248: There Will Be Consequences


00:00:00   Hello and welcome to connected episode 248.

00:00:12   It's made possible this week by our sponsors bombas, eero and PDF pen 11.

00:00:18   I'm your host Stephen Hackett and I am joined by my friend and yours Mr. Federico Vatici.

00:00:24   Hello Stephen, how are you?

00:00:25   I'm doing well.

00:00:26   little under the weather. So if I sound a little gross in places, I apologize. I'm trying

00:00:32   to try to hold on this week for recording but but I'm excited. So Myke is on assignment.

00:00:37   And we are joined by Mr. David sparks. Hey, man, thanks for having me on. Yeah, so I don't

00:00:43   know who would be listening to this is not familiar with you. But of course, you are

00:00:47   the the co host of rosemary over on automators. And you have a show called focused with Myke

00:00:53   Schmitz and then you and I do Mac power users together so again everyone knows who you are

00:00:57   you're a celebrity but I like to introduce people you know yeah I'm like I've been on

00:01:03   this show once before a long time ago it was really fun oh yeah like sort of years ago

00:01:09   years ago years ago well you're here today I like yeah I like being on the B team for

00:01:15   Connected Man anytime I'm here awesome well yeah so we we're gonna talk about today we

00:01:21   We have some iPhone stuff, we're going to talk about iOS 13.

00:01:25   The two of you have been spending a lot of time with it kind of kind of see how that's

00:01:28   going.

00:01:29   But first, we have some follow up as is our tradition here.

00:01:33   We had an email from Caleb who said regarding emoji search, so we have complained over the

00:01:38   years that the Apple emoji keyboard, there's no way to search for an emoji.

00:01:42   So if you're looking for the, you know, the lightbulb emoji, you got to go over to objects

00:01:46   and find it.

00:01:48   And he said, well, if you type a word,

00:01:50   then QuickType suggestions include that emoji.

00:01:54   Doesn't this solve the problem for us?

00:01:56   And I'm curious, David, I don't know,

00:02:00   I don't think you're a huge emoji user.

00:02:01   I don't think you're as big as my regular co-hosts,

00:02:03   but is QuickType suggestion, is that enough for you?

00:02:07   Do you want emoji search or what?

00:02:09   - It's nice 'cause it reminds me that they're there

00:02:11   'cause I forget, my problem with emoji

00:02:13   is I get into the habit of using

00:02:15   like a group of like 10 of them all the time.

00:02:19   I'm not taking full advantage of the entire palette

00:02:22   of emoji, which makes me sad.

00:02:24   But the, I would like to be able to search, I don't know.

00:02:29   There's a lot of emoji and it's really easy

00:02:31   to get lost in that list just scrolling through it.

00:02:34   - Yeah, the Quick Dive for me is just kind of hit or miss.

00:02:37   Like sometimes I think that I would type a word

00:02:40   expecting it to surface an emoji

00:02:42   and I got the word slightly wrong, so it didn't.

00:02:45   It's the same problem with the emoji search on the Mac,

00:02:47   where some of the names aren't what you think they would be.

00:02:51   So like, QuickType is good, but I think,

00:02:55   I think too that it obviously presupposes

00:02:57   that you're on the text keyboard.

00:03:00   And if I'm going to send an emoji,

00:03:01   I've probably already switched to the emoji keyboard,

00:03:04   and now I gotta go back to the English keyboard?

00:03:06   Like, I think it'd just be nice to have it

00:03:09   in more than one place.

00:03:10   - I just realized we'll know when connected has made it.

00:03:14   Connected will have made it when QuickType recognizes Federico's labels for the emoji for QuickType.

00:03:22   If we want to get Weird Fish to be recognized, I think all we need to do is to sort of game the differential privacy feature.

00:03:33   And I think a way to make it work would be to type "weird fish" and select "weird fish"

00:03:41   and replace that text selection with a "weird fish" emoji.

00:03:45   It could be a way to trick differential privacy.

00:03:48   If we do it at scale, it could be a way to trick differential privacy to think that people mean the "microbe" emoji when they type "weird fish".

00:03:58   I'm not sure what the threshold for getting into the differential privacy suggestions

00:04:04   will be. I'm guessing a few million text replacements. I mean, it's totally possible.

00:04:10   You know, if every connected listener were to share this strategy with their closest

00:04:20   friends and family members, I'm pretty sure we will get there. So if this campaign is

00:04:26   something that you're interested in, if you want to join the Weird Fish campaign, please

00:04:31   start getting your friends and family members to every few days type in "weird fish" in

00:04:40   the Notes app or in Messages and replace "weird fish" with the Microbe emoji. And maybe eventually

00:04:46   we'll get recognized by QuickType. This is one of my goals for 2020. I'm giving myself

00:04:52   of six months to get into the differential privacy suggestions list.

00:04:56   We can get it done.

00:04:58   I like the name too. Weird fish campaign.

00:05:00   Are you on board the weird fish campaign? If you are, you'll do it right now.

00:05:05   We had fish 2020. That's my goal.

00:05:08   I'm sure it's better than some candidates. So, uh, yeah. Um,

00:05:14   anyway, what is the next thing? Follow up Steven. Uh,

00:05:18   last week I was challenged by Myke to sync an iPod with Mac,

00:05:21   Catalina, which I have done and wrote a blog post about it. And the TLDR of this is, it

00:05:27   works basically the way iTunes is you plug an iPod or an iOS device into your Mac, and

00:05:33   it shows up in Finder in the sidebar, you can click on it. And some people on Reddit

00:05:39   were arguing about this, this is slightly redesigned from iTunes, it is cleaner, I plugged

00:05:44   this into a Mojave machine and compared it with iTunes, this is a simpler layout, I think

00:05:49   cleaner way of doing it. But you can sync all of your stuff. And as you would imagine, it sees

00:05:55   albums that you have drug into music, it sees videos, you've drug into the TV app, it does what

00:06:02   you would expect it to do. And honestly, I think they did a pretty good job of it. And I think it

00:06:06   looks nice. And for people who still want this functionality or still rely on it, it's still

00:06:11   here. So I think a thumbs up for the finder iPod iOS device integration. You know, it's nice

00:06:19   because it's so people on Twitter like well, it's good now it's just cluttering up finder instead

00:06:24   of cluttering up iTunes. Like you don't see it and unless you plug something in like this is

00:06:28   completely hidden unless you need it. So I think it's I think they've done it pretty nicely. And I

00:06:34   think people who need this will still be happy with it. Yeah, I did something similar. I've got

00:06:40   a loaner MacBook right now, belongs to a friend,

00:06:44   and I called him up and said,

00:06:46   what would happen if I put Catalina on this loaner?

00:06:48   And he's like, I don't care, go for it.

00:06:50   So I've got a Catalina laptop

00:06:53   and I attached an extra iPad Mini to it

00:06:56   that we had a floater in our house.

00:06:58   Yes, we have floater iPad Minis apparently.

00:07:01   No problem, updated it through Finder.

00:07:04   Makes sense, you know?

00:07:07   - Yeah, I think it's a good place for it.

00:07:08   You know, people were kind of hoping they'd bring something

00:07:11   like iSync back.

00:07:12   It's totally fine in Finder.

00:07:14   And the number of people who use this feature

00:07:17   is only getting smaller year by year.

00:07:19   But clearly, there were enough people

00:07:21   who still relied on it that Apple felt

00:07:24   they needed to maintain it.

00:07:25   And I think they've done a good job of that.

00:07:27   Well, it's way more discoverable.

00:07:28   When we had iSync, how many people actually

00:07:30   knew iSync existed?

00:07:33   Not many.

00:07:33   Not too many.

00:07:38   Also, while we're talking about, I guess, things I've done,

00:07:42   I don't know, I wanted to mention this,

00:07:44   the boys on ATP and some other places were talking about

00:07:48   the lattice work on the Mac Pro

00:07:51   and how there was discussion or speculation

00:07:54   that that came from a design for the G4 Cube

00:07:58   way back in time.

00:07:59   And well, I have a G4 Cube, so I compared pictures

00:08:02   and construction methods in this blog post.

00:08:05   So if you haven't seen that,

00:08:06   and you're interested in such esoteric details

00:08:10   as vent holes on the back of a computer from 2001,

00:08:13   I got you covered, as you may imagine.

00:08:16   So that'll be in the show notes, if that's your thing.

00:08:19   - Yeah, that's totally my thing.

00:08:22   - Same, it seems like your thing.

00:08:24   One thing that I thought was actually kinda nice about this

00:08:26   is I wanted to share part of the ATP episode,

00:08:31   and I basically just exported a shared clip from Overcast,

00:08:36   and then publish that in the blog post.

00:08:38   So it's kind of a nice way to share podcast content

00:08:42   on a website that I haven't done before.

00:08:43   So I was happy with how that came out.

00:08:45   - I thought it was great.

00:08:46   But before we go on, guys,

00:08:48   I have a comment as a visitor to the connected outline.

00:08:52   - Okay.

00:08:53   - I was reading your outline and dear listener,

00:08:57   this is a very good outline.

00:08:58   These gentlemen work really hard on this show, you can tell.

00:09:01   But then you get to the bottom

00:09:03   and there's a section that's in red.

00:09:05   and it says prediction rules.

00:09:08   Now I, when I'm not being a nerd, I'm also a lawyer.

00:09:12   I write contracts all the time. Sometimes they're for really big deals and very

00:09:17   complicated.

00:09:18   I can't think of the last time I had one with rules as complicated as your

00:09:23   prediction rules. I'm reading them.

00:09:25   Well, that's because you didn't go to law school. Uh, this is,

00:09:29   this is obviously,

00:09:30   This is obviously an exceptional contract between people

00:09:35   who are having a contest.

00:09:38   I don't understand what's bad about this.

00:09:42   This contract, the approach behind these rules

00:09:47   is taught at Stanford.

00:09:50   I think it might be, because it is complicated.

00:09:53   It's a very complicated rules.

00:09:56   I think you make--

00:09:57   There's exceptions to the exceptions.

00:09:59   Well, that's, that's just a reflection of life, isn't it? Okay. Wow.

00:10:03   You know, rules are never simple.

00:10:06   There's always exceptions and exceptions to exceptions. Um, it's,

00:10:10   it's merely a reflection of the complexity of everyday life. Wow.

00:10:15   And that's what makes it fun. Well, it is, it's truly remarkable.

00:10:19   It's remarkable that we can keep them straight.

00:10:23   That's why they're typed out because we had some disagreements about what the

00:10:26   rules actually were. And so now, as you can see, David, there are

00:10:30   like 15 lines in this Google Doc outlining how it works.

00:10:34   I feel like next you need to like print them and notarize

00:10:37   them. Maybe have fingerprints and blood or something. I feel

00:10:41   like this needs to go another step. Hang on.

00:10:43   How many of your contracts require fingerprints and blood

00:10:47   just roughly?

00:10:47   None, but this one might

00:10:50   mmm. I was suddenly really nervous for your clients.

00:10:55   Man, sparks really means it.

00:10:56   Steven, what happened to those drinks that you owed us for losing the non graded

00:11:04   predictions?

00:11:05   Did I not do that?

00:11:06   Man.

00:11:07   Nope.

00:11:08   That's a, that, that was an honest mistake.

00:11:10   I owe you two drinks.

00:11:11   I propose a second rule, uh, an addendum to the rule that should the loser of the

00:11:19   non-graded predictions not buy drinks, he must buy... well no, actually let me think

00:11:28   about this, there should be some sort of punishment in place for the next round of predictions,

00:11:33   which is probably gonna be for the September event, so because Steven did not buy us drinks,

00:11:38   there will be... I will propose, when Michael will be back, an addendum to the rules, to

00:11:45   account for Steven failing to follow the rules of the non-graded predictions.

00:11:53   It was an honest mistake.

00:11:55   There will be consequences.

00:11:56   Well, the rules do not admit any kind of ignorance, Steven.

00:12:00   So yes, there will be consequences for you.

00:12:05   You could just make him buy two drinks next time.

00:12:07   No, that's too easy though.

00:12:08   You would expect that.

00:12:09   This is going to be a lot worse for me now.

00:12:13   It's going to be bad.

00:12:14   - You would think that buying two drinks would make sense,

00:12:17   but that would be too obvious.

00:12:19   - All right.

00:12:20   - And that's how our rules became so complex right there.

00:12:23   - All you're doing, you should make a new rule also,

00:12:27   like if one host makes the other one sleep

00:12:29   in a freezing hotel room,

00:12:31   maybe there's some advantage to that as well.

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00:13:53   So we're gonna start this week talking about

00:13:56   some iPhone rumors and you may look down at your watch

00:13:59   and realize that it's the middle of June.

00:14:01   So you think we're talking about this year's iPhones,

00:14:04   but we are not.

00:14:05   iPhone rumors have wrapped around themselves

00:14:07   And we are now talking about fall 2020 iPhone rumors.

00:14:12   Federico, what does this story involve?

00:14:14   - So a friend of the show and honorary winner

00:14:18   of Connected Predictions, Ming-Chi Kuo,

00:14:21   (laughing)

00:14:23   shared a new--

00:14:25   - I think Steven owes him drinks too.

00:14:27   - Yeah.

00:14:28   - Oh yeah, totally.

00:14:29   He shared a new report about the iPhones

00:14:34   that Apple is planning for 2020, so next year.

00:14:37   And it's an interesting rumor, an interesting report in that it appears that Apple will

00:14:43   not only bring 5G to the top of the line, but also slightly revise the screen sizes.

00:14:51   So basically what's going to happen is the smaller iPhone, what is now the XS, will get

00:14:59   even smaller, and the bigger, which is right now in the current generation the XS Max,

00:15:04   will get even bigger.

00:15:05   So according to MinChiQuo, Apple is planning to move from 5.8 inches, which is the iPhone

00:15:13   XS, to 5.4, and the XS Max, which is 6.5 inches, will get bigger and reach 6.7 inches in size.

00:15:26   So the smaller gets even smaller, the bigger one gets even bigger.

00:15:31   In all of this, what is currently known as the iPhone XR will remain at the same screen size of 6.1 inches.

00:15:40   Both the successors to the XS and XS Max will get 5G in 2020.

00:15:46   So not in 2019, but next year.

00:15:48   However, Minchi Kuo thinks that the 2020 iPhone XR will have an OLED display, but it will not have 5G.

00:15:59   still remain on LTE even in 2020.

00:16:03   So there will be OLED parity between all of these three phones,

00:16:08   but 5G will be exclusive to the top of the line.

00:16:13   I want to know from you guys what you think of this idea of

00:16:17   making the smaller phone even more compact

00:16:21   and making the bigger one even larger.

00:16:23   I think it makes sense.

00:16:25   It feels like Apple wants to get the most out of what

00:16:30   each phone model represents, but I'm curious to know

00:16:34   what you guys think about this.

00:16:36   - It's hard for me to figure out

00:16:38   when it becomes too big, right?

00:16:41   I guess I'd have to get my hands on it.

00:16:42   I mean, clearly an iPad mini size would be too big,

00:16:46   but how much further can they go?

00:16:48   But it's a relatively small increase in size.

00:16:55   And then on the opposite end, I feel like that is one

00:16:57   where there are a lot of people

00:16:59   that are advocating smaller phones.

00:17:01   And it seems like that's where they've made

00:17:03   the most movement.

00:17:04   - Yeah, I do wonder if this is sort of a way to,

00:17:08   and it could be wrong, of course,

00:17:09   but maybe a way to avoid making a new SE phone

00:17:14   just by saying, well, we have a small version

00:17:17   of the top of the line phone.

00:17:18   Maybe we should make it smaller

00:17:20   so that we can avoid making a new SE version.

00:17:24   we're just gonna make the small one even smaller,

00:17:27   and for those who like a big phone,

00:17:29   we're gonna give them an extra 0.2 inches,

00:17:32   which doesn't feel like a huge difference,

00:17:36   but again, people who love big iPhones,

00:17:40   I mean, I know that I would love an even bigger XS Max,

00:17:43   so I could go for that.

00:17:45   And the 5G difference between the top of the line

00:17:51   and the 10R or whatever it's going to be called.

00:17:55   I think it makes sense, timeline-wise, in that,

00:17:59   for example, in Italy, we just got the initial rollout of 5G

00:18:03   in five cities, I think, last week.

00:18:05   And Rome is one of them, but of course, in theory,

00:18:08   my contract was moved from 4G to 5G,

00:18:11   but I don't have a 5G phone to test it.

00:18:14   And it's going to be a while until--

00:18:16   and Italy is a small country.

00:18:18   It's going to be a while until all of the major cities have a proper 5G network.

00:18:23   So I think September 2020 for the first 5G iPhones makes sense.

00:18:30   And I think it also makes sense if the XR is going to stay.

00:18:34   I don't want to say the budget phone, but the iPhone that costs less.

00:18:38   I think it makes sense to keep it on 4G for at least another year.

00:18:43   I think I saw somewhere that Quo also thinks that in 2021 all of the three iPhones will

00:18:49   have 5G radio inside and that Apple is shooting for 2022 or 2023 for their own 5G modems,

00:19:00   if they're ever going to make those.

00:19:02   I think it all makes a lot of sense.

00:19:04   Right now the distinction between the XS, the XR and the Max, size-wise is very little

00:19:12   And the XR, I think, or its successors,

00:19:17   could benefit from being a step behind

00:19:21   if it brings the price down.

00:19:23   And LTE versus 5G would be a really natural way to do that.

00:19:27   So I think this all makes sense in how we understand Apple

00:19:31   kinda using the separate iPhone lines now.

00:19:33   - If Tim Cook put you guys in the whiteboard room at Apple

00:19:38   that said new Apple iPhone hardware features,

00:19:42   What would you write on it?

00:19:43   That's a good question.

00:19:46   I mean, um, the camera sounds obvious, but really, I think that's what people

00:19:54   tend to get to care about when it comes to new iPhones.

00:19:57   I was talking to somebody, a friend who works at Apple a few weeks ago, and this

00:20:04   person mentioned something that made me think of, there's a, there's a, I don't

00:20:11   I don't want to say a trend, but this person said a lot of us think it's more fun to work

00:20:22   on devices like the Apple Watch or like the iPad or new stuff like the Mac Pro, where

00:20:28   you can be creative and you can try new ideas, as opposed to the iPhone which is used by

00:20:33   a billion people and it's harder to make major groundbreaking changes because of all those

00:20:39   people that are using iPhones, and so there's more constraint in the iPhone platform in

00:20:44   that you cannot completely revolutionize the iPhone experience. Because if you do that,

00:20:50   the consequences will be felt at scale, and a billion people don't like major drastic

00:20:56   changes, which probably also explains why Apple isn't going for a major redesign of

00:21:02   their software like they did for iOS 7, because of the problem of scale of so many people

00:21:07   using iPhones. But in the context of how can we sell new iPhones if it's become so challenging

00:21:17   to bring any major additions, I feel like better camera or new camera features is the

00:21:24   kind of functionality that people are still willing to experiment with and to pay for

00:21:29   on an annual basis. And it feels like an area of smartphone development where it is still

00:21:35   possible to innovate and try crazy wild ideas. I mean, you look at what Google has done with

00:21:41   the Pixel line and you look at what Huawei is doing, I mean, besides, you know, the ban

00:21:47   and all of that political mess, but what Huawei has done with optical zoom on the, on the,

00:21:53   what's it called, the Mate 20 Pro. I think the camera department is still a place where

00:22:00   smartphone makers can innovate, can try wild new ideas.

00:22:06   And honestly, I don't know what else I would ask for.

00:22:08   I mean, yeah, I would love to have a bigger phone.

00:22:12   I would like to have two-way wireless charging so that I could put my AirPods on my iPhone

00:22:20   and charge them, and that's supposedly happening in 2019.

00:22:24   I'm not sure there's any other wild and new feature or design change that I would like

00:22:32   to see on my phone.

00:22:34   Would I like to get rid of the notch?

00:22:35   Yeah, for sure.

00:22:36   I would love to have just a single seamless display where the Face ID sensor and the camera

00:22:41   are underneath the display so that I don't see any sensor housing on the front of my

00:22:47   phone.

00:22:48   But is that even possible?

00:22:49   I don't know.

00:22:50   Maybe camera and hiding those sensors would be the things that I would put on a whiteboard,

00:22:57   but the second one, removing the sensors completely, I don't know how possible that is for Apple

00:23:03   right now.

00:23:04   How about you, Steven?

00:23:06   I think I agree with basically all of that.

00:23:08   I think I would specify that, not for me necessarily, but Apple has fallen behind a bit on the selfie

00:23:17   camera game and you know the Pixel has a wide-angle one and others using much

00:23:21   higher quality hardware up front. Apple's been slow to move in that direction and

00:23:26   I think they need to either need to get on that train of having multiple selfie

00:23:30   cameras or a much better more versatile one. But past that I mean I sort of lack

00:23:36   the imagination for this exercise I think because I feel like every year I

00:23:41   think oh well like what could they add to the phone at this point and then they

00:23:45   add something that's amazing and that I want immediately. So I don't know. I think

00:23:50   I think the camera is clearly always on the list. I think something else that

00:23:55   could be considered is something to do with battery life. I know you know

00:24:01   that that's held back by physics and science, but man to have a multi-day

00:24:06   iPhone really would be incredible. And you know that's just not there yet. That's

00:24:11   beyond the whiteboard exercise, but it's something

00:24:13   that I always wish for.

00:24:16   Yeah, I've talked to several people lately

00:24:17   who are not like power user or iPhone users,

00:24:22   don't listen to connected, but about their upgrade strategies.

00:24:26   It's just kind of come up in conversations

00:24:28   because they know about me.

00:24:30   And the question they always ask me is, is the camera better?

00:24:33   That's all they want to know.

00:24:35   It's like I'll say, oh, you get Face ID now.

00:24:36   I had a friend upgrading from a 7,

00:24:39   and she could care less about face ID,

00:24:41   but she just wanted to know, is the camera better?

00:24:43   And I do think that's what sells phones at this point,

00:24:48   on hardware at least.

00:24:49   - Yeah, I also want to mention fast charging

00:24:53   via using USB-C power delivery.

00:24:55   I feel like there's something that Apple could do

00:24:59   to make charging even better.

00:25:00   And of course I agree with Steven on the battery side,

00:25:03   even though that's probably not possible yet.

00:25:07   But yeah, I think, and we're gonna get some of these improvements in 2019 with the three lenses in the back of the new iPhones.

00:25:15   So we're gonna get some major camera improvements and I hope that whether it's the more lenses allow Apple to have even better portrait shots,

00:25:26   or even better depth sensing and color reproduction,

00:25:31   I hope to see some improvements to, or some kind of night mode, especially after seeing

00:25:39   you know what the folks using the latest Huawei phones or the Pixel 3 can do with the night

00:25:45   mode.

00:25:46   I think it's impressive and I think it's a feature that I would also like to have on

00:25:49   my iPhone.

00:25:51   And we talked about this a few months ago regarding the Smart HDR and the photos that

00:25:57   the iPhone XS can take.

00:25:59   I continue to believe that the standard look of photos taken on the XS is a bit boring

00:26:06   and a bit dull in terms of colors and in terms of contrast.

00:26:11   I would like to see Apple going after a more, sort of, the kind of look that photos taken

00:26:18   on a Pixel phone have.

00:26:20   You know, beautiful colors, lots of contrast.

00:26:22   And I know that it is possible to achieve that effect using the photo editing tools

00:26:27   available on iOS.

00:26:29   I'm just saying that I think the default look of photos taken on the XS, at least for me

00:26:34   personally speaking, it's a matter of taste, you're free to disagree with me, I think it's

00:26:38   a bit boring.

00:26:39   And so, I'm not sure what kind of improvements Apple is planning for the new cameras in 2019,

00:26:46   but I hope that it's not just new modes or new features, but also an overall different

00:26:53   look for how pictures come out of the the iPhone's camera by default.

00:26:59   Did you ever hear the story about when Steve Jobs went to dinner with his wife, it's a

00:27:05   Microsoft person who kept bragging about their tablet initiative and then he apparently went

00:27:10   back to Apple and said you know what let's just make a tablet.

00:27:13   I'm tired of hearing.

00:27:14   Yeah.

00:27:15   I feel the same way about the Android night photo feature.

00:27:17   I was just with a friend recently and he was showing me every single one he took you know

00:27:21   because my iPhone wasn't taking as good as night pictures.

00:27:25   I kind of wish Apple would just put that in so I don't

00:27:28   have to hear about it anymore.

00:27:29   Yeah.

00:27:29   That's a great feature.

00:27:31   Also, I'd like the feature.

00:27:32   But yeah.

00:27:34   Sometimes, like, just do it so we can quit talking about it.

00:27:36   You know?

00:27:37   That's a real thing.

00:27:38   Yeah.

00:27:38   I mean, the hardware is there.

00:27:39   I believe they could probably do it with existing hardware.

00:27:42   I don't think this is a hardware thing.

00:27:43   It's probably a software thing.

00:27:44   But yeah, please, just move that one along, folks.

00:27:50   Well, so I guess we'll keep our tabs on these phones and the phones of this fall.

00:27:55   This is going to be complicated covering two years of iPhone rumors.

00:27:58   Now I hope this isn't the new norm, honestly, but, uh, but I wanted to touch

00:28:03   base on it today.

00:28:04   So, uh, we're going to talk about some more stuff after I tell you about our

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00:30:19   - All right, so we have a new developer beta

00:30:22   of iOS 13, iPadOS 13, and MacOS Carolina,

00:30:27   and WatchOS 6, and TVOS 13.

00:30:30   All of the OS's received a new developer beta this week.

00:30:34   Still no public beta,

00:30:36   So if you're the kind of person who would like

00:30:39   to install a beta but prefer to wait for the public one,

00:30:42   you're still gonna have to wait.

00:30:44   And I wanted to discuss sort of the state of these betas.

00:30:50   David, do you have them installed?

00:30:54   I mean, besides Catalina, do you have iOS 13

00:30:57   or iPadOS anywhere?

00:30:58   - Yeah, I was one of those guys that got in line

00:31:00   at John's computer in San Jose.

00:31:04   There was like, it was like, it felt like a drug deal

00:31:06   going down, I was going over to John Voorhees' computer

00:31:08   to have him install iOS 13 on my iPad.

00:31:12   So, and these things like, I feel like they expand.

00:31:16   This is the problem with putting the beta on one device

00:31:18   is it expands, and since I've left San Jose,

00:31:22   and I now have it on my 13-inch iPad Pro,

00:31:26   I have it on a separate iPad Mini,

00:31:29   and I have it, Catalina, on an extra laptop.

00:31:32   but that's as far, I've been able to contain

00:31:34   the spread of beta to those three devices.

00:31:37   I think I'm okay for a while.

00:31:38   How about you?

00:31:39   - I have iOS 13 on my iPhone,

00:31:46   iPadOS on my 12.9 inch iPad Pro,

00:31:49   and watchOS 6 on one of my two Apple watches

00:31:52   on the 44 model.

00:31:54   - All right, all in.

00:31:55   - I don't have Catalina.

00:31:56   I don't have Catalina, but I also have tvOS.

00:31:59   So almost all in.

00:32:02   And let me tell you, it's not going well, at least for me.

00:32:07   Yes, so my iPad is mostly fine.

00:32:12   Besides the occasional springboard crash,

00:32:17   or just app crashes, or slowdowns, or just weird UI

00:32:22   elements getting stuck, it's mostly fine.

00:32:25   The iPhone is the problem.

00:32:27   So to give you a summary of what is going on, almost every CloudKit-based app or process

00:32:39   on my iPhone is currently locked up and not syncing anymore.

00:32:47   My notes are not syncing.

00:32:51   So for example, I have 460 notes in my account.

00:32:57   I can see these notes on the iPad, I can see these notes on beta.icod.com, which by the

00:33:04   way can be accessed from the iPad version of Safari now.

00:33:08   My iPhone only has 60 of these notes, and there's a spinner that keeps going, and after

00:33:15   a while it crashes.

00:33:17   My Memoji have disappeared, my messages are not syncing, my reminders are syncing, I think

00:33:23   it's the only app that is working correctly with iCloud, my calendar is not syncing, my

00:33:29   mail, my iCloud mail is not working.

00:33:33   So yeah, I'm basically currently unable to get any work done on my iPhone, I cannot take

00:33:40   any notes, I cannot access my email, my messages are not syncing, I of course am submitting

00:33:46   feedback to Apple, I'm sending all kinds of diagnostic files, which is, by the way,

00:33:51   much, much easier to use, to do thanks to the new feedback app in the betas that automatically

00:33:58   generates a sysdiagnose for you, so that's convenient. But yeah, especially on the iPhone,

00:34:05   I'm not sure what's going on. This never happened to me before. I mean, I had beta problems before,

00:34:11   but not to this extent. So if your question is "Is beta 2 OK to put it on my main device?"

00:34:18   I would say not yet. I would still wait for the public beta. It's fine on the iPad, as I mentioned,

00:34:25   I haven't seen any major problems, and again I'm just taking notes and working on my iPad,

00:34:32   because it's the only device where iCloud is actually working. And there are some changes

00:34:39   in Beta 2 that I would like to highlight. We're going to talk about files, we're going

00:34:46   to talk about shortcuts in the next segment on this episode, but Beta 2 finally opened

00:34:54   up, and by finally, I mean it's finally after two weeks, but still, this was not available

00:34:59   in Beta 1, but you can now connect to SMB shares in the Files app, and I tested this

00:35:04   with my Mac Mini, which I use as a home server.

00:35:08   I don't know if you tried this, David,

00:35:11   but I was just able to open the files app,

00:35:15   and in the sidebar, you connect to a server

00:35:18   on your local network.

00:35:20   So I just typed in mini.local,

00:35:23   and I typed in my username and password,

00:35:26   and I was able to access my Mac Mini

00:35:28   from the iPad and the Files app.

00:35:30   And it's really, really nice.

00:35:31   - And you know what I love about that?

00:35:33   Command + K is how you do it with a keyboard.

00:35:36   Exactly like the Mac.

00:35:37   - Exactly like the Finder.

00:35:39   I don't think Apple is supporting automatic discovery

00:35:43   of servers and shares on the same local network.

00:35:47   I had to type the address manually.

00:35:51   Maybe it's a feature that they should add

00:35:52   to automatically scan your network and find SMB shares

00:35:57   so you can tap them and connect to them.

00:35:59   But it's nice in that a server just shows up

00:36:02   in the Files app, and not only in the Files app, but any other files-based UI that you

00:36:08   have on iOS. So the apps that use the document browser, for example, if they recompile for

00:36:15   iOS and iPadOS 13, they get access to the same SMB shares that you see in the Files

00:36:21   app. Or if you want to import a file using a file speaker, like in Slack, for example,

00:36:28   in Mail, you will see the server in there as well. So it's not just the Files app, but

00:36:34   all the other layers that the Files app can generate in the operating system. Also in

00:36:41   Beta 2, I think I mentioned this before on Connected maybe last week, all of my shortcuts

00:36:49   broke in the transition from 12 to 13. The migration tool that Apple had in place to

00:36:57   which the format of the old shortcuts to the new built-in shortcuts app didn't work. It

00:37:03   basically emptied all of my variables and all of my magic variables. It appears that

00:37:08   with Beta 2...

00:37:09   Oh, boy.

00:37:10   Yes. But as I think I... If I didn't talk about it on the show, maybe I told Myke in

00:37:15   person, I was pretty sure that the data was still there. It just wasn't exposed in the

00:37:21   UI. And in fact with Beta 2, all of those variables are back and all of my shortcuts

00:37:27   are working again. There's some conditional blocks, some magic variables that need manual

00:37:35   adjustment, but it definitely feels like Apple can take that data back with the next beta

00:37:41   and make sure that the transition works for everybody. So at least those are working again.

00:37:48   And what else is new in beta 2?

00:37:52   There's a bunch of fixes and really from beta 1 to beta 3, I saw this going on Twitter today,

00:38:00   and it's also the consensus that, you know, talking to Apple engineers, everybody says

00:38:05   this, if you have feedback, if you have ideas, if you have bug reports, the best time to

00:38:11   getting those reports to Apple is within the timeframe of beta 3.

00:38:16   after beta 3 is out, all kinds of different teams at Apple need to decide which features

00:38:23   are in and which features need to be postponed for the next point release or the next update.

00:38:29   So they're basically locking in the features and the fixes that you will get in September

00:38:33   when the OS comes out.

00:38:35   So all of your ideas, reports, feedback, bugs and issues that you have, get those in right

00:38:41   now and especially before beta 3 comes out. There's a discussion to be had about whether

00:38:48   this is a mark of what's to do about this today. Is this a functional organization that

00:38:54   the only good time of the year to get your reports in is basically four weeks in June?

00:38:59   Is that an ideal situation? Probably not. But still the reality of the matter right

00:39:03   now is if you have a problem with iOS 13 or iPadOS, write a feedback report to Apple right

00:39:11   now. Now's the best time. And I put the feedback app on my home screen because I

00:39:16   do have a bunch of problems and ideas that I would like to see addressed and

00:39:21   hopefully they will consider some of them. But anyway, I would say keep waiting

00:39:28   for the public beta. If you absolutely want to check it out, try and find a

00:39:34   spare device like David did. Maybe borrow one from a friend or use an old iPad or

00:39:40   an old iPhone, do not, unless you make a living out of writing about Apple software, do not

00:39:48   put the beta on your primary device yet. Wait for the public beta. The public beta is not

00:39:53   perfect, but it's, you know, I think it's more accepted that the public beta will not

00:40:01   do terrible things to your data.

00:40:04   - I'll trash your iCloud.

00:40:06   or to Azure iCloud in theory.

00:40:08   I hope that this bug can, so this is interesting

00:40:11   because I opened the feedback app

00:40:13   after submitting this bug report about CloudKit.

00:40:17   And it says, this is I think one of the new features

00:40:20   of Feedback Assistant that I've never seen before.

00:40:24   But if I tap on this bug, it says recent similar reports, 10.

00:40:29   So there's at least 10 people that have the same problem.

00:40:34   So, you know, if, you know, we can be the, you know,

00:40:38   the 10 of us can make the world a better place in a way,

00:40:42   you know?

00:40:43   - Well, the sad thing is there's more than 10

00:40:46   and people don't use that feedback gap enough.

00:40:48   And what I would say is, and I understand

00:40:52   what you're saying that, you know,

00:40:53   this is the chance to really have an impact,

00:40:55   but by the time the public beta comes out,

00:40:58   they're effectively at beta three,

00:40:59   but I would really encourage you

00:41:01   if you are a public beta user to still submit feedback

00:41:04   because I think the numbers and the feedback

00:41:06   really gives weight to the things that are important to us.

00:41:10   And that really helps them decide where they're going next.

00:41:13   - Yeah, Stephen, what's your beta status?

00:41:17   Do you have the betas anywhere?

00:41:19   - I have Catalina on a 12 inch MacBook.

00:41:22   I am not logged into my iCloud account on that machine.

00:41:25   I'm not running 13 anywhere yet.

00:41:29   I'll put the public beta on my iPad when it comes out and I'll probably move the phone

00:41:35   like public beta 3.

00:41:36   I usually do my phone pretty late in the game.

00:41:39   I put it on my watch yesterday.

00:41:43   It's fine.

00:41:44   I think it's better than previous watchOS betas that I tested like last year.

00:41:49   The watchOS beta was super rough in that the heart rate sensor would not work or my workouts

00:41:55   were not being monitored.

00:41:57   I think it's mostly fine this year.

00:41:59   I...

00:42:00   I'm struggling a little with the new complications.

00:42:05   I mean, obviously, this is a problem that we keep mentioning every single time.

00:42:09   I...

00:42:10   For example, I was expecting to find a Reminders complication.

00:42:13   Turns out in WatchWiz 6 Beta 2 there is none.

00:42:17   Or at least there is no complication that works with the Infograph phase.

00:42:21   I'm guessing that this is an issue related to the fact that the Reminders app is all

00:42:26   including on watchOS. They're using the new tile-based UI that's sort of similar to what

00:42:33   they're doing with the Home app on the watch, only it's more colorful because it uses the

00:42:38   same colors that you have in the new Reminders app on iOS and iPadOS. But it's mostly okay.

00:42:44   I haven't seen the battery life seems fine already. Siri is working. I just have a little

00:42:50   bit of trouble with the complications and new watch faces, probably because they're

00:42:54   not finished yet. So again, wait for the public beta. I assume it will be out later this month,

00:43:02   so my assumption is that with beta 3 we're also going to get the public beta, but maybe

00:43:10   wrong, maybe it's going to be July, I don't know. Still, do not put it on your main devices

00:43:16   yet unless you write about iOS for a living, in which case I hear you and I send you a

00:43:23   a big digital hug because this is what we gotta do.

00:43:27   - I've told this story before,

00:43:28   but my worst beta experience was probably iOS,

00:43:32   I think it must have been four or maybe five,

00:43:36   and there was a bug for a while where just sometimes

00:43:40   when you went to go slide to answer the phone,

00:43:43   it would just restart the phone.

00:43:45   - I remember that.

00:43:46   - That's the primary function of this device.

00:43:49   That doesn't work anymore.

00:43:51   There's always something, right?

00:43:52   and I get the enthusiast standpoint

00:43:56   to wanna play with this stuff,

00:43:57   but you gotta go into it with open eyes

00:44:00   that it's early days and this year in particular,

00:44:03   there's so much under the hood stuff,

00:44:05   bringing iOS and the Mac closer together,

00:44:09   bringing iPadOS into the world.

00:44:11   There's a lot of rough edges this year

00:44:13   that in previous years maybe were smoother,

00:44:15   even at this early stage.

00:44:17   Like iOS 12 is pretty okay in the early betas.

00:44:21   It's always different every year.

00:44:23   And this year seems like one to hold off

00:44:25   unless you really, like you said,

00:44:27   you really need it for a project.

00:44:29   - So on mine, the MacBook has been running fine.

00:44:34   It's fully connected to my iCloud.

00:44:36   I haven't had any issues.

00:44:37   And the same thing with the iPad.

00:44:39   I've generally been okay.

00:44:41   I've got some apps, of course, that don't work with it.

00:44:43   And I'm getting garbage battery life

00:44:47   and I'm getting occasional crashes to springboard,

00:44:52   but it just feels like the usual beta stuff for me,

00:44:56   but I have not put it on my phone.

00:44:58   And thank you, Federico, for the award of warning.

00:45:02   You're the canary for all of us.

00:45:05   - Yeah, well, I'm happy to serve that role.

00:45:09   All right, there's a couple of things

00:45:11   that I would like to discuss, especially with David.

00:45:15   Not because I don't like you, Steven,

00:45:16   but just because I don't think you care that much.

00:45:19   - I haven't played with any of the iOS 13 stuff, so.

00:45:23   - Exactly, and also I know that David is really,

00:45:27   let's just say, passionate about the Files app

00:45:30   and some of the problems with the Files app.

00:45:33   - I'm that guy now, aren't I?

00:45:38   - Well, yes, yes, you'll find your niche.

00:45:41   - Angry Files guy.

00:45:43   - No, before we do that though, Steven,

00:45:46   we should thank our friends at PDF Pen.

00:45:49   - This episode of Connected is brought to you by PDF Pen 11

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00:46:05   It includes a precision edit tool,

00:46:07   plus you can OCR documents,

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00:46:12   And PDFPen 11 is an exciting update,

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00:46:27   With PDFPen's continuity camera support,

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00:46:35   all at once.

00:46:37   I've used PDFPen basically forever on my Mac.

00:46:40   A really common use is scanning paperwork,

00:46:43   whether it be for the business or a kid's school

00:46:45   or something like that.

00:46:46   And then I can open it up and OCR it right there.

00:46:48   So that text is searchable.

00:46:50   I can copy text out of a PDF into an email if I need to.

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00:47:14   All right, David, new files app in iOS 13 and iPadOS.

00:47:20   Well, not new, but really improved.

00:47:23   Effectively new.

00:47:24   I would say.

00:47:25   Yeah.

00:47:26   Effectively new.

00:47:27   So just to go over a list of changes real quick.

00:47:30   Column view, so you now, especially on iPad, you can now browse using columns, which makes

00:47:36   sense because you have a large display.

00:47:38   have an inspector, when you select a file you can sort of like in the finder

00:47:42   you can see a preview, there's a thumbnail, there's metadata, there's even

00:47:46   quick actions for some file types. So like you can rotate an image or annotate

00:47:51   a PDF using those quick actions. Again just like the finder. Support for

00:47:56   external drives, you can now plug in either via USB-C or lightning if you

00:48:03   have an iPhone or an older iPad. Plug-in external drives. In theory all formats

00:48:09   should be supported. I know that in beta 2 my SD card for my Sony Walkman

00:48:15   formatted in exFAT started working, so that was nice. Better search

00:48:21   functionality, so you can now type in the search bar in files and you

00:48:26   will get suggestions for things like documents that have been shared with me

00:48:30   or specific tags or images as a file type, sort of like in photos for example.

00:48:36   And Apple is now doing these smarter searches all across iOS in version 13.

00:48:42   We have an improved, and we're going to talk about this, an improved "Save to Files" extension.

00:48:47   Context Menus, which is a new feature in iOS and iPadOS.

00:48:52   When you long press a document, you get this menu that contains a bunch of options,

00:48:56   including this time zip and unzip, so you can finally compress your files and you can open your archives on iOS and

00:49:03   we have more obvious access to QuickLook. So now instead of tapping the document and

00:49:10   playing the lottery of what app is gonna open this document or is it gonna be previewed in the Files app?

00:49:17   I don't know. Well now you have a QuickLook button that will force

00:49:21   files to preview the document using Quick Look, so you will not be taken into a separate app.

00:49:26   Have you played with the Files app at all, David? And, second question, are you happy with the changes?

00:49:33   Yeah, okay. I went to Starbucks yesterday, took my iPad with iOS 13 on it and worked there for three hours, and

00:49:40   I was randomly giggling as I was working. I was just giggling.

00:49:46   Okay, so it's a good sign.

00:49:47   - Yeah, people next to me were like,

00:49:48   what is this insane man giggling at?

00:49:51   But I--

00:49:52   - He's so happy he's managing his files.

00:49:53   - I'm just so happy that they've solved some of the,

00:49:56   I've always felt like file management

00:49:59   is the problem you have to solve

00:50:00   before you can solve the bigger problems.

00:50:03   How can you put a professional audio app

00:50:05   on a device where it doesn't have good file management?

00:50:08   That stuff has to be solved.

00:50:10   And I deal with a lot of files in the day job.

00:50:14   And I want my iPad to be my laptop.

00:50:17   I don't want a laptop.

00:50:18   I don't want the heat.

00:50:19   I don't want, I want the always on internet connection.

00:50:22   It just, you know, the iPad is perfect for me

00:50:25   for what I do on the road.

00:50:27   But historically I've had these problems

00:50:29   and I've been spending way too much time whining about it.

00:50:32   But I was 13, I just love what they've done with files.

00:50:35   And of course there's areas that they still need

00:50:38   to improve upon and things that they still need to add.

00:50:40   But this is such a leap forward.

00:50:43   And it makes for me, my,

00:50:45   between this and we haven't even got on our list,

00:50:48   you guys talked about last week,

00:50:49   but the improvements to Safari,

00:50:51   it just like removes so many barriers for me

00:50:54   in terms of just getting my day-to-day work done on an iPad.

00:50:58   I love it.

00:50:59   - The Save to Files extension,

00:51:01   we've talked about this in person before.

00:51:03   For a long time, it was terrible.

00:51:06   Then it sort of got ever so slightly better

00:51:11   in that you were able to collapse folders in the extension.

00:51:14   - This year, they added two features

00:51:16   that you've been asking for a long time.

00:51:18   You can now create new folders upon saving a file.

00:51:21   So if you wanna save it somewhere,

00:51:23   but that location does not exist yet,

00:51:25   you can now create a folder

00:51:27   and you can rename a file before saving it.

00:51:30   Again, these features will sound completely obvious

00:51:33   to anyone who's used a Windows PC or a Mac before,

00:51:37   but for us iPad people, it's a small victory.

00:51:42   - It's a huge victory, honestly,

00:51:44   because I get people send me emails with things to,

00:51:47   they send me contracts review,

00:51:48   like the connected rules but not so complicated,

00:51:52   and I need to save it,

00:51:54   and every time it's a new matter for a client,

00:51:55   I wanna put it in a separate folder.

00:51:57   That's just the way I organize the files, it makes sense.

00:52:01   And it just, you know, on the Mac, you hit Command + N,

00:52:04   or you push a button and you create a folder,

00:52:07   and it just hasn't done that.

00:52:08   In fact, when you were just saying that, Federico,

00:52:09   my mind went back to you and me sitting

00:52:11   at Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco at WWDC,

00:52:16   I don't know, maybe four years ago?

00:52:18   - Yeah.

00:52:19   - And I had put the beta on the iPad then,

00:52:22   and the saved dialogue was just that,

00:52:24   it was a list of all the folders in your directory.

00:52:27   - I remember that.

00:52:28   - There was no disclosure triangle,

00:52:30   and we were both going, "Well, this is an early beta.

00:52:32   Surely they'll fix that."

00:52:33   (laughing)

00:52:35   - Surely.

00:52:35   - And then like two years went by,

00:52:37   and they left it that way.

00:52:38   Then we finally got, as you said, disclosure triangles.

00:52:41   But now it's like a grown-up save dialogue.

00:52:44   And, you know, amen for that.

00:52:46   I have a few things I'd like in addition.

00:52:51   I'll talk about those, I guess, in a minute.

00:52:52   But overall, it's just such an improvement.

00:52:55   I'm really happy because there's a lot of us out there

00:52:58   where the iPad does make a lot of sense as a mobile device.

00:53:02   But then you get into the silly file management issues

00:53:04   that make it a non-starter or just make it feel

00:53:07   like they're making it unnecessarily painful

00:53:10   to do this stuff.

00:53:11   - The other feature that I remember we talked about

00:53:14   was tagging and unfortunately I don't have good news for you

00:53:19   on this front this year.

00:53:21   There's no changes to how you can create tags

00:53:27   or manage tags or view tags.

00:53:29   For example, I don't think you can tag a file

00:53:32   while you're saving the file from the extension

00:53:36   and still adding a tag.

00:53:39   You can now add a tag from the column view inspector,

00:53:43   so that's new, but otherwise browsing your tags

00:53:46   in the files app is still super long list.

00:53:49   And I know that you, I mean,

00:53:51   how many tags do you have in your iCloud drive?

00:53:53   - Probably like 300 because Hazel,

00:53:57   I have an automation system on my Mac

00:53:59   where as I set up client matters,

00:54:02   it automatically creates tags for the stuff I'm doing.

00:54:05   And so I have an automated tagging system.

00:54:09   But because it costs me nothing to add it

00:54:12   on the Mac using Hazel, why not?

00:54:14   Right?

00:54:15   And I can access it on iOS.

00:54:18   But the one thing-- I mean, clearly they

00:54:22   should have it in the Save dialog box.

00:54:24   But the one thing that's just kind of the outrage right now,

00:54:27   just like when we had that endless list of folders,

00:54:30   is they've got a tag list, but there is no search bar.

00:54:35   So if, and I understand there's a lot of people,

00:54:37   and Apple probably has numbers on this,

00:54:39   and I know I'm an outlier,

00:54:41   and I would guess most people have like 10 tags,

00:54:43   but if you're gonna use them for professional work,

00:54:47   you're gonna have a lot of tags.

00:54:49   And the way it works now is you just have to scroll

00:54:51   through the list with your finger,

00:54:53   but the problem is it's a long list,

00:54:56   and you gotta like use the time to find it.

00:54:59   And also because the iPad can interpret,

00:55:02   if you do that scrolling gesture,

00:55:04   but you don't leave your finger on the list long enough.

00:55:08   And as you're trying to get through a long list,

00:55:09   you do it fast.

00:55:10   It may interpret that as a tap.

00:55:13   - Oh no.

00:55:14   - And so what happens is it drops a tag in,

00:55:17   but the list just keeps rolling up, you know?

00:55:19   - Oh boy.

00:55:20   - So then you've got the second problem of like,

00:55:21   oh, I just added a tag to the file

00:55:23   but I didn't want on the file.

00:55:24   So yeah, it's madness.

00:55:26   But to be honest with you,

00:55:28   and I thought about this after I saw

00:55:31   what they did in iOS 13.

00:55:32   If someone said, Dave, you gotta choose

00:55:34   between your children, right?

00:55:36   You can either get a new folder button

00:55:38   or you can get a tag search, what do you want?

00:55:40   I would take the new folder button, absolutely.

00:55:42   And so they fixed the part that needed fixing the most.

00:55:47   I still don't, I mean, there's still a few things.

00:55:51   I was telling you guys before we started recording,

00:55:54   I've been testing external devices attached to the iPad

00:55:57   'cause ideally I would like an encrypted APFS

00:56:02   I've got a little one terabyte one that I use for giving data over to clients.

00:56:08   It's always encrypted.

00:56:10   I feel very safe putting data on there.

00:56:12   And I would like the iPad to be able to access that.

00:56:15   And we are in beta too, so I don't want to say, I don't know that this isn't going to

00:56:19   get fixed in the next beta or whatever, but I'm having challenges getting it to recognize

00:56:24   an encrypted APFS.

00:56:26   So I mean, but that is, once again, that is kind of an edge problem.

00:56:30   I don't feel like there's a lot of people out there

00:56:34   trying to do that and hopefully they get there.

00:56:36   But so many of the real easy problems with files

00:56:40   are managed with this.

00:56:42   I'm really quite happy with the progress they've made.

00:56:45   - I mean, I don't think I manage files

00:56:48   to the extent that you do.

00:56:51   Honestly, for me personally,

00:56:53   the only big feature that I'm really missing

00:56:57   is the ability to have saved searches,

00:57:00   like you can do in the Finder that you can create,

00:57:03   you can create a search and you can save it

00:57:05   so you have a smart folder

00:57:06   that returns the constantly updating contents

00:57:10   of those results.

00:57:12   And it's strange because Apple now,

00:57:14   as I mentioned, they're doing the smart search suggestions

00:57:18   like on Mac OS.

00:57:19   So when you're typing in the search bar,

00:57:22   you can accept those suggestions and you can tokenize them

00:57:25   so that you will have those little tokens in the search bar

00:57:28   that are gonna filter your results.

00:57:29   And this is now even an API for developers.

00:57:32   If you want to have these tokenized elements

00:57:35   in a search field in UIKit, that's now an API,

00:57:38   so you don't have to roll your own

00:57:39   custom implementation of it.

00:57:41   But you can search using all of these criteria,

00:57:45   but you cannot save them.

00:57:46   So I feel like the next big step

00:57:50   will be to take those searches

00:57:52   and whether you're using files or photos

00:57:55   or reminders or notes,

00:57:57   save them, save those searches and have instant access

00:58:01   to them, or maybe make those searches

00:58:05   suggested Siri shortcuts,

00:58:06   so that when you're, instead of having to type

00:58:09   in the search criteria every single time,

00:58:12   you can instantly recreate them using a Siri shortcut.

00:58:16   That would be convenient.

00:58:17   - Oh yeah, that'd be great.

00:58:18   I mean, there's still work to be done here,

00:58:21   but man, they made so much progress this year,

00:58:24   way more than I ever expected.

00:58:26   - Yeah, yeah.

00:58:29   Speaking of shortcuts,

00:58:30   we have a brand new and built-in shortcuts app

00:58:36   in iOS 13 and iPadOS.

00:58:38   Have you played with it much?

00:58:41   Have you tried running your old shortcuts?

00:58:42   - Oh yeah, man, I'm loving it.

00:58:44   This is another one where they went much further

00:58:48   than I expected.

00:58:49   It feels kind of obvious in hindsight.

00:58:53   You know, workflow turned into shortcuts last year

00:58:56   and it was very similar to workflow.

00:58:59   But this year it's like they went back and said,

00:59:02   okay, now let's think about all the things

00:59:05   that make it hard for people to put this stuff together.

00:59:08   How does a person who's not a programmer,

00:59:13   how are they ever going to think of a command

00:59:17   like get variable, you know?

00:59:18   I mean, how is that ever going to occur to them?

00:59:20   So let's just make it easy and access the variable

00:59:24   in the same step as the action.

00:59:27   So there's never any question as to exactly

00:59:29   what they're doing and make it even more human friendly,

00:59:33   I guess would be the term.

00:59:34   And then you add to that all the additional triggers.

00:59:37   I mean, basically it's a new application in my mind.

00:59:40   It's going to look different.

00:59:44   It's gonna be easier to program.

00:59:46   And again, it is a substantial improvement,

00:59:50   much more than I expected.

00:59:52   We get some more actions,

00:59:53   but I didn't expect they'd kind of re-engineer

00:59:56   the whole thing.

00:59:58   - Yeah, as you mentioned, it does feel like last year,

01:00:02   the effort was all about how do we convert workflow

01:00:06   to shortcuts without breaking any of the old shortcuts.

01:00:10   And this time around, they're saying,

01:00:13   well, we're now a built-in app

01:00:15   that we're going to be pre-installed on millions and millions of devices.

01:00:20   And how can we take that framework, that way of building automations, and simplify that

01:00:27   in a way that it's less programery and a little more approachable.

01:00:31   And I think the new editor, the new shortcuts editor, it was really a shock for me when

01:00:40   I first saw it and I played with it for five minutes and then I was like, "Yeah, I'm sold."

01:00:45   The main idea is they got rid of get variable.

01:00:49   So the idea of you get some data and you pass that data to the next action and then you

01:00:55   save it again and then you repeat this for all kinds of variables that you have in a

01:00:59   shortcut, that is gone.

01:01:00   Like literally there is no more get variable action.

01:01:04   Because now every action or basically like almost every action has a built-in parameter

01:01:13   field so that instead of doing, for example, things like "get variable" and then "get images

01:01:20   from input", for example, you can just say "get images from" and after "from" there's

01:01:25   an empty text field and that field is a parameter and you can put any magic variable in there.

01:01:31   So what they're doing is they're making the editor more sort of like natural language,

01:01:37   Like in how the actions have a description, and that description is written in plain English,

01:01:43   and by using parameters it makes sense, because you end up with an action that says "Get

01:01:49   images from screenshots", or something like that, from photos.

01:01:54   It's much more readable and it's much more intuitive, because all of these parameters,

01:01:59   they're highlighted in blue, which means you can tap them to inspect them, to do things

01:02:03   with them.

01:02:05   It takes a while to get used to it, but I think it makes a lot more sense.

01:02:10   The best part of this approach is that it's going to cut the number of actions that you

01:02:15   need to put in your shortcut by a considerable amount.

01:02:19   I tweeted a couple of weeks ago, in 30 minutes I was able to adapt, and this was in beta

01:02:26   1, so there were all kinds of issues and bugs, but in 30 minutes I was able to go from 160

01:02:32   actions in one of my more advanced shortcuts to 130 actions. So 30 actions were just gone.

01:02:39   And those are huge savings, because every time you're removing code, basically, from

01:02:45   your program, that is good news, because less code means fewer complexities and less...

01:02:55   It's much better when you have a more compact shortcut that performs the same function with

01:03:01   fewer actions in the editor. But that's not new. That's not all there is in the new shortcuts

01:03:08   app.

01:03:09   Because I just add on to that point, though, I feel like the efficiency for a more novice

01:03:14   user or intermediate user is going to be even higher because you're going to take a six-step

01:03:19   shortcut and turn it into three. And they've rethought even just the language in those

01:03:25   parameters. So everything is written very much in natural language. So it's just I feel

01:03:31   I feel like they've really opened the floodgates

01:03:32   for normal people to make shortcuts.

01:03:35   - Yeah, yeah, I think so.

01:03:37   And I hope that they can have

01:03:39   the proper migration system in place.

01:03:41   It seems to be working mostly in beta too,

01:03:43   as we talked about a few minutes ago.

01:03:46   But I do wonder if there's even more

01:03:48   that Apple could do to automatically remove

01:03:51   and reinsert actions when,

01:03:54   because they're changing the file format, right,

01:03:56   between the old shortcuts app and the new one.

01:03:58   So when you upgrade to the new shortcuts app,

01:04:01   if you have iCloud sync enabled,

01:04:03   it's gonna update the file format of your shortcuts.

01:04:07   And those shortcuts, if you have iCloud sync enabled

01:04:10   on an iOS 12 device, they will no longer be usable in iOS 12

01:04:14   because it requires an upgrade to the shortcuts app.

01:04:17   - But I interrupted you, there's new stuff too.

01:04:18   - There's new stuff too.

01:04:19   I mean, major improvements to conditional blocks.

01:04:25   So you have a lot more rules and conditions to choose from.

01:04:29   I wanted to have all these filters and criteria for,

01:04:32   basically since 2014 when workflow came out.

01:04:35   So now you can do things like if variable has any value,

01:04:39   or if contains, or if it's greater than or less than,

01:04:44   all of these conditions,

01:04:45   they're now supported in the if blocks.

01:04:49   The separation between Siri shortcuts

01:04:52   and the shortcuts app,

01:04:53   So the suggested series shortcuts,

01:04:56   those little actions from apps,

01:04:58   they used to live in the Settings app in iOS 12.

01:05:01   And your custom shortcuts from the Shortcuts app,

01:05:03   now all of those live together in the built-in Shortcuts app.

01:05:07   There's no more Shortcuts section of Settings.

01:05:11   Now everything lives in the Shortcuts app,

01:05:14   and you will find your suggestions

01:05:16   from the system in the gallery.

01:05:18   So I think it makes a lot of sense.

01:05:20   So much easier than before.

01:05:21   And again, all of your shortcuts from settings

01:05:24   will be automatically moved to the shortcuts app in iOS 13,

01:05:28   and they will be placed at the bottom of your library.

01:05:31   Sadly, still no folders.

01:05:33   So I don't know, I don't know what's taking them so long.

01:05:37   - I feel like that's your tags, you know?

01:05:38   I mean, it's like-- - Yes, yes.

01:05:40   - Exactly, if you had to pick, right,

01:05:43   you get folders or you get a better if conditions,

01:05:45   which one do you pick?

01:05:47   - Uh. - Oh.

01:05:49   - They have conditions.

01:05:52   - Yeah, you want more power.

01:05:53   - Yeah, yeah, I can still live without folders.

01:05:57   In this process of unifying Siri shortcuts

01:06:02   and custom shortcuts, Apple also simplified

01:06:06   how you can create custom phrases for your shortcuts.

01:06:10   So the add to Siri UI has been completely redesigned.

01:06:14   First of all, all of your shortcuts

01:06:16   that you create in the shortcuts app,

01:06:17   you don't need to create a phrase for them anymore.

01:06:21   Because by default, if you just say the name of a shortcut

01:06:24   to Siri, it'll run the shortcut,

01:06:26   even if you didn't previously create a phrase for it.

01:06:29   But if you want to create a custom phrase,

01:06:31   you don't need to speak the phrase anymore.

01:06:34   You can just type it.

01:06:35   - Did you ever have that thing with the old one

01:06:37   where you would be trying to say a name

01:06:40   and it would just refuse to accept the name you wanted?

01:06:42   - Yeah. - That used to make me

01:06:43   so crazy. - Yes.

01:06:45   - Yeah, especially if you try to use like system words,

01:06:50   like podcast or calendar, like terms that the system

01:06:54   would confuse for native iOS features.

01:06:58   It seems like iOS 13 is better at this kind of stuff

01:07:01   because I know that I have a few shortcuts

01:07:04   that have the word podcasts or reminders in them,

01:07:07   or like the name of an accessibility feature

01:07:11   and they just work, like Siri doesn't care.

01:07:13   - See, I took all those names out

01:07:15   'cause I could never get them.

01:07:17   - Yeah. - Yeah.

01:07:18   All right, okay.

01:07:19   - Yeah, and also from the,

01:07:22   this is one of the advantages

01:07:24   of shortcuts becoming a built-in app.

01:07:27   In the added to Siri UI,

01:07:30   you can actually modify the action of a shortcut

01:07:35   using the shortcuts editor,

01:07:38   even if you're not currently in the shortcuts app.

01:07:41   So let's say, for example,

01:07:42   that in iOS 13, James Thompson

01:07:45   decides to adopt the new shortcuts APIs and parameters

01:07:49   for PQLK.

01:07:52   So assume that all of this is happening.

01:07:54   When you're in PQLK, you will be able to add a PQLK operation

01:07:59   to Siri using the add to Siri UI.

01:08:02   You will be able to type in a custom phrase

01:08:04   instead of speaking the phrase.

01:08:06   And you will be able to edit maybe a parameter of PQLK

01:08:12   from the shortcuts editor, even though you're

01:08:14   not actually in the shortcuts app.

01:08:16   So the shortcuts editor is now becoming a feature

01:08:19   spread across the system available to all apps.

01:08:22   And this is one of the benefits of shortcuts becoming

01:08:24   a built-in app.

01:08:25   It can now be a layer.

01:08:28   It can now be a feature that other apps can use.

01:08:30   And it makes everything so much easier,

01:08:34   so much more consistent because all of your Siri shortcuts,

01:08:37   you can edit them before adding them to Siri.

01:08:40   It's really well done.

01:08:42   - And that's one more vector into shortcuts.

01:08:44   So people who may not have opened the app

01:08:46   may stumble into it through some other app they like

01:08:49   when they try to automate it inside the app.

01:08:52   And I don't know, I just, yeah, that's great.

01:08:55   It's so much good news.

01:08:57   And we haven't even talked about the new actions

01:08:59   and the triggers and all this stuff.

01:09:00   - Oh yeah, I mean, there's new actions

01:09:04   and updates to older actions.

01:09:07   The new ones, for example, you can hand off playback

01:09:10   to a HomePod or an AirPlay 2 speaker,

01:09:13   or you can set the playback.

01:09:14   So if you wanna play some music,

01:09:16   you can start playing that music on a HomePod

01:09:19   or any other AirPlay 2 speaker directly.

01:09:22   - A specific one,

01:09:23   which is going to make me unbearable to my family.

01:09:26   I'm just gonna tell you that right now.

01:09:28   - Same for Apple TV.

01:09:31   You can now, there's new Apple TV

01:09:33   and Apple TV remote actions

01:09:35   that allow you to wake an Apple TV

01:09:38   and even open a specific app on your Apple TV.

01:09:41   So something that I immediately did was create a two action shortcut that wakes my Apple

01:09:48   TV and opens the TV app.

01:09:50   And thanks to Stephen, what's the name?

01:09:54   HDMI CEC?

01:09:57   The thing that wakes your television?

01:09:59   Sometimes.

01:10:00   It sometimes wakes your television.

01:10:01   Well, it always works for me.

01:10:06   Maybe I have Italian HDMI cables or better.

01:10:09   I don't know.

01:10:10   But it does wake my television every time.

01:10:15   You can set light or dark mode from shortcuts.

01:10:20   You can enable all kinds of accessibility features, like Assistive Touch, from shortcuts.

01:10:26   You have a whole new roster of podcasts actions.

01:10:30   So if you use the Podcasts tab, you can search, subscribe, play episodes directly from shortcuts.

01:10:37   You can set the wallpaper for your home screen or your lock screen.

01:10:45   So maybe you could come up with interesting ways to set a wallpaper for every day of the

01:10:51   week or maybe set a new wallpaper when you tap an NFC tag.

01:10:56   Speaking of which, there are new triggers.

01:10:59   Automation is now a huge component of the new ShareCats app.

01:11:02   We have an article on Mac Stories with a list of all the triggers.

01:11:07   But basically the thing you gotta keep in mind is you will now be able to run your shortcuts

01:11:11   automatically or almost automatically, depending on conditions like time of the day or location

01:11:17   or whether you opened a specific app or if you just turned off your alarm clock in the

01:11:23   morning.

01:11:24   Some of these automations will be confirmation based, so you will get a notification and

01:11:32   will need to confirm "yes, I want to run my shortcut", other automations will be automatic.

01:11:40   A good way to think about it is, if they are based on things that you manually performed,

01:11:48   they will not require confirmation from you. So for example, scanning an NFC tag is something

01:11:54   that you need to manually and physically do. Those shortcuts, they will not require a notification

01:12:00   and a confirmation from you.

01:12:01   Same with opening an app.

01:12:03   You actually needed to manually tap the icon

01:12:06   to open the app,

01:12:07   so shortcuts will not require confirmation from you.

01:12:10   But things like environmental-based conditions

01:12:13   or time-based conditions,

01:12:16   like you connect to a Wi-Fi network, or it's 7 a.m.,

01:12:21   those are not triggers that you manually

01:12:23   and physically performed,

01:12:24   so those automations will require confirmation from you.

01:12:28   Yeah, you know, it's just so there's a lot to unpack with shortcuts, but if you are listening

01:12:35   and you didn't get on the shortcut train last year, this year, you need to take a new look at

01:12:40   it because it is, it's more powerful and it's easier. I was talking to some of the shortcuts

01:12:45   crew. I feel like, you know, and this is me being a California hippie, but you know, you put a

01:12:50   flower into the ground and you need a year to get the roots in. And then all of a sudden it starts

01:12:55   making flowers, this is what it feels to me like. They've had a year to get shortcuts

01:13:00   kind of embedded into the operating system, and now the pedal's really down on this thing,

01:13:04   man. And it's like, just the idea of like, what if you want to have a wallpaper when

01:13:10   you're at work, and a wall, you know, connected to the work Wi-Fi, maybe, and then a different

01:13:15   wallpaper when you come home? Why not? You know, you can do that.

01:13:19   The thing I'm currently building, which I guess I can just talk about it, maybe other

01:13:24   people can implement it right now. My theory is, I want to make a shortcut that when I

01:13:29   turn off my alarm clock in the morning, or if I just tap on the NFC tag on my nightstand,

01:13:39   it will set a wallpaper on my iPhone. And that wallpaper is not a photo, it's not an

01:13:44   image, well technically it's an image, but it's a representation of my schedule and agenda

01:13:50   for the day. So I want to make a shortcut that scans my reminders, scans my calendar,

01:13:55   creates a list of the things that I have in my day, converts them to an image, and sets

01:14:01   it as my wallpaper.

01:14:03   That makes total sense because for a couple reasons. Number one is you can do that now,

01:14:08   right? And the second is the desktop is still a, or what do you call it, like the home screen

01:14:16   is still a second class citizen for multitasking.

01:14:19   So just yesterday, for a couple weeks,

01:14:22   I had this optimism where I was putting apps on my home screen

01:14:26   because it looks so nice with the new control center

01:14:30   or the Today View right on the left.

01:14:32   But then I realized I still can't access these when

01:14:34   I'm trying to work on my iPad.

01:14:36   So I just put them all back in folders

01:14:38   and dropped them all back in the dock again.

01:14:40   So why not turn that into a daily updated status board?

01:14:45   Exactly, exactly. So that's my idea. Unfortunately, I don't think there's any major improvements to

01:14:52   image generation, so you still probably have to do some weird hacks with like custom HTML and CSS,

01:15:01   convert that to PDF, and to PDF make an image and have the image be resized to specific

01:15:07   dimensions based on your device. But it's possible, so it's something that I want to build.

01:15:14   and we have the whole summer to play around with all of these new ideas.

01:15:17   Yeah, I've done something like that, but it's not daily updated. It's just I put down my six-month

01:15:24   plan and I turned it into a wallpaper. Like, what am I going to be? What do I need to complete this

01:15:29   month for the next six months? And it's a wallpaper now because once I gave up on keeping apps on it,

01:15:36   I said, well, I might as well use that space. I'll send you a picture of it, but I like your idea

01:15:41   because it's dynamic, it'll change every day.

01:15:43   - There's gonna be a lot of work, I guess,

01:15:46   for the both of us to update all of our shortcuts

01:15:49   from last year, not because they're gonna break,

01:15:52   but because we can make them shorter and more compact,

01:15:55   and we can take advantage of new actions.

01:15:58   And I don't think Apple is done.

01:16:00   Again, we have until beta three or four

01:16:03   to maybe expect some other additions,

01:16:05   and maybe there will be some further improvements

01:16:08   to shortcuts.

01:16:09   I know that they added new actions and some refinements to triggers in beta 2 for example, so

01:16:15   This is not all there. There's gonna be shortcuts by September

01:16:20   I'm sure it's it's an exciting time to be a shortcuts user, and I think you know we were

01:16:26   Last year some people were debating well. They bought short. They bought workflow. They made shortcuts and

01:16:35   and now they're gonna forget about it

01:16:37   and never update it again.

01:16:39   Not only did Apple keep updating shortcuts,

01:16:42   they actually decided to make it a built-in app,

01:16:45   which is a big deal.

01:16:46   - Yeah, and I forgot to even mention,

01:16:49   with the new Today View present on the desktop

01:16:52   or the home screen of the iPad,

01:16:55   you can pick two widgets, in essence, to always be present.

01:17:01   And one of mine is Siri shortcuts.

01:17:04   And so all of those primary shortcuts that I make now,

01:17:08   I can trigger right from the desktop.

01:17:10   It's great.

01:17:10   It's kind of like what Gray's doing,

01:17:12   but I think it's better because it doesn't do all

01:17:15   those crazy animations.

01:17:17   And it's just like on the left side, you tap a button,

01:17:20   and your shortcuts fire off.

01:17:24   Have you tried that yet?

01:17:25   Not yet, actually.

01:17:30   I just sent you a screenshot of how I did it.

01:17:32   Take a look.

01:17:32   I mean, all it is is for the Today View screen,

01:17:36   you get to pick two widgets.

01:17:38   So I'm using Up Next and Siri Shortcuts.

01:17:41   And so all of your Siri Shortcut buttons

01:17:44   that you put to the Today View

01:17:45   are now on your desktop at all times.

01:17:47   Maybe I'm not describing it well.

01:17:52   - Yeah, no, I think my main problem right now

01:17:54   is that one of the bugs that I have in Beta 2

01:17:58   is that my shortcut widget is empty.

01:18:01   - Oh no.

01:18:02   - Yeah, it says no shortcuts.

01:18:04   - Oh no.

01:18:04   - Even though I do have shortcuts enabled for the widget,

01:18:09   they're just not working.

01:18:10   What I also wanted to mention is that

01:18:14   adding shortcuts to the home screen

01:18:16   is so much better than before.

01:18:18   Apple used to rely on that weird Safari web clip

01:18:21   work around pack,

01:18:24   and now you can just add your shortcuts

01:18:26   natively to the home screen,

01:18:27   and when you tap on them,

01:18:29   they're gonna launch the shortcuts app

01:18:31   and the shortcut directly.

01:18:32   They're not going to show you that weird--

01:18:34   Safari jump.

01:18:36   Safari jump screen in between.

01:18:38   It's so much better than before.

01:18:39   So I'm probably going to revise my stance on,

01:18:42   do I want to have a shortcut home screen?

01:18:45   Probably not the entire home screen,

01:18:47   but I think I'm going to put a lot more shortcut icons

01:18:51   on the home screen than before, because it's

01:18:54   so much more native and so much more reliable and faster

01:18:57   than before.

01:18:58   But yeah, right now my shortcuts widget

01:19:00   is completely empty.

01:19:01   And I've tried reboots,

01:19:03   removing and reinstalling the widget,

01:19:06   changing which shortcuts are marked as widget shortcuts,

01:19:11   but no, it's still empty.

01:19:12   So that's unfortunate, but it'll work eventually.

01:19:17   - Hey, Federico, do you think Steven's asleep?

01:19:21   - I think Steven has gone to the Apple store

01:19:26   and bought an iPad Pro.

01:19:27   - Yeah, I think we've inspired him.

01:19:28   - Because he was listening to us.

01:19:29   We've inspired them to switch to the iPad Pro.

01:19:32   - I'm here.

01:19:33   I'm just glad that David was here to keep you busy

01:19:35   because I'm really struggling not to cough between words.

01:19:39   - I could talk about files and shortcuts

01:19:41   with David all day.

01:19:42   We could do a five hour show

01:19:44   and still have topics to talk about.

01:19:46   - I know.

01:19:47   - I'm just smiling again because this is all great.

01:19:49   The stuff, they really did a good job this year, I think.

01:19:52   - Well, I'm gonna cut you off there.

01:19:54   So time to wrap things up.

01:19:58   But David, thank you for joining us for filling in with Myke.

01:20:01   I couldn't think of anyone better to handle these topics with Federico.

01:20:04   So, uh, thanks for your time today.

01:20:06   My pleasure.

01:20:07   I'm always happy to help, but do not involve me with these rules.

01:20:11   Cause I feel like I'm not up to it.

01:20:13   I did not go to Stanford.

01:20:14   I don't think I'm up to interpreting these rules.

01:20:17   If you want to find links to stuff we spoke about today, you can head over to

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01:20:36   Federico, of course, is the editor-in-chief

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01:20:41   You can find me on Twitter as ISMH

01:20:44   and my writing over at 512pixels.net.

01:20:47   David, where can people find you?

01:20:49   - MaxSparky would be a good place, maxsparky.com,

01:20:52   and then of course, Relay.fm/mpu.

01:20:56   - If you love Steven once a week, why not twice a week?

01:20:59   - Putting that on a t-shirt, I think.

01:21:01   - All right, I'll be the first one to buy it.

01:21:03   - Okay, I'd like to thank our sponsors this week,

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01:21:11   And until next week, gentlemen, say goodbye.

01:21:14   - Adios. - Goodbye.