugs in iOS?

00:07:56   No!

00:07:57   No.

00:07:58   Come on Federico!

00:07:59   Every bug is an illusion.

00:08:01   It's a shame to buy into a meme like this but at this point I don't really know how

00:08:05   not to.

00:08:07   Software is buggy right now.

00:08:08   It's funny also.

00:08:10   It is also funny.

00:08:11   You know, I don't really, I don't spend too much time feeling guilty about complaining

00:08:17   that people are working on software and I make fun of it.

00:08:21   But every now and then I'm like, "Ah, there is somebody working on it."

00:08:25   But, you know, what are you supposed to do?

00:08:28   Like, I figure it's not every individual's fault, it's the situation that they find themselves

00:08:32   in, but it is still funny.

00:08:34   I mean, the very internet is predicated upon the idea that anything should be memeable.

00:08:40   That's true.

00:08:41   Even if it's made by somebody else.

00:08:43   I know that word.

00:08:44   You know, it's the fact that humans are horrible like that.

00:08:47   So people make these kind of jokes about us all the time.

00:08:51   So like that's just like.

00:08:52   Exactly.

00:08:53   People have memes about Mac stories I'm sure somewhere around some private slacks or something.

00:08:57   Or on Twitter.

00:08:58   Well you know.

00:08:59   I see a lot of memes about me on Reddit.

00:09:01   So but I love them.

00:09:03   I love them.

00:09:04   Well that's a whole different situation that you have.

00:09:08   Samsung has shown off a new folding phone.

00:09:11   Okay.

00:09:12   It is a concept.

00:09:13   They showed it up yesterday at the developer conference.

00:09:17   This was how they showed off the original one. It was like a concept quote unquote at

00:09:22   Samsung's developer conference, SDC. This is a flip phone concept.

00:09:31   So the screen, you know, it like unfolds to become long and vertical. It's effectively

00:09:36   a flip phone. Now, a flip phone makes a lot more sense if you think about it for right

00:09:44   now for what Samsung seemed to be able to do because as we knew flip phones

00:09:49   they were phones that had a screen inside and a small screen on the outside right

00:09:52   that was what a flip phone used to look like now imagine if you could have

00:09:57   something kind of like iPhone sides maybe but you could fold it in half and

00:10:01   put it in your pocket that might be kind of cool right and it's got a little

00:10:04   screen on the front for notifications looks like a little Apple watch or

00:10:08   something you know? That could be cool. So does it fold inwards? Yes.

00:10:14   Samsung will write in the inwards. So when it's closed you cannot use it?

00:10:20   They haven't shown off anything other than an inwards screen folding in on

00:10:24   itself right like they haven't even shown if it would have an outside screen

00:10:28   but because really it's just like this is a concept they didn't actually show

00:10:33   any hardware they just showed how a user experience would look but this is a

00:10:38   phone we are working on.

00:10:39   Motorola is also apparently working on a razor phone.

00:10:42   I think they have an event in a couple of weeks

00:10:44   where they are expected to be showing off a foldable razor phone.

00:10:48   Oh, it'd be funny if when it's folded like the outside screen

00:10:53   is like a little Tamagotchi.

00:10:55   Now I would love that.

00:10:57   Like a tiny square.

00:10:58   And you can, you know, keep track of your apps.

00:11:01   And that would be very nice.

00:11:03   Are you going to feed the phone?

00:11:04   You got to feed the apps, man, during the day.

00:11:07   otherwise they die. You gotta feed Twitter with a hot take otherwise it will just

00:11:12   shrivel up. You know that I lost my Pikachu Tamagotchi when I was little

00:11:16   right? I told you this story before. I don't know. Yeah Nintendo made a special

00:11:21   Pikachu edition of some sort of Tamagotchi. It was yellow. It was yellow yeah I

00:11:26   remember this. I remember this. And it became sort of like my dad didn't want

00:11:31   to get a dog for me. Oh it looked like a little Gameboy right? Yeah it did.

00:11:36   Pokemon Pikachu it was called.

00:11:38   Yeah, yeah.

00:11:39   And so my mom got me a virtual pet,

00:11:42   in this case a virtual Pikachu,

00:11:44   and I really cared about it.

00:11:47   Spent several minutes every day

00:11:51   looking after the Pikachu.

00:11:55   And then one day I lost it and I was super sad

00:11:58   and my dad didn't care about it at all.

00:12:00   Like didn't even bother to check where I could have lost it.

00:12:04   and I still hold that grudge to this day, honestly.

00:12:08   Like, he should have looked for that Pikachu for me.

00:12:11   But yeah, so Tamagotchi and me, you know,

00:12:15   not a good relationship.

00:12:16   But still, I will love a modern version, you know?

00:12:19   With apps.

00:12:21   I'm sorry, it's a sad story, I'm sorry.

00:12:23   - That's okay.

00:12:24   I'm just thinking this is probably a record,

00:12:27   'cause whenever Steven's away,

00:12:29   we inevitably talk about Pokemon,

00:12:31   and we've been recording for about 10 minutes

00:12:34   before it came up this time.

00:12:36   It's probably to do with the fact that like

00:12:38   there is a new Pokemon game in two weeks

00:12:40   and we both pre-ordered it today.

00:12:42   So Pokemon on the brain.

00:12:44   - Always.

00:12:46   - But Samsung, they're doing their thing.

00:12:49   I figured I had to talk about it

00:12:50   'cause like a million people sent me the link today

00:12:53   over the last 24 hours.

00:12:54   I had to mention it.

00:12:55   That was my folding phone corner.

00:12:57   How about this?

00:12:59   The first services bundle from Apple is real

00:13:03   and weirdly announced.

00:13:05   So this was announced on Hailee Steinfeld,

00:13:10   who is the star of Dickinson, the Apple TV+ show.

00:13:13   She announced it on her Instagram,

00:13:15   but this is the perfect place for the type of bundle.

00:13:18   This is Apple TV+ is free for students

00:13:22   that subscribe to Apple Music.

00:13:24   - That's a good deal.

00:13:28   - Right, now this is the first one.

00:13:30   I still think that there will be more, but if you are a student subscriber to Apple Music,

00:13:38   then you will be able to get yourself Apple TV+ for free, like it's just included in the

00:13:45   bundle.

00:13:46   So that's something.

00:13:49   They really want as many people as possible to check out Apple TV+.

00:13:53   Yep.

00:13:54   The student plan, by the way, is a £4.99 plan.

00:13:56   Yep.

00:13:57   Yep.

00:13:58   first ads here in London for Apple TV+ today. I saw two double decker buses. I think it

00:14:06   was just coincidence. One had an ad for the morning show and one had an ad for C. And

00:14:12   the ads were good but they were missing something pretty important. So they had the logo of

00:14:19   the show and an image.

00:14:20   Oh no. There was no link?

00:14:22   It just said Apple TV+.

00:14:24   Oh no.

00:14:25   There was no URL of any kind.

00:14:28   Now, me and Adina were walking along,

00:14:32   I was like, "Oh look, they're the first ones."

00:14:34   I said, "That's weird, they have no link."

00:14:35   And she said, "Oh, well, 'cause people will just know

00:14:37   they can only watch it on their iPhone."

00:14:39   And I was like, "Well, that's where you're wrong."

00:14:41   And that's the problem.

00:14:42   I think that will be the assumption that like,

00:14:45   you see this, you see Apple and you think,

00:14:47   "Oh, I'll watch it on my iPhone."

00:14:48   But Apple have gone to great lengths

00:14:51   to make this available to everybody, right?

00:14:53   There is a web version. It's on Fire TV.

00:14:56   It's on smart TVs.

00:14:57   But they gave no information.

00:14:59   To be fair, they do

00:15:01   put, and I noticed this myself and a friend of mine also asked me about it.

00:15:04   The Apple TV icon by default, they put it in the dock when you update the Catalina,

00:15:10   which is, you know, growth hack, super gross.

00:15:14   But, you know, I get it.

00:15:16   I just think that like and again, I know people will Google.

00:15:19   Right. Like I understand that.

00:15:21   And that's probably what they decided to do.

00:15:23   But I think even if you don't put a link,

00:15:26   they should have tried--

00:15:27   - They should have.

00:15:28   - They should be doing something to try and tell people

00:15:32   that it's available even if you don't own an Apple product.

00:15:35   Right, 'cause like that's important.

00:15:39   But we'll see, I mean Friday, can't wait,

00:15:42   big day, November 1st, Apple TV Plus.

00:15:44   I'm sure we'll have some stuff to say about it next week.

00:15:46   - Yeah, I just wanted to spend a minute,

00:15:48   this is not in the document, I'm sorry Myke,

00:15:50   I just thought of it. - It's okay.

00:15:51   And, you know, a quick appreciation of family sharing.

00:15:57   Let me tell you why.

00:15:59   I.

00:15:59   Sylvia's sister, she lives in Spain now,

00:16:02   she comes back to visit every few months, and I spent a few hours last week,

00:16:10   she was here setting up a family sharing account on her phone.

00:16:15   We have been using family sharing with Sylvia for the past two, three years,

00:16:21   since it became available essentially.

00:16:22   And it's the iOS feature that allows you to share,

00:16:25   among other things, your iCloud drive space

00:16:29   with other family members.

00:16:31   And I have a two terabyte plan,

00:16:32   and so that's planning for me and Silvia.

00:16:35   But then over the years, I also added Silvia's mom

00:16:38   and my mom to this family sharing plan,

00:16:40   just because it allows me to make sure

00:16:43   that everybody can back up their iPhone.

00:16:45   They don't need to worry about paying or signing up.

00:16:49   We talked about this, people don't want to use their credit cards online.

00:16:52   My mom is one of those people, Sylvia's mom is one of those people.

00:16:55   So now I take care of the process for them.

00:16:58   I pay for iCloud, I pay for Apple Music and everything is shared.

00:17:01   I also added Sylvia's sister to the plan.

00:17:04   And yes, we are using a, you know,

00:17:07   it required because I have a US Apple ID and, you know,

00:17:12   it's a whole deal of like setting up a new US based Apple ID.

00:17:17   And yeah, it's, but I, over the years,

00:17:20   I've learned how to optimize this process, you know,

00:17:22   creating a new iCloud account,

00:17:23   moving things between iCloud accounts.

00:17:25   And yeah, I just wanted to say that it works super well.

00:17:29   Like I now have five people in my family sharing plan.

00:17:33   So I think I've almost reached,

00:17:36   there's another person that I could add.

00:17:38   But yeah, we share Apple Music, we share iCloud Drive now.

00:17:42   Everybody's happy, everybody's using iCloud Photo Library.

00:17:45   Everybody's using iCloud backup,

00:17:48   and everybody can listen to Apple Music,

00:17:50   and it's super fine, it works well.

00:17:52   Could be better, like there should be a dashboard,

00:17:55   like a dashboard app to actually manage all of this info

00:17:58   instead of going to settings.

00:17:59   There should be something like Picnic,

00:18:01   which is a family sharing type service

00:18:04   that gives you a dashboard, and you can chat,

00:18:06   and you can have shared calendars in a single view.

00:18:08   But even without a dashboard, it works really well.

00:18:11   - Let me ask you a question.

00:18:13   - Yeah.

00:18:14   So, because I've thought about family sharing a bunch for me and Idina.

00:18:17   Is it possible for me to like for her to keep her current Apple ID

00:18:24   and come into a family?

00:18:27   Like, so I set mine up as like the family owner

00:18:30   and she keeps all of her previous purchases.

00:18:32   And then then like with her current Apple ID, then it becomes a family.

00:18:37   And then we can benefit from having the same purchases.

00:18:39   I think so.

00:18:41   I am positive that's the way that it works.

00:18:44   My setup is slightly different because I've always had a US Apple ID since I started using the iPhone 10 years ago.

00:18:51   Sylvia and her sister, they didn't. So they needed to move between Apple IDs.

00:18:56   But I do think that if you're based in the same region and you don't need to do anything weird like I do,

00:19:02   just UK to UK, you can totally invite an existing Apple ID and that Apple ID keeps their previous purchases.

00:19:09   Yeah.

00:19:10   Hmm.

00:19:11   You should look it up just to be sure you don't want to be responsible.

00:19:15   Yeah, I think I might do it though.

00:19:16   I think I might do it.

00:19:17   There's just more and more benefits to doing this, right?

00:19:19   Like Apple Arcade being one of them.

00:19:20   Yes, also Apple Arcade.

00:19:21   Like she was talking about signing up, but there's no need.

00:19:24   If like I'm already paying, she doesn't need to pay for it as well.

00:19:28   People in the chat are saying, past the boy in the chat is saying, we can just add, I

00:19:32   could just add her Apple ID to this family.

00:19:35   And even the invitation process, you can do it in three ways I believe.

00:19:40   can invite over email, you can invite over iMessage, or you can even invite them in person,

00:19:47   the new member gets to type in their Apple ID, email, and password on your phone when

00:19:53   you do it, if they don't have a device to do it right now.

00:19:57   So it's very nicely done.

00:20:00   It was a bit bumpy at the beginning, but now it's gotten much better.

00:20:05   Try always, like, don't do anything weird like our friend John Voorhees.

00:20:09   did for example last year. Creating a fake child. He created a fake child for

00:20:15   family sharing and that child cannot be removed until they turn 18 so it's gonna

00:20:20   have a fake user in his family sharing for 18 years now. That story never gets old.

00:20:31   It's so John, it's so perfect. But yeah, family sharing. I just wanted to say that I

00:20:36   I appreciate the way that it works.

00:20:38   Could be better, but it's already a pretty sweet deal, actually.

00:20:41   The only downside, maybe, you cannot share app subscriptions.

00:20:48   So third-party subscriptions for apps like Ulysses or Bear,

00:20:53   those I believe they cannot be shared.

00:20:55   -Right, but we could both just have our own, right?

00:20:58   -Yes, of course. -Right, because it's like,

00:20:59   you know, we don't share them right now, at least,

00:21:03   but we don't share anything.

00:21:05   So, yeah, I think I might look at,

00:21:07   I think I might do it.

00:21:08   I think I might do it.

00:21:09   I'm gonna, well, I'll ask if she would want that

00:21:12   and then we'll see.

00:21:12   - Sure, sure. - If that's something

00:21:13   that we'll do.

00:21:14   All right, let's take a break.

00:21:15   We still got a little bit of follow up though.

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00:22:34   gives me peace of mind and as I said before, without making my internet run super slow.

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00:22:44   expressvpn.com/connected for an extra 3 months free of a 1 year package. Protect your internet

00:22:50   today with the VPN that I trust to keep my data safe. Go to expressvpn.com/connected to get started.

00:22:56   Our thanks to ExpressVPN for their support of this show and all of Relay FM.

00:23:00   I saw today FCC approval has been granted to the Mac Pro.

00:23:06   Okay.

00:23:07   Great news, right?

00:23:09   Sure, yeah.

00:23:11   I especially wanted to bring that up when it was just me and you,

00:23:15   because I just thought it would be funny.

00:23:16   I'm all for, you know, the government approving new professional Macintoshes.

00:23:23   It's like your two favorite things, governments and professional mackintoshes.

00:23:27   The hammer of the state and the power of the Macintosh. That's

00:23:35   what we're known for on this program.

00:23:38   The hammer of the state and the power of the Macintosh. The two tenants of Connected.

00:23:43   Absolutely. It fills me with such a pure joy and delight knowing that the US government,

00:23:52   has officially approved the Macintosh Pro that you honestly have no idea how I feel.

00:23:58   The Macintosh Professional.

00:23:59   The Macintosh Professional is my most anticipated computer of the day.

00:24:08   The day, just today. Today's most anticipated computer.

00:24:13   Do you think it's weird that we don't know when these are shipping?

00:24:18   Yes, it's not surprising.

00:24:21   I believe it basically happened the same with the original trash can.

00:24:26   Oh, the iMac Pro as well.

00:24:27   And the iMac Pro as well.

00:24:29   I don't know why Apple likes to do this, honestly.

00:24:32   Like, what's so difficult about a date?

00:24:35   You can still do the embargoes.

00:24:36   You can still do the behind the scenes, you know, press tours and briefings.

00:24:41   You can still do all of that.

00:24:43   Just give people a date, like even a window.

00:24:46   Like it comes out in December.

00:24:48   and everybody starts saving their money.

00:24:50   We have until the 22nd of December.

00:24:53   Sure.

00:24:53   Because that's when fall ends.

00:24:55   And you really be a little more precise.

00:24:56   That's a long time.

00:24:58   That's still a long time to wait on this product.

00:25:01   Yeah.

00:25:01   But there you go.

00:25:03   Fall.

00:25:04   Or the autumn.

00:25:06   The autumn, it's a very good word.

00:25:09   So yeah, it's approved.

00:25:11   You know, there's a whole industry of,

00:25:14   this is totally a tangent,

00:25:15   But there's a whole industry of folks who know how to operate these websites,

00:25:21   like the FCC and the US government patent office website.

00:25:26   They know how to find stuff there.

00:25:30   I have no idea how to do it.

00:25:32   Like, I wonder if they have a shortcut or some app that looks into the FCC database.

00:25:38   Like, how do they do it?

00:25:38   Or like when they when you see those reports of like two new MacBook models have been

00:25:44   spotted in the Eurasia database.

00:25:46   Like, how do you even do it?

00:25:48   Yeah, that is true.

00:25:49   Employees working there and feeding you info, like, how does it happen?

00:25:53   There's a whole...

00:25:54   There's also this like whole weird thing about like,

00:25:57   the iPhones don't do this.

00:26:00   There's like a secret approval process

00:26:03   for some products.

00:26:06   Because I remember, I believe if my memory serves,

00:26:11   Apple and other companies really kind of petitioned the FCC for this when new smartphones started becoming a thing.

00:26:18   So the FCC didn't ruin a product introduction.

00:26:22   Because FCC approval documents include diagrams of the product.

00:26:27   So this FCC for the Mac Pro, it has to be done before they can release it.

00:26:33   Now, they can't do that for the iPhone, right?

00:26:36   You can't do the FCC approval in public before it's announced.

00:26:39   because then everyone will see it. So the FCC approval is like sealed I think it's called.

00:26:44   Like and so it's like you never see it right like they don't release the documentation.

00:26:49   So obviously Apple hasn't bothered to do that because we all know about the Mac bro.

00:26:52   But it's just kind of this funny thing of like all of this stuff being public like what is this

00:26:58   Eurasia database? Why can't they do it? Like it's very peculiar. Yeah yeah I don't know.

00:27:05   Sometimes I... maybe there's a word for this.

00:27:09   Sometimes I think about how many professions exist in the world.

00:27:16   Like if you look at any object around you and you realize, you know, there's...

00:27:24   Somebody is an expert about this.

00:27:27   And there's people that work with them on this.

00:27:31   And there's other people that also work with them.

00:27:34   And like, it's mind-boggling when you think about how many jobs and different professions exist

00:27:39   and how many people are experts in different fields. And in this case, you know, FCC and

00:27:44   government of... Like, there's somebody up there who's an expert in government approval of

00:27:49   electronic devices from Apple. Like, that's very specific. And yet we all take it for granted and

00:27:55   we talk about it as if it's just something that happens. But no, there's people behind it. And

00:28:01   And I find that oddly fascinating.

00:28:03   That's what I think about in my day.

00:28:06   - I don't know why you think about it,

00:28:09   but when you explain it like that, I agree with you.

00:28:13   - Okay, good.

00:28:14   - Does Google Docs include multi-window support?

00:28:17   - Yes, but only on the Mac Pro.

00:28:19   - Ah, okay, that's good to know.

00:28:21   - No. - The Macintosh Professional.

00:28:23   - No, it's still not there, I'm sorry.

00:28:28   iOS 13.2, watchOS 6.1, they're both out.

00:28:33   You can share audio.

00:28:35   Have you done this yet?

00:28:36   I haven't done it yet, but I know you can do it.

00:28:39   - Few weeks ago, I tested it and it worked.

00:28:42   I haven't done it since because I, you know,

00:28:44   Sylvia doesn't want to listen to my music.

00:28:46   - There is very few times that I can see myself doing this,

00:28:50   but in the times that I would want to do it,

00:28:51   it will be very useful.

00:28:53   Right, like watching a movie on a plane or something,

00:28:57   you know, with my wife would be really useful to be able to do this.

00:29:00   There have been multiple times I've been like, I wish I had a headphone splitter,

00:29:03   but I don't have those things anymore that I don't just always have them

00:29:07   lying around, especially when I'm using wireless headphones.

00:29:10   But this will I think this is a feature that I will get some use out of.

00:29:14   And when I do remember to use it, I'll be very happy.

00:29:16   What else of interest to you is in 13.2?

00:29:21   Well, Deep Fusion is out.

00:29:24   OK, I was talking about this on upgrade of Jason.

00:29:27   I'm a little bit frustrated about Deep Fusion Federico.

00:29:30   Are you?

00:29:31   Yeah.

00:29:32   Why?

00:29:33   Because I have no idea if it works or not.

00:29:37   And or what it's doing for me.

00:29:40   Yeah, that's the point.

00:29:42   They don't want you to think about it.

00:29:44   So I kind of wish that they'd never told me about it.

00:29:48   Yeah, I can see what you mean.

00:29:51   Especially for people like us that we like to know how things work.

00:29:55   they positioned it in the same way they positioned portrait mode. The whole thing.

00:30:00   We're gonna tell you about a camera thing, we're gonna show you how amazing it is,

00:30:03   Matt Panzareno is gonna write a big article about it, but the difference is

00:30:08   like I have no control and I have no idea when it's when it's in effect.

00:30:14   There's something I've noticed about the camera. I have one little complaint about

00:30:18   the camera. Sometimes photos look very dark like there is like a sharpness that

00:30:25   they have to them. I don't know whether this is some kind of deep fusion thing

00:30:30   or it's a night mode thing or just a low-light thing in general but I've

00:30:35   noticed that some photos I take they seem to have this like like like the

00:30:39   sharpness or the clarity has been pumped up quite a bit but I'm struggling to put

00:30:44   my finger on it. It's like the lighting is a little weird somehow. But anyway, Deep Fusion

00:30:49   is kind of basically the way where I am with Deep Fusion now is I'm gonna choose to forget about it.

00:30:57   Yeah you should. We're not supposed to think about it. I wonder if maybe there should be some way to

00:31:06   communicate this. Even just for those who really want to go look for it,

00:31:13   have some metadata in the photo that you can inspect if you really want to

00:31:18   double-check and confirm. So I've been thinking about this as well, right? This

00:31:23   was never supposed to be a thing. They just didn't have this ready in time.

00:31:28   Wasn't supposed to be like an update. It was never supposed to be like

00:31:33   Like we have this thing called Deep Fusion.

00:31:35   This was just supposed to be in part of the camera.

00:31:38   IOS 13, as part of the camera and then they were going to say we're now doing this thing

00:31:43   in some lighting conditions.

00:31:45   It was just going to be part of the camera presentation where they spoke about how the

00:31:49   camera works.

00:31:51   I feel like there was never supposed to be this period of time where Deep Fusion didn't

00:31:57   exist.

00:31:58   never the intention purely because there is like no setting for it it doesn't

00:32:04   exist in iOS it's not written down anywhere you can't find it right like I

00:32:08   feel like it was supposed to be in 13 as a feature it took a little too long and

00:32:14   they bumped it spoke about it as this big thing that was coming out but it

00:32:18   wasn't in the same way that they did portrait mode like really this is just

00:32:21   like an update to the camera it's not a new shooting mode and I think that

00:32:27   really it was supposed to be the default shooting mode because it just muddies things quite

00:32:31   a lot, it makes things difficult, right?

00:32:33   Like when it comes to camera reviews of the phone against other smartphones and stuff,

00:32:38   Apple would have obviously much preferred it to have all of its stocks in a row beforehand.

00:32:42   I expected it was supposed to be part of just the release and it just didn't make it.

00:32:47   Yeah, I agree.

00:32:49   They don't want you to think about it as a feature, but we received it as such with an

00:32:56   update.

00:32:57   So you can now change, if you have an iPhone 11 or an iPhone 11 Pro, you can now change settings for

00:33:05   video resolution and frame rates inside the camera app. So it's not the best UI, you basically need to

00:33:16   tap on labels that do not look like tappable buttons, but if you do you can toggle between

00:33:23   formats and frame rates so you don't need to open settings to do it anymore

00:33:27   you can do it within the camera app from the viewfinder. Some changes to shortcuts

00:33:32   on iPhone and iPad there's two new actions one is set noise control this

00:33:40   works with AirPods Pro and I believe the new Beats Solo Pro as well it's new in

00:33:45   13.2 and it's an action that lets you choose whether you want to use the

00:33:49   active noise cancellation or transparency mode or just turn it off.

00:33:55   And you can now do it with the shortcut which is convenient because it means you

00:33:59   can create widgets for it, you can create custom menus for it or you can even

00:34:05   send this to me on Twitter, which is a great idea. You can set up an

00:34:11   automation so that if you have 13.2 and watchOS 6.1, every time you

00:34:18   start a workout you can toggle transparency mode on. So that like if

00:34:23   you're going for a walk or run outside you can still make sure that you hear

00:34:27   traffic around you or people around you. So that's very clever because the

00:34:32   shortcuts can now detect if you're starting a specific type of workout or

00:34:36   any workout. It's part of the automation triggers now and it works if you have

00:34:42   watchOS 6.1 and you can combine that with the new noise control action for

00:34:47   AirPods. There's also a new handoff playback action that lets you handoff audio playing from

00:34:55   your iPhone or iPad to a HomePod or to an AirPlay 2 speaker, I believe, and to an Apple TV. Of course,

00:35:04   I wrote about it, but of course the HomePod software update had to be pulled because it was

00:35:11   breaking people's HomePods. And I also think the multi-user thing is horrifically buggy. Yeah,

00:35:16   Yeah, it was broken.

00:35:18   But there's a new action you can hand off playback.

00:35:21   And if you were one of the few people who managed to install 13.2 on your HomePod,

00:35:25   you can try it out.

00:35:26   I made a couple of shortcuts that you can download on Mac Stories

00:35:29   if you want to have a custom menu for audio handoff.

00:35:32   How does that work?

00:35:34   Okay, so that's a good question.

00:35:36   I believe it works in two different ways.

00:35:38   So if you're trying to hand off audio for Apple Music and Apple Podcasts,

00:35:43   My understanding is that they get special treatment.

00:35:47   That's already happening right now in a different feature.

00:35:52   So what happens with this action is it transfers

00:35:57   the audio session entirely from your iPhone or iPad

00:36:02   to the HomePod.

00:36:04   If you try with third-party apps or other apps,

00:36:08   they just initiate an AirPlay streaming session

00:36:13   from your source device to the speaker.

00:36:16   So you're gonna see iPhone,

00:36:18   right pointing arrow, HomePod in control center.

00:36:25   When you're streaming from your phone to a speaker.

00:36:29   Apple Music and Podcast, they get special treatment

00:36:31   just like they already were getting special treatment before

00:36:35   in how you can start a completely separate session

00:36:42   on a HomePod or without touching the audio

00:36:45   that's playing on your phone.

00:36:47   That's how it works.

00:36:48   But it's nice because you have choice.

00:36:51   You can do the special transfer for music and podcasts,

00:36:55   or you can just transfer a handoff any audio from any app.

00:36:59   I tried with AirPlay One and AirPlay Two,

00:37:01   and it always works.

00:37:02   It's very nice.

00:37:03   - Do you know how the Proximity One is working?

00:37:06   - I know that it's working for me.

00:37:08   It's very nice.

00:37:09   I don't know how it's working.

00:37:10   Because it feels like NFC, like it's the same kind of action.

00:37:14   You don't need to tap, you can wave your phone slightly like on top of the HomePod.

00:37:19   I don't know what kind of sensor it's using though, honestly.

00:37:23   Yeah, it's weird, right? Like how does it know? I don't know how it knows.

00:37:27   I'm very confused about it.

00:37:29   Me too. And speaking of proximity, Myke, do we know if Apple ever shipped or...

00:37:35   I know they shipped it, but have they ever fixed the position-aware airdrop thing?

00:37:41   I don't know how it's supposed to work.

00:37:43   Me neither, I just keep spinning my phone.

00:37:45   Like, when I... if I have the two phones and I move one to the other, it vibrates, right?

00:37:50   To like, indicate to me... but like, nothing transfers.

00:37:54   I still have to press a button, like, I don't understand what's happening with that airdrop thing.

00:37:59   Yeah, sometimes I see a message that says "raise your phone".

00:38:03   Like, what does it even mean?

00:38:05   I think you're not supposed to like, hold the phone horizontally.

00:38:09   Yeah, but when I'm pointing to the other phone, nothing happens.

00:38:15   Yeah, it's very confusing.

00:38:16   I don't understand it.

00:38:17   It feels like a feature that they

00:38:20   didn't show off for a reason.

00:38:23   Because it doesn't work.

00:38:24   They just haven't bothered to make it work.

00:38:26   Maybe it's Apple's secret plan to let you exercise your arms.

00:38:30   - It's spinning, spinning around. - Deep airdrop fusion.

00:38:34   Yes.

00:38:36   Other fixes and improvements in 13.2.

00:38:38   There's now a listening history section in Apple Music,

00:38:42   in the Music app, when you open the Up Next queue.

00:38:46   If you swipe up, you can see your listening history,

00:38:50   any track that you listened to before.

00:38:52   It's very nice that you have a record,

00:38:54   you have a history of the music you listen to.

00:38:59   I'm very happy to report, Michael, that the ability to drag apps, app icons out of Spotlight

00:39:08   is back in iPadOS.

00:39:10   Okay.

00:39:11   Was it ever gone?

00:39:12   Because I've been doing it the whole time.

00:39:15   I believe it was broken for a lot of people.

00:39:17   I think one of the things that you had to do was press the home button on a keyboard

00:39:21   and it would work for me.

00:39:22   Right?

00:39:23   So I think that might have been the reason that I was getting it to work.

00:39:26   I was pressing the ask key on my Logitech keyboard.

00:39:29   There you go.

00:39:30   But now you don't need to press the key anymore.

00:39:32   Now it's the way that it used to be in iOS 12.

00:39:35   I've now I've given up the Apple will fix the dragging an icon from the home screen.

00:39:41   They clearly not have no intention of fixing that.

00:39:43   They broke that and now they're not going to fix it.

00:39:46   Right. That you could because you used to be able to like tap and hold on an icon and drag it,

00:39:51   then tap another one, it would open that app and you could drop the second app onto SplitView.

00:39:58   All it does is it creates a stack to put in a folder, which doesn't make any sense.

00:40:02   Now there's going to be people, you know, please don't tell Myke that you can still

00:40:07   sort of do it.

00:40:08   No you can't.

00:40:09   I don't care what anyone says, you can't do it.

00:40:11   You can still sort of do it.

00:40:12   I'm going to save you the, well actually on Twitter, you can do it if you pick up the

00:40:19   icon, then enter the multitasking app switcher.

00:40:23   Oh, that's baloney.

00:40:24   But look, if the apps start moving around as if they're being physically moved, it's

00:40:30   broken.

00:40:31   Right, because that didn't used to happen before.

00:40:34   I'm just giving you a potential workaround.

00:40:35   I know you're trying to help me, but I refuse the help.

00:40:38   But I get your point.

00:40:39   Yes, I get your point. Yes.

00:40:41   Yes.

00:40:41   If you have a contextual icon that says, like a contextual menu that says

00:40:47   rearrange icons, you do not need to have all of the icons immediately rearranging all the time,

00:40:54   right? Like, why can I rearrange icons in two different ways but can't drag the app from the

00:41:00   home screen into multi-futuristic? That's a good point, that's a good point. Like, it's bananas,

00:41:04   it's absolutely bananas. I want to, I need to ask you this, Myke. I don't know if this is

00:41:10   exactly new in 13.2. I'm pretty sure it's new in 13 this year. On iPadOS, you know the command

00:41:19   tab switcher, right? I've recently discovered that if you hit command Q while an app is selected in

00:41:30   the command tab switcher, it'll remove the app from the switcher, but it'll not actually force

00:41:37   quit the app. What is the point of that? What's the point of this? You need to tell me why,

00:41:43   what's the point? I don't understand that. My only possible explanation is that if you're,

00:41:49   if you feel subconscious about the icons that you have in the command tab switcher,

00:41:54   like if you're in front of people you want to quickly hide an icon for some reason.

00:41:57   Right, then they're still multitasking. But they're still in the switcher though.

00:42:02   it doesn't quit the app. So you can just clean up your switch. I don't know. But there you

00:42:10   have it.

00:42:11   That's a remnant of something else, right? Like I see stuff like that and it's not a

00:42:17   feature. That's in there, it's a non-bug that has been created, right? Like it's just this

00:42:22   esoteric thing that's been created because of something else. Why would that be a feature?

00:42:26   Like if you hit command-Q it only removes it from the tab switch.

00:42:31   another feature it's a byproduct of something else.

00:42:35   That byproduct is the perfect phrase for that. It's a byproduct of something else. That nobody

00:42:40   ever intended that. Super weird.

00:42:44   Alright, there's more for 13.2 and 6.1 and all that nonsense. But let me take our second

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00:44:07   So I am aware, but actually you know what? Before, I've got an article open here from

00:44:15   the wonderful Max stories and it's about the HomePod and basically what you were talking

00:44:21   about and there is something called loud siren in here which everybody who listens to the show

00:44:27   now knows that you that you have now turned your entire home pod set up into a horrific siren

00:44:32   i want to talk to you about that but before we do i want to ask you something that i know you don't

00:44:38   want to answer your home screen in these screenshots here there's a lot going on on these

00:44:48   home screens that I'm very intrigued about and I'm sure you're not gonna want

00:44:55   to talk about it right now but there's a lot of very interesting looking icons

00:45:00   that I don't understand. Can I give you my answer? Yes. Here's my answer!

00:45:07   Is that what the siren sounds like? Yes. Is there anyone in your house right now?

00:45:14   now? Just the dogs, just me. Poor dogs. Yeah, they're in the other room. This is the

00:45:21   on-pod in my room. Oh my god. Oh, that is a horrific noise. We're gonna get to that.

00:45:28   And it was 40%. So, my home screen. Yeah, yeah, there's a lot going on. I should write

00:45:33   about it. Basically, the reason why I wanted Sylvia to make the Max Stories shortcuts icons.

00:45:44   which by the way has been recently updated with 50 new glyphs, which you can get at maxlaurius.net.

00:45:48   Yes, there's a free update and the glyphs also have home pods in them because I knew

00:45:54   this update was coming out. I convinced her to make these icons because I wanted the icons

00:46:00   myself. So the fact that running shortcuts on the home screen is much, much better in

00:46:08   13 convinced me to go to try this hybrid approach of like not an entirely shortcuts only home

00:46:17   screen, but both apps and shortcuts.

00:46:21   I have more apps on my phone that I do on my iPad.

00:46:24   On my iPad I do have more shortcuts on the home screen, but that's because I have the

00:46:30   dock on the iPad.

00:46:31   But yeah, I should explain.

00:46:35   I want to know what they all are.

00:46:37   like releases, recents, mytasks, there's taskplus, musicbot, ideas, what are these things?

00:46:51   Some of these are big projects that I've been working on for the past five months, especially

00:46:59   releases and music and my tasks. Those are like actual web apps. They're powered by shortcuts.

00:47:08   It's ridiculous. I promise I will share them eventually. They were created with the purpose

00:47:14   of sharing them with people. Honestly, in the short term, like before the end of the

00:47:20   year, I want to write about the home screen, my home screen, like all the apps and shortcuts

00:47:26   that I have and I plan on sharing MusicBot, which is the thing that I've been working

00:47:31   on for the past two months.

00:47:34   I've been talking about it on App Store a bit, this sort of comprehensive Apple Music

00:47:40   Assistant that I've been working on.

00:47:43   So far it's about 500 actions and it requires no setup, it's entirely like all the complexity

00:47:52   removed to do a bunch of things for you for Apple Music. But yeah, I realize there's a lot of things.

00:47:58   So Ideas is an easy one. Ideas just launches an Apple Note for my shortcuts ideas. It's a simple

00:48:07   one action shortcut. But yeah, there's a bunch of things to explain. Have you seen Reader in there?

00:48:15   Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

00:48:17   I've stopped.

00:48:20   I'm almost convinced that I'm going to stop using Safari Reading List.

00:48:23   Oh, man, it's

00:48:26   that there's another three episodes of this stuff.

00:48:29   But we don't have the time today. But yes.

00:48:32   I'm not surprised you've stopped using Safari Reading List.

00:48:35   Look, I've given it a honest shot for like three years.

00:48:38   That reader icon, that's a beta icon or something?

00:48:42   Yeah, it's the beta. It's supposedly coming out very, very soon.

00:48:47   I use Reader every day.

00:48:50   I've gotten back in touch with Silvio, the developer.

00:48:54   We lost touch over the years when he was busy working on Reader 4.

00:48:59   And I've been sending him my feedback for the shortcuts that he's working on.

00:49:05   Really, really good stuff.

00:49:07   - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Shortcuts.

00:49:09   - Yes, yes. - Okay, okay.

00:49:11   Alright, we'll come back to all of that. Let's talk about your HomePod siren, shall we?

00:49:16   You want to hear the siren again?

00:49:17   No, I don't want to hear the siren again. That's the one thing I don't want.

00:49:20   What I want to know is, did you get it all working? Do you have your home alarm system

00:49:26   set up the way that you want now?

00:49:27   I do. And that's because you can now let HomePods participate, well, if you have the software

00:49:35   update of course, you can now let HomePods participate in the Home

00:49:41   Automations and Scenes. So this means that you can play, you have four

00:49:47   actions. If you assign a HomePod or I believe any AirPlay 2

00:49:54   speaker to a Scene or Automation in the Home app on your iPhone or iPad, you

00:50:00   can choose between four actions, they are Play Audio, Resume Audio,

00:50:07   Pause Audio and Adjust Volume. And you can choose, there's a bunch of options

00:50:13   that you can choose, Repeat, Shuffle, Use the current volume or Set a custom

00:50:19   volume. And when you Play Audio, so this is the thing that I was looking forward

00:50:23   to, because I wanted to turn my three HomePods into a siren, into a super loud

00:50:28   siren. I do have a siren like a physical siren that I bought on Amazon and that I wired myself.

00:50:33   But a multi-room HomePod setup will be much louder. Imagine a multi-room HomePod setup

00:50:41   a hundred percent volume blasting a loud siren like the one you just heard. Part of the thing

00:50:47   about that is like if that happens to you you know that's coming from multiple places that is like an

00:50:52   audio assault to you. Mm-hmm yeah so I was able to... I'm gonna... let me talk...

00:51:00   I'm gonna mention this in a few minutes. For now what I've done is I downloaded a

00:51:06   loud siren track from YouTube. I used YouTube DL to download it on my Mac.

00:51:13   I used Fission by Rogamiba, excellent app, wonderful app, to convert it to an MP3

00:51:21   file and give it custom metadata. So I give it a homekit, a home icon artwork.

00:51:27   And I believe the genre following the excellent tip by John Boris is loud.

00:51:35   And I think the artist and the album is... No, the artist is homekit, I think, and the

00:51:40   album is homekit security.

00:51:42   It's the loudest beats.

00:51:43   You know, it's the loudest beats. I uploaded this track to my iCloud Music Library, and then I selected it in

00:51:50   in the Home app so that whenever my home security system is triggered, the HomePods will start

00:51:58   playing this track, Loud Siren, full volume in all three rooms. It's loud man, it's very loud

00:52:07   and it's, you know, you can barely survive if you hear that. I haven't tried at 100%, 50%

00:52:18   It was enough for a few seconds.

00:52:19   Are you happy with the way that you have this set up right now

00:52:23   that you are willing to trust the security of your home to this system?

00:52:27   Oh, yeah. I mean, I've been trusting the security of my home

00:52:30   to this system without the HomePod sirens for the past few months, actually.

00:52:35   It works really well.

00:52:37   I must say, like the door and window sensors are working great.

00:52:41   Well, what I want to do is modify the loud siren track

00:52:47   so that it contains a vocal message that like fakes a phone call to the police as well.

00:52:55   Oh yeah, I forgot about that idea.

00:52:57   Yeah I'm gonna do that, I'm gonna put together like I'm gonna record myself.

00:53:01   But is it the police here or the Carabinieri? Which one are you gonna...

00:53:04   I think I'm gonna like with the Carabinieri because they're you know...

00:53:07   I see them as tougher.

00:53:09   Yeah scarier, just the word.

00:53:12   Scarier.

00:53:13   That's because many, many, many years ago they used to have a carabiner, which is the gun, hence the carabinieri.

00:53:21   Because it sounds to me like a secret police.

00:53:23   Well, they're not a secret police.

00:53:25   I know, they're everywhere, you see them, but it sounds like the secret police.

00:53:29   Right, that's kind of how I hear it.

00:53:31   Yeah, but I'm pretty happy so far.

00:53:34   We've added, what's it called, a UPS module, the thing for backup power.

00:53:41   The uninterruptible power supply thing.

00:53:43   Yeah.

00:53:45   Because, you know, of course, if anybody's trying to break in,

00:53:50   maybe they could try cutting the power from outside.

00:53:54   How will you deal with the explosives expert, Federico?

00:53:58   Well, that I haven't accounted for, but at least my internet connection is going to stay up.

00:54:04   My Apple TV is going to stay up.

00:54:05   What if they cut a hole in the ceiling and come down that way?

00:54:09   At that point I'm screwed.

00:54:11   Yeah, I guess so, right?

00:54:13   But at least if they tried the traditional way, the Internet is going to stay up.

00:54:17   So I'm going to get notifications and the Apple TV is going to stay up.

00:54:20   So the HomeKit hub works and the at least one home pod and the Amazon

00:54:25   and the Amazon siren, the physical siren will continue working.

00:54:29   The other two home pods, if they cut the power, will not work.

00:54:34   But honestly, I really hope that they don't.

00:54:35   Like, I don't want anybody to try this.

00:54:38   I just know that it's working and that's enough for me.

00:54:41   You know, you cannot leave being obsessed with, oh, are they going to break in today?

00:54:45   Is this isn't going to work? No, I just set it up for my safety, for my peace of mind.

00:54:49   And, you know, the fact that it's entirely powered by HomeKit makes me happy

00:54:54   because I don't need to trust anybody, anybody else's servers anymore

00:54:58   or pay for other subscriptions and services and that kind of stuff.

00:55:03   And I cannot wait for HomeKit secure video

00:55:06   to become available for my Logi Circle 2 cameras.

00:55:09   Are they putting that on there?

00:55:11   Yes, the Circle 2 will get it.

00:55:13   Okay, that might be what I move to, because I want to

00:55:17   have access to HomeKit Secure Video.

00:55:19   I just want that feature, and

00:55:23   I'm not convinced that Canary's going to get it,

00:55:26   but I only want to move when I can recreate what I have,

00:55:30   which is also having a siren

00:55:33   and the ability to talk through into the home.

00:55:36   Like I want to be able to have these features

00:55:39   and I don't mind if I have to have a couple of different products to make that work

00:55:43   as long as it all works with HomeKit.

00:55:45   I'm happy with that.

00:55:47   Have you tried the HomePod Ambience sounds?

00:55:52   No, because I didn't know how to activate them.

00:55:56   Neither did I. I found a great Artcore 9-5 Mac which actually tells you how to do it.

00:56:03   So you just say like you know, ahoy telephone, play stream sounds or ocean noises or you say

00:56:14   white noise that kind of thing and then it will do it and they sound pretty good.

00:56:19   It's a little aggressive for me I think like the sounds because they sound pretty loopy right like

00:56:29   they're on a loop, like in a pretty short loop and that kind of, I don't really like that so much,

00:56:33   you can do white noise and stuff which I know is useful for some people because it's kind of cool

00:56:37   it's built into the HomePod now. Yeah, people buy like white noise machines, you know,

00:56:44   dedicated for this and now it's part of the HomePod which is pretty cool. 13.2 and 10.15.1

00:56:52   and all that stuff, even the HomePod, it gave you the option to do the Siri privacy thing,

00:56:57   right where you can send the audio clips. What did you choose?

00:57:01   Oh I'm sharing everything man. I'm not.

00:57:04   Really? Oh okay. I'm really I'm doing it out of anger because I was just really

00:57:10   annoyed at the way Apple dealt with that whole thing.

00:57:13   So I'm kind of doing it out of spite and part of my spite comes from the

00:57:18   fact that they're getting the text transcripts anyway which I find

00:57:21   really annoying that like I can't opt out of that.

00:57:24   Like, they made this big thing about an apology, but they still won't let me opt out of text transcripts.

00:57:29   Um, so

00:57:31   I said no, because it's like I don't, I feel like I just don't need my audio sent for somebody to listen to.

00:57:36   I just feel like I don't, if I get the choice

00:57:39   I'm gonna say no to that. Like,

00:57:41   we're good. Well, I've been getting so many

00:57:45   accidental Siri activations. Right, and that's part of the reason I don't want it sent, because it's happening all the time. Yeah,

00:57:53   But I've been getting so many of them before 13.2 on my HomePod.

00:57:57   So I don't know if the situation is getting better.

00:57:59   It's too soon to tell.

00:58:00   But again, it's so many that I realized, you know, how many

00:58:03   people like me are out there in this situation of having three HomePods

00:58:08   that have been imported from the US and they're now being used in Italy

00:58:12   in an environment where honestly, like most of the time,

00:58:17   you can hear me talking in a weird mix of English and Italian,

00:58:20   which, by the way, is getting super, super bad.

00:58:23   and funny at the same time.

00:58:25   Like I cannot speak in Italian,

00:58:26   like fluent Italian anymore, basically.

00:58:29   So how, what's the, you know,

00:58:31   what are the chances that some,

00:58:33   many other people like me are up there

00:58:34   with the same setup?

00:58:35   So I figured, you know,

00:58:36   anything that I can do to sort of improve this for myself,

00:58:39   I'm gonna share the data with Apple

00:58:41   so they can listen and understand whatever is going on.

00:58:45   Because honestly, like the TV is triggering Siri

00:58:47   all the time now, even though like,

00:58:50   - I get it all the time.

00:58:51   Like, even for words that are not remotely similar, that name.

00:59:00   Something else that has been going on here.

00:59:03   WatchOS 6.1 is out, came out yesterday.

00:59:07   Got a bunch of improvements.

00:59:09   Battery life should be better for people.

00:59:10   I've seen folks who have a Series 5 watch saying that 6.1

00:59:15   improved their situation, so that's nice.

00:59:17   Workout triggers, we mentioned them before,

00:59:21   should now be working correctly between the iPhone and the iPad.

00:59:24   I say "should" because they don't for me.

00:59:28   Also, what doesn't work for me is you can now run shortcuts on the Apple Watch

00:59:34   thanks to 13.2 and 6.1.

00:59:37   And it's supposedly the full-on shortcut support.

00:59:44   You can see even menus and lists on the watch.

00:59:49   and you can choose parameters and stuff like that.

00:59:52   Even though there's no shortcuts app on the watch,

00:59:54   you can now run shortcuts on the watch via Siri.

00:59:57   And you can, you know, interactivity, conversational mode,

01:00:00   all of that stuff is supported.

01:00:02   It's not working for me at all.

01:00:04   When I try to run a shortcut, it says,

01:00:06   "I do not recognize that command."

01:00:08   And I, of course, opened up a feedback report with Apple last week.

01:00:14   They followed up with me today asking for an additional SysDiagnos on the watch,

01:00:20   which by the way, if you don't know, you can capture a SysDiagnos on the Apple Watch

01:00:26   by pressing the side button and the digital crown at the same time for two seconds.

01:00:31   And then you got to wait 15 minutes for the SysDiagnos to be collected and saved on your iPhone

01:00:36   in the watch app.

01:00:38   Anyway, I needed to install an additional Siri login profile on my iPhone to gather additional data for my shortcuts usage.

01:00:49   My understanding is that something horrible happened to my shortcuts library so that it's not syncing to the watch correctly

01:00:56   and I'm not getting the workout triggers to work and I'm not getting the shortcuts on the watch to work.

01:01:02   It's probably about 64.

01:01:04   I knew that I was going to make that joke and I accept it.

01:01:07   I brought it on myself.

01:01:08   But yeah, hopefully Apple can look into the data that I send,

01:01:12   the additional data that I sent and they can figure out whatever is going on.

01:01:15   So the shortcuts can only be run by Siri, right?

01:01:19   Yes, of course. There's no... Or in theory,

01:01:23   with the Siri watch face.

01:01:26   In theory.

01:01:29   I haven't tested it because it doesn't work.

01:01:33   But yeah, I saw somebody on Twitter today, I'm gonna try and find a tweet if I can,

01:01:40   with a video of how shortcuts on the watch work. It's pretty impressive.

01:01:44   You do get the full interaction.

01:01:47   You can choose from lists, you can dictate text, and you can do anything.

01:01:51   So I really hope that Apple can figure out what's going on for me because I would love to use this.

01:01:56   Do we have anything else on software updates?

01:02:03   I mean, Carolina had an update with a new emoji.

01:02:06   Great.

01:02:07   I don't know, the Apple TV was updated too.

01:02:11   That's about it, I think.

01:02:15   Yeah, I think we should stop messing around and not start talking about what people actually care about today, which is AirPods Pro.

01:02:21   Oh yeah.

01:02:22   Because we both have them. We haven't had them for long, but we both have them.

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01:04:09   AirPods Pro!

01:04:12   -Mm-hmm. We're here. -We both got them today.

01:04:14   I had them for a couple of hours.

01:04:16   I've spent a little bit of time playing around with them.

01:04:19   They were announced on Monday.

01:04:22   We were both able to order them and they've arrived.

01:04:25   In case you have missed it.

01:04:27   Effectively, the big things here are active noise cancellation.

01:04:31   So there is noise cancellation.

01:04:34   They are water resistant.

01:04:35   They are splash proof is probably a better thing to say.

01:04:38   What else do we have?

01:04:41   And then they're smaller.

01:04:43   They have a different case.

01:04:46   Really, the noise cancellation is what warrants this product existing because there's a few

01:04:54   different things going on.

01:04:55   There's a couple of modes, right?

01:04:57   You have regular mode, which is just nothing's happening.

01:05:02   And the AirPods are going in your ears now, so just little silicone tips.

01:05:07   So that provides some level of isolation, right?

01:05:10   Because you've got a fit and you've got something stuck in your ear, so that isolates some noise.

01:05:16   Then you have the noise cancellation mode where it's using the microphones on the outside

01:05:21   and also the microphones on the inside to see how much noise is outside, how much noise

01:05:26   is getting in and then it's trying to map the music.

01:05:31   It's really weird stuff, I don't understand completely how this stuff works but it's using

01:05:35   all of that sound to adapt the noise that you're hearing and then to make sure it's

01:05:39   basically trying to level that out.

01:05:42   you've got transparency mode where it's actively using those microphones to

01:05:46   bring in some outside noise to you more than you would be getting from not

01:05:50   having it on even if you were playing no music right like so the idea would be if

01:05:54   you were on a bike right and you're riding on a bike you still want to be

01:05:58   able to hear street noise maybe if you're on a plane you want to be able to

01:06:02   hear something if there's announcements the way that Apple set it up is you can

01:06:06   basically choose any three of those modes so nothing, transparency mode or

01:06:12   noise cancellation and you can do that on the iPhone you can change that you

01:06:16   can like long press on the the volume slider and you can also set it up that

01:06:21   there's the the new force sensor which we'll talk about in a little bit more

01:06:25   detail in a minute you can have it so you can long press to toggle between the

01:06:30   two modes of either active noise cancellation or transparency mode

01:06:35   whatever one you're using a couple of second squeeze on the stem of the AirPod

01:06:40   will change between one or the other. So that's kind of like the rundown of like

01:06:44   that feature right I think I pretty much covered that I think right but we both

01:06:51   had them I think we have both had issues with these types of earphones in the

01:06:58   past so earphones that go in the ear I have also previously not been a big fan

01:07:03   of noise cancellation so in theory this product shouldn't be that great for me but I really

01:07:08   like it.

01:07:09   I'm very happy with it so far.

01:07:10   I find the fit of the silicon, I go down to the small ones, the medium wouldn't fit in

01:07:17   my ears.

01:07:19   Taking those off by the way is an experience.

01:07:24   The silicon tip things.

01:07:27   You have to really pull it and it feels like you're going to break it.

01:07:30   Yeah, it's because they are like other earbuds with tips, silicon tips that I tried before.

01:07:36   You don't just like insert the tip in the speaker, like what's it called?

01:07:43   Like the earbud itself.

01:07:47   There's like a little plastic base, but like at the bottom of the silicon tip that needs

01:07:52   to attach to the AirPod.

01:07:55   It's not magnetic, but it feels like it.

01:07:57   I'm gonna pull mine off now so people can hear what it sounds like, right?

01:08:01   Like this is the sound it makes when you try and remove the tip.

01:08:04   [click]

01:08:05   Yeah.

01:08:06   It is a significant, it is quite scary when you're trying to take them off for the first time.

01:08:10   It's not just like showing the silicon tip into the AirPod.

01:08:15   You need to physically detach and reattach this little component to the AirPod.

01:08:22   Which, now that I know, like, what's the correct amount of...

01:08:28   - Pressure, yeah. - ...strength to apply,

01:08:29   and pressure to apply, like, I totally get it.

01:08:32   Like, it's super easy, but the first time I was like,

01:08:34   "Oh, man, I'm gonna..."

01:08:35   Like, I swear, like, the first time that I pulled it off,

01:08:38   I thought I broke it.

01:08:39   I figured I was gonna rip the silicone.

01:08:41   - Yeah. - Right? Like...

01:08:43   - Yeah. - Yeah, it was.

01:08:44   But what I notice is that, so, historically, you know me,

01:08:48   I have a side hobby of trying lots of different headphones and earbuds and

01:08:55   just something that I like to do and then eventually I resell them to my friends and other people.

01:09:00   So I keep the hobby going like that. And historically in-ear earbuds have always

01:09:09   been problematic for me in that after 15-20 minutes start getting a very light headache,

01:09:17   it gets much much worse within the hour and I feel like pressure in my ears and it moves to my forehead.

01:09:24   I really cannot do it.

01:09:27   And if that doesn't happen, it's because I cannot find a good size of

01:09:34   silicone tips that fit my ears.

01:09:36   So either I don't find silicone tips that work for me or if I do, I get a headache.

01:09:43   I haven't had any problems with with noise cancellation before myself, but I know what you mean that

01:09:50   It can make you feel a little

01:09:53   strange like

01:09:56   You know sort of like confused or like a headache it it can be tricky for a lot of people

01:10:03   I totally understand what you mean

01:10:05   These are pods Pro. I

01:10:07   I believe that what Apple is saying about the new design with the vents that relieve pressure in the inner ear

01:10:15   I think it's working because I've been listening with these AirPods for over two hours today

01:10:21   Didn't get a headache. Yep. Didn't get any, you know, sort of

01:10:26   Weird sensation a weird feeling in my ears. Everything's been fine. I can tell that it's a tighter seal

01:10:34   compared to traditional AirPods.

01:10:36   If I turn off, if I turn noise cancellation off,

01:10:39   I still can't hear much.

01:10:41   Yeah. Yeah.

01:10:44   And also, I think the lightness of the AirPod and not having a cable

01:10:48   is something that is helping it stay in my ears.

01:10:51   Yes, yes.

01:10:53   But the way that I see it now is like traditional AirPods

01:10:56   have a much, much looser seal.

01:10:59   Like they they I've never lost them.

01:11:02   I never, you know, accidentally dropped them from my ears.

01:11:04   I'm lucky like that that my the shape of my ear is works well with the classic AirPods design

01:11:11   But these ones they are much much tighter because of the silicon tips and you know the design of the of the of the new AirPods

01:11:19   the medium size tip

01:11:21   Fit right away for me and the what's it called?

01:11:25   Ear tip fit test. Yeah, that's a mouthful in settings that confirmed the right away

01:11:32   that medium was a good seal for both AirPods.

01:11:36   And the result is that noise cancellation works.

01:11:41   I mean, it doesn't come, like, it's not magic, right?

01:11:44   If you have somebody talking in front of you,

01:11:46   it's not going to magically block them out,

01:11:48   but it makes them way, way quieter.

01:11:51   And, of course, background noise,

01:11:53   that does a really good job at eliminating.

01:11:58   But the result for me, like, the sound is what matters.

01:12:02   and the sound is much, much better than normal AirPods.

01:12:04   Like, you got more bass in there, it's warmer, it's a richer sound overall

01:12:10   that I really can't believe that Apple was able to pack into these things

01:12:13   that are so small, they're so much smaller and shorter than normal AirPods,

01:12:17   and they sound, to me, not twice as loud, but twice as richer, which is different.

01:12:22   And it's really quite remarkable.

01:12:25   Yeah, like, I think as well one of the things that's helping me with the noise cancellation

01:12:30   is it's not too strong anyway.

01:12:32   Right?

01:12:33   Like, I think because it's, I think most of the problem I've had with noise cancellation

01:12:37   is like over the ear headphones.

01:12:39   And it's just doing too much, right?

01:12:43   And that's maybe just too aggressive, where this is way less aggressive.

01:12:49   And I do think that there is a possibility, like I don't know that maybe these vents are

01:12:52   helping out with it.

01:12:54   But like, you know, like I even felt like there were times when I was putting them in,

01:12:57   when I've been testing them out today and I wasn't sure if noise cancellation was on or not

01:13:02   which I actually think is a good thing in some instances because that means it's not making me

01:13:09   feel weird basically like I was just in a quiet room right so like there wasn't noise to cancel

01:13:14   but I was putting them in and I wasn't sure I've noticed that um they when you take the the airpods

01:13:21   out of your ears and put them back in again they remember your previous setting for whether you had

01:13:26   noise cancellation on or off or you have transparency mode on so it just remembers that

01:13:31   so it doesn't seem like there's like a default way that you set it so you just have to remember that

01:13:35   right because i think that there would be quite a lot of times i would want to be able to choose

01:13:41   between all three like there will be times when i would want it off like all off you know right um

01:13:46   if i'm just commuting or whatever where i feel like i don't need noise cancellation but i also

01:13:51   don't need to hear everything like there's like a happy medium and i like that they're

01:13:55   there are the three modes so I can choose.

01:13:57   I'm not one of these people,

01:14:01   and I hear this, I hear people from you,

01:14:03   from some friends, from YouTubers,

01:14:05   people that they put on their headphones

01:14:07   and they're like, "Hmm, the mids are really good in this,

01:14:10   "and the highs are great."

01:14:11   And it's like, I do not know what anybody's talking about.

01:14:14   - Okay, okay.

01:14:16   - But I've tried to have it explained to me,

01:14:18   I can't recognize it.

01:14:19   I know when something's bassy,

01:14:21   I know when something sounds nice and clear.

01:14:23   I know, but my main thing, which is like, I had this today when I was using the AirPods,

01:14:28   is when I was using them, I was like, oh, I'm hearing things in this song that I know

01:14:33   very well that I typically only hear when I use over-ear headphones.

01:14:38   So you do know what it's like, you're just not sure about the right terminology.

01:14:42   Yeah, I don't know what the terms mean, right?

01:14:45   But I can hear certain instruments played more loudly or little details in a song that

01:14:51   I don't usually hear.

01:14:52   I can hear differences but I can't categorize them.

01:14:57   Yeah, most of them are the "mades" as they say.

01:15:00   Like the detail in the instrument.

01:15:02   Like today I was listening to the latest album by The Main, which by the way is an excellent

01:15:07   album, and with the AirPods Pro I can pick up details in the background guitars that

01:15:15   just become a little mushy, like a little background noise with the AirPods.

01:15:20   here you can tell the guitar apart from the background.

01:15:23   So yeah, I'm pleased that you mentioned that because it's also something that I noticed today.

01:15:29   What do you think about the case?

01:15:31   Alright, so...

01:15:33   It's bigger and heavier.

01:15:35   That's no problem for me.

01:15:37   Yes, it is, but like whatever, it's not like it's suddenly like a break.

01:15:42   The size difference for me is not an issue.

01:15:44   I know some people don't like it. The weight is not an issue either.

01:15:48   but it is worth noting.

01:15:50   My issue is that at first,

01:15:54   I was a bit clumsy in trying to understand how to take the AirPods out of the case.

01:16:01   You have to learn again.

01:16:03   You have to learn again. It's not the same way as with the old AirPods,

01:16:08   because if you try to pull them from the silicon tips,

01:16:13   from the front,

01:16:15   like if you try to pull them out from the front, it's not working.

01:16:17   You gotta pull them out from the back.

01:16:19   So it's a different gesture, it's a new gesture, and at first I felt kind of stupid, like,

01:16:27   have I really forgot how to remove AirPods from a case?

01:16:31   But no, the different shape and the fact that you have these silicone tips now,

01:16:36   the case requires you to adjust your gesture for taking them out.

01:16:43   But it's, you know, now it's totally fine. I did it a bunch of times and now I get it.

01:16:47   Now I'm reaching for the back of the AirPod and it comes out right away.

01:16:51   I cannot believe how much smaller they are.

01:16:54   Right? I mean, and that was one of the things that I was also concerned about.

01:16:58   Like, the shorter stem, is it really going to be comfortable to reach and press?

01:17:04   Because you have less surface area to, you know, to find as a clickable button.

01:17:10   But one, yes, I find it to be relatively easy to do.

01:17:15   Like I can reach for my ear and press and it's fine.

01:17:18   And I cannot believe how smaller they are.

01:17:21   And they're so much smaller, yet they sound better.

01:17:24   And they have more features.

01:17:26   And they have the same battery life.

01:17:28   How is this possible?

01:17:29   Miniaturization, man.

01:17:30   It's a wild thing.

01:17:33   Yeah.

01:17:33   What do you think of the Force Sensor?

01:17:35   So this is the sensor that now controls play and pause.

01:17:39   you basically squeeze it once to play, you can double squeeze it to skip forward, go

01:17:44   back. If you ever use the old inline controls on the old wired headphones, it's that basically.

01:17:50   But if you press and hold it for a few seconds, or like a second or whatever, it will do the

01:17:55   active noise cancellation toggling, or it can activate Siri if you choose for it to

01:18:00   do that. That's the only option you have for changing the force sensor. It can either do

01:18:05   the noise cancelling changes or it can do Siri.

01:18:08   You can't customise it for anything else.

01:18:10   What do you think of the sensor?

01:18:13   It seems to be working well so far for me.

01:18:16   I get it.

01:18:18   Like, I've tested it a few times.

01:18:21   I can get used to it.

01:18:23   I'm happy that you can customise the gesture

01:18:25   and have Siri activate without the voice invocation.

01:18:31   My only feedback so far would be,

01:18:33   I wish the click sound was louder.

01:18:37   Yeah, because it makes a little clicky sound, which is fun.

01:18:39   It makes it does it.

01:18:41   Too quiet, though.

01:18:42   Yeah, it should be a little, little.

01:18:44   You know what I like, though?

01:18:45   When you do the press and hold to change between noise cancellation

01:18:51   and transparency, it plays a tone, but the tone is different.

01:18:53   The chime. Yeah, yeah, it's different.

01:18:55   Yeah, it's different for each one.

01:18:57   So like you will eventually learn just by the chime where you are.

01:19:00   I think that that is very, very good design.

01:19:03   Yeah, these AirPods, they sort of, I think they are the final nail in the coffin of those

01:19:10   who hope that Apple will eventually enable slide gestures to control the volume.

01:19:17   Because, I mean, it was, you could imagine it before with the longer stem, but now, you know,

01:19:24   swiping across the AirPod that it's so shorter, I don't think it's ever going to happen.

01:19:28   I'm just really happy that they found a more refined control method, because this is more

01:19:33   refined for me than than slamming the side of my head with my head. Yeah, yeah.

01:19:38   I mean we've always had this argument here "tapping was fine for me" I get what

01:19:44   you mean. It's still too unrefined. Even if it was fine. This is a more refined gesture.

01:19:53   It's elegant, it's a little less aggressive, like I'm not tapping I'm just

01:19:57   clicking, you know? Yep. You feel more like a gentleman when you do it. Yeah.

01:20:01   So I like that a lot. I think it's good.

01:20:04   So they have removed the tapping dish. There's no accelerometer in this, it seems.

01:20:08   They're gone. They're gone.

01:20:10   Now I think the accelerometer is in there, but there's no tapping.

01:20:13   There's no tapping that you can do.

01:20:15   The accelerometer doesn't provide those actions anymore.

01:20:17   No. No. No.

01:20:18   So I mean, overall, I'm super happy so far.

01:20:23   I still gotta test them on a plane, of course.

01:20:26   Can't wait to do that. That's a big test.

01:20:28   I think I'm gonna do it. You know, I have AppleCare, so we'll see.

01:20:32   Oh, we actually mentioned that. AppleCare.

01:20:35   Oh yeah.

01:20:35   It's probably worth getting for this product.

01:20:37   To replace them costs $178 or $29 of AppleCare, and AppleCare is just $29 for this product.

01:20:46   Yeah, yeah. And I also want to mention, slightly related to this,

01:20:50   the excellent utility by friend of the show, Guy Rambo, Airbody for Mac.

01:20:56   I believe has already been updated for the new AirPods Pro.

01:21:01   He sent me a build a few hours ago,

01:21:03   and AirBody is an app that lets you see

01:21:08   the same pairing UI that you see on the iPhone

01:21:12   or the Apple Watch when you first,

01:21:14   you know, when you open the case near a device,

01:21:19   you see, you know, the little spinning graphic.

01:21:22   AirBody lets you see the same thing when you open a case,

01:21:25   an AirPods case next to your Mac and it lets you connect to the AirPods with one click.

01:21:30   And I believe a new version of AirBuddy with AirPods Pro support is already out and it works really well for me.

01:21:37   So there's that. I'm happy so far.

01:21:41   Like, they sound great.

01:21:43   Transparency mode and noise control is very welcome.

01:21:48   I love the shortcuts integration.

01:21:50   I need to test a workout, a real sweaty workout with these things.

01:21:55   see what it's like, but otherwise, I'm happy.

01:22:00   I'm curious to see, here's my something

01:22:05   to check up on in the future.

01:22:06   I believe there's gonna be a market

01:22:09   for third party tip replacements

01:22:12   with even more options for sizes or colors or, you know,

01:22:17   because they are completely detachable,

01:22:19   there's nothing proprietary it seems.

01:22:21   I mean, as long as you copy the design

01:22:23   of the plastic attachment, you can do it.

01:22:26   So I think we're gonna see third-party replacements

01:22:30   for this.

01:22:31   You can buy them supposedly for $4 at the Apple store

01:22:34   if you wanna buy more replacement tips from Apple,

01:22:37   the original ones.

01:22:38   - Which is good that the price is so silly, right?

01:22:41   It should be that kind of price, like a really small price.

01:22:44   It's like the same as replacing the tip of the Apple pencil.

01:22:48   It's like cheap, very cheap.

01:22:49   - Yeah, they should hand them out for free,

01:22:51   throwing like confetti when you walk into an Apple store.

01:22:54   Just throwing AirPods Pro tips at you.

01:22:57   - Now we had some audio predictions that we made

01:23:03   for the year and I wanted to review them today,

01:23:06   but now I'm thinking that maybe we should wait

01:23:09   until next week and review them with Steven.

01:23:11   Because we may have some debate as we always do.

01:23:14   - There's gonna be a debate.

01:23:16   - All right, so next week we're gonna review those.

01:23:19   I think it's all, I think I've worked it out.

01:23:21   I've already scored them in our document,

01:23:23   but we will argue over that scoring, I'm sure.

01:23:26   So next week we'll do that.

01:23:27   But yeah, the AirPods Pro, I'm really happy.

01:23:29   I think this is something that all of us

01:23:31   will be providing follow-up over the next couple of weeks

01:23:34   as we use them in different circumstances and situations,

01:23:38   different traveling and moving around

01:23:41   and all that kind of stuff.

01:23:42   This is a product that will be worth coming back to.

01:23:45   But I do want to say, this is a great product.

01:23:47   The team that is responsible for making AirPods

01:23:50   is one of Apple's best teams.

01:23:52   - Yes, yes.

01:23:53   This is, I tweeted about this today.

01:23:56   The AirPods and the Apple Watch for me

01:23:58   are the Apple at its best, really.

01:24:01   I know that it's an overused phrase,

01:24:02   but when it's true, it is true.

01:24:04   This is the best that the company makes,

01:24:05   like miniaturization, making something portable

01:24:08   and elegant and powerful, but intuitive.

01:24:12   Like it's the perfect balance.

01:24:13   AirPods and Apple Watch,

01:24:15   and even more so AirPods in this case,

01:24:18   they strike that balance of something so incredibly complex,

01:24:22   reduced to the essence of its functionality.

01:24:27   That it really is, when you think about it,

01:24:30   like all the different components

01:24:32   and the H1 chip that's inside these things,

01:24:35   and the way that it works and what it does,

01:24:38   and the fact that it's completely wireless.

01:24:40   Like we take it for granted,

01:24:41   but it goes back to what I said a few minutes ago

01:24:44   here on the show.

01:24:45   Like, why do you know the people

01:24:46   that are experts about this stuff?

01:24:47   and like, how is this possible that you have these two wireless things that monitor the

01:24:53   sound around you and they block out the sound by beaming like a noise into you?

01:24:58   Like that's wild.

01:25:00   So yeah, this is a pretty awesome product and the people who worked on it should be

01:25:05   happy because it's very nice.

01:25:07   All right, that does it for this week's episode.

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