263: Moon Plus Sign Plus Sign


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 263.

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00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hackett

00:00:19   and I'm joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:22   - Hello.

00:00:23   - How are you?

00:00:24   - Fine, thank you.

00:00:25   - And we are joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:27   - Hello, hi.

00:00:29   Hey.

00:00:30   Hi.

00:00:30   What's up?

00:00:31   How are you?

00:00:33   Busy!

00:00:34   I'm looking through this document and there's just like chaos happening.

00:00:37   You're not as busy as Apple's QA team.

00:00:40   Hey-o!

00:00:41   I'll tell you that, they're very busy releasing left, right, and center.

00:00:44   Yeah.

00:00:45   I assume they're the final bottleneck for these things.

00:00:47   We're on the daily versions of iOS 13 now.

00:00:50   I am pleased to announce that I've started working on my iOS 14 review.

00:00:56   Yeah, I guess you might as well.

00:00:59   Teaser, today, as promised, the Myke Hurley review of TVOS is coming.

00:01:04   Oh my god.

00:01:05   You better get ready boys, you better get ready.

00:01:07   Really?

00:01:08   It's happening today.

00:01:09   Yeah, that's why this episode's seven hours long.

00:01:11   Is it THE Myke Hurley review?

00:01:14   Is it THE Myke Hurley review?

00:01:15   It's happening.

00:01:16   Oh my god.

00:01:17   Well.

00:01:18   Teaser.

00:01:19   So stay tuned.

00:01:20   Stay tuned for that.

00:01:22   Uh huh.

00:01:23   Uh huh.

00:01:24   We have some follow up first though.

00:01:25   Follow up.

00:01:26   Follow up.

00:01:27   Well it's not lasers.

00:01:28   Myke, yeah, that's a different show.

00:01:30   As Myke alluded to, there have been a lot of

00:01:32   iOS 13 versions, we saw 13.1.1 at the end of last week.

00:01:37   In those release notes, Apple said it made

00:01:39   reminders less slow, and I had a bunch of people

00:01:42   tweet to me, "Hey, did this fix your issue?"

00:01:43   And I can say yes, and 13.1.1 seemed to take care

00:01:47   of all the reminders issues that I was seeing

00:01:49   that I talked about last week, so sharing

00:01:52   and all that stuff is working great.

00:01:54   I have a shared list now with John Voorhees

00:01:56   that we're using like iMessage, we're just like sending--

00:01:58   Good news.

00:01:59   … each other notes via reminders.

00:02:00   Wait, what?

00:02:01   What are you doing with it?

00:02:03   What is happening?

00:02:04   Yeah, we're just, like, talking to each other in reminders now.

00:02:07   I was like, "Hey."

00:02:08   He's like, "Hey, what's up?"

00:02:09   And then I checked off "What's up?"

00:02:10   And I said, "I'm good."

00:02:11   And then he checked that off and said, "Good."

00:02:13   You know, just…

00:02:14   That's the saddest conversation I've ever heard.

00:02:17   Is this how the kids talk these days?

00:02:19   Or the old…

00:02:20   Is this how the old talk?

00:02:21   You have a conversation in the task manager.

00:02:24   John Voorhees and I spent our respective weekends writing and finishing our Catalina reviews.

00:02:30   I wrote like 7500 words this weekend.

00:02:33   I was just about to say, "Nobody is making you two do that."

00:02:36   And then I realized Federico probably made John do that.

00:02:38   Federico did make John do that.

00:02:40   And so by the time I got to reminders testing, I was like, "I have just nothing left inside

00:02:46   of me as a human being."

00:02:48   And we tested reminders.

00:02:49   We also saw iOS 13.1.2 which fixed some other stuff with the camera and some other things.

00:02:56   I had that.

00:02:57   Sometimes I'd open the camera app and it was just black.

00:03:00   Like it just wouldn't work and I'd have to force quit the camera and that's been fixed.

00:03:04   That's a dark night mode.

00:03:05   It's like all the way night mode.

00:03:08   It's Batman mode.

00:03:11   I'm having a problem that I can't believe anybody's talking about so I'm going to talk

00:03:15   about it.

00:03:16   Really?

00:03:17   Okay.

00:03:18   or that nobody's talking about it, I should say.

00:03:20   And this is a hard one to pin down, but I know it's happening.

00:03:23   I'm not getting notifications for some applications.

00:03:27   So there's apps that I know should be notifying me.

00:03:31   And I'm not getting it.

00:03:33   I think I've seen the same issue, actually.

00:03:35   And I've been like, you know when you stalk the, like, @mentions of developers?

00:03:39   You know, like to see if people are reporting the bugs, right?

00:03:42   We all do that, right? So like rather than you tweeting at them,

00:03:44   them, you look at the tweets they've been sending to people to see if they're also giving

00:03:48   updates. And I've been looking at some apps that I've been having this issue with and

00:03:52   they're like, "Yeah, this is a problem in iOS 13, we don't know what's happening."

00:03:54   It's like, "Oh, gosh." And this was like a bunch of applications. When I first updated,

00:04:00   I was getting those Slack notifications. But all it took to get those to work was for me

00:04:04   to go into the Slack app and turn off and turn back on my notifications in Slack. And

00:04:10   then they started working again. But that method has not worked for other types of applications.

00:04:14   So I don't know what's going on with that.

00:04:16   Just wait for 13.1.17, they'll take care of that then.

00:04:20   Yeah, any day now, literally.

00:04:22   Yeah, I'm having the same thing in Slack. It's a real bummer since our company runs on it.

00:04:27   The first beta of iOS 13.3 also came out. So forget about 13.2, we have 13.3 already.

00:04:37   Wait, no you're kidding, right?

00:04:39   Okay, I genuinely thought you were being serious then.

00:04:42   The fact that you almost believed it!

00:04:44   But that's what these few months have been like.

00:04:47   Well they did it two weeks ago. We had 13.1 before 13.0 shipped.

00:04:51   It could have happened.

00:04:53   Oh well. I should have gone bolder. I should have said 13.5.

00:04:57   Myke, do you have a Galaxy Fold?

00:04:59   No, but...

00:05:01   It's almost as if you're never going to see your money or the phone.

00:05:04   I spoke to the store today and they're like, "Yeah, it should be this week, we'll call you."

00:05:09   Are you sure it was a proper, like, official Samsung store?

00:05:13   Did you actually give your...

00:05:14   Well, I mean, it was as official as the Samsung store could look like.

00:05:17   I have a receipt that says Samsung on it.

00:05:21   But is it written in crayon?

00:05:22   Like, or is it printed?

00:05:23   It doesn't have any logos.

00:05:24   Oh, there we go, this is a Samsung logo.

00:05:27   Sure.

00:05:28   Yeah.

00:05:29   That's my receipt.

00:05:30   That's impossible to fake.

00:05:31   Maybe you just gave your money to somebody.

00:05:32   It's like, sure.

00:05:33   We don't know how it goes.

00:05:36   We've all been there, right?

00:05:37   We walked into a Samsung store at some point and given them a large amount of money for vaporware with no promises

00:05:42   No, I've never done that for a thing that could easily break. We've all done that. Sure. Like I'm at the forefront here

00:05:48   Have you regretted your decision yet? A little bit

00:05:50   But the you know it the regret is only there because it's like I feel like I'm waiting for nothing

00:05:55   But I'm still very excited about it

00:05:57   I'm very excited about it. Microsoft did a bunch of stuff today that we haven't got time to talk about but it's like

00:06:01   Folding stuff is the future and I'm gonna understand it

00:06:05   I'm not sure it is the future.

00:06:07   And then I'll be the one who will love.

00:06:08   We want to give people a final St. Jude update in September.

00:06:12   We were raising money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and we are at $312,000.

00:06:20   What a huge amount of money that is.

00:06:22   A massive amount of money.

00:06:23   Thank you to everyone who donated and shared and talked about this.

00:06:28   The pages will be up for another couple of weeks, so if you're a person who puts things

00:06:35   off. A new listener, if you're a new listener, there's still time at stinjoo.org/relay, but

00:06:41   the campaign is pretty much wound down. So thank you to everyone and we're looking forward

00:06:46   to doing this again next year.

00:06:47   Myke, does Google Docs support multi-window stuff?

00:06:51   No, no, no it doesn't.

00:06:54   I'm gonna re-word that in the document. Does Google Docs include multi-window support?

00:07:00   No, it does not include it.

00:07:01   That's a better sentence.

00:07:02   Well, to remind people, we made predictions on this, but they're not part of the Ricky

00:07:07   system. It's just like a side. It's a side Ricky. We all have a Ricky on the side.

00:07:12   Maybe the winner of those predictions gets to make Google's prediction first next year,

00:07:17   right?

00:07:18   What?

00:07:19   Just roll all these things over.

00:07:20   Oh, so this is like a separate-- is this a separate track of predictions? Because I could

00:07:23   go for it. I could go for it.

00:07:25   Yeah, why not? Why not?

00:07:26   It's like the appetizer of predictions.

00:07:27   There's always going to be something every year that we wait for Google to do.

00:07:31   So I just, I want someone to be keeping track of all of these for us though.

00:07:36   For someone with such a bad track record at the Ricky's, Federico is really about adding

00:07:40   additional times.

00:07:41   What are you talking about?

00:07:42   I've been winning all of them.

00:07:43   It's almost like you're not part of the show anymore.

00:07:47   You know that I'm the spiritual and factual winner of the predictions.

00:07:55   To remind people of what we had said, I said by the end of 2019, Federico said the end

00:08:03   of February 2020, and Myke, you said by the end of March 2020.

00:08:08   So we'll see.

00:08:09   So he's right.

00:08:10   I want to talk a little bit about Apple Watch battery life.

00:08:13   There's been a lot of stories, including a really good story by Zach Hall on 9to5Mac.

00:08:17   I was following this in real time on Twitter as he was writing the article about his Apple

00:08:22   Watch battery life.

00:08:23   basically getting 12 hours out of it and and then it is in the low power mode

00:08:27   which is a sad sad place for an Apple watch to be. Our friend Casey List has

00:08:32   also had a lot of issues. Casey kind of did it to himself because he went to the

00:08:36   smaller watch but you know that's that aside he's having pretty sorry battery

00:08:40   life and there's been a lot of theories about what could possibly fix it. So some

00:08:47   people I think we maybe spoke about this on the show maybe it's right after the

00:08:50   show. So people were like, "hey turn off the background noise monitoring stuff and

00:08:57   maybe that'll help." And some people said, "yes that helped for me." Other people said,

00:09:00   "no." Who knows what's actually true. The theory this week is if you set your

00:09:05   watch up as a new device and not restore it from backup the battery life could be

00:09:09   better. That is true for Casey but not true for Zach. So Casey reset his up as

00:09:16   new, did not apply a backup, and he says the battery life is a lot better.

00:09:19   Zack said his up is new and his battery life is still really bad so maybe it

00:09:24   helps with some people but not others others are now saying that their series

00:09:28   4 under watchOS 6 the battery life is bad I look at this and I choose to

00:09:35   believe that that is a software issue because it seems to be affecting some

00:09:38   people and not others and some old devices and not other old devices and so

00:09:43   I'm hopeful that watchOS 6.1 may solve this or at least make it better for

00:09:47   for everybody. Right now we're on watch OS 6.0.1. There was a little bug released

00:09:51   the other day. But it's it's it's rocky out there. I'm going to try to restore my

00:09:58   wife's watch. She has a new Series 5, the 40 millimeter. It is currently like 1230

00:10:03   p.m. in Memphis and right before I came out here to record I asked her and her

00:10:08   watch is about 66% battery life after being fully charged at 7 a.m. when she

00:10:16   put it on which is pretty bad even for the smaller watch so I'm gonna attempt

00:10:21   to restore hers it's 25 past 6 here and I put mine on and I know probably like

00:10:27   930 this morning and I have 58 percent battery life but that like to me sound

00:10:32   seems fine but again like I skipped a while right so well and yours I think

00:10:38   proportionally is like better than Mary's so it seems to be all over the

00:10:42   place. So I'm gonna attempt to restore hers or I'm going to restore hers and

00:10:49   set up as new. It's actually a pretty quick process and because the health

00:10:52   stuff now syncs with iCloud I don't think you're as losing stuff like you

00:10:56   used to be. So I'm gonna try that with hers and I will report back because it's

00:11:01   uh it's kind of crummy. I mean she's like my old watch was better. I was like

00:11:05   that's that's not what you want to hear. Yeah. Mine's been fine probably like an

00:11:10   hour less than than the Series 4 but not as bad as what I've been seeing on Twitter and 9 to 5

00:11:16   That sounds rough and I guess I've been lucky this time and also I should note what you mentioned

00:11:23   The restore process is so much easier than it used to be. I needed to do a clean restore on Sylvia's watch today

00:11:31   because when she upgraded

00:11:34   her phone

00:11:36   you have an option at setup that says do you want to transfer this watch from the old phone to the new phone?

00:11:42   She did it, but it didn't work

00:11:45   so the new watch was impaired to the new phone and the watch app on the iPhone said start pairing so that

00:11:52   obviously that thing didn't work. That didn't work. Yeah, so

00:11:56   I did the thing today that I wiped the

00:12:01   Because the watch was not appearing in the watch app, I needed to do erase all contents and settings from the watch itself

00:12:08   But then the setup was super super quick. You can choose from a backup

00:12:12   It's exactly like an iPhone and everything is in iCloud and you it's actually so much easier than setting up an iPhone

00:12:19   It's very streamlined and very, you know

00:12:22   You got the you got the the spinning thing at the end that says now you can just close the app and wait for sync

00:12:28   to finish. All right

00:12:30   So I wonder how complicated it'll get

00:12:34   as soon as you can set up an Apple Watch without an iPhone.

00:12:37   So for now it's relatively easy and stable and fast.

00:12:42   I bet as soon as the Apple Watch becomes a thing

00:12:44   that you can buy on its own without an iPhone,

00:12:48   we'll have the entire setup process on the watch

00:12:51   should be interesting to see how complicated it gets.

00:12:55   - I haven't thought about that,

00:12:56   but if that is coming at some point,

00:12:58   remember where they first did that?

00:12:59   was that iOS five? Maybe they added like the PC, PC, PC free. Yes. PC free. I remember

00:13:04   the artwork is like scissors cutting a 30 doc, a 30 pin dot connector cable. Don't cut

00:13:09   your cable, but it's a, that's gotta be coming. Have you guys played with, while we're talking

00:13:15   about the Apple watch, this is not in the document. Have you guys played with the app

00:13:18   store any on the watch? Yeah. For a few minutes. Yeah. Do you have any, any thoughts on that?

00:13:24   I tried installing, our friend_DavidSmith

00:13:28   wrote an app called Moon++,

00:13:30   which replaces the moon complication

00:13:32   with one that's actually accurate and looks good,

00:13:35   unlike apples.

00:13:36   And I realized that I couldn't search for it

00:13:38   because the dictation spells out plus plus,

00:13:42   and then the scribble transcribed it as moon TT,

00:13:46   so I installed it from my iPhone,

00:13:48   but then it did not show up on my Apple Watch,

00:13:50   and I had to go into the App Store on the Apple Watch

00:13:52   and then downloaded it from the purchase,

00:13:53   like it was a disaster.

00:13:55   - I searched the word pedometer

00:13:58   and then found pedometer++,

00:14:01   then found David's like developer page,

00:14:05   and then got it that way.

00:14:06   - See, that's a life hack right there.

00:14:09   Good job.

00:14:11   - I mean, some of that's on underscore,

00:14:13   maybe with the funny naming, but I don't know.

00:14:17   That's the only thing I've done in the app store and it was--

00:14:19   - Can you search for it with Siri?

00:14:21   Like if you say plus plus, will it work?

00:14:24   - Well, I tried both the scribble and the dictation

00:14:27   and it searched for moon plus plus spelled out

00:14:30   and it was way down in the results

00:14:32   'cause I think it searched moon.

00:14:33   But I don't know, like if you restore,

00:14:38   so my question is like if I reset Mary's phone up

00:14:41   from scratch and I don't think she has any Apple Watch

00:14:44   only apps, but like how do you download 'em?

00:14:47   - Oh, I just life hacked it.

00:14:49   I muted myself and did this cell thing.

00:14:51   just say moon plus sign plus sign.

00:14:54   - Oh, wow.

00:14:55   - Wow, you're full of tips today.

00:14:57   - I am firing on all cylinders today.

00:14:59   You just wait until we get to that TV OS review

00:15:02   and then you'll see.

00:15:03   - You're an Apple Watch power user.

00:15:05   - Yeah.

00:15:06   - So you're now the watchOS guy

00:15:08   in addition to the TV OS guy.

00:15:10   - I'm the watchOS app store guy.

00:15:12   - You know, well, that's very specific.

00:15:14   You know what you should do, Myke?

00:15:16   You should also be the carplay guy,

00:15:19   but that requires you--

00:15:20   Well, well, well, hold on. You could just buy a CarPlay unit and install it at your

00:15:26   desk and pretend that you're driving.

00:15:29   Let's see how well I do being the TV OS guy, and if that works out as well as I think it

00:15:34   will, then maybe I can expand my range.

00:15:37   What I'm hearing is that we should do a tech meme with a link to your review here on the

00:15:43   show, once the show is out.

00:15:44   Oh, before we leave this segment, I think something's going on, and I also want to use

00:15:49   this as an example to explain why Stephen Hackett can be an inscrutable friend sometimes.

00:15:54   Okay. You mean a wonderful, caring friend.

00:15:57   On Monday evening, he sent a text to our group channel that just said, "I have done a thing."

00:16:03   Oh my god, yes!

00:16:04   And then, after saying that, three days ago, has completely ignored any further question.

00:16:10   Just like, I ask him and he just talks about other things. He does this all the time,

00:16:15   It's like "Oh, I've done a thing!" and then just says nothing and just leaves it. Just leaves it there.

00:16:21   Yeah. You honest to ask, which is why you say I've done a thing.

00:16:25   Sure. But then you won't give the information. Because, because, because A) you respond like this.

00:16:31   If you responded more reasonably, it wouldn't be as much fun. No, this is reasonable!

00:16:36   What I am doing right now is reasonable.

00:16:38   This is a reasonable thing. After three days,

00:16:42   Three days of ignoring public shaming on a podcast is the least that you can expect and I know you bought an Apple watch

00:16:48   I know that's what you've done. You've bought a titanium Apple watch. I know it. That's true. You did it

00:16:54   Welcome to the hashtag edition club. Come on teach you can join

00:16:57   Well, yeah, but what I need to tell you is how it happened. Oh god, you return it already. No

00:17:03   You'll prepare your little story your little excuse. Okay, sure. No, it's not an excuse

00:17:09   I just like cave to my desire like it's not okay well that's that's honest I appreciate

00:17:14   juvenile lusting after a device is what happened I appreciate the honesty okay right like look

00:17:20   we've been doing this show together a long time everyone knows that sometimes I just cave and

00:17:24   that's what happened this time sometimes wait it's at least two or three times a year have you

00:17:30   changed your mind on the size already no no the 48 millimeter is not for me the big one is what

00:17:35   I won. Okay. So here's the thing. We talked about it last week. The Titanium Watch online at least

00:17:41   is back ordered many weeks. I ordered this one on Saturday and I have it today. So I was thinking

00:17:49   about how I could do this and then I remembered I know people who live in real cities. Like I love

00:17:55   my hometown but it's not a big city. Wow. And I was looking through the relay slack. I thought who

00:18:02   is a nice enough person to do this for me?" And I saw some, you know, I saw Chicago's

00:18:09   like, "Well, you know, Voorhees, he's writing Mojave Review, I don't want to bother him."

00:18:13   Going through, and then I saw Ryan, who works for Federico, who lives in New York, he's

00:18:18   the co-host of Adapt here on Relay, which if you're not listening to, go listen to after

00:18:21   this, because it's very good.

00:18:22   And getting into big shortcuts, big shortcuts energy over on Adapt.

00:18:26   Big shortcut energy. And so I texted Ryan, I said, "Hello, friend."

00:18:30   (laughing)

00:18:33   - Hi, it's me, your boss speaking.

00:18:36   - He told me nothing about this.

00:18:38   - And so yeah, so I did realize like halfway through

00:18:40   it's like oh yeah, I do own the company

00:18:42   and it seems like maybe I'm telling him to do something.

00:18:45   But I prefaced it with saying,

00:18:46   you should totally say no to this,

00:18:48   but what Apple store do you live near?

00:18:52   And turns out, I don't wanna say which one,

00:18:53   but he lives near an Apple store in New York.

00:18:55   And so I ordered it for pickup,

00:18:57   and you can order it for pickup

00:18:58   and give someone else's information,

00:19:00   And that worked perfectly.

00:19:01   I didn't get a phone call from the store or nothing.

00:19:02   Like I bought it with my card.

00:19:04   He went and picked it up with his ID.

00:19:06   And then he shipped it to me and it showed up this morning.

00:19:09   - Oh my God.

00:19:10   - And it's really nice.

00:19:11   The titanium is really awesome.

00:19:15   And I paid Ryan for the shipping.

00:19:17   - This is more than giving in to lust, right?

00:19:21   Because that's what happened to me.

00:19:22   - You set up a whole operation.

00:19:23   - I was going past an Apple store and checked stock

00:19:26   and then went in to buy it, right?

00:19:28   Like I was like, I could see a store.

00:19:30   I had my phone in my hand.

00:19:31   You like had to really like really go for this.

00:19:36   - You had an uncontrollable desire to get an Apple Watch.

00:19:41   To be involved with other person.

00:19:45   - This is coordinated.

00:19:46   You had multiple people were involved.

00:19:48   - Just one other person.

00:19:49   - That's more, that's multiple, you know,

00:19:51   two times one, that's a multiple.

00:19:53   - Yeah. - Wow.

00:19:54   - So anyways, thank you to Ryan,

00:19:56   who is a genuinely nice human being,

00:19:58   and I thought that before this,

00:20:00   but then he hooked me up.

00:20:01   - We did the show today.

00:20:02   He told me nothing about this.

00:20:04   - I know.

00:20:05   - Did you have like a pact or something?

00:20:06   - Well, no, but we did fast enough shipping

00:20:09   where we get here before the show today,

00:20:10   'cause I told him I wanted to surprise y'all on the show.

00:20:13   - But isn't it better though, Federico,

00:20:14   than him saying to you three days ago,

00:20:16   "I've done a thing," you know?

00:20:18   It's probably better to be a Ryan

00:20:20   than to be a Steven in that regard.

00:20:22   (laughing)

00:20:24   In fact, what we have learned from this whole exchange

00:20:26   it is better to be a Ryan than a Steven because a Steven cannot control himself, ropes multiple

00:20:32   people into doing his bidding. One person! And then FedExing him things. Yeah. Ryan will take

00:20:39   such a wild thing, take time out of their day and do the bidding of a Steven. So I think it is better.

00:20:45   You had a person in New York buy you an Apple Watch. No, I bought the Apple Watch!

00:20:51   Ship it to shore semantics, whatever. He did ship it to me, which was very, very kind of him.

00:20:56   He bought it with everything except using his own money. Other than that, he did all of the buying.

00:21:01   That is true. He did go into the undisclosed location Apple Store.

00:21:05   I'm just fascinated by the process of, I don't want an Apple Watch,

00:21:09   to ask a person on the East Coast to ship you an Apple Watch.

00:21:12   It's just...

00:21:13   Well, there's a lot of steps in there we sort of glossed over. But, you know,

00:21:17   The titanium called my name and I don't know.

00:21:20   Well, cool.

00:21:23   It's really nice. I, I mean, I've only been wearing a couple hours,

00:21:26   but I had the stainless steel for a long time.

00:21:29   My series four is an aluminum one,

00:21:31   but I really missed the Sapphire display cause the softer one gets scratched,

00:21:35   but the steel's heavy and it makes the, the tapping, the taptic stuff,

00:21:40   not as prominent. And the, uh,

00:21:43   titanium is kind of the best of both worlds. Like it looks really nice.

00:21:46   I have it on a white sport band.

00:21:48   The gray one it comes with is not for me.

00:21:50   Like it's the care for the color, but it's nice.

00:21:53   Does it have a titanium pin?

00:21:55   I assume it has a titanium pin, right?

00:21:57   The strap that came in the box with it does the white one I have

00:22:01   has a stainless steel pin.

00:22:03   So it's a little bit of a mismatch, but you don't really see them at the same

00:22:06   time, so it's not that big of a deal.

00:22:08   What's nice about this is.

00:22:10   The, so I was worried about the titanium, about the brushing.

00:22:13   If the brushing was going to look really big.

00:22:15   I think I talked about that on the podcast-a-thon how it's very subtle.

00:22:19   It looks like if you just think about the DeLorean in Back to the Future, that's what

00:22:23   it looks like.

00:22:24   Even though the DeLorean is made of stainless steel, this watch looks like that.

00:22:27   So it diffuses light.

00:22:29   I think it's really nice looking, kind of understated.

00:22:31   And so far I've been pretty happy with it.

00:22:34   I also set it up as new and not a backup.

00:22:36   And I probably put it on like 10 this morning, so I've worn it for a couple hours and it's

00:22:40   at 95% battery.

00:22:42   It seems totally fine.

00:22:44   So far so good.

00:22:45   my story and thank you to Ryan. Thanks Ryan. That is so much better than I was expecting.

00:22:51   Quite a story. And I don't want you to think, Federico, that I just go around abusing your

00:22:56   staff, but the only people I did consider were John and Ryan. And also you make John

00:23:02   do weird reminders things of you. I'm helping him too, we're both writing Catalina reviews.

00:23:07   We're working together. Actually, John, I basically... Didn't you make John pick you up from

00:23:11   an airport recently? Well, yeah, he did. I did spend the night at his house as well twice because

00:23:16   my plane got stranded. So I feel like you just made the argument yourself. You've been a busy

00:23:21   man. I owe John big time. I owe John a lot of favors. But you know, Federica, you hire really

00:23:29   nice people. That's all I gotta say. I enjoy knowing them. They are very nice. That is why

00:23:33   I've never worked for Federica. Because I'll make you do things. I'm not nice enough. Well,

00:23:39   He said it, not me.

00:23:41   All right a couple of uh, a couple more quick tiny topics, uh, federico

00:23:49   You did a thing to use a phrase you have gone through and documented

00:23:55   every

00:23:57   URL in the settings app and built them into shortcuts like a

00:24:02   Why but too like how did you come across this? I thought this was stripped out of ios a while back wasn't it? Yeah

00:24:09   Yeah, so why is simple enough to explain. This is exactly the kind of boring and repetitive

00:24:16   task that I could do after finishing the review without thinking too much about it. It was

00:24:22   like a mechanical thing to do and it allowed me to get some work done and it actually went

00:24:28   really well on the site, but it wasn't like the kind of creative thing that required me

00:24:33   to write like an actual story because I wasn't ready for it. As to how, so I remember a few

00:24:41   weeks ago I was browsing around Reddit and somebody on the shortcuts subreddit posted

00:24:47   that 13.1 reinstated the ability to launch these settings URLs via shortcuts. These URLs

00:24:58   They use a specific URL scheme.

00:25:01   It's prefs for preferences, colon, root.

00:25:06   And this URL has been around forever.

00:25:08   I mean, its first examples, I think they go back to iOS 4 or iPhone OS 3 even.

00:25:15   They've been around forever.

00:25:17   And you used to be able to create like launchers for it back in the day.

00:25:23   I remember like LaunchEnter Pro, like the very first version.

00:25:28   You used to be able to have these quick settings launchers.

00:25:31   They would take you directly into settings general or directly into the notifications

00:25:37   page of the settings app, stuff like that.

00:25:40   But then Apple has started...

00:25:42   Over the years they have...

00:25:43   First of all, they started rejecting apps that allowed you to launch these settings,

00:25:48   saying that they were private APIs and developers were not allowed to include them in their

00:25:53   apps.

00:25:54   Then at some point, I believe they changed the URL scheme.

00:25:59   It became app-prefs, something like that.

00:26:04   Then it changed again.

00:26:07   Basically, it's been inconsistent and all over the place

00:26:10   for the past few years.

00:26:11   And up until 13.0, the URL scheme wasn't working.

00:26:16   Somebody tested it again on 13.1, and it was working.

00:26:21   So I saw that, but I was still working on the review.

00:26:24   I didn't have time for it and I sort of saved it in the back of my mind, like I'll check

00:26:28   it out eventually. And when eventually it came, so here's what I did. I've always wanted

00:26:36   to offer like a list, like a full list of settings. Max Stories, it's one of those projects

00:26:43   that I've been putting off forever and every time Apple broke this URL it was my excuse

00:26:49   to like, "Oh, okay, I will not work on it then because they're broken again." This time

00:26:56   I decided to go for it and I've been, I started my sort of my research with a couple of posts,

00:27:04   a couple of guides that people did in like 2012 or 2014 years ago. And I had like a starting

00:27:14   set of 20, 30 URLs.

00:27:17   Some of them were still working, some of them were not.

00:27:20   So what I basically did was I tested each one

00:27:23   and then I figured out how to access,

00:27:27   in addition to the main pages, the subsections as well.

00:27:31   So for example, Settings, General, Keyboard,

00:27:36   that would be a subsection of the General page.

00:27:40   Apple is using this path parameter.

00:27:45   But the problem is that the way that Apple writes these URLs

00:27:51   is completely inconsistent.

00:27:53   Sometimes they use uppercase text.

00:27:56   Other times they use underscores.

00:27:59   Other times they use HTML encoding instead of spaces.

00:28:04   And so what I did, I came up with a list of 120.

00:28:07   I think right now it's up to 130.

00:28:11   I basically had to guess each one.

00:28:16   With settings open on my iPhone and shortcuts open on the iPad, I would try to guess what

00:28:23   the name of each page was, try in different formats until I got it working.

00:28:28   And it took me three, four days, I think.

00:28:30   I worked on it over the weekend because I really needed something boring and not technical,

00:28:36   Not too much technical, but still something simple that I could do over and over and over.

00:28:41   And it took me about seven hours, I think, total.

00:28:44   So you were doing that when John and I were writing about Catalina.

00:28:47   We all worked this weekend.

00:28:49   Yes, exactly.

00:28:50   And so there's a full list of Mac stories.

00:28:53   I'm going to keep it up to date.

00:28:54   People have been sending me other URLs that they've discovered.

00:28:59   And there's also a shortcut that you can download.

00:29:02   The shortcut contains all of the links.

00:29:04   And you can use it.

00:29:06   will bring up a huge list of all the settings

00:29:09   that you can launch.

00:29:10   - It's comical how long it is.

00:29:11   - Yeah, and they actually, they are in the same order

00:29:15   as they appear in the settings app.

00:29:17   People have been asking me, why is it not alphabetical?

00:29:19   And I think it made more sense for the full list

00:29:22   to be in the same order that you see in settings

00:29:24   when you open the settings app.

00:29:26   My recommendation is to not use my shortcuts.

00:29:28   So use the shortcut as a reference

00:29:31   to copy the links on your device.

00:29:33   But the best use case for this

00:29:35   is to actually make individual shortcuts for each settings

00:29:39   and save them to your home screen.

00:29:41   So all you need to do is,

00:29:43   so for example, my third page right now of the home screen

00:29:46   has icons for software update

00:29:49   and control center or screen time.

00:29:53   So all of these icons,

00:29:54   they take me directly into the settings app.

00:29:56   You can use the list if you want,

00:29:59   but it's really so much better

00:30:00   if you just add them to your home screen.

00:30:03   friend Brian, a friend of the show Brian, they came up with a good use for this, right?

00:30:09   Which is, you think, "Oh, why would I want to jump into settings quickly?" Well, there's

00:30:12   this new feature in 13, which is Silence Unknown Callers, but if you've maybe ordered some

00:30:18   food from a delivery company and there could be somebody calling you who you don't know

00:30:22   to tell you your food's here, you might want to turn off that feature really quickly. And

00:30:26   having a shortcut on your home screen to jump into that portion of the settings is good.

00:30:30   or even stuff like tethering and all that kind of stuff.

00:30:33   So there are good uses for it.

00:30:35   I mean, you could even put these in part of a larger

00:30:38   shortcut that you could be using, right?

00:30:42   Because I put a NFC sticker on my suitcase

00:30:45   and I'm still trying to work out what exactly I want it to do

00:30:48   to trigger stuff like that.

00:30:49   But jumping into some of the settings

00:30:50   and maybe turning some things on and off

00:30:52   might be part of what I do on my travel shortcut.

00:30:55   So it's cool to have these as available to you now.

00:30:58   Last thing I'll talk about very briefly today.

00:31:01   There was a Bloomberg report

00:31:02   that coming in an iOS update this year,

00:31:04   and I think it might be in 13.2,

00:31:06   which is, I believe, rolling out today,

00:31:08   messaging and phone apps are gonna be better integrated

00:31:12   with other apps on iOS.

00:31:14   So when you ask Siri to message someone,

00:31:16   you won't have to specify the app anymore.

00:31:18   So say you use WhatsApp to message your partner

00:31:22   or a friend, right?

00:31:23   You currently have to say like,

00:31:25   "I'll send a message to Bobby in WhatsApp."

00:31:28   But now you would just say, "Send a message to Bobby."

00:31:31   And this is what I don't like.

00:31:33   Siri decides.

00:31:34   Siri spins a wheel and chooses which application

00:31:40   to send the message through.

00:31:41   Siri will decide based on your usage

00:31:45   which application to send the message through,

00:31:48   which is a very Apple move that it's like,

00:31:50   "We're gonna open it up to third parties

00:31:52   if they integrate with Siri."

00:31:54   But users won't be able to choose which applications to send it through.

00:31:59   Siri will do it for you.

00:32:00   Don't like that. But better than nothing.

00:32:04   Yeah. And I really believe that this is going to be based on the same system that

00:32:09   allows developers currently to offer suggestions in the share sheet.

00:32:15   So it makes sense, right?

00:32:17   It would make sense in the share sheet you have iMessage shortcuts based on your

00:32:23   contacts. And in theory, and there's documentation on this on the

00:32:27   developer website, third-party messaging apps can also plug into the same system

00:32:32   and have their apps show up for contacts in the sharesheet. I haven't seen

00:32:39   examples of third-party apps at this point that use this. It requires, as you

00:32:43   may expect, integrating with the SiriKit stuff. So maybe these big companies like

00:32:48   WhatsApp or Telegram, it's gonna take a while for them to adopt them, but I would

00:32:53   expect that it's based on the same system, like why would you, why would

00:32:58   Apple make two separate systems for suggesting contacts, one in the

00:33:03   sharesheet and one in series? So I think it's gonna be roughly the same. I

00:33:07   wonder if you're gonna be, if you can do something manually to sort of instruct

00:33:15   the system on what to use. I think I remember that when Apple introduced the

00:33:22   SiriKit integrations for messaging and voice calls, that you used to be able to

00:33:30   go in the contacts card for a person and tap and hold or maybe do something with

00:33:38   the phone and with the message buttons and maybe select a preferred

00:33:44   method, because you can see stuff like WhatsApp or Skype in a

00:33:49   contacts card. So maybe you can do something, I don't know, but still I

00:33:53   expect this feature to be based on the same system, and in theory it is

00:34:00   available today as part of the 13.2 beta, which I can tell you in real time your

00:34:08   good friend, Stephen Ryan, has it installed on his iPad. No sign of iCloud shareholders,

00:34:18   no sign of pinned files in the Files app, no big changes to shortcuts that he mentions.

00:34:26   But Apple says, or at least Mark Gurman says, that this new contact suggestions feature

00:34:34   for Siri should be in 13.2 alongside, and I guess we're going to talk about it later,

00:34:40   Deep Fusion.

00:34:41   I expect this is the first of these types of things.

00:34:42   There's going to be more of this type of stuff because Apple is starting to get themselves

00:34:45   in some hot water of antitrust.

00:34:47   So this is just the first part of that.

00:34:50   All right, we have a lot more to talk about.

00:34:52   We have Myke's review of TVOS 13 coming up after this break where I tell you about our

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00:36:45   We've waited for months, but the time has come. Welcome to the Myke Hurley Review of

00:36:50   TV OS 13. Before we begin, I have to say I was shocked over the weekend to see that previously

00:36:58   mentioned Ryan, I think it was over the weekend, published a TV OS last week, TV OS review

00:37:04   on MacStories. I was surprised about his Fedorico because you know I'm the TV OS guy. It was

00:37:09   a surprise to me to see that you had a review, but you know, I'm not going to complain too

00:37:15   too much. Ryan's a really nice guy as previously discussed, but it is a portrayal. So that's

00:37:22   that.

00:37:23   Wow.

00:37:24   But I want to say, you know, this is serious. I have thought, I have introductions and conclusions

00:37:32   to this review, let alone something to say on many of the features that are contained

00:37:39   within TV-OS 13. So are you ready?

00:37:42   Yes, I'm getting comfortable. I'm ready. All right

00:37:45   Steven are you ready? You didn't say yes. I've just I'm sitting here

00:37:50   It's playing with it out of a watch an open sponge ready for you to pour your knowledge of a tvOS

00:37:56   My body. Okay. So like here's my introduction tvOS I feel is a pretty quiet platform at this point

00:38:02   There isn't a ton of new stuff going on from a year to year basis

00:38:08   And really what Apple is doing is building a series of services for which the Apple TV is an important piece

00:38:13   They're adding features to the platform slowly

00:38:15   But surely but a lot of these things are in support of the services that they're adding

00:38:19   Like every time Apple has made large changes to the tvOS platform

00:38:23   Whether it was from the locked down version to when tvOS came around and then since it has pretty much been met

00:38:31   favorably. People were very unhappy with tvOS for example, like just from a user experience

00:38:36   perspective when it came around. So my feeling is at this point, Apple are probably best

00:38:41   to just slowly iterate on the platform. This is obviously not taking into account any future

00:38:47   hardware changes, like if they wanted to change what the remote would look like, but I don't

00:38:51   foresee anything like that happening for quite a while.

00:38:55   So the first feature I want to talk about is changes to the home screen. So the home

00:38:58   Home screen is the main screen that you see.

00:39:01   For some people it's when they press the TV button.

00:39:04   For some people it's when they press the menu button.

00:39:05   It depends on how you have it set up.

00:39:07   But the home screen has undergone some visual changes for TVOS 13.

00:39:12   So like the dock looks a little bit different and it's got some spit and polish in places.

00:39:15   But the biggest change is auto playing video for trailers.

00:39:19   So applications can tie into this if they want to but the main one that's doing it right

00:39:23   now is Apple's TV app.

00:39:26   So when you're on the home screen, if you have the TV app selected and it's in the dock

00:39:32   where it's got that showcase area up top, it will start to autoplay video.

00:39:38   You may be familiar with this from a Netflix app.

00:39:40   So when you're using the Netflix app on any platform, it will do this inside of the Netflix

00:39:45   app.

00:39:46   Of course, Netflix does not support this feature on TVOS yet.

00:39:53   I also hate this feature, even on Apple's TV app.

00:39:56   Thankfully, they play without audio,

00:39:59   but I find it very distracting to just have the TV on

00:40:02   and then things just start going on their own.

00:40:05   Like, for example, right now, like the Apple TV app

00:40:07   is playing trailers for new movies that I can buy,

00:40:11   but I don't care about those movies.

00:40:13   So what's the point, right?

00:40:17   And if you scroll up, you can then actually watch

00:40:20   a trailer with sound.

00:40:23   Again it's like looking at it right now, what's the point of this?

00:40:26   Well the point of this is when Apple wants to promote their TV+ shows to you, they will

00:40:31   do that.

00:40:32   So they've added this feature now in advance of November so then they can promote C and

00:40:37   stuff like that to you as prime real estate because the TV app, I mean I'm sure that they

00:40:42   will still to try and keep things fair will spread it out a little bit but I believe this

00:40:47   features primarily there to try and convince you to watch their content but

00:40:51   we'll have to wait and see on that. tvOS 13 also introduces a control center to tvOS.

00:40:56   This gives you a quick way to access some features like AirPlay from anywhere.

00:41:01   This is previously not possible in all instances. You just press and hold the

00:41:05   button that looks like a television and it will bring up the control center.

00:41:09   I like this because it's a quick way to switch audio so I can go from my TV to

00:41:14   to my home pods really easily. I did note, just as an aside, I couldn't get Apple Arcade

00:41:22   games to play through my home pods. It would only play through the TV. I assume this is

00:41:27   a latency issue, that they won't play through AirPlay. Because if you are familiar, when

00:41:33   you play audio through the home pod from the Apple TV, when you make that selection, there

00:41:39   is a slight pause where I believe everything's being buffered a little. You can't do it out

00:41:44   video game. Still a shame though because I would have loved to have heard some of

00:41:47   these games with that great audio coming from my home pods rather than my TV speakers.

00:41:50   But the control center also houses a UI for another big feature of TVOS 13 which is multi-user support.

00:41:59   So this gives the ability for people to sign in with their own Apple IDs into a single Apple TV

00:42:06   giving them access to their own iCloud accounts. So multiple people in a household either in shared

00:42:12   at accommodation or in a home, like a family home, could use this to access their own movies

00:42:18   and TV shows that they've purchased or their own games and their own apps. They also get

00:42:22   their own recommendations in the kind of the up next view in the TV app. There is an API

00:42:28   for this. So this is interesting. I found this. I think I saw this in Ryan's review

00:42:33   as part of my overall research that I was doing. Because I really just want to say now

00:42:40   Now I said that it makes it sound like I just read Ryan's review. I have spent the weekend

00:42:45   testing tvOS for this. Like I didn't just come up...

00:42:48   You worked this weekend too! All of us did!

00:42:50   Yes! I did! On this! So I did all of this. This is work that I did, but I did more reading

00:42:56   to make sure I hadn't missed anything. This was something I found interesting. There is

00:42:59   an API, so apps that have multi-user accounts already like Netflix would not have to ask

00:43:05   you who is watching, but nobody's using this yet.

00:43:08   Of course.

00:43:09   Now people in the chat room are thinking I'm lying. I promise you, I have done this work.

00:43:14   These are my opinions. This is my work here. But I did some corroboration. It's like, um,

00:43:19   so I know that Apple provides reviewers guides, right, for iOS, for Mac OS, that people can

00:43:24   check their facts against later on. Basically, Ryan provided my reviewers guide for me. Anyway,

00:43:31   so that's multi-user. This isn't widely adopted to allow people to change that, but it's,

00:43:36   it's available. I don't have a use for multi-user support at home, but I can imagine it being

00:43:43   something that a lot of people will want to use. I do want... I'd love to use it because I've got

00:43:49   kids in the house and it's like they have their own profile, but until Netflix and others support

00:43:54   it, it's kind of useless. And Netflix track record of adopting tvOS features is pretty bad.

00:43:59   Yep. Don't you technically, by terms and conditions, have to be over the age of like

00:44:03   13 to have an iCloud account or something?

00:44:05   No, if you have a child account in family sharing. Ah, okay fine

00:44:10   And then but like this is what I thought about this like the family sharing thing. You don't need your own iTunes account

00:44:15   That's purely to just keep the up next recommendations split apart from each other would be my expectation of having that

00:44:20   Because everybody's on the same iCloud purchasing account technically I guess

00:44:24   Screen savers. That's a big thing for any tvOS release and there are new ones

00:44:30   This is my favorite feature of any TV OS release because I love those screensavers. This time Apple have partnered with the BBC

00:44:36   The BBC Natural History Unit I should say

00:44:39   To create underwater based screensavers. These feature a lot of wildlife as well as just environments

00:44:46   And I think they're amazing because I was watching one yesterday and a sea lion

00:44:51   Butted up against the TV which I thought was hilarious

00:44:53   Because I guess it was being pretty like it was wondering what was going on with this camera

00:44:58   So I thought that was awesome. They had a new sense of life to the TV

00:45:02   I think to have animals and and like wildlife in the screen savers

00:45:07   I think that's really fun

00:45:09   And it's a little it's actually quite different to static buildings or space right like kind of non moving

00:45:16   Elements and there's a lot of movement and it's quite frantic and I think that it's it's something different

00:45:21   I hope they do more like this. I would like to see some maybe in

00:45:26   like on land environments and stuff like that, you know, I think could be really beautiful to see some more wildlife based

00:45:33   Screen savers in the future. I hope to see that

00:45:35   Picture in picture is now supported for any content that can be loaded into the TV app

00:45:40   So you have to be in a TV app to use picture in picture

00:45:44   It feels like a nice to have

00:45:46   But feels less useful to me on the TV and it does an iOS like if I'm using picture in picture on my iPad

00:45:51   I'm doing that because I'm maybe taking notes for some content while watching a video or I have a video that I'm not really that

00:45:57   Interested on it's kind of in the background and I'm like surfing Twitter and stuff

00:46:00   These use cases are not the same on the TV. Like what my feeling is. What am I doing?

00:46:06   Like I'm video because I'm choosing another video but don't want to quit the current video. It doesn't feel

00:46:12   Super useful to me, but for some reason it's something athletic because people I guess have been asking for it

00:46:18   but I can't think of a

00:46:21   useful use case for picture in picture on the TV app.

00:46:23   Because I don't think people are using Twitter on the TV very much, you know, so.

00:46:29   But to each their own Apple Arcade, technically a TV OS 13

00:46:35   feature, TV OS 13 added support for Apple Arcade.

00:46:39   It's a separate app on the TV.

00:46:42   It's not built into the App Store like it is on iOS.

00:46:45   You can play any game that is available on the service.

00:46:48   can play on Apple TV, but on TV OS some games cannot be played, thankfully, with the Apple

00:46:54   TV remote and require a controller. Pairing a controller with TV OS is one of the new

00:47:00   features and you can pair Xbox controllers and PlayStation controllers as long as they're

00:47:04   Bluetooth or you can use any MAFER iPhone, I guess, MFI controller. It's really easy

00:47:10   to do it. In fact, in the settings in TV OS, they have specific instructions for what buttons

00:47:16   to press on a Playstation or Xbox controller to get it to pair, which I thought was really

00:47:20   nice, it was a nice touch. You can even control some of the TV interface with those controllers,

00:47:25   which may be a better option than the Apple remote sometimes because I have a physical

00:47:29   D-pad on an Xbox controller now that I can use to move around the TV interface, which

00:47:34   is fun. There are lots of Apple Arcade games that make you replay their tutorials when

00:47:40   you load them on TV OS for the first time. It's going to be a little bit frustrating

00:47:44   but it makes sense because you may need to relearn the buttons

00:47:47   because you weren't playing with buttons potentially when you were using

00:47:51   the touch screens. So in conclusion of the Myke Hurley review of tvOS 13,

00:47:58   I would say this is a pretty nice release for tvOS. They've added some

00:48:02   good quality of life features, but what I can see is happening in a lot

00:48:06   of places is the laying of the groundwork to make it the cornerstone

00:48:09   of the Apple's new subscription business model, or a cornerstone I should say,

00:48:13   of their subscription business model that they're doing for people inside of the Apple

00:48:16   ecosystem.

00:48:17   You know, they want people to own the Apple TV because then they can watch all the TV

00:48:20   content, can play Apple arcade games, that kind of stuff.

00:48:23   And I think for what may have once felt like a pretty doomed product, especially after

00:48:29   the lackluster first release of tvOS and the fact that TV apps kind of sucked, I think

00:48:34   that Apple started to move into a business that makes the Apple TV a much more important

00:48:38   product in their lineup.

00:48:40   So I do expect now we will continue to see year over year improvements to the platform

00:48:44   that are continuing to push the line to help them support Apple Arcade and TV+ in different

00:48:50   ways.

00:48:51   Frankly, the future of TV isn't apps, it's subscription services.

00:48:55   Tim was wrong, but now Tim has worked out what he needs to be doing with the company,

00:49:00   right?

00:49:01   They are going after subscription services because it's not just Apple.

00:49:04   Everyone is starting streaming subscription services now and tvOS needs to be able to

00:49:09   support these as much as possible and that's kind of where I expect tvos to follow in the

00:49:13   future. That was the Myke Hurley review of tvos 13.

00:49:16   Well done. See, you all thought I was kidding, but you

00:49:21   boy put the work in. I really enjoyed it and I think you did. I

00:49:24   know you did. I, unlike Stephen Hackett, do not question your integrity.

00:49:32   Thank you. Thank you very much. Really good job. This should be an annual

00:49:36   thing I now expect I now expect in June in June I want the Myke Hurley TV OS 14

00:49:44   overview and then ah right okay yeah overview then the review in September

00:49:51   2020 should be a nice thing I need to get a developer ticket to WWDC I'll be

00:49:56   the only person sitting in a TV OS session but like well I need it it's

00:50:00   - It's still my work.

00:50:01   - You find your angle.

00:50:02   - Good job, Myke.

00:50:05   - Thank you.

00:50:06   - I agree with your conclusion.

00:50:08   Clearly the future TV apps thing was not quite right.

00:50:13   I mean, it was right in the sense

00:50:14   that streaming services require apps,

00:50:16   but people, all the other stuff,

00:50:18   remember that demo?

00:50:19   They showed online shopping,

00:50:21   looking at real estate websites?

00:50:23   None of that happened in any scale.

00:50:25   - They were so ridiculously wrong.

00:50:27   - You never browse apartments?

00:50:28   - No.

00:50:29   - Yeah, not really.

00:50:30   But by going down the app route, Apple have stumbled into being able to provide the over-the-top

00:50:36   streaming services with the ability to get on their platform.

00:50:40   The problem that Apple is going to continue to have is they want everyone to be in the

00:50:43   TV app, but a lot of services don't want to be in the TV app because they have to give

00:50:48   up information to Apple for no gain.

00:50:51   So you know.

00:50:54   Right.

00:50:55   It's not hurting Netflix that they're not in there.

00:50:56   No.

00:50:57   It would actually hinder Netflix to be in there.

00:50:59   There's no reason for them to be in there.

00:51:00   They lose information about their own customers and then hand over data or hand over some

00:51:05   of the experience to a company that is now a direct competitor.

00:51:10   So they're going to struggle with that for a while, I think.

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00:52:46   Our thanks to Care/Of for their support of this show

00:52:49   and Relay FM.

00:52:50   So I want to talk just for a minute about preparing

00:52:54   for Mac OS Catalina.

00:52:55   We don't have a release date for Catalina yet.

00:52:58   There was a rumor that it was going to be this week.

00:52:59   I don't believe that because we haven't seen it GM yet.

00:53:02   They just pushed beta 10, I think over the weekend

00:53:06   or earlier this week.

00:53:06   So I think we have a couple weeks still.

00:53:09   But Catalina is a big deal.

00:53:11   And I think that it behooves users of the Mac

00:53:14   to be prepared for it.

00:53:15   The last couple years--

00:53:16   Oh, I didn't tell you, by the way.

00:53:17   You know my whole plan about ordering my iMac Pro

00:53:20   So it didn't have Catalina on it. Like that was my plan. I have ordered my iMac Pro

00:53:23   but it it hasn't been shipped yet and

00:53:27   Now I'm scared

00:53:31   It's like a right that tells me currently the shipping status has arrives between the 14th and 21st of October

00:53:38   Huh? They may be getting ready to rev them. Well, you had a custom order. I don't know

00:53:42   I did a custom order so that will add time but I'm really nervous that I'm gonna not that much time on it

00:53:47   Yeah, you may have missed the

00:53:49   God, I miss the window. It sucks so bad.

00:53:51   Catalina's a little rough.

00:53:54   So here's the deal. Catalina breaks and changes a lot of things that have been true for the Mac

00:54:00   for a long time. There's a tool called Go64. It'll be in the show notes.

00:54:05   I recommend everyone go download because it's a free app and it will tell you

00:54:09   what 32-bit applications or parts of applications are still on your system. That's important because

00:54:16   because Catalina is 64-bit only.

00:54:20   32-bit apps and frameworks are gone.

00:54:24   And this is not like a--

00:54:25   - Shall I run this tool now?

00:54:27   Should I download and run this tool?

00:54:28   - Download it while I'm talking

00:54:29   and see how bad your system is.

00:54:31   Mine had quite a few things.

00:54:33   And you need to reconcile all those things

00:54:36   before you upgrade to Catalina

00:54:38   because they simply will not work.

00:54:39   All the support for them is gone.

00:54:42   Of course, you also wanna make sure

00:54:43   that your system supports it.

00:54:44   So if you have a MacBook Air, a MacBook Pro, a Mac Mini,

00:54:49   or an iMac, it's mid to late 2012 and above.

00:54:53   The iMac Pro is supported, obviously.

00:54:55   Any one-port MacBook is supported,

00:54:57   and the trash can Mac Pro is supported as well.

00:55:00   So cheese grater Mac Pros are finally dropped with Catalina.

00:55:05   So you want to make sure your model's supported.

00:55:07   You really want to make sure that you don't have any 32-bit

00:55:09   apps that you rely on, because they will not work.

00:55:12   And you may need to go to a developer website

00:55:14   and see if there's a new version.

00:55:16   In some instances, you may need to find a different tool

00:55:18   or application to use if the application

00:55:21   just isn't going anywhere.

00:55:23   So check on that.

00:55:24   - Logic Pro is showing for me, which is a concern.

00:55:30   - So okay, so let me talk about that.

00:55:34   So parts of Logic and Final Cut both have 32,

00:55:38   they reference 32-bit libraries.

00:55:40   I fully expect that Apple will have updates

00:55:43   on day one for Final Cut and Logic.

00:55:44   - That's certainly, I hope so.

00:55:46   - It's not, well no, it's not uncommon

00:55:49   for Apple to ship a day one release

00:55:51   of their Pro apps to support the new OS.

00:55:53   So I'm not worried about Logic or Final Cut.

00:55:55   - There's a lot of Adobe stuff in here.

00:55:57   - A lot of Adobe stuff? - A lot of Adobe stuff.

00:56:00   - Mm-hmm.

00:56:01   - And yeah, iMovie, iPhoto, Final Cut.

00:56:05   - You can get rid of iPhoto.

00:56:07   You can get rid of that now. - I don't know why I got it.

00:56:08   GarageBand is on here.

00:56:09   - Some of those may be older versions.

00:56:13   Maybe you have multiple versions installed.

00:56:15   This is a good starting point to go and explore

00:56:17   your applications folder.

00:56:18   Oh, is this going to kill GarageBand 6?

00:56:21   That's a shame for people.

00:56:22   Ooh, because that's the last one that

00:56:24   had the really good podcasting stuff before it

00:56:27   made it all weird.

00:56:29   The other thing to look out for are kernel extensions,

00:56:31   which are also gone in Catalina, replaced

00:56:35   by something called Driver Kit.

00:56:36   So on my MacBook Pro, I have VMware Fusion installed.

00:56:40   I run Windows VM and some others on my Mac, MacBook Pro.

00:56:43   And it requires a kernel extension,

00:56:45   and they will need to have an update to support the new driver

00:56:48   kit model.

00:56:49   This is a good move.

00:56:50   Kernel extensions have access to lots of things on your system

00:56:54   that most software doesn't actually need.

00:56:57   And it is part of a broader move in Catalina

00:56:59   to make Mac OS itself more hardened against outside tax.

00:57:04   In fact, when you install Catalina,

00:57:06   your APFS volume gets split, and you

00:57:08   have one volume for your system and one volume for your applications and your

00:57:12   user files. That's invisible to you in Finder. You can see it in Disk Utility

00:57:16   or if you use Thunderbolt target disk mode or something. But they're really

00:57:20   making Mac OS kind of an island and part of that is kernel extensions are gone. So

00:57:26   if you have a program that relies on a kernel extension, again you need to go to

00:57:30   the developer website, find them on Twitter, make sure that they are ready

00:57:33   for Catalina if it's something that you absolutely depend on because there's no

00:57:37   recourse here you install Catalina that stuff will not work. So I say all that

00:57:41   not to scare people off of Catalina, but to give you an opportunity now to spend

00:57:47   some time making sure that you're okay to upgrade it in the one downside of the

00:57:52   annual Mac OS release amongst many I do not like the annual release cycle. But

00:57:57   one of the downsides is people have just gotten used to hitting upgrade. And look

00:58:01   going from, you know, Sierra to high Sierra to Mojave that was basically fine.

00:58:06   as long as your computer was supported.

00:58:09   But Catalina looks the same, right?

00:58:12   It's just an annual release,

00:58:13   it's free in the Mac App Store.

00:58:15   But if you have a 32-bit app that you rely on every day

00:58:18   to do your work at your business,

00:58:21   you're just out of luck on Catalina.

00:58:22   And so you need to take time to make sure

00:58:26   that you're going to be okay.

00:58:28   And this is one of those things too.

00:58:30   We all have people in our lives who use the Mac

00:58:32   who aren't connected listeners.

00:58:34   Not everyone out there has been reached by our program yet.

00:58:39   When you're at home visiting your parents this weekend,

00:58:42   run Go 64 on their old MacBook Air

00:58:44   and just make sure they're gonna be okay.

00:58:45   Because, for instance, I know one of my family members

00:58:49   is still using Office 2008 or something,

00:58:51   like an old version of Office.

00:58:52   And so actually I'm gonna see them this weekend,

00:58:54   like hey, we need to get you on a new version of Office

00:58:56   because the old one's not gonna be supported.

00:58:58   And it is important to update

00:59:00   because you wanna make sure that you get security updates

00:59:03   and everything.

00:59:03   High Sierra will still get security updates for another year or two.

00:59:08   So you don't have to go, or excuse me, Mojave.

00:59:11   Another problem with the annual release cycle?

00:59:13   Way too many names to remember in the right order.

00:59:15   Yes.

00:59:16   But High Sierra will get software updates, I think this will be the last year, Mojave

00:59:20   will get them for another year or two.

00:59:21   So you have some time from a security perspective.

00:59:24   So make sure that you're really prepared to go to Catalina, because you're going to be

00:59:27   in a world of hurt if you're not prepared.

00:59:29   I'm already waiting, well I'm just standing by waiting for the articles that will be written,

00:59:34   you know. Apple kills software users. I mean, not wrong, but you know, just waiting.

00:59:42   No, but it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone paying attention.

00:59:44   No, it's like there's been a, we were talking about reminders earlier,

00:59:47   there's like been a bunch of articles about like, Apple will fix reminders syncing for,

00:59:51   everyone knew this. Everybody knew this. We all knew this. But now you can talk about it, right?

00:59:56   Because you can write the article about it. Yeah, I was scrolling one of those, like,

00:59:59   "Oh, there's a tweet that I sent just in this article."

01:00:02   Which is always exciting.

01:00:03   So yeah, just check out Go64, I definitely recommend it,

01:00:07   and keep an eye on your kernel extensions.

01:00:09   We'll talk more about Catalina as it makes its way out.

01:00:11   Like I said, I've got a review, John's got a review,

01:00:14   and there's a lot of interesting stuff to talk about,

01:00:16   but for now, just make sure your ducks are in a row

01:00:20   before you hit that button.

01:00:21   Whenever that button shows up, this week or next week

01:00:23   or two weeks from now, whenever it is.

01:00:24   - Put your geese in a row.

01:00:27   Geese are a meme right now, Steven.

01:00:29   I know, some game the youth are playing.

01:00:31   Yeah, it's very fun actually.

01:00:32   The youth.

01:00:33   Fun game.

01:00:34   Wow.

01:00:35   Is it, can I play it on my iPhone?

01:00:38   Do I have to have some sort of console?

01:00:40   Oh, I own a console, I have a Switch.

01:00:41   Yes, on the Switch, so.

01:00:42   Oh yeah, I want to, I'll put it on the Switch eventually.

01:00:45   Very fun.

01:00:46   Your kids might like it.

01:00:47   Let's talk about Deep Fusion.

01:00:48   Federico.

01:00:49   Yes.

01:00:51   What is happening with Sweater Mode in the iPhone camera?

01:00:53   So, Sweater Mode consists of...

01:00:57   The official name is Deep Fusion, and Apple had a very nice press tour yesterday.

01:01:03   They talked to TechCrunch and The Verge and John Gruber, sharing the details of this new

01:01:08   photo mode that they preannounced at the iPhone event in September.

01:01:13   It is now available as part of iOS 13.2.

01:01:18   It is only available for devices with the A13 chip and above.

01:01:23   So that includes the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

01:01:27   No older iPhones or iPads.

01:01:30   So I highly recommend that you go read Matthew Panzareno's story at TechCrunch for the details.

01:01:37   He knows what he's talking about, and DeepFusion involves a bunch of technical words that I

01:01:42   don't fully understand, but to give you an overview, DeepFusion is basically a new mode

01:01:49   that sits somewhere in between Night Mode and Smart HDR. The way that I understand these details is

01:01:57   Smart HDR still works for really bright scenarios where processing the highlights

01:02:06   is more important for the system and therefore it employs HDR, but for that middle range between

01:02:14   from just above low light and before Smart HDR kicks in, that's where Deep Fusion is applied.

01:02:22   And Deep Fusion, as I mentioned, requires the A13 chip. It only supports the wide and telephoto

01:02:29   lenses, so no Deep Fusion for pictures taken with the ultra-wide lens. And Deep Fusion does not

01:02:39   support capture outside the frame. So if you want to use diffusion you gotta

01:02:46   disable capture outside the frame in the under settings camera. My

01:02:54   understanding is that they are two completely separate features. I guess

01:03:00   from a memory consumption perspective Apple didn't want to mix the two of them

01:03:06   together. So you gotta make a choice. Either you use Capture Outside the Frame or you use

01:03:11   Deep Fusion. That's unfortunate and it's obviously one of the features that I already want to

01:03:17   see in the 2020 iPhone.

01:03:19   So do I need to turn off Capture Outside of the Frame to get Deep Fusion to work?

01:03:28   Well yeah. I mean...

01:03:32   Like how am I supposed to know, you don't know the answer to this question, how am I

01:03:37   supposed to know which one's better for me?

01:03:39   Right?

01:03:40   Like do I want sweaters to be at their highest fidelity or do I want to bring my family members

01:03:46   to a cropped out of a frame back in the picture again?

01:03:48   I don't know.

01:03:49   Yeah, it's a very confusing situation.

01:03:51   What if the cropped out family person is wearing a sweater?

01:03:54   Then you've lost either way.

01:03:57   Make sure that your family members do not wear sweaters.

01:03:59   That's a first step.

01:04:01   So you gotta make that decision yourself. I really like the simple summary from the

01:04:07   Panzarin story. It says the overall result, Apple says, results in better skin transitions,

01:04:14   better clothing, this is what you mentioned, better clothing detail, and better crispness

01:04:20   at the edges of moving subjects. So I guess deep vision means you get more detail. So

01:04:26   you got a lot more details you can, and to be fair, I know we're making fun of the sweaters,

01:04:31   But the sweaters are functional, are instrumental to the point that Apple wants to make, and

01:04:37   that is you can zoom in on the details of the sweater, you know, the pattern of the

01:04:41   cloth, what's the name of the... what's a sweater made of?

01:04:50   Threads.

01:04:51   Yes.

01:04:52   The wool, the thread.

01:04:53   Yes.

01:04:54   You say thread.

01:04:55   Yes.

01:04:56   So you can see the individual detail of that, and it's very sharp and it's very crisp, and

01:04:58   I can see what Apple means.

01:04:59   I still think a photo of somebody wearing a sweater is a boring photo.

01:05:03   Not really exciting, but better skin detail.

01:05:08   And I think Panzerino also mentioned detail in the sky.

01:05:13   If you're taking a picture of a landscape and you have the sky,

01:05:16   you're going to have crisper clouds, which is something that everybody wants.

01:05:21   It's just so weird to me that they've created these two features for the camera

01:05:26   and they conflict with each other.

01:05:28   It is very weird.

01:05:30   And then they shipped one of them, turned it off for everyone, and then like a month

01:05:35   later it's redundant.

01:05:37   Like, what was the point?

01:05:38   And it's very confusing, which we're gonna talk about in a couple of minutes.

01:05:44   It's captured outside the frame, not very... not explained very well at all.

01:05:51   But now we know why, because remember after the event, we're like "well, why didn't they

01:05:56   talk about this feature?"

01:05:57   It was like all rumored as like being the thing that was going to make it cool.

01:06:00   And then they didn't talk about it.

01:06:02   Well, now we know why they didn't talk about it, because they don't actually want anyone to use it, which is very weird.

01:06:07   And the thing, I guess, I don't have 13.2 installed, but the way that it's been described is

01:06:15   capture outside the frame is a setting.

01:06:18   It's got its own label.

01:06:19   It's got its own switch.

01:06:21   DeepFusion will just be enabled by default.

01:06:24   it will not be like an option that you can enable/disable, it just works.

01:06:29   And I may be wrong again, I don't have the 13.2 beta, so it's entirely possible that I got the

01:06:39   wrong impression out of these articles, but it feels to me, and we can follow up on this next

01:06:45   week, it feels to me as if DeepFusion is the new default. Then if you want, you can enable capture

01:06:50   outside the frame, but that's going to disable diffusion. It's a very weird scenario. Obviously,

01:06:57   this is something that Apple needs to fix next year. They need to have an A14 chip that can

01:07:04   handle both at the same time. And I realize, you know, memory consumption here is going to be all

01:07:10   over the place because of how captured outside the frame works. We're going to talk about it.

01:07:14   But this is the situation we're now in. We have the software taking a bunch of pictures and

01:07:20   and stitching them together.

01:07:21   And if you read the details of Deep Fusion, it's kind of wild.

01:07:24   It takes like four or five shots at different exposures

01:07:28   and blends them together.

01:07:30   And it's kind of wild, and it all

01:07:32   happens in a second or less, which is pretty remarkable

01:07:37   when you think about it.

01:07:39   But it comes with this weird trade-off

01:07:40   for now that doesn't work with cap shots or the frame.

01:07:45   So it works on the iPhone 11, though.

01:07:47   It's not an iPhone 11 Pro only feature.

01:07:50   It also works for the more affordable 11 model,

01:07:54   so that's nice.

01:07:55   But on the 11 Pro, it also works with the telephoto,

01:08:00   which the 11 doesn't have.

01:08:01   - It being on by default, or it's just going to do this,

01:08:06   that seems like a bold choice to me

01:08:08   for something that wasn't ready at launch,

01:08:11   but also takes a second to actually render.

01:08:14   Are people gonna suddenly think their cameras

01:08:17   slow or like if you don't like this effect you're just stuck with it. I don't

01:08:21   know if that that strikes me as an odd choice.

01:08:23   [Music]

01:08:29   We have some breaking news on the iOS 13.2 beta. Guillermo Rambo has found some

01:08:37   iconography that would seem to indicate a potential update to AirPods with noise

01:08:43   cancelling. You know what this looks like to me? I know what it looks like. What?

01:08:48   Porygon. Oh wow, no, you know what I thought of? It is totally Porygon though. It looks like

01:08:55   Birdo from Super Mario. Also looks like Birdo from Super Mario. Yep, 100% bird pods,

01:09:01   that's what they're called. You had to hear first. But this would seem to indicate

01:09:06   AirPods with like the little rubbery tips that go inside of your ears. I'm not super

01:09:13   excited about that because I don't like those types of headphones. I don't like them either.

01:09:17   I've never found a pair that fit me comfortably. Maybe Apple can change that, but we'll see.

01:09:21   But this would potentially be the noise cancelling ones, or noise isolating ones at the very

01:09:27   least. Anyways, so do we think this is weird that Deep Fusion is on by default? Yes. Yeah.

01:09:34   Because it seems, well it's not just that it's on by default, it's that it's on and

01:09:39   it right like you can't it seems it cannot be turned off right that's what

01:09:47   the article is implied and that's like that's not like smart HDR which you can

01:09:52   turn off it was on by default but you can turn it off that because what is he

01:09:58   saying is that Apple is very very confident in their ability to mess

01:10:04   around with these images, right, and it be perfect. That's what you're saying by

01:10:10   like this is a feature that goes on and stays on and can't be turned off. I guess

01:10:16   the way you turn it off is by turning on capture outside the frame I guess.

01:10:21   Yeah, yeah, it's very strange. I want to see how they explain it. Like will

01:10:29   there be some kind of explanation in settings that if you enable capture

01:10:32   outside the frame you will take worse pictures.

01:10:35   Are they gonna explain that?

01:10:37   Like you will lose some detail if you enable this option?

01:10:40   I wanna see what it looks like.

01:10:43   - All right, should we take a break

01:10:44   and then Federico can tell us more about outside the frame?

01:10:48   - Yes.

01:10:50   - Yeah, that sounds good.

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01:12:05   - All right, so I wanted to talk about

01:12:08   capture outside the frame,

01:12:09   because I think it's been,

01:12:11   well, it wasn't presented at all by Apple on stage,

01:12:14   and there's a lot of confusion involving

01:12:17   how it works, what it does, how it's enabled,

01:12:19   and I've been able to put together some details,

01:12:22   well, actually a lot of details

01:12:24   about capture outside the frame

01:12:27   that I wanted to share with you guys and with our listeners.

01:12:30   So first of all, I want to go over the basics of this feature.

01:12:36   It needs to be enabled in Settings, Camera.

01:12:40   And it's a way for you to capture extra data when

01:12:43   you're taking a picture.

01:12:46   And that data comes from the wider lens than the one

01:12:49   you're currently using.

01:12:52   And a first misconception here is

01:12:54   that most people tend to believe that capture outside the frame only uses data from the

01:13:00   ultra-wide lens on the iPhone 11 and the 11 Pro, but that is not completely accurate in

01:13:08   that yes, on the iPhone 11, it always uses data from the ultra-wide lens, because the

01:13:13   iPhone 11 only has a wide-angle lens and the ultra-wide-angle lens. On the iPhone 11 Pro,

01:13:19   The capture outside the frame uses the extra data from whatever is the wider lens than

01:13:25   the one you're using at the moment.

01:13:27   So if you're shooting a 1x with a wide-angle camera, the over-capture data comes from the

01:13:36   2x, from the telephoto lens.

01:13:38   It doesn't come from the ultra-wide.

01:13:40   If you're capturing a 2x using the telephoto lens on the iPhone 11 Pro, the over-capture

01:13:47   data comes from the 1x wide-angle lens. So if you're shooting with a telephoto, the capture

01:13:53   outside the frame feature will take the extra data from the 1x lens. It will not stitch together the

01:14:01   2x and 0.5x image camera data. It'll switch to whatever is wider than 2x, and 1x is wider than

01:14:11   and 2x. If you're using the 1x standard wide camera, then it'll use the ultra-wide.

01:14:17   So the first thing to keep in mind is it doesn't always use the ultra-wide lens to store the

01:14:26   over-capture data. On the iPhone 11 Pro, it can alternate between 1x and the ultra-wide.

01:14:33   You can actually test this yourself. First of all, make sure that there's a lot of light.

01:14:39   We're going to talk about this in a minute.

01:14:42   Take a picture using the telephoto lens on the iPhone 11 Pro, cover with your finger

01:14:47   the ultra-wide lens, and you will see that you will still capture data outside the frame,

01:14:53   and you will be able to recover that data later in the Photos app.

01:14:57   So I did it myself, I covered the ultra-wide lens with my finger, I took a picture using

01:15:03   the telephoto lens, and sure enough, the over-capture data was coming from the One X.

01:15:08   So that makes sense because the system just needs to use whatever is wider than what you're using.

01:15:14   We mentioned how Deep Fusion and Capture Outside the Frame are incompatible with each other.

01:15:20   So that's unfortunate, but we'll see how it goes.

01:15:27   The option is Off by default for photos.

01:15:31   It's On by default for videos.

01:15:33   So there's Capture Outside the Frame is enabled for videos as well, and it's On by default.

01:15:38   but with a sort of a weird asterisk,

01:15:41   it only works for Quick Take videos.

01:15:45   So the Quick Take video feature is new in the iPhone 11 line.

01:15:50   You can hold the shutter button in the camera app

01:15:53   to record a video.

01:15:55   Also comes with some weird limitations

01:15:58   that I'll mention in a second,

01:16:00   but Quick Take videos are the only videos

01:16:02   that support capturing outside the frame.

01:16:04   Now, how do you know when a photo or video

01:16:09   that you've saved on your device contains over-captured data?

01:16:15   There is no, so in the Photos app,

01:16:18   where the items are saved,

01:16:20   the only indication you have is this new icon.

01:16:25   It's a square with a star in the corner

01:16:28   that appears in the top right corner of the Photos app

01:16:32   when you're viewing a photo or a video.

01:16:35   - Which you think you'd be able to do something with,

01:16:37   but it's just there.

01:16:38   Like if you tap it, nothing happens.

01:16:40   That was really confusing to me at first.

01:16:42   - It's a badge.

01:16:43   It's not an interactive element.

01:16:46   Is there a way that you can know in the camera app,

01:16:50   like is there any indication that you get

01:16:54   in the camera app when you're shooting

01:16:56   that over capture is enabled?

01:16:58   Well, first of all, you're gonna see a preview of the,

01:17:02   if you're taking a picture in landscape,

01:17:06   you will see the extra content shine through

01:17:09   from underneath the black bars, both sides of the screen.

01:17:15   But really, there isn't a special icon,

01:17:18   there isn't a special badge in the camera app,

01:17:20   but I guess the easiest way for you to know

01:17:24   that you are capturing extra data is,

01:17:31   you don't see the moon icon for night mode.

01:17:35   So because Capture Outside the Frame requires,

01:17:40   for pictures at least, a lot of light,

01:17:42   if you see the moon icon,

01:17:44   it means you're in a sort of a low-light scenario

01:17:47   and Capture Outside the Frame will not work.

01:17:49   So whether the moon icon is gray or yellow,

01:17:52   you see that icon,

01:17:54   Capture Outside the Frame will not be applied

01:17:57   because there isn't enough light.

01:17:58   So there's a light threshold for taking pictures with capture

01:18:03   outside the frame.

01:18:04   And if you see that icon, you will not have the extra data.

01:18:09   For videos, it's a slightly different discussion.

01:18:14   Capture outside the frame does not

01:18:16   have a light threshold for video mode,

01:18:21   but it only works, as I mentioned,

01:18:23   for Quick Take videos.

01:18:24   Now, QuickTake videos are limited to 1440p at 30 frames.

01:18:31   So the resolution is 1440 by 1920, slightly bigger than 1080p.

01:18:38   And they're limited to 30 frames,

01:18:41   and they're also limited to mono audio only.

01:18:45   I double checked this.

01:18:46   So I first heard some people say that QuickTake videos

01:18:49   were limited to 1080p.

01:18:52   I double checked.

01:18:53   I transferred a bunch of QuickTake videos to my Mac and I inspected the metadata.

01:18:59   Just to remind people, QuickTake is the new system where you can just hold down the camera shutter button in the camera app and take video rather than burst photos.

01:19:11   Just as a reminder.

01:19:12   Yes. QuickTake is when you hold down.

01:19:15   And those Quick Take videos by default are,

01:19:18   how do you say the format?

01:19:20   Fourteen, four thirds?

01:19:22   Is that how you say that?

01:19:24   - Four by three?

01:19:25   - Four by three, yeah, I guess.

01:19:27   They are four by three videos at 1440p.

01:19:30   And you can still switch to a wide screen format

01:19:35   or a square format from the options tray of the camera app,

01:19:41   which is also new this year.

01:19:44   but by default they are 4x3 1440p mono audio.

01:19:51   And they are the only videos to support capturing outside the frame, that always works for videos.

01:19:59   And I guess my understanding is that it works all the time, regardless of how much light is around you,

01:20:06   except for extreme scenarios such as when your iPhone may be under high

01:20:12   thermal pressure, for example. So if your iPhone is running hot and you're taking

01:20:17   a Quick Take video and you're expecting capture inside the frame to work, it may

01:20:22   be disabled because the iPhone needs to cool down. But I guess that's a very

01:20:27   extreme scenario. Generally speaking, you should expect if you have the

01:20:33   capture enabled in settings, capture outside the frame is going to work for

01:20:38   Quick Take videos all the time.

01:20:40   So I have some photos and videos that have that little logo, capture outside of the frame.

01:20:45   But I can't crop them myself.

01:20:49   And I don't really understand what data it's supposed to have collected.

01:20:54   Some of them allow me to, like, I can zoom out, right, the image.

01:20:59   some don't and I don't know what it's trying to tell me it's collected in that instance.

01:21:03   Yeah, so this is where it gets complicated.

01:21:07   Okay, cool. I'm pleased that I brought us there.

01:21:10   The second half of this discussion is where it gets tricky. So let's start from the easiest

01:21:19   scenario. You've captured something, you're taking a picture that has, or a video that has

01:21:26   extra data. The system looks at it and iOS thinks, "Okay, I can improve this image or I can improve

01:21:34   this video. I'm going to apply some adjustments for you automatically." When it does that, the

01:21:42   picture or video will get a new badge, so an additional badge in the Photos app that says "Auto."

01:21:48   That means automatic adjustments were applied by the system.

01:21:54   Now, this is also an option that you can enable or disable in Settings, Camera, Auto Apply Adjustments.

01:22:03   And also that auto applying of adjustments icon, which comes up when you go into the crop,

01:22:08   isn't just used for this situation, it's also used for different cropping.

01:22:13   So like even if Capture Outside of Frame isn't enabled,

01:22:16   It might try and do what I found to be very peculiar, like alignment stuff.

01:22:21   It doesn't work a lot of the time very well, but that makes sense because when I go into those images that I was just asking you about,

01:22:28   it says the auto mode. When I tap it, it shrinks the image in some way.

01:22:33   So it's captured it, it's made the changes, but I can't change it further.

01:22:40   But on some images, it doesn't apply the auto and I can zoom out further and use the wide-angle lens where I didn't before.

01:22:48   This is very confusing!

01:22:50   Okay, hold on.

01:22:51   Oh! Why does it keep getting worse?

01:22:54   In a second. My understanding is that the adjustments, of course, as you may expect, are based on machine learning.

01:23:00   And what the system does is it tends to focus, I guess, on two main goals.

01:23:08   One of them is keeping the subject in frame.

01:23:11   So that would be people and pets.

01:23:13   Or fixing the horizon, if you're taking a picture that is not

01:23:17   exactly aligned with the horizon.

01:23:19   So the system will do that.

01:23:22   And I've hovered from a couple of friends

01:23:27   that it's especially impressive for people and pets,

01:23:31   in that they are sort of like tracked

01:23:34   on a frame-by-frame basis.

01:23:37   if it's, you know, if you're trying to edit a video,

01:23:41   and the system will apply additional stabilization for that.

01:23:45   - Federico, I have another question for you.

01:23:47   I'm very sorry. - Sure.

01:23:48   - So there was an image that I took while away this weekend,

01:23:52   which was saved by this setting, which was great.

01:23:55   It was a group shot.

01:23:56   I have one shot now where it's got that little icon,

01:24:00   the square icon with the star,

01:24:02   but it's covered by a blue box and says "Auto."

01:24:06   And I can tap that one. Why does that exist for this one picture, but not the other pictures

01:24:14   that have that square with the star?

01:24:16   So this one says "Auto".

01:24:18   Yes.

01:24:19   Yeah, because the system applied the automatic adjustments.

01:24:22   Right, okay. But that's not in the editing screen. This is in the photo viewing screen.

01:24:28   Yeah, yeah. When the auto adjustment gets applied, you will see the badge in the photo

01:24:33   viewing page. It'll do that for you in the background and you will see the badge in the Photos app.

01:24:41   Right. Okay. So confusing.

01:24:45   Now, you may ask, what if... And you asked this question a few minutes ago. What if I took a picture,

01:24:54   capture outside the frame, I see the icon, right? But the automatic adjustments were

01:25:02   not actually automatically applied by the system. So, you can always do this.

01:25:10   You can edit the photo, switch to the crop section, so you tap the crop

01:25:18   icon. In the upper right corner there's the "more" button, the ellipsis, the circle

01:25:24   with the three dots inside. You can tap that and you will see an option that

01:25:29   says "use content outside the frame". I just did that. That was not what I expected

01:25:35   was supposed to have... I figured that that was meant to be like... because there's been

01:25:39   other times when I've been able to zoom myself. Yes, yes, follow me here, follow me

01:25:45   here. This is the key segment of this section. Okay, I'm gonna try and make it extremely

01:25:54   simple to follow. So, when you see that menu, that button in the ellipsis menu, it means

01:26:03   that the subject was too close to your camera. And therefore, the system doesn't let you

01:26:12   pinch out, zoom out, and see more data, what it does is it actually toggles between lenses.

01:26:19   When you see...

01:26:21   Oh...

01:26:22   Okay? So, when you see that button, therefore automatic adjustments were not applied, therefore

01:26:29   what you're going to do when you press the button is you're going to toggle between two

01:26:35   versions of the same picture or the same video from two different lenses.

01:26:40   OK, so again, really sorry.

01:26:43   So what does it mean then if I get the little square icon

01:26:47   but don't get the ability in the ellipsis menu to do anything?

01:26:53   In theory, you should get the ability to pinch out,

01:26:57   to zoom out, and you will see the extra data

01:26:59   around the photo because the subject was not too close.

01:27:04   Therefore, the system can actually

01:27:06   stitch together images from multiple lenses

01:27:09   at the same time.

01:27:10   - Okay, cool.

01:27:11   I think I'm following now, yes.

01:27:13   - Okay, so--

01:27:14   - But you don't always get like wide angle, right?

01:27:16   Like sometimes it's just one or two, it seems,

01:27:19   or like, okay, cool, cool, cool, cool.

01:27:21   - Yeah, okay.

01:27:22   So sometimes, so for pictures,

01:27:25   always, this only works if there's a lot of light.

01:27:28   Sometimes you need to toggle between lenses

01:27:31   and that's when you need to use the menu.

01:27:33   Sometimes you can zoom out with the pinch gesture

01:27:37   and you will see the extra data surrounding the picture.

01:27:40   And when that happens, when the second option happens,

01:27:42   when you see the extra data around the picture,

01:27:46   that's because the system was able to stitch together

01:27:49   multiple images from multiple lenses at the same time.

01:27:54   And it does a bunch of things that I've heard myself,

01:27:57   like it creates like a super resolution image,

01:28:00   and then it goes back down to 12 megapixels,

01:28:03   super fascinating stuff.

01:28:05   In any case, this is how it works.

01:28:08   Now, this over-capture data, this extra data,

01:28:13   it doesn't live forever inside your device.

01:28:16   It's got a 30-day expiration timer going.

01:28:19   You can, so if 30 days pass

01:28:23   and you haven't used the extra data,

01:28:25   it'll get discarded by the system.

01:28:27   This was done for privacy reasons.

01:28:30   This was done to save storage

01:28:31   because effectively you're storing an image or a video twice.

01:28:36   - Right.

01:28:37   So after 30 days, and if you haven't touched it,

01:28:42   it'll be deleted.

01:28:43   Of course, if you have auto adjustments

01:28:47   and they were applied, they will not be deleted

01:28:50   because they were applied to the picture.

01:28:52   So if the system thinks,

01:28:53   "Oh, I can actually improve this picture for you,"

01:28:55   well, it'll not delete it after 30 days.

01:28:58   It'll keep them.

01:28:59   So you need to make sure and review

01:29:01   what the system has done in photos.

01:29:03   And of course, if you manually edit a picture,

01:29:08   either by pinching out or by using the ellipsis menu,

01:29:13   the timer, the 30-day expiration timer,

01:29:16   will also be removed.

01:29:18   So by default, if no automatic adjustments are applied,

01:29:23   or if you didn't edit a picture or video yourself,

01:29:28   the extra data is deleted after a month.

01:29:32   and this is how it works.

01:29:35   It's very complicated.

01:29:36   Apple should really have a technical document

01:29:39   somewhere on apple.com about all of this.

01:29:42   I also believe it should be explained in the UI better.

01:29:48   I basically started going down this rabbit hole myself

01:29:50   because I needed to understand how it worked

01:29:53   because I was taking pictures,

01:29:55   but I was not seeing these extra data.

01:29:58   And so I needed to know what was going on

01:30:01   behind the scenes.

01:30:02   and I hope that I've done a decent job at explaining all of this.

01:30:06   It's very intricate and complex.

01:30:09   And the word, ironically speaking,

01:30:12   the best part of all of this is that none of this will matter

01:30:15   if we want to use Deep Fusion.

01:30:18   So, yeah, at least I know how it works.

01:30:22   - It's such a shame, right?

01:30:24   Like, this is an interesting feature

01:30:26   and it's already been very useful to me, honestly,

01:30:29   but I won't be able to use it anymore.

01:30:32   This feels like, to me,

01:30:36   a situation where Apple's privacy inside of the company

01:30:40   has messed something up.

01:30:41   That there were two teams working on different features,

01:30:45   they were not talking to each other,

01:30:47   and now this has happened.

01:30:50   'Cause I cannot fathom why iOS 13

01:30:53   would include both of these features

01:30:55   if one of them cannot be used when the other one,

01:30:59   which will be the default camera mode is on.

01:31:03   That is wild.

01:31:05   It's like saying, oh, we remove the shutter button

01:31:09   when you open the camera now.

01:31:11   But if you don't have the camera open,

01:31:12   you can use the shutter.

01:31:13   It's like, what is this, why?

01:31:15   Like, it's very strange.

01:31:16   This is a very, very strange thing to have happened

01:31:19   for these two features to be being introduced.

01:31:22   But they, one of them negates the other one

01:31:25   and doesn't give the functionality in a new way.

01:31:28   It's not like one replaces the other. This isn't a replacement. It's like you cannot use this if you use the feature.

01:31:34   Yeah. What's also weird to me is the difference between, uh, for the light threshold.

01:31:40   So for videos it always works, for pictures sometimes it does, sometimes it does not.

01:31:46   But for videos it only works for Quick Take. Like, it feels like this feature was possible, but sort of half possible this year.

01:31:56   because of limitations with the lenses or the CPU.

01:31:59   And, like, in an ideal state, capture outside the frame should work all the time

01:32:05   for any lens, for any mode, regardless of your proximity to the subject

01:32:10   or how much light is around you, right?

01:32:13   I mean, it should work all the time. Instead, you have all these asterisks

01:32:16   of like, yes, it works, but only if you...

01:32:19   all of these different conditions which make it hard to explain and hard to follow

01:32:24   And honestly, most people are just going to disable it and use Deep Fusion.

01:32:29   So, again, 2020 iPhone, one of my top wishes already is

01:32:37   Deep Fusion and capture outside the frame that can coexist with each other

01:32:42   and capture outside the frame that is made easier and basically available all the time,

01:32:50   not with these weird limitations between modes.

01:32:53   I want both features to be enabled at the same time, work with each other in all kinds

01:32:59   of conditions.

01:33:01   So for now, we're stuck with this.

01:33:04   Thank you, Professor Federico.

01:33:06   Sure, you're welcome.

01:33:07   I don't think any normal person is going to be able to figure that out on their own.

01:33:10   No.

01:33:11   No.

01:33:12   No.

01:33:13   No.

01:33:14   This is not great.

01:33:15   Well, I think that does it.

01:33:16   I think we're at the end.

01:33:17   What a big show.

01:33:18   Mm-hmm.

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