265: What Are You, a Dictionary?


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected episode 265.

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00:00:17   My name is Steven Hackett and I am joined

00:00:18   by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:19   - Oh, hello.

00:00:21   - Hey buddy, welcome back.

00:00:22   - Oh, thank you.

00:00:23   - And we are also joined by Mr. Federico Fatici.

00:00:27   - Hello, hi, good afternoon.

00:00:29   Do you think your power is going to stay on this time?

00:00:31   It should. We don't have any new notice on our building, so it should stay on, yes.

00:00:37   It is storming like crazy outside, so we'll see if my power stays up this time.

00:00:41   Life is a rollercoaster, gentlemen. We just gotta ride it.

00:00:44   Mm-hmm.

00:00:45   A rollercoaster of four-hour logic edits.

00:00:47   Yes.

00:00:48   That is a rollercoaster. System overload.

00:00:50   Disc too slow. Too slow. Blow blow blow blow blow blow.

00:00:53   [music]

00:00:55   Just off the top we should say that we're recording this a little early

00:01:00   because Myke and I as you're listening to this are both on vacation. Vacation poorly

00:01:04   planned. If Phil Schiller has stabbed Tim Cook with a sword and on the top of the

00:01:10   Apple Park campus we'll talk about that next week. Is that really

00:01:14   a possibility? I don't know. I want to say if that happened we would release an

00:01:19   emergency episode and we'd just use our phones because that would be so

00:01:22   incredible, how could we not talk about it? That's the only condition in which an

00:01:27   emergency episode will be released is if Phil Schiller swords stabs, runs

00:01:33   Tim Cook through of a sword. To sword stab. Use it in a sentence.

00:01:39   It's the formal way of saying it. So anyway, so we're a few days early so if there's

00:01:43   some weirdness that that's why. We have a little bit of follow-up but we're

00:01:47   super excited because we're gonna talk about Myke's Samsung Galaxy Fold but far

00:01:52   More importantly Apple has shown off new emoji and Fedrick is gonna guess the names. How dare you? How dare you? I

00:01:57   Will talk about it. I just don't care about your phone. I'm sorry

00:02:01   I care about you, but you could care about what I care about. I have given you hours on

00:02:06   Catalina I don't care about Catalina

00:02:09   Yeah, but that's more related to your job than the galaxy folders. You could care about your friend

00:02:14   You could care about your friend. The least you can do is care about your friend and co-founder. I care about my friend

00:02:19   Well, then you should have support me

00:02:21   You should support me in this difficult time of his purchasing decisions

00:02:26   Let's do some follow-up first

00:02:28   I don't really have much to say about this except that iPhone SE owners are the crankiest iPhone owners

00:02:33   But there's this piece on 9to5 Mac where Ben Lovejoy basically complains that we shouldn't use the iPhone SE 2 name

00:02:40   Because it's bigger than the iPhone that he loves like, okay

00:02:43   I really just want to make fun of iPhone SE owners that are cranky. That's all

00:02:46   Apple call it whatever they want. I do have something I want to throw into the mix though with the naming of this phone

00:02:51   I don't think this is going to be the case, but what if they call it the iPhone 9?

00:02:56   The name was never used. It is better than the 8, but not as good as the 11.

00:03:01   They already used 10. 9's kind of just sitting there. iPhone 9.

00:03:05   Sure. Why not? I mean, why not? It's possible.

00:03:09   And then they could update a few years later and call it the iPhone 9 too. That's what I would do.

00:03:14   9 too. Or it could be like like Porsche's where it's just like the same numbers rearranged every

00:03:20   time so like the new 911 is the 992 just like keep remixing numbers that start

00:03:25   with 9 so maybe we're looking at this if your theory is correct maybe we've been

00:03:29   looking at these all wrong it's not the SC2 it's what's gonna take the place of

00:03:34   the iPhone 8 in the lineup as the more affordable phone the iPhone 8c plastic

00:03:41   I'm just kidding that's a bad idea no but I could see this actually then the

00:03:46   9 is just there unused. Yeah. Here's my feeling. I don't like the idea of SE2. I don't like

00:03:53   the idea of 9, which means Apple will definitely choose one of them because I like none of

00:03:57   their product names. That's all I know. One of those will be chosen because I don't like

00:04:01   either of them. I think I'm gonna make a stand on iPhone 9. I think that's gonna be my...

00:04:06   Okay. So, if I'm right, I'll win a trophy. We have some unexpected news. iPhone Texas

00:04:13   Hold'em which is a little background. This was an iPod game. I've heard about

00:04:17   on Mac stories forever ago and then it came to the App Store and then it got

00:04:24   updated for the 10th anniversary of the App Store but exactly one year late

00:04:28   because details are hard. It is back again I'm just going to read this Texas

00:04:35   Hold'em comes to the iPad enjoy it in full screen or play it while you do

00:04:38   something else using split view or slide over.

00:04:42   What?

00:04:42   - This is the app of the year.

00:04:46   I'm just gonna call it.

00:04:48   This will win awards.

00:04:50   This is an amazing--

00:04:51   - Is it gonna win the Mac stories select,

00:04:53   what is that what you call it?

00:04:54   - These will be the Mac stories selects

00:04:58   best app update of 2019,

00:05:02   Texas Hold'em in split view.

00:05:04   Really excellent update, right?

00:05:08   I mean we're all excited about this, right?

00:05:09   - So excited.

00:05:11   That's why we're all so quiet because we're so excited.

00:05:14   - We're just in disbelief.

00:05:15   - Just shock really more than anything else.

00:05:18   - I'm having a hard time keeping my breath,

00:05:21   you know, it just sucked right out of me.

00:05:23   - I can't believe nobody's talking about this, honestly.

00:05:26   - Yeah, that is very true.

00:05:28   That is very true.

00:05:29   Because Apple came out with 13.2 Beta 2

00:05:34   and it brought emoji, we will be breaking our promise

00:05:37   for talking about Catalyst apps on this episode,

00:05:39   and we'll probably talk about them next week, right?

00:05:43   - We are just like Catalyst apps themselves,

00:05:45   not quite on time.

00:05:47   - Yeah, late and not fully featured.

00:05:49   So we have work to do,

00:05:51   and it's gonna take us a bit more time, I guess.

00:05:53   Something else more important came along,

00:05:55   just like Catalyst.

00:05:57   This really emoji of the Swift UI to this episode,

00:06:02   if you think about it.

00:06:03   I got charged for my iMac Pro,

00:06:06   It's now preparing to ship.

00:06:07   That's good.

00:06:08   Who knows?

00:06:09   Who knows?

00:06:09   Who knows what's going to happen?

00:06:11   I have heard-- I've had people--

00:06:12   I've had very smart people DMing me saying,

00:06:16   there is no chance that that thing doesn't

00:06:18   have Catalyst on it.

00:06:19   We'll see about that.

00:06:20   I think you mean Catalina.

00:06:22   That's what I meant.

00:06:23   But Catalyst, too, comes in Catalina.

00:06:24   Sure.

00:06:25   Why did they make the name so close?

00:06:27   It's impossible.

00:06:28   My brain can't discern between them.

00:06:30   I found myself writing my review writing the wrong word

00:06:33   more than once.

00:06:34   Catalista.

00:06:35   Does Google Docs include multi-window support?

00:06:38   It doesn't as of the recording.

00:06:40   Yes. Wait, what?

00:06:41   Don't do that. Why does someone...

00:06:43   Why do I keep falling for this?

00:06:45   Every time. You fall for it every time.

00:06:47   And it gets you every single time.

00:06:49   Because it could have happened.

00:06:51   No. I did.

00:06:54   I did. You know what?

00:06:55   Even the Google Docs app did this to me.

00:06:57   So Google Docs updated to support 13.

00:07:00   And I was like, oh, brilliant.

00:07:01   So I took a document, I dragged it, and the little plus

00:07:04   icon came up. I was like, oh my God, another window. They just opened Safari.

00:07:08   It's like, oh man, why is everybody doing this to me?

00:07:12   So, you know, we're still not there.

00:07:15   We mentioned 13.2 Beta 2 has come out.

00:07:18   It brought with it new emoji, but some other things, some other cool features,

00:07:22   a couple of which you can now delete apps from a long press contextual menu,

00:07:26   which is awesome.

00:07:27   That is one of those things where once you start using the operating system,

00:07:31   you can see how that's needed.

00:07:32   And you can also now change video settings.

00:07:36   So whether you want to be like 4K or 30 frames a second, 60 frames a second,

00:07:41   all that kind of stuff, you can change those now within the camera app itself,

00:07:44   which is more needed now than before,

00:07:48   because it actually changes the lenses that you can use, right?

00:07:52   So it's definitely now a much more needed thing

00:07:56   rather than just something that maybe certain people needed

00:07:59   because they were like video professionals or whatever.

00:08:02   You know, you know that reminds me of do you remember I mean, this was years ago probably even before we started recording together

00:08:08   There was a movement where people said settings should be in the Settings app. Do you remember this? Mm-hmm? Yes

00:08:15   iPhone developers, you know, they're people it's still today people

00:08:19   Sometimes put settings in their app and sometimes some things are I think most of the time people put settings in their apps, right?

00:08:27   But then there are sometimes settings in the Settings app as well, which is weird, right?

00:08:32   But it's really changed now where I think the settings app is mostly like system settings. Anyways, it was a big movement

00:08:36   Yeah, I mean years ago

00:08:38   No, all your settings should be in the settings app and it was a bad movement and they lost history will forget them

00:08:43   I think that it is right to put app settings inside of the app because I want to change the setting when I'm in the

00:08:49   App, I don't want to then leave the app go to settings

00:08:51   That's breaks the yeah, and then if it's not what you wanted you have to go back right like and with the camera app

00:08:56   Yeah

00:08:57   It was so bad because sometimes you need to change a setting very quickly if you wanted to capture something

00:09:02   It's like and and the camera settings were pretty far down in the list in the settings app and there were so many of them

00:09:09   Like by the time you figured out what you wanted to do like your shot was long gone

00:09:14   And so I'm glad that this is here. This is a really good move. Yeah, it's not the so in beta 2 the

00:09:19   There's basically no UI to do this

00:09:22   you really just tap on the

00:09:26   frame rate and video quality and you toggle between formats or

00:09:29   frame rates. It's not ideal. There's no menu. There's no interface, but it's something

00:09:35   It's just a bit unfinished for now, but it does the job. I mean you can tap on it

00:09:40   I wonder how many people will discover it. Maybe that's the point

00:09:43   Maybe only professionals need it and those people will know that they can tap on it now

00:09:47   Could be nicer, could be a bit better, but it does the job, I guess

00:09:53   And also, you know, you've probably seen a lot of headlines that there are 200 new emoji in 13.2 Beta 2

00:09:59   That is both like that's like technique. It's only technically true. So there is only about

00:10:05   Around 50 to 60 brand new emoji. Okay, so don't worry Federico. We're not gonna be here for hours

00:10:12   There's a large selection of emoji that are

00:10:17   gender neutral versions. So like you could have like there's been like male

00:10:21   vampire, female vampire. There is now like a gender neutral vampire.

00:10:26   So they've added some of those. So they're not like technically new.

00:10:29   They're just variations. The rest are combinations of

00:10:33   people. So if you have a emoji where there are multiple people,

00:10:37   Apple has now created a great piece of UI to allow you to select

00:10:43   between different races and genders within the emoji picker.

00:10:46   So you press down and you get this little tool to build a pair or to build like a group.

00:10:51   So that's some of the new emojis or selections, but I wanted to just point out that Apple

00:10:56   has built this new UI to allow you to do it, which is just like a really nice piece of

00:11:01   design.

00:11:02   I will include a link in the show notes to Jeremy Birch who is showing it off.

00:11:06   Me and Jeremy had often had conversations about this, of like how are they going to

00:11:10   implement this when this came out and Apple has done what was expected just to build something

00:11:15   within the emoji picker to do that. So that is 13.2 Beta 2, except for the fact that it

00:11:22   broke everybody's iPads.

00:11:24   Ah, yes. You know, I got a bunch of replies last night on Twitter of very kind people

00:11:32   saying, "Well, actually, your iPad is not bricked if you can restore it." And I want

00:11:37   to thank all those people for very so helpfully correcting me about the meaning of what it

00:11:43   means to brick something. Practically speaking, if I have an iPad that is stuck at the installation

00:11:50   progress with a completed progress bar that does nothing, that just shows me the Apple

00:11:55   logo, that's what I would call a bricked iPad, but I'm sorry.

00:11:59   No, there's possibly no way I could understand what you were saying Federico, I'm afraid.

00:12:04   There's no way, I'm sorry. You'll have to find a different way to explain it.

00:12:08   You know, I blame it on my Italian origins, my English.

00:12:12   I am not a native English speaker, as you would say.

00:12:15   I am not American.

00:12:18   I'm doing the best of my second language.

00:12:20   I'm doing my best, and I got this verb wrong.

00:12:22   I'm so sorry to all those software engineers on Twitter.

00:12:26   My bad.

00:12:26   I'm sorry.

00:12:27   I didn't go to MIT.

00:12:28   I'm so sorry--

00:12:29   It's to you.

00:12:30   --that I got it wrong.

00:12:32   Anyways, I'm now running an iPad Pro as a clean install,

00:12:36   because why not?

00:12:37   I mean, I needed to do--

00:12:40   Hey, at least you got rid of all the cruft, right?

00:12:42   Well...

00:12:43   [Laughter]

00:12:45   Did I?

00:12:46   Who knows, man?

00:12:48   Nobody knows.

00:12:49   Because it sure feels snappier, as the meme goes.

00:12:53   But, you know, I got these notes on my iPad Pro,

00:12:58   and they're not syncing to other devices.

00:13:01   I'm just...

00:13:03   -It does feel like... -So it's getting worse, then?

00:13:05   Your note-syncing problem?

00:13:07   So let me see.

00:13:08   because I saved five notes this morning on my iPad Pro. It says that it's syncing, I see the spinner

00:13:17   icon spinning on the iPad, but those notes are not on my phone, are not on iCloud.com,

00:13:23   they're just on my iPad. And this is a clean install of 13.2.0. So if I were, again, I'm not a

00:13:32   software engineer and I apologize, but it does feel like something is deeply

00:13:37   wrong in my iCloud account when it comes to this particular device, the iPad Pro.

00:13:43   No matter if it's an old version of iOS or a clean install of iOS, the notes just

00:13:49   get stuck most of the time. But then again, I'm not a software engineer, so who knows?

00:13:55   You need some sort of like iCloud plunger, like really shove it

00:14:00   through there. Yeah something is stuck. It's probably some kind of base64 encoded Apple

00:14:06   Note. Again? Oh my god. It's just stuck in there somewhere. It's 100% that. My Notes

00:14:11   app has 369 notes. Those would be 384 on the iPad Pro because it's got 5 more that are

00:14:21   not syncing. You have less notes than me. Mine's like 400 and something. I'm at 500.

00:14:27   One of them are base64 stuff.

00:14:29   No, but you've got it all up in your iCloud somewhere, man.

00:14:34   Something stuck, it's choking on something.

00:14:35   I don't know.

00:14:37   I don't know.

00:14:38   Somebody will...

00:14:39   Eventually somebody will look at this and, you know, maybe they will reset iCloud for

00:14:45   me.

00:14:46   I don't know.

00:14:47   File a radar.

00:14:48   Sure.

00:14:49   All right, so we are going to get into second annual emoji naming contest.

00:14:54   It feels like so long since we did this.

00:14:56   I'm very excited. Me too. But first I'm going to tell you about our first sponsor, which

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00:17:00   Squarespace, make your next move, make your next website.

00:17:03   Shall I establish some of the parameters for the emoji name guessing?

00:17:07   I feel like we also need a, this needs a name, like this process needs a name that we have

00:17:12   yet to nail down.

00:17:13   Yes.

00:17:14   But the game where Federico tries to guess the emoji names.

00:17:17   I got the name, I got it.

00:17:18   What's the name? We have the Rickies for our picks. This is the Jeremy's.

00:17:23   The second annual Jeremy's. This is where Federico tries to guess. So good, Steven, that's

00:17:36   maybe the best thing you've ever done. That's perfect. So we have that now. This is where

00:17:41   Federico attempts to guess the name of the new emoji that a part of the emoji 12.0

00:17:47   Unicode standard, but that we have some parameters this time. We're not going to have Federico guess

00:17:54   all of the emoji names. There's some stuff that's kind of pointless, like they've added some

00:18:00   different colors of squares and hearts. It's not necessary. As well as, as I mentioned earlier, the

00:18:08   the additions of gender neutral emoji for existing emoji characters. We're not

00:18:14   going to be including those. And also I have been conferring with the namesake

00:18:19   of the Jeremy's, Mr. Jeremy Burge, about the exact naming that we will have

00:18:24   Federico guessing against, because if you may remember from last time there's two

00:18:29   types of names. There is an emoji short name and an emoji long name. Jeremy told

00:18:34   me that the Unicode Consortium, I'm going to assume because of this game, decided to

00:18:39   basically unify this in most instances, where the short name is now basically the only name

00:18:46   unless a descriptor is needed. But we're also not going to have Federico guess all of the

00:18:53   various multiples that there are for some of these, like skin tone colors and stuff.

00:18:59   So we'll be going with like a top level one and going from there. And so that kind of

00:19:04   leaves us with let me see one two three four five six seven eight one two three

00:19:08   four five six was eight times six 48 we're guessing 48 emoji okay that's what

00:19:14   it's left us with and I will be keeping score of how many he gets right versus

00:19:19   how many he gets incorrect and we'll just judge how are we judging correct

00:19:24   and incorrect I think we know when we see it I think if I you know I think you

00:19:28   What's in it for me besides glory?

00:19:32   -Glory. -Mostly just glory.

00:19:34   -Just glory. -Okay, okay. Cool.

00:19:37   Because we've yet to kind of establish maybe a grading,

00:19:40   you know, like of how many of the total percentage you get, correct?

00:19:43   We haven't worked that out yet. So let's see where we go this year.

00:19:46   It's a process.

00:19:47   Unfortunately, we only get to do this once a year,

00:19:50   but we've established a name, so we've done that work at least.

00:19:52   Yes. Okay.

00:19:54   Yeah, I'm going to retire until next fall.

00:19:56   I think I've done my work for the year.

00:19:58   Yeah, you're good now. You've made your number one contribution, thank you for that.

00:20:03   Alright, so I clicked on the link that you shared.

00:20:06   I'm now looking at a grid of emoji here.

00:20:13   We're gonna start Federico, obviously as you would, top left and going across the rows from left to right.

00:20:18   And we should say, if you're playing along at home you can check out the link.

00:20:22   It's also the chapter art for this chapter.

00:20:24   So if you're an overcast or a modern podcast client that sports that sort of thing, you

00:20:28   can see him as we go.

00:20:31   This is a thing where you should look at him because it's a lot funnier if you know what

00:20:35   it is and Federico doesn't.

00:20:39   And I should say that Max Soris has published news about emoji in 2019.

00:20:46   I have not looked at any of those posts.

00:20:49   John and Ryan handled those for me.

00:20:53   This is the first time that I'm looking in detail at the complete overview of new emoji

00:20:58   in 2019.

00:20:59   I've only seen a few in passing on Twitter as individual images.

00:21:05   This is the first time that I'm closely inspecting them.

00:21:08   All right, stop stalling and get to guessing.

00:21:10   All right.

00:21:11   Well, we'll begin with a very...

00:21:14   This is gonna be a very contentious one.

00:21:17   So first off, I mean, right away, this is an emoji used to shame men.

00:21:22   I'm guessing.

00:21:23   This emoji, actually, when it was first proposed, got traction for that exact reason.

00:21:33   Yes.

00:21:34   So either that or it could be an emoji to measure a thickness of, like, hey, the new

00:21:43   iPhone is thinner than before, and you would say, like, how thinner, and you would be this

00:21:48   thinner.

00:21:49   Is that your full name of the emoji?

00:21:51   No, no.

00:21:53   No?

00:21:55   No? So I would say...

00:21:57   I don't know when you're making your guesses.

00:21:59   Okay, my guess, my guess...

00:22:01   My guess is this emoji is the emoji for guessing how thick your phone is.

00:22:05   This is...

00:22:09   Hand Measuring Object.

00:22:12   That is so wrong, my friend.

00:22:14   Pinching Hand. That is the name of this emoji.

00:22:18   What? Pinching?

00:22:20   Yeah, it's a pinching action. Before the pinch has been completed.

00:22:23   You don't pinch like that! That's no way to pinch!

00:22:25   How do you pinch?

00:22:26   You're measuring something!

00:22:27   I don't want to know, actually. I retract my question.

00:22:31   Alright, next one.

00:22:34   Okay, so obviously it's a face yawning.

00:22:39   So either the name would be...

00:22:42   Well, the obvious one usually is not correct.

00:22:46   But the creative one could be a bridge too far.

00:22:49   too far. So the creative option would be "I'm bored". Like the name of the emoji would be

00:22:54   "I'm bored". I feel like you have played this game before, but you haven't played this game

00:23:00   before. Is that right? Okay. Alright, so I'm going with the obvious option of "Yawning

00:23:05   face". You got that 100% correct. Nice! Oh! We have a bell! There's a bell! Oh my god.

00:23:12   Oh my god. Very nice.

00:23:14   Ok, so next one, third emoji, there's an ear with...

00:23:19   That's like one of those devices that help people.

00:23:24   The one that sort of... I think... I believe my...

00:23:26   Yeah, you see this is interesting to me.

00:23:28   I... just as you started saying, I was like,

00:23:31   "Does Federico know the term in English for this device?"

00:23:35   Well, we're getting ready to find out.

00:23:36   Yeah.

00:23:37   Because you didn't say it, right? You were just like, so I'm intrigued.

00:23:42   There's a word that I've seen before, but I'm not sure if that word is what I'm looking at right now.

00:23:52   And I'm not even sure how to pronounce it, because I've only seen it printed as text.

00:23:58   The cochlear implant?

00:24:02   I'm not going to tell you one way or another. I can't say. I can't say.

00:24:05   But is that how you say it? Cochlear implant? There is indeed a thing called a cochlear implant, yes.

00:24:12   Okay, so either that or so either it's cochlear implant or what's the name? We published something

00:24:22   on Mac stories about this, like there's M.I.Fi devices that work like this, that help you hear

00:24:29   better and they work with the iPhone. Yeah, I'm not... But this is not a cochlear implant.

00:24:38   Or is it? Well, I don't know. So you guys are obviously not helping, so I'm going with...

00:24:46   No, of course we're not helping. Well, this is just cruel. I'm going with cochlear implant.

00:24:51   Okay. This is ear with hearing aid? Hearing aid! That's what I was thinking of! Oh my

00:24:57   Cochlear implants like a totally different thing. I think it's where it's connected to the brain. Is that right Steven?

00:25:02   It's like it's like under the scalp. Yeah, yeah

00:25:04   You're in the ballpark, but I think you're incorrect. Yeah, you are

00:25:08   Yes, okay, right there are there are

00:25:13   hearing aids that work with iPhones if my dad has a set and it's

00:25:16   It's actually wild like he can change like how they work and the volume and everything right from his phone. It's cool

00:25:21   So the the fourth one is this is obviously an Italian robot

00:25:26   There's a robot doing a gesture with its hand, and it's like "Hey, what are you talking about?

00:25:35   You talking to me?"

00:25:37   This is "Roboticom Cutoff in Traffic in Rome."

00:25:40   That's the full name of this movie.

00:25:42   It's like "Hey, what you doing?"

00:25:44   With an Italian accent.

00:25:46   This is Italian robot.

00:25:48   Is that really what you're going with?

00:25:50   I just want to double check this before you're going with Italian robot.

00:25:54   Well, I mean, why else would you do that gesture?

00:25:57   It's like, yes, I'm going with Italian robot because that's what an Italian robot would

00:26:03   do.

00:26:04   Okay, this is a mechanical arm?

00:26:05   No.

00:26:06   But here's the thing though, Federico, have you ever looked at the emoji keyboard before

00:26:11   and seen what is already the arm in that looks exactly like this one?

00:26:15   Yeah, it's like the flex muscle arm.

00:26:18   You mean Italian arm?

00:26:19   CGP Grey style.

00:26:20   Oh, Italian arm.

00:26:21   Okay.

00:26:22   This is a robotic hand doing the commonly accepted Italian gesture.

00:26:30   This gesture, you know, with your fingers all together, it's so flexible, it can be used for anything.

00:26:37   Well, once again, you have identified a secondary use for the emoji, but its primary use, which is what you're trying to guess, is...

00:26:44   What's the name again?

00:26:45   Mechanical arm.

00:26:47   Mechanical arm?

00:26:48   Yeah.

00:26:48   Alright, well, okay, so because I'm looking for points, the next one is gonna be mechanical leg.

00:26:54   That is correct.

00:26:55   Hey, nice, okay. Okay, so, next one. This is a swimsuit. And it's...

00:27:05   How would you classify this color? Blue? Light blue? Greenish?

00:27:10   Sure, somewhere in there.

00:27:12   Aquamarine? Is that even a name?

00:27:14   So I could go with aqua...

00:27:17   Would you believe it? This is in fact called Aqua... No, it's not called Aquamarine Swimsuit.

00:27:22   But we can wish. Oh, I was gonna say Aquamarine Swimsuit. That was gonna be my pick, but thank

00:27:26   you, Myke. So, see, that's where I'm torn, because I'm looking at three emoji in this first row,

00:27:33   and there's this Aquamarine Swimsuit, there's a orange... We're gonna talk about this. There's

00:27:38   orange shorts and there's another ostensibly looks like a like a man's swimsuit uh i'm not sure what

00:27:48   i'm looking at the last one yeah it could be but what's the last one then well okay swimsuit

00:27:54   swimsuit it's incorrect no why it is one piece swimsuit one piece yes yeah versus like two-piece

00:28:06   like something like a bikini. Yep. One piece, two piece. Nobody calls it a two piece swimsuit.

00:28:11   Yes they do. Yes they do. They call it, no everybody calls it a bikini. No they don't Federica.

00:28:16   What yes we do in Italy we do it's a bikini. It's not a two piece swimsuit. Who says that?

00:28:23   This was not created by an Italian board of people so your standards do not apply here my friend.

00:28:28   Literally nobody says oh I'm going to the beach with a two piece swimsuit. Yes they do. They 100%

00:28:35   Are you a dictionary? That's not how people talk.

00:28:38   Okay, so I'm not 100% sure of this, but I'm going to say it anyway because I think it's

00:28:42   true. I do not believe all two pieces are spikinis and all bikinis. That's not the same

00:28:47   thing. But anyway.

00:28:48   Well, that is also factually untrue. Anyway, what's the…

00:28:51   What's the best way for people to send you feedback on this episode?

00:28:55   Twitter. So I'm never going to see it. What's this one-piece swimsuit?

00:29:01   Yes, one-piece swimsuit.

00:29:03   Okay, okay, so moving on. These are orange shorts, right? It looks like what I use to work out.

00:29:12   Yep, that is what they are, yes.

00:29:14   So it doesn't make sense to say one-piece shorts because they are always, well, one-piece.

00:29:22   So either it's just short, I think it's shorts.

00:29:25   Correct.

00:29:27   Yes! Okay, so the last one. See, I'm really torn on this one.

00:29:32   I think you're gonna struggle with this.

00:29:34   These, again, ostensibly they look like pants.

00:29:37   You mean underwear pants?

00:29:38   Yes, but they are, they are green.

00:29:41   The color has not served you well so far, remember?

00:29:45   The color, the color has not served me well so far.

00:29:48   Unless...

00:29:49   They have a peculiar shape.

00:29:51   I'm really, I'm really not sure what to say because I don't see Apple calling them,

00:29:56   Well, underwear. But why make them green? It looks like a smaller swimsuit.

00:30:06   Yeah, I'm not sure. I would go with underwear pants.

00:30:15   This is incorrect. These are called briefs.

00:30:18   Briefs? That's a good word.

00:30:21   Yeah. That's because "briefs" is a good word to get around calling them anything else, right?

00:30:26   Right. Because you can't call them pants because that doesn't make sense in some parts of the world.

00:30:31   Underwear might say too much because it's not technically underwear because it could also be

00:30:35   trunks, right? Like swimming trunks so they won't be briefs. "Briefs" is the word.

00:30:40   Okay. So that is the top line. Stephen, how many did we get from the top line correct?

00:30:44   We have three correct and five incorrect.

00:30:47   Woo! Federico.

00:30:49   That's a good track record.

00:30:50   Is it?

00:30:51   Yeah.

00:30:52   Okay.

00:30:53   Okay.

00:30:54   I'm rocking it so far.

00:30:58   Second row.

00:30:59   So this, again, yes I am.

00:31:01   So second row, again, very obviously, this is the Italian gesture for yummy.

00:31:08   Is it?

00:31:09   It is like touching your cheek with your index finger.

00:31:12   Like yummy.

00:31:13   That's delicious.

00:31:14   What are the lines?

00:31:15   Is that pasta flying at you?

00:31:16   See that's that that to me could easily indicate the moving of the hand. This is the moving

00:31:24   of the like say this is yummy. So it's it's a woman doing the yummy face.

00:31:34   What do you think the answer is to that?

00:31:38   Do you think you got that?

00:31:39   Okay. No. Okay. Do I have a second chance?

00:31:42   No. Sure. No, because he gets another go with the next

00:31:46   It's the exact same thing! We can't, right? Like, he's- that is incorrect.

00:31:50   Okay, okay, so that's wrong. I'm putting down a mark in the wrong column.

00:31:53   Now, do I want to give him what the actual correct answer was?

00:31:56   I guess so, right? Can't break from tradition.

00:31:58   Well, there's another one. There's another one that I can guess.

00:32:00   Alright, you want to have a go rather than me telling you what it's-

00:32:03   Yeah, don't tell me.

00:32:04   Alright, go on. So go for the next one.

00:32:05   So, if it's not somebody pointing at their cheek because they are appreciating the food, it might as well-

00:32:12   The squid and linguine. That's next.

00:32:13   Yes, might as well be somebody... well, see they're pointing at the cheek, not the ear,

00:32:21   but the lines could indicate hearing, so, I don't know, something with deaf, deaf man.

00:32:28   Correct.

00:32:29   Really?

00:32:30   That is deaf man, yeah.

00:32:31   Oh!

00:32:32   No, I don't know, and I'm sure we can find this out, this might be like the American

00:32:37   sign language term for deaf, right, is what they're showing, as opposed to pointing at

00:32:42   the ear, I don't know.

00:32:43   I would assume that's the case.

00:32:45   It is.

00:32:46   It is the deaf ASL sign.

00:32:47   There you go.

00:32:48   And I would have… my recommendation to you Federico is just to pay attention to the context

00:32:53   in which these emoji are shown, which could have helped you a little bit more than woman

00:32:57   doing the yummy face.

00:33:00   But you do your thing, man.

00:33:01   Do you want to go for the next one?

00:33:03   Yes, this is… okay, so you're suggesting that I go very, very, you know, easy here.

00:33:11   Okay, so this is a woman with a...

00:33:13   And my next piece of advice to you will just be, again, to look at the row, right?

00:33:17   To think about the wording you might need here.

00:33:20   Yes, this is like an accessibility row.

00:33:23   No, but like look at what the next set of emoji have got

00:33:26   and consider what the naming for this could be,

00:33:29   because it might not be as simple as you think it's going to be.

00:33:31   I don't know what you mean.

00:33:33   Because I'm looking for specificity with these four.

00:33:36   That's a lot of help.

00:33:37   Well, maybe a lot of help, but I'm not following at all.

00:33:42   All right, cool.

00:33:42   This is called Deaf Man, and the previous one

00:33:45   was called Deaf Woman.

00:33:46   Yep.

00:33:47   OK, so the next one we're looking at a woman.

00:33:50   She got the same purple t-shirt as Deaf Woman on a wheelchair.

00:33:56   So that's a wheelchair, but how do you call the next one?

00:34:04   like an automatic wheelchair? Because we have a wheelchair and then we have another wheelchair,

00:34:13   but like the one with the with the con... with more wheels and the control, like there's a joystick

00:34:19   in that one and it looks like one of those wheelchairs that you don't need to push manually,

00:34:23   but they have controls. They go like electric, it could be called electric wheelchair. It could be.

00:34:30   So, um, all right. I'm going with woman on wheelchair.

00:34:35   - That is incorrect.

00:34:37   - What? How? How is it incorrect?

00:34:40   - You are thinking in the right direction.

00:34:43   - Yes.

00:34:43   - But you're not quite there.

00:34:44   - But you haven't gone.

00:34:45   I told you I was looking for specificity.

00:34:47   - That is not called a wheelchair?

00:34:49   - I'm not, that's not what I said.

00:34:51   - Woman on mechanical wheelchair.

00:34:54   - No, all right. So hold on a second here.

00:34:56   You don't get a second.

00:34:57   - Woman on manual wheelchair.

00:34:58   - Federico, Federico, Federico.

00:35:00   And Steven rescind the bell. He doesn't get multiple guesses.

00:35:04   So woman...

00:35:05   Well, he can apply that one to the man in manual wheelchair.

00:35:08   We'll give him one right and one wrong.

00:35:09   But that's what I want to hear him say.

00:35:11   Thank you, Steven. I love you. I always have.

00:35:13   I gave him one right and one wrong.

00:35:15   Alright, so that is woman in manual wheelchair and man in manual wheelchair.

00:35:20   Okay, then the next ones...

00:35:23   So if this one is called manual,

00:35:26   The next one, I said electric, but it could be automatic, because it's the opposite of manual.

00:35:33   But is automatic wheelchair a thing, or is electric wheelchair? I'm going with

00:35:39   woman in automatic wheelchair. - Incorrect.

00:35:42   What was it? - I'm not telling you, because the next one...

00:35:47   Choose a different adjective. - Man... See, but electric wheelchair,

00:35:54   It sounds horrible. Like, it sounds like the electric chair. Like, I don't like it.

00:35:59   Yeah, it doesn't sound right. But why don't you consider that you may not have the answer in that,

00:36:04   then? Right? Oh, you mean it's not called a wheelchair at all? No, that's not what I'm saying.

00:36:09   You're, you know, you're fixating on the wrong word. You are, you are a man of many implications.

00:36:16   You don't talk clearly to me. No, I'm not talking, because if I talk clearly to you,

00:36:20   I give you the answers.

00:36:22   Man in electric wheelchair.

00:36:25   Incorrect.

00:36:26   Really?

00:36:27   Oh, come on.

00:36:28   This is woman in motorized wheelchair.

00:36:30   Motorized.

00:36:31   And man in motorized wheelchair.

00:36:34   Motorized.

00:36:35   All right.

00:36:36   Well, so then the next two, I gotta be honest, first reaction before I looked at the, you

00:36:44   know, this accessibility row, they looked like those people that go by the Trevi Fountain

00:36:49   in Rome and they pick up coins from the fountain.

00:36:52   Oh, like a metal detector?

00:36:53   Because they have a metal stick with a magnet and they steal coins.

00:36:57   Again, I think you found a very good legitimate second use for that emoji.

00:37:01   It's a very specific second use.

00:37:03   But hey, look, there's going to be a community of people

00:37:05   that's going to be real big for that.

00:37:06   You know, like the the metal collecting community,

00:37:08   they're going to go crazy for this.

00:37:10   I think if you co-opt an accessibility emoji for your subculture,

00:37:14   like maybe just think about the kind of person you want to be.

00:37:17   It's not co-opting.

00:37:18   - Like a bad thing to do. - Borrowing! I don't know.

00:37:21   So obviously this is not women stealing coins.

00:37:24   Although that would be fantastic.

00:37:27   This is a blind person with a walking stick.

00:37:32   But is it called a walking stick?

00:37:34   Or is my English bad because I'm a poor boy from Italy and English is my second language?

00:37:40   Oh god.

00:37:41   In hindsight, you were the best person to play this game.

00:37:46   Because we can always lean on that. Like, how could he have known?

00:37:50   Yeah, and I could play my accent like "Oh, I'm just a poor boy for me in a lead!"

00:37:54   "Isn't it all a pizza? I don't know!"

00:37:59   "I just don't know all the emoji, huh?"

00:38:10   Woman with walking... no!

00:38:12   Hmm... or is it... or blind woman with walking stick?

00:38:16   Or... yeah... hmm...

00:38:19   But they don't have to be necessarily like blind to have a walking stick.

00:38:23   Or do they?

00:38:24   They could be partially blind, they could be legally blind and have a walking stick.

00:38:28   That's true.

00:38:30   Well I'm going with woman with walking stick.

00:38:33   That is incorrect.

00:38:34   Is it because it lacks blind or because it's not called a walking stick?

00:38:38   You have another shot.

00:38:39   "Blind man with walking stick"

00:38:42   That is also incorrect.

00:38:44   "Oh my god, what's it called?"

00:38:46   "Woman with probing cane, a man with probing cane"

00:38:51   Because the stick does not help them walk.

00:38:54   "Well that's what you think, maybe it does"

00:38:57   Okay it assists them in moving, but a walking stick is used for somebody

00:39:02   who has a poor use of a leg, right?

00:39:04   "A probing cane"

00:39:06   Right, helps them

00:39:07   it's like an outdoor cane an off-road cane maybe if you would have gone with that all right so

00:39:12   we're two lines down what is the score now we have five right and 11 wrong that's going well

00:39:22   going really well so far okay uh third i will say i think they're going to get easier for a minute

00:39:30   and then they're going to get hard again this is your row to win i think really honestly i'm just

00:39:35   I'm just gonna make a prediction. I'm gonna say Federico out of this line of eight. I

00:39:42   think he's gonna get two.

00:39:43   Wow. Okay.

00:39:44   Wow. I believe in my friend.

00:39:47   Thank you, Steven. I always loved you.

00:39:48   Well, how many do you think he's gonna get then?

00:39:51   More than two.

00:39:52   That's not believing in him. Come on, give me a number.

00:39:54   It's very politically correct.

00:39:58   I'm gonna say he's gonna get five.

00:40:00   Three.

00:40:01   I don't like this speculation on my performance.

00:40:06   Okay.

00:40:07   We have a side bet going.

00:40:08   There's a lot of money right in this one.

00:40:10   This one, I've seen this animal before, so we're now doing animals.

00:40:14   This looks like a long...

00:40:15   Well, are we?

00:40:17   Look at the line.

00:40:18   Are we doing just animals?

00:40:19   Well, there's a bunch of animals here.

00:40:20   What's that last animal?

00:40:22   Shut up.

00:40:26   So this is...

00:40:27   Geodude.

00:40:28   At this glance, this is like a long-legged pink chicken.

00:40:32   [Laughter]

00:40:35   How are you feeling now, Steven? How's your side back going?

00:40:39   Or...

00:40:41   [Laughter]

00:40:42   ... pink tall bird?

00:40:45   Uh-huh.

00:40:46   Could also be an option.

00:40:47   Could be, yep.

00:40:49   I think I know what this animal is called.

00:40:51   Okay.

00:40:52   Like, for real.

00:40:53   Okay.

00:40:54   This is a flamingo.

00:40:55   [Ding]

00:40:56   Correct.

00:40:57   Oh, it does look like a tall pink chicken though.

00:41:01   Just for the sake of transparency, that is one of the two that I think he's gonna get correct.

00:41:09   Now we have two dogs, as we all know, all dogs are good dogs. These dogs are doing something.

00:41:15   These dogs...

00:41:19   So, first reaction, gotta be honest, I would say good dog number one and good dog number two.

00:41:26   I have a feeling it may be wrong. So the first, so let's think outside the box.

00:41:32   The first dog, as I've seen that instrument to walk dogs before, it looks

00:41:40   like a guide dog for blind people. So the first one, and I'm not,

00:41:46   this is not my final, don't count it as my final answer, this could be a guide dog,

00:41:52   And the next one, if the first one, if the yellowish brownish one is guide dog, the next one has a red

00:42:01   Chest thing or shoulder thing. Yeah, like a little doggy backpack. It looks like a

00:42:08   Like one of those

00:42:12   Things to swim like for dogs to swim like for like lifeguard dogs

00:42:19   But why is the lifeguard dog on a leash?

00:42:23   That's a good point.

00:42:24   Lifeguard dog shouldn't be on a leash.

00:42:26   Maybe it's not a leash, it's blue. Maybe it's a wave, you know?

00:42:28   No, it's not a wave. Lifeguard dog is supposed to run free at the beach and save people.

00:42:32   Right, right.

00:42:33   Having a lifeguard dog on a leash defeats the whole purpose of having a lifeguard dog.

00:42:37   Exactly. We all know that.

00:42:39   So let's move in steps.

00:42:43   Guide dog.

00:42:44   Correct.

00:42:45   I did not think you were going to get that one.

00:42:47   get that one. Yeah, because you think I'm stupid and I'm only partially stupid.

00:42:52   What's the second dog doing? What's that? Guide dog? Like, what kinds of

00:43:01   people use dogs for, like, functions besides, you know, having them as friends?

00:43:07   So you either walk with the dog and it's a guide dog or it's a lifeguard dog or

00:43:13   could be a dog lifeguard lifeguard dog sounds like a show a kid show that my

00:43:20   kids would watch maybe maybe maybe the dog maybe the dog is walking by the side

00:43:27   of somebody on a wheelchair what would you call that dog we just

00:43:32   have to rush you okay dog dog with a backpack

00:43:39   Incorrect.

00:43:40   This is a service dog.

00:43:43   Service dog?

00:43:44   Yeah.

00:43:45   Poor dog.

00:43:46   Why poor dog?

00:43:47   The dog's got a job.

00:43:48   It's the best thing for a dog.

00:43:50   Give it a job.

00:43:51   Yeah, he's helping people.

00:43:52   Service dog, it makes it sound like you're taking advantage of the dog.

00:43:54   No, the dog's helping people.

00:43:56   Is the dog happy to do that?

00:43:57   I don't know.

00:43:58   Yes.

00:43:59   Yeah, they're trying to do it.

00:44:01   Okay, good.

00:44:02   Doesn't mean they're happy to do it.

00:44:03   They have to be happy.

00:44:04   Well, I can't vouch for that.

00:44:06   This dog looks pretty happy, though.

00:44:07   The one in the emojis.

00:44:08   emojis. Good, good, good. The tail's up. Yeah, yeah, it's kind of good. It's honestly

00:44:13   Backpack Dog would have been... well, anyway. The next one, I'm gonna surprise you, Myke.

00:44:19   This is a sloth. Myke loses the side bet already. And I knew it, and I knew it

00:44:27   because... what's the name of the actress that plays, um... Oh yeah. You know, what's, what's...

00:44:33   Yeah, there's an actress who's super into them right?

00:44:36   Super afraid of them.

00:44:36   Come on, Veronica Mars.

00:44:39   And the good place. Come on.

00:44:41   Kristen Bell?

00:44:42   Yes.

00:44:43   I'm gonna put this, there's a YouTube link. I'm gonna put it in the show notes.

00:44:46   Kristen Bell's sloth meltdown.

00:44:50   I don't know if she's still together with Dax Shepard.

00:44:52   Yes, so Dax Shepard, maybe they're still together. Maybe they're still partners.

00:44:57   Oh, okay, never mind.

00:44:58   He pulled the prank on her a few years ago and like if I remember correctly

00:45:02   She was stuck in a room with a sloth and it was really something it was really really fun video

00:45:07   And that's why I learned the word sloth

00:45:10   They are they are

00:45:13   Incredibly creepy animals that exist for no apparent reason. She's

00:45:19   Freaking out. Yes. Yes

00:45:22   Next one Wow

00:45:25   This is a type of monkey, but my vocabulary here is spotty.

00:45:31   Hmm

00:45:35   could be a

00:45:37   Gorilla, I don't think it's a gorilla. It could be a baby gorilla

00:45:41   Or it could be a chimp and I think the full name of the chimp is the chimpanzee maybe in English

00:45:52   Mm-hmm. It's not a baboon. You can't just keep listing monkey types. You've got a big one. I mean he can no

00:45:59   It's not it's not a bubble. It's not a capuchin monkey

00:46:02   Yeah, quite knowledgeable about monkeys, you know, well, we'll find out won't we it's a chimpanzee

00:46:08   Incorrect. Come on. What's that? It's an orangutan

00:46:12   You know my god, yes, okay. Yeah, they're orange

00:46:18   The next the next the next beast this is an emoji that's gonna be getting a lot of use

00:46:24   Yes, it's taking a bath taking a diet

00:46:27   Is this animal holding like a phone or a soap?

00:46:32   Yeah, is that a sponge looks like a palm tree it's like one of those old Apple

00:46:40   Mice with the round one. What what is it?

00:46:44   So anyway, this is some kind of... this is some kind of...

00:46:47   He's a big iMac G3 fan.

00:46:49   This is a big lake rat.

00:46:52   Is that what you're going with? Big lake rat?

00:46:56   Is that your answer?

00:47:00   I don't know what else... how else to describe it. It's...

00:47:06   It's not a bear.

00:47:08   It's not a dog. It's not a cat.

00:47:12   Looks like a brown rat taking a bath

00:47:16   Big lake rat that is incorrect my friend. This is an otter

00:47:23   What what is it an otter? What kind of animal is it? Otter? It's like a big lake rat

00:47:29   It's like it's that the animal that chews on wood no, that's a beaver all right

00:47:37   They eat they bust up clams. I guess what he's holding what what what is it?

00:47:41   So here's the deal, Federico.

00:47:43   Are you not- is this an American animal?

00:47:45   No.

00:47:46   I don't get it.

00:47:46   They are in America, but it's not an American.

00:47:50   Also in the UK too.

00:47:51   I have never seen this animal in real life.

00:47:53   Here's the deal.

00:47:55   You have to get the next two right for me to beat Myke.

00:47:57   I have a...

00:47:57   No pressure, but our friendship depends on it.

00:48:01   Okay, so the next one is another type of rat that-

00:48:06   Yeah, it is, yeah.

00:48:07   Oh god.

00:48:08   produces a very smelly gas.

00:48:12   Smelly gas rat?

00:48:14   You nailed it.

00:48:17   It's a rat that had too much chili last night.

00:48:20   This is a skunk.

00:48:23   You're correct, that is in fact a skunk.

00:48:25   Yes!

00:48:26   So you've got to get this one right

00:48:29   to win the minigame for Steven.

00:48:32   Of course it's a space one.

00:48:34   Yeah, and I'm very confident.

00:48:36   Okay, so I do... I have a lot of things to say about this after you name it. I'm sure you do.

00:48:41   I'm also quite knowledgeable about space. Yes. Mostly by listening to Steven. And all the wars

00:48:48   that you've, you know, all the Star Wars and stuff that you've... All the Star Wars content that I

00:48:56   follow. So, yeah, okay, so this is a planet, right? And this is Saturn. But here's my

00:49:05   question, though. Would Apple do an emoji just for Saturn? But that's what this

00:49:12   is, though, isn't it? So we have emoji for... this is... maybe I'm... Well... Shush you. Quiet you.

00:49:20   Quiet. You're leading him on just as much as I am. No, I am the Quiz Master.

00:49:24   But I'm keeping score. We're equals.

00:49:28   This is a representation of a planet with rings around it.

00:49:32   Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. What's the emoji name?

00:49:36   Apple has... I struggled... I struggled to imagine that Apple would call an emoji just

00:49:40   Saturn. Planet with rings.

00:49:42   No, no, you can't give him that. No, you can't give him that. You're just giving him that

00:49:47   because you got money riding on it. This is Ringed Planet.

00:49:51   It's the same thing! Yeah, okay.

00:49:54   planet, or planet with rings, I mean, come on. I'm marking it as correct. Yeah, you can

00:49:58   take it, it's fine. I want to complain about this emoji. So, A, thank you for proving me

00:50:02   right with five, I always believed in you except for a second when I did that. He didn't

00:50:04   believe in you at all, as soon as you, as soon as orangutan was wrong, he stopped believing

00:50:09   in you, yeah. I was worried about orangutan. So the problem with this is, you were right,

00:50:13   this is Saturn, mostly, the middle of it kind of looks like Jupiter more than Saturn, but

00:50:18   Saturn is not at a 45 degree angle, like Saturn is straight across, and so they've done like

00:50:23   generic planet. What I want, Jeremy, is an emoji for each planet. So get on it, Unicode.

00:50:30   Why did they pick just ringed planet?

00:50:32   I mean, if you think about planet, like this is very planet-like, but they like merged.

00:50:37   Yeah, this is actually, you know what, no, I reckon this is how it happened. If they

00:50:41   wanted a planet, like emoji, this is, aside from the Earth, this style is like uncharacteristically

00:50:48   a space thing, right? Like anything else, you could be like, is that a bowling ball?

00:50:52   Right.

00:50:53   this one right Mars looks like a red circle right like yes so you were right

00:50:58   this is the most planet II planet of all the planets can we get a score update

00:51:02   halfway through oh yes I won the side bet most importantly 10 correct 14

00:51:09   incorrect you're pulling it back you're pulling it back yeah I told you I'm

00:51:14   still I you did very well very confident in the next row though just gonna say

00:51:19   - We'll see, we'll see, we'll see.

00:51:22   Underestimating my poor boy's Italian.

00:51:26   - Or just estimating, could just be estimating.

00:51:29   We'll see. - We'll see.

00:51:30   - If you're a freelancer and I walked up to you

00:51:34   on the street and I said, "Hey, do you want to save

00:51:36   "192 hours?"

00:51:38   You would be excited, you may try to give me a hug.

00:51:41   - I'll be slightly concerned at first

00:51:43   until you explain it to me.

00:51:44   - It would be a weird way to start a conversation,

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00:52:52   you hear about us" section. We thank FreshBooks for their support of this show and

00:52:56   Relay FM. I'm gonna surprise you Myke. Yeah?

00:53:00   Oyster. Correct. Onion. Yes. Garlic. Correct. Waffles. Yep. Kiwi meatballs.

00:53:12   INCREDI-

00:53:14   *Laughter*

00:53:16   What is this? I've been looking at this emoji for like two hours.

00:53:20   Right, but-

00:53:22   *Laughter*

00:53:24   Kiwi.

00:53:26   I have no idea what I'm looking at.

00:53:28   It's green.

00:53:30   *Laughter*

00:53:32   So, it's got brown skin.

00:53:34   Yeah.

00:53:36   It's green inside.

00:53:38   It's like rotten meatballs.

00:53:40   It looks like a kiwi, like, you know, the fruit.

00:53:45   But there's, here's my thing, there's like some kind of green leaves, the sides, and

00:53:50   some kind of nondescript sauce at the bottom, so it looks like some kind of meatballs.

00:53:57   Mhm.

00:53:58   Falafel.

00:53:59   What?

00:54:00   Falafel.

00:54:01   Is that a word?

00:54:02   No, I'm just making a sound.

00:54:03   Of course it's a word.

00:54:04   I ate a food.

00:54:06   Falafel?

00:54:07   Falafel.

00:54:08   a deep fried ball or a flat or donut shaped patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans

00:54:13   or both, herb spices and onion, relatives are commonly added to the dough. It is a very

00:54:18   famous Minlesian dish that most likely originated in Egypt, thanks to Wikipedia.

00:54:23   Cool. Okay. I've learned a new word today. Next one. This is a big piece of butter. Is

00:54:35   Is that the name? Big piece of butter?

00:54:37   No, it's not the name. You're being trigger happy over there. Calm yourself.

00:54:41   Big piece of butter? What's the name?

00:54:45   Just butter. We're gonna have to give it to you now,

00:54:47   'cause old scoremaster's just going crazy with a bell.

00:54:50   Butter.

00:54:51   Butter.

00:54:51   I got so excited 'cause you went on such a tear. As soon as I heard the word, I hit the bell.

00:54:56   Juice box.

00:54:57   Incorrect.

00:54:58   Really?

00:54:59   Yes. This is wild. I don't know why they've given it the name they've given it.

00:55:04   beverage box. Beverage? There's an apple? There's an apple on the cover! What else do you drink out

00:55:11   of a box with a bendy straw? Wine. But you could do wine maybe, but I don't think, as you did clarify

00:55:17   with a straw, I don't know if people drink them. This is wild to call it beverage box. I don't know

00:55:22   why they did that. Is this one, is this an example you think where apple got more specific than the

00:55:28   name required? Yeah, but what else would you, how else would you show beverage box? This is a juice

00:55:34   box. They made the right choice. Unicode chose a bunker's name. Yeah. I gotta be honest with you

00:55:40   guys, the next one. So I looked at it. You're not getting this one, Federico. And my brain put

00:55:47   together two ideas that are sort of creepy and unrelated to each other, but that's just how my

00:55:55   brain works. To me this looks like an ash urn with a straw. Oh my gosh, that's very upsetting.

00:56:03   I don't know why would you drink out of that.

00:56:06   Get a little sip of grandpa on the way out the door.

00:56:08   Well, my God. When we started this episode...

00:56:14   You're going to be thirsty afterwards.

00:56:16   I did not think Steven was going to say the worst possible thing that could have occurred,

00:56:20   but turns out he did. So there you go.

00:56:23   Oh my God.

00:56:24   That's why they're next to each other. You take a little hit of that and then you get some beverage

00:56:28   to wash them down.

00:56:30   You gotta cleanse your- it's a palette cleanser.

00:56:33   [Laughter]

00:56:38   Can you please give me your answer?

00:56:40   [Laughter]

00:56:42   Please- I would like your answer Federico, can I have your answer please?

00:56:46   I have no idea what it is, I don't know what to say. It's a- it's a- it's a-

00:56:50   [Sniff]

00:56:51   It's... coconut with metal on top of it, like a-

00:56:55   That's what it looks like, right? It looks like a coconut. This is actually a mate.

00:56:58   A what?

00:57:00   Mate, it's spelt like mate, but it's mate. I believe it is a traditional South American caffeine rich infused drink

00:57:07   the national beverage of Argentina and Uruguay

00:57:11   and Paraguay

00:57:14   It's not grass nothing to do well grandpa could make them

00:57:19   Maybe they have a special recipe but not if he's dead. Okay score update

00:57:26   You did very well on this row. We are now at

00:57:29   15 right okay

00:57:32   17 wrong okay very close

00:57:35   Next one ice cube

00:57:40   Come on

00:57:43   Hmm tiny iceberg

00:57:46   What is it getting colder

00:57:50   I'm not sure, I'm not sure about the scoring on this.

00:57:54   I think that this is Apple's mistake and we give it to him.

00:57:58   Frozen water cube.

00:57:59   I don't think anyone's made a mistake.

00:58:04   I'm just not sure.

00:58:06   No, it's too specific.

00:58:08   No, Federico was too specific.

00:58:09   The actual name means less specific.

00:58:12   Ice?

00:58:12   Yes, correct. There you go. I'm gonna give it to you.

00:58:15   Ice. Ice. That's what I was waiting to hear it.

00:58:17   Kite.

00:58:18   But again, how would you show it? They've done the right job.

00:58:20   I don't think.

00:58:21   What would you- how would you show the word ice?

00:58:23   Yeah.

00:58:23   Kite.

00:58:25   We're tied up.

00:58:27   This one is an object.

00:58:29   Good luck.

00:58:30   Yeah, nice knowing you.

00:58:31   To me this looks like- like a- like a- like a ceramic boat with a- with a candle.

00:58:38   Oh, it does look like a ceramic boat. Would a ceramic boat float?

00:58:41   I don't know, we gotta ask Dr. Drang about it.

00:58:43   Um.

00:58:44   Is ceramic heavy?

00:58:45   Yo, Dr. Drang, hit us up on Twitter.

00:58:47   Well, I can't imagine why it wouldn't. Steel boats float.

00:58:51   Yeah, but ceramic... Imagine a ceramic boat, though.

00:58:53   But what difference does it make because it's ceramic?

00:58:57   You're not an engineer.

00:58:58   This is some other kind of funerary thing, is it?

00:59:02   This is some kind of candle that they use in some religion for something.

00:59:08   I really need you to be more careful here.

00:59:11   I really need you to just rein this one in a little bit.

00:59:16   celebratory candle. That is incorrect. We were looking for a dyer lamp. What?

00:59:22   It is an oil lamp used in the Indian subcontinent, most notably India and Nepal, usually made from

00:59:30   clay of a cotton wick dipped in ghee or vegetable oil. Cool. Next one, axe. Correct. So the next one,

00:59:41   I believe the name is international. In Italy at least we call it a yo-yo.

00:59:47   Correct.

00:59:48   This one's a banjo.

00:59:50   Okay.

00:59:51   Banjo.

00:59:52   Okay, so the next one is the thing you...

00:59:56   This is the thing. We're tired now and we have what, ten left?

01:00:00   And they are... they're gonna be tricky for you my friend, I think, some of these.

01:00:06   So, good luck. Good luck Federico.

01:00:09   Okay, thank you. So this is why you used to go underwater.

01:00:13   I'm not sure what the name of the... maybe you would call it a tube in English.

01:00:19   This is a breathing mask and a breathing tube.

01:00:22   I want to just say at this point, I want to give you...

01:00:25   I want to give you a bit of assistance here.

01:00:27   Uh-huh.

01:00:29   Apple have, I think, not only gone too far, they have

01:00:32   miscategorized this emoji name with what they have chosen.

01:00:36   I agree with you, Myke. This is a little off the mark.

01:00:38   Yeah, they've absolutely completely given something different.

01:00:42   So much so that if you use this for what the emoji is called, you would die.

01:00:46   So, uh, you keep going, Federico.

01:00:49   So if they have categorized this as...

01:00:54   What do you say in English when you...

01:00:59   In Italian we would call them "subs", like when you go underwater.

01:01:04   Scuba.

01:01:07   Like scuba?

01:01:07   Don't give him the words. It's a key word. Is it? Could be. But when you do scuba diving,

01:01:15   you have an oxygen tank and if you were to just have this you would die, which is what you said,

01:01:21   because it doesn't show... so this is a scuba mask. Incorrect. They called it diving mask.

01:01:28   Diving mask. Which again, if you went diving with this you would die. This is a snorkeling mask.

01:01:34   Yeah. Yes, this is snorkeling. They didn't need to include the snorkel. Diving mask is the other part.

01:01:42   I don't know why they included the snorkel. Not good. Not good.

01:01:47   The next one is... The next one, I will say, out of all of them, the next one, I think,

01:01:51   the art is my favorite because of how detailed it is, like all the little pieces of it and how

01:01:56   tiny the guy is. Like, I just... This artwork cracks me up. It's good. And, you know, the little holes

01:02:01   in the thing, right? Like they've really made a very specific emoji here.

01:02:05   It's very detailed.

01:02:06   I can only assume that the person that created this emoji, this is their hobby.

01:02:10   I'm torn between two options.

01:02:12   Okay.

01:02:13   I'm going with just parachute.

01:02:15   Correct.

01:02:16   Ooh, I was gonna say parachuting person.

01:02:20   Also this seems a little bit more abseiling-y, but I don't know. Like I don't know if I would

01:02:26   have like imagined a parachute that way, but you know, you do you.

01:02:29   Okay, last row. Last row. We are tied. Ooh!

01:02:33   20. That's fun. 20.

01:02:37   Okay, so this is the...

01:02:39   This is a vest, and this is the type of vest that you put on in two instances,

01:02:45   I suppose, either when you're doing road work, or

01:02:47   if you've had an accident and you need to step out of your car,

01:02:51   you would put on this vest to make sure that other cars would see you, because it's got the reflection stripes thing.

01:02:59   Mhm.

01:02:59   I don't know, man.

01:03:02   If there's a word for this object, I don't know it.

01:03:07   So I'm just gonna go ahead and say...

01:03:09   Service vest.

01:03:11   So close.

01:03:14   What is it?

01:03:14   It is a safety vest.

01:03:16   Safety vest.

01:03:18   Mhm.

01:03:19   Okay.

01:03:20   High visibility. You know, all that nonsense.

01:03:23   I've seen this before.

01:03:24   These are...

01:03:27   And this is not my name.

01:03:28   the name that I'm picking, these are ballerina shoes. Do they have a more specific name or

01:03:35   did Apple call them ballerina shoes? I know the specific name in Italian, not any...

01:03:42   It's not gonna help you here.

01:03:43   It's not gonna help me. Ballerina shoes.

01:03:46   Ballet shoes.

01:03:48   I don't know if we can give him the point. We don't do second chance answers around here.

01:03:54   It's the last row, Myke.

01:03:56   But that's the point! This is like high stakes!

01:03:59   I've said it right after!

01:04:01   But that's not how this works!

01:04:03   Okay, don't give me the point then.

01:04:05   Okay, I already sent the bell.

01:04:06   But they are ballet shoes, they are not ballerina shoes I'm afraid. Sorry, Federico.

01:04:12   Okay, okay.

01:04:13   We have to live by our rules. The rules are as prevalent in the Jeremy's as they are in the

01:04:18   Ricky's.

01:04:19   What's the next one? Are these like-

01:04:21   You're not going to be able to guess this unless you know the name for it.

01:04:25   I don't know, I'm just going with Orange Vest.

01:04:28   Okay, it is sorry.

01:04:30   Yeah, I would have never guessed it.

01:04:33   You never know, unless you know it.

01:04:35   You're not gonna get it.

01:04:36   I also have no idea what the next building is.

01:04:39   You're not gonna get this one either, my friend.

01:04:42   This looks like the picture of a building taken with the ultra-wide camera because of the distortion.

01:04:49   It does indeed look like that.

01:04:51   That's interesting.

01:04:53   I don't know, maybe a temple, maybe a government office, maybe a...

01:04:57   I don't know. I don't know what I'm looking at. I'm going with a temple.

01:05:04   It is a Hindu temple and I will tell you from doing some googling, I think they have in fact

01:05:10   decided to show it as if it was taken by an ultra wide camera because all of the images I've found,

01:05:16   they mostly tend to be like pretty straight line buildings where this has got curved lines in it.

01:05:21   So yeah, I wonder if that was a look they were going for, but that is a Hindu temple

01:05:25   federacle.

01:05:26   Ok.

01:05:27   See, the next, this last row is basically impossible.

01:05:31   So it's a very difficult last row for you.

01:05:36   So first glance, it looks like a golf cart.

01:05:40   But is it called a golf cart or a golf car?

01:05:43   Or is it even a golf cart?

01:05:45   Is it even a golf...

01:05:47   Maybe it's not.

01:05:48   It's like one of those tourist carts.

01:05:51   If it was a golf cart, it would have had the space in the back to put your equipment.

01:06:00   So this looks like one of those little tiny cars that you would drive around Rome as a

01:06:08   tourist.

01:06:09   It's a tourist cart.

01:06:11   It's not in fact, well, it is in fact a tourist cart, but that is not the name.

01:06:16   This is an auto rickshaw.

01:06:17   A what?

01:06:18   Auto-Rickshaw.

01:06:20   I don't know why it has auto in it. I thought they were just called rickshaws, but...

01:06:24   No, because rickshaws are typically human-powered.

01:06:27   Oh, that's right!

01:06:29   Okay, so...

01:06:31   Mechanical rickshaw.

01:06:32   I'm losing, so I'm losing at this point, so...

01:06:35   You are, but I feel like you can close out strong with the last three.

01:06:40   You've got this.

01:06:41   Stethoscope?

01:06:43   Correct!

01:06:46   Razor?

01:06:48   Correct!

01:06:49   What is this? A drop of sauce? What is this?

01:06:54   Blood. A drop of blood.

01:06:57   Correct. I'm just gonna give you a drop of blood.

01:07:00   It would have been a drop of sauce if we were looking at the vampire emoji next, I guess, but drop of blood.

01:07:05   So, out of the 48 total, Steven, what is our final score? How many correct did Federico get?

01:07:10   23.

01:07:12   Oh, nice! That's my favorite number.

01:07:15   There it is!

01:07:16   and 25 wrong very good so you lost this year i lost but only by two yeah very very strong

01:07:23   beaten by the emoji i also like how the razor seems it it looked to me looks just like the

01:07:28   harry's razor like is that a sponsored hashtag sponsor emoji harry's is gonna use that everywhere

01:07:34   and they're advertising they will 100 use that everywhere yeah it went pretty well

01:07:39   some really good highlights from the fourth row, the food one, that was one of my favorites.

01:07:50   Yeah, some names are really challenging this time around, especially...

01:07:55   You know you're saying about sponsored emoji, I saw this a couple of days ago, do you know

01:07:59   that this is actually a thing that companies try and do, and some of them have been successful

01:08:04   There's a pickup truck emoji that's coming in. I think emoji 12-1, emoji 13, like the next set.

01:08:10   Yeah, next year. I've complained to Jeremy about the lack of a pickup truck emoji.

01:08:14   I feel like I've been singled out.

01:08:16   Well, that- it's coming. And it was put forward by, you know,

01:08:20   the proposal was made and all that kind of stuff, right? Like, that is how things usually go.

01:08:25   Right.

01:08:26   But Ford was behind it, secretly.

01:08:28   Yeah.

01:08:28   And then made an ad talking about how proud they were of themselves that they snuck this emoji in.

01:08:33   Which I mean that's basically what mark did with the yoga emoji, you know, I have an emoji

01:08:38   Oh, I'm gonna actually make a podcast about it, right, but he doesn't necessarily stand to gain so significantly

01:08:43   So maybe in fact Harry's did go for this. We don't know. No one can know well unless they make an ad like Ford did

01:08:50   No one can there's no way of finding out

01:08:52   There's no way of emailing them or just looking up the probably public documentation about the that's a lot of work

01:08:58   It does seem like a lot of work, right?

01:09:01   Good job, Federico this this lived up to my memory of it from last year

01:09:05   It's the second annual Jeremy's that we've done. What will the tattoo be this time?

01:09:11   Well, I'm torn between grandpa and the Kiwi meatballs, so we'll see

01:09:16   Kiwi meatballs Kiwi meatballs

01:09:19   If we ever make a band the three of us, I want to call it Kiwi meatballs

01:09:28   So next Myke, you're gonna tell us about your folding phone

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01:11:01   - So my time has come.

01:11:02   After months and months of waiting,

01:11:04   I think since April was when I hoped

01:11:06   I would get my hands on a Galaxy Fold,

01:11:08   but of course there were a bunch of problems

01:11:10   with the original version.

01:11:11   I now have a Galaxy Fold.

01:11:14   Both of you believe that I would not receive

01:11:16   the Fold that I'd ordered from the Samsung store,

01:11:19   but they called me and I went in to pick it up.

01:11:22   I've been using it now for the best part of a week, and I have some thoughts that I want

01:11:26   to share with you all, and then also I have some listener questions as well.

01:11:30   I've been soliciting questions from people to try and understand what people want to

01:11:34   know about this device, and I will also, would love as we go through this, any questions

01:11:39   you two have, I would love to answer them.

01:11:41   But I want to talk about some key areas about this device.

01:11:45   I think really I have to start with the hardware, right, because that's what everybody cares

01:11:49   about.

01:11:50   necessarily care about One UI, which is Samsung's software on this phone, because that with

01:11:55   some changes of course here, but mostly exists in other places. But this is the only folding

01:12:01   phone that exists that folds the way that this phone does. So in on itself, what is

01:12:07   known in origami terms as a valley fold, right? So there is a screen inside the package as

01:12:12   opposed to on the outside. And I will tell you without a shadow of a doubt, this feels

01:12:17   like one of the most futuristic pieces of technology that I've ever used because I have

01:12:22   never used anything like this.

01:12:24   Technology right now doesn't exist in other places.

01:12:28   There are no other folding screens that you can get your hands on, right?

01:12:33   That's not a thing that exists.

01:12:35   So this feels like something that is brand new in that regard.

01:12:39   To me, how touch screens felt new when I first got my hands on a good touch screen device.

01:12:44   And also, this hardware feels very premium.

01:12:49   The hinge is incredibly solid.

01:12:51   It has more of a spring to it than I'd imagine.

01:12:53   This was actually one of the things that Samsung worked on during that period of time.

01:12:57   They made the hinge kind of better.

01:12:59   I've been watching some of the original reviews that people were giving in preparation for

01:13:05   this, and definitely the hinge changed.

01:13:08   Can open this phone with one hand with no real problem

01:13:12   And I find it incredibly satisfying to open and close

01:13:16   It is effectively the most expensive fidget toy that I own

01:13:20   In that regard because I find myself playing with it a lot and it's very satisfying to close

01:13:25   That is just a very nice feeling when you close this phone

01:13:28   It reminds me of flip phones. Does it sort of snap shut like after a certain point and wants to pull together

01:13:34   Yeah, it has magnets in it

01:13:37   Which brings it closed. Yeah, so I can actually pick up up metal items from my desk with this

01:13:42   Okay, so it actually is pulling together

01:13:44   I got the silver version

01:13:46   Originally Samsung had lots of really exciting colors for this phone. They were doing like a gold and a blue

01:13:53   They ended up just shipping black and silver and it's only the back plate

01:13:58   so if I had it opened and looked at the back of it the left side is silver the right side is black because it

01:14:04   Has the touchscreen on the front, right?

01:14:07   But even the silver version, it has this kind of like bluey hue to it.

01:14:12   Like, you know, like all these Android phones these days have these like weird and wonderful color effects in lights.

01:14:17   They've done that with this phone, which I'm excited about because I love the way those phones look.

01:14:21   But it is an absolute fingerprint magnet, more than any device I've ever used.

01:14:26   It looks like the fingerprints, like I've been handling flour and touching my phone.

01:14:31   It's so strange, but like, it doesn't matter what I do, this thing just gets covered in fingerprints.

01:14:36   in fingerprints so that's just the way it is. The Galaxy Fold is 276 grams to put it into perspective

01:14:46   the 11 Pro Max is 225 so it is significantly heavier like if you place it against an iPhone

01:14:53   you put one in each hand you can really feel the difference but I only really feel the weight when

01:14:58   the fold is closed when it is open it's much more dispersed right so you don't feel it in the same

01:15:03   way plus when it's open by and large you're holding it in two hands or you're using one

01:15:08   hand completely to support it which kind of dissipates the weight a little bit. When it

01:15:13   is closed I really love the way it feels in my hand like it's very comfortable because you kind

01:15:18   of hold it very differently you you hold it like with your entire fist around it right like if

01:15:23   you're just carrying it it's a very different feeling like I don't feel like I hold it like

01:15:28   it's a smartphone a lot of the time. I kind of hold it like a baton or like a remote control

01:15:33   or something. Because of the shape, it is long and thin compared to other phones when it's closed.

01:15:40   It's quite satisfying in that way. It's a nice kind of device to hold like that. And of course,

01:15:47   when it's open, it's obviously much thinner when it's opened and feels to hold kind of like how

01:15:53   you would hold a Kindle, to be honest. It's got that kind of feeling to it. It could hold it in

01:15:58   one hand but then you're only reading stuff you can't use that hand to interact but unless you have

01:16:02   huge hands or you like hold a corner or whatever um i've put a pop socket on mine and the pop socket

01:16:08   is perfect yes it is perfect for a device it's easier to hold and unfolded and also if i i can

01:16:16   then stand it up to watch videos in land in like a landscape orientation and just leave it standing

01:16:22   there which is something i love a lot actually uh as a nice little video device so it's great for

01:16:27   that. The screens, let's talk about the screens, but we'll start with the least exciting, most

01:16:33   disappointing screen, which is the front screen. It is 4.6 inches, which sounds good, except for

01:16:39   the fact that it is incredibly narrow, so it's 4.6 inches diagonally, so it's way taller than it is

01:16:45   wide. It is incredibly hard to type on, incredibly hard, because the keyboard is really shrunken,

01:16:55   right? It's a very very narrow keyboard. The uses for it are pretty limited. I like it for

01:17:01   checking notifications. It's also an always on display which is useful, right? So there's always

01:17:06   a clock there and I can see notifications as in the icons that have no like of apps that have

01:17:11   notifications. It doesn't show the notifications themselves. You have to unlock the device to do

01:17:16   that. And I've heard it kind of by Dieter Bohn said this and I think he completely got it right.

01:17:23   You kind of use this screen like you would use a smartwatch screen.

01:17:28   Like you check quick things on it but you're not going to work on a spreadsheet with it.

01:17:33   My only real complaint about the hardware for this device is this screen.

01:17:39   It is a complete trade-off and it's a real shame.

01:17:44   If they would have been able to make this more edge-to-edge,

01:17:48   it would have been a much more satisfying experience.

01:17:52   I think they're going to struggle with this. To make it really useful, you probably have to make the fold bigger in general.

01:18:01   So I think this is the thing they're going to struggle with, but I want to see them improve that.

01:18:07   Because this screen is kind of disappointing really. Maybe they could lean into not making it like a smaller phone.

01:18:15   Maybe they try and make it more like a smartwatch, right?

01:18:18   Like it may be a different UI for the front screen to make it a bit more useful

01:18:22   I don't know but trying to squeeze the entire phone down into this form factor is a bit of a miss

01:18:29   and

01:18:31   It is useful because I don't want to have to unlock the and like I don't want to have to like open up the phone every

01:18:36   Single time and it does let me deal with quick interactions to things but you can't really get a lot done on it

01:18:42   So really my biggest problem is the keyboard

01:18:45   If they found a way to change that if they found a way to make that better in some way I would be much happier

01:18:50   Something I haven't really tried is like to try and use it in landscape to get a better keyboard

01:18:57   But then the keyboard I'm assuming is probably going to cover the end. It doesn't work in landscape. So there you go

01:19:02   I just just found that out that apps do not rotate on this phone

01:19:05   Probably because then you would only have a keyboard you'd have nothing else. It wouldn't be great

01:19:11   But you know it is there and it is useful in that regard

01:19:14   But really the the big show is the main screen right the big square screen inside. It's seven point three inches diagonally

01:19:21   and is

01:19:23   Mostly a square. It's not completely equal

01:19:26   It's more rectangular, but it feels squarish and it is a wonderful canvas for content

01:19:31   I've always loved bigger screens on my devices and this definitely ticks that box

01:19:36   It is great for basically every use I've had for it because it's a bigger screen and I love bigger screens

01:19:43   So I get more content all the time when using this right I get more content than any other phone and similar to some tablet

01:19:51   experiences because

01:19:52   Samsung has built some stuff in where I can as I tend to do I can have tiny fonts and I can

01:19:58   Make the screen show me more content, right?

01:20:00   Like I can I have like tabs in Chrome that are visible on this device, right? Like it's a tiny tablet

01:20:08   It's really great for that. So I'm very happy about that experience

01:20:11   One thing which is super weird about this device and I looked into it to find out why

01:20:16   Sometimes when I'm scrolling it looks like there's like a weird effect and what it what I thought was going on

01:20:23   I thought it was that OLED thing, right? You know, like when you scroll you see the OLED and the black text jiggles or whatever

01:20:29   Yeah, we spoke about that last week Federico said no one can notice that yeah, it's true. It's not that

01:20:34   See, that's what I thought it was but it is not that

01:20:37   Screens have screen controllers in them

01:20:41   I'm not 100% sure what the job of a screen controller is but it helps with the scrolling

01:20:46   But because it's it's like a traffic cop for pixels. That's it. Yeah over here. I like that you light up here

01:20:52   That's really good. Thank you very much for that because this is effectively such a wide screen

01:20:57   they had to put it on the side rather than on the top or bottom which is usual for smartphones.

01:21:01   So what that means sometimes is the left-hand side of the phone when scrolling content is ever

01:21:08   so slightly ahead of the right-hand side. So if you're scrolling quickly it can kind of look like

01:21:15   the content is sliding diagonally a little bit. Now this is a very small thing but when I describe

01:21:21   it sounds much more than it is. It's something you just get used to but you can see...

01:21:27   I was gonna say can you can you unsee it or is it like ruined forever?

01:21:31   I see it sometimes not all the time. So I don't know if it's worse sometimes than others. I don't

01:21:36   know if like it's maybe a speed thing but it's definitely there and you just have to deal with

01:21:42   it. The real thing is it doesn't actually change. It doesn't make the phone any less usable because

01:21:47   like you're not reading content when you're scrolling right you're scrolling to get through it

01:21:52   so it's really honestly just like a nitpicky thing in a way because it doesn't affect the

01:21:57   usability of the device at all it's just like a "ah i wish you didn't do that" there are many

01:22:02   biometric options for this device because it is an android device there is a fingerprint reader on the

01:22:07   side uh weirdly by default it does not act as a lock screen button because it's not a button there

01:22:14   There is a lock unlock button above it.

01:22:18   So by default, you have to hit the lock unlock button

01:22:20   and then authenticate with your finger

01:22:23   on the fingerprint reader.

01:22:24   Super weird.

01:22:25   You can change this into settings

01:22:27   to just when you use the fingerprint reader,

01:22:29   the screen unlocks.

01:22:30   I do not know why that's not the default, but it isn't.

01:22:34   But I'm using the facial recognition as well,

01:22:38   because that's what I'm used to.

01:22:41   I'm not used to using a fingerprint reader anymore,

01:22:44   so I kept forgetting to unlock my phone and I was very confused when looking at it.

01:22:48   So I'm using the facial recognition.

01:22:52   What's kind of cool because there are six cameras on the Galaxy Fold, the facial recognition

01:22:56   works on both the front and the inside screens because there's cameras for both, right?

01:23:02   What I do like, and this is interesting to me, is changing some of my opinions.

01:23:07   When the facial recognition fails, I have another option that isn't inputting my pin

01:23:12   and it's to use my fingerprint.

01:23:13   Right, and it makes me feel like I want that on the iPhone

01:23:17   Sorry to say everybody. I have now become one of those people that will quite like to have both

01:23:24   It's it's better like facial recognition is

01:23:28   It makes it it makes the interaction feel flawless, right?

01:23:32   You're looking at your phone and it unlocks but it doesn't always work and when it doesn't work

01:23:37   Putting in a pin is frustrating but just touching my thumb

01:23:42   To the fingerprint reader, which is a very quick fingerprint reader that solves the problem and I love that

01:23:47   So I would really love that if they could do that. That's what I would love to see in my iPhone

01:23:52   I like it here a lot

01:23:54   Ultimately, I

01:23:56   Am convinced that Samsung are on the right track for foldable phones

01:24:00   Considering all the problems that have occurred with the screen itself

01:24:05   Right the plastic screen if this screen folded out like the Huawei device

01:24:11   I would be terrified to use it. I would not want to put it down anywhere because I'll be scared of scratching or denting the device

01:24:18   Having the less strong screen fold inside and be protected by glass and metal

01:24:24   That is the way to go with these devices until we can get actually I can't imagine any other way

01:24:30   Right because even if it was glass on the outside

01:24:32   I wouldn't want to put it down because if you're scratching it, I scratched the glass on my iPhone

01:24:37   I've done that in the past if the whole screen was glass

01:24:40   I wouldn't want to ever put it down. So I am convinced that this is the right form factor

01:24:45   But they've got work to do to make it perfect

01:24:47   You'll notice I haven't really spoken about the plastic screen. Yeah, that is not an issue. It's not an issue

01:24:55   It is an absolute non-issue for me. Like it doesn't feel I wouldn't be concerned about this phone if

01:25:03   People if there hadn't been problems it does not feel

01:25:08   So many of the questions that I've gotten about this are people talking like, "Oh, are you being careful with it?"

01:25:13   No, and I don't feel like I need to. Like I am not babying this device.

01:25:17   It does not give me the impression that it should be babied. It feels well put together.

01:25:24   Now, the many many many warnings in the packaging

01:25:28   make me feel like I just need to be careful with my fingernails when using this device because you can

01:25:34   Put dents in it, but my point is not that it isn't fragile is that it doesn't feel fragile

01:25:39   so I've been perfectly happy when using it and plastic feels as good as glass like

01:25:45   You could give this to me and I wouldn't know it was a plastic screen. It feels fine, right? Yes. There is a

01:25:51   Crease in it, but you do not see the crease when you're using it because you're using it right like you it's all lit up

01:25:57   It looks great. You don't notice the crease you can feel it sometimes when you run your hand across it

01:26:03   But I don't it's just not a problem for me. Like I don't feel like that is a problem by any stretch of the imagination

01:26:09   The crease is a non-issue and if you don't like it or if you do have problems with it any

01:26:16   Like all that looks kind of strange or that feels kind of weird that is completely negated

01:26:22   By how fantastic it is to be using a foldable phone

01:26:26   If that is the compromise, I do not care about the compromise because I love the form factor

01:26:32   I'd love being able to take a smaller device and make it a bigger device

01:26:36   Like this feels like a tiny tablet computer that I have which I can fold away and put somewhere like that

01:26:43   form factor is absolutely fantastic and if my only trade-off is that I can sometimes feel a

01:26:50   Hint like a little bump in the middle. I'll take that it doesn't do anything

01:26:54   It doesn't affect my usability of this device in any way

01:26:57   Nor does this feel like a device that I'm scared to use

01:27:02   use. So that's my overall feelings on the hardware.

01:27:04   I have the most to say about the hardware naturally, but I do have some other bits

01:27:08   that I wanted to touch on because the app experience is important.

01:27:11   And, you know, one of the nicest,

01:27:14   one of the initial, initially nicest applications and uses of the

01:27:20   square screen was Instagram because they have filled the screen.

01:27:25   So it looks great for posts because you see the whole post and you get one at a

01:27:29   time and it's great nice square screen square Instagram posts awesome but

01:27:34   Instagram really dropped the ball on stories Instagram stories are cropped to

01:27:38   square that's fine for a vertical format so kind of completely ruins it and

01:27:43   here's a funnier thing if I take a photo posted to Instagram stories that is also

01:27:47   cropped to square it will not do the rectangle 9 by 16 will not do it can't

01:27:53   see them can't post them I can use I can see Instagram stories better on the

01:27:58   The outside screen, because it's more, it's taller, but the inside screen doesn't work

01:28:08   and it's kind of frustrating.

01:28:09   As well for a reason that I don't understand, the Instagram app does not allow for split

01:28:15   screen multitasking on this device.

01:28:16   It is the only application that I have not been able to use split screen multitasking

01:28:20   with.

01:28:21   Like, it has been purposely disabled.

01:28:24   I feel like I'm never going to get the update that fixes the story's problem because they

01:28:28   would have done it by now. So that is that. Very frustrating. By and large though, because

01:28:33   this is Android, every single app that I have used has been optimized for this display size.

01:28:40   Nobody probably had to do that much to get it to work, right? Because Android is built

01:28:45   to be more adaptable to different screen sizes because there are so many screen sizes. So

01:28:50   every single app that I've used fills the whole display, does a good job of it, and

01:28:56   I'm very happy with that.

01:28:57   Multitasking is wild on this device.

01:29:00   So with the exception of Instagram,

01:29:02   every single app that I've used allows

01:29:04   for some form of multitasking.

01:29:06   And the way this device does multitasking

01:29:09   is the most complete version of multitasking

01:29:13   on a touchscreen device that I've ever used

01:29:15   because it does literally everything.

01:29:17   I would argue maybe a little too much in some places,

01:29:21   but it does it.

01:29:22   So when you have an app open,

01:29:23   you can pull in from the side to get an app picker.

01:29:26   And you have a list of recent apps,

01:29:28   like five or six recent apps.

01:29:30   Or you can hit a button and bring up your entire app drawer

01:29:34   to pick whatever app you want from the system

01:29:37   to bring into multitasking.

01:29:39   When you initially bring an app in, it goes into split screen.

01:29:43   So you've got one on the left, one on the right,

01:29:45   and it's adjustable.

01:29:46   So you can adjust how big you want each app to be, right?

01:29:49   But you can then drag in a third application,

01:29:51   which will then on the right hand side split the second side into two panes.

01:29:56   So on the left you have one that takes the full height of the display and then

01:30:01   two applications that take the height and split it into halves.

01:30:04   So you end up with three applications and you can resize them again, right?

01:30:08   So you can change the sizing that you want.

01:30:10   You can then continue to bring in, I believe,

01:30:13   another up to eight applications that can be floating windows on top of these three.

01:30:20   This device has 12 gigabytes of RAM inside of it,

01:30:24   and that's how it decides to use them.

01:30:27   The amount of floating windows that you can bring in

01:30:29   is too many.

01:30:30   Nobody needs to have that many, because the device cannot cope

01:30:34   unless it starts overlapping them, right?

01:30:35   Everything's overlapping.

01:30:37   But--

01:30:38   Yeah.

01:30:39   --the idea of some of the things that you can then

01:30:42   do when these apps are either floating or multitasking

01:30:44   is kind of unbelievable.

01:30:46   So it has a little pill indicator like iOS does, right, on the very top.

01:30:52   So you can drag them around using that pill indicator, but if you tap on it, you get a

01:30:56   bunch of options.

01:30:57   So you can, these are the amount of things that you can do.

01:31:01   You get a bunch of buttons that pop up.

01:31:03   You can expand the application from a floating window to take one of the split screen positions,

01:31:09   so it becomes one of the three.

01:31:10   You can change the opacity of a window.

01:31:13   So you can have a floating window that you can see through.

01:31:18   You can take that application and jump it to one of the full split screen views.

01:31:23   So either take the left one or knock the other two out and be on the split screen.

01:31:28   You can shrink it to a minimized icon that floats on the screen that you can then tap

01:31:32   at will to bring back to a floating window.

01:31:35   Or you can close it.

01:31:36   That's a lot of stuff.

01:31:37   It is a lot of stuff.

01:31:38   And also every floating window can be adjust freeform in size, so you can change its size.

01:31:46   So I have my complaints about how iPad multitasking works and I feel like it's non-discoverable

01:31:50   in a bunch of areas, but this seems pretty nice to me.

01:31:53   There is maybe too much, but I like too much more than not enough.

01:31:58   I don't have to use all these features, but if I just use one of them, it's more than

01:32:04   iOS gives me.

01:32:05   The floating window idea only works in some very limited places, but I still have that

01:32:12   option here.

01:32:14   Being able to use three apps at once, I want to be able to do that on iOS, and I cannot.

01:32:21   YouTube has picture-in-picture on this device, which is something I would desperately want

01:32:25   on iOS, but can't have.

01:32:28   So I can watch picture-in-picture video.

01:32:31   The way this device does multitasking allows me to do more and I have done more work, been

01:32:37   able to do work on this device better than I can on my iPhone.

01:32:41   For example, I was responding to an email while checking a PDF on Dropbox and grabbing

01:32:45   stats from a webpage.

01:32:47   I can't do that type of stuff on my iPhone, right?

01:32:50   But I can do it on this device because I can have so many apps open at once.

01:32:54   On my iPhone I'm jumping from device from window to window, app to app.

01:32:58   Well you know what they say, you can't get real work done on a non-foldable phone.

01:33:01   That is true.

01:33:02   It's very true.

01:33:05   The multitasking is crazy, the amount that you can do.

01:33:09   But as I said, I like having all of these options.

01:33:12   I don't have to use them all though, right?

01:33:14   But I like that they're there.

01:33:16   I think that's kind of cool.

01:33:18   And I like being able to have it.

01:33:19   I also like how everything just works, which is a crazy thing to say about Android.

01:33:25   But it does.

01:33:26   of these apps just work. The developers didn't need to do anything I don't think to get this

01:33:31   to work. Otherwise it wouldn't because nobody would do all of that work just for this one

01:33:37   device. So I really like the way the multitasking stuff works even though as I say it's a little

01:33:44   aggressive maybe in places.

01:33:47   Cameras are really good but they're old now. This is the cameras that you find in the Galaxy

01:33:52   10, right? The 10, I think it's called, right?

01:33:57   >> Yeah, last year's phone.

01:33:58   >> Yeah, or like earlier this year's phone, like March's phone, right? The Note has better

01:34:03   cameras in it. Camera call is very good, but it is not iPhone 11 quality, but better than

01:34:07   the 10s. Using the full screen, the full open screen as a viewfinder is really nice, but

01:34:14   it's not convenient for capturing a quick photo.

01:34:16   >> Because you got to open it, right?

01:34:18   Exactly. And the small screen is too small. So it's not ideal for quick pictures, but I would get by

01:34:25   right. But I do really like using the full viewfinder in the big screen to take photos.

01:34:31   It's like a really nice experience. You can also add multiple shutter buttons.

01:34:38   You can put them anywhere on the screen. Android man, it's a wonderful place. You can do some wild

01:34:45   stuff I can have as many shutter buttons as I want I can put them anywhere and I

01:34:50   guess the idea for that is so there's always one that you can that you can hit

01:34:54   no matter how you're holding the device so kind of cool there are six cameras on

01:34:58   this device there are three on the back there's one on the front and two on the

01:35:03   inside what I like about that is six is too many but it is the amount that you

01:35:10   need if you're going to build the device this way because everybody wants to

01:35:15   a selfie camera and if I'm doing facial recognition they need it on the front screen right? They

01:35:20   also need them on the inside screen for the same reason and then you want the three on

01:35:24   the back so they have like the ultra wide the wide and a telephoto. This device has

01:35:29   that weird aperture changing thing that the Galaxy phones have. Remember that? Is it like

01:35:36   one of the is it like the the actual aperture is changing with a motor inside the device?

01:35:42   I hear that sometimes.

01:35:44   Very strange.

01:35:45   I have yet to work out exactly what

01:35:48   that does, but I'm

01:35:50   it's cool that it's there.

01:35:51   These cameras are amazing.

01:35:53   But then the iPhone 11 happened.

01:35:55   Right. Right.

01:35:56   I've been doing some tests that

01:35:58   close, but I prefer the iPhone's

01:35:59   images. I've been doing like blind

01:36:01   tests on myself and like up

01:36:03   just taking photos of the same

01:36:04   thing, uploading them to a Dropbox

01:36:06   folder and choosing which I like the

01:36:07   most. And I always like the iPhones

01:36:09   the most. But these cameras are

01:36:10   really good.

01:36:11   This is a basically $2,000 device. In the box you get wireless earbuds. The Galaxy buds are included, which is great because they should be.

01:36:20   How are those? They sound good?

01:36:21   They sound great because they go inside the ear. And they're comfortable.

01:36:26   So they sound better than AirPods you think?

01:36:29   They can do, I think. They sound good. I mean, I don't consider myself to have the ears to test that type of stuff, you know, like what sounds better.

01:36:38   but they do sound really good and they have isolation. Where they do beat the

01:36:43   AirPods is that the outside of them have touch pads so you don't need to tap to

01:36:49   change a accelerometer you just need to tap it very lightly to pause. I don't

01:36:55   need to hit it. You can also assign more actions single tap, double tap,

01:36:59   triple tap and hold on the touch pad. I like that because those are just like

01:37:05   the way you would have used one of the inline monitors right? Double tap to

01:37:08   skip, triple tap to go back, that kind of thing. And it has the inductive charging

01:37:12   to charge the the Galaxy Buds case. But what I didn't know is that you have

01:37:18   actually have to activate this in the software. So I have to pull down the

01:37:22   notification shade and hit a button for it to work. It doesn't work automatically.

01:37:25   You have to turn it on, which feels less cool as a thing. So close to being mad

01:37:31   school. Yeah super quick Samsung put a bunch of weird stuff. Their AR emoji is

01:37:36   absolutely horrifying it's really jittery terrible and uncanny valley and

01:37:39   I hate it. One Samsung thing that I do like is that the charging screen it

01:37:45   tells me how long it's gonna take for the phone to charge to be fully charged

01:37:50   which I like a lot. Kind of big picture this device has a quality to it that I

01:37:56   can't explain but can't it like feels like it can't be denied I want to use it

01:37:59   all the time I wanna explore it I want to see what I can do with it it feels

01:38:03   like a exciting and tiny computer like more than a phone but like it's kind of

01:38:10   feel it just feels like a tiny tablet that I can fold and put in my pocket

01:38:15   that's what it feels like that's what it is and that makes this form factor

01:38:21   incredibly exciting to me like for future products like the Microsoft Duo

01:38:26   as well like I am only more excited for this form factor than I was before

01:38:31   because there are genuine exciting real-world uses for a device like this.

01:38:37   I'm very keen to see what the larger screen device, the Microsoft Duo is

01:38:43   like, what the 360 degree hinge does for it. I'm excited for all that kind of

01:38:47   stuff. I will say I was very conscious about using this device outside of the

01:38:51   house. It was like the original iPhone, right? You feel like in using it

01:38:56   you're drawing attention to yourself. So I feel kind of weird about that. I keep

01:39:02   wanting to play with this. I keep wanting to find new things to do with it. Like as

01:39:05   I stand right now, I mean we'll see how I am in a couple of weeks, it feels like a

01:39:10   device that I want to keep in my rotation of devices. Like to have around

01:39:14   the home to pick up and do something with. Because it is a great form factor.

01:39:21   It's like why you would want an iPad mini, right?

01:39:25   But imagine if the iPad mini could be folded up and put in your pocket

01:39:29   Like that's what this is

01:39:30   Like I love it and also just because of the way the world works now pretty much every app

01:39:36   I use is on Android like the only thing I'm missing is Apple Notes like that's it

01:39:41   Everything else has web services to my message. Well, but I mean I think my work done

01:39:46   I don't get work done in that message. It all happens in slack, right? Slack is here to doist

01:39:52   Google Docs, Google Sheets, they're all on this device, right? Dropbox, 1Password, it's all here.

01:39:57   So I can use all of the apps and services that I use on other devices on this one. And it works

01:40:03   great. Apple Music is even on it, right? Yeah, I had that realization when I bought my pixel 3a,

01:40:09   which I used to kind of like you're using this around the house for a while. It's like,

01:40:12   Oh, almost everything I do is here. And, and honestly, I think I think there are a lot of

01:40:17   people sort of enough circles that maybe tried Android in the distance past, and would be

01:40:21   surprised how good it is now like they have done so much work. And yes, there's still like a level

01:40:28   of polish. It's only available on iOS. And yes, the app ecosystem is richer on iOS. But

01:40:34   Android is should not be laughed off by Apple people because it is it is shockingly good in

01:40:40   places. Plus Samsung's version of Android is really nicely designed now. Like it's

01:40:46   very clean. It's called One UI now and this was like after Google said to them "hey,

01:40:50   rein it in". Is it the one with the UI at the bottom to facilitate one-handed

01:40:56   interactions? Yes, that's one of the features of One UI that they shifted a

01:41:00   lot of the stuff down. Yeah, big banners and most of the tappable UIs towards the

01:41:04   bottom of the screen. Does it actually help? Yeah, it's nice. I mean, I mean that

01:41:09   That is a thing that is there for sure, right?

01:41:11   I'm not like, I mean, it's kind of different for this device because you don't really use

01:41:15   it on one hand, right?

01:41:17   Because it's super difficult to do that.

01:41:21   But more of what I'm saying is overall, this UI feels way closer to stock Android now.

01:41:29   It just feels like a very nicely designed version of Android.

01:41:32   Like I don't have complaints of it that way.

01:41:34   I don't know what software updates are going to be like.

01:41:36   I don't know how that works now.

01:41:37   I haven't been in that world for a while.

01:41:40   Ultimately, the Galaxy Fold is a device

01:41:42   that I have waited a long time for.

01:41:45   And now having used it for a week,

01:41:47   I am convinced it was a product that

01:41:49   was worth waiting for for me.

01:41:51   I love it.

01:41:53   I hope that I would.

01:41:54   I have absolutely no regrets.

01:41:58   So I wanted to answer listener questions.

01:42:00   We do not have time for that today,

01:42:01   because this has been a very long episode.

01:42:03   Keep sending them in to me.

01:42:04   Maybe I can steal some time in a later episode.

01:42:06   You can just tweet them to me.

01:42:07   But there was one question where it was gonna be

01:42:09   what I was gonna kind of end all this on,

01:42:11   which from Jens, he said, "Would you spend this money again?"

01:42:14   Yes, I would.

01:42:15   I love this thing.

01:42:16   So that's what I have to say on the Galaxy Fold for now.

01:42:19   - I'm glad you like it.

01:42:20   It does sound like it is a much nicer device

01:42:22   than I think the earlier reviews kind of let on.

01:42:26   I'm not, we've talked about this offline,

01:42:28   I'm not sold on the foldable thing being the future.

01:42:32   In fact, I honestly don't think it is,

01:42:34   but I'm glad people are experimenting with it.

01:42:37   and it may become a subset of what some people want, but I don't think it's going to be mainstream.

01:42:42   Not yet. They've got a long way to go from mainstream. But I think this is, because it's

01:42:48   the price and the complexity, but I still think foldable devices that have multiple

01:42:54   screens changing form factors, I still think that's the future, but we've got a ways to

01:42:59   go.

01:43:00   We'll find out who's right at some point.

01:43:02   That was a really good description, Myke. I'm really fascinated by the way that you

01:43:09   described all the different ways to bring apps into multitasking. You sent us some screenshots

01:43:15   and videos, and I found that really fascinating, and I hope that listeners maybe following

01:43:20   the conversation can have some sort of way to visualize what you mean, because it truly

01:43:27   is something so wildly different from iPadOS on a smaller device, and that's the thing

01:43:34   that I really find interesting. It's not a tablet, but it's got more options. I think

01:43:40   that is wild.

01:43:41   Opacity changes and floating windows.

01:43:44   I mean, some of them are a little too much.

01:43:47   When you're doing it though, it's like, "Yeah, you know what? I was just mindlessly watching

01:43:52   a YouTube video, I might as well decrease the opacity.

01:43:55   Like, why not?

01:43:56   Like, it's it's bonkers.

01:43:58   It is unrestrained design, but sometimes exciting things come out of that.

01:44:02   So and I and I think this is exciting.

01:44:05   It's much more desktop like than the iPad.

01:44:07   Definitely. They've tried to do that right.

01:44:10   Like and it's too limited success in places, but they have definitely tried

01:44:14   to focus on let's recreate a multitasking system, which feels like a desktop

01:44:18   rather than let's try and start from a phone which is probably more what Apple did.

01:44:22   And the fact that all of this works and works well tells me that there is a long way to go

01:44:31   for Apple to continue improving multitasking on iPad because there is absolutely no reason why

01:44:36   I shouldn't be able to have three or four applications open at once if this device does it.

01:44:41   Cool. Well thank you for sharing.

01:44:43   Thank you.

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