261: You Handed Me a Watermelon


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 261.

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00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hackett and I'm joined in person

00:00:21   by Mr. Myke Curley.

00:00:22   - Hello.

00:00:24   - What's up?

00:00:25   - I'm in Memphis again.

00:00:26   - We're gonna talk about why in a minute.

00:00:29   But we are together in the studio,

00:00:31   we can give each other high fives, proof.

00:00:33   Can't fake that in Logic later.

00:00:35   It is hot outside, it is nice in here.

00:00:39   And we are without Federico this week, which is sad.

00:00:42   - He couldn't make it.

00:00:44   - He said if I can't be there in person--

00:00:46   - Don't wanna do it. - I don't wanna do it.

00:00:47   And I kinda respect that. - Yep.

00:00:49   - So he'll be back next week. - Yep.

00:00:51   - His iOS 13 review goes up tomorrow.

00:00:55   So we're gonna talk a lot about that next week.

00:00:57   He's just in the final stages of getting that ready.

00:00:59   I've been leafing through it and to no surprise,

00:01:03   it's really good.

00:01:04   - It's really good and really big.

00:01:05   Just like Federico.

00:01:06   He's pretty tall.

00:01:09   - He's taller than you think he would be.

00:01:10   It surprised me the first time we met.

00:01:12   - Big, tall Italian boy, that's what we call him.

00:01:15   The BTIB.

00:01:15   - Sure.

00:01:19   We have some-- - Big, tall energy.

00:01:20   (laughing)

00:01:24   - So we have some follow-ups that we do

00:01:25   at the beginning of the show.

00:01:26   And let's start by talking about phones that we may or may not have ordered.

00:01:31   Products, not just phones, products, products.

00:01:33   I didn't order any other products.

00:01:35   You sure?

00:01:36   Uh huh.

00:01:37   Even for, okay, all right.

00:01:38   Well that one thing's a surprise so don't ruin that.

00:01:41   Okay.

00:01:42   I ordered a iPhone 11 Pro, the smaller of the two.

00:01:48   I was with Space Gray, after all the hands on videos and stuff, talked to me into Space

00:01:52   Gray.

00:01:53   the camera bump will be less noticeable in the back.

00:01:56   The black.

00:01:57   - It just sounds like hope. - And all black.

00:01:59   - There's no reason why it would be better

00:02:02   or worse in all black.

00:02:03   - Well, black cameras floating on white glass seems icky.

00:02:07   - But then maybe that takes your attention away

00:02:08   from the bump and just to the lenses.

00:02:11   - Whatever, I ordered a Space Gray for the first time

00:02:13   in a long time, excited about that.

00:02:15   And what, 256 gig on AT&T, so that's my phone.

00:02:20   - Something that I don't think I'd noticed

00:02:22   until the orders went up.

00:02:24   I cannot believe that this phone starts at 64 gigabytes for $1,000.

00:02:28   Same as the 10 and 10s.

00:02:31   But yeah, it's ridiculous.

00:02:31   It should be at 128.

00:02:32   It just feels like at this point we should have moved on from this.

00:02:35   And I just think that it's kind of crazy that they're still doing that.

00:02:40   Because really this phone starts at $1,149.

00:02:44   It doesn't start at $999 because you shouldn't be spending $1,000

00:02:48   and getting 64 gigabytes of storage.

00:02:49   Well, not if you're a pro.

00:02:51   Well, that's part of it, though, right?

00:02:52   But I just mean like if you're spending that,

00:02:55   you shouldn't be getting that cause you're not going to be happy with it. Right?

00:02:58   Like it doesn't matter what Apple keeps doing to iOS to make iOS more space

00:03:02   efficient. You will come up against a 64 gigabytes really fast.

00:03:05   Like especially they keep making the cameras better,

00:03:08   which means they take more data. So all of your images are getting bigger.

00:03:11   4k video is huge.

00:03:12   4k video is supposed to be what you're watching on this thing cause you've got

00:03:15   your Dolby Atmos and your whatever it is. And it just feels like,

00:03:21   It just feels silly.

00:03:22   Like I know it's like, what's the point of even complaining about it?

00:03:25   Like, because it's just like, it is what it is with them, with this stuff.

00:03:28   But I just think that I wouldn't be frustrated about the, uh, the 11 so much.

00:03:33   Starting there, but the pro should not be starting at 64 gigabytes.

00:03:37   It just shouldn't, a thousand dollars should get you more than

00:03:40   64 gigabytes of storage on a phone.

00:03:42   Agreed.

00:03:43   What did you do?

00:03:46   So because I'm not I

00:03:48   Can't I'm not gonna be in

00:03:51   The UK right on Friday because we're gonna be doing the podcast with on which we'll talk about in a bit

00:03:55   I didn't order through the traditional channels, right?

00:03:59   Like I didn't place an order because I can't pick it up and I'm not at home to receive it

00:04:03   So I'm working on trying to get one for when I get home the gold one

00:04:08   But we're still also trying to get one for the podcast of fun as well

00:04:12   Yeah, I'll have mine at least and we'll see if we can get you one

00:04:15   We're still trying we're still working on that

00:04:16   So but so that that will be a thing so we can unbox one on the on the actual stream

00:04:20   So I'm still trying to get one but otherwise I'm gonna pick him one up on Monday the 23rd

00:04:25   So I would pick one up then if I can't get it and that will be the gold

00:04:28   256 okay the max the max and I also I have ordered a gold 256

00:04:36   Regular for a dino to the pro the pro. Yeah

00:04:41   Yeah, I went through her like and I showed her all the stuff and was like you can choose right because you've got colors and

00:04:47   all that kind of stuff

00:04:48   and she was

00:04:50   She wanted to have all the best camera stuff that she could possibly have her because that matters to her, right?

00:04:56   It's the reason she wants to upgrade so she's on a 10

00:04:59   And she's been jealous of the 10 our photos. I'm sorry that the 10 s photos for a bit. We'll talk about that later on

00:05:07   But now she wants to upgrade to get the better camera

00:05:10   So the pro is the best option for her as well because that's where the best camera lives. What is she using now a 10, okay?

00:05:18   She was on SE for a long time right no she was gonna buy the SE

00:05:22   She had a 5 for a long that's what I'm thinking

00:05:25   And then she was gonna buy the SE

00:05:26   But was so mad about the fact that it was super expensive and just looked like her current phone that she got a 6

00:05:33   Okay, and then no success I think initially for that success until the 10, okay

00:05:38   So this is the the most the shortest upgrade cycle for her in a long time. Yeah

00:05:44   Over on six colors Jason had this awesome interview about the

00:05:50   Ultra wideband you one chip that's in the new phone. So we spoke a little bit about this week

00:05:56   There's really not much information out there about this, but it is basically technology that allows

00:06:01   devices to locate each other with like pinpoint accuracy and

00:06:05   Apple's using it for airdrop and we can all just assume that it's going to be part of any sort of

00:06:10   device tracking system in the future

00:06:13   But Jason landed this interview and it's a great read if you haven't seen this yet

00:06:18   I definitely recommend it if you want to know more about this technology and what people think it could do in the future

00:06:24   Yeah, I'm really excited about this. I mean it seems like there's all sorts of

00:06:28   Things that this could do beyond just losing your keys

00:06:31   But I think about it in like industry and like commercial settings. It seems really neat

00:06:37   Yeah, he spoke to a marketing president a company that makes these ships

00:06:42   It's not the company that's making the chips for Apple

00:06:45   but this is a company that is invested in ultra wideband technology and I mean

00:06:49   Of course the VP of marketing for an ultra wideband company is gonna be really excited about ultra wideband

00:06:54   sure but he does liken it to when Apple put Wi-Fi chips in the max for the first

00:07:00   time right like what Wi-Fi card inside and it's like that opened up so much

00:07:04   possibility and they say that there is a lot of possibility here too and there is

00:07:08   I mean when you go through and look at some of the potential options even for

00:07:11   for technology it doesn't even exist yet like AR or whatever having these devices

00:07:16   being able to talk to each other at a much closer rate is great and there's a

00:07:20   lot of stuff that could be done for smart home you know like I thought about

00:07:23   about the idea of, it's really nice to have NFC stickers

00:07:26   that you can tap when you leave the office

00:07:29   to set the Hue lights, but wouldn't it just be better

00:07:31   if the devices all spoke to each other

00:07:33   and I never had to do anything?

00:07:35   - Yeah, 'cause right now, so much geofencing stuff,

00:07:37   it's not super accurate, right?

00:07:39   So for me, for my use case for my offices in my yard,

00:07:42   my backyard, a geofence, if I go in the house,

00:07:47   that's not far enough. - No.

00:07:48   - And so nothing can be automated based on location.

00:07:50   - It's also not precise enough technology

00:07:53   my opinion that I'm willing to trust it greatly for the for like really

00:07:57   important things but ultra wideband with it's like what like 10 centimeter range

00:08:02   or whatever like I'm willing to trust that that's a good that's a good level

00:08:05   of range for me so I'm excited about it but we'll have to wait and see if and

00:08:09   what Apple do with it but they have made their own chip again so they're probably

00:08:12   gonna do something mm-hmm I want to point people also to Mac power users

00:08:17   episode 500 a because 500 is a huge nice round number that's exciting

00:08:23   congratulations thank you for this I interviewed my co-host David sparks we

00:08:29   were live at the max.conference back in July where the bulk of this episode

00:08:33   takes place it's sort of a the middle the episode is from July the beating

00:08:37   evidence from now kind of merged them together through the magic of editing

00:08:40   and it was great to talk about to David about his work and how he ended up in

00:08:45   this but a lot of good listener questions. Just really happy with how it came out and we swore

00:08:52   the MaxDock audience to secrecy about the interview because we recorded it six weeks ago and

00:08:57   they all kept their pledges so I don't think anything got out. Nothing got to the press.

00:09:02   That's right. I think we are the press. Well, other press. Other press. Nothing got to upgrade.

00:09:07   That's true. Nothing was leaked on upgrade. Nothing was leaked. Do you want to tell people

00:09:11   about our trip out west? We're kind of getting things ready for the

00:09:16   podcast of fun this week so we did a twitch stream

00:09:18   a couple of days ago where we played Oregon Trail.

00:09:22   I played it for the first time and no spoilers but I'm the best Oregon Trail

00:09:26   player of all time so we put that up on our

00:09:28   youtube channel so you can go and watch that if you want to if you want to see

00:09:31   me and Steven playing Oregon Trail and raising money

00:09:34   for Saint-Duit at the same time. It was a lot of fun and we got a game of

00:09:38   Super Muncher summon at the end. Yeah I didn't like that one.

00:09:40   Argan trial was fine, Super Munchers was boring, sorry.

00:09:44   Wow.

00:09:44   I'm sorry.

00:09:45   You're just bad at picking out reptiles.

00:09:46   Yeah, sure, but it's boring.

00:09:47   So in two days we're going to be doing our podcast-a-thon. I'll let you talk about that.

00:09:54   But the reason we're doing it is September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We've

00:09:58   been talking about it. Our initial goal was to raise $75,000 for St. Jude, which is an institution

00:10:04   here in Memphis that treats kids without regard for their family's ability to pay for that treatment.

00:10:10   what's cool is St. Jude's Reach is far beyond just Memphis.

00:10:15   It happens to be in my backyard,

00:10:17   but they, well not my backyard,

00:10:19   down the street a little bit,

00:10:20   but they do treat kids from all over the country

00:10:24   and all around the world,

00:10:25   and then they share their research with organizations,

00:10:29   including the World Health Organization,

00:10:31   all around the globe.

00:10:32   So kids with cancer in all sorts of far distant places

00:10:36   can benefit from the work happening right here in Tennessee,

00:10:39   which is cool as a local guy.

00:10:40   But the thing that I really wanna point people towards

00:10:46   is that they do this without charging the families.

00:10:49   And if anyone's been through this with a loved one

00:10:52   or a friend, you know how expensive these treatments can be.

00:10:56   And to have the best treatment

00:10:57   and the best research in the world,

00:10:59   and to have your travel paid for and your meals paid for

00:11:03   and anything you need while you're here paid for

00:11:06   lets you focus on the task at hand

00:11:08   of seeing your kid through this nightmare, honestly.

00:11:12   And St. Jude does that, and as a recipient of that

00:11:16   for now 10 years with our son,

00:11:19   I can tell you that there's no place on earth

00:11:21   quite like this.

00:11:22   And that's why we're excited to do what we do each September.

00:11:26   We've blown past the $75,000 goal.

00:11:29   We are quickly approaching $150,000,

00:11:32   just twice our original goal.

00:11:34   and we moved the goalpost to 175

00:11:37   because we are doing this show on Friday.

00:11:39   You wanna talk a little bit about that?

00:11:41   - Yeah, so from four to 10 p.m. Eastern,

00:11:44   there is a link in the show notes to a Twitch event

00:11:47   where you can see what the time will be

00:11:48   in your own time zone.

00:11:50   We're gonna be streaming live from St. Jude's campus

00:11:53   for, yes, six hours, and we're gonna be doing

00:11:56   the first ever Relay FM Podcast-a-thon.

00:11:58   Me and Steven are gonna be there in person.

00:12:00   We have some great interviews with some important people

00:12:04   who will be coming in.

00:12:04   And we also have a bunch of relay FM hosts as well, Skyping in.

00:12:08   It's going to be new Apple product days,

00:12:10   so there's going to be a lot of talk about that.

00:12:12   And there's going to be some games that we're going to play.

00:12:14   Jason Snell's put together a wonderful game, which may be familiar

00:12:17   to some people who've listened to previous episodes of the show.

00:12:20   And we're going to be doing the best we can to try and raise money

00:12:25   for St. Jude.

00:12:27   So that is September 20th this Friday from 4 to 10 p.m.

00:12:32   Eastern time in America, which is a decent time for people to most over the world to catch at least some

00:12:38   Which is why we chose this time

00:12:41   So please tune in for as much as you possibly can

00:12:44   And see all the fun things we're gonna do to try and convince you to give us more money. That's right

00:12:50   We are gonna host the video on YouTube when it's done. Yep, and we're gonna post the audio

00:12:56   Some people have ashes for the the audio

00:12:58   It's gonna be a big mp3 just be prepared. Maybe it would be multiple ones

00:13:02   We don't see hands the six-hour file may break everything. We'll find out

00:13:07   But that will be hosted in a new feed on relay FM. So if you get a relay FM

00:13:13   Departures that is a feed we've set up just for our special event

00:13:17   So right now the family feud is in there just to have something there for episode one. Yep

00:13:21   This is won't be a fee that's updated very often. But as we do wacky things over time

00:13:26   I think any live show can go in there, you know

00:13:28   Like any live event that we do we can try and put in there if it makes sense

00:13:31   Rather than living in disparate places because the live events tend to have multiple hosts them

00:13:37   Yeah, if it's that, you know, I think like the connected WWDC maybe not we'll see how it goes

00:13:41   But relay.fm/departures will be tweeting that link

00:13:45   I hope to have that stuff up at some point over the weekend

00:13:48   That's gonna take a long time for that video to get where it needs to go

00:13:53   But we'll definitely share those links in next week's show notes as well

00:13:56   Yeah, so if we love if you hung out on twitch live this Friday, but if you can't we understand

00:14:01   You can check it out later. And of course you can donate at st. Jude org slash connected

00:14:07   On to tiny topic number one. Mm-hmm, and it's an ironic tiny topic because this is a big topic. It's a 27 inch topic

00:14:15   Mmm, Myke you are buying a new computer. Yeah, I think we've touched on this a little bit

00:14:22   But I have placed an order with a Apple business rep. I haven't paid for it yet

00:14:27   But I will be paying for it very soon because I don't want them to ship it to me because I'm here and not home

00:14:33   It's just like sitting outside your home. Probably a bad idea. I bought a 27 inch iMac Pro.

00:14:38   Hooray! Welcome to the club. Thank you. I got the 8 core 3.2 gigahertz 8 core Intel Xeon W processor

00:14:46   Which I don't know if you know can turbo boost up to 4.2 gigahertz. I'm aware. Yes

00:14:50   I got 64 gigabytes of RAM and a 2 terabyte SSD. They're the two things that I added to it.

00:14:55   So it's the base CPU, double the RAM, double the SSD, the entry-level GPU.

00:15:01   Yes.

00:15:02   I put entry-level in air quotes because it's a really good GPU.

00:15:04   Yeah.

00:15:05   Although there are newer ones. So this is what I want to talk to you about. I think you're fine

00:15:09   buying this at this point. There's no rumor of an iMac Pro update. I don't think that there are

00:15:13   Xeon's that could go into it yet. The Xeon's and the Mac Pro are different. There are GPUs

00:15:18   they could put in an iMac Pro but honestly I've had an iMac Pro since the

00:15:24   beginning of last year whenever it was basically new. I've got the stock based

00:15:29   model so half the RAM and half the storage you do and I can honestly tell

00:15:33   you it's the best computer I've ever owned. So you said that I saw Marco say

00:15:37   that. Jason loves his. Everybody I know that has one loves it. Sparky's got one.

00:15:41   Made it an easy choice. The specific reason that I'm doing it now is I don't

00:15:48   want to run Catalina on my iMac so I'm buying it before that becomes a possible situation.

00:15:57   Now of course they could and very are very likely to update it with something right like maybe it's

00:16:03   a new chip or whatever but I am running with basically no problems a 2015 iMac yeah I think

00:16:11   it was the first 5k I think you're right yeah I don't really need a ton more power the machine's

00:16:16   four years old. But I wanted a bit more because it's getting slow in some places. It's gonna be a lot more power, man.

00:16:21   You're gonna be surprised. I wanted more power and then I think I may have mentioned this in the past as well,

00:16:26   then because a family member desperately needs a new computer. Okay. Which gave me the additional push to be like, alright,

00:16:32   I'll just do it now. It's always nice when you can help somebody out. Yeah. Yeah, I think you're, I think you're safe

00:16:36   even if they update it. It would be,

00:16:38   you're still getting a really great computer. The updated Catalina thing is interesting.

00:16:42   We spoke about this, I think, off the show, but a couple things can happen here.

00:16:45   So the iMac Pro originally came with High Sierra and it may be that yours could run High Sierra,

00:16:53   but Apple can't at any point silently revise the firmware or something on the machine and make it

00:16:59   require something else. So I assume that your iMac Pro will come with Mojave on it out of the box

00:17:05   and say that Catalina comes out October 15th, a made-up date. I'm not leaking anything. It's

00:17:11   It's made up date.

00:17:12   It may be that you could still get Mojave

00:17:14   either out of the box or downgrade it well into the future,

00:17:19   but to your point, that's not a guarantee.

00:17:20   - And I don't wanna roll the dice on it.

00:17:22   I don't like to mess with things.

00:17:25   - No.

00:17:25   - I am still on Mojave, I think.

00:17:28   - You're on High Sierra, you mean?

00:17:29   - I'm on High Sierra, I don't know which one I'm on.

00:17:30   - Mojave's the current one, you're one back.

00:17:33   - I'm one back, I'm on High Sierra.

00:17:34   I'm on High Sierra, I haven't upgraded to Mojave.

00:17:37   Wait, when did they add Dark Mode?

00:17:39   - Mojave.

00:17:40   Mojave I had to upgrade for some reason okay there was something that was

00:17:43   stopping you yeah but Catalina is not going to be ready on day one for no I

00:17:48   upgraded to Mojave not on day one yeah you did it pretty recently oh you know

00:17:53   what maybe I am maybe I'm thinking about my Mac Mini of being on Mojave I think

00:17:57   my my iMac is on High Sierra I spoke out on yet I'm thinking about because I was

00:18:03   thinking I've tried out dark mode but I tried out on my Mac on your little home

00:18:06   server there because that's what that shipped with so I I want to stay behind

00:18:10   I especially want to stay behind in Catalina because it's a it's a lot of

00:18:15   change it's a lot of change and it seems like it is just introducing more

00:18:20   problems the reason that I like to stay a step behind is because my machine my

00:18:25   Mac is not for fun right right like it's a tool I don't use it like I use my

00:18:30   other devices where like I want to be in the latest and greatest to have all the

00:18:33   on features, I want a completely stable environment. Nothing to change. That's what I want because

00:18:40   if something messes up and I lose a day trying to fix it, I don't want that. Like that is

00:18:46   a day's time that I've lost, which is valuable and I don't really have that to spare to frustrating

00:18:52   computer problems. So that's why I'm pulling the trigger at a time where I would not recommend

00:18:58   other people do that. Right? Like if you are buying a new computer, especially a new

00:19:03   professional Macintosh wait a month this is a terrible time to buy one so that's

00:19:07   what I want to ask you so you have spoken in the past about an interest in

00:19:10   the Mac Pro yeah what changed what's pushing you into the iMac Pro price that

00:19:14   it I just I can it's a big reason it's super expensive well we don't know yet

00:19:20   but we assume well the base model is a thousand dollars more than the iMac Pro

00:19:24   yeah with a worse GPU a quarter of the storage and no display yeah it's like I

00:19:30   I don't know how much it would end up costing me,

00:19:33   but the price that it will be,

00:19:35   I know from what I can already see,

00:19:38   is more than I am willing to spend

00:19:41   when the iMac Pro is sitting there for five grand.

00:19:44   - The iMac Pro is an expensive computer,

00:19:46   there's no way around it.

00:19:47   But a funny thing has happened

00:19:49   where the Mac Pro has made the iMac Pro

00:19:51   look like a pretty good deal

00:19:52   if you're shopping at the high end.

00:19:53   - Because I would have to spec it up.

00:19:55   Like, I mean, how much is it really gonna cost me, right?

00:19:58   Like, I'm gonna do it to configure it like everyone.

00:20:00   to get 64 gigabytes of RAM and a two terabyte SSD.

00:20:03   - To match the iMac Pro you bought,

00:20:05   the Mac Pro will be significantly more,

00:20:07   and that's without a display.

00:20:08   So if you go buy the LG one, you're adding what, two grand?

00:20:11   If you buy the Apple's, you're adding seven?

00:20:13   - For the work that I'm doing,

00:20:14   I can't imagine that the increase in the processor

00:20:17   from the iMac to the Mac Pro

00:20:18   is really gonna give me that much.

00:20:20   And it's gonna be in the fact that yes,

00:20:22   I have a good eight core processor

00:20:24   and really good fast RAM.

00:20:26   Does it have the same, is the Mac Pro's RAM better?

00:20:29   Is it faster?

00:20:30   It is, isn't it?

00:20:31   I think it is faster.

00:20:33   They both use EEC memory?

00:20:35   I don't remember. Yeah, EEC memory.

00:20:36   But I believe the Mac Pro uses faster memory.

00:20:41   But honestly, for what you do,

00:20:45   I think the biggest difference is you don't need

00:20:47   something like the afterburner card

00:20:49   to accelerate 8K video.

00:20:50   'Cause I don't do anything video-wise anymore.

00:20:52   Right, and so if you're doing what we do,

00:20:54   audio or even like, I do some 4K work,

00:20:57   and the iMac Pro, the base iMac Pro that I have,

00:21:01   is still plenty fast.

00:21:02   I think for you and I needs,

00:21:05   the iMac Pro is a better machine.

00:21:06   That doesn't mean I'm not tempted by the Mac Pro,

00:21:08   that doesn't mean there won't be one

00:21:09   under my desk at some point,

00:21:11   but the iMac Pro is a great machine.

00:21:13   - Oh no, it runs the same, the DDR4 ECC memory,

00:21:16   like 2666 megahertz.

00:21:20   - Okay.

00:21:21   - So it runs like I'm looking at mine, it's the same.

00:21:25   - Yeah, I mean the iMac Pros for people

00:21:27   who need add-on cards or who just need as much GPU power as you can get.

00:21:31   For me, the Mac Pro thing was always like,

00:21:33   what could I get that would be useful to me, right?

00:21:37   And what Apple have decided to build.

00:21:40   I mean, we spoke about this at length at this point,

00:21:44   but it is outside of my requirements.

00:21:47   I was wondering, like, will this thing start cheaper

00:21:51   and have standard parts that I can upgrade?

00:21:55   the answer to both of those things is pretty much no.

00:21:58   We know it's not starting cheaper.

00:22:00   And when I'm talking about like standard,

00:22:02   like can I take the graphics card from my PC

00:22:04   and put it in this thing?

00:22:05   No, I cannot do that.

00:22:07   Right, like it's not gonna be as simple as that.

00:22:09   Right, and that's what I was kind of hoping for.

00:22:11   - Yeah, well I mean if you have,

00:22:12   if you're using AMD cards it is,

00:22:14   but the Nvidia support's pretty bad.

00:22:16   - Yeah, I'm using Nvidia card.

00:22:17   But that's what I'm saying, right?

00:22:19   But like then I, you know,

00:22:20   it needs to go in those special enclosures that they have,

00:22:22   right, is that right for graphics cards?

00:22:23   - No, no. - You can just put them

00:22:24   put a straight PCI card in it. The enclosures they have are bridging two GPUs into one. So you can put

00:22:31   like, so say like the Radeon 7 card, which is a GPU Apple could use in the iMac Pro at some point,

00:22:38   I assume. You could buy that and put it in a Mac Pro because the AMD drivers are all part of

00:22:46   Mac OS. Apple's cards are just beefier than what you can get off the shelf easily. But to your

00:22:53   point it's not just an open PC either right there is there are unusual things about it.

00:22:57   I didn't think they would build that but I wanted to see how far they would go and I think for me

00:23:01   it's maybe not not far enough like I in a weird way even though the iMac is completely closed

00:23:08   I feel kind of more confident in the iMac's ability to be a running computer that's going

00:23:12   to last forever and be good than the Mac Pro which we have no idea the potential pitfalls

00:23:18   they have designed themselves into yet we just don't know that the iMac Pro at this point is a

00:23:22   known element is a known quantity we do not know what the Mac Pro is gonna how

00:23:27   it's gonna ship right like what is it gonna be like when it ships because in

00:23:30   theory there shouldn't have been a problem with the last one but then I got

00:23:34   one sitting over there a little trash can and what that is really good for

00:23:38   actually is for picking names out of little pieces that's the best thing it

00:23:41   does so you're looking at an iMac Pro you're probably gonna pull the trigger

00:23:45   soon what about the galaxy fold well this is the most expensive month of your

00:23:51   life. I don't want to talk about it. Why is everything so difficult? So the

00:23:55   Galaxy Fold goes on sale in the UK today, right? So I go to their website and I

00:24:00   click where to buy, right? So you can choose where to buy. And I have some

00:24:06   options. I have EE, which is a carrier, which is my carrier. Okay, like a carrier

00:24:11   store, like go buy from them. And when I click on that, all I'm given is the

00:24:14   option to buy it on a pay monthly plan, right? You want me on a plan. Two year

00:24:19   plans starting at kind of around a hundred pounds a month.

00:24:22   Very expensive for a phone.

00:24:24   But all these plans these days lump in the price of the phone.

00:24:28   Like you. Right. Right.

00:24:29   This is like so the recommended plan is one hundred and nineteen

00:24:32   pounds a month. You pay fifty pounds for the phone.

00:24:35   Now remember this is like a close to I don't even remember what the final

00:24:38   price is, but like a two thousand pound phone.

00:24:40   Right. It's really expensive.

00:24:41   And it's 5G, 120 gigabytes of data.

00:24:44   It's a great plan. Right.

00:24:46   Because this is a 5G phone as well.

00:24:48   How's 5G coverage in the UK? Here it's like you have to be on the right street

00:24:52   corner. In London, I mean I haven't tested it but you can get good speeds in London

00:24:57   but it is a similar thing right where it's like you've got to be in the right

00:25:01   place at the right time but I do live in London so I'm in a city where it's being

00:25:04   built out. So that's one option. I don't particularly want to do that. I don't

00:25:11   want to lock myself into a two-year plan for this phone, ideally. Even though

00:25:15   like you know I've run the numbers it probably wouldn't end up being that much

00:25:18   more expensive but it will be a bit more expensive right so then I'm like all

00:25:24   right let me just buy it from Samsung okay let me ask you a question this is

00:25:28   Samsung's phone do you think you can buy on Samsung's website I would think so

00:25:32   you cannot do that my other options are experience it in store and I have two

00:25:38   options I have Samsung KX there's what it says join all the Samsung KX is

00:25:44   It sounds like a cereal.

00:25:45   It is a, it's not a shop is what their website says.

00:25:50   It is an event space.

00:25:52   So I can buy an event space which is nice I guess.

00:25:56   Or I can receive a hand on experience of the galaxy fold and unfold the future apparently

00:26:01   so that's good to know.

00:26:02   Someone like helps you unfold it.

00:26:04   But I don't know if I'm just touching it or can I buy it.

00:26:08   It doesn't tell me if I'm able to actually buy it.

00:26:11   I can just look at it.

00:26:13   you can click on the Samsung store, right? Samsung Experience stores. And I just found

00:26:20   that their locations can't buy it. And then also is available at Harrods and Selfridges

00:26:25   to luxury, extreme luxury department stores. They've been very specific with this. I don't

00:26:32   know why I can buy it online on EE's website, but can't buy it on Samsung's website. If

00:26:38   you're buying it through Samsung, they want you to go to a place.

00:26:41   so that you don't peel the screen off.

00:26:43   - I guess that's part of it, right?

00:26:45   But if that's the case, let me buy it on,

00:26:49   if I can buy it on the E's website

00:26:50   and they'll just ship it to my house,

00:26:52   let me buy it on your website

00:26:53   'cause I don't wanna be on a plan with, so.

00:26:56   - I get the sense that Samsung is selling it

00:26:58   begrudgingly at this point

00:26:59   because there were pre-orders in the US,

00:27:01   they gave everybody their money back.

00:27:03   They're not here in the US yet.

00:27:06   and this phone has a curse or something above it

00:27:11   that seems like it's gonna follow it forever.

00:27:15   So maybe they are quote selling it

00:27:17   but actually buying it is extremely difficult

00:27:19   'cause they don't want to have it on the market.

00:27:21   - They don't wanna make it easy, I think,

00:27:24   for people to buy this phone.

00:27:25   I would love to know if I can book a time at this store

00:27:29   and go and get one, this experience store,

00:27:32   but nothing claims this.

00:27:34   it's just like, oh, come and look at it.

00:27:37   It's like, well then what do I do?

00:27:39   So.

00:27:40   - Well, keep us updated.

00:27:42   - Yeah, I mean, I'm probably just gonna try and buy one.

00:27:47   So when I go back home, and if I am gonna go

00:27:50   to the Apple store to get an iPhone,

00:27:53   I will be surrounded by, I mean,

00:27:56   I'm in the center of London, and there is a Samsung store,

00:28:00   and there's a Selfridges, and I could go to Harrods.

00:28:03   So my plan is to attack these places

00:28:06   until one of them will let me give an incredible amount

00:28:09   of money to buy this phone.

00:28:11   Because I know connected listeners are dying

00:28:14   for my review of the Samsung Galaxy Fold at this point.

00:28:17   - Sure.

00:28:19   - I know they are.

00:28:20   They better be.

00:28:21   I'm still very excited about it.

00:28:23   I will fight against anything Samsung has put in my way,

00:28:26   which so far has been a lot,

00:28:28   to try and just plead them to take my money

00:28:32   to give me their fundamentally flawed phone.

00:28:35   - Good luck with that. - Thank you.

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00:30:10   It is new product week and here on Wednesday,

00:30:14   the embargoes have been lifted on the iPhones

00:30:16   and the Apple watches.

00:30:18   So there are just a bunch of reviews that we've read

00:30:21   and watched in the show notes.

00:30:23   I thought we can maybe talk about some high level stuff.

00:30:26   And it seems like the camera improvements are the thing that have grabbed people's

00:30:31   attention this year on the phone.

00:30:33   I mean, as always, it's always camera improvements, right? Like that's,

00:30:38   it's always going to make the headlines because that's what Apple are doing

00:30:42   every year. That's what you can always count on,

00:30:44   that the camera's going to get better.

00:30:46   But this feels like one of those years where they've gone and done something

00:30:50   wild and it's more than the fact that they added another lens, right?

00:30:55   Like they seem to have done a lot more from the software processing side to make their images look better and

00:31:02   I am

00:31:05   Dying to try out this camera

00:31:07   Because it looks legit

00:31:10   I mean the battery is also making a lot of headlines too because

00:31:14   They've made huge jumps in battery levels, especially on the pro right like adding four or five hours of battery life to your phone

00:31:22   it's wild is is bonkers like that's unprecedented from apple it is and it's a

00:31:29   it's a promise they can't walk back so i've been thinking about this in terms of 5g

00:31:34   coming in the future right now you get a 5g phone like your beloved and the battery life's miserable

00:31:39   and all huh just like it was with lte back in the day remember android phones first got big when

00:31:44   lte came out because they'd have bigger batteries the iphone used to have text in in the settings

00:31:50   and it will have it again right you could enable it but it said it will reduce your battery life

00:31:54   do you remember that i don't but i believe it it used you could you could choose and it's like you

00:31:58   can stand 3g or you can go on 4g which will get you faster speeds but reduce the battery life of

00:32:02   your phone but they can't walk back four to five hours no the phone still has to have it right right

00:32:08   and so that's an interesting dynamic that may come up in the future

00:32:12   Gruber and his review was talking a lot about 3d touch going away and that hardware going away

00:32:20   and that maybe opening the door to a bigger battery.

00:32:24   And clearly there's some element to the new processor,

00:32:28   because even the 10R to the 11 gained an hour.

00:32:31   But I think--

00:32:32   It does have a bigger battery.

00:32:34   But it has a bigger battery.

00:32:35   And getting rid of the 3D Touch, the sensors which

00:32:39   added depth to the display, and the phones

00:32:41   are slightly thicker and slightly heavier,

00:32:43   it seems like Apple, that was a big deal for them this year.

00:32:47   And I think it's great.

00:32:48   We're gonna talk about sort of our experience with the XS.

00:32:51   I tell you, the battery life on the regular XS

00:32:53   is not very good.

00:32:54   And I'm excited for the 11 Pro to have a big bump there.

00:32:58   But the cameras, I'm with you,

00:33:01   I'm really excited to try them.

00:33:03   The more examples I've seen of people posting

00:33:06   from the ultra wide, I think there's a lot of

00:33:08   creative things we can do with that.

00:33:11   And I see now why the 11 has that and not the telephoto.

00:33:15   Even though-- - It's more fun.

00:33:16   I like the telephoto and I find it really useful.

00:33:18   I think the ultrawide is more fun.

00:33:20   I think people have a better time with that.

00:33:23   And man, the night mode photos look really good.

00:33:27   Jason had-- - Yeah, just before, sorry,

00:33:28   just before we do move on to the camera stuff,

00:33:30   I just, I saw this link yesterday and went to bring it up.

00:33:33   MacRumors got some filings

00:33:35   from the Chinese regulatory agency, Tenor.

00:33:38   The batteries are 25% larger.

00:33:41   - Wow.

00:33:42   the the 11 Pro Max has effectively a 4000 milliamp power battery which the

00:33:50   XS Max had a 3000 milliamp power battery. So a big jump. So they're huge.

00:33:54   So yes the phone's got thicker which allowed for it but I would expect

00:33:58   that Gruber is right that removing the 3D Touch also allowed for that. It

00:34:03   probably wasn't why they removed 3D Touch but when they were doing the pros

00:34:06   and cons of removing it I'm sure this was on the list. I mean as soon as the XR came out

00:34:11   with haptic touch which is a long press instead of the deep force touch 3d force

00:34:17   touch deep press. That's the full name. I think the writing was on the wall. Yes I agree with you.

00:34:22   So the only thing that has 3d touch now is the track pads on the max and the

00:34:29   Apple watch and even in watch OS 5 and I haven't run watch OS 6 but even in watch

00:34:33   OS 5 the importance of 3d touch has been diminished and you could see where they

00:34:40   could get rid of it there as well in the future. Yep. Because again, more battery

00:34:43   life than the Apple Watch. It's always a good thing. Yep. But so yeah, so the night

00:34:48   mode, Jason posted this picture last night or today, just outside and you know

00:34:53   there's been lots of examples of this but the what caught me in his example, so

00:34:56   it's of a car in his neighborhood and like a driveway that's lit and in the

00:35:01   night mode photo you can see like the stars in the sky, which blows my mind

00:35:07   mind that's possible on a camera that goes in your pocket. Yeah and as well

00:35:11   like in John Gruber's review some of his photos of inside of a dimly lit bar were

00:35:18   amazing like the fact that you could see like he was posting this is what it

00:35:25   looks like on a like a XS and this is what it looks like on the 11 Pro with the

00:35:28   night mode is I'm really excited for the night mode stuff I'm very very pleased

00:35:33   that are adding it because the phone needs it after seeing what Google would

00:35:37   do. So I'm really excited to see that they're doing it at what looks like to

00:35:41   be a very very high level too. Yeah I think Apple has probably recaptured the

00:35:47   best smartphone camera for most people. We'll see what the Pixel 4 does. It's

00:35:50   gonna be out next month. A lot of people are saying right like this is now the

00:35:54   phone to beat and the iPhone has not been the phone to beat for a while.

00:35:59   the pixel 2. and it you right like so Google's event is in a couple of weeks

00:36:05   time actually about a month's time it's like October 14th or something like that

00:36:08   which is hilarious considering the fact that we know basically everything about

00:36:13   this. and if I were to put money down that's also the week of Apple's

00:36:18   October event. yeah if they're gonna do one they'll probably do it that week oh

00:36:21   man can you imagine if they did it on the same day. I'm gonna be on vacation it's gonna be great. oh great

00:36:25   everybody's on vacation but that's fine we'll still be here for you don't

00:36:29   worry so I'm I'm I'm very intrigued to see what exactly Google will be doing on

00:36:39   the camera side because Apple have really come out swinging this time it's

00:36:44   exciting I want them to be competitive with the camera because there have been

00:36:48   times where I've been in situations and I own a pixel 3a as like I wish I had

00:36:53   the other phone with me. I don't like that feeling and so I think they've really stepped

00:36:58   it up.

00:36:59   I like something that John Gruber wrote, like a quote from his article, because one of the

00:37:04   things about these new lenses, especially when you're in camera mode, but there's also

00:37:08   in video mode when you're not shooting in 4K at 60 frames a second, you can change between

00:37:13   any of the lenses and it happens smoothly. So you can either zoom with the little zoom

00:37:18   wheel or you can like hit the buttons and it will zoom. Now with this current telephoto

00:37:23   it would always like snap, right?

00:37:25   But now it does a zoom into these things.

00:37:27   And what Gruber says is,

00:37:29   what's essential to understand

00:37:31   is that you don't need to know

00:37:32   that the iPhone 11 camera systems

00:37:34   consist of two or three discrete cameras.

00:37:36   From the user's perspective,

00:37:37   they look and feel like a single camera

00:37:39   with multiple zoom levels, which is awesome.

00:37:42   I love the thought of that.

00:37:43   Like I bet that's gonna feel much nicer

00:37:46   as a way to control that stuff.

00:37:47   - And Apple talked a lot about

00:37:49   how they are much closer in quality.

00:37:52   The ultra wide though doesn't have any focus pixels

00:37:55   and is not quite as fast of an aperture.

00:37:59   - And it can't be stabilized in video.

00:38:00   - But, and they'll get there,

00:38:02   but it does seem like they have done more work

00:38:05   than in the past to make the cameras more similar.

00:38:09   - Yep.

00:38:09   - 'Cause like if on the 10 or the 10S,

00:38:12   when you stepped up to the telephoto,

00:38:14   it was markedly worse and that was always disappointing

00:38:18   and it seems like this year they've done some work

00:38:20   to help mitigate that.

00:38:21   And also, you can now take portrait photos from the regular camera, not just the telephoto

00:38:28   camera and it uses the like the ultra wide as the way to help balance that ground stuff.

00:38:34   So I'm excited about that because you don't have to be so close, the camera is better,

00:38:38   it can let more light in.

00:38:40   And the examples that I've seen of people that are taking photos with this setup, so

00:38:46   from the regular camera in portrait mode, the portrait shots look a lot better.

00:38:50   I think it's going to be awesome.

00:38:52   Anything else on the phones that you're excited about?

00:38:54   Well, not excited, but something that I think is worth noting is that 13 seems super buggy

00:39:01   on the new phones.

00:39:03   All the reviews that I've read comment on this, and Apple's comment is, "Wait for iOS

00:39:08   13.1," basically.

00:39:09   So we're going to have 10 buggy days.

00:39:12   I'm going to just put the 13 with beta on it and then migrate and not even worry with

00:39:16   13 now.

00:39:17   Really?

00:39:18   I'm not going to do that.

00:39:19   I'm still not running 13 on my iPhone.

00:39:21   - I'm already on the beta, so I'm just gonna do it.

00:39:24   - I will be the sacrificial lamb

00:39:26   and let you know what 13 is like.

00:39:28   - Okay, I think that does raise a question for our listeners.

00:39:32   If you're not upgrading your phone this year

00:39:34   and you're on 12, do you update to 13 tomorrow

00:39:37   when it comes out, or do you wait a week for 13.1?

00:39:40   - I mean, I wouldn't wait,

00:39:41   because there's gonna be apps with,

00:39:44   I mean, all the apps are gonna start popping out.

00:39:46   Everyone's gonna be talking about 13.

00:39:47   Like, I wouldn't wait.

00:39:48   I wouldn't be able to wait.

00:39:50   - Yeah, see, I would say go for it.

00:39:52   - Yeah.

00:39:53   - And--

00:39:53   - Like I'm gonna be upgrading mine--

00:39:55   - Tomorrow?

00:39:56   - Tomorrow, I'm just gonna do it.

00:39:57   - Yeah, I agree with that.

00:39:59   I would say go ahead and do it.

00:40:00   And if something is bad, it's only for a couple days.

00:40:03   But even buggy doesn't mean that you're gonna have apps

00:40:07   that are crashing and stuff.

00:40:08   I mean, the betas have gotten a lot better recently.

00:40:12   And it seems like, you know, some messages freezing and stuff.

00:40:14   - I will give it a couple of hours though.

00:40:16   I never update immediately because of all the years

00:40:20   they did pull, they have pulled an update before.

00:40:23   Multiple times this has happened.

00:40:24   You know, it's usually the watch that has the most problems,

00:40:27   but I'll give it a little bit,

00:40:28   make sure that people's phones are actually updating,

00:40:31   and then I will be upgrading my phone.

00:40:33   - Just maybe like tomorrow night.

00:40:34   - Yep.

00:40:35   - That's good advice, good consumer advice.

00:40:38   - Just keep your eye on Twitter for a couple of hours

00:40:39   and then do it.

00:40:40   There's just been too many instances of updates,

00:40:45   brick and funds or whatever I think.

00:40:47   But also Apple Watch reviews are out as well.

00:40:52   Series five.

00:40:53   There are less of these as you would imagine, right?

00:40:56   Like there's less reviews, but.

00:40:58   The basic consensus that the always on is a nice addition.

00:41:03   I'll read another quote from John Gruber's review.

00:41:05   To me, the always on display is the Apple Watch is right in the display moment.

00:41:09   Once you see it, you can't go back and I totally can get that right.

00:41:12   Like it takes it from and I've made this.

00:41:15   I have a discomplaint many times on the show, right?

00:41:17   Like it takes it from being just like a computer watch

00:41:20   to a regular watch.

00:41:20   You need to be able to see the time on your watch.

00:41:22   That's the reason you wear a watch

00:41:24   from a fundamental level.

00:41:25   It's like, you know,

00:41:27   it's like if your iPhone couldn't make phone calls.

00:41:30   You need it to make phone calls.

00:41:31   - Every once in a while.

00:41:33   - Because at a fundamental level, it is a telephone.

00:41:35   It is a communications device.

00:41:38   So you need to be able to do that.

00:41:40   So I'm pleased that now,

00:41:43   I think that the watch being able to show you the time is significantly more important than your phone being able to make calls but

00:41:49   Nevertheless, I'm pleased that it's there

00:41:52   Battery life is still apparently really great indeed a bones review on the verge. He says it meets the 18-hour claim

00:41:59   But the series 4 exceeded that yeah, so battery life is still doing what it should be doing, but it isn't as good anymore

00:42:07   Yeah, that I think is fair the series for battery life is bonkers. We're definitely above the 18 hours Apple claims

00:42:14   I think that's fine. I think most people gonna still charge it at night

00:42:17   Like that's the default for almost everybody unless you sleep track. So I think even 18 hours is totally fine

00:42:22   what is interesting to me in these reviews is

00:42:27   the

00:42:29   The really the lack of conversation about the new finishes

00:42:32   Seems like the reviewers that I saw got the aluminum ones, which is again is what most people are gonna buy

00:42:37   But I am definitely shouldn't be seen in the reviews at the addition models. They shouldn't be doing that

00:42:42   I disagree because I think people want to see them. There's some people should get them but who dinky should get those

00:42:47   Sure or MKBHC like or give somebody an aluminum and a steel like there should be more coverage of

00:42:54   The higher-end ones and if you're an Apple watch person and you're interested in the stainless steel or titanium

00:43:00   Odinkie's not a website you're gonna go to like it's a what's that you go to because you like watches

00:43:04   But I think people who so I've just gone Odinkie's review titanium. Is it? Yeah, so put down the show notes

00:43:09   And I have a couple like regular watches I would have I know but I would have gone there

00:43:16   But I was traveling yesterday

00:43:17   So I didn't get the opportunity to find as much stuff as I would have wanted to but yeah

00:43:21   They reviewed the the titanium one. I'm gonna read through this later, but I think I think having more

00:43:28   visibility of those other finishes would be nice especially with a new one because people people are interested in

00:43:34   The differences it's like for me

00:43:37   If I were to buy a series 5 I would I would have thought I'd go back to steel because I just don't like the aluminum

00:43:43   But the titanium cuts the weight down, but I really want to see how it looks in person

00:43:48   Yep, like these pictures look nice, but I want to see it

00:43:51   Handled I want to see it in video. I want to see it more and

00:43:57   it's a

00:43:59   You know something that you can't really do without going into a store if they don't see the review units

00:44:03   But I mean some minor complaint about how they've done this, but I think there should be more visibility of those

00:44:09   Watch it was six is interesting to me, too. I've not run watch it was six

00:44:13   I've never run a watch it was beta because it seems like a bad track

00:44:16   But I am excited about the new watch faces the California watch face seems extremely customizable

00:44:22   I like how what I've seen of it so far

00:44:26   That would probably be the watch face that I run. Yeah, if I was to have one

00:44:30   I'm excited about the hearing protection the hearing health stuff is really useful for you

00:44:35   It is useful for me as someone who does audio stuff was you have a hearing issue. I have a slight hearing issue

00:44:42   And it is one of those things though compared to the other health stuff where like a lot of the time you're like

00:44:48   alright, well

00:44:51   So like again going to Dita bones video, which is a very his Apple watch video is very good

00:44:55   yeah he shows himself on his commute mm-hmm and he's exceeding the noise levels on the subway on

00:45:02   the subway so he's like well now what then yeah like do i walk around with the earplugs in all

00:45:05   the time like yes you can do that but like as opposed to some of apple's other health tracking

00:45:10   stuff this is one where it's like i'm pleased to know this but like yeah well sometimes knowing is

00:45:15   enough or if you have some hearing loss and you don't want to get worse me uh then that's something

00:45:22   that I am interested in and I think we told the story on the show but you would

00:45:28   tell the story about Casey coming in with the beta? I think I did like so so I

00:45:31   was in a hotel room in WWDC with a few friends and Underscore was there and he

00:45:36   was running the beta on his watch and Casey came up to the room and as soon as

00:45:39   he came in and said hello to everybody the just Casey's level of excitement as

00:45:45   he is because he's a wonderful person him just saying hello to everyone excitedly

00:45:48   Set off underscores watch to say that the noise levels were now basically unacceptable safe

00:45:53   Yeah, and it was the best story. It's the best story

00:45:57   I'm so pleased I was there to experience that perfect because it's the best Casey moments

00:46:01   Perfect the other big health thing in watch over six is cycle tracking. Yeah

00:46:05   I was watching this with Adina this morning and she turned like so she was sitting next when I was watching it and they started

00:46:11   Talking about it and she looked over and was like, okay

00:46:13   So I was talking to her about it a little bit because I don't know enough about this stuff, right?

00:46:18   But she was, you know, she uses an app called Clue, which I recommended to her because I

00:46:24   saw somebody talking about the design of it years ago.

00:46:28   And she was saying that like knowing this information is incredibly important because

00:46:33   you go and see a doctor and they're like, when was your last period?

00:46:36   I was like, well, how the hell am I supposed to know this if you're not recording it?

00:46:40   So Apple doing, so she is intrigued and I want to get her opinion on it.

00:46:46   I was like, well, cause it's also on the phone too.

00:46:48   I'm like, it's not just an Apple watch, uh, thing. So I, so she's gonna,

00:46:52   she's gonna let me know how it goes for her. Cause it's, you know, it's,

00:46:55   it's something that you have to be aware of and this device,

00:47:00   which is strapped to you all the time,

00:47:01   which should be recognizing your health changes,

00:47:04   it should have these things in it as well. You know,

00:47:07   they should have really did this before they did the breathing app.

00:47:10   Yes. It's,

00:47:11   it is embarrassing for Apple that took them

00:47:15   six revisions of the software to add this.

00:47:17   It should have been here much earlier.

00:47:19   - It was nice to have her insight about it.

00:47:20   - Adina is the head of my wife who uses emojis

00:47:22   on her calendar for various stages of things.

00:47:25   - Look, as long as you have a system.

00:47:27   - She knows.

00:47:28   - That's so good.

00:47:30   - Yeah, sometimes I like going to the counter like,

00:47:31   oh, there's a frowny face.

00:47:33   Yeah, so watchOS 6, I think it's gonna be a nice update.

00:47:38   It is available for series three and four currently.

00:47:43   It will run on series one and two.

00:47:45   - But not zero.

00:47:46   - But yeah, zero, it didn't even get watch, it was five.

00:47:48   Zero's been dead for a while.

00:47:50   But series one and two will get the update soon.

00:47:55   So they have committed to doing it.

00:47:57   I'd imagine that's a performance issue, right?

00:47:58   Like it's just not doing what they want it to do yet.

00:48:01   So, and I would say from like a buying perspective,

00:48:05   if you're on a series one or two,

00:48:07   Now's a pretty good time to upgrade if you're looking for a new Apple Watch.

00:48:11   The Series 4 is great.

00:48:14   I really like mine, even though I don't wear it every day.

00:48:16   It's a fantastic piece of hardware.

00:48:17   The Series 5 makes all the best things about it better.

00:48:20   So if you're on an older Apple Watch and you're considering

00:48:24   is this the time to update or not? I would say that it probably is.

00:48:26   Yep. And I want to see what the finishes look like.

00:48:32   Yes. And we're going to go see him in store on Friday.

00:48:35   Do you think they'll have them? They should do, right?

00:48:37   they'll be out. Alright we're gonna talk some more about Apple stuff. Oh really?

00:48:44   Yeah we're gonna branch out this week. All Apple all the time on this show.

00:48:49   It's a special very special episode. We talked about Samsung for a while. Yeah that's true.

00:48:53   But I want to tell you about our second sponsor first and that is

00:48:57   Eero. Myke if you look under my desk there's an Eero base unit right down

00:49:01   there. There it is. I'm connected to it right now. Eero is a game changer because it

00:49:05   means you can have internet anywhere in your house.

00:49:08   - We're not even in your house.

00:49:09   - My house is way over there.

00:49:10   We're out here, Ira's working.

00:49:13   Because there's always that one room

00:49:15   with an unreliable wifi connection.

00:49:18   I don't wanna say how I know,

00:49:20   but our hall bathroom used to be that.

00:49:22   If they were taking a bath

00:49:24   and you wanna watch some Netflix,

00:49:25   they'd wanna stream, it would buffer.

00:49:26   And that was a real bummer.

00:49:28   - That is unacceptable.

00:49:29   - Yeah, you don't want buffering in the bathtub,

00:49:31   and Ira fixed it for me.

00:49:32   - Don't have a buffer in the bathtub.

00:49:34   (laughs)

00:49:36   That was my previous bad Wi-Fi experience,

00:49:38   and now it is reliable.

00:49:39   If I wanna take a bath and I wanna catch up

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00:50:01   If you just need a simple setup,

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00:50:03   but they also give you a lot of tools.

00:50:05   Like we're nerds, right?

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00:50:15   I don't know what do kids do on their phones.

00:50:17   Whatever kids do on their phones,

00:50:18   they can't do that at the dinner table.

00:50:19   - You know, messing around.

00:50:21   - Or your spouse.

00:50:21   - Yeah.

00:50:22   - And you get alerts if any device tries

00:50:24   to join your network.

00:50:25   So Era has fixed all of the wifi problems.

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00:50:57   Our thanks to Eero for their support of this show

00:50:59   and Relay FM.

00:51:01   I thought we could talk about the devices we've had the last year and how we have felt

00:51:07   about them.

00:51:08   So we're borrowing from ATP.

00:51:10   They I think Marco created the idea of the iPhone X interview.

00:51:13   Yeah, we're just doing that.

00:51:14   A couple years ago, we're just stealing from them.

00:51:16   So we're going to do that.

00:51:17   We're just doing that.

00:51:18   Yeah.

00:51:19   My past year was a journey.

00:51:21   If listeners will remember, I started with the XS Max.

00:51:24   So I was a plus phone user.

00:51:26   You got me into the plus club back in the day.

00:51:29   And so when there was a bigger iPhone 10, I was like, "Hey, yeah, let's do it.

00:51:33   Let's go big."

00:51:34   Or go home, right?

00:51:35   Go big or go home.

00:51:38   And honestly, the Macs didn't sit super well with me.

00:51:41   A little too big for what I wanted.

00:51:44   And I ended up with the iPhone XR, really to review it because it was the most popular

00:51:49   phone.

00:51:50   I think you did that.

00:51:51   I had a blue one and then ended up at the end of the day selling my Macs to a family

00:51:56   member and ending up with the iPhone XS. This is all by like mid-January. So I've

00:52:01   been on the XS for this year and I like the size a lot. Like I said earlier, the

00:52:07   battery life on the XS isn't as good as it could be. I think the X suffer from that

00:52:13   too a little bit. The Max is about the same as the X. Old phones by the time you're ready.

00:52:17   I'm saying even my phone's only nine months old so it's not my battery health

00:52:21   is still like 99%. So it's not that it's aging, it's that even from the beginning

00:52:26   it wasn't as good as the Max and definitely not as good as the XR and

00:52:29   So I'm excited about the four additional hours I will get

00:52:32   But other thing that I haven't been in love with is the smart HDR in Federico and I have both spoken about this

00:52:38   I have it off on my phone because the smart HDR on the XS

00:52:41   Works too hard. It does it tries to bring up shadows too aggressively. It smooths

00:52:46   Things way too much because it's it's noisier than I'd like it to be and it tries to overcompensate

00:52:51   The XR takes good pictures

00:52:54   But I haven't been there there haven't been many pictures I've taken with it where I thought I'm in love with this

00:53:00   straight off the camera and

00:53:03   I'm hopeful the 11 Pro will be able to fix that for me because

00:53:07   So far at least and what people have said the 11 Pro seems awesome from the camera perspective

00:53:12   So those are my two downsides, but I've got to say

00:53:16   Even with those being true the XS has been a really good phone. Like I've been happy with

00:53:23   its performance in particular, it is never slow, you know, Apple has so much

00:53:29   headroom on these processors now it's just it's just bonkers and I've been

00:53:33   happy with the the iPhone X as a concept from the beginning. I've liked the

00:53:38   gestures and everything they've been doing even though control center is in

00:53:40   the wrong place. I feel like this path is a good one and while the XS had some

00:53:45   flaws, still a solid three and a half to four stars out of five for me.

00:53:51   It's an exit interview with a star rating.

00:53:54   I don't think that's how that...

00:53:55   I haven't had a job in a while.

00:53:56   I don't remember.

00:53:57   What about you?

00:53:58   Um, I'm still happy with the size.

00:54:00   That's what I want.

00:54:01   Have a phone.

00:54:02   The Max?

00:54:03   Max, yeah.

00:54:04   I like the bigger size.

00:54:06   I think that it works well for me.

00:54:07   I like just having bigger screens where I can have them.

00:54:10   It's not so big that it's a problem.

00:54:12   I think that they struck a good level.

00:54:14   I still would want the Max phone to get some additional features that account for the fact

00:54:19   that it's bigger and more expensive as opposed to just the screen like the

00:54:23   plus phones used to but I also understand my Apple doesn't want to do

00:54:26   yeah I think that's that's not their their plan anymore right this year in

00:54:30   particular changing the names but at least I get more battery so yeah because

00:54:34   you'll get an additional five over the four that I'll get so an extra hour is

00:54:38   great my battery has gotten worse over time as they always do what's your

00:54:42   battery health and settings? 95% okay so I don't feel like that that like gives a

00:54:51   full picture for what's going on because it says my battery is currently

00:54:56   supporting normal peak performance but batteries just get worse over time I

00:55:00   don't know what that is I don't know if it's in my brain or if it's true but

00:55:03   that's how it feels but I use the battery case now when I travel and I'm

00:55:06   happy about that there won't be a battery case available for a bit I don't

00:55:10   the win. I don't think they're gonna do it because they didn't do one for the

00:55:14   XR and now the pros have similar levels of battery life. I think they feel like

00:55:20   it is acceptable. Now you may have to go third party but I don't know if we're

00:55:24   gonna see one from Apple or not. They better do it because I'm mad about it.

00:55:27   Because I like having a battery case now for when I travel so like I get over a

00:55:32   day. Oh yeah the battery case is great. Right so that's what I want but the I'm

00:55:37   not worried about it for the time being. Real-time follow-up. Okay. There was an

00:55:42   iPhone XR smart battery case. Okay. So I regret the error. Yes. So I think the door

00:55:47   could be open. I wish I wasn't. Mine's on my desk, the battery case. It's great

00:55:52   especially when you travel. I don't use it day to day. Do you use it every day?

00:55:55   No. Just when you travel? Just when I travel. Just when I see you. Yeah. So from my point

00:55:59   of view, use it 100% of the time. I love when I take this off because my phone

00:56:03   gets thin and light again. It's too big, too heavy. It's beefy with the better case. But I get what I need out of it which is that I never have to worry about

00:56:11   charging it when I'm out and about all the time. So yesterday you had a 24-hour travel day. Yeah, I did charge it. Okay. I did charge it. Did you have to though? Or did you just do it because it was convenient?

00:56:20   I think I wouldn't have been able to get away with it yesterday because I was

00:56:24   watching videos and stuff when I was in the airport. I don't think I would

00:56:28   have gotten away from it because it was more way more than usual use yesterday.

00:56:32   but if I was just using it as I would normally use it then I probably would have gotten away with it.

00:56:36   Especially if you put that thing in low power mode it's just like...

00:56:38   It just goes down forever. I have continued to be frustrated with the

00:56:44   regular cases covering the color of the phone so I'm really happy about the

00:56:48   clear case because I feel like I'm buying... I'm choosing the color of my phone

00:56:53   specifically like it's the color I want. I want to see that and using colored

00:56:59   cases which I also understand I can change it whenever I want to sure but I

00:57:02   want the option especially at first so I'm happy that the clear case revolution

00:57:08   is upon us because you're gonna go gold is what you want that's the plan I've

00:57:12   been getting some weird bugs recently on my phone messages locks up for like long

00:57:17   periods of time and I've had this happen three times in the last month when my

00:57:21   phone just turns itself off and will not come on I've had that twice with my

00:57:25   iPhone XS and you have to like hard reboot it won't even do that yesterday I

00:57:28   I was doing the whole like press one button press one button probably number 10 seconds would not do it

00:57:32   I just wait until it came back on it sound again, which took yeah, and you know where I was in an airport

00:57:37   This is why I always get paper boarding passes

00:57:40   Because what would I have done? Yeah, we had arguing about this last time we flew together and it's proof for why I want

00:57:46   In the airport and my phone wouldn't turn I've had my tenants do that

00:57:50   Twice once on iOS 12 and once on the 13 beta. Mm-hmm

00:57:55   The first time in Hampton I was running I was 12 I was in my truck

00:57:57   Unplugged it from carplay and I was gonna go biking got the bike off the truck and picked my phone up to like start a podcast

00:58:04   I was gonna listen to something

00:58:06   It was like completely dead in the water and I couldn't remember how to force reset it like the dance you have to do with

00:58:12   The side buttons and so I was with a friend of mine. I was like, hey, can you google? It's very embarrassing

00:58:17   Can you google hard reset iPhone Xs and he's a nerd and he he's listening

00:58:22   What is it like volume up volume down hold for like 10 seconds? I don't know

00:58:26   I have to look at every time but then I do the other way around as well as that doesn't work

00:58:30   Yeah, so you say my bacon but uh, it's a real pain when that happens

00:58:34   I don't that worries me, but the tennis that you've had it to maybe there's something going on

00:58:39   maybe I'm I don't know maybe just flakiness but

00:58:41   probably a bug in 12

00:58:44   But I've had in 13 once as well. Okay, but 13 is also the beta has not been who knows who knows? Yeah

00:58:50   It's not been bad enough where I've thought I need to have this phone like serviced

00:58:54   Like I don't think something's wrong with it, but I just kind of kept my eye on it. Yep. I

00:59:00   Still like smart HDR. I'm a true believer

00:59:03   I'm not one of these people that's now jumping on the small HDR socks bandwagon because a few people said I'm not saying you said

00:59:08   That we said you said we said it a long time ago

00:59:11   I didn't say you said that we like a whole conversation on this show going back between where Federico was really upset about it

00:59:17   You didn't like it and I loved it.

00:59:19   You're smart HDR denier hipsters.

00:59:21   I still like smart HDR and I like what that did to my images.

00:59:27   And I like the images I've seen of new cameras where they've made

00:59:29   improvements to smart HDR.

00:59:31   So I'm cool with that, right?

00:59:32   Like I liked it and now it's going to get better.

00:59:34   This screen on my phone is incredibly scratched up and I've never had that

00:59:38   before.

00:59:39   Did your 10 scratch?

00:59:40   No.

00:59:40   My 10 scratched really badly and the 10s has been better, but definitely

00:59:45   still has some light scratches.

00:59:47   but the stainless steel ring is like destroyed.

00:59:49   - Let me show you this thing.

00:59:50   Let me show you this thing.

00:59:51   See that, it's like a big scratch across the middle.

00:59:53   - Oh, oh no.

00:59:54   - And I have a bunch up in the corner.

00:59:54   - Oh, that's sad.

00:59:55   - Adina has like a gouge in hers.

00:59:57   - That is like edge to edge.

00:59:58   - Yeah, it went all the way across the middle.

01:00:00   - This phone is enormous.

01:00:01   - It's big.

01:00:02   It's extra big when it's got the case on it.

01:00:04   - Oh yeah.

01:00:05   - It's a big boy.

01:00:06   - It's like you're handing me a watermelon.

01:00:07   - Yeah, it is.

01:00:08   - Here you go.

01:00:09   - It's a big boy.

01:00:09   He's, you know, he's traveling.

01:00:11   puts a bit of extra weight on when he travels like all of us. So you come to America you

01:00:15   leave it a little bit bigger than when you left. So where do you, how do you give it

01:00:20   on the 5 star thing that I made up? 4. Pretty good? Yeah. Do you feel like it is, what they're

01:00:29   doing with the 11 Pro like fits with what you would want out of a new phone? Yep. Okay.

01:00:34   More battery, better camera, faster. That is what... Clear cases. Clear cases. But that's

01:00:40   the thing though click it but I mean that's what I'm looking for right like

01:00:43   I'm gonna upgrade anyway right because that's just what my life is sure I would

01:00:49   have wanted to upgrade like I think neil I Patel said this and I can understand

01:00:55   it it's like this is the first time in a long time where he recommends the year

01:01:00   of a year upgrade because the changes are that good I think the last time I

01:01:04   felt that was maybe the seven to the ten but it was such a huge price jump it was

01:01:09   hard to talk people into it. The year of a year upgrade hasn't made sense since...

01:01:15   Usually it doesn't. Six or 6S? They broke that around six. Yeah. And I think even honestly the two year

01:01:22   cycles broke in two. Because look, Apple's on a three year cycle now with these designs.

01:01:26   Their naming hasn't caught up with that because the 6, the 6S and the 7 are all very similar.

01:01:31   Even the 8 is close behind that in terms of design. But isn't it kind of funny that they've

01:01:37   just gone back to the number. I was thinking about this when I was looking on their website

01:01:41   a couple of days ago. They've just gone back to the number.

01:01:44   Oh, the Roman numerals just gone? Well, two years of Roman numerals. I don't think they

01:01:47   were ever going to do the... No, they weren't ever, but it's just kind of funny where it's

01:01:51   like, we'll pretend, let's just pretend that that never happened, shall we? Yeah. And I

01:01:55   wonder too, if they didn't have Mac OS X, if the iPhone may have just been iPhone 1-0,

01:02:00   but they like the X as their branding. Isn't the names of Logic and Final Cut like that?

01:02:05   They as a company like X as 10 and they just couldn't help themselves.

01:02:10   But like they also shot themselves in the foot with it.

01:02:13   There was a dead end.

01:02:14   Well because it's like what we were talking about with now how they're trying to flip

01:02:18   it right with the iPhone 11 right like the iPhone 8 is the forgotten iPhone.

01:02:24   It is.

01:02:25   Who remembers anything about that phone?

01:02:26   It's a good phone.

01:02:28   Mary has one, my wife has one.

01:02:29   It's an iPhone 10 inside.

01:02:30   They still sell it.

01:02:31   yeah, with the camera. And if you want touch ID, it's your last option. Although there's a rumor,

01:02:36   do you see this that there was a rumor for an iPhone se early next year, based on the eight.

01:02:41   So you know, like, you did that with the five s and the size went away and they bought it. So

01:02:45   there may be hope still, but if you like that size, but $449 starts out now. It's a good deal.

01:02:53   It's 64 gigabytes. So I think if you are on say you're on an iPhone six s or seven, I think if

01:03:00   if you're going to buy a phone this year for the holiday season,

01:03:03   the 10 R is a good deal now.

01:03:06   Five ninety nine five ninety nine.

01:03:08   But honestly, I think the eleven if you if you're really coming from a success,

01:03:11   if you hold your phone that long, I'd say just do the eleven.

01:03:15   Yeah, I if you can afford it, it is expensive. But

01:03:19   it's like one of those things.

01:03:21   If you go into six hundred, can you go to seven? Right.

01:03:25   And for a lot of people, it's not going to be possible.

01:03:29   But for a lot of people, if you've gotten that far, try and go that extra.

01:03:35   You know, maybe you have a phone you can trade in.

01:03:36   Apple loves a trade in and you can maybe get something for it.

01:03:40   But but yeah, I'm going to be selling my phone's going to be moving on in the family.

01:03:45   I will put it through Apple Care, though, get one of the because I have Apple Care on this phone.

01:03:50   That screen needs to be replaced. It's covered in scratches.

01:03:53   I it's within my right to change it for like 50 pounds or whatever.

01:03:57   So I'm gonna do that and then then hand it over to a family member

01:04:01   The tennis is the first phone a while. I haven't broken. I never broke a tennis. You wanna do it now. No

01:04:06   Put on YouTube channel that happened with the you should we could make a viral video

01:04:13   So like you go into the Apple store

01:04:15   You pick up your new one and you just throw it on one on the ground that's been done about doesn't matter

01:04:19   You can do it though. It's been three years since I've had a viral video

01:04:25   - His Gate, is it still on your YouTube channel?

01:04:27   - It is.

01:04:28   It is still there.

01:04:30   - You're still trying to rake in the ad revenue on it?

01:04:32   - It was too short for an ads on.

01:04:34   It was like 17 seconds or something.

01:04:35   - You just, oh, you don't wanna lose the stats?

01:04:37   What is it, why'd you keep it there?

01:04:39   You just, you know, it's not the kind of person

01:04:40   that would remove something?

01:04:42   - Pretty much.

01:04:42   - 1.6 million views.

01:04:44   - Mm, that's what'll be on my tombstone.

01:04:47   Are you watching the His Gate video?

01:04:48   - Yeah.

01:04:49   - I was saying with my 7 Plus,

01:04:51   I broke a 7 Plus when my iPhone 10 was like in the mail to me.

01:04:56   That was really disappointing.

01:04:58   When you have to go to the Apple store

01:04:59   and have your phone's gonna be placed

01:05:01   the day before the new iPhone comes out.

01:05:03   - Why'd you do it?

01:05:04   - It's really depressing.

01:05:04   It was like destroyed.

01:05:07   And the 7 Plus was going to someone in the family.

01:05:11   - Right.

01:05:12   - And I didn't wanna hand it to them and be like,

01:05:13   here's your new phone, I smashed it to pieces.

01:05:16   I wanted to have them to have a fresh start.

01:05:19   - Okay.

01:05:20   - Phone's still floating around in the family, still going.

01:05:23   So I feel like we've both been pretty happy with the XS,

01:05:27   but I feel like the 11 is gonna just make things better.

01:05:31   - I'm sure the 11 will still get four.

01:05:33   - It's, oh, there's nothing so perfect.

01:05:36   - Yeah.

01:05:37   - I'm really excited.

01:05:38   I'm more excited about this phone than I was the XS.

01:05:40   I mean, the last time I was as excited about a phone

01:05:43   was the X and then probably,

01:05:45   I mean, the 7 Plus was the first one with two cameras,

01:05:49   But like, you know, the success plus is like, OK, cool.

01:05:52   It won't be slow because it's very slow.

01:05:54   The six plus was awful.

01:05:55   No had a gigabyte of RAM and it was just really, really slow.

01:05:59   Maybe wasn't it the first one?

01:06:01   Yeah, but like we didn't notice it at the time because we were blown away.

01:06:04   But as soon as you get the success plus, you're like, oh, yeah.

01:06:07   Oh, yeah. You know, like I remember towards the end,

01:06:09   like when you pull down on a notification, it was like you'd have to wait.

01:06:12   You just wait for everything to load.

01:06:14   It's like there's a little man in there, like cranking the notification

01:06:16   - Oh man, that got real bad.

01:06:18   - Uh-huh.

01:06:19   That phone was a little underwhelming.

01:06:22   - No, it wasn't underwhelming, it was amazing.

01:06:24   - Underpowered. - It was underpowered.

01:06:26   - It was a big phone, the first big phone.

01:06:28   All right, we're gonna wrap up talking

01:06:30   a little bit about Apple Arcade

01:06:32   because it's out, question mark?

01:06:34   It's kind of available.

01:06:36   - It's available, you can get it.

01:06:37   - You can get it.

01:06:38   But first I'm gonna tell you about our third sponsor

01:06:41   and that is FreshBooks.

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01:07:01   And a lot of people probably use like three different things

01:07:03   for that, right?

01:07:04   Like we can be honest,

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01:08:22   of this show and Relay FM. Tell us about Apple Arcade. It launched to the surprise of everybody.

01:08:29   So Apple Arcade was supposed to be launching on Thursday the 19th of tomorrow, but a couple of

01:08:35   days ago it just appeared if you were running 13.1 on any device so it's available on the iPad if

01:08:42   you're running it on the iPad which it was unsure if we were going to have to wait until like iPad

01:08:48   OS officially shipped before Apple Arcade would be available but it is now you can go get it you

01:08:55   sign up for $9.99 a month and the breadth of games available for this service currently is incredible

01:09:04   It was kind of funny in a way. Developers did not know this was going to be happening.

01:09:11   So Apple Arcade developers, I follow a lot of Apple Arcade companies that are making games for

01:09:16   Apple Arcade on Twitter just because there's a lot of game makers that I'm interested in and

01:09:21   have been interested in on Apple collection for years that are making games for this service.

01:09:25   It was funny to watch them kind of reacting. I downloaded I think 45 games that I'm legitimately

01:09:34   interested in trying. Holy moly. So that kind of shows the level. There are still games

01:09:40   appearing on the service. So since the initial launch, there have been more games added and

01:09:46   I haven't yet been able to go in and look at some of the more games that have been added

01:09:51   because I still have so many that I want to just get through. And there's been a couple

01:09:54   where I've opened them up, I've played them a little bit and I'm like, this one isn't

01:09:57   for me. But I don't care because I'm finding games that I'm really enjoying. So I want

01:10:02   to give you a couple of highlights of the games I've played so far. So Assemble with

01:10:06   Care, this game was originally called Repair. It is from us two games who you may know from

01:10:11   creating Monument Valley. It is a game that has Knolling involved which is, I know you

01:10:17   love, which is the idea where you're taking things out and placing them down. You're basically

01:10:21   repairing things and there's a big story element to the game as well. So the title character

01:10:27   Maria she is a she fixes stuff and so you're fixing stuff so you unscrew things you would

01:10:32   love this game I'm installing it right now because it's a game to repairing so if I've

01:10:36   played all these games on my iPad by the way obviously not on my iPhone yet another game

01:10:41   that I've been enjoying is card of darkness which is from Zach Gage who is responsible

01:10:46   for many of my favorite iOS games of all time like flip-flop solitaire for example he worked

01:10:53   with the creator of adventure time to create this game.

01:10:57   card of darkness is fun but really very difficult but I've been playing that and I've liked

01:11:02   that a lot.

01:11:03   sayonara wild hearts is unbelievable.

01:11:08   this was the game that they showed, it was the third demo that they showed from anapunar

01:11:12   interactive.

01:11:13   I blacked out during the second one.

01:11:14   it is a part fighting part rhythm game.

01:11:18   the music is incredible.

01:11:21   John Syracuse is losing his mind over this game, so if you like John's thoughts on these

01:11:26   types of things, which he should because he's very good at this stuff, he can pick good

01:11:30   games, this is one of them. It is absolutely fantastic.

01:11:34   I've also put some time into Skate City which is a game that I've been wanting to play for

01:11:38   years. Yeah, I've been playing that.

01:11:39   It is published by the company behind the Altos Odyssey and Altos Adventures.

01:11:43   It's beautiful. So it's, I'm really excited to put more time

01:11:48   into this. Skate City feels like it will be more at home on my iPhone than my iPad.

01:11:52   It's a, yeah, I've played it on both and it's much better on the phone.

01:11:56   Yeah, so I haven't been able to do that yet, so I'm looking forward to that. But there's still

01:12:00   a bunch of other games that I'm excited to try out. Overland is a game that I've had my eye on

01:12:04   for a while, it's just come out for the Switch too. I actually played Overland at XOXO in like

01:12:09   2016 or something. What the Golf is a game that ever, I've, this is my next game to try out.

01:12:16   This is a game that I've seen many people say is making them laugh out loud.

01:12:21   It is golf where, like, so for example, one of the parts of the trailer is you are pulling

01:12:28   to flick the golf club, right?

01:12:31   And as you strike, it's actually the person that flies the golf ball.

01:12:35   So there's like a bunch of other stuff.

01:12:37   There's lots and lots and lots of games.

01:12:40   I said this before, it was my expectation, and now I've seen the breadth of games available.

01:12:46   This is the best value for money of any subscription service that Apple offers.

01:12:51   I can't believe it's only $5 a month.

01:12:57   They have definitely exceeded my expectations with the types of games that they have available.

01:13:03   They have a really good spread of weird indie games that wouldn't make sense or wouldn't

01:13:10   make money, right? It will be difficult to make money to very deep games from a mini motorways

01:13:17   is another one. If you play mini Metro, it's a sequel to mini Metro.

01:13:20   I've been playing that. It's great.

01:13:22   So like they have a very interesting spread of the types of games and the types of companies.

01:13:29   If they keep this up, gaming on iOS has completely changed. If they're able to maintain this,

01:13:37   They have fixed the model, they fixed it, from the IAP focused games to this.

01:13:43   Now it is unknown at the moment exactly what the deals are for these companies.

01:13:51   For as much as I've been able to put together from second hand people muttering things to

01:13:55   me and people that I know that are smart in this industry who think they can work out

01:14:01   what's going on, it seems a lot like Apple is just paying upfront money to companies

01:14:06   to build games for them. It is unknown what that's going to look like going into the future

01:14:11   if they're going to keep doing that. Or if they're going to start moving to... for as

01:14:15   much as I'm able to understand, they are not doing what people thought they were, which

01:14:20   was the amount of time played in a game means how much money you're going to make. It seems

01:14:24   like that there is a pretty set fee for a lot of companies. But this might just be of

01:14:30   the people that I've known, that's what they're dealing with. Maybe if you're a smaller developer,

01:14:35   don't get that but Apple are the publisher of these games it's why the

01:14:38   Apple Arcade logo shows up before anything else right they are fronting

01:14:42   the money for companies to make these games it is unknown what this is gonna

01:14:46   look like going forward Apple isn't talking about it obviously the

01:14:49   developers can't talk about it we'll see but for as much as I've been able to

01:14:55   piece together it seems like the companies that have been offered this

01:14:59   deal they all wanted to do it because it was a good deal I think Apple if anything

01:15:06   they're gonna have to work harder at that over time if they want to keep the

01:15:09   pace up of new games every month but I imagine that they get in more pitches

01:15:16   than they can handle right now yeah probably but I think in the long term I

01:15:20   would imagine that they'll be fitting the bill for quite some time yeah but I

01:15:24   I am very, very, very excited about digging into more and more of these games as time

01:15:30   goes on.

01:15:31   And it's now going to be the only place I'm looking for new games.

01:15:37   So I always spend time looking for games on the App Store, right?

01:15:40   Because I love games on iOS.

01:15:43   I will now be going first to the Apple Arcade tab.

01:15:46   Yeah, because any other game is either going to be pay up front or it's going to nag you

01:15:53   to death.

01:15:54   economics it's because I'm already paying for this service so I may as well

01:15:57   go there first because in theory I already own these games I've paid for

01:16:01   these games I have noticed something which is frustrating to me I have on my

01:16:05   iPads the setting turned on to download apps automatically does not work with

01:16:10   Apple Arcade right now on the 13.1 beta what if you download it on one device

01:16:14   it's on that one device it doesn't download to the other device hmm did you

01:16:17   see Game Centers leaning into Memoji did you get presented that yes yeah it's

01:16:22   like we right that's like that's how you create your icon for the switch. I forgot Game Center was still around.

01:16:27   Yeah I think Game Center is important for this there's a lot I've noticed a lot of games have

01:16:31   achievements which is funny. Yeah and I played one called Agent Intercept mm-hmm car racing type game

01:16:40   and they only unlock new levels every set number of hours and I just instantly got frustrated with

01:16:46   that and like took it off because if I'm like into a game I want to keep playing it. Wait what? So like

01:16:51   you could play level one and level two would be unlocked in five hours.

01:16:54   Why? It's dumb, it's a bad decision because... Is it part of the game mechanic? Not that I can tell,

01:17:00   like it's not like the thing happens five hours later in the game. They want you to keep coming

01:17:04   back, want to send me push notifications, I was like this is not what I want from this. So this

01:17:08   is, so I've seen a few games like this. If I'm into something, as someone who doesn't play mobile

01:17:15   games hardly at all, I was actually into it, I want to keep going and then I couldn't for three

01:17:19   hours like well forget this. That is really weird I mean I've seen some of

01:17:25   this though where there are games that were clearly made for the in-app

01:17:29   purchase idea that have been brought over to Apple Arcade. This may have been that. And that they are

01:17:35   basically they are being retrofit so like the Frogger game was obvious right

01:17:44   like I spoke about this a couple of weeks ago if you have costumes for a

01:17:47   character in a game you're supposed to buy the costume yep so there is some

01:17:51   stuff like this where there's like these remnants of a previous business model

01:17:55   that one is particularly weird I have that game downloaded I want to see what

01:17:59   is going on with that because that's very off-putting it is because why yeah if

01:18:04   there was a reason like there could be a legitimate gameplay reason to do this

01:18:09   where it's like they're trying to make it feel more immersive right so it's

01:18:12   like oh you have to come back during these hours to complete the mission

01:18:15   Right? Like there are games that do stuff like that and it can be a thing.

01:18:18   But if it's just like, no, we're on looking for out why I already own you.

01:18:22   Give me the levels. Exactly.

01:18:24   So, yeah, all in all, I think Apple Arcade is off to a really good start.

01:18:29   I really think it's going to be, but it will be popular.

01:18:33   Almost by default, because it's a tab in the app store,

01:18:37   which is a big deal and with a 30 day free trial and it's five dollars a month.

01:18:42   and if you have iCloud family sharing turn like we do,

01:18:46   my spouse and children can play it too,

01:18:49   I think this is going to be a big hit. And so far,

01:18:53   even as someone who doesn't play a lot of games, I'm impressed.

01:18:56   And I've gone back through today looking for new things and a couple types of

01:18:59   games I would like to have that aren't there yet.

01:19:02   I'm excited. I did not expect to be so enthusiastic about this.

01:19:05   Good, I'm pleased because that's the point, right? That's what they

01:19:09   need to be doing is if they can capture people like you, it

01:19:12   It will help them try and change the economics of gaming in the App Store a bit.

01:19:17   Yep.

01:19:18   Alright, I think that does it for this week's in-person episode of Connected.

01:19:23   But if you enjoy listening to us together, there's so much more available to you this

01:19:27   week.

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01:19:34   Be there.

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01:19:37   We've got a lot of stuff planned.

01:19:38   I have a nice jacket.

01:19:41   We have got some fun things we're working on.

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01:20:38   - Yeah.

01:20:39   So be sure to look for that.

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01:20:55   - Adios.