262: The Ghost of Bilateral Charging


00:00:00   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 262.

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00:00:17   My name is Stephen Hackett and I am joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:21   Hello.

00:00:22   Hi.

00:00:23   How are you?

00:00:24   I'm great.

00:00:25   How are you today?

00:00:26   I'm alive.

00:00:27   So that's good.

00:00:28   That's good.

00:00:29   We're gonna talk about that in a little while.

00:00:32   And we're also joined by Myke Hurley.

00:00:34   Big show.

00:00:35   I got a lot of exciting things to talk about today.

00:00:38   Huge, huge show.

00:00:39   Sometimes there are weeks on this show where, like two days ago or yesterday, there's nothing

00:00:43   in the document, and then I load it today, and it's 19 pages long.

00:00:47   It just goes on forever.

00:00:48   We have five items to follow up, five tiny topics, and four main topics to talk about

00:00:56   today.

00:00:57   This document is longer than my review.

00:01:00   (laughing)

00:01:01   It's too long, I don't wanna read it.

00:01:03   - Too long.

00:01:04   - Yeah.

00:01:05   - Well, let's get started then.

00:01:06   What are we doing?

00:01:07   We don't have time to waste.

00:01:08   Let's start with follow-up.

00:01:09   As promised, the podcast-a-thon video and audio

00:01:14   have been posted.

00:01:14   It's over on YouTube.

00:01:16   It's also in a new feed called Departures

00:01:18   on the Relay website.

00:01:19   I definitely recommend, if you're gonna spend six hours

00:01:22   with this thing, to watch the video.

00:01:24   It's totally worth it.

00:01:26   watch it, it's way better than listening.

00:01:28   - Yeah, I listened to some of it,

00:01:29   and I was there and the video was better.

00:01:33   It's a lot better.

00:01:34   I do want to tease also Sunday's episode

00:01:37   of Mac Power Easers, episode 502.

00:01:39   It'll be out in a few days.

00:01:41   The whole first section is David and I talking about

00:01:44   all the behind the scenes stuff.

00:01:45   So if you wanna know about how you do

00:01:47   a six hour podcast-a-thon,

00:01:49   check out MPU 502 this coming weekend.

00:01:52   - And if you're interested in, you know,

00:01:55   jump into a point about two hours in is when Federico comes on and we have a little mini

00:02:00   episode of Connected during the middle of the podcast is done. There's lots of great

00:02:03   stuff in there.

00:02:05   What are you going to do for episode 512?

00:02:08   We actually planning we've already been talking about it a like Stump the Genius episode where

00:02:14   I answer people's tech questions for an hour and a half.

00:02:17   Perfect.

00:02:18   It's gonna be it's gonna be fun. If you have participated in our St. Jude campaign this

00:02:24   this fall, this September.

00:02:26   Thank you so much, we are over a quarter of a million dollars

00:02:29   which--

00:02:30   - One quarter of a million dollars!

00:02:32   Put that into perspective.

00:02:34   - I keep saying it and it keeps,

00:02:36   it just keeps making me smile every time I say it.

00:02:39   If you are interested in donating and you haven't yet,

00:02:42   the campaign will be up through the end of the month.

00:02:44   You can go to stjue.org/connected

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00:02:52   It means the world to us, but the world to families all around the globe.

00:02:57   St. Jude works to treat kids who are fighting cancer and to care for their families all

00:03:02   at the same time.

00:03:03   It's an amazing deal.

00:03:04   So humbling to be a part of it.

00:03:05   And yeah, a quarter of a million dollars is just amazing.

00:03:09   Unbelievable.

00:03:10   Thank you so much, everybody.

00:03:12   That's really just astounding.

00:03:15   Moving on to some less serious, but also way more serious follow up.

00:03:22   Federica, we all know about pranking your mom.

00:03:25   That's a thing that you do.

00:03:26   This is not a prank.

00:03:27   It was not a prank.

00:03:28   And you had a tweet the other day that said, "Left my mom at home and forgot to tell her

00:03:32   about our new security system."

00:03:34   And a screenshot is of at least four, I'm sure there are more of them because they're

00:03:38   basically every minute, your HomeKit alarm system going off.

00:03:44   So what happened? Is your mom okay?

00:03:49   My mom is okay. This was not a prank. Of all the pranks that I could have pulled on my

00:03:55   mom that I may have done that weekend, this was not a prank. I promise it was accidental.

00:04:04   I forgot that. Yes, I left my mom at home watching the dogs because Sylvia and I needed

00:04:12   to be somewhere and I didn't think about the fact that since the last time she was at home

00:04:20   I set up this new HomeKit security system that I think I mentioned on the show that

00:04:25   I also covered in the review which is basically there's a siren that I bought from Amazon

00:04:32   it's a very loud siren it's 120 decibels it's very loud and it's connected to HomeKit smart

00:04:41   plug and the smart plug is part of a series of automations that whenever one of my doors or

00:04:47   windows open and nobody's home, so that's the condition, if nobody's home then basically

00:04:54   engage this incredible siren and a bunch of other things, including send me SMS alerts and

00:05:03   pushover alerts. Both of them I programmed as custom shortcuts in HomeKit using the Twilio

00:05:11   and push over APIs. So what happened here is that my mom simply opened the balcony door

00:05:19   to let the dogs play outside and she was blasted with this siren at 120 decibels.

00:05:26   Oh no, it's so loud.

00:05:29   After the first siren, the second siren,

00:05:31   kicked in, that's not as loud. There's a second one, 90 decibels in the bedroom,

00:05:39   that also comes in as a second layer. And I started getting all of these alerts. And

00:05:45   at first, my reaction was, "Oh no, somebody broke in." And then I realized, like in a

00:05:52   fraction of a second, I realized, "Wait, my mom is home." And then I realized, "Oh no,

00:05:56   the automation rule worked because nobody's home right now." And so even though I was kind of happy

00:06:06   about it that, yes, all my code worked correctly.

00:06:10   I opened the Home app and turned off the siren right away,

00:06:15   and then I called my mom on the phone,

00:06:17   and I could tell from her voice that she was, like, shaking.

00:06:21   I was like, "Mom, everything's fine. I'm sorry."

00:06:24   Just, I didn't realize that nobody was home

00:06:27   and the alarm was triggered.

00:06:30   But it will not trigger anymore now.

00:06:33   -Oh, woman. -Yeah.

00:06:35   I know, I agree, I believe that this wasn't a prank, but I feel so badly for your mother

00:06:41   in so many situations.

00:06:43   This one is real bad.

00:06:45   Yeah, it was very bad.

00:06:48   Thankfully the dogs were not scared too much by the siren.

00:06:52   I think my mom was more scared by the sound than the dogs.

00:06:57   The dogs were just running outside, so they didn't care.

00:07:02   So it's also, your mom is more of the concern here, right?

00:07:07   Sure.

00:07:08   Your mom being upset by the siren should be more concerning than the dogs getting upset

00:07:13   by the siren, you know?

00:07:14   Well, you know, but she's a grown woman, so the dogs are small and…

00:07:18   Right, but like your mother is older than the dogs.

00:07:22   Yeah.

00:07:23   Right?

00:07:24   That's my main concern here.

00:07:26   Yeah, I guess you're right.

00:07:28   But I'm still happy that everything worked as expected.

00:07:32   So the notifications worked.

00:07:35   Sylvie also got a bunch of alerts

00:07:37   because in the Twilio API,

00:07:39   I also associated Sylvie's phone number.

00:07:41   The automation worked,

00:07:44   the multiple layers of actions to be performed also worked.

00:07:48   So in addition to, there's a first siren,

00:07:51   there's a second siren,

00:07:52   and then all the lights turn on to 100% white color.

00:07:58   And as I mentioned, I think on the podcast-a-thon,

00:08:00   was it on the podcast-a-thon that I mentioned this?

00:08:02   Yeah.

00:08:03   In the future, as soon as the HomePod software update becomes

00:08:07   available, I will add spoken messages to the mix.

00:08:11   So there will be a message that says that the home security

00:08:15   system is calling the polizia, or carabinieri,

00:08:18   even though it's not actually true,

00:08:19   but the thieves don't know that it's not true.

00:08:23   Or your mother.

00:08:25   Right.

00:08:26   Right.

00:08:26   hopefully this will not. You know, there should be, there should be in HomeKit some kind of

00:08:32   way, maybe through family sharing to say when this person is visiting. So this person is

00:08:39   not necessarily one of the home owners, but she may be visiting. So in the nobody's own

00:08:46   condition, there should be some kind of flag to say, allow for guests or something like

00:08:53   that and it could probably because you know in my family sharing setup we have my mom and Sylvia's

00:08:58   mom so that I you know I don't think I mentioned this so I can just play for I can just pay for

00:09:04   iCloud drive for everybody and they don't need to manage any more subscriptions maybe there should

00:09:09   be a way to have guests that are that do not have direct admin control over every single accessory

00:09:16   but maybe they should be part of conditions for exactly this type of scenario. I wonder if you

00:09:22   you could use the automation stuff in shortcuts so when her phone joins your

00:09:26   Wi-Fi it disables the alarms. No that wouldn't work. Maybe though, maybe

00:09:34   with one of the future HomeKit routers that will be possible because in theory

00:09:40   I don't know. Who knows if they ever gonna release those. They promised them

00:09:46   and then we don't know what happened to those. So but anyway she's alive she's

00:09:50   fine and the system worked. Success all around. Steven can we talk about your video? Yes please.

00:09:57   And the dance at the beginning which was amazing. Where's the music from? The music is from...

00:10:03   let me look, I have a subscription to this thing where you get a bunch of

00:10:07   royalty-free music you can use. It's like the intro... so the intro is very technically

00:10:15   impressive. You did a really good job with the edit and then you just started dancing.

00:10:18   But I have a continuity problem with the beginning of your video. Do you know what it is?

00:10:24   That the music is playing before I put my earbuds in?

00:10:26   Yeah, and that you're dancing before you've got the earbuds in. Why are you dancing?

00:10:30   Is it your pre-dance?

00:10:31   So let me show behind the scenes. The song is from Epidemic Sound, by the way. That's a service

00:10:38   you can pay for and you get music you can use on YouTube. I tried the dance without any music in my

00:10:45   office and I couldn't do it like it didn't look right and so I was playing

00:10:49   the song loudly through my iMac like so I was dancing to music in the real world

00:10:54   and then put my headphones in like it's a little bit of a continuity thing but

00:10:57   look when you wink at the camera with a mustache like everything else is

00:11:01   secondary so it's one of the it's one of the sexiest things I've ever seen on

00:11:06   YouTube honestly yeah I got the account flagged as adult material but I can fix

00:11:11   No surprise.

00:11:12   Yeah.

00:11:13   I feel like we could build the law for this, right?

00:11:16   You were actually listening to music and you were getting ready to go out with new music,

00:11:20   right?

00:11:21   And that was what happened.

00:11:22   The wink was like, "Yeah, I'm out here."

00:11:24   Yeah.

00:11:25   "See ya!"

00:11:26   Yeah, it's a little, what, three-minute deal about the stainless steel iPod Shuffle, which

00:11:32   came out in 2009.

00:11:34   This stupid iPod Shuffle with no buttons.

00:11:36   It was all voice control that was really terrible.

00:11:40   But a listener actually sent me this iPod for this video.

00:11:43   I have to mail it back tomorrow.

00:11:46   He just lent it to me.

00:11:47   But it was cool to take a look at it.

00:11:49   I also learned that filming something that is perfectly reflective is very difficult.

00:11:54   So in most of the shots, the stainless steel iPod shuffle, I'm holding it or it is near

00:12:00   something else.

00:12:01   So I have something else to focus on and manually adjust the focus to get the shuffle in line

00:12:07   because it's perfectly reflective and difficult to see through a camera but it

00:12:12   was a fun little project it's nice to be back on YouTube after a hiatus and yeah

00:12:17   mustache and all which is a side effect of the podcast-a-thon if you watch but

00:12:23   not but like a general improvement to everybody's lives I think so I think so

00:12:29   yeah we all agree that we were referenced last week the idea wouldn't

00:12:34   be lovely if they're gonna make iPhone 11 battery cases. Stephen, I think you said that

00:12:39   you didn't think they would do it. I don't remember, but that's what my memory tells

00:12:42   me. There has been references found by Guilherme Rambeau in iOS 13.1 of smart battery cases

00:12:48   in the works.

00:12:49   I was wrong. It seems to be in the works and the 11 Pro, but especially the 11 Pro Max

00:12:57   will just be unstoppable with the battery case.

00:13:00   It's basically a nuclear power plant at that point.

00:13:02   Would you guys...

00:13:03   generates power for everything around it.

00:13:04   - Would you guys be interested in this,

00:13:06   even though the new phones have better battery life?

00:13:08   - No, with a better battery life, probably not.

00:13:11   I mean, yeah, I wanted to go until 2 a.m.

00:13:16   with battery left in my phone.

00:13:19   I probably don't need to go until 6 a.m.

00:13:23   So I don't think I will need the battery case for this.

00:13:25   If the battery life stuff is accurate, which I wanna see,

00:13:32   But if true, if the comments from the reviews match up with my experience,

00:13:37   I don't think I'll have to put it on this time.

00:13:39   Well, I've already done multiple travel days with the 11 Promax.

00:13:46   That was it, right? That was the agreed upon audible way of saying it.

00:13:51   And it worked, it was great. I had battery for the majority of the time that I would need it, right?

00:13:58   it was perfectly fine. I mean, I would maybe want, I would, it couldn't last like the whole

00:14:06   day and then a transatlantic flight and then all the way home again, right? Like I had to charge

00:14:11   it a little bit like in the middle, I could charge it on the plane, which is fine. I mean,

00:14:16   and honestly, I would always charge my phone in the battery case on the plane anyway too. So

00:14:20   I think that it might, it might be enough. We'll see. But it has been so far. I didn't have it,

00:14:27   The battery didn't die is what I'm saying, you know.

00:14:30   So I was happy with it. Very nice. Okay. Well then no case for me, I guess.

00:14:35   We have a teaser for an upcoming episode. Myke, you are the the Apple TV expert.

00:14:42   Yeah, I don't like saying that it's an upcoming episode.

00:14:46   Wait, no, wait, wait. It's the next episode.

00:14:49   You will be reviewing tvOS 13. Oh yes! Is it gonna be out? One week. It's out.

00:14:55   It's out yesterday. TVOS 13 is out.

00:14:58   I knew that. I knew that. It was a test. I'm the expert.

00:15:00   Oh yeah, you did? Mm-hmm.

00:15:02   So next Wednesday, we will have a multi-hour episode in which you break down TVOS 13.

00:15:07   Can you share the table of contents for the review, Myke?

00:15:10   Yeah, of course I can. So like, you know, everyone's really excited about TVOS.

00:15:16   So, you know, like, and we all know exactly where we want to go to get all of the information about

00:15:22   TV OS if we ever need it. Apple seems to not be very clear about where they put that on

00:15:28   their own website in case you were the kind of person that needed a breakdown of all of

00:15:32   the features of TV OS at any particular moment. But you know, TV OS, it is really great as

00:15:46   we all know. Apple Arcade coming to TV OS, that's probably going to be something that

00:15:50   I will talk about in my full review.

00:15:53   And then of course you've got the multiple profiles for people.

00:15:58   You know, everyone's really excited about that.

00:16:00   And that's all I'll talk about for now, I suppose.

00:16:04   Did you get Castzone 3D graphics done for the review?

00:16:08   Yeah, but you'll just have to... I'll describe them.

00:16:12   Because it's an audio, right? So I'll just describe the 3D graphics.

00:16:16   Okay.

00:16:16   I actually got 4D graphics.

00:16:18   So I did one more graphic than you, so...

00:16:22   Sure, sure.

00:16:23   I hope, I really genuinely hope that you're going to do a better job of that next year.

00:16:27   Oh, I can try.

00:16:30   And I'm hearing that this review, this TV OS review, will be released with binaural

00:16:34   audio, is that correct?

00:16:36   Binaural, yeah that is correct.

00:16:38   Very nice.

00:16:39   I actually wrote 275,000 words, just because I could, and then decided that I would trim

00:16:46   it down for you guys.

00:16:47   Are they all the same word? Just says TV over and over again. TV, TV, TV, TV, TV. 275,000

00:16:56   times. Okay, well I'm very excited to put this movie to come out. Aren't we all? It's

00:17:04   gonna be great. Yeah, it is the event of the year, after all. Yeah. Can't wait to talk

00:17:09   about the changes to metal. An Apple crypto kit, which I know we've been waiting for.

00:17:17   Wait, what? You know about that. That's not a thing. That's not a thing.

00:17:21   It is the framework to perform common cryptographic operations securely and efficiently.

00:17:25   It's just reading things off the Apple website. No, I know it because I read about it, I wrote

00:17:29   about it in like 275,000 words. But this is what I'm talking about. You're not worthy of those

00:17:34   words so they're gone from the review now. Wow. Well, I'm very excited for this. Thank

00:17:44   you for putting in the work Myke. Anytime. This episode of Connected is brought to you

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00:18:54   and relay FM. It is a new year the clock has been reset on Google so we will

00:19:00   start tiny topic zero which will be tiny topic zero for the foreseeable future

00:19:04   does Google Docs support the multi window support on iPad OS? No. Let me

00:19:09   let me answer in Italian too I think it's important. Okay. No. And Steven can

00:19:15   you answer in American? No. That was better than I expected it would be. So we'll keep checking in on

00:19:23   that one. Buckle up everyone, it's gonna be a long fall. Can we do predictions? Yeah.

00:19:32   For when it'll be out? We have so many. Can we just put them in there? Can we bet on it?

00:19:40   Okay, so it's the end of September. I'm gonna say February. Okay. By the end of February,

00:19:51   will have support for multi window. I'm going for end of March 2020. That's six

00:19:57   months. All right. I'm going to be ambitious and say the end of 2019. There

00:20:03   you go. Wow. iOS 13 is out. And a big a big story last year with iOS 12 was its

00:20:11   performance on older devices. Apple said that was an important thing to them. It

00:20:16   It seems according to this article by Andrew Cunningham that I was 13 continues in that

00:20:23   In that work so our Seneca rounded up an iPhone 6s and an iPhone SE

00:20:28   Which are effectively the same phone. I don't I don't know why they got compared side by side

00:20:35   But anyways looking at iOS

00:20:37   12.4.1 and the iOS 13.0

00:20:42   GM so basically if you read this look at the tables iOS 13 is as

00:20:47   Fast if not a little bit faster on this a9 processor than iOS 12

00:20:53   Which is great Apple should do a good job at supporting older products, and it seems like 13

00:20:59   Continues in that and that that makes me happy for those customers who hold on their phones longer than we crazy people do

00:21:07   Hmm who knows it's even possible to runs better than home

00:21:11   on the 11 Pro because it's real wonky in a bunch of places.

00:21:16   Still, have I told you about my favorite bug

00:21:19   that is persisting in 13.1?

00:21:21   - What is it?

00:21:22   - Sometimes, well, I have a lot of problems

00:21:24   where I pull down to get to the search field, you know?

00:21:29   Like to go to Spotlight, like and it just hangs.

00:21:32   Sometimes, no matter what I tap,

00:21:34   just the letter Q gets entered into the search field.

00:21:36   - The letter Q?

00:21:38   - The letter Q, yeah, just so I tap anywhere on the screen

00:21:41   when I'm in Spotlight, and it just puts a queue

00:21:44   into the search field.

00:21:45   I'm wondering if some of these problems

00:21:49   are third-party keyboard support,

00:21:51   'cause Gboard is just bad.

00:21:55   - Yeah.

00:21:56   - The support, they've done something,

00:21:59   and the support for third-party keyboards has become worse.

00:22:03   - Maybe you should restore your phone.

00:22:06   - You know what, I probably should.

00:22:08   - Get on that.

00:22:09   - There was a, there's actually an article yesterday

00:22:12   on The Verge, I'll put this in the document,

00:22:15   Apple basically warning people who use third party keyboards

00:22:20   that things--

00:22:23   - Oh really?

00:22:24   - Things are a little funny. - I didn't see that.

00:22:25   - Yeah, so it's really framed in the support article about,

00:22:28   it's an advisory, which is very exciting,

00:22:31   that third party keyboard extensions in iOS can access,

00:22:37   or it can have network access, even if you haven't approved it.

00:22:42   So like, for instance, the text expander keyboard, you have to go in and say allow full access.

00:22:47   So it actually works.

00:22:48   And apparently that just can happen without the user setting that that option.

00:22:54   So that's a security issue in 13.

00:22:57   But it seems like maybe just there's a lot of keyboard stuff going on, like on the iPad,

00:23:01   the third party keyboards don't even load the right way.

00:23:03   Like they should, they should super tall for me.

00:23:05   It's all very broken.

00:23:07   I've just given up on third party keyboards at this point.

00:23:09   I'm just I'm done.

00:23:10   It's just too messy and the experiences too second rate for me.

00:23:15   Anyways, let's talk about bilateral charging.

00:23:20   So there was a rumor about the new iPhones that like the Samsung phones, you could put

00:23:24   wireless earbuds or maybe even another phone and the phone would charge that second device

00:23:30   via wireless charging.

00:23:33   didn't ship with the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11, but according to the iFixit

00:23:39   tear down, it looks like there are there's some hardware and

00:23:44   the hardware is only in the 11 Pro. The regular 11 does not have this. There's a

00:23:47   second cable and a board coming off the battery that they have speculated that

00:23:52   could potentially be this bilateral charging. Federico, what do you think

00:23:57   about this? Do you know anything about bilateral charging? Is there

00:24:00   something in iOS coming, you think?

00:24:02   - No, I don't, first of all, I don't know anything

00:24:06   about this, but looking at, you know, reading through

00:24:10   the details of this article, it doesn't feel like something

00:24:13   that can be added via software update.

00:24:16   I may be wrong, but it feels like something

00:24:18   that isn't finished at a manufacturing level,

00:24:21   like something that they left in there

00:24:23   because they changed their minds during the process.

00:24:27   But again, I have no idea.

00:24:28   It just feels like, I don't know,

00:24:31   it just feels like something that would be odd

00:24:33   to add via a software update.

00:24:35   But then again, I'm not an engineer, so I may be wrong.

00:24:39   It just feels, it just seems to me

00:24:41   that it's not ready to ship,

00:24:42   that it's like physically unfinished.

00:24:45   So, you know, software updates

00:24:48   cannot fix that kind of stuff.

00:24:51   - That's the case, isn't that weird?

00:24:54   - There's just like zombie hardware in your phone?

00:24:56   Our phones all have the ghost of bilateral charging inside of them.

00:25:00   You make it sound...

00:25:01   It's like super weird.

00:25:02   It sounds very weird.

00:25:04   Like when you put it like that.

00:25:05   Yeah.

00:25:06   It's very strange.

00:25:07   Like you have a cable that it's in there but it does nothing.

00:25:10   Yeah.

00:25:11   It's like a ghost town.

00:25:12   It's very strange.

00:25:13   But we may never know what happened to that.

00:25:16   We may never know.

00:25:17   I had a big morning this morning gentlemen.

00:25:20   Oh no.

00:25:21   I finally used a Galaxy Fold.

00:25:23   Did you break it?

00:25:25   Did not break it.

00:25:26   very careful with it. Did you buy it? We'll get to that. So I went to a Samsung store

00:25:32   here in London and they have demos that they're doing. I put some pictures on my Instagram

00:25:39   store, I put that in the show notes. They have, the Galaxy Fold is locked inside of

00:25:44   this cylinder and you have to have somebody come and get it for you so they can go through

00:25:49   everything with you. And I very quickly kind of like established to the guy that like I

00:25:54   I knew what I needed to know, right?

00:25:57   Like, and he was like, oh, okay,

00:25:59   you clearly have done your research about this.

00:26:00   I was like, yep, I know, I kind of know everything.

00:26:02   So kind of stop him from doing the demo.

00:26:05   I just wanted him to give it to me, right?

00:26:07   Which he did.

00:26:08   He was like, here you go, then try it out.

00:26:10   And it's amazing.

00:26:13   It's so janky, but it's so incredible.

00:26:15   - Can you define janky and incredible

00:26:17   and where do you draw the line between them?

00:26:20   - Well, it's okay.

00:26:21   So like the incredibleness is like,

00:26:23   The hardware itself, I find it very beautiful and when you use it, it feels like the future.

00:26:31   Just little things, like you can use the little screen on the front and you open up the camera

00:26:35   and then you open it and then the camera is open on the inside.

00:26:39   It feels very futuristic in that way and it's very different.

00:26:45   It isn't like any other technology that I've seen before.

00:26:48   feels like something new. And it's kind of cool that I can have multiple apps open. Do

00:26:54   you know you can have 18 apps open, like on screen open?

00:26:59   18? One eight? Oh god.

00:27:02   That's what the guy told me. You can have more than these little windows. It would be

00:27:05   an absolute disaster. But it has 12 gigabytes of RAM in it. So, you know, it can do it.

00:27:13   The jankiness is in the software, right? Like having the multiple apps open and trying to

00:27:17   resize them. It works but it's not maybe as intuitive as you would want it to be.

00:27:23   It has six cameras on it which is always just a thing that's hilarious to me.

00:27:27   Six cameras. When you're using it you don't see the crease. You only see the

00:27:34   crease when the screen is off or if you're kind of leaning it to the side

00:27:37   right like if you're standing next to somebody and looking at their Galaxy

00:27:40   Fold you see the crease but you don't see it when you're looking at it. You

00:27:44   the jankiness is in him saying like "you've got to be careful with the screen" like they tell you,

00:27:48   you've got to be careful with the screen because you could break it really easily. I'll actually

00:27:52   put a link in the show notes to a YouTube video that Dieter Bohn did which is a walkthrough of

00:27:57   all of the various warnings that are inside the packaging. There are lots of warnings in the

00:28:02   packaging like "don't press it too hard with your fingernail because you may puncture the screen and

00:28:07   break it. It is this incredibly delicate piece of technology, right? It is just very delicate,

00:28:17   but there's something that I can't help how much I love it and I really love it and

00:28:26   it is available to buy here but is in higher demand than Samsung can hold right now. So this

00:28:37   this might sound crazy, but I have given them all of the money and I'm now waiting for them

00:28:42   to call me to tell me they have one for me. So you paid for it in full? I paid for it

00:28:47   in full, yeah. Okay. That's a bold decision. I just figured, you know, they said you can

00:28:55   pay a hundred or you can pay the full amount and I was like, well, I'm going to get it,

00:28:59   so I'll just pay for it and now it's mine and I've just got to wait until they call

00:29:02   me until they have one. Can you remind us and everybody else why you're doing this?

00:29:08   I am fascinated by this technology. I think that this form factor is the future of smartphones.

00:29:16   I am convinced of it. There is a lot of work between now and that happening, but it feels

00:29:23   like where everybody's moving, right? Like it feels like a place to move towards. And

00:29:29   I want to understand what it means to use a device like this.

00:29:33   I'm very excited about it.

00:29:35   - Okay. - You know.

00:29:37   The last six months of this show has featured

00:29:39   almost weekly updates about my excitement of this device.

00:29:43   I'm very excited about it.

00:29:45   And I know it's one of those things

00:29:46   that every time I go somewhere, go to a conference,

00:29:49   people will say to me, "Did you bring the Galaxy Fold?"

00:29:50   'Cause I know everyone wants to see it.

00:29:52   - No, I get it, yeah.

00:29:53   - And so like, I'm taking this bullet for everybody, right?

00:29:57   Like--

00:29:58   Well, we didn't ask you to, but...

00:30:00   Yeah, well, that's the service I provide.

00:30:03   Sure.

00:30:04   I can't explain it, but like, this excites me at quite a strong level from a technological standpoint.

00:30:11   Like, I think that this is a fascinating piece of hardware, and I really want to spend some time

00:30:18   understanding what it is to use something like this, because it feels like something very different,

00:30:25   even though it's similar to many things we already own.

00:30:29   But like what does it mean to have this device that you can...

00:30:33   Like the guy who was talking to me like today, he kind of was like, "Oh, you know, the screen

00:30:37   on the front is for triaging basically.

00:30:40   Imagine it like a smartwatch and then the screen inside, that's the one that you're

00:30:44   using to do anything of substance."

00:30:46   And I was like, "I get that.

00:30:49   That makes sense."

00:30:50   So, I don't know.

00:30:51   I will report back when I actually do get it and then it will be an even bigger review

00:30:56   than my tvOS review I'm sure.

00:30:59   Perfect.

00:31:00   Can you mention today any particular apps that you tested?

00:31:06   Anything that stood out to you?

00:31:08   Well it's just the Samsung apps and Chrome.

00:31:10   That was kind of like, you know, I played around with the camera app and the calendar

00:31:13   app.

00:31:14   Like it's pretty, I didn't bother downloading anything.

00:31:16   I don't really think that that was something I was allowed to do.

00:31:20   But like, I tried out a bunch of apps that were installed on the device and it's, you

00:31:24   know, they were fine.

00:31:26   Okay.

00:31:27   So do you know when it should become available for you to get?

00:31:33   Soon?

00:31:34   Soon.

00:31:35   Just soon.

00:31:36   Okay.

00:31:37   Yeah.

00:31:38   Okay.

00:31:39   Probably next week.

00:31:40   They said it's probably next week.

00:31:42   But we'll see.

00:31:43   So big week for you next week between tvOS and Galaxy Fold?

00:31:47   Yeah, yeah.

00:31:49   Big week this week too.

00:31:50   done yet. I want to complain about reminders. IOS 13 brought new reminders.

00:31:55   Everyone was very excited about it because they did such a good job with

00:31:58   Notes a few years ago. So I have been running IOS 13 for a while. My wife was

00:32:04   not, and we use reminders for a couple of shared lists. And so I held off on

00:32:08   upgrading to the new reminders format until just a couple of weeks ago. I

00:32:12   figured, hey, I can access the old list on my iMac. That'll be fine. I just

00:32:18   won't have them on my phone. My wife, we know we installed iOS 13 for her and then 13.1.

00:32:25   And I figured I should reset up those shared lists. And it I did today both phones running

00:32:33   13.1. And it was the most broken experience I think I've had an Apple software in years

00:32:40   like no. I know sometimes we exaggerate on the show. I'm not exaggerating. It's really,

00:32:47   really bad.

00:32:48   - Never, ever exaggerate.

00:32:49   - No, no, it's no one ever exaggerates.

00:32:53   So I wanna walk you through the steps that I went through.

00:32:58   I had my iPhone 11 Pro, my wife's iPhone 8,

00:33:03   both running 13.1.

00:33:05   I made a new list called groceries,

00:33:07   and you hit add a person,

00:33:10   and it's supposed to come up with the screen pops up,

00:33:12   and it says, do you wanna share this link

00:33:14   via iMessage or email, whatever?

00:33:16   it would just spin for like minutes.

00:33:20   Force quit the app, go back in the app,

00:33:22   the screen is still there spinning.

00:33:25   So restarted the phone and eventually could send

00:33:29   a text message, an iMessage, from my phone

00:33:32   to my wife's phone saying,

00:33:33   "Hey, join this shared reminder list."

00:33:35   Pick up her phone, tap the link in iMessage,

00:33:37   it gives you some pop-up of,

00:33:38   "Hey, this is gonna be added to your reminders."

00:33:41   And then I would hit OK or Accept or whatever it says.

00:33:46   And the list just wasn't in Reminders.

00:33:50   Your other lists were there, but the shared list

00:33:52   that I just accepted on her phone, not there.

00:33:55   Rebooted the phone, not there.

00:33:59   I went into the iCloud settings and toggled Reminders off,

00:34:03   told the phone to delete the local reminders,

00:34:06   toggled it back on, and then the app was just empty.

00:34:09   when I say empty I mean no list whatsoever just the empty UI rebooted

00:34:16   her iPhone 8 yet again and then then it showed up so I said great that was

00:34:22   really weird to get accepted but now we are sharing this list so I said I should

00:34:27   test this I added a test item on her phone synced didn't show up on my phone

00:34:33   for minutes and minutes this this test item never showed up force quit

00:34:38   reminders on both phones relaunched them shared lists are still there but no

00:34:43   shared items restarted my phone didn't fix it toggled iCloud off and then back

00:34:51   on or you know the reminders and iCloud off them back onto my phone because it

00:34:54   cleared whatever is going on to her phone I figured maybe to clear whatever

00:34:57   goes on on my phone now it's important to realize at this point that I have

00:35:01   several non shared reminders lists in reminders with items on them and when I

00:35:07   toggle iCloud back on, they are gone. The only thing that comes back and that is

00:35:12   currently on my phone is the one shared list. Now to reminders credit, it does sync

00:35:19   items between that list but it blew away my others. They're just gone. They're not

00:35:23   in iCloud, they're not on my other devices. The three or four lists I had just

00:35:29   vanished when I turned iCloud off and then back onto my phone. I at this point,

00:35:35   like my trust and reminders is completely broken. I had this vision of

00:35:40   this fall trying to move to it because I think it would meet my needs and it's

00:35:44   all integrated and looks better than to do it. I thought this could be a

00:35:48   thing that I do, but at this point I'm nowhere close to wanting to try that

00:35:53   because I could maybe forgive that the sharing the list was like a

00:35:58   little buggy and you know I got it working, but removing other lists from my

00:36:05   devices from my iCloud account against my knowledge or desire is completely

00:36:10   unacceptable it is so broken and and that even doesn't get into like the UI

00:36:17   problem so like the new lists and new group UI very often just closes as

00:36:21   you're typing a list name or a group name so you're typing like relay admin

00:36:26   to make a new list and the keyboard everything just goes away and like the

00:36:28   list doesn't exist you have to go back and add it again even upgrading from the

00:36:33   old version reminders to the new version, you open your phone and there's an upgrade

00:36:37   button and a popover comes up and says, "Hey, this is what this means. You're going to lose

00:36:41   sharing of these things with the other devices." And you hit upgrade and it spins and goes

00:36:46   away but doesn't actually upgrade. And you have to do it. I think on my wife's phone

00:36:49   it took like five or six tries to finally get it to upgrade. And, you know, I have no

00:36:56   doubt people are working hard on reminders and they've had a terrible summer, but someone

00:37:01   above them should not have let this ship in its current state. I don't know if

00:37:05   it's iCloud or the reminders app. I think it's probably both, considering the

00:37:09   problems I've seen are both in the app and in the sharing and syncing side of

00:37:12   things. But it's a dumpster fire and it's not an app that I'm gonna revisit

00:37:16   anytime soon because of it. It's really bad. Really made me angry this morning.

00:37:20   This sounds horrible. Wow. I also think that the personal reminders and shared

00:37:30   reminders are like two separate sync systems in the app. So it may be, if you

00:37:37   want to check it out again sometime in the future, it may be worth seeing if it

00:37:41   actually happens for non-shared lists as well. Otherwise, speaking from personal

00:37:48   experience, this is exactly... and I know that you're not supposed to do it, you

00:37:52   shouldn't have to do this, what I'm about to say, but it is exactly the kind of

00:37:56   problem that, you know, if you submit a radar, Apple will have you install a login profile

00:38:03   to gather data on whatever is going on. Because it's what I had to do, for example, for my,

00:38:10   remember my notes problems from July? That's what I did. Notes and reminders. You can actually

00:38:16   download these login profiles yourself. There's a developer page with links and instructions

00:38:22   for all of them. And yeah, this is messed up. It's exactly the kind of issue that should

00:38:28   be looked in because it's, it is. It sounds horrible.

00:38:32   And I would have done that this morning, except neither of our phones are on the beta. She

00:38:35   never was. I took mine off the beta yesterday when 13.1 came out. Like, I'm on just the

00:38:41   standard release. So I guess I gotta go find a feedback app somewhere and do that. But

00:38:47   it is a, I mean, I will go through that process because I know how it works. But like, Twitter

00:38:51   Even the chat room now people are saying they're seeing the same thing like my bigger complaint is yes

00:38:56   This new app is really really bad

00:38:58   But like how did this get out the door like I mean in a world where they're already delaying other features

00:39:04   This should have been delayed too if it's really this bad for

00:39:07   You know more than just me and it may just be like a weird thing in my iCloud account

00:39:11   Even though I don't believe that based on feedback. I've gotten today

00:39:14   but

00:39:16   It's it's pretty

00:39:19   Pretty sad. Yeah. So is it you think something got broken in the upgrading process? Is that what you think it is?

00:39:25   I don't know

00:39:26   I mean

00:39:27   I think that the app and iCloud don't talk well together because the sharing and syncing all goes through iCloud

00:39:34   Now that doesn't I think like the new list new group UI like closing while I'm typing

00:39:39   That's just a bug like that's just a UI bug and they can they can fix that

00:39:42   But there's something going on with where it interacts with iCloud. That seems

00:39:46   pretty pretty busted

00:39:49   Oh boy.

00:39:49   Amazon's having an event right now and I want to demand them to stop.

00:39:54   They have released a picture of a $199 Echo Studio, which is like a high-end speaker.

00:40:02   It's an Echo with a hole in it and I hate it.

00:40:05   I hate it.

00:40:07   Why? Is it because of the wall?

00:40:09   Just look at it.

00:40:10   It makes me very uncomfortable.

00:40:12   Why have they put a hole in it?

00:40:14   Do you see this image?

00:40:17   Yeah, I'm looking at it.

00:40:18   It's like you could slot a cookie into it.

00:40:20   - Oh, this makes you so uncomfortable.

00:40:22   - What is an Echo Studio?

00:40:25   What does that even mean?

00:40:25   - It's a high-end,

00:40:27   'cause they have a HD streaming service now, right?

00:40:30   - And it supports Dolby Atmos.

00:40:30   - And this is a high-end product.

00:40:32   This is probably their competitor for the HomePod.

00:40:35   - Or Sonos stuff.

00:40:38   - I hate that it has a hole in it.

00:40:39   It makes me feel unwell.

00:40:40   - It looks like one of those things

00:40:43   you're supposed to slip your hand into

00:40:46   and have it like read your palm or something?

00:40:48   Yes.

00:40:49   Yeah, the hole is like wide, like a big mouth right at the bottom.

00:40:53   I want to put big googly eyes on it.

00:40:55   Yes, exactly.

00:40:56   I was about to say somebody should photoshop eyes on it.

00:40:59   That would make me feel more comfortable if there was a mouth, if there were eyes.

00:41:03   It's just the random hole on it.

00:41:05   There's other stuff, like this event is happening as we are recording,

00:41:08   but they have released also an echo dot with a LED clock on it, which is genius.

00:41:13   That is nice. That is very nice.

00:41:15   They're doing other stuff too, but that's all I have to report so far.

00:41:18   It feels like all these Amazon events are becoming...

00:41:22   Like, there's an object that is also an echo.

00:41:27   So like...

00:41:28   We can maybe check in back on this event towards the end

00:41:34   and see what other nonsense Amazon's decided to do.

00:41:37   Like, these events, they always have good things

00:41:39   and then they have just like the most random stuff.

00:41:43   I'm gonna reveal to you the lineup for the Amazon Echo line in 2020. There's a pen that

00:41:49   is also an Echo. There's a... let me think about it. There's a mouse pad.

00:41:54   A plastic dinosaur.

00:41:56   There's a plastic dinosaur that is also an Echo. There's a crib for babies that is also

00:42:02   an Echo. There's shoes that are also an Echo. So when you go running...

00:42:09   I wonder if any of those will actually be an echo by the end of this episode.

00:42:13   Honestly, the crib I could see happen, you know,

00:42:16   to put an echo around your newborn baby. Uh, that sounds like an Amazon idea.

00:42:21   It sounds Amazon enough to be possible.

00:42:24   I have a, I'm saving a image right now. I put eyes on it.

00:42:27   I'll put this in the chat room.

00:42:29   And also chapter artwork.

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00:44:07   new iPhones

00:44:09   New phones time the pretty good

00:44:12   Better than last year a lot better than a few years ago. Pretty nice

00:44:16   Federico what let's start with you. What do you have any phones hanging hanging around? Well, there has been a development

00:44:24   from last week, I now have-

00:44:27   Mister, I don't make purchases anymore.

00:44:30   That's why we call you now.

00:44:32   Well, I-

00:44:33   Mister, I'm so chill.

00:44:35   I don't need to make purchases.

00:44:36   There has been-

00:44:38   There ha-

00:44:39   I try to be chill.

00:44:41   It's very difficult these days.

00:44:44   There has been a development

00:44:46   in that I now have two review units

00:44:50   for an iPhone 11

00:44:52   and an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

00:44:54   or Pro Max.

00:44:55   So I have an iPhone 11 in black

00:45:00   and a Pro Max in gold,

00:45:02   which looks very nice.

00:45:05   I am setting up the Pro Max right now.

00:45:10   It's, I think it's almost finished

00:45:11   and the 11 is still in the box.

00:45:13   So I got this yesterday.

00:45:18   I didn't really have the time to play around with them much.

00:45:21   Basically all that I did,

00:45:23   it was take a single ultra-wide photo on the Pro Max.

00:45:28   And that's all that I've done because I left iCloud sync

00:45:31   to pull back the apps and games from the backup.

00:45:35   Yeah, so I have a clear case for the Pro Max,

00:45:40   no case for the 11.

00:45:44   And so yeah, I basically used it for five minutes today,

00:45:49   And I plan to play around with both of them,

00:45:53   actually, tonight for several hours

00:45:55   to set it up and take a bunch of night mode photos.

00:45:58   So I have this idea for a story that I will not

00:46:02   share publicly yet.

00:46:05   Don't worry, it is not something that will require

00:46:07   me to write 10,000 words.

00:46:09   9 million words.

00:46:11   No, no, no, and no.

00:46:15   I know how you do it.

00:46:16   You just write constantly forever now about your...

00:46:20   Like you just always, is that okay?

00:46:22   - That is not, no, no, it's not what I wanna do.

00:46:26   I have this idea that's kind of different

00:46:28   from anything I've done before.

00:46:30   That should be relatively easy for me,

00:46:33   but requires time and you will see why.

00:46:36   Actually, I probably gonna start on this idea

00:46:39   later this week.

00:46:40   So I wanna test both of them and I will compare

00:46:44   to the XS Max, so that should be fun. But yeah, right now I cannot comment on the battery

00:46:53   life for example, or the display because I haven't watched the movie. I just set it up

00:46:59   today. But yeah, that was my development. I think Myke has actually used the phone more.

00:47:07   Steven happens to. Right.

00:47:08   So you got an 11 and an 11 Pro Max. No 11 Pro.

00:47:15   No 11 Pro. Only an 11 in black and the 11 Pro Max in gold.

00:47:21   Did you choose the colours?

00:47:23   I did not choose the colours.

00:47:24   Yeah, because I don't remember you saying you wanted gold.

00:47:27   I did not choose the colours. So when the time is up to give this back, I think I'll

00:47:35   probably go with the Pro Max. I think in Midnight Green because I saw it in person and it got

00:47:43   me. Yes, they will do that to you. Yeah, so I think when it's time to give this back and

00:47:50   I will go in with my purchase and it'll be a Midnight Green because I saw it during the

00:47:57   demo yesterday and it looked real pretty actually, you know, depending on, you know, the kind

00:48:03   of light that hits the phone. It looks... and I was not expecting this, I thought it

00:48:08   looked boring in all the photos that I had seen, but in person it looks really nice.

00:48:13   Yep. I disliked it when I saw... you know, I was like "No, I really don't like that."

00:48:18   But Stephen surprised me with it during the podcast of the phone, because I was wearing

00:48:22   a green jacket. And now I love it, and it's the one I'm going to keep. This is my phone.

00:48:27   So you have a Midnight Green Pro Max. Pro Max, yep.

00:48:31   So how did it go during your travel time?

00:48:35   As I said earlier, battery life was perfectly fine.

00:48:38   And you know, it really did the job.

00:48:41   This phone is all about the cameras, right?

00:48:44   Like that's what it's about.

00:48:46   And these cameras are amazing.

00:48:49   And I'm having a ton of fun playing with them.

00:48:53   Like, when I say playing with them,

00:48:56   like it's in a different way than I would usually take photos.

00:48:58   take photos. I'm taking more photos. I'm taking photos in every single lens.

00:49:04   So if I take a picture, I'm taking it in all three of them and comparing it

00:49:07   so I can kind of understand when should I be using the wide angle, like the ultra

00:49:12   wide. I'm not 100% sure at what times I would use it. The night mode is

00:49:19   bananas and I really want to do more with that but I've done some, you know,

00:49:24   I've been taking some pictures, like I put it on a tripod yesterday and just

00:49:28   a picture in my office with the lights off and just like a light in the hallway and I mean I

00:49:34   shared the images with you guys I can't I actually can't share the images because of how good they are

00:49:40   because you can read things which is bananas right so like these images the office is

00:49:48   there is no light in it right like I turned off night mode what do they have a frustration with

00:49:52   with people sharing images.

00:49:54   Don't show me pictures of a dark room with the 10s.

00:49:58   Just turn off night mode and show me it with the 11

00:50:02   compared to night mode on the 11.

00:50:04   You still follow what I'm saying?

00:50:06   Like every review is like,

00:50:08   here's what it looks like with a tennis with no light.

00:50:10   And here's what it looks like with night mode on the 11.

00:50:12   So no show turn turn off night mode on the 11 and show me that

00:50:17   and then turn it on and let me see.

00:50:19   But anyway, so like the difference, like

00:50:22   You can barely see anything in the original shot.

00:50:25   And then in the night mode shot, I put it on a tripod, left the night mode going for 30 seconds.

00:50:29   It's like there's a light coming from the iPhone and that you can read text on boxes

00:50:35   that were otherwise unable to be seen in the other picture.

00:50:39   I do not know how they are doing this.

00:50:42   It is really very, very impressive.

00:50:44   And I want to see if I can.

00:50:46   I've been seeing people taking all these pictures outside

00:50:48   where they like can see stars and stuff.

00:50:51   And I want to see if I can do that.

00:50:53   I have a tripod. I want to get that go.

00:50:56   I'm really enjoying playing around with these.

00:50:58   And also, you know, since we had Tyler on this show,

00:51:04   I have been taking photography more seriously in my life,

00:51:07   and I really try and do something with it.

00:51:09   And this phone has already produced one of my favourite pictures

00:51:15   that I have ever taken, and I posted it to my Instagram.

00:51:18   my Instagram and it's a picture that I took of Adina when we were in the airport and I

00:51:23   put it in the show notes.

00:51:25   It is the quality of this image is a portrait mode photo.

00:51:29   It could trick you in thinking that it came from a real camera.

00:51:32   It is a very good picture.

00:51:35   It's taken on the pro in portrait mode and ended some editing in VSCO and I am very excited

00:51:43   about the quality of these cameras.

00:51:46   So yeah. That picture looks real good. It's nice, right? Yeah. Yeah. Even Tyler approved

00:51:53   it in the comments. Tyler says, Tyler says that that's the best comment I could have

00:51:56   wished for. Like I always want Tyler to comment on my Instagram photos and tell me that he

00:52:00   thinks that he likes them. Uh, and he did this time. He got the approval of the pro.

00:52:06   Yeah. And so I was pretty happy with that one. But yeah, these, the cameras on these

00:52:09   phones like it it's very exciting and it's a lot of fun to play with and I'm

00:52:15   having a great time and again I've said it in a bunch of places already about to

00:52:20   say here the upgrades to the selfie camera I'm very pleased about that it

00:52:24   was needed and I'm happy to see a better quality there. So I just wanted to to to

00:52:29   have a quick update before Steven shares his thoughts on the phone that we now

00:52:34   have an Echo that is also a power outlet and an Echo that is also an oven.

00:52:40   Are you being serious? I am 100% serious.

00:52:45   Okay. So, you cannot continue. There's more coming out as we speak and I will keep you

00:52:55   updated. Reporting live from the Verge Live blog.

00:53:03   I just loaded it and it says Amazon sidewalk. I don't know what that meant, but I was like wait

00:53:08   They put echo in the street now

00:53:10   Also a city

00:53:13   You can open team you

00:53:18   Yeah, I went with the the space gray

00:53:22   11 Pro not the max the smaller of the two and

00:53:27   I've been I've been really happy with it. The ultra wide camera is a lot of fun and

00:53:32   And but like y'all I've been really impressed with the the night mode shots I shared with y'all

00:53:38   I'm not gonna share it with the show notes, but I shared a

00:53:41   Picture with y'all last night. I took in my driveway and there was one outside light on but it was like daytime

00:53:49   I mean it really sharp really nice one thing I've noticed and now that I've seen it. I can't unsee it. It's hard to

00:53:56   To realize it's happening because it's bright

00:53:59   But if you turn the flashlight on the on the pro at least because the glass is shiny

00:54:05   Like there's light leakage around like in the camera Mesa

00:54:11   So it's like the flashlight is really bright

00:54:13   But then part of the camera Mesa also lights up because like the light travels through the glass or across the surface of the glass

00:54:19   Oh, yeah, I can see

00:54:21   So I have to clear case on oh, so I just looked at I just looked at the flashlight and I think I'm blind now

00:54:27   Yeah it's on the front of the phone too! What's going on? This is wild!

00:54:31   I look directly at the flashlight. Yeah me too and I shouldn't have done that.

00:54:35   With the clear case, I don't know if it's like because I haven't taken the case off,

00:54:40   but it like illuminates everything. It illuminates all of the case. It's like a very it's a lot going

00:54:45   on now. Oh god yeah you can see it if you cover the flashlight there's like light coming around

00:54:50   the edge of the camera. Sort of a strange effect. But I like it. The matte back is really nice,

00:54:56   but it's even somehow more slippery than before. This phone is very, very slippery. There was a

00:55:03   rumor, I think today, that the 2020 iPhones will be designed with flat edges, and I look forward

00:55:09   to that because it means you could hold on to them without them shooting out of your hand.

00:55:12   But all in all, I've been really happy with it. And yeah, it's great. I've been basically just

00:55:21   heads down in the office, so I haven't got much time with it out in the world, but at least around

00:55:26   the house, big thumbs up. Yeah I was happy to travel with it immediately, you know,

00:55:29   like I've got a lot of usage out of it. Oh yeah, that's like the the stress test for a phone,

00:55:34   right? It's days that you're flying or, you know, have a long car ride or something. It's always

00:55:38   when you you realize the flaws in things. Also the screen in bright sunlight is very good. I've still

00:55:46   got to try that. Yeah, like, I noticed it almost immediately on a sunny day in Chicago, which is

00:55:52   which is where I ended up being for a couple of days.

00:55:54   And it was very nice.

00:55:57   I was like, "Oh, okay, this is different."

00:56:00   So what they're saying about all the nits going up when it's in direct sunlight,

00:56:04   I can attest to that because it looks really good.

00:56:06   So Federico, I'm intrigued to see what you think of that

00:56:10   because you have more sunlight than I do.

00:56:12   Yeah, I should try that, especially when I'm at the dog park

00:56:15   where it's basically impossible to use a phone if it's sunny.

00:56:20   Yeah, I will try that. Okay. Apple watches. Mm-hmm. There are also new Apple watches

00:56:26   in households. Okay. So I should say I also got a review unit for that. It's a

00:56:34   Series 5 stainless steel in gold, called gold color, 44 millimeters, etc. I haven't

00:56:45   set it up yet. So I don't know what it's like. I haven't even turned it on.

00:56:52   Were you gonna get one? Remind me, were you gonna get an Apple Watch anyway?

00:56:55   Yeah, I wanna get the ceramic one.

00:56:57   Right.

00:56:58   Mm-hmm.

00:56:59   Okay.

00:57:00   Um, but the review unit is a stainless steel in gold.

00:57:05   Okay.

00:57:06   And, uh...

00:57:07   Shiny.

00:57:08   it's very it's not as it's not as tacky as I feared when I saw on the box gold

00:57:13   because they don't tell you beforehand like and I didn't ask like which color is it so I

00:57:21   looked on the box and I saw gold I was like oh this is gonna look like you know I'm gonna look

00:57:26   like I'm a you know I have all this bling on my wrist but it's not it's not too terrible actually

00:57:32   it's very... and I think this has been going on for the past couple of years

00:57:37   that it's sort of like bronze, it's not yellow gold, it's not terrible

00:57:43   it's actually quite nice, it's not rose gold but it's a good type of gold

00:57:48   I like the gold stainless steel, the gold aluminium is good too, I think the gold

00:57:53   color on the watches is a very nice color, I think they did a good job of that

00:57:56   it looks really nice but the display is still off, all that I did today was

00:58:01   I unpaired my two Apple watches from the iPhone and I don't know what's gonna

00:58:08   happen to my cellular plan on the main watch. I also...

00:58:13   Oh, I'm having a big thing about that right now.

00:58:15   Oh no, so it's gonna happen to me as well for sure.

00:58:18   I removed it from the Series 4 watch that I had just because I figured that,

00:58:26   you know, doing this kind of transition it's probably best if it's not still

00:58:30   associated with another watch so I removed it from the other watch but I

00:58:35   haven't set it up I haven't set up the new one yet so I'll let you I'll let you

00:58:39   know how it goes I you know the the iPhone told me you're probably going to

00:58:44   have to check with your carrier so I'm pretty sure that's gonna happen I will

00:58:48   have to call Vodafone and ask for some kind of fix. I bought my wife a Series

00:58:55   five. She was on the series three of the little one so it was that 38 millimeter

00:59:02   back in the day and she's now up I guess to the 40. She likes the always-on

00:59:09   display but she actually just last night complained about the battery life. Now

00:59:15   she is a sleep tracker so she sleeps with her watch on and so I recommended

00:59:20   well you know remember to put it in theater mode at night. A) so you don't

00:59:23   blind to me in the middle of the night, but also so the screen stays off.

00:59:28   But in poking around this, there's this big thread on the MPU forums and most people on

00:59:33   Twitter talking about how the Series 5 battery life is just not what the Series 4 was.

00:59:40   And I figured from the Series 3 to the 5, it would be an improvement, or at least come

00:59:43   out in the wash, but she does not seem to think so.

00:59:47   So I don't know if it's the always-on display, or maybe Apple has some software things going

00:59:50   on.

00:59:51   Casey was he was coming from a series 3 and I see on Twitter that he has been like also feeling like the battery life is

00:59:58   Well, he Casey also went from the big watch to the little did his is even even more complex

01:00:04   I've been wearing my series 4 and I feel like in watch it was from watch was 5 to 6

01:00:10   I don't think I've really noticed any major battery life. So I'm a little

01:00:13   Worried that this isn't as good as we were used to on the 4 Apple says it should be 18 hours

01:00:19   Which is what they said before but I think everyone knows you could push it further than that on the previous model

01:00:24   So, I don't know. Is this something to keep an eye on?

01:00:26   And I'm curious if it's Federico as you wear this if you'll check in with us once you have a handle on this

01:00:34   If it's an issue, yeah

01:00:36   I

01:00:37   Did not buy a watch because I've got the series 4 I don't wear my Apple watch every day

01:00:42   I didn't feel like I could justify

01:00:44   Especially after I saw the titanium which is really the one that I want

01:00:48   I used to wear stainless steel Apple watch my series 4 is aluminum

01:00:51   the titanium is right in the middle looks and weight wise between the stainless and the aluminum like I

01:00:57   Absolutely loved it when I picked it up in the store

01:01:00   But it's a lot of money for something

01:01:02   I don't wear every day and now it slipped to the end of November for delivery

01:01:07   It's actually the furthest delivery that the stainless steel is not that far out

01:01:10   Oh the aluminum is saying this actually I could walk into my store today and get it get but the titanium is like

01:01:15   nowhere to be found until the end of November, which is a ways away. So that's probably good

01:01:20   for me because that's the one I would want. And now I have time to like, cool my jets about it.

01:01:24   But, uh, so no, no series five here and not one in the foreseeable future.

01:01:29   There's something we should talk about here that I'm looking at.

01:01:31   We should just move on. No, we should have.

01:01:33   Is Amazon doing something again? Uh, yes, I can confirm to you that, um,

01:01:40   There is now, hold on, hold on because I saw the photo,

01:01:43   there is now an echo that is also a dog color.

01:01:48   It is called, there's the Amazon Fetch,

01:01:53   which is a really good name.

01:01:54   - I don't know if, I've been also following along,

01:01:56   I don't know if that's an echo.

01:01:58   I think it's an Amazon product

01:02:00   that is something to do with the sidewalk.

01:02:03   - Okay, okay, so it's not, it's still an Amazon product,

01:02:06   so still a bunch of, also very good dog in the photo.

01:02:10   So it's still a bunch of things going on today, but maybe this is...

01:02:12   It's got a blue light though, so the blue light is typical of the Echo line.

01:02:16   Probably means it's got something, yeah.

01:02:18   It's got something, probably not, you know...

01:02:20   I guess, you know, dogs put it on the screen.

01:02:24   I guess whatever you do, don't call your dog Alexa.

01:02:27   Well, you just said it. I was trying to avoid the word.

01:02:30   Hold on.

01:02:32   Mark Gurman on Twitter, Amazon just announced Echo Frames,

01:02:36   glasses with built-in Alexa.

01:02:38   They are unstoppable. They will not stop, will they?

01:02:41   And they just put it in everything.

01:02:43   - There is now Echo Buds,

01:02:47   earbuds with Alexa built in, $130.

01:02:52   And Mark Gurman is saying Echo Frames,

01:02:56   glasses with built-in Alexa.

01:02:58   Been in the labs for years,

01:03:00   never wanted to launch to consumers,

01:03:02   but finally decided to.

01:03:04   Yep.

01:03:06   They're putting it everywhere.

01:03:09   Oh, well.

01:03:10   Wait, what is that kind of statement?

01:03:12   This appears to be something they've

01:03:13   had in their labs for years.

01:03:14   Never wanted to launch to consumers,

01:03:16   but they were just like, oh, whatever.

01:03:18   Yeah, you know what?

01:03:20   We'll do it live.

01:03:21   We were the space in the keynote.

01:03:22   [LAUGHTER]

01:03:25   Whatever.

01:03:27   Get the thing from the labs and let's do it.

01:03:29   Myke, before we move on to the next topic, some--

01:03:32   No, let's take a break.

01:03:34   How about that?

01:03:35   Let's just take a break right now.

01:03:36   Do you want to talk about Fresh Quick, Steven? Let's just take a break.

01:03:38   I feel like we should talk about your situation.

01:03:41   Alright, fine. We're gonna be six hours. Six hours on this episode. Let's not take a break now.

01:03:46   I bought an Apple Watch. You happy?

01:03:48   Why? Come on.

01:03:50   Just let me... let me... let me... let me feel the taste of this statement.

01:03:56   You bought an Apple Watch.

01:03:58   I buy watches.

01:03:59   That feels good.

01:04:00   No, no. You used to buy Apple Watches.

01:04:04   Now you buy physical.

01:04:06   I set up my watch. This is a physical watch too. It's not digital. It's like it exists. It's on my wrist. I can touch it.

01:04:13   You're trying to work around the English language to your advantage. You stopped buying smart watches.

01:04:23   I did stop buying smart watches. That's correct. But we spoke about my decision to stop buying smart watches a few weeks ago.

01:04:30   ago and one of the main reasons that I said I wasn't interested in wearing an

01:04:33   Apple watch was that I did not have an always-on display mm-hmm and what did

01:04:39   they do to the series 5 they added the always-on display they added an always-on

01:04:42   display okay my for all the people that are

01:04:46   jubilating including Federico don't get your hopes up yeah because I'm not

01:04:52   decided that I want to keep this and maybe I should I have I have five points

01:04:59   that I would like to get to today. Will you allow me to do that?

01:05:02   Sure. Yes. So the first thing I want to do is talk about the hardware because I bought

01:05:07   the ceramic watch because I saw it and I fell in love with it. I love it. It is, I think,

01:05:16   and I've always thought it's the most beautiful Apple watch. The original time that they did

01:05:20   the white ceramic, I loved it then and I love it now. I just think it looks very cool.

01:05:29   It is not a look that everybody will want in their lives.

01:05:34   It is a very bold statement, but I really love it.

01:05:37   I'm wearing it with a white sport band.

01:05:40   Now I owned a white sport band.

01:05:43   I got it with one of the sport loops because that was just what they had available in the

01:05:46   store because even though you can do this like mix and match or whatever you want, that

01:05:52   doesn't like they won't let you buy them like that sometimes like it would only let me buy

01:05:56   it to reserve it in certain configurations still, it was very confusing. Like I couldn't

01:06:03   say, "Give me a black sport band with the ceramic watch and I'll pick it up in an hour."

01:06:07   It's like, "No, you can only pick up these specific configurations," which doesn't make

01:06:10   sense to me. But that's what that was all about. But what I didn't know, and I hadn't

01:06:17   seen this reported anywhere, I may have just missed it, you get with the ceramic watch

01:06:23   white sport band that has the white ceramic pin instead of the aluminium pin you get that in the box it comes with it and

01:06:30   I've also heard that apparently this the

01:06:33   Titanium has a sport band of a titanium pin on it as well

01:06:39   They come in the box you get a bigger box long big box thick box

01:06:43   You get the band that you ordered so I got a sport loop and inside the box is a sport band

01:06:49   which has the white ceramic pin, which I was very happy about because

01:06:52   it matches. This is the first time I've owned a 44 and the watch face feels big

01:07:00   because of its 44 milliliters but it's big because I went from the Series 3

01:07:04   right so I mean even though the size is similar now the watch face itself is the

01:07:11   full width but I think it looks really cool. I have currently basically set all

01:07:19   of my watch faces that I'm trying out into monochrome because all white and

01:07:23   black baby that's what I'm going for I think that's the look for me but on the

01:07:28   watch faces this is point two I still feel like I cannot get what I want like

01:07:33   I find Apple watch Apple's watch faces they frustrate me in many ways so I

01:07:41   really like the look of the California face right but it has one complication

01:07:46   If I want to use corner complications, you can take it from full screen into a circle,

01:07:52   like a small circle in the middle is where it will push all of the numbers and indices,

01:07:56   but that looks really ugly in the California face.

01:07:59   Like squished in, it looks too busy and I don't like it.

01:08:02   I feel like they could have done something to make this a little bit more elegant, but

01:08:06   they didn't.

01:08:08   I feel like a lot of the Apple watch faces still feel a little bit like my first watch

01:08:14   face you know like like they're like childish versions of watch faces they're

01:08:20   like really big and chunky I just feel like they they just haven't hit it in

01:08:26   what I'm looking for they're there either it's too it's either too much

01:08:30   information or not enough information and nowhere in between that's kind of

01:08:36   how I feel with them or like they're like oh we've made this really beautiful

01:08:40   face but then we put these super weird aggressive indices the whole way around

01:08:44   and you can't remove them.

01:08:46   The indices?

01:08:48   What are the indices?

01:08:49   The little lines that count for seconds.

01:08:51   Right? That go all the way around.

01:08:53   So like, the Meridian watch face, right?

01:08:55   It's like, okay, this is a pretty nice hands,

01:08:57   I like the little lines,

01:08:59   and I can have four complications,

01:09:01   but then it has all of the seconds the whole way around.

01:09:03   It's like, oh, but now it's too many,

01:09:05   you've done too many now, it's too aggressive for me.

01:09:07   So like, I feel like they get it close with a bunch of them,

01:09:12   but none of them are spot on.

01:09:15   And I feel like this problem could be solved with, spoiler alert, third-party watch faces.

01:09:21   I was about to ask you about that. So you think it's, as a watch person,

01:09:25   you think Apple should open it up to third-party developers?

01:09:28   100% I do, yes. Because as much as I would love to see then, like, the Omega watch face,

01:09:34   that's not going to happen. But people could just design their own ones, right?

01:09:39   like someone could make something that's a California face which has more support for

01:09:43   complications on it than the one complication. Like they could have just put some of the corner

01:09:48   complications around and got rid of some of these second indices. Like it's close but I feel like

01:09:57   that they are... Apple are trying too hard and not hard enough at the same time, right? They're

01:10:03   They're trying too hard in wanting to be the only people that are allowed to make watch

01:10:08   faces, but then they're not doing enough with what they have.

01:10:15   It's just frustrating to me because it's like, I have this computer thing on my wrist, but

01:10:21   to let it be a computer, I have to make it ugly.

01:10:25   Right?

01:10:26   the Infograph faces, you can do stuff with them, but they're like...

01:10:31   it makes me look too much like a scientist, right? I've got my little science readouts on my wrist,

01:10:39   right? Like, look at me everyone and here's my computer, like it's too much and I feel like that

01:10:45   they have watch faces that look nice but they're not customizable enough or they have computer ones

01:10:52   that are just like, it's just like I'm ready for this thing to start spitting out a roll of tape,

01:10:57   right, for all to get my readouts. Like it's, it's too much. So that's how I feel about watch faces.

01:11:03   And I have way stronger opinions on this now because analog watches, that's what they are,

01:11:13   right? You are buying the watch face. And so now I have refined my own personal tastes a little

01:11:19   bit more which I feel like I can't explain but I know when I see it right

01:11:23   like I see a watch now and I'm like I can tell you what I like and don't like

01:11:27   about that and and I've I pay way more attention to it like my Instagram is

01:11:31   just full of watches all the time right so I feel like I've gotten much more

01:11:37   I've gotten way more opinionated about this stuff because I pay more attention

01:11:42   to it than I used to before where it was like oh that looks nice but now it's

01:11:46   like well I like this and I don't like this about it and I like this and I

01:11:49   don't like this about it. Anyway, but then it all gets turned up on its head because of

01:11:52   the always on display anyway, right? Because now you might want to pick a

01:11:57   watch face depending on how they transition. So I liked the California

01:12:02   face which is the new one, right? I have it mixed with the Roman and Arabic

01:12:06   numerals because I think that looks pretty nice. And I originally had it on

01:12:10   the... there's like a there's a color called "Edition" which is like an off

01:12:15   white but in the always on so when the how do you describe it how do you

01:12:21   describe the on and always you know what I'm talking about like what do you call

01:12:25   them one is like when it's in use and then one is when it's not dimmed there

01:12:30   we go the dimmed version is like it's black background white numbers but then

01:12:36   when I look at it it's that inverts so now I have a white face and gray numbers

01:12:40   so it's like well now I don't want to use that because the transition is too

01:12:44   harsh, right? Like that's too much. So now I've been using the California face

01:12:50   with a black background, like so it's dark background, and white numbers so

01:12:55   then the transition it just looks like it illuminates a little bit rather than

01:13:00   like blowing your eyes out, right? Because that's a big thing now I think

01:13:04   where you are looking at it before you've raised it and then when you raise

01:13:10   it you don't want it to change dramatically because that feels quite distracting. So the

01:13:17   transition is quite important. So now what I've got right now works really well for me

01:13:23   because basically it just illuminates a little bit like it just goes from dim to a little

01:13:27   bit brighter. It's funny because in a few instances I've caught the minutes hand moving.

01:13:33   So like I don't know how often it's updating right? But like I've brought the watch up

01:13:38   to my face and as it's illuminated the minute hand has also moved a little bit and that's

01:13:43   the watch catching up. So like the time isn't completely accurate anymore because it's not

01:13:50   updating as frequently as when you're looking at it. So sometimes you might be looking at

01:13:55   it and it might be a minute behind. Right, so like there's something interesting about

01:14:00   that. Shouldn't it be one time per second, like one Hertz means one refresh per second?

01:14:05   It's not updating every second. So I've had it on the California face and I've watched

01:14:10   it and every now and then you can see the minute hand take a big sweep. It's not moving

01:14:17   constantly as it was before. When you have the screen on, the minute hand is moving in

01:14:25   minute proportions. I just watched it do it and it just jumped an entire minute in one

01:14:30   go. So I think it's actually updating every minute. So I don't know. But it's just like

01:14:38   a different thing. This is not important by any stretch of the imagination. But it's just

01:14:43   a different thing. But I think the only way they could do this is to update it every minute

01:14:47   because otherwise the battery life is going to be absolutely obliterated if they're updating

01:14:52   it every second. So I think they're updating the, I assume, probably about every minute.

01:14:59   There's another thing that's interesting about the always on faces.

01:15:03   When you get a notification on the Apple Watch and you look down at your watch, you typically

01:15:08   see the notification, right?

01:15:09   Because you're looking at the watch now.

01:15:11   But that isn't the case because the notifications don't light up initially.

01:15:15   You have to interact with the watch to get the light up now, right?

01:15:18   So there's like a weird disconnect for me there.

01:15:21   But I'm used to like, "Oh, okay, I'll look at my watch."

01:15:23   But now looking at my watch can mean just moving it a little bit and I can see the watch

01:15:28   face but I haven't taken it out of the dimmed mode but I don't know that I haven't done

01:15:34   that because I didn't know that my movement wasn't enough and now I don't see the notification.

01:15:40   Are you following what I'm saying? So like the movement of your arm isn't necessarily

01:15:45   enough anymore. You have to still move it to the level at which you will like brighten

01:15:49   the screen but you don't know you've done that until you've done it. So there's like

01:15:55   a weird break in my mind there and also same thing you have to tap the crown twice to get it to go to

01:16:01   the home if you've not kind of taken it out of the dimmed mode because the first tap illuminates the

01:16:06   face second tap of the crown takes you home so it kind of the always on screen adds a lot of

01:16:13   functionality but i think is going to be difficult for especially for long time apple watch owners

01:16:19   to get used to because it's changing a lot of the way that you're typically used to dealing

01:16:26   with the Apple Watch. My fourth point is returning to the Apple Watch as a thing in my life.

01:16:32   It was incredibly distracting and is incredibly distracting for me to have something illuminated

01:16:37   on my wrist now, right? So like if I'm not using a dim face like I was using the one that had the

01:16:44   white background before, like just like reaching out and grabbing something and my wrist is

01:16:49   is lit up was a strange thing for me now because I've not been used to that. Within one hour

01:16:54   of wearing it, I'd already put the wash on Do Not Disturb because our group thread was

01:16:58   popping off and I was doing something and it was really annoying me.

01:17:02   Yeah, I saw this all group threads should be in Do Not Disturb all the time.

01:17:06   No, but I don't want that on my iPhone. I just like I want text messages on my iPhone

01:17:12   to be coming through because I can just I just my iPhone's just not with me if I don't

01:17:17   want it with me. Right. Like it's just down. It's not on me. It's not getting all up in

01:17:23   my business. Right. Like I can leave the room but now I can't get away from it because why

01:17:29   can't I set independent do not disturb stuff on my on my devices. So like why can't I say

01:17:38   put this thread in messages in Do Not Disturb on my watch but not on my phone.

01:17:43   Why do they mirror?

01:17:44   Even if I turn off Do Not Disturb mirroring.

01:17:46   What is going on?

01:17:48   Like, and also, why if I turn off Do Not Disturb mirroring on my watch can I not then set Do

01:17:56   Not Disturb on a time basis on the watch?

01:17:59   It's either on or off.

01:18:00   I can set up a time basis Do Not Disturb on my phone and if I have the mirror then my

01:18:05   My watch will go on Do Not Disturb on the times that I set, but if I turn off mirroring,

01:18:09   there's no option to turn on Do Not Disturb on a schedule on the watch.

01:18:14   I don't understand why these...

01:18:16   I can't do these things.

01:18:18   I want better control of Do Not Disturb because that's important to me.

01:18:22   And I don't know why these devices are either completely linked or they're not linked and

01:18:28   then you lose the features.

01:18:30   I don't get it.

01:18:31   So I would love to see...

01:18:32   There should be more there.

01:18:34   I noticed that, so this is when I say, I'm not sure about this, I was out today, I was

01:18:40   meeting with some friends and stuff and my watch was tapping on me and I really didn't

01:18:45   like it because I felt like I was being distracted and in a way that my phone does not distract

01:18:53   me.

01:18:54   It's like my phone buzzing does not cause me the same kind of feeling as my watch tapping

01:18:59   me.

01:19:00   I don't know why.

01:19:01   Anxiety is too strong a word but it was something akin to that right where it

01:19:07   was just like I know that things are happening and I don't know what they are

01:19:11   and I and that was a much stronger feeling to me than it is with the phone

01:19:19   I find the watch more distracting and that is a thing even with I have like

01:19:25   pared down notification management it's like 0.5 that I have is not a

01:19:30   notification management still sucks. I have to go in and disable every single

01:19:34   app. All of them are on and I have to go in and uncheck every box to

01:19:41   turn them all off and I have like three apps that bug me but one of them is

01:19:45   messages which is where I get most of my notifications so I don't know what to do

01:19:50   about that. So like I'm not sure that I just don't know if this is the product

01:19:55   for me like I'm gonna wear it for a couple of weeks and then make my

01:19:58   decision but I'm I don't know if the Apple watch has a consistent place in my

01:20:03   life I'm not sure about it so that is my 24-hour review of the Apple watch I

01:20:10   don't know if you're like listening to your problems with it I'm not sure

01:20:14   you're gonna keep this watch it really does feel like I don't know if I think I

01:20:20   think I've moved on from what it does yes people yeah but I love the way it

01:20:25   It looks, I think it's beautiful, but I don't know if that's enough.

01:20:30   There are definitely things that I love about it, right?

01:20:33   The ease of Apple Pay using the Apple Watch is so much better than the iPhone with FaceID.

01:20:40   The activity stuff, it's nice to actually have the activity stuff back in my life again.

01:20:45   I love all that sort of stuff.

01:20:46   And as soon as my broken back heals, the gym is the thing that I want to get into in a

01:20:52   more serious way.

01:20:53   So I want to be able to track that and an Apple Watch is perfect for that.

01:20:57   But like, I know this is never going to be a daily thing for me anymore.

01:21:01   Like I know that now, because I love my Apple Watches way more than I love this one.

01:21:07   But like, there's still a lot of stuff that just doesn't work for me.

01:21:10   And I think that the way that notifications are handled on the Apple Watch has not gotten

01:21:15   significantly better in a way that it should have.

01:21:18   That is a cause for concern for me because we're up to watch OS 6 and I just don't think

01:21:24   They're putting enough attention into the way that notifications are handled because I feel like there needs to be way more controls about

01:21:33   What and I feel like I have been saying this since watch OS 1

01:21:37   that there needs to be better controls for when an app can bother you and when it can't and if you can send specific types of

01:21:45   certifications to different devices right like I've used this Twitter example for years just send DMS to the watch

01:21:51   Send mentions to whatever else I want it sent to right like and I feel like that they've not done any of this and

01:21:59   That is just a very confusing thing to me, but I love the ceramic though

01:22:03   So should just keep the ceramic for the occasional workout. That's it

01:22:08   So when you do you when you work out you work out in style some fancy workout

01:22:14   The My Curly routine, work out with a ceramic watch.

01:22:17   - All right, let's move on.

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01:23:40   All right, let's talk about iOS 13 and iOS 13.1. Federica, your review went up last week. It is,

01:23:48   it's incredible. I'm curious how the reception has been.

01:23:51   Thank you. It's been it's been really good. It's the best performing review to date.

01:24:00   by far. That is very, very good news. I was sort of, I was concerned that maybe I peaked last year

01:24:10   in terms of like how many, just how many people are going to read these reviews. But nope, still

01:24:17   haven't found my peak apparently and that is very good news. And the traffic is still going

01:24:23   going strongly, especially since The Verge linked it yesterday.

01:24:26   Oh, nice. Wow.

01:24:28   That was very nice.

01:24:30   And, you know, I'm publishing these reviews in an increasingly sparse landscape in the

01:24:41   context of very few people are doing these reviews anymore.

01:24:46   Well, that's because you're, I mean...

01:24:49   Well, I think it's a combination of things.

01:24:54   I think a lot of people have moved to video.

01:24:56   It makes more sense to cover a new version of iOS in video.

01:25:00   And I think a lot of people also, it makes sense to combine iOS 13 with the videos for

01:25:06   new hardware.

01:25:07   So you'll find coverage of a new version of iOS for iPhone or iPad reviews, for example.

01:25:14   And I don't know, I guess other bigger websites maybe think that nobody's reading long-form

01:25:22   content anymore.

01:25:24   So every year I'm thankful that Mac Stories readers have become accustomed to this tradition,

01:25:32   which is now officially, at this point is very much a tradition, there's people waiting

01:25:35   for this review.

01:25:38   And I feel, obviously, it feels kind of insane and I'm super grateful.

01:25:42   I mean the fact that I have gotten messages and emails from people asking me like when

01:25:49   is the review going to come out because I need to take a day off at work to make sure

01:25:53   that I can enjoy the publishing day.

01:25:56   Like I think that's insane.

01:25:59   But it's also kind of awesome.

01:26:00   I think it's incredible.

01:26:03   And I mean, the review has, you know, you can read it on the website, but the reason

01:26:13   why it's worth it for me, financially speaking, is the integration with Club Max Stories.

01:26:19   And I think this year we've put together a collection of extras that I think is my favorite

01:26:26   so far, like we added wallpapers, for example, and advanced shortcuts and the making of.

01:26:34   It's a whole package of, like, it's not just the behind the scenes, it's not just the making

01:26:38   of, it's a whole collection of things. And so I think it's very, I think it's awesome

01:26:45   that as a, you know, we're not the Verge, we're not TechCrunch, but we, you know, we

01:26:51   can get by and not just that, we can actually do pretty great.

01:26:56   It's not getting by. It's not getting by. It's going really well.

01:27:01   And the idea of, you know, there's folks saying, "Oh, look at this guy. He works out manually

01:27:07   three months on this thing and is it even worth it?" And yes, otherwise I wouldn't do

01:27:13   it because there's only so much I would do out of personal passion. So I'm not that stupid,

01:27:19   I think. So yeah, there's a, you know, there's a question, of course, like, is this year

01:27:27   the year that you've picked? And probably in terms of, in terms of like, just how much

01:27:33   work can I put into it? Then yes, I don't think I would be physically capable of doing

01:27:40   more. This year has been really taxing for me in all kinds of different ways in terms

01:27:48   of my personal life and my personal schedule and relationships with people. I don't think

01:27:54   there's... this is the most I can do as a single person. And, you know, there's also

01:28:00   the fact that I'm getting older and it's undeniable that I don't have the strength that I had

01:28:06   when I was 19. And so working on a 75,000 word story, it's not easy, physically speaking.

01:28:14   So this year, I don't think I will ever, ever again be able to do something of this scope

01:28:22   and length. So next year, I'm still going to do a review. I'm going to do reviews for

01:28:31   the foreseeable future. I'm not going to stop. I'm not stopping. I'm continuing, but I'm

01:28:36   not doing more in the context of it's going to be even longer. In fact, I want it to be

01:28:42   shorter and there's a discussion to be had about what is the content that you're gonna

01:28:50   cover in your review and what is all the rest that can be covered just as well, if not better,

01:28:57   by the Maxories team during the summer.

01:28:59   So what we did this year with the iOS 13 coverage on Maxories, we're gonna continue, probably

01:29:04   gonna double that next year.

01:29:07   Otherwise, I'm super happy by just how it went and it's really heartwarming.

01:29:16   Twitter can be a pretty terrible place these days and the internet can be a pretty terrible

01:29:20   place, but the love and affection that this single story can gather on an annual basis,

01:29:28   I think it's pretty awesome.

01:29:29   Yeah, I can imagine these types of things are just very heartwarming events, right?

01:29:35   people were so kind about the work that you've done, you know?

01:29:39   I know that actually, because I've done things like this myself too, right?

01:29:43   Like it's a great feeling when you've been working hard on something.

01:29:46   You share it with the world and the feedback is positive.

01:29:49   But I am about a third of the way through the review,

01:29:52   and I've been enjoying it very much so far.

01:29:55   Which is about as long as it probably would have taken me to read

01:29:59   the previous year's review or something.

01:30:02   I couldn't do your audiobook this year because of travel that I was doing and

01:30:06   I'm so happy that that was something that I couldn't do this year because I may have died

01:30:11   It would have been impossible

01:30:15   We couldn't do it because neither

01:30:18   You wouldn't have been able to finish in time and I wouldn't have been able to finish in time and it would have been a nightmare

01:30:23   yeah, and

01:30:25   Unfortunately, you know people have been asking about that like where's the audiobook and it just the the fact that I

01:30:32   But it really came down to the wire almost, like we finished the final editing two days

01:30:40   before.

01:30:41   And so, yeah, even if Myke wanted to and was available to because he wasn't travelling,

01:30:48   he would have still needed to read an unfinished version of the review.

01:30:55   And obviously nobody wants that.

01:30:57   So it's a...

01:30:58   probably would have had to have been late, realistically, what would have happened, but

01:31:02   that wouldn't have been good for anybody.

01:31:03   Right, right, yeah. And this is an, you know, it's such an unrealistic scenario of, I wrote

01:31:10   something that is book length, but within the constraints of a couple of months. Nobody

01:31:18   that writes something that is 75,000 words long and has an audiobook version of it, works

01:31:24   on it for just two months or two months and a half. They probably work on it for a year

01:31:31   or two years, you know. But this is the unique situation of these reviews. But, you know,

01:31:39   there's a whole discussion and we'll talk about it next year and beyond. Like, do I

01:31:43   want to continue doing iOS and iPadOS together? Will I have to? Does it mean that, you know,

01:31:48   will iPadOS get annual updates?

01:31:51   Like that is all up in the air right now.

01:31:55   I just know what needed to be done this year

01:31:58   because I couldn't plan in advance.

01:32:00   I was surprised just like everybody else at WWDC

01:32:03   to see iOS and iPadOS split in two.

01:32:05   Next year, you know, we'll see how it goes,

01:32:11   but it's not gonna be, it's still gonna be special.

01:32:14   I'm still gonna, you know, I have some ideas

01:32:15   for the web layout and the animations,

01:32:17   which I think it's time to try something else entirely

01:32:21   on that front.

01:32:22   But in terms of my content,

01:32:24   like the time that I spend writing and editing,

01:32:27   it has to go down.

01:32:28   It has to be shorter.

01:32:29   I need to take better care of myself

01:32:32   when I work on these stories.

01:32:33   So I've done it this year,

01:32:35   but never again with 250 hours of work.

01:32:40   I don't wanna do that again.

01:32:43   - Yeah, it's just too much.

01:32:45   - I loved working on it.

01:32:47   And I love the way that it came out.

01:32:49   But it was a little too much for me personally.

01:32:53   - Have you, I know you're a writer first,

01:32:57   but you said something that caught my attention

01:32:59   that you feel like a lot of these things

01:33:00   have moved to video.

01:33:02   Do you think that's a component

01:33:03   you may experiment with in the future?

01:33:05   - Yeah, yeah.

01:33:06   It's one of the things that, you know,

01:33:10   I keep talking about with Sylvia,

01:33:11   like we need to try something with video.

01:33:14   And it feels like 2020 would be a good year for that.

01:33:18   Just because I find myself writing certain sections

01:33:22   that really would be shorter

01:33:23   and much better explained as a video.

01:33:27   So I don't see myself going all pivoting to video.

01:33:30   I don't see myself doing that.

01:33:32   But I can see how more videos throughout the review

01:33:37   and maybe even something before the review

01:33:40   comes out as a video,

01:33:42   could be a pretty great integration just to diversify and have some actual properly done

01:33:50   videos that are not just screencasts or something captured with my iPhone. But also it could

01:33:56   be something to make the review shorter, like the actual text, to have less text, especially

01:34:03   for features that make so much more sense, as explained visually. So you can see the

01:34:08   interactions, you can see what are you doing, and I don't have to find myself describing

01:34:13   tap this button and scroll this menu.

01:34:17   That stuff is better shown on video.

01:34:19   Okay.

01:34:20   Yeah, I know that, just in my dabbling with it, the production time goes way up, but I

01:34:25   think the potential upside for what you want to do could be really interesting.

01:34:30   Yeah.

01:34:31   Yeah, and something that I plan on, because you mentioned that production time, I plan

01:34:37   on continuing to hire people to assist me. So I had a web developer and there's Silvia

01:34:47   giving me a hand with design stuff and there's of course Brian King with the videos and the

01:34:53   3D assets and the animations. So to have this collection of different features and different

01:35:03   aspects of the review taken care of by different people. I think that is something that I should

01:35:08   continue doing. Yeah, like we said a couple weeks ago, I'm proud that you are delegating some of

01:35:13   this because not only does it take weight off you, it makes the work better when you have more voices

01:35:20   in the mix. And I think the guys did such a great job at those CarPlay stores and other things that

01:35:25   got broken out. I think that you're on the right track with that. Thank you. Okay, it's good to hear.

01:35:32   Update, Amazon have put Echo in a ring.

01:35:35   That you wear?

01:35:37   That you wear.

01:35:38   What is happening over there?

01:35:40   [laughter]

01:35:41   They're busy today.

01:35:42   Did you say in a ring?

01:35:43   In a ring, yeah, like, like jewelry ring.

01:35:46   Oh my god, really?

01:35:47   Then you put on your finger and then you...

01:35:49   Echo Loop, oh my god.

01:35:51   Echo Loop, yeah.

01:35:52   Does it...

01:35:53   Does it talk?

01:35:55   I don't know.

01:35:57   I don't know.

01:35:59   How can anybody know anymore?

01:36:01   It's impossible to know

01:36:03   What is happening oh my god, okay, well sure

01:36:07   There's there's that the review is not the only thing you have released though is it

01:36:13   You're just you're releasing stuff all over the place, and I promise I'm done with with this last surprise today. Yeah

01:36:21   so we

01:36:23   We launched an entirely new project and an entirely new sort of design brand for max stories

01:36:30   So the product is MaxSeries Shortcuts Icons.

01:36:35   The idea is these are 300 custom icons for shortcuts on the home screen.

01:36:43   So you can add shortcuts to the home screen for quick activation,

01:36:48   but by default you can only choose from the built-in glyphs that are made by Apple and built into the Shortcuts app.

01:36:57   A few months ago I had this idea of, so people come to Max Stories and they read about shortcuts

01:37:05   and they sign up for the club to get more and more advanced shortcuts and we have the

01:37:10   Max Stories shortcuts archive.

01:37:13   What is something else that we could do to sort of, you know, promote Max Stories as

01:37:19   a single sort of a one-stop destination for everything related to shortcuts?

01:37:24   And I was at WWDC and I saw the new feature to load a custom icon, a custom image, for

01:37:32   adding a shortcut to the home screen with the Files picker.

01:37:37   And at that point something clicked in my brain.

01:37:39   I was like, "I want to make a custom icon set for shortcuts on the home screen."

01:37:46   And I knew exactly what I was going to do.

01:37:48   I wanted to design a set, well not me personally, but to ask Silvia to design a set that would

01:37:55   basically complement the default options in the shortcuts app.

01:38:00   So to have icons, some very specific, others more mainstream, if you will, designed by

01:38:11   shortcuts users for shortcuts users is the way that I've been referring to this.

01:38:15   So the idea of... I've been going through all the shortcuts that I ever created and

01:38:20   that I published in the Mac Stories shortcuts archive. I've been going through popular shortcuts

01:38:26   on Reddit, on the websites of David Sparks and Matthew Casinelli and Rosemary Orchard.

01:38:32   I've been taking a look at the shortcuts in the Apple Gallery, and I've made notes for

01:38:37   myself of this shortcut. When you add it to the home screen, is there a good glyph that

01:38:43   represents it, and if not, I would take a note. And so we came up with these 300 glyphs, they're

01:38:50   called the Max Stories Shortcuts Icons. You can buy them today, they are discounted if you are a

01:38:56   Club Max Stories member, they're over 30% off if you already pay for Club Max Stories, so that's the

01:39:03   the next perk for you. And all you need to do is, so you basically download a zip file, it contains

01:39:10   these 300 icons. And the very nice thing about it is that we designed it with iOS 13.1 and

01:39:19   iPadOS 13.1 in mind, because yesterday's update added one specific feature that makes our

01:39:27   shortcuts icons really special, and that is they will keep the original color of your shortcut

01:39:35   when you add it to the home screen. So before, it used to be that any image that you picked from

01:39:40   files to use as a custom home screen icon, it would override the original color of your shortcut,

01:39:48   either with a black background color that looks horrible, or with any other background color,

01:39:56   if you provided a jpg image. But with our icons, if you're using 13.1, they will look just like

01:40:04   the Apple-made home screen icons. So you will have your default color of the

01:40:11   shortcut that you assigned in the shortcuts app, but you will have a custom

01:40:15   glyph on top of it. And I should also note that there are no crazy hacks or

01:40:22   workarounds involved. I know that in the past I shared my own, like I reverse

01:40:28   engineered, for example, the way that Apple used to generate these icons, but

01:40:33   But in iOS 13, the way that you add home screen shortcuts is all new, it's all native, and

01:40:39   our icons are native as well.

01:40:41   So you can pick them directly inside the shortcuts app from files.

01:40:45   There's no crazy hack or workaround involved.

01:40:49   It's all natively supported, and because of 13.1, it looks great in terms of it keeps

01:40:55   your original shortcuts color.

01:40:59   So I rethought my entire home screen setup, because this is a product that I use myself.

01:41:04   And so now on my iPad Pro and on my iPhone I have basically rethought my home screens

01:41:10   around these icons that finally give me options for like my clipboard shortcuts or my timers

01:41:18   for toggle, for time tracking, so all of that.

01:41:21   And we launched them today and they're part of the new Max Stories Pixel design brand

01:41:29   that is run by Silvia and me. We're gonna do more design stuff in the future. We have

01:41:35   some ideas. Not physical products. I'm not crazy like Myke. I'm not gonna get into that.

01:41:45   I'm not lucky, Myke.

01:41:48   That space is all yours.

01:41:51   But more design stuff, we have some ideas.

01:41:54   And that is the second big thing that I've been working on since July.

01:41:57   So we launched it today, and you can go to maxstories.net/pixel and you will find the

01:42:04   links to the icons.

01:42:05   They look really awesome.

01:42:07   Yeah, they're really good.

01:42:10   If I just saw a screenshot and I didn't know this was third party, it looks like something

01:42:17   Apple would do.

01:42:18   I mean, in the highest possible praise.

01:42:21   It's amazing work.

01:42:23   Thank you.

01:42:24   Well, it's all, you know, I gave the ideas and actually, Sylvia hated me for this.

01:42:30   I gave my requests.

01:42:32   I need an icon for a clipboard that also contains a link.

01:42:37   And it's like, okay.

01:42:39   So she did all the design necessarily for this.

01:42:42   And there's actually a full preview

01:42:46   that you can see on the website.

01:42:49   We have banners and we have screenshots,

01:42:50   but there's also a full preview that you can open and see

01:42:54   all the icons that are included.

01:42:55   And yeah, you can take a look at my home screens.

01:43:00   I'm probably going to write about them in more detail

01:43:02   because I'm still tweaking them and I'm still coming up.

01:43:05   And what's been fascinating in this process

01:43:07   is reorganizing my home screen around shortcuts

01:43:12   has been interesting because it made

01:43:14   me think of new shortcuts to create and share.

01:43:17   So that's been fun.

01:43:20   I'm not personally using an all shortcuts home screen.

01:43:24   I'm mixing and matching shortcuts and regular apps.

01:43:30   And yeah, that's it.

01:43:33   With this, I can finally take it easy for a little while.

01:43:37   this was the other thing that I've been teasing for a while

01:43:40   and it's finally out and it feels good.

01:43:42   So yeah, I'm done.

01:43:45   - Take a break now.

01:43:49   - Yeah, I can, I think I can.

01:43:51   - Well, is that it?

01:43:53   We made it to the end. - I think so.

01:43:55   - We made it.

01:43:55   - Is Amazon doing anything else or are we all set there?

01:43:58   I think they're done now.

01:44:00   - Yeah, I think they're done.

01:44:01   The ring was the last one.

01:44:02   - They'll be back next week with something else new,

01:44:04   I'm sure.

01:44:04   If you want to find links to all the stuff

01:44:06   we spoke about today, you can head over to the website relay.fm slash connected slash

01:44:11   262. While you're there, you can send us an email with feedback or follow up. Or you can

01:44:17   do that on Twitter, you can find Myke there as I am y ke Myke is the host of a bunch of

01:44:22   other shows here at relay FM as well. You can find Federico on Twitter at Fattahi VITI

01:44:28   CCI. And he's the editor in chief of Max stories.net. You can find me on Twitter as ISMH and I

01:44:35   I write 512 pixels net I think our sponsors this week pingdom smile and

01:44:40   fresh books until next time guys say goodbye I'll do that you cheerio adios