259: The Rickies (Fall 2019)


00:00:00   I've just I've just come up with something we should call the pics the Rickies

00:00:06   Hello and welcome to connected episode

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00:00:27   My name is Stephen Hackett and I am joined by Mr. Myke Curley.

00:00:31   Hello!

00:00:32   How are you?

00:00:34   I am fine and dandy, my friend.

00:00:37   Fine and dandy, both.

00:00:38   Both.

00:00:39   That's good.

00:00:40   It's a big episode today.

00:00:41   We have our picks later today.

00:00:42   Huge episode.

00:00:43   We do.

00:00:44   And we're also joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:46   Hello, hi, how are you?

00:00:48   Well, you sound business.

00:00:50   Look, the man's got picks to make.

00:00:51   I don't want to get in his way.

00:00:53   That's true.

00:00:54   That's true.

00:00:55   And reviews to write, I guess.

00:00:56   to write, contest on the show to lose.

00:01:02   Injustice to bring upon us, I guess.

00:01:07   Before we get to all that though, we have a little bit of follow-up and some tiny topics.

00:01:12   We spoke last time about the Relay FM Family Feud video.

00:01:16   That's done.

00:01:17   I'm going to get it uploaded after the show goes up, so follow us on Twitter and we'll

00:01:21   be sharing that link.

00:01:22   be on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. It looks really good. I'm very excited to share it.

00:01:28   But uploading it to YouTube while recording a podcast? Bad idea for my bandwidth.

00:01:33   Bad idea, don't do that. Thank you.

00:01:34   Don't. Don't do that. This is like follow up slash follow out because we talked about it. I

00:01:41   know Jon's been working on this in a long time, but our friend Jon over at some website called

00:01:45   called MacStories, has written this amazingly in-depth piece about video game controller

00:01:53   support on Apple platforms.

00:01:57   This is amazing.

00:01:58   I know he's been sending us pictures of his desk just covered in controllers, which is

00:02:03   kind of fun.

00:02:04   This is why he bought so many controllers.

00:02:07   I thought Jon had a new problem, honestly.

00:02:10   And because so there's a couple of things that happen have happened here like he sends most of these

00:02:17   Photos to me in Federico because we have just like a video game conversation in iMessage to keep that away from

00:02:25   Steven so we don't upset him too much. I

00:02:27   Maybe missed that he was writing this article and so like every few days

00:02:33   He like has another controller and I'm like, what is he doing? I just thought John really liked video game controls

00:02:40   Oh dear. Yeah, well, the thing is, I, you know, when

00:02:45   we were discussing back in June the idea of doing a series of articles about iOS 13, it

00:02:52   naturally came to mind to ask John to cover game controllers because he's, you know, he's

00:02:58   the guy who writes the game reviews for Mac stories. And so I thought, why don't you look

00:03:03   into the changes to the game controller framework? And I was like, sure, I'll start doing some

00:03:07   And the thing about John, and the reason why I love John,

00:03:12   is that when he says, "I'll start doing some research,"

00:03:16   it usually means he creates like a full database

00:03:19   full of articles that go back like to 10 years ago.

00:03:23   And he starts collecting all of this research

00:03:24   and he starts buying all the possible options

00:03:27   if it involves hardware.

00:03:29   And so not only did he buy a bunch of Xbox

00:03:33   and PlayStation controllers,

00:03:35   controllers, but he also bought this other controller by a company called 8BitDo. They

00:03:41   make custom controllers that you can use with the Nintendo Switch, with the PlayStation,

00:03:45   with the Xbox. It's not officially documented by Apple, but he figured out that this controller

00:03:50   works if you plug a USB-C cable into the iPad Pro. So he went well beyond the scope of the

00:03:58   story to discover something that we didn't even know in the first place. So that was

00:04:02   pretty awesome. I think it's a good article and it's somewhere in between a technical overview,

00:04:08   but also first-hand experience in playing games. And I think if you like John's game reviews,

00:04:16   this is definitely the Tepel story that you should enjoy.

00:04:19   Yeah, it's great. And it's exciting that Apple's doing this, right? I think they're slowly kind of

00:04:25   getting on board that games are not a fad. They've maybe finally figured that out.

00:04:31   Well, no, they'll figure out anything if services can be attached to it.

00:04:35   Yeah, that's true. This month is September. September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness

00:04:41   Month, something that is close to our hearts here at Relay FM. And each September, we talk about the

00:04:46   work of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and raise money for that institution. And you may be

00:04:52   thinking, why are you raising money for a hospital? Well, St. Jude is a hospital that doesn't charge

00:04:58   families of patients a dime for treatment, housing, meals, travel, anything necessary

00:05:04   to make their child well St. Jude pays for. And what's cool about this and doing some research

00:05:10   for this month is that this isn't just local like to me in Memphis. St. Jude shares freely

00:05:16   its research with institutions around the world like the World Health Organization.

00:05:21   They're committed to transforming cancer care around the world with a goal of curing at least

00:05:26   60% of children worldwide with the six most common types of cancer. Big lofty goals and

00:05:33   St. Jude is part of that work and you can be a part of that work if you head on over to

00:05:38   stjude.org/connected you can learn more and donate. We're raising $75,000 this year we're

00:05:46   at about $33,000 as I'm speaking into my microphone now. Which is amazing! Super awesome. I cannot

00:05:54   believe that we're not even a week in and we're basically halfway there so

00:06:00   like this is unbelievable you are all amazing I said this on the

00:06:04   pan addict today if you've donated already do it again if you haven't do it

00:06:09   for a first time that is that is my tact on this I just think people please give

00:06:14   money to this incredible organization and help us meet our fundraising goal it

00:06:19   will mean the world to all of us really really awesome everybody getting on

00:06:23   board every year is very humbling. So thank you so much. We're doing some fun stuff. Is

00:06:30   it fun though? Can we talk about that? I want to talk about it. We're doing some stuff.

00:06:35   You explain this and I want to talk about how this happened because I have a I have

00:06:40   a bone to pick. Wow. So for donations of $250 or more Myke and I are doing something in

00:06:48   conjunction I am adding a sticker to my MacBook Pro and then that's going to spill over to

00:06:52   my iPad Pro because my laptop is getting full and Myke has to remove a sticker from one

00:06:58   of his devices and neither of us like this. Myke seems to think that he has gotten the

00:07:03   short end of the stick. Look, I hate this tube.

00:07:05   No, Myke has. Myke has got the short end of the stick.

00:07:08   My laptop looks like someone barfed rainbows onto it.

00:07:11   How did this happen? How was this arranged?

00:07:15   I will tell you how this happened because this is the problem, right? We were sharing

00:07:19   some photos, I believe, with our contact at Alsac, the fundraising arm for St. Jude.

00:07:25   And she's awesome. They come up with great ideas like this all the time, right? Like,

00:07:29   "Oh, here's some fun things to do." And she sent an email to both of us being like, "Ah,

00:07:33   you should do, you know, like, you should do that, right? Like, have a one of you remove a sticker,

00:07:37   one of you add a sticker." And we're like, I was like, "Ha, that's funny." Then Steven just tweeted

00:07:41   it. That was it. Well, yeah. It's not real until it's on Twitter. But I never agreed.

00:07:48   You just did it! So I'm now on the hook for this.

00:07:52   Yeah, you don't want to be a party pooper in this arena, right?

00:07:55   I have to do it! What am I supposed to do now? And so that's why he'd...

00:07:59   Now what? I was never consulted because Stephen knew I can't say no now. What am I going to do?

00:08:03   I was like, "Oh, please help us give money to help raise childhood cancer,

00:08:07   but I'm not going to remove stickers from my laptop."

00:08:09   You want to say no to the kids?

00:08:12   Right, like, "What am I going to do?" So now I'm in this. But here's the thing, right?

00:08:15   what I'm doing is unreversible, right? When I take these stickers off those stickers,

00:08:21   they can't be used anymore. They are dead stickers, right? And a lot of these stickers,

00:08:25   I don't have any more of them. What Steven's doing is adding right in like, oh, this is the same No,

00:08:30   because you can do to your computer, what I'm doing to my computer, which is just removing them.

00:08:35   But here's the thing. As long as I have this MacBook Pro, which is a topic for another day,

00:08:41   I'm on the hook for having these stickers on it, right? Like if I if I walk into a live show,

00:08:46   you know, wait, am I not allowed to put stickers back on these computers?

00:08:50   I'm just speaking for me. I feel like as long as I own this laptop,

00:08:54   I am contractually obligated to our audience to keep the stickers in place.

00:08:58   I feel like my contractual obligation is that the stickers that I have sought and shared a dead to

00:09:06   dead now. So then I will start again. And I will start again. But at this point, I have like five

00:09:11   seconds left on my iPad Pro, I luckily have three more devices at home that have stickers

00:09:16   on them, so I will I guess just start moving on to the next ones and removing them all.

00:09:22   I'm having our friends mail me stickers because I'm out. It's like John sent me a bunch of

00:09:26   Mac story stuff. This sounds so terrible for you Steven. It sounds so bad. I'm gonna find

00:09:33   my revenge in this. We got a whole month. This is why fundraising is fun because people

00:09:40   get to inflict pain on us. And we have a six hour livestream. I'm sure I can come up with

00:09:44   some things for you on that livestream. I'm getting my own back on this one. But thanks

00:09:48   for the donations, I guess. And I'm working on a date, it'll be sometime next week, I'll

00:09:54   announce it on Twitter. I'm going to livestream playing Oregon Trail at some point later next

00:10:00   week after the iPhone event, so I'll keep people posted when that'll be. It's gonna

00:10:05   be fun. Play Organ Trail online. So moving on to some tiny topics, some small stories,

00:10:12   some... I was trying to... what would go with "little"? A short tale.

00:10:19   Apple announced the independent repair provider program. It just rolls right off the tongue.

00:10:27   Basically what this is doing, so we've all seen like the people maybe they're in like the mall

00:10:32   or a shopping center and they're, you know, they're advertising iPhone repair.

00:10:36   So hey, you break your screen, bring it in here, we'll do it cheaper than the Apple

00:10:40   store. The problem with that is, is that most of the time, or at least some of the

00:10:45   time, you're not getting actual like Apple first-party parts. And as these

00:10:49   iPhones have gotten more complicated, that leads to some issues. There were

00:10:52   issues with the touch ID sensor being mated to the screen of the logic board

00:10:56   and now with batteries that Apple wants, you know, OEM batteries in there. That's

00:11:01   sort of a topic for another day. But you end up in a situation where you don't

00:11:06   necessarily know the part you're getting put on in your phone, you don't know if

00:11:09   who's doing has been trained, and so the independent repair provider program is

00:11:14   designed to help alleviate that. So now any repair business, you know, if it's

00:11:19   just a single person like in a kiosk at the mall or a whole company, they can go

00:11:23   to Apple and get genuine parts, tools, training, repair manuals, etc. The same

00:11:30   stuff that Apple uses and that authorized Apple providers use and now

00:11:35   is open to anybody. So you can, you can, if someone advertises they're in this you

00:11:40   can feel better about the parts and service that you're getting. I think this

00:11:44   is a good thing because Apple, Apple customers I think want to know that

00:11:51   their devices they spend a lot of money on that they can last a long time and

00:11:55   that they do need to repair that they want it to be trustworthy and Apple's

00:11:57   trying to get rid of maybe situations people could be in with parts or service

00:12:03   that can't be trusted. There's always like the little voice in my head

00:12:07   thinking about this story of like well Apple's trying to get ahead of right to

00:12:09   repair legislation in the US. It's probably also part of this. I don't think

00:12:13   it matters if they are trying to get ahead of it like they're just they're

00:12:16   doing it like it's great they're doing it they found a way to do it and they're

00:12:19   doing it like that the end result is the good part. Oh yeah I'm not saying that

00:12:22   makes the service bad but like not every decision Apple makes is out of the goodness

00:12:26   their own hearts. So yeah, yeah, for sure. So anyways, this is rolling out now and

00:12:31   will be throughout the year in the US and then they'll expand it of course. So

00:12:36   this I think is a good thing because you know we all break our phones from time to

00:12:39   time. Who hasn't? Me. Speaking of broken phones, tell us about Samsung foldable phones.

00:12:46   I'll get to my folding phone corner in a moment. I have a point now and it's to

00:12:49   run by you guys. Do you think that this and the Best Buy thing that happened

00:12:55   recently. Are these Deidre O'Brien moves? It's a really good question. Is this what

00:13:00   she wants to do? I mean maybe. What this does do, it does alleviate pressure

00:13:05   on Apple retail to be the only place you can get genuine parts and it also

00:13:12   alleviates Apple like mail-in repair program because if you live in the

00:13:17   middle of nowhere with no Apple store then like you can't it's not realistic

00:13:21   to drive three hours to get your iPhone replaced because you have to make that

00:13:23   trip a couple of times. And so people call Apple that you know, you mail them your device

00:13:28   without your phone for four days. And if Apple can have a presence in more locations via

00:13:34   Best Buy or now via these independent repair providers, that's a good thing for everybody.

00:13:40   You know, I don't know if that comes from her. But clearly Apple is trying to reach

00:13:44   its customers where they are in more reasonable ways. And whoever's making that decision,

00:13:49   I applaud.

00:13:50   But I just wondered because these two things have been like really big changes for the

00:13:55   way that they've done things for a very long time and they've both happened pretty recently.

00:14:00   I think we can give her the benefit of the doubt. I would say yeah.

00:14:02   Because this feels like something that fits the Angela Arendt's model of what an Apple store

00:14:08   should be, but then it would have been done many years ago. So I just found that kind of

00:14:14   interesting. But I do like this new approach of opening up to different organizations to allow

00:14:20   for people to get their phones prepared. Because I would never suggest somebody go to one of

00:14:25   these stores that you see in a mall, right? Like if a friend had a problem and asked me.

00:14:30   Because I don't know where they get their parts from. Like I don't know where they come

00:14:32   from. I don't know how good... I don't know if these people have had the training required,

00:14:36   right? Like I just don't know. But now I'd be like, well, as long as you can find out

00:14:41   if they've got this sticker or that you can see in a database that Apple will hold, which

00:14:45   is probably how they'll do it, then you're good to go. So I think it's great news.

00:14:49   Yeah, it'll probably be on the Apple service site.

00:14:52   You can search for providers in your area.

00:14:54   That's how they do it now with a bunch of different companies.

00:14:56   And I would imagine that it would be how this is.

00:14:59   All right. Yes. So folding phones.

00:15:00   It is still expected, I guess, that the Samsung Galaxy Fold

00:15:04   will go on sale this month.

00:15:06   So fingers crossed over here.

00:15:07   But there was a Bloomberg report a couple of days ago

00:15:09   which suggested that they are actually working on a second phone.

00:15:14   So this was a report by Sohi Kim at Bloomberg Technology

00:15:19   stating that Samsung are currently working on a foldable phone that at its biggest, so

00:15:25   in unfolded, is around 6.7 inches, which is about big phone size, that's about note size,

00:15:32   but it folds in on itself to a square shape. It is the return of the flip phone, gentlemen.

00:15:37   So wooo!

00:15:40   Apparently Samsung want to make this phone more affordable, a foldable.

00:15:44   Nah, what a great, that was amazing, I didn't know what to do with that but I'm so proud

00:15:48   of myself.

00:15:49   They want to make this a more affordable folding phone, but it all depends on how the launch

00:15:53   of the fold eventually goes.

00:15:56   Eventually unfolds.

00:15:57   Yeah, you know, I had to stop myself from writing that so I'm pleased you said it.

00:16:03   The whole story really hinged on that joke.

00:16:06   There we go, I'm so proud of all of us.

00:16:08   I think this is interesting.

00:16:12   I think that this is definitely a type of foldable phone that would be interesting that

00:16:17   I would like, right?

00:16:18   Like that maybe it's like smaller in the pocket that way.

00:16:21   Who knows?

00:16:22   Apparently they're trying out this new glass technology, which they want to see if they

00:16:26   can get to work with this phone too.

00:16:28   Well, they're gonna have to wait and see, but this is another entrant.

00:16:32   Like, just kind of in my mind, like this doubles down on the idea that like folding is what

00:16:40   many companies are seeing as the future even though it's difficult to do right now.

00:16:44   They're just looking to bend the future to their will.

00:16:47   Yeah, they sure are. They sure are.

00:16:49   Oh, that's funny. I just got it.

00:16:52   You really know a joke's good when somebody says to you, "That's funny." That's when you know you

00:17:01   made a really good joke. When there's no laughter, but just people telling you how funny it was.

00:17:07   I mean, look, it makes big phones more pocketable. Like that's a really interesting idea. And I don't

00:17:13   know if we'll see how it goes. The features very exciting. No, it's also exciting gentlemen, our

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00:19:28   Alright, so 9to5Mac is reporting that sleep tracking is going to be coming to the Apple

00:19:32   Watch after all. It was a feature that many people were expecting for watchOS 6 but was

00:19:38   not there. So let me give you the details of how the feature will work. So apparently,

00:19:45   according to 9to5Mac's sources, you will wear the watch to bed, right? So that's how

00:19:50   the track you're sleeping, you have to wear it while you're sleeping. And you can pick

00:19:53   Which watch will do the tracking if you own multiple watches, which I think of as the tiki feature. Yes

00:19:59   The watch will then track your sleep quality your movement your heart rate and noise in the environment

00:20:07   Which I thought was kind of interesting

00:20:08   So maybe I would expect in that it would be like if you had bad sleep

00:20:12   They'd be like all noise was there was more noise than normal right or something like that, which is interesting

00:20:16   Maybe it will also tell if you're snoring who knows

00:20:19   Sleep data is then made available in the health app and there's a new sleep app. I don't know why there needs to be

00:20:25   both

00:20:27   But I guess we'll find out

00:20:29   if

00:20:31   If you use this feature if you choose to use the new sleep tracking feature

00:20:34   The watch will remind you to charge it before going to sleep

00:20:37   So it will have the power to go through the whole night if it needs that

00:20:41   And if you set an alarm but wake up before the alarm and the Apple watch can detect that you're moving around

00:20:46   the alarm will just turn off, it will never go off, which is nice.

00:20:49   If you do set an alarm, it will trigger on the watch first,

00:20:53   and then it will sound on the phone if the user doesn't wake up.

00:20:56   And when you go into this sleep tracking mode,

00:20:59   Do Not Disturb is automatically enabled on your phone and the watch.

00:21:04   9to5Macs say that their sources tell them

00:21:07   that sleep tracking may be announced on stage next week,

00:21:10   but it won't require special hardware to work.

00:21:13   I raise my eyebrow at that.

00:21:15   that there must be this feels like a new watch feature whether no matter where

00:21:21   what so I feel like this is one of those things where like I bet that's true it

00:21:26   doesn't require new hardware but I bet it's only on the new watch right like

00:21:30   both things can be true so so I think this question is part of a bigger

00:21:35   conversation of what's different about a potential series 5 watch because I think

00:21:39   all of us feel the series 4 is really good and you know when they release new

00:21:45   hardware they try to have some sort of software hook to make it more

00:21:50   agreeable you know more more desirable and so I could see them locking if you

00:21:54   will sleep tracking to the new watch but those of us with the Series 4 who sleep

00:21:59   track now are well aware that it's perfectly capable of it so my guess

00:22:04   would be that sleep tracking comes to the Series 5 and the Series 4 but

00:22:09   nothing older. Interesting okay that's nice but I would be surprised because

00:22:15   Because then why why didn't they show this off at WWDC?

00:22:19   Why haven't they let it be in the bay?

00:22:20   It was to be tested.

00:22:21   Well, that's the that is the big gaping hole in my theory, right?

00:22:27   Like why do you want because watch us five is it was five or six this year, it feels

00:22:33   a little sleepy six, so to speak.

00:22:36   You know, it's it's not a huge update.

00:22:40   And so this would have made it seem splashy.

00:22:42   So your point is that that makes it seem like maybe it is only new watch hardware.

00:22:47   I do wonder if they could say something like, you buy the new Apple Watch because it's got

00:22:53   this and this feature, but you can still keep your old watch around and use it for sleep

00:22:59   tracking at night.

00:23:02   Like a way to keep people, to let them hold onto their Apple Watches so that they can

00:23:08   use them as night watches.

00:23:10   Right, but then there's the question of like, there's two questions on that.

00:23:14   One, it's not very environmentally friendly because in theory you should be recycling

00:23:17   the old products in some way, right?

00:23:20   And two, like the new watch should be capable of doing this, right?

00:23:26   Like two things need to be happening.

00:23:27   One, the battery life needs to be really good and two, they need to, and the charging needs

00:23:31   to be fast, right?

00:23:32   And so in theory, if they have this software feature that's like maybe, you know, around

00:23:37   like 11 p.m. or whatever.

00:23:39   It's like, hey, charge the watch a little bit

00:23:40   so you can sleep tonight, you know?

00:23:42   But I get your point, and then that might be why

00:23:45   they have the multiple watch feature as well.

00:23:47   But yeah, I see both sides of that argument.

00:23:51   - Even if it is only the new Series 5,

00:23:54   this will generate in the short term

00:23:57   the same thing that other Apple features do,

00:23:58   like oh, people know this is a thing,

00:24:01   and it gives people like our friend Underscore

00:24:03   maybe an opportunity to push sleep plus plus

00:24:05   for a couple of years for older Apple watches.

00:24:08   And then over time, he's been Sherlock'd.

00:24:11   But even if it is just on Series 5,

00:24:14   I would imagine that more people with Series 4

00:24:16   will start sleep tracking,

00:24:17   because then they realize that it's possible

00:24:18   in the first place.

00:24:20   - I guess the more interesting thing

00:24:23   is when you consider the changes coming to the health app

00:24:26   in iOS 13, and how Apple might be able to correlate

00:24:30   a bunch of different data points.

00:24:32   Now if you have sleep data coming from a native integration,

00:24:37   I bet they're gonna do something really interesting there,

00:24:41   like to show you even more trends.

00:24:44   - Does the Health app do like what the Activity app is doing

00:24:48   where it tries to make suggestions to you

00:24:51   rather than just give you data?

00:24:53   - Activity now gives you like meaningful actions,

00:24:56   like suggestions for things that you need to do.

00:25:00   I think--

00:25:01   Maybe that's why a sleep app would exist. So like the sleep app would give you recommendations

00:25:05   for what you need to do. The health app is kind of normal.

00:25:08   So I'm looking now and health only gives you highlights and the highlights are just facts.

00:25:15   Like over the last 10 days you've walked this much for example and it shows you averages.

00:25:21   It doesn't give you advice like oh you should maybe try this.

00:25:24   So maybe the sleep app is to like health is activity is to health right? Like they it's

00:25:30   like a coach, just like a sleeping coach.

00:25:31   Yeah, yeah.

00:25:33   I think that would make a lot of sense.

00:25:35   Because in theory, they should be able to pull that data in and be like, well,

00:25:38   you probably slept so well because you exercised, you know, like, yeah.

00:25:42   And there was it was quiet last night, right?

00:25:45   Like that's kind of what I would want

00:25:47   from a device that should be able to know so much about me.

00:25:50   It'd be interesting to see if they could also somehow leverage the HomePod

00:25:55   as a, you know, as hearing health

00:25:59   sort of accessory, like if you have a home pod in the bedroom, it can maybe help

00:26:04   the watch and the phone capture the sounds around you and maybe it can give you a recommendation like

00:26:10   we noticed that you leave music playing too loud before you fall asleep or something like that

00:26:16   or you leave the TV on, you know, lots of people do.

00:26:18   So maybe that could be something that they do because now they have, you know,

00:26:23   it wouldn't surprise me if they leverage a bunch of different devices

00:26:27   to capture all this data and help you fix whatever is going on that may not be okay.

00:26:34   Do we think it's gonna... I think it's gonna happen.

00:26:36   I think that they will announce this, but if I was gonna stake my kind of flag in the ground,

00:26:41   I would say it's for new watches only.

00:26:43   Yeah, I would agree with that. I think it's the most likely option.

00:26:48   If they go the opposite way of enabling on older watches,

00:26:54   Then it means either two things that the watch 5 has new and exclusive features that we don't

00:27:00   know yet about or it's just a spec bump with maybe different materials and slightly different

00:27:06   colors I don't know.

00:27:09   But if this is not the feature, the selling point of the watch 5 which would be a break

00:27:15   from tradition because so far every new watch has had a thing about it like last year for

00:27:21   example the ECG. So it would be not the pattern that followed so far. So I think you're right.

00:27:31   I think that that pattern is a sensible one. New products need new features if you want

00:27:36   people to update to them. And I don't think titanium is going to be it. Like it's a nice

00:27:41   option and it might be a good upsell for people, but there has to be a reason if this is a

00:27:45   Series 5. I mean, and it may just be, right, like Jason's been pondering this, like is

00:27:50   it just basically Series 4.5, right? Like it's Series 4 with new cases, which is very

00:27:56   possible and would be interesting to see if they do that, but I don't think they're going

00:27:59   to do that. I think this is going to be a Series 5 watch and then it has to have something

00:28:04   to it and this could be it. As well, there was a report that came from Apple Insider

00:28:10   today from a supposed leaked internal document that included a bunch of information. I will

00:28:16   start off by saying that Mark Gurman thinks that this is not true.

00:28:21   Oh, I mean it looks very fake.

00:28:27   So everyone is saying that it is fake, and I get that, but I just want to run through

00:28:31   a couple of things with you because I just want to see what you think about the things

00:28:35   it is claiming. So one, the names iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Do we

00:28:43   think that they're going to go with Pro Max? I really don't. I don't think so. Oh, never

00:28:49   bet against a bad Apple product name. That's true. Yeah. I just don't like it. It'd be

00:28:55   very upsetting to me. I do think that there's no, and maybe I'm going to regret this instantly

00:29:03   because somebody's gonna correct me there's never been an iPhone with two

00:29:09   qualifiers as two separate words yeah I think it's only one so unless they

00:29:17   camelcase Pro Max I don't think they're gonna do it

00:29:22   have your your iPhone Pro Max and you could buy a Mac Pro and you know we'll

00:29:30   know what's happening. I think you're right. I can't think of a two name.

00:29:34   Right. Because like 3G was, you know, stylized as

00:29:38   one thing, as was, you know, 5C and 5S and all the rest of them.

00:29:43   If it was called, if it was CamelCase like that, I would 100% call it the Promux. Like

00:29:50   that would be my pronunciation. It's Promux. Apparently the phones would ship with 13.1

00:29:56   to this document, which would be peculiar. September 27th, four new watch models, two

00:30:03   new iPads, and Catalina coming with iOS 13. This is what this document says. I think that

00:30:09   you could take a decent stab in the dark and get a bunch of this stuff right. September

00:30:13   27th doesn't feel right to me, Eric, and it's going to be September 20th, because that's

00:30:17   a big gap from the event.

00:30:19   I mean, I would love it, but it's not going to happen.

00:30:22   Well, but September 27th, I mean, you probably still get iOS the next week, I'm afraid.

00:30:27   This says 23rd, right?

00:30:31   Catalina and iOS 13 on September 23rd, which would be really nice for you.

00:30:35   I would prefer the 20th so we can open iPhones on our St. Jude live stream.

00:30:40   But that was my thought.

00:30:42   I was like, oh, please be the 20th.

00:30:43   Sorry, Federico. Yeah, I agree.

00:30:46   I don't. This doesn't feel real to me.

00:30:52   But I think you're right too that you could make some guesses and get half of them right.

00:30:57   We'll see how good we are at that pretty soon, I guess. The thing that jumped out at me at this,

00:31:04   and it's what we spoke about last week is, do these phones ship with 13.1? Does the rest of

00:31:10   the world see 13.0 and then 13.1? Just what that timeline looks like. I still don't think any of us

00:31:18   or any closer to knowing than we were before, but it's clear to me that Apple has left itself

00:31:23   some options. Well, that's what you think. I do feel like we're going to see 13.0 and

00:31:30   update to 13.1. I don't think 13.1 is flashed on any device by default. So you think you unbox a

00:31:40   new iPhone 11 Pro Max. It's got 13 on it. 13 on it. And maybe you're prompted to update

00:31:48   during the setup process, maybe you just gotta update later. That's what I tend to believe too,

00:31:53   I just, you said it like you knew something. It gives them a little bit more time to finish

00:31:59   13.1 doesn't it? Right? Like you can put 13 on them and then you get like another week,

00:32:05   right, which will be really important if they are really going to the wire on this,

00:32:09   which it feels like they are. I mean, look, whether this is real or not is sort of beside

00:32:14   the point. We are just like so deep in rumor territory with this event. I'm curious what

00:32:21   you guys think about this. I feel like going into this event as we're recording now, so we're six

00:32:26   days out. So I mean, you know, if they release HomePod firmware over the weekend and leak

00:32:31   everything will know what's what but I feel like we know so little about what's happening

00:32:36   in a week compared to the last couple of years they've looked it feels like so far it's mostly

00:32:43   they've kept a lid on it but we actually don't know if that's the case because it feels like

00:32:50   in the last year or two the real money is is getting these leaks like a day or two before

00:32:59   like that's when you publish them. Yeah. Oh yeah. Because you're really going into like the the

00:33:05   fever pitch at that point. So we'll see, but I agree with you. Like there are a lot more

00:33:10   question marks maybe, but you know we found out all the names and stuff like was it like hours

00:33:15   before last time? Yeah and two years ago the HomePod firmware I think was the weekend before,

00:33:20   so like there was still time to be spoiled, but as this moment in time on Wednesday September 4th,

00:33:27   that just it feels like there's so many moving parts. Let me just go to Twitter real quick and

00:33:31   just double check them. Yeah, nothing's happening right now. In this mix and even the last 24 hours

00:33:36   or so are rumors of updated Apple TV with the A12 processor. The Apple TV 4k that we all have now,

00:33:48   it runs on the older I think it's on the a 10 a 10 x excuse me so it'd be an upgrade there

00:33:58   if there's a new apple tv

00:34:00   uh i pose this question the two of you a what does that say about apple arcade system requirements if

00:34:09   anything and and B if it's just a spec bump like does it matter like I don't

00:34:18   even have the 4k TV I've got the the HD one running on the a8 and the few games

00:34:23   I have on it it feels totally fine so is there anything about Apple arcade and

00:34:28   the relationship with this Apple TV that makes you all think this is maybe more

00:34:31   possible than not arcade is gonna run on older Apple TVs if only because it runs

00:34:37   on older iPhones and iPads.

00:34:40   So it should run on older Apple TVs as well.

00:34:43   I do think there's some features that Apple might add

00:34:47   to the hardware that would make sense.

00:34:48   One of them is a risky pick.

00:34:51   And so we're gonna talk about that later.

00:34:54   I also think HDMI 2.1 as a standard would make sense.

00:35:00   So essentially, besides enabling things like 8K video

00:35:05   8K video for games which of course Apple TV is not gonna get, I don't think Apple

00:35:11   is gonna do an Apple TV 8K right now, but it would enable things like HDR, proper

00:35:19   HDR support for high frame rate games running in 4K just because HDMI 2.1 has

00:35:26   higher bandwidth than whatever Apple is using now and I think it would make

00:35:32   sense when you consider two factors. First is the fact that Apple is pushing 4K with

00:35:38   the Apple TV 4K and 4K content, and second is Apple's obsession with color. And so Apple

00:35:44   really cares about color reproduction on Mac OS and iOS, and I think they should also care

00:35:49   when it comes to video games on Apple Arcade. And HDMI 2.1 gives them a way to enhance that

00:35:55   kind of experience when you consider games running at 120 frames per second, for example.

00:36:03   So maybe there's a way, and it would be a spec bump and a price reduction, I think.

00:36:08   If anything I would like to see Apple say, "Look, it's an Apple TV 4K, it's got HDMI

00:36:12   2.1 and it's cheaper."

00:36:14   And there's the risky peak, which we're going to talk about.

00:36:20   So I think Arcade is going to come to every device that supports iOS, iPadOS, tvOS 13.

00:36:29   But I also think it's time for a spec bump to the Apple TV 4K, which is now two, two

00:36:33   and a half years old, something like that.

00:36:35   So it will make sense, I think.

00:36:38   I was wondering if, and Steven, you may know the answer, is the Apple TV the only device

00:36:44   left with the chip that it has in it, the A10X or whatever?

00:36:48   That would have been also in the iPad Pros from two years ago.

00:36:56   So I think like the 10.5 inch, I'm scrolling through Mac tracker.

00:37:01   Because I was just wondering if like, well, another reason to do it is if it's the only

00:37:04   device using the chip that it has inside.

00:37:07   Yeah, yeah, the the 10.5 inch iPad Pro and the second gen 12 inch iPad Pro also run the

00:37:13   A10X Fusion.

00:37:14   So it's still around, it's still perfectly viable.

00:37:17   Now the A8 in my old Apple TV is probably I don't know if that's supported by Apple

00:37:22   Arcade, but it's definitely older.

00:37:24   But yeah, the A10X I mean, those iPads were for sale until October 2018, less than a year

00:37:30   ago.

00:37:31   Right.

00:37:32   Okay.

00:37:33   I you know, my expectation would be that I would, I would assume any game on Apple Arcade

00:37:39   will run fine on the current Apple TV.

00:37:41   But as Federico said, if they if you want to do more, if you want to do HDR, then yeah,

00:37:46   you might need a bit more powerful of a chip.

00:37:48   But I mean, these are iOS games, right?

00:37:52   Like, you're gonna be fine, right?

00:37:55   Like they're gonna run on this device.

00:37:58   They'll be faster on other devices,

00:38:00   but they will run on this device, the old one.

00:38:02   - I will say to save us some follow up,

00:38:05   I'm looking at a Apple document about HDR and Dolby Vision

00:38:10   on the Apple TV 4K, and that stuff is supported

00:38:15   if your TV supports it.

00:38:16   So it does have some HDR capability,

00:38:20   but like you said, HDMI 2.1 and newer TV

00:38:24   could unlock new things in the future.

00:38:27   - And the feature is called dynamic HDR,

00:38:30   which you can Google.

00:38:32   There's a lot of information here

00:38:33   and it basically means that the reproduction

00:38:37   of each frame adjusts dynamically.

00:38:40   So it's not like a fixed thing.

00:38:43   Steven, if you can find the document

00:38:44   that has some kind of summary.

00:38:46   dynamic HDR that would be helpful. But yeah, as Myke mentioned, these are also iOS games and TVOS

00:38:53   games, like it's not like Apple is pushing the boundaries off, you know, they're not Sony or

00:38:57   Microsoft. I mean, let's be real, these games need to run on the Mac, am I right? So how powerful can

00:39:05   they really be? Not powerful. Sick GPU burn. Am I right, everyone? Am I right? You've got to run on

00:39:12   Look, I don't think you're wrong.

00:39:14   I know.

00:39:15   No, you're not wrong.

00:39:19   As sad as that might be, you're not wrong.

00:39:22   They'll run better on the old Apple TVs than on any MacBook.

00:39:25   They'll run better on an older iPad than on any iMac, really.

00:39:31   Oh, man.

00:39:33   There's also some rumblings today of a potential "one more thing" and this is coming from a

00:39:40   There's a Twitter account @coiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

00:40:10   before and they tweeted today but there's one more thing and so now

00:40:16   everyone is losing their minds trying to guess what that might be and we are

00:40:20   anywhere from the supposed tile like device which tracks your devices right

00:40:27   so you would put it on it would show up in find my or we're also going all the

00:40:32   way to AR glasses and everything in between I don't know feels like a really

00:40:39   big thing there would have been some kind of leak I mean we knew the Apple

00:40:43   watch was coming. Steve Trump Smith seems very like he also is has been tweeting up a storm

00:40:50   about his feelings that it's closer than it seems. What I had thought about this

00:40:55   was I think both can be true it can be close but not in a manufacturer yet

00:41:01   which is why we haven't seen because like as soon as you get parts it's over

00:41:05   So it may be that it's announced and they say, "Hey, it's coming in iOS 13.2 or something

00:41:10   later this fall," and they ship these things just in time for the holiday season, right?

00:41:14   The end of October, into November.

00:41:17   Like they did, I think the original iPad Mini was that way.

00:41:19   It's very close to the wire for holiday purchasing.

00:41:23   That doesn't seem impossible to me, but I tend to agree with you that if this was really

00:41:29   close, we would have something, right?

00:41:32   And all we have are some stuff and code, and then there was an icon found in the like,

00:41:39   app bundle for Find My, which is like a name that I hate saying but we just have to say

00:41:43   now.

00:41:44   So clearly there is some smoke, whether that's enough smoke to say there's a fire next week,

00:41:49   I'm not so sure.

00:41:50   I don't think that we are at AR headset time.

00:41:54   It just doesn't feel like time.

00:41:56   Even the invitation doesn't, isn't the type of invitation that creates a lot of hype.

00:42:02   if you know what I mean, like it's a standard invitation to an Apple event.

00:42:05   Speak for yourself, those color bubbles.

00:42:08   Sure.

00:42:09   Because...

00:42:10   No, it's bad.

00:42:11   When they do this, it needs to be treated like this is their next big product.

00:42:19   Which if it does come out of this event, then that fits, right?

00:42:24   Like whatever shares a stage with the iPhone has the biggest stage.

00:42:29   But I'm kind of like leaning to what Federico says that like I feel like that they would maybe be a little bit more coy

00:42:34   About it. I don't know maybe because maybe how about this? How about this? Here we go

00:42:38   Those the bubbles you see through them. It's true

00:42:44   like glasses

00:42:47   Mm-hmm, right. Sure. All right, Alex in the chat room had a good joke that if they come next year

00:42:52   The glasses would come in 2020. Oh, that's good. That's very good Alex. It's very good

00:42:56   You should join us on the show and have this jest.

00:43:00   That's not how this works, but...

00:43:02   I'm sure Alex is a nice person.

00:43:04   That feels a little extreme.

00:43:05   It feels like a bit much just because they had one good joke that we could...

00:43:09   I can tell he's got potential.

00:43:12   So you keep showing it to us, Alex, and I guess Federico will bring you in.

00:43:16   Yeah, we're going to replace Steven, but don't worry.

00:43:21   Okay, Alex, do you know how to use logic?

00:43:25   It's very important.

00:43:26   Oh man, so sad.

00:43:28   Alright, it is time for our iPhone event predictions right after...

00:43:33   Oh, something just happened.

00:43:35   This sponsor.

00:43:37   Hermes is listing Apple Watch Series 5 watch bands on their website.

00:43:43   Confirmed.

00:43:45   #Confirmed.

00:43:46   There you go.

00:43:47   That's funny.

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00:46:02   gentlemen and

00:46:04   Before I get to the rules someone probably Myke has inserted into the document

00:46:10   "Myke petitions for branding."

00:46:12   So this is, we're doing our event predictions.

00:46:15   So over the years we have had many different forms of predictions, but I think that we

00:46:20   have really at this point solidified the idea of we have two rounds and then a risky pick.

00:46:26   And the risky pick will have dramatic consequences for all other picks.

00:46:32   Now at some point, someone's going to need to remind me, these were written in, somebody

00:46:36   wrote into the document instead of risky the word Ricky. Who did that? Was that you, Stephen?

00:46:41   I'm assuming it's you. Wow. We're gonna go with you. You do the writing in the document.

00:46:45   You do most of the writing in the document. It does. So I'm assuming that you wrote Ricky.

00:46:49   That's why Alex has a lot of work to do when they replace me. It's true. So these have

00:46:53   qualically been called the Ricky picks, right? And this is that the risky picks have become

00:46:57   the Ricky picks. And I think that this has caught on with us and our audience to the

00:47:01   the point that I would like to petition for branding of our entire predictions format

00:47:06   as the "Rickeys". That is what I would like to call this going forward. So we will be

00:47:12   doing the "Rickeys".

00:47:13   It's sort of like Mac where you used to do the "Eddys". Now we're going to do the "Rickeys",

00:47:17   but they're not awards.

00:47:18   Or, you know, me and Jason have the "Upgradies", they're reward shows, but nobody brands their

00:47:24   prediction shows except like just straight predictions. We have drafts, but that's a

00:47:28   different thing. I would like to call this from now on "The Rickies" and I would like

00:47:33   to spell it as R-I-C-K-I-E-S. I agree. This doesn't belong to Ricky. It's like it's multiple

00:47:42   Ricky people doing risky things. Exactly. Yeah. I changed the title of this in my template

00:47:52   for this part of the Google Doc.

00:47:55   The reek is done.

00:47:57   The Ricky's.

00:47:58   So welcome to the Ricky's for the 2019 iPhone.

00:48:01   Perfect.

00:48:03   Steven, please read the Ricky rules.

00:48:05   I would like to read the rules of Ricky.

00:48:07   The rules of Ricky.

00:48:10   We like building.

00:48:11   There was a man named Ricky who passed down

00:48:15   over years and years the idea of making predictions.

00:48:19   Ricky died making predictions, you know.

00:48:22   (laughing)

00:48:23   - And we now pick in Ricky's honor.

00:48:25   - All right, the rules.

00:48:30   Rule number one, the order is set by the number of points

00:48:33   awarded in the previous event, which we'll talk about.

00:48:38   To earn any points, everything written down

00:48:42   in the official prediction document must come true.

00:48:46   Rule number three, no half points may be awarded

00:48:49   in any round four.

00:48:52   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct

00:48:55   in the first two rounds.

00:48:57   And here's where we get to the risky picks,

00:49:00   the Ricky's within the Ricky's, the inner Ricky's.

00:49:03   Two points will be awarded for correct picks

00:49:07   during the risky pick round.

00:49:10   If your risky pick is wrong,

00:49:12   you lose a point from your total.

00:49:15   So two points if you're right,

00:49:16   you lose a point if you're wrong.

00:49:18   And what almost ended our friendship this week,

00:49:21   - We'll get to that later on.

00:49:23   - The two other hosts must agree that your pick is risky.

00:49:28   And then Myke just typed something in here

00:49:31   that I don't think is canon.

00:49:32   What is this?

00:49:33   - The winner of the previous Ricky's Picks Fest.

00:49:35   - Well, yeah, the order is set by the number of points

00:49:37   awarded in the previous event.

00:49:39   That's rule number one.

00:49:40   It's just, it's a better way to phrase it in plain English.

00:49:43   And so Myke has a better sentence.

00:49:47   I didn't know what that meant.

00:49:49   The winner from the same previous Ricky's.

00:49:53   He's just so focused on round robin.

00:49:55   That's what that is. That's a very round robin mindset.

00:49:58   Get to pick first.

00:50:00   And I would just like to state, not only am I picking first,

00:50:03   I am now going into this with a two win streak.

00:50:07   That doesn't mean anything.

00:50:09   What it means is I won twice in a row.

00:50:12   Sure, you just like to brag.

00:50:14   It doesn't matter. I pick right on the coin flip.

00:50:16   Hold on, I think the original phrasing for this rule was in place, because not only does

00:50:22   the winner go first, but Stephen was right, the points determine the order of the actual,

00:50:30   of the other co-hosts.

00:50:33   So that was also something that we decided.

00:50:36   So the winner goes first, but the order of the other two is based on the points from

00:50:41   the previous Riki's.

00:50:43   So maybe we need to add another bullet point back into the rules that has now been removed.

00:50:49   Okay, so the winner for the previous rookies gets to pick first, the second place picks

00:50:55   second, winner picks second, the loser goes last.

00:51:01   Loser goes last!

00:51:03   The loser, wow.

00:51:04   What I like, so I would like to just, because we're doing this now anyway, so we're deep

00:51:09   in it. Steven capitalized the LN loser, which I enjoy a lot, because he's making a very

00:51:16   bold statement about you Federico, is what I'm gonna say.

00:51:18   Yeah, yeah, sure. He's gonna make bold statements after this event, I'm sure.

00:51:23   Michael, you were first in round one.

00:51:27   You must refer to me. The next rule is you must refer to the winner as Chief Ricky for

00:51:31   For the entire portion of the predictions, the person who won last time becomes Chief

00:51:40   Ricky.

00:51:41   Is that really the title that you want, Chief Ricky?

00:51:48   What about Chairman Ricky?

00:51:50   What if, okay, I have two more rules I would like to petition.

00:51:54   Come on.

00:51:55   I guess just go, just make your pick.

00:51:57   No, no, no, two more rules.

00:52:00   The winner is referred to as Chairman Ricky and they get to come up with a new rule every

00:52:04   time.

00:52:05   No, no, no.

00:52:06   I'm just going to approve Chairman Ricky, but not the other part.

00:52:10   Okay, okay, don't worry.

00:52:12   I'll just take it as it is.

00:52:14   My first pick as Chairman Ricky is that there will be new colors in the iPhone lineup.

00:52:24   That's it?

00:52:25   Real easy one.

00:52:26   Okay.

00:52:27   Yes.

00:52:28   Define new colors.

00:52:29   that have not previously been in the iPhone line of any kind.

00:52:33   Ever?

00:52:34   No, of the previous phones.

00:52:36   So new colors in the iPhone line as compared to the previous year.

00:52:41   Okay, what if they introduce a color that existed five years ago?

00:52:45   As compared to the previous year.

00:52:46   Okay, as compared to the previous year.

00:52:48   That's what we're going with.

00:52:49   Alright, that's good enough.

00:52:51   Super boring, I know it's super boring, but as the person who gets to pick first, I get

00:52:55   to go boring to maintain my win.

00:52:57   I know it's boring.

00:52:58   Fine. Any non-graded? Any personal preference?

00:53:03   The colors that you would like to see?

00:53:06   I would like a really good orange.

00:53:10   Yes.

00:53:11   And so here are my non-graded, right?

00:53:15   Good orange.

00:53:16   Is that the name of the color? Good orange.

00:53:19   Yes, that's the name. Good orange.

00:53:22   I want these colors to be on the pro phones too.

00:53:27   right, that there's more than just the regulars and that they sell clear cases for all the

00:53:31   phones to show off.

00:53:32   Yes, oh my god, yes. The clear cases.

00:53:34   That's what I want. I want good orange on the pro phones and clear cases. They should

00:53:39   just make clear cases for their phones in general. You make a beautiful gold phone that

00:53:45   I never get to see.

00:53:46   Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. I bought us...

00:53:48   Your phone is made of all glass that just explodes whenever it touches anything, so

00:53:54   So I have to put a case on it.

00:53:55   And it costs like $7 million to fix a broken iPhone.

00:53:59   - It's true. - That is true.

00:54:00   - All of that stuff is true.

00:54:01   - I wish they made the leather or silicone cases

00:54:03   for the XR, they don't, it's just the clear case.

00:54:06   So like, just make all the cases for all the phones, Apple.

00:54:08   Just do it.

00:54:09   All right, I'm up next.

00:54:11   And I am saying that the phone, as we know,

00:54:16   as the iPhone XR, its successor will become the iPhone 11.

00:54:22   So I think they will switch sort of the naming and the way they think and sell the iPhones.

00:54:29   Right now, I feel like the default phone is the 10s.

00:54:32   And if you want to go cheaper, you get the 10r the 10r has sold better than the 10s and

00:54:36   the 10s Max.

00:54:37   I think they're going to realign things.

00:54:40   I think this gives them a couple of things one, the line reflects reality to they can

00:54:44   say the iPhone 11 starts at 749 as opposed to 1099 for the the pro or the 10s or whatever so

00:54:52   i think it makes sense it's weird they're going to shift these names and they don't have to call

00:54:56   this phone the 10r2 or the 11 i mean they wouldn't have done that would have been the 11r but i think

00:55:01   that the the 10r will become the 11 a shift in how they position the phones against each other

00:55:10   So here's my challenge to that. And I don't necessarily feel, I actually believe you,

00:55:17   I think that's the way it's going to be. I'm on board with you. But this would be, I think,

00:55:24   Apple bucking the trend of the rest of the market at this point. Because it seems to be a pretty

00:55:30   standard practice now that companies like Samsung and Google are releasing versions of their phones,

00:55:36   which are kind of like the expensive ones but lacking some features and therefore getting a

00:55:42   qualifier to the name. You've got the Pixel 3a and you've got the Samsung 10 something, 10e?

00:55:51   Yeah, I think so.

00:55:52   So I just wonder if that is going to become the standard and everyone knows that. Does Apple

00:56:00   need to do this? I don't know if they do, but then would they, you know, then they don't need to call

00:56:07   the other phones pro? I don't know, but I'm on board with you, but I do have that question mark

00:56:12   of at that point Apple is saying that their line starts with the phone that doesn't have all the

00:56:19   best features. You're right, that is weird, but I think they could pull it off. All right, as the

00:56:26   loser, capital L, the case loser of the latest Rickeys. My first pick is the biggest phone,

00:56:36   the largest model, will not be called the Pro Max. This is the main text of my prediction.

00:56:47   Let me add some context around it. I think we're all assuming that the phones are going to be

00:56:55   be called the iPhone 11. As Steven just said, he believes that the base model will be called

00:57:02   the iPhone 11. And I think we all assume that what are currently known as the XS and the

00:57:09   XS Max will become the iPhone 11 Pro. I do not think that there will be an iPhone 11

00:57:15   Pro and an iPhone 11 Pro Max. I think naming scheme will follow what currently happens

00:57:22   with the iPad Pro for example or the MacBook Pro you have iPhone 11 Pro as the main name

00:57:29   and then you have in parentheses or you know in on the website whatever you have the measurements

00:57:37   of the display size. So what is the 4.7 and 5.6? I'm just making these numbers up, I don't know.

00:57:45   But like for example like what Apple does with iPad Pro, 11 inch or 12.9 inch and you pick the size, but it's not in the name.

00:57:55   I think it would be out of character to have iPhone 11 Pro Max, so a number and two qualifiers to that number.

00:58:03   I think it would be weird. There's no precedent that Apple ever set with any iPhone that has two qualifiers in addition to the generation name.

00:58:14   And, you know, my only potential downfall here is what Steven, I think, mentioned a

00:58:23   few minutes ago, never bet against Apple's bet names.

00:58:27   So it is entirely-- Maybe this one's too far even for them.

00:58:30   Maybe this one is too far, but hey, you never know.

00:58:34   Maybe Apple thinks that it is important for the iPhone line, even if it gets weird, to

00:58:40   a clear indication of what the most expensive vendor for, most important maybe for Apple

00:58:47   phone is, and maybe not having "Max" in the name or some other qualifier will be a problem

00:58:55   for Apple. I just think that my prediction should go against the current rumors and say

00:58:59   it will not be called the Pro Max.

00:59:02   So I've been looking around on Apple's website to try and work out like how are they going

00:59:07   to present that name to people.

00:59:08   So the sizes, by the way, are 5.8

00:59:12   and 6.5.

00:59:13   They keep the same sizes.

00:59:14   So the iPad Pro is

00:59:17   never really referred to by

00:59:19   its number size until you either get

00:59:21   to the tech specs page or the buy

00:59:23   page.

00:59:24   And on the tech specs page, they're

00:59:25   called the 11 inch iPad Pro and the

00:59:27   12.9 inch iPad Pro.

00:59:29   So on those pages, it would be

00:59:30   called the 5.8 inch

00:59:32   iPhone 11 Pro and the 6.5

00:59:33   inch iPhone 11 Pro.

00:59:36   That's the 11 in there makes it a bit trickier, right?

00:59:40   Because they don't do that with the iPad.

00:59:42   So that makes it like a little bit more of a mouthful.

00:59:44   And then the other place that you see it is on the buying page where you just

00:59:49   choose the model of the iPad. And I like that part.

00:59:54   I, you know, as a technology communicator,

00:59:59   as I have now decided to refer to myself in this moment,

01:00:02   and now I want to just not ever speak again,

01:00:06   It's going to be tricky, I guess.

01:00:09   I know Federico hates names, like hates the names for things,

01:00:13   but I guess we would just call it the big iPhone 11, I would assume.

01:00:16   Yes.

01:00:18   Because though...

01:00:19   Please don't come up with a nickname, please.

01:00:22   12.9 inch iPad Pro has always been a bit of a mouthful.

01:00:25   We just say the big iPad Pro...

01:00:27   6.5 inch iPhone 11 Pro is a...

01:00:28   So he says the big iPhone, look at the big iPhone.

01:00:31   Big iPhone, big boy iPhone.

01:00:32   That's the one.

01:00:32   We just say that, we just say that for the iPad Pro, everybody's fine.

01:00:35   nobody misunderstands when you say the big iPad Pro. Everybody knows. There's no need

01:00:39   to come up with another nickname.

01:00:41   Mhm. And I was just merely saying, maybe we'll call it ProMux forever and everyone will be

01:00:48   happy.

01:00:49   Oh no. Oh my god. Well, anyway, that's my prediction.

01:00:56   Round two?

01:00:57   Chairman.

01:00:58   Round two!

01:00:59   Oh, thank you. As Chairman Ricky.

01:01:01   Chairman Ricky.

01:01:03   Three cameras on the high end phones.

01:01:06   All of the cases that we're seeing, all of the YouTubers who have been publishing their

01:01:11   videos with the models that come out of factories in China somewhere, which I'm never really

01:01:17   sure what those mean, where they come from, who they're actually coming from, but you

01:01:22   see all these videos.

01:01:23   This is the iPhone 11 Pro.

01:01:27   So that's what I'm saying, that there will be three cameras on the high end iPhones.

01:01:31   My non-graded will say that the third camera will be the ultra wide lens that we want.

01:01:38   So there will be a telephoto, a regular, what is the regular one called?

01:01:43   What do you call that?

01:01:44   Does it have a name?

01:01:46   Regular?

01:01:47   Yeah, because you have like telephoto and ultra wide.

01:01:51   Yeah.

01:01:52   The camera.

01:01:53   What is the name?

01:01:55   The camera.

01:01:56   So we will have a telephoto, a "the camera" and ultrawide.

01:02:01   Steven, come on, there's no name for the camera?

01:02:05   I mean, Apple refers to the back camera as eyesight, but that's stupid, so I don't want

01:02:09   to give credence to that.

01:02:11   Alright, so ultrawide, the camera, and a telephoto.

01:02:15   That's what we're doing.

01:02:16   Feels like a lock to me, man.

01:02:17   Yeah, that one feels pretty, I feel pretty convinced about that one.

01:02:21   Like they might, they might surprise us all and be like, "Here's another camera sensor

01:02:25   just for AR!"

01:02:26   right like and then everyone will just boo but in that instance it's still

01:02:31   three cameras but I don't think that's what they're gonna be doing I really

01:02:35   hope that's not what they're gonna be doing I hope that they will give people

01:02:38   what they want which is an ultra wide lens people like those people want more

01:02:42   cameras they want more from their phones and all of the reports that have been

01:02:46   coming out over the last couple of weeks seem to suggest that Apple will be doing

01:02:49   some funky software stuff to try and sell this to people sounds like a good

01:02:53   one to me, I predict that you will get that one right. Wait, is that your prediction?

01:02:57   Yeah, my prediction for round two is that Myke got round two cracked. I went meta. I'm

01:03:04   gonna say for round two, no Mac or iPad hardware. And I think I want to amend this to say in

01:03:14   the keynote, so no Mac or iPad hardware in the keynote. If they release some sort of

01:03:21   silent update to the Mac Mini, then I think I'm still in the clear because I added

01:03:24   you need to do that. And because we we don't have like the up the the rule of the upgrade

01:03:29   draft is has to be set on stage, but we don't roll rhomba those rules in the Ricky's it

01:03:33   can just up until the time we record if we're able to prove that we're right, then fine.

01:03:37   I think this is going to be iPhone, Apple Watch. Now maybe Apple TV, maybe secret VR

01:03:44   glasses. I think Apple has enough left on the table to have an October event. There's

01:03:50   lots of rumors about iPad refreshes, although this would be the first time in a while we've

01:03:54   seen if they update the iPad Pro a second iPad Pro within 12 months, but we could do

01:03:59   that. There's the Mac Pro, there's the iMac Pro, which is due for an update, potentially,

01:04:04   I think there's enough stuff to have a second event in four or five or six weeks. So that's

01:04:12   kind of where my thought is on this that we're not going to see that stuff. In this keynote,

01:04:18   The Mac Pro will come out after Catalina or with Catalina, it won't be before, clearly.

01:04:24   And I don't know if Catalina is ready to go quite yet.

01:04:29   So I think that's going to be a little bit later in the fall.

01:04:32   And there of course, the rumored 16 inch MacBook Pro that alone is enough for most of an October

01:04:39   event.

01:04:40   So I think the unicorn laptop, that's right, the laptop that fixes all things wrong with

01:04:43   all Apple laptops. In no way will disappoint people. That, there's enough there. So my

01:04:49   thinking is there'll be a fall, a second fall event.

01:04:51   That one feels pretty good to me.

01:04:54   The new iPhones will offer some kind of night mode, quote unquote, "night mode," not an

01:05:01   official name, for shooting in the dark. I think we've seen from other tech companies,

01:05:08   especially Huawei and Google, they've done an excellent job

01:05:12   with their night modes in their system cameras

01:05:16   on their Android phones.

01:05:17   And I think Apple have noticed all the praise

01:05:20   and all the positive comments in the reviews for those phones.

01:05:26   And I think it's about time that Apple improves

01:05:28   not just low-light photography, but actually

01:05:31   ships a night mode in the iPhone.

01:05:34   And I think--

01:05:35   Low-light photography and a night mode,

01:05:37   They are different things.

01:05:38   They are different things.

01:05:40   Low light photography is like trying to get something that looks like what your

01:05:43   eyes can see.

01:05:44   Yeah.

01:05:44   Night mode is like, you can turn the lights off and we're going to give you a

01:05:48   picture, right?

01:05:49   Which is what like Google and Huawei and Samsung are doing.

01:05:53   Which I think there's absolute value in that kind of feature.

01:05:56   Yes.

01:05:57   Even if it looks fake or whatever.

01:06:00   What does it even mean to take a real picture these days anyway?

01:06:04   So I think there's real demand for that type of feature.

01:06:09   I think Apple is lagging behind the competition.

01:06:12   So they're gonna do the ultra wide

01:06:15   and I think they should also do a night mode

01:06:16   which would be a software feature for iOS 13,

01:06:19   maybe even 13.1, who knows, exclusive to the new phones.

01:06:24   So maybe there's a way that they can use

01:06:27   the ultra wide lens to help.

01:06:29   Maybe it's some other thing,

01:06:30   maybe it's some other sensor, I don't know.

01:06:32   So the new phones will offer some kind of night mode for shooting in the dark.

01:06:36   That would be my second pick.

01:06:38   I really want that feature.

01:06:39   Yeah, me too.

01:06:40   Yeah, they're getting their lunch eaten by these other manufacturers at this point.

01:06:45   They gotta do it.

01:06:46   I'm gonna go out on a limb.

01:06:47   I think we all have done pretty well so far.

01:06:50   It feels like no one's done anything crazy yet.

01:06:53   I would be surprised if any of these are wrong.

01:06:56   Which means it will come down to the inner Rickies.

01:07:00   The Rickies within the Rickies.

01:07:02   The Anna Rinkys.

01:07:05   Yes.

01:07:06   But before we get there, I want to tell you

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01:08:48   name for yourself with hover. Our thanks to hover for their support of this show and relay FM. Okay,

01:08:54   It's time to get risky.

01:08:56   We need to have a discussion.

01:08:57   Yes, because the conspiracy was exposed last week.

01:09:00   Okay.

01:09:01   And we had a real problem with our Ricky pics this time.

01:09:04   Nobody was happy with anything.

01:09:07   Basically, what we do is, in the days leading up to commencing the Ricky's, we...

01:09:16   Hold on, hold on a second, hold on a second.

01:09:19   Something just happened on Twitter.

01:09:21   Okay.

01:09:22   That document that we talked about on the show,

01:09:25   let me read the latest message from that Twitter account.

01:09:29   Hello guys, we understand why you guys were skeptical

01:09:33   of what was going on with our, air quotes, leak.

01:09:37   We have found out that it was completely a fake

01:09:40   and we apologize with that.

01:09:41   We are closing down.

01:09:43   Thank you for the times we had.

01:09:45   PS, have fun on the 23rd.

01:09:48   - With a winky face, a winky face after the 23rd.

01:09:52   Anyway, so a few days before, we get together to kind of just like run our risky picks past

01:10:01   each other to see if they're going to be accepted, because otherwise we would spend two hours

01:10:07   screaming at each other over trying to come up with these. So we kind of all have to agree that

01:10:13   they are risky before we present them. Everybody has been through, I think, three this time,

01:10:20   but the worst part was when Federico got quite upset to the point that we had to have his pick

01:10:29   externally adjudicated and we have then since come up with a bit more of a guideline for the

01:10:36   risky picks going forward. Federico, would you like to take the floor at this stage?

01:10:40   Yeah, just try and let me find the original message here which was somewhere in the Slack,

01:10:47   I think. Okay, I found it. So I wanted to pick, Apple Arcade will be less than $9.99

01:10:57   a month. And both of you noted that it wasn't risky enough considering how there were previous

01:11:07   rumors including a 9 to 5 Mac report showing screenshots of internal testing of Apple Arcade

01:11:14   with a $4.99 price tag. And I brought the issue to our adjudicator, Mr. Jason Snell,

01:11:25   and he also agreed with you guys that given the previous rumors and the previous reports

01:11:32   from 9to5Mac, he couldn't qualify as a risky pick.

01:11:37   He actually said "No Ricky", which I enjoyed a lot. He said "This is no Ricky". So Jason

01:11:42   gets it. And then Steven's pick was that the iPhone 11 would include a faster charger in

01:11:51   the box. Mine was that there would be some kind of audio device announced. And then Federico

01:11:57   was unhappy with those because he could find previous rumoured things about these. So I

01:12:04   then said, I came up with the idea that I think that going forward, the key is to get

01:12:10   really specific or esoteric about something, because a lot of our thinking is formulated

01:12:17   by other rumors, right? So like, how are we going to pick something that we think could

01:12:22   be announced? You could probably always find a rumor for it. So we are now kind of, I am

01:12:29   guiding mine that way, and so I would like to present my Ricky pic. Well actually, my

01:12:36   My first esoteric Ricky pic was that Federighi would announce the iPhone 11 and Jeff Williams

01:12:44   would announce the Apple Watch and they would both be introduced to the stage by Tim Cook.

01:12:49   Steven didn't like that.

01:12:50   I thought that the doubling down of all of the things that needed to occur would be enough,

01:12:55   right?

01:12:56   That it's like, yeah, those things would probably happen, but would they happen exactly like

01:12:59   that?

01:13:00   I don't know.

01:13:01   So what I have gone with is this for my risky pic, my Ricky.

01:13:06   Tim Cook will thank Johnny Ive.

01:13:08   The camera will show Johnny in the audience.

01:13:11   Johnny will smile.

01:13:13   This is a whole situation you've dreamed up.

01:13:18   I really went through this in my mind, right?

01:13:20   So I previously was thinking, maybe Johnny stands up.

01:13:25   Maybe Johnny raises his hand.

01:13:28   Maybe Johnny does nothing.

01:13:30   Maybe Johnny comes onto the stage.

01:13:32   These are all the things I was thinking about.

01:13:34   what I have gone with is Tim Cook will thank Johnny the camera will show Johnny

01:13:38   Johnny will smile. Alright so if for the risky for the Ricky pic to be a point

01:13:45   all of these three things must happen. Yes. My main issue here. The smile is the problem right?

01:13:53   The smile is the problem because we know that Johnny well if you look at the photo

01:13:59   that used to be on Apple.com, maybe still is on Apple.com. Maybe he thinks that's a

01:14:04   smile but... Alright, I'm gonna go with, because I think this will prove what I'm trying to

01:14:09   say, Johnny stays seated. Okay. That's what I'm going with, because I think he will smile,

01:14:15   but his smile could be imperceptible to the human eye. It's like a Mona Lisa smile. Like

01:14:21   nobody knows what he's saying, it's really a smile. Tim, thanks Johnny. The camera shows

01:14:26   Johnny stay seated. If Johnny stands up and smiles, I am gonna be so freaking mad.

01:14:33   What if Johnny stays seated? Actually doesn't stay seated, but also doesn't really stand

01:14:40   up. It's like a halfway, sort of, tries to stand up, but then he changes his mind as

01:14:45   he sits back down. Alright, alright. Johnny doesn't stand. That's what I'm going with.

01:14:50   OK. Yes.

01:14:51   Johnny doesn't stand.

01:14:52   There we go. This is why we adjudicate here.

01:14:54   Well, he just doesn't stand.

01:14:56   He doesn't necessarily stay seated.

01:14:58   Right. Like, he could do that half stand.

01:15:00   OK. But he's not stood up.

01:15:02   So he's...

01:15:03   Johnny doesn't stand.

01:15:04   All right. So let me ask you, let me ask you, though.

01:15:06   Do the three actions, the three scenes need to happen sequentially?

01:15:11   Not in my mind, they don't.

01:15:13   But they have to be with a thing.

01:15:16   Like showing Johnny a different part of the keynote doesn't count.

01:15:19   Like this all needs to be contained within a thank you to Johnny moment.

01:15:23   OK. Right. I think that's that's Ricky enough, Myke.

01:15:26   That's it is it is it is the definition of Ricky.

01:15:30   It's a whole situation.

01:15:31   It's pretty Ricky, right?

01:15:32   Because I think this is this is where I'm going to go.

01:15:36   I'm just going to start predicting stagecraft like that's going to be

01:15:39   my future of Ricky strategy, because I feel like it's the only thing

01:15:43   I can predict without there being reports in that go with it.

01:15:48   And sometimes I struggle to be like inventive enough.

01:15:52   So this is where I'm going.

01:15:55   Well, as in inventive enough to come up with a

01:15:58   here is a product strategy, right?

01:16:01   That like has been completely unrumored.

01:16:04   Sometimes I lack that ability.

01:16:06   - Maybe we could have a whole stagecraft section

01:16:09   in the future.

01:16:10   - Let's see how well mine goes first.

01:16:13   And then we can decide if, like if I completely nail that,

01:16:16   then maybe round four is predict an order of events.

01:16:21   But then I don't know what my Ricky would be, so.

01:16:24   All right, so my Ricky pick.

01:16:29   No service bundle announced.

01:16:33   Really?

01:16:34   You think that's--

01:16:37   The more I think about it, I think a normal company

01:16:42   would have a service bundle.

01:16:44   Apple really likes service revenue.

01:16:47   And maybe they think that not everybody wants everything.

01:16:49   And so I think it's all going to be separate for now,

01:16:53   at least during this time.

01:16:54   So we need to make some qualifications to this,

01:16:57   what a service bundle is.

01:16:58   Because I would say, if you get anything

01:17:01   for free for being a subscriber for something else,

01:17:03   that's a bundle.

01:17:04   I would disagree with that, because then they're

01:17:07   just giving something away.

01:17:08   I think a service bundle is, if you pay for more than one

01:17:11   thing you get a discounted price. Alright so here's my here's what I'm saying here

01:17:16   you can pay for Apple TV+ but they give it away for free with any other service

01:17:24   right that's a bundle in my mind because I think paid services that you are

01:17:29   getting for one price okay yeah that's good okay right so no service bundle

01:17:34   including any service being free with another.

01:17:43   Yeah. I'm going all in on this. I'm leaning into Apple's greed.

01:17:48   Here's the thing. I think this is risky because it would be a really stupid

01:17:53   thing to do. To offer like five things that you've got to pay for all of them

01:17:57   individually. But I do still see a possibility that it could happen. But it

01:18:02   feels to me that feels risky. I mean just as a recap they're gonna have iCloud,

01:18:08   Apple news plus, Apple music, Apple TV plus, Apple arcade and technically

01:18:14   speaking Apple care could be considered a subscription. Here is another point

01:18:19   I would like to just bring because I see it as a thing. If you get any service

01:18:24   with the iPhone plan thing. The iPhone upgrade program. Yes. What is that called?

01:18:30   the iPhone upgrade program if you get any service with that. Is that a bundle?

01:18:35   I don't know I don't even know how that works. Does it include AppleCare? So well

01:18:41   I mean if we consider AppleCare a service that is already technically a

01:18:44   bundle. Well all you get is AppleCare so far. Apple considers AppleCare a service now

01:18:51   because they can count through that revenue number I don't view it as a

01:18:54   service. If they add something. If they added something to the Apple upgrade

01:18:59   upgrade program I would lose.

01:19:01   Okay.

01:19:02   Add one of their content things to that it becomes a bundle.

01:19:06   Or some sort of content is added to Apple.

01:19:11   Okay.

01:19:12   Upgrade program, iPhone upgrade program.

01:19:15   This is one of those, I'm just waiting for the fences.

01:19:17   Yeah, yeah.

01:19:18   Because if I'm wrong, then yeah I just look like a goofball, but if I'm right, it's gonna

01:19:24   feel good.

01:19:25   You are betting that Tim wants revenue more than he wants people.

01:19:29   Yes.

01:19:30   All right.

01:19:31   Well, we arrive at my Ricky pick, which is the thing that I'm going to lose for sure.

01:19:39   Yeah, I read this and it is...

01:19:43   Do you want the context first or the Ricky immediately?

01:19:46   I think pull the bandit off.

01:19:48   You go straight to the Ricky.

01:19:50   Okay.

01:19:51   Okay.

01:19:52   My Ricky pick is Apple will announce an Apple TV plus game controller bundle.

01:20:01   So I think Apple obviously wants to push Apple Arcade.

01:20:07   And one of the avenues to push Apple Arcade is in the home.

01:20:13   Because people like to play games on the big screen and because Apple wants to remind people

01:20:17   that Apple Arcade is not just for iPhone games, it's iPhone, it's iPad, it's Mac and Apple TV.

01:20:23   They want to make sure that they can help people understand that there's a lot of value for whatever...

01:20:30   I'm enjoying the delay, right? There's a delay between us in the chat room and seeing the chat room

01:20:35   react to your pic. It's good.

01:20:39   Yeah. I believe Apple wants to convince people that there's value in the...

01:20:46   what could be a cheap subscription for Apple Arcade?

01:20:50   And one of the ways they could push that is,

01:20:52   Apple Arcade is a single service that gives you games

01:20:56   you can play on the iPhone on the go,

01:20:58   that you can play on the couch with your iPad,

01:21:00   or that you can play with a controller with an Apple TV.

01:21:04   Now, of course, you can already use controllers

01:21:08   with an Apple TV.

01:21:09   You can use even the DualShock 4

01:21:11   and the Xbox One S controller in iOS 13.

01:21:15   But I think if the rumors are right that Apple is working on an Apple TV spec bump and an

01:21:21   updated version of the Apple TV, it would make sense to offer a version that gets you

01:21:29   the best Apple Arcade experience by having a built-in controller in the box.

01:21:35   I think Apple has learned a lot of lessons when it comes to try and sell the Siri remote

01:21:42   as a video game controller, meaning it doesn't really work.

01:21:45   It's terrible.

01:21:46   It's terrible for media, imagine for video games.

01:21:48   Now, I think Apple could go in two different directions here

01:21:54   and both of them should count.

01:21:57   In my, in my Ricky pic,

01:21:58   they could bundle a third party controller.

01:22:01   Most likely it should be an MI5 controller.

01:22:06   I don't think Apple is gonna bundle

01:22:08   a Sony DualShock 4 with an Apple TV.

01:22:11   There's no way Sony or Microsoft would let them do that either.

01:22:14   Exactly.

01:22:15   Or Apple could make its own controller for the Apple TV.

01:22:19   That's not happening.

01:22:20   Well, see, that's the point of the Ricky.

01:22:24   Maybe it could happen, who knows.

01:22:25   Is that what you're putting in?

01:22:27   I just want to clarify that, I mean, any controller.

01:22:30   Could be an Apple controller, could be a third party controller.

01:22:34   Either should count.

01:22:35   Once again, I think it makes a lot of sense for a arcade, if only for the underlying message

01:22:41   of, look, it's so cheap and you get so many games and you can play in a bunch of different

01:22:46   contexts. And now we have an Apple TV that is even better for games and you can choose

01:22:51   an option that has a controller built in. So you don't have to worry about anything

01:22:55   else. I think it's something that they should have done years ago when they launched TVOS,

01:23:01   but that entire strategy wasn't clearly flawed. They didn't really think it through. I mean,

01:23:07   they were trying to convince people that they could play games with the Siri remote.

01:23:11   Yeah. Yeah.

01:23:13   I think, you know…

01:23:14   From potential co-host Alex in the chat room, they don't even include a HDMI cable with

01:23:19   the Apple TV.

01:23:20   Yeah, see, that's another thing that they should fix.

01:23:24   Is that true?

01:23:25   Yeah, I think it is true.

01:23:26   Jeez. Oh yeah, requires HDMI cable. Sold separately. Come on, Apple.

01:23:30   So also, we know that Apple likes to sell more expensive things to people, and an Apple

01:23:38   TV with a controller would send a clear message to the video game industry, like, "We're serious

01:23:43   about Apple Arcade.

01:23:44   We have 100 games at launch, and we're going to have even more, and we're going to sell

01:23:48   a small box to people with a controller."

01:23:51   So that's my Reiki.

01:23:54   If anything, it's something that I believe Apple should do.

01:23:57   whether they will do it or not will determine my...

01:24:00   I don't really think that my victory or, once again, loss will depend on this Ricky pick.

01:24:08   But yeah, that's it.

01:24:12   That's my Ricky.

01:24:13   That's very Ricky, my friend.

01:24:14   I wanna clarify some stuff.

01:24:16   Okay.

01:24:17   Because you mentioned like there's an option.

01:24:18   I think for this to class as a bundle, you need to be able to get the Apple TV and whatever

01:24:24   controller it is for a cheaper price than if you bought them both separately?

01:24:27   No I don't I think having them together is Ricky enough. Alright so okay let me

01:24:34   let me say that again either that you can get it cheaper or Apple

01:24:38   sell you a product on the Apple Store which is both of these things together.

01:24:43   Isn't that exactly what he's saying that they sell them together? Yeah I know I

01:24:46   just want to double check that right that like yeah because what so here's

01:24:50   what I'm trying to like go against in the sense of they're just trying to make

01:24:54   make sure we get this right. If you go to the Apple TV page and you click the buy

01:24:59   button, right, that when one of the options isn't like "hey I had a controller"

01:25:06   because that's not a bundle. Correct, yeah, yeah. There is a skew where a game

01:25:14   controller is built into the price, built into the product. Right. Cool. It

01:25:20   should be a bundle, a single thing that people buy. Yeah, it's like a single thing that you buy

01:25:23   Yeah, like on the Apple store you go to the store and you can just click that button and both of those things are added

01:25:29   To your cart like that's it. So yeah, I just wanted to double check that right because like, you know

01:25:34   They could on the page you could like throw a controller in because it's an option that you could potentially have or whatever

01:25:40   But this is where people are going to win and lose right here as always

01:25:45   We do have some non graded picks things that we just think could happen. They do not affect the score

01:25:52   They're not used as a tiebreaker. These are just things that we wanted

01:25:55   To get out there. So Myke take it away. Yeah, just a few things

01:26:00   Apple I think I still am gonna stick by this until I'm proven wrong

01:26:05   That Apple TV+ will be free with some other subscription like there will be ways to get Apple TV+

01:26:10   Well, you don't have to pay for Apple TV+

01:26:13   I'm gonna like double down on something that Steven said I just think the Mac will not even be mentioned

01:26:20   at all really, at all, I don't think it's going to happen.

01:26:24   I think that there is a possibility for some surprise hardware, like a tile tracker.

01:26:30   The AR glasses seem not a thing to me, but I think that might be some little surprise.

01:26:35   Yeah, the tile tracker thing, there's smoke there too, right?

01:26:38   A way to know where your devices are by sticking something to them.

01:26:43   So I could stick it to Federico and we know where he goes during WWDC.

01:26:48   are completely personnel related. I think that we'll see Jeff Williams take some sort of greater

01:26:54   role in the keynote. His time has been pretty limited to the Apple Watch in the past, although

01:26:58   he has announced I think every revision to the Apple Watch after the original. So I could expect

01:27:06   that will continue, but maybe we see him talking about, you know, retail or recycling or something

01:27:12   else beyond the Apple Watch to reflect his greater role in the company. So more than the Apple Watch.

01:27:17   More than the Apple Watch.

01:27:18   Yeah, okay.

01:27:19   I think that'd be really interesting to see that.

01:27:21   It should, I guess it should be the case?

01:27:24   Possible.

01:27:25   So, under the Steve Jobs era, Tim Cook got to announce weird stuff.

01:27:30   So, like, he announced, like, part of the X-Surf stuff in 2002 or whatever, and then

01:27:35   the uh, he would give retail updates, or like Mac, for a while Tim Cook was in charge of

01:27:40   like Mac updates.

01:27:41   Like, "Oh, the Mac has this percentage of users worldwide, and we've sold this many

01:27:45   copies of Snow Leopard. So maybe we see Jeff Williams take some of that role on. He's next

01:27:51   in line it seems like. And to go against Myke's Ricky pic, although I put this in there before

01:27:59   I saw yours, no mention or word of or from Johnny Ive. He is a ghost.

01:28:06   Oh wow.

01:28:07   Absorbed into the white room.

01:28:09   I think this will happen. I don't think this one's the one where it happens because he's

01:28:12   not actually gone yet.

01:28:14   - Yeah, but why would they bring attention,

01:28:16   when the whole world is watching,

01:28:17   to look at the new iPhone, why would they bring attention,

01:28:19   like, oh, we're losing our best designer?

01:28:22   - Well, no, but they're not losing him, are they?

01:28:23   Because they're gonna continue working with him in theory.

01:28:26   - They're losing him. - I know, we know that.

01:28:28   But this is a place for them to be like,

01:28:30   but we're gonna continue working together.

01:28:32   Right, like that's, it's another opportunity

01:28:34   for them to talk about the fact

01:28:35   that Johnny's still gonna be around.

01:28:36   - Yeah. - That's the only, if,

01:28:38   I would, like, I would not expect them

01:28:40   to do this for anybody else.

01:28:41   It is just the weird situation

01:28:43   that Apple seem to have gotten themselves into with Johnny?

01:28:46   Do they might want to protect that? I don't know.

01:28:48   Yeah, we'll see.

01:28:49   F4.

01:28:51   Apple will mention iOS 13.1 on stage

01:28:56   and give a release date for the update.

01:29:00   Maybe even late September or end of the month

01:29:03   or something like that could work.

01:29:04   But I think they will mention it,

01:29:06   and they will say when it will come out.

01:29:09   they will announce new environmental efforts, such as, for example, a new recycling robot.

01:29:16   I think it's been a while since we got the last Apple recycling robot. Was it last year?

01:29:20   Was it two years ago? I think two years ago. I think it's time for a new robot then to join

01:29:25   Liam and Daisy. Maybe Liam and Daisy had a robot baby, who knows? No, didn't Daisy kill Liam?

01:29:30   Didn't that come out that parts of Liam went into Daisy? I think Daisy killed Liam. It is

01:29:35   is entirely possible. Maybe Liam will come out of Daisy again, who knows?

01:29:40   It's Liam 2. That's Liam R.

01:29:46   Robo-birth, it's a thing. Catalina will have a release date, so not only will Apple mention

01:29:54   Catalina, but they will also say when it will come out. And lastly, my non-grid pick would

01:30:00   be Apple will announce original podcast content. So, regional content for Apple podcasts.

01:30:08   I know, I know, but they're doing it, you know they're doing it, you know everybody's

01:30:12   doing it.

01:30:13   I don't know they're doing it. I think that there's a possibility that they might consider

01:30:17   it. I don't know if I know they're doing it. And what I would also say is if they are doing

01:30:21   it, I don't think it's yet. I have no way of knowing this. Just saying.

01:30:27   not graded so you're safe. I think we have lots of things to keep an eye on next week.

01:30:33   A lot of stuff to do. Apple's event is next Tuesday. We will be recording on Wednesday

01:30:40   as normal talking about the news, our impressions, our plans, so stay tuned for that.

01:30:47   And awarding me Chairman Ricky again is what we'll be doing.

01:30:51   Perhaps. Perhaps not. Federica could come from behind and take us both, you never know.

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01:31:57   Best you'll find.

01:31:59   - Yeah, that's what it's called.

01:32:00   iOS gaming console.

01:32:02   You really got that.

01:32:03   - iOS gaming console controller coverage.

01:32:05   - There we go.

01:32:06   There you go, you got it.

01:32:07   You got it.

01:32:08   - Whatever.

01:32:09   - I'm proud of you, Jeff.

01:32:10   - Video games are a fad for young people.

01:32:12   - Sure.

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01:32:21   And until next week, a very busy week next week, gentlemen,

01:32:25   say goodbye.

01:32:26   Adios.

01:32:27   - Cheerio.