260: The Most Golden Master


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00:00:08   From relay FM, this is Connected, episode 260.

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00:00:16   My name is Myke Hurley and it is an even episode.

00:00:18   So I have the honor and pleasure of introducing Federico Vittucci to the Connected program.

00:00:23   Hello, Federico.

00:00:25   Hello. Thank you for welcoming me to the Connected program.

00:00:28   It is a honor to be on this program today.

00:00:31   Great.

00:00:32   Should we just get started to follow up?

00:00:33   Hey, hey.

00:00:35   Yes.

00:00:35   Oh yeah, the other guy.

00:00:37   Oh, the other guy.

00:00:38   Hello, Steven.

00:00:40   Thank you.

00:00:41   Steven Richard Hackett, we will call him today.

00:00:44   Maybe, we'll find out.

00:00:46   Chairman, maybe.

00:00:47   Maybe.

00:00:48   Yes, I'm a little under the weather, so Myke, thank you for resuming the host duties.

00:00:52   You will notice some upgrades that I have made to the hosting situation.

00:00:57   I hope you enjoyed the hot tub before the show and there's gonna be a really nice dessert for you at the end

00:01:02   I've really we've really up our game here. I'll connected. Oh

00:01:05   That's where all the money's gone

00:01:07   I've been wondering why all of my checks have been getting a little bit smaller week after week

00:01:12   It's because you just keep making your host writer that bigger much bigger

00:01:16   You wouldn't think you could fit a hot tub in a studio this size, but you got to get creative

00:01:21   If you take out one of the walls you can do anything

00:01:25   We spoke about the relay FM Family Feud video that have been videoed and that the video would be posted to YouTube

00:01:31   We have now completed that promise the video is on YouTube

00:01:34   There is a relay FM YouTube channel if you just search on YouTube relay FM Family Feud it will come up

00:01:41   I found this out myself, which is great

00:01:43   But there is also a link in the show notes in case you are looking for said video

00:01:47   If you have listened to the episode, which I'm expecting because you are listening to this episode that you have listened to that episode

00:01:53   I still recommend watching it.

00:01:55   I actually watched a big chunk of it over the weekend with some family members and we

00:01:58   enjoyed it greatly.

00:01:59   So it is a very different experience.

00:02:01   Alright, the rest of this episode by and large is going to be focused on talking about everything

00:02:08   that happened yesterday and kind of the aftermath of the iPhone event, the Apple September event.

00:02:15   It's becoming way more the September event than just the iPhone event.

00:02:18   There's a lot of stuff.

00:02:20   One of the big things that typically is announced and is of great importance to at least one

00:02:24   Italian member of this show is dates, software release dates.

00:02:30   This year's software release dates, you need... it's almost like the meme with Charlie from

00:02:35   Always Sunny in the room with the red twine to try and work out when all of the software

00:02:42   is being released, but the wonderful John Voorhees created a list on Mac stories,

00:02:50   which goes into detail for every kind of release that Apple have got

00:02:54   over the fall season, including some of the services stuff as well.

00:02:58   But kind of in broad strokes,

00:03:01   from a software perspective, iOS 13.

00:03:05   Will release on the iPhone on September 19th.

00:03:11   that that will be the day before

00:03:14   the iPhone 11,

00:03:16   which that feels late, right?

00:03:19   Is usually get a little bit more

00:03:21   time. So that's really,

00:03:23   I'm really pushing it.

00:03:24   Yeah, of course. I love it.

00:03:25   Because this is one of those things

00:03:28   where I feel like even though it's

00:03:30   that the GM has come out for 13,

00:03:32   there probably maybe be a second GM,

00:03:34   which memory serves is

00:03:36   not the first time that's happened.

00:03:38   If that does happen before.

00:03:40   Yeah, I remember multiple golden masters, the most golden master,

00:03:44   the MGM came later on.

00:03:47   So we've got that will be out on the 19th, right?

00:03:50   13.1 will be out just 11 days later on September 30th.

00:03:57   And that is also presumably the first version of iPad

00:04:01   OS, because iPad OS will be debuting on September 30th.

00:04:04   So it is probably fair to assume that iPad OS is 13.1

00:04:10   and will include a bunch of other things with it.

00:04:13   It is unknown right now exactly the complete list of stuff.

00:04:16   Like, are we going to get emoji on that date?

00:04:18   We'll find out.

00:04:19   It's usually 0.1, but that usually comes in like October.

00:04:22   So maybe that will come as a later update.

00:04:26   There is then also a bunch of stuff which has been pushed.

00:04:29   So I'm going to give you a quick list here.

00:04:31   So this is stuff that's coming

00:04:34   after iOS and iPadOS 13.1.

00:04:36   So am I right Federico, this list that I'm going to say

00:04:39   this isn't even 13.1 features potentially?

00:04:41   That's after that's

00:04:44   later software update.

00:04:46   Right. So these are iOS 13 features that won't be in the shipping

00:04:50   version of 13.1. AirPods audio sharing, HomeKit secure video routers.

00:04:55   Which is debatable.

00:04:56   We're going to talk about it.

00:04:57   Yeah, we'll get to that.

00:04:58   iCloud drive folder sharing and all of the new iCloud drive features,

00:05:02   basically HomePod and AirPlay 2 in scenes and automations in HomeKit,

00:05:06   the image capture API, screen time, communication limits

00:05:09   and announcing messages to Siri via the AirPods.

00:05:12   None of that's going to be in 13.1.

00:05:14   Massive amounts of iOS 13 that will be shipping at some point over the year.

00:05:19   Some HomePod features won't be shipping until September 30th.

00:05:24   And all of the good stuff like multi-user support

00:05:26   will not be until later on in the year.

00:05:29   TV OS 13 is going to be September 30th.

00:05:33   Watch OS 6 will be out on September 19th for series three and later.

00:05:38   And at some point in the future for series one and two,

00:05:41   Mac OS Catalina is going to be, quote unquote, October 2019.

00:05:47   This is berserk.

00:05:49   Like it's gone mad over there, right?

00:05:53   It's quite a timeline.

00:05:56   Like I guarantee I've told you all of this information.

00:05:58   I guarantee that most people listening, they could not give me at least half of those dates

00:06:03   back to me.

00:06:04   Nope.

00:06:05   It is all over the place.

00:06:06   I wanted to kind of give it all as a breakdown, but by and large, the things that you need

00:06:11   to be aware of, the two dates you need to be aware of are September 19th and September

00:06:14   30th.

00:06:15   That's like when the most stuff is going to come out, especially in the iOS world,

00:06:20   except for all of the features that they are giving absolutely no date on right now.

00:06:27   So Federico, how does this all affect your iOS review?

00:06:34   It doesn't really affect my review, it only affects my life for the better.

00:06:39   In the context of, I kind of had a feeling that it was not going to be Monday the 16th

00:06:45   this year.

00:06:46   I was going to be ready for Monday at the expense of my, you know, life really and physical

00:06:54   conditions, but I was going to be ready no matter what.

00:06:56   I had a feeling it was going to be Wednesday. Instead, Apple went for Thursday, which is

00:06:59   even better. So that gives me a few more days to finalize everything, you know, go through

00:07:05   another round of editing and all of that. In terms of the review, I can say right now

00:07:10   that I have gone all in, in that the same review will cover iOS 13, iPadOS, iOS 13.1,

00:07:21   shortcuts, including the features coming to shortcuts in 13.1. So it'll be all of

00:07:29   the features that are in 13.4 iOS and 13.1 for iOS and iPadOS will be covered

00:07:36   in the review. I have, last week I've gone through the whole thing again and I've

00:07:42   included explanations throughout the review to make sure that readers can

00:07:49   understand which feature is exclusive to 13 and which features are coming in 13.1.

00:07:56   There's a disclaimer up at the top that explains how the review was written,

00:08:01   which devices were used on which versions of iOS. So this doesn't really

00:08:07   affect anything. I was already planning for covering everything all at once

00:08:11   because I really think that in order to understand iOS 13 it is necessary to

00:08:18   include 13.1.

00:08:20   The review will not include,

00:08:22   and I'm very happy that I made this choice,

00:08:25   any features that used to be available

00:08:27   before during the beta cycle and which have

00:08:30   been postponed to later in the fall.

00:08:32   So no mention of iCloud Drive folder sharing,

00:08:36   no mention of file pinning.

00:08:39   What else? Audio sharing,

00:08:42   we're going to talk about in a minute. I'm going to think about.

00:08:44   >> So basically, this is the complete review of iOS 13.1.

00:08:48   Right? Like that's what you've got here. Anything past 13.1 is not going to be covered, even

00:08:56   if it has been available previously in the beta cycle.

00:08:59   Not only that, but it highlights a few changes between 13.0 and 13.1. So there's also a comparison

00:09:07   between what you're going to get today at launch and what you're going to get eventually.

00:09:12   I appreciate your commitment to telling the full story, because you really could have

00:09:16   had two news cycles if you would have, you know, you could have had one review on the

00:09:19   19th and one review on the 30th. So that is commitment to the story because Federico would

00:09:25   have probably got way more clicks if he would have broken them up that way.

00:09:28   Oh yeah. That's the integrity of that Max Stories man.

00:09:31   But I believe in the story as a single body of work.

00:09:37   Or maybe it would have just been too difficult to decouple them. Nobody will know.

00:09:41   No, no, I would have been fine. The whole thing is structured pretty much to be broken

00:09:46   up in multiple pieces. It would have been extremely easy for me to do. But I think it

00:09:54   makes more sense as a whole, and hopefully people will see why. The only thing I would

00:10:00   like to call out is AirPods audio sharing. I've been tweeting about this today. There's

00:10:06   weirdness going on in terms of there is AirPods audio sharing in the iOS 13 GM

00:10:15   that was released last night. The feature is available there. AirPods audio sharing

00:10:22   works, although in an limited capacity with the 13 GM it does not work on 13.1

00:10:29   beta 3 also released last night. I just tested this today. I used my second

00:10:36   iPhone XS Max that I used for the review as a testing device, upgraded that

00:10:41   iPhone finally from iOS 12 to 13.0 GM, also finally upgraded Silva's iPhone, an

00:10:49   iPhone XS, to the 13 GM and sure enough I was able to share the audio of my iPhone

00:10:57   connected to my AirPods second generation model to Sylvia's first generation AirPods.

00:11:03   The feature works, I got screenshots on Twitter.

00:11:06   What is weird is that the Apple.com says that the feature is coming later this year.

00:11:13   There's an asterisk in multiple places on multiple web pages of iOS and iPadOS that says that AirPods

00:11:20   audio sharing is coming later this year. It's available in DGM, but I was only able to get it

00:11:25   to work with AirPods, even though the screen that you get on iOS shows you actual icons

00:11:33   for generic Bluetooth headphones, Beats, multiple models of Beats headphones and earbuds.

00:11:43   And we do have those Beats headphones here, so today I tested the feature with the Powerbeats

00:11:49   Pro, the Beats Studio 3, and some Bluetooth headphones, and I was only able to get it

00:11:56   to work with the AirPods.

00:11:59   So the feature is presented on Apple.com as coming later this year.

00:12:04   It is in the iOS 13 GM, it is not in iOS 13.1 Beta 3.

00:12:11   It has some graphics that show you different types of headphones, although those different

00:12:16   types of headphones do not work. All the AirPods work. So I don't know what is going on. It's

00:12:22   a bit of a messy situation. It really feels like Apple is on two completely different

00:12:27   software release tracks at this point. And there's some features in 13, some features

00:12:33   in 13.1, and the team behind Apple.com is looking at who knows what release notes document.

00:12:41   I have no idea. Still, I was able to get it to work, so the code is in there, it actually

00:12:49   works, the feature is there in the GM. Will there be a second GM that pulls the feature?

00:12:54   I don't know, so that is why, before I add that section to the review, I'm waiting until

00:12:59   next week.

00:13:00   So much. But it does seem like, even with just the way that they're moving the software

00:13:06   around, let alone things that were missing on the hardware, that there still is room

00:13:11   for another event this year.

00:13:13   It feels like it. I got this theory going on that iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 will come

00:13:22   out alongside Catalina. So Apple says that Catalina is coming in October, and knowing

00:13:28   Apple, October might as well be not October 1st, but October 30th, right? It still is

00:13:33   technically October. And Apple is doing some weird things with Catalina. So in

00:13:40   Beta 7, which I think is not the latest one, but the one before that came out

00:13:44   last week or two weeks ago, they reverted the iCloud Drive structure in the Finder

00:13:52   to the new format that they tested earlier this summer when they were

00:13:58   testing iCloud Drive, folder sharing, and file pinning on iOS and iPadOS.

00:14:03   Carolina Beta 7 reintroduced that file structure.

00:14:08   However, it appears that Beta 8, which came out last night, re-reverts that file structure

00:14:17   for iCloud Drive.

00:14:19   So really, I don't know if my theory is correct, but I could see an event where there's the

00:14:24   Mac Pro and the new MacBook Pro, maybe the rumored iPad Pro refresh, but also in terms

00:14:31   of software, where we see these features that Apple is saying are coming later this year,

00:14:38   iCalDrive improvements, the HomePod software update that was introduced at WWDC, I could

00:14:45   see Catalina in 13.2 coming out at the same time.

00:14:50   My only concern is that October may be too soon for 13.2, because we don't even have

00:14:59   a first beta of 13.2.

00:15:01   So is it reasonable to expect Carolina and 13.2 to drop in about a month?

00:15:08   Feels a little too early for that.

00:15:09   So I'm not sure.

00:15:11   Maybe my theory is not right.

00:15:12   Well, they're dropping 13.1 11 days after 13, so like there are no rules anymore.

00:15:19   Maybe there are no rules anymore.

00:15:20   And in fact, if they, I mean, they're launching 13.1 on September 30th and the first beta

00:15:26   came out on August 30th.

00:15:28   For all you know, 13.2 beta will drop before 13.1 comes out, right?

00:15:33   They might do it again.

00:15:35   See, they might, that's entirely possible.

00:15:38   So anything's possible.

00:15:40   If 13.2 beta drops this month, then I think we're going to get an event and Catalina in

00:15:46   13.2, that theory is correct.

00:15:49   a lot more in the table than just Catalina though I mean there's a lot of

00:15:53   hardware stuff that it's still out there right you have the Mac Pro coming this

00:15:59   year they could get into more detail you have a 16 inch MacBook Pro rumor

00:16:02   floating out there people say the iPad Pro but it's only been a year so I don't

00:16:06   really expect that but then you also have maybe the AR VR stuff is ready

00:16:10   like there's plenty to do in another event if they want to yeah I mean

00:16:15   They've had events for way less. Even recently. Like when they put Apple Pencil on the cheaper

00:16:25   iPad, they had a whole event for that basically, right? So there's definitely stuff.

00:16:34   There's a lot of things that were not announced yesterday. For example, the tile competitor,

00:16:40   the physical object tracker, the Apple tag that was supposed to come out, no mention

00:16:45   of that whatsoever, even though the new iPhones have a chip dedicated for that kind of stuff.

00:16:52   There is of course a possibility for an update to AirPods, right?

00:16:55   Exactly.

00:16:56   Like this year as well.

00:16:57   And your over here at phones that I think were one of your risky picks for the year's

00:17:06   predictions maybe?

00:17:07   Yeah, because it was a prediction from like, it was a rumor from the year before, right?

00:17:13   That it would be like a before 2020.

00:17:15   So that is somewhere in my predictions is over ear headphones, so that would be good.

00:17:19   Oh, that's a thought.

00:17:20   Have we actually reviewed the year predictions?

00:17:24   Did anybody get anything because of this?

00:17:27   Are they at the bottom of the document?

00:17:28   They're right at the very, very bottom of the document.

00:17:30   Yeah, they're way at the bottom.

00:17:31   Oh, hey, I got the second one.

00:17:34   What is that?

00:17:35   What is that?

00:17:36   you have to shortcuts will gain home pod or play two actions

00:17:40   both yeah that sounds good some point this fall it will

00:17:43   I had the Apple head pods

00:17:47   they are you had yeah on

00:17:50   on welcome will come back to that we should revisit those but not today

00:17:54   there's plenty of other stuff today

00:17:55   yeah we got yet speaking of which September is

00:17:59   childhood cancer awareness month we've been speaking about this all month

00:18:02   connected and across other relay shows. We are in the middle of a

00:18:06   fundraising campaign for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

00:18:11   As of right now, we are closing in on $60,000

00:18:14   raised. $60,000! Amazing. Incredible. I think, I hope and believe

00:18:21   we're going to blow right past our $75,000 goal,

00:18:24   which is super exciting. And the reason it's exciting is because St. Jude treats

00:18:28   kids with cancer without regard for the family's ability to pay. And having been in this world now

00:18:36   for a decade with our son, I can tell you that these sorts of treatments can absolutely destroy

00:18:43   a family financially. And St. Jude believes that if your kid is sick, you should be able to focus

00:18:49   on your kid and your family and everyone moving forward together and not being worried and honestly

00:18:57   consumed with how do we pay for this because that's a truly frightening proposition.

00:19:03   And St. Jude can do that because of the gifts of people like all y'all out there who are

00:19:08   supporting St. Jude this month.

00:19:09   So if you have donated, thank you so much.

00:19:12   If you're going to, I'm just going to lay this on thick for a minute, we're all getting

00:19:15   ready to drop several hundred dollars on Apple devices, if not September, then maybe in October.

00:19:21   And the rest, come on.

00:19:22   Most, like so many people listening to this show are going to be into four figures.

00:19:27   carve a little bit of that out and help kids who could really use it, is what I'm saying.

00:19:32   I had a listener say today, love this, this is great, they're going to use their 3% Apple

00:19:38   Pay cash back and they're going to donate that.

00:19:41   That's awesome, that's super cool.

00:19:43   Right?

00:19:44   That's a great idea, so if that's what you're going to do, if you're going to use the Apple

00:19:48   card, do that, that's great, I think that's a really great idea.

00:19:52   There was a listener, Kevin, who tweeted that to me today.

00:19:56   Thanks Kevin.

00:19:57   That's a wonderful idea if you're gonna be doing that

00:19:59   But I think other students can dig into their pockets and even just $20, right? Just anything

00:20:06   just give it go to st. Jude or connected and you can donate it and

00:20:10   Every literally every penny counts. We want to raise the money

00:20:14   We want to raise because it makes a big difference like seventy five thousand dollars will make a big difference to somebody's life. Yeah, absolutely

00:20:20   Next Friday Myke you and I are doing something special. You want to talk about that? Mm-hmm

00:20:26   Yeah, so next Friday I'm gonna be in Memphis, Tennessee.

00:20:30   It's so soon!

00:20:31   It's so soon.

00:20:32   It's so soon since the last time I was in Memphis, Tennessee.

00:20:36   So next week's episode of Connected will be together, me and you.

00:20:40   Yes.

00:20:41   And Federica will be out there in Skype.

00:20:43   Unless he wants to come by, you know.

00:20:45   Yeah, you can always swing by if you want to.

00:20:48   But yeah, we...

00:20:49   Sure, I can leave the day after the review.

00:20:52   It's the perfect time.

00:20:53   You're done then.

00:20:54   Who cares?

00:20:55   Exactly.

00:20:56   Yeah, you don't have to worry about it.

00:20:59   It's taken care of.

00:21:01   We're going to be doing a podcast-a-thon.

00:21:03   Six hour event.

00:21:04   We're starting at 4pm Eastern Time.

00:21:07   You can go to our show notes and find a Twitch event page which will show you exactly the

00:21:12   time in your local time zone.

00:21:17   We are very lucky that September 20th is also iPhone day, so there will be a lot of iPhone

00:21:21   related stuff as people are getting their iPhones in.

00:21:24   We're going to try and have an iPhone to unbox on the stream.

00:21:27   We have lots of wacky, wild and wonderful things planned.

00:21:31   It is going to be a great time to come and celebrate with us

00:21:34   as we hopefully meet and exceed our fundraising goals.

00:21:37   So can I tell a story about that date? Yeah.

00:21:39   So when I chose September 20th, I looked at the calendar

00:21:43   over the last several years and I figured September 20th will be the iPhone day.

00:21:46   Before we knew in the event was it's been in the works for a while.

00:21:48   I felt pretty confident September 20th is the iPhone date.

00:21:53   And let me tell you boys, every single step this fall with software changing and even in the event,

00:21:59   they said a couple of things and I thought, Oh my gosh, I'm going to miss it. The phone will be out

00:22:04   the week after this, which still fine. We can still figure out what to do for six hours,

00:22:08   but it's a lot better if we have a new phone to talk about. And so I think that, um, I think that

00:22:13   all of this stuff, the 13, 13.1, 13.2, getting these phones out clearly someone Apple's hardware

00:22:19   department is excited about the podcast

00:22:21   with on and want to make sure we had a

00:22:23   new phone to talk about they just wanted

00:22:25   to have something to be able to watch

00:22:26   would be my expectation so thank you to

00:22:30   dan reach you who personally made that

00:22:33   happen for us thanks dad shout out to

00:22:35   listener dan and this friday me and

00:22:39   steven are going to be playing Oregon

00:22:40   Trail on twitch just for funsies so we're

00:22:44   just warming up the twitch pipes to

00:22:46   show the TV slash relay of family can

00:22:48   come join us this friday we're going to

00:22:49   be playing Oregon Trail, which is a game I've never played before.

00:22:52   You've never played before.

00:22:53   It's gonna be great.

00:22:55   Someone's gonna die.

00:22:56   That's gonna be at 4.30pm Britain time.

00:22:59   I don't know what time it is, Easton, you need to help me.

00:23:02   That's not a time zone.

00:23:03   It is.

00:23:04   It is.

00:23:05   It is.

00:23:06   Yeah, yeah.

00:23:07   It is 11.30am Eastern time on Friday.

00:23:11   We're on BST right now, British Summertime.

00:23:14   It's like an actual time that exists.

00:23:15   It's plus one on GMT because GMT doesn't move.

00:23:18   Summertime sounds sounds like a nice way to say you're on vacation or like yeah

00:23:23   you quit your job and move to the beach it's like what if I called it Italian

00:23:28   summertime like well you can do that do you not actually have an Italian

00:23:32   summertime it's not cutting Italian summertime we're not that romantic we

00:23:37   don't mmm what is your time is called European something oh you're you don't

00:23:44   You have your own time zone.

00:23:46   Yeah, well, they're not race quitting.

00:23:48   It's you guys that you have your... Yeah, exactly.

00:23:51   So what I like about British Summertime is that the acronym is BST.

00:23:56   So for everybody saying they have the best time zone, no you don't, we do.

00:23:59   BIST. It's the BIST time zone. We've got it. It's British Summertime. Thank you everybody.

00:24:03   Plus GMT started here, the way that everybody else sets their time came from here.

00:24:08   Suck it everybody else. What is Starboard?

00:24:12   What is starboard? What isn't starboard? Starboard is what you want it to be.

00:24:16   It's a timezone. Isn't starboard left? Is it a timezone?

00:24:20   It's a timezone. No, isn't starboard left?

00:24:22   Oh, I see what you did. Starboard side.

00:24:26   I don't know what's what. Oh man, so when they do... wait, wait, wait.

00:24:30   So when they launch it... It's the right hand side.

00:24:32   Okay. When they launch it, will they mean that they shipped starboard?

00:24:37   Oh, well done. I love you so much.

00:24:41   There you go.

00:24:42   See you later everyone.

00:24:43   I know we had a lot left to do today, but can't top that, so see you next week.

00:24:49   Let me see if I can explain this a little bit, because this is all very hazy.

00:24:54   It's all very pie in the sky.

00:24:55   I feel like this is one of those stories that like, it's slipping through my fingers like

00:25:00   sand because Steve Trouton Smith posts these images of documentation that I can't begin

00:25:05   to understand and he's like, "Haha!

00:25:07   Proof!"

00:25:08   no I don't even know what that's supposed to mean. So over the last several weeks there have been a

00:25:15   collection of stories putting together evidence that Apple's AR VR but I'd say AR primarily AR

00:25:23   headset and the software to run it being starboard you know you have springboard and backboard and I

00:25:32   forget what it's called on the on the Apple watch but these are names Apple gives for like sort of

00:25:36   the the environment that launches apps and does and does those things. Starboard is what it's

00:25:41   called for the AR headset. This name and evidence of it being a platform for stereo AR enabled app.

00:25:51   So stereo meaning I guess you have two views of it. You have two eyeballs stereo. That's been not

00:25:59   only in the most people do. Yeah, most people do have these names have shown up in the iOS 13 beta

00:26:06   and Xcode betas, including the iOS 13 GM

00:26:11   and the latest 13.1 beta that came out yesterday,

00:26:15   still referenced.

00:26:17   And it seems like these stereo AR apps will run

00:26:20   on this sort of headset, again powered by Starboard

00:26:24   being sort of the platform for it.

00:26:26   Where it gets a little nutty is that a friend,

00:26:29   Steve Trout and Smith, then found a readme document

00:26:33   left in these builds giving detailed walkthrough instructions for Apple employees who want

00:26:40   to test it but don't have access to the hardware.

00:26:43   Apparently you can run this on an iPhone if you follow these directions you have an Apple

00:26:47   internal phone with an Apple internal build.

00:26:50   This is not, I don't think this is as bad as the HomePod leaking the iPhone 10 but it's

00:26:54   sort of the same.

00:26:56   You don't understand this is the smoking gun.

00:26:58   We got it this time.

00:26:59   That's it.

00:27:00   This is like the Russian investigation. We got him this time. Yeah. The smoking gun we were

00:27:06   waiting for. That's it. It's not as bad as the iPhone 10 and the HomePod firmware, but like

00:27:14   pretty bad. There's also an icon that came out in the Find My app. I think that's a little bit older

00:27:18   now, but yeah, there's all this smoke that Starboard and all these things are building

00:27:25   up towards an AR headset. But what gets interesting too is that there's evidence

00:27:32   for an Apple built device codenamed Garta but in a Twitter thread and a

00:27:38   hashtag Twitter thread Steve also says that there's evidence that Apple could

00:27:44   be building this platform and then relying on third parties to build either

00:27:50   all of the headsets or maybe additional headsets past what Apple offers through

00:27:54   the the what is the program where you can build mi fi mi fi yes thank you do

00:28:02   through that project just like they did with the Apple TV what I thought about

00:28:04   was the Apple TV right they said hey they're game controllers and you know

00:28:09   the the Nimbus controller and all those sort of came out of that that deal so my

00:28:14   thinking would be that maybe this is for education news right like that maybe in

00:28:19   schools you'd want a different kind of headset because they're not building

00:28:23   their own headset as like this is the way it should be done then they're not

00:28:26   committed to this project yeah yeah I I would be absolutely shocked if they

00:28:33   don't have their a headset built by Apple on day one it would it would you

00:28:40   know you really surprised me I wonder if all this speculation right and all of

00:28:45   these leaked icons and documents and all of this stuff and maybe all that it is

00:28:53   it's like it's a new playground mode that lets you test stereo AR and have

00:29:01   some kinds of extension like it's some kind of lightweight development tool

00:29:06   maybe it's like it's not an actual platform it's something to you know sort

00:29:11   like playgrounds really. Of course the speculation goes if it's a third-party

00:29:17   developer thing, if it's like if it's built on an extension model that seems

00:29:21   to suggest that developers can provide their extension points, can it be a

00:29:26   simple playground integration? I don't know. It just feels very strange to me

00:29:30   that Apple keeps leaving these trails with documents and they're gonna go with

00:29:39   third-party manufacturers like let other people buy build their own headsets like

00:29:47   it doesn't really make sense to me yeah it's like I really work for Google

00:29:51   didn't it yeah exactly like they did it with the cardboard and a dream and oh my

00:29:56   god the daydream yeah so I don't know this feels very I mean Apple has been

00:30:03   doing some weird and different things lately but this one has to take the

00:30:08   crown for the weirdest possible scenario. Apple is not doing their own headset, it's

00:30:16   not doing glasses, but they're gonna let third party manufacturers build on top of an AR

00:30:22   kit platform. Sure. It just feels very odd.

00:30:27   It would certainly feel like a mistake to me personally. Like, I think that that would

00:30:33   be a pretty bad idea if this is something they genuinely care about.

00:30:38   And I mean, all signs would point to AR is very important to somebody at Apple because

00:30:47   they put so much effort into it.

00:30:51   But we'll find out.

00:30:52   Yeah, I don't think we're going to find out in October, but maybe this shows up in the

00:30:58   spring.

00:30:59   I genuinely think it's wild that people think that we're going to see the result of that

00:31:02   this year.

00:31:03   I think the earliest would be the spring but if it's really a deal where developers need to do stuff

00:31:07   This is WWDC right like this is yeah a ways out which makes all the breadcrumbs being left in

00:31:14   Even more of a head scratcher. It's like if this is still

00:31:17   nine

00:31:20   Ten eleven twelve months away. There was a big update to a our kit in like a March update once

00:31:27   Yeah in yeah

00:31:29   last year maybe but

00:31:31   Yeah, so yeah, it could be the spring. I think if there's a spring event, I think starting then

00:31:36   this is on the table, but I would not be surprised if it's WVDC. All right, today's episode is

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00:33:28   All right, let's do it.

00:33:30   Let's talk about the Rickies.

00:33:31   Yes, it's time.

00:33:33   Do we have to?

00:33:35   We unfortunately, Federico,

00:33:38   we do, in fact, have to talk about the Rickies.

00:33:40   I would like to recap the rules of the Rickies at this stage.

00:33:43   I feel like it is the official thing to do.

00:33:45   The winner, who shall be called chairman

00:33:47   Ricky from the previous Rickies, gets to pick first.

00:33:50   So the prize for the person who wins the Rickies this time

00:33:54   will get to pick the next Riki's and then second place and lose a kind of

00:34:00   trickle on from there. To earn any points everything written down in the

00:34:04   prediction document must come true. No half points may be awarded in any round.

00:34:09   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds then two

00:34:14   points will be awarded for correct picks in the risky pick round. If your risky

00:34:19   pick is wrong, you lose a point and the other two hosts must agree that your pick is in

00:34:25   fact risky enough.

00:34:27   So I figure we should kind of redo this in the order we can go through each of our predictions

00:34:32   and say if we were right or wrong.

00:34:34   So I said new colors in the iPhone line as compared to the previous year.

00:34:39   I got this even more than I thought.

00:34:41   There was a color on the pro phones, which is a non graded thing.

00:34:44   I'm very unhappy with that green though.

00:34:47   It's not for me.

00:34:49   Every time I see, we've all been watching Hanes on video, right?

00:34:51   Every time I see it in a video, I think, "Oh, that's nice."

00:34:54   And then the light hits it from an angle, I'm like, "Ew, that's not…"

00:34:57   There was an episode of Seinfeld about that, where a person looked attractive in some lighting

00:35:03   and unattractive in other lighting.

00:35:04   That's how I feel about this phone.

00:35:06   Now look, if you like the green, more power to you.

00:35:10   Absolutely.

00:35:11   But this is not for me.

00:35:12   I'm doubling down on gold again.

00:35:15   If you buy the green in the pro max size, you are obligated legally to name your phone

00:35:23   the jolly green giant.

00:35:25   Oh, now what's that mean?

00:35:28   It's a character, you know, of what?

00:35:33   Of green beans, actually.

00:35:35   Yeah, it's a food mascot.

00:35:37   I have no idea what that means.

00:35:39   It'll be in the show.

00:35:40   Okay.

00:35:41   Cool.

00:35:42   Thanks.

00:35:43   But it is a thing that exists.

00:35:44   I said there'd be a good orange.

00:35:46   I was wrong.

00:35:47   There's now no orange.

00:35:48   Yeah.

00:35:49   Uh, so that's the whole thing.

00:35:50   I was very upset about that.

00:35:52   Um, I'm not a big fan of the iPhone 11 colors personally.

00:35:56   I don't know.

00:35:57   Yeah.

00:35:58   Same.

00:35:59   They're too washed out for me.

00:36:00   And look at that.

00:36:01   Your boy wanted clear cases and he got them clear cases for everyone.

00:36:06   I'm so excited about clear cases.

00:36:08   I actually have two clear cases arriving at my home tomorrow.

00:36:11   Yeah.

00:36:12   They're shipping early.

00:36:13   Hooray.

00:36:14   My problem with clear cases is that any piece of dust that shows up is like automatically

00:36:20   Visible, which is a bummer. Yeah, I can't over. I'm sure I want to see the gold. I have a beautiful gold phone

00:36:27   I want to see the gold good job on this pic. Great job got that one

00:36:31   My first round pick was at the iPhone 10 R

00:36:36   would become the iPhone 11 that Apple would basically switch the defaults and

00:36:42   Clearly they did that and I think they built a good case that the 11 is

00:36:45   The default phone I was I was thinking about this this morning

00:36:50   I feel like when the iPhone 10 are came out a lot of people were afraid Apple was

00:36:54   repeating the mistake of the iPhone 5c

00:36:57   And I think we argued on this show and I argued in my review of the 10r that that actually is not the case the 10r

00:37:02   was a

00:37:04   flagship phone

00:37:06   unto itself with the 5c really wasn't the 5c was just a

00:37:09   redone older iPhone 5 so they can make it more cheaply and

00:37:12   I got to say I think we got that right the the 10 are clearly was a big success and

00:37:18   Now it has become the default phone the 10 or has become the 11 so I get the point but

00:37:24   Also, I think the bigger point that the 10 are was a good move

00:37:29   I think that's paid off for them in a huge way

00:37:32   Yeah

00:37:33   And I think that it is as you say like it is very interesting to see them give that name right the 11

00:37:39   is you're resetting the starting point and then resetting the price as well.

00:37:44   Yes. These are like big deals $699 cheaper. So yes, that was gonna be... can you? That would

00:37:51   have been a Ricky. Yeah. Make the phone cheaper. That would have been a real

00:37:56   exciting time. The 10R was $749 which is right in between the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

00:38:01   in pricing and now this adopts the $699. That's still high compared to phones

00:38:06   three or four years ago from Apple but it's the right move in the current

00:38:10   climate 699 is a lot better than 749 still room to go but I applaud them for

00:38:16   that that change well I I picked the biggest phone will not be called the pro

00:38:23   max and I was wrong Apple called it the iPhone 11 Pro Max so well it's a name

00:38:32   that I do not like, I maintain that it is an ugly name, but what you gotta do? I also

00:38:39   think it's an ugly camera in the back, so everything's ugly. What you gotta do about

00:38:46   it? It's just, you know, it is what it is. It's an ugly back camera for an ugly named

00:38:53   phone. So, I'm still gonna buy one, but I think the name is silly and the camera is

00:39:00   Exactly, just as we were thinking when we saw the first leaks.

00:39:04   So I, unlike other people I've seen on Twitter, do not think it looks better in official photos.

00:39:12   It doesn't look any better for me.

00:39:15   It's three round-shaped objects that do not necessarily trigger my trypophobia, but I

00:39:24   think it looks awkward.

00:39:26   I don't have that, but it looks awkward and I don't think it's attractive at all.

00:39:30   There should have been... there could have been, should have been better ways to handle that.

00:39:36   I think other smartphone manufacturers have done a better job at implementing three cameras,

00:39:41   but whatever. I also don't like using Android, so what you gotta do?

00:39:44   I don't like it. I don't like the camera. I don't like the name, but it is what it is.

00:39:49   And I didn't get the point, so sorry buddy.

00:39:51   I think that Apple clearly did a lot of work to try and dispel the trypophobia problem.

00:39:59   And I genuinely think the way that they solved it is by switching the texture of the glass

00:40:05   on each model, because it's not a consistent area across the whole phone.

00:40:10   So can you walk through that, what they did between the two models?

00:40:12   So on the 11, the back glass is smooth, but then the camera bump area, which is also still

00:40:21   glass same color they put like a matte finish there's like or it's at least

00:40:25   textured around the camera area and then on the pro it is the PVD coated glass

00:40:32   which is the matte finish but around the cameras it's smooth again so they

00:40:37   haven't coated it in the same way I don't know exactly how they have

00:40:41   achieved the matte finish on the 11 I don't know if it's sort of PVD coating

00:40:45   or not or if they've just like treated it in some way maybe like sandblasted

00:40:48   that area or something. But they've been able to... I think by changing the texture, it

00:40:55   breaks the visual when you look at it. And rather than holes being in like a large space,

00:41:02   it's just around that one area. I actually as well just personally prefer that look than

00:41:06   a lot of the renders that we saw, right, initially, which was just like, here's three cameras

00:41:11   just in this huge expanse and it's all the same color. It all being the same color looked

00:41:16   weird to me, um, but this looks better because it does look like there's a slight break because

00:41:20   the light hits it differently. So, uh, it look, it doesn't look great, but of all of

00:41:27   the ways it could have looked bad. This does look the least bad to me. I think of them

00:41:33   hyper, hyper ease. Hey, there is, I feel like every now and then the iPhone gets a little

00:41:40   ugly duckling E and that's where we are right now. Like every now and then they have to

00:41:46   to make a change to the phone, which was not necessarily what they envisioned when they

00:41:50   originally designed the way the phone looked.

00:41:54   And kind of that's we're in like ugly duck land again.

00:41:58   My second round pick though was about this, which is the three cameras on the high end

00:42:01   phones and that it would be a telephoto.

00:42:06   So and then ultra wide and wide.

00:42:09   We just called it the camera because we couldn't really like realize what it was called.

00:42:13   It is actually a wide lens. It's a wide angle lens.

00:42:17   I still think it's the camera.

00:42:18   I still prefer the camera because that's how everybody thinks of it.

00:42:22   But then you have ultra wide.

00:42:24   Were you both as surprised as I was that the 11 got an ultra wide and not a telephoto?

00:42:29   Yes. Yes, very much so.

00:42:32   I mean it makes perfect sense, but I never would have expected it because

00:42:36   I didn't know you could take portrait photos without a telephoto.

00:42:40   I thought you needed a telephoto, but you just need a second lens.

00:42:43   it turns out. Mm-hmm. All right so next up in round two I had predicted no

00:42:50   Mac or iPad hardware. In the keynote I lost this point because the we're

00:42:55   talking about a little bit later but the 10.2 inch iPad was announced and shown

00:42:59   off. I was very surprised by that and this is an example where sometimes if

00:43:05   your picks are too specific you're going to issue if I just said no Mac hardware

00:43:10   I would have made it but the the second product there burned me unfortunately

00:43:15   And I said and this is the only thing that I got in my predictions

00:43:19   The new phone will offer some kind of night mode for shooting in the dark and sure enough

00:43:26   There is an actual night mode. It is called the night mode in the new iPhones. It is

00:43:31   Apparently it works

00:43:34   You can choose whether you want to use it or not

00:43:36   But once it's on you will see a live preview in the viewfinder in the camera app. So

00:43:42   Looks to be quite impressive of course

00:43:44   We didn't see a lot of pictures or examples yesterday because the demo area was very

00:43:49   Brightly lit and therefore it was impossible to shoot in the dark

00:43:53   But I look forward to seeing some of the tests Apple shared a few photos

00:43:58   They looked pretty much like a night mode maybe and that was just my impression

00:44:04   It didn't look as, and don't take this the wrong way,

00:44:08   but as fake as a Google Pixel Night Mode photo looks

00:44:12   in that the Google Pixel makes those photos look

00:44:16   as if it were almost daylight.

00:44:18   - This is unrealistic.

00:44:19   - Unrealistic a little, whereas I think I could see

00:44:23   that Apple still tried to make it look like

00:44:26   it was shot in the dark, but not just pitch black dark.

00:44:30   It had that yellow brownish tint

00:44:32   that suggests it was shot in low light, for example.

00:44:36   So I think Apple, judging from those couple of photos,

00:44:39   I think they're going for a more realistic

00:44:41   night mode appearance, which is fine.

00:44:44   As long as a photo, you know,

00:44:45   as long as I can see something and it actually works

00:44:47   and it's not too grainy,

00:44:49   I think it's gonna look very nice.

00:44:52   I saw on Twitter that there's gonna be a new UI element

00:44:56   in the camera app when you're shooting with night mode.

00:44:59   You're gonna see an indicator for exposure

00:45:02   that tells you, you know, this photo is going to be basically going to have

00:45:06   you're shooting for five seconds.

00:45:08   And so the phone can capture multiple exposures and then stitch them together

00:45:11   and give you a night mode photo.

00:45:13   And there's going to be a yellow badge in the camera app

00:45:16   when you when you enable that, which looks fine.

00:45:18   So Jason was telling me an upgrade that there's like

00:45:22   it's obviously doing a bunch of clever stuff.

00:45:24   It's like I just want to clarify something.

00:45:26   I don't think he was saying it, but like you

00:45:28   you cannot tell the phone you want to do this.

00:45:30   the phone decides for you that you are allowed to shoot this way.

00:45:33   Yeah.

00:45:34   It is not possible for you to say I want to take a night mode photo.

00:45:38   Like night mode is offered to you when the phone believes that you can shoot

00:45:42   in it, like that the light is dark enough, for example.

00:45:45   And then also there's some other stuff where like it's just

00:45:49   there's some other stuff where it's judging like the light around to

00:45:54   sorry, it's judging like your movement in your hands for how long it's going to

00:45:59   take the exposure for.

00:46:00   So if you have your phone on a tripod, the exposure time will be longer.

00:46:04   It will expose for longer.

00:46:07   I can't think of the correct words.

00:46:08   So therefore getting a brighter image

00:46:11   because it will be able to expose over a long period of time.

00:46:14   So there's some interesting stuff that the phone is doing

00:46:16   to try and get you the best possible result.

00:46:19   So if you were taking photos outside at night in a tripod,

00:46:23   then you are going to get some great images, which would be better

00:46:27   then if you're taking pictures in a bar, holding it in your hand, they're going to be good.

00:46:32   But like there are there's like a range. The shutter will be open for longer. Thank you,

00:46:36   Kate, in the chat room for giving me the phrase that I was looking for and searching for.

00:46:40   But so Apple's doing some smart stuff there. But it's not like where, you know, a lot of

00:46:45   people have said like, oh, you know, I just basically leave night mode on the Pixel all

00:46:50   the time because then I always get the best results like I get that. But you don't have

00:46:53   that option with the iPhone camera.

00:46:55   I think that's fair. I think Apple's kind of split the difference. It's going to guess when you want it, but you can even then, even if it's suggested or it enters it automatically, you can still disable it from that screen that control that Eric goes talking about.

00:47:09   about. So I am excited they're doing this. This has been an area they've been

00:47:15   behind in for a couple of years. The Pixel really came out of the gate strong

00:47:19   with it and Samsung and Huawei do it as well. I'm really looking forward to the

00:47:24   roundups of this compared to those other phones because my guess is it's gonna

00:47:29   kind of be like the HDR stuff where Samsung and Huawei and Apple and Google

00:47:36   the Pixel phones, they all do HDR but they all do it differently and just for

00:47:41   my personal taste I prefer the way the Pixel does it over the iPhone. We've

00:47:45   talked about this when the XS came out that I don't like the Smart HDR that

00:47:48   Apple's doing. My guess is the night mode will be similar that they're these all

00:47:54   these manufacturers will do it slightly differently and I'm just really curious

00:47:58   who comes out ahead. Even if Apple doesn't have the best one just being in

00:48:03   arena is is good because they're losing ground and if there's anything that gets

00:48:10   people to upgrade a smartphone it's the camera and so they need to be

00:48:13   competitive in all the different ways cameras work now not just the primary

00:48:17   ones. All right so in the end of round two the scores are as such I have two

00:48:22   points Stephen has one point Federico has one point mm-hmm but it all changes

00:48:28   when you get to the Rickies in theory we'll find out today's episode is

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00:49:43   All right.

00:49:44   So we move in to the Ricky's, the risky picks.

00:49:48   Tim Cook, thanks, Johnny Ive.

00:49:51   The camera shows Johnny in the audience.

00:49:53   Johnny doesn't stand.

00:49:54   That was my Ricky pick.

00:49:55   You got all that.

00:49:56   Johnny was there. I was excited to see that Johnny was there. I mean, it depends how you

00:50:02   want to judge this, really. Tim did thank everybody at one point. Johnny didn't stand.

00:50:11   I don't know if it showed him in the audience or not, but probably at some point. So, you know,

00:50:16   like by the letter of the law, it could be possible for me to grade this for myself,

00:50:21   but let's be real, I didn't get this point the way that I envisioned it.

00:50:25   No, no, he didn't.

00:50:27   So that brings me down to a glorious zero points.

00:50:30   Right.

00:50:31   Is you lose a point.

00:50:32   No, it brings you to lose two points.

00:50:35   You lose to the Ricky's.

00:50:36   You lose two points.

00:50:37   Oh, wait, do you use two points?

00:50:39   No, I lose one point.

00:50:40   Sorry, I'm at one point.

00:50:42   I have one point, one point, one point.

00:50:45   Two points are awarded for the correct picks in the risky pick round.

00:50:49   If your risky pick is wrong, you lose a point.

00:50:51   There we go.

00:50:52   Our rules are so complicated.

00:50:53   we can't remember them ourselves. It is almost impossible to keep track of them

00:50:57   at this stage, which is why we had them written down. I'm still very

00:51:01   curious how Apple sends Ive off. I agree still with what I said last week of

00:51:07   like, they're just not gonna do it. Like he's just gonna quietly slip away.

00:51:11   It's a Friday and they open the door and he's out. Yeah, it's

00:51:16   you know his yeah it's like you're not gonna Indiana Jones where the the ground

00:51:24   opens up because they've stolen the Holy Grail and you know the woman falls down

00:51:28   the hole and then Indy is like chasing after her and then he slips and Sean

00:51:31   Connery grabs his hand it's like no your hand is slipping away that's how it's

00:51:35   gonna be it's like Johnny I've and Tim Cook like they're touching you know as

00:51:38   this one final moment and he's just gone forever into the mist this is a star

00:51:44   War Federico that he's talking about. This is one of those Star Wars.

00:51:48   I don't think Indiana Jones is a Star War. Well, technically. Technically.

00:51:54   Indiana Jones has the same guy that I know. Look at it. It's got the same guy. And it's like,

00:51:59   it's like a movie version of Uncharted, the video game. I think they copied Uncharted for

00:52:04   Indiana Jones. It's like, it's like. Yes. Indiana Jones is an Uncharted.

00:52:09   Yes, it's the guy going to El Dorado to find the treasures.

00:52:13   Right?

00:52:15   Yeah.

00:52:15   Wow.

00:52:16   Pretty good.

00:52:17   Before he becomes an astronaut for Star Wars.

00:52:20   For the Star War.

00:52:22   Sure.

00:52:23   Steven, what was your Ricky?

00:52:24   No service bundle announced, including any service being free with another or some sort of content being added to the iPhone upgrade program.

00:52:34   You got through on the skin of your teeth for this one.

00:52:38   - That I am on the sharpest edge of the sharpest knife,

00:52:42   but I-- - He was so lucky.

00:52:44   - So what Apple did announce was that

00:52:47   if you buy Apple hardware, so a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad,

00:52:51   an Apple Watch or an Apple TV,

00:52:53   you will get a year of Apple TV plus

00:52:56   the streaming service for free, which is great.

00:52:58   I did not expect them to do that.

00:53:00   That is not a service bundle.

00:53:02   That is a promotion for one individual service.

00:53:06   So I get this, but it's super close.

00:53:10   Well, technically, if you join the iPhone upgrade program, you will

00:53:16   probably get a year of Apple TV+.

00:53:18   Right.

00:53:19   Well, technically that is what you get.

00:53:22   That is not what we were talking about.

00:53:23   That's not what we were talking about.

00:53:24   So I, uh, so I pick up two points.

00:53:29   Just, just, this leaves me with three points.

00:53:33   Myke, you have one point Federico.

00:53:36   Are you going to dig out of the hole with this next one?

00:53:38   Sure. I think I got it all correct.

00:53:40   Apple announces Apple TV.

00:53:42   Apple announces Apple TV.

00:53:44   I don't know what event you guys watched, but in my video stream it all happened.

00:53:48   Wow.

00:53:49   Can you give us...

00:53:50   Actually, it's not because we didn't see it.

00:53:52   Could you describe to us exactly how this part went down?

00:53:55   Sure.

00:53:56   Eric, you came out on stage holding a Game Boy.

00:53:59   Oh, Eddie.

00:53:59   Eddie of all people.

00:54:00   Eric, you came out on stage holding a Game Boy.

00:54:02   And it was like, you people remember this?

00:54:06   And he just, he just threw it to the audience.

00:54:13   I'm pretty sure that it hit John Gruber.

00:54:16   Can I ask, underarm or overarm the throw?

00:54:20   On John's right leg.

00:54:21   But like, did he throw it overarm or underarm?

00:54:24   This is very important to my...

00:54:26   Overarm.

00:54:27   Overarm.

00:54:28   Which you said it is.

00:54:30   like, we don't, we don't, you know, we don't think these are, these are actual video games.

00:54:36   And then he proceeded, he proceeded to show a slide of multiple video games. It's like,

00:54:42   you guys like this, huh? It's like showing pictures of Crash Bandicoot and Super Mario

00:54:47   and each character, he then clicked the remote for the presentation and a big red X was overlaid

00:54:55   on top of each guy. Like we don't care about video game characters. And then he started

00:55:00   showing photos of, they're going to be called the Apple games that they're making. Right.

00:55:07   So Apple games will have characters such as... Warren Buffett. So there's going to be, hold

00:55:16   on. So the supporters, like the supporting characters will be based on the animoji. So

00:55:23   There's gonna be the owl and the mouse.

00:55:29   Not the...

00:55:30   Apple apologized publicly for the abomination that is the octopus animoji, thankfully.

00:55:36   So that's going away.

00:55:38   They're removing the octopus animoji.

00:55:41   But they're gonna be supporting characters.

00:55:42   The main character will be Warren Buffett.

00:55:47   But Warren Buffett will be younger.

00:55:49   In the game, in the Apple games, you'll have an assistant and the assistant is Daisy the

00:55:56   Robot. So you control Warren Buffett and Daisy the Robot.

00:56:00   Daisy did come back. That's very convenient for you, isn't it?

00:56:05   Daisy the Robot is strapped onto Warren Buffett's backpack.

00:56:09   Right, right, right.

00:56:10   So it's like an exoskeleton type of deal.

00:56:12   Did they somehow also announce that Catalina has a release date? Like, was Daisy waving

00:56:16   a flag and then maybe saying, "Oh, by the way, there's going to be original podcast

00:56:20   content." Did Daisy say all of this stuff?

00:56:23   Went through this presentation. So Apple Games, it's sort of like Nintendo and Sega at the

00:56:28   Olympic Games as a type of video game. It's like a party game in that style. One of the

00:56:37   mini games is you create original podcast content.

00:56:40   Oh, that's how that happened.

00:56:45   War and Buffet. And finally at the end there was an Apple TV, they announced an Apple controller,

00:56:50   but it's made of... so you got a directional pad, but it's only got one arrow. It only

00:56:56   goes up. And you got four buttons on the right side, but only two of them are working. The

00:57:05   other two are just for symmetry.

00:57:06   It's all on a metal only.

00:57:09   He announced an Apple TV and game controller bundle and it's not 4K, it's 5K, so it only

00:57:15   works for two displays that Apple sells and it's got a subscription to play this game

00:57:22   and to access the content but in order to access Apple games you need to pay for Apple

00:57:30   News Plus.

00:57:32   So that's the way that it works.

00:57:33   The only way they can sell that service.

00:57:35   Yeah, yeah.

00:57:36   I mean, I think I got it all. Honestly, the only thing I missed from my non-graded picks

00:57:43   within the risky pick is the Catalina release, even though that's debatable because they

00:57:47   did say that it's coming out in October. So I'm not sure what you guys watched, but this

00:57:53   all happened.

00:57:54   So Federico is on zero points.

00:57:57   Well.

00:57:58   So there we go.

00:58:00   I didn't convince you, did I?

00:58:02   convince us no. Federico for some reason thought there would be an Apple TV and Game Controller

00:58:07   bundle. There was not. So that puts our scoring at Federico with zero points. So Federico,

00:58:16   you are the loser, capital L, remember? I remember we're doing that, sure. You are capital

00:58:22   L loser. I am second place winner with one point. You're not a second, what is a second

00:58:29   place winner. This is what it says, the second place winner. You are the penultimate loser.

00:58:37   No, second place winner. Second place winner. Second place winner. Because in every time

00:58:43   there's been trophies, second place trophy has always been a good trophy. So second place

00:58:47   winner is me and Chairman Ricky taking the chairmanship away from my two consecutive

00:58:55   wins is Mr. Steven Hackett. Congratulations, Ricky Hackett.

00:58:59   Thank you. Thank you gentlemen. Good playing with you as always, but even better when I

00:59:05   win. Just being honest, it feels pretty good. We do have some non graded picks. So these

00:59:11   are things that we just kind of threw out there that don't really affect the score either

00:59:16   way. Although interestingly, I did actually grade them just to like see how it would work.

00:59:23   So Myke, what what did you say in the non graded section?

00:59:28   Mine was that Apple TV plus would be free of another subscription.

00:59:31   It wasn't but the spirit of what I was trying to say is like, there's no way Apple can charge

00:59:35   you for this.

00:59:36   And they decided that they wouldn't write like, you'll get it for free if you buy any

00:59:41   like anything, right?

00:59:42   Just buy anything.

00:59:43   Yeah.

00:59:44   Do you need a new lightning cable Apple TV plus for free?

00:59:47   You get at least a half an hour.

00:59:49   The Mac doesn't get mentioned.

00:59:51   I think the name Mac was uttered, but there was no news about the Mac, so I'll give that

00:59:55   to you.

00:59:56   Okay.

00:59:57   And that there'll be potentially some surprise hardware like a tile tracker.

01:00:00   Yeah.

01:00:01   No, no, no, no.

01:00:04   Mine were both about stagecraft.

01:00:05   I said, Jeff Williams would take a greater role in the keynote.

01:00:09   He wasn't there at all.

01:00:10   He took a little less role.

01:00:11   He didn't even announce the Apple watch.

01:00:13   Not on stage at all.

01:00:14   He was in mine.

01:00:15   He's the new president of Apple.

01:00:18   He's president.

01:00:19   President of Apple.

01:00:20   It's his name.

01:00:21   Yeah, and so maybe he and temp cook can't be in the same place in public anymore. You know if like safety reasons

01:00:27   And everybody's calling him president Jeff. He doesn't want to go by present Williams or PJ to his friends

01:00:33   Yeah, page and then I said no this is a bet against Myke's

01:00:39   Ricky pick no mention or word from Johnny I've and that was correct and was correct not even in a video

01:00:47   Yeah, then Ritchie. Oh did the video

01:00:50   For dear I found he did he's done a couple of them. He did the he did the 5k iMac

01:00:55   I know and I think a couple others. I enjoy it when he does it. I think he's a an interesting person to do it

01:00:59   Doesn't have a commanding voice like John. Hey, he's a listener of the show. So why don't you be?

01:01:05   Do not offend listener Dan please super smart guy clearly like very accomplished. It could be anybody

01:01:13   It could be anyone right like you'd win the voice thought you're like, aha Dan Ricci are we?

01:01:20   We have a question listener Dan wants to know.

01:01:23   Why does Michael hate me?

01:01:25   Because I wanted Johnny not to stand.

01:01:27   All right.

01:01:30   Moving on to my non-greater picks.

01:01:33   So I think I sort of got half of this correct

01:01:36   and the other not correct.

01:01:38   I said Apple gives a release date for iOS 13.1

01:01:42   and mentions the update on stage.

01:01:45   They didn't mention the update on stage.

01:01:47   They did give a release date for iOS 13.1 in the press releases, plural.

01:01:54   So that was even more than I was hoping for.

01:01:58   I was just hoping for iOS 13 to come out at some point midweek,

01:02:02   but I also got a release date for 13.1, which matters to me

01:02:07   because I'm planning a secret thing that I haven't told anybody about,

01:02:12   not even you guys.

01:02:13   And that was the reason why my 13.1 coverage is happening earlier, because I gotta clear

01:02:19   the room for something else.

01:02:21   We'll talk about that in the future.

01:02:25   In the very near future at this point.

01:02:27   Well, the very near future is in like 45 minutes when the call ends and I demand you tell me,

01:02:32   so...

01:02:33   We'll see about that.

01:02:35   Apple announces new environmental efforts, such as a new recycling robot.

01:02:40   Again, that happened in my stream.

01:02:43   Catalina as a release date.

01:02:47   I put orange as a color here in the document.

01:02:50   It has a release window.

01:02:52   It has a release month.

01:02:54   It doesn't even say what year, so might as well be October 2020.

01:03:00   Do release times mean anything anymore?

01:03:03   Yeah, it's Catalina point O, but all the good stuff comes out of point one.

01:03:07   You can't run iPad apps yet.

01:03:08   You gotta wait.

01:03:09   And Apple announces original podcasts content.

01:03:12   Nope. Didn't happen. So...

01:03:15   I don't think it's ever gonna happen.

01:03:17   I think it will, but not anytime soon.

01:03:20   So as the complete loser of this round of predictions and Riki's,

01:03:27   I automatically become the winner because I lost the most.

01:03:32   The first shabby last.

01:03:33   I'm pretty sure we said...

01:03:35   Whatever you have to tell yourself to go to sleep at night is fine by us.

01:03:39   - Yeah, we talked about this before,

01:03:42   the honor that comes with losing a lot.

01:03:44   Not a lot of people could survive this, but I did.

01:03:48   And I'm very proud of myself for surviving this loss.

01:03:50   - You've been less than everyone this year.

01:03:53   (both laughing)

01:03:55   - Wait until I take it all back at the end of the year.

01:03:57   - So there's two chances, right?

01:03:58   If there's an October event, we'll do this.

01:04:00   And then we have to grade the yearly picks as well.

01:04:04   So there's still plenty of ground left to cover.

01:04:09   Yeah. Yeah. I'm planning my comeback. Don't worry.

01:04:11   Oh, I just realized how confusing it's going to get when like the prize for the

01:04:16   annual predictions, right?

01:04:20   There will be a winner of the annual predictions. Yes.

01:04:23   Then that shouldn't have bearing on the picker of the next event.

01:04:28   It should then the winner of the annual predictions should get to pick the

01:04:34   annual picks. We'll deal with that when we get there. Leisure, right?

01:04:38   Yes. Which is the next event after that or the next time we do picks after that.

01:04:42   So I think it works out. That's a problem for future us.

01:04:44   Yeah. We shouldn't do it like that because then like the winter or October get,

01:04:48   they get nothing. Right. They get a raise.

01:04:52   So like the winner of the October picks gets to pick the next event.

01:04:56   The winner of the yearly picks gets to pick first in the yearly picks.

01:05:00   Okay. I'm going to say some stuff about the event.

01:05:03   Do you want to type that in the bottom of the document?

01:05:05   Cause it's in your brain right now.

01:05:07   Yeah, I don't know. I'm just going to put it in here somewhere.

01:05:10   If only we recorded this in some other manner.

01:05:16   I know it's once it said it's gone. I think our picks reflect clear. They reflect what we and what

01:05:23   people thought this event was going to be. And we're still going to talk some more in detail

01:05:27   about the iPhone and iPad and stuff. But here, just at the end of the picks, it feels to me

01:05:33   There was room in this event for something big at the end and it just didn't happen

01:05:38   I remember look kind of keeping an eye on the clock and

01:05:41   We were an hour and a half in and everything seemed like it was winding down at the beginning to cook said hey

01:05:47   We're gonna skip the regular company updates

01:05:50   But then they did retail at the end for the only reason I can think of it so they could talk about

01:05:54   How you can like swap watch bands around in the Apple Store now the only reason that wasn't any real

01:05:59   - The real reason is so they could say,

01:06:01   they could put on stage that you could get your iPhone

01:06:04   for cheap.

01:06:05   - Right, the trade-in program.

01:06:07   But even then that could have been done another way.

01:06:10   It felt like, I really thought he's gonna say

01:06:12   one more thing.

01:06:13   At any moment now, it's gonna happen.

01:06:16   And it just didn't.

01:06:18   That's fine, I'm happy with what they announced,

01:06:20   but it just seemed to me like they were on a pace

01:06:24   where something else was gonna happen

01:06:25   and then it just didn't.

01:06:26   and maybe something wasn't ready or something fell through

01:06:29   for some reason or the software issues,

01:06:32   but I'm curious, do you guys feel that way?

01:06:34   Do you feel like this event was a little odd

01:06:37   at the end in particular?

01:06:38   - It felt very, it's like, it was the,

01:06:41   like you go to a fancy restaurant

01:06:43   and instead of ending this beautiful, amazing dinner

01:06:46   with some fancy dessert or, you know, like tiramisu

01:06:50   or something super special and tasty,

01:06:52   you end with a green salad.

01:06:54   It's like, "Yeah, I can go home now, I guess."

01:06:59   It wasn't a disappointment, it was just kind of boring and unexceptional in a way, you

01:07:06   know?

01:07:07   So they felt like there was something that was clearly supposed to be there, and it was

01:07:12   not, and they decided maybe at the last minute, "I don't know how these things work, let's

01:07:17   just talk about retail and what we're doing with the Apple Watch, and let's bring the

01:07:23   new person out so she can talk about changes to the Apple stores. Which, sure, you know,

01:07:30   I like where they're going with the retail changes, but for an event, you know, it's

01:07:36   a media event, it's supposed to be a spectacle, it was not a spectacular ending to the show.

01:07:43   So that's fine, we get these events.

01:07:46   Yeah, I am pleased that they didn't use One More Thing for any of the things that they

01:07:51   they currently have to potentially show off because I just think none of them are important

01:07:55   enough ultimately, especially if it was going to be that tile tracker, I would have been

01:08:00   kind of annoyed if they would have rolled out one more thing for that because it's just

01:08:03   like here's an accessory that we're making, right, which is going to be really nice but

01:08:09   like come on, it's not that revolutionary as a product. So I was kind of fine to not

01:08:15   have it and I overall like the event more than most people that I know. I thought it

01:08:19   was it was very good. We haven't even spoken about like the big surprise, which is the

01:08:23   Apple Watch. Not yet anyway, we will. But like, yeah, it didn't suck all of the air

01:08:31   out of the room for me, but it did definitely feel like it stopped abruptly.

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01:09:54   So there's a bunch of stuff out there about the new iPhones.

01:09:57   As is always, I enjoyed MKBHD's videos a lot

01:10:02   because I think does the best job with the hands on stuff.

01:10:06   And, you know, he was critical about the phones

01:10:11   in the way that I would have expected.

01:10:13   And, you know, I think that

01:10:14   it's kind of as people would assume, right?

01:10:18   This is like if you really want cameras,

01:10:21   oh boy, we've got cameras for you.

01:10:24   Right. Like especially on the pro models.

01:10:25   It's like, well, that's that's your benefit.

01:10:27   You get better battery life.

01:10:29   The battery life improvements, especially on the pro models, is bananas.

01:10:32   Four and five hours respectively, depending on the size.

01:10:35   But like for me personally, like I'm excited

01:10:40   about the pro phone. I think that they've given me what I would want to to upgrade

01:10:46   right like the the camera stuff is exactly what I was looking for right the

01:10:49   upgrades to the selfie camera and the ultra wide camera and then just

01:10:53   everything else in between like that's exactly what I wanted and then to get

01:10:57   those battery life improvements as well at the same time I am happy with that

01:11:01   personally is my reason to upgrade but I'm interested to know what you guys

01:11:06   feel, did the iPhone 11 Pro, did it deliver in the places that you wanted?

01:11:15   The thing I'm most excited about is the battery life. I think the new camera stuff looks good,

01:11:21   but the thing I really care about, which is the ultra-wide, is also in the iPhone 11,

01:11:26   so it's not necessarily an iPhone 11 Pro thing. I'll tell you the truth, I'm gonna get it

01:11:33   because it is my job to always have, you know, and because it is also my personal preference

01:11:38   to always have the latest and greatest, but I'm not as excited as I was last year to finally

01:11:44   get a big phone with the iPhone X design. I think it's fine. I'm not particularly...

01:11:55   You know, the camera stuff, yes, I'm gonna get a night mode also on the iPhone 11. Yes,

01:12:01   the ultra wide mode also on the iPhone 11.

01:12:03   Deep Fusion, anybody?

01:12:05   What on earth is Deep Fusion?

01:12:07   Can anyone explain?

01:12:09   Did anybody understand what Deep Fusion is?

01:12:11   Also, let's talk about the photo of the dude on a couch

01:12:15   as the example for Deep Fusion.

01:12:17   Was that really the best photo?

01:12:20   Well, this is the thing.

01:12:21   They were showing something with that image.

01:12:23   I'm not sure what.

01:12:24   I can't tell what it was they were showing me.

01:12:27   It was like one of those things where people in the know

01:12:30   were like, oh my God, yeah, look at that. And like people like us, it's like, what am

01:12:35   I looking at? What am I supposed to see here? When he zooms in, it's like, oh, you see the

01:12:39   knit on the, on the sweater? There's no way, right? We could have got that otherwise. And

01:12:43   I'm like, couldn't you? Why not? I don't know. Obviously, can't you see the color of the

01:12:47   cotton on his shirt? It's like, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's absolutely color texture. Thanks

01:12:52   to machine learning. It's like, I'm looking at a dude on a couch. You understand what

01:12:57   camera is. What is the steep fusion? What is it Steven? Tell us. Steven, I believe what

01:13:02   it's doing is it's taking a bunch of photos all at once and in Apple's normal

01:13:09   pipeline is to take a bunch of images and then they merge them together into

01:13:15   the image that gets saved to your camera roll. Wasn't that already HDR? Well that

01:13:20   and that's using HDR and the ISP and all that stuff to make it happen. I got that part

01:13:25   right? Actually, let's explain the difference between pixel by

01:13:28   pixel. So the difference seems to be a they're using more using

01:13:34   more photos to do it this way. But be the final output is not

01:13:40   necessarily a blending of those images, but a new image rendered

01:13:44   from the data collected by the sensor going through Apple's

01:13:48   machine learning and neural network stuff.

01:13:50   Are you sure this is not just a fancy way to use machine learning as an excuse to introduce

01:13:59   another new name? It's like, it's a remix of features we've had before, only used to

01:14:04   be called Smart HDR. Now it's called Deep Fusion because it went through the machine

01:14:09   learning blender and it came out as a new name.

01:14:12   That that's always possible. But but in addition to like the color and the HDR stuff, it is

01:14:18   using the machine learning and that data collected to deal with noise reduction detail.

01:14:24   So the reason I disagree with you, it was a bad example of the photo, because that sweater,

01:14:29   what they were trying to show is look at the detail on the threads on his sweater, and

01:14:33   those would be muddy otherwise.

01:14:37   They didn't do a good job explaining it, and I could be off a little bit, but I think that's

01:14:41   the gist of it.

01:14:42   They're using the machine learning power on these devices to create an image from the

01:14:47   data collected from bunch of different photos with not only a focus on lighting and HDR

01:14:51   like they have done, but adding in these other these other elements, adding in the noise

01:14:59   reduction and the clarification of details, and it's coming later. So it's another feature

01:15:04   that's not going to be ready on day one.

01:15:06   See you did a better job at explaining that the field she learned when they were explaining

01:15:11   that my brain just went

01:15:13   Well, they should have had Dane Riccio explain it probably.

01:15:16   What?

01:15:17   I think listener Dan would have done a better job.

01:15:20   So anyway, not particularly excited, and I very much agree with MKBHD.

01:15:27   The features that would have made it pro are not here.

01:15:32   No promotion, no USB-C, no reverse wireless charging.

01:15:37   I'm not a camera nerd.

01:15:39   I tried.

01:15:41   we had, you know, oh my God, the name.

01:15:46   - Tyler, Tyler Storman.

01:15:48   - Tyler, Tyler on the show.

01:15:50   I really tried, look, I really tried

01:15:53   to understand his lessons and to an extent,

01:15:56   I think I did get some of that, but the more I tried,

01:16:00   the more I realized I'm just one of those people

01:16:04   that taps on the camera icon on the lock screen,

01:16:07   takes a photo or a selfie and that's it.

01:16:10   I don't have time to frame my photographs.

01:16:13   I don't, like, I just want to take a picture

01:16:15   of my dog running.

01:16:16   That's all I want, or a selfie with my girlfriend.

01:16:19   That's all.

01:16:19   And so Pro for me is like, Pro camera stuff,

01:16:24   great for some people.

01:16:26   Okay for me.

01:16:27   I would have liked to see something else,

01:16:30   like promotion and USB-C, like that would have been amazing.

01:16:33   I'm still gonna get it because more battery life.

01:16:36   Honestly, that's the most important reason for me.

01:16:39   and the better OLED display.

01:16:42   I think that's gonna look nice.

01:16:44   - And do you mean better than the 11

01:16:46   or better than previously?

01:16:48   Like what did you mean when you said better?

01:16:51   'Cause I know you were saying a minute ago

01:16:52   as to whether you would get the Pro

01:16:53   if you didn't care about this in the way that you do.

01:16:57   - No, I think better in general,

01:16:59   better than anything else.

01:17:01   But the other stuff,

01:17:04   the other thing, no, that's also on the iPhone 11,

01:17:08   the new U1 chip.

01:17:10   - Yeah, we're gonna get there.

01:17:11   - So, yeah.

01:17:12   - I wanna talk about the, you touched on this,

01:17:14   about the pro naming.

01:17:17   And I wanna start this by saying,

01:17:21   the name does not bother me that they're using pro.

01:17:24   I understand that in Apple's realm,

01:17:27   pro just means high end.

01:17:29   It doesn't necessarily mean--

01:17:30   - I think it is the technology word of choice right now.

01:17:35   - Sure. - Right.

01:17:36   Both companies are using it.

01:17:37   - Well, and Apple's used it for forever, right?

01:17:40   The MacBook Pro was out in '06,

01:17:42   and we thought it was a stupid name then,

01:17:43   but we've gotten used to it.

01:17:44   So through this thought exercise,

01:17:49   remember that I'm not actually saying

01:17:50   that I have a problem with the name,

01:17:51   but there are things that Apple could have done

01:17:55   to make this more different than the regular iPhone 11.

01:18:00   Frederick, you mentioned a couple.

01:18:01   ProMotion, which is on the iPads, not on the phones.

01:18:04   My assumption is, and maybe someone who knows more

01:18:07   could explain this is that driving an OLED display that fast proves problematic.

01:18:14   There are a couple devices on the market that do it or do it close to what the

01:18:18   iPad does with its LCD but Apple clearly doesn't feel comfortable driving an OLED

01:18:23   at those high refresh rates. And Pro, Pro's in the name. Yeah it's right there.

01:18:28   It's not it's not 11 motion, it's Pro motion. No USB-C, look there is a fast USB-C

01:18:35   charger but it's still lightning on the phone that could have been a way to

01:18:39   mark it as its own thing especially in the realm of the camera where Apple's

01:18:45   talking about hey look at all these great things you do with this camera

01:18:47   yeah you know it makes it a lot easier when you can plug in a USB C audio

01:18:49   device or USB C you know external recorder or something yeah just like an

01:18:55   easy way to get the photos off of the camera right like a USB Drive no

01:19:00   software tweaks remember when the iPhone Plus came out there was some like the

01:19:04   Landscape home screen and the two up displays

01:19:06   Nothing keeping the pro different from the regular phone software wise

01:19:10   Same design as well. You know the iPad Pro. I think we're at least on this show

01:19:16   We're pretty unanimous that we really like the design the flat edges

01:19:20   That's like an Apple product

01:19:21   It's really nice and like an iPhone in that sort of style would be awesome

01:19:26   And you could make it very clear that the pro is different than the 11 in that way

01:19:31   The reason I think they didn't do those things is

01:19:34   The same reason the iPhone 10 R is the 11

01:19:39   Apple is trying to realign the product

01:19:43   family by saying the iPhone 11 is the one for the masses and

01:19:49   The pro is there if you want these extra things

01:19:54   Right, and if maybe they would have done too much new stuff. It would have sent the wrong message, right?

01:20:00   It would be good point the 11 Pro has all this awesome stuff everybody wants

01:20:06   But if you can't afford it we have this other junky phone. That's basically a recycle from last year

01:20:12   I like that that makes a lot of sense to me, so I think that's why we're seeing these

01:20:16   Closer than what some people thought there's still room in the future for all these things to happen

01:20:21   I honestly just like not to get into future pics

01:20:26   But I fully expect the next iPhone at some like when they redesign it it will look more like the iPad with flat edges and

01:20:31   There's different radiuses and stuff

01:20:34   But for now, I think it's in their best interest in their bigger story to keep them a little more closely aligned

01:20:39   Is there anything else we want to touch on and do you want chip?

01:20:42   Yeah, it's interesting. Apple is showing

01:20:46   The u1 is in there and for now, it's going to enable

01:20:51   positional airdrop sharing. So in theory the new airdrop screen in iOS 13

01:20:57   will populate with contacts depending on where your iPhone 11 is facing.

01:21:02   So if both people have an iPhone 11 and they're looking at each other, they will automatically see each other in airdrop

01:21:08   because the phones are positioned

01:21:11   against each other, they're pointing towards each other.

01:21:14   And Apple also says that it will unlock amazing new capabilities, which I mean, of course everybody

01:21:21   everybody is thinking about the new trackers, the new Apple tags, which supposedly...

01:21:26   Are those amazing capabilities, like knowing where your backpack is? I mean, that would

01:21:30   be cool.

01:21:31   So I think people are going to like the idea a lot, and I think folks like the tile trackers,

01:21:39   but of course, you know, there's always some degree of limitation with using those items

01:21:44   as Bluetooth devices with an iPhone. Obviously, the Apple-made version will have like a stronger

01:21:51   connection and better system integrations and all that kind of stuff. I talked about

01:21:55   this with a couple of friends to sort of try and understand their reactions to the potential

01:22:00   of an Apple accessory like that. And they were super excited about the idea of having

01:22:05   like an iPhone tag. They called it an iPhone tag to attach to their car keys and wallet

01:22:13   or bag. So dog, I think child. Yeah. I don't know. I think co founder, it'll be successful

01:22:20   So I think I mean, I think it will be too. I'm very curious as to why we didn't see it.

01:22:29   That is the question for me, if the hardware's in the phone, they're teasing that there's

01:22:34   things coming like, I think,

01:22:37   maybe they just couldn't get enough meantime. So that's, that's the question, right? What

01:22:40   ends up with the airport's

01:22:41   problem you buy out. So I would imagine when you can go buy this product, you buy more

01:22:46   than one, right? Like it's probably in a three pack or five pack or something. They've got

01:22:50   to have those on hand. So maybe this is something we see, maybe you could tack this onto the

01:22:53   October event pretty easily. It's like, Hey, these are out for the holiday season or will

01:22:57   be out for the holiday season in November next month. You can get these because if they're

01:23:02   affordable and you get multiple ones, like this is just going to be sort of like a no

01:23:06   brainer gift even more so than the AirPods are because the AirPods are expensive. And

01:23:10   I'm assuming these will be noticeably less expensive than AirPods. It's like, I feel

01:23:15   like when these are here they what are the AirPods $169 like they're not gonna

01:23:22   charge that for even five of these. I saw this which was kind of funny to me like like I agree with

01:23:27   they should be cheaper but like the the smart keyboard for the new iPad is 40%

01:23:33   of the price of the iPad. Of course it is. Right? Yep. It's like. Okay so in my mind I

01:23:39   want these to be cheap. Me too like I think you pay like $30 and get three of

01:23:44   them. Sure. Like that's what I want to see but who knows. So yeah I'm very curious

01:23:49   as to when the other shoe will drop there. Maybe they were supposed to charge

01:23:52   wirelessly and they just kept exploding because Apple cannot handle wireless

01:23:56   charging capabilities. Something else. Continually shown off by the fact that

01:24:00   they don't have the reverse wireless charging in this phone. Something else

01:24:04   that's not there. So yeah the U1 I think it's just the beginning of whatever this

01:24:10   technology will become for Apple. You want to talk to Stephen? I'm gonna clear the floor for you for a

01:24:14   minute because you keep saying in our iMessage thread that you're very confused about this new iPad

01:24:20   and an installation to the iPad Air. I just keep thinking about it. You have lots of complex thoughts. Okay, you keep

01:24:25   thinking about it. I just keep thinking about this iPad. The iPad, excuse me. I keep thinking about

01:24:31   the iPod too, but that's a different story. You can't stop thinking. There's a whole other YouTube channel for that.

01:24:36   That's true. So with this iPad, I'm going to say iPod every time now with his iPad,

01:24:44   Apple's replaced the old 9.7 inch the $329 iPad that we saw that Chicago event we referenced

01:24:50   earlier when it picked up pencil support, it's now 10.2 inches, it picked up smart keyboard

01:24:56   support. So it uses the smart keyboard from the 10.5 inch iPad Air. And that is why I keep

01:25:03   keep thinking about this is this iPad features the A10 fusion chip same same

01:25:09   chip as it did back in Chicago a year and a half ago and when they introduced

01:25:13   it slightly better camera but no real improvements to the display so the

01:25:20   display is not laminated on this iPad it is a little bit slower than the probably

01:25:28   noticeably slower than the iPad Air,

01:25:30   which has an A12 Fusion chip in it.

01:25:32   So, worse screen, worse processor, slightly smaller,

01:25:38   but I don't think anyone side by side

01:25:40   could really tell the difference.

01:25:42   Like if you're in an Apple store,

01:25:43   and these are four feet apart in a table,

01:25:45   you're not gonna be able to tell which one's bigger.

01:25:48   Same design, Touch ID, Lightning, the old bezels.

01:25:54   I just don't know why the iPad Air

01:25:59   is still around outside of price.

01:26:01   Like I feel like if you go into an Apple store

01:26:03   and you don't want an iPad Pro or can't afford it

01:26:06   or don't wanna spend the money on it

01:26:07   'cause they're really expensive,

01:26:09   but you want an iPad with a keyboard and a pencil.

01:26:12   Like if you're looking between this and the iPad Air,

01:26:16   people are gonna choose this based on price

01:26:18   because the size and the speed aren't noticeable

01:26:23   when you're just shopping for an iPad sort of casually.

01:26:26   And I just, it just seems so strange

01:26:30   that Apple has this close of an overlap in products.

01:26:33   And they've done it before, they remember for a long time,

01:26:35   we argued and debated about what 13-inch laptop

01:26:40   you should buy because they had seven of them.

01:26:42   Well, they've now done it in the iPad line.

01:26:44   - I feel like that's the answer to your question, right?

01:26:48   Like why is this happening?

01:26:50   Because Apple does this all the time.

01:26:52   They just do this.

01:26:53   And so I guess, does it come down to that they can't put an A12

01:26:58   Fusion in a device that costs $329 or $299 if you're a school?

01:27:02   Maybe that's all it is.

01:27:04   So I'm going to give you some statistics.

01:27:05   We have statistics, all right?

01:27:07   So 10.5 versus 10.2, A12 Bionic versus A10 Fusion.

01:27:12   The iPad tops out at 128 gigabytes of storage,

01:27:16   whilst the Air is at 256.

01:27:20   That's kind of like, that's your, that's the tale of the tape.

01:27:24   The iPad's a little bit heavier. Um,

01:27:27   that's about it for as much as I can see. Oh, laminated display,

01:27:32   anti-reflective coating, wide color, and true tone all exist on the air,

01:27:37   but not the iPad.

01:27:38   So a worse display, a slightly smaller, worse display.

01:27:41   So maybe they just can't bring all that down into the price point.

01:27:45   And I don't know, it just like,

01:27:47   Was this the plan six months ago when they released the iPad Air?

01:27:50   The cheap iPad was going to be really close to it in obvious ways, but far from

01:27:55   it in non-obvious ways?

01:27:56   That's why I keep thinking about it.

01:27:57   It's like, it's a very strange moment because the iPad line made sense.

01:28:00   Like for the first time in a long time, it all made sense.

01:28:04   And then they went and did this and now it doesn't make sense anymore.

01:28:06   Oh my God.

01:28:08   The, the FaceTime camera on the iPad, 1.2 megapixel.

01:28:13   Oh, that's, that's good.

01:28:14   Hmm.

01:28:15   Nice.

01:28:16   God if you ever want to take a picture on a postage stamp, then that one's covered for you. Yeah Wow

01:28:22   That is what they call an ultra wide camera

01:28:25   Yeah, I understand what you're saying but like to me it really just feels like they want to modernize the iPad but still want to

01:28:35   Keep it

01:28:36   They still want to keep it cheap

01:28:37   Yes what they're doing and I guess I would argue

01:28:39   Do it the inside out of what you did put a nicer display on it, but keep it smaller

01:28:43   I don't know they've made their decisions. They said I think they said it was the best-selling iPad this year

01:28:49   Yeah, like that's a thing. Well schools buy them in bulk

01:28:53   So I guess that tips of scales well, but maybe that's maybe that's what drives it right like if it's like well

01:28:58   This is a crappy iPad comparatively, but it still sells the best

01:29:01   Well, we should try and make that experience as good as we can. Mm-hmm. So that's how they end up in this situation

01:29:06   That's what I said. I'm not confused by it. It's just like it's just a change. I didn't really

01:29:11   for C coming again because it all makes sense for a while. Talking about changes that we couldn't

01:29:16   foresee coming we should touch on the Apple watch before we round out today's episode but I want to

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01:31:01   Apple watch series 5 so it had what we expected which is new materials new case materials

01:31:07   so titanium in two finishes a kind of silver like a just natural and a space grey ceramic

01:31:15   white and the but the big thing the big difference is the always on display did not think that

01:31:24   was going to happen yeah right yeah that one's a big surprise like a feature that I'd basically

01:31:31   thought was never going to happen because they hadn't done it by now and it didn't and

01:31:35   you know it didn't there were no rumors so it's like well if it's not this year what

01:31:38   year would it possibly be well it turns out it was this year we just didn't know.

01:31:43   And it happened before sleep tracking.

01:31:47   Yeah that didn't happen did it?

01:31:49   Got an always on display before sleep tracking which was the hot rumor going into the keynote

01:31:54   for the Apple watch didn't happen I was very surprised I am I saw I watched some some videos

01:32:00   regarding how the watch faces they switch between the always-on mode and

01:32:07   the actual full brightness mode, and Apple is doing some interesting things

01:32:11   to switch some UI elements from white to black, because black of course on a

01:32:16   knowledge display turns off the pixels, therefore allows the watch to have a

01:32:20   dimmed version of the watch face that shows the time but doesn't use the full

01:32:25   color and the full brightness to conserve battery life. I am very keen to

01:32:30   play with this because I was not expecting this feature at all. I'm also glad that it

01:32:36   can be disabled because some people actually want their watches to be off when they're

01:32:42   not in use. So, possibly my favorite surprise of the event.

01:32:47   Because it was the big surprise, right? Like, nobody saw this coming. Like, this was not

01:32:53   a rumor that people were putting any hope into.

01:32:57   some people are surprised for Deep Fusion.

01:33:01   That's true.

01:33:02   That is true.

01:33:03   I'm both surprised and confused about Deep Fusion.

01:33:07   Another change they made that I think is really positive is that when you buy one in the store

01:33:12   or even online, they still pair watches and bands and suggested pairings.

01:33:18   But you can just say, "Hey, I want to pick my own."

01:33:20   And then you pick the watch size, the case material, and the band all separately.

01:33:26   This was sort of hinted at last year, the Series 4, when you unboxed it, the watch and

01:33:32   the band were separate.

01:33:33   And people were thinking, "Okay, Apple's gonna slowly divide these things up."

01:33:37   I think this is great.

01:33:38   My guess is that a lot of Apple Watch people, including my wife who has an Apple Watch,

01:33:44   she actually didn't like the band it came with and has switched to another one and now

01:33:49   just has an extra band.

01:33:51   And I think this will kind of cut down on that for some people.

01:33:55   I think it's a great move for a fashion device that you can more easily mix and match those

01:34:00   things.

01:34:01   I think a lot of people will take advantage of that.

01:34:02   Yeah, I think that this is a much needed change to make to the Apple Watch line because it

01:34:08   is a customizable device, right?

01:34:10   They said that because they're most personable device.

01:34:17   Can't do that, clearly.

01:34:19   And it makes a lot of sense that now people can just choose whatever they want because

01:34:23   end up with maybe something that you don't necessarily need a combo that you don't necessarily

01:34:28   desire.

01:34:29   You know, like if you don't want to level loop, it's like, well, what else am I going

01:34:31   to get?

01:34:32   So I think this is a cool, a cool way to sell the product going forward.

01:34:36   The other thing I wanted to mention is if you go to the Apple watch site, Apple watch

01:34:42   edition is back.

01:34:43   The name is back.

01:34:45   So the Apple watch series five is aluminum, aluminum steel, but they have grouped ceramic

01:34:51   and brushed titanium as Apple watch edition which is not a name I thought we'd ever see

01:34:56   again but there it is it's got its own URL and everything.

01:35:02   One of and the other thing is interesting is like one of the old editions is actually

01:35:06   back as well.

01:35:08   The ceramic was on the series one or the series two maybe or series three it was gone for

01:35:14   a while.

01:35:15   One was the gold one and then two I believe was the ceramics.

01:35:20   Zero, zero was the gold one.

01:35:23   One and two came out at the same time and then there was three which added LTE and then

01:35:29   four.

01:35:30   Anyway the ceramics been gone for a little while now it's back and I think it looks really

01:35:33   good.

01:35:34   It's really expensive.

01:35:35   Both of these are priced well above the stainless steel but you have a lot of options if you

01:35:40   want them.

01:35:41   the titanium it's about the same price isn't it depending on the it depends on

01:35:48   the band that you go for I think maybe well anyway you can get stainless steel

01:35:53   for $7.99 right and that's what the titanium starts at okay $7.99 I think it

01:35:59   depends on the watch band that you go for but they're within a realm of each

01:36:03   other it's confusing because Apple is still pairing them with different bands

01:36:08   I'm trying to work this out. You can get stainless steel, looks like it starts at

01:36:13   $6.99 if you get it with a sport loop. That's it. It starts at $6.99 with a sport loop.

01:36:18   Titanium starts at $7.99 with a sport loop. So it's $100 more expensive to get titanium.

01:36:25   And the ceramic starts at $12.99 with a sport loop.

01:36:28   Yes, yes. It's the pricey one. Yep. Should we... Have we all made our decisions about

01:36:38   about what we will and won't be purchasing from this event.

01:36:41   Yeah.

01:36:41   Or like what at least what least our ideals are.

01:36:44   I mean, if any of us wanted to get Apple

01:36:46   watches, we could have already made our orders, which was a big surprise.

01:36:49   Right. You could just order immediately after the event.

01:36:51   I was terrified that we're going to do that with the iPhone as well.

01:36:53   It's like, I'm not ready.

01:36:55   I'm not I'm not I'm not doing that anymore.

01:36:58   Too much stress.

01:37:00   And I don't need any more of that in my life. Yeah.

01:37:03   I've had so much bad luck over the past over the past three years.

01:37:08   with launch day iPhones that I'm just giving up.

01:37:11   I wanna avoid that whole pressure

01:37:15   of making sure that I get it on day one

01:37:17   because if I don't get a,

01:37:20   well, if I don't get a review unit, right,

01:37:23   at that point, other people have already

01:37:28   published their thoughts before me.

01:37:31   So I am under no extremely important time pressure

01:37:36   to publish my thoughts or talk about it.

01:37:38   Right, but that's not the only reason you want to get one on the Watch TV.

01:37:42   Yeah, but I think I learned to be patient, honestly.

01:37:46   And maybe I can be patient, because these are not like the iPhone X,

01:37:54   like when it came out that I was super anxious to get one.

01:37:56   Yes, I remember that.

01:37:58   It was that hot new thing.

01:38:00   I mean, I did arrange with the UPS guy to meet somewhere in Rome

01:38:05   while he was delivering other packages so that he could deliver my iPhone X by hand.

01:38:09   And maybe so, being able to wait is a byproduct of "I'm not terribly excited to get this phone

01:38:18   that looks like the phone that I've been using for two years and something". But yeah, I think

01:38:25   I'm gonna be fine, even if I don't get it on day one. I'm probably gonna wait until sometime in

01:38:30   in early October or something to get it. I'm under no rush, really.

01:38:37   You're not going to even attempt to order at the pre-order time?

01:38:39   No, no no, no no. Nope. I know what I want, but I'm gonna wait.

01:38:44   Wow, okay. What do you want then?

01:38:47   Well I want the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the 256GB of storage because the 512 is just too much.

01:38:57   Yeah, I looked at mine and I'm using half of my 256, so I'm still good.

01:39:01   Yeah, exactly. Space gray, clear case.

01:39:03   So going pretty standard there. Or maybe silver.

01:39:08   See, I know that I want a clear case. I don't want gold, I don't want green.

01:39:13   I can decide between space gray and silver.

01:39:16   Maybe. And then I want the Apple Watch Series 5 44 millimeters ceramic.

01:39:23   because I really wanted the ceramic when it was available a few years ago

01:39:27   I didn't get it and I'm gonna get it this time because I always loved its look

01:39:32   and I think I'm going ceramic. If I don't go ceramic

01:39:35   my second option is titanium

01:39:38   but I think I'm gonna go ceramic. Do you know

01:39:42   what band you would ideally like to pair with your ceramic

01:39:46   Apple Watch? I don't know

01:39:49   some of the new ones. I think at start I'll probably just get a white one like the standard...

01:39:56   The white sport loop with the white... Yeah. It looks amazing. It looks so good. Yeah,

01:40:02   I'm probably gonna get the one. But you know what else looks pretty good? I've been doing this.

01:40:06   All of the black bands like the Milanese and the stainless steel DLC coated. That looks very good

01:40:18   with the, uh, with the ceramic Apple watch, at least in the configurator and to my

01:40:24   personal style, I think it's a cool look, very stormtrooper.

01:40:27   Right?

01:40:28   That's the star war.

01:40:29   Yeah, I know.

01:40:31   Uh, Steven.

01:40:32   So for the phone, uh, I'm going to be ordering the iPhone 11 pro I left the max

01:40:39   club and I'm not, not looking to go back 256.

01:40:43   Same, same reason y'all said mine is I've got about 200 gigs with the stuff on my

01:40:47   phones. I definitely don't need the 512. I'm gonna go silver again. I've been

01:40:51   silver now several times in a row. I just don't like the black stainless look. I

01:40:56   like the sort of raw stainless edges and I have a black leather case coming on

01:41:04   Friday because you can order those now and they're shipping now so I'll have my

01:41:07   case this week. At this point I'm not ordering an Apple Watch. We've talked

01:41:11   about this. I don't wear it every day and the Series 4 still meets my needs so

01:41:16   I'm going to be holding off on the series 5 for now.

01:41:20   I'm going to be 256 gigabytes on the iPhone 11 Pro Max in gold.

01:41:25   My clear case is on the way.

01:41:28   I don't know when I'm going to get the phone because I'm going to be in America on launch

01:41:34   day.

01:41:35   I'm going to try and get one.

01:41:37   I don't know if it's possible for me to order one.

01:41:41   I don't think it is, but like, can I pre-order an iPhone to pick up in America if I order

01:41:49   an apple.com?

01:41:50   Am I allowed to do that?

01:41:52   I don't know.

01:41:53   I've thought about this, um, that maybe someone here has to order it for you, but you have

01:41:57   to order an unlocked one, which you can do on day one this time.

01:42:00   You can do unlock SIM free.

01:42:02   I was thinking and like me and you need to have a, maybe a conversation about how we

01:42:06   can make that happen but like it is possible for somebody in Memphis to just arrange one for me.

01:42:12   Yeah I don't know anyone in Memphis.

01:42:15   Yeah imagine such a thing if that could occur because it'd be great if we both had funds.

01:42:20   I will be buying one for Adina as well she's gonna get the regular size because she's a couple of

01:42:26   years from her upgrade so she's really excited about that. I want to try on the

01:42:35   ceramic Apple watch. What? Yeah. So here's my thinking on this. Right? Yeah flip-flopping.

01:42:42   No no, I've always wanted the ceramic one because I think it's beautiful.

01:42:48   I buy watches that I think look beautiful, I think this looks beautiful,

01:42:51   they fixed my main problem. If I was ever gonna wear it for any period of time

01:42:55   Even for just like a day. I would want the face to always be visible. They fixed that that was one of my biggest problems

01:43:02   and so I'm wondering like maybe for a combination of like

01:43:05   Health stuff because that's gonna be a thing for me once my back is fixed

01:43:10   I'm gonna

01:43:12   that is my next kind of avenue that I want to attack in my life and

01:43:16   Maybe for some other reasons that I would want to wear an Apple watch, right?

01:43:21   they exist, but one of the main reasons I didn't want to wear it is because its primary

01:43:26   function for me is telling the time and I couldn't get that. Like you can go back a

01:43:30   few weeks ago like I said that. I mean and then so with a combination of that and basically

01:43:36   turning off pretty much all notifications, I think I would be happy with wearing one

01:43:42   and I think that this watch looks really nice. I'm not ordering one, I want to go and try

01:43:45   it on and see if I like it as much as I think I will and then I'll maybe make the decision.

01:43:51   if if I were going to buy an Apple watch I would my serious for is the dark aluminum and

01:43:57   I really actually liked the the lack of weight with the aluminum and the

01:44:02   Taptic motor is much better

01:44:05   But I always wore stainless steel before this and I really missed that look so if I were to do this

01:44:11   I would probably go back to stainless steel

01:44:13   I don't care for the brushed look on the titanium and the ceramic looks amazing, but I'm not spending that kind of money so

01:44:19   If I were to do it, I would do stainless steel again

01:44:22   We'll find out I'm hoping that like I'll be able to travel on I wonder if I

01:44:29   Don't know if anybody knows it

01:44:31   I haven't seen it yet

01:44:32   Like if these are gonna start showing up in stores soon for try-ons if you're gonna order them already

01:44:37   I don't I don't know. I think if I remember correctly in the past

01:44:43   No, the watches and the phones don't show up until they're actually the day they're for sale

01:44:48   So you first time except the first time yeah, but past that I don't I think it is

01:44:54   It's been once they're actually available to like walk out of the store with them

01:45:00   So but if we order phones and go pick them up, then you could try them try it that that morning at the store

01:45:05   If someone if it's gonna have you know, we'll have to find somebody

01:45:10   Yeah, hopefully somebody but at least if I even if I can't get a phone I can at least try on the Apple watches

01:45:15   Mm-hmm, and then we'll have to hope that you can get a phone too

01:45:18   And but I will get one when I return like I will try my best to make an order to get phones for when I return

01:45:23   As well, so and then just return whatever I don't need

01:45:27   All right

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01:46:14   it was just very funny to me when you were making fun of John

01:46:18   for all of the things in his Shershi and then you realized

01:46:21   there were things in yours that you couldn't explain.

01:46:23   Oh, my God. That was a good episode.

01:46:25   Still hasn't been fixed. So thank you.

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